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TITLE: Rites of Passage
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or ant of it's characters. If I did Season 2 and 3 would be VASTLY different!

Background/Summary: This is an AU fic. Post EOTHW and Harvest. Max and Isabel are NOT brother and sister, Max is however Micheal's brother. The Evan's found Max and Micheal in the desert, and the found and adopted Isabel a weel later. Max, Micheal, Isabel, and Tess are aliens. But in addition to the powers on the show Max, Micheal, Isabel, Zan and Rath all have vampire-like abilities. This includes fangs when they choose to use/display them.
Another thing that's changed is that Future Max did not disappear while dancing with Liz. He disappeared after he kissed her, leaving her with ALL the memmories of the life she and Max would have had.
Max's desire for Liz and his anger become a dangerous combination for him and for her. Liz's true orgins will be revealed and Max will find out that he has enemies in the very last place he would ever look.

*****Maria lover beware!!!

Part 1

He was driving her insane! One minute she looked at him and saw his anger, his hate, the next he was staring at her with love and....lust. The problem was that she didn't see the Max whose heart she had torn to shreds, she saw the Max that she married. Liz sat in class trembling in her desk. Why won't these memories go away? Did Future Max realizes that he'd given them to her? Knowing what could have been was is bad enough, but reliving it day in and day out, seeing all the people who died, and seeing his eyes...her husbands eyes filled with hatred...was killing her! She woke up screaming from nightmares, her grades were dropping rather quickly, she was fighting with her parents. And if all THAT wasn't bad enough....

Max didn't know what was wrong with him. One minute he hated the site of her and the next it took every ounce of his self control not to take her right there in the middle of class. She betrayed him! The love of his life. The first human he EVER trusted, betrayed him! Even so, he wanted her. Badly. His instincts were telling him that she was his and that noone else had the right to touch her. His human side had alwayd wanted her, and now it seemed that his alien side, the side that scared him wanted her. But she betrayed him, damn it! With Kyle of all people! And if that wasn't bad enough, he had the sneaking suspicion that Tess was playing her mind games again.

Micheal was agitated. Something was comming, he could feel it. His eyes narrowed as he watched the scene about to play out.

Max gets up ignoring the teacher's glare, he walks over to Liz and grabs her pulling her against him.

"Max? What are you doing?"

Max kisses her passionately, and says simpley "He can't have you, Liz. Noone else will ever have you."

Liz was trembling, Micheal was smirking, and the class was struck speechless. All but Kyle.

"Let her go Max!" Kyle goes to grab Liz away from Max and never saw what hit him.

Part 2

Kyle didn't know what was going on with Liz and Max , but whatever it was was tearing Liz apart. So when he saw Max grab her, he decided to put a stop to it, only to have Micheal punch him in his lower back. "Off limits Kyle!"

By this time the teacher had gone to get the Principal and a crowd had gathered in the hall. A crowd that included Isabel, Alex, Maria and Tess.

In all the chaos Max never acknowledged anyone but Liz.

"Max, what are you doing. I...we can't do this. Please just let me go!"

"You are mine."

"No I'm not! Look, we've been through this, ok. You are supposed to be with Tess, not me. I don't want this"

Max's expresion darkened and his grip tightened painfully. "Let's go." It was not a request, he pulled her out of class.

Tess was beyond pissed! That little bitch was not going to spoil her plans for Max. She'd see her dead first!

Isabel didn't know what to think about them. And she was having dreams about Micheal again, and not just night dreams. She had flash after flash during the day also. She could feel him watching her sometimes. Like he's studying her or something. But this isn't like before when Tess was messing with their heads. This was something else. It scared her. Because she liked it.

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katmcken originally wrote:
I like this Max and Hate Tess, what is this with fangs?
can he make others like him?

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Max, Michael and Isabel are of the same race. They are Antarian. Tess/Ava was not born on Antar and neither were the skins. Max/Zan are the only ones that can make others (and only with women) like them. Unless they both die, then this ability will be triggered in Micheal and Rath.

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Part 2b

Max locked the door to the eraser room and turned towards Liz. For every step he took forward she took one back.

"Max, this is rediculous! There is nothing more to say!"

Max backing her up against the wall and grabbing her arms, gives her a little shake. "Why? Uh, why did you do it? Do you realize that I wake up at night reaching for you, calling your name? And then I remember, Liz. I remember what you did with that...that bastard! If I had known you'd of given it up that easily, I's have had you along time ago!"

Liz is crying now. "Why Liz, are those tears I see? God, you're shaking like a leaf!"

"Stop it! Stop doing this! You're making things worse for me and for yourself!"

"You gave yourself to that boy!"

"Yes! That's right, I did. You can't change the past Max. It happened, so deal with it and LET ME GO!"


Max pushes her against the wall and begins to caress her. Kissing her face, behind her ear, her neck. He slides his hand beneath her skirt and between her thighs, causing a moan to escape from Liz.

"Max, please.."
"Please, what?"

They are kissing and Liz is trying to resist him. She has to stop this. She has to! Liz cries out as Max slides his fingers inside her moist heat, stroking her relentlessly.
"Did he touch you there, Liz? Did you tremble and shake in his arms like you're doin in mine?"

She can't braeth. All she can do is shake her head, no.

Max allows the sharp points of his teeth to descend. Just one taste. One little taste, he told himself. He nuzzled her neck and broke the soft skin.

Death, destruction. Pain. So much pain. The Granolithe. A child, no an infant trapped inside of it. Micheal and Isabel dead. Future version of himself talking to Liz, making her cry."I need you to help me fall out of love with you. The next fortyeight hours are critical. I don't want to die for you! I'm not into bonding. You hate me! How stupid do you think I am? I need your help. Evan's must have really pissed you off. Do you want me to leave? No stay..>>>Antarian writing "AND THE FIRST AND THE LAST SHALL BECOME ONE."

Liz gasping, "No! Let me go!"
Oh, God please tell me he doesn't know. Please, he can't know!

"Liz, what did I just see? Tell me! I know you didn't sleep with him. Tell me what happened!" Max was desperately trying to get his desire under control. He was skaking almost as babd as Liz was. "Liz, please?"

That did it. Liz couldn't handle the gentleness of his tone, and bursting into tears she ran out of the room and down the hall.

"Liz wait! Everything's going to be alright!"
Liz runs out side followed by the Principal, Micheal, Isabel, Maria, Alex and Max.

Tess stood looking out of the second floor window. She saw the car comming down the street and decided to mind warp the driver into hitting her enemy.

Liz kept running. She had to get away. Away from Roswell. Suddenly out of nowhere a car plows into her at maximum speed. She barely had a chance to scream.

Max had to catch her. To think he had been angry woth her, thinking she betrayed him...when all she was doing was tryinmg to protect his family. Then he saw the car "NOOO," he screamed.

At the moment of impact, both Max and Micheal doubled over in pain. Max had to crawl to Liz's side.

And at that very same moment, two men in New York who borr a stiking resemblance to Max and Micheal also doubled over in pain.

Little did Tess know that her selfish act, would awaken a force that no man are alien had ever seen.

Part 2c

New York, beneath the subways:

"Yo! Wassup wit Rath and Zan?" Lonnie stood with Ava watching as her lover and her brother writhed on the floor, twitching in pain.

"What da hell? Yo man dis f*cked up!"

Zan didn't answer Rath. He knew what it was. He knew who it was. And as soon as he could Swipe a ride, Zan was going to get his queen.


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katmcken originally wrote:
WoW please come back, please don't leave us there.
Will Max be able to heal Liz, and why are Michael and Rath in pain?

Thanks!!!! Micheal and Rath are in pain because the Granolithe took energy from them (along with Max and Zan) to absorb most of the impact from the crash.

Also you should know that the Granolithe is alive! It could have taken their energy without causing pain. It chose not to because Liz is VERY important to the Granolithe, and it got pissed off becuase Liz is not being taken care of like she should be.

Max and Micheal's behavior is so intense because their alien sides are taking over. There is a ritual that must be performed on Liz, so the Granolithe is allowing Zan and Rath to come out and perform it. It doen't give a crap about any of them really, except Liz. They have one purpose "Protect Liz".
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Part 3a


"Kivar we must do something. These readings are off the charts!"

Kivar was right in the middle of sediciong one of his servant's daughters. "You have 5 seconds to convince me not to kill you for this interruption!"

"We are still unable to trace the Granolithe's location, however, there has just been a rather dramatic drop in its power level! For nearly eighteen earth years, we've seen no change. But only moment earlier, there was a sudden drop in its power."

"And the reason for this drop?"

The young general clears his throat. "Well sir...I mentioned that this happened eighteen years ago and..."

Kivar cuts him off, quickly loosing his patience."What does it mean?"

The half dressed woman decides to make a hasty exit.

"The Granolithe is well...dying my Lord."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"My Lord, that was the other thing I needed to tell you. You see, because the reading that we just received are so extraordinary, we were able to obtain more data than we ever have in the past. It's alive sir. The Granolithe is alive!"

"Are you sure about this? There is no room for mistakes, not after what happened during the Harvest!"

"I would swear on my life that I have made no mistakes."

"You just did."

Part 3b


"Where is she? Where's my baby?" Nancy Parker was in histerics. No one would tell her anything!

"Nancy, try to calm down! I'm sure that someone will tell us something soon!"

"What's taking them so long? God Jeff, that man kept going. He hit my little girl and kept driving! What kind of animal does something like that?"

"He was probably drunk, sweetheart. I know how you feel. I'm just as angry and scared as you are. But we have to be strong for Lizzie!"

Nancy pulls away from him and snapps, "You have no idea how I feel! We nearly lost her last time!"

Jeff looks at Nancy. He knew where this conversation was headed.


Jeff was driving a five year old Liz across the desert. He was worried about his little girl. She'd been having nightmares almost every night. Nancy kept insisting that there was nothing to worry about. But that was before Liz started blowing up the kitchen appliances. This doctor that he was taking her to would be able to help Liz. Cure her. He fely bad about running off in the middle of the night like this, without telling his wife. But he knew she would never approve.

He glanced at his little girl sleeping peacefull beside him, and sighed. "I'm doing this for you Lizzie."

Suddenly she sat up with a gasp. "Lizzie? What's wrong, honey?" She was staring off into space and braething rapidly. Jeff was afraid that she was having another one of her episodes, when she turned her head towards her right window. Damn! The were ouside of the pod chamber!

"Daddy stop the car!" Jeff sped up.
"Daddy, I have to go now! Stop the car!"
"Lizzie, listen to me. Daddy is going to take you to see a special doctor. He'll make you all better, I promise."

