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Title: Groveling Time
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 25

The moment the decision had been made been Liz and Max felt as if a weight had been lifted
off their shoulders. It was as if just accepting their fate of becoming parents at such a
young age was exactly what they were design to due. Just the thought of Liz being pregnant
with his child sent chills of joy throughout Max's entire being. His whole body screamed to
take her and plant his seed deep inside of her. But, even with them being as young as they
were he still wanted to do things the right way. He knew they were married already according
to his home planet and as far as he was concerned she was his wife in every sense of the
word already. But, Max wanted this world to know that Liz was his for now and forever. So
he was desperate to marry her before this drive to make her pregnant took over. Now all that
was left was for them to get his parents blessing. Liz's parents had already told them they
would give their blessing to them if his did, so now he was a man on a mission. With
determination in his step the two of them walked back to the lake house.

Inside the others had already finished their lunch and Diane was currently just finishing
washing up the dishes. "Mom, Liz and I would like to speak with you and Dad when you get a

Isabelle who was sitting at the table had a good idea what her brother wanted to talk to their
parents about so she jumped up and offered to finish up for her mother. The three of them
walked into the living room to find Jeff and Philip deep in conversation. Max noticed that
Jim Valenti and Amy DeLuca were sitting out on the front porch, but he wasn't sure where
Kyle, Michael and Maria were. He wasn't really concerned since he now had the opportunity
that he needed. The only missing person soon walked into the room and with the presence of
Nancy Parker, Max knew the opportunity to have a moment alone with just himself, Liz and their
parents had arrived. "Uh Dad, Jeff, Liz and I would like to speak with all of you for a
moment if you don't mind?" Max asked.

Jeff Parker had a very good idea what Max wanted to talk about, he could see how nervous Max
appeared. Jeff looked over at his wife and knew she was thinking the same thing he had been.
Now was the time of truth. He was sure Max was about to ask for his daughter's hand in
marriage. He had more or less already agreed that he would give his blessing if Max's parents
did the same once they knew the truth about his future son in law. Now the Evan's were up
to date on their children's true origins, he knew it was only a matter of time before this
conversation would take place. Jeff stepped over to where his life stood and took her hand
as they waited for Max to begin. "What's this about Max?" Philip asked thinking what else
was there for him to learn. In the last few hours he had learned more about his children
then he ever could imagine. Surely there couldn't be anything else he needed to know.

Max straightened his shoulders and spoke with confidence as he said his next sentence. "I
would like your blessing for Liz and I to marry."

Diane began coughing not expected those words to come out of her son's mouth. "Married? You
two want to get married now?"

"Yes, we do. I've already bonded with Liz according to my home planet. I already consider
her my wife. We just want to make it official here."

"Max, I understand how you feel son, but...."

"No Dad, I honestly don't think you could. I don't mean to sound rude Dad, but Liz and I
are really not asking for permission here. We will be getting married. But, we would really
like to know that we have your blessing for our marriage."

At Max's words all four parents were a bit set back. He was quite clear on their intent to
get married. Jeff wanted to scream the word no, but he had witnessed the bonding ceremony
and knew what Max stated was true. Nancy squeezed his hand that was placed on his shoulder
as if to say she too accepted what Max was saying. Now it seemed to be up to the Evan's to
make their decision. Diane was shocked, confused, but more than anything she was happy for
her son. Happy that he had found someone who she could tell without any doubts that he loved
more than anything and that he was happy. That in itself made her smile at her son, letting
him know that she would approve of his marriage to Liz without needing to speak any actual
words to confirm her consent. Philip Evans was the one who just simple didn't understand
why in the world Max and Liz felt the need to marry at this time. Yes, he could tell that
his son and Liz both loved each other. That went without saying, but there was so much
danger that lied ahead for both of them, that he didn't see the need to rush into a marriage
until after their lives were not at such risk. "Max, Liz, I'm sorry but I just don't see
how either of you could possibly consider getting married with everything else that is going
on. I don't want you two to think that I don't understand the circumstances aren't normal
circumstances. As a parent normally I would argue against this marriage at such a young age
until you've finished college and got your careers in line, but we all understand we are not
living under normal circumstances. No, my argument against giving my blessing for this
marriage has to due with risks that are still out there."

"Risks? Dad, I've lived with risks since I first came out of my pod. My entire life I have
had to hide, lie, and deny who I was because of the risks. My life will never be one of a
normal life, I will always live with risks because of who I am. I will always have enemies."

"But, that's my point Max. Your life is in danger." Philip stated while raising his voice.
Then added. "How could you possible want to endanger Liz's life by marrying her
if you love her as much as you claim you do!?"

Both father and son's voices had risen and both were ready to go head to head when Liz stepped
in. "It's not just Max's life that is at risk, my life is also at risk already. We can't
change what has already happen, besides it's my life, my choice and I choose Max." She
stated in a calm voice, but with enough conviction that all parties present knew she spoke
the truth. "Max and I want to marry. We understand all of your concerns, Max and I have
discussed the same issues. But, the fact remains that Max and I have already gone through
his planets bonding ceremony. I already consider Max my husband, we just would prefer to
go through a marriage ceremony that is from here."

Now much calmer due to Liz's voice, Max added. "Liz is right Dad, we've already made our
decision. We are just asking that all of you support us in the decision that we made. Mom,
Dad, I have had to hide who and what I am from you both since day one of my life here. Now
that you know the truth about who I am, I hope you both can realize I don't want to have to
hide or deny myself any more. I hope I can now be open and honest with both of you and know
that you will still accept me and my decisions for my future. A future that does include
Liz, whether it be here on Earth or back on my home planet of Antar...."

Max didn't get to finish his speech due to his mother pulling him into a tight embrace. "I
have always respected your decisions Max and I don't want you to feel that you cannot come
to either your father and myself with anything from this day forward. Just answer me one
question honestly, do you love Liz?"

"With all my heart." Max replied sincerely.

"Liz, do you love my son?"

"Yes," She said softly.

"Then you both have my blessing on your upcoming nuptials." Diane than turned to her husband.

Knowing there was no way he could deny his son after his speech, not to mention even try to
argue now that his own wife was looking at him with pleading eyes. "Okay, Okay, I know when
it's time to fold. You both have my blessing." He stretched his hand out for his son to
take, which Max did. Father and son both nodded and gave each other a small smile to
acknowledge acceptance of one other again.

Jeff and Nancy both walked over to their daughter and took her into their arms. Knowing that
their baby girl was completely grown, but to show that they were happy for her and accepted
her decision. "So, have you two discuss dates yet?" Nancy asked as she pulled slightly
back from her daughter.

Max looked over at Liz and spoke in her mind. 'Do you think I'd be pushing it too much if I
said tonight?'

Liz couldn't stop the laugh that erupted from her throat. "What's so funny?" Her father

Liz immediately started to bite her bottom lip and gave Max a stern look. 'Your lucky I'm a
forgiving soul or I may have to spank you for making me laugh like that in front of our
parents.' "Nothing Dad, I just thought of something that Max had said earlier that struck
me funny." Is what she said out loud.

'Spank Me? Oh baby, please. Spank ME!' Max joked to her in her mind, but the effect of
the joke caused an entire different reaction than another lost of control laughter he was
expecting. No, this time when he looked over at Liz he could see pure lust in her eyes. Than
he felt it, the drive inside of him to be with Liz began to build.

Liz couldn't believe how her entire body was beginning to fill with need for Max after just
a small time joke. The two of them locked eyes and at the same time answered Liz's Mom's
original question with a one word reply. "Tomorrow."

"WHAT?" Jeff screamed out. Yes, he had accepted Max and Liz were going to get married, but
he was in no way prepared for just how soon they were talking.

"We can't plan a wedding in one day." Diane called out at the same time.

"Tomorrow?" Nancy whispered at the same moment and Philip's mouth dropped open.

The pull that was beginning to develop between Max and Liz was still unknown to both of their
parents, but to Max and Liz it was developing at an alarming rate. Max moved to stand beside
Liz in hopes that the close proximity of her would be enough to subside the drive they
were feeling until they could figure a way out of this conversation and away from their
parents. Liz automatically reached out and grabbed Max's hand for the physical contact she
knew her body needed. 'Max, I need..'

'I know Liz, I'm feeling it too. We just need to fight it for a few minutes more.' Max
assured her in her mind. Out loud he stated. "Liz and I really need to discuss this ourselves
before we make any final decisions." He hoped that would give him and Liz an excuse to be
alone long enough to take care of the drive that they were feeling before they had no choice
but to act upon what their bodies were now feeling more and more as each minute passed.
Especially now that they had made their decision to make a baby together he could feel the
pull to be with Liz intensify quicker with just the thought of impregnating Liz. Not to
mention that he could also feel how much their decision was also affecting Liz. Max took
Liz's hand and started to walk out of the room knowing that he wouldn't be able to hold out
too much longer with the need to be with Liz and he was desperate not to lose control in
front of his parents or hers.

"Max, Liz, I think we should discuss this more. Please, don't walk away. We want to help,
I just think their is more to discuss than wedding plans here." Philip stated not wanting
to make the two of them feel like he didn't approve of their marriage, but the fact remained
they did have other issues that also needed to be dealt with. After all how long could they
really remain hidden here at some lake house.

Max closed his eyes trying to keep his body under some semblance of control with the need
for close contact with Liz for a few minutes longer. He let out a deep breath and then
slowly turned back to his adopted father. He didn't dare look at Liz, knowing that if he
just glanced upon her face once he would be forced to take her lips with his and fulfill
the craving of her tastes that was burning throughout his body. "Dad, I understand there
are a lot of things that we need to discuss and we will, it's just that..." Max stopped mid
sentenced knowing he couldn't say. 'It's just that I have to make love to Liz, my body is
burning up with the need to drive deep inside of her until we are one body joined together.
I have the urge to plant my seed inside her womb, I crave the taste of her lips like I haven't
had a drop to drink in years and her sweet mouth is the only thing that can quench my thirst.'
No, Max didn't think that explanation would go over to good. The only problem was as he
thought about that explanation in his mind, Liz heard it inside hers. Just as if he had said
the words out loud.

'Oh Max, I want you so much. I need you deep inside of me too.' Her mind screamed back at
him. She couldn't believe the situation they were currently in, here they were talking with
their parents about marriage and all either one of them could feel or think about was becoming
one person joined in body and soul. Liz stepped closer to Max, he automatically wrapped his
arm around her waist bringing as close to his body as possible. Their senses for each other
heightened with the closeness of their bodies. The melody that was always in the back of
their minds began to play louder, the smell of each others scents engulfed both of their
noses and the need to become one grew. 'Max, I can feel the fever coming on. We have to
get away NOW!' She screamed into their connection, knowing Max could hear her just as well
as if she had spoken out loud.

Max could feel her body temperature rising and knew they didn't have much longer before they
accepted the fate to mate, losing control completely in front of their parents or their
situation could turn ugly causing Liz and himself physical harm if they denied the drive to
be together much longer. Liz reached her hand out and placed it on Max's chest, the need to
touch him was becoming unbearable. With four parents watching the two of them and with Liz
touching him now, feeling the way she was beginning to tremble with need. Max did the only
thing he knew he had to do, consequences be damned. He turned Liz in his arms and kissed
her passionately. Eight eyes from four parents nearly popped out of their sockets as they
watched Max practically devour Liz in front of them. "Hmm Hmm." Jeff cleared his throat
hoping to get the attention of the two teens as they continued to cling to each other with
no apparent concern that they were in the presences of their parents.

"MAX!" Philip screamed at his son, showing his embarrassment for his son's display without
any concern or respect toward himself, his wife or the Parker's. Even at the tone of voice
that his father shouted his name, Max couldn't stop. Liz cling tighter to Max, knowing that
if they were going down for this display, they were going down together. They were now being
completely driven by the pull inside of their bodies and they knew there was no stopping

Isabelle heard her father scream her brother's name and rushed into the living room to see
what was going on. As soon as she seen her brother and Liz in a tight embrace, literally
devouring each other's mouths she knew what was happening between the two of them. Her
instinct to protect her brother kicked into high gear. She would kill the two of them later
of course, but for right now she had to protect the two of them. Right as she started to
make her move Jeff Parker made his. He had understood that the two of them loved each other,
in fact that they were married, but to have to stand there and watch Max and his only daughter
become intimate right in front of him was asking just a little too much of any father. His
strides to reach them and pull them a part were quick. As soon as he reached out to pull
Max away from his daughter, a green force field surrounded both Max and Liz preventing any
one from touching either one of the two teens that were total engrossed with each other.

