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Title: Pulse
Author: trinitystar1323
Rating: R
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. Flatliners is solely created by Peter Filardi, thus I guess he owns it. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Post HOM, only Liz doesn’t make it to Sean.
Authors Notes:

May 11th. Journal Entry One. I’m Liz Parker and five days ago I died. But then this really amazing thing happened: I came back to life. And after that, things got really weird…


May 2…

The high heeled shoes her mother had gotten her had long since been lost as Liz ran down the street as fast as she could. She wasn’t quite sure where she was running to or why, but she knew that she had to get away.

Get away from Max.

Get away from Tess.

Get away from her life.

Get away from herself.

Yet, as Liz ran down the street she knew that it was impossible to leave behind everything that she knew that made up Liz Parker. But it didn’t stop her from wishing. Because at this point her heart hurt so badly she just wanted to crumble up and die.

She had known that Max and Tess were growing close. She had witnessed them sitting on Max’s bed, hugging. She had even seen them hanging out, a lot. And she couldn’t blame Max, after all he believed she had slept with Kyle. Besides, Max needed to be with Tess, didn’t he?

However, knowing all of this didn’t help stop the pain it caused her heart once she finally saw them together. While she had attempted to prepare herself for what was to come, seeing it in reality was a lot harder than she had believed.

So lost in her thoughts, Liz was completely oblivious to the blur of life going around her. She was just trying to get away from everything and anything.

But someone or something didn’t see that as the rightful thing in her life.

For in the next moment Liz found herself hitting a rock solid wall of flesh and bone. Her body fell limp as a silent cry tried to force itself out of her. However, before she even knew what was going on her world grew completely black.

A calmness unlike anything she had ever known encompassed her and for first time in months, Liz felt at peace.


They had been walking back towards their respective cars. After a long night at the Crashdown café drinking coffee and finalizing their plans they had decided it was late enough to leave without being noticed.

They had wished the owners of the café a good night as they smiled their secret smiles. Jeff and Nancy: they seemed like such nice people, but the small group could see that their was a sadness to their smile.

And without even speaking to them the group knew that the older couple had lost someone. Maybe it hadn’t been recently, but it had happened.


It was the one enigma that still existed on earth. No one knew a damn thing about death.

Only now, these four planned on figuring out what death entailed, and just what was on the other side.

However, their plans were hindered when a petite young woman ran right into one of their own. They had been rounding the corner when her body had slammed right into Daniel’s. He had tried to save her from falling to the ground, but his reaction skills weren’t fast enough.

And now they all huddled around the young woman checking her vitals, making sure she was still breathing properly, and assuring themselves that she hadn’t gone into a coma or had a concussion. They had moved quickly as they hoped to not gain any extra-unwanted attention.

Trevor had laid down his white lab coat so that Kelvin and John could lay the girl on it while Daniel ran back to his car and picked up a few bandages and other medical things he figured they might need. Daniel felt genuinely bad about running into the girl, but they had been rounding the corner of the back alley of the Crashdown where they had been synchronizing everything when she had come running around the corner.

Of course, being the gentleman that they were, and the doctors that they all were going to someday be, they had quickly moved into action.

“Everything’s checking okay on my end, what about you?” Kelvin asked Daniel. He watched his friend carefully as his fingers gently explored her cranium, feeling for any bumps or bleeding.

“I think she’s fine, but I think we should wait with her until she wakes up,” Daniel responded once he was finished. He sat just above her head while Kelvin and John sat by her side and Trevor was by her feet. He stared down at her, smiling at her youth and innocence. However, a frown soon marred his features when he saw the tear tracks etching her cheeks and staining her beautiful gown.

“Are you crazy? If she can identify us then we are over! We should just get up and leave,” John argued, his voice holding a tinge of worry. And he worry was greatly justified.

“No,” Daniel retorted, causing the other’s to look at him in shock. He had never been this forceful about anything. “First off, it doesn’t matter if she can identify us, Nancy and Jeff already saw us. They knew we were here. And second off, we can’t just leave her. She could get hurt or someone could…”

“Daniel’s right guys. She’ll be up soon, anyway, so we’ll just wait,” Trevor declared in agreement. Kelvin shrugged; he really didn’t care either way. And John merely shrunk backwards. He didn’t need Trevor or Daniel to be mad at him, not right now.

