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Title: Payback
Author: Dreamer-healer
Rating: all the way up to NC-17...I think *wink*
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Please don’t sue !
Summary: Week after Departure. Liz is not going to take any more shit from Max and has some evil plans for him.

Part 1

Max thoughts were interrupted by the telephone ringing. He decided not to answer it. He knew that no one else was home and unfortunately whoever was on the phone was very persistent. So finally he gave up and answered the phone. If he had known who it was he would probably have jumped right out of his bed and rushed to the phone.

“Max Evans” He answered making sure his voice sounded like he was really annoyed and couldn’t care less who was phoning.

“Hi Max. It’s me Liz” The voice of the angel that had left him on that fateful day. He had been thinking and dreaming of her for the past week. Max even tried to contact her, but Liz had made it very clear that she had no intentions of speaking to him. That’s one of the reasons why Max was extremely surprised when he heard Liz’s voice on the other end of the line.

“Max, are you there ?” Max realised he had been quiet for a while now. He didn’t want Liz to hang up on him, now that he finally had the chance to talk to her.

“Yeah I’m here sorry about that” He shuddered at how desperate his voice sounded. Liz didn’t miss the sound of his voice either. Very self pleased and even a bit evil smile spread on her face. Her plan was working perfectly.

“Max I think it’s time for us to discuss about what happened. Do you think you could come over anytime soon ?” She continued with the sweetest voice she could make.

“Of course. I’ll be right over” He answered almost too quickly just as he was thinking that Liz might change her mind. He was beyond caring how desperate he sounded. The important thing was that he was going to see Liz and talk to her in a less than an hour.

But what he didn’t know was that Liz had plans for him. And not necessary so pleasant ones from his point of view.

Please leave me some feedback, cause this is my first fanfic and I'm really nervous about this.

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Michelle originally wrote:
This does sound pretty good, but Liz isn't going to be downright mean to him, right? I mean she can do stuff to make him understand how she feels about everything that went down between them, but I don't think I can read about an evil Liz getting revenge on Max. That's not what this is, is it?*sad*

Well I can promise you that Liz isn't going to hurt Max physically.
Liz isn't evil, she's just sick of Max hurting her time after time...
I can assure you I'm a huge dreamer as you propably might have guessed from my name and they will be together. They just have to work things out first.

It's totally up to you if you continue or not reading this fic...*happy*
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Thanks for all the feedback, I got all giddy while reading it ;)

Part 2

Max decided to walk at the Crashdown ‘cause he needed to clear his head and think what he was going to say to Liz. He now had a child with Tess. A child that was in another planet out of his reach. Just the tought of that depressed him. There was nothing he could do to get his son back and he hated it. Max knew that wallowing in past wasn’t going to do anything but harm so he started thinking about Liz.

Unfortunately he had no time to think what to say to het, cause he was already at the Crashdown. Only one thing was for sure. Max was very determined to win Liz back.

Everything was set. She had managed to create a liquid that would take all his alien powers away. Not for long, but long enough for her to have her way with him. Fortunately for Liz the drug also decreased his physical powers, so she shouldn’t have any problems of handling Max. Liz admired the syringe and the greenish liquid in it. She was very proud of herself. It had only took her a week to develop this drug. Liz hid it behind her when she heard the sound of Max coming up the ladder.

Slowly he started climbing the ladders up to Liz’s balcony. He jumped over the ledge only to see his Liz already there waiting for him to arrive.

There was something strange in the way she looked. For a second he could see this evil glint in her eyes, but it was gone as fast as it had arrived and he just dismissed it as a creation of his overloaded brains.

“Hi” He said in a shy voice. It sounded like something coming out of the mouth of a six-year-old kid.

“Hi Max” She responded. He noticed how distracted she sounded.

For a while they just stared at each other. Beautiful amber eyes staring deep into more dark ones. Again he could see many emotions flickering in Liz’s eyes. There was regret, fair, love, hate and few others that he couldn’t recognize.

Liz was starting to doubt her plan. Seeing him again like this was making her knees mush and her heart sing. It was true what they said about eyes being the windows to your soul.

Liz thought of all the things that Max had done to hurt her and all doubts of going through her plan vanished. She gripped the syringe behind her back harder.

Finally their staring contest was broken by Liz. “Why don’t we go inside to talk. My parents are away, they will be they will be the whole weekend, so we have all the time in the world to go through everything.”

Max couldn’t help himself of what possibilities her parents being away brought to this whole situation. ‘Get your mind out of the gutter Evans’ he thought to himself. ‘I just came here to straighten things out with Liz’.

Max stepped first through the window, which of course was a big mistake. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Liz injecting him with a greenish liquid. The last thing he heard before blacking out, were Liz’s terrifying words:
“It’s payback time”

*insert evil laughter*
I'm sorry about the shortnes of these parts, but I'm just not good at writing long parts.
I will be out of town the weekend, so the next part will probably be out on sunday or monday...*happy*

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Sorry about the's the new part *big*

Part 3

Next time Max woke up he had slight headache and he was feeling quite weak. Instantly he knew that something was wrong. Max opened his eyes and wondered where he was. This was not his room…

Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. This was Liz’s room. Liz had called him to meet her, so they could talk things through. He couldn’t have been here that long cause it was still dark. Liz was nowhere to be seen. He started to get up to look for Liz, but something was holding him down. That’s when he noticed he was tied from his wrists to Liz’s bed and also, he had no shirt on!

Max tried to use his powers to free himself, but they wouldn’t work. He was starting to panic ‘cause something was really wrong and he had no idea what was going on. Had something happened to Liz?
His thoughts were interrupted by Liz walking in the room.

“Thank god you’re okay Liz. I was so scared that something had happened to you” he exclaimed relived that Liz was safe.

“If I were you I wouldn’t be worrying about me, but you” was Liz’s cold reply.

“What do you mean Liz? What’s going on?” He didn’t like Liz’s tone, not one bit. It sounded dangerous and not at all like Liz.

“You wanna know what’s going on? I’ll tell you what’s going on” She almost shouted.

She moved to the bed and straddled him. Max gasped and they could both feel his immediate reaction to her closeness. On top of it all, she had no pants on, only baby blue silky thong.