Liz was getting agitated. Why wouldn't he listen to her!
"I'm not sick! I don't belong with you, I belong with them!

Liz was pointing towards the cave.

"Dammit Elizabeth..."
"Dammit Jeffery, stop the car!"

When a shocked Jeff didn't comply, Liz used her powers to blow out the tires, and placing her tiny hand on his, she put her father in a trance.

Liz gets out of the car and starts climbing the rocks leading to the cave. Jeff comes out of the trance and notices that Liz is gone. He turns his head and nearly has a heart attack when he sees that Liz nearly falls from the Rocks. "Lizzie no!"

Liz ignores him and keeps climbing. When she reaches the top, she starts pounding on on the entrance unsure of how to get in. Suddenly, she has a flash of one of the pods. She can hear his voice in her mind telling her to come to him. Telling her how to get in. She stands up on some rocks and waves her hand revaling the silver hand print. But before she can open the chamber door, her father grabs her, pulling her away.

Liz starts crying and screaming. Begging him to let her go.

"Daddy, please!"
"I'm sorry, baby. You may not understand this now, but someday you'll thank me for this."

Jeff had decided to try again to talk to Nancy that night, before he went through with his decision to take Liz to the doctor. Nancy was horrified that he had been about to let someone cut open HER daughter! Jeff had to keep reminding her that Liz was his daughter too. They had been so busy yelling at each other that they didn't see Liz when she climbed out of her bed and on to the balcony. Jeff you remember the next sound he heard for the rest of his life. His baby girl screaming in fear, the screetching of tires, and the sound of a drunk driver hitting Liz.

Jeff and Nancy had never been so scared in their lives, but Nancy finally agreed to let the doctor perform the surgery.

Jeff never new that this was the night that the aleins came out of their pods.


Part 4a


"What's taking so long? This waiting is driving me crazy!"

Maria was making Alex dizzy with her pacing.

"I could kill Max! It's his fault that she's in this hospital and he doesn't even care!"
"Maria that's not true!" "Then why isn't he here, Alex!"

"Are you upset because Max isn't here for Liz, or brcause Micheal isn't here for you?"

Maria sighs. "He's been so standoffish lately. After that whole Copper Summit thing, we were doing really great. But these past few days...."

"Maria if things were so graet between you and Micheal, then what were you doing at my house a few nights ago? When you showed up in tears I was under the impression that Micheal had blown you off again, like Isabel has been doing to me. Other wise, I would have never allowed things to end up the way they did that night!"

"Alex we made out a little. We didn't sleep together!"

"I know what happened Maria, I was there! The point is, I have like zero claim on Isabel, but you and Micheal are actually involved. What kind of games are you playing?"

"I think Isabel is after Micheal. I was feeling insecure and upset, and I told Micheal about it. I started asking him questions about his feelings for her, if he found her attractive, ect. He told me that their are a lot of attractive women in the world, including Isabel, but that I was the only one that he was in love with."

"So what's the problem? Don't you believe him?"

"I don't know what to think, Alex. The more I questioned him, the more he felt that I didn't trust him. He told me that he couldn't be with some one that couldn't trust him, and that I should let him know when I could. That was the night that I came to see you. Oh, God! Alex you don't think he knows about that do you?"

Before Alex can answer Tess walks in asking if they have seen Max.

"God, what the helll is wrong with you? My best friend gets hit by a car and you don't even care! All you care about is Max, Max, Max!"

Alex had to stop Maris from attacking Tess, just as the hospital doors flew open.

Everyone watches as Max and Micheal come through the doors. But something is different. Tess suints her eyes trying to figure out what it is. The way they carry's so confident, and familiar. She could literally feel the power radiating off of them. Oh God it's just like they were at home!

As she walks up to them she sees that their eyes are no longer human. They're almond shaped and black as midnight. If their alein sides had awakened, then Max must remember who he really is. This meant that he remember her too! With tears in her eyes, Tess touched his sleeve.


Zan/Max looks down at her and smirks, "In the flesh."

Zan/Max knew Liz was there, he could smell her. He knew Rath/Micheal could too. As they walked briskly through the parking lot, they came up with the plan to kidnapp liz from the hospital. The Ritual needed to be performed tonight. Once they got Liz out, Rath/Micheal would go and make sure that Isabel was ready to do her part for the Ritual.

As they walked through the doors he could feel Rath/Micheal's anger at the sound of Maria's voice, but he wasn't worried. Zan/Max knew that his Second in Command would follow his instructions to the letter. Za/Max glanced at Maria and briefly wonder if she knew that Micheal had witnessed her little gropping session with Alex a few days ago. Probably not.

He had just pinpointed Liz's location, when he heard Tess call his name.

Rath/Micheal looked at Maria and Alex in disgust. "Micheal, thank God you're here! I need you...Wait what happened to your eyes?"

He ignores her and walks up to Alex and says, "So, how was she?" He then walks away from them to rejoin his King. And doesn't look back.

Maria starts crying and Alex is left to comfort her.

Zan/Max shook off Tess' hand and jestered towards his Second to follow.

"Zan wait! Where are you going?"

"To heal Liz!"

"Forget her, she doesn't matter! She's just a human!"

Zan/Max whips around and grabs Tess by the throat.

"Ava...Do you remember me?"

Her eyes widen in fear. "Y-yes. O-of course."

"Then you know that I allow no one to tell me what I can and can't do!" Zan/Max then releases her roughly and walks away.

Tess diesides to shut up for now. She wasn't dealing with Max any more. No, this was King Zan, and absolutely no one openly defied him without paying the price.

"This is her room Rath. Make sure no one comes in."

At his Seconds nod, Zan/Max enters Liz's room.

He walked into his beloveds room, and could instantly tell that her injuries were not that bad. The Granolithe had protected her using his and Micheal's energy. But she was still in pain. He ran his hands over every inch of Liz's body. While he healed the remaining wounds, he began to feel atnticipation for tonights Ritual, but sadness that he would not remember Liz's connection to the Granolithe or what her purpose really is. He knew that this discovery was meant to be a journey for all of them. Liz was about to become a very powerfull woman tonight, but will have no knowledge of why. Zan/Max was gratefull for some things, however. The first was that Liz would belong to him completely after tonight, and those memories they will keep. He was also gratefull that he will keep the knowledge that it was Tess that put Liz in this hospital bed. And she would pay. With her life!

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Thanks for all the feedback!!!

Part 4b

Liz could feel him healing her. Touching her. She tried to speak but he told her rest. That she was safe with him now. When Zan moves to lift her up, she allowes him and snuggled into his embrace.

When she woke up several hours later, she didn't recognize her seroundings. A hotel? And from the look of things a very expensive one!

"Sleep well?"
Liz turnes at the sound of his voice. Um, y-yea. I did. Thank you for healing me. I don't really know what happened."

"Tess happened."
"She mindwarped the driver of that car into hitting you. The bitch apparently couldn't take no for an answer."

At Liz's stunned look, he added."But she's no longer a problem. It's been taken care of."

"What do you mean taken care of?

"She's dead."


Zan stared at her, his eyebrows raised slightly. He could tell her that he had taken some of Liz's blood fromm the hospital, and injected it into Tess knowing full well that it would work as a deadly virus. But then Liz would have someones death on her hands, and she would have enough on her hands tonight. Zan decided he wait, and give her the details another time.
"Do you really want to know?"

"I guess not. How do you know that she didn't mindwarp you?"

Zan smiled seductively."You are immune to her mind games, and when I tasted you in the eraser room....Well I still had you inside me."

Liz blushed furiously. She didn't know what to say about this. So many things were going through her head. What about the end of the world? What about the police? And how the hell were they going to explain Tess's disappearance.

"The end of the world as you know of it won't happen because you are going to take her place. Tess has no family to file a missing persons report, so the police won't be a problem. And as far as explaining her disappearance....I can assure you that noone gives a damn!"

Liz blinked at him. She was trying to process all of this. Max had killed someone for her. This should disturb her but it doesn't. She was taking Tess' place. Ok taht one she didn't get.

"How am I going to take her place, I'm human?"

Zan staered at her a moment before answering. "Liz, when I healed you that day in the Crashdown, I changed you. You are more like me than you know." Zan shook his head rufely."In fact, in a lot of ways, you're actually better!"

"What! Wait a minute. I don't want to change Max!"

There's a slight pause. Liz desides she's going to be completely honest. She's lied to him enough. "I'm sorry. I know what you did for me, the sacrifices you've made. I just scared Max."

"Don't be."
Zan walks towards her and sits on the bed beside her. "Don't be."
"Max your eyes....what's happening?"
"You saved my family, Liz. I'm not the only one who's made a sacrifice. But I will tell you that I'm not sorry I saved you. I'm not sorry that you're like me either. Liz you know me. Look at me. Do you see someone to fear?"

"No. I just feel like...if I open that door, I'm going to unleash something that I may not be able to handle. Max being like you doesn't feel wrong. It feels right! I think that's what really scares me. When I'm with you, it's like something inside of me wants me that wants out. I's so strong, and it's seductive...."

Liz's breath is coming out quickly, and she leans her forehaed against his. "God, Max I want this. I want it so badly. I can't make it stop, but I'm still a little afraid..."

Zan kisses her deeply, and pushing her slowly back onto the bed whispers against her mouth,"Don't be."

To be continued.........

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Part 5a

Isabel couldn't remember the last time she was this tired. First with Liz getting hurt, Tess' betrayal, and trying to cover for Micheal and Max. Then she had another argument with Maria about Micheal. The argument turned into a fight when Maria implied that Isabel was no better than Tess! Isabel felt a little bad now because she a knocked Maria half way across the waiting room for that remark. Maria didn't know at the time that Tess had caused Liz's accident, but Isabel was not going to be spoken to like that especially since Maria was the one that cheated on Micheal, and with Alex!

Isabel just knew she should have stayed in bed today. Yawning, she decides a nice hot shower will help her to unwind.

After she was showers, she grabs a towel and hears a loud noise coming from her bedroom. Wrapping the towel arround her she slowly opens the bathroom door.

"Who's there?" Silence. She sees that her window is open and rushes to close it. "God, how jumpy can I be?"

But then she looks up and sees a reflection in the window. Isabel shreaks. "Dammit, Micheal! You scared the hell out of me! What are you doing in my room?"

"Nice towel."
Isabel flushes. He staring at her in that way again. "Why are you hear?"

"It's time, Vilandra." She flinches. "Time for what? And please don't call me that."

"Don't you feel it? Feel what's happening?"
"I feel like my privacy is being invaded. Now if you don't mind..."

Rath/Micheal could feel his human side let go, yielding all control to his Antarian blood.
Rath stalked her. "You and I both know I can't and won't leave Vilandra. The Ritual must be performed now, tonight."

