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Just when Liz thought she had put the past behind her it comes back.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Well KAtie BEth and Lori are.

Aurhor's note: Micheal and LIz are brother and sister. Micheal's last name is still Gueirn. MAria, Kyle and Tess are stepsibilings.

Pairings: M/L I/A M/M AND TESS dunno yet.

Liz PArker sat in a booth at the CAjun Cafe. They said they had the best cajun food in the United States. Liz didn't believe them. New Orleans, the birthplace of cajun food proabably did, but they ate there because the Evans, adn Micheal liked spicy food. Anyway I am disgressing. Liz was a twenty year old college sophmore/junior. Because of something that had happned in high school she hadn't taken a full year of college classes her first year. Anyway she and her boyfriend MAx Evans were both students at Harvard University. Isabl, and Tess went to Boston University, Alex was at MIT and Michael and MAria at Boston Community College. I'm getting off topic again. Or maybe I'm saying what needs to be said. What do I know? I'm just the author.

"Is it me or do y'all eat at all cafe's that are CC?" MAria asked, in her usual of the blue blue way.

Everyone turned puzzled looks on her. "Huh?" they asked.

"You know, Cajun Cafe, Crashdown Cafe. Both are CC." MAria explained.

"No any cafe really." ALex said.

"No, any place that serves food." Tess said giggling as all the girls nodded in agreement.

MAria was sitting next to Michael and across from Liz, her head on Michael's arm which was draped over the back of the booth. Liz had her head leaned on MAx's shoulder. Isabel and Alex were sitting across from each other, with Tess on a chair that had been pulled up to the table. Liz watched all of the talking, laugheter and joking. Usually she had no problem joing in conversation, pretending nothing was wrong, but this time of the year she always did. Everyone but MAx knew why, and they all, including MAx tried to make her fell better, but they all knew this was something that would trouble Liz forever no matter what. MAx had lived with his dad in Santa FE for high school. HE didn't know of the pain everyone else the table shared. It was an untalked about subject. This was the time of the year when LIz felt irresopnsible, dirty and guilty. The guitl was the hardest thing cause at the same time she was guilty at how irresponsible she had been. LAst year everyone had tried to help her, but it was time she started dealing with it on hre own

* * * * ** * * * * * *** * Dream * * * * ** * ** * * ** * *
Liz sat on her balcony back in Roswell. Colors swirled all around her. GEtting up she went over and looked over the edge of her balcony and saw Kyle pulling her, each of them with a baby in their arms, toward a dark hole.

* ** **** * ** * * * * * * * * * * end dream
LIz sat uo in bed trying to catch her breath. SHe looked around her and realized she was in her apartment in Boston. Kyle the babies that was all behind her now. She wished. She knew it would never completly be. The dreams started about a week befor ethe anniversaery and ended a few days later.

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Cool. I got feedback. I can't tell yoyu anything. all will be revealed in due time. Now I forgot to mention, I don't think there are any aliens, and if there are, that doesn't have much to do with the story.
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This fic and my other will be updated as soon as possible. My other one definitly tonight. This one, maybe tomorrow, but proably not until thursday. Chapter one is a big chapter. Sadly not all of the things will be cleared up, but that's the thing. VAn't give it all away at once.
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Ok. Now I have part of chapter one written and I can do it as chapter one part 1 or wait until tomorrow and post the whole thing. If I post part one it ends as a cliffhanger. But I am in a typing mood so, tell me now.
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Chapter 1

Liz walked into her apartment after her last class of the day. She was worn out. But her friend Maria DeLuca wasn’t. Maria was prancing around the apartment singing. Now don’t get me wrong. Liz loved to hear Maria sing, but right now Maria was just singing a song too happy. She was just singing two more days. The song had no real words other than that. Max, Isabel, Tess, and Michael were just watching with amused looks on their face.

“Maria, sweetie, did you have sugar at lunch?” Liz asked. Maria just giggled.

“Liz, babe, chica, we are going home.” Maria said finally stopping her prancing and noticing Liz was there.

“You’d think she hadn’t been home since she left.” Michael said.

“Well, excuse me.” Maria said shortly. “Tell me you don’t miss my moms pies or Jeff’s burgers.”

“I’m the one that made them.” Michael reminded her.

“So, are y’all ready?” Isabel asked.

“Maria has been packed for like two weeks.” Tess said. “But I do believe Liz hasn’t even started.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m going to start now.” Liz said heading to her room.

“Need some help?” Max asked.

“Depends on who will be helping.” Liz said. Max must have picked up on the hint, because he followed her down the hall to her room.

“So, how long will it take Liz to pack tomorrow?” Tess asked.

“I’m not the only one thinking that.” Isabel stated.

