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Title: Destined forever.
Rating: PG for now but the ratings WILL change.
Disclaimer: Don't own the Roswell gang. They belong to UPN and Melinda Metz. But I own and Sarah also little Serena
Authors note: I hope I'm doing this right. Feed back please!!!!!!!
This is mainly Liz Pov and Zan Pov after EOTW and start of Meet the Dupes. Don't worry I'm still a dreamer!! But Max in season 2 isn't as he used to be. Just read or I will give too much away.

Part One

Why do I feel this void in my existence?
A gaping blackness - it doesn't go away?
A feeling of loneliness and neglect?
Slowly eating me away?

Will it ever stop?
Or will I have to end it first?

Liz parker sat arched in a rigid ball, in the furthest corner in her dark room. The windows, wide open as the frozen draft constantly flowed in, causing her dark dull curtains to billow and entwined together like a crazed animal.

I'm not myself anymore...
Forever changed...- cannot go back.
I'm alone and not loved...
No body cares anymore
Too busy suffocating in their pitiful lives...

The man that I ever loved is gone....

Elizabeth Parker once curled into herself gradually come undone. She slowly walked to the bathroom, hearing the soft clicks of her clock, counting down to her horrific demise

I'm sorry Serena; water flowed like jewels from her blood shot eyes. It's not your fault.

She pulled out Kyle's pistol she had stolen earlier and pressed the cold chamber to her forehead. Before she could pull the trigger a voice that wasn't her own in screamed inside her head so loud she could have sworn her nose started to bleed.

Don't do it cornball !!!


FBI agent Walker was assigned to closely watch a group of streets punks who have been prime suspects in alien encounters.
Oh Please, Sarah thought. If the beau was going to sack her because of last week then why then assign her to this?
She quickly shook that thought away and pulled a small mobile phone and pressed the red button spoke into her communicator.
"The ducks are in the bag," She whispered and tried not to snort but failed. These code words were quite odd if you didn't know what they really meant.
She hid behind the degraded blue dumpster and intently watched them from afar.

The New York streets always lingered with street punks and terrifying gangs however; there was one who defined them all.

A teenager, with dark spiked hair, pierced body parts, goatee, and the most haunted amber eyes you have ever seen. For those eyes carried the will of the world.
Three other characters followed close behind him, as if they were afraid to over step him.

Yep, Sarah thought. That's our guy. The Mohawk guy called him Zan. Is that short for Alexander?
The girl with short spiked hair, obviously streaked with thin black lines was telling Zan something while holding a brown ball. So was the other teen, petite with short pink hair.
Zan turned red in the cheeks and stopped, turned clockwise to the Mohawk guy and simply said.
"I'm Da man. Don't forget"
Sarah heard that line perfectly because they were only a few feet away from where she was. Which was behind the blue dumpster.
Sarah trembled as she picked up her mobile phone. Sweat began to bead under her arms.
"The Duck is here," Sarah whispered.

The girl who was next to the Zan looked suspicious. Her daunting eyes were was on the Mohawk's face the whole time as she shoved the basketball on to the pavement.
Zan went to pick it up as the Mohawk kicked Zan's butt and Zan's face met the pavement.
A blue truck was coming down the side street. The Mohawk punk stared at Zan while shot out his arm, aimed at the truck. Suddenly with out warning the truck sped rapidly and over Zan's body.
There was a loud thump like dropping a heavy bag on the floor filled the streets. Zan's body had just been run over.
The pink haired girl screamed which almost pierced Sarah's delicate eardrums.
The Mohawk punk and the girl dragged the dismayed teen away from the dead corpse.
Or so it seemed.
Because if they saw what Sarah saw they would know that Zan wasn't dead.
Before the Truck hit him he struck out his hands and a green shield covered his body as the truck drove not through him but over him.
He passed out before the truck drove away but not before Sarah heard Zan quietly whisper, his eyes glazed over.

Don't do it cornball
Then he collapsed, asleep.
When the three others were out of sight she sighed heavily.
Sarah swiftly dragged Zan's limp body behind the dumpster and spoke forcefully into the communicator.
"The hunter has shot the Duck," Sarah snorted to herself. " I repeat Hunter has shot duck and needs assistance,"

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It has been three days since Liz had that odd foreign experience.

