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Title: House of Leaves
Author: Trinity
Rating: PG-13…
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Complete AU. No aliens.
Category: Zan/Liz and Max/Liz, Nancy/Jeff, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Kyle/Tess.
Authors Notes: Title is taken from Mark Z. Danielewski’s book.

In a rusted, worn out old Buick, Liz Damson glanced over at her mother, whom was concentrating hard on the computer-generated directions to their new home: Roswell, New Mexico. In the backseat a baby girl, not even a year old, gurgled and giggled softly in her car seat. And in response, Liz hummed a soft, lonely tune, like a lullaby, but eerie and off-key.

The car sped down the country road, past old stone walls, out into rolling meadows, its winding route taking the car across the western Berkshire County of Massachusetts, farther and farther into the glorious hills of New York and later Pennsylvania.

The countryside sped by. Every so often Liz would notice a small obscure store, like an antique store hidden within a barn. Other times she caught sight of interesting signs, like “Melby’s Apple Farm 100 Yards.”

Suddenly Liz grabbed for the window handle as an unexpected need for fresh air overcame her. The air whooshed in, filling her senses and calming her greatly.

She snorted, smelling, breathing as though it were her first time in her life. And through it all, she sounded like a pig. The thought along made her burst out into an embarrassing, animal-like laughter.

Soon the baby was laughing as well, all while Nancy watched on, sadly shaking her head. Slowing the car slightly, Nancy peered through her rearview mirror and watched Bonita daintily wave her hands in the air, causing a smile to once again grace her lips.

“We’re going to be okay,” Nancy whispered in reassurance, not only for Liz and Bonita, but for herself as well.

“Yeah, we’ll be okay,” Liz agreed, but her words were forced just like her smile.


Fiddling with the slip of paper, Michael glanced one last time at it, willing the paper to disappear, but knowing it wouldn’t; the dreaded pink slip just wouldn’t leave him alone.

“So you heard too?” Maria asked as she came up behind her boyfriend. Immediately her arms wrapped around his waist and she rested her head against his back. Her fingers slid against his, skimming over the slip of paper and entwining with his for the briefest of moments.

Maria had received a pink slip as well, only the pink slips all Crashdown employees had received didn’t necessarily fire them, it instead informed them of new partial ownership.

“I need this job,” Michael whispered in response. Maria felt her heart sink as she could only imagine the look of devastation on her boyfriends face right now.

“I’m sure whoever Jeff took on as a partner won’t fire you or any of us. Jeff won’t let that happen; I know he won’t,” Maria assured her boyfriend. When he didn’t respond she moved around so that she was facing him. Gently cupping his face with her hands, Maria smiled up at Michael, letting him know that she had faith in him as well as his future.

“I’m just worried. The job at MetaChem isn’t enough to pay my bills, my rent, and buy me food. I can’t afford to lose this job,” Michael lamented. Originally he had worked as often as possible at the cafe, but after time he found that in order to live and take care of himself and Maria, he needed a lot more money.

And taking care of Maria was one of Michael’s most important jobs.

“Michael, believe me, everything will work out. Jeff would never take someone on that would ruin everything good that he has, and Michael, we are the best Jeff has. So don’t worry,” Maria insisted zealously, trying to be as upbeat as possible, while being realistic.

“Don’t worry about what?” Isabel asked as she, Alex and her brother walked into the back room of the Crashdown.

“About the new co-owner of the Crashdown,” Maria informed her friends.

“Why’d Jeff take on a partner?” Max queried. He didn’t know the man well, but he had thought the Crashdown was doing well. If that was true, then Max wondered why Mr. Parker would need a partner.

“I guess he just thinks its too much to do on his own,” Michael said off-handedly, though not sure he believed what he had said.

“So who’d he take on?” Alex chirped in. Unlike his friends he was excited to finally have some new blood in Roswell. Hardly anyone new ever moved to Roswell, and to finally have someone from someplace else would be nice.

“Her name is Nancy. She’s coming from Massachusetts with her daughter,” Maria told everyone. She didn’t know anything else as Jeff had only informed her of as much as she had just told Max, Alex and Isabel.

“Massachusetts to New Mexico? Now that’s a change I never thought I’d hear about,” Alex joked, though it seemed to be lost on everyone else.


There was a white-steepled church, about twenty-or-so stores, and three gas stations that made up Roswell. They lay in a forgotten notch in the outstretched desert. But according to her mother, this was only the outskirts of Roswell.

Watching her mother pump gas, Liz cradled Bonita to her bosom, watching to ever-continuous landscape stretch out before her. Her eyes were drawn to the complete nothingness, and for once Liz smiled.

Nothingness; that was exactly what she and her mother needed right now.

The sudden crying from Bonita caused Liz to snap her head around so that she was looking at the small child in her arms. As always she was drawn to Bonita’s cry. She tried to hush the child by cooing and smiling, but nothing seemed to work this time.

Deciding to try another tactic, Liz began playing a game of peek-a-boo, and immediately Bonita ceased her incessant wailing; she even began to giggle.

“What a beautiful baby,” A young woman suddenly said from behind Liz. Turning around, Liz once again forced a smile onto her lips as she greeted the woman.

“Thank you,” Liz answered graciously. Glancing over at her mother to see if she was ready, Liz was suddenly caught off guard by the woman’s next question.

“I bet it’s hard to have a baby sister at your age,” the woman said, as though she were offering her condolence. But the woman’s eyes became questioning when she watched Liz slowly shake her head.

“She isn’t my sister, she’s my daughter,” Liz responded softly. The woman gaped at her, unsure of what to say or how to respond.

“But you’re so young…” Immediately the woman brought a hand to her mouth and Liz could see the apology in the woman’s eyes.

“I guess life is just funny that way,” Liz laughed nervously, trying to remain jovial, but just wanting to up and leave. If this was how everyone was going to react then she really didn’t want to put up with it.

“Elizabeth, are you ready to go dear?” Nancy called out. She had watched her daughter and the woman she was talking with, and she could tell the moment the exchange had gone awry.

“I-I’m sorry for what I said. It wasn’t a knock at you or your daughter, I just thought that…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Liz insisted as she started towards her mother, leaving the woman gaping at her retreating figure.

As Diane watched Elizabeth enter the car with her daughter, she smiled in something like sympathy before getting in her own car.

Nancy waited until the other woman had left before returning to the gas attendant. After receiving the last of her directions, she smiled and offered her gratitude, before starting her car and taking off.

Liz looked out the window at the barren land before her and felt a chill descend her back as one thought alone entered her mind:

How would they be able to hide here?

Tbc? Its up to you. Once again I have gone through and deleted a great deal of stories. I am now down to China Doll, No Ordinary Love, Pulse. She's the One, as well as this one. I've got half of No Ordinary Love finished, but the second half is taking its sweet time.
Anyway, this will be a great deal of angst, but I assure you that it will soely be Max/Liz. Zan is a part of the past, not the future.
Finally, the beginning was taken from The Haunting, but that's it. Okay, bye-bye.


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Chapter 2

As her mother took a final turn Liz finally caught sight of her new home. At first it was just a glimpse of the old building with a UFO hanging over the door: the Crashdown.

A moment later she saw it again. It was a moss-green color and stood about twenty feet away. A wicked array of images danced across the window around the words, “Crashdown Café.” There were thick iron bars over the front door that were chained and padlocked. For a moment Liz wondered how they would get in; the owner had promised to be home.

At this point it had started drizzling. As they pulled up in front of the café, Nancy peered in. All the lights were turned off and it didn’t seem like anyone was home. Nancy killed her car, rolled down her window, waited a long minute, then reached out and blew her horn.

The horn shattered the air of silence, racketed off the walls of the building, and echoed before another bout of silence encompassed them.

Again, Nancy blew the horn; a sustained staccato in annoyance. The echo replied in a terrible, deafening battering of sound, causing Liz to cover her ears and Bonita to cry.

However, soon silence once again reigned.

In a fit of agitation, Nancy grabbed the nearest thing she could that would keep the water off her, and moved to get out. Turning toward her daughter and grandchild, she smiled sympathetically.

“You just wait here and I’ll try to find Jeff,” Nancy assured. She left the car running as she went out in search of their new roommate and partner.

Nancy ran over to the front door, covering her head with an old map book. She went to the door and rattled it. It was locked good. Turning around in anger, Nancy suddenly jumped in surprise when she found a middle-aged man right behind her.

Jeff Parker.

He stood between Nancy and her car where her daughter and grandchild safely resided. He smiled at her- a rough, old, and massive smile.

“Can I help you?” Jeff asked politely.

“Oh! You scared me!” Nancy exclaimed as she grabbed her chest, trying to stop her wildly beating heart.

“Me? No!” Jeff laughed, a big, rough laugh, causing Nancy to stare at him wonderingly. “So what can I do for you?”

“Are you Jeff Parker, the owner of this establishment?” Nancy asked.

“Yeah, I’m Jeff; owner extraordinaire of this fine here café,” Jeff teased. He was nervous as hell. How was he supposed to work with such a beautiful woman? He kept wiping the palms of his hands on his jeans, which were getting damp from the rain. “And you would be?”

