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Title: Lost Souls
Author: Dreamgurl-AKA- Ashley
Email: ashley3eb⊕
Category: M/L and other couples, strong friendship themes
Rating: P-13 to R for strong language
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my computer and imagination
Author’s Note: This takes place right before “Departure.” They know how to work the granolith, Alex is dead, but Tess is not pregnant.
Summary: Khivar has come to Earth to take revenge on the pod squad. He captures Liz and takes her back to Antar with him. Max and the pod squad follows in the granolith but when they get to Antar Max and the rest fall into their roles and they don’t remember much about their lives on Earth. Read the story to finds out what happens. Enjoy! Feedback helps whether its good or bad!

Part 1

Liz Parker sat outside on her balcony looking at the stars. Why can’t everything be as peaceful as this, she thought. Alex died a couple of weeks and she was still trying to figure out who murdered him. Max was pissed at her....well, basically everyone she knew was pissed at her for saying that it was an alien who killed him. If I could only find a way to prove to them.
“Liz!” Someone called her from below. It didn’t sound like Max’s voice so she cautiously walked over to the edge. She looked down and saw a man not far from her age. He had black hair with streaks of red. His eyes were dark brown, almost black, and they were mean and piercing. They didn’t look right next to his soft facial features. Liz stood there for a minute before she asked, “Who are you? What do you want?” Without answering he started to climb up the ladder. Liz backed away and started towards the window. “What do you want?” she repeated.
“Hello Liz,” he said. His voice was thick and raspy. He stepped closer and held out his hand. His fingers graced Liz’s cheek and she stepped back. “Tell me want you want or I’ll...”Liz started.
“You’ll what, Liz, huh. Will you scream your lungs off until till someone comes help you? It would be to late by the time they got here. We would already be gone.”
“ What the are you talkin....”Liz started.
“ What the hell is going on here? Who the hell are you?” Liz peered over the man’s shoulder and saw Max standing behind him.
“ Max, what a surprise. I was just up here talking with my new friend Liz. We were getting along just fine until you showed up. But hey, it’s like that famous earth saying, the more the merrier.”
“ Liz, what’s going on here.” Max looked at Liz. Liz was speechless, she knew who he was. The way he looked at Max with such hatred. The way he said that “earth saying.” He’s Khivar. He’s here, on Earth, and he’s come to kill Max. but why is he here. And why did he say he was taking me somewhere. Liz looked at Max. Max was staring at Khivar. He’s figuring it out, Liz thought. Max suddenly got this look of realization on his face but it was soon replaced with hatred.
“ So, you’ve figured me out. I’m back Max. But I’m not here to kill you. Not yet. I’m here for your pretty little girlfriend.”
“ Don’t you hurt her.” Khivar grabbed Liz and stood her in front of him while he held her hands behind her back. Tears were silently falling from Liz’s face. “ What do you want her for.”
“ Well, I can’t tell you my whole plan, but I can tell you that it does involve me taking her back to Antar with me. But now that you’re here it’s not going to be as easy as I thought. Or is it.” Khivar held out his hand and energy burst from his palm. Liz looked up and saw Max fly through the air and into a brick wall.
“ No!” Liz cried her voice suddenly found. “ No! Stop it! Let go of me! Get the fuck off of me!”
“Now, now, stop screaming. You wouldn’t want your parents to wake up and come and see all of this.” Khivar started walking towards the ladder taking Liz, who was struggling against him, along with him.
Max slowly opened his eyes and looked up. He saw Khivar taking Liz down the ladder. “Liz,” he said weakly.
“Max! Max! Help me! Max!” Liz screamed and tried to hit Khivar. Max looked up at her and tried to stand up. He reached a sitting position before everything started spinning. Max collapsed on the ground and blacked out. The last thing he remembered hearing was Liz helplessly screaming his name.

Title: Lost Souls
Author: Dreamgurl-AKA- Ashley
Email: ashley3eb⊕
Category: M/L and other couples, strong friendship themes
Rating: P-13 to R for strong language
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my computer and imagination
Author’s Note: This takes place right before “Departure.” They know how to work the granolith, Alex is dead, but Tess is not pregnant.
Summary: Khivar has come to Earth to take revenge on the pod squad. He captures Liz and takes her back to Antar with him. Max and the pod squad follows in the granolith but when they get to Antar Max and the rest fall into their roles and they don’t remember much about their lives on Earth. Read the story to finds out what happens. Enjoy! Feedback helps whether its good or bad!

