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Author: Lucy
Title: Englishman in New Mexico
Rating: Not higher than PG 13
Disclaimer: Not mine!!!
Category: AU, M/L
Summary: There's a war on Antar and so some aliens came to earth to be safe. Everybody knows that there are a few aliens living all around the world but most of the humans don't like that fact. They simply don't like the aliens.
Isabel and Max' spaceship crashed near Roswell and their parents died. Then they were adopted by the Evans, two of the few humans who actually liked the aliens.
Oh, and no royalty and no destiny.
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Special thanks to Nana. I write this story mainly because of her.

I don't drink coffee I take tea my dear
I like my toast done on the side
And you can hear it in my accent when I talk
I'm an Englishman in New York

See me walking down Fifth Avenue
A walking cane here at my side
I take it everywhere I walk
I'm an Englishman in New York

I'm an alien
I'm a legal alien
I'm an Englishman in New York
I'm an alien
I'm a legal alien
I'm an Englishman in New York

If "manners maketh man" as someone said
Then he's the hero of the day
It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile
Be yourself no matter what they say

I'm an alien
I'm a legal alien
I'm an Englishman in New York
I'm an alien
I'm a legal alien
I'm an Englishman in New York

Modesty, propriety can lead to notoriety
You could end up as the only one
Gentleness, sobriety are rare in this society
At night a candle's brighter than the sun

Takes more than combat gear to make a man
Takes more than license for a gun
Confront your enemies, avoid them when you can
A gentleman will walk but never run

If "manners maketh man" as someone said
Then he's the hero of the day
It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile
Be yourself no matter what they say

I'm an alien
I'm a legal alien
I'm an Englishman in New York
I'm an alien
I'm a legal alien
I'm an Englishman in New York

Sting, Englishman in New York


Isabel waited until dinner. Then she would ask her parents. She wasn't sure how they would take it. At first Isabel also hadn't liked the idea. But now she really wanted that.
"Mum, Dad,....did you hear about the student-exchange-program? You know, the one where families from Roswell give a pupil from England a place to stay for a year?"
"Sure sweetie. Amy DeLuca mentioned something about it the other day. Why?"
Isabel took a deep breath. "Well, I thought, maybe, we could be such a family?"
Max looked at her in shock and her father raised his eyebrows. "Isabel, you NEVER showed interest in something like that. And besides, do you really think that this is a good idea? I mean, because you and Max are....aliens?"
"But that's the reason I want to be a member of this program. See, the principal asked me to come to his office today. It seems like they have enough families for most of the kids, but there's nobody who wants to take this one girl, because she's also an alien."
Mrs. Evans sighed. She didn't understand that. They were aliens, but that wasn't something bad. They were people like all the others and should be treated like that. "Poor girl!"
Isabel smiled. Her mother would agree, she was sure about that. Her father wouldn't be a problem either. Isabel had warped him around her little finger, he would do anything for her. Great, she would have another alien girl to talk to!
Isabel had never had someone who she could have called her friend. Well, except Kyle, but he didn't count because he was more like a brother than a friend. All the other kids at school were kind of friendly, yes, but they all were either a little bit afraid or a bit disgusted.
Great, she would have someone to go shopping with, have a girl's night and just be friends with.

Max also knew that their parents were already convinced. But other than Isabel he didn't like it. He didn't need someone staying at his house. Max had made a lot of bad experiences with other people and even if she was also an alien, that didn't guarantee that she was nice, right? Hell, Izzy and her strange ideas!
"I don't like it." His mother looked at him in surprise and Isabel glared at him. "Why not Max? Look, this girl is the victim of these stupid and intolerant people, just like you are. She needs someone to be there for her and the least thing we can do is to give her a place to stay." Great, now his mother was mad. He should have known that she would be.


Three month later, London Stanstead:

"Liz, I'm sooooo nervous!" Liz laughed and smiled at her blonde friend. "Why? Everything is going to be okay. We'll have a great time in Roswell, New Mexico." She hugged her and laughed. They had just entered the plane and sat down. "They are going to hate me! I bet I have to live with a murderer or at least a burglar who'll rape me! Or the school nerd! Either that or my family is going to hate me and tell me to leave after a week, or....."
"Stop babbling Tess! You don't have to worry about it. Everybody will love you!"
Liz would have never admitted it, but she was also nervous. Maybe that hadn't be such a good idea?
"You are right. I mean look at us, we are just wonderful, right?" Tess looked at her, hope written all over her face. Liz laughed. Tess needed definitely more self-confidence. But other than that, Tess was the best friend in the whole world. They had known each other since Liz had moved to Hastings eight years ago. They were inseparable. They didn't care about their differences.
"We are going to have a great time in New Mexico, I promise!"


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I just realised that I have forgotten to tell you some things. First of all, I'm not from England nor from America. I'm learning English at school (British English) but I always use some things I read in fanfics (American English). My teacher is already mad because of it .... *tongue*
Anyway, I don't really know what the difference is, so bear with me.
And second, this is my story and so I decide who the aliens are. Michael isn't an alien, neither is Tess, but Liz is one. I hope you don't mind....

Part 2


Tess had fallen asleep about an hour ago but Liz couldn't. She looked out of the window, looking down on the clouds. She was thinking about her mother. Maybe she shouldn't have left her all alone. She couldn't forget how her eyes had looked when she had told her goodbye. Her mother hadn't looked so sad since they told her that her husband had died.
Liz father had been a Sargent, fighting for king Zan. He had loved his "Job". And then one day Kivhar's men had killed him. Just like that.
Liz had been seven and didn't understand what had happened. She didn't understand why her father would never come back.
About two month later her mother had decided that they would go to earth to live there. She wanted Liz to be save, she was so worried that something could happen to her. But the life on earth wasn't so easy either. Liz didn't like how the people looked at her. But Tess had helped her a lot.
Isabel Evans would be the first alien, except her mother of course, that she would meet on earth. She wondered what her story was. Liz knew that Isabel had been adopted by Philip and Diane Evans when she was a baby. She had lived in Roswell, New Mexico her entire life and Liz was sure that she didn't remember what Antar looked like.
But that was all Liz knew about her hostess. It wasn't much, was it? She looked at her watch. Just five hours and she would meet her. Liz sighed and shifted in her seat. She should at least try to fall asleep.