The others nodded. “I wish that were the case, but ever sine Kyle, Liz hasn’t even made-out. She’ll kiss, but nothing past.” Michael said.
Max and Liz were sitting on Liz’s bed. Her suitcase was open in front of her closet, but other than tolitries it was empty.

“We’re not going to get much packing done, are we?” Liz asked when she saw the look in Max’s eyes.

“Nope.” He wisphered, before leaning down to capture Liz’s lips with his own.

A few minutes later, Liz pulled back, breaking the kiss. “Max’s that’s far enough.”

“Liz why are you holding back?” Max asked. It worried him. It was obvious Liz had been hurt in the past and had never opened up from it.

“Max, I swear, I’m not.” Liz said.

“Liz, we have barely gotten to first base. Liz, is it me?” Max asked.

“Max, please believe me. It’s not you. It’s my past.”

“Bury, the past, Liz. Tell me what happened. Let me help you.”

“Max, it’s not something I can bury. I screwed up and I didn’t take responsibility.”

“Well, I have to go finish packing. I’ll call you later.” Max said as he turned to walk out of the room. “Have you tried to take responsibility for it?:

“I did, for awhile.” Liz said looking down at her feet. She turned to look out of the window. “Then I handed it over to someone else.”

Max silently walked out of the room. Liz sat on her bed and cried. She cried for Kyle, the babies, the event that had given them to her. Most of all she cried for what she had lost. Her innocence.

I really meant to do all of chapter 1, but my arms has been sore. I will have the rest tomorrow.

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I really meant to update tonight, but the cox at home guy came and changed internet things on us, but it will be updated first thing tomorrow. I promise.
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Isabel and Max walked into their apartment. Max sat down heavily on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” Isabel asked Max.

“I was gonna ask her tonight. But I don’t know. Something happened to her in her past that affects y’all all, but I think Liz was hardest impacted by it.”

Isabel nodded. “It hurt us all, but with it, Liz’s life fell apart. Liz hasn’t ever talked aboiut it, ever. In some ways, it’ll always be with her.”

“Does she love me? Would she have said yes?”

“She loves you more than anything. I think you are what she lives for now. And if you had asked her y’all would be announcing it at dinner on thanksgiving Thursday”

“Thanks’ Izzy. I think I know I just needed someone to reassure me. Espically after tonight.”

“No problem.”

“So, what are you doing tonight?” Max asked.

“Alex and I are going stargazing. Wanna come?” Isabel asked knowing fullwell what the answer would be.

“No, cause I know the only stars y’all will be looking at are the ones in each others eyes.” Max said watching as Isabel moved around the kitchen. “I’m going talk to Liz.” Max said, not waiting for an answer.

* * * * *
Max knocked on the apartment door. “Maria, if you locked yourself out again I swear…” Liz said opening the door.

Max just looked at Liz, she was crying and it was obvious she had been crying for a while. He had her in his arms immediately. He carried her to the sofa and put her down. She clung to him. “Don’t leave me.” She begged.

“Liz, I’m just going get you some water and Kleenex.”

“I’m ready to open up.” Liz said as Max walked back into the room. She was still crying, but it was almost as if she had no more tears to cry. MAx sat down next to her and Liz clung to him.

“What are you ready to tell me?” Max asked pulling her closer to him.

“Why I am scared. Liz whispered her head buried in his shoulder. She was afraid he would be ashamed with her and she didn’t want to see that look on his face. Only one other person had known what happened, and he was now dead. He had died in a routine trianging session at the air force school in LA. The engine on the fighter jet had malfunctioned and the plane had gone down. Liz tried not to think about it. ‘Just tell him’ she told herself.

“Liz?” Max’s gentle voice broke into her minds struggle. “Do you know why I came over? I’ll tell you. Or rather I’ll ask you.”

Liz turned puzzled eyes to Max. “If you’re not ready to tell me, you don’t have to.” He said pulling a black box out of his pocket, he handed it to Liz. He was trying to get off the sofa and do it the right way, but Liz wouldn’t let go of him. Liz opened it and looked back at Max.

“I can’t.” she whispered. Max wondered why. He had seen her face when she realized what it was. “When I tell you the truth, I’m afraid you won’t love me.”

“Liz, I could never be ashamed of you” Max said. “ Why would you think that?”

“I was, I was..” Liz couldn’t get the sentence out. “ I was raped.” Liz said, burying her head in Max’s chest. “The others don’t even know. HE threatened to kill me if I told anyone.”

Max sat there a little stunned. Liz decided to risk a glance up. Hse didn’t want to see the shame written on his face. She saw none. All she saw was love and concern. Amx tightened his arms around her. “Max?” Liz whispered. She was still a little scaredat how he would react.

