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authors: Kristin80 (Kristin) and Cole81 (cole)

rating: PG-13 right now, but will progress later as warned

Disclaimer: Both Kristin and I are poor college students with no money... neither of us own roswell, or the characters in it, even though we would like to own Max when he is in nonwanker mode and wearing something other than a grungy tshirt.

Category: M/L and the rest of the gang, after careful consideration we are going tess-less, just because we are.

Summary: Six strangers meet in an unavoidable and unforgettable adventure. It is amazing how people pull together in bad circumstances... the rest you will have to read and find out for yourself!!!

Note: I don't know exactly how the airlines work so work with me... Please leave us some feedback!!!!


My name is Max Evans and I am heading home to Wisconsin for the summer after a long semester at UCLA as an English major. I simply just can't wait to get home and see all my friends and all my family, especially my little sister who I haven't seen since Christmas. I didn't get to go home for Spring Break because I had to start Spring Training for baseball. Yeah, that's right, I play shortstop for the UCLA baseball team... cool, huh? I have been starting for three years now, ever since I was a freshman. Juggling baseball and being an English major was hard this last semester, since my classes were more difficult somehow I made it and I am heading home to relax, working my landscaping job for extra cash and hanging out with my friends. I check my bags and head to gate 113, LAX to O'Hare...

My name is Liz Parker and I am heading out to spend the summer with my cousins that I haven't seen since I was 15. I am originally from Los Angeles, where my family owns a fancy restaurant called Sebastiana. A few weeks ago I finished my first year at Harvard, studying Molecular Biology. I then flew back here to see my parents for a little while. As a reward for doing so well academically they are giving me half the summer off from working at the restaurant to visit my cousins; Wyan who is 19 and Shelly who is 21, and my most favorite aunt, Vicky who live in Illinois. Did I mention I am so excited! School was pretty challenging this year, especially since I broke it off with my boyfriend that I met there, named Sean, right after midterms second semester. I should have taken my roomie, Eileen's advice... once a cheater always a cheater and dumped him long before that. But I guess I always have to do things the hard way. I check my bags and head to gate 113, LAX to O'Hare.

My name is Michael Guerin and I hate airports! I know there are more of you out there that want to agree with me. All the people drive me insane. . . they are everywhere running into you. . . kids are screaming... argg. I am heading out to the East Coast to try and sell some of my paintings. Yeah that's right, I am an artist. Now don't go and stereotype me. I am not a long haired hippy that wants to get out of a real job... I have had my share of real jobs to pay the rent, but I really love painting and some people say I am pretty good at it; so here I am going to the East Coast, trying to make something of myself, oh and I don't have long hair! So here I am, checking my bags, and then heading to gate 113, LAX to O'Hare with a 2 hour layover. Lucky me...

My name is Maria DeLuca and I love airports! All the different people. It just amazes me and I have spent a lot of time in airports. Oh and if you're wondering if I am that Maria DeLuca; I sure am, the one the only. They call me the next Alanis and I am enjoying all the fame that goes along with that. Have you heard my latest single, "Bring Me Back?" Number one with a bullet. I am headed out to New York to record a new single and help put a new album together... oh and of course make an appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell show. Ro loves me and I love her! If I am the musical genius that I claim to be, then why am I riding a normal average airplane? Simple, I am sick of taking a jet in which I am the only passenger, I enjoy people; they inspire me in my music and I need to write another song pronto. I check my bags and head to gate 113, LAX to O'Hare with a 2 hour layover.

My name is Alex Whitman and I definitely can wait to get home to Michigan. I haven't been there in years. Right after high school I moved out here to go to school and to start my own computer programming company. That was Five years ago. My parents were upset when I moved out here and it took them 4 years just to talk to me. Now of course they now know I am rich from all the magazines I have been in and want me to come home for a visit. The only reason I am heading home is to see my big brother Chip, who always stood behind me and kept my parents of my back most of the time. I guess you could say I was the all American geek in high school, the direct opposite of Chip, and that bothered the heck out of my parents. I wasn't the nerdy outcast in high school, it was just I was in the top ten!. So, basically I am leaving the friends I have here for the summer to run my company and going home to nothing but trouble. I check my bags and go to gate 113, LAX to O'Hare.