New Mexico:

It had been strange, sitting there at the airport, and feeling all the others staring at her. You would think that you'd get used to it, but Isabel still didn't like it. It made her feel uneasy.
But now she was just excited. The plane had landed about ten minutes ago but the kids from England hadn't shown up yet. Isabel looked around. She caught Billy, one of her classmates, staring at her but as soon as she made eye-contact he turned away, fear written all over his face. Isabel lowered her head and took a deep breath. That hurt.
But before she could think about it the door opened and people floated in. Isabel looked at them closely. She didn't know what this Liz Parker looked like.
"Excuse me, I'm sorry but....hmm... are you Isabel?" Isabel turned around and saw the person she assumed to be her new "sister". She didn't look like Isabel had thought she would. Liz Parker was a petite girl with long brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes.
"You must be Liz. I'm Philip, Isabel's Dad."
"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Evans." Liz gave him a shy smile.
"Oh please call me Philip. Is this all of your stuff?" Liz nodded and just then Isabel realised that she hadn't spoken or welcomed her guest yet.
"Did you have a nice flight?"
Mr. Evans took Liz luggage and lead them outside towards the car, the two girls about two metres behind him. Liz turned to Isabel. "Yes, a great flight. I was sitting behind this gorgeous boy, you know?"
Isabel laughed. She already liked Liz a lot. "You have to tell me all about it later!"
When they reached the car they had already linked their arms and were talking non-stop.
Philip shook his head and smiled. He was happy that his daughter had finally found a friend.
"So Liz, I hope you are hungry. Diane has cooked more than ever before! She and Max are eager to meet you."
"Ehm..... Diane and Max?"
Liz looked confused. Isabel giggled.
"Diane is my Mum and Max is my twin brother."
"You've got a brother?"
"They didn't tell you that?"
"No, I had no idea."


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You really think that my English isn't that bad?! You don't know how happy I am about this!! I'm from Austria, Europe and I don't really know why they teach us British English.
No, there are no physical differences Transparent Clear. Well, except for the third eye....... I was just kidding! (You knew that, right??)
Oh and I'm sorry Lucky, I should have told you! But don't be mad at Alice, she doesn't know about this story. I didn't tell her 'cause she doesn't like it when I use her parents*big**tongue**big*

Part 3

Max was sitting in his room, tapping his fingers at his desk. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.....
He still didn't like the idea of someone living in his house. Isabel had been so excited about it. She smiled all the time and couldn't stop talking about this English girl. Truth to be told Max was worried. He was worried that Isabel would get hurt. Max had got hurt a lot of times. He was used to be treated like crap. But he didn't want Isabel to go through the same things.
He simply didn't trust anyone he didn't know.

"Max! Our guest is here would you please come and join us?" He stood up and took a deep breath. Max looked once again out of the window before he turned around and went downstairs. He was greeted by Isabel's huge smile. Her eyes were sparkling with happiness.
"Liz, this is my brother Max."
He looked at the girl next to his sister. His eyes were darker than usual. They always got like that when something he didn't like was happening. Isabel shouldn't be so happy. She would only get hurt, he was sure about it.
"Nice to meet you Max." The girl smiled at him and there was something in her eyes that caught his attention, truth. And that was what made Max smile back at her.

Liz had never been shy. But this boy made her feel, well, uneasy. It was the way he looked at her. His eyes were really dark, nearly black. It didn't make her knees weak or something like that. It just made her feel strange. But not in a bad way.

She shook her head and sat down next to Isabel.
"So Liz, you live in Southern England?"
She nodded and answered, "I live in Hastings, it's about an hour away from London."
Liz had to think of Tess. She wondered how she was doing. Liz smiled, remembering how worried Tess had been. She really hoped that this boy Tess was living with was nice. What was his name again?

"Oh, I nearly forgot, I've brought you all presents. Well, except you..." Liz turned towards Max. "I'm really sorry but I didn't know about you."
Diane smiled at the apologising look Liz had on her face. She already loved the girl. Then she looked at her daughter and her smile grew even bigger. Isabel seemed to be very happy.
"Oh Liz, you didn't have to do that!" Isabel's eyes were shining.
Liz giggled. "You haven't even seen it yet Isabel. Wait a moment!"

Her Mum had made her bring some presents. Her Mum who she had left just hours ago, who was thousands of miles away. Liz already missed her. Maybe she could phone her later.

"Here Isabel!" Liz gave her a small present and watched as she opened it.
"Oh Liz, it's beautiful!" Isabel exclaimed and hugged her. She had got a small bracelet. "I absolutely love it!"
"I'm glad you like it." It had taken Liz two hours to find something. She had had no idea what she should buy but her mother had insisted that she brought Isabel and her parents presents. And a look at Isabel's face told Liz that it was worth it.