“You have hurt me again ad again and again. And every time I’ve been stupid enough to come running back to you. Well not this time. I’m sick of you and sick of your games.” She meant every word she was saying, and it was oddly freeing to finally be able to say those words to Max.

At this point tears were streaming down Max’s cheeks. He was mumbling pointless apologies, but Liz didn’t want to hear them She just continued mercilessly.

“The last straw was when you fucked that fake-boobed bitch and got her pregnant. What was it in her that was so great? Was it the bleached blond hair? Maybe I should bleach my hair too, would you have sex with me then, huh, tell me Max!!! ”

He was bawling, but still trying to defend himself. “No Liz, I love your ha…”

He was cut of by Liz. “SHUT UP !”

“Well guess what loverboy? I’m sick and tired of being the last virgin in the town and since you so have a nice bod, you’re are going to be the lucky one.”

“I can’t just sleep with you, not when we haven’t solved our problems. Everything is still a mess.”

“Yeah well, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. That’s why I injected you with the drug I developed. It takes your powers away, so you can’t make much resistance”

Liz dropped her hands from her sides to Max’s chest and started tracing her hands up and down his well-defined muscles. She kissed his neck moving up to his ear, licking they whole way up there. She nibbled Max’s earlobe, while all the time grinding her pelvis to his erection. She could hear his moans of pleasure and once in a while short protests like “We shouldn’t do this” or ”This is wrong”. Liz ignored those. She licked his earlobe, blew in it and whispered, “Get ready for the ride of your life”

For those who asked, Liz isn't exactly evil, she's still the same Liz, just pissed off. Oh and I almost forgot to mention. Thanks for the feedback and please feel free to leave some more, so I know that you want me to dontinue posting this...

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Just bumbing...oh and thanks for the great feedback...I already have the next part written, I just have to type it...maybe tomorrow if I have time...*big*
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If you've got any questions, please do ask :D
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Special note to my friend Katsu:
Mä haluun sun mielipiteen sit tästä osasta, koska mun mielestä tästä ei välttämättä tullu ihan hirveen hyvä...*happy*

Part 4

“Oh god Liz” Max moaned “You have gotta stop”
They both knew that at this point he didn’t even mean it anymore.

Liz was kissing, licking and sucking his neck and jaw. Max was sure he already got more than a few hickeys. It was like she was purposely avoiding his mouth.

Liz didn’t want to kiss him on the lips, cause she new that it would open their connection. That would make this more than just a fuck and Liz didn’t want that to happen.

Slowly she started to slide lower. She caressed every inch of his body with her hands. She could feel his muscles ripple as her hands moved over them. She wanted to discover every spot on his body that brought him pleasure. Most of all she wanted to tease him on the brink. Subconsciously she wanted this to be better for him than it was with Tess.

Max knew it was wrong. She was practically raping him. Well actually she couldn’t rape the willing. He wanted this more than anything, but not this way.

“What has happened to you? This is nothing like you Liz” He managed to say.

“What happened to me…”
“…was you” she responded, getting the affect from Max that she was hoping for. He stiffened under her. Her words were like a sword through his heart, but it didn’t last for long cause all thoughts flew from his head when Liz took his nipple to her warm mouth. She licked the nipple and then blew lightly to it, only to take it in her mouth again. With her free hand she pinched his other nipple. His continuous moans and groans were encouraging her on.

Liz continued moving lover leaving a wet trail behind and at the same time admiring his flat tummy. She dipped her tongue to his navel. Liz heard a sharp intake of breath from Max. She looked up and saw his head thrown back and his eyes tightly shut. Sweat was glistening on his forehead.

Max head was swimming with all those wonderful emotions. This was unbearable. He wanted desperately to touch her. Max knew that her nipples were hard, cause he had seen them under her see-through tank top. She wasn’t wearing any bra.

At the moment Liz was straddling his thigh and through the denim he could feel how hot and wet she was. Liz started unbuttoning his jeans. Her were trembling, it took her while, but finally she got them of off him. He was wearing black boxers underneath.

Liz traced the outline of his erection tentatively. A deep groan escaped from his throat. Liz continued by taking his boxers off. She stared at the sight before her. Max looked like a Greek god. In the middle of his perfect body was his erection standing proudly…and god, he was huge.

Liz put her hand on his thick cock started moving her hand up and down. His cock felt slick and hard yet soft. Slowly Liz lowered her head to the tip of his erection. First she touched it with her tongue, which earned a groan from Max. Then she tested the pulsing vein at the underside of his cock. Finally she took the head of him in her mouth and continued with the same pace that her hand had set a moment ago.

When she had gotten as much of him as possible to her mouth, her hands started playing with his sacks. She was gently rubbing and squeezing them. Liz knew she was bringing Max exquisite pleasure and that was one of the reasons she was enjoying it so much. After all he had done to him, she still couldn’t deny that she had feelings for him and she thought why not give him a moment of pleasure, they did have their good times and most important she wanted him to know what he would never ever again have, because of his own mistakes.

Liz was wreaking havoc on his senses. Never had he felt this kind of pleasure in his life. Max could feel the familiar tightening in his sacks.

Then suddenly she stopped. She wasn’t going to let him come just like that. Not without her anyway.

“Noooo…please Liz” Max whined. He couldn’t believe how cruel she was being. He was so aroused it almost hurt.

“All in it’s time” She whispered to his ear. She lifted herself from Max and started slowly disregarding her clothes. She took her tank top of teasingly slow. Then she took her thong off and threw them somewhere out of sight. Max eyes almost dropped out of his eyes-sockets, when he saw her. Her body was perfection, way better than he had ever imagined in his wildest fantasies.

Liz reached to her bedside table, on the top drawer she had few condoms. She took one and opened the wrapping paper. Carefully she put it on his erect penis.
“Look it wasn’t that hard” ’If only you could have remembered to use it with Tess’ She thought bitterly.

When she lowered herself again, her hard nipples brushed against his chest and they both moaned at the contact. Liz moved just a bit lower so Max erection rubbed her just the right way. She straddled him and started inching him inside of her. Finally she reached her barrier.

“I don’t wanna hurt you Liz” Max announced with a strained voice.

