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Title: Darkness is only an absence of light.
Author: Wendy aka attilathehoney.
E-mail: wendy.saunders1⊕
Rating: Umm haven't decided yet.
Disclaimer: Guys you know the drill, don't own 'em, only wish I did.
Spoiler: nah, I think I'll let you use your imagination definately Max and Liz all the way with strong friendship themes & c/c.(Okay I will say this Max, michael and Isabel still aliens, Maria and Alex humans that know the alien secret, Liz not in it up until this point.)
Authors Note: It may be a bit slow to start but stick with it I promise I'll make it worth your while.


Ilyila let out an earpiercing scream.
Damn it Vilandra, can't you do something, Rath paced frantically.
Rath I can't, I can't heal her, her injuries are too extensive, right now I don't even know if the child will make it through the labour let alone her.
Ilyila cried weakly grasping at her protruding belly in agony. Her strength was failing her, she knew it but she fought to keep conciousness, she knew if she let go now into the warm inviting darkness, her child would die also and she couldn't let that happen, with her last breath she would ensure her child survived.
Rath knelt down by her side, gently sweeping the damp hair that clung to her forehead, trying to ignore the ugly purple black bruises and welts that marred her beautiful features.
Lilly, Listen to me you have to hold on, please we need you, Zan needs you. He whispered.
Ilyila was drowning, ever time she tried to open her eyes, she felt herself being pulled back down into the blackness below, oh god how she just wanted to let go.
Vilandra clutched at ilyila's hand as though her life depended on it.
Oh god, Rath we're losing her..........Her eyes filling with desperate tears.
Rath grasped Ilyila's shoulders firmly and shook her,
Damn it Lilly, Fight, do you hear me? You've never backed away from anything in your life, now fight god damn it! He practically screamed he was so angry, not at her but at the situation, at his inability to heal her or even help her. He felt so useless after all she had been forced to suffer he had to stand by and watch her in complete torment.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Rath help me! Ilyila screamed, her eyes flew open and her back arched as another contraction hit her.
Rath grabbed her pulling her into a sitting position and sliding in behind her, so he had her sitting between his legs.
Lilly, Listen to me I know you are in a lot of pain, but you need to do as I say and it will all be over soon, I swear to you.
Then I can sleep?, she replied weakly, her eyes beginning to roll back in her head.
Rath swallowed the lump in his throat, he knew that it would be an eternal slumber.
Yes, he choked then you can sleep, Lilly.
Vilandra and Raths gaze locked over Ilyila's swollen body. Vilandra bit back the tears that burned her eyes. She musn't allow Lilly to see her cry.
Okay now, Lilly with the next contraction I want you to push as hard as you can, I know you can do it.Rath whispered gently in her ear.
After a few moment Ilyila's breath began to quicken, Rath looked to Lonnie who nodded in approval.
Okay now Lilly! Push! Rath urged her.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't,she cried
Yes you can, Come on Lilly, Lonnie coaxed her.
Come on push...
At a girl, just breathe, You're nearly there.

Ilyila tried to regulate her breathing but it was getting harder, she had too many internal injuries, she could already feel the blood seeping into her lungs.

It's okay, Lilly, It's all going to be okay, Lonnie tried to comfort her or herself she wasn't entirely sure which.

It's coming again... Ilyila coughed weakly.
Okay, you ready? Rath asked as her grasped her small fragile hands in his own large calloused ones.
Lilly only just had the strength to nod.

Okay push.....
Come on, That's it Lilly you're doing so well, come on girl just a bit more.

Just as the contraction subsided Ilyila began coughing, the more she tried to stop the harder she coughed until she began to vomit.

Oh my God! Lonnie cried as she saw the blood on Lilly's chin and down the side of her robe.
She grabbed Lilly face and held her trying desperatly to form a connection.

Lonnie, what is it? What's happening? Rath cried out in panic.

Lonnie opened her eyes, We're running out of time, the chords wrapped around the babies neck, we could lose them both, we have to get this child out of her now.

But can you save her?

I don't know, Lonnie replied. But her eyes told Rath a different story, one that they both already knew but weren't ready to face. That it was already too late.

Rath placed his hand on Lilly's back, his hand had already begun to glow as he continued to feed some of his energy into her.

Lilly Come on girl come back to us, Lonnie coaxed gently.
Ilyila's eyes slowly opened and began to focus as Rath's energy seeped into her broken and battered body.

Okay Lilly, It's nearly time to start pushing again, Try to take deep breaths I know it's hard but I need you to keep pushing, Your babys life depends on it, okay?

Lilly nodded in understanding.

Okay come on you're almost there...
Okay I can see the head, Keep pushing...
Alright the head's crowned Lilly stop pushing, concentrate on your breathing.

Lonnie quickly slipped the cord over the babies head,
Okay one more push I promise Lilly and you can rest.

Ilyila braced herself and gave all her strength to one final push.

Lonnie, face broke into huge smile, as a tiny whimper follwed by a loud cry rang out.

Ilyila slumped against Rath's chest as Lonnie lent forward placing the tiny bundle against her chest and into her quivering arms.

Your son, My Lady, Lonnie smiled.
Ilyila blinked the tears from her eyes so she could forcus on her son, she knew she had precious few moments left as she tried to memorise every line, crease and curve of the beautiful little wrinkly face in front of her, He whimpered again puckering his little rosebud mouth and then yawning he opened up his eyes and gazed at his mother. Ilyila found herself staring into the tiny amber eyes of his father the very same as the ones that had captured her soul so many years before.Her heart constricted with pain and regret, regret that she would not be there to hold him if he was ever hurt or scared, that she would never get the chance to talk to him to explain the choices she had made. To never be able to tell him how much she loved him and his father.
She choked back a sob as she closed her tired eyes.
Lonnie, Make sure he knows the truth when he is old enough to understand. She whispered.
Lonnie nodded in silence, Time was not on their side, she knew these were Lilly's goodbyes.

Rath, protect my son, Zan cannot know about him, not until it's safe, swear to me you'll hide him.

Rath, still seated behind her whispered, I swear I will protect him with my dying breath, as his eyes tightened around her as if her were phyiscally trying to hold her back, to keep her with them.

Lilly struggled to open her eyes, to gaze at her son. He looks so much like his father......I want to name him Geren, Zan would have liked that, she mumbled as she fought against the darkness for those few vital minutes she could spend with her son.
I wish things could have been different, She whispered to no one in particular. I wish Zan hadn't had to believe that I betrayed him. I wish .....her breath was becoming shallow and her eyes began to close.......I wish I had one last chance to tell him the truth.....and to tell...him...I love................him..........

Her arms fell limp and Lonnie gently removed Geren from his mothers arms.

I'll make sure he knows Lilly I promise you.....I promise
Lonnie sobbed.

With the a final beat her heart stopped and Geren screamed louder than anyone thought possible, almost as if he sensed his mothers death.

(Far away in another sector)

Zan spiked bold upright in the narrow sleeping cot of his command tent. Sweating profusely his hands trembled and his heart ached.
Something was wrong something was different.
Ilyila, he breathed.
He tried to stand but his legs refused to hold his weight and he collapsed to the hard dusty floor on his hands and knees.
Even though she had betrayed him, he still loved her and try as he might he couldn't bring himself to hate her and he wanted to, he wanted to hate her so badly for what she had done, but there was still a part of him that wanted to believe it wasn't true. But all he had left was pure searing anger at her, but mostly at himself for still loving her for still feeling her, every minute of every day through their connection.
But something was different, the connection was severed, he couldn't feel her, his heart , his soul felt empty.

His eyes blurred with tears, and he fought to drag air into his lungs.

The realisation hit him like a kick to the gut.

She was gone, His love was dead.

He raised his head to the skies and howling like a tortured soul and he was, he would never be whole again.


Part 1.

Max, I don't like this, I have a bad, bad feeling, Michael paced.

Yeah you said that, like twenty times already, Max sighed.

What and you're okay with this? Michael snapped back.

Michael, for Gods sake calm down I don't like this any more than you do, but there's nothing we can do right now. Isabel tried to soothe him

Issy's right Michael, we're just gonna have to roll with it,
Max interceeded.

I can't believe out of the blue your parents suddenly announce that a girl, who I find it very strange has never been mentioned before, is suddenly coming to live with you, she could be a skin you know, like mind warping your parents, Michael rambled.

Okay Michael your paranoid Scizophenia is kicking in, Isabel replied absently picking up a magazine and leaning back on her bed.

Don't you find it at least abit questionable? Michael stared at both of them.

Listen Michael I don't know what to think, Max replied, All that mum and dad said was that the daughter of an old friend was coming to stay. Admitedly they were pretty cagey about the details, but we still could be reading to much into this. So let's just wait until she arrives but be on our guard.

Michael thought for a moment Max did have a point, He was probably reading way too much into this, but he probably wouldn't have blown it out of all proportion if he had been all riled up from a fight he'd just had with Maria.
Okay, but if anything wierd happens...He conceeded

Yeah, I know, Max replied.

Okay well I'm outta here, Michael mumbled as he began to climb out the window.

Max and Issy rolled their eyes in resignation, Jeez he was high maintence.

Oh, by the way, Michael poked his head back through the window, What's her name?

Max turned back to Michael............... Her name's Liz..........Liz Parker.

Max and Isabel were seated on the couch in the living room with their father waiting for this mysterious girl to turn up, their mother had gone to fetch her from the airport.
Max was getting figety god why was he feeling like this?
This...this.......he didn't know what is was he was feeling was it anticipation? and why should he even care? Okay he was nervous about having a complete stranger in his house. They'd have to be especially careful now. But his stomach was actually churning.

As they heard the doorbell Max practically jumped off the couch earning a strange look from Isabel.
Diane Evans entered the house first, holding out her hands she was followed by a petit figure.
Max's eyes were drawn to the figure as his mum helped her through the doorway.
The figure was wearing a hood drawn up over her face obscuring her from his view.

Okay Liz, One step up, Diane said quietly.
They came to a stop in front of the coat rack, the Liz girl began to unbutton her coat, as she pulled back her hood, he caught a glimpse of soft dark silky hair that spilled down her back like a chocolate waterfall.
As Diane, hung up her coat she took her hand to lead her into the living room.
His breath caught in his throat, as he caught sight of her face, and time slowed, oh who was he kidding time stopped altogether.
She was so beautiful, she couldn't have been more than the same age as he was, her eyes deep, dark and inviting...but they stared unseeing into the room and it was obvious that she was blind.

Okay Liz, two steps up into the living room, Diane informed her.
Oh my god you're blind, Isabel blurted out,
Isabel! Diane stared in shock at her unbeliving of her daughters thoughtlessness.
Isabels cheeks flushed with embaressment she hadn't meant to say that out loud.
Oh god, I'm sorry, Isabel mumbled.

It's okay, I get that a lot, Liz smiled warmly.
Her voice was soft and smooth like honey and so familiar, like a voice in a dream Max just couldn't place. He was transfixed by her.

Lizzy, Philip held out his arms, sweeping her into a bear hug.
Hey Phil, she grinned. Placing her hands on his face she gently let her finger glide over the contours of his face before sliding through his hair.
Whoa, got a few wrinkles and some grey hair then? Liz grinned impishly.
Um, Isabel began
You can ask me Isabel, Liz turned to the direction of her voice, I don't bite and you'll find I don't take offense easily.
I just...wondered how you can tell...about the grey I mean...
Texture, Liz shrugged,grey hair is coarser..... So if you're Isabel, where's Max?
I'm here, the words were out of his mouth before he had time to think,
It's nice to meet you, she held out her hand in the general direction of his voice.

As her hand slipped into his, he felt a jolt as their skin connected, it was a tangible force almost like an electrical current, but it was pleasant almost like recognition.

Well Liz, do you want me to talk you through the house?
Diane started. Then we can get your things settled in your room.

The spell was broken, Max's brain tried to break out of the Liz induced haze as he watched her retreating figure being lead away by his mother and father.

Well so much for Michael's evil alien theory? Isabel whispered. I really don't think we've got anything to worry about, she mumbled all the way to her room.

Max stood rooted to the spot Liz Parker may not be an evil alien, but there was somethin' about her, he had a feeling that there was a lot more to this petite brunette that met the eye.

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Hey Guys,
Thanks so much for the feedback I really didn't think I'd get any replies so soon.
I will get the next part up as soon as poss, it's just that my rather energetic three year old son wore me out today, and I'm so tired if I tired to post the next part now I really don't think it would be much good.

However I'm mulling it over and am hoping to get it posted tomorrow.

See ya soon!

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Hi Guys,
Next part as promised, hope you like it.

Part 2.

Liz sat bolt upright in bed, trembling, the icy sweat trickled down her neck and her hair clung to her face, seeming impossibly heavy.
Rubbing her face she tried to drag some air into her lungs, but it didn't seem to help, she felt like the room was closing in on her, Where the hell was she anyway?
The bed felt strange, it didn't belong to her and the room didn't smell right.
With the Evans, that was right she was staying with Phil and Diane. This was their spare room.
She fell back against the plush cushions, her heart hammering in her chest, the dream was so real, too real, she needed to get out of this room.
She tapped the button on her talking clock.
Elmo's stupid squeaky voice chirped out 3.00 am god what on earth had posessed her to buy that damn thing? Oh that's right Sarah had bough it for her, she had thought it was cute.
Cute? Yeah right...
She swung her legs over the edge trying to find sure footing on the soft carpet, reaching out she brached herself against the nightstand and pushed herself to her feet.
Feeling her was along the wall she inched herself in the direction of the doorway.
Slowly she made her way down the hall towards what she hoped was the kitchen.
She found her way round to the sink and gently lifted a glass from the draining board.
She wasn't as helpless as everyone thought but she knew that Phil and Diane liked to feel as though they were taking care of her so she let them pamper to her supposed needs.

Max stood silently in his doorway watching her, he had no idea what had woken him. But as he had laid in the dark staring at his ceiling he had heard someone moving about, pretty soon his paranoia had set in and he had gotten out of bed to take a look.
He watched as she slowly moved down the hall feeling her way along the wall. He had been torn, he'd wanted to go to her and help her but something told him she didn't want or need to be helped.
So he'd merely watched until she disappeared from his view and before he'd realised it his bare feet were padding quietly along the carpet in search of her.
Why did he feel so drawn to her?
He just couldn't explain it, she was beautiful there was no denying that but it was much more than that, why did he feel the intense need to reach out and touch her.
To close his eyes and just listen to her soft purring voice lulling him into a state of contentment. To sit and watch her expressions, hell to just be in her presence.

You're sitting in the dark? He spoke as he clicked on the kitchen light.
Liz took a sip of her water turning to face him, tell me Max what possible use could I have for a light switch?
Liz snapped.
You're sitting in the dark? God Max, he wanted to smack himself for his stupidity. Real slick Max she probably thinks you're a complete moron. He mentally scolded himself.
Oh ummn, Sorry that was a stupid thing to say, I um, I can see you want to be on your own, so I'll just... he mumbled as he turned back toward his room. He was glad she couldn't see the rather interesting shade of scarlett he'd just turned.
Max, wait.......Liz called softly, It's me that should be apologising, I didn't mean to snap at you I just.... well, I'm sorry.
He stood in an awkward silence for a moment not wanting to leave but not really knowing what to say.
You know you can come closer Max, I may snap sometimes but I really don't bite. Liz smiled
Max instantly felt himself smiling back.
Why don't you come and join me, Liz pulled out the seat next to her.
No I really should get back to bed...Well that's what his brain was thinking but his mouth had other ideas.
Okay sure.... Okay where had that come from?
Liz inhaled deeply as he slid into the seat, How was it possible that someone could smell that good after just rolling out of bed.
Couldn't sleep huh? Max questioned
Umm something like that. She replied somewhat evasively.
He glanced down at her hands noticing how they trembled ever so slightly. She looked a bit pale. If he had to guess he'd say nightmares. But it wasn't really his place to question and she wasn't exactly forthcoming with information.
So you looking forward to starting school with us tomorrow? Yeah, he decided much safer line of questioning.
I guess, I mean one school is pretty much the same as another and I've seen a lot of schools in my time. Liz shrugged her shoulders.
What so your parents move around alot? Max's curiosity finally getting the better of him.
God do you always ask this many questions? Liz smiled
Sorry, Max started.
It's okay Max, I.. well, I don't have any parents and if you don't mind I'd rather not talk about it.
Sure, Max muttered, not really knowing what else he could say without putting his foot in it again.
So tell me about you Max, Liz asked
What do you want to know, He eyed her warily.
I don't know anything, she replied absently toying with her half empty glass, friends, school, favorite movie, you pick.
Okay well, Um friends I guess, There's Is we hang out together most of the time, our best friend Michael you'll no doubt meet him tomorrow.
Describe him to me, she smiled
Well you can't really describe Michael you have to meet him to get the picture. Max mused, then there's Maria she crazy you'll love her, everyone does, although her and Michael fight like cat and dog.
Let me guess deep down they really like each other? Liz giggled.
Wow, such a cute giggle, He thought quietly, Yeah they're crazy about each other and finally there's Alex, computer geek and guitarist extrodinaire or that's what he'd have everyone believe.
Is he not then?
Ah well, Jimmy Hendrix he isn't but he's actually pretty good. Max smiled.
Okay so if you had to sum them all up in one word what would it be? Liz countered.
Okay let's see, Isabel popular, Michael prickly, Maria wacky and Alex an Isabel obsessive compulsive disorder sufferer.
He's got a thing for her then? Liz laughed
Oh yeah big time. Max chuckled.
Sounds like a tight group. She smiled sadly.
Yeah we are, Max replied not catching her tone.
Well you don't need to worry, I won't get in your way you don't need to babysit me, I can take care of myself. Liz began.
Liz, I didn't mean it that way, I'm sure you can take care of yourself but I'd really like you to meet my friends. Max said softly.
She sounded so vunerable, so unsure of herself his heart constricted, Yeah really he replied.

They sat for a while in silence, not really knowing what else to say.
Um I guess we should go to I mean to our rooms...Liz mumbled in embaressment.
Yeah I guess. Max replied
Um Max, Liz asked quietly.
Could you point me in the direction of my room?
Sure come on, He grasped her hand and almost had to stop himself from gasping out loud, how is it possible that one tiny person could change him so quickly, two days ago he most certainly would not have had an almost full on conversation with an almost total stranger as he had tonight and how come that with one touch of her hand, he felt like........well he felt like........ he had come home.

As Max left her at her doorway muttering a shy goodnight she closed the door she turned back towards the bed when a cool breeze rippled across her skin causing her to shiver. Making her way cautiously across the room reaching out her arms to stop herself from knocking into anything she headed towards the cold air. Once she reached the window her hands didn't connect with the cool glass as she had expected but instead with a wide space.
She turned back to the room and reached out with her mind, scanning the room, she couldn't feel any other presence than her own.
She could have sworn she closed that window before she went to bed.
Pulling the window shut she placed her hand over the lock, after glowing briefly for a second the lock was firmly sealed in place.
Trying to shake the uneasiness she felt she crawled back into her bed to wait until morning.

You know the drill, let me know what you think?


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Part 3.

Morning mom, Diane smiled as Max planted a soft kiss on her cheek.
Well, someone's in a good mood this morning, she laughed softly.
Yeah well, I slept well, he shrugged, he had slept well, but the real reason was that his dreams were filled with a beautiful petite brunette.
Ahh, that's good to hear. She smiled knowingly.
If she didn't know better she would swear blind that her usually quiet brooding son had a crush and it didn't take a genius to realise who, considering his eyes had never left Liz's face once during dinner the previous evening.

So......Max began somewhat hesitantly.

So......Diane repeated mischeviously, her blue eyes gleaming with suppressed mirth. how do you know Liz? He asked

Er well she's the daughter of an old friend. Diane replied nonchalently, as she sipped her tea.

Who? Max asked curiously.

Just someone your father went to college with.

Max frowned he could read his mothers face like a book and her face was telling the truth but the emotions he was picking up from her weren't exactly saying she was lying, more like just evading the truth.

So how come she's staying here?

Because her parents thought she would enjoy new experiences. Diane continued

But I thought Liz said she didn't have any parents. Max was truly puzzled now, why was his Mother getting so aggitated over a few simple questions.

um yeah. that's right, they aren't her real parents, they're her guardians and Philip helped them out with all the legal requirements, that's how we know them. Diane flustered around the sink clanking dishes and glasses around.

But mom you just said that Dad when to college with her father. Mac replied carefully.

He did Max which is why he asked your father for help. God, what's with the spanish inquisition?

Sorry mom, Max laid his hand gently on top of Dianes to slow here furious assault of one particular plate....I was just curious.

Diane sighed and wiped off her hands turning to face Max.

Honey I didn't mean to snap, but you have to understand...Liz well..she.....Lets's just say her life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses. In fact some of the things she's been through have been....really bad.

Max loked to the ground as he scuffed his feet absently, he shouldn't have pushed his mom so much and now he felt kinda bad.

Diane stroked his hair softly.... Max I realise that this is a big change for you and Issy you've always been so private. It's probably difficult for you to adjust to having someone new in the house and naturally you're curious about her life but Liz doesn't want people to know about her past. I'm just trying to respect that and you need to aswell, she'll tell you about herself in her own time.

Okay mom, I'm sorry. Max looked up slowly.

Hey what's going on in here then? Philip laughed as he and Isabel entered the kitchen.

OH nothing, nothing at all, okay who's for breakfast then?
she smiled brightly.

Does someone want to give Liz a call? Philip asked as they all settled around the table.

I'll do it, replied Isabel.

No Need, I'm here, a soft voice called from the doorway.

Max immediatly looked up, his breath caught involuntarily as she leaned against the doorframe. She wore a pair of faded blue jeans slung low on her hips and a baby pink t-shirt which showed her tanned stomach, making Max want to run her hands across her bare flesh just to see if it was a soft and inviting as it really looked.
He raked his intense gaze from her body up to her face her soft shiny hair cascaded over her shoulder as her lips curved into a shy half smile.

So what's going on? She enquired softly.

Oh Liz, you're just in time. Diane replied

Er just in time for what? Liz bit her lip nervously as philip helped her into the spare seat between himself and Max.

For my special welcome breakfast. Diane smiled happily as she returned to the sizzling pan on the stove.

Oh God, She cooked? Liz turned and whispered to Max in mock horror. Has it been identifyed yet or do we have to wait for the autopsy?

Max choked back his juice to stop himself from laughing out loud but it went down the wrong way and he ended up coughing and splutering.

Max, you okay honey? Diane called from across the kitchen.

I'm fine, he croaked.

Sorry, couldn't help it. Liz smiled

Okay here we go guys, Egg and oatmeal pancakes Diane announced proudly as she began dishing up the strange concoction.

Smells like burnt rubber, Liz whispered to Max who snorted uncontrollably earning a strange look from his mother.

Liz, behave yourself, he laughed quietly to her.

There was silence for a few minutes as everyone contemplated their pancakes.

Well come on eat up or you'll be late for school, Diane told them cheerfully.

After taking a deep breath they all took a hesitant mouthful.

Isabel began coughing almost immediatly, Philip was trying his best to chew but looked a bit green, Max struggled to swallow and Liz spat hers discreetly into a tissue.

So how is it? Diane asked eagerly.

Great, Isabel smiled
Exquisite, Philip followed
Mmmmmm, Liz smiled
Really good, Max reached for his juice.

Max honey are you okay? Diane asked

Yeah I'm fine mom why?

Oh it's just you're eyes are watering.

Philip motioned to Isabel discreetly who caught the hint immediataly.

So mom what have you got planned for today? She asked cheerfully.

Well, I she began.

Liz, Philip leaned over, we need a distraction.

You got it, she smiled back.

Max you ready? He asked

Hell yeah! Max replied.

Oh hey Diane, Liz chirped, up do you have any ketchup?

Yeah of course sweetheart, let me get it for you. Diane rose from the table and made her way across the kitchen.

Is she looking? Liz asked

She got her back to us, Max replied.

Okay, Juice.... Liz held out her hand as Philip passed her a full glass of juice.

One distraction coming right up, she smiled mischeviously as she dropped the glass on the hard tile.

The sound of shattering glass and the chaos that ensued had Diane spinning around faster than the speed of light and in an instant she was at Liz's side with a cloth.

Oh God Diane I'm so sorry, I just lost my grip, Jesus I'm so clumsy, it wasn't part of a set was it? Oh I'm really sorry. Liz carried on as Max stood smiling at her she was so cute when she was being devious.

Max was snapped out of his Liz induced haze as Philip slid all the pancakes onto one plate passing them to Isabel, who passed them behind her back to Max, as Diane turned around, Max slid them steathily into the trash.

Well I think that's all of it, Diane fussed, don't worry about it Liz, are you alright, you didn't cut yourself did you?

No I'm fine really Diane, Liz replied.

Oh Jeez, Isabel intervened, is that the time? She moved forward and grasped Liz's hand as Max took Liz's other one, trying to ignore the jolt of energy he felt shoot up his arm as soon as their skin came into contact.

Yeah, we're gonna be late for school if we're not careful and it being Liz's first day and all, Max continued.

Thanks for breakfast,it was great, Liz called as Max and Isabel pulled her out of the kitchen.

Thanks honey, it was great, must run I've a meeting. Philip grabbed his paperwork and dashed out leaving a bewildered Diane standing on her own in the kitchen grasping a dustpan and brush.

um okay... bye... Diane replied as she began to clean up the kitchen.

Oh my god that was close, Isabel gasped as all three of them collasped onto her bed laughing.

Yeah, for a minute there I thought I was actually gonna have to fake a heartattack to get out of eating that rubber frisbee. Liz laughed

That was a nice save Liz, Max laughed, I take it you've tasted my mothers more adventurous cooking then?

Once and believe me that was enough and I thought I was gonna have to have my stomach pumped and that was only after two mouthfuls. Liz giggled

Oh come on, she's trying Isabel rose to her mother's defence

Yeah very trying, Max replied as he and Liz began giggling again.

Well we know what to get her for christmas. Liz smiled

There was a moments silence...

COOKING LESSONS! They all said at the same time before bursting into laughter all over again.

Oh god, Liz gasped she wiped the tears of mirth from her eyes as she pulled herself upright, I gotta go get ready.

As Liz made her was carefully from the room feeling her way out of the doorway Isabel called out... ten steps to your left! in order to help Liz find her way to her room until she got used to the layout of the house.

Thanks, Liz called back softly.

You know... Isabel rolled onto her side to face her brother. I think it's not going to be too bad having Liz here.

I know what you mean Is, Max replied smiling, I know exactly what you mean.


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Hi Guys,
so glad you are enjoying it, I've got some good ideas for the next few parts so I hope you keep reading and let me know what you think.
Anyways here's the next part...enjoy!

Part 4.

Hey Pixie, Michael smiled

Pixie? Hey spaceboy don't you think for one second you can come crawling over here with that sexy smile of yours and think I'm gonna forgive you..I'm still pissed as hell about yesterday. Maria sulked

Ah come on Maria... You started it when you began slating Baskin Robbins... they rule. Michael started

Baskin Robbins... you've got to be kidding everyone one knows that Ben and Jerry rule supreme. Maria shot back.

You guy's have got to be kidding me, Alex rolled his eyes incredulously you where fighting over ice cream?

He started it... Maria pouted

Did not....Michael defended himself

Did to...

Did not....

Did to....

Did not.......

Did to times ten........

Guys, guys for gods sake knock it off Alex shouted over them, did it escape your notice that we are seniors? You’re acting like a couple of fourth graders, now we've all come to accept that there is no limit to the things you two will disagree on but ice cream for god's sake?

Sorry Alex... Maria mumbled

Sorry.... Michael huffed silently

Besides.. Alex smiled mischievously as he stared down at his magazine...........We all know that Hagen Daz rocks.

And chaos erupted again.

You okay? Max asked Liz quietly as he helped her down from the jeep. He had practically watched her the whole ride to school, it was only a miracle he hadn't crashed. But she had seemed so distant, her tiny brow furrowed into a frown as she chewed her bottom lip.

What? Liz snapped from her thoughts

You okay? He repeated.

um yeah.. She mumbled.

Nervous? Max surmised

No not exactly...I just.... She trailed off.

Liz, you can talk to me you know, Max whispered gently as he took her small hands in his own marveling at how perfectly they fitted into his own.

I know Max, I just hate the first day at a new school, you know? It's even worse when you have a disability, everyone's so polite and helpful but I know they feel awkward and that they pity me. Even though I can't see their faces, I can hear it in their voices. Liz finished quietly.

Max glanced over to Isabel, he could see in her eyes that her heart went out to Liz, it wasn't pity but understanding they both knew what it felt like to not really fit in.

Liz it's gonna be okay I promise, issy and I are here for you, you're not alone. Max coaxed her gently.

You're not alone, those words echoed in her mind and burned into her heart and she had to squeeze her eyes shut to stop the tears that where beginning to gather.
If only he knew, she had been so alone for so long, it was so difficult to rely on other people emotionally, physically she had no choice, but she had spent so long shutting people out of her heart, building a sturdy wall of protection and she could already feel Max starting to chip away at the edges of it with a few well chosen words. No! She mentally slapped herself she would not fall apart the minute some guy wondered into her world no matter how much she felt herself being drawn towards him. Liz Parker never falls apart over something as trivial as the first day of a new school, hell she'd been to so many she was used to it by now. But this was different, the minute she had stepped foot in Roswell, her world had begun to change, she had felt a pull towards something almost as if it were beckoning her home, healing all her wounds, allowing her heart to beat once again, finally allowing her to breathe, She felt Max squeeze her hand gently in comfort and she realized maybe it wasn't something but rather someone...and she was scared...really scared.

Come on Liz, It's time to meet the guys; Isabel smiled as she caught sight of Michael, Maria and Alex. They looked as if they were fighting over something.

Liz stiffened up once again, god what if they didn't like her, what if she didn't fit in....shit why should it even matter to her? Liz Parker had never needed anyone before, never had anyone to be close to, why should she start now? That was a question she couldn't answer but in truth deep down she did want to be accepted.

Don't worry; Max whispered in her ear, she shivered involuntarily as she felt his warm breath on her neck.

They're going to adore you. He finished taking her hand and leading her towards their friends.

Liz hoped he wasn't looking at her right now, if he did she was sure he'd be able to see the shock on her face, it was almost as if he had heard her thoughts, nobody had ever been able to read her the way he just did.

Hey guy's what's going on, Isabel asked as they neared the table.
Alex immediately stopped arguing with Michael mid flow as his eyes glazed over slightly, suddenly he couldn't really remember what he was saying all he could think about was the golden haired goddess in front of him.

Alex, you're drooling, Maria sniggered elbowing him in the ribs.

Ahh, um the world came sharply back into focus, oh nothing just a slight difference of opinion, Alex muttered.

So you gonna introduce us to your friend? Maria asked gently as she studied the petite brunette hiding slightly behind Max grasping his hand as though he was her lifeline.

Guy's this is Liz, Max said softly smiling, the way he said her name was not lost on anyone it was almost as if he breathed it out like you would involuntarily take air into your lungs. It was almost reverently.

Interesting Maria thought to herself, She had known Max for years even before she had known the secret of his alien heritage and never once had she seen him act this way over anyone, let alone a girl he had only just met and really knew nothing about. But as she looked closer she saw contentment in his eyes, it surprised her for a moment whenever she looked into Max's eyes she had always seen a guarded friendliness, but not this, it was almost as if he had found himself. This Liz Parker was definitely worth getting to know.