“Nancy. Nancy Damson,” Nancy said as she smiled widely and offered her hand. She continued to hold the old map book over head, unwilling to let the rain get on her. She had thought that by moving away from Massachusetts she and her daughter would be getting away from all weather, obviously she was wrong.

“Oh, yes, well, it’s good to finally meet you!” Jeff exclaimed excitedly. He offered his hand and shook hers quickly, though for a moment his hand lingered for a second too long. Shying away slightly after dropping her hand, Jeff glanced over at Nancy’s car and finally noticed her daughter. “Well, why don’t you and your daughter come on in? I’m sure you’re tired from your drive and would love something to eat.”

Nancy nodded and quickly returned to her car to tell her daughter to get Bonita while she grabbed their bags. Giving Nancy one last look, Jeff moved toward the front door. He produced a key ring and unlocked the padlock.

Unwinding the enormous chain, Jeff heaved the heavy chain turn after turn until the gates swung open, revealing the front doors to the Crashdown. He quickly moved to help Nancy with her bags, which she greatly accepted.

It was only after the fact that Jeff had opened the central doors that he found out Liz had a small, sleeping baby in her arms. Had he known before hand he never would have planned the surprise greeting from all his employees and some of their friends.

Nancy walked in first with Liz following close behind. The lights flickered before flaring to life. A crowd of people appeared along with signs and banners welcoming them to New Mexico and more importantly Roswell.

“Welcome!” Everyone cheered. Nancy’s steps faltered by the loud and boisterous greeting. She squinted and tried to gain her bearings of her surroundings while she clamped her hand over her heart.

It was only after the fact that she noticed all the people inside. All the employees were wearing little turquoise dresses with antennas and silver alien aprons. It was cute and amusing. However, she didn’t like the fact that the cook only seemed to be wearing an apron over her everyday clothes. Maybe she and Jeff would have to have a talk about the cook getting into the spirit as well.

Aside from the employees there seemed to be a few extra teenagers as well as old folks who had come to greet them. Nancy smiled at all of them, but the smile slipped from her face when she heard her beautiful grandchild’s loud, ear-piercing scream of terror. Or maybe she was just crying because she was hungry and tired.

The moment Liz walked in she stepped backwards upon the over-bearing greeting. Immediately she guarded her daughter from any danger as she glanced around, looking for some sort of protection. Once she realized that everyone was just greeting she and her mother, Liz smiled timidly.

However the smile faded as soon as she heard her daughter start to cry. She looked to her mother, wondering where she could go that would be quiet so that she could calm her daughter.

Jeff quickly led Liz to the backroom, but not before someone caught sight of her.

The moment Max laid eyes on her he felt his breath leave him. She was absolutely stunning with her long brown tresses, her expression-filled, doe brown eyes, and her petite figure which just made him want to crush her to him so as to protect her from the world and everything else that made her look so sad.

He watched in complete interest as Jeff led her to the backroom, and as slyly as possible, he followed. She was holding a small child. Immediately Max smiled at the thought that she was taking care of her little sister. Not many teenagers would be as willing to care for their mother’s new baby.

As soon as Jeff came back out, Max moved toward the window and watched through the small pane as Nancy’s daughter held the baby close to her, whispering words of solace and being so tender that Max wasn’t sure he had ever seen someone so caring before.

He watched intently through the small window, enjoying what was going on before him. Originally he had not wanted to come with Maria and Michael to greet Jeff’s partner, but now, as he watched Nancy’s daughter he couldn’t help but be happy his sister had drug him along.

Max snapped out of his stupor when he felt someone touch his arm. He whirled around to find Alex smiling knowingly.

“I think voyeurism is illegal in all fifty states,” Alex teased. He watched the blush spread up and over Max’s face, reaching all the way out to his ears. Peering over his shoulder, Alex watched Liz as well. “Boy, Max, that sure is a pretty girl in there.”

“Shut up Alex,” Max said in embarrassment. He couldn’t believe he had gotten caught. He turned away, unwilling to watch his beauty while Alex was goading him.

“I wonder what her nam…”

“Alex, can it,” Max stated warningly. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t want to hear Alex’s derogative comments right now, especially about Nancy’s beautiful daughter.

“Jeesh, someone’s touchy,” Alex commented as he watched Max reluctantly walk away. Peering back through the small windowpane, Alex gaped in surprise at what he saw. His skin turned a crimson red and he walked away in embarrassment.

Yep, that was a breast.

What he had originally believed was that the baby in Nancy’s daughter’s arms was Nancy’s second child, but watching the young woman who couldn’t be older than himself, breastfeeding the small child in the backroom, Alex couldn’t help but be surprised. He definitely had not expected that.


The actual apartment was much bigger than Nancy or Liz had expected. The foyer was a vast entry that towered away to a ceiling lost in a shadow far above. Rays of lights filtered through a window just to the left. It had stopped raining some time ago. Doors led off in a half dozen directions, confusing Nancy and Liz.

“Wow,” Nancy exclaimed in slight shock.

Jeff set their bags down on the carpeted floor as he watched Nancy do a 360 degree circle. First she looked down a short hallway straight ahead that seemed to let into some vast space that was dimly lit.

All the while Liz remained rooted to her original spot as she coddled her daughter, trying to let her know that this was a safe home and that nothing would happen. Somehow Bonita was always able to sense when she was in a new home, and being in a new home never seemed to bode well with the young girl.

“I have a crib already set up in your room,” Jeff said as he turned and smiled at Liz. “If you would like, I can show you both to your rooms. I’m sure you’re tired, especially after such a long drive.”

“You’re house is absolutely wonderful!” Nancy insisted. She glanced at her daughter and gave her a reassuring smile. At least here they would be comfortable. “And, that would be great.”

Jeff nodded in response. He glided down the hallway and stopped at the third door on the left.

“Liz, this will be your room. It connects to the next room, where I put Bonita’s crib, so you can leave the door open or if you’d rather you can move her crib in your room,” Jeff offered, hoping to please both women. He opened the door and set Liz’s belongings down on the ground beside her new bed.

The room was spacious. A king-sized bed, furniture, and curtains furnished the room. They were all a coordinated in various white hues, giving off a look of simplicity, though Liz could tell a great deal of work had been put into the room. There were too other open doors: a bathroom and Bonita’s room.

A large fireplace dominated one wall. Its mantle was carved in marble. Liz ran a slim finger over the cool, smooth surface lovingly. It felt cool to her touch and her eyes closed fleetingly.

“I hope it is to your liking,” Jeff said quietly.

“It’s beautiful,” Liz insisted graciously. She smiled at Jeff, hoping he knew how much she appreciated everything he had done thus far. “Everything is perfect.”

Jeff nodded before leading Nancy back out to show her to her room. Liz remained in her room. Liz stood there for a long moment, cradling Bonita to her. The room was silent, heavy, and old. Going over toward the window, Liz peered out, only to find a balcony awaiting her. Aside from the balcony, light pollution spilled through the alley, casting weird and scary shadows across the walls.

Placing Bonita in her baby seat, Liz removed her jacket, opened her suitcase, and took out a pair of flannel pants and tank top. She was tired and the clothes were decent enough to sleep in, but comfortable enough to sleep in.


“…is your room,” Jeff said as he gestured toward Nancy’s new room. It was equally as spacious as Liz’s, minus the baby’s room. It too had a bathroom as well as a full wall closet and fireplace.

“It’s wonderful,” Nancy answered sincerely. She glanced back at her new partner, housemate, and friend. He was a middle-aged man with slightly graying hair. His eyes held a wisdom Nancy knew nothing about, but they were also kind and caring and warm. He was also quite handsome. “Jeff, thank you, for everything.”

“It’s no problem, really. I needed some help managing this place, and you were the most qualified,” Jeff insisted. He tried to keep himself from staring at the beauty in front of him. She was his business partner, and business and pleasure were never to mix.

But Jeff couldn’t keep from thinking how beautiful she was.

However, he also noticed an underlying fear and timid-ness in both Nancy and Liz. They seemed afraid; of what, Jeff didn’t know. But maybe one day they would tell him, but until then he would remain their friend.

“I hope the crib I set up for your daughter’s child is sufficient,” Jeff commented suddenly, causing Nancy to look up and smile at the man beside her. She could tell he was nervous.

“It’s perfect, really. But you didn’t have to, we could have picked one up, or…”

“Oh, no, I had one laying around,” Jeff interrupted.

“Oh, do you have children?” Nancy asked as off-handedly as possible. She couldn’t stop the slight sound of disappointment that slipped through.

“No… not anymore,” Jeff said, as his eyes suddenly stared down at the ground. Immediately Nancy could tell she had hit a touchy portion of Jeff’s life. A long pause passed between the two before Jeff returned his gaze to Nancy. “What about Bonita’s father? Will he be coming?”

