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I know I know, such a corny title but I couldn't not use it when I thought it up.
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Title: Bad Boy, used to be Hell on Wheels but I liked Bad Boy better all of the sudden
Summary: Max is the head of a drag racing gang when he meets his competors girl, Liz. (I know, totally campy, but I had some great ideas to go along with this.)
Rating: PG~NC-17
Pairing: M/L, it isn't at first but you know me(I guess you know me), Total Dreamer for life!!

Maxwell stepped from inside the car that had just won his 100th race and was mobbed by his freinds. Alex jumped up and down screaming while his girl, Tess, kissed him.

Life was good.

His gang,The DareDevils, were feared in Roswell. They were the worst this town had ever seen and that's just the way he liked it.

Max was tall and brooding with black hair, into whitch he'd recently put red highlights. The little skull earring with the diamond eyes glittered in his left (Thanx BelevnDreamsToo!) ear as he approached the losers car in his fitted black T and those painted on blue jeans that he always wore in competition.

He twirled the chain hanging from his pocket around his fist just in case this guy decided he wasn't going to pay up. He slowly approached the beat up old Ford the guy'd raced in and came to his window.

He just stared at the wheel as if it were about to come alive and possibly bite him. You could tell this guy wasn't used to losing.

Max looked at, you could tell he was an experianced driver from the many scars on his hands and face from the many wrecks he'd probably had. "What's your name?" The guy looked startled as if he hadn't noticed Max was there.

"Micheal, Micheal Guerin." Max smiled wolfishly, "You wanna join my gang?"


Liz looked out of Kyles window at the nothingness of the desert surrounding them on all sides. She begged and pleaded with Kyle that she didn't want to come but when it was time to choose between her and his gang, the Scorpions.......well it was obvious who won on that.

She pulled up her bright pink tube top and adjusted her short jean skirt. She twirled on long ebony tendril that faded into blond, and then a deep red at the tips. She didn't know where the idea to dye her hair came from but had the overwhelming urge to do it before she came here.

The old car rattled and she tensed at the tell tale sign of it's break down, she was relieved when it coughed and started back up.

She glanced at Kyle, her boyfreindS, profile then looked away. Hopefully they'd beat whoever the hell These DareDevils were quickly so she could go back home to L.A.


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Thank you guys so much for the feedback, I didn't think it would do this well. I also didn't know Jason or Max already had his ear peirced, I can change if you guys want me to, it's not a big deal.

Disclaimer: Don't own anything Roswell like, someone else made up all these characters.

Chapter 1

Liz grimaced at the small filthy hotel room that Kyle had just rented for them to stay in until the race was over. She threw her bag on to the bed and began to pace, he had dragged her into this shitty little town just so he could beat some guy named Maxwell. What kind of driver was named Maxwell anyways?

She sat on the beds edge and pulled off the heels that Kyle had given her to wear here. Her feet were killing her and he would never use the car to drive her to that little resturant she'd seen on their way up. He loved that car more than he loved her, she could accept that.

So she pulled on some jeans and an old T shirt along with the tennis as she exited the door and was hit by a wall of dry heat.

The Crashdown would serve it's purpose for food and she'd be back before Kyle even noticed she was gone.


Max tried not to push Tess away as she softly nipped at his neck, she could get real annoying sometimes. She was beautiful though so he could overlook her lack of intelligence. Her stupid off the wall comments. Yeah, he could ignore them, somtimes.

He gently pushed her away and walked toward the counterwhere he sat on a stool. "give me a peice of Men in BlackBerry Pie," The waitress ran to fill his order and he never gave her a second glance.

People did what he asked on the first order, and he didn't think about it, it'd always been that way and to tell the truth, he'd always liked it that way. The bell over the jingled as someone entered and he rubbed his eyes. It was the same old people who always came in and wouldn't sit within 10 feet of him.

The same people who would do whatever he told them to do. The same sheep. Day in and day out.

Life was good.

But not really.

He felt someone sit on the stool next to his and groaned, why the hell couldn't Tess leave him alone for even a second. "Get away from me Tess," he said without even looking up in her direction.


Liz entered the resturant and looked around. It seemed as if the whle world stopped. All conversations halted as one blond girl gave her a particularly evil eye. This was obviously the hangout of Maxwells gang. You could see it in the way the peolpe were dressed and the leather jackets they had on. She read the DareDevils on the back of one of them and tried to make herself small.

This could be dangerous. She was here all alone and was the lead girl of their rival gang. She hoped to God they didn't know how she looked.

Liz walked toward the counter where a lone figure sat hunched over with his head in his hands. She saw a black barb wire tattoo circleing around his upper right arm and she vaguely make out an earring in his ear.

Liz climbed onto the seat next to him only to hear the gravely voice from the man next to her telling her or someone named Tess to go away. "I think you have me confused with someone else. My names not Tess," she said as she stuck out her hand toward him. Whe he didn't move she began to regret that she'd spoken to him.

He was the only one who wasn't wearing a DareDevil jacket and she wanted someone to talk to while she was here. Kyle never took her out eat anymore.


Max looked out the corner of his eye at this girl, this Liz and was shocked. She was beautiful with the same color highlights as him. Max slowly raised his head and turned toward her where he stared at her outstretched hand until she pulled it back in.

"I'm Maxwell."

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Chapter 2

Liz stiffened but quickly covered it. This was Maxwell, who'd of thunk it? She was momentarily sidtracked by this thought until she heard him clear his throat to catch her attention.

"And your name would be?" Liz sat stunned at the question she should have been anticipating, "my name?"
"Yeah," he said in a tone that said the answer should have been obvious. "You do have a name right," he added in a condenscending tone.

She shook away her paralysis and answered as quickly as possible. "Diane, my names Diane." He seemed to ponder over this revelation for a few moments until his pie came and he took a bite out of it.

Liz glanced at him through the corner of eye and tried to quell the excited tremors running through her body. He was the head of her rival gang, they couldn't be together but she could't get the thought out of her mind that they were supposed to meet.

They even had the same color highlights,


Max liked the fork and took another bite of the pie, it really was his favorite in the entire world. When he noticed her little glances at him he spoke up, breaking their mutual silence. "You oughtaa try this," he said motioning toward the pie, "it's the best in New Mexico."

Liz didn't want to want it, it was probably sinfully delicious and had 3000 calories but she decided to throw caution to thr wind and hailed the waitress over.

She had long blond hair with big green eyes and Liz couldn't help but be envious. She felt like she was dull brown hair, brown eyes, skinny and short. She was lucky Kyle had choosen her out of everyone else. He really could've had anyone he wanted.

She sucked up her inseacurities and was about to order when she heard Maxwell do it for her. "She'll have the same as me," he said without raising his head from the plate and Liz barly saw the girls nametag before she ran off to fill the order, Maria.

"You could have been nicer to her, I know what it's like to have to serve jackasses all day." It just popped from her mouth and she instantly regretted it.

Max turned toward her with an incredulous look on his face and was about to say somthing when the mean bloond from earlier sauntered over and practically fell in his lap.

She glared first at Liz then spoke in a high pitched baby voice to Max, "come back to the table, I'm lonely." She added a pout to the end and Liz could barly suppress the gag that wanted to come up and choke her. Could this girl be more fake?

"I'll be right there," he answered getly untwining her from his body and giving her a push back to the table she came from. Liz took one last bite of that pie that she'd guessed was delicious and was then got her purse out to pay.

"Put that away," Max said dismissively, "you don't pay her when you're with me." Liz felt the first signs of righteous anger curling in her stomach and but then back. "That's noce to know Maxwell, I'll try to remember that when I actually am with you."

She threw the money down on the counter a little more violently than necessary and walked toward the door. That'd been a stupid move to scream at the head of a gang. The whole resturant was once again quiet only now there was a sense of anticipation in the air. As if they were waiting for a signal to do somthing.

"Hey Diane is it?" he called as she was just pulling open the door, "Yes."

When he said nothing more she turned toward him to see a smirk etched on his handsome features. "Could you do me a favor Liz," he asked sweetly. "Tell Kyle I can't wait for to see who wins our race and that he's got a beautiful girl."

Liz was stunned still for a moment until laughter broke out in the resturant. Then she turned tail and hauled ass.


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Chapter 3

Liz didn't stop running until she saw the hotel looming in the distance. She over with her palms on her knees to her knees and tried to catch her breath.

Where they behind her? She stood still, straining to hear the tires of their motorcycles or cars. She heard nothing.

Liz pulled back her hair and wiped the sweat forming on her face with her forearm. They weren't after her.

She felt stupid, they'd made a total fool of her. Kyle, if he ever found out, would be pissed. He didn't like being made a fool of, he'd told her that before.

She stood up strait and tried to look like she hadn't just run almost all the way back across town. She breathed deep to try and regulate her heartbeat as she inched toward the motel. Liz prayed to God Max wouldn't use what had happened to taunt Kyle, he'd kill her.


Maxwell listened as the gangs laughter died downand supressed a smile. Did she think him stupid?

Did she think he didn't check up on his competers? Only dumasses didn't do that when it came to a buisness like this.

Tess had strutted back over to him while he was thinking and climbed into his lap, "who was that girl? The look on her face when you called her that other name was hilarious, I thought she was going to die of fright."

Max looked at her and said, "That's Kyles girl, the guy I'm racing next week."

Tess looked horrified.

"That was his girl and you just let her walk out of here? What the hell is wrong with you?"

Max stood abruptly and tried not to laugh as she fell on her ass. "I don't attack one unarmed girl with about 50 people on my side. This isn't about her. It's between me and Kyle."

"I was just saying that we could've avoided the race all together if you'd taken her."

"Well thanks for your opinion Tess no matter how pea brained and idiotic it is, I'll take it into consideratioN when I ask for it. Otherwise, I don't give a damn what you think honey."

He smiled sweetly at her shocked face face and ascended the stairs to one of the rooms over the resturant. He was tired and Max thought he might have finally found somthing Kyle had that he wanted.


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Thank you guys for the bumps and the support. I haven't updated in awhile because first my computer was broken then I went to my freinds house for the weekend. Heres part four.

P.S- She didn't tell him her name was Liz, she said her name was Diane.

Chapter 4

"The race is tomorrow."

Kyle murmered this over and over as he paced the small room.

"The race is tomorrow."

Liz sat quietlt on the bed, trying to forget Maxwell Evans. He hadn't sent anyone to there rooms to feel them out for him, from what they knew, and Liz was gratful.

Now all she had to worry about was the race itself. They were dangerous and Ma........Kyle could get hurt.

She corrected herself and woulndn't dwell on that she'd thought of his name and not her boyfreinds. Somthing was going on in her head and she had to put a stop to it.

As soon as possible. What she was feeling could cause some problems.


Max laid in his bed thinking of her. Lately, that's all he could do, think about her.

Where the hell had Kyle found a girl like her. They usually didn't go to the races or hang with the gangs.