“Yeah?” he asked. He was almost blind with rage. Someone had hurt his tiny, petite angel and then threaten to kill her.

“Say something” she begged. He looked down. She was absolutely terrified. He decided to do better. He took her left hand and slid the ring on.

“Liz, I’m not ashamed.” He said when he saw the puzzled lok on her face. “It’s not your fault and I will always love you.”

They fell asleep like that. The first thing Maria noticed when she walked in was the diamond on Liz’s finger.

an- more will be explained. but the gang knows only part of what happened with Liz, and MAx knows somethin, but niether know the same thing.

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I will be updating tomorrow. I have most of the next part written out, but I try to have a certain number of pages and I'm like 2 too short. Will be here tomorrow.

AN_ The babies aren't dead. SOmeone brought that up on another board.

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Updating tonight. Thanks roller. The thing is in my story they have pretty much all been together sinc high school except for m/l. And basically everyone had beeen through so much together, no one else would understnad.
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Liz sat on the plane next to Max. She had lucked out an got a window seat. The gang knew about the engagement, and there was gonna be a dinner that night with all their parents to announce it. Liz couldn’t wait to start planning the wedding. The only thing was it had to be done tomorrow night. Tomorrow Isabel, and Liz were doing volunteer work at the hospital, Maria and Tess were at the childrens home and the guys were all working the sports park. They were all members of circle K, a community service organization. Each member had been asked to perform five to ten hours of service over Thanksgiving break.

Maria looked over at Max and Liz. She knew that Liz had finally opened up to Max. She wondered however just how much Liz had told Max. She smiled when she remembered how she had froze in the doorway when she had noticed the ring. Everyone had ended up running into her into the back of her. Luckily they had caught themselves before they made too much noise and hadn’t woken up the two lovebirds They had met the next morning for breakfast and Liz hadn’t been able to stop smiling. Liz would always miss the twins, but it looked like she was moving on and Maria was proud.

Michael looked at his sister. The Parkers had adopted him when he was seven, right after his mom had died from cancer. They had let him keep his last name. He was glad for Liz. She had been through more than he had been through and that had been a lot. And it seemed like she was finally healing. And Michael really liked Max.

Sorry it's so short. I've been busy and just wanted to keep my promise about updating. I will have more tomorrow, and it'll be like 3 times as long as this part.
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Nope. It will be revealed tonight.
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“Mom!” Liz cried when she saw her mom. The rest went more or less quietly to their parents. Michael came up behind Liz and hugged his mom. Liz went and gave her dad a hug.

After he hugged his mom, Max took Liz’s hand as they headed towards the baggage claim. The Parkers and the Evans looked at each other and just smiled. Liz and Max had forgotten that their parents would notice the ring. It was like they were oblivious when it came to anything else when it came to matters about each other. ‘So that’s the important news that would be shared over dinner.’ Lori, the Evans newest daughter thought.

Mrs. Parker looked at Liz as she walked with Max. It was obivious that her daughter was happy and more relaxed than she had been before the ‘No, don’t think that.’ She thought.

Max had to laugh when he saw Liz’s bag. She had just thrown clothes in. He didn’t even think she really folded them. He looked at his watch. It was eight o’clock Roswell time. A whole day to spend with Liz. They were trying to keep her out of her parents sight before they saw the ring.

Liz leaned up, “I wanna go visit my grandmother’s grave today.” Max nodded.

After collecting their luggage they went their separate ways with their parents.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Max and Liz were driving down 285 south on the way to the cemetery. Liz hadn’t been to her grandmother’s grave in about a year. It was barely ten am and already the New Mexico sun was high. Only it wasn’t that hot. Ot was actually kind of cool. Liz had even brought her sweatshirt. Max smiled as he looked over at Liz. She was sitting staring out of the window, her left hand on his leg. Every time he looked down, he caught sight of the sparkle on her slim finger. He didn’t think anything could look more beautiful (am I too sappy?)

“When do you wanna have the wedding?” he asked her. “I was thinking June.”

“Why June?” Liz asked, even though she liked it.

“Isn’t that supposed to be the month of weddings?”

“Yeah, but can we have it done in time?” Liz asked, she had heard weddings took a while to plan.

“Liz, my aunt planned a wedding with seven hundred people attending in less than two months.” A look of panic crossed Liz’s face. “We don’t have to have that many people.” He assured her.

“Where do you want to have it? A church or like an outdoors place?” Liz asked.

“We could have the wedding in a church and the reception outside.” Max suggested. “Oh, wiat, then we’d have bugs as guest.”

“Well, there are a few places, that have like courtyards, then it could be either.” Liz said thinking. “Then the food could be inside, and the dancing on the pretty patio.”

