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Title: Within the Lies
Author: Karina a.k.a WINDYM
E-mail: Gooobers98⊕
Rating: Pg-13
Category: M/L, M/M. The others I cannot promise.
Disclaimer: If you’ve heard of them, they aren’t mine.
Summary: Post Departure. The song that plays is Trouble from the band Coldplay and their c.d. Parachutes.
Note: I changed names from WINDYM to Crimson. Please don't get confused.

Catch up with Chapters 1 - 11:

"Do you know what top secret is?"
"... It's the kind of mission where you get medals... but they send them to your relatives."

Chapter 12
Camping. It didn’t even mean camping anymore. It meant secrets, and lies, and a lot of Tess.

Oh no. I see
a spider web is tangled up with me.

The next morning had the workers pleading for vacation. Mr. Parker didn’t want to disappoint them, but there was to care for his precious diner. He watched as Liz, Michael, and Maria defeatedly nod and went back to work. It seemed like they were weary. Like somehow, overnight, they had grown wiser. No, maybe not wiser. That wasn’t the word. How about older.

They pretended well. Mr. Parker saw it plainly in their cheap smiles and even cheaper banter. By 4:00 it was hopeless and he personally called back up. Jose, Mattie, and Agnes came at 4:30. The children left at 5. Camping.

The car ride was hellish. Quiet. Maria and Michael were ahead, the motorcycle pacing restlessly to and fro the endless stretch of dirt. Their eyes were shaking on the belief of Tess alive. Tess was alive. No one dared say it aloud.

And I lost my head
and thought of all the stupid things I said.

Kyle stared out the window, watching the up and down motions of the rocks, the cloudy sky. When was this going to end? These up and down feelings. One moment you’re bitter with grieving, and the next you’re bitter with heartache. He slowly closed his eyes, trying to think of a time when life was pure.

His broken sigh caught Isabel. She turned and watched his profile darkened by the late evening sun. He looked so . . lonely. Kyle. Even his name was an emotion. What did she feel for him? Not love. Well, maybe, but not Alex love. Oh no, never Alex love. This was entirely different. Isabel’s eyes opened wide with the name. Friend. He was her first guy friend. She reached over and gently touched his palm, silently giving him her solace.

Oh no. What’s this?

Kyle was jerked from his day dream into the reality of now, of Isabel. He felt her long fingers brushing the inside of his hand. It felt . . odd. Funny really, ‘cause he once had a crush on Isabel. Everyone did. And even though the years had passed and the feelings were long gone, her hand in his was still a moment to remember.

There was something wrong with it, though. Something that . .

spider web
and I’m caught in the middle.

Serena. She was beside Isabel, looking ahead at the upholstered front seat. But what if she turned right? She would see their hands together. Then she might think that he and Isabel, that he and Isabel . . Kyle’s hand jerked away.

So I turn to run.
The thought of all the stupid things I’ve done.

Isabel felt hot air hit her skin and she looked up, missing the feel of Kyle’s cool palm.

"I loved her."

No one moved. Not an eye had blinked. Kyle looked around the car in amazement. It was as if someone switched off the feelings and let the lifeless come in. He had thought his words would cause a backlash, some kind of involvement. It scared him that no one reacted. No one heard his loud declaration.

"I loved her." He turned quickly, trying to catch someone in a response.

Isabel’s mouth twitched. "And the minority speaks." She felt a nudge from the left and quickly silenced herself. To make Kyle react was one thing, to make Serena react was another.

He leaned forward to the seat before him, smelling cedar oil and plastic aliens. "I’m sorry. I thought that . ." Kyle shook his head. "Never mind."

Well I
never meant to cause u trouble.
I never meant to do you wrong.

It was some time before Liz willed herself to speak. Her voice came dry and strange. "Kyle," she spoke roughly, "I understand."

He looked out the window, watching trees form on the azure-green evening. "God, Liz, you’re so perfect."

Max’s silent control was shattered and he turned back at a loathed enemy. "What’s your problem, Kyle?! Liz was just trying - "

"I know what she’s doing," spat Kyle. The feeling of hatred was mutual. "I’m not - " He tapped Liz’s window. "Look, I just don’t understand how you can do that."

And I,
well if I ever caused you trouble.
And oh no, I never meant to do you harm.

She turned to her side, her famous doe eyes confronting him. "Do what, Kyle?"

He stared at her for a moment, realizing that he finally didn’t need her anymore. He didn’t have this need to take her away from the evil new boyfriend and sweep her off her feet. In that brief yet fulfilling moment, he realized they were all connected for life.

"How can you just forgive people like that?" Kyle asked. "Me, Evans, you even hugged Tess once at the ganderium incident." His brows furrowed in real confusion. "Why is it that you can do that? What kind of power do you have?"

Serena’s eyes trembled. If they only knew . . if they only knew who the real Liz was. But they will. And she leaned back to enjoy the show.

Liz’s tongue caught between her teeth as her mind wandered to the many places in her head.

Oh no. I see
spider web amidst me in the middle.

"I don’t know." She paused, thinking of another time. ‘I just try to think of all the good things that you’ve done, that Max has done," She added silently, "that Tess has done."

So I twist and turn.
But here am I in my little bubble.

Isabel moved in her seat, causing the others discomfort. "When did that happen?" she murmured, but the whole car heard. She meant that to happen too.

Singing that I
never meant to cause you trouble.
And I never meant to do you wrong.

Max looked to Liz, momentarily forgetting the straight, dull road in front of him. "And what do you do with all that thinking?"

I, well if I ever caused you trouble.
And oh no, I never meant to do you harm.

Liz turned away from Kyle to face Max. After a hard moment, she merely shrugged. "I just learn to forget about the bad stuff."

They spun a web for me.

Max turned forward to the straight, dull road. It suddenly looked inviting. "That doesn’t mean you forgive us, Liz."

They spun a web for me.

Liz shifted forward, looking down at her lap, watching the horrible orbs reflect the moonlight. She murmured ever so quietly, "I guess I don’t."

They spun a web for me.

Two sharp ears caught her words. Isabel turned inward and away from everything of today. She shut her eyes and fell into restless slumber.

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

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To Twilighteyes1974, Thank you for the great feedback, Angela. You're not slow, the story is just so full of twists sometimes that of course the readers are going to be confused. I'm gonna try to post the next part by today but no promises.

Guys, seriously, I need feedback. I want to know what you guys think of this. If you guys don't like it, I'll have to change the way I write or just stop this altogether and make another fanfic. Tell me what you think.


May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
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To Evid, Thank you for the feedback. I know the boards have been crazy. I'm just paranoid over people's opinions of my work.
What you'll find out about Liz is that she's completely human. Just a hint. Think about it. You might get it later.


May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
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To jasonallmine, Thank you for the feedback, Melissa. You can't wait for the next post? Well, I can tell you a few surprises will be up ahead. Maybe not soon, but definitely up ahead.

To RoswellGurl25, Thank you for the feedback. You don't have to be sorry about anything, Amanda. I won't stop writing this fanfic, at least I'll try not to. You think my writing style is perfect? *blush*
Thanks. And yes. I'll take that deal.

I'm sorry you guys if I sound pushy or anything. I'm just having a bad week and I was just looking forward to your feedbacks. Forgive my b*tchiness.


May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
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To ShellSueD, Thank you for the feedback. I'm really glad you find this story intriguing. I know, I know, Sue, people just get mixed up and lost when I write one part, but think of my story as puzzle pieces, or even better . . quilt patterns. Ure not sure where it's going, or how it's gonna be, but u know for sure that it's going to be "interesting" when it's done.

I'm glad u like the style of writing. I've been toying with every style imaginable. Sadly, I haven't finished any of my fanfics and so u probably haven't seen the rest. But I will try to finish this one, though. I already know the ending and that's a very good thing. Pain? Well, it's part of life. I hope u like the happy parts too, and the love.

There's always tomorrow....