He rubbed his forehead and tried to will himself out of bed. Tomorrow was a big day for him.

It wasn't everyday you raced your biggest competitor who just happened to be an ex member of your gang and also your big brother.

Yeah, that usually wasn't an everyday occurance.

Bet you're like "what?" Reply!!!!!!!!!*big*
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Chapter 5

The parking lot of Kyles and her hotel was abuzz with activity, the race was going to start in 5 hours and Liz was pretty sure Kyle had never worked so hard to make sure everything was working.

Liz wondered, and not for the first time, why this race, out of them all was so special to him.

What made this race more important then all the others they'd done?

She didn't have a answer for the question that plagued her, Kyle wasn't being exactly sociable lately, if he ever had, and even if he was, she doubted he'd have a heart to heart with her about it.

Kyle had always had his little secrets and she had always accepted that, she knew things wouldn't change.

Liz rubbed her eyes taking away the thoughts with that motion and sidestepped one of their men running to one of the cars.

She glanced around realizing that Kyle was nowhere to be found, where was he?


Kyle had run to the store when he realized they were out of motor oil and now, here he was. In the middle of Winn Dixie SuperMarket, not knowing whitch end was up.

"You need some help," the voice sounded like bells and when he turned towrd the person speaking, he knew why. Because an angel was speaking to him.

Kyle shook off the corny thought and tried to forget how stupid that last thought was.

"Ummmm ... yeah, I can't find the isle for motor oil, do you know where it is?" He just knew she didn't, why would a girl know where that isle was?

"Yeah, I'll take you," Boy was he wrong, "O.K."

They made it to the correct isle with no accidents and Kyle thanked her, who knew such a beautiful girl knew so much about cars? He wanted to keep their conversation up.

It was few and far in between the conversations that he had about cars with a girl, or anyone for that matter, when the other person knew just as much or even more then him.

"Well, I guess it's time for us to part ways." He noticed that they'd been through the line and where now outside. Was it just wishful thinking or was she as reluctant to part as he was?

Kyle gathered up his courage, "do you want to continue this........" "yes."

Her answer was out beofre his question was even asked and smiled broadly. Liz, the thought popped into his head and he hurriedly pushed it back down. He was just going to talk with this girl, nothing more.

As they moved away from the Grocery Store Kyle finally thought of somthing that he really needed to know from this girl, her name.

"I'm Tess," she said as if he'd asked the question aloud "and you would be?

Kyle Evans."


Tess tried to hold in the gasp that wanted to burst from her mouth at his name. Kyle Evans, could he be the leader of the Scorpions?

Max had never said the guys last name and their could be a thousand Kyles but this guy was new here and he wanted motor oil ......... for a car.

Tess tried to keep her face impassive as she walked with Kyle toward a small Cafe named The Alien Inn and it finally hit her.

Evans, that was Max's last name. She glanced at Kyle through the corner of her eye, could he be related to Max?


Max rolled over into the empty spot next to him and smiled, he wouldn't have to look at her this morning. Actually it wasn't morning, it was more around 7 P.M.

The race was at midnight, Max jumped up and began to throw on his clothes, he had to get ready.

As he threw on his usual racing gera the came to him. Where the hell was Tess.

She breezed into the room then and began to undress. She still hadn't acknowledged his prescence after awhile and he asked, "Where were you today?"

She finally looked up at him and Max could see she knew somthing, somthing big. "Ohhh, I just went to have lunch with a freind, no big deal."

She zipped up the side of the tight pink spandex dress she was wearing tonight and skipped from the room.

Max slicked back his hair and put the tiny diamond eyed skull in his left era. There was no time to think of Tess. In exactly 4 and a half hurs now, the race would begin and he knew that thus one wasn't going to be any race.

It was going to be THE race.


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Sorry I've been gone so long. Thanx for all the feedback and heres the new chapter.

~'~⊕Chapter 6⊕~'~

Max stepped from the car to see a large crowd already gathered at the race site. He pushed his way through them to see Micheal wiping down his prize racer, the candy apple red Mustang.

"You seen our guy yet," he asked Micheal, referring to Kyle. "I'm not sure but I don't think he's shown yet."

Max glanced around pensively and noticed that Tess was no where to be seen also. "Where is she," Max thought absently.


Tess looked around her as she silently made her way to the hotel she'd followed Kyle to earlier that day and picked the lock to his room.

The room was still and silent as she flipped on the light and pulled out what she'd been concealing under her jacket.

When Kyle saw what she'd left and what she'd taken as she exited the room 30 minutes later. Well lets just say that Max was going to be sorry that he treated her so badly.


Max openly stared at Liz as she pulled up on the back of Kyles motorcycle and thay stepped off. He quickly glanced at his watch, they were 10 minutes late.

Kyle looked up and they locked eyes for the first time in about 3 years. Kyle didn't look that diffrent, he'd always been in this type of crowd but Max was sure he was stunned at how he looked to him.

He'd never been in this sorta thing until there oldest brother, Sean, started this gang. When he'd died in a car accident it was assumed that Kyle would get the gang until Max made a grab for power.

It took awhile but in the end he'd shown the others how he was totally capable of not only taking care of this gang but expanding upon it. They'd choosen him and to say the least. Kyle had been unhappy about that.

He'd walked away and they hadn't seen eachother since. Kyle sneered at him and turned to get into his racer. Max slipped into his own as Liz stepped between the two cars and put her hands over her head.

"Get ready," she yelled as they bith started up their engines. "Gentlmen, rev those engines," they both revved. She smiled at them both as screamed and threw her hands down to her sides, "GO!!!"

At that they both pulled off.


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Liz sheilded her eyes from all the dust flying out behind their cars and cheered Kyle on. They'd made it to the turn back point and the race was still so close.

"Why do those two hate eachother so much, I mean they've never met right?" Liz turned to the cheap looking blond and tried not to sneer at her. They'd never met but she could already tell what kind of person she was.

"No, they've never met, they just want territory is all." "You sure," she asked nonchalantly while looking down at a photo concealed in her hand.

"I don't think you'd feel that much for a person who's territory you just wanted, the way those two feel about eachother" she paused as if considering somthing that she'd just thought of. "I'm just saying, there has to be history there."

Liz looked at her as she turned and sauntered back to her gangs camp and thought over what she'd just heard. Kyle had been practicing real hard back in L.A. He was never like that before.

She turned just in time to see Max cross the finish a yard ahead of Kyle and to see him jump from the car angry.

"You cheated, you cheated!!!!" He kept screaming the two words over and over. "Even if I did, you still lost Kyle. It's time to pay up."

She saw him pulling out a chain and prayed that Kyle would just give him what he wanted. She had a feeling Kyle would get messed up if he got into it with Max.

He sneered and pulled away from the two guys holding him while fixing his clothes. "Fine Maxwell," he drew out the word in a taunting tone, Max's expression didn't change and he went on. "You can have the territory, it's pretty much barren there anyway and heres my car," he pointed to it with a flourish.

"Please, take it with you." They looked at eachother for a full minute before Kyle turned away and came toward me. I grabbed his hand trying to convey my support without words. "Ummmmmm Kyle."

He stopped and slowly turned back toward the voice that'd called him. "I don't want your Shitty territory and I don't want your fucked up car."

Kyles hand tightened on hers as the tension between the two escalated. He took a deep breth, "then what do you want?"

He walked toward them slowly and stood there with a self satisfied smile on his face. "You know what I want Kyle," he said said, staring directly at him.

"No Max, I don't know." There was another stretch of silence when Kyle began to speak again, "come on Max what do you want? I'll give it to you right now just let me go home and get some sleep with Liz," he said pulling her closer to him.

He smiled that smile again and I suddenly felt uneasy, "if you give me what I want that won';t exactly be possible." He let those words sink in and when Kyle still didn't respond his smile grew larger.

"The only thing I want from you Kyle".........he paused......."is your girl."


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It was as if the entire area became frozen after he'd said those few words, "The only thing I want from you Kyle, is your girl." She was positively stunned.

Not many people could say they've ever been positively stunned in their lifetimes and a minute ago. Liz would've been with them. Until now.

She took deep calming breathes to try to sort out what it was Maxwell really wanted, he couldn't just mean her company and arresting conversation. There had to be something more.

It was right in front of her and she knew what he was really asking for but wouldn't allow herself to beleive it. That this total stranger was asking this of Kyle and herself.

It was trully unbeleivable.

Just then Kyle lunged. The unexpectantness was running rampant tonight from the look on Max's face, he hadn't been expecting it either.

He got in one punch before one of the mechaniacs ran up and pulled them apart. He wiped the blood from the side of his mouth, looked up at me and smiled.

"You ready to go?"

I couldn't know. She didn't anwer, just stared at me with a blank face. Liz knew she must look like a total ditz but didn't care.

This was her they were debating about. This was her body she was going to have to share with some guy she'd met three days ago. "I'm not going anywhere."

The words were thought of and out of my mouth beofre I realized it. The crowds attention shifted from the two of them fussing to me in an instant and I almost wished I'd stayed quiet.

"What did you say?" Max look dumfounded that I'd spoken up. That was one thing a racer girl never did, speak while her boyfreind was making deals, even if the deal was pretty much.....her.

I stood tall and squared my shoulders, "I said......theres no deal." There was absolute quiet beofre the crowd burst out laughing and Kyle stalked toward me.

"I don't think you have your girl under control Kyle," max said just loud enough for all of Roswell to hear and launched the crowd into another fit of laughter.

Kyle looked around, aggitated at the way thingsa were going. First he lost the race, then his girl, now she was making him look like a fool. The truth was though that Liz was now Max's.

That's just the way things were in these type of situations. He fought only to save with her but the moment Max said he wanted her, ownership was transferred.

That sounded so borish and old school and women did have rights, Kyle and Max both beleived that when they were out in the real world but when you were racing, you were apart of a diffrent world.

In some ways, a better world. that was just the way things were in that world. Liz knew that when they'd gotten involved, she had to pay up now and Kyle felt horrible. Why did Liz have to pay for his loose?"

He looked into her eyes once before he lowered his and called to Max, "She's all yours." The look that came over her made him ashamed, ashamed he'd even brought her into this but it was to late now.

"Why did Liz have to pay," he thought once more as she was forced into the passenger seat next to Max and they roared off, "Who knew." "When you live the life though, you have to be able to price."

He looked at her one last time before glancing at the blond in the troo tight pink dress and look of pure rage painted on her face. "That was just how things were here."

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Liz sat as far away from him as possible. She was pretty much about to fall out the door but that was better then having to breath the same air as him. He drove the car farther and farther from Roswell and the longer she was stuck in the car with him. The antsier she got.

What exactly did he expect from her? To be totally docile and allow him to do anything he wanted to her? "What would be the fun in that" he asked as he glanced over at her with a sensual smile on his face before going back to the road.