Hi Liz, I'm Maria, she replied warmly.

Hi, Liz smiled shyly extending her hand.

Maria took her hand, it was really warm and inviting and made her skin tingle, a kind of peace swept over her. She took a moment to study this dark haired slip of a girl that had invaded their lives and captivated their friend. Her breathing slowed and she found herself smiling happily, she could feel what Max saw in her, there was something different about this one, she was special and not because she was blind, there was a kind of presence about her that Maria warmed to instantly and Maria found herself wondering if they couldn't become really good friends, yep she confirmed to herself definitely worth getting to know.

Hey Liz, I'm Alex; He took her hand from Maria.

Oh hey there Alex, Liz greeted him.

This great big silent lug behind me is Michael. Maria elbowed him sharply and he reached forward his hand begrudgingly.

Hey, he replied gruffly.

Hey? Maria began, is that the extent of your vocabulary? God you're such a Neanderthal!

Liz smiled, she liked Maria already. The moment she had touched her hand, the physical contact was enough to read her emotions, she was truly open and friendly and Liz knew in an instant, that she didn't pity her, instead she found a bubbling curiosity, it had been the same with Alex. Although strangely enough she hadn't been able to read much from Michael, Max or Isabel, it was almost as if they were shielded from her somehow? She shook that thought off as soon as it formed, that's stupid, they're human you idiot, she chided herself. Just because you feel comfortable around these people doesn't automatically make them like you, you're the last of your kind, she silently reminded herself.

The bell rang, snapping her form her thoughts.

Come on Liz I'll show you to the office, Max tugged her hand gently.

Ah not so fast, Mr. helpful, Maria stopped him, did you forget already, you were supposed to see Mr. Gant about your history project?

Urgghh, Max groaned he had forgotten.

Don't worry, I'll take Liz, it's on the way to my first class anyways. Maria smiled

You okay with that Liz, Max questioned hoping she'd say no, so he could spend more time with her.

Hey that's fine Max, Liz replied, he could see she was beginning to relax, plus he knew if there was one person to make Liz feel welcome it would be Maria.

Okay, if you're sure? He stated somewhat hesitantly

Max, it's fine would you go already? You'll be late, Liz laughed.

Okay, okay I'm gone! Max smiled he loved to hear her laugh it instantly made everything better.

Okay Chica let's go, Maria linked her arm through Liz's, Okay Liz the first lesson in survival at East Roswell high is know your enemies, let's start with the top of this years bitch list, her highness Pam Troy, honestly it doesn't matter that you can't see her, you'll know her instantly, she has the most fake inane giggle in the known universe which she thinks finds her irresistible to the guys but all it makes you want to do is throw something very large and very hard at her head......Maria continued to babble all the way to the office as if she had known Liz all her life.

Hey guys don't go away, I have some free time on my hands so I'm gonna write the next part straight away.


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Part 5.

Max looked up from his chemistry book he hadn’t seen Liz since he had left her with Maria this morning, for a while he worried about her but he knew Maria would take care of her, that girl had an enormous heart and a great capacity to love, he was happy for his best friend even though Michael wouldn’t admit it, Max knew he adored the ground she walked on. He had stopped worrying about Liz but now found himself missing her company, how did this happen? He’d known her less than twenty-four hours and she’d completely turned his world upside down and back to front. The strange thing was he couldn’t say he was sorry either. He’d spent so long locked away from the world; it felt good to actually be a part of it again.
The really strange thing was he could feel Liz, he’d didn’t understand how he could have such a connection to a human, but there it was, he could feel her all around him, she was coming closer, he sat up straighter glaring at the door.
A small tapping alerted the teacher to the fact someone had entered the room.

Ahhh, Miss Deluca, What can we do for you? He smiled brightly.

Hi Sir, Just a delivery for you, she replied helping Liz into the classroom.

I see, you must be Liz Parker, Well welcome to the wonderful world of chemistry. That will be all Miss Deluca. He dismissed Maria.

I’ll see you at lunch, okay girlfriend, Maria whispered to Liz.

Liz smiled openly, Thanks Maria.

Well, Miss Parker, I see from your transcripts that you are an excellent student, so it shouldn’t take you long to catch up. In the meantime I suggest you sit with Max since he seems to be the only one that does any work around here. He can take notes for you until we sort out all your special requirements.

Max was up out of his seat before he’d even finished his sentence.

Hey Max, Liz smiled softly as Max slid his hand into hers to help her to her seat.

He turned his back once more to the class and began scribbling furiously on the board as the classroom chatter increased again.

So how was your morning with Maria? Max enquired just happy to be back in her presence.

Good, Liz giggled, I had no idea one person could talk so much or so fast. But she gave me some helpful pointers.

I know what you mean, But Maria’s the best, you’ll never find a better friend, and it’s the same with Alex.

I can believe that, Liz replied quietly

Well, well, what do we have here, a snotty distasteful voice intruded Liz’s awareness.

Maxie, she purred sickeningly it’s so sweet of you to help those less fortunate than ourselves, but you shouldn’t let people take advantage of your good nature.

Ah you would be Pam Troy I presume? Liz replied sweetly, secretly she wanted to reach out and slap this girl, not only for the insult to herself but also for the way she spoke to Max, it was almost possessive like Max was hers or something. She felt Max tense up next to her and she knew he was mad as hell; she placed her hand on his thigh to soothe him.

Ah I see my reputation precedes me, Pam gloated.

Yes well, from what I’ve heard in the three hours I’ve been here it’s not a reputation to be proud of, Liz smiled sweetly.

Max tried to stifle a laugh bubbling up, he was all ready to leap to Liz’s defense but after that last comment he was pretty sure she could handle herself. Besides he was finding it increasingly hard to form a coherent thought as Liz’s soft hand caressed his thigh.

Pam just stood there mouth agape, she had expected Liz to be all mousy and an easy target for her.

Pam close your mouth, you must resemble a gold fish right about now, although from what I’m told you look like, it would probably be an improvement. Liz continued, her voice dripping honey.
Max was a little startled that Liz knew Pam’s mouth was hanging open, it was almost like a sixth sense or something, it was kinda spooky but in a good way.

Why you little, you….you, Pam was trying her hardest to come up with a witty retort. She couldn’t let this little blind reject to get the best of her especially in front of Max.

Yes, yes, very articulate of you Pam, now if you don’t mind your cheap knock off coco channel is making me queasy and I have a lot of work to catch up on. Liz absently dismissed her.

Pam, had now started making little squeaking noises. She was absolutely livid no one had the audacity to speak to her this way She was head of the cheerleading squad for god’s sake.

Wow, how long did it take you to perfect your mouse impression? It’s really good you should take it up professionally! Liz quipped sarcastically.

Max now had his had over his mouth in a desperate bid not to laugh, but he was fighting a losing battle.

Pam, Liz gasped in mock seriousness..Are your……..are your nostrils flaring?

So Max? Which topic shall we start with? Are her nostrils flaring? She whispered to Max.

Um I don’t know which would you like to start with? Yeah her nostrils are flaring and there’s steam coming out of her ears, Max whispered back.

Another little squeak cam from Pam’s direction.

Oh I’m sorry Pam, I forgot you where there…you may go now, Liz smiled and dismissed her with a wave of her hand.

Pam’s face had reached critical boiling point and she looked like she was about to explode, with a final shriek of utter mortification she fled the room, followed by a round of applause by all the girls in the class.

Liz turned around in the direction of a laugh that sounded extremely familiar, Isabel? She asked.

Oh god…………She began laughing again practically holding her sides in pain, I’ve never seen anyone talk to her like that before……….she gasped wiping the tears from her eyes, please excuse me she smiled pulling her mobile out of her bag I have to tell everyone I’ve ever met…..

Okay Kids, pipe down and get back to work…..The teacher called sternly.

Oh my god, Maria, slid into the seat opposite Liz opening her lunch bag, so come on girl spill I’ve already heard from like half the student body that you totally verbally bashed Pam Troy in chemistry. Is it true?

Yeah well you shouldn’t believe everything you hear, Liz smiled

Awww come on Liz don’t leave me in suspense like this? Maria coaxed…. Max? Come on tell me, you where there.

Hey, he raised his hands, smiling in mock surrender, leave me outta this.

Alright Maria, Let’s just say Pam and I had words. Liz smiled playfully

Words! That’s an understatement Isabel laughed as she joined them, she totally tore strips off Pam It was the funniest thing I’ve seen since Vicky Delaney stripped Paulie James and left him handcuffed to the goal posts on the football field.

God, I feel cheated, I wish I could have seen it, Maria laughed.

Seen what? Alex smiled as he took a seat next to Isabel.

Liz in all her glory, cutting Pam Troy down to size, Maria laughed triumphantly.

Yeah I heard something to that effect, go Liz! Go Liz! Alex started doing a little victory dance.

Hey Go Parker! Someone yelled from across the quad.

Yeah Parker you rock! Someone else yelled.

And you thought you weren’t going to fit in Maria smiled.

Liz began blushing furiously, Max smiled happily, she was so… god a word that had yet to be invented, how could someone make him this happy?

The bell rang and Liz and Max’s hands involuntarily found each other as they made they’re way to their next class.

Liz breathed in slowly, pulling the blanket tighter around her shoulders to ward off the chill night air, as she stared up unseeing into the black night.

She squeezed her eyes shut, her thoughts immediately turned to the day she had, it was a good day, which under the circumstances was unexpected. She liked Max’s friends they were all so open, honest and friendly they had welcomed her into their group with open arms and treated her like one of their own. She sighed rubbing her tired eyes but the truth was she wasn’t one of their own, she was different, how would they react if they knew the truth about her? That she wasn’t entirely human, that she was a hybrid of human and alien DNA. Would they be disgusted? Would they be afraid? Or even worse would they accept her? She quickly squashed that thought, no she couldn’t tell anyone, she had survived as long as she had by not telling anyone, well no that wasn’t exactly true, there were only two people left who knew her secret the others had died to protect her. She couldn’t go through that again, losing people she cared about because of what she was. Surprisingly she realized she did care about the others it was like being welcomed into a little family, she had never had close friends her own age and no matter how much she tried to deny it, she craved the closeness they seemed to have.

She breathed deeply again, her chest ached with emptiness, she had never felt so alone. To be surrounded by people and to never be allowed to let them get close, for fear of rejection or even worse fear of putting them in danger.

Her thoughts involuntarily turned to Max……..Max it came out as a sigh on her lips, why did he make her feel so much, she wished she knew what he looked like, his voice was so smooth, so comforting, it held her captive, and the touch of his hands, it was like pure energy searing through her veins, making her feel alive. But with the pleasure came the guilt. Why did she feel so much for this human? She knew the answer without even thinking, he reminded her so much of Zan, her love, her soul mate, but he was gone, she had lost him twice, two lifetimes and her heart ached even more. It was wrong to feel this way about Max he wouldn’t understand, not about her past or even her past life, god he probably didn’t even believe in past lives. How could she possibly tell him she had been an alien queen? Yeah right she scoffed to herself he’d probably have you committed.

Oh Zan, she whispered to the blackness, why did you leave me here all alone?
Then the tears came, like they always did, the pain, the loneliness, the want, it was all too much, she just buried her head in her knees, wrapping her arms tightly around her legs and she sobbed.

Max woke suddenly sitting up in bed he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, Liz he breathed slowly, what the hell was going on? He could feel her, she was in so much pain, god she was crying, he could feel her despair, why could he feel her? He’d never had a connection like this to anyone not even his own sister or Michael but he could feel Liz’s emotions as if they were his own. But that wasn’t all that woke him, he could of sworn he’d heard her calling out to him, more confused that ever he crawled out of bed and threw on some clothes, all he knew was Liz needed him and he had to find her.

Liz’s tears has subsided a little when she felt a pair of strong arms slip around her pulling her in tight.
Zan, she whispered
Max’s eyes snapped open in shock he had defiantly heard that, she had called him Zan, he froze not knowing what to say.
Max? She lifted her head her brow furrowing in confusion.
Yeah, I’m here, he croaked hoarsely she didn’t seem to have realized what she had called him. Maybe it was just a fluke, maybe he had imagined it, he tried to tell himself.
Max? What are you doing out here? She asked quietly
I…well….I …how could he tell her that he had felt her calling out to him, that he could feel her pain. I went to get a glass of water and saw you from the window, he lied.
She seemed to accept his explanation much to Max’s relief and snuggled down further into his arms.
Do you want to talk about it? Max asked gently
Liz’s blank gaze stared up at the dark night.
Do you know what I miss the most Max? She replied softly…. I miss the stars.
Max gasped softly….so you weren’t always blind?
He felt Liz shake her head against his chest.
I wasn’t born blind, Liz whispered sadly.
Was it an accident, I mean how you lost your sight? Max coaxed her gently, it was obvious that she needed to talk about this

I didn’t lose my sight it was taken from me. Liz replied

An awful realization dawned on Max…Liz…. Did…did someone hurt you?

Liz buried her face into his chest, just hold me Max, I don’t know why but I feel safe with you.

And so he did, he refused to push her, but he had heard enough to know that Liz needed him and he would be there for her ever minute of everyday until she opened up and let him help her.

He cradled her tightly, watching the dawn break across the sleepy neighborhood.

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Hi Guys,
Let me know what you think of the last part, I'm still not too sure about it.


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Hi Jenn,
Thanks for your message, I'm glad you liked it. As for your questions, well Max, Isabel and Michael know about their homeworld, their names, the roles they played and Isabels supposed betrayal. As for the dupes I've kinda ignored them in this fic, so If I mention either Zan, Lonnie or Rath I'm either refering to their past lives or the Roswell crew. Now about Liz mentioning she lost Zan in two lifetimes, well this will be explained to some degree in the next part which I'm writing even as we speak. So it should be up soon. As for the rest about Liz's past I can't give to much away but it will come together piece by piece, but I promise not to make you wait too long.

Anyway I'm going now, so I can finish up part 6.
I hope this has answered some of your questions.
Thanks for reading.

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Part 6.

Max sat on the sofa, his eyes dark and brooding, his brow furrowed in thought. It had been days since the incident in the garden and still Liz wouldn’t open up to him. She had just retreated back into her cheerful, friendly exterior but he knew better he could feel her inner turmoil, so torn between wanting to let someone in and fear. Not just some paranoid minor fear but bordering on pure terror. What was it she was so afraid of?
Her words echoed in her head, I didn’t lose my sight, it was taken from me………His heart burned with untamed anger that someone would hurt Liz, she was the kindest sweetest person he had ever met. But she was still afraid, could it be that it was never resolved, that this someone would come back to hurt her? And who was it? What did they do to her? God so many questions and no answers.
And as for her calling him Zan, plus the unnatural connection they seemed to share. He was trying not to read too much into it, but it was hard he found himself watching her for signs that she was more than she seemed. But there was none, he had all but convinced himself that it was all in his head, that he was trying to justify to himself his attraction to her although the word attraction hardly seemed fitting it was so much more than that.

Isabel, Liz called softly as she approached her room, I had to borrow your shampoo, someone moved mine and I couldn’t find it.

Isabel? She repeated standing in her doorway, she knew Isabel was in there she could sense her.

She padded softly across the room in bare feet, and perched gently on the end of the bed, next to Isabel. Pulling her soft robe tighter around her she tucked the damp strands of hair behind her ear.

Do you want to talk about it? Liz prodded gently.

Isabel shrugged.

The slight movement caused the bed to bounce ever so slightly and she smiled.

Isabel, shrugging is no good to me you need to be a bit more vocal. Liz laughed quietly

Sorry, came the mumbled response.

Liz could her the tears in her voice. Okay you’re gonna make me guess aren’t you?

Isabel sniffled slightly trying to bite back the tears, she wanted so much to talk to someone but how much could she safely tell Liz?

Okay, Here we go, just call me Madame Liz, although I don’t have a crystal ball, She whispered.

OMMMMMMMM, She chanted comically.

Er Liz….Isabel began.
Sssssush, Liz massaged her temples in mock concentration and it’s Madame Liz, my child, she put on her best gypsy voice Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Isabel began to smile despite herself.

I see a young man, Liz began, his name begins with A, could it be Adam? No that’s not it, how about Alex? Yes that’s better Alex, He worships the ground you walk on and you… care about him more than you let on because you are afraid to get involved.

How did I do? Liz smiled

The smile fell straight off Isabel’s face as Liz hit the nail right on the head. How?

Easy Isabel, I may not be able to see, but I listen and you learn to read between the lines, now I’m not going to ask you what you’re afraid of, because I get the feeling you probably wouldn’t tell me anyway. I am blind it’s a fact but I see the real you Isabel, behind all that popularity and hard exterior, beats the heart of someone who longs to be loved, to be accepted and all your airs and graces don’t mean a thing to Alex because he sees you for who you really are, he cares because you’re you, not because you’re beautiful or so I’m told. Liz smiled impishly.

Can I ask you a question Liz? Isabel asked

Liz nodded in confirmation.

Are you ever afraid of letting someone in, of getting too close?

Everyday, Liz replied seriously

Alex he knows everything about me and it doesn’t seem to faze him at all. I’ve come to rely on his friendship, what if it doesn’t work out? Isabel finished helplessly.

But what if it does? Liz replied confidently. Okay let me ask you a question, does Alex know all you’re deepest darkest secrets?

Yes, Isabel whispered

And did he ever, judge you?

No, Isabel returned

Did he accept you just the way you are?


And do you care about him the same way he cares for you? Liz finished her line of questioning.

I…..I …think I do, Isabel replied honestly
Then give the guy a chance Issy he may just surprise you. Liz smiled

I don’t know Liz I’m so confused. Isabel sighed

Isabel, I’m gonna give you some advice and you can take it or not, all you have to do is listen. Life is too short, it really is. If you’ve found someone who understands you, who knows all of your secrets, faults and bad habits, someone who’ll stand by you through thick and thin and who’ll love you the way you deserve to be loved, then you have to take a chance, I can’t give you any guarantees, no-one can, there will be hard times, times when you don’t know if you’ll make it but I promise there’ll be good times that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Take a chance Isabel, Follow your heart……

Liz, I want to, I just don’t know if I can, I’m so afraid it will go horribly wrong and I’ll lose him altogether and I couldn’t bare that I’d rather have him as a friend then not have him at all. Isabel replied sadly

Isabel, That’s just life, when you live and you love, sometimes you let the bad in with the good, it’s just the way things are, there has to be a balance. Life is about taking chances, Issy, sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don’t, but I promise you it will be one hell of a journey along the way. Now if you truly love him you owe it to him and yourself to try. Liz’s eyes misted over as if she was remembering something painful, trust me when I say you may never get another chance to tell him.

Isabel wiped her eyes and sniffed, when did you get so smart?

Because I’ve loved and lost, Liz replied sadly.

When? Isabel asked quietly

A long time ago, it almost seems like another lifetime ago. Liz smiled reaching out towards her hand.

Isabel grasped her hand warmly, she was really beginning to care about Liz.

Go get your man Issy. Liz whispered

Isabel didn’t say a word she simply threw her arms around Liz, who sat there stiffly for a moment before returning her hug.

Thank you, Isabel whispered into Liz’s hair and a few moments later she crept out of her window.

Good Luck, Liz whispered to the air

That was a good thing you did, Max’s soft dulcet tones invaded her senses, causing her to smile.

You know eavesdropping is a very nasty habit Max, Liz replied softly

Hey, it’s not eavesdropping if the door’s open. Max grinned in mock defense.

Liz rubbed her tired eyes and rose up from the bed heading towards the door, Max moved to allow her to pass but changed his mind just as she reached him, turning his body slowly, Liz found herself pinned gently against the doorframe.
Liz, he breathed softly, almost like a prayer.
She turned her face towards him inhaling deeply, she could feel him permeate her senses filling her soul. Her heart raced as she fought to regain her senses.
Max gazed down at the tiny enchantress that had captured his heart, he breathed deeply as the realization came to him, she had captured his heart and he never wanted her to release it. Her eyes shone up at him, such a deep shade of chocolate, wide and innocent, but lifeless, it broke his heart, he longed to see them glitter with excitement or smolder with passion.
Liz, he repeated.
Max, I know what you want to ask me, but please……don’t…. she shook her head gently
Liz, I just want you to open up to me.
Max…..I ……I just can’t, don’t push me
I’m not trying to, he whispered gently I just want you to know you don’t have to face it alone anymore, he smoothed the damp hair from her face.
She closed her eyes and sighed as his fingertips lightly traced her cheekbone, why do you make me feel this way?
What way? His face gravitated closer to hers.
Like I can trust you……like I could….like I could tell you anything, she breathed slowly.
You can, his gaze focused in on her soft lips.
I can’t Max, not this…….. he felt so close now, she could almost feel his warm breath against her lips. Her tongue snaked out to wet her lips, it felt like someone had sucked all the air out of the room, she almost felt dizzy, never in her life had she wanted so much to be kissed. His voice was so soothing, lulling her, drawing her close, making her feel safe.
I would never hurt you Liz, and I’d die before I let anyone hurt you. He whispered, god when had he become this forward with a girl? Oh yeah that’s right, the moment Liz Parker walked into his life.
His words began to penetrate the hazy web of desire he had spun around her. I’d die before I let anyone hurt you……. NO, she screamed silently to herself, damn her desires this wasn’t about her anymore, she couldn’t drag Max into her world, it was too dangerous, the thought of anything happening to him seared her heart like a red hot poker. She couldn’t do this to him.
Her face became set with a grim determination and Max instantly knew her walls were firmly back in place.
I’ll wait you know, he whispered pressing his forehead to hers …… for as long as it takes……….
Max, she called softly, trying to bite back the tears that stung her eyes, she raised her hand to gently caress the side of his face………I may never be ready and with those final words she was gone.

Then I’ll wait forever…………he whispered to the empty room.

You know Philip, Max was asking a lot of questions about Liz, Diane frowned at her husband.
Well, it’s only natural, he’s curious about her. Philip replied comfortingly
I know but I just get this feeling that there’s more to it then that, I’ve never heard him talk about any girl, let alone the way he talks about her.
How do you mean? He took a sip of his coffee.
Oh I don’t know, the way he says her name, the way he looks at her, you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed, She rubbed her weary eyes.
I think you may be reading too much into this Diane.
I just …..I don’t know I’m worried how he’d react if he ever found out the truth about her, I mean about what she is,
Relax honey, he rubbed her neck soothingly, he’s not going to find out, no one is. We’ve protected her all these years, we’re not going to slip up now.
But what if she slips up? What if they get too close? Part of me wants to jump for joy that he’s finally found a girl he cares for.
What about the other part? Philip asked
Terrified. She muttered
Diane it’s going to be okay, you’re not having second thoughts about bringing her here, are you?
No, she shot back immediately God no, please don’t ever think that, I’ve always wanted her, it was just too dangerous before.
It still is, you know, Philip voiced his fears, they could still come for her.
I know, she replied solemnly that’s why I need her here, where I can keep an eye on her.
She took his hand, absently playing with his wedding band, you know how many nights I cried for her, how my heart broke every time we had to move her, to hide her again. She deserved so much more than the life she’s had, she deserves a family, and a chance for a normal life ..she deserves to be loved.
She knows we love her, that we’ve always accepted her even knowing the truth and deep down I think she understands why we couldn’t bring her here to live with us sooner. Philip soothed her.
I know, Diane whispered, Soon enough Issy and Max will go off to college and they will be safe enough but right now, Liz needs us perhaps more than ever. I just get scared for her, because………….. I know it’s not over yet.

The moonlight streamed through the window casting deep shadows across the room, a rumpled figure tossed fitfully in a dream filled slumber. Not a sound could be heard except for the erratic breathing of the slim dark haired figure,
Liz turned again, her long hair plastered to her neck, she wore only a small vest top and a pair of matching white panties that clung to her damp body.
Her body involuntarily trembled waiting for the nightmare that her subconscious knew would follow.
She was floating, suspended in a warm thick liquid, her own heartbeat echoed throughout the pod. Her eyes opening for the first time trying to focus through the gelatin substance.
Stretching her small limbs her hands came into contact with a smooth stretchy surface, pushing gently it began to stretch, her lungs began to burn as her body began to crave air.
Pushing harder this time she felt something give, again she pushed, this time her hand made it all the way through pushing downwards, she made the tear larger, bracing her feet against the back of the pod she pushed herself forward, suddenly the stretchy substance gave way and the liquid gushed forward taking the young girl with it.
A few coughs and she dragged air into her starving lungs for the first time, blinking she tried to register her surroundings. Her eyes slowly began to focus through the haze, she could see the pod she had emerged from, as her gaze wandered and three other pods came into view.
But they were empty, pulling herself up on shaky legs, wobbling a bit like a new born foal, she eventually got her balance, slowly she advanced on the pod nearest hers, placing her tiny hands against the outer surface. It was cold, lifeless and dry. They were long gone, she was alone.
She stumbled towards the doorway, instinctively brushing her palm against the surface a small handprint appeared, causing the entrance to groan and slide open.
Stepping out into the cool, dark desert, her damp body caused her skin to raise and the tiny hairs to stand up.
She raised her tiny angelic face to the blackened sky, dots, millions of them, tiny bright shiny dots as far as she could see, so pretty……
Breathing deeply she began her slow descent down the rocky path, she had to find them, she didn’t want to be alone, inside something was missing, she wasn’t complete and she began her journey to find that missing part.
Well, well what do we have here?……..a sinister voice echoed in the darkness.
She turned her eyes trying to make out the short figure in the darkness…z…..z…….zaa……zan? Her tiny mouth tried to voice the word her heart screamed.
No, I’m afraid not your majesty but I can tell you were he is, the voice dripped venom.
Zan? Her sweet voice repeated.
The figure stepped forward into the pale moonlight, he was short with brown unkempt hair, his eyes piercing and dark.
She took an involuntary step backwards away from the man.
Zan? She repeated, her expression firmly set, her tiny brow creased in confusion.
No, he repeated slowly and it won’t do you any good calling for him, he couldn’t save you before and he can’t save you now. The cruel man sneered.
Besides……….he grabbed her arm tightly causing her to squeal in pain…….Zan is dead….along with the others in the pods, you are the only one left to dispose of.
Her newly awakened mind couldn’t comprehend the words he was using, but every instinct inside her body screamed one word….Danger.
She did the only thing she could she bit down hard on his hand, as he swore in pain she bolted.
Down the dusty path she ran, her feet began to bleed as she caught them on the jagged rocks and pebbles. Her breath coming in small gasps, she dared not look back.
Suddenly her world turned upside down and her face came into contact with the dirt, something heavy was stopping her from moving. She could taste the blood in her mouth, as she tried to cry out. She kept struggling.
Oh no you don’t little queen. You’re not going anywhere, I can almost see tomorrows headline…….small child found murdered in desert.
He laughed; a small hard bark……..I may just have to frame it.
She kicked him hard, catching him in the groin and he grunted and rolling into a ball she tried to run again but an arm snaked out gripping her ankle.
Yanking her hard she felt a snap in her leg, and she cried out in pain again, collapsing to the hard, cold ground.
There that’ll stop you from running again, he got to his feet and kicked her again in the ribs, her chest hurt so bad, she began to wheeze.
And that’s for the inconvenience…
He crouched down beside her and placed a hand on either side of her head and this is for being the immortal love of my sworn enemy……...
Pain exploded in her mind and she began screaming.

Liz turned, her body becoming twisted in the sheets, her arms trying to ward off and invisible attacker.

Nicholas was enjoying himself immensely. He felt righteous, he felt justified, Khivar would be pleased with him and once he found the others and destroyed the last hope of the resistance he could get off this god forsaken planet and go home…….gloating he began to intensify the pain.

Max leapt out of bed as her terrified screams reached him, he was at his door grappling with the handle before his feet had even touched the ground.
Rushing out his door he collided with Isabel and they both headed towards Liz’s room.
Max couldn’t believe the sight that greeted him, Liz was writhing in pain almost drenched in sweat, screaming in agony, the light was already on and both his parents were at her side, trying to calm her.

Noooooooooooooooo! She cried bolting from the bed unaware of her surroundings she collided with the nightstand, knocking herself to the floor, her knee beginning to bleed on the cream colored rug.
Diane dropped to her knees and tried to reach Liz, but Liz squirmed away from her backing towards the corner of the room.
Please, please stop hurting me, she sobbed it burns…… burns.
Liz honey, listen to me…he’s not real anymore…you’re not there…Philip tried to reach her. He reached out to take her hand but she twisted away from him knocking into the bookshelf.
Noooooooooooooooo! Don’t touch me, somebody please help me……..Her desperate screams of absolute terror where twisting in Max’s heart like a knife, he ached to go to her. But he had to get past his concerned parents first.
Stop it, please stop,nnnnnoooooooo, she began screaming again. Isabel was standing in the doorway her hand over her mouth, tears burning her eyes, she had never seen anyone so terrified in her life.
Diane hold her down, she’s going to hurt herself. Philip ordered as Diane tried to pin down Liz’s legs.
Liz continued to struggle against them.
ZAN!!!!!!!!! She screamed Zan please help me, don’t leave me here…….
Max’s heart froze he had definitely heard that, he glanced at his sister and the color drained from Isabel’s face,
Oh my god, she whispered silently.
Max was moving in an instant, he had to get to Liz, she needed him and to hell with what his parents thought.
Philip gasped in surprise as Max’s strong hand gripped his father and almost threw his out of the way, Diane stared at her son in shock, the look on his face was possessive almost primal as he tore Liz from her grasp and pulled her close to his body.
Rocking her back and forth gently as he whispered in her ear, Philip and Diane couldn’t believe their eyes as Liz’s screams almost instantly subsided and her rigid body began to visibly relax. No one had ever been able to calm her before not during a nightmare where she relived her attack. Usually they had to just pin her down to stop her from hurting herself until the memory had played itself out.
Come back to me Liz, I’m here and I won’t leave you I swear, come back to me Liz….Max kept repeating slowly and soothingly. Without any warning he was pulled abruptly into her mind.

Nicholas, finally let go of her head, as she slumped silently to the ground on her back, the pretty dots were gone now, all she could see was darkness, it hurt everywhere, she wanted to escape the cold hard pain. She wanted to just lose herself in the darkness and never wake up. The sounds around her slowly disappeared as heartbeat began to falter.

Nicholas, walked away, joined by a slightly older woman with blond hair, he smiled.
You enjoyed that didn’t you….She grinned……you are truly evil.
Come on Vanessa, you’ve no idea how long I waited to find Ilyila, she deserved that. It may have been the body of a child but it was her essence I’d know that little whore anywhere.
So is she? She left the question hanging suggestively.
Yeah, Let the news travel far and wide, the queen is dead, he smirked mockingly, now to find the king and the other two and they shall share the same fate.

Max looked on in horror as he realized what had happened to Liz and who was responsible. He wanted to chase after Nicholas and make him pay in blood and pain for what he had done to her. But he had to remind himself that this was not real, it was a memory.
He tried to still the pure rage coursing through his veins, he needed to help Liz, and he needed to take her to a happy place.
He raked through his own memories, he pulled out one of himself, sitting alone in the desert, it was just after he had got his drivers license and he had driven to the desert, laid out across the hood he had watched the sunset, a thousand different shades of pink, red and orange. Truly one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen and he wanted to show Liz that the world was not only a place of fear and pain but also a place of great beauty and warmth.
He could almost feel the dying rays of light heat his skin as the sun began to descend along the horizon, he pulled Liz in close as they both watched the sunset in silence.
He didn’t want to leave, he knew the second he opened his eyes he would have to explain his actions to his parents, who knew nothing of his alien heritage. He closed his eyes and sighed leaned his head against Liz who was snuggled into his chest.