Isabel clutched the towel to her body. "This isn't going to happen Micheal...Tonight or any other night."

"Had any interesting dreams lately?"

"No!" She lies.

"Liar!" Before she has time to blink he's practically standing on top of her. "Stop fighting it. So much more fun to just give in. Do you know how delicious you smell?"

Rath smirks when he sees her shivering."Are you cold?"

"N-no." She puts her hands on his chest intending to push him away, but ends up caressing him instead."No. I'm not cold at all. Isn't this wrong?"

"No. Let's just say that what we've heard about destiny was only half true. I want you Isabel. I want who you are now, and who you were then. Your heart punds because you know this is right for us and for them."

Rath kisses her damanding her response. His mouth descends until he reaches her towel. Tossing it aside, he tells her how beautifull she is. By this time Isabel, had given up on resisting. Nothing is in there way now.

"Can you feel it, what he's doing to her! How their hearts a now beating as one. He's inside her now. God, the pure esctasy."
She feels the coolness of the sheets and the heat of his naked flesh as he lays her down on the bed, and that when the flashes began. Another couple, in the throws of passion, the Granolithe. The Ritual! She opens her black eyes to her lover as he enters her body."Welcome back, Vilandra." Rath began to chant the words of the Ritual.


Liz has never felt such need before. Everywhere he touch her seemed to send shocks of pleasure to the heat between her legs, leaving her begging for more.

Zan had long since removed her gown, and was now working on her panties. Insead of using his hands, he griped the edges with his teeth and slowly, tantalizingly drew them down her legs. "Mine! All mine."

Liz's whimper of agreement turned into a cry of pleasure as he buried his head between her thighs, tasting the evidence of her desire. Liz grabbed hand fulls of his hair and thrust her hips upward, silently asking for more.
Zan obliged her licking her fast and hard, showing no mercy for her swollen clit. He reveled in her cries.

Zan shed the rest of his cloths and aligned his body with hers. "Liz, look me. I need you to look at me, when I truely make you mine."

Liz opened her eyes, and his teared up at the love and trust he saw. Zan kisses her "I love you." She gasps as she feels him sliding into her body. Impatient to have him inside her she thrusts her hips."No, Liz. I don't want to hurt you.."

When it becomes obvious that she won't listen, Zan placed his hand on her abdomen. Making sure she feels nothing but pleasure, he plunges into with out restraint.
Again and again. Deliberately brushing his cock against her sensitive clit with every thrust.

Liz clutched him. Meeting his every thrust with one of her own. She could feel him everywhere in her body. Her soul. Her mind. She felt him deep inside the very core of her existance. There was something else. Something was happening. She felt power, rolling over her body and through her veins. Suddenly the flashes came. The Granolithe was doing this. Transfering it power to her. It loved her intensley. It made her?
The power of Zan loving her combined with the energy now coursing through her every pore caused peak after peak of pleasures so intense Liz thought she would go mad.

Zan had to see this. He had to see himself making love to Liz. His wife. His Queen. Pushing his body up, he glance down to where their bodies joined. And he watches has his cock surges in and out her tight passage. Realizing how sweetly his body fits inside of her is almost enough to send him over the edge. Zan began the to chant the Antarian words for the Ritual "

"Oh mother, Granolithe!
The time has come. The skies
shall burn as blood."

Earths moon turns blood red.

"And the foundations shall tremble
in fear."

The entire Planet of Antar is shaken violently by massive quakes.

"The Prophecy now comes to
Pass. He who is the Last King,"

Liz's eyes turn black.

"And she who is thy First and
only daughter,"

Her teeth descend.

"Become as one!"

Zan and Liz cry out each others names as they climax.

In the same moment the Granolithe completes the transfer, and sends one last command to the alien King.

Zan quicjkly telepaths his response. "FOREVER!"

Satisfied by his response, the Granolithe explodes.

To be continued....
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katmcken originally wrote:
OK so it made Liz like them and then it dies?
I don't understand what did Maria do with Alex?

Maria made out with Alex after she had a fight with Micheal. Micheal saw this and pissed off!

The Granolithe didn't make Liz like them. It created her. Liz is the Granolithe's child. This transfer of power should have taken place the night the aleins came out of their pods. Put Jeff and Nancy interfeared when they took Liz away and allowed the surgen to operate on her brain. Because of that the Granolithe had to wait. Max healing her got the ball rolling opening up another way for the Granolithe to perform the transfer.

Max and Liz being intamate at the time of transfer is the Granolithes way of allowing Max to partake upon Liz's power, and connecting them in an unbreakable bond. It had to be sure that Max would take care of Liz. It shows that Max was trusted by the Granolithe with something very precious, it's daughter. Considering that the Granolithe cared about nothing but Liz, Max knows what an honor this is.

When Max bit Liz in the eraser room he got a flash of an infant trapped inside of the Granolithe. That infant was Liz. How she got from inside the Granolithe to Nancy Parkers womb will be answered in up coming chapters.

I will tell you that Jeff Parker did not allow the surgery to help his daughter, he did it because he could not accept her for who she really is.

Jeff Parker is not Liz's father, and Nancy knows it. But he doesn't. They are both keeping secrets from each other as well as from Liz.

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Gagnes Girl originally wrote:
Wow, amazing part. Now the only thing I'm confused on is is Max/Zan=New York Zan? and the same thing for Rath/Michael? If so where are Michael and Max? Maybe I missed that I am a blonde and it is early..... Any way great part. Can't wait for more!


Sorry for the confusion. Zan/Max and Rath/ Micheal are not the Dupes. Their alein sides were coming out to play. Ha Ha!

Remember in one of the earlier chapters I mentioned that after the Ritual, they will have no knowlege of that Ritual or it's significance. The couples will believe that they simply made love, and that Liz is different because Max healed her. They will eventually uncover the full truth. Oh and something else you should know, Max's dupe knows about the Ritual and who Liz really is, he is going to try to get Liz away from Max.
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Part 6

Liz was in heaven, waking up next to Max. He looks so cute and boyish while he's sleeping. They had made love three times before finally falling to sleep. Liz blushed thinking about some of the things they did to each other.

She stretched her muscles, feeling different. Stronger. Liz frowned. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she felt much older too.

"Why do you look so serious?" Max had been watching the different emotions fly acroos his lover's face for a full minute, before he finally spoke. His eyes narrowed. She's mine, he thought. And I'll be damned if anyone will take her away from me!

"Liz, are you o.k?"
"Yes. I just feel different. Good, but different."

Max grins and kisses away her frown."You are different, Liz. But I promise you that everything will feel normal after a while. Like it's all second nature. You're strong, Liz. And between Micheal, Izzy, and myself, we'ell be able to help you adjust and controll your powers."

Liz snuggles back into Max's arms wondering just what her powers are. Would they be like Isabel's since she's a female, or would they be like Max's because he's the one that changed her?

Max groans when her hand brushes against his already hardening manhood. He was about to suggest rounfd four when Liz sat up in a panic.

"Oh my God, Max! My parents. They have to be worried about me!"

A shadow crossed his face as he thought about Liz's parents. He pulls her back into his arms and frowns, wondering why he suddenly thought of them as a threat. Max pushes the thought aside for now, and tries to calm Liz down.

"Liz it's ok, I promise. Before I got rid of Tess, I had her mindwarp your parents into thinking they'd broght you home. I then used my powers to put them in a deep sleep. It didn't hurt them."

While she did not like the thought of Tess messing around in her parents' minds, Liz knew that Max would never allow them to be hurt, so she trusted him.

"Ok Max, I trust you. Will they wake up soon."
"Not until I allow it."

Liz bit her lip."Um, Max I know you said that know one will miss Tess...I mean, I'm sure the Seriff will understand, but I think I should explain things to Kyle. He really liked her."

Max growled at the mention of Kyles name. "He can't have you!"

Liz sighed." Max, Kyle is not interested in me."

Max snorted in disbelieve, and looked at her like she'd grown a second head.

"He's not a threat to us."

"Damn right!"

Max didn't want to talk about Kyle, Tess, or Liz's parents. He wanted to be inside his mate.

"He's turning out to be a great friend, and has changed since he's found Budda. He's heavy into meditation, cleansing the soul and all that."

"What a line of crap! Fine I let you talk talk with him alone, but if he tries anything..."

Liz laughed. Those were the very same words that future Max used when he was hiding out in her bathroom.
She never thought that she'd be able to look upon that day and find something to laugh about. Liz was glad that she'd been wrong.

She felt Max's hard shaft pressed against her thigh and surrendered to him.

Max took great pleasure in making her forget about everyone but the two of them. By the time he entered her moist heat, he had already made plans for round five.

To becontinued.....
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Zero Cool originally wrote:
this story is kinda confusing, I mean, did zan and rath, come from new york to find liz and isabel and make them theirs, or was that michael and max who did that?

Max and Micheal did this. See author's note on page 5.
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Part 6b

I slept with Micheal. Oh my God I slept with MIcheal! This thought kept running through Isabel's mind over and over. What are we to each other. She looked at him sleeping next to her and wondered if he would regret their night of passion. She didn't. She wasn't sure where they would go from here but she didn't want to loose him.


Isabel junped a little at the sound of his voice.

"Good morning."

Micheal grinned at her. "You weren't this shy last night!"

Isabel gaped at him. "I know you feel kind of unsure about things. I hope you don't have any regrets about last night because I don't. Everything I said to you when we made love, I meant. I'd like to see where this leads."

Isabel was stunned. He didn't have any regrets and he was actually sharing his feelings with her! "But, what about Maria?"

Michael ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. "to be honest after I found out about our destiny, I wanted nothing to do with it. It was nothing against you but I didn't want to loose Maria, but at this same time I wanted her to be safe. Not just from our enemies but from me too. Then I started to realize that unlike Liz, Maria likes to try and pretend that I'm human. She brushes aside the danger, not out of faith in me but because she can't accept who I am. Sure she may love me but, when I talk about learning more about where I come from she either toones me out or lays guilt trips on me. Not to mention her little make-out session with Alex. I can't and won't feel ashamed of who I am Isabel. But you understand. You feel the same way don't you?"

Isabel turned her tear stained face towards him. "Yes I understand. I do feel the same way, and I want to find out where this leads. If you change your mind-"

Micheal kisses her. "I won't change my mind. Maria and I are over. Now as for Alex, you know how I am Isabel. I don't share."

Isabel returns his kiss. "You won't have to."

To be continued........
The next part will include everyone meeting Max's dupe.

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to say thanks again for all the great feedback, and add a small author's note about Part 7.

