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Title: Band Geeks
Author: Krazykitti
Disclaimer: I no own Roswell only the characters I make up
Summary: What if the Roswell gang were in band?
Rating: PG-13/ AU fic Everyone CC
We wouldn't exactly call ourselves band geeks........more like people who are devoted to their instruments. Plus we like band. You meet and get to know a lot of interesting people. When I first moved here it felt so weird because everyone was so different and they were crazy, but then I became crazy with them. I'm Liz and I play the flute. My best friends are Max, Maria, Alex, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, and Tess. We are the craziest people in band and we are proud of it.

Every one of us plays a different instrument. Like I said I play the flute. Max(the hottest guy on earth) plays the tuba. His sister Isabel or as we like to call her "Crash" plays the drums. Maria plays a picollo and Maria's secret crush Michael plays the saxophone, but we like to call him "Grinch." Alex or according to half the people in band "Alice" plays the trumpet( and when I say plays he plays loud and proud). Tess or Barbie plays the clarinet. And last, but surely not least there's Kyle or "Budda Boy" (only good friends can call him that) and he plays the baritone (it's like a miniature tuba).

Also earlier when I said we are devoted to our instruments we don't play truth or dare with them like on American Pie. We would never do that! You will also find out about the origin of the nicknames later.
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Snowdrop- I will be continuing. *big*

Eerie- Sorry to say I'm not a band geek...I'm an orchestra geek! I play the violin.
That's how I wanted it to be: so the instruments fit everyone's personality. *happy*

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Thank You Everyone for the Feedback!! The next part will be up tonight probably! Oh and Don't worry it's longer than Part 1! *big* Also I would like to dedicate this fic to all the band geeks out there that try hard! You guys Rock!!!*bounce* Also one more thing I may start another fic just with Orchestra instead. Who would like to see Michael playing a viola(bigger version of violin)?
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Author's note: I forgot to say in the first part that Max is a loud mouth throughout certain points in this fic. *happy*
*Part 2*

Well the first day of school has been very boring so far. Luckily my favorite class is coming up. I see Michael, Alex, and Maria down the hall. “Hey guys, wait up!” I finally catch up to them. “Hey!” “Hey Liz. Ready for band?” Alex asks. “Of course. I’ve been waiting for band all day. One: I want to see everyone and two: I want to torture the new Freshman. Plus, I haven’t seen Max and Isabel all summer.” “Yeah, we know. They were in South Carolina all summer being counselors at some stupid camp.” Michael says to me. “I wonder how Crash felt without her drums?” Alex says. “She probably went crazy and used to kids as drums knowing her.” I say and we all burst out laughing. As we’re walking to the bandroom Kyle, Tess, and Max(God, why does he have to wear such tight shirts?) join us. “Hey Max, how was camp?” Maria says with sarcasm. “A living hell! All those stupid little brats did was torture me!” “What about Iz?” “She was smart. She said if they mess with her that she would use them as her drums for the summer because you know she doesn’t leave the house without her drumsticks.” Now, we’re laughing so hard we’re all almost crying.

Finally as we all start reaching the band room and we hear someone playing the drums really loud. “Crash.” We all say at once. We walk in and look around the room. “We’re Baaaaack!!!!” Alice says really loud. “Thank God this is my last year being in the same band room as them.” I hear Sasha say (she’s a senior). I barely heard it though with Crash playing over there. “Isabel..........Isabel...........CRASH!” We all yell to her. “What?! Can;t you see I’m playing?!” She gets up while twirling a drumstick in her left hand. “I should beat you for interrupting me.” “Oh, shut up! You know you can’t beat us because you love us too much.” Kyle says, oozing with fake passion.. “Now I should really beat you for that.” “Fine! Be that way.” Barbie belts out. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard from that comment. If I keep laughing today I’m going to end up in a coma I swear!