My name is Isabel Anderson and I just graduated from college! I am so happy I could cry. I got my teaching degree from USC and I am heading back to my hometown in Ohio to work with the kids at the local community center and to fill out the applications that I have gathered. Hopefully at the beginning of next year I will be a teacher somewhere! I have missed my family immensely since I left for California four years ago. During the time I was in school, I only made it home twice and both of those being Christmases. I got a full scholarship to USC and worked hard to keep it because my family wasn't made of money. My mother works as a social worker and my father as a mechanic; suffice to say they didn't make a lot of money, but they made that up with love. I check all my bags and go to gate 113, LAX to O'Hare.

My name is Kyle Valenti and this is the first day I haven't been in the office in two years. That's right I am a 24 year old workaholic. You know what is worse than being a workaholic? Knowing you are one. The moment I graduated from Yale with a degree in business (of course a 4.0 average didn't hurt) companies upon companies were at my doorstep offering me this and that to come and work for them. I never knew life could be so good! I settled on this company here in LA called ‘The Charleston Corporation.' I chose them because not only did they want to give me a ton of money, but they offered me a Jaguar, uh huh that's right; jealous? I know you are! It wasn't long after beginning to work at the firm that I met Serena. My first secretary got sick of me, the big hot shot, pretty quick and transferred to someone else and I got Serena. Now, I know you aren't supposed to date people that you work with because it never turns out quite right, but here we are two years later, newly engaged, and on our way to meet my family who live in Maine. We check our bags and head to gate 113 hand in hand, LAX to O'Hare.

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hey guys, thanks for reading and thanks for all the feedback. We had to change the title from Save Yourself to Redemption because there was another story with the same name... I guess great minds think alike! lol. Kristin and I are working on the new part and should have it out tomorrow sometime. Again, thanks for the feedback and thanks for reading.
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Sorry it took so long for an update, but we had a pretty tough time with this part getting it just right so please let us know if you like it or not. Enjoy and thanks!


Max Evans Point Of View

"Please start boarding, please start boarding" the words seem to be a never ending prayer/mantra in my head. They must have the intercom set up to repeat the same statement every few minutes; "Due to the unusually heavy weather we have been experiencing we have been forced to delay many flights arriving to and departing from LAX today. Please check the information screens for your particular airline for more detailed information. We will continued to keep you updated." That announcement had started an hour ago and I am extremely close to making an announcement of my own, "I, Maxwell Evans, am was going to go insane if I don't get on a plane soon!" All that I want is to get home, get out of this incredibly horrible weather, and go where I am safe, warm, and can sleep. Mmm... sleep, I don't think I have gotten a decent amount of sleep in a month. You know how it is... studying late, going out on the weekends to house parties and bars to get trashed and pick up some chicks— typical college life. I smile at this, but that utopia in my mind is dwindling every time that darn Intercom switches on with that same overly annoying announcement.

Drawing from sheer boredom I start to watch the people around me. I mean, come on, there isn't much else I can do. I didn't bring anything to read because I definitely don't want to read anything for a while, well except the Harry Potter #5, but don't tell anyone else that, okay? Oh, and stupid me forgot to change the batteries in my discman and I don't feel like buying some from the over-priced store over there because I am pretty sure as soon as I get on that plane I am going to be out, so that is a no go. Anyways, people watching was something that I had picked up at an early age, I was quiet when I was younger, but here I am 21, and totally out of my shell! Also being an English major watching and learning from people helped me to put myself into words, and pass time. I look around and notice that there are four rows of chairs in this gate, where I have been waiting forever and a day mind you. They are all back to back, totaling eight rows. They were almost completely full with passengers, I assume, just as sick of that damn announcement as I am.