“No,” Nancy vigorously shook her head as a dark cloud suddenly consumed her normally vibrant eyes. “Zan’s dead…”

“Zan? Was he the father?” Jeff asked. Already he could see the sorrow in the woman’s eyes. Silently he berated himself for causing that hurt look to consume her beautiful eyes.

“Yeah. He-uh… he passed away before Bonita was even born. But I’m sure he’s here with us, in spirit,” Nancy insisted reverently. She had always liked Zan. Despite his ruggedness and slight attitude problem, he had always been the perfect boyfriend, and she knew he would have made a wonderful father. “He was always there for my Lizzie, and I’m sure he still is… death wouldn’t stop him from caring for my daughter.”

Tbc? Well, again its up to you. I have most of the next chapter ready to go, and it includes the Max/Liz meeting.
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Chapter 3

While she was tired, Liz was also thirsty.

Not knowing where the kitchen was, Liz decided to head back downstairs to the café.

Emerging from her room in her new clothes and baby in her arms, Liz followed the curved hallway away into the distance. It was lined with massive, ornate paintings and portraits, much like some that lined her room. Trying to get a better look, Liz searched the wall for a light switch, but couldn’t find one.

The light of day was her first true light in the house. It spilled in through the window in the foyer, making Liz wince.

Unconsciously, Liz took a step back. She waited a moment to let her mind clear before she headed downstairs to the café.

She descended down the stairs quietly while her daughter rested in her arms. Normally she would leave her daughter in her crib, but it felt strange and wrong to leave Bonita in a strange room and new bed. Beside, since they had left, Liz hadn’t had the strength to let her daughter go.

Once she reached the bottom step, Liz suddenly heard a low hum. She whirled around, being careful not to wake her daughter, but also checking for where the sound came from. She stared at the room, wondering where the sound was coming from.

“Hello?” Liz called out, but no response came. She started toward the doors connecting to the main room of the café, believing that maybe the sound was coming from within the center of the café.

Suddenly stopping, Liz stood transfixed at the sight before her. She stared out the small windowpane, memorizing the sight of the fine specimen before her. He looked to be about her age, and he was mysterious, brooding, and devastatingly handsome in his simple jeans and black v-neck sweater. He was helping some of the waitresses and cooks clear tables from the party Jeff had thrown for their arrival.

Picking up another stack of dishes, Max peered over at the back door and almost slipped from shock. There, standing at the door, staring at him was his dream girl.

Maybe dream girl was a bit of an overstatement, but she was everything he had ever dreamed of. She was beautiful, and already Max was positive that she was kind-hearted. After all, not many sisters would be so protective or willing to take care of their younger sisters.

He had learned from Maria that her name was Elizabeth. He loved that name. Or maybe, he just started to love that name because it was connected to her. But suddenly the name Elizabeth was very appealing.

“Dude, just go talk to her,” Kyle said as he came up beside Max and followed his line of sight. Never before had he seen Max so besotted so quickly with a girl. “She’s showing interest in you, so don’t leave her hanging by not returning that interest. “

“No… no… okay,” Max finally succumbed and he started toward Liz. However, mid-stride he abruptly stopped, turned around and headed straight back to Kyle.

“Wuss,” Kyle hissed. Turning Max back around, he gave him a sound shove while he whispered in his ear, “ Just do it!”

Kyle watched his friend slowly walk toward Liz. He couldn’t help but think that Max sure knew how to pick girls. And Kyle knew if he weren’t dating Tess then he definitely would be trying to hook up with Liz.

As soon as he made it to the door, he signaled to Liz that he would be coming through. Immediately Liz’s cheeks turned a flaming red. She knew he had caught her openly gawking at him. Now he was probably coming to tell her how stupid she was.

“Hey,” Max said softly. He didn’t want to wake the sleeping child in Liz’s arms. They both looked so beautiful together; the image even made Max’s heart beat a little bit faster. She looked so protective of the baby, and it made Max’s heart swell at the thought of how much Liz seemed to love her little sister.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to get in your way. I-uh… I just wanted a glass of water, and I didn’t know where the kitchen was,” Liz explained. She averted her gaze as she wished that her cheeks weren’t so red. Sometimes she hated how easily she blushed.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. You aren’t in the way… I was just helping Maria and Michael clean up, cause you know, the party and everything, so its sort of messy, but, we’re cleaning it up,” Max babbled, stating the obvious. He wanted to slap his hand over his mouth at how stupid he sounded. He wished he could stop babbling and making such a fool of himself. Shutting his mouth, Max waited until he had recollected his nerves before smiling at the petite brunette in front of him. “My names Max.”

He started to reach out to shake her hand, but stopped when he remembered he still had the dishes resting in his palms. Depositing the dirty dishes into the sink, Max returned to Liz, ready to properly greet her, only to realize that the baby in her arms really hindered any sort of skin-to-skin contact they might have.

A blush the color of cherries spread over Max’s face at his thoughts. Skin-to-skin contact? What was he thinking? Or more importantly, which part of his body was predominately thinking?

Seeing that he wanted to shake hands, Liz hoisted Bonita so that she rested against her hip and one arm before extending a delicate hand out.

“I’m Liz…” She smiled at Max as his larger hand gently encased her own. The warmth of his hand felt good and it made her want to bury herself in his strong, warm arms forever.

And there she went blushing again. Max was slightly taken aback by Liz’s radiating beauty as she suddenly averted her gaze and a slow blush spread across her cheeks.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Max whispered reverently. His hand had yet to let go of hers and Liz was starting to wonder what she should do. She didn’t want him to let go, but holding Bonita like so was becoming a slight burden on her hipbone.

Noticing that Liz was looking at the child in her arms, Max suddenly pulled his hand away. Again he berated himself for not thinking how uncomfortable she had to have been holding the baby in such a manner.

“And who’s this little beauty?” Max asked quietly. He peered down at the baby and smiled adoringly at it. She and Liz looked so much alike. Already she had a head of brown hair, and Max was positive she couldn’t be older than a year, if that. Her ears were slightly bigger, but they still suited her, as did the various facial differences.

“This is Bonita,” Liz informed Max as she turned her eyes to her daughter. Her eyes danced with laughter as she thought of how her daughter would react to meeting Max. Under normal circumstances she loved any and all strangers who paid attention to her, and Liz could only imagine that her daughter would be playing Max for all that he was worth.

“Even though you’re asleep, its nice to meet you as well, Bonita. And what a pretty name you have,” Max commented teasingly. Liz laughed softly at Max’s corny joke.

The angelic laughter, which escaped her lips, encompassed Max and he was positive he had never heard anything sweeter. His eyes became riveted to her lips as he watched her tilt her head back and eye both he and Bonita. His fascination grew as he watched her tiny pink tongue dart out to moisten her lips.

It was at this point that Max also noticed Liz’s state of dress. His eyes nearly bulged out at the sight of her in a simple tank top and flannel pants. He could see so much skin; skin that he wanted to touch, caress, and taste.

Taste? What was he thinking? He had only met her and already he was thinking and probably acting like a dog in heat.

“Lizzie?” Liz turned at the sound of her mother’s frightened voice. Glancing back at Max she smiled shyly.

“I-uh… it was nice meeting you, but I should get going,” Liz stammered. As her eyes locked with his she once again felt a slow, dark blush creep up her face and she just wanted to bury herself in a hole and forget how stupid she was acting. She gave a slight wave and started to turn, but the sound of his voice stopped her.

“Liz?” Max stood rooted to his spot praying that she would turn around. He knew this was his chance. Kyle was right, he was a wuss if he didn’t so this. “Um, tomorrow being Friday and all, my friends and I usually like to go out, and well, I-uh, I just wanted to know if you wanted to come with us? With me?”

Liz started to shake her head no, but as she watched the hopeful look in Max’s eyes she knew she wouldn’t be able to say no. He was so handsome and adorable; he was sort of like Zan, but not really. The only thing Liz could find to be the same were their amazing hearts. Though, Liz reasoned that she really didn’t know Max that well so she shouldn’t judge him just yet. After all, Liz knew all to well about the masks people liked to wear.

“I’d love to,” Liz blurted out as her mother came down the stairs. She smiled one last time before she quickly disappeared, joining her mother back in their new home, and leaving Max standing in the backroom with the biggest grin on his face, ever.


“Did you see the tits on her?” Kyle asked as he lounged on Michael’s couch. Michael grinned and nodded his head in agreement. They had just left the Crashdown, and since it was still fairly early Alex, Kyle and Michael decided to hang out.

Usually Max would join them, but he had said he needed to get home a study. Which was a good thing for Kyle and Michael, as they both knew how Max would have reacted. They could tell Max liked Nancy’s daughter, and that was fine by them, but they knew Max would be upset that they were talking about her in such a manner.

They would get upset if he talked about their girlfriends in that manner.

“And that body…” Michael grinned as an image floated in his mind. “Sort of surprised she’s so stacked with such a small frame… you think they’re real?”

