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Rating: NC-17(maybe strong R?) to PG 13
Catagory: Max and Liz ALL THE WAY BABY!!
This is a sequel to Winter and it's companion piece Summer.
You might get a little lost if you haven't read Winter. So I suggest you read that first if you haven't, but hey I'm just happy anyone reads anything I whatever *happy*
I jumped a little in the time line from where Winter left off, but we left ALOT up in the air and I do plan on addressing everything. If you have forever whats a few years!
Zan=Max they are on Anatar so they use their Anatarian names.



‘My God, she is beautiful.’ Zan was in awe. He always was when looking at his wife. She had this grace, this presence about her that made anyone near her swoon, but she only had eyes for him. Zan loved knowing he was the only man to ever have seen like this, to ever make her feel these sensations that were racking her body.

“Zaaan.” Liz moaned breathlessly and whispered, “Why are you smiling at me like that?” He had stopped the assault of his lips on her body and was smiling at her in a crooked half grin.

“Just enjoying the view.” He smiled up, before swirling his tongue around her stiff peak, resuming his ravishment of her. He lived for times like this, early in the morning when none around the place was awake. They could just be Liz and Zan. The purple glow of dawn illuminating her body, as he slowly trailed his hand up her inner thigh, seeking the only place he found true contentment. Yes, peace was being buried deep inside Liz. And this morning he needed the solace her body provided. When he reached her moist folds, he plunged two fingers into her.

Liz arched into his hand and moved her hips to match his assault. Needing his lips on hers she tore his head away from her breast and crushed his mouth to hers, plunging her tongue into his mouth matching the attack on her center. Her head was swirling with desires. It made her drunk with passion. Liz could feel his mouth move down her neck. He started a trial of kisses between the valley of her breasts, over the soft skin of her stomach, all the while never stopping his mind numbing assault with his fingers.

Zan ended his trail of kisses on her bundle of nerves, and almost immediately he felt her being to climax. Her cries of “Oh Zan.” Only drove him on as he greedily lapped up the juices that he had cause to rain down.

Liz couldn’t stand another second without the feel of him insider her. With her hands still entwined in Zan’s hair she pulled his body up till their lips locked in a deep kiss. When the tip of him made contact with her outer folds, they both felt a ripple of pleasure.
She moaned into his mouth, “Now.”

Zan plunged deep into her in a fast hard thrust, causing the two lovers to gasp in satisfaction. Pausing just a second to savor the moment of pleasure, their movement took on a frantic, lust filled pace. Their bodies were arching and grinding into each other in a quest to become one being, one soul. Zan could feel her walls contract tightly on his already incensed member, and it triggered his own release, spilling himself deep within her body.

Their naked forms were covered in a sheen of sweat, as Zan rolled to the side taking Liz with him, pulling her on top of him, never leaving her body. The two young lovers lay their gasping for air, reveling in the experience of being together.

Liz’s breathing eventually evened out, and she could find the strength to move. Lifting her head up from her husbands chest, an sweet smile graced her lips. “Good Morning.”

“Good Morning, yourself, but if I start out my day this way could it be anything but?” There was just a hint of a smirk on his face. Boy he was a gonner. “How about we just stay in here today and never get dressed?”

“As much as I like to, we can’t. I say we have about 30 seconds before our daughter walk through that ….” Liz was cut off by a little knock on the bedroom door. Max grabbed his boxers while Liz pulled her tank top over her head. Once they were covered, “It’s ok Nyla.”

A tiny hand peeked around the edge of the door, and pushed it wide open and slowly the little girl looked into her parents room. When she saw that both of her parents were up, she ran into the room and straight into her father’s arms. “Mornin’ daddy!” planting a big kiss on his cheek.

“Good Morning Princess! Did you sleep well?” Zan said as he hugged her tight.

“Yes…” She was studying her parents with a teasing glint to her eye. “You know what is today?

Liz crawled out of bed and joined in the family hug. “Hmmm let me guess? She teased right back. “Christmas?”

“No, my birfday!”

