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True Identities

Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

The Crashdown Café:

Liz and Maria were sitting around waiting for the last the last half an hour before closing. Kyle was the only customer and he was sitting at the bar trying to cheer up Liz. Max hadn’t talked to her since they had gotten back and Kyle was trying talk her into telling him. Michael came out of the kitchen and sat down next to him. It’d been two days since their escape from Copper Summit and everyone had been on edge. Liz listened with half an ear as the two started talking about some game when the bell over the door went off. In walked a tall auburn haired woman that looked to be in her twenties. Liz had seen her the day before but hadn’t waited on her because she wasn’t working at the time. There was something about her that made the hair on the back of Liz’s neck stand up. She didn’t know if it meant danger or not. The girl sat down at one of Liz’s tables so Liz made her way over to take her order.

“Welcome to the Crashdown. I’m Liz. What can I get for you?” She said.

The girl looked her up and down with a half smile on her face. “Well you’d do me a great service if you’d call King Max for me to meet with him as well as the other aliens.”

Liz started to back up when she felt Michael’s arm come around her to pull her behind him as he raised his other hand to fire. “You have ten seconds to tell me who you are and why you’re here.”

The girl through up her hands in surrender, “Calm down. I’m here to help you. I was sent to be another protector. If you’ll just get the other four, I’ll explain everything.”

“Don’t you mean the other three. You already have one.” Maria piped up earning her a glare from Michael.

“No, we’re missing is Alex, Tess, Max, and Isabel.” The girl stated.

“Liz, Maria call them. Tell them it’s an emergency.” Michael said in a voice that left no room for argument. “Kyle, lock the door and turn the sign.” The three did as they were supposed to and once they were done they sat down at the table across from the booth to wait. Fifteen minutes later, the other four came in the door with Max in the lead. He threw a glare at Kyle and Liz who were sitting next to each other before turning his attention to Michael and the young woman he was standing guard over.

“Michael?” Max asked questioningly.

Instead the girl spoke up. “You’re here because of me. I’m a new protector from your mother. We received the signal from the orbs six months ago. It wasn’t until then that we knew that any of you survived from the crash.”

“How long have you been on Earth?” Max questioned.

“And if you received the signal six months ago, why didn’t you come sooner? Have you come to take us back?” Michael said before she could answer.

“Since yesterday, your highness. I’m staying at a hotel on the outside of town. I would normally report to one of the four protectors but I haven’t been able to figure out who they are.” She replied formally. She looked at Michael and said, “I was sent because we intercepted a message from Kivar’s people here that they knew where you were. They sent me by an experimental new process, a one way portal. And no, I’m not here to bring you home. There is no way to open the portal here so I’m here to stay with you.”

Max looked over the girl. Unlike Nasedo, there was something about her that made him trust her. She obviously didn’t know that all four of their protectors were now dead. The formal acknowledgement of his position made him cringe. “Call me Max. It’s less obvious.”

She bowed her head. “Yes, sir.”

“What is your name?”

“Serena.” She pulled a chain out from under her shirt and revealed a pendant like the one Isabel had except it wasn’t broken. “I know you don’t have much of your memories but I hope this can prove to you who I am. You must know that all royal protectors wear them. As well as have one of these.” She unbuttoned her cuff and pulled up her sleeve to show a tattoo of the same symbol on her arm.

“How do we know we can trust you?” Michael said rudely.

“You can trust her. She’s on our side.” Liz stated meekly. All eyes turned to her at her announcement.

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Wow guys thanks for all of the feedback. I hope you like the next part. I wanted to tell all of you that this is a dreamer story so bear with me.

Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.


Part 2:

All eyes turned to her at her announcement. Liz silently cursed herself for saying anything. None of them knew about Future Max so how was she going to explain. Future Max had told her that Serena was a friend and she trusted him to know.

“Chica, how do you know that?” Maria asked.

Thinking quickly, Liz lied. “Nasedo. When Nasedo kidnapped me, and I saw the same tattoo on his arm. It must stick regardless of what form he’s taken. If she wasn’t a protector she wouldn’t have one.” She waited with baited breath that they believed her.

“She’s right. He had one.” Tess spoke up, as she looked at Liz surprised. Liz gave her a look of appreciation and thanked herself that she had guessed right.

Max could tell that Liz was lying when she gave her explanation. He just knew it, just like he knew she was lying about sleeping with Kyle. “For now we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt while she tells us her story.”

Michael looked down at Serena. “Start talking.”

“What about the other protectors?” She asked.

“They’re dead.” Alex stated.

“Are you sure? I was sure I felt one.” Serena questioned.

Max nodded in confirmation and said, “Two died in the crash. The other two were later captured, we assume after the pods were hidden. We only know of one that was able to escape, we called him Nasedo. He didn’t make it back in time and only found Tess and the rest of the pods were empty.”

“Why didn’t you wait for him?” Serena asked.

“We don’t know. We just left to explore outside and wandered out into the desert.”

“So he lost all seven of you?”

Remembering that Michael had told them that there had been eight pods Max answered with the only thing that made sense, “No, they must have broken us up into groups of four, each taking a set. Three pods were empty. Isabel and I were picked up by our adoptive parents and Michael was picked up by child protective services.” Max stated.

“Wait a minute. You were grouped with Tess and Isabel?” The three aliens nodded. “That wasn’t the plan. If you had to be separated that wasn’t the pairings that were supposed to be.”

“What are you talking about? Of course they were. The king, the queen, the princess, and the second.” Tess said curtly.

“The king, the Second and the queen were supposed to be grouped together plus Rath’s betrothed.”

“That’s what I said.” Tess snapped.

“But you aren’t the queen and Isabel is the princess but not Rath’s betrothed.” Serena explained.

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I thought I'd be nice and update again. This part is a little longer than the others so enjoy.


Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

Part 3:

“My name was Rath?” Michael asked. Serena nodded. “Max was Zan, the king. Kyle’s was Lex and Alex’s was Gunnar. Liz’s name was Raven, Maria’s was Tenna, she was Rath’s betrothed, Isabel was Vilandra, and Tess’s was Ava.”

Eight teens looked at her in confusion. Why did Serena think that the humans were aliens?

“I’m not an alien. I’m human.” Kyle said loudly.

“Yeah, Alex, Kyle, Liz and me aren’t the other four.” Maria added.

Now Serena looked confused. “Yes, you are. You might not look the same as you all did in your past lives but I’d know you anywhere. You are the eight from the royal court.”

“You’re lying.” Tess yelled. “Max, Michael, Isabel, and I are the royal four and they are just humans. You’re just a skin trying to confuse us.”

“Tess, calm down and hear her out.” Max ordered. Tess sat down back down and Kyle tried to comfort her. She pulled away but didn’t move to sit elsewhere. “Go on Serena.”

“Now you are the royal four but that title represents you as couples not individuals. Think about it. The four square symbol looked more like four rectangles right? Now what is a rectangle made of?”

“Two squares.” Liz answered.

“Right. The two squares represent each person that forms a couple which combines them into a rectangle. Four couples headed by the king and queen that make up the royal court.”

Maria held up her hands and said, “Okay, say we believe you and the four of us are who you think we are. If I’m am Michael’s betrothed, how do the other couples go?”

“Isabel was involved with Alex, Tess was married to Kyle, and Max was married to Liz. I don’t understand how you don’t know any of this. You might have only had one protector but he should have told you this and if he didn’t then the destiny book should have.”

“The destiny book paired Michael and me along with Max and Tess.” Isabel offered.

“That can’t be right. Do you have the book with you?” Serena asked. Everyone looked at Tess.

“Yeah, I brought it.” Tess pulled it from her bag and opened it to the page that showed the pairings. “See. Just like Isabel said.”

Serena examined the book thoroughly. “Several pages have been removed and the book was damaged. See here where the binding rings looked scratched? That shows that they were removed. The other pages should show the other four and the pictures would match across to show the couples. The only thing I can think of is that he removed them because he thought the other four pods were lost and tried to ensure that the royal line continued.”

“But I remember being with Max in our past life.” Tess stated.

“What exactly do you remember?”

“I remember being in the palace with my husband and we were in love. One of my clearest memories is of him ordering a group of guards to do something.”

“Tess, it was your husband but it wasn’t Max it was Kyle. You both lived in the palace because he was in charge of the royal guard or protectors.” Serena explained.

Tess was quiet as she thought over what she said. It explained why she had been drawn to Kyle when she had arrived in Roswell as well as the attraction she felt for him. She had tried to forget it and focus on Max but it was hard to do that when every time Kyle was around her body tingled. Over the last couple of days she had gotten closer to Max but that feeling was still there when she was around Kyle. Now according to this new protector it was because she was destined to be with him and not Max. Although it went against everything she was raised to believe there was something about it that felt right. If it were true than that would explain why Max never really gave her a second glance after she had stopped sending him images of them together. His heart belonged to Liz, no matter how much she pushed him away.

“What about the orb message?” Isabel asked.

“It should have said the same thing as the destiny book. What did it say?” Serena asked.

“If you are seeing me now, it means that you are alive and well. I take this form because it will be familiar to you, and it will help you to understand what I am about to say. You have lived before. You perished in the conflict that enslaves our planet but your essence was duplicated, cloned, and mixed with human genetic materials so that you might be recreated into human beings. My son, you were the beloved leader of our people. I have sent with you your young bride. My daughter, the man you were betrothed to, and your brother's second-in-command. Our enemies have come to the Earth. You will know them only by the evil within. Learn enough to use your skills, your knowledge, your leadership to combat the enemy so that you can come back and free us. And that I may once again hold you both in my arms. I live for that moment. Help us. I love you.” Liz whispered the words verbatim. She remembered the whole message because it was one that broke her heart.

“The message was edited from the point that they mention Isabel. It was supposed to say ‘the man you love. I’ve also sent the captain of the protectors and his young wife along with the bride’s advisor and the man she was betrothed to, and your brother’s second in command. He must have tapered with them as well or it could have been damaged in the crash.”

“But he didn’t even have them. The FBI had one and Max and I found one buried out in the desert.” Liz said.

Michael’s eyes widened as he remembered something. “Liz, you told Max that in the flashes you got you felt like someone was chasing them. We established that the orb used you to help us find it. Maybe it recorded Nasedo’s impressions on to it like the key I found.”

“Michael, you’ve been around Maria too much, you’re rambling.” Alex said.

“No, I get what he’s saying. Nasedo was being chased and maybe he buried the orb after he changed it for safekeeping.” Liz explained.

Serena smiled, “You always could understand your brother the best.”

“Brother?” Liz and Michael said at the same time looking at each other.


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I wanted to let you all know that I'm going to post another part tomorrow sometime.
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Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

I hope you guys like this part.

To Everyone:Max doesn't find out about FM for awhile but others do. The reason why Liz doesn't tell him right away will come out in a few parts but I'll basically say that she's confused about everything and still scared that Tess might leave.

To BellaDina: I'm glad you like the last part about how Michael and LIz found out. I'm taking it one step farther than them just being siblings. Also they get really close later.

Part 4:

“Yes, Raven and Rath were brother and sister. Twins actually but Rath was born first. On Antar, twins are different because instead of having a couple of individual powers like regular siblings, you each have the same as the other. It causes you to have more powers and stronger than most except for royalty. Your ability to receive flashes usually by touch was one of the powers you shared.”

“Michael used to have trouble controlling his powers. Is that why?” Isabel asked.

“Yes, he would have large amounts of power and it takes a lot of practice to control them. On Antar, kids especially twins are trained early on so that they can control them.”

Michael and Liz were silent as they continued to look at each other curiously. “Max gets flashes from Liz when they kiss and stuff but I never got any from Michael. Is that one of Max’s powers too?” Maria asked.

“Plus I got a flash once from one of Liz’s CDs once when her journal was missing.” Max threw in.

Serena thought on it for a minute. “Have you and Liz ever connected?”

“Yes, I healed her over a year ago. A couple of days later, I reversed it to ease her mind about what I was.”

“When you got the flash from the CD was Liz touching you?”

“Yeah, her hand was on my arm.”

“Then that explains it. You get flashes from Liz when you kiss because of reversing the connection and it’s still open between you. You got the flash from the CD because Liz was touching you. The connection was established and you fed off her power to receive the flash. Liz would have received the same flash if she had touched it first. If Maria and Michael ever connected on both sides then they would have a similar connection same as the other two couples.” They all contemplated the thought and decided it was the best explanation.

“What about the rest of us? Are there any other sibling pairings?” Alex asked.

“Yes, Zan and Vilandra, Gunnar and Ava, and Lex and Tenna. Vilandra, Gunnar, and Tenna were the older ones of each set. Your parents were all friends of the King and Queen, Zan and Vilandra’s parents. Gunnar and Ava were Rath and Ravens’ cousins.” All eight of them looked at their respective siblings except for Max and Isabel. Max could only think about the part about him being married to Liz in their past life. He always knew they belonged together, too bad Liz hadn’t believed it. He stole a glance at her only to see her looking at Michael. He lowered his eyes before she could see him. It hurt to look her in the eyes.

“Okay before we go off on the whole weirdness factor of that statement there is one more thing we need to clear up.” Maria said. “The dreams that those four had last spring. Michael and Isabel had dreams about one another and so did Max and Tess. Tess said they came to show them that they were supposed to be together.”

“I don’t remember them saying anything about any of you having dreams about one another to show you anything. All they said was that you would be drawn to your mate because of your prior bondings.” Serena said. “Someone could have been feeding them to you.”

At that announcement everyone looked at Tess. “Tess?” Max asked.

She wouldn’t look any of them in the eyes until she couldn’t stand the weight of their stares. “It was me. Nasedo told me that you three needed a little boast before you’d accept everything he had to tell you.” She admitted.

“You b*tch! Do you know the hell I went through because of them? I was scared to death thinking I was pregnant.” Isabel ranted.

Alex grabbed Isabel before she could get near Tess. Tess shrunk back and Kyle stepped in front of her. “She was only doing what she was told. She had no reason to believe that he was lying to her.” He said defending her.

Alex pulled her back down to her seat and whispered into her ear, “It’s over now. We know the truth and she won’t do it again.” He was torn between Isabel and Tess. The one he loved and the one who Serena said was his sister. Although he hadn’t really spent a lot of time with Tess, he felt like should get to know the inner her if she was his sister. Isabel calmed down and they continued.

“From what you’ve told me I think the one you call Nasedo was one of the junior protectors. Not really informed of everything and trying to do the best he could with what he had.”

“Why don’t we take a break? We’ve had a lot of stuff dumped on us and I think we need a breather.” Max said trying to calm down the wave of emotions everyone was feeling. “Those of us who need to report in should do so and make excuses. Tell them we’re staying to help clean up the Crashdown.”

They broke off into small groups and started calling parents. Michael used his powers to help the girls clean the café. Max walked up to the front windows of the café and was lost in his thoughts. Alex talked more to Isabel as Kyle talked to Tess. As Maria called her mom to say she was staying at Liz’s, Michael sat down at the counter to talk to Liz.

“Do you think Serena is right and you’re my sister?” He asked.

Liz shrugged, “I don’t know. I’ve always wanted a brother same as Maria. Maybe that’s why we adopted Alex. It would explain the flashes and the different times that we’ve protected each other when we have been barely friends.”

“Like when you came to warn me about Topolsky?”

“Not to mention why you got so mad when I saw Max kiss Tess. And how you tried to comfort me when the FBI took Max.”

“I’ve always wanted family even if it is a sister.” He said with a smirk. “So I guess when I took your journal, I was acting like a typical brother.”

She smiled slightly and said, “Yeah, but you better not do it again or I’ll have to hurt you. If Serena is right then I can blast you.” She said jokingly as she glanced over at Max and saw him glare at her before turning away. “But I do have some stuff that I need to keep private.” She said as she lowered her eyes.

Michael saw the look between the two of them and decided to ask Liz about it. He had noticed the tension between the two and had tried to talk to Max about it but he wouldn’t say anything. “So what is up between you and Maxwell? One day he was throwing himself at your feet and the next you two act like you can barely stand to be in the same room.”

Before Liz could answer, Maria interrupted as she came back from making her phone call, “Maybe it’s because of all the rumors going around school.”


Next part Monday (hopefully)

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Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

pandas2001: There are actually two people who find out about Liz's secret in about two or three parts. I'll give you a hint, you were half right.

wild_child_uk : Max's heart knows that Liz is lying but he's confused by what he saw and the fact that Liz keeps saying it's true.

BellaDina: I'm glad you like how I'm writing this. Especially the twin thing. I came up with that idea when I saw that both of their past life names' started with 'R'. Also the whole having the same powers comes into play later.

TO EVERYONE: Thank you so much for all of the feedback. Although it won't happen for a little while this story WILL have a dreamer ending. This next part is kind of boring but it tells a little about the other fours powers. ENJOY

Part 5:

“What rumors?” Michael asked.

“You haven’t heard? I’ve actually been meaning to talk to Liz about them. They’re pretty vicious rumors.” Maria said.

“Spit it out blondie.” Michael said.

“Ok. The word is that she and Kyle slept together. I know. It's so humiliating. I know. I just can't imagine who made it up.”

“No way.” Michael said.

“'s true.” Liz said as she chewed on her lip.

“What? No, Liz, the rumor is that you and Kyle Valenti slept together as in, like, sexually.” Maria explained.

“I know. And it's true.” She said as they both stared at her.

Michael just sat and tried to keep his anger at Kyle for seducing the girl that was probably his sister. But where he was silent, Maria was not. “Huh. Ok, you lost your virginity to Kyle. You know the guy who is possibly my brother. I mean, that is a revelation, and I don't know what that's about, but why didn't you tell me?”

“I was embarrassed.” Liz said shrugging.

“That is such a completely unacceptable answer for you to give to me, your best friend in the entire world.” Maria started but Liz interrupted.

“I didn't want to talk about it.”

“Why? Why didn't you want to talk about it? Why, did pressure you, did he hurt you or something?” This time she was interrupted by Michael standing up, “I’ll kill him.”

Liz jumped up and put her hand on Michael’s chest to stop him. “No! No, it was nothing like that, ok? I was just upset about Max, and Kyle was there for me, and we were close at one point, and one thing just led to another and we... “

“And you didn't tell me.” Maria stated.

“It was a mistake that I just want to forget about.” Liz said quietly. Maria and Michael looked at each other knowing something else was going on. They were about to say something just as Max called everyone back over.

As everyone got comfortable, Michael glared at Max for making Liz feel bad. He couldn’t understand why he believed Liz’s lie. Michael wasn’t close to Liz, something he was going to remedy fast, and even he knew she was up to something. Max caught his glare but ignored it and said, “I mentioned earlier about healing Liz. When I did that I didn’t feel that she was anything different. Same as when I healed Kyle. Why not if they were aliens?”

“How many people have you healed?”

“Liz and Kyle are the only ones I ever healed with anything more serious than scratches or bruises.” He explained trying not to look at Michael.

“Then how would you know the difference between a normal human and them if you’ve never healed a normal human?”

“But I’ve did a test on Max’s saliva the day after he healed me and it wasn’t the same as mine, it had a green glow. Not to mention when we replaced Max’s blood with Alex’s. Why would they be different if we’re all hybrids?”

“I think I know the answer to that. You four have had your powers since shortly after you came out of the pods, right?” When they nodded Serena asked, “How often do you use your powers, Max?”

“I don’t use the healing or the shield a lot but I do manipulate often.”

“And you four have never really used your powers right? At least not knowingly?” The other four shook their heads. “That explains it then. The greenish glow comes from using your powers. Once you learn to use your powers the glow will be there for you too.”

“The fact that she is getting flashes we have a small amount of evidence that Liz is possibly one of us. But none of the others have ever shown any powers of their own at least that we know of. What were their powers?”

“Well they all had quite a few. Tenna was a strong empath. She could read peoples’ emotions and even influence them if she needed to. It helped her with her position.”

“What was her position?” Maria asked wondering about this person she possibly could have been.

“Like the message said she was an advisor to the Queen as well as one of her closest friends. Kind of like the Queens’ second.”

“Maria, when we were in Marathon you touched Michael and he calmed down enough to get another flash from the key.” Isabel offered. She kind of liked the thought of Maria and Liz being like her. They were the closest things she had to real girlfriends and it would be nice to be able to talk to someone since she didn’t feel completely comfortable talking to Tess.

“You’ve always been able to read Alex and me like a book. And if it just popped up and you couldn’t control it then that might be why you’re always highly emotional.” Liz added.

“Even if the powers are suppressed they can leak out some but it won’t show up in her blood unless you keep using them. Alex and Kyle have probably had some too. One of Alex’s powers was being able to translate almost any language, spoken, written, or even computer encryption.”

“Ooh Alex can do that. He’s really good with computers.” Maria piped up.

“But it takes time for me to do it Maria. I don’t just wave my hand.” Alex said.

“If you learn to control your powers you will be able to do that but not by waving your hand just by concentrating. He was the King’s emissary and ambassador as well as technical advisor. Kyle’s powers were that he could alter his body like enhancements.”

“What does that mean?” Kyle asked.

“You can change the structure of your body. That power can show in different ways. The only way that I can think of that would show up without you thinking something up would be that you have better reflexes and greater muscle elasticity. Which means you can move faster than others.”

“Which explains his overall jockness.” Michael said snidely.

“At least I have some sport ability, Guerin.” Kyle snapped.

“Stop it you two.” Liz jumped in. She knew Michael was only giving Kyle a hard time because of her confession earlier and Kyle didn’t deserve that. He’d been there for her when she needed him.

Maria could see what Liz was doing and decided to help by changing the subject. “Well it seems that we all fit the powers we were supposed to have but I don’t understand something. If Nasedo removed the pages he would know what we would look like. So why would he think that we four were only humans? And what happened to our pods?”

Before Serena could say anything, a voice from the back of the café answered, “I think I can answer that.”

Liz looked up and into the eyes of one of her parents.


Which parent do you think it is? What do you think they have to say?

I know I'm evil but I love leaving little cliffhangers. I'll try to post the next part tomorrow.

For those of you who want to
know why Liz is still lying, it's
because she doesn't know if Tess
accepts all of this and is scared that
she might leave still if Max and Liz
are together.

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Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

Here's two new parts but I have to warn you that part 7 talks about the death of children. It's not graphic or anything but I wanted to warn you.

Part 6:

Everyone turned to the back door of the restaurant and saw Nancy Parker standing at the door. “Mom? What are doing down here?”
Liz asked frightened. The eight teens looked around nervously.

“I came down shortly after I sensed Serena come in.” She stated simply.

“Um, how do you know Serena Mrs. Parker?” Maria asked.

“Nashi?” Serena asked.

“It’s me, Serena. But I go by Nancy here. How are you?” Nancy asked.

“I’m good. Shocked but good. Max said all of the protectors were dead.”

“As far as he knew we were.”

“Mom, are you saying you’re a protector?” Liz couldn’t believe what was happening. The person that had raised her wasn’t actually her mother but an alien protector. In a way it made sense, she had never been very close to her mother but her mother had always been the parent who gave the permission for things.

“Yes, Liz I’m your protector. I was the Queens’ protector until she sent all of you to Earth. My name is Nashi and I was sworn to protect all of you.” She pulled up her sleeve and showed them her tattoo. “I’m sorry I lied to you but I thought it was the safest way. I heard your whole conversation and I want to feel in the blanks for you.”

The group of nine nodded and sat back to listen to her story. “Please tell us Mrs. Parker.” Max said. He knew that since she was a protector that she was supposed to listen to him but it was a strange concept.

“First off, Serena was right.” She handed them the missing pages of the destiny book. They were amazed to see the younger versions of Kyle, Liz, Alex, and Maria as well as pictures of what they looked like now. “You are the other four and I have been watching over you over the years. When the ship crashed, Leena and Brotho were killed while Jax and I were knocked unconscious. We had barely regained consciousness when the army rained down. We were able to get away but were forced to leave the pods behind. We later broke into the military base where we had tracked down the pods. Thanks to a diversion by a human there we were able to get them out of there but the army followed. We split up the pods and separated. Four were severely damaged from the crash and being the senior protector, I took them. The junior protectors weren’t given as much knowledge about them so I was the best one to try and fix them. That’s why the pairings weren’t the way they were supposed to be. I split the destiny book up to match our pods so in case something happened our charges would be able to prove who they were. That’s why he didn’t know who you were, he never saw those pages. I hid the pods deep in an abandoned mine shaft and tried to repair them.”

“One of them was leaking.” Michael said out loud to no one in particular.

Nancy looked at him and asked, “How did you know that?”

“Um I talked to the human that helped you escape, he told me. Whose was it?”


Everyone looked at Kyle to gauge his reaction. He just stared at Nancy like she had grown another head. “Just be patient and I’ll tell you everything.”

He nodded and she continued. “I did what I could to repair them but my injuries from the crash depleted my energy. I knew it was dangerous but I went back to the crash site to try and find the healing stones. I shapeshifted to look like one of the army men and managed to find them. While I was there, one of the men witnessed me finding the bag and suddenly they were after me. I ran off as fast as I could and managed to bury the stones before I was caught. While I was there I felt Jax only for a brief minute before they started drugging us. It was long enough for me to tell him where the healing stones were and how bad off my four pods still were. He was able to tell me that he had gotten his hidden but before we could tell each other their locations the serum kicked in. I don’t know how long after it was but I heard he had managed to escape.” She stopped for a minute.

“Three years later, the serum wore off and I managed to escape.” They all waited for the details of her escape but none came. Instead she continued her story. “I went back to where I buried the healing stones only to find them gone. I then headed for the mineshaft and saw that the pods were still there. They were still bad off but their occupants were still thriving. I repaired them as best as I could but the three years that they had been damaged had taken it’s toll. I knew they weren’t going to last the whole 42 year incubation period. I settled in Roswell so that I could keep an eye on them. I looked different so that the army wouldn’t recognize me. I lived under that face for thirty years until in 1981 when I changed again and became Nancy Walker. That’s when I met and fell in love with Jeff.”

“Does Daddy know?” Liz asked quietly.

“Yes, he does. As did your Grandma Claudia.”

Part 7:

Liz and Maria gasped at Nancy’s last statement. Max was just shocked. “That’s why she wasn’t surprised by what I did at the hospital.” He said.

“That’s right. I had told her that I believed the other four pods had survived but I wasn’t sure who they were. Since you are hybrids, I can’t sense you like I can Serena.”

“Why didn’t you sense Nasedo? The one you call Jax when he was in town.” Michael asked.

“Was he in the café often?”

“I can only think of two maybe three times.” Liz said.

“I would only be able to sense him if he was in or closely around the area I’m in. I must not have been close enough to sense him.”

“Keep going with your story. I’m anxious to hear the rest.” Alex piped in.

“Like I said, I met Jeff in 1981. I had just changed my identity and came into the bar to look for work. I got the job and became close to Jeff. The next year we got married and took over the bar then turned it into the Crashdown. Shortly after I went out to the podchamber and found that the pods outer membranes were starting to crack. The one that had been leaking, Kyle’s, was the worse one. I knew that soon he would be coming out. I hadn’t planned on being married to Jeff and wasn’t sure what to do. For a month I went out everyday to the pod chamber and waited. When I was at home I was so distraught on what to do that Jeff and Claudia called me on it. I trusted them more than anyone I had met since being on Earth so I told them. I blind folded them and took them to the pod chamber to prove it. They agreed to help me and we were going to pretend that we adopted Kyle. After he finally emerged he looked like a newborn. Jeff and I came back to town with him to go ahead with our plan. But it changed when we got back. As soon as we arrived, Claudia was at the door telling us that Michelle Valenti had called because she was having baby pains and couldn’t get a hold of Jim. He was out of town with his dad on a case. We headed over and found Michelle almost unconscious and in a pool of blood. She had gone into labor and was hemorrhaging. I healed her but we couldn’t save the baby, it was stillborn. Claudia was with us taking care of Kyle when Michelle woke up. She saw the baby and thought he was hers. We couldn’t bear to tell her what had happened so we didn’t. We knew he’d be safe there and I could keep an eye on him.” She looked at Kyle and said, “She loved you very much.”

Kyle swallowed the lump in his throat. His mother had always shown him that she loved him. When she had left she made sure that he knew it wasn’t his fault but that she couldn’t be married to his father anymore. Knowing that she wasn’t even his mother didn’t change how he felt about her. She was the only mother he’d ever had. “I know she did.” He said in a tone that they could tell he didn't want to talk anymore about it.

“Next one was Liz six months later. This time I was more prepared and I faked a pregnancy. I kept her upstairs and out of sight for a while so no one would question why she looked older than she was supposed to. It worked well and everyone thought she was ours.”

“I was adopted.” Alex said. All the teens except Maria and Liz looked at him shocked. They already knew.

“My parents told me that a good friend of theirs needed help raising me because her son and daughter-in-law couldn’t. They adopted me when I was two. It was hard for them because I was very quiet and just learning to walk.” He explained. He looked at Isabel. “I found out a couple of months before the shooting. I never said anything because I was still adjusting plus we were dealing with a lot of other things.”

“You had actually only been out of the pod about a week. You were the last one. I couldn’t risk all of you being together. I thought if you were separated, it would be safer. They couldn’t have children and were happy to have Alex. I took care of all the paper work forging his birth certificate and the adoption papers. As far as anyone can tell they legally adopted Alex even through it never actually went through the system. Claudia lived near the Whitmans and thought Alex would be safe there. When Alex was nine, Charles got a transfer and moved back to Roswell.”

“What about Maria?” Isabel couldn’t help asking. She had heard Mrs. Parkers’ mention of Alex being the last one.

Maria looked at Nancy and said, “I was a replacement too, wasn’t I?”

“What are you talking about?” Michael asked.

“Like with Kyle. My mom’s real daughter died and Nancy put me in her place.”

“How did you know?” Nancy asked.

“My mom always talked about a car accident I was in with her, and my dad. My mom was young when she got pregnant and they moved to Clovis to be with my dad’s mom so she could help. When she died they decided to move back. He got a good job at one of the factories here. They found a house and were driving back to pack when they got in a car wreck. They were on the old highway and it was dark out when a tire blew and he veered off the side of the road. When they came to the car was totaled and they both had some injuries but I wasn’t harmed, not a scratch. That’s when you did it wasn’t it?”

Nancy nodded. “We had just came from retrieving you. We saw the crash and went to try and help. Amy and Tom weren’t seriously injured but their daughter’s car seat was thrown from the car and she was killed. I was amazed at the resemblance to Maria. I changed their memories to make up the differences as well as any pictures they had. I wasn’t proud of it but later when I saw how devastated Amy was when Tom left, and Maria was all that kept her going it made it better.”

The three looked at her and tried to decide how they felt. In a way it made something make sense. Kyle had always felt separated from his dad and always thought it was because they didn’t get to spend as much time with each other as they wanted. It also explained why Maria felt a sibling connection to him. He had thought it was because of their parents’ interest in each other but he now knew that it was because she was his sister. To Alex it was like everything fell into place. Alex’s parents had never understood his obsession with computers or why he seemed to close himself off to everyone but Liz and Maria then later Isabel, Michael, and Max. To Maria it gave her an understanding as to why she felt bombarded by emotions at times. She wasn’t happy that she had found out that she wasn’t actually blood related to her but Amy would always be her mother regardless. She wasn’t really a replacement like she had said. Amy didn’t know that she wasn’t her real daughter. She didn’t like that fact but she knew it would have done a lot of damage to her if she had been the one to find her daughter’s body.

“She knew.” Liz said, her gazed fixed on the table.

“No, Amy doesn’t know.” Nancy said.

“Not Amy, Vanessa Whitacker. She knew who I was or at least that I was one of the hybrids. Why else would she give me the assistant job? There are a ton of professional assistants, not to mention college students who were more qualified for the job. Why pick a highschool student unless she wanted to keep an eye on me and find out as much as she could. We know she was taping my phone calls.”

“So why take Tess? If you were the queen what did she hope to accomplish?” Maria asked.

Isabel just sat there in fear that they would find out that Whitacker had taken Tess thinking she was her. That she was Vilandra the betrayer. She hadn’t told anyone what Whitacker had said and Nicholas had confirmed. She was brought out of her thoughts when Kyle said, “What if she thought Tess was Raven? She obviously knew who Nasedo was and Tess is the only one who was living with him. The skins would know that Max would want to keep his wife safe and what would be safer than living with a protector?” It made perfect sense to him. After the explanation he was starting to accept what they had told him although he would be busy meditating for a long time tonight.

“It makes as good as sense as any. And since she’s dead we really can’t ask her.” Isabel said quickly trying to get them off the subject.

“So why don’t we have a craving for Tabasco?” Alex asked.


I hope you guys all like those parts. It was hard figuring out a way for the four of them to just appear without anyone being the wiser especially in a small town. How did I do?

I hope to post the next part tomorrow but it might have to wait until Monday.

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Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

Part 8:

Zan= Max Raven= Liz
Rath= Michael Tenna= Maria
Ava= Tess Lex=Kyle
Vilandra= Isabel Gunnar= Alex

Siblings (oldest to youngest)

Vilandra & Zan
Rath & Raven (twins but Rath was first)
Tenna & Lex
Gunnar & Ava

“Tabasco?” Serena asked.

“Tabasco sauce, it’s a spicy sauce. The four of us put it on all of our food. Earth food is too bland unless we do.” Max explained.

“It’s because of you four suppressing your powers. You came out of the pods earlier than the others and because of that your human side is dominant until you start using your powers. It’s why you get sick and some of the other differences.” Nancy explained. “Once you start using your powers you’ll be the same as them.”

“So that why Kyle can drink alcohol like it’s going out of style but Max gets drunk off one sip?” Maria asked.

Nancy looked at Kyle and raised an eyebrow but didn’t lecture him. “The first time you ever drank what happened?”

“Well I was fifteen and Paulie dared me to drink a double shot of whiskey. According to him, I was kind of loopy and then I passed out. I don't remember any of it.”

“But the more you drank the greater tolerance you got, right? Same thing would happen if Max drank again. Your bodies to have a much lower tolerance to alcohol but you eventually do build it up but I don’t think Jim or the Evans would condone that do you?” Everyone shook his or her heads. She might be a protector but she had spent the last seventeen years being a mother to Liz and she couldn’t help but act like one.

“Why didn’t you ever tell us?” Liz asked. “Were you ever going to?”

“I was going to tell you but I wanted to wait until I had located the other four kids. I knew about Michael when they reported finding him in the desert. Jeff and I tried to adopt him but when we went to the orphanage they had already put him in a foster home. I wasn’t sure if he was Zan or Rath until I talked to his social worker. When she explained his personality, I knew he was Rath.” She smiled warmly at Michael. “I didn’t know about how hard things were for you until Lizzie told me about your emancipation. If I had, I would have done what ever I could to get you out of there. I did what I could and talked your landlady into lowering your rent. Jeff and I were going to offer you a job when Liz approached us about hiring you.”

“I didn’t know about Max and Isabel for a long time. I knew that they had been adopted but I didn’t know how they had been located. The Evans had their hands full with both of them and Jeff and I didn’t rekindle our earlier friendship until the kids were in school. By that time, I guess Diane thought I already knew because she never mentioned their origins. That’s why I tried to keep Liz away from Max at first. I thought he was just some guy trying to get her into bed. It wasn’t until after the night in the desert and I found out about Max’s relationship with Liz that I figured out they were Zan and Vilandra. I knew Liz would only be like that if he were Zan. She would be able to sense him and be drawn to him strongly. She had been drawn to Kyle but only because she sensed he was like her although unknowingly. It would be nothing compared to her feelings for Zan. Like Serena said earlier, your love and bondings from your previous life were the cause.” Max, Tess, Kyle, and Liz shifted uncomfortably as Nancy added, “The only one left was Ava. Who I didn’t realize had arrived until I heard you all earlier.”

They all nodded. It wasn’t surprising that she hadn’t figured out about Tess. Although Tess was now a member of the group, she had been kept at a distance until recently and always away from Liz if possible. “We’ve heard everyone role in the court but Ava’s. What was it?” Tess asked. She wasn’t sure what to believe about all of this even with the additional pages but she wanted to find out what she could and decide which story was the truth.

“I mentioned that she was Raven and Rath’s cousin but she was more than that. Her and Raven were close and she moved into the palace when Raven did. That’s how she met Lex. When she married Lex she became Raven’s personal guard as well as another advisor.” Everyone was shocked at the statement that the two of them had been close.

“Are any of our parents alive?” Michael asked Serena.

“As I said the Queen mother is still alive, as is your and Liz’s father. He was Max’s father’s second until he died and Rath took his place. He’s with Max and Isabel’s mother protecting her. Your mother died when you both were young. Alex and Tess’s parents are with them as well. Maria and Kyle’s parents died about three years before the war started.” Serena said quietly. She felt bad that she had to deliver good and sad news. No one knew what to say after that announcement. They had just found out that they definitely had family on their home planet.

“What can you tell us about our past lives?” Maria asked.

This time Nancy was the one to answer. “As I said Rath and Raven’s mother, Milla, died when they were young, Their father felt he couldn’t take care of them on his own and didn’t want a stranger to do it so he sent them to live with his sister and her husband, Gunnar and Ava’s parents. When they were seven he brought them back to live with him. He had a house on the palace grounds. They didn’t want to leave their cousins but they were able to visit often. He sent them to school for noble children and that’s where they met the others. They first met Lex and Tenna and became friends with them. Their mother was a noble and their father was a protector. The last to join their little group were the prince and princess. King Noel had wanted Zan and Vilandra to have tutors but their mother had insisted that they go to school.”

“The six of them became close which pleased the Queen a great deal since Rath was supposed to take his father’s position when Zan became King. Not to mention that she had been close to Milla, who was one of her ladies in waiting, and was glad to have her children around. Especially Raven who looked just like Milla.” Nancy said as she smiled over at Liz. “When they were older, the relationships within the group changed. Zan had been infatuated with Raven since they were young but kept it secret until one day when Raven admitted she cared for him as more than friends. He said he felt the same way. They were very much in love but weren’t sure if their parents would allow them to court each other. They were young so they saw each other in secret with only their friends knowing. At first Rath had tried to keep them apart to protect his sister but he ended up helping them. He could see that Zan made her happy and he could never deny her anything. Helping to cover for them actually ended up bring Rath and Tenna together.”

“When they reached the age of maturity, Zan approached both his and Raven’s father to ask permission to court her officially. They were surprised but gave their permission. The Queen also gave hers but wasn’t surprised. Once the King and his Second saw the two of them together they couldn’t believe they hadn’t seen how close and in love the young people were. They were a sight to see. A year later, they were engaged and were married quickly after. Ava came to live in the palace with Raven and Gunnar came shortly after. Ava and Lex’s courtship was short and they were married. King Noel died shortly after their wedding and Zan was crowned King. Kivar took advantage of his death and the war started. Rath and Tenna announced their engagement not long before you were all killed.” Nancy said gravely. They all thought about what Nancy had said and let it sink in. Liz felt like crying when she heard the story of her and Max’s life. They had been married and happy until the war. She wanted them to be together more than anything.

Max turned his attention back to the new protector, “Serena, you said that you intercepted a message from Nicholas to Kivar. Is it safe to assume that the skins plan to come after us?”

“Yes, I don’t know when but I think within a month. Since the husks were destroyed it will take a little while for them to recover.”

Max thought over what she said and said, “So we need to do everything we can to prepare for it. Including working on our powers as well as figuring out what the four of them can do. Is there any chance that a ship would be coming soon?”

“No, with the war going on Kivar managed to capture the few ships we had to travel this far except for yours. Since it crashed on its last trip we’re left with no way to come get you until we can take them back from him.”

“What do you mean last trip?” Kyle asked.

“Your crash ended the last trip your ship made. It made two more before you. One to collect samples to make you all and deliver the granolith. We ‘collected’ eight different humans and extracted samples of their DNA that our scientist later mixed with your essences. The next one was to drop off the other set.”

“What were you talking about when you said the other set? I thought you said all eight of us came down together?” Tess asked.

“You did. I was talking about the first set of you that were created. Your duplicates.” Serena said.


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I know all of you dreamers are getting
frustrated at me but I promise you that
LIz and Max will get back together but a
part of BellaDina's challenge is making me
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Part 9:

“Duplicates? As in twins?” Liz asked.

“Exactly. We knew that Kivar had spies watching the Queen mother and there stood a chance that he would find out her plan so our scientists made two sets of the royal court. They are the second set but they were to act as decoys or even replacements if something were to happen to you eight. They were sent first but you eight are first in line. They were only sent with two protectors and a small signal communicator set to a secret frequency that they set off when they emerged from the pods. Until we received the orb signal from you we thought they would have to stand in for all of you. Of course once we didn’t find their seals we would have known that you were all alive.” Serena explained.

“What seals?” Liz asked.

“You have symbols imprinted on your brain. Max’s is of the V constellation with a crown in the middle to symbolize he is the king, Liz’s is just the constellation to symbolize she is queen and the one to bear the next of the royal line. The rest of you have the royal symbol like the one on my pendant. The other set have them as well but as I said they don’t activate until you are dead. They are to prove who you are when you return home.”

“So these duplicates look just like us and everything?” Maria asked in awe. She couldn’t imagine another group of teens that looked just like them somewhere in the world.

“They look like you as well as have the same powers. But they won’t be exactly like you. They were raised in a different environment. Since they landed safely and were raised by their protectors I’m guessing that they can use their powers very well.”

Coming up with an idea on how to speed things up concerning their powers Michael blurted out. “Why don’t we find them?”

“WHAT?!” Liz, Isabel, Tess, Maria, Alex, and Kyle all said at once. Max, Nancy, and Serena just waited for him to explain.

“Think about it. We need to learn as quickly as possible about our powers, who better to go to?” He said.

“Serena and Nancy could teach us just as fast.” Maria stated. “I mean that what Nancy’s trained to do anyway.”

Max understood what Michael was getting at and admitted it was a good idea. They had barely survived their last encounter with the skins and the next one would be harder. The skins were as good as dead anyway so they had nothing to loose when they came after them. “Maria, Michael doesn’t mean actually teach us. That would take a while. We can connect with someone and send knowledge through it instead of memories. If we found the other set and if they are as advanced as we think then we could connect with them and have all the knowledge of our powers. We would need a little practice to work out the bugs in using them but it would cut the time down considerably.”

“It would save a lot of time.” Nancy agreed.

“It would surprise Nicholas too. He told me that he knew we were struggling.” Michael said. He and Max hadn’t acted much like friends lately and he couldn’t believe that Max thought he had came up with a good idea. Twice in a week that they agreed on something must be a record.

“But how do we find them? They could’ve landed anywhere.” Max asked.

“Alex could do a search for them.” Isabel said as she beamed proudly at Alex.

“I could but we don’t know what names they’re going by.” Alex said.

“We wouldn’t even need to do that. I know the general area that their signal came from. It was in the area the humans call New York City. I have a locator that picks up the frequency on the communicator that they have as well as the orbs, whether they’re on or not. It won’t give an exact location but it will narrow the area we have to search down to about half the size of Roswell.” Serena offered pulling out a small metal object the size of a TV remote.

“New York is a big city. They would be able to blend in well so they will probably still be there. It might take a little bit of time but with the locator we could track them down. I’ll stay here and be on the look out for Nicholas. I know most of the people in this town and won’t have any trouble spotting strangers.” Nancy stated. She didn’t like having to send her charges some where else but if Nicholas and his people were coming, they needed as much firepower as possible.

“Do you think Courtney would be willing to help Mrs. Parker?” Max asked Michael.

“Courtney? As in our waitress?” Nancy asked.

Max nodded. “She’s a skin. But she’s not with Nicholas’s people.”

“Yeah, she’s a Michael or I should say Rath worshipper.” Maria said.

Ignoring Maria’s remark Michael answered, “I’ll talk to her.”