“Don’t you think it’s bit late for that. Besides, that’s why I’m doing it for you” With that she thrust herself downwards breaking her barrier. It stung for a moment and a tear escaped her eyes, but after a while the pain was dulling and all that was left was intense pleasure.

She started moving herself up and down and after no time she was on the edge. She could feel that she was closer to coming than Max and pondered in her head if she should give him release or not. She didn’t have enough time to decide, cause she came violently screaming his name. Her orgasm triggered his and soon they were just a heavily breathing mass of tangled limbs.

After resting for a while Liz got up, noticing that Max was asleep. She went to the bathroom, cleaned herself up and put some clothes on.

Then she released Max from the ties that bound him. He seemed exhausted, but Liz willed herself not to feel sorry for him. It didn’t work entirely: with the wave of her hand the nasty red marks from his wrists were gone.

She wrote a note for Max, dressed him and dragged him to her balcony. There she laid him down and folded the note beside him.

About half an hour later Max started waking up. He noticed the note and started reading it:

Hi Max
All I have to say to you is that starting this moment, I don’t wanna hear about you ever again. Well, we both know that unfortunately my wish will never come true since I’m still very much involved with all this alien crap and no I’m not planning on leaving, cause I could never do that to Maria or my other friends.
What I want you to do is stay away from me. Don’t try to call me or contact me any way. If we happen to see each other somewhere don’t come over to say “hi” or anything else.
And now I suggest to you that you would go home, if you don’t want to get into problems with your parents.


Max was at tears after reading her letter. He couldn’t believe that the love of his life never wanted to see him again. It felt like someone had ripped his heart out. ‘I guess I deserve this after what I did to her’

After sitting there for a while, he slowly started to drag himself towards his home.


This is not the end...

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Just to clear things yp, this was definetly not the end of this fic...The fic will have an happy ending *big**tongue*

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june.r.! originally wrote:

Thanks June !
You have no idea how much that means to me especially coming from you...*happy*
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Thanks for the awesome feedback, I never imagined that I would get so much feedback...*bounce*

I have the next part written, but I have to typpe it, so If I have enough time I will post it today, but if not I will post it tomorrow...*big*
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I was very hard-working and typed the part, just because you are so great readers *big*

Part 5

The next few weeks Max’s behaviour continued the same as before the night with Liz. Maria, Liz, Isabel and Michael had no idea of what had happened and thought that Max was still moping over Liz, which he basically was. Michael and Maria were too wrapped up with each other to notice that not only Max, but also Liz was drifting apart from each other and the group. Now that Kyle had finally confessed his feelings to Isabel, they were in the same situation and didn’t notice Max’s severe state of mind

All Max did was lay on his bed while the thoughts of him and Liz together, what they could have had, if he wouldn’t have messed up, were eating him from inside. All he could think of was how he had hurt everyone close to him, especially Liz. But after all that he knew that they still cared for him, well obviously Liz didn’t, but that was the reason why he didn’t have the courage to take his own life. He didn’t want to cause more sorrow to his family and friends.

He was just a shell of the Max he had once been and he knew exactly why. Because he had lost Liz. And it was entirely his fault.

At the moment he was laying in his bed on his back. He only had boxers on and he was laying on top of the covers. His body looked starved since he hadn’t gotten out of his room at all for few days.

He heard a faint knock from his window.
“Go away Michael” he shouted.
“It’s me…Liz”

Max shot up from the bed and almost run at the window to open it. He couldn’t believe she was her and she didn’t even seem mad. He let her in and she sat down on his bed.

Her body immediately reacted to his state of undress, but he didn’t seem to notice it. Uncomfortable silence landed on them. Finally Liz broke it.

“Look Max, I’m really sorry for what I did to you. I was just really furious with you. But now that I think of it I realise how stupid I was and I just can’t live without you. God knows I’ve tried, but even after everything that happened, I just miss you and need you too much.” Liz tried to get everything out at one breath and was now waiting for Max response.

She didn’t have to wait long. The moment she lifted her head Max lips were upon hers.

Max couldn’t believe what she was saying. She came here to apologise when he should be the one begging for her forgiveness on his hands and knees. Now that he was kissing her it all felt so unreal, like he hadn’t really done anything with Tess.

Max was kissing her with everything he had and somehow he still managed to make it the gentlest kiss she had ever had. Their tongues were duelling, caressing each other’s mouths, lips, everything.

Finally they had to break the kiss to get air to their starved lungs. Max laid Liz on the bed under him, but was careful not to crush her.
“I should be the one apologising here. You have nothing to be sorry for and I’m so glad that you want me back” he whispered to her ear while stroking her silky hair.

“Of course I want you Max, I love you” He shivered at the sound of her voice, it made him feel sick. When he looked up he could see her blue eyes framed by her blond curls. She was looking at him expectantly. Max was starting to panic.
“NOOOOOOOOO !” He yelled from the bottom of his lungs while tried to get off of Tess.

Slowly everything became blurred and then he couldn’t see anything. He could feel he was laying on something soft. He let out a long breath when he realised that it was his bed and that had just been a dream.

He got up and sat on the edge of his bed. His head was propped against his hands. He had gotten a horrible headache from the nightmare. The pain in his temples only increased. The floor started filling with green and blue dots. He shook his head to clear it and realised that the dots weren’t in the floor, but in his eyes. All he could see was dots.

The pain in his temples was still not subsiding at all, it felt like his head might explode any second. This was way much worse than anything he had experienced in the white room, apart from watching Liz die of course. It had been even more horrible than this. He collapsed on the floor holding his head in his hands and screaming in pain.

Isabel was just arriving from her date with Kyle, when she heard a loud yell from upstairs. She could instantly tell it was Max and something was wrong. She rushed up the stairs and stormed into Max’s room.

Nothing could prepare her to the sight she countered when she opened the door. Max was writhing in pain on the floor. His face was deadly pale and he was holding his head in his hands.

Max could feel that the pain was finally dulling. To his surprise he noticed that somebody else was in the room with him.
“Liz” he whispered in raspy voice.
“No it’s me Isabel. Oh my god Max I was so worried, what happened to you. I came here and you were on the floor…”
She was crying openly, but what would you expect when you almost lose your brother.