Mental note: learn to differentiate between thinking inside your head and talking out loud. That seemed to being plagueing her alot lately. They drove on in silence until he pulled over on the side of the road and leaned over her.

She crowded into the door mare, did he think they were going to do something out here in the middle of a deserted road? He paid her no mind as he popped the glove box and pulled out a silk white scarf. "For you."

He held it out to her for a full minute before she reahed for it and he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. Liz fought in his grasp as he turned her so her back was to him and pulled the scarf over her eyes.

She stilled herself for she was sure was coming next when he gently pushed her back to her side of the car and slightly admonished, "no peeking now."

He started up the car again and she shook with relief and rage, who did he think he was, she wasn't a thing, he couldn't do this to her. "I'm not doing anyhting to you, I'm going to show you a good time tonight and it'll go alot smoother if you don't fight me."

She heard the edge come out and clammed her mouth shut quickly. She wanted to cry but kept herself in check, she wasn't going to let him see her cry. Liz felt the car driving over what must be a gravel road and pull to a stop.

He jumped out of his side of the car and opened the door for her, "let me help you," he said gently, more to himself then her as he grabbed her and helped her out of the vehicle.

He stepped behimdher and began to untie the scarf beofre pulling it off with a , "Ta Da!!!" "Do you like it?" I was totally stunned for the second time that evening, "it's beautiful Max."

He'd brung her to the woods and there in front of them was a beautiful white cottage. It had wide windows and ceilings. She could barely make this out in the low light of Dawn but she was sure the second floor has a balcony. There was a wrap around porch with a swing attatched and she heard the sound of the ocean in the back of the house somewhere.

"The seas about to Miles that way," he said pointing the direction that I'd guessed it was in. "Who does this belong to?" "Me," he said as if she already should've known that. "I won the land in a race and me and gang built this house last Summer." "You built this yourself," she asked, awe in her voice. He looked so proud as he answered, "yeah."

She smiled at him and he grabbed her hand and began to pull her inside.


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I think he has a split personality that was the first thing Liz thought as she glanced around the beautiful living room. First he's scaring the hell outta me in the car, now it's like we're on our first date or something.

"Do you like it," "I love it Max," she said quietly surveying her surroundings. She breathed deep and took the plunge, "what do you want to happen here?" He looked at her blankly and she clarified the statement, "do you want me to sleep with you?"


He looked at her stressed face and decided to play dumb, "you can *sleep* with me if you'd like Liz," he said stressing the word sleep while he quietly walked to the kitchen.

Max glanced back at her confused face and smiled as he brought the ingredients from the fridge to make his favorite dinner for them both. She came stalking in the room a moment later, "you know that's not what I meant Max."

He leaned against the fridge and surveyed her, "then what did you mean, you have to explain because I'm real slow with these things."

She looked like her head was about to explode from embarrassment and he smiled again slightly before he went to the stove and turned it on. "I meant did you want there to between us," she looked down, "are you going to rape me if I don't want to?"

He turned toward her and there was an intense quiet in the room before he broke it. "You know," he said sticking the index finger on his right into his mouth, "salt is really good by itself." She looked up startled, "You know, when you eat it off your finger."

She seemed incredulous for a moment before he watched her face turn an angry shade of red, "THAT'S NOT WHAT I ASKED YOU," she screamed flailing her arms every which way for emphasis.

This was obviously an important conversation and he turned back toward the stove, "what was it you asked me Liz?" She stopped flailing around and lowered her head again, "I asked if you were going to hurt me while I'm here."

He walked up to her and grabbed her shoulders, not liking the little start she'd given at his touch. "Look at me Liz." She did and he continued, "My word is my bond and I promise that I'm not going to force you to do anything, I'm not a rapist."

He watched her exhale and continued on, "but before we leave tomorrow and all my plans are through I won't have to, you'll give it to me," He raised is eye brow and turned back toward the stove where he heard her humph, "give it to you?"

He smiled as she finished, "I doubt it seriously." He turned toward her, his face stony with resolve as he released his finger from his mouth, "we'll see." He turned back around and began to cook again all the while remembering the stunned look on her face. He knew little Miss Elizabeth Parker better than she knew herself.


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Chapter 11

The day had been amazingly fun. They’d gone to town, taken a long walk. He cooked for her and told her funny stories about his gang. It had been fun, until now.

Liz stood in front of the full-length gilded mirror gaped mouthed. The little sparkling red bathing suit that Max had picked out for her was ………… more like floss then clothing.

The top half barely covered her and the bottom was a thong. There was no way in hell she was going to wear this out in public, but she had to admire him. Max had balls, only someone as arrogant as he would think that she would actually wear this thing out just because he picked it out for her. But she wasn’t taking the thing off.

She was admiring how the color brought out her eyes and hair color. How the little tie on the side of the bottom half brought attention to the smooth curve of her hip. Liz couldn’t believe it but she actually looked pretty damn hot in this thing.

She was shaken from admiring herself by Max’s steady knock on her door, “Liz, are you ready?” She suddenly felt angry again, that bastard………that sexy bastard really thought he had her welllllllllll, did he have another thing coming.

She stumped to the door and flung it open, “what the hell is this?”


Max was stunned silent; she looked even more gorgeous then he’d dreamed she would look in it when he’d brought it after that first time they’d met in the diner. The little bikini hugged her in all the right places and he felt his mouth go dry and his body tighten.

She was going to be absolutely fantastic when he finally got her into bed. She was looking at him suspiciously before she crossed her arms over her chest in defense, “stop looking at me like that.”

He glanced over her, one more time. Hungrily taking in all the details before hesitantly turning away, “what’s wrong, you look positively beautiful in that. I have really good taste.”

She heard the smile in his voice and had to force herself not to smile too, this was not a smiling matter. “I can’t wear this, I feel naked.” He turned back toward her, “what’s wrong with being naked, clothes are overrated Liz.”

She cocked her head, exasperated that he couldn’t seem to understand what she was trying to say, “but there will be people there.” “Who cares, if they say something it’s only cause they’re jealous.” He reached out and ran his knuckles across her face, “you’re really a beautiful girl Liz.”

She couldn’t help it when she leaned into his hand and she couldn’t push him away when he leaned down toward her face, barely touching her lips with his own, “do you really want to get a new suit.” She was slowly beginning to have to catch her breath, he smelled so good. “No, not really.”

He smiled and rubbed his nose against her own, “I think I’m going to kiss you now.” She closed her eyes against the shaft of heat that went through her abdomen, “O.K.” He smiled and when he was a breath away from her waiting mouth, she harshly pushed him away, “actually Max, I think we should go now. The sun is in just the right place. We don’t wanna lose that do we?”

Liz didn’t wait for his reaction, just grabbed up her beach bag and strutted from the room. Leaving an unsatisfied and slightly shocked Max in her wake.


Kyle sat on the lumpy hotel bed, alone. Liz had been gone a couple of hours and he was afraid. What would Liz and Max do? He doubted Liz would cheat but Max was a wild card, would he hurt her?

“Thinking about your girl,” He turned toward the ratty blond in the doorway and put his head back in his hands, “what is it Tess?”

She snarled softly and sauntered over to him, “I bet I can guess what they’re doing right now.” Kyle jumped up and paced the room, “Liz would never,” “this isn’t about Liz, Max is a charmer and I always thought Liz had that…..oh, I don’t know……suppressed housewife thing going on.”

He looked at her and then began to pace again, “get out Tess.” She smiled evilly, “If I were you, I wouldn’t be so mean to me seeing as though I know a secret.” That stopped him and he turned toward her, “what secret?” “OHHHHH,” she stated non comittedly, “just that you and Max are brothers and that you don’t want Liz to know that.”


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Chapter 12

Kyle looked at the girl in front of him, so proud that she had something on him, so willing to use it against. He laughed bitterly, and he'd thought they were friends.

"Go and tell her Tess, go and tell her that me and Max are brothers, I really have nothing to loose." She looked shocked for a moment and he burst out laughing," sorry sister, I know that was your only card and I just trumped it."

She sneered at me, "what's your problem. Why was you two being brothers such a big secret anyway?"

"It wasn't a big secret, we just didn't talk about it. I hate Max, Max hates me."

He buried his head in his hands,

"I didn't want the gang to know, I didn't want Liz to know, that I'd been beat out of what was mine by my little brother. That he was better than me."

There was quiet as he tried hard not to break down, the last thing he needed was to be seen bawling, he was already known as a punk loser.

"We can get them."

The words were unexpected and he was ashamed by his need to agree, by his need to protect himself just in case Liz gave in to Max.

"What are you talking about Tess?"

She stepped in front of him and bent down to his level.

"I'm talking about us getting together, joining forces against them Kyle. He betrayed us both and be truthful, you know Liz and he aren't just talking wherever in the hell they are."

He looked at her with red-rimmed eyes, "can I think about this?"

Se smiled and made her way to the door, "I'll give you until tomorrow when they come back. Then I need the answer." With that she disappeared out the door and Kyle put his head back in his hands sending a silent message Liz.

"Please, don't do anything that you'll regret."


He splashed her and she ran from the waters edge, this really was not the type of suit you actually swam in. It was the kind you sat around in and looked cute.

Maxwell refused to take no as an answer though.

"Come on Liz, what’s the use of going to the beach if you don't get in the water?"

He had a point but hell would rise to the surface before she admitted that though.

"Whatever Maxwell, I just don't want to swim."

He smiled mischievously and she felt laughter bubbling to the surface, she really had this much fun well, forever.

"Well I guess I'm going to have to make you Elizabeth."

She tried to dodge him but he picked her up and was carrying her kicking and screaming into the surf.

They were unaware of the other couples on the beach who were watching them, wondering at the chemistry between them. Wishing that they themselves had that with their own significant others.

He threw her into the freezing cold Pacific Ocean and she had to crawl back out toward him.

"I can’t believe you did that," she screamed, giving him a playful hit on the shoulder.

He smiled down at her.

"Doesn't matter if you can't believe it cause it happened, I have all these witnesses."

She laughed at him and noticed that he was packing up their things.

"What are you doing?"

"It's almost six and I want to be home so I can finish cooking dinner."

She nodded softly and tried to keep control of herself. The hour was approaching and she wasn't sure if she could ward him off any longer. She didn't even know that she wanted to anymore but she'd think of Kyle and feel her resolve strengthen.

Nothing was going to happen tonight between them if she had anything to say on the subject. With that she grabbed up a bag and began the hike back to Max's house.


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It was 2 A.M but Liz’s eyes hadn’t closed since she’d entered her bedroom. Dinner was very good but silent. He hadn’t even mentioned tonight at all, he didn’t try to start conversation; they just sat across the table in utter silence. Not looking at each other.

She stared at the ceiling and tried every method she knew to try and stay awake in case she had to ward him off. Was counting sheep supposed to keep you awake or make you tired, she couldn’t remember but tried it anyway…1…2…3, Liz felt her lids drifting closed and decided to rest her eyes. Just for a moment.