“How many humans know about all of you?” Nancy asked.

“A lot less than we thought.” Michael said.

“Well now that we know that these four are alien as well the Sheriff is the only human that knows. We should tell him about the skins but I think we should wait until after we get back from New York to tell him about the other four.” Max said.

“So we’re going to New York?” Maria asked excitedly.

Michael rolled his eyes, “Maria it’s not a vacation.”

“I know that Spaceboy. I was just clarifying.” Maria snapped.

“Yes, Maria we’re going. We only have one more day until fall break. We’ll leave then.” Max said. He looked at Tess and said, “Even with Mrs. Parker covering for us, we might need you to mindwarp some of our parents. They’re going to wonder why we didn’t tell them sooner that we’re leaving.” Tess nodded.

“Mom can say that Serena is her sister and we are going to visit with her in New York. But how are we going to get there?” Liz asked. “It’ll take too long to drive and we can’t afford to fly.”

“Nasedo left me some money in addition to the house and everything. We can use that. There’s quite a lot plus I had planned on getting rid of some of the antiques and art inside maybe even the house. The money from selling it will replace whatever we use.’’ Tess offered.

Max looked at Alex; “Will you be able to make the arrangements?”

Alex nodded. “It’s late but I’ll look when I get home.”

“That’d be great. And you’re right, it is getting late. We all head for home now and talk more tomorrow. Kyle, can you tell your dad? He needs to know that we’re leaving.” Max stated curtly.

Kyle knew why Max was being short with him and wanted to call him on it but didn’t because of Liz. He needed to have a serious talk with her about telling Max the truth after finding out everything tonight. “I’ll tell him. Tess and I will figure out something.” He said smiling at the beautiful blonde next to him. Kyle had wanted to be with Tess since he met her last spring but she thought she was supposed to be with Max. Now they knew that wasn’t true and hopefully she accepted that. He couldn’t believe he had been married to her in their past life. She smiled back at him.

Everyone got up and ready to leave. Nancy offered the use of their spare bedroom to Serena and the two protectors headed upstairs. Kyle and Tess offered Alex a ride home and they left. That left Maria, Max, Isabel, Liz, and Michael in the café. Liz listened with half an ear to Maria and Isabel talking about Isabel teaching both girls to use their powers while she watched Max talking to Michael. She got up and started cleaning up the tables they had been sitting at. She didn’t even notice Max come up until he was right next to her. She jumped startled and bumped into him.

“Sorry. I didn’t know you were there.”

Max just reached around her to grab his coat. “Izzy and I are going.” He said uneasily.

Liz nodded at his short statement, feeling as uneasy as Max. She wanted to talk to him, she wanted to scream that it was all a set up but she couldn’t instead she said, “I hate this. I hate that we can't even be around each other. We used to be friends. We talked. I don't understand why we just can't go back to that. Especially after everything we found out tonight.”

“I don’t know if I can. Not right now.” Max said. “I can only be around you enough to deal with this stuff.”

“Ok. I understand that. I do. But, um...I don't want you to hate me.” She said quietly. She yelled goodnight to the others as she turned and headed to the back to go up to the apartment. She couldn’t stand to see the hurt look in his eyes anymore.

Michael watched Liz leave from his place next to Maria. He got up and headed over to Max. “You being such a jerk to her is tearing her up.”

“She’s the one who slept with Kyle. She’s made it clear that she doesn’t love me.” Max said.

“Are you blind? Of course she loves you.” Michael started.

“It’s none of your business, Michael. Stay out of it.” Max warned. “Why do even care?”

“I care because she’s my sister. I might have just found out but that doesn’t change that fact. She made a mistake and it’s tearing her up inside”

“So all of a sudden you know her. You’ve never been close to Liz, Michael. How do you know what she’s feeling?”

Thinking of all that he had learned about Liz when he had read her journal Michael said, “I know more about her than you think Maxwell. And I plan on making up for lost time soon. I do know that everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect. Hell I got all kinds of faults. I’m sure Maria can list them off for you if you want.” He said glancing over at Maria as she left the cafe, “All I’m saying is that we’re all in this together and you ignoring her isn’t going to change things or help us.”

“So you think we all have to be coupled up because of our mission here. God you starting to sound like Tess.”

“I’m not saying you have to be together, I’m just saying not to be hateful to her. I’ve been wanting family for as long as I can remember and I don’t want to see her miserable.” He headed to the back and out to his bike to head for home.

Max watched him go before grabbing Isabel and heading for home himself.


Thank you guys for all of the wonderful feedback. I love it. The gang is heading for New York but not for a few parts. To give you guys a little spoiler on the next part Liz confides her secret to two of the gang.

Much later on in the story they will battle the skins. I watched Wipeout this weekend and thought about using some of the concepts in it.(LIke the part with all of the humans disappearing but of course Alex, Kyle, Maria, and Liz won't in my version.)

Should I or not? Any ideas if you think I shouldn't?

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Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

I decided to update with two parts today so I hope you enjoy them.

Part 10:

Max drove home mechanically, as he was lost in his thoughts. He kept replaying everything that had happened since Liz had appeared at his house to tell him she wanted to date normal boys and to live a safe life. Her words played in his head; “My life is only in danger if I am with you. I...I want to be in love with boys...normal boys. I...I want to see my 21st birthday. I...I want to have a wedding day. I...I...I want to have children...and I want my children to be safe. You know, Max, if...if you truly love me, you'll let me go. I may love you, but I...I don't want to die for you.”

The memory of coming up to Liz’s window and hearing two voices was burned into his thoughts. “Feels good to do that again.” He heard Kyle say then Liz saying, “Yeah. It does feel good.” Then seeing the two of them in bed together. He didn’t want believe what he had seen, but she kept insisting that it was true. Even when he had confronted her in Copper Summit, she hadn’t back down from her story. He thought about the confrontation, “You know, you have got me up on this pedestal, Max, and I'm not this perfect person. I made a mistake. Look, Kyle and I made love. The end. I'm sorry.” It was eerily similar to what Michael had said to him earlier. Knowing that they were brother and sister now made him think of the similarities between the two of them. Her and Michael were alike in the fact that they were both stubborn as hell.

His own sister’s voice pulled him from his thoughts. “So it’s a shock about Liz, huh?”

Max snapped his head to look at his sister. He didn’t really feel like talking about Liz and Kyle. “What?”

Isabel looked at him oddly. “About Liz being one of us. You know being Michael’s sister?”

Realizing she wasn’t talking about what he thought she was, he said, “Oh, yeah it’s a shock about all four of them.”

“Imagine Michael’s been looking for family forever and all this time it was right in front of him. And I can’t believe Alex and I were involved before and you were married to Liz. I bet you’re happy that you can be with her now.” Isabel said smiling.

Max swallowed the lump in his throat, “Yeah, I would be if she wanted to be with me.”

Isabel looked at him confused. “Of course she wants to be with you.”

“She sure has a funny way of showing it.” Max snapped.

“What is wrong with you? You’ve been in the weirdest mood since the day we left for Copper Summit.”

Max cut her off by blurting out; “Liz slept with Kyle.”

“WHAT? You can’t be serious.” Isabel exclaimed.

“I am. I saw them in bed together.” He said as he pulled into their driveway.

“Oh God you actually saw them doing it?” Isabel exclaimed.

“No, it was after. I went over to try and talk her into going out with me to the Gomez concert and saw them through her window. They had a blanket covering them but I could see enough to know they didn’t have too many if any clothes on.”

“I would never think Liz would do something like that especially with Kyle. I mean I know they dated but they’ve acted like nothing more than friends since they broke up.” Isabel was mad at Liz for hurting her brother.

“She had told me that she wanted to a normal life.”

“And now we know that’s not the case. It would be laughable if it happened to anyone else.” She looked at Max and saw the pain he was in. “So what now? I mean we just found out she’s a part of us, it’s not like you can’t ever speak to her again.”

“I don’t know Iz, I just don’t know.” He said shaking his head and headed into the house.


Liz tossed and turned unable to sleep. With everything she had learned that night along with her experience with Future Max had her mind too busy to allow her to sleep. She was so confused about everything. Future Max must have known who and what she was since he had mentioned Serena. So why did he insist that Max should be with Tess?

She felt bad for lying to Maria and Michael. Maria was her best friend and Michael was her brother. She smiled at the thought of Michael being her brother. Most people might not want ‘Stonewall Guerin’ as their brother but Liz liked the idea. Despite his gruff exterior Michael was a good person. He was strong and loyal to the ones he cared about which Liz admired. He was very protective and that reminded Liz of what she always thought a brother would act like. She had also seen a loving side to him that day at the UFO Center. Even though he had broken up with Maria, she had seen he had done it to protect her. He loved her a lot just like Maria loved him.

She had also found out her parents weren’t really her parents. The person she’s always thought of, as her mother wasn’t. Her real mother had died a long time ago on another planet. And the parent she had been closest to, her father, wasn’t her father. Her father was waiting for her and Michael back on Antar. Jeff Parker might not share blood with her but she was the only father she’d ever known. He would always hold a certain place in her heart.

Liz thought about how Maria must be feeling after tonight. She had found out that her mother really wasn’t her mother and that she was an alien. Knowing Maria, she had probably gone through a whole vial of Cedar Oil by now. And Liz had just added to all that by lying to her. That thought made Liz feel even worse. According to Serena and her mom, Liz had confided in Maria in her last life too. Making a decision on what to do Liz picked up the phone and dialed Maria’s cell phone.

“Hello?” Maria answered.

“Did I wake you?”

“Are you kidding? After all the news tonight, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep for days.”

“Do you think you could come over? I need to tell you something.”

“Yeah, I’ll be over in ten minutes.” They both hung up and Liz headed out to her balcony to wait.

Part 11:
A half an hour later, Maria and Liz sat on her balcony talking. Maria had expressed how she felt about the night’s events. She was handling the news rather well. It was freaky but it felt right. Liz had started to tell her about Future Max. “Ok. So, um...right, Max...Future Max...tells me that the reason that the world comes to an end is because Tess left and was gone when their um our enemies came to Earth. And the reason she left was because Max and I got back together a few days after he came back which hadn’t happened yet. I know it's really confusing.”

“No, no, no. I'm with you. Keep going.” Maria said.

“Future Max tells me that I have to find a way to get present day Max to fall out of love with me.”

“So you slept with Kyle?”

“No, no. Not really. Future Max knew when Max was going to show up so I arranged it so Max saw Kyle and I in bed together, but nothing really happened. We were just lying there talking.”

“But Max thinks that you and Kyle...”

“Yeah, I'm sorry I lied to you.”

“No. I'm so sorry that I got so mad. I should have known that it was, you know an alien thing. So you’re still a virgin right?”

Liz smiled at how Maria had just accepted all of what she’d said; Maria had come along way since freaking out when she found out about the existence of aliens. Of course now that she found she was one probably had something to do with it. “Yeah. You?”


“Good. I don’t think I could handle finding out I’m going to be an aunt on top of everything right now.” Liz said smiling.

Maria’s eyes widened at Liz’s statement. “I think that is the weirdest thing about tonight. Finding out that Kyle is my brother is strange but not a completely foreign thing. I mean our parents are on their way to making it that way anyway. But Michael being your brother not to mention that Alex and Tess being your cousins is just weird.”

Liz nodded, “I’m more confused than anything. I mean Future Max admitted that we knew Serena so that means he must have known that I was an alien too and that we’d been married. Why didn’t he just tell me?”

“I don’t know, Liz. Maybe you should tell everyone. Now that we know everything, things will be changed.”

Liz shook her head, “No, I can’t. We don’t know if Tess is going to accept this. She’s been after Max for so long she might not just give up. I can’t risk her leaving. I can’t let my brother die because I’m being selfish and want to be with Max.”

“Well than how about we tell Michael or Serena or Nancy? I mean I think that at least one person that Max will listen to should know how powerful the granolith is. I mean I know Serena and Nancy know more than we do but they don’t know it’s capable of time travel at least not yet.”

Liz looked at her surprised by her logic. She had always gone to Maria for advice, apparently in both lives and she could see why. “I don’t want to tell my mom or Serena yet. They answer to Max and would want tell him. But you’re right, I’ll tell Michael. He’ll understand how important that Tess stays here.”

Maria jumped up and grabbed her keys from the table, “We’ll let’s go.”


“Liz, in less than two days we are leaving for New York, and you might not have a chance to get Michael alone long enough to explain everything. Plus if Michael keeps thinking that you slept with Kyle and he’s sees that you two are together than he is going to think Kyle used you. And eventually there is going to be an alien smackdown. You don’t want Michael to blast Kyle just for helping you, do you?”

Liz thought about how Michael was about to go after Kyle earlier and said, “Let’s go.”


An hour later, Michael sat on his couch wide-awake after the story he’d just been told. When he’d been awakened at one in the morning by the sound of someone knocking, he’d been pissed about being woken up. Then when he saw Liz and Maria at his door, he was worried that the skins were attacking but they laid his fears to rest. Liz had then announced to him that she had lied earlier and had given Michael the explanation as to why. He couldn’t believe she had done all of it for them. She had saved his life without him even knowing it. He was grateful to her and proud that this strong person was related to him.

“I know this is a stupid question but you’re sure it was Max?” Michael asked running his hands over his face.

Liz nodded, “I’m sure. He was older and battle worn but I know it was him, I saw it in his eyes.”

“He said Serena was there so he knew that him and Tess weren’t supposed to be together.” Michael said.

“Yeah, he mentioned Serena. That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. I’ve run everything over in my head repeatedly. I just don’t know.”

“Then we just need to sort through everything that Max said and read between the lines.” Maria stated. She had always been one to see what people were trying to say without really saying it.

“I’ve told you everything.” Liz stated.

“I’ve got an idea.” Michael said. “Would you be willing to show me?”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“Connect with me. I don’t know how much I’ll see but we can try.” Michael stated. He could see that Liz was leery of doing it. He couldn’t tell if it was sharing herself with him or if it was sharing just that visit. The prospect of it being the first one hurt him a little.

Maria and Liz looked at Michael and were surprised that he would be willing to let someone in his head. It hurt Maria a little that he was so willingly to do it with Liz and not her. But reminding herself that Liz was his sister made her feel a little better. It was something she was going to have to get used to.

“I’ll do it but are you sure?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, maybe I’ll see something that would make sense now but not at the time. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. It’ll just be a one sided connection like when Max healed you.”

Liz looked at him and could see that he thought she was scared of him. She moved from her place next to Maria to sit in front of him on the floor and took his hands. “Michael, I trust you. I just didn’t know if you’d be comfortable doing it.”

Michael gave her a half smile and closed his hands over hers. “Okay, take a deep breath…” He hadn’t had a lot of experience doing this so he was a little apprehensive. He looked into her eyes and felt the connection form.

He saw everything from the visit to the psychic to when Future Max disappeared on Liz’s rooftop. He was amazed at how much he was able to see. He thought he would probably only see a couple of flashes but everything went by him like he was there. Michael was about to end the connection but instead he could feel both him and Liz being sucked in deeper.


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Just to keep everything clear:

Siblings= Oldest-Youngest

Vilandra & Zan
Rath & Raven
Gunnar & Ava (Cousins to Rath & Raven)
Tenna & Lex


Zan & Raven: Married
Lex & Ava: Married
Rath & Tenna: Engaged
Gunnar & Vilandra: Courting or Dating

To Sarah Whitman: This story takes place before 'Meet the Dupes so Rath never kissed Liz. All of couples as well as siblings get closer as the story goes on. Especially after they see their dupes in New York.

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Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

Just to keep everything clear:

Siblings= Oldest-Youngest

Vilandra & Zan
Rath & Raven
Gunnar & Ava (Cousins to Rath & Raven)
Tenna & Lex


Zan & Raven: Married
Lex & Ava: Married
Rath & Tenna: Engaged
Gunnar & Vilandra: Courting or Dating

To Sarah Whitman: This story takes place before 'Meet the Dupes so Rath never kissed Liz. All of couples as well as siblings get closer as the story goes on. As for Isabel and Alex, Isabel is still wondering about the whole loving Kivar thing which will be cleared up in a couple of more parts. And you will find out why Isabel has always been so scared to date Alex but not any other men.

Part 12

Just as Michael was about to end the connection, he could feel both him and Liz being sucked in deeper. They both felt the connection flair up so that it was from both sides.

Michael was amazed at Liz's memories and feelings. Her love for her parents, yet the emptiness that she felt as a child, like a part of her was missing. Her love and admiration for her Grandma Claudia, the pain she felt at her death. Her love for Maria and Alex, happy that some of the emptiness was relieved when she became close to them. Her pain and fear when she was shot and her confusion when Max healed her. Her fear for Max, Isabel and himself when she found out that Valenti was searching for them. Her intense love for Max. Her fears when Michael was sick, her fear that Max would also get sick and her fear that she could not possibly help either Max or Michael. Her fear when Nasedo took her and despair when Max was captured. Her pain when she heard Max and Isabel's mother's message and how it almost broke her to walk away from him. Her feeling of loneliness over the summer. Her fear mixed with confusion when she saw a future version of Max. The hurt she felt when she found out that she had to make Max fall out of love with her or else risk the lives of her loved ones. And the pain she felt when she saw Max at the window as she and Kyle lay in bed together, as well as having to lie to Max. Her desire to tell him the truth when he confronted her in Copper Summit. Her surprise by Serena and her mother’s revelations. Her happiness at finding out that Michael was her brother. And finally the confusion of all the revelations and how they fit with what Future Max had told her.

Liz saw Michael traveling through the desert. She felt his fear when he saw the Evan's car that night and his boldness in climbing the rock and standing there, overlooking the desert. She felt his loneliness while he was at the orphanage, the empty spaces in his heart and mind that was filled some when he found Max and Isabel. His jealousy at Max and Isabel's relationship and their family life. His pain and hatred of Hank for beating him and ignoring him. His fears when he saw Liz get shot the confusion at the pain and his fear that they would be discovered. His shock when Liz showed up at his trailer to warn him about Topolosky. His love for Maria and his frustration that he could or would never be able to give her what she needed and wanted. His anger at Max for kissing Tess in front of Liz. His feelings about killing Pierce. His hurt at the thought of having to give Maria up. His sessions with Tess over the summer and learning to control his powers. His confusion when Courtney said that she thought that he would make a better leader than Max, yet the knowledge deep inside that she was wrong, and that he would never betray Max. And a feeling that it wasn’t just Max that he would be betraying if he did do it. His anxiety during his confrontation with Nicholas and relief when they escaped safely. Surprise and happiness at Serena’s announcement that Liz was his twin. Anger at Kyle because he slept with Liz. Finally his talk with Max after watching Liz hurry away from the cafe. Liz saw and felt it all.

Maria watched as Liz and Michael continued to stare at each other completely zoned out. It was taking longer than she thought and she was starting to get worried when all of a sudden she heard them both inhaled deeply and saw them shake their heads.

“Wow.” Liz said with eyes wide.

“Uhh, yeah.” Michael said. He couldn’t believe all of what he had seen and was worried about she had seen. He had never let someone in like that and he was scared she wouldn’t like what she saw. “Is that how it always is whenever you and Max have done it?”

Liz shook her head, “No, never that much. Just a couple of flashes here and there but nothing that long.”

“Are you guys okay? What happened?” Maria asked reminding them of her presence.

Michael looked at her, “I was able to see everything about future Max but when I was about to brake the connection we got sucked in deeper.”

“You mean you couldn’t control it?” Maria asked worriedly.

“No, it wasn’t Michael’s fault. It was something else, like it was supposed to happen. Have Isabel or Max ever mentioned doing something like that?” Liz asked.

“I think they might have mentioned doing something like that when they were kids. I don’t think they’ve done it in the last few years just to keep things private.” Michael said.

Maria looked at Liz and said, “So you think the same thing would happen with Alex and Tess or Kyle and I?”

Liz nodded, “Yeah, I think it’s a sibling thing. If Michael would’ve said no about Max and Isabel than I would’ve have thought it was something to do with us being twins or because getting flashes is one of our powers. I’ll talk to Mom tomorrow.” She looked at Michael, “Did the flashes of Future Max help clarify anything?”

“Yeah, a little. I think he was trying to buy us some time until Serena showed up, trying to stop Tess from leaving town. He said in his timeline that you weren’t friends with Serena for a few years. I noticed that when he mentioned that Isabel, Max, Tess and I make up a unit he paused. Like he was trying to keep from revealing too much, he did it a couple of times. I think he was right about one person missing would weaken us but instead of four it is really eight.”

“But why go to such extremes? I mean pretending to sleep with Kyle was my idea but he’s the one who said I had to make Max fall out of love with me.” Liz said sadly.

Maria plopped down next to Liz and hugged her. “I don’t care how Max might act, he still loves you. He’s just hurt.”

“He knew that Tess would leave unless she thought Liz was out of the picture. After seeing everyone die but you and him, he was desperate. He also knew that Max would never stop loving you and once he found out the truth after Serena got here you two would get back together. That’s why he mentioned you dating Kyle again. He knew that you would never feel that way about Kyle but it would be safe.” Michael said. “You did change the future for the better. What you did somehow changed things so Serena showed up sooner.”

“Max said that once we spent the night together we were inseparable. Maybe we didn’t go to Copper Summit. If that hadn’t have happened than Nicholas wouldn’t already know where we were. Then he wouldn’t have sent Kivar the message and Max’s mother wouldn’t have sent Serena.”

“What we need to do is get Tess to accept that she is supposed to be with Kyle and that she can’t leave town. Once we are sure of that, Liz can tell Max and everything will be fine.” Maria stated.

“But will Tess be with Kyle if she thinks he was with Liz?” Michael asked.

Liz shrugged, “I think she might. She didn’t act too affected by the news when we talked about it in Copper Summit. I kind of apologized for getting in the way of her and Kyle and she said that all I did was sleep with him. She even asked if he was any good.”

“Ewww, I didn’t want to hear that. Anyone having sexual thoughts or conversations about Kyle please leave me out of it.” Maria said.

Michael and Liz smiled at her, “I think Maria and Kyle have adjusted the best to this whole sibling thing.” Liz said.

“I wonder how Tess and Alex are going to be?” Michael asked.

“I think once she gets all the crap that Nasedo taught her out of her head and lets herself be human, she’ll be okay.” Liz said. “Even I have to admit she’s been better.”

Maria shook her head to clear her thoughts. She stood up, “Okay, I need to go home and get a little bit of sleep for school tomorrow. You ready Liz?”

Liz looked at Michael and decided they needed to talk more. She had a feeling he was a little unnerved about her seeing inside his head. She pulled Maria to the side and said, “I think I’m going to stay and talk to Michael a little. You know get to know him, since we haven’t been close before. Is that okay?”

Maria smiled at her friend’s concern. She figured between her and Liz they could help Michael get rid of that hardness that he had in regards to his emotions. “Yeah, it’s okay.”

Liz hugged Maria in thank you. “Michael, is it okay if I stay a little longer?” She asked him.

Michael agreed and after Maria kissed him on the cheek she left leaving brother and sister alone to talk.


I need a little help coming up with some cool alien powers. Any suggestions?


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Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

I wanted to leave you guys two parts today because I won't be able to leave another part until Monday at the earliest. These next two parts are more of Liz and Michael bonding but the group comes back in part 15. Then it's on to New York. This story is going to be a long one. I'm already at part 27 and I just got Liz and Max back together and there about to connect with the dupes. I have no idea how long this story will be.

Part 13:

Michael sat in front of Liz nervously. He wanted to be close to Liz and knew he would have to open up a little to do that. He knew she wanted to talk but he had never been good with expressing himself. Maria was the only one who really understood him.

“Michael, Michael.” Liz said trying to get his attention.

Michael’s head snapped up, “Sorry, spaced out for a minute.”

“It’s okay. I just wanted to ask you something.” Liz said.


“Do you feel different? I mean since we connected it’s like …I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Like you can sense me?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, you too?”

“Yeah, I think it’s because of us connecting. Like what you said earlier about us being siblings. Max and Isabel feel the same way. They can sense each other. Not at great distances or anything or we would have known sooner where Pierce took Max but they can. It’s like a sibling bond, I guess.”

Liz smiled, “That’s cool.”

Her smile was infectious, and Michael caught himself smiling. “Yeah, it is.”

“I know you don’t like that I saw your memories but I’m glad we connected.”

Michael signed in relief. She didn’t seem to be turned off by whatever memories she’d seen. “Me, too.”

“It makes me feel closer to you. I mean we’ve known each other since we were little but we’ve never been close.”

Michael nodded. “I know what you mean.” Thinking about some of the flashes he’d seen he said, “Liz, there are a couple of things I want to say. I’m sure Maria has told you how hard it is for me to talk about stuff so don’t interrupt okay?”

“I won’t.”

“First I want to say that I’m sorry, for a lot of things. I know I was hateful to you after he healed you and I wanted to say I was sorry. I wasn’t mad because he saved you; it was because he did it in such a public way. I also wanted to say I’m sorry for holding Max back that day. I should have let him go after you. I felt how much it hurt to walk away from him.”

Michael paused for a breath as Liz sat stunned. “Michael…”

“Hold on I’m not done. The last thing I want to say is thank you. You gave up a life with Max to save us and took all the responsibility on your shoulders. You’re a strong person and I’m glad you’re my sister.”

Liz heard the sincerity in his voice and felt tears come to her eyes. “Thank you, Michael. For opening up to me, I know it was hard.”
Before Michael could push her off, Liz hugged him. He tensed up for a minute then relaxed. This is what he always wanted to know his family.

“I have another favor to ask you Michael.” Liz said.


“Tomorrow after the meeting but before we go to work can you take me to see the Granolith? I want to see it.” Liz asked.

“I’ll take you. But you’ll have to go with me to see Courtney.” Michael agreed and they continued talking for a few more hours. They talked about what they had seen in each other’s flashes and how they felt about Maria and Max. Liz told gave him advice on how to make up the whole Courtney situation to Maria. Liz also told him what she had learned about his powers and she thought that she could do it. It took several tries but she was finally able to manipulate with ease. She learned how to do locks easily as well as heating water and changing colors. After practicing they ended up falling asleep on his floor.

Liz woke up in time for Michael to take a quick shower before they both got on his bike and he took her home. Liz got ready quickly and Michael followed on his bike when Maria showed up to give Liz a ride to school. They told Maria of their trip to the Granolith and she offered the Jetta to them since Maria had to work right after the meeting. The day seemed to last forever and when the final bell rang all eight of them headed over to Michael’s apartment to meet Serena and settle traveling plans.

Everyone noticed a new sense of closeness between Michael and Liz but no one asked. This was a good thing since they knew that the others would want to know why they connected and they wouldn’t be able to explain. There was tension in the room. Max and Isabel were upset with Liz because of the Kyle incident, which they were also upset with Kyle about. Max was jealous because of the new closeness between Michael and Liz. Michael was upset at the way Max was treating Liz. Liz still wasn’t entirely comfortable around Tess especially when she sat so close to Max. Alex was the only one who seemed to be on good terms with everyone. The animosity in the group was not an ideal setting for the upcoming trip but they had no choice. Max started the meeting by asking Alex if he had found anything.

“Yeah, I was able to get nine tickets on a flight early tomorrow but I wasn’t able to get them all together. They’re split up. We’ll have to decide on the groupings. There is one group of two, one group of four and one group of three.”

Knowing that he wanted to sit with Maria and Liz, not to mention keep Liz away from Max Michael spoke up, “Why don’t we brake up by siblings?”

“Yeah, it’ll give us some bonding time.” Maria added.

“What about me?” Serena asked.

Thinking she could ask Serena a couple of questions, Isabel offered. “Max and I were the only ones to grow up together so we don’t need the same time as you guys. I’ll sit with you in the two seater.”

“Then Kyle, me, Michael and Liz will take the four group.” Maria said. She gave Alex a look of apology that he wasn’t going to be sitting with them but Liz wanted to convince Kyle to keep up the lie. Not to mention they wanted to see how he was coping with everything.

Alex nodded to show her he understood. He didn’t know how he felt about spending time with Tess. She had always in someway been an enemy of sorts because Liz was his best friend. Now he found out that same person was his sister. “Then Max, Tess, and I’ll take the three one. Now that that settled where are we going to stay?” Alex asked Max.

Max scowled at the thought of Liz sitting with Kyle during the whole trip but shook it off when he heard Alex’s question. “Since we’ll be getting there early I think we should scout out the city as best we can. Once Serena is able to get a general location, we get a room close to it. I think we should do a little surveillance before we approach them. We don’t know if they know about us and if they don’t then they might perceive us as a threat.”

“What about all of your parents? How many do I need to warp?” Tess asked. She was surprised to find herself looking forward to the plane ride sitting next to Alex. Nasedo had always told her that she had a brother and she had always wanted to know him. Granted she had thought that person was Michael but she was kind of glad to find out that it wasn’t. Michael was too moody for her. Isabel had always told her what a great guy Alex was but Tess had always ignored him. She hoped he would forgive her and they could get to know each other.

“Well the Sheriff, and the Parkers know the truth as to where we are going so that only leaves Ms. Deluca, the Whitmans and Iz and I’s parents. We’ll just keep it simple. Liz’s aunt Serena agreed to put us up for a couple of days. Mrs. Parker said she would cover so they can talk to her if they need to. Everyone who has a cell phone will keep them on so they can get a hold of us if necessary. If that’s all I think we should head for home and start packing. Plan to be gone the whole week and remember it’s going to be cold there.”

“It’ll take Isabel forever to pack.” Michael said rolling his eyes. The comment earned him a glare from Isabel.

“We’ll meet here at 9 o’clock.” Max said looking at Michael to make sure it was okay.

“Umm, actually we better meet at the Crashdown.” Max looked at him questionably. “I talked to Nancy and she thought it’d look better if she and Mr. Parker each drove a car full to the airport.” He didn’t mention that he was staying there that night. Nancy and Liz had thought it would be better since he had to close and would be up late. Liz also made some crack about him not being easy to wake up and said if he spent the night then he would at least be on time. Maria was going to stay too but she would be in Liz’s room while he manned the couch. Nancy had planned on helping the girls a little with learning their powers. Nothing big just working on manipulating.

“Alright, then 9 o’clock at the Crashdown.”

I'm not really happy with this part but I wanted Liz to see the Granolith since it had such a big impact on her life Part 14:

Michael parked the Jetta at the bottom of the rock formation that contained the pod chamber. He and Liz climbed up the side and Michael went to open the hidden door but Liz stopped him. “Let me try.”

Michael nodded. Liz waived her hand and the silver handprint appeared. She did a little jump of joy and pressed her hand on it. The door slid open allowing them entrance. Liz went first heading to the center of the chamber and looked around. She hadn’t been there since last spring and she hadn’t been able to really explore the chamber. She’d been a little preoccupied getting her heart ripped out by Max’s destiny well what they thought was his destiny.

“You okay?” Michael asked. He could see that being in the podchamber was affecting her.

“Yeah, just the last time I was here isn’t the most pleasant of memories.” She gave him a smile to reassure him that she was okay then explored the chamber more. She walked over to the four pods and looked at one of the higher ones. “This was yours, wasn’t it?”

Michael looked at her surprised, “How did you know?”

“I can feel it. It’s like how I feel you through our connection. I could just sense it.” Liz explained as she reached up to touch it. When she did she instantly got a flash.

An infant Michael floating weightlessly in the pod.
The outer membrane of the pod starting to break.
A six year old Michael breaking through and landing on the floor of the chamber.
**End of Flashes**

Liz took a deep breath as she came out of the flash trance. She stepped back only almost falling only to have Michael grabbed her. “What happened?’ He asked worriedly.

“I got a flash. I saw you as a baby, I saw the pod starting to break down, and then I saw you breaking through. I saw you being born.”
Liz explained.

“Could you control it?” Michael asked.

Liz shook her head. “I didn’t even mean to do it. But I did feel a surge of power like when I use my powers to manipulate things.” Liz said as Michael reached up to touch the pod. As he touched it he got the same flashes as Liz. She could tell that he had gotten flashes and asked, “Has that ever happened?”

Michael shook his head, “No, but I’ve never actually touched it before. I wonder if the same thing would happen if we touched your pod.”

“Probably. When we get back from the trip we’ll have to have my mom show us where they are exactly.”

“Let’s try the others.” Michael stated.

They each touched the other three pods to see what would happen. Michael didn’t get anything but Liz got a short one from Max’s of him breaking out of the pod. They determined it must be because of the connection the two of them shared.

“Come on, I’ll show you the granolith now.” Michael crawled through one of the bottom pods with Liz following him. When she stood up, she saw that she was in a chamber with metal walls. The room was bathed in purple light and in the center of the room was a cone shaped that the light seemed to come from.

“I don’t know what I expected but I never imagined it would look like this.” She said in awe.

“We haven’t been able to figure out what it is. Of course we haven’t had a lot of time to do anything.” Michael stated.

“Well whatever it is, it’s powerful. And we can’t let the Skins get it.”

“Don’t worry. We won’t.” Michael stated. The two of them left shortly after to talk to Courtney and go to work.


Courtney opened her apartment door and was surprised to see Michael. “Hey Michael, what’s up?’

“I wanted to see how the new husk was working out and we came to ask a favor.” Michael said.

“It works fine.” Courtney answered then realized what Michael had said. “We?”

It was then that Liz came out from behind Michael. “We.”

“I didn’t see you there Liz.”

“No I doubt you did since you seem to only pay attention to my brother. You’re lucky I wasn’t Maria.” Liz said snidely. She had never like Courtney, and her recent actions towards Michael didn’t improve her status.

Michael tried to keep the smile off of his face as he watched Liz give Courtney the evil eye. She was trying to take care of him and make sure that Courtney knew that she didn’t stand a chance against Maria. Courtney didn’t act too surprised by Liz’s actions. “You always did have to butt into his life.”

Michael and Liz noticed that Courtney didn’t seem surprised by Liz calling Michael her brother. They both figured Courtney had known who the other four were all along. Knowing that Courtney had still gone after Michael knowing that he was with Maria in both life times made Liz mad. “You’re just upset that you can’t try to seduce him while I’m here.” She said stepping in front of the taller female alien but not letting her height intimidate her.

Michael finally decided to intercede before Liz pissed Courtney off too much and she would be unwillingly to help. “We’ve heard that Nicholas is going to come after us within the next month. We’re going to be out of town for a little while so we were hoping you could keep an eye out for anyone from Copper Summit.”

Courtney nodded, “Sure. How will I let you know if I find someone?”

“Tell Mrs. Parker. She knows what’s going on and she’ll be able to reach us.” They had decided to keep Nancy’s protector status a secret. “By the way she said you could have your job back if you want it. With Maria and Liz gone, the café will need the help.”

Liz could see the jealousy in Courtney’s face at the reminder that Maria would be gone with Michael. “I’ll go in later and talk to her about it.”

“Thanks Courtney. We need to get going so we can start our shifts. See you later.” He made his way out of the apartment but Liz lagged behind. She looked at Courtney and said, “Thank you for your help. Michael trusts you and that’s enough for me. But leave him alone. He loves Maria and no one else. Remember that.”

“And if I don’t.” Courtney challenged.

“I don’t know what I was like in my last life but if I was anything like I am now then you know I will do anything to make my family happy.” She answered before leaving the apartment.


Let me know what you all think about this part.

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True Identities

Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

Here are the next two parts. I hope you guys like them because I'm not too sure about them.

Part 15:

The next day’s plans went off with no problem. Everyone arrived on time and they were in the air on their way to New York in no time. They’d been in the air about an hour when Isabel finally got up the nerve to ask Serena about her past live.

“What can you tell me about Vilandra?”

“Vilandra was her mother’s daughter. She was beautiful, graceful, and did everything a proper princess should.” Serena said.

“And she loved Gunnar?” Isabel asked thinking about Whitacker telling her that she had been in love with Kivar.

Serena nodded, “Very much. She was worried that someone would never want her for anymore than her position or to get in her father or brother’s good graces. When Raven recommended Gunnar to King Noel and Zan, and he was brought to work in the palace, Gunnar, and her became close friends. He was there for her when the King died and consoled her. She finally couldn’t deny him and he started to court her.”

“So she was happy?”

Serena nodded. “Very much.”

Isabel thought about what Serena had said. Could Whitacker and Nicholas been lying to her? Or could she have been involved with Kivar and no one at the palace knew?

“Max filled me in on your rescue of Tess and the destruction of the husks at Copper Summit but I thought you might tell me in your own words. Since you were there.”

Isabel told her everything minus the references to her betrayal that had been told to her. “Did Nicholas say anything to you about Kivar?” Serena asked.

“Why do you ask?” Isabel asked curiously.

“Well Kivar was obsessed with Vilandra. He tried to talk both King Zan and King Noel into giving him her hand in marriage but they wouldn’t force her to marry anyone that she didn’t love. He was furious about the rejection and tried at every opportunity to sway her heart but she was unaffected.”

“What happened?” Isabel asked.

“After the war had been going on for awhile, Kivar sent notice that he wanted to talk peace. His conditions were that he would only talk terms to Vilandra. Vilandra felt she owed it to her people to talk to him and try to end the war but King Zan wouldn’t hear of it. Vilandra with Queen Raven’s help convinced him it was the only way to stop the war. Tenna accompanied her and they set off. But as you can guess, it was a trap. Kivar just used it as an excuse to get her and held them against their will. He even went so far as to give Tenna to Nicholas. The rest of the court was furious especially when Kivar started sending out propaganda saying that Vilandra had agreed to be his wife and she had consented to be there. Anyone who knew her knew it wasn’t true. Wanting both of the girls safe, Zan decided to lead the rescue mission. Rath didn’t even argue neither did Gunnar or Lex not until Queen Raven and Ava insisted on going. They wanted to help rescue their friends and Raven felt horrible that she had talked Zan into letting his sister go. You could hear the argument she had with the king and her brother echo through every hallway in the palace. She ended up having Ava warp them into thinking they were regular soldiers until it was too late to send them back.” Serena smiled at how stubborn and strong her queen was, just like her brother. She looked over to where Liz sat. From what Nancy had told her, Liz was just like Raven.

“They rescued them easily, too easily. On the way to the palace Kivar and Nicholas were waiting and the rescue party was attacked. They were outnumbered and the whole court was killed even Vilandra. Kivar was furious, he hadn’t intended on her getting killed but she got caught in the crossfire. She had jumped in front of Gunnar to stop him from being killed at least for a few more minutes. Kivar displayed the bodies to show the people that he was in power. It was then that one of the protectors was able to gather enough of your essences to give to the Queen mother to recreate you. She had escaped the palace before Kivar came and was on one of the other five planets in hiding. She had you and your decoys recreated and sent here.”

“So I didn’t betray him.” Isabel said not even realizing that she had said it out loud.

“Why do you think that?” Serena asked.

“Vanessa and Nicholas both told me that I was in love with Kivar and that I betrayed Max to be with him. They said I belonged with them. I couldn’t remember anything so I didn’t know if they were telling the truth. I was so ashamed that I never told anyone.” Isabel explained.

Serena could see how the secret she had been carrying had affected her. “They told you lies Isabel. They were trying to get you to Kivar. If he was to marry you it would secure his thrown even more not to mention weaken the court. None of it was true. Your memories are inside of you. Someday you’ll remember.”

“Thank you Serena. You don’t know how happy you’ve made me.” Isabel said gratefully. She reclined her seat and closed her eyes so she could think. She had told Serena the truth, she was happy. She wanted to jump up in the middle of the plane and scream that she wasn’t the traitor that she thought she was. She looked over at where Max was sitting with Alex and Tess and smiled. She had been involved with Alex in her last life. It helped her come to terms with some of her feelings.

Isabel had never told anyone but she had always been drawn to Alex. It was never as strong as the pull to Liz that Max explained but maybe that was because they had been married where as Alex and Isabel hadn’t. That pull was why Isabel had always kept Alex at arms length, it had scared her. She hadn’t felt that way with any other guy so she had stuck to dating them. She didn’t know what that pull meant but now she did. She had been with him before and was supposed to be with him again.

Now that she finally had an answer about that pull she felt she could finally let herself go and open up to him. Not because she was supposed to but because she wanted to.

“So you’ll keep lying?” Liz asked as she took a drink of her orange juice spiked with Tobasco. Since she had started using her powers to manipulate things she had picked up the alien dietary quirk.

Kyle nodded, “Yeah, but you owe me.”

“I’m sorry I can’t tell you why we’re lying but I can’t. It’s something I have to do.” Liz said.

“How about we help you attract the attention of a certain short blonde we know?” Maria offered. When Kyle looked at her curiously Maria rolled her eyes, “Don’t even try to lie and say you don’t want Tess.”

“If she thinks I slept with Liz and that we’re together, I doubt anything will help.” Kyle said. “I mean we’ve talked the last couple of nights and it’s been nice but I don’t know if she feels anything for me.” He wanted to be with Tess but not just because they were supposed to be, he wanted her to come to him on her own not because of destiny.

“She doesn’t care about us supposedly sleeping together. She thinks it was just sex. And we’ll make sure that she sees that we’re not together.” Liz explained.

“Yeah, Valenti. It’s not like you’re not known around school for sleeping with girls.” Michael said which earned him a slap from both Maria and Liz.

“Hey! That hurt.” He yelped loud enough to attract the attention of several people around them.

“You deserve it. Don’t say things like that when there is even a remote chance that she’ll over hear you. God, sometimes you can be so dense.” Maria scolded.

“Stop it you two. And Michael, Maria’s right. Don’t say stuff like that. Girls don’t want to be reminded about any ex-girlfriends or ex-lovers.” Liz stated. “Listen Kyle, just keep working on being her friend and see where it takes you.” The two girls then started giving Kyle pointers on how to handle Tess.

Part 16:

Tess looked over at where Liz, Maria, Michael and Kyle were laughing. Max was asleep and Tess decided now was a good time to try and talk to Alex. “Looks like they’re having a good time.” She commented to Alex.

“Yep, it looks like Maria’s idea about bonding time was a good one.” Alex said looking back. Trying to strike up a conversation he said, “So it must be weird living with Kyle.”

“Kind of. I’ve only ever lived with Nasedo and sometimes he’d leave for a couple of days at a time so it’s weird having someone around all of the time. It’s nice.”

“I bet it got kind of lonely.” Alex said sympathetically knowing how it felt.

“Yeah, it was. He tried to prepare me as much as possible but you never quite get used to it.”

“No, you never do. We have a lot in common. My parents were never home so I spent a lot of time alone too. I was lucky after I moved to Roswell though Maria and Liz’s parents didn’t mind me being over there a lot.”

“Nasedo never really let me have friends. He said I couldn’t be bothered by humans. That’s why I pursued meeting Max, Isabel, and Michael so hard when I first got here. He used to fill my head with stories about things I remembered like how much my husband used to love me, how close I was to my brother.”

“Me.” Alex said.

“Well at the time I thought it was Michael. I tried to get close to him by helping him work on his powers but it didn’t work. I could tell he didn’t really trust me so I never told him that he was my brother. He was different then I remember. Of course now I know it wasn’t him.” She turned to face him “Alex, I know you don’t like me. I can’t blame you. I mean when I came to town I was nasty to you and some of the stuff I did hurt one of your best friends who I just found out was my cousin. I know it doesn’t excuse what I did but you have to know I was just acting on what I’d been taught since I hatc… ehh was found.”

“I understand. How are you doing with all of this? I mean finding out the truth.” Alex asked. It was weird talking to Tess but he found himself warming up to her. Of course Alex was a friendly person in general.

Tess shrugged. “Okay I guess. I saw the missing pages and I know Serena and Mrs. Parker are protectors so they wouldn’t lie to Max. But everything I was told and led to believe isn’t true or at least a different version of what is real.”