Suddenly Max realised what actually had happened to him., He was freed from the mindwarp.
There was no baby.


I wanna know what you think. Am I being too harsh on him ? I'm still not planning on putting Max and Liz together...yet, of course...
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I have the next part written, but I dunno when I'm going to post it, cause I've been having trouble with my computer...Hopefully I'll post it soon...*happy*

Thanks for all the fantastic feedback and I can't believe that someone actually bumbed my fic...I'm feeling all giddy...*big**bounce**tongue*
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Thank you for all the feedback !

frenchkiss70 The sex was also a mindwarp and yes there will definitely be some serious groveling going on in the near future *tongue*

care bears
mermaidgirl Do you mean did Max sleep with Tess or did he sleep with Liz ? Well anyway, he did sleep with Liz, but not with Tess...

SciFiNut111 Yup, the headache was about breaking out of the mindwarp *happy*

June *big*
RoswelliansAngel I guess Liz will be little more forgiving when she finds out that the whole thing was a mindwarp *happy*

Angelalien you'll find out in the next part *wink*


WOAH ! I can't believe that so many people have laft me feedback...THANK YOU EVERYONE !!

So how about the next part ??

This part is dedicated to my good pal June, ENJOY !!

Part 6

Max, Isabel and Kyle were on their was to Michael’s. After what had happened to Max, Isabel had insisted that they called the gang for a meeting.

Kyle had had trouble calming Isabel down. She was still little shaken, but was fortunately now sitting peacefully on the back seat with Kyle. Kyle was dying to know what was going on, but kept his mouth shut, ‘cause he didn’t want to put any more weight on Isabel. He knew that he would learn the truth soon enough.

Max was in his thoughts. He was very relieved to know that the whole thing with Tess had been a mindwarp. He didn’t sleep with her and there was no baby. Tess was probably on Antar or maybe even dead already. He couldn’t really bring himself to care about her. Not after all the harm she had caused.

First time in a long time he was feeling hopeful about his and Liz’s relationship. Maybe Liz would change her mind after hearing the news.

Michael, Maria and Liz were already at Michael’s apartment. Maria had to use her everything to get Liz there. When Maria told her that Max had something important to tell all of them, Liz had immediately refused to come. Maria had of course insisted to know what was going on. That led to a long conversation that included Maria being sorry, for not being there for her and Liz telling everything that had happened between her and Max.

Afterwards they ate some ice-cream, watched videos and talked about the fact how it sucked to date an alien. Of course they weren’t totally serious. It certainly had it good sides too.

So now Liz was sitting on Michael’s couch, her hands crossed and trying to fit into as small room as possible. She knew that Max was coming soon and this wasn’t really the place she wanted to be when that happened. How on earth did Maria speak her into coming here.

Finally they arrived. Liz kept herself from looking at Max, she just stared at her hands like they were suddenly the most interesting thing in the world. After a minute everyone was seated. Liz was still sitting in the corner of the couch. Kyle and Isabel were sitting next to her, where Max first had tried to sit, but was fortunately to Liz shooed away by Isabel. Now Max and Liz were sitting as far from each other as they could. Maria was sitting on Michael’s lap.

The tension in the room was so high you could have cut the air with a knife. Michael was the one to brake the silence. “Could we get this going. Maxwell, what’s the emergency ?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Max, including Liz’s. She noticed for the first time how tired max looked, but there was something else about him too. In his eyes she could see something different. It was…hope.

Max started speaking and broke their staring contest.
“Well, I kinda had this fit last night. I dunno how to describe it, but that I was freed from Tess’s mindwarp ”
A round of gasp could be heard around the room.
“It turns out that I didn’t sleep with Tess after all and that there is no baby”

Everyone was stunned by the news, well obviously not Isabel, cause she already knew.
“So let me get this straight, there is no baby ? How can you be so sure of that?” Maria asked.
“Umm…I kinda had there flashes in my mind of what had really happened. I would rather not get into details”, Max responded.

Again there was silence in the room. Everyone was wondering where this would lead and how much this would change everything, especially Liz.

Max’s words were ringing in her ears. There was no baby. He didn’t sleep with Tess. There was a huge conflict between her thoughts. She was glad and almost disappointed at the same time. She really had no reason to stay mad at Max anymore, but she wasn’t ready to let him in her heart again. Even though he hadn’t done anything wrong there was one fact that remained. He had hurt her badly and broke her heart and it was not going to be fixed just like that.

“You’re not going to stay here all day…assuming that was it. I have stuff to do” Michael started to get up, but was stopped by Liz’s voice.
“Actually I have something to tell too”

Everyone’s attention turned to Liz. “I don’t know how to say this than just say it, so here goes nothing. It seems that I have developed some kind of alien powers”.
“WHAT!” shouted Max shocked. He instantly regretted it when he saw Liz’s face fall.

“Could you just let me explain. I think it’s because Max healed me and umm…other activities that I’ve done with him” The end of her statement was understood only by three people in the room. The rest of them just let it slide. Max was feeling responsible for all this. The guilt crashed down on him when he heard Li’s words. He wished he never saved her that day, but instantly took it back when he realised that Liz wouldn’t be alive anymore.

“What kind of powers do you have” Michael asked very intrigued, but also scared by this. He wasn’t scared for himself, he was worried about Maria. What if something like that happened to her.

“Well I can dreamwalk a little like Isabel and I can heal, but only really small things. I’ve been practising my powers last few weeks and the progress has been amazing. I think my powers are still going to develop. My strongest power is moving things. Kinda like that witch dude on the TV-show Charmed. Oh and I forgot to mention that I can also change the molecular structure of things, just like all of you. My powers are just more weaker.”

“Why aren’t you more freaked out by this. I mean I would totally freak out if I found out that I have some kind of alien powers.” Kyle questioned. He was afraid for himself, after all Max had saved him too.

“Um, well I was really freaked first, but I’ve had two weeks time to get used to this and it kinda helped that I tested my blood and it’s still completely human.”
Liz was starting to feel very self-conscious, she hated being the center of attention. Fortunately Maria noticed that Liz was very uncomfortable.
“I don’t know about you guys, but this has been quite a lot to take in so why don’t everyone just go home or anyway get out of here, so I can be alone with Michael” She winked at him.

