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Title: Friends and Enemies
Summary: This occurs after my story "Truth be told". I will touch on some parts from that story, but please read it first so you will know whats going on in this one!
It is CC and M/L. Rating is Varied. Mostly PG, with some PG-13 and NC-17 parts but I will warn before those!
disclaimer: Blah blah: I own nothing of Roswell except many videos of the shows episodes!

Part 1

Liz rolled over and looked at the clock. It was eight thirty and her shift at The Crashdown started in thirty minutes. Three hours of sleep was not enough. She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling. One name kept popping into her head. Tess. She thought back to the party the night before and went over the events in her mind. Tess had told Lara that she was Kilaara’s essence, sent to their planet to be with Max. After discussing the evening with everyone until early that morning, they had all come to the deduction that Maria had suspected all along. When Max and Tess were in New York, Tess had gone to Lara, given her an orb, and told her a bunch of lies. Lara thought she had to kill Liz and be with Max because that was what Tess had told her. When Tess had helped her connect with Kivar, using the orb, he only confirmed Tess’ instructions.

Lara had agreed to help them defeat Kivar. They still hadn’t come up with a plan yet to do it though. They had all agreed to meet that night after Liz and Serena got off work. Then hopefully she would be able to spend one more night alone with Max before her parents got home from visiting her sick grandmother the next day.

Liz smiled as her thoughts drifted to Max and how protective he had been of her the previous night. She always knew he would be, but it had been so long since he actually had to come to her aid in a situation. She hugged her arms to her chest and sat up, still thinking of their night of bonding a couple of nights before.

Liz walked into her bathroom and turned the shower on. She closed her eyes and concentrated until she heard Max’s voice in her head.

‘Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?’ Max asked through their connection as he lay in his own bed miles away from her.

Liz smiled. ‘Hi there. I slept okay. Not long enough though. How about you?’ she asked as she stepped into the shower.

‘Ok I guess.’ Max said rolling over in his own bed. ‘Are you in the shower?’

‘Yeah how did you know?’ Liz asked laughing to herself.

‘Just a hunch. You wish I was there with you huh?’ Max asked, joking around.

‘Of course.’ Liz said. ‘Don’t you wish you were here in the shower with me?’

‘ It’s bad enough waking up without you next to me. Please don’t make me picture you in the shower.’ Max said smiling as he climbed out of bed, opened his door, and walked across the hall to the bathroom.

‘Sorry’. Liz said giggling as she sent him an image of herself naked in the shower, with water running down her body.

‘Liz!’ Max said as the image rushed his mind. ‘What are you trying to do to me? Make me explode?’

‘Is that what I do to you Max?’ Liz asked seductively. ‘Do I make you feel like your going to explode?’

‘God yes.’ Max said. ‘Stay right there, I’m coming over.’

‘Now?’ Liz asked. ‘My shift starts in fifteen minutes and I’m already running late. Why don’t you come by for breakfast?’

‘Breakfast?’ Max asked, amused. ‘Is that what we’re calling it now?’

‘No I really meant breakfast.’ Liz laughed as she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a fluffy towel around her. ‘The rest can wait until tonight.’

‘Easy for you to say.’ Max said looking down at his obvious arousal she had caused.

‘Did I do that?’ Liz asked shyly as his image of himself was sent to her.

‘Yep, I hope you’re happy.’ Max said shaking his head and turning the cold shower water on. ‘Now my shower will have to be cold, and I hate that.’ He said stepping in.

Liz got chills all over her body as he stepped into his cold shower. She sat down on the edge of her bed and pulled her towel more tightly around her body. ‘That water is freezing Max!’

‘I know.’ Max said. ‘But necessary.’

Liz laughed. ‘I need to go get dressed now, see you in a bit?’ she asked hopefully.

‘Yeah, I’ll come in for a while. Maybe I’ll call Kyle and the guys to see if they want to come with.’ Max said.

‘Maria’s working this morning and so is Serena, so they should be free.’ Liz said.

‘Ok, see you later. I love you.’ Max said sweetly as he stepped out of the shower.

‘Ok. I love you too.’ Liz said before breaking their connection and getting dressed.


“Liz, your order’s up!” Maria called from behind the counter, snapping Liz out of her day dream.

“Thanks.” Liz mumbled as she walked over to the kitchen and loaded up her tray with food.

“What on Earth are you thinking about?” Maria asked. “Or should I say what “not on Earth” are you thinking about?”

“Sorry.” Liz said. “I was just thinking about the whole Tess and Lara thing again. It’s just so weird.”

“I know.” Maria said nodding. “You know Liz, Lara is pretty freaky. I still don’t trust her. Especially since we saw all of those photo albums with all of us in them, and the stuff she had spray painted all over her walls.”

“I know what you mean.” Liz said nodding, as she remembered all of their names cryptically painted in fluorescent paint all over Lara’s room. “The photos were really weird.”

“Yeah.” Maria said. “Why would she have albums full of pictures of all of us if she was only after Max? Something she’s telling us doesn’t add up.”

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Serena asked as she walked behind the counter and over to where the two girls were standing.

“Nothing.” Maria said. “We were just wondering what Lara didn’t tell us last night.”

Serena nodded. “I know what you mean. I don’t trust her. Something’s not right.”

“We’ll need to tell the others about our suspicions.” Liz said.

“Kyle already thinks she’s full of shit.” Serena said. “I mean he believes her about the whole Tess/orb thing, but not about her helping us. He thinks it’s a mistake to think she’s going to help us.”

“I think Michael might agree with him.” Maria said. “What does Max think?” she asked turning to face Liz.

“I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about it.” Liz said, blushing at the memory of their conversation that morning.

“Really?” Serena asked. “I figured with your connection, you would have talked about it all night long after we all got home.”

“Nope, we went to sleep and then this morning we talked about something else.” Liz said shyly.

“I don’t even want to know Liz Parker!” Maria said picking up her tray and walking away.

“Speak of the alien, there’s the guys.” Serena said as she waved to Kyle, Michael and Max as they walked in. “I wonder where Ava and Sean are.”

“Yeah, and I think we know where Alex and Isabel are!” Liz smiled as she waved also and Max blew her a kiss.

“Why did they…?” Serena trailed off. “I mean they haven’t slept together yet have they?”

“No, I don’t think so.” Liz shook her head. “I just meant that they’re probably together since they left the party together last night.”

“Oh right.” Serena said smiling.

“Well we better go see what our boys want for breakfast.” Serena said as she pulled out her order pad and walked over towards their table.

Liz followed quickly behind her. “Excuse me, but I think they’re sitting in my section.”

“Like I care!” Serena said as her and Liz both broke out into a run to see who could get to the guy’s table first.

Part 2

“Hi guys.” Serena said as her and Liz reached their table at the same time. “What can I get you this morning?”

“I’ll have a cup of coffee.” Kyle said. “I’m wiped. I could use the caffeine.”

“How come your up early?” Serena asked. “You could have slept in.”

“I felt weird staying in your room without you.” Kyle winked and Serena blushed.

“You spent the night here last night Kyle?” Liz asked.

“Well it was more like the few hours this morning after we split up.” Kyle said. “We didn’t get back until after three a.m. you know.”

“I know.” Liz said. “I’m not mad or anything, just surprised I guess.”

“Didn’t Max stay here last night?” Serena asked.

“Nope, he went home. He was afraid his parents would worry if they woke up and he wasn’t home.” Liz said shaking her head and looking at Max.

“Yeah, not that Isabel had the same concerns. Has anyone seen her this morning?” Max asked.

“Nope, last time I saw her she was leaving Lara’s with Alex.” Maria said sitting down in the booth next to Michael.

“Speaking of Lara, what does everyone think of what we talked about last night?” Max asked looking around the table.

“Well I for one don’t trust her Max.” Serena said and Kyle nodded.

“Me either.” Kyle agreed.

“Same here.” Michael said. “Maria and I talked about it last night after we got back to my place, and we don’t think she’s on the up and up. I wouldn’t put it past her to turn us right over to Kivar.”

“Max, I have to agree with them.” Liz said as she stood next to him. She ran her fingers through his soft hair as her looked up at her. “I just don’t think she really wants to help us.”