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Just a small part to keep you going, I'm working on the next one and it's quite long and involved so I'll get it up as soon as I can,

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Part 7.

Diane pulled the covers back over Liz’s exhausted body turning to look at her son and daughter standing silently watching.
Go back to bed Kids, she whispered we’ll talk about this tomorrow
Mac locked eyes with his mother for a moment before nodding in agreement.
Diane made her way towards the door before stopping and turning slowly to face them,
It’s probably best not to mention this to Liz, Diane told them quietly her eyes misting over with barely concealed emotion…..She won’t remember this…….she never does.
With those last cryptic words she left the room.
Isabel turned to gaze at Max her eyes full of unanswered questions.
Not here Issy, he warned……let’s go to my room.
Isabel nodded silently in agreement and followed him out, quietly closing Liz’s door behind them.
What the hell is going on Max, Isabel tried to keep her voice level.
I don’t know Issy, Max replied, his mind was racing, trying to absorb all that he had seen when he connected with Liz.
Well she called you Zan or rather she called out to Zan, how could she have known? Isabel accused.
I know what you’re thinking Isabel, Max replied sternly I haven’t told her anything.
Then how could she have known Max?
Isabel, will you calm down, I can’t think while you’re ranting at me, Max snapped.
Shit, I don’t believe this, Isabel continued to pace, I liked Liz I really did and now it’s starting to seem as if Michael was right.
What are you trying to say Isabel, Max’s voice was cold, he knew full well what Isabel was implying and he didn’t like it one bit.
Come on Max don’t play the idiot with me you know what I’m saying, Liz is a skin how else could she have known? Nicholas probably planted her here, acting all sweet and innocent to gain out trust knowing you’d fall for her.
Isabel you’re wrong, Max began
Am I ? She glared at him defiantly, tell me you haven’t fallen for her? Tell me Max.
Max struggled with his feelings, he had fallen for her and fallen hard but now wasn’t the time or place to admit it, especially to Isabel.
Isabel, Listen to me, Liz isn’t a skin and Nicholas didn’t send her here with a hidden agenda, Max tried to keep his voice even and calm.
You don’t know that, you’re letting you’re feelings for her blind you, Isabel began to rant again.
Yes I do, god if you would just listen to what I’m trying to tell you instead of jumping to all the wrong conclusions, He grabbed her arms forcing her to look directly at him, he was beginning to lose his temper.
Max… Isabel started
No, just listen to me, Nicholas didn’t send her here…….he……Max squeezed his eyes shut and sucked in a shaky breath trying to clear the awful images cluttering his mind……..he was the one who hurt her.
What? The color drained from Isabel’s face.
He tried to kill her, he doesn’t even know she’s here, he thinks she’s dead. He whispered shakily.
Oh God, Her eyes began to glisten with unshed tears.
They both slumped down onto the edge of his bed.
How do you know? She asked quietly.
I saw….He replied simply
What do you mean you saw? Her forehead crinkled in confusion.
When I held her, I was pulled into her mind.
What you connected with her?
No…….. well…….. Yes and no, I didn’t initiate it, I was just suddenly pulled into her subconscious and I saw what she saw, felt what she felt. His voice was strained as he fought the tide of emotion swelling up at the memory of what he had seen and felt.
So…if she’s not a skin, what is she? Isabel asked
I think you’re missing it entirely Issy, what is it you always told me, all things being the way they are, the simplest answer is usually the right one. He stared pointedly at Isabel waiting for her brain to click.
Max……..she breathed in….. You’re not thinking?
Why not Issy, his eyes glittered with excitement, ever since we discovered the pod chamber a year ago we’ve known that there was another one of us……..what if she’s our fourth?
I could give you a dozen reasons Max, The fact that we have no memory of waking up in the pod chamber, for all we know the fourth pod could have been empty to start with, and besides we don’t really have much to go on, she called out the name Zan and you saw into a few of her memories but we’ve never seen her do anything out of the ordinary.
Isabel, think about it for a second, how have we stayed hidden for so long? Because we don’t go around advertising the fact we’re different, she’s been on her own all these years, she’s probably better at concealing her gifts then we are. Max reasoned

But what if you’re just reading too much into this Max?
But what if I’m not?
All right Max……Isabel conceded…..just say for arguments sake that you’re right…how do we know for sure?
We don’t, not without confronting Liz. Max replied
So you think we should confront her? Isabel asked warily
No, I don’t think she’s ready to face her past, if she’s spent all these years believing she’s all alone, she may not even know about us, I mean she called out for Zan she may not know that I was Zan, I don’t think she’ll just openly admit it. Max replied.
Isabel rubbed her tired eyes, so what should we do?
I don’t know Is, I really don’t ……I mean from what Mom said, I get the feeling that they know more than they’re letting on.
Isabel’s head snapped up, you think they know about her?
No, maybe not, but I think they know something, right now I think they’re our best bet, Mom said she wanted to talk to us in the morning, we should try to get as much information from her as possible. Max stated matter-of-factly.
Okay, Isabel quietly agreed……… Listen I’m going to bed, I have a trig test tomorrow and I’m shattered
Okay then, he kissed her gently on the forehead…….it will be all right Isabel I promise.
She nodded slightly.
Oh Max, Isabel paused as she reached the doorway,
Yeah? He looked up at her.
You are going to tell Michael right? Isabel asked directly
I don’t think that’s a good idea right now, Max replied.
Max, you know he’ll never forgive you if he finds out you kept this from him,
I know Is, Max whispered, I will tell him, I just need to sort some things out in my head first………I will tell him.
Soon? She countered.
I’ll think about it. Max smiled
Okay Nite Max
Nite Issy.

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Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I haven't been very well and my muse is being a bitch, very unco-operative, but I'm back on full form and I'll get the new part up for you tomorrow.


Love Wendy.


I've known fear, I've known lonliess and pain that eats away at your soul, I've been trapped in the darkness, but in my darkest hour I realised one thing that there is no such thing as darkness........only an absence of light.
Wendy Saunders.


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Okay, here's the next part as promised.

Part 8.

Liz stirred from her restless slumber groaning slightly, her eyes felt swollen, her lips parched and a dull ache spread across her head. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, wincing slightly as her knee bent. Reaching down tentatively her fingers slid over the skin lightly to assess the damage, she could feel a hard ridge running down her kneecap and the surrounding tissue was tender and bruised.
Damn, she cursed quietly as the night’s events came flooding back to her.
Philip and Diane had been present of more than one occasion to witness her brutal nightmares but she had always pleaded ignorance the next day allowing them to believe she didn’t remember the dreams or their presence………but she did……..she remembered it all.
She furrowed her brow in confusion, it was still a bit hazy but one thing was certain last night had been different. She had been reliving the same memory as always……the night she was born…and…the night she died.
She had sensed Phil & Diane’s presence but it was like they were at a distance, like they were on the outside and she was trapped in her mind, replaying the violent memories that were forever burned into her mind.
But suddenly she wasn’t alone, she felt someone holding her, pulling her away from the terror, comforting her, keeping her safe.
His voice had been so smooth and warm, taking away all the pain, making her feel drowsy and content, but the realization hit her hard and her heart began to thud wildly.
The voice, the presence wasn’t at a distance, it had come from inside her, someone had been inside her mind.
He hadn’t hurt her, he had taken her to another place, one filled with light, warmth, beauty and love.
The thing was she knew who he was, her heart had known instantly…….it was Max.
The thought pounded relentlessly in her mind, how had he done it? Had she pulled him into her subconscious unwittingly?
So many question that she just didn’t have any answers to.
Her hand swept across her pillow to brace herself as she tried to rise to her feet, but instead she felt a small furry object, picking it up she ran her fingertips gently over the ragged fabric.
It was a small bear, it was limp and had hardly any fur left on it, what she assumed had once been a bow hung raggedly from it’s floppy neck, one of it eyes had long since fallen off and it ear was barely handing on by a thread.
Liz smiled, this bear had been treasured and well loved.
It was a gift……..a gift for her.
I see you and Loolie have finally met, a quiet voice intruded her silent reverie.
Her heart leapt when she heard his voice…….Max, she breathed.
She felt the bed slump slightly as he sat down next to her.
Loolie? She arched her eyebrow and smiled in amusement.
When Mom and Dad brought us home from the orphanage….he began.
Wait, you were adopted? Liz interrupted.
I thought you knew, Max creased his brow in confusion.
No, I didn’t, Liz replied, I mean Phil & Diane always talked about you and Issy but they always referred to you as their kids so naturally I just assumed……..
Oh well, uh no we were adopted, Max confirmed.
Well, you learn something new everyday, Liz replied cheerfully but deep down something clicked, like a small part of a much larger puzzle had fallen into place. So she stored that little piece of information and motioned for Max to continue with his story.
When Issy and me came to live here, I used to cry every night for weeks, I had terrible nightmares and I was so unhappy. That’s when Mom gave me this bear, I named her Loolie and after that I didn’t feel so alone, she used to go everywhere with me, I didn’t have the heart to throw her away with the rest of my toys.
Oh Max, Liz’s voice caught in her throat when she realized just how much this bear had meant to him……..I can’t accept this.
Liz, I want you to listen to me and don’t say anything okay? I care about you a lot, maybe more than I should but I can’t help it, I only know the way I feel……..she opened her mouth to say something but Max held up his hand to silence her.
I know that you’re not ready to let me in, to let me get close to you, everyone has their secrets, a part of themselves they’re afraid to show to anyone.
What are you saying? Her eyes began to well up and her lip began to tremble slightly.
What was he trying to say to her, god there was so many things he wanted to say, so much he wanted to ask her, but he just couldn’t instead he just shrugged slightly.
I just……I wanted you to have something of mine, something I loved, so when you can’t sleep or you feel alone……..she’ll keep you safe, he whispered gently.
Oh Max, this is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me, a single solitary tear rolled down her cheek.
He gently wiped the tear away, lightly tracing his finger across her cheekbone, she was so close, he wanted nothing more than to close the distance between them and seize those warm inviting lips, but would she let him?
Liz couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, her heart hammered in her chest, he felt so close, she could feel his warm breath on her lips, almost taste him. Her whole being ached for the moment their lips would touch, she wanted him so much, would one little kiss really hurt? She knew the answer already, it would never be just one kiss with them, it was already to late, it had already gone to far, but still she couldn’t stop herself.
She lent in closer, closing her eyes, waiting for the sweet torturous moment when their lips would meet.
Max’s heart leapt as she moved closer, he too closed his eyes, just another inch……..
Their lips met slowly, gently, barely even touching when…….

Diane’s voice cut through the haze of desire like a knife, breaking the spell, snapping them back to reality.

Max just sat there staring at Liz for a moment, when she suddenly broke the silence.

You’d better go, Liz mumbled I’ll be there in a moment.
Okay, he sighed in defeat, his mother had the worst sense of timing in the universe, taking one last glance at his angel he left the room.

Liz tried to still her trembling body, clutching Loolie to her chest she tried to take slow even breaths, god! How could she almost of let this happen? This was getting too dangerous, the way she felt about Max, the way she was drawn to him………she had to get away……she had to leave…tonight.
She was getting too close…….and it had to stop…….and stop now.

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Part 9.

Max you’re doing the right thing you know, Isabel told Max reassuringly.
Yeah, then how come I have a real bad feeling about this, he replied as they approached the bleachers for the meeting he had called at lunch.
Max, Michael deserves to know the truth, we can’t start keeping secrets from each other, it only causes more problems.
Yeah, I know Issy, it’s just you know how hotheaded he is, if he goes off on one without thinking and upsets Liz. Max left the threat hanging in the air but Isabel knew exactly what Max meant.
Hey guy’s where’s Liz? Maria asked curiously as Max and Isabel approached.
She wasn’t well so she stayed home today, Isabel replied
So what’s up Maxwell, why’d you call this meeting? Michael asked gruffly.
Max and Isabel stared at each other for a moment. Before taking a deep breath,
It’s about Liz……….

Liz knocked lightly on Philips office door,

Come in, he called absently as he sifted through various papers on his desk, he had come home early that afternoon to get his head stuck into a really gritty case he was working on.

Ummn Phil? Liz called lightly.

Hey Liz, what can I do for you? He asked gently as he poked his head up from the mountain of paperwork.

I need to talk to you, she replied as she felt her way into the small room and perching herself on the edge of his desk.

Liz, what is it? He asked worriedly

I have to leave for a while, she mumbled.

What? I mean why? Aren’t you happy here? Did something happen? He fired questions at her, walking around his desk to come face to face with her.

No, I have been happy here, I just…….she sighed helplessly……..Phil, you’ve always loved me, always taken care of me, but I don’t belong here, I hoped I could just fit into your family, but I can’t and I was a fool to think I could pretend to be normal, I’m not normal.

Liz, Philip stroked her hair gently, you do belong here, you are already part of our family.

Phil, Liz smiled sadly, I can’t be a part of your family, because I can’t be honest with them, I can’t build a life based on lies.

I have to survive on my own, you know what happened to me, how I lost my sight, you and Diane are the only two people left who know what I really am. If anything were to happen to you……..

Liz, nothings going to happen to us…….he began.

You don’t know that Phil, she reached out and stroked his face tenderly; you know I couldn’t have loved you more even if you had been my own blood. You and Diane have kept me sane all these years, but I can’t stay here, you know this isn’t over one day there will be a reckoning, if the FBI don’t catch up with me first, the one’s who hurt me will, I can’t risk you and Diane or Max and Isabel. You deserve more than that, you shouldn’t be caught up in my world. You don’t belong in it anymore than I belong in yours.

Lizzie bear, Philip sighed and she sat down next to her taking her hand in his own. You know from the first moment I saw you lying all alone in that hospital room I loved you, I knew there was a reason, I was brought into your life and you into mine, I knew the first time I held you, so small, so fragile, so frightened……I knew that I was meant to help you, It wasn’t pity, there was just something so special about you that called to me. When Jeff told me what you were, I had a decision to make, to walk away or to help you and in helping you I knew I was putting us all in danger but there wasn’t a moments doubt in my mind you needed us and that was all that mattered.

Oh Phil, Liz choked as the tears began to slide down her soft cheeks.

You don’t know how many times I wished I could have just brought you home with me, so you could have grown up with a home and a family, you don’t know how many times it broke mine and Diane’s hearts every time we had to sneak you out in the middle of the night to hide you from the FBI, no child should have to live that life.

Philip, Liz stated with firm conviction, don’t think like that, I have no regrets and I hold no grudges, you gave me a chance, you both saved me, in every way a person can be saved, you let me feel what it was like to be loved, and this is the only way I can repay you , by not getting you all killed.

Is there really nothing I can do to change your mind? He asked hopefully.

Liz shook her head slowly, trying valiantly and failing miserably to bite back the tears.

You know Diane will be distraught, Philip mused quietly.

Phil, I don’t want to hurt either of you, you know that I used to dream everyday of being just a regular kid, having parents and brothers and sisters, going on dates………of just being normal, but I had to wake up, cuz that’s all it was… a dream, I can’t live on maybe’s and what if’s, I’ve accepted my life for what it is.

It’s a lonely life you’re choosing Liz, Phil told her sadly.

I know, but it’s the only choice I have right now, Liz sniffed quietly.

When do you want to leave? He asked in defeat.

This afternoon, she replied, before everyone gets home.

You’re not even going to say goodbye?

Phil, I just can’t…..she whispered…….too many questions that I can’t answer, you can explain to Diane later.

Okay, well I’ll make some calls…find you a place to stay.

Liz nodded mutely, making her way slowly to the door, she had always known deep down, coming to stay with Phil and Diane would be a mistake……..because it would always be this hard to leave.

Phil? She whispered quietly upon reaching the door.


Thank you, for loving me as a father to a daughter. She replied softly

Liz, you’ll always be that to me and you’ll always have a home here.

Her heart ached as she clicked the door closed behind her.

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Part 10.

So you’re telling me she’s one of us? Michael replied roughly
Yeah, well we don’t know for sure, but it’s looking pretty certain so far. Isabel replied while Alex and Maria sat mutely in shock.
So we go and ask her. Michael replied.
Michael, no! This is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you, you can’t just go barging in with your size 11’s you have no idea what she’s been through. Max bit back…she’s not ready to open up and trust anyone yet.
Who the hell are you to say what she’s ready to do or not, Michaels voice raised a notch higher.
I’m the one who knows her a hell of a lot better than you do and I’m telling you now I won’t let you go upsetting her. Max faced his best friend.
That’s not your decision Max, she’s the first real link we’ve had to our past and I’m not just gonna sit on my butt waiting for her to be ready. We’ve got questions and she’s got the answers. I ready don’t see what the problem is.
Oh why am I not surprised, Max spat.
What the hell’s that supposed to mean? Michael shot back
God Michael, do you ever think of anyone other than yourself? Liz was attacked, brutally beaten, left for dead and has spent her entire life on the run. How do you think she’s gonna react if we hitch up saying, oh by the way Liz we know what you are, sorry you were left all alone in the desert to fend for yourself, sorry you lost your sight and have spent everyday living in fear for your life, oh and we should probably mention that we’re aliens too………..
He’s right Michael, Isabel replied softly placing her hand on Michael’s arm to soothe him, The only other aliens Liz has come into contact with tried to kill her, how would you feel if that were you, would you be ready to open up and trust a complete group of strangers?
Michael battled his own internal conflict between the desire to find the answers to his long quest to find out about themselves and doing the right thing by Liz, he knew Max and Isabel were right, he was just so frustrated, he ran his hand through his hair and sighed.
Okay Maxwell, we play this your way, but it won’t wait forever and sooner or later we’re gonna have to confront her about this, you know she never going to willingly volunteer any information.
Max nodded in approval, Michael was right to a certain degree, but he just couldn’t push her……..not yet.
All I’m asking for is some time, Max responded quietly.
Time? Michael replied, time is something that’s usually not on our side.
And with that last comment he walked leaving the others to look on and contemplate the situation, at that point none of them had any idea just how right Michael was.
Maria was the first to step forward and speak, snapping Max from his quiet thoughts.
Was the nightmare really that bad? She asked quietly.
You can’t begin to imagine, Max replied somberly I only saw part of it but it was so real and she was so afraid.
Maybe one of us should go and check on her? Alex added worriedly.
Yeah, I’ll go, Max jumped in quickly.
No, I don’t think that’s a good idea, Isabel replied, you have a test and it would be suspicious if you missed it, I have a free period, I’ll go.
Okay, Max agreed grudgingly.

Liz stuffed her clothes unceremoniously into another bag, she wasn’t one for packing neatly when she really couldn’t see what she was packing anyway, usually she had someone to help her, but not this time, this time she had to just slip away without anyone noticing, she drew in a deep breath and zipped the bag closed, starting on the next one, she hated having to lie to Philip about the real reason she was leaving, well it wasn’t exactly lying just not telling him the whole truth. Max was part of the reason, she couldn’t deal with the way he made her feel, it was too distracting, every time he was near she had the uncontrollable need to tell him everything.
She mentally shook herself, even now she actually wanted to curl up into a ball and cry at the thought of leaving him, when had this happened? When had she become so attached to a human? She knew the answer of course… the day she had met Max Evans.
But taking Max out of the equation, the other reason was, for the past few days she had felt something, something she had not felt for a long time...evil…it was close…and it was watching.
She needed to get away, whoever it was were getting too close she couldn’t let Max and the others get caught up in her life, she couldn’t risk them getting hurt because of what she was. If Philip had known, he would never have allowed her to leave to face the danger alone, he would have insisted on going with her and that was something she couldn’t allow, she knew she had to face this alone, at least on her own she did stand a chance, she had used her years of solitude wisely, working on her perfecting her powers, growing stronger, she knew that she could meet them on her own terms, with or without her sight, something she couldn’t do if she was worried about protecting someone else.
No, this was the only way.
After closing up the last bag she pulled her coat on and felt her way over to the bed, slumping onto the soft mattress, she reached over and searched her pillow until, her fingertips recognized their goal, grasping the little tatty bear gently she held it against her cheek inhaling slightly, she sighed as the tears began to gather. It smelt like him…like Max.
If only there was another way, she whispered to no one in particular, placing a tiny kiss on its worn out face she stuffed it into her jacket pocket.
Steeling her resolve, she made her way toward the living room, Philip would return soon and it would be time to leave.

3.15 pm Max glanced at the clock again, sighing his gaze wondered over to the door, he almost jumped in surprise to see Isabel standing on the other side desperately trying to get his attention.
Yes Mr. Evans? The teacher replied peering over the top of his glasses.
Um could I get a bathroom pass? He asked quickly
Can’t it wait Mr. Evans? This lesson will be over in ten minutes.
It really can’t wait, Max replied somewhat desperately.
The teacher rolled his eyes holding up the small pass which Max practically snatched from his grasp as he bolted from the classroom.
Oh God Max, Isabel sounded out of breath.
What? What is it Issy? He was starting to get worried now.
It’s Liz,
What happened? Is she okay? He tried to force the information for a very anxious Isabel.
She’s leaving…Isabel whispered.
What? The color drained from his face.
I went back home to check on her and she was packing her bags and getting her coat on…Max!…Max!
But he was already running down the hall, suddenly the bell rang and the halls were filled with bodies, he shoved his was unmercifully through the tide with only one thought… he had to get to Liz.
Isabel! Alex called as she hurried through the hall to catch up with Max.
Alex, she called over her shoulder, get the others and meet us at our house.
Alex had heard enough to know it didn’t bode well and one glance at Max’s retreating figure told him one thing………Liz Parker.

Michael climbed stealthily through the window and dropped to the soft carpet.
What the hell! He cursed silently as he tripped over a couple of full bags.
He made his way quietly into the living room, where he found Liz sitting in silence on the sofa and she seemed to be waiting.

Who is it? Who’s there? Liz called softly as she got to her feet, she could sense another presence in the room.
Uh…it’s me…Michael. He replied
Michael? Screwed her face in confusion, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you in school? Is everything okay? Is Max okay?
Uh yeah, everyone’s fine, Michael mumbled, he had no idea what to say, he had promised Max he wasn’t going to push Liz, in face he didn’t even know what he was doing standing in the middle of the Evans living room.
I saw your bags, are you leaving? His voice had come out harsher than he meant.
Ummn yeah, Liz replied.
Without saying goodbye to any of us? Without saying goodbye to Max? He spoke directly.
Liz pushed down the aching that Max’s name made her feel.
I have my reasons Michael.
And what are those? He replied
I really don’t see that it’s any of your business, Liz told him curtly.
Look Liz I know we don’t know each other that well, but you can’t leave.
You’re right Michael we don’t know each other that well, certainly not well enough for you to tell me what I can and can’t do.
I…..I. he desperately tried to think of something to say something to stall her until he could get to Max but just then he got his reprieve as he heard the screech of tyres, outside, followed shortly after by the front door banging open.
Liz?…Liz? Max called frantically.
Oh shit! Liz swore mentally.
She drew in a deep breath…it’s okay Max I’m here, she called out.
Liz, he sighed in relief as he entered the front room followed closely by Isabel.
However, he stopped dead in his tracks when he clocked Michael,
What the hell? He began…what have you said to her?
Nothing, I didn’t tell her nothing, Michael defended himself.
Tell me what? Liz asked
Nothing Liz, Isabel replied.
Isabel? Liz asked in confusion.
You promised, Max grated with barely concealed hostility.
I didn’t say nothing, Michael shouted back.
Promise what? Liz asked still getting no reply.
Then what the hell are you doing here? Max snapped.
Me? What the hell are you doing here? Michael fired back, his temper flaring.
I live here! Max shouted back.
HELLO! Excuse me? What the hell are any of you doing here? Liz yelled at the top of her voice.
Finally they stopped fighting and stood in silence staring at Liz who stood with her arms folded waiting for a reply.
Hello! Some acknowledgement would be nice right about now. Liz spoke sarcastically, she really didn’t want to be dealing with this right now.
I came back to see how you were feeling and when I saw the bags….Isabel began
You thought you’d go running back and tell everyone…..Liz snapped irritably.
Liz, that’s unfair, Isabel replied.
Is it? Liz replied, did it not occur to you that I was leaving without telling you because I had my own reasons?
Liz, Max interrupted it’s not that we didn’t think you had your reasons but,
But what? She challenged.
But………Max was desperately searching for the right words.
Liz we know what you are, Michael blurted out.
What? Liz replied
Isabel glared at Michael
Liz, Max began softly, we know what you are.
I don’t know what you’re talking about, Liz denied.
Liz…Max took a small step towards her, we know that you are a hybrid…..alien DNA mixed with human DNA.
No, Liz shook her head, that’s crazy… you’re crazy.
Liz, please, Max coaxed her gently, you don’t have to be afraid, we aren’t going to hurt you.
Stay away from me, Liz backed away.
Liz, please you have to listen to me, Max continued, the reason we know what you are… is because we are the same.
No…Liz shook her head in denial.
Liz, it’s true, Max spoke softly… I’m Zan.
No, Liz repeated.
Isabel is Vilandra and Michael is Rath…We’re Hybrids just like you.
NO! Liz screamed covering her ears, you’re lying…stop it…stop lying to me.
Liz, we’re not lying, Isabel replied, it’s the truth.
No… no it’s not, you’re lying Zan is dead…he’s dead.
Liz, he’s not, the night we came out of our pods Mom and Dad found us wandering in the desert and Michael was picked up later and got caught up in the foster care system, Isabel continued.
Stop it, Liz sobbed as the tears began to stream down her soft cheeks, why are you doing this to me?
Liz please, Max stepped closer to her, we aren’t trying to cause you pain, we just wanted you to see you aren’t alone anymore.
Liz’s head was spinning, the walls were beginning to close in on her. As the words began to penetrate her mind.
Liz, please. Max begged for her understanding.
Zan? She asked in a small uncertain voice. They told me you were…….and I believed…..
The thoughts rushed around in her mind, if that was true, then they hadn’t been killed, they were alive and well and living a life she could only dream of. They weren’t dead……The room was too small, too hot and cramped, it felt like everything was spinning out of control, she couldn’t breath, the realization hit her like a ton of bricks, they had abandoned her to her fate.
You left me.. Her voice had become hard, all this time you knew about me and still you left me there……..all alone.
Liz, we didn’t… Max began
How could you abandon me like that? Did I mean that little to all of you? It felt like a giant invisible hand had reached into her chest and was crushing her heart in it’s vice like grip, but with that came a new feeling… anger…a seething anger in it’s purest form.
Liz… Max tried to reach out to her, to make her understand.
NO! As she screamed out she released a wave of pure energy in incandesant blue that shot forth from her body in a semi circle, knocking them all to the ground.
She couldn’t breath she had to get out…So she ran, through the house and out the back door, although she couldn’t see, she reached out her mind, trying to sense larger objects blocking her path, she didn’t know where she was going she just had to get away, away from the pain, away from the hurt…away from Max.
Maria and Alex made there way quickly through the front door as they heard raised voices, just in time to see Liz knock Max, Michael and Isabel to the ground with some sort of energy before she ran.
Maria immediately rushed to the others to help them.
Liz…Max croaked, having the wind knocked out of him.
Alex, bolted out of the door after Liz, she may have wild alien powers, she may be a bit on the dangerous side, she may be pissed as hell and there was a good chance she could reduce him to a pile of ashes with one flick of her hand, but he knew one thing he couldn’t let her run off on her own.

Liz slowed down to catch her breath, she had no idea where she was, the tears were coming fast now as she gasped and fought the burning pain in her lungs.
Well what do we have here, a cruel snide voice came from behind her.
She froze rigid, she knew that voice, that voice belonged to the one person that had haunted her dreams and her every waking moment for the last eleven years.
But before she could turn and defend herself, she felt a damp cloth pushed against her face and her arms pinned to her sides, she tried to open her mouth to scream but all she could do was gag on the sickly sweet smell…she was falling.


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Part 11.

Liz was thrown roughly to the floor, it was cold and hard, she heard a door slam shut behind her and with barely inaudible click she was locked in.
Shivering she drew her knees up to her chest, she had no way of knowing where she was or what the room even looked like, her chances of escape where slim, even though unlocking the door would be no problem, where the hell would she go afterwards?
She drew in a low deep breath, damn she just had to go and let her emotions get the better of her, it was stupid running off like that, but even now the thought of Max and the others left an aching deep inside her, she thought she’d felt alone before, thinking the others were dead, but now it was even worse knowing that they weren’t, knowing …they had abandoned her.

Suddenly the door swung open and what she assumed was another body hurled to the ground with a grunt.
Who’s there? She asked quietly
Liz? A voice coughed from the floor.
Oh my god Alex? Liz breathed, What the hell are you doing here?
I could ask you the same question, he hauled himself upright rubbing his shoulder, only I guess I know the answer or most of it anyways.
What exactly do you know? She asked suspiciously.
Um… okay where to start, well I know about Max, Michael and Isabel being…um not of this earth, so does Maria, Max told us earlier today that he suspected you of being the fourth, we were on our way over when I guess they confronted you, we arrived just in time to find you throwing the others into the middle of next week, Maria stayed to check on them and I went after you to see if you were okay, after that things are still a little fuzzy. Alex finished
You came after me to see if I was okay? Liz asked quietly.
Yeah, Alex replied nonchalantly
But even after seeing what I did to the others? You weren’t afraid?
Well you should see some of the things Michael has done when he’s in a bad mood, Alex joked.
Oh… Liz buried her face in her knees.

Alex contemplated Liz for a moment she looked so sad, so tiny, after deciding he was pretty safe and she wasn’t gonna fry him anytime soon, he scuttled across the damp floor to where she was sitting and slowly but gently pulled her into his arms.
She stiffed for a moment at the unexpected contact, then relaxed into his comforting embrace, she was so tired of being brave and facing everything alone.
I’m so sorry Alex, I never meant for you to get caught up in this mess, She mumbled.
Hey, listen Liz, we all care about you, all of us, he stressed the last few words, especially Max, none of them would ever hurt you intentionally.
Alex, she began wearily, you don’t know what it’s been like, you don’t understand.
Then make me understand, he pushed gently, Liz you need to talk to someone, you can’t spend the rest of your life running.
What do you want to know? She asked timidly
Why don’t you start at the beginning and we’ll see were we end up.

Did you find them? Max asked breathlessly as he collided with Michael in front of the back door.
Nah, he should his head, you?
Max shook his head, they couldn’t have got that far away in such a short space of time, I don’t like it I have a real bad feeling.
I know what you mean, Michael agreed as they made their way into the living room, let’s go see if Maria and Isabel have found them.
Isabel almost leapt to her feet when she heard Michael and Max enter the house.
Max! Isabel called.
Did you find them? He asked his sister desperately.
Maria and Isabel looked at each other silently.
Isabel, what happened? Max almost shouted in frustration.
Maria held out her hand sadly.
Max picked the small gold chain from Maria’s slender grasp, he turned it over in his hand, grazing his fingertip gently over the tiny pendant, it was a small four leaf clover and it belonged to Liz.
He felt waves of pain and sadness crash over his subconscious, so much pain and his heart broke to know he had put it there, no one should ever have to feel that much pain and betrayal. But as quickly as it had started it was pushed to the background and he felt fear… he felt Liz’s fear and that’s when he heard the voice and he knew exactly who had taken Liz and if he had taken Liz it meant he probably had Alex too.
Max! Max! Michael shook him back to the present, what happened?
They have Liz….Max replied gravely.
Who have Liz? A stern voice intruded on their collective awareness.
Isabel and Max turned in horror to look into the faces of their concerned Mother and Father.