May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
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Chapter 13
The night was beautiful; more beautiful than she ever thought it could be. Dancing stars, milky moon, lovely lips. Serena stopped herself from going on. Her heart hesitated in her chest and she returned Kyle’s smile. Oh dear, oh dear, what made her think his lips were beautiful? Or his hair so soft? Has his eyes grown gentle? It was all too much and she turned away in guilt and pleasure.

The noises of the night mingled with the chatter of the others. It was a surreal moment, to feel belonged, important. Serena smiled, hearing Maria’s shrieks of laughter. She hadn’t laughed like that for some time now. Michael was laughing with her, probably hugging her sides from behind. Serena could hear Liz talking excitedly about the stars and their movement. Serena could feel Max’s stare on Liz, intent as always, devoted as always. And there was Isabel, somewhere in the background, stargazing; pretending that someone else was there beside her. Serena bowed her head, feeling the gust wind of Alex’s presence. She made a silent prayer.

"What are you doing?"

Kyle’s polite voice drifted her from her thoughts. Serena neatly laid down her yellow blanket and an old sweater. "Just looking out. I’ve never been here before."

Kyle walked up and stood near her. He stared out at the edge of the cliff also. "It’s really beautiful out here." He shrugged. "I guess I never thought about it before. I’ve only been here once and it wasn’t in the best circumstances."

Serena turned to look at him. She changed the subject respectfully. "Is your tent up?"

Kyle nodded, surprised. "Where’s yours? Don’t tell me that you’re gonna sleep on that little blanket." He motioned to his tent. "You can stay in my tent if you want. There’s room for two."

Serena smiled, not letting herself blush. He didn’t mean anything by it. "No thanks. This is fine."

Kyle stared at her, trying to read between the lines of her face, the wondrous curves of her eyes, her nose, her mouth. "Serena, where did you come from?"

She looked back out into the vast horizon. He wouldn’t understand her answer, not at all. But she could try to explain, somehow. She had grown to trust him, much more than she trusted the others. "I don’t remember. I’ve been concentrating so much on here that everything else seems like a blur."

He understood, but didn’t. Kyle was wise enough not to push. This was a conversation for another time. He gestured to her small blanket. "You’ve been travelling with that?" he asked in disbelief and worry.

Serena shrugged, trying to make light her situation. "It’s faster to move when you have nothing."

Kyle turned away, not allowing her to see his fear. A young girl, travelling alone for God knows how long with nothing but her yellow blanket and a folded up sweater for a pillow. How did she eat? How did she get to Roswell in the first place? To think of Serena is to think of mystery.

Kyle scratched his arm in irritation with his arm and himself. Here he was, always complaining that his father was out protecting people, for heaven’s sake, when she was all alone trying her best to get to Roswell. Life was cruel and pitiless. He turned to Serena and saw her dimpled cheeks. And sometimes life was magnificent.

"You don’t have to go anywhere anymore, Serena." He touched her elbow, casting her eyes to him. "You can stay in my tent."

Serena wet her lip, drawing pictures on the dust with her shoe. She knew what he was asking. It wasn’t as simple as it sounded. He wanted her to stay in Roswell forever - with him. She sighed wearily, "I would like to," and hesitated, "but, it feels wrong somehow." Her voice trembled. "I have a Trenton."

Kyle let go of her elbow, but not allowing distance to separate them. "Your boyfriend."

Serena looked modestly away. "He’s not really my boyfriend," she objected quickly. "I was taught that he and I were meant to be."

Kyle folded his arm, a painful smirk emerging on his face. "Like destiny."


He stared behind at the others gathered around a large boulder. He turned back to Serena bitterly and whispered, "I think we all know that destiny sucks." He edged closer, shattering their distance. "So you’ve never met him."

Serena panicked, understanding what he was doing. "No."

Kyle cocked an eyebrow, reaching the loop holes of her destiny. "What if you weren’t meant be with Trenton like a boyfriend? What if meant to be mean, like, a brother or cousin?"

She laughed out loud at his attempt, and sobbed achingly inside. He was trying too hard. "Kyle, please."

He shrugged, seeing that it was too tender of a moment. "Just a guess." He stared down at her blanket. "The offer still stands. I don’t want you to sleep out here in the cold by yourself."

Serena hesitated. "Yeah, I don’t know . ." His face dropped. Her heart dropped with it. "Yeah, okay."

Kyle gingerly picked up her blanket and sweater, throwing it over his arm. Serena almost giggled at his sudden change. It made her feel so good. So special.

Kyle headed for his tent and stopped halfway. He turned back to her seriously. "And you don’t have to worry. I won’t try anything on you."

She waited for the grin. He didn’t disappoint her. "But you can try anything on me." He winked suggestively.

Serena laughed, the somber mood broken. She started walking to him. "Did Buddha teach you that?"

Kyle casually put an arm around her; they both knew it wasn’t casual at all. "No, that was my own philosophy."

She laughed again. "Stick to Buddha, Kyle."

And she knew it was wrong, leading him on like this. Knowing that in the end she would be with Trenton. But for right now, for right now . . this was right. She laid her head on his shoulder.

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
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To RoswellGurl25, Thank you for the feedback, Amanda. Never assume anything. Sometimes things change, and then it twists again. Twist, my favorite word. I can't rhyme as well as u do.

To Angela35, Thank you for the feedback, Angela. I am so sorry for changing my name like that, but, well . . I can't change it back again 'cause then it'll confuse people more than it's confusing people now and . . yeah, well. Sorry.

Of course Liz isn't going to forgive easily, but then . . oooh, here comes a hint: someone won't forgive Liz that easily either. Okay, okay, that was for the far future reference. You'll see when that happens.

The odds of Kyle being Trenton. Simplification. Then again, nothing in this fanfic is really so simple, is it? Serena knows a lot about Liz and everyone else and you'll see how in the next few chapters.

To Dingoes 8 Their Baby, Thank you for the feedback. I've missed your feedbacks as I do a lot of other people. Oh well. At least you're writing again. *big*

Yes, Serena and Kyle have great chemistry though I won't dwell it on a soul mate thing. Sometimes people match and sometimes they don't. This is one of the times they do and it doesn't have to be founded on soul matation (is that even a word??!) at all.

Serena is holding back because of a good reason that will be revealed soon. Everything that she has said has been the truth though, don't even doubt that. I'll promise to put u out of ure misery in the next few chapters, but then again, "promises promises".


P.S. I won't be able to post again until I think Monday or Tuesday. I've got this big 'ole Ethics test coming up. I'll try though.

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
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This is just a little note. Has any of u seen Snowflake? I usually get great feedbacks from snow but now I can't even find him/her. Oh dear, don't let snow be in MIA. Dang. SNOW, where are u??


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}
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To bhoney, Thank you for the feedback. The truth about Liz . . it won't be what u think it is. That's for sure. Lemme give u a BIG hint. She's not as perfect as u think she is.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}
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To Evid, Thank you for the great feedback. I do really like the wonderful interplay that Serena and Kyle have. Birth control?? Oh dear. If only some people had remembered. Not even that, how 'bout sex when ure not in the fog of loneliness, as Max had suggested. Pshaw! *angry*

Yes, I did think when I wrote that line. Devoted does seem like a weird word, doesn't it? But never fear, Evid. Once you'll see the the future, everything will be less muddled, more clear. Then you won't know who the real enemy is. Hmmmm, something to think about. I've been sending out hints about the future chapters to everyone. I hope they're enough so it'll leave the future interesting but not deciphered.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}
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To jasonallmine, Thank you for the great feedback. I can't say much about Serena and Trenton, although that'll play out. I would really like to see Kyle with someone he really likes too, Melissa, but . . you'll see what happens.

As you guys can tell, I'm not doing the Author's Thanks as I used to. I like this style better 'cause then it's like I'm thanking u the moment you write something nice or flamish about the fanfic. It keeps a conversation, kinda, not really, but indulge me anyway.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}
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To Twilighteyes1974, Thank you for the feedback. WELCOME BACK!! I've been waiting and waiting for everyone to start posting again and yes, some have, but not all. That's good that you did. Where the freak is incognito?? Sorry, but I love her fanfics.