Don't do it cornball? Liz scrunched her brow. She hasn't heard that term before.
While listening to Ms Hardy babbling about something she had learnt or there was no point in learning this fact. Sub consciously her right hand had been doodling something on her note pad for the past half and hour. The words 'Neri' was engraved on the lined paper.
Her left eye was trained on Ms Hardy while the other was focus on Max's cold face.
The guy you know from school
The guy you see down the street.
The guy who used to love you with all his soul
The guy you've been lying to
The guy you love so much

The past two months and three weeks Liz would rather be receiving water torture than this.
Tess Harding, and how she was like a thorn in the group. Then Future Max comes along and asks her to save the whole world by destroying her only change of happiness. Then there was the whole Serena fiasco.

Serena.... oh how I wish you were here....

Because then Liz wouldn't have to endure total isolation from everyone she trusts and cares about.

Then one day Liz couldn't take the cold shoulder from Max. The constant ramblings on how she was number one bitch from the Ice Queen or Maria having total disproval of her. Last of all Kyle resorting to not even know my name and Alex.... wishing he didn't even know me.

Liz remembered the whole procedure as if it was yesterday.

She received a phone call from Her Aunt in Florida, explaining her parents died in a plane crash on the way to Miami. Leaving her to look after the Serena situation.

Then Liz noticed that everyone started ignoring her, like she was a disease and if she touched you you'll be infected with her evil essence of some sort.

Then the last thing she could think of was pointing the gun at her head and four words " Don't do it cornball" forever rotating in her head as if the person was trying to summon her- tell her not to do the thing she was about to do. The next few hours were cleaning out the blood that stained her eyes, ears, nose and her mouth that kept bringing up the blood.

Something is quite odd, Liz thought. And I'm going to find out.

The indication that lunch had begun rang loudly like a foghorn. Liz was the last one to stumble out of the room. Max immediately grabbed Tess's hand and walked into the quad, laughing along Maria and Isabel.

A single blood tear escaped her left eyelid; too fast for Liz to register this- she was already in pain.
Little did Liz notice three men and Sarah Walker walk closely behind her.

I will die for you
I will die for you

I've been dying just to feel you by my side
To know that you're mine

I will cry for you
I will cry for you
I will wash away your pain with all my tears. And drown your fear

I will pray for you
I will pray for you
I will sell my soul for something pure and true.
Someone like you

See your face every place that I'm walking
Hear your voice every time that I'm talking

You won't believe in me
And I will never be this mort

I will burn for you
Fell pain for you
I will twist and knife my and bleed my aching heart
And tear it apart
I will lie for you
Beg and steal for you
I will crawl on hands and kneels until you see
You're just like me
Violate all the love that I'm missing
Throw all the pain that I'm living

You won't believe in me
And I can never be this mort

I will die for you
I will kill for you
I will steal for you
I do time for you
I will wait for you
I'd make for you
I'll sell ships for you
To be close to you
To be part of you
Cause I believe in you

I believe in you
I will die for you

#1 Crush Garbage

I see her in my dreams
Hear her in the streets
See her face in every mirror I look
An't it sweet, Lonnie would say.
Zan likes to taste a human bitch
Why don't you fuck her now then focus on ya destiny.
Zan couldn't figure out how his sister compared to her slut and tramp ways could have noticed?

Then for a while she faded, like an old dishrag.
Then babe made another appearance that night.
He could see her in his eyes, while he sub consciously focused on shielding himself from da truck.
She was pointing da pistol to her face.
He was used to da images that captivated dis mind.
However he couldn't let this babe ruin her life.

Suddenly without waring Zan's foreign side, his dark side dat he had try da hide from ya all around him woke up from his slumber. The unknown focused on the stricken image and somehow his mind was travelling past all da chaos and bright lights of his crib to da place she was trying to kill herself.

Zan wished he did not remember dis moment of da time.
Then he wouldn't have her human yet indistinguishable feelings taking over his soul- slowly drowning him in total isolation and depression and deep sorrow for this Serena person.

He didn't want dis white silk angel to wallow in thoughts sprung by jerks, sluts, and assholes.
Zan had this sudden primal urge to tell her not to do dis thing. Tell his angel dream girl that he could treat her like a Queen.

With out waring their eyes locked. He milk chocolate eyes like hot wax engraved on his body. Her pout lips wide open in shock. Then this spiritual moment with his dream honey faded.
Then he ended here...

No lights in a small dark room. Except for a dim glow bulb that loosely dangled from da ceiling.

And yet one question formed in his mind
One that he wouldn't of expected in the situation he was in.