“Oh that’s right! How could we forget!” Zan planted a kiss on both his daughter’s and wife’s head. Handing Nyla to Liz, Zan said, “Well birthday girl, let daddy go take a shower and we’ll start the day right!”

Once Zan headed into the bathroom, Liz lead Nyla out into the sitting room of their chambers. “So how old ARE you today?”

“Free” She excitedly held up her fingers.

“Wow three years old, your getting up there huh? Are you ready for your birthday party this afternoon?” They were having an intimate get together this afternoon with their friends and close family, before the more formal festival that was to happen this evening. Both Zan and Liz were DREADING it, they were never ones for the grand affairs being the royal couple sometimes warranted. Through it all however, they tried to keep Nyla’s life as normal as possible.

Nyla knew her daddy was the King and she knew he was very important, but she was always just her daddy. She knew mommy was special because she was the Queen but her mommy was very special because she was different. She had some idea but still was just too young to fully understand, but she didn’t need to. Her mommy was the most wonderful in the world. “I love you mommy!”

Liz gave her a BIG HUG. “I love you too. SO what do you want for you birthday breakfast?”

“Pancakes and ice cream!”

What the heck it’s her birthday. “Pancakes and ice cream it is.”

Zan was coming out of the bedroom when he over heard the breakfast choices. “Liz? I understand the pancakes, but ice cream?” One look at Nyla and he relented. “Ok, well then. I’ll just go tell them what we want.” Zan hit the intercom and ordered. Flopping down on the couch next to his two girls he slipped his arm around Liz’s shoulder, still humming a little from this morning’s tryst.

Nyla looked expectantly at her parents who were looking at each other and crawled across to Zan’s lap. Liz got up and excused herself to go take a shower herself. “Can you spend all day with me?”

Turning his attention to his new lap ornament, “Well it IS your birthday, and this afternoon. All your grandparents, and Aunt Maria, Uncle Rath, Aunt Vilandra, Uncle Alex, even Uncle Kyle and Larek are all gonna be here for a party just for you.” He touched her nose on you.

“Alla my grandparents?” Nyla questioned cautiously, looking at her parents for a reaction.

“Sure even the ones from Earth are coming tonight to see you.” This would be the first time his parents came to Anatar. He was a little nervous about the whole situation; they were due to arrive in a few hours. He hoped everything would be alright. He didn’t exactly have a conventional marriage or family for a King and sometimes he worried that the ones he loved would be criticized for it. Liz had easily charmed them and he hoped tonight his parents would have an equally smooth time.

“No daddy, I know day is commin. What about Mommy’s udder ones and Aunt Selka?”

“Well baby I don’t know. They are very busy.” How do you explain all this to a three year old? No we can’t have them come to the ball because people might not understand. “But, mommy will be out of her shower soon. We’ll talk to her then. Ok?” Nyla seemed satisfied with this answer and hopped down off of his lap and onto the floor. Zan stood up and stretched, “Come on honey, let’s get you dressed.”

Liz was getting dressed in front of her closet when she over heard the conversation in the living room. She knew her daughter needed to have a visit with Iset and Atum, maybe if they could get away after breakfast. Liz understood that side of herself, but she chose to live her life as normal plain old Liz, but Nyla was old enough to ask questions and that meant she needed answers. Yes they could spend an hour or two away today. She’d ask Zan at breakfast.

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OK how pathetic is this writing feed back on your own story......

I guess I was just curious if there was any interest for this story,Thanks Snowdove for the feed back. I have the next few chapters of the story done, if there is interest I'll post more.



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Nicrae, Winter is the origional story ( My take on how much I wanted S2 to be erased) so start reading that first. But when they start talking about their past lives, more of that is explained in Summer.

Thanks to Usra, Snowdove, BLS, NN, roswellluver for feedback!

I am just setting up the story in these next few chapters, getting all the characters in place. Gotta have transition ya know!

