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Title: Big Alien Girls Don't Cry
Author: Jane Doe
Disclaimer: I own nada or Zan wouldn't have gone down like that, so please don't sue
Summary: Max, Michael, and Isobel are human; the humans are aliens. Everyone is in their senior year of high school. Liz and Maria are sisters living above the Crash with their parents. Max and Liz don't exactly get along. There is no Tess. Everything will be explained as the fic moves on. Sorry if that's crackhead summary.
Category: M/L and the usual suspects AU
Rating: NC-17 you've been warned
Author's Note: okay so I'm no where near done w/ my first fic, but this is just a short little something that has been playing in the back of my head. Won't be too long. Almost all fluff.
~ ~ indicate thoughts. Flashes are also pretty obviously denoted.
Feedback: Sure go ahead if you'd like to, and feel free to offer constructive criticism, correct my grammar, whatever fits your fancy.

Part 1

He had her pushed up against the wall, his arms positioned on either side of her head. His body mere inches from hers. His breath puffed warm against her cheek, caressing her ear, moving down to beat against her neck. His fingers burned a path down her arms, sending chills racing down her spine. He felt the gooseflesh, and a small smile played at the corner of his lips. His fingers glided between hers, adding pressure as they stroked down. He saw her swallow and licked his lips.

His fingers made their way below her shirt, gradually journeying up. Her stomach tightened as his fingers brushed alongside it. Her shirt bunched up as his hands moved higher. His hands stopped briefly by her breasts, involuntarily clenching, his thumbs softly rubbing her nipples. As he felt them tighten he felt exceptionally pleased. Her breathing quickened.

He slipped his hands up her shoulders, his palms brushing over their shape, fingers sliding under her bra straps. He lifted them off her shoulders and they fell, caught by her shirtsleeves. He pushed her arms up and pulled her shirt off, her hair cascading through. God she was beautiful. Creamy sun-kissed skin, hair like liquid dark chocolate, and eyes an improbable shade of blue-black. He had never seen eyes like hers. They sucked him in, demanding everything and anything of him. And damn her, he would give it all.

He raked his eyes over her body, and his heart started pounding harder. What the hell was going on? He bent his head and kissed her, nipping her bottom lip, while his fingers acquainted themselves with the skin of her arms and back. He felt the bra clasp and without thinking, unhooked it. He slowly pulled away from her, holding her hands to his shoulders. Her bra slid down to her rest in the crook of her elbows. She looked away shyly, but he just stared at her small but filled mounds capped with puckered nipples, dark with arousal, mouth slightly agape. He licked his lips. ~How can anyone be so beautiful? So perfect? ~

She began to say something, when he crushed his mouth to hers. He pulled her bra off the rest of the way, and let his hands fall to her sides. He crushed his chest to hers, loving the way her soft mounds pushed against his chest, her stiff nipples poking through his shirt. She moaned against his mouth, pressing herself closer to his arousal. He ran his hands up and down her thighs. The friction of his polo shirt against her bare breasts was incredible. She thrust her tongue into Max's mouth, catching him by surprise. He groaned low in his throat, and brought one leg up around his hips.

She pushed his shirt up his abs, needing to feel his skin. She drew her fingertips lightly through the ridges of his stomach. She circled his belly button, fixated on the glow following her path. Max felt a heated warmth spiral out everywhere her fingers touched. He closed his eyes, relishing her soft touch.

He lowered his lips, and caught hers, a gentle kiss unexpected in it’s tenderness. She pushed his shirt higher and he took over pulling it off. It fell by hers at their feet, already forgotten. He pulled her closer to him, her hard crests branding his skin, and moaned at the contact.

She was conscious only of a steady, subtle expanding awareness of her own body, of the gentle ache in her breasts, of the light tension in her belly and of a enthralling warmth that was slowly searing upward from between her legs through to every inch of her being.

Forgotten were all the petty difficulties between them, all the reasons she shouldn’t do this; there was only the present, now, this moment, sweet and heady with the cool wall gliding behind her burning back, Max’s hard form pressing ardently into her; there was only the sweet violence of his kisses of his hips pounding into hers, and the intoxicating taste of him on her tongue.

Even his hand on her breast didn’t break the sensual spell and she shivered as his fingers shaped and tugged gently at her swollen nipple. When his jean clad leg slid between hers it seemed the most natural thing in the world. she groaned with pleasure as his lips traveled down to replace his fingers at her breast, his mouth closing hot over her nipple. Coherent thinking stopped for Liz. Every nerve concentrating on the mounting pleasure he was causing to boil in her. Everything in her seemed to be driving to one conclusion and she was powerless to stop it.

Her body jerked as he gently tugged with his teeth, his tongue soothing away the heavenly sting. ~Max what are you doing to me? ~ “What do you want me to do?” he asked huskily against her skin. In a daze she realized she had spoken aloud.

“Anything you want,” came the unwarranted response. She felt a surge of warmth between her legs and felt her legs tremble in reply. She tightened her leg at his waist. His hands moved over and over her ass, firmly gripping in some places, a tender caress in others. She arched her neck, a small gasp squeaking out as he pushed himself further into her. The feel of his erection against he core sent her spinning. She bucked her hips into him, loving the sensation. She started grinding harder and faster. “Max…Max…Max…Max…” she chanted out in a hoarse whisper as her body instinctively took over. Her left hand gripped his bicep hard, as her right entwined in his hair keeping him at her breasts were his suckling was driving her mad. Her movements became more frantic; the coarse material felt erotically rough against her soaked panties. His right hand trailed down and across her thigh.

When he felt just how wet her panties were he grunted, and thrusting harder, clenched her ass. His mouth moved up to kiss the bend between her neck and shoulder. She cried out as their chests met, her hot, hard nipples rubbing across his chest, his finger pushing aside the drenched fabric and pushing into her. She bit him. “Oh God Liz,” he moaned, “God, you’re so tight,” he groaned as he moved his finger in her. She trashed wildly beneath his caress as the most intensely pleasurable feelings centered themselves below her lazily thrusting finger. Her hands roamed his broad shoulders and arms in increased frenzy.

It never occurred to her to stop what was happening between them-it felt inevitable, the natural outcome to the compelling magnetism that had existed between them from the very start. That grew as they became aware of their own bodies, and consequently each other’s.

He crushed his mouth to hers, his tongue demanding entry. She parted her lips and he swept inside, their tongues dueled. Neither one was cognizant of the fact when she moved one hand between them, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. He pulled back, however, when he felt her small, warm hand enclose his flesh. They stared at each other for one intense second. Her thumb moved to feel the mushroom like head; she spread the small amount of cum there over the whole head. He bit his tongue to keep from moaning out loud. He added a second finger, pumping faster. She let her leg fall from his side and he watched with heated eyes as she hitched up her skirt, then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her underwear and tugged them down.

He watched as if in slow motion, her red panties glided down her shapely legs, to land on the floor, the entire crotch area darkened by her excitement. He looked back up and saw her reach for his straining cock, which was trying to poke through his boxer-brief hybrids. She licked her lips, and it twitched. She freed him, and still he just watched in a dazed passion as Liz Parker led him to the wet cleft between her legs. His cock slipped easily between her nether lips. He felt more liquid heat spill from her hot core, coating him, and he grew harder if possible. He moved between her several more times. Long, slow, sensuous strokes, sliding between her legs. Her eyes fluttered shut and she rested her head against her chest, pressing fervor-induced butterfly kisses wherever she could. She felt her insides clench and involuntarily pushed down on him. His harsh breathing brought a fleeting smile to her lips. He moved hid hands to her hips, and she instinctively jumped, wrapping her legs around him as she felt him lightly squeeze her hips.

She kissed his neck, then licked from the base to his ear, sucking his earlobe into her mouth. He shivered, "God Liz…” she could feel his raw energy rushing just below, tightly held in check by Max.

"Do it Max. Please." Hearing her voice rasp out a plea broke through any hesitancy he felt. He pulled back and slowly plunged in, stopping in shock when her felt her barrier break. He looked down and saw her biting her trembling lip.

"God Liz. I'm so sorry…if I'd known," he tried to explain huskily. "We'll stop," he started to pull out. The feeling sent Liz's blood racing. It wasn't so much that it had hurt, it was that it was a shock; a sudden invasion, but she didn't want it to stop. She thought she might explode if something more didn't happen. So she clenched muscles she'd never paid attention to, to keep him from stopping all together.

"Oh no you don't Evans, you're going to see this finished," she rasped out, slightly moving her hips forward. He gasped out, then pushed her harder into the wall.

"Fine, if that's the way it is Parker…you're going to be screaming my name," he ground out.

It has hard, powerful, explosive. She was so aware of him-conscious of everything about him. His musky scent, his harsh breathing, the smooth skin of his back and shoulders under hands, the slick skin of his chest gliding against hers, the wonderful and terrifying things happening to her, his very being. He cupped her ass and held her to him as he drove over and over into her welcoming sheath. He suddenly stiffened and cried out her name in a strangled tortured cry, he felt like he was being ripped apart, like she was stealing him into her.

She was surprised by the warm wash of pleasure eddying through her. Then it felt like she was free falling, tumbling farther and farther, faster and faster to some unknown point, her body crying for it, when with one last thrust Max sent her over. She arched into Max, screaming his name. A dazzling light exploded behind her eyes and colors rushed her. Her body lost all sensation as it felt everything all at once, a thousand pinpoints of sensation stealing over her. It was intense. She tried to move but was immediately taken over by a purple-black haze, so she rested her back against the wall, Max's heart beating like a trip hammer beneath her cheek and gave herself up to the feelings gently cresting over her again and again.

Finally when she felt somewhat calmer and some semblance of herself she asked, "Max, what time is it?"

"Hmm," he answered dazed, "hold on let me see." He pulled away, and she shivered-not cause she was cold, but at the lost of contact with him. He unclipped his pager from his jeans, "Uh it's 4:50?" he said disbelievingly.

"What?! Oh my god I gotta go," she said haphazardly throwing her clothes on.

"Yeah sure," he said not understanding what had just happened. It felt like some really, really, really great acid trip.

~What the hell happened? How did I let this happen? I don't even want to think about all those-what were they? Flashes of feelings? Of images? ~ She rushed out of the stairwell, but was stopped when he called her.

"Hey Liz?" he pulled his shirt on.

"Yeah?" she asked not turning to face him.

"Do you need a ride home?" he asked coming to stand behind her. He wanted to touch her, but couldn't quite work up the nerve to do so, so settled for being next to her.

"Yeah, that'd be…um…yeah, thanks." She tucked her hair behind her ear surreptitiously sneaking a look at him ~oh god I can't believe I fucked Max Evans. And that's what it was. It was not making love. I don't even like Evans. Shit—at least I'm on the pill~ she futilely tried to convince herself.

He dropped her off at The Crash. They had driven in silence, each consumed in their own thoughts.

"So…" he ventured

"So…" she said bobbing her head. "Well—thanks," she said getting off.

"No problem." They looked at each other, confusion mirrored in each other's eyes. She finally turned away.