“Well,” Max said. “I see your point, all of you. I still think she’s the best link we have to Kivar right now, and if we want to get rid of him for good, then she’s the best way. We just need to be very careful with what we tell her. I don’t want anyone alone with her either. Agreed?” he asked and everyone nodded.

“Ok, then we’ll still meet later. Let’s try to make it a fun evening though. I’ve had about as much stress as I can take. Why don’t we all go dancing or something?” Max suggested as the girl’s faces lit up.

“Really?” Maria asked and looked at Michael’s sour expression. “Come on Michael. You dance good!” she laughed.

“Whatever.” Michael said. “Thanks a lot man.” He looked at Max.

Max shrugged. “Sorry, I just wanted to do something different, and I know how much the girls love to dance. What do you think Kyle?”

“Hey I’m all for it. Anytime I get to see our ladies all dressed up and stuff I’m happy.” Kyle said winking at Serena.

Michael thought about this for a moment and smiled. “Okay, I’m in.” he said picturing Maria all dressed up and rubbing up against him on the dance floor.

“Yay!” Maria squealed and clasped her hands together. She leaned over and planted a kiss on Michael’s cheek, leaving red glossy lips on it.

“I’ll let Alex and Isabel know too.” Liz said smiling. “Maria, you tell Sean and Ava okay?”

Maria nodded. “Ok. I’m gonna tell my mom we’re going to the movies and then I’m spending the night here okay Liz?”

“Sure.” Liz said nodding. “My mom and dad won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon.”

“Ok then it’s all set. We’ll meet here at eight. The closest dance place in on the other side of town, I think it’s called “The Vortex.” Michael, can you handle the ID’s again?”

“Sure, I’ll just need to see everyone’s licenses before we leave.” Michael said nodding.

“So this is a twenty-one and over place then?” Serena asked smiling.

“Yeah, there isn’t an eighteen and over place, not that it would help us since Liz, Maria and Alex are all still seventeen.” Max said.

“Not for long.” Liz said. “Only two weeks until my birthday!”

“I know. I already have something special planned.” Max smiled as he slid his hand up the back of her uniform.”

Liz jumped at the fell of his hand on her flesh. She felt him rest his hand on her bare bottom and she smiled. “I’m sure you do.” She said, forgetting everyone else was sitting there.

“Anyway,” Michael said ignoring Max and Liz. “I’m sure this goes without saying, but no one tell Lara about our plans tonight. If we see her, just say we’re all doing our own thing. If we want to discuss this whole thing, she can’t be there, and to be honest, I don’t want to see her.” Michael said.

“Agreed.” Max said as he removed his hand from Liz’s skirt. “Now on to more important business. I’ll have the French toast. With extra strawberries” he said as he smiled a sexy smile at Liz.


“Dancing?” Isabel asked. “Cool! Whose idea was that?”

“Max’s I guess.” Alex said as he sat down next to her at his dining room table. “Liz said he wanted to do something fun. They still want to discuss the whole Lara thing, but I guess we’re all in need of a little teenage normalcy.”

“So where are we going?” Isabel asked.

“The Vortex, outside of town.” Alex said. “I guess Michael is going to fudge our ID’s again.”

“Great!” Isabel said. “It should be fun. I finally will be able to dance with you again!”

“Yep.” Alex said nodding. “And I get to feel you pressed up against me.” He said with a big smile.

“You pervert.” Isabel laughed. “All you guys are the same. I bet that’s the only reason Michael agreed to go!”

“I’m sure it is. Dancing isn’t exactly a guy’s favorite thing you know.” Alex said. “It makes it worth it to see you guys dance though.”

“Ok, ok.” Isabel said. “I guess I understand. “Now what should I make you for breakfast handsome?” she asked standing up.

“How about pancakes, sausage and eggs?” Alex said, his mouth watering.

“I was thinking more like Froot Loops or Rice Krispies.” Isabel said laughing. “I’m not much of a cook.”

“That’s okay.” Alex said pulling her down into his lap and kissing her neck. “You can make it up to me in other ways.”


“I don’t know Sean.” Ava said hesitantly as she walked over to the kitchen counter. “I don’t really feel comfortable in large crowded places.”

“Come on Ava.” Sean said . “It will be fun. When was the last time you went dancing?”

“About three years ago when I was in New York. It was awful.” Ava said remembering the evening. “Some strange guy grabbed my boobs.”

Sean laughed and Ava gave him a nasty look. “Sorry. I was just wondering if he had any idea who he was messing with.”
“Obviously he didn’t. I think he figured it out though when I looked at him and he suddenly got a very bad bloody nose.” Ava said smiling and picking the toast out of the toaster carefully.

Sean laughed as he stood next to her. “Well I’ll be with you the whole night and I promise nothing like that will happen to you. Unless of course it’s me who does the grabbing.” He said looking at her out of the corner of his eye.

Ava punched him in the arm. “Don’t even think about it Deluca.”

“Ok.” Sean said. “Anyway, I think we should go. It will be fun. I promise.”

“Fine.” Ava said. “I guess I don’t have a choice. I need to know what the plan is with Lara and if that’s going to be talked about then I guess I should be there.” She said. “What am I supposed to wear to this place anyway?”

“Well something slutty I guess.” Sean said. “I mean most of the girls dress up and they usually wear something provocative.”

“Well I’m not going there to pick up guys, so I’ll just wear whatever I want right?” Ava asked looking at Sean.

“Right.” Sean said disappointed. “Just wear whatever you want then. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.”

“Great.” Ava said. “I’m going to get in the shower before your Aunt gets up. Are you sure she’s okay with me staying here?” Ava asked.

“Yeah, Maria and I explained everything to her. We just told her you were Tess’s twin sister and you had no place to go. She was cool with it.” Sean said nodding and looking at his watch. “I have to go check in with my juvy officer. I’ll see you later?”

“Yep.” Ava said. “I’m going to do some research on Liz’s possible powers, and try to work on them with her a little bit later. I’ll just get ready at her place. I’ll see you at The Crashdown at eight.”

“Okay bye.” Sean said as he walked out the door. He took a breath of fresh air and smiled. He thought about Ava for a moment before setting off towards his car. He wondered what the evening had in store for both of them and he if he would finally have the chance to do what he had been waiting for.

Part 3

“Are you ready Liz?” Serena asked as she poked her head around the door to Liz’s room.

“Uh-huh.” Liz said, putting her red lipstick on carefully. When she was done she replaced the cap, shoved it in her pocket and turned to face Serena. “Max just told me through our connection that him and Michael are on their way over. Is Kyle bringing his own car?”

“Yep.” Serena nodded. “His Dad is out with Amy tonight, so he thought maybe he could spend the night here with me, if it’s okay with you of course.”

“It’s fine.” Liz nodded. “I hope Max will be sleeping here too. Maria is bring the Jetta so she can take Michael home later.”

Serena nodded. “Well do you want to head down and wait for them?”

“Sure.” Liz said as she reached down to smooth her tight black jeans. She sat down on her bed and put on her black boots, zipping up the sides of them quickly. “Does this look okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, you look great. Max will flip.” Serena said smiling. She looked at Liz stand up and throw her long brown hair over her shoulder. She had silver hoop earrings on and a red halter-top that bared her stomach and waist and that matched her lipstick perfectly.

“Good.” Liz smiled. “Sexy was the look I was going for. I want to him to not be able to keep his hands off me tonight.”

“Well I’m sure it will have that effect.” Serena smiled. “Wait you need something.” She said running from the room and returning a moment later. She walked over to Liz and clamped on a silver hoop to her belly button. “There. Perfect.”

Liz laughed. “Max is gonna die when he sees this! You can’t even tell it’s a fake one! Too cool!” she said happily admiring her new accessory.

“Glad you like it.” Serena smiled. “Now how do I look?”

“Great.” Liz nodded as she followed Serena out of her room and down the stairs to the restaurant. “I love your dress. Very sexy.” Liz smiled as she looked at Serena’s simple, but sexy, little black mini dress and black leather boots that hit her just below the knee. “I love the black choker to.”

“Thanks.” Serena said as she touched the tiny black beads at her neck. “It’s my lucky necklace.”

“What exactly are you hoping to get lucky at?” Liz asked laughing.