She awoke and glanced at the clock, “it’s 3 A.M, you’ve been sleeping for awhile.” Liz turned toward the voice and saw Max in his robe. “How long have you been standing there?” There were deep shadows across his face but she thought she could hear a smile in his voice, “not long.”

She pulled the sheet up to her chest, “what do you want?”

“Actually I came here to see what you wanted.”

Liz knew exactly what he was talking about and she ready to tell him to get the hell out but the tightening of her skin and the wetness beginning to pool between her thighs told a different story.

She could swear he was smiling, that he knew she was having doubts.

“Look Liz, we won’t tell. What happens here stays here.”

“But people will think we did something.”

“Who cares what people think, they’ll never have proof,” he put his finger to his lips, “we’ll never tell.”

Her plans were falling apart. Even if she kicked him out everyone would think they’d slept together anyways. Why not do it if everyone was going to accuse you either way?

She closed her eyes tight and tried to force Kyle from her mind. When she reopened them and looked over at Max she was greeted with the hard plains of his body and the evidence that he was thoroughly aroused.

He stepped into a shaft of moonlight and she saw a smile on his face, “I kinda knew things would turn out this way.”

She laughed, “you’re an arrogant fucker aren’t you?”

He smiled even broader, “you know you love it.”

She laughed tightly as he walked around to the bottom of the bed and grabbed the comforter, which she was currently holding in a death grip, and began to pull it down the length of the bed.

He threw it to the floor when he finally pulled it from her hands and then just stood there.

“What’s this phobia you have of being naked, you were born that way.”

Liz was trying very hard to control her breathing and he was acting as if they did this all the time, as if they’d been lovers for years.

“I’m sorry but I’m not usually naked in front of people that I’ve known for only a few weeks.”

He waggled his eyebrows, “well there’s a first time for everything.”

She looked away and he got to his knees on the bed and started to pull her into the same position. She didn’t fight, this far into he game she nearly panting for him and one look down between them told her he was too.

His cock was a throbbing red and his face had a pinched quality it hadn’t had before. He pushed her flowered nightgown up and over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he began to slowly trace the outside of one of her dark areolas.

This was truly amazing to him. He and Tess were animals; he didn’t think they’d actually ever had foreplay. She would just jump on him and that was that. No thought, no gentleness, most of the time he left their bed bleeding. He couldn’t deny that that was fun sometimes but it was always the same.

He looked into her eyes as the circles he was tracing moved inward toward the now hard nipple. Her breath was hitching and her eyes had a dream like quality as they watched his hand. Yeah, this was a lot different then with Tess. The thing was, he liked it.

Max pulled the soft pink cotton panties down her legs, removing the last barrier between them. He opened the dresser drawer to pull out a condom and he neatly folded the panties and placed them inside as he took out the rubber.

She was hot but she noticed what he did, “What are you doing with my underwear?”

He sat the condom on the dresser top and answered, “I’m keeping them.”

Her eyes went wide and she reached over to try and get them out, “you are not keeping my panties Max.”

He laughed and held her arms down again, “I’m keeping them.”

She looked into his eyes and conceded defeat; he could keep them if he wanted them that bad.

The smile slipped from his face, “lay back Liz.”

She didn’t say anything. Didn’t give him a snappy comeback, just pushed away from him and laid down on the bed in front of him. He put his palms on her knees and slowly pushed them apart. Liz kept her eyes on the ceiling through this and looked down at her.

Her lips were a dark pink and glistening from her excitement. He could smell her and he tried to reign himself in, tried to make himself go slow so he could savor her while he had her.

Liz looked down at him as he pressed an openmouthed kiss to her kneecap and began to kiss and lick up the inside of her thigh. Her right hand found it’s way to his head and she began to run her hands through his soft thick hair.

Liz vaguely heard wind chimes in the distance as he got closer and closer to her pulsing center. Kyle never went down on her, she’d asked once but the look that came across his face was enough to convince her never to ask again. Their sex life was very……….mundane. Not saying Kyle wasn’t a good lover, he was, he was just so…conventional.

Her thoughts were cut short as she felt his tongue flick out at her. He hadn’t shaved in two days and the small five o’clock shadow he had going was doing amazing things to the oversensitive insides of her thighs.

He gently nibbled her swelling clit and she felt her nipples tighten almost painfully as she became wetter. She hadn’t even realized she was telling him to bite harder until he looked up at her, face wet from her body and smiled.

“I didn’t know you liked it rough Liz.”

If this wasn’t such an intense moment with her teetering on the edge of coming she would’ve laughed with him.

“Shut up Max,” she said through clenched teeth and pulled his face back down toward her.

“Nope,” he said teasingly and pulled himself up her wet body, “you’re not coming until I can come with you.”

She nodded, that was fair, but it wasn’t everyday she got eaten with such skill. She voiced that to him and he laughed then kissed her full on the mouth. He snuggled in-between her thighs and pinned her arms over her head.

Their tongues explored each others mouth and they looked into each others eyes as they did it, this was probably the most erotic moment in his life. Max ran his cock along her pussy until he was as wet she was. He reached over and opened the condom.

He waited for a moment, allowing the feeling of her all hot and wet against him to sink into his mind before he slipped it on and went back to kissing her. She raised her legs behind his back and locked them at the ankles.

This was happening, she was cheating on her boyfriend and she could care less. Was that good, was being with Max turning her into something she wasn’t or was it turning her into who she really was? All the deep intellectual thoughts went from her head as she felt him push inside her.

Max felt her stretching around him and was hard pressed to stay still while she adjusted. He’d never felt the way he was feeling now with anyone else. She moved her hips a little to get closer to his and he took that as the go sign.

He went as deep inside her as he could and pulled out until the head of his member was still inside her. He wanted to make this last, to go slow. But those little sounds she was making the frantic movements of her hips beneath his put that dream to rest.

He began to quicken his pace and she kept her eyes on his as they moved together to completion. He watched as sweat began to gather between her breasts and speeded up. She was so beautiful, he wasn’t sure he was going to last.

“I’m coming Max.”

That whispered sentence was the only thing he needed to hear as he exploded inside her. He kept going though until he heard the soft muffled moan come from her and felt the rhythmic clenching of her walls on his dick.

He reached down, pulled off the condom, knotted it, then threw it in the trashcan near the bed before he let himself lay on top of her. They were tacky with perspiration and he began to circle her breast again.

“Can I sleep in here?”

She wanted to say no. Like not letting him stay after that would lessen it’s meaning. She looked at him and answered.



The car ride back home was quiet, he knew she’d have to think about what they’d done and what was going to happen with Kyle but he was afraid. Afraid she’d regret him. Max wanted to tell her that what had happened between them was beautiful.

Instead he let her have her space as he pulled up in front of the motel room she shared with Kyle. She opened the door and he grabbed her arm, “Remember,” he said raising his finger to his mouth, “don’t tell anyone.”

She grabbed her bag and nodded, “I know, this is between us.”

She saw something cross over his face for a moment, was it hurt, but it was there and gone in a moment and she began to wonder if it’d been there at all.

“I’ll see you Liz.”

With that he drove off and she watched his car until it disappeared in a cloud of desert sand. Liz opened the door with her key and locked it behind her.

“How was it?”

She spun toward Kyle’s voice with a hand over her heart.

“You scared me,” she calmed down a bit and stuttered out, “it was fine.”

“Did anything happen between you two?”

Her eyes went wide as if she hadn’t been expecting his question. He got up and went to stand in front of her, putting his hand on her face. He saw her jerk, as if to pull away from him but she steadied herself.

“I’ll believe whatever you tell me Liz.”

She saw it in his eyes, he knew the truth, he wanted her to lie to him. She felt her eyes misting up.

“Nothing happened on the trip between me and Max Kyle.”

She looked away as he pulled her into a hug. She was ashamed that she wished that right now she was in Max’s arms instead of his. Things had just gotten so much more complicated.


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She lay next to Kyle, trying not to want to go to Max. They made love when she got back and say that it was lacking pre Max said nothing to what it was like post Max. She could barely stay awake through it.

Liz glanced at the door and had to fight the urge to run to him. It was maybe around 2 PM but she was sure he wasn’t sitting around waiting for her to come; he wasn’t that type of guy.

She glanced over at Kyle’s sleeping face and slowly got out of bed. She threw on a red button up dress she’d had for 2 years and never wore and ran from the room.

He saw her running toward him and smoothed down the red flannel shirt he was wearing over his usual black shirt and jeans.

“Hey Liz.”

She doubled over, resting her hands over her knees.

“Hey back Max.”

She stood and smiled at him. There was silence between them for a moment.

“I was going back to my apartment, you wanna tag along?”

She looked like that could be a bad idea and he couldn’t help but wonder if she’d told Kyle what happened between them.


He nodded and crossed the street to The Crashdown with her in tow.

“Can I help you with those bags?”

He smiled and handed her the bread he was carrying. They didn’t speak as they climbed the stairs to his room and started to put his groceries away. Weren’t they a sweet family? Yeah right, he thought bitterly.

“Where’s Tess?”

He looked at her for a second, gauging whether or not that’d been her agenda all along. To see if he was still fucking Tess.

“How should I know,” he said curtly and flopped down on the hard mattress.

She looked away.

“Just making small talk.”

She turned back toward his fridge and started taking things out. He watched the small peeks of tanned thigh that peeked from under the dress each time she reached for something and fought the need to touch her. She wasn’t his to touch and she shouldn’t be here in the first place.

That was a big no no in the rules of the gang. You won the girl once and you never messed around with her again. What were they doing together?

“Why are you here Liz?”

The question came out of his mouth of its volition but he wanted to know the answer, was she just here to torture him or was she here for something else. She stilled for a moment then started stirring the eggs she cracked in a ball again.

“I wanted to see you,” she hesitated for a moment then continued, “I’ve missed you.”

He watched the back of her head and slowly got up from the bed as he made his way toward her.


She could feel him close behind her, breathing on her cheek. This was wrong, so wrong, but he started to run his hand through her hair and the thought vanished.

“I love your hair Liz.”

She made a sound deep in her throat and turned around in his embrace to kiss him. Was this why she’d come? To fuck and then go home to her boyfriend and pretend everything was exactly the same as it always was?

He wanted to ask, wanted to know if she’d told Kyle about the first time or even told him that she coming over here. He wanted to ask but the truth was that he wouldn’t. He wanted to touch her, to be inside her again, and if he pushed her she might leave.

H grabbed the hem of the dress and pulled it over her head. She was wearing red underwear and he couldn’t keep the smile from his face, she’d worn them for him. The shy blush on her face confirmed that idea.

He deftly unbuttoned the bra and pushed aside as he latched onto to one of her stiff nipples.

“Why did you come back?”