“Okay, I’m getting out of here” Isabel jumped up from the couch. She didn’t really want to hear any details about Maria’s and Michael’s sexlife.

Michael and Maria were already in the bedroom so Max and Liz were left alone. “Liz I really need to talk to you, please”
Max pleaded. Liz was about to say no, when she looked to his eyes. Once again she was not able to resist those beautiful amber eyes that looked almost desperate. She sighed.

”Fine, but keep your distance”. His face lit up, he hadn’t really believed that she would say yes, but now that she did he was going to make her understand him.

“Liz I know you’re still mad at me, but I need to know if there’s any chance of us being even friends?”

“That’s the thing Max. I’m not mad at you anymore. But even if I’m not mad, I’m still hurt and I really don’t know where we go from here. There’s one thing I know and that’s that we will never be just friends. It’s always going to be all or nothing and at this moment I can’t offer you anything. Not my heart”

“You can’t deny that you still have feelings for me. Liz, I love you”

“I….I don’t feel anything for you anymore”

Before Liz could do anything Max had crossed the room and his lips were on hers. The kiss was filled with passion. She tried to resist, but instead started kissing Max back. Her knees felt like rubber. Just then Max finally broke the kiss

“That didn’t feel like nothing to me. I know you still love me and I promise you we will be together, maybe not today or tomorrow, but we definitely will be together” Max was now very determined to win Liz back.

After Max had left a single tear dropped from Liz’s eye. The whole scene brought back memories from when she and future Max had been spying on Max and Tess. She wiped the tear away and sighed. Now that Max knew her real feelings she was going to have to make another plan to resist him. And she was definitely going to need Maria’s help. But now wasn’t the time to ask for it she realised when she heard Maria’s moans from the bedroom. Quietly she walked out the door and headed to Crashdown so she could start planning.

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There's probably only one part left after this one..not sure though. But anyway one or two parts left...


Part 7

It was the day after the meeting. Liz had called Maria to come and help her to make a some kind of plan.

“So let me get this straight. You still love Max and want to be with him, he feels the same way. What’s the problem here?”

“When you say it like that it doesn’t make any sense. It’s just that I’m not ready to give my heart to him again.”

“Oh, so that’s what this is all about. You don’t trust him”

“I do trust him with my life…but”

“Not with you heart” Maria finished her sentence.
Liz just nodded.

“You’re going to explain a little more Liz. Why exactly do we need this plan? I mean why don’t you just explain to Max that you want to wait”

“yesterday at Michael’s place when we were alone he kissed me and I tried to resist, but I just couldn’t and it felt like I melted when he touched me. If he had pushed me a little more, I would have given in to him. And umm…” She blushed furiously.

“Come on Lizzie, spit it out” This was going to be something good, Maria knew from Liz’s reaction.

“Well I’m feeling, maybe, kinda…horny” Liz confessed embarrassed.

Huge grin appeared on Maria’s face
“Little Lizzie Parker feeling horny. Why don’t you just tie Max to your bed and have your way with him…oh I forgot, you already did that” Maria was really loving teasing her.

“MARIA ! That is not funny”

“If that’s not funny than why are you laughing?”

Suddenly Liz’s smile faded
“Oh my god, I just realised how horrible situation I’m putting you in. I mean Max is your friend too. I’m so sorry Maria.”

“Calm down chica. You’re not putting me into any situation. Yeas, Max is my friend, but you’re my best friend and besides, we’re not going to hurt Max…much. The little he’s going to get he deserves.”

“Maria you’re the best” Liz rushed to hug her.

“Yeah I know I’m the best. Okay, here’s the plan. You have to avoid Max as much as possible. If it happens that he manages to contact you, be pleasant, but make it clear that you’re not interested and try to leave the situation as soon as possible. Touching is a big no. If he gets his hands on you it’s probably all over.”
Liz didn’t know if she should laugh or cry.
“Maria, that plan sucks” she could hardly get that out, cause she was giggling so hard.

“I know Liz, I know. You better get yourself ready for Max, cause there’ no way you’re going to be able to resist him very long, besides we all know that you belong together. We don’t want to see you apart and unhappy, so you better get back together ASAP”

The next day Max was making his first move. He knew that Liz was working and he was on his way to the Crashdown.

Liz was just wiping the counter when she heard the bell ring in sign that a customer had walked in. She looked up and saw Max walking in. He sat to his usual booth, which of course was on Liz’s side of the café. She thought maybe she could go to the backroom before he noticed her. She glanced to where Max was sitting and realised it was too late.

He was staring at her like she was his next meal. It felt like he was undressing her with his eyes. She could feel how his attention affected her. Moisture was starting to pool between her thighs. Maria had just went to the bathroom, so she only had one choice. She was going to have to take Max’s order ‘I can do this, I can do this’ she repeated in her head. She started towards Max’s booth with a fake smile plastered to her face.

“Hello I’m Liz and I’ll be your waitress today. Can I take your order? ”
Max chuckled at Liz’s formality and the sweet sound sent shivers through Liz’s body. He looked Liz’s body up and down, checking her out, and then raised his eyebrows and winked at her.

At this point she was sure that her face was flushed. Her whole body was tingling and it was suddenly very hot inside the café. Max was very pleased with the obvious affect he was having on Liz.

“I’ll just have the Will Smith burger and Cherry Cola.” Liz could one stare at his luscious lips. He was saying something, but she couldn’t hear it. She was too busy imagining how his lips would feel on her lips, neck and lower…Liz blushed at how her thoughts drifted and he wasn’t even touching her. ‘I’m so weak’ she thought to herself.

“Umm, what did you say?” Max had noticed how she paced out a moment ago and he was no smiling smugly at her.

”I’ll just have the usual” He responded.

“Okay, I’ll be back with your drink in a moment” She moved away from his booth as fast as she could and walked straight to the backroom. Maria was just coming out of bathroom and when she saw Liz condition and Max in his booth, she instantly understood what was going on.

Max watched as Liz rushed to the backroom, quite pleased with himself. He only started to worry when Maria brought him his soda.
“Where’s Liz? Is she okay?”

