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Title: Breakaway

Author: Well, duh!

Disclaimer: None of its mine. Characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims and some other people possibly a studio too. I don’t know. I’ll put them back when I’m finished playing with them, I promise.

Summary: Liz is a well-known figure skater who comes from a prominent family while Max is a hockey player who comes from the wrong side of the tracks.

Author’s Note: I know what you're thinking, "Another one?! Finish the one's you've already got you fool!" I thought the same exact thing myself. *wink* But this kind of came to me when reading Lizzie_Parker17's challenge for The Cutting Edge, and I had to write it. Although it’s NOTHING like the movie or even the challenge. And I did not rip the idea off of SNOW FALLING either, although that is a really great fic. This is different, yet similar but only in the way of Max and Liz being a hockey player and a figure skater.


Part 1

Max Evans sat on the grass watching his friends goof around. It was late August and luckily, it was still warm enough for them to eat outside on the grounds. He and his friends despised the cafeteria, and often ate in the gym when it became cold and snowed. When they were outside, they were free to goof around. Had Michael picked Maria up in the cafeteria and spun her around while she demanded to be put down and pounded on his back, there would have been a detention issued. However, outside they were free to do whatever they wanted so long as they didn’t become too loud and disturb the classes.

He laughed when Maria was dropped onto her ass on the grass next to him. “It’s not so funny, chuckles. If I was strong enough to pick you up, Mr. Hockey Star, and spin you around a couple of times, I’d do it. Then you’d see just how unfunny it is. Especially when you just got done eating.”

“Oh shut up.” He told his best friend, tossing a chip in her direction. “Put your mouth to good use.”

He laughed again when she scoffed and looked away.

“Liz Parker is staring at us again.” Maria announced to the group, drawing everyone’s attention to the petite brown haired, doe-eyed rich girl across the lawn. Sure enough, she was perched on one of the stone benches, holding a fork in one hand and a plastic bowl of a healthy salad in the other. Her head turned in their direction. “Does it creep anyone else out when she does that?”

There were a few murmured yeses and one no. Causing everyone to turn their attention from Liz toward Max, who was still looking at the little rich girl. “Maxwell, my dear friend, you’re kidding right? You’re not seriously sporting a crush on little Miss Teen Queen, are you?”

“No, Maria, I’m not.” He told her, as his eyes met with Liz’s for a brief second before she turned away toward her friends. “I just find it interesting how she’s always staring at us. I’m intrigued.”

- - -

She turned away when their eyes met and faced her friends. “They have no ambition or drive.” She told them, stabbing her ranch-covered lettuce.

“I know what you mean Liz.” Tess Harding said, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder and looking at the group. “I mean just look at them. None of those people are going anywhere in life. How can they when they’re always goofing off?”

Turning around again Liz sent the group a dirty look before facing her friends. She hated people who goofed off. She hated people who didn’t have any ambition or drive. She hated pathetic people who spent all day with their heads in the clouds, dreaming their lives away. If a person didn’t have goals, she didn’t like them. And Max Evans and his little gang, that consisted of his sister, her boyfriend and three other ambitionless losers, didn’t appear to have any of the qualities she liked. All she knew about Max Evans was that he was a hockey player on some dinky little community team. Which automatically made him crude and violent.

- - -

One hour later, while everyone was rushing to their last class of the day, Max was standing off to the side leaning on his locker. Silently watching. He was watching everyone really, but there were two people that his eyes were continually drawn back to. Liz Parker and Sean Phillips. The beauty and the beast. He watched in silence as they walked down the hall, coming toward him. Liz cradled her books to her chest and looked at the ground as Sean talked her ear off, most likely about himself. She smiled as she looked at the ground and occasionally looked up in Sean’s direction to flash him a quick smile. The whole thing made Max feel sick. It was no secret that Sean and Liz were dating. Sean made it known every chance he got, although nobody had ever heard Liz say anything about it, Max often wondered why she would choose someone like Sean Phillips. He was mean, extremely possessive, and maddeningly jealous. He’d heard Sean threatening the lives of more than one guy just because he’d caught them looking at Liz in a way that he didn’t like.

Loosely holding his history book and folder, he pushed himself up off of his locker and sauntered off to class. Walking past Liz and Sean, lightly bumping his shoulder into hers, on purpose, and not bothering to turn around and apologize.

“Watch it, jerk!” She yelled after him, her face scrunched up in anger. He smiled and without looking back, held up his middle finger. She intrigued him, sure, but that didn’t mean he liked her. She was after all a little rich bitch, prissy ice skater. Which automatically made her vain, arrogant, and probably bulimic too.


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AN: I did some tweaking and it's done sooner than planed. I'm still not completely happy with it, but it’s as good as it’s going to get.

Question! How soon would like to see Max and Liz start to get past the hating each other? Because I could go either way.

Part 2

Isabel breathed a sigh of relief as she climbed up into her brother’s beat up old Army Jeep. The school day was finally over, and she couldn’t have been any happier about it. Sometimes she just wished she could go to a public school like everyone else on her side of town. Sometimes she wished she didn’t have to study her ass off just to keep up and keep the scholarship that she’d earned to get into the expensive private school that she and her twin brother Max attended. The only thing she was happy about were the uniforms. Her clothes were nice, but they didn’t have designer labels, like the clothes that filled the closets of her classmates. She was sure of that.

“Max, are we leaving or what?” She asked, turning her head in her brother’s direction. He was leaning against the side of the jeep, next to his door, intently focused on something or someone. Isabel was pretty sure who that someone was.

“Will you look at that Iz?” It was more of a command than a question. He gestured to the black town car with the tinted windows. “Look at that. She gets picked up from school by the chauffeur.”

Turning in her seat, she held onto the back while her knees dug into the cushion. What she wouldn’t give to be picked up by the chauffeur. What she wouldn’t give to ride in a car like that, any car other than her brother’s crappy jeep really. “Must be nice.” She told him, her voice sounding entirely too sad to her own ears.

Luckily Max didn’t notice her somber tone. “Yeah, it must be.” He had a sour expression on his face when his eyes once again met with Liz Parker’s across the crowded parking lot. “I wonder if she knows just how good she’s got it?”

He watched her as she narrowed her eyes at him, shooting him a glare, before she disappeared into the town car. Isabel watched with a mild amount of interest before turning around and settling herself in her seat. “All may not be as it seems little brother.”

“What?” He asked her as he hopped up into his seat and buckled his seat belt. “Buckle up.”

She rolled her eyes before complying with his command. “I’m saying, what do we really know about her? Other than the fact that she hates us for some unknown reason and that she’s an ice skater?”

“We know that she’s a-”

“We don’t know anything Max.” Isabel said, interrupting whatever it was he was going to say. “We don’t know what she’s like. We think we know, but we don’t. Neither one of us has ever actually had a conversation with her.”

Ignoring her statement, he started the car and backed out of the parking space. His day was jam packed, just like every other day. He had to drive all the way across town, drop Isabel off, and then drive all the way back for work before driving all the way back to his part of the town for practice right after that. He was exhausted just thinking about it.

- - -

“Hello James.” She said to the chauffeur as she slammed the car door shut.

“Hello Miss Elizabeth.” He greeted her with a slight accent. It sounded like an Australian one, but she couldn’t be sure. In all the years he’d been working for her parents, she’d never bothered asking him where he was from. Or if he had any children for that matter. “How was your day Miss?”

“Same as always James.” She answered, looking out the window as they passed by the hunk of junk that Max Evans liked to call a vehicle. “And yours?”

A pointless question, seeing as how his day consisted of driving around. “Oh it was fine Miss. Your mother went shopping in the city. Traffic was a hassle to deal with.”

“Did she get me anything?” Liz asked from the back seat, picking at her nails.

“I think so Miss.” He said cheerily as he looked at her in the rear view mirror. “I loaded quite a few bags from Ralph Lauren into the trunk.”

Liz offered him a small smile before going back to picking at her nails. But he knew she didn’t really care about the twelve bags from Ralph Lauren. She was a brilliant actress, everyone on the staff at The Parker Estate thought so. But James’s mother had always said the eyes were the windows to the soul. One only had to look at her eyes to see the truth.

The rest of the drive was spent in silence and before Liz knew it they had gone through the gates and were driving up the mile long graveled driveway, toward Thurston Manor. A five-bedroom house, with a large wrap around porch and a beautiful bay window, which sat on five acres of plush green grass and a back yard surrounded by woods. It was just one of the many homes they had but was Liz’s favorite. It probably had something to do with the secluded pond that was nestled in the woods. She loved to skate on it in the winter.

TBC - And I've seen some things about the movie The Cutting Edge. Yes, it is a great movie, but this fic really has nothing to do with it. I just got inspired while reading that challenge. Max and Liz don't become partners, at least not professionally. *wink*
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katmcken originally wrote:
OH my gosh I love the movie Cutting Edge.
Can't wait to see what happends.
Is Sean like Hal?
I love the movie too. *wink* But this fic actually has nothing to do with the movie. It's really not even going to be similar to the movie. I only mentioned it because the idea for this fic came to me when I read the challenge that Lizzie Parker17 posted about the movie. In about a month, she said she's going to write her version of The Cutting Edge. *happy*
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AN: Thanks for all your suggestions. Woodwinds, I really like yours. I think I might use that, if you dont mind. *happy* But not right now. As for right now, I’m giving all the Liz/Isabel friend shippers what they want. Or the start of what they want anyway.

Part 3

The next day found Liz in her fourth hour English class, furiously scribbling down notes in her notebook. Her teacher, Mrs. Begley, was known for giving a ton of work. Even if it was only the second week of school. The assignment was to write a speech about the disadvantages of teenage pregnancy. Liz’s ears perked up a bit when she heard Mrs. Begley announce that they would be working in partners for this assignment. Her eyes automatically sought out Tess, who was looking directly at her, both knowing that they would be working together.

“Now, I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit.” Mrs. Begley said from the front of the room, her eyes skimming over everyone in the class. “So I’m going to choose your partners for you.”

Liz and Tess exchanged glances, neither one was sweating this much. They were sure that Mrs. Begley would assign them to each other. It would be a crime not to assign two friends as partners on a project.

“So, Swanson with Markus, Bushnell with Carpenter, Harding with Goldsmith, Parker with Evans...” There were other names being called off and paired up, but all Liz heard were those first eight names. Harding with Goldsmith. Tess Harding, her best friend, was with Jake Goldsmith. And Liz, she was with Evans. She turned around in her seat in the front row and looked toward the back of the room, where she saw Isabel Evans sitting quietly, looking at her with a weird look. Liz couldn’t tell if Isabel was happy to be assigned her partner, or feeling cursed. At the moment, Liz was definitely feeling the latter of the two. What had she done in a previous life to deserve getting partnered up with one of the ambitionless fools? More over, Max’s sister! Liz wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

“Alright, gather up your things and spread out.” Mrs. Begley told everyone, clapping her hands together just once. “You may go down and use the library if you’d like.”

Liz stayed seated, looking at Isabel as she did the same. Finally the buxom blonde ventured over toward Liz and sat down in the seat next to her. “Hi.”

Liz said nothing, opting to stare at her with a bored expression rather than say hello.

“Uh, do you want to go down to the library?” Isabel asked, toying with the binding of her English book, which she was presently clutching to her chest. She looked almost nervous, and for a moment Liz wondered why. But it was only for a moment, because she quickly stomped that thought down. She didn’t care why because she didn’t care about Isabel. She was an ambitionless dreamer, nothing more. Liz was probably going to have to do a majority of this project herself. She could see it now.

“I suppose.” She said, flipping her hand and acting very bored with the whole exchange.

“O-okay.” Isabel mentally chided herself for studdering. Liz was probably going to think she was stupid now, and she knew Max would say to her not to worry about what Liz Parker thinks about her, she actually did worry.

They walked in silence down to the library, Isabel occasionally looking toward Liz and looking away every time, completely discouraged. There wasn’t even a hint of a smile on Liz’s face. Infact it was more like a frown. She really wanted to know why Liz hated her so much, they hadn’t ever spoken to one another before, so the hatred Liz harbored for her was pretty much baseless.

They worked much like they walked. In complete silence. However, once in a while Liz would practically order Isabel to do something. Quite frankly, if she had to be honest about it, Isabel was just about fed up with it. It was when Liz told Isabel to go get her a book that Isabel lost it.

“Look. My brother and I, we bust our asses to be here Liz. We aren’t stupid. I’m not stupid.” Isabel hissed, trying to keep her angry voice as low as possible. “I’m not one of your servants that you can just order around little rich girl, so stop treating me like the god damn maid. We’re doing this project together, it’s not all on you so stop acting like you’re so high and mighty. And while you’re at it, get your own fucking book.”

Liz sat back and watched while Isabel angrily shoved her books into her bag and stood up. “We’ll work on this later. In study-hall or something.” And with that, Isabel stalked away from the table, and out of the library leaving a very confused and slightly angry Liz.

Nobody ever talked to her that way before. She was Elizabeth Parker damn it! She just wasn’t treated that way. She angrily started shoving things into her back pack as well, and pushed her chair back roughly. Isabel Evans was going to get it, and she was going to get it good. Liz was going to see to that.

She hadn’t even made it back to class when the bell for lunch rang. She angrily stalked over toward her locker and grabbed her healthy lunch. Tess met her by the doors leading outside, and they went through together. Liz had said nothing to Tess about what had happened in the library, but Tess could tell there was something wrong. And it gave her the tiniest thrill. Something was wrong the perfect Liz Parker. She followed Liz when she passed by their usual seat and became confused as they headed for the grassy knoll where all the slackers they discussed daily usually sat.

Isabel was already sitting down on the grass, leaning against her boyfriend, Alex Whitman. Liz had, had a few classes with him and generally thought he was a nice guy. He just chose to hang out with the wrong people that was all.

“Isabel.” Liz tried to sound as angry as she possibly could but a weird thing happened when she stepped outside. It was like, a cloud had been lifted and she realized that her pride hadn’t been hurt at all. Infact, in an odd sort of way, she respected Isabel. Nobody had ever talked to her like that. They’d never been straight with her. Isabel turned around and looked at Liz in much the same way that Liz had looked at her earlier, with that same bored expression on her face. “We um, we need to finish that project.”

Her bored expression turned to confusion. She was sure Liz was going to come over and totally lay into her about what had happened in the library. She’d seen Liz come out of the building, looking determined and angry. “Yeah.”

“Maybe, I don’t know, maybe you could come over after school or something. I want to get this over with as quickly as possible.” She mentally congratulated herself for throwing that last part in. She wasn’t going to let everyone in their immediate vicinity know that she respected Isabel for standing up to her.

“I’ll uh, see if I can fit you in.” Isabel said, smiling up at the brunette. She was putting on a show, that much Isabel could tell.

Liz nodded, and abruptly turned away. Walking back to her usual seat, with Tess firing rapid questions at her left and right. All of which, she ignored.

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Part 4

Max stood beside a tree, close enough to see the exchange that was going on but far enough to prevent hearing what was being said. He definitely wasn’t liking what he was seeing. From where he stood it looked as though Liz Parker and his sister were sharing some sort of...moment! Adjusting his backpack, his started walking toward his usual seat, picking up the pace as he neared. He was going to smack that smile right off of his sister’s face. What was Liz even doing on his part of the lawn? She always, without fail, sat on the stone benches for lunch. The grassy knoll was his spot! He’d be damned if he let Isabel let Liz pop a squat on his turf!

Seconds before he arrived, Liz nodded her head and turned, walking away in the opposite direction. Toward the stone benches, her usual seat, with her little blonde skater friend following close behind. He watched her retreating back until she took her seat on her usual bench, before turning to his sister. “What was that?”

From her spot on the grass Isabel looked up at him innocently, as if she hadn’t just been consorting with the enemy. He watched her pull out the plastic baggy that housed her peanut butter and banana sandwich. “What was what?”

“Um that!” He said gesturing from Isabel to Liz Parker. “Why was Liz Parker over here? And why were you even conversing with her?”

“Max, settle down, buddy.” Alex said from his spot behind Isabel, “You look like you’re about to pop an eyeball.”

“That’d be somethin worth seeing!” Kyle said as he plopped down on the lawn next to Isabel and Alex, slapping hands with Alex, his best friend.

It was then that Maria strolled up to her group of friends, loosely holding Michael’s hand. “What would be worth seeing?”

“Max popping an eyeball.” Isabel explained, her face contorted in an expression of disgust.

Maria took Michael’s jacket from his free hand and spread it out on the lawn before sitting down, carefully. “Okay, that’s a little...gross. Why would he do that?”