Part 2

They ate their unusual breakfast in the small dinning area their rooms had. If they weren’t living in a palace, you would have thought them to be a typical family enjoying a birthday. Liz took the scene in and smiled. How could anything be more perfect? As she was clearing the plates from the table and putting them back on the trays for the help to carry out she remembered what she had wanted to talk to Zan about. “I heard Nyla asking you about seeing my other parents today. Do you think we could spare an hour or so?”

Looking at he clock, know that what she was asking SHOULD be done, Zan’s forehead furrowed thinking about how they would possibly fit in anything else today. “Yeah, why not. We should go soon though.” He crossed over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist for behind. Planting a kiss on her neck he added. “I just want to get back before my parents arrive.”

“Of course we should get back with plenty of time left. Let me just go tell Maria to just come in and let her set up for the party. She wasn’t going to let me do too much anyway.” Liz turned her head and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

Turning Liz around so he could get better access to her lips, Zan kissed her sweetly and smiled, “Can’t you stop time or something?” Kissing her again after making a reference to the awesome powers she commanded.

Breaking the kiss, Liz reluctantly pulled out of his embrace and turned to look in his amber eyes. If she started this now they would NEVER get anything done today. Liz reached up and stroked the side of his face, “Now Zan, if I could do that, wouldn’t you think I would have used it this morning?” She gave him a wicked grin and slowly pulled away and headed over the intercom to tell Maria of the change of plans, leaving a spacey Zan in her wake imagining the possibilities.


Selka knew she was going to see her sister today. It was Nyla’s birthday and well she was planning on attending the smaller family gathering at the Anatarian palace this afternoon. So is surprised her, pleasantly, when she saw Neith and her family walking down the hallway past her rooms. “Neith!?” Stepping out after them she caught up.

“Aunt Selka” Nyla’s little arms stretched out wide and she hugged her. Selka scoped up her up and turned her attention back to her sister and her husband. “What are you guys doing here? Aren’t you busy today?”

“We just came for a short visit with Mother and Father. Nyla was asking about them.” Liz slipped her arm around Zan’s waist and leaned into him.

“Nyla asked why you guys couldn’t come to the Ball tonight at the palace, so Liz suggested we come here.” Zan ended with planting a kiss on the crown on Liz’s head.

“Nyla? I don’t think Mother or Father could come but, would you like me to come to your birthday party?” Selka knew she could carry it off. While she understood her sister’s wishes for privacy about her true identity, Selka didn’t think having her attend a function tonight would have any impact on that, besides Nyla was soon going to be very important to them all. Selka wasn’t sure how much longer the little girl’s true identity could be concealed.

“Uh Huh!” Nyla nodded excitedly. Aunt Selka could do things like make her toys come to life and dance around! She loved it.

“Are you sure?” Liz questioned. She wasn’t sure what Selka was planning.

“I’ll go as a regular Anatarian. I can dim the power bulb down for one night. It’ll be fine.” Selka closed her eyes and only clear green eyes had replaced the luminous green glow that usually was there, when her eyelids rose once again.

Liz was satisfied with the results and motioned to the group, “Come on I want to get a chance to see Mother and Father, and only have an hour.”

Following Zan and Liz down the hallway, Selka, was still carrying Nyla, and informed them, “ Mother is here, but Father is, who knows, but I think we should be used to that.”

They found Iset sitting on her balcony looking out into the sky. Without turning her gaze, Iset welcomed them. “Hello Neith, Zan. Happy Birthday Nyla.” She finished by finally turning towards her granddaughter who was squirming to get down from Selka’s arms.

“Hello Mother.” Liz acknowledged while Zan smiled his hello.

“Hi!” Was Nyla’s greeting. “I’m free today.”

“Three years old. Wow!” Iset smiled at the little one. It was strange to have a child around. Of course she had always seen the mortal children in her care, and a few of the other immortal families had procreated but they didn’t really have children not like this. It was a new experience. She loved her granddaughter and Nyla was more important that Neith knew, but for right now it was just nice to have her be that three year old.

“Mommy says you are not coming to my birfday.” Nyla questioned with a twisted up face as if she was studying for a reaction. It made Zan laugh because in that moment she looked so much like Liz.