“Let’s just say that she’s in the back resting” Maria knew that Liz was fooling herself. There was no way she would be able to resist Max. The previous event just proved that.

After Maria had left, Max took a sip of his soda and headed to the backroom. He sneaked there so that Maria couldn’t see, cause she would have surely tried to stop him going there.

When he opened the door he could see Liz leaning to the wall, her eyes closed and looking more beautiful than ever. She obviously had not noticed his arrival, so he quietly walked to her and touched her shoulder.

Liz’s eyes flew open in shock. “Oh my god Max, you scared me. What are you doing here, you know customers aren’t allowed to the back.” She stammered out.

“Well I’m not a ordinary customer am I, Liz” He was dangerously close to her and he was staring at her lips. He was just about to kiss Liz, when I white light shot out from Liz’s hand and he was forced backwards. He was thrown at the wall opposite to Liz.

Liz hadn’t even realised what she had done. She was just thinking that she can’t kiss Max and suddenly Max was gone. She rushed to where max was sitting, obviously little dazed by the impact.

“I’m so sorry Max, I didn’t mean to do that. Are you okay?” She kneeled next to her and looked at him worried.

Max took the opportunity to kiss her so quickly on the lips, that she had no time to react to it. Then he stood up and before exiting he shouted Liz something that made her heart beat two times faster:

“This is far from over. I’ll be back this evening. Be ready at ten.”
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I still haven't started writing the next part, but I promise I'll do it this weekend...*happy*

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I still haven't started writing the next part, but I promise I'll do it this weekend...*happy*

I'm going to have to take that back...I'm extremely sorry, but something turned up and I wasn't able to write that part....
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Thanks to everyone for your patience, I hope you enjoy it :D

Part 8

Liz was pacing back and forth in her room. It was now 9.30 and she had no idea what she should do with Max. She wanted to give in to him, but something was stopping her. It was like she already got used to avoiding him and acting kinda bitchy at times and she didn’t know how to stop acting like that.

The truth was she wasn’t the little innocent girl she used to be, but she wasn’t a bitch either. She wasn’t that kind of person who hurts people knowingly. She had lost his true identity when she had built a well around her heart, to keep Max out. Now Max was probably the only one who could help her to find herself again.

She could hear someone climbing up the ladder to her balcony, so she glanced at the clock. ’OMG where did the time go, it’s already 10’
She rushed to the balcony still debating with herself what she should do. Just as she closed the window behind her Max a jumped to the balcony.

He was wearing a pair of Khaki trousers and a black button-down shirt. She had to keep herself from jumping at him. He was looking absolutely sexy and even when he was standing on the other side of the balcony she could smell his intoxicating smell. It was something that only he had and it was making her swoon with need.

“Promise not to use your powers on me, Liz” Max asked one eyebrow cocked. He seemed to find the whole situation amusing.

“Yeah Max, I’m really sorry about what happened earlier, I didn’t mean to, it just happened. ” Liz was feeling a bit embarrassed, cause she couldn’t control her powers that well yet.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Things just seem to be happening” He took a step towards Liz. Liz backed immediately only to find herself up against the wall. Max took advantage of the situation and pinned Liz’s petite body between the wall and his hard body. She could feel exactly how aroused he was and his little breathes on her neck made her shiver.

His lips were slowly moving towards hers and she found herself looking forward to the moment when his lips would be crushed to hers. Max stopped just a few inches away from her lips. She couldn’t take the anticipation and started rubbing her herself to Max’s hard body.
“Little eager are we” Max said with a low sexy voice. A silent moan escaped Liz’s lips.

“Max please” Liz begged. Max still hadn’t kissed her, but she could feel him so close to her lips and she was just wishing he would kiss her already.
“Please what, Liz?” His lips brushed against hers when he spoke. He wanted for her to make the first move, it would prove to him, that there was just no way she could resist him, their love was too strong.
Liz couldn’t take it anymore, him being so close to her, but still not touching her properly, so she leaned forth and crushed her lips to his. It was all encouragement Max needed. He started to kiss Liz with full force, their tongues duelled and he drank the addictive essence of her from her mouth.

His hands roamed on Liz’s back under the flimsy tank top she was wearing. It barely covered anything, which only made him more excited.

Liz was in seventh heaven. She had no idea when they had moved away from the wall, she only registered something soft under her back and Max lying partly on top of her. He was slowly inching her top higher and she grabbed the hem to take it completely off.

Max drank in the sight of her bare upper body, she wasn’t wearing any bra and he was growing even harder every passing second. He stared at her soft mounds, they were just the right size with rosy nipples standing proud in the middle. He couldn’t resist the temptation to touch them gently. He was rewarded with a moan from Liz. Max was convinced that he was doing something right and continued to caress Liz’s breasts. He pinched her nipples and finally started licking her other nipple and all the while continued moulding the other one.

Liz was far gone. Max was doing awesome things to her body and pleasure was flowing through her. She started rubbing her pelvis against Max’s erection to get some relief she was so desperately seeking. She felt Max’s other hand drifting lower, inside of her jeans. He sought her swollen clit and rubbed it causing Liz to come completely apart in his arms.

When Liz started to come down from her high Max was nowhere to be seen. She got up and looked franticly around her and when she looked down to the street she could see Max Evans, smirking widely walking away from the Crashdown.


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I can give you clue, that it's going to be I'm off to write it*big*


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Part 9

Liz couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. One moment Max was here taking her to the stars and the next moment he was walking away from her. Liz had no idea what was going on, but she was very determined to find out. She got dressed, climbed down the ladder and started walking towards the Evans’s house.

The journey from Crashdown to home had been quite painful and slow for Max, very much because of the straining member in his pants, not to mention what he had to leave behind to make his plan work. This was the final and most important stage of his plan. It would be up to Liz, would she follow him or not. He prayed to god that she would.

While waiting for Liz to arrive he thought he would take a very very cold shower to calm himself down.

Max was just coming out of shower when he heard a sound from his window. Max was frozen like a deer caught in headlight, unable to do nothing but watch as Liz crawled through his window. The looks that came across Liz’s face when she saw the state he was in was probably something he would never forget.