Directly across from me there is a young woman with a small baby. She is holding the baby in her arms as though she is scared that someone is going to snatch it away from her. I can't help but wonder where the child's father is. If I had, I stress the word had, a wife and baby I wouldn't want them traveling in a dark cold airport like Los Angeles International alone. Many people that know me would find that statement very funny. Most of my best friends like to joke with me as being the world's permanent bachelor. My response to them is that there is nothing wrong with liking women, lots of women, beautiful women. As a senior in high school I was voted Most Likely Never to Get Married and you know what I say to that? AMEN! I am still young and there are plenty of girls out there I have yet to meet! I was also voted biggest ego... I think that was just because all the girls in our class were jealous that I was dating college chicks instead of them. What can I say? When you look as good as I do and have abs of steel, who wouldn't want you?

Just to my left sits a young couple, mid twenties. He is in a suit; very professional. She is in a soft dress with a sweater over it. She has long blonde hair and light skin; she almost looked too surreal to touch. Like a really pure person, almost to pure for me to corrupt. I watch them, mainly watch them watch each other. The woman watches the man, and the man watches his watch. It is interesting to see how oblivious people can be to those around him. Finally I overhear the woman speak "Kyle honey, I am going to go get some coffee, do you want anything?" the man, apparently "Kyle" just shakes his head and opens up his Wall Street Journal. My eyes follow the woman's ass walking to the coffee cart. I stop upon seeing a familiar face and do a double take. Is that? No way. But it is. Maria Deluca.

Too bad that Kara isn't here to see this! Kara, my little sister, is obsessed with Maria Deluca. After her latest album came out she threw away all her Brittney Spears CDS and posters and only listens to Maria now. At first it was rather annoying, but I mean this Maria chick is kinda hot! Besides I had to try for Kara's sake, right? I start walking towards Maria to ask her for an autograph when something else catches my eye. Well someone else that is...

She is, well simply amazing, breathtaking even. She is sitting on the ground, just behind the last row of chairs. Her knees are pulled up to her chest; and is holding a book close to her eyes as though she was more than just reading it, she was studying it. One of her shoes is untied and I don't know why but that somehow intrigues me even more. She is slightly biting her lip as if she is deep in thought over whatever she is reading. It is pretty obvious that this isn't some weepy romance novel that this girl is enjoying, this was something that this girl loved. I was broken out of my trance by the Intercom speaking the voice of truth again. "Thank you for your patience Flight 728 to O'Hare International Airport will begin board now." I let out a sigh of relief. Finally! I started walking towards the entrance to the plane when I am suddenly stopped dead in my tracks.

Walking in front of me is a girl carrying way too many pieces of luggage. I back up allowing her a little more room to move her way through the crowd. Before I could even offer to help her along, a guy muttering something about hating airports comes along knocking her and her various pieces of luggage all out of her hands. Myself and this guy standing next to me are now suddenly covered with this woman's luggage! She runs up along side up pulling bags off. "Ohh Ohh I am so sorry. I am Isabel Anderson!" she said pulling a last bag off my head and sticking out her hand to introduce herself. "Max Evans, no problem" I say helping her get all her bags. The other guy with up stood with stars in his eyes. "Alex Whitman, let me give you some help with that!" he said taking half her luggage in him small arms. Life never ceases to amaze me! I board the plane and give a seductive smile to the flight attendant hoping it will earn me extra peanuts. I have two questions.... why are plane peanuts so much better than the peanuts you buy at the store and are there ever any ugly flight attendants? I certainly would like her to join the mile high club with me. I finally find my seat aboard the plane and let out a breath that I am sure I had been holding for way to long. Baggage set aside and seat leaned back; I sit next to the window, taking in the view. Several other people board the plane moving towards the back but I sit securely in the front. Easiest to get on and off, something my dad taught me from his frequent business trips.