The five individuals watched completely stunned by what they were seeing. Max and Liz were
not only engulfed entirely by Max's energy shield, but they could also see that Liz was
glowing where ever Max's hands touched her. Michael, Maria and Kyle came rushing into the
lake house followed quickly by Amy and Jim. All of them stopped dead in their tracks at the
sight that was before them. "What the hell happened?" Kyle was the first to find his voice
and ask.

"The alignment's back." Maria stated as if that would be enough explanation to answer his

Max and Liz were both so drawn to that of each other, neither no longer knew, nor cared that
every current member of their party was now standing and watching them. Nor were they even
aware of the energy shield that currently surrounded them. The only thing that they were
aware of at the present time was each other and how much they needed to be together. It did
not take Michael long to come out of his state of shock at seeing Max and Liz surrounded by
Max's energy shield. "Come on, everyone outside now!" He shouted out the command, his
instinct to protect Max and Liz also running high as he started to push Maria, her mother,
Kyle and Jim back out the way they had just come in. No one in that party put up much of a
fight. While Isabelle stepped to her own parents and gently pulled them around the two teens
that were obviously caught up in something that they didn't know about nor did they understand.
Michael went over to Jeff. "They will be okay, they just need to be alone for a moment." As
he pulled Jeff's shirt sleeve to usher him and his wife out of the room, he stated. "I'll
explain outside."

Jeff was obviously concern for his daughter, but reluctantly took his wife's hand and pulled
her out the front door with the others. Michael walked up to his king and his chosen mate.
"Your safe Maxwell, we'll keep them outside." With that said he also walked out of the room.
Just as he was about to walk out of the house he turned to take one last look at the couple
and noticed that the green energy field had vanished already. With a shake of his head, he
too left the house to face the questions that he knew were to follow.

Max and Liz had heard Michael's words that they were safe. Without having to break their
connection to each other or even bother to look around, they knew instinctively that they
were alone, safe and able to allow the drive inside of them to take over without any further
worries. Max walked Liz over to the couch while still keeping their lips locked together.
The need to fill himself completely with her sweet tastes was too much to even try to remove
his lips from hers. Although Max knew they had no choice, but to mate he was determined not
to impregnate Liz until after they were legally married according to the laws of New Mexico.
Yes, every cell in his body was consumed with the thought of planting his seed inside of
Liz. He knew Liz also felt the same way, that she wanted, no needed him to do just that,
but Max was determined to wait. 'Liz, babe we don't have protection here. We need to make
it upstairs.' He pleaded in her mind hoping that both of them would have the will power to
stop just long enough to make it to their bedroom. It was no longer a question of trying to
stop their love making, but only to hold off for another few minutes until they could get
the tiny package of protection that they needed to hold off becoming parents until after they
were married.

Every ounce of her being wanted to scream that she didn't care about protection. The only
thing she could even think about was having Max inside of her. But, she knew how important
it was for Max that they be married first before they began their family. The only problem
was trying to stop now that they had already started to give into the need to be with each
other. She pictured them joined as one body, trying to walk up the stairs. Without warning
her pants and panties were gone and she was lifted into his arms. Her legs wrapped around
his waist instinctually and she heard him tell her to hold on in her mind. Max began to walk
toward the stairs, while undoing his own jeans and while still remaining in a total mind
blowing kiss refusing to release her mouth. He kicked off his shoes as he took another few
steps, then pulled his pants and boxers down as far as he could while still kissing Liz and
keeping her tightly wrapped around his body. Once his own erection was free of any obstruction
he swiftly moved Liz's body down on to him. She enveloped him completely and for a moment
all movement ceased as they reveled in the fact that they were finally joined as one body.
Liz couldn't help the moan that escaped from her throat. Max stepped on each of his pants
legs to pull himself free from his clothing. Then he tried to continue to walk toward the
stairs while being embedding inside of Liz and kissing her breathless.

Liz let out a giggle at their predicament, now that Max was inside of her the driving force
to be one with him was satisfied. 'Don't laugh, remember this was your idea.' Max told her
in her mind. By the time they reached the stairs all giggles were gone as the need to mate
was once again upon them. Max had no idea how he was going to make it up all the stairs,
let alone to their bedroom for the protection he desperately needed before he lost complete
control and let loose his seed inside of her. The drive to thrust inside of her was becoming
overwhelming. He knew it wouldn't take long for his orgasm to peak with the rate the drive
inside of him was building. Just being inside of Liz for those few moments was almost enough
to send him over the edge as it was. 'Liz, I don't think I can wait to get to the room.'
He told her in her mind.

Liz understood exactly what he was referring to as his thoughts and feelings were also hers
know that they were completely bonded together as one. 'Keep walking Max. I'll take care
of the rest.' She encouraged as she reached out and placed one hand on the banister and one
on the wall going up the stairs. With the use of those as leverage she lifted herself up
and plunged back down on Max's hard member. Causing a moan to escape deep from inside of
Max's throat. With each step he took up the stairs, Liz used the banister and wall again
and once again pulled herself up and down upon Max's aroused cock. The sensation was driving
them both to the point of completion. About half way up the stairs Liz needed
to feel Max's chest against hers. She whipped her shirt off, pumped herself on to Max. Max
took another step as she removed his shirt, pumped again. Max took another step, Liz removed
her bra and pumped again. Max could feel Liz's emotions as they were his own
and knew her orgasm was coming. He also knew that once she released herself completely for
him, he wouldn't be able to stop his own release. With only a few more steps to go, Max no
longer could wait to be the one to drive inside of her. He took the last few steps two at
a time, then practically ran into their bedroom.

Back outside Michael stood at the edge of the porch as the others were standing in front of
him. "Okay, what the hell was that green thing that was covering Max and Liz?" Philip
Evans demanded answers from his daughter or Michael or anyone that could tell him what was
happening between his son and the woman he claimed to love.

End Part 25

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Title: Groveling Time
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 26

Michael, Maria and Isabelle all had their heads held downward and every member of their party
could see how embarrassed the three of them were, but embarrassed or not they needed answers.
"Isabelle?" Philip questioned his daughter to begin the explanation immediately.

Isabelle looked at her father, then at her mother. "Mom, Dad...You see...Well, on our home
planet..Uh..." She was totally flustered on how to explain the alignment to not only her
parents, but also to that of Liz's.

Michael took over hearing Isabelle fumbling over her words so badly. "Max and Liz are
experiencing what is known as the alignment." He stated proudly knowing that he had been
able to explain without fumbling over his words like Isabelle had hers.

"Okay, what's this alignment?" Jeff asked.

Michael pressed his lips together at that moment realizing that he hadn't really explained
anything. "Uh...Well, it's when...uh..."

Maria shook her head at her two friends knowing that once again she would be the one to
actually explain what was happening between Max and Liz. "The alignment occurs periodically.
It is the only time that an heir to the throne can be conceived. During this time the king
and his chosen mate are virtually pulled to be together with the need to mate." She explained
then looked over at her two fumbling for words partners and threw them a look that said,
now was that so hard.

"You mean to tell me that Max is in there impregnating my daughter!" Jeff screamed. He
couldn't believe what was happening and was about to storm back in the house when Michael
stepped in front of him.

"Mr. Parker, Max and Liz cannot fight this. Believe me they have tried and if they deny
the pull to be with each other it can turn ugly."

"What do you mean by ugly?" Nancy asked her voice full of concern for her daughter's well

"Well, Mrs. Parker, for one thing. Liz experiences high fevers and tremors." Maria tried
to explain. She then noticed Nancy looking over at her husband and both of them realized
that they had eye witnessed the affects of what happens to Liz during this so called
alignment. Maria understood that Liz's parents must have seen this happen to their daughter
so she continued. "Max and Liz give into the need to be together, but you don't have to
worry about Liz becoming pregnant. Apparently on spaceboy's planet here, they haven't heard
of a thing called condoms. Max and Liz are smart, they'll be careful." Maria chanced a look
at her own mother and could see the concern and questions already forming in her mother's
mind. "The alignment only seems to affect the king and his chosen mate Mom. You don't have
to worry about me, okay."

It was obvious to Isabelle that both were parents were in a state of shock at what they had
just heard. "Dad, are you all right?"

"What was that green thing?" Philip asked.

"It is one of Max's powers. It's like an energy field that can't be penetrated. Even bullets
can't penetrate it." His daughter replied.

"I can vow for that. I've witness Max having to use it and deflect speeding bullets before."
Jim Valenti added.

"So why did it go up?" Kyle asked now a little confused because he hadn't come into the
living room until after Max had his shield up.

"I don't think Max even realized he had put it up, I think when Jeff tried to break him and
Liz apart, the shield automatically went up in a self protection mode." Isabelle replied
and looked over at Jeff Parker giving him a sympathy look.

"Does Liz always glow when Max touches her intimately like that?" Nancy questioned, now that
she understood what was happening between her daughter and Max, she was more curious than
upset any more.

"I don't know if it happens every time, but Liz told me about it occurring before." Maria
confessed and once again noticed the questioning look on her own mother's face. "No, Mom.
I have never glowed before."

Diane looked over at Nancy and Jeff. She realized how difficult it must be for the two of
them to accept what was happening to their own daughter. It was difficult enough on her,
with Max being her son. But, she couldn't even image how she would react if this same thing
was happening to Isabelle. She stepped closer to Nancy. "I'm sorry." Was the only thing
she could think to say at the moment.

Nancy smiled at Diane and knew that she was only trying to help. "Diane, Max loves Liz and
Liz loves Max. What is happening between the two of them would have happened even if Max
wasn't from another planet? Granite, this is a shock to hear, but what hasn't been a shock
to hear in the last few days or hours in your case." Nancy saw a small smile on Diane's face
but she knew she still hadn't convinced her that they had already accepted Max as a part of
their daughter's life. "You've raised a thoughtful, caring, young man. Do you know that
before Max and Liz became intimate, he actually asked permission? Not permission to become
intimate with our daughter, but permission to make sure their first time was special. His
words were that Liz deserved no less."

Diane could tell that Nancy was being sincere as she spoke her words. "Thank you for allowing
your daughter to make my son happy. I know it couldn't have been easy on you."

"It was a lot easier than you think. When Max healed me in the hospital, he connected with
me. I could feel his feelings and everything he felt was pure love for my daughter. How
could I deny that love when I could feel it inside of me so strongly?"

It was at that moment that the two mother's understood not only their own children, but each
other's feelings of unconditional love they each held for their children. The two women
embraced for an endearing hug that spoke more than words ever could.

Each member of the group that stood outside, stood in silence for a few moments. Each with
the same thoughts going through their minds. What happens now? How long does the alignment
continue? How long should they stand outside? So many questions, but no one seemed to want
to be the first to ask any of the questions that were running through all of their minds.

Jeff looked over at his wife who was still standing close to Diane Evans. He then turned to
Philip. "Why don't the six of us head into town to get some additional supplies? I'm
assuming everyone plans to stay the night."

Philip understood what Jeff was trying to say, he was truly impressed how well both Jeff and
Nancy seemed to be taking all of this in. The six adults were quick to ascend toward Jeff's
van. Michael sighed with relief as the Parker's vehicle pulled away. He then turned to the
remaining party members. "Well, do you think we should check if the coast is clear or not?"

"Why don't we just head down toward the lake for a little walk. I think we've had enough of
seeing my brother and Liz going at it to last for a life time." Isabelle spoke up immediately.
Everyone was quick to agree, but Michael stated he wanted to check on the security systems
by the turn off first. No one seemed to have a problem going along with him before heading
down to the lake. In fact anything that would give them something to do made all of them
extremely happy.

In the mean time upstairs in the lake house Max and Liz had successfully made it to their
destination and were currently holding each other in the after blissness of their love making.


"I don't want to scare you."

"But.." Liz stated knowing that was going to be the next word out of Max's mouth.

"But, I don't know how much longer I will be able to stop myself. I mean...Every part of me
is screaming to..."