Part 2

Max’s eyes fluttered open and he slowly tried to sit up. Pain whirled in his head and back and when he brought his hand to his head it came back with on it. What happened? And, why am I on Liz’s balcony? Max closed his eyes as remembered bits and pieces of what happened the night before. Him going to talk to Liz, him seeing Khivar holding her, him being thrown up against the wall he was now leaning on, and him hearing Liz call his name for help just as he started blacking out. “ Oh, God,” he muttered to himself. “Khivar has Liz.”
Max stood up despite the pain and carefully climbed down the ladder. He had to get Liz. He had to help her. But the problem was, was that he couldn’t remember exactly where Khivar said he was taking Liz. Max walked along thinking, not really sure of where his feet were taking him, but when he looked up he saw himself in front of Maria’s house. It was about 5:00 am so Maria wasn’t at work or school. Not caring who he woke up, Max went to Maria’s window and knocked softly. When no one answered after a couple of minutes Max knocked again, this time louder. He heard shuffling inside and saw the curtains open to show that a very angry Maria was standing behind the window.
* * *
Maria opened the curtain to see who had woken her up at 5:00 a’ clock in the morning on a Saturday. When she saw it was Max she became very upset. Why doesn’t he just go to Tess the bitch with all of his problems. Unless e and Tess broke up. Nah, too good to be true. Maria just stood there until she noticed that Max had a big gash on his head and that blood was trickling down the side of his face. She quickly opened her window and watched him climb inside.
“What happened?” Maria asked, concern written all over her face.
“ Khivar’s here. Or he was here. At Liz’s house.”
“What! How did he....why is he....wait....did you say he was at Liz’s house. Why would he go there?” Maria asked surprisingly. Max sat on the bed while she went to the bathroom to get a towel. She handed it to Max and waited for him to tell the whole story.
“ I went over there to talk to here and he was there. He said he didn’t come to kill me, but to come and take Liz. I don’t remember where he said he was taking her but he started to leave and he threw me against the wall, I blacked, and the next thing I know is that I’m on Liz’s balcony covered in blood.”
“ Oh, God. Did he even tell you where he was taking Liz?”
“ Yeah, I just can’t remember what e said.”
“ Well, you best be remembering. I mean, he has Liz. They could be anywhere. He could be doing anything to her.” Maria said tears forming in her eyes.
“ Yeah, well next time you get thrown up against a brick wall you see how easy it is to remember what happened.”
“ Ok, I’m sorry. This is just a lot of news to take in at once.”
“ Call Michael, tell him to get the others and meet us at the pod chamber.”
“ K.” Maria left her bedroom to go get the pone. For the first time since it happened Max really thought about what had taken the place before. Liz was gone. Gone. He didn’t know if he would ever see her again. Sure, he wasn’t her boyfriend anymore and he was now dating Tess, but he still loved her. Nothing would ever change that. Why couldn’t I have attacked him before he attacked me. If I only could have figured out who he was sooner then Liz might still be here and not with some alien killer from Antar. Antar. “Oh my God,: Max whispered.
“What,” Maria said as she walked in the room with the phone. She saw the scared look on Max’s face and tears started pouring from her eyes. “ What is it Max? Where’s Liz?”
Max turned to her and looked her straight in the eye. His eyes were red and were glazed over from unshed tears. “Antar. He took her to Antar.”

Title: Lost Souls
Author: Dreamgurl-AKA- Ashley
Email: ashley3eb⊕
Category: M/L and other couples, strong friendship themes
Rating: P-13 to R for strong language
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my computer and imagination
Author’s Note: This takes place right before “Departure.” They know how to work the granolith, Alex is dead, but Tess is not pregnant.
Summary: Khivar has come to Earth to take revenge on the pod squad. He captures Liz and takes her back to Antar with him. Max and the pod squad follows in the granolith but when they get to Antar Max and the rest fall into their roles and they don’t remember much about their lives on Earth. Read the story to finds out what happens. Enjoy! Feedback helps whether its good or bad!

