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Title:Child Of Darkness
Disclaimer:I don't own anything and now that I've said that you can't sue so hahahahahahahahah
Summary:I suck at them so I'll spare you.
Authors Note:
1)Nasedo did come but left after he forced the aliens to choose between their destinys and their human counterparts.
2)They chose the humans,and disappointed he left,but not before putting a bind on their powers.Meaning,they have NO powers what so ever.Their still aliens just aliens without any powers.
3)After another of their fights Maria and Michael broke it off,kinda.Max and Liz are still together(there was never any Tess and baby).Tess is with Kyle,and Isabel is with Alex.
4)Meet Daniella:
5)Meet Lestat:,he has a new look)
6)The first section of the story(in italics) is pages 90-92 of Anne Rice’s ‘The Vampire Lestat’.
7)Oh and reply.I'm a reply whore*happy*



I heard my scream deafening in my own ears.And the blood that was flowing out of the wound touched my parched and cracking lips.

The thirst seemed to hiss aloud.My tongue licked at the blood.And a great whiplash of sensation caught me.And my mouth opened and locked itself to the wound.I drew with all my power upon the great fount that I knew would satisfy my thirst as it had never been satisfied before.

Blood and blood and blood.And it was not merely the dry hissing coil of the thirst that was quenched and dissolved,it was all my craving,all the want and misery and hunger that I had ever known.

My mouth widened, pressed harder to him.I fel the blood coursing down the length of my throat.I felt his head against me.I felt the enloser of his arms.

I was against him and I could feel his sinews,his bones,the very contour of his hands.I knew his body.And yet there was this numbness creeping through me and a rapturous tingling as each sensation penetrated the numbness,and was amplified in the penetration so that it became fuller,keener,and I could almost see what I felt.

But the supreme part of it remained the sweet,luscious blood filling me,as I drank and drank.

More of it,more,this was all I could think,if I thought at all,and for all it’s thick substance,it was like light passing into me,so brilliant did it seem to the mind,so blinding,that red stream,and all he desperate desires of my life were a thousandfold fed.

But his body,the scaffolding to which I clung,was weakening beneath me.I could hear his breath in feeble gasps.Yet he didn’t make me stop.

Love you,I wanted to say,Magnus,my unearthly master,ghastly thing that you are,love you,love you,this was what I had always so wanted,wanted,and could never have,this,and you’ve given it to me.

I felt I would die if it went on,and on it did go,and I did not die.

But quite suddenly I felt his gentle loving hands caressing my shoulders and with his incalculable strength ,he forced me backwards.

I let out a long mournful cry.It’s misery alarmed me.But he was pulling me to my feet.He still held me in his arms.

He brought me to the window,and I stood looking out,with my hands out to the stone on either side.I was shaking and the blood in me pulsed in all my veins.I leaned my forehead against the iron bars.

Far far below,lay the dark cusp of a hill,overgrown with trees that seemed to shimmer in the faint light of the stars.

And beyond,the city with it’s wilderness of little lights sunk not in darkness but in a soft violet mist.The snow everywhere was luminescent,melting.Rooftops,towers,walls,all were myriad facets of lavender,mauve,rose.

This was the sprawling metropolis.

And as I narrowed my eyes,I saw a million windows like so many projections of beams of light,and then as if this were not enough,in the very depths I saw the unmistakable movement of the people.Tiny mortals on tiny streets,heads and hands touching in the shadows,a lone man,no more than a speck ascending a windblown belfry.A million souls on the tessellated surface of the night,and coming soft on the air a dim mingling of countless human voices.Cries,songs,the faintest wisps of music,the muted throb of bells.

I moaned.The breeze seemed to lift my hair and I heard my own voice as I had never heard it before crying.

The city dimmed.I let it go,it’s swarming millions lost again in the vast and wondrous play of lilac shadow and fading light.”Oh,what have you done.what is this that you’ve given to me!”I whispered.