“That’s right. I am sorry but I cannot. I think Aunt Selka is going to go though, and you’ll have Mommy and Daddy….”

“It’s cause you are special that you can’t come. Huh?” Nyla questioned.

Liz was wondering what brought all these ideas up suddenly today. Nyla had always just let it be. They never really avoided it around her, but why today with all the questions. Hearing her Mother’s response broke her train of thought.

“Nyla I would love to come but I am simply too busy. I am needed here. Someday soon maybe you can spend some time here just you and me and I can tell you all about it. Would you like that?” Iset gazed deep into the girl’s eyes, she was soon going to have to tell Neith and Zan soon too. She just hoped they could be ready.

“Okay!” That seemed to satisfy Nyla and she gave her grandmother a quick hug and turned to her parents. “Is it time for my presents now?”

Zan tussled her hair with his fingers, “Well I guess that’s our cue to leave. Liz?”

“Good bye Mother. See you a little later Selka.” With a flourish of her hand Liz made their exit.


“Oh my god!” Maria jumped when she turned around to see Zan, Liz and Nyla appear in thin air. “Please warn a person when you’re gonna do that!”

“Sorry.” Liz felt weird enough sometimes using her powers, let alone knowing it creeped people out.

“Stop it.” Zan said pulling her into a hug. “I kinda like a having a wife that can do almost anything just by waving her hands.” He whispered into her ear with a all knowing smile.

“Oh you do huh?” She smiled back at him before he captured her lips.

Zan and Liz kissing while Maria set up the table was the scene the next four guests to the party “Oh hey guys! Other people, in the room!” Alex would never understand how they could always do that, just block out the world by being near each other.

“Oh hey Alex, Isabel, Rath, Kyle.” Zan paused just long enough to get that out before reattaching his lips to Liz’s, and wrapping her tighter in his embrace.

“Come on Nyla, let’s see what kind of presents you got!” Vilandra tried ignoring the kissing couple.

Liz broke of the kiss and pulled back from Zan, “Why don’t you get our present to her too.” Sending Zan off to their bedroom she joined her friends in the sitting area, as her parents arrived at the door.


All the presents were opened and they had each eaten the lunch and a slice of cake, Vilandra checked her watch. “Zan, Mom and Dad’s shuttle is due to arrive any time now, you wanna come down with me to meet them?” Vilandra had been anxious all day, her parents were visiting Anatar for the first time and she wanted everything perfect.

“Sure, we’re all coming. Right Nyla?” The little girl jumped up into her Daddy’s arms and nodded excitedly.

“I’m going to see YOUR Mommy and Daddy? From Earth, right?” How confusing can one kids family get? “Yep they are coming all the way form Earth!” With that Zan crossed over to the door at lead to the rest of the palace, and open the door for everyone “Lets go meet the shuttle.”

The small group of friends winded thorough the palace hallways and down to the shuttle bay, only to see that Larek’s shuttle had just arrived.

“Larek!” Liz exclaimed before crossing over to pull him into an embrace. It was always good to see their friend.

“Hello Elizabeth.” Larek pulled out of the hug enough to look at her face, she got more beautiful with every day. Then his gaze drifted over the to man he feared knew exactly what he was thinking, “Hello Zan. Always nice to see everyone, but I come bringing presents.” Larek stepped aside and Diane and Phillip Evans appeared in the doorway of the shuttlecraft.

“Mom, Dad!” Vilandra ran towards her parents, meeting them at the bottom of the step.

“Oh Isabel, she missed you much.” Diane had tears in her eyes, at the sight of her children after 18 months. “How is everyone?” Turning her attention to the close group of friends.

“We’re fine Mom.” Zan stepped forward with Nyla in his arms. “How was your trip.”

“Well it was an experience, but let me see my granddaughter.”

Nyla studied Diane and Phillip closely, she seemed to have a lot of grandparents, and she wanted to get a good look at the ones that lived on Earth. Her mommy told her that’s was where her parents had met, and were raise when they were little. Nyla had a small memory of visiting them last time. She remembered sitting on her Grandpa Phillp’s lap and the smells from her Grandma’s kitchen. Crawling down from Zan’s arms she went over to Diane and accepted a hug and kiss.