“Because Liz Parker was over here asking me about an assignment and Max is freaking out about it.”

“Maria, will you tell her?” He asked, pointing to his sister. “Tell her that we hate Liz Parker.”

“Well we don’t exactly hate her.” Maria said as she opened her lunch. “It’s more like a strong dislike. We dislike her because she does that creepy stare thing, she’s rich and privileged and you know pretty much a heinous bitch to everyone who isn’t sitting on those benches.”

Max turned to face his sister flashing her a dazzling smile. “See.”

“Alex is rich and privileged.” Isabel said, rubbing her boyfriend’s forearm. “And we don’t hate, oh excuse me, dislike him do we?”

She looked around at the faces of her friends, and then to Max. They were all wearing thoughtful expressions. Glancing up, over her shoulder she looked into Alex’s face and gave a small smile. No matter what excuses they came up with, she had won. Her friends were hypocrites and now they all knew it.

“That’s different.” Maria finally said, popping a green grape into her mouth. “Alex is...Alex! He doesn’t stare at us like we’re a bunch of freaks and he doesn’t walk around with his head up his own ass thinking he’s better than everyone else.”

Isabel rolled her eyes and pulled her chips out of her brown paper bag. “If you say so. Anyway, Max, I don’t need a ride home.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m going to Liz’s house.” Isabel told him. She flashed him a smile. “Yup, that’s right Max. We’re going to braid each other’s hair, put make up on, talk about clothes and Alex, and we’re going to become the best of friends.”

He rolled his eyes, picking up on her mocking tone and sat down to eat his lunch.

- - -

The day passed by quickly, whenever Max saw Liz, he glared at her. He could see it now, she was going to try and convert his sister. Liz Parker was going to fill his sister’s head with dreams of Prada and other big named designer clothes. Isabel was going to start being prissy, becoming too good for peanut butter and banana, her favorite since kindergarten. She was going to loathe living in their old farm house with the squeaky floor boards. She already disliked it, but after seeing where Liz lived, she’d probably hate it.

- - -

Isabel burst through the doors, her long blonde pony tail floating behind her. She stopped just outside the door and looked around for Liz. She saw her, in the same spot as always, waiting beside the car. She’d told her right after lunch that she would come over to work on the project.

“Hey Liz.” Isabel said, flashing her a smile, slightly out of breath from the jog across the lawn.

Liz surveyed Isabel’s outward appearance. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, high on top of her head. She wore what appeared to be a man’s white button down shirt, hanging open, showing off a white tank top, and rolled up at the sleeves. Her blazer was tied around her waist and she clutched the strap of her messenger bag that hung across her shoulder, tightly in her hand. Offering no smile, Liz said hello and gestured to the car.

Isabel complied with Liz’s unspoken request, and got into the car, but not before seeking out Max and waving at him. She looked into the front seat and saw a man, in a little limo driver’s cap, sitting behind the wheel, looking at her through the rear view mirror. “Hi I’m Isabel.”

He looked at her with a strange expression as she leaned forward, into the front seat and extended her hand to him. Turning around slightly he smiled an uneasy smile and took her hand, shaking it firmly. “Hello Miss.”

“Don’t you have a name?” Isabel asked, still holding his hand in hers.

“It’s James, Miss.” He told her wearily.

“Pleasure meeting you James.” Isabel told him, offering him a warm smile, before letting go of his hand and sitting back into the seat. Turning her head toward Liz, she caught Liz staring at her with a weird expression on her face. “What?”

“Nothing.” Liz said quietly. “Look, why don’t you button up your shirt, tuck it in, and put on your jacket? And when we get to my house, don’t introduce yourself to the help. It’s bad form. My mother will know right away that you’re...underprivileged.”

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LOL. Soon Lillie, soon. I've been working on it. *happy* I'd say probably by later tonight or tomorrow.
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Part 5

Liz spent the rest of the ride silently picking at her nails and watching Isabel out of the corner of her eye. She had to give the girl some credit, she was trying very hard to hide how excited and anxious she was, but the restless, bouncing knee gave her away. As well as the fidgeting and the slight look of awe as they pulled through the gates and Thurston Manor came into view. She surmised that it was probably Isabel’s first time seeing a house as big and as beautiful as the one Liz called home. And if it wasn’t, she was sure it was going to be her first time actually being inside of one.

She reached out a hand and grabbed Isabel’s arm when she saw it moving toward the door handle. “James will do it.” She said as she turned her head fully in Isabel’s direction. She smiled at the girl’s confused look, and knew instinctively what she was thinking. “Infront of the house, James does it.”

She leaned back in her seat when Isabel seemed to accept that and waited patiently for James to open her door. As he did, she slid out of the car and walked to stand beside the porch, impatiently waiting for Isabel to join her. She hoped that Isabel wouldn’t do that awed, slack-jawed twirl thing that poor people often did in movies.

As Isabel walked toward her, she took the few extra seconds and surveyed Isabel’s outward appearance.

“Wow.” Isabel stood infront of the house, her hands hanging loosely at her side as she looked up. “You have a beautiful house Liz.”

Liz surveyed the house and shrugged before starting up the porch steps. They entered the foyer and Liz was surprised to see that Isabel didn’t react the way she had anticipated. She seemed calm about it. “Do you want something to eat or drink?”

Shaking her head no, she surveyed the room. The walls were painted a bright white color, and the hardwood floors were so shiny. Under her feet there was an expensive Persian rug that she felt bad for stepping on. The walls stretched up to an equally white ceiling, from which a large chandelier hung. The stairs were made of a beautiful dark wood, with intricately carved banister. “Wow.” She repeated, unable to say anything else.

“Oh Elizabeth, you’re home early.” Nancy said absently as she breezed into the foyer from the sitting room. No doubt on her way into the kitchen to yell at one of the cooks for something.

Liz took in her mother’s appearance. She always looked so...perfect, even when she was lounging around the house. “Actually mother I’m home right on time.” She watched as her mother caught sight of Isabel. “Mother, this is Isabel. She’s in my English class.”

“Oh, Isabel, that’s a lovely name.” Nancy commented, walking toward the other girl. “It’s a pleasure to meet you dear.”

“It’s a pleasure meeting you Mrs. Parker.” Isabel said quietly. “You have a beautiful home.” Isabel smiled warmly at the woman before her. She was beautiful and perfect. Every hair was in place, her designer clothes and designer shoes looked like they were straight out of a magazine, for older women of course, but still beautiful none the less. And she seemed so nice. Isabel could only imagine what Liz’s father must be like. She pictured a cold hearted mean old man, thinking that was where Liz must have gotten her bad attitude.

Nancy smiled sweetly at the tall blonde girl that her daughter had brought home. She’d never paid too much attention to Liz’s friends, but she definitely had never seen this girl before, not at the rink or at school or at the country club. She hadn’t heard of any new families moving to town either. “Thank you, dear.”

“What’s your family name Isabel? You look familiar.” Nancy said as she wrapped an arm around Isabel’s shoulders.

“Family name?” Isabel shot a confused look toward Liz before realizing what Mrs. Parker was talking about. “Oh, it’s Evans.”

“Evans?” Nancy repeated, looking up at the ceiling for a brief moment. “Evans? I don’t believe I know any of those.”

“Of course not, mother.” Liz said, slightly agitated. “If you don’t mind, Isabel and I have to get to work. We’ve got a project.”

“Oh of course.” Nancy said, releasing Isabel as Liz took her forearm in hand and started dragging her toward the stairs. “Elizabeth, don’t forget. You’ve got practice at seven.”

“Yes, mother.” Liz answered before pulling Isabel up the staircase behind her toward her room.

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AN: I got a little sidetracked yesterday but it's here now. I'm probably gonna bring Max back into the story in the next part, but they're gonna hate each other for a little while longer. Not sure how long though.

Part 6

Isabel slowly circled Liz’s room. It was the kind of room that a person would expect Liz Parker to have. Huge with walls painted in a frosty, pale blue shade that made Isabel think of ice. Posters of figure skaters lined the walls, while the shelves above Liz’s desk were lined with trophies and glass cases that housed all of her precious medals. Ice skates hung on a hook on the back of Liz’s bedroom door. And a white fluffy goose-down comforter rested on Liz’s four post bed. There were a million pillows carefully arranged at the head of the bed and a tattered, beat up old bear, who was missing an eye that was sitting infront of them.

She finally turned her gaze on Liz, who was moving about her room looking very agitated. Liz’s mood had only gotten worse since they left school, and Isabel had no clue why. She wanted to ask what was wrong, but she was positive that Liz wouldn’t tell her anyway, so she made up her mind to stick to completely neutral topics. “You have a lot of medals. You must be really good.”

Liz paused momentarily to look over at Isabel and then to her medals. “Yeah, I guess.” She shrugged and started the task of getting all her books out of her bag.

“You guess?” Isabel asked, dumbfounded. She’d never seen so many gold medals, and big trophies before in her life. “You’re being modest right?”

“Sure.” Liz told her without looking up from her task. “Are we gonna work on this project or shoot the shit about my medals?”

- - -

One hour later, Liz and Isabel sat across from each other on Liz’s floor, Indian Style as they looked over printouts that Liz had gotten off the internet. It was strained and awkward. They worked diligently without talking to each other. Finally Isabel slumped back against the wall.

“I need a break.” She announced, pushing the notebook off of her lap. She blinked in surprise when Liz sighed and pushed her notebook off of her lap as well. She definitely hadn’t been expecting that. “You’re taking one too?”

“Yeah, got a problem with that?” Liz asked trying to sound as rude as she possibly could, and failing miserably.

Isabel shrugged her sagging shoulders. “No, I just didn’t know that you took breaks.”

“Contrary to popular belief Isabel, I’m not a machine.” Liz told her as she rolled her eyes and leaned back against her bed.

- - -

Another hour passed. They were working in the same position, seated across from each other Indian Style on the hardwood floor. Only it wasn’t strained or awkward anymore. They were chatting amiably. Once in awhile, Isabel would say something funny and Liz would laugh or allow herself to giggle. It was weird for Isabel to see Liz Parker laughing, and even stranger to know that something she had said was the cause for the foreign sound. She didn’t appear agitated, or upset. She’d started being polite, and considerate. Asking Isabel if she needed anything, every so often. It was like a miracle had occurred. It was like she had gone to the bathroom and gently removed the stick that had been up her ass.

But it wasn’t just weird for Isabel, the whole thing was much weirder for Liz. It had been so long since she laughed that the sound seemed completely alien to her. It had surprised her when it first came out. She was smiling and being nice. She tried to be mean, but it would come out sounding weird to her own ears. It sounded like she was teasing Isabel, and it felt like she was smiling after saying it. She wanted to hate the girl sitting across from her, she wanted to be a mean, frosty bitch, but for some reason she couldn’t. She found herself enjoying Isabel’s presence.

And then as Liz heard herself inviting Isabel to stay for dinner, she had a frightening thought. If she had warmed up to Isabel so quickly, would she wind up warming up to Max? God, she hoped not! That thought was one that was entirely too awful. Warming up to Max?! She would never do that, she was sure of it. She hated him. He was a dreamer. No ambition. No goals. No plan. No future.

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Here's some more. *wink*

Part 7

The rest of the week at school both Liz and Isabel acted as if nothing happened. Isabel sat with her friends at lunch pointedly ignoring their questions about Liz, only telling them that her house was beautiful and that Liz was being herself. Which wasn’t all together a lie, as she suspected that the Liz Parker she worked with the previous evening had been the real Liz. A Liz Parker that nobody, not even the girls on the stone benches, got to see. At least not very often.

For Liz, it was business as usual. She acted bitchy to anyone and everyone who wasn’t in her social circle. She sat on the stone benches and told her “friends” that it was an okay experience, but one that she would rather not experience again. Which was a complete lie. She wanted to hang out with Isabel again, not that she’d admit it to anyone else, but it was the truth. They had only sat there working on their project, and it was still the most fun that Liz could remember having. The topics they discussed as they talked were meaningless. There wasn’t talk about the future, the Olympics or skating. Just mundane, meaningless topics.

The only thing out of the ordinary was the fact that they now made eye contact when passing one another in the hall, allowing a small smile to grace their lips. It was a small exchange, done so quickly that blinking would cause an on looker to miss it.

And Max had been looking. He watched them carefully for any indication, any sign, that they had become friends or bonded in some weird girly way. He noticed the eye contact, but missed the smiles completely. He was semi satisfied that his sister wasn’t friends with Liz Parker.

- - -

Liz stretched her limbs in the girls’ locker room of the ice arena before looking at herself in the mirror. Her eyes drifted down her reflection to rest on her black skates. She stood straight on the blades and began to bend her right foot to the side. All she had to do was shift her weight and make her ankle touch the ground. It would all be over. Her career, her future, they would both die with the snap. She knew that, she had always known that, yet she could never bring herself to do it.

Sighing, she straightened her foot once again and fixed the oversized collar of her pink turtle neck before turning around and walking out of the locker room.

Her step faltered slightly when she reached the rink she used for practice. A slow satisfied smile came across her lips as she stood beside the entrance to the ice. Her mother had gone to great lengths to ensure Liz’s privacy during practice. Nancy had paid a great deal of money to rent one of the four rinks at The Cube, the indoor ice arena that Liz practiced in. And that was precisely why Liz was so pleased to see someone skating on it, during her practice time.

It was obviously a boy, that much Liz could tell. There was no telling what color hair he had, because he wore a beanie cap on his head, and his face was hidden from view as it looked down at the ice below him. He moved quickly over the ice, in a fashion that hypnotized Liz as she watched him. He was skating with a passion that Liz hadn’t felt in such a long time. He wasn’t a pro, Liz already knew that, and the only reason she knew that was because she didn’t know him, and she knew everyone who was anyone in the figure skating world. She didn’t know him, but already she envied him. His raw passion for skating was apparent in every single movement he made.

She watched him for five more minutes before he suddenly turned and skated toward her. It was then that she finally had a clear view of his face. Her slight smile immediately started to fade away, being replaced with a scowl.

Turning his skates to the side, he stopped, making ice shavings fly up and land on Liz’s black pants. “Well, well, well. Look who it is.”

“You’re skating on my time.” Liz told him snottily as she crossed her arms underneath her breasts. “Get off the ice Evans.”

“You didn’t seem to mind five minutes ago.” He shot back trying to move past her toward his shoes and hockey bag. Stopping when she blocked his path.

“If I had known it was you, Max...” She told him huskily, nearing him until there were only centimeters of cool air between them. Trailing her finger down the arm of his black sweater, she smiled up at his shocked and confused expression. “I would have called security.”

Pushing him away she moved past him to the ice. “Go back to the rock you crawled out from Evans. You don’t belong here.”

“Fuck you.” He told her as he sat down to unlace his skates.

“Hmm, you’d like that wouldn’t you?” She asked him teasingly as she stepped onto the ice and started skating backward.

His head snapped up and he looked at her, unsure of whether or not she was joking. “I’d be so repulsed by the sight of your naked body, Parker, it’d turn me gay.”

She chuckled at his comment, stuffing the anger and hurt that it caused way down inside of her, she refused to let Max Evans know that his comments hurt her feelings. “Sure Max. Whatever you say.”

She skated backward until she was in the center of the rink, looking at him. “You can leave now.” Finally turning her back on him, she strained her ears and listened for the door to close. When it did, she started her routine.

He stalked outside to his jeep and angrily threw his stuff in the back. ‘What a fucking bitch!’ He thought to himself. He had as much right to be there as Liz did! How dare she tell him that he didn’t belong! Oh and he knew exactly what she’d been talking about. She was implying that he didn’t belong there because he didn’t have money, because he was poor. She was saying, that he should have been skating on the rink that was on his side of town, not hers.

Fishing in his pockets for his keys, Max realized that he didn’t have them. After a quick check of his hockey bag, he realized that he must have left them inside. He stood beside the back of his jeep for a few moments trying to decide if he should wait until she was gone or just go back in there anyway and retrieve them, when finally he decided on the latter. He would give Liz a piece of his mind!

- - -

A half hour later Max emerged from The Cube, keys in hand and a muddled expression on his face. He hadn’t gotten the chance to tell Liz off, because he had gotten caught up in watching her practice her routine instead. She had floated across the ice so gracefully, one movement flowed into the other, her jumps, twists and turns had all been beautiful and her landings were all smooth.

By the time she was done, Max had felt like he should have been throwing roses onto the ice, cheering at the top of his lungs and clapping like a maniac. He had momentarily forgotten to hate her, and found himself mesmerized by her presence on the ice. When she was finished and went to the locker room, he had grabbed his keys and left, without saying a word. He didn’t know whether or not she had saw him sitting in the stands watching her, and he wasn’t going to stick around to find out.