“I think you know!” Serena laughed as she walked through the doors that lead into the main part of The Crashdown. She sat at a booth near the window and Liz sat down across from her.

“So tonight’s the night huh?” Liz asked.

“I think so.” Serena said quietly. “At least I hope it is. I’m not sure how Kyle feels about it though.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it.” Liz said. “He’s crazy about you Serena.” She smiled.
They heard the door jingle and looked up to see Maria heading over to their table.

“Hey ladies.” Maria said smiling. “The dancing queen is here!”

“You look great!” Liz said as Serena nodded.

“Thanks!” Maria said laughing. “I thought I’d get tarted up a bit. You know, for Michael?”

“Well you look really hot!” Serena said as she looked at Maria.

“Is it too much? I mean seriously, do I look like a total slut?” Maria asked as she looked down at her small black tube top and bare midriff.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s slutty.” Liz nodded. “But I think it’s just perfect for The Vortex.”

“Great.” Maria smiled. “I wasn’t sure about the low cut jeans. They’re pretty low!”

Serena looked at Maria’s black hipster jeans and nodded. “Yeah they are low, but you’ve got the body for them. Just be careful not to give anyone a free show if you know what I mean!” She laughed as she pointed to Maria’s backside.

“I know!” Maria laughed. “Never fear though, I did wear underwear!”

“Now that’s a shame.” Michael said walking up behind her, surprising all of them.

“Oh my god Michael!” Maria gasped in shock. “ Hi!” She said in a high-pitched tone. Her voice did that whenever she was embarrassed or nervous.

“Hey baby, you’re looking mighty fine tonight.” Michael said looking at Maria up and down a few times before pulling her up against him and placing a rough kiss on her lips.

“You’re looking pretty nice yourself.” Maria said as she looked at his black pants and black button down long sleeved shirt. He had a white t-shirt on underneath it and he had left a few of the buttons open to expose it.

“Thanks.” Michael said smiling as he wrapped his arm around her bare waist and inhaled sharply at the touch of her skin. He tried to distract himself by looking over at Liz and Serena. “Max will be right in, he’s just parking the car. You two look great too.” He smiled.

“Thanks.” Liz and Serena said at the same time.

Liz stood up and walked over to the soda machine. “Anyone want anything to drink while we’re waiting for everyone?” she asked as she turned around to fill her glass.

“I’ll have a cherry coke.” Michael said.

“Me too.” She heard Max say as he entered the restaurant.

Liz put her glass down on the counter at the sound of his voice and turned around slowly. Her breath caught in her throat as it always did when she saw him. She hadn’t seen him since that morning, so this time it was especially hard to contain herself. Her body seemed to take on a mind of it’s own as a warm feeling ran through her veins at the sight of him. She slowly walked over to him and reached up to grab the lapels of his leather jacket. With a firm grip on them she pulled him to her roughly and pressed her lips against his, her head swimming in the sensation of his soft lips on her hot ones.

Max was dizzy. The feeling of Liz pressed up against him was almost more than he could handle. Not seeing her all day had made it difficult to concentrate on anything, and now being here with her was an assault on all of his senses. He parted her lips with his tongue as he deepened the kiss, positive that he wouldn’t be able to make it through the night without ripping her clothes off.

“A-hem.” Maria cleared her throat behind them as Liz took a step back from Max and laughed.

“Sorry.” Liz said. “I couldn’t help it. Here.” She said as she picked up a napkin and wiped the red lipstick from his mouth.

“Don’t be sorry.” Max whispered. “I missed you too.”

Liz looked at him and smiled. “Today dragged so bad. You look…great.” She said as she looked at his dark blue jeans and un-tucked, white cotton button down shirt. He also had a white t-shirt exposed under a few undone buttons. “Mmm, you smell good too.” She whispered as she leaned into him.

“You look…so unbelievably sexy Liz. When did you get your belly button pierced?” Max said quietly into her ear as he ran his hand around to the back of her neck and pulled her head closer to him, biting her ear gently.

“Oh this?” Liz asked pointing to her stomach “Do you like it?”

“Um, yeah, you could say that.” Max said smiling into her hair as he laced his fingers through it.

“It’s not real. Serena gave it to me to wear tonight. If you really like it, I could get it done for real.” Liz said raising her eyebrows and waiting for his response.

“I do like it, especially now that I know you didn’t really damage this beautiful precious body of yours to get it. The fake one is just fine.” Max whispered as he kissed her neck.
He ran his hand down her bare back until it rested on her exposed waist. “Red is definitely your color.” He whispered, looking at her halter-top.

“Thanks.” She smiled shyly. “Maybe if you’re lucky, later I’ll let you take this thing off of me.”

“Mmm, I don’t know if I can wait until later.” Max whispered.

Kyle walked in a moment later, distracting Liz and Max yet again.

“Hi everyone, sorry I’m late, I wanted to wait until my Dad left for his date.” Kyle said as he sat down next to Serena. “You look great.” He said as he eyed her dress.

“Thanks you do too.” Serena said, leaning in to give him a quick kiss. “You know I love that shirt on you.”

“This old thing?” Kyle asked, looking down at his black knit shirt. He knew she liked it. It was why he decided to wear it even though he knew he’d be roasting in the long sleeves all night. She had told him the night they went to dinner, that it made his muscles look big, and it was a very sexy shirt.

Serena laughed and snuggled closer to him. “We’re still waiting for Alex and Isabel. Sean called and said him and Ava would meet us there.” She said.

“Oh, ok. I guess I wasn’t as late as I thought then.” Kyle smiled.

The door jingled and Alex and Isabel walked in. Isabel was wearing a purple strapless top that looked like a scarf, with black stretch pants and black boots. Her hair was long and loose, covering her exposed back. Alex was wearing dark blue jeans and a white crew neck pull over shirt with long sleeves. They both looked terrific as well.

“Hi everyone, sorry we’re late, but Isabel was dressing me and she kept making me change.” Alex said as he sat down across from Serena and Kyle.

“Well, it’s not like we ever go dancing Alex, I just wanted you to be comfortable, and look nice too.” Isabel said, sitting down next to him with a fake pout.

“Well you both look great. Did everyone bring their id’s?” Michael asked looking around the restaurant at everyone.

“This time just change our birthday’s okay buddy?” Kyle said.

“Yeah, I don’t want to be known as Shirley temple this time.” Liz said laughing.

Michael nodded. “You guys are no fun.” He said.

Everyone placed his or her id on top of the booth’s tabletop. Michael waved his hand over everyone’s and a moment later signaled for his friend’s to pick them up.

“Great.” Max said sliding his ID back into his wallet. “Everyone ready to go?”

“Yep!” Maria said enthusiastically. “Let’s go dancing!”


Part 4

“Is this place crowded enough?” Maria asked looking at the long line of people waiting in line to enter The Vortex.

“Well what do you expect? This is the most popular dance club for miles.” Isabel asked as she looked over at Alex. “What do you think? Should we bail?” she asked.

“Nah.” Alex shook his head. “Let’s hang out for awhile. Sometimes you can have just as much fun waiting in line as you can have inside.” He smiled and pulled Isabel into a tight hug.

“Hey Michael isn’t that Jared from the kitchen over there?” Liz pointed past all of her friends. “I wonder what he’s doing here.”

“Oh yeah. I think he mentioned he was working here as a bartender on his days off from The Crashdown.” Michael nodded as he looked over at the guy Liz was pointing at.

“Well maybe he can get us in quicker.” Max said as he snaked his arm around Liz’s waist, pulling her closer to him.

“Wait here, I’ll go see what I can do.” Michael said as he let go of Maria’s hand and walked towards Jared.

A few minutes later Michael returned with a triumphant smile. “We’re in.” he said proudly. “Jared said to meet him around back in five minutes and he’ll let us in through the employees entrance.”

“Great!” Isabel smiled.
“See Isabel, aren’t you glad we didn’t leave?” Alex said as he nuzzled into her hair.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to get in there. I’ve been dying to see what’s it’s like inside.” Isabel said happily.

“Come on, we better make our way around back.” Max said as he gently tugged on Liz’s hand. He brought her up next to him and then whispered into her ear. “I can’t wait to get you out onto the dance floor.”

“I can’t wait to press up against you.” Liz whispered back, instantly making Max aroused beyond belief.