Can't say much about the Kyle and Serena thing. Don't wanna ruin the rest of the fanfic here. I'm trying to keep it mysterious, Angela! I can't say much about Alex except, he'll still be an important character, even if he is or is not physically there. I hate seeing Isabel lonely too. And yes, it is my story and it might not go the way a lot of people want it to go . . but you know, I didn't pick the story. it picked me. All u fanfic writers out there should know what I mean.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}
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Chapter 14
My, my, my. Things never turn out the way you think they would, do they? You expect one way, and then other, but then this really amazing thing happens . . life decides to give you a surprise. And sometimes they’re great, these surprises. Sometimes they’re love, or sex, or even a soul mate. And sometimes it’s unknown spies, or tragic deaths, or even an unwanted destiny.

Surprise. You never thought this would happen did you? You thought the story would be done with a neat ‘and they lived happily ever after.’ But then you forget the most important thing about that line. How long does ever after last?

Destiny. Do we really have to mention that again? No. We don’t have to. But it’s just so wonderful how it doesn’t care. Was Alex meant to die? Maybe. In this timeline, definitely. In the first one . . that’s kind of iffy. What if later he had died? No one knows. Only Future Max and he ain’t telling.

And then here’s another ‘was meant to be’ question. How about Serena. What? You thought I’d mention Max and Liz? Please. We know the answer to that one. Yes. And back to Serena. Was she meant to be? Was she supposed to be?

That was what they were discussing, crowded around the makeshift fire. Maria and Michael. Liz and Isabel. Max. He sat alone, but not apart. Even through her declaration of love, Liz was keeping her distance. She needed it - for sanity. Max understood only too well. He was the one that chose to sit by himself.

Isabel put her hand near the fire, warming her cold hands. A canvas flapped behind her and she turned back, seeing Kyle and Serena enter his tent. The scene disturbed her. No, not because of anything romantic. Or, perhaps not. Just . . it felt wrong. "They’re sleeping together." It came out as a warning. No one took it that way.

Michael smirked, the fire dancing impishly on his lips. Jealousy was playing on the weak. "We have eyes, Isabel." He turned to watch Kyle’s flashlight shine from inside the canvas. "They’re having one hell of a light show."

Maria whacked him upside the head. "Hey!" she cautioned, seeing Isabel’s furious glares. "What happened to the new," Whack! "and improved," Whack! "Michael? Are you switching hair gels again?" Whack! Whack!

He fluttered his hands, trying to keep her stinging whacks from reaching his prickling head. "Stop it, Maria! Your manly hands hurts." He grinned saucily at her glare and kissed her lips poutily.

Maria gave an evil smile. "You weren’t complaining last night," she murmured into his lips. He tried to cover the growing blush by reaching into a back pack and pulling out a pair of binoculars. He looked up to see Isabel staring down at him. Michael growled but she had caught his eyes.

Isabel began snickered, seeing his eyes narrow defensively. She looked down and curiously at the binoculars in his hand. Her face melted to disbelief. "Either you’re one sick Martian or . ." Isabel threw up her hands in resignation. "Oh God, Michael, please don’t say you don’t trust her."

Michael ignored her and concentrated on Kyle’s tent. "No x-ray vision. What are these powers good for anyway?" He noticed with a frown that the lights shut off. Michael put down the binoculars to look at the others. "I don’t trust what she brings."

Isabel stared at him in sickened disbelief. "So you brought binoculars to spy on her."

His eyes zoomed in on Isabel with a smile. "I don’t have binoculars, Isabel. Someone more perverted decided to bring them." He passed the binoculars to Maria who eagerly took it with a squeal. Liz chuckled knowingly.

Michael leaned back, looking at the sky in contempt. His hands played on Maria’s hair, stroking it’s light feel when he turned suddenly to Max in anger. "We don’t need this right now, Maxwell. There’s enough things to worry about. Your baby, my baby, Tess, now Serena?" He made a whiny voice. "Tess is dead in Antar. Tess is alive on earth." He grimaced. "Tess is alive and killed two-"

Max’s eyes widened. One moment he was figuring out Michael’s words, the next he heard that Michael had, oh dear Lord, Michael had . . . Max stood in alarm. "Wait, you have a baby?"

Silence. Shock. Anger. Surprise. Did I say shock?

"Oh my God, Maria, you’re pregnant!" That was Liz. Plunk. That was her mouth dropping in disbelief.

No one moved, not even the fires in Michael’s eyes. He was staring straight at the burning logs, not wanting to see what was happening in everyone’s eyes.

"How?" Isabel’s voice trembled in fear and envy.

He couldn’t help it. Not this time. "You want the movie or a blow by blow?" Michael smirked.

Everyone pretended to gag. "Oh sick," Liz made a face.

Maria stood up, hands on her hips. She looked pissed like hell. "Hey! Pregnant girl here," she reminded indignantly. "Where the congratulations?"

Isabel and Liz wasted no time to run over and squeal over the recent exciting news. The girls were giggling and laughing. This was good. This was a sign that things were coming back to normal - in a weird, strange way. Here was a baby made from love.

Max watched Maria’s flushed face with detachment. Great. Beautiful. Love was in the air and its name was the Michael and Maria’s unborn baby. He watched jealously as Maria batted her eyelashes over at Michael flirtatiously. He watched as Michael wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. They were in love. It was too obvious, and it hurt him like hell.

Was this how Michael felt just a couple of years ago? Did he feel out of place, like a thorn among roses? Jealousy turned to sadness and very quickly moved to self-pity. He had always dreamed of having a family with Liz The dream now seemed impossible. Kyle and Isabel had a better chance of being together than him and Liz. The thought made him bitter.

Max turned catch Michael staring sadly at Liz. He waited until Michael turned to him questioningly. "We’re both fathers," said Max solemnly.

Michael’s smile disappeared, his face dissolving to a sneer. "If you have some lecture to say, Maxwell, I don’t wanna hear it." He got up, pacing near the edge of the cliff, not wanting to break his cheerful mood.

Max quickly followed in anger. How could Michael have done this? Didn’t he see how much a baby could ruin everyone’s lives? And not only that but there was no place for one in the world they lived in. Not one where danger lurks in every skin. Didn’t Michael learn through his and Tess’ mistake?

Max grabbed Michael’s shoulder brutally. "How are you going to take care of this baby? You could barely take care of yourself!"

Michael looked at him in disgust. What a bastard! What a friggin’ bastard! Barely take care of yourself? How many years did he have to take care of himself? It wasn’t like Hank came home with groceries and a picnic basket. He had to cook, clean, fend for himself for twelve years. And Max decides to come in his high almighty white horse and act like the hero?! Michael couldn’t stand to look at him.

"Michael," demanded Max, "Did you hear what I said?

That . . was . . it! Michael whirled around in barely kept anger, the words seething out of his mouth. "Who are you to talk? I have my life together, at last. Did you know got promoted at the factory. You’re looking at the new system manager." He poked Max with each remark. "I live in my own apartment. We already told Maria’s kooky mom and you know what?" His brows narrowed bitingly. "She’s taking it much better than you."

Max’s gaze was not deterred. "You’re not ready for this."

No matter how much experience Michael thought he had, a baby was something totally different. Now you had to think of someone other than yourself and Max knew that was something that Michael hadn’t much practice in.

It was the wrong thing to say. Michael snapped, "Oh, what, and you are?!" He clenched his hands, trying to keep a hold of his rapidly decreasing control. "Look, I didn’t mean to have this baby. Not now. But I do. And I’m gonna take care of him and Maria with everything I got."

The words that he had been restraining sputtered out in a whispered shout. "And you know what, Max? You can’t even tell me what to do. You can’t even speak for me. I have a baby with the woman I love. My first time wasn’t a mistake. It was special and beautiful. And so what? So I didn’t have a one hour orgasm, but I have Maria and that’s more than what you’ve got." His anger got the best of him, and Michael was never one to sugar coat any problem.