His voice was muffled but she’d heard and answered him, “because I couldn’t stay away.”


He woke up to see her straddling him.

“good morning Kyle.”

“Get off of me Tess.”

She giggled softly as he pushed her away and rolled over.

“They’re together you know.”

He didn’t answer right away. Just sighed.

“I know, I saw her leave earlier.”

She threw her arm and leg over his side and spoke into his ear, “do we have a deal then?”

He squeezed his eyes shut and grabbed her hand.

“We’ve got a deal.”


He sat back on his bed while leaning on one elbow and ran his free hand through her hair.

She gently bit the sensitive head and let the whole shaft slide into her mouth. He groaned loudly and she smiled up at him with her eyes. Liz laved the pulsing vein on the under side of his cock with her tongue and began to suck the head harder.

Max’s breathing was coming out in short gasps and his hips were rising involuntarily. She sat back and let him push wildly into her mouth. She used her tongue to keep from gagging on him and began to lightly pull and massage his now heavy sacs.

“God Liz!”

She smiled again tightened her lips around him as he pulled out and shoved back in.

She felt his body stiffening and his balls tighten as he came I her mouth. It was thick and salty as it slid down her throat and settled in her stomach. Max fell back on the bed and she climbed up next to him.

“God Liz, you give the best head.”

She laughed at him and pulled him into a stirring passionate kiss. He pushed her on her back and started to kiss her, “I wanna be inside of you now.”

She smiled against his mouth and let him spread her knees apart as he settled in-between them. Max slid into her slowly and watched her face as her body accepted him. They began to move together fluidly as if they done this a million times instead of two.

Liz let her knees touch either side of the side of the bed so he could deeper inside her and he put her hands over her head. She already knew he was very take charge in the bedroom that he liked to be on top but she was already planning the next time when she would make him submit to her.

Her body began to tighten around him and she came almost simultaneously with him. He pulled off the condom he’d put on and threw it aside before rolling off of her.

“I have an appointment. Will you be here when I get back?”

She thought a moment, “maybe. I’ll try to be.”

He looked into her face and pushed the sweaty mass of her hair away from her eyes.

“I hope you’ll still be here.”

He said as he dressed and glanced back at her all wet and flushed tangled in his sheets before he left the room with a smile plastered on his face.


Liz closed her eyes and felt someone enter the room, “Max.,” she called out sexily.

“Come to bed.”

“Sorry sweetheart but Max is a little, busy right now.”

Her eyes flew open and she clasped the sheet to her chest, “Tess!”

She smiled at Liz with no humor and sat on the edge of the bed, “you and I have to talk.”



He knew the voice instantly and turned to see his brother and his gang standing maybe 20 paces behind him with pipes.

“I think we have to talk about Liz Max, by the way, have you seen her?”

He assessed his position and knew he was far outnumbered. 10 to 1 was not his usual odds.

“Sorry Kyle, haven’t seen her since this morning when I dropped her off.”

They began to walk closer to him and he stood his ground.

“Sorry little brother, this is just business.”

Kyle said as he swung the pipe at Max.

Hope you like it.

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Chapter 15

The pipe connected with the side of Max's face and Kyle watched with horrible anticipation as blood exploded from his mouth.

He stumbled backward into Kyles crew's waiting arms.

"No mercy," he said before turning his back on them and making his way to Max's apartment.


Liz's eye's darted across the room.

What the hell was Tess doing here? Would she tell Kyle? Did she really even care if he knew?

All these thoughts flew her head within the span of a second.

"Calm down," Tess spat venemously, "I have no intention of telling Kyle that you've been whoreing around on him. I just came to talk, really. Woman to woman."

Tess watched her expel a breath of relief and giggled on the inside. That contentment wouldn't last.

"What is this about?"

She smiled secretively and stepped down from the bed.

"Max is great in the sack huh? That really is his only attribute. The only thing God blessed him with. He isn't very smart or articulate but," she leaned in close as if she only wanted to share this with Liz.

"he can eat pussy like no bodies buisness."

She didn't see the fist flying at her face until it connected.


Max felt one of them grab the back of his head and punch him across the face again, and again, and again.

He wasn't sure how long this had been going on but it felt like it had been forever. He opened his eyes when the vicious beating stopped, only to see the shiney barrel of a gun pointing in his face, "This is from Kyle, through me, strait to you."

He then heard him pull the trigger and he felt no more pain.


"Get off of me you rat faced bitch!!"

Tess yelled but Liz couldn't hear anything through the red haze of hate she was feeling.

"Fuck you bimbo," Liz replied pulling her face up by the hair, "eat me."

"I thought you'd never ask," Tess said sweetly and wiggled her tongue at her.

Liz grimaced at her and smashed her head back against the wall again, and again until she felt strong arms around her middle. Pulling her away from Tess' bloody face.

"I do love a good cat fight ladies, but did you tell her the good news Tess?"

Liz recognized Kyles sarcastic tone and tried to struggle away from him. Suddenly remembering her nude state and who's apartment she was in.

Tess sneered at her and smiled at Kyle while wiping away a dribble of blood from the corner of her mouth.

"I tried but she jumped me."

"Fine, we'll just tell her together."

He let Liz's feet touch the ground and swatted her behind, "go get dressed, we have something important to tell you."

She should've fought, cursed them out, ran from the apartment refusing to hear what they had to say. Instead she went to the bathroom, picking her dress up on the way, and got dressed.

"Curiousity killed the cat," the lodgical side of her brain said softly.

"But satisfaction brought him back," Liz mumbled under her breath before stepping back into the room, "now what's all this about?"


The bullet whizzed into the air and The Scorpion's backed off from Max's unconcious body.

"Get away from him and push that gun over here by me," Alex screamed, still holding his pistol high above his head.

They waited until the group had backed far enough away and they waited until Micheal ran up and grabbed Max's limp body.

"Don't come after us or I swear to God I won't give off a warning shot, I'll shoot to kill."

He looked at them for a moment, driving the threat home.
Then ran away with Micheal and an unconcious Max slung over his shoulder.


They looked at eachother and began to laugh.

"Stop it O.K, we aren't in Pre. K anymore, grow up."

They stopped laughing and they stared at her. The look in Kyles eyes curtiling her blood. There was so much hatred and distance between them.

She couldn't help mourning for them, they used to be so close.

"I'm not going to beat around the bush Liz," he said through clenched teeth.

"You'r lover Max, he's been keeping a secret."

Liz cut in, "we're not..."

"Don't lie, I already know O.K."

She let her head fall as he continued, "He has a brother."

Liz looked at him, waiting for more.

"That's all?"

He smiled with no humor, only anger, as if looking at her made bile rise in his throat.

"No that's not all, if you'd wait I could finish."

Liz looked away again and continued.

"The guy you've been cheating with, fucking with, laughing at me with......he's my little brother."

Liz's head shot up at that and she stared into his eyes, begging him to say that he was lieing.

He only sneered.

"You've been fucking his brother," Tess came in and said, Liz had almost forgotten she was there.

"Tell does feel?"


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Chapter 16

It felt as if the entire world had stopped.

“How. Does. It. Feel,” Tess spread the words out as if she were speaking to a child, “huh?”

Liz turned toward her with wide eyes and a blank stare, “bad.”


Two week’s later

Where the fuck was he?

That same sentence had been running through her head since she’d realized he was gone. There was something in the air though, something that told of a secret that everyone knew except her. She then thought back on Max and Kyle and how she’d had to leave the Motel shortly after their…meeting earlier on in the week.

It wasn’t that she was necessarily bothered by the fact that they were brothers, although the feeling of skankism had been following her around lately. It was that they’d lied. Why wouldn’t they tell her? Every time she thought of those two she cringed and Max’s disappearing act was only pissing her off more.

Pissing her off and worrying her.

The people weren’t acting just as if the town’s number one gang leader had just decided to up and leave, they were acting like.…..maybe……he might have been forced out. She’d begged Kyle to tell her anything that he knew about where Max was but he’d remained mum and with her seemingly blacklisted here in Roswell, Liz had no choice but to stay in Max’s vacated apartment.

And it didn’t even have an air conditioner.

She smiled as she laid sweaty and naked twisted in his sheets thinking about how she’d never noticed the heat when she’d been here with Max. Max. Now that brought her back to her original conundrum. Where. The. Fuck. Was. He?


He stood over her nude body that was recently occupying his bed and pulled off his shirt and jeans, he hadn’t worn underwear tonight. Max smiled and pulled the sheet down to expose her dampened breast. He then began to slowly circle the globe in tighter and tighter circles with the tip of his index finger until he reached the already puckered nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze.


He heard the question in her voice and smiled, who else would it be? He watched her eyes begin to flutter open as she started to wake up and covered them with his palm.

“Close your eyes baby.”

He felt himself grow harder at her unquestioned compliance and let his finger trail over the taut muscles over stomach.

“You’re acting like a virgin, relax.”

He saw a ghost of a smile cross her mouth as she relaxed her muscles under his skillful hand.

“Let go. I’ll do all the work.”


“Goddammit,” Liz thought as she closed her eyes and felt Max’s finger resume touching her so intimately. Suddenly Liz was angry. Who was he to come back here after weeks of being away and just act like nothing had happened?

“You’re acting like a virgin, relax.”

Liz felt herself smiling and relaxing at his words and wanted to slap herself. She was supposed to give him a hard time when he got back. Not lay down spread eagle and welcome him home the way she really wanted to. Liz decided right then and there she was going to curse him out, get dressed, and leave him stunned.

She opened her mouth to begin her tirade but the only thing that escaped was a high-pitched keening moan as his hand finally reached between her legs. She opened her eyes and saw the satisfied smug smile covering his handsome face.

Liz moved over involuntarily to let him climb into bed beside her as he ran his fingers between her damp lips.

“I missed you.”

Liz sat bolt upright then, swiping his hand away from her.

“If you missed me why didn’t you call, I was so worried for you.”

“I couldn’t call. I was healing.’

Liz winced and pulled on her shirt, “Healing? What the hell are you talking about? And what gives you the right to touch me?”

He smiled again and stretched himself out making his manhood jut out even more proudly if that was possible. Liz looked away red-faced.

“I think you in my bed naked was an invitation, even if you did it subconsciously and stop acting as if you’ve never seen me like this before. I’m always like this when I’m around you Liz.”

His voice had lost the teasing note as he said that last sentence and Liz felt her resolve weakening.

“What did you mean by healing?”

He looked away for a moment then turned back toward her, “nothing really, I got into it with Kyle and some of his friends.’ He laughed, “I sorta got my ass kicked.”

Liz narrowed her eyes and went to sit beside him on the bed.

“What fight? When?”

“What is this? I said I got into it, I got hurt, now I’m better…let this go.”

She stared up at his once angry but now pleading face.

“Fine,” she relented, “I’ll let it go. For now.”

He smiled and fell into her arms,"thanks Liz."