"Make me pregnant." Liz answered knowing exactly what he was feeling, because she was feeling
the exact same way herself.

"Yes, I want to marry you Liz. Today, tonight or tomorrow, but it needs to be soon. I want
you to be my wife in this world as well as mine before..."

"We get pregnant." Once again finishing his thoughts for him.

"Does it scare you at all? I mean not only this pull we're feeling to make a child together,
but all of it."

"I'd be crazy to say I'm not scared. I'm scared, nervous, frightened, but I and you both
know this just feels right. I love you Max Evans. I always will and I want to be with you.
I want you to be my husband in this world too. I want you to be the father of my children.
And no matter how weird our lives might become, this is our life and I wouldn't change any
of it, if it would mean to not be with you." She leaned over and gently kissed his lips.

"Well, not to scare you any more then necessary, but we need to go face our parents and somehow try to explain what just happened almost practically in front of them."

Liz's face flushed bright red at the thought of how they had lost so much control in front
of their parents. She brought her hands up to cover her blushing face when Max took her
hands in his. "Liz, I know what happened down stairs was not something our parents want to
hear, but they do need to understand why it is happening. I wish I could say that something
like that will never happen again. But, both you and I know that while the alignment is
still going strong, we cannot control this drive to be with one another."

"I know, I know. It's just that..God, Max..This is just so embarrassing. It's bad enough
that our parents know that we are intimate with each other, but to actually almost do it in
front of them. I don't think I can face them right now."

"Okay, I'll tell you what. Why don't I go down stairs and try to feel them out a little
first? I guess it's the least I could do since I was the one that literally attacked you in
front of them."

"Max, you didn't do anything I didn't want you to do."

"Hey, I'm trying to be a gentleman here." He slowly pulled himself away from Liz and began
searching for his clothes. It was at this point that he realized that their clothes, weren't
in their room. They were still thrown from around the living room all the way up the stairs
to their room. He looked over to see Liz standing there holding a new set of clothes for

"Maybe before you start explaining things to our parents, do you think you could gather our
clothes together and bring them back to our room." Liz joked as she started putting on some
clean clothes of her own.

Max couldn't help but laugh and be embarrassed about his current predicament. Not only did he
have to face both his own parents, but Liz's also. He had to try to discreetly pick up their
discarded clothing from their little stair adventure. He gave Liz a quick kiss and as he
was about to leave the room he told Liz in her mind that he loved her and would let her know
when the close was clear. He heard Liz reply back that she loved him too and with one last
look he left the security of their current bedroom. Max was more than gratefully surprise
to find the lake house currently empty. He looked out the front door and immediately noticed
the van was gone. He assumed Michael and Isabelle must have talked the adults into going to
town to get them away from the house. He made a mental note that he owed his sister and
friends yet once again for covering for him and Liz. He was just about to yell up to Liz
that the coast was clear for her to come down when he heard the beeping sound coming from
the other room. Max cautiously walked down the hall toward the sound. He soon became aware
of where it was currently coming from, it was the computer warning system they had installed
the day before sounding an alarm. Without hesitation Max made his way back up the stairs
three at a time all the while screaming out Liz's name. "LIZ. LIZ!"

Liz heard Max scream out her name and immediately ran to the top of the stairs to see what
happened. The two of them almost collided into one another in their rush to see what was
going on. "Max, what is it? What's going on?" She asked nervously.

"The computer alarm is going off. I..I just needed to make sure.."

"That I was okay." She finished his sentence for him. Upon seeing his slight nod, she replied.
"I'm fine Max. Where's everyone else?" Liz asked now concern about her friends and family.

"The van's gone, I think our friends helped divert our parents for us." Max answered.

"Oh." Was the only thing that Liz could think to say, also making a mental note to thank all
of them upon their return.

"I don't want to frighten you Liz, but we are alone here. I need to check on the alarm and
make sure it's not a false alarm."

Liz reached over and took Max's hand in hers. "We're in this together Max. We'll go check
out the alarm together." With that said, Max could only nod his agreeance and the two went
back down the stairs to the small den where Grandma Claudia's computer was set up. They
both saw that the alarm that was triggered came from the front entrance of the driveway. "I
guess we should walk up there and check it out." Liz finally voiced what she already knew
Max was thinking.

The two walked to the front door of the lake house, but prior to opening it Max turned to
face Liz. "Stay close to me." Was all he said. They walked quietly and cautiously down
to the driveway entrance, but when they got there they didn't see anything that looked out
of the ordinary.

The two lovers scanned the area quickly for any signs of trouble and were just about to give
up and head back to the house when Liz spotted something on the ground. "Max, looked at
that!" She exclaimed as she pointed to the ground right next to the security monitor. They
walked over and Liz slowly reached down and picked up the soft scarf that laid upon the
ground. "I'm pretty sure this is Maria's."

Max touched the scarf in hopes to get some kind of flash, but when were forthcoming, they
both decided it was time to return back to the house figuring that Michael and Maria must
have decided to check on the security system before leaving and must have triggered the alarm
by accident. Max already was starting to prepare his speech to Michael for being irresponsible
and scaring him and Liz to death unnecessarily. They both agreed they were hungry, since
neither had eaten lunch early with every one else, so Liz offered to fix them both lunch to
eat while they waited for the return of the others.

Nicholas smiled a sinister smile as he gazed at the four unconcience individuals, two human,
two aliens that currently were held in the back seat of his vehicle. "Ah, it's only a
matter of time before I have the heir to the throne in my possession once again. Even if
Max won't trade his life or his mate's life for his fellow friends, his mate is a weak
human. She is led by her emotions and she will be the one to sacrifice herself once again
in the name of saving her friends. Liz Parker, you will be the one to led to the down fall
of that pathetic excuse for a king those Antairans have." He thought to himself as he once
again glanced back at the four individuals.

End Pt26

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Title: Groveling Time
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 27

After they finished eating a large lunch, Max and Liz decided to walk down toward the lake.
They had discussed their options and how they were going to explain to their parents about
the alignment. They both agreed no matter what they would stand by each others side and face
what ever happens together as a team. It wasn't long before they both started to feel the
sensation to be one once again. Since no one was around there wasn't any need to deny them
their immediate urge. Max was already prepared since their last untimely need took control,
vowing that he would never be unprepared again. He swept her up in his arms, taking her lips
with hunger, desire and love. He carried her over to their hidden hiding spot close to the
lake and while still kissing her breathless laid her down upon the soft grass. Without
having any interference with any one else to delay or stop them Max wanted to just enjoy the
time they had together. He knew it wouldn't be long until their need to be joined would take
over and they wouldn't be able to just love each other. Instead they would be driven with
need and their primal instincts would take over.

Liz loved the way Max was touching her. So intimately, so tenderly with such love that with
each graze of his fingers across her body he bestowed just how much he loved her. In their
times together they had made love both slowly, tenderly and passionately and they had also
let go of themselves and made love with urgency, need and desire beyond either wildest
fantasies. Liz loved the fact that the man she loved could be so gentle with her one minute
and also be wild with passion for her the next. While she loved the tenderness Max showed
her one minute, she also loved it just as much when he lost all control and ravaged her until
she was literally breathless. This time she knew without a doubt that she would be receiving
both from him. Even though they both could feel the drive to be together growing deep within
their bodies. At the moment it hadn't taken over their souls to point where they weren't
able to think or feel about anything except for being one with each other. So as Liz reveled
in the way Max was making her feel with his kisses and his touch, she knew it wouldn't be
long until the control was lost and they would be making wild passionate love once again.

"I love you so much Liz. I love the way your mind thinks." He stated out loud after hearing
her personal thoughts.

At his statement Liz realized he had heard what she had been just thinking and couldn't stop
the smile that formed upon her lips. "I love you Max. Now touch me."

Max differently didn't need a second invitation. He once again took her lips with his in a
passionate kiss, teasing her mouth with his tongue to open more for him. His request was
granted and he was rewarded with a vibrating moan that came from Liz. His hands roamed up
her shirt and within moments both their shirts and Liz's bra were no longer an obstacle.
Neither knew which enjoyed the feel of Max's hand upon her breast more, Max being able to
touch her so intimately or Liz having Max touch her so intimately. 'So soft, so beautiful.'
Max thought in his mind.

Liz answered him back with another soft moan and then reached down between their bodies to
gently begin rubbing Max's already bulging erection. 'So wonderful, so hard.' She thought
in her mind.

Her actions and thoughts were rewarded with a deep moan from Max. The mating melody that
played in their minds grew louder as their need to be together grew more and more with each
passing moment, with each kiss, with each touch of the other's body. Max kissed his way
down her neck, down her chest until he came to his destination and then his tongue began
to swirl around her nipples. First one then the other, teasing both, but restraining himself
from taken either one completely into his mouth. Liz diffidently underneath his body wanting
more, but loving what he was doing all the same. By the time he finally sucked one of her
very hard nipple into his mouth, Liz let out a scream of pleasure. Her scream only enticed
him to suck on her harder. When he released one nipple he made sure to give her other one
the same amount of attention and pleasure and was soon rewarded with another scream from
Liz's mouth.

No matter how many times he tasted her body, he just couldn't get enough of her. His hands
moved lower to her jeans and with expert ease her pants were off in a matter of seconds. He
kissed his way down one leg and kissed his way back up the other as he removed his final
barrier to blissfulness. As her scent hit him, he was lost with the hunger that only her
body juices would quench. His mouth descended upon her and feasted like a starving man. His
tongue swirling around her nub of nerves, knowing exactly what gave Liz the most pleasure
and rewarded him with the taste of her juices the most. As he continued to lick and suck
at her, he plunged two fingers deep inside her. Liz's body was on fire with the building
orgasm Max was currently creating within her. Her hands weave through his hair urging him
on as her hips were moving of their own accord. "Don't stop..Oh God, Max..Don't stop!" She
screamed out knowing she was just about to fly over the edge of ecstasy.

As she came, Max moved her legs up on his shoulders to give him even more access to devour
her more. 'Yes, baby, keep coming for me.' He urged her on, still wanting more of that
sweet nectar her body was offering to him.

By the time her third orgasm had hit, Liz couldn't take it any more. She needed Max more
than she ever thought possible. The urge for him to plunge deep inside of her was at full
force and all she could think about was having Max mate with her now. She was completely
breathless from the on going attack that Max was still giving her body and was unable to
even form the three words she needed desperately to say, so she used their connection and
thought them to him all the same. 'Inside me NOW!'

Max heard her demand, but was torn between continuing on his current feast or fulfilling
the urge that his body was screaming for him to do. But, in the end he knew he couldn't
deny her anything and if she wanted him, he was damn sure going to give himself to her. He
stood on his knees, still taking Liz's body with his. When he was in the right position he
reached down and undid his button and zipper. Pulling his pants down just far enough to free
himself. Once free he took both of Liz's legs in his hand and in one swift moment tore his
mouth from it's feast and plunged deep inside of her body.

Max knew he should get the protection he had in his pocket on, but he just needed to feel
Liz completely for a few seconds first. He thrusted deeply again and again, reveling in the
feel of her tight walls surrounding her. He thought just a few more seconds and then he
would remove himself from within her and get the rubber on as quickly as possible and replunge
back inside of her. But, she felt so good he couldn't stop just yet. He continued to pump
his body in and out of her and could feel another of Liz's orgasms approaching. As soon as
I feel her cum on me, I'll get the protection he promised himself. The need to send his
seed inside of her was now full force, but Max was determined not to impregnate her until
they were married on this planet as well as his. So he continued to plunge inside of her,
just waiting for her to fly over the edge one more time before he stopped for the few moments
it would take to put the protection on. Even though stopping was going to kill him, even
for only that short of time period he was determined.

In her current position, Liz was unable to really move her body at all. With each thrust
Max made inside her body she could feel herself falling further and further into the world
of complete pleasure. Every cell in her body was preparing for the multiple orgasm that
was about to explode from deep inside of her. She desperately needed to touch Max, but in
their current position she was unable to reach his chest, arms or face. Her need to feel
Max in her hands grew just as her impending orgasm was. She reached out and touched the
only real part of Max that she could actually reach. His ever sensitive sacs.