Max felt the pain of truth coursing down his cheeks. He questioned Michael softly, "Why are you doing this?"

Michael flinched, knowing how much his next words would hurt him. "Because you’re blind, Max. You’ve been hoping Tess and the baby will just blow over and Liz will come running back to your side. And she’s won’t." He turned, watching as Max’s last shred of hope ran hit the dirt. Michael’s heart softened at the sight. "Max, you’re my brother. You’re one of the good guys. But Tess, she has this nasty affect on your life."

Max looked up, suddenly looking very vulnerable and very breakable. "What should I do?"

Michael stared at him in speechless disbelief.

"What?" Max looked at him in perplexity.

Michael chuckled, still in shock. "I think that’s the first time you’ve asked for my opinion." He stopped, seeing Max’s embarrassment and discomfort growing to a new level. Michael took a step forward in a warm gesture. "Don’t try to get Liz, not yet. She’s not ready and whether you know it or not, you’re not either. Give it time. Grow up. It’s not time to act like the bad ass leader when you don’t know how to lead or where to lead us to."

Max smiled sheepishly, a new dawn seeping into his eyes. "Put me to my place, huh?" He turned serious. Maturity had caught up with Max Evans. "Thanks Michael."

Michael just nodded, understanding Max’s change, knowing he was trying for the better. "No prob, bob." Michael smiled.

"What’s all the hubbub?" asked a voice.

Everyone turned. Enter the mysterious two. Liz’s grin caught Maria’s as they watched Kyle and Serena walk towards the camp fire. Maria smirked and winked. Michael and Max walked towards the rest. The group was again at one.

Kyle smiled, putting his hands to his hips in mock anger. "Did we miss the end of the world?"

Serena shook her head, staring at Maria knowingly. "Maria’s pregnant." She smiled. "Congratulations."

Kyle perked up with the news. "Oh yeah? That’s great." He gave Maria a spontaneous hug. "Oh hey, where’s the herbal cigars?"

Max and Liz laughed. Now this was normal. Isabel leaned back on air. Everyone was changing. No one was what they were only moments ago. She saw the way Max stood, the way he laughed. When did this happen? Isabel looked at him in awe. Max had grown up. It was an amazing realization.

Three years ago, they wouldn’t have thought something like was possible. The rebel, the loner, the valedictorian, the ice princess, the jock, the . . the Maria. Isabel laughed to herself. There was no way they could’ve known it would come down to this. They were connected. There was no denying it. These six, these few. They had cried together, some died together, and now they had grown together. Isabel’s tears shone. What an accomplishment.

Isabel looked up in time to see Maria giving Serena an interrogation.

"So, you know the future, right?" asked Maria suspiciously. "’Cause I think you said that you did, and I’m pretty sure what I heard. Okay, so that one time I made that mistake with that thing but that was just that one time. Look, I know what I heard and I heard you say what I know you said about you knowing the future."

Liz rolled her eyes and looked at Serena pitifully. "We have a Maria filter. Would I like to buy one?"

Maria pushed Liz aside, aggressively attacking Serena with the one question she craved to know. "Okay, I’ll get to the point."

Liz sighed. "Finally."

Maria shot her a look then turned quickly back to Serena. "Is it a boy or a girl ‘cause Michael wasn’t able to find out or anything."

The edges of Serena’s mouth turned up as she tried hard to hide the smirk. "I think someone’s been lying to you."

That was all Maria needed to freak out. "Ooh, Michael James Guerin! Get your cute button butt here right now!"

It took him less than a scream to be by Maria’s side. "What? What’s wrong?"

Liz grinned. "You lied to Maria."

Michael looked at the three in confusion. "No, I wouldn’t do that. Why?"

Maria edged closer to him, trapping him between a boulder and her narrowing eyes. "Do you know the baby’s gender?"

Michael winced. "Damnit. Who told you?’

Maria smiled evilly. "A little bird told me."

Kyle snickered. He was elbowed by Serena. It didn’t stop the grin.

Michael sighed in defeat. "It’ll ruin the surprise."

Maria’s eyes lighted up with delight. "Surprise?" She clapped her hand in exuberance. "Do I get a present? Two of ‘em?"

He smiled lovingly, putting a hand out to caress her hair. "I started painting the spare room at your house for the baby."

Maria yipped in pleasure and surprise. "Oh my god, a baby room? What color? What does it look like?"

Michael slipped out from her gaze and retreated backwards towards the fire. "That’s the surprise. It’ll be done in three weeks. And no snooping, Maria."

Maria pouted. "No fair."

Serena looked skyward, seeing the full stars bursting into the night. "We should start."

It brought everyone’s attention to the now. Suddenly things weren’t so simple anymore. Serena came here for a reason. And like it or not, the six were chosen to face up to the challenge. They looked at each other, trudging into the cave of secrets. They couldn’t help but smile. Look at ‘em. Just look at ‘em. They had grown up and pretty well too.

Michael stopped Serena half way. She looked up curiously. "Yes?"

He fidgeted nervously. "Will she like it?"

Serena nodded. "She’ll start crying." Serena noticed the panic in his eyes and put up a hand in assurance. "That’s a good thing."

Michael huffed into the cave, making exasperated faces. "Women are so complicated."

Serena laughed, short lived as it was. Her mouth turned into a determined line; her eyes turned cold and harsh. She should have hinted, given some sort of sign. They should be prepared for the worst. The future wasn’t gonna be pretty

Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}
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Chapter 15
They naturally sat in a circle. While four squares break, circles are eternal with no beginning and no untimely end. Their back was to granolith, as if by not looking at it, it would not exist. They already hated it, this powerful thing that brought life and took it away. With one single crystal, whole dimensions were shattered, vanished, as if it never was. Even in the powers of it good, of saving a future, it destroyed a life. No one wanted to see it, much less speak.

Max watched as Serena came in the last. He watched her face carefully, seeing each tired line, each hollow breath. She dropped to a place near the entrance, waiting as the door sealed shut. Her eyes flinched, as if she was afraid of something. Max watched carefully and cocked his head, noticing the small purse that she hid behind her.

Maria had grown incredibly still. Her mouth pursed shut as she witnessed each face drop. Isabel looked like a trapped animal. A small gash started to form where she was scratching on the walls. Liz and Kyle looked like they were about to throw up. Too many memories of Tess. No one else said a word. She gripped Liz’s hands tightly, and reached over for Isabel’s.

Michael massaged his eyes wearily. He had tried to keep an open mind, but from the way things were looking . . the future must suck. He was tired of the eerie silence. Twelve years was a long time to wait for answers. Michael spoke up, "What will happen to us?" There was no beating around the bushes.

Serena looked past him, past them. She looked at the granolith. Was that a wistful glance? Was that a searing hate? No. It was nothing. Emotions were no longer in play here. They all saw her quick transformation. She was no longer human. She was their open book.

Her voice came out emotionless. "I don’t know. I only know what has been and to an extent what might be."

She seemed to be holding back. Max listened carefully to her words. There was something more. "Might be if what?"

Serena finally looked at him, her eyes an endless pool of discovery. "If things keep going down like this." She hesitated and swallowed hard.

Isabel saw this and glanced over at Maria. The other girl nodded. She saw it too. Apprehension.

Serena willed herself to be strong and she twisted around, reaching into her knapsack. "I have to show you something."

They waited not so patiently. Was it the future? Did she keep it in her purse? Was it the baby, ridiculous as it sounded. Was it Tess’ ashes? What was it?

Serena laid it between them, separating the known from the unknown. Her hand was repelled and attracted by it, but she managed to bring her squirming fingers back to her lap.

An orb. No big surprise. What’s another orb to ruin your life? Isabel stared at it intently. Blue. Blueness. The color of depression, royalty. The color of their life.

No one moved to touch it saved Kyle who was already fidgety with his curiosity. He moved forward, curiosity getting the best of him. "What is it?"

"The cerulean." Isabel gawked, realizing what she was remembering. "It’s an oracle."

Michael stared at her stupefied, but she only shook her head, lips parted with shock. Isabel flinched back, the gravity of her words not occurring until now.

