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Title: Survival

Rating: Pg-13 up to NC-17

Couples: CC M/L M/M K/I

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the caracters, ( except Charity, Isaac and Ryleigh) they are all property of JK and the UPN, so don't sue! I don't have any money anyway!

Summary:This is a response to the challenge by ( Melissa_) it's posted on the fanfic discussion board. I didn't want to post it here because that would spoil the story.

Note: Instead of going to Vegas, Michael decided he wanted to go to some quiet place called Tyler's peak in the mountains. This place is a small sky area with a small shack in the mountains and a small log cabin. It's about 3 days away from Roswell but the only way to get there is by taking a special bus that only drives there twice a year because of the dangerous and deserted roads.
The same thing happens as on the show, everyone finds out, and they decided they too want to tag along and so that's where the fic begins. Only they'll never make it to their destination..... ( that's all I'll say, want to know more .. read on)

** This is the first fanfic ever I've written so please be kind *happy*

~~ part1~~

"Hey guys!" yelled a cheery Liz . " Got room for one more?" she asked while walking up to Maria and hugging her.

Michael, Isabel, Tess, Kyle, Alex and Max turned around to see Liz.

"Liz! Chica, glad you could make it" announced Maria leading her away.

As they passed Michael he stopped her.

"Look, we're going to have fun okay. I don't want anyone ruining it by being all serious and boring got it? said Michael staring hard at Liz.

"Hey I know how to have fun, and believe me I will!" said Liz in a tone that demonstrated she was serious.
Michael sighned and let her go.

"Alright let the fun begin!" announced Kyle as they loaded onto the bus that would take them to the little shack at Tyler's peak.


Liz stared out the bus window into the sandy desert. Soon they would be in the mountains and all they would be able to see was snow. As she peered out into the distance, she couldn't shake that strange feeling she felt in the pit of her stomach. She felt like something was going to happen, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Thinking it was just nervousness she brushed it off.

The bus was a good size but there were only about seventeen people aboard including them. And since the bus wasn't very full each person could have a seat to themselves.

Maria and Liz were in opposite seats at the back, in front of them were Max and Michael and in front of them also in opposite seats were Kyle ,Tess Alex and Isabel. The other 9 passengers were sitting more to the front. There was a group of 5 adults of about 30 years of age just talking and chilling near the front. There was a newly wed couple sitting in the middle. They appeared to be stuck in their own little world. In the corner near the front there was a mother of about 20 with her little girl that couldn't be older much older than 8. And lastly there was the bus driver. He was odd to say the least. He didn't speek more than two words and he had that look in his eyes that anyone could easily describe as the kind of look a person has when he or she is hiding something... something big.

They had been driving in the mountains now for about 5 minutes and already, Liz was afraid. The roads were very steep and slippery and they still had 48 hours of driving. She knew that the roads would only get worst.

For the first few hours of the trip the gang mostly sat in silence or made small talk. Aside from Max and Liz avoiding eachother, everything was just like a normal day. Michael and Maria were bickering, Tess was trying to flirt with Max, and Kyle, Alex and Isabel were chatting.

Once they got into the mountains, everyone on the bus was frightened because of the road conditions ,but they were all hiding it so well. If someone were to closely observe them, then they wouldn't be able to tell that they were scared. Well... except maybe in Maria and Liz's case.

About three hours later most of the people on the bus had fallen quiet. Liz glanced around and noticed that everyone in their little group was fast asleep. She looked to see if anyone on the bus was awake and she saw that they too were asleep except for the little girl.

It appeared the mother had fallen asleep. She watched as the little girl covered her mom with a small blanket. She then got up out of her seat and walked to the bathroom. About 5 minutes later she came back out and went back to sit with her mother. Liz noticed that she didn't look tired. She thought that maybe she had a hard time falling asleep. So Liz decided since she couldn't sleep and the little girl couldn't sleep, maybe they could hang out . Liz loved kids, she always had. She walked over to where the little girl was sitting and took a seat in front of her. The little girl looked up and smiled. She had brown hair,and dark blue eyes.

"Hi" she said as she studied Liz.

"Hi, my name is Liz" said Liz.

The little girl stuck out her hand and said " Hi Liz it's nice to meet you, my name is Charity". Liz was amazed at how well this girl could speek . " Well hello there Charity, I was having trouble sleeping and I could see you are too, so I decided to come over and I thought that maybe we could hang out, that is if you want to." said Liz.

"Sure I would love to, it's very nice of you to offer Liz" said Charity.

"Okay then so how about we start by getting to know eachother better"? suggested Liz.

"Okay" said Charity.

"Okay, I'll start, I'm 17 how old are you?" she asked.

"I'm 6 and I'm going to be 7 in 2 weeks" said Charity.

"Well you're a very big girl" said Liz.

"Mommy says I'm her little helper" smiled Charity.

Liz smiled at this.

"So are you going to Tyler's peak to sky? " asked Liz.

"No, me and mommy are going up there to get my sister Ryleigh and my brother Isaac. " said Charity. Liz 's curiousity was peeked.

"You have a brother and a sister at Tyler's peak? Are they there on vacation?" asked Liz.

The little girl looked down. " No my daddy died when I was a baby and the police thought that my mom was the one who killed him and she was put in jail. Me and my brother and sister were seperated and put into different foster homes. Three years ago, the charges were dropped against my mom and they caught the real killer. After she got out my mom had to start rebuilding her life and get a job and a house before she could have her children back. Six months later she was given permission to start looking for us. She found me right away but she spent the last two years trying all she could to find my brother and sister. The adoption files had been lost. Then she got a call from an adoption agency in Las Crusas and she was told were to find them. She called the owner of Tyler's peak and he agreed to let my mom take Ryleigh and Isaac back. And that's where we're going now. " said Charity.