"Bye, " she said softly, drowned out by Max gunning the engine.

She walked into her room, lost in her thoughts.

They had sex. She had sex. Once. And that was all it was. Yes, just…Sex. There was nothing more to it. Sure it was amazing-mind-blowing-earth-shattering sex, with a climax that lasted over an hour. But that had nothing to do with him, or any nonexistent feelings she didn't have for him.

It was hormones. A completely chemical phenomenon.

God, she hated him. He was such an asshole. Always good looking, never smiling, a stupid mystery, with eyes that hinted at untouchable depths.

Arrogant bastard.

How had she let this happen?

He was witch! Or the male equivalent-a warlock! And had done some kinda voodoo crap on her. Something while merely momentarily paralyzing to a normal humans' defenses, were forever crippling to an aliens.

She thumped her head repeatedly back against her bedroom door. "Idiot," she muttered.

"What'd you say?" Maria poked her head out from inside her bed.

"Hmm., what?" Liz asked startled. "Oh nothing…just you know, customers," she lied.

Maria made an indelicate noise of understanding and concerment, in the back of her throat, "Totally feelin' you there babe. Hey, where were you after school today? I waited like half an hour before I left. Figured got you duped into some after school science tutoring thing."

Liz pinched her lips together tight, and nodded her head in accordance. It was so hard lying to Maria. She cleared her throat, "Yeah, some biology stuff. Thanks for waiting though."

"No prob. bob."

~I will not think about it. No memories~ She grimaced as she recalled his heavy breathing and broad shoulders ~Stop that! It may as well have not happened. You don't care. It means nothing. Yeah right. Ugh. Shut up! ~

"Hey sis, you okay there? You look a little flushed? Got a headache or something?"

~Yeah, "or something"~ "No, I'm okay. Just a little tired I guess," She walked towards the ladder, "I'm just gonna take a nap." She climbed up, "Wake me in an hour yeah?" she asked snuggling under the covers.

"Sure," Maria replied picking up her book.



"I think Max is a witch."

Maria chuckled, "Yep. A serpent in disguise, at the very least."

"Thought so," Liz said drowsily, "G'nite."

"Night sweetie," she said smiling to herself.

Part 2

Liz sat at the kitchen table, eyes closed remembering, a thoughtful look gracing her features.

She knew almost immediately. It just came upon her. The absolute certainty that was another life growing in her. She had felt a sharp jab in her uterus, similar to being pricked with a hatpin.

She'd awoken from a deep sleep, to such a profound disorientation she didn't know who she was, let alone where she was. It was like she wasn't herself; either one of them. And then she'd felt it. It was…unexpected to say the least, but not disconcerting.

And overwhelming-being able to feel the presence of a separate entity within her. She could feel the physical changes of her body as it adapted itself to keep, nurture, and protect this new presence.

She'd just lain there, not attempting to understand, just experiencing and losing herself in it. There were no thoughts of ramifications, just an eager anticipation of expectancy.

"So, what'd you need to talk to me about?" Maria asked, walking in to the kitchen interrupting her reverie. She leaned against the table next to Liz.

"Well, um….”

“C’mon spill, I know something’s up. You’ve been…distant, I guess that’s the right word…since yesterday,” her tone making it evident vacillating wouldn’t be tolerated.

“Okay, but you gotta promise me you aren’t going to freak.”

“Liz, it’s me.”

“Maria,” her tone making it clear what she thought of that argument.

“Alright fine. You have my word.”

She took a deep breath “I had sex with Max, yesterday,” she said staring intently at her hands.

“WHAT! Oh my god!” Maria leapt away from the table and started pacing. “Where? When? Fucking Max Evans, [bane of your existence]? Yesterday?” she stopped in front of Liz.

Liz sighed deeply, “I didn’t mean for it to happen. I mean neither of us did. It just sorta did,” she finished lamely, biting her lip.

“Did anything, you know, weird happen? You’re okay right?” Maria asked her voice full of concern, making Liz feel guiltier then she already did.

“Well no, I don’t think anything weird happened. Maria, you’ve got to believe me, it was completely chemical,” she grimaced, “or something. It’s like my body had a mind of it’s own.” She looked painfully and eagerly sincere, like she needed Maria to believe her.

“Liz good lord. Where’d you guys do it?”

Liz grimaced, not wanting to say, “At school?”

“What!” Maria threw her hands in the air. “Oh my God,” she smirked at Liz, “I always knew you were kinky.”

“Maria!” Liz said embarrassed.

“You and Evans got down and dirty at school,” she shook her head in disbelief, smiling. “Eraser room? Oh my God, is that you why were late yesterday?”

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “And no it wasn’t the eraser room,” she paused blushing. “It was the blocked off stairwell.”

“Oh God Liz,” she walked over to the fridge and poured herself a glass of water, “Way to be different.”

“Maria, there’s something else. I’m pregnant,” Liz rushed out her voice barely audible.

Maria dropped the glass; it hit the floor shattering, “What?” she asked in a strangled whisper, dismay etched on her beautiful features. '~Oh God Oh No~ dimly she wondered if that was the only shocked phrase she knew. “No. Liz?” her eyes shifted everywhere, panic beginning to claim her. She started breathing heavily.

"Maria calm down it's going to be okay," Liz said straining for calm.

"Okay! Liz! You're a Pregnant. Alien. Queen!" she sat down heavily.

"I'm not getting rid my baby," Liz said with absolute finality.

"I wasn't about to suggest that," Maria said acidly. "Are you absolutely positive?" she asked with hope.

"Yes… Do you…uh," she halted, "I can already feel his presence…would you like to..?"

"Oh can I?" Maria asked all doubts and hesitations gone. She placed a hand on Liz's still flat tummy and was immediately floored. A smile spread across her features. "Oh my god, I can feel him…her, what is it?" she asked awed.

"I'm not sure yet," Liz replied, her own voice soft.

"Oh you're going to be a mommy! I'm going to be an aunt!!," she shrieked bouncing in her seat. She gasped, "How you gonna tell mom and dad? OH! How are you gonna tell Max? and Kyle, oooh and Alex? Ijole, you're in a world of trouble chica. Thank god you have me," Maria said smiling.

And suddenly Liz knew that it wouldn't be that bad.

They moved into their bedroom and settled themselves on Maria's bed, "Okay tell me how this all happened? Who started what?" Maria said letting the sheet she tucked under Liz's mattress fall across the exposed space, enclosing them in a red and orange light.

"Well…he bumped into me while I was coming out of Ms. Smith's room to put a bunch beakers back in them Chem. class…"

“Max, you idiot! What the fuck?” she knelt down trying to pick up all the broken pieces. He checked out her ass ~Very nice~ .

“Oops, sorry,” he said, clearly not.

She gave him a withering glare over her shoulder, “You ass; you’re not.”

“Bite me,” he said making to walk away.

“Don’t tempt me,” she said in a huff.

He looked back at her, “What?” he asked not believing his ears.

“What you have hearing problem too Evans?” she said standing, and turning around to face him.

"I couldn't take it anymore Maria. I mean it's like I was drawn to him, I’m telling you it has to be chemical or something. Something just kinda took over Maria, something primitive," she sighed and chuckled, "it's so hard to try and explain, this compulsion to be with him. So anyways completely on its own volition my body…"

She led him to the stairwell. He took a deep breath, ”Liz it’s locked. It’s always locked.”

She gave him a heated look, her eyes blazing over his form, seeming to scorch his clothes off, “No it’s not.” She pushed the doors open, “Have a little faith Evans.” She pulled him behind her, never relenting his gaze. She attacked him, her body molding to his as her mouth settled on his. He kissed her frantically; needing to hold her, touch her. He had to have her. He slowly walked back until her back hit the wall.

"And then you know what happens next," Liz said flapping her hand.

"No, see Liz, I don't know what happens next so why don’t you enlighten me?" Maria said with her usual candor.

"Maria, that's kinda private—"

"Details girl, I need details," she said slapping the back of her right hand against the palm of her left.

"Alright but the just the basics," Liz conceded. Maria squealed and hugged her.

"Okay so what was it like? Did it hurt? Was he any good? Was he a virgin too? Is he big? Was it any good?" Maria asked rapid fire.

"God Maria, calm down. There is no way I'm answering all those questions," Liz said crossing her arms.

"Okay, okay. First: did it hurt?"

"No, not really."

And so Liz patiently tried to answer Maria's questions, bopping her over the head everytime she asked a stupid or too personal question.

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thanks for all the feedback and thanks for the bumps LiLeVeE and Fallin' Angel. a couple of questions are answered at the end.

Part 3

"So have you told him yet?" Maria asked.

"No," Liz said pouting.

"You have to tell him."

"You think I don't know that? I'm…I'm just trying to work up the nerve. What it's hard, thinking what to say."


"What, don't give me that look." Liz said knocking on the door.

Isobel opened the door and Liz breezed in, Maria following her.

"God, why is your brother such an ass?" Liz asked, hands thrown up in frustration.

"Yeah, how'd you end up with all the good genes?" Maria queried, pinching Isobel's cheeks.

"Man, quit that," she replied swatting away Maria's pinching hands, and rolling her eyes. She was used to this diatribe.

“Is he here, cuz I don’t think I can put up with his shit today,” Maria asked for Liz. Personally Max had always been cordial to Maria, but Liz had always seemed to have an axe to grind with him, and Maria was nothing if not loyal to her sister and Queen.

Isobel was the only person they actually enjoyed to talking to, outside their little four-square. Unwittingly keeping themselves aloof from the general populace had made all three girls that much more desired. Something about wanting the unattainable, Isobel had said.

They weren't as close as could be, Liz and Maria's devotion to keeping their secret, a constant presence in the periphery. But all the same Isobel was fun, compassionate, and they had known her since before they knew what exactly it was that set themselves away from their peers. Isobel was the only human they trusted enough to be "themselves" around; every dorky fumble, every awkward moment, every confused feeling, they were able to share with Isobel. They had gone through all the major changes a teenage girl, alien or not, can go through.

On occasion there was the uncertain urge to tell her the truth, but sensibility always won out. Now that was all about to change. Could they continue to lie and hide from their only real friend?

Liz looked over at Maria, her look imploring advice.

Maria shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, the message clear, 'Sorry babe, don't know'. Liz had to tell Max sometime soon. Just what exactly qualified as the perfect time to tell a high school guy, you don't really care for and who doesn't really care for you, you're carrying his child?-oh and wait, this baby is an alien hybrid seeing as how you fucked an alien. Would you like fries with that?

Hmm, wonder if Hallmark made a card?

“…You got those Trig. Notes?” she heard Isobel ask Maria.

“I’ve got something better than Trig. Notes,” she motioned to Liz, like a game show host assistant.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re lucky I’m such a loving sister,” Liz quipped.

“Loving my ass. I’m doing your next two Spanish papers for you,” Maria responded. Liz waved her off.

“So what is this project exactly?” she asked.

“Some stupid CPM crap,” Isobel said sourly. “I hate this class. Thanks for helping out Liz.”