"You’re starting to remember," Serena noted.

Isabel sucked in her breath, heavy with dread, "Is that good?"

Serena reflected wisely and slowly spoke, "Like all things, it matters what you do with it." She turned to the others. "Ask it any question of the future."

Max leaned forward, cautiously letting its glow shine on his face. He stared at the orb reflectively, not making a move to touch it. "So it’ll show us our future. Anything about it?"

"A warning." Serena gave a mysterious delay, making sure they heard her next words carefully. "This is a future if things don’t change. Not of things that has to be."

Liz’s brow furrowed in deep thought. Her scientific mind was now in full order. "But things are already changing."

Serena’s eyes seemed to cloud over. "Not all change corrects the future," informed Serena with a prudent look. "Hopefully what you learn this night will make you a different tomorrow."

Maria broke the silence with infectious laughter. "Whoow. Responsibility."

Kyle made a grab for the orb, passing it back and forth between his hands like a football. "So what do we do?" He brought it up to his mouth, speaking into it like a loud speaker. "He-llo. He-llo. My name is Kyle Valenti and I’m -"

"An alcoholic," interrupted Max blandly.

Serena smirked, noticing the friction between him and Kyle were momentarily suspended. "It knows who you are. Ask the question, Kyle."

He cleared his throat. The cave became politely silent. "Will I grow up to be a sheriff?"

Maria snorted and clapped her hands in hysterics. Liz and Isabel were leaning on each other, hugging their sides with laugh pains. Even Michael and Max cracked a grin.

Kyle chose to ignore them and shut his eyes in a small prayer, pleading with all his might. "Please say no. Please say no. I can’t be a sheriff. The life of violence is not one for such a man so close to earth. I am made of a life of leisure. And sleep."

Michael’s voice peeked out of the darkness. "Hey! It’s red."

Kyle’s eyes shot open in scare. He looked down at his hands. Sure enough, a deep brilliant red. Wait a minute! Red?!

He cocked his head and blinked a couple of times. Just to make sure. "I’m surprisingly disappointed."

Quickly Michael grabbed the orb, a question eager in his mind.

Kyle’s eyes snapped. "Hey, Mr. Rude, I’m not done with that yet. I’ve got questions to go and things to know."

Michael put the orb to his mouth. "Will Kyle go pro?"

Red. Michael nodded pointedly over. Kyle sat down dejectedly. "There goes my dreams." He crossed his arms and pouted. "I hate the future."

Michael licked his lips, his gaze intent at the orb. He took a breath. "In Braveheart . ."

Maria shook her head in open-mouthed disgust and slapped the orb away. "Back off, Bub. Serious questions only." She brought it to her face. "C’mon, do this for me." She shook it like an eight ball. "Will I have a baby girl?"

Michael scramble to her. "Maria!" He tried to take it from her before it turned . .

Red. "Oooooh." Everyone seemed to gleam in interest.

Maria turned away from her boyfriend, clutching the orb even closer to her mouth. "Baby boy?" she whispered fervently.

Michael gave up and leaned on the wall, sighing dramatically. "Why does she even ask."

Green. The whole room burst with energy as everyone began to clap. Maria did whooping and dancing signs, squirming excitedly in her seat. She rubbed her stomach lovingly, speaking to the baby. "Let’s hope you have my hair, and my smile, and . ."

"And not your mouth," Michael muttered. Kyle and Max snickered.

Maria glared but didn’t dwell on his words. He was the father of her baby. The thought of living her whole life with him was enough to bring a smile back to her face. She handed the orb to Isabel. "Try yer luck."

Isabel sat in apprehension. She suddenly seemed afraid to even touch it, letting it roll onto the ground from off her slipping fingers. "I have nothing to ask." She turned to Max. "Here. you have it. You go first, Max."

Max inspected his sister’s actions carefully. She was afraid. Why was the future so scary for her? He glanced at Liz and instantly knew why. Loneliness. Isabel was afraid to be lonely. Max wanted to ask the orb that question, if Isabel would be lonely her whole life, but didn’t. She would be so furious at him for even asking and he didn’t even know if it’d turn red. It didn’t matter. He already had other questions. "Is my son alive? Is he all right?"


Max sighed in relief, a slight smile ascended his lips. The next question wasn’t one he wanted to ask, was one that he wasn’t much read for, but he knew it was an important question. "Will I have Nicholas to live with me?"


Max nodded, his mind thinking far ahead. He should find a better job. Something financially stable. He also needed his own place. Oh yeah, he definitely needed to speak to his parents. Secrets were never a good thing and they never deserved to be left out of this one.

"Do I get a family?" His voice came out timidly. To have Nicholas was one thing. To have a family was another. A family meant children, a house, a dog, a wife.


Please dear Lord. If there was anything he wanted, it would be a family "With Liz?" He added oh so cautiously.

Liz looked down, letting her hair curtain around her crimson face. She was silently praying. Please dear Lord. If there was anything she wanted, it would be to someday have a family with Max.


The green was bright, shining through Liz’s dark locks, seeping through her silent happy smile. Max’s grin was contagious and Isabel leaned over to give him a hug of congratulations. Even Maria gave him a thumbs up sign.

With that encouragement, Max turned to the cerulean in earnest. "How many children - Do I have three children? I’ve always wanted three children."

A beautiful green.

He couldn’t help but shine. How could you help it if the future holds three children and a soul mate for his wife? "How many child does she - does Liz have three children?"


Strike again! Green was officially his favorite color. Max wanted to jump and down in joy, the orb momentarily forgotten as it rolled dangerously close to Liz.

Something was a bit off. Isabel let go of her brother’s hand, her brow furrowed in confusion. A fleeting shadow passed over her mind. She began to speak her doubt. "That doesn’t make sense."

Liz looked at her irritably. Of course it made sense! "Why not?"

Isabel talked slowly aloud, sorting out her thoughts. "Max has three kids. One with . ." She shifted nervously. "You know who."

Kyle scowled, "Her evilness."

Isabel continued, "And two from Liz." She turned to Max and Liz in puzzlement. "But if Liz has three kids, two are from Max. Who’s the other one from?"

Max frowned. "Me." He smiled awkwardly at her. "Nicholas is Liz’s child too."

Maria didn’t miss the way Liz’s eyes flashed. Nor the way her mouth hardened to one thin line. Maria bit her lip. "I really don’t think so, Max."

"Ask the cerulean."

Liz looked at Serena defeatedly. "I don’t know what to ask," she grimaced. Serena continued to stare at her. Liz squinted her eyes in deep thought. She scooped up the orb in her hand and brought it to her lips. "Is Max the father of all my children?"

It flickered. Flashed. All held their breath.


Max seemed to shrivel. He clutched his heart as it constricted painfully. He now knew what Liz felt. He now knew why she didn’t want to forgive or forget. He knew. Max closed his eyes as the pain attempted to rise out of his mouth. He gritted his teeth and controlled himself. This wasn’t about him anymore. This was about Liz. He had to think about Liz and her feelings. Max looked over and wished he hadn’t.

Liz was trembling badly, unable to stop the fear from wracking her body. Maria just stared in dark pity, not finding the strength to jump up and hold her. She had seen something. It was brief but it was there. Serena had glanced at Michael. Maria’s world was tittering dangerously. She saw the fallen orb on the floor. It was glowing, inviting her to ask. Maria snatched it up.

"Is Michael the father?"

Maria would never forget the look Michael gave her. Shock. Anger. Pain. Michael never forgot her face when the orb turned green.

All time stood still. Isabel clutched Kyle’s shoulder, fear running through each face. Maria was weeping terribly. Michael had this look of a little boy lost. Liz was shaking her head in incredulity.

No one saw Max get up. No one saw the flash of malice in his eyes. All they saw was his body tumbling onto Michael and a cry of rage, of betrayal. They all reacted at once. Kyle and Isabel tried to pull Max off him as Michael started fighting back. Liz sank to the floor in tears, not daring to look at Maria who hadn’t bothered to get up.


