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Title:Changes In You + Me
Rating: PG 13, later NC 17
Disclaimer: Sorry dont own them
Summary: Liz´s family and Max´s family are best of friends. They are neighbours and both families run successful businesses. When Liz´s parents die in an accident, Liz moves in with the Evans. Her best friends are Maria, Alex and Isabel. Isabel is so looking forward to Liz moving in. Whereas Max isn´t, or is he. He´s got this real bad boy thing going on, and Liz is a real Plain Jane. But things start to change between them. Read on. This is my second fanfic, so be kind.

Liz Parker loved life. She had been best friends with Maria DeLuca, Alex Whitman, and Isabel Evans since kindergarten. They had grown up with each other and were inseperable. They shared their lifes, secrets, and ambitions with each other. And when things got tough they stuck together like glue.
When isabel and Alex started dating in th 9th grade, Maria and Liz hd supported them wholeheartedly, saying Isabel couldn´t have found a better boyfriend, and Alex couldn´t have found a better girlfriend. Besides that Liz and Isabels parents were not only neighbours, but were also best of friends, And after her own home, the Evans had been a second home to her. They practically lived at each others houses. But there was something missing from her life, When they had started High School, Maria had stared dating Michael Guerin, and they had been a couple for a few years now.
Liz hd never had a boyfriend before, and when Isabel and Maria busied themselves with their boyfriends, and appearances, Liz just sat back. Although when they went out togethere they never let her feel left out. But now she was starting to feel lonely.
It wasn´t like Liz was ugly or anything, on the contrary,she was quit pretty so the others told her, but to herself she was just so PLAIN. She hid herself behind a pair of glasses. Also whereas most teenage girls opted for mini shirts and tight shirts, she hid under baggy sweatshirts and trousers. Isabel used to joke with her all the time. Telling her that if she wasn´t one of her best friends and that she loved her like a sister, she would never been seen walking down the street with her.
Anyway boys were starting to interest Liz now, but it wasn´t just any boy, it was Max Evans, and he was so out of her league. Max Evans had this real bad boy thing going on. Spiked hair, a ring pierced above his eye and leathers. Every girl in Roswell wanted to get down his pants, and Max got down nearly every girls pants in roswell. Then Max would send them on there merry way, and move onto the next one. But now he had been "in a relationshíp", for 2 months with Tess Harding, or "Bimbo", as Maria and Isabel put it. With her long blond curls and blue eyes, Liz thought she was pretty, Maria had insisted she get her glasses checked out. Maria and Isabel would always choke when Max and Tess were kissing. "ECCKKK how can he put his tongue down her throat, doesn´t he know she hasn´t had her rabies shot this week. And when Tess and Max started to be included in there outings, Maria couldn´t argue about them joining as Max and Michael were best friends. The last couple of outings had been uncomfortable for Liz, and she had always made lame excuses about having to finish assignments and left conveniently.
None of th "gang", could stand Tess. As far as they could see it, she was a stuck up little whore, with an attitude to match. With all this the biggest strike against Liz was that Max couldn´t stand her. It´s not that Liz had done anything to him, he had always treated her with contempt. But then Liz was used to it, and would ignore him, whereas Isabel would always chew him up. So as far as Liz was concerned the closest she was ever going to get to him was by dreaming about him from afar.

Part 2

Liz was sitting in second period English when the class was interupted and Liz and Isabel were asked to go to the Principals office.
"OOOOOO Liz and Isabel, is there something that you´s should be telling us", Max started.
"Shut up Max, or I´ll kick your ass".
"Thats enough you´s 2", Mrs Jones interupted," and pack your bags up when you´s leave". So the girls packed there things together, quickly leaving the room. Isabel looked at Liz, "what can this be about"? "I have no idea". So they continued to proceed to the Principals office. On reaching the reception area the secretary said to them to go right on through. When Isabel enterd the room, she gasped as she saw her parents with the Principal, Mr Andrews,
"Mom, Dad what are you´s doing here"? "Please girls not yet". The 2 girls looked at Mr and Mrs Evans, knowing that something big was up. "Miss Parker , the Evans are here to take you´s 2 home". Liz had been staying with the Evans, as her parents were away on a 2 week vacation in Florida.
"What is this about"? Liz enquired.
"Liz we can´t talk about this here, but the Principal has given you´s both 2 weeks off".
"Yeah what for? When did we start recieving special priviledges"?
"Not now Isabel, can you´s 2 go out into the car park and wait for us there", handing her the keys. So the 2 girls left, not saying a word, a few minutes later the Evans followed the out. The car ride home was very quiet, but Mr Evans kept giving worried looks at Liz from the rear view mirror. Once they were at the Evans, Dianne asked the girls to take a seat. Liz and Isabel were really uptight by now.
"Mom, Dad what is this about"? Breaking the silence.
"Liz, today we got a call from th Police in Florida....", taking a pause"And I am really sorry to have to tell you this but your parents were in a boating accident yesterday".
"My parents were in a boating accident"? Isabel and Dianne moved closer to Liz gently hoding her, as tears slid down her face.
"Where are they? What happened to them"?
"Liz, they were killed". As Phillip put his head down.
"No, no they can´t.. no, no it can´t be true". As she stared ahead into a blackness, she tried to stand, but her legs gave way on her and she fainted.

Part 3

"Hey Mom, Dad I´m home, where is everyone"? Max shouted, throwing his pack onto the kitchen table. "hey where is everyone", he said as he walked into the lounge. He saw Isabel, sitting on the couch, with Maria and Alex. All of them were huddled together crying.
"Hey what the hells up? Why is everyone crying? Where are Mom and Dad"?
"Your Moms upstairs with Liz and your Dads in Florida", Maria told him.
"Whats my Dad doing in Florida"? Just then Michael re-entered the room, doing his fly up. "Take a seat buddy". And ushered him to a chair.
"Yesterday, Liz´s parents were in a boating accident... and.. and they were killed", Alex told him. Knowing Isabel wasn´t up to talking.
"Fuck, why didn´t anyone tell me"?
"Why didn´t anyone tell you, you want to know why Max"? She yelled at him, " because Max it´s not like you ever really cared about them, or Liz for that matter, and at the moment Liz needs her friends, not you, you jerk". As she stood to confront him. Alex stood too, and just held her as she yelled at him. Hearing the commotion downstairs, Dianne rushed downstairs and told them to stop fighting, reminding them that Liz was still upstairs and needed to rest.
"Ummm is there anything I can do Mom"? Max asked her.
"Yeah Honey, how about you cook up dinner tonight".
"Yeah sure Mom".
"I´ll give you a hand Maxwell, "Michael said jumping up to help, knowing that Max wasn´t really known for his culinary skills.
Phillip had already contacted the Parkers lawyers, and since Liz had no living relatives, they thought it a good idea that Liz stay with them, until they asked her properly, if she wanted to live with them. Also it was agreed upon that although Liz would be old enough in a few months time, Phillip and the lawyer would look after her financial interests, as the Parkers had left a considerable estate behind. And the Evans had agreed that Phillip would fly to Florida to identify the bodies. On identification he would return to Roswell with the bodies.
As with this, Maria´s Mom and Alex´s parents thought it would be a good idea that Maria and Alex stay at the Evans for a few weeks, to help and support Liz and the Evans go through this process. It wasn´t only to support them all, but also so they too could go through the whole process together. Because as much as Liz needed them, they needed to know that their friend would be alright. So it was decided that Maria and Isabel would sleep on air beds by Liz, and Alex stay by Max. And Max asked if Michael could stay to support him. So it was arranged that all 6 have the following 2 weeks off.

Part 4

The next few day had been hard on everyone. Liz had slipped into a deep depression, and had stopped eating. Day by day everyone would try to keep her spirits up, but she would not respond to anyone. Maria and Isabel spend hours lying on the bed with her, talking for hours on end, telling her anything, so they could bring her out of her world she had hidden in. Alex had taken it upon himself to help Dianne wher he could, by helping with the funeral arrangements. While Max and Michael had helped out by doing the house work, shopping and cooking. Phillip contacted Dianne that morning to say that he would be returning tomorrow afternoon. When she had told him about Liz he had said that if she didn´t eat, that she should ring a Doctor. As Dianne went to ring, Max stopped her.
"Mom let me try". He offered.
"Honey at this moment I am willing to try anything, OK Honey".
"In other words Max, Mom means we desperate, and if your jabs can shock her back into reality, hell we´ve got nothing to lose".
"Isabel, your brothers only trying to help. You just do the best you can Honey".
Oh if Mom only knew the half of it, she wouldn´t be calling him Honey no more. Isabel thought.
"I cooked up some soup, I´ll take it up to her".
"OK Honey". so with that he arranged a tray for her and put the soup on to heat. Going outside, he picked some of his Mothers white roses. Bringing them inside he cut the thorns and shortened the stem. Retrieving his Mothers best crystal vase, Isabel looked on in astonishment.
"Well if I didn´t see it with my own eyes". Isabel said in shock.
"I´m not just a pretty face you know". As he trotted out the kitchen and up the stairs. Knocking on the door he asked Maria to leave, "and shut the door behind you".
"And shut the door behind you", she mimicked him.
He place the tray on the table. "You need some sunshine in here and some fresh air, when was the last time you showered"? Opening the curtains and windows. Liz just rolled over turning her back on him. Moving to her side, Max said, "Liz will you sit up". When she didn´t move Max continued, "Liz look, I don´t want to use force on you, but if I have too".
"OK, OK", she replied sitting up, as Max fluffed her pillows behind her. "Oh she speaks".
"Look Max, if you just came up to upset me, just leave alright".
"No Liz, I don´t want to upset you, I don´t think that would make me a popular guy downstairs, but give me any reason too, you may leave me to tell you some of my best jokes".
She smiled, "Oh I get a smile too, could I get you to eat for me as well".
As he moved to pick up the tray Liz informed him that she was not hungry.
"Like I said Liz, I don´t want to use force on you, so why don´t you just open your mouth for me". When she opened her mouth to gasp, he put the spoon in her mouth.
"Well that wasn´t so hard now was it", as he proceeded to feed her. When she had finished eating, Max put the roses next to her bed. "I picked them for you".
"Thank you, they´re beautiful, how did you know they´re my favourites", smiling at him.
"Now how about I help you into the bath. I can get Mom or one of the girls to come and give you a hand". And she nodded in agreement. Max then went into the adjoining bathroom to run a hot bath, putting some of Isabels oils and bubble bath in. Helping her into the bathroom, and sitting her on the side of the bath. He said, "now you just wait here OK". Before he left the room, Liz said, "thank you Max".
"Your welcome Liz".
Going downstairs he smiled triumpantly, "well she ate her food, and she´s going to take a bath, so can one of you´s can go up and help her, I really didn´t want to look through her pantie cupboards".
"Honey how did you do it"?
"Oh you´s can thank Dr Max later, and besides, what girl can resist a man that brings her roses".
"OH this is making me so sick", Maria said, as Maria and Isabel ran up the stairs to see what was up with Liz.


Well do you´s want more, hopes you´s enjoyed it. And I love feedback.


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Hi Everyone, thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

Robyn, and the answer to your question, is no not as yet.

I´m on a roll at the moment so here are another 4 parts for yous. Enjoy. And don´t forget the feedback.


Part 5

The next day, Liz woke up early, feeling refreshed after her nights sleep. When Max left her Maria and Isabel had ran upstairs and grilled her.
"We sit on your bed nearly 10 hours everyday, by you talking about anything and everything and we don´t get a boo. He comes up for the first time in 3 days and your eating out of his hands, whats with that ", as Maria started to rant and rave.
"Maybe if you had 2 of the dreamiest eyes in the world, and a bod to kill for I would have done it for you too.
"Oh Liz, would you just get that thought out of your head, HELLO, who are you, and where is my friend Liz", Isabel said shaking her.
"Oh I just did not hear that", Maria said with her mouth dropping open.
"Yeah guys it´s really me".
"OK who hit her over the head".
"Or who pulled the curtain over her eyes".
But Liz just kept smiling to herself, thinking about the roses he gave her.
"At least she´s smiling again". Isabel added positively.
"You mean everytime we want her to smile from now on we have to get "Mr I go no taste in girls, up here".
"Afraid so".
"Oh give me a bucket. Liz you could do so much better than him".
"Well that´s the thing, at the moment the girls delussional, She´s not thinking clearly".
"Lord bring me a miracle". Maria said looking upwards.
And after the girls had helped Liz bath and change, she slept like a baby, and it was only 4 pm when she dozed off. Now going to the kitchen Liz quickly made breakfast for herself. As she went to take her plate to the sink, she was surprised to see Max behind her.
"You trying to take over my job"?
"Well I have been cooking the meals for the last couple of days, and I wouldn´t want anyone trying to take over my position".
"Oh of course not".
"So how are you feeling today"?
"Much better thanks".
"Aaaahhh Liz I don´t know if I should be the one telling you this, but this afternoon, my Dads arriving back with the bod...ummm I mean your parents".
"Oh", as she started to cry again. Taking her into his arms, she sobbed on his shoulder, but then he lifted her up and carried her into the lounge, placing her gently on the couch.
"I´m sorry I told you that, I should have left it for my Mom or maybe Isabel or Maria".
"No Max, I´m glad you told me, now I know what to expect". She said as he still held her.
"Max why are you doing this for me"? She said moving out of his arms.
"Liz if I had been in your situation, I would want all the support I could get".
"But it´s not like your ever been nice to me before, and we have known each other since as long as I can remember".
"Liz I know I haven´t treated you nice before, and I hope you could one day forgive me, but can we clean the slate for now"?
"Yeah OK".
"So can we be friends"?
"Yeah OK, we can be friends, and Max I do forgive you".
They did not see Isabel running back up the stairs, smiling to herself as she left them to talk.

Part 6

"Maria, Maria wake up".
"Isabel let me sleep".
"You won´t want to sleep after you hear this".
"Hear what"?
After Isabel filled Maria in on what she heard, Maria smiled to herself.
"Maybe he´s got taste after all".
"You don´t think that they might you know"?
"No, but maybe this could be a good time to bring operation lets bring Liz out of her shell into action".
"Maybe not into action, but maybe pass it by her".
"Yeah", as the 2 girls hugged each other with joy.
After the others had woken and had breadfast, it was agreed that Liz, Dianne, Isabel, Maria and Alex would meet Phillip at the airport. Max and Michael would cook, and prepare everyones clothes for the next day.
Later in the afternoon it was a very sad 5 that left the house to meet Phillip. When the house was empty. Michael asked, " Max , so what´s up between you and Liz"?
"Why Michael"?
"First the flowers, and Isabel said she saw you and Liz cuddling on th couch".
"Michael nothings going on between Liz and I, and we were not cuddling, she just needed a shoulder to cry on".
"Max, Liz is very fragile and confused at the moment, it´s not going to help her now if you go around confusing her".
"What do you mean Michael"?
"Max are you blind or something, everyone can tell she´s got the hots for you".
"And since when have you become her protector"?
"Max just because its taken you 16 years to see what a good person Liz is doesn´t mean others have".
"Michael give me a break".
"No Max, I won´t give you a break, Liz is a good friend of mine, theres been times when Maria and I have been going through bad times and she´s been there for us, both of us. And let me warn you buddy if you hurt Liz in anyway I will personally hang you up for the vultures, do you understand me".
"I understand you".
"She is not one of your little Hussy´s Max, Liz is a really special person if you get to know her". And with that Michael stormed out of the house.
"Yeah I know she is a special person, it just took me until now to realise it". Max said to himself.

Part 7

On arrival to the airport the 6 of them went down to the tarmat. There the coffins of Liz´s parents were put into hearses. Liz would ride in the first one with Isabel and Maria. Dianne and Phillip followed in the second hearse and Alex would drive the Evan´s car to the funeral parlour. The whole time Liz had cried her heart out. Isabel and Maria cried for their friend wishing they could take her pain away. And arriving at the funeral parlour Max and Michael had decided to meet them there. Dianne was pleased to see the boys there, thinking how wonderful they had all been since Phillip had left. They escorted the coffins inside. Once inside they assembled around Liz who had broken down when the coffins were opened. Max knew it was going to be a long night. Phillip had gone away to talk with the funeral director. And everyone just waited for Liz to do something. When she had finished crying she turned aound to Max, Michael and Alex. "I asked Dianne to arrange for some of Dads friends and business associates to be pall bearers, I also asked Sheriff Valenti if he could be one too. Now I am asking if you 3 would be pall bearers as well".
"We would be honoured to be pall bearers". Alex said.
"Thank you, all of you´s, you´s have all been rocks for me during this", as she turned to her parents casks again staring.
When it came time to leave again, Liz wouldn´t let go fo her Mothers coffin. Nobody wanted to drag her out, so Max said to them all. "Let me try". Everyone knew that although this strange relationship between Liz and Max was new, Max was the only person that Liz would respond to.
"OK Honey, Dad picked up the other car, so you and Liz can drive back in the jeep".
When the others left, Max moved next to Liz putting his arm around her.
"Liz we have to get going soon".
"I know", she said stepping out of his embrace. Looking into her puffed up eyes Max brought his hand to her cheek, and with his thumb he wiped her tears as best as he could.
"Max, could we just sit here for a while longer"?
As the 2 sat on one of the pews and Liz rested her head on his shoulder.

Part 8

The next day Liz woke up early again. Seeing her clothes hanging up, she decided to go and have a shower. After changing she went downstairs to wait for the others. When Max walked down 5 minutes later, he saw her sitting on the couch. Liz turned to him.
"Max can you drive me to the funeral parlour, I just finished talking to the funeral director and he said I could go there now if I liked".
"Yeah sure, I´ll just go and get changed and let my Mom and Dad know. Ummm Liz why don´t you go and have somthing to eat"?
"I´m not hungry".
"Liz it´s going to be a long day and you don´t need to be fainting at the funeral".
"Yeah your right, OK then".
"I´ll be down as quick as I can OK".
"OK then".
Liz was able to manage to eat something, and Max came down about 10 minutes later. They drove in silence to the funeral parlour, and when they got there as with the night before they sat in the pew, Liz crying on his shoulder. They didn´t know how long they were sitting there when someone tapped Max on the shoulder.
"Alex, hey man what time is it"?
"It´s almost 10.20am and people are starting to arrive now. Liz, Max, her I broughts you´s some Kit-Kats".
"Thanks buddy", as Max put thm into his pocket.
"Max you haven´t eaten today".
"I´ll be alright".
"No, no eat if you like".
"Ok, only if I can have my arm back".
Smiling she raised her head off of his shoulder. As the people started to come in, Liz was faced by alot of people, giving her their condolences. It was quite overwhelming for Liz, so Max took her hand in his. Looking at him she smiled. Maria who had been watching this all go on just shook her head.
"Michael I thought you said something to him yesterday".
"I did".
"Well it´s obvious it didn´t work".
"Maria I tried the best I could".
"Well it wasn´t good enough, and now look, he´s holding her hand for goodness sake".
"He´s only trying to comfort her".
"Yeah, but when this is all and done, he´s going to drop her ass, and then we will be the ones left picking up the pieces".
After the service was finished the funeral processeion proceeded to the cemetry. When everyone had been seated, Maria stood and sung a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace. After that Phillip and a few others got up to give speeches. Liz had not stopped crying since the service. Now Isabel had positioned herself next to Liz in an attempt to keep Max away from her, and Maria had taken a seat next to her as well. As the casks were lowered down, Liz ran to the edge of the grave and it was only Alex´s quick reflexes that stopped her from running any further. Liz was crying and saying, "No, no don´t leave me, don´t leave me". And there was not a dry eye among the mourners. As the rest huddled around her, Michael put his arm around Maria who had completely broken down. As the dirt began to fall on the caskets, Liz knelt down still crying hysterically. Alex and Isabel knelt down beside her comforting her as best they could. When the grave was finally filled the mourners slowly despersed. It was obvious to the small group left behind that Liz wasn´t going anywhere soon. And when Isabel said they had to go soon, Liz couldn´t move. Then Max turned around to them and said, "let me try". This time nobody stopped him as he moved next to Liz.
"Liz we have to go soon".
"Max I can´t". Waving everyone to leave, he only pointed to Michael to stay.
"Liz we have to go".
"Max I can´t".
"Yes Liz you can". Turning her face toward him, she looked into his eyes. And before she could do anything else Max picked her up. Liz had no energy to fight him, so she just put her head against his chest.
"Michael you drive". And they drove back to the house. Liz sitting on Max´s lap, choking on her sobs. When they got back home, Max still carrying her, moved right past everyone, and rushed upstairs, with the rest following behind. When he reached her bedroom, he gently placed her on the bed and took her shoes off. Then placing a kiss on her cheek, he stroked her hair, "rest now, I will be up later". And to the astonishment of everyone else, left the room.


Hopes you´s enjoyed that.


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Hi all, thanks for the feedback, I love reading everyones comments.

Debs, I know what you mean about Max in leathers, hmmmmm.

Abby, a follow Kiwi I almost cried when I was writing it.

Without any more adue, here are some more parts. I´ll just type as much as I can until my hubbie comes home. Enjoy!


Part 9

The next 2 days were tough too. Liz had slipped back into her own world again. And only Max could bring her out of it. No one interferred with them. Michael had pulled the girls aside and said that this wasn´t the time to worry about what Max´s intentions were, and that if they did anything, it could have worse repercutions for Liz. But by the 3rd day, while Max was with her eating breakfast he suggested something. "Liz I thought that later we could all go down to the cemetry".
When she didn´t reply he continued, "Liz I don´t think your parents would have wanted you to close yourself off to the rest of the world. I think they would have wanted you to get on with life".
When she still said nothing, he said, "Liz I didn´t want to have to do this, but I am not going to watch you spend the rest of your life lying around in bed". Lifting her out of bed, Liz went beserk. She started hitting Max with everything she had. Max just let her take her pain out on him. She was yellied at him and cursed him, and he didn´t stop her. And what seemed like after eternity, she looked him in the eyes, falling into his arms and crying. By then Dianne and the girls had run upstairs to see what was going on.
Pulling Liz up onto his lap, he sat on the bed.
"But it hurts so much Max, why does it hurt so much, it´s like I got this big hole in my heart, and it´s killing me".
The others sat around him, stroking her hair, Dianne stroking Max´s hair.
"Liz I can´t say I know how you feel, and I can´t tell you why it hurts so much". everyone agreeing with him, "nobody ever said dealing with death was an easy thing to live with. But you have to go through the pain sometimes to become stronger. Because if you don´t accept the pain, then that hole in your heart will never heal". Isabel had slowly become to respect her brother over the last couple of days. She was only glad that if she couldn´t be the person Liz would turn to , then glad that Max was. Maria to had watched Max over the last few days and had been amazed at how gentle he had been with Liz. She had only ever thought of Max as an arrogant ass, but this was a side to him that she had never seen before. Nicknaming him the "closet softie". Dianne never biased about anything her son had done, proud to know that her little boy who she had always cherished, had before her eyes become a man. So as the 5 of them sat on the bed together, they all had a little cry to themselves, beginning to deal with the healing process.
A week later 2 cars pulled up into the cemetry car park. The sullen figures walked up to the grave of the Parkers. One by one laying flowers on the grave. Maria and Dianne cleaning around the headstone. Then standing silently, Maria started singing a song she and Alex had composed for Liz´s parents. When she finished, Liz pulled out a piece of paper, and then she read on.

"Mom, Dad, I loves you´s and really miss you´s. I wish that you´s were both alive now, and here with me. I wanted to say thankyous to you´s both for being such wonderful parents, always there for me, and loving me unconditionally. I don´t know how I am going to carry on without you´s, but somehow, someway, I have too. I´m living at the Evans now, they are taking really good care of me, I´m really lucky to have them.
Last week I didn´t get to say good bye to you´s properly, so here I am today to say good bye to you´s, I loves you´s and I will never forget you´s". With that she knelt down by the headstone, kissing it and staying there for awhile, until they walked away, Isabel and Alex with there arms around her.
It was a Friday night and they had all agreed that they would stay until Sunday and then return to there parents. Liz was feeling a little better after they visited the cemetry. She had insisted that the others all return back to school on Monday, and that she would take one more week off of school, so she could try to get back into a normal routine.
The following Wednesday evening Isabel and her parents were at home. Liz had wanted to go to the library to catch up on some home work Isabel had bought home for her, and Max had offered to drive her to the library. Isabel was getting a drink out of the fridge when the doorbell went off.
"I´ll get it Mom", she yelled to no one in particular. When she opened the door Tess was standing there. "What do you want"?
"Is Max home"?
"No". SLAM. As she shut the door in Tess´s face.
"Who was that Honey"?
"No one Mom".
Ding dong. ARGGhh she is so irritating, Isabel thought. Opening the door.
"Yeah what now"?
"Do you mind if I wait for him"?
"Yes". SLAM.
Ding dong, ding dong. By this time Dianne had appeared, "I´ll get it Honey", as she rushed to open the door.
"Hi Mrs Evans, I´m Tess, I was just wondering if Max was home".
"I´m sorry Sweetie. Max is at the library".
"She´s not a Sweetie Mom".
"Isabel", giving her a surprised look.
"Would you like to wait for him until he gets back".
Giving Mrs Evans her best squeaky, clean smile, she nodded and entered the house.
"Oh that smile does so not suit you Tess", Isabel retorted, "Mom I don´t think this is a good idea, I mean we don´t want Liz going into a relapse".
"Isabel, now why would you say something like that for".
"Oh just forget it, I´ll be in my room if anyone wants me". Running up to her room, Isabel dialled Maria up, "Maria, it´s me Iz".
"Hi Iz, what´s up"?
"Oh Tess Bimbo Harding is downstairs talking with my mother".
"I know, but the worst of it is she´s waiting for Max, and those 2 are at the library together".
"Oh man, I know what Isabel, I´ll go over to the library and try to stall them".
"Good idea, but hurry".
"I will, see you tomorrow Iz"
"Yep, bye".
Later down in the kitchen, "well I don´t know whats taking those 2 so long, the library closes at 8.00pm and it´s nearly 9.00pm".
"Well I better get going anyway, my Dad will kill me if I get home to late".
Just as she was about to walk out the door, Max and Liz appeared arm in arm, and laughing.
"Oh Max honey, good your just in time, Tess was just about to leave".
"Hi Tess".
"Hi Max, umm Liz".
"Oh great", Isabel said as she saw them all, "I thought my hints were pretty obvious, but you had to insist on sitting in my house collecting dust like the rest of the antiques here".
"Isabel", her mother stopped her.
"Ummmmm, Liz, I´ll be in soon, I just want to talk to Tess for 5 minutes".
"Yeah sure Max, thanks for taking me to the library".
"It´s OK Liz".
When Tess and Max were outside.
"What the hell was that Max"? Asked a furious Tess.
"Yeah what"?
"I come here to see you and your at the library with Liz Parker".
"Tess we are just friends".
"Well when I saw you´s arm in arm with each other, it didn´t look like you´s were just friends".
Taking her in his arms, he kissed her deeply, "you getting jealous Tess"?Sliding his tongue along her bottom lip.
"Don´t be stupid,",kiss, kiss,"me jealous of Plain Jane Parker", kiss, kiss.
"She´s just going through a hard time at the moment", kiss, kiss, "and she´s just a friend". slowly pushing his tongue inside her mouth.
"Max my Dads out of town for a week, why don´t you come over later, and we could screw each others brains out".
"Hmmmm, I like the sounds of that". As they continued to get lost in each other. Liz had walked past the door and saw them out the window. Maybe I was reading this all wrong. Running up to her bedroom, she looked at herself in the mirror. Yeah sure you were Parker, she thought on seeing her reflection. I mean look at you, what could Max ever possibly see in you, Plain Jane Parker, lying on her bed she cried herself to sleep.


I´ll post again ASAP. And I love recieving feedback


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Hi all

good to hear all of your feedback. Thanks heaps. I finishes writing up to part 25 today, but my fanfic has a few more bumps in the road until it will be finally finished. So the good news is that you´s can expect daily updates. I know I should have written Tess out of this story, but she play an unceremonious part in the plot, I wanted to see how much I could play with her character, and how much I could turn her into an absolute physco, so she will be around lurking. At the moment the next few parts should be better for all you Dreamers out there.

Anna thanks for reminding me to post an update.