With that one touch both she and Max exploded in a pleasure that reached beyond their wildest
fantasies. They felt as if they were floating on air as Liz's multiply orgasm ripped through
her body and Max's seed went sailing deep inside of Liz. Each could feel the other's pleasure
as their release continued to escalate them into a peace of oneness. Their souls were
completely seared together as one and neither could stop the on slaughter of emotions that
rippled throughout their shared body. Both knowing instantly what had happened, what they
had created, but the joy and love they felt toward the other was unimaginable at the moment.
No words were needed to be spoken with their mouths or their minds as they both knew without
a doubt the alignment had successfully completed it's mission.

Max released Liz's legs and took her in his arms all the while still joined within her and
they held each other with complete devotion, complete satisfaction and complete love in the
hearts, bodies and souls. Neither Liz nor Max could keep the tears of joy from escaping
their eyes as they truly knew each other's soul inside and out. After a long while and
after they were finally able to get their emotions back in check, Max kissed her softly and
then finally removed himself from her. "Liz, I'm so sor..."

"Max, please. Don't apologize for something we both wanted to happen. Besides it wasn't
you, I shouldn't have..."

Max raised his finger to her mouth to silence her. There was no way he was going to let her
feel like she did something wrong just because he couldn't control his own body when she
simply touched him. "I won't if you won't." Was all he stated and Liz knew exactly what
he meant. He wouldn't blame himself for losing control like he had, if she wouldn't blame
herself. "I love you Liz. We are bonded for life, this child we created was created out
of our love for each other and I will never have any regrets. But, I do want to marry you
as soon as possible. I want everyone on this world to know your mine as well as those on
our other world."

Liz gazed into Max's eyes. It was the first time that he had stated he considered his home
planet her world too. "I will never have any regrets no matter which planet we are on."
Letting him know that if he had to return to his home planet, she would be by his side.

Relief flooding through Max with her acknowledgment that she would stand beside him now and
in the future no matter where their destiny took them. They laid in each other's arms for
quite a while. Only when Max's stomach made a hunger noise did they realized how much time
they had been down by the lake. "I guess I worked up an appetite." He joked.

"And here I thought I gave you plenty to eat just a short while ago." She joked back referring
to his most recent attack on her body.

"Uh, babe. Unless your planning on feeding me again very soon, I suggest we get dress and
head back. Besides we still need to face the music with our parents about what happened

Liz let out a small groan, she still was not looking forward to that conversation at all.
But, she allowed Max to help her up and back into her clothes. "Uh, Max. Let's keep the
baby to ourselves for right now. I think our parents have had enough to deal with for the

Max nodded his agreement, but before they began their journey back to the house, Max had to
verify with Liz that she was all right. He held his hand over her stomach and began to make
a connection. When he felt confident enough that both she and their baby were fine Max
placed a kiss on her tummy. "Promise me Liz, if you are feeling anything unusual at all
that you won't try to keep it from me. I mean we are in this together and with my origins
being what they are. Well, just promise me, please."

"I promise Max. But, I've got a feeling that if anything goes wrong you will probably know
about it before I do, so I expect the same promise." Max nodded his head agreeing with her,
knowing full well she was more than likely right since he planned to connect with their baby
often. So united as always they walked hand and hand they walked back up to the lake house.

The two of them noticed how quiet the house was with them being the only people around. "Are
you hungry?" Max asked, knowing full well already she was, but trying to be polite all the
same. Being able to feel the thoughts of your true love was still knew to both of them and
even though Max knew through their connection Liz was hungry he didn't want to make her feel
like he was trying to take advantage of their newly discovered connection.

"Actually I guess I could eat a little something." Liz said shyly.

Max didn't hesitate, this is the woman that he loved with all his heart, the woman who was
now carrying his child and the woman he was meant to spend the rest of his life with. He
was determined to protect and provide for her. He took her small hand in his and the two
went back to the kitchen. But, this time instead of Liz fixing the food, it was Max who was
waiting on her. He made some sandwiches and chips to snack on and was about to pour a couple
glasses of soda when his mind remembered. He poured himself two very large glasses of milk,
hoping that since he had poured one for himself Liz wouldn't be suspicious right away about
his plan. "Too late Max. Haven't you figured out that you can't keep anything from me yet.
I know your thoughts, your feelings, everything about you." Liz responded with a small smirk
on her face.

"Good, then you already know there will be no arguing about letting me take care of you and
our child." He placed the large glass of milk in front of her. "Now drink up Mommy."

Liz rolled her eyes, but knew what he said was true. He did plan on taking care of both her
and their child they had created together. She took a large drink of the milk and even made
a Hmm Hmm sound after she swallowed it in an attempt to make him feel like he was successful.
The two of them then finished their snack in a comfortable silence. But, when Liz proceeded
to get up and start to clean up since Max had fixed, Max protested immediately. "Liz, you
need to sit and relax. I can wash a couple of plates."

"Max, I'm pregnant. I'm not sick. Are you going to be like this throughout the entire
pregnancy, because if you think I'm just going to sit around eating bon bons and grow as big
as a house you are sadly mistaken mister." She had a teasing tone to her voice, but she was
serious all the same and Max understood.

"Okay, I will promise not to make you sit around and eat bon bons all day, if you promise to
let me take care of you when you are feeling tired. I don't want you to over excerpt yourself.
We still don't know how this pregnancy is going to effect your body yet."

"I'm not too concerned about that. I know this guy that can heal anything, even a gun shot
wound." She joked at him, but as she said the words she saw the color drain from Max's face.
"Max? What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry, it's just that I had a picture of you laying on the ground at the Crashdown that
day shot and I just pictured how close I came to losing you." He quickly gathered her up in
his arms. "I can't bear the thought of losing you, ever."

"Max, you'll never lose me. I'm here, I'm safe and it's all because of you. Now stop thinking
the worst because we have so much to look forward to. Our whole lives are ahead of us."

At that moment they heard the sound of the van pulling up in front of the lake house. "Are
you ready for this?" Max stated more than asked as he already knew the answer to his question.

"As long as your by my side I can be ready for anything." She leaned up and kissed him
lightly and then arm and arm they walked toward the front door to greet the rest of the party
and get the questions that they knew would be forth coming out of the way.

As soon as they opened the front door a sense of dread came over Max. As he saw the adults
climb out of the van, he knew at that moment the alarm that had sounded quite a few hours
before was not by accident. He raced out of the house on full alert mode and went straight
up to Jim Valenti. "Michael didn't go with you?" He only asked about Michael, because he
did not want to upset any of the parents yet with his suspicions.

"No, he stayed here with Maria, Isabelle and Kyle. Why is something wrong?" Jim asked now
concerned about the boy who he felt as if he was another son to him.

Max glanced back to Liz and knew she already knew what he was thinking. "Stay here." He
ordered as he ran back to where the security system at the front entrance to the road had
gone off.

Four parents were completely taken back by Max's actions. They had discussed the Max and Liz
situation thoroughly and Jim had tried to help them understand what the two of them had been
through in such a short time of their lives on the trip to and from town. They thought they
were dealing with all the news pretty well, but now with the way Max was acting they weren't
sure what else could possible be coming their way. "Jim what is it?" Amy asked as they all
watched Max's retreating form.

"I'm guessing Michael's missing." He replied solemnly.

"What? What about Maria? MARIA! MARRRIIAAA!" Amy started shouting in panic mode.

Liz ran down to where Amy DeLuca stood shouting for her daughter. She had no idea what to
say or how to comfort her because until they had returned, her and Max both just assumed
the rest of the group had gone with them. Now, of course, she knew that wasn't true and she
was just as frightened for her friends as the adults were for their children. Jim saw Liz
coming toward Amy and his instincts told him that right now she was the key and knew he had
to protect her at all cost. "Liz, get inside the house NOW!" He ordered and then turned to
the rest of the adults. "Everyone inside."

Jeff Parker immediately went to his daughter, hugged her tightly and then did just as Jim had
instructed them to do, he pulled both his daughter and his wife inside the lake house. "Are
you okay honey?" He asked once inside. With Liz's nod confirming she was okay, he then
continued his line of questioning. "What happened? Where's Michael? Maria?"

Before Liz could answer Diane scanned the lake house quickly. "ISABELLE! Isabelle where are
you?" When no reply came she turned her attention back to Liz. "Where are they?"

"I don't know." Liz was truly frightened and felt totally alone even though she was standing
in the middle of a group of people that she considered family one way or another. She was
truly shaking with fear for her friends and within a second the front door burst open and
she was safe in Max's arms again.

"It will be all right." He soothed her back with a gentle touch and soon found she was
completely calmed. He glanced over at his parents, then to the rest of the adults. "Please
don't interrogate her. She doesn't need any of you to upset her any more than she already
is. Now I understand you all have questions, I can tell you what we know, but right now
that isn't much. A few hours ago we heard the alarm sound. We went to investigate it, all
we found was Maria's scarf. Nothing else. We knew the van was gone and assumed everyone
had left together and when you guys left, sounded the alarm by accident. We didn't even know
they were missing until you guys just got back." Max explained.

"You mean they are all missing, not just Michael?" Jim asked now fully concerned for his own

"Liz and I have been the only two here since..well, since early." Max answered facing only
Jim. The guilt he was feeling went beyond anything he had ever felt before.

'Max stop. I don't need to feel any more upset than I already do as you said before and I
can feel your guilt and if you are feeling guilty it's just going to make me feel guilty, so
stop.' Liz told him with her mind.

Max lifted her chin to look into her eyes as he spoke in her mind. 'I'm sorry. Your right,
we're in this together. We'll figure something out.' He started to lean down to kiss her,
but felt himself being pulled back at his arm.

"Oh no. Now is differently not the time for that." Amy stated in her spit fire tone. Max
turned beat red along with all the other adults and Liz at Amy's words. He was seeing first
hand where Maria got all her spunk from. He had no idea how to tell them all that he didn't
think the alignment would be a factor in their lives any longer.

"Huh, about this afternoon." Max started, trying to explain what had happened and how neither
he nor Liz had any control over their actions.

"Son, it's okay. Your sister and everyone explained about the alignment. I just wished that
you had said something to us before hand. It was kind of a shock to witness to say the least."
Philip diffidently offered, hoping to ease his son's obvious embarrassment over the whole situation,
not to mention Liz's. "Now what can we do to find out what happened to your sister?"

Max gave his father a sincere look of thanks for his quick change in subject. "We're going
to see if we can communicate with Isabelle. She's the strongest of all of us in the ability
to communicate mentally with any one. I think if Liz can reach anyone it would Isabelle."

"Wait, how would Liz be able to communicate with Isabelle?" Diane asked still unaware of
Liz's ability.

"Mom, when I healed Liz, I must have stimulated a part of her brain that most humans don't
use. Apparently the females on our planet are more in tuned with the mental capabilities
while the males are more in tuned with the physical capabilities. That's why Liz has a
better chance to communicate with Isabelle, then I would with Michael." Max knew his
explanation would need further explaining down the road, but it was the quickest way he
could think to relate to his parents about Liz's ability.

With that explanation, Diane had about a hundred more questions she wanted to ask, but knew
now was not the time. She watched as her son turned to the woman he obviously loved deeply
and watched as they seemed to be carrying on a conversation of their own. 'Max, do you really
think I'll be able to get through to Isabelle?'

'Babe, you can do it. Just look at me and concentrate. Let your mind blank out, think about
Isabelle and only Isabelle.' Max walked her over to the couch as the two of them to continue
to star deeply into each other's eyes. All six of the adults watched in amazement as Liz
and Max both looked like they were in some sort of deep trance. Max once again began to
show Liz images of his sister to her mind through their connection. His voice in her mind
telling her stories with the images that he was showing her.

As Liz concentrated harder, with Max's voice and the images he was showing her, she soon felt
as if her mind was going somewhere else. She was engulfed in darkness with a small stream
of light that looked like it was coming from a small pea size hole from in front of her.
Liz let her mind move toward the light, as soon as she was close enough to look inside the
tiny hole Liz could see Isabelle sitting in the middle of an empty room. Her eyes were
closed and she could tell she was concentrating hard just to keep the small hole opened she
had created. "Isabelle, it's me Liz. What happened to you guys? Where are you?" She
screamed into the tiny hole.