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anonymousarfan originally wrote:
PS: it reminds me of a tv movie I sw with Joshua Jackson something like "Ronnie and Julie" It was some sort of remake of Romeo and Juliete, maybe I'm just imagining
You're actually not. *happy* I did draw some inspiration from that movie. Reading the challenge is what made me remember the movie. The fic is pretty different though. I don't think Ronnie and Julie hated each other, and I'm pretty sure their dads were both politicians. I'm not entirely sure about that one though, I saw the movie way back in...I want to say like '95, when it was made for Show Time.

I was pretty damn close. It was actually 1996 that the movie was made. *tongue*

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Thanks for all the bumps and what not! I appreciate it.
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Because I have so many fics, I had to put them on rotation. As of right now, it goes in the order of the fic that needs updating the absolute most.

1. Flesh and Bone (already got a new part)
2. Welcome to Mystic
3. In the Light of Darkness
4. Heatwave
5. Breakaway
6. I Am

Heatwave, Breakaway and I Am are further down on the list because their updates were more recent than the top three. But have no fear, this will get an update when time, life and the list up there permit. *wink*
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I'm workin on Welcome to Mystic right about now. *happy*
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Thanks for all the bumps and what not! You guys are great! *big*
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Hey Katie!

I'm doin alright, pretty good actually, thanks for asking. *happy* My life has been kinda busy lately, so I've been slacking on the writing, but it's summer now and I graduated, so hopefully I'll get back into the swing of writing more of my many fics soon. *big*

Our names are pretty similar, I think that we're the only ones on the board as far as I know anyway. We probably confuse a whole mess of people what with the "7" and all. LOL, I've been mistaken for you too. Someone actually emailed me a while back, asking me if I was going to be continuing Undone. I got a chuckle out of it and then directed them to you. *wink* And yup, it was a tube of chapstick that I got my name from. Where'd you get yours?

Thanks for the feedback and the compliments! Btw, before I forget, have you written anymore of Unseen? I think that's the one I was reading and lost track of. I only got to read the prologue.


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Twilighteyes1974 originally wrote:
Are you ever coming back?

Yes, I'm coming back, I promise! I can't believe I've taken this long to update this, but I'm gonna try to get something written here soon. It's kind of been a social summer if ya know what I mean. *wink*

Thanks for all the bumps and encouraging words. *big* It really is appreciated, even if it doesn't seem like it!
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Sorry it took me so long! Lately, I haven't felt like writing, so I had been working on this part, and it was really a struggle.

Part 8

What a predicament he was in now. Ever since he had seen her skate that day at The Cube, he had been having all these warm and fuzzy feelings toward her. Feelings that were completely natural, but at the same time feelings that he didn’t understand. He was supposed to hate her, the way that she hated him. She was rich, and over-privileged. A snob to the very core. Sure she was a breath-taking sight to behold on the ice, but he wasn’t supposed to be noticing how her hair always fell out from behind her ear, where she kept it tucked. He wasn’t supposed to be thinking about how soft her hair looked, and wondering if it really was. He wasn’t supposed to notice the way that she chewed on her bottom lip when she was nervous. He wasn’t supposed to spend the only class they shared sitting in his seat staring at the back of her head, or on the rare occasion that she put her hair up, the back of her neck.

It was utterly disturbing to Max, that he was noticing her handwriting all of a sudden. The loops and swirls, and the general girlishness of it. Or her smell when he passed her to head to the door. Or the jolt he felt, the pure joy that came to him even when he did something as simple as bumping into her in the hallway. He was indeed sporting a crush on little Miss Teen Queen, and there wasn’t one thing he could do to put a stop to it. If his friends, specifically Michael and Maria ever found out about it, he’d never hear the end of it!

He couldn’t exactly say that he liked her, because she was mean and bitchy and completely ignored him. Who could like someone like that? He couldn’t exactly say that he loved her, because of all those reasons that he couldn’t like her, and also because he didn’t know her. Since he started attending the prestigious Westminister Academy in his freshman year, they had said maybe 15 sentences to one another, and none of them were very nice. It was more like...he wanted her. Despite the bitchiness, despite the frigid attitude, and despite the fact that she ignored and despised him, he wanted her. He wanted to know her. He wanted to like her, and he wasn’t completely sure, but maybe he even wanted to love her as well?


She stood down the hall watching him lean against his locker. He was always doing that. Sometimes there was a book clutched in his hand, sometimes he was just leaning, his arms crossed over his toned chest. She had never seen it, personally. But she had heard stories from some of the girls that had him in their gym class. And when he took off his navy blue blazer, she could just tell that his chest was unlike any she had ever seen. She was sure that it didn’t even compare with Sean’s chest, which she had personally seen and thought to be a work of art at one time or another.

Her piercing blue eyes strayed from where Maxwell Evans was casually leaning against his locker to a couple yards away, where she was standing. He was always doing that too. Other people were blind to it, like his friends, but she noticed it. The way he looked at her, it made her feel like screaming sometimes. Focusing on the petite brown haired girl, she sighed. That girl was her competition, in more ways than one. She had everything! Beautiful house, expensive clothes, popular all-star boyfriend, the admiration of Max Evans, and a shot at the gold. It irked her to no end. Liz Parker was perfect. Liz Parker was number one, and so long as she was around, Tess Harding would always be second best. And it was universally known that if you come in second, you might as well have come in dead last. You weren’t a winner unless you came in first.

Sparing Max Evans one last glance, she sauntered over toward Liz’s locker, with a smile plastered on her face. “Hey Liz.” She said as cheerily as she could.

“Oh, hi Tess.” Liz answered, glancing from inside of her locker toward Tess, and then back to her locker. “Do you know where I put my chemistry book?”

“Nope.” She said, shrugging and leaning against the locker beside Liz. She’d left it in the library the other day. It was no fault of Tess’s that someone had taken it. “Sean’s coming.”

Liz didn’t even have time to turn around before she felt his arm snake around her shoulders and pull her backward into his chest. A kiss was placed on her temple before she managed to extract herself from his grip. “Hi Sean.”

“Hey beautiful.” He told her huskily. It was then that he noticed the blonde. She was a good lay, he would give her that. She could do things with her mouth and tongue that he never even knew were possible. “Hey Tess.”

“Hi Sean.” She replied merrily. She licked her lips seductively when she was sure that Liz wasn’t looking. She was going to have to skip the next period. She could already tell that right now. Distracted by the sound of Liz closing her locker, she flinched and tore her eyes off of Sean’s body.

“Well, I’ll um, see you guys later. Class is about to start.” Liz told them as she backed away. “Tess, I’ll call you later.”

Tess nodded her head and gave a tiny wave before she turned her attention back to Sean. Who was standing there with his arms held out. “Where’s my kiss beautiful?”

She watched in disguised disgust as Liz stepped into his arms and reached up on her tip toes to kiss Sean’s cheek. The girl was such a fucking prude! She and Sean had been dating now for quite a while, and in public, she wouldn’t kiss him on the lips. It was ridiculous.

They stood there at Liz’s locker, watching her walk away before Tess turned toward him and quietly said, “Janitor’s closet, second floor.”

Turning away from Sean and walking in the opposite direction, she glanced toward Max’s locker again. To her surprise he was still there, and staring straight at her with a muddled expression on his face. She knew that he knew.


Liz sat her at desk, tapping her pencil on the top of the table impatiently. Her lab partner was a no show. She should have known better than to be agree to be partners with Allie Landon. That girl skipped almost every day, how she was even passing the class, Liz had no idea. Although there were some pretty interesting rumors going around about the chemistry teacher Mr. Murphy, Allie and a fellatio. But she didn’t even want to THINK about that. The man was in his mid 40's. And overweight. She didn’t want to get a mental picture of Allie Landon going down on him.

Shaking off her thoughts, she turned her attention to the door, where Max Evans was entering. Tardy, as usual Mr. Evans. She thought to herself. That’s a detention right there buddy. She smiled at the last thought and turned her attention toward her balding teacher. Her smile died away as she noticed that he hadn’t even seen Max’s late entrance. Max Evans was a lucky bastard. She consoled herself with the thought that his luck wouldn’t last forever, before being brought out of her thoughts by Mr. Murphy’s raspy, unusually low voice. The man usually sounded like a five year old girl, and now he was sounding more like Barry White.

“Sick today.” He said as loud as he could. “Finish up your labs, and then pull out your books and read the next chapter.”

“Uh, Mr. Murphy?” Liz said timidly as she raised her hand. “I can’t find my book.”

“I’m disappointed that you would come to class unprepared Miss Parker. It looks as if you’ll be sharing with someone close to you today.” He rasped out before sitting down at his desk and raising his warm tea to his lips. He was in no mood to deal with unprepared students.

She looked around her, and was horrified. The only acceptable person in her class was Allie Landon, and even she was iffy. There was of course Jimmy Lafluer, but he hated her for some unknown reason, and she didn’t really like him much either. The only other half way decent person in the class was...Max Evans. Who was looking straight at her. His lab partner was gone as well.

Swallowing her pride, she pushed herself out of her seat and stood infront of his desk., but couldn’t bring herself to ask him.

“If you want me to share my book with you princess, you’re gonna have to ask me nicely.” He told her smugly as he leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers behind his head. He had waited for this day. The day when she would ask for his help. He couldn’t help but be smug about it, and it wouldn’t do him any good to let her know how he felt about her anyway. It would have been a sure sign if he had just offered to let her share his book, like he had wanted to do.

“Don’t call me that.” She told him snottily. She hated it when people called her that. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and asked as politely as she could through her gritted teeth, “Will you please share your book with me Max?”

Fifteen minutes later, they had finished the last of their labs, separately, and Max pushed the book in the center of the table. He quickly read the words that were printed on the page and stored them away before sitting back in his seat to wait for her to finish.

She was tucking her hair behind her ear and had caught her bottom lip between her teeth again, concentrating on the words that appeared on the page before her. He wanted to ask her what she saw in Sean. He wanted to ask her why she hung around Tess when the girl was obviously too jealous of her to even see straight. But, she would probably bite his head off and tell him it was none of his business.

He watched her turn the page and before he could stop himself he was speaking. “Hey Liz?”

“What?” She asked quietly, not bothering to look up from the book. “Were you not done with that page?”

“No, I was finished.” He told her reassuringly. “Uh...”

“What Max?” She asked again, this time looking up from the book and over toward him. The look on her face told him that she was annoyed, and the tone of her voice made him sure that she was.

“Nothing. Nevermind.” He told her quickly, scooting his chair up and leaning over the desk to read the new page.


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Kara - Yes, you can look forward to more parts. *wink* It's just the "near future" part I might have a problem with. My block is still going strong. *sad*

Twilighteyes1974 - Yeah, the new part is on page 13.

Katie - My fellow sugarplum! Thanks for the bumpage and the encouraging words!

As for the new part, I'm working on it. I've actually been working on it ever since I posted part eight. It's not coming along very well. I have to push myself real hard to write a couple of lines, and then I have to stop. Might give it a choppy kind of feel to it, so if it sucks I'm sorry.

Hopefully, I'll have it done soon, but I'm not gonna make any promises. Thanks again everyone!

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Author's Note: This took a lot of time to finish. I started it after I posted the other part, and almost a month later it's done. Craziness!

Part 9

Walking through the door of her home, Liz was greeted with the sight of her mother standing at the foot of the stairs. Once again she was dressed in one of her designer leisure suits, her hair perfectly styled, her makeup flawlessly painted on, and her expensive jewels shining as brightly as the day that they were bought for her. Which if Liz had to guess, had been just yesterday.

"Oh." Nancy sounded truly startled as she brought one of her hands up to lightly finger the diamond tear drop charm that she wore on a golden chain. "Elizabeth, you're home early."

"No mother." Liz sighed. "It's 3:30, I'm home right on time, just like I am every day."

Nancy waved her daughter's comments away, the tone of her voice going unnoticed. "Well, it doesn't matter, darling. We're going out to dinner tonight. With the Phillips, so dress nicely."

"The Phillips? You mean Sean's parents?" Liz asked quizzically. She had just seen him and he had said nothing of dinner and for some reason, it angered her. Of course, she reminded herself that he probably knew nothing of it. He was most likely arriving home and finding out about it, just as she was.

"Yes. Sean and his parents." Nancy told her as she stepped off of the step she had been perched on. "You know Elizabeth your father and I are so pleased that you've decided to date Sean. Mikayla Baker and Daniel Phillips are fine people. The Bakers own half the town you know."

"Yes mother. I know." Liz replied, fighting the urge to roll her eyes at her mother's comments. Everybody knew that the Bakers owned half the town. They were major players on the school board. Westminister Academy was practically theirs.

"Yes, they're fine people in deed." Nancy repeated, more to herself than to her daughter. Shaking off her thoughts and looking at the brunette in front of her, she smiled. "We're dining at the club tonight, and I'd like to leave here by 5:30, so please don't dawdle."

As Nancy swept past her daughter gracefully, Liz rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Yes mother." She said through gritted teeth as she started up the stairs.


Seated at the large round table, with Sean to her right and her mother to her left, Liz Parker felt just like Rose in the movie Titanic. She too could almost see her life flashing before her eyes. She could see it even more so when she looked over at the table beside them. Seated at the next table, was Ava Monroe. She could see herself in Ava's place. Disengaged from the conversation around her, spoon feeding her fussy toddler and looking ready to burst into tears, while everyone else seemed to go on about their business without stopping to take notice or care.

Ava Dutton had been one of the prettiest girls when she had attended Westminister. Pictures of her still hung on the walls to this day. And now, she was nothing more than a twenty-four-year-old house wife who spent her days tending to the baby and shopping. While her husband Andrew Monroe, who had been her boyfriend in high school, spent his nights in the company of other women.

Turning from Ava's table to her own, she realized that all she was missing was the fussy toddler. With exaggerated boredom, she lifted her arm from her lap and propped her elbow up on the table top. Sighing loudly, she rested her chin in her upturned palm.

Looking to her right, she studied Sean as he talked with her father and his. Their parents had been planning their wedding ever since they were twelve. It was like they still believed in arranged marriages. She had never been allowed to date boys. That is until Tess had come home with Liz one afternoon after school and announced to her mother that Sean had asked Liz out. Then it had been a completely different story.


Way across town in an old run down farm house, Max Evans sat at the dinner table absently poking his food with his silver fork. His gaze was fixed on his plate of macaroni but his eyes weren't focused on it. He was off in his own little world again, thinking about whatever it was that he thought about when he was there.

From across the table, Isabel rolled her eyes. With her brother completely zoned out, her dad working overtime at the factory and her mom working the late shift at the tiny road side diner it felt as if Isabel was the only one home. She could hear the ticking of the clock that hung on the old floral wall paper of the kitchen. She could hear the hum of the refrigerator, and the persistent drip of the leaky faucet.

The noises combined was almost too much for her to take. She hated living out in the country. It smelled like shit in the summer, and in the winter it was so deathly quiet that when she tried to sleep at night she could swear she heard the snow flakes hitting the roof of the house.

Looking up from her plate, Isabel sighed. She needed to do something, anything really, to break the silence in the kitchen.

"So when's your next game?" She asked as she stabbed some cheese-covered noodles with her fork. She hated hockey talk. Max and their father would talk about it endlessly for hours. It was always hockey this and hockey that. She was desperate though.

"Hmm?" Max asked distractedly, looking up from his plate and in her direction.

"Your game. When is it?" She asked shortly.

"Oh, it's uh . . . 7:30." He dropped his fork and reached up to scratch his eye brow. "You comin?"

She rolled her eyes at his question. "Don't I always?"

"Mom and dad comin?" He asked her.

"Dad is." She told him before shoving a fork full into her mouth. "Mom's gotta work."

"Damn, she's gonna miss a good game." He said dejectedly. "Us against the Knights."

Her eyes grew a little wider and she swallowed her food quickly. "Sean Phillip's team?"

Max shook his head, a slight smile tugging on the corners of his lips.

"You better behave Max." She told him seriously. "Don't make trouble for us."

Max rolled his eyes as he pushed himself out of his seat and picked up his plate. "Isabel, you care too much."

"Max. This isn't just any hockey team alright? This is Sean Phillips and all his friends. These are people that we see every single day at school. These people are rich and powerful." She told him as she picked up her plate and walked it over to the sink.

"No, their parents are rich and powerful." He corrected. "They won't be rich and powerful until they get their trust funds." He told her snottily as took her plate from her and scraped the left overs into the garbage disposal.