“You’re feeling like I did when I found out I was adopted and even now. I was sixteen when I learned I was adopted. For fourteen years I was raised to believe I was my parents biological son. Then I find out that they weren’t and they tell me my real parents couldn’t take care of me so they took me in. Then a year later I find out that it wasn’t really my parents that couldn’t take care of me. But my guardians and that they did it to protect me so that my sister and me can find a way home to our real parents. The best thing about all of this is finding out that the people I’ve felt the most comfortable around are just like me and in a way we make up our own family. Granted right now it’s a dysfunctional one but still a family.”

Tess eyes’ widen at Alex’s statement. “Wow, you really do understand how I feel.”

“We all do Tess. Everyone’s lives have been changed by what we found out.”

“I wish I knew what we know now when I came to town. Maybe everything wouldn’t be such a mess within the group. I know my coming to town brought all of the trouble into the group, it’s why you all hate me.”

“We don’t hate you Tess. We just don’t know you; you never gave us the opportunity. Give us a chance. Once we get to know you, everyone will understand why you were like you were before. It’s just like starting over.” Alex stuck out his hand, “Hello, I’m Alex Whitman.”

Tess smiled at Alex. He was being so sweet to her, now wonder Isabel liked to be around him. She took his hand and shook it. “Hello Alex, I’m Tess Harding your sister.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Tess, why don’t you tell me about yourself.”


THe next part they arrive in New York. And they get their first glimpses of their dupes. Wonder how different they will be? I will say that they are all loyal to each other so Lonnie won't betray Zan or anything.

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True Identities

Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

Okay the original dupes look the same just in case I do a bad job of describing them.

Part 17:

“Come on, Max. I’m starving.” Alex complained.

“Alex we just ate on the plane.” Kyle said.

“That was like three hours ago. Just stop at one of these sandwich shops. I’ll run in and be out in five minutes.” Alex begged. Once the group landed, they set about getting their luggage and the rental car. After leaving the airport they drove through New York until the locator was able to give them a general location. Their dupes’ communicator was with five miles of where they were. That was when Alex started complaining about being hungry.

“Max, you might as well stop. I need to go to the bathroom anyway.” Maria stated.

Max sighed heavily and pulled over. “Fine. You’ve got five minutes. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover.”

Maria rolled her eyes and hoped Max would get out of this bad mood soon. Granted he had a reason to be in a bad mood but he didn’t have to take it out on everyone. She followed Alex into the deli and headed to the bathroom.

After getting his sandwich, Alex was walking over to the door to wait for Maria when he heard, “Gunnar!”

Recognizing his name in his past life he turned to see a rather rough looking guy with piercings and tattoos walking towards him. “Hey man, what’s with the cornball look?” The guy asked.

“What?” Alex asked a little harshly.

“Sorry man, just meant that you look different. I almost didn’t think it was you.” He said smiling. Alex could see a tattoo on his arm that said ‘Cole’. Alex figured that was his name and he assumed he knew his dupe. He decided to play along in the hopes to find out some information.

“It’s alright. I’m just kind of out of you know. Didn’t get much sleep last night.” Alex said.

“If I had Lonnie in my bed, I wouldn’t get much sleep either.” ‘Cole leered. “Listen I gotta bounce but I wanted to tell you I gave a friend of mine one of the cards Zan gave me for the shop. He saw the work Rath did on me and was impressed so he’ll be over.”

“Umm, thanks man.” Alex said appreciatively not having a clue what he was talking about. “Hey do have any more cards? Some one asked me for one earlier but I forgot to grab any.”

“Yeah, here.” ‘Cole’ handed him one from his wallet. “See ya.” He said and headed out the door.

Alex looked down at the card. It said, ‘Metallic Image’ underneath the scripted writing it said tattoo and body piercing shop.

“Whatcha got there?” Maria asked as she walked up.

“A lead, I hope. Come on, I think our five minutes are up.” They both headed out and got in the rental van.

“God Maria I was starting to think you fell in.” Isabel exclaimed.

Before Maria could retort, Alex said, “Hey guys listen. I was inside, this guy came up to me, and I think he knows my dupe. I mean I know he does. He thought I was him.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. It can’t be that easy.” Kyle exclaimed.

“Did you find out anything?” Max asked ignoring Kyle.

“From what I could gather, I think our dupes are going by our old names. And they work here or at least a couple of them do.” Alex said handing Max the card.

“It looks like a place to start. Good work Alex.” Max said as he pulled out a map to figure out where the shop was. Once he did they went to investigate their only lead.


They were now parked across the street from the tattoo shop watching it. Ten minutes ago Max had sent Serena in to check it out since none of them could go inside. As they watched, a silver two door sporty car pulled up next to the shop.

“OH MY GOD.” Maria gasped as she caught a glimpse of its passengers. Her statement caught the attention of the others and they looked to see what had made her have such a reaction. They followed her line of sight and saw for the first time two of the dupes, Liz and Maria’s to be exact. Looking at them they saw that Serena was right when she said they wouldn’t be exactly like the Roswell eight. Maria’s dupes blond hair was pulled into a multitude of different color braids. It also looked like she had several piercings on her face as well as heavy makeup. She wore a green tube top, a pair of tight black leather pants and a black leather jacket. Liz’s dupe hair was streaked in a dark red color and was down to her waist. When she stepped out of the car they noticed she didn’t have a coat on and they could see she wore a similar outfit but had on a baby tee rather than the tube top. The shirt had short sleeves and left her midriff exposed. This allowed them to see a tattoo on her arm as well as what looked like another one by her navel. She was too far away for them to make out any detail of the tattoos. She reached into the car, which showed another tattoo on her lower back, and pulled out a long black coat.

Everyone was so busy watching the two girls who looked so much but so different than Liz and Maria that they didn’t notice that someone was heading toward them. The guy twirled Liz’s dupe around and pinned her to the car with a kiss. She kissed him back hungrily and he pulled her legs around his hips in the attempt to get closer to her. When they finally broke apart they could see that it was Max’s dupe and he was decked out in the same way as the girls. His hair was long and spiked, had a goatee and piercings as well. His black shirt was sleeveless and they could see that tattoos ran up and down his arms including the four square symbol. He had on black baggy pants and heavy boots. He was the complete opposite of Max.

“Evans, I never knew you could look like such a badass.” Kyle quipped. Max glared at him but Kyle only smiled.

They continued to watch the three dupes as they talked. “Look at them. They’re us but not us. They look so different.” Liz stated.

Max watched Liz’s dupe giving his dupe affection and it was easy to see the love she felt for him on her face. It made him mad that Liz didn’t want him like that. She was the only person he ever loved, apparently in two life times but she didn’t love him back. “Looks aren’t the only thing that’s different.” He said bitterly.

Liz could see the anger in Max’s eyes and knew what he was implying. She too had seen the love between their dupes and wished that her and Max could be like that again. She missed him. The feel of his arms around her, his soft lips on hers or the way he played with her hair, she craved all of it. She felt her hand being squeezed and she looked down to see Maria’s hand in hers. She looked at her friend and saw a look of reassurance. She smiled her thanks before turning back to continue watching. As the three dupes walked into the shop Serena walked out. She looked at the three before she made her way over to them and climbed in.

“What did you find out?” Max asked.

“As I’m sure you saw, they are a rowdy bunch. The rest are inside. From what I gathered they don’t only work there, they own the whole shop.”

“How can they own their own business? They’re too young.” Liz stated trying to not meet Max’s stare.

“I don’t know but they do according to Ava. It seems to be a very popular shop. Oh, and another thing. Alex is right and they are going by your past life names.”

“So we saw Tenna, Raven, and Zan?” Maria said more than asked. “I wonder what Rath looks like.” She said coyly as she looked at Michael who rolled his eyes.

“You’ll get your chance because we’re going to keep watching for a little longer. I want to get a feel for them before we approach them.” Max stated.

Next part following.

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Part 18:

Over the next several hours they watched the shop until finally it closed. Ten minutes later, all eight of the dupes emerged. The other five were a shock to see them although not as much as the first three. All of them also had piercings and tattoos as well along with similar outfits of different garments of leather and baggy clothes.

“This is just weird.” Tess said as she eyed her dupe. Tess’s dupe had chin length hair with pink and purple streaks and wore heavy makeup as well. She was in a short skirt and an almost see through sweater.

“Can you imagine what my mom would do if she saw me looking like that.” Isabel added. Isabel’s dupe had short hair that was a combination of blonde and brown highlights. She had on bracelets of leather and studs. Her shirt was a half tanktop that barely covered her. She was definitely the opposite of Isabel.

“I don’t think I could ever wear my hair longer than yours, Izzy.” Alex’s dupe had chin length hair that had purple streaks running through it. Alex had never even thought about getting his ear pierced but there his dupe was with several piercings in his ear and nose.
He wore his clothes baggy like Alex did, a black long sleeve shirt and army pants.

“It’s like an alien Twilight Zone.” Kyle said. Kyle’s dupe definitely did not have the all-American athlete image that Kyle had. Not with short spiked hair that had platinum tips, tattoos, and piercings in his eyebrow, lip, nose and ears. He wore a pair of ripped up jeans with an army green shirt with combat boots.

“But you know what? No matter which version of Spaceboy you’re looking at they always do something funky with their hair.” Maria commented as she looked over Michael’s dupe. His wild hair stood up in a Mohawk and he had long sideburns that joined a full beard.

“Hey, don’t knock the hair.” Michael said.

“Must be in the genetics. Glad I didn’t get any of those genes.” Liz joked as she shoved her brother slightly.

“Well I’m glad I didn’t get whatever makes you always have to a plan. It’s really annoying.” Michael said jokingly.

“Yeah, like your do it now, figure it out later method is any less annoying.” Maria said.

The others watched the three’s playful banter and wondered again when they had become so close. They were used to Maria and Michael as well as Maria and Liz but not Liz and Michael. Although he knew Michael was her brother, Max still felt jealous of the closeness between them. They had bonded and Max felt like an outsider. It occurred to him that this was how Michael felt when he was around Max and Isabel. He saw their dupes getting into several different cars and he said, “Let’s follow them.” They only drove a short distance before the dupes’ cars went down into a street level garage. The building above it appeared to be an apartment building. “This must be where they live.”

“Well since we know where they live and where they work why don’t we find a place to stay so we can get cleaned up?” Maria asked.

Max looked unwillingly to do it until Isabel spoke up, “She’s right Max. We can’t all stay in this van until we decide to approach them.”

Tess pointed to the building across the street and said, “That place has a sign that says rooms for rent. Maybe we could get a room that overlooks their building.”

“Okay, Tess Serena come with me.” Max ordered.


A short time later, they had their rooms. The rooms were bigger than average hotel rooms. They were more like mini apartments one with two bedrooms the other with three. The two rooms were across from each other and they were lucky enough to get one that faced the street. They were all gathered in the living room of that one to discuss their plans.

“We’re keep a constant watch over them by working in shifts. Each sibling pairing will take a shift. Agreed?” They all nodded.

“Now the room arrangements don’t matter except that I don’t expect Serena to share. You can break up by sexes, siblings, or couples, doesn’t matter. If you go into someone’s room, make sure you knock so that they can let you know if you’re interrupting anything.” Max glared at Kyle and Liz at the last part.

Liz lowered her eyes to avoid the look and jumped up to grab her bags as she fled to the other room.

Michael watched his sister run from the room and motioned to Maria to follow her. When she left and the others got up to move around he approached Max. “That was uncalled for Max.”


“The little comment you just made. You did it on purpose to hurt Liz. Just like the one earlier when we saw Zan and Raven together.”

Max rubbed his hands over his face. “It was a shock seeing them together seeing how we’re supposed to be. When I saw them, the image of Liz and Kyle in bed together flashed through my mind and I wanted to hurt her the same way she hurt me. That night I felt like my heart was ripped out.”

Michael could see what the situation was doing to Max. He wanted to tell him but he had promised Liz and had to wait to see what would happen with Tess. “Max, she’s hurting too.”

Max’s head snapped out and he looked angry. “Is she? Well then she shouldn’t have slept with him. You know even after I saw them, I couldn’t believe it. I confronted her about it.”

“In Copper Summit, I know.”

Max looked surprised. “She told you?”

Thinking about the flashes he’d gotten, Michael said, “Sort of. I know you yelled at her that she was lying, and you demanded that she tell you the truth. When she didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear, you left.”

“Why would she tell you all of that?” Max asked amazed. “I mean, I can see her talking to Maria but not you.”

“Let’s just say we’ve discovered our sibling bond. Now I want to go check on her but I wanted to tell you to stop hurting her on purpose.” Michael turned and headed for the room his sister and girlfriend were in.

When Liz walked into the other apartment she went into the nearest bedroom and flung herself onto the bed. As she felt the tears coming to her eyes she rolled over on her back in the attempt to fight them back. She felt the bed shift and looked over to see Maria. Maria leaned over and started stroking her hair soothingly.

“I hate this, Maria. I mean, I’ve never seen him like this.”

“I know Chica. He’s just hurting.”

“And it’s my fault. I’ve changed him.” She let the tears fall freely. She only stopped when she heard Michael clear his throat from the doorway.

Liz wiped her tears away, “Hey Michael.”

“You, okay?” Michael knew she wasn’t but didn’t know what to say.

“Yeah, I’m just feeling sorry for myself.”

“Well how about we get out of here and go find some dinner?” Michael offered. Liz needed to get away from Max for a little while.

Liz and Maria both smiled and agreed. Alex joined them and they headed out.

BTW BOth sets will meet up in the next part. ____________________________________________

I hate to do this to all of you but I'm going to take a break from this story for a little while maybe a week. I got another crossover story idea into my head and I've been neglecting this one. I tried to write more to this story but it felt too forced and I didn't like what I wrote. I'm sorry. I hope you guys can forgive me.

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Just wanted to let you all know I appreciate the feedback.

I wanted to let you know that Max will quit acting like an a** but not for a few more chapters. I will tell you that Liz decides to tell him and later everyone else after a large 'blowup' fight.

To pandas2001: I have been working on the third part of my 'Family' series but that's not the one I mentioned nor is the onther idea I came up with before. I tried to write that one but it ended up coming out very much like 'A Secret Family'. The story I am writing is different than any other one I've written. Liz is not an X5 and it is not a dreamer fic.

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True Identities

Author: LittleBit
Rating: Not sure but maybe up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I use some parts of episodes but no infringement is intended.
Category: CC but most Liz centered.
Summary: Response to Challenge made by BellaDina. Set after the Harvest (Forget any comments at the end of the episode that clashes with the story) someone new in town delivers a warning and tells them some news.

Okay guys this next part is really short. I'm sorry. I tried to write more to this story over the weekend but it's just not coming to me. I know how I want to write it after they go back to Roswell but I can't figure out how they should say good bye to the dupes when they leave.

For all the fans of my 'Family' series-I worked on it this weekend. I've got quite a few chapters written and am anxiously waiting to get home to write more. I hope to post the first chapter of it this week.

To all Dreamers: Max finds out in Part 27.

To ISLANDGIRL5: Thanks for letting me know I did a good job with the 'human' dupes. Their descriptions took me forever to figure out.

Okay I've rambled enough here you go:

Part 19:

The next night Max and Isabel sat quietly watching the dupes’ building. They had watched the dupes all last night and that day. They had decided to try and approach them tomorrow. Things had been tense all day with all nine of them there. It was why Michael, Alex, Maria, and Liz had gone out again.

Max looked over at where Kyle and Tess were playing cards and felt a surge of anger at Kyle’s obvious flirting. It wasn’t that he cared that it was Tess, after all they were only friends. What made him mad was that Kyle had been with Liz less than a week ago and he was already moving on to Tess. Isabel’s voice pulled his attention back to his task. “Max, they’re leaving.”

Max looked down and saw that the eight dupes were indeed leaving. “Come on, let’s go.”

They told Kyle and Tess the situation who decided to go with them and yelled to Serena that they were leaving. They followed the group for several blocks before they saw them going into a dance club. Max took one look at the loud busy club and decided they should try to follow.


Maria was enjoying herself. After dinner, they’d been walking back when they came upon a lively looking club. Alex and Liz had agreed to go in but Michael took some convincing. It wasn’t until Maria mentioned that Liz needed to relax that he caved. Now they’d been there over an hour dancing their hearts out except Michael who was guarding their table.

Liz watched as Maria moved to leave the dance floor before the next song started. She had mentioned something about trying to get Michael to dance. Liz was having a good time and glad she had agreed with Maria. She recognized the song as an alternative one that Alex listened to called Dragula. It had a loud beat and she started hopping up and down with Alex and the other people around them.

She was enjoying it so much she didn’t notice that she had gotten separated from Alex. She turned around trying to find him but couldn’t. She had gotten completely turned around and decided to try and head for the table. She used her connection to Michael to help her figure which direction he was. As she made her way someone bumped into her hard sending her colliding into a dancing couple. Before she hit the floor she felt a pair of strong arms catch her and pull her back to her feet. She turned to thank the couple but stopped when her eyes locked on an identical pair of brown eyes as well as a set of hazel one’s she knew too well.


Michael finally gave in to Maria and was about to head for the dance floor when he saw Max and Isabel. He waved to them and they made their way over. “I thought you two were on surveillance duty?” He asked.

“We were. They came in here about an hour ago.” Max said. “Isabel, Kyle, Tess, and I decided to follow them.”

“We better get Alex and Liz off the dance floor before they’re spotted.” Michael said just as Alex walked up. He saw the worried expression on Alex’s face. “Where’s Liz?”

“I don’t know. We got separated. I couldn’t find her so I thought maybe she came back to the table.”

“Oh shit. We gotta find her. Our dupes are here.” Michael said.

“Let’s split up.” Max ordered. “Meet at the door in ten minutes.”

“Hang on to me.” Michael ordered as he grabbed a hold of Maria’s hand. He used his connection to sense her location. They headed over to the dance floor when they spotted her at the edge of the floor. They started heading over and that’s when they noticed she wasn’t alone, she was with Zan and Raven.


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Okay Guys I wanted to let you know I will update this story later this afternoon.
posted on 22-Apr-2002 4:28:06 PM by LittleBit
Here is a long part for all of you:
BTW I suck at writing NY accents
Part 20:

Liz just stood still and stared at her and Max’s dupes. Before she could do anything, Zan grabbed her arm gently and directed her to the edge of the dance floor. When they reached there instead of saying anything he nodded to Raven who touched Liz’s arm gently then nodded.

“So you’re from the other set, huh?” Zan asked.

Liz nodded, “I’m Liz.”

“Zan and this is Raven.”

“I know. You guys took our old names.” Liz replied absently.

“Where are the others?” Raven asked.

Before Liz could answer, she felt Michael behind her. She turned to look for him and saw him and Maria. They made their way over quickly and Michael took up a protective stance between the dupes and the girls.

Zan smirked, “Always the protector. Where’s your king?”

“Around.” Michael replied shortly.

“Since Liz already knew our names, I’m guessing you’ve all been watching us, which means you came to find us.”

“We have. We need to talk to all of you.” Maria said from behind Michael.

“Gather your crew and meet us at our crib. I’m sure you know where it is?” Zan said raising a pierced eyebrow. Michael nodded.
“Then we’re bouncing.” Zan said as he pulled Raven away.

Michael said nothing but pulled the two girls towards the door. They were the last ones there.

“What took you guys so long?” Max asked before he saw Liz. “You found her.”

“Yeah, but there’s more to it. Let’s go outside.”

When the eight of them hit the sidewalk Michael filled them in.

“What happened, Liz?” Maria asked.

“I noticed that I lost Alex so I stated heading for the table. Someone bumped me and Zan caught me. We moved over to where you found us. I think Raven got a flash from me because Zan knew I was from the other set. I told them my name and they asked me where you all were. That’s when Michael found me.”

“We better get going so we can meet them.” Max ordered.

They walked the blocks over to the dupes’ building quickly. As they were waiting outside, Max asked Liz, “Did you tell them anything?”

Liz looked at him shocked, “Of course not. I know the plan was for you to tell them.”

“Well the plan was to tell them tomorrow but that didn’t work out.” Max said in a tone that said he was irritated. He hated when plans were changed. He liked to be in control of every situation and if things kept changing it was hard to maintain control.

“It’s not like I meant to fall on them Max.” Liz said loudly. She was getting tired of that tone of voice that he seemed to always use around her.

“Lay off of her Max. She didn’t know the dupes were even in the club.” Maria said, “We just went in to have a good time.”

“Yeah, we know how Liz likes to have a good time.” Isabel threw in.

Before the argument could go farther, the dupes minus Isabel’s and Alex’s walked up.

“Problem in cornball land?” Rath asked.

The Roswell group dropped the argument and Max focused on Zan. “We came to New York to find you. We need to talk.”

Zan nodded, “Come on up to the crib.” He led the way through the door and up a flight of stairs. As the group made their way inside they were shocked by what they saw.

Instead of an apartment they found a large spacious loft. The room they were in was bigger than the Crashdown and looked to be a combination game/sitting room. There were several leather couches and a large stereo on one wall along with a ton of CDs. On an opposite wall was a dartboard, and a pool table as well as a fuse ball table stood in the center of the room. At the back of the room was a doorway they assumed led to the rest of the place.

“Holy shit. I think I’m with the wrong group.” Kyle said. This room looked like something off of one of the houses in Real World.

“We’d know if you were.” Raven said.

“And how would you know that?” Kyle asked.

“She means unless you’ve got our mark you ain’t in our crew.” Lex answered as he ran his hand through his short platinum spikes.

“What mark?” Liz asked.

“This one.” Raven turned around and showed them a circle of stars on her lower back.

“There’s eight stars representing the eight of us. Cal said it was a mark we were born with to show we are the decoys since our seals won’t show unless you die.” Zan explained. “Ava, call him and Asha. They’ll want to know what’s going on.”

Tess’s dupe nodded her head and grabbed the nearby cordless phone. As she walked away everyone took in her clothes. She had on the shortest leather miniskirt Liz had ever seen and an almost see through sweater. Zan looked at the others and said, “Langeley is one of our protectors. Asha is the other one.” Before he could say more loud moans could be heard from the door at the back then a male voice moaning, “LONNIE!”

It was obvious what was happening, and the eight from Roswell felt uncomfortable. Alex was in awe because he recognized the voice it was his. Rath smirked at the Roswellians uneasiness. “Alien sex, accept no imitations.”

Liz and Maria blushed at his comment while Max looked at Kyle and Liz. Kyle didn’t notice Max but smirked at the implications of what Rath had said.

Zan yelled through the back door, “Gunnar quit banging my sister and get in here.”

As they waited Liz got a better look at Raven and Zan. Earlier at the club she had been too stunned to look them over so she did it now. Raven had on a low slung black skirt that reached her ankles but had two slits that were cut up to her mid-thigh on each side. Through these slits she was able to see a pair of black knee-high leather boots with tall thick heels. She wore a burgundy tank top that came to rest high on her midriff and the back consisted only of strings. Liz was able to see that Raven had a tattoo of the four square symbol on her arm and five stars forming the V constellation underneath her navel along with a ring in her bellybutton that had a Z hanging from it. She was able to see that Raven had four holes in her ears as well as one in her eyebrow and wore her makeup heavier than Liz did. She switched her gaze over to look over Zan. She had seen three versions of Max and decided that no matter how different he looked, he was still as gorgeous.

Zan had on a pair of black leather pants and a white wife beater. The shirt left his muscular arms bare and Liz could see the different symbols of his tattoos. She recognized some of the symbols from the destiny book and the cave including the four square symbol like Raven. He also had several holes in his ear as well as his eyebrow and one in his lip. Liz’s eyes raised and saw that Zan saw her looking at him. He smiled at her and said, “You just like Raven. Always gotta analyze everything.”

Liz was able to see a gleam of silver in his mouth and knew that he had his tongue pierced as well. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just weird to see people who look just like us but so different.” Liz said.

“Tell me about it. It’s like looking in a warped mirror.” Tenna commented. Liz switched her gaze over to her best friend’s dupe. Tenna’s hair was no longer in the braids instead it was hanging loose and looked much like Maria’s well except for the blue streaks that matched her blue leather tube dress. She had five holes in her ears, two eyebrow studs,and a stud in her nose. She too had the four square symbol on her arm and Liz guessed they all did.

Before anyone else could say anything, Gunnar walked into the room in nothing but a pair of black boxers. Isabel gasped in surprise and admiration at the sight of lean but muscular tattooed chest and arms. She could see that he had one nipple pierced in addition to his nose, eyebrow and ears. She wondered if Alex looked the same way under the bagging clothes he always wore.

“Zan, what the hell do you want?” Gunnar said before catching sight of the other set. His mouth fell open when he saw them.

“Gunnar, we got company. Tell Lonnie to get some clothes on and get out here.” Zan commanded. Gunnar nodded before turning and heading out of the room. But instead of using the door he went straight through the wall.

The eight Roswellians all had looks of shock on their faces but Michael was the only one to comment by saying, “How did he do that?”


posted on 24-Apr-2002 5:16:06 PM by LittleBit
Here's the next part. Personally I think it sucks but you guys can be the judge of that. It's kind of long and I probably won't post for a few days. I'm trying to figure out how they say goodbye to the dupes when they leave New York but I can't come up with anything. Any suggestions?

Part 21

The six dupes that were in the room with them looked at the Roswellians like they were crazy. “It’s one of Gunnar’s powers. We call it phasing. He can go through solid mass as well as shift to become invisible. He’s still there; you just can’t see him. Kind of like Ava’s mindwarps.” Lex explained.

“Is he the only one who can do it?” Alex asked.

The dupes looked at them strangely, “Yeah, my bro’s the only one who can do it. Just like I’m the only one who can do this.” Ava said as she pointed her hand at the stereo and a stream of electricity emitted from her hand and hit the stereo. It blared to life startling everyone in the room. She turned to Zan and added, “They’ll on their way, they won’t be long.”

“Cool.” He said as he sat down and pulled Raven on his lap.

Ava looked over at the eight Roswellians and saw that their mouths were hanging open. “My streams as Raven calls them can be used as a weapon too. Kind of like Raven and Rath’s blasts. Our powers are similar since we are related.”

“She loves to sneak up on people and turn on stuff using her streams. It scares the shit out of them.” Zan said with a smirk. “Take a load off.” Everyone else sat down just as Gunnar and Lonnie walked into the room, this time Gunnar was fully clothed.

“D*mn. I thought Gun was playing a joke. What’s up?” Lonnie asked her brother.

“The other set showed up at the club. They came to the hood to find us. Seems they want to talk.” Zan explained. “Raven and I met Liz but what do the rest of you go by?”

Introductions were made and once they were done everyone was silent.

“I was just curious. What are some of your powers?” Liz asked trying to break the ice. She was as far away from Max as she could get; the earlier argument was still made her mad.

“Same as yours.” Raven answered.

Liz shifted uncomfortably. “Kyle, Maria, Alex, and I were raised human and never learned how to use our powers. It was only a couple of days ago that we even found out who we were. The person who I thought was my mother was one of our protectors. She’s the only one of the four sent with us that are left.” Liz said.

“The crashed messed things up. The four of us who were raised human came out of our pods early because they were damaged.” Alex added.

“First, tell us how much about our powers do you know?” Zan asked.

“We know I can heal and I have my shield. Izzy can dreamwalk, Tess can mindwarp, and Michael can do blasts. Michael and Liz can get flashes but they can’t control them.” Max explained.

“Tess was raised by the only other protector that survived. She is the best with her powers.” Isabel commented.

“Each one of us has two individual powers except for Raven and Rath. Since they’re twins and share their powers, they have four. And Zan has three since he’s da man.” Lonnie stated.

“Serena told us about the twin thing.” Michael said. “Max, do you think we should call her?”

Max nodded, “Tess, could you call her?”

Tess nodded and pulled out her cell phone. Max looked at Zan and said, “What’s our third power?”

“We can absorb other aliens’ powers by touching them and forcing a connection unless there is one already. You can do it to just borrow their powers or you can use it to hurt them. If you absorb one of their powers it only lasts about ten minutes.”

“What about the rest of the powers?” Isabel asked.

“We can all heal small things but only Zan can heal serious things. We all have telepathy with our siblings and our mates.” Raven explained. Over the next ten minutes the dupes displayed their powers after Serena arrived. Lex was able to show them another way to change his body besides the regular enhancements Serena had already told them. He could change his body to the point of being almost invincible for periods of time. Rath could even blast him and wouldn’t be hurt. His other power was he could send out his energy like a shock wave. Depending on how powerful it was it could probably even kill. Tennar used Alex as a guinea pig to display how she could read emotions. Tennar’s other power was the ability to freeze time. It only lasted about a minute but long enough to escape something if she needed to. It would freeze everyone human or full blooded aliens except the hybrids. The dupes explained that it was because they were both human and alien. Lonnie showed her other power, which was to start fires with just her mind, which also allowed her to throw balls of fire. Gunnar showed them how many languages he could speak and told them about all of the things he’d hacked into then phased through different walls in the room and then disappeared only to reappear a minute later.

Rath and Raven’s powers were of course the blasts and the flashes but that wasn’t all. They had shields like Max and Zan but it was smaller and encased them. Their shields were also different because when they were hit the ammo was deflected back instead of being absorbed. Their last power was porting. With the wave of their hand they would appear on the other side of the room or even on the other side of the house.

“Yo, now that we’ve had an alien sideshow why don’t you tell us why you came to our hood?” Zan asked.

Before anyone could answer they heard the door open revealing a bald man and a tall blonde woman. The bald guy looked to be in his forties and was dressed in an expensive black suit. The woman looked to be in her thirties and was wearing a cocktail dress. The guy looked at Max and said, “I guess this was worth pulling us out of the premiere. I’m Cal Langley and this is Asha.”

“You’re the Cal Langeley. The Broadway producer.” Maria said astounded.

“That would be me.” The protector said.

“Could way to keep attention from us.” Michael muttered under his breath.

“Well it helps provide the means to take care of our charges. At least until I bought them their shop.” Langly said snidely.

“Don’t pay any attention to him. He doesn’t know how to act when he’s out of his cage.” Maria said.

Max stood up to address the newest arrivals. “My name is Max. This is Tess, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Michael, Maria, and Liz. And our protector Serena.”

“We weren’t sure if any of the pods survived. Asha and I thought that any of the pods that survived would have been taken by the military at the crash sight.” Cal stated.

“They were but a soldier helped two of our protectors rescue us.” Max explained.

Asha looked at Serena and said, “It’s nice to see you. You didn’t tell me before we left Antar that you were assigned to go with the other set.”

“I wasn’t. I only arrived on Earth a few days ago. Queen Elora sent me because we became aware that Nicholas and his people knew where the royals were and were planning on attacking them.”

“A week ago, we found the Skins headquarters and were able to destroy their new husks but we barely escaped. At the time we didn’t know that Liz, Alex, Kyle, and Maria were even aliens. They weren’t able to lend their powers to the fight; Alex and Kyle weren’t even there. We think that once they learn their powers, it will help a great deal.”

Understanding what Max was implying Zan stated, “So the quicker they learn their powers the better.”

Max nodded, “That’s why we came to New York to find you. The message gave the impression that they will come after us within a month. We came to ask for each of you to connect with each of us to pass on how to use our powers.”

“So you want us to give you all the stuff we’ve learned? Why should we?” Zan asked.

“Zan!” Cal said as a reprimand but Max interrupted.

“If they take us out, then you’re next in line and they will come after you. Not to mention that one-day you will have to go back to Antar. If all of you feel the same as us you want nothing more than a normal life here which you have. If you help us then we will take out the threat of the skins and we will be the ones who will have to go back.” Max said.

Zan thought over what Max had said and knew he was right. He had a beautiful woman, a good family, and a kick ass business, why would he want to give it all up to go back to Antar. His predecessor had been killed before and he didn’t have the urge to go back to Antar to take the throne from Kivar and risk getting killed again. Before he could say anything to Max, Rath threw in his two cents.

“It don’t matter if we give you the 411 on your powers because the Skins will tear you apart either way.”

Max turned to Zan’s second, “Why do you say that?”

“Because your group is all torn up.” Gunnar answered for him.

“The anger, mistrust, confusion, and even a little hate from all of you is overwhelming.” Tenna added.

“What they mean is that you guys aren’t a tight group to have to be. There has to be love and loyalty among all of you for you to work together. You all form a complete unit, if you don’t work together the skins will defeat you.” Raven said.

“Yeah, look atcha. Your king and queen are as far apart as they can get plus the little scene outside earlier. If Zan ever snapped at Raven like that I’d knock him on his ass, king or not.” Rath said looking at Michael. Liz had always thought that Michael looked hard and tough but Rath put that image to shame. He had on a sleeveless green shirt on and like the other guys he had tattoos along his muscular arms. He had on chains and leather armbands with silver studs. He too had several earrings but he also had a ring in his lip and a piecing between his lip and chin. His mohawk made him look taller than he already was.

“Listen, we might not be as tight as you guys but we’ve always bonded together when we needed to be.” Michael stated.

“You can’t expect us to be just like you. We just learned about our past lives and our relationships a couple of days ago. We weren’t raised together like you.” Maria said.

Zan held up his hands to stop the argument. “We get the picture.”

“So will you help us?” Max asked.

“It has to be everyone’s decision. After all you want inside of their heads. We’re going to need some time to decide.” Zan said.

Max nodded again but was frustrated. They needed to hurry but he couldn’t force them. “Alright but we need to be heading back soon. We left our other protector back there alone and by herself she’ll never be able to fight them all.” He stood and gestured for the others to do the same. “We’re leave so you can talk.”

They all said their good-byes and headed to wait back in their rented rooms to wait their dupes’ decision.

Zan/Max:Healing,Shield, Power absorbsion
Lonnie/Isabel:Dreamwalking, Pyrokinesi(Firestarting)
Ava/Tess:Mindwarping, Electrical streams
Tenna/Maria: Empathy, Freeze time
Lex/Kyle: Invinciblity,Shockwave(Kind of like a bomb
Gunnar/Alex: Phasing, Language incription
Rath & Raven:Shield, Flashes, Powerblasts, Porting

Telepathy between siblings and Mates(after bonding)
WHat did you think?

Hint for next part: Big Argument among the Pod Squad

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Sorry it's taking me so long between posts but I've been working on four different stories and planning a wedding so I've been busy. I've got most the wedding details done so I've been trying to write as much as possible. PLEASE FORGIVE ME.
posted on 25-Apr-2002 2:02:55 PM by LittleBit
SarahWhitman originally wrote:
Also, from the part before: I just wanted to add that I really liked Kyle's comment about being in the wrong group! that was funny! *happy* And Gunnar moaning....classic. Please post soon! I really like this fic! I need more!
p.s. who was the girl with Cal?*bounce*

I wrote Kyle's comment while I was watching Changes and it just seemed to suit him. As for Gunnar's moaning, I originally was going to have it be Lex but I thought it would be better being Gunnar and he shocking Isabel & Alex.

As for the girl with Cal, she's just another protector I made up. I figured since the real royals had four protectors that the other set should have at least two.

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RNN Gwen originally wrote:
I love this story but I might have to stop reading it.

The horrible way Max is snapping at Liz is making me upset, and I see no end in sight. Please tell me there is?


The end is in sight, before part 30 if I remember right.
posted on 25-Apr-2002 3:06:11 PM by LittleBit
I was going to wait a few days but this next part I loved writing so here it is. It'll be a few days until the next post.

Part 22

They all walked into the main room of one of the apartments in the same state of silence that they had left the dupes’ loft. It was only broken when Michael slammed his fist down on the entertainment center and said, “I hate that we have to wait. Don’t they understand we’re in kind of a hurry?”

“Michael, you of all people have to understand that they’ll not going to just roll over and let us in their heads.” Tess said.

Michael ignored her and looked at Max, “Can’t you just order them to do it?”

“I can’t just force them to do it.” Max stated.

“I’m in shock. Did El Presidente just admit that he couldn’t make someone do something? Seems like it never stopped you before.” Kyle interjected.

“Max has never asked anyone do something they didn’t want to.” Isabel retorted.

“Maybe not asked but he’s certainly doesn’t take no for an answer when it interferes with what he wants.” Kyle said thinking about how he had relentlessly pursued Liz until she had set up the bedroom scene.

“Kyle, drop it.” Maria warned.

Max’s temper was starting to flare up, “No Maria let him talk. I want to hear what he has to say considering he seems to do anything to talk his way into any girl’s heart and bed. So tell me Kyle are you trying to get with Tess now that you’re done with Liz?”

“Max, leave Kyle alone.” Liz pleaded.

“Don’t defend him, Liz. Doesn’t it hurt to see someone who you give everything to, go to someone else?” Max asked. The double meaning in his question was obvious.

“Maxwell.” Michael growled in warning.

“It’s okay, Michael. Max obviously didn’t say everything he wanted to in Copper Summit so let him say it now. And by the way Max, I do understand.” Liz said angrily. She had felt the same way he did when she saw him kiss Tess.

“Then why did you do it?” Max snapped.

“I told you.” Was all she said.

“That’s right. You wanted to date normal boys. It’s funny that the ‘normal boy’ that you jumped into bed with turns out to be an alien.” He knew he was being cruel but he couldn’t stop himself. All of the anger and hurt that he’d been feeling since that night fueled the words.

Liz could feel the anger in her triple in strength but before she could say anything Michael stepped in between her and Max. “Max, you’re pushing it. I’m not going to let you talk to her like that. Stop before I knock you on your ass.”

Alex jumped up to try and defuse the situation, “Guys, we’ve got to get past this. We can’t be the group we’re supposed to be if all we ever do is fight.”

“We won’t be the group we’re supposed to be thanks to Kyle and Liz. They’re the ones who broke up the couplings we’re supposed to be in.” Max said.

“It’s funny that you say that, Max. You were completely against the couplings when you were supposed to be with Tess but now that you’re supposed to be with Liz it’s okay.” Michael said.

“I always knew I was supposed to be with Liz. She said the same thing but I guess she lied. She’s the one who screwed things up by giving up on us. Do you know what it’s like to see your former wife, the only woman who you have ever loved in bed with someone else?” Max yelled.

“If you only knew what she has done for you.” Michael started before Liz stopped him.

“Michael, stop.” Liz yelled angrily at him. He was about to tell Max her secret.

“No, Liz. I’m not going to sit by and let him hurt you. Not after what you did for him.” Michael said back.

“Michael, NO!” Liz yelled.

“What did she do for me? Break my heart by jumping in bed with someone else? So tell us, is alien sex all that Rath said it was?” Max said snippily.

Michael had had enough of Max’s comments. He lunged forward and grabbed him by his collar before shoving into the wall. “She has done more for you than you have ever done for her. She gave you up so you could be with Tess. To follow the destiny we thought was real.”

Max broke the hold Michael had on him and pushed him back. “So she did it for the good of our mission. Is that the same excuse you gave Maria when you were messing around with Courtney?” Before he could say more Michael decked him. He went to fight back pushing Alex away when he tried to hold him back. They each got in a couple of punches when Liz started screaming.

“STOP IT! STOP IT!”As she yelled the mirror on the wall next to her exploded into a thousand pieces. The boys stopped fighting and stared at the shattered mirror just as another mirror exploded. Michael jumped up and ran over to Liz and put his hands on her arms, and said frantically, “Liz, you have to calm down.”

“I can’t control it Michael. It wants to be let loose.” She said fearfully as the glasses on the coffee table exploded. Her anger had her energy so juiced up she felt like it was ripping her apart. Maria came over and tried to help but before she could she saw something wrong with Liz’s hands.

“Oh my God. Michael look at her hands.” He did and saw what looked like red streams of electricity flowing through her hands like veins.

“It’s her energy. She’s so upset she can’t control it.” He explained. He looked at Liz and said, “Try to absorb the energy back in Liz. You have to absorb it.” Not knowing what he was doing he looked into her eyes and felt their sibling connection flare up. He felt her anger and her fear. He absorbed some of her energy and helped her to absorb the rest. He felt her calm down and broke the connection.

Maria saw her hands were back to normal and asked, “Liz, are you okay?”

Liz nodded but she was shaking, “I need to get out of here. I need some air.” She looked at her brother and thanked him before grabbing her coat and fleeing the apartment leaving two people who understood her reason and five more in utter confusion.


Just so you all know I actually do like Max. And Liz finally does tell him in Part 29.

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I didn't plan on posting anymore until Monday but you guys have been so great that I wanted to give you the next part. The second part of it is total Stargazer. (I had to start working on the other couples if they're going to be a group)

Dedicated to:pandas2001, RNNGwen, SarahWhitman, wild_child_uk, Asabetha, 3somefan, abbs007, m15, roswellluver, Sablaine, Lillie, Snowdove30, and Mary N 008

Part 23:

As the door shut after Liz left everyone snapped out of the daze they’d been in. They all started asking questions but Max’s voice was heard over all of them. “What just happened?”

“Liz’s emotions got the better of her and she couldn’t control her powers.” Michael explained simply.

“So that was like one of your blasts?” Isabel asked. Michael only nodded.

Michael didn’t answer. He was trying to resist telling them that he and Liz had connected. Of course that didn’t stop Maria. “Since Liz and Michael have the same powers she got it from him.” Not realizing what she had said.

“But they would have to connect for that to happen.” Alex said.

Michael knew he couldn’t avoid it any more. “We did. The night we found out everything. Maria and Liz came over to my apartment to talk about everything and we connected. We saw everything about each others lives.” Michael said.

“Why did you guys connect?” Kyle asked.

“Since they didn’t grow up together they thought it was the best way to get closer.” Maria offered.

“So you didn’t think you should tell us?” Max asked. He felt the pang of jealousy again when Michael had said he had connected to Liz.

“I didn’t think it was any of your business. You heard the dupes talking about it earlier. All of the siblings have a bond which means that it is between me and my sister.” Michael growled.

“It unleashed her powers, Michael. You might have some control over your powers but Liz doesn’t. She has the knowledge but she needs to practice before she can use them. What would we have done if she’d blew up something in public?” Isabel said.

“Nancy and I helped both Liz and Maria a little with molecular manipulation. Liz is a little farther along since she absorbed some of the knowledge from me but we never had time to practice the blasts.” Michael explained.

“Apparently.” Kyle said sarcastically.

“Hey, we’ve been a little busy.” Michael snapped.

“Michael, calm down. We’ve all been a little frazzled and the dupes’ not giving us a decision yet isn’t helping.” Alex said.

“Yeah, we can’t change the fact that Michael and Liz connected and that some of Liz’s powers are coming out. And I don’t think Liz and Michael would want to change their new closeness even if they could.” Maria added.

“If we were like this before than I can see how we all were killed.” Kyle stated.

“Shut up Kyle, you’re not helping.” Maria snapped.

“We need to go after her to make sure she’s okay. After all she’s roaming the streets of New York alone.” Max stated.

“She didn’t go far, I can still feel her. But I think we better leave her alone.” Michael said angrily. He hadn’t forgotten why he and Max had been fighting.

“Yeah, when Lizzie gets upset she just wants to be alone. Her and Michael are a lot alike in that way lots of ways actually. As long as Michael can still feel her then she’s fine. It’s late and I don’t know about all of you but I’m feeling a little jetlag. So why don’t we all relax to our rooms for the night?” Maria said trying to diffuse the situation.

“Fine, I’m going to wait up for my sister to come back. I want to make sure she’s okay.” Michael said as everyone agreed. Maria pulled Michael into the other apartment. She sat him down and started to look him over to see if the fight had done any damage. All she saw was the start of a black eye so both boys had came out about the same. Maria had noticed that Max had a split lip earlier when he’d been talking.

Michael pulled away from Maria, “I’m fine, Maria.”

“Unless you’re going to heal it I’m going to get Tess. I’ve seen her do it before so I’m sure she can heal that eye. I doubt you want Max to do it and those are the only other two who know how to heal at the moment.” Maria said as she started to leave.