“Ugh, you better stop that or I’m going to be stuck sitting in my chair at the table all night.” Max smiled as they walked.

“Well we definitely don’t want that now do we?” Liz asked as she teased him with her hot breath in his ear.

“There he is.” Michael said, pointing to where Jared was waiting for them outside of the back door.

They all walked over to the back entrance to the club, and Jared waved them in one at a time in intervals of thirty seconds. He told them that once they entered they would be in the kitchen, and they needed to make their way through it before they would end up in the main part of the club. They all went in a short time later they were standing on a platform right outside the kitchen and next to the crowded dance floor.

“Have fun guys.” Jared said as Michael shook his hand and he headed for the bar.

“This place is wild!” Kyle said as he looked around and the flashing strobe lights and neon glows around the club.

“What?” Serena yelled. “The music is so loud I can’t hear a thing!”

“Let’s go over there.” Max yelled out as he pointed to an open table next to the bar.

They all nodded and followed Max and Liz as they made their way through the many couples that were lining the walkways.

“Is this any better?” Max asked as he pulled the chair out so Liz could sit down.

“Much!” Serena said. “I can at least hear over here.” She said as Kyle pulled up another table to make one large one for them all to sit at together.

“Does anyone want a drink?” Michael asked as he smiled at Maria.

“I guess I’ll have a Coke.” Maria said smiling.

“Yeah, a rum and Coke.” Michael said quietly.

“What?” Maria asked.

“Nothing.” Michael said. “Anyone else?”

“I’ll have a Vodka Tonic.” Serena said. “If you don’t mind getting it for me.”

“No, that’s why I asked.” Michael smiled at her. “Kyle, what’ll it be man?” he asked looking at Kyle.

“Umm, I’ll have a beer, whatever’s on tap, as long as it’s not light.” Kyle answered as Michael nodded.

“What would you like Liz?” Max asked as he stood up to go to the bar with Michael.

“Whatever. Surprise me.” Liz answered as she looked at Max with lust filled eyes. She didn’t care if she got drunk, it would only loosen her up a bit.

Max nodded. “Ok I will.” He smiled. “Alex, Isabel? What can I get you two?”

“I’ll have a beer too, whatever Michael’s getting for Kyle is fine.” Alex answered.

“Just a Coke for me Max.” Isabel answered. “I think we all know I shouldn’t drink and neither should you or Michael. Come to think of it, should Liz drink?”

“I don’t see why not, Lara does all the time.” Kyle answered and Isabel nodded.

“That’s true.” Isabel said.

“Don’t worry, I have had a drink before you know. I’m not that innocent.” Liz said as she looked around the table at her friends.

“It’s true.” Maria nodded. “Once when we were in junior high, my mom went out of town and Liz, Alex and I all got smashed on screwdrivers.”

“I remember that!” Alex said, as if the memory just popped into his head. “That was so funny! Remember when Liz…..”

“That’s enough Alex.” Liz said as she glared at him.

“Right, sorry.” Alex said as he looked down at the table. Quickly changing the subject he asked. “So what time are Sean and Ava supposed to be here?”

Max jumped in to save Alex from having his foot in his mouth. He made a mental note to ask Liz what he was talking about later. “They said they would be here around ten. Sean had to go check in with his juvy officer at eight.”

“Jared left their names at the door so they could get right in. Come on Max, let’s head to the bar and get those drinks.” Michael said as he walked away.

“Right behind you man.” Max said following him.

“Where have you been, I’ve been waiting for an hour!” Ava said as she glared at Sean.

“Sorry, my Juvy officer was giving me a hard time about not finding a job yet.” Sean said as he threw his jacket on to the couch. “Just let me change really quick and we’ll get out of here. I’m sure there will be a nice line by now.”

“Michael paged me and said they left our names at the door.” Ava answered as she touched the pager that was hooked to her belt and bent down to put on her black combat style boots..

“Great.” Sean said. “Where’s my Aunt?”

“Her and Valenti had a date. They’re gone already.” Ava said. “Are you okay Sean? You seem a bit down.”

“I’m fine. You look great by the way.” Sean called out behind him as he walked
down the hallway and into his room. He sat down on his bed and looked around. “You gotta get yourself together Deluca.” He said to himself. “You gotta get a job so you can have a decent life man.”

Sean stood up and walked over to his closet, thinking about the meeting he just had with his Juvy officer Jack. He knew Jack was right. He needed to get a job, make some cash, maybe sign up for school. Jack told him he should try to get his GED so he could enroll in community college. The only problem was that he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, as far as a career went. He knew he wanted to stay clean, no more hanging out in graveyards with Weezer, and that whole scene. He also knew that hanging out with Maria, Ava and their group of friends was step in the right direction. He was glad he had come to stay in Roswell, and there was something about Ava that really intrigued him.

Sean pulled on a pair of blue jeans and a collared, short sleeve black shirt. He quickly put on his black leather hiking boots and pulled his leather jacket out of his closet. He needed to have a fun evening, one that would get his mind off of all the decisions he knew he needed to make. He needed to have an evening of being a teenager.

Sean walked back down the hallway and was surprised to see that Ava was no longer waiting fro him in the living room.

“Ava?” Sean called out, as he looked around.

“In here.” Ava yelled from the kitchen.

Sean walked into the kitchen to find Ava stuffing a slice of pizza in her mouth.

“Sorry, I was starving.” Ava smiled as she spoke with her mouth full.

“I am too. Can I have a bite?” Sean asked and then leaned over and took a bite of her pizza before she could answer him. “Ahhh!” Sean yelled out as he spit the pizza into the sink.

“Sorry.” Ava said laughing as she swallowed her mouthful. “You took a bite before I could tell you about the Tabasco!”

Sean wiped his mouth on the kitchen towel that was sitting next to the sink. He quickly walked over to the refrigerator and took out the carton of milk, opening it and taking huge gulps out of it without using a glass.

“Nice!” Ava said as she took another bite of pizza. “Ever heard of a glass?” she laughed.

“Shut up!” Sean managed to get out, after the burning in his mouth subsided. “I wouldn’t have had to do that if you would have told me you doused that slice in that crappy hot sauce you freaks like so much.”

Ava tried not to laugh since he looked so serious. “Well, I guess that’s what you have to deal with if you’re dating one of us “freaks” as you call us.” She said, looking over at him.

Sean didn’t say anything; he just stared at Ava with his mouth open. He walked over to her slowly, as she put down her slice of pizza. “So then, is it official, are we dating?”

Ava looked back at Sean and was surprised by how her body reacted to him being so close to her. She looked down at her forgotten slice of pizza and then back up and into Sean’s eyes. “Well, what do you call tonight? Isn’t it a date?”

“It thought it was, but I didn’t know that you thought it was.” Sean said as he continued to move closer to her.

Ava took a step towards him and he took a step closer to her again. Their faces were only inches a part, and she could smell the leather from his jacket. She leaned in slightly, sure he was going to kiss her, and she closed her eyes and tilted her head in anticipation of it.

Sean knew Ava was waiting for him to kiss her, but he couldn’t do it. Not here in the kitchen, not with all of the things going on in his head and his life right now. He didn’t know what to do, so he coughed and turned around. Ava snapped her head up in shock. He acted like he didn’t see what she had done and he muttered, “Well we better get going. The others are probably starting to worry about us.”

“Yeah right.” Ava said, relieved that he didn’t seems to notice what she had just done. She walked over to the kitchen chair and threw her black long cardigan on over her black pants and black tank top. “Let’s go.” She said as she tried to keep the tears from spilling out of her eyes. She silently cursed herself as she walked through the front door. How could she be so stupid? She knew better than to let anyone in. She wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

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Title: Friends and Enemies
Summary: This occurs after my story "Truth be told". I will touch on some parts from that story, but please read it first so you will know whats going on in this one!
It is CC and M/L. Rating is Varied. Mostly PG, with some PG-13 and NC-17 parts but I will warn before those!
disclaimer: Blah blah: I own nothing of Roswell except many videos of the shows episodes!

Truth Be Told can be found here:

Part 5

The music was blaring and the lights on the dance floor were changing color with the beat. Liz looked over at Maria sipping on her drink. She leaned over to her friend and got close enough to speak into her ear.