"Whatever. The point is, those guys can make us or break us." Isabel told her brother as she leaned against the counter beside him. "We're fine right now. We aren't targets. If you fuck up at this game, we will be."

"Whatever Isabel." He eyed the dishes in the sink before backing away from it. "I'm not gonna throw the game just because these guys are ‘popular' and by the way, it's your turn to do the dishes."

"I did ‘em last night!" Isabel yelled as he walked out of the kitchen.

"I gotta go practice!" He yelled over his shoulder as he grabbed his skates and his hockey stick and headed for the door.


She flew across the ice, her high pony tail flapping in the wind behind her as she angrily pumped her arms. She had been circling the rink ever since James had dropped her off. Her mother had insisted that Liz come to the rink to practice. Nevermind the fact that it was her free day. Nancy had shot her mouth off once again, bragging to Mikayla that her daughter was going to do her proud. That Elizabeth Parker, her own flesh and blood, was going to win her the gold.

Turning her blades sideways, she came to an abrupt stop. She had to get a handle on her emotions or she was likely to attempt a jump and accidently kill herself on the landing. Breathing heavily, she shut her eyes tight and inhaled a few deep shaky breaths. And Liz being so focused on her breathing, didn't hear the distinct sound that blades make when they glide across the ice in an empty rink. She didn't notice his presence behind her until he made it known to her.

Her eyes snapped open and a scream was torn from her throat as she felt herself being shaken and a deep voice in echoing in the air all around her, "Boo!"

Turning around as quickly as she possibly could, her wide eyes took in Max Evans' laughing face. "YOU ASSHOLE!" She screamed as she balled her hand into a fist and swung it at his arm. "You scared the crap out of me!"

"That was the whole point Parker." He told her, still laughing as he dodged her fist and skated backward.

"God you're such a dick!" She huffed, her hands flying to her hips. "And you're on my-"

"You're time?" He asked her quizzically. "Nuh-uh Princess." He said happily as he waved one digit in front of her face. "You're on mine."

"What are you talking about Evans? You don't rent this place." She shot back snottily. "You couldn't even if you wanted to. You couldn't afford it."

"True." He stuffed his hands into his pocket and skated away from her, letting the comment slide off of his back. "But you're not scheduled tonight. Its open rink baby. So if you wanna skate, you have to get off your high horse and mingle with the peasants."

TBC... I didn't want to stop here, but I had to. Hopefully I can get more of it done soon. I had some of it written out and then was hit with a spurt of inspiration and finished the rest of it. Thank goodness! Thanks everyone for the bumps!

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Part 10

Before she even had time to inhale sharply and scoff at his remark, she was distracted by the heavyset security guard entering the rink. The man ran toward the ice as fast as his chubby feet and legs would carry him, which at his age and size wasn't all that fast, with his hand gripping the butt of his night stick. As if he were ready to draw it from its holster and use it if the situation was serious enough.

"Everything alright Miss Parker?" He asked, winded as a result of his pace and eyeing the tall suspicious looking, young man that stood on the ice. "I heard a scream."

She glanced from the security guard toward Max, who was staring up at the ceiling with a look on his face. It was as if he knew what she was going to say. If she had to guess, she would say that he was expecting her to unload a lie on the security guard. To say that he had attacked her and have him thrown out. Possibly banned as well. Well, she'd fix his cocky ass, now wouldn't she? "No Willie, everything is fine."

"You're sure?" He asked, his green eyes taking in the young man's surprised face, before flickering to the petite brunette in the red cashmere sweater. He sensed that something was off about this whole exchange, and if he was right about it, he was ready to step foot onto the slippery ice and apprehend the tall young man who wore the black beanie on his head.

Liz nodded her head and gestured toward Max. "Yes. This is Max. He and I know each other from school."

"Well, if you're sure . . . " Willie said reluctantly as he backed toward the double glass doors, his hand now hovering over his night stick.

"I am." Liz told him as sincerely as she could. "Thank you."

He tipped his head in her direction, offering her a small smile before returning his gaze to Max and letting his face fall into a blank expression. "I'll be outside these doors here if you need anything Miss Parker."

And with that, Willie the Security Guard made his way out the doors and back to his usual post. Leaving a mystified Max and an annoyed Liz standing on the ice.

After a few minutes of not knowing what to say, Max sighed. "Well, that was very nice of you Miss Parker. To allow someone so beneath you, such as myself, to skate on your ice."

He tried hard to hide the shock and surprise that he was feeling. It was the single most nicest thing he had ever seen her do, and he almost believed that he was either dreaming or having a heart attack. "I guess I should be thankful, shouldn't I?"

"Shut up Max." She said as she rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms underneath her cashmere-covered breasts. "You stay on your side of the ice, I'll stay on mine, and we won't have a problem. After all, it is open rink tonight. Remember?"

"Whatever." He said as he skated over to the wall and leaned over it to retrieve his hockey stick and puck.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later, Liz found herself to be too distracted with what Max was doing to concentrate on her routine. It was hard enough trying to do it on half the rink when she was used to having the whole to herself, but it was even more difficult with the sounds of Max's stick hitting the ice and puck, and the loud smacking noise it made as it collided with the wall.

More than once she had caught herself staring and had narrowly avoided the wall infront of her. Thankfully, she had caught herself in time. Otherwise, she would have never heard the end of it from Max. He would have teased her mercilessly. She was sure of it.

Max, on the other side of the rink, was becoming bored. He could practice his shooting until he was blue in the face, but it wouldn't help him with what he really needed to work on - his speed. But he couldn't work on gaining speed on half the rink. Not properly anyway. Looking toward Liz, who had turned around and was skating with her back to him now, he wondered if she would let him have the whole rink for a few minutes before the idea flew out of his head. She would never. The act would be too nice for her. There were however other ways to coax her into it, he decided.

"You move like a turtle, Parker." He called out, holding his stick loosely in his hand.

She looked over her shoulder at him before turning around and stopping herself. "I'm just as fast as you Evans. If not faster."

"Riiight." He uttered mockingly, rolling his eyes as he said it.

"I am!" She shouted, her hands flying to her hips.

He looked at her, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Why don't you prove it then?"

"What, like race you?" She asked him, clearly confused but trying to hide it.

"Yeah, like race me." He repeated, his expression no longer thoughtful. The corners of his lips were upturned in an amused and arrogant smirk.

He looked so annoyingly cocky. He was so sure of himself and so sure that she would lose, that it would have literally killed her to say no just then. "You're on."

"Winner gets both sides of the ice." He told her as she took her place beside him. "On three . . . Ready . . . one, two, three."

When they took off, she was in the lead slightly. He had hung back for just a moment, hesitated actually, but he couldn't exactly say why. When they were in the middle of the ice, he was slightly a head of her. And by the time they had reached the other wall they were neck and neck.

"Ha!" Liz shouted gleefully, slightly winded. She was used to skating across the ice, but never at such a speed. "I told you I'm just as fast as you."

"We weren't skating for a tie." He told her, resting his hands on his knees and bending slightly. "We go again."

"Fine." She said simply, turning away from him and lining herself up with his position, just so it was fair.

They raced three more times before Max collapsed on the ice, panting like a dog, and sweating. He pulled off his black beanie, and ran a hand through his damp hair. "Okay, so you're just as fast as me."

"Or you're just as fast as me." She corrected challengingly, collapsing beside him on the ice and breathing just as hard. "Whichever perspective you choose to see it from, is up to you."

He looked over at her then, her cheeks flushed and her lips moist and parted. He had never wanted to kiss another person so badly. "Why do you hate me so much Parker?" He asked her before he could stop himself.

Once voiced, he felt like a flaming idiot. It was a question which he had always wondered, but to which he never expected an answer to, or maybe even wanted an answer to. He wished that he could take it back in the ensuing awkward silence that surrounded the both of them, but he couldn't.

She opened her mouth to answer him, but closed it again when she couldn't think of anything to say. Normally, this kind of question wouldn't have phased her. She couldn't explain why it was now. She laid there on the ice, beside him, staring up at the metal rafters of the ceiling. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that he was doing the same exact thing.

"Is it because I'm poor?" He asked her, quietly.

"It's just . . . " She let herself trail off, still not knowing what to say. She had never been asked point-blank why she didn't like someone. Except by her friends. It was easier to list off reasons when you weren't face to face with the person you were talking about. "I don't know. I just do."

Pushing herself off the ice, she skated over to the gate and let herself off.

"Well, that's a pretty dumb reason." He called out to her back, just before she disappeared into the girl's locker room.


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Part 11

Walking into the arena, Liz stopped just inside the double glass doors and toyed with the tassels on her red scarf as she looked around in the mass of people sitting on the bleachers. Her eyes were searching for a head of bleached blonde, curly hair. Or any one of her friends really.

A hand on her upper arm startled her. "Honey, your mother and I are gonna be over with Sean's parents." Her father said, staring down at his daughter. "Come over if you can't find your friends alright?'

"Alright daddy." She replied sweetly, giving him a genuine smile. She allowed him to press a ten into her palm before he kissed her lightly on the forehead and walked in the direction that her mother had disappeared in. She didn't care. She wasn't going to sit over there. Her mother had been ranting and raving about how Sean's grandfather would be there. Her mother had worn her best fur coat . . . who wore fur to a hockey game? Who actually wore fur period?

Turning away with a disgusted sigh, she went back to searching for her friends. A crease appeared in her forehead, as she concentrated on looking for them. It was just like Tess Harding to be late! Sighing again, she spotted Isabel Evans sitting not far from where she herself was standing. She liked Isabel. She didn't know why she had ever disliked the girl to begin with. But, she wasn't so sure about the rest of Isabel's friends. And what would Liz's friends think when they arrived with Tess and found her sitting with Isabel Evans, Maria Deluca, and Alex Whitman?

She cast a glance in her mother's direction, taking in how the woman draped in a large fur coat was fussing over Sean's wealthy, well-known, grandfather. She sighed again and turned away from the sight, deciding that sitting with Isabel and her friends wouldn't be so bad. She hadn't gotten the chance to talk to Isabel very much since they had worked on their project in English, and she had wanted to hang out with her again. Unfortunately, she couldn't just hop in the car and tell James to drive her to the poor side of town, and she couldn't talk to Isabel in school either, because of her friends and the rumor mill.

"Hey Isabel." Liz greeted warmly as she came up behind them.

Isabel greeted her with a surprised look before tentatively greeting her with a simple hello. It was odd that Liz was coming up to her and saying hello, speaking to her so openly and friendly in such a public place. Where anyone from school might be able to see it.

"Um, do you mind if I sit with you? My friends are late and I really don't want to sit with my parents." Liz explained, gesturing nervously with her hands. She didn't understand why she was so nervous, or why she even cared that Maria Deluca was looking at her with her mouth hanging open. Or that Alex Whitman was scratching his head in confusion.

"Uh, sure." Isabel said in a friendly tone as she plucked her purse off of the seat next to her. "Have a seat."

Liz thanked her as graciously as she could and sat down on the blue plastic bleachers. She turned her eyes toward the ice and watched as the players of both teams circled the ice. Maria Deluca was staring at her. She could see it out of the corner of her eye. It made her incredibly uneasy, for some unknown reason. But she opted against saying anything about it, or even looking in the girl's general direction.

Maria on the other hand was not shy about speaking up. She never had been. Her lips were twitching with the desire to form the words that lay inside her mouth, just on the tip of her tongue. She gripped the back edge of the bleacher, to restrain herself from asking the question she wanted to ask. Isabel had nudged her with her elbow, and given her the look. The ‘shut-up' look. In all the years that they had been friends, Maria got to know that look very well. She became quite intimate with that look, and learned to fear it's wrath. She was dying to say something, so she leaned backward, and yanked on the sleeve of Alex's jacket.

He, who was sitting directly behind his girlfriend with one jean-covered leg flanking each side of her, leaned down to his best friend waiting for the hot angry breath in his ear.

"What the hell is she doing?" Maria whispered angrily. "Why would she let Liz sit with us after an excuse like that?"

Maria lowered the pitch of her voice. "‘Oh, my friends aren't here and I'm so popular that I can't bare to sit alone.'" She whispered mockingly.

"So this should be a good game tonight." Isabel said, hoping that her voice would drown out the whispering sounds that came floating from her left side.

"Yeah. That's what Sean said." Liz told her, watching the players skate across the ice, warming up for the game. "I didn't know that Kyle and Michael played." She said gesturing to the two large figures on the ice who had their backs toward them. The print on their white jerseys was plain and easy to read. ‘VALENTI' and ‘GUERIN'.

"Yeah?" Maria said somewhat snottily, leaning forward a bit so that she could see Liz clearly. "Well that's no surprise."

Liz looked down at her knees as Isabel reached behind Alex's leg and pinched her friend as hard as she could, looking over her boyfriend's knee with a warning glare. Liz knew exactly what the comment was supposed to mean. She didn't know they played because she would never give them the time of day or even think to stop and ask them what they did for fun, or what their hobbies were. She didn't know that they played hockey because she didn't know anything about them, other than their names. That was what Maria had been referring to, and she knew it.

Sucking in a breath of the cool air, she lifted her head and let out an agitated sigh while rolling her eyes. She was determined not to let Maria Deluca see how uneasy she made Liz feel.

Max circled his side of the ice, eying Sean Phillips over on his side. The only thing that he could think about, was shoving Sean's face into the plexiglass. He thought about what would happen if he messed Sean's face up tonight. He wondered if Liz would stay with him. He wondered if she would sit by his side and try to mend his wounds. He wondered, would she still kiss him if his lip was split open and scabbed up?

Oh yeah. He thought to himself as he reared his stick back and swung it forward, slapping the puck hard and sending it flying toward the petrified goalie. I'm gonna fuck him up.


Ten minutes later, Isabel sat in her seat, leaning back in between her boyfriend's open legs and hiding her face in her gloved hands. She couldn't bare to watch it anymore. The game had just started not five minutes ago and her brother was already checking someone. Oh and it wasn't just some anonymous member of the team either, god no, he couldn't be civilized and go after someone less . . . popular. No, Max was checking Sean Phillips of all people! She was going to kill him when they got home. They would find his body buried out behind the barn and she would plead innocent by reason of insanity!


Max skated along the ice at a leisurely pace. As of right now, someone other than whom he wanted had the puck, and he looked toward Kyle and gestured in that person's direction. With a nod of the head, Kyle was on it. He threw his weight into the other person's and flicked his wrists, stealing the puck away from him as he fell to the ground.

He looked around and saw a member of the opposite team skating in his direction and quickly slapped the puck in Max's direction. Who easily caught up with it, and turned, guiding it toward the other side of the rink. Toward Sean's goal. He kept his eyes glued to Sean's black helmet as he skated toward the goal. Looking away from Sean, finally and toward the goalie, he was about to shoot when he felt himself being pushed over.


Liz sat next to Isabel, keeping one eye on the game and the other watching out for her friends. It was unusual that they weren't there yet. Tess was never more than fifteen minutes late. Fifteen minutes was her rule, because she said that it was fashionable. Anything else was just plain, rude. She watched the game with an odd amount of interest. She'd always been bored to death watching Sean play hockey, but tonight it was different. That's because it's not him you're watching tonight . . . a tiny voice told her. She ignored it and focused on the players on the ice.

Max was pushing himself up from the ice as Sean skated away with the puck, toward Max's goal. The look on his face told her and everyone else that he was not a happy camper, and she could only imagine what he was going to do to Sean when he caught up with him. She'd been to plenty of these games, and she knew how violent it could get. She had once seen a member of Sean's team throw off his gloves and get into a fist fight with a member of the opposing team. She almost wished she were watching a roller hockey game. They were less violent, but the rink smelled of stale sweat.


Max pushed himself up from the ice, his face contorted in anger. He was going to get Sean for that. His drive to get Sean up against the glass wasn't just about Liz anymore. It was now about hockey too, and that reason was far more dangerous than the first.

Pumping his arms and legs, he flew across the ice and reached Sean just as he was preparing to shoot. He threw all his weight into it and the force of the impact caused Sean to lose his grip on his stick and go flying into the glass. Max pressed him up against it as hard as he could, ramming the shaft of his stick into the padding in Sean's back. Through his mouth guard, he shouted profanities at Sean and finally pushed himself away, skating backward with a ferocious expression on his face.


She ignored Maria's shouts of glee as she watched her boyfriend being body checked and pushed into the glass. She watched as he fought back against Max, but it was useless without his stick and he knew it. All he could do was put his hands up against the wall and try to swivel his upper body in order to get Max away from him.

Despite what was going on, she couldn't be worried about Sean. She knew that he could and probably would end up having some serious bruising, but she couldn't bring herself to be worried about it. She took it all in with a blank expression on her face.