She hugged him to her and sighed, they had so much to talk about.


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Chapter 17

Max woke with a start into an empty bed and rolled over so he could glance at the clock, 3:52. He sat up on the edge of the bed and realized that Liz wasn’t in the apartment. He glanced at the clock again; worry beginning to settle in his stomach. She hadn’t been forced out of the house; he would’ve woken up. Max looked at the clock for the third time in a span of 2 minutes, where was she?


Liz walked the cold, windswept, deserted streets of Roswell and finally spotted his old beat up car. She walked into the run down bar avoiding the drunken men calling to her and made her way to the secluded booth at the back corner.

She sat across from Kyle for about ten minutes before he raised his head and acknowledged her.

“What’re yew dew’in hwere,” he slurred slightly.

She winced at the whiskey she smelled on his breath and responded slowly.

“I’ve been looking for you all night.”

She waited for him to ask why, when he didn’t she went on.

“I know you beat up Max, I wanna know why, and I wanna know now.”


Max came out of the small bar with a frown etched on his face. That was the last place he could’ve looked for her if she’d still been in the decent side of town. His frown became even deeper when he realized she must have gone to East Roswell when she knew very well that that place was very dangerous for a girl to be alone in, in the day time, let alone, the middle of the night. He closed his eyes against the next thought that entered his head, that was Scorpion country now.

He looked around before starting the hike toward the bad side of town. She was going to have to answer for this when he finally brought her home.


He looked incredulous for a moment, as if she might say at any time that she was just playing and offer to buy him a drink, the way she used to do. Well Kyle had to get used to the idea that Liz was a new person now.

“Well,” she prompted when he just sat there staring at her for what seemed like a millennia.

He took a deep breath, “fine Liz, I’ll tell you. I’ve got nothing left to lose.” He said the last words in a way that made her think he wasn’t talking about the fight but he continued and she let his words and the uneasiness that’d come over her roll off of her back.

“It all really started after the race I lost you to Max in. I came home late that night to see that my room had been tossed, like somebody had been going through our things but when I checked everything was there. Everything including a black rose with red tips. It was possibly the most beautiful flower I’d ever seen. It had a note attached that went something along the lines of ‘Secrets don’t stay secrets for long around here.’

She listened closely as he continued.

“I didn’t understand it at first but then I remembered that I’d had a picture of Sean that I’d kept after Max and I had parted ways. The only thing about that picture was that it had Max and me in it with him and it had a date on the back. Anyone who got a hold of that thing would’ve realized we were related and I, as much as Max, didn’t want that to happen.”

Liz felt a sharp intake of breath at the mention of a picture of the three of them as a vivid memory from the race over took her:

"Why do those two hate each other so much, I mean they've never met right?" I turned to the cheap looking blond and tried not to sneer at her. We'd never met but I could already tell what kind of person she was.

"No, they've never met, they just want territory is all." "You sure," she asked nonchalantly while looking down at a photo concealed in her hand.

"I don't think you'd feel that much for a person who's territory you just wanted, the way those two feel about each other" she paused as if considering something that she'd just thought of. "I'm just saying, there has to be history there."

I looked at her as she turned and sauntered back to her gangs camp and thought over what I'd just heard.

Tess, Tess was the start of all of this. She was the reason all of this was happening to them.

Kyle continued, not realizing that Liz had already figured the rest out.

“I got a visit late that day or the next, I’m not quite sure when anymore, from…” He glanced at me from the corner of his eye. She could tell he was thinking on whether or not to tell her from whom.”

“It’s O.K Kyle,” she said, deciding to make this easy on him. “I already know it was from Tess. He nodded slowly.

“I hope you’re not still involved with her. You can do so much better.”

He nodded again with a faraway look in his eyes.

“Well then I guess you’ve figured out the rest. All about our plan to break you guys up, then to just make thing’s hard on you two,” he stopped and took a drink.

“But you never knew about our last plan. It was something we thought we’d never have to do because surely you two didn’t really love each other but you surprised us. You stuck together through it all and that can be taken as a good thing, but it can also be taken as very bad.”

Liz looked at him with confusion, what was he talking about?

“I’m so sorry Liz,” Kyle started to sob all of the sudden. “It wasn’t supposed to end like this. Why did you have to make this so hard? All we wanted were the people we loved.”


He raised his hand to silence her.

“It’s too late for that Liz. Why did you have to come to our side of town? You would’ve had little but at least some kind of protection over there.” He raised his head slowly.

“You have none here.”

Liz looked around the bar and noticed for the first time how all conversation had ceased, just like it had in The Crashdown when they’d first arrived. “God,” she thought suddenly. “That seems like eon’s ago.”

“I can’t let him have you without a fight. You know that right? Why did you have to come here Liz.”

She looked up at him because he was now standing above her.

“I had to know the truth.”
He laughed at that.

“Didn’t I always tell you you’d get in trouble one day because of that?”

She looked at him, finding a small speck of humor in this horrible situation.

“Yeah, you did.”

He stopped smiling.

“Well it’s time to pay up.”

She felt something cover her mouth and as she struggled for breath the last thing she saw was Kyle’s face as Tess came up beside him and said softly,

“Good job.”


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I'll update soon.

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Chapter 18

She felt herself slowing drifting awake and a throbbing pain invade her senses.

"Where am I?"

"Sleeping beautys awake."

She heard the venom dripping from every word of the sentence and tried to look around her but her eyes felt scratchy and she could was black.

"What's going on?"

She felt strong arms grab her around the middle and puller her into a sitting position.

"It's me Liz."

She stiffened at Kyles voice and at the memories that came flooding back about how she'd gotten where she was.

"What day is it?"

"Doesn't matter."

Tess interrupted, "You'll stay here as long as it takes."

Liz didn't want to ask but she felt her mouth forming the words abd saying them before she could stop herself.

"As long as what takes?"

Liz couldn't see for the bandanna covering her eyes but a vicious smile formed on Tess' lips as she said her next words.

"As long as it takes for Max tp pay up." she paused for a moment, "and if he doesn't..." she let the sentence hang as she dragged her middle finger across her throat as she made the sound of tearing flesh and burst out into loud cackles.

Liz knew what she was doing but that wasn't what had scared her. The thing that did it was the tone of Tess' voice, the fact that Kyle had said nothing.

The thought came to her then, they weren't playing around anymore. Things were getting much more fatal then she'd ever thought they could. Liz turned away from them wished for the first time that day {or was it night?} that she could see.

"Help me Max."


He was frantic.

Max had been running around town all night and into the next morning, still no sign of her. It was bad enough that he couldn't stay very long on the East side of Roswell since he'd lost the fight with Kyle but the stonewall the townspeople were giving him was driving him crazy.

He understood that they were scared of a Scorpion backlash but didn't they see that a girl was in trouble? Possibly a lot of trouble? He pushed the thought away and began walking again.

He had to find her, now. The need was becoming intense. She'd been missing for far too long and he felt the stirrings of panic began to climb up his spine.

All he could think was, "where is she?"


Liz rubbed the ropes against the nail file she'd found behind the bed. Kyle had begun to untie her from time to time when Tess was away and she'd taken the chance to try and escape.

She felt warm liquid begin to cover her wrists and palms where the file had begun to dig into into her fleah and pushed away the pain and nausea that accompanied it.

She decided somtime during that second night that she couldn't, wouldn't, wait for Max or anyone else to save her. She had to at least try to do this on her own.

"What are you doing?"

She heard Kyles voice from what she assumed was the door and tried to let the file drop out of sight but it was too late.

She felt him running toward her and braced herself as he grabbed her raw wrists and took the file.

"What are you doing? Are you hutring yourself Liz? I give you privlidges and this is how you repay me?"

She listened as his voice rose an octave higher for every sentence he spoke{screamed} and felt the cold prick of tears behind her lids.

She heard him pacing the span of the room and tried to explian.

"You took me here against my will Kyle and you expect me not to try to escape every chance I get?"

She watched him begin to tear at his hair but continued.

"I'm not going to stop. Every time you turn your back I'm going to try. I'm going to keep trying and trying until I get out of here. Do you hear me Kyle?"

He nerveously ran his fingers through his hair and turned toward as if he'd just been struck genius. She didn't like the gleam in his eye's.

"I can't let Tess know that you almost escaped Liz. She'd kill me, literally kill me."

She watched him walk walk out the room and strained against her ties, ignoreing the pain from her cut wrists. Liz suddenly really needed to get out of here. She felt as if the whole dynamic of rhis thing had suddenly risen to something much worse then she'd ever expected.

He re-entered the rrom and began to walk towards her. She watched him pull the blade from behind his back.

"I'm sorry Liz, but I can't let you get me into trouble. I just can't."

She watched with wide frightened eyes as he approached her and lowered the blade towards her body.


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I'll try to update soon.
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Heres the update and I'm sorry it took me awhile to get it out.

Chapter 19

"I untied her so she could go to the bathroom and when I checked on her she was trying to cut her wrists."

Liz listened to the story Kyle was telling Tess and had to remind herself to stay quiet. Tess seemed to have something over him and he could've just as easily killed her then knock her out and tell a lie.

She looked up at Tess when he finished his story and she still hadn't spoke. She had a slightly suspicious look on her face.

"Were trying to cut your wrists stupid?"

I ground my teeth and did a fairly well job of not letting her anger show on her face.

"Yes Tess. I just couldn't stand to be here a second more with you two psycho's."

She let all the venom she felt for them come into her voice and couldn't help but smile as Tess backed away as if she had been burned.

"Well fuck you to then. I'm upset that our accomadations don't please you but I think I'll live."

The sarcasam that dripped from Tess' tone could've drowned them all. Liz turned away and never saw Tess' open palm careening towards her till she felt a hot tingling where it had connected.

"Don't ever turn away from me!"

For the second time in one day Liz was trully afraid. Tess seemed to be coming unhinged and all her fury was aimed in one direction at the moment.

"Leave her Tess," Kyle said taking Tess' attentions from Liz.

"Let's go get something to eat and for Liz's disobediance she won't eat."

Tess seemed to contemplate her actions before grabbing his arm.

"Lert's go eat Kyle. Ta Ta Liz, I hope you enjoy your night alone."

Liz sat watching the door they'd walked out of for at least ten minutes after they were gone. She then turned and looked around the small room. They hadn't put her blindfold back on and she could now see that they seemed to be in a small dingy hotel room.

She stifled tears and put her face against her knees. How was she going to get herself out of this?


Miceal watched Max stalk into the garage and stood at attention.

"Is somthing wrong Sir?"

He turned toward him slowly and threw a semi-automatic weapon across the room into his hand.

"He's got Liz and we're going after her."


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Chapter 20

They stepped tp the front of the hotel and glanced around themselves. The parking lot was dirty and deserted, the moon their only source of light.

"You sure your willing to do whatever it takes Micheal. I won't be mad if you wanna back out now cause if you do wanna get out of it now."