Liz looked like a tiger prowling him, like any second she could just jump on top of him and devour him. On a second thought, not that bad idea, but he really needed to talk to her before they could do anything else. It seemed like his body didn’t want to listen to his thoughts, when he felt his penis starting to harden all over again.

Liz couldn’t believe her luck; she had just walked on Max coming out of shower! He only had a towel on and drops of water were glistening in his perfect upper body. His hair was also a little bit wet and tousled in a way that it looked like he had just had a heated make-out session.

Liz traced her eyes lower on his body past his luscious lips that were just begging to be kissed, stopping when she reached his cocoa coloured nipples. She barely restricted herself from going over and licking and sucking those little bundles that were looking so delicious. Instead she stared intently at them and involuntarily licked her lips. She was rewarded when she saw his nipples harden and he let out a soft groan, just loud enough for her to hear it.

She moved her gaze on his body even lower over his perfectly shaped abs to the ever growing tent in his towel. She grinned in satisfaction when she saw his penis twitch under her demanding gaze.

In slow steps Liz started to move towards Max, now taking her eyes of his crotch and staring right to his eyes. She raised her hand and traced his magnificent chest tentatively.

Max grabbed her hand gently. “Liz, we really need to talk before we umm…do anything else” he said sincerely

She closed the remaining gap between them and whispered to his ear “what’s there left to talk about?”

“Please Liz, I’m begging you. We need to sort everything out, so we can put the past behind us.”

“Fine…but save the begging for later” She said while wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Max ignored Liz’s comment, though it sounded quite appealing. Now was not the time for that. “I want you to know Liz, that I know that I’ve hurt you many times, I never meant to, but I still did. I’m so sorry for everything I’ve put you through. I know all that Tess stuff was a mindwarp, but it doesn’t change the fact that you were hurt, by me.” His voice was cracking with all the emotion that his words held.
“Max, I understand, but I should be the one apologising. I can’t believe how I acted towards you. I was so childish. We should have just worked things out right away.” A tear rolled down Liz’s cheek. It was both from pain and joy. Pain from remembering all the horrible things in their past and joy from finally get this all behind them.

There was no words left to say between them. Instead Max raised his hands and put them at both sides of Liz’s head, then he leaned his head to her so their foreheads were touching. Liz nodded slowly and Max closed his eyes in concentration. It was like the night in Crahdown after Max had healed her. Only this time the connection was stronger and went both ways. Max could feel Liz’s every emotion and Liz could feel the same from him.

The experience was overwhelming for both of them. Liz felt Max’s guilt about her powers and all the stuff with Tess. Liz on the other hand was extremely ashamed by her recent behaviour, but something that shone through everything was their undying love. Both Max and Liz felt, that finally they could put all what happened behind them, it had been handled and there was no reason dwell on it. A silent agreement was made between them: there would be no more apologies from neither of them.

Unshed tears glistened in their eyes, when they came back to reality. The connection was not even close as powerful as moment ago, but it was still there, lingering in the back of their minds.

They shared a gentle kiss and then just held each other tightly. The melancholic mood was finally broken, when Liz realized that Max was still wearing just a towel and she could feel his cock pressing against her tummy. She raised her head from Max’s shoulder with a wicked gleam in her eyes. Her hand moved to the nape of his neck and started playing with the slightly curled hair in there. Her other hand slowly slid towards his luscious butt, covered only by the towel. While her hands caressed Max’s body, she traced light kisses from his neck up to his ear.

Max was momentarily frozen in place, unable to decide what he should do. However that didn’t last long. When Liz continued caressing him, he realized there was no reason not to go along with her.

His hands travelled to Liz’s ass slowly, caressing her back along the way. He lifted her up slightly so she could wrap her legs around his waist. The sudden feel of her hot core directly in line with his hard cock made his knees weak and he almost fell to the floor.

Liz nibbled at the sensitive patch of skin behind his ear, while his hands roamed wildly upon his naked back and arms admiring his wonderful, sexy muscles. She lifted her head a bit and grinned as she saw the love bites in his neck, where she had been just a moment ago. She licked slowly the rim of his ear and whispered: “To the bed Max”

Max followed Liz’s order obediently and walked them to the bed with few strides. She lowered Liz’s back softly to the bed and was careful not to crush her under him.

He lifted himself above her, most of his weight resting on his elbows. Max took a good look at Liz. Her hear was tousled and her cheeks were flushed. Love, devotion and desire shone through in her eyes. Time seemed to stand still when they just gazed in to each others eyes, both comfortable with the calming silence. Finally Max broke the silence



“I think we have a problem here”

“We do?” Liz was starting to feel unsure of herself. What if Max didn’t really want her?

“Yes. I think you have way too much clothes on” There was a playful glimmer in his eyes.

Liz let out a relived breath. She decided to play along, so she rolled them over and straddled Max’s lower region.

“Oh yeah? Well, what are you gonna do about it?” She raised her eyebrow suggestively.

With a single wipe of his hand her tanktop and bra were gone.

“Max! What are you doing?” She quickly raised her harms to cover her breasts Her surprise wasn’t faked even though she had a jesting smile in her face. She couldn’t believe that Max would be so straightforward, but she kinda liked it.

“Don’t cover yourself, you’re so beautiful. I want to see you.” Max was now totally serious and sincere. Slowly he moved her arms out of the way, so that her upper body was completely bare. His eyes feasted on her gorgeous body. Her skin was cream-coloured and looked so soft, that he just had to touch it.

Usually Liz would have felt very uncomfortable, but being with Max made her feel completely relaxed and all her worries just melted away. She gasped when Max touched the side of her breast with a tentative finger. She encouraged him on by leaning to his touch. Max understood her needs perfectly and cupped her whole breast in his hand.

He rubbed the nipple slowly with his thumb, until it was hard and poked at his palm. Liz was moaning in pleasure when he switched to the other breast and gave it the same treatment. While moulding her other breast, he lifted himself partly of the bed and took her other nipple in to his hot mouth.
The sensations coursing through Liz were amazing. She needed release desperately, so she started rubbing her pelvis into Max’s groin. When that wasn’t enough she felt Max’s hand drift slower, inside her panties and he started to rub her clit furiously.