Liz couldn't believe what she just heard. It was amazing what she had gone through. She was surprised that Charity trusted her to tell her about her life. Charity looked at Liz expectantly.

"Wow that's quite a story there Charity, I wish you and your family the best of luck" said Liz.

"Thank you , " said Charity.

"What about you why are you going to Tyler's peak?" asked Charity.

Liz quickly glanced around the bus and saw everyone was still sleeping. She then decided to tell Charity about her life, since she had confided in her.

"Well the reason I'm going to Tyler's peak is because I need to get away, I need a vacation. And the other reason is because I want to try to make things better between me and my ... good friend" said Liz trying to hide her sad look.

"If you don't mind me asking, what's the matter between you and your friend?" asked Charity.


Max woke up to the sound of Liz and a little girl talking. He slowly opened his eyes and sat up a little . He noticed that Liz was sitting at the front talking with the little girl. He heard the little girl ask Liz what was the matter between her and her friend and he couldn't help but listen.

"Well it's complicated see Two years ago I fell in love with this amazing guy. " she chose her words carefully. " I secretly liked him and he secretly liked me too ,but neither one of us had the courage to tell one another.

One day I got hurt and Max, that's his name, he helped me. And I saw into his soul and... it was so... beautiful. I knew then that I would love him and that he was the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. In the next two years, we got together and we became really close. We had to overcome certain obsticles on the way but we always made it out okay in the end. Then about 2 weeks ago, I encountered a problem that I knew we wouldn't be able to overcome. I had to give up my happiness with him, to save a lot of people. It was the only way and I knew that I had to do it because sometimes, you have to do what's best for everyone and not just you and I know deep down that the right thing to do was to give up my happiness for the happiness of others. The only problem is that to do what was right I had to hurt my friend a lot and now .." she paused, as a lump formed in her throat," Now I think he hates me and he's never going to love me again" she said as tears started to form in her eyes. She tried really hard to hold them back.

Charity saw this and said " It's okay if you cry Liz, you're very sad" she then hugged Liz and rubbed little circles on her back.

Meanwhile Max was sitting in his seat stunned. He didn't understand what had just happened. If he heard well, Liz had done all she had to save a lot of people but she didn't want to? He was puzzled. It didn't make sense.
He did the only thing he could at this point. He got up from his seat and walked over towards Liz.

Liz heard footsteps come towards her and she looked up to see who it was. When she looked up she came face to face with Max.
"Max!" she exclaimed.
"Liz, look" he started.

He didn't have the time to finish because the bus started to spin out of control and before they knew it they were both knocked out.

TBC! Only if you like it

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~~ Part 2~~
*** Warning*** this next chapter contains violent details and there is talk about dead bodies and the issue of death is present. If this offends you or hurts you please do not read forward.

Note: Thoughts will be indicated by * * and Tess lovers Beware!! And thanks for the feedback strawbehry shortcake, cole81 and applebybehr!! I really appreciate it .*happy*

And now on to part 2......

Screams echoed throughout the bus as the passengers struggled to hold on. The lights in the bus went off, as a loud screeching sound was heard. As the bus rolled down the mountain and into an unknown area, the whole left side was torn off, inviting extremely fierce and cold winds, that soon engulfed more than half the lives aboard. The screems were drowned by the howling of the wind and the screeching of the metal.

Fifteen minutes later, and more than 400 feet down the bus came to a halt. Silence. All that could be heard was the sounds of the cold winter's wind humming all around and the fierce icy snow hitting the bus. It was snowing so hard, that in less than an hour the bus would be completely burried by snow. Inside , remained only nine survivors.

Tess was the first one to come to. Looking around all she could think about was finding Max. She didn't really care about the others, she just wanted to make sure that Max was okay.

* Okay Tess pull yourself together*, she told herself. She slowly got up and searched for Max. She passed by Isabel, and some of the people on the bus but she didn't even stop to help them.

She was getting frantic. She had searched the whole bus for him and he was nowhere in sight. * He might be outside* thought Tess. She stepped outside and started looking for him. She came across Liz's body covering a little girl's and she grinned. * I hope you're dead Liz, you took everything away from me and now Max will be mine like he was destined to* she thought. As she continued past them she spotted Max about 10 feet from Liz. She rushed to his side and checked for a paulse. She was relieved to find he was going to be okay. She gently shook him to try and wake him. A couple of minutes later, Max opened his eyes. " Liz" he moaned. At this Tess was furious but she didn't show it on the outside. " No, uh Max it's me Tess, are you okay? she asked in her sweet cherry voice. Max looked up and cringed at the sound of Tess' voice. As he remembered what happened he struggled to get up. He had to make sure Liz and the others were okay. Tess saw his attempt to get up and she quickly pushed him back down. She quickly took something out of her pocket and slipped it in Max's without him noticing. " Max I think you should just rest right now, you're still too weak to move, take a few minutes to regroup", she said. She didn't want him to see Liz lying there right behind her.
"But the others, I need to m-make sure they're okay, and Liz I could feel her she's near and I know something's wrong ,she needs my help" he said forcing her hand away and getting up. * Damn the others Max let them die you don't need them* she thought. But instead she said " Max the others are all fine, I checked on them and they're all perfect" she continued as she desperately tried to push him back down. Max couldn't take her crap anymore. He firmly grabbed Tess' arm looked her right in the eye and said " Look Tess, I'm going to find the others Okay? I know that they're not okay, I can feel it.... Just know this Tess, I havn't been able to see your true colors because I was blinded by you and your whole destiny shit. But now, I'm not going to let anything blind me anymore. I'm not going to let Liz and the others get hurt. Max Evans, King of Antar and leader is back, and I am ready to take my life back. I'm ready to follow my destiny , the one I choose. And that destiny is Liz. I 'm done with you and all your crap and I don't ever want you to interfere again because I swear to you Tess, you will pay" he fumed. With that he let go of Tess and went to search for the others.