“Hey Maria, what do you say we try to get these guys out on the dance floor for awhile?” Liz said into her ear loudly.

Maria nodded with a smile and downed her drink, making a face. She stood up and said something into Michael’s ear, but he shook his head adamantly. Liz could see him telling Maria that he would dance later. She laughed and stood up, walking over to the other side of the table where Max and Alex were trying to carry on a conversation.

“Hey there sexy, want to dance?” Liz said into Max’s ear, her hot breath on his neck as she took his hand.

Max turned around and looked at her, smiling as he caught sight of her sexy outfit again. “Is anyone else going out there or will it be just us?” he asked her leaning in closer.

Liz caught the scent of his cologne and inhaled deeply. “Umm, I think Maria just asked Michael, but he wants to wait a little bit. Maria and I are definitely going out there, are you in or out?” She asked as she looked at his full lips.

Max licked his lips self consciously as he saw her look at them. “Sure, I’ll meet you guys out there in a minute, let me just finish my conversation with Alex.” He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her but he didn’t want to be rude to their friend.

“Okay.” Liz said smiling sexily. “Try to drag Michael out there with you.”

“Okay I will.” Max said as she started to walk away. He held on to her hand until the last possible second before letting it go and watching her and Maria head out to the dance floor. Isabel and Serena were closely behind her, obviously having received the same answer from their dates.

“So I see I’m not the only one who isn’t ready to get down and boogie.” Kyle laughed as he looked at the rest of the guys.

Alex nodded. “I need a few more drinks in me before I head out and make a fool of myself.”

“Same here.” Sean said as he and a very angry looking Ava stood behind them.

“Hey you two. Glad you could make it!” Michael said , taking a sip of his drink.

Sean smiled at him. “Sorry we’re late. Thanks for leaving our names at the door. It’s crazy out there! The line must be an hour long at least!”

“No problem.” Michael nodded at them. “Hey Ava, what’s up? You look nice.”

“Thanks.” Ava said as she looked around. “Where are the girls?”

Max pointed towards the dance floor. “They’re dancing. They just headed out a second ago, I’m sure you won’t have any problem finding them if you want to go out there.” Max smiled. He could tell Ava was pissed about something and he wondered what it was.

“Thanks.” Ava said as she managed a smile. “See you guys later.” She turned and looked at Sean and muttered under her breath, “Much later.” Before walking away and towards the dance floor.

Once she was out of earshot Kyle looked over at Sean and rolled his eyes. “What’s her problem?” he asked.

“Long story.” Sean said as he watched her walk off. The way she moved her hips when she walked was the sexiest thing Sean had ever seen. He exhaled loudly and sat back in his chair. “Anyone feel like pouring me a glass of that beer.” He pointed to the pitcher.

“Only if you feel like telling us what’s going on man.” Alex laughed as he picked up a glass and started pouring Sean his drink. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ava so pissed off. What did you do to her?”

“I didn’t do anything to her. I think that’s why she’s mad.” Sean said taking the glass Alex handed him. “We were at my house in the kitchen and we started talking. I think she wanted me to kiss her but I couldn’t do it.” Sean took a giant gulp of beer and ran his hand through his hair.

“Why the hell not?” Michael asked. “I mean why couldn’t you kiss her man? Do you have any idea what it takes to get Ava to open up to someone?”

“Yeah I know.” Sean said shaking her head. “I really feel like we’ve become closer, and I wanted to kiss her, don’t get me wrong, but she means something to me you know? I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Why would you hurt her?” Max asked as he leaned in so he could hear better.

“I had a meeting with my juvy officer today and he just made me feel like I need to get my shit together.” Sean explained. “He was right, I need to. I’m just afraid of falling back into old habits and taking Ava down with me I guess. She deserves better, that’s all.”

“Sean, let me explain something to you,” Max said. “Ava has only loved one guy in her life, and that was this guy Zan in New York.”

Sean nodded. “I know, she told me.”

“Well, if she was actually going to kiss you, it’s a big deal. Ava just doesn’t give herself away like that. She’s very protective of her feelings, and she doesn’t open up easily. If she did that with you it means she cares about you a lot.” Max said. “Let her be the one to decided if she’s at risk of being dragged down with you.”

“Yeah man, you’ve been doing great.” Michael said. “Believe me, you were such a total loser, I wouldn’t be here with you right now if you hadn’t of already gotten your shit together. Don’t let that officer guy tell you you’re a piece of crap because we’re all here to tell you it’s not true. Not anymore, anyway” He laughed.

“Thanks guys.” Sean nodded. “I guess I just need to figure out what it is I want to do about Ava.”

“Just don’t take to long man.” Alex said finishing off his beer. “If I know any of these girls, I know that they won’t just wait around forever for us to make up our minds. Don’t make the same mistakes that we’ve made. If you want her, let her know and do it as soon as possible. Don’t fuck around.”

Sean nodded thoughtfully. “You’re right. I won’t let it drag on. I guess I’ll just have to figure stuff out quick.”

Max nodded and glanced towards the dance floor. “Look at them out there you guys. Are they hot or what?”

They all turned and looked over at the dance floor. Maria and Liz were dancing together and laughing while Serena, Ava and Isabel were dancing as a group. The song that was playing had a sexy beat, and all of the girls were moving their hips to the rhythm, their midriffs becoming more and more exposed each time they raised their arms above their heads and turned around.

Max eyed Liz’s belly button ring again and smiled. He didn’t care if it was fake, it was sexy as hell. He watched her long hair sway behind her as she moved and he saw her tanned shoulders exposed as it swung off of them. She had added extra eye make up that night and it was charcoal and black. It made her look extremely sexy and older, but Max liked the change. He inhaled sharply as he imagined her bare breasts underneath her small halter. He saw her lick her lips and moisten them and felt the familiar arousal start in the lower half of his body He quickly looked the other way, urging himself to get a grip.

Michael watched Maria through hooded eyes as her and Liz danced. She was giggling and looked absolutely adorable. Her red glossy lips were full as she mouthed the words to the song, and her creamy white skin looked flawless under the lights. He looked at her low slug hipster pants and wondered if she was really wearing panties under them. He imagined she wasn’t, even though he had heard her say she was earlier that evening at The Crashdown. He couldn’t for the life of him figure out where she was hiding them if she really was wearing any.

Alex smiled as Isabel tossed her long hair over one shoulder and swayed to the beat of the song that was playing. Her purple top was a sheer material, showing the outline of her strapless, purple lace bra that she had on underneath. Alex settled back in his chair as the voices around him faded away and he stared at his angel out on the dance floor. He laughed to himself as he remembered how distinctly non-angelic she had been the night before when they spent the night together. Isabel turned around and Alex watched her sway her hips. He knew he wouldn’t be able to take much more of this torture. He poured himself another beer and downed it quickly.

Kyle looked at the faces of his friends and rolled his eyes. “You guys are so whipped.” He said loudly before his eyes wandered to the dance floor as well. They rested on Serena in her little black dress and high boots. She was the picture of sexy in every way. He never imagined he could have such strong feelings for a girl. His mouth dropped open unconsciously as he continued to stare at her trim little figure moving to the music. Her hips swayed back and forth in a very sexual way, almost as if she was calling him to her. She glanced in his direction to make sure he was looking at her and her facial expression when she saw him was one of pure pleasure. She quickly blew him a kiss as he looked at her and smiled before she turned back to the other girls.

Sean laughed at Kyle’s remark and then his expression as he looked at Serena. He was certainly right. They were all whipped. Even he was. He looked out at Ava smiling as she danced with the other girls. He wanted to be the one to make her smile like that. He knew in his heart that even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to let her go. They had become good friends and now he knew that they both wanted more. He knew what he had to do, and he knew he had to do it soon. He looked around the table and noticed the expressions of the other guys he was sitting with. As he looked from Max to Michael and then from Alex to Kyle, their changing looks caused him to glance back out at the dance floor again. He saw what had made their faces change so suddenly. A group of guys had approached the girls and were starting to dance along side them. He downed his beer and cleared his throat as he stood up. “Well, it looks like we better get out there!”

“Do you think it’s working?” Liz asked as she pushed her hair behind one of her ears and leaned into to Maria.