Micheal looked at him and let a cocky grin pass over his features, "yeah Max, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get your girl back."

Max smiled in relief and touched the handle of the gun that was sticking out of the waist of his jeans and smoothed his black shirt. He looked back at the building, and threw the ciggerate he smoking to the ground "fine then, lets go."


"Get her now Kyle!!!"

He grabbed Liz around her middle only to let go with a yell as she raked her nails over his forearm drawing crimson blood.


She made a grab for Liz before she get to the door and pulled her back by her hair. Liz spun into her grabbed as big a handful of Tess' golden curls as she could and yanked.

The only sound in the room was her peircing scream and Liz had a split second to see that she'd ripped her hair out by the root before she made another dash to the exit, to freedom.

"Stop. Right. Where. You. Are."

Liz would've kept running if she hadn't heard a gun cock.

"Don't fucking move or I swear I'll blow your head off."


Max and Micheal sat crounched at the door waiting for the moment they could burst in.They'd heard all that went on inside and they both realized that this probably wasn't going to go as smooth as they'd both hoped it would.

"Liz must've tried to get away on her own," Micheal said quietly.

Max was angry that she didn't wait for him to come get her but he also swelled with pride at his girl. She was a firecracker.

"We'll wait to the count of three, then burst in."

Micheal nodded and they both started the count, "One....."

Neither of them waited to get to three.


Liz was aware that someone had broken the door down but she couldn't turn and see who it was.

"Good to see you Max. Came for Liz cause, cause we're kinda busy right now."

Max noticed that Tess was missing big spots of hair at the front of her head and that blood had changed her once yellow locks red but he wasn't worried about her. He was here for Liz.

"What are you doing Tess?"

She glanced to the side and realized he was about a foot behind her. She checked his companions position and he was standing near Kyle. She gave him a tiny nod and he returned the signal.

"Only what I have to Max and I really wish that you wouldn't have made me."

With that she spun and kicked his weapon from his hand at the same time that Kyle blitzed Micheal. Liz ran forward and hit Tess making her drop the gun and she immediately picked it up.

"Get away from him Tess!"

Everyone stopped moving staring at the two guns that were still on the floor.

"Nobody move!"

Tess looked at Liz with a crazy glint in her eyes.

"Do you know why they called them kamikazees in the war Liz?"

She didn't answer.

"It's a asian word for scuicide missions. Those men weren't afraid to die because they knew that if they didn't do it they'd be dead anyway."

Liz tried to slow her breathing, Tess was walking forward slowly and no matter how hard she tried the guns trigger wouldn't work.

She looked down at it and noticed at white hand holding on to the barrel.

Tess leaned forward to her ear and said low enough for only her to hear.

"Did you really think that I wouldn't know he was coming for you Liz. The gun's been on safety the whole time."

With that she pulled it out of Liz's hands and backhanded her to the floor. She spun toward Max only to tackled by Micheal and for the gun to go skidding across the floor.

Max ran for the gun that Micheal had brought and trained it on Tess.

"Good riddance," with that he pulled the trigger.


Liz closed her eyes, waiting for the wet sound of the bullet that would be tearing through Tess' flesh at any moment but it never came.

Max looked down at the gun and realized that it stuck.

Nobody moved until Tess started to laugh.

"That was hilarious. The gun's jammed Max. What are you gonna do now?"

"Nobody move."

They all looked up to see Kyle holding Liz with a gun to her head. "Push all the guns over here."

"That gun probably doesn't even work," Micheal screamed.

Kyle cockd it, and threw the safety switch as he pushed it harder against her head, "wanna make sure?"

Max grimaced and leaned down slowly to push the gun towards him.

"Thanx Kyle," Tess said in a sugary sweet voice and turned toward Max with her gun.

"It's all over. Now you, your right hand man and your girl are all going to die together."

She started to pull back the trigger when a loud noise flooded the room.

Tess felt somthing wet pouring down her shirt and put her hand to the hole in neck.

She turned toward her killer in shock.


With that she fell to the ground.


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P.S~ I just got back from see SimFan for the first time. It's really good.

GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey you all!!!!!!! Thanx so much for the replies and I told you you wouldn't guess what was going to happen next*tongue*. Heres the new chapter, hope you like it.

P.S- I'm so proud, my stories finally of age...PARTY!!!!!!

Chapter 21


Who knew the body held so much of it? Kyle had shot Tess about an hour ago but nobody had moved, and we're still right where we were.

"We have to get out of here."

They turned toward her slowly and she noticed them all coming out of their fog.

"Yeah, we have to get rid of this body."

She spin toward Max quickly, "what do you mean get rid of the body? Allwe ahve to do is go to the police and tell them it was self defence."

"Don't be nieve. Do you really think that 'The Law' is going to beleive that a street gang killed a little blond girl because she was actually a psycho?"

Liz's mouth dropped open to reply but she shut it after a moment, he was right. The cops would never beleive that they had to shoot Tess to save themselves.

"But if we don't go to the cops now, if they find Tess' body, we're in even more trouble."

Max sniffed, "and they'll believe that the bullet to her back was in self defence now?"

They stood back and took a breath. Both had mde some good points but it was time to decide what to do. Risk going to jail and being found guilty at a trial, or get rid of the body, risk it getting found and be in this thing even deeper than they already were.

"I'm willing to try and get rid of it."

Those were the first words from Micheals mouth in the last half hour.

"This is not a democracy," Max snapped. "We do not take votes."

"We take votes when it involves all of us rotting in jail for the rest of our lives," Micheal snapped back.

Max stepped back in shock.

"I realize that your the leader and I totally respect that but I will not stand idlly by and let you decide my immediate future that will change the rest of my life." He stopped for a mioment and punctuated each word of his next sentence. I will have a say in this decision, it will be a democracy," he said the rest in a soft voice, "this time."

Max stared at him for a moment, gauging his seriousness, then relented, "fine. We'll take a vote."

"Whoever says we should just go to the cops now, raise your hand."

Liz raised hers quickly and looked around while carefully avoiding Tess' body.

"Those in favor of getting rid of the body, raise your hand."

Max rose his and was followed silently by Micheal.

"We'll Liz," he siad quickly, "that's the vote."

"Theres one more person," she turned toward Kyle who still had the weapon in his hands. "What do you want to do?"


I killed her.

The thought kept going round and round in his head. He'd purposely killed his first person.

"What do you want to do?"

He turned toward them slowly and noticed that all their eyes kept straying to the gun in his hand.

"First I wanna say that you all should remember that all our prints are on this gun. Everyones invloved and we all have the same amount to loose."

They looked away, shamed that he'd known what they'd been thinking.

"My vote is," he watched their faces go rapt, "we should get rid of the body."

They stood still for a moment, Liz put her head in her hands in disbeleif.

"Fine," Max said more to himself as he pulled his keys out of his pocket and threw them to Micheal.

"Go home and get one of the trucks. Don't forget a tarp and a shovel. We have a long night ahead of us.


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I might not be able to update soon because I live in Louisiana and you know...that whole, hurricane thing is going to hit us soon.

I hope that I will be returning soon. Thank you all.*sad**happy*
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I finally made it back. Sorry it took awhile. All of you that read "Not A Virgin," I just updated it yesterday so go check it out. P.S- Italics = flashbacks.

Chapter 22

Liz paced the room and waited for Micheal to return with the things.

"Max I really think tha...."

"Liz please. The vote has been taken and it's against you. You don't have to help but we are going to do this O.K?"

There had been no malice are anger in his voice, just plain fact and Liz finally bent to it.

"Of course I'm going to help you Max."

He smiled slightly and walked toward her. He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her toward him.

"That's my girl."

She knew that this situation was very serious, that it could and would change the direction of each of their lives but she couldn't help the chill that went through her at his voice. He was still so sexy.

"Max, man."

They turned toward Micheal and Max effortlessly caught the shovel he'd thrown his way.

"Lets get started."


They drove home in complete silence.

They'd wrapped and tapped Tess' body up, then thrown it in a cave in the desert. Max looked over at Liz's still form in the passenger side and sighed.

Kyle had left for God knows where after they'd finished. He said he would keep in touch if something happened. When we asked how he would know. He just looked off and said he'd know beofre getting into his car and driving the opposite direction.

The direction leading out of Roswell.

Max had watched his car kick up dust until he couldn't see the tail lights anymore. Looking at Liz right now, huddled into herself, he started to wish that he'd gone in that direction to.

1 Month Later

Things had been going well.

They'd fought alot at first, she cried, he held her. They fought, she cried, he held her. This cycle went on for about two weeks before she came into his room one night and woke him up.

"Max," she shook me harder, "Max?"

I woke up slowly and saw her leaning over me. I marveled at this for a moment. Two months ago I would've woken up if someone came into the resturant downstairs. Now people were having to practically punch me awake.

I smiled at Liz," what's up baby?"

"I don't feel bad about it anymore Max. If Kyle wouldn't have shot her she would've killed all three of us and you were right. The cops would've never beleived us about how crazy she was."

I nodded, "That's what I've been trying to tell you Liz. This wasn't our fault. We did what we had to do to survive and that's all. Wewould've never killed her and gotten rid of the body if we hadn't had to."

She balled her hands and leaned down to hug me.

"I love you so much Max. You took care of me when I was out of it after Tess and you didn't have to."

I held her face, "I did have to Liz. I love you."

Things had been a ton better since. He started work again, she started working at the CrashDown. They never spoke about what happenmed though and he could almost beleive now that it hads all been a very bad dream.

There had been little press when Max reported Tess missing. She had no fam,ily or anyone who was a really good friend and Max fely himself feeling sorry for her. No one had ever really cared about Tess her entire life. Maybe if someone had......he cut that thought.

This was no time for what-if's. This horrible time in their was almost coming to an end and Max couldn't be happier.


Downtown Roswell

Officer Valenti walked into the Sheriffs office and closed the door behind him as he sat and got comfortable in the plush seat. This was soon going to be his.

His father, Jim Sr., was about to be forced into retirement and he was going to be named Sheriff of Roswell. Jim had to suppress the excited giggles that wanted to escape him.

He put his feet up and leaned back.

The first thing he was going to do was take another look into that young girl Tess' disappearance. Something about that was fishy and he just had a gut feeling it had something to with that kid Maxwell.

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I've been gone for what...ever. So sorry!!!!! I'm ypdateing tomorrow and I just updated Not A Virgin. It'll be here either tomorrow or earlier tonight. Sorry it took so long.
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I know this was supposed to be a belated Christmas gift, I guess now it’s going to have a be a News Years present. Sorry it took me so long to get back here but I’ve been reading over all my stories and I recently discovered that Not A Virgin makes totally no sense and I’ve been in shock over it for a little while and working to correct it. That’s no excuse though so without further hesitation….Chapter 24!!!!