By now they had reached the cemectary. Liz climbed out of the car and grabbed the two bouquets from the back. Max knew one was for her grandmother, but he didn’t know who the other one was for. ‘oh well’ he thought. ‘guess I’ll find out.’ He thought following her.

* * * * * * *Liz”S POV * * * * * * * * * *

I knew he was wondering who the other flowers was for. What do I tell him? Oh Max. they are for the asshole who raped me brother? No wouldn’t go over too well. But then neither would the fact that the dude who raped me was Maria and Tess’s stepbrother. By now we’ve reached the grave. I traced the writing n it with my fingers. James Kyle Valenti Jr. Beloved Son, Brother, and Father. 1983-1999. There are more words beneath it that I can never bring myself to read. It has always made me feel guilty. What does it say? You ask. He left behind a future By the future they mena the twins. Thing is everyone thinks Kyle and I did it after homecoming. We didn’t. Someone raped me that night. But it wasn’t Kyle. Him and Max are the only people who know I was raped Nobody else. Amx has given me some space. How does he do it? He knows when I need some privacy. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him. That I’ve made too many screw-ups. Taking one last look at Kyle’s grave, I move away.

We walked to my grandmother’s grave in silence. She had been the first person to hold Kaitlyn. She held her while Kylie was being delivered. She named her too. Kaitlyn Elizabeth is her full name. Elizabeth is a family name. At least one girl in each family has it. When I found out I was pregnant, she was the second person I told. Kyle, was first. I think she had been a little disappointed, but for a while her and Kyle were the only people I had on my side. Oh I had my friends, but for the first four months after I told them. Something about them being a bad influence. I looked at her headstone. Beloved Wife, Friend, Mother, Grandmother, and Greatgrandmother. Claudia Elizabeth Marez Parker. The last line on hers? She was happy. Means? My grandmother died happy. And she did. She had lived her life with no regrets and died a happy woman. Now I wonder, will I be able to say I lived my life with no regrets. Probably not. Maybe one day in the future I’ll know I did the right thing giving them up for adoption. Maybe one day I’ll know they went to a good family that loved them and gave them what they wanted. But now I can only wonder and pray I did the right thing.

I’ve never done a pov, train of thoughts, thing so please tell me how I did.


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OK. I explained the problem in a note at my other fic, but basically I've had exams and our key club changed leadershop and I got thrown into a mss bigger than whenMaria and Liz took over ISabel's wedding. But I will have an update tomorrow.
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ok. I am typing up the next chapter now. I am updating today and tomorrow.
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Ok. I apoligize so much for not updating sooner. I have been really busy. From now on look for an update every Sunday. Today’s is kinda short cuz I gotta go to church later for a communion, but I will finish the chapter up tomorrow.

Tess and Maria stood in the bathroom that separated their rooms. “Do you ever think about them?” Tess asked Maria.

“Who? Katie Beth and Kylie?” Maria asked. Tess nodded. “Yeah, but not as much as Liz does. She acts like it’s behind her when it’s not. I know she still thinks about them and wonders.”

“Like if they have a good home and stuff?” Tess asked. Maria nodded. “Yeah sometimes I do to.”

“You know that’s why she chose to volunteer at the hospital and not the home. She still can’t bring herself to go back there.” Maria told Tess.

“It’s the last place she saw them.” Tess said flashing back to what had happened a little over three years ago.

*Tess stood in the doorway of the living room at the children's home. Liz sat on one of the sofas in the main room , hugging a small toddler on both sides. Liz was just sitting there hugging them close. Tess could see the tears in her eyes as she sat there, spending the last few moments she would ever have with them in total silence. The twins were just fourteen months old and saying a few words. They didn’t understand what was happeneing and were asking for dada. Liz looked up when Tess stepped into the room. Tess tapped the cover of her watch to let Liz know it was time to go. Liz shook her head, her eyes pleading for a little more time. Tess nodded and pointed towards the kitchen. Liz nodded pulling the twins closer. Everyone had decided that it would be better if just Liz brought the twins. Tess had volunteered to drive and and unload. Tess sighed as she sat down at the kitchen table.

She doesn’t want to do this does she?” Lori asked. Lori was one of the two women who ran the home. Ms. Anna was the other lady and she was outside in the back with the other kids.

Tess shook her head. “No. But she feels this is the right thing. She thinks they deserve better than her. Better than what a teen mother can give two twins whose father died. She thinks they deserve someone older, a perfect mother, to spend more time with them.”