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Part 4

Tess was standing in the hallway of West Roswell High. Next to her was her new "brother" Alex and his two best friends Maria and Michael. They were showing her around but Tess didn't really listen to them. She wondered where Liz was, she hadn't seen her since their arrival.
"So Tess, over there is the eraser room. It's used erasers but Michael and Maria also do, well other stuff in there."
"ALEX!" Maria hit him hard. "I can't believe that you go around and tell people such things!"
Tess laughed. She really liked Maria. Michael and her were a pretty cute couple even if they were always fighting.
"Hey Alex, heard the news?" A tall blond boy approached them.
"Tess, that's Billy. What news?"
"The rumours are true. The girl that's living with the Evans is also an alien."
Tess didn't like what she heard. "Do you have a problem with her being an alien?"
Alex looked at her, disbelieve written all over his face. "A problem? No, I don't have a problem except that she's able to kill us by just waving her hand."
She looked at him with huge eyes. Liz killing someone? Tess started laughing. That was just too funny.
"I' sorr...y it's...just, Liz...a killer?" Tess couldn't speak, she was laughing too hard.
Maria and Michael changed a look. Poor Tess, what was wrong with her?

"Wait a minute Isabel, I have to go, meet someone." Liz had just spotted Tess, laughing really hard in the middle of the hallway. She shook her head and wondered what was so funny.
Isabel looked after Liz as she approached a group of kids. She froze. Liz shouldn't do that, who knows what they will do to her? Since they had entered the school they heard people talking about them, pointing fingers at them. Liz noticed it too and seemed to be very irritated.
"Hi Tess!"
"LIZ!" Tess hugged her friend, still laughing. "How are you? Everything okay? Here, meet Alex, I'm staying at his house, you know?" Liz smiled and looked at Alex. But as soon as their eyes met, her smile froze. The only thing she saw was fear. Alex was terrified. Confused she looked at the other kids standing next to them. The girl had a firm grip on the arm of the boy, both looking pale and scared.
"Is something wrong?"

Isabel had watched the whole scene but now she couldn't take it anymore. She went over and touched Liz's shoulder. "Come on, let's go!"
Liz looked from Alex to Isabel and back again. She was confused. What had just happened? Slowly she turned around and followed Isabel.
Tess looked after them, she wasn't laughing anymore. She turned towards Alex, her eyes sparkling with anger. Without another word she took her schoolbag and went after Isabel and Liz.


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First, no, Tess isn't an alien. Max, Isabel, Liz and Liz mother are. No one else.
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Part 5

Max was about to enter the living room when he noticed that Liz was sitting there in the darkness. Normally he was the only one who was up this late. He wondered why she was still awake because she and Isabel had gone to bed about an hour ago.
"Hey, is something wrong?"
Liz jerked around. "Hell Max, you startled me! You are still awake?"
He sat down next to her. "Yes, I'm always the last one to go to bed. I have troubles falling asleep. Why are you still up?"
She looked at him, a sad smile on her face. "Well, there's so much going on in my head right now." She wasn't so sure if she wanted to talk about it. And if she wanted to talk with Max about it. But she had just so many questions. Why had all the kids at school reacted so strange? Liz knew that most of the people didn't exactly like aliens and she had had some bad experiences herself but it had never been like that.
"Max, today at school, all these kids...and how they acted.... I mean, are they always like that?" He wondered how the people in England treated aliens. Liz was so shocked. He was sure that she had never excepted the people from Roswell to act like they did that day.
"Well, there are two different kinds of people here Liz. The first group are the 'worriers'. They stop talking every time you are near them. They are afraid of you and avoid you. They aren't that bad, you know?" Isabel had told him what had happened at school when Liz had met Alex and his friends. Alex still believed in this bad alien image. In his opinion aliens felt no emotions and just wanted to take over the earth. Normally Max didn't care about these people. They were just dumb.
"And then there is this second group. They simply treat you like crap." Max looked away. When he was younger these kids used to beat him up, they always made fun of him and Isabel.
But the big problem was that it wasn't only the kids who did such things. Their parents also avoided them and they didn't miss to tell them that they hated aliens.

Liz thought about it. It wasn't good to be feared, neither was it good to be looked down on. She looked at Max from the corner of her eyes. He shouldn't be treated like that. Nobody should have to live under these circumstances.
"That is horrible."
Max shrugged. "You get used to it."
Liz bit on her bottom lip. That was just sad. She could never live like that.
"Wow, you must be pretty lonely."
He turned towards her, his eyes dark with anger. "You think so?" Then he stood up and went to his room. He didn't need that. Who did she think she was? 'You must be pretty lonely.' DAMN!
He wouldn't be so angry if it wasn't true. But it was. And he knew it.


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Part 6

Tess had never been patient. And this talk with Alex made her loose her nerves. "Look Alex, you seem to be a nice, quiet intelligent guy. I just don't get it! Look, Liz is really nice. Why are you so afraid?"

He didn't answer. He didn't know what to answer. He had always been afraid of aliens. Why? He had no clue. He didn't really believe that they would harm him in any way but just the knowledge that they could hurt him made him feel uneasy.

Tess waited for his answer, and waited and waited. "Arg!! Alex!! Cat caught your tongue? Just say something, anything!!" Tess started to get really mad. She thought back to what had happened at school. At first it just had been a joke for her. This was just ridiculous. But it was definitely NOT funny. Tess had talked to Isabel at school and since then she kept wondering why the people here were so intolerant. Normal, nice, intelligent people for god's sake!!! People like Alex, Maria and Michael.
"Give it a try Alex. I'm sure you are going to like Liz. She's kind of funny and the most wonderful person you'll ever meet!"

Alex started to wonder if Tess was right. This Liz had looked pretty....uh...nice... Okay, so he hadn't look at her. He had been too afraid to. But she was Tess' friend and Tess was pretty nice. Hey, at least spending time with Liz wasn't as bad as being anywhere near Max Evans, right? Max Evans, just thinking about him made Alex's eyes grow large with fear. He always tried to be as far away from him as possible, and that wasn't easy because they had been classmates since they started school.
But if Tess was right and the aliens weren't going to harm anyone (he still doubted that), then there was no reason to be afraid of Max Evans, right? Alex shook his head. Not being afraid of Max? That was impossible!
But Liz really didn't look like a killer or something like that. So why shouldn't he be friends with her? Okay, maybe he should start with simply talking to her........once.
"Okay, Tess. I'll try, okay? But I can't promise anything!"