Katmcken, I am so jealous of you!!!

So now back to the story.


Part 11

Liz woke up the next morning thinking about what she had seen last night. Jumping out of her bed, she rushed into Isabels room.
"Iz, Iz, wake up it´s me Liz".
"I know who you are", sitting up in her bed, "Liz do you know what time it is, it´s 6.12am, what´s up"?
"Well I don´t know how to put this, but, but...".
"Liz just spit it out".
"Iz, I want a change".
"What do you mean you want a change"?
"I´m sick and tired of this whole me thing".
"Liz your scaring me, speak clearly, your not making any sense".
"I am just sick and tired of my look, this whole Plain Jane look, do you think you could like help me change my image"?
Throwing her arms around Liz, Isabel could only say, " you don´t know how long I have been waiting for you to say that, I have waiting for this day like forever. Good then, now I think we should start...", as she lead Liz towards the mirror.
When Phillip and Dianne went downstairs they were surprised to see Isabel and Liz dressed and eating breakfast.
"Well isn´t this a pleasant surprise, girls".
"Hi Mom, hi Dad"
"Hi Dianne and Phillip".
"So what did I do to deserve waking up to my 2 favourite girls"? Phillip said smilling at the 2.
"Well Phillip and Dianne I decided I wanted to go to school today".
"Liz that´s great news, it´s good to see you looking like your old self again". Dianne said pecking the girls on the head with a kiss. Not wanting to pry, they left the conversation to the girls.
"Dad Liz and I want to go shopping today, could I have one of your cards"?
"As long as you don´t go over your limit," handing her the card.
"How come that doesn´t work for me". Max asked pulling a packet of cereal out of the cupboard.
"Because you haved got a pretty face like mine", as Isabel poked her tongue at him.
"Dad could I have one of your cards, so I can pick me up some CD's".
"No", Phillip said quite indignitely.
"Why not"?
"Because last time I gave you my card, I got a bank statement the next month showing you spent $500".
"Strike 2", Isabel taunted her brother.
"Stike 2", Max mimicked her.
"That´s enough you´s 2", Dianne reprimanded them.
"Phillip could I have one of my cards too"?
"Well if you and Isabel are going shopping today, I´m not going to be the one to mess up your fun".
Handing her one of her parents cards.
"Ummmm, it might be a bit of money I spend today, I´ve lost alot of weight lately and my clothes are to big for me".
It was true what Liz had said, she had lost alot of weight over the last couple of weeks.
"Spend what you have to Liz, we trust you, we know you won´t go overboard".
"Max why don´t you let the girls take the jeep today"?
"I can take you to school Honey, and I´m sure Isabel will drop you off home after school".
"Mom do you know how it is embarassing it is getting dropped off at school by your mother".
"Max I´m sure you don´t worry about things other people say about you".
"Here´s the key, Isabel". Handing his sister the key to the jeep.
"Strike 3, and your out. On your feet as your feet hit the pavement". As she ran out of the house before he could do anything.
"Max just let them do what they want to today, this is a big day for Liz".
"Yeah Mom, whatever you say".

Part 12

When Liz and Isabel arrived at school Maria was waiting at there lockers. When she saw Liz.
"AAAAHHHH Liz I am so proud of you", as she hugged her friend to death.
"Yeah it´s good to be back".
"So Maria are you all set for today".
"Are you Kidding? I have been waiting for this day for so long".
"And Alex"?
"Yeah he´s going to meet us at my place about 6.00pm".
"OK girls then we´re set". As the made there way to there way to there first class.
The day went actually really well for Liz. Everyone had been going out of there way to be nice to her. Unknown to Liz, Michael and Max had sent a threat around school that if anyone upset her, they had Michael and Max to deal with. When school finished they dropped Max off at home, rearing to go shopping.
"OK Liz, we aren´t going to do this straight away, we don´t what a bang when everyone sees your new image we want a BANG! BANG! BANG!", as the girls hurried to the lingerie shop,giggling.
"What you want is to break into this whole thing slowly, there´s no point you wearing and looking like perfect while the only pair of shoes your ever wore before are gym shoes".
When they walked out of the shop with 2 bags Liz was pleased with the selection they had choosen. They hadn´t brought anything to rauchy instead opting for a classy look. Choosing creme, black and red lace and silk high cut panties with matching bras. Maria had tried to talk Liz into buying some thongs, but Liz had absolutely refused saying she wasn´t going to walk around with a string stuck up her ass.
Isabel then suggested they move onto a shoe shop. When she saw a red pair of dtrappy high heels she grabbed them, knowing this was the look she wanted for Liz. Liz trusting her instincts let Isabel do her magic. Isabel wasn´t the fashion Queen of Roswell for nothing. Liz leaving the shop with 4 pairs of shoes and a pair of high healed black boots. As they made there way to the next shop, Isabel said she had to go to the toilet, and she would meet them in the clothes shop downstairs. So now Maria was left to do her magic, helping Liz pick out some expensive perfumes. They then moved onto the cosmetic area, where Maria mixed and matched different shades of lipsticks, eye-shadows and mascara. Liz never thought she could have so much fun doing things like this, wondering why she hadn´t done this earlier.
Meanwhile Isabel had gone into a real funky clothes shop and seeing the perfect dress, she asked for it in Liz´s size, paying for it with her fathers card, and leaving quickly, so she wouldn´t be seen by the other 2. 15 minutes later she met up with Liz and Maria in another clothes shops where they picked out some jeans, and tops for Liz. Happy with there days shopping they left to go to Maria´s.
On reaching Maria´s, Alex was waiting outside. Together they went into her bedroom.
"OK I´ll get us some drinks and some chips so we can move onto phase 2".
"Phase 2,"?
"Just wait and see Liz".

Phase 2:Walking on High heels.

Isabel knew this would be the hardest thing for Liz to learn, and there was nothing like throwing someone into the deep end. After half an hour of Liz attempting to walk in the shoes and always falling over, Alex finally piped up.
"Aren´t you´s 2 tired of watching our friend in pain? I thought this was supposed to be fun? We don´t want Liz ending up in hospital now do we"?
"It´s alright Alex, I think I´m getting the hang of this now". BANG! As she fell over again.
"Are you sure about that Liz"? Helping her up again.
"OK that´s enough for phase 2 for today, we can go back to it tomorrow, let´s try phase 3". Maria suggested.

Phase 3:Body language and flirting.

"Liz when you smile at a boy, the intentions are not to scare him away, your supposed to make him want you, now try it again, Liz, not the clown at the carnival smile, the hey I´m sexy smile".
"Maria what the hell is the hey I´m sexy smile"?
"Watch", as Maria gave her, her best flirtatious smile.
"And that works".
"You wanna believe, babe".

"No, no Liz, you don´t want people to think your a hooker, when you stand like that, like this".
"Oh Alex I don´t think I´ll ever get it"
"then act natural".
"OK natural, how about this".
"No Liz now you look like you got something stuck up you ass".


Phase 3:Waxing.

"Ouch Isabel, that hurts".
"Well you don´t want boys to think you got a forest between your legs, when you wear a bikini, do you".
"Hey doll, no pain, no gain".

And for the next week the 3 of them, waxed, shipped and shaped a newer Liz. Liz never regretting it.


Ok now we are leading up to the fun. " more posts tomorrow. Don´t forget the feed back.


posted on 16-Mar-2002 3:07:54 AM by maia
Hi all

well I couldn´t sleep anymore so I thought I would post some more parts. The next part is a bit spoilerish but after that I promise it will get better. Enjoy!


Part 12a

The next week Liz got home from school. Her feet were killing her from the change over and she decided to go take a long hot bath. Isabel had met up with Alex and they were going to go shopping to pick up some jeans for Alex. Liz hadn´t seen Max since lunch time, but she had seen his jeep outside and knew he was home. As she walked to the bedroom she heard some moaning coming from Max´s room. To get to the bathroom, she had to pass Max´s room. But as she passed his room, she noticed the door was slightly opened. Taking a quick glance she was not prepared for what she was to see next. Max was sitting on his chair with no shirt on, his head was leaning backwards, his eyes closed moaning in ecstacy. And kneeling in front of him was Tess with her head between his legs, going up and down on him. She had seen enough! Turning around she ran outside side crying her head off. Once she had slightly gathered herself she ran as fast as she could not able to get the images she had seen out of her head. Where am I running to? As she bought herself back to her senses. Maria´s. She knew Maria was at home, because Amy had asked Maria to cook dinner up, and the 4 were planning to meet there later. When she finally reached Maria´s, completely out of breath, she banged on the door, "Maria, Maria, open the door it´s me".
Maria opened the door finding a distressed Liz on the doorstep.
"Chica what´s wrong? Why are you crying"? As she bought her friend into the house holding her. Liz was sobbing away and Maria led her into her bedroom sitting Liz on the bed.
"Now Liz, calm down", as she wiped the tears away from Liz´s eyes.
"Liz, Babe, would you tell me what´s going on". Concern written all over her face.
"Max, Max...", she was able to blubber out.
"Liz what about Max"? Putting her arm around her.
"He, he...".
"Liz, take it slowly".
Pulling herself together. "I went...went home today after school...I wanted take a bath before...before...I came here. When I walked...walked passed his bedroom...bedroom. He had...had his top of...and...and ...his jeans were around...around...his ankles and Tess.. Tess was kneeling between...between his legs doing you know what".
"Oh Liz Babe I am so sorry you had to see that". As she bought Liz´s head to her shoulder.
"I know they...they are together...together...but was horrible to see".
"Yeah I see what you mean, oohhh I don´t see how he could get that leech to suck on his... hmmm let´s change the subject".
"So what do you want to do now Liz"?
"How about we pig out on some ice cream, and after...after that we can start practising phase 2 again".
"But the others won´t be here till later".
"I know, but I want to step up the program abit, and then Max Evans watch out".
"I like your kind of thinking Liz".
"C´mon I think my Moms got some chocolate mint in the freezer, how about we hook into it".
"Good idea".
It was amazing, within a week Liz had finally, "graduated", from phase 2 and was walking around in hight heels like she was born in them. The next day was a Friday and as Isabel and Maria penned it Liz´s big, "break out day".


Part 12b.

They finished school early that day and went to town. First Liz went to the opticians to try on her new contacts.
"Now take a look in the mirror Miss Parker", as Mr Gomez swivelled Liz,s chair around. When Liz looked into the mirror she couldn´t believe it was really her reflection she was seeing.
"Say goodbye to double stained windows Liz". Alex commented.
"Oh Chica you look beautiful". As Maria hugged her.
"And she hasn´t even had her hair done". Isabel reminded them.
Next stop, hair dressers, where Liz´s hair was trimmed slightly and styled. Her stylist Jules had she she didn´t have to do much to style Liz´s hair, that she has natural long shiny hair. As she finished up.
"Perfect". Isabel smiled, on seeing the new Liz.
Next they wanted her out of her old clothes so for the next 2 hours the 4 of them did some hard out shopping. On leaving the shop, Maria had insisted she wear the white pair of tight white trousers she had brought with the slits up the side. With her white sandles to match and a tight red top with spaghetti straps on she looked amazing.
"Your looking absolutely stunning", as Isabel hugged her.
Pushing Isabel gently away, Alex grabbed Liz leaning her down, "If I wasn´t already going out with one of the most beautiful girls in Roswell I would just eat you all up", as he pretended to eat her neck. Isabel and Maria laughing at Alex´s reaction.
"Wow, Liz I´m speechless", as Maria´s eyes went all glassy.
"Well howdy be, I never thought I would see the day when Little Miss Maria Deluca would be speechless". As they walked out of the mall, to a lot of cat calls from a group of jocks, who were hanging out. As the left and walked down the street with there bags in tow, eager to get back to Maria´s Moms jetta. They were about to cross the road when kyle Valenti, saw the "new talent" walking.
"What an ass", he drooled as he quickly ran up to her to see if he could carry her bags.
"Can I help you pretty lady", as he reached for her bags.
"Well sure Kyle, if you don´t mind".
"Liz, Liz Parker". Stunned at who she was.
"The one and only". As she flashed him a dazzingling smile.
"Wow Liz, I like what I see".
"Thanks Kyle". As they stopped to chat.
Isabel, Maria and Alex stood slightly behind Kyle prompting her what to do.
"So ummm, Liz I was just wondering if you were up to anything tonight"?
Seeing Isabel shaking her head no, she responded no.
"Would you like to go out with me tonight on a date".
Watching Alex this time, he was nodding his head signalling to her, "I´d love 2".
"Yeah sure, I´d love too, what did you have in mind"?
"I was thinking we could go out to dinner and maybe later we could go out clubbing".
Now all 3 of them were giving the thumbs up.
"Yeah OK, but could Alex, Isabel, Maria and Michael join us".
Kyle turned to look at the others and they were all moving there hands and moving there heads around funnily. Then promptly bought there hands to there sides when they had realised Kyle was looking at them.
"Yeah I suppose so, the more the merrier".
"What about if I see if Max and Tess wanna come". The 3 of them knew what Isabel was up too.
"Yeah I don´t see why not". Kyle agreed.
"Why don´t you get your Dad to drop you off at our place, then if we want to have a few drinks nobody is drinking and driving, we could catch a taxi van out". Isabel suggested. "Say about 7.00pm".
"Sounds good to me, OK about 7.00pm, see you´s then". As they reached the jetta and Kyle handed Liz her bags back.
"OK, then catch you later Liz", as they all departed.
Once seated in the car.
"WWWooowwweeee", Maria screamed pulling Liz into a hug.
"Geez girl when you knock them dead, you don´t knock them dead, you go for the kill".
"Now that was the fastest pick up I have ever seen". Isabel impressed at Liz.
"You thought that was fast, how do you think I feel"? Liz said and Maria pulled out of the park.

OK everyone this is where the fun begins.

Part 13

When the 2 girls arrived home no one was there. The Evans were away for the weekend, on a golfing trip with some of Phillips golfing associates, and Max was probably with Tess. Isabel marched Liz into her room,
"I´ll give Max a call". Searching for Ma´x cellphone number.
"Go for it Iz".
"Hello, Max yeah it´s Iz".
"Hey Iz".
"Hey Max what are you and Tess up to tonight"?
"Nothing, why"?
"Well I just ran into Kyle downtown and he wants to know if you´s 2 want to come out with us tonight".
"Where are you´s going"?
"We´re going out for something to eat then we´re going clubbing".
"Who´s going"?
"Maria, Michael, Me, Alex, Kyle and his date".
"Kyle´s going on a date. Who is she"?
"Oh your have to come if you want to meet her".
"Anything to see who Kyle´s screwing".
"He´s going to come around about 7.00pm".
"We´ll be there"
"OK bye", hanging up the phone, "well Liz it´s all set up it´s nearly 5.30pm, so we better get ready. but first I want to give you something".
Pulling a package from under her bed she gave it to Liz.
"This is a present from me to you".
Opening the present Liz pulled out a beautiful dress.
"Isabel, you shouldn´t have, what´s the special occassion".
"Thank you Isabel, it´s beautiful".
"Your welcome, now come on we´ve got to get you ready for a date tonight".
The girls had showers and changed and Isabel was just putting the last touches to there make-up and hair. When Isabel heard Max walking down the hall way she yelled at Max to use there parents bathroom. Then she told Liz to go in her room and relax, and not open the door unless it was one of them.
When Isabel got downstairs everyone but Liz and Kyle were there. Maria although dying to go up to see Liz, was recommended not to by Alex with all her screaming she might have wrecked the plan. Alex and Maria had filled Michael in on the plan and he said he would go along with them. The guys were sitting around having a beer, while Maria had cracked a bottle of wine open. The bell rung.
"I got it", as Isabel ran to the door.
"Hi Kyle, come in, you look great".
"Hi Iz, thanks". As he entered the door.
Kyle sat down, and Max handed him a beer.
"So Kyle wheres your date"? Max asked, "you leave her outside"?
"No Max, she´s right here".
"Well either I can´t count, but last time I counted there was only 7 people in the room".
"Max I´m taking Liz out".
"What, Liz".
"Yeah you got a problem with that".
"No Kyle I haven´t".
"Are you desperate or what Kyle"? Tess snickered at him.
"Shut up Tess who asked you". Maria interupted.
"Where is she"? Kyle asked looking around the room.
"I´ll just go see what she´s up to ". As Isabel took off to Liz´s room. Coming down a few minutes later, Isabel announced that she would be down soon.
As Liz walked out of her room, she was taking big breaths trying to calm herself down. When she walked down the stairs, Isabel and Maria were smiling at each other, and looked to see everyones elses reaction. The boys mouths all dropped open wide, Tess was giving her evil looks and Max just spat out.
Bingo. Isabel and Maria thought as Liz got the reactions they all knew she would. Her hair was up, with strands hanging out to perfection she wore a tight, red dress with spaghetti straps, fitting her shapely form perfectly coming about mid thigh in length. And the strappy heels she had practised endlessly for hours in topped the dress off. She looked stunning to say the least.
"You look beautiful", Kyle still with his mouth hanging open.
"Thank you", as she dazzled him with a radiant smile.
"You look stunning", as Maria and Alex hugged her to death.
"Watch the hair, watch the hair", as Isabel watched them hugging Liz away.
By now Max´s pants started to feel uncomfortably tight. As he watched her, his breath taken away. Tess flashed Max a wicked look as she saw what affect Liz was having on Max. Max then took a seat, covered himself with a cushion, and took a long swig of his beer.
Michael had complimented on Liz´s appearance too as he reseated himself, also taking a swig of beer.
When Max´s hormones were under control again, he asked them all if anyone wanted a whisky. Then he asked Kyle if he could help him with the glasses. As the 2 stood in the kitchen Max said something that surprised even himself.
"Kyle I know we are friends and all, but I´m going to to the point - I want Liz".
"You heard me, I want Liz".
"Now Max wait a minute bud".
"I know you Kyle, and you aren´t in this for the long run, you only want a screw".
"Well you can´t blame a man for trying". As they poured there drinks.
"There´s no way you are ever going to get Liz to sleep with you".
"And what makes you think you can".
"Who said I wanted to get her in the sack".
"What else did you want her for then"?
"Who knows, but one thing I am sure about, is that I want her. And whatever happens after that happens".
"Well that´s good and fine but what about Tess".
"I have an idea".
"Yeah go on".
"I have Liz and you have Tess".
"Hey slow down abit, it´s not as simple as that".
"Yes it is, it´s real simple".
"What do you plan Max".
"Tonight when we go out, I get into an argument with Tess, she leaves, you follow her after you ask me to take care of Liz for the night. Once your outside with Tess, say something about she´s to good for me and that she deserves to be treated like a Princess. She gets horny, takes you back to her place and she screws you".
"It´s that easy huh".
"Believe me, Tess will open her legs to anyone who passes her a compliment, the girls that shallow".
Agreeing they shook hands, got the glasses and went back out into the lounge.


Was that OK? I need to hear your feedback


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Hi All

thanks for the feedback, and here´s some Dreamer parts for you´s all enjoy.


Part 14

The taxi van arrived, and they all got up to get there jackets to leave. Max followed Liz quickly out of the lounge.
"Here let me help you with that", as Max helped Liz put here jacket on.
"Thanks Max".
"Here watch your step", as Max took her hand and escorted Liz down the stairs.
Liz was taken back by Max´s behaviour, but this was her and Kyles date, and she let go of Max´s hand, just as Tess looped her arm in Max´s. Max gave Tess a furious look, but Tess didn´t take any notice of it. As Liz went to enter the taxi, Max tried to take her arm, but Tess stood between them.
"Tess get out of the way", staring at her indignitely.
"Who are you taking on this date", she lowered her voice so only Max could hear her, "me or the bookworm".
"Tess, grow up would you". As he followed Liz inside, leaving Tess standing there with her arms folded.
Once Liz was seated Max strapped her up in her seatbelt.
"Now we want to keep you safe don´t we", as he smiled into her eyes.
"Well yes, thanks Max". She smiled radiantly at him.
"Wouldn´t want anything happening to your pretty face now would we".
"What about me Max"? Tess screeched at him.
"What you disabled or something". As the others tried to keep there laughs in. And Kyle helped an angry Tess into her seatbelt.
"Why don´t you help me into my seatbelt Honey"? A helpless looking Alex pouted at Isabel.
"Anything for you". As she strapped him in, Alex kissing her as a reward.
As the taxi arrived outside the restaurant, Max helped Liz out of the taxi and walked Liz into the restaurant. When everyone was out of earshot, Maria said to Michael.
"Can you believe that"?
"No, I never thought he had it in him, but one thing I will suggest to you Babe".
"Yeah what´s that".
"Just sit back and enjoy the show". Michael grinned to himself. In all the time he had known Max, he had never seen Max treat any girl like this. How he was treating Tess tonight was the Max he knew. Michael always wondered why all the girls all flocked around Max, with the way he treated them, but Max was like a magnet, with girls always falling at his feet.
Once everyone was all seated Max made sure he was sitting right next to Liz, with Kyle sitting on her other side, and Tess sitting on Max´s other side. The conversation was good, as they waited for there drinks and meals to be served. Then Max said softly to Liz.
"You look really beautiful tonight".
Liz blushed from head to toe.
"Thanks Max". As she dropped her head slightly.
"What´s there to thank, it´s true", as he grinned and thought she looked so cute when she blushed like that.
When the food and drinks arrived, Max asked Liz if she wanted to try his dish. She said yes, and Max lifted his fork up and slipped it into her mouth.
By then Michael just lost it and cracked up laughing, spitting his food all over Tess who was sitting opposite him.
"You friggin pig", as Tess jumped to her feet, whipping the food as best as she could of her dress.
"Do you know how much this dress cost, where the hell are your table manners you asshole".
"What did you just call my friend Tess? What did you call him"? Max yelled at her, although Michael wasn´t really the friendly type, Michael was a real good friend, and he jumped up to his friends defense.
"Don´t you ever talk about my friends like that again". As he kept up yelling at her.
"Don´t you try to make out this is about Michael, I´m not stupid you know, I´ve seen the way your´ve been all over Liz tonight, you little bitch".
"Get the fuck out of her Tess, don´t you ever say anything like that about Liz ever again, you don´t even know her, so why don´t you just fuck off".
"Fine Max", as she threw her napkin onto the table, " I´m outta here, we´re over". As she started to leave the table.
"We never had anything anyway Tess". As Tess stormed out of the restaurant. Kyle keeing to his side of the deal knew this was his cue. Apologising to Liz, he asked Max if he could take care of Liz. And followed Tess out of the restaurant. When Kyle was out of the restaurant. Maria turned around to everyone saying, "I bet you´s all $20 it takes him 45 minutes until he´s screwing her". As everyone but Liz broke out into laughter. At that Liz stood up and ran out of the restaurant. Following her outside Max walked straight up to her.
"Are you OK Liz"? He asked her softly.
"No, no I´m not". As she turned her back on Max, tears running uncontrollably down her face. Max turned her back towards him.
"Liz, I´m sorry".
"It´s´s just that this was was my first date and I just wanted everything to be perfect, now everythings ruined". As the tears continued to run down her face. Max couldn´t take it anymore, and pulled her into his arms.
"Ssshhh, it´s alright now Liz and besides the night is still young". Then bringing his hand to her face he wiped the tears away, "no Liz your wrong, nothings ruined in fact everything can only get better from here", as he looked into her big brown eyes.
"Yeah how"? As tears began to spring up again.
Taking his hand and gently tilting her head up so she could look into his eyes he said,
"Liz Parker would you like to go on a date with me"?
Grinning she nodded yes. Then with his arm around her they walked back inside.
"Why don´t you go to the little ladies room, and I´ll get Iz and Maria to come and fix your make-up for you". As he brushed the silky soft skin of her face.
"OK Max", and kissing her on the forehead he waited until the door was closed and went to get Isabel and Maria.

Part 15

After the girls had returned to the table the mood changed and everyone started enjoying themselves again. Liz couldn´t believe it a few hours into her, ´break out day', here she was, Max sitting right extt to her and treating her like a Queen. The others were just lapping up the show. Liz had Max twisted around her little finger. Isabel was in shock as her brother wiped food from her mouth, as she finished taking her last bite. Liz had been smiling brilliantly since they had got back to the table, enjoying all the attention Max was giving her. Everybody couldn´t help but think how stunning she looked.
When the waiter came to clear there plates, Max whispered something in his ear, the waiter nodded his head, and took off to the kitchen with the dirty dishes.
"What was that all about Max"? A curious Maria asked.
"Oh nothing". he tried to pass off.
"Yeah like sure". Maria said knowing Max was up to something, and the music started to play. Max took Liz´s hand in his, "would you like to dance"? As he stood up.
"Yes Max I would love to dance with you". And Max led her away to the small dance floor.
When they had began to dance everyone started laughing.
"What the heck was that"? Alex asked amused at Max´s actions.
"I don´t know, but get used to it", Isabel chimed in.
"I know he said something to Kyle". Maria who was usually right about her suspicions.
"Shit and look at him now he´s dancing with her, in all the years I´ve known Max, I´ve never seen him dance with any girl before, hell I didn´t even know he could dance". Michael said looking on the at the 2.
"And did you´s hear what he said to Tess". Maria said. "I thought I was going to thump her when she started talking about my man and Liz like that, but Max saved me the embarassment". As she pouted her lips at Michael.
"Yeah I knew that he would react to Liz tonight, but I didn´t see this coming". As Isabel smiled happily.
"Well everyone I think it´s time to have a toast, To Max and Liz and her, ´break out day'". As Alex rose his glass.
"To Max, Liz and her, ´break out day'" as the four clung there glasses together and drank.
"Now I´m just glad that all those trecherous hours of Liz and her 2 shoes was really worth the effort".
"Huh", Michael said looking confused, and the others filled him in on what they had done over the last few weeks.
When Max and Liz reached the dance floor Max automatically took Liz into his arms. Feeling his strong arms wrapped arond her Liz a little tentively wrapped her arms around his waist.
"I could get used to this feeling", Max said looking dreamingly into her eyes.
"What feeling"? Liz asked.
"You wrapped up in my arms".
"Oh", as Liz blushed again.
Max smiled to himself. He loved it when she blushed like this. He knew Liz was moving into new territory, this being her first date, and he knew this was just a normal reaction. It reminded him when he was 8 and he blushed like crazy when he had his first kiss.
"Liz I hope you are enjoying yourself" As the 2 swayed to the music.
"Yes I am". This was true, here she was with Max, and she was inside the arms of the man of her dreams, she had always dreamed of this moment.
"Liz I know everything is going pretty fast and everything, but I was wondering if you would go out with me".
"But Max that´s what we´re doing now". Liz looked at him confused.
"No I don´t mean on a date, I mean go out with me as in boyfriend, girlfriend". he grinned at her, he just loved how naive she could be sometimes.
"Ummm, I don´t know Max". Which was entirely true, her head was spinning at Max´s last statement.
"Liz when I first saw you walking down the stairs tonight I just knew I had to have you".
"Wooww". Liz really hadn´t expected that one.
"And I would always treat you right". He began pleading with his eyes. Ohhh those eyes Liz thought, I feel like melting. But taking her finger, she placed it to his lips, and with a smile plastered all over her face she nodded yes. She then rested her head on his hard, strong chest and they danced together not realising the music had finished.
"5 to 1 he asked her out", Maria said ready for the next bet.
"How much"? Alex said pulling out his wallet.
"$5, I don´t want to make you´s all poor by the end of the night".
"I´m in".
"I´m in too".
As Max and Liz returned to the table hand in hand, Liz had a huge smile on her face. Before they sat down. Maria piped up, "And the winner is..".
"So how was the dance Liz"? Michael looked at her.
"Oh great, more than greet if I do say so".
"And...", Isabel grinned at them.
"And Max asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted", not being able to hold back her joy anymore.
"Pay up, pay up", as Maria put her hand out.
Grudgingly the other 3 pulled out ther money and handed over $5 each to Maria.
"Oh I just love it when I have an instinct". Smiling at them sweetly, as she pocketed her win for the night, "I should have made it $10".
"Yeah just rub it in". As Alex put his wallet back in his pocket.
"I can´t believe you guys betted on us". Max looked at them all.
"Get use to it, they do it all the time", as she laughted out loud. And they got up paid the bill ready to leave for the night-club.