“They are,” Alex answered quickly, causing Michael and Kyle to look at him questioningly. “She was breastfeeding, and from what I heard you can’t breastfeed when you got fakes ones” Alex chimed in, as he too grinned. He agreed with Michael and Kyle, but after seeing Liz’s bare chest because she was breastfeeding, Alex sort of felt it was wrong say such things. She was a mother, not some bleached blonde bimbo with a nice body.

However, what Alex also knew was that while Michael and Kyle admired Liz’s body, they still loved Maria and Tess, just as he loved Isabel. It was just a guy thing to like women’s bodies, especially when they had a nice form and big breasts.

Kyle and Michael stared slack-jawed at Alex, looking at him as though he had grown a second head.

“Br-breastfeeding?” Michael croaked. That had just a big damper on his fantasy. The image of Liz in his mind slowly changed to her holding a baby and breastfeeding. That was definitely not what he needed to be thinking about.

“You saw her tits?” Kyle exclaimed in glee. His face broke out in a smile and he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees as he stared in awe at Alex. “Are they as big as they look? They were practically hanging out from her shirt…”

“Jesus Kyle…she’s a mother for Christ sake,” Michael scolded. He did not need images of Liz’s breast in his mind when all he could see was some kid latching onto those breast and sucking them dry.

“So? She’s still got great tits,” Kyle insisted dramatically. Returning his attention to Alex, Kyle waited on pins and needles to hear the answer. “So?”

Shrugging slightly, a goofy grin filled Alex’s face as his face turned a deep red. A chuckle soon slipped past his lips, betraying what part of him was truly feeling. And soon Alex found himself spilling the beans.

“Hell yeah!”


Liz sat on her bed sadly staring down at a picture, which rested in her hands. The frame was simplistic with a silver lining and a white mat board covering the inside and lining the picture.

But the frame wasn’t what was important; it was the picture inside that mattered the most.

Tracing a delicate finger over the contours of his face, Liz could already feel the tears trickling down her cheeks. She knew she wasn’t betraying Zan by agreeing to go out with Max and his friends on Friday, but it didn’t stop the pain.

It had been a few months now, and Liz knew that time would heal her wounds. But, they were still fairly fresh.

As she stared down at Zan’s picture, a soft giggle escaped Liz’s throat. Max and Zan had to be the farthest things apart; they were each on one side of the spectrum, and she doubted they would ever clash, except in one area.

While Zan had been a little rough around edges, he had had one of the biggest hearts that Liz knew of. He had loved her for close to two years. Things had been perfect. Then all hell had broken loose. Shortly after everything started to deteriorate, except for their relationship, Liz had found out she was pregnant.

As expected Zan had been elated. He had talked about getting married and sharing a house; he had even gone out and gotten a better job so that he could support them, despite Nancy’s insistence that she would help them out.

But now Zan was dead. He had died saving she and their unborn child. And now he would never get to see the beautiful daughter they had created.

And now there was Max. Liz couldn’t keep the smile from her lips whenever she said or thought about his name. He appeared to be sweet, kind, caring, and extremely shy, which really grabbed Liz’s attention. They shared so many like-qualities, or at least from Liz could tell they did. And he didn’t seem to mind that she was a mother.

But Liz didn’t want to get her hopes up. She knew Zan wouldn’t mind; he would want her to be happy, but she wasn’t sure she trusted Max yet. Maybe that was why she had been hesitant to accept his offer.

Or maybe it was because she wanted to keep him safe. She didn’t want Max to suffer the same fate that Zan had.

Returning her gaze to the picture in her hands, Liz swiped away the teardrops on the glass, pressed her fingertips to her lips before she pressed them to his face as gently as possible and whispered, “I love you Zan.”

Either way, Liz knew she had to be careful with everything, otherwise she wasn’t sure she’d make it out alive this time.

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Chapter 4

“So what do you think of Liz?” Isabel asked as she walked down the halls of West Roswell High along side Maria and Tess. It was Friday and everyone seemed to be in a jovial mood, especially Max. When Isabel had questioned her brother’s good mood, he had told her about Liz and how she had accepted his offer to hang out with him, as well as his friends.

“She seems nice, though I really haven’t gotten to know her,” Tess said flippantly. She really didn’t care as long as the brunette kept her hands off Kyle.

“Alex talked her last night for like two-seconds and he told me that she was totally sweet. He said she liked the same music as he did and that she told him she wanted to hear his band play,” Maria informed her friends. Tess and Isabel glanced at each other with a raised eye.

“Uh, Maria, how could all that have taken place in two seconds?” Isabel asked teasingly.

“Hey, you’re the one that asked,” Maria said as she rolled her eyes in irritation. Tess and Isabel had always been better friends and sometimes Maria felt left out, only having Alex as her best friend. Not that she didn’t like Isabel and Tess, or Alex, but sometimes Maria just wished she had another girl as a friend.

“Why did you ask?” Tess queried.

“Well, Max asked her out last night and--”

“Wait, Max asked someone out?” Tess asked in disbelief, her mouth agape. It was a well-known fact that Max Evans’ did not date. Many of the girls at their high school had tried every trick in the book to gain Max’s attention, but so far no one had been able to snag him.

Now, Liz just happened to waltz in and suddenly Max asked her out. Something did not sound right.

“I guess so, because she’s coming with us tonight,” Isabel said. Mari and Tess were hanging on Isabel’s every word, not sure they believe her, but also wanting to, to some varying degree. If Max had a girlfriend then the group would be complete and no longer would Isabel’s brother feel like or be a third wheel whenever they went out on Friday nights.


A shy glance passed over, a twisted smile hidden, a glimmer in each other’s eyes whenever they passed each other.

These and other looks Liz seemed to catch between her mother and Jeff Parker throughout the day. She had been working the morning shift while Jeff showed Nancy around the café and let her know about its inner workings.

Liz couldn’t help but laugh at the lustful looks past between her mother and new boss. At least he seemed like a nice guy, and that was the important part.

“Lizzie, would you come here?” Nancy called to her daughter. She watched her daughter smile shyly at the elder couple she was waiting on as she excused herself and walked over.

“What’s up mom?” Liz asked. She had to suppress her need to giggle when her mother glanced over at Jeff, who smiled and gave her a thumb up. They were so cute.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you that you could have the rest of the day off. I know you wanted to look for a job, so, if you want, Jeff and I will watch Bonita while you go out for a little while,” Nancy offered. She knew Liz was scared about leaving her daughter alone, and Nancy didn’t blame her, but Bonita would be in safe hands. “Also, Jeff wanted to let you know that the offer still stands; if you want to work here, you’re more than welcome to.”

“Thanks mom, but I’m not much of a waitress,” Liz insisted. She looked toward Jeff and gave him a sympathetic smile, letting him know she appreciated his kindness, but was still turning him down. “Are you sure you don’t mind watching Bonita?”

“Mind watching my grandchild? What funny thoughts you have in your head; of course not! Now, go on and have fun… I hope you find something,” Nancy pressed a kissed to her daughter’s forehead before she let her slip upstairs to change.

As much as Liz wanted to help out Jeff and her mother, she also knew she wouldn’t be able to live working in the same area. Often she and her mother would get on each other’s nerves, and with her mother being her boss Liz knew it wouldn’t work.

After getting dressed in something a little more appropriately and kissing her mother and daughter goodbye, Liz set off to find a new job.


At seven o’clock sharp Max walked into the Crashdown. Michael, Maria, Kyle, Tess, Isabel and Alex were waiting outside so as to give Max some time alone to pick up his date.

His date. Max had to contain his giddiness at the thought. Since Liz had agreed to go out with him a permanent smile had attached itself onto his lips.

Seeing Liz’s mother across the way, Max headed over towards her. When she noticed him he grinned and gave her hesitant wave as he stopped in front of her.

“Hi Mrs. Damson,” Max choked out. While he had been excited at the fact that Liz had accepted, he had also been a bundle of nerves since. Time seemed to move at excruciatingly slow pace all day. And when he finally got home, time only seemed to move slower. He had been ready for his date with Liz two hours before hand.

Nancy looked over Max with a careful eye. On the outside he appeared to be a good, sturdy man, but she wasn’t going to take a liking to him just yet. Once he proved to her that he was right for her daughter, then and only then would she accept him.

“Can I help you?” Nancy bit out. She knew she was being rude, but she did so on purpose. If Max was going after her daughter than Nancy was going to make sure he fought to do so. Zan had suffered the same treatment, and she wasn’t going to do any less to anyone else.

She had seen his interest in her daughter the night before when he had practically been devouring her with his eyes. That hadn’t exactly made the best first impression, but Nancy knew how young men were. She also knew how old men were.

“Uh… uh, yeah, I’m here to pick Liz up… we’re going out,” Max stammered. He didn’t understand why he suddenly turned into a bumbling idiot, but he had a feeling that it was because of the fact that woman in front of him was shooting him deadly glares.

“She never told me,” Nancy informed Max. Sure Liz had mentioned Max, but she had never outright told Nancy that she was going out on a date with him. That Nancy had had to figure out on her own.

“Oh…” Max couldn’t hide the disappointment in his voice. It didn’t seem like Nancy liked him very much and he doubted she would let him take her daughter out.