Isabelle turned her head in Liz's direction. Without opening her eyes, she spoke. "Nicholas."
Was all she was able to say before the tiny hole closed, blocking Liz completely from

Liz could feel another presence in her mind and turned in all directions to see if what she
could feel, she could also see. But, there was nothing but darkness around her. "MAX!"
She screamed in her mind, knowing that she was still connected to Max and she instinctually
knew she needed him.

'I'm here babe.' He voiced to her in her mind to let her know he was still with her.

'I can't see you.' Liz stated becoming fearful for she could still feel the presence and
now she could sense the presence was pure evil. 'Max, where are you?'

'I'm still sitting next to you. You can hear me through our connection, but until you bring
your mind back, you won't be able to hear me.' Max tried to explain while he soothed her
with his words.

'Can you feel it?'

'I can feel your fear of whatever it is, but no I don't sense anything. Physically I'm next
to you, but mentally you aren't next to me. Come back Liz. I don't like what your feeling,
we can try to figure it out.' The next thing Max knew he was standing right beside Liz in
her mind far from their bodies. 'Liz?' Max had no idea how this was possible, but at the
moment he could not only hear Liz, but he could also feel her. He could also feel the evil
presence that was frightening Liz so much.

'Max? How are you here?'

'I don't know, but somehow I am.' Max pulled Liz close to him, ready to protect her with
his life if it came to that.

"Now isn't that sweet. The boy king trying to his human mate." The evil voice of Nicholas
was heard loud and clear.

"Nicholas, where are you? Show yourself!" Max demanded as he pulled Liz even closer to his
body, fully prepared for whatever needed to be done.

"In good time. You shouldn't have tried to hide from me. Go back to where it started if
you ever want to see your sister and friends alive again. Oh and Max, it's nice to know the
heir as been conceived finally."

With that said both Max and Liz found themselves sitting back on the couch in the lake house.
Both were breathing heavy trying to get their bodies under control from their experience.
Max immediately cupped Liz's face within his hands. "Liz, are you all right?" His voice
full of concern.

"He knows Max, he..hee knowss." Tears formed in her eyes and only Max knew what she was
truly speaking about. Nicholas not only had taken Isabelle and more than likely Michael,
Maria and Kyle captive. But, he knew Liz was now pregnant with his heir.

End Part 27

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Title: Groveling Time
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 28

Max held Liz securely until she was calmed down enough for him to think logically. He was
making a list mentally of the facts that they knew for sure. One, all their friends were
missing, but they only knew for sure that Nicholas had Isabelle. The other three were more
than likely in his hands also or worst. Max didn't even want his mind to go there. Liz
was now pregnant with his child, the heir to the throne of Antar and the fact that Nicholas
knew made Max shudder, but how did Nicholas know? How was Liz able to pull me into her
mind walk to find Isabelle. He knew for a fact it was not him, he knew he was connected to
Liz and then he could feel his mind being pulled toward Liz. He hadn't done anything, he
had been pulled into Liz's mind. Maybe it is some kind of new power that Liz had just
discovered and when she felt frightened she reached out for him and pulled him into her mind
for help. That seemed logical, okay that must be it.

Then there was the whole statement that Nicholas said about going back to where it all had
started. But, where did he mean exactly. Their home planet, the pod chamber, where? Max's
mind was running a mile a minute trying to come to terms with what they knew and how they
were going to go about getting their friends back safe and sound. Even though Liz was and
will always be his top priority, he still felt the responsibility of the rest of the group
on his shoulders. That's when he heard her voice. 'It's the Crashdown, Max. We need to go
back to the Crashdown.' He had felt as though his mind was going to explode it was thinking
so fast, but as soon as he heard Liz's voice, he knew. It wasn't just his mind thinking, it
was theirs. Thinking together, working as one to figure things through.

'Are you sure?' He asked her through their connection.

'I'm sure. It's where it all started Max, with me any way and right now I think I understand
why he took our friends. He wants you to exchange me for them and the Crashdown is where it
all started between us.' Liz reasoned.

'Liz, I can't. I won't...'

'Max, he knows about the baby. He is not going to harm me.'

"NO!" This time Max shouted it out loud without even realizing it until Liz answered him
out loud.

"It's the only way."

"Max? Liz? What is it? Were you able to get a hold of Isabelle?" Max's father asked.

Both Max and Liz had been so deep into their own connection, they had almost forgotten the
adults were still in the room with them. Max looked over to his father. "Yes, Liz was able
to get a hold of Isabelle. Nicholas has her."

"What about Maria? Does he have Maria too? Is she okay? Where are they?" Amy DeLuca was
firing question after question to the young couple that still remained on the couch holding
each other protectively. In fact she was asking questions so fast, she hadn't really given
them a chance to answer them.

"We're going back to Roswell." Max commanded, not bothering to answer any questions for he
knew there just wasn't time. They could talk on their way. "Jim, you take Amy in your
vehicle. Liz and I will go with our parents. We don't have any time to waste so let's get
going." He turned to Jim. "We're pretty sure Kyle and Maria were taken with Isabelle. We'll
meet you at the Crashdown and hopefully we can come up with a plan to get them all back
safely, without endangering anyone else." He looked back to Liz as he said that last part.
There was no way that he was about to let Nicholas bully him into giving him Liz for his
sister and friends lives.

Liz stood next to Max, but reached her hand out to Amy. "Don't worry, Michael will protect
Maria. He won't let anything happen to her. Trust me, if you want any one to be there for
Maria if she is in danger it would be Michael." Liz hoped her words would soothe her best
friends mother enough to make her relax enough so they could go without further delay.

Amy gave Liz a small smile, even though Liz could tell she was still extremely nervous about
her baby girl. Max took Liz's hand in his and turned to the rest of the adults. "Let's go."
Max held the front passenger door opened for Liz and then quickly went to the driver's side.
Jeff was about to protest, but with one determined look from Max he knew that Max would be
able to get them back to town faster than he ever could. He simply passed the keys up to
Max as he climbed into the back seat next to his wife.

Once in the car alone with their parents it didn't take long before the questions started.
"So have you two always been able to communicate silently?" Diane asked the first question
that came to her mind. She along with the others had noticed earlier how Max and Liz seemed
to be in a deep conversation before, but no words had been spoken.

"Max and I have always had a connection, but we have only recently discovered that we cannot only hear each others thoughts, but we also can feel each others feelings." Liz answered.
She knew that Max needed to concentrate on driving so the answering of the questions were
going to be up to her.

"Do you hear and feel everything the other one is thinking and feeling?" Philip asked.

Liz looked over to Max, who only smiled so that only she could see it. Blushing slightly she
answered. "Yes,"

"So how long does alignment last?" Nancy asked knowing that it was going to be awkward for
her daughter to answer, but it needed to answered all the same.

"Uh..We don't know, but we're pretty sure we don't have to worry about it for the time being."
Liz answered as honestly as she could.

"Oh My God! Your pregnant, aren't you?" Nancy stated more than asked.

Liz bit down on her bottom lip, she so did not want to have this conversation riding in a
speeding car and especially not without Max's help. 'I'm here babe. Do you want me to...'

Liz's silence was the confirmation that the other adults in the car needed without her actually
answering the question. "Lizzy, are you sure?"

Max couldn't let Liz take the burden of this conversation by herself any longer. So he was
the one to finally speak up. "We're sure. Liz is carrying the next heir to Antar."

"I cannot believe this." The angry in Jeff Parker's voice was apparent to everyone and Liz
was extremely happy that Max was driving now, because there was no way her father could kill
him while he was behind the wheel and the long drive back would give them plenty of time to
get use to the idea. She could feel her entire body tense with just the thought of what was
going to happen once the car stopped.

Max could feel how upset Liz was getting and he wasn't about to let any one upset her, even
her own father. "Jeff, Liz and I created a child out of the love we share for each other.
I have never denied or been ashamed of that love. Liz is my wife, she is going to be the
mother of my children and I would appreciate it if you would not upset her right now. We
have more pressing matters to deal with at the moment."

'That took guts.' Max could hear Liz's voice in his mind.

'Well, let's hope your not a widow before we even get married.'

"Max, we aren't trying to upset anyone. But, even you have to admit that we've had a lot
of things thrown at us in the past few days and it just doesn't seem to stop." Nancy cried

"I'm sorry Nancy, I didn't mean to offend you or you Jeff. I apologize if I did. Liz means
the world to me and so does this child. I just get a little protective when it comes
to their happiness."

'I love you too.' Max just smiled and gave Liz a private wink before turning his attention
back to road ahead of him.

Jeff reached up and laid his hand on his daughter shoulder. "I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean
to upset you."

"Thank you Dad. Max and I are going to need your support now more than ever. Even after we
get through all this stuff with Nicholas, we are still young. We know this child is going
to take a lot of support from all our friends and family, especially since we don't know
that much about Max's genetic structure."

At her words both her parents faces fell. It was at that moment they realized what Liz was
saying, she was not just another teenage statistic. She was pregnant yes, but the father
wasn't completely human and who knew what that could mean as far as the pregnancy goes.
"Are you going to be okay?" Nancy asked now fully concerned for your daughter's safety once

"Mom, I'm fine. It's just that there could be a million things that go wrong in any normal
pregnancy. But, you add the factor that..."

"I'm different. Or at least my body fluids are different from you would normally find in
normal human cells. I can promise you this though, if there is any choice in the matter,
there won't be any choice."


"Liz, I won't lose you or let anything happen to you. If for some reason the different cell
structure harms you. I can't, I won't risk it."

"Max. NO! This is my child, my body, my choice."


"End of discussion. I don't even want to hear you think about it again. This baby is going
to be fine. I'm going to be fine. That's it."

Max knew at that moment there wasn't going to be any arguing with her, but he also knew if
it did come down to a choice, he wouldn't have any choice in the matter. 'Max.'

'Sorry.' Realizing she had heard his thoughts.

The four adults watched their children and knew without a doubt that what Max said, he spoke
the truth, but also knowing Liz would not allow him to do anything to their child she carried.
"So how far along are you Liz?" Diane asked.

Liz looked at her watch. "About six hours a long."

"WHAT?" Was the simultaneous cry from all four parents in the back seat?

"How are you two so positive that Liz is pregnant?" Philip asked with a serious tone saying
how he still was having a problem understanding all of the information he had been told.

"Dad, we knew the moment of conception. Trust me, Liz is pregnant." Max answered firmly
letting his father know there was no doubt or question if Liz was pregnant or not.

The four adults all sat back stunned by this new piece of information. They were simply
amazed, shocked and truly stunned by what Max and Liz had just stated. 'Do you think they
will be able to handle our next piece of news?' Liz questioned Max in his mind.

'I doubt it, but what choice do we have.' "Look we know you've had to take a lot in, but we
feel you all should know what's going on and what to expect when we get back to Roswell."
As Max looked in the rear view mirror to make sure both his parents and Liz's were ready he
continued. "Nicholas, one of my enemies. He knows about Liz's pregnancy. We're not sure
how, but he does. Liz and I think he has taken Isabelle, Michael, Maria and Kyle to use as
bargaining chips. He wants me to trade Liz with my child for them."

"Izzy." Diane cried while Philip put his arm around his wife to comfort her. Meanwhile Jeff
reached over and grabbed his own wife's hand. All four understood what Max had just informed
them. This Nicholas character wanted the heir to the throne and if Max didn't turn Liz over
to him, he would more than likely kill the others.

"Max, you aren't thinking.."

"NO! Jeff, Nicholas will not lay one hand on Liz. Even if we were to consider that option,
which we're not." He looked sternly over to Liz to let her know clearly she
wasn't even to consider it herself. "We couldn't trust that Nicholas would in deed not harm
them once he had Liz anyway. Nichols is pure evil, he has no emotions and doesn't care about
anyone or anything."

"Max, we can't just let them die." Liz began to argue.

"Liz, I said no and I'm not changing my mind on this. We'll find another way." He reached
over and lifted her chin so she had to look him in the eye. "Trust me, we'll think of

"The pendant Max, why can't we use it's power to stop time and then we take out Nicholas,
save the others and all ends well before anyone is the wiser."

"I thought about it Liz, but neither of us really knows how it works and besides remember it
will drain a lot of energy from both you and my mother. You both will be exposed if any
thing went wrong. I just don't think we can take the risk of draining any extra energy from
you right now. The baby remember."