****In this fic, none of the dupes accept Zan knows about a second set of hybrids (in Roswell). Zan is also the only one of them that knows about Liz. Nicholos, Lonnie, Ava, and Rath DID set up Zan's "accident", and believe him to be dead. Because they think Zan is dead, Rath automatically steps up to be the "King" because he was Zan's Second. Nicholos and Kivar are going along with it because the know that the New York Royal # will be easier to manipulate at the New York Summit than the REAL Royal 4.

After the quake, Kivar left Antar and is now on earth, but NONE of his people know it.

Zan is in Roswell to try and gain Liz's trust. He want's to take her from Max and present her as his mate at the NY Summit.

Part 7 will be up tonight.

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Part 7

"You want me to what!?!" Liz knew she had to be hearing things. She just had to be. There was no way that Maria would ask her to use her powers to help break up Isabel and Micheal. Yep she definately had to be hearing things. This week should have been the most wonderful week of Liz's life, but instead, it was turning into a nightmare. She had been put in the middle of a war between Isabel and Maria. While she didn't want Maria to be hurt, she aslo cared about Isabel. Not to mention that Liz and Micheal adored each other.

She tried to talk to Maria and get her to understand that Micheal is happy with Isabel. Liz knew that this would be hard for her, and that she would indeed try to get Micheal back. Howeever, she never expected for Maria to use her like this!

Liz and Maria didn't know that Isabel was on the other side of the wall, listening to them.

"Maria how can you ask me to do this? Look I know you're are hurting right now. But you need to realize a few things. First of all Micheal is not with Isabel to hurt you. Isabel does not want to hurt you. They are together because they make each other happy, and because YOU are the one that stepped out on Micheal! I'll help you to heal anyway I can, but I won't betray Micheal, Isabel, or Max by using my powers against ANY of them."

"Liz I'm your best friend! How can you turn your back on me like this? God, get off your high horse! We both know that if Max had chosen Tess, you would not be so blase about the whole thing. You'd use every trick in the book!"

Liz narrowed her eyes and walked up to stand nose to nose with Maria.

"First of all, I DID give Max up to Tess to prevent Isabel and Micheal from dying. If Max would have chosen her of his own FREE will, I would have let him go beacuse I love him. I want Max to be happy. That's what love is Maria. You don't manipulate people that you love. And you sure as hell don't ask your best friend to help you do it! When Max and I descovered that I could mind-warp, all it did was remind me that Tess used that power to try and kill me. And you actually have the nerve to stand here and give ATTITUDE because I don't want you it to hurt someone I love!"

Buy this time Liz was pissed and knew if she didn't calm down Max would sense it, and leave his class to come looking for her. "Do you understand what I'm saying? I love you, Maria. But I won't do this to them. And the fact that you would ask me to, really scares me."

"Liz when we first found out about their destiny's, the three of us made a deal. We promised to be there for each other while they were here, AND be there for each other after they're gone! You wanna tell me whta happened to that!"

"What happened is that Tess is no longer a factor, Max knows the truth, I will not be the cause of the world ending, and Max having to go home doesn't scare me because I would be going with him!"

Liz was about to say something else when she strted having trouble breathing and the room started to spin.
It felt like her soul was being pulled from her body.

"Oh God, Liz!"
Isabel whipped around the corner and caught Liz just before she would've it the floor.
"Liz can you hear me? Please wake up! What happened Maria?"

"I don't know one minute she was telling me about her week, and the next she got really pale and passed out."

Isabel knew that Maria was lying about what they were talking about, but she didn't have time to worry abou that now.

She felt for Liz's pulse, which was suprisingly steady and strong. "Her skin is ice cold!"

Maria was about to touch her when Isabel stopped her. "No Maria I don't think that's a could idea. She may be unconscious, but for some reason her defenses are still up. If you try to touch her, she might hurt you accidently."

Maria's eyes blazed."If it's so dangerous, whay do you get to touch her?"

"Her alein side knows me. It won't hurt me. I can feel Max and Micheal, they know something is wrong and are on they're way. Max probably got up the second Liz got upset during your argument!"

Maria paled slightly. Isabel had heard what she and Liz were talking about, and Maria just knew she'd run straight to Micheal. Then Maria began to think that not only had Isabel stolen her man, now the bitch was trying to take Liz away from her too!

"I don't care if her "alein" side knows you" She spat. "But her human side knows me!"

With that Marai reached for Liz hand, but the second she made contact, she was hit with a skark that shove her clear across the hall way.

"Aaaaahhh!" Maria found her self right at Micheal feet.

"You're a real piece of work, you know that."

Micheal didn't wait for Maraio to answer him, but walked over to help Isabel and Max with Liz.

"Liz, it's Max. Liz you're scaring me! Wake up!"

No resonse. "Isabel-"

"I don't know what happend, Max! Shw was talking to Maria, and then it looked like she was having trouble breathing and she fainted"

"She's so cold! Let's take her to Micheal's apartment, and go from there." Every one agreed but Maria.

"You should take her to the hospital, it's probably left over from the accident. Liz had missed both of her follow up appointments this week."

Isabel snaps. "Liz doesn't need a doctor, she needs Max! And if you weren't so damn busy trying to use Liz to plot against Micheal and me, then used know that Liz practically has a panick attack a the mere thought of a doctor comming near her! She's been that way since she left the hospital."

Max and Micheal looked at each other in confusion. They knew that they'd missed something. What plot?

Max lifted Liz up into his arms."Look I don't know what all tjis is about, and I don't care. I taking Liz out of here. Any of you comming?"

Max walked out the door carrying Liz, not waiting for an answer.

Isabel sent one last glare in Maria's direction and walked away.
"Maria, you think you could put all this aside, and help us with Liz?"

Maria nodded, and Micheal ran to catch up with Isabel. He put his arm around her, and was awarded with the smile that warmed his heart.

******Mean while...

Liz was now positive that her week had hit rock bottom. One minute she was with Maria and now, some how she was standing in the Pod Chamber. Or what used to be the Pod Chamber. What the hell! The place looked like it had been bombed! Liz walked up to where the Granolithe should have been and was overwhelemed with a feeling of great loss. Liz didn't know why but she started crying, she fely like she'd lost something. No someone. Someone important to her. She tried to stop the feeling, but it wouldn't go away. Liz sat down on the cold floor, buried her head against her raised knees and sobbed.

"Don't cry Lizzy."

Liz's head snapped up and she gasped. She stared at him with wild eyes.




"My name is Zan."

Liz got up and backed away from him. This was so not Max.

"How do you know my name?"

Zan ignore her question, and asked one of his own. "What are you," Zan asked.

"Excuse me?"

"You's ain't like me. Ain't a hybrid. But ya ain't like that corn ball blond you hang wit etha."

Zan walked up to Liz and trapped her against the wall. He whispered in her hear. "No. You's somthing else. Something special."

He then used the back of his hand to caress her stomach.
"Is dis where you's got's shot?"

Liz pushed at him.
"How do you know that? Who are you, really? And Why do you look like Max? Oh my God you're a shape shifter, aren't you? If you touch me Max will kill you!"

Zan through back his head and laughed. "Yo chill, Lizzy. I's hear to help you's. I ain't gonna hurt ya."

Zan touches Liz again, but this time Liz is hit with violent flashes of Zan's life. From the moment he and the others came out of they're Pods, to learning how to control their powers, to Zan first kiss and the first time he made love. She also felt all his emotions. She saw how much his family meant to him and how it hurt when he was betrayed and nearly killed by them. Lasly she fely his overwhelming love and possesivenes towards her.

Liz pulled away with a gasp. "Oh my God. I'm so sorry for what you had to go through! Why did your protector leave you guy's in a sewer? That was cruel."

Got ya. Zan thoght as he put on his best 'I'm so alone in the world' look. "Don't no."
This was just too easy Zan thoght, the girl was ready to cry about the injustice that was his life. If he didn't love her before, he sure as hell did now.
Zan began to explain to Liz about who he was and why another set was created.

"So you guys are back up, for the Real Royal 4."

ZAn growled at her. "We's is the Real Royal 4! Yo, it's da corn balls here dat's the back up."

Oookay, Liz thought. This was obviously a sore spot for him. Liz fely bad for him, but she was far from stupid. She some hoe knew that Max and the others were the originals, where as the NY royal four were the copies. She also did not like the fact that he knew so much about her, and she damn sure didn't understand how he loved her!

"You love me." It was a statement, not a question.


"But that doen't make any since. How can you love a stranger?"

"You and I ain't strangas. We's connected. You's don't no's what it's like ta be haunted fo damn near eighteen f*ckin years by a woman in ya dreams. Knowing that she's da one but not knowings if ya eva ganna hook up wit'a."

Liz stared at him. He was telling her the truth, at least about this. She could sense it. But it still made noe sense! How can he have dreamt about her all his life, Max didn't. What was so special about Zan? Liz didn't understand any of this. She just wanted to leave, and find Max. He would fix this.

"What do you want."

"I's didn't no's you's was wit my dupe till I got ta Roswell. I ain't gonna hurt ya. I want ta get ta know da woman dat's been hauntin my dreams all ma life."

"I'm with Max. I love Max. Nothing and no one will ever change that."

Before Zan could respond Liz vanished.

Zan cursed violenly. "I's will have ya Liz. You's mine!"

Part 8

Liz sat up with a painful gasp. She felt like she'd been slammed into a brick wall.


Max pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly."Liz what happened, you scared the hell out of us."

"I'm sorry. I don't understand, how did I get here?"

Isabel answered for Max, who still hovering over mate. "Liz you passed out in scholl, adn we couldn't wake you up. You've been out for little over an hour. And I agrree with Max, you did scare the hell ou of us. Don't do it again, or I'll sick Micheal on you!"

Micheal jumped in. "I will show no mercy!"

Liz grinned, she knew they was only fussing out of concern.

"Max I have a new power. I astrol projected to the Pod Chamber."


"I didn'y mean to do it it just happened, and when I gat there I felt-"

Liz broke off and started crying again. She couldn't help it.

Everyone looled at her now more worried than ever.

"Liz, baby. Tell me what happened to you."

"I felt like I had lost somone special to me. I don't understand it Max. But it hurts so much. And the Pod Chamber has been completely destroyed Max. The Granolithe is gone!"

Everyone was stunned. "Maxwell what the hell is going on? How can the Granolithe just disapear?"

"I don't know. LIz can you tell us anything else?"

Liz nodded while accepting a glass of water from an unusually quiet Maria.

"I think- No I take that back I know that the Granolithe exploded. I don't know how I know it, but I do. I also think that we need to find awy to translate that alien book. Somthing is comming Max, I can practically taste it. What ever it is is big and that book is going to be the key to it's out come."