“Besides, she’s not back yet,” Nancy said with a raised eye. She waited for Max’s reaction, trying to gauge how he reacted to how she was acting toward him, and to the fact that Liz wasn’t home.

“Sh-she went out?’ Max asked in confusion. Again he couldn’t hide the hurt tone in his voice. Had she gone out with another guy?

Just as Nancy was about to answer, Liz breezed into the Crashdown. Immediately her eyes found Max and her mother and she smiled nervously.

“Hi mom,” Liz said as she kissed her mother on the cheek and then turned to Max. “Sorry, I got held up at work.” Returning her gaze to her mother, Liz smiled nervously. She had been so excited and nervous about Max asking her out the night before she had completely forgot to ask her mother to ask Bonita for the night.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Max insisted as he gave her a reassuring smile. And in response Liz smiled back.

“Hey mom, do you think you could watch Bonita tonight? Max sort of invited me to go out with he and some of his friends,” Liz asked. She watched her mother size Max up before returning her deep hazel eyes back to her daughter. She listened as her mother clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she once again turned and looked at Max.

All the while Max watched on in bewilderment. He wondered why Liz was asking her mother to watch her sister. He figured that it was probably Liz’s job to baby-sit, but he didn’t expect her to have to ask permission when it was obvious that Nancy was already watching her daughter.

“Did you find a job?” Nancy asked in response. She wanted to make Max sweat.

“Oh, yeah, I was hired in a snap,” Liz answered curtly. She hated it when her mother did this, but she understood why. “Please mom…”

“Well…” Nancy tapped her index finger on her chin. She wanted to say no and make Max suffer through having to learn how to take care of Liz’s child. If he was interested in Liz than he also had to be interested in Bonita. But upon seeing the hopeful look in Liz’s eyes Nancy knew she couldn’t; least not this time. “Well, Jeff was supposed to show me how to do the balances, but I guess I can watch Bonita for tonight.”

“Thanks mom!” Liz said excitedly. She kissed her mother’s cheek one last time before she started heading towards her new home. “Max, I’ll be right back, I just want to change into something a little more comfortable.”

Max watched as his beauty retreated from his line of vision, a smile forming on his lips at how beautiful she was.

“You have her home by one, mister. If you’re even one minute late I will rip your balls off with my own hands,” Nancy said in a sugary sweet voice. Max stared down at Nancy in utter shock and horror. He wasn’t quite sure she had said what his ears had supposedly heard. “Have a good night,” Nancy whispered, giving Max a wink and a smile before she turned and walked back towards Jeff.

The lump in Max’s throat became permanently lodged as he mulled over Nancy’s words. Not that one o’clock was a bad curfew, but it was her threat that really had him thinking. Aside from the curfew, she hadn’t mentioned anything else, which perplexed Max. Normally, whenever he went out with his friends and sister his parents would tell him the usual: no drugs, no sex, no getting into trouble. But Nancy just seemed to pass over that, except for the whole curfew thing.

One thing Max knew was that he would definitely have Liz home on time, maybe even early.

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Chapter 5

It hadn’t taken long for Liz to get ready. She had simply thrown on a new shirt, tossed her hair up into a ponytail and changed shoes. After kissing her daughter goodbye, promising to come back and read to her, and lecturing her mother on where the breast milk was, Liz was finally ready to leave. Michael had been grumbling outside about how long it was taking when Liz had walked out.

Immediately he had shut up and he was unwilling to look her in the eye. Alex found it quite funny.

With Alex driving Isabel, Maria carting Maria around on his motorcycle, and Kyle speeding Tess around in his Mustang, it left Max and Liz alone in Max’s Jeep. The couples had gotten in their perspective cars and taken off, all heading in the same direction.

At first conversation had been strained. Max didn’t know what to say and Liz was too nervous to say anything. However, finally Max decided that this was just silly.

“So, uh, how do you like Roswell so far?” Max asked. He glanced over at Liz and watched as she slowly turned her eyes from the barren desert to face him.

Liz thought for a moment before she answered. “It’s okay; a little different from Massachusetts, but I like it so far.”

“And you got a job? Where?” Max also wanted to ask why she didn’t go to school, but he figured that was a little bit more of a private question; something that wasn’t quite at the level he and Liz currently sat at. Maybe once they became better friends.

This time Liz turned her whole body so as to completely face Max as she spoke. She liked looking at him. “Oh, you know that little flower shop in the middle of town- it’s right across from the park.”

“The Intergalactic Flower Shop?”

“Yep, that’s the one,” Liz laughed at the absurd name of the shop, but than all the names of the shops seemed to be alien related.

Laughing as well, Max scratched the side of his head. “Man, well that makes things difficult. Now if I ever want to buy you flowers I guess I’ll have to go to Artesia.”

“Or make sure I’m not around,” Liz teased, though she couldn’t stop the slight flip of her stomach at the thought of Max sending her flowers. Was he just kidding around or was he being serious?

“No, I want it to be a surprise. I mean, what happens if I sign it from a secret admirer—then you could just go and look up who it was from according to your records.” It took everything inside Max not to turn and look at Liz. His hands gripped the staring wheel tightly, causing his knuckles to turn white. He could feel her eyes burning a path over his body.

“Well, now if I ever get flowers from a secret admirer I’ll know they are from you,” Liz said knowingly. The laughter was apparent in her voice and it made Max smile. At least she was having a good time.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to think of some other way to sign the card,” Max retorted playfully.

The remainder of the drive was filled with friendly banter. Max had never been so intrigued by someone before. He loved how smart and witty Liz was. He also loved the fact that she laughed at all his jokes, even when they weren’t that funny. But most of all, he loved how open she was.

As soon as Max pulled up alongside Alex car and Michael’s motorcycle, he finally turned and looked at Liz. She still took his breath away. Sure she was wearing a simple black v-neck shirt with blue jeans, but there was something about her simplicity that made Max’s heart race, or maybe it was just her.

“Where are we?” Liz asked curiously. She peered out the window trying to figure out where Max had taken her. She hadn’t even thought about the fact that she had completely trusted him, but now, as she looked out at the desert surrounding her, Liz realized that she hadn’t questioned Max at all as to where they were going. For once she had trusted someone implicitly without questioning him or her. She hadn’t done that for a long time, at least, not until now.

“I told you, every Friday my friends and I…”

“Go out, I know. But where are we?” Liz asked, again. She watched as Max smiled shyly before he got out, only to appear at her side, pulling open her door for her.

Peering down at the girl sitting in his car, Max once again felt his heart swell. She was so beautiful. “Come on, I promise you’ll love it.” Reaching out, Max offered his hand and waited until Liz took it before he helped her out.

The group waited until Kyle and Tess joined them a moment later. Originally Kyle had been quite a bit ahead, but a cop had stopped him, and now Kyle was mumbling something about telling his dad about the rights of being the sheriff’s son.

While the guys grabbed a few things they would need, Maria, Isabel and Tess dragged Liz off towards their destination. They quickly introduced themselves and were glad when Liz seemed to accept them without rebuff.

“So, what did you and Max talk about on the ride over?” Isabel asked nosily. She had never seen her brother so taken by a girl. She had even heard him singing in the shower as he had been getting ready. And to add to that fact, he had started getting before her, which made Isabel wonder.

“Just the usual newcomer stuff: how I like Roswell, where I moved from, my job, his job, etc,” Liz replied.

“Oh! Where do you work?” Maria asked excitedly. “Isabel and Tess work at the Crashdown; I do too, but only when Jeff really needs my help.”

“At the Intergalactic Flower Shop.” A smile spread across Maria’s lips as her eyes lit up. Isabel and Tess rolled their eyes.

“Really? So do I!” At this point Maria had grabbed Liz’s arm and started walking ahead of Tess and Isabel. “Alex does too, but he doesn’t come in very often; he delivers the flowers.”

“Alex?” Liz peered behind her, looking for Max, as well as the person named Alex.

“Yeah, he’s the tall lanky one that’s going out with Miss Ice Princess Isabel; also known as Max’s sister. You talked with him last night.” Maria babbled on incessantly as Liz laughed at Maria’s choice of words. She reminded Liz of her best friend Serena back in Massachusetts. “He’s also in a band, remember? You said you’d come to one of his gigs.”

“Oh right! Alex…” Liz mumbled. She sort of remembered meeting him the night before, but their encounter was slightly blurred in her mind.

“Someone said my name?” Alex asked as he came along side Liz and hooked arms with her free arm. He looked expectantly at Maria, waiting to hear what she had said. Maria went off about one thing or another, but Liz didn’t really listen, she was lost in her own world.

Already Liz could tell she liked Maria and Alex, but it was Max who had made the most lasting impression on Liz.

Ten minutes later, Liz found herself in a flurry of activity. Music was sifting out of a small portable stereo while light filtered through the thick desert air, made by halogen lights that the boys had conveniently placed all around the surrounding area. It was jut the eight of them out in the desert at the abandoned air landing.