Well, Liz began, I’m assuming you know about how we were all born, I mean about the pods?
Yeah, he confirmed.
Well I didn’t emerge from my pod at the same time as the others, I don’t know why, maybe it was a malfunction resulting from the crash. Anyway when I came out of my pod, I saw that the others were already empty, I knew I had to find them, I didn’t want to be alone, so I left the pod chamber and went in search of them, I didn’t get very far when I was stopped by this young looking guy, I know he wasn’t human and …he…he hurt me, he told me that he had already killed the others, that I was the last one…then he left me all alone in the desert to die.
Oh God Liz! Alex held her tighter, I had no idea.
It’s okay, how could you of? She wiped a stray tear from her eye, so you see I grew up believing I was the last of my kind, remembering the others, mourning them only to wake up and find out one day that they’re alive and well…it just hurts so much Alex, not a day went by that I didn’t think about them, or cry for them and knowing now that they didn’t give me a second thought.
Alex cradled her gently rocking her back and forth as her body was racked by heart wrenching sobs.
Liz, she spoke soothingly, stroking her hair down. I’m so sorry for what you had had to live through I can’t even pretend to understand how hard you’re life has been but I can tell you one thing… that if Max had known about you he would have raised hell and high water to find you. They didn’t know Liz, I swear to you, maybe all the pods malfunctioned in some way because they had no memory of their previous life. They only discovered the pod chamber last year and realized that there was a fourth. I know that if Max could of he would have faced hell itself to protect you, please don’t judge them to harshly until you’ve at least talked to them.
Liz continued to cry quietly into Alex’s arms, trying to come to terms with her life, one that was falling apart right before her and for the first time in her life she was being asked to trust in someone blindly and she just didn’t know what to do.

Who has Liz? Philip repeated firmly.
Max stared blankly at his father not knowing what to say.
Max, this is very important, you have to tell me what you know.
Dad…I ..Max stammered.
Max, please, Liz may be in a lot of danger. Philip replied.
Max’s eyes narrowed suspiciously, what exactly do you know about Liz? He asked his father directly.
Why don’t you tell me exactly what it is you think that you know? Philip stared back at his son.
I asked first, Max replied in frustration, he really didn’t need to be dealing with this right now, what he needed was to get Liz back.
Enough! Diane placed herself between her husband and son, enough lies! Enough secrets! Liz’s life is in danger, we have to trust each other.
Both of them turned to face her, feeling quite shameful.
Max, Diane laid her hand on his arm gently, I know you care a lot about Liz, please we need to know what’s happened.
Mom…Max tried to speak but the words just wouldn’t come out, all these years he’d wanted so badly to tell his parents the truth, but the fear was still there, the fear that they just wouldn’t understand, the fear of …rejection.
Diane studied her son closely, watching the battle of emotions play across his features, she sighed to herself, he and Liz were so alike, both with secrets, it had taken Liz a long time to open up to her and Philip even though she knew that they knew the truth about her….They were so alike…the thought suddenly clicked in her brain… The way Max had always been so private, so closed off from everyone, and the bird…suddenly the memory was so clear, he had healed that bird in the park when he was just a child and the fire in the kitchen, the thoughts were rushing through her mind now, it was all starting to make sense…Oh my god! Diane gasped.
Mom? Max asked quietly.
The desert, Liz had been found in the desert after her attack, not far from where they had found Max and Issy.
All these years…she whispered quietly… I can’t believe I never put two and two together before now….
What is it Mom? Max replied
You’re like her, aren’t you? The color drained from Max’s face and Diane knew she’d hit the nail on the head….You’re an alien.

Liz had stopped crying, and they were now sitting in silence, each contemplating the situation they now found themselves in. Liz shivered and pushed her cold hands into her pockets and frowned in confusion as her hands came into contact with something soft and furry, pulling the item gently from her pocket she smiled slightly running her hand over the shabby bear…Loolie she whispered.
A wealth of images smashed abruptly into her unconscious mind. She saw a bedroom and a small dark haired boy writhing in his rumpled bed, he was screaming and crying out…LOOLIE…LOOLIE.
A tall blonde woman rushed into his room in her nightgown and scooped him up into her arms,
Ssssush honey, it’s okay….it’s okay, she handed him his bear…look here’s Loolie.
No! he shoved the bear away and reached out towards the window…..LOOLIE, he cried out.
A phone began to ring and a deep male voice picked it up, Hello Philip Evans….

Liz? She was snapped back to reality by the sound of Alex’s voice.
Loolie, she whispered again holding the little bear gently…..Loolie….she shook her head sadly……not Loolie.....Lilly.
So part of him did remember me….her eyes began to well up, he kept me with him all these years.
What? Alex asked in confusion, who’s Lilly?
I am, Liz replied simply, on our homeworld my name was Ilyila but those I was close to…those who loved me, called me Lilly.
Oh, Alex replied not quite knowing what to say.
Her face set with a firm resolve she hauled herself to her feet.
Liz, what are you doing? Alex asked getting up to join her.
Listen Alex, I need you to trust me okay? We’re getting out of here, but I need you to be my eyes, can you do that for me?
Yeah, he replied without hesitation
Good, now describe the room to me.

Okay do I have you on the edge of your seats yet?

Hee..Hee.....don't worry I'll be back soon.

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Part 12.

Max? Diane asked quietly, I’m right aren’t I? You and Liz you’re the same?
Max couldn’t speak, couldn’t deny it any longer, part of him was relieved that they finally knew the truth, he just nodded silently in confirmation.
Oh honey! Diane sighed as Philip looked on in stunned silence, I wish you had felt you could have come to us, could’ve trusted us.
I’m so sorry mom, so many times we’ve wanted to tell you the truth about what we are. Max replied quietly
We? Diane asked but she already knew the answer, she looked over to her daughter, who stood beside Max, she could see the fear in her damp eyes, fear that Philip and herself wouldn’t understand, that they wouldn’t love them anymore.
Diane didn’t have the words, so instead she just smiled in acceptance and held her arms out to her children.
Oh mom, Isabel cried as she threw herself into the arms of her mother.
Oh my darling children, how could you thing we would love you any less, we love you as if you were our own blood, Diane soothed Isabel’s hair down, letting her cry in relief.
Max simply looked towards his father to try and gauge his reaction.
Son, so many wasted years, so many lies, he shook his head sadly, I’m sorry you’ve had to carry this alone, we should have realized a long time ago. He took a step towards Max, You’re mothers right though, you’ve always been my son…you always will be.
Max tried to choke back the lump in his throat, this had to be a dream, only in his dreams or rather nightmares they were screaming at him by this point that they never wanted to see them again, but this…this was too good to be true, they accepted them for what they really were and by some miracle loved them even more.
Dad…Max choked as his father engulfed him in a hug.
Michael stood sadly in the corner watching the loving family, he was glad for Max and Isabel, he knew how much they had always wanted their parents to know, but it still hurt, they’d got this wonderful family and he’d ended up with Hank…and now he was on his own.
Diane watched over Isabel’s shoulder as Michaels heart broke, he looked at the floor and scuffed his shoes, while Maria stroked his arm comfortingly, as their eyes locked Diane’s steady gaze asking Maria to confirm what she already suspected…that Michael was also one of them, Maria simply nodded in confirmation.
Michael, Diane asked quietly.
His head snapped up and he looked directly ay her.
I think we owe you an apology most of all, she continued.
Me? Why? Michael was genuinely confused.
We should have adopted you when we adopted Max and Isabel, I’m so sorry you had to end up with the likes of Hank Guerin.
Philip came to stand next to his wife in front of Michael, as Max and Isabel grasped hands.
Michael we’ve always thought of you as a second son, Philip told him gently, you’ll always be part of the family…it doesn’t matter what species you are…he smiled
Michael couldn’t believe it, this was what he always wanted…a family and acceptance, he could feel his hard exterior melting as Philip held out his arms.
He looked to Maria, who was smiling her blue eyes glistening with tears of happiness for him, she gave him a little nod of encouragement, as he took as deep breath and stepped forward into the unfamiliar embrace of a father to a son.
Max and Isabel smiled, but Max’s thoughts were already back on Liz, his smile fading and his heart began to ache all over again.
Max? Diane asked gently.
I need Liz…was all the words his heart could reply.

Alex? Liz replied.
Okay, we’re in a small square room, there’s no windows and it’s quite dark in here, the walls are stone, he swept is hand over them as they crumbled slightly…..and damp. Wherever we are it’s an old building, probably condemned. There’s an iron door to your left.
Okay, Liz confirmed trying to get her bearings, the door’s not a problem, it sounded like just a simple lock and I don’t feel any kind of shield that would interfere with my powers, so I’m gonna assume they think I’m human.
Liz? Alex asked quietly, what aren’t you telling me?
The one who captured us, she took a shaky breath, he’s…he’s the one who hurt me, the one who left me for dead.
Oh god, Alex raked a shaky hand through his hair, we’re in a lot of trouble.
It’s gonna be okay Alex, Liz tried to soothe him.
Yeah, he squeezed, her hand we have each other.
Liz smiled genuinely, I can see why Isabel cares about you so much.
Alex smiled shyly, that reminds me…He replied as he grabbed Liz into a big bear hug, Thank you.
For what? she grinned.
I don’t know what you said to Isabel last night, but it worked, we officially an item, we just haven’t had a chance to tell anyone yet, he grinned back.
Liz wished she could see his face right now, she was sure he probably had the cat that got the cream look.
Congrats! Liz smiled but what made you think it was me?
Because Isabel told me you had said something that got her thinking, he replied.
Alex, I only gave her a few good reasons to do what it was she wanted to do, she would have come to her senses eventually, I just gave her a friendly shove in the right direction, after all life is short.
Well, I’m gonna lay it out pure and simple so there’s no room for misunderstanding, Elizabeth Parker you have just made a best friend for life.
I…I’ve never had a best friend before, she admitted slowly.
Well, you’ve got one now, Alex pulled her into a hug again, so my fearless partner in crime how we gonna bust outta jail?
Liz found herself grinning uncontrollably, she could definately live with Alex in her life, she should be scared out of her mind considering the situation they were in, but here they were playing Bonnie and Clyde.
Okay then, my trusty sidekick, firstly I think we gonna have to call in the cavalry, making it out of the cell, won’t be a problem, I have my trusty nail file, she laughed… but once we get outside, I don’t think the evil aliens are gonna just let us hail a cab.
Right I like you’re thinking, so do you think we are allowed one phone call? He smiled back.
Yeah right, I can see that happening, she rolled her eyes, actually I was thinking of something slightly less conventional.
What you mean like dream walking? Alex asked.
You know about dream walking? Liz replied.
Yeah, it’s Isabel’s specialty.
Oh I see, Liz mused well buddy I’m not trying to slate you’re girlfriend but I was thinking along the lines of something a little more advanced.
More advanced? His curiosity piqued.
Yeah, I can project my image over distances and as long as they’re not blocking me they should also be able to here my voice.
Cool! Okay supergirl, you do you’re thing I’ll keep watch.

Okay guys I know this part is a bit short, but I'm absolutley shattered, My younger sister had her 21st birthday party this weekend and it's all catching up with me, but I promise faithfully I will post the next part tomorrow.


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Part 13.

You’re sure Nicholas has them? Isabel repeated to Max
Yeah I’m positive, Max confirmed quietly.
Who’s this Nicholas? Philip asked his son seriously.
He’s one of our enemies that followed us here to earth, Max replied.
Enemies? Diane’s eyes widened in shock.
Yeah, look Mom and Dad, there’s still a lot you don’t know about us, Max breathed.
Just how many of you are there? Philip replied.
Well, I don’t know how many of them there are, they’re different from us, they are still the same as on our world, their alien bodies have a husk, a human form, a bit like a cocoon, it protects them from earths atmosphere, where as Isabel, Michael, Liz and myself are hybrids, we died on our world, and our essences, souls if you like were recreated in human form mixed with our alien DNA. Max explained
Wow, Diane sighed, so much we didn’t know, Liz only told us part of it, god that girl, always trying to protect us.
What exactly has Liz told you? Isabel asked seriously.
Diane looked to Philip almost as if she was asking his permission to reveal the secret they had protected for the last ten years.
Philip nodded his consent, Kids, I think you’d better sit down, it’s a bit of a long story.
Max sat sedately never taking his eyes from his father as he began to speak.
Liz was found out in the desert when she was only six years old, he began sadly, she had been brutally attacked and left to die. But someone up there must have been looking out for her, because a young couple found her, they had obviously gone out to some secluded area to be alone when they came across her, they took her immediately to the hospital, not knowing she was different, the doctors managed to stabilize her condition, but it didn’t take them long to figure out that her blood and most of the cells in her tiny battered body weren’t human, my old friend from college Jeffery Parks was the attending physician that night, he knew that the FBI would be called in, Philip sighed sadly, he was a good man, he didn’t look at Liz like she was a monster, he saw a beautiful little angel that needed his help, so he called me.
I remember that night so clearly, Diane’s eyes took on a faraway look as the memories re surfaced, I woke up in the middle of the night, Max was screaming and screaming, calling out for his bear Loolie, you remember Loolie don’t you Max? Diane asked, anyway I was trying to calm Max down when the phone rang.
Max was trying to remember that night, if it was true, had he woken up screaming because some how he had sensed Liz’s pain? Thinking back to the connection that was evident they shared, it seemed entirely plausible, he could think of a dozen times in his life when he felt so many different emotions, that didn’t seem to belong to him, could it have been that he’d been connected to her all these years?
When the phone rang it was Jeffery, I could tell straight away something was wrong, Philip picked up the story from where Diane had left off, he told he needed my help and to meet him at the hospital. When I arrived there he took me to Liz, I was trying to digest all that he was telling me about her being different, but all I could see was this beautiful child, all bruised with tubes sticking out of her arms, there was just something about her, Philip smiled genuinely, she was special, it was almost like I was meant to help her, I fell in love with her right there in the hospital room, Jeffery removed all the tubes and pulled a blanket around her, I knew I couldn’t bring her home, I had to find somewhere to hide her, so I smuggled her out of the hospital and started driving. Jeffery stayed behind to destroy the hospital records.
I drove the rest of the night and most of the next day, finally being to tired to drive, I stopped at a motel, once there I called your mom to let her know what was happening, we decided it was best if I took Liz to her cousin’s in Atlanta, until we could make other arrangements, so that’s what we did, Jeffery disappeared not long afterwards, Philip hung his head sadly, I’m sure the FBI had something to do with that, I was never able to find out what happened to him, not without raising suspicion, I guess I’ll never know… I named her Elizabeth Anne Parker, I gave Liz his part of his name, I think he would have liked that. But it didn’t take long for the FBI to start getting close again, so every few months, either Diane or myself would sneak off and move her again, she’s spent most of her life on the run. It broke our hearts every time we showed up in the middle of the night to hide her again.
Max stood silently and approached his father, he threw his arms around him and hugged him tightly, Philip stiffened momentarily, not used to shows of affection from his shy reserved son, before relaxing and hugging him back.
Thank you, for taking care of her, Max choked, he couldn’t believe it all these years he hadn’t known about her but his parents had, they had loved her and protected her. At that particular moment he thanked whatever god or cosmic force there was for Philip and Diane Evans.
Maria, sat quietly next to Michael squeezing his hand gently, her eyes welled up with unshed tears, God she had no idea how hard Liz’s life had been, she had really begun to care for Liz. So was afraid for them both, Liz and Alex, she knew as well as the others what Nicholas was capable of, neither of them deserved that.
We have to get them back, she spoke quietly.
We will Maria, Isabel took her other hand, we’ll get them back, we just need to find out where Nicholas has taken them.
Max released his father, choking back the turbulent emotions raging through his body, he took a few breaths to calm down and when he looked back up his eyes where clear and shining bright as amber, his face set with a stern resolve and a grim determination.
Philip looked curiously at his son, no longer the face of the shy boy he’d brought home from the orphanage, but the face of a determined man, a man not to be messed with.
So tell me about this Nicholas, Philip asked seriously, I take it you had dealing with him before.
Yeah, Max replied and so has Liz…
Liz? Diane creased her forehead in confusion.
Nicholas was the one that hurt Liz, he’s the one that left her to die all alone in the desert, Max’s voice has dropped to a low and menacing tone, who that clearly stated, that Nicholas was gonna pay for what he did to Liz…and he was going to pay in blood.
You know, Philip mused, technically she was dead already when he left her.
What did you say? Max’s head snapped up to meet his father’s steady gaze.
Liz, Philip repeated, she stopped breathing, she basically died that night, fortunately she couldn’t have been under for long as the couple that found her where able to administer CPR and revive her long enough to get her to the hospital.
Max’s mind was racing now, it was all becoming clear, that’s why Nicholas had never come after her before.
He thinks she’s dead. He mused to no one in particular.
What? Isabel asked her brother.
Nicholas, he thinks she’s dead, so he must have just assumed when he took her that she was like Alex and Maria, humans that know about us.
But why take her then? Diane asked.
The same reason they took Alex, to get to us. Michael replied.
We have to try to contact them, Max stated, Issy can you dream walk one of them?
Dream walk? Philip asked.
We all have certain powers; Isabel replied shyly, I have the ability to slip into someone else’s subconscious.
Oh, Philip replied simply.
Little did they know they didn’t have to, as Liz was about to contact them.

Okay Alex I’m ready, Liz replied quietly, keep watch.
I’m right here for you Bonnie, Alex grinned.
Thanks Clyde, Liz found herself grinning back, she felt a whole lot better knowing that Alex was here with her, it felt good to know she was no longer alone.
She slowed her breathing right down, and matched her heartbeat, becoming aware of her body, separating it from her subconscious she felt herself begin to slide out of her physical form. She began to concentrate on Max, since she really didn’t know what he looked like she focused instead on his voice, the way he felt against her skin when he had held her comfortingly in his strong arms, the sound of his heartbeat as she had laid her head on his chest, the intoxicating smell that was just pure Max.
Suddenly she felt him, his heartbeat in union with her own as his mind opened up to acknowledge her presence, she locked on to him and let go.

Max stood in the middle of his living room, suddenly the temperature in the room dropped, his breathing became slow and shallow. His heartbeat beating in time to another, everything in the room came into sharp focus and he felt another presence in his mind…a presence that he recognized instantly…Liz he breathed the word reverently.
All chatter in the room ceased abruptly as they turned to look at the center of the room directly before Max, the air seemed to shimmer and distort. They all took sharp intakes of breath as the disturbance began to dissipate and before them stood Liz in all her glory.
Liz, Max reached out slowly, his hand passed straight through her, she was as insubstantial as the air.
Max, Her voice floated gently into his mind.
Liz? How are you doing this? He asked slowly.
The apparition smiled gently, it’s one of my gifts.
Liz, is Alex with you? Max asked
Yes he’s here and we’re okay for the moment, listen to me Max, the man who is holding us is…
I know, I know Nicholas has you, I found your necklace, when I touched it I felt everything you felt, I heard his voice.
Nicholas? Liz’s ghostly brow creased in confusion, she finally had a name to put with her attacker, but it seemed very familiar, like his voice, she just couldn’t quite place it.
Liz, do you or Alex know where they’ve taken you?
No, Liz replied, Nicholas doesn’t seem to have realized who I am yet, but that doesn’t mean he won’t put it together eventually. We need to get out of here soon.
Liz, I don’t know how to find you, he growled in frustration.
Yes you do, She replied confidently.
What? Max asked in confusion.
Max, listen to me, you do know how to find me, you just have to remember… remember Max…

Max’s mind was being lulled by Liz’s soft voice, remember the games we used to play in the forest, by the lake? Remember Max….remember me…
It was like all of a sudden a door in his mind swung open, he was standing in a forest, they sky was darkening, dusk would soon fall, he looked to the sky, the outlines of the twin moons were already beginning to show.
Ilyila? Come on Lilly this isn’t funny, we’re going to be late...he called into the still woods.
He could hear her faint silvery laugh, like a sigh on the wind.
Lilly? He called again.
Zan… her soft voice whispered in his mind, teasing him, but as soon as he felt her presence it was gone again.
He reached out his mind, deep into the woods, looking for his love.
He was rewarded with a small laugh, like the tinkle of a small bell, he smiled to himself, she was like a little woodland sprite, calling him, beckoning him into the dark woods and he couldn’t resist, his feet began to move stealthily, making almost no sound on the dry autumn leaves of red and orange.
Zan…..Came the thought brushing gently against his subconscious, like the featherlike touch of a doves wing.
Smiling, he changed direction, following the silvery laugh that he loved so much.
Catch me if you can….the voice teased his mind tantalizingly.
He was laughing now as he ran through the forest, the early evening breeze rippling gently through his long silky ebony hair, his muscles rippling beneath his shirt.
Zan… as soon as he felt her again in his mind he latched on, he felt his subconscious, lifted from his body as she carried him with her back to her own body.
Seeing all he needed to see he leapt back into his own body, changing direction again he came upon his target, an old ancient tree that stretched up towards the sky seeming to go on forever, as he reached the base he began to climb up the branches, then there she was, perched on one of the tallest branches, her back propped against the trunk, one leg swinging over the edge revealing a smooth expanse of honey colored skin, her long chocolate tresses flowing in the breeze, her large doe eyes glittered with mischief, as her full pouty lips curved into a smile.
Zan climbed up to the same branch and straddled it directly in front of her.
What took you so long? She breathed seductively.
His eyes drank in the sight of her like a man dying of thirst.
Damn, you’re beautiful…He breathed slowly, his lips mere inches from her own.
My little woodland queen, he smiled as his lips swooped down and seized her own, as the passion intensified through his body. Breaking the passionate kiss their foreheads pressed together as the tried to slow their erratic breath.
I love you Zan, Lilly whispered to her husband.
Zan smiled, you’re my heart Lilly, the first breath I take when I wake and the last before I sleep, I’ll never be complete without you, no matter how far apart we are… I’ll always find you…….
Lilly bit back the tears, she didn’t want to think about the war, not tonight, tonight they were just Zan and Lilly. With that thought firmly in mind she snuggled closer to him as they watched the sunset in hues of pink and purple over the shimmering silver lake.

As quickly as the door open in his mind, it was slammed shut again. Max found himself back in his parents’ living room gazing at Liz.
I remember, Max whispered in awe.
Then come to me now, Liz smiled as she held out her hands to him, come and find me Max…just like you used to.
Max reached out towards her hands, feeling her presence in his mind he latched on, he found himself being pulled abruptly from his body, at that exact moment the vision of Liz disappeared and they joined as one, flying through he air back towards her body. Max could see the route they were taking, making a mental note of his surrounding, joining like this with Liz was unlike anything he could possibly imagine, he was surrounded by her, it felt like…it felt like being inside her, he mentally blushed at the suggestiveness and intimacy of that thought and cursed his wayward libido for the erotic imagery that it conjured up.
Suddenly they were descending towards an old building and he felt her release him. He was snapped back into his body with such a force he almost stumbled backwards and fell to his knees on the soft carpet, taking in a shaky breath he looked up towards the expectant faces of the others.
I know where they are…..

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Part 14.

Alex caught Liz in his arms as she slumped to the ground,
Oh god, are you okay? did it work? He rushed breathlessly.
Yeah, it worked, she shook her head lightly, I just feel a bit dizzy.
Okay so now what? Alex asked.
They’ve left us alone so far but I don’t think our luck will hold out much longer, we need to get out of here, Liz breathed.
Okay so were do we go? Alex replied worriedly.
The others are on their way to get us, so we need to find somewhere to hide.
Okay, Alex grabbed her hand and led her to the door.
She brushed her hands against the cold hard door, it texture was rough and damp, sliding her hands across to the rusty lock she concentrated, her hand glowed briefly and Alex heard a barely audible click as the door creaked open.
Come on let’s go, Alex whispered ducking his head through the door and checking no one was coming, grasping her tiny hand he pulled her into the dim corridor.

Come on we have to go, Max grabbed his car keys, Maria, mom I need you to stay here.
Max…No…Diane began.
Mom…please…I need you to be safe… I need you to be here, Max said gently.
But I, Diane began again.
I know that you care about Liz, but think about what she would want, she would want you to be safe, she’d never forgive herself or me if I let you go, Max told her firmly.
Diane looked to her son, his amber eyes flared with a fiery passion, she knew he’d bring her back safely…she breathed deeply and fought down the queasy fear in her stomach, but oddly enough she felt calm looking at Max, he was no longer a shy, quiet, fearful child, in his place stood a confident man…a natural born leader.
Max relaxed slightly when he saw his mother nod silently in agreement.
Michael, Maria whispered clutching tightly to his jacket fearfully, her lower lip trembled slightly as he gazed into her large blue eyes.
Maria, I …He didn’t know what to say, he wasn’t good with words, how could he let her know how much she meant to him, he’d never been comfortable with opening his heart to anymore even Max and Isabel.
I know she whispered quietly, watching the emotions battle across his face….just….just come back safe…to me
He reached down and place a soft tender kiss on her full lips……don’t I always?
She smiled as he released her hands and followed the others out the door.
Clutching Diane’s trembling hand she tried to smile confidently for their Mom…don’t worry Mrs. Evans they always come back…..
Don’t make a liar of me guys, was the silent though which rose unbidden to her mind.

Dad, take Isabel and follow in your car, Michael and I will take the jeep, Max commanded as he strode purposefully to his jeep, Nicholas had pushed him to far this time…he was going down.

Liz…Alex whispered squeezing her hand in the darkness.
Yeah, it’s okay Alex, she could sense the fear coming off him in waves, but he didn’t waver, didn’t let her hear the slightest tremor in his voice.
Shit someone’s coming, Alex gasped pulling her flush against his body deep into the shadows.

Nicholas, you’re becoming too blasé about this, a voice echoed in the stillness.
Yeah, yeah, whatever, Nicholas’s voice rang in Liz’s ears causing her heart to leap in fear.
No! Liz mentally scolded herself, she could do this, she wasn’t the same frightened child he had found in the desert that night, she was strong, her powers finely tuned…then why did she still feel like she was six again?

Nicholas, are you listening to me? The voice came again sounding slightly agitated.
You haven’t even seen the prisoners yet?
Will you quit complaining they’re just stupid humans, Zan’s little pets, they mean absolutely nothing to me, Nicholas spat.
Then why take them?
Because I know Zan, he cares for these pathetic creatures, right now I’ll bet his going out of his mind…He chuckled evilly, besides I might just have a little fun with the humans first, destroy a few of their little limited brain cells here.. A few there…see just how much they do know before I torture them within a inch of their miserable little existence.
And then what? The other voice asked.
Then I’ll let our former king know where his little pets are…I want him to watch helplessly while they writhe in agony, I want him to watch them suffer before they die, Nicholas laughed harshly.
Nicholas you’re playing with fire..
Alex and Liz flinched involuntarily as they heard the sickening crunch of a body being hurled against stone.
Remember who you’re taking to Dakan, Nicholas spat, his dark eyes blazing with a cold calculated fury, That stupid boy is no match for me, maybe as Zan he could have fought me, but in this new body he will die a slow and painful death.
My apologies Nicholas, I spoke out of turn, it was not my place, Dakan coughed, blood seeped from the corner of his mouth as he grit his teeth.
Good, Nicholas sneered, now go see to the prisoners, they must be hungry and we can’t have them passing out before the fun truly begins….

Liz and Alex held their breath until the voice had faded into the darkness.
We don’t have much time, Liz whispered they’ll discover soon that we’re gone.
Shit, Alex swore, I hope the others get here in time.
Liz mind raced, slowly throughout the Nicholas’s conversation her fear had begun to dissipate to be replaced by absolute fury, fury that he had so little regard for Alex, the kindest, sweetest and bravest friend she could of hoped for and total blind fury for what he was intending to inflict on Max and the others. Suddenly the pieces began to fall into place, his voice, she knew Nicholas’s voice, she knew that contemptuous sneer in his tone, the whine of self importance, a face rose unbidden to her mind, her body began to tremble slightly with the volume of untamed anger trapped within her slender form.
Nikare……she ground out from between clenched teeth.

Max could feel Liz’s fury wrap itself through out his body that only served to fuel his own. He stepped on the gas, his jaw clenched, his muscles rippled as he gripped the steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned white, he felt almost primal.
Michael looked to his best friend and was shocked at what he found, he could of sworn he just heard what sounded like growl and Max looked…well there was only one way to describe how Max looked…..dangerous.

Liz and Alex bolted down the hall breathing heavily, Alex slowed down as Liz almost collided with his back, and after a quick hesitant decision he picked the left corridor and began to run again.
Hey there they are! A shout came from behind them.
Liz, come on, Alex called as she gripped tight to his hand, she stumbled trying to keep her balance through the twists and turns of their frantic flight, as she completely surrendered her trust to Alex to guide her to safety.

Max! She reached out her mind into the darkness.

Hold on Liz, I coming for you, the thought came back.

An old abandoned building came into view as Max cut the headlights
Issy? He called out.
Yes we’re here, Came the reply in his mind.
Tell dad to pull over, he replied.

Dad, Isabel turned to her father, Max wants you to pull over.
What? …I mean how do you? He stammered in confusion, glancing at his daughter.
She said nothing she just tapped the side of her head and smiled.
You can do that? He asked incredulously as he pulled over and ground to a halt.

You two wait here, Max told them in no uncertain terms as he jumped out of the jeep, Michael and I will go the rest of the way on foot.
Max, Isabel stopped him as he turned to leave.
It’ll be okay Issy, he stoked her hair tenderly, I’ll bring Alex back to you I swear.
She nodded slowly biting her lip.
Come on Michael let’s go, he replied in a deadly tone…I have a score to settle…with an old acquaintance.

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Part 15.

Lightening streaked across a merciless inky black sky, thunder roared like a wild animal in the distance, anticipation hung thickly in electrically charged air…waiting…biding it’s time until the moment the tempest would break…and two enemies would meet…

Isabel clutched her jacket tighter around her trembling body, the cold hard wind clawing wildly at her clothes, tearing at her hair and stinging her eyes. She looked up at the black fury of the sky as lightening once again tore across the horizon, the storm had come on suddenly, thunder once again opened it’s cruel jaws and roared into the dark night.
But beneath the violent fury of the storm came another sound, slow, monotonous, like a steady drumbeat, setting her blood on fire, keeping tempo with her fierce heartbeat, it called, it beckoned, it seduced, she tried to resist but her feet almost began to move of their own accord. Max and Michael had only been gone for about twenty minutes, but she could no longer stand by and wait. The force was too seductive to resist, the call too strong to deny, the command too compelling to disobey.
She glared up and the disturbing and ominous dark building in the distance and she knew…it was the call of the four square.

Max and Michael crept towards the back entrance, the harsh wind clawing at them violently as they made their way to the door, practically falling through, there were no guards, not that it surprised them, Nicholas was too cocky, too arrogant to think that they would be able to come after them so soon, he didn’t know about the connection Max and Liz shared and as long as Nicholas still believed Liz was only human, the element of surprise was on their side.