Tess was stunned to say the least and she stood there frozen in place not moving. Inside she was more furious than ever. * Just wait Max, you will be mine. And as for litle Lizzie and the others, they won't ever get in my way again ,aspecially since you won't have your powers to heal them* . And with that she took off for the mountains grinning.

As Max let go of Tess, the only thing on his mind was to find Liz and the others. Then ahead of him he saw her. " Liz!" Liz was laying half burried in the snow and her body was sheltering the little girls'. He rushed to her side and checked both Liz and Charity's bodies for a paulse. At the same time he yelled for help. He didn't know if anyone else was conscious or even alive, but any help he could get he would take. " Liz ? Liz come back to me" said Max.

After checking their paulses he was releived to find that both girls had a paulse and the little girl's body temperature was warm but Liz's was cold and he feared she may soon develop hypothermia.

Max placed his hands on her stomach and tried to form a connection. He tried and tried and he couldn't get in. * What's wrong with me? It's almost as if my powers are gone or drained* thought Max. He was loosing hope and he feared that he would loose Liz. " HELP!, I NEED HELP, MICHAEL, ISABEL???" he screamed.


NOTE: I'm sorry for the short part but something came up that prevented me from writing a big part-lack of time so I decided to write another little one because I thought a little is better than nothing. I promise to make it up, on sunday I will post a big juicy part.
Please forgive me and leave feedback to let me know what you think so far. *happy* thanks!

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thanks to all of you I really appreciate all the feedback it lets me know that people actually read my story and like it!! *happy* thanks again and look for the new part soon!!

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~~ Part 3~~

Michael woke up to Max's screams. He thought he was dreaming but when he opened his eyes, everything came back to him. His first thought was to find Maria and the others and make sure everyone was okay, but he was torn between that and the decision to go help Max. The desperation in his voice was alarming. He got up as quickly as he could and quickly surveyed the area he was in. He appeared to be in the back part of the bus and the whole side was open , letting the cold wind and snow enter. There were pieces of the bus scattered a little everywhere and he couldn't see anyone. He looked behind him and half burried under the seat he spotted Maria's boot. He quickly got up and tried to pull Maria out from under the seat. It didn't take much. She came out easily . He took her in his arms and cuddled her. Her body was warm and Michael tried to wake her. It didn't take long for Maria to wake. When she heard Michael's voice that's all it took. As Maria opened her eyes, Michael was relieved. Now that he had found Maria he would have to go help Max and look for the others. He looked Maria up and down and made sure she didn't have any injuries. Satisfied that she was physically okay he helped her up. " C'mon Maria, we have to go help Max and look for the others." he said soflty. Maria was helped up by Michael. When she got up she trew her arms around Michael bracing him in a hug. He held her tightly in his arms. " It's okay... shhh , it'll be okay" he said trying to reasure her even though he knew that things were going to be tough. Maria nodded. They then pulled apart and joined hands as they began searching for Max and the others.

Max had lost hope. He had been yelling for help for fifteen minutes and nobody had come. Liz's paulse was getting weaker and she was getting colder. He had been so occupied in trying to save Liz that he never noticed the little girl wake up. He was startled when he heard her voice. " Mommy? Where's my mommy?" cried Charity. Max turned around and noticed that the little girl was awake. Probably from his screaming. She was crying for her mother. " It's okay sweety, I promise I 'll help you find your mommy just as soon as I get help for my friend here okay? he said softly. Charity could see that he was sad just like she was. She nodded as she knelt down beside Liz. " Liz? Is she going to be alright?" asked Charity concerend. Max looked down at Liz and held her close. " I don't know" he said honestly. He looked up at Charity and noticed she was shivering. He took her in his other arm and held both she and Liz tight trying to warm them up. He was cold himslef because he had taken his sweater and wrapped it around Liz, but it didn't matter to him.

As he glanced at Charity he noticed that she was pretty banged up but there was nothing he could do about it now, because his powers were somehow not working. As he rocked back and fourth he couldn't help the single tear that rolled down his cheek. He was trying to be strong and not show his panic and sadness in front of Charity but it was hard. Here he was holding a dying Liz in his arms, in the middle of god knows where, cold and dangerous, and to top that off, he didn't know if anyone besides them had survived. If he wasn't so depressed and sad at the moment he would be searching for the others.


Michael spotted Max not too far from the bus. His back was facing him and he was rocking back and fourth. As Michael observed closer he could see Liz and the little girl in his arms. He and Maria rushed over to him and tried to help. When Maria saw Liz she was frantic.
"LIZ??" she screamed worried for her friend. She was about to go to her when Michael stopped her. " Shh Maria listen I'll take care of Liz, just take the little girl okay" he pleaded. When he saw that she was hesitant he added " there's nothing you can do if she's hurt anyway",trying to reason with her.

Maria thought for a moment and realized that Michael was right. "Okay" said Maria hesitantly. Maria stood back and waited as Michael approached Max.

As Michael got closer he could feel something. It was like a hum, and it was very similar to the hum he felt when he came close to the pentagram Brody had found last year that had disabled their powers. Brushing the thought aside he reached Max's side moments later. He found Max in a sort of catatonic state. He was rocking back and fourth and he kept saying " don't leave me" over and over. Michael shook Max and tried to snap him out of his daze. When Max didn't seem to respond he decided to take matters in his own hands. He took the little girl from Max's embrace and handed her to Maria. " It's going to be okay little one, Maria here will keep you warm" he said in a voice so gentle that Maria had never heard Michael use. " I want my mommy! Where's my mommy?" said Charity trying not to cry . Maria took the little girl in her arms and hugged her tight to her, warming her up. " It's okay little one, come with me we'll go find your mommy okay? asked Maria . She wasn't sure if it was a good idea because they might not find the mother alive and god knows how many other people had died, but she knew that this was their only chance. If there was anyone still alive burried under the snow or in the bus somewhere, they had to be found soon, because they had already been there for a long time and one could only stay in the cold for so long before dying.