So they waited.


Ever so slowly, as if waking from a night of binge drinking, Liz let her eyes flutter open. She tried to fight off the offending light, only it was unnatural and cast an eerie glow in her mind and eye.

At first nothing made sense. She could see a blob of people surrounding her.

What had happened? Where was she? And who was standing around her.

She could also hear the low murmur of their voices.

But as soon as she attempted to lift her body upwards she felt a large, comforting hand gently ease her back down. Shutting her eyes, again, Liz waited a moment as she let her brain filter everything through.

Her hearing became a little more accurate and the spinning in her head was starting to diminish, greatly.

“She’s coming around…” Liz finally heard. She strained to make out who was saying it, but the voice wasn’t familiar.

As soon as she was ready, Liz once again opened her eyes. This time everything appeared a little more clearly. Instead of seeing blobs of flesh and clothing all around her, she saw one face hovering right above her. His worry-filled ice-blue eyes gazed down at her, penetrating her every being.

She knew those eyes, but from where?

They weren’t as cold or deadly as she remembered, but they were familiar.

“Hey, you okay?” She watched his mouth move and a moment later his words wafted down to her ears. She stared at him in wonder for a moment, not even acknowledging the fact that there other people standing around her because at that moment her gaze was solely fixed on the man’s face hovering over her.

“Huh?” Came Liz’s response. A light chuckled made it’s way past Daniel’s throat as he brushed an errant strand of hair away from her face.

“You fell, or rather, we bumped into each other, and with physics being the way it is, you took the brunt of the after effect,” Daniel explained. Liz merely nodded in response. “Okay, so that was really lame. I’m not a science geek or anything, I just like science, and…”

“Are you okay?” Kelvin interrupted quietly. They all knew that they had to keep their voices low, as it would prove to be uncomfortable for the girl if they talked at their normal voice level.

“Where am I?” Liz croaked. Her whole body ached and at this point she couldn’t understand a single thing.

“Right now? You’re on the main street,” Trevor answered.

“Do you know you’re name? Or your phone number? Is there someone we should call who can come and pick you up? Or do you know where you live? We could give you a ride home, if you wanted,” Daniel asked as he continued to stare down at her.

“Liz… Liz Parker. I live at the Crashdown,” Liz stammered.

Fifteen minutes later Liz found herself up on her feet and being led inside her home. Daniel was holding her while Trevor followed behind; Kelvin and John were waiting in the car.

Nancy and Jeff immediately flew toward their daughter wondering what had happened and why a customer whom had just left was carrying her in.

However, before they could ask anything Daniel explained everything.

“Don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Liz is fine. We ran into each other outside and she fell. But don’t worry, my friend and I are doctors,” Daniel explained. He knew he was stretching the truth a little bit, but the Parker’s would never know.

“We checked her out and made sure that she hadn’t been injured, and from what we can tell she’s in tip-top condition,” Trevor offered with a shaky smile.

“Lizzie, are you okay? Do you want to go to the hospital?” Jeff asked, though he had a few other questions he wanted to ask, like why she was home so early from her prom and where Max was.

“No, dad, I’m fine,” Liz insisted. She just wanted to go upstairs and sleep and think about where she knew the young man whom was holding, from.

“Okay, why don’t I take you on upstairs so you can get some rest,” Jeff said as he took Liz from the young man’s arms. However, before he left, he turned and looked at Trevor and Daniel. “Would you mind waiting, I’d like to thank you, properly.”

“Oh, no sir, really…” Trevor tried to let them father know that nothing was needed, but Jeff wouldn’t hear it.

“No, really, I’ll be right down. Nancy, why don’t you get these young men something to eat or drink and I’ll be right back.” With that Jeff turned and continued up the stairs with Liz in his arms. All the while Liz continued to stare at Daniel trying to figure out where she recognized him from, but unable to place his face or eyes.


Standing in front of the mirror in nothing but her prom dress, Liz gazed at her reflection. She was a complete mess with splashes of mud on her face and her makeup completely smeared all around her face.