Part 3

Michael slammed the phone on hook and walked out the door. Maria had called him she sounded really upset. She told him to call the others and tell them to meet at the pod chamber. What in the hell could be so important that we have to meet at the pod chamber, he had first thought, but he called Isabel, Tess, Kyle, and he tried to call Liz but she didn’t answer.. Man, it’s 5:30 in the morning. What could be important that we need to have a meeting at 5:30 in the morning. He saw Isabel, Kyle, and Tess pull up in front him and he hopped in the backseat.
“ So are we going to Liz’s now?” Tess asked, jealousy coursing through voice.
“ No, she didn’t answer,” Michael answered shortly. He didn’t know why she was jealous. She had Max. She should be happy.
“ What is this all about anyway?” Isabel asked.
“ Yea, I mean a man needs his beauty sleep,” Kyle said.
“ Kyle, get over yourself,” Tess said.
“ I don’t know. Maria called me and she said to call all of you and meet at the pod chamber. It must be important because she sounded really upset.”
“ Why was Max over at Maria’s house anyway? If it was that important why didn’t come to one of us?” Tess asked, looking towards the backseat at Michael.
“ I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out when we get,” Michael said. He starting to get an attitude. Tess was getting on his nerves. He leaned back in the seat, crossed his arms over his chest, and looked out at the desert that surrounded them.
* * * *
Max stood outside the pod chamber watching as a car approached him. Isabel got out of the car and ran up to her brother. “ Oh my God, what happened Max?” Max looked at his sister then at the bloody towel he held in his hand. Tears formed in his eyes as he thought back to the night before. “ It’s a long story,” he said quietly.
“Hey guys.” Max and Isabel turned around to see Maria standing behind them. There were tears running down her cheeks. Michael, who was standing behind Max, went up to her and took him in her arms. Maria silently cried in his arms, burying her face in his chest. Michael turned to look at everyone who was now standing by Max, “ What happened?” Maria looked up at him.
“Khivar,” Max said looking down. “ I went to go talk to Liz....”
“ Wait, why were going to talk to Liz?” Tess asked, anger gleaming in her eyes.
“ Tess, just shut up and let him tell the story. It doesn’t matter why he went to go talk to Liz,” Isabel snapped.
“ When I got there, I saw someone talking to Liz. Liz, she looked scared so I knew that something was wrong. I asked him who he was. He turned around and started talking about earth sayings. That’s kinda when I figured it out. The way he said my name. It all just kind of came together. I think Liz figured it out too. He had her...” Max stopped. Breathe Max. just get through it now. “ He was taking her with him, he said,” Max started again,” He said he was taking her back to Antar with him. He wouldn’t tell me why. He said that he didn’t want to me, or any of us yet.” There you got it. The group thought awhile as the words sunk in.
“ What do you mean not kill us yet. Does that mean he’s coming back?” Isabel asked, her voice shaking. She was surprised he didn’t come fore her. There were lovers in their other lifetime. Why Liz?
“ I don’t know. All I know is that we have to get Liz back.”
“ Get her back! How are we going to do that?” Tess said walking up to Max.
“ I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.” The group fell silent all thinking of some way they could get Liz back. Michael, who had said nothing, looked down at Maria who was still crying in is arms. “ We have to go to Antar. That’s the only way.” Everyone looked at Michael. He wasn’t all that close to Liz but he couldn’t stand Maria being upset like this. “We know how to work the granolith now so we use it and go to Antar.”
“ I’m all up for it,” Tess said.
“ Is there any other choice?’ Isabel asked, tears forming in her own eyes.
“ No,” Max said. “ We have to go to Antar.”
* * * *

“ What’s the point in having me blindfolded when there’s no way I can escape,” Liz asked. She pulled, well, more like being dragged along by Khivar. They have been walking since they left her house. Where Max was. Unless he had woken up already. I hope he’s ok, Liz thought.
“ Good point,” Khivar said as he yanked the blindfold off her face. For the first time she really looked at him. His face wasn’t as soft looking as it was last night. It was probably a coy to get me to trust him. He had a strong jaw and high cheek bones. His face was covered in scars. The most noticeable one was across the bottom of his jaw. It was about five inches long and it was deep. It looked like it was recently put there. “ What are you looking at?” He asked, a smirk forming across his face.
“ Why do want me? I’m not an alien. Why are you taking me to Antar”
“ Well, I guess there’s no harm in telling you. You see, Zan, he was a stubborn bastard. Even you would say so. He had it easy it up. Everything went his way, except when I killed him of course,” Khivar took a moment to laugh at what he did,” Anyway, I had spies all throughout the palace telling me what was going on. Vilondra told me everything she knew. She told me the plans that Rath came up with to defeat me. They were actually good and they probably would have worked but Zan was so pigheaded that he didn’t listen to any ideas that weren’t his.”
“ Max isn’t like that.”
“ No, you’re right there. Max isn’t like that but Zan was. Max had to grow up here, on earth. He was surrounded by people who would want him dead if they knew what he is. He had to learn to trust Michael’s and Isabel’s ideas and opinions to survive. On Antar everyone looked up to him so he wanted all the credit for all the plans.”
“ What does this have to do with you taking me with you?”
“ Everything, actually. See, I’ve been watching all of you for quite sometime now. I know that you Max love each other and would do anything to save the other. So, if I take you back to Antar with me, and he already knows how to work the granolith, then he would follow.”
“ And what if doesn’t follow? What are you going to do then?”
“ He’ll follow. I’m not worried about that.”
“ What exactly are you going to do with when we get there?”
“ I’ll have someone take you to the palace and tell Zan when he gets there that you escaped from the guards and the other slaves.”
“ Slaves? You have slaves up there?”
“ Well, yes, King Zan has slaves. They’re just people that have failed to follow the Antarian rules.”
“ Max wouldn’t do that. He’ll know who I am.”
“ Do you think I’m that stupid!” He yelled, “ I’ve thought of this already! He won’t remember you. Neither will Isabel, Michael, or Tess! Once they get to Antar they will fall into the roles they in before they died. Isabel will become my lover. Rath will become hard and rough. Tess will become a skanky bitch....”
“ She already is that.”
“ Well some people don’t change much.”
“ Why won’t they remember but you will?” Liz was starting to get scared. She was scared before but she had blocked the fear out and the walls she built around were slowly falling down. Max won’t remember me. He won’t remember anything that happened between us. Wait, maybe he’s just saying that to scare me. God, please don’t let what he’s saying be true. Tears started to fall from her face again.
“ Because I never grew up here. I’m strong enough to remember what happens in both worlds. Why are you crying. Don’t worry, you won’t be killed. You’ll just be worked really hard. I am so brilliant.”
“ You’re so self conceited,” Liz muttered to herself. Khivar jerked her around to face him.
“ You know, I could always just kill you here and hide the body. Max would think you’re with me, he would come to Antar, forget all about Max and what happened here on earth, and then I will kill them! Again! And this time I will make sure that they don’t send them back here and I will rule Antar! Now shut up if you want to make it to tomorrow!” Khivar started pulling her along with him. Liz looked behind her and thought, Max. I can’t let him go to Antar. I’d would rather die then see him not love me.