Once inside Max stilled his breathing and closing his eyes focused on Liz, he could feel her, her unsteady breathing, her erratic heartbeat…she was on the run.
Where now? Michael whispered.
Liz…. Max replied as he took off down the dark corridor.
So much for the stealthy approach, Michael muttered under his breath, following his friend. Michael couldn’t blame Max for any of his actions, he felt it too, although probably to a lesser degree than Max, it was almost a primal urge, an urge to protect one of his own, he was being called, drawn towards her and he was powerless to fight it.

Damn humans, Nicholas spat.
Nicholas? One of his men questioned
Where are those little insects now? Nicholas growled.
West wing, heading towards the second floor, came the reply.
Fine, he snapped irritably, take some of your men and follow this corridor, the rest of you come with me.

The building used to be an old factory, impressive in it’s day until it had fallen into disuse, it was scheduled for demolition since most of the upper levels of the west wing had collapsed, unbeknownst to Alex and Liz that was exactly were they were heading.

Max and Michael were making their way toward the first floor as Isabel crept in through a vacant window frame in the east wing followed closely by her very stubborn father.

Zan! He’s here, damn that pathetic boy Nicholas swore as he entered the main assembly room.
You! He pointed to several of his men, find Zan and any others he has with him and bring them to me…alive…the rest of you take up positions around the room, I want you well hidden in the shadows.
Max was now running through the first floor, closely followed by Michael, they made a sharp turn and came to a stop finding themselves in a fairly small room packed with boxes and rubbish, towards the corner was a giant mountain of old shredded paper as Max looked up he could see a massive gap where part of the ceiling had fallen in, it was driving him crazy he could sense her, she was close, he just had to find her.

Come on Liz, Alex panted, pulling on her hand.
Slow down Alex, she gasped trying to drag some oxygen into her staving lungs.
They stopped in a small room, it was dim and sparse with large gaps in the floorboards and sections were the floor has come away completely.
But the sound of pursuit was getting nearer, time was not on their side and they had only two choices, either backtrack which would put them entirely to close to their captors or forward across the unstable floor with the distinct possibility of falling to an unpleasant fate.

Liz, Listen to me, Alex spoke hesitantly, we’re gonna have to cross the floor.
So? Liz replied in confusion.
Well half of it’s missing and the other half is very unstable, I need you to do exactly as I say and I’ll guide you through the more solid parts okay?
Liz nodded forcing down a wave of panic…Okay Alex.
Grasping hands once more they took a deep breath and began their precarious journey across the boards.

Isabel strode purposefully through the lower levels, she didn’t even bother trying to hide her approach, the call racing through her veins, made her feel like a lioness trying to protect her cubs, her energy began to gather involuntarily flooding her body and god forbid anyone should try and get in her way.

Max and Michael exited the room of paper, taking one last glance up at the gap in the ceiling not realizing he was only a few feet away from Liz, the only difference was she was on the floor above.

Carefully Liz, Alex cautioned, step slightly to your left.
Okay, Liz mumbled trying desperately to focus an Alex’s comforting voice and not the fear of falling.
Alex was trying to remain calm enough to guide them safely across, but the shouts of pursuit were becoming louder and definitely closer, he fought the panic rising inside him forcing his body to remain calm and move slowly and carefully when all it wanted to do was break and run.

Max and Michael took a left, both feeling their powers flowing through their adrenalin charged bodies, tensing as if for battle.

LIZ….DON’T MOVE…Alex whispered urgently as he heard a loud cracking sound.
Oh god! Liz froze her heart hammering in her chest.
Alex had stopped right next to a large section of floor that was missing, all he could see was a large drop into what looked like shredded paper, he frantically fought down a wave of dizziness, as the splintering sound came again, this accompanied by a slight drop in the piece of floor they were standing on.
Ah….they both gasped clutching onto each other trying to keep their balance.
Quickly this way, they must be in here…a harsh voice barked.
Alex had a split second to make a decision before those men came crashing through the door.
Liz, do you trust me? Alex asked.
What? She replied.
Do you trust me? He asked insistently.
Yes, I trust you Alex, she breathed heavily

Alex grabbed her tightly and leapt into the void beneath as the last of the floorboards gave way with a loud crunch.

Good, they’re getting closer, Nicholas sneered triumphantly, licking his dry lips in anticipation..
Ahh Lonnie, so good of you to join us too, his hard eyes gleamed as he sensed Isabel’s presence, Good come to me you little brats, it’s time for you to die.

Alex…Alex are you okay? Liz coughed through all the dust and splintered wood.
Urrggggh Yeah, Alex groaned, it just knocked the wind out of me.
Come on Alex, we have to keep moving, Liz urged him breathlessly as she crawled out of the rubbish pile.
They stumbled from the room turning right.

Okay, get ready Nicholas barked here they come.

Max and Michael burst through the door on the left hand side of the room, just as their collective gaze fell on their enemy they raised their hands simultaneously but found themselves being grabbed roughly from behind.

Isabel and Philip were next to enter the room from another doorway and as her mind registered her brothers being held captive they too were restrained.

Finally Liz and Alex burst in through the doorway to the right.

As Alex’s hawk like gaze swept the room his heart sunk like a lead balloon as he saw Max and Michael being restrained by several large guards and Isabel and her father in a similar predicament while Nicholas gloated smugly.

Oh boy! This doesn’t look good, he muttered pulling Liz protectively behind him.

Well, well Nicholas sneered, what do we have here? A touching little reunion, such a pity it will be short lived.

Nicholas, Isabel struggled against the guards pinning her arms tightly.
Lonnie? He smirked.
I have an offer for you, she replied.
Oh? He raised one eyebrow curiously.
Let the others go, her blue eyes drifted towards Alex, let the others go and I will go with you…willingly…it’s me that Khivar wants.
Isabel NO! Alex shouted involuntarily moving towards her but the guard holding her grasped her throat in warning, stopping Alex dead in his tracks.
Ah Vilandra, my dear sweet flighty little princess, I don’t think you fully grasp the situation, see I hold all the cards here, yes you will go to Khivar, willingly or kicking and screaming it makes no difference to me, but your brother and your friends will die.
No! Isabel croaked trying to loosen the grip around her throat.
Oh how the mighty have fallen, will you beg Lonnie? Will you beg for their lives?
Nicholas taunted.
Enough! A powerful and determined female voice snapped everyone’s attention.
Liz had moved away from Alex and was now standing in the center of the room.
And what do we have here? Nicholas’s eyes narrowed…a little mouse perhaps? You should be careful with that sharp tongue of yours little mouse, his voice dropped…you never know what wild animals are lying in wait…
I do not fear you…Liz stated simply, facing him in open defiance.

Max’s heart began to race the moment she stepped in front of Nicholas, his blood boiled, his heart hammered and a blinding white heat exploded in his mind, with a fierce some cry he released his powers throwing the guards restraining him clean across the room with the sickening thud on bones crunching as they hit various walls and stationary objects. Moments later Michael and Isabel had disposed of their captors in much the same way.
Walking calmly with an air of deadliness about them they moved to take their places either side of Liz, Max’s hand immediately slipped into hers and their connection roared to life. In the one instant of pure clarity, Max understood, Liz knew what she had to do, as much as Max wanted to destroy Nicholas, this was one demon she had to slay her own way, he could not interfere, he owed her that much after leaving her in the desert.

Well, Well Maxie, Nicholas applauded him sarcastically, I’m impressed, I must say I didn’t think you had it in you…his face became hard…but it changes nothing, I still have you surrounded.

Well, maybe it’s time we evened the odds a bit? Liz spoke confidently.

Michael and Isabel joined hands with Max and Liz allowing their energy to flow into Liz’s petite form. A small symbol began to glow just below the base of her throat, were her shirt had come slightly unbuttoned, the symbol began to glow brighter and brighter becoming more distinguishable…it was the symbol of the four square.
What the hell? Nicholas stepped back slightly in confusion.

The symbol began to float forward detaching itself from Liz’s skin, hovering a few feet in front of them before beginning to spin vertically, growing in brightness and intensity. It then flipped over gaining speed spinning horizontally, expanding, growing brighter, an invisible wind whipped Liz’s hair back from her face her body harnessing energies that Nicholas couldn’t even begin to comprehend, her whole countenance emanated power.
The glowing apparition suddenly spun around Nicholas and then around Liz and the others including Philip and Alex, encasing them in a protective circle of flaming energy.
As it began to flicker and burst out of control, Liz released her hold on it sending it hurtling away from them like a tidal wave of flames in a complete circle, like the ripple of a pebble thrown into a still pond and every one of Nicholas’s men it touched, it destroyed.

The color drained from Nicholas’s face as the energy began to dissipate and the soft rain of flaky skin settled to the ground.
How did you? He stammered.

Arh, not figured it out yet Nikare? I’m hurt that you could have forgotten me so quickly, Liz replied sarcastically, you remembered me well enough when we met in the desert ten years ago.

Ilyila? Nicholas choked, but you’re…you’re dead, I killed you.
Max growled and started forward towards him, hearing him admit it so casually, Max wanted to tear him limb from limb, but Liz stopped him laying a soothing hand on his chest sending a calming flood of energy through his body.

Nicholas flinched involuntarily when he saw Max advance on him, because he didn’t see Max he saw Zan, the original Zan, the rightful king protecting what was his.
His gaze frantically searched the room all his allies were dead, he was alone, damn the humans if Ilyila had been dead their unit would’ve been incomplete, Zan would’ve been weak and vulnerable, but as he looked at them now standing strong and united they radiated power and confidence.

I did die that night…Liz voice dropped bitterly…but the humans found me…they saved me…you should have done a better job last time Nikare, I swear you won’t get another chance.

So what are you waiting for? Nicholas spat back, just kill me and go back to your little pretend lives with the human insects. Another will simply take my place and Khivar will hunt you for the rest of your miserable existences.

You’ve always been a spoilt, petulant brat Nikare, do you really think it’s that simple? You’re a fool if you can’t see that the people despise Khivar for his inhumanity and his cruelty, he really believes he has power, well let me tell you this, he may have stolen the throne but all he’s done is sign his own death warrant.
Liz moved to stand directly in front of Nicholas, The people merely bide their time, waiting for Zan’s return, Liz began to circle him like a hunter stalking its prey, her vice dropping to a whisper.
We shall return home Nikare, and Khivar and all the other traitors will perish in flames and from their ashes a new stronger Antar will be born with Zan as it’s rightful king.
What a vivid imagination you have Ilyila, you will never defeat Khivar, he smirked.
That’s right, Liz whispered into his ear, you growl and lap at his fingertips like the faithful dog that you are, but mark my words dog, Khivar will burn.

Well this has been a most pleasant little chitchat but will you just kill me now, to spare me your delusional ramblings, Nicholas ground sarcastically.

Why would I want to kill you? Liz’s voice took on a deadly serious tone, I have a gift for you Nikare…she whispered her face set with a firm resolve but her heart held a great sadness….it’s something I don’t want anymore…

She bit back the unshed tears stinging her eyes as her hands shot forth grasping either side of his head.

Thirty-six hours of pain… her voice became hard….all the memories and torment of a six year old child you left to die alone in the cold harsh desert…and it’s all for you.

Nicholas began screaming and writhing in agony as Liz transferred all of her memories and pain into his mind with brutal efficiency. Her face set with a grim determination and her blank unseeing eyes held a timeless sadness.

As soon as Liz released him he slumped to the floor curling into a ball whimpering. Her heart ached as she closed her eyes and allowed the silent tears to fall freely.

A moment later she felt Max’s warm strong comforting arms encase her fragile body as it was racked with heart wrenching sobs.
Michael and Philip watched in sympathy and Alex and Isabel, clutching onto each other watched the scene unfold.
Take me away from here Max…Liz whispered between sobs.

Okay guys hope you enjoyed this part, oh and Luke you will be seeing more of Zan and Lilly's memories I think you'll really like what I have planned. Well let me know what you think!

Luv Wendy.


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Hi Guys,
I'm sorry I haven't posted the next part yet but I'm moping, I feel miserable, God I swear blind my hormones are rebelling, I'm having a serious crisis of self confidence, I think it's..I don't know the last couple of parts didn't turn out quite how I expected maybe I'm being too critical, what do you think, I mean seriously, do you think I should continue? Anyway I'm gonna go have a serious talk with a rather large bar of choclate, damn I know there's some serious comfort food in this house somewhere.........

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Hi Guys!
Sorry I've been neglecting you, I will try my hardest to get the next part up later tonight, it just depends on how long it takes me to finish it and who knows I might finally let you get that first kiss between Max and Liz that you've all been waiting for, but then again you'll have to wait and see.....

See you later!

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Hey guys! okay here's the next part, I hope you like it, let me know what you think!!!*happy*

Part 16.

Ilyila watched the twin moons shine above the royal gardens as she lay on the cool crisp grass, the evening breeze teased her skin and pulled playfully at her soft hair, it was a welcome respite from the hot climate of their world. Breathing in the sweet scent of the kyila lilies she smiled, this was contentment, lying there watching the stars she began to sing softly to the breeze.

Zan padded stealthily across the neatly trimmed lawns, his bare feet making no sound, the garden was almost completely silent, all he could hear was the soft thud of his heart beating, the smooth rhythm of his breath and a soft song carried on the breeze.
The rest of the palaces occupants had long since retired, his shiny ebony hair hung loosely at his shoulders, his soft white linen shirt open causing his bronzed skin to glow in the pale moonlight. The song was becoming clearer now, she was lulling him, beckoning him, he was powerless to resist.

Ilyila stretched serenely, she paused momentarily as she felt his presence, and smiling secretly to herself she continued singing.

Zan caught sight of the object of his desire lying amongst the Kyila Lilies, his breath caught in his throat and he had to remind himself to breathe, she was so beautiful it was almost painful, she looked like an angel floating in a pale pink ocean of delicate flowers,
Her chocolate hair spilled around her face like a dark halo, her thin nightgown clinging to her shapely body, exposing her smooth honey colored legs, his heated gaze swept up her body lingering over her small waist and up to watch the rise and fall of her breasts through the thin fabric, as his eyes moved to her beautiful face, her full rose colored lips curved into a smile.

See anything you like, your highness? Her voice was smooth and tantalizing gripping his heart as she opened her eyes.

He sunk lightly to his knees amongst the lilies, he couldn’t think, couldn’t speak, this moment was so perfect …she was so perfect.

Her large dark almond shaped eyes met his intense gaze as she reached up with long slender arms drawing him down into the ocean of flowers.

The moment their lips met tenderly the world seemed to slow down, the breeze softened to keep them from getting cold, the tiny buds that had closed in the previously cool breeze now broke into blossom and the trees themselves seemed to spread their branches protectively over the young lovers obscuring them from the harsh cold world outside. Even time seemed to lie down and be still.

Zan….She breathed slowly savoring the sound.

I love you lilly…he whispered….I’ve always loved you.

Lips met with renewed force, his tongue swept longingly over her bottom lip sucking it gently and she moaned softly. Her desire only served to fuel his own as he felt her slender body press against his own, her slim fingers trailing fire down his bare chest as she opened her mouth begging him to deepen the kiss, his tongue snaked it’s way into her inviting mouth in the age old dance of intimacy.
Finally breaking away for the insistent need of air, they both closed their eyes, foreheads pressed together, breathing deeply.
Zan…came again the soft contented sigh.
Yes, she turned her face towards his opening her eyes.
Promise me something?
Anything…she smiled lightly.
Promise me it will always be like this, that you’ll always be by my side. He regarded her intently.
Oh Zan, she sighed sadly, her small brow creased slightly, some things I can’t promise.
But you said you’d promise me anything, he replied.
Not this…she sat up abruptly turning her back to him…not this.
Why? He grasped her arm gently turning her back to face him, grasping the side of her face lightly…tell me why? He asked softly.
Zan, her eyes held a resigned sadness, she cupped his hand at the side of her face with her own, turning her head to lay a featherlike kiss upon his palm, trailing his hand down so it rested upon her breast directly over her heart, I will always belong to you in here…she whispered…there will never be anyone for me but you…no man will ever touch me but you…but…you don’t belong to me…you never did…you know as well as I do at the next solstice you will be formally betrothed to the lady Avaria. I cannot share you my love, I can’t stay here and watch you share your bed and heart with another woman…I can’t do it Zan, please don’t ask me to.
Lilly, I would never ask that of you…is that what you really thought? That I would expect you to just be my mistress?
He could tell by the way she hung her head and avoided his eyes that was exactly what she thought.
Oh Lilly, he sighed, do you really believe that I could bond with anyone other then you? He placed his fingertips gently under her chin raising her gaze to meet his own, I know you deserve more than that, you deserve a life of happiness and unconditional love, a husband that will spend his life finding new ways to prove his love, someone that will hold you through the night in a warm comfortable bed, instead of meeting out in the dead of night in secret…and that is why…I will not marry Avaria.
Ilyila’s eyes widened momentarily in shock.
I cannot marry her lilly, it wouldn’t be fair to her, I will never be able to love her the way she should be loved by a husband…and it would not be fair to you and I, because we would be denying the wonderful gift we have been given…each other.
She shook her head, no…you’re family would never allow it, they would never accept me.
Yes they would lilly, I will not give you up, I won’t live my life without you, I don’t want to, when I look into the future…all I see is you…all I want is you…
Zan, they will not allow you to, you have been intended for Avaria for years.
They will have no choice…Zan replied firmly.
What do you mean? She asked in confusion.
If they force me to marry Avaria there will be no heir, I will not father any children unless it is with you, their bloodline will die with me.
Zan, I cannot allow you to make…
Sssush, he soothed her gently placing his finger against her lips, the decision has already been made, I will not be a puppet, I will not be told how to live my life, not having you stand by my side as the queen I know you can be will only make me weak, I’m taking control of my life, I’m taking what I want and what I want is you…
Is that what you call a proposal? She smiled.
It depends, he grinned, is your answer going to be yes?
Suddenly her eyes tinkled with mischief and her mouth curved into a playful smile…Zan… if you want me…she leaned in closer, he could feel her soft warm breath against his lips…if you want me…she was so close, another inch and their lips would meet…you're going to have to catch me…and giggling she pushed him backwards into the lilies and leapt to her feet disappearing into the shadows.
Laughing he jumped up and began to chase her, much to her squeal of delight.
Is that a yes? He laughed chasing her in circles around the thick knarled base of an ancient tree.
Ask me properly and I’ll consider it, she giggled breathlessly.
Consider it? He repeated increduously.
Yes, maybe a few days to think about it, she replied mischievously.
He suddenly switched directions and grasped her around the waist pulling her to the ground.
They lay in the stillness, their hearts beating furiously, breath short and erratic.
Lilly, he breathed, I love you, I always will, marry me? Be by my side forever…
Yes…she whispered.

Beneath the pale twin moons, in the quiet paradise they found in each other’s arms, the two lovers surrendered their hearts, bodies and souls.

Max stared out of the window at the lonely figure hunched in one of the swings, it had been days since they returned with Liz and Alex, she had practically shut herself off from everyone, himself especially, she had gone back into her protective shell and no-one seemed able to reach her, but he knew one thing he had to keep trying, no matter what it took…

Liz swung slowly her feet scuffing the grass in the Evans back yard, she was so sick of feeling this way, so alone, so angry, so sad…but with the familiar came and new emotion, one she wasn’t used to and didn’t like…..guilt…

Liz? The soft dulcet tone intruded her melancholy thoughts.
Go away Max, she snapped, she wasn’t angry with him, she just couldn’t bear for him to be near her, the way he spoke to her, the way he cared, he shouldn’t care about her, she was cruel and heartless…what she had done to Nicholas made her no better than the enemy they were fighting against.
No…was his curt reply.
No? I told you Max, I just want to be left alone, she sighed in defeat.
And I told you No, he stated with firm resolve as he moved to take a seat next to hers, you’ve been left alone far too long.
Maybe that’s the way I want it, she shot back irritably.
Maybe, Max shrugged, but I don’t think so.
How long are you planning on keeping this up?
As long as it takes, Max replied calmly.
What takes? Liz replied.
As long as it takes for you to see you belong here with us…with me…you don’t have to run anymore Liz, you don’t have to be afraid, this is your home and we’re your family.
This will never be my home, she mumbled.
Max turned her gently to face him, tracing her cheekbone lightly….then I’ll be your home.
She pulled away abruptly, standing up and walking away, why are you doing this Max?
Doing what? He replied in confusion.
This…being so nice to me, you were there, you saw what I did to Nicholas, how can you treat me as if nothing happened, as if nothings changed, she shouted in frustration.
Liz, nothing has changed, he challenged her.
Yes it has…I’ve changed, she whispered her eyes glistening with unshed tears as she looked away.
Liz…Max asked her gently…what is this all about?…talk to me please.
I can’t…she shook her head as the first few tears began to fall.
Yes, you can, Liz whatever it is, it’s tearing you apart, you have to talk to someone.
What I did…she began hesitantly…what I did to Nicholas…you must think I’m very cruel to inflict that punishment on someone.
Cruel is hardly part of my repertoire when it comes to describing you, he smiled gently.
But Max, you don’t understand, she took a deep breath, after the memory transference I…I felt…satisfied…I almost enjoyed it…what sort of person does that make me?
A justified one, Max told her firmly, gripping her arms gently and pulling her close to his body, Liz listen to me, I don’t want you losing a moments peace over that bastard, he got what he deserved and if you ask me you let him off way too lightly, after what he did to you, believe me if I had gotten my hands on him first I would have done a hell of a lot worse.
Max don’t say that, Liz replied quietly, you’re the kindest, sweetest person I have ever met, don’t ever change…once you give into to the hate…she sighed…once you cross the line of vengeance, you lose a part of yourself you can never get back.
Liz, he rubbed her back in soothing circles, all my life I’ve felt incomplete, like something was missing, it’s like I was surrounded by people who cared but I was so alone, I was waiting for something…I was waiting for you.
Another solitary tear glistened as it rolled down her cheek, oh Max…she whispered sadly.
No Listen to me Liz, I don’t think you’re cruel or heartless, you did what you had to do. Nobody thinks any less of you for it. She took a deep breath pressing his forehead against hers, Liz I want you to be a part of my life, please stop pushing me away.
Her heart was pounding, she couldn’t think, couldn’t speak, she could only feel and all she felt was Max, he surrounded her senses, she felt safe, she felt loved, for the first time in her life she felt complete…
I promise, she breathed, no more refusals…no more regrets…
Then stay by my side Liz, it’s were we both belong, Max whispered.
His lips swept across hers tenderly, giving her time to pull away, but instead her small arms snaked around his neck pulling him closer, she was in heaven…she was in hell, how could one kiss make her feel so much? Now she had tasted love, she could never walk away. In a strange way that first kiss sealed her fate, she couldn’t be parted from him now, with every taste of his lips, with every gentle touch of his tongue he branded her as his own, this was what they had waited for all these years and it felt so right.

Philip hugged Diane closer as they gazed out of the window at the children they loved so much, their lips locked as if they were two lovers reunited after years apart, their arms clutching each other desperately as if they were afraid the other might be snatched away at any moment.
Do you think we should break it up? Philip asked quietly.
No, Diane shook her head gently, look at them Philip I mean really look, the connection between them it’s almost tangible, you can feel it in the air almost like they were meant for each other, let them have this time together, this is all far from over and I have a feeling they are going to need each other.
She turned away from them, pulling the curtains to give them a little privacy.
However, she stated firmly, there will be strict bedtime rules

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Okay, What'd ya think? any suggestions? I'm thinking about dealing with Liz's blindness in the next part...Hope you enjoyed this part.

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Heys Guys!
I swear I haven't forgotten you, I just been really busy working on my first book, the damn thing isn't gonna write itself and I'm hoping to try and get it published next year, anyway I've almost finished the next part and I will probably post it tomorrow evening, I decided to give Max and Liz and the others a break to have some fun and get to know each other before I plunge them head first back into the dangerous alien abyss, but if you stick with it I think you'll like it, you'll be seeing a lot more of their memories from their previous life running along side the present.
I have some great ideas, so anyways I don't want to give too much away so I'll talk to you tomorrow.



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Hey guy's sorry it took so long, this is just an interim part to kinda set the scene for all the good stuff that's about to happen, so sorry it's a bit short. Enjoy!

Part 17.

Thump, thump, thump, Liz smiled serenely, thump, thump, thump, a small contented sigh escaped her lips, thump, thump, thump, she stretched, her legs entwined with another, thump, thump, thump, the soft gentle thud of a heartbeat against her ear, her head gently moving up and down with the rise and fall of the well toned chest she currently lay upon, smiling at the contented sound of his deep relaxed breaths.
As soft strong hand grasped her own as she absently toyed with the smooth fabric of his shirt, bringing the slender hand up to his lips he gently kissed her fingertips, causing another sigh to emit from her lips.
Ummm Max, she breathed, causing a smile to creep across his face.
What are you thinking about? The soft deep voice intruded her haze.
I can’t think, I can only feel, she murmured sleepily…and all I feel is you.
Max smiled again, snuggling Liz closer if that was even possible, he was in heaven, and here he was sprawled out across his couch with a dark haired angel perfectly entwined with his body.
He planted a gentle kiss on the top of her head inhaling deeply, he loved the way she smelled, it was like Jasmine and wildflowers and it was intoxicating.
Stroking her long dark smooth hair, marveling at how the strands slipped through his fingers like liquid chocolate, everything about her just screamed perfection.
He still couldn’t believe his luck, he had found this great girl who was smart, funny and so beautiful it hurt.
She knew almost everything about him, one of his own kind, he didn’t have to hide from her, didn’t have to lie to her, she knew who he really was, for the first time in his life he could let someone in, let her see the real Max Evans, he felt free, he felt for the first time in his life like he could breathe.
Glancing down at the petite brunette in his arms snuggled tightly into his arms, he smiled again, it seemed he just couldn’t stop smiling these days, a lot had changed since the day Liz Parker had walked into his life, she had turned his whole world upside down and inside out and he honestly couldn’t say he regretted a second of it. He finally felt his heart beating, he felt alive, she had done that for him, given him so much, she had crawled into his soul and set up permanent residence wrapped contentedly around his heart and he knew…there would never be another for him…for him the sun would always rise and set with Liz Parker.

Maria entered the room laughing followed closely by Michael, Alex and Isabel, who were all laden down with Pizzas and snacks.
Stopping dead in her tracks at the scene laid out before her, smiling to herself she held her finger to her lips motioning for the others to keep quiet.
Max and Liz lay entwined on the couch sleeping peacefully, smiling contentedly in their sleep.
Isabel smiled grasping Alex’s hand, she was very happy for her brother, he’d always been so quiet, so reserved, like something was missing and she could see now, that what he had been missing was the person now soundly asleep, clutching onto him like he was her lifeline, he had finally found someone that completed him, someone that put the sparkle in his eyes and for that Liz would always have Isabels respect, friendship and love.
Maria grinned mischievously at Isabel, nodding her head she slammed the front door causing Max and Liz to jump.
Hey! Wake up snuggle bunnies, we bring sustenance, she giggled cheekily.
Maria, Max groaned, do you have to be so loud?
Aww come on Maxie, we brought you’re favorite, Isabel coaxed.
Nope, I already have her, he smiled gently sweeping his lips across Liz’s.
Eww, do you mind Max, I’m happy for you two and all, but to watch my brother blatantly making out with his girlfriend is just too disturbing, Issy teased.
Don’t like it...don’t look, Liz grinned against Max’s lips.
Come on guys make space the pizzas are getting cold, Michael ordered pushing past the others into the living room.
Max and Liz reluctantly let go of each other sitting up on the couch.
Okay, one chicken barbecue, one meat feast and one deli special, what do you want Liz? Max asked her gently.
Oh I’m not really hungry, Liz replied.
Liz, Max frowned slightly, she was so thin and he hardly ever saw her eat, it was more than a little worrying
I’m really not hungry Max, she repeated and stop frowning at me.
Everyone was a little taken aback, it was painfully obvious she was 100 % blind but every now and then she would come out with these little comments that would throw them.
How do you know he’s frowning? Alex asked curiously.
It’s a bit hard to explain, she shrugged it’s like I can hear it in his voice, his tone changes.
Liz please, eat something, Max asked again.
Maybe later, she replied non-comittedly.
Max sighed in defeat, taking a slice of pizza and thoroughly dowsing it in Tabasco he leaned back into the couch, he had barely got one bite into it when he noticed Liz’s face, her eyes had taken on an almost dreamy look as she sniffed and unconsciously licked her lips.
What is that smell? She breathed her nose almost an inch away from his pizza slice.
Uh, Tabasco, Max replied, you want some?
Umm she took a small bite, oh god, she was actually purring.
Max looked on in complete fascination, at the object of his desire, Liz he asked as soon as the thought came to him, is that why you don’t eat much?
Huh? Came the muffed reply as she proceeded to finish the slice off completely.
We find all food much too bland, Isabel interceded as Max seemed to have disappeared into Liz land the second he saw her licking a stray dribble of Tabasco off her lip.
Well, I’ve just never really enjoyed food, Liz replied, until now.
It’s the same with us, Isabel replied, it’s one of our little dietary quirks, we like things sweet and spicy, we have it on everything.
Everything? Liz’s face immediately lit up, no wonder Max always tasted so good…
Everyone laughed as Max turned a deep crimson.
Here try this, Isabel smiled pouring Liz a glass of coke and tipping in the Tabasco.
Liz took the glass from Isabel, raising it to her lips she drained the glass.
Mmm… more… Liz grinned, what else can I have?
Isabel grinned back, I know just the thing! Wait right here…
Not a problem…Liz giggled.
Max was smiling at Liz, it was good to see her eat, he cursed himself for not thinking of it sooner, she was a hybrid like them, it would stand to reason she’d have the same dietary requirements.
Here we go, Isabel presented Liz with a bowl on her return to the living room, allow me to introduce you to our very good friends Ben and Jerry, I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.
Uhhhhh, Liz groaned after the first mouthful, ohhhhhh god!!!!
Good? Isabel smiled.
Put it this way Isabel, Liz purred, if it were possible to have an orgasm over a bowl of ice cream I’d have to excuse myself from the room.
Isabel and Maria just threw their heads back and laughed as all the boys just blushed.

An hour later….