“Okay Everyone. Get in here and sit down.” Mr. O’Donnel our band teacher says. Our group goes to our usual spot, making sure no one else sits there. It the middle, back of the room. “Well first off, I want to welcome you all back and welcome all the new freshman. “Yes! Welcome all the new frosh to West Roswell High band!” Yeah!!!! We all yell. “That there freshman is our very own Max Evans. He’s a tuba player. You will get to know him and all his friends soon enough. Anyway, I need to know, how many people are doing marching band this year?” Of course our whole group raise our hands first. “Yeah I know that you 8 will be in it there’s no need for you to raise your hands. Okay, well since today is the first day, it’s a free day unless you want to practice and check out the instruments if you need one. Tomorrow, for people who have their own instruments, bring them. Have a good day.” Crash goes right back to the drums.

There’s one day I’ll be looking forward to though and that’s not until next week. And that is Nickname Day. It’s a tradition in band that every Friday of the 2nd week of the school year that the new frosh get their nicknames or people who need one(not everyone has a nickname though) and learn the origins of everyone else’s. That’s one of the best days of the year in band.
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*Part 3*

“Yay! It’s nickname day!”I say. “Oh no!” Crash says. “Yes!! I love nickname day!” Max says. “I don’t because I have so many different origins to my nickname and you tell them in excruciating detail, my brother!” “Exactly, the whole point of it, plus I live to torture you.” “I live to torture with my drums.” “Shut up both of you!” I say. It’s funny and all to watch them argue and have conversations, but I want to get to nickname day and I get to present today.

(All in the band room gathered round’)
“Today is Nickname Day for all you band students who don’t know and starting out will be our very own Lizzy Parker.”
“Thank you Mr. O’Donnel. Yes today is Nickname Day. Today you get to find out all the origins of everyones’ nickname and even get your very own.”
“You rock Parker!” Kyle says.
“Thank you Kyle or as I should say Budda Boy. We’ve been observing you for the past 2 weeks to know what kind of nicknames we should give you. First we will give nicknames to you Frosh and then tell the origins of our nicknames.”

After giving nicknames to the frosh, it is now time to tell the origins of ours.
“First we’ll start with Michael’s nickname: Grinch. Alice will tell this one.”
“Okay Michael’s nickname was made because of his personality and Crash gave it to him. Anyway Michael got his nickname two years ago during X-mas. The whole band has this thing where we exchanged gifts anyway Isabel was Michael’s secret santa. Here’s what happened: Michael opened his gift and found a piece of coal. He asked Isabel what the hell it was and she said a piece of coal what the hell do you think. He asked her why and Crash said it was because he’s too grouchy and he acts like the Grinch and that’s what she started calling him and we all started calling him that. There’s Grinch’s origin. Oh and just to tell you, Crash at X-mas is the X-mas Nazi: Beware!”
“Shut up Alice!”
“ I get to tell Alice’s origin!”
“Go right ahead, Barbie.”
“Alice’s origin was started by Maria’s cousin Sean.”
“That’s right.”Sean says.
“Shut up Sean.” Maria says.
“Anyway, back to what I was saying. The 2 reasons for Alex’s nickname is because he hangs out with mostly girls. Seriously he does. Anywho he got his nickname on Halloween. On Halloween 2 years ago he dressed up as a girl: with the boobs, make up, and everything. We all saw him and Sean started calling him Alice and we all did from then on.
“He’s also not masculine and strong enough to hang out with the guys, he’s a scrawny weakling.” Sean interrupts.
“Leave Alice alone, he’s my scrawny weakling!” Crash says.
“Oh someone has a crush.” Grinch says.
“No I don’t!”
“Sounds like it to me.” Alice says and kisses her on the cheek. She then turns bright red. We all start cracking up.
“I get to tell Barbie’s origin.” Grinch says.
“Go ahead Grinch.” I say.
“ Barbie’s nickname was started by Parker. It was freshman year and both Tess and Liz hated each other. Anyway one day they were arguing and ended in a fight in here. They were cussing and stuff and Liz called her a fake blonde bimbo barbie. We broke them apart and they resolved their conflict which we still don’t know how. Everybody kept commenting on the name Liz called Tess and it stuck.”
“They got into a fight, but now they’re best friends, how did the fight break out?” One of the frosh say.
“Oh that’s easy, they were fighting over me and then Kyle moved here and we all know Barbie has a crush on him.” Max says.
“Shut up Max!” Barbie says.
“I’ll do Kyle’s nickname because it’s the easiest one.” I say.
“Okay.” Everyone says.
“Kyle’s a buddhist and so we started calling him budda boy: Tess started it. There you go.”
“Nice and Brief.” Budda Boy says.
“Last, but not least Crash’s origin.” I say.
“Oh no!” she says.
“ I get to tell this one!!!” Max says excitedly.
“I’m outta here!” Crash says.
“Oh no you’re not!You stay right here with me.” Alice says and then sets Crash in his lap. Something is definitely going on between them.
“Crash’s nickname has many origins, but I’ll tell you the main two. First there’s her drums: She loves to crash her symbols and play really loud. As you have seen over the past two weeks. Anyway one day in band 2 years ago she was playing really loud and crashing the symbols when one her drumsticks broke in half. It flew across the room and hit Grinch in the head. Which was funny as hell.”
“That wasn’t funny. That hurt like a bitch!” Grinch says.
“I’m surprised you even felt it with the hard head you’ve got.” Maria says.
“Shut up Maria.”
“You know you want me.” Maria says.
“Anyway, Mr. O’Donnel called her Crash and it stuck. The other origin came from when she wiped out on her skateboard last year and it made her name even more her.”
“You skateboard?” Sean asks.
“Yes, you got a problem with that?” She spats out.
“Okay then.”
“Here’s what happened. She was doing a grind on a really long rail. You know the one at the park. Anyway she started out good, but then totally biffed it and landed right on her ass and almost broke her ankle along with it.”
“That hurt like a bitch! I couldn’t skateboard for a 3 weeks because I sprained my ankle and my ass hurt so badly. I was also mad because of my ankle I couldn’t run and I had to stay on the bench for the first weeks of soccer season.”
“That was your fault Crash.” Maria says.
“Shut up.”
“Well there you go. Nickname Day has now come to an end until next year.” I say. The bell then rings and it’s time to go home. Technically I go to work along with Maria and Michael who so have a crush on each other. It’s written all over their faces.

