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Title: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bra
Author: Kat7581568
Summary: This book is based on a book I read titled The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares.
Rating: PG to PG-13

Authors note: I decided to give this fic another shot. I'll post part 1 later today or tomorrow, whenever. But for now enjoy! *happy*


It's our first summer apart. Our being Liz, Tess, Isabel and me Maria. Liz is going to North Carolina to her Grandma Claudia's beach house. Isabel is going to Paris with her supermodel mom. Tess is staying here while working as a camp counsler. Where am I off to? To see my dad for the first time since I was six. Sonds great, right? Well it would be if we all went together.

So how will we stay in touch? Well I once heard this theory from some book Tess read that you buy a piece of used clothing and detail what you are doing while weraing it then mail it to the next person without washing it to pass on the luck you had while wearing it. Strange? Who cares! Maybe this summer won't be so bad after all.

When I told the idea to my friends everyone but Liz shot down the idea. Tess was disgusted she want to wear something dirty. While Isabel said she didn't want people to see her in second hand clothing. Thats when Liz suggested Madame Vivinas vintage lingerie shop. Reluctently everyone agreed.

When we got to the shop we didn't know what to buy. Tess suggested a old lace gerter belt but then Liz pointed out that since it was summer they were going to be wearing shorts. Isabel came up with a black lace thong which Liz turned her nose up at. (I agreed though, Liz was just more open about it) I really couldn't find anything. I was flipping through racks when I knocked something off. Liz picked it up. It was a strapless black lace bra that tied up to adjust to each "size". It was perfect! It was our "lucky" bra, and no matter how much we all said we didn't want to leave, inside eveyone couldn't wait to see what luck it would bring!!!

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This part is very very short! I'll have a longer part up next week. I promise. Scouts honor. Here it is:

We the sisterhood of Roswell high instate the following rules to govern the use of the traveling bra:

1) You must never wash the bra (If it has a b.o. scent to just splash a whole bottle of Lucky on it)

2) You must never let a boy take off the bra (but you can take it off in his presence)

3) You must never adjust the bra in public. is disgusting and something only our mothers would do.

4) You can't keep the bra over a week.

5) You must follow all the rules at all times

6) No matter what have a great summer.

Isabel willl take the bra to aris first, then she will pass it on to Liz who will pass it on to Tess. And then its my turn. After my week I'll send it back to Iz who will repeat the ritual one more time untill school starts again. Something tells me this will be the best summer yet.
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Hey, I'm back and for anyone intreested I will be finishing this and my other fics. I hope you enjoy. Thanx for those who read and I have to warn that if my new posts don't get alot of support I will be dropping this story. So leave feedback if you like the concept kay?
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Part 2~a

Isabel walked with her nother through security. then she boarded the small plan. She was so excited she hadn't been anywhere in her whole life and all of a sudden she was going to the capitol of France. But that wasn't all. She got to spend time with her mother. Which was preatty big deal. Her mother and father had gotten a divorce when she was little nd she really didn't know her mother very well except the birthday preasents and cards. Those and all the magazine interviews. But this was her time to show her mother who she was. And she couldn't wait. She was actually gonna get to know her mom and in France.

"Diane!" a woman in a black pant suit called.

"Oh thats Vicki Whitman, my agent she and her boys who are around your age are coming with us...ok? Ok." Diane said as she bustled off to meet her.

Isabel then noticed her two boys. One was tall and lank about her age, while the other was tall but muscualar in every since of the word.

"I'm Alex" lanky guy said
"Jesse" the other said with a small smirk.

"Isabel" she said smiling like a fool at Jesse

'This is going to be a great summer' she said eyeing Jesse's chest.
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Guess what. I'm am being loaded down with work. I can't update this story for a while cause honestly its not one of my biggest priorities but I am looking for another author to help me out. So if you like this story and would like to help out bmail me. Kay? Thanks so much for reading and hopefully someone will be updating soon.
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