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Part 4

“ I’m sure this is such a good idea,” Isabel said. “ I mean, what if Khivar finds me. What if he kills us. What will the others think?”
“ Well, we’re part of the royal court so the people would probably be happy to see us,” Tess answered, glad that they might be returning home. She knew that Max would do anything and go anywhere to save Liz. That meant that they would be going to Antar. All she had to do was to convince the others to come and she would on her way home. Since Nasedo was dead the deal he made with Khivar wouldn’t follow through, and plus she wasn’t pregnant. But she was sure Khivar had another plan to kill Max burning in his head. That was the only bad part about this plan. She would have to think of some to talk Khivar into not killing her.
The best part of the plan was that she knew Max, Isabel, and Michael wouldn’t remember their earth lives. Well, neither would she but Nasedo told her that since they grew up here, they weren’t strong enough to remember what to them in both worlds. They would only know that they were sent to earth and that they were back. They would only know how to act the way they had before they died. And that meant that Max would love her and he would not remember Liz. She would be queen again! Ah, the glory of it. She wouldn’t ignored and treated like a piece of gum on their shoes anymore. She would have the power. That was what it was all about. Power. She had killed to gain it. Past and present lives. Like Alex. She was glad that Liz was gone because she had come uncomfortably close to figuring out the truth.
“ Tess!” She heard Kyle call. She snapped back into reality and removed the evil grin that had been plastered on her face.
“ What!?”
“ Do you still have the key thing to the granolith?” Kyle asked.
“ Yeah. So are we all leaving?”
“ I’m not. I can’t leave Maria,” Michael said, looking down at the blonde he was holding his arms.
“ Yes you are. I don’t want you to go but you have to. Maybe you can stop the whole war thing while your up there. But you have to make sure Max can save Liz and get you all back here,” Maria felt the tears run down her face. She didn’t want Michael leave, but she didn’t exactly trust Max now that he had started going out with Tess. He had withdrawn himself from everything.
“ That settles it then I guess,” Tess started, “ We leave tomorrow night. We’ll meet here at 9:00 p.m..” Tess finished, and with that she walked off towards the car.
“ Max, I’m riding with Maria so you can go with Isabel,” Michael said. He was still surprised that Tess had given an order like that. It was like she couldn’t wait to leave. Even Max had looked at her funny when she said it.
“ K,” Max slowly wandered towards the car, followed by Isabel and Kyle.
“ Do you think Max will be ok?” Maria asked.
“ Max will be fine. We’ll go there get Liz and come back. I’m more worried about Isabel. She doesn’t want to go but she needs to in case we need her help.”
“ I’m surprised you want to go. You aren’t that close with her.”
“ Yeah, but you are and don’t want to see you depressed the rest of your life wondering where Liz is and what happened to her.”
“ Your so sweet,” Maria said leaning towards Michael. Michael closed the distance and brushed his lips against Maria’s. Maria deepened the kiss by prying Michael’s lips apart with her tongue. It was a slow, romantic kiss and Michael was enjoying but he groaned when Maria lifted her lips from his.
“ We need to go,” Maria said walking towards her car. Michael followed and he looked towards the sky. I’m going to my real home yet I don’t feel excited about it.
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Part 5