"You can stop time?" Philip asked once again fascinated by the abilities his own son processed
and he had never known.

"During the bonding ceremony, Liz was giving the power to sort of freeze time. It seems to
effect everyone except her and me. But, we've never actually used it and we really don't
know what the consequences could be if she did. All we were told was that it would drain
most of her energy and to only use it in extreme circumstances. Now with the unknowns about
the baby, I don't think we should risk testing it now."

'But, this is an extreme circumstance Max. I'm willing to take the risk if it means saving
our friends.' Liz told Max through their connection.

"I'm not." Max spoke out loud as he looked Liz straight in the eye to let her know he was
dead serious about this subject.

"Not what?" Nancy asked, since Liz had spoken to Max through their mind connection the adults
hadn't heard what Liz had said.

Liz turned to her mother. "I'm sorry, I just told Max that I was willing to take the chance
to save our friends." She then turned back to Max. "I think this is our only option and I
couldn't live with myself if anything happened to any of them and I didn't do something that
could have prevented it. We've already lost Alex, Max. I just can't." Tears started to
fall freely down her cheeks at the thought of losing any more of her friends.

Max reached over and wiped the tears from her eyes. "I'm sorry Liz, please don't cry. I
won't let Nicholas win, I'll think of something. I promise." He spoke softly and comforting
and all four parents were in awe at the amount of love the two of them showed toward each
other in that simple moment. Max knew Liz needed his comfort and he was tempted to pull the
car over to take her in his arms, but knew time was essential.

'I'm okay Max. Keep driving, it must be pregnancy hormones starting to click in. Let's just
get to the Crashdown.'

Max looked over to Liz to make sure she was okay and then pressed the gas pedal down a little
further. They were on the out skirts of Roswell when Max pulled over. Jim pulled up behind
Max and all four males got out of the cars for a quick planning session before heading straight
into town. "I don't want Liz anywhere Nicholas could get to her. But, I don't want her to
be left alone." Max spoke quickly as he looked at each member of his current group. Here
he was trying to plan the most important plan of his life as of yet and he was without the
ones that he had always relied on the most. Michael and Isabelle. He knew he could trust
these men, but he also knew none of them were a match against Nicholas and he feared that he
would end up not only having to worry about rescuing his sister and friends, but also having
to protect these individuals that had come to be such an important part of his life in the

"I'll stay with my daughter. I won't let that Nicholas guy get close enough to touch one
strand of hair on her head." Jeff swore.

"Jeff, I appreciate your offer and as much as I know you want to protect Liz. To be honest,
I don't think you understand the kind of power that Nicholas has. Michael is the strongest
of us, physically that is and if Nicholas was able to take out him as well as Isabelle I..."

Max left his sentence unfinished trying not to offend his future father in law. "Max, I do
understand what you are trying to say, but there has got to be something we can do. We can't
just walk into the Crashdown, knowing Nicholas will be there and hope for the best. You
need help and right now we're all you have. So..."

"Son, Isabelle's my daughter and if I can do something to help get her back unharmed than I
want to be able to help. You've obviously come up against this Nicholas character before and
you have obviously been able to walk away, now tell us what we need to know and how we can
help so we can go get your sister back?"

Max looked at both his father and Liz's father and then went into as much detail about Nicholas
as he knew. He told them about the skin's, about their husk, about how to kill them, he
informed them that Nicholas was supposed to be the most powerful skin of them all and that he
had all the powers that he, Michael, Isabelle and Tess had and then some. He related as
much information to the three men who stood before him as quickly as possible knowing time
was not on their side. When he was finished he looked over to the Jim Valenti. "You've gone
up against him as much as we have, anything you would like to add?"

"Conventional weapons can slow him down, but only for a few seconds. What I'm still trying
to figure out is how he was able to take all four of them? I've seen Michael in action Max
and I can't figure out how even if Michael was taken out how Isabelle didn't make a move?"
Jim voiced the question that was on all of the adults minds.

"Michael went willing as did Isabelle." Max answered and at the stunned looks of the other
three men he knew they didn't understand. "Nicholas didn't take out Michael, he knew what
Michael's weakness was and knew Michael wouldn't put up any kind of fight if it meant that
Maria would have been harmed, just like I would willingly give my life if it meant Liz would
be okay. My guess is Isabelle, Michael and Kyle are being held by means of Maria's pearl.
I'm sure Nicholas is using Maria to hold them accountable. We found Maria's scarf on the
ground, which means Nicholas more than likely grabbed Maria and let the other three know
what he would do to her if they didn't go willingly."

"OH MY GOD!" Came from the direction of Jim's SUV causing all four to turn and see Amy DeLuca
holding her hand over her mouth. Jim immediately went to Amy to comfort her and the other
three women climbed out of the van to see what was up.

"What happened?" Nancy inquired as she went to stand next to her husband.

"Max just explained how it was possible that Nicholas was able to get all four of them."
Jeff answered his wife.

"You told them about Maria." Liz stated, she had already figured that part out for herself
knowing how Michael felt toward Maria.

Max simply nodded and then looked at his watch. "Okay, I understand everyone is upset, but
we still have to figure out how we are going to get them back and we don't have much time to
spare. Liz, I think it would be best if you take Amy, and our mother's to the pod chamber.
It's the only place I can think of that would be safe enough..."

"I'm staying with you. We're in this together..."

"Liz, I need to know you are safe and I..."

"And I need to know you are safe DAMN IT!" Liz started poking her finger in Max's chest to
make sure he got her meaning and stopped all the male ego from oozing it's ugly head again.
"Max, I may be pregnant. But, I think you have forgotten that I have been shot at, jumped
off bridges, been chased by the FBI, evil aliens and everything else, I'm not about to run
and hide now when MY BEST FRIEND is in DANGER! So let's go to the Crashdown kick this scrunny
alien's little ass and get them back NOW!" She turned and stomped back over to the van,
jumped inside and slammed the door shut to make sure there wasn't any further arguments.

Max turned toward Jeff and Nancy Parker. "You know, you have raised one stubborn daughter."
Both Liz's parents smiled at Max, knowing he wasn't going to get a chance to change Liz's
mind now that it was made up. Quietly all the adults went back to their vehicles, climbed
in and were once again on the road to the Crashdown.

End Pt28

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Title: Groveling Time
For Disclaimer and Summary see Pt1

Part 29

Max had asked Jeff to drive the final distance back into town. He and Liz both climbed into
the middle seats, leaving his parents in the very back. He called Jim on the cell phone and
had instructed him to go down the alley and park in the back. He then instructed Jeff to
just drive by the cafe slowly so they could look to see if Nicholas and company was already
there. He asked his own parents to watch the opposite side of the street to see if there
was any thing out of the ordinary over there as they drove by. When he was sure there were
no signs of anything he told Jeff to park directly out front of the cafe. With the utmost
caution Max climbed out of the van first. He looked in all directions before motioning for
the Parker's and his parents to move into the Crashdown while he continued his surveillance
of the area. After all the adults were safely inside it was then that he finally reached
in for Liz. He pulled her to his side immediately and as quick as possible the two of them
were also inside her parent's cafe. "Now what?" Jeff asked once he seen his daughter was
also safe inside.

"Now we wait." Max answered. Their wait was not long as Nicholas walked into the cafe even
as Max spoke his last words.

"Aaah, good to see the little mommy to be made it for the party." Nicholas stated.
Max immediately pulled Liz behind him, while Liz's father stepped in front of Liz also. He
might not have the same kind of powers that Max has, but as far as he was concerned he would
do anything in his power to protect his daughter. "Now isn't that touching. This family
thing is so sweet, I think I might actually get a cavity."

"Where are they Nicholas?" Max was in no mood to play the back and forth banter that Nicholas
was obvious trying to do. He wanted his sister and friends back and he wanted them back now.

"Their fine, in fact all you have to do is hand Liz over and they will be released immediately
unharmed and safe for the rest of their lives. Well, without any further harm that is."

"You spineless speck. What did you do to them?" Liz screamed out.

"My, my Max, your mate has such a mouth on her. And here I thought you were the quiet one.
Your friend wasn't so quiet, that's for sure. I barely touched her and she screamed and
cried like such the mousy human I thought she would be." Nicholas snide back.

"You bastard." Max's voice was cold and quiet, but his tone spoke volumes. "I'll only ask
you this one more time, where are they?"

Nicholas could tell play time was over with them. "Give me the heir." He commanded as he
glared directly at Max.

"You'll never get your paws on my daugh....." Was all Jeff Parker got out of his mouth when
he was sent flying across the cafe's floor, the back wall the only thing stopping him.

"JEFF!" Nancy screamed as she ran toward her husband only to be flung toward him with a flick
of Nicholas's wrist.

"MOM, DAD!" Liz screamed out and started to take a step toward her parents when she felt Max
pull her tight against him.

'No, Liz. That's what he wants. He needs to get you away from me so he can make his move.'
Max spoke to her in her mind.

Max almost instantly threw an energy blast in Nicholas's direction and then raised his shield
separating himself, Liz and their parents from Nicholas.

Nicholas reflected Max's blast with some effort, but easily enough. "Is that all the power
the mighty king has? Now give me the heir or you, your parental units and all your friends
will be dead within the next few minutes."

"I don't trust you Nicholas. I want to see them for myself." Max commanded back.

Nicholas eyed Max carefully as if he was thinking about his statement. He waived his hand
and a picture formed in front of the group. They all gasped at the sight the picture shown
them. Maria was chained to a wall, her head hung down cast, but they all could see her face
was bruised and swollen, as the result of a beating. Michael, Isabelle and Kyle were all
standing against some kind of pillars with their hands held by an unknown force. A bondage
that Max remembered all to well.

"Maria...Oh My God! I'm so sorry." Liz's voice was but a whisper, but all could hear the
pain she was feeling for her best friend. 'Max, we have got to get them out of there. I'm
using the pendant.'

Max wanted to argue with her, but after seeing Maria's condition he knew she didn't have
much time. 'Okay, on the count of three.' Liz grasped the pendant that hung around her
neck. Before Max even begun to count, Nicholas started his attack. He threw an energy ball
directly at Max's hand, then another one, then another. The attack was so sudden and was
coming so quickly that both Max and Liz were thrown off balance. The energy shield disappeared
and the next energy blast directed at his parents came so quickly that Max didn't even have
time to aid neither his mother, nor his father. Just as Nicholas turned his hand in his
direction Max was able to raise his shield seconds before the next energy blast came screeching
toward his face. 'Liz, NOW!' He shouted in his head to her.

Liz pulled the pendant out from under her shirt and touched the stone that was in the middle
of it. Nothing seemed to happen so she held it tighter and pushed the stone using the palms
of her hand. Still no results and Max's shield was quickly losing steam once again. 'Max,
it's not working.'

She knew Max didn't know any more than her, but she knew the situation was becoming desperate.
'Concentrate Liz. You can do it. I believe in you. I love you, Liz.' Those final words
were the ones she needed to hear to give her the encouragement that she needed and with those
words spoken she closed her eyes, let her mind blank out and thought of Max. She could
feel his love surrounding her, enveloping her completely and she knew what she needed to do.
She pressed the pendant to her heart and a blinding light seemed to come directly out of it.
Time seemed to stand still, in fact it had. The only problem was that she stopped time right
as Nicholas had just thrown another energy blast at her and Max. "Liz, are you all right?"
Max asked as he had to still hold his shield in place to prevent the energy blast Nicholas
had just sent at them from hitting them.

"It worked! I did it!" She exclaimed as she jumped up and down on Max's arm.

"I knew you could. Now if you could take two steps to your right we can get this show on
the road." Liz saw what Max was saying and immediately stepped far enough away that Max could
lower his shield and let the energy blast Nicholas had sent at them flying past them. When
he was sure the coast was clear, he lowered his shield. The blast didn't fly past them as
they thought, but hung in mid air. Both Liz and Max were amazed at the sight before them.
Max immediately stalked over to Nicholas and punched him directly in his face. "That's for
my Mom and this is for Dad." As he punched him again, this time in the stomach.

Liz walked over to him and landed one of her own punches to his face. "That's for my parents
and this is for Maria." She then kicked him right in the groin. Max even shook at just
the thought of how that felt.