“No problem, but I can’t stay to long. Thanks to Maria’s maneuvering I work a double shift tonight, and I have to help close,” she said making a face at Maria. “You can be a real brat you know that right?”

“I love you too,” Maria shot back. And so they set to work for the two hours.

Later that night

Liz sat up in bed, her head swimming with images of Max; Max pressing up against her back, Max hovering above her, Max pulling her into him. Her heart beat a fast tattoo against her chest, and she took a deep shuddering breath. It had been two weeks. Two long, arduous, tortuous weeks.

This wasn’t a new dream. She had always dreamt of Max. Never wavering in her constancy to him. But after the real thing, her dreams had seemed to take on a new dimension. She could smell the scent of them, thick with passion. She could taste his sun kissed skin in her dreams.

They all felt so real, so plausible. She could almost imagine she saw Max in the shadows on her balcony.

And then a shadow moved.

Max stood outside her room, on her balcony, trying to figure out just why the hell he was standing here at 1:30 in the morning on a Wednesday. But for the life of him he couldn't seem to care about the why's and definitely not about the how's. Just that she was in there. His body seemed to be drawn here, ignoring his mind's feeble protests. He gave one small wordless thanks that Maria was staying down his house with Isobel tonight. He looked inside her window once more, trying to find the resolve to leave. But he couldn’t even half-ass it.

He craved her.

Craved her touch. Craved to touch her…to have her slick skin glide beneath his. To capture every sweet exhalation of pleasure received with his mouth.

He thought he could see the same glint of hunger whenever he managed to capture her eyes. The same burning lying hidden just below the surface. She seemed to simmer with verve, exciting him to know end.

Who else knew aloof Parker radiated such heat?

No one.

That thought pleased him to no end. She claimed him, giving part of herself to him. And he had willingly fallen. Or at least that's how it felt. Everything was different with Liz.

He stirred in the corner as his body remembered the fire she alone could elicit from him. He looked into her window and saw her staring back at him. He moved closer to her window, and without realizing it was standing in her room.

That's how everything was where Liz was concerned. He didn't think, he just acted. His body behaving as if on instinct. Like Liz had put some sorta force on him. He was half way up her ladder, before he paused.

She leaned forward, resting on her hands, "Max……," she felt a pleasant tingle start low within her. "What took you so long?" she breathed out grabbing him by his shirt and pulling him to her. She crushed her mouth to his, nipping on his bottom lip. Her kisses were demanding. He groaned deep and low as she pulled his body flush against hers, every inch from their waists up melded together. Her pliant, breasts yielding to him. Her soft form conquered, her contours filled by him.

He pulled her tank off, up over her head. He cupped one swollen breast in his hand and her world spun. Her head fell back, and she broke the kiss, gasping for air. He moved down, kissing her neck, lightly sucking at the juncture between neck and shoulder. Trailing his tongue across her collarbone, his thumb grazed over her sensitive nipple. It felt like a live wire, shocking her body, and she arched into his hand, whimpering. He caressed her side, resting one hand on her hip, slowly bringing their bodies closer together.

~This is so wrong. Oh god, then why does it fell sooo good? Max~ she moaned his name and his grip tightened imperceptibly. He took one nipple into his mouth sucking it deep within, as he gently pushed her body down onto the bed. And when she rocked into him, she heard him suck in his breath, making her hotter. His hand stroked her thigh, traveling higher so that his fingers moved under her short jammie bottoms and barely lifted the edge of her panties up. The weight of his hand, the increasing pressure of mouth, and the prickle of her skin made her shudder.

She was aware of so much. So many trivial things. The cool air from the window bathing her skin, the scrape of the cotton sheets against the underside of her thighs and her back, the weight of her jammie shorts, the texture of his jeans against the soles of her feet. The mild rocking of bed.

He kissed her again, and his mouth was as wet and hot as before, his tongue as sweet, but with the path of his fingers, she couldn’t concentrate on his mouth anymore. He eased the elastic of her shorts and panties off, his fingers gliding down her legs, leaving a dry ice fire in their wake. His palms cupping certain areas. Then his fingers slid against her, between her, slippery as he coated them in her passion, and finally into her, and she went mindless. Never registering her steady mewing, or the pressure of her hands on his shoulders.

“Tell me when it you feel it,” he whispered in her ear.

“Feel… what,” she managed to question, he moved another finger into her, curving both inside her, reaching higher and she sucked in her breath. “Oh god…oh god…”

He slid down her, and licked into her, finding her bundle of pleasure with no problem, all the while his fingers drove her to frenzy. She gave a quick thought of alarm, but quickly forgot it, wanting only to go where he could take her. Where he wanted her to go, living in the heat of his mouth, and the steadily rising rhythm he built in her. She felt the tension twist and mount deep within. He pressed her farther down into the bed, harder, holding her firm as she moved impulsively against his mouth and his hand. Higher…higher...higher still yet, till she felt the first surge of her blood.

She pulled on his shoulders and his hair, trying to get his attention. She wanted, no, had to share this with him. Finally he looked up, and she pulled his face to her, drawing him into a deep solidifying kiss, his somehow now naked body sliding up her body. All the meanwhile, taking his straining cock in her hand and guiding it to where she most wanted it. At the first feel of her soaked core against his heated cock he thrust, plunging himself deep within her. And both let out a satisfied sigh. He began moving deep within, and with that first shove she began to climax. She pushed her hips into his, matching him thrust for thrust, giving as well she received, and within minutes they climaxed together, Max covering Liz’s mouth with his own, stealing her breath and silencing both their groans of satisfaction as she cried out in the darkness, reveling in the glory of this absolute pleasure.

Again a bright flash exploded behind her eyes, a thousand sights and feelings raining down on her, and if she could she would’ve wondered what they were, and how he managed to get naked. But all she could do was succumb to the purple-black haze, and float in a safe cocoon of delight.

At long last she stirred, dimly aware that she lay half on top of Max, she closed her eyes, a content smile forming on her lips.

She awoke just before dawn when Max moved out from beneath her. She looked sleepily up at him, “Hey,” she said unconscously gently scrapping her nails across his abs. She looked over at her clock as per usual and lightly gasped when she saw the time. She looked back up at him, about to kick him out, when he bent down and kissed her. All the more surprising for it’s tenderness. She shut her eyes tight, and with super alien strength pulled away. “You better go.” She never once made an attempt to cover herself with the sheet.

“Yeah. Yeah, your right.” He looked around, confused, “Uh Liz, do you know where my clothes are?”

Her eyes widen, and she tried to remember taking them off. ~Great alien voodoo crap~ she sighed inwardly. After looking all over, they saw them piled in the bathroom.

“Must’ve gotten up sometime during the night,” he muttered to himself.

“Well,” he turned to look at her as she pulled a robe on. ~Didn’t we just leave this scene?~

“Yeah…” she trailed off.

“So? See you at school?”

“Yes, school. Cool.” And with that she turned to go to bathroom.

“Great,” he mumbled, climbing out the window.

"So Max, walked into his kitchen at 6:30 this morning, and to say Mr. and Mrs. Evans were shocked would an understatement. He mumbled something about going for a walk, and needing to clear his head. When Mr. Evans said he didn’t hear the door this morning Max admitted he left through his window. Do you know where he was Liz?” Maria asked with her usual forthrightness, a teasing glint sparkling in her eyes.

“Shh!” Liz looked around, making sure no one was listening and that neither Kyle nor Alex were coming. “He came over last night,” she whispered.

“Wait! No, no, no you didn’t? At home? In our room?” she asked her voice raising with every gasping question. “Oh my god. I don’t know whether to be happy for you or smack you.”

“Be happy for me?!” Liz exclaimed.

“Get over it Liz,” Maria said matter-of-factly. “So did you tell him?”

“Tell who, what?” Alex innocently questioned sitting down next to Liz.

“Did… I… tell...Max , that he…is a jerk…and a dog,” Liz said haltingly.

“I think you just did,” Kyle said from behind her.

She slowly turned around, composing her features. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, but things were different now, weren’t they? “Max,” she said coolly.

“Liz..” His gaze gave nothing away. “Isobel said you left your purse or some shit like that at our house yesterday. Here,” he said handing it to her. His eyes met her hers. And she bit her lip. He smirked.

“Thanks,” she replied, being careful not to touch his hand. She promptly turned around.

“See you around Lizi.” And the way he said it sent shivers down her spine and her blood rushing. She figured it would be best not to answer. Even if she could make a coherent send away.

“Am I the only one who thinks Michael is a little sketchy looking?” Maria asked, leaning forward on her elbows.

“Guys, c’mon give them a break, they’re not that bad,” Kyle said smiling as he sat down.

“What do you know Kyle? You rank ‘Earth Girls are Easy’ right up there with ‘The Godfather’,” Liz threw back.

“Hey, the classics are classics,” Kyle replied as Alex gave him props saying “So true. So accurate.”

“Morons,” Liz muttered.

“You want me to tell Wendy Lavely that?” Maria inquired.

And so the scene played out.

Part 4

~Why’d he have to come here? He did it on purpose just to torment me~ Liz decided with a scowl. It had been two weeks and Max had kept his promise. Somehow he always managed to be near where she was, and she was going crazy from all the different feelings, and emotions, and hormones rioting in her.

“I see lover boy’s here,” Maria said coming to stand behind Liz. Her smile evident by her tone.

“Don’t remind me,” Liz replied groaning.

“But I think you already knew. Don’t deny, I caught you staring,” Maria teased. Liz looked over her shoulder at her sister, and glared, sticking out her tongue.

“Real mature Liz,” she paused her tone turning serious, “You know you have to tell him-and soon too.” Liz responded by making a distresses sound.

“Hey! Just calm yourselves down.” ~Max? ~ She turned just as a gunshot rang out. ~MAX! ~ She looked over in time to see Max fall back, dimly aware of two guys running out and away from The Crash.

~Wh-NO! No damn him, no. Please… Please… Please… Please… Please… Please what? Please let him be unharmed… Please let him be just fine... Please don’t let him be shot… Please let him have just fainted… just Please. ~ She thought frantically as she raced her way to him.

Some functioning part of her brain had automatically started a mindwarp as she saw Max’s body crumble to the floor. It was natural, done without a second’s thought. She reached his prone body ~Why does my chest hurt? ~ and dropped to her knees.

~NO! Max you cannot die. You can’t leave me to raise this baby by myself~ She leaned over him, hands trembling as she tried to figure out where to place them. ~Damn it, I’m not a healer like Maria! I’ve gotta try. Must do something~. She pushed his shirt up, and placed one hand above the tiny hole steadily pumping blood out of him and the other next to his head, her thumb brushing over his skin. “Max. Max!! Max you’ve got to look at me!! Open your eyes, damn you!!” she cried in a loud whisper. His skin was drained of color and clammy to the touch, and his eyes had begun to turn opaque.