One that didn't go unnoticed by Isabel, who had turned her head away from the sight infront of her and looked nervously toward Liz. She had been sure that Liz would have a normal girlfriend reaction. She had expected to see a grimace on Liz's face. She had expected Liz to be angry. But what she actually saw reminded her of someone who was uninterested and watching complete strangers. She found it odd.


He looked up through the glass into the bleachers, and almost surprised himself with how quickly he found her. He skated backward from Sean, letting the angry expression fall off of his face, as he locked eyes with her. He stood motionless on the ice and lost in her chocolate eyes, even from the distance that they were. She probably hated him now, even more so than she did before. But he found a part of himself hoping that he had shown her that he was stronger, faster, and more cunning than Sean Phillips ever could hope to be.

He hoped from a primitive, pure male place inside of him, the cave man that laid dormant inside of every man, that the primitive cave woman inside of her saw what he had done. He hoped that part of her realized that if Sean couldn't protect himself, he could never protect her. Then he shook his head and skated over to the bench that his team sat on. His coach had called him in, and sent out Michael as his replacement.

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Part 12

She stood outside the locker room, waiting patiently for Sean to exit, listening to the conversation her parent's were having with Sean's parents.

"Such a disappointing game." Her dad said, shaking his head. "They played hard though, you gotta give them that. Good defensive skills."

"Obviously not good enough." Daniel replied glumly, loosely holding his wife's hand.

"They just lost by one point dear." Mikayla said soothingly, rubbing her free hand on his jacket-covered shoulder for just a moment.

"Did you see that number 16?" Her mother asked incredulously. "He was all over Sean the whole night, being so rough with him! He should get kicked off the team."

Before she knew what she was doing, she was snapping at her mother. "Hockey is a rough game mother."

She, herself, was taken aback by what she said. It had just slipped out, sounding entirely too defensive to her own ears. She had just defended Max to her mother, in a round about way. They wouldn't realize that she was defending the player whose number was sixteen, but she did. "I mean, if you can't stomach the game . . . you shouldn't come." She added, trying to downplay what she had previously said.

Sean's dad, Daniel, nodded his head in agreement. "It is a very violent game. Well, I mean it can be."

"Sean's gotten several bloody noises." Mikayla informed them. "He got into a fist fight a few times too."

Her eyes darted around the semicircle of faces before returning to the ground. Her mother, for the time being was ignoring her snippy comment, her father always did, and the Phillips' were recalling times when Sean had gotten hurt while playing the sport, stories which her mother listened to with rapt attention.

"So, where are you and Sean going after the game?" Her father inquired, loosely putting his arm around his daughter.

"Uh, I don't know. We were supposed to go to a party after the game, but with how it ended, I'm not sure if Sean will still want to." Liz told him.

"Yeah, I imagine that he's going to be in a sour mood tonight." Jeff stated quietly. "Would you like us to wait until he decides?"

She thought a moment and then shook her head, smiling up into her father's face. "No, that's okay daddy. Thanks anyway."

"Alright well, we'll see you at home Liz." He said, leaning over to kiss her forehead lightly before removing his arm from around her shoulders and informing the Phillips' that they were going to head on home.

Nancy said her good-byes to her friends and turned to Liz. "Remember Elizabeth. You have practice early tomorrow morning."

"I know mother." Liz told her solemnly. "I'll be home at 12 o'clock, on the dot." And I'm sure you'll be waiting up, won't you?

She stood still while her mother leaned in and kissed the air beside both her cheeks, the kind of kiss that they do in Paris. She waited patiently with Mikayla and Daniel, for Sean to come out of the locker room and when he finally did, Liz sighed.

She could tell by his facial expression, his posture, and his body language as he walked toward them that he was beyond pissed. His dirty blonde curly hair was matted to his head, and he ran a hand through his sweaty locks, spiking up some of his hair. He carried his heavy bag in one hand and his stick in the other. She waited patiently while he talked with his parents, and said goodbye to them as they were leaving.

"So, um . . . are we still going to that party?" She asked softly, putting her hands behind her back and into her back pockets.

He said nothing, and she followed him out to his expensive new truck. Watching as he angrily threw his bag and stick into the back. "Sean?"

"Yeah. We're still going." He said moodily as he climbed into the driver's seat.

She played with the seam of one of the back pockets on her jeans. "I have to be home by midnight."

"So?" He asked snottily, starting up the truck.

"So, you're not gonna get drunk right?" She asked him quietly. She really hated him when he got drunk, and it seemed as though he was drunk at least one day out of every weekend. If not, two.

"Liz, don't start this shit with me alright?" He said, the volume of his voice loud enough to catch the attention of some people three cars away from them. "I just lost a fucking game. I don't need this shit from you right now."

"I just wanted to know if you're gonna be drinking Sean!" She shot back. "I have practice at ten a.m. and I have a curfew tonight. I can't be late."

"You can never be late." He said rolling his eyes. "You always have a fucking practice session. You can hardly ever spend any fucking time with me because you always have to practice the next morning!"

"Oh fuck you Sean!" She said angrily, crossing her arms and shifting her weight. "I have priorities alright? You know that."

"Oh that's right." He said to her, as if he had forgotten and just remembered. "And spending time with your boyfriend isn't one of them."

"Well, if you weren't a fucking alcoholic, maybe I'd make it one." She told him snottily.

"Well, if you weren't such a fucking frigid, prudish bitch, I wouldn't have to be one!" He yelled at her, his face contorting in anger.

"OH FUCK YOU!" Liz yelled, reaching through the open door and slapping him hard on the cheek. She stalked away from the truck, half expecting him to get out and come after her in some sort of rage, and half expecting him to come after her and apologize to her. He did neither one.

Instead he slammed the door, threw his truck into reverse and backed out of the parking spot before throwing it into drive and peeling out of the parking lot. He was in no mood for her shit. If she didn't want to come with him and sit on his lap at a party, he knew of five other girls that did.

She turned around and huffed when he peeled out. He was such a fucking bastard! Leaving her there in the parking lot so that he could go off and get drunk! What a fucking jerk!

Crossing her arms in a fast angry motion she quickly turned and walked back over to the cement steps that led up to the entrance of The Cube and sat down on them. She rested her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands for a quick moment. She should have known that he was going to be a dick tonight and start a fight with her. He did it every single time he lost a game. He took his team's short comings out on her, every single time. It was starting to work her nerves.

Slipping her purse off of her arm, she tightened her knee length khaki corduroy jacket tighter around her body, to keep the cool night air out and opened up her purse. She fished around inside of it for her wallet. She had to find some change so she could use the pay phone and call someone. She didn't want to call her parents, although maybe if she did it would prompt her mother to take off her blinders? Tess had never shown up. Odd but not completely unlike her. There would inevitably be some story about car trouble or her parents getting all parental on her at the last minute. A story that was basically made up of crap. She looked down at the cement underneath her feet.

"You okay?" A voice asked tentatively. She knew that voice. That was Max's voice.

"What?" She asked defensively looking up at him from where she sat on the step. "Came to get a good laugh in?"

"Um, no." He answered, looking down self consciously and scratching a spot behind his ear. "I was just wondering if you were okay . . . "

There was a moment of strained silence between them as one waited for the other to speak. Finally, Max looked at her and opened his mouth. "I mean, I heard what went down with Sean, so I was just wondering."

"I'm fine." She snapped. He was probably going to tell everyone that they had a fight, and by the end of Monday everyone would know that she was a prude. What Sean had said about her, she knew was true. She was a prude when it came to doing anything sexual with him. No matter how much he wanted to, or how many times he asked her, or how much he tried to pressure her, she always said no to him.

"God, I was just asking Liz." Max told her, sounding tired. "Why do we always have to fight with each other?"

"Is it my perfume?" She asked sarcastically. "Why are guys picking fights with me tonight?"

"I'm not picking a fight." He told her sincerely. "Excuse me for trying to be nice and concerned. Jesus Christ, I didn't know it was a crime to inquire about someone's fucking feelings!"

"It's not like you really care anyway." Liz shot back, looking away from him.

How can she be so stupid? So blind? "Yeah, that's right Liz. I don't care." He told her as he started backing away from her. "I don't care because I'm an asshole right? I'm an ass from the poor side of town. How could someone like me care about someone like you? How could a man care about how a woman feels?"

Turning away from her, he started walking back to his jeep. She's such a bitch! He thought to himself. He ran a hand through his damp hair and sighed, stopping in his tracks.

Her parents were already gone. Sean probably wasn't coming back. Her friends were no shows. She was stranded. He sighed again. "Do you need a ride?" He called out, not bothering to turn around and face her.


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Thanks everyone for the bumps! I'm working on the next part right now, in fact I've been working on it ever since I posted the last part, but it's not coming along too well. For some reason, part 13 is really difficult to write. I might have it done later today, but I'm not sure. I don't know how good it'll be if I rush it.

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Part 13

Shifting uncomfortably in the passenger seat of Max's jeep, she sighed and leaned her head back against the head rest. Turning it to the side and looking out the window, she hoped that he would let her sit in their uncomfortable silence. With any luck, Liz Parker would get to spend her hour in hell with Max Evans in peace and strained silence.

"So . . . "

She rolled her eyes. Of course not.

"Was that you I saw sitting with my sister?" He asked as conversationally as he possibly could. The last thing he wanted to do was piss her off again. She was a very unpleasant person.

"Yes." Her answer was given in an abrupt fashion, while still being spoken in a low, soft tone.

He would have asked her why she sat with Isabel of all people, but the answer would have been an obvious one. Five minutes passed before he thought of his next question. "Did you enjoy the game?"

Still looking out the window, she gave him a simple answer. "Yup."

"Even though your team of choice got spanked?" He asked in surprise, unable to stop himself from phrasing it that way.

"My team of choice didn't get spanked. They lost by one goal." She corrected him. "It was my boyfriend who got spanked."

He glanced at her, a smile forming on his lips. All he could see was her ear and the back of her head, but he could tell that she'd been teasing. Her tone had been light and full of mirth.

Suddenly, she turned her head and caught him staring at her. Their eyes met for the briefest of seconds before he turned away, focusing once again on the empty road that stretched out infront of them. His heart was beating a mile a minute and he was sure that she would be able to see in the glow of the dashboard, the lovely shade of red his cheeks were turning.

He cleared his throat. He was taking a chance with what he was about to say, and he knew it. He had originally wanted the drive to remain amicable, and he still did, but he couldn't stop himself from vocalizing his observations and he anticipated her anger. "So, that stuff that he said to you . . . you know, in the parking lot . . . that was really harsh."

She turned her head toward the window beside her once again. "He was just upset about losing the game."

Her tone was so much calmer than he had been expecting. It momentarily startled him into silence.

"And that's supposed to make it okay?" He asked her, almost incredulously. He couldn't believe that Liz Parker, of all people, would sit there and take that kind of abuse.

"I never said that." She snapped, turning her head and then her whole upper body in his direction. "My relationship with Sean is none of your business. And while we're on the subject Max, you saw one instance in which his treatment of me was less than perfect. It doesn't make you the world's leading expert on my relationship."

"Whoever said I was trying to be the world's leading expert?" He asked her impassively. "To be honest with you Liz, I don't give a flying fuck about you or your relationship. If you want to let Sean Phillips piss on you like that, fine by me."

"Oh good Max, because I was so hoping for your approval." She shot back, situating herself in her seat so that she was once again facing the road that stretched out infront of them.

The inside of the jeep fell silent and the air became thicker than it originally was. Max was angrier than he had ever been in his whole entire life. He didn't understand how he could have possibly let her get to him like she did. He didn't know what had possessed him to think for one single second that she could be different from the way she portrayed herself at school. He wondered now what kind of drug he was taking when he had thought that he had feelings for her. He knew now that he hated her. He hated her because he wanted her so damn much, and he couldn't have her.

Fifteen minutes later found Max and Liz pulled over to the side of the road. Liz sat in the passenger seat, her head leaning against the cool glass on her right, while Max stood behind the jeep rooting around for something in the back.

Before he had gotten out of the jeep, he had told her he was gonna look for the jack. She had no idea what that was, but she tried to look knowledgeable and act as if she wanted him to hurry up.

"You're gonna have to help." He said as he came around to the passenger side and opened up her door. He dropped the flashlight into her lap and carried the jack over to the offending tire on his side of the jeep. He knew he should have checked that tire.

"What do I do?" She asked him as she clamored out of the jeep and got behind him. She sounded only slightly panicked.

He placed the jack underneath the jeep before turning his head, "Just aim the light on the tire."

Standing up, he took off his old brown leather jacket and handed it to her before he pushed up the sleeves of his black v-neck sweater and resumed his crouching position beside the flat tire of the jeep. He looked up at her expectantly before she finally took the hint.

She'd only ever been in this situation once before. Sean had arrived fifteen minutes late when picking her up for his Grandmother Sophie's 78th birthday party. Liz had been very close to and extremely fond of Nana Sophie. The next time she got to see Nana Sophie, it was in an open casket.

"Come on Sean, just change the tire yourself. We're already late." She told him, leaning against side of his black Jag. The car he used to have before his parents got him the truck that he'd been wanting. All the boys at school were driving trucks now. Not luxury cars.

"Liz," He stalked up to her angrily, cell phone in hand. "This suit is Armani! Jesus Christ. I thought you were supposed to be smart."

She rolled her eyes and mumbled a sarcastic apology to him before looking toward the ground.

Shivering out of her memory, she held the flash light in one hand while she struggled with getting one arm into the faded brown leather jacket that Max had given her to hold onto. Once it was on completely, she inhaled the scent that seemed to surround her. It smelled of old leather, cologne and Max. Well, she assumed that the third scent was Max. It actually didn't smell too bad.

Changing a tire was completely blue-collar to her. She had never seen anyone do it before. It seemed as if it were something that every person who wasn't borne to privilege knew how to do. Max's father had probably taught him when he got his license. It seemed to Liz, to be a useful skill.

The whole process was sort of exciting to her. Not exactly arousing, not completely a turn on, but it definitely piqued her interest. The mere act of changing a tire, made his hands seem so powerful. And the dirt that rubbed off on them - she had expected a lot more dirt than there actually was - it seemed to accentuate his strong hand all the more.


Nancy yawned and glanced at the clock. It was still fairly early. She didn't expect Liz home for another hour. She walked over to the bar in her office upstairs and poured herself a brandy before sitting back down at her desk to go over the paperwork that needed to be filled out for a few competitions that Liz was going to be competing in.

She took a swig of her drink before setting it down on the desk and dropping the gold-plated pen onto the papers. Leaning her head back onto the cushion, she closed her eyes and allowed herself to remember the days when she had skated on the ice.

She had loved it. She loved every single minute of it. She loved the costumes with the sequins that caught the light in the arena. She loved the smell, and the applause. She loved the cool air that hit her face as she skated through it. The roses that were thrown down onto the ice. God, how she had loved it all.

The sound of a car coming up the driveway startled her. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was only 11:20, way too early for Liz to be home. Whirling around in her chair, she pushed herself up and walked briskly over to the window. In place of Sean's nice new truck, she found a beat up old jeep. "Who does that belong to?" She asked herself aloud. "And why is it here?"

The jeep and its occupants seemed to hover in her driveway for a longer period of time that it should have. It was obviously her daughter inside the jeep, but why hadn't she come home with Sean?

As Liz got out and started walking toward the house, Nancy stood beside the window and watched as the jeep lurched forward, continuing the circle that it had begun when it entered the turn around. That was definitely not Sean.

Walking back to her desk, Nancy finished off her brandy before switching off the light. She was going to find out who that was.


It's comin guys. I can't just make Liz automatically like Max. She's gotta work her way there. It's a process, and we're on the road to it. I promise.

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I hope that you guys don't think I'm rushing anything with this part. It's just what naturally came out of me so I guess that it's time for it to happen. *wink* Thanks SO much everyone for your wonderful feedback! I'd like to reply to some of you individually but my mind pooped on me, so I have nothing interesting to say. *tongue* If it feels like I just kind of jumped around there in the last part it's because I did. I really wanted to get that in there before I ended the part.

Part 14

She shut the front door behind her before she turned around and made her way toward the staircase in the darkness. She blindly reached out for the smooth wood of the banister and lifted her foot, setting it down blindly on the first step.

A light from the sitting room to her left came on and startled her so much that her free hand flew to her chest and she inhaled a sharp breath. When she saw her mother sitting in one of the expensive Ethan Allen chairs that they had purchased two years ago to furnish the room, she relaxed.