He then looked back at the energy blast that was still hovering in mid air now. "You know
what would be the most ironic way for this turps to leave this planet. Love, could you pass
me a chair please." Liz handed him a chair not quite sure what Max was planning. He placed
the chair directly on the other side of the hovering energy blast. He then went back to
Nicholas and dragged him over to the chair. Making sure to strategically place him just right
and then made sure to tie him in place using his own type of special method. Once he was
sure everything was placed correctly, he walked back over and draped his arm over Liz's
shoulder. "There, now the little turps will get a taste of his own medicine."

Liz couldn't help the giggle that escaped her throat at the sight before her. She could
only imagine how in the second Nicholas will have to figure out what happened he will be
toasted by one of his own energy blast. However, both knew time was of the essence and they
needed to get to their friends before they lost their advantage. Especially since neither
had any idea how long this time freeze was going to last. Max went over to his parents and
realized he couldn't do anything to help any of the parents as long as this time freeze was
on. "Let's hurry up and get the other's. I need to be back here the moment this time freeze
stops to heal them in time." Liz ran out the front door with Max directly behind her. From
the picture that Nicholas had shown them earlier they both recognized exactly where their
friends were being held and that was directly across the street from the Crashdown at Liz's
old boss's office Congresswoman Whittaker.

Max wasted no time in eliminating the skins that were guarding their friends. He ran over
to Maria first, using his powers she immediately fell forward into his arms. "We need to
get them back to the cafe."

Liz looked around and the first thing she saw was her old desk out front. "Max, flip the
desk over and we can put them all on the desk, then you can bring it back across the street
using your powers." She knew Max trying to carry them all one by one back would take way too
much time so she figured this would work just as well.

Carefully Max placed Maria gently on the floor, went over to Liz kissing her quickly on her
sweet lips. "I knew I loved your mind as much as I love your body." He stated before he
followed her directions and flipped the desk over. One by one he placed his sister and his
friends on the desk and then using his powers he guided the desk easily. Once back inside
the cafe he went over to where his mother and father still remained and motioned for Liz to
unfreeze the time. Liz nodded to him that she was ready and pressed the pendant back to her
chest once again.

In an instant everything happened simultaneously. Michael awoke to his arms wrapped around
a very scared and hurt Maria. Kyle shook his head and shouted, "What the hell happened?"
While Isabelle saw Nicholas standing on a chair and Max kneeling below him over their parents.
Before she could let out a scream, she saw the most unbelievable sight before her eyes.

Nicholas head swept to the side like he had been punched, then his body jerked over, then his
head flew back again, then he grabbed his lower anatomy letting out a howl of pain unlike
anything they had ever heard and that's when the energy blast hit him full force in the
middle of his back. Ashes floated around the cafe within seconds of the explosion of the
skin once called Nicholas. Max and Liz both shared a knowing and satisfy look at the end of
their enemy before Max went to work on healing his parents. Liz ran over to her own parents
to see if they were okay. It didn't take long for Max to revive his mother, in fact it took
longer for him to retract himself from her motherly hug so he could heal his father than it
actually took to heal her.

While Max worked on his father, Liz was busy trying to revive her own parents. Nancy awoke
startled at first and as she laid eyes on her husband still laying unconscious on the floor
underneath her everything came flying back to her. "Jeff, honey. Wake up, please wake up."
She pleaded with tears streaming down her face.

"He'll be okay Mom. Don't worry, he'll be okay." Knowing that if anything was seriously
wrong with him, Max would fix him as soon as he finished with his own parents once she had
felt his heart still beating.

Max could tell by the emotions that he was feeling coming from Liz that she needed him. He
didn't hesitate and finished healing his father as quickly as not so humanly possible. He
then went over to Jeff Parker. He did a quick scan over his body trying to find what the
damage was, it didn't take long. "His neck's been broke." Max thanked the stars above that
he was actually still alive, knowing good and well what could have happened.

"Max, you can heal him, right?" Liz inquired, the fear in her voice for her own father
coming out loud and clear. But, Max didn't bother to answer her question. Instead he just
went to work healing Liz's father. When Jeff's eyes began to blink, both Liz and Nancy
threw their arms around him as Max sat back trying to recoup some of his spent energy.
"Daddy! Oh Daddy!" Liz exclaimed as she hugged her father tightly, knowing how close she
had come to losing him forever. As she hugged her father, she turned her head to see Max
sitting there looking exhausted. "Thank You." She mouthed to him when his eyes looked up
and met hers. He only nodded his acknowledgment to her and then hung his head back down to
once again try to recoup his strength.

Jeff sat up slightly letting his wife and daughter know he was fine. He then looked at the
ashes that were still floating in the air around them and asked. "Uh..Was the cafe on fire
or something."

"Or something like that Dad." Liz laughed at her father's inquiry.

"Uh..Maxwell..Maria.." Michael called to his friend. Michael was now the one that carried
the huge weight of guilt upon his shoulders. He had been forced to live his worst nightmare.
To have to watch Nicholas basically torture Maria, in front of his own eyes knowing that if
he had tried anything at all he would have killed her without even blinking an eye. Now as
he sat and held her knowing that he didn't have the same kind of healing abilities as Max
did. He was forced to sit and wait until Max finished with his parents and Liz's father
before he could even ask for his help. He knew the adults were in a life or death situation
and they needed Max's attention first, but when the love of your life is in your arms in pain
the logic part of your brain doesn't always work. He knew Max's energy was being depleted
from healing the adults, but he just couldn't watch Maria be in pain for another second.

Max knew what his best friend was asking without even saying the words. He literally crawled
over to Maria just as Amy DeLuca and Jim Valenti ran in from the back doors of the kitchen.
"Their coming!" Jim yelled a warning, while Amy saw her daughter laying in Michael's arms.

"MARIA! Oh my baby girl! What happened to her? Is she going to be all right?" The tears
streaming down her face as she ran over to where Maria, Michael and Max were now on the floor.

"She'll be fine, Amy. Just us a minute." Michael tried to reassure Maria's now very frantic
mother. But, when he saw Max's face, he knew it would be more than a few minutes. Jim's
warning just now seeping into his Maria guilt brain.

Max looked back over to Isabelle. "Go seal that back door." He then shouted to Liz. "Get
behind the counter. NOW!" He knew he was still going to have to battle the rest of Nicholas's
thugs that weren't across the street, but his top priority was Liz's safety.

Liz pulled her mother off her father and then grabbed Diane's arm too as she pushed both her
and Max's father toward the counter. Michael as quickly, but as gently as he could placed
Maria behind the counter in her mother's awaiting arms. "Everyone stay down and be quiet."
He stated before he took his place next to Max.

Isabelle came back into the front of the cafe as soon as she successfully locked the back
door using some extra alien strength in doing so and then stood on the other side of her
brother. This was going to be battle that she was more than determined to win. Kyle took a
stance besides Isabelle, while Jim stood next to Michael. "All right everyone stay close,
they're going to come in here blasting. I'll take care of the initial blasts and then it
will be our turn." Max stated letting everyone know he was going to raise his shield first
and then they could start fighting.

"Remember middle of the back gets you the dust prize." Michael slightly joked.

But, the pod squad, Kyle and Jim were surprised when those who they were sure were their
enemies came into the restaurant one by one, forming a barricade in front of the door, but
not firing one shot at them. They all appeared to be dressed in the exact same kind of dark
suit, wearing dark sunglasses. To the gang they appeared to look more like "Men in Black"
types then an alien enemy. When about twenty of them were inside the cafe a middle aged
man approached the five who were still standing in a ready to fight stance. He looked Max
directly in the eye and then shocked Max and company by raising his fist across his chest,
kneeled down and then bowed deeply. "Your majesty." Was all he said and then the other men
standing behind him followed his lead and also bowed before Max, Michael, Isabelle, Kyle and

Max looked over to Michael, then to his sister, then back to the gentlemen who were still
deeply bowed before them. "Wh..Who are you?" Max stammered out, still taken back by what
had just happened.

The first man rose, but kept his head bent, while the other's remained knelt before them.
"We have been sent by the royal mother of the house of Zan to protect you and your heir. We
are at your service your majesty."

"Our mother sent them?" Isabelle inquired, but was silenced when Max raised his hand to stop
any further questions.

"How do we know you are who you say you are? Max inquired still following the trust no one
extinct he had been raised to believe.

The man pulled the sleeve of his shirt upward on his arm. "I wear the mark of the house of
Zan as a symbol of my loyalty to him and his family." There on his arm was what looked very
similar to a tattoo in the shape of the same whirlwind pattern that was on the pendant they
found at Atherton's place so long ago. The same pendant that Max had given to Liz, that had
bound the two of them together. Max watched in amazement as the other men also raised their
arms to reveal that they too bared the same sort of tattoo.

Upon seeing the mark on the men's forearms before him, Max knew. Without having any prior
remembrance of the symbol, but instinctually he knew the men before him spoke the truth. It
was Michael that still was the skeptical one. "Yeah, well any Joe smoe can get a tattoo put

"Not these sir. These can only be given by the king himself." The man then looked Michael
right in the eye. "Do you not carry the king's mark of loyalty?" It was obvious the man
before them was confused as to why the king's second in command would not be bearing the
king's mark too.

Max could tell that Michael was a bit taken back by the man's question and before Michael
had a chance to go off, Max spoke up quickly. "I trust my life and the lives of my family
with him and all the other members that stand with me. Their loyalty is without question."

Kyle took note how the other members still had not risen yet. "Max, their kind of tripping
me out here. Tell them to rise or something."

Max looked over to Michael, then Isabelle. He then shrugged and stated using a general's
tone from a Hollywood movie. "At ease men."

At once all twenty men rose, but still kept their heads bowed to their king. "Okay this is
getting just a little to weird." Isabelle commented.

Now that Max felt slightly assured that the men before them was no longer a threat he looked
to the counter. "Liz, you guys can come out now."

Both his father and Liz's father rose first. Then their mother's, then Amy rose along with
Liz while they both helped Maria up to her feet. The minute Liz stood the men standing
before Max once again knelt and bowed deeply. "Your majesty."

"Oh brother, here we go again." Came from Kyle as he rolled his eyes.

End Part 29

posted on 29-Nov-2001 10:52:08 PM by Susan709
First off I wanted to thank everyone who has left feedback or has just read my story. After S2 the dreamer in me was slowly dying, but I held hope that S3 with a new network word bring back the passion I had once felt for this one time fantastic show and bring my dreamer heart back. But, saddly, so far, the dreamer I once always thought I would be is gone.

I almost wasn't able to finish this story and that is why I haven't started any new ones. But, I felt I owed it to all of those dreamers that still hold their dream in their hearts to at least finish the story. So without further a do here is the conclusion.

Hopefully I dream my dreamer heart will also come back,
because I truly miss it.

Title: Groveling Time
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1


Max ignored Kyle's comment and all the bowing men that were still before him on their knees,
he only had eyes for his love, his mate, the woman who was carrying his child inside her.
Without even a second thought he hopped over the counter that separated himself from Liz.
"You okay?" Was the first thought that came to his mind, so that was the first question out
of his mouth.

"I'm fine, but Max..Maria?" She answered and the concern tone for her friend was not lost
on him at all.

Max gave Liz an encouraging smile, then turned his attention to Maria who was awake, but all
could tell was in a lot of pain. "Hey girlfriend. What do you say Dr. Max has a go at those
bumps and bruises?" He questioned in a jokingly matter, but within seconds all jokes were
put a side when he brought his hands up to her face. "Just look at me and let your mind
blank out." Was all he stated as Maria complied with his request knowing exactly what he
was going to do. She gave him a slight smile even though it was painful to attempt and nodded
letting him know she was ready. To Max's surprise the connection between the two of them
was formed easily. In a matter of minutes Maria's face was back to her beautiful self and
if anyone hadn't known about her beating by the hand of Nicholas none would have been the
wiser. When Max pulled his hands away, he took Maria in his arms and hugged her tightly.
"I'm so sorry he did that to you. He won't be able to harm you ever again." He whispered
in her ear and then out loud so the others around him could hear he stated. "I'm pretty
sure he was happy to be turned to dust after what my wife here did to him." Maria threw Liz
a look asking what she did, but Max was the one to speak up. "Let's just say she has a good
low aim and I plan to never make her angry enough at me for her to use that knee my way."