“That’s good Max, look at me. Focus on my eyes Max.” She sucked her breath sharply as a connection was suddenly formed. A few blurry images crashed into her over and over, and her senses were sent into overdrive. Every sense was stimulated: visual, taste, touch, olfactory, auditory, and emotion. And it was hell trying to fight through because none of it made any sense to her. ~No-not strong enough… How long… has… it been? ~ she dimly wondered ~Can’t die on me~ she thought furiously. Abruptly there was an explosion of light behind her eyes

FLASH * Max staring at Liz, chest pounding, awed, amazed, and scared at what he had just shared with her * She felt everything he was feeling. His scent, her scent-their scent, filled the air all around them. The taste of her skin lingered on her tongue. Her soft, smooth skin pressed against different patches of her body, under her fingers. The sound of her blood rushing in her head, her breath against her chest. Her admiration, adoration, and reverence for her filled her entire being. END FLASH

And from somewhere deep within her she found the strength-the ability- to heal him.

She let out an explosive breath, panting from the effort. He blinked, confusion swarming him. He looked up and saw Liz looming over him. She was pale and shaking. She gave him a small smile, really a trembling lip ~Too much, over did it~ she closed her eyes. He heard her whimper-He felt warm and… alive, like never before. He literally pulsated with energy. She unsteadily swayed, her hand smoothing down his shirt. She looked down at him with unfocused eyes. He was fuzzy around the edges, and kept shifting around. He sounded like he was talking in a wind tunnel.

She took a deep breath, “You’re going to…be fine…Max.” He was going to be fine? She was the one who looked dangerously ill. Her world shifted on it’s axis ~Need Maria. My baby! ~ And then her world went black.

He heard her breathe out “Need…Maria” and some other unintelligible word, as she fell to the side. He caught her in his arms. He looked around frantically, “Maria!” he shouted.

“Liz,” he whispered.

Maria shook her head, wondering what the hell was happening. One moment she was on the phone with a deputy trying to keep control of her frantic nerves, while patiently and succinctly explaining there was a shoot out at The Crash, and the next she was holding her order pad to her ear. She looked up and met eyes with Kyle. Both reading the same thing in the others: Liz.

She heard an anguished yell of her name. She spun around trying to locate the person, when she saw Max Evans cradling Liz in his arms ~Oh god, no~ She rushed over, Kyle right on her heels.

'"Oh my god is she hurt? What's wrong? Is she bleeding? Is she breathing? What happened?" she asked rapid fire, her voice filled with panic.

"Give him a chance to answer," Kyle said placing his hands on her shoulders. A crowd had begun to gather around.

"I'll call an ambulance," Michael Guerin offered.

"No!" Maria shouted.

"She's fine. I saw her; she just fainted when she heard the gun fire," Kyle interjected calmly.

"Shouldn’t we call to be sure she didn't sustain a concussion when she fell?" Michael rationally asked.

"Nah, Max here caught her, didn't you Max?" Kyle's look leaving no room to deny, "Yeah, lucky catch Max. Glad you were around."

Maria caught on. "Yeah folks she's alright. Nothing to see here, let's move along… Come on" she began moving people out the door.

"Max help me take her to her room?" Kyle asked. As Max got up Kyle noticed a puddle of blood behind him. "Hey Maria! We need your help."

Maria walked back, halting when she noticed Michael, "Hey Guerin scram."

"I'm waiting for Max."

"Max is fine. He's just helping Kyle." She said folding her arms across her chest.

"Yeah well so am I." He walked toward where Kyle and Max were, Maria hot on his footsteps. She noticed Kyle's look then. She narrowed her eyes, raising her shoulders in a silent question. Kyle made a 'get your ass here quick' face, pointing to the ground behind a now standing Max.

"Huh, what?" he turned his attention quickly to Michael, "Oh just take her upstairs, we'll take it from there."

Maria’s face blanched as she saw what Kyle was pointing at. She bent over with the intention of tying
her shoelaces, waving a hand over the puddle, making it disappear instead.

Maria busted out a vial of cypress oil, glad for the routine of it, wondering if everything was about to come out, and if routine was about to become a foreign notion.


pandas2001 I was going to make Alex her consort, but I got the notion of him being second in command, and all protective in my head and it wouldn't leave. just for fyi kyle is not like tess. he is not destiny obsessed.

katmacken you asked if liz is the queen then what does that make max? very simple...her love slave *wink* .

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just wantin' to say thank you for the amazing fb and the bumps, so greatly appreciated. I don't really have time to answer any question's seeing as how I gotta drive home real soon, but I'll try to do it next time.

Part 5

"Hey man, open the door. No, no the one at the end of the hallway," Max directed Michael. Max busted into Liz's parents room and as gently as he could deposited her on their bed. "Is she going to be okay?" he asked Kyle not even bothering to turn around. He tenderly brushed her face with his fingertips. ~Why am I so fucking concerned for someone who I could never stand? For some remote, spoiled brat who currently takes every opportunity to give me the cold shoulder or insult me? Why do I feel like she holds my very soul cupped in the middle of her soft, warm, gentle, volatile palm? Why do get so fucking mushy and thoughtful whenever I think about her? Arghh~.

"She's going to be fine. Uh, she's been kinda stressed lately, and uh has this condition, that um yeah Maria knows what to do. Maria?" he yelled ~Where the fuck are you?~.

"Get out of my way Guerin." Maria pushed Michael at the doorway. She rushed to Liz's side and leaned over her placing a hand on her forehead, making it look like she was feeling for her temperature, when she was actually setting up a connection. She was able to discern Liz was safe just exhausted and there were some vague images of Liz and Max when they were younger, but Maria didn't pay to much attention to those.

Her concentration was focused on the life growing inside Liz. It was astounding. This life growing in her sister, sustaining her? Wow, this was pretty trippy. She could almost sense the changes as the baby grew; developed into it’s own person.

She pulled away, and gave Max a serene smile. “She’s gonna be fine. She, uh, she has a slight temperature, but other than that she’ll be fine. She’s a quick healer, she’s just been under some stress lately, you know college apps.”

“Oh, okay. If you’re sure,” Max said hesitantly. He looked at Michael, “Dude, go with Kyle and get a cool wash cloth and whatever else you guys think she might need.” Michael took off behind Kyle.

“You really care for her huh?” Maria leaned in close to him.

“What? Uh no, you know she’s a good friend of Isobel’s and you know Isobel. If I didn’t do anything she’d kick my ass.”

“Ri-ght” she said knowingly, “Just keep telling yourself that,” she muttered under her breath, trying to conceal her smile.

A little after they left the Sheriff made his way up the stairs entering the Parker residence. He knocked on the door jamb to make his entrance known. "Hello? Maria? Liz?" he called out.

"Sheriff? Oh Sheriff, glad you could come by," Maria said as she made her way to him.

"This wasn't anything alien was it?" he asked first, taking off his hat and unconsciously shaping it between his hands.

"Oh! No, " Maria whispered. "Um at least we're pretty positive it wasn't. Yeah it looks like it was just a bunch of fu- ooh Sheriff, sorry," she looked contrite and he just smiled. "Um, it was an accident. Nothing of a conspiratorial nature," she assured him.

~Conspiratorial?~ He looked at her funny for a moment. "So just what did happen here Ms. DeLuca-Parker?"

"Uh, well apparently Max was shot when the gun went off, but no one realized he was shot cuz Liz had started some kinda mind warp as she saw him fall or something, and then she healed him-" he cut her off.

"Wait, she healed him? I thought you were the healer in the family?"

"Yeah, but there are some, uh, extenuating circumstances at work here, so yeah. But anyways," she rushed on not giving him a chance to question what these extenuating circumstances were, "Max, doesn't remember anything, in fact, no one down stairs really recalls much of anything. And so after all that excitement we kinda just herded people out. Most were kind enough to leave money to cover their half eaten food behind. Aren't the citizens of Roswell just such good Samaritans?"

"Alright then Maria, I'm going to go talk to your sister. Why don't you and Kyle figure out what the story is for downstairs," he started walking away, when he paused suddenly, "And Maria? When will I find out about these "extenuating circumstances"?"

"Uh, soon?"

"Good answer. Crazy kids," he muttered under his breath.

~Yeah well it ain't easy being green buddy~ she thought flippantly. ~Liz can tell him on her own. Hmm? Or maybe Kyle? That'd be funny~

"What was that all about?"

"WHAT!" she jumped startled. She turned towards him, giving him the Isobel Evans patented "Ice Princess" gaze. "I thought you left?" she asked harsher then she meant too.

"Nah, Max has his hands busy trying to calm down and explain everything to his mom and Isobel; wanted me to come over and check on Liz, and pick up our back packs from downstairs," he said lifting them to show her.

"Humph, clever enough excuse."

"What?" he asked disbelievingly. "Man, what got you so paranoid?" and then made a big "O" with his mouth, and nodded his head with perceived understanding. "Hey, listen, don't worry. Those assholes will be caught. And they won't hurt you guys or anything. Yeah you and Liz can be uber pains, but Kyle and Alex are pretty cool. We wouldn't- I mean no one in this whole town will let any harm come to you guys," he said so genuinely and with such sincerity, that she was almost tempted to hug the moron.

"Thanks, " a grateful smile hinted at on her lips, as she wrapped her arms around herself.

"Yeah, no problem," he said all tough guy, and she felt her heart warm towards him a little more. And with that he was gone. ~Must be Liz's hormones rubbing off on me~ she thought ruefully. But the smile wouldn't leave.

Amy DeLuca rushed into her daughter's room, panic evidenced in her features, in every taunt muscle, "Oh my god Liz are you okay? Oh your dad and I got her as soon as we could. Maria was very vague…sweetie what's wrong? Do you feel okay? Do you hurt anywhere? You look kinda of swollen—"

~Oh shit, I'm beginning to show. I can't not tell them much longer~ Liz thought,

"Do you want to go to the doctor's? I think we should go to the doctor's," she said standing up.

"Mom…I'm fine, really. I just fainted, nothing big. Kyle had uh, his friends Max Evans and Michael Guerin- do you know them? Well he had them bring me up here and you know help out downstairs. And you know both Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Whitman came over here to check up on me, and the Sheriff stopped by when he was through downstairs to take my statement and assure me and Maria that everything was okay, it was going to be okay, and he would take care of everything. And you know how protective Alex can be—"

"Liz sweetie, you're babbling."

"Sorry. Shock I guess, but I'm fine."

"Are you sure? I’ve never known you to babble."

"Mom, I'm good."

"You're not too traumatized are you?" her mom asked attempting to mask her concern.

"Mom," she said in a frustrated laugh, "Remember? teflon babes?"

"Okay sweetie," she let a deep breath. "You're dad's in the restaurant looking things over, he said he'd be right up and made some other smart ass remark about me going into hysterics and leaving you to deal with it. I tell you one of these I'm going to smack that man," she chuckled.

"Mom? Thank you."

"You're my baby, how could I not? I'm going to go unpack," she smoothed down Liz's hair.

"What… mom? What about the rest of your trip? You and dad were looking forward to the time together, after the convention."