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Author's Note: Finally a new part...after what...2 months. Sorry about that. Well here it is.
*Part 4*
Homecoming Halftime, Changing, and the Dance

“It’s homecoming and we better give the best performance we can!”, Mr. O’Donnel tells us.
“Yes we will, Sir!”, The whole band yells.
“Line up!”
“We all line up in our usual formation and get ready to go out there.”
We are lined up and now we are walking in a perfectly straight line to the field. We can’t smile, laugh, trip, or talk. We get into big trouble with Mr. O’Donnel if we do. We are now in formation on the field and are about to start. You hear the trumpet loud and clear across the field and everyone can hear Alice play his solo. Crash then starts and we start doing our routine. Hopefully the color guard doesn’t mess us up.After we are done, everyone stands up and claps for us. I think we did an excellent job. Crash, Alice, Max, Maria, Grinch, Barbie, Budda Boy and I all smile at each other, but still look professional. We march off the field and go back into the stands and play for the rest of the game.

Well the game is over and Roswell High won, 42-39. We are the undefeated champs. we head back to the band and put the stuff away. Now we can act crazy.

(Girls Changing Room)

“We did awesome!”, Crash says to me as we go in the changing room to get these stupid band uniforms off.
“Yeah definitely. You know what?”
“I love band and all, but these uniforms are the worst aspect of band.”
“Definitely. I so agree with you on that.”
“Did we hear someone dissing uniforms?”, Maria and Barbie say as they walk in.
“Why yes you did.”
“Okay. So, what are you guys wearing to the dance?”

(Guys Changing Room)

“Who thinks we kicked ass at halftime and throughout the game?!”, Max yells to all the guys.
“Yeah!!!!”, All the guys yell.
“So, Alice?”
“What Max?”
“How are you going to impress my sister at the dance?”
“The good ole Whitman charm.”
“My ass, Alice.”
“Shut up, Sean! You weren’t invited to this conversation.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t say that stupid A, B, C thing that the girls say.”
“Hey Sean.”
“What Alice?”
“I don’t see girls hanging all over you, now do I?”
“Go Fuck yourself Whitman.”, Sean leaves.
“You got him good Alice.”
“Thank you. Thank you very much.”
“Whatever. So Grinch, are we going to have to force you to dance tonight?”, Max says to Grinch.
“You are not getting me out on that dance floor with your life.”
“Yes we are.”, Budda Boy says.
“So Max, you gonna ask Parker to dance?”
“If you ask Barbie to dance.”
“Hey Alex?”
“Wow, you actually used my real name for once!”
“Whatever. Since you understand girls better than anyone here, what’s the big tip we should know.”
“There’s nothing to it you guys. Just listen to them and don’t insult them in anyway.”
“So basically not talk at all.”, Grinch says.
“In your case...yes.”
“No comment.”, All of them burst out laughing.