Hope you´s enjoyed those 2 parts, I´ll post another 2 parts tomorrow. Don´t forget the feedback.


posted on 17-Mar-2002 8:06:13 AM by maia
Hi Abby

yeah I´m from Dunedin.

Also I just wanted you´s to know, that in this fanfic, Max always treats Liz good. It´s only scheming Tess, you´s have to worry about.

posted on 18-Mar-2002 12:04:10 PM by maia
Hi all

thanks for all the awesome feedback you´s have been sending. And if any of you´s missed my last message I sent out then read the below.

In all my fanfics I write Max always treats Liz like a Queen, he doesn´t cheat on her or ever look at any other girl, that was just to reassure you´s all. I am a die-hard Dreamer. But in this fanfic scheming Tess is up to her old tricks again, which spells trouble for our Max and Liz.

So here are the next 2 parts.

Part 16

When they got to the club there was a long queue waiting outside. With Liz by his side Max walked straight up to the doormen, "Hi Tony, Chris". As they opened the doors and let the group walk inside.
"How did that happen"? Liz asked.
"I know them".
"Well that´s good by me then".
The music was pumping and the club was full. Making his way to an empty table, they sat down.
"Fancy this table being empty", an impressed Maria said.
"It´s always empty, I know the boss", Max replied.
The others all looking at him strangely. When Max had asked what everyone was drinking he went to the bar. He ordered the drnks and said.
"Pete, keep the drinks coming all night". And he walked back to the table.
"So Liz how do you like it"? Isabel asked.
"It´s everything I expected it to be".
When the girls got up to dance, the 3 of them were having a ball. Especially Liz. This was her first time she had ever gone clubbing before, and she was loving it. Then someone tapped Liz on her shoulder, turning around she embraced a man standing before her.
"Jason, how are you"? As she pecked him on the face.
"Liz, I´m fine, wow look at you, I almost didn´t recognise you".
Isabel and Maria were looking at the 2 with funny looks on there faces.
"Oh Isabel, Maria, this is Jason he´s my old tango partner, you remember Iz when my Mom enrolled me in tango classes".
"Oh yeah, I remember, hi Jason, I´m Isabel".
And they exchanged pleasantries.
"Hey Liz do you want to shake up the floor, for old times sake".
"Yeah sure", as she grabbed his hand and led him onto the dance floor.
Isabel and Maria went back to the table.
"Where´s Liz", Max asked worried.
"Oh she´s dancing with some guy", Isabel smiled at him, knowing exactly what she had just said.
"What the fu...", as he stood out of his chair.
"Calm down Casanova, it´s her old tango partner", as Maria smiled in disbelief at Max´s reaction.
"Is he good looking".
"Max get over it already, it´s only a dance. Look we´re just going to the little girls room, we´ll be back soon". Isabel said and the 2 got up and left the table giggling to themselves.
"You witch, Isabel".
"Hey that´s the woman I love your talking about". Alex looked at him with his eyebrow cocked up.
"Leave it out you´s 2, I come here to have a good time". As Michael interupted them both.
Then Max spotted Liz dancing with that guy. He put his elbows on the table, with his head placed on his hands and sighed.
"Hello earth to Max, hello earth to Max. Max just snap out of it"! As Michael shoved him.
"Oh sorry bud".
"You got it bad". Michael grinned at him.
"I know".
"Maxwell would don´t you just snap out of it or everyones going to think your going all wimpy or something".
"I can´t".
And Michael slapped him on the back nodding his head,
"He´s a goner". As Alex and Michael laughed at Max.
When Liz and Jason finished there dance, she bought him back to the table, introducing them to each other.
"And this is Max".
"Hi Jason, pleased to meet you", as Max shook his hand.
"So your the lucky guy".
"That would be me".
"You take good care of Liz, she´s a good person".
"Jason, cut it out". As Liz slapped him across the arm.
"Yeah, I will", Max realising just how much people cared about Liz.
"Nice meeting you". As Jason went to leave them.
"You too".
"See ya Liz".
"See ya Jason". And he left.
When Liz sat down again a waiter came over and asked Liz if she wanted a drink.
"No thanks, why"?
"See that guy standing at the bar".
"He wants to buy you a drink".
"Well OK then, I´ll drink an orange juice, Max is that OK"?
"Course it is Liz, it´s only a drink he´s buying you".
So the night went on. Max and Liz got up to dance, after she had finished her drink.
Althought the music was fast, they were just dance slowly, holding each other. 4 men had asked Liz to dance with them. Each time, before Liz could say anything Max would just say no. If they insisted Max just said get lost, she´s with me. Liz was amused at his behaviour. And when the last guy asked her to dance Liz asked Max why not.
"Because I don´t want nobody else touching you".
"Oh, really now".
"No one", as he pulled her tighter and tighter towards him.
Liz was getting alot of attention from the men there. Her table was full with drinks, because men kept wanting to buy them for her. As they wre sitting there, Liz started acting real weird, laughing all the time, and swaying away to the music. When her mood changed, she sat there not saying much until,
"Max I don´t feel so well".
"What´s the matter"? As he pulled her closer.
"I´m getting all dizzy, and I can see 2, 3, 4, 5 of you now". As she started to count on her fingers.
"Oh hell, what are you drinking", as he took a sip of her drink, "shit Liz this is orange and vodka".
"But I don´t drink vodka". Her head swaying.
"Liz it´s got vodka in it", as Maria took a sip.
"I think I´m going to be sick", and she ran out to the toilets, Max, Maria and Isabel close behind.
When Max realised he couldn´t go into the womans toilets, he went over to the bar.
"Pete what have you been serving my girlfriend tonight"?
"Orange and vodka".
"Shit she doesn´t drink alcohol".
"Oh man, I got her drinks mixed up".
"Have you been serving her vodka all night".
"Yeah Max". He answered.
"It was a mistake but don´t let it happen again".
"Sorry Max".
As Max waited outside the toilets for the girls, Michael and Alex had ordered a taxi and were waiting outside for it. When the girls came out, Max helped Liz walk out of the club. The taxi got there and in no time they were back at the Evan´s. They all walked into the house. Max lifting Liz up into his arms and carrying her up to the bathroom.
"Iz, Maria clean her up as best as you´s can, I´ll be waiting out the door".
When she was cleaned up and changed Max carried her into her bedroom. Laying her down gently and covering her with a blanket.
"You´s 2 can go now, I´m staying with Liz".
"Well if you going to sleep with her tonight, Alex is going to stay with me". Isabel said as she crossed her arms.
"Do as you please". As he started to take his clothes off.
"I so do not want to see this, and if you take advantage of her while she´s sleeping your´ll have me to deal with". As Maria looked at him warily.
"Good night Maria", as he closed pushed the 2 out of the room, closing the door behind him.
Max then stripped down to his boxers, getting into bed with Liz, he lay her on his behr chest, and stroked her soft, silky hair. Falling to sleep with a smile on his face.

Part 17

When Liz woke up the next morning she felt a bumping noise going off in her head. Her stomach felt a bit weak and she felt all drained. She felt nice and warm, and went to go back to sleep when she felt something hard and smooth underneath her, she smiled and moving her hand over rippling muscles.....
"Max", as she sat up in bed realising who she was lying next to. "What are you doing here"? Pulling the blankets up to her.
"Hi Liz, you don´t remember what happened last night do you", grinning at her with a big smile on his face.
"No, no", as her eyes began getting bigger and bigger.
Pulling her into his arms he decided to relieve her. "Liz we didn´t do anything last night, believe me I was tempted to, but we just slept in each others arms". And proceeded to tell her what happened last night.
"So I got drunk then".
"Yeah you did".
And Liz cuddled closer into his body and they both fell asleep again.
When Liz woke up later, she was surprised to find Max gone. Getting up she had a quick shower and went downstairs to find Max over the oven.
"Morning beautiful", as she walked straight to him, and he kissed her.
"Or should I say good afternoon".
"What time is it"?
"Just after 12.00pm".
"You should have woken me up".
"No I didn´t want to disturb you, you looked so peaceful as you were sleeping". Handing her a cup of coffee.
"Have you got anything planned for today, I thought we could go out for a picnic or something".
"No I haven´t got anything planned for today, and I´d love to go out for a picnic today".
"Then you finish your coffee and I´ll just finish packing up".
Driving out of Roswell Liz had asked him where they were going to.
"It´s a surprise, wait until we get there".
About 20 minutes later they pulled up to some trees in the middle of no where. There was a small pond there too.
"This is my secret place, not much people know about it. I come here when I want to think to myself".
As he bought a picnick basket and blanket out form the jeep.
Laying it down, Liz started to unpack the basket.
"Hmmm chicken, yum my favourite". As she started to serve them up something to eat.
"Yeah I know". As they began to eat and talk among themselves. When Liz had finished eating Max pulled her into his arms.
"So beautiful what do you want to do now"?
"Nothing just stay here with you".
As there faces moved closer and closer to each other, Liz blushed and bit her lip.
"Umm Max".
"Yeah", as he could feel her hot breath on his skin.
"I´ve never kissed a boy before".
"Well then your have to use me for practise then", as he bought his lips upon hers for the first time. Max took it slowly, kissing and sucking her lips gently, then bringing his tongue out he expertly slid it slowly over her bottom lip. Flicking his tongue around her sweet lips, slowly urging her to open her mouth slightly. Liz opened her mouth slightly, sucking on his bottom lip with her lips, Max moaning as he thought he was going to explode. Liz was enjoying feeling these new sensations, her head going dizzy, and her body feeling like it was on fire. Max started moving his hands up and down Liz´s back her body arching into his, tilting her head a little more she opened her mouth a little wider. Max slid his tongue into her mouth, tasting the sweet taste of strawberrys, her mouth opened more allowing him more access, so he could touch all her wet recesses. Ohhh she tasted so sweet, he knew then he would never get enough of her taste ever. Then Liz slid her tongue into his mouth, tasting him for the first time. Then he started flicking his tongue with hers, around and around as they moaned in each others arms. Max jerked a little as she slid her hand under his shirt, he didn´t expect her to do this, and she moved her hands gently up and down his behr back. Max bought her closer to him, slowly slidding his hands up and down her body, and as she moaned his manhood became hard. He didn´t want to scare her, so he gently pulled away from her.
"Are you sure your´ve never kissed a boy before".
"Your a natural born kisser Liz", as he tried to bring himself under control again.
"Max why did you stop kissing me for"?
"I didn´t want you to do something that you might regret later".
"I only regret that we stopped".
"It´s just that I don´t want to rush you".
"I suppose your right".
Pulling her so she was lying onto his stomach, he played with her hair again, as the talked for ages, enjoying each others company before going home again.


Well we are starting to move up a few notches now, so watch out for the next part, don´t forget the feedback.


posted on 19-Mar-2002 10:39:39 AM by maia
Hi all

I love all the feedback you´s have all been posting.

Abby, the answer to your question is yes. So you haven´t been as far as Napier, you don´t know what your missing out on, I don´t live in NZ anymore, I live in Europe, but I wish I was in your shoes, I would do anything to come back home.

Kiki, that was so funny about you jumping JB. (He, he, he)!

TimeLoveConquers All, I´m glad your enjoying reading Khivars Daughter I just updated it too.

Marleloise, I love the little jumping, green men at the bottom of your post.

So now onto the next 2 parts.

Part 18

Max and Liz had been going out with each other for 3 weeks now, and there relationship was getting stronger and stronger by the day. When Phillip and Dianne found out they were a couple, Dianne had said how she had always wished that Max and Liz would get together one day, and that she loved Liz´s new change. But also after they got back Max went back to sleeping in his own bed again,apparently. But what no one knew is that everynight Max would sneak into her room, where they would fall asleep in each others arms. And sneak out early in the morning. Max was finding it harder and harder to leave her each morning, but if they got caught they didn´t know what Dianne and Phillip would do.
One night Max sneaked into Liz´s room as usual. What he didn´t see was his Mother, who had gone to the kitchen to get a drink, and she had seen him entering Liz´s room. Dianne was left at the top of the stairs with here mouth wide open as she saw her son slowly going into the room. No they wouldn´t would they? Dianne asked herself. No this is Liz, I trust Liz and besides my boys not like that, thinking Max was still a little angel. Maybe they are just talking. So she went back to her bedroom, trusting her instincts. For the rest of the night Dianne couldn´t sleep anymore wondering if she had made the right decision or not. And when her curiosity got the better of her she tiptoed slowly to Liz´s bedroom. Opening the door quietly she peeked into see the 2, they were peacefully sleeping in each others arms. "Phew", she´s still got her night shirt on and her hairs not ruffled up. She then closed the door preparing herself to talk to the 2 tomorrow.
After breakfast everyone had finished breakfast and Phillip had left, when Dianne had said to Max and Liz that she wanted to talk to them before school.
"Isabel, you take the jeep, I´ll drop Liz and Max off at school".
"OK then Mom", leaving with a smirk on her face, before she left the house. When Isabel was finally out of the door Max asked, "Mom what is this all about"? Taking Liz´s hand in his.
"I haven´t said anything to your Father yet but Max I saw you going into Liz´s room last night".
"Just let me finish Honey".
PHEW! She called me Honey, Max thought to himself.
"Liz I´m going to take you to the Doctors today to go on the pill".
"But Mom we´re not doing anything like that". Max shocked at his Mothers forwardness.
"I know Honey, I trust you´s both, but you´s aren´t little kids no more, and teenagers and hormones, you know I can´t keep on eye on you 24/7".
"Dianne but Max and I are´nt ready to go that far yet". Liz reassured her.
"Look I know that you´s 2 feel strongly towards each other, but you´s are just so young, and I just want you´s to take some precautions in case you´s lose control of yourselves. So I am going to take you to the Doctors today Liz are you OK with that", she finished.
"OK then Dianne"
"Good then, I will pick you up today after school".
"I´m coming to Mom".
"Sure Honey I´m not going to mention this to your Father Max, he´s got alot on his mind at the moment".
"Thanks Mom, "Thanks Dianne". They both replied.
"And Honey I don´t know if there´s any point me banning you from Liz´s room or not, but if your going to sneak into Liz´s bedroom at night time don´t get caught by your father, and especially your sister. You know what she´s like, she´d never forgive me if she found out I knew".
"Thanks Mom", as Max pecked her on the cheek, "your the greatest".
"I just worry about you´s 2 sometimes".
"Thanks Dianne", Liz said as she bought Liz into a hug.
"Well I better get you´s 2 off to school now". And without any hesitation they all left the house to leave.

Part 19

The next Friday, the Evans were away on a golfing trip in California. Max had asked Isabel if she could stay the night at Maria´s as he wanted to cook dinner for Liz. Giving him a suspicious look she finally agreed when he paid her $30, and promised to lend her the jeep for the week-end. Max wanted to do something special tonight, and he knew he would need the help of his friends, so he had asked Alex if he could take Liz to the library for a few hours while he prepared everything at home. Max prepared her a chicken cassarole, remembering chicken was Liz´s favourite. He even grabbed a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly, just to set the mood. With crystal glasses, candles, and his Mothers china dishes and best cutlery he topped it off with a crystal vase with white roses in it. Max smiled to himself rather pleased with his efforts. Ringing up Alex on his cell, "Alex don´t say my name".
"Sure thing Ma...Honey, I love you Isabel".
"Alex your making me sick".
"OK then I´ll be over in 20 minutes". Alex smiled into the cell-phone. Then turning to Liz.
"Liz I have to get going, something about Isabel breaking her nails and she wants me to pick-up some new falsies for her". He knew it was weak, but he had to say something.
"Yeah OK Alex". As they packed up ther things and left. Liz knew Isabel was at Maria´s tonight, but when she realised Alex was driving her home she reminded him.
"Alex your´ve got to pick up those false nails for Isabel, drive to the mall first you can drop me off later".
"Oh I´ll drop you off first, it´s no big deal". Alex said, hoping she wouldn´t push it.
"I don´t mind Alex, besides I wanted to talk to Maria about something".
Alex sped up a little. "Well I don´t know I wouldn´t want Max getting upset at me"
"It´s alright Alex, Max is doing something with Michael tonight, Michael said something about doing some male bonding with Max and that they were going to the pool rooms tonight".
"I don´t mind dropping you off first really, and it can´t be that important that you speak to Maria tonight". Speeding even faster, because he was running out of excuses.
"Alex what´s the matter with you tonight", she gave him a funny look.
"Nothing why"? Pulling up to the Evans.
"It´s just that your been acting weird ever since we left the library".
"Liz I would love to chat but I really have to get going", leaning over her and opening the door so she would step out.
"OK Alex", as she got out of the car slowly, knowing something was up with him.
And Alex sped off thinking the things I do for you Max Evans.
Inserting the key in the lock, Liz noticed the house was dark, stepping inside, Max turned some soft music on as she closed the door.
"Hi beautiful".
"Max what are you doing here, I thought you were going out with Michael tonight"? As a smile spread across her face, she walked towards him putting her arms around his neck and kissing him full on the lips.
"Well if I remember", kiss, kiss, "I live here", kiss, kiss, "and Michael was just a little distraction for you", kiss, kiss.
Pulling back slightly Liz noticed everything Max had arranged on the coffee table.
"What are you up to Max Evans", as she took his hand and started to inspect the table.
"Oh just a little something to show you how much I love you".
"What did you just say"? As she couldn´t believe her ears.
"I said just a little....".
"No, no, no the other part, the end part".
"I said I love you". As he looked into her big brown eyes.
"Max I love you too". And the two joined in a long sweet kiss.
Then Liz pulled out of the kiss, "you set me up".
"Yep", as he tried to kiss her lips again.
"You´s all set me up". Pulling away from him again.
"Yep", as he attempted to carry the kissing session on".
"You mean everything, Michael, Alex at the library, Isabel and Maria".
"Yep, you going to spank me".
"Max, no I´m not going to spank you, but later on I think I could arrange to do something else to you". As she bit her lip, smiling seductively at him.
"I´ll hold you to that".
"Why don´t we eat first, I´m starved", as she led him into the kitchen.
"What did you cook Max", walking to the oven.
"Chicken cassarole", he smiled proud of himself.
"Hmmm, my favourite".
"Yeah I know", as he watched her memorised by her every move, as she went to take the dish out of the oven.
"And what´s for dessert"? Liz asked, as she went to place the dish on the counter.
"You", Max said unashamedly.
Liz blushed away to herself.
"I love it when you blush like that", as he pulled her into her arms again.
"You do it to me all the time, I mean make me blush".
"I can´t help it, I´m crazy about you".
"I know, that´s what I love about you". As they kissed each other again.
Then bringing the dish into the lounge the 2 sat and ate, talking comfortably together. Max telling Liz about eveything he had done to pull tonight off, even about the $30 her gave Isabel. Liz was so impressed that he would go to so much trouble to make her happy. Max responding,
"I would do anything to make you happy as they finished off dinner.


So where is this all leading too. Find out tomorrow. And don´t forget the feedback.


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Hi all

thanks for all the feedback. I´m sorry those last 2 parts were short, but I made up for it today. It start now with NC-17. I have never written NC-17 before, so don´t laugh.


Part 20

After dinner, they cleared there plates away, then cuddled each other on the couch. They were in the middle of a real heated kiss when Liz pulled away.
"Liz what´s the matter, why did you stop"? Max asked worriedly that he had gone to far.
"Max, you know before when I said I wanted to do something for you". She said as she bit her bottom lip nervously.
"Yeah", as he traced his finger down her neck and started drawing circles on her chest.
"Well its...I want to give something to you".
"Yeah Liz, what is it"? Staring at her hair hanging across her shoulder.
"I want to give myself to you". As she blushed brighter than she ever had in her entire life.
Stopping the circling, he looked her into her big brown eyes.
"Are you sure about this Luv". Not really believing his ears.
"I have´nt been more sure about anything before in my life". As she untangled herself from him, and stood before him.
"I mean Liz, although I have´nt thought about taking you before, this is a real precious thing you want to give to me, once it´s gone, there´s no getting it back". Taking her tiny hand in his.
"I know, but I couldn´t think of anyone else that I would want to give it too".
"I love you Liz", as he stood before her, looking into her eyes with all the love he had inside of him.
"I love you too Max". As he lifted her into his strong arms they engaged themselves in a hot passionate kiss, Max nearly losing his footing as he walked up the stairs.
She pulled her head slightly away from him with a huge grin on her face saying,
"Max I think we had better leave this until we get into the bedroom". As he stared passionately into her eyes leading them into Liz´s bedroom.
When they reached Liz´s room he placed her so she was standing before him. Taking his time he slowly fumbled with her clothes, giving her feather-light kisses wherever he could. Although Liz wanted this with every fibre in her body she became a bit nervous when he started to unzip her jeans. She had never been naked in front of anyone, let along the man she was in love with.
"It´s alright Baby", as Max felt her body tense up a little. "I want to see you, all of you", as he whispered sweet reassurances to her.
Liz lifted her legs out of her jeans as Max slowly slid them off of her body. He then put his hands behind Liz´s back and undone her bra strap, when she slid her arms out of it, Max let if fall to the ground. He then proceeded to take off her panties, Liz feeling a little embarassed as he knelt before her. Then Max stood up, and took a step back.
Liz tried to cover her breast with her hands", blushing brightly.
"Liz I said I want to see you, all of you". As he stared into her eyes.
"Your beautiful do you know that, you are absolutely beautiful". As Max took the full sight of Liz in, he was absolutely breathless.
"Max", she said, not thinking she could take it any longer, as Max´s eyes moved slowly up and down her body. Max then hurriedly took off his T-shirt, and his jeans, still entranced by the smooth look of her skin. Standing in only his boxers he then took Liz in his arms, pulling her into a passionate kiss, moving them slowly towards the bed. When Liz was lying down, Max started his cover her with feather-light kisses on her face, Liz´s body responding to the touch of Max´s naked chest against her, closing her eyes, enjoying the feel of his soft kisses on her skin. Max wanted to make Liz as happy as he could, as he brushed kisses down her neck. He moved his hand gently caressing her breast, loving the feel of Liz under his hand, Liz lifting her chest up slightly as Max touched her breast for the first time. Max continued his trail of kisses downwards, to her chest, enjoying the taste of her, moving down towards her breast. He cupped both breasts in his hands, gently rotating them around and around, and seeing Liz´s hard nipple he began to lick and suck at them with fervour. Liz couldn´t believe the sensations she was feeling, as she moaned out thinking she was going to die a sweet death from Max´s onslaught. Max slowly circling her nipples with the tip of his tongue flicking his tongue around and aroundher nipple. As she moaned his name, he then moved his hand over her flat stomach, inching it´s way down and down. When his hand meet the nestles of hair, he gently moved his hand to seperate her legs, as Liz moved her head backwards and her breasts moved higher into his mouth. Max then put his fingers gently into her moistness, torturing her body as he moved them ever so slowly through her wet folds, finding that place of hers where he wanted to go to. As he found her soft nub, he rubbed it softly, Liz moaned his name as he applied his application to her, Max teasing her with his fingers as her body started to go over the edge. Max lifted his mouth from her hard nipple, "I want to taste you", and he disappeared between her shapely legs. As his face drew nearer to her womanhood, he smelled the wetness of Liz, he hummed a "mmmmm", and touched her folds with his mouth for the first time. She tasted like honey, sliding his tongue up and down her folds, her body arching higher into his mouth. Max expertly slid his tongue to her nub, flicking it over and over again, not being able to get enough. When he felt her body go over the edge for the first time, he pulled her nub between his soft lips, suckling to his hearts delight. Liz thought she couldn´t take this sweet torture anymore, and tried to sit up, but Max had not finished with her yet, flicking his tongue back and forwards over her nub, bringing her over the edge again and again. Liz feeling the fire through her body, pulled Max to her. Max was hard as she saw him reappear again.
"Take off your boxers Max", another second had not gone by as he knelt on the bed, naked before her. He´s beautiful Liz thought as she looked upon his rippled body and down towards his manhood.
"Max", she whispered quietly, "I want you". And his body fell against hers. Max then started to kiss her again, on the mouth. There tongues duelling with each other.
"Max I want to touch you", as she felt his kisses on her face. He then rolled onto his back, allowing Liz to touch him for the first time. When her tiny hand took him into her hand. Max felt like he was going to explode, as she slid her hand gently up and down his shaft.
"Your so big", she whispered, and Max smiled knowing that she was pleased with his manhood.
When she lay back onto the bed, she said softly.
"Max I want you, I want you so bad". Rolling back onto her, Max looked Liz straight in the eyes, all her love was pouring out of them.
"Max I want you now". As the anticipation grew within her.
He then leaned into her, taking her mouth again, preparing himself for her. As he opened her legs again.
"Your so wet", he said as his hands went back into her soft folds, finding the place he would go next to.
As Liz grabbed his shaft he moaned as she guided Max into her. Max moved slowly into her for the first time, feeling her tightness around him and he plunged slowly into her softness, feeling her barriers break around him. Liz moaned a little as she felt her womanhood break. Max was so careful with her, when he felt her barriers breaking, inching slowly into her for the first time, pulling himself slowly back out, until Liz got used to the feeling of him inside of her. His stomach muscles flexing, as he moved in and out of her.
"Oh Maxxxx", as she started to get used to the feel of him inside of her, she put her hands on his butt, and there bodies moved in sync with one another there bodies becoming one. Max took it slowly not wanting to stop the feeling of Liz tightness around him, willing his body for more and more. But Liz keep on pulling him back down again, faster and faster. He moved his fingers back to her nub again, finally breaking the kisses on her face. Rubbing her faster and faster, so Liz would go over the edge again, sliding himself faster faster, over and over, and then a groan came from both of them, as they both went over the edge together as Max bought Liz to a climax with his fingers. When Max had released, his body fell back onto Liz again as the sound of heavy breathing could be heard from both of them, and they relaxed into the bed.
When Max came back to his senses again, he starting placing kisses all over Liz´s face again. When he opened his eyes, he saw tears running down Liz´s face.
Pulling his face away from Liz´s he said in distress.
"Liz what´s the matter with you, did I hurt you or something".
"No Max, you didn´t hurt me, it was just more beautiful than I thought it would be".
Kissing her on her soft lips he said, "I love you Liz Parker".
"I love you too Max Evans". And they lay together for a while, before Max suggested they change the sheets, because of the blood. And then going back to bed again, they fell asleep in each others arms.

Well everyone that was my first attempt at NC-!7. Was it alright? Anyway back to the next part.

Part 21

Max´s POV

I woke up the next morning with Liz in my arms. Leaning on my elbow so I could see her , I stroke her soft long hair. I let her hair fall betwen my fingers, loving the sensation of the silkiest. After awhile I look into her face, her beautiful face ad I wonder what I did to deserve her. At the moment I feel like the luckiest man on earth and I can´t believe she is really mine and that this is really happening to me. You see last night Liz gave me the most unbelievable gift. She gave herself to me, mind, body and sould. Shit she gave herself to me and she told me she loved me. She loves me! I´ve never had anyone tell me they love me before, oh yeah all those girls that I´ve been with, a few of them told me they loved me, but that was a load of shit. Have a few screws with them and then they love me-yeah right. Liz told me she loved me and we hadn´t even been with each other yet. When we made love with each other last night, ohhh, I have´nt even know the words to describe it. Let me just say it was the single most wonderful moment I had ever had before. I don´t think I can add anymore to that.
She was shy at first when I undressed her and she stood in front of me. I couldn´t help but worship her perfect body. She tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but when I said I wanted to see her, all of her, she blushed like she always does when she´s embarassed. I love it when she does that. I love everything about her. Looking into her beautiful face again, I am memorised by her perfection. I could look into her face forever. She´s perfect. Her nose, her mouth her big brown eyes. She´s absolutely gorgeous. From the top of her head to the bottom of her toes, she makes me breathless.
It´s not even the way she looks that makes her so special to me. Liz is a very loving person. And she makes me laugh, sometimes I wonder if she realises how naive she can be. But that´s another part of her that makes me love her so much. OOPPSS better stop dreaming about her now, she´s waking up.

