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title: Bruises
rating: R(for now)
catergory: Max/Liz
Summary: Liz thinks of her reason on Earth and the fact that Max is wit Tess.NO, TESS AND MAX NEVA DID THE DEED! THEY JUST KISSED AT THE PROM.
Authors Note: hi all! this is my first song fic and feed back is required or ill wun post...well, this songs from tha greatest singa eva! ~*Majandra*~

~~~~~~~~~~~part 1************************

I cant stop thinking about cutting myself up
visual bruises can be covered with make-up
but down to the core im all bruises
my lil whore gives this excuses

Liz "woke up" from another sleepless night. She threw her covers aside and got ready for school. As she washed her wands, she looked at her wrists. They were both sliced in straight vertical lines. She looked up at her reflection.

"Shut up! all of you!" Liz screamed , them stormed outta the CrashDown, leaving her sullen friends behind.

They thought she needed help. And they wanted to talk about it. What was there to talk about? Life? Love? The fact that they had all betrayed her? The fact that HE'D betrayed her?
No, it wasnt gonna happen.

She walked in her room and slammed the door. She put on some Majandra andand started to cry. Finally, she figured it out. She could end all of it. The pain. The overtaking silence. The anger was suffercating her.

She walked into her bathroom and quietly shut the door behind her. A new song played over the stereo. "Bruises".

She grabbed her razor and as she slit her left wrist, she only let one tear fall. She turned on her bathtub and filled it up with hot water. she got in and as she slit the right, she passed out.

Just then Micheal walked in. "Shit" she heard him say. He took her outta the bathtub and carried her to her bed. He dried her off with his powers and went to clean up the mess.

Something told him not to tell Max. He had enough of his own problems.

~~~~~~~~PRESENT TIME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Liz shook her head to clear her mind of what happened nearly a month ago. She got out her concealer and covered up her pain.


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~~~~~~~~~~PART 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
how can this be rationalized?
your brain has programed all those lies
what do you tell yourself about our situation?
how can you look at yourself w/o having some sort of revelation?


"Hey Maria!" Liz said as she put on her fake smile and walked towards her .
"Liz, chica!whatws up!"Maria pulled her into a hug. Maria wasnt buying it. She knew her best freiend, and her best friend was lying .
The "Pod Scuad" came into the hallway shortly after Liz. Max was there. Liz was slowly dying inside yet didnt let her smile falter.
She had to keep up this appearence. Or else Micheal would tell them. tell Max.
Micheal wasnt fooled for a minute. She knew she was lying. He's known it all along. But at least no more scars were mysteriously showing up anymore. At least, none that he could see.
He rubbed his temples. He was starting to get weary of the entire thing.
'Speaking of betrayal and gerbils,' Liz thought as she saws come out from behind Isawhore.
'Always hindin behind the czhechs' Maria thought silently as she put on her biggest, most sugariest smile ever.
'They'll probably get cavities from this,' she didnt have that much tyme to ponder the thought becos' Max started up a conversation with Liz so fast she almost got whiplash.
"Hey Liz! How about you come and hang out with me and Tess? c'mon itll be fun!" He really hoped his eyes didnt betray his thoughts.
Liz looked at him with venom. "dont talk to me" she said harshly.
"li..." he started, but she cut him off.
"I said, Dont talk to me." And with that, she left,once again leaving her freind and a slutty skank(whoops, sorry) behind. Maria followed.

TBC!!! Sorry fer tha bad second part, I lost the original so I made it up as I went. Remember the rules: NO FEEDBACK, NO STORY!
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