Her face lit up and a huge smile spread across her face. Did Alex just agree to meet Liz? "Oh Alex, that's just great. You'll be the first human here in Roswell who's friend with an alien!"
"No, I won't."
Tess froze. Did he just say that he didn't want to be friends with Liz? But before, didn't he...."WHAT??"

Alex looked at her, confused. What did he do now? "Tess?"
"I don't believe you Alex! No, scratch that, I don't WANT to believe you!!!" What the hell...?
"Tess, all I said was that I won't be the first human who's friend with an alien. Kyle, the sheriff's son, is friend's with the Evan's kids, you know?"

"There is a human being here that doesn't act like a jackass?" Tess smile reappeared. She already liked this Kyle.
Alex chuckled. He had always thought that people from England were more patient, calmer and didn't use words like 'jackass'. Well, Tess seemed to be extraordinary.

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Part 7

She was sitting in the small garden at the back of the house, thinking. Roswell, New Mexico. Well, it was different than she thought it would be. Isabel was really nice and her parents too, but Max seemed to be angry with her. She had no clue why he was. She didn't do anything!

And then there were the kids at school. She didn't even want to think about them. It made her angry and sad at the same time but most of all it was just confusing.

She heard footsteps behind her and someone sat down next to her. She waited until he spoke. "Are you okay?" Liz shrugged. "Yes, I'm just thinking." She turned towards him and smiled, just to see that he was grinning back at her.

"I'm Kyle Valenti. A friend of Isabel and Max." He looked at her closely. She was pretty cute, wearing short pants and a blue top. Her brown hair reflected the sun and made her look like an angel.
"My name is Liz."
He chuckled. "Well, I already knew that. You are an alien from England and your favourite ice cream is vanilla. Roswell isn't very big, you know? News travel fast."
She giggled. "Vanilla? Why the hell vanilla?"
"Okay, that was just a guess. Vanilla is my favourite flavour. And yours?"
She shook her head. Kyle was nice but a little bit, well, wired. But funny, he was definitely funny. "I simply love cherry. I'd do anything for a good cherry ice cream."
He raised his eyebrows. "Cherry?" He made a face but Liz just nodded. "Yes, cherry."
"Okay, so your name is Liz Parker, you are an alien from England and your favourite ice-cream is cherry. Nice to meet you."


Max tried to concentrate on his English homework but he couldn't. Instead he was looking, no starring at the white wall behind his desk. He sighed, shook his head and tried to focus on his essay again. He didn't get to write much. After he wrote two sentences the door jerked open and Kyle came in.
"Did you know that there's an angel sitting in your garden?"

Max turned around. "First, close the door. Second, since when do you believe in angel bhudda boy?"
Kyle ignored Max's order about the door and laid down on his bed. "Since I met Liz Parker."
"Oh..." Max stood up and closed the door himself, like he always did.
"Oh?? That's all? Just oh? Max, did you look at her? She's hot!" Yes, Liz Parker was definitely hot.

Max went over to the window and spotted Liz sitting in the grass. He didn't like the way Kyle was talking about her. "Well, bad luck buddy, my parents wouldn't appreciate it if you tried to get into her pants."

Kyle looked at him and then sighed. He was right. "Damn, I wanted to seduce her with some cherry ice cream", he joked.
Max's eyes darkened and he turned around again, sneaking a last look at Liz.
"Come on, let's play basketball."


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Part 8

Alex was nervous. Why the hell did he agree to get to know Liz?
Tolerance, yes, that was the answer. The way he acted towards aliens was a kind of racism. Why did he never realise that before? But still, there was this little voice in his head that told him that it wasn't like that. That it was different with aliens, that it wasn't really racism. He knew that this wasn't true but it felt so real.

Nobody ever told him that aliens were "bad". And, as far as he knew, nobody had ever been harmed by an alien. So why was he afraid?

Tess looked at him from the corners of her eyes. She knew that he was fighting a battle inside his head. But she didn't want the wrong side to win. So she simply interrupted his thoughts. "Common, let's check her locker!"
She took his hand and led him towards Liz. "Hey chica!"

Liz turned around, a huge smile on her face. "Tess!" She hugged her friend. "Here, I want you to meet Kyle, he's friends with Isabel."
Kyle nodded and then turned his attention back to Liz. "I have to go! See you later...... hopefully!" He winked at her and squeezed her arm lightly. "It was nice to meet you Tess." He was about to turn around when he finally spotted Alex, who was trying to hide behind Tess. His face hardened. "Whittman.... " It sounded disgusted and that was what he really felt. He was disgusted by the way the other pupils acted. He didn't like them at all. He even tried not to care about them. But every time he saw Max's eyes darken, or the hurt on Isabel's face he felt angry. Sometimes he was ashamed to be human.

Liz watched Kyle leave, a little confused by the change in his behaviour. Strange....
"You are Alex, right?" Liz was determined to be friendly. She didn't want him to know how confused she was. She had been thinking about it last night. She felt stupid for not understanding the situation. She felt like a naive little girl. She wasn't one and she would prove it to them. She would prove it to Tess and Alex and even to Max!