Liz´s POV

I wake up slowly feeling Max playing with my hair, I smile, as I feel the body of the man I love lying next to me and remember what we did last night. I was sooooo nervous when we came to the bedroom together, and Max began to undress me. But he reassured me that everything was going to be OK. As I slipped out of my last stitch of clothing, Max stood back to look at my body. I felt a bit inadequate as he stared at me, thinking that he would not be happy with what he saw. I tried to cover my breasts, but Max said he wanted to see me, all of me so I nervously put my hands back to my side. And then to my amazement, he told me I was beautiful. I never ever thought that I would ever hear those words, but Max proved me wrong. When he took his T-shirt and jeans off, I was taken aback, when I saw this Greek God standing before me. His body is amazing, his very toned body, and those ripples on his abs, I thought I was going to faint. But my Max, again saved me the embarassment, by taking me in his arms, and bringing me to the bed. As I lay there Max made me feel like a Goddess, as he worshipped my body with his mouth. Ohhh the sensations I felt. My body felt like it was on fire. I am really new to the art of love-making, but if those sensations I felt last night are the most unbelievable sensations I have ever felt before. I was totally under a spell as Max tortured my body last night with our love-making. He has pleased me like no one has ever been able to please me before. I only hope he wasn´t disappointed at my lack of experience. I would like to please him on day. I think I might ask Maria about some tips in love-making. Or just experiment on him myself.
When we first made love, Max was so gentle and caring to me, allowing me to play with him when I asked him if I could touch him. He feels...he feels like heaven when I had touched him. Heaven is sweet. But when we first make love to him, it felt like it was the best thing I had ever done before in my life- like it was meant to be. That everything we did was right. He was so gentle when he first entered me, taking it slowly with me, but when I felt him inside of me, I knew then that I would never get enough of Max inside of me. When we had finished, he was shocked when he saw me crying. He thought that he had hurt me-he did the complete opposite, making me fill whole. I love Max, I have always loved Max. I have never ever told anyone that before. But I have always loved him. And do you know what the best about everything now. He loves me too. And I died tomorrow, I would die the happiest woman in the world.


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glad you´s all like the fic so much, and thanks for all the FB. I just have to warn you´s before you´s read on, this is when Tess starts stirring some shit.


Part 22

Time had gone by and Liz and Max had been together for 2 months. After Max´s surprise dinner for Liz, Dianne had suspected that the 2 of them had, "furthered", their relationship. So from then on Dianne had insisted that Phillip go alone to any golf trips by himself. This unually consisted of Phillip playing golf all week-end with business associates, while Dianne got stuck watching the wifes getting all sloshed. And she didn´t think she was missing out on anything anyway.
So Max and Liz snuck off alot to ther ´special place ´, in the desert for ther love making sessions. Not minding it at all, so long as they were together. At night times though Max still sneaked into Liz´s room, leaving early in the morning so he wouldn´t get caught. Athough Max was finding it harder and harder to leave Liz each morning.
In the meantime Tess had felt the full repercusions of the outburst in the restaurant. Not only had she insulted one of the most popular guys in Roswell, Michael. But she had broken up with Max. She had gone from one day from being Max Evans ´girlfriend, to public fleebag no.1. And she had become a loner. Nobody wanted to be seen with her. Even after Kyle had slept with her that night, he didn´t want anything to do with her and Tess thought she had given Kyle the time of his life. When Tess had slept with different guys, it made her feel wanted, loved and beautiful. Now she wasn´t even getting that anymore. Before she used to get called up all the time from different guys, but now nobody rung her. Not since Paulie had rung her up nearly 3 months ago, the time of Liz´s parents death had she any calls and now she had gotten so desperate she had even thought about taking up Mike Richards offer up. He was one of her Dads business associates and he was going on 47, all bald and wrinkly.
Tess had tried ringing Max up after there fight but he always said he didn´t want to talk to her ever again, and always hung the telephone up on her. When she had tried him on his cell-phone, he never answered. And when she tried again a few days later a voice call message informed her that the number she had dialled had either changed or wasn´t operational. She knew Max never talked on his cell for very long, so it wasn´t engaged because she had tried him every 5 minutes for nearly 2 hours. So she guessed that Max had changed his cell-number.
Tess had even tried waiting for Max at his locker, but when he saw her he always told her to fuck-off and stormed away from her. Going to Max´s hang-outs didn´t help her either. When she did walk into the pool rooms, all the guys just looked at her and laughed at her. She then turning on her heels and running out. When Max found out about that he met her one day at her lockers and said to her if she ever turned up on his doorstep he would have a trepassing notice put on her.
But now Tess was past desperate, Max Evans was hers and she would do anything to get him back. So Tess made one more last effort attempt to get Max back and rung him up. An unsuspecting Max answered the telephone.
"Yeah Max here".
"Max it´s me Tess".
"What the fuck do you want I thought I said to you to never ring me up ever again". Max yelled at her.
"Max please it´s important". Tess begged him.
"Look Tess..".
"Max if you don´t talk to me I´ll go to your Mother about this".
"What the fuck are you up to Tess, what the hell are you trying to do, trying to bring my Mom into this".
"Then listen to me". Still begging to Max.
"Yeah what"! A more than pissed Max said.
"Max I went to the Doctors today".
"Yeah and what does that have to do with me", as his voice didn´t lower.
"Max I´m pregnant and your the Father".
"Bull-shit, I don´t believe you".
"Max maybe you don´t believe me, but I have a copy of the pregnancy test Max, it´s right in my hand".
"Oh fuck! I want to see the copy Tess, and you better not be lying to me".
"I´m not lying to you, and you can see it".
"Come around to my house tomorrow at 6´clock". As a sly grin grew on her face.
"OK I´ll be there". And Max hung up the phone. Upset he stormed out of the house, forgetting Liz was waiting for him in her room.
20 minutes late Liz got a call.
"Hello is this Liz Parker"? The voice asked.
"Yes it is". Liz not recognising the voice at all.
"Hello dear, this is Mrs Mellory, you know Pete Mellory´s wife".
"Oh yeah", Liz said as she remembered Pete being one of her Dads business associates.
"Mrs Mellory what can I do for you"?
"Liz, Pete was sorting through some files today, and he found some of your Dads memoirs, I was just wondering if you could come around tomorrow and pick them up. They quite important Pete said", Mrs Mellory said.
"Yeah sure Mrs Mellory, what´s your address"? As Liz picked up a pen to write the address down.
"It´s 24 Baker Crescent"
"24 Baker Crescent", as Liz repeated the address, "yeah what time then"?
"Pete and I usually don´t get home until about 6.30pm, how about 7.00pm".
"That sounds good then, so I´ll see you about 7.00pm Mrs Mellory".
"OK Liz I´m looking forward to meeting you".
"Bye", Liz said as she went to put down the reciever, and wondered why the heck Max didn´t come upstairs again.
"Bye". And in her bedroom Tess put the phone down, smiling smuggly to herself.

Part 23

When Max got home that night, he showered and went to say good night to Liz. He told Liz that he was sorry for not telling her that he had taken off, and went to bed. About 2.30am Liz woke up and Max wasn´t next to her in bed. Tiptoeing down the hallwas she walked into Max´s bedroom. He had the lamp on and was just staring up at the ceiling.
"Max what´s the matter? I woke up and you weren´t beside me in bed". As she sat next to him on the bed. Kissing him on top of his head.
"I´m sorry Baby, I just had alot on my mind today. I kinda forgot what time it was".
"Are you coming to my room then"? An understanding Liz said to him.
"Yeah sure". As he hopped out of the bed, took her hand and they both tiptoed back to Liz´s bedroom.
In Liz´s bed they snuggled up together. Liz could tell something was troubling him. He was just acting so distant. So she tried to get him to tell her what the problem was. But Max kept on insisting that everything was alright. They both couldn´t sleep for the rest of the night. And it wasn´t until 3 hours later when Max sneaked back to bed again did Liz fall asleep.
At school the next day Max was still acting weird. He hadn´t really talked all day to anyone, and everyone was getting worried about him. After lunch Max had said that he had something to do after school and asked Liz if she could catch a ride home with Maria.
When school was finished Max raced out into the car park and drove off in a hurry, forgetting to say good-bye to Liz.
"What´s up with Loverboy"? Maria asked as they saw him rush out of the car park.
"He´s got alot on his mind at the moment".
"Well he could of at least said good-bye to you".
"Maria it´s alright", Liz said trying not to sound disappointed.
Since Liz didn´t know what time Max would get home, Liz asked Maria if she could take her to Mrs Mellory´s.
"Yes Liz, of course I will, what time do you want me to pick you up"? As they sat in Maria´s car outside the Evan´s.
"About 6.45pm, is that alright"? Liz asked.
"OK then, see you about 6.45pm tonight".
"Thanks Maria". As Liz went to shut the door.
"That´s OK Chica, see you then".
"Bye", and Maria drove off.
During this time Max just needed sometime alone to think to himself and he had driven to there,
´special place ', Max was just sitting there in his jeep staring out at nothing in particular. He was so confused, but he knew he had to find some sort of answer out. He knew for sure that he wasn´t going to give Liz up. He really didn´t want to break the news to Liz. But he wouldn´t say anything to her until he found out the truth. Oh Liz, shit he thought, he´d forgotten to say good-bye to Liz after school. Pulling his cell-phone out he quickly rang her up.
"Iz, is Liz home"? He asked his sister.
"Yeah, I´ll just go and get her".
"Hi Max", Liz said when she finally answered the phone.
"I´m sorry Baby I forgot to say good-bye to you after school".
"Max what´s the matter with you, I´m starting to worry about you".
"I´m sorry Baby but I didn´t want you to worry about me".
"Well you are worrying me Max, I feel helpless not being able to do anything to help you".
"Liz I promise, when the time is right, I´ll tell you what´s going on alright".
"Well looks like I will just have to accept it then".
"Babe, I won´t be home for dinner tonight, I´ve got something to do this evening but I should be home about 6.30pm, will you be there"?
"Yeah Max but I have to leave at 6.45pm I have to pick some of my Dads things up from Mrs Mellory´s"
"OK then Babe, I´ll see you later this evening then, I love you".
"I love you too Max". And they hung up there phones.
Max felt guilty not telling Liz the truth yet, but he wanted to see the truth before he told her anything. Later at 6.05pm Max arrived at Tess´s, he rung the door bell and was surprised to be met by a pleasant smiling Tess.
"Hi Max, I´m glad you made it". She said still giving him a sweet smile.
"Let´s just get this over and done with so I can go home", as Max pushed his way past Tess. When Max sat down Tess said she would just get the test and asked Max if he wanted a drink.
"Yeah you got a whisky, I need one".
"OK Max, I´ll just go pour us a drink, do you want some coke and ice with that", she asked ever so sweetly.
"Make it on the rocks, I really need it".
As Tess went into the kitchen she poured her a coke and Max a whisky, I´ll make it a double she thought and then she pulled something out of her pocket, and put something into Max´s whisky it dissolved in Max´s drink. Spooning the ice into his glass, she took the drinks into the lounge.
"So where´s the test"? Max not even thanking her for the drink.
"Oh let us finish our drinks first and then I´ll get the test".
"Stop stalling Tess", as he drank his drink in one gulp. "Finished, now get that test". As Max plonked his glass back onto the table.
"OK, OK I´ll get it then". As she left the room.
A few minutes later Max started to feel dizzy. 'What´s happening to me ´, but before he could think anymore Max passed out on the couch.
As Tess returned to the room, she smiled to herself.
"It´s payback time now Liz Parker", and started to put her plan into action.
At 6.50pm Liz and Maria pulled up to 'Mrs Mellory´s ', place.
"That´s Max´s jeep, what´s he doing parked outside Mrs Mellory´s place", Maria aked.
"I don´t know Maria. He said he would see me before I left to come here, maybe he decided to meet me here". Liz said matter-o-factly.
"Yeah whatever". An unamused Maria said.
"I´ll only be 5 minutes OK Maria". As she hopped out of the car.
"Sure Chica".
And Liz ran to the door. When she got there, there was a note hanging on the door. It read.

"Liz come in, the doors open, I´m in the back garden. Joan Mellory".

So Liz went in the door.
"Hello Mrs Mellory, it´s me Liz, Liz Parker you were expecting me...".
Liz was not prepared to see what she saw next. Lying naked on the couch was Tess in Max´s arms. there clothes, scattered all over the floor. Turning her face to Tess´s, Tess was smiling at Liz with a wicked grin on her face.
"Sorry you had to find out about us like this, but we thought we would celebrate the coming of our new baby".
Feeling like her heart had been ripped out of her chest, Liz burst into tears and went running out of the house. When Liz jumped into the car she said in distress.
"Drive Maria, Drive, get me the hell out of here".
Turning on the ignition quickly Maria stressed out as anything said to Liz.
"Chica what´s wrong with you"?
"Maria just drive". And without another moments hesitation Maria stepped on the gas and drove away quickly.


I know that was horrible, but keep posted to see what happens. Don´t forget the FB.


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Hi all

I know the last 2 parts were a bitch, but they will get back together again, so you´s have to keep on reading to find out how.


Part 24

After driving out to the desert Maria pulled the car to the side of the road. Liz had been crying non-stop since they had left,´Mrs Mellorys ', staring out of the window thinking to herself. Maria couldn´t get boo out of Liz, and she now pulled Liz into her arms.
"Chica tell me what the matter is". Maria stroking Liz´s silky hair. After a few minutes of silence Liz began.
"I went inside Mrs Mellorys, and when I got inside, Max was there, he was lying naked with Tess in his arms, and Tess is pregnant she´s having Max´s baby". Liz bursting into tears on Maria´s shoulder.
"That bastard! I´ll kill him, no better I´ll let Michael kill him first and the I´ll kill him". And in the next second Maria figured out who Mrs Mellory was.
"That bitch Tess, I´ll hang her out for the vultures after I get my hands on her". As Maria pictured 100 different ways she could slowly kill Tess. The 2 sat there for awhile before Maria asked Liz her next question.
"Liz what are you going to do now"? A overly concerned Maria said.
"I´m leaving Maria".
"What you can´t just get up and go". As Maria pulled slightly away from Liz and looked into her face.
"I´m leaving Maria and there´s nothing else to say about it". As Liz started to wipe her tears away.
"But where are you going to go to? And what are you going to do once you get there"?
"I´ll find out when I get there".
"Ah, ah, I´m not just going to sit back and let you walk away from me, surely you could figure something out", Maria not liking what Liz was contemplating on doing.
"Well I made up my mind and nobody is going to change it". A determined Liz said.
"Well if your going I´m coming too".
"Maria you just can´t up and leave your Mom though". Liz realising what Maria would give up for her.
"And I just can´t let one of my best friends walk out of my life as well, where ever you go I go to".
"Maria you don´t have to do this for me".
"I´m not just doing this for you, I´m doing this for myself as well".
"C´mon Liz we better get going we can talk about what we are going to do when we get there". And Maria turned the ignition on and they drove off.
It was 10.30pm, Dianne was waiting up for Liz and Max to return home. She hadn´t seen Max or Liz since this morning and she was starting to think that maybe something had happened to them. The next morning Dianne awoke on the couch. She had waited for them until about 4.30am, and none of them had turned up. She decided that if they hadn´t come home before the afternoon, she would call the police up. When Isabel came downstairs dressed, Dianne asked Isabel about Max and Liz.
"Honey you wouldn´t know where Max and Liz are would you"?
"No Mom I thought they were still upstairs in bed, why where are they"? As worry came across Isabels face.
"I don´t know, I was hoping that you would be able to tell me that, they didn´t come home last night".
"Well I haven´t seen Max since school yesterday. And I saw Liz before she went over to go to Mrs Mellorys, something about Liz picking up a few things of her Dads". As Isabel wondered what could have happened to them.
"Well I´m going to take the day off of work today, maybe they will turn up later today".
"Yeah sure Mom, and I´ll go to school, maybe they will turn up there".
Meanwhile at Alburqueque airport, luckily Liz had one of her cards on her. The 2 girls decided that they would go to the airport and catch the first plane that was leaving there. Maria would park the jetta up and would post the keys back to Amy. But before they left Maria wanted to ring up Michael, so that he would find out the truth from her and not anyone else. Also she wanted Michael to know that it was not because of him that she was leaving. Liz disagreed at first, but so long as she was there when Maria made the call it was alright.
"Hi Spaceboy"
"Yeah what, do you know what time it is now, couldn´t you have left this for later", a sleepy Michael said.
"No I couldn´t leave this for later, you see Liz and I are running away".
"What? What the hell for? Where are you´s Maria"?
"Michael I´m not telling you where we are, but Liz and I are going".
"Maria, what the hell for"?
"Maybe you should ask your good buddy Max about it". A sarcastic Maria said.
"What does Max have to do with this"? As Michael was becoming irritated not knowing what Max had to do with this.
"Liz caught him in bed with Tess and Tess is pregnant with his baby".
"Bastard! I´m going to kill him when I see him next". An angry Michael yelled.
"Well join the queue buddy, I´m first in line".
"But Maria you just can´t leave".
"Babe I´m not going to let Liz leave by herself".
"I have to go now, I love you Michael, when we find out where we are going I´ll let you know". Maria hanging up the telephone, not wanting to answer anymore questions and feeling torn between Michael and Liz.
"Are you OK Maria". As Liz pulled her friend into a behr hug.
"I´ll be fine, c´mon let´s get outta here". As the 2 girls made there way to the terminal.
When Max woke up, he looked around the room to see where he was. Realising he had fallen asleep on Tess´s couch he looked down at himself. His clothes were all crumbled up on him, and he wondered how he ended up sleeping on Tess´s couch. He knew he was alone in the house, as the silence was deafening. Sitting up he looked at the time on his watch and was surprised to see it was 10.15am. He saw an empty glass on the table and remembered drinking it´s contents, after that he couldn´t remember anything else. Max saw a note on the table and read it, it read.


You fell asleep on the couch so I left you there. The test is on the table in the hall. I´ll see you later.

Love Tess.

Max dry reached when he read the last 2 words, and went into the hallway to find the test. Sure enough when he read it, it was positive. "Shit", he said out loud knowing now that Tess had been telling the truth, and Max ran outside to his jeep. Driving off to school to find Liz and the others.
When Max finally got to school, people were moving through the hallways to go to there next class. Isabel spotted him and ran up to see where he had been.
"Max where were you and Liz last night, Mom stayed up all night waiting for you´s 2, she´s really worried about you´s, does she know that you are here. Where is Liz anyway"? As Isabel looked passed Max waiting for Liz to pop up.
"What, what do you mean where is Liz? I thought she would be at school today". As a frantic Max started to think where the heck Liz was.
"Well if you don´t know where she is then where is she, in fact I have´nt seen Maria at school today either now that I think about it, maybe Liz and Maria are together".
"I got to find her", as Max turned around and started to run down the hallway.
"MAX...MAX", Isabel yelled at him as she saw him disappearing.
Michael had just came around the corner, and had seen Max running away from Isabel, Michael took-off after him.
"Michael, where are you going too"? As Isabel saw Michael darting passed her not even slowing down when he saw her.
"Oh shit what´s going on with everyone today", as Isabel hurried off after them.
Max was just about to jump into his jeep when Michael yelled out to him. Hearing Michaels voice he stopped waiting for Michael to get nearer. Max was about to say, "hey bud", but before he knew it-BANG!
Michael punched Max in the face.
"You bastard"! Michael hissed as he lay into Max.
"Michael what the hell", but Michael just kept laying into him.
Isabel had watched the whole scene as she ran into the car-park. She ran to grab Michael.
"Michael what the hell are you doing". And Michael turned to Isabel for a split second. Max took this opportunity to get back onto his feet. And squared a punch right smack in Michaels face.
"You prick, and the 2 started exchanging punches. Isabel tried to break them up, and when they wouldn´t stop fighting she jumped in between them. SMACK! One of the guys hit her by accident and Isabel fell to the ground in pain. When Max and Michael realised what they done they stopped punching each other and bent down to Isabels side.
"You assholes now look what you´s done to me, somebody better tell me what the hell this is about and now". As Isabel slapped the guys hand off of her and slowly stood to her feet. Slapping Max´s arm away when he tried to help her again.
"And this better be good, because Mom and Dad are going to kill you when they see my eye". As Isabel looked angrily between Max and Michael,getly holding her hand to her eye. Although Isabel was in pain she was seriously pissed and wanted to know what was going on.
"I don´t know what to say, Michael just punched me". A confused Max said.
Michael had not stopped looking at Max angrily, and said.
"What do you mean I just punched. Yeah I punched you and you know damned well why". Michael spat at him.
"Michael what the hell are you talking about, what did I do wrong"?
"Think about it Maxwell, you, Tess, Liz".
"Yeah what, tell me".
"Liz caught you naked with Tess and Tess is having your baby how thick can you be". Michael getting aggrevated again, now staring Max right in the face.
"What I never slept with Tess".
"Well that´s not what Liz saw and is it true that Tess is having your baby"?
"What did Liz see again". As Max in horror thought about him waking up on Tess´s couch that morning.
"She saw you and Tess naked together".
"But..but". As Max´s hands came to his face and he fell against his jeep crying. Sliding down the jeep so that he was sitting on the ground.
Isabel was in total shock. Her mouth had dropped wide open and she didn´t know what to believe.
"And now Liz and Maria have run away, all thanks to you Max. And is it true? Is Tess having your baby".
All the news that Max had heard in the last couple of days was just to much for him as he sat there unashamedly crying. He knew that he hadn´t slept with Tess last night. But he was in so much heart-ache no words could come out of his mouth.
Isabel by now, registered Max´s pain, and she crouched down beside him pulling him as best as she could into her arms. Saying, "sshh Max, it´s alright your be alright, we´ll find Liz and Maria.
When Max came to his senses again, he heard Isabels last words then said.
"Where are they? Where did they go to "?
"Max I don´t know where they went to, but if I did know I don´t know if I would tell you where they are". And Michael walked off. Surprised that no one else had watched what had happened. Isabel helped Max stand up, Max bought his arm up to his face and wiped his tears away. Isabel still with her hand on Max´s other arm, asked Max for his key and said to him to jump in. Isabel driving Max out of Roswell.
When Max and Isabel had pulled up on the side of the road it had taken Isabel ages to get anything out of him. But when Max did open up and she knew Max´s side of the story, Isabel pulled him into a big hug, and told him that now she new the truth they would fix everything up.
"And when we get home, I´ll talk to Mom, then I will talk to Michael and Alex. You know that if Michael had of known the truth he would have never had hit you". Isabel pointing it out to Max it was just one big huge misunderstanding.
"I know, and I´m sorry about your eye", answered a dejected Max,
"We´ll worry about that later", and Isabel and him drove back home.

Part 25

When Isabel and Max got back home Dianne seeing the state of her 2 children she went to there sides and put her arm around them.
"What has happened to you´s 2, and where is Liz", Dianne asked fearing for the worst.
"Go up into your bedroom Max, I´ll talk to Mom", as Isabel released Max from her hold, and Max holding his head down trudged up to his bedroom.
"Honey what happened to your eye". As she looked into Isabels face.
"It´s a long story Mom, maybe you better take a seat". As Isabel put her arm around her Mother and led her to the couch.
"I think I´m going to need a chair from the look of you´s 2". The concern on Diannes face now prevelant.
"Tell me what happened"?
Isabel telling her Mother the whole sordid story. When Isabel had finished Dianne began
"Tess is having Max´s baby, Liz and Maria have run away, you have a black eye, and Max is upstairs with a broken heart, and I only thought that those 2 had snuck away for the night together, this couldn´t get any worse could it"?
"I don´t know Mom". Isabel said honestly.
"You know, I am going to have to tell your Father about all this".
"Mom but...".
"No Isabel, I´m telling your Father". And the 2 sat there for awhile wondering what they would do next. Dianne then rung up Amy to tell her that Liz and Maria had disappeared while she was doing that
Isabel had looked at her eye and knew she couldn´t do much about it now, when Isabel asked her Mother how Amy was and Dianne told her, Isabel knew she had to tell Alex and Michael what was going on. So she rung up Alex and Michael and both of them agreed that they would all meet.
As they were all sitting at Michael´s place, Michael hadn´t said a word since they had both arrived, and Alex was upset when he saw Isabel´s black eye, putting his hand around and trying to find out who did it, so he could kill them.
"Ok Alex you have no idea what´s going on, and Michael you know parts about what happened but I am going to tell you´s the truth".
"So what is the truth then Isabel", an unimpressed Michael asked.
"Oh hell where do I begin", as she put her head and her hands pondering how she was going to tell them everything.
"The day before yesterday Max got a call from Tess". Isabel began.
"That´s not all he got from her", Michael said mockingly.
"Michael please, thank you, and Tess told Max that she was pregnant to him".
"Tess is pregnant to Max". A surprise Alex said.
"Alex! Now let me finish this", when the 2 nodded yes Isabel continued, "Tess said that she had the test in her hand, and Max said he wanted to see it before he believed anything, so Tess arranged for Max to come to her house the next day. Liz also got a call from who she thought was Mrs Mellory, something about her having some of Liz´s Dads papers, and asked Liz if she could pick them up the next day, and Liz agreed".
"What has Liz got to do with the test", Michael asked.
"Well if you´s 2 let me finish you´s would find out. But what Liz didn´t know was that Tess had only been pretending to be Mrs Mellory".
"Why did Tess pretend to be Mrs Mellory for"? Alex now thinking he knew where this was going to.
"Would you´s 2 shut up, and for the 3rd time now, let me finish". An upset Isabel said
"Sorry Iz", they both chorused together.
"Now where was I, oh yeah, so Max went to Tess´s the next day to see the test, when he got there Tess offered him a drink, and she bought Max a whisky, Max thinks that while she was in the kitchen she put something into his drink because when he drunk it, he passed out. And he doesn´t remember anything after that, only waking up in the morning on Tess´s couch".
As Alex and Michael nodded there heads, Michael now knowing what happened next.
"While Max was passed out Tess took both of there clothes off and lay next to Max, then Liz walked in and saw them lying naked on the couch together. Maria was waiting outside for her, and they took off, nobody knows where they are at all".
"What Liz and Maria are missing".
"Yeah they´re missing, only Maria rung me up this morning to tell me they were running away". A shell shocked Michael said.
"Is that how you found out"? Isabel said, "what did they say"?
"Nothing much only that when they found out where they were going Maria would ring me up. And Tess the bitch she set this all up. I´m going to kill her when I see her".
"Michael I don´t think it´s a good idea you touch her now that we all know she´s pregnant". A calm Isabel said, "and besides I think that enough damage has been done today".
"Yeah she´s right Michael, your just make things worse". Alex supporting what Isabel had just said.
"Where´s Max now, I have to talk to him, shit I tried to beat him up today and he didn´t even do anything".
"I know, c´mon we´re get going to my place, Max is going to need all the friends he can get at the moment".
And they all left to go to the Evan´s. When they got there Michael said hi to Dianne and asked if Max was still in his room. When Dianne said yes, Michael ran up to see Max. Isabel and Alex knowing that Michael had to talk to Max by himself.

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! And when no answer came Michael opened the door and walked in quietly. When Max saw him he said.
"What do you want"?
"Max I just found out the truth about what happened, I´m sorry man". Michael could see that Max had been crying, and Max turned his back on him.
"Max I didn´t know the whole story, I´m sorry bud that I hit you, but I was just so angry, I mean you aren´t the only person who lost someone, I lost Maria too". Max still wouldn´t say anything so Michael walked to the side of the bed that Max´s face was looking at and he sat down on the floor.
"I promise you bud I will do everything I can to help you find them and clean this whole mess up. We´ll find them again Max I promise you and when they know the truth they´re come back home to us. Are you in bud". And when nodded his head yes. Michael went on, "as for that bitch Tess, she´s got alot to answer for and I promise you she´ll pay".
Max then sat up on his bed, putting his hand out to Michael, Michael seeing Max´s hand before him, looked Max right in the eyes and they shook hands.
"I´ll go and get Iz and Alex now, they want to talk to you too". And Michael left the room.


Find out tomorrow what happens next and where Liz and Maria got to. Don´t forget the FB.