“Maria, it’s only a black eye. I’ve had a lot worst.” Michael said quietly.

Maria cringed at the statement but said, “But do you want Liz to come back and see it? It’ll just remind her of earlier and I don’t think you want that do you?” Michael shook his head. He tried to heal it to no avail so Maria left. She came back a minute later with Tess. Tess healed Michael’s eye and he sat there waiting for his sister to come back.


Isabel made her way around the room reconstructing the two mirrors that Liz had accidentally destroyed. During the fight earlier it finally dawned on her how much the group had been torn apart. She couldn’t believe how Max and Liz had gone to loving each other to hating each other in less than a month. Thinking about them made her finally work up the nerve to talk to Alex. She looked over to where he was talking to Kyle. She took a deep breath and headed over.

“Can I talk to you in the other room Alex?”
“What about Isabel?”

“Something private.” She said in a low voice.

Alex was confused but hopped up, “Sure.” They headed to the bedroom Isabel had been sharing with Tess and she closed the door for privacy. She looked back at Alex and was surprised to see a look of anger. “What’s wrong Alex?”

“Do you really want me to answer that or do you want to just say what you have to say?”

Isabel was surprised further by his reaction. “Of course I want to know what’s bothering.”

“Well how about how you’ve been treating Liz? You’ve been awfully nasty to her lately.”

Isabel finally understood what had Alex upset. “I just see how much Max is hurting and I know she’s the reason for it. He loves her so much and then she went off and jumped into bed with Kyle.” She said defending herself.

“Wake up Isabel. I would think that after the past year you would know Liz better. She didn’t sleep with Kyle.”

Isabel’s eyes widened in surprise, “She told you that?”

“No, but I’ve known Liz for a long time and I know she wouldn’t just hop in bed with just anyone. She’s too much of a romantic to do that.”

“But Max saw them.”

Alex looked at her, question in his eyes, “What exactly did he see?”

“Liz and Kyle lying on her bed. He said they had a sheet over them but he could see that they didn’t have much if anything on.” Isabel explained.

“Hell, that could mean anything. No, there has to be something else. I just don’t know what. Yet.”

“What some help? I won’t tell Max.” Isabel offered.

Alex smiled, “Of course. Now what did you want to talk to me about?”

Suddenly Isabel felt nervous. “Do you remember when I told you that I wasn’t ready to be with a guy?”

“Yeah then you went out with Grant.” Alex stated trying not to let her hear the jealousy in his voice.

“I went with Grant because he was safe.”

“I don’t understand what you mean by he was safe. You didn’t even know him.”

“He wasn’t you.” Isabel blurted out. Alex was now totally confused which Isabel must have been able to see because she tried to explain. “It’s always felt different with you than other guys. With other guys I could be aloof and it didn’t bother me. With you I couldn’t. I love being around you, I care about you but I couldn’t let myself give in to that because I knew if I did then I would open myself up completely. No one knows me completely, I’ve always held something back.”

“How did you know that? That you wouldn’t hold anything back.”

“You know how Serena said we wouldn’t have the dreams but we would feel pulled towards our half of the couple? Well I do, I have for a long time but I’ve been too scared to admit it.”

Alex was now wide eyed, “Why were you scared?”

“Before you knew about the whole alien secret, I was scared that you wouldn’t want to be with me if you knew. After you knew I was scared that was the only reason you were with me. Then with the whole fake destiny thing I didn’t know what to think. I was being told to be with Michael but I still felt this huge pull to you. It was like someone was playing tug of war with me.”

“Why are you telling me this Isabel?”

“Because I want to be with you. I want to give into this pull and let go.” Isabel said as she leaned in and kissed Alex. She felt him respond and start to kiss her back but then he pulled away. Alex looked at her and said, “As much as I’ve wanted to hear you say that you wanted to be with me, I can’t help but think it’s just because we were before and that we’re expected to be again.”

Isabel shook her head vigorously, “No, it’s not. That’s only what drew me to you. What I found when I got to know you is what makes me want to be with you.”

Alex thought over what she was saying. He wanted to be with her more than anything and she was now ready to give him her heart. Instead of answering her he pulled her into another deep kiss. Isabel knew that was his way of saying that they could be together so she relaxed and they continued to kiss for a few more minutes before settling down on the bed to talk. Later on when Tess came in to go to bed Alex kissed Isabel goodnight and went to wait with Michael for Liz.

Okay did that totally suck? I wasn't sure how to write Alex and Isabel.

NOTE:Don't worry about Liz, she's safe. I had to write that she left because I wanted her to run into someone or someones.

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I forgot to leave another note on the last post. I just wanted to let you guys know that I plan on writing my butt off on this story this weekend. Thanks for hanging on patiently for me to get Max and Liz back together.
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I wanted to let you all know that Tess didn't see anything from Michael when she healed him. She just swiped her hand over his eye. Kind of like she did to Max in 'Ask Not'.

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Here's a new part. SOrry I couldn't post over the weekend. My computer crashed a few weeks ago and ever since I can get on the internet but I can't pull up Word Documents. DOes that make any sense? But anyway I have to wait until I'm at work to post so here it is.

Part 24:

Liz ran out the door of the building and turned right not really knowing where she was going but wanting to get away from the others. She needed to calm herself down more before her powers juiced up again and blow up the apartment or worse, hurt one of them. Her thoughts and feelings were swimming around in her like a violent ocean storm. On one hand she was still mad. She was mad at Max for what he had said and she was mad at Michael for almost giving away her secret. She knew he was just trying to protect her but it still infuriated her. Max on the other hand had acted nothing like she knew he to be. She was starting to worry that her actions had destroyed him to the point that he’d never be the same.

She had walked a few blocks when she came upon a park. She sat down on the bench and put her head in her hands. She was still shaken by the inability to control her powers. When she had practiced manipulating she had always felt the energy that her powers used but it never felt like it did earlier. It had spiked higher and higher as her anger grew like it was feeding on it. If it hadn’t been for Michael absorbing some of it and calming her she didn’t know what would have happened. She had to learn to control it. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t hear someone approach her.

“Liz? Are you okay?” A voice asked.

Not looking up she said, “Go away, Tess.”

“I’m not Tess.”

Liz looked up and was surprised that to see it wasn’t Tess but Ava with Raven next to her. “Oh, I’m sorry. You sounded liked Tess.”

Ava shrugged as she sat down next to Liz, “S’okay. I bet we were the last people you thought you’d see out here.”

“Not to repeat Ave but are you okay? You look pale.” Raven said sitting down in front of the bench on the sidewalk.

Liz nodded. “Yeah, I just needed to get away from everyone so I could breath a little.”

“You shouldn’t be out here by yourself.” Ava warned.

“I know. I just didn’t want to be around anyone else.”

“We could tell the tension is high in your group. Want to talk about it?” Raven asked. It was strange for her to be looking at someone who was identical in looks to her but in a way it made her feel a certain bond with Liz. “Ava and I are good listeners.”

“We just had a fight earlier that’s all.” Liz looked between the two girls and could see the friendship between them, “Are you guys close?”

“Raven might be my cousin but I also consider her one of my bestfriends.” Ava answered.

“Yeah, I mean I’m close to Tenna but Ava and I’s personalities are more alike. Tenna is more perky and out there. Ave and I are the quieter ones of the bunch.” Raven explained. She saw the look of wonder in Liz’s eyes and asked, “You’re close to Maria but not Tess are you?”

Liz shook her head, “No. I’ve known Maria for years but we all just met Tess seven months ago. Some stuff happened after she came to town and ever since we’ve kept our distance from each other. I was shocked when I found out she was my cousin.”

“We didn’t get to hear all of your story earlier and I’m curious about it. Would you tell us?” Ava asked.

Liz started at the beginning and told them the whole story minus Future Max. She told them about her life growing up in Roswell, the shooting and the events after. She told them about Tess coming to town and how she had thought that Max was her destiny. They were shocked to hear about the FBI capturing Max. She found herself telling them about how she had given Max up and pushed him away because she thought he was supposed to be with Tess. She finished up by telling them about Nasedo’s death, the revelation about Whitacker’s identity, Copper Summit, and finally Serena’s arrival and finding out the truth about themselves.

When she was done, both girls’s sat in silence until Ava said, “Wow. Our lives have been pretty tame compared to that.”

It was time for Liz to be curious, “What were your lives like?”

“Langeley and Asha were waiting for us when we came out of the pods. They taught us our powers and we grew up knowing it all.”

“Do you have any memories?”

“No, we don’t. The memories come along with the seal. If our seals are activated then we could do memory retrieval but not now.”

“I don’t want to sound like I’m insulting you but what’s with the street look?” Liz asked.

“We like it. When we were growing up we had a lot of free time since we didn’t have the shop yet and we were home schooled. We took to the streets.” Ava explained. “It was the only normal part of our lives. On the street no one knows about destinies and stuff.”

“So you knew you were supposed to be with Zan?” Liz asked Raven.

“Yeah. Langley and Asha never pushed any of us to be together but we were always drawn to each other. Around three years ago things started changing, went beyond friendship. Actually Ava and Lex were the first to get together then Lonnie and Gunnar. Rath and Tenna sidestepped each other for a little while until my idiot of a brother finally caved in. Zan and I were last.” Raven said.

“Don’t let her fool you Liz. Zan and her mooned over each other even before Lex and I got together. It was sickening but it’s was nothing to compared to how they act now.” Ava teased.

“Are any of you married?” Liz asked.

“Not my Earth standards but we are all bonded.”

“Bonded?” Liz asked.

“Antarians bond when they have sex. You open yourself up and through your connection you experience it in more than a physical way. It’s more intense. That’s what my crude brother meant by his comment about alien sex. Because of that connection you bond to each other and become linked. It’s similar to the sibling connection and the telepathy expands so that you can talk to your mate as well as your sibling.” Raven explained. Liz thought about what Future Max had said about becoming inseparable after ‘cementing’ their relationship and figured that was what he was talking about.

Raven saw the dreamy look in Liz’s eyes and asked, “Do you love Max?”

Liz blushed, “More than anything.”

“Than what is going on? Why do you guys act like you can’t stand to be around each other?” Raven asked.


Before anyone asks, Liz is not going to tell Raven and Ava about Future Max. She's going to lie.
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I'm taking a pole:

SHould Liz make Max suffer for being an *sshole?

Or should she let him off easy because she blames herself for hurting him?

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Sorry it took me so long to update. I had intended to post yesterday but when I gave it one last glance I decided I needed to add to it.

BTW: Everyone finds out soon.

Part 25:

Liz was uneasy with the question and vague about
her answer. “Like I said I thought Max was supposed
to be with Tess so when he wouldn’t give me up I
went to Kyle.” It wasn’t exactly a lie; she had gone
to Kyle but not the way they thought. “Max saw
us together and hates me now.”

“I don’t think he hates you. He looks at you the
same way I’ve seen Zan look at Raven, with love.
He’s just hurt.” Ava said.

“Yeah, like I said you two are drawn to one another. Your hearts lead only to the other one. You’re
supposed to be together just like the other
matches,” Raven said.

“No, believe me after that fight we had upstairs
I’m sure he hates me. Hell he’s probably even
a little scared of me.” Liz stated.

“Why would he be afraid of you?” Raven asked.

“I don’t know how to use my powers and when
we were fighting I got so mad that they got out
of control. Max and Michael were punching each
other and when I yelled at them to stop, I blew
up a couple of mirrors. Everyone freaked and the
guys stopped fighting.” Liz explained.

Raven and Ava imagined the scene being played
out and thought the whole thing was humorous.
They couldn’t help themselves and started
laughing. Their laughter was contagious and Liz
joined them. “We’re sorry. We shouldn’t be
laughing but we were just picturing Rath and
Zan’s reactions and it was funny.” Ava

“No, it’s okay.” Liz stated.

“Back to the serious discussion,” Raven started.
“The eight of you are stuck with each other,
you’re going to have to work together.
You guys will work things out. You have to because when you guys go up against the Skins your lives
will depend on it. From what you told us, you were
the one who brought the two groups together when you thought you four were human, you can do it

Liz nodded, Raven was right. If they continued
this way, they weren’t going to win. Her secret
was one of the biggest barriers; “I’ll see what I
can do. Now if we could just control our powers.”

“I can’t believe you guys don’t know about your powers.” Raven asked.

“I’ve gotten flashes from objects a couple of times
but that’s it. Michael and Tess don’t know how to
use all of theirs either. Tess didn’t know about the streams and Michael didn’t know about the shield
or the teleporting. None of us knew about the
telepathy not even Max and Isabel and they’ve connected before.” Liz stated.

“They won’t be able to telepath to each other
until they learn all of their powers.” Ava announced.

“I connected with Michael a couple of days ago and learned how to manipulate and the blasts but I
haven’t practiced it. I’m not going to be any help
when the Skins attacked.” Liz said hopelessly.

It was then that Raven made her decision. She
looked around at the deserted park and stood up.
She grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled her up from the bench, “Come on.” Liz and Ava looked at her
curiously as she dragged them to an area surrounded
by high bushes.

“What are you doing?” Liz asked as she watched
Raven setting up a row of pop cans.

“I made my decision. First if you still want to I’m
going to connect with you. Then I’m going to help
you practice your blasts and other powers.”

“Raven, I think you should wait for Zan.” Ava said.

“He said we each had to make up our mind and I have. Besides I don’t need his permission. It’s my head and
my powers. Rath’ll back me up. This way he won’t have to connect to Michael.” Raven stated. She
stood in front of Liz and looked at her. “I can do a
one sided connection and it will only take a few minutes.”

“Not to doubt your abilities but last time I connected with Michael it was supposed to be one sided but it
kind of sucked us both in.” Liz said wearily.

“That’s because of your sibling connection. It’s something you were supposed to do when you first
came out of the pods. I promise it won’t happen to us.” Liz gave her permission and the two connected.
It was different than any other connection Liz had
ever felt. No memories or feelings just knowledge,
like downloading from a disk. Raven controlled the connection easily and Liz absorbed the knowledge of
her powers. They broke apart when they were done
and Raven moved in front of the cans.

“Now, watch. Just pool your energy and force it out
of your hand.” Raven aimed and fired a small blast knocking the can ten feet away. “See easy.”

Liz nodded. She walked up next to Raven, raised her hand and did what Raven had told her. She had a couple of misses but got the hang of it quickly thanks
to Raven. Raven then showed her how to control the rest. She practiced all of them. She quickly was able
to port all over the place; she could easily receive flashes from touch, and could throw up her shield quickly. Liz was so happy that she hugged Raven and Ava. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome. It’s really late and the others are probably worried. Go back and I’ll try to talk Zan and the others into let the others in. I’ll call you later to
let you know.” She led Ava and Liz out of the park
and towards the building Liz was staying at. She said goodnight and headed upstairs.

Liz snuck into the apartment thinking Michael would
be mad at her for being gone for so long but instead found Michael and Alex asleep on two of the couches. Liz could tell that they had been waiting up for her.
She went into the spare bedroom and returned with blankets. She kissed them each on the cheek and headed off to bed.


Max heard the other apartment door shut from his
spot on the couch and knew Liz was back. He
breathed out a sigh a relief that she was safe.
He was already pissed at himself for what he had
said earlier but if anything had happened to her
when she had fled, he would never forgive himself.
After everyone else went to bed or the other
apartment, Max had sat down on the couch and
waited for her to come back. He had to make sure
she was safe.

During the time that he waited he replayed
everything over in his head that had happened
over the last few weeks. Michael’s comments
from earlier had gotten to him. Michael had said
that she had given up a lot for him and he made
it sound like it was something big. It was obvious
that Michael and probably Maria knew what was
going on with Liz. Had Liz gone to Kyle in the
attempt to drive him away? Would she really have
sex with someone else so that he would go to his destiny?

Then Max remembered something the dupes had
said earlier that they had telepathy between their siblings and their mates. But how did they choose
a mate? Did it happen the first time they had sex
or was it more involved? If it was the first one then
did that mean that Liz and Kyle could now talk to
each other in their heads if they knew how? The questions kept coming and Max didn’t have any

His thoughts then turned to the way he’d been
treating Liz. He’d been awful to her, hell awful
didn’t even describe how he had acted to her. And
he had been nasty to Michael just because he stuck
up for her, his sister. He didn’t hate her. He
knew the others thought that he did but that was
far from the truth, he still loved her, more than anything. He still wanted to be with her, to love
her despite what had happened. She had said she wanted to be friends before they left for New York, maybe she would still want to be if she forgave him
for the way he’d been acting.


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Here is the next part. I'm not going to be able to update this story again until Monday. SORRY Please forgive me.

Part 26:

Michael opened his eyes and attempted to remove the fuzziness from the small amount of sleep he’d gotten. He’d waited as long as he could for Liz to come back but his body had given up the fight and he’d fallen asleep. Thoughts of Liz being gone woke him up quickly and he ran to the room she was supposed to be sleeping in. Relief filled Michael when he saw her asleep in the bed. He stood there for a few minutes before he turned to leave.

(You’re not even going to wake me up?) He heard Liz ask.

“I thought you would want to sleep more.” Michael said as he turned back around. When he saw that Liz hadn’t moved and realized that the words he’d heard had been in his head. “How in the hell did you figure out the telepathy?” He asked loudly.

Liz sat up quickly, “Michael be quiet. You’ll wake everyone up. Shut the door and I’ll tell you.”

Michael shut the door and sat next to his sister on the bed. “Are you okay? One minute you loose control of her powers because you’re pissed at Max and I and the next you can do the part of our powers I don’t even know how to do.”

“I’m fine. I know what I’m doing now.”

“You scared me last night.” Michael said.

“I’m sorry. I ran into Raven and Ava after I left. After we talked for awhile and I told them our story. Raven decided to connect with me and then helped me learn how to control all of them. Watch.” Liz extended her hand and a small red shield appeared, encasing them. She held it for a minute then let it go. “So no more exploding mirrors, well unless I want them to.” Liz explained. “I’ll connect to you now if you want so you can learn.”

“That’s cool. I’d rather connect with you than Rath.” Michael commented which sent Liz giggling. Liz took both of his hands and looked into his eyes as she connected with him. It didn’t take long to transfer the information. After they broke the connection Liz started teaching Michael their new powers as well as the telepathy and healing. It didn’t take long since Michael was used to training with Tess. When they were done Liz asked, “What happened after I left?”

“Well Maria and I explained about us connecting. We left out the reason why and just said it was to bring you and I closer. They didn’t ask anymore about it or what we’d been talking about before the fight broke out. They were too busy b*tching me out for unleashing your powers. So are you still mad at me?” He asked with downcast eyes.

“I was. I told you my secret and you almost told Max.”

“I just couldn’t stand him saying all of those things. You’ve done so much to save all of our asses and he’s treating you like sh*t.”

“I understand that. I love you being the overprotective big brother but I can handle Max. He doesn’t mean to be like that, I broke him by all of this. Can you imagine how I would be if I had seen him in bed with Tess? I’d probably be out for blood.”

“You wouldn’t be the only one but I see your point.” Michael said. “I’m sorry for almost spilling everything.”

“It’s okay. And I wanted to tell you that I plan on telling him soon.”

“You are?”

“Yeah, this secret is breaking the group apart. I’m going to tell him and then tell the others. I just hope that Tess has accepted all of this. I love being with Max more than anything. I’m supposed to be by his side and I want to be.” She got up and started gathering her stuff to get ready. “Raven said she was going to talk to Zan and the others. I’m going to take a shower and get ready. Why don’t you head out and see who else is up? You’re my brother but I don’t think you need to see me naked.”

Michael jumped up and headed for the door, “No I don’t think I do. See you in a little bit.”

Liz laughed at Michael’s discomfort as she went into the bathroom. She took a shower and used her powers to fix her hair and makeup. “That is so cool.” She said to herself. She went back out to her room and started making the bed. She was playing a cd with her powers and barely heard a knock at her door. Thinking it was Michael she yelled, “It’s all clear.”

The door opened but instead of Michael she saw Tess. Wondering what was up she said, “Good morning, Tess. What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if I could talk to you?”

Usually she wouldn’t want to talk to Tess but she decided they needed to start over. She turned off the CD and sat on the bed. “Sure, what’s up.”

“I wanted to thank you. Last night when everyone was arguing it made me think about things. You gave up Max so that he could follow the first destiny and be with me even though it hurt you. Then later you came and tried to help me with him. I don’t think I could have done that in the same situation. It made me realize that I don’t really love Max, I never did. I’ve been hanging on to what I remember from before and that wasn’t even Max. You two belong together, I guess you always have.”

Liz was in shock. Tess had actually accepted their real destiny. Liz had to talk to Kyle so he could tell her the truth. “Thank you for telling me that. You don’t know how much it means to me that you’ve accepted all of this.”

“I never told anyone this but ever since I moved to Roswell I felt drawn to Kyle. I mean I could sense that Max, Isabel, and Michael were like me so I was drawn to them too but it wasn’t the same as Kyle. Because it was different, I just assumed it was merely a human attraction and blew it off. Now I know why. I’m supposed to be with Kyle and I’m glad. In our past lives I remember us loving each other very much and I hope to have that again soon. Even if we aren’t exactly the same people.”

Liz smiled. “I think you will. I’ve seen the two of you together and I think the friendship you two have is just a start of what will happen. Now I have something to ask you.”


“Besides Kyle, what else do you remember? About our planet?”

Tess was surprised by Liz’s question. None of the others had really ever asked her about her memories. Max had asked her once but then back off when she answered. “Just a few things. Nasedo taught me some memory retrieval techniques. I remember parts of the palace and the gardens. How the sky looked, the differences between Earth and home. I remember my brother and a little about my parents.” She looked down and said quietly, “And I remember you.”

Liz’s eyes widened, “You remembered me?”

Tess shrugged, “Yeah, not an image exactly. More like an impression. I didn’t really know who you were exactly just that I remembered being close to someone. Nasedo always told me it was Vilandra but that didn’t feel right. When Serena told us about Raven I knew it was her.”

“Tell me about the differences between the two planets.”

“The biggest difference is the colors. It’s like the natural color of things is brighter. The grass in the gardens is the richest green I’ve ever seen. The sky is different. No clouds and it’s a deep blue color. The water is a little different. There are actually two different kinds. Nasedo said it’s like the difference between salt water and fresh water. One is like Earth water but the other is heavier, somewhere between jelly and jello.” Tess trailed off when she saw a strange expression on Liz’s face.

“Liz, what is it?”

“What you just described, I’ve dreamt of it. It started when I was little, but I thought it was because of the fairy tales that my dad and Grandma Claudia told me. I dreamed about a castle that reminded me of Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz except it was silver. Sometimes I was playing with kids, other dreams I was older.”

“Maybe the stories they told you were real. Nancy probably told them stuff about our past lives and they wove them into stories. And maybe your dreams are actually your memories.”

“Do you think that you could teach me the memory retrieval?”

Tess smiled, “I’d like that.”

“I know things have gotten better between us since last spring but I want us to become friends.” Liz said.

Tess smiled, “I want that to. You, Alex, and Michael are only my family here, by blood at least. If you want help with your powers I can do that too.”

It was Liz’s turn to smile. “Can I let you in on a little secret? No one besides Michael knows yet but I plan on telling the others later.”

“I won’t say anything, what is it?” Tess asked surprise that Liz trusted her.

“Last night when I left I met up with Raven and Ava. Raven connected with me, helped me practice, and now I know how to use all of my powers.” She waved her hand over herself disappearing then reappearing on the other side of Tess. Tess jumped in surprise.

“Cool, isn’t it? I can do the telepathy with Michael. I think it will really help when we battle the skins if we have to separate. We’ll be able to coordinate plans of attack especially when we can all do it.”

“Listen to you, Nicholas won’t know what hit him.”

“After the past year, I’ve learned to be prepared. We have to be ready and have the bond that the court once had if we are going to survive. Nicholas is the threat now but we never know when Kivar could come to Earth.” Liz figured that if by her changing the future brought Serena earlier than they might not have fourteen years until their enemies came.

They talked a little while longer about Tess getting to know Alex and everything before they went their separate ways. Liz went to find Kyle then she was going to see Max. She was going to bring the group together if it killed her.


Was that horrible?

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Part 28:

Liz headed to the other apartment and found Kyle watching TV. “Am I interrupting anything?”

Kyle flipped through the channels, “No, there’s not much on. How are you? Should I be ducking flying glass?”

Liz smiled, “No, you’re safe. I just wanted to tell you that I’m going to tell Max the truth about that night. So if you want to tell Tess it’s okay, she’s across the hall talking to Alex. Go tell her.”

Kyle jumped up and hugged Liz. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Liz laughed at him. She kissed him on the cheek and said, “You’re welcome.”

Kyle headed out of the room. Liz turned to go look for Max only to find him standing in the doorway of one of the bedrooms. “Max! I didn’t see you there.”

“I didn’t meant to walk in on anything. I heard your voice and wanted to know how you were after last night.”

“I was a little shaken up last night but I’m fine now. I didn’t mean to scare everyone.”

“Well you definitely got our attention.” He said with a half smirk. There was something different about Liz. She had this glow that seemed to surround her, making her seem more confident. She looked so beautiful. Liz had this simplistic natural beauty that made even the black V-neck sweater and jeans she was wearing look wonderful.

“Hey I got you two to stop fighting, didn’t I? You and my brother are so hard headed, I had to go about other means to break you two apart.” Liz said smiling back. She was glad that Max seemed to be in a good mood. “Oh, and you didn’t walk in on anything. Kyle was just thanking me then he left to find Tess.”

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

“I was just about to come look for you. I wanted to talk to you, in private.” She said glancing behind him to the room he had just come from.

Max wanted to talk to her to about being friends so he quickly gave in to her request. “Come on.”

Liz followed him into the room and shut the door. Once it was shut Max started speaking, "I wanted to say I'm sorry for the way I've been acting around you the last couple of days, especially last night. You don't deserve all the hateful stuff I said, I was just letting my jealousy and anger rule me. If the offer to be friends still stand I like to try it." He said all in one breath.

Liz stood there in shock for a minute, she hadn't expected Max to apoligize. "Yeah the offer still stands but I want to tell you some thing." She noticed that she had Max’s full attention and she suddenly felt nervous. “So what’s up Liz?”

“Just give me a minute okay?” Liz started to pace in the small room. She took a deep breath and looked Max in the eye. “I wanted to tell you that you were right. I have been lying to you.”

Max’s heart leapt at what she was implying, “About what?”

“It was all a set up. I knew you would be there that night so I set up the entire scene. I didn’t sleep with Kyle.” Liz said quickly in one breath.

Max could tell she was telling the truth and felt like jumping for joy. His heart hadn’t been lying to him and Liz hadn’t betrayed him. Seeing that Max wasn’t saying anything Liz continued, “I know you’re mad but I want to tell you why I did it. It’s a long story but let me get it all out.”

Before Liz could explain Max grabbed her in his arms and crushed his lips to hers. She responded to his kiss and felt the connection flare up and the flashes started. When he deepened the kiss she used her powers and tried to feed him flashes of the events of her life lately deciding that would be the best way to explain it to him. She in turn got flashes of Max’s life over the past couple of weeks. She saw him trying to come up with ideas to win Liz back, the hopefulness he felt as he climbed up her ladder intent on taking her to the Gomez concert. His utter heartbreak when he saw her and Kyle in her bed, his gratefulness to Tess for her being there for him, his anger at Liz for telling him that she had made love to Kyle. His fear in Copper Summit when he thought that Liz would be hurt because of who he was, the multitude of things he felt when he found out that the other four were aliens too. His sense of loss when he saw Zan and Raven together, wishing he and Liz could be together like that. And finally his anger at her last night while they fought which turned to concern when she lost control of her powers.

The flashes Max got from Liz were more detailed than he’d ever gotten before. He saw her trip to the fortuneteller and an older version of himself coming to her later. He saw her sadness when the Future version of him explained everything and the heartbreak she felt when she tried to fix him up with Tess. The sorrow of hearing about her wedding and knowing that she wouldn’t have it. Then later hearing about Michael and Isabel’s deaths and knowing that it was her happiness with Max that had driven Tess away and that being the cause of them dying. He saw her going to Kyle and asking for his help. He felt her wanting to jump up and tell him it was all a lie when she saw him on her balcony. He saw her last dance with Future Max and the loneliness that followed. He felt her reaction to the hostile and coldness that he had treated her with in Copper Summit and the days that followed. The surprise she felt at the arrival of Serena along with her new knowledge of who she was. The happiness of learning that she was Michael’s sister and Max’s past wife. The confusion it brought along with it. Then it ended with the events of the last few days including her fear she felt from loosing control of her powers and then learning her powers from Raven the night before.

They finally broke apart when they both needed oxygen. They rested their foreheads together not wanting to pull away from the other one. As they tried to get their breathing under control Max puffed out, “Wow. I can’t believe you did that for us. And I’ve been nothing but mean and hateful. How could that other version of me lay it all on your shoulder?"

"He was desperate, you and I were the only ones left." Liz explained.

"That doesn't mean it was okay, you begged him to go to someone else but he kept pushing you. I'm sorry that you had to go through that and I am so sorry for how I’ve acted. I’ll do anything I can to make it up to you, I hope you can eventually forgive me.”

“Max, I’m the one who hurt you. I know you were only acting that way because….” Liz started to say but her cell phone interrupted her. "Hello?"



"It’s me. Zan and the others have finally made up their mind. Can all of you come over? We have to leave in a couple of hours to go open the shop."

"I’m with Max now. Let me gather everyone and we’ll be there. By the way I already connected with Michael so tell Rath he’s off the hook. Was Zan upset?"

"He was at first but he got over it when I threatened to make him sleep on the couch. I’ll tell him that you’re on your way." Raven said before disconnecting.

Liz hung up her end and saw Max staring at her. “Raven wanted to let me know that they have came to a decision. We better get the others.”

Max didn’t want to let her go yet. He pulled her into his arms and said, “As much as I want to go find out what the dupes have to say I don’t want to let go of you yet. Plus we need to talk about everything to not to mention tell the group.”

Liz smiled against his chest as she reveled in being in his arms again. “Well they’re expecting us across the street so it’ll have to wait. I’ll just path Michael and have him get everyone ready so we can have a few more minutes.”

She felt Max nod and she concentrated on her brother,


(Shit Liz. You scared the crap out of me.)

(Sorry. Raven just let me know that the other group made their decision. Can you get everyone together then come get Max and I?)

(Is everything okay?)

(He knows but we haven’t talked everything out yet. Right now we’re just enjoying being with each other.)

(I’ll come get you when everyone’s ready. You both better be decent or we will have one dead king.)

Liz laughed and broke the connection. “What’s so funny?” Max asked.

“Just Michael being Michael.” She leaned up to kiss him again.


How did I do?
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Part 29

While Max & Liz are talking

Kyle walked into the other apartment and saw Tess sitting on the couch talking to Alex. It was still weird thinking of them as siblings. The only thing similar between the two was the blue eyes. Tess was blonde, light-skinned while Alex had darker coloring. Of course Kyle and Maria didn’t look a lot alike either. He wondered how much different he looked from their previous life. As he walked up Alex and Tess looked up at him, “Tess, I need to talk to you.”

Tess could see how serious Kyle looked and nodded. “Sure Kyle.”

Alex looked at the two; “Well I’m suddenly thirsty so I’ll run out to the vending machine. Do you guys know where Liz is?”

“She’s in talking to Max.” Kyle answered. Alex wondered if they might soon be finding out what was going on with Liz and left quickly.

“You two seem to be getting along.” Kyle stated.

Tess smiled. “Yeah, we’re getting to know each other. What did you want to talk about?”

“Me and Liz, and that night.” Kyle stated then kicked himself for not wording it better.

Tess lowered her eyes, “Kyle, I understand. You and Liz were close once and she was probably upset about Max.”

Before she could go on Kyle interrupted her, “Nothing happened.”

Tess’s head snapped up, “What?”

“Nothing happened. Liz showed up at my house and asked me to help her get Max to leave her alone. She set it up so Max would see us in bed together but all we were doing was lying there. I still had boxers on. After Max saw us, I left. That was it.”

Tess just sat there for a minute absorbing it all. When she finally spoke, she said, “That’s what Michael was talking about last night. Liz set up everything to push Max to me.”

Kyle shrugged, “Sounds good to me. She didn’t tell me much of anything. I just wanted to let you know that it was all a lie.”

“That’s good.” Tess said not realizing she said it out loud.

Kyle’s eyebrows raised, “It is?”

Tess smiled slyly, “It’s always good when you find out your former husband didn’t sleep with someone else.”

“That brings up something else that I wanted to talk to you about something. Before this whole thing with Liz started you and I were getting kind of …” Kyle wasn’t sure what word to use, “close.”

“Uh uh.” Tess said.

“I was curious if that was something you wanted or if that was just away for work out frustrations?”

Tess smiled at him, “Are you asking me if I still want my lamp trimmed?”

“Yes, NO! I’m asking if you really think of me in the whole dating capacity.” Kyle asked nervously. He didn’t know what was wrong with him; he never acted like this before.

“I’d be lying if I said no.” Tess said. “If you looked half as good in your boxers in the last life as you do now, no wonder I married you.”

Kyle smiled at her appreciation. But her comment made him remember what he was trying to say. “You’ve always been the one who believed in the whole destiny thing and since we found out about our past marriage,”

“Kyle, you’re rambling. First Michael now you but knowing that Maria is your sister, I’m starting to think your is hereditary.”

“What I’m trying to say is that I don’t want to be with you if our past is the only reason you’re with me.” Kyle said but stopped when he saw Tess laughing softly. “What’s so funny?”

“Alex said the same thing to Isabel. Seems like everyone is paranoid about that.” Tess explained. “I can see why but that’s not why I want to be with you. I wanted to be with you before I even knew back when I thought I was supposed to be with Max.”

“Good, that’s a load off my mind. Then I have something to ask you.”


“When we get back to Roswell, if it hasn’t already been invaded by skins, would you want to go out on a date with me?” Kyle asked. Tess smiled. “I would love to.”

Right then Michael walked in from one of the bedrooms where he had been talking to Maria and said, “Liz just pathed me to tell me the dupes made their decision, time to go see what it is.”

After Michael gathered everyone he headed for the other apartment to get his sister and Max. He knocked on the door before yanking it open. He was relieved to see them only hugging. “Everyone’s ready.”

“Well let’s get going. I have a feeling today is going to be a long one. It certainly started eventful.” Max said looking down at Liz. “Liz, can you wait for us outside? I want to talk to Michael for a minute.”

Liz looked uncomfortable for a minute remembering the argument from the night before. “You two behave. I don’t want to have to blast either one of you.”

Both guys nodded and Liz left. When she was gone, Michael spoke, “What do you want Maxwell?”

“Last night, I said something’s that I seriously regret and I wanted to apologize to you.”

“Liz is the one you should be saying you’re sorry to.”

“I did and I intend to make it up to her but I owe you one too. You were just sticking up for her. I’m sorry I pushed your buttons.”

“We probably should have told you as soon as Serena came but Liz was worried about Tess. Quit being an ass and I’ll forgive you.” Michael said.

Max smiled, “Done.”

“Now about you and Liz. I know you are going to be together now, but I warn you. You hurt her and you’ll have me to deal with. She’s been through so much and she’s strong but I don’t want her to have to go through any more.”

“I don’t intend for her to. I won’t hurt her.” Max said seriously.

“Good. Now we better get going. Liz has probably worn a hole in the floor pacing as she waits for us.” Michael stated. The two guys walked out of the room to find Liz pacing outside of it, just like Michael said.


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Part 30

Max grabbed Liz’s hand and followed Michael into the other living room where the others including Serena waited. They all looked at Max and Liz’s joined hands with different expressions.

“Um, did we miss something?” Alex asked. He was standing next to Isabel with his arm around her.

Liz laughed. “You’re not the only one.” She said looking pointedly at Alex’s arm. “I’m sorry for scaring all of you last night. And yes there is some stuff we need to talk about but we have to go meet our dupes first. We need to have a group meeting when we’re done.”

“Michael told me that you connected with Raven last night and you know how to use your powers.” Maria told Liz as they all headed out.

“And what were you two doing all by yourselves?” Liz asked with an eyebrow raised. Michael and Maria were the only couple that had already been together before New York. Of course it had only been since they fixed the Courtney situation.

“All I’ll say is that hearing your sister’s voice in your head is a real buzz kill.” Maria smiled.

Liz laughed more. “I didn’t mean to scare him. Max and I just wanted a couple of minutes longer.”

Maria raised her eyebrow. “And what were you using those minutes to do?”

“He knows Maria.”

Maria’s eyes widened. “I’m so glad you finally told him.”

“Well I told him about not sleeping with Kyle. The reason behind it he saw in flashes.”

“Flashes huh? Did you use your powers or did you two kiss and made up?”

Liz smiled, “Kind of. He knows everything but we haven’t had a chance to talk yet. Raven called me when we were about to talk so we got interrupted. For once it wasn’t by you.”

Maria was about to retort but it was then that they arrived at the dupes’ front door. Max rang the bell and Lonnie opened the door a minute later. “This way.” They made their way inside but instead of heading upstairs like the night before she opened another door and lead them through another door into what looked like a workout room. There were weights and punching bags along with other workout equipment. The other seven dupes were waiting with Zan up front.

“As Raven told Liz we all made our decisions. Since Raven already connected to Liz, her and Rath won’t have to but the remaining six of us will connect with you. After we do, we’ll help you practice them.” He looked at Serena, “Cal and Asha are upstairs.” Serena nodded and headed up the stairs.

Max stepped forward, “Thank you. You guys didn’t have to do this but thank you.”

As Maria, Tess, Kyle, Alex, Isabel, and Max walked up to connect with their dupes Raven and Rath came forward to Liz and Michael. “They’re going to be down here awhile. Why don’t we show you the rest of the place?”

Liz and Michael accepted the tour and both sets of twins headed upstairs. They went through the game room that they’d been in the night before, then the entertainment room which left Michael drooling when he saw the 50 inch flat screen TV with surround sound and all of the components with it. After seeing the kitchen and bedrooms the last stop was a large studio.

“We call this the hobby room. Gunnar had his computer here, Rath works on his art, and Lonnie and Tenna do their stuff.” Raven explained. It was a cozy looking room, with overstuff brown leather couches and chairs spread out around the computer desk and other tables.

“What kind of art?” Liz asked. She knew that Michael liked to paint and figured that Rath did too.

“Rath draws and designs most of the tattoos at the shop. The rest of them Gunnar gets off of the computer. Lonnie and Tenna design and makes the body jewelry that we sell at the shop. Ava and I take care of business along with Gunnar. Zan, Rath and Lex do the tats and the piercings. You won’t believe how much money humans pay to get this crap done to them. You should come down and see it.” Raven stated.

“Our shop is the bomb. Thanks to our powers it don’t hurt them as much. And they ain’t none the wiser.” Rath said.

Liz eyed Raven’s piercings and tattoos. “Did those hurt?”

“Naw, we did them with our powers.” Raven explained.

Michael could see the gears spinning in his sister’s head, “Don’t even think about it Liz. Nancy would kill me if you came back with piercings and tattoos. Not to mention what Amy Deluca would do to me because I know Maria would do it with you.”

“And why would you be held responsible? It’s my choice.” Liz asked.

“But I’m your older brother, I’m supposed to look after you.” Michael stated.

“Michael, we’re twins, you can’t be that much older. Come to think of it, I came out of my pod first so in this life I’m older.” Liz said defiantly.

Michael realized she was right but before he could comment back Raven stepped in. “Why don’t we go see how the others are doing?”


They made their way down to the basement to find Maria using her power to freeze time. Since the aliens were the only ones down there and weren’t affected the objects hanging frozen in the air were the only way you could tell. When Liz came in Maria broke the freeze and ran up hugging her friend, “Did you see? I can’t believe I could do that.”

“Remind the next time things get hectic at the Crashdown to have you do that so we’ll get a break.” Liz said as Maria moved over to hug Michael as well. He looked at his pixie girlfriend; “You’re doing good, Maria.”

“Well Alex is just itching to get into a computer to see what he can hack into.” Tess said across the room where she was practicing her streams with Ava. Max had his shield up and Tess as well as Isabel was using it as a target. Liz noticed that unlike the first time she had seen Max use the shield against the skins, it didn’t seem to be draining him.

“I can see that everyone is getting the hang of their new powers.” Liz commented. She turned to the dupes and said, “I wish there was something we could do to thank you.”

“Hey, if it keeps the Skins off our backs all the better.” Zan commented.

“Why don’t we buy dinner for all of you tonight?” Tess offered.

“It might look a little weird even for New York if eight sets of twins show up at a restaurant.” Gunnar said.

“We can just order in. Play some pool, have a little party.” Raven offered.

“Yeah, that place in Chinatown would be great.” Lonnie suggested. They set up the evening’s activities and the two groups separated. The dupes went to their shop where the Roswellians went back to their rooms to have a much needed group meeting.


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Part 31:

After picking up breakfast, they all sat around in the living room of the larger apartment. Now that they all had their powers all the food was doused in Tobasco sauce. Liz looked around at all of the empty bottles. “It’s a good thing Dad knows about us. With four more of us eating this stuff he’s going to have to order it in mass supply.”

“Since Isabel and Michael first told me about this little dietary quirk I always thought it was disgusting but it’s really good.” Maria commented.

Liz finished her food and sat back waiting trying to decide how to tell the other four about Future Max. It was a pretty unbelievable story; of course once upon a time the thought of aliens among us was unbelievable. Michael’s voice filtered through her thoughts.
(You want me to tell them? I saw all of your memories so it wouldn’t be hard.)

(No, I’ll do it. Just thinking how they will react.)

(Well you said Maria didn’t flip out and she’s the most hyper of the group. I think they’ll be okay.)

Liz nodded at her brother and said, “Okay I said earlier that we needed to talk. I need to tell you some stuff that’s been going on the last couple of weeks.”

“You’ve got our attention. What’s up?” Kyle asked.

“It started when I got a visitor after Maria, Alex, and I got back from seeing a fortuneteller. I was messing around in my room when there was a loud crash and bright light from my balcony. I barely got turned around before someone walked over to my window and looked in. I was surprised to see who it was.”

“Who was it?” Alex asked.

“Max. But it wasn’t.” She could see the look of confusion on the faces of the four who didn’t know. “It was an older Max. From fourteen years in the future. He used the granolith to come back in time to change things that were going to happen soon. You see because of this event that he wanted to change our enemies defeated us in the future and conquered Earth.”

“What happened?” Isabel asked.

“Tess left town because Max and I got back together. Like the dupes said we make a complete unit so we were weakened. So he came back to stop us from getting back together so Tess wouldn’t leave. Future Max and I had tried less severe ways but Max wouldn’t give up. He wouldn’t give me up. That’s why I pretended to sleep with Kyle so that I would drive Max away. We knew when Max would show up at my window so I set up the whole scene. It looked like Kyle and I had had sex but we were just lying there talking but Max came to a different conclusion. It was enough that we changed the future and Future Max disappeared.”

“Nothing is ever simple with you two is it?” Kyle remarked.

“So why didn’t he just come back and tell Max?” Alex asked.

“He said that Serena told him that if both versions of himself were to come into contact they would both be destroyed.”

“Serena? If Serena were there, why would Tess leave? After all it was Serena’s arrival that told us about our true destinies.” Isabel said.

“He didn’t go into anymore detail. He tried not to tell me too much of the future. He said that Serena would be a friend in a few years, we weren’t supposed to meet her for a few more years. The only thing we’ve been able to come up with is that when we changed that future we did something that brought Serena here sooner. Maybe by going to Copper Summit. I didn’t know if Tess had accepted the new destiny so I kept the lie going even after Serena told us everything.”

“I can’t believe you did that for us. You took the weight of all of it upon yourself.” Tess said. She couldn’t believe that because of her the world had ended, their enemies had been able to take over.