"Yes,....That's me..... Tess is staying with me, you know... and ....I hope she likes least a little bit..." Okay, now it was Alex's turn to feel stupid. That didn't sound very intelligent, did it? He took a deep breath and glanced at Liz.
She was just standing there, smiling slightly. Her smile helped to calm him a little bit. Okay, his heart was still beating a mile a minute and his face was pale but at least he seemed to get back his ability to talk.
"That was nonsense, I'm sorry. Normally I am able to use whole sentences." He chuckled nervously and Liz laughed. She was about to answer him when the bell rang. Alex sighed in relief, mumbled an "I-have-to-go" turned around and nearly ran down the hall.

The two girls remained in front of Liz locker, both smiling, amused looks on their faces.
"Okay Tess, spill! How much did you pay him to talk to me?"
The other girl laughed. "I said I would publish his diary if he didn't stop to be a jackass." Liz laughed. "He writes a diary?" She shook her head, still smiling, and turned towards her next class. Halfway she stopped and turned around again.
"I love you."


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Part 9

All these eyes looking at her. They made Isabel sick. She never had had much self-confidence and she always got nervous. It was worse at school. If it was up to her, she would stay at home 24/7, close the curtains and shut everything out.

She tried to open a yoghurt but her hands were shaking. Damn! She dried her sweaty palms at her jeans and tried it again. You would think that you get used to them starring. Well, she didn't.
Max came over, took the yoghurt and opened it for her.
She looked up, blushing lightly. Max did never seem to be nervous. He was just cold..... and bitter. Isabel knew her brother pretty well and she felt sorry for him. He had been living on earth for 16 years and still didn't know how to handle emotions. He kept everything inside, tried to protect her.
As much as Isabel appreciated it, she'd like someone to talk to better. Someone who knew what it was like to be....... well, like that.

Liz. A smile formed on her face. She had Liz now and everything would change for the better!

Max saw the smile on her face and grinned back at her. She was the only one who could make him smile like that. It was a rare occasion anyway.

"Hey! Seat taken?" Tess and Liz settled down next to them. They had been talking about Alex but that wasn't something Liz wanted to discuss in front of Isabel and Max. She didn't want to hurt or upset them in any way. She still didn't really understand it.

"Girls, what do you think about shopping? Are you up to it?" Tess simply loved shopping plus she needed some light shirts. The clothes she had brought from England were way too warm.
Shopping. Even thinking about it made Isabel smile. She had never went shopping with other girls. Most of the time she had brought her Mum or Max with her. She was too afraid to go alone. "That would be great! Yeah, I'd love that! We could take the jeep. You wouldn't mind Max, would you? Wow, that's going to be so much fun!"
It would be so much fun! Her first girl-trip to the mall.

Liz looked at Isabel in awe. She seemed to be really excited. Hell, it was just a trip to the mall, not going to Disneyland. Sure, shopping was always fun, but......
It was then that she realised that it was probably Isabel's first girl shopping. Her heart sank. She couldn't help but pity her. She had never thought that a simple trip to the mall could make someone's day. Things really had to change! That was ridiculous...... and too sad.

"DAMN!" Tess looked at the pink strain on her blouse. She sighed. She always made stuff like that. NOBODY, older than 7 years spills their juice! Just clumsy little Tess does.
Her shout hadn't been unnoticed and now everyone was staring at them openly. Isabel blushed and looked down. "Well, it isn't like they aren't staring all the time....."

Liz started to laugh. Yep, that was Tess. She shook her head and reached towards her friend. "Come here, I'll fix it." She simply waved her hand over the blouse and the strain was gone.
And then silence.
Nobody spoke. Not even a single noise was heard and Liz realised what she had done. It wouldn't have been a problem at home, they were used to her fixing things that way, or simply applying make-up. But here it was different.

She looked guiltily at Max, who was sitting opposite of her. She bit her bottom lip helplessly. His eyes were dark, really dark. No, scratch that, they were black. He was angry, furious.

Suddenly she heard someone clapping behind her. "Wow, I'm impressed. Wanna come over to my house and wash the dishes? My father isn't really into this kind of things, you know?"
Kyle approached them, smirking.

All the other pupils had remained silent, so he turned around. "Guys, the show is over, get a life!"
He looked at Liz and winked at her.
She gave him a small smile and sighed. She still felt guilty.


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Part 10

"You look ridiculous!"
"Aw, is that..... what the hell is that? You can't tell me that this is actually a shirt?!"
Isabel turned around, giggling. She wore a tight blue-white something with buttons and ribbons. They had been at the mall for three hours but they still weren't tired.

Tess looked at her five bags. She always bought too many clothes. She couldn't get enough of it. "Tess look over here. What do you think?" The girl turned around and looked at the dress Liz was showing her. "Wow girl, wear this and Kyle will go crazy."
Isabel joined them and nodded. The dress was purple, had spaghetti stripes and was just long enough to cover Liz's knees. Well, it would cover her knees if she was wearing it. Kyle would be drooling.

Liz looked up. "Kyle?" She was shocked. She looked at the dress once again. It wasn't something she would normally wear. And she hadn't been thinking of Kyle when she had spotted it......

Tess shook her head. Leave it to Liz to not noticing the obvious. "Come on girl, try it on!"
Liz hesitated, but then she slowly went towards the back of the shop. "Do you think that she really didn't notice the way he is looking at her?" Isabel asked.
Tess linked her arm with Isabel's and shook her head. "Yep, I do. She is a dreamer. Always has her head in the clouds. A little naive too. It's a good thing that we aren't like that. We'll help her, won't we?" She winked at Isabel and they both giggled.

"Laughing about me?" Liz smiled at them, feeling pretty nervous. She looked down at the dress doubtfully. It was pretty, but a little bit too short.
"Wow!" "You look incredibly amazing, buy it!"

Tess knew that if Liz didn't buy it right away, she would never buy it. There was no way that Liz Parker would buy such a dress when she was thinking clearly. "Buy it now Lizzy!"
Half an hour later Liz looked down at the bag. Why did she buy that dress again? She would never wear it. She simply couldn't wear a dress like that!