“you know it’s not the twins I am worried about.” Lori admitted. “It’s Liz.” Tess turned puzzled eyes to her. “The twins will probably adjust, won’t remember her, but Liz will always remember them . She’ll proabaly never stop thinking about them. She’ll never stop worrying or wondering about them.” *

“Tess, Tess, Thersa Lynn Deluca, snap out of it.” Maria was saying snapping her hands in Tess’s face.

“Sorry Re.” Tess told her. “I was just remembering that day.”

Maria looked at her sympathetically. Just then a shout was heard from the kitchen. “Girls, dinner.” Amy Valenti yelled.

“Coming mom.” Tess answered in reply.

More tomorrow. Tommorows part involves dinner and Nancy's flashback.
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"Mom, Dad, Mr. Evans, Mrs. Evans, we have something we need to tell you." Liz said seriously.

Mrs. Parker blanched immediately. She had heard those words before. Her mind went immediately back to that day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Mom, Dad, Kyle and I have something we need to tell you." Fifteen-year-old Liz had said.

Nancy sat down. This had to be serious. Liz looked terrified and about ready to cry. The Parkers sat on one side of the table, with Liz and Kyle on the other. Kyle took Liz's hand in his own. Nancy kind of knew what the next words out of her daughter's mouth would be. She had seen Liz sick and usually had the same pms pattern as her, but as far as she knew Liz had yet to get it.

"Omg" Nancy exclaimed. It couldn't be true; her daughter just couldn't. Liz was a straight-A honor student. She looked Liz in the eye. "Are you… Are you pregnant?" she gasped out. Liz nodded, the tears that had been threatening to spill over now coursing freely down her cheek. Nancy just shook her head. She couldn't believe it.

Jeff on the other hand got mad. Did Liz realize just how much she had screwed up and ruined her future? "Elizabeth Maria Parker, go to your room right now." He wisphered angrily.

Liz jumped up and ran to her room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nancy shook her head to clear it of those images. "Mom, are you ok?" Liz asked, noting the faraway look in her eyes.

"Yeah, baby." Nancy said. No matter how old Liz was and what she went through, she would always call Liz baby. She didn't know why she had had the flashback. She already knew what Liz's news was.

"We're getting married." Liz said.

"We know." Nancy and Diane said at the same time.

"How?" Max asked.

"The ring." Mrs. Evans said.

"And mothers intuition." Nancy added.

"So, do y'all know when y'all wanna have the wedding?" Diane asked.

"June." Liz said.

"Don't y'all think Liz'll make a beautiful June bride?" Max asked, making Liz blush.

"Liz, we'll have to start planning soon." Nancy told her.

"Ok." Liz answered.

The dinner continued with talk of wedding and things in general.

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Tess stepped out of the car as Maria turned the car off. They were at the River Ridge Children's Home. The last time she had been there she had come with Liz to drop the twins off. She took a deep breath as they climbed the stairs. Lori opened the door before they knocked.

"Oh, thank god you are here." She exclaimed. "It's a nuthouse today. We just got two kids back from their foster parents already this morning and one kid is sick and Ms. Anna is snowed in in Washington and won't get in until one." Lori said. Tess looked amazed. Maria was the only other person she knew that could say all that in one breath was Maria.

Tess followed Lori in and was immedialty met with chaos. Two little girls with brown hair and brown eyes sat in the middle of the entrance room crying.

Lori turned to them. "You two in the kitchen now. You need to eat." The girls went sniffling into the kitchen. Lori turned back to them. "The rest are out in the back yard, can y'all just keep them busy?" she asked leading them through the kitchen to the backdoor. Tess glanced over at the little girls sitting on the stools by the counter. There was something familiar , but neither Maria or Tess could place it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Later that afternoon

Tess walked into the living room heading to get her purse. She stopped when she saw the two little girls from earlier crying on the sofa. She frowned at the memory that came next.

*Katie Beth, Liz and Kyli all sitting on the sofa crying as Liz told them she was leaving and they couldn't come with her.*

They had been sitting much the same way they had that night, only without Liz in the center. And then it hit her. "Oh my god!!" Tess screamed causing Maria and Lori to come running. She was staring at the two. And suddenly everything made sense. They had Liz's eyes, Kyle's mouthm well that was pretty much the only Kyle thing you could see, but it was enough for Tess to know.

"What?" Lori asked as her and Maria ran into the room. "Oh." She said when she saw what made Tess scream. "I guess you know."

"Know what?" Maria asked confused. "What are y'all talking about? Did I miss something?"

"Maria, look at them." Tess told her.

Maria looked over at the twins. "Oh my god." She said in disbelief. She could not believe who she was looking at. The dark brown hair curled softly at the ends, the chocolate doe shaped eyes, all of it was a mini-version of Liz.