"Liz I trust your judement, I really do. But how is it that it's you that getting all this and not the real aleins?"

Micheal had to stop Isabel from zapping Maria.

"Look Maria, you need to get use to the fact that Liz is different now. Max changed her. This is not about you but I'm sure that she could get through all this a lot easier if you would try giving her your support. Things change, That's a part of life."

"Yeah, things change. Maria spat out bitterly.

Liz decided to to tell them the rest before Isabel really did zap Maria.

"Guys when I was in the Pod Chamber, some one else was in there with me."

That got everyones attention. The collective '"WHAT" could be heard clear across Micheal's backyard.

Liz quickly explained to them about Zan and the New York Royal 4. She knew that they needed to know the whole story, so she reluctantly told them of Zan's feelings and his dreams about her. What scared her was the fact that although Micheal and Isabel where having a fit, Max wasn't. He was calm. Too calm.

She had only seen that look in his eyes once. When he told her about killing Tess. "Max? Please say something, you're scaring me."

Max kissed her passionately. "I'm not upset with you. I just don't trust some cheap imitation. I don't care how hard he's had it in life, it'll get a lot harder if he tries to take you away from us or hurts you in any way. Are you sure that HE didn't destroyed that Granolithe?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

Max hugged Liz and lokked at Micheal and Isabel over her head. A silent message was sent and they read each other loud and clear. Who ever the hell Zan was, he weas up to someything and that 'something' included Liz. They would make sure to protect her. They knew Liz wass smart and was getting better at her powers, but none of them could forget how they migth have lost her just a few days ago. Especially Max.

They were pulled away from they're thoghts by a hard knock at the door. Micheal in his usual gruff manner yelled out, "It's open."

Zan pushed open the door and walked in like he owned the place. His heated gaze swept up and down Liz's form before he finally address the speechless room.

"Yo, names Zan. Got room for one mo?"

To be continued......
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zannyb originally wrote:
I just found this fic and WOW!!! I love it! So what about the rest of the Royal Four in NY? What are they up to? You mentioned in one of your notes that Nancy knows that Jeff isn't Liz's father, but Jeff doesn't know. Does Nancy know Liz is alien? Probably not. Please post more soon!


Thank You! Nancy knows that Liz is an alien. This will come up in later chapters but I can tell you that Nancy told Jeff that something in the pod chamber did something to "their" baby! Jeff thinks that Nancy was already pregnant when she went to the Pod Chamber, and that the Granolithe did something to the baby that gave it these special abilities. Nancy also claims not to know how she got to the Pod Chamber or how she got back home. She's a VERY good liar!!! Why Nancy was at the Pod Chamber all those years ago has something to do with Necedo. This too will be brought up in later chapters.

The rest of the NY Royal 4 are preparing for the Summit.

Thanks again for the feedback!!!!

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kittens originally wrote:
Jeff had a doctor cut out parts of Liz's brain??????

Sounds like Zan won't be around for much longer.

When Liz was hit by the car, the part(vein) of her brain that is responsible for Liz powers was SLIGHTLY damaged. This WOULD have healed on it's own, but Jeff told the doctor to cut and tie off the vein, so that Liz couldn't access her powers. But it also caused some memory loss. Truth be told she was in more danger from that quack of a doctor and her parents, than she was from the car that hit her.

Thanks everyone for the feed back!!!!

Part 9

Zan looked at the people in the tiny apartment knowing that if he made one wrong move, they'd kill him. Liz would be his in the end, and he knew that this would be the *only* time he would humble himself to anyone. So he did the one thing he *knew* would keep him alive AND make sure Liz didn't turn on him. When Max walked towards him, Zan knelt down submissively and said"

"My, life is yours to do with as you please."

Zan saw the look of approval from Isabel and more importantly, Liz. Two down, and two to go he thought. He knew that Max couldn't kill him now, not without looking bad in Liz's eyes. So he waited for Max to make his move.

Max wasn't stupid. He knew exactly what Zan was doing, and from the look on Micheal's face, he knew it too.

Liz tried to break the tention. "Um, Max? Can he get up now? That position doesn't look very comfortable for him."

Max glared at her.

"I say we kill him, Maxwell!"

"Micheal, you can't just kill an innocent man!"

As Isabel and MIcheal continued to argue and Max continued to glare at her, Liz took things into her own hands. She walked up to Max and took his arm, giving Zan a look that clearly stated that she wanted Max and ONLY Max.

Zan's facial expression didn't change, but for a second, she thought she saw his eyes harden. Max, on the other hand not only stopped glaring at her, but grinned as well. Liz sighed in relief. Not that Max was really upset with her, all he wanted was to protect her.

"You can get up now. For the record, I don't trust you. But I won't kill you...yet. If you're here for Liz, foget it! If you hurt her or anyone else, you're dead. We've already been betrayed by someone we were foolish enough to trust. It was a mistake that nearly cost Liz her life. That WILL NOT happen again! Although, Liz survived, the person who hurt her didn't!"

His point made, Max held out his hand to his Dupe. They shook hands, each wondering how long it would be before he had to kill the other.

To be continued.....
Sorry this part is so short. I promise the next part will make up for it.
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Part 9b

The strange packages started comming about a week after Zan's arrival. First, there was a news paper clipping about the death of a well known physician. Second, there was a surgical scalpal, and next, there was a little girl's dress. The dress was torn, dirty, and had blood stains on it. Liz, of course was freaked out. It was bad enough receiving such things in the mail, but the fact that liz *knew* the dress was hers sent chills down her spine.

"Are you sure it's yours?"

"Yeah. I'm really scared Isabel. The flashes that I got from it just can't be right. But I can't come up with any other explainations. Plus the lab results show that my blood and the blood on the dress are a perfect match."

"Tell me everything you saw when you touched the dress."

"That is what's so weird. I saw the entrance to the Pod Chamber, the head lights of a car, and images of myself wearing that damn dress!"

"My, God! But you didn't know anything about the Pod Chamber as a child! Maybe some of these images are left over from your connection to Max."

Liz sighed. "Maybe. I don't know."

"Did you ask your parents about the dress?"

"They said that they've never seen it before."


"Wait it gets worse. This is what came in the mail earlier today."

Liz pulls out a medical file with her name on it.

Isabel takes the file and is shocked by what she sees. There are obviously several pages missing, but it's clear that the physician in the news paper clipping performed some type of surgery on Liz when she was a child. The report states that Liz was a victim of a hit and run, and needed extensive brain surgery. Isabel was hit with a strong feeling of deja vu.

"Did you show this to your parents?"

"No. I just told them that I was having weird dreams about being hit by a car as a kid, but they kept insisting that it never happened and that the dreams are because of what happened a few weeks ago. Why are they doing this Isabel? Why are they lying to me? This is rediculous! I can't even trust my own parents! God, I'm actually afraid to sleep in my own damn house! The only time I feel safe is when I'm with you guys!"

"Liz try to calm down. We'll talk to Max and Micheal when they get home. Maybe you could stay with Maria for a few days, until we figure something else out. Do you think she'll cover for you?"

"She's still angry with me, but it doesn't matter if she agrees or not. Max is already tense about the whole 'Zan' thing. When he hears that I'm being stalked and that my parents are lying about my past, there is no way he's gonna be satisfied with me staying with Maria. Knowing him I'll be sleeping at your house."

"I think you're right on that score. Why don't you just stay at my house! My parents won't mind at all, and it'll keep Max from calling you every five minutes asking if you're ok or not."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, it'll be fun. But I have to warn you, my mom is still experimenting with that damn Martha Stewart cook book."

Liz smiled at Isabels attempt to lightened the mood, but when her mind went back to her parents, her eyes filled with tears.

"Liz it'll be ok I promise. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's not as bad as you're thinking."

"What's not as bad as she thinks?"

Isabel and Liz turn to see Max and Micheal framed in the door way. Micheal looks like he's been in a fight.

"What the hell happened to you Micheal."

Micheal shruggs. "Let's just say Zan has a big mouth!"

Isabel rolls her eyes and drags Micheal towards the bathroom, all the while mumbling about pigheaded alien men.

Max walks over to an obviously upset Liz and hugs her close.

"I'm so glad you're here, Max!"

"What's going on, Liz. I've never felt you being this upset before."

Liz explained to Max about the packages she recieved, her flashes, and her parents lies.

Max paced back and forth across the carpet for a few minutes.

"Isabel' s right. I wants you to stay here with us. Micheal and I will continue to keep an eye on Zan, but I want you and Isabel to watch your parents. I'm sorry Liz, but something has felt off about them for a while. I know how much they mean to you Liz, but if you don't even feel safe in your own home there's a big problem. Will you trust me on this?"

"I trust you, Max. I'll go grab a few things and meet you back here."

"I'll give you a ride."

"Great, and while we're out you can explain to me what the hell happened between you, Micheal, and Zan."

Max followed Liz outside warily. This was *not* a conversation he was looking forward to.

To be continued.....
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m15 originally wrote: CAME JUST IN TIME!!!
sooooo why were they fighting him? and what's with her being stalked? I would find that terrifying.. lol...
I am glad that max and liz are so close in this fic tho... *big* keep up the good work! *bounce**angel*

Thank You! Zan is sending Liz "clues" about who she really is. Zan said some stuff that Micheal didn't like, so they fought. But Max broke it up. The details about what happened will be revaled in the next part. Liz is afraid but her parents lying to her is what's taking up most of her thoughts.

When their deception finally comes to light, all that self control that Liz is so famous for will be lost. Liz is going to loose it big time!!!
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Yah, I have to admit her parents are making me nervous too. And what happened with Zan. They didn't kill him did they?

No they didn't kill him but they did start the fight. Thaknks everyone for the feedback, the next part will be up tonight after Roswell airs.
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Part 10

"You did what!"

Max winced. He knew that telling Liz what happened during the fight was not his smartest move.

"Liz be reasonable. Zan can not be trusted, we did what we had to do!"

"Max, you let Micheal beat him up!"

Liz knew that Max didn't trust Zan, but sicking Micheal on him was just not right. Max had told Micheal to distact Zan, so that he could search Zan's apartment. Micheal had been told to keep Zan busy 'by any means necessary'.

"For the record, if Zan had keept his mouth shut, Micheal wouldn't have punched him, which means that technically Zan started the fight."

When Liz just raised her brow at him, be decided to try a different tactic.

"I did at least break up the fight."

Liz stayed quiet.


Max realized that they were nearing the Crashdown, and suddemly everything was clearer.

"You're not really upset about Zan are you? You're upset about your parents."