“Are you kidding?” Maria asked her. “Look at their faces! They want to jump us!” she laughed. “Besides, if we can’t get them out here of their own accord, I guarantee the guys that just walked up and started dancing right behind you will.”

Liz turned around to see what Maria was talking about and found herself face to face with an extremely handsome guy that appeared to be college age. He was looking right into her eyes and he smiled at her.

“Hi.” He said. “I’m Mark.” He yelled out over the loud music. “What’s you name?”

“Liz.” She answered as she looked over her shoulder at the table where the guys were. She smiled when she saw that the table was empty, sure that they were on their way to rescue them. She turned to Maria, who had just been approached by one of Mark’s friends and pointed toward the table.

Maria nodded. She had already noticed that their table was now empty. “Look,” she said to the guy that had started dancing with her. “We’re here with our boyfriends”

“Well they shouldn’t have let you beautiful ladies get away from them for a second. I know I wouldn’t have.” Mark yelled as Liz positioned herself next to Maria and he continued to attempt to dance with her.

“They were sitting right there,” Liz pointed to their empty table, “ and they’re not there now, which means that they are probably headed out here.” Liz said as she looked around the room trying to find Max.

“Well when they get out here, it’s just too bad for them, because we’re dancing with you now.” Mark’s friend said in a drunken tone.

Liz looked over at Isabel and rolled her eyes as Isabel made a face at her. She was busy trying to fight off the rest of Mark’s friends, which were drooling all over her, Serena and Ava.

“So all of you have boyfriends?” The guy that was dancing with Isabel asked as he leered at her.

“I don’t.” Ava said as she saw Sean and the rest of the guys heading their way.

“You don’t?” Serena asked in shock. She could have sworn that Sean and Ava were together.

“Nope.” Ava said as she saw Sean’s angry expression as he approached.

“Well then aren’t I the lucky one?” The guy that was dancing with her said as he pulled her into his arms roughly.

Ava rolled her eyes. She wasn’t interested in this guy at all, but she was telling the truth. There was no reason why she couldn’t dance with him. He was cute enough, and Sean made it clear that they were just friends anyway.

Mark laughed and tried to pull Liz into his arms as well, but she resisted. “We told you, we’re here with our boyfriends. Let go of me.” She twisted and tried to escape his grasp, but he was stronger than she was. A moment later, he suddenly let go of her and she instantly knew why.

Max was there, and she sensed his jealousy and anger right away through their connection. It was overwhelming, and it nearly knocked her off balance. She stumbled briefly as she tried to catch herself from falling, but she felt Max’s strong arms around her in an instant. She relaxed as he held her in his arms and glared angrily at Mark as his drunken friend was getting the death glare from a very pissed off Michael Guerin.

“They said they had boyfriends.” Max said as he helped Liz regain her balance. He had also felt her through their connection, and he could tell how relieved she was that he was there. Surprisingly, she had been scared.

“Sorry man. We thought they were kidding.” Mark said as he looked over at his pale friends that were now being stared down by Kyle, Sean and Alex as well. “Come on guys, plenty of other hotties here, these one’s are taken.” He said as they all started to walk off.

“Not me, this one said she’s available.” The guy dancing with Ava yelled out as the others waved at him and left.

“Well she’s not.” Sean said loudly as the others looked on. “Ava, what the hell?”

Ava looked at Sean angrily, "We’re not a couple, and we never will be, you made that perfectly clear earlier tonight.”

“Well maybe I was wrong.” Sean said as he started to panic that he might lose her forever.

“Or maybe I was wrong to think we could be.” Ava said as she continued to dance with the college guy.

“No.” Sean said adamantly. “You weren’t wrong Ava. We can be. I want to be.”

“You didn’t want to be earlier.” Ava said as the guy let go of her and glared at Sean.

“Hey man, I’m trying to dance with her if you don’t mind.” The drunken guy said as he tried to take Ava back in his arms.

“Actually I do mind.” Sean said as he grabbed Ava and pulled her into his arms, crushing his lips down on hers passionately. He ran his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her into him closer.

At first Ava struggled, but then she gave in as she felt Sean pour himself and his feelings into her. She quickly wrapped her arms around his waist and returned the kiss with all of the feelings that she had been hiding for so long. They stood there on the dance floor surrounded by their shocked friends and a very chagrined drunken boy that had apparently just been rejected.

“Yeah!” Maria squealed happily as she watched her cousin and Ava kiss. “I never thought he’d find a decent girl!” She turned to Michael and kissed his cheek. “Thanks for saving me Spaceboy.”

“No problem beautiful, though you will have to make it up to me later.” Michael said as he placed his hands on her bare waist.

“Really?” Maria asked happily, as she looked up at him. “You mean we can….you know?”

“Yeah, I think I’ve made you wait long enough.” Michael moaned as Maria started to move to the music and grind into him. “Lord knows I can’t wait another day.”

“Hey you’re the one that didn’t want to do it anymore, you know, all that bullshit about
sex making things complicated and all that.” Maria rolled her eyes as she turned around and pressed her bottom into his groin as she vibrated to the music.

“I know.” Michael said as he moaned again. “I still think it’s true, but I think we’re ready to have that be a part of our relationship now. I love you Maria.”

“I love you too.” Maria smiled and turned around, planting her glossy red lips on his.

Alex looked at Isabel and smiled. “It’s about time those two hooked up.” He said as he glanced at Sean and Ava.

“Yeah, it’s sweet isn’t it.” Isabel asked. “Almost as sweet as you storming over here like you were going to kick that guy’s ass.” She smirked.

“Well I would have.” Alex said and they both started laughing. It was no secret that Alex couldn’t fight, and that Isabel had a better chance of kicking the guy’s ass than he did. “Anyway, I know you can take care of yourself. It doesn’t make me less jealous though.”

“Thanks.” Isabel smiled. “I appreciate the fact that you get jealous over me. It just means you care.”

“That’s right.” Alex nodded, trying desperately not to slur his words. “Now show me your moves! I’ve had a few drinks, so I’m ready to boogie!”

Isabel rolled her eyes at her obviously drunk boyfriend. “Boogie?” Isabel laughed as Alex pulled her into a very ‘Fred and Ginger’ dance move and strolled across the floor with her laughing the entire way.

Kyle laughed as he and Serena watched Alex swoop Isabel across the floor. “She’s gonna kill him for that later.”

“I don’t know,” Serena said giggling. “He’s got some pretty smooth moves.”

“What about you?” Kyle asked. “What kind of moves do you have?”

“Well, none suitable for the dance floor, that’s for sure.” Serena said as she strutted up to him and he grabbed her roughly. The song switched to a slower one, and they started to sway to the music perfectly in sync. “Hey you’re a pretty good dancer.” Serena said.

“You’re not surprised are you?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, actually I am.” Serena said as she rested her head on his shoulder. “How did you learn to keep rhythm so well?”

“Promise not to tell?” Kyle said as she leaned back and looked into his eyes nodding. “Well, our school football coach made us take ballet at football camp last year. He said it would help with the rhythm of the plays.”

Serena’s mouth dropped open and she quickly tried to stifle a laugh.

“Are you laughing at me?” Kyle asked pretending to be offended.

“No, I was just picturing you in tights and ballet slippers.” Serena smiled.

“Oh yeah? How did I look?” Kyle asked smiling.

“Pretty dammed good actually” Serena smiled as she leaned into him again.

“Glad to hear it.” Kyle laughed. “We actually wore shorts and t-shirts with tennis shoes though.”

“Shh, don’t ruin it for me.” Serena laughed as they continued to dance, looking at each other’s faces as they talked. “Kyle, I need to talk to you about something.”

“What?” Kyle asked as she looked into his eyes. He saw then cloud over for a moment before she started talking again.

“You start school the week after next, and it’s almost time to for me to go back to school too. What’s going to happen with us?” Serena asked, afraid of his answer.”

“Shh, don’t ruin it for me.” Kyle answered as he pulled her into him and ran his hand over the back of her head, smoothing out her hair as he held her.

Liz watched the other couples and she turned to Max. “Are you okay?” she asked him as she reached up and touched his cheek. Anger and jealousy was still coursing through their connection, though it was fading slightly as he calmed down.

“Yeah.” Max shrugged as he looked into her dark eyes. “I guess I got a little jealous.”