And it seemed my words did not stop one after another,rather they ran together until all of my crying was one immense and coherent sound that perfectly amplified my horror and my joy.

If there was a God,he did not matter now.he was part of some dull and dreary realm whose secrets had long ago been plundered,whose long ago gone out.This was the pulsing center of life itself round which all true complexity revolved.Ah,the allure of that complexity,the sense of being there….

Behind me the scratch of the monsters feet came on the stones.

And when I turned I saw him white and bled dry and like a great husk of himself.His eyes were stained with blood-red tears and he reached out to me as if in pain.

I gathered him to my chest.I felt such love for him as I had ever known before.

“Ah,don’t you see?”came the ghastly voice with it’s long words,whispers without end,”My heir chosen to take the Dark Gift from me with more fiber and courage than ten mortal men,what a Child of Darkness you are to be”.


That was his beginning.His true birth.This was mine.


The heady scent of arousal,the air thick with the scent of sex and cheap wine and the building heat between them seemed to fill his lungs with every breath he chance.Once again his lips found hers and he reveled on the taste of himself on her tongue,as his fingers trace intimate spirals in the warmth between her thighs.

A quiet moan,something resembling a semi-grunt,semi-groan,escapes his parted lips when she rocks against him,urging him to come hard.Teasingly she licks her lips and draws the soft moist tight skin of his shoulder into her mouth and bites down hard enough to make him whimper out of pleasure and pain,and makes him thrust into her harder.Her nipples,hard as stones,brush rhythmically against his sweaty chest,and almost as an after though he bows his head and captures one between his teeth,nipping it.

Their love making began like it always had,bluntly,his thrusts short and strong,filling her then abandoning her,then had spiraled,in a matter of minuets into something more passionate and primal,leaving them to revel in the pleasure and pain they caused each other.

Growling,she rakes her short nails down his back,leaving thin angry red lines,in their wake,before she grabs his buttocks and gives them a hard squeeze urging him to go deeper,with his frantic thrusts.Thrusts that urge her legs to spread,open wider,and let him bury himself deeper inside her then anybody ever would.

Trailing wet kisses from her collar bone to her ear he whispers heavily,”scream”.Lost in the hazyness her building orgasm caused,she only manages a curt shake of her head.Grunting in sync with another hard thrust his hand trails down between their sweaty bodies and he captures her swollen clit with his fingers.”Scream”he orders again and again she answers with a shake of her head.

Capturing her lips with his he draws her bottom lip into the warm recesses of his mouth and bites down hard,smiling triumphantly when she screams,the pain pushing her over the edge of extreme pleasure.Almost instanty her nails piece the tight skin of his back,pushing him over the edge as well,and he comes violently,moaning her name again and again against her bare chest.And their encounter only lasts a few more fleeting moments as they ride out their orgasms together.

Despite himself he shivers when she pulls away,and reaches for her,hoping in vain,that she’ll let him stay.His hopes fade quickly when he see’s her face both passive and angry,and he reached for her again,frowning when she moves away.

“What now?”he asks suddenly,surprised by the sound of his own soft voice.

“What do you want to happen now?”she asks,her voice whispered as well,in reply.

Smiling slightly he shrugged,and let his hand slip over hers,”Maybe….maybe we can try to be an ‘us’”.

Sighing she jerked his hand free from his grasp and leaned over the side of the bed to gather her cloths.”Spare me”she says,her voice still whispered but harsh,”You and I both know this wasn’t about anything other than sex.I don’t want an ‘us’ with you”.

“You don’t want him”he offers angrily,’that’s also something both of us know”.

“Yeah well,I sure as hell don’t want you”,she smiles triumphantly when his face falls,and he slides from the bed to began gathering his cloths as well.”I also don’t want anybody else hearing about what happened ere tonight’she adds a moment later,her voice softer,and it’s hard to tell if she’s sincere.

Slipping on his jacket,after quickly getting dressed,he replys softly,’don’t worry,my lips are sealed”.

“I’m sorry……”she begins but is cut off by a dismissive wave of his hand.