Is she real?

any replies? questions?
anything you would like to see in this story cause it might happpen- I could ahh write it in*bounce*
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alot of people are confused
I get that

you would find out why they all hate her..

Liz never tells Maria about Future MAX

Serena- thank god someone saw that
lets shall I say Liz is related to her as in someone very close

You would learn more about Zan and Liz connection later
its really hard to explain

Here are a few spoliers.... for the story

*Liz has flashbacks to when it all started- her parents death...
* Serena Parker
age: fourteen
Older sliblings: Liz Parker
sort a get a picture

When Zan And Liz meet more stuff will be filled in
I know there are alot of gaps but they will be filled
Be patienet

* you would find out that Zan and Liz have met before

I guess the group hates her is because Kyle and Liz "slept"
Max actually fell out of LOVE with Liz or so it seems(sob)

Maria side with Max because she is with Micheal and Liz is really convincing aka she acted like a slut version when Maria asked about the whole kyle thing

When her parents died- well she decided to keep this a secret but I would let you know THAT THEY MIGHT NOT BE DEAD?

Serena is Liz younger sister who is " different" and NAcy couldn't handle this wild child and serena was sent to live with her Aunt in flordia.

Liz has a hard time talking about Serena -

Ummm you guys are gonna find out why everyonehates her
you will be informed
you will be informed
stay tuned
and there is gonna be a little nookie

Yeah I am toying with the idea of what furte max said about serena- lets say serena is " gifted"

okay enough

more post uurgh in Australia wise I guess either sunday or Monday cause I have a busy weekend and
yeah...... hope you like the story

"You will have your answers"

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* Authors note*
sorry this is short
I hope this is not confusing
This is my first fanfic
I haven't done something like this before.....

Liz rolled onto her side, clutching her sides together. The bed creaked with protest. No matter what she tried the memories wouldn't fade.

"You must help me fall out of love with you,"

"I may love you Max, but I won't die for you,"

"Liz what's wrong with you? If you don't tell me the truth its over between us as friends"
"Looks like you don't know me that well, Maria"

"I know it's hard. You will get through. I am here for you,"
"Thanks Serena"

"I can't believe they're gone,"

Liz could still taste the acid in her mouth when she had to lie to her friends but she had to.
So she could save the world from being taken over.

Memories - Back to before

It was hot and even hotter inside the Crashdown Cafe. In Roswell New Mexico bizarre heat wave. Metal fans surrounded the diner. They were all running at full speed but that wouldn't stop Liz and Maria sweating like roasted pigs on fire.

"Liz did you sleep with Kyle or not," Maria's voice seemed so far away to Liz as a deep cloud covered her mind.

"Flight 546 to Miami at Gate 56 last call..."

"We will be back honey,"

"I love you mom,"

Liz focused so hard on the memory that her veins began to show up, pulsating on her head.
It was the last time she ever saw her parents.
She still called when sheriff Valenti called and delivered the news. She still remembered the raw pain that was ripped out of her heart. When she came to the realization that her parents died in a plane crash.
Liz couldn't take this - she wanted to cry out but she couldn't. She didn't want everyone to know how weak and pathetic she was to come to terms with death. She already faced Nasdeo, the special unit and Future Max. So she could handle this. Even if it tears her up inside to not tell her best friend Maria how lost she was feeling.

"Liz?" Maria waved her hands in front of Liz blank expression. " Were done closing up so I will get the ice cream. Tell Aunty Maria about your Problems starting with Max totally hating you because of the Kyle Fiasco which I know isn't true." Maria babbled on for the next few minutes on how Liz was faking the sex ploy to push Max to his destiny.
Liz stomped to her bedroom in frustration.
Did Future Max think this was easy?
Did he think that she could shut down and automatically past Max would jump Tess's bones?

That last thought Liz regretted. She was getting mental images of them together.
She hugged her stomach and flopped onto her would be mattress but she missed it by five centimetres. She hid the wooden floor with a hard thud.
"Chicha are you alright?" Maria called from the kitchen.
Liz managed to reply with a rasped yes with grasping a necklace from under her bed. Liz came out from under the bed, sat up and rubbed the pendent between her fingers. She remembered how she received this from a street Kid with dreadlocks at the 1994 crash festival when she was ten.