Liz sighed. "I not happy about the Zan situation, because I think you could have found a different way to do things. But I am soory that I snapped at you. I know where all this anomosity comes from, I just want to make sure that you know that I love *you* not him. He's no more a threat to our relationship than Kyle is. I won't let anyone come between us, ever again Max."

Max knew that Liz was trying to reassure him, because she was aware that deep down, there were moment when he felt like he didn't deserve her. He loves her. Needs and wants her. But he still worried sometimes that she'd wake up one day with regret in her eyes.

Looking at Liz now, her eyes full of love and devotion, Max felt his fears of her leaving him finally melt away. He was not however, niave enough to believe that their were no longer those out there, namely Zan, that would try to take Liz away from him even though she would never be willing. Liz's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"You're right about me being upset about my parents. I don't feel safe with them Max! I mean I know that they're lying, but that doesn't mean that they are a danger to me. So why do I feel this way?"

"I don't know, Liz. But I do think that you should trust your insticts. It may just turn out to be something serious, but then again maybe not. Whatever happens, just know that you are not alone ok."

Liz smiled feeling a little better as they walked into the Crashdown.

Liz's parents were huddled in a corner whispering to each other, and it was obvious that they were discussing something serious. The vein in her dads forehead was sticking out, which only happened when he was very upset.

As they noticed Liz approaching, they sprang apart guiltily. Liz rolled her eyes and casted a glance at Max. Her parents little display had now become a regular occurrance.

"Liz, honey where have you been?"

Liz glared at her mother. Her voice just seemed so fake to Liz. She noticed that her dad was eyeing Max suspiciously, while holding an envelope.

"Is that for me?"

Jeff broke his staring match with Max and looked at the letter in his hand. For some reason Max gave him the creeps. The way he always watches Liz, like he knows things about her that her that no one else knows. But Jeff knew better. That boy had no idea what Liz really was, only he and Nancy knew the truth. He'd do anything to protect his only child. Even if he needed to protect her from herself.

Before Liz could take her letter, Nancy grabbed it.

"You didn't answere my question, Liz. Where were you?"

"Iwas at the Evans' house. Isabel suggested that we have a little girl time. I guess she feels sorry for me cause Maria's stll mad at me."

Liz knew this wasn't true, but if her parents could lie, then so could she.

"I'm spending a couple of days there. Her parents said that it's ok with them. So, can I have my letter now?"

Nancy was about to tell Liz that she didn't care for her tone, but Jeff stopped her.

Liz grabs the letter and has a flash of her *mother* touching the Granolithe. Liz pales and begins backing away from her.

Max, feeling Liz's distess, asks her if she's alright. But Liz pulls away and run up the stairs, not even hearing the voices calling after her. Once she reaches her room, she melts the door shut, backing away from it and shaking her head in denial. I wasn't true. What she was seeing could *not* be real.

When Liz had taken the letter from her *mother* their hands had brushed and the flashes started. They kept commiing, each one bringing her more aguish than she'd ever felt.

"No, No No, she screamed" It's all lies. Her entire life was a lie. She saw everything. Felt everything, praying to any and every higher power she could think of to make the images stop. But they didn't.

The Parkers weren't her parents. The Granolithe had craeted her. The only source that could tell Liz who she really was, is gone forever. Liz now understood why she had felt so much pain and loss while in the the Pod Chamber. The Granolithe, her ...mother had self desrtucted so that their enemies couldn't track it after the transfer of power. If they had found the Granolithe, they would have found Liz. Her real mother had died protecting her, while the lier who raised her had let some quack cut her open.

Liz didn't even realized that she was still screaming until she felt Max's arms arround her, desperately trying to calm her.

Liz's *parents* were beating on the door, trying to get in.

Max looked at Liz, who had finally stopped screaming, and was now staring at blankly at an open letter. Max read the letter, it was the result of a DNA test. It was prove that Liz was not Jeff Parkers daughter.

Liz was still shaking uncontrollably, but was not saying anything, so Max picked her up and headed towards the window. It was then that he noticed the condition of Liz's bedroom for the first time. It was completely destroyed. He knew Liz had not done this with her bare hands because she didn't have time. Besides, that hands couldn't have caused the massive cracks in the walls and ceiling. Only pure unadulturated power could have done Liz. How could Liz be this powerful.

Max could still feel Liz trembling against him, but it was not with pain. It was rage.

In a motel just outside of Roswell, a battered Zan smiled for the first time all day.

***********Next part will include:

1. Liz confronts her parents, with near fatal results.

2. Max, Isabel, and Micheal translate the book, and learn Liz's true origins.

3. Zan makes his move.

4. Zan let's the rest of the New York Royal 4 know that "The Man Is Back!"

To be continued.....
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Can't wait to see what Zan has planned! Thanks for wriitng!

Liz destroyed her room in a fit of rage while she was screaming, but she didn't realize what she was doing.

Next part will be up Thursday night, after Charmed!

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Part 11

Max sat infront of his parents impatiently. He had asked them to allow Liz to stay with them, only telling them part of the truth; that Liz's mother lied about who her father was and now Liz knows it.

"Son, you have to understand our position. This is a family matter and it's probably best to let the Parkers handle things within *their* family."

"But that isn't going to happen. How do you think Liz feels knowing this big secret. The man who raised her thinks that he has a daughter and he doesn't! If Liz confronts her mother, then the *family* will be torn apart. She needs a place to sort all of this out, and I don't understand why you won't help her."

"Max, calm down. Your father just meant that it isn't really our place to interfere in another family's matters. Liz can stay for a couple on nights, but what happens when one of her parents...I mean when th *Parkers* come looking for her? Honey we are not unfeeling. From what you've told us, the last thing Liz needs is to be in a tug-of-war betwen us and them."

"Your mother's right Max."

Max looked at his parents and sighed. He really was asking a lot of them, but he would help Liz even if he had tom leave this house to do it. Then he got an idea.

"She can stay with Micheal."

Both his parents flintched at the reminder that one of their children a moved at such an early age. It was for the best though, Micheal had calmed down considerably after Phillip Evans had finally relented and allowed him to move. But it was still a bit of a sore spot for both parents.

"Liz can't be at the Crashdown now, so she can stay at Micheal's-"

"We all know from personal experience how much Micheal likes his space. Do you think he'll let Liz stay with him?"

Max refrained from telling them that Micheal would do as he was told, and told them how much Micheal adores Liz instead, which was true.

"I'm sorry if anything I said was out of line but I won't appologize for trying to help Liz" Max then left his parents to chek on Liz.

Liz sat on Max's bed in her own little world. Some very small part of her knew that she was safe and that Max was close. Some small part of her felt Isabel brushing her long dark hair; that Maria, who had decided to bury the hatched, was holding one of her hands, while Alex held the other.

But the larger part of her was standing in the Granolithe chamber telling her husband that she had no regrets. Giving him one last embrace and watching as he disappeared from her sight and from her life. The larger part of her watched as every single person she loved, with the exception of Max, was slaughtered by Kivar and
his followers. The larger part of her saw the look on Max's face again and again from when he saw her in bed with Kyle. And lastly, the larger part of her saw the car that was being controlled by Tess, racing towards her and the pain of it's impact.

And all of it could have been avoided. This was the phrase that she kept repeating over and over. Her friends thought she was just upset about the DNA test, she had yet to tell them everything she had found out.

"Max what did they say?" Isabel was hoping that her parents would let Liz live with them.

"They said that they didn't want to interfere in family matters, but they do understand. It's just kind of weird for them. I told them that Liz could stay with Micheal. Where is he anyway?"

No sooner had the question left his mouth, that Micheal was crawling through the window. He looked like hell.

"I translated the book." Micheal looked at everyone and his eyes lingered on Liz's intranced form. "Maybe we should let Liz rest and discuss this in the other room."

Max was about to argue when something in Micheal's eyes changed his mind. "Liz we'll all be down the hall. You try and get some rest, ok."

Liz didn't say anything but she did at least smile, which she hadn't done all day. Max kissed her lips and led everyone down the hall.

The second the door to Max's room closed, Liz went out the window.

"So what's this about Micheal?"

"You might want to sit down first. It's unbelievable Max, and I think it the real reason that Liz is in the stae she's in now."

"We know why-"

Micheal cut him off. "No, Maxwell you don't"

Micheal informed the group that Liz was the Granolithe's child and that she now carried all that power with in her self. He told them that the book was an account of what had happened and what will happen, and that the book was written before the were even born on Antar. He told them that the Granolithe had tied protected Liz all her live, but the Parkers interfered, and that Liz should have been waiting for them in the Pod Chamber when they were born. Max and Liz are meant to be together as are Isabel and Micheal. In his life as Zan an oracle had told the Kings parents that marrying Ava would never bring peace only war in two lifetimes. The oracle had then revealed the book that she'd kept for over one hundred years, detailing what was meant to be. But know one would heed her warnings believing that they and not the Granolithe had brought them all of their victories. The Oracle had tried to tell them that the Granolithe was alive and quite angry, and that Antar would suffer for it's arrogance. She told them that only The First would be able to save them now. After this last prediction, Serena the oracle was never seen on Antar again.

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Part 11b

Everyone's haed was spinning from the information that Micheal had given them.

"All this could have been avoided!"

"What, did you say Maria?"

"All this could have been avoided! That's what Liz kept saying all day. Micheal I think you're right and Liz does know about what you just told us. Maybe not the stuff about the Oracle but--"

"Oh God!"

The group folled Max as he ran out of Isabel's room and down the hall. Max open his bedroom door and swore loudly.

""She gone."

"Maxwell, she's in no shape to be anywhere by herself. What if she runs into Zan?"

Maria was truely afraid for her best friend. "Whre would she go?"

Max thoght about it for a second. "She went to confront her parents."

Nancy Parker had just sent home the last customer and was in the process of locking up the Crashdown when she heard a throat clear from behind her. She turned to see Liz standing there, staring at her through eyes black as midnight.


Zan sat in his car just outside of the Roswell Cemetary. He had packed enough food and clothes for the both of them. He waited knowing that tonight was the night. In just a few hours he'd have Liz and no one would be able to stand in his way.

"Liz, are you ok? What's going on, honey." Nancy was trying to ignore the shivers that the look on her daughter face was causing her.

"Is there something you'd like to tell me?"

"I'm not sure that I know what you mean. Um, I thought you where having a sleep over-"

Liz lifted her hand towards the pile of clean dishes sitting on the counter, and let off a blast that shattered every one.


Nancy stood in shock. No this can not be happening. How much could Liz know, did she remember everything? She wished her husband was here.

"Liz please listen to me-"

Nancy stopped talking when Liz raised her hand again this time towards the ceiling. She created a whole that cause someone the fall through.