It wasn’t that she said, it wasn’t how she said, it was just because it was her, and she said it. Everyone stopped, Max sobbing on Michael’s chest, tears and blood running down Michael’s shirt. Michael had turned away in guilt of something he hadn’t even done.

"Enough," said Serena again.

This time everyone pulled apart and went to their seats. Isabel pulled Max towards her and hugged her fiercely. No one hugged Michael.

Serena stood up, towering above them, commanding their attention. She sounded tired and distraught. "No more mystery. No more. The time has come. I shouldn’t have brought out the cerulean but it was necessary." She sighed painfully and looked away. "You’re ready." She picked up her knapsack, bringing out yet another orb, yellow this time. "It’s time to see the future."

The orb lifted by an unseen hand, hanging inches above Serena’s upturned palm. Their eyes glazed, tears shone.

The orb started spinning. Faster and faster. It looked like a bright streak of white. A cool breeze swept through the cave. Voices streamed in. Some familiar, some not. The air was sucked dry from their mouths.

The whole room flashed.

Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}
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I'm thanking first the people that wrote feedback on teh other board. I love ya all the same, but they wrote the feedback first.

To roswellluver, Thank you for the feedback. The very bad future? Well, you'll see. I won't show it in the next few chapters but later on you'll see. Thank you for liking the fanfic.

To crazeesmilee, Thank you for the feedback. Knowing ure future in details does ruin a lot of things. But . . okay, here is a hint. Things are never as they appear to be. Serena knows a lot more than she's saying because of this: she wanted the yellow orb to explain things rather than herself. It's better to see the future than to have it explained, u know?

All your guess about Michael and Maria and Liz are good. But . . I cannot say anything. You'll understand it later, Juliet. Really. It'll be explained.

I won't be able to post again until probably Monday. My car is wrecked and I have to go fix it. Yuck!

To Lelea, Thank you for the feedback. Yes, Max did get a kick in the pants. And yes, poor Maria. But all will be explained. Like I said to Juliet, things are never what they seem.

To Evid, Thank you for the feedback. Didn't see that one coming? Good. I don't want this fanfic to be too predictable. Here's another hint: look at the category of this fanfic.

You'll see how imperfect Liz Parker will be, Evid. And have hope in Max. He really is a better person. Well, he will be in the future. Good guesses for what happens with Maria and Michael but . . can't say anything yet.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

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I am having problems with Chapter 16. I know what it's gonna be about, and I know everything about it except how to start it off. I can't have this out by Monday, definitely know that. At least not Monday morning. I might get this out late Monday or Tuesday. Hope for me, guys.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

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First I need to say thank you to people who wrote in the other board. I love ya all, but they wrote first.

To Snowdove30, Thank you for the feedback. There is a very good explanation about this child and here's a hint: it won't be what u think it is. I've been giving out hints all the time and it'll be the death of me! Just be patient. *smile*

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Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

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To Dingoes 8 Their Baby, Thank you for the feedback! I know that it was quite a relevation. Wanna know a secret? I'm trying to improve the Max character but It just never works out. Don't know what's happenin' there. Asking that question to the cerulean about a family with Liz . . well, yes, I know that was a lot of confidence. But seriously, I don't think Max would ever miss that opportunity for a second.

To the CC people, like u I think, imagining Michael and Liz together is a bit . . hard. I mean, we already know that Maria is pregnant with his child. I can tell u that something happens that u will be surprised about, but there will be no sort of betrayment between Michael and Maria.

'And I wonder if knowing that this future is possible will stop it from happening or simply make it inevitable.' Oooh, I like that. You'll see. And u know what? My ego's already large so don't blow it no more. *smile* If u keep on givin' me lines with 'I'm sure that whatever beginning you come up with will be brilliant.', you'll be doomed to be disappointed by me one time. OH GOSH DARN! We just jinxed it. Friggin' A.

I'll have it done by maybe tonight, California time. It won't be long and it won't answer a lot of questions, but it'll give the future a start.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}
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Chapter 16
It’s like an impending wave. Like a riptide. The pictures are so far away and then it comes sneaking by, then streaming by, then screaming by. Louder and louder and clearer and clearer until you realize you are in the picture. You are there.

A school. Something about it looks a bit familiar. Colors are different. More orange and yellow than the usual gray and white. But you recognize it, and it recognizes you. Shadows of people not yet born are passing by, mists of talk and smiles and faces overcome and go through you like you were the one not yet there.

Then comes the violins. To the left. And a lone guitar. Aaah. Life does come with background music. Only when you’ve stop breathing and start living is when you hear it.

The halls deserts as fast as it filled up. One moment you’re getting pushed down, the next your footsteps are echoing on the floor. A door swings open to the left. A boy and a girl walk out laughing. The boy’s good looking. Sharp dresser. On the short side but has a cute face. He’s wearing a necklace. It’s a rainbow. Oh. The boy’s gay. But don’t pay attention to him. He’s not the important one here. It’s the girl that we care about.

She’s . . plain. What, you expected beautiful? C’mon. Ears that stick out a little. Dark hair that comes to her chin. No bangs, she should reconsider that choice. Raw amber eyes. The kind of rawness that when you look at it too long your eyes start to water and you have to look away before this mysterious feeling start to overwhelm you. Not pretty. No. But maybe, something a bit more. Raw. There was no other way to describe her.

* * * *

Life sucks. Love sucks. Hell, even I suck.

"Dick," Justin grinned, wiggling his eyebrows impishly.

Kara rolled her eyes and smirked. "Look who’s talking, homo." She elbowed his side in playful seriousness. "And stop doing that. They’re private thoughts, man."

They both saw the school office coming up and hugged quickly. "Hey, gotta go. See ya later." They waved good bye as he walked to the parking lot. Kara squinted her eyes. Where was she? Oh yes.

Life sucks. Love sucks. Hell, even I suck.

She stared at the bland walls leading to an even blander office. No smoking posters were getting fewer and fewer. So were the drinking ones. Now it was all about no alien body possessions.

Warning!! Do not let aliens possess your body. Do you know what happened before you wake up? Anything. Everything. Warning!!

And there goes Ben Affleck holding the sign in an Armani suit. Lovely. How old is he now? What, like, 50? Lordy, lordy. What kind of crap do they put on these walls anyway?

She glanced at the giant clock, easing into a red padded seat. 3:10. Hmmm, where was that receptionist lady?

She stared back up at the poster in amusement. Post Pearl Harbor definitely, but pre Star Trek Voyager. Maybe it was during his affair with Shiri Appleby.

She looked up as one of the office doors opened to reveal a girl, or really, half of one. She certainly looked it, with all 90 lbs. of fake flaxen yellow and an extra 2 lbs. each for the Kleenex she hid in her bra.

Kara hid her sneer behind a grimace. She had a natural hatred for curly haired blondes. Blame it on her mother’s midnight chats about a certain wench.

The office aide walked over to the computer and sat down, looking around the room except for Kara. She started humming.

Kara glanced down at her watch. Should she break up this little trip to La la land? Yes. She cleared her throat.

The office aide looked up, her eyes glazed with either weed or an extreme case of stupidness. She didn’t see Kara.

Kara sighed and cursed, something about stupid newcomers. She got up and stood next to the counter. The office aide looked at her in surprise.

Yes, ugly lady. I was here the whole time. Kara smiled. Keep smiling, baby. Let the good times roll.

The office aide smiled back. "Hi, welcome to West Roswell High’s school office. My name is Caroline Boyle and I’m the office aide . ."

And bla, bla, bla. Freak, she looked like a boil. It suits her. Kara slapped five dollars on the counter. "I.D. card."

Boyle cocked her head in a confused smile. She looked down at the money, then back up at Kara. Then back down at the money.

God, could she even look more stupid?

Boyle wrinkled her nose and shook her head in puzzlement. " What? Did you lose your I.D.? How do people do that?" She looked at Kara as if it was all a big joke. "Come on now, we’re in high school. That would irresponsible of you."

Stupid? Try on the lines of I’ll kick your face in if you give me your mother tongue again.