But none of that fazed her. She was still contemplating who the young man was and wondering why he seemed so familiar.

Returning to her bed, Liz’s eyes suddenly became fixated on the lab coat lying on her bed. She hadn’t even noticed it until now. Picking it up, Liz immediately found the small nameplate on the front pocket. Trevor McDermon. It wasn’t a name she recognized.

However, as she lifted it she felt a bit of resistance. Looking over the white doctor’s coat, Liz soon found that one of the pockets was slightly drooping. Reaching into it, Liz pulled out a brown wallet. Inside were a picture ID of Trevor, as well as a few credit cards and some cash. His driver’s license indicated that he was from Maryland, and the college ID showed Liz that he had attended or still attended Johns Hopkins.

But Liz didn’t dare touch anything. Instead she put the wallet back into the lab coat and stared at it for a moment wondering what to do. She knew that she could probably still catch Trevor before he left, and that seemed like the smart thing to do, as she hadn’t found a phone number inside the wallet.

Slipping the coat on over her prom dress, Liz lifted her window and ducked down so as to move onto her balcony. There, she quietly walked over toward the edge. Their car was still there, however, Daniel and Trevor were just getting in.

“Trevor!” Liz yelled, but he didn’t hear her. She watched as the car turned on and the lights lit up the surrounding area.

Reacting quickly, Liz grabbed the car keys to her parents car that they had given her and her wallet, and worked her down her ladder towards her parents car. Hopefully they wouldn’t even notice she was gone.


Twenty minutes later Liz found herself driving out in the middle of the desert down a very familiar road. Trevor and his friends were a good five minutes ahead of her, but she had been able to follow them, as there were relatively no cars on the road.

And now, they were alone on the country desert road.

Part of Liz knew that she should return home and simply give the wallet to the police department, but the curious side of Liz wanted to know what was going on.

She wondered where they were going, though in her mind she had a fairly good idea. And that scared her because right now she only knew one complex that was out here.

The Eagle Rock Military Base.

But why would Trevor and his friends go out there?

A minute later Liz once again proved herself right. She was at the Eagle Rock Military Base. Trevor’s car was already parked and everyone was gone. There were a few lights on, but from what Liz could tell, no one else was inside except for Trevor and his friends.

What would a group of four young doctors be doing at Eagle Rock?

Slipping out of her car, Liz wandered over toward the fence. It was cut open. Nasedo had made that opening so that they could save Max from Pierce.

A wave of fear coursed through Liz as memories of Max’s time at Eagle Rock surfaced in her mind. But despite the fear, Liz forced herself forward. She needed to know what was going on. Maybe another special unit had been created and they were after Max and the others, again.

And even though Max had hurt her, she wasn’t going to let him get captured again.

The front door was open, which made Liz sigh in relief. She really didn’t want to touch anything.

Working her way through the base, Liz followed the faint voices she heard echoing through the building.

“… you’re sure you’re ready?”

“… ready…”

Quickening her footsteps, Liz quietly moved through the hallways. What was going on? What were they talking about?

It was obvious to Liz that Trevor and his friends were the only people in the base. It was also obvious that no one had been in the base since the last time Pierce and his men had occupied Eagle Rock.

“…go out with a laugh…”

That was Trevor. What was he talking about? What did he mean by going out with a laugh?

However, a minute later all of Liz’s question’s were answered.

She didn’t even realized when she came to the door that it was the same room Max had been held in. All she saw was Trevor lying motionless on a steel table with his three friends- the young men whom had helped her- moving about him. A glowing blanket lay over hi body with a bright blue light radiating from it. Next to him was a heart monitor and some other medical equipment.

“We’re not really going to do this, right guys? I mean, he’s knocked out- we could leave and he could think that it happened…” John said nervously. He wrung his hands together, being careful not to get too close to Trevor’s seemingly lifeless body.

“John, get your head out of your ass. We all agreed, now let’s get going,” Daniel snapped. He turned and watched Trevor’s vital signs flash on the screen. “Body temperature is 89… get ready…”

“Daniel, you can’t be serious!”