Isabel lay in her bed thinking. Her cheeks were streaked with dry tears and her hands were shaking. She didn’t want to go home. She knew what her past was like. She was Khivar’s lover. How could she go back? Most of all she didn’t want to leave her parents. What would they think? Her and Max were leaving a letter saying that them and Michael were going to leave for a little while but they didn’t know when they would be back. To tell you the truth, Isabel didn’t think that they would be returning at all. They had the granolith to get there, but how would they get back? She tried to convince herself that everything would be ok. That they would go to Antar, get Liz, and come back, but somewhere in her mind something didn’t want to her to come back. It wanted to go to Antar and stay there. No, Isabel told herself. I want to come back. I need to come back.
Isabel heard someone knock on her door and she looked up. It was Max. she fiercely wiped away her tears and held her hands in her lap to keep them from shaking.
“ How are you doing?” Max asked softly.
“ I’ll live. I just don’t want to go.”
“ You don’t have to. Me, Michael, and Tess could just....”
“ No Max! I have to go. What if something happens to you. What if Khivar....” Isabel sobbed heavily. “ What if Khivar kills you again and I’m not there to help you. I have to go. I mean, we’re not going to be there that long. We’re just going to get Liz and then come back right?” Isabel looked at her brother. She wanted him to say yes. That they would on;y be gone for a couple of days. But he looked at her with worry. He feels it too, she thought. He knows that it won’t be that simple.
“ Yes. There and back,” Max lied. He wanted to comfort her. Not tell her about this feeling that he had in the back of his mind. He leaned in and gave her a hug then he walked back to his room.
* * * *

It was dark outside and Khivar had taken Liz somewhere in the desert. Liz looked around but nothing looked familiar. She had been walking for almost two days and they only stopped to get something to eat at a local restaurant. She didn’t eat much but she did go to the bathroom. There was a payphone next to them and she had tried to call Max but Khivar had seen her and had disconnected the phone. They left after that and he tied her arms behind her back with some rope he found on the side of the road.
“ About a mile and then I’m home sweet home,” Khivar said, grinning.
“ I still don’t understand why you just don’t kill Max here instead of going through all of this trouble.”
“ Trouble? This is actually enjoyable. I can actually see why Max would date someone like you. A mere human. But to answer your question, Max is actually stronger here then he was on Antar. Strange, isn’t it? Here, he grew up around you without having much time to practice his powers but he’s stronger. I can feel it.” Liz stopped talking and they walked in silence. The air blew around them and the stars were bright. It seemed like such a perfect night, but Liz knew it was far from perfect.
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Part 6

The next day came and went. Max stayed holed up in his room and Isabel spent as much time with her parents as she could. Kyle came over and talked to Max and Isabel for awhile then he left to go say his goodbyes to Michael and Tess. Maria and Michael never left each others arms. Maria cried the whole day about him leaving and not having Liz around. They had a cover story saying that Liz was with Maria but she would tell them later that she didn’t know where she ran off to. She would suggest that she left with Max and them so that her parents wouldn’t think that she was kidnaped. At about 8:00 o’clock, Max and Isabel went to go pick up Tess, Kyle, Michael, and Maria. They drove to the desert in silence. All thinking about the journey ahead of them. They arrived at the pod chamber at about 8:45. 15 minutes before they left. All Max could think about was getting Liz back and Tess was about to burst with jealousy.
“ So...what do we do now,” Kyle asked trying to break the uncomfortable silence.
“ We leave,” Tess said quietly. She looked around at the group. Maria hung tightly to Michael. Max stood next to Isabel and they both had tears in their eyes. Kyle was standing off to himself looking obviously uncomfortable.
“ Do you have the key?” Max asked Tess.
“ Yea.”
“ I guess we leave now,” Michael said.
“ Why are leaving early?” Isabel said frantically, “ We said we were leaving at 9:00.”
“ We might as well leave now. We’re just standing here and nothing is getting done,” Tess said. Without saying anything, Max held his hand over the rock and it opened. He helped Isabel step through and climbed in after her. Tess said goodbye to Maria and Kyle and walked in after them.
“ Maria, I...” Michael started.
“ I know, I know. You have to go. Just come back to me ok? Get Liz and come back.” Without saying anything, Michael leaned down and kissed her. It was magical yet heartbreaking at the same time. Michael broke the kiss and wiped away a tear that had fallen from her eyes. “ I love you,” he said and before she could reply, he broke away from her arms and went into the pod chamber, the door closing behind him.
* * * *

A couple of hours earlier....