“Forget about about.I don’t need the others riding my ass about what happened here tonight,I’m already news”he said opening the door and not looking back at her as he left,"I don’t need to be labeled used goods as well”.


His footfalls echo loudly on the empty streets of Roswell,and his fist clench and un-clench in anger and pain at his sides.His breaking heart poundsin steady slow beats in his chest and feeling an errant tear slip down his cheek he quickly turns into an empty alleyway,gratefull for the inky cover of darkness it offers.

Cursing himself softly,he composes himself and then begins readying himself to return home.A filthy hand covers his mouth and thin arms with unimaginable strength cirle his waist,stopping his exit before it has a chance to begin.

For one panicked moment he struggles,then freezes in fear when the hand covering his mouth is removed and the feelkod icy lips against his ear ressurect a whole near fear in him.

“What……what do you want?”he asks,his voice quiet o preserve his forced calm.

And quietly,almost softer then a whisper,the voice replys,”I want to hear you scream”.

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Note:I know by the end of this you'll be wondering who this is,but I promise that will be revealed in the next chapter.

Chapter 1

The heat seemed heavy to him,trapped,pressed tightly between to warm bodies,and the air seemed thick and surreal,almost as if it would curl lazily around his fingers if he were to raise his hand.But he doesn’t,his body,his bones and ,the skin he’s in feels to heavy.

He starts sluggishly,with a kiss,and tries in vain to focus when the feel of lips trailing lazily along his collar bone penetrates the confusing fog that smothers him.All at once he feels his body still and his breath catches quietly in his throat,at the four words whispered quietly in his ear.

“I can smell it”.

His skin tingles when a rough tongue briefly bathes the skin beneath his bobbing adams apple,and two soft hands slip beneath the hem of his shirt.The haziness that surrounds him fades for a moment when he feels a tug at his belt,and he glances down,puzzled when his eyes meet with a strangers.Their deep,but flat and cold,and for a moment he see’s a flicker of mischief and arousal in them before she looks away,returning her concentration to lowering his zipper and freeing a hard on he never realized he was sporting until now.

And his face flushes and a heat almost unbearable coils like liquid through his body when she smiles up at him and her tongue darts out to lap up a shiny pearl of pre-come that glistens lazily on his head.

Her smile broadens as her eyes meet his,and she adds quietly,”we can taste it too”.

A thin golden shard of sunlight pierced the darkness,casting shifting across the ceiling.His eyes stared blankly for a moment,not registering the dim light or the color the rising sun just beyond his open window and parted blinds cast.After several sluggish minuets slipped by his brow furrowed,his lips parted,and his breathing became heavy.

Slowly his room came into focus,and his breathing slowed,his agitation calming,fading to no more then nervousness.Hesitantly he licked his dry lips and chanced another glance around the dimly lit room.A dull dread still consumed him,stabbing relentless at his mind,like the ragged memories of his dream.

For a moment he lay silent,until the tinny beep of his watch startled him out of his thoughts.Slowly he turned his head to gaze at it,his arms and legs twitching when the small movement awakened a sharp pain in him and sent it stabbing through his body.

Catching his breath and holding it for a moment,he blinked slowly,holding on to the darkness for a moment before his watch beeped again and he forced himself to stand.

It was time for work.

“I’m already news,I don’t need to be labeled used goods as well”

The quiet plink of rain drops,spaltered on the once dry mat beneath her feet and silently she studied herself in the oversized for a moment.

Her hair was plastered to her forehead,her clung unbecomingly to her body and her face was pale and drawn from her lack of sleep the night before.

She closed her eyes tightly for a moment when his softly spoken words echoed in her mind again.

She hadn’t meant to hurt him,but she had,and there was no taking it back this time.

A regretful sigh escaped her lips when she turned her eyes from her reflection and found herself staring back at his.Sadness flickered briefly in his eyes before he quickly looked away.

Her feet seemed to move of her own accord,and she crossed the space between them in a few short strides.