"Liz, that's not important, you and Maria are the most important things in my and Jeff's lives. We can't, " she paused looking down at her hands and she looked back at Liz her eyes were swimming with unshed tears, "I can't leave you here, alone, knowing what happened. I was so worried Liz, so afraid I failed as your mother-" she broke off. Liz leaned up and pulled her mother into a hug, "Never mom. You could never fail. You and dad have been the best parents ever. You guys were meant to be our parents. I love you mom."

"I love you too sweetie," she whispered.

Jeff Parker wrapped his arm around Maria, pulling her closer to him, placed a loving kiss on the crown of her head as they stood outside the doorway, "I love you honey. Both of you."

"I love you too dad…both of you," she quipped.

"Liz you up for a little supper?" her mom asked popping her head in her bedroom doorway later that evening.

"Yeah mom I'm starved." She made her way out to the dinner table. "So what's for dinner?" she sat down, careful of the bazillion sore and sensitive areas covering her body.

"Tossed green salad w/ romaine lettuce, vegetarian lasagna, and some tiramisu Jeff picked up from Chez Pierre. With extra Tabasco on the side for you and Maria. Eat up." She placed a plate in front of Maria.

She sat down, and kinda played with her napkin ring before speaking, "So you know girls you're dad and I were so worried for both of you. And we were talking earlier and we noticed" she hesitated, "Well we realized that you both have been really busy these last two years. I mean you go out on camping trips at least once a month, as well as taking weekend shopping trips out to Albuquerque. You come home bruised sometimes, others looking haggard and so weary, we just...we want you two to take it easy.

"Now we know you're young and you think you're invincible, but you're not. There are very real dangers out there, and I'm not just talking about the obvious like serial killers, or rapists, and getting stuck out in the desert with no way for help to easily reach you. But things like fatigue and exhaustion, those are very real threats to your health. And Liz you don't look—well you look beautiful and glowing, but you also look tired. We just want you guys to be safe. If not for yourselves, then for us." She stopped looking at her daughters, different but so much alike. Sometimes she could actually see bits of her or Jeff shining through the girls' personalities.

"Wow mom…that was a nice lengthy speech. How long did you work on it?" Maria said with a large smile.

"Shut up. I'm serious," she said with her matching smile, throwing a dinner roll at Maria.

Maria ducked and it flew over, "Ooh, smooth mom, you missed," she briefly halted. "But, um, we'll be more careful. I mean we're always careful, you know Liz, Ms. Safety and Cautious herself, but we'll be even more so, if for nothing else then your piece of mind. Don't want you getting any more gray hairs you know."

"Oh, take that back."

And so the evening meal progressed as normal and happily as ever, with the small family sharing loving insults.

Later that evening

"They're growing up Jeff, and I don't want them too." Amy sighed, "I never thought we would all be here. Twelve years ago I would have scoffed at the idea." She paused trying to gather her thoughts. She began hesitantly, "At first I felt like I was betraying Nancy. I mean she was like an older sister to me, practically the only family I had… and then there I am, shacking up with her widow and two girls to boot. And I would always compare myself to her in my mind. 'Nancy wouldn't have done that' 'Nancy would've handled that better' 'Nancy would know what to do'," she gave him a watery smile. "But then I realized I'm not Nancy, and I loved you, and I prayed that someday you might love me, just a fourth of the amount you loved her. But I never wanted or thought you could love me like you did her. What you two had was special, and I never wanted to replace that."

"Why didn't you ever tell me this?" he asked her.

"Jeff, I think you always knew. It's just now here we are. I've tried to be a good role-model for our girls, and sometimes I feel so sad that there's this, it feels like huge, part of their lives they don't share with me. But there are other parts, and other things- moments, when it doesn't feel that way at all. Do you think we did it right? When we don't see them for four days in a row, and they come with new scars, do you think we did it right? And when they come home beaming, and eager to share their good news with us, to laugh with us, isn't it all worth it?"

"Well you've said a lot, " he quipped, "but yes. You're absolutely right. About everything," it was his turn to organize his feelings and carefully choose his words. "I love you differently then I loved Nancy. But it's incomparable. I never wrote the poetry you inspire in me when I was Nancy. And as much as I loved Nancy, and as much as I grieved her passing, I couldn't give up everything I –we have together. This is my life, and I wouldn't change it for a thing."

Part 6

Liz sat on Maria's bed, miles away from Max, staring at her hands. She had never mindwarped like that before. It had been….complete…all-inclusive…absolute. There were no glitches or gaps.

Instinct had guided her, fear had fueled her. There had been no time to think, to doubt. No one had been excluded, not even Maria and Kyle. Luckily they were the only two aware of the transition. She didn’t even remember what she projected. Only knowing there had been no room for failure.

The mindwarp had drained her mentally, and healing Max had exhausted her physically. It was too much, and even now her heart lurched at the thought she could’ve killed her baby. Amazingly it was, in fact, the baby that had kept her alive, or so Maria had told her.

And where had she found the presence of mind to fix Max’s shirt? Obviously it wasn’t a great job. She hadn’t been able to bond the molecules together tightly enough, ‘cuz just one hour ago Max Evans, bane of her existence, purely-lust-only interest, and father of her child, had climbed into her room through the balcony window, demanding with all the bravado he could muster (not much she thought smirking) to know “just what in God’s name happened Thursday?”

Hmmph. Apparently he believed two days bed rest after an extremely traumatizing, physically demanding event to be ample time for rest and recooperation. And so had coming looking for answers. ~Damn his black soul~ she thought contemptuously.

So they had been stealing glances at each other for the last hour. The silence was deafening. Why didn’t she just say what she was thinking? Yeah like that would go over real well.

“So um, why don’t you just…uh, ask whatever questions you may have, and I’ll, um, answer them the best to my ability. And then you know, we can go…from there?” ~Way to ramble. Maria would be so proud~.

He closed his eyes ~Shit which question to ask first? What the hell happened? What did she do to my shirt? To me! How had she done it? And the one question that looms foremost in my mind: why?~ he opened his mouth, then decisively closed it, his eyebrows bunched together in a frown.

She looked over him, studying his profile ~ Will our child have his chin? His strong jaw? His beautiful eyes? Sensual lips?~ she thought biting her own bottom lip ~His big ears?~ she giggles at the unexpected thought, then quickly clasped a hand over her mouth. Too late. He gave her a censorious look, perfectly stating “what the hell?” and “how inappropriate”. God this was so weird. How did she even know all his varied “looks”? why could she so easily read him?…his face…his eyes…his body? It was as if he spoke to her on some unconscious level.

He had noticed her intent perusal and had a felt a blush creep up his neck ~aw geez what am I, a chick?~ what the hell was up with him? One look from her and he was ready and willingly to submit to whatever she wanted. He heard her giggle. What she find funny? Man this sucked.

He looked down at the bed and spotted his shirt. Right, he was here for a reason which unfortunately did not require the bed. He shook his head to clear the thought.


“I’m pregnant. With your child. My baby.”

~What!!! My child?!!? Her baby?!?!~

“Your baby?!” he asked incredulously. “Not just your baby,” he clarified

Wait a minute, what?!? What were his priorites?!? “Pregnant? How-how far?” he stammered out.

Well that answered that.

“Well, um, you see, I guess it would be the equivalent to um, close to four months…”

“WHAT?!?” how dare she exclude him this early! “And when were you going to tell me?” he demanded. He was too excited to notice the “equivalent of four months” comment for the moment.

“What?” she stared at him. ~Does he already know? Could he tell?~.

He shook his head. “Mine?” he whispered. “Yeah it would have to be. I was your first, we’ve together twice. The first was what, just a month ago?” he mumbled to himself, pacing. “What-what do you mean you’re four months along? We had sex-”

“Shh! Can you say it any louder?” she hushed him.

“We had sex for the first time, just a month ago, and I know I was you were a virgin and you haven’t been with anybody else…?" He looked at her with such hope for a negative answer she promptly answered, “Uh no. You…you’re the only one,” she said turning away.

“So how can you be four months along?” he asked skeptically.

She took a deep breath ~here goes~ “Whew. Well you see my physiology is different from yours.”

He looked at her questionably, “Mmhmm. And why is that?” he was striving to remain composed. ~She’s pregnant. You’re supposed to humor pregnant women. Aren’t you?~

“Why? Not how?” she said with a weak smile.

“What?” he asked confused.

“Nothing. Just a lame attempt at a joke. Um why? Well that would because I’m not like you- okay, okay better answer." She thought for a moment before speaking, "Well I’m not from around here.”

“Where are you from?” he asked warily.

She pointed up.

“Up north?”

She pointed higher.

“You’re not an alien? I mean, are you?”

“Well I prefer the term not of this earth,” he backed up, “Sorry, not a good time to joke. Yeah. Yeah I am. And now you know.”

"Okay," he said not really sure what to believe. "I'm just gonna go," he pointed to the door and began walking backwards.

"Max!" she walked up to him, looking into his eyes, trying her hardest to convey the gravity of the situation. "You can't tell anyone. Please, now my life, and the life of your baby– they're in your hands now."

His mind was reeling. ~What the hell's going on???~ So he did the one thing that he could think of. He pulled her close to him, and kissed her, cupping her jaw with one hand, while the other grabbed her ass hard against him . It was a rough kiss, and she couldn't help but eagerly respond, she bit his bottom lip, moaning as ground his hips into hers.

And then he gone, and she was left dazed standing in the middle of her room, trying not to cry.

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where last we left off, Max has just given Liz one scorcher of kiss, but is so damned confused he goes, leaving a weeping Liz standing in the middle of her room. camera pans out, leaving only Liz silhouetted in a white light. *big*

Part 7

Smiling, Kyle walked into Liz and Maria's room, a laughing Maria on his arm. They both stopped short when they saw a miserable Liz, holding both orbs, gazing out the window.

"Liz, babe, what's the matter?" Maria asked from where she stood with Kyle.

"Kyle, you aren't mad that I'm having a child that isn't yours are you?" she asked her voice bland, still gazing out the window.

Kyle looked down at Maria, silently questioning what this was all about. Maria just shook her head in response. "No Liz, I mean I wasn't exactly jumping for joy, I still think there's a lot you're not considering, but if you're asking whether I'm disappointed you love someone else…"

"I don't love him," she quickly replied in the same monotone.

"Okay," he said cautiously, "Liz, what's this all about?" he took a step towards her, stopping when he met her eyes. The look of pain and confusion was so raw he had to look away.

"Get Alex over here, we need to talk." She took a deep breath and seemed to be once again in possession of herself. She looked directly at him, "Do it." Her voice was quiet and oddly distant.

He turned around and walked out the bedroom.

"Liz, babe, what's going on?" Maria asked as she came to stand next to Liz.

Liz roughly ran her hand through her hair, eyes closed, lips pushed together tightly. When she opened her eyes, there was a wild, lost look pouring from the depths. "Things…I think things are changing Maria. I don't know what exactly, but it just feels like… soon."

"Soon what Liz?"

"Soon. Just soon." She gave Maria a small smile, "Alotta help that is huh?"

"Hey, don't worry. You know how these things work, all will be revealed in due time." Maria chuckled, and Liz joined in.