Giggles came from both the girl's from this comment. Maria then rubbed her face with her
hands. "Thanks Max. Hey, you even got rid of that stupid blemish I've been fighting with
for days now. THANKS! You and me, once a month, alien skin treatment a must from now on."
She joked which caused another round of giggles from Liz and Max to blush crimson red.

Amy DeLuca had never actually witnessed Max use his healing powers and when she saw how he
fixed her daughter up in a matter of minutes she was truly shocked, but more then anything
she was eternity grateful for all he had done for her. She pulled her daughter around and
began hugging her until Maria was actually having a hard time breathing. "If you ever scare
me like that again I'll...I'll...Oh, my baby girl, I was so scared for you."

"Mom, MOM! I'm okay." Maria pulled slightly away from her mother's embrace. "See." She
twirled around in front of her. "I'm fine, really." Then Maria's eyes searched for the one
she most wanted to see and when she finally laid eyes on him, his head was down and she knew
that he was blaming himself and she could almost feel the guilt that was coming from him.
"MICHAEL GUERIN Get You Butt Over Here Right This Minute!" She commanded.

Michael's head shot up and he knew she was going to lay into him for even trying to feel the
slightest of guilt. Feeling totally like a wimp, but deep down loving every minute of it he
walked right up to her and took her in his arms. "Maria, I'm so sor..."

That was all he got out before her lips were upon his. The kiss was quick, but it served
it's desired affect. "Now I don't want to hear another word about it. You saved my life,
you know it and I know it, so thanks." She gave him a huge smile and then smacked him on
the arm. "And why didn't you tell me Max could have taken care of this days ago." As she
pointed to the spot on her chin that the troublesome blemish had been."

Michael knew at that moment Maria was fine and all was well with them. Their moment was
interrupted by Kyle. "Hey, Miss Queeny, kneeling guys and all. A little creepy, a little
strange and it's bugging me. What do you say?" He kidded and then went to give her a friendly
smack on her arm when he suddenly found himself pinned against the counter with some kind of
strange alien sword pointing at his throat before anyone had even a second to react.

Max immediately placed his hand on the arm of the man who held Kyle captive. "Let him go!"
He demanded in an authoritative voice.

The man stepped away from Kyle and bowed his head toward Max. "Your majesty, I am sworn to
protect you and your mate with my life." The man stated.

Max and the rest of the group were truly shocked, for each knew that Kyle wasn't going to
harm Liz in any way so the action of the man before them confused them deeply. Even with
his head bowed the man could sense their confusion. "No one, except the king is allowed to
touch the queen. It is our duty to assure her safety, along with the heir she carries, your

Max saw his sister trying hard not to laugh, he saw Michael rolling his eyes and he noticed
how both Liz's parents seemed upset that they had just been told in so many words they were
not allowed to touch their only daughter. He then looked to Liz and he also saw the shock
that was written all over her face. The fear of not being able to hug her mother or father
or Maria or anyone there without risking their lives and he was not willing to allow this
way of thinking to continue. 'I guess it's my right as king to make new rules up as we go.'
He told Liz in her mind. 'Do you have a problem with any one in this room being able to touch
you without worrying about the consequences?' He then asked.

'Please, but I only want one alien touching me in certain places.' She joked back to him in
his mind.

'Liz! I'm trying to be...' When he saw the smile on her face he knew she was teasing him.
He winked at her and then proceeded with his original plan. "Rise and hear me now." He
commanded to all the men who were still bent down on one knee. They rose immediately at his
request, so Max then continued. "The individual's that are in this room are our friends and
family. They have risked their lives for us and in no way would they ever harm me, my wife
or my child. I trust them completely as does your queen. Therefore, I will take personal
offense to anyone that serves the house of Zan that would cause harm or let harm be caused
to any of these individuals. Does anyone have any questions regarding this matter?" Max
could tell he had shocked the men before him with his words, but not one of them seemed to
question his authority. Then when they pounded there forearm to their chest in recognition
that they understood and would obey his command Max thought he was in some kind of dream
world. He then thought about the situation at hand. "We still have more of our enemies to
deal with."

"Sir, the rest of our squad was dispatched to deal with the few remaining skins in the area.
They will signal when they have accomplished their mission. We are here to escort you and
your royal court back to base camp where you will be safe until we can arrange for your
return home."

'Back home.' The thought ran threw Max's mind over and over again. He looked over Liz and
then to his sister, mother and father. This just seemed to unreal even to him. 'Back home.'
Even though he could hear Liz's thoughts and knew she was upset but assured him if he had to
go she would be by his side, he could still tell by everyone else's face they were just as
shocked as he was to hear those words.

His thoughts were interrupted when the gentleman spoke again. "Your majesty, the skins have
been dealt with in this area. Shall we proceed to base camp?"

Max looked to each individual in the group and saw the nods and shrugs of I guess so's coming
from all parties. Still half in shocked and half curious about what would lie ahead for them
now. Max turned to Liz. 'I go where you go.' Was what she said to him in his mind and with
that small encouragement Max was ready to face whatever it was he was about to face.

"We need a moment. We will be in the apartment upstairs if we are needed." Max knew the
Crashdown was still closed so he wasn't concerned about other people coming in just yet. He
turned to the rest of the group. "Shall we." He ushered with his hands for them to move
and one by one the entire group of friends, parents and family walked up toward the Parker
residence. Once everyone was inside the apartment, Max closed the door and then sighed.
"Is everyone okay?" His concern for the group safety was first priority as usual.

With that asked everyone started commenting at once. "That was unbelievable, Evans, you are
the man." From Kyle.

"Liz, are you all right honey?" From Nancy.

"Do they want all of us to go or just you and Liz?" From Isabelle.

"When do you think they will want to go back home?" From Michael.

"Are you going to go?" From Diane.

"Son, I'm proud of the way you handled yourself down there." From Philip.

"My God Liz, you really are a queen now!" From Maria.

"That was more than I expected to see today." From Jim.

"Will Liz be going with you?" From Jeff.

Everyone was talking and questioning everyone at the same time to the point where no one
could really hear or understand anything anyone was saying. With everything that everyone
was saying Max couldn't think. Finally he just grabbed Liz's hand and pulled her out of the
living room and down the hall to her bedroom. Once the door shut, silence enveloped them.
"Well, I guess that shut everyone up." Liz joked.

Max pulled her into his arms. "Liz, I..." He couldn't even begin to think where he should
begin. Instead he did the one thing that always brought him back to reality. He kissed her.
The kiss was meant to be a calming effect that he desperately needed, but as it deepened, it
turned quickly to passion and need. Their mouths opened and tongues dueled both showing the
other just how much they needed each other at the moment and how much they loved each other.
When air finally became a necessity Max reluctantly released Liz's mouth. "I needed to do
that so badly. So.."

"So.." She answered back shyly.

"Before we go out there and discuss this with everyone else, I need to know. It's just you
and I now. I need you to tell me how you feel about all this. Be honest Liz."

"Honestly, I'm scared to death. I know if you have to go home, I will go with you because
I don't think I could live without you."


"But, are we ready for this? I mean, am I ready to be a queen? Max, I'm not a queen. I'm
just a small town girl who fell in love with the most amazing person I've ever known. I
love you Max. I want to be with you. I don't care about all the rest of that down there."
She motioned with her hands downward toward the cafe. "I can't even think about leaving
everyone I love if they decide to stay or worst if they aren't allowed to come." With that
said she plopped down on her bed. "I just don't know Max."

"Liz, we aren't going any where until we have all the answers we need, that I can promise
you. As far as you being a queen. You are more a queen, then I will ever consider myself
a king." He stated as he sat next to her on her bed and took her hand into his. "I love
you Liz and I won't lose you. I told you once before that I didn't care about any of this,
my home, my planet, my people. You are what is important to me. You and our child we've
created from our love. You own my heart, my body and my soul. I am nothing without you, I
just want you to be safe and happy."

Liz looked into Max's eyes and knew he was speaking from his heart. "Max you have a destiny
to fulfill. I walked away from you before. I'm not walking away now, never again. We are
in this together. Just promise me one thing."


"That when we go to your planet, I'll play queen, you play king, but when were alone. I want
Max Evans, in my bed with me and not some strange king."

With those words spoken Max knew at that moment that Liz was committing herself to him. She
would be with him by his side always no matter what lied ahead for the two of them. "That
Liz so to be Evans, I can promise." He brought her hand up to his mouth and ever so gently
placed a small kiss upon it. "Why don't we go tell the others of our decision?"

Liz nodded and they both rose, but before Max could reach for the door, Liz grabbed him into
her arms and kissed him passionately once more. "For luck." She stated when she withdrew
her lips from his.

Together the two of them went out to discover the rest of the group eerily quiet awaiting
the two of them to return. "Liz and I have talked. We are going to go to this base camp
and find out what answers we can before we make any further decisions. We both would like
everyone here to know they are welcome to come with, but it will be your decision to stay
or come."

Michael immediately rose as did Isabelle. "I'm coming." They both said at the same time.

Maria then looked over at her mother, with a nod of approval from her she stepped over to
Michael's side. "I going too." Michael looked into Maria's eyes for any sign that she
wasn't sure, when he saw none he wrapped his arm around her shoulder letting her know that
he would protect her at all cost and that he would love her forever with just that one
simple gesture.

Jim reached his hand out to Max. "Max, it has been an honor and a privilege to know you,
but my home is here. If you ever need anything from me, I'll be there for you."

Kyle looked over to his father and stepped next to him. "Same for me Evans. This is my home,
but if you need me for anything, I'm there."

Amy was the next to decide to stay. As much as she wanted to be with her daughter, she knew
her daughter would be just fine with her friends and she belonged here.

The Evan's and the Parker's both agreed that they would be accompany their children to this
so called base camp. Both sets of parents wanted to make sure their children were safe, but
they had already made their decision that if and when the time came for them to have to leave
both would be staying here on Earth.

"Okay then, let's do it." Max stated and started toward the door, when Kyle stepped in front
of him. "What is it Kyle?"

"I want the mark." Was all Kyle said.

"Kyle, I trust you. You don't need to wear any mark showing your loyalty."

"Max, this war of yours. It isn't just on your planet any longer. It's here too. And I
want everyone to know, that I'm on the right side of this war."

Max nodded his understanding. He reached out his hand just over Kyle's arm, but before he
touched it he looked toward Jim. This is a man that Max respected and if he didn't want his
son marked than he would respect that decision. Jim understood what Max was asking with his
eyes, he simply closed his and then pulled his sleeve up and held his forearm out also.
Needless to say Max was taken back by this action, but also didn't hesitate. He placed one
hand on Kyle and the other on Jim. When he pulled his hands back, both showed the sign of
the house of Zan on their forearms. He then quickly waved his hand over both and the mark
disappeared. "What the...?" Kyle begun to ask, but was quickly silenced by Max.

"It's still there. I just didn't think you needed to explain to everyone you ever meet in
your life your new strange tattoo." Max stated with a smile on his face. "Thank you both.
You've been good friends to all of us." He then held out his hand to each of them as he
said his good bye.

Amy and Maria were hugging and crying saying they loved each other and how much they would
miss each other. Until Maria seen the look of guilt coming over Michael's face. "Michael,
stop okay. We both know where I belong, so just stop."

Amy walked over to Michael next. "You take care of my baby girl. And if you so much as make
one single tear come out of those beautiful eyes of hers, you will have to deal with me mister
and I don't care how many millions of miles away you are. I will hunt you down, do you
understand me."

"Yes, ma'am, I understand."

The group ready, but with a renewed kinship unlike any family before. They were there for
each other before and they would be there for each other in the future. Their destinies
known, but their futures still unsure. All they knew for sure that together they were stronger
and they were bond together through blood, marriage, or loyalty and no one could ever tear
their kinship apart. Max took Liz's hand in his, knowing that he was about to embark on a
journey to a new world, but one where no matter what he would have Liz by his side. The love
of his wife, his sister, his friends and his families. He was finally prepared to step into
the shoes of the leader of a planet and be the king he was destined to become. All it took
was a little groveling to make him see what was so clear for so long. He approached the
men that were still down in the cafe, turned back to the group behind him once more and with
a nod of encouragement from them, he turned back again. "Okay let's go."

The End