The first of the familiar faces to board is that of Maria Deluca, she sits just across from me, with what I assumed to be her bodyguard. She must have learned a thing or two about traveling with all she does. Then I see LD (the Luggage destroyer) as I have so cleverly nicknamed him and he of course walks on the plane with a scowl on his face and sits a couple of rows behind me. Then comes the professional Wall Street Couple. He ushers her quickly to the back of the plane. Then the luggage queen and her newfound king, sit behind Maria since the plane was now almost full. Last but not least my book goddess. From what I figure she must have missed the call, she was the last person on the plane and she still had her place marked in the book she was reading. She looks towards the seat behind me before being cut off by Mr. and Mrs. Wall Street Professional. "Excuse us, we were going to sit there, since there are two of us, and just one of you we would like to claim these seats so that we may sit together" Mr. Professional said while the Mrs. just smiled on. In perfect fashion my Goddess just smiled turning around and asking if the seat next to Grumpy Airport Luggage Destroyer guy was taken. "I suppose not" the guy said seemingly ungrateful to have to share the entire plane with anyone else over the long flight. Now that everyone is seated I am content to just lay back and enjoy the ride. I close my eyes. Lay back and wait for this all to be over with.

thanks for reading, we appreciate any feedback that you would leave! thanks,

Kristin and Cole

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that was an awesome part kris! wish I could have helped more... I am feeling better so I am ready to pump out some more parts soon!
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OMG- we are posting a new part... I know all you guys are astonished! well here it is, the long awaited...

The seatbelt light went off as Max, rubbed his ears. The worst part traveling by plane, was by worst the horrible earaches he got when they took off.

"Sir, can I get you anything?" the beautiful blond stewardess asked

This of course got Max's attention.. Maybe he would be able to pass the time on this flight... wink wink nod nod. The uniform, like most, left a lot to the imagination, but that didn't bother him because he definitely had a good imagination. She had long blondish/brownish hair, dark blue eyes, 5-4ish, early 20's, and well, even through the uniform you could tell she was well endowed. Max immediately turned on the charm, flashing his pearly whites.

"Well, Lynn," Max said smoothly looking at her name tag "First off, you can call me Max, sir is a bit drastic for a college guy if you ask me."

"Well, Max, is there anything you need?"

"I need to find out what scent that is that you are wearing, it smells very good."

"Is there anything you need to drink?"

"Come on, no small talk?"

"There are other people on this plane that need assistance."

"There are other flight attendants," Max said, referring to the guy and the other girl on the other side of the plane getting drinks for everyone.

"Well, they can't do all the work, now can they?"

"I guess not," Max said giving her the puppy dog eyes

"How long of layover do you have in Chicago?" she finally asked

"An hour," Max said, the smile returning to his face

"Well, then maybe we can have a drink in the bar there," she said smiling at this oh so cute passenger

"Sounds good."

"So, now Max, what do you want?"

Max wiggled his eyebrows, smirked, and refrained from saying sexual remark.

"Uh, a coke."

She grabbed a coke from her cart and opened it. She poured it in a cup, handed it to Max, and started walking to the next set of seats.

"Oh, Max?" Lynn asked seductively

"Yeah?" he said looking up from his Playboy/Sports Illustrated

"It's body oil, raspberry...." with that she was gone

Max, slouched in his seat... now this was really going to be a long flight!


"Okay... can I please take a nap now?" Kyle pleaded, feeling as if his hand would never return to its normal form.

"Kyle, how can you sleep with the thunder and everything!"

"You're not afraid of the thunder are you?" Kyle said "Then maybe we shouldn't get married.

"No, it just is making the plane wobble and it scares me."

"Believe me, everything will be okay, it's just turbulance... I have flown in weather like t his before and it has been okay."