"Let's go in the kitchen." Lori suggested. Maria and Tess nodded following, casting one last glance at the two.

"Explain." Maria told Lori once they were settled.

"Nobody's adopted them yet." Lori simply said.

"Liz would." Maria told her. Lori looked at. "She's regretted giving them up every single day. She cries herself to sleep almost every night missing them. She hates herself for what she did."

"Do you think she'd want them back?" Lori asked.

"I think the question is, can she get them back?" Tess asked

"Legally? Yes, she can." Lori told them.

"Can we bring them to Liz?" Maria asked. "She's in town for Thanksgiving and well, I think she'd kill us if she knew we knew where they were before her. We're meeting her in well, now."

Lori nodded. "Sure, all you have to do is sign them out in the sign out book and grab them pjs and a change of clothes." She got up from the table. "I'll got take care of that."

Tess and Maria nodded. Maybe Liz could finally be happy. Liz might actually smile a full smile now.

Walking into the living room, they went over to the twins. They kneeled down in front of the two. As Maria looked into their eyes she saw the same sadness in them that she saw in Liz's.

"God, you look so much like your mommy." Maria thought not realizing she said it outloud.

"You know our mommy?" the one on the right said.

Tess nodded. "Now I have a question for you." She told them. "Which one of you is Kylie and which one is Kaite Beth?"

The one on the left raised her hand. "I'm Kylie." She said.

"How can we tell you two apart?" Maria asked.

"The ribbons." Lori said walking into the room. "They each have a set of sixteen colors with their names on them. So you two ready to go?" She asked the twins.

"Go where?" Katie Beth asked.

"Well, you're gonna go with Maria and Tess here to meet somebody." Lori told them. She turned to Maria and Tess. "These are information packets on both of them, likes and dislikes. Also the few things they are allergic too."

"Who are we gonna meet?" Kylie asked putting her sweatshirt on. It was grey with Kylie sewn on in pink.

"A surprise friend." Maria told her , helping Katie Beth put her sweatshirt on. Her sweatshirt had Katilyn in pale blue.

"Our mommy?" Kaitlyn asked hopefully.

Maria looked at Lori who nodded. "Yeah." She said, smiling when she saw the joy in Katilyn's face. Hopefully they'd see the same joy in Liz's.

"I don't wanna go." Kylie told them as she started taking off her sweatshirt.

"What?" Lori asked surprised. It always seemed as if they wanted to meet her mom.

"Monique said that our mommy didn't love us or want us. That's why she gave us up for doption. So I don't wanna go." Kylie said carefully pronouncing her words. People always listen to people who talk good.

"Kylie." Tess said squatting down to her level. "Your mommy love you very much and she didn't want to give you up for adoption, but she thought it would be better for y'all if someone who could play with y'all more than she could took care of y'all."

Tess could tell Kylie was thinking it over. "Ok." She finally said, very slowly. Tess sighed in relief. Looks like Liz had her work cut out for her, but if anyone could prove to them that she loved them, Liz could.

Maria and Tess smiled as they led them to the car and drove th e ten minute in silence to the crashdown.

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Ok. I have been really busy latley. I had prom last weekend and this week I have had projects and stuuf out the wazoo. Give me time becasue right now I only have a short amount of computer time each day. I will proabably get a part tomorrow, but if not, give me time. I have a book report and a lit project all before the 24 and I just found out, and key club stuff going on at the same time. And next asaturday is out of the question because I have a key club project starting at 9:00 am and lasting until 6:00 am the next morning so I'll proably sleep all sunday. If not, I'll try to post.
I hope you understand. ~Alysha

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I have a suprise.

New part.

I have a break from studying so here we go.

Thanks to everyone for feedbacking.

Liz, Max, Michael, and Alex were seated at a booth at the CrashDown. Max and were seated facing away from the door.

“What the hell is taking Maria so long?” Michael wondered out loud.

“Knowing her and Tess, they probably stopped at the Pre-Thanksgiving sale at Mason’s.” Liz said naming one of the boutiques in Roswell.

“Oh god. I guess that’s where Isabel is too.” Alex grumbled.

“Nope.” Max said. “Her and my mom were having a good heart-to-heart when I left.”

“Oh. Thank god.” Alex said. “I was scared she’s started Christmas shopping already.”

The bell above the Crashdown rang and in walked Tess, Maria and the twins. “It’s Maria and Tess.” Michael said getting up to go give Maria a hug.

Tess kept walking, never letting go of either child. Liz was turned towards Max facing him, talking about the wedding when she saw the look of puzzlement on Max’s face. “Max what’s wrong?” she asked.

Max ignored her question and instead kept looking at the twins. “Tess I thought you were supposed to take care of them there, not bring them back with you.”