"Jesus mom, you scared the crap out of me." She whispered as she placed her foot back onto the ground and moved into the room a little bit, leaning against the frame of the open doorway. "What are you doing in here?"

"Elizabeth," Her mother said in an accusatory tone. "Who was that boy in the jeep?"

I should have known. Liz rolled her eyes, fully aware that her mother would be able to see the act in the glow from the lamp that sat on the expensive Ethan Allen end table. "Nobody mother."

"I don't approve of this Elizabeth." Nancy informed her, still perched in the expensive chair, her legs crossed at the ankles as a lady should always keep them. "Think of how Sean will feel."

Liz sighed heavily with annoyance as she shifted her weight, "I highly doubt Sean will care either way."

She almost smiled at her mother's shocked expression. She turned around on her heel, letting the smile that she so desperately wanted to show overtake her lips.

"Elizabeth Parker!" Her mother admonished from behind her, rising from the chair she had been perched in. "I demand that you tell me who this boy was, and why you left the party with him and not the man whom you love."

She suppressed the urge to scoff at her mother's last remark. The man she loves? Ha! She continued on her path toward the stairs. "I told you already. You're just not listening to me."

"Elizabeth!" Her mother was sounding almost frantic now. Reaching to make Liz see the wrong in her actions tonight.

For a moment she thought about telling her mother what had transpired between herself and the magnificent, perfect Sean Phillips in the parking lot after his game. But her mother would gloss right over it, as she herself had in Max's jeep. Excusing his behavior with his anger over losing his game. And of course her mother would completely ignore the fact that he left her there in the parking lot. But the thought was gone as quickly as it had come to her.

"Take a Valium mother." Liz said shortly as she reached the top of the stairs and started down the hall toward her room, where upon reaching the door she opened it, stepped in and then promptly shut it behind her all without so much as casting a backward glance in her mother's direction.


Twenty minutes after she had entered her room, Liz found herself laying in her bed staring up at the icy blue ceiling above her. Her mind was going over everything that had happened earlier. The sentences and statements that Max had made to her in the parking lot were looping through her head, as if her mind was a cd player and the tracks were on repeat.

‘How could a guy like me care about a girl like you?' What was that supposed to mean? Well, obviously she knew what it was supposed to mean, but what did it really mean? What had possessed him to say something like that? He wasn't supposed to say stuff like that. Not to her!

Her mind wandered back to an evening, not so long ago, when she had found herself having a fairly good time with him. Or in his presence at least. Back when they had raced one another on the rink that night that her mother had made her have an unscheduled practice. He'd asked her a question that night. One that she had been unable to answer, at least not legitimately anyway. He had asked her why she hated him so much and she had replied lamely with "I don't know. I just do."

She'd gone home that night and she had tossed and turned and kicked the covers off of her in an agitated state. Her mind had been doing then the same thing that it was doing now. Keeping her awake with the questions and the thoughts that were floating through it. Questions and thoughts that had nothing to do with anyone else but Max Evans. Why hadn't she told him? Why hadn't she told him that she hated him because he had no goals? Because he was an underachiever and always would be. Why hadn't she said all of that to him? Even now she couldn't figure herself out.

Had she been afraid that telling him would prompt him to prove her wrong? She'd be caught then for sure, wouldn't she? Or perhaps she hadn't said anything to him because they simply weren't true? Maybe all her reasons were total bullshit?

Had her reasons been bullshit? Turning over in bed she pondered this for a moment or two before deciding that no, they weren't bullshit. They were definitely not. She'd seen those qualities, only in the wrong person.

Rolling over on her opposite side, she sighed heavily. Sean had those qualities, not Max. She didn't even know Max well enough to say whether or not he had any goals. She'd just been projecting all of Sean's negative qualities onto him. She was sure of that. He was the one who was crude. Sean was the one who had no drive. She could kid herself all she wanted, pretend that it wasn't true, but in reality it was. His future was set and secure. He was going to be a rich man working for daddy, and because of that, he had no other goal than to get drunk on the weekends. He didn't even care if his grades were good or not, which they always were. The school board was made up of people from his mother's family. If Mikayla and Daniel Phillips wanted their son to get good grades, he did, and most of the time it was through no effort of his own. His only ambition was to win his hockey games and marry a trophy wife; one like her mother.

She would have asked herself why she stayed with him for as long as she did, but she already knew the answer to that. She had stayed with him because it was expected. Her parents were so pleased when they had begun dating. They expected the two of them to last, to marry. They were the golden couple at school. Liz and Sean, Sean and Liz. The two names went hand in hand. She skated and he was a hockey player, it was only natural. Fitting, some had said, that they would end up with one another.

Tess had compared the two of them to Romeo and Juliette once, she had said it so dreamily Liz couldn't tell her that Romeo and Juliette were from opposing families and that nobody wanted them to be together. Where as in her case, everyone was pushing it. Her family and his more so than others.

Rolling onto her back, she sighed again and closed her eyes. Silently, she commanded herself to stop thinking and to go to bed. Squeezing her eyes shut, she searched within her mind for the off switch. She had to get up early tomorrow and there was nothing more she hated than being tired at practice. Especially when her coach was going to be there.


Liz sat in her bed, rubbing her sore muscles. She had practiced earlier that morning and her coach had worked her hard. She looked forward to a nice relaxing Saturday evening, curled up . . . well, stretched out in her case, on her bed reading a book.

It sounded like a dream evening to her. Her mother and father had gone out, the staff had been given the night off. She was completely and totally alone in her house. And she couldn't have been happier about it.

At nine o'clock, when Liz was very into her book, a noise startled her. It had sounded like a rock tapping on glass. She slowly made her way off of her bed and toward her window. The noise had been to quiet to be heard from any other room.

Opening her window, she leaned out of it and scowled down at the culprit. "Sean, what are you doing?"

"Liz!" He called up to her, stumbling backward a bit while his friends laughed and leaned against the car they had all piled into. "Liz, baby!"

"What do you want Sean?" She asked him, sounding tired.

"Honey, we're goin on a field trip!" He called up to her before taking a swig of the Jack Daniels that he held in his hand. "You wanna come?"

"Sean, go home." She told him as she started to go back into her room.

He waved at her frantically, spilling a little bit of the Jack in the process. "No Liz! You have to come cause it's gonna be fun! We're gonna go beat the shit out of Max Evans!"


No big Nancy show down today. But I'm sure there will be one in the future. And just because Liz realizes that she projected Sean's faults onto Max doesn't mean that she's realized everything yet. *wink* I still have some tricks up my sleeve. *big*

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Alright first of all I want to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback and giving me bumps. This part goes out to Emotions23 and Hawk for continuously bumping the thread! Thanks you two. *wink*

Part 15

Liz Parker gazed down at her boyfriend - former, although he wasn’t actually aware of it yet - and sighed. “You’re what?” She called down to him her face completely void of expression.

He sighed over dramatically and slumped his shoulders as if he were annoyed with her, the action almost comedic. “I said we’re gonna go kick the sh-”

“I heard you.” She interrupted, holding up the palm of one hand that had previously been braced against the windowsill. She observed him for a few moments and noted how he nearly lost his balance as he tipped his head back to look up at her. “You’re drunk.”

Down on the ground, Sean watched her straight brown hair fall from behind her ear and hang down beside her face. He wanted to fly up to the window and touch it. He would definitely have to come back here after he was done kicking piss out of Max Evans. He watched her observe him and listened to her tell him that she was drunk. He turned at the waist and looked at his friends, “I’m drunk guys, did you know that?” He asked them as he rolled his eyes and smiled at them when they laughed.

He turned to her and looked up at her expectantly as she rolled her eyes down at him. “Go home Sean.”

“Go home?” He repeated as she began to pull herself back into her room. He turned again at the waist to look at his friends. “Go home she says.”

“Yes. Go home.” She told him, starting to pull back from the crisp September air and back into the warmth of her room. She was anxious to get back to her book. Back to Gwennie who was full of wisdom, Eve who had a split personality and a gay ex-husband, Nadine who was only sixteen and had a penchant for dating doughnuts instead of muffins, and most importantly back to Tilda Goodnight and Davy Dempsey and the love that was starting to brew between them. She had never read about two people, or rather characters, who were so crazy in love with one another and didn’t even know it. Had they been real people, one might say they were made for each other, if one believed in such fiction.

“Liz!” He called out to her, frantically raising up his hand and sloshing some of the brown liquid out of the bottle. He gestured toward the end of her driveway where the wrought iron gates stood open. “You saw what he did! He deserves it!”

It was true that Max had seemed particularly hard on Sean during the game, and she didn’t really understand why, but there it was. But she didn’t think that he deserved to be walking around unsuspecting and then jumped by Sean and four other guys. Liz wanted to tell Sean that if anyone deserved it, it was him. She wanted to tell him that Max had been her knight in shining armor the previous night when Sean had left her stranded and distressed in a cold, dark parking lot. If anyone deserved to get the piss kicked out of them, it was the guy standing out on her lawn.

Instead, she sighed and looked up at the starlit sky before looking down at him again. “What are you gonna do Sean? You don’t even know where he lives.”

Then it dawned on her. That’s why they came to get her. Isabel had been to Liz’s home, and James had taken her back. Liz had been in the car but they didn’t need to know that bit of information. She pressed on. “Anyway, you’re drunk. What are you gonna do? Let your sober friends kick his ass and then step in for the last kick and punch like a little bitch?”

He slumped his shoulders and bowed his head. “You know Liz, it could just be my friend Jack here,” he said to her as he raised the bottle by the neck to show her before lowering it to his side again, “but it sounds like you’re trying to protect him.”

She looked down at his slumped shoulders, and his bowed head and felt oddly pleased with herself. “Go home Sean.”

He looked up then and watched her pull her head and shoulders back into the warmth and safety of her room. He definitely wasn’t coming back here after he finished kicking Max’s ass. He’d only get denied again, like he always did. Frigid bitch. He thought to himself.

“Sean, are we goin or what?” One of his friends asked from his spot where he stood leaning up against the car.

“Change of plans Moose.” He said as he walked backwards toward it, still looking up at her closed window. “We can’t get him tonight. We don’t know where he lives. Guess we gotta have a different kind of fun tonight.”

Moose, who was as tall as Sean and definitely bulkier than him, smiled wickedly. “Tess?”

“She’ll blow us all and fuck me good.” Sean said, turning away from his girlfriend’s window and toward his friend. “We’ll get Max later.”


Inside her room, Liz sat down on her bed, her book completely forgotten. She was debating with herself. He deserves to be warned. She told herself. He’ll be fine until Monday. She argued. She sighed, trying to reason with herself. They wouldn’t find him until Monday, she could get to him that morning and tell him to watch his back. Then again, if they drove around that part of town and Max was out, which he very well could have been on a Saturday night, they might find him sooner. But what if she went to his house to warn him and he was out? Maybe it would just be better if she called him?

Falling backward onto her bed, she sighed heavily and rested her hands on her flat stomach. She didn’t know what she should do, and she didn’t know why she was so concerned over it either, but she pushed the question of her concern to the back of her mind and ignored it completely. She didn’t know what it meant and she didn’t care to figure it out and deal with its meaning at that particular moment. All she knew was that if someone was out looking around for her, planning on kicking her ass, she’d want to know about it. She pondered what Max would do in the situation. If Maria Deluca wanted to kick her ass, would Max come and warn her? Her mind wandered again to the previous night, when he had been in the parking lot calling himself an ass and asking her how a guy like him could care about a girl like her. What did that mean? It still perplexed her.


In a medium sized bedroom in a farm house on the other side of town, Max Evans sat bent over his desk, diligently working on his homework. He had tons of it to finish from Friday afternoon, and although it was a Saturday night, he and his sister had a self-imposed rule; work before play. Which explained why she was currently not sitting across the hall bent over her desk as well. She had finished her work and was out playing, Max didn’t know where.

They were far from geniuses, he and his sister. But they had worked their butts off to get into Westminister Academy. For reasons that he had forgotten, it had been the most important thing in the world to them when they had been in the public school. Thinking back on it, it could have been that the public school was underfunded and understaffed. It could have been because the education they would have received there wouldn’t have been the best. He supposed it might have been because their farm was had two mortgages on it and because his parents were working like hell to pay them off. He supposed it was because he and Isabel wanted to have futures that would allow them to pay it off for their parents. It could have been because his father wanted to fix up the barn, and because his mother yearned to have animals inside of it, and because Max desperately wanted them to have that. He wanted things for himself, sure. He wanted to play hockey for the rest of his life, and he wanted to get into the NHL. He wanted to see his team’s name in lights, and see his face on television. He wanted all of that, and he was going to work to get it, but he had to have a back up plan. Because if he didn’t have one, and his NHL plan fell through, he would end up standing beside his father at the factory, working on the line. That was the last place he wanted to end up. He was going to go to college and work hard at becoming a doctor.

The groan of a floor board in the hall startled him out of his thoughts and made him turn toward the door, his chair creaking with the movement. “I’m sorry, did I startle you?” A soft feminine voice asked from the doorway.

He smiled at her, “No, not at all.”

She chuckled a little then, because she knew that she had scared him. Coming into the room and stopping just beside his chair she reached out and ran her hand through his short dark hair, the gesture purely motherly. He noticed as she leaned over and looked at the desk that she was still in her uniform. “What’cha workin on?” She asked him genuine interest in her tone.

He looked back at the books spread out infront of him and sighed. “Calculus.”

She nodded her head and looked over his paper, although she couldn’t help him with it even if he had needed it. “So dad tells me you kicked some butt in the game.” She said as she reached back and pulled the clip from her hair, letting her blonde hair fall. He noticed that it was starting to gray.

“Yeah. Woulda made you proud.” He said, tossing her a quick smile. “Isabel’s kinda mad at me though.”

Diane, his mother, crossed the room and sat on the edge of his bed looking at him curiously. “Why’s that?”

“Oh, I kind of pinned this popular guy from Westminister up against the wall.” He told her sheepishly. “She wanted me to go easy on all of them, you know, because she thinks that they’ll make our lives hell there. You know how she is.”

His mother smiled as she thought about her only daughter. “Yeah, Isabel can be impossible sometimes.”

“Don’t I know it.” He commented before sighing. “She’s not speaking to me.”

Diane pushed herself off of his bed and crossed the room to him. She rested her hand on his shoulder as she combed the free one through his hair. “She’ll get over it sweetie.”

“I know.” He told her as he reached his right hand to his left shoulder and gently placed his hand on his mother’s. “How was work?”

“Another day another dollar.” She sighed, still combing his hair. “The customer’s were demanding. Doris was in a bad mood, and I had to train the new girl.”

He averted his eyes back to his calculus book. His mother hated the diner and he knew it. She hated serving people, she hated training, she hated the people that she worked with and the ugly uniforms that they made the waitresses wear. She hated being on her feet all day, and most of all he knew that she hated not being with her family, not being able to take care of them and cook them dinner. He hated that she hated it, and it reinforced his drive to succeed.

“Well, I’ll let you get back to work kiddo.” She told him softly as she leaned down and kissed the top of his head.

A little disclaimer: Gwennie who is filled with wisdom, Eve who has a split personality and a gay ex-husband, Nadine who is only sixteen and has a penchant for dating doughnuts instead of muffins (and the whole doughnut/muffin theory), and Tilda Goodnight and Davy Dempsey who are so crazy in love with each other and don't know it aren't mine. They're from the book Faking It by Jennifer Cruse(sp?). Read it because it's good!
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Anyway, I'm gonna try to work on a part for INVINCIBLE, then I'll work on a part for this and *then* I'll move on to working on a part for my newest fic SEVEN LETTERS, which is on the UC/Slash board. *happy*

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Part 16

Monday morning found Liz anxiously waiting beside her locker. The grip she had on the straps of her back pack was turning her knuckles white. She had decided that she would wait and inform him that he was a target, but now she wasn’t so sure that it was a good idea. What if they already got him? In the parking lot? She asked herself, almost fearfully. She told herself that she didn’t care if they got him that she just thought he should be warned about it before hand. She would have warned anyone, right?


Down the hall, Maria leaned against the locker beside Michael as he rooted around in the mess that decorated his. She eyed the brown haired girl critically. Something is definitely up with Liz Parker today. Maria thought to herself. “Miss Teen Queen has her panties in a bunch today.”

“Hmm?” He asked distractedly, pulling out a smelly sock and scrunching up his face with disgust.

Maria shifted her gaze from Liz Parker toward her boyfriend and wrinkled her nose. “That’s sick Michael.” Then she gestured to where Liz Parker stood down the hall, swaying slightly from side to side. “She’s way to antsy. I wonder what’s up.”