The little girl smiled greatfully at Maria and said
: " Thanks Maria for helping me" . " You're welcome .... uhh what's your name I don't think you told me" said Maria.

"It's Charity" said Charity. Maria nodded and said

"Okay then you're welcome Charity". She let Charity walk and held her hand as they began searching. Maria knew that in normal cicumstances, Michael wouldn't have let her go. But this wasn't a normal circumstance and even though she knew Michael didn't agree with what she was doing , she knew that this situation was different. In this kind of situation, there were going to be survivors and there were going to be the bodies of those who didn't make it. She knew that her biggest fear may come true. Searching for Charity's parents may lead to one of her dead friends or to the dead bodies of the people that were on the bus, Charity's mother included.

Michael took Liz in his arms and checked for a paulse. It was very weak and her body temperature was cold.
He once again tried to snap Max out of his tranze like state but nothing seemed to work. Max kept rocking back and fourth as if he still had both girls in his arms and he was looking down to where Liz had been and still chanting " don't leave me" over and over.

Michael couldn't wait for Max to come out of it, so he tried to connect with Liz to try and heal her. After 10 minutes he knew it was no use. It wasn't going to work. He didn't even manage to connect with her. He didn't know what was going on, but he had lost his powers. Or so it seemed. He tested his powers by tring to blast a snowball and nothing happened. He was getting scared. Max was in some sort of tranze , Liz was dying and he wasn't sure if the others were alive or not.

He knew that there was nothing alien he could do to help her and that any chance she had of surviving now would have to come naturally. He would need to warm her up and keep close watch on her.

If there were any others alive, until they could figure out how to get out of there, they would have to survive somehow. They would need to build a shelter, try to find some food , make a fire and try to escape the dangers of avalanches, dangerous holes hidden by the snow,and the wild animals like the bears and the wolves. Looking down at Liz he allowed his emotions to rise. He would never admit it, but he really cared for Liz. She was begginning to grow on him. He felt almost as if she was his little sister. He held Liz tighter to him and stood up. He knew he couldn't carry Max and Liz at once, and since Liz was the one in danger at the moment she would have to go first. He wrapped his jacket around Max and as he patted his shoulder he said " Stay strong man, I'll be back". He then began walking towards the bus in a quick pace. There was no time to waste.

No one had noticed Tess standing 20 feet away from Max. That's because she was mindwarping them. She was double mindwarping. A trick she'd just recently learned. She made Max believe that he was still holding Liz and Charity in his arms and that nobody had come to help him, and at the same time she was mindwarping Michael , and Maria and Charity at one point, so that she appeared invisible.

Satisfied that nobody was around she broke the mindwarp. Exhausted she fell back. She took a few deep breaths and walked up to Max who looked extremely confused. He saw Tess and the anger in his eyes was something she had never seen before. She was almost intimidated, but she reminded herself that Max's powers wouldn't work because of the device. But then being the stupid blond bimbo that she is, she never realized that within a certain distance, her powers would be disabled too. Then it would be her against Max and she knew all to well she was no match. He was twice her size and he had muscles of steel thanks to his numerous hours of working out.

As Max faslty approached her she couldn't think clearly. She did the only thing she could think of. Run. She ran as fast as she could and as far away from Max as she could. When she got to about 20 feet she tried the mindwarp. It would have worked if Max hadn't leaped and landed 10 feet from her. He was now almost caught up to her. She sighed in frustration and tried to run again. She was surprised that she hadn't fallen yet. She had been wearing 5 inch high heels. As she fell flat on her face, she kicked herself and mumbled " Stupid me, I just jinxed myself". She now lay there expecting the worst. She thought Max was going to kill her. As she heard his fast appoaching footsteps, she braced herslef. " Please just do it quick and get it done and over with" she mumbled.

Max came close to Tess and had to stiffle a laugh at her condition. She was face first in the snow and her little skimpy top had stretched leaving her fake hooters sticking out to each side. She looked like Dumbo, only she would use her boobs to fly. He heard her say
"Please do it quick and get it done and over with".
He was surprised she was giving up that fast. And although he wanted nothing more than to Kick her sorry ass, he needed to act rationaly so he pulled her up, tied her hands behind her back with his shoe laces and roughly guided her back towards the bus. He needed answers. As he walked towards the bus he ignored her advances and yelled: " Where are Liz and the little girl?". Tess looked at him and laughed in his face.

Max couldn't take it anymore, he grabbed her by the neck and started to squeeze. Tess finally gave in.
"Okay Okay, I was mindwarping you and you didn't see Michael come and take them. Although he couldn't heal Liz" she added in smiling sweetly at him. Tess knew that he wasn't going to kill her as long as he needed her. She was going to make sure he always needed her.

Max was a little relieved. At least Liz and the little girl were safe with Michael.

He had to look for the others but Tess was slowing him down. He brough her to the front of the bus on the outside and tied her to the engine. He made sure she was tied tightly and then he left and headed inside the bus. " You can't leave me here like this all alone and in the cold!" screamed Tess.