"Thanks Maria. Now to tell Alex."

Maria sucked in her breath, "I got your back babe." She hugged Liz.

"You're what!!" Alex yelled. They were all standing in Maria and Liz's room.


"I can't believe this! Shit Liz what were you thinking?! How are you going to explain this to him? He's going to wonder why your baby is coming 6 months early-Wait-wait-wait you don't even need to tell him. He never has to know the baby's his-" he was pacing the space in front of their bedroom door.

"Alex will you just the fuck up and think listen to what you're saying!" Maria yelled at him.

"What I'm saying?! What I'm saying is that we gotta keep this under control! What I'm saying is that has potential for disaster written all over it!!" he looked at Liz, willing her to understand. He didn't mean to sound callous or unfeeling but he had to protect them. The look on her face, however, stopped him. "Oh god, Liz, don't tell me you told him already?"

She took a deep breath; Alex wasn't going to like this. "You know that gun fire at The Crash two days ago?" at his nod she continued, "Well Max was actually shot, and somehow I was able to heal him. I don't know how I did it, but it just happened," she spoke rapidly seeing him ready to interrupt. "I kinda mindwarped the whole café, so no one would know what happened. It was all just one rush, I didn't do anything consciously."

"So you healed him? Does he remember? Has he come around asking questions?" he didn't give her time to answer. "Don't worry about it, I'll take care of everything," he said making to open the door.

"And even if you could, what would you do Alex?" Kyle asked.

Alex turned and glared at him, "Don't even get me started on you. I can't believe you both knew and didn't tell me." He glared at Maria and Kyle.

"Yeah, well you're not exactly known for thinking before acting-"

He cut Maria off, "Wait-what do you mean 'even if I could'?'"

Maria, Kyle, and Alex all started talking and yelling at the same time, trying to make their voices and opinions heard.

"Enough," Liz stated, her tone sharp.

They all stopped their chattering and stared at her.

"Alex, Max knows everything. He's trust worthy-"

"Oh right what'd he say 'Great you're an alien claiming to be pregnant with my baby, fantastic'? No? I didn't think so. We've gotta leave. Our cover is blown. We gotta do this. Liz for your baby's sake," he pleaded with her.

"Geez. Thought I was pissed," Kyle muttered.

Liz took a deep, shuddering breath, and turned around, her back facing Alex now. He visably braced himself thinking for sure she was going to whirl around and kick his ass. What she did do was unexpected.

She slowly turned around, back straight, shoulders back, head held high; this was Zae’lin, who wouldn't put up with rudeness, impertinence, or insolence. She narrowed her eyes.

"Do you dare question my judgement? Do you doubt me?" she asked her voice even giving away nothing.

He gulped. Maria and Kyle spared a glance at each other while moving to flank Liz.

“Do you think me so foolish as to trust just anybody? So incompetent as to risk all your lives, everything we've worked for? So stupid as to jeopardize the life of my baby?” she asked her tone steely.

“No my Th’lkakai,” he said bowing his head, his tone sincere. “I meant no disrespect, I only wished to-"

“Forgiven,” she looked at him, her eyes once again warm. “Cha’Rukh I know you only mean well, but you must believe me, this is happening for a reason. I don’t know exactly what that is yet,” she quirked her lips, “but I know I can’t get through it with out you. Any of you. Please?” her voice so earnest, he nodded his head is agreement.

“Max doesn’t know everything yet,” she added, “but he does know I’m pregnant, that it is his child, and that I am an alien. He kinda guessed about Maria,” she said lightly. Alex smiled back.

“Yeah, well Maria’s a freak anyways,” he replied.

“Hey! I object to this kind of slander.”

They settled down to talk things through, things once again settled.

"Do you think he'll tell anybody?" Kyle inquired,resting against the bunk leadder, arms crossed over his chest.

"You know I was actually thinking? I think we should tell Isobel as well."

Everyone just stared at Maria. She laid on her stomach, stretched across their black bean bag, near the bed.

"Look, she's our friend, she's always been there for us, I mean… I really think she'd be cool with it. If we can trust her brother, why can't we trust her?" Maria said confused.

"Do you really think we can trust her?" Liz's voice was neutral, she wanted Maria's honest opinion.

"Yes," she stated confidently. "It's more than just she's been an amazing friend, always bailing us out, helping without hesitation, no questions asked, it feels like this is the right thing to do. Like she can help strengthen our," she waved her hand in the air looking for the right word, " ties, our energy… does that make any sense?"

"Yeah kinda, but the only question is how to tell her, and who's gonna tell her," Kyle said.

"Okay, how about we tell her, but sometime in the near future. Let's deal with what's on our plate now, before we add any more," Liz said.

"But we're still telling her?" Maria asked determindly.


"Okay, cool." She stood up and looked at Alex," Want to help me come up with a "top ten ways to tell your human best friend you just happen to be alien ROYALTY" list?"

"Why do I get the feeling that royalty was said in capital letters?"

Maria rolled off the bean bag, answering, "Cuz it was," with that tone that was pure Maria.

"Okay, but why mention it?" he asked as they walked to the door.

"My public deserves to know just how worthy I deem them and how gracious I’m being in deciding to deign them with the true knowledge of my presence." She said matter-of-factly.

He sighed and shook his head as he closed the door behind them. Liz and Kyle's laughter could be heard as Alex followed Maria down the stairs.

Kyle looked at Liz sitting curled up in a butterfly chair, by the window. "You gonna be okay?"

She looked at him, pulled away from her musings, and gave him a small smile. "Yeah. I really think so."

"How are things with baby coming along?" he asked squatting next to her.

Her hand absent-mindedly rubbed her belly, "Good. I'm nearing five months now, beginning to show, and am covertly reading pregnancy and baby books like crazy. But I feel incredible. Still no sign of morning sickness." She grinned down at him.

"Yeah, Maria was filling me in on some of those trippy craving you've been having. Plain vanilla ice cream Liz?" he pretended to shudder and gag.

She pushed his shoulder and he fell on his butt. "Quit it," she said chuckling. Her laughter stopped, and she looked at him seriously. "Do you think he's going to ask me questions? I mean, I don't honestly expect him to you know, want to be apart of-"

"Shhh. Liz, Max cares." He gave her small smile, "And I know I sure as hell have questions, so he probably will to."

She gave him an arrogant look, "I mean it's not like I care."

He let it go, "Listen I'm going down Guerin's, give me a call if you need thing, or ... just, anything 'kay?" He stood up.

She nodded, "Sure." She grabbed his hand as he was walking away, he turned around, "Love you."

He gently squeezed her hand, "Yeah, I know."

"Thanks for, you know, everything."

"No problem." He closed the door behind him and Liz gazed out the window, into the dreary sky beyond. She loved gloomy, overcast days. She reached within and felt that spark that was her child, and an uneasy peace stole over her.

Her thoughts turned inward, and old memories surfaced.

She first saw him when she 8. It was she and Maria’s first day of school at Roswell Elementary; she had just stepped off the bus, and there he was playing jacks. She’d felt… weird, when she looked at him. There were all kinds of feelings she never felt and couldn’t think to identify starting to swirl through her when she saw him. Her small brows furrowed in confusion. He looked up then, and their eyes met; warm golden eyes and perplexed blue-black eyes. Held together for an eternal second.

A second that would change and ultimately determine her life. A small smile spread his face, and still she did nothing but stare intently at him. Maria began to pull her off in another direction, but she looked over her shoulder, her gaze never faltering from his, as she was dragged away. ~Who is he? And why does he make everything different. Why am I…why do I feel like I have to be careful next to him? He can't possibly be good~

They had a very tedious relationship from the get go, which only became more explosive as they grew older. Liz was unexplainably attracted to him. She felt drawn to him, and that scared her. She had only been eight, she didn't know what was going on, but it put her on her guard and she fiercely resisted it. She denied it as best she could, tried ignoring it. Hell she and Kyle had even dated for two years like they were supposed to; were a celebrated, popular couple throughout the high school, but it never felt right. They had more fun and worked so much better together in a non-romantic capacity.

But with Kyle gone there was no one to keep the hazy, smoky, dreamy thoughts of Max Evans at bay. No other arms to shake the hold Max seemed to have on her. Sometimes she couldn't believe she was the one with alien powers, when Max was so obviously able to enchant and bewitch females, and more than a few males. It had been hard sometimes being friends with Isobel, having to be in the same vicinity as him, hating him but always more than aware of his presence. Hating his cocky attitude and his sculpted abs, hating his brazen sensuality while stupidly drooling for it at the same time.

Good lord how had she gotten herself into this? She was still in high school. She had these responsibilities to a whole another world, and she wasn't even sure what exactly they were. What was expected of her. If she was still even really needed now. But the obligation was there, and she wouldn't shirk it. Even if she wanted to, she felt beholden to these people, who once loved her enough to place all their hopes in her returning.

And now? Now she was another earth teenage high school girl statistic. She found that notion wildly entertaining. What would their protector Nacedo say if he was still around? For one brief moment she was glad he wasn't. She really wasn't up for one his lectures of the fallacy humans were inclined to, and how they all had a duty elsewhere. But she did miss the annoying bugger every now and then. Missed his recollections of what he could remember of Antar and life there.

So now she was going to have a child. And she was too chicken shit to tell her parents. Some ruler she was.

Three days later she found herself standing outside his window. It had been raining for 10 minutes now, but still she stood there, rooted to the ground, watching her lover as he attempted to work on his homework. Every hunch of his shoulders, every taunt pull of his back, and quick stretch of his legs, a roll of his neck, stoked the growing fire building low with in her. She could feel his skin, smooth and sleek with sweat beneath her hands. Feel her nails softly rake up his back, up his neck, losing her fingers in his lustrous hair. She was drooling, her breathing already becoming erratic.

He'd felt a tingle at the base of spine for the last twenty minutes or so. He felt agitated, like he couldn't sit still. He kept flexing his muscles trying to work out whatever kinks had settled into him. He felt his scalp prickle and finally he couldn't take it any more. He got up, grabbed his jacket , and left the room.

She stared into his room for one wordless moment before quickly moving into action. ~Mecca! I'm doing this for the baby. So they can have something of their father's~ She opened his window and was half way through when she felt strong hands grab her around her waist. She knew instantly it was Max and her traitorous body rejoiced. "I hate you!" she hissed at him right before she lunged at him. She kissed him hard, passionately, and they fell backwards onto the grass. She licked his lips, quickly sucked on his bottom lip, before thrusting her tongue deep with in his mouth. He groaned and she growled. All the questions he thought to ask her the next time he saw her flew out his head as he ran his hands over her soaked pajama pants, and cupped her ass, pressing her into his hardness, while digging his fingers into her soft flesh.

She broke apart from him and gasped. She wasn't just hungry for his body, she was starving for him. ~It's all his fault I'm here. Oh god~ she shuddered as he kissed her neck, sucking hard. ~He called me here. His body. Oh the bastard, he knows my one weakness~ she arched her back. "Max," she moaned. She ground herself into him, moving her hips in slow circles against him.

