Summary: Based on the movie Kate and Leopold (Hugh Jackman Ohmigod!) - but it won't be the same. All characters are involved (although some have smallish parts).
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Part One

Duke Maxwell was bored put of his mind.
Instead of listening the speech taking place in front of him, he turned his head and looked about him.
His eyes took in women, who were all staring at him.
He almost wanted to yawn at them.
They were nothing special.
He needed a woman with something striking about her.
Something that would stand out screaming to him that this was the woman he should marry.
These woman made him want to run screaming.
Sighing he turned back to the speech in front of him.
Someone was jabbering about an erection, at least that was the only word Maxwell picked up on because it was mentioned about seven times.
The man was speaking about a bridge, a huge erection.
Maxwell heard sniggers behind him.
Turning he saw a man holding a small silver thing.
The man was holding it up and clicking it, causing a quick flash of light to come from the silver thing.
Maxwell stared at the thing, he had never seen anything like it.
The man noticed Maxwell staring at him, and he stepped backwards quickly.
Maxwell intrigued, walked towards the man.
The man walked away quickly through the crowd. Once he reached the edge of the crowd he broke into a run.
Maxwell ran after him.
“Wait, sir please!” Maxwell cried after him.
The man ran to a carriage and jumping in he took off disappearing round a corner.
Maxwell slowed, realising he could not catch the stranger.
“Blast,” Maxwell muttered and wandered back to the speech and the huge erection.