Max knew that she was week and she had used her powers so she wouldn't be able to use them again soon. And he knew that there was something behind all of this. If she had wanted to she could have mindwarped him and she didn't. So he felt confident enough leaving her tied there. After all she was only about 5 feet way from where he was.
He entered the bus and was surprised to see Maria, Alex and Kyle helping Isabel out from under the rubble. She saw Max and she was immediately in his arms. " Max! You're okay! Thank god" said Isabel relieved. The others crowded around and took turns hugging. " Max, I'm glad you're okay, when we found you, you were in some sort of tranze and Liz she's not doing good ...". She was cut off by Max. " I know, I tried to heal her but I couldn't it's like my powers aren't working, and I think it had something to do with Tess . I want to try to heal her again. Where is she? he asked. " Michael went to look for a shelter to bring Liz and Charity in, he needed to warm her up. He went that way" said Maria. " Thanks" said Max heading off in the direction Maria had pointed.
Michael had found a tiny opening of a cave and he gently deposited Liz on the floor of the cave. He had decided to take Charity with him, in case they found her mom and she wasn't alive, he didn't think it was good for Charity to be exposed to that. Charity had been hesitant to leaving Maria but once Maria told her she would come get her a soon as she found her mom, she had agreed. She knelt down beside Liz and observed as Michael attemped to warm her up. He was rubbing her body at a quick pace trying to generate heat. He decided to try and use his powers again. It was worth another try.He put his hands over her abdomen and tried forming a connection. He was surprised that it worked, a couple of minutes later ,he was in. He did the only thing he could and sent heat into Liz's body, brigning her body temperature back to normal. A faint glow came from it and he smiled in satisfaction that her body temperature was back to normal. He was a little drained so he took a couple of seconds to regain his strength. " Wow, you made her glow" said Charity. Michael then realized that he had totally forgotten about Charity. He had warmed Liz up in front of her. He would have to explain this to her later, he thought.
Max walked for a while before he found a cave entrance. He decided to go in and see if they were there. Once inside, he rushed to Liz's side. Michael and the little girl were sitting beside Liz and as he entered they looked up. " Maxwell Man, I'm glad you're here, I found you and.. " He was cut off by Max. " I know I'll explain everything later, I need to try to heel Liz." he said disregarding the fact that Charity was there.
He knelt down over Liz and tried to forme a connection. A couple of minutes later he collapsed tired. " I can't do it" said Max exasperated.
"What do you mean, you can't do it?" asked Michael worried. He then bent down beside Liz and and tried to heal her. He found that this time he couldn't form a connection. " Something's going on here Maxwell" said Michael.

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Okay Hey all I just realized that I made a huge mistake and I forgot to include Alex in my story. He was still alive when they went to Las Vegas. I've decided to add him in the story so it would help to re-read the chapters. Sorry about that and I'm almost done writing the next chapter which will be posted later on today. Again I'm so sorry I don't know where my mind was *happy* If Adding Alex makes it totaly bad or confusing please tell me and I will fix the story again.

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Okay I've just finished adding Alex to the story and Now here's chapter 4! I would like to thank all of you for your patience and most of all for the wonderful feedback. Thanks for taking the time to tell me what you thought. It really encouraged me.

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Now On to chapter 4

** Warning** This chapter deals with the issue of death. If you are too sensitive to this or if it offends you please do not read forward.

***** Chapter 4*****

"I agree Michael something is definitly going on and I have a feeling Tess is behind all of it" said Max angrily.

"Look Max, While you weren't here I managed to connect with Liz and bring her body temperature back to normal. She's okay for now but we'll have to watch her closely and try and keep her warm. We 'll also have to figure out what the hell is going on with our powers before it's too late because Liz isn't going to be able to go on like this for long" said Michael concern and anger apparent in his voice.

"I know Michael ... I just .... God in a matter of hours our lives have been turned upside down.. I just.... I can't loose Liz ... I just can't" he said gathering her in his arms and gently stroking her hair.

Michael understood what Max was feeling because it mirrored his own feelings. He too felt as if his life had totally turned upside down and he didn't want to loose Liz either, he never showed her how much he cared but that didn't mean he didn't. He cared as much for her as he did for Isabel and Maria. " It'll be okay Maxwell, we'll figure it out" he said trying to reassure both himself and Max.

"Let's go gather the others, we'll have to see who's alive and who...." he trailed off. " We'll need to move fast and try to gather food, and wood to make a fire to warm us up, we can use this cave for the night it will have to do, we only have about an hour of daylight left at the most... we better get moving, the sooner the better for Liz and for all of us, he said in a flat tone.

Max nodded and held tightly to Liz as he stood up. They made their way back to the bus to see the others.

Alex was holding Isabel in a tight hug, and Kyle was tightly hugging Charity and Maria. When they saw Michael coming and Max carrying Liz in his arms they were alarmed. Maria ran to Michael and was warmly greeted by his strong arms.

"Is Liz okay?" she asked.
Michael looked her in the eyes and said " I managed to get her body temperature back to normal, she's okay for now"

Maria was still worried too death but she was happy to know Liz was alright for now. Isabel smiled at Max greatful that he was okay. None of them had looked for any other survivors yet but they knew that that was going to have to be their next step. No words were needed to know that's what they would have to do now.

"It's better if we split up, Isabel, Maria and Alex you take Charity and Liz with you and try to find wood and start a fire. There's a cave about 2 blocks north and there are trees around there. Max, Kyle and I will look for any survivors. " said Michael taking charge. He knew that Max didn't want to be seperated from Liz and he didn't want to be seperated from Maria but it was warmer in the cave, Liz needed help and they would be safer. Plus they had Alex with them and he knew that he wouldn't let anything happen to them.

Everyone nodded and did what they were told. Maria hugged Michael goodbye telling him she loved him, Max did the same and hugged Liz telling her everything would be okay. Max then handed Liz over to Alex and watched as they left for the direction of the cave.