Liz gasped as she traced the amethyst pendent in her hand. The swirls of magenta a pale purple swirled into endless circles with the same orb symbol engraved on each side of the prism surface.
Suddenly the unexpected happened.
A rich purple light shot out like a laser out of her head an onto her wall.
Five balls of fire rotated around her head in slow motion before rearranged itself into a V shape. Liz knew she should be sacred but apart of her wasn't. It was like she knew what was happening.

The one in the middle of the V shape glowed with such intensity Liz thought her eyes sockets could dry eyes from the constant rays of excruciating heat evaporated within her.
"Liz?" Maria footsteps became louder with each second that when she entered the room. The light had already disappeared.
Liz sat there shocked of what happened. The pendent rested now outside her uniform just above her chest.
"Tell me the truth,"
Liz thought of what happened before with the strange light and what Future Max warned her about the end of the world.
I can't tell her. No matter how much I want to tell her I don't to put her in danger. I don't want to be responsible for her death just like I was responsible for Michael and Isabel's.
"Kyle left his handcuff's here," Her voiced wavered as she stood up to face Maria's stern expression.
"I said Kyle left the Handcuff's here when we did it. You know how adventures he is," Her voice grew with confidence with each passing second
I must protect Maria and everyone I care deeply for even if it kills me inside. Liz heard her heart broke in two again as Maria slapped her hand hard on the face. Her left cheek stung as a red handprint remained on Liz's shocked face.

"Liz what's wrong with you? If you don't tell me the truth its over between us as friends,"
WE must stop the end of the world; future max words hovered in her troubled mind.
"Looks like you don't know me that well, Maria"

*sad* replys? hope it wasn't bad
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Authors note- the character Serena is kinda freaky.....

- im not confident inmy writing and love to hear your questions etc

In the time it took to get from New York to Roswell New Mexico's Eagle rock base, which had some heavy-duty overhaul because of May 1999. Zan had been whipped, shocked, sliced, prodded and interrogated about his unknown origin.

In all the chaos and mass destruction Zan remained quiet and quickly healed his wounds with a snap of his fingers. He seemed to be in control of the situation.

But he wasn't.

Every six hours the men in black would haul into in what they called ' The Boiler room' It’s a small coffin, where you breathe in steam and endure cobras nibbling at your flesh. In out of all the " experiments" Zan Hated and fear that one the most.

The pan Zan experienced every six hours left him feel like a mouse who was trapped in an endless maze of turmoil.

It was dark in Zan's cell as the guards kept watch outside. He knew this from personal experience cause he was left in the boiler room for twelves, which would want to make anyone puke.

Zan was beginning to rethink the whole situation that maybe he should have listened to Rath earlier.

Too late now, Zan scratched his neck.

All his piercing was removed when he was knocked out.
Maybe it was when he was almost friggin killed, Zan was going to make them pay for taking his stuff.

The lights were switched on and almost seared Zan's haunted amber eyes.
"Dis not time man," he stretched his palm forward on instinct- forgetting the fact that his powers were drained eight hours ago.

The middle aged female stood there with three bodyguards as protection from him.
"Welcome to Eagle rock Base Zan," She lifted her hands in a superior matter. " My name is Janet Pearce. I am replacing the Late Daniel Pearce, my brother." Janet smiled and tucked a loose lock of hair behind her pale face.
"You are going to be playing a key role in our new program called " Reef,"

Zan crossed his strong arms over his bare tattooed chest in a defence matter.
"Dis doesn't suit Da man," Zan lend his back against the wall, creating space between him and Janet.

She laughed like a hyena, her mouth open so wide Zan could see Janet's last night breakfast.

"Oh you like this one. It our new program where we see how a human female and alien male react to a formula which induce mating for an animal," Janet checks her watch.

"Sarah Walker would be collecting the subject when the time is right by then you have all the information you need to complete this task."

"Your telling me I am involved in you mapping out how we work well in the sack. From most of the woman I fucked I an't half bad," Zan chuckled.

"Your a virgin Zan. We have already checked that out. Now you better co-operate or your so-called friends will be dead. Including the frail pink lady,"

Zan's only friend Ava and his sister Lonnie and also his pain in the arse friend Rath dead?
No, It ain't gonna happen. Even though they tried to kill me.

"By your silence I guess you accept this experiment. The girl won't mind. From most of the nurses who undressed you complimented on your large lets say package?" Janet left the room, leaving the guards to inject him with the unknown blue formula, which left Zan, paralysed.

Dis ain't good, Zan collapsed onto the hard cold floor.