Phillip turned from greeting his children and thanked Larek for the ride down to the surface. “Thank you again Larek I didn’t think I was going to be able to keep Diane from trying to jump down if they didn’t get a shuttle ready soon.”

“Glad I could help.” It really had been no trouble he was passing by anyway. “Now Nyla, are you ready for your big birthday celebration tonight?” When he got no answer the group looked at Nyla more closely. She had fallen asleep in Diane’s arms.

“I think getting up at 6 am, and all this running around made her ready for a nap.” Zan then offered to take her from his mother, who politely refused. “Max, I don’t get to do this nearly enough. I can carry her up to her room, and then you can give us the grand tour.”

Larek set off to his set of apartments in the palace, that were given to every Planetary Regent, promising to come to the King’s chambers as soon as he had settled in. The rest of the group went their separate way, except for the Evans’, Zan Liz and Vilandra, who led their parents to where Nyla could be put down for her nap.


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I think I live for the ego boost!

Part 3

Vilandra had taken her parents off for a tour of the palace, leaving Zan and Liz alone in their apartment with a sleeping Nyla in her room.

Snuggling closely on the couch, the couple relaxed. Zan put his legs of on the cushions as Liz snuggled into his chest. “I have you all to myself Mrs. Evans. Any idea of what we should do?” Zan started to brush his hand over the exposed skin on her arm. His body was telling him to carry her off to their bedroom, but they had so much to do for tonight. The arrangements were in order they had been since yesterday, hmm maybe they could get away for a few minutes.

As if reading his thoughts, Liz shifted her body to pull him in for a deep kiss. “I’m actually kind if tired.” A coy smile gracing her lips, she slowly stood up and walked towards the room they shared for the past 3 years. “I’m just going to be lying in our room, naked. If you can think of anything, you let me know ok?”

‘CAN I THINK OF ANYTHING??!’ What am I NOT thinking of might be an easier question. Zan jumped off the couch and ran towards his wife, not missing a step he scooped her up in his arms and hurried with her into their room. Throwing Liz, who was laughing, unto the middle of the bed with a big bounce. Immediately diving to join her. “I think I can come up with a few ideas.” Attacking the skin at the base of her neck. Not noticing the small figure standing in their doorway.

“Mommy?” In a nanosecond Zan and Liz were apart and sitting up straightening their clothes. “What is it baby?” Liz patted the bed beside her for Nyla to climb up.

“Where is Grandma and Grandpa? I didn’t miss dem did I? A sleepy Nyla asked rubbing her eyes.

“No baby you didn’t Aunt Vilandra is showing them the palace, they’ll be back in a little while to get ready for tonight.” Why don’t you go into your room and I’ll meet you in a minute to give you a bath.”

“I’ll be in too, ok?” Zan loved watching the two women in his life, he could do it forever.

“OK! But no more kissing.....I want a bath.” Nyla crawled off her parents bed and padded out of the room.

Pulling Liz into his chest they rested their foreheads together, “You heard the Princess. She wants a bath.”

Selka stayed with her Mother after their guests had left. She didn’t feel right having to keep secrets from her sister, and once again implored her mother to tell Neith about the importance of Nyla. “At least tell her that you locked away Nyla’s powers, she has no idea what Nyla is capable of. She thinks her daughter is mortal.”

“They have been through so much. It has taken a millennia for them to be together, I can’t help but want to give them a few years of the mortal life hey have wanted for so long.” Iset wasn’t sure if it was the best thing, but she had made the decision a few years ago and she would stand by her original decision for a while longer, anyway. “I think your sister is having a hard enough time dealing with what SHE is let alone that her daughter is the one we have been waiting for. Neith hasn’t even resumed her role as the Keeper of the Wisdom fully yet.”

Well, if I had Zan in my bed 24 hours a day I’d he hard pressed to care about much else either, but instead she said. “Neith has been away for such a long time, and ever since she had fallen in love with Zan she has been on a different path.”