As soon as they were gone Max, Kyle and Michael started searching under the rubble for any survivors.

Max lifted a piece of wreck and found the newlywed couple wrapped in eachother's arms. They appeared very hurt and it didn't seem as though they were breathing. He searched for their pulses and was saddened to find that they were dead. He called for Michael and Kyle and they agreed that they would give them a proper burial in the morning. They dragged the bodies to the back of the bus and covered them with a peice of rubble. They hoped that no animal would get to them over night.
In the next 30 minutes they had found everyone on the bus and they had all been dead. They had covered all of them with rubble and made a quick prayer. It had been the saddest when they found charity's mother. Max had tried to heal her but it didn't work. Beside her was a worn picture of 2 little girls and a boy and her in front of a house.The children all looked to be under 7 years of age. Max kept the picture so that Charity would have something to remember her mom by.

Darkness was soon approaching and they had to head back to the cave before it got dark. All of them looked as if they had aged of 10 years over the last couple of hours and they all had tear streaked faces. They had found some food that the other people had brought along with them along with water, blankets , lighters and other stuff. They felt bad taking these things from the people but they were dead and they wouldn't need them.

Alex and Isabel had gone out to gather wood for the fire while Maria stayed with Liz and Charity in the cave and tried to warm her up.
They had come back 20 minutes later with the wood they had gathered and they had spent another 20minutes of hard labour to try to start a fire without anything but two peices of wood. Luckily Alex had been a boy scout and he knew how to start a fire. Once they got it started they all sat around it in silence waiting for the others to come back.
Max, Kyle and Michael finally arrived to the cave and were a little surprised to see that they had generated a fire. They entered and were warmly greeted.
Max rushed to Liz's side to make sure she was okay. He was pleased to feel that her body teperature still seemed normal. Maria hugged Michael and they just held eachother reasurring one another. Maria knew that since they hadn't come back with anyone, it meant that there were no more survivors and her heart broke for them and for Charity thinking about how devistated she was going to be. Isabel went to Kyle and hugged him to give him support. He was greatful and hugged her back. Isabel then returned to Alex and Kyle sat down on Liz's other side.

Charity was sitting in silence and she now knew that her mother had died in the crash. A normal child her age wouldn't have figured it out, but Charity was special. She was more mature than most kids her age. Perhaps it was a concequence of having a hard life. She was too sad to talk, too sad to move and even too sad to cry. She just sat there motionless staring at the fire.

By this time everyone knew that Charity had figured it out and they were all there by her side doing their best to comfort her. Michael knew he owed her an explanation so he approached her first. He knelt down to her level and tried his best to keep a brave look on his face. " U-UUh Charity I know that you prabably figured it out..... and we tried to save her, but it ....was to late and she didn't make it. " He paused to let the news sink in. She seemed catatonic yet eager to hear what else he had to say. " I'm - we're really sorry about your mom, and I just want to let you know that we're all here for you if you need us and you don't have to worry because I promise that we'll take care of you. " He ended wiping a tear that had fallen from the corner of Charity's eye. She just nodded.

Next Maria and Alex tried to comfort her. They hadn't had the chance to talk to her so they went up beside her and hugged her. Charity started crying really hard, and Maria and Alex were just there to hold her and comfort her. When her cries became lighter Maria took the oppertunity to talk to her. " Charity I can't imagine what you must be going through right now..... I know that it hurts and that you're very sad... I just want to tell you that the pain will get better with time and things will get better, always remember that okay sweetie?" said Maria. Charity nodded. " And if you ever need us any time for anything just ask and I promise we'll be there" added Alex. Charity nodded again.

Kyle, Isabel and Max decided to talk to Charity next. Charity looked up and her cries had almost stopped. She was still sad and this wouldn't be the only time she would cry but for now she had cried so much that she couldn't anymore. " We found this beside your mom, I thought you'd want to have it" said Max handing her the picture of the mother and the kids. Charity accepted the picture and held it close. She then hugged Max and Kyle as if thanking them. " Do you know the people in the picture?" asked Kyle trying to bring Charity's mind to something else. She just nodded. Isabel was next. She hugged charity and stroked her hair trying to help her feel better. " I know what it's like to feel lost and feel like you're all alone in this world. when you're scared and you don't understand anything. I can't tell you that everything will be perfect tomorrow... but I can tell you that like me, you will find happiness and ... love , you will feel accepted and like you belong. You have to trust me, one day... one day you'll wake up and realize that things are better and you'll find that joy again . I know you will. I found a family and that's when I found my happiness. Stay strong you'll see. " Isabel said remembering how she and Max were adopted by the Evans'. Max smiled as he too remembered how they had found their 'home'. Charity nodded in understanding and sincerity for what all of them had said. She was getting tired and Max could see it. " Okay everyone I think we should just leave Charity alone for now, she needs to rest ", stated Max. Everyone nodded and Michael took some blankets and made her a little bed near the fire. Michael then took out some of the food they had founf and passed it around to everyone. Once Charity was done eating Isabel and Maria tucked her in and before they could read her a story she was fast asleep. Max watched her sleep and felt really sad. She had gone through so much.

Soon later the others also made themselves beds near the fire so that they could catch some much needed rest. Max and Michael were the only ones awake. Max because he was watching Liz and Michael because it was his turn to keep guard.

"Hey Maxwell, How's she doing?" whispered Michael.

"She's..." he was cut off by Liz. She was starting to wake up. Max gently stroked her hair and called to her all his joy and relief apparent.

"M-Max?" she moaned.