“You’re such a gossip Maria.” He told her, giving Liz a once over and turning back to his locker. “Why don’t you try staying out of people’s business for once? They wouldn’t know what to think.”

She rolled her eyes while still looking in Liz’s direction, and watched with great suspicion as Liz started walking. Curious green eyes followed the dark head until it came to a stop smack dab at the locker of one Maxwell Evans. Hmm . . . interesting.

She wished that Michael’s locker was closer to Max’s, but Michael was placed at the other end of the hallway. “Why is she talking to Max?” Maria pondered out loud, a manicured fingernail tapping on her chin and her facial expression shifting from curious to thoughtful. There had to be a reason. Was Liz Parker sporting a crush on the star hockey player from the wrong side of town?

So deep in thought, was Maria, that she nearly missed seeing Liz take hold of Max’s forearm. She would have missed seeing Liz pull Max toward a classroom that Maria knew was empty, and she would have missed watching Max go in.

“What the hell is going on?” She asked, whirling around on her boyfriend, who held a half-eaten sandwich in his hand. She smacked him upside the head when he shrugged and took a bite of the newly found day old sandwich.


She thought that the classroom would be the best place for them to talk, although he couldn’t remember why. It was dim in there, as the lights weren’t on and a large pine tree stood beside the window, blocking out most of the sunlight. And it wasn’t only dim, but it was quiet.

She cleared her throat, the sound reverberating off the white walls. “Um, it’s not like I care or anything, but I just thought you should know that Sean and his friends are planning on kicking your ass. At least they were on Saturday.”

Her tone and demeanor suggested that she was calm and relaxed, as if she truly didn’t care. But he had to wonder . . . if she didn’t care why was she even telling him? He took a few moments to let the information she had given him sink in. Sean wanted to kick his ass? Not a problem. If last Friday’s game was any indication, Max knew he could take him. And if Sean had friends, well so did he. There was no cause for alarm.

“Thanks for the warning.” He told her nonchalantly as he leaned against the large oak desk at the front of the room.

“You’re not even worried about it?” Liz sounded somewhat surprised by his calm demeanor and tone. He was completely nonchalant about the whole thing, as if Sean Phillips coming after you wasn’t a big deal. Most boys in Westminister would have been shaking in their shoes at the mere thought of it. Sean’s family was powerful and rich, and if anyone fought back against him, there would most likely be hell to pay.

“Nah.” He waved off the question.

“You’re not worried about getting in trouble?” She asked, moving to hoist herself up on the oak desk beside him.

He turned his head to look at her. “Should I be?”

“I would be.” She told him seriously. “Sean’s family is very powerful and influential.”

He shrugged his shoulders in a ‘so?’ gesture.

“Half of his mother’s family is on the school board.” She told him as if he were stupid.

“Yeah?” He asked her as if she had told him something amusing that he didn’t already know, but didn’t care about either.

She smiled a little bit and hit his upper arm with the back of her hand. “Yeah.”

“Are you worried about me getting into trouble?” He asked her playfully, emphasizing the words ‘you’ and ‘me’. If she was going to be playful - something that he had only see her be once before - than damn it, he would be too.

“Me?” She asked him, sounding innocent and surprised while bringing her hand up to clutch at her chest dramatically. “Never.”

Shyly, Max ducked his head and reached up to scratch behind his ear as he tried to hide his smile.

Liz craned her neck to see the clock that hung high on the wall behind her, and jumped down from the desk. “Well, um, the bell is gonna ring soon . . . so . . . I just thought you should, you know, know about Sean.”

He nodded his head seriously, his facial expression grateful. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” She told him as she walked toward the door. Home room was calling her name.


“Something is going on.” She announced thoughtfully, her fingertips drumming against the table top in the cafeteria. “Something is happening.”

Michael shot her a warning glance, which she pointedly ignored. Instead, she put her elbow on the table and lay her chin in the palm of her hand. She didn’t care what Michael thought, or what he said. She was going to find out what was happening. If there was one thing Maria Deluca hated, it was being the last to know.

“What could it be?” She wondered out loud. “The only explanation that I can think of is that Liz Parker actually likes Max.”

“You really think so?” Isabel asked curiously, taking her peanut butter and banana sandwich out of the plastic ziplock baggy.

“That has to be it.” She sighed. “I mean she’s been acting weird for a while. Sitting with us at the hockey game, what the hell was that?”

Alex shook his head. “Tess was absent.”

“Okay. Blow Job Betty was a no show. You have me there.” Maria told him raising her hands in submission. “But there were other people there that she could have sat with. People with whom she actually associates with in school rather than us.”

He looked pensively at Isabel, who was also looking rather thoughtful herself. Kyle sat on the other side of Alex, scratching his head in thought. “Okay.” Alex finally conceded, “Point taken.”

“Alright so there’s that.” Maria continued. “And then there’s this morning.”

“Maybe she had to pee?” Kyle offered as he chewed a mouth full of school made macaroni and cheese.

Maria was quick to shoot it down. “She was all antsy like, and then the second that Max popped up at his locker, she was all over him like white on rice.”

Next to her, Michael sighed and shook his head. His girlfriend was such a busy body, and she always over exaggerated everything! “She grabbed his forearm. That was it.”

“Like I said,” Maria continued as if he hadn’t corrected her. “she was all over him like white on rice, and then she pulled him into an empty class room!”

“To talk.” Michael added. He had to be the voice of reason at the table, for the first time in his life.

This time, Maria turned her attention on him. “Michael?” She asked with a lilt of annoyance.


“Were you in the room with them?” She asked him.

“No, and neither were you, Mouth.” He told her smartly.

“Whatever. My point is, you weren’t in there so you don’t know. They could’ve been making out like two sex crazed-”

“Gorillas.” Kyle finished.

She turned toward him and gave him an odd look. “I was actually gonna say bunnies but that’ll work too.”

“And my point is Maria that you weren’t in there either. So don’t speculate on what you don’t know.” He told her, gently taking hold of her chin and turning her head back toward him.

She pulled her chin from his loose grip and frowned. “Something is going on, and I’m gonna find out what Michael.”

From across the table, next to Alex, Kyle sighed. “Whatever’s happening, whether it’s something or nothing, lets just be happy for Max and his uptown girl. If she wants to leave her white bread world to love a downtown man, who can’t afford to buy her pearls, good for them.”

Leaning past her boyfriend, Isabel gave Kyle a sympathetic smile. “Girl troubles?”

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Shout outs!

I want to thank the following people for leavin all the fantabulous feedback that they left: FireflyDreamer, Emotions23, wild_child_uk, JaneLane, flohmac, roswellluver, frenchkiss70, Qtygirl411, TD Dreamer Behr, skyiris, tabasco sauce, lm_roswell, abbs007, Hawk, SciFiNut111, BelevnDreamsToo, maxism, A Rose Is True Blue, buffylicious, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, and carolina_moon!

You guys are wonderful! *big*

abbs007: Did you ever happen to check out that part of WELCOME TO MYSTIC that I posted? I can't remember when I posted it, but I know it's one that you probably haven't read. I dedicated it to ya. *wink*

Hawk: I noticed your sig. Are you going to Canada because you're turning 19? If that's the case, and if you're female, make sure you go to Danny's! It's a male strip club which isn't exactly my cup of tea, but after I'd had a few it was a really funny place to be. LOL

SciFiNut111: Yup, Liz is changing. Do you think it's too soon or too much too fast? I'm trying to pull it off realistically, but I'm not sure if I am.

Erin: Thanks for askin about my grandmothers hun! Nana T, the one with pneumonia, is out of the hospital and recouping at home. Hopefully, she'll take it easy and stop trying to do everything for everyone, and she'll get better. I stopped by to see her today on my way to class and she looked like she was feeling better, said she was too.

Grandma H, the one with the busted hip, I haven't had the chance to see yet. *sad* She's my dad's mom, and unfortunately I don't get to see her very often because my dad and I have issues. But I'm told that she's out of the hospital as well, and recouping in a rehabilitation place near where my dad lives.

Peace out!

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Hey abbs, that's strange that you couldn't find it because it came up fine for me when I searched for it. *shrug* Anyway, here's the link to the fic. I'm not sure but I think the only part you missed was part 18, the only new part I've turned out.
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JBehrsGurl originally wrote:
JBehrsGurl originally wrote:
I'm sooo excited! *dances* And I just can't hiiiide it! *dances* I know! I know! I know! I know! I know! I want you! I want you! (to update) *dances faster* Can you feeeeeeeeeeeel the burn!? Woooooooooooo!


~Elena *big*

Do I have problems cuz I re-read what I wrote and I started cracking up? anyways...

If you have problems, I have problems, because I cracked up too!

Thanks everyone for the feedback and bumps! I'll see what I can do about a new part. *wink*
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Hi all! I said I'd see about another part, and I did. *wink* First and foremost, I want to thank EVERYONE for the constant bumps! You guys are so good to me. *blush* Thanks for all the nice words on the last part. *big*

So like always, thanks goes to the following: FireflyDreamer, Emotions23, wild_child_uk, JaneLane, flohmac, roswellluver, frenchkiss70, Qtygirl411, TD DreamerBehr, skyiris, tabasco sauce, lm_roswell, abbs007, Hawk, SciFiNut111, BelevnDreamsToo, maxism, A Rose Is True Blue, buffylicious, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, carolina_moon, dreamforever88, Alien614, Calinia, anonymousarfan, qt4167013, LixMix5, bridge52, b4echstarrynite, scifidreamer, Cassandra, MissAnnyB, JBehrsGurl, Old Enough, mandyhanford, StardustDreamer, and Allie1031!

Welcome to all the new readers! I noticed a few names up there that I haven't previously seen on this thread. So, hi. *happy* And yeah, after I just did the shout outs, I realize that I've already done them. There are a few indvidual shout outs on pg 31. Color me retarded!

Part 17

Michael sighed, rubbing his forehead with a heavy hand. He was thanking his lucky stars that he was sitting in his last class of the day anxiously waiting for the bell to ring, because truth be told, he didn't have enough energy to make it through any more classes. More specifically, he didn't have enough energy to tail Maria in between. They'd only had three classes after lunch, one of them he was currently in, and already he had tailed Maria - who had been following Liz Parker - more times than he'd like to count. She was determined to play Nancy Drew on this one, and although he didn't like her snooping around in Max's life the way that she was, he couldn't let her do it all by herself. Yup, he couldn't wait for the school day to officially end. Liz would go back to her side of town while Maria he and Max would go back to theirs.

Everyone would be happy . . . hopefully.


Liz looked over her shoulder in the girl's locker room for the tenth time. She swore that Maria Deluca was stalking her. All day, every time Liz turned the corner there were Maria and her boyfriend Michael. Quite frankly it was starting to creep her out, as well as piss her off.

Shaking her head, she rubbed the towel through her drenched chocolate locks. She had asked to be excused from gym early, giving the excuse that she had practice right after school and didn't want to skate around with wet hair. Ms. Magillis was only too pleased to let a future Olympian get out of gym early. She rolled her eyes at her reflection. Just once, she wanted someone to tell her no. Just once, she wanted someone to tell her that she didn't deserve special treatment.

Hearing a noise, she whipped her head around, clutching her towel tightly in her hand. Her big brown eyes searching the empty locker room. "Hello?"

Moments later, Tess emerged from the office in which Ms. Magillis used, wiping her mouth. "Hey."

"God Tess, you scared the shit out of me." Liz breathed out in relief. It was only Tess. "I thought you were Maria."

"Maria?" Tess queried as she came to stand beside Liz, a bewildered look on her face. "Who?"

"You know. Maria Deluca. She hangs out with Alex Whitman and dates Michael Guerin?" Liz explained, gesturing with her hands as to Maria's height. "Anyway, she's been following me like all day. It's so creepy. I thought you were her coming down here to go Single White Female on me."

Tess giggled girlishly.


Huddled behind a row of lockers, Maria clamped her hand over her mouth, trying hard to keep from calling them both worthless bitches. Instead, she focused on trying to listen in on what they were talking about. Where had Tess come from? She had obviously been in the locker room before Liz had come in, and before Maria had followed her. If she had come in afterward, the jig definitely would have been up. Maria could clearly be seen from the door leading in. It was just another thing to add to Alex's list of ‘Ten Things That Make You Go Hmm . . . '

"So what are you doing in here?" She heard Liz ask distractedly. Craning her neck around the row of lockers, she saw Liz standing infront of the mirror, looking at herself. Maria rolled her eyes and resumed her hidden position, so that she wouldn't be found out if they happened to spot her moving in the mirror. She suppressed a snort. Fat chance. They're both so vain they only see themselves.

Tess sighed, and Maria pictured her looking into the mirror above the sink beside Liz and fluffing her frizzy hair. "Skipping."

"Why would you skip in Ms. Magillis' office?" Liz asked, bewilderment evident in her tone. "She comes back down here when the rest of the girls do."

"Oh, I wasn't going to stay down here the whole time." Tess said offhandedly. Again, Maria pictured her staring into the mirror, this time inspecting her makeup or zeroing in on her chest. Just to make sure that her jugs weren't sagging, even though she was too young and youthful for them to.

They babbled about ice skating, and Tess asked Liz how she and Sean were doing. Finally, when it seemed that Maria couldn't take any more of it, Liz's voice started sounding closer and closer. She scurried across the floor, to hide herself behind another row of lockers, one that would block her from the view of people at the door.

"Cya later Tess." Liz called out. Maria assumed it was over her shoulder from the way the volume it had. Seconds later, she heard the door being pulled open.

Great, now I just have to wait for Tess to leave. Maria thought sarcastically as she pulled her knees closer to her chest. She rolled her eyes wondering when this hooker was gonna go back to class.

"Coast is clear." She heard Tess say. "She's gone."

Another door. Feet on the tiled floor. Maria bit her nail, wondering who it was.

"I thought she'd never leave." She heard a deep, masculine voice say. Who is that?! I know that voice . . .

"When are you gonna dump her for me?" Tess' voice was annoyingly pouty that was the first thing that Maria's brain registered. The next thing that it registered was the meaning of the words.

She clamped her hands over her mouth once again. Holy fuck! She thought, over and over again. Sean and Tess?!

"You know I can't do that Tess." There was a smacking sound, as if they were kissing.

"She can't give you what I can give you Sean." There was a husky lilt to her voice now, and the visual image Maria was conjuring up was enough to make her sick! She was glad that she still had her hand over her mouth. "She can't give you what I've been giving you."

A sigh. Feet, walking toward the door. Who was leaving? Were they both? What had the done in the office? Maria's mind was going into overdrive. She completely missed the sounds of the door opening and closing, and was consequently startled enough to jump when Tess let out a frustrated growl and stomped her foot down on the tile. The sound of the chunky heel of her shoe reverberating in the near empty room. She heard the click-clack and finally the door.

"Ohmygod!" She breathed out in a rush, completely unaware that she had even been holding her breath. "Holy shit!"

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It doesn't really do Max and the others good. But Liz and Sean are popular, Maria is a gossip queen. It's scandulous. *wink* Besides, Liz has already dropped him. It's just that nobody knows about it yet but her and us. *big*
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Thanks for the feedback! Keep it comin! *wink* This is so not the way I had planned things. Liz and Max were already supposed to be secretly dating, but it took me a little time to get her warmed up to him, she's still not completely there yet. Tess was supposed to have dropped Sean in favor of getting into Max's pants, which of course he would shoot her down. Maria was supposed to tell Isabel, who was supposed to inform Liz. But then I threw Michael into the mix, and as always, when Michael and Maria are thrown together unpredictable things happen.

Thanks to the following: StardustDreamer, SciFiNut111, bridge52, A Rose Is True Blue, roswellluver, BelevnDreamsToo, abbs007, FireflyDreamer, b4echstarrynite, AlienDreamer101, Wench On A Leash, Alien614, antarian princess, skyiris, JBehrsGurl, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, wild_child_uk, Emotions23, buffylicious, JaneLane, frenchkiss70, Allie1031, and Hawk! Sorry if I missed anyone. It's not personal if I did. It's just bad eye sight. *wink*

SciFiNut111: Don't know if you saw this bit I posted to you, but here it is again. It doesn't really do Max and the others good. But Liz and Sean are popular, Maria is a gossip queen. It's scandulous. Besides, Liz has already dropped him. It's just that nobody knows about it yet but her and us.

Christina!: Welcome back! I had actually noticed that you missed a part (or two?) and I was going to bmail you and let you know it/they had been posted. But when I went to send it the page couldn't be found, it never got sent, and I got extremely frustrated. As I'm known to do when things don't work like I want 'em to! *wink*

Elena & StardustDreamer: Oh, she's going to find out. She'll definitely find out. *wink* I'm just not quite sure when she'll find out and when she'll do a confrontation. The way things are going, it looks like it'll be in the next part.