“I almost couldn’t do it. I begged Max to figure out something else but he was desperate. We were the last ones alive. I don’t know about the others but he told me that Isabel had died two weeks before.” Isabel visibly paled at what Liz had said. Liz shifted her eyes to look at her brother. “Michael died in his arms a half an hour before he came back.”

Everyone sat in silence for a minute absorbing what Liz had said. “After the fight last night I decided I had to come clean with all of you. The secret was breaking us up into opposing camps when we need to band together.”

“Liz is right, we can’t let secrets come between us. It doesn’t do any good, only drives wedges between people.” Isabel added.

Max noticed Isabel’s tone and looked at his sister. (Iz, is there something you want to talk about? He asked in his head.

Isabel nodded, “It seems today is a day of confessions. There’s something I didn’t tell you about when I fought Whitacker. She told me some stuff besides about the granolith. I was so confused that I didn’t tell you about it. Then when Nicholas told me more I was so scared that you’d hate me that I couldn’t tell you.”

“What is it?”

“She told me that I betrayed you.”

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Dedicated to:wild_child_uk, ISLANDGIRL5, roswellluver, m14, Brook, pandas2001, nickeygurl 13, abbs007, Lillie, Mary N 008, Strawberry Shortcake.

To nickeygurl 13: The couples can't path to each other until they're bonded. And it will only be between siblings and couples and they won't be able to hear other people.

To Mary N 008:There will be some lovin for our favorite couple but it's still a few parts away.

Part 32:

All of them looked at Isabel in shock. The group might not all get along but they would never think that one of them would betray them, in this life or the last. “No way, the little pibsweak had to be lying.” Michael stated.

“Yeah, Isabel. Your family means everything to you.” Maria commented.

“It was the first time I heard my name, Vilandra. She said that I had a great love and for him I betrayed Max. That I belonged with their race, because I loved their leader. I didn’t want to believe it, I couldn’t tell anyone. Then when we went to Copper Summit I followed Nicholas into the husks room and he told me more. That’s when I first heard Kivar’s name. He told me the same thing and more.” Isabel said chancing a look at Alex. He looked like he had just had his feet kicked out from under him. She knew he was thinking that Isabel had been in love with someone else that they weren’t supposed to be together. Trying to calm his fears, she decided she needed to hurry up with her story.

“Izzy, whether you did that or not, you are not Vilandra. I know you would never betray me.” Max started.

“But Max, I didn’t. I talked to Serena on the plane ride and she said I didn’t. She told me that Kivar was obsessed with me and wanted to marry me but I didn’t love him, I loved Gunnar. Because I didn’t want him you and our father wouldn’t force me to marry him, which upset Kivar. A few years into the war he sent word that he would talk peace but only with me. Maria and I went but we were captured. Kivar told everyone that I chose to be there and that I was going to marry him.” Alex’s expression changed to one of relief as well as anger.

“What about me?” Maria asked.

“He gave you to Nicholas.” Isabel answered and saw a flash of anger come over Michael’s face. “The six of you came to rescue us but it was a trap. We were heading back to the palace when Kivar and his men attack us. It was then that we were all killed even me.”

“Why did they kill you? If Kivar wanted you.” Tess asked.

“He didn’t mean for me to die. But Vilandra jumped in front of Gunnar.” Isabel answered looking over at Alex. She saw the surprise in his face and smiled at him. “Kivar took our bodies and put them out for show. One of the protectors was able to get our essences to mine and Max’s mother and she had us recreated. Then we were sent here. I know now that I didn’t betray Max and I just wanted to tell you all so that if Nicholas said anything, you wouldn’t think I had.”

“That’s exactly what Nicholas wanted to do. He figured out we didn’t remember and it would break us apart.” Max stated.

“Liz? What’s wrong?” Tess asked.

“Just thinking about what else FMax left out when he was here. I mean what if when we changed the future that instead of bringing Serena sooner it brought her later. After our enemies arrived. He didn’t tell me that the four of us were aliens or about Vilandra’s supposed betrayal. I just wish he would have told me more. It would have saved us a lot of heartache.” Liz stated.

“He probably thought it was too much at one time.” Alex stated.

“Yeah, I guess. We did have a kind of time limit. I’m just surprised at how well you guys took the whole Future Max thing.” Liz said.

“In the last year, we found out that aliens exist, been hunted down by the FBI, discovered that said aliens are clones of royalty, and that we four were also in the ’47 crash with them and that we live a past life. Then we came to New York, saw and talked to other versions of ourselves. Time traveling just seems to add to a long list of strange things but it’s not that hard to accept. Hell you could say that Elvis was an alien right now and I’d believe it.” Alex explained. Everyone broke into laughter breaking the somber mood but Max quickly reminded them of the importance of their meeting.

“When Serena gets back from talking to Asha and Cal we need to find out as much as possible about Nicholas. His strength, his weaknesses, anything that could help us.” Liz watched Max with pride, he had always been their leader, and he was stepping up to his role as king very well.

“That day at Copper Summit Nicholas told me that he was the one that killed me. He said he was looking forward to doing it again, he’s full of himself.” Michael stated. Liz cringed when he talked about his death. It was then that Serena came in. She looked around at everyone’s serious expression. “What’s wrong?”

“We were just talking about Nicholas, and our deaths. There is some stuff we need to fill you in on.” Max said he looked at Michael. “Can you catch her up on everything? Liz and I need to talk alone.” Michael nodded not really happy that his sister was going to be alone with Max but knew they had to talk. Max pulled Liz into the other apartment by her hand. Once the door was shut he kissed her deeply. Liz kissed him back hungrily and pushed him back until his legs hit the couch. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her down to sit on top of him. She straddled his lap and reveled in the feel of his touch. As he began to kiss his way down her neck she ran her fingers down his arm, that’s when she saw it. “Max, look.”

He looked at his arm where her finger traced designs on it and saw the familiar glow. “You must be able to do it because you have your powers now.” Liz just nodded as she continued to draw on Max; he smiled at her she looked like a kid with a new toy.



“We need to talk.”

“Well we kind of got distracted. Not that I’m complaining.” She said smiling.

“I just couldn’t help touching you now that I can. It’s been so long since I could just grab you and do that.”

“Like I said I’m not complaining. I’ve missed you. I should have told you as soon as Serena came but I had to be sure Tess wouldn’t leave.”

“Shh, I know. I understand. You had to be careful, you didn’t want to risk anyone’s lives.”

“But I hurt you. I saw the look in your eyes that night and ever since then.”

“Look at them now. What do you see?” Liz looked into Max’s amber eyes and was surprised at what she saw. The emptiness was gone; all she saw was love. Love for her. She felt the stirring of a connection and let herself get lost in it but instead of memories all she got was feelings. She was almost overwhelmed by the love and admiration she felt in them. She felt it edge off and it was gone.

When she was finally able to speak again she said, “I see love. I see you, the you that saved me. Before Nasedo came and confused us all, before Pierce hurt you. The Max I fell in love with. That’s what I see.”

“I told you once that my life began the day I healed you, and it was true. You are the other half of me, in two life times. All I care about is that you’re with me. You had to do what you did to get us here, together. I just wish you hadn’t had to be so hurt in the process but don’t worry about me. I’m fine, as long as I know you love me and are with me. And I still plan on making it up to you somehow.”

Liz leaned in and kissed him softly, “As much as I don’t want to get up, Serena probably has questions for me and we need to talk to he about Nicholas.” She laughed as Max pouted. “I need a camera, I bet all of Antar would like to see their king pouting.”

“And I bet they would love to know all about their queen and the cupcake dress she wore.” He teased back.

“Okay, truce.” She got up and offered her hand. “Let’s go.” They headed back to the other apartment hand in hand with bigger smiles than either one had had for a long time.


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Zan & Raven

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yay!!! lol...just had to reread through a couple of parts because I am confused. are asha and cal protectors too? or some friends? I couldn't remember them and I was like oh no! lol.... I pay attention don't worry.

I really do love it though and I hope you come back with more soon *big* *bounce* thanx!

Cal and Asha are the NY pod squads protectors. They only had two since they're the back ups.
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Part 33:

Max and Liz made there way over to the other apartment and saw everyone smile at their King and Queen. It gave them hope that they would all be able to come together as the group they needed to be. Max walked over to the couch and pulled Liz onto his lap. “Did you catch Serena up on everything?”

“Yes, Michael told me everything.” Serena stated.

“Michael saw all of my memories about it but if you have any questions, let me know.” Liz offered. Serena nodded.

“Serena, we need you to tell us everything you can about Nicholas as well as the other skins. We need to know what we’re up against.” Max said.

“The other skins have basic powers, but Nicholas is very powerful especially with the mental stuff. His mindwarps are almost undetectable and he has one power that you don’t. If he gets his hands on you he can get inside your head and see your memories. Everything you know, he will.” Serena stated.

“So we have to be careful not to let him get us or he would be able to find the granolith.” Alex said.

Serena nodded, “Yes, and now that we know it can be changed for use as a time machine it would be even more dangerous in his hands. He might use it to go back and destroy you while you were still in your pods. You would never hatch.”

“Okay, now that the cloud of doom has gotten bigger, why don’t you tell us about weaknesses?” Kyle asked.

“On Antar they could be killed just like anyone else but I don’t know about here.” Serena answered.

“The husks are strong, I hit Nicholas hard and it didn’t really do anything.” Isabel said. “We know that electricity kills them.”

“Fire or Michael and I’s energy blasts or Tess’s streams could probably do it, maybe Kyle’s waves too.” Liz stated. Kyle’s shockwaves worked in two ways. One way was that when they were weak it would knock someone out, the second way was when he put a lot of energy into them and they acted like a concussion bomb.

“We can ask Courtney, she’d know since she is a skin.” Michael stated.

“Yeah, I bet she’d tell Michael.” Maria said snidely.

“We’ll ask her when we get back.” Max said. He turned his attention to Serena. “Besides how Kivar twisted around Vilandra and Tenna’s kidnapping, is there anything else from our past lives that could be turned against us?”

“Like what?” Serena asked.

“Well Courtney said that some people on Antar thought Michael should have been King, why was that?” Maria asked.

“Rath had several big victories during the war which made people think that if he were in complete charge the war would end. Before you were all killed a small faction wanted Rath to use his influence with his sister as well as being Zan’s best friend to talk Zan into advocating the thrown to him. But Rath didn’t want it. He liked being in charge of the army, he was good at it, but he didn’t want to rule the entire planet. He didn’t like all of the politics involved.”

Michael understood what she was saying. He was more of an action guy, not the diplomat. “What was the war about?”

“Our system consists of five planets. The five planets of the whirlwind galaxy are smaller than Earth, both in population and mass. Antar’s the largest of the five but only about half the size of Earth. Each planet governs itself not all by monarchy. The skin’s planet, Darra, is under marshal law. Kivar had the largest army so he was in power. Darra is one of the smaller planets and is a very moist, swamp like planet. Because of that it lacks in many resources so it relies heavily on trade. A council regulates intersystem law as well as trade, immigration, etc. Antar is head of the council for the system. Kivar demanded more lenient trade agreements that would give his planet more supplies for half the value. He had already formed an alliance with Centura, which is a planet with no dominant race. Kind of like America, a mixture of different cultures that has a large skin population. When he brought his proposal to the counsel it was turned down 3 to 2.”

“He blamed Zan. Kivar’s argument was that since Antar wouldn’t support his proposal the other two votes just fell in line behind him. Then when Zan refused Kivar’s offer of marriage to Vilandra again, Kivar acted. The war began and for the first few years the war was about even, that’s when Kivar offered to talk peace. Kivar had a base on Antar and that was where Vilandra and Tenna went to meet with him. As you all know the rescue mission was what lead to your deaths. After you all died, Kivar declared Marshall law on Antar and he was in control of Darra and Antar as well as influence with Centura. Your parents are on Valen, one of the planets that are helping the population on Antar who are opposed to Kivar.” Serena explained.

“So what will us coming back do?” Alex asked.

“When you arrive home the people will rally behind you and oppose Kivar more actively.”

“After fifty years how will they remember us?” Maria asked.

“Time moves differently on our planet. For every five years here only one passes on Antar.” Serena explained.

“So it’s only been like ten years on Antar?” Isabel asked. Serena nodded, “The people are sick of Kivar and wait anxiously for you to return.”

“But first we have to wipe out the skin threat here.” Max stated. He looked at Alex, Tess, Kyle, and Maria, “I know we all have our powers and know how to do the telepathy but have any of you tried to talk to your sibling?”

Maria was the only one to nod. “I tried to talk to Kyle earlier when Liz was explaining about Future Max. I thanked him for being there for her but I don’t think he heard me.” Kyle shook his head in confirmation.

“Michael and I couldn’t sense each other until we connected, Raven said it was something we were supposed to do after we hatched. You four need to break up into your sibling pairs and connect.” Liz stated. Then she realized what she had said. She had basically told them to go inside each other’s heads. “If you want to.”

“What would happen?” Kyle asked.

“When Michael and I did it, we saw each other’s lives.” Liz said. “So you guys should only do it if you feel comfortable enough to share your memories.”

Alex looked over at Tess; he didn’t have anything to hide. “I’m fine with it, but it’s your call.”

Tess nodded, “If you’re fine with it, so am I.”

Everyone looked at Maria and Kyle, “I don’t know if I want to see Guerin naked.” Kyle commented earning a smack from Maria.

“Like I want to see your memories of beer blasts and barfing.” Maria remarked.

“Guys, it’s not like that. It’s more like significant parts of your lives are shown.” Liz explained.

“Alright let’s do this.” Kyle said. He, Maria, Alex and Tess sat on the floor facing each other. They joined hands looked into each other’s eyes and connected with each other.


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Part 34:

Tess was amazed at Alex's memories and feelings. She saw and felt his confusion and hurt as a child when his parents didn’t understand him. She saw him, Liz and Maria together and felt his love for them and how they made him feel less lonely and alone than before. She saw Isabel through his eyes, the first time he saw her and how his heart stopped, her growing up and her deep connection to Max and Michael, the way that she was with her other friends. She saw and felt his confusion when Liz and Maria started to pull away from him, his confusion when he gave blood for Max without knowing why, and his hurt and anger when Liz wouldn't tell him why. She also saw his reaction to the knowledge that Isabel, Michael and Max weren't quite human, and how he simply accepted it because Liz believed it. She was amazed by the ease and confidence he had in being the first to step forth during Michael's healing and how he knew deep inside of him that it was right. She felt his pain when he realized that Isabel was meant for Michael and not him, but then his hope and amazement when Isabel said she still wanted to be with him. But then she felt his embarrassment when he stripped for Isabel at her birthday party and in front of her mother, as well as his pain when he found out that she had planned on going on a date with Grant. She also felt his confusion yet calm acceptance of everything that was happening and his happiness from knowing he was where he was supposed to be. And lastly his enjoyment of getting to know his sister.

As soon as Alex connected with Tess he was overwhelmed. He saw her coming out of her pod, looking around for the others but only seeing Nasedo. The feeling of abandonment that the others had left her. All of the loneliness she felt growing up wishing they would find the others. Her fear that the FBI would catch up with them. Her confusion when she remembered some of her past life and parts of it that didn’t match up with what Nasedo had told her. Her happiness when they headed for Roswell and thinking that she would finally be with others like her. Her disappointment when they didn’t know her. More confusion when she felt attracted to Kyle and not to Max, the one Nasedo told her she was supposed to be with. Her fear when Max confronted her and called her a murderer. He felt a whole kaleidoscope of emotions during the days that followed including Liz’s kidnapping, Max’s capture, and the rescue. Her hopefulness when she saw the hologram thinking she would be accepted. Her unhappiness over the summer when she was still shunned even after helping Michael. Her sadness when Nasedo died, leaving her alone. Her fear and pain when she was held prisoner by Whitacker. Her surprise when Max didn’t turn her away when she found him in the park. Her disappointment when she found out about Kyle and Liz. Her courage when they battled the skins at Copper Summit. Then more confusion when Serena arrived telling her that everything she’d been raised to believe was a lie. He felt how she finally accepted everything and how happy she was to have her brother. Lastly, her feelings for Kyle.

Maria didn’t know what to expect from a connection and was pleasantly surprised. She saw him as a young boy and how much he loved his mother. His heartbreak when she left and his feelings of loss. She saw how he wanted to be closer to his father who was always busy working. How he pushed himself through sports to gain his approval. She felt him liking Liz because she seemed different than other girls. His hurt when she ignored him and went to Max, his curiosity when he started following Liz around. His anger at Max for taking his father’s attention away from him. She saw his reaction to Tess the first time he saw her, and the want that accompanied it. She felt the pain from the bullet then the confusion when it was suddenly gone. She felt the mirage of feelings he had when he found out about the aliens. His anger when his father was still distant when he came back. The shock and happiness when he found out that Tess was going to be living with them. His fear for Tess when she was kidnapped, his relief when the others found her. She saw Liz coming to him and asking for help, then his wanting to comfort her when Max left and she was in tears. She saw his reaction to finding out that he too was an alien and finding out that Maria was his sister. How he accepted it all, somehow feeling it was right. Then lastly the trip to New York and his talk with Tess earlier.

The first flash Kyle got of Maria was one of her as a toddler, sitting on her dad’s lap. He saw the way she idolized him. Next was one of Maria as slightly older, dressing up in her mother’s clothes dancing around and singing. He felt her excitement when she met Liz, feeling an instant friendship with her. He felt the despair and sadness when her dad left, thinking she was the reason. The overwhelming concern for her mother and even at a young age tried to be strong for her mother but cried when she was by herself. Her happiness when they met Alex and forming the three musketeers. He was hit with a mirage of feelings about the shooting fear for herself and Liz, concern when Liz zoned out, confusion when Liz avoided her, anger that lead to her confronting Liz then shock when she found out the truth. He saw her fear about Isabel, Max, and Michael then realized they were lost souls. He felt her frustration but determination about her relationship with Michael and all of the feelings while the FBI were investigating them. Her heartbreak when Michael told her that he loved her too much to be around her. The summer that she spent trying to talk to him and her new friendship with Max. Her anger over finding Michael with Courtney but forgiving him when he told her Courtney was a skin. Her fear when they went to Copper Summit. The complete shock when she found out she was an alien and supposed to be with Michael. He saw her talking to Liz about FMax and happiness when she saw her best friend and her boyfriend becoming closer. The last flashes were of the days that followed and of her love for Michael.

The four of them came out of the connection to see the other four was looking at them. “Did it work?” Michael asked impatiently.

Maria looked over at Kyle and pathed, (Did it?)

(It did. Great now I get to hear you yapping and complaining about Guerin all the time.)

Maria just glared at him and said, “Yeah, it worked on our end.”

Alex looked at Tess and said, (Now that I know about how you feel about Kyle maybe it’s not the best idea for you to live there.)

Tess looked over at her brother. (I think we should talk about that later.) Out loud she said, “Yeah, us too.”

“Okay, we need to call the airport and see what the earliest return flight we can get back to Roswell tomorrow, the skins could attack at any time. Once we get back try not to be alone, don’t trust anyone but our parents and the people in this room. Any stranger could be a skin.”

“I’ll talk to Mom and Dad about arranging our schedules so that at least two of us are working together or she be there if only one is working.” Liz threw in.

“They’ll probably watch us, try to see how predictable we are.” Kyle said. He had learned a lot living with his dad.

“Then attack when we are separated.” Michael added.

“Since Liz didn’t use any of her powers at the funeral then they’ll figure that she’s weaker than the rest of us. At least Max, Michael, Isabel, and I. Of course, he won’t know that we all have our powers and the strength behind them.” Tess stated.

“I say we go after them, hit them before they hit us.” Michael argued.

“Michael if we do that than we ruin whatever advantage we have of knowing the area. We’ll lead them out to the desert to eliminate people seeing too much.” Max argued back.

“There’s something else Tess and I discovered.” Liz interjected. She knew that Max and her brother would go on for hours.

Taking Liz’s lead Tess started to explain, “Liz and I were talking this morning about what I remembered from our planet and Liz said she had dreamed about what I told her. We think that her dreams are her memories.”

“Have any of you had any dreams that felt real? I mean really real?” Liz asked.

“We’ve had dreams we thought were real. Could you be more specific?” Alex asked.

“I had this one dream like I’m playing hide and seek and I’m hiding in a tree in an orchard, in the distance I see a building that looks like a silver Emerald City from Wizard of Oz. I was young, maybe nine and I’m wearing a long dress that got tangled in the tree. The tree was the darkest green of any plant I’ve ever seen. I hear another little girl scream like she was playing and I know that whoever is looking for me is close. That’s when I wake up.”

“It is a memory, Liz.” Serena said. “The orchard you’re talking about is on the palace grounds. Raven, Rath, Zan, and Vilandra used to play out their al of the time. Lex and Tenna too sometimes. Your nannies used to have a fit because the girls weren’t acting like ladies. But Queen Elora said that the children should be able to have fun and be free since their lives when they got older would be serious enough.”

“Raven told Liz that since we have the seals that we have the memories. Maybe now that we have our powers our memories will come back.” Michael stated.

“Tess already said she’d teach me memory retrieval. I might not be the same person but I want to remember.” Liz said. From the small amount they had heard, their past lives were happy ones until the war came. She wanted to remember her Antarian father and mother, what it was like to be raised with her brother and cousins, and what it was like to fall in love with Zan.

“Nancy and I can help whoever wants to remember.” Serena offered.

“Now the last few days have been stressful and the following ones will also be so I think we should take the rest of the day to relax before we meet up with our dupes. What does everyone want to do?”

Everyone started throwing out ideas and they made there plans


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Dedicated to: Lillie ( 2 times), Asabetha, Calinia, m14(2 times), pandas2001(2 times), wild_child_uk(2 times), roswellluver, katmcken, ISLANDGURL5, nickeygurl13, abbs007, behrstars, Strawberry Shortcake, Alexia

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If any of you are Live fans do you know the song ‘Forever May Not be Long Enough’? It reminds me of this fic. I guess because of their past lives. Oh well I’m rambling on with the story.

Part 35

That afternoon and evening they spent being normal teenage tourists. They hit the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the girls got to shop on Madison Avenue dragging the boys along. Later that night, they were all sitting around the Dupes loft after eating dinner. Langeley, Asha, and Serena had gone out on their own. Zan, Raven, Max, and Liz were on the couches talking when she heard Michael path her.

(You know there are other seats here.)

(Bite me, Michael. Besides Max’s lap is comfortable and I like being as close to him as possible.)

(As long as you’re only sitting there.)

(And what were you and Maria doing earlier? She said something about my voice in your head killed the mood.)

(That’s different. You’re a girl. Guys like to take advantage of girls.)

(Because I’m a girl? How sexist of you. Besides that guy happens to be your best friend.)

(Who is dating my sister.)

(The same sister who you were encouraging him to go as far as needed to get flashes last spring during the whole orb thing.)

(He shouldn’t have told you about that.)
She heard him grumble. (I can’t help it, I know how hurt you’ve been and I don’t want you to go through that again.)

(He won’t hurt me again. I know he won’t.) Liz pathed to him as she looked around the apartment. Kyle and Tess were playing pool against Lonnie and Gunnar while Michael and Alex were playing each other in fuseball. Isabel, Maria, Tenna, and Ava were sitting in the TV room watching a movie. Liz had no idea where Rath was, well until Raven whispered, “I hate to tear you away from him but Rath wants to talk to you in the studio. Come on.” Then turned to the guys, “I’m going to borrow Liz for a minute.”

Raven grabbed Liz’s hand and drug her into the studio. “We have a little present for you.”


Zan and Max continued to talk after the girls left. Zan looked around at the two groups. “You know I don’t think I would ever got used to this.”

“They say everyone has a double out there, its just weird talking to him.” Max stated.

“Raven told me about the whole mess you guys have had. About not knowing who Liz was, the real destiny stuff. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Raven, thought I wasn’t supposed to be with her.”

“When I first found out about being the king and everything, I didn’t believe it. Something just felt off, now I know that it was because our group wasn’t complete. I’m still not completely comfortable about being a king, what it entails but it’s feels more right.”

“It’s because you have your queen now. I can’t explain it but they’re our other half. I’ve loved Raven since Rath and I helped her out of her pod.”

“All I know is that when Liz is beside me I feel stronger. Like we might be able to do what we’re supposed to.” Max stated.

“If you need us, you know where to find us.” Zan offered. Max just looked at his dupe and nodded.

More of the group in the next part. *bounce*

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Dedicated to:Snowdove30, Calinia, pandas2001, MaryN008, roswellluver, KEmperor, Lullaby, wild_child_uk, Twilighteyes1974, m14, Lillie, and nickeygurl13.Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Answers to feedback

Calinia- The dupes won't go to Roswell. It's hard to write conversation for 16 hybrids and I'm not that good of a writer.

MaryN008-I agree that all 16 of them would give one hell of a fight but I'm not good enough of a writer to do it justice. The battle with just the eight is going to be hard enough.

m14-If I could send you Max and Zan believe I would because that means I could have Alec and Ben from DA and that would make my day. Sorry.

I'm not entirely happy with the girls part in this but it just kept sitting there and I couldn't figure anyway to improve it.

Part 36

Michael spun the bar and scored the final goal on Alex, “And that’s game Whitman. You lose.”

“You’re a real gracious winner Michael.” Alex said rolling his eyes. He looked over to where the pool game had finished up and thought of a way to wipe away Michael’s smugness. “You should play Liz at pool, I’d love to see your sister kick your ass. She’s a regular pool shark.”

Michael looked around and saw that his sister as well as Raven and Rath weren’t in the room. Reaching out with his mind he said. (Liz? Where are you?)

(Rath and Raven just wanted to show me something)

(What are you up to?)

(Nothing. We’ll be there in just a-)
He heard Liz say just as Liz, Rath, and Raven orbed right in front of him. (minute.)

Liz smiled at him innocently, “See. Not up to anything.”

Michael looked at her suspiciously, but decided to drop it. “Want play a game of pool?”

“Sure.” Liz answered as she went over to the table and started racking up the balls.

“Alex said you’re a shark at this game.”

“Grandma Claudia taught me. I used to play all the time.” Liz stated.

“Well then I should get an advantage.” He said wiggling his fingers.

“No powers.” Liz stated.

“I’ll let you use yours if you let me use mine.” Michael said smiling.

“Don’t try that smile on me Michael, I’m your sister, I’m immune. But Raven and I will team up against you and Rath. He should be able to play since he has his own table.”

“Just what I need two versions of Raven to make fun of me.” Rath muttered as he watched Liz break. Michael came over and stood next to him. “I see that Max got his head out of his ass. You must have knocked it out last night.”

“I see Raven told you about that. But I think it was Liz that finally did it.”

“Just remember he maybe your king but she’s your sister. So if he treats her bad you have every right to beat his ass.” Rath stated.

“I’ve already talked to him about it.” Michael said as they continued their game. The girls wiped the floor with them. After Liz sank the eight ball Raven looked at Michael and Rath, “Well that’s game. If you guys don’t want a rematch I think we’ll grab Lonnie and Tess and go have some girl time.”

Both boys nodded and Liz and Raven did what they said. As the girls left, Michael looked at Rath, “Why does the idea of all the girls bonding scare me?”

“I don’t know but I feel the same way. Two Ravens and Two Tenna’s together is just scary.”


When Liz entered the TV room with Raven, Tess, and Lonnie she saw that the other girls had finished their movie and were watching an episode of Dark Angel. Liz and Raven walked in just as Alec and Max were starting to fight each other.

“You know what, I think he has some kind of force over Antarian women.” Raven said when the credits started rolling.

“I don’t know I can kind of relate to Max, bitchy on the outside but cool on the inside.” Lonnie commented.

“Not to mention she can kick ass and has the government after her.” Ava said.

“Raven suggested we have some girl time. So what does everyone want to do?” Liz asked.

“Let’s see if we can do something about this whole innocent look you guys have.” Tenna commented. The dupe girls each took their look a likes and went to work. Lonnie tried something drastic with Isabel. She shortened her hair to just below her ears and turned it brown. “I don’t know. It’s just so different.” Isabel said looking in the mirror. She waved her hand turning it back to long blonde.

The other girls were more open to their changes. Tenna pierced her ears a few times. She took Maria’s extensions out and lengthened her real hair to fall just below her shoulders. To everyone else it would look like Maria had just cut her extensions. Then she some strawberry highlights into it. Maria was ecstatic, “Now I just have to get my hands on Michael’s hair.”

Ava helped Tess loosen up some of her curls then Tess asked for help piercing her tongue. Everyone was surprised but Ava just laughed, “If Kyle’s anything like Lex, he’ll love it tonight.”

“No, um Kyle and I haven’t.” Tess started to stutter out but Liz came to her rescue. “What she means is that her and Kyle just admitted how they feel for each other. Nothing physical yet.”

“Well I could tell you guys were all cherries but I figured you’d at least had a little fun.” Ava commented.

Raven changed Liz’s sweater to fit tighter and show her midriff. Then added to her makeup, a dark burgundy lipstick and rimmed her eyes in black eyeliner. Then they lengthened her hair but Liz stopped her from putting highlights in, “Max always talks about how he likes everything about my hair. He’d probably just change it back when I wasn’t looking.”

Later when Alex pathed Tess to tell them that they were being missed they went back to join the guys. The three who had changed their appearances were met with compliments from the guys. Then the group continued to have just relax and act like everything was normal and they weren’t two sets of alien royalty.

Can anyone tell I love Alec?

Next Part you'll find out what Liz, Raven and Rath were up to.

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I logged on last night to read feedback and I was laughing so hard at some of your comments that my son came in and said, "Mommy, be quiet. You too loud."

But thanks for all the comments. I hope to post tomorrow.

Asabetha=Thanks for the feedback and the birthday note

Roswelllostcause=I'll let you all know soon.

wild_child_uk=Thanks for the feedback, I hope to get more out soon.

MoMo=Thanks for the feedback I'll answer your question in the next part.

MaryN008=Yes, Liz knows how to do the orbing thing. As for the fight with the skins, I plan on using parts of Wipeout, because I like the idea of the humans not being around and the podsquad not having to hide using their powers

pandas2001=Thanks for the feedback. You'll find out what they were up to soon.

Lillie=I'm glad you like how I'm writing. It's really hard writing a good Tess because I always make her bad in my other ones. Thanks for the feedback.

Twilighteyes1974=I'll the new part out soon. Thanks for the feedback.

m14=How about I take Alec on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. You can have him Mon, Wed, and Friday and we'll give him Sunday to rest? Zack was a cutie, Logan too as long as he kept his hair short and Krit was fine too. It's makes me so mad that they canceled it. I'm glad you caught the season 3 reference, you were the only one to say anything about it.
Thanks for the feedback.

abbs007=I think it would be so cool just to change your appearance. I have very hard to control curly hair and would love to just wave my hand and have straight hair, especially if it was like Liz's. Thanks for the feedback.

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Actually m14, I watched him on Days and met him when he was on there. Him along with the guys who play Austin, Craig, and Lucas were at a theme park near where I live.

I've always thought Xander was cute, (weird huh?)

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b]Dedicated to : Asabetha, Roswelllostcause, wild_child_uk, MoMo, MaryN008, pandas2001, Lillie, Twilighteyes1974, m14, abbs007, katmcken, and ISLANDGIRL5.

Sorry but no new part until at least Monday. I plan on working on this story this weekend.

Part 37

Although they had an early flight the next day the Roswellians stayed late at the dupes loft saying good bye. Everyone was going to be sleeping that night so Liz and Maria went to one of the bedrooms that they were sharing. Liz changed into her tanktop and pajama bottoms then let Maria have the bathroom. A minute later she heard a knock on her bedroom door, “Come in.”

The door opened revealing Michael, “Just wanted to remind you that I’m bunking with Maxwell tonight so no orbing into his room.”

Liz cursed her brother in her head but smiled innocently, “Of course not just like you won’t in here.”

“I’m serious.”

“Fine but you’ve got to loosen up a little Michael. I’m going to be with Max and if I feel like you’re hovering over me all the time than I’m not responsible for blasting you.”

“Fine.” He grumbled knowing she was getting pissed.

“Good night Michael.” She said before turning around to turn down the bed.

That was when Michael saw something on her right shoulder, “LIZ!”

Liz spun around, “What?”

Michael walked over and spun her around inspecting her shoulder, “What is that?”

“Nothing.” Liz said flippantly.

“No, that is a tattoo. That’s what you were up to with Rath and Raven. Pull up your shirt.”


“Just the bottom, I want to make sure you don’t have any additional metal in you besides your ears.”

Liz put her hands on her hips, “Whether I do or not it’s none of your business just like the tattoo. Rath happened to design it just for me and I like it so I got it.” When Rath showed had shown her his sketch she had thought it was perfect. It was a star about an inch in size and around the top point was a small crown. Rath said it was her own symbol of being the queen. “And I’m not changing it.”

Michael could see that there was no changing Liz’s mind so he just grumbled, “Fine, I’m going to bed.” He stomped out shutting the door behind him. Maria heard the door and saw Liz’s stance, “What was all that about?”

“Michael just learned that he’s not the only one with a hard head in our family.” Liz laughed as they went to bed.


The next morning the group of nine flew back to Roswell. The plane wasn’t full and they were able to sit by each other. They joked around and talked. Isabel asked Max if he would switch seats with her so she could talk to Liz and he agreed.

“Hey Isabel.” Liz greeted her.

“I wanted to tell you I was sorry. I’ve always treated you like crap, thinking you were taking Max away. When we found that you were Michael’s sister I thought you might take him away too but I know you’re not. He was your brother before he was mine. And I know that you being involved with Max isn’t going to take him away no more than me being with Alex will take him away from Tess.”

“You’re right Isabel. I’m not trying to take either of them away from you. We’re all together, a family. I hope that we can be close. You’re Max’s sister and you’ve taken care of Michael for me, which I owe you for.”

“I’m the one that owe you. You did all of that stuff for us because you love Max.”

“That wasn’t the only reason. I couldn’t let you and Michael die. And everyone else just so I could be happy.”

“I know how hard it was for me to keep a secret from the ones you care about. It ate at me not being able to tell Max about Vilandra. And yours had to be so much harder because of all the implications that could happen. You’re stronger than I ever gave you credit for.”

“Well thank you.” Liz said. She looked across the isle and saw Alex joking with Maria. “Do you mind if I’m nosy and ask what’s between you and Alex?”

Isabel smiled. “We’re together.”

“Is it because you think you’re supposed to be?” Liz asked with concern. She knew how much Alex cared about Isabel and she didn’t want to see him hurt again.

“No, I want to be with Alex. The whole destiny thing is just a perk, I’m sure you understand that.”

“Yeah, I can understand.” Liz said thinking about Max.

“I’m just finally letting him in. I’ve always wanted to but I was scared. With other guys I could be distant and now let them in and it didn’t bother me. I’ve never even opened up completely to Max and Michael; I’ve always held something back. But being around Alex and seeing his openness with everyone makes me realize you have to trust someone. Who better to trust then people like me? People who understand what my life is like. You, Maria, and Tess are the closest things I have to girlfriends, and I hope that we can get closer too.” Isabel said smiling. The two girls continued talk before the pilot came over the speakers and told them they were about to land then Max wanted his seat back and Isabel went back to sit with Alex.


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I'm glad you all liked the tattoo. It was hard trying to think of something simple that would suit Liz.
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Dedicated to: Lillie, m14 (2x), wild_child_uk, Lullaby, roswellluver, pandas2001, Calinia(2x), Roswelllostcause, abbs007, and Twilighteyes1974.

Calinia= Yes, Max and Liz will get some time to properly makeup. Much to the disagreement of Michael.

m14=I enjoyed talking to you. It's always fun to talk to someone else who is obsessed with Roswell. No one else I know watches it.

The next few parts focus on Michael and Liz add a little Max into it also(not like that) then I'm going to focus one part on one of the other couples. I have a feeling this is going to be a very long story.

Part 38

They were all tense on the drive back to Roswell. Nancy and the Sheriff had come to pick them up and reported that nothing otherworldly had occurred. Max set up an early meeting at the Crashdown the next morning to tell them everything. The Sheriff took Alex, Maria, Kyle and Tess home while Nancy dropped off Max and Isabel then asked Michael to come back with her and Liz to their apartment. Once there Nancy lead them upstairs and had them sit in the living room before fetching something from her bedroom. When she appeared Michael and Liz saw a small box about half the size and made of the same material as the orbs. “I wanted to wait until you both had control of your powers before I gave this to you just in case you didn’t want to get any flashes from it.”

“What is it?” Michael asked.

“I’m not really sure. Your father gave it to me before we left. It must be important. Serena said he was very upset that it was lost until they received the orb signal telling them we were alive.” Nancy handed the box to Liz. The top of it was a symbol that was familiar to both Liz and Michael. It was three circles intertwined; two on bottom one on top. “That is your father’s family symbol. Like a family crest. The symbol of the king’s second in command.”

Liz turned the box over, trying to figure out how to open it but found no opening. Then she figured that since it was from their planet then maybe they had to use their powers. She put her hand over the top of it and concentrated. The metal split in the middle and seemed to melt away to the sides. It revealed a silvery velvet material incasing what looked like two rings, one the size of a women’s, the others the size of a man’s.

“There’s rings inside.” Liz said showing Nancy. The larger one was plain looking with the same symbol in the middle. Michael pulled the larger one out of the box. Liz pulled out the smaller one. This one had a stone unlike any she had ever seen. It looked like a diamond but when the light caught it, the color seemed to change to different shades of blue.

Nancy leaned over looking over the rings. “The larger one is a ring passed down to all the sons of your family. The smaller one was your mother’s. The stone is called a Mirstone. Vaughn gave it to her when he first started to court her then gave it to Raven when she was old enough. It was the only jewelry that they were wearing when they left on the rescue mission. The protector who was able to steal your essences was a close friend of your father. He must have seen the rings and taken them to give back to your father.”

“Vaughn?” Michael asked.

“That’s your father’s name. I’m sorry I guess Serena and I never told it to you.”

“Antarians don’t wear wedding rings?” Liz asked thinking that it was strange that she only had on her mother’s ring when she died. This meant that she hadn’t worn a wedding ring.

“No, when a couple is married the symbol of the man’s family is marked on the top of their left hand with the symbol of the wife’s family on the bottom of the thumb.”

“Is married the same thing as bonded?” Liz asked. “Raven told me that they were all bonded but not married.”

“No. Bonding is something that only happens to the couple. From what I know, Rath and Tenna were bonded although they still had a while until they were to be married. To be married is a more public ceremony, one that had to be performed in front of one of the elders of the granolith. The elders are men and women who until we sent the granolith to Earth took care of it, guarding it. Brotho, one of the protectors who died was an elder. When the war broke out several elders were killed in Kivar’s attempt to get it that’s why it was sent here.”

“Raven didn’t mention anything about that.”

“Her protectors probably never mentioned it since the ceremony wasn’t something that could be done here. Neither one of her protectors were an elder although the senior protector the one you called Langeley knew the location of the granolith just in case. The ceremony would only be able to be done if another elder came to Earth or they were back on Antar.” Nancy explained.

“You said you didn’t want us to get flashes if we didn’t want to. Does that mean we could see our other lives?” Michael asked.

“Yes, you could get flashes of things from your past lives.” Nancy stated uneasily. “I don’t know which ones.”

Michael looked at Liz; “This could help us remember, see our parents.”

Liz was torn, she wanted to remember but she felt like she was betraying her parents here on Earth. Nancy saw her indecision; “It’s okay. Milla was a great woman you should remember her.”

Liz smiled at her mother. “Let’s do them one at a time.”

“Mine first.” Michael said anxiously. Liz placed her ring back in the box and scooted closer to her brother. They each held a side of the ring between their thumb and pointer finger. Liz reached out and grabbed Michael’s other hand. She nodded and they both closed their eyes to concentrate. Their sibling connection flared up first then they were inundated with flashes.


You'll see the memories in the next part.

NOTE:Guys I've been slacking when it comes to my reading. There are about a half a dozen to a dozen fics I've been reading but can anyone suggest some more?

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I found this on Schurry's website and couldn't resist.


Dedicated to: Lillie, Asabetha, pandas2001, wild_child_uk, Apathygirl666, roswellluver, calinia, TabascoLiz, Roswellostcause, and ISLANDGIRL5
Thanks everyone for the story suggestions.

Part 39 Starts with the memories

A man, their father, in his twenties standing next to his king staring at a woman about the same age with long black hair, feeling his heart swell with love.

Their father slightly older looking down at their mother who was holding two infants with hair the same color of hair as hers. “Rathard & Raven.” He said proudly.

Their father carrying toddlers Rath and Raven to their mother’s bedside. Milla lying there close to death. “My babies remember I love you.” She whispered before closing her eyes, “Mama?” Raven said shaking her mother. Their father picked them both up carrying them away.

Their father watching a ten-year-old Rath and Raven playing with four other children, two with silvery white hair and two with red hair. He watched as Raven fell and saw the silvery head of the young prince fly towards her to help her up while Rath pulled on the hair of the little red-haired girl, Tenna.

Watching as Prince Zan and his daughter during their coronation before turning to his son and handing him his family ring, handing over the reins as Second in Command.

The view switched to the flashes from Rath’s viewpoint.

Rath kissing Tenna. Realizing how much he loved her. Rath comforting Tenna when her parents died

Rath standing next to Zan, talking strategies for the war.

Rath not wanting Tenna to go with Vilandra to see Kivar. The anguish he felt when they found out Kivar had the girls trapped.

His reunion with Tenna when they escaped.

Rath in the battle with the others fighting against Kivar and Nicholas. Checking to see the others. Watching Vilandra jump in front of Gunnar to save him, giving up her own life. Feeling the blast from Nicholas, knowing it was fatal. Taking one last look at Tenna and Raven before falling.

Liz and Michael came out of the series of flashes suddenly. They were both shaken from them. First they saw their mother’s death then Michael’s. Michael hadn’t expected to see his own death. He never would have had Liz do the flashes with him if he had.

Liz knew it had happened but to know and see that Nicholas, although looked different on Antar, had been responsible for it made her hate the alien disguised as a twelve-year old boy even more. She had been so close to him the night they spent in Copper Summit. He had probably enjoyed watching them, thinking he could kill them at any minute. And at the time they had been so unsuspecting that he probably could. She wondered if he had been responsible for the deaths of the rest of them. Maybe even her own. She picked her mother’s ring, the ring she herself had worn in her past life. She knew it was morbid to think about it but she still wanted to see her other life even if it meant seeing her death. “Michael, I can understand if you don’t want to but I want to see my memories.”

“If you’re sure.” Michael said as he slipped his ring on.

“Yeah, come on.” Liz said as they positioned their hands on the smaller ring and repeated what they had done.

Their mother slipping the ring on for the first time, smiling at their father with love.

Their mother repeating vows of love to their father at their wedding.

Their mother finding out that she was pregnant, and telling their father, then their birth.

Their mothers final moments through her eyes.

Vaughn giving a young Raven, maybe fifteen or sixteen, her mother’s ring. Feeling her sadness and longing that her mother was with them.

Raven joking around with Rath, teasing him about Tenna.

Raven’s secret times with Zan. Waiting for the time when they could be together in the open.

Her wedding and coronation, the happiness at the ball later.

Raven doing whatever she could to help her people as their queen during the war.

Raven fighting and winning against her opponent then suddenly feeling an emptiness she had never felt. She couldn’t feel her husband or her brother. Zan and Rath were gone, looking over and seeing first Rath’s then Zan’s bodies. Kivar looming over Zan’s body and Raven feeling cold blinding hatred before launching an attack on him. She landed a good blast before pain then darkness.