Khivar had dragged Liz across the desert for at least six miles. The sun was going down and it was getting cooler. Sweat was dripping from her neck and forehead and she enjoyed the cool breeze that danced across her face. Liz looked at the ground as they walked, not wanting to see what lie ahead of her. She had seen it a mile back but as they walked closer, it got bigger. It was a ship. It looked like the granolith but it was bigger.
“ It would be more advanced but it’s cheap. Don’t worry though it will make back to Antar,” Khivar told her. He stopped in front of it and smiled up at it. He held up his hand and a door type thing opened in the middle of it. He pulled Liz into who was looking back at the desert. This might the last time I ever see earth, home, Max, she thought. With one last tug Liz was in the ship and the view of the desert had vanished.

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Part 7

Kyle held Maria while she cried in his shoulder wetting his shirt. They had moved away from the pod chamber but they still could see it. They hadn’t left and they had been there for almost half an hour. Kyle was starting to think that they couldn’t get it started. As soon as the thought entered his head he heard a low rumbling and the area around the started shaking. Kyle’s arms tightened around Maria as they looked up and saw the granolith shooting up into the air at an impossible speed. Maria started sobbing again as the granolith disappeared out of sight. Turning around Kyle led Maria towards her car and said a silent goodbye.
* * * *

A few minutes earlier...

“ Ready to go?” Max asked the group. They all nodded their head without looking up. Tears were rolling down Isabel’s face as she for Max’s hand. Michael’s face held emotion and Tess looked almost excited.
“ Well, what are we waiting for?” Tess asked. She pulled out the key to granolith and handed it to Max. max slowly turned it in hands just staring at it. Everybody was silent as Max bent down and inserted it. The granolith lit up and everybody stared at it.
“ It’s time,” Max said dropping Isabel’s hand. “ Who’s first?” Without speaking Tess held up her hand and entered the granolith. Michael followed without saying anything. Isabel looked up at Max who had tears in his eyes. “ You don’t have to go, Isabel,” Max said again.
“Yes I do,” Isabel said nodding her head. She held up her hand and entered the granolith. Max looked around the pod chamber then followed behind Isabel. As soon as he got in the pod chamber started shaking and the granolith left the pod chamber.
* * * *

Liz looked around her surroundings. They had just stepped off the ship. The ride there took all of two minutes and it was smooth and dark. It was crammed so she had to stand close to Khivar. They landed in a place that looked exactly like a desert except the sand was black and it felt like she was walking on soft bread. The area around her was flat and smooth. There were no rocks or any sign of wildlife around, if they even had any. They walked until they came up to a forest type thing. The trees were large and red, at least they looked red against the black sky. Stars were dotted around the sky and there were about four or five moons.
“ You like it?” Khivar asked.
“ No,” Liz responded sharply.
“ Sure you do, you’re just mad.”
“ Where are you taking me?”
“ There is a village a little ways through here where I have people who will take care of you until Zan and the others get here.”
“ They’ll remember me. Max will remember me. You don’t know Max like I do. He wouldn’t forget me like that.”
“ Your right, but I do know Zan better than you.” Khivar stopped talking as they came to a clearing. There were small houses that were plain and simple. There were dirt roads that led to the different houses and buildings. There were about 30 to 40 houses and buildings and they were all an off white. “ Home sweet home,” Khivar mumbled.
“ This is where you live? I figured you would live somewhere...”
“ Nicer? Well, this is blocked off by powers so the royal guards can’t find us. It has to be small because the power takes a lot of effort.” They walked to house that was a little bigger than the others. Khivar opened the door and walked in. There were no walls except in the corner where there was a small room. Out of know where a man appeared in front them. He was tall and dark. His hair was blackish- blueish and his eyebrows were dark and thick. His eyes though, his eyes were almost orange. He had a beard that went almost to his shoulders which were broad and thick. “ This must be Liz,” he said, his voice raspy and seductive. “ I am Larkton. You can call me Lark, “ He turned towards Khivar and smiled. “ Your back. How was your trip? You were gone for quite some time. I see that your plan is going well then?”
“ Yes it’s fine. I had quite a fun time with this one on the way over here. She’s smart and beautiful. Two good qualities for the price of one,” Khivar looked at her and smiled. “ Where are you keeping her?”
“ I built some walls so she can stay contained in the small room. I blocked so that only I can enter it and she can not escape.”
“ Good. I’ll put her in there and then we’ll talk about the rest of the plan.”
“ Ok.” Khivar turned and pulled Liz towards the small room and threw her in it and slammed the door behind him. “ Are they here yet?” Khivar asked.
“ No, but the tracking system said that they have left and should be here in about an hour. The granolith is slower and it will take more time for them to get here.”
“ Good. I programmed the granolith to take them to the front of the palace so once they get there they will fall into there past roles.”
“ Perfect. Then we can kill for good this time. They should be here in about another hour so I will prepare the girl. Make her look like a slave who escaped from the palace.” Lark walked towards the room where Liz was being held. He opened the door and went in the room, closing the door behind him.
“ Hello, I see you’ve made yourself quite comfortable,” Lark said, looking at Liz who was huddled to a corner. Her arms were wrapped around her knees and she was crying. “ So small and fragile, how sweet. Here put these on,” he threw her some clothes. It was a small simple, brown dress that was torn in several places. It was long and would probably reach the ground when she put it on. “ It’s simple, I know. But you have to look like a slave. People like you have to wear the simple clothes. Only the people worth looking good get to wear the nice clothes,” Lark bragged.
“ That obviously doesn’t include you,” Liz mumbled looking at the dress.
“ What did you say!”
“ You heard me,” Liz looked up as she said this. Lark slapped her across the face.
“ Hurry up and get dressed. Zan should be here soon.,” Lark turned around and faced the door so she could get dressed. Liz reluctantly pulled her shirt and pants off and slid the dress over her head. Lark turned around and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out the door. Khivar looked at them and said, “They’ve landed.”
* * * *