“I can’t believe this,” Liz beamed as she stared around in awe. She turned and watched Maria and her boyfriend dance along side Kyle and Tess. Alex and Isabel were off some ways, hidden in the desert supposedly watching the stars. “We didn’t have anything like this in Massachusetts.”

“I’d hoped you like it,” Max whispered. He was slightly nervous, but it was only because of the situation. Surprisingly enough, Liz calmed him down a great deal, but this being their first date, Max really wanted to make it something Liz remembered.

“I love it, but what is it?” Liz asked as she grabbed Max’s hand and slowly began walking down the paved road which stretched out before them.

“An old airport. The government closed it down about twenty years ago, but they never tore it down completely.” Max was having a hard time saying anything at all. He was too ecstatic over the fact that Liz was holding his hand. She had grabbed his hand.

“So you and your friends come here a lot?”

“Yeah, and other people do as well. Sometimes people will throw parties or raves here. Its far enough away that cops won’t bother coming out and busting it up, but close enough so that if something happens we can get help.”

Max glanced back towards his friends. He and Liz were a good hundred or so feet away by now. He hadn’t even realized they were that far away, but he liked the idea of being alone.

“And what do you do once you have someone out here?” Liz asked suggestively. She stopped and faced Max, but she never let go of his hand. Her eyes peered up at him from half mast as she carefully maneuvered her body so that it was a little bit closer.

It wasn’t that she was easy, or that she was throwing herself at Max, however, Liz did know quite a bit. She felt as though she had known Max for a lifetime, and it made her feel good to be near him; he made her feel safe. And that was something Liz wasn’t used to.

Beside, he was one of the only guys who had ever accepted the fact that she was a mother. And that meant a lot to Liz.

Anyway, there wasn’t a better way to get to known someone than to kiss them.

“Have someone out here?” Max stammered? He heard his voice crack and immediately felt the all too familiar blush creep up his cheeks.

“Yeah… I can only imagine how many girls you’ve brought out here,” Liz murmured. Her breath hit Max’s face like red-hot pokers pushing lightly into his skin and he closed his eyes as he forced himself to focus. “So now that you have me out here, what do you plan to do?”

“I never… I mean, I’ve never…”

“You’ve never what?” Liz asked softly. She raised her eyes and watched as his gaze darted between her lips and her eyes.

“I’ve never brought anyone here,” Max whispered as he inched closer towards Liz’s delicious looking lips. He just wanted a taste; he just wanted to see if they tasted as good as they looked and smelt.

“So I’m your first?” It came out more as a statement more than a question, but Liz already knew the answer. She wasn’t just the first person he had brought out to this place, she was also the first person he had really allowed in. She had seen it tonight when a group of girls had watched them leave the Crashdown, but at the time it hadn’t made sense.

And reluctantly Liz pulled away.

She couldn’t do this to him. He was an innocent. He hadn’t experienced half the things she had. While she was a mother, Max was still an innocent teenager who had yet to experience the world which was around him.

And Liz knew she wouldn’t be able to bring him into her world. It would be wrong and cruel of her to do so.

“Uh, may-maybe we should head back over towards the others,” Liz whispered remorsefully. She didn’t want to, god knew she didn’t, but she would not subject Max to the atrocities of her life, she wouldn’t let him end up like Zan.

Watching Liz turning and walking away from him made Max snap back to reality. He realized in that instant that he really liked Liz. He liked her unlike he had ever liked anyone before. And he knew without a doubt that he wasn’t going to let her just walk away from him.

“Liz, no, wait,” Max forced past the lump in his throat. His hand swift grabbed her upper arm, effectively stopping her from moving any further.

The feel of his hand on her skin made Liz shiver. Her eyes closed in delight. She hadn’t felt this way since the last time Zan had touched her.

The fire Max ignited within her was strong and Liz could slowly feel her resolve to leave Max so that he could have a good life dissolving. She knew it was beyond wrong to make Max suffer through her life, but she wanted to so badly. She wanted to share everything she had with him, both the good and the bad. But she wasn’t sure he’d want to.

As if sensing the awkward moment, Liz’s cell phone began ringing loudly in the normally silent desert air. Yanking herself away from Max before he could stop her, Liz quickly pulled out her phone to see who was calling.

It was her mother.

Fear seized Liz like never before. Had something happened? Was Bonita okay? Questions swirled through her mind causing Liz to shut her eyes and send a silent prayer that everything was still safe in her world.

“Hello?” Liz whispered into the phone. She was mentally preparing herself for the worst.

Max watched in confusion as Liz turned an ashen white and her body trembled before she answered her phone. He could swear that he had heard a tremble in her voice when she had answered.

But as he watched her slowly nod her head and promise who ever was on the other line that she would be right there, Max knew that his night out with Liz was going to be a bust. Whatever had originally flared between them in the beginning was going to be put on hold; Max just prayed that it wouldn’t be put on a permanent hold.

And while he didn’t want to think pre-maturely, somehow Max was pretty sure that Liz was the one. He was even willing to go out on a limb and say that he loved her. But he wouldn’t tell Liz that just yet; instead he would give her time and space and let their relationship grow at the speed that she wanted.

Besides, there were still so many questions in Max’s mind.

A moment later Max snapped out of his reverie when Liz shook him softly.

“I-uh… I need to get back home,” Liz said urgently.

“Why? What’s wrong?” The worried tone in Max’s voice made Liz’s heart flutter. She had never heard such a kind or caring tone, except maybe with Zan.

“It’s Bonita, she needs me,” Liz explained as best she could. Her mother had called in complete hysterics. Bonita wouldn’t stop crying and Nancy was fairly sure that was even running a temperature.

It made no sense to Max as to why Liz had to go home. And why did Bonita need her? Max would have thought it would be her mother that Bonita would need. “Can’t your mom take care of it?”

“Max, please,” Liz pleaded. She could fee the anxiety building inside of her. While she was angry that her date with Max had been ruined, Liz was also relieved that this had happened. It provided a great reason to break their date off early.

If anything, it was the way that her voice cracked with raw emotion that made Max realize something was really askew. The pieces weren’t fitting together correctly and he had a feeling that some things would snap into place if he took Liz home. “Okay, yeah… let’s go.”

He was sorry for their night to be ending so soon, but he knew he had to get Liz home. After their little incident only a few minutes ago he had wanted to talk to Liz and tell her that whatever fears she had about them were unwarranted. He would have told her that he didn’t expect anything from her that she wasn’t willing to give. And finally he wanted to tell her that while she might be afraid, she really had nothing to fear because he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

If there was one thing Max had noticed, it was the fear in both Nancy and Liz’s eyes. They were afraid, though Max didn’t know of what. He wanted to know and he wanted to protect Liz from whatever it was that had her so scared.

Walking back towards his car with Liz by his side, Max hastily wrapped an arm around her shoulder, wanting to let her know that just because she had pulled away didn’t mean that he would.

“Look’s like someone’s getting luccccky,” Kyle said in a sing-song voice to Michael. Instantly Tess and Maria looked over towards Max and Liz’s retreating figures.

“Maxwell?” Michael called out, but his friend didn’t answer. Instead Max merely glanced back at Michael and gave him a shaky smile. “Man-oh-man, you go Maximillion,” Michael chuckled softly.

“God, you guys are such pigs!” Maria scoffed, and Tess nodded in agreement.

Little did Maria or Tess know how right Kyle and Michael were.

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Chapter 6

The drive back was fairly uneventful. Max had attempted to speak, but every time he opened his mouth he would quickly snap it shut. He didn’t want to say the wrong thing and mess up what little chance he had left.

It wasn’t until he had reached the Crashdown that Max finally figured out what he really wanted to say.

Unfortunately Liz beat him to the punch.

“Listen, Max, I had a great time, but,” Liz let her words trail off as she gazed up into Max’s eyes. They were filled with hurt and pain. She hated doing this, but Liz knew that in the long run she was saving him from so much more. “But this can never be. We’re just so different and…”

“Liz, no, I won’t accept that. I’ve never felt this way about anyone, ever. And I know you’re afraid, but—“

“No, Max, you don’t know.”

“But I want to,” Max argued forcefully. He wasn’t going to give up so easily on this one. “I want to know your fears and I want to protect you from them.” Slowly Max raised his hand to her face and cupped her cheek lovingly. “Liz, you’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met. You make me feel things that I’ve never felt.”

“Max, don’t say things like that… this… us, it’s just a joke that your mind hasn’t quite caught up with…” Liz whispered remorsefully.

“No, it isn’t. I know it isn’t because my heart is telling me it isn’t.”

“Please, Max… right now my life is really complicated,” Liz begged. Again she averted her gaze so as not to look into the depths of his amber eyes. But, against her will, she once again found herself falling deeply into his soul. “I’m not going to deny that I like you, but Max, right now… its just too soon.” Leaning in, Liz brushed her lips against Max’s.

At first Max wasn’t even sure it was real. Her lips were as soft as they looked, and when his tongue involuntarily slipped from his mouth and glided along her bottom lip, he reveled in the fact that they tasted as sweet as the strawberry scent that covered them.