Part 18

Michael stood infront of his locker, feeling the cool metal on his cotton clad back. He held his blue blazer loosely in his hand as his head turned from side to side. Maria was giving him a ride home, and they had previously agreed that he would meet her at the door of her last class at the end of the day. But he had shown up and she had been no where in sight. He had quickly made his way out to the parking lot, only to find her car sitting in the same spot she'd parked it in earlier that morning. Once again, his petite, pixie-like girlfriend had been no where in sight. Scratching his eyebrow, as he was known to do, Michael stood beside her red jetta contemplating his next move.

He had decided to head back into the school and wait for her infront of his locker. He hoped that she wasn't off following Liz Parker again, but somehow, he knew that she was. He could have passed it off as a misunderstanding. He could have said, "She got it mixed up. She thought we were meeting at my last class." But he knew he'd be a damn lie if he said that. It was definitely NOT a mixup or miss communication.

Sighing tiredly, he turned his head to his left just in time to see his girlfriend racing down the hallway toward him. She had a look on her face that Michael hadn't seen since she heard about Allie Landon going down on Mr. Murphy, which of course Michael knew to be pure speculation started by Pam Troy. It was common knowledge that Pam and Allie had never liked each other. And it was no secret that Pam had been hurt and humiliated when her boyfriend Blaine had broken up with her and started seeing Allie - who had rubbed Pam's nose in it every chance she got.

"Oh my god Michael!" Maria was damn near frantic! She was panting for breath, and her bangs were damp. "You're never gonna believe what I just heard!"

She was clawing at his shirt and was all up in his face, in typical Maria fashion. "Calm down." He commanded.

"This is like, the scandal of the century! This is bigger than Monica Lewinksy and President Clinton! This is bigger than the blue dress Michael!" She shouted at him, causing the few students still left in the building to turn their heads in their direction. "I swear in all my life I've never heard or seen a scandal so huge! If I hadn't been there to overhear it with my own two ears, Michael, I would never believe it!"

He turned and started walking toward the door. She trailed behind him still screeching about how big a scandal she had uncovered. And as he pushed through the door leading to the parking lot, Michael felt unbelievably annoyed.

"Maria!" He yelled at her, interrupting her constant stream of babble. "Enough! I don't want to hear about any school gossip that you've supposedly uncovered. And how exactly did you uncover it anyway?! What, did you go and spy on Liz Parker again Nancy Drew?"

Her head whipped around, her green eyes growing wide at his outburst. Then, they narrowed on him. And Michael knew that he was in for it.

"Where to do you get off yelling at me buddy?! Excuse the hell out of me for trying to protect our best friend! For all we knew at the time, Liz could've been in on some attempt to kick Max's ass! She could have been bait Michael! I'm sorry I was being a good friend!" She shouted for all the world to hear, her fist clenched at her sides.

"I'm not a good friend?!" He shouted back at her, ignoring the small crowd that was starting to gather. "Well at least I don't go around putting my nose in other people's business! At least I have the courtesy to wait patiently for my FRIEND to come to me and tell me what's going on with him, rather than trying to get into his business!"

Having nothing else to say to him, Maria pushed him. Her effort making him sway only a little bit. They faced off, both staring into a face that had grown hard and angry. Her fists were back at her sides, clenching and unclenching quickly. He always got her so fucking worked up. A fight like this wasn't uncommon in their relationship, it had happened at least three times before.

"SEAN PHILLIPS IS FUCKING TESS HARDING BEHIND LIZ PARKER'S BACK!" She shouted as she looked him defiantly in the eye. She would admit to being a busy body. She would admit to discussing things she had overheard from various people. She would admit to gossiping in the ladies room with Isabel and telling other people the gossip that she had overheard in the ladies room. But she had never started a rumor before in her life. Of course, if he was going to accuse her of it, there was always a first time for everything. "I HEARD SEAN AND TESS IN THE GIRLS LOCKER ROOM WITH MY OWN TWO EARS TALKING ABOUT THEIR HOT, STEAMY, TORRID AFFAIR ONLY MOMENTS AFTER LIZ LEFT THE ROOM!"

With that, she turned away from him and with her head held high, she walked swiftly to the parking lot. Leaving Michael on the lawn by the school, staring after her in mixture of shock and anger as people murmured all around him about the newest and juiciest bit of gossip. He kicked the ground when she backed out of her parking spot and sped off toward her home.

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Hey guys! I know I just kind of disappeared on all of you, you know poof and all that, but I'm back! Life was craaaazy for a little while there, due to the two holidays. I hardly had time to even sit down and check my mail and do my mod job!

But, things have settled down now. So hopefully, I'll get the chance to continue work on this one and a few others as well as the new one that I'm co-writing with the other sugarplum on the board, Sugarplum7. *big* My girl Katie!

I'll try to work on another part of this! Thanks for the bumps everyone! You guys are the BEST!

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Like Poltergeist I'm back! *big* As usual, thank yous' go to the following: sarzy, SciFiNut111, StardustDreamer, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, skyiris, marteloise, BelevnDreamsToo, AlienDreamer101, Allie1031, JaneLane, dreamforever88, mandyhanford, buffylicious, anonymousarfan, Wench On A Leash, roswellluver, Hawk, abbs007, FireflyDreamer, frenchkiss70, Alien614, Emotions23, nirvana, ILYMEFOREVER, Mariiska, A Rose Is True Blue, and LizzieEvans!

SciFiNut111: A somewhat longer part just for you! *wink*

Jess: Hope you don't mind me calling you that. *wink* At this point I'm still unsure of who I want to clue her in, but she is gonna buy a clue pretty soon. Next part, I promise. I'm unsure about how she'll react though . . .

dreamforever88: LOL, I don't think I could live with myself if Liz and Sean did anything even remotely considered sexual other than kissing. So don't worry, if he has any STDs they got passed to Tess! *big*

Christina: I think you're right. *wink*

LizzieEvans: Welcome to the fic!

On with the show . . .

Part 19

Tuesday morning hadn’t started off particularly well for Liz Parker. She had overslept and arrived fifteen minutes late for her 5:00 a.m. meeting with a famous skating coach that her mother had flown in from Russia. When she arrived at the hotel, he refused to see her, telling her over the phone at the front desk in his thick Russian accent that if she wasn’t disciplined enough to arrive on time, she didn’t deserve to train with him or to even attend the Olympics at all for that matter.

When she had gone home to inform her mother, the ensuing fight caused her to miss the early morning practice that Nancy had insisted her daughter have. By the time that Liz passed through the gates of Thurston Manor for the second time that morning, Westminister Academy was well into the second class of the day.


The building seemed eerily . . . alive to her as she sat in the back of the car, staring at it through the window. The impressively large stone building almost seemed to be glaring at her.

She supposed it had something to do with the gloominess of the day. The fact that there was no sun in the gray, cloudy sky. Even so, the tall towers were casting their shadows on the grass below. And the trees in the courtyard were swaying too and fro, shaking off what leaves they had left.

“Looks like rain miss.” Her head whipped around at the sound of his unexpected voice, her eyes wide with alertness. “Best take this with you.”

He had twisted himself at the waist, so that he could semi-face her when he offered her the black umbrella. She took it from him gently, holding it to her chest. “Thank you James.”


The halls were completely empty as she walked to her second hour class, and was grateful for it. Class was a little more than half over, and the less time she had to interact with people, the happier she was. The morning had started off badly for her and she felt it had set the tone for the rest of the day. Of course, she had no idea how right she was.

It had started in the Guidance Office. The student aid in the office, who had stood filing papers when she entered the room, had given her the weirdest look. She would almost call it sympathetic, but she couldn’t be positive. It had been awhile since she had gotten a look of sympathy, so it had been hard for her to place the look.

And when she entered her second hour class, it had been dead silent. That hadn’t been so unusual, seeing as how everyone had been quietly working when she entered. No, what seemed odd to her was that people were looking at her. Not a totally uncommon thing, but these people were people she didn’t even associate with, and when she met their gazes, they gave her a look akin to that of the one she had received in the Guidance Office.

Was she delirious? Her mind had to be playing tricks on her. On her way to her third hour class, she’d passed by two girls, who had given her that look again and immediately huddled together whispering after she passed. She heard their hushed voices, although she couldn’t make out what they were saying. She’d clearly heard her name though. “Liz Parker . . . ” they’d whispered.

She squashed the urge to turn around and yell at them for literally talking behind her back, as if she couldn’t hear them. But that was the last thing she needed, a confrontation with two anonymous girls in the hall. Something was definitely up, that much Liz had already guessed. She just didn’t know what. She had to tap into the rumor mill somehow.

“Jen!” She called out, quickening her pace as she spotted one of her ‘friends’. “Jen!”
It seemed as though Jen was purposely ignoring her. Liz had to trot to catch up with her, and grab hold of her forearm to slow her quick pace. “Hey Jen.”

“Oh, hi Liz!” Fake enthusiasm was pouring out of Jen’s mouth.

“Hey.” Liz repeated. She debated with herself on asking up front what the juicy gossip was, or beating around the bush and hoping it would slip. “So, um, what’s going on?”

“Oh, nothing.” Jen told her with a roll of her blue eyes. “I’m just trying to get to class before Mr. Murphy marks me late. He’s such prick. So, I’ll catch you at lunch alright?”

“Wait!” Liz reached out to grab her forearm once again. “What’s today’s juicy rumor?”

“Um . . . you know. I’m not sure.” Jen replied hesitantly. She began shifting from foot to foot as she picked at the corner of her book. “Maybe you should ask Tess?”

The double entendre slipped by Liz effortlessly, as she shrugged. “I was going to, but I saw you first.”

“Right.” Jennifer conceded awkwardly. She didn’t want to be the one to tell Liz, even though the girl wasn’t her favorite person in the world. “Well, I have to go to class now.”

With a mumbled goodbye, Jen all but ran away from Liz as she stood in the hall contemplating the situation. Sure, she and Jen weren’t the best of friends, but the girl had never acted like that toward her.

Shaking her head, she sighed. She had to find Tess. Tess was always willing to share a bit of juicy gossip. Quickly, she made her way toward her third hour class. She would either find someone in the class who would tell her, or she would have to wait until she could talk to Tess.


“Well, I heard . . . ” Marianne’s sentence trailed off as she caught sight of the brunette they had been discussing. Quickly, she shut her mouth and nodded toward the door in an effort to warn her friends.

The girls turned toward the door and one of them locked eyes with Liz Parker herself before turning around to face Marianne again. “Today is gonna be interesting.” She said with a smile as she turned around to face the front of the classroom.

It certainly is. Marianne thought to herself as she settled her gaze on Liz, as she stood in the door scanning the room. Poor girl. She doesn’t even look angry. She must not know yet. Marianne almost couldn’t contain herself. She’d almost mindlessly shouted the last revelation out to her friends. It was clear that Liz Parker was clueless about his cheating ways.

Moments before the class was going to end, Liz raised her hand. “May I go to the bathroom please?”

“Sure.” The teacher sighed tiredly. “Take your things with you. The bell’s about to ring.”

Quickly, she gathered up her things and walked out of the door. She quickened her pace as she neared the girl’s bathroom, only to blow right past it on her way down the hall. She was going to find out what was going on in Westminister even if it killed her!

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Thanks for bumping! I'm working on a new part right now but I don't know when it'll be done. I have some things to do today so I don't know when I'll get another chance to work on it. It should be posted by Sunday night at the latest! Promise.*big*
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Problems, problems, problems. I caught a bad cold from my friend, so I'm in no shape to write right now. I'm sorry guys. *sad*

I'll work on it and try to post sometime this week. Definitely before the weekend.

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Okay here’s the part! I know you’re all going to hate me for how Liz reacts, you’re all going to say, “Buy a clue!” But I have plans, trust in me!

I had a big loooonng list of shout outs, but then I accidently hit backspace and it f*cked everything up by taking me to the previous page. grr! So thank you to all the regular readers, thank you and welcome to all the new readers who left feedback, and howdy to all the lurkers! *wink*

Part 20

Finally reaching Tess’s classroom, Liz slowed to a trot and patiently waited beside the door. With her eyes on the clock across the hall, she leaned her back against the wall and watched as the seconds ticked by. It seemed as though the longest, thinnest hand on the clock were moving at an excruciatingly slow pace. She let out a relieved breath when the bell finally rang, signaling the class change.

As people poured out of the room beside her, Liz kept her eye out for a head of blonde curly hair. It was difficult to spot her, since Liz was so short and Tess was the same height, but through a gap in between two people, she had done it. Before she knew what she was doing, her hand shot out and grabbed hold of Tess’s sleeve, yanking it as hard as she could toward her.

Tess looked frightened, and Liz returned the look with a questioning one of her own. “What’s wrong?”

“What?” Tess asked her tone defensive. She cleared her throat, “Liz listen okay, because I can explain.”

“Explain what?” Her confusion etching itself further into the soft features of her face. “What’s going on Tess? What’s this rumor about? Nobody will tell me but by the way that everyone is acting I know it’s about me.”

Liz was vaguely aware that Tess’s whole entire demeanor had changed. The girl had stood up a little straighter, held her head a little higher, and linked her arm through Liz’s as she began to walk and pull her along. But even then Liz didn’t suspect anything. “So?”

“There’s this ridiculous rumor going around that Sean and I are . . . you know . . . behind your back.” She told her, not even bothering to cushion the blow. “As if I would do something like that to my best friend!”

It all clicked into place then, as Tess babbled on about denying it and trying to find out who started it, Liz looked around at all the sympathetic looks that she was getting and all the glares that were being shot in Tess’s direction. It made sense now that people were talking about her, pointing at her. It made sense that the student aide in the guidance office would have given her that sympathetic look. Everyone knew.

“It’s not true right?” Liz asked, interrupting Tess. She turned her large brown doe eyes on the blonde beside her, looking very hopeful. She had to know that Tess wouldn’t humiliate her like that. She had to know that Tess wouldn’t betray her in such a way. Not that it would have been much of a betrayal in the first place, because Liz had ended it with Sean even if she were the only one to know about the split, but it still would have stung.

Stopping in the middle of the hallway, Tess grasped Liz’s shoulders in both hands. Pale blue eyes of the iciest shade met warm chocolate ones. “Of course not.” She said sincerely. “I would never do that to you Liz. I don’t know if Sean’s been fucking around behind your back or not, but if he has, it hasn’t been with me.”


Maria stood down the hall watching Liz and Tess interact. She trailed behind close enough to clearly see what they were doing and far enough away that she couldn’t hear what they were saying. But by the looks of it, Liz Parker wasn’t sold on the idea of her boyfriend and her best friend fucking around behind her back. It was almost enough to make Maria feel bad for Liz. She wondered how one girl could be so stupid. It was so obvious!

She’d expected an eruption, she’d expected name calling, she’d expected a fight. She didn’t expect Tess to sweet talk her way out of it, which by the looks of things, was exactly what she was doing. Turning her bright green eyes away from the sight a head of her and toward the floor, she sighed. She was in such a sour mood today. The rumor hadn’t produced any sort of reaction from Liz, hadn’t opened her eyes to the betrayal that stood walking and talking beside her. It had caused her and Michael to fight. Max wasn’t speaking to her, although he claimed that he didn’t care if the whole school knew Liz’s business it was obvious that he did. Isabel and Alex were both disappointed in her for feeding Westminister’s gossip mill.

Without warning, an arm snaked around her shoulders and she was pulled into someone’s side. “Hey sis.” He cooed soothingly. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” She leaned her head on her step brother’s shoulder. “Just a little disappointed I guess.”

“Because of that?” He gestured toward Tess and Liz with his head, continuing before she could respond. “I thought you didn’t like her? Why do you care what her reaction is?”

“Kyle.” Maria sighed. “I’m just mad that it was all for nothing. Max and Michael aren’t speaking to me, Isabel and Alex are disappointed in me, and she doesn’t even care that her best friend is her boyfriend’s cum-bucket.”

Stifling his laughter at her choice of words, Kyle smiled. “She’ll find out eventually. Don’t worry about it. Make up with Mikey, say you’re sorry to Max, and promise Alex and Isabel that you’ll never do it again. Everything will be right as rain.”

“You promise?” She asked sadly.

Nodding his head he gently squeezed her shoulder. “I promise.”

You didn't think she was ACTUALLY gonna tell the truth did you?! *shy* No worries, Liz will find out eventually and there will be a Liz/Tess show down! Promise. *happy*
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