Title: Unique Individuals
Author: Midnight Love
Started: March 15, 2002
Chapters: I’m going to write a lot to finish off this story
Summary: Liz is a witch but doesn’t know it. She gets sent to a foster home when her mother dies. Only it really is a camp for kids with developing powers. Just check it out, please!!!
Disclaimer- I don’t own anything, just my life!

This story is about Liz, she is a witch but doesn't no it, until she goes to a foster home when her mother dies. But she doesn't no that the foster home is really a camp for new powers. She goes to the camp and discovers her true self and her unique individuality. It has some violence, Language, and other things that you should stay tuned to read.~!!
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Chapter 1 (Happy & Sad)
“Okay 1, 2, 3”
All at once the windows of the car were winded down. The light was a red and wasn’t changing anytime soon. The horn of the car blew, attracting the car that was right beside it.
In seconds 2 pair of butts were hanging through the window. The light suddenly changed to green as the car drove away out of site. Giggles could be heard inside the car. “Okay, Okay, 1 more, and that’s it. It’s 12:30 already, and if I get caught I’m grounded”
The car then stopped for the next red light but was on the other side. “1,2,3”
The did the same thing and then they suddenly drove away at the color of green.
Laughter throughout the car was heard. “I need a beer”
“I need a smoke” “I need an aspirin”.
“Okay so I’ve decided to break it off with Connell” said Romania who was in the back right. “What, no way” said the girl in the passenger seat.
“Hello didn’t I ask for my cigar” said Stacy as she waved her hand in the air.
“And I want my beer” shouted Elizabeth.
“No beer and no cigarette, we’re dropping you home first Liz”
Liz moaned in agony. She was wasted but had a terrible headache.
“All right, all right”
As soon as they were about ½ a block from Elizabeth’s house they dropped her off and said their goodbyes. Liz walked the rest of the way their only to be blinded by red blazing lights in front of her house. The cops and ambulances were parked outside her house. Liz walked a bit faster and stopped dead when she saw a body covered up being carried to the ambulance.

YOUR MOTHER’S DEAD! The words rang in Liz’s head so hard. She had walked up to the house scared and mad. As she reached in the house saddened faces and some of her next-door neighbor’s stopped her. They explained what happened but Liz knew the truth. The neighbor’s thought they heard screaming over their house when they decided to call the police, they found her mother in the bathroom white as snow. It was suicide they said. Liz had a gut feeling that it wasn’t suicide, her mother was happy, she was a pleasant woman, and she would never take her life.
The police started to question me about where I’d been, If I was here instead of getting drunk with my friends, I could have stopped the death. It was my fault. God was punishing me!
They also asked me if I had any relatives here, or close by. The truth was my father died when I was 3 years old and my mother never kept in touch with my relatives, not even 1.
How could you do this mother? Where are you, I need you. Please don’t leave me alone. The fact was though that my mother was truly dead, and she wouldn’t come back.
It’s funny because about 2 hours ago I was laughing and having fun with my friends. But here I am now, feeling alone and sad.

Can you believe this my mother dies about 5 days ago, here I am on a plane getting ready to go to Roswell, New Mexico, may I remind you, I lived in New York. Now tell me this, I’m sure that I don’t have any relatives in Roswell. Why the heck am I going across the globe just to be in some foster home.
I walk out of the airport only to be greeted by a sign that had my name on it. It was actually the policeman who had helped me deal with my mother’s death that was holding the sign. “Answer me this one question,” I said.
“Why did I come all the way to Roswell to go to a foster home, there are a lot of homes in New York you know?” I asked.
“Well, let’s just say I knew your mother, I was like a brother to her, and I have this friends daughter who goes there, I only want the best for you”.
I nod my head in approval and step into the long limo.

“Liz I want you to meet your roommates” said the man. His name was Jim Valenti, he had a comforting look on his face, but he also looked strict. He had greeted me at the door; he was whom he called the master of this house program.

“This is Maria Deluca,” he said, he was pointing to a blond hair girl with blue green eyes. She looked kind of like an outgoing person, ~but that doesn’t even matter. ~
“This is Isabel Evan” The girl looked like she was stucked up, she also had blonde hair and had blue eyes. She held her head up in pride and walked like an independent women. ~Yea right! ~
“This is Tess Harding,” he said. The girl was blonde, again ~Damn the blonde’s have taking over the world~ She had blue deep eyes and she looked like she was a mean witch. Why you ask, because she was looked at me like I was an insect or something ~I got tricks up my sleeve too~
“ON to the boys, this is Max Evans” There stood a pretty good-looking boy her had amber eyes and I’m guessing he was the second blonde haired girls brother.
“Next is Michael Guerin” There stood a boy with messy hair, he had hazel eyes and was built.
“Up next is my son Kyle” There stood a similar version of Jim Valenti, he was a bit cute, but looked like he always stood in front of the mirror.
“ We have Xan which is outside doing God knows with God knows who.
~Sounded like a bad boy~