"Look that cafe over there. Let's go, I'm starving!" Tess hurried towards the door, not noticing Isabel's hesitation. Her feet and her back were hurting and the bags were way too heavy. She opened the door. "You coming?"
Isabel sighed. Well, why not? She never liked public places but the cafe seemed to be nearly empty and she had company. Hell, nobody would ruin her day. Nobody!

"Hi, I'll be your waitress. What can I get you?" Isabel looked up and as she saw the girl her face fell. Great, that was just what she needed!

"Oh Maria! You work here? Seems to be a nice place. That's Liz over there and I'm sure you know Isabel?" Tess was a little bit too cheerful. She smiled brightly but her heart was beating fast. 'Dear Gad, please don't let anything happen.' She glanced at Isabel, who had put on her ice queen face again.

Maria on the other hand was shaking. She couldn't help it. She had to think about what had happened at school. It just needed a wave of Liz's hand and.... she shuddered. 'Don't think about it Maria. You can take your oil later!'

"So, two cokes, a fruit cocktail and one cherry ice cream. I'll be right back!" Okay, that didn't go too bad now, did it?


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So, I've got a new part for you and believe it or not, it's Max/Liz. It's not really romantic like you wanted it to be Nana, but at least I try, okay? You have to humour me.

Part 11

He wanted to fall asleep. He really did. But he couldn't. He had always had troubles with it.
And sometimes he didn't care. Sometimes he even appreciated it. But not when he was tired like he was at that moment. He was mentally exhausted, the anger inside him had vanished during the day and all that remained was this exhaustion.

He had been furious. How could she dare to screw up his life? He had to live in Roswell, New Mexico and she would go back to England. She wouldn't have to deal with the horror her actions caused. She wouldn't have to put up with the stares and the rumours. She would go back to England and would live happily ever after.

But his anger faded during the day. He couldn't change it anyway now, could he? Then he thought about Isabel and the way her face lit up every time she talked with Liz. He wouldn't say anything, for her sake.

There was a soft knock and then his door opened. "Hey, well, I figured that you'd still be up......"
Liz was standing there in the doorway determined to say what she wanted to say. "Can I come in?"
He gestured towards the chair and invited her to take a seat.

Liz noticed that he looked tired. He hadn't been lying when he told her that he didn't sleep much.
"You see, I want to apologise. What I did at school wasn't right and I know it. It's just that I wasn't thinking at that moment. At home it's different, you know?" She stopped and took a deep breath before she continued. "They accept me. They don't like me very much but they aren't afraid and they don't treat me like crap. I guess I just have to get used to it."

"Don't." He didn't look at her, he was staring out of the window.
He didn't turn around and his face remained blank. "I don't want you to get used to it. Isabel didn't get used to it either. She is still fighting but I'm defeated. There's a difference between living and simply surviving. If you get used to hide what you are, to be ashamed of what you are, you already lost the battle. No, you lost the war."

He had been angry, yes. But he couldn't accept her apology. Not that he wouldn't forgive her, but he just realised that there wasn't anything to forgive, she hadn't done anything wrong.

He turned around and looked at her. His eyes were dark, but not because he was angry. They were dark because he wanted her to understand so badly.

"I didn't come here to fight a war Max. I left home because of the war. All I want is to be able to Without worrying, without troubles."
She knew that it probably would never become reality. "But if I have to fight for it, I will. And so will you. You just don't know it yet."

Max Evans hadn't lost his war yet and she would make him realise that, or die trying.


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Part 12

Alex's house. That was a place Maria used to spend most of her time. Alex was her best friend since kindergarten and his home had been the safest place she had ever known. But despite all this, she was nervous as hell, as she was standing outside his house.

She had insisted that Michael didn't come with her but when she thought about it, she realised that she would need his support. She wasn't sure if she could face Tess on her own.
It had seemed so easy when she had thought about it. Just go to her and have a nice long talk. Maria wanted to get rid of these stupid fears. If Tess and Kyle could be friends with aliens she could too, right?

Truth to be told, she had envied them when she had met them that day. Maria hadn't had something like that, real girlfriends. Like Isabel hadn't. Sure, she had always had Alex and Michael but despite her boyish behaviour she was a girl, longing for slumber parties, makeovers and shopping trips.

She was more like Isabel than she knew she was.

Finally she took a deep breath and rang the bell. Just seconds later the door opened. "Hey Maria! I didn't know you were coming over. Where's Michael?"
"Uh, Michael isn't with me. And actually I'm here 'cause I want to talk to Tess. Is she around?"
Alex looked at his friend and noticed that something was wrong. Normally Maria was smiling and full of joy, well at least she was when she wasn't freaking out. Anyway, normally she showed her emotions. But this time her face was blank, giving nothing away.

"Maria, what's up?" He raised his eyebrows. She sighed. She didn't want to discuss it with him. He would be hurt. But she didn't have to tell him the whole truth about why she was there. She didn't have to tell him that she was longing for girlfriends.
"Today Tess, Liz and Isabel came to the cafe and I .... well, I acted like an asshole. You know? Freaking out and the whole fear thing. I want to apologise."

Alex watched her in amazement. He wouldn't have the courage to do something like that. But Maria was stronger than him, she always had been. Without another word he hugged his lifelong friend. "Tess is upstairs. Good luck Maria!"

"Okay DeLuca, you can do it. Just go in there and talk to her. It's no big deal." Maria had talked to herself since forever. It helped to calm her down. And she needed it at that moment, she really did.

She softly knocked at the door. Too softly, it was barely audible. She didn't get an answer so she knocked again, harder this time. "Tess? You in there?"