The ride was long but it seemed only a matter of seconds. Max’s mind felt like it was going through a whirlwind. They landed after what only seemed like a minute. The landing wasn’t that hard but it shook them a little bit. They all stepped out and suddenly Max knew everything. It was all so familiar. He knew where he was, he knew that people around him, yet he couldn’t remember why he was in the granolith he looked beside him and saw Vilondra, Rath, and Ava. He reached for Ava’s hand. She smiled up at him and said, “ We’re home. We’re finally home.” All around them people were bowing their heads.
“ Hello, my faithful people. We are back from earth and we will not be leaving again. I hope that you took good care of our palace while we were gone?” Zan looked around waiting for someone to answer him. Lark, who changed his face, walked up to him dragging Liz behind him.
“ Yes, your palace was well taken care of. We are glad to have you back, your highness. Was earth life anything like here?”
“ I don’t remember living there. I all I know was that I went there and came back here. Home. Who is that?” Zan said, referring to Liz who standing beside Lark.
“ This, is a slave who had managed to escape the grounds of the palace. The tracking system told us of your return so I waited for you to land before we punished her.” Lark pulled Liz in front of him so Zan could look at her. Zan eyed her up and down. He dropped Ava’s hand and put it under Liz’s chin and lifted it so she was forced to look at him. “ What’s your name?” Zan asked removing his hand.
“ Liz,” she replied, tears rolling down her cheeks, “ I’m Liz. Max, I’m Liz! You know who I am Max! You know who I am!” Liz started to break down in hysterical sobs. He didn’t know who she was! He didn’t remember her! “ Remember earth! Remember Roswell and the Crashdown and....and the shooting! Remember! Max.....please,” Her voice quieted as she softly spoke his name. “ Please, Max, please, remember. Remember me.” she looked in his eyes that had lightened with anger.
“ I have no idea who you are or who Max is!” Zan yelled. She had embarrassed him by talking to him that way in public. She had no right. But the things she was talking about, about the shooting, that sounded familiar. It sounded so familiar. A part of him wanted to believe her, a part that was down so deep that it could hardly be heard. “ Just put her back with the other slaves, I’ll figure something else to do with her later. We just got home and I want to get rested up before dinner.” Grabbing Ava’s hand again, he walked towards the palace which was standing just in front of them. Rath and Vilondra followed behind them along with the other Antarian’s who lived in the palace. Lark walked around to the back of the palace with Liz they reached a large, wooden door. He held his hand in front of him and emitted a yellowish glow and the opened. He threw Liz in and left without saying a word.