No…No I swear to god, Maria laughed, he just strutted over to me and flicked his hair and said to me, I’m pike, remember my name baby you’re gonna be screaming it later tonight. Yeah like I’m gonna fall for something that cheesy and what the hell kinda name is pike anyways? It’s not a name it’s a fish.
No way, I can beat that Isabel laughed, Brad Masters, freshman at college took me out to dinner last fall, and right after the main course he leans over and I shit you not, pulls a hair from my head to floss his teeth with!
NO WAY! Liz laughed raucously.
Alex and Michael were busy lying in front of the TV trying yet again to get an accurate body count from Braveheart, Max had excused himself to go to the bathroom, and the three girls snuggled up on the couch with a carton of ice cream each.
So what about you Liz? Maria asked come on tell us all about you’re dating nightmares.
Oh…uh…well I’ve never been on a date before, she admitted quietly.
Never? They both asked in unison.
Yeah well most guys aren’t interested in a little blind girl, and those who were, were only after one thing, thinking I would be easy, like I would be grateful for the attention Liz huffed what a jerk.
I take it you mean someone in particular? Isabel asked.
My last school, Liz began there was this one boy, total jock, thought he was god’s gift, for some reason decided to take a liking to me, one afternoon he grabbed me in the halls and before I even had a chance to scream, he shoved me into a supply closet.
Oh god Liz, What happened? Isabel gasped.
At Liz’s last admission, Michael and Alex had turned off the TV to listen to her story.
Uh, Liz replied somewhat in embarrassment, I fractured his jaw and broke his nose.
Michael and Alex began laughing.
He was so embarrassed he’d got the shit kicked out of him by a blind girl he told everyone he’d walked into a door, Liz chuckled.
Whoo hoo you go girl, Maria whooped in delight.
Max listened quietly from the doorway, he felt a rage he didn’t even think possible at the thought of someone else laying hands on his Liz, but not only that his heart broke a little at the lonely life she had been forced to endure.
Liz smiled as the now familiar arms slipped around her shoulders and Max placed a soft kiss at her temple.
Hey, she whispered.
Hey, he replied.
Anyways Liz you don’t have to worry about those jerks anymore, Isabel smiled, you have Max now, and I have a feeling he’s gonna spend the rest of his life making you happy, oh hey I have a great idea, marry Max, then we could be sisters, No offense Max but I’ve always wanted a sister.
Oh yey! That’s a great idea, Maria chirped up, Can I be a bridesmaid, I’d look great in lilac and so would Issy….
Hey! Earth to spacechicks, Max laughed god I haven’t even had a chance to take Liz on our first date yet and you guys have already got us married.
First Date? Liz asked.
Yeah, Max whispered into her ear, you didn’t really think I was just gonna keep you as my love slave and not at least take you to dinner.
Really, she beamed you really want to take me out?
Of course I do, Max smiled, how about tomorrow night?
I love to…she whispered.
Oh that’s just so sweet…Isabel and Maria gushed.
Tomorrow night, that’s not much time, Maria replied.
Not much time for what? Liz asked.
God you really haven’t been on a date before have you, Isabel rolled her eyes, we’re talking hair, make up, I’m thinking a trip to the mall tomorrow morning, maybe a new outfit.
Liz listened to Maria and Isabel chatter on non stop about hair and manicures, while the boys were arguing in the back ground, now joined by Max as Braveheart had re-commenced.
Tears shone in her eyes, she had finally come home and this…this was her family.

Okay so I hope you liked this part, the new one should be up shortly, I promise I won't make you wait so long this time and I'd just like to say thank you for all the feedback and bumps, you guy's are the best!

As for you who are interested about my book, well what can I say, it's like a contempory fanasty novel, along the lines of David Eddings, my favorite author in the entire universe, if you haven't read any of his books, I strongly suggest to read the Belgariad and the Mallorean, which are two series each made up of five books each they are fantasic, I could read them over and over.
So anyways about my book it's based on the middle kingdom of ancient Egypt, I don't want to give to much away but the basic plot is this, it's about a young woman who comes from a wealthy and privaledged family, her father was a close personal friend of the Emperor in their youth. Anyway, she is sent to the capital to attend the birthaday celebrations of the Empress, were she is plunged head first into a world of intruiges, betrayals, attempted assainations and passion.
However she is no ordinary girl unknown to all except her close family she has special gifts or powers if you like, and under the watchful eye of the temple she learns that she has a frightening destiny, so with a small band of trusty sidekicks she sets off on a perilous journey to stop the goddess of the underworld from finding an ancient artifact that will release her from her prison and allow her to return to their world bringing with her chaos and destruction.
So finally in conculsion she begins a race against time to not only discover the truth about herself and her destiny but in the age old battle of light versus darkness, save her world and the people she loves even if it means sacrificing herself.

Well, see ya later!



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Part 18.

So what are you saying Zan?
What I’m saying Rath, is I’m just not interested in you setting me up with someone.
Oh please Zan, you’re a young hot-blooded Antarian, you seriously telling me you’re not even the slightest bit temped by the Ambassadors daughter? Rath replied incredulously.
That’s exactly what I’m saying, Zan replied taking another couple of swings at the punch bag.
I don’t get you, you’re the crown prince and heir, you have women tripping over themselves to get to you, Rath muttered ducking as Zan aimed a kick at the bag directly in front of his head.
Well I don’t expect you to understand, he mumbled as he swung back at the bag with renewed force.
And what exactly is that supposed to mean? Rath snapped.
Look man, you’re my best friend, have been since we were kids, which means there are very few people who understand you like I do, but we want different things, you’re satisfied with nothing more than a pretty face and a good body but for me that’s not enough.
Yeah, that’s all well and good but in my experience Zan and trust me I have plenty of experience, Rath smirked, I’ve found that the higher the IQ the more likely they are to nag and make your life hell.
You like to live dangerously my friend, just don’t let my sister here you talking like that, Zan laughed breathlessly.
Okay, Mr. Enlightenment what’s your ideal woman?
Someone who is pretty with a nice body, fun to be with, someone I can actually hold an intelligent conversation with instead of these flighty little airheads, whose idea of an international crisis is breaking a nail on foreign soil, someone I cam talk to about anything, this isn’t just about sex Rath, she has to stimulate my mind as well as my body, I want someone who the moment I see her, I’ll feel like I’ve been hit with a thunderbolt and I’ll just know that I would be content to spend the rest of my life with her and that I’d want to die in her arms.
Still believing in fairytales Zan, Rath shook his head in amusement, the girl you describe doesn’t exist.
She does exist…Zan stopped punching the bag and wiped the sweat from his eyes…she does exist Rath…I just have to find her…

Max jolted awake, what the hell was that? He glanced at his clock, 6.00pm he pulled himself off his bed, he was supposed to be picking Liz up from Maria’s in half an hour for their first date, he’d only intended to lay down for a moment but he’d fallen asleep and had the strangest dream, only it wasn’t a dream, it had felt like a memory it was all so familiar, that had been Michael he was talking to, only not, it was very confusing, but right now he didn’t have time to dwell on it he had to finish getting ready. Hauling himself off his bed he grabbed a towel and headed for the shower.

Oh my god Liz honey, you look sooooo good, Maria gushed.
Oh god, Liz replied nervously touching her hair, what have you two done to me?
Relax Liz, you look great Max is so not gonna know what hit him, Isabel laughed.
Relax, I can’t see myself, actually I don’t even know what I look like on a normal day, but what ever you two have done feels weird, my hair feels heavy, my face feels starched and I feel naked.
Babe, Maria plumped down onto the bed next to her, You look like a goddess, you really have to trust us, we know what we’re doing, it’s not like we’ve made you look like trailer trash.
Okay, I have no idea what trailer trash would look like any way, and besides why do I have to wear a skirt? I never wear a skirt I don’t even own a skirt, Liz mumbled
Liz, Liz you’re rambling, Maria smiled, look Chica don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not going KD Lang on you but girl you’ve got killer legs.
Maria’s right Liz you’re a full-blown hottie, if you’ve got it flaunt it, Isabel interrupted.
But what if…
Isabel sat down the other side of Liz, what if what sweetie?
What if Max doesn’t like the way I look? She mumbled, what if he doesn’t think I’m pretty?
God, like that’s even a problem, Isabel laughed, trust me Liz, Max has been following you around with big adoring puppy dog eyes since the day you walked through our door.
Yeah, Maria agreed I’m only surprised he didn’t drown in a pool of his own drool.
Really? She asked hopefully, I mean on behalf of all 21st century women I’m officially offended at being ogled like a piece of meat but…you really think he thinks I’m pretty?
Hell yeah, now go get your man! Isabel and Maria smiled.

Max stood absently running his fingers through his still damp hair in Maria’s kitchen.
Hey Max, Isabel greeted her bother, Liz and Maria will be down in a minute, I just wanted to have a word with you.
Why nothing wrong is there, is Liz okay? He was instantly concerned.
Relax Rambo, Isabel chuckled your girl is fine, it’s just that she’s real nervous about the way she looks, she doesn’t think you’ll find her pretty.
But I think she’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, Max replied before thinking, when he finally realized what he said to his sister of all people he blushed furiously.
Isabel smiled, now was really not the time to be teasing him, but she’d save that one for later, Max I know that and you know that but she doesn’t, so take some advise, tell her, you just tend to get a little non vocal when you disappear into your own private little Lizland.

Isabel I…..but the sentence died on his lips the moment Liz entered the kitchen being led by Maria, she had on little black babydoll shoes, her gloriously tanned legs were so smooth, leading up to a fitted black skirt that stopped just below her knees but with a dangerously high splits either side revealing even more of her beautiful legs, her top was a deep red gypsy style revealing shoulders that begged to be kissed, her hair was tousled and curled slightly at the ends, giving it that deliciously sexy just tumbled out of your bed look, her make-up was simple and under stated, her eyes had just a little liner making them appear dark and smokey and her lips were shiny with gloss.
I…uh…I …He muttered.
Okay he’s drooling again, Maria whispered conspiratorially in her ear earning a small sexy little half smile from Liz.
Max couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, the way she stood leaning slightly to the side, her feet absently scuffing the cold hard ceramic tile of the floor, her hands clasped innocently behind her back as she bit her lip. How was it possible for someone to look so pure and so sinful at the same time? His heart hammered in his chest and he had to physically fight the primitive urge to stalk over to her, sweep her into his arms and kiss her senseless before dragging her back to his bed. But his thoughts were interrupted as Isabel dug him sharply in the ribs, starling him back to reality.
Liz, he breathed approaching her softly almost reverently, you look…you just look…amazing.
Thank you, she replied smiling shyly.
Well you two lovebirds you’d better go, you have reservations…Maria laughed pushing them out of the kitchen.
Those two are hopeless…Maria smiled watching Max lead Liz to his car.
I know, Isabel laughed, they’re both so smitten, they really were made for each other.

So you guys really have no memories of your past? Liz asked.
No, none, Max replied absently stroking Liz’s hand from across the table.
That’s weird, Liz bit her lip, you were supposed to retain your memories, I mean I did.
So how much do you remember? Max asked intently.
Everything, Liz sighed sadly
Was it really that bad?
Not all of it, she replied I mean it was war, there’s always pain and heartache but I can remember before, she smiled gently in remembrance.
I wish I could see what you do, I wish I could remember, Max sighed.
You will Max, she grasped his hand, the memories were genetically implanted in your genetic code, they’ve only been repressed I’m not sure how, but I do know that sooner or later your memories will begin to resurface.
I guess you’re right, I just have so many questions about everything, it’s very frustrating that I can’t remember anything.
That’s not true Max, Liz smiled.
What do you mean? He asked in confusion.
I mean Loolie, she replied.
What about loolie?
It wasn’t loolie, it was lilly, she whispered softly.
Lilly?….Suddenly some spark of recognition flashed deep inside him…Ilyila…he breathed… you were Ilyila weren’t you?
She nodded silently.
I saw…when Nicholas took you and you were showing me how to find you, I saw Zan and Ilyila in a forest.
I didn’t show you that Max, that came from deep inside you, that was one of Zan’s memories, see? They’ll come back a piece at a time. You just have to be patient and have faith, all the answers you seek will come.
How did you get so smart? He smiled.
What can I say? She grinned I’m an old soul.
They sat in comfortable silence just enjoying one anothers presence when Crash and Burn by savage garden began to play in the background.
I love this song, Liz breathed.
Dance with me, he whispered pulling her to her feet.
I’d love to….

When you feel all alone,
And world has turned its back on you,
Give me a moment please,
To tame your wild wild heart,
I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you,
It’s hard to find release
And people can be so cold,
When darkness is upon your door,
And you feel like you can’t take anymore,

Let me be the one you call,
If you jump I’ll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night,
If you need to fall apart,
Well I can mend a broken heart,
If you need to crash,
Then crash and burn you’re not alone…..

Liz sighed in contentment as she leaned her head on Max’s chest.
Liz? Max asked hesitantly,
Ummn, she mumbled,
Can I ask you something?
Sure, she shrugged against him.
Well it’s kinda a delicate subject and I don’t want to upset you, it’s just it’s really been bothering me.
Max, I think by now you should know you can ask me anything, Liz raised her head from Max’s chest and her eyebrows crinkled seriously.
Well it’s just that, well you’re gifts our pretty similar to ours and I’m assuming that after Nicholas attacked you, you healed yourself…
Yes, She replied knowing exactly where this question was going…
Well if you are able to heal, then why…
Why am I still blind? Liz finished for him.
Um Yeah, he whispered.
I knew this would come up sooner or later, Liz sighed…come on let’s go get some fresh air….

Once they were standing outside, Liz took a few deep breaths as Max looked at her curiously.
The truth is Max, I don’t know why I can’t see, I healed myself completely, there is physically nothing wrong with my eyes but…. all I see is darkness.
Liz, Max whispered turning her to face him, I’m so sorry…
For what? She asked in confusion.
I never should have left you alone, I don’t even know why I did, I mean I know its no excuse, its my fault you were hurt, Max breathed sadly, I’m just so sorry.
Max, listen to me, because I’m only gonna say this once, what Nicholas did to me was not down to you, even if you had known there was nothing you could’ve done and Nicholas would have just ended up hurting you and the others too or even worse we’d all be dead now, I think my sight for our lives is a fair trade and one I’d do again.
Don’t say that Liz, It doesn’t have to be this way…
What do you mean? She asked suspiciously.
I could help you Liz, maybe I can heal you…he stroked her face tenderly.
No…her answer was flat and final.
Why? I don’t understand, why won’t you let me help you?
Max, you have to understand, the darkness… it’s all I’ve ever known…
You’re scared, it was a statement not a question.
Liz didn’t answer.
Liz, he tilted her face to meet his, listen I know your scared, but there’s just so much I want to show you, so much I want to share with you, I want to give you back everything that’s been taken from you, please just think about it?
I don’t know Max, I just don’t know anymore…..

Hope you like....*happy*
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Hi everyone!
Wow, thanks for all the feedback I'm so glad that you are enjoying it and as for all of you that have shown an interest or wished me luck with my book, Thanks, it means a lot to me, anyway just wanted to let you know the next part should be up tomorrow.


Love wendy


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The next part as promised...

Part 19.

Zan, you know you could try to look a little less..bored, Rath smirked.
Why? I am bored…Zan mumbled.

The huge arena was decked in gaily streaming banners of every color, the raucous roar of the crowd, rang in his ears, he sighed, it was the same every year, his fathers birthday celebrations, they continued for two days, banquets, dancing, entertainment and oh god it was all so dull, here he was sat at his fathers side watching the endless procession of jugglers, dancers and performers of all walks of life. Hoping in some small measure to please the king.

Son, must you be so damn obvious? His father snapped quietly.
Father may I be excused? Zan stifled a yawn.
No you may not, he glared, you may not want to be here Zan, but you will stay by my side until I tell you otherwise, besides the games will begin soon.
The games…great…Zan mumbled.

The games were held every year, a warriors chance to show his skill in the arena, modern weaponry was cast aside in favor of ancient weapons such as the sword and dagger, after all it wouldn’t be much off a display of skill to stroll into the arena and blast your opponent into the next solar system, admittedly most of them weren’t bad, but in the end they were all beaten by Drakor his fathers champion, undefeated for five years.

What’s the matter with your brother Lonnie? Her mother whispered.
I have no idea, Vilandra replied absently, he’s probably itching to run off with Rath so they can amuse themselves with some of the dancing girls.
Lonnie! She coughed.
Oh Mother, she laughed you think I’m blind to Rath’s …. er shall we say appetites?
Yes well be that as it may, you shouldn’t…
Shouldn’t what? She arched her eyebrow in contempt..what? it’s all right for him to do it as long as we don’t talk about it?
No I’m not saying that, but you shouldn’t talk about your future husband like that…
Mother, don’t even get me started on that subject if you want me to stay all smiles for the adoring crowds.
Vilandra, I wish things could be different, she whispered, If I had my way you would be free to live your life as you want, to love whom you choose, but we live in a society where women hold very few cards, your father had decided that it would be beneficial to all concerned for a union between Raths house and ours.
Oh Father has decided please let me fall to my feet and thank the gods for my good fortune, she mumbled in sarcasm.
Lonnie, sweet heart would marriage to Rath really be so bad?
No…she mumbled…Father could of picked a lot worse…it’s just…
What is it honey? She stroked Lonnies golden hair soothingly.
I love Rath I do really, but we grew up together, he’s always been a brother to me and now I am expected to just what cough out a few babies, what? I want my life to mean something. I want passion, I want excitement, I want to feel alive…
I know honey, I know….Her mother breathed sadly.

The games were nearly over, Drakor once again stood victorious as Zan tried to hide a yawn, what he wouldn’t give to see Drakor humbled a bit, he was so arrogant, to say Zan mildly disliked him was a huge understatement, Zan despised him, he was cruel and heartless, and the way he leered over his sister only fueled his dislike of him.

What no more challengers? Drakor laughed, it was a hollow bark, that sounded cold and lifeless, your majesty, Drakor bowed to Zan’s father. His cold calculated gaze swept over to Zan, eyeing him mockingly, Your Highness, he sneered.
Zan felt Rath’s grip tighten on his arm, not here… he hissed.
Rath was right, Zan wanted nothing more than to challenge Drakor but it was not seemly for the crown prince and heir to take part in the games.
Well Drakor, The king replied it would seem you have run out of challengers…well done, He added grudgingly. He barely tolerated him much more than his son, but he had to admit he was the best. Even if his skill barely masked a dark and lifeless heart.

A low murmur rippled through the crowd as a lone warrior stepped into the ring, he was small built, wearing snug black body armor and a helmet completely covering his head.

Well what do we have here? Drakor smirked, a challenger? He eyed the small warrior.
The warrior didn’t speak, he simply faced Drakor unwavering.
What’s the matter? He sneered cruelly lost your tongue?
The black warrior again said nothing he merely drew his sword and thrust in down into the dry earth in challenge.
Drakor eyes turned black, gone was the amused sneer only to be replaced by a look of pure unadulterated malice.
So be it, Drakor spat drawing his own sword and lunging forward.
In one smooth fluid movement the stranger dropped to his knees drawing his sword from the earth, avoiding the near blow from Drakor he swung around behind him, his blade gliding across Drakors exposed thigh.
Drakor straightened himself, pausing for a moment in disbelief he ran his fingers along the now seeping wound, it wasn’t deep, but no one had ever cut him during the games and now this stranger dared to draw his blood. Raising his sword he again aimed for the dark stranger.
But the stranger was ready, deflecting his blade easily he swept past him again this time his blade slicing Drakors upper arm. Drakor regarded his arm this cut was a little deeper and bright crimson blood began to seep slowly down his arm.

Damn this one’s good, Zan whispered to Rath.
He’s fast I’ll give him that but will he go the distance? Rath mused.

The battle was again joined for every move Drakor made the stranger easily evaded his blade where as Drakor now sported several wounds, his fury building, his breathing labored, his arms stung and felt too heavy, blood dripped freely to the ground and the hilt of his sword was slick with the dark substance.

The clash of steel upon steel rang through the deathly silent crowd as everyone watched with baited breath. The challenger may have been smaller but he was fast and graceful, he looked as if he had barely broken a sweat, he still moved alertly and confidently as he circled Drakor like a hunter stalking it’s prey.

Drakor was tiring now, the blood loss from a long gash across his ribs was beginning to make him dizzy, he had to finish this and finish it now, with an animal like cry of rage he lunged one last time.
The stranger leapt over Drakor body as he plunged to the dusty ground, twisting in mid air he landed behind his fallen opponent. Drakor rolled over to grasp his sword once again only to find himself pinned to the ground by his opponent’s foot as his exposed neck lay only inches from the razor like tip of the challenger’s blade.
What are you waiting for? He snarled finish me…
The challenger pressed the tip into his flesh causing a small tickle of blood to escape, he held it there for a moment before releasing the pressure and lowering his sword.
No, came the whisper from beneath the strangers visor, I’m not like you, I take life only when it is necessary.
This was the moment Drakor had been waiting for, the moment his opponent showed his weakness, as quick a lightning he slid a dagger from his boot, but before he could meet his target the challenger spun around smashing him full in the face with the hilt of his sword.
Drakor collapsed unconscious face down in the dirt.
I’m not stupid either, the stranger whispered to no one in particular.

The roar that tore through the crowd was deafening, even Zan and Rath were applauding and slapping each other on the back.
As the stranger slowly approached the Royal box, the cheers died down.

King Galain rose to his feet raising his hands motioning for the silence of the crowd.
The challenger stopped before the king, driving his blade into the ground before him, he knelt on one knee bowing before his king.

Galain smiled in amusement, Rise warrior and remove your helmet so that we may know your identity.
The stranger rose slowly to his feet, he paused momentarily as if regarding his sovereign lord before bending his head and pulling off his helmet.

Zan watched with great interest, curious to know the warrior that had defeated the despicable Drakor. As the stranger pulled off his helmet Zan’s breath caught in his throat, a mass of dark chocolate hair tumble forth and he found himself staring into the face of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

A startled gasp ran through the crowd and all eyes turned to see the king’s reaction.

Galain’s eyes widened momentarily in shock before the corners of his mouth quirked into a sardonic smile.

My Lady, he acknowledged, it would seem you have defeated my best warrior.

She turned and glanced back at the unconscious bloody heap of Drakor…It would seem so your majesty, her eyes glittered with mischief.

Is that all you have to say for yourself my lady, He smiled in amusement.

It would seem that your man Drakor forgot the cardinal rule of engagement, she smiled.

And that would be? He replied.

Why only that overconfidence is your enemy, your majesty. It seems to me that your warrior spent too much time drinking and indulging his carnal appetite to take the time to practice. She concluded.

The entire crowd held it’s breath waiting to see whether the king would take offence.
Galain regarded her seriously for a moment before throwing his head back and laughing.

I expect you are probably correct My lady, tonight you shall take his place at our table while we dine, but I think you should probably find more suitable attire, he chuckled.

It would be my honor to join you your majesty, with your permission I shall retire to refresh myself and dust off my party dress, she grinned.

He nodded his approval, the muttering ran through the crowd, who was this girl? Where did she come from? Where did she learn to fight like that? Just as she turned to leave…

There is one more thing, Galain spoke quietly not to be heard over the din….
She turned back to face him.

Welcome home Lilly… he smiled.

He was rewarded with a sincere smile her warm doe eyes regarded him fondly, her voice softened like honey….Thank you Galain, it’s good to be home.

Her gaze swept momentarily pausing on Zan, their eyes locked and he found himself unable to tear his gaze away, she was unlike anyone he had ever met, her eyes held so many hidden depths, passion, fire and a spark of adventure. Then suddenly the spell was broken, she winked at him flashing him a mischievous smile before leaving him standing grinning like a fool.

To say he was beyond curious would be an understatement, his father had called her Lilly? It was obvious they knew each other, but how? He was definitely going to find out
One thing was for certain he had just been hit by that thunderbolt he was waiting for.

Max opened his eyes glancing at his clock, 4.30AM he rubbed his eyes, the memories where becoming more real, more clear. Liz was right his memory was returning on it’s own. But if it was beginning to happen to him, it must be happening with Michael and Isabel. Snuggling back down into his bed he resolved himself to speak with the others tomorrow, but right now his mind was already wandering back to a perfect little dark haired vixen that had just defeated his father’s best warrior…..

You like? You want more? you know what you have to do, lot's of feedback makes me write quicker...
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Goddessgurl, welcome to the boards, I'm really pleased you like my story, keep reading it's about to get a whole lot more interesting I can promise you that, and as for my book, well it's called The call of the ancient and as to when it will be published at the moment I haven't a clue, it's not finished yet but when it is I promise all of you will be the first to know.

Anyway I'll see ya later!

Luv Wendy xxxx
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Hi Everyone,
I'm planning on posting again maybe tonight or tomorrow, I just have a question for all of you, out of curiousity, would you like to see more Zan/Lilly storyline, Max/Liz or both?

Let me know what you think...

Wendy xxx
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Part 20.

The banquet hall was packed tightly with guest from every walk of life, banners of red, yellow and orange, the official colors of the Antarian royal house hung from the high ceiling billowing slightly in the warm early evening breeze.
The grand entrance opened up into the larger rectangular hall, to the left was several large ornamental doorways inlaid with precious metals, a tribute to the wealth and ostentatious splendor of Antar. All of these doorways had been opened up to allow the air to circulate around the hall and led out onto a balcony overlooking the unsurpassed beauty of the royal gardens.
As the sun began to set servants moved busily around the grand chamber lighting candles, adding a soft ambience to the room as soft music drifted on the breeze and a low murmur of guests could be heard rippling throughout the hall.
At the far end of the hall on a raised dais was the royal table. Seated at that table was the king, to the kings’ right sat Zan and Rath, to his left sat his queen and his far left seated Vilandra.
Servants streamed down either side of the hall carrying large platters of fine cheeses, fruits and delicacies, followed by even larger steaming platters of meat and rice, a spicy tantalizing aroma wafted around the room followed by the appreciative groan of the
hungry guests.

All the tables were laid out in a huge rectangle around the outskirts of the hall, leaving the center floor free for entertainment during and after the meal.

Zan half listened to the fragmented conversations carrying on around him, everyone was still talking about the dark haired mystery woman that had bested Galain’s warrior.
Zan smiled to himself, she had caused quite a stir amongst the court. He couldn’t wait to meet her properly, it was obvious his father knew her but how?

Do you hear them? They’re still talking about her, Rath whispered to Zan excitedly, I mean I knew she was good, but I wouldn’t have thought that Lilly had it in her to beat Drakor, his eyes glowed with pride.

Lilly? Rath now had Zan’s full attention, you know her? He asked intently.

Know her? Rath smirked, hell Zan have your brains gone soft? Of course I know her she’s my sister!

That’s your sister! Zan choked, Lilly…of course he mentally slapped himself…Lilly short for Ilyila…

Zan barely remembered Ilyila, the last time he had seen her she was a baby and he had only been four years old.

Sorry Zan, Rath smiled, I should have realized you wouldn’t remember her, after all she’s been away for a long time, Mother always said I was a bad influence on her, she was always far more interested in coming to play soldiers with us then learning how to hold a fork correctly, Mother finally gave up and sent her away to learn how to be a lady, I guess it was a futile gesture…Man, he shook his head laughing, Mother is going to hit the roof when she finds out about what Lilly did to Drakor.

My goodness, did you see the spectacle that girl made of herself? Lady Avaria sneered to her companion, I mean her hair, she emphasized her point by stroking her own carefully sculptured blonde hair, it was positively wild and fighting like a man? Good god was she raised in the gutter?

I know exactly what you mean, Lady Koralia responded, and did you see what she was wearing, has she no pride in her appearance?

Well, I didn’t get a close look, Avaria smirked but there was no shape to her at all, you have to work with what you are given and that awful body amour did absolutely nothing for her. She’ll never find a bonded mate looking like that and besides, she concluded haughtily who would want her if she goes around behaving…well…like a man.

Oh I don’t know, some men might find that appealing, the prince seemed awfully interested, Koralia smirked at Avaria’s expense.

Oh Please! Avaria rolled her eyes tossing her blonde curls over one shoulder as if that guttersnipe is even in the same league as myself, she smiled arrogantly, besides everyone who’s anyone already knows that our families have intended Zan and I as life mates since infancy.

Fine, Koralia smiled coolly you keep telling yourself that Avaria, but I think you may have some competition, she replied her gaze firmly rooted to the entrance.

A hush instantly fell upon the whole hall as if someone had weaved some kind of magical spell. The entrance doors were flung open with a loud crash AS Lilly entered the great hall and paused to be announced.


Okay, Ilyila cut in with a bored expression, I think they get the picture, she replied as she strode purposefully down the center of the hall, leaving a very flustered and indignant announcer to close the doors behind her.

As Ilyila swept down the hall, all eyes turned to watch her with great interest, her midnight hair was swept away from her face to fall in soft ringlets spilling down her slender back, her gown was a deep crimson red, perfectly complementing her olive complexion and dark eyes, the gown itself was swept off her shoulders revealing her smooth tanned skin, the sleeves were long and finished in points slightly covering the backs of her hands, the bodice was tightly fitted accentuating her slim waist, following into a full skirt with a slight train that swayed slightly with her confident and fluid movements.

Zan watched her intently like a tiger sizing up its next prey, his gaze wandered up and down her alluring figure, who would have thought she had so many curves hidden under all that body armor. His eyes involuntarily turned black with desire as his tongue snaked out to wet his parched lips, he suddenly felt like there really wasn’t enough oxygen left in the room, hell if he was honest, the way her smoldering gaze locked with his, who was he kidding there wasn’t enough oxygen left on the whole damn planet.

Rath watched Zan with great amusement he’d never seen him so blatant in his obvious approval of any woman, and now here he was, he couldn’t have been more obvious if his tongue was hanging out. Rath turned his attention to his sister, damn but that girl knew how to make an entrance, barely an hour ago she was twice the man of anyone here and now…now she was twice the woman.

However the look of pure lust that Zan was sending in Ilyila’s direction was definitely not lost on Avaria, her cold blue eyes narrowed with venom and she practically hissed as Ilyila swept regally past her. She didn’t like the way Zan was looking at Lilly, he’d never looked at her like that before. She clenched her fists in fury her long perfectly manicured nails digging painfully into her palms, drawing small rivulets of blood. Zan was hers, maybe not formally yet, but there was no way this trash was taking her rightful place as queen.

As Lilly approached the dais, Galain smiled wryly watching the red faced retreating form of his chief announcer muttering to himself.

It would seem Imar is somewhat put out, he chuckled.

It would seem so your majesty, her eyes glittered with mischief, my apologies but I believe that if I hadn’t stopped him when I did it’s quite possible he would of continued all night.
Galain watched her in amusement, you would have thought you had so many titles, he replied.
Indeed, her lips curved into an adorable smile rolling her eyes and sighing dramatically, it’s a curse when you’re running late.
Lady Ilyila, he greeted her formally and loud enough for the crowd to hear.

Your majesty, she curtsied gracefully giving him her most winning full-blown smile.

Please join us, Galain replied I can see your brother is anxious to speak with you,
indicating the vacant seat beside Rath.

Thank you your majesty, it would be my honor, she smiled genuinely, before moving to take the seat next to her brother.

Lilly! Rath grinned, why didn’t you tell me you were coming home?

I wanted to surprise you, she squeezed his hand fondly.

Surprise? Shocked was more like it, he laughed openly, you do realize how much trouble you’re going to be in when Mother catches up with you.

Not as much trouble as you’ll be in when she finds out in was you that taught me how to fight, she grinned back mischievously.

Rath yelped as Zan elbowed him in the ribs.

Lilly, Rath coughed slightly, you remember Zan, you know crown prince and heir blah, blah, blah.

She turned her attention to Zan, studying him for a moment, he was handsome, there was no denying that, there was a kind of boyish exuberance in his smile, that she instantly warmed to, his shoulder length ebony hair was tied neatly at the nape of his neck, making her curious to see how it would feel running through her fingers and his eyes, deep amber with tiny flecks of gold, they burned into her soul making her ache to know him completely.

Your highness, she smiled warmly.

My lady, he returned her smile, up close her beauty floored him, she glowed with a kind of inner fire he had never seen before and he was enthralled.

The dinner passed quickly, with various performances and polite chatter, Lilly and Zan couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off each other much to Rath’s obvious amusement.
Soon enough the tables were cleared away and several couples took to the center of the floor to dance, whilst the rest circulated around the edges of the room talking and laughing.

My Lady Ilyila, the deep smooth voice startled Lilly from her reverie, turning around she found herself looking up into the amber depths of Zan’s expressive eyes.