"Liz we have to get you inside," he said breathlessly.

She pushed the front of his shirt up, exposing his chiseled abs, "What? no we don't," she said right before she licked a line up from his belly button to right below his sternum. She decided then that she loved drinking water off Max's flesh.

"Liz, the baby…" he let a harsh gasp as she tugged on his nipple with her teeth.

"Max, I've missed you. Let's go."

He sat up, with Liz straddling his lap. He just looked at her, his emotions a jumbled roil tight within his chest. He cupped her face in his hands, pushing the thick, wet strands, back off her face. He looked into her eyes and was overwhelmed at what he saw. Her eyes looked a twilight sky colored by passion and unnamed more. He leaned down and laid a chaste kiss on her swollen lips. "Let's get you inside," he said with all the gentle awe and care he felt at the moment. She nodded her head in silent agreement.

They climbed through the window, first Liz, then Max. She stood in the middle of his room, hair caught in whorls down the sides of her face, skin flushed, looking as if it was lit from within by a candle, clothes clinging to her body, dripping wet, her gray sweater part of an ever expanding puddle rippling out from her. And though she roused his physical desire for her, he knew at that moment, it went so much deeper than that. His heart clenched as he saw her there.

He walked to her and pulled her into a fierce kiss. Maybe he could have enough of whatever this was for the both of them. She quickly responded, molding her body to his contours. His jacket fell to the floor, and she pushed his shirt up his body and over his head. She smoothed her hands over his damp skin, and her mouth watered. She gingerly ran her fingertips over his skin and was inordinately pleased as goose bumps followed in their wake. She ran her hands up his back, to rest on his neck. She looked up at him, lightly stroking his neck, playing with the hair at the base of his neck; he shuddered, and crushed her chest into his.

Her nipples were tight and hard and she glided down his chest, her shirt staying put on his skin. She continued farther down his body, her arms lifting up as he helped pull off the tank. She slowly brought her arms down, placing the length of her forearms against his thighs, her hands resting right below his ass. She brushed her cheek against the firmness bulging in his pants, and unconsciously licked her lips. He tried to swallow his moan. Her fingers dug into his inner thighs as she licked him through the jeans. She rolled her eyes up to see him, as she licked around his belly button, then down into the waistband of his jeans.

She pulled back a little and tugged on his jeans. "Off." She demanded, and he quickly moved to comply. When he looked up again, he noticed she was standing in front of him nude. "I meant off with everything Max." her voice carried a tone he had never heard before, but made him grow harder. She stalked forward and with every step forward she took, he took one back, until somehow, his knees hit the edge of his bed. He sat down hard on the bed, and she moved in front of him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, and worked on instinct. He sucked one nipple into his hot mouth, and she let out an explosive breath. "Max," she whispered. He sucked harder, and for her all ready sensitive breasts, it was so pleasurable as to be pain. He lapped at her nipples, gently biting and pulling, and she felt things low in her tighten. She didn't notice how her hips writhed in his arms or any of the small noises she made. She ached to have him touch her more intimate places. To have him fill and stretch her.

When she swam up through the impassioned haze, she realized they had moved further on to the bed and were actually under the covers. Her legs were spread, and he straddled her right leg, his cock was a rigid presence, rubbing against her thigh and hip. She moaned a little louder and rubbed her herself against him, slicking his thigh with her juices.

"Shhh, Liz, we don't-"

"Don't worry about it," she bent down and kissed him, dragging his body up hers. She lifted one hand, and directed in towards the door. ~Let's hear it for insta-alien soundproofing~ she thought with a smirk. He kissed the side of her neck, and licked the depression made by her collarbone, and her hips rocked up uncontrollably. She felt herself slipping as the lust grew, "Take me Max. Claim me," she said huskily, her back arched, "Mark me!" he thrust into her, and she cried out her satisfaction.

Their eyes locked as pumped into her. She was liquid heat, creating the most astounding suction around his cock. He built up a rhythm, based on her needs. He knew intuitively she wanted him in her as far as he could go, as fast as he could go. She wanted them joined, him touching her all her most concealed depths. He brought her knees to rest on his shoulders and felt her body shudder under him. Her breathing was ragged and his name was a constant mantra falling from her lips. He felt her tighten around his throbbing shaft and knew she was close. He flexed inside her, and she was shouting, her tight walls clamping down on him, pulling him over too.

The world faded into a vortex of color shaded music, the most haunting and eerily beautiful he had ever heard. They were a boneless mass floating in the midst of joy and pain, sorrow and pleasure, regrets and delights, he had never known. Letting it flow over and under them, around and through them. A white heat melting them together.

He slowly felt himself take shape, part by part, and memory by memory. They lay there, side by side, on Max's bed, both content for the moment. He scooted closer to her, and she let him draw her into his arms. He rested his hand on top her abdomen, and when their eyes met she saw awe radiating from their depths. It took him a few tries, but he finally managed to get, "That's my child." He looked down and smiled. She glanced at his eyes, and was held captive by what she saw. Wonder, amazement, and admiration. Her heart beat a little faster. ~What’s going on? Why? Why does he look at me like that?~ She could only respond in kind. “Would you, uh, … would you like to feel the baby?” She asked hesitantly.

“Aren’t I already?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

“No,” she bit e her lip and looked away, afraid of his reaction. “Not really. Not like you can.”

“Like I can?” he questioned, paying attention to her abdomen. He swore he could feel the ebb and flow of something below the surface of her skin. As if he could actually feel the baby growing inside her. He was mesmerized.

“Well not like…is able,” she let out a shaky breath. And almost instantly a connection was set up between father and son. Max’s eyes widened, ~I have a son!~ and a look of pure astonishment fell upon his features. He was absolutely certain he was going to have a son. He could sense his son, growing inside Liz. If he was mesmerized before, he absolutely spellbound now. He could feel the life of his child, would swear he already had a personality, that they were already bonded. He could feel his son’s heart beat within his own chest.

The connection suddenly expanded and grew to include Liz, and the one feeling that washed through Max, was a profound sense of home. Peace, security, and contentment, lapped against his mind, lulling him into a sense of tranquility. He could sense Liz there too. Feel her boundless love for her child and a fierce protectiveness that astounded him all the more cause he was included into it.

Liz was stunned. Her child had set up a connection to Max, all on his own. She had watched the different emotions wash across Max’s face. She felt a piece of her heart’s shielding crumble, but was too startled when she was unexpectedly drawn into the connection, to give it any true notice. Basking in the aura of her and Max’s absolute love for this child was glorious. And for the first time in any existence, she felt like she was at home, here with Max and their child. And the serenity was so complete. It filled every nerve, every cell, every sense of she was, filled her so, that she felt she would burst with the joy of it.

She looked up at that moment and saw two things on Max: one, a silver handprint over his heart, where he had been shot and she had healed him, and two, a bright blue light emanating from a flipped version of the seal of the royal house of Antar on is hand. She gasped, and Max was slowly weaned from the connection.

~Fuck. Nononono it can’t be real. Shit!~ she thought fervently. And still some small part of her was excited. She had given Max two of the three marks Antarian bonded mates shared. They had all thought it only legend when they first read about it. Remembered doubting even in their previous life, that it was truly possible. Could it be that from the moment you find your perfect mate, dare she admit soul mate?, and the first moment you have sex, you are bound more than marriage, more than law? Her pulse kicked up. This was impossible. She could barely tolerate Max her whole life and he her. She was supposed to be bonded for…to Kyle…with Kyle? Wasn't she?

She slowly began to pull away, both emotionally and physically. She needed to think, to get out of the warm nest of blankets and Max’s body. She sighed. ~How could I do this to him? How can endanger him like this? He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into, for his own sake and safety I should stay away~ she felt a small part of her wither at the thought. She began fortifying herself against such frivolous and stupid hurt ~This is ridiculous. Max doesn’t need to know. I mean this could just be some fluke, and it never even has to be completed. I can even find someway to undo it~ she began making plans to tear apart all the information they had compiled on who they were, what they were, where they came from, everything that pertained to anything vaguely connected to their old life and their purpose here.

“Don’t do it Liz.”

“Huh?” her body jumped, bumping against his, his voice startling her out of her planning. ~He can’t know what I was thinking~ her guilty heart pounding in her chest. “Don’t do what?” she asked, her voice thready with panic.

“Don’t leave just yet,” he said low as he wrapped an arm around her back, pulling her closer, laying small kiss on her forehead, filled with so many unsaid things. Her heart ached so tight in her chest, that she thought it shatter from the pain. A lone tear slid down her cheek, and before she could think, “Never,” tumbled from her lips. Their bodies slid down into the bed together.

How could she be the happiest she’s ever been, like her soul was set free, and at the same time feel such sorrow, that she thought it would swallow her whole. She was lost, and disconcerted that only in Max’s arms did she feel at peace.

Screw it, she thought. She shut down all parts of her thinking and feeling self, and wrapped just that essence of her around the small kernel of contentment, nestled deep within. She snuggled down against his side, tightly wrapping her arms around him, clinging to the solidness he offered, and let herself have just one night of serene sleep.

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Part 8a

Throughout the next two weeks Max and Liz continued to get closer and closer. (Though neither was willing to acknowledge it with more than cursory thoughts.) Small random acts of kindness that would fill her heart near bursting. A particular glance from him and a slow burn would consume her. She valiantly tried to keep apart of herself separate from the intimacies she and Max shared, but it was so hard. She always felt drained rather than replenished when she left the warmth and safety of his arms. No matter where she was- his house, her’s, out in the desert, out in a car- or what words were being said, as long as she had his arms wrapped tightly around her she knew joy and contentment as she never thought possible. So much, it brought tears of bliss to her eyes. When in Max’s arms not even the thought of telling her parents she was pregnant gave her tummy aches. And all the while she constantly denied the truth of just what it was she and Max shared; convinced herself it was all indeed for the baby.

She was walking down the hall heading towards the lunch lines, when she felt hands yank her out of the streaming traffic. "Hey skank," Max said with grin, walking backwards pulling her with him.

"Miscreant," she replied without rancor. She noticed the long side glances they received as they made their way through the hallways. Most people…okay everyone, and rightly so, were unused to, and truth be told kinda weirded out, by a non-clashing Max and Liz. She wondered when speculation would start to get good. Let them wonder, she thought feeling free.

"Come on."

"Come on where?" she asked, one eyebrow arched.

He sucked in his breath with a loud hiss, "Well I wasn't going to tell, but seeing as how you might use you alien powers to torture the truth out me, I think it's in my best interest to tell you."

"After those oh so thoughtful words, you bet your balls you better tell me. There are things I can do you that'll make you scream." She threatened.

"Promise?" he asked, his tone playful but his voice was suddenly an octave deeper. He stared mesmerized as Liz unconsciously licked her bottom lip.

"Maybe," she breathed, her voice husky. He groaned, "Uh, let's go. And to answer your question we're going to Little Stork's Nest-"

"Max-" she cut in, her eyes widening.