Like before they came out of the flashes with a jolt. Neither said anything. All either could think about was how happy they had been before the war with the exception of missing their mother. Then Kivar and Nicholas had came and taken that away.
It made them hate them more than they already did. Liz slid her ring on.

“At least we understand better what we’re fighting for.” Michael stated not knowing what else to say. “I’m going to head for home.”

“Michael, you can stay here if you want.” Nancy offered.

“No, I need to check on my apartment.” Michael explained.

“Mom, he’ll be back in the morning.” Liz interfered. She knew that Michael needed some time. He had been looking for details of where he came from for so long and had accepted everything so far but she knew that the memories had thrown him.

“See you later.” Michael said before leaving.


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Okay guys I need a little help. I've written a couple of M/L parts and one K/T part. WHat couple would you like to see next M/M or A/I?

My plan is to build the relationships (sibling and Couples) a little before I have the battle with the skins. I think I'm going to have the other four see their pods too. What do you think?

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Dedicated to Lillie(2 times), Mary N 008, wild_child_uk, Sassy, m14 (3 times), Twilighteyes1974, SarahWhitman, abbs007, Asabetha, Kemperor, and nickeygurl13.

The vote was pretty much unanimous for Alex and Isabel. It will be in the part after this one but that one won’t be posted until Monday.

Part 40

After Michael left, Liz grabbed her bags and headed in to her room. It was weird being back after their trip. When she left she was so confused about Max and didn’t have control of her powers. Now things with Max were good, she had her powers, and knew about parts of her previous life.

“Liz, you haven’t said anything about your trip. I noticed you and Max were close again.” Nancy stated.

“Mom…you know I don’t like talking about this stuff.” Liz said but couldn’t help smiling at the mention of Max.

“I know, but I thought that since we don’t have to hide anything anymore you might feel like it now.” Nancy said.

It occurred to Liz how hard things must be for her mom. Hiding who she was but trying her best to protect all of them. “Mom, I don’t mean to criticize but why didn’t you tell me? I know you said you wanted to wait until you found the other four but shouldn’t you have told us so we could learn our powers? I mean what if we didn’t know the others before the skins had attacked?”

“I planned on it when I first hid your pods but then I was captured. Those three years I spent with the FBI showed me how scared the humans were of us. I didn’t want that to happen to any of you. I thought that if we surpressed your powers for a while then you would never be found out. And I wanted your life to be normal. I always agreed with the Queen about all of you having a normal life before assuming you duties so I did the same thing here. I know my decision might not be the best one but it’s what I thought best.”

“I know you did.” Liz stated. She remembered the few flashes she had gotten from Max about his time in the white room and couldn’t imagine what her mom had been through. “And I guess I should tell you that yes Max and I are back together. We worked out a lot of things on the trip. There’s so much to tell you I don’t know where to start.”

“Start at the beginning.” Liz realized her mom didn’t know their whole story so she started at the shooting and told the whole story up until they landed back in Roswell.

“Mom, what exactly is the granolith?”

“It’s hard to explain, I don’t even know if I can. It’s a computer, power source; weapon among other things all rolled into one. No one really knows where it came from just that the first king of Antar discovered it and used it to build the planet’s along with the systems’ technology. That’s one reason why Kivar wants it, he knows that if he has it then no one will challenge him for the throne and the war would be pretty much over.” Nancy explained in shock of what Liz had told her.

“Well Serena told us about Nicholas being able to get into our heads and seeing what he wants. We already talked about not letting him find the granolith. We wanted to talk to Courtney to find out any weaknesses they have.”

“Good plan.”

“Do you think that after the meeting tomorrow we could go see our pods.” Nancy nodded and kissed her on her forehead before leaving. Liz pulled out her journal and wrote about the night’s events. Later Liz took her bath and let the warm water soothe her but she couldn’t get her mind to calm down. (Michael? You still awake?)


(Are you okay?)


(Great conversationalists you are.)

(Liz, I was trying to get some sleep since you guys planned a meeting at such an ungodly hour.)

(I’ll let you go to sleep. I just thought you might want to talk about earlier.)


(Michael I know you’re upset. We’ve gotten so close lately, don’t shut me out now.)

Liz could feel him grumble over their connection, she had noticed that the sibling connection had gotten stronger since they got their powers. (It was the flashes of our deaths. I got myself killed before you and Maria. I failed protecting you guys and I’m worried that I’ll do it again.)

(Michael, you can’t blame yourself for what happened. If we did then we could say it was Max’s fault for letting Isabel and Maria go. Or Kyle’s fault for not having more protectors with us. You were a different person than and you can’t blame yourself for the decisions you made then. All you can do is your best now.)

(You’re too logical for your own good.)

(Yeah, well live with it. Are you going to stop blaming yourself?)

(I’ll see what I can do. Now I’m going to get some sleep.)

Liz said hoping that Michael would feel better in the morning. She thought about talking to her parents about having Michael move into the spare bedroom. Of course after they moved Serena out. Her mom and Serena had set it up so that the newer protector would be one of the new day waitresses working while the girls were in school. After Serena had been on Earth a while then they would look to get her a better job. She wondered if Michael would be willingly to give up his apartment. She doubted it though. He had worked hard to have his independence but Liz didn’t like that he was there alone so much. He had spent too much of his life alone. She thought about Tess’s house that was up for sale. Maybe Michael, Tess and Liz could move in there. Alex too since his parents weren’t around too much. Of course living with both Michael and Alex would severely dampen her relationship with Max and she didn’t think her parents would go for it. It was only a fleeting thought.

Liz climbed out of the tub and used her powers to dry herself off before pulling on a robe. She made her way out into her room but stopped when she heard something out on her balcony. She raised her hand in preparation to blast as she slid open the window and climbed out to investigate. She walked over to the edge and looked down over just as she felt a hand on her shoulder and she let out a yelp in surprise.


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Dedicated to*tongue*andas2001, Apathygirl666, Twilighteyes1974, Mary N 008, Lillie, Tabasco Liz, KEmperor, wild_child_uk, nickeygurl13, roswellluver, m14 (2 times), ISLANDGIRL5, SarahWhitman, abbs007, and Roswelllostcause.

We'll get back to Liz in the next part, here's a small stargazer one.

Part 41

Isabel flipped through her magazine as she watched Alex type on his computer. She had come over after catching up with her parents. In New York they had spent a lot of time together getting back to the way they were before all the destiny confusion. They weren’t at the same place as Max and Liz or Maria and Michael but they had their own unique relationship. “So if you don’t need my help then why did you want me to come over?”

“You are helping you’re keeping me company.” Alex said as he stared hard as he went through the lines of code. It didn’t take that much concentration to read all the codes, not with his new powers; he could read it as easy as reading English. But doing it with Isabel in the same room lying on his bed did take a lot of work. “And who said I needed a reason for you to come over?”

Isabel smiled at his sweetness. “I’m not complaining. What are you doing anyway?”

“Breaking into government databases and forging information.” Alex stated nonchalantly. He looked over at Isabel’s stunned expression and laughed.

“You’re joking right?”


“Why?” Isabel asked.

“If Serena’s stuck her on Earth she’s going to have to make a life for herself. Mrs. Parker called me earlier and asked if I could arrange some stuff for her. So I went into the records, created her, came up with a birth certificate, and stuff.”

“You can do that?”

“If you know the system any one can. It’s even easier with my powers. Took a quarter of the time and even did some extra stuff for Tess.”

“That’s amazing.”

“I need to get a better system though, faster. But that takes money which I don’t have. Too bad we can’t change dollars into hundreds.” He said as he flopped down next to her. “I think I’m going to have to get a job.”

“I’m sure my brother could get you a job at the UFO Center. Brody could have another alien on staff.” Isabel smiled.

Alex looked at the beautiful girl laying so close to him and leaned in to kiss her gently. He deepened it wanting to taste her sweet mouth and she responded with as much desire. They explored each other’s mouths thoroughly and Isabel felt herself being lowered back to the bed. Half on her own accord, half on Alex’s. She wrapped arms around Alex and clasped her hands behind his neck playing with the soft hair. She loved the feeling of Alex’s lean frame on her.

Alex couldn’t believe what was happening. Not long ago the thought of making out with Isabel like he was would have only been a dream. But it was real and he could feel himself becoming very aroused by it. He broke away from her soft lips and started kissing her long neck. Isabel let out a small moan and Alex couldn’t help put smile against the flesh of her neck. He almost jumped in surprise when he felt her warm hands leave his neck and move under the bottom of his shirt rubbing his back. It was then that he realized that if they didn’t stop now then they might not. He reluctantly pulled away from her.

Isabel felt a sudden coldness and the weight of Alex’s body leave her. “Alex? What’s wrong?” She asked in confusion.

Alex saw her confusion and quickly tried to fix the damage. “Nothing. Everything over the last few weeks has been busy and I just don’t want us to do something that you’re not ready for.”

Alex’s words sunk in and Isabel realized that she hadn’t done anything wrong. It also made her realize how much more she cared for Alex maybe even love him. She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “Thank you for being such a gentleman.”

“You’re welcome Bella. Now we better get you home before the king lynches me.” He joked as he grabbed his parents’ car keys to take her home.

“Well he’d have to get through me.” Isabel said seriously before they headed out.


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Dedicated to: ISLANDGIRL5, Roswelllostcause (2 times), katmcken, Dinathompson, Apathy666, xmag, CandyGrl02, Lullaby, m14(4 times), wild_child_uk, KEmperor, Mary N 008, sablaine, pandas2001, roswellluver, SarahWhitman, Twilighteyes1974, Dearheart, Asabetha, Calinia, and LXC

Thank you guys for all the feedback. This is my first fic to hit 500 posts and I’m so happy.

Part 42

Liz made her way out into her room but stopped when she heard something out on her balcony. She raised her hand in preparation to blast as she slid open the window and climbed out to investigate. She walked over to the edge and looked down over just as she felt a hand on her shoulder and she let out a yelp in surprise.

“Liz, it’s me.” Max said seeing her hand glowing.

“Max, you scared the crap out of me. What do you think you’re doing sneaking up on me like that?” Liz chastised.

“I wanted to see you. It felt like forever since your mom dropped us off and I couldn’t wait until the morning.” Max said guiltily.

Liz couldn’t help but smile at Max’s explanation. She missed him too. She had even considered orbing over to see him but hadn’t had a chance before he appeared on her balcony. “Okay, you’re forgiven. Let me get back inside and put some clothes on and I’ll be right back.”

Max watched Liz climb back inside. It wasn’t until she said something that he became aware that she didn’t have on anything under her robe. Just the thought that all he had to do was give a gentle tug of the tie and she would have been naked. He felt the semi arousal state he was always in around Liz become heightened and his body heat up. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself but knowing that Liz was just inside dressing didn’t help. He was still fighting with his body when she came back out.

“So how were your parents?” She asked not knowing what Max had been doing. She sat down on her lounge chair and motioned for Max to join her.

“Fine. None the wiser. Isabel gave Mom her gifts she bought her. They asked us all kinds of questions about the trip. We told them as much as we could. Leaving out the whole dupes and getting our full powers of course.”

“And about Alex and me?” Liz asked teasingly. She knew Max didn’t like talking to his mom about stuff. She remembered the first time she met Diane Evans and how surprised she had been that Liz was around.

“Um, no although she tried to ask some questions when Alex called. Mom was the one who answered the phone and Isabel actually blushed when she took if from her. She’s never done anything like that before. After Isabel headed over to Alex’s she tried to ask me about it but I avoided her and hid in my room for a while. She definitely knows something is up between us.”

“My mom does too. We had a good talk earlier, I told her all about the last year. Well not the personal stuff just the hunt for clues, Nasedo and Tess, stuff like that. It’s easier to talk to her now. She’s not as closed off as she was before and I don’t have to keep any secrets.”

“Good. I know you were always closer to your dad so now that neither of you have secrets to hide you can get closer.”

“It’s kind of weird, I mean I know she’s not really my mother but she has been for the last seventeen years. She might be our protector but she’s still my mom.”

“It’s weird, as king I can order her around but I still call Mrs. Parker, I can’t get past her being your mom.”

“Maybe eventually, you will. Michael already does.” Liz said. “Now I’m guessing you didn’t come here to talk about our parents.”

“No, not really.” He teased back. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. Liz responded wholeheartedly. The kiss didn’t remain innocent for long and Liz felt herself being lowered to lay on the chair. Liz ran her hands underneath his shirt feeling the hard muscles of his back, loving the smoothness of his skin. Max started kissing down her jaw line down to the hollow part of her neck. He moved his lips over her pressure point and began to suck lightly when he heard one of the last things he wanted to hear in his head. (Max you better get back soon. I just got home and Mom and Dad were asking about you. I told them you had to go to Michael’s because you accidentally packed some of his clothes in your suitcase.)

(Okay Iz. I’ll be home as soon as I can.)

(Tell Liz I said Hi.)
He heard his sister’s joking voice before the link was broke. “Liz love, I hate to end this but Isabel just let me know that my parents are wondering where I am.”

“Well if you have to go.” Liz said pouting. She reached up to slip a piece of hair behind her ear. When she did that Max saw a ring he’d never seen before on her finger. “Liz, where did you get that ring? It’s beautiful. Different type of stone.”

“When we got back, Mom gave Michael and I this box. I used my powers to open it. Inside were two rings. This one was my mother’s. It’s called a Mirstone, they’re found on Antar. Michael has a ring that was my father’s.”

“That’s great Liz.” Max said glad that Liz would have something from their home.

“That’s not even the great part. We got flashes from them.”

Max’s eyes widened to the size of half-dollars. “What did you see?”

“Our parents memories of meeting and their wedding. I saw my mother’s death.” Liz stated sadly. “And I saw parts of Michael’s and my lives and our deaths.”

“You saw your deaths?”

“Yeah, I don’t really know how to explain it.”

Max could see that Liz was struggling to express what she and Michael had seen. “I can only imagine, but you don’t have to tell me until you’re ready.”

“Thank you. You better get going before they ground you.” Liz said before laughing at the thought of the King of Antar being grounded by his parents.

“See you in the morning.” Max said before giving her a quick kiss and climbing down the ladder. Liz made her way into her room over to her bed before falling into a sound sleep.

NOTE: I won’t be posting again until at least Monday. Also a lot of people brought to my attention that I hadn’t done much with Maria. So here’s what I was thinking. Should I maybe have her have a memory through a dream? Any other suggestions?

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Part 43

“Kyle you don’t have to do this.” Tess said with concern.

“Yes, I do. I’ve been putting it off ever since I found out. He needs to know.” Kyle stated. He knew it was time to tell his dad the whole story about his real origins. At first he had just reasoned with himself that they had to focus on getting all of their powers and the trip to New York but he knew he was just scared. Scared that his dad would be mad at what Mrs. Parker had done and reject him. They had lied about the trip to New York saying they were hunting down a lead on something alien but no more. The Sheriff hadn’t been thrilled about it but at the time had been glad that Kyle seemed more at ease with the aliens. The decision to finally tell his dad had been plaguing him all through dinner and he knew his dad suspected something was up. “I mean, what happens if we’re attacked and he sees me use my powers. I don’t think that would be the best time to say ‘Gee Dad. I’m an alien and not really your son. And by the way Tess, the girl that sleeps ten feet away from me every night, was my wife in our past lives.’ I don’t think that’s the best idea. He’s the only parent besides the Parkers who’s in on the group and he should know all of it.”

Tess could see how worried Kyle was at telling his father the truth. “I’ll go with you.”

“Thanks, knowing I won’t do this alone helps. Now how should I tell him?” Kyle said walking back and forth in what was now Tess’s room.

“I don’t know, I’ve never had to do it before.”

“I guess that if I went in there and just started changing colors on everything he’d probably get the idea.”

“You’re not a subtle guy are you?”

“We don’t have time for subtle.”

“True, but knowing your dad probably the straight forward approach would be best. Just go in and sit him down and talk to him. I’ll be right there.” Tess said as she walked up to him and laced her fingers through his. Kyle looked down in surprise at the gesture. He and Tess had talked about dating but this was the first of any kind of intimate contact they had had. He looked into her eyes and saw the concern she had for him. She cared about him. He couldn’t resist lowering his lips just enough to lay a gentle kiss on her lips. Tess responded back and they shared their first kiss. When they pulled back from each other, still looking at each other in the eyes Tess smiled, “Come on Buddha boy. Let’s get this over with.”

Kyle nodded and without letting go of her hand walked into the living room where his dad was watching TV, “Dad, I have something to tell you.”

The Sheriff looked up and the first thing he focused on was Kyle and Tess’s hands joined together. He couldn’t say he was overly surprised, he had seen the way the two of them had gotten closer since she had been living here. He had planned on talking to the kids about it but things kept coming up. It looked like he was right. Is that what they wanted to talk about? Or was it more serious? The look on Kyle’s face was one of dread and he knew his son had been uneasy the whole evening. What could it be? Then the possibility of what it might be hit him full force and he paled. He spent a lot of evenings away leaving the two of them in an empty house. Could Tess be pregnant? “Sure, Kyle. What do you want to talk about?”

“Well we found out some news and I’ve been putting off telling you because I was worried, more like scared at how you were going to react, but we’re kind of on a time limit.”

If at all possible the Sheriff paled even further, “Kyle I’ll always be here. I’ll help you in any way I can to help you kids out.”

The Sheriff moved farther down on the couch and Tess and Kyle sat down to face him. “There’s no easy way to say this.”

“Just tell me. You’ll always be my son.”

“Don’t bet on that.” Kyle muttered. “Okay here goes. I’m an alien.”

“What?” The Sheriff asked confused. That was the last thing that he expected to hear from Kyle. “You’re not an alien, I saw you a few hours after you were born.”

“No, dad you saw me half a day after I hatched.” Kyle stated. “Let me tell you the whole story. Michael interviewed an old army guy and found out that there were four more pods on the ship when it crashed but they didn’t know what happened to them. Before we left for New York a new shapeshifter showed up. She was the first one to say that I was an alien. We thought she just had made a mistake, but then our protector who had been looking after us confirmed it. Maria, Alex, Liz, and I were in those other four pods.”

“But your mom was pregnant.” The Sheriff interrupted.

“You’re right. She was. My pod was damaged in the crash and I came our early. Our protector had just brought me back to Roswell when Mom went into labor and she was bleeding badly. They tried to help but the baby was stillborn. Mom passed out and when she came to she saw me and thought I was your son so our protector let her believe it and left me for you guys to raise.”

“Kyle this can’t be true. The only people besides your mom that was there were Jeff, Nancy and Claudia Parker.”

“I know Dad. Nancy Parker is our protector.” Kyle explained. They sat in silence while the Sheriff took it all in.

“You’re sure.” The Sheriff couldn’t help to ask.

“If not then someone is pulling an elaborate hoax.” Kyle said before Tess elbowed him in the ribs.

“Sheriff, I know it’s a lot to take in. But we understand how it feels to have what you’ve always believe turn out to not be true.” Tess said trying to comfort him.

“I have a couple of more questions. Like since you were in a pod does that mean you lived before too?”

“Yes, I was in charge of the royal protectors or guards on Antar. And I was married to Tess.” Kyle stated.

“But I thought Max and Tess were supposed to be together.”

“That’s a long winding road that we’ve already been down Dad. After the crash the pods were separated and Nasedo lied to the others because he thought that us four didn’t survive. Max and Liz are really supposed to be together, Michael and Maria, Isabel and Alex. Maria is my sister.” Kyle said then explained the other sibling matches and all about the royal court, the war, and their deaths.
“It’s going to take some time for this to sink in. But Kyle whether you are my blood or not, you’re still my son.” The Sheriff stated. “I need to go on to bed so we can go to the meeting in the morning.”

“Sheriff there is one more small thing I wanted to tell you. Alex mentioned that he didn’t think it was a good idea that Kyle and I live together. I don’t know how but he’s going to arrange it with his parents for me to move in there.”

The Sheriff nodded thinking of the conclusion he had jumped to earlier. “That’s probably a good idea. But it’s been nice having you here with us.”

Tess smiled at Kyle, “Well I’m sure you’ll be seeing me around.”

The Sheriff left and the two hybrids gave a sigh of relief that things had gone well before heading for bed themselves. But one of them didn’t get much sleep.

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Liz=3 / Liz/Max= 1
Michael=4 / Liz/Michael=3
Maria=5 /
Alex=3 / Doesn’t matter=1

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Part 44

Maria was exhausted from the trip so after talking to her mom she headed right for her room. She had never been one for order so she took her bag and dumped it in her dirty laundry before pulling on a clean pair of pajamas. She walked over to her window and sealed it shut with her powers so she would know that no one could easily sneak in and laid down in bed. She fell into a fitful sleep

Tenna looked over and saw the familiar head of black hair bent over the large table next to another familiar silver one. “Zan, are you done with him yet? I only have a few hours left with my fiancée before we leave and I know Raven is waiting for you in your rooms.”

“Yes, Tenna we were just finishing up. He’s all yours.” Zan said smiling as he left the room. Tenna slid onto the table facing the love of her life and pulled him close for a long kiss. When they finally broke a part she could see the frown on his face. “Rath you’re going to leave lines on that handsome face of yours if you keep that scowl on there.”

“I just can’t get over this feeling about your trip. I have a bad feeling about it.”

“Everything is fine. I’m going to pilot the shuttle myself. Vilandra will handle the talks with Kivar and we’ll be right back. Then the war will be over and we can get married.”

“I would still feel better if you let Lex send protectors with you.”

“You sound like my brother. You know we can’t take any, it’s against our agreement. Now let’s quit bringing up old news and make use of the time I have before I leave.” She said as she ran her hands up his chest to emphasize her point. Rath smirked at her before waving his hand and they both disappeared.

Maria smiled at the dream but the mood of it shifted to a darker one.

“Your precious Rath can’t help you here. You’re mine.” Nicholas said as he loomed over her. “Now you can get into your head or we’ll have to do it the hard way. Either way will be fun for me.” He smiled at her and she felt the bile in her throat.

“I will never be yours. You cannot hold two members of the court here against our will.” Tenna argued. She had already tried to use her connection to both her brother and Rath but they were too far away. She knew his mind powers were strong, stronger than most so she was going to have to find a way to escape.

“Vilandra has consented to be here.”

“You’re lying. She can’t stand Kivar.”

“Oh but she has and now you are mine.” He said as he walked up and brushed her hair away from her face. She pulled away, an action that angered him and he reared back before his hand came to her face in a hard slap. She felt her face stinging and knew she had to get out of there. She raised her hands and froze him. She ran out of the room but found the outer area heavily guarded. They grabbed her and drug back into the room at the same time that Nicholas became unfrozen. “We need to get a restraining cuff on her.”

Tenna struggled as much as she could but it didn’t do any good. They forced her down onto the nearby bed, holding her there. She felt the cold metal of a restraining cuff being latched around her ankle and froze in terror. With the cuff on she couldn’t use her powers which left her virtually defenseless. She wouldn’t be able to use her powers to escape nor would she be able to put up any mental resistance if Nicholas mind raped her. If he did he would use his powers on either her or Vilandra he would find out so much of the inner workings of the royal court. She felt the energy that coursed through her blood for her powers suddenly fizz out and knew that the cuff had been activated. She couldn’t help it when a single tear slipped out of her eye. With the cuff on the guards let go of her and left.

“You’re not so much of a spitfire are you now?” Nicholas said. “You know I always thought you acted like you were too good for anyone. I’ve had numerous women throwing themselves at me, none could resist me even Vilandra, Ava and Raven would flirt whenever I was around. But whenever I tried to talk to you, you always brushed me away, for that idiot Rath.”

“You’re delusional. Vilandra, Ava and Raven feel the same way about you as I do, disgust.” Tenna spat back.

“Are you bonded to Rath yet? I know you two haven’t had a public ceremony but have you let him take your body?” Nicholas asked running his hand up her arm then down over her breasts. Tenna slapped his hand away and tried to get off the bed but Nicholas grabbed her long braids pulling her back down.

“Get off of me!!!!!” She screamed as Nicholas pined her to the bed.

“I told you I would do this the easy way or the hard way.” He said as he ripped the front of her dress with one hand while his other hand still held her hair, she moved as quickly as she could and bit him. He howled as he pulled back his hand. She could see the anger in his eyes and he brought his fist down connecting to her face before she fell unconscious.

Maria snapped awake, shaking from how realistic the dream was. That was when she realized it was a memory. A memory of when she had been held by Nicholas, which was one memory she didn’t want to have. She grabbed her vile of cedar oil nearby and breathed deeply but it didn’t do any good. Then she tried to calm herself down by focusing on the first part and the happiness along with love she felt when she was with Rath. She had started to calm down when she heard Kyle. (Maria? What’s wrong?)

(Nothing, just a bad dream.)

(It’s more than that. What was in the dream?)

(This connection is a pain in the ass.)

(Maria, don’t blame the connection.)

(Kyle, I really don’t want to talk to you about this.)

(Then I’ll call everyone and you can tell all of us.)

(Fine, I had a memory dream.)

(Was I in it?)

(No, I could feel your presence but I never actually saw you. First I was with Rath then I was with Nicholas.)

(Did he?)

(He tried but I fought and he knocked me out. That’s when I woke up.)

(I’m sorry.)

Thinking of how protective Rath had been in her dream and how Michael was now Maria pathed. (Do me a favor? Don’t tell Michael. I have a feeling he’ll blame himself for not protecting me.)

(I won’t tell Michael but I think you better talk to one of the girls about it.)

(Maybe, I’m going to do some memory retrieval with them tomorrow but I’m going to focus on the good part of the dream. Goodnight Kyle.)

(Night Maria.)

Maria felt the connection for their telepathy sever and knew Kyle was gone. She found it oddly comforting that he had pathed her when he felt something wrong. If anyone had told her a year ago that Kyle was her brother she would have asked what they were smoking but Kyle was turning out to be a good guy.

It was then that her thoughts turned to her dream, her memories. The first one was wonderful, feeling the love she had for Rath and the love she felt in return. Then she thought about the memories of Nicholas. She involuntarily shuddered but she wasn’t going to let it effect her anymore. She was Teflon and she knew that he would use it as a weakness. She wouldn’t let him get to her. She was alive again and with her family and friends. And if that little bag of flakes thought he was going to get the better of them this time he was wrong. She laid back and fell into a dreamless sleep.


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Dedicated to: wild_child_uk, m14 (twice), Mary N 008, KEmperor, Lillie, abbs007, Liz_Parker, ISLANDGIRL5, and secretgurl.

ISLANDGIRL5You’re forgiven, I tend to loose track of fics I read.

secretgurl I do have more stories but they’re Dark Angel Xovers and I don’t know if you’d want to read them. If you do let me know.

Part 45

The next morning the eight teens along with the Parkers, Serena, and the Sheriff all met at the Crashdown for the meeting and breakfast. Nancy and Jeff talked things over with Valenti and he accepted the truth a little more. Max filled the parents in on the whole trip to New York from start to finish even telling them about Future Max and Isabel’s confession. Courtney was due to come by after breakfast so they could get more information on Nicholas and the skins. Although she helped save them in Copper Summit they didn’t completely trust her so they didn’t want her around when they discussed the granolith. Liz and Michael showed the others their rings and told them about getting flashes but not really what was in them, after all they were private. They had just gotten done eating when Alex handed Tess an envelope. “What’s this?”

“Open it.” Alex stated.

Tess opened it and dumped out the contents. Inside she found an assortment of papers that looked like official documents. Alex saw her confusion and explained, “They’re copies of birth records showing you and I born as twins. I know that we’re not but it was the only way I could explain that we were the same age. I don’t know what Nasedo had for you so there are adoption records too. This way I can show my parents that you really are my sister and you can live with me.”

Tess looked at Alex in shock. She couldn’t believe what he had done for her. He had really arranged it so that she could move in with him. She was going to actually live with a part of her family and not some cold big house. “Thank you Alex. You don’t know what this means to me.”

“Hey I take care of my girls.” Alex said shrugging. He had gotten closer to Tess, first just by talking then when they connected and he wanted to make sure his sister knew that they were there for her and wanted to keep her safe. “Besides now that your SUV is fixed I won’t have borrow my parents’ car all the time.”

Tess smiled, “If you’re lucky.”

“I told my parents I needed to see them later. We’ll go talk to them and work things out. Maybe get you moved in tomorrow.”

Tess nodded just as Liz started to make an announcement. “Mom agreed to take any of us who wants to go out to see our four pods.”

“I was thinking, if we can maybe we should move the other four pods to the pod chamber. It’d be safer. We can use Tess and the Sheriff’s SUV to move them.” Michael threw in.

Everyone made it known that they wanted to go and they agreed to go after they met with Courtney, who walked in just then.
She looked somewhat uneasy when she saw the group together but didn’t back down. “Mrs. Parker said you wanted to meet with me?”

Max stood up to address her. “We need you to tell us whatever you can about Nicholas and the skins. We know most of his powers and we know that fire or electricity will kill them but what else?”

“Like a gunshot?” The Sheriff asked.

“No, guns don’t penetrate the husks.”

“Then how do we kill them?” Max asked.

Courtney looked at all of them before turning around pulling up her shirt revealing a flap of skin. She lifted it up and they saw a button about an inch wide. “Take the heaviest thing that you can find...and smash this as hard as you can. It breaks the seal in the husk...permanently.”

“So now we know how. What else?” Michael asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been around Nicholas for fifty years you have to know how he fights.” Alex said.

“He likes to play mind games, make himself superior.”

“So he has a napoleon complex.” Kyle stated. Everyone looked at Kyle in shock; “I listen in class.”

“And he’s ruthless. No mercy for the guys, he’ll probably want to keep the girls as souvenirs and to find the granolith. Other than that I don’t know.”

“What about a restraining cuff. Does he have any?” Maria asked. Everyone looked at her with complete confusion at what she had asked. “I remember that they take our powers away. He used one on me before.”

The others decided not to question her anymore by the look on her face. Courtney shrugged, “I don’t know if he has any but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does.”

Maria looked at Courtney trying to see if she was lying, she seemed to be telling the truth but she could be a good actress. She threw up her hands and used her power to freeze time. Courtney, the Sheriff and the Parkers all froze. “Maria, what the hell?” Michael asked.

“Do we really trust her? I mean how do we know that this is some big setup?” Maria asked.

“Maria’s right. I don’t think we should trust her completely.” Liz said backing her up.

“But she destroyed the harvest including her own husks if Michael hadn’t grabbed it. She basically committed suicide.” Isabel stated.

“We’ll keep Courtney on a need to know basis only. We keep the secret of the granolith to the two protectors and the eight of us. The Sheriff and Liz’s dad shouldn’t be let in on it. They can’t get in the chamber anyway and they’ll both be safer not knowing.” Max decreed said just as Maria’s power wore off and Courtney asked, “Is that all? I’m working the morning shift and I need to get ready.”

“Yeah, let us know if you see anything suspicious.” Max ordered before Courtney went into the back. They all split up into their cars and headed out to the other set of pods.


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Dedicated to: Liz_Parker, m14(2 times), wild_child_uk, pandas2001, sablaine, CandyGrl02, BellaDina, Twilighteyes1974, Lillie, katmcken, Calinia, and Roswelllostcause.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

pandas2001: I can’t decide yet if Courtney is going to be trustworthy. I think she will be but that doesn’t mean she won’t be after Michael still.

calinia:Yes, Alex’s parents will let Tess live with them. I’m not going to write the actual conversation but you’ll find out later about it. The documents weren't too hard for Alex since he can hack into databases easy with his new powers. I’m not exactly sure how soon the big fight will come up but don’t worry, I’ll have a lot of the group before it. I’ve already written some Max/Liz scenes, Kyle/Tess, the four girls, and Maria, Liz, and Michael scene.

Part 46

“How in the world did you get down this thing with our pods, or back up with one of us?” Maria asked as they climbed down the shaft carefully. Nancy and Jeff had gone down first with Kyle, Tess, Alex, Maria, and Isabel following. Max, Michael and Liz were still at the top waiting for them to reach the bottom.

“The entrance I used caved in about eight years ago. It was part of a main tunnel and sloped down so I didn’t need the rope.” Nancy explained.

“I’m glad I can heal these now.” Maria said waving one hand over the other healing the rope burn. Guys, we’re down.” Maria yelled up to the final three.

Max yelled down that they heard before turning to Michael and Liz. “I’ll go first then Liz. That way Michael can pull us back up if we need him to.”

Michael and Liz smiled at each other, “Go on.”

Max took in their smiles, confused at what they were up to but grabbed hold of the rope and started making his way down. He glanced up in time to see Michael and Liz wave their hands and disappear. That was when he realized what the little smiles were for.

Michael and Liz appeared at the bottom making the others jump. “Cheaters.” Maria said sarcastically.

“Can’t help it if we got the good powers.” Michael said smirking.

“Well I’ll remember you said that when Nicholas is coming after us and you want me to freeze him.” Maria threw back. The two would have continued but Max reached them at the time and said, “Well I now know the easy way to get the pods up there.”

“My thoughts all along.” Nancy said before using her powers to illuminate the tunnel leading to where she hid the pods. The kids followed her and Jeff until they came to what looked like a dead end.

“Did we take a wrong turn?” Kyle asked.

“No, just running into the security system.” Nancy said as she waved her hand over the rock and a familiar silver handprint appeared. Like the other pod chamber, when she placed her hand over it a door in the rock appeared. They climbed through and was met by the sight of four pods. The cave wasn’t very tall so they were arranged in a row, side by side. They still glowed slightly even though they were empty.

“Kyle’s, Maria’s, Liz’s, and Alex’s.” Nancy said pointing to each respective pod. The four each moved to their pod looking them over.

Kyle and Alex had never been to the other pod chamber before and hadn’t known what to expect. Kyle looked at his pod not being able to picture himself as a baby floating around inside while the fluid that kept him alive slowly leaked out. He noticed that the tears that he had come through were smaller in height but wide. Probably from when Nancy had reached in to pull him out. It was then that he realized how small he had been when he hatched. He was the size of a newborn baby after all and he had known that but it just really hit him.

Alex could only stare at the womb like egg shaped object. He had been the equivalent of a two-year-old when he climbed out of his pod and into the outer chamber but he didn’t remember any of it. He was probably the only one who didn’t have to be pulled out. He felt Isabel’s hand take his and squeeze it in comfort. Isabel remembered how she had felt when she had laid eyes on her pod when Tess showed them the chamber. But it was different for Alex, she had always known that she came from a pod and remembered it. Alex didn’t. She knew it had to affect him and wanted to let him know she was there.

Maria looked at the pods noticing how similar to the others they looked. She had only seen the other pod chamber a few weeks before. Somehow seeing the pods made it more real to Maria. Even more than having her powers or seeing her dupe Tenna. Michael came up behind her and she asked, “What was it like? When you broke out of your pod?”

Michael took a minute to think about what she asked. “I don’t really remember braking through so much only bits. I have a mix of memories and flashes. I was in one of the top ones and when I came out I landed on the floor, Isabel came out soon after then Max. I made my way out of the cave with them following and we headed out into the desert. ” Maria nodded absently, she watched as Liz explored her own pod.

Liz ran her hands along the torn flaps of her pod mentally comparing it to the others. She thought of the flashes she got from Michael’s and used her powers to get some of her own.

An infant Liz floating in her pod
Her pod starting to crack
Her mom, her protector, pulling her out
**End Flash**

Liz came out of the flashes and noticed Max’s hand was on her arm. She could tell by the way that he was looking at her he had seen the flashes through their connection. He smiled at her as he said, “You were beautiful as a baby.”

Liz blushed, “Thanks. We better get these things loaded up.”

“What are you doing tonight?”

“Girls’ night. They’re coming over to my house, it’s the most comfortable since my parents know. I think Tess is going to help Maria and Isabel with some memory retrieval if she gets there early enough after going to Alex’s.”

“What about tomorrow?”

“I was supposed to be off but I told dad I would cover for Julie who has to leave at 2. So I’ll be working the rest of her shift until 6:00. Why?”

“I thought maybe we could go out.”

“Are you asking me on a date?” Liz said smiling.

“If you’re accepting.”

“I would love to.”

“I’ll pick you up at 7:00.” Max said already planning their night as they unattached the pods and Liz and Michael ported them to the top while the others climbed back up. They got the other pods to the granolith chamber before breaking up and heading back into town.


For those of you reading A New Start & Families Merge, I'm updating them later.

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Sorry this part is so short.

The date part isn’t until part 50. Sorry. But I promise to make it good.

Part 47

Maria and Liz were gathering stuff for the girls’ night. It was then she noticed Maria was being some what quiet, very un-Maria like. “Okay Maria I know something is rattling around in that head of yours so spill it.”

Maria snapped her head up, “Just thinking about tonight. It’s our first girls’ night that included Tess and Isabel except for that night in New York.”

Liz looked over at Maria and knew she was telling her everything. “I’m not buying it Maria. We’ve known each other too long. In both lives, now spill.”

Maria sat down on Liz’s bed and started tracing the pattern on Liz’s comforter. “I had a memory dream last night.”

Liz flopped down next to her, “That’s great. I’m happy for you. What was it of?”

“It was the day we left to meet with Kivar. I walked into a room and saw Rath and Zan talking. I tell Zan that I want some time with Rath and that you were waiting for him. Just like Max he ran off to find you.” Maria said smiling as does Liz. Both thinking how Max wasn’t much different then before. “Rath tells me he’s worried about the mission and I just tell him that we’ll be fine. Then we left for some private time.”

Liz bit her tongue to stop herself from making a comment about not wanting to know about her brother’s past sex life seeing Maria had more to tell. “Sounds like a good dream.”

“That part was. It was so realistic, the smells, the taste of Rath’s kiss, my connection to Rath and Lex. It was like I was there.” Maria explained.

“I feel a but coming up.” Liz said.

“But the dream didn’t stop there. It switched to when Nicholas held me and it was just as realistic. The fear, the anger, the helplessness even the sickness in my stomach when he talked about how I was his, that was how I knew about the restraining cuff, he used one on me.”

“Maria, I’m sorry.” Liz said pulling her close.

“I’m okay, I am. I’m not going to let him have the upper hand and letting it eat away at me. It was just disturbing to see it all. Did you feel the same way when you got flashes?” Maria asked.

“Yeah, I got a flash of both Michael and my deaths and it shook me. I know what you mean about the connections. Rath and Zan died before me and I could feel the emptiness in my head that the deaths caused. I had never felt like that before then there was blackness.” Liz explained. The two friends were still sitting there when there was a knock at Liz’s bedroom door. “Who is it?”

“It’s me Isabel.” They heard through the door.

“Hang on.” Liz said before opening the door. Liz’s mouth dropped open when she saw her. Usually Isabel always looked perfect in designer clothes. But now Isabel was standing in front of her with her long hair up in a ponytail and wearing a T-shirt along with jogging pants.

Isabel saw Liz’s look of surprise, “What? It’s girls’ night and I thought I should be comfortable.”

“No, it’s fine just not used to it. Come in.” Liz said opening the door farther. “We were just about to get pizzas but wanted to wait for you guys.”

“I called over to Alex’s and Tess said she’d be here sooner than she thought.” Isabel said.

“Did she tell you anything?” Maria asked.


“Well what do we want on our pizzas?” Liz asked. They decided on pepperoni, peppers, and pineapple. They called it the three P’s. They all piled into the Jetta to get it and when they got back Tess pulled up next to them. They all got out and started for Liz’s apartment. They could tell Tess was holding back so Liz was the first one to ask. “Well how did it go?”

Tess broke out into the biggest smile they had ever seen, “I’m a Whitman, well not technically but I’m going to move in tomorrow.”

“That’s great.” Isabel said at the same time that Maria and Liz did. They sat down in the middle of the living room and dug into the pizza.

“They were so surprised about finding out that Alex had a sister but accepted me without question. I already took the stuff I had at Kyle’s and tomorrow I’m going to go get the rest of my stuff from the house.” Tess explained.

“I’ll help.” Maria threw in. “We can drag the guys too.”

“Yeah, I know Max and Michael are working tomorrow but I’ll help until I have to go to work.” Liz said.

“Charles and Mary said I could do anything I want to my room, paint the walls the furniture, get new curtains anything. And they’ll be at work all day so I can even use my powers to do it.”

“Oooh, decorating.” Isabel said excitedly and the girls started making plans for Tess’s new room.

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Twilighteyes1974= I’m able to update so fast because I wait until I have a lot or sometimes all of a story written before I post. That way if I loose my muse I don’t leave you hanging.

EVERYONE= I’m glad you all like where I’m going with this story especially Tess. In all of my other stories Tess is evil and I get to kill her off (Which is fun) and I wasn’t sure how to put her in this fic. She has a part coming up that I hope you all like. I'm also coming up with a way for the other parents to find out about their kids. I am so happy about this fic, for a little while I was stuck but now things started flowing again.THANKS FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK.

Part 48

“You know we need to figure out a way to use our powers to melt the fat from this pizza off our bodies.” Maria stated as she finished her last piece.

“You’re not fat, Maria.” Liz said.

“This from miss size two.” Maria said. “I’m serious, if Michael ever saw me with my clothes off he’d probably run away screaming.”

Isabel giggled at Maria’s statement. “Believe me Maria, that’s the last thing Michael would do at least according to his dreams.”

All the girls’ eyes widened, “You’ve dreamwalked them?”

“Of course well I stopped dreamwalking Max years ago, I don’t want to see his X-rated dreams, he’s my brother. But I have Alex, Kyle and Michael. They’re just as bad. They’re pretty much the same as most teenage guys.”

The girls decided their imaginations could figure out what Isabel had seen so they decided it was time to do memory retrieval. “Okay Liz is the only one who has had any memories so I think we should start with her.”

Liz’s eyes flickered to Maria but said, “I was thinking, one of the flashes I got from my father’s ring was of Zan, Vilandra, Rath, Tenna, Lex, and me playing outside of the palace when we young. I thought if I fed Maria and Isabel flashes of it maybe it would trigger it.” Liz had come up with the plan before Maria had admitted that she had already had memories.

“That’s a good idea, Liz. Then we can pick something from it to focus on, like the sky or the grass.” Tess stated.

“We don’t have to kiss Liz do we?” Maria asked thinking about how Liz had had flashes with Max before.

“What? You want to compare me to Michael?” Liz asked causing all of them to laugh.

“Liz! Of course not. That’s just the way you do flashes with Max.” Maria said through laughter.

“Don’t tell Kyle you suggested that, you’ll fuel all kinds of dreams.” Tess said. The girls calmed down and got back to the task at hand. The four girls were sitting in a circle so Liz reached out and grabbed Maria’s and Isabel’s hands who took Tess’s. She brought up her father’s memory and opened a connection to feed it to the other girls. Vaughn watching a ten-year-old Rath and Raven playing with four other children, two with silvery white hair and two with red hair. He watched as Raven fell and saw the silvery head of the young prince fly towards her to help her up while Rath pulled on the hair of the little red-haired girl, Tenna. The flash sped by quickly and they broke away.

“Oh my God.” Isabel said. “That was amazing.”

“I guess Michael has always liked to drive me nuts.” Maria said thinking about Rath pulling on Tenna’s hair.

“Okay now we need to work on it. Focus on the garden, what it looked like what it smelled like.” Tess said instructing them. She talked them through it and it started working.

Liz and Maria remembered the actual scene in the memory from their own points of view. Liz felt the hard ground as she fell and then Zan’s soft hand as he helped her up. The way he looked at her with worry that she had been hurt. She heard Tenna’s yelp and looked over to see her brother pulling her friend’s hair. At the same time Maria could feel the tug on her long hair before whipping around and chasing after him. She was going to make sure that he would pay for what he did, looking towards her brother to help her.