Chapter 24

Liz looked up when the bell over The Crashdowns door jingled, announcing the first customer of the day.

“Hello Ms. Parker, you are Ms. Parker right? Maxwell’s girlfriend.?”

Liz didn’t answer right away.

Mr., or should she say, Sheriff Valenti had been sworn in earlier that week and now here he was asking questions, and not just regular questions, questions about her and Max. She wasn’t exactly sure how she should answer and had to curb the part of her mind that was screaming for her to call Max.

She stood tall and grasped Valenti’s hand, she’d been leaning on Max far to much lately, it was time for the old Liz to resurface.

“Yes, I am Liz Parker and I do know a Maxwell.”

A little smile crossed his face at her vague answer to her relationship with the male in question but let the matter drop.

He took out a small notepad and looked back to see if she’d still look him in the eyes, she was.

“Can we take a booth and discuss something mam?”

At the look of worry that crossed her face he went on, "Just regular stuff. Have to check up on the old cases."

She became visibly uneasy but smiled and showed him to a seat.

“What would you like to know about?”

He paused for a beat to add suspense then looked down at the empty notepad.

“Did you know someone by the name of Tess?”

It wasn’t so much as the way she looked but by the vibe she started to give off at that question.

It was tense, secretive, even scared. He bit his inner lip, it was all he could do not to laugh outloud.

“Umm…Yes, she was that girl who di..went missing awhile back right?”

He looked up and she watched a wide smile crossed his face.

It was then that an unspoken understanding crossed the table between them.

This wasn’t really a routine thing for the new Sheriff to do.

He knew something that he shouldn’t know. Something that was possibly dangerous to the group.

And Three.
She had fucked herself with that last question.

And he knew it.

“Lets level with each other uh Liz. I can call you Liz right?”

She nodded dumbly.

“You knew Tess didn’t you? More than a passing friend. Maxwell used to be her boyfriend. Did you kill her so you could have him?”

“No,” she said shaking her vehemently, two seconds from tears.

“We didn’t really know each other and I didn’t kill her for Max.”

“So your admitting that you and Max are an item?”

Liz didn’t answer. Mistake two had been made and she realized that if she didn’t shut her mouth she would be digging at least four graves.

“So you and he killed her together?”

No answer.

He leaned across the table toward her and she backed away.

“Let me in on this one thing then. When did you start fucking him? I mean.. you were fucking before her disappearance right? Are you fucking him at all?”

He looked at the tears cascading down her cheeks and felt no pity.

“Did you kill an innocent girl just so you could get dick Liz? You killed her didn’t you? You killed her so you could have Max!!”

“No!! That’s not what happened!”

Suddenly strong arms enveloped her and she watched as The Sheriff was being pulled out.

“Don’t worry Liz, it wasn’t on the record…this time.”

“Calm down baby, calm down.”

She was crying hysterically by this point in time but calmed a little at Max’s voice.

“Go in the back and get a glass of milk and the bottle of brandy would ya Micheal?”

He nodded quickly and went to get the things Max had asked for.

He sat her down in the booth when they were alone held her against his side.

“What was he doing here? What did he say to you?”

These questions only upset her more.

“It’s O.K. baby, we’ll talk later.”

Micheal came back with the things then, sat them on the table and backed away. Liz watched as Max popped the top off the brandy and poured a generous dollop into the milk, while he stirred.

He pushed it toward her, “drink up.”

Liz leaned forward and touched a small amount to her lips, it was horrible.

He saw the grimace and pushed it further toward her, “it’ll calm you down now do for me…please.”

She looked at him and drink the entire glass very quickly. He was right, it had calmed her down and left her with a very pleasant buzz.

“Now sweety you gotta tell me what happened with the sheriff.”

At her grmace he went on, “I won’t be mad I just have to know what was said and what he knows.”

Liz looked toward him and began to cry softly.

“I think he may know Max, I think he may know.”

With that she passed out.


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I'm posting a new chapter because I have nothing else to do so enjoy this while it lasts go back to hell (a.k.a HighSchool) Tuesday.

Chapter 25

Max sat with his legs up on the coffee table in the employee lounge with Micheal across from him.

"Did she tell you what happened with the sheriff. What was said?"

"Max re-situated his legs and looked away, "no, she passed out and hasn't woken up yet. Whatever went on really spooked her."

"What about that 'I think he might know' thing?"

Max rubbed his face exasperated by all the vents that happened today and it was only 10 o'clock, worry for Liz, and annoyance at Micheals constant questions.

"I'm not sure Mike, I know he said something that scared her and maybe that was what she she wa talking about. We don't want to get all jumpy about what someone may or maynot know until we're sure."

"What are we going to do if he does know?" A dark look covered Micheals face, "I can't go to jail man, I'm not going to jail."

Micheal looked up and Max could telll by the look in his eyes that the same dark look colored his features.

"We won't be going to jail," he sighed and looked away with grim determination and truth etched into his looks, "and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure that we don't."


Liz awoke in Max's sweltering room with a gasp. She'd been having a nightmare that was already foggy in her brain but that she could remember distinctly that Tess had been there, laughing. Laughing about how they'd thought they'd gotten away with it and there was something in that smile, hinting at a secret that Tess had had something to do with the fact the sheriff was on their back.

But that was impossible.

Wasn't it?

The dead didn't usually send messages beyond the grave.

'Get ahold of yourself girl' she said out loud trying to find comfort in hearing her own voice and finding none.

She sat up, pulled out of the tangle of sheets wrapped around her legs, and went to the only window in the room that over looked The Crasdowns alley.

'Nice veiw' she said softly and watched as a homeless person dug through one of the bens. She felt a tug in her guts at the thoughtless comment she'd just thrown out and shook her head.

She had to remember as much trouble they were in there were people who were much worse off.

The homeless guy looked up at her and she waved at him slightly and took a closer look into his face. The he was a she and they hadn't waved back, just smiled the kind of smile that hinted at a secret.

Liz was beginning to feel uneasy but couldn't look away from the womans face. Not really a woman though, Liz saw a girl, around her age, maybe a year older hidden under the layers of dirt. She peered through it and realized that this girl looked vaguely familiar.

That's when she began to wave, not a freindly wave but a...diffrent one, a threatening one. Thats when she started pulling back the hood and what Liz saw underneath made her stifle a hysterical scream.

She saw a thick mane of clean, curly, straw colored, blond hair.


Micheal breathed out at Max's assurance that nothing would happen to them and leaned back. When had his life gotten so out of control?

The day you met Maxwell Evans, or better yet, the day he met Liz Parker. That's who flew your life to Shitsville on a one way ticket. His mind supplied nastily.

He shook the thought off, Liz was a good person and sweet as ever. Most of all Max loved her and it wouldn't do if he didn't like his boss' girl.

He thought about the waitress he'd met the other day, Maria. Pretty, blond, huge green eyes and pouty lips. Did he really wanna risk bringing her in on this lifestyle.

Calm down he thought, it was just a first meeting she didn't even really speak to you besides taking the order.

Even though he knew this was true he couldn't deny the feeling that Maria was so much more than that.

To all of them.


Liz pushed her back as far to the wall as it could go. Sweat popped up and rolled down her back in what felt like torrents.She could taste the fear in the back of her throat.

But she couldn't stop that damned curiosity that told her to look back out the window. To just check and see if the dirty homeless girl with the clean blond hair was still there or not cause this was crazy and Liz had a feeling that if she didn't look she would go crazy.

The little tank top and panties she wore were wet with persperation and semmed to stick her to the wall for a moment before she pulled away a little more vioently than necessary.

She went to the window and peered down at her, she was still there with painted on her face and Liz watched with mounting horror as as she drew up her index finger pointed it at Liz and brought it back across her throat.

This time Liz didn't bite back the scream as she ran from the room. Even when she ran into Max and Micheal runing towards her. She just screamed and screamed and screamed and scre.....


Max shook her hard and finally slapped across the face, that sobered her up real quickly.

"What happened?"

She looked up at him blankly, "I saw Tess."

And then she started screaming again.


Micheal was down in the lounge when Max got back from first putting Liz into a tub of cold water than changing her clothes and giving her a sleeping pill before leaving the room.

"Did you check out the alley?"

Micheal nodded," There was a guy out there. He had blond hair, she was probably still shaken about Valenti and just...?"

"What? Imagined the rest," Max finished for him angrilly.

""Yeah Max," Micheal said softly, "imagined the rest."

"Tess is dead. People don't just die than decide they don't really like it and come back. That's not how it works and you know it Max."

He looked at Micheal and rubbed the corners of his eyes.

"I'm scared man, I think I might be losing her."

Micheal didn't say anything to sooth him. To tell the truth, he was pretty sure Max had already.


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Storm1027 originally wrote:
What happened to chapter 23?

I was waiting forever it seemed, then out pops chapters 24 and 25. I'm greatfull, but... what did I miss?

I had the chapters miss numbered. Sorry, I didn't think anyone would notice.

I'll be abck soon with the next chapter, Thanx.
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Thanx for the replies guys. I'm so happy you all still like this fic. I don't really like this chapter but it's been to long since the last update so here you go.

Chapter 26

"I saw him in front of the resturant this morning. I think he knows something, or he wants us to think he knows something."

"Maybe we oughta just leave. You know, pack up our bags and just go, tonight."

Max looked at Micheal with barely concealed anger, "cause that wouldn't look suspicious at all."

"Stop it you two," Liz said quietly.

"I know you're afraid Micheal, we all are, but Max is right. Valenti probably has people watching us and if we just up and decide to leave he'll have enough to probably bring us in and I think that's the last thing we need right now."

It had been 2 days since Liz had "seen" Tess outside the window, she hadn't seen her since but the memory was still there for all of them and they knew without saying that it wasn't what they didn't need, but it was what she didn't need.

They were quiet for a moment.

"Is it agreed then," Max spoke up, "we won't try to leave Roswell any time soon?"

They nodded and Max turned and looked out the window. They hadn't said anything about it but he knew they were all wondering where he was. He'd said that he'd know if they were in trouble and he'd come back but had that just been something he'd said to get away?

Max looked at Micheal who seemed a hairs breath from bolting, he looked at Liz who seemed to be falling apart right in front of his eyes and couldn't really blame him.

He'd of done the same thing if he could have. But that wasn't possible. There was Micheal and Liz and even though they seemed to be folding under the pressure the truth was simple.

He loved them.

He couldn't leave them to face this by themselves.

But the question still remained, where was Kyle?


He sped down route 12 and barely had time to read the sign that flew by to his left.

'Welcome to Roswell New Mexico'

They'd told him it was time to pack and come back, Valenti was on to them and he had to go back. Kyle Turned on the road that ed into Roswell and breathed deep.

It was almost all over.

That's when he smiled, then laughed. If there had been someone in the car with him they would've smiled while at the same time backing away from him.

That laugh had been manic, hysterical. But there was no one there and he stopped soon after.

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