Slowly his eyes met hers again,and she opened her mouth to speak,forcing a breath of the thick air down before doing so.

“About last night…..”

The glance he gave her silenced her almost immediately,and after a few moments she swallowed hard and began again.

“Can’t you even look at me?”she asked quietly.

When he didn’t reply she added,her voice barely above a whisper,”I know I hurt you……..I really am sorry”.

In vain,she waited,a few fleeting moments creeping by in silence,for him to reply before she turned dejectedly and walked away.

Tears threatened to spill from her eyes but she blinked them away and didn’t look back,knowing the only way what had just happened could’ve hurt less would be if he hadn’t answered her with silence.If he had spoken even if it was to say,that her apology didn’t matter anyway.


Distractedly,he glanced up for a moment to watch her go,a flicker of sadness nipping at his heart before he turned his eyes back to the dancing flame before him.

The fires dancing tendrels,red and orange and flickering blue, seemed real.To real.So real,it seemed he could reach out and grasp it and hold it in his hands.

Distantly he heard the door slide shut behind her then without hesitation he reached out and tried.

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Oh and I forgot.Thanks everyone for the feedback,I'll be looking for more*bounce*
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Well still is confusing to me, but I really like it, please continue with your fic, is very good, I love it already...thanx so much for the update

please come back here with the next part please I can´t wait....

Well,gosh,I'm very glad you liked it,and I'm even more glad you thought it was good,and thank you for replying.

Oh and I'll most likely update tommorow,cause I know it's confusing right now so I want to get to a point where atleast somethings are cleared up so I'll be back tommorow and thanks again for replying.

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Another great part, please hurry back with more soon. I'm a bit confused but I'm sure it will unfold itself as the story progresses.


Eraser Room

Your style is so poetic. I am really enjoying not only the story but the writing itself. It is increadibly erotic and moving.

Please continue! I am looking forward to finding out who the 'scream' couple is.


I am very intregued! You really do have a beautiful writing style, sexy and mysterious. I have lots of questions, mainly, who this couple is, but I'm sure some things will become clearer when you post again (ahem...hopefully soon! )

Thanks you guys(((blushing)))I'm realy glad you liked it,and I'm sorry for the confusion.Believe it or not I only worte it like that(without saying who the couple was)because I wasn't sure who I wanted the couple to be.But I think I'm pretty sure who it'll be now.

And I promise alot of things will be cleared up soon.Sorry for the confusion,and thanks again for replying*bounce*
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WOW! I'm not really sure whats going on at the moment, but I love it all the same! this fic is really interesting and kinda dark...but I like it! you show maturity in the style of writing you use...I'm impressed, sweetie! please post more soon! this is really good

Thanks Gracie,I know it's kinda dark,and I'd say that it wouldlighten up soon but I'm not sure it will,but anyway I'm glad you liked it.

Oh and yes I know it's confusing but I promise some things will be cleared up soon.

Thanks again for replying,and I promise I'll try to post again soon.*big*
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Oh, this is soo intriguing!!!!!!!!!! Get back here with more soon?????? I am desperately anxious to finding out who the couple was and who's the child of darkness???? Hurry back with more soon?????????

God,you can't see me but I'm blushing.Thankyou for replying.I'm glad you liked my story,and I'll try to get back soon.

Thanks again*big*

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Great part.

Hurry back

Weeeeeellllll,now it's me who's sorry.I'm real late in thanking you Iknow.

So belatedly,but completly sincerely,thankyou for replying,and I promise I'll be back with more soon*bounce*
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I hope it doesn't lighten up. It is perfect just the way it is! Now I have to see who the 'scream' couple is. Hehe, they will always be that for me, even when I know their names

I'm glad you like it the way it is,I was wondering if I was the only one who did.

Can you belive,when I started out to write somthing for Roswell,I started out wanting to right somthing,nice,and happy,but I just can't seem to do that.

Anyway,I'm glad you like it dark.So do I,and I promise I'll be back with more soon*bounce*