Your highness, she raised her eyebrow questioningly.
He said nothing, he simply smiled boyishly holding out his hand.
Is that what you call an invitation? She teased as he led her to the center of the floor.
My sincerest apologies my lady, he replied grinning, still holding onto her hand he bowed, My Lady, would you allow me the great honor of this dance.
I would be honored your highness, she curtsied, let’s give these gossips something to really talk about she added mischievously.
He laughed as he swept her into his arms.
And by the way it’s Lilly, she whispered.
Yes Lilly, when you say my lady it makes me feel old and only my mother calls me Ilyila and usually when I’m in a lot of trouble, she replied.
I take it you got into trouble a lot? Zan asked curiously.
All the time, she shrugged.
What sort of things did you do?
Me? Everything they told me not to…she laughed as he spun her around.
I can’t believe I never had the chance to get to know you before, Zan gazed down at her speaking softly.
Well then your highness,
Zan…he interrupted.
Well then Zan, she smiled It would seem I have the advantage.
How so? He asked in confusion.
You may not remember me, but I remember you, she replied quietly.
Mother didn’t send me away until I was six years old, but I was kept in the house, most of the time, because it wasn’t proper for a daughter of the 5th house to play in the dirt, she mimicked her mothers haughty expression and tone of voice, earning a snort of laughter from Zan, her voice dropped to a conspiratory whisper but when she wasn’t looking I would sneak out and follow you and Rath.
Really? He asked in surprise.
Yes, she smiled I would watch you two get up to all kinds of mischief, I wanted to be just like you, it was so boring being a girl, having to sit quietly and learn to be a lady. I remember one time I followed you and Rath into the forest, you had found a tiny little wolf cub that had been injured by a hunters trap, Rath kept yelling at you to leave it in case the mother came back looking for her cub, but you, she smiled warmly gazing at his face…you refused to leave it all alone to die, so you healed it and it ran off to find it’s mother. That’s the Zan I’ve remembered all these years, the little dark-haired boy who refused to leave an injured cub to die regardless of his own personal safety.
Zan gazed down at her in surprise, I can’t believe you remembered that, I’d forgotten.
That sort of selfless act leaves a mark, an impression, that time can’t erase Zan, it says a lot about the person you really are, she smiled back at him, her gaze swept over his shoulder and she groaned.
What is it? He asked in concern.
My mother…..
Zan turned in time to see Lady Odessa striding across the floor and she definitely did not look happy.
Your highness, she greeted Zan.
Lady Odessa, he inclined his head politely.
Forgive the intrusion your highness, but I must speak with my daughter.
Not at all, my Lady, Zan threw Lilly a sympathetic look.
Come Ilyila, she commanded sweeping past Lilly.
Ooooh, she grimaced, there it is, the full name, I am in so much trouble, she whispered to Zan.
Ilyila NOW! She snapped.
If you hear someone screaming in complete torture, don’t worry…she turned to follow her mother…it’s only me…
Zan watched her retreating form with an amused smile playing on his lips, turning back to the room, he noticed a very determined Lady Avaria heading his way, he really didn’t feel much like dealing with her right now, so he slipped stealthily out the nearest door and out onto the balcony, reveling in the cool fresh night air. But it wasn’t long before two voices in the garden below disturbed his solitude.

Mother, you can’t keep doing this to me, Lilly snapped.
Do not speak to me in that tone of voice young lady, I am your mother, I deserve a little respect.
You may be my mother, but I am no longer a child, you can’t keep treating me like one.
Well then you should stop acting like one, what did you think you were doing fighting like that? She demanded angrily, and in front of the entire court, god the shame of it!
You’re ashamed of me? Lilly bit out, God you can’t just be proud of me, I beat the Kings champion! I proved I am every bit as worthy as a man, but you can’t just accept that can you, you can’t just say Lilly I’m proud of you, no you’re more concerned with what everyone will think of the family, her eyes began to well with tears of frustration.
Rath would….
I might of known you’d drag Rath into this, Lilly cut her Mother off bluntly, you’re golden boy, I’ve heard the speech a thousand times, why can’t you be more like your brother.
Well your brother understands the traditions and ways of the empire, he would never make such a spectacle of himself.
That’s enough Mother, I’ve heard it all my life, do you know what it’s been like for me to grow up knowing that you always loved him more than you loved me, that is of course if you even loved me at all.
Lilly, that’s not true, her mother seemed genuinely shocked that was what Lilly believed.
I’m never going to be good enough for you am I mother, she asked sadly, Never pretty enough, never sat straight enough, never held my damn fork the right way. All I ever wanted was for to say just once that you loved me and that you were proud of me…just once…Well you know what Mother, it doesn’t matter anymore, because I’m going to live my life the way I want to live it, no regrets, no doubts, I’m going to live the life you’re afraid too live and you can disown me for all I care, She turned her back abruptly on her mother and began to walk away.
I am proud of you….
Lilly stopped dead in her tracks, to afraid to move or to even breathe in case she had imagined the words she had waited her life to hear.
She felt a hand on her shoulder turning her around until she came face to face with a mother she didn’t recognize, gone was the disdainful look, the haughty superiority, and Lilly found herself gazing into the true face of her mother, not the mask she wore for the rest of the world.
I am so proud of you my little Lilly, she eyes shone with sincerity and her voice was soft and warm, I’ve always loved you, my sweet little girl. It’s just…she bit back the tears…every time I looked at you I saw myself, I saw the person I so desperately wanted to be but never had the courage, but you do, I can see the woman you’ve become and I’m so proud, but I’m so afraid for you, We live in an empire that has very little tolerance for women especially women in positions of power, I know that right now the king tolerates your behavior because he’s loved you ever since you were a child, you seemed to have wormed your way permanently into his affections, but don’t push it Lilly, he will have to draw the line somewhere because when all is said and done he is the king and we’re just…
Women? Lilly finished for her.
My darling child, I’m not asking you to be untrue to yourself, all I’m saying is you have to be careful, we live in uncertain times. I would never be able to live with myself if something happened to you.
Then for the first time in her life her mother completely shocked her by pulling her into her arms and kissing her forehead tenderly.
I will always love you Lilly, just the way you are, never forget that…….
And with that she walked away leaving Lilly alone, Pulling the combs from her hair she left it fall free tumbling about her shoulders, running a shaky hand through her silky locks, she headed off into the gardens for some time alone to think.

Lilly? Zan approached her quietly
Zan? What are you doing here? She asked in confusion.
I…well…for the first time in his life he was actually lost for words.
Her eyes narrowed suspiciously, Zan you weren’t listening were you?
I…well..I didn’t mean to I went out to get some air…and…
She turned away from him and sighed…
Do you want to talk about it? He asked gently.
I don’t know, what is there left to say, maybe she’s right, maybe I’m trying to be someone I’m not. She mumbled.
And maybe you’re trying to be someone you are, he turned her back to face him, Lilly I’ve never met anyone like you, I see fire in your soul, I see passion, and I like it, don’t ever change, everyone loves you just the way you are.
She smiled, fire eh? The mischievous glint was back in her eyes, so Zan you think you’re the man to tame me?
Well, He grinned happy to see the fire back in her eyes, never let it be said that I backed away from a challenge.
Zan, she whispered seductively.
Yes, he replied, as they naturally gravitated closer to each other.
You don’t seriously expect me to be as easy as your previous conquests do you?
I’d be hugely disappointed if you were, besides the chase makes the capture much sweeter, He licked his lips in anticipation.
Well Zan you can chase me all you want, her lips were mere inches from his own…. But I can’t guarantee you’ll catch me and I don’t think you’ll ever be able to tame me….
And with that she swept past smiling secretly, leaving the crown prince grinning.
Well Lilly, he whispered I believe the chase is on………….

Hope you like it, this part was a little longer than I expected so I couldn't fit the Max and Liz part in with it so I had to split it up, but I'll get the next bit up soon..

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Well here's the next part, sorry it took so long but my son's been ill in hospital with an infection and I've been too exhausted to write, but he's getting better now and he's home so I'm hoping to get the next few parts up soon, anyway, I hope you like it, let me know what you think!

Part 21.

Michael walked slowly through the backdoor of the crashdown, pausing at the door leading out into the restaurant and gazed out of the diamond shaped window.
There she was, sitting in a booth talking to Max and Isabel.
He raised his hand to the door, his foot talking a small step forward, but his hand dropped abruptly and he found himself hesitating.
God why was he so nervous? This was the moment he waited for all his life, the moment he’d dreamed of so many times, but his hands trembled, his step faltered, his heart pounded and his mouth was dry. Closing his eyes momentarily he took a deep breath before pushing the door open and striding purposefully down the restaurant.
Hey Michael, both Max and Isabel greeted him happily.
Hey guys, he mumbled, scuffing his foot absently on the hard floor.
Liz turned her head in the direction of his voice, her silky hair swinging slightly with the motion, chewing her bottom lip gently her eyebrows creasing into a small frown, what’s wrong Michael? She enquired.
Uh..nothing…nothings wrong, he replied.
Yes there is, she replied pointedly, I can hear it in your voice.
I…he gazed at the expectant faces of his friends…Liz, can I talk to you for a second…alone?
Max and Isabel looked at each other in surprise.
Uh… sure, she smiled genuinely, holding out her hand to him.
The moment her hand slipped into his own he felt a calm sweep over him, her hand was so small and warm, he could almost feel her strong steady pulse as he helped her to her feet, smiling openly his body visibly relaxed as he led her towards the back room.
What was all that about? Isabel asked quietly.
I have no idea, Max shrugged although deep down he had a pretty good idea.

So Michael, Liz smoothed down her skirt as she sat down on the old tattered sofa, what’s bothering you?
I…why didn’t you tell me? He asked bluntly.
Tell you what? She asked warily.
That…he closed his eyes taking a deep breath…that you’re my sister.
Oh Michael, she breathed softly holding her hand out to him and drawing him gently down to sit beside her, I …I don’t know where to start, most of my life I believed you were dead, I thought about you every day, I cried for you everyday. Being born with all of my memories intact has been hell, because I remembered everything about you and I missed you so much, there were days when I just wanted to curl up and die. Days when I would have given anything to hear your voice again, but slowly I learned to live with the pain, with the loss and just when I thought I’d got it under control, you guys came crashing into my life, once I found out who you where, I wanted so badly for things to be the way they were before, I wanted my brother back, but I realized you didn’t remember me and I couldn’t tell you the truth, I’m not even sure if you would’ve believed me, there are just some things to needed to find out for yourself. I knew I had to let your memories surface in their own time.
All these years he shook his head sadly, Max and Issy always had each other, and a bond that I couldn’t share and a part of me hated them for that. I’ve felt so alone and all this time you were out there with no-one, I should have tried to find you, he sighed I should have been there for you.
Michael, she stroked his hair absently, don’t beat yourself up over it, you didn’t know.
But, he continued I wasn’t there for you last time either, the times when you needed me most and I failed you.
What exactly do you remember? Liz frowned.
I remember how you died, he breathed painfully, I remember watching you die, right after Geren was born.
Oh God, you haven’t told Max yet have you? She asked urgently.
No, Michael replied in confusion, why?
Because Zan never even knew I was pregnant and he died believing that I had betrayed him. He wouldn’t be able to handle the truth yet. She replied, please promise me you won’t tell him.
He studied her briefly, yeah okay I won’t say anything, but Liz, at some point you are gonna have to tell him the whole truth, I may not have regained all of my memory yet but I do remember one thing…lies is what destroyed us all, it tore our lives apart a piece at a time, I don’t want history to repeat itself…I don’t want to lose you again.
Michael, her eyes misted over, I don’t want to lose you either, she pulled him close and held his trembling body in her slender arms, I’ve missed you so much…she whispered as a lone tear slide down her soft cheek, she bit her lip…I love you Rath…I’ve always loved you.
Michael tried valiantly to choke back a sob, followed closely by another, after all the years of being a stone wall, his walls began to crumble, before finally crashing violently down against the tide of raw emotions coursing through his soul. Finally admitting defeat he crushed his sister close and cried like a lost child.

Hey guys! Maria approached Max and Isabel, have you seen Michael?
Yeah, he’s out the back talking to Liz, Isabel replied.
Oh Okay, she turned towards the back door, but stopped abruptly as she felt Max’s hand on her arm.
Why don’t we just give them a minute? Max suggested.
Why? What’s wrong? Maria asked worriedly.
Nothing’s wrong, I’m sure they’ll be out in a moment, he smiled gently.
Hmmm, Maria slumped into the booth eyeing Max suspiciously.

Feel better? Liz smiled softly.
No, I feel real stupid actually, Michael replied wiping his eyes roughly with his fist.
Hmmm, Liz grinned, I guess I’m the only girl you cry in front of?
Er…well…no actually he admitted bashfully, Maria…
Well, I never thought I’d live to see the day…Liz replied semi seriously.
What? He asked in confusion.
The day you found a woman to tame you, who’d have thought my brother was actually capable of falling in love and not lust, she laughed playfully.
Yeah well don’t let Maria hear you say that or she’ll be making sappy eyes at me for a month. He smiled back.
I’m so proud of you Michael, Liz whispered.
No one’s ever said that to me before, he replied quietly.
Well I’m here now and things are gonna change.
Yeah, Michael gazed at her happily and somewhere deep down inside he began to finally heal, Lilly?
Yes, she replied.
I love you, he whispered shyly, I don’t think I used to tell you that often enough.
It didn’t matter how often you used to say it, she stroked his face tenderly, I always felt loved, I know you think that you failed me before because you weren’t there to protect me…but…I want you to know one thing, you were there when I needed you there the most and Geren would never have survived the birth if you hadn’t been there for me.
Thank you for saying that, Michael smiled.
It’s the truth, Liz replied….now I think we’d better go back out to the others otherwise they’re gonna start to think we’ve disappeared due to some weird freaky alien crisis.
Yeah, I suppose you’re right, he grinned,
Can I tell them? He asked cheekily.
Yeah, she rolled her eyes, you can tell them.
Come on then, he grabbed her hand with all the excitement of a five year old that had just been given the coolest toy and just had to show it to all his friends.

Maria stared with great interest as Michael came striding through the crashdown, with the biggest smile on his face, curious, she thought, she never knew he had so many teeth.
Hey guys, Michael grinned, swooping down he planted a huge kiss on Maria’s surprised face.
So what’s going on? Isabel asked curiously.
I have something to tell you, he replied as he helped Liz into the seat next to Max and settling in next to Maria.
Well? They all asked expectantly.
Liz is…he glanced over to see her smile encouragingly, Liz is my sister.
Oh my god! Maria choked, you’re kidding! No way! How do you know?
Our Memories have started returning, Isabel replied, but only a little at a time, I mean I don’t remember much yet and I didn’t know about Michael and Liz, she admitted.
Wow, Maria breathed, I certainly didn’t see that one coming.
Maria? Michael frowned slightly, he wanted her to be happy for him.
Cool, Maria registered the frown on his face, Hon I think it’s great.
Really? He asked
Yeah, I know how important it is to you to find out who you really are, I know how much you wanted to know about your family, She smiled gently.
Michael pulled her close…I love you…he whispered quietly.
Maria looked surprised for a moment before locking her lips with his.
EEW gross, Isabel yelped do you guys have to do that while you’re sitting next to me?

Max gently caressed Liz’s hand, you okay?
Yeah, she smiled, she sat quietly listening to the happiness in her brothers voice, it was nice to hear it after so long, finally she breathed a sigh of relief, she was home, she was with the people she loved, including Maria and Alex, she was content…but most importantly…she was happy.

Hey Guy’s what’s with all the love? Alex grinned sneaking up to their booth.
We’re celebrating, Isabel smiled lovingly at the human that had captured her heart, we’ve just found out that Michael and Liz are brother and sister.
Cool, Alex laughed, but then that doesn’t really surprise me she has a temper to match Michaels.
Very funny Whitman, Michael smirked.

Liz sat quietly, a small humming had begun at the back of her head, she tried to shake it off, but it soon became a persistent nagging ache before finally settling into a dull thudding pain. Rubbing her eyes she breathed slowly, she didn’t want to ruin this for Michael but all she just wanted to do was just lie down.

So I hate to break up the party, Alex interrupted but Maria you and I are running late, you know you’re mom wanted us to pick up some supplies for her.
Oh Yeah, I forgot, Maria frowned, hey you guys wanna hang out later and celebrate properly?
Umm sounds good, Isabel smiled.

Liz are you okay? Max asked in concern, she looked a little pale and was very quiet.
I’m fine Max, She smiled weakly, I…I’m just real tired, it’s been a hectic few weeks, I think I’m just gonna go home and lie down for a while.
Do you want me to go with you? He squeezed her hand gently placing a feather light kiss on her forehead.
No Max I’ll be fine, really you stay here I know you wanted to talk to Michael and Issy on their own, I’ll just catch a ride with Maria and Alex.
Uh…okay…well if you’re sure, he replied hesitantly.
Yes I’m sure, brushed his lips against his gently, Maria?
Yeah babe, can I get a ride back home? She asked her bubbly friend.
Sure you can, come on we’re gonna have to hustle or my mom’s gonna hit the roof if I’m late back, she smiled grasping Liz’s hand fondly.

The moment Liz closed the door behind her a searing white hot pain shot through her head, crying out in pain she dropped to her knees breathing heavily, the world was spinning, she had to get to her room, she just needed to lie down, she struggled to get to her feet, slowly inching her way up the wall with trembling hands, she fought against the tide of nausea, she could barely move, with every step she took the pain sliced through her head so intensely causing her stomach to churn violently.
Max, she cried out weakly as the bottom fell out of the world and she crashed into the darkness below.

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Hi Guys,
Sorry I haven't posted for a while but it's been kinda hectic lately, but I just spent a weekend chillin' at a health spa and I'm all refreshed and writing the next part as we speak, so it should be up in the next day or so!




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Hi Guys, sorry I haven't posted sooner but I've been having trouble getting onto the board, anyway here's the next part...enjoy...

Part 22.

Liz….Max’s eyes glazed over momentarily and in an instant he was on his feet tearing through the crashdown with Michael and Isabel in his wake.
Max? what’s wrong? What happened? Isabel rushed breathlessly as she tried to keep up with her brother.
It’s Liz, I have to find her she needs me, he breathed heavily.
Michael and Isabel barely had time to leap into the jeep before Max peeled out of the parking lot.
Jesus Max! Isabel blanched at his reckless driving, but one look at her brothers frantic face told her one thing…that the words red light meant absolutely nothing to her brother when Liz needed him.
I don’t care Issy, he hissed I have to get to her.
Max, just slow down and tell us what happened, Michael interjected anxiously.
I don’t know what happened, he snapped, but I can feel her, I just know she’s in pain and she needs me…
Max made it home in record time and barely had time to switch the engine off before leaping out of the jeep and running towards the house.
Throwing open the front door roughly, his gaze landed on the petite figure laying motionless face down on the soft cream carpet, her dark hair fanned around her head and her slender limbs remained limp.
NO….Max cried as he rushed to her side, Liz? Liz? He pulled her gently into his arms turning her over and smoothing her tangled hair away from her face. Her skin was so pale it was almost transparent and a small stream of bright blood flowed from her nose.
Oh my God! Isabel gasped as her hand flew involuntarily to her mouth.
Michael stood frozen in the doorway pale with shock, what kind of sick cosmic joke was this? He finally found his sister and now…now he felt like he was losing her all over again.
Max, can you help her? He pleaded as he dropped to his knees beside them.
Liz, come back to me, Max chanted quietly, grasping her cold hand trying to force a connection to find the damage, but he was met with nothing and he growled in fear and frustration.
Liz was drowning in a river of pain, flailing her insubstantial limbs wildly she kept trying to claw her way to the surface, but the darkness threatened to pull her under, she was so tired and the pain was too strong, she just wanted to let go, to stop fighting it and then maybe the pain would stop, but through the darkness came a light… a voice… softly at first that gradually louder and louder, she knew that voice…Max…she breathed…then suddenly the pain dulled, it was still there but it was pushed to the background and she concentrated on that voice, it tugged at her awareness… beckoned her home.
Max…she groaned as she slowly opened her eyes.
Liz? Max breathed in relief.
Max? She winced at the painful thudding in her head, what happened?
I was gonna ask you the same thing he asked worriedly.
My head hurts, she raised her fingertips to gingerly touch her face and felt the sticky substance, nose is bleeding, she asked in confusion.
It’s gonna be okay baby, he cooed softly to her as he tenderly stroked her hair, I’m here now and I’m gonna take care of you.
Isabel, Max called get me a damp cloth, and Michael go get her a glass of water, he instructed as he swept her into his arms and carried her gently to the sofa.
Liz, what do you remember? Max coaxed softly as he gently wiped the blood from her perfect skin and soothed her forehead with the damp cloth.
I…I don’t know, I wasn’t feeling well at the crashdown, I had a headache and I just wanted to lie down.
Why didn’t you tell us? Why didn’t you tell me? Max interrupted his brow creasing in disapproval.
I knew you wanted to talk with Michael and Issy about your memories, I didn’t want to bother you, she replied quietly.
Liz, I want you to listen to me, Max stroked her face lightly, I want you to bother me, I want to be there for you no matter what, I don’t want you to ever feel like you can’t tell me anything.
I know, she smiled weakly, I just…all I wanted to do was lie down and it wasn’t really all that bad.
All that bad? Michael interrupted, Liz people don’t pass out for no reason especially not us, we don’t get sick.
Oh Michael, I’m sorry, she reached out blindly for his hand, grasping it she breathed painfully, I probably scared the life out of you guys.
God, that’s an understatement, Isabel replied.
It didn’t get bad until I got home, Liz continued, the minute I closed the door behind me I was hit by a wave of pain and the more intense the pain got the more sick I felt until I guess I just passed out.
Has this ever happened before, Max asked agitatedly as he got up and began to pace the living room anxiously.
No, never Liz replied quietly.
Isabel watched her friend with concern, she had turned even whiter if that was possible and her hand moved to her stomach.
Liz, are you okay? She asked quietly.
No, Isabel would you help me to the bathroom? She replied urgently.
Sure, she grasped Liz’s arm and pulled it around her shoulder helping her to her feet.
You need some help? Max and Michael asked in unison.
No, Isabel smiled we’re good, come on sweetie, let’s get you to the bathroom.
They had barely made it to the bathroom, before Liz dropped to her knees and began retching violently into the toilet.
Oh sweetheart, Isabel held her hair back and rubbed her back soothingly, don’t worry honey, it will all be okay…

Hey guy’s, what’s going on, Alex asked as he and Maria entered the Evans living room.
Liz is real sick, Michael frowned in concern.
But I thought you guys didn’t get sick? Maria asked in confusion.
We don’t, Max replied simply.
Okay, where is she? Maria asked.
In the bathroom with Issy, Michael replied rubbing his face tiredly.

Isabel looked up from the floor, kneeling next to Liz as she heard the door open.
Hey Chica, Maria dropped to Liz’s side, you got three very anxious guys pacing the floor out there, anyone would think you where giving birth in here by the way they’re wearing a hole in the carpet, she joked lightly.
Oh Maria, Liz sobbed, raising her red tear stained face to her friend, It…it hurts so much and…I…can’t…she hiccupped slightly…I can’t…stop…throwing up.
I know sweetie…don’t worry we’re here for you…she tried to soothe her while exchanging concerned looks with Isabel over Liz’s back.

Max was going insane, he could feel her through their connection, she was in a lot of pain and she was crying. He was torn he so badly wanted to go to her, to take the pain away.

Maria was soothing a cool cloth gently over Liz’s swollen face, wiping away her tears when she heard a tentative knock at the door, I’ll get it, she told Issy handing her the washcloth to take over where she left off.
Opening the door she slipped out and closed it behind her, coming face to face with a very concerned Max.
Is she okay? He whispered
No, Max I’d say she was pretty far from okay, Maria replied.
Can I see her?
Um… I don’t think so honey
Why? He asked in confusion.
Look Hon, the girl loves you to distraction, but the last thing she wants is for you to watch her throwing her guts up, she told him bluntly.
Oh, he replied not too sure what to say to that.
Look Max, why don’t you guys go sit down in the other room, we’ll be out soon.
He nodded and walked back to the living room his head hung low and his feet scuffing the ground, he looked so lost, so defeated, Maria’s heart ached as she made her way back into the bathroom.
Liz was slumped on the floor, her head resting on her folded arms on the side of the bowl as she dozed, exhausted from the pain and from retching solidly for half a hour.
How’s she doing? Maria whispered to Isabel.
Not good, She’s burning up, Issy replied in concern, we need to get her back into the other room and see if Max can heal her.
Nodding in agreement, Maria shook Liz gently, Honey…Liz opened her eyes slowly…we need to move you into the other room so Max can help you…is that okay?
Liz nodded weakly.
Max and Michael leapt to their feet to help Isabel and Maria as they struggled into the room with Liz hung over both their shoulders.
Laying her gently down on the sofa, Max took her hand gently.
Liz…baby…I need you to open your eyes…I need you to let me in so I can help you, Max told her gently.
Abruptly he found himself pulled into her mind, he reeled from the sheer force of the pain threatening to overwhelm him, he couldn’t believe how much pain she in, that she had shielded him from. He tried to push it aside to get to the source and assess the damage but just as suddenly as he was pulled into her mind he was abruptly thrown out.
Opening his eyes, and breathing heavily, he gasped with a horrifying realization.
Oh god he breathed painfully, Liz…
What is it, what’s wrong with her? Michael asked frantically.
I know why she’s blind…he squeezed his eyes shut trying to shut out the awful truth…and it’s slowly killing her……

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Part 23.

Talk to me Max, Michael hissed, what exactly do you mean it’s killing her?
Exactly what I said Michael, it’s killing her, what part of killing do you not understand? Max snapped uncontrollably.
Max…Isabel interceded, I know you can’t think straight when it comes to Liz’s well being but we’re all hurting, we all care about her.
I’re right Issy, he ran a shaky hand through his raven hair, sorry man…he glanced at Michaels anxious face.
Why don’t you just tell us what you know? Michael replied.
The damage that Nicholas did to her mind all those years ago…Max began sadly…Liz once told me that all she saw was darkness…but the darkness comes from her…
The others all looked on in confusion.
The reason she can’t see…he tried to explain, is not because her eyes are damaged in fact it’s just the opposite, her eyes are fine, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, the darkness, comes from inside her mind, the moment Nicholas tried to attack her mind, she must of subconsciously thrown up some kind of shield in her head to protect herself, she’s probably not even aware of its existence let alone how she did it, but it blocked all sensory impulses from her brain to her eyes, causing her to only see darkness and it has remained firmly in place all these years, with running from the FBI and hiding from aliens who wanted to kill her, she has subconsciously been protecting herself, but since she met us and came face to face with Nicholas, her need for it has begun to decrease, she’s letting us in, letting us get close, she’s not so afraid anymore. But it comes with a price, as the shield begins to break down, it’s leaving a trail of destruction in her mind, eventually the key areas of her brain that control the vitals organs of her body, such as heart and lungs and blood flow will cease to function correctly. He laughed bitterly...ironic isn’t it? She brought the shield into existence to protect herself...and it’s going to end up taking her life instead of saving it.
Oh god, Maria gasped, the tears building in her eyes, can’t you heal her?
Max shook his head slowly, fighting down the urge to scream, to lash out in uncontrollable fury, he wanted the world to suffer the way his love had been forced to suffer, if Liz died…there was no such thing as justice or fairness. If he lost her now…god just the mere thought made him want to die right by her side, he couldn’t see his future without her, she had changed him, made him look at the world with new eyes, made him become the person he knew he wanted to be, she had completed his soul and now it was being torn…ripped away from him and there was not a thing he could do to stop it. He only knew one thing, with Liz in his life his world had been a beautiful place, full of color and warmth and love, real tangible love that you could wrap around yourself like a thick cozy blanket during a bleak winter, it was being inside pure contentment and without her, it was him that was trapped in the darkness.
No, Isabel hissed, No…This can’t be…this is not going to happen…we are not going to lose her.
Isabel, Alex tried to comfort her, you heard what Max said, he can’t heal her, there’s no way…
You’re wrong...there is a way, Isabel rushed… the damage is too extensive for Max to heal…on his own…she emphasized the last few words…but there is a way.
Isabel what are you saying? Max grasped her gently.
Michael? Isabel asked do you remember yesterday when I told you about my vision?
Huh? Michael stared at her blankly.
My dream? The memories? Isabel prompted him, the healing stones?
Yes, I remember, the light suddenly dawned in his eyes but….
What are the healing stones? Max interrupted.
There are six stones, they are small and oval almost the size of a baseball and orange colored. We used to use them on our home world they amplify our healing powers. Isabel continued, if we combine our powers and use the stones we should be able to heal her.
But Isabel, Max replied skeptically that was on our home world, we don’t have any stones.
God think about it Max, Isabel pointed out, do you really think they would send us here with the means to heal ourselves if we were seriously injured, I can’t explain it Max, I just have a feeling I’m sure that they are the pod chamber, we’ve never really explored it properly, isn’t it worth a shot at least? I mean look at her….
Max turned to Liz, she was lying curled up on the couch, she looked so small, so fragile, her slender frame trembling, her skin was pale and drawn and her breath came in short painful erratic gasps.
Max, we have to try…Isabel met his concerned eyes with her own.
Max didn’t think twice, gasping a blanket from the back of the couch he threw it over Liz and scooped her shaking body into his arms…Get the keys, Michael you’re driving.

Michael drive faster, Max yelled, we’re running out of time.
Michael put his foot down as he tore through the dark deserted streets of Roswell, followed closely by Maria’s Jetta, Max cradled Liz in his arms, her breath was shallow and her heart began to falter and her eyes remained closed.
Hold on Liz…please hold on, Max squeezed his eyes tightly shut willing every last ounce of strength into her fragile body.

They tore through the entrance of the pod chamber as Max laid her out on the floor, search everywhere, he commanded, I don’t care if you tear this damn place to shreds…find those stones, or we’re going to lose her…I’m going to lose her…he whispered quietly.

Michael, Isabel and Alex began to take the place apart a piece at a time, in a frantic race against time, as Maria slid to the floor beside Max.

Liz…he held her hand gently, please don’t leave me…the tears slid silently down his face, her chest rose and fell almost indiscernibly, barely even drawing a breath and then…it stopped…
NO…Max frantically touched her throat trying to find her pulse…no pulse…NO…He cried.
Max, Max listen to me, do you know CPR? Maria grasped his arm firmly.
He nodded his head, not being able to speak.
Okay, She began compressions on Liz’s chest…one one thousand…two one thousand…three one thousand…four one thousand…five one thousand…breathe…
Max tilted her head back, pinched her nose and covering her mouth with his own forced air into her still lungs.


one one thousand…two one thousand…three one thousand…four one thousand…five one thousand…breathe…

The stillness was suffocating..

one one thousand…two one thousand…three one thousand…four one thousand…five one thousand…breathe…

The only sound was the desperate clatter as the others tried frantically to find the stones…

one one thousand…two one thousand…three one thousand…four one thousand…five one thousand…breathe…

Come on Liz…Maria silently pleaded…

one one thousand…two one thousand…three one thousand…four one thousand…five one thousand…breathe…

A small cough…

No wait…a small cough...a faint intake of breath…Max reached for her neck…a pulse…weak, but there was a pulse, Max and Maria both laughed in relief as the tears fell unashamedly down their cheeks.

That’s our girl…Maria breathed as she smoothed Liz’s hair and pulled the blanket back over her.