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Part 26

As the 4 began talking about what to do next Isabel told the guys tht Amy was going to notify Sheriff Vatenti about the girls disappearing act, and now they would have the Police helping in the search. They decided that it was more important to find Liz and Maria first, and that they would deal with Tess later. Michael was sure it was a matter of time. Him and Maria had been in a relationship for close to 3 and a half years afterall.
"I know Maria, and I know she loves me, I´d give her 3 days and she´ll be ringing me up. I know that for sure. And when she does I´ll just tell her the truth".
"Well we got to keep all our options open, can anyone else think of up any other ideas". Max said, but knowing it would be like searching for a needle in a hay-stack.
"I can ring up all the bus stations and airports in New Mexico, maybe they ditched the jetta", Alex suggested.
"And I can help him", Isabel offered, also thinking that she could spend some time with him.
"And I can ask around see if anyones saw them that night". Max said although he knew the chances were slim, but he had to do something to keep his mind off of Liz.
"Does anyone want a drink, Im going to start ringing straight away", as Isabel hopped off of Max´s bed.
"Yeah, lets get a drink I want to start ASAP", and they all went to get a drink. When they got downstairs Dianne saw Max and took him into a big behr hug.
"Honey I´m so sorry about Liz". As she wrapped her arms around her son.
"I know Mom, thanks". As Dianne pulled away from Max and had her hands at the back of his head, playing with his hair.
"Once Liz finds out the truth she´ll come back you". Dianne reassured him.
"If she finds out the truth". Max said dejectively.
"Honey your´ve got to think positive about this, Amy just rung back before and now the Police are onto it".
"I know I should be thinking more positively but I´m just scared".
"It will be alright", as Dianne hugged him again, "trust me".
"I do Mom".
Michael and Alex had gone to get some drinks and Isabel had started looking through the telephone book so she could write down all the names of bus companies in the local area. When Michael and Alex reappeared again, Dianne said told them that Amy had contacted the Police and had reported the girls and Jetta as missing. Sheriff Valenti had told Amy that he would be right onto it.
"Max what are you going to do about Tess"? Dianne asked.
"At the moment nothing, Liz and Maria are more important to me now". As he went to go out the door.
"Max where are you going"? As he was about to step out.
"I´m going to ask some questions around town, maybe someone saw them". Then returned to give Dianne a kiss on the cheek. "I´ll be back later Mom, don´t wait up for me".
"Wait up Max, you can drop me off at home first so I can wait and see if Maria rings me up.
"Yeah sure Michael", as he ran to follow Max out the door.
"MAX", Isabel called him, "don´t forget your cell-phone".
"Oh yeah sure", as he ran back into the house a 2nd time, to retrieve his cell, and him and Michael ran to the jeep.
When Liz and Maria got to the airport that morning they parked the Jetta up in the car park. They went inside the terminal and up to the counter. They asked the man at the desk if they could book 2 seats on the next available plane leaving. After checking the computer he came back to them and said that there were 2 seats available to Miami, so Liz booked the tickets and paid for them. They didn´t have long to wait and they boarded the flight, falling asleep until they landed in Miami. Once there they caught a taxi to a nearby motel. While they were driving Maria started thinking to herself. She knew that Liz had made this decision on the spur of the moment, but that she would have to wait until she could reason with Liz and try to talk her into going back to Roswell. So after the 2 girls arrived and checked into the motel, they bought themselves something to eat, a newspaper and went to there rooms. After they had eaten they went out to buy themselves some clothes and toiletries, before returning showering and watching a little TV. Then Maria went to bed to go to sleep, Liz following her later. Where Liz fell asleep crying thinking about Max.
At school the next day they had all been asking questions about Liz and Maria. Max found out that Tess had gone away from Roswell for a week, when Isabel found out she only said that Tess probably didn´t want to face the music and that´s why she left. No one knew anything about Liz and Maria, but Michael found out something interesting while talking to Kyle.
"So what ever happened to you and Tess". Michael asked.
"After the restaurant scene, we came back to my place, well you don´t have to be a genius to know what we got up to". Kyle smirked at him.
"So why did you stop seeing her"? Michael looking at Kyle.
"My Dad walked in on us". As Kyle started remembering the ordeal.
"Michael had seen the mood in Kyle change and said, "you know some Fathers would be proud to know there son wasn´t gay or something".
"Not when your hand-cuffed to the bed".
"What. Get outta here", a shocked Michael said.
"The worst thing was the Tess was standing butt naked with my Dads gun holster on".
"Kyle I didn´t think you were into that kinky shit". A dumbfounded Michael said.
"It just happened, anyway she´s probably screwing Paulie again".
"But Tess was never with Paulie".
"Yeah she was", Kyle looked at him surprised that he didn´t know anything about it. "It was the week Liz´s parents died, Paulie rung her up and he was at Tess´s every night until she got back with Evan´s. Yeah Paulie was really pissed about it and he ended up telling me, maybe he only told me about it. It wasn´t any of my business so I didn´t say anything to anyone".
"Thanks for the info Kyle", as Michael got ready to leave.
"Anytime Bud", and Michael took off to find Max. When he found him.
"So you mean to tell me Tess was with Paulie that week", a happier Max said.
"Yeah from what Kyle told me she was".
"Because that might mean that maybe Paulie´s the Father, I mean that was 3 months ago, and so Tess slept with me and Paulie during that time".
"Yeah alright Paulie". As the 2 walked away laughing hoping that it was all true.
When they all met after school no one had come up with anything yet. But that evening Dianne had been told that the Police in Alburqueque had found the jetta in a carpark at Alburqueque airport. Max and Michael wanted to go down there straight away but Isabel reminded them where the car had been found-at an airport. So they squashed that idea. But Dianne had said that Jim had sent photo´s of the girls to the Police there, and was only waiting for them to get back to them.
The next day in Miami Maria suggested that they go to the beach to relax. It had been a hectic last 2 days and she needed some time to enjoy relax a bit. So they went out to buy some bikini´s and other things they needed and headed off. While sun-bathing Maria started thinking about Michael. She was missing him, for this was the longest she had ever been away from him. When Maria told Liz that she wanted to ring Michael up, Liz was dead against it. She said that she just wasn´t ready yet to hear any news from Roswell. Maria understood. But Liz asked Maria if she wouldn´t mind waiting a few days until she could ring Michael up, and Maria agreed. When they got back to the motel room Liz started talking about them going to school there or getting a job, as it could be to risky if they tried to enrol themselves at a school that maybe it was better they just looked for jobs at the moment. Maria realised that Liz was looking at this as a more permanent situation, and she needed someone to talk to. But then they got hungry and Maria said to Liz that she wanted to take a shower and if Liz would mind going by herself. She asked Liz to pick her up a sandwich but only with biodregradible foods in it. Weird but Maria wanted to buy herself some time and Liz left. Maria was absolutely dying to talk to Michael now, and she had seen the time in Miami and knew he would be at home, dialling up his number quickly she began.
"Yeah Michael here", when he answered the phone.
"Babe, I miss you".
"Maria where are you´s 2"? Michael glad that she had rung and pleased that he knew her so well.
"I can´t tell you, Liz made me promise".
"But Maria it´s a lie, Tess put something in Max´s drink and he passed out".
"What did you say"?
And Michael told her the whole story, even about Paulie, finishing up he then asked.
"Maria tell me where you´s are"?
"We´re in Miami".
"Miami! Just give me the address you´s are at and Max and I will be there as soon as we can".
And Maria gave him the address.
"Maria what ever you do just keep Liz in the room".
"I will, I love you Babe, I´ll see you´s when you´s get here".
"I love you too Maria, and remember don´t let her out of the room until we get there".
"I won´t", and they said good-bye to each other before hanging up.
20 minutes later Liz returned again with the food.
"Maria do you know how hard it was to find your sandwich". An out of breath Liz said.
Throwing her arms around Liz Maria said.
"Your the best". As Liz looked at her strangely and said.
"Maria are you OK".
""Yeah I´m fine Chica, I´m absolutely fine.

Part 27

As soon as Michael got off the telephone with Maria he quickly rung up Max. When Max wasn´t there he tried him on his cell-phone.
"Max it´s me, I know where they are".
"What, where are they"? A stunned Max asked.
"They´re in Miami, Maria told me where they are, come and pick me up and we´re go get them".
"I´ll be there in 5 minutes", as Max put his cell down and sped off to Michaels.
In record time Max and Michael were on the road. Max had stopped at his cash flow machine and drawn $500 out, and they raced off to Alburqueque airport. When they got got there it was late, but they were able to book tickets to Miami, the plane leaving the next morning. So as best as they could they fell asleep in a waiting area. Waking up at 5.30am, Max went to get himself a coffee and magazine. He read until 6.30am and woke Michael up. They drunk a coffee and waited until there boarding call was announced. Now sitting on the plane they impatiently awaited there arrival. Arriving in Miami they caught a taxi to the motel.
When the 2 girls woke up that morning, Maria said she wasn´t feeling to well, so they decided to stay at the motel for the day. When Liz said she wanted to buy a newspaper and some food, Maria made a big fuss about how she didn´t want Liz to leave her. So Liz ordered room service. Maria went to have a shower and Liz waited for the food to arrive. After the shower Maria said she was a little hungry now and they ate. After they finished eating Liz took a quick shower and found Maria lying on the couch. Liz didn´t want to waste the whole day on the couch so she suggested Maria sit under the sun umbrella and she sit in the sun on the verandah. As they were on the verandah for a time, Liz had stood up and was leaning against the rails of the verandah, looking at nothing in particular. When she turned her head and started watching the people walking by on the street below, she saw a taxi pull up outside the motel. Looking at the 2 men get out of the taxi to her horror she saw Max and Michael getting out.
"Max", she let out an exasperated scream, and Max hearing his name looked up to see Liz starting to run off the verandah and Maria struggling to follow her. Running frantically Max ran up to the room, leaving Michael to pay the taxi, before Michael followed in hot pursuit.
When Liz saw Max from the verandah she just ran out of there. Maria had tried to stop her but Liz was to fast for her, sprinting out of the motel room only in barefeet. Maria was in barefeet as well, and she didn´t even stop to close the door behind her as she chased Liz.
All Liz knew as she was running was that she had to get away from Max. But when she ran down the hallway Liz saw Max charging in her direction. Liz turned in the other direction only to see Maria coming her way. Making a split second decision Liz ran towards Maria she only ran a few steps when Max grabbed Liz from behind putting his arms around Liz´s stomach, and lifted her feet off of the floor. By then Michael had caught up with them as he took Maria into a sweet cuddle and whipering in her ear.
"Don´t you ever do that ever again", then planted a kiss on Maria´s sweet lips.
But Max´s and Liz´s reunion was anything but sweet. Liz was throwing her arms and legs everywhere.
"Let me go, let me go", as she tried to break out of Max´s grip
"Just bring her into the room", as Maria saw how much trouble Max was having with Liz, and when Max saw Maria motioning him to follow her, as best as he could he carried a pissed off Liz in his arms.
"Just settle down Liz". Max said to her, his heart breaking to she Liz like this
"No, just get your dirty hands off of me, Max, please". As she knew he wouldn´t let go of her she stopped fighting against him, her body going limp and she burst into tears.
When Max had managed to get Liz in the room, he still was holding her as she sat on his lap.
"Would you just let go of me". Liz yelled at him.
"No I´m not letting you go until your heard the truth". Max said adamantly.
"Tell me the truth. I saw the truth, what else is there to say". As she tried to pry Max´s hands from her.
"Liz just listen to him, what you saw wasn´t what really happened". Maria interjected.
"To hell with you´s to hell with you´s all, and Maria I trusted you", as a Liz looked at Maria in despair.
"I know that you trusted me Liz but you don´t know the whole truth, Tess put something into Max´s drink that night, he was passed out on the couch when you saw him".
"But he was naked, and so was Tess, did he pass out before or after he screwed her". Liz blurted out between tears.
"Liz that´s not fair, just listen to him first". Maria said trying to make Liz see some reason.
"Only if he lets go of me, don´t worry I don´t think I would get the chance to run away from you´s 3".
Max released Liz and she went to take a seat away from him. Once Liz was sitting Max began.
"Liz you know I love you and I would never do anything on purpose to hurt you". As he looked sadly at Liz.
"Well you sure got a funny way of showing it". Liz now sat with her arms crossed. And Max told her the whole story. Once he was finished Liz just looked into his eyes in shock at what she had found out, and she sat back into the chair. Tears started to spring to her eyes again as finally registered what Tess had almost accomplished. Michael and Maria took this as there cue to go, and grabbed a few things before Maria kissed her on top of the head and Michael said it was good to see her again telling her that was sorry about everything that had happened before they left the room. Liz than felt Max´s strong hand take hers and she sat up to look into his eyes.
"I´m sorry Max, I am so sorry for leaving you". As Max stood her up and bought Liz into his warms arms.
"It´s alright Baby it´s alright now". And the 2 of them cried into each others arms.
"I just thought I had lost you forever". As Max bought his finger to Liz´s chin tilting her face towards his face, looking deeply into Liz´s eyes and kissing her sweet lips. When they broke away Liz said.
"Max how could I be so stupid, I let my eyes decieve me". As Liz placed her head against Max´s strong hard chest.
"Sshh it´s not your fault and so long as we´re back together now that´s all that counts". As he tried to kiss her lips again, brushing his lips gently against Liz´s mouth.
"But Max...I". As Liz to tried to brush her lips with his.
"Liz I should have told you from the start what was going on, I shouldn´t have kept the pregnancy away from, I just didn´t know if it was the truth and I wanted to tell you after I found the truth out". But before Max could say another word Liz captured his sweet lips into her mouth. Kissing Max furiously. All the pain and frustations that had built up inside of her in the last few days, she released it, in her kisses. Max then holding her face in between his hands then started sucking at Liz´s swollen lips, down her chin, sucking away at the taste of strawberry´s and vanilla of her skin. Liz loving the feel of Max´s soft lips on her skin again. There breathing becoming heavier and heavier. Max then pulled away from Liz and took her top off over her head. There eyes locked dead together as the look of passion took over them. They took each others jeans off and Max then hurriedly pulled his boxers off and Liz slipped out of her panties. Liz than turned her back towards Max, lifting her hair up so Max could undo her bra, Max sucking at Liz´s neck as he was doing undoing her bra. Unfastening Liz´s bra off it dropped to the ground as Liz took her arms out of it. Max from behind wrapped his arms around Liz and then bought both of his hands to her breasts-rolling them around in the palms of his hands. Enjoying the feel of Liz´s breasts in his hands again Max trailed his lips to her shoulder sucking away at her skin, bringing his fingers to Liz´s hard nipple, caressing them softly with the tips of his fingers. Liz moaned in ecstacy, as she felt Max softly pinch her hard nipples, his mouth now travelling down her back and her hands moved to the firm sides of Max, feeling her way to Max´s toned buttocks, grasping at the warm flesh under her hands. Max then slid his hands down her sides are he started to place kisses at the base of her back not being able to get enough of her. Liz´s body arched as Max started to suck at the skin of her buttocks and he slid his hand between her legs, his fingers finding the wet heat of Liz´s folds, moving his fingers through Liz´s folds her fingers rubbing vigourously as he touched her soft nub. Max circling and flicking his fingers over and and over her nub. Max´s mouth was still sucking and licking at the flesh of her buttocks when Liz finally exploded over the edge. But Max wasn´t finished with his onslaugt yet. He then thrust his fingers inside of her, Liz motioning her body up and down on his fingers, Max then bought his face towards her sweet wetness, his tongue lingered at Liz´s wet folds as he hungrily tasted her sweet honey, sliding and flicking his tongue over her. Liz moaned in pure ecstacy bringing her body downwards so she could feel Max right over her as Max captured Liz´s nub between his hot lips, tasting the juices with his tongue, flicking his tongue over and over her nub until Liz exploded in his mouth. "Maxxxx", she called his name as her body went over the edge and Max rose to his feet, as Liz with her back towards the couch leaned her body against it.
"Max I want you now". As he stared tantilised at her, he was by now hard as a rock. Max then knelt before Liz´s body, and Liz took his manhood into her tiny hand and guilded Max into her wet core.
"Ahhh Liz", as he thrust into her wet core and felt the tighnest of Liz around his manhood, Liz moving her torso upwards, so she could feel Max thrust as he entered her and there bodies moved as one. Max pulling in and out of Liz his shaft sliding faster and faster. When Max thought he was going to explde inside of Liz, he flexed the firm muscles of his abs forcing himself to slow down again. When Max moved slower inside of Liz he could feel Liz´s muscles tightening around him.
"Ohh Liz", and Max´s body sped up again, there monomentum getting faster and faster.
"Maxxx, oh Maxxx", as the rythmn of there bodies were about to explode, Max pulled in an out a few more times, as his body released inside of Liz and they both went over the edge. The hot breathing of the 2 panting for air and there chests moved up and down from there latest session of love-making. Liz letting her torso hit the ground, and Max with his arms around Liz´s waist lay across her outsretched legs, his chest still moving uncontrollably.
"Liz that was amazing". As his face leaned upon Liz´s thigh.
"Max that was like WOW". As they laughed happily together.
"Liz I love you". Max said to Liz quietly.
"I love you too Max". And they lay there for awhile.


Hurray Liz and Max are back together again. I wrote that last piece 4 times until I was happy with it, I hope you´s all enjoyed and I´d appreciated the FB on my latest NC-17, was it Ok

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Part 28

Hours later when Michael and Maria got back to the motel room the place was empty but they found a note on the table.

Michael and Maria

I rung up my Mom to let her know that everything´s alright. Liz couldn´t get any flights tomorrow for all of us to fly back and she wasn´t able to book any flights until the next day. My Mom got back to us and her and Amy are going to pick us up from Alburqueque airport. Liz and I got our own room, we are 2 doorways down the hall from you´s. And Michael don´t piss me off and bother us, see you´s tomorrow morning.

Max and Liz

Maria than rung up Amy to let her know she was OK, before the 2 turned to the bed to "catch up", after the last couple of days.
In Liz´s and Max´s room they had just finished eating together. Now they were sitting on the couch Max in his boxers and Liz with a baggy t-shirt and her panties on. They were both engaged in a heated kiss. Liz was straddled across Max´s lap, her lips over Max´s lips sucking them inwards, Max opened his mouth slightly and Liz slid her tongue into Max´s mouth, her tongue duelling with Max´s tongue. Liz liked being in control of there sessions. 3 months ago, she would have never imagined herself doing anything like this, but 3 months ago she never imagined that she would be together with Max. The 2 of them crazy in love with each other. When they first made love to each other Liz was shy and tentative back then. But there many drives to there, ´special place ', had given Liz all the time to be the confident lover she now was. With her arms around Max´s neck, Max had slid his hands under her t-shirt and he was moving his hands over her nicely rounded breasts. His hands started to inch downwards towards her buttocks, but Liz had something different in mind. Liz slid her mouth down to the hollow of Max´s neck, sucking his hot skin with her sweet lips, leaving a trail of wet kisses. Sliding her hands over Max´s hard chest. Liz then brushed her hand over Max´s hard nipple, and with her fingers she rolled his nipple between them. She then bought her mouth downwards replacing her now removed fingers with her mouth, capturing Max´s wrought nipple between her 2 swollen lips. Max sighed, "ahhh", as he relaxed her head backwards and he felt Liz´s flicking her tongue over his nipple, her other small hand, rubbing his other nipple softly. Liz swirled her tongue over and over his nipple, bringing his pebble nipple in between her lips she sucked at it with fervour, before she trailed her mouth down towards Max´s abs. Max had now bought his hands on Liz´s shoulders, grabbing then gently as his body lay underneath Liz at her mercy. Liz was sucking and licking at the muscled firmness of Max´s abs, enjoying the taste of his skin, she looked up to see Max´s face, but he had leaned it backwards on the couch. Liz then grabbed at the top of Max´s boxers, tugging them downwards, as Max arched his torso upwards a little Liz could pull the boxers off. As Liz pulled Max´s boxers off, she trailed her mouth to the top of his legs, seperating Max´s legs, and she began kissing him softly between his inner thighs, her mouth travelling up towards Max´s manhood. Max called out, "Ohhh Liz", as he felt her tiny hand rolling his sac in the palm of her hand, and her mouth touching his manhood. When Liz´s lips wrapped around the tip of Max´s shaft, she then bought her hand to the base of it´s hardness, moving it up and down, while her mouth flicked and sucked at his tip. "Fuck", Max cried as he felt Liz´s tongue flicking and swirling around his hardness, her mouth now going over him and she hungrily sucked up and down. Liz then moved her hand from his base, only her thumb and forefinger were around his base now as Liz took Max into her mouth, swallowing him greedily, her head moving faster and faster as her rythmn picked up pace, sucking on Max in pure delight, loving the feel of him inside of her mouth as she took him deeper and deeper inside of her mouth.
"Ahhhhh", Max cried out as his body went over the edge, and he released into Liz´s mouth, with her eyes closed Liz feeling Max´s hardness inside of her mouth, felt Max´s body arch upwards, she tilted her head slightly and as Max came into her, she swallowed his cum down his throat. Once Liz had swallowed Max´s sweetness, her tongue started licking at Max until he was dry, before Max pulled Liz up into his arms.
"Oh Babe your going to be the death of me", as a more exhausted looking Max looked into Liz´s eyes. "That was amazing, no your amazing", as he bought his face to Liz´s face and with his thumb brushed her soft skin, then he pulled Liz closer to him and placed his lips upon Liz´s, standing up he lifted Liz into his arms, and walked them toward the bed. Once they were on the bed they made love over and over again until they lay in each others arms again, exhausted and fell asleep.
It wasn´t until after 100.00am when they woke up the next morning. They showered together, making love again when they got under the water. After that Max got out of the shower first, and drying off, he wrapped a towel around his waist and rung up Michael. Michael answered the phone and told Max he was just about go come around to see them as him and Maria were just about go out the door to pick up some clothes for them. Max said that they would see them when they got back, and then he ordered room service. By the time Liz had gotten out of the shower and dressed breakfast had arrived and they ate a big meal.
When Michael and Maria got back from shopping Michael knocked on the door, handed Max the bag, and Max said that they would be over when he was ready, but not before Liz pulled Michael into a behr hug and thanked him for everything he had done for them. Micheal leaving the room smiling. When Liz and Max finally got over they all decided to do some sightseeing. Finishing the day off with dinner in a restaurant before they went back to the motel and left company for the night. The 2 couples enjoying there last night together, before they had to go home to Roswell. The next morning they all got ready and caught a taxi to the airport. They didn´t have to wait long before there flight was called and they were all sitting on the plane going back home. Within a few hours they arrived back at Alburqueque airport. When they were meet by Amy and Dianne, Alex and Isabel were there too. They were all smoothered in big kisses and hugs, apart from the guys who patted each other on there backs and shook hands with each other. Amy was upset that Maria had runaway, but Liz ssid it was all her fault and apologised to Amy, Amy saying she would deal with Maria when they got back home. Now leaving Amy, Maria and Michael left in the Jetta, Dianne, Isabel and Alex left together, and before Max and Liz went to the jeep Max told his Mother that him and Liz would be home later as he had to take Liz somewhere first. Driving back towards Roswell Max drove Liz to there, ´special place ', where they made love one more time before heading off back home.

Part 29

It had been a total of 4 days that Liz and Maria were away from Roswell and apart from Amy banning Maria from using the Jetta for a week nothing else happened to the girls. Everybody was just happy that they were back home, safe and well. Max and Liz really wanted to confront Tess, but she was still out of town so they thought they would deal with her when she got back. And the 2 girls returned back to there normal lifes. A few days later they all heard that Tess was back in town, but that she had transferred to the other high school in Roswell, and that she was keeping a real low profile.
About a week later Liz started getting sick in the mornings. Every morning Liz would end up throwing up in the toilet. Both Max and Liz knew she was still on the pill, but after the 3rd morning Max suggested he take Liz to the Doctors after school, just for pecautionary reasons. So after school they both went to the Doctors together. When Liz walked out of the Doctors room the look on Liz´s face affirmed what Max had been thinking. Max only said, "are you"? Liz just nodded her head yes. Max was so happy that he lifted her up in the air, saying .
"Liz we´re going to have a baby, we´re going to have a baby", the happiness showing on Max´s face confirmed to Liz that Max really wanted there baby.
"So your not mad at me"? Liz smiled at him a little.
"Mad at you, hell no Babe, I´m absolutely over the moon", putting Liz´s feet gently back onto the ground, and wrapping Liz in his warm arms, he kissed Liz full on the lips.
When the Doctor confirmed Liz´s pregnancy, Liz had thought that with both her and Tess pregnant now Max would be upset with her. Max just proved her wrong.
"But what are we going to tell your parents", a worried look crossed her face.
"That they´re going to be Grandparents". As Max pulled Liz closer and looked happily into her eyes.
"But Max..", bringing his finger to her lips Max said.
"Liz my parents love you, believe me they´re be happy. How many months are we pregnant anyway"?
"I´m 2 months pregnant".
"Wow". And Max took Liz´s small hand in his and walked her out to the jeep. On there way there they bumped into Tess. Tess saw them coming her way and tried to turn around to runaway from them, but Max let go of Liz´s hand and within seconds pulled Tess around by the arm.
"You bitch Tess", as Max started in on her.
"Max let go of my arm". As Tess tried to get out of Max´s grasp, but he was holding her to tight, but Max wasn´t the one Tess had to worry about. BANG! Liz slapped Tess across the face, Max surprised at Liz´s reaction let go of Tess´s arm as he saw Tess touch at her face.
"You bitch, how could you have done that to us", Liz yelled at Tess. "Do you know how much trouble you caused everyone"?
"Max are you going to let her treat the Mother of your baby like that"? As Tess held at her face.
"Fuck off Tess, and what the hell were you playing at anyway. I know about you and Paulie, you were screwing Paulie the same time you were screwing me. As far as I know Paulie could be the Father of your baby". Max yelled at Tess.
"But Max I didn´t sleep with Paulie". Tess denied.
"That´s not what Paulie said, I asked him myself after I heard about it".
"Max but I know it´s your baby".
"Tess how delusional can you be, I´m not going to believe I´m the Father of your baby until the baby´s born and you have some blood tests done".
"But Max...", as Tess tried to explain her side of the story.
"And what the hell did you think you were doing trying to break Liz and I up with that warped mind of yours".
"Max I just wanted you back". Tess pleaded at him.
"You wanted me back, you wanted me back and you didn´t care about all the lifes you could ruin with your little plan". A more than pissed off Max said to her.
"But Max I was desperate, you wouldn´t take any of my calls and...."
"Tess that´s not what I call desperate, that´s what I call psychopathetic, c´mon Liz", as Max took Liz´s hand, "I can´t hear anymore of her rubbish". And the 2 pushed passed Tess and stormed off to the jeep. When they got back to the jeep Max took Liz into his arms, "I´m sorry about what happened back there". Max now brushing Liz´s soft skin of her face with his fingers.
"Oh she deserved alot more than that". As Liz kissed Max´s soft lips.
"Lets just go home and tell everyone about the good new". Max helping Liz into the jeep and getting into his side, put the keys into the ignition and drove off. Leaving a crying Tess behind them.
When they got home, they had said that they would tell the whole family straight away about the new arrival, walking into the house, Max held Liz´s small hand in his, as Liz had said that she was as nervous as hell.
"Mom, Dad, Iz, Liz and I have something to tell you´s all", as Max sat Liz down on the couch.
"What is it Honey"? Dianne called about to go into the kitchen. Phillip looking up from the newspaper he was reading, and Isabel stopping in her tracks looking a bit confused about the whole thing.
"I think it´s better if you´s all take a seat". Max taking a big breath of air awaiting the telling of the news.
"What is it son"? As Phillip stood up.
"Just take a seat Dad, once everyone is all sitting, we can start". Max not really wanting to find out his Dads reaction.
And they all took a seat in the lounge.


