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Title: Fighting For Love
Author Ella
Category AU UC/CC Ma/K, M/L, Mi/T, I/A
Rating between PG 13& R
Disclaimer: Nope I don’t own them
Summary: Michael, Maria, Max, and Tess are aliens. Michael and Maria are siblings, Max and Isabel are siblings by adoption.Tess is dating Michael and lives with Nasedo a.k.a. Mr. Harding. Liz is still Liz. Alex is still Alex. Isabel’s human. Amy’s Maria and Michael’s mom and she dating the Sheriff who still has Kyle for a son. Thanks to Chrissy for beta reading for me. I already have four parts written I should have more this weekend and more of my other fics. I'm going to try anyway because I'm moving and I don't know if I'll be posting this weekend depends on if we have phone service and how tired I am.

Part 1

Isabel Evans fought the sleep that was about to over take her. She wanted to stay awake where she could play with her toys when she got home. As her eyes were about to close she spotted a little naked boy on the side of the road.

Isabel sat up and shook her mommy’s seat, “Mommy, Mommy look there’s a boy and he’s nakie!”

Diane Evans looked out the window and sure enough she saw a little boy alone on the side of the road. “Philip stop the car!”

Philip Evans did as his wife told him. Diane got out of the car and walked over to where the little boy stood looking like a deer caught in a headlight.

“Hi, do you have a name? Are you a lone out here?” She asked him gently. She bent down to his level where he could look her in the eyes. She thought that he must be cold.

“Philip hand me your jacket please.” Philip took off his suit jacket and brought it over to his wife. The boy backed away as the older man came. But Diane reached her hand out too him and he let her take his.

“Don’t worry sweetie you have nothing to be afraid of.” She couldn’t understand who would leave a little boy all alone out in the middle of the desert and with no clothes. She took the jacket from her husband with one hand and wrapped it around the little boy.

“There doesn’t that feel better......” She trailed as she put her arms under his and lifted him up off the grown. He held on tight while looking back in the direction of the place where he came from. He wondered where the other two were. Did they go back to the little curly one who hadn't woken up?

“Come on...... you can come home with us. We have plenty of room and I’m sure you and our little girl will get alone fine. You look like you’re about her age.” Diane knew she wanted him as her son. They wanted another child but after she had Isabel she couldn’t have any more children. This little boy, appearantly an orphan, seemed to see right into her very soul and he held onto her tighter.

Philip opened the care door for her and she placed him in the back with Isabel who just stared at him. She didn’t like the fact that this boy was in the car with her. She didn’t like the way he was getting her mommy’s attention, “My toys are mine.”

“Isabel, that’s not a nice thing to say.” Diane scolded her daughter. She had to admit they spoiled her, but she did hope that their little princess would get alone with him since it was possible that he would become her new brother.

“But mommy he’s a boy and boys don’t play with my little ponies and Barbie dolls any way!” She huffed folding her arms.

~The Next Day At The Roswell Foster Home For Girls And Boys~

“And they were just found wondering around the desert last night?” Amy Deluca asked her co-worker Camellia Whitman.

“Yes, poor things. Philip and Diane Evans are bringing in the little boy they found. They want to officially adopt him. But I’m not sure about these two.” Camellia said pointing to the little brownish blonde boy with wild hair and deep brown eyes, and the blonde girl with emerald eyes and curls.Both of them looked frightened and the boy would not leave the girl’s side.It was decided that they were brothers and sisters because of the boy’s rotectiveness. They seemed to also have a connection that was seen in most twins so the automatically assumed that they were. Neither one spoke a word it also took them awhile to get them to eat. They were peculiar in what they ate. They particularly enjoyed the candy and the boy even ate some after Tobasco sauce was accidentally spilled on it.

“I want to take them home. I mean.... you know they would be separated and I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Amy said looking at the children. She had become quite fond of them since she came into work that morning. The little girl who she and Camellia named Maria had even sat on her lap a couple of times.

Amy made sure they were in the same room at all times. Earlier that morning she took Maria to the bathroom and Maria whimpered like a wounded animal.Michael ran after them and some how managed to open the bathroom door. They seemed to be more at peace together. She knew it would be difficult but she didn’t think that anyone would take care of them both and separating them would have a bad effect on them.

“Amy your young barley out of your teens and newly married. Don’t you want to wait for kids of your own?” Camellia asked her friend. She knew that most young women these days wanted to wait. She didn’t have Alex until she was thirty.

“Look I already talked it over with Brian and he agreed that it would be okay. I just don’t think it would be good if they were separated and you know the foster system. Most people want babies. They could be here all their lives.” Amy had already decided after spending a day with them that she wanted them. Michael and Maria would fit well in her home. She just hoped that her boss would let her take them in.


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Part 2

Present Day:

Maria Deluca watched as her brother poured a ton of Tabasco on his piece of chocolate cake that their mom made. She loved the stuff but not as much as him. As for her she’d rather have the sweet stuff. Maybe the extra spicy was something the men of her race enjoyed but she thought of her race because her best friend Tess Harding loved the sweet stuff too.

“Michael, what’s going to happen if mom marries the Sheriff?” Their adoptive mother was now dating Sheriff Valenti a man that Michael had despised the man for a long time, mostly because he suspected something. She and her brother were aliens and the Sheriff has spent his whole life searching for aliens.

“We leave,” He simply stated.

“Michael I’m not leaving mom. You know what all she did for us. If it weren’t for her we probably wouldn’t be together.” Maria told him as she tried to hold back the tears. She loved her mom and they were really close.

“Look Maria, We have a family out there some where waiting for us to return. I’ve always told you not to get too attached. This thing here it’s not permanent.” He didn’t want to sound mean to his sister but it was true. One day we have they would have to leave. They made rules him and Tess had abided by them why couldn’t her and Max. His best friend Max Evans was gaga over a human girl when he should be with Maria according to Nesado there protector and Tess’ “father”. He too loved Amy and was grateful that she kept them together but he wasn’t sure if she would accept their alien side.

He didn’t have anything particular against Liz Parker he just wished that she didn’t know about their non-human status. Max nearly ruined everything when he saved Liz’s life. Liz told her friend Alex and Alex told Max’s adoptive sister Isabel. ‘Didn’t anyone know how to keep a secret these days?’

Michael felt someone kick him under the table, “Michael, don’t be so harsh on your sister.” Tess demanded.

“Max, tell him were not leaving. You’re the leader.” Maria whined to her other brother. Her and Max may not be blood but she loved him like a brother, which was why both them was trying to avoided destiny. However, Michael and Tess sort of plunged into it and she hated to admit it but Tess was good for Michael.

“Maria, Michael’s right one day we “may” have to leave,” Max said with an emphasis on may.

“But it won’t be because your mom marries the sheriff.” Max assured her. He knew how much Maria loved her life here. He did too but like Michael he too wondered what was out there. ‘Did they even have a home to go back too?’

Michael was about to say something in retort when the bell rung singling the end of the lunch period. Everyone got up and started heading towards the building. They all new it was a conversation that they could discuss latter and more in private.

Maria walked by the eraser room on the way to class. Before she got past it someone came from inside, grabbed her by the arm and dragged her in. She was about to protest when she felt a pair of lips on hers. She let the person kiss her and then she pulled away and slapped him on the shoulder. “What the hell are you thinking? You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

so what does anyone think?