I think I’ve got them! Alex practically screamed, Isabel…

Isabel took the objects from Alex, turning them over in her hands…YES!!!
Max, we’ve got them, Michael rushed breathlessly, as they returned to Liz’s side.
How is she doing? Alex asked.
We almost lost her, Max replied if we’re gonna do this we have to do it now!

Okay everyone get in a circle around her, Isabel commanded handing each of them a stone and placing the last one on Liz’s chest.

But Isabel, Maria and I don’t have any healing powers, what use will we be? Alex asked.
It doesn’t matter, Isabel replied, you love her…you can give her your support and your strength, she needs you as much as she needs us.
Alex nodded in acceptance and took his place in the circle.
Now what? Max asked his sister.
Close your eyes, Isabel instructed, allow all your thoughts and feelings and strength to flow into the stones and let them do the rest.

As they did as they where told, each allowing their love for this small dark haired girl to manifest itself through the alien stones a soft honey colored light bathed the pod chamber, the stones themselves began to glow with an unearthly light and they found themselves standing in the middle of the desert…only it was the desert of Liz’s mind…

The air was chill and the sky was clear a million stars sparkled brightly in the dark skies, they watched in silence as the bright headlights of a car pierced the darkness, the beam highlighting a small lifeless figure, a dark haired girl, lying naked and beaten unconscious on the harsh desert floor.
But before any of them could react the scene around them shifted and changed melding into the stark bleached white walls of a sterile hospital room, a small beeping reverberated through out the room, the source…a small girl lay bandaged and bruised on a high bed, hooked up to several machines, a tube inserted into her throat allowing her to breathe.
Max’s heart broke, as he watched the tiny little figure, he averted his eyes from the small child, his gaze falling on the same girl standing unnoticed in the corner although she was identical in every way she bore none of the horrendous bruises or cuts of her attack. She merely stood watching herself lying on the bed surrounded by cold hard machines keeping her body alive.
The others all turned to stare at the little dark haired girl in the corner wearing a long white cotton nightdress with short sleeves, her tiny feet bare and making no sound as she turned to face them.
I could not allow anyone else to hurt me like that…her voice was small and sad as her timeless gaze locked with Max’s.
You…Max breathed quietly as dropped to one knee, to her eye level…you are the part of Liz that created the shield aren’t you.
I could not allow anyone else to hurt me like that, she repeated firmly.
Liz…wait…Max reached out towards her but the scene once again shifted and they now found themselves in a dark place staring down into a deep pit and at the bottom of the pit, the same small girl sat huddled up, her knees pressed tightly to her chest as she rocked herself back and forth crying.
Liz, Max dropped to his knees at the edge of the pit…Liz?
She raised her small angelic tearstained face to his…I’m scared…
Her soft frightened voice tore at his heart, you don’t have to be afraid anymore, he reached out his hand towards her…I won’t let anyone else hurt you I swear…
She regarded his hand for a moment.
Please Liz…trust me…let us help you. He coaxed her gently.
Slowly almost hesitantly she reached for his hand allowing him to pull her out of the pit.
Wrapping her tiny arms around him, he held her tight in his comforting embrace.
Lifting her into his arms he carried her back to the others, as he set her on her feet she changed, no longer a six year old child, their Liz stood before their eyes holding on tightly to Max’s hand.
Liz, it’s time to leave this place behind you, Michael told her gently, you can’t live in the past anymore, it’s killing you, please come back with us.
Liz, Maria took her other hand, we love you.
You’re our family, Alex continued.
And we’re yours, Isabel concluded.
See Liz, you don’t have to be afraid anymore, you have us and we will never leave you, Max kissed her temple softly.
Liz took one last look at the dark cold foreboding landscape behind her, then turning back to her smiling family she whispered quietly I want to go home now…

Well I hope you enjoyed it, I'll try not to leave it too long until I post next time.


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Hey, here you go, just like I promised...enjoy!

Part 24.

Liz tossed fitfully in her bed, slowly she opened her eyes, clamping them shut again tightly she winced. There was light, she could see light! Tentatively she opened one eye followed by the other, she was no longer surrounded by darkness, her room was filled with a soft light and she could vaguely make out blurred objects.
Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, she pulled herself to her feet. She swayed slightly as she steadied herself against the wall and taking a deep breath she fumbled her way into her bathroom.
Splashing her face with ice-cold water, she found herself staring at her hands, her eyes were now beginning to focus as she raised her gaze nervously to the mirror.
Sucking in a deep breath she took an involuntary step backwards from the face she didn’t recognize.
This can’t be me… she whispered…it can’t be…
Her brow furrowed as she chewed her bottom lip, she looked so different from how she remembered, her eyes were so different.
She took a small step forward, staring silently at her reflection reaching out her hand uncertainly as her soft fingertips grazed the cool hard surface, tracing the contours of her unfamiliar face.
But suddenly she caught a glimpse of familiarity, her eyes sparkled and her lips broke into a smile and beneath the human face she now wore she could still see herself, she could still see Ilyila.
It is me…she smiled.
And you are still as beautiful as you were the first time, a soft rumbling voice startled her.
Max… She breathed as she closed her eyes and turned to face him.
Liz…she could feel his soft breath against her lips…Liz…look at me.
She opened her eyes slowly, powerless to resist the soft sexy voice, her eyes instantly met his own and she gasped slightly, his eyes were a deep amber with tiny golden flecks, that almost seemed to swirl and change with his rapid heartbeat, gazing into those amber depths was almost like seeing an Antarian sunrise for the first time, it was so beautiful you almost couldn’t breathe.
Finally breaking the silent stare, she found herself studying his face, he hadn’t changed much at all, he was still very much her Zan, she found herself unconsciously licking her lips as her heated gaze traveled down his body.
He was only wearing a pair of grey sweat pants, without thinking her inquisitive fingertips found themselves trailing a fiery hot path down his lean torso.
Max found himself groaning involuntarily, her eyes had darkened and practically smoldered with barely restrained desire.
He could feel her body calling to his own and he was powerless to resist, growling softly his arms snaked out encircling her like a hunter seizing its prey as he was greeted with the soft heat of her body pressed against his own.
Capturing her mouth in a soft but insistent kiss, he lifted her easily as she coiled her legs around his waist pushing her back gently against the bathroom counter, his hand slid up her shirt as his tongue slipped past her parted lips, tasting her as if she was something precious and unique.
Max…she sucked in a sharp breath as his soft hand grasped at her naked breast.
Max almost groaned in satisfaction as he felt her nipple harden against his palm, her lips were beginning to swell as he began his descent, gently nipping and kissing a trail down her neck as she arched languidly against him.
Pulling her shirt back from her shoulders, revealing her soft tanned skin he licked his lips as he lowered his head to graze her nipple gently with his teeth before sucking gently.
Liz was in heaven and she was in hell, the sensations running riot through her body demanding more, needing more. The evidence of obvious arousal pushing insistently against the most intimate parts of her body left her aching for more.
Max…She gasped.

OH MY GOD! Another voice intruded on their passion induced haze.

Maria? Liz asked in confusion as she pulled her shirt back over her shoulders, she knew that voice but she couldn’t place the face that accompanied it.
Oh god I’m so sorry, I just went to get a drink and I thought I’d check on Liz, you know cause she hadn’t woken up since we brought her home and that was like five hours ago and I um yeah okay I gonna go cause I’m just gonna go…she rambled aimlessly as she indicated the door taking a small step backwards…anyway so…yeah…bye…

Maria…wait…Liz hopped down from the counter, causing Maria to turn back.

Liz came to stand before her friend, studying her closely, she was so beautiful, her eyes were as green as Jade, her skin a fine pale shade of porcelain flushed slightly at the intimate scene upon which she had earlier intruded and her long soft blonde lock fell in graceful loops around her shoulders. So this was the girl who had finally claimed her wild brothers heart.

Wow, she whispered as she raised her small hand to gentle touch the tumbling blonde curls, you’re even more beautiful than I expected you to be I can see why Michael fell for you.

You can see me now? Maria’s eyes widened as her lips parted in a soft gasp.

Liz said nothing she simply smiled and nodded her head in confirmation.

Oh my god! Maria broke into a wide smile, her eyes misting over slightly.

Liz pulled Maria into her arms, kissing her cheek lightly and holding her tight,
Thank you for being my friend… she whispered gently… thank you for being my family…

Max stood smiling lightly propped up against the doorway, he’d never seen Maria speechless before, Michael was gonna be sorry he missed it…

Maria pulled back slightly to gaze into Liz’s eyes, gone was the dull unfocused blank stare, instead her eyes shone with life, it was a beautiful thing to see.

Oh honey I am so glad you’re okay we were all so worried you weren’t gonna make it, she wiped the tears from her eyes.

I have you to thank for that, all of you…Liz smiled.

How…how much do you remember? She asked cautiously.

Everything, Liz replied…I remember what you all did for me and I don’t think you’ll ever be able to understand just how much it means to me.

Oh the others! They are gonna be so happy…Maria jumped excitedly

Maria, Liz interceded, Please do me a tiny favour?
For you Chica…anything…

Um…don’t tell them just yet, please? Let them sleep, I just want to spend some time with Max on my own for a while, after all I have my sight for the first time in ten years, I just need to adjust slowly.

Adjust slowly? Maria raised her eyebrow slyly, I know exactly which parts you were adjusting to…

Maria! Liz blushed furiously.

Yeah…yeah okay I won’t tell…Kids enjoy yourselves and Max… she regarded him sternly pointing her finger at him…don’t take advantage of her…

Um yeah sure…he tried to hide a smile…Nite Maria…

Nite…she smiled as she slipped back out of the room.

Liz found herself smiling, sighing contentedly as she felt familiar arms slipping around her waist as he nuzzled affectionately at her neck.

Erm…excuse me Mr Evans? She breathed slowly but didn’t Maria just tell you specifically not to take advantage of me?

Uh…don’t know I’ve suddenly got developed a selective hearing disorder, he mumbled against her skin breathing in her scent as she twisted in his arms to face him smiling happily.

Pulling her in closer he drew her lips into a soft kiss…I love you he whispered.

I love you too… she smiled against his lips.

Come on…he grasped her hand pulling a blanket from the bed…I’ve got something I want to show you…

What? Liz smiled shyly.

Close your eyes, she instructed her.

Um…okay…She complied as she allowed him to guide her to the window, climbing out of his window he lent over and carried her gently over the ledge.

Max? What are you doing? She laughed gently.

He set her on her feet as he laid the blanket out on the ground… lie down, he instructed her softly.

Max I thought we’d already discussed the no taking advantage rule? She laughed as she allowed him to ease her to the ground, causing a smile to grace his lips.

Okay…open your eyes.

Max? I… but the words died on her lips as her eyes opened… the pretty dots…there they were just were she had left them…her eyes misted over and she choked back a sob.

Liz…Max’s brow creased in concern, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you.

You haven’t, she whispered grasping his hand, this is just perfect …

He pulled her into her arms stroking her hair tenderly, at she watched the tiny diamonds sparkle in a silken blanket of indigo.

Max? She purred, her soft voice breaking the perfect silence.

Yes, he mumbled into her hair.

Do you remember the night we swam amongst the stars?

Zan crept quietly into the guest chambers, the night was dark and still, the palace slept soundly the only sound to be heard was that of the slim raven haired beauty who lay twisted in the silken sheets.

He crept forward silently, halting abruptly as she turned slightly, the sheet falling away to reveal her olive skin, her thin linen night shirt had ridden up slightly to reveal a smooth thigh of honey colored silk. His breath caught involuntarily in his throat as he watched the slow even rise and fall of her breasts through the thin fabric.

She lay on her back, her arms thrown back behind her head, one hand partially obscured by the plush pillow, her chocolate hair splayed out like a dark halo. He moved slowly, leaning over her until he could almost feel her soft breath against his lips, so close he could almost lean forward an inch and taste that soft inviting mouth.

See something you like your highness? Her soft voice purred as her lips curved into a sly smile.

His mouth dropped open in surprise as he felt cold hard steel pressed against his throat.

Her eyes fluttered open as she regarded him with her intense liquid gaze, I’m surprised at you Zan, I thought you’d have more style than to simply slink into a lady’s chambers and pounce on her.

You sleep with a dagger under your pillow? He stated dryly, I should have known.

Well, you never know when the heir to the throne may decide to make a surprise visit, she grinned sweetly.

Why do you sleep with a dagger under your pillow? Wandering monarchy aside you are quite safe within the palace walls, he smiled curiously

Habit, she shrugged, as she released him.

Habit? He frowned in confusion, she was a highborn lady, a daughter of the 5th house, why would she need to sleep with a dagger beneath her pillow? It only served to remind him just how little he really knew of this fiery young woman.

She raised her leg and kicked him off her bed, as he landed unceremoniously on his royal behind she slipped the dagger back under her pillow.

What is it you want Zan? She murmured sleepily as she snuggled back down into her bed, some of us are actually trying to sleep.

Rath sent me, he grinned, damn but this woman was proving a challenge.

Really, and what was so important it couldn’t wait until morning? She yawned.

He said to remind you it’s the duel full moon tonight, whatever that means? He replied, but barely had time to complete his sentence when Lilly’s eyes flew open and she practically leapt out of bed and flew to the window to see for herself.

I can’t believe I almost missed it, She grinned, grabbing a pair of loose fitting trousers from the floor and roughly yanking them on.

Missed wha…but his voice died in his throat as he watched her pull her nightshirt over her head revealing her soft smooth naked back to him.

You’ll see…she replied as she pulled a light cotton shirt, slipping her boots on she grabbed his hand pulling him to his feet, come on Zan or we’ll be late… she laughed breathlessly in excitement.

Late for what? He laughed as she pulled him from the room.

They crept silently through the palace grounds, laughing and giggling like children as they hid in the shadows when the few servant who were still awake hurried about to complete their chores before turning in for the night.

Sneaking like two thieves in the night they crept into the stables, saddling their horses, Lilly swung confidently up onto the back of her steed.

Race you…Lilly laughed as she tore out of the stable.

Hey no fair, Was Zan answering laugh as he to swung up into the saddle with the confidence of one born to ride.

The clouds swept across the night sky partially obscuring the vibrant twin moons, the tantalizing breeze swept through the ancient trees as they raced through the forest.

Lilly came to an abrupt halt forcing Zan to rein in beside her, his ebony hair whipped loosely around his shoulders as his shirt fell open slight revealing the lean muscles of his chest. Lilly found herself fascinated by the way even the slightest movement caused them to ripple beneath the soft fabric.

See something you like my lady? He smirked throwing her own words back in her face.

Very funny, Lilly’s eyes narrowed as she dismounted tethering her horse to a nearby tree, come on Zan we don’t have all night.

That’s a matter of opinion, he replied nonchalantly as he too swung out of his saddle tied his mount up next to her own.

Taking his hand in her own, biting back the jolt of energy she felt whenever their skin came into contact, she forced her whirlwind of emotions back to some semblance of order as she led him through the underbrush.

You know, my lady if you wanted me all you had to do was say, we could of stayed in the comfort of your room, his brow arched and his amber eyes gleamed in suggestion you didn’t have to drag me into the wild, to have your wicked way with me.

In your dreams Zan, Lilly rolled her eyes.

You know in yours too, admit it. He smirked.

I do not have to admit anything, she smiled secretly.

Lilly? Is that you? A muffled voice came from the other side of the brush.

As Zan and Lilly came through to the other side, they found themselves standing on a small wooden platform overlooking the rippling expanse of the lake.

Wow, I didn’t even know this was here, Zan’s eyes widened.
Believe me Zan… he felt her teasing breath against his ear…you haven’t seen anything yet.
His body involuntarily shuddered as he felt her fingertips trace his spine through his thin shirt.

Lilly you took your time, Rath snorted impatiently.

Calm down Rath, you’re the one who sent his imperial highness to ravage me in my sleeping chamber, she kissed his cheek sweetly.

HE DID WHAT? Rath turned on his best friend, his eyes blazing, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER?

Nothing I swear, Zan held up his hands in defense, Lilly would you please tell him the truth.

Well I’d love to honey, but I don’t think he needs to know exact details…she smirked…oh hi Lonnie.

Hi Lilly, Vilandra returned trying to hide her grin behind her hand.

Zan, I swear if you have laid a finger on her, Rath grabbed Zan roughly.

I didn’t, Lilly, this is not funny will you just tell him, Zan replied.

I can’t I’m exhausted Zan, you’ve worn me out…She sighed dramatically…who would have though you had such stamina…

Rath, I can expla…..Ahhhhhhhh

Zan was cut short as he hit the cold water, he kicked as hard as he could and as he broke the surface gasping for air, his ears registered laughter and a lot of it.

Sorry Man, Rath was holding his sides almost as if in pain, his eyes glistening with tears of mirth, I was just messin with you, but you…he gasped for air… you should have seen your face.

Zan hauled himself back onto the platform scowling, closely resembling a thundercloud as his piercing gaze registered Lilly and Vilandra also crying with laughter, ignoring his sister and best friend completely he advanced on Lilly his eyes gleaming with fury.

Zan…Zan…Lilly laughed as she ducked behind her brother, I know you’re a little upset right now…

Upset? Zan raised an eyebrow…Lilly you’ve never seen me very upset…

Zan…Can’t we just talk about this? She pleaded.

I don’t think so, He smirked as he grasped her firmly ready to throw her into the icy lake.

Zan…wait…she shrieked, trying to contain her laughter.

Give me one good reason, Zan quirked his eyebrow mischievously.

Thinking quickly she threw her arms around his neck and locked his lips with her own, he stiffed for a moment in surprise before relaxing and pulling her closer. He was drowning the touch of her body pressed against his own the addictive taste of her lips and the softness of her tongue as it slid past his lips made him groan slightly.

You think we should break it up? Lonnie whispered to Rath smiling in amusement.

No, Lilly knows what she’s doing, Rath smirked.

Lilly pulled away abruptly as Zan tried to focus through the desire-enhanced haze his mind had become lost in.

Too easy Zan…Lilly tutted shaking her head slightly…far too easy…

And Zan found himself once again back in the water.

I told you Zan…Lilly smirked leaning over the edge…that you wouldn’t be able to tame me…

She danced back out of the way as he moved to grab her, hauling himself again out of the lake Lilly shrieked in delight as he chased her across the platform.

Hey you two…Rath intervened.

Lilly struggled playfully as Zan swept her into his arms and strode purposefully to the waters edge.

Hey! Rath’s voice snapped them back to reality…you are going to miss it…

Zan dropped Lilly back onto her feet as they gazed up at the sky, the clouds moved across the inky sky sweeping away from the moons, as the full twin moons came sharply into view the reflection hit the rippling lake it almost seemed like the water was filled with stars.
Zan was still gazing at the water in fascination when he felt a sly movement behind him.

Not again! LILLY! He took a deep gulp as he hit the water, only this time he was joined by Rath as Lonnie and Ilyila stood side-by-side laughing.

Lilly pulled her boots off and slipped her trousers down her slim legs as Zan watched in appreciation before diving gracefully into the water followed a moment later by Lonnie.

As she broke the surface taking a lungful of air she felt Zan grasp her firmly around the waist.

Now you’re mine, he growled playfully, she barely had time to suck in a deep breath as he pulled her beneath the waves.

Spiraling down into the sparkling depths, they clung to each other, their lips locking tenderly, floating in their own heaven. But all too soon the insistent need for air drove them back to the surface.

I never knew about this… Zan breathed.

What the lake at full moon? Lilly smiled fondly as she floated languidly on her back, Rath always used to bring me here, as soon as our parents were asleep we’d creep out and swim until we were exhausted, then we’d build a fire in the forest and sleep till dawn.

Thank you, for sharing this with me, Zan replied his intense amber gaze meeting hers.

You’re welcome Zan, she whispered genuinely.

This is just …he looked out over the water…it’s like…

Swimming amongst the stars…she finished for him.

Let me know what you think!

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Hi Guys!
I'm on the lookout for a banner for my story, so if anyone wants to make me one or point me in the right direction let me know, oh and I'm gonna be writing the next part soon, so any requests? Max and Liz or Zan and Lilly...your choice...

Wendy xxx*big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big*
posted on 17-Jan-2003 7:57:04 AM by attilathehoney
Hey Guys,
You are the sweetest I had no idea you missed me so much! I feel terrible for neglecting you for so long, sorry, however since you asked I will put aside my book and write the next few parts of darkness, they are probably going to be mostly Zan/Lilly as opposed to Max/Liz as there is a lot about their past I need to explain before we move on with their story. So I promise faithfully you can expect the next part this weekend.

Loads of love

Wendy xxx

posted on 19-Jan-2003 6:01:18 PM by attilathehoney
Well here you go, I hope enjoy it, I promise not to leave the next part to long as I am trying to explain some of the history between Zan/Lilly.

Part 25.

Lilly growled softly in frustration as her blade skittered across the polished floor, clattering loudly in the still room, the hour was late and she couldn’t sleep, her mind a whirl of confusion and mixed emotion.
Usually when she had a restless night she would train but not this night, she just couldn’t seem to find her form and that was something that had never happened to her before.
Retrieving her blade she began again, trying to clear her thoughts but once again they strayed to something else…or rather someone else…
“Damn it,” she cursed as she twisted her blade clumsily. She didn’t need this right now, she had too many important things to focus on, the last thing she needed was to be distracted and Zan was definitely a distraction.
She couldn’t allow this to happen, although at first it had only been a bit of fun, some harmless flirting, a playful challenge, but it was becoming increasingly clear to both of them that they were playing with fire, skirting around the edges of something deeper, something powerful and to be truthful something dangerous.
She knew that sooner or later one of them would have to turn from this path before it became binding for both of them.
He was the crown prince and heir, he had to make a politically expedient marriage one that would secure the future of their world, and as for herself…she had too many secrets.
She was not what he thought she was and that bothered her more than it should have.
When she was alone she could think of a hundred and one reasons why she should stay away from him…but when he was near…she sighed and raked a frustrated hand through her hair.
When he was near she felt drawn to him and it was unsettling to say the least, she began her training form again, shifting her weight on to one foot, she twisted gracefully, her blade dancing through the silent air, the smooth metal glinting in the soft light.
She resolved herself to complete the business she had returned home for and then leave again as soon as possible and in the meantime…she had to stay away from Zan.

“Couldn’t sleep?” a soft rumbling voice disturbed her silent reverie.

This was of course if Zan would stay away from her.

“No I couldn’t, not that it is any concern of yours.” She snapped irritably, god why couldn’t he just leave her alone.

Zan cocked his eyebrow in amusement at her hostile demeanor, “My we are grumpy when we don’t get our sleep, aren’t we?”

“There is no we about it Zan, I am not in the mood to play, so if you are just here to cause mischief you can leave right now.”

“Mischief? No that is not why I’m here.” He shook his head, a small smile curving at the corners of his mouth.

“Then why are you here Zan?” She turned to face him, glaring at him in challenge.

“I thought you might like someone to work out your aggression on,” He smirked pulling a blade from an ornate display at the side of the room, “that is of course if you think you are up to the challenge?”

“Fine, if you want to be beaten by a woman,” She shrugged, “Just don’t expect me to go easy on you because you’re the prince.”

“I wouldn’t expect you too,” there was that damnable smile on his face again, “I hope you don’t expect me too go easy on you because you are a woman.”

“Then we understand each other,” her eyes narrowed in irritation.

“Perfectly,” he moved in as they circled each other slowly.

“So are you going to tell me why you are in such a foul mood? Or are you going to make me guess?” He moved to block her opening swing.

“No, It is none of your business” Lilly returned as the shrill ring of steel on steel rang throughout the stillroom.

“Then I’ll guess” He grinned.

“God,” she breathed in exasperation, “do you always talk this much when engaged in a fight?”

“This is hardly a fight to the death Lilly,” He quipped.

“Then how about we make this a little more interesting,” Lilly challenged lowering her blade.

“What did you have in mind? He asked curiously.

“This,” Lilly smirked as she pulled a twin blade from her belongings, as she spun them gracefully in perfect unison before dropping low to take an aggressive stance.

Zan said nothing he simply drew another blade from the display mirroring her stance.

“Your move My Lady.” He challenged.

It was not long before, the ring of steel once again echoed around the room, as their blades danced and flickered through the air. Lilly dropped to her knees narrowly avoiding one of Zan’s blades as it whistled through the space were her neck had been a few seconds earlier. She blocked a swing from his second blade as her nimble body twisted under his arm, flicking her wrist, causing one of his blades to skitter across the floor.

“Impressive,” He cocked his eyebrow in surprise.

“Thank You,” She grinned.

“So tell me my lady,” he ducked to avoid another blow, “What troubles you?”

“I told you Zan,” Their blades moving with incredible speed and grace as Zan now had to block two blades with only one. “That is was none of your business.”
“In that case I shall have to guess,” Zan smirked, “it has something to do with me, doesn’t it.”

“Don’t flatter yourself Zan,” She returned, her voice low and controlled.

“I am right aren’t I,” He pushed, his breath coming in small gasps from the exertion.

“God you are so damn arrogant,” She panted as they once again circled each other, like a hunter stalking its prey, the trouble was you couldn’t tell who was the hunter and who…was the prey.

She made her move, their blades locking as the faced each other, their faces mere inches apart. All traces of humor now gone from his face as he regarded her intently, his breathing ragged as their eyes locked.

“Lilly,” He breathed, why can’t you just tell me how you really feel”

“Because there is nothing to tell,” She pulled away abruptly tearing his other blade from his hand losing one of her own in the process as she leveled her remaining one at his throat.

Striking out with the speed of a serpent he knocked the blade from her hand before grasping her around the neck twisting her body so her back was firmly pressed against his chest as she felt his warm breath against her ear, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Then why don’t I believe you?” He whispered.

“I really don’t care what you believe,” She replied as she hooked her foot around the back of his knees knocking them both to the ground, rolling with a catlike grace and agility she pinned him to the floor.

“Lilly,” He breathed, his lips mere inches from her own, “This thing between us…”

“There is nothing between us Zan, it was fun, but that is all it was.” She cut him off as she climbed to her feet turning her back on him.

“You can lie to yourself Lilly,” He grasped her arm firmly, forcing her to face him, “ but you can’t lie to me, I know you feel it to”

“No I…” He didn’t give her the chance to finish her sentence as his lips seized her own in a soft but insistent kiss, he felt her back stiffen as she tried to pull away, but he pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss.

Lilly had no choice but to surrender as she relaxed into his arms and began to kiss him back, all her firm resolve flew completely out the window as she felt her blood beginning to heat. Her lips began to swell from his ministrations as he began to trail hot fiery kisses down her throat burning her skin with desire.

“NO” She pushed him away abruptly, “I’m sorry Zan, I can’t”

“Lilly,” He breathed heavily.

“Please Zan, don’t do this to me, you don’t know anything about me, I can’t be what you want me to be” She let out a deep breath as she regarded him with sad eyes.

“What I want is you, the real you, I don’t want to make you into something your not.” He returned.

“That’s just the problem Zan, There are so many things about me that I can’t tell you and we can’t have a life together that is based on lies and secrets.”

“I don’t care Lilly,” He pulled her in and kissed her softly, “I’m in love with you, you must know that.”

“Sssush,” She pressed her fingers tenderly to his lips to silence him, “don’t say that Zan.”

“It’s the truth… Kielani…my love…” His lips took her again… “I need you Lilly.”

She couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe…she could only feel, and she could only feel his soft lips, hear his soft words and she knew he spoke the truth because her mind could no longer deny what her heart desired…what her heart needed.

“Kielani…Tell me you love me…” He whispered, punctuating each word with a kiss, “tell me…”

“I…” Her eyes rolled as he began to kiss down her neck, nuzzling her shirt away from her shoulder and plant warm kisses on her shoulder causing shivers to run down her spine, “I do love you” She whispered.

“Lilly,” He breathed as her once again seized her lips.

She broke the kiss abruptly, shaking her head as if to clear her thoughts, “ I have to go…”

“But Lilly…” He began, but she had already grabbed her training gear and rushed out the door.

Watching deep in the shadows, a watcher lurked, witnessing the deep love they held for each other with sad eyes for he knew… this could not be allowed to continue.

A few hours later…

Lilly threw the doors open unceremoniously, as she padded into the chamber her bare feet making no sound on the marble floor. Her hair was in disarray, her crumpled nightgown covered by a long rich robe of pale blue which trailed along the floor behind her.

“I hope this is important Galain,” She regarded the King somberly, “you know some of us were trying to sleep.”

“Come in Lilly,” He motioned for her to close the door, “I need to speak with you.”

“What is it?” She yawned as she slumped into a nearby chair.

“I will get straight to the point, considering the late hour,” He replied, “It has come to my attention that you and my son have become quite close.”

Lilly said nothing she simply waited for what she knew was coming next.

“Lilly” His eyes softened, “ you know nothing can come of this thing between you”

“Galain,” She rubbed her eyes tiredly, “You are not saying anything to me that I haven’t already said to myself.”

“My dear child, I would love nothing more than to see you bonded to my son,” He moved to sit beside her, taking her hand in his own, “I have loved you all these years, I saw something special in you, I saw your potential, but you cannot get involved with Zan, you cannot reveal to him what you are…not yet”

“What that I am your spy? That I intentionally leak information of your design back to your enemy Khivar so that I can worm my way into his trust?” She shook her head, “Believe me I have no intention of telling Zan or my brother for that matter.”

“Lilly, I am not trying to hurt you or my son, I can see quite clearly how you feel about each other, its just that you are the first woman ever to be trained for this, which is why Khivar will never suspect you, but he is not stupid either and the danger to you is very real if you are ever found out, once you leave the palace grounds, I can’t protect you.”

“I know Galain” She squeezed his hand fondly, “ I knew the risks when I agreed to build your spy network, My first loyalty is to you and to Antar, regardless of my personal feelings I shall not endanger my mission.”

“I know, I have every confidence in you Lilly,” He smiled gently, “I just had to be sure.”

“I understand, but why do I sense you have something else to tell me.” She questioned.
“Nothing ever gets by you does it?” He chuckled.

“That’s why you chose me though isn’t it?” She smiled in return.

“I have received a message from the third planet,” He frowned, “Khivar has arrived.”

“That’s odd,” She chewed her lip in thought, “It was my understanding he was not leaving the southeastern province of Antar for another month, why has he suddenly turned up on the third planet?”

“Ambassador Kelar arrived two days later.” Galain informed her.

“That explains it,” Lilly mused, “I have suspected for some time that they maybe more than just casual acquaintances.”

“You suspect an alliance?” He questioned.

“I wouldn’t be surprised, but if it is so it does not shift the balance in our favor, there have been rumors of Kelar raising a secret army, everyone knows there is no love lost between you two but he has always remained neutral, he would never risk open war because our resources are so evenly matched, however if Khivar is offering him something that could give him a significant advantage, we could be in a lot of trouble.”

“I think so to,” Galain replied gravely, “That is why I am ordering you to the third planet, I need confirmation of any possible alliance and I also need to know what Khivar is offering him that he would be willing to risk his neutrality.”

“Very well,” Lilly agreed, “ I will leave at first light.” He got to her feet to leave

“Lilly, there is one more thing Zan and Lonnie are supposed to be arriving on the third planet in a week on a diplomatic visit, I can delay them for a while,” He regarded her intently, “You have two weeks, I can give you no longer, then you must leave with or without your answers, you cannot risk them seeing you there.”

“I understand,” Lilly nodded gently as she left the room.

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