“Leave it to your sister to find a soul mate, and with a mortal.” Iset smiled while she stared off into space. Seeing those two together was one of the most beautiful things in the Universe.

“Well, he’s not really a mortal anymore, is he?” One more thing I think we should tell them about. Waving her hand in the air Selka crossed over to the mortal plane

“I don’t wanna wear dat.” Nyla made a disgusted face at the fancy gown that was required for the evening. “ I wanna wear my blue dress. Do I have ta wear that on my head?” She pointed to the head band/tiara sitting on her dresser.

Liz really didn’t feel like arguing because she didn’t like these events either. The REAL birthday party as far as she was concerned happened this afternoon with their friends, but being the royal family they had expectations. “Nyla honey, gold is the color of your Daddy’s family. You know your Daddy is the King right? Well, we need to do these things because being a King comes with a lot of responsibilities, he needs us to be with him tonight.” Liz paused for a moment thinking about how true that could be sometimes. “So please just do me a favor and put the dress and tiara on, Please? Grandma Nori will be here soon to come and get you.” A knock on the outer door made known just how soon that would be.

“Zan.” Liz called out, “could you please get the door? I am still getting Nyla ready.” She heard Nori’s voice indicating Zan had done just that. Finishing up the last touches on Nyla’s hair Liz stepped back nodding in approval. “You look like the Princess you are.” Zan said as he ushered his mother into the smaller bedroom.

“Do I look pretty?” Nyla twirled in a circle loving the fact that her full dress flowed out around her.

“You look lovely.” Nori smiled with tears in her eyes she was so blessed having her children and now grandchildren back with her. “Now how about I take you down to the party rooms and we can see how everything is shaping up for tonight, and give Mommy and Daddy a chance to get ready.” Shooting a knowing glance back at her son before she left them alone in their living room.

“Ok we have about 2 hours,” Looking at Zan questioningly, “I thought you were going to take your shower while I got Nyla ready?” Knowing what her husband had in mind, but decided to play with him for a second. She stripped off her shirt as she walked towards their bedroom, “Well I guess you missed your turn.” Throwing the shirt at him, while he stared in awe of his wife half naked. It took Zan a second to get his feet in motion to follow her.

Liz was just stepping into the hot steam of the shower stall, when she felt naked skin pressed into her back. Shudders of desire immediately racked her body. “ I thought maybe we could save time by doing this together.” Zan whispered in her ear before taking the earlobe in his mouth.

“I’m not sure we are going to save any time this way, but I’m not going to argue with small details.” Liz was melting inside. She could feel the ache deep inside her body, and when she turned to face him and arch her head into the stream of water, she felt and saw Zan’s obvious need being pressed into her stomach. “As much as I want to just attack you right now, I need to wash my hair.” She grabbed for the shampoo bottle but Zan was too quick.

“Allow me.” He loved to wash her hair. Liz’s hair was always a fascination with him, and something about helping her to wash it only made his desire for her grow more urgent. The scent of her strawberry shampoo always did something wild to him. He worked her hair into a bubbly lather, and when she arched her back to rinse, it thrusted her upper body out and her nipples just barley touched his skin. Zan groaned at the contact, and leaned in to press her body to him further.

The feel of his hard body and hands running over her while the hot water pelted her skin was heaven, but she kept her body in check long enough to pull back. “You didn’t have your both yet either.” Liz spun him around and picked up the bath gel and pooled a generous portion into her palm, and worked between her hands. “You need to be squeaky clean for tonight.” She began to work her lathered hands all over his muscular chest and stomach and watching as the water pelt down and bounced off his taunt skin. . Pulling him closer she pressed her body into his reaching around to run her hands over his back.

Zan had his eyes closed enjoying the feel of her soft body pressed so tightly to him, when she pulled back the loss was enough to make him open his eye to question her actions, but his eyes didn’t meet hers as expected. Then he looked down. ‘Oh God,’ was all he could get out before Liz’s lips came into contact with the tip of his head.