"Oh, God Jeff?"

Jeff allowed his wife to help him up while trying to keep an eye on his inraged daughter.

"Lizzy, I know you're upset but we where only trying to help you. There's so much that you are still to young to understand."

"Understand? You want me to understand how two people who claimed to love me have lied to me my entire life? To understand why you let someone experiment on me and take away part of my identity? Do you have any idea how much pain your selfishness had caused?"

"Is it selfish to want your daughter to be normal?"

"Yes damn you! I didn't deserve what you did to me! And don't you dare tell me that you did this out of love! You wanted me to be something I'm not. You were so concerned with having a *normal* child that you were willing to risk my life to do it!"

"No, baby that's not true. That car did a lot of damage to you-"

"SHUT UP! Stop the lies! I would have healed on my own and you damn well know it. You're just ashamed of me, and that is not my fault. I did NOT ask to be here. If you couldn't accept me for *me* that you should have left me at the Pod Chamber. I would have been taken care of by people like me, people who're my real family!"

"WE are your family Liz!"

"You are *nothing* to me. I have lived two life times. One of which I had to watch my family killed off one by one, and another in which I was nearly killed and all of it is because of the two of you."

Liz knew shecouldn't go into more detailes without revealing the others, she would never do that to them.

"You don't even have the decency to be sorry about what you've done to me. I hate you both and I want you out of my life."

"That's not going to happen Liz. I stand by what we did because it was for the best. We made sure all these years that no one would find out what you really are-"

At being called a 'what' Liz snapped. The foundation of the building started to shake. Every drinking glass, dish, mirror, and window shattered. The tabled that had been nailed down for years were uprooted. The chair flew arrounfd the room, some flying out of what used to be the doors of the Crashdown; and the Parkers crashed into the wall repeatedly pleadindg with liz to stop.
But she didn't untill she heard Max voice.

"Liz don't do this."

Liz turned her head and looked arround with confusion. Max noticed that she looked a little surprised about all that damage that she'd done.

Liz looked at Max, tears pouring down her face. "You kno everything don't you?"

"Yes. And I love you. Remember what I told you earlier? You are not alone Liz. Come with me, let me take you away from here. I promise. I *promise* that I'll do everything I can to get you through this."

He took a step closer to Liz and caressed, smiling as she leaned into in hand. "I'm scared I don't know who I am. All the pain, Max everything we went through-"

"I know. But we're together now and I'm not going anywhere."

Max kisses her. "Come with me Liz."

She nods, and there's a flash of light. Everthing had been restored to the way it was before Liz destroyed it. Max marveled at his mates powers.

"You're not human are you?"

Max looked at the Parkers coldly. "No, I'm not."

"You did this! You're the one that's be turning her against us!"

Max gave Liz a squeeze silently telling her to stay calm. "You did this all on your own. Yes I'm and Alien, and so are Micheal and Isabel. Just incase you were thinking that I'm the only one. You are going to stay away from Liz, or I will gladly finish what she started."

"You are out of line boy! You have no say over my daughter!"

"I'm her mate and her King, I can assure you that I have more than a say over Liz. And for the record she's not your daughter."


Liz spoke up then. "The Granolithe created me and Somehow Nancy found her way to the Pod Chamber. I was inside the Granolithe, and when Nancy touch it it pulled her inside. That's when I was ....ansorbed into her womb."

Jeff Parker was shaking his head in disbelief. "Nancy please tell me that what they're saying isn't true!"

His wife was now sobbing. "I'm sorry Jeff, but it is. I thought that you were acting strange that day and so I decided to follow you. I didn't know that the man was a shapeshifter at the time. He was wearing your face, so I folled him to the chamber and that when I saw the Granolithe. There was this baby girl inside, and she looked almost human. I was facinated, so I touched the Granolithe, and suddenly found my self inside. I got out and the shapeshifer didn't see me. When I realized what had happened I couldn't tell you the truth. I'm so sorry."

Jeff Parker walked out saying that he needed to think.

Max's resentment grew. THis woman could appologize to her husband for lying, but not to her daughter.

"I wanna go away Max. Please, take me from here!"

Liz had been through so much, and Max knew that she would need all of her freinds to get her through this.

"Are you astro projecting, Liz?"

"Yes, I'm physically at Roswell Cemetary. At Grandma Claudia's grave."

"Stay, there I'll gather up Micheal and Isabel and we'll all head out of town tonight. Anywhere you want to go."

"Can you bring Alex and Maria too?"


"Thank you, Max. I love you so much."

"I love you, too."

Liz vanishes, and Max looks at a sobbing Nancy.

"I've lost everything, because of you!"

"If that's what you have to tell yourself, then fine. But don't forget what I said. Stay way from Liz, and don't even think about calling the police or FBI. As babd as your life seems now, I promise you I can make it ten times worse. So, here's the deal; You don't try to wrecked Liz's life, and I won't wreck yours."

With one last cold glare Max walks out of the Crashdown, and doesn't her Nancy's last comment.

"What have I done?"

Liz sat at her garndmother grave. She had the feeling that Claudia knew that Liz was different. She may not have had all the gory details, but Claudia probvably knew something. Liz didn't fault her though, for what ever knowledge Claudia did have, there was no way she could've imagined the depths that the Parkers had gone through to keep their secrets.

Liz was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't see Zan sneak up behind her until it was to late.

'Max' was Liz's last thought before her world went dark.

Zan smiled a picked her up. "New York, here we come!"

Sevaral hours later Liz woke up with a massive headace, to the sound of the television.

Liz sat up praying that she was wrong and that Zan had not knocked her out and that she was not on a bed in a motel room watching the Newy York Evening News!

"Oh God!"

Deep in the sewers. Ava, Rath, and Lonnie were arguing about what was gonna go down at tomarrows Summit.

Suddenly, they were all tossed violently into the wall.
The three furious aliens looked up to see who their attacker was and froze in both shock and fear.

Zan lookes at them with an arrogant smirk and said,

"Guess who's back!"

To be continued..........

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*big* Thanks!!! Yes Zan is really pissed! The fact that they set him up and tried to kill him (just like in the show) didn't really sit to well with Zan lol....

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Part 12a

Ava, Rath, and Lonnie stared at Zan, wondering what he'd do next. It seemed as though everyone was afraid to move or speak, but each for different reasons.

Ava was happy. She knew that the minute Zan's body had fallen in the street that night, that she had made a grave mistake. Zan had never loved her, at least not like she wanted. He saw her as a sister, not as a woman and mate. He had always taken care of her, though. Telling her that she was beautiful and that any man should feel lucky to have her as his girl. He just couldn't be that man. Not knowing that Ava wanted him so badly, he had felt safe in telling her his deepest and darkest secrets, including details about his obcession with a human girl, Liz Parker. He said that she was different, special. In his sleep he would mumble something about The First, whatever the hell that was. He said other things about Liz too; that she was the only one of her kind and that she was born to be Queen. That was when Ava lost it. She had found out about Lonnie and Rath's plans, and in a fit of rage and jealousy, she had agreed to help them bring Zan down. But now he was here, and she had a chance to make things right. She just hoped that he would forgive her. She'd beg, kill, or lie, whatever it took to get him back. Lonnie and Rath could go to hell!

Rath was pissed off. All his plans were gone up in smoke. Why couldn't Zan have stayed dead. All Rath wanted was to be King and Ava in his bed. Not that he loved Ava or anything, but she was hot! Besides that, she was Zan's and Rath wanted everything the former King had possessed! Lonnie wanted to kill Ava but Rath would never allow that. Ava would be his Queen, and Lonnie would be his whore. Lonnie was to damn smart to be allowed such a powerful position as Queen, and would try to control things. So Ava would have to do. She'd be no match for Rath. Now everything had gone wrong because Zan was back. Rath had to find a way to get what he wanted, and he would not loose out to Zan. He hoped.

Lonnie was scared. Just plain scared. Zan had a *very* bad temper, and had even taken lives when pushed to far. She had seen his every mood, knew him better than he knew himself. She could always anticipate his moves and moods. It was why she was in charge od most of what happened to bring him down. She had seen him full of love when he looked at Ava, even though it wasn't the type of love Lonnie *knew* she really wanted from Zan. He also had love and trust in his eyes when he looked at Lonnie. She saw his hatred towards some of the humans that they came in contact with, and he would become enraged at the mere mention of any form of army or military. But she had never seen the type of rage that was in his eyes now, and she knew that most of it was directed at Rath, because he was Zan's blood. But Lonnie had done most of the planning, and she had a feeling that Zan knew it too.

Zan watched his so-called family in amusement. They were all waiting for him to pass judgement on them. They're probably surprised that he hasn't killed them yet. He knew how to play this game a lot better than they did, he was after all created for this purpose.

He looked at Ava and allowed his eyes to soften completely. She would be easy to control.

He held his arms out to her. "Come here baby."

Ava didn't even hesitate. She ran and practically jumped into Zan's arms, crying and telling him how sorry she was.

Zan thought he was gonna be sick. He hated having her touch him, but she needed to believe that she had both his love and his forgiveness. So he took a deep breath and pretended that he was looking at his Liz.

Ava gasped at loved she saw in his eyes. He had never looked at her that way, and she melted when he kissed her.

Zan spoke to her telepathically.

'I love you Ava, but you gotta prove to me that ya won't betray me again.'

'I'll do anything, Zan!'

'Then help me take out Lonnie. NOW!'

Before Lonnie can react Zan and Ava combine their powers and blast her, killing her instantly.

"Sh*t," Rath yelled.

By the time Rath had turned from Lonnie's body, Ava's lifeless form lay at Zan's feet.

"So, you gonna take me out, now?"

Zan frowned at him. "Rath it ain't you fault. You're my bro, and you gotta know I don't blame you cause Ava and Lonnie betrayed me! It's just us now, bro. You were right, we should go to the Summit."

Rath stared at him in complete shock. He couldn't believe his luck, Zan didn't know that he was in on the plan. This meant that Zan wouldn't kill him! Rath knew that he'd have to wait to take his place as King, but it no longer bothered him. After the Summit, they could finally go home, then he and his followers would kill both Zan and Kivar.

Zan couldn't believe how dumb his former Second was. He had fallen for everything Zan had told him. 'I'm going to enjoy killing you,' he thought.

"Yo, man let's bounce! I got somebody you should meet. Get all yo sh*t together, cause we ain't commin back to this dump!"

"Cool, so who am I gonna meet?"

"The First."

Rath snorted in disbelief. "Yeah right, Man! That's a myth and you know it." Rath was laughing at what he thought was an obvious joke, until he saw the look on Zan's face.