“I’m taking him down.” Liz stood rooted to her spot. This wasn’t happening. They weren’t killing Trevor, were they?

“Daniel, you’re crazy if you do this!” John screamed over the hum of the equipment. “Are you really willing to risk everything? Your scholarship? Your years of schooling? Your…”

“John, shut up. We all agreed. Now if you want to step out then do so now because I need to know,” Daniel instructed as his eyes remained glued to the monitor. “85 degrees… give me 200.”

Liz watched in horror as the young man she now knew as Daniel, rubbed the two pads together before placing them down on Trevor’s bare chest.

They really were killing him.

She watched as Trevor’s body arched up off the gurney, however never once did his eyelids flutter open or a murmur leave his lips. He was completely oblivious to everything.

He was dead.

“Brain activity is gone,” Kelvin announced solemnly. They all stared down at Trevor’s body in horror and shock. While they had all said they would do it, only Daniel had completely gone through with it. He had killed Trevor. “We’ve got flat line.”

“This is murder… if we’re caught we are so dead, we are so majorly dead,” John whispered as they all continued watching Trevor.

Complete calmness.

Blue skies filled the world. Dogs barking, cars zipping past, blue skies, green water, complete and utter perfection. He felt completely weightless as he soared through the sky. The air breezed past, brushing errant strands of hair from his face. Life was perfect.

The cries of children suddenly caught his attention. They were all standing around a pool. There were balloons. There was cake. There were presents. They were laughing and having fun. Everything was perfect…

Liz was holding onto the door with her best grip. Her knuckles were a ghostly white from her tight grip, but she hardly even noticed.

“76… turn on the heaters,” Daniel instructed.

“Heaters on.”

“Pump me up to 300.”

“Five seconds to go.”

The next thing Liz knew she was watching as Trevor’s body once again arched up off the gurney as Daniel pumped 300 volts of life into him. She had seen this seen so many times performed in movies and even at the hospital. But watching it up close made it so much more real.

Only, unlike in the movies, it didn’t work.

“Pump me up to 350!”

Another shot of energy was transferred into Trevor’s body, and again, nothing.

“We’re going to CPR!” Daniel shouted. He moved into position, as did Kelvin. While Daniel did reps on Trevor’s chest, Kelvin held a mask over Trevor’s face and pumped a lung full of air into his mouth every time it Daniel instructed him to.

Liz could feel her whole world spinning out of control. This wasn’t happening. People didn’t purposely kill themselves only to bring themselves back to life. Did they?

“We’ve got a pulse!” John shouted out suddenly as he watched the heart monitor begin to beep to life.

This time Liz watched as Trevor’s body writhed and twisted about. She stared on as the three young men strapped yet another mask over Trevor’s face. Immediately he calmed down as he took long, deep breaths from the gas being fed to him. And that was it for Liz. She had gone through enough and this was literally the final straw. Her mind went into over drive and nothing made sense anymore.

“Hey…” Daniel whispered. But before Trevor could respond, a loud thud caught everyone’s attention.

The four young men watched in horror as Liz, the girl they had helped less than an hour ago, laid sprawled out on the floor before them.

“Oh shit…” And somehow all four knew that they were in the ride for their lives, especially now that someone knew what they were doing.

Tbc? Maybe... if you guys want. Yes this is based off the movie Flatliners. However, it is only using the central theme. Yes, Max and liz will end up together, but they will have their obstacles. And yes, unfortunately Alex will die.
Yes, I'm still trying to work on China Doll and She's the One... but damn writer's block. Oh well. Take what you can get.

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Chapter 2

While Kelvin and John helped Trevor into his car, Daniel took Liz back to her car. She was still knocked out cold. After discussing their options, the three decided that it would be best to bring Liz back to their apartments for the night, after all they couldn’t just bring her back to the Parker’s- there would be too many questions and it was too late.

So after making sure Trevor was okay, and making sure that he didn’t mind discussing what had happened until once they returned to the apartment, Daniel told John and Kelvin to take Trevor while he drove Liz’s car back. They couldn’t just leave her car.