The door swung open and Maria stopped dead in tracks. "Maria!" Tess had a wide smile on her face. Maria wondered why Tess still treated her like that. So was so friendly and caring.
"I want to talk to you."
Tess' smile widened.


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Part 13

Kyle stopped his car and got out. He picked up the three red roses that were lying in the passenger's seat and slammed the door shut. The car made a terrible noise. Iiich! One of these day it would just break down and nobody would be able to put it together again.

But Kyle didn't really care. Sure, he'd liked a newer, faster car better but it wasn't that important to him like it was to most boys in his class. He didn't need such a car because he didn't care about popularity, jealousy and girls.
He looked down at the three flowers. Okay, maybe he did care about girls......

He opened the door. He had stopped knocking when he was six or seven years old. The Evans' house was his second home and Diane Evans the only mother he had ever known. His own mother had died when he was only two and he couldn't remember her. That for, he didn't really miss her. Most of the people in Roswell, New Mexico had pitied him for not having a mother to take care of him and when he started to hang around at the Evans' house, some even tried to "rescue" him.

"Poor boy. His mother is dead and his father doesn't care that he is friends with...." Kyle shook his head. How stupid can people be? Despite the fact that he had grown up without a mother Kyle thought that he had had a wonderful childhood. He had been a happy kid and he couldn't imagine better friends than Max and Isabel. His father had had to work a lot and Kyle had felt loved when he was with the Evans family. He knew that they really cared about him.

He entered the kitchen and spotted Diane washing the dishes. "Hey Diane, isn't it Isabel's turn?" At the Evans, everyone had to help with the household, cleaning, washing and setting the table. Even Kyle had to do some work when he was around. It was just fair.

"Kyle!" She dried her hands and hugged him, a big smile on her face. She treated him like her own son and she loved him. Valerie Valenti and her had been close friends and this was her way of not forgetting her.
"Oh, what's that? Red roses? Are you going on a date?" She furrowed her brows, a small smile on her face. Kyle going out was a rare occasion. The reason? Diane sighed inwardly. Intolerance, what else? Kyle was friends with her two alien-kids and that was reason enough to avoid him.

"Not really Diane." He smiled at the woman and took one of the roses. "Here, this one's for you, 'cause a beautiful woman deserves a beautiful rose." Diane laughed, took the rose and hit Kyle playfully on the arm. "Trying to be Mr. Charming again? You should be careful, one of these days I'm going to believe you."

Just then Isabel burst into the kitchen. "Kyle!" Her face lit up as she saw him. She smiled even more as she spotted the two roses in his hand. 'Now that's interesting. I bet Liz's gonna love them....'
Kyle took the second rose and gave it to Isabel. He then planted a small kiss on her cheek. Isabel giggled and took the flower to her nose. She then turned her head and whispered in his ear. "Liz is upstairs." She bit her bottom lip, smiling. Kyle winked at her and mothered 'Thanks!' He turned around and hurried up the stairs.

"What's up with him?" Diane looked at her still smiling daughter. Isabel giggled once again. "I have no clue Mum!"


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Part 14

"Alex, we are going to go to the lake for the weekend." Tess had just opened the door and was now about to close it again when he stopped her.
"We are going to do what?" He rubbed his eyes and yawned before he sat up. He simply couldn't get used to the fact that Tess was already up and ready to go at 6 a.m. It wasn't normal, was it? And why the hell did she wake him up?

"We are going to the lake. You know, tents, a fire, marshmallows....?" He groaned and rubbed his eyes again. It took quite some time until he understood what she meant. "Oh, you want to go camping? Why the hell would you want to do something like that?"
Tess rolled her eyes and leaned against the doorframe. "Because it's fun Alex."

He had never been camping and he didn't really felt the need to either. Why sleep in a tent when you can sleep in a nice, warm and comfortable bed? "And when did we decide to make this trip?"

Damn, Tess had thought it would be easier than that. She had figured that waking him up and confusing him a little bit would make him agree. She brushed her blond curls behind her ear. "Remember two days ago when Maria came to talk to me? She told me that she wants to get to know Liz. So we are all going on a trip. We'll have a lot of fun and we'll also become friends. By the way, Isabel, Kyle and Max are coming too."

Alex stopped dead in tracks and winced. He was fully awake by now. There was no way that he would spend the weekend with three aliens! He tried to be nice to Liz and he wanted to show tolerance but spending a weekend with Max Evans? Alex wasn't really brave and in his opinion this meant committing suicide.
"Forget it!" He didn't dare to look at Tess, instead he turned his head and studied the blue curtains next to the window.

When he first met Tess she seemed to be calm and didn't have much self-confidence. But now he knew that a pissed Tess could make your life a living hell. She always had to defend Liz and Tess could get very mad when someone wasn't willing to participate. She was a girl on a mission.
"Alexander Whittman, are you trying to tell me that you are too scared to spend a weekend with three alien teenagers? Three pretty nice alien teenagers by the way?"

Her eyes sparkled. Alex wasn't going to stay at home. He would come along and be friendly. And he would have fun or die trying.


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Part 15

Liz was sure that you could have cut the tension with a knife. They had just set up the tents and were now standing next to each other, without saying a word, without making eye contact.

She glanced at the others. There were Tess and Isabel. Tess seemed to be sort of angry. You could see that she didn't like the way this was going. Liz made a mental note to herself to talk to her friend. It was a good thing that she tried to help with the 'tolerance-problem' but trying too hard didn't do any good at all. You can't make fear vanish. And you can't make people like and respect each other.

Isabel on the other hand had a light blush on her cheeks and was biting her fingernails. Liz thought that she could hear the blond girl's heartbeat. She felt the urge to go over to her and huge her, to tell her that she shouldn't worry so much. She wanted to assure her that everything was going to be okay. This would probably, or most likely, be a lie but at that moment Liz didn't care. She wanted to make her new friend feel better.