"Yo, you for real?"

Zan nodded.

"Where is she?"

Zan grinned. "In my motel room, in my bed." He reached out with his mind. "She's also extremely pissed."
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Part 12b

"Damn it," Liz screamed. "What the hell did that bastard do to me!"

Liz was scared and pissed off. Her powers weren't working, she had tried everything she could to get out of the room. It had no windows, and there was a wall in her way when she opened the door. Zan had stored plenty of food, drink, and cloths in the room, but made sure that she could not escape. She had even screamed several times at the top of her lungs, but no one had answered her. And there was no phone in the room.

Liz looked around the room in a desperate attempt to find something that might help her. It was then that she saw a copy of the medical file, that she had received only days ago through the mail. The surgical procedure that the doctor had performed on her had benn highlighted.

"Oh my, God!" Zan had done to her what the doctor had done years earlier, only he had just used his powers instead of a surgical scalpal!

This was why her powers weren't working! Zan had obviously been the one sending her the 'clues' to her past, and she'd bet anything that he was the one responsible for the doctor's untimely death.

"He's crazy. I've got to get away from him, but how do I do it!"

Liz was thinking about her optian, and realized that she was a little hungry. Even though she was desperate, she knew that letting herself get weak from lack of eating would not help her situation. She'd need all her strength to get out of this.

Looking around the room she finally spotted what she wanted to eat, and settled back down on the bed. She then felt Zan reach out with his mind to make sure that she was exactly where he'd left her. She could feel him inside her head and hated it. It made her feel dirty. It also pissed her off even more. She suddenly felt her hands become warm and sticky, and looked down.

Liz gasped in delight. She had melted the candy bar! Whatever Zan had done to her was starting to wear off. Liz would bet money that this was different from what the doctor had done becausue she now had the Granolithe's power inside her, so brain could heal what Zan had done.

After a few more tests, Liz continued to get stronger. She decided to try to astro project herself to Max, but to her disappointment, she wasn't strong enough yet. She was, however, exhausted, and couldn't help it when she fell asleep.


"Try it now," said an enraged Max.

He had spent the last several hours going through complete hell. Liz was gone, heknew for a fact that she was no longer in Roswell. He also knew that she was alive, but considering that she was with Zan and had not tried to contact him, meant that Zan had done something to her. Isabel had tried to dream walk her several times before siggested that Max join her her efforts.

"Give me your hand, Max." Max and Isabel combined their powers, while both touching Liz's picture.

Micheal has started to worry after seeing them that way for nearly twenty minutes. Suddenly they came out of it. Isabel was obviously shaken up, but the look in his King's eyes made Micheal take a frightened step back.

"He took her to New York! Isabel, Micheal, and I are going to bring her home. We leave in one hour."

"Max we should all go! At least take Alex and me!"
Maria was not about to sit around while some clone ran off with her best friend. Alex was agreeing with her.

Kyle and his dad had joined the meeting upon hearing that Liz was missing. JIm was worried that Liz would be hurt by Zan, or worse, and Kyle just blamed Max for everything.

Max was really not in mood to fight with Maria, Alex, or Kyle.

"Look, Liz is missing. I don't have time to argue about who's commong and who's staying! Jim, I would apprecriate it if you would come with us, we could use your experience; but Isabel, Micheal and I will remain out front. We don't know what we are walking into , and I'd never forgive myself if anything happened to you. But no one else is comming with us, the more people we have to look after the harder it will be to get Liz out and to safety. I won't compromise Liz for anybody, period!"

Jim looked at Max and realized that he must have been a great King in his other life, and was well on his way to surpasing that in this life. Jim felt honered to be a part of this special group of people.

"I'd be glad to help out, Max."

"Thanks, we'll meet at the air port in one hour."

"What are you going to do with Zan?"

Max's eyes where black with hate, as were Isabel's and Micheal's. "Zan is dead, Jim. He just doesn't know it yet."

Jim shivered. He would not want to be Zan when these three got a hold of him. There was going to be some serious hell to pay.

To be continued.............
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Part 13

Kivar stood over the young brunette with a slightly stunned expression. He had been on his way to find the Royals in New York. He could feel their presence, and had decided to keep an I on them until the Summit.

He'd just "disposed" of some punk who had tried to mug him, when he was hit with strange feeling of rage, fear, and desperation. But these feelings were not his own. He followed the sensations to a cheap motel, and noted that they got stronger once he entered the building. Finally stopping outside rooom 24, he open the door, only to be met with a brick wall.

"What the hell is going on?"

Kivar disolves the bricks and enters the room. At first he doesn't see anything that would warrant the protection of a brick wall, that is, until he turns arround and finds HER.

This had been 20 minutes ago, and Kivar still could not keep his eyes off of her. He could tell that she wasn't human, and that she was powerful. But why was she in this isolated dive? And why did she invoke these odd feelings in him?

He wanted to protect her. To hide her away from the dangers that life held. Kivar was very confused, and he did *not* respond well to being confused. Normally, he would simply destroy anyone who set him off balance. But he could not, fot the life of him, fathom hurting this preciuos creature.

When the girl wimpered in her sleep, he couldn't stop himself from reaching out to touch her cheek, and was both surprised and pleased when she purred at him and settled back into a deep sleep.

"You respond to me! Who are you little one?"

Kivar wanted to connect with her, but feeling her power, knew that this would not be a good idea. If she were to wake up during the connection, she cound become frightened, and he didn't want to scare her. While thinking about what his next move should be, Kivar caught a sent that made his blood boil.

"Zan! She's Zan's mate!!"

Kivar understood now why the young girl made him feel these things. Why he was drawn to her. He narrowed his eyes and backed out of the room, silently vowing to come back and claim what was rightfully his!

He desided to change his plans. Instead of spying on the Summit and it's attendants, he would participate from the very start. The girl would come to him, aqnd aid him in his quest to humiliate Zan infront of the other leaders. Kivar would cut down all of that little boys defenses, destroy his loved ones, and take his mate (while making Zan watch). He'd work every angle until the former King broke. Then, and only then would Kivar feel any pleasure in finally eliminating Zan, once and for all. Kivar vowed to do this with Antar's Crown on his head and Zan's mate by his side.

To be continued........
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Part 14a

It took every ounce of Liz's self control not to blast Rath into the middle of next week. He was rude and cruel, and probably would have attacked her if Zan weren't in the room. Liz knew that Zan didn't really trust Rath and was playing some sort of game.

She wanted to read his mind, but was afraid that they'd realize her powers had returned completely. She wanted to just kill them both, but decised to get as much information out of them as possible. Liz had already been told about the Summit, and her role in the event. Once she was revealed as the First, the leaders of Antar's surrounding planets would expect an heir to be born within one earth year. This meant that Zan would have to get her pregnant immediately.

He had informed Liz that although he "loves" her, she would have no choice in this...he would have his heir even if she weren't willing. The idea that he could claim to love her in one breath, while threatening to rape her in the next, made her physically ill.

"You're both going to die, you do realize that don't you? I'm pretty sure that it'll be quite painful!"

"Yo, Zan you wants me to shut this bitch up?"

Rath didn't even see the fist coming. Zan knocked him clear across the room with one blow.

"Don't eva call her dat!"

Rath counted to ten before he spoke. "Sorry duke."

Zan then turned to look at Liz as though he were hero of the year, and Liz just snapped.

"What? Am I supposed to be grateful for that little display? First you lie to me and play games with my mind, then you kidnap me. Finally, you tell me that you are more than willing to rape me to get an heir, and all the while claiming to love me!" And you expect me to treat you like some damn knight and shinning armor! I hate you, and the mere thought of you ever touching me makes me sick. You are beneath me. And you will never have me or Antar's Thrown!"

"I will have you!"

Liz laughed at him. "YOU aren't fit enough to make my bed let alone lie in it! I want Max. You remember him don't you? The *real* King of Antar. If all I wanted was a sewer rat, I sure as hell didn't have to come all the way to New York!"

Liz was expecting Zan to blow his top, but he just cocked his head to the side and stared at her.

"Why are you so confident all of a sudden, Liz?"


"Somethings changed, I can feel it!"

Liz was starting to get really uncomfortable. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, I think you know exactly what I's talkin' about. You been in conatct wit my dupe haven't ya? Answer me!"

"I haven't contacted anyone because *somebody* stole my powers. Trust me, if I were strong enough to contact Max, your as would be way beyond dead right now. So get your filthy hands off of me!"

"You know your tantrums are having a pretty interesting affect on me little girl. What do ya say we start working on on that heir right now, hmmm?"

"you go for it man! We got at least four hours before the Summit. Yo, can I watch?"

Liz was about to give Rath a piece of her mind when she noticed a window directly behind him. 'That wasn't their before she thought.'

Suddenly an arm crashes through the window and yanks a surprised Rath out of the room.

Zan pushes Liz roughly on to the bed and runs to the window. "What did you do!?!"

Liz jumps up from the bed. "*I* didn't do anything. Oh, I'm sorry did I forget to mention that my mate is here?"

Zan looks out of the broken window, but sees no trace of Rath or anyone else. By the time he turns around Liz is gone and Max Evans is standing in her place.

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Part 14b

Max had been waiting outside of the room listening to Rath and Zan's conversation about the Summit and Liz. He also heard about what Zan had done to Ava and Lonnie and was glad not to have to worry about those two interfering.

Max was already pissed beyond belief, but when Zan announced his intention to rape his mate, he snapped.

He told Micheal to grab Rath as a distraction, while he himself took Liz's place inside the motel room. Now he stood infront of his dupe, and was for the second time in a month looking forward to killing someone.

Finally Max spoke. "If you wanted me to kill you, all you had to do was ask. Taking my mate wasn't neccessary."

"I ain't the one that's gonna die."

"You died the moment you put your filthy hands on her, I'm just here to dispose of the body!"

And with that they began blasting away at each other. Both appear to be equally matched. Zan, however is used to using his powers as an offense, where Max is not. Zan notices this and starts to taunt Max.

"Yo, did you get the flowers I sent to Roswell? You know the dozen white roses. One rose for every time screams my name instead of yours! Yous wastin' ya time, duke. I'll have Liz and she will have my son!"

"I seriously doubt that. Bedsides, she's already carrying mine!"

That throws Zan off for a few seconds, and it's all Max needs. He gathers up all his powers and aims directly at Zan's heart. "Liz is mine!" The blast burns Zan, and continues until not even his sterling silver earings are left behind.

Max glares down at the spot where Zan used to be.


To be continued......
Is Liz really pregnant or was that a trick to distract Zan? What happened to Rath? How will the other leaders react to meeting the First? Find out in the next chapter!!!