It has also been agreed that they would have to do something about Liz. If she remembered anything and asked what was gong on then they knew they had no choice but to tell her. However, if she merely up and left then they would forget about her and hopefully she would forget about them.

Either way they hoped to come up with some sort of deal.

While he drove, Daniel couldn’t help but wonder what Liz’s story was. There was something about her. It wasn’t anything familiar, but rather, he could see something deep within her that she was hiding. And whatever it was, it intrigued him.

As a child his father had always told him to go after what he wanted and figure out all the answers. And like his father advised, Daniel wanted to figure out the answers to they mystery known Liz Parker.

He wanted to know what her secrets were. He wanted to know why she had been crying when he had first run into her. He wanted to know why she was dressed in a gown but not at a dance or prom or whatnot. He wanted to know why she had followed them out. He wanted to know her story. He wanted to know about her life.

He wanted to know her.


“… a dream, but so much better. It’s like when people say the greatest moments flash before your eyes…” The voice faded in and out of Liz’s mind. She could barely make out the voice, but it was steadily growing stronger and steadier.

“No white light? No voices? No nothing? Just flashes of your past?” This time Liz was fairly sure that the voice belonged to the one names John, though she wasn’t sure.

“No, it was so much better. You’re so at peace and… everything is just perfect,” Trevor tried to explain, though he found that words failed him. “I can’t explain it. You just have to try it.”

“Try it?” John chocked, causing Kelvin and Daniel to laugh.

“No, I go next,” Kelvin insisted. “And I want two minutes.”

“Two minutes thirty seconds,” Daniel challenged. Liz couldn’t believe she was hearing this.

“Three minutes.”

“You guys, this is crazy,” John jumped in. He tried to break Daniel and Kelvin apart while Trevor watched on in amusement.

“Well, I think we have a…”

“Four minutes.” The look in Daniel’s eyes scared Liz as she watched him stared the other man down. It was primal and deadly, as though he were not willing to let go of this, though she wasn’t sure why. Did he really want to die?

“And we’ve got a winner!” Trevor announced gleefully.

“Oh my god, you are crazy. Daniel, you of all people should know not to do this,” John said in hopes of trying to persuade his friend not to do anything.

“Why John? What reason do I have not to do this?” Daniel asked bitterly.

“Listen, I know you’re angry and that you still have…”

“Don’t even bring my father into this!” Daniel yelled angrily. “I do—“ Daniel suddenly grew silent and the others stared at him strangely until he followed their gaze. He was staring at Liz as she gazed at them all in dismay. “Hey…”

As she tried to push herself up so that she was sitting up she found that there was a dull ache in her head that seemed to intensify when she moved. She also suddenly found a hand gently easing her back down.

“You shouldn’t move, yet,” Kelvin offered softly as he began to gently massage her temples. He could see that she was in pain, and he sort of felt responsible, even though she had followed them. So involved in Liz, he completely missed the glare and hostile look that unexpectedly appeared on Daniel’s face.

Moving to her side, Daniel squatted down and grasped her hand within his own.

“How’re you feeling?” Daniel asked quietly while his much larger hand caressed her own.

“Where am I?” Liz croaked out past her parched lips. She flinched away slightly when a glass of water was offered, but when Daniel eased the glass to her lips and angled it just enough she gladly accepted it.

“At my apartment- we’re on the outskirts of Roswell,” Trevor explained. There was no need to lie.


“I think that’s a question you could answer better than we could,” John snapped coldly. Trevor hit him on the shoulder, causing his gaze to flicker before he hung his head. “Sorry.”

“Though he is right, not to the correct degree,” Trevor clarified. “You fainted back at Eagle Rock.”

While Liz had a billion more questions to ask, she really didn’t want to say anything more. It hurt too much to speak and concentrate. Beside, she still needed to think about, well, everything. She glanced around the room looking for a clock.

7:15 in the morning. Thank god she didn’t have to work until later this morning.

“I-uh… I should go,” Liz insisted a moment later, ignoring the last comment Trevor had made.

“Oh, yeah; you’re parents are probably really worried,” Daniel lamented. He knew they should have called, but calling Nancy and Jeff really was the furthest thing from his mind.