Isabel had a completely separate memory. It was in the same area of the grounds but she was walking next to a man she knew was Gunnar. It was nighttime and they were talking casually about their day. Then she noticed as Gunnar talked how she could stop staring at his lips and wondering what they tasted like. She decided to find out and kissed him quickly. Gunnar pulled back in shock before pressing his lips back onto hers. Then the memory cut out and Isabel found the others were coming out of their own.

“I remembered what happened that day.” Liz stated.

“Me, too.” Maria quipped in.

“I had a completely different memory, I was older.” Isabel said not being able to hold back a blush.

“Did it have something to do with a tall skinny hacker that we all know and love?” Liz couldn’t help asking.

“I plead the fifth.”

“It can happen. You focused on one element that was probably a prominent element that just triggered a different memory.”

“I had a memory dream last night and there was something about Liz and Michael’s teleporting power that I want to try.” Maria stated.

Liz shrugged, “Sure, I’m always one for experimenting. What do you need me to do?”

“In the memory Rath had a hold of me and teleported out of the room. I went with him. I thought we should see if you can do it.”

“Let’s just try short distances at first. Take my hand.” Liz instructed. Maria took hold of her friend and Liz waved her hand teleporting them into her room. They teleported back to the living room meeting Isabel and Tess stares. “Well I guess it worked.”

“Yeah, but it took more power than normal. So if we are going to do it over greater distances we need to be careful.” Liz explained. The others nodded. “Well I think we should relax for the rest of the night, we’ve got move Tess in the morning.” Liz said. The four girls popped in a movie and talked about other things.


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Part 49

The next morning the four girls piled into the two cars and headed to Tess’s old house. Alex and Kyle joined them shortly after and got things moving. The Whitman’s spare room didn’t have any furniture in it so Tess had to bring all of her bedroom furniture with her. With the six of them working it didn’t take long and they got everything over to Alex’s by the time Liz had to leave to go to work. Maria took her back to the Crashdown checking around them constantly to make sure they weren’t being followed. The last few days had been carefree but they didn’t forget what was coming.

Liz’s shift dragged by slowly. Thankfully most the people were nice and Michael was there so she had someone to talk to. She came on too late to see Max on his lunch break and knew that the others were still busy helping Tess and Alex so they didn’t come in. Michael tried to get out of her what had happened the night before but would only mention vague references stating that what happened was confidential. He turned away to prepare orders muttering something about girls conspiring against guys causing Liz to laugh. The short shift ended and Liz hurried upstairs to take a shower before Maria came over to help her get ready.

Later Maria and Liz were in Liz’s room trying to find the perfect outfit for Liz’s date with Max. Ever since she met Raven Liz wasn’t happy with some of her clothes. She had always wanted to be a little bolder but didn’t think they’d look right. Then when she had saw Raven dressing the way she’d wanted to, she felt like taking a risk. Max had said casual so she stayed away from her skirts and dresses and looked over her pants. “Chica, maybe if you told me what you wanted then we could just make it.”

“No, I just have to find where I put it.” She said before finding what she wanted. A pair of low slung jeans with embroidery along the pockets and a V neck sweater that she shortened then pulled on a pair of black boots. She bought all of it in New York but still changed it a little. She pulled them on and Maria was doing her makeup just as Michael appeared at Liz’s door.

“What are you two up to?”

“Um, getting ready. Max is on his way over.” Liz stated as Michael moved over to sit on her bed. “Michael Guerin, don’t you dare sit on my bed in those grease smelling clothes.”

Michael sidestepped the direction he’d been going and leaned against the way next to Liz’s desk. “How about I take a quick shower and the four of us can watch a movie?” Michael asked.

Michael’s request shocked her for a minute, he didn’t usually like to do couple stuff but she snapped out of it so she could answer him. “Actually Max and I are going out, alone. Like on a date.”

“So we’re in the middle of a crisis, our enemies could be on their way right now and you and Max are going on a date? I can’t believe this.” Michael muttered.

“We can’t put our lives on hold. All we’ve been doing since we got back has been alien related, we need a break.”

“Yeah, Spaceboy, all work and no play makes a dull king and queen.” Maria threw in.

“It’s the playing part that worries me. Where are you going?”

“I’m not sure, Max didn’t say.”

“So you’re telling me you two are going out not letting any of us know where you are with the skins able to attack at any time. How do we know that they won’t follow you and take you?”

“They’re not going to get us. And if something goes wrong then Max and I will path you and Isabel.” After Maria finished her makeup, Liz headed out of her bedroom to meet Max downstairs, Maria, and Michael followed. They ran into Tess at the bottom of the stairs. “Hey guys.”

“Hey Tess. Did you get everything settled?”

“Yeah, thanks for helping. I came to meet Kyle but I wanted to thank you for your help earlier.”

“No problem.”

“So tonight’s the night isn’t it?” Maria asked.

“What?” Michael asked.

“Kyle and Tess’s first date.” Liz answered.

“Has everyone lost their mind?” Michael asked just as Liz looked through the back door window and saw Max coming in the front door. Michael was facing away from her and she motioned to Tess and Maria that she was going to sneak past her brother. Tess and Maria tried to distract him as Liz hurried by and out to Max. They left a minute later on their date.

Just as they left Michael realized that Liz was gone. “I swear I am the only one thinking right now.”

Kyle arrived just then and he and Tess left Michael with only Maria. “Come on, we can go back to your place. But I don’t think we’ll watch much of the movie.” Maria said as she lead him out of the restaurant and they headed for his apartment for a night together.

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The next few parts will show what each couple is doing that evening. Hope you all like it.


Part 50

Max drove the jeep to Senor Chow’s for their dinner. When he had first seen Liz when he went to pick her up his breath had caught in his throat. She looked beautiful and very sexy. The bare skin of her stomach had teased him, wanting to be touched but he had held back. He had liked the change in Liz since learning the truth about herself and the others. She was more confident and sure of herself, more than before, she was coming into her role as queen. As he pulled up he saw Liz smile. “Well we never got to finish the first one so I thought we could try again.”

“It’s perfect.” Liz said as he held his hand out to help her out. They headed inside and the hostess quickly seated them.

“Let’s hope Maria doesn’t come barging in with an emergency again.” Liz joked then turned serious remembering that they had been interrupted because Michael was sick. She had almost lost him before she even knew who he was.

Max saw the look in Liz’s eyes and knew what she was thinking, “Liz, everything worked out and now we have the stones in case it ever happens again.”

“I was so scared that day, I felt so helpless.”

“I did too. I was the healer and couldn’t do anything.”

“Okay I’ve already dragged down the mood for the evening so let’s talk about something else.” Liz stated.

“How did everything go with Tess moving today?”

“Fine, Alex and Kyle were hilarious. Kyle was trying to look all manly lifting heavy stuff you know but Alex kept stepping in to intercept him. He’s all protective without threatening like Michael. You should have seen him before you came to pick me up. I had to bring in the big guns to get him out of the way.”

“Big guns?”

“Maria and Tess. Tess was waiting for Kyle and helped Maria distract him.” Liz said laughing. They chatted back and forth talking about Max’s day at work and what was coming up when they went back to school in a few days. Max heard a slow song come on and he held out his hand, “Dance with me.”

Liz took his hand and let him lead her to the floor. He wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her close while she looped her hands behind his neck. She laid her head against his broad chest as they danced and the music flowed through the room.

There's a place I dream about
Where the sun never goes out
And the sky is deep and blue
Won't you take me there with you

The first verse of the song made Liz think about Antar, the deep colors of what she’d seen in her dreams and memories. But her thoughts shifted to the feeling of Max’s warm body pressed against her.

Ohhh, we can begin again
Shed our skin, let the sun shine in
At the edge of the ocean
We can start over again

Shaa lah lah lah lah lah lah
Sha lah lah
Sha lah lah
Shaa lah lah lah lah lah lah
Sha lah lah
Sha lah lah

There's a world I've always known
Somewhere far away from home
When I close my eyes I see
All the space and mystery

Ohhh, we can begin again
Shed our skin, let the sun shine in
At the edge of the ocean
We can start over again

Shaa lah lah lah lah lah lah
Sha lah lah
Sha lah lah
Shaa lah lah lah lah lah lah
Sha lah lah
Sha lah lah

Ohhh, we can begin again
Shed our skin, let the sun shine in
At the edge of the ocean
We can start over again

At the edge of the ocean
We can start over again

Shaa lah lah lah lah lah lah
Sha lah lah
Sha lah lah
Shaa lah lah lah lah lah lah
Sha lah lah
Sha lah lah

As the song ended the two didn’t let go of each other, but Max pulled his head back and looked down into Liz’s eyes as he asked. “Are you ready for the second part of our date?”

“Sure but where are we going?” Liz asked curiously. He leaned in close to her and she shivered as she felt his breath on her ear.

“It’s a surprise.” He whispered as he pulled her through the door.


Kyle and Tess’s date was going smoothly. They went out for pizza then headed for the movies. “Do you think they have Tabasco back there anywhere?” Kyle asked as he was about to go get popcorn for both of them.

Tess smiled and opened her purse revealing a bottle of their favorite red liquid; “It’s covered. Always be prepared.”

“I’ll be right back.” Kyle said as he headed for the concession stand. Tess decided to kill some time by looking over the coming attraction movie posters. They had all of her attention until she heard a loud feminine laugh that she recognized. She turned to the direction it was coming from and felt her blood boil. There was Pam Troy giggling and flirting with Kyle. She was leaning over trying to use her low cut top to the best of her advantage. Tess had to give Kyle credit, he looked like Pam’s actions weren’t doing anything to him and completely uncomfortable. Decided she needed to rescue him she walked over and came up behind him, “Kyle, don’t forget the napkins, we wouldn’t want to get butter all over ourselves.”

Kyle and Pam both looked to Tess with different looks in their eyes, Kyle’s had what Tess thought looked like relief and Pam’s just looked shocked then smug, “Oh hi Pam.”

“Hey Tess, I didn’t know you were here.”

“Well Kyle wanted to see that new action movie and since we were already going out tonight we decided tonight was the best time.” Tess said making sure that Pam knew that her and Kyle were on a date. She saw a look a jealousy pass over her face before she could conceal it.

“Boy Tess, you certainly move around a lot. First you were all hot and heavy after Max Evans until he broke it off with Liz, then you were always hanging around Michael Guerin this summer, now Kyle. If you’re not careful, someone might think you’re the town slut.”

Tess wanted to smack her but knew that she shouldn’t instead she said, “The town already has one, or are you afraid I’ll take your position? The one where you’re always on your back.”

Pam’s face turned bright red and was about to erupt but Tess went on. “Pam if you think that you can come over here and wiggle your ass and Kyle’s going to come panting, you’re wrong. And that’s not the only thing you’re wrong about. The whole thing with Max was a misunderstanding and he is now happily with Liz and as for Michael there is nothing between us in more than a completely platonic way. So next time you go accusing people of stuff find out the facts.”

Kyle could see that Tess was about to zap her so he decided to step in. “And Tess is as far from a slut as you can get especially compared to you. Now we’re going into the theater and if I’ve missed the previews because of you so help me I’ll let Tess come back and kick your ass like she wants to.”

Kyle handed Tess their drink while he grabbed the popcorn in one hand and her hand with the other before pulling her away. They were almost to the theater entrance when Tess burst out laughing. “I can’t believe you said that.”

Kyle only shrugged, “I had to something before she pissed you off more. I think people would know we did something to her if she suddenly looked like she stuck her finger in a light socket.”

Kyle’s statement made Tess laugh harder causing the other people to shush her. They sat down and relaxed while they enjoyed their movie.

NOTE: I’m about to write a part when they tell the rest of the parents and was thinking of their reactions. I would think that at first Amy Deluca would be pissed that Nancy didn’t tell her that her real daughter was dead, does anyone else think so?

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Part 51

Max removed the blindfold and Liz gasped in surprise. On the floor a few feet from them Max had laid out a blanket and a dessert picnic for them. It was then that Liz could see where they were, the observatory. “Max how did you do all of this?”

“The manager is good friends with Brody, he talked him into letting me use it. Isabel came and set everything up while we were at dinner.”

“It’s wonderful.”

“Let’s eat, then I have a few more surprises.” Max said teasingly.

“More surprises?” Liz asked. She loved Max’s surprises. They were always romantic and sweet. He had taken her out for dinner than headed to the observatory.

“Not until after we eat.” Max said pulling off the cover that hid the food. A bowl of strawberries, a bowl of whip cream and one of chocolate, which he heated up with his powers. Liz smiled; she could never look at a strawberry without thinking about Max. Deciding to tease Max for being so secretive she took one strawberry and dipped in chocolate then blew on it to cool it off before dipping it in the cream. She brought it up to her lips and licked it with the tip of her tongue. She looked over and saw that she had Max’s full attention. He blushed when he saw that he was caught starring and started eating his own strawberry. They ate quickly and soon dessert was over. As they cleaned up the dishes Liz couldn’t stand the suspense anymore. “So can I have my surprises now?”

He pulled out a small black box and handed it to her. Liz opened it and saw a small chain with a star on it. In the center of the star was a small diamond. “Oh, Max. It’s beautiful.”

“I saw it when we were shopping in New York. It made me think of you.”

“Put it on me?” Liz asked and Max helped her put it on. “Come on.” Max said standing up and reaching for Liz’s hand. He took her over to the large telescope and positioned it where he wanted it. “Look.”

Liz looked at him strangely for a minute before looking through the eyepiece. She saw the V constellation just like when she looked through her own telescope. “I don’t get it.”

Max flipped a switch and said, “Now look.”

Liz looked again and was overwhelmed. The magnification had been increased and she could see more detail. Before they looked like five little stars but now she could see that there were smaller stars around it and other things. “Do you see the small blue smudge?”

“Is that our planet?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, I talked to your mom and she pointed it out to me. Earth scientists haven’t figured out what it is yet because it’s so far away but that’s it. I know that you and Michael have the most memories and I thought you would like to see it.” It had been easier for Liz and Michael since they had received the flashes from their rings.

“Thank you Max. First the memories and seeing my pod then this makes it seem more real, not a dream. That we lived there before and we were married.”

Max looked at Liz and thought about how beautiful she was, “I love you, always have, always will.” He said as he kissed her hand.

Liz felt the strangest sense of déjà vu before getting a flash. The flash was of Zan saying the same thing. “Oh my God.” Liz gasped.


“I just got a flash from you of our past lives, you said the same thing.”

“Then I guess I loose originality points, uh?” Max joked. “Can I see it? Connect with me and feed me the flashes?”

Liz nodded. They sat down before she took his hands in hers and formed a connection with him. She fed him the flash. This was the first time they had formed a total connection instead of the one that was always there when they kissed. Liz couldn’t help but compare it to the first one they had had right after the shooting. It was ten times stronger. She felt like Max was surrounding her, like she was inside him. All of his feelings, his love surrounded her like a warm bath and she couldn’t help but want to feel his lips on hers. So she took the opportunity to kiss him.

A second after her lips touched his, she felt him respond. He reached and cupped her face with both his hands. He gasped a little when he felt her tongue lick his bottom lip and responded by tilting her head more to deepen the kiss entering her mouth with his tongue. He let his hands drop from her face to her waist. As he did this Liz looped her hands behind his head and ran her fingers along his neck.

Max was slowly loosing control as he felt Liz fingers trace what felt like hot lines of fire up and down the back of his neck, sure that the lines left glowing trails. All Liz could think about was how just his kiss was stirring her body with so much desire that she couldn’t stop. When they finally had to stop to come up for air, instead of pulling away Liz moved closer straddling him and moaned slightly when she felt his lips descend onto her neck. She could feel his hands as they started to caress her body reaching up to massage her breasts through her top. When Max lips made their way back up to Liz mouth she felt something in them just snap and things became more intense. As their kisses became more heated, Liz reached down for the ends of Max’s shirt. She gripped the hem and pulled it up so quickly that it was only when she pulled away from the kiss that Max realized what she was doing. He didn’t have time to think about it before Liz’s mouth descended on his again. He groaned at the feeling of her hot hands exploring his chest. The slight skin to skin contact made Max crave more so he reached down and pulled off her shirt as well.

As their bare chest encountered one another Liz’s head began to swim in pleasure. When Max started massaging her bare breasts and the pleasure built more, she knew how much she wanted and needed Max. She could feel the hardness of him pressing against her center and knew he wanted her, too. She reached between their bodies and first ran her hand along the length of him before she undid his jeans. Max couldn’t believe she was being so bold but instead of letting her continue he leaned forward and started to lay her on the floor but first waved his hand over it. The carpet turned to a soft pillow material, very soft. He was trying to regain some of his control but his body and his heart wouldn’t let him, they recognized her. Here he was, with the woman he had been craving for so long, knowing he should stop but not being able to. He started kissing his way down her neck again, but this time he didn’t stop at her collarbone. Instead he brought his mouth to her suck on her breast as his right hand moved under the waistband of her pants to rest between her legs. He slowly began stoking her center up and down and felt her hips start the same motion. The combination of Max’s hot mouth teasing her and the feeling of his hand broke any resistance Liz had. For the first time since it began she spoke,

“Max, please I need you to make love to me.”

Her request undid him; he sat back as he reached down and pulled off her pants and panties all at once. He then stood up and rid himself of his own clothes as he looked over her body. She was everything he thought she would be. He retrieved the condom he kept in his pocket and sheathed it on himself. He spread her legs by pushing gently with one hand as he positioned himself to enter her. He looked at her eyes to see any resistance and all he saw was need. As they started kissing deeply again, he began to enter her. He slowed when he reached her barrier; he didn’t want to hurt her. Liz took control then and quickly wrapped her legs around Max and pushed him forward. When he felt himself tear through her barrier when he became fully encased, he stopped and waited for her to get used to him. Liz felt the sharp pain but she was ready for it. She was over it quickly and began moving under him. Max took that as his queue and began moving in and out of her.

They were both so overcome with the waves of pleasure that they both felt they didn’t realize they were also feeling each other’s pleasure, through their connection. It wasn’t long till Liz felt herself going over the edge. She moaned Max’s name into his mouth as they kept kissing. Hearing her moaning his name, Max felt himself start to go over but reigned it in. He wanted to please Liz more. As Liz started to come down she felt Max pull away from her mouth and attach his mouth to her breast. Just the feeling of his tongue rolling back and forth along with the feeling of him between her legs sent her over the edge again before she could even get over the first one. Max felt the orgasm shudder through her body and smiled. Max knew he couldn’t go much longer as he placed his hands on her hips and began to quicken his pace. He raised his head again and caught her eyes. They just stared at each other for a moment as their bodies moved with each other. Liz matched him thrust for thrust as their orgasms overtook them. As they came together, Liz was overcome by the feeling of weightlessness. It was accompanied by the feeling of the orgasmic pleasure running over every nerve in their body it seemed to last forever. They came out of the sexual haze and they could still feel the connection. They were bonded. When they both calmed down Max shifted his body so he was lying on his side facing her. She rolled over and laid on her stomach and he reached out to run his hand along her back that was when he saw her tattoo.

“Do you like it?”

Hearing Liz’s voice in his head threw him for a minute but remembered that they were now bonded so they could path to each other. He traced the design as he pathed. “It’s cute.”

“Rath put it on me.”
Liz stated. “Michael about had a coronary.”

Max laughed,“I’ll bet. He’s protective of you, you’re the first real family he’s had along with Tess and Alex.”

“I’m glad you were always there for him, being his brother.” Liz said noticing Max grimace. “What’s wrong?”

“Just what you said. You basically reminded me that I just made love to my brother’s sister.”
Max explained making Liz crack up laughing out loud.

“Okay I won’t call Michael your brother again.” Liz said out loudas she snuggled into his chest.

“As much as I want to stay here, if we need to leave soon to get you home for curfew. I don’t think we want your parents and Michael to get worried, he might teleport here and kill me.” Max said kissing the tip of her nose. Liz nodded and they got dressed, not very quickly since they couldn’t help, but exchange a few kisses and he led them out to the jeep. All too soon they were back at the Crashdown where Max kissed her good night and left. They both fell asleep that night feeling both their normal sibling bond and the one they shared with each other. They never realized that they hadn’t been completely alone that night.


NOTE: I know some of you might think that Liz and Max became intimate too quickly but I couldn’t resist writing dreamer nookie. Plus I had to fix the whole observatory thing since the show writers messed it up.

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Part 52

Greer made his way inside warehouse they were using as a hideout and over to Nicholas. “Well did you find out anything useful?” Nicholas asked.

“Yes, I followed Zan um Max and discovered something very useful. We mixed up the identities of two of them. The short blonde is not his bride, the dark haired one is Raven.”

Nicholas hid his surprise at the revelation, “You are sure?”

“Quite sure.”

“Ava must have been trying to protect her dear cousin by pretending to be Raven. It seems not much has changed in the dynamics and relationships of the group even after being reborn. Ava would always do anything for Raven. I’m assuming Max is still head over heels for his wife?”

“Max and her spent the whole evening together, romantic dinner then a trip to the observatory. I didn’t go completely inside because I didn’t want to alert them to my presence. As much as I was able to tell she is still his weakness.”

“As well as one of her brother’s weakness as well. That’s something we’ll have to use to our advantage.”


“How about we get some munchies before we watch the movie?” Alex asked Isabel. Isabel nodded and they both headed for the kitchen. After Tess left to meet up with Kyle, and they had gone to the observatory to set up for Max, Isabel and Alex were left with an evening to themselves. So they decided to spend the night in and watch a movie. Isabel sat at the counter on a stool while Alex started raiding the fridge. “We’ve got all kinds of stuff. Mom went kind of nuts today at the store, I think it was guilt since they had to go out on Tess’s first night here. But she told them she understood since they had the plans a long time ago. Mom’s going to make a big family dinner tomorrow.”

“That’s sweet. Your parents are being so great about everything.” Isabel commented.

“I think it’s their way of making things up to me. Since over the years they haven’t spent a lot of time at home.”

“I think it’s more than that. You told me that they couldn’t understand why you were never close to anyone but Maria and Liz. Now they see you with Tess and they probably figure that’s why, because you were always looking for something you were missing.”

Alex looked at where Isabel was leaning over the counter and leaned the rest of the way pressing a gentle kiss on her lips. “Tess wasn’t the only thing I was missing.”

Isabel couldn’t help but blush knowing what he was implying. Alex handed Isabel a plate of food while he took the seat next to her, and she listened as he went on. “I always felt on the outside of everyone else like I was different, which of course we know now I am. But now, I feel I’m where I belong, I’m a part of the family I’m supposed to be with.”

They munched their food a little before Isabel said, “I had a memory of our past.”

Alex was somewhat surprised by her revelation but not completely. Tess had told him that she was going to work with the girls when she headed to Liz’s last night. “When you said ‘our’ past do you mean as in a group or as in you and me?”

“You and me.” Isabel answered.

“Wow. What was it?” Alex asked.

“Our first kiss.”

Alex didn’t know how to respond. “Umm, was it nice?”

Isabel smiled, “It was wonderful and sweet.”

“Who started it?” Alex asked feeling strange about asking Isabel about something he had experienced but had no recollection of.


“Well that’s nice to know.” Alex stated. Up until New York he had always been the one who pursued Isabel, it appeared that she was the one who started that part of their relationship before.

“I bet I could show it to you. I know neither one of us gets flashes but if we connected.” Isabel stated.

Alex shook his head, “I want to remember on my own, I know it could jump start mine. But when I first see them, I want it to be my memory not someone else’s. I’ll work on it with Tess. Now let’s go watch the movie.”

The two walked with hands intertwined and settle on the couch to watch the movie.


Okay I know that was short but I’ll get you another part out Monday.

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Part 53

Michael would never admit it but Maria had been right what a night alone could do for him. They had come back to his apartment and after raiding his fridge then a trip to the store Maria had made them dinner. Michael was still feeling antsy about Liz and Max going out. Both about them being alone and the possibility that the Skins might grab them. Maria had finally gotten fed up with and demanded that he relax before he found himself alone for the rest of the night. He shaped up knowing she was serious. He was still somewhat tense and Maria had rubbed his back. He felt ten times better and Michael had a sneaky suspicion that Maria had used her power to influence emotions to do it. But he didn’t say anything. She had left five minutes ago giving him a kiss and making him promise not to path Liz so her and Max could have some privacy. He grudgingly promised and she left.

Michael flopped on the couch intending to watch the game when there was a knock. Figuring Maria had left something he opened it with out checking. There was a blonde on the other side of the door but it wasn’t Maria, it was Courtney. Michael couldn’t help but tense up again, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. Just felt a little lonely and saw your light as I was walking around so I thought I’d come and see what you were up to.” Courtney smiled as she walked by Michael into his apartment. Michael couldn’t help but notice that she was swaying her hips somewhat.

“I was about to go to bed.” He lied.

“Want some company?” Courtney asked walking up and placing her hands on Michael’s shoulders.

Michael grabbed both of her hands to pull them off of him, “Courtney, you know I am with Maria.”

“That didn’t stop you before.”

“Because I knew you weren’t who you said you were and knew that was the only way to find out the truth.” Michael admitted. It was true he had only played along with Courtney because he knew she wasn’t what she appeared to be. He knew now it probably wasn’t the best plan but he had found out what he needed to know.

“But do you really want to be stuck with Maria? Just because you’re supposed to be?” Courtney asked.

“I’m not.”

“Sure you are. You all are.”

“No we’re with our others because we want to be not because of what we once were. Maria and I got together before we knew any of the other stuff. We only just found out about our history.” Michael could see that Courtney was surprised by his words. Obviously she had thought they had always known the truth. It explained the animosity between her and Maria even before they found out. “So you see, I chose Maria both times.”

“Give it up Courtney, you’re starting to look desperate.” Maria said deciding to make her presence known. She had left her phone in Michael’s apartment and didn’t feel like having her mom yell at her again for losing it. She was almost at Michael’s door when she noticed Courtney was standing there. She hid in the shadows creeping up when Courtney entered. Luckily Michael didn’t close his door completely and she heard the entire conversation. A smile had spread across her face when she heard what Michael had said. He had never been one to express himself with words. Maria could almost hear the snapping of their necks as they looked at her. Courtney was hard to read; but Michael’s eyes were filled with fear probably uncertain of what Maria was thinking.

Courtney realized that Michael was a lost cause, “You can’t blame a girl for trying.”

“You’ll walking on thin ice in the trust department now pulling this stunt.” Maria said.

“I hate Nicholas and want to see him gone as much as the eight of you. Just know that.”

“Well if you betray us you’ll fit in one of the dust pans at the Crashdown.” Maria warned.

“I get it. I’ll just get out of here.” Courtney said holding up her hands in defeat. She stayed a minute then left. Maria shut the door behind her. Michael finally got over his shock. “Maria I swear….”

Her finger on his lips silenced him, “I know Michael. I heard everything. I love you.”

She leaned into kiss him as he said, “Ditto.”


The next morning Max made his way into their kitchen and saw Isabel getting some juice. “You’re up early.”

“Some of us weren’t out late last night.” Isabel answered. Thoughts of why he’d been out late came to his mind and he couldn’t help blushing. His reaction didn’t go unnoticed by her. “Little brother what were you up to last night?”

“Nothing.” Max lied but Isabel saw through it.

“I think you did more than nothing.” It was then Isabel noticed something, “Max, our connection feels different.”

“I don’t know why.” Max said shrugging, he didn’t want his and Liz’s personal life to be everybody’s business.

Isabel was about to ask for more information when their mom came in. Max saw it as an opportunity to change the subject, “Good morning Mom.”

“Morning, Max, Isabel. I didn’t hear either of you come in last night.” Max raised his eyebrow at Isabel at their mother’s words. He had thought Isabel had stayed home last night but now it looked like she too was out. “Sorry Mom. I didn’t want to wake you and Daddy last night but I was so busy helping Tess move into Alex’s that I lost track of time. That girl had a lot of stuff.”

Liar, I happen to know that Tess went out with Kyle last night. Max pathed to her.

Shut up.Isabel answered him over their link as their mom said. “I’m just so happy for Alex and Tess to have found each other. Imagine if you two had been separated like that. Not remembering you had a brother or sister out there then finding out they’re right there under you nose. I can’t believe that Tess has been here since spring and they never knew.”

“It’s amazing what you can suddenly find out.” Max said thinking about everything they had learned.

“Max what did you do last night?” Their mother asked.

“Umm, Liz and I went out and got something to eat.” Max said uncomfortably.

“On a date.” Isabel threw in getting a glare from Max.

“Good, I’m glad to see you two together. I wasn’t sure since I hadn’t seen her around.” Diane said smiling.

“Well it took a little while after she got back from Florida. The trip to New York did us good. But Isabel and Alex got back together before us and been dating ever since.” Max said to get back at his sister.

Diane’s eyes widened. She knew Alex from the time Isabel had spent with him over the summer but she had kept on insisting they were just friends. “Isabel you’ve never gone on more than two dates with a guy.”

“Well Alex is different.”

“Isabel, I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m happy for you, I like Alex and I like how much happier you’ve acted in the last few days since you’ve been back from New York.” Diane said. She smiled seeing how her daughter just glowed when Alex was mentioned. She had a lot to thank Alex for, even if she didn’t know the boy well. That was when she got an idea. She grabbed a notepad off the table and headed to make a list of what she needed.

Max and Isabel watched as she opened the refrigerator and cabinets writing down something on a notebook. “Mom, what are you doing?” Isabel asked.

“I know it’s short notice but I was thinking of having all of your friends and their parents over for a BBQ tomorrow.” Diane had to stifle a laugh when Max almost choked on his juice. “Kind of a get to know each other. I know their parents but we don’t get to be with you around your friends much.”

Max and Isabel could only stare at each other. They knew when their mom started planning something there was no way of getting around it, Isabel had picked up that habit from her. The only thing they could do was sit back and watch. After all what could happen at a simple BBQ?


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I'm not real happy about this part but here it is::::::

Part 54

The group was slightly uneasy about the Evans’ BBQ considering only half the parents knew the truth and the impending threat but thought it would be too suspicious to not go. The Parkers even put a couple other employees in charge so they could attend. Alex and Tess showed up with the Whitman’s first, then Maria and Kyle came with their parents just as Michael showed up. Max, Maria, and Michael were sitting in some lawn chairs when Jeff and Nancy made their way to Evans’ backyard.

“Hello kids. Max, it was nice of your parents to invite everyone over.” Jeff said.

“Well Mom loves to have people over and she thought it’d be a good thing to know everyone’s parents since we’re always together. The foods all ready.” Max said. He and Isabel had helped their mom with the food so that all of them wasn't eating any strange new recipes.

“Where’s Liz?” Michael asked keeping an eye on Max’s reaction. He had felt something different in his connection to his sister and thought it had something to do with Max. But she hadn’t said anything to him about it. “She said she was coming with you.”

“She had something to do before coming by. She’ll be here soon.” Nancy answered as Diane came out and she went to say hello.

Max was feeling anxious to see her so he decided to see how soon she’d be there, (Liz? When are you getting here?)

(You guys are so impatient. Michael just pathed me, too)

(You’re the only one not here.)

(I will be here in about ten minutes. Mr. Simpson was in earlier and said that his wife was sick so I decided to take them some soup.)

(You’ve got a big heart. Hurry up, everyone is coupled up and I miss you.)

(Well I’ll be there soon, I love you.)

(Love you too.)
Max felt the connection sever just in time for his mother to ask him to bring out his stereo. He turned to Michael and Maria. “I’ll be back in a minute if Liz comes tell her where I’m at.”

Max headed into the house heading for his room when he noticed his sister sneaking out of her room. “Izzy, what are you doing? I thought you and Alex were outside.”

“Um, we were but umm I needed to get something from my room.” Isabel said blushing.

Max saw right through her lie and said, “Alex I know you’re here and that you and Isabel were in her room.”

Alex fazed into view at Max’s statement, blushing as well. Which caused Max to laugh, “Mom and Dad are probably looking for Isabel so you two better head out.”

Alex went first while Isabel stayed behind so their parents wouldn’t get suspicious, “Laugh it up Max. I’m sure Liz would orb out of the room real fast if it was you two.”

“I’m not denying it Iz. I’m happy for you two. Just be careful, I wouldn’t want Alec to be using his invisibility power in the wrong place and get caught.”

“Well I’m going to head out.” Isabel said heading out to the back as Max continued to his room hoping Liz would be there soon.


Liz had just left the very grateful Simpson’s house when she felt like someone was following her. She headed the long way around to Max’s wanting to make sure she was actually being followed when four men surrounded her, one she recognized without a doubt. It was Greer from Copper Summit. “If it isn’t the little queen, the real bride.”

Liz was confused at first with his reference to the ‘real bride’ then remembered that when they had been at Copper Summit Tess had admitted to being Max’s wife, not Liz. “Nicholas too much of a little boy to come himself, he had to send his lackey?”

“I think I would watch my mouth when I was significantly outnumbered.” Nicholas said as he came into view. “But then you wouldn’t be Raven if you didn’t have such a strong will.”

Liz looked over Nicholas and could feel the hatred of him boiling in her veins. This was the man/boy who had killed Michael before, possibly herself as she had attacked Kivar, and terrorized her best friend. “I guess you are just a little boy, too scared to face all of us at once.”

She could see the look of fury on Nicholas’ face and she couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Killing you will weaken the court considerably. So I just figured I’d kill you first. Switch the order from your past live, you before your brother.”

It was Liz’s turn to be furious more so than she already was. Nicholas had been the one to kill her. She could feel her energy pooling inside her. “Before this is over, I will see you dead, you have my word on that.”

“Where is the Granolith?” Nicholas asked.

“I’ll never tell you.” Liz stated. Nicholas only laughed at her thinking he was safe since they outnumbered her 5 to 1. She looked around and saw that the side street they were on was deserted and decided to make her move. She quickly fired off two blasts at the two closest skins watching them explode into dust before firing off a shot at Nicholas. It missed so she prepared to wave her hand and teleport to Max’s. But just as she was doing it she was hit with a blast herself and thrown several feet away. She could tell her injury was bad. She saw Nicholas about to blast her again so she took the last bit of her strength and teleported to the Evan’s.


Hey guys, I’m going to try and update on Monday but I’m not sure if I will. RL has caught up with me. I haven’t been sleeping much and started getting dizzy spells so I think I’m going to take the weekend off from writing. But I will be online some so I can read your feedback. I’ll try to update Monday.*sad**sad*
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I’m still not completely happy with this part but here it is. Thanks for the patience and well wishes.

Part 55

Nicholas looked to the spot where the brunette queen had last been before disappearing. His plan had not worked like they had anticipated. Instead of weakening the royals, he had just alerted them to his and his people’s presence. “We’re moving up the plan. They know we’re here and we have to act fast.”

“But is everything ready?” Greer asked.

“It will be soon.” Nicholas answered as they headed back to their headquarters.


Isabel and Alex had just joined the others in the back yard when Liz suddenly appeared by the gate. The mothers were inside preparing the food while the dads were busy talking and weren’t paying attention when she appeared out of thin air lying on the ground. Kyle was the first of the group to spot her, “Liz!”

He took off in her direction with Michael hot on his heels. Michael’s heart was thumping in his chest since the moment he had heard Kyle saying Liz’s name. His tone had told Michael that his sister was in trouble. They could see that she was bad off. She was very pale and a large wound on her chest. “We need to get her to Max.” Michael said.

“He’s in his room.” Isabel said.

Kyle scooped her up before Michael could and headed inside. It was then that the parents became aware of what was going on. The fathers followed them inside, Mr. Evans and Mr. Whitman completely confused. As they made their way through the kitchen Nancy saw her injured queen, her daughter for the last seventeen years in Kyle’s arms and went into protector mode. “She’s been hit with a blast, she doesn’t have much time.”

“I’ll call an ambulance.” Philip Evans stated.

“No! We’ll take care of her.” Michael said as they headed towards Max’s room. “MAX!”

Max heard Michael’s call and rushed out. “What’s going….” He couldn’t even finish his statement when he saw Liz in Kyle’s arms. “Give her to me.”

Kyle handed Liz over to Max and he rushed her into his room. Michael started to follow when Kyle stopped him, “Valenti get out of my way before I move you.”

“Michael, there’s nothing you can do. Max is the only one that can help her if she’s that bad off.”

“But she’s my sister.” Michael argued lowering his voice so the parents didn’t hear.

“So let him help her.” Kyle said prepared to alter his body so Michael couldn’t do any damage to him knowing he might try since Kyle was keeping him from Liz. But he knew Max needed to be able to concentrate to heal Liz.

Maria walked up and put her hand on Michael’s arm, “Michael, you have to let Max take care of her.”

“I can’t loose her.” Michael confessed.

“This is crazy, Liz appeared out of no where and she looked almost dead. I’m calling an ambulance.” Philip said. Maria was about to freeze him but before she could he was stopped by a force field across the door. He looked at the kids and saw Michael had his hand raised aiming it at the door.

“I’m not going to let some doctors get their hands on Liz and dissect her.” Michael said.

“Why would someone want to dissect Liz?” A very shocked Amy Deluca asked. She had heard Michael say that he couldn’t loose Liz and had seen how heartfelt he spoke the words. He sounded like he cared very much for her but he was dating Maria. Was there something going on between Michael and Liz? And what was he doing with his hand?

Michael knew that by using his shield he had opened a whole large can of worms but he had to keep Max’s dad from calling an ambulance. He had already failed protecting Liz from whatever had happened to her but he’d be damned if he would fail now. He would have to do something now that he’d never thought he’d do, admit to an adult what they were. “Because she’s not human, none of us are.”


Max kicked his door closed as he carried Liz into his room. When he had heard Michael’s yell he had heard the panic in his voice and headed out. But seeing Liz in the condition she was in was the last thing he expected to see. He laid her gently on his bed and started looking her over. She was still unresponsive, very pale and he could see her breath laboring. He looked at her wound and saw the charred edges of it. “Liz, you need to wake up or I can’t connect with you.”

She didn’t respond, so he decided to try and path to her. But when he opened their connection to do it he changed his mind and tried to open the connection that way. It only took a few seconds and he was in. As he repaired the damage he was hit of flashes, ones of their night together. He saw her coloring coming back and her breathing even out. He fixed everything he could and broke off the connection. Her eyes fluttered open when it cut off. She saw Max and smiled.

Max couldn’t help but return her smile as he said, “We thought we lost you.”

“Thanks to you, no. Did I hear Michael?”

“Yeah, he and Kyle brought you in here so I could heal you.”

Liz opened her connection to her brother, (Michael?)

(LIZ! Are you okay?)

(Yeah, Max does good work)

(Kyle wouldn’t let me come in there but now we’re dealing with something else.)


(The other parents know, I had to use my shield from keeping Max’s dad from calling you a doctor)
Liz’s eyes widened when she thought about teleporting in front of all the parents, “Max, the other parents, they know.”

“The others can take of it, just rest.”

“Only for a few minutes but then we’re going out there.” Liz stated. Liz told Michael that Max wouldn’t let her come out until she rested a few minutes something her brother agreed with so she laid on Max’s bed and told him about her encounter with Greer and the skins.

WOuld anyone be interested in trying to make fanart of Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle as their dupes? You know the piercings and stuff?

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Dedicated to: RoswellLady, Lillie, talena, roswellluver, jeremiah, Calinia, Asabetha, KEmperor, Liz_Parker, sablaine, m14 (3x), SarahWhitman, masweetthing, abbs007, and ForeverDreaming8602

I’m glad you liked that I picked Michael to show his powers. Everyone acted surprised, that’s partly why I did it. Michael never is the one who messes up so I thought I’d have him do it in my story. I’m still looking from fanartist who wants to make the other four dupes.


“Who attacked you?” Max asked.

Liz looked up at him from where she laid on his bed. “Nicholas and some of his men.”

Max got up off the bed and started to pace. It took all of his willpower not to put his fist through the wall. Most people would never expect Max to act like this; it was more of a Michael thing to do. But Max had never acted his ordinary self when it came to Liz. Liz watched him pacing and could feel the anger pouring off of him as he asked, “What happened?”

“I could feel someone following me so I took the long way. That was when Greer and four other skins popped out. Greer made some comment about me being the real bride.”

“The real bride?” Max asked confused.

“Remember in Copper Summit, Greer asked if Tess was your bride and she said yes. Somehow he figured out she wasn’t and I was. Then Nicholas came out.” Liz explained. She glanced down at her hands remembering what he had said.

Her reaction did not go unnoticed by Max, “What is it? What did he say?”

“Max, remember how I told you that I saw my death?” Max nodded. “Well at the time I saw Nicholas kill Michael and Kivar kill you but I didn’t see who exactly killed me only the pain and blackness. I knew I was going after Kivar for killing you when I was hit from the side. I found out it was Nicholas who blasted me.”

“Liz,” Max said sitting down next to her. He didn’t know what to do.

“I told him that before this was over, I would see him dead. And I meant it, I hate him.” Liz said curling into his chest.

Max knew what she was saying; her hatred was scaring her. “Liz, it’s understandable. Look at the pain he caused you.”

Liz pulled away and stood up. Max watched her snapping back to normal and couldn’t help but compare her reaction to Michael’s. They really were brother and sister. “We better get out there.”

The two then headed out to see what was going on.


The parents all stared at the kids strangely before erupting with questions. They were all so loud and talking at the same time that Maria couldn’t stand it. She used her powers to freeze them. “Oh my God. What are we going to do? They’re completely freaking! Where’s my cypress oil?”

Maria pulled her vial of oil out of her pocket and breathed deeply. Everyone could see her calm somewhat then Michael stated, “It looks like we’re going to have to tell them everything.”

“I can’t believe out of all of us, it’s Michael who exposed us.” Isabel stated.

“Desperate times, Isabel. Unfreeze them Maria.” Michael ordered.

Maria waved her hand to unfreeze them and the room was filled with the parents’ voices again. They only stopped when an ear-piercing whistle was heard.

“If everyone will go into the living room we’ll fill you in.” Alex stated.

They had just gotten all the parents settled into the Evan’s living room about to explain when Liz had pathed Michael. He looked at the others and said; “She’s okay, Max fixed her up.”

The other five along with Nancy, Jim and Jeff looked relieved. “They’re going to be out in a few minutes.”

“What is going on? How does Michael know that Liz is okay?” Amy Deluca asked.

“And what you meant when you said you weren’t human.” Philip Evans threw in.

The six friends looked at each other then to Nancy before Michael decided since he was second in command it was up to him to start. “I know that Liz is okay because her and I are linked."

"Why?" Amy asked accusingly.

"Because Liz is his sister mom." Maria answered.

Amy was quiet as she got over the shock and Michael continued, "I guess the best way to begin is by saying that the crash in ’47 wasn’t a weather balloon. It was a spaceship we know because the nine of us were on it.”

“That’s not possible. Aliens don’t really exist.” Diane stated.

“I know it’s hard to believe Mom but it’s true.” Isabel said quietly. She was carefully watching both of her parents trying to read their reactions. “How else do you explain what Michael did or how I can do this?”

Isabel waved her hand over a nearby lamp changing the color and form before turning it back. The Evans, the Whitmans and Amy all gasped in shock. “We’re not going to hurt any of you. Just let us tell you everything so you will understand.”

The parents nodded not noticing that the Sheriff and the Parkers weren’t acting surprised by any of what was going on. It was then that Alex’s mom asked, “You said nine but there are only eight of you kids.”

“I’m the ninth one.” Nancy admitted.

Michael didn’t think that their eyes could get any wider until Nancy’s revelation. “Nancy is our protector like a guardian sent to watch over us. The eight of us were sent down in these incubation pods.”

“Wait a minute. Maria is human, I should know I gave birth to her.” Amy said angrily.

“No, Mom. It wasn’t me you gave birth to.” Maria stated.

“What do you mean it wasn’t you I gave birth to?!” Amy exclaimed. “What the hell has been going on.”

“MOM! I know this is hard but let Michael explain.” Maria said placing her hand on her mother’s arm sending soothing vibes into her. She knew she shouldn’t use her powers on her mother without her knowing but she had to calm her down. Amy calmed down and looked to Michael to continue.