“A little?” Liz smiled. “Max, it nearly knocked me over.”

“Okay. A lot jealous then.” Max admitted. “I saw that guy’s hands on you and him drooling all over you and I couldn’t help it. You belong to me Liz.” Max said as she continued to brush her hand along his cheek. “I know that makes me sound like a Neanderthal but it’s how I feel.”

“You’re right.” Liz nodded. “I do belong to you. I love you and I will always belong to you, in this life or any other. So you don’t have to be jealous okay?”

“Okay.” Max nodded as he relaxed. He ran his hand down her cheek and around to the back of her neck. He tipped his head so he could lean in and kiss her and she tipped hers in return. He leaned in slowly and placed his lips on hers gently at first and then more passionately as she parted her lips and let his tongue in to explore her mouth. She tasted so sweet to him, like a cherry flavored lollypop. He ran his tongue along the inside of her bottom lip for a moment before he bit it gently and released her mouth. He leaned back and looked into her eyes again. “You’re so dammed beautiful Liz. How did I get so lucky to have you love me?”

“I ask myself the same thing about you every day.” Liz smiled as she tried to gain control of her trembling legs. “Now did you come out here to dance with me, or just to inflict fear in my other suitors?” Liz asked with a fake pout.

“Both.” Max smiled as he pulled her into his arms and she started to move against him to the beat of the loud music picked up tempo again.

“This was a great idea.” Liz said as she playfully bit his ear lobe and pressed herself up against him roughly. “Maybe we can do it alone in my room later.”

“God, don’t tempt me Liz.” Max said as he half danced, half stood there feeling her body against his. He wrapped his arms around her bare waist and then ran them up her back and back down again.

Liz moaned deeply at the feeling of his hands against her bare flesh. “We might have to leave soon.” She said into his ear as she continued her assault with her hips.

“Whenever you’re ready.” Max said as he watched her face. It was covered in heated passion as she looked at him through heavily made up eyes. She shifted herself to the side and he placed a leg in between both of hers as she continued to rub up against him in the simulated love they were making on the dance floor.

Liz tried to concentrate on the music, but she could feel her body ready for him, the way it always did lately. She could tell that Max was ready too, and they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other if it killed them. “I’m ready.” Liz said breathlessly, "Let’s go back to my house.”

“Thank god.” Max rolled his eyes. “I thought you’d never ask!” he said as he grabbed her hand and they raced off the dance floor, giving their friend’s a short wave goodbye as they headed out.


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Part 6 NC-17 You know you guy’s have been wanting this!

Max flung open Liz’s front door with one hand while he struggled to keep Liz pressed up against him with the other. He used his foot to slam it closed quickly as she kept her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He ran his hands under her buttocks and turned his head to capture her lips with his.

“Ohh Max…hurry.” Liz said as she started to loose control. The ride home had been interesting as they both struggled not to look at each other for fear that they wouldn’t make it back to Liz’s house without pulling over and satisfying their needs. Now standing here in the darkness of the kitchen, Liz couldn’t handle another minute.

“I am baby.” Max said breathlessly as tried to head for the staircase leading up to her bedroom.

“No, forget about upstairs, let’s just stay down here.” Liz said as she nipped at his neck.

“Mmmkay.” Max mumbled as he sought out her mouth again with his lips. The heat coming off of her was almost unbearable and she tugged at his shirt relentlessly.

Liz dropped her legs down to the floor and quickly pulled off her halter top, lifting it quickly up and over her head in one swift motion. She covered her chest by wrapping her arms around her bare body as she stood in front of him gazing at him shyly. Max inhaled sharply as he took his shirt off in record time.

Max grabbed her roughly and pulled her to him. “I love you.” He said and she pressed her bare breasts into him, running her hands up his back “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered as he bent his head to take one of her erect nipples into his mouth lovingly.

“I love you too.” Liz said as she tipped her head back to give him easier access to her chest.

Max moaned, running his tongue over her hot flesh as he released her breast from his mouth and allowed his lips to travel up to her neck. He ran his hands up her bare back as he felt her breathing grow heavier. He laced the fingers of one of his hands through her long chocolate hair and tugged at it gently, causing a moan to escape Liz’s mouth in ecstasy.

Liz pulled him over to the kitchen counter and he lifted her up easily, placing her on the edge of it. Max looked at her sitting in front of him and couldn’t help but take her mouth in his again. He cupped her naked breasts in his hands and continued to kiss her as she parted her lips invitingly for him, allowing him to deepen their kisses. He traced the inside of her mouth with his tongue, running it along the inside of her bottom lip and then biting it gently before releasing it.

“Oh God..” Liz moaned as he teased her nipples with his fingers and she reached for the front of his pants.

“Wait.” Max said and he released his grip from her, turning around to the freezer, and leaving her sitting on the counter alone.

“What are you doing?” Liz asked completely confused.

“Nothing.” Max smiled at her over his shoulder as he reached into the icebox. He grabbed a couple of cubes from the tray, threw them into a silver bowl on the counter, and turned back around to face her. Her hair was messed up and her lips were red and swollen from their passionate kisses. Her cheeks were flushed and she sat straight up, staring at him, her naked breasts protruding and calling for him. He quickly walked over to her and she leaned back on her hands, smiling at him when she noticed the ice cubes in his hand.

“Well, what do you plan on doing with those Mr. Evans?” She asked innocently, knowing exactly what he was thinking, through their connection.

“Oh I think you know.” Max smiled as he saw her picturing the scene in her head as well.

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath, awaiting the coldness she knew was about to follow. Max didn’t disappoint her as he gently ran one of the ice cubes over her belly button. Her hot flesh made it melt instantly and Max quickly covered the cold with his hot mouth as he licked the liquid up. “Oh..fuck.” Liz murmured as his tongue followed the ice cube as he ran it up her chest and around each one of her nipples.

Liz wrapped her legs around him again as she lay down on the counter and allowed him to continue his assault with the ice. He took one cube after another as he ran them over her stomach, chest and neck, eventually climbing up on to the counter with her and laying on top of her.

Max could tell Liz was on the brink of losing it and he reached down to her pants, unzipping the side zipper and putting his hand inside, surprised to feel that she wasn’t wearing any panties under them. “No underwear?” he asked smiling, as her heat enveloped his hand instantly.

“Nope.” Liz said with a guilty smile.

Max moaned and placed a small piece of ice cube into his mouth, taking her mouth in his. The ice cube danced in between both of their mouths mixing their hot saliva with it’s cold liquid and the sensation was overwhelming. Liz shuddered and cried out in pleasure as Max plunged his fingers into her awaiting heat. His mouth was still on hers, with the ice cube melting quickly, and her orgasm made Max moan along with her as he felt it through their ever-deepening connection.

The ice cube in their mouths was gone and Max released her lips and smiled as he looked down at her flushed cheeks. He removed his hand from her pants and propped himself up above her, reaching down with both hands to slide her pants down as he showered her face with loving kisses.

Liz reached down and unzipped her boots, quickly kicking them off as one flew across the room and landed on top of the refrigerator. She allowed Max to remove her pants as far as he could, and she shook them the rest of the way off. Liz reached forward to undo his pants as well. She expertly unbuttoned all five buttons on his jeans with one pull. Max wiggled until they were off, leaving him in nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs. Liz smiled, feeling his arousal underneath the thin material. She ran her hands down his hips and slid them down his legs. Max wiggled out of them and they quickly joined the growing pile of clothes under the counter on the floor below them.

Liz wrapped her legs around his waist, eagerly awaiting him inside of her. Max was getting close to the edge himself, but he wasn’t done pleasing Liz yet. He reached over to the bowl of ice cubes and was happy to find that there was still one left. He took it and put it in his mouth quickly as he slid out of her grasp and down to the floor.

Liz, moaned at the loss of his body on hers. “Max…” she called out in a breathy tone, propping herself up on her elbows to see where he had gone..

“Mm-hmm.” Max said as he positioned himself between her legs and put his mouth, and the ice cube he was holding inside of it, on her wet heat.

“Oh God.” Liz moaned again as she fell back on to the counter and writhed with pleasure, wrapping her legs around his head. “Oh Max.” she moaned over and over again, until she was once again ready to explode.