Liz turned to see what Max was talking about, while Michael and Maria watched from where they were standing. “Oh my god!” Liz gasped out when she saw the two faces peeking out from behind Tess. “Is that…?” Liz let the question trail off as Tess nodded in reply. “Come here you two.” Liz told them, opening up her arms. They looked at Tess as if to ask ermission. Tess nodded. Katie Beth immediately ran into Liz’s outstretched arms, almost knocking her down. Liz pulled her close, tears streaming down her face. Liz noticed Kylie’s reluctance. “Ky-Ky, what’s wrong?” Kylie didn’t say anything, and Liz looked at Tess.

“She’s thinks you don’t love her.” Tess told her.

Liz dropped out of the booth, still holding on to Kaitlyn. “Kylie, come here, please.” She said begging the small child forward. Kylie hesitated before walking slowly over to Liz. Liz pulled her close immediately and hugged both of them as if there was no tomorrow.

Isabel walked up and over to Maria. “What’s going on?” she asked puzzled as to why Liz was hugging to little girls as if she’d never let go.

“Liz can get the twins back.” Maria said, her voice high-pitched from excitiment.

Liz turned to face Maria. “As in legally?” she asked. Maria nodded. “Oh my god.” Liz exclaimed.

“Lori said you can sign the papers tomorrow.” Maria told her glad to see her friend finally smiling a real smile. However Maria’s smile soon vanished when she saw the look on Max’s face.

Liz noticed the change in Maria’s face and almost groaned out loud. “Max we need to talk.” She told him.

Isabel and Tess looked at each other before taking the twins out of Liz’s arms. “We’ll feed them, you two go talk.” Isabel told her.

Max followed Liz through the swinging doors to the backroom. “ Ok, so I’m guessing those are your kids?” He asked, already knowing the answer. Liz nodded unable to meet his eyes. “From the rape?” he asked. Liz nodded again. “Wanna explain?”

“I gave them up for adoption when they were fourteen-months-old. Kyle had died and I had a breakdown. My parents had to admit me to a mental hospital for a few weeks and everything. When I came out I decided they needed a mom who wasn’t a mental health patient.” Liz said, her eyes never meeting his. This was all still hard for her to tell him and she didn’t know what he’d think after she finished.

“And now you want them back?” Max asked, again already knowing the answer.

“Yes.” Liz said. “I have hated myself for the past, three years, two months and four days because of what I did. My children are gonna be in my life, Max. I’m being given a second chance. I’m not about to pass that up.”

“I need some time.” Max said.

“I understand.” Liz answered. “You know where to find me.”

Max turned and walked through the swinging doors. And Liz just watched.

Well. I think this is what they call procrastinating.
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“Don’t worry.” Isabel told her as she sat down. “He’ll come around. Now, I’m gonan leave you three alone.”

“Isabel, can you bring our order up to us? I wanna bring them to meet my mom and dad.” Liz stood up.

“Where are we going?” Katie Beth asked following behind Liz.

“To meet someone.” Liz answered taking oe of their hands in each of her own, she led them through the swinging doors and up the steps to the apartment. “Mom, Dad, where are you?” That’s when Liz noticed the note. ‘Liz, met the Evans, and the Valentis for an early pre-thanksgiving bash. Be home around six, six-thirty. Love, Mom.’ Liz turned to the twins, “Guess you’ll meet them later. Let’s go in the living room.” Liz led them to the living suddenly tuning around and pulling them into her arms. “I love you two so much.” She said.

“Can we call you mommy?” Kaitlyn asked.

Liz nodded the tears starting again. “I’ve missed hearing you two call me that.” she told them.

“Do you always cry this much?” Kylie asked.

“Usually because I’m sad. I haven’t cried happy tears since you two were born.” Liz told them.

Just then a knock alerted them that someone was at the door. Liz went to the door and opened it, revealing Tess and Isbael. Isabel went straight to the kitchen while Tess handed Liz the packets of information and the twins bags. “I won’t tell Jim or mom. I’ll let you do that. Maybe you could do it at Thanksgiving as a surprise.” Liz nodded. “The packets are their foster packets. Likes, dislikes, allergies, that kind of thing.”

Liz nodded. “Thanks.”

“Well, I better go. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.” Tess said giving Liz one last smile.

Isabel came out a few seconds later. “I have them eating.” She told Liz who nodded. “And Liz, if Max can’t accept them, you shouldn’t be with him. You’ve been given a second chance at happiness, don’t give it up.”

“Oh I won’t. I think Max is just more mad I never told him.” Liz said, hoping it was true.

“Well, we’re all leaving so see you tomorrow.” Isabel said, walking out the door.