"Shh. And we're going to pick a theme for our baby's room. And no Winnie the Pooh, even old skool, that's so been done. And no Suzy's Farm Animals or whatever crap that is. Maybe baby Garfield? Do you think they have baby Garfield stuff?" he asked without pausing, giving her no time to interrupt.

"You really want to do this with me Max?" she asked her voice filled with uncertainty and tinged with hope.

He stopped walking right outside the gate to the student parking lot, "Liz how can you ask that?" he said seriously. His amber eyes seemed fathomless. A bottomless pool pulling her under faster and faster. There were depths to Max Evans she had never even thought possible. His eyes gleamed and seemed full of potential.

And she was taking that all way.

"No," he broke into her thoughts. "Don't get that look Liz. This," he placed his hand right above her abdomen, "This is what I want. This is what I was put here for," he said softly. This was uncharted territory. Throughout the last two months they had been growing closer without any conscious decision being made; and within the last week it felt as if his life had finally started. Like this whole time he'd been living a life only half seen, only half heard, half felt and experienced.

She took a deep shaky breath, and her eyes seemed to waver like the sea, "Max-"

"Let's go Liz," he said walking her to his jeep, and she nodded in acquiescence. They never spoke about their feelings for one another. It was a tacit agreement, and somehow he knew that his silence bought him more time with Liz. What he felt for her went beyond normal conventional categorization. He knew what he felt for her, and he felt a strange relief and giddiness at having made one-tenth of that known to her. There was so much he wanted to say to her. He wanted to her to know he laid his soul in her hands.

But for he would be content with this for now. He wouldn't ask those difficult questions, not just about their feelings for each other, but about the realities of the situation they were in. He knew Liz didn't like to think about them, but sooner or later they would have to be addressed. He hoped this was a step in that direction.

They drove to the store in a comfortable silence, peppered with light conversation. Her baby. Her baby's furniture. What would she get. What would she and Max decide upon? Somehow her thoughts wondered to her own lack of baby memorabilia. She had no baby clothes or trinkets or furniture she could pull out of the attic and use for her own children. She tried to not want to cry over it. It was stupid. Dumb tears. This was stupid, it didn't matter that she didn't have any material possessions to hand down to her children. She'd do just fine without them. To distract her mind she asked Max, "Do you think we should've asked Iz to come with us? I mean she has great taste."

Max wasn't sure if he caught the waver in her voice or was just imagining it. He looked over at her, and watched her stare out the window before answering, "We can definitely bring Iz, but only after we narrow down our own selections. You let Iz in without having any ideas and she'll keep you that way. She'll totally take over with her own vision of how things she be and look and progress and who knows what else. No you'd definitely better have a plan and be firm when dealing with Isobel and her help."

Liz smiled, "She's been amazing. She's just been so supportive and helpful, and just plain wonderful. And even she's been giving me grief over my eating plain french vanilla ice cream." Max chuckled. "After Maria told her, she came running into my room, well more like into my door. For once in her life Isobel was completely thrown and composureless. She crashed into the bedroom door, and then could get the doorknob to turn." Liz closed her eyes as she recalled that afternoon.

Maria never told anyone she when was gonna tell Isobel. Just kept saying she would do it when the moment felt right, and questioned when that would be, she would reply "When it is." Damn Maria and her winging it philosophy, Liz had thought with a rueful smile.

So one day when Maria and Iz were chilling, just watching a Sixteen Candles on cable on Friday cuz school had been let out early, Maria told her. Everything. All at once. That they were aliens and all else. And Liz thought Isobel would have wigged out over that, except Maria immediately followed with news of her and Max's sordid tryst(s), and that, as a result Liz was now pregnant. No matter how freaky finding out your two best friends, not to mention the guy you've been crushing on since Sophomore year (Isobel had just informed them the week before in a very illuminating game of Truth or Dare that she had been mad crushing on Alex for almost two years) are aliens, finding out your friend lost her virginity and is pregnant, and by your own brother no less, just tops all.

Talk about an emotion fest. There was crying and hugging and jumping. Isobel couldn't believe it. She asked if the cows had come home, which brought a big grin to Maria's face. And she told Liz she was so happy for her, for so many reasons. And then she squealed she was going to be aunt. Everything was discussed that night over popcorn, grapes, and chips . Telling the parents, baby names, what and where to buy the baby's things, the possibility of a baby shower-slash-18th birthday celebration for Liz; Michael's sketchiness (a topic introduced by Maria) Michael's volunteer work at the hospital (a counter to all Maria's Michael bashing, pointed out by Isobel), a quick intense teasing of Maria on her secret crush on Michael (which she tried her best to ignore saying "I refuse to allow a bunch of sissy boy likers to bait me. You traitors."); Isobel's now 'fessed up crush on Alex; to the workings and dynamics of an alien hybrid pregnancy. Everything that is except for Max, Liz and the future.

Max pulled Liz out her ruminations. "Hey you look beat, we don't have to do this today you know. Whenever you feel up to it," he said sitting sideways in the driver seat holding Liz's hand in both of his.

"No, I want to do this today. Right now, with you," she gave him a soft smile.

"Alright, but we won't stay to long."

"Max." He looked up at her, "don't start. Now will you get my spiral notebook from my backpack? My back is killing me," she grumbled. They walked into the store, arms wrapped around each other, excited about this first foray into babydom.

Max dropped Liz back off at her apartment 2 and half hours, two sore feet, and I mad craving for chicharones with lemon later. "You got all your things?" he asked unbuckling.

"Yep. Plus I got the now be known as tome of baby furniture, and room arrangement/design/themes. I'm gonna call up Iz and have her come over. Between her and Maria decisions will be made."

Max smirked, "Alright just remember: Firm." He advised.

"Are you kidding me? I ran a planet. I know how to be firm." She leaned across the seats and gave him a semi-chaste kiss on his lips. "Talk to you later," she said getting off his Jeep, and completely missing the pensive look still on his face. He knew Liz was important on her planet, but the ruler of it? He started the engine again. Liz never talked in depth about her heritage or how she discovered everything. When would she finally fully open up to him? He pulled on to Hawthorne Blvd~I mean if I had weighty issues and problems on my hands I would tell her. If my life was half as intriguing or complicated as hers' I would share. I want to tell her everything, share everything.~ he sighed. When had he become such a chick. He resolved to meet up with the guys, he could definitely use a little male bonding right now. With people who were forthright and not so hard to figure out.

Liz laid stretched out on her back on the sofa, her feet elevated on the arm of the sofa, reading 'The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' for her AP British Lit class.

“Hey do you know where Isobel is?” Maria asked Liz., walking into the living room.

“No, but I talked to her earlier, she's supposed to be here soon, why?” she answered from her prone position on the couch, looking up from her homework.

“Oh no big reason, we were just supposed to meet downstairs and work on our chem. and CPM together, and then catch the latest Ben movie at the Rialto.” Maria said flopping on the couch beside Liz. “Did you take your vitamins for today?”

“Yes mom,” Liz replied sarcastically. “You know I haven’t seen much of Isobel recently, she’s always busy with some tutoring session, working on some committee assignment, or studying for upcoming finals.” Liz said rolling onto her side. She was definitely beginning to show. Was it really just a little of two months ago she and max had had sex for the first time? Not a day didn’t go by think about it. Or how she had yet to be up front with her parents. What was such a big deal about it anyways? If she had been Maria, she would have bullied or guilt-tripped her into doing it by now. Well she definitely didn't like where this line of thinking was heading.

"Hey Max took me to Little Stork's Nest today," Liz said. ~Guilty? Who me?~ she thought shamefaced.

"Really?! Did you guys get anything? Did you set up a baby registry? Did you make a list? Did you get samples? Did you bring any home? Did you pick out a theme. Show me and tell you whether it's acceptable. I wanna see. I wanna see. Where is it?" Maria said excited.

"Oh my god I don't think I caught half of what you said. Listen, I called Iz over so she could look it over with us, but seeing as how she's running late and you're my sister—"

"Damn Skippy—"

"—you can go ahead and look already. The green notebook in my bag."

"—I get priority. I'm the sister."

And so Maria sat back with Liz on the couch and opened the tome.


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ah ha! Craig Beatty. got it right this time, didn't I? ye-yah. (sheepish smile) sorry I forgot it before.

Jane is my middle name, rather than first. Doe isn't my last name, but jane is a kinda anonymous name; added with doe I get the obvious, anonymity and freedom while still using my own name.

glad people are enjoying the story.

BehrObsession I know what you mean. max is willing to acknowledge it-whatever it maight be. he wants to see where this could all lead, but liz is just one big 'fraidy cat. her life changing in such a radical way, and she doen't know how to cope, except by pretending it's no big deal-that is doesn't mean anything. hope that gives some insight into the why liz is acting the way she is. maria just keeps trying to knock some sense into, but it isn't working so well *happy* .

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please, don't apologize for writing so much, it's great reading all your opinions. thank you for taking an interest in this story.

all those authors you mentioned are freakin' fantastic. there are so many amazing writers on this board. the skill level is phenomenal. to your list I would add Ashley, incognito, kippy, Dmartinez, Jasper711, god I know I'm forgeting so many.

I really want isabel to be with alex as well. the problem is not isabel falling for alex, she already has, but alex falling for isabel. since I'm not writing this fic with an emphasis on the goings on the other's lives outside how they interact with max or liz (I'm saving that for after when I'm done with this. they won't be too long, just how each one views these events) so you may not have noticed that alex was seeing wendy lavely at the beginning of the fic.

about jane being a nice name; once my roommate forgot it was a part of my name (she generally drops it off and just calls me by my nickname) and went on a schpiel about how plain a name jane is, and why you shouldn't name your child it. I didn't say anything thru out the whole thing, I found it interesting, and my other roommate was just giving her this look like don't-you-know-what-you're-saying?, and when she realized what she had done, she was like "no, but see jane fits you, plus you have an unsual first name, so it makes jane sound more exotic..." just trying to not make me feel bad. it was hilarious. I couldn't help but laugh, she felt like a rat *big* .

no this isn't my first fic, I actually started Images From the Mind before this, and have more written for it on paper, I just haven't gotten around to typing it. it's different than this story. more reckless. it's about a disenfranchised girl (who is still mannerly for the most part. feeling alienated, is no reason to be rude), who is just trying to make her way thru adolscence.

I'm from So Cal. what do you what to know about my roswell genesis? like how long I've been watching Roswell (cuz I still do. I got them on tape *big* )? or how I, thru repetitious watching got family and roommates interested? I was hooked from Pilot. Roswell is my absolutely favorite show of all time. it just resonates within me. I like other shows, but I love Roswell. I mean before Roswell I thought I loved BtVS, but I have never gone to the lengths for any show, like I have for Roswell.

well I hope to hear from you. I hope you have a good week.

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thanks for your fb DreaminFehr. I'm glad you're enjoying the story. rock on. I hope you have a good week. am I the only one who wants liz to tell her parents already. I personally don't know why she hasn't. *big*

just wanted to let everyone know I plan to have a new part put up sometime tomorrow.

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