Liz's Aunt third corridor seemed dull with the out dated wallpaper. Some of her cousins had already begun to rip some layers off. Liz walked to her sister's room with the letters 'Serena' in bold letters and a picture of her next to the name.

Liz touched the sliver doorknob; it was cold under her palm. She turned ti to her right and pushed forward.

Serena was in the middle of the room sitting on a wooden stool while her doctor had some flash cards, showing Serena the blank side in front and the number or picture at the back. Her jagged short burgundy hair and her sapphire eyes were focused on the blank card. She held out her small hands and made a sign which meant " Tree,"
The doctor smiled and gave her a red plastic circle and shows her the next blank card.
Serena again made a gesture, which is roughly translated as the word "Re-incarnation,"
This amazed the young female specialist and pushed the flash cards to one side.
The doctor spoke very slowly to Serena and used her hands as well.
* Let's try something else* the doctor said and Serena nodded but seemed confused.

Liz watched on, eagerly waiting for some progress from her younger sister. Liz smiled when she realized her sister had dyed her hair from her normal colour brown to burgundy.
It looks quite odd, Liz thought but shrugged Serena has done far weirder things in the past.

"Apple," the doctor said, her strawberry blond curls framed her puzzled face,
Serena clenched her fists together; she seemed frightened and yet frustrated, her face was flushed from anger, the doctor trembled and gulped in what might happen.
Serna opened her mouth but the word apple didn't escape her lips. Instead an inhuman screech filled the streets. The doctor fell off Serena's king size bed with a hard thud, her hands over her ears.
Serena pounded his fist together and tried pulled at her hair while she whirled in endless circles, screeching until her lungs explode.

Liz quickly rushed into the room, pulled the frightened doctor aside and grabbed a purple marker,
Okay Liz, what to draw? What to draw?

With out wasting another moment Liz drew some symbols she remembered from the cave she and Max found. Also where River dog gave them the stones.

She held the blank flash card out and waited for Serena to stop tearing up the place.
Serena slowly turned around, her face twisted in a hideous expression but then soften as she began transfixed by the card.
She made a gesture with her hands and drew three crosses on the black board next to the bed. The sound of chalk striking the surface filled the room.
*What is it Liz* Serena asked, a goofy grin on her face.

Liz sighed. The ordeal had passed unlike last time.

Liz smiled and placed the card into Serena greedy hands " Keep it," Liz whispered but Serena didn't need to know what Liz had said. She some how already knew.

The doctor and Liz closed the door behind them, leaving them alone in the hallway.

"The the board di didn't tell me this," The new doctor was in hysterics. The ones before her never stood in Serena door.
"Shhh," Liz said. " She just doesn't want to speak I guess,"
"Uh she has ESP and that's usual for a fourteen year old who lost their hearing at seven?"
"She always had ESP but ever since that pipe boom.... it hasn't been the same," Liz remembered that day. That's when everything started going wrong.

"My name is Mary Allure. I'm twenty-seven years old. I haven't seen a teenager so out of control-"
Liz pushed Mary against the wall in sudden anger," She is not out of control. She is just frightened of you. Give it time,"
"Her parents don't fund this treatment anymore. It expired two weeks ago," Mary stated.
Tears coated Liz's cheeks when Mary mentioned her parents. Knives slashed through her heart.
"I was at my parent funeral today. How can you say that? I am looking after my sister Serena. How much does the bill cost?"
Mary stood there- still pushed against the wall sighed. " Serena's case is unheard of for a girl at her age. It is going to cost you twelve thousand a month which is three thousand a week."
Liz released Mary from her firm grip.
She bowed her head in confusion.
I don't have any strength anymore; Liz's stood there looking at the doctor for a few seconds.
"Just give me the address," Liz said.

Mean while in Serena's room Serena had worked out successfully what the symbols represented and drew out an explanation for her sister Liz to give to her when she visit next month.
My sister is going to be so proud of me, Serena grinned.

Beams of hot sunshine seeped through Liz's window. The warm rays of light tickled her leg, which was hanging out of her bed. She turned onto her side making the sheets ruffle with sudden movement. Her long cocoa-coloured hair covered half of her face. She looked like an angel: a drunken angel. Liz opened her eyes enough to vaguely make out the outline of the clock, flashing its neon-red numbers.
With a grumble she eased her white cotton sheets to the floor, hating the fact that she had to go to school, and also the fact that Serena's bill was overdue.
I'm seventeen, God damn it; I can't take anymore of this, thought Liz. She looked into the mirror.
I look like a tornado's whipped through me…
She walked into her bathroom.
She slid off her sapphire Japanese pyjamas and turned the water on to have a shower. The warm water whooshed down to the shower's tiled floor like a thousand tiny needles. White mist engulfed the room. She hopped in, letting the warm sensation awaken her body.