Boyle’s clucked her tongue, waving her manicured hands back and forth. "Oh wow, you did lose it. Ir-re-sponsible." She stretched out the word with cluck.

Kara’s hands were twitching to wring her neck but the thoughts of murder in the first degree didn’t ring too well with the rest of her body. So she stood there patiently and seethingly as the office aide rattled on and on.

Boyle switched on the computer and logged onto a program but her face never strayed from Kara. "You could have used that money on Saturday night movies or . ." hesitation with a dollop of sympathy, "maybe some make-up?"

Kara’s eyes widened in angry disbelief. That was enough! Talk to this Boyle; she could handle that. Seeing her was hard but something tolerable. But to hear her speak of Kara’s non committal devotion to make-up was just plain immoral. And embarrassing. Before Boyle could squeak out another word, Kara had slammed the bill on her upturned palm.

Kara spit out each word venomously. "$5.00." Stare. "New I.D. card." Sarcastic grin. "I’m not waiting all day ‘cause you don’t know how to do your job."

Caroline made a face and rolled her eyes. "So-rry." She positioned her hands daintily on the keyboard. "What’s your name?"

Kara stared. She must be joking. This is a joke. This must be a joke. I refuse to think she’s that stupid.

Caroline smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "I’m new here. I just moved."

The girl must’ve come out of a rock. Kara shook her head in disbelief. "Karayan D’Eath."

Boyle looked up into the air. "Okay, this isn’t even funny." She closed her eyes and blinked several times. "I don’t know what game you’re playing but I’m not playing it with you." She handed the bill back to Kara haughtily.

"Stupid frickin’ . ." cursed Kara. She checked the clock one more time. 3:20. This was getting way too much. Baseball practice would be over and he would pissed off like hell. She glanced at Boyle and though rapidly. Within a second, Kara hopped over the counter.

Boyle’s eyes bulged in shock. "Hey!" she screamed indignantly, "you can’t come in here!" She stomped her foot furiously. "You can’t come in here!"

"I don’t have time for this." Kara elbowed her out of the way and started typing in her name. She watched as the screen turned green. Cuh-mon. Hurry up already. She was getting so agitated and edgy. She hated being late. A shrilling beep caught her attention and Kara smiled as her I.D. card began to print out.

Boyle casually walked over and stared at the screen in surprise. "Oh. Your name’s really Karayan D’Eath."

Kara swiped her card off the printer and hopped back over the counter. "You rock people are so hilarious." With a twisted grin, she strolled out.

Boyle turned the computer off with a sneer. "Ugly jerk."

* * * *

Kara literally ran outside, holding onto her sides. Self-note: start exercising. Sides are killing me.

She scanned the parking lot for any familiar cars when a green Saturn passed by. "Hey!" Kara went into a dead run and chased after it, banging its side when she got close enough to. The car screeched to a halt.

Kara leaned on the car, catching her breath. She wiped the sweat off her nose in disgust and wiped it on her jeans. Self-note: wash jeans..

The back windows rolled down as Carly twisted herself around to watch her friend choke for much needed air. "What?"

Kara put up her hand and panted a few more times. "Gimme a ride to Bruccolli."

Carly waited until Kara got in the passenger seat before she started asking questions. "What’s there?"

Kara reclined her seat, enjoying the full blast of an air conditioned car. "Carver and Hallmark. It’s our mom’s birthday."

They stopped at the sign. Carly nudged Kara, turning down the car’s volume. "Hey, look who’s there. One of Roswell’s finest."

Kara looked at the sidewalk and regretted it. She stared straight ahead and turned up the volume, booming Pharcyde’s Passing Me By.

Carly raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything. Friends knew better than that. It was too bad though. Nicholas Evans was hot.

Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}

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And the prizes going to the first two people to write me a compliment goes to: YES, Juliet and Melissa. Come on down!

To crazeesmilee, Thank you for the feedback. Well, at least u know who Nicholas Evans is. Obviously. You'll soon find out about Karayan D'Eath and Carver (he was mentioned a bit in the end). It'll be sorted out soon, Juliet. Don't know when I'm gonna be able to post the next chapter. I'm workin' on it, though.

To jasonallmine, Thank you for the feedback. Yes, this is a glance at the future and of their children. I'll try to post more soon, Melissa.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}
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To Twilighteyes1974, Thank you for the feedback. I'll try to post the next chapter up by Wednesday, Angela. I'm a little jealous at my little sister for going to the Janet Concert tonight at Staples. Damn people with money.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}
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To roswellluver, Thank you for the feedback. Sorry I confused you but seriously, you'll understand it much better in the upcoming chapters. Scout's honor!


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}
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First of all, an apology to Angela. I didn't see her post the first time and was caught off guard when she wrote about rereading the fanfic. So sorry I didn't give u an author's thanks, Angela.

To Angela35, Thank you for the feedback, both of them. *smile* I can tell u straight off that none of the children will have romantic feelings with each other. It doesn't feel right and it won't do with me or my story.

Yes, Carver is Kara's brother. Though no, Nicholas isn't a police officer. You'll realize their ages very soon, Angela.

Holy friggin' Cripes! Did u see the Buffy premiere??? I LOVED IT! Willow was so . . powerful. A bit scary when she offed the fawn, though. Loved the acting of the whole cast so much. I had tears in my eyes.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}
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To Dingoes 8 Their Baby, Thank you for the GREAT, LONG feedback. Is it just me or are ure feedbacks just what any fanfic writer would want? *big*

Yes, Kara's name is strikingly familiar to mine. Karayan and Karina. But I can tell u straight off that it wasn't meant to be that way. Not at all. Just a pleasant accident.

I'm looking at ure guesses and trying not to smirk. I know, I know. I lead u on, but . . you'll see who's whose. You'll be in for a big surprise.

'Where did Kara's last name come from, by the way?' That's a hint to who her father is. Yes, a little gloomy, but, well . . I'll tell when I'm good and ready.

Okay, ROLL CALL. U think Justin is Izzy and Kyle's son. Carly is Michael's and Maria's second child. Kara and Carver are Max and Liz's. When u find out the truth, you'll be laughing too.

'I also love your lyrical, descriptive passages. They're so evocative and beautifully written.' Can u even up my ego more?? *blush*

I'm trying to get the next part out by either tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow 'cause Charmed, Will&Grace, Friends, and Just Shoot Me are on.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}
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To Dingoes 8 Their Baby, I'm almost done with my next part. I'll have it out by tonight. Cross ure fingers.

You'll find out who Karayan's father is soon. I really want to get the next two parts out so you know what's happening. Kinda. Sorta.

Expect two chapters to come out by tomorrow.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}
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Chapter 17
Kara walked briskly down the sidewalk. Wal-Mart. Book Store. Where the freak’s Hallmark? She checked her watch. 4:00. Damn. She started to slowly run, her hand bag slapping her thighs in rough caress.

BEEP. BEEP. Carly’s green Saturn zoomed by. "See ya later, Kara," the words faintly heard above the wind.

Kara gave a wave and a sweet smile. She chewed on her upper lip and looked around. Her eyes lighted as Carver’s car winked, sitting in front of a meter. Kara turned around and realized she was right in front of the store. Walking to the passenger door, she waved her hand over the lock and opened the hatch, tossing her shoulder bag onto the floor.

He must be inside the store already. She relocked the door and stood in front of the car, leaning on its hood. She reached into her black jacket pocket and put on her green sunglasses. Oooh did the world look beautiful. Everything had an emerald tint to it. The stores, the streets, the Carver. Oh . . crap.

Kara whipped off her sunglasses to stare at the multi-colored world of Carver. Okay, maybe not multi-colored. His red face wouldn’t allow any other shade. He was really pissed off. Okay, maybe pissed was an understatement.

"Have I ever told you how scary green eyes can be when it can laser a hole in your forehead?" Kara asked, trying to charm the moment.

Carver walked passed, ignoring her completely. He grimly unlocked the car doors and yanked the door open. He took a few breaths and looked at the open street, not sure how he’d react if he stared her straight in the face.