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Sorry I havnt posted in a while. it's been really busy with school and all. it might be awhile before I post my next part too because finals are coming up. this part is short im sorry. thanx for the feedback
Part 8

Liz looked around the room she was thrown in. It was small but there were several doors other then the one that led outside. There was a small bed in one corner and there were shelves on the wall opposite to the bed. Behind was the door that led outside. It was locked bu there was a small window so she could see outside. There were four doors leading from the wall that stood in front of her and they were all locked also. Liz walked over and lay down on the bed. She curled up in a ball and cried softly to herself. She stayed like that for about half an hour before she finally cried herself to sleep. She slept for about four hours before she woke to the sound of someone opening the door. She looked around and saw a small redheaded girl come through one of the doors. She was carrying a tray with some kind of cup looking thing on it. The girl had a warm smile and bright green eyes. She was a little shorter than Liz but she looked a couple years older. Her eyes were worn and tired but her face was soft. “ Hello. Someone told me that you were here so I thought that you might be thirsty,” she said as she held the cup to Liz. “ I’m Maya, and you are?” Liz looked up from the cup she was holding. “ Liz. My name is Liz.” Maya held out her hand for Liz to shake. Liz shook her head then quietly sat back down on the bed. “ What did you do? To get put down here, I mean,” Maya asked.
“ I fell in love with someone who I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with,” Liz said, her voice shaking.
“ I don’t understand. Why weren’t you supposed to....” Maya stopped when someone started unlocking the door. Liz looked at the door then Maya when she saw Zan walk in the door. Maya bowed her head. “ Your highness, I’m, I, I’m sorry. I was just talking to Liz. I’m sorry I’ll leave.”
“ Lock the door behind you. I don’t want any disturbances.”
“ Yes, your highness.” Bowing her head one more time she said a silent goodbye to Liz and walked out the door.
“ Making friends already?” Zan said, smirking.
“ She brought me something to drink. Is there something wrong with that.”
“ Don’t have an attitude, I was only kidding.”
“ Why are you here? I didn’t think you important people visited the slaves.” Liz’s voice held no emotion. She was upset but she didn’t want him to know upset she was.
“ We don’t. I just came to ask you something.”
“ Look, Max, Zan, whatever your name is, if this is about what happened earlier then you should just forget about it.”
“ Why do yo keep calling me that? Max? You say you know who I am but I’ve never seen you in my life before.”
“ Max,” Liz started. She didn’t want to talk about this but she had no other choice,” was your earth name.” Before she could continue someone came into the room.
“ King Zan, it’s time for supper,” the man said. With one last look at Liz Zan walked out the door.
* * * *
At the palace....

Ava walked into her and Zan’s large room for the first time. She smiled smugly to herself. “ What are you smiling about?” Tess jumped.
“ I’m just happy to be back. It’s been so long.” Ava said turning towards Zan.
“ I know, but we’re back for good. It’s time for dinner, so let’s get out of these so-called clothes and into something more formal. I’ll meet you down stairs.” Zan leaned down and kissed her on the cheek then walked through the door to the adjoining room. Ava watched him walk out of the room and thought to herself, this is working out perfectly. I didn’t think I would remember but I do. And he’s all mine, not Liz’s, mine. And I have the power. Power. Silva, Ava’s personal servant quietly knocked on the door. “ Your highness,” she said shyly,” what would you like to wear tonight?” Ava, who remembered everything from her earth and past life here, also remembered what clothes she owned. “ Since it’s our first night back, I’ll wear my night blue one.” Ava turned towards the large mirror and watched a dress form around her body. She glanced at Silva, who held her hand up to Ava. As Ava watched she saw her old clothes disappear and a dark blue dress start to form. When Silva was done Ava looked in the mirror at herself. The dress was long and it touched the floor. It got slimmer as it reached her breasts. It had a low neckline that didn’t leave much room for imagination. The sleeves were long and they reached her fingers. “ Thank you Silva. You may leave now.” Ava said as she moved her hand over her hair and put it in a simple up sweep with just a few strands hanging around her face. She then quickly applied her makeup and placed her silver crown on her head. She looked in the mirror one last time then walked down stairs to the dining room.
* * * *

Zan paced around his dressing quarters waiting for his servant to come. Max, why does that sound so familiar? And Liz, I’ve heard that name before, Zan thought. It must be my imagination. I’m home now, with my palace, Rath, Ava, Vilondra. Vilondra. Why does it seem that she did something, something before we were sent to earth. I can’t remember what it was. Oh well, it was probably just a small fight. Zan was interrupted from his thoughts bye a knock at the door. He turned around and saw Ava standing in the doorframe. “ Honey, it’s time for supper. You’ll just have to wear what your wearing now because Gendron has disappeared. They think that he went over to Khivar’s side.”
“ Alright, I’ll just have to find a new servant.”
“ There are no more free ones, Zan. Everyone has either there own chores to do or have gone over to Khivar’s side.”
“ We’ll talk about this later. Let’s go eat.” Zan walked over to Ava and linked his arm through her’s and led her down the stairs. On the way down there Zan stopped one of the servants to tell him to go find someone who was free to be his personal servant.