Don't do it cornball...

We have to do this or everyone dies

We were married at nineteen in a Las Vegas Elvis Chapel. You looked so beautiful.

Did you sleep with Kyle or not?


I love you Mom

It was you

I may love you but I won't die for you...

"Stop! PLEASE!" Liz pleaded to herself but the voices still came in full force.

The voices trapped Liz in her mind she was oblivious to everything. Even when Liz's front door was being forced open with a loud bang. The sound of footsteps could be heard easily from Liz's room. However Liz was too distracted from the voices to notice that intruders were in the house. Sarah walker smiled to herself while the group of men looked around the house.

No one will suspect anything. Sarah placed the envelop to Liz's friend Maria explaining she will be away for three months on an exchange to Australia and will call soon.
Sarah also wrote that she was sorry about before so Maria would be fooled into thinking it was really Liz. No one knew that they had been watching the whole group the whole time. After all they are still on the list that Daniel Pearce address to the special unit. There are at least five hundred companies working for the special unit in all states.
"It's time," she silently spoke to the group of armed men. " Go,"


It's amazing what a man can do when a thirty-year-old female fancies your package,
Zan smiled at Janet Pearce.
"No that won't work either, Zan" However Janet's cheek's flushed. What kind of stories did she hear? Zan cringed. He is only going to flirt with this frustrated human to get out and worn the others. But that's as far as Da man would stoop.

The dream girl, Zan thought. She looked familiar but from where...

Suddenly the memory of where he met his dream girl flooded back.

"Spaceman I always to go to Space land. Space man I always wanted to go to Space land."
Shouted the mob of Alien believers at the 1994 annual Crash festival.
However eleven-year-old Zan had other issues to deal with. Nicholas and the band of skins were after him again.
The desert air was cooler than normal as people eagerly waited for the plastic spaceship model to crash and burn.
The colours of what people wore blurred together as Zan prepared to use his powers.
As Zan closed his eyes a girl crying loudly bumped into him- stopping him using his powers.
"Ah shucks," he muttered, rubbing his fours square tattoo on his left arm.
"So-rry," sobbed the girl.
"Oh my bad-" Zan was suddenly awestruck on how beautiful the girl was. Her long brown hair was braided and also wore silver antennas that bobbled on her head. Her doe eyes sending chills down his spine. However they weren't the frightened kind of chills.

Zan looked left and right- no sign of skins. He took her hand gingerly and softly asked
"Are you lost?"
She nodded and he blushed.
"I.. am Liz Parker . My birthday is tomorrow- turning eleven and ah-" She sniffled which Zan found amusing.
"The name is Zan babe,"
Liz giggled which sent Zan's heart pumping. " Come on," he tugged her closer to him and they weaved through the crowd that was too busy watching the spaceship on fire.
One eye was focused on Liz and the other was on the crowd - on Nicholas.

They just walked for a while and each step they inched closer to each other.

They passed the house of mirrors and Liz halted and pulled Zan to her side.
"What?" Zan asked but then looked in the mirror.
A mirror image of them holding hands stared back at them. They looked odd compared to her cleanness and his filthiness. Her long brown hair and his short black dreadlocks and an eyebrow ring. But somehow he smiled warmly at the image and turned her to him.
He cupped her face and focused on making a connection.
The warm liquid feeling passed thought their bodies, Liz giggled and he smiled.
He just wanted her to keep her smiling and so he made the connection again and again -Each time slowly linking their minds together.
He opened his eyes and looked at her beauty carefree face and kissed her on the cheek.
She blushed and then gasped.
"My parents," she pointed at the blue bus where her parents were waiting anxiously.
Before she dashed off Zan pulled her to him again and kissed her on instinct. She tasted like strawberries, Zan thought to himself. When he pulled back he placed a pendent with an amethyst crystal around her neck.
"Keep this- an early present from Da man," She smiled for the millionth time and whispered " thankyou" and Zan watched Liz rushed back to her parents, leaving him to find a way to escape from the Skins.

"Oh shit," Zan said silently as the guards strapped him to the metal chair for the second time. Zan began to understand what he'd done when he was eleven, which was the reason behind his connection to Liz parker.