Max took his cue and quickly got back onto the counter and positioned himself on top of her again. He plunged his hardness into her quickly, taking her with a renewed sense of urgency. He moaned as he felt the flesh that he had made cold with the ice cube, suddenly turn red hot and he moved within her quickly, in and out again and again until they were both calling out each other’s names in pleasure, tumbling over the edge together.

“Wow.” Max said and Liz nodded in agreement.

“Where did you learn that ice cube thing?” Liz asked smiling, as Max rolled off of her.

“HBO.” Max said laughing as he helped her up off the counter and they started to get dressed.

“Well, it was great.” Liz said laughing. “So, are you spending the night?”

“Do you think it’s safe?” Max asked, putting his shirt on.

“Yeah, my parents shouldn’t be home until tomorrow afternoon.” Liz nodded as she put her top back on. “I really want you to stay.”

“Ok.” Max nodded. “Let’s go up to your room then. I’m wiped.”

“Me too.” Liz smiled as he took her hand and led her towards the stairs. “Oh wait.” She said, running over to the freezer.

“What are you doing?” Max asked, watching her from the bottom of the stairs.

“Nothing.” Liz smiled seductively as she grabbed the silver bowl, opened the freezer and filled the bowl with ice cubes. She tuned around and giggled. “Just in case.” She said as she shot him an image of what she had planned through their connection.

“Oh God Liz.” Max moaned as her image hit him. He grabbed her hand and they raced up the stairs, careful not to spill any of the ice cubes along their way.

“Lizzie, we’re home!” Nancy Parker yelled as she headed up the staircase towards her daughter's room.

Liz sat up with a start and looked around the room, then over to the clock. It was nearly noon and she was still in bed. Was that her mom she just heard?

“Lizzie?” Nancy said as she opened Liz’s door and stood in the doorway, a shocked look on her face.

“Hi mom.” Liz said with a guilty look. She knew she was in big trouble.

“Liz what are you still doing in bed, are you ill?” Nancy asked looking around the room.

“Huh?” Liz asked, fully expecting to hear the wrath of her mother when she found her in bed with Max. Liz looked at the bed and noticed that the spot where Max had been curled up next to her was now empty. With relief she noticed he was gone and her mom was none the wiser. “I mean no mom. Just tired. I went out with Maria and the girls last night.”

“Oh.” Nancy said looking at Liz strangely. “What’s that bowl doing up here? You know I don’t like you eating up here.”

Liz looked at the bowl that had been filled with ice the previous night and shrugged. “Oh right. I wasn’t feeling very well, so I brought it up here in case I …you know..had to puke.” She said casually.

“Oh.” Nancy said. “Well do you feel ok now?”

“Yep. Fine.” Liz nodded. “I’m just going to go hop in the shower now.” She said, pulling the sheet tighter around her naked body and waiting for her mom to leave.

“Ok, see you in a bit.” Nancy said taking one last look around her room before turning to leave. “Lizzie, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to sleep without any clothes on. I mean what if your father had walked in?”

“Right.” Liz nodded seriously. “I won’t do it anymore. I just didn’t expect you guys home so early.”

“Ok.” Nancy nodded and she walked out of Liz’s room shutting the door behind her.

Liz let out a sigh of relief, followed by a disappointed moan that Max was gone. She pulled her robe off the chair next to the bed and headed over to her vanity. She looked in the mirror, and wondered if it was obvious to her mom what she had been doing the night before. After looking at her reflection carefully she decided she looked the same, and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. She decided she would call Max at his house after she was done.

She opened the bathroom door and stepped into her bathroom, pulling the shower curtain back to turn the hot water on. To her shock and pleasure, Max was sitting in the tub behind the curtain, still naked from bed, holding his clothes and shoes in his lap.

“Max!” Liz said happily as she stared down at him. “What are you doing in here?” she whispered.

“I heard your parents open the front door and figured they would be up here any minute, so I came in here to hide.” Max said trying not to laugh as he sat there uncomfortably.

“Well my mom came in and asked me some questions about why I was still in bed, but I played them off.” Liz giggled. “ I think she bought it.”

“Good.” Max laughed. “Well I guess I better get dressed and sneak out the back.”

“Why?” Liz asked, a sexy gleam in her eye. “I was just about to take a shower. Want to join me?” she reached forward and took the pile of clothes off of his lap and threw them on the bathroom floor, leaving Max exposed to her curious eyes.

“Umm..I don’t think that’s a good idea Lizzie.” Max said, poking fun of what he had overheard her mom call her.

“Don’t call me that, it creeps me out.” Liz shot him a glare as she reached forward and turned the shower on, soaking Max with cold water instantly.

“AAHHH!” Max said as quietly as his surprise would allow.

“Shhh, be quiet, do you want them to hear you?” Liz reprimanded.

“Sorry, maybe you should come in here and keep me quiet.” Max teased as he reached out of the shower and grabbed the belt of her robe, pulling her closer.

Liz stood still as the water from the shower splashed out at her, getting the floor soaking wet, as well as the front of her white robe. It instantly was soaked and clinging to her body. The suddenly see through fabric was sticking to her breasts and she saw Max staring at them with lust filled eyes. She looked down at his manhood and noticed he was as ready for her as she suddenly was for him.

Liz took a small step forward and undid the belt from her now soaked bathrobe and peeled it from her body slowly, teasing Max to the brink of insanity. He suddenly couldn’t take it anymore, and leaning out of the shower, he picked her up and pulled her into the tub, the rest of her robe falling off in the process.

Liz laughed as quietly as she could as they stood together under the spray of the now warm water. Max leaned down and kissed her roughly, plunging his tongue into her wet mouth, and then running his lips down her neck until he stopped at her breast. He took her erect nipple into his mouth and teased it with his tongue and he fingered the other one with his thumb and forefinger. Liz moaned with pleasure as she backed up to the end of the shower, leaning against the wall for balance.

“We have to hurry.” Liz moaned at the feel of his wet mouth on her breasts. “If I take to long in here they’ll be suspicious.”

“So you’re saying you want a quickie?” Max said, releasing her breast form his mouth and looking up at her with a pretend pout. “I feel so used.”

“You’re not offended, so don’t pretend to be.” Liz said through her heavy breathing as Max ran his hand between her thighs, quickly plunging his fingers into her.

“Mmmm.” Max said, kissing her neck as she ran her fingers through his wet, tousled hair. “You’re right, I’m not offended.” He whispered with hot breath into her ear, making her bite her lip to keep from crying out.

“Now Max, now.” Liz moaned as he continued to plunge his fingers in and out of her heat.

“Ok, a quickie it is.” Max whispered as he picked her up and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and he slid into her. He pushed her back up against the wall of the shower to stable himself and she ran her hands through his hair as she held on for the ride of ecstasy he always took her on.

Max continued to kiss her neck and whisper into her ear as he pumped into her with all of his love and devotion. “Liz, oh God Liz.” He moaned into her ear quietly as he got closer and closer to his inevitable explosion.

Liz was right along with him every step of the way as they poured their feelings of pleasure through their connection. She didn’t even have to say anything; she knew that he knew exactly what she was feeling.

Suddenly Max whispered into her ear. “Look at me.” And her eyes flew open and immediately were drawn into his amber ones. “I want to see your face.” He said as he stared into her eyes and the water ran down their trembling bodies as they picked up speed together. She matched him thrust for thrust and a moment later they were lost in each other’s souls as he poured himself into her.

They both slowly slid down the shower wall as Max’s legs gave out. They lay on the floor of the tub, Liz cradling Max in her arms as his head rested on her heaving chest. “I love you.” Liz whispered as she continued to run her fingers through his wet hair.

Max looked up at her with a serious expression as he reached for her face and touched it gently. “You take my breath away Liz. ” he smiled as he kissed her slowly and deeply before releasing her lips and resting his head on her chest again. And whispering, “And I love you too.”


Hope to have more up soon, but I'm going on vacation next week. I will try to post a little from there if I can!

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Hello there! Does anyone remember this fic? This was the sequel to my very first fic "Truth Be Told". I haven;t updated in awhile, but I recently had a request to continue it so I thought I would just post a little question asking if anyone else was interested. If you are interested in this fic, or in me continuing it, please let me know either by responding here, or sending me a b-mail or email. Thanks!