“ok. See you tomorrow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Max slammed the door shut behind him as he walked into the house. Diane was up in an instant. “Max, what’s wrong?” she asked.

Max ignored her and choose to address the Parkers instead. “Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker, you might want to go to Liz.” He said before continuing on to his room.

The Parkers and the Evans looked at each other with the same looks of confusion. “Probably some wedding plan they can’t agree on.” Diane said hoping it was true.

The Parkers left and a few minutes later Isabel and Alex walked in. “Izzy, what happened between Max and Isabel?” Phillip asked immediately.

“Remember how when we were fifteen, Liz got pregnant?” Isabel asked. Her mom nodded.

“It killed her to give those babies up for adoption.” Diane said. Realization dawned on her face. “Max is upset because Liz finally told him?”

Alex answered for Isabel. “Liz has a chance to get the twins back and she told Max she’s not about to pass it up.”

“Max doesn’t realize how much Liz has regretted giving up those kids.” Phillip said.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Liz, honey what happened?” Nancy asked rushing into the apartment. “What’s wrong?”

Liz rushed in from the kitchen stopping them before they reached the living room. “Nothing’s wrong, well something is but I have the best news.”

“You’re not pregnant again, are you?” Jeff asked.

“No, but close.”

Jeff looked at his daughter. He was starting to wonder if she had taken any drugs. Max was all upset, but Liz was practically bursting with happiness.

“I got them.” Liz said. “The Kylie, and Katie Beth. They’re in the living room.”

“What? Nancy and Jeff exclaimed at the same time.

How should the Parkers react? SHould they be happy? Or sad cuz Liz was finaly moving on n this is pulling her back?

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Ok. I am trying my hardest to update tomorrow. I have had some pretty bad stuff happen lately. Two boys I went to school with who graduated this year dies, along with two children I work with at the hospital so, to say the least I haven't been that happy. I wrote a few parts and ended up scrapping them, because they were just to dark, and not working.
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Ok. My computer is screwed up at the moment. Right now all microsoft office programs, like wordperfect, excel, and those are lost. I have to redownload them. The power went out and totally screwed with the computer. I had two long parts for this one, two regualr parts for another one, and one part for another fic that I have been writing for a while trying to get that one part perfect, and all of them are lost. PLease give me a few days to get back what I had as well as the programs
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Heather, so you really think that I, CaptainDreamer, could make Liz piss someone off. Patince little grasshopper, all will be revealed in due time. You have to remember KYle went along with it too. And according to blood test Kyle is the father, remember him adn Sean were identical twins. I have actlly taslked to someone about this and actully if it's identical twins you can't tell the difference in paterinity test. And JIm and NAncy suspects that something is up.

Anyhoo. I think my muse is lost. I keep stiing dowen to write and so far have managed to wwrite three vhapters for my otehr one. Sad thing is I had sat down to write this one. So once my muse checks in, I'll be back.

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ancy Parker stood in the middle of her living room, looking at the two little girls her daughter had given up a few years before. ‘If they aren’t Liz all over’ she thought watching as they colored in their coloring book.

“Nana.” Kylie said looking up. “Does our mommy love us?” she asked her big brown eyes wide.

“Oh, Kylie, your mommy loves you two very much.”

“Then why’d she weave?” Kaitlin asked.

“She didn’t leave. She went to sign the papers so y’all can stay with her forever and ever.” Nancy said. So inquisitive, just like their mother.

“Poppop!” Kylie screeched when she saw him come into the living room.

“Hey Kaityln.: Jeff said outloud, while inside groaning. He was way too young to be a grandfather.

I’m not Katie Beth, I’m Kylie!” Kylie said as if it was the simplest thing in the world, to tell them apart.

Liz walked home quickly after leaving the agency. The twins were hers again. She had never been so excited before in her life. Her life was finally falling back into place. The pieces of the puzzle fitting together. Only one piece wasn’t in place and Liz dind’t know if it ever would be in place.


Max answered the door at his parents house. And groaned. Two army officals were standing there. “Max Evans?” The taller of the two asked.

“Yes sir?” Max said not wanting to be disrespectful.

“You are being drafted into the army to go fight it Chezchslkovikia(excuse my spelling).”

Max groaned. There was nothing her could do to get out of this, besides, he wanted to be a doctor in the army. And after this they would pay for college.

“You have three days to report to the base.”

Authors note. That’s probably not how they really do it but I don’t know so sorry.

My muse still ain't back either. Someone needs to tell her her vacation is over.

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Ok. I''m leaving in a few hours to go out of town, and I''ll be gone about a week and a half with only like half a day of internet when I am home SAturday, I leav again the next day for my birthday trip, so look for new pasrt next thursday.