A strangled moan passed through Liz’s lips as she succumbed to Max and gave him the access he wanted. It was the least she could do. If this was going to be their good bye then she at least wanted a kiss to remember him by.

Tangling his fingers in her silky tresses, Max let his tongue mate with Liz’s. He could faintly feel her fingernails dragging across his back. She was responding to him, and that elated Max.

But before he could deepen their kiss, she pulled away. Her eyes were slightly dazed, but regret, sadness, and fear remained locked in her beautiful eyes. Her lips were puffy and red from the bruising but passionate kiss she had just shared with Max. And before she opened the door, Liz touched her fingers to her lips, willing her mind to remember how sweet the kiss had been, and praying that she could live with it.

So dazed by their kiss, Max didn’t realize when Liz had left his car. He was too caught up in the kiss he and Liz had just shared. Momentarily he wondered why she had pulled away, but he figured it was because of their need for oxygen, though Max was sure their kiss hadn’t lasted that long.

Finally snapping out of his stupor, Max looked over towards Liz’s body should have been, only to find nothing but his car seat and the image of the Crashdown’s front door through his window.

Undoing his seatbelt, Max jumped out of his car and headed towards the front door. He floated in and strode purposefully towards the back where he could hear a crying baby and Liz’s voice. He was not going to let Liz push him away this easily, especially not after the electrifying kiss they had just shared.

However, the moment Max made it to the back door and swung it open, he froze. He had never prepared himself for what he now found in front of him.

And instantly Max knew that things were a lot more complicated than he had ever believed.


“I’m so sorry Lizzie, she just wouldn’t stop crying,” Nancy said apologetically as she and Jeff crowded around Liz and Bonita. “I didn’t know what else to do. I tried feeding her from the bottle, but you know how she is.”

“Did you take her temperature?” Liz asked frantically. She cradled her daughter to her bosom and didn’t think twice as she pulled her shirt and bra away so as to give her daughter what she obviously wanted.

The moment her shirt opened, Jeff’s eyes widened in shock as he swallowed the lump in his throat. Quickly he averted his eyes as a slow blush crept up his face. And silently he wondered how often he would see this, and how long it would take for him to get used to it.

Instantly Bonita latched onto Liz’s nipple and began suckling. It quieted her crying slightly, but Liz could still hear her whimpering. She didn’t have the foggiest clue as to what could have set her daughter off, or why she would fall ill so quickly, but than this was her first child and Liz didn’t know much.

And for that reason Liz was thankful to have her mother. Through everything her mother had stood by Liz’s side. Nancy had even accepted Zan into their home so that he could help in Liz’s well being.

“I did, and it turned out normal,” Jeff answered. His eyes were glued to the ground and a deep blush covered his cheeks. He had clearly seen Liz’s breast, and it was embarrassing considering he was old enough to be her father. However, Nancy didn’t seem to mind.

Nancy reached out and gently raked her knuckles over her grandchild’s red, tear-stained cheeks.

“It’s okay, Bonita… mommies home,” Liz cooed. She gently rocked her daughter, being careful not to stop her from drinking her milk. As she gazed down at her daughter, it reminded Liz of her priorities in life. No longer was going out with guys and having fun a part of her life, she couldn’t afford for it to be. She had a daughter and she was pretty much alone, except for her mother.

The gasp that came from the back door made Liz whirl around, along with Nancy and Jeff. They all stared at Max’s stricken face.

“Oh dear,” Nancy whispered. She had forgotten that her daughter was out on a date. But, as she glanced at Max, she realized something. He hadn’t had the faintest clue that Liz was a mother. And while she had liked him originally, seeing the look on his face now made her change her mind.

If he couldn’t accept this aspect of Liz’s life, then he didn’t deserve her.

“Max,” Liz breathed out in a whisper. The hurt look in his eyes tore at her heart. And in response she closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip. It was painfully obvious to Liz that Max hadn’t thought she was a mother, and now that he knew, Liz wasn’t sure that he’d have anything to do with her.

But that was for the better, Liz assured herself. He needed to move on and find a nice girl without a child and the baggage that came with Liz and her life.

Max merely stared in shock at the sight of Liz breastfeeding Bonita. It had never occurred to him that the baby could be Liz’s; but it should have. The signs were all there: the constant cuddling, the way Liz had asked her mother, Nancy’s response, and everything else.

He had been a blind fool.

But, being that bind fool, didn’t stop the pain that etched its way into his heart.

If Liz had a baby that meant she had a boyfriend, or worse, maybe even a husband. Again the signs flashed in Max’s head. She had told him that they couldn’t be together. Only now did Max understand why.

“Max, I’m so sorry,” Liz whispered. She moved to walk towards him, but her mother placed a hand on her shoulder, halting her from going anywhere.

“I-uh… I have to go… my parents are probably wondering where I am,” Max mumbled before he ran out of the restaurant. Liz tried to run after him, but her mother stopped her, as did her daughter.

Tears welled up in Liz’s eyes and she had to force herself not to sob aloud. Immediately Nancy pulled her daughter and grandchild into her arms, being careful not to crush Bonita as she hugged her daughter.

“Oh, Lizzie, I’m so sorry,” Nancy murmured as she peppered her daughter’s head with kisses. Glancing up at Jeff, she noticed how his eyes remained riveted on hers, letting her know that he was there for them. Smiling in appreciation, Nancy mouthed a “thank you,” to which Jeff nodded in response.

“I really liked him mom, I liked him a lot,” Liz cried against her own mother’s bosom. She hadn’t cried this hard since Zan’s funeral.

“I know baby, but it’s for the better.” Again Nancy felt her heart tug as she silently cursed Max Evans’ for hurting her daughter, but blessed him for leaving before her daughter became too attached. After all, he wouldn’t have stuck around if he knew about everything else. No one else had; no one except Zan.

Tbc... no aliens in this story. I posted that in the beginning in the summary, but I'll say it again. This story is completely AU. Max and Zan are not connected in any way, I simply didn't feel like introducing another character, so I used Zan's name. You'll find ou more about him very soon.

P.S.... I'm back.

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Chapter 7

He had driven for thirty minutes before he turned around.

Five minutes later, Max found himself rotating his car back in its original direction.

Twenty minutes later he was headed back towards town.

Two seconds after he was whirling around and going out into the desert.

Despite his best tries, Max couldn’t figure out what to do. He was angry at the situation he was in. He was angry with Liz. He was angry at the world. He was angry with himself. The fact that he had placed that devastated look on Liz’s face only minutes after swearing to her that he would protect her really stabbed at Max’s heart.

But the fact that Liz was a mother of a beautiful baby ripped and pulled at his heart, making it seem like his heart stopped beating at some points. He wondered why she had lied to him.

But than Max knew. Liz hadn’t lied; she had just figured he knew. But it didn’t help the situation. Max was still angry.

Not so much at the fact that she had a baby. He really didn’t care about that; or he did, but it didn’t bother him nearly as much as the fact that along with a baby came a boyfriend or husband. Fleetingly Max wondered where Bonita’s father was. As far as he could tell it were only Nancy, Liz and Bonita who had arrived at the Crashdown that stormy day.

So where was the father? And at that fact, where was Liz’s father?

Rage filled Max at the thought that Bonita’s father might have abandoned she and Liz. Max couldn’t even fathom the idea without wanting to hit someone or something.

But again, it didn’t help the situation.

Again Max couldn’t help but think how dense he was for not seeing all the signs.

However it didn’t help the problem at hand. He didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what he should do. His mind was jumbled up and all he could see clearly in his minds eye was the image of Liz looking at him as he had turned and left her.

She had looked so lost and afraid. Afraid of what, Max knew not. But it was the look of loss in her eyes that really tore at his heart. It was obvious something had happened, something Max didn’t know about.

And he wanted to know. He wanted to know everything.

Suddenly snit bits of their earlier conversation replayed in his mind.

“We’re just so different…”

“… I know you’re afraid…” “No, Max, you don’t know…”

“Right now my life is really complicated… right now… it’s just too soon.”

Too soon? What did she mean by being too soon?

Too soon because she lost someone close to her, or too soon because she had just given birth and was still getting over that hurdle?

Or maybe it was something completely different.

Either way Max knew he had to know. He had to find out what she had meant when she had said he didn’t know how afraid she was. He had to learn why her life was so complicated. And he needed to know why this was too soon.

Because despite the fact that she had dropped a bombshell on him about Bonita being her daughter, Max still couldn’t muster up enough will inside of him to be mad at Liz. He still felt the same way about her as he did the moment he laid eyes on her.

However the real clincher was when Max involuntarily touched his fingers to his lips. Images of his kiss with Liz flashed in his mind and he knew he would do anything to have a repeat performance of that kiss.

Jabbing his foot down on the brakes, Max listened as his tires screeched against the asphalt, leaving tracks behind his car. As soon as his car slowed down enough to safely make a turn, Max twisted the steering wheel around, forcing the jeep to pull a 180 while going close to twenty mph.