“Okay now your curfew is at 11:50, you must be in the house by that time, the doors will be locked by 12.00, on the dot. Now you will be enrolled into the school that all the rest of the students are at, it’s called Roswell High.
Every two weeks two students will be asked to go out and get some groceries. Your room is on the second floor, 3rd room. If there’s any more questions just ask Maria she’s the social person.” Said Mr. Valenti.
I nod my head and brought my suitcases in the room.

It was 11:20 so I had 30 minutes till lockdown, I decided to go outside and check out the house. From what I saw the house the house was big, really big, like a mansion house, even bigger. I walked around the house admiring the green grass, even though I couldn’t see it well in the dark, I looked around the outside of the house and at the back. The swimming pool was big from what I saw, they even had a small little forest area at the far back with a small but rounded pond. IT was like I was dreaming, dreaming of a fairy tale. It would take a while to get used to it but I think I already was. It was Friday and I had 2 days to get used to the whole rich life. As I was walking back to the front of the house I saw Max’s twin brother, smoking a cigarette. I got up the nerve and asked him for one, he took a look at me then walked into the house without looking back. Max and Xan really did look alike except for the piercing on Xan’s body and the muscles.

My room was just as big, it had everything I wanted. A queen sized bed, all white, a white rug, white curtains, big dresser, wardrobe, even more closet space, a telephone, a radio, a computer, but not a T.V. The room was big, with even more stuff in it. The key for the door was on the dresser. As I took up the golden key the door opened, and popped up a blonde haired face, which was Maria as I recall. “Hi” she said all perky. “Hi”
“Well, I just want you to know that if you have questions I’m available” she said as she stepped into the room.
“Well actually there is a question I want asked, umm, Is like Max’s brother Xan, like mad and grumpy all the time.”
“Unfortunately he his, but don’t worry about him, he’ll stay away from you if you stay away from him.” “Anything else you need” she asked.
“Nope, that’s okay, but um thanks for coming in”
I signaled for her to leave and in about 10 minutes she understood. After she was gone, I shut the door and locked it, I wanted to be alone, and I want to be me.

That night I had the most horrible dream; I was swimming in the water when the water turned red, red as blood, up next to me floated up my mother. Her eyes were rolled back but her skin was full of life, like she was sleeping. She was dead though, her eyes were only white and no breathe came out of her mouth. Then the dream took me to a whole knew life. I was in the house watching my mother throw herself on the bed and everywhere else, and then she locked herself in the bathroom and out her head under the bathe water. I screamed and woke, only to be standing right at the pond in the back. I looked in the water and saw my mother’s face, full of life, laughing. She looked so beautiful, she was beautiful.

“Wake up, breakfast time” shouted Maria through the door. I woke up on a deep mood. I felt depressed and sad; also my head was killing me. “I’m coming,” I shouted groggily as I got out of bed. I opened up the door after 5 minutes and walked downstairs. Everyone was seated at the table; it was 8:50 a.m. everyone was only dressed in their clothes to go out. ~Note to self- make sure bathe is taking before eating breakfast~.
I sat down at the table between Maria and Max. “Morning” I said to everyone as I took up my plate. There was egg, tea, pancakes, and orange juice at the table. I picked up my fork after choosing the food I wanted. I took a bite of the pancakes, and spat it out. “What, you don’t like,” said Isabel.
“Ummm” I stuttered looking at everyone. Maria whispered to me to act like it was good. “Yummy” I said while rubbing my stomache.
“Oh please this food is a piece shit,” said Xan as he stood up.
“I wasn’t talking to you,” said Isabel as she rolled her eyes.
Xan got up, went to the stove and made his own pancakes. “ Yo, if ya’ll wants some, I’ll make it for ya’ll.” Said Xan
“Me!” shouted everyone at the table except for Isabel and I.
“I mean, Iz you’re food is yummy but um how bout we try some of Xan’s” said Max as he patted Isabel on the back.
“Yea, whatever he said,” said Tess as she walked to Xan.
“Whatever” muttered Michael as he stood up also.
Isabel looked at me, looking desperate. I smiled her and began to take another bite of her cement pancakes. Chewing slowly I smiled at her, regretting every bite I took.

I no there are mistakes, I didn’t spell-check it, so please mind my errors.