In a matter of seconds Liz was in the middle of a mind-blowing orgasm. Everything around her disappeared and she felt herself flying in with the stars. Finally she slumped against Max’s chest exhausted. Even though she had just experienced a very satisfying orgasm, this was far from over.

Liz crawled higher on top of Max and purred to his ear. “I think it’s your turn now” With that she started to move lower towards Max’s groin. It was some kind of wonder that the towel that he had earlier been wearing was still in the exactly same position. The tip of his erection was already showing between the folds of the towel.

Liz took the towel of off him completely and threw it wildly to the corner of the room. She marvelled the beautiful sight of him. Slowly Liz lowered her head and licked the purplish head of his cock. At that, Max groaned. She just loved the sound of him groaning and she wanted to hear it again and again and again…

She started to stroke his length, increasing the speed with every stroke. At this point Max was squirming in the bed with pleasure and was moaning and groaning continuously. A glistening drop of liquid appeared at the head of his penis. She felt intrigued and nervous, after all this was only the second time she was doing anything like this. With a shaky finger Liz wiped the drop away from his cock and lifted her finger to his mouth. She licked it of off her finger and rubbed her tongue to the roof of his mouth to taste it better. To her surprise it wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. It tasted like Max, like the essence of him. It was addictive and she wanted more.

Liz shifted, so that her mouth was levelled with his erection. Little by little she took him in her mouth. Liz herself was enjoying this almost as much as Max. Her little moans vibrated through her mouth, which brought Max even more pleasure. Within few moments Max was in the verge of coming. Unable to utter a single word, he tried to gently nudge Liz away.

Liz knew that Max was about to come. When she felt Max’s actions to remove her, she showed him that she had every intention of finishing this by increasing her pace more.

Max couldn’t take it anymore and he came hard, screaming her name. Max shot his semen to Liz’s mouth and she gulped down every drops of it, totally enjoying it. Finally when Max’s cock was completely flaccid, she crawled up and kissed him tenderly.

Max’s chest was heaving from the previous experience. Tiny drops of sweat glistened in his forehead and his eyes were still shut. It took him a moment to get himself together. All the while Liz was looking at him adoringly, amazed that she was able to get him to a state like that.

When Max opened his eyes, he stared right back at her and sincerely thanked her for the best orgasm of his life.

“How about I return the favour to you” Max was dying to get a taste of her most secret place.

First Liz didn’t understand what Max was referring to, but when she felt his hand drift lower to the buttons of her jeans that she still had on, she suddenly realized what max meant and started blushing furiously.

Max’s was looking at her with those puppy dog eyes that you just couldn’t resist even if you wanted to. But then again she didn’t want to resist him, after all those times dreaming of Max doing something like this to her, she was more than ready for the real thing. She nodded slightly to Max and waited to see what he would do.

Max could see that Liz was tense, so he asked her to lie down and just relax. He was very taken with the fact that she trusted him enough to let him do this.

He started his journey leaving a trail of kisses to her neck, chest and tummy. When he reached her jeans he glanced up at Liz, to make sure that he could do this. She gave him a reassuring smile and he continued the task in hand. He popped the buttons of her jeans open and took them off her. Carefully he removed her little white panties and threw them to the floor among the other clothes.

His breath was caught in his throat, when her pink and very moist center was revealed to him. He ran his finger through her folds eliciting a throaty moan from Liz. Then he tilted his head and stopped himself just few inches from her core. His harsh breathes tickled Liz and she felt like she would die if Max didn’t do something soon. Liz’s wait wasn’t long, because her scent allured him and he couldn’t resist the temptation anymore.

He started licking the whole length of her core and Liz writhed from all the pleasure she was receiving. Max was purposely avoiding her clit and it was driving Liz mad. Finally after some major begging from Liz, Max sucked her clit to his mouth.

“Oh Jesus Christ” Liz was caught off guard by Max’s actions, when he finally gave her the ultimate pleasure.

“Liz honey, the name is Max”

Liz was about to throw an annoyed glare at him, but didn’t have the chance when Max returned to his position between her legs, licking her juices that were now flowing.

It didn’t take long for Liz to come with Max doing so wonderful things at her. Max could obviously notice that Liz had come, but he had no intentions of stopping anytime soon. He was totally addicted to the taste of Liz and he wanted more. While Liz was still flying from her last release, Max continued pleasuring her and didn’t stop until after she had came for the third time.

He still hadn’t had enough of her taste, but the need to be inside her was to great to be denied. His member had become hard again during their activities and when Max lifted himself to Liz’s level his erection rubbed against her flat stomach.

Liz was still coming out of her high and when she did, the first thing she felt was Max’s arms wrapped securely around her. “I guess it’s my turn to thank you” she smiled warmly at him. Liz leaned in to kiss him and then whispered “I need you Max…now”

Liz certainly didn’t have to say that twice, Max was more than ready to give it to her. He reached to his pants that were still on the floor where he had stripped them, when he went to shower. He took a condom out of his back pocket and placed it on his erection. Smoothly he laid her down all the while making love to her mouth. He broke the kiss and set himself to her entrance. With one swift movement he was completely inside of her. Max stayed still for a minute to let her adjust to his girth. Gradually he started moving inside of her stretching her to the limit. With each downwards thrust Max made, Liz met him with an upward thrust if her own. The sound of their naked, sweaty skin slapping together aroused them even more.

Max was very close to coming, but fortunately he could feel that Liz was right there with him. With few final strokes Liz’s walls started contracting around his cock, which caused him to climax too. Together they shared a very satisfying orgasm. Both could feel others emotions and it felt incredible.

Coming back to earth, both felt very exhausted. Max pulled himself out of Liz and threw the condom to the litter box. He hugged Liz to him and threw the blanket over them. Max kissed her forehead gently and whispered “I love you” to the almost sleeping Liz. “I love you too, Max” was her sleepy response. Sleep was starting to take Max over too. The last thing he thought before falling asleep, was how he wanted to wake up every single morning in his life, beside that woman that he loves.


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I actually have a new idea in my head that I would like to write, but I won't be writing it right now, 'cause I'm too busy with other stuff...*happy*