(The Homecoming Dance)

Well all of us girls are here and having a good time so far. The decorations are pretty cool compared to most of the dances we usually have. We got ready in record time. The guys finally arrive. I wonder what took them so long.
“What took you guys so long?”. Crash asks them.
“Well,...uh”, Max, Michael, and Kyle start to stutter.
“We wanted to make ourselves look good for you ladies.”, Alex says with amazing ease.
“Good for you.” Maria says.
“You look amazing Isabel.”. Alex says to her and hands a beautiful carnation (He was prepared for this) . “Would you like to dance, milady?”
“Why yes, kind sir and thank you.”, Isabel says and they leave to the dance floor. Boy, he sure does know how to charm someone off their feet.
“So, Max would you like to dance?”
“Uh, sure.” I think I caught him off guard.
“Would I like to dance?”
“Why of course Kyle, I would love to.”
“Maria you wanna dance?”

(Alex and Isabel)

“You look beautiful, Isabel.”
“Thank you Alex, and just think getting ready in 20 minutes.”
“Yeah. I know.”
“The braids we have to wear for marching really come in handy sometimes.”, She says as she flips one of her long french braids behind her.
“So, who do you think will be homecoming Prince and Princess?”
“I don’t know. It’s a secret ballot this year.”
“Yeah, I wonder.”

(Max and Liz)

“It’s always nice to get away from band every once in awhile.”
“Why, yes it is.”
“So, what do you think about the whole secret ballot thing this year?”
“I think it’s weird. So, Liz, I was wondering if maybe you’d like to go out with me next Friday night?”
“Uh..Sure. I’d love to.”
“I’ll pick ya up at 7 then.

(Michael and Maria)

“Michael you are a terrible dancer.”
“I know, I am, but I’m trying...for you.”
“Grinch that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
“Well I try. You look beautiful tonight.”
“Thank You, Michael! Do you think the secret ballot, was a pretty cool thing they did this year?”
“I think it’s a little weird, but it’s okay.”

(Kyle and Tess)

“So how’s the religion going?”
“Good. That’s a pretty weird question to ask, but it’s you so I’m not surprised.”
“Well of course.”
“Don’t go sounding like one of those valley girls on me now.”
“You know you love it.”
“Sure, sure. Yeah I love it.”
“Do I hint sarcasm?”
“Why yes Barbie, you do.”
“Whatever. Be that way then.”
“I wonder who’s going to win homecoming Prince and Princess?”
“I don’t know, but I’m glad they started the new thing with the Prince and Princess which are Juniors and that’s the secret ballot. That the King and Queen decide.”

Annoucer-Craig Stevers: He announces the King and Queen and now it’s time to find out who won Prince and Princess. The secret ballot.
“It’s now time to announce the Prince and Princess of West Roswell High!”
“Yeah!!!” Everyone in the gym yells.
“Drumroll please.” He opens the envelope very slowly. We’re all anticipating the results. “The Prince and Princess of West Roswell High are......(Drumroll)....(Symbol Crash)....Alex Whitman and Isabel Evans!
“Oh my God!”, Isabel yells. Isabel and Alex then go up there and receive their royalties.
“Yay! Crash and Alice!!!!”, All of us band geeks yells to them as they stand up there with their crowns on their heads.
“They are such a cute couple.”, I say.
“I’m not suprised they won.”, Maria and Max says together.
The King, Queen, Prince, and Princess dance in the middle of the floor to The Calling’s, Wherever You Will Go. They look so grand, with Alex wearing his black tux and Isabel wearing this awesome red, chinese looking dress.

The dance is over and it was awesome. That’s another day of the year that I love. I have a date for next Friday, Alex and Isabel won Prince and Princess, and everyone had a great time.