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Part 30

Once everyone was sitting Max began.
"There´s no easy way to say this, but Liz and I are going to have a baby and Liz is 2 months pregnant".
"Arrgghhhh"! Isabel screamed as she hopped out of her seat and pulled Liz into a hug. "Liz your having a baby, Liz your going to make me an Aunty, I´m so happy for you´s awwwww". Liz smiled at Isabel and said, "thank-you Iz that means so much to us". But out of the corner of her eyes Liz was waiting for Diannes and Phillips reaction.
"Honey this is a bit of a shock for us, and I thought Liz was on the pill"? A real confused Dianne said.
"She is Mom, Liz is the 1% of woman that get pregnant while still on the pill", Max replied.
"Max, Liz, I don´t know what to say". As Dianne looked at them.
"Mom just say your happy for us both". Max hoping his Mother would support them.
"This is going to take awhile before it all sinks in that´s all Honey". As she took Max´s hand in hers.
"Mom please, it would mean everything to me and Liz if you were happy for us both". As Max pleaded to Dianne.
"I suppose I will have to get used to it then".
"So are you happy for us Mom", Max pleading with his eyes.
"Come here Honey, so long as you and Liz are happy, then I´m happy too". As she bought Max into her warm embrace, and then hugged Liz.
"Thanks Mom", Max said to her, "thanks Dianne", Liz pleased that Dianne was going to support them.
While this had all been going on Phillip had sat back quietly and not said 1 word.
"So Max tell me have you got anymore expecting baby´s in Roswell that we should know about"? Phillip looking very unamused at Max.
"Phillip please", Dianne tried to say to him.
"Dianne let me say something first, he gets Tess pregnant, now he gotten Liz pregnant soon I´m going to have a whole town full of woman running around carrying Max´s baby´s".
"Phillip now that´s not fair". Dianne stared at Phillip, defending Max.
"But Dad it´s not like Liz and I had unprotected sex, Liz was on the pill", as Max tried to get there side of the story out.
"But Max what are you going to do with 2 different girls both carrying your babies"? As Phillip got to the point.
"Dad I might not be the Father to Tess´s baby, she was sleeping with another guy the same time she was sleeping with me". A frustrated Max said.
"And that makes everything alright then does it", Phillip not letting Max so easily off the hook said.
"Yes Dad it does, because Liz and I really want this baby". As Max took Liz´s small hand in his.
"Phillip please it´s to late now, Liz is pregnant we can´t go turning back the time", as Dianne interjected between the 2.
Phillip seeing that Max had taken Liz´s hand in his and Liz was sitting there a little unnerved said.
"Liz don´t get me wrong, I love you like a daughter, Dianne and I had always hoped that you and Max would one day get together, but you and Max are still in school, you´s are both so young".
"I know Phillip, and Max and I haven´t really had the chance to talk about what we are going to do next. I do know that it will be hard for both of us, but we´ll work things out together won´t we Max". As Liz bought Max´s hand to her lips and kissed his hand.
"But Liz´and Max you´s 2 are just kids, and you´s have your whole lifes still ahead of you´s and with the baby". Phillip bringing his hand to his head and began ruffling his hair in frustration.
"I know Dad, but we still do have our whole life´s ahead of us only we´re going to have a baby to share our future with us". Max saying in the good reasoning he always said so well.
"Dad we´re all a family and we can all get through this together", Isabel put in.
"Isabel´s right Phillip we´re just going to have to all pull in together with this one", Dianne supporting Isabel on what she had just said.
"Yeah I suppose your right Izzy".
"So do you support us Dad"? Max asked hopefully.
"Well I know your Mother and sister would give to give me a hard time if I didn´t....".
"So you do"? A ever hopeful Max asked again.
"Looks like I have too".
"Thanks Dad", as Max went to shake his hand.
"Just don´t surprise us with anymore baby´s", Phillip said while he shook his sons hand and pulled him into a hug.
"Don´t worry Dad I won´t". Max said and Liz went over to say thank-you to Phillip.
"Hmmm, we just have to wait and see". Phillip said.
After they had talked a little about the baby and everything Max turned to Phillip and thought he´d try his luck.
"Dad can I move into Liz´s bedroom now". Max said as he hunched his shoulders up a bit and closed one eye waiting for Phillips answer.
"I don´t know about that son".
"Phillip he´s already got Liz pregnant". Dianne pointed out to him.
After thinking for awhile Phillip said, "I suppose so, you can´t do anymore damage".
"Phillip", Dianne reprimanded him.
"Thanks Mom, Dad". And Max stood up, taking Liz by the hand to move his things into Liz´s room. "Thanks Phillip", a happier looking Liz said
"And you take good care of Liz", Phillip said to Max.
"I will", as they were ready to go up the stairs.
"And Liz don´t you let that son of mine bully you around".
"I won´t Phillip".
"And Max don´t you let Liz carry anything to heavy", Dianne starting to set some rules for him.
"Mom what do you take me for? Max stopped to look at her.
"I´ll answer that Mom", Isabel teased him.
"Forget it Iz", Max started off again. And they went to pack up his things with Liz in tow.
It took the of them 2 hours to pack up and move Max´s belongings into there room now. Liz´s room had all the furniture they needed, and as Max bought clothes in Liz put them away, Max only bringing a set of drawers in for his socks and boxers etc.
Once they were lying cuddled up in bed for the night Max said to Liz,
"No more sneaking around anymore".
"And no more you leaving me in the mornings anymore". And after talking to each other for a time, they fell peacefully asleep.

Part 31

The next morning during breakfast Max asked Isabel not to say anything to the gang about the pregnancy. Both Max and Liz were going to invite everyone home today after school to break the good news. Dianne had notified the school about Liz´s condition, and the school said that until Liz was showing they would keep Liz´s pregnancy confidential. The school would also notify Dianne if Liz had any difficulties at school. Liz was then exempted from P.E as well.
Once at school Isabel found it the hardest not to say anything. When they had been at home Isabel had kept coming up to Liz placing her hand on Liz´s stomach and in hysterics jump up and down on the spot screaming for joy. Max had said that with all the screaming that Isabel did, she would scare the baby and damage the baby´s hearing for life and that she had to cut that out, especially during school. But when they were all sitting down for lunch in the quad Isabel did it again. Earning Isabel a deathly stare from Max, who motioned with his head for her to come to his side so he could say something to her about her odd behaviour. Liz saw Max´s reaction to Isabel, and Isabel asked Max if he had neck problems, causing Liz to double up in laughter. While this was all going on Maria, Alex and Michael all looked at the other 3 real weirdly.
"What the heck was that all about"? A dumbfounded Alex asked them.
"Nothing", Liz spat out still doubled up and laughing, she looked over at Max and his eyes were popping out of his head, making Liz laugh even more.
"So let me process this for a moment. Isabel puts her hand on Liz´s stomach then she follows that up with a victory dance...... so what are you guys hiding from us", Maria squinted her eyes at them as she started to put 1 and 1 together.
"Yeah you´d think that the way Iz done that, that Liz was pregnant or something", added Michael just before he went to take a bite of his lunch.
When Liz heard what Michael had just said she stopped laughing and stood up straight.
Isabel put a huge smile on her face. Maria confirmed what she had been thinking by the smile on Isabels face and Maria knew it was true.
"AAAhhhhh Liz your pregnant", Maria screamed at the top of her lungs and ran to gather Liz in her arms.
Max just put his head down and was shaking it no. Michael´s mouth dropped wide open, and Alex´s eyes were poking out of his head.
"Great Maria", when Liz began to speak,"now the whole school knows about it". As Liz took Maria into her arms, and could see the students that had been near them start to whisper between themselves.
"Chica that is so cool". Maria said at the top of her lungs still.
"Maria sshh", As Liz bought her finger to her mouth motioning for Maria to quieten down.
"Oh..oh...sorry, so when are you due"? A beaming Maria asked Liz.
"In 7 months time". Liz answered.
"Aahhhhh" screamed Maria and Isabel together doing there victory dance.
By then Max had moved to them,
"Would you´s 2 stop scaring my baby. geez".
"Sorry Max", Maria said quietly.
Michael and Alex came to join them in there little huddle.
"So congratulations then man", as Michael slapped Max on the back, "you too Liz". A Michael reached over to Liz and bought her in a hug. "Thanks Michael, someone who reacted normally.
"Don´t forget me", Alex then bought Liz into a hug, pecking her on the cheek. "Thank Alex".
"You to Max, we´re going to have all these little Max´s and Liz´s running around soon", Alex said shaking Max´s hand.
"I think for now 1´s enough".
And they all talked about the baby until the end of lunchtime. But the end of lunch time bought up somthing else, because Maria had screamed out that Liz was pregnant the whole school found out even before the bell to go back to school had rang.


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Part 31

It was 3 weeks later that Isabel found out the news. Isabel just had to be walking past Pam Troy at school. Pam was sitting there with her friends when Isabel heard Tess´s name being bought up when it happened.
"Yeah apparently Tess was out in the desert and got a flat tyre. She tried to change the tyre herself and it was to heavy. Someone found her on the side of the road and she got rushed to hospital". Pam said.
"What did you just say Pam"? Isabel stopped in her tracks asked.
"You can tell Max he only has 1 baby on his conscious now, Tess had a miscarriage". Pam told her.
And Pam told them the whole story. Pam and Tess´s Dads were good friends and the Hardings went around to the Troys once a week for dinner. Pam overheard her parents talking about it-the whole conversation. Not only because the tyre was so heavy, but also all the stress that Tess had been dealing with lately she had started to bleed. And when she got to the hospital the Doctors discovered that Tess had miscarried the baby.
Although Isabel was upset with the loss of the baby, she didn´t give a damn about Tessl Hurrying through the corridors she set out to tell the gang what had happened. Once she found them they were all kidding around with Liz, as she was now showing.
"I got something to tell you´s all", a slightly out of breath Isabel started as she took a seat. Everyone stopped talking and waited for Isabel to start.
"I was just talking to Pam Troy". Isabel panted out.
"Oh great Iz, just spoil my lunch", an unamused Maria said.
"Wait she heard her parents talking yesterday and Tess had a miscarriage".
"Pass that by me again". Max´s attention now fully on Isabel.
And Isabel told them the whole story. Max put his arm around Liz as Liz had put her hand on her stomach as the story was being told. Max pulled Liz into him, planting a kiss on her forehead when they heard about Tess bleeding. When Isabel had finished telling the story an unsympathetic Max said.
"I feel sorry for the baby, but I don´t give a shit about Tess".
Liz got upset about something and walked away from them all. When Max caught up to her he pulled Liz into his strong arms.
"What´s the matter Babe"? A concerned Max asked Liz.
"Max what if something happens to our baby"? As Liz leaned her head softly against Max´s hard chest.
"Nothings going to happen to our baby Liz". As he stroked her long silky hair.
"But Max what happens if something does"? As Liz looked deeply into Max´s amber eyes.
"Putting his hands on the side of Liz´s face Max said.
"Firstly I would never let you carry a spare tyre", a grin spread wide upon Max´s face, as he saw Liz smiling again.
"And secondly I wouldn´t let anything happen to you or the baby". As all the love in his eyes poured into Liz´s eyes.
"Max I was just being so silly", as Liz pulled Max closer towards her.
"I heard that woman become really sensitive and emotional when they´re pregnant". Max said chuckling to himself.
Pulling away from Max, Liz playfully slapped him on the arm, "Where did you hear that from"?
"My Dads been giving me a few tips about pregnancys, he said that woman also start eating really gross food all hours of the night". As Max began to tease Liz.
"Max I do not eat funny foods". Liz defended herself.
"Well if you call cheese, fish and jam sandwichs normal food, I don´t know what normal is anymore".
And the 2 of them walked back towards the gang.

Part 32

Max and Liz had been talking about the delivery of the baby and Max had said that he wanted to be with Liz in the delivery room. So the next week they started classes on breathing techniques for expecting Mothers.
When they entered the class where the course was to be held they were obviously the youngest couple there. It phased Max out. The other 8 couples that were there were all in there mid 20´s early 30´s. Max had reluctantly offered to go because he had never done anything like this before. Liz hadn´t either, but she wanted to know what to expect and now Max was regretting coming. The classes were to be held 2 times a week for 2 hours each session and Max began wondering why they had to go to so many classes for.
"Hi you must be Max and Liz, welcome, everybody say hi to Max and Liz". Mrs Hill said to them, and hello´s were chorused out by the other expecting parents. "Now Max you look like a strong young man why don´t you get a mat over there and bring it into the circle for you and Liz to sit on". She instructed Max. Doing what they had been told, they now sat looking into the circle.
"Now if all the ladies wouldn´t mind lying on there backs, bring your knees up so your feet are comfortably on the floor, lie your hands on your side, and all you Daddys would you´s kneel to one side of your partner...that´s right there...and hold her hand. Good". The woman said.
As Max and Liz followed Mrs Hill´s instructions, Max placed his head gently on Liz´s stomach. He didn´t know why he was doing it, but he did, and Max started talking to Liz´s stomach not hearing what else Mrs Hill was saying.
Max began, "hello baby, it´s me your Daddy here". Liz looked at Max in utter amazement, Max looked so sweet. "now if your a little boy then Daddy can teach you how to play ball. I´ll take you out everyday and we can play baseball together. But if your a little girl I hope you look just like your Mommy. Do you know that your Mommy is the most beautiful girl in the world, and Daddy loves Mommy more than anything. But if your a little girl and you look just like Mommy, Daddys going to keep you locked up at home so no boys can go near you. But either way if your a girl or a boy Mommy and Daddy will love you anyway." When Max looked up everyone in the room was quiet just staring at him. Max could feel all there eyes on him and he got a little self-conscious, and rolled his eyes in the back of his head.
"What. What did I do"? He asked them all.
"Oh that was so sweet", one of the ladies said and she began to weep, her husband pulled her into his arms.
Liz was so proud of Max, the way he could openly show his feelings like that. All the woman were smiling at Max, some with tears in there eyes. But after that night, especially all the woman found a respect for the young man, making it a hell of a lot easier for Max to go there.


For the last 6 months everything had been going really well for Max and Liz. Dianne had said that she would quit her job once the baby was born so she could look after her grand-daughter. Yep, Liz had had an ultra-sound done and they found out they were both going to have a baby girl. Dianne had wanted the 2 to finish school and after talking to Phillip they both agreed it would be better for everyone if Dianne quit her job. It wasn´t like Phillip wasn´t earning enough money on his wages, and Dianne had inherited a bit of money from her parents. Liz had her inheritance as well, and the business´s that belonged to her parents were never sold, so she still had money coming in. Despite that Phillip had offered Max a job at his firm. Phillip had always wanted Max or Isabel to take over the business after him, and thought what better way for one of them to familiarise themselves with the business. So Max started working for his Dad, doing a few hours after school and working sometimes on Saturdays. Max didn´t like the fact that he wasn´t spending alot of time away from Liz, but Phillip reminded Max of his responsilities he had now. With home-work on top of his workload it was really stressful for Max, and alot of the times he was grumpy. So Liz would tease him all the time about which one of them was the emotional one during the pregnancy. Nonetheless Max took everything in his stride. Now Liz was due in 1 weeks time. She was huge now. When Liz started to show she was worried about going to school. But as usual Max and Michael put a threat around school that if anyone upset Liz, they had to deal with Max and Michael It worked. Everyone treated Liz really well. The Jocks were hoping for a boy, so he could play football, and they all looked out for Liz. People would always come up to Liz in class or in the corridor and put there hands on her stomach and talk to the baby. Even Pam Troy and her friends went out of there way to buy the baby a present. Liz was so happy that everyone had been so good to her during her pregnancy it made it so much easier for her to go to school.
But at night times Liz would complain to Max while they lay in bed that she looked like an elephant now. Max would always reassure Liz that she would always look beautiful to him no matter how big she was.
The next day at school Liz had been feeling horrible all day. It wasn´t the first bad day she had had so Liz just passed it off. She was now sitting in 4th period history writing notes down from the blackboard. Apart from Alex no one else from the gang was in her class. As Liz carefully wrote down her notes she felt water coming out of her.
"Alex"! She screamed. Alex quickly jumped out of his chair, and ran to where Liz was sitting holding her hand as commotion filled the room.
"Liz, Liz is it the baby"? Alex asked in panic.
"Alex yeah, my waters just broke", as she tried to stand up.
"Oh shit!. Liz stay sitting", Alex said to her.
The teacher was trying to calm the class down, and once she had there attention she asked one of the Jocks to go to the office so someone could ring an ambulance up and to notify the Evans. The Jock sprinted out of the room.
Then the teacher dismissed the rest of the class to continue reading the next chapter of there book in the library and she ran to Liz´s side. With Alex´s help they tried to lay Liz as comfortably as they could on the floor.
"Alex get Max"! As Liz felt Alex´s hand over hers.
"Where is he"? Alex asked trying to calm himself down.
"He´s got P.E, P.E Alex". A distressed Liz said as she started to feel a contraction.
Alex sprinted as fast as he could out of the room, passed the students who were now dawdling to the library saying to himself. "Why me? Why me"? As he sprinted to find Max.
When Alex ran into the gynasium Max looked on in horror.
"Max", Alex yelled at him. "Liz is having the baby". And Max sprinted out of the room, Max has a special pass so he would not have to excuse himself if anything happened to Liz.
"Where is she Alex"? Max asked running out of the gymnasium, he had memorised Liz´s schedule but right now he couldn´t think clearly to himself.
"Room 211", Alex shouted as he sprinted closely behind Max.
"Alex go the locker rooms and can you bring me my things". Max´s lungs doing overtime.
"Sure Bud", and the 2 ran in there seperate directions.


So the baby is coming now. Keep reading. And don´t forget FB.


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To Behritall4me

that was so sweetttt!!!!!! So just for you if you go back to You Belong To Me, I have updated the next part just for you!!!

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Hi All

thanks for all the FB! Glad you´s liked the last 2 parts.


Part 33

In record time Max was by Liz´s side. The jock who had gone to the offce was now getting instructions from the teacher to wait by the main entrance to direct the ambulance men to the room. He saw Max they both quickly said hi to each other, and the jock was out of the class room again.
Liz was doing her best to do her breathing exercises, and when Max got to her side, he lifted Liz´s head gently in his big hand.
"Let me take over from here", Max looked back at the teacher, "I know what I´m doing". A very calm Max said and the teacher let Max take-over. He took Liz´s hand in his other hand, and kissed her on the crown of her head.
"Liz how long are the contractions apart"?
"I don´t know exactly, I think they´re 5 minutes apart". Max glanced back at the teacher but when she just shrugged her shoulders Max went into action.
The colouring in Liz´s face had gone redder and she was slowly beginning to sweat.
"Babe remember what Mrs Hill said", as Max´s months on the course started to kick in. Brushing the pebble like sweat that had now formed on Liz´s forehead Max said.
"Just relax Babe and start blowing", as Max demonstrated to Liz what to do. "That´s right Babe quick breaths". As Liz started to copy Max, and quickly looked at the clock to see how much time had gone by.
"Max", Liz screamed out as she felt a contraction coming on, squeezing the life out of Max´s hand, Max soothing her with calm words.
"It´s alright Babe, quick breaths now, that´s it Babe".
By then Alex ran back into the room, dropping Max´s things on a desk Alex said.
"Max what do you want me to do now"?
"Go get the rest of the gang", taking his eyes off a Liz for a few seconds.
"Gotcha", and Alex sprinted back out of the room.
A few minutes later the jock returned with the ambulance crew, as the crew checked her over, Max told them what he knew of her condition, and they gently slid Liz onto the stretcher. Isabel ran into the room.
"Max", and she ran to Liz´s side, takingLiz´sr hand in hers she said.
"Liz everythings going to be OK now", brushing the strands of Liz´s hair off of her face.
"Yeah Iz", Liz managed to say through her breath.
As the crew started to wheel Liz away Max shouted to Isabel.
"Iz grab my things, here are my keys and follow us to the hospital". Isabel took Max´s keys and picked up his belongings. "Does Mom and Dad know Liz is going into Labour"?
"Yeah the office rang them up", the jock informed Isabel.
"Liz are you OK", as Isabel ran with the stretcher down the corridor.
"I´ll be fine", Liz reassured her.
When they semi-jogged out to the ambulance Liz squeezed Max´s hand tighter.
"Max don´t leave me", she said quietly.
"I´m not going anywhere, yeah I´m the Father", Max said to the crew when they asked him who he was.
The crew were just putting the stretcher into the ambulance when Maria ran out.
"Liz, Liz we´ll follow you´s to the hospital", she yelled. "Good luck", as Michael and Alex just got there and the doors were closed. Liz could still hear Maria shouting from inside.
"Chica, Chica good luck".
When they arrived to the hospital they were rushed through to a scrub up room. Nurses had undressed Liz and put a hospital gown on her. The Doctor had come in to check on Liz´s progress while nurses were running in and out of the room. Max was holding Liz´s hand, waiting anxiously for what was next to come. A nurse returned to the room and told Max that his Mother and friends were waiting out in the waiting room. Max then asked if the nurse could tell Dianne to come through, which she promptly went to do.
"Max, Max"! Liz screamed as another contraction went through her body.
"It´s alright Babe, the Doctors here now, he´ll take good care of you", as Max looked nervously to the Doctor.
"Max it hurts so much". Liz said through her pain.
"Not long Babe and then we will have our baby and all the pain would have been worth it", he smiled brightly at Liz.
Dianne had just then rushed into the room. Going straight to Liz´s side she took Liz´s other hand in hers, stroking Liz´s face gently with the back of her hand.
"It´s alright Liz, Max and I will stay with you the whole time". Dianne reassured her through a smile.
Liz tried to say something but another contraction came on.
"Maxxxxx", as she tightened her grip on Max and Dianne´s hands.
"Babe you have to do your breathing exercises", Max coaxing Liz again, "that´s right fast breaths", he said while he placed his hand on Liz´s shoulder.
After 4 hours of waiting Max started to see the baby´s head coming out.
"Liz, Liz I can see the baby´s head coming out, keep pushing babe". An all in awe Max said.
"Don´t you tell me to push", Liz screamed at Max when the pain would not subside. "If you ever get me pregnant again, I´ll, I´ll chop your thing off.......argghhhhhh"!
"Liz just keep pushing", Max told her.
The Doctor had the baby´s head in his hands now.
"AHHHHHHHH"! Max I can´t do this anymore", as Liz started to get tears in her eyes.
"Babe don´t give up yet, your almost there", Max trying to get Liz to keep on going.
Dianne wiped the sweat from Liz´s forehead, "c´mon Liz you can do it", as she looked into Liz´s eyes.
"Dianne", an exhausted looking Liz looked back at her.
"Liz push", Max in glee said watching the wonder of the birth.
"Max what do you think I´m doing"? As she looked at Max in pain. And with a big heave Liz pushed again.
"ARRRGGGHHHHH"! And the baby´s shoulders plopped out.
"That´s right Miss Parker your doing really fine, the baby´s on it´s way". The Doctor assured Liz.
"I know the baby´s on the way", an unimpressed Liz screamed at him
"C´mon Babe your almost there, give one more big push", Max encouraged Liz and with the last strength of her body Liz gave one more big push.
"AAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH"!!!!!! As Liz screamed the baby glided out of her and into the Doctors hands.
"Liz you did it, you did it", Max jumped up and down on the spot then showered Liz with kisses.
"Liz, you did it, you really did it, we got our baby now", Liz had by now relaxed into her pillows absolutely exhausted and drained.
"Oh Liz I am so happy for you´s", as Dianne hugged Liz and gave her a big kiss. "Honey your a Daddy now", as Dianne pulled Max over Liz and kissed and hugged him with joy.
"Mom, Mom I´m a Daddy now, I'm a Daddy now". And the 3 celebrated the arrival of there baby girl. Liz after-birth came out, and she got cleaned up and needed a few stitches, and the nurses cleaned the baby up too.

Part 34

When the nurses were finished with the baby Liz was still getting her stitches, and Max held his baby girl in his arms.
"She´s beautiful Mom", as Dianne looked down at the baby. "She´s absolutely beautiful", as Max´s eyes went a little glassy.
"I know Honey", Dianne smiled amazed at her grand-daughter, "she is beautiful".
"Just like her Mother", as Max looked over to Liz. Turning back to the baby Max began to say. "Hello baby it´s me your Daddy here". Max gently with his finger brushed his daughters face, then kissed her ever so gently.
"Hello baby girl, Mommy and I have been waiting so long for you to come, and now your here in my arms, do you know how happy that makes me"? Max stared in wonder at his baby.
"Oh Liz she is so beautiful", as Dianne placed a kiss on Liz´s forehead and took her hand. And the 2 watched Max in amazement.
"And when the nurses are finished cleaning Mommy up then you can go see Mommy then".
Liz stared at how comfortable Max seemed holding there baby. Mrs Hill had told the men on the course that they should not be scared to hold there baby, Liz and Max had practised holding, "dummy baby´s". Liz was pleased that Max had made the effort, because now it was really starting to pay off.
Max lay his baby´s tiny hand in his. Max couldn´t get over how tiny her hand was inside of his big hand. Max had always thought that Liz had tiny hands, but not anymore, and he bought the baby closer to his mouth and gently kissed her ever so tiny hand.
"Your my baby, and your so beautiful". His eyes glistening up again.
"Hmmm, hate to break this up but can I hold our baby now"? As Liz smiled through her tears.
Max bought the baby to Liz to hold.
"Hello my little girl, I´m so happy to be able to hold you now, you know you were´nt that easy to carry, and I´m so happy your here now", and Liz cradled her daughter in her arms. The baby was lying across Liz´s chest, and Liz bought her mouth down to kiss her.
"You make me so happy", Liz loving the feeling of her baby in her arms. "Mommy´s going to take good care of you". Max and Dianne were standing next to each other now, just staring in wonder at Liz and the baby.
"Do you know that Mommy and Daddy love you so much, we do". And Liz´s happiness just made her glow. Going to Liz´s side Max sat down next to her, trying to brush the baby´s face with his finger. Liz looked into Max´s eyes, and she motioned her head to Max so that he could kiss her. After they had kissed Liz said to Max, "I love you Max". And Max replied. "I love you too". Before placing another kiss on Liz´s sweet lips from his own sweet lips. Dianne was looking on waiting anxiously to have her turn to hold the baby, Liz obliged Dianne, who cried for joy when she had the baby in her arms.
"Max what are we going to call her, we can´t go around calling her baby all her life".
"I was thinking Angela, or Nicole or maybe Amie", he suggested.
"I like Amie", Liz thinking the name had a good ring to it.
"I like it too, Liz I was thinking that maybe we could use Nancy as her middle name, you know after your Mom". As he looked deeply into Liz´s eyes.
"I like it Amie Nancy Parker". She grinned at Max.
"I thought we would use Evans".
Giving Max a cheeky smirk Liz said, "first you have to marry me".
Max saying, " I will one of these days, while we´re on the topic", pausing taking a deep breath Max pulled Liz´s hands to his hard chest. "Liz will you marry me"? Looking sincerely into Liz´s eyes.
"Max get outta here, I was only joking". An amused Liz said.
"I´m not, I mean it will you marry me"? Kissing Liz´s hands softly.
Dianne couldn´t believe her ears, and watched the scene go on.
"Max, YYEEEEESSSSS", as she threw her arms around his neck an kissed the life out of Max.
Max had Liz enwrapped in his strong arms, he closed his eyes, and felt like life just couldn´t get any better than this. Pulling back slightly from Liz, Max said.
"I mean I haven´t got a ring or anything yet.... "
Pulling Max back into her arms Liz said, "I don´t care".
Leaving an opened mouth Dianne standing there holding the baby.


That was pretty cool, Max and Liz had there healthy baby girl and now they´re engaged. Hope you´s all enjoyed those parts as much as I wrote them. FB please.


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Hi all

well I´m back again. I know I´m a sucker for Liz and Max, and coudn´t resist writing those parts. Glad you´s all enjoyed, and thanks for all the awesome FB.

behritall4me, you figured me out good!

jassybee, when I first wrote this fic I decided I really wanted to piss-off Tess´s characer so I wrote that Paulie was the father. So answer to your question. No Max wasn´t the father. I wouldn´t think of giving Tess that sort of satisfaction.

Ria answer to your question is yes. She does.

Amie your welcome!

To everyone else you´s are going to have to read the rest of the fic to find out your answers.