Fifty minutes later Max found himself parked in the alleyway of the Crashdown. Liz had told him she had a balcony when they had driven out, and seeing as the fire escape was the only thing leading up to a balcony Max could only assume that it lead to Liz’s room.

He knew that Liz had every right to yell at him and tell him to leave her alone, god knew he deserved it after running away, acting like the coward he was. But he prayed that her heart was as big as he thought it was. He would need for it to be in order to win her back into his arms, which Max planned on doing no matter what it took.

As soon as he got out of his car Max began worrying about whether he should even go up. Nancy was one of his major fears. He had no doubt in his mind that she would decapitate him by any means if she felt he was of any harm to her daughter.

And at this point Max figured she would kill him just for making Liz cry when he had run away.

Another of his fears was that Liz would throw him out, saying that she never wanted to see him again. Or maybe she wouldn’t be in her room, or even worse, maybe this was Nancy’s room.

That would be bad, very, very bad.

Images of Nancy ripping his balls off left Max with his hands protectively covering his groin as he stared up at the ominous ladder thinking that he really shouldn’t be doing this.

However he needed to see Liz, and Max was unwilling to wait.

Placing his hands on the rungs of the ladder, Max hoisted himself up, taking one step at a time and carefully picking his way up towards the balcony. His head bobbed up and down and side to side as he made sure no one was around or watching him. Already he could only imagine what Nancy would do to him.

He was a dead man if she caught him. There was no doubt that she would accuse of him of being a peeping tom, and Max didn’t even want to think what she would do.

When he reached the top, Max peeked over much like a mole peeped out of its mole hole to make sure there were no enemies waiting for it outside; Max’s enemy being Nancy.

However, what Max saw instantly broke his heart.

Liz sat in her chair staring at the floor as she occasionally wiped away her tears. She was wearing her pajamas, again, and Max had to fight to keep himself from going into her bedroom, picking her up and ravaging her.

Her taste still lingered on his lips. Strawberries and Liz: it was alluring and addicting, drawing Max back for more.

Jumping over the edge of her balcony, Max tiptoed around the lawn chair and small foldout table. He kneeled down at the window unable to break the heartbreaking yet beautiful image before him. He could just make out Bonita’s crib to the left of Liz in a room that was connected by an open door.

But however much Max didn’t want to disturb the moment, he also knew he had to if he planned on working on winning Liz back into his life.

Ever so carefully and quietly, Max drew his hand into a fist and knocked on the window. He watched as Liz’s head snapped up. Her eyes met with his and Max nearly fell back from the amount of emotional depth he saw in her beautiful brown eyes.

Liz had been sitting in her room going over her evening in her mind. It had started out great and ended up in the gutter. Luckily Bonita had calmed down after Liz had fed her and spent some quality time with her. It seemed that she had missed her mother and didn’t like the idea of other people taking care of her.

But now she was asleep in her crib in her own room.

Wallowing in her pain, Liz had decided to simply cry her way through the night. She was grateful that she wouldn’t have to see Max anytime soon; otherwise she wasn’t sure she’d be able to face him.

Which was why it surprised her so much to find him knocking on her window looking just as torn up as she felt on the inside.

Pulling herself up, Liz crossed her room to her window and threw the window open.

“Max?” Liz half-sobbed half-stammered. She could barely get her throat to work and was surprised that she had even been able to say his name. “Wh-what are you doing here?”

She figured he was probably here to tell her that she was right and that he never wanted to see her again.

But Liz never received an answer.

Max tried to reply, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t find any words to say to ensure Liz that despite everything he still liked her; loved her. He wanted to make her understand that he didn’t care that she had a child; that was never the problem. All that mattered was that they were together.

So he did the only thing he knew to do.

Squatting down further, Max jumped in through her window, cupped Liz’s face in his hands and kissed her, deeply and passionately, leaving no room in Liz’s mind how he felt.

However, what Max didn’t expect in his plan to woo Liz back into his arms, was for her to respond and to lead him to her bed and lay them both down.

Not that Max was complaining. He didn’t even complain when her shirt left her body a few minutes later, or when his followed soon after.

For at the moment, not even thoughts of Nancy decapitating him made Max pull away.

Tbc... okay, NC-17 coming up, so hide your eyes kiddies.

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Just thought I'd clear something up. Everything will be answered. And while there will be nookie in the next chapter, there will be no conversation of any sorts- that will come later. But don't think that I am simply avoiding it, instead I am playing out a very likely situation. Teenagers do have sex on their first date, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not... so just remember that.
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Major Author's Note: While I know Many of you will think this is too soon, I do agree, but this is my story and everything will be worked out. I already have their talk over and done with in Chapter 12, which is already done. Instead this sets up for some major changes in everyones life- and no, not a baby. So no worries.

Chapter 8

When moonlight crawls along the street
Chasing away the summer heat

There wasn’t a single coherent thought in Max’s mind as he and Liz languidly kissed on Liz’s bed. He loved hearing her moan out his name every time he would explore her neck and find an extremely sensitive sport. He must have left five hickeys at this point, and that did wonders for his ego. To be marking Liz as his own made Max’s ego and heart swell. He liked knowing she was his.

However, what Max was very conscious of was the fact that they were both scantly dressed in only their underwear. He wasn’t quite sure how they had ended up in so little clothing, but he wasn’t going to complain. But in the next moment, not even their underwear separated them. And he still didn’t complain.

Footsteps outside somewhere below
The world revolves I let it go

Pulling away, Max looked over Liz’s body appreciatively. She was so beautiful; it didn’t even look like she had given birth. He bent down until they were nose to nose, then kissed her tenderly on her cheeks and her chin before running the tip of his tongue along the inner edge of her bottom lip. When she gave him no resistance, Max continued his tactic, alternating between nipping her mouth and caressing it with his own. He opened her mouth wide and dipped his tongue deep into her throat. At first she gave a strangled sigh before she returned his kiss with a surprising fervor.

Max let out a groan when she arched her hips at the same time, making him painfully aware of the closeness of her sweet, warm core. He could feel her wetness and it drove him mad with lust. He reveled in the moment, though he was certain that any false moves on his part could and would destroy the feeble trust between them, a by-product of Liz’s reaction to Max running away before.

We build our church above this street
We practice love between these sheets

Liz lay with her eyes closed, again, almost afraid to open them and watch what was happening to her. She was highly conscious of his erection that brushed tantalizingly against her thigh, and in rare moments, against her core. Her movements were independent of her will and her thoughts turned to her first time with Zan. She was half despairing of her current situation and half hoping that Max would elevate her hips and impale himself deep inside of her. She could feel the monstrous organ that pushed so insistently against her pelvis with his every move, and she wanted to feel him penetrate her, making everything between them real.

Her body was so eager to betray her fantasy that her legs found themselves trying to crawl up to wrap themselves tightly around Max’s hips, curling around his back and rubbing her feet sensuously against his buttocks.

The candy sweetness scent of you
It bathes my skin I'm stained by you

At the slight indication she gave by contracting the muscles in her thighs, Max knew Liz was physically prepared for what he knew he wanted to do. This hadn’t been in his plans, but he wasn’t going to deny that he didn’t want this. The corners of his mouth curved up appreciatively and his lowered his mouth to one large, but shy nipple to coax it out of hiding. He smiled as she gasped and arched her neck, causing her arms to tug against his, which he was using to pin her arms above her head.

He released her wrists and immediately she drew her hands around his head and neck, pulling his hot tongue and demanding his lips come closer to her tingling breast. She noted with pleasure that he was very good at what he was doing, considering this was his first time.

And all I have to do is hold you
There's a racing in my heart

Max chuckled then and brought one hand down between them to find her labia; he teased her lips, pulling on them gently and easing a curious finger in between her folds. He didn’t know what he was doing, but in the beginning Liz had told him only to feel. Now he was glad he had taken her advice as Liz squirmed furiously as her knees came up to hug the sides of Max’s chest, her calves and ankles folding in a curve around his waist.

God she was flexible.

I am barely touching you
Turn the lights down low

He grabbed her wrist again and held them fast; he slithered down and shrugged her feet up around his neck, then dove into the nest of hair between her legs, sitting at the junction. His tongue bathed her gently as he explored and licked the curling hair until it was wet and smooth. He lapped at her like a cat, completely heedless of Liz’s high-pitched cries. He sniffed at her then, her scent extremely musky and her lubricating juices flowing thickly; he opened her lips just enough to slide his tongue inside, to find her clitoris and to circle it slowly and deliberately. He took the tiny bud between his lips and began to knead it gently, suckling as softly as he could while slipping one of his fingers inside her vagina from time to time, readying her for him.

Thank god he had hung out with Kyle and Michael, otherwise Max was positive he would have been completely clueless.

Take it off
Let me show

Liz’s hips bucked violently, straining against Max’s strength, and she was nearly incoherent with her pleasure. Her breath came out in sharp, guttural gasps and her voice escaped as deep, heavy moans. However, she went very still when his assault suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes only to look at the enormous erection he sported, resting right at the junction of her le