“Okay like I was saying it was a spaceship that crashed. The crash screwed thing up. We had four protectors at first but two were killed on impact. Nancy and Nasedo, our other protector, split the eight of us. Nasedo took Max, Isabel, Tess and I while Nancy took Kyle, Maria, Alex and Liz. The army captured them both after they hid us safely away. As the years went by Nancy and Nasedo escaped and hid from the FBI.” Michael explained.

“The four pods I took were damaged from the crash.” Nancy continued. “I wasn’t sure if they’d even survive but they did only they came out earlier than they were supposed to. Kyle and Liz came out as babies, Maria and Alex as toddlers.”

“Why did you come here?” Charles Whitman asked.

The group looked at each other unsure of the best way to answer. Nancy was the one to do it. “Our planet is in the middle of a war. The eight of them are the royalty of our planet, the king and the queen and the other six are members of the royal court. They were recreated, mixing their DNA and human DNA and sent here for safety.”

“Who are the king and queen?” Diane asked.

“Liz and I are.” Max said from where he and Liz stood in the doorway.


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HEY GUYS!!!!! I'm going to update tomorrow. Sorry it's so long between parts.

I issued a challenge on the board that made the human four the aliens and the alien four the humans and foreverdreamer took it. You guys should go check it out, here's the link:

Switching Souls By foreverdreamer

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I have so much writer's block on this story and this next part felt strained but I hope you like it.

Part 57

Everyone turned to look at Max and the newly recovered Liz. “So let me get this straight. You two, who are only seventeen, are king and queen of an entire planet?” Philip asked.

“Yes.” Max asked simply.

“This is unbelievable.” Philip muttered just as Diane asked, “So you two are married?”

“No,” Liz answered. “When we were reborn, things like that kind of reset themselves.”

The parents were all relieved to hear that their children weren’t married. It was strange to think that they had just found out their kids were aliens but were more concerned about the marriages. Nancy got up from her seat next to Jeff and ran up to Liz checking her over. Liz just smiled at her, “I’m fine Mom. Max healed everything.”

“Max healed you? Like the bird?” Diane Evans asked.

“Yes Mom. When I healed the bird our powers were just developing and I didn’t even know what I was doing. We can all heal small things but I’m the only one who can do the major stuff. That’s why they took Liz to me.” Max answered.

“What happened to Liz?” Philip asked.

Liz and Max looked at each other before Liz answered, “My mom told you that our planet is in a war, some of our enemies came to find us here on Earth. It was them.”

The other six could tell there was more to the story but Liz probably didn’t want the parents to deal with too much. They would find out later. Now they had to deal with telling their parents.

“They attacked you because you were queen?” Charles Whitman asked.

“Mainly.” Liz answered.

Max decided to take over from Michael. “Back to the explanation. I’ll tell our four stories and Nancy and Liz can tell the other four. Michael, Isabel, and I all broke out of our pods around the same time. We headed out into the desert and wandered around for a little while until you and Dad drove up. Michael ran off and got picked up by social services.”

Diane gasped. She felt horrible that they hadn’t been able to take Michael with them that night. If they had then he wouldn’t have had to go through that horrible foster home. He had always been close to her kids, like a second son. “Michael, I’m sorry. We didn’t know you were there.”

Michael shrugged, “It’s okay. Like you said you didn’t know.”

Liz and Maria smiled at him as Max continued. “We found Michael later after we started school and recognized him. We knew we were different so we stuck together kept our secret from everyone. We didn’t know about the others at all, not even Tess. Nasedo came back after we left and found only Tess. He took her to raise but had to move around a lot to avoid being recaptured.”

“How did you find out about the others?” Alex’s mother asked.

“Last September the day of the shooting at the Crashdown, Michael and I were eating when the gun went off. But unlike everyone thinks someone was shot, Liz. I couldn’t let her die so I healed her. After that Liz knew and told Maria. Later, Liz had to tell Alex as well. The Sheriff was suspicious of what happened and was investigating and Kyle was too. The Sheriff’s investigation threw up red flags with the FBI who came to town.” Max started.

“I can’t believe all this was happening under our noses.” Philip stated. “Jim, you’re awful calm about this.”

“I already knew.” Jim answered.

“And it’s safe to assume you knew too Jeff?” Amy asked.

“Yeah.” Jeff answered.

“So everyone but the five of us knew the truth? That you’ve been lying to us for years.” Amy Deluca asked angrily directly her question to Nancy.

“I’m sorry that I had to lie but I had to keep them protected.” Nancy apologized.

“If I didn’t give birth to Maria who did I give birth to?” Amy asked Nancy. The other people in the room watched on silently.

Nancy knew this day would come some time, “You gave birth to your daughter but she was killed in the car accident you and Tom were in when you were moving to Roswell.”

Amy shook her head, “No, Maria was fine she didn’t have a scratch on her.”

“Amy, it’s true. Nancy and I drove up just after the accident. She took care of you and Tom but she couldn’t help your baby. She was already dead. So we put Maria in her place.” Jeff explained.

“I’m sorry Amy.” Nancy said.

“You’re SORRY!” Amy exclaimed. “Sorry doesn’t cut it Nancy. You knew my baby girl was dead and you didn’t tell me. You denied me the right to grieve for my own child.”

Maria couldn’t take it anymore. Her mom words struck a cord in her, maybe now that her mom knew the truth she wouldn’t want her around. She jumped up and ran into the backyard. She didn’t want to be there anymore. She vaguely heard someone calling her name.

“Maria!” Michael called. He looked over at Amy and saw that she had realized it was her words that drove Maria away.

“Oh, my God I didn’t even think about what I was saying.” Amy said.

“She probably thinks you don’t want her now.” Michael stated.

“I’ve got to go talk to her.” Amy said getting up to follow her making it as far as the patio door but it was Kyle’s hand on her arm that stopped her. “Let me go. I know what she going through.”

There was something in Kyle’s eyes that showed Amy that Kyle did understand so she nodded. Kyle trotted after Maria with Amy watching. She nearly jumped when she felt Jim’s hand on her. “Kyle will help her. He’s in the same situation as her.”

“You mean you didn’t know either?”

“I just found out a couple of days ago that Kyle wasn’t mine. When Michelle was in labor the baby was born stillborn.” Jim explained.

“And you’re not mad?” Amy asked noticing how calm he was.

“I was upset when I found out but if Nancy hadn’t done what she did then we never would have been able to have the children we do. Think of all the memories you have that would be gone.”

Amy thought about what he was saying, she would have missed out on the joy that Maria had given her. “I hope Kyle can talk her into coming back.”

“If anyone can, her brother will.”

Amy’s eyes widen, “Her brother?”

Jim smiled, “Let’s go back to the others, there’s still a lot to know.”


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Thanks everyone for the FB, bumps and patience.

Part 58

Kyle headed out to where he saw Maria sitting on one of the lawn chairs. He grabbed a bottle of Tabasco sauce off a nearby table and two pops from the cooler before heading over. He plopped down next to her and handed her a can. “So they sent you out to drag me back in?”

“Nope. Just thought you might feel like talking to someone who’s been through the same thing.” Kyle stated simply.

Maria sighed, “I’m scared I’ve lost my mother now that she knows. I mean, think about it Kyle. My mom and your dad are the only parents we have left. On Antar Max and Isabel still have their mom; Liz and Michael have their father not to mention both Alex and Tess’s parents are still alive. Our parents died before we did and I don’t even remember them. But I know that they’re not waiting for us. I can’t loose her, Kyle.”

“Maria, she loves you. She’s just upset. She didn’t realized what she was saying. When you ran out, it hit her. But you’ve got to give her some time. She just found out a big bunch of news but once everything sinks in things will be better. Remember how much it threw us when we found out? We at least knew about the aliens, she had no clue.” Kyle said.

“I thought I was supposed to be the older wiser big sister.” Maria said.

“Yeah well. Buddha has made me wise beyond my years.” Kyle said smirking.

“Please.” Maria said rolling her eyes. The two sat there a while longer until Kyle said, “You know you left Michael defenseless in there.”


“Against your mother. What do you think she’s going to do when she finds out about you two in our past lives?” Kyle asked.

Maria thought about what Kyle had said. They’d been out there for about twenty minutes and if they started from the beginning her mom would finding out soon about what had been happening the last weeks. “We better get in there.”


When Maria and Kyle walked back into the Evan’s living room they were met by the sight of five parents in a state of shock. Their eyes were wide and the women looked slightly pale. As Maria listened to Max she realized he was telling them more about their experience with the FBI. When he was done telling them about the destiny message Max added, “There’s still a lot to cover why don’t we take a break?”

The teens broke apart joining their parents to talk individually. Maria headed into the kitchen. She saw the now cold coffeepot and poured herself a cup. She waved her hand over the cup and the steam rose up. She heard a small gasp and looked to see her mom looking at her. “How long have you been able to do that?”

“About a week.” Maria said. “Liz, Alex, Kyle, and me just figured out our powers actually just found out we were aliens.”

“What else can you do?” Amy asked.

“We can all heal little things, change little things like Isabel did. We call it manipulating molecular structure. I can talk in my head to Kyle because he’s my brother.”

“Jim told me about that.” Amy said interrupting.

“I can read peoples’ emotions, influence them some. And I can freeze time.”

“You can freeze time?” Amy asked stunned.

“Just for a few minutes.” Maria said tentatively not wanting to freak her out. “Everything stops except for the eight of us.”

“Why not the eight of you?”

“Because we’re hybrids. Since we’re neither entirely human or alien it doesn’t affect us.” Maria explained.

“Maria, I’m sorry for before. When I exploded at Nancy I didn’t realize how much it would hurt you. I don’t want you to think I love you any less.” Amy said.

“Kyle reminded me that you’ve had all this stuff dumped on you too.” Maria stated. “I shouldn’t be too surprised on how you reacted, I did the same thing.”

“Max didn’t tell us about that what did you do?” Amy asked.

“Liz was the one who told me, I ran from the Crashdown screaming.” Maria said not being able to help laughing at the memory. Her mom did too. “It took a little time to get used to it but I did eventually when I realized that they are, we are.”

“It is going to take some getting used to but I will get used to it. You’re still my daughter and this is all who you are. And I’m glad that you were lucky enough to have the others when I couldn’t be there for you.” Amy stated.

“The whole group was kind of torn apart for a little while. But then we found out about the four of us and that Max and Liz, Kyle and Tess were married, and Michael and I were engaged. After that things got kind of clear, Tess left Max alone, Isabel quit fighting that she was supposed to be with Alex, Michael and I were already back together but we got closer helping Liz and Max.” Maria said not wanting to tell her mom about Future Max. She wasn’t sure if Liz wanted to tell the parents or not.H

“I’m going to be calm about this. I am not going to freak out.” Amy said calmly. “Okay, forget that. What do you mean you were engaged?!

“Calm down Mom. Remember what Max and Liz said? All of that reset when we were reborn. In our past live we were going to be married but we were killed before it could happen. But don’t worry, Michael and I are no where near that point now.”

“Give me a heart attack, Maria.” Amy huffed out.

“We better go join the others, there’s still a lot to go over.”

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Little_Mermie22 originally wrote:

I am new here. I just registered. May I just say that yours is one of the best stories on this network. I love everything about it. I just caught up and decided it was time to make my lurker status retire.

Thanks for making the characters so deep and intimate. I mean, thanks for not just taking our image of them and running with that. You take each and every character and make them who you want. I admire that about a writer.

You really have a great talent and I seriously look forward to updates and more parts to this story. I saw your story first on Amarie's Roswell Fanfic site. Speaking of, I have to go back and see if Lizzybell's is updated. Do you know her? Anyway...keep writing!!! I love it!!!

By the name is Kyrie. *happy*

Thank you Kyrie for the huge compliment. I'm glad you like my writing and also glad you let yourself be known.

I hope to keep up the good work.

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I'll keep the feedback coming on one condition!!

**You have to keep the wonderful story coming!


I'll have more tomorrow!
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Thank you everyone for being so patient with me. When I sat down to write some more the story finally started flowing again so hopefully I'll have the time to sit down and finish this all up soon.

Dedicated to: RoswellLady (2x), KEmperor (2x), wild_child_uk, Roswelllostcause, masweetthing, m14, Calinia (3x), Liz_Parker(3x), jeremiah (3x), Asabetha, SarahWhitman, Lillie (3x), ForeverDreaming8602 (4), TabascaGurl, behrstars, Twilighteyes1974, BubbleBlueSmurf, and Little_Mermie22 (2x).

Part 59

Liz sat down between Max and Michael as everyone settled to tell the rest of the tale. The three of them had already decided to not tell the parents about Future Max. There was really no reason to since the future had been changed and they didn’t want to scare the parents. They might change their minds after they dealt with the skins and things calmed down. The Evans, Whitmans, and Amy sat down and looked to them to continue. “After we heard the orbs’ message Liz left for Florida. At the time we still didn’t know the message had been tapered with or the truth about the others. The rest of us spent the summer watching for our enemies and waited for Nasedo to take care of the Special Unit. The summer was quiet until the geologist, Grant Sorenson, turned up the bones of Agent Pierce. There was a big investigation because of the way the bones had been fused together from the blast. Then Michael was named the prime suspect and Valenti had to9 arrest him. We knew we had to do something or we would be found out.” Max explained.

“I had already came back from Florida and in the attempt to distance myself from Max had taken a job with Congresswoman Whitacker. She was behind the investigation so I helped Max find out where they had taken the bones.” Liz said interrupting.

“We got the whole thing covered up and later on Nasedo came to my window. He was injured and died before I could do anything for him.” Max said. “After Nasedo died, we went to high alert and we were all edgy. The night of Isabel’s surprise party the Congresswoman kidnapped Tess.”

“Why would she take Tess?” Philip asked.

“She thought she was me.” Isabel answered. “Whitacker was a skin, one of our enemies. The leader of our enemies was obsessed with my former self and wanted me. Whitacker lied and said that I had loved him and that I had betrayed Max. I didn’t know the truth at the time and believed that I had done this horrible thing. She got upset when I wouldn’t tell her about where the granolith was and started hurting Tess more. Then she used an electrical power line to come after me but I used my powers to reflect it back at her and it killed her.”

“They are a different species then us and have these protective suits that protect them from our atmosphere, which is poisonous to them. When a skin, our enemies, is killed they kind of explode.” Max stated.

“Kind of like in Buffy when she stakes a vampire.” Kyle threw in causing everyone to look at him strangely. “Yes, I watch the show, she’s hot.”

Kyle’s statement caused Tess to glare at him, and he quickly added, “But not as hot as Tess.”

Everyone chuckled at Kyle and it helped to lighten the mood some what. Max laughed and asked, “Do you guys have any questions?”

“Were things still tense between all of you?” Diane asked.

“Pretty much. Liz wasn’t talking much to Max. Kyle was still freaking out because of knowing all about the whole alien thing. Alex and I were the only ones who were really talking to the aliens.” Maria said.

“Liz was eventually able to get Max to back off.” Michael said taking over. “But things between all of us got worse. That was when the public became aware that Whitacker died. We knew that it was a cover up so Isabel, Tess, Liz and Max went to Copper Summit Arizona to check it o9ut while Maria and I looked into stuff here. We found out that Courtney, the waitress at the Crashdown, was a skin too. But she wasn’t with the others.”

“Yeah, she was a Rath worshipper.” Maria stated.

“What is that?” Amy asked.

“It meant that she worshipped Michael or actually the person Michael used to be.” Maria answered.

“Maria!” Michael said knowing that Maria would go on a long tirade about Courtney. “That’s not important, we can tell them later.”

Liz hid her smile at her best friend and her brother’s banter, despite the seriousness of the situation. “When we went to Copper Summit we found out the whole town was the headquarters of the skins. Michael and Maria along with Courtney arrived just in time to save us.”

“The skins’ husks are only good for fifty years and had to reproduce some. Courtney destroyed them which rendered them temporarily weak and we were able to get away.” Michael explained.

“It was then that the four of us found out the truth about us. A few days after we left Copper Summit Kyle, Michael, Maria, and I were at the Crashdown when a woman showed up who knew about the aliens. Her name was Serena and she was another protector sent to watch over us because Max’s mother had intercepted a message from the skins to their leader that they were coming after us.” Liz explained.

“Your mother?” Diane asked looking at Max and Isabel.

Isabel nodded, “Yeah, our mother is still alive as is Michael and Liz’s father and both of Alex’s and Tess’s parents.”

“Where is Serena now?” Charles Whitman asked.

“At the Café. She’s been staying with us ever since.” Nancy answered.

“Serena was the one who enlightened us to our true identities.” Liz continued. “At first we didn’t believe her but once she went through all the facts with us we started to believe her then Mom came downstairs and told us the truth. We accepted what we were but we still had the threat of the skins looming over us and the four of us didn’t know much about our powers.”

“That was when I came up with the idea of how to learn all of our powers so we went to New York to see the people we needed to see.” Michael stated.

“Who in New York could help you?” Philip asked.

The aliens all looked at each other before Michael stated simply, “Us.”


Sorry if this was short. I'll post again on Friday.

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Part 60

“You?” Diane asked as confused as the other parents appeared.

“Michael, you just confused them more.” Liz stated.

“What Michael means is our duplicates.” Max explained. “When we were recreated there were two sets of us made. Eight sets of twins. Insurance to make sure a complete set of the court came back. The other set are decoys or replacements if something was to happen to us.”

“So you’re saying that there are two of each of you walking around?” Amy asked not being able to imagine two Maria’s.

“Kind of. We have the same makeup but we’re different.” Max explained.

“You should see them Mom. They’ve got all kinds of tattoos and piercings not to mention their wardrobes of leather. But they’re cool.” Maria added.

Max continued with the story then, “They were sent before us and landed safely. So we assumed that since they were raised by their protectors and would know about their or our powers more. That’s the real reason we went to New York. It’s a long story but we were eventually able to track them down. We can connect with people, and in the terms of the dupes we would pass information to each other. At first they wouldn’t help because we were still at each others throats but they came around.”

“What made them finally come around?” Amy asked.

“Well Max and I got into a fight after they said they’d think about it, which ended up bringing the whole group into the argument. My temper got the better of me and I blew up a couple mirrors.” Liz explained.

“Blew up?” Diane asked.

“We each have two powers a piece except for Max. He has three because he’s King. Michael and I are twins and when Antarians have twins they share powers so Michael and I have four powers. One of those powers is an energy blast. When our emotions get our of hand our powers go hairwire, which was why the mirror exploded.” Liz stated. “Anyways I left after the argument and ran into Raven and Ava, mine and Tess’s dupes. They go by our past life names. We talked and became friends. Raven decided to show me how to use my powers. Raven then talked the others into doing the same thing and we all found out everything about our powers.” Liz said.

“If Liz was Raven and Tess was Ava, what about the rest of you?” Mary Whitman asked.






“Gunnar.” Alex answered lastly as the other six of said their names. Alex continued to give the others a break. “The trip brought us all together in couples and siblings. Isabel let me in, Max and Liz worked things out and Kyle and Tess decided to start dating. As for the siblings, we have a bond that once we connect with our sib we can talk to each other telepathically as well as sense each other with a certain distance. Then we came back to Roswell and that was when I started talking to Mom and Dad about Tess moving in with us. I wanted my sister living with me.”

“Besides Tess moving and us going to see our pods we’ve just been waiting for the skins.” Maria added.

“That’s about it give or take some details.” Max stated.

The parents sat there for a few minutes absorbing everything. They didn’t realize how out of touch they were with their kids, how much had gone on with them none the wiser. It was a lot to take in especially all in one sitting. Liz looked at Maria to see if she was using her powers to read their emotions. Through the subtle eye motions and hand signals that the two had used over the years of being best friends Liz was able to find out that the parents weren’t doing bad. Liz looked at Kyle’s dad and her own parents to see them also watching the other parents.

Philip ran his hand over his face trying to let his lawyer mind process everything, then he thought of a question he wanted to ask. “We know about one of Liz and Michael’s powers as well and one of Max’s, what about the rest of you?”

Isabel was the first to speak up. “I can dreamwalk, which means I can go into people’s dreams and see what they are. I can also start fires with my mind.”

Isabel concentrated and the candles on the coffee table ignited. The parents jumped slightly but that was it. “I can use that powers to throw fireballs as well.”

Alex was next, “One of my powers is the ability to read languages including computer encryption. And my other is I can go through walls or solid objects as well as become invisible.”

“Invisible?” Charles asked, which Alex nodded.

“What about you Tess?” Mary asked.

“I have these electrical like streams that I can fire out of my hands and I can mindwarp.” Tess answered.

“What is a mindwarp?” Diane asked.

Tess looked at Liz and Max who said, “Show them.”

Tess started the mindwarp showing them five Max’s. The parents gasped and Tess dropped the warp causing four of the Maxs to disappear. “I can make people see things that aren’t there.”

“Interesting power.” Philip muttered.

“My powers consists of a shockwave and the ability to alter my body to become like a shield.” Kyle said next before looking at Maria.

“Like I told my mom I can read and sometimes influence peoples emotions as well as freeze time. Everyone and everything except for the eight of us are frozen in time. Because we’re hybrids it doesn’t effect us.”

“As you know I can heal and do this,” Max said speaking next as he brought up his hand and his blue-green shield appeared. The parents gasped again in surprise and awe. He only kept it up for a few moments before dropping it. “My third power is that I can absorb others powers and energy.”

“And last but not least are Michael and I’s powers.” Liz stepped up lastly. “In addition to the powerblast we have a shield similar to Max’s, we can teleport to different places as well as get memories from touching different things people and objects.”

“What do you mean teleport?” Charles asked.

“We can move from one area to the next basically through thin air.” Liz explained as Michael waved his hand so he was standing in the doorway to kitchen then back to his seat.

“So basically you all have at least one offensively or defensive power.” Philip stated.

“We’re sorry we didn’t tell you sooner but we were scared of what you might think of us.” Max explained.

“I don’t know about the Whitmans or Amy but you’re still our kids. Your dad and I still love you.” Diane said looking at her children.

“We feel the same way.” The Whitmans said at the same time.

“I told Maria the same thing in kitchen earlier.” Amy added. All of the kids got up and started hugging their parents. They were in the midst of that when Jim Valenti, Jeff Parker, Philip & Diane Evans, Charles & Mary Whitman, and Amy Deluca disappeared in front of their children.

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Dedicated to: MaryJean, jeremiah (4x), Roswelllostcause (2x), RoswellLady(2x), Lullaby, Calinia (4x), Lillie (2x), rossieaddicted, SarahWhitman, Twilighteyes1974, Pipernsalt, roswellluver, BubbleBlueSmurf, Asabetha, ForeverDreaming8602, Aussie_Dreamer, m14 (2x), schmidta, KEmperor, sweetive420, and Liz_Parker.

Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback and bumps!

The ideas and a little dialogue came from the episode ‘Wipeout’

Part 61

“Where did they go?” Liz asked.

“They just disappeared.” Maria said in shock with a little fear in her voice. That fear is what broke the others out of their shock.

“Michael check the white house next door see if the neighbors are there, Kyle check the house on the other side.” Max ordered.

The two guys left while the girls waited with Max and Alex. Max turned to Nancy. “Can you call the café and ask Serena if everything is okay there?”

Nancy went to the Evans’ phone and started dialing while Max pulled Liz to him. Isabel took the opportunity to ask, “What’s going on Max?”

“I don’t know but we’ll find out.”

“It’s Nicholas, it has to be.” Liz mumbled. “First the attack on me then this. That’s too big a coincidence.”

“And there are no coincidences in Roswell.” Maria stated as Michael and Kyle walked in. “Find anything?”

“Both empty.” Michael answered.

“The whole town is.” Nancy said interrupting.

“What do you mean the whole town is?” Alex asked.

“Serena said the café is empty except for her and Courtney. All the humans are gone.” Nancy explained.

“Which means whoever did this is trying to single us out.” Michael stated. “Nicholas and his people.”

Max saw everyone look at him to see what to do as he thought over the situation. “I think we should all head to the café and meet up with the other two. From downtown we’ll be able to see them coming easier.”

Everyone nodded and the nine of them left the house. They didn’t want to risk taking the cars; the noise on the empty streets would make a lot of noise, so they walked. They moved as a group as quickly as possible but still stayed hidden. They didn’t encounter anyone on the way only empty vehicles.
They were on the last leg of their journey and found themselves on one side of Main Street with the Crashdown on the other side of the street. “We break up into three groups, Michael will lead one group, Liz the next then me. Maria and Nancy you go with the first one, Tess and Kyle the next and Isabel and Alex will come with me.”

“Why that way Max?” Maria couldn’t help asking.

“Because we each have a shield to defend ourselves, if we’re in small groups then we’re less easily detected.” Max explained. He watched the street for a minute before he said, “Michael, go.”

Michael, Maria and Nancy moved quickly across the street then Liz, Tess, and Kyle went next. Once they saw that they made it safely inside he led Isabel and Alex over. As they made their way inside he heard Tess ask, “What did your people do to the town, Courtney?”

“They're not my people.” The rogue skin stated.

“Where are all the humans? My dad, the sheriff, all the other parents?” Liz asked Courtney as Max watched her and Maria advanced on her. He could see the two were not happy.

“I don’t know.” Courtney answered.

“I warned you.” Maria said. Everyone watched as Courtney went flying across the room and into the wall. But instead of falling to the floor she remained pinned there.

“Where are they?” Maria yelled. She didn’t release her hold on Courtney and she wasn’t going to until they got answers. She wanted to know where her mother was and wanted her back. NOW. She was the only parent she had, on this planet or Antar. She had told Courtney once that if she betrayed them that she’d be dust and Maria was about a second from making good on her threat.

“I suggest you answer.” Liz said as her hand began to glow in a warning to Courtney that she wouldn’t hesitate to blast her. Michael and Max watched in shock that their girlfriends took such an aggressive step. But the two were acting on instinct. Just like a lioness protecting her cubs, these two were protecting their parents.

“Time exists in multiple subset dimensions on our planet. Nicholas must have a device to impose one or more of these here.” Courtney explained.

“Speak English.” Isabel stated.

“Let me loose and I will.” Maria let her loose and Courtney dropped to the floor in a heap. She glared at Maria but started to explain. “It's like being on Pacific and Eastern and Central and Mountain Time all at once. Human bodies can't function. They simply disappear”

“Where?” Michael asked.

“Somewhere! Another dimension another plane of existence! I don't know where! They seem to have just...shifted.”

“Well, can we get 'em back?” Maria asked.

“I don't know.” Was all Courtney could say.

“If we can get to Nicholas, then we can get the device off of him and destroy it.” Alex offered.

“First we have to find them.” Nancy stated.

“How about I go try?” Alex offered.

“They’ll kill you as soon as they see you.” Isabel said worriedly.

“Hello, Invisible guy here. They won’t see me. I can scout around and see where they are.” Alex explained.

Max didn’t like the thought of sending Alex out but had to admit it was a good plan. “Okay go on out. If you run into trouble path Tess where you are and Liz or Michael will come get you.”

Alex nodded before disappearing.

The others loitered around the café watching the windows and entrances in case someone came. From his post Michael looked over where Maria was sitting, “Kyle, take over for me.”

Kyle nodded as he took Michael’s position. Michael headed over to the booth that Maria was sitting at, “You okay?”

Maria nodded slightly but said, “No.”

“I didn’t think so, you don’t look so good.” Michael commented.

“That makes me feel so much better.” Maria huffed out. “But I guess you’re right.”

“I’ve never seen you act the way you did earlier. Impressive.” Michael said not being able to think of anything else to say.

“I didn’t think what I was doing, just reacted. I blamed Courtney for what is going on and took it out on her. But it’s not her fault. It’s ours.” Maria stated.

Michael put his arm around her, “We’ll get them back.”

Just then Liz walked over as Max and Nancy headed for the back, Michael assumed they were going to the apartment for some reason. “They’re going to use my telescope to see if they can spot anything up there.” Liz explained.

“Good idea.” Michael muttered. The three sat silently for a few minutes until out of the blue Liz said, “Max said Main Street appears to be clear.”

Michael looked at her, “And how did Max tell you that?”

“Umm,” Liz said blushing.

Michael scowled, “Leave you two alone for a minute and….”

“And what?” Liz asked angrily.

“And you do something stupid without thinking.” Michael finished.

“Stupid? ! It wasn’t stupid Michael. Max and I love each other and what we do with each other is our business, not yours.” Liz stated before walking back over to where Max and her mom had just came back down.

Michael watch his sister storm off and he cursed under his breath. Maria looked at him, “Well Spaceboy, you’re two for two, maybe you should just not talk for a little while.”


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Dedicated to: masweetthing, jeremiah (2x), MaryJean, KEmperor, Calinia (4x), m14 (3x), Asabetha, MaryN008, roswellluver, Lillie, sablaine, schmidta, SarahWhitman, Roswelllostcause (2x), RoswellLady, and Lullaby.

Part 62

Alex made his way through the streets cautiously, not being able to help but hear the James Bond theme running in his head as he did so. He knew he couldn’t be seen but he couldn’t help wondering if one of the skins may have the power to see him. That thought made him want to run back to the café but he had a job to do. He had volunteered for it even. He knew that somewhere in his brain he’d done it to look all macho in front of Isabel after all he didn’t want to look like a wuss. The sound of voices snapped his attention out of his thoughts and he moved towards them. He saw three other people standing with a boy of about twelve. Alex was sure that they were skins although he’d never seen them before since he hadn’t been with the others on the trip to Copper Summit. As a matter of fact from what Isabel and the others had told him he knew that the boy was Nicholas. As he crept closer he heard Nicholas say, “This haphazard searching is going nowhere. We have no idea where Raven went. We'll search the town. Have each of your teams make sure they do a through job. Street by street, building by building, inch by inch. I'm not stopping until we find them.”

Alex knew his job was done and needed to get out of there. As he made his way back to the café he opened his link to his sister. (Tess?)

(Alex? Where are you? We’re all going nuts.)

(I’m on my way back. Tell the others that Nicholas is about six blocks north of the café and they are planning on doing a full search of the town to find us.)

Was the only answer Alex heard before he closed the connection and hurried on. It wasn’t long before he saw the doors to the Crashdown and using the other half of the power he phased through the doors reappearing on the other side. Isabel was the first one to see him and grabbed him while planting a relieved kiss on him. Yep, definitely worth the risk.

Max came over to him and asked, “Tess gave us your message. Could you tell how many there were?”

“No, but they talked about having teams so I’m guessing there was more somewhere else. They’re doing an all out search of the town.” Alec stated.

“We’ll just have to find them first.” Max announced.

“You mean we’re not just going to sit here and wait?” Michael asked.

“No, because they’re not going to leave until they find us. This isn’t like the FBI where if we hide they’ll forget about us, they know we’re here and we can’t get the parents back unless we take them out.” Max explained.

Despite Michael not being especially happy with Max at the moment he had to respect that he was finally taking some action. “What’s the plan?”

“We stick together, and take them out as we find them.” Max said. The others nodded and they moved out of the café together.


As they searched the town the group had been able to take out two good size groups of skins including one led by Whitacker’s parents. From Alex’s information there was at least one more possibly two if Nicholas had his own group. The two groups had put up a good fight but had underestimated the hybrids. As far as they could tell they had wiped out the groups without alerting Nicholas. They stayed together but were spread out as well. Max of course lead with Liz to his right, Michael behind her and Maria behind him. On Max’s left was Isabel, then Alex, and Tess. Kyle stood then in between Maria and Tess. From above they looked like a pyramid. It allowed them to be covered by all sides by ones who had an offensive power. Nancy, Serena, and Courtney were each on one side. They made their way back to Main Street and stopped when they saw Nicholas half way down it behind him were about twenty skins and Greer.

“Well here we find Zan and his merry bunch of weaklings. Finally decide to come out of hiding.” They all heard Nicholas say clearly although he wasn’t yelling. He was somehow amplifying his voice.

“You are one to talk about being weak. Or is it considered brave to attack one person when she was outnumbered 5 to 1?” Michael asked. The two groups began moving closer to each other as the conversation went on.

“Ooohh, you know how to use numbers Rath. I’m impressed.” Nicholas said snidely.

“I’ll show you what else I know how to use.” Michael said as he juiced up his powers and shot a quick but powerful blast aimed at Nicholas.

The shot would have been dead on but a large purple shield came into place before it could hit him. Instead it was bounced off and hit one of the skins towards the edges. Nicholas only laughed. “Is that all you’ve got? This is going to be easy.”

The skins then launched their attack. Max brought up a shield large enough to cover all of them allowing small gaps when Liz and Michael would shoot off blasts, Isabel would shoot off a fire ball or Tess and Kyle would use their powers. Max touched Liz and aborbed some of her blasting power and was able to fire some of his own shots. It wasn’t long before the skins group had dwindled. Max then yelled, “You might as well give up now, Nicholas.”

“You fool. Do you think I’d come with only these idiots? I have two more groups of my people that should be here soon.” Nicholas said snidely.

“Was one of them lead by the Crawfords’?” Liz asked. “Because if they were I wouldn’t be counting on them since they’re flakes now along with the other team of skins.”

They could see the anger come over Nicholas’s young face and he shot off a blast at them, which Max caught in his shield. Knowing now that reinforcements were not on the way the rest of the skins fought harder but it didn’t save them.

Max turned his head slightly so the whole group could hear him. “There’s only Nicholas and Greer left but we can’t get by that shield. Maria, can you freeze him?”

“He’s too far away.” Maria said. “And I don’t think it would penetrate the shield.”

“Then we’re just have to get around the shield.” Liz said looking at Maria. She saw understanding in her friend’s eyes as she grabbed onto Maria’s hand with one hand and waved her hand over them both to teleport them to Nicholas.

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Teleporting comes in useful I find lol...Do your stuff Maria.
When are the New York lot going to get there? It's battle time, they are needed now I think!!!!

Sorry but the New York group isn't coming.
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I wanted to let you know that I'm going to post next on Tuesday. I have a three day weekend and plan to finish this story up. I've got to warn you that there's not much left. Thanks for the patience.
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not much left was so not what I wanted to hear... but okay

I can't wait to see how you end it

do we hear a sequel? lol... *bounce*~

but seriously you are so talented and I enjoyed reading this... so tuesday can't come fast enough!

Sorry Michaela but there won't be a sequel. I thought about it but I can't come up with any type of storyline. Sorry. But I do have a couple fics that I'm working on that I hope you'll read when I post them.
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Of course! lol.... I love your stories.... would read the other two but I kinda have way too long of a reading list already... oops

but you are such a great author... no sequel... well that's okay... I still get your other stories... so.... when will they be out? hehehehe just kidding just kidding... I am a little greedy... don't mind me *happy*

I'm not sure when they will be out but I'll let you know. One will be Max/Liz and the other will be Zan/Liz
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ooooh... yay!!! hehehehe that sounds great... I'm a dreamer... polarist... x-tremer and .... what do they call it with zan/liz?

Zan and Liz are Awakened Dreamers.
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Dedicated to: masweetthing, jeremiah, Asabetha, JDreamer, Lullaby, abbs007, MaryJean (2x), Twilighteyes1974, m14 (4x), sablaine, Calinia (2x), KEmperor, rossieaddicted, and angeleyes.

Part 63

Liz and Maria appeared on the other side of the shield in front of a very surprised Nicholas and Greer. Nicholas only smiled at Maria. "Couldn’t wait to get your hands on me again could you Tenna?"

"You’re as delusional as always, Nicholas." Maria stated.

Greer took the distraction that Nicholas was providing and fired off a shot. But his shot only hit the red wall of Liz’s shield. "You’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer if you think we came totally defenseless." Liz commented. She could see the rest of the group on the other side of Nicholas’s shield and felt her brother and Max trying to path her but she ignored them. “Bring back the humans.”

“And why should I do that?” Nicholas asked.

“Because you’ve lost.” Liz stated. “You’re not going to win this time.”

“I’ve killed you once Raven, I can do it again.” Nicholas threatened.

“But you haven’t yet nor are you going to. Now bring back the humans!”

“Is this what you want?” Nicholas asked holding up a small metal box that looked like a remote or a cell phone.

“Maria now!” Liz dropped the shield at the same time Maria used her powers to freeze Greer and Nicholas. Then Liz blasted Greer creating a shower of flakes while Maria kicked Nicholas as hard as she could in his lower back breaking the seal. His shield disappeared, skin flakes went flying and the metal box dropped to the ground. Liz picked it up as the others join them, Michael yelling. "And you guys call me reckless. Do you two have a death wish?"

"Not unless that means wishing Nicholas dead." Maria commented. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. "Oh my God. I think I’m going to faint."

Michael moved to catch his girlfriend. "There’s my Maria."

Maria tried to calm herself down. She looked over at the box in Liz’s hands, "Shouldn’t we be breaking that thing?"

"I think we should get back our house before we do it." Max said. They scavenged around making sure that none of the other skins had dropped, finding none they moved to go back to the Evan’s. As they walked back Liz could feel Michael trying to open their connection but she refused to do it. Finally he gave up and grabbed her arm. "I need a minute alone with my sister."

Max knew about the twins earlier argument so he only nodded. "You guys can catch up."

As the other moved on, Liz crossed her arms and looked at Michael, "If you’re going to lecture me don’t waste your time."

"I’m not good at apologizing although I’ve been getting a lot of practice lately so bear with me. I’m sorry for snapping at her earlier. It was just when I found out that you and Max had…had.."

"Bonded?" Liz offered.

"Uh, yeah. I got jealous. I finally found a sister and had a link with her no one else did. Then I find out you and Max had a similar bond. So like I said, I got jealous and called you stupid. I didn’t mean it, I know you and Max love each other and you were going to do it eventually. Just surprised that it happened."

"It wasn’t something we planned Michael but like you said we love each other and it just kind of happened." Liz explained. "And regardless if I’m bonded with Max or not you’ll always be my twin brother. That will never change and I’m not going anywhere, okay?"

"Okay." Michael said. "Do you forgive me?"

"I don’t know, I could really work this to my advantage." Liz said with a smile. When Michael glared at her she laughed and hugged him. "Yeah, I forgive you. Just watch what you say and don’t threaten Max like I know you want to."

"Deal." Michael agreed.

"Now let’s catch up to the others. I want to see my dad." Liz said. The two hurried on and it wasn’t long before they caught up. Once the group got to the Evans house Max set the device on the coffee table and looked at the other, "Here goes nothing."

Max shot a bolt of energy into the device enough to disable it. It only took a few seconds before the parents flickered back into existence. They saw that their kids were in different positions than before and looked to be a little worse for wear. Amy was the first one to ask, "Did we miss something?"

"Sit down Mom. We’ve got some more to explain." Maria stated. Everyone sat down for another session of explanations.


It took some time but they finally explained to the parents what had happened and the fight on Main Street that had occurred. Things were quiet after the battle with the skins. Life was pretty normal for the teens. It took some time for the parents to complete adjust to finding out the truth about their kids but they never made their kids feel unwelcomed or unloved. It even helped Alex to get closer to his parents since it helped them to understand their son. Of course that closer relationship also included Tess and she got what she always wanted, a family.

The next year, all of them, even Michael graduated from high school. Leaving Courtney, Nancy, and Serena to guard the granolith the group set off to college. Not wanting to stray from each other they headed for California. Michael, Tess, Alex, and Liz all rented a small condo instead of living in the dorms and it wasn’t uncommon for Max, Isabel, Kyle, or Maria to stay over. By the end of the four years of college all four couples were bonded.

The Roswell eight did keep in contact with the group in New York even visited them again along with their parents. It made for an interesting meeting when the parents got their first look at their children’s’ duplicates. By the end of the trip they had gotten used to it but were thankful that their children looked more ordinary than the other set.

They were finally able to return to Antar two years after they graduated from college. Liz and Michael’s father was the commander of the ship sent to bring them and the granolith home. The reunion was one of great happiness. By the time it was time to return to Antar all eight of them had recovered their memories. All of the parents were given the choice to go or stay on Earth, Amy & Jim Valenti, and Jeff Parker were the only ones to take up the offer. So they accompanied the now four married couples across space. More reunions occurred when reaching Antar.

After two years of fighting they were finally able to take back control from Kivar. Max and Liz were returned to their thrones with their court of advisors by their side. Reconstruction was hard but the people didn’t mind since they were out from under the rule of Kivar. All four couples were then married by Antarian law.

Tess and Kyle were the first to have children, a little curly haired girl named Talena. They had one more child two years later and named him James. He was the spitting image of his father and was just as athlete.

Isabel and Alex waited the longest to have children. Isabel found her role as princess very rewarding when she found she could help others and did so. Alex took over his previous position of technical advisor. The two worked hard until they were able to settle down and start their family. They had two little girls, Elora, after Isabel’s Antarian mother, and Diane, after her Earth one.

Michael and Maria started their family by accident. Three months after Kivar’s defeat Maria found out she was pregnant. Michael was ecstatic, sure he had the family he’d been looking for, for as long as he could remember but he also wanted to have kids who he could give a good childhood to. The childhood he hadn’t had on Earth. Maria ended up having twins, Milla and Amy. Everyone kept joking that pretty soon they were going to run out of parents to name kids after but Michael and Maria loved it. They ended up have three more kids all in all.

After Liz and Max were on the throne for two years and got things under control before starting their family. They only had one child. A little boy they named Zan after his father. He was a mixture of his parents and the people adored their little prince.

The group was able to visit Earth often as were the other parents allowed to visit Antar. The children were given the added bonus of having grandparents on both planets as well as the benefit of knowing where their parents had grown up.

Liz occasionally thought about Future Max’s visit and the life that they could have lived it he hadn’t came. She knew this one was better, they were together and had known the truth about their true identities. The destinies they had heard about in the cave so long ago hadn’t been as bad as they thought, only bigger.

The End

Thanks everyone for reading. I'm sorry if the end wasn't the best, I kept trying to do more but it just sat there for like a week and couldn't figure out anything else. Calinia checked it over and said it wasn't as bad as I thought but let me know what you think. And thanks to BellaDina for making up the challenge.
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BellaDina originally wrote:
I think I'm going to cry it's over, but what a way to end it this fic was great. When I wrote this challenge I really just wanted for Max to find out the truth about F.Max and Micheal to get a famliy. But you turn this simple challenge fic into somthing really complex you broke down each person and showed all there doubts and needs. From Micheal's need to have famliy to Tess's need to be a staple in someone's life.You showed a great friendship between Liz Maria and Alex. Most of all I think you showed a more complex version of Maria and Kyle, you really delved into their feeling and thoughts. What can I say about Micheal you keep his hard edge but let out his sensitive side, and showing how Isabel always had feelings for Alex made her look much better in my eyes. Thank you Littlebit for putting so much time and effort into this fic and sharing it with us.*big*

I'm glad you think I did your challenge justice. It was a lot of fun to do since it took a lot of research to figure out ways to write it. Thanks for the compliment.
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Words can not tell wonderful this story was! It was worth all the waits and the terrible cliff hangers! I can't thank you enough for sharing it with us. Your a wonderful writer- don't ever stop! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I don't intend to stop. I love writing and I've got a few stories in the works not to mention the two that I'm still posting on here.

I'm glad everyone liked this fic. It was the first non crossover story I wrote.
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Thanks for the a great story...Are you planning on writing more???

I'm not going to be writing anymore on this story but I am going to be having some other stories coming out.
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I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback and compliments on my story. I'm glad everyone liked it so much. I had thought of doing a sequel but couldnt' come up with a story line at all and I didn't want to do a bad job if I couldn't come up with an idea so I decided not to write one.

Although most of my stories are Xovers, I will be coming out with two stories soon that are not Xovers and hope you will all read them. One is CC and the other is UC.

Thanks again Everyone. *angel*