But she didn't go over to Isabel, instead her gaze settled on Alex, Michael and Maria, who were standing near the tents, about 10 meters away from the aliens. Michael was there to protect Alex or at least that was what Tess had said. She had giggled while doing so but now it didn't seem to be funny at all. It was a pretty sad truth. It just proved Alex's fear.

Maria caught Liz eyes and managed to shoot her a weak smile. She really tried to act casually, like this trip was something they had done before. Like they all were normal teenagers. 'We ARE all normal teenagers! Stop thinking of them like they aren't!" Maria was upset with herself. For being the way she was, for feeling the way she felt. "Get over it DeLuca."

Meanwhile Liz eyes were looking for Max. She couldn't spot him anywhere. Strange....
She wondered how Isabel had made him agree to go camping with them anyway. It was a miracle 'cause Max wasn't one to do such things. He liked to be alone, not having to talk to others.

The silence got ridiculous and so Kyle finally opened his mouth. "How about we light a fire?" He didn't wait for a reply. "Tess, Michael and Isabel can go looking for firewood, Alex, Maria and Max can unload the cars, looking for some food and Liz and I will set the fireplace."

Tess and Liz smiled as they heard Kyle announce how they should split up. Both because of different reasons of course. Liz simply liked the way he put them into different groups. An alien in each but everyone should feel pretty comfortable. Not too much tension, or fear in Alex's case.
Tess smiled because Kyle took Liz as his partner. Her smiled widened and she and Isabel shared a knowing look. The second purpose of the trip was to get Kyle and Liz together. Of course, getting to know the Roswell-kids was the most important thing but Kyle and Liz would be a really cute couple, wouldn't they?

Finally Liz spotted Max, leaning onto a tree at her left. Why hadn't she seen him before. "Okay, so let's get started." Liz jumped as she heard him speak for the first time since they had left the Evan's house. He had been silent the whole ride. She wondered what was going on in his head. Max was a miracle to her, but she was determined to solve it.

Liz was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't realise that the others started moving, doing what Kyle told them to do and even starting small conversations.
Max's arm brushing hers lightly as he went past her brought her back again. She whirled around and looked at him, her eyes huge. She starred at him until she heard Kyle call her.
"Liz, you coming?"
She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. "I'm coming!" She tore her eyes away from Max and turned around. She walked some meters but then she looked over her shoulder again and caught Max's eyes. She shot him a weak smile and hurried towards Kyle, trying to ignore the shiver that was running down her spine.


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Part 16

The sun had disappeared about an hour before and now, with the darkness giving them a place to hide, the teenagers were more relaxed around each other. Especially Maria had loosened up and was joking around with Tess and Isabel. Alex had sat down next to Max (he still didn't know whyt had forced him to do THAT) and still felt a bit uneasy. Max didn't seem to care at all, he just sat there and stared into the fire without muttering a word.

Michael was surprised how comfortable he was. It was a completely new experience because he didn't even feel comfortable around "normal" teenagers. But now he was having a nice conversation with Kyle and Liz, who were sitting closer to each other than necessary. This, of course, hadn't been unnoticed by Isabel and Tess.

"Look over there! Oh, that's so cute!" Tess turned her head slightly and a bright smile appeared on her face. "Adorable!"
Maria also turned around to see what they were looking at. But she didn't know what they meant. "What?!" She asked a little bit too loud and all the others stopped talking and raised their heads. "Shhh!" Tess silenced her and Isabel went bright red. She lowered her head and whispered in Maria's ear.

"Oh." The girl turned again and glanced at Liz and Kyle. "They look pretty cozy, don't you think?"
Isabel and Tess nodded their heads. "so, you can see it too? We have to play Cupid, don't you think?" Maria raised her eyebrows and thought for a moment.
"Actually I don't think that Liz....."

Maria couldn't finish her sentence. Kyle had jumped to his feet and was now screaming at Michael. "Who do you think you are? Asshole! I want you to apologize." Liz was sitting next to him, disbelieve written all over her face. But now it was being replaced by anger.
"Kyle, it's okay. Damn, Michael didn't do anything wrong! In fact, he's right. The whole war is idiotic. So he's right if he says that only idiots would fight like that." Liz had raised her voice and her eyes were getting smaller and smaller. She hated overprotection-ness. She could speak for herself. And even more important she could fight her own battles, if they were ones or not.

Isabel went pale and spoke up. "But Lizzy, your father was a soldier. He insulted him and all the other men fighting for their rights."
Maria wasn't pale or frightened. She was angry with Michael. How could he say such things. She hadn't known that he was a racist. Now Maria too echoed her thoughts. "Oh, Michael didn't only insult her father he insulted your whole race. That was it what you meant, wasn't it?"

Michael's mouth fell open and he glanced at Liz who also had a look of disbelieve on her face. She started to speak (most likely defend him) but a deep voice made her close her mouth again. "Are you completely insane?" It was the first calm statement since the fight began, it was directed towards Isabel and Maria and, the most shocking fact, it was said by Max.
Alex turned around and looked at him, really looked at him, for the first time that night. And he agreed with him. Alex knew what the other boy was thinking without asking. He agreed. Max was right.

Silence settled but was soon interrupted by Kyle. "I want him to apologize." Isabel, Maria and Tess, who seemed to be as angry as Kyle, nodded in agreement.
"But I don't." It was a whisper, Liz was exhausted. She didn't want to fight anymore. She took Michael's hand and rested her head against his shoulder. "I wanna go home." Max stood up and walked towards his jeep, followed by Michael and Liz. Alex looked around, unsure, but then he jumped to his feet and also got into the car.
Max started the engine and soon they were off, leaving four stunned teenagers behind.

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