"I know, I just have a bad feeling."

"Probably supper not sitting right, you gotta use the bathroom?"

"No, that's not it."

"Okay then, probably just nervous about meeting my family."

"Yeah, maybe," Serena said looking out the window, into a vast nothingness while Kyle settled back and closed his eyes, wishing he would have found a way to get his cell phone from Serena.

"Here you go, ‘Ria," Bubba said as he gave her a box full of Krispy Cream Donuts

"Awesome!" Maria squealed "I am so hungry!"

"Aren't you always?" Bubba asked

"Only when I am traveling... and that has been always lately I guess," Maria said as she sunk her teeth into the first donut

"Are you really serious about taking a break?"

"Yeah, you ever just want to do something different sometime?"

"Well, yeah... I think everyone feels restless once in a while."

"No, it's more than that, Bubba, I feel like I need a change... but I am not sure what yet... I am sure something will come up that catches my eye."

"I am sure it will."

"So, what are we going to do when we finally get to New York?"

"I see definite dancing in our future, Bubba, definite dancing!"

Bubba smiled and sat back in his seat... if Maria wanted to go out tonight, that means that he would need some rest. Maria looked out the window at the rain drops as she sunk her teeth into the second donut— what did she want out of life? Did she really want to be a "pop princess" the rest of her life? Sure it was great, free this free that, glamor here, fame there— but was there more to life? Was she missing something?

"So, Alex, you don't sound very excited about going home."

"Well, not really, me and my fam have a tough relationship, but I haven't seen them in a while, about 5 years... actually just me and my dad have the tough relationship..." Alex said "So, what about you Isabel?"

"I love my family, I can't wait to see them... they are great."

"So, you're not visiting?"

"No, I am going to apply at some local schools in the area where we live and hope to get in somewhere. Until that happens I am going to work at the community center in our city."


"Yeah, it will be... I get to help run a lot of summer programs," Isabel said as she pulled out a stack of magazines.

"Got enough to read?" Alex joked

"Oh, yeah... I brought them all along, kinda let them accumulate at my place on campus... finals week was horrendous... actually the whole last month was pretty tough, so I have a lot of catching up to do!"

"I'd say."

"Want one?"

"Um, sure."

Isabel handed him the first one off the stack and he eyed it wearily.

"Good Housekeeping?" Alex asked with amusement

"No?" she inquired as Alex shook his head

"Yeah, housekeeping isn't my thing."

As Isabel looked at the cover of the next magazine, her next breath caught in her throat. . . the man sitting next to her was the Alex Whitman!

Michael sniffled again, wiping his nose on his sleeve once again this woman's hair was going to kill him! Nevertheless he forced himself to keep drawing.... man was this flight ever going to get over? It was seriously never-ending!

Liz looked over to the man sitting next to her, wishing that she would have picked a different spot, but there was only one other place left and that by that wanna-be playa. And since the whole Sean thing, that was the last thing she needed right now. So, she stuck with Grumpy-Snuffelupogus here. She reached into her backpack and retrieved a pack of tissues.

"Here, do you need one?" she asked handing him the pack

He turned to her, the reason why he was miserable, and glared at her.

"No," he said harshly and went back to his drawing

"Fine, then, use your sleeve, see if I care..."

He didn't say anything, he just simply grabbed the pack from her hands and muttered a "thanks" under his breath.

"Oh, believe me you're welcome..."

As Liz picked her book back up, she glanced at what he was drawing... it was good.

"Wow, that is really good... you're a talented artist..."

Michael slapped his pad shut and immediately slouched back in his seat, closing his eyes. Why couldn't he have had a seat to himself? Was that too much to ask? Not only was he sharing a row with someone, but it was a nosy, I-want-to-talk-someone. Those were the worse kind!

Liz put her book back down, all of a sudden not interested— she was so sick of mean guys! All she wanted was to meet one nice one.... there had to be at least one out there, right?

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