"Liz baby it's me I'm here, you're going to be okay" said Max stroking her hair.
Meanwhile Tess was still tied to the front of the bus and she was freezing. She had managed to warm herself up a little but now her powers were totally drained and she was getting colder and very scared as the minutes passed. To add to her distress she had lost her voice and she couldn't yell. She heard something in the distance and she braced herself for the worst. Whatever it was seemed to stop right in front of her. She opened her eyes fearful of what she would see, (even though it was dark the moon cast a small amount of light) , and what she saw made her jump. There in front of her was not an animal well, it looked more human than an animal. It looked like a guy in his mid 50's who hadn't shaved or washed himself in years. He looked at her and licked his lips at what he was seeing. " You're coming with me sweet thing" he said. He injected Tess with something that made her limbs paralized and he carried her with him.

TBC!!! Please let me know what you think and I will update with a smaller part on sunday.

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*** Author's note****

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please let me know

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Hey guys since I update my other fic I'm going to update this one. I would just like to say thanks again for the feedback!

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Now on to Part 5

~~~~ PArt 5~~~~

Tess woke up and noticed that she was tied down with rough ropes and she was dressed in some kind of animal skin. She glanced around what looked like a cave and her eyes landed on the sort of caveman who had taken her. He was staring at her with eyes as if he wanted to eat her.

"Welcome back Sweet thing" he said. " Here's your breakfast" he said as he dipped the spoon in a pot and directed it towards her mouth.

She was gagged and as soon as he took the cloth out of her mouth, she screamed at the top of her lungs. The cave man quickly put the cloth back in her mouth and said : Fine suit yourself, when you're hungry enough you'll eat" he said smiling. His smile was awful. His teeth were all black and rotting and they were full of decay. She cringed at the sight.

Meanwhile back at the cave on the other side of the mountain, Liz was cuddled with Max. He was trying to keep her warm. In fact it was so cold despite the fire that just to make sure Liz's body temperature would stay up, Alex and Michael were also crowded around Liz to help privide heat, not only to Liz but to the girls as well. Charity was getting cold and so was Maria.
Isabel wasn't as affected as the others maybe because of her alien status.

They were runnning out of wood and it wouldn't be long before they would either die from hypothermia or from lack of food.

"We have to do something we can't just sit here and wait to die" said Max.

"I agree Maxwell, what do you want to do?" asked Michael.

"No, not you, me, We can't risk loosing more than one person right now." he said in his king tone.

"What do you mean Max?" asked Liz worried.

Max looked Liz in the eyes and said : " I have to do this, It might be our only chance of getting out of here" he said soflty.

"What are you talking about asked Isabel?" worried.

"I'm going to try to find a house or some help" said Max.

"Are you kidding? Max, do you have any idea how cold it is out there and how dangerous it is? What happens when you run out of food and what happens if you run into danger?" yelled Liz. By this time she was angry. "And you're powers don't even work, how will you protect yourself? " she asked. By this time she was crying because she knew that Max had already made up his mind and there would be no way she could change it. She was desperate so she tried her last card " And what about me?" she asked softly.

Max took her face in his, looked her in the eye and said : " Liz, I love you more than anything in this world. I have to do this, don't worry about me I'll manage I might not have my powers but what I have is so much more powerful. I have you to help me get through this, if I get in trouble or if I'm cold the only thing I need to do is think of you and the danger will disapear and I'll be warm. " A tear trailed down his cheek. " Don't you understand, you are my motivation, you're my light in the dark ,my blanket when I'm cold and my weapon when I'm in danger. Please Liz don't ever forget that I love you and that you are the most important person in my life. " He paused. He directed his glare on everyone now. " I'm sorry but there's nothing anyone can say, I'm going and it's final." He looked at their faces and said : " I'll leave first thing tomorrow morning . I don't want any objections, I'm going alone . I want you guys to look out for eachother and help keep eachother warm and safe okay?" he asked. One by one, with tears in their eyes they reluctantly nodded. Satisfied he got up and started packing his stuff. There were only a few hours before sunrise.

After packing his stuff he took everyone to the side and said goodbye individually.

The first person was Alex. " Alex Man take care of my sister " he said. They hugged and Alex said : " Always Max".

At this Max smiled.

Kyle was next . " Kyle, watch over everything for me okay? I'm counting on you. You're a good guy" admitted Max.

"Sure thing Max don't worry about anything I'll keep the fort running"

Max smiled sincerely. He had no doubt that Liz and the others were going to be in good hands.

Next Max walked up to Isabel. They hugged and Isabel started crying again. " Maaax, you can't leave me" she cried.

Max hugged Isabel tightly and said " Shhh Izzybee, It'll be okay....... Remember when Mom and Dad first adopted us and I would cry every night and you would tell me to be brave, that it would all be okay? he asked.
Isabel nodded. " Well you were right, it turned out okay. The situation is reversed now and it's your turn , please Isabel be brave , and you'll se it'll all turn out okay" he said. Isabel hugged him again then they pulled apart and she pulled herself together. " Be careful I Love you" said Isabel.

"I love you too Isabel, and please try to keep the guys in line will ya?"

She laughed " Okay"

Next Max walked up to Maria. " Yo Girlfriend before you go I gotta tell you it's really stupid of you to leave Liz like this ...... but I understand" she said as she hugged Max.

"Be careful out there okay? I don't wanna be picking up the pieces of my best friend for the rest of my life " she joked.

"Don't worry and thanks Maria" he said.

"U betcha" .

Next he walked up to Michael. No words were exchanged Michael walked up to him and hugged him . They pulled apart and Michael said : " Look I don't agree with the fact that you're going alone..... but I understand so I just wanted to say you don't have to worry about me leaving any of the girls alone to come with you. Just be careful Man , and if you don't come back I'm gonna kick the hell out of you and I'm going to let Maria at you" he said with a small smile.

"Thanks Michael." he said returning the smile.

Max was going to go to Liz when he stopped and turned around. Before Max could open his mouth Michael said : " Don't worry Max I'll take good care of Liz for you".

Max thanked him silently and walked towards Liz.

He wanted to spend the little time he had left with her and he knew that saying goodbye to her was going to be hard.

He went and sat down beside her and he pulled her onto him. Her face was burried in her blanket but he could tell that she was sobbing. She hadn't stopped crying . He pulled the blanket off her and took the time to really look at her.
She burried her face in his chest and tried to gain control of her sobs.

Max 's heart broke just at seeing how hurt she was.
"Liz sweetheart" he said.

She looked up into his eyes, and he looked down into her soft watery eyes.

"I won't be gone long and I promise that I'll be back" he knew that he couldn't really promise that but he would try to keep that promise if it killed him.

She looked down and nodded. Max brought her face back up to his and he said :" I want you let the others help you. If you need any help both physically and /or emotionally, please just let them help you. I know you and you'll do whatever you can to hide your pain so that you're not a burden on others, but believe me you're not. Can you promise me that? he asked. He knew that Liz sometimes whithdrew in her shell and shut everyone out and he didn't want that to happen this time.

She nodded.

"Okay then " he smiled.

'Here I have something for you" said Max.

He pulled out a pendant with M + L carved on it and he broke it in half and gave the M half to Liz and he kept the L part. He then found some string and made a necklace for him and Liz. He kissed both halves and said " Whenever you miss me, just hold this close to your heart and I'll be with you. I'll do the same" he said. A tear fell from Liz's eye and she said " I love you Max". He put the necklace around his and Liz's neck and he cuddled her in his arms and said : And I love you Liz Parker".

For the next hour until sunrise they just slept in eachother's arms . When it was time to go Max didn't want to wake Liz but the moment his body left hers, she awoke . But only a little and only in time to say goodbye. Max had a deal with Michael that to avoid the extra pain of Max leaving , when it was time, since Michae's powers worked, he would gently make Liz fall back asleep as soon as he left. True to his word, Max kissed Liz and left before she could wake up fully. Before he was out of sight she said " Goodbye Max" as tears started to swell in her eyes. That's when Michael took action. He gently touched Liz's arm and with his powers he eased her into a deep peaceful slumber.

Meanwhile outside Max whispered back to Liz " Say goodnight, not goodbye" and he started his journey .

TBC !! please leave fb
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Hey everyone,

I would just like to thank all of you for the feedback, And I'll try to update either tomorrow or thurdsay! Thanks again!
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Hey guys! I'd just like to say thanks all of you for the feedback!

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And now on to part 6.............