“Yeah,” Liz agreed with a whisper and a remorseful nod.

“I’ll drive you back and Kelvin can follow us back and give me a ride home,” Daniel offered. He smiled down at Liz hoping not to scare her away. He could see the questions in her eyes and knew that it would be best to talk to her alone while they were in the car; that way she wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.

Beside, he still had so many questions for her.

“That’d-uh, that would be great,” Liz said softly. Carefully she removed the blanket from her body and began to get up. The ache still remained in her head and she was pretty sure it would stay all day.

As soon as she was ready and had warily said goodbye to John and Trevor, Liz, Kelvin and Daniel departed.

The car ride was eerily quiet at first. Liz was still tired and not completely together, thus she found no reason to ask any questions or even think. She stared out the window, at her hands, or at anything beside Daniel. She was positive if she looked at him than her curiosity would eat away at her and then she knew her whole world would spin out of control.

However, Daniel was unwilling to let the issue slide.

“Liz, I don’t expect an answer, but I would like to know how much you saw last night,” Daniel suddenly said. His eyes remained glued to the road and he didn’t dare look at her. He was afraid to look at her. He didn’t want to see the fear or repulsion in her eyes. He didn’t want to see anything but understanding.

“More than I wanted to,” Liz finally answered. Her voice came out meek, sounding more like a child than the young woman she was.

“That’s what I thought,” Daniel sighed. This was bad, and Daniel knew it. But it was in the past and there was nothing that could be done. “Liz, what you saw… you can’t tell anyone. You can’t talk about it with anyone- not even your parents or friends. Cause, well, you don’t understand what will happen if you do.”

The words reminded Liz of two years ago when Max had said the same thing to her after he had healed her. And hearing the words from Daniel made her think. Maybe she should keep this a secret this time around. Maybe it would be better to just forget this ever happened.

Yet Liz knew she could never forget what had happened.

“Liz, please… our lives are in your hands now,” Daniel pleaded.

So absorbed in her thoughts, Liz didn’t even feel the car come to a stop as Daniel said his last words. However, she did snap out of her stupor when she felt the car door slam shut. Her head jerked to the side and she stared at the empty car seat beside her.

Fear coursed through her as she wondered where Daniel had gone. Had everything been some horrible nightmare? Was this all a joke her mind was playing on her? What was…

Again Liz was jolted to reality when her car door was opened and a gentle hand grasped her hand.

“Liz, you okay?” This time Liz found herself staring straight into Daniel’s eyes. And again Liz found herself wondering why they seemed so familiar. She felt more than saw his hand lightly caress her cheek with his big, soft hands. He brought warmth into her life at a time when she swore she could only feel the cold.

“Huh?” Liz choked out. She knew she was nearly catatonic at this point, but it really didn’t seem to matter. Her eyes searched his as he continued gazing at her while his hand stroked her cheek.

“I said: if you have any questions then just give me a call. We’ll tell you whatever you want to know,” Daniel said as he reluctantly pulled away and eased her up from her seat.

“But I don…”

“Here,” Daniel said as he pushed a small slip of paper into the palm of her hand. “You can call me anytime… when you’re ready, that is…”

“Um, Daniel… I-um, I need to get home. So I’m just gonna…” Liz insisted lamely as she hitched her head towards her home. Daniel and Kelvin nodded in agreement.

Smiling at her, Daniel gave her a slight push towards her home. He wasn’t quite sure why, but seeing her retreating figure made everything suddenly seem gloomy. True he hadn’t known her long, but there was something about her, something that intrigued him unlike anyone else.

“Come on man, let’s get out of here before her dad comes out with his shotgun,” Kelvin insisted. He pushed his friend toward Trevor’s car, unwilling to stay and make sure Liz made it in alright. Once they were in the car, Kelvin turned to Daniel. He wasn’t sure what was going on with his friend, but he could tell it was something big. He had never seen Daniel act this way before. However, there were bigger issues. “So, you think she’s gonna go to the police?”

“No. Right now she’s just in shock. Give her a few days- if we don’t hear from her then we stop by and talk with her; make sure everything’s okay,” Daniel offered, and Kelvin quickly agreed.