Part 35

By now Liz was holding Amie again and Dianne was sitting next to them, so Max said he wanted to go and tell the gang they could come through, kissing Liz and the baby one more time before he left.
When he got to the waiting room he was surrounded by his friends.
"What did she have? What did she have? Is Liz OK? What about the baby"? As Max was bombarded with questions from Isabel and Maria.
Smiling at them all Max said, "One question at a time, right. Now Liz is well and fine. And I would like to tell you´s that we are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl".
"AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH". Maria and Isabel went off. Jumping around like maniacs.
"Would you´s 2 be quiet, or you´s will scare the living daylights out of the patients", Michael said to them sternly. "Anyway congratulations man", as Michael slapped him on the shoulders, and Alex shook his hand congratulating Max too.
"Oh yeah congratulations Max", as Maria and Isabel calmed themselves down and hugged and kissed Max.
"Now if I may continue after being rudely interrupted", as Max looked between a joyous Isabel and Maria.
"And the baby weights 7lbs, and she´s healthy and well too. Liz and I named her Amie Nancy Parker". As Max beamed talking about his baby.
"Oh my Mom´s going to love that, she´s named Amy too". Maria smiling at the baby´s name.
"Yeah her names Amie, but it´s spelt A-m-I-e".
"That´s so sweet", Isabel said in delight.
"So if you´s want to see Liz and Amie you´s can go through now, but no screaming around her, either of you´s", as Max looked at Isabel and Maria warning them.
And without saying anything they all took off to see Liz. On entering the room especially Isabel and Maria tiptoed in, followed by the 3 guys.
"Lizzzzz", Maria whispered on purpose so she could avoid screaming.
"Oh we´re so happy for you´s 2", Isabel said before both she and Maria kissed her.
"Thanks Iz, thanks Maria", as Liz smiled up at them.
"Yeah Liz I´m really happy that everything went off with no hitches, congratulations", as Michael went over and peeked Liz on the foreheand.
"Me too, I´m glad that you´s to are safe and well", as Alex joined in on the celebrations.
"So tell us what´s it like being a Mom now Liz", as Maria wanted to get the nitty-gritty on Motherhood.
"It´s absolutely wonderful, I wouldn´t give up this feeling for anything else in the world, c´mon Amie give Mommy a kiss now", as Liz raised Amie to her mouth and kissed her ever so gently.
"Can I hold, can I hold", an excited Isabel asked Liz.
"Only if you be careful with her", Max said going into over-protective mode.
"I will, I will, I promise", and Liz handed Amie over to Isabel.
Maria who was sitting next to Liz asked, "Liz is there anything you want me to do".
"No thanks Maria, Dianne´s going to pick me up a bag, I just a minute could you buy me some chocolate, I´m really craving for some chocolate", Liz said.
"I´ll get it", Max offered, "I won´t be long". As he kissed Liz and hurried out of the room.
Isabel and Alex were now standing together, Amie still in Isabel´s arms.
"Hello Amie I´m your Aunt Isabel, and this is your Uncle Alex, are you going to give us a big smile now"? Isabel said staring in awe at her new niece.
"She´s to young to be able to smile yet Honey but she will", Dianne looked at Isabel happily.
"Oh OK Mom, so I hope you look like your Mommy cause she´s so pretty and your Daddys got big ears".
"Isabel don´t talk about your brother like that", Dianne said crossly at her.
"Well I don´t care, Max looks perfect to me". Liz standing up for her man. "And I got some news for you´s all, oh no I´ll wait for Max to get back first".
"Tell us Liz, tell us". Maria tried to beg the information out of Liz.
"No I´ll wait until Max gets back first". As Liz grinned at Maria and raised her eyebrows at her knowing Maria was dying to know what the news was.
"Anyway you had enough time holding Amie, it´s my turn now", Michael said and he walked over to Isabel and Isabel with a frown on her face gave Michael, Amie. Usually Michael would be reserved about doing things like this, but Max had asked Michael to be Amie´s Godfather. When Michael had Amie in his arms he smiled down at her totally amazed.
"Hello Amie", Michael said ever so quietly. "I´m your Uncle Michael, your going to love me, I ´m going to take you out all the time so we can eat ice-creams". A very touched Maria looked on at Michael, raising to her feet she went to him. She kissed Michael on his lips, and smiled sweetly at him. Maria then Kissed Amie and the 2 began talking to Amie. Awhile later Max returned with Liz´s chocolate, when he got back to the room Liz told him to sit next to her so that they could announce the good news. Maria now was holding Amie, and Michael had his arm lightly around her shoulder. And Max began.
"Firstly Maria can you hand my baby back to Michael or someone in this room who re-acts normally to announcements, and secondly could you and Isabel promise me that you´s won´t scream".
Maria poked her tongue out at Max and did as Max had asked her. Isabel promised and Maria did too. Taking Liz´s hand in his he said to Liz to announce there engagement.
"Well Max and I would like to announce that we are now engaged we´re gong to get married". Liz told them.
Maria was about to open her mouth to scream but quickly put her hand over her mouth. Isabel was standing there too about to do the same thing, but she caught Max giving her a funny look and reframed herself from screaming.
"Liz, Max that´s the best", as they were once more surrounded by there friends and congratulated with hugs and kisses.

Part 36

Ok everyone, I posted once that I wanted to make Tess´s character into an absolute psycho, the next part does it. But after this drama Tess makes no more appearances in my fic.

Tess was at the Troys with her Dad for dinner when she found out the news about Liz and Max having there baby. Pam was in Liz´s history class when Liz´s waters broke. Getting a first hand witness account of the event. The next day at school, Pam heard from everyone that they had a baby girl. And when Tess heard the news her eyes bulged out in absolute contempt.
Since her miscarriage, Tess went into a state of deep depression. Although she had transferred to the other High School she didn´t go back. Instead she spent the first 3 weeks lying in bed. She was so sure that she was carrying Max´s baby, she had already lost Max, now she had lost the baby too. Tess lost all contact with anyone she knew. Only because of her parents insistance Pam would visit Tess. The 2 were´nt joined at the hip so to say, but Pam took it upon herself to take Tess under her wing. Pam and her friends had given Max and Liz a present for the baby, and they started getting on OK. So Pam used to stay neutral between the happy pair and Tess.
Tess had really wanted this baby as a reminder of Max. And when she thought about the fact that now Liz had given not only happiness to Max but a baby too, things started to stir inside of Tess that would make most people squirm.
That night when Tess and Ed got home, Tess said good-night to her Father and went upstairs to bed. When she could heae that the house was still she slipped out from under her covers fully clothed. Grabbing a bag she went downstairs and outside to her car. She drove to the hospital with everything she needed. Once she got to the hospital Tess sneaked into the hopital and ran into the staff changing rooms. What no one knew was that after Tess´s 3 week of self-imposed banishment to her room, she had been coming down to the hospital. She would walk through the hospital for hours, ending her time there going to the maternity ward and staring at the all the newborn baby´s in the baby station. She would then leave the hospital to go home so that Ed would never suspect that she had even left the house. Tess knew the inside of the hospital intimitely. As she changed into a nurses uniform she walked through the corridors of the hospital until she got to the maternity ward. She made her way to the baby station, and hid around the corner when she heard voices approaching. Sticking her head around the corner, Tess saw 2 nurses go into the baby station and check up on the baby´s when they left the room, Tess came out of hiding and went into the baby station. Quickly looking at all the name tags on the cots until she came to. PARKER:AMIE NANCY. Seeing the baby inside the cot Tess took her out and held the baby in her arms. She left the maternity ward and made her way back to the changing rooms. Lying Amie on the floor Tess changed back into her street clothes. Now sneaking her way back out of the hospital Amie started to stir. Tess cradled Amie in her arms until Amie had settled back down. Now in the car park Tess put Amie into a carseat. Driving off into the night Tess said to Amie.
"Now you be a good girl for Mommy now".


I know that was mean, but I really to see what I could do with Tess´s character. FB please.



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Hi all

I don´t know what to say, but one, thanks for all the FB!

Dreamingof Max84, after this drama plays itself out with Tess then she won´t be re-appearing anymore in this fic.

Amie, you had me peeing in my pants when I got all your FBs replies. Keep them coming.

Behritall4me, I didn´t even have the Hand That Rocks the Cradle in mind when I wrote this part. But you got everything all figured out. The only question is what direction I take it now.


Part 37

Liz was asleep in bed, when she was awoken by Jim Valenti and another man standing next to her.
"Liz, Liz it´s me Jim Valenti", as Jim shook Liz´s sleeping form. "Liz wake up would you". Jim lowering his voice to Liz.
Liz rolled around when she felt some-one waking her and sat up in the bed, rubbing her eyes with her hands.
"Oh Jim, hi what are you doing here"? A sleepy Liz said to him and waited to find out what Jim and this other man wanted with her.
"Jim do you know it´s nearly 4.00am", as Liz yawned into her hand.
"I know Liz but this is REALLY important". Jim spoke to her.
"Hello Miss Parker, my name is Henry James, and I am the Head of the Hospital here", as he held his hand out to Liz and she shook it.
"Well ummm, what are you´s doing here"? Liz asked thinking it was weird for both of the men to be wanting to talk to her at this time of the hour.
"Liz... ", Jim paused as he was finding it difficult to tell Liz about Amie. "The nurses went to check-up on the baby´s about and hour ago....and Amie has disappeared". Jim told her while sitting on the bed next to Liz holding her hand.
"No, no... it can´t be true", as Liz looked into Jims eyes with horror, shaking her head no at him.
"Liz it´s true", Jim replied softly.
"NOOOOOO", she screamed in pain and Jim bought her into his arms.
"NOOO, it can´t be true, it can´t be true", as absolute despair took over her.
Stroking Liz´s back Jim said, "Liz we´re doing everything possible to find Amie at the moment.
"JIM WHY? WHY JIM", as the distress took over in her voice.
"We don´t know yet, but we will do everything we can to find her", as tears glistened Jims eyes, and he rocked Liz´s body. Looking over to the Superintendant Jim motioned with his head for the man to leave. The man left saying he was very sorry about what had happened and closed the door as he left.
Max was soundly sleeping in bed when he was awoken by the screams of his Mother. In panic Max ran to his parents room, followed not far behind by Isabel. When Max and Isabel entered there parents room, Dianne had her hands over her face swaying her body while sitting on the bed. Phillip was sitting next to Dianne with his arms surrounding her, and he had tears in his eyes.
"Mom, Dad what´s the matter"? Max cried out to them.
"Son we just got a call from Jim Valenti, somebodys kidnapped Amie". Phillip said as a few tears ran down his face.
"NOOOOOOOOO", Max screamed as he crumpled to the floor and cried uncontrollably.
Isabel´s hands had gone to her mouth as she weep in pain, seeing Max lying on the ground, Isabel collapsed on top of him, holding him, as the tears overtook her.
"Son get changed we´re going to the hospital", as Phillip in pain took over the situation.
Without another thought Max pushed Isabel off of him. He ran into her bedroom and threw on some clothes.
"Max wait for us", Dianne cried out to him when he was putting on his clothes. Without saying a word Max grabbed his keys, he even hadn´t put on his shoes, and ran passed his Mother.
"Max", Dianne cried out to him, but Max wouldn´t slow down, instead he ran down the stairs and through the door without shutting it. Max sprinted to his jeep and drove off like a bat out of hell.
"MAX, MAX", Dianne yelled out to him when she got to the front door, but all see saw was the lights of Max´s jeep as it drove fast down the road.
When Max got to the hospital there were Police vehicles everywhere outside. Max pulled the jeep to a stop, closely behind the vehicles. When an Officer tried to say it was illegal to park his jeep there, Max ran right past him. As Max ran through the doors, 2 Officers tried to hold Max down, and the 3rd one that had chased him was on top of Max too now.
"That´s my baby that´s missing", Max yelled in frustration as he put a fight up with the Officers.
Jim come running down the to the entrance, and yelled at the Officers to get off of Max. Once free, Max took off to go to Liz. Jim had tried to stop Max to say something to him, but Max did´nt hear a word as he sprinted to the maternity wards. Max almost knocked a nurse down as he was running, but gathered his balance again and ran. Jim was following him behind. When Max got to Liz´s room he saw that the bed was empty and Max ran to look for her. When Max saw Liz she was staring into the windows of the baby station.
"LIZZZ", Max yelled her name, and when Liz turned to look at him she collapsed to the floor.
Once Max got to Liz´s side, he picked her weak body up into his strong arms, carrying her trembling body to a seat.
"Maxxx", Liz cried out as her head fell back against his strong arm, his voice choking in her throat.
"Maxxxx, our baby´s gone, our baby´s gone". The pain in her voice killing Max and that lump that had grown in his throat just wouldn´t go away he then said.
"Liz it´s going to be alright, it´s going to be alright, I promise we´ll find her, we´ll find her", as Max bought Liz´s head next to his face, and she lay her head underneath his chin.
"What are we going to do, what are we going to do", as Liz sobbing got worse and worse.
"I don´t know my Love", Max admitting to himself knowing in truth that Amie´s disppearance was completely out of his control began to cry his heart out. The 2 were found there still crying in each others arms by the time the rest of the family had got there.

I almost cried when I wrote this. That was hard to write.

Part 38

When Tess with Amie in her car, she really didn´t know where she was going. She pulled over to the bank, the break screeching to a stop. Tess opened the door and with her purse in her hand she didn´t even bother to close the door as she ran to the bank machine. The screeching of the breaks woke Amie up, and she was now crying in the back seat. Tess quickly drew some money out of her account, hopping into her car she drove off. The crying from Amie was driving Tess mad, so she sped up the car.
"It´s alright my baby, Mommy´s going to take us somewhere", as Tess tried to soothe Amie down.
Once on the highway Tess figured out where she was going, and she put her foot onto the gas. Max had taken Tess there once. It was a holiday house the Evans owned 2 hours out of Roswell. The place bought back good memories for Tess, as she remembered the week-end they had both spent there. She knew where they hid the key, and she thought that no one would ever expect her to be hiding right under there noses. Tess knew that the place was in a very secluded area, so all she would have to do was park the car in the garage and everyone would be none the wiser. Thinking that she had the perfect plan, Tess drove faster to her next destination.


FB now please.


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Hi all

well it´s good to be able to get back on to the board again. Thanks for all the FB. I finished up writing Changes In You + Me yesterday, so keep posted to see where this all leads too. Since I have finished writing up this fic, I started on a few other fics yesterday. Today I am going to post my 4th fic, it´s called Chances Are. It´s a dreamer fic as usual, but there is a big twist in there relationship. It has to do with Max but it´s not Alien oriented and he´s not married. But it is a twist that brings real big problems for our 2. So give it a try. Thanks to everyone who has been reading my fanfics. I really appreciate it.


Part 36

When the rest of the Evan´s arrived Phillip took control of the situation and talked about the kidnapping progress with Jim. At the moment security guards were going over tape of last nights events, and Doctors and nurses were being interviewed. Jim wanted to question the whole family. When he started questioning Phillip he asked him what were the possibilities that someone might want to hold Amie for ransom. Phillip thought the whole idea was ludricious, but Jim said they had to investigate all options. Phillip knew that his familys worth was estimated at about $3.2 million dollars, no small change, but the whole idea was just crazy. After Jim was finished talking to Phillip he also wanted to talk to Liz and Max, but Phillip informed him that Liz had been sedated and that Max was sleeping with her. So he asked to see Dianne next. After questioning Dianne, he wanted to question Isabel. Dianne joined Isabel when the questioning began.
"Miss Evans would you have any idea who would want to kidnap Amie".
"Tess, Tess Harding", Isabel said coldly.
"Why would you think that Tess Harding is somehow involved with this".
"Because she´s the only person I know who is crazy enough to do something like this".
"They are strong accusations that your making against Tess". Jim not liking the sounds of what Isabel was getting at.
"I know, and I don´t care, why don´t you question her yourself, and if this is finished I would like to return to my brother and friends side", Isabel then got out of her seat and left a stunned Jim sitting there.
"She may have a point Jim, this isn´t the first time that Tess has done something crazy to them 2". Dianne looked seriously into Jim´s eyes.
"What do you mean Dianne"?
So Dianne told Jim the story about how Tess had almost succeeded in breaking up the happy couple.
After Dianne left the room, Jim reluctantly went to the telephone. He was to ring up Ed Harding.
A very sleepy Ed answered the telephone.
"Hello Ed, this is Jim Valenti speaking".
"Jim hi, what´s so important that you wake me up this time of the morning". He asked confused.
"Ed, I´m ringing up from the hospital".
"What has that to do with me"?
"Could you tell me if Tess is at home with you"?
"Nothing has happened to Tess has it"?
"No, but can you check to see if she is in the house"?
"Sure Jim", as Ed started to walk to her bedroom. "She´s not in her room, I´ll just check downstair", as Ed made his way downstairs. "Just a minute Jim, I have to find the light switch".
"Is she there Ed"?
"Well the lights were all off and it doesn´t look like she´s downstairs, Tess, Tess Honey. Where are you? I´ll just see if her cars parked in the drive-way....... no Jim her cars not in the drive-way either, what is this all about"?
"Ed I hate to be the one telling you, but tonight Max Evans and Liz Parkers baby was kidnapped and Tess is now one of our leading suspects".
As the words registered into Ed´s mind, he dropped the phone on the ground.
"Ed, are you still there, Ed talk to me".
But the man was to much in shock to answer the phone. 10 minutes later some patrol cars were at the Hardings residence, asking Ed if he knew anything about Tess´s whereabouts.

Part 37

The Evans had been waiting patiently for Max or Liz to wake up. Dianne had tried to comfort Max when he was awake but Max wouldn´t say a single word to her. Now it was 7.30am and Isabel went to ring the gang up to tell them about what had happened. She knew they would all be at home, it was a Saturday morning. So Isabel rung all of there friends. The only person she couldn´t get hold of was Michael so she left a message on his answering machine. 20 minutes later Alex got there and ran to Isabel´s side to comfort the now broken down girl.
"Alex why"? As Isabel leaned her face against Alex´s strong shoulder.
"I don´t know Sweety, I have no idea". The 2 consoled each other, both crying unashamedly.
Not long afterwards Maria and Amy entered the room. Maria was in no state to drive so Amy drove Maria down, also she wanted to be there for everyone.
"Oh Iz", as Maria ran into Isabel´s arms, clearly shaken up by the whole affair. "What are we going to do"?
"I don´t know", and Alex put his arms around the 2, as they all huddled consoling each other.
"Dianne I am so sorry about what´s happened. Is there anything I can do for you´s all"? As Amy embraced a crying Dianne in her arms.
"You being here is enough". And the woman cried on each others shoulders.
Sometime later Max woke up. Everyone tried to get him to talk but Max couldn´t hear anything. His head was to messed up to think properly. He just lay there the whole time with his arm around Liz looking into her teared stained face.
"Max, Max", Liz whimpered. "Max...Amie".
"It´s alright Babe, go back to sleep", as Max brushed her face gently with the back of his fingers.
"Max". As Liz rolled from one side to the other.
"SShhhh, go to sleep my Love". And instantly she stopped rolling.
They were still lying on the bed when Jim re-entered the room.
"Phillip there have been some new developments in the case, can I talk to you please".
"Yeah sure Jim", and Phillip went to leave the room Hearing this Max jumped off of the bed.
"I´m coming too Dad". Max said.
"No son let me deal with it". He said calmly.
"But Dad that´s my baby that´s missing somewhere out there. I have a right to know". As tears rolled down his face.
"Phillip he´s right, he has a right to know what´s happening". Dianne said as she snapped her head off of Amy´s shoulder. "I´m coming too". Dianne then walked over to her distressed son, putting her arm around him, "c´mon Honey, Mom will be right there for you".
When the 4 were all seated Jim began.
"There is no easy way to say this but we have reason to believe we know who kidnapped Amie".
"Who is it", Max half shouted at Jim.
"We have strong reason to believe that Tess Harding was the one who took Amie".
"NOOOOOO", Max screamed out in pain on hearing Tess´s name. Dianne rushed to Max´s side to take him in her arms, but Max crumbled to the ground.
"NO MOM, WHY? TESS YOU BITCH"? As the tears streamed down his face again.
"I think I will leave the room now", and Jim made a quick exit not wanting to see the heart breaking scenes.
"MOM", as Max rocked his body. His legs with huddled into his chest, and his long arms were pulling them tighter towards him. Dianne pulled him tighter into her arms. "MOM". Max cried out in anguish.
Phillip then surrounded them both in his arms.
"Son we´ll find Amie". As he comforted them both.
Max pushed his parents off of him and ran out of the room. Phillip and Dianne chased him out. Max didn´t know where he was running too but he had to do something. So he ran as fast as he could.
Michael who wasn´t at home when Isabel rung him had just returned home to find Isabels recorded message. He had just gotten home from his morning jogging. Now he was walking fast towards Liz´s room.
"MAX", Michael shouted when he saw Max running towards him. Max had heard someone call his name, but his head was so clouded he couldn´t see Michael now running towards him.
When they hit each other they went flying across the floor. Phillip ran to jump on top of a fighting Max, Phillip then pulled Max into his arms and brushed Max´s hair with his strong hand.
"Max", Phillip called in distress, and he held on tighter and tighter to his weeping son. "We will find her son, believe me". As tears sprung at seeing Max so hurt.
"Dad", Max cried in his Fathers arms. "Amie where are you"?

OK I usually don´t type out 3 parts, but it´s only fair that you´s know what´s up with Tess.

Part 38

When Tess had reached the Evan´s holiday house she rocked a crying Amie in her arms. She knew Amie was hungry but she couldn´t feed her as her breasts had dried up months ago. It was still too early to go to the small township to buy any food. So Tess waited the time out. Then driving Amie they left to go to town. Hamden, (fictional town), was a small township 15 minutes away from the house. There were only about 1 200 residents living there and everybody knew each other.
When Tess went to the supermarket with Amie the middle aged man behind the counter smiled to see a new face in town.
"Well good morning young lady, my name is Frank and if there is anything I can do for you do not hesitate to ask", he said in a cheery voice.
"That will be fine, thanks", Tess said and hurriedly went to put Amie´s car seat in a cart and walked away. When Tess came back to the counter with a full cart, Frank started checking the food through.
"So are you new around here, or are you just passing by"? Frank asked out of curiousity.
"Just passing by". Tess lied to him, and pretended to busy herself with Amie.
"You got enough food in there to last you until Christmas". Frank carried on.
"I know", Tess began to fidget with her car keys. "How much will that cost"? She asked nervously.
"$87.23", Frank said.
Tess paid the bill and hurried back with Amie to the car. Packing the food into the trunk Tess drove off in a hurry.

So that´s me for now, don´t forget to try my new fic out, Chances Are. And FB please.


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Try one of my new fics. Chances Are M/L and My Life With You. EOTW fic, L/FMax

On to the next part


Part 39?

When Liz woke up a few hours later she told everyone that she wanted to get discharged from the hospital. She didn´t want to spend the rest of her time couped up on a hospital bed. So Dianne discharged Liz and she was driven home by Phillip and Dianne. Max was with her as he was in no state to drive and Isabel bought the jeep home.
Now that Liz was back at home Liz was carried up to the bedroom by Max. Phillip had gone down to the station to get first hand information from Jim.
Phillip was sitting there when Ed Harding came into the station. Ed took a seat next to Phillip, he acknowledged Ed but didn´t say a word to him.
"Phillip I am so sorry about what Tess has done to you and your family". He said sadly. "And I will do everything in my power to find Tess and your grand-daughter".
"But Ed why"? A confused Phillip asked him.
"I think that was my fault, you see when Tess´s mother left us I threw myself into my work. I should have taken more time to worry about how my daughter was. But I never thought in my wildest dreams that she would do something like this".
"Ed you can´t go blaming yourself for what your daughter has done".
"Yeah I know but it´s so hard".
"Have you any idea where Tess may be"?
"No I only have a sister that lives in Canada, and we haven´t seen her in years. We both have no idea where her mother is, and the only ones we really have contact with are the Troy´s and I have already been there this morning and asked them if they had any clues where Tess is but they don´t know a thing".
"Do the Troys know about Tess kidnapping Amie"
"Yeah they do. I had to tell them something".
"Oh I see".
And for awhile the 2 men sat there consoling each other. When Ed had left the station, Phillip rung up and told Dianne that Max had to tell Liz and the others the truth about Tess before they heard it from someone else".
After Dianne got off the phone with Phillip she went up to Max and Liz´s room.
"Honey can you come downstairs for a minute, I can´t seem to get the lid off of one of the jars". Dianne made up an excuse.
"Yeah sure Mom". Max then kissed a sleeping Liz´s form and followed Dianne down to the kitchen. When Max couldn´t see any jars on the kitchen counter he said to Dianne.
"Mom what´s this all about"?
"Honey I just got off the telephone with your Father, and he met Ed Harding. Ed was around at the Troys this morning and now the Troy´s know that Tess kidnapped Amie. Your Father thinks it´s best that we tell everyone the truth about Tess".
"Mom do you mind ringing up everyone to meet here in 1 hours time, I´m going back upstairs to Liz".
"Yeah sure Honey".
1 hour later the gang and Max and Liz were all sitting in the Evans lounge. Max didn´t feel like telling everyone so Dianne broke the news.
"I´m sorry that I had to get you´s all around here to talk. But Jim has told us that there have been some new developments in the case. We know who kidnapped Amie". Dianne said reluctantly.
"Who was it? Who was it Diannne"? A distressed Liz asked.
"I´m sorry Honey, but Liz - it was Tess Harding that took Amie".
"NOOOOOOOOOO", Liz screamed and stood up from the couch her tears beginning to fall down her face like rivers.
"NOOOOOO, MAX TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE. MAX TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE". As Liz bought her hands to her mouth and she had terror written in her eyes.
Max just broke down crying and bought Liz into her arms. Dianne went to the side of an agonised Liz and surronded Liz in her arms too.
"MAX WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DOoooooo......". Liz slumping her body to the ground.
Maria hadn´t feared any better, she had collapsed her body against Michael choking on her sobs. Michael started getting tears in his eyes and held onto Maria tightly, stroking her honey coloured hair.
"MICHAEL", she yelled in pain, but she couldn´t get anything out of her mouth.
Isabel on the other hand had stoked up all this anger inside of her.
"That bitch, I knew it was that bitch", Isabel threw her cup of coffee across the room and Alex took a now wimpering Isabel into his arms.
"It´s alright Sweetie, we´ll get her back, we´ll find her". Alex soothed Isabel with his words.
"But why Alex? WHY? What could see possibly gain from kidnapping Amie".
"I don´t know Sweetie but when we find Tess then the truth will come out".
And for a long while the room was filled with the heart torn people, consoling each other.

Part 40?

It had been nearly 2 weeks since Amie´s disappearance. No clues were found to there whereabout, only that Tess had gone to her bank that night to withdraw a large amount of cash. It was as if Tess had disappeared off the face of the earth.
The Police had alot of leads but nothing conclusive. The security camera´s had caught Tess on tape taking a baby in her arms from the hospital. Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff had been questioned and some of them had remembered Tess always wandering around the hospital. They thought she was only visiting someone she knew there so didn´t think anything suspicious about her.
Tess was at the Evans holiday house still. Amie was running out of milk and diapers and Tess knew she had to go back into town. There was only 1 supermarket in Hamden but Tess knew she had to risk it so she took her chances. As Tess was driving to Hamden she only hoped that nosey shop-keeper wasn´t there today.
Going inside the supermarket Tess was relieved to see a woman at the counter. She hurriedly rushed and grabbed the things she needed and paid before she went to go. As Tess was walking out of the store she bumped into someone.
"Oh sorry". Tess said as she looked up to see who she had bumped into.
"Oh that´s alright...hey aren´t you the young lady who came here a few weeks ago". Frank asked Tess.
"No I´m not", Tess lied to him and hurried out of the door as fast as she could.
Frank knew she was lying, but why? Every new face stood out, and yes that was the same young woman who had told him she was only passing by. Frank quickly looked to see what Tess was up to. Yes Frank thought to himself, and she was carrying a baby in a car seat that day too. Franks curiousity got the better of him like it always did. Frank didn´t get the nickname Stickybeak for nothing. So cautiously he followed Tess down the road and waited until she had gotten into her vehicle. Noting which direction Tess drove in, Frank ran to get into his car. There were only 2 ways to leave town. East or west and she had driven in the east direction. Once Frank was driving he followed Tess´s car at a safe distance behind. After 10 minutes Tess turned up to Yellow Stone Rd. Strange Frank thought to himself, there are only 2 houses up that road. The Trevors place and the Evans holiday house and if the Trevors had had visitors Mary or Glenn would have said something to Frank. So he carried on and saw that Tess drove up the small road to the Evans place. I don´t get it Frank said to himself, and parking his car on the side of the road he went the rest of the way by foot. When he approached the house he saw Tess closing the garage door and carry the baby seat into the house before she returned to take the groceries back.
Walking back to his car Frank was confused. Frank knew the Evan family, they had spent every Christmas up there with the kids. Sometimes Max and Isabel stayed over at his sisters, as his sister had children the same age as Max and Isabel. The 2 hadn´t been up to Hamden since they were 13 and 14, but that girl wasn´t Isabel. He knew that for sure. And Frank also knew that the Evans didn´t rent out there place because he would have known about it. Making his way back home Frank rung up his sister for the Evans telephone number. Quickly dialling the number Dianne answered the phone.
"Hello Dianne this is Frank James ringing from Hamden".
"Well hi Frank it´s good to hear from you, and how are the wife and the children"?
"Oh they´re fine but Dianne I was wanting to ask you a question"?
"Yeah sure Frank, shoot".
"Have you got any guests staying up at your holiday house at the moment"?
"No not that I know off, we don´t rent our place out, and Phillip would have told me if he was renting the place out".
"Oh that´s strange, it´s just that I took a drive past you place today and I saw a young woman walk into the house"
"Frank what does she look like"? Dianne´s voice started to sound anxious.
"About 5´3, with shoulder length blond curly hair". Frank explained Tess´s appearance.
"Frank did she have a baby with her"?
"Yeah she did, why"?
"OMG we´re found them, Frank that girl has kidnapped my grand-daughter".
"OMG Dianne, I´ll ring up the Sheriff and go back up there incase she disappears".
Dianne was to anxious to say good-bye to Frank the urgency to get Amie back was to great. She hung up the telephone.
Max and Liz came storming down the stairs.
"What you know where Amie is. Where is she Mom"?
"Tess has her up at our holiday house".
"Mom ring up Jim, Liz and I are going up now". And the 2 ran into the jeep and took off towards Hamden to get there baby back.