"What happened?" he demanded angrily. "Kara, I said right after school."

She quietly opened her door, guiltily grimacing. "See, I thought you had baseball practice."

He shook his head. Furious. "I was waiting here since 3:15. I’ve been waiting for you for 45 minutes." He looked at her then. Worry. Love. Hot blooded impatience. "I called your cell phone; you don’t even have it on. I tried to telepath; you’re blockin’ everybody."

He ducked under the car roof and dropped the Hallmark bag in the back seat. "Practice was cancelled, Kara. Didn’t you hear the loud speaker?"

Kara winced, easing into her seat. "About that . ."

Carver slammed the door, making her grit her teeth.

God, stupid. It was a misunderstanding. Chill.

Carver looked at her in exasperation. "Oh goodness, you ditched."

Kara gave a pathetic smile. "Yeah, well, I was hungry." She put her seatbelt on very tightly. She was gonna need the extra protection.

Carver just stared, disbelieving.

Kara hung her head. "Okay, I was hungry in 3rd period."

Carver scratched his thigh, picking on the dirt imbedded on threads. He looked up solemnly. "Don’t flunk, Kara."

Her defensive side flared in irritation.

Butt out of my business. Damn. Shoot. You’re not my mother.

"Look, I won’t," she hissed. Kara was slammed back in her seat as he reversed hard. Screeching tires and burnt rubber roared down Bruccolli. She sideglanced him with contempt. "Did you even buy the present?"

Carver sneered. "Yeah. I came here early. By the way, you owe me $20."

"I’ll give it to you when we get home."

The car was silent for a while, letting the anger of the moment simmer, then dwell, then disappear out Carver’s opening window. The sunset was coming fast and they both watched as street lights magically blazed and stores illuminated here and there. It was like watching a town come to life.

Kara looked at the car clock and sighed. "It’s Wednesday.."

Carver blinked in confusion. "What? Yeah, so what?"

Kara sighed and licked her lips. "It’s Wednesday. I gotta make that little visit."

"No, let’s not go," Carver grumbled. He stared up at the road in front of them with agitation. If they went left, they would go home. If they go straight . . hell. "Let’s just go home."

Kara’s head wavered but . . "No," she sighed and laid her head on the cool window. "Max will call mom to see what happened and mom would get pissed at us."

Carver murmured quietly, "I don’t want you to go." It came so soft the fall leaves strained his torment.

Karayan stiffened, her brow tensing into a creased knot. "Dude, I’ll be fine."

He glanced at her in brusque anger. "I think it’s pretty stupid for you to go. We could be eating dinner right now, but we have to waste our time going there." He made a disgusted face. "She won’t even come out."

Kara’s eyes hardened black. "Shut up, Carver."

He sneered, stroking the sore wound in her voice. "You know she won’t. Okay, what do you guys do when she does? You don’t even look at each other. It’s really stupid."

"It doesn’t matter okay?" Kara snapped. "I wouldn’t even ask you to take me if you didn’t have a license."

He pulled the emergency brake and turned to her in vehemence. "Well get your friggin’ license then go by yourself. It’s not like I’m dying to take you."

Kara challenged back stonily. "Just shut up and go. You’re blockin’ the road."

"No, you shut up," Carver shouted. "I don’t have to do what you say."

Kara slammed the brake down, letting the car roll. Carver had no choice but to move. He slammed the gas, jerking the small car forward . . and straight. Karayan looked up ahead, letting the anger simmer in her throat.

Good. Let it stay there. And when she talks to me . . then maybe I’ll give her a piece of my mind.

The road to the Crashdown was unusually still.

Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}

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I am so sorry guys. I promised that I'd post it last night and I tried and tried to get on this board but either my computer's whacked up or something was wrong with the board that time. Don't know. But I really tried, really. For an apology, I'll post chapter 18 by today too.

Oh, and I don't post chapters in the weekend. I like to pretend I have a life. No, actually my little suburbian city has a Harvest Festival every year that goes on all weekend and although I've lived, like, 6 years in this city, I just haven't gone. Stupid, stupid. Well, I'm gonna go this weekend. Yay! Hope I don't throw up on the Zipper. Love that ride, but seriously, just looking at it gives me the creeps. *big*


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}
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To Dingoes 8 Their Baby, Did you know that I eagerly wait for every time u give me a feedback?? Seriously. I just love ure feedbacks. It just delves into the story and makes me pretend that u really care about it. LOL. *wink* Thanx.

Kara does have a lot of Michael's mannerismsm, yes. You'll find out who the she is in the next chapter. I did promise that I'll post again today, and I will darnit!! Expect it late afternoon or early evening.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}
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To roswellluver, Thank you for the feedback. I promise that the story will be told in, let's see, I think the next three chapters. Someone will lay it out flat for you. Well, most of the past, future, in the middle whatever.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}
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Chapter 18
The Crashdown. Kara sat in the diner, watching as the waitresses whizzed by with hot food and shuffling melting cold drinks. The air smelled spicy and warm, like an invite to memories of home and cozy fires. She noticed some people from school but no one moved to her direction, to busy with their own vapid lives. Plus, they knew the Wednesday routine. No bothering Kara unless you want your head bitten off. People had bitchy Mondays, she had bitchy Wednesdays.

It’s been an hour already and no one had come out to greet her, let alone say hi. Carver had immediately gone upstairs to play video games with Janine and Erica. He didn’t say anything but Kara had already apologized. He had given her a sympathetic look before leaving her to a dastardly fate. How nice. But how very convenient. If there was anyone in the world who knew her better it would be Carver, and he knew she wanted to be alone facing the monster.

Kara looked up to see a shine of mahogany creeping up to the back window. Her mouth turned grim. Hiding again, are we? Well who’s good idea was to have visits anyway?

She cocked her head. Probably Max. But hey, you could’ve disagreed, ooh, unless you didn’t want anyone to know that you don’t wanna see me.

The head moved slowly away to be replaced with another, more darker breed. Kara’s eyes narrowed to slits. Hot damn.

* * *

Liz leaned back on the back door, letting out a tired sigh. She hated this. She really hated this. Anguished tears zoomed down her cheeks and her lips parted to catch a precious few. She stared up, wracking sobs silently pounding her heart. Liz licked her lips, tasting the salty wetness slide down her tongue.

She whirled around, watching Kara glance at the clock. How long had she been there? Liz looked up at the clock. It was almost 5:00. An hour. She knew she had to come out sometime. But maybe not today. Liz shook her head. Not today. She couldn’t handle looking at her today.

"What are you doing?"

Liz jerked in surprise, feeling the door swing back to lightly slap her. She stared wide-eyed at piercing blue eyes. Liz licked her lips, trying to hide her nervousness. "Nothing. I’m just," she laughed nervously, "there’s a lot of people out there."

Nicholas leaned near, hearing her take a sharp breath, and glanced out the window. "Kara’s out there." He stepped back, watching the guilt stream by her face. "I guess you already said hi. Call Carver downstairs, I think she wants to go home."

He heard Liz scurry up the stairs and looked down. With hesitation, he opened the swinging doors and walked towards her. Kara looked up in surprise and, Nicholas winced, hope.

"Liz?" Her face darkened at the approaching figure.

Nicholas shook his head. "It’s just me."

Karayan got up, slipping a two dollar tip underneath her coke. "I should go." She didn’t bother to look at him.

He waited for three seconds, four. He waited until she almost reached the door. "You hate me, don’t you."

Kara stiffened, her spine suddenly taut with instincts of running away. Instead, she looked back across her shoulder. "See ya later, Nick."

"Karayan," he called. Nicholas offered a bitter smile. "She hates me too.

Kara hesitated, then opened the door. Pretending she didn’t hear. Pretending he didn’t hurt her even more. "See ya at school, Nick."

Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess. {Within the Lies}

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To Dingoes 8 Their Baby, I read ure feedback and couldn't help laughing so hard. You are so hilarious. Love that!

'Oh, now I