~~~~~~~~PART 6~~~~~~~~~

Max had been walking for what seemed like forever. He had no idea where he was going but he kept going in the same direction in hopes of finding some help. Thankfully he hadn't run in to any trouble yet and despite the cold weather he was doing as well as could be expected. He was careful to mark his path so that when he found help he could find his way back to where everyone was. As he continued to walk he couldn't help but let his mind wander to Liz and everyone. He hoped that they were all doing fine and that he'd be able to get them some help as soon as possible. That's all the motivation he needed though and with new found energy he continued on his journey.


Meanwhile at the cave, Tess had grown famished. She had spent the entire night trying to stay awake because she feared what the cameman would do. The caveman had actually been quite busy. He had brought in numerous dead animals such as bears and seals and he had gutted them and skinned them right in front of Tess. This had made her nausious but after a while she had gotten used to it. She had wondered what he was doing with the animals but she didn't dare ask.

The man, had kept offering her some of his soup every hour, but as he was about to feed her she would scream at the top of ther lungs, forcing him to gag her . Of course he wasn't afraid that anyone would hear her, he just couldn't stand to hear her screaming. It was worst than hearing nails scratch on a chalkboard.

As morning had come though, Tess decided to take him up upon his offer and the next time he took her gag off, she didn't scream, but instead devoured the soup. It had been the most awful tasting substance she had ever consumed, but it was that or nothing. After she had finished eating, the man told her what the soup was. Upon hearing what is was, it all came back up.

"I'm glad you like my soup" he had said.
"Actually it tastes like an ass, what is it" she replied bitterly.
"Well it's my very own recipe, and it contains a lot of protein and iron" he said with a grin.
"It's simple, It consists of boiled pond water, small chunks of seal rectum, a small amount of herbal spice from the bear's intestine, and a touch of special salts" he ended.

Tess turned green and seconds later the soup she had just eaten came up.

At this the man laughed. "It's okay muffin, you'll get used to it" he said.

Back at the cave, everyone was just beginning to awake. The fire was dying down and it was getting colder. Alex decided to get up and go get some more wood to keep the fire alive and generate some more heat.

He came back minutes later with more wood, and he managed to save the fire.

It was around that time Isabel, Maria and Charity woke up. Liz was still sleeping and Michael hadn't really slept since Max left, he was more like sleeping with one eye open.

About half an hour later, Liz had woken and she hadn't spoken a word since. All of them were gathered around the fire passing a can of beans around. It was one of the few items they had found on the bus.
It was mostly silent. With the lack of energy and the situation, they just stayed quiet , sitting and trying to warm up. All lost in their own thoughts, and secretly praying for Max to make it back safe and with help.

Meanwhile out not to far from their cave, in another cave, stood a man. He was evil and his face reflected it. As he wrapped himself in a blanket, an evil grin crossed his face.

"Soon......Soon I'll make my move! It seems to be the perfect time" he said as he looked over at his wolf, who had foam dripping from his mouth.

TBC!! Sorry I know this was a short part, it was sorta a transition part. And I'm going away on vacation for bout a week so I wont be able to update, but I will as soon as I come back promise! But now I really gotta go my mom wants me to clean the floors!

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