So now they know where Amie is? Will Tess put up a struggle or will she give Amie back peacefully? FB now please.


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I just want to thank yous all for all the FB. In another 2-3 days, Changes In you + Me will be finished. And believe me the last parts will be much happier ones. Then you´s get to find out alittle about there lives in the future.

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Part 41?

When Max and Liz drove off to Hamden, Max broke all speed limits getting there. The usual 2 hour drive took him just on 1 and a half hours. As the 2 pulled up to the house, they quickly rushed out of the jeep. They were on there way to the house when a few officers tried to stop them from proceeding any further.
"That´s our baby in there". Max yelled in frustration. And Frank came over to them to verify who Max was. Max wanted to go in the house and talk to Tess but the Sheriff there wouldn´t let him. It was only through persuation from Frank that Max was allowed to do so.
Liz watched on as Max entered the house. When Max got inside there was an officer trying to talk Tess into handing herself up, and Tess was in a corner of the house with baby Amie in her arms.
"Let me try to talk to her, I´m the Father of the baby and she is my Ex", Max calmly said to the officer, who agreed.
"Tess give me my baby back". Max forcefully told her.
"No Max, and if you come any closer I will hurt her". Tess spat out.
Max´s heart constricted in his heart, and he calmly said.
"Tess you don´t want to hurt a poor innocent baby do you"? As he inched a little closer towards Tess.
"I will if I have too Max", she said.
"Tess your only make things worse if you hurt Amie", Max tried to reason with Tess.
"No Max I mean it I will hurt her if I have too".
Max looked on at Tess in fear.
For the next half an hour the 2 argued together at first. When Max knew that this wasn´t getting them anywhere he tried to reason with Tess again, until he found out what she really wanted.
"Max if I give you Amie back, your will leave me", she said as tears sprung to her eyes.
"No I won´t", Max lied, " I promise you, we can all stay together, just you, me and Amie, you´d like that now wouldn´t you Tess". As Max managed to give a very convincing smile.
"Now why don´t you give Amie back to me, and we can all go home together", as Max pretended he was staring at Liz and smiled lovingly into Tess´s eyes.
"OK then Max", and she went to hand Amie back to Max and take his hand.
Max pulled Amie into his arms and kissed her as tears came to his face.
As soon as Max had Amie in his hands, the officer made a go at Tess, but she kicked him in the groin and there was a scuffle on between the 2.
The noise could be heard from outside and Liz ran to the door, when she got inside she looked on in and saw that Max had Amie safely in his arms. That´s when Liz lost it and ran over to Tess.
When Tess was in close enough proximity, Liz threw a hard punch at Tess´s face. It landed right on her nose.
Jim had arrived there about 10 minutes ago and was right behind Liz when she ran to the house. Now Jim was motioning the officer there to let Liz carry on.
When Liz landed her first punch, Tess went flying backwards. Then Liz straddled over Tess and was having a free for all punch out session on Tess´s face.
"You bitch", Liz hissed at her, letting all her pain out on Tess.
"How dare you kidnap my baby". As Liz hit her again with another punch.
Max was looking on in shock. He knew Liz was not into violence, but then there are things that would push a normally subdue person over the edge. In Liz´s case it was Tess, and Max wasn´t going to stop her.
Isabel turned up with Dianne and when they ran towards Max, he gave Dianne Amie.
"My turn next, take her away Mom, I don´t want her around her when Tess stop splurting blood".
"And that one´s for Max, this one is for me, and that one was for my baby". As Liz gave Tess the old
1, 2, 3.
As Liz went to stand up she looked down onto Tess.
"And if you ever come near my family again, you won´t get off so lightly", Liz spat at Tess.
Liz then ran over to Max, and surrounded his waist with her arms.
"Where´s my baby"? Liz looked nervously at him.
"I wanted a go". Max said disappointedly.
"No Max, you have never hit a female before and your not going to start now, besides our baby is more important than that scum-bag". And they both looked back at a bloodied Tess and walked to Dianne and Isabel.
Liz was still shaking when she took Amie into her hands.
"My baby, my baby", as Liz searched Amie´s body for any injuries. When she couldn´t find any she held Amie close to her and cried out of relief.
"I can´t believe it, we have our baby back Max". As Liz looked Max into his eyes.
"I know, I thought this moment would never come back to us", as he held the 2 surrounded in his arms.
The reunion with baby Amie was sweet. The rest of the gang arrived there to the happy celebrations.
Tess was restraint and lead away in a police car. (YAY-good riddance).
"Are you happy now Liz"? Michael asked her.
"I won´t be happy until that bitch is locked up in jail". Liz looked angrily at Tess.
With baby Amie back now, she was checked over by the Doctor, he wanted Amie to stay over-night in the hospital and Liz and Max stayed by her bed-side all night.
And the happy family went home the next day back to Roswell. With there healthy girl.


Tomorrow you´s will find out what happens in the future in there lives. The next couple of parts will be really happy one. FB please.

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well for some reason or another I am in an excellent mood, so I have decided to post 1 or 2 parts. I´m not sure yet as it´s getting late here. Thanks for all the FB.

Behritall4me. Why didn´t I think of that. Only post 1 part a day. But I won´t do that to you´s all.
And how come your not reading my new fanfic. Chances Are, you´ll love it. I´m up to part 19, and this is a happy Dreamer fic, with no major twists, just a few little misunderstandings. It´s also the best fic I have written.

Abbs, and Amie I posted 2 new parts for you´s for Chances Are. Where are you´s? I love you guys FB-


Part 42?

When Tess was taken away, charges were pressed against her. She went to trial and it lasted for weeks. When the verdict was read Tess recieved 8 years imprisonment. After 6 years she could apply for parole. Everyone was there when the verdict was read. Once it was read Max and Liz passed Tess for by.
"I hope you rot in hell", were the last words Max ever said to Tess. A teary eyed Tess was lead away and they never saw her ever again. (YAYYYYY)!!!!!!
After that Max and Liz went back to leading a normal life again.
Isabel and Alex were married 3 years later. They had 2 children Thomas Phillip and Angela Carole Whitman. Max didn´t want to take over the position of his Dad. Max always wanted to be near to his family. So 10 years later, Isabel took over Phillips position. She was good at her job and loved the travelling. Isabel expanded Phillips business and it became very successful. Alex got a job there working as a Personal Consultant for Isabel.
Michael and Maria married 5 years after Amie´s kidnapping. They had 2 children too.
Taylor Leslie who was 1 year younger than Amie, and Trevor Owen, who was 3 years younger than Taylor. Michael ended up a deputy working for Jim. Maria ended up opening a shop selling her Moms souvenirs, she later expanded the shop so it became a diner too. They were both happy and successful at there jobs.
As for Liz and Max, when Amie was 6 months old they married. Amie was the flower girl at the wedding and she was carried down the aisle by the Matron of Honour, Isabel. Maria was Amie´s God-Mother, so Liz asked Isabel to be her Matron of Honour. Little Amie looked beautiful in a white silk gown and a silk beret on her head. One and a half years later, Liz and Max had another baby. Jason Peter Evans.
Amie was the splitting image of Liz, and Jason was the splitting image of Max.
Max became the supervisor at Phillips firm, Liz ended up being the science teacher at Roswell High.


"Amie are you ready yet, Uncle Mikey is going to pick you and Jason up soon", Max asked her.
"Almost Daddy, c´mon Jason take my hand", and Amie tried to lead Jason around the house, only she pulled him to hard and Jason fell over.
"Momma", Jason cries and Liz rushes over to pick him up.
"Amie you have to be careful with your brother, he can´t walk as fast as you can". Liz checks Jason to see if he´s hurt but when he´s OK, she kisses him on the lips.
"I´m sorry Mommy", Amie pouts out her bottom lip.
"It´s alright Honey just be careful next time OK", Liz pats Amie on the head.
"OK Mommy".
"Momma Amsie hurts me". As Jason shows Liz his knee.
"Your OK my boy", and Liz cuddles Jason into her arms.
"Daddy how long are you and Mommy going to be away"? Amie tugs on Max´s jeans.
Picking Amie up Max says, "4 days Honey. You gonna miss Mommy and Daddy when we´re gone".
"Yes Daddy", she pouts her lip out to Max.
"Well you get to play with Taylor while Mommy and Daddy are away", Max smiles at his beautiful daughter.
"Yeah, me and Taylor can play all week-end, and then uncle Mikey will take us out for ice-creams. Daddy let me go, I forgot to pack my Barbie´s". As she tries to get out of Max´s hug.
"OK then you go pack your Barbie´s then", Max places Amie on the ground, and pats her on the bottom.
Max looks over to Liz and she seems to be sad, Max knows why and goes to surround Jason and Liz in his arms.
"Babe, we´re only going to be away for 4 days stop worrying about it". Max kisses Liz on her forehead.
"I know Max but this is the first time I have been away from the 2 in my whole life". As Liz gives Max puppy-sad eyes.
"I know, but we haven´t been away since the honeymoon and we deserve this, besides Babe Michael and Maria will take good care of the kids", Max lovingly reassures Liz.
"Yeah your right, and we do deserve this", as Liz manages a smile.


"That will be Michael", he releases Liz and goes to open the door.
"Hey bud", Michael says and a little version of Maria runs through the door.
Max picks her up and kisses her, "so you even haven´t got enough time to kiss your Uncle Max huh, what´s the big hurry anyway", Max smiles at her.
"I wanna see Amie, so I can show her my new bracelet", Taylor shows Max her new bracelet.
"That´s pretty, then you go, and Amie´s in her bedroom". As Max puts Taylor on the ground.
"Thanks Uncle Max, hi Aunt Liz", and Taylor rushes to find Amie.
"So Liz you all set for the trip then", as Michael goes to Liz and peeks her on the cheek.
"Yeah Michael and are you and Maria set to have the Evans clan invade your house", Liz teases him.
"Sure am, yeah and we thought we´d take the kids swimming".
"Good then", and Liz is interrupted.
"Uncle Mikey, Uncle Mikey". Amie rushes into Michaels arms.
"So Squirt, you ready to come stay with me"?
"You bet I am, and Uncle Mikey are you going to take Taylor and me out for ice-creams". Amie looks up into Michaels eyes.
"Sure I will".
"Amie! Now your not just going to Uncle Mikey´s for ice-cream and you behave young woman while your there OK". Liz says to her.
"Yes Mommy, I will".
"Now lets get this show on the road". Liz announces.
"Taylor one last hug for Uncle Max". And they all walk out to the car and pack the kids in. Liz and Max wave good-bye, then Liz turns into Max´s arms.
"Now 4 days, of uninterrupted sleep". Max kisses Liz on her lips.
"Your not going to sleep the whole time are you"? Liz grins at him.
"Well I thought we could spend our time making more baby´s". Max captures Liz´s lips into his, then they slowly walk back to the house.


That´s all for now, tomorrow you´s can read about Amie´s first date, her wedding and a few other things from there lives. FB please.

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now for some much more happier parts. Thanks for all the awesome FB.


Part 43


Max is pacing up and down the room, while Liz is sitting down on the couch quite amused by Max´s behaviour.
"So who is this boy then"? As Max looks down the hallway to see if Amie is coming.
"He´s a boy from school, he´s one of my students". Liz answers matter-o-factly.
"He´s a senior then". Max is aghast.
"Yeah Mark is one of my best students". Liz says calmly.
"So why didn´t you tell me about him and there date tonight". Max looks impatiently at Liz to answer.
"Because I didn´t know about them or there date tonight". Liz looks Max in the eyes.
"So why didn´t you say no to the date"?
"Max do you expect me to lock Amie up in her bedroom or something"?
"Yes, if you had too".
"Max now your just being unreasonable, besides they´re only going out to the movies".


"Well this boy better treat her right or he´ll have me to deal too". As Max opens the door, and stares warily at the young man before him.
Mark is casually dressed. 5´9, sandy coloured hair and green eyes.
"Hello Mr Evans, I´m Mark and I´ve come to pick Amie up". He tells Max.
"And where are you taking my daughter to tonight"? Max asks sternly.
"We´re going to pick up something to eat, then we are going to the movies", he declares.
"Max are you going to invite Mark in or are you going to make him stand on the door-step all night". Then Liz greets him.
"Hi Mrs Evans".
"Come in Mark, Amie should be ready soon". And Mark walks into the house. "I´ll just go and see if she is ready or not". And Liz walks out to Amie´s room.
"Hey Mark", Jason greets him. "So your taking Amie out for a date then. Good luck". As Jason goes to get his jacket.
"And where do you think your going to young man". Max asks Jason.
"Dad it´s a Friday night and I don´t know what you did in your day, but most teenagers my age like to go out and socialise". Jason says, popping a piece of gum into his mouth.
"Jason. Now I asked you a question. Where do you think your going to tonight"? Max looks crossly at his son.
"Cool down Dad. I´m staying at Pete´s tonight, we are going to watch a video and play that new Play Station game he´s got. Anyway Mom knows I´m staying at Pete´s tonight".
"See you Honey", Liz re-enters the room and peeks Jason on the cheek. "Remember you have to be home by 12.00pm tomorrow".
"Yeah Mom, see you tomorrow. Later Dad, and Mark watch out for Amie she´s on her period".
"JASON! Don´t say things like that and your sister is not on her period, now go before I change my mind about you staying at Pete´s tonight".
Jason leaves the house.
"I wish she was on her period", Max mumbles to himself.
"Jason why don´t you take a seat", and Liz looks indignitely to Max.
"Thanks Mrs Evans". Mark nervously takes a seat.
"I´m ready now". As Amie enters the room, in a blue denim mini-skirt that come slightly above the knees, she has a white body-suit on, black flats and a denim jacket on.
"You go back to your bedroom young lady and put a longer skirt on". Max scolds Amie.
"But Daddy. Oh Mom he´s going to ruin my first date". As Amie looks upset towards Liz.
"Max would you just relax. Remember our first date. My dress came up mid-thigh in length and you didn´t seem to worry about the length of my dress". Liz looks unamused at Max.
"Well that was different". Max says.
"No it wasn´t", as Liz kisses Amie on her forehead. "Now you´s 2 go and have a good time". Liz smiles at Amie and Mark.
"We will Mom". "We will Mrs Evans".
"And you get Amie back by 10.00pm sharp". Max warns Mark.
Liz walks over to Max and slides her arm in his.
"Max the movies don´t finish until 10.15 pm. Be back home by 11.00pm OK, now get outta here". Liz smiles at them.
"11.00pm sharp". Max reminds them.
And Amie kisses her parents and they both leave the house. When the door is closed Liz says.
"Max relax will you, this is Amie´s first date and you want to make it special for her". As Liz turns and Max puts his strong arms around her.
"It´s just that she´s grown up so fast". Max sighs.
"I know Love, but you knew she would grow up one of these days". Liz starts drawing circles on Max´s firm chest.
"Yeah but not today".
"Anyway, we have a few hours to ourselves before Amie gets home", Liz smiles seductively into Max´s eyes.
"So what time does Amie get home"? Max picks Liz up in his big arms.
"11.00pm", Liz answers before placing her lips on Max´s sweet lips.
And Max carries Liz off to the bedroom.


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yeah it was pretty good the last part. Max the over-bearing Father huh. Thanks to everyone for all the awesome FB, well this FB is drawing to a close, but in another few days or so I will be posting a new fanfic. It´s really raunchy and it´s an AU fic. So keep and eye out for it. I know I said I would try to post another part last night, but I finished work to late. So no more delays.

Abbs no worries.


Part 44


NT: Amie is engaged to Brendon Valenti, son of Kyle and Barbara.

Liz, Taylor and Amie´s other bridesmaids are finishing up the last touches on Amie before the ceremony.
"Mom I´m so nervous", as Amie shakes her hands to relieve herself.
"Amie stop that! Now your be fine alright. Now just keep still while I put this clip in your hair". As Liz pins the last flower in Amie´s hair.
"Hey you scrub up alright", Jason says as he pops his head through the door. "Hurry up would ya. You got one very nervous man out there waiting for you", Jason tells Amie.
"Jason will you get outta here, nobody supposed to see me yet". Amie glares at her brother.
"That´s the groom who´s not supposed to see you yet, not me you....."
"JASON! Now go! Your just upsetting your sister, and tell your Father to come in now. Amie´s ready". Liz reprimands Jason.
"Yeah sure Mom, and Amie good luck. Don´t go tripping up on your dress when you walk down the aisle" Jason says to her.
"Jason get out now"! Liz warns him and he departs the room.
"Amie don´t listen to anything your brother says your be fine" Liz reassures Amie.
"But Mom what if I do trip up"? Amie says.
"Honey your be fine". Liz then peeks Amie on the cheek. "You look beautiful my baby", as tears start to water Liz´s eyes.
"Thanks Mom", as Amie gives Liz one last hug before the ceremony begins.
"I better go now and take my seat, I love you Honey". Liz starts to walk out of the room.
"I love you too Mom". Amie waves to Liz.
A few minutes later Max enters the room and sees Amie standing in front of him.
"You look beautiful Honey". Max embraces Amie and peeks Amie on the crown of her head.
"Thanks Daddy, but I am so nervous right now". Amie looks into Max´s eyes.
"Your be fine", and Max takes a deep breath. "You look so much like your Mother, shes so beautiful". Max looking at the uncanny resemblance between Liz and Amie.
"Thank-you Daddy". Amie blushes a little.
"Now are you ready to make Brendon a happy man"?
"Yes Daddy", then Taylor hands Amie her wedding bouquet and she loops her arm inside of Max´s arm.
"I love you Amie, and after today you won´t be Daddys little girl no more". Max looks a little sad into Amie´s eyes.
"I will always be your little girl Daddy".
The music begins to play as they walk out the room.


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thanks for all the FB. Well I wanted to type this up tonight so that tomorrow I can work on my other fics. So tonight yous get the conclusion. I just want to say again, thanks to everyone who has read this fic and enjoyed it.

A special thanks to Amie, who is the name-sake of baby Amie in the fic.
Also Abbs, cheers for reading this and all my other fics.
Conquer my love, I really enjoy getting all your FB, it´s so detailed.
And Behritall4me, thanks again, and in You Belong To Me, your get what you wanted tomorrow. It was actually really funny, because I thought exactly like you, and had finished writing up the 2 parts for tomorrow. I only wrote that part today, because I wanted to show the desperation between Liz and Max´s feelings for one another after denying it for so long. I want to thank-you again, for saying I was your favourite fanfic writer, that was just...
I´m speechless right now, and that doesn´t happen very often, so I´ll write it with some words instead.
That was like the most ultimate thing anyone can say about someone. And you did me that honour. Thanks Berhitall4me.
One more thing though, I really want your opinion about Chances Are, do you think you could read it and let me know what you think, because I really value your opinion.

Part 45


Liz is teaching one of her lessons when the class is interrupted by the Principal. Hearing the news Liz quickly packs up her things and the Principal takes over the lesson.
As Liz is pulling out of the car park she rings up Max on her cell-phone.
"Max Evans speaking", he answers.
"MAX, MAX, Amie´s having the baby". Liz says in panic.
"What where is she"?
"She´s in the clinic, I´m on my way there now", beep, beep, as Liz swerves the car almost hitting another car.
"BABY what was that"? Max is now in panic.
"I almost hit an oncoming car", as the adrenaline rushes through her body.
"BABE, slow down, I don´t want anything happening to you alright".
"OK, OK then", as Liz reduces the speed of the car.
"Baby is everything alright now"? Max asks scared for Liz´s life.
"Yeah I´m OK now, look Max just meet us at the clinic asap, I love you". Liz says.
"I love you too, I´ll be there as soon as I can". And Max hangs up the phone.
Once in the clinic Liz asks directions to Amie´s room, Brendon is away on business and Amie wasn´t due for another week and Liz rushes to Amie´s room.
"AAAAAAGGGGGGHHH", Amie screams in pain as Liz enters the room.
"Honey it´s alright now, Momma´s here", Liz takes Amie´s hand in hers.
"Mom it´s so sore", Amie looks at Liz in pain.
"I know my Baby, but your be fine", and Liz places a kiss on Amie´s forehead.
"Mom, where´s Daddy"? Amie looks exhausted into Liz´s eyes.
"Daddy´s on his way, he´ll be here real soon, now just relax".
Liz then starts asking the nurses questions about Amie, the nurses inform Liz of Amie´s progress.
5 minutes later Max runs through the doors.
"Honey", as Max runs to Liz´s side and puts his big hand over Liz´s and Amie´s hand and kisses Liz on the lips, then peeks Amie on the cheek.
"Are you OK my baby"? Max asks Amie.
"Daddy I want to go home", Amie starts to cry.
"Amie first you have to make me proud, and make me a Grand-dad before you can think about going home yet" Max smiles lovingly at his daughter.
"But Daddy I don´t want to stay here". Amie cries some more.
Wiping her tears from her eyes Max says, "Baby, you can´t go home yet, and besides your Mom and I will be right here by your side, we´re not going to leave you". Max reassures Amie.
"Momma your stay the whole time with me you know I don´t like hospitals". Amie looks scared towards Liz.
"No my baby, Momma´s not going to leave you, I´m staying right here by your side", Liz wipes at the sweat on Amies forehead.
"Momma, does Brendon know I´m having the baby"? Amie asks.
"I don´t think anyone has called him yet, but I´ll go outside and ring him up, don´t worry Momma will be back asap". And Liz kisses Amie on the head, then she kisses Max, before she goes outside to ring Brendon.
"AARRRGGGGHHHHHH", Amie screams in pain as another contraction comes on, she squeezes onto Max´s hand. Max knows all the ins and outs of child-birth now, being at both Amie´s and Jason´s births.
"Baby, start taking deep, fast breaths, just copy what Daddy does OK", Max says in a soothing voice as his training kicks in again.
"Like this Daddy". Amie copies what Max is doing.
"Yeah that´s it Baby, quick, deep breaths". Max continues the breathing technique he learnt years ago.
"Daddy how do you know so much about this stuff", Amie looks a little confused at Max.
"I learnt this when your Mom was pregnant with you, don´t tell her this but I didn´t want to hurt her feelings so I went to that stupid course anyway, but now if there was ever a pregnant woman having a baby within 1 km of your Dad, I would be the best support in the world for them. Apart from that, it doesn´t really hurt that much when my hand is squeezed hard when there is a contraction". Max smiles down at Amie.
"Wow Daddy, I´m impressed. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!! DADDY"! Amie screams again.
"It´s alright Baby, Daddys here, remember to breath".
Liz then rushes into the room again.
"AMIE, I´m back now", and Liz positions herself between Max and Amie´s bed.
"MOMMA". Amie cries in pain.
"Baby, Momma´s here now, I won´t leave your side again".
The Doctor then rushes in and talks to the nurses then he comes over to try and ask Amie a few questions, but she´s not responsive. The Doctor then positions himself between Amie´s legs.
After an hour Amie gives birth to a healthy baby boy. He weighs 5 lbs, and has dark hair like the rest of the Evans family.
Max is happily cradling his new Grand-son.
"So have you and Brendon thought up of any names yet". Max kisses his new Grandson ever so gently.
"We were thinking if we had a boy we would name him Colin James Valenti". Amie smiles up at Max and her baby.
"Well hello Colin, this is your Grand-dad here, but you can call me Gramps if you like, so are you glad to be finally out in the big wide world. We´ll happy that your here with us now in the big wide world". Liz is gently brushing Colin´s face with her finger.
"Hello my Grandson", Liz says with tears in her eyes, "your so handsome, just like your Grand-dad, I´m so happy your here safe and well now. I can´t wait until you can come home with us".
They stay by Amie until she sleeps. And remembering what happened to Amie, Max tells Liz to go home and get some sleep, and Max stayed by the baby´s side the whole night. The reason that Amie was at a private clinic was because of the tougher security, but despite that Max stayed up the whole night.
The next day Amie discharged herself and went home. Her and Brendon had wanted to save some money for there own place, so they lived with Max and Liz.

Final Part

3 years later Amie and Brendon gave birth to Nick Jeffrey Valenti and
1 year later gave birth to Katherine Jane Valenti, the kids were all the splitting image of Liz only Nick and Katherine had Max´s eyes.
4 years after Amie´s and Brendon´s wedding, Jason got married to his school-high sweetheart
Shiri Lawson.
They had 2 children. The oldest was the same age as Nick, and they become best friends. But Chris Anthony Evans was the splitting image of Max and was also alot like Max in temperament.
People couldn´t help comment that out of all the Grandchildren little Chris reminded them so much of Max.
The second child they had was 2 years younger than Chris, and she become best friends with Katherine or Kat as she was nicknamed.
When Amie had Colin, Liz had done the same thing as Dianne. Quit her job and bought up her Grandchildren. Liz said there wasn´t any better job she could have had in the whole world, as Dianne had bought up Amie and Jason for most of there childhood while she studied and worked.
Now Liz is sitting at her desk with the lamp on, she is making the final entry´s into her Family Tree compilation. Finishing up the entry, Liz then turns the lamp by the bed on, before she turns off the desk lamp. She then takes off her robe and gets under the sheets next to Max.
"Hmmmm, come into my arms". Max says as he pulls Liz into his warm body.
"So have you finished the last entry for tonight then Babe"? Max´s sleepy voice asks Liz.
"Yes my Love". And Liz rolls herself on top of Max.
"Max can you believe it we have 5 Grandchildren now". Liz muses.
"Yeah I know, it´s still hard to believe, it only seems like yesterday when we were so young and in love".
"We´ll still in love Max, just a bit older". Liz rolls her head over Max´s hard chest.
"Yeah that´s true Babe and I love you so much". Max kisses Liz gently on the crown of her head.
"Yeah I know Max and I love you too".
And the 2 make sweet love to one another.

Well everyone that´s the end of the fanfic then. One down 6 to go. Hope yous all enjoyed that.


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that´s exactly how I had been feeling for the last week. Since I first posted Khivars Daughter on the 10th March all I have been doing is working, coming home writing up my fanfics and posting them. Tonight was the first night since then that I took a break from both, and then I got this idea for Chances Are, and I typed it all from the top of my head. It´s not even the draft copy that I wrote originally, but it´s good. Damned good if I do say so myself. So I think next time I get like that again, then I´ll stop writing or posting for an hour or 2 so that I post quality fics.

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well I got an idea for a sequel to this fic. It will be when all the grandchildren are in there teens and I don´t want to devulge what happens next.
But if anyone is interested once I have enough responses back and am closer to the end of another fic I will start posting. So let me know what yous think

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