She licked off the sweet precum had started to glisten there, before running her tongue down the length of his shaft. Looking up to meet his gaze she took his length deep into the back of her throat. She was satisfied with herself when she saw Zan flail out his arms to steady himself by holding on the wall. Starting a rhythm she began to make love to him with her mouth.

He was trying not to lose all control and buck his hips against her assault, but he couldn’t help but take one of the hands from the wall and snake his fingers through her hair. “Liz!” he almost jumped when he felt a hand come up and caress his sacs. He could feel the tremors of release and tired to warn her but she held on, and greedily swallowed every drop. Zan ‘s knees couldn’t hold him up any longer and he slumped to shower floor beside his wife. “You are amazing.” He panted before pulling her closer to him.

“And we are going to be late.” Liz kissed his lips and slowly stood up to get out of the shower, but as she was about to open the stall door, she felt a hand reach around her waist and she was pressed back into Zan’s hard body.

“I’m not letting you get away from me that easily.” One hand slowly crept up to fondle her breasts while the other brushed down over her stomach and into the moist wet curls. “I think I still have some unfinished business that needs taken care of.”

How he could get hard again so quickly HAD to be a power of hers, it couldn’t be physically possible after the attack with her mouth minutes earlier. But she could feel his obvious excitement pressing against the small of her back. The hand sneaking down her stomach found her bud of nerves and Liz open her stance to give him better access. Her desire to have him inside of her became an ache. Zan must have sensed this and spun her around, grabbed one of her legs at the knee and lifted her leg allowing him the entrance into her hot tight body. “Oh!” they both moaned at the contact but this position didn’t allow for the deep contact they both craved for. Zan took another step backward and using the wall for leverage he wrapped Liz’s other leg around his waist impaling her in a sitting position on his length.

Liz wrapped both arms around his neck and seared her lips to his. Using her thigh muscles she was lifting her self up almost releasing his member and plunging back down, hard. Zan was glad he had the wall against his back for support, because he hands were too busy grabbing her hips and helping her with this climax building pace. “Yes Zan, yes!” Liz could feel start to feel that familiar sensation starting at her toes and start to spread throughout her body; her muscles started to spasm, as the orgasm racked her body. Zan continued to plunge deep inside her as the walls around him clamped down making her tight walls grip him even tighter. He couldn’t hold out with her wetness clamping to his member making her pull on his aching flesh. With one final deep thrust he exploded spilling his seed deep with in her.

For a long time the only sounds were the water running and panting breaths. “God how I love you.” Zan held her even closer, as she replied. “I love you too.” They both groaned at the loss of contact when she had to stand on her own two feet.

“Even with Superpowers I think we are late.” Liz said sheepishly, knowing all their friends and family would surely know WHY.

Handing her a towel as he stepped out of the shower, “I think they are used to it by now.” Running his fingers through her wet tresses he dried them for her, any excuse to touch her hair. “Let’s get dressed we are supposed to be making our entrance about now.”


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Did they spent the whole 2 hours in the shower??? Because they'd be mighty water logged by now, LOL!!

In my mind it is a BIG shower stahl. ;) But still OH what a reason to be pruny.



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I usually can write about 3 parts in the time that it took me to finish this. But if I keep reorganizing and rewritting this part I might go inase. I'm still not sure how it turned out, please let me know. I have the next chapter basically planned out so that should be much quicker to get out. Thank god!

Part 4

“There late again.” Vilandra was looking towards the front of the room where the royal couple was to make their entrance FIFTEEN minutes ago. Her friends turned ‘like you didn’t know they we gonna be’ looks at her. “Alright, but if they aren’t down here in……There they are!”

The guys in the group exchanged looks when they saw the royal couple enter the room. Zan hand his fingers interwoven through Liz’s, dragging her behind him in their rush to get to the party. Liz was laughing threw her head back at something funny Zan must have said she barely caught her crown from falling off her head, and Zan was grinning like a fool in love.
“Three guesses as to what THEY were just doing.” Rath mumbled so it didn’t leave the small group of friends.

“What was dey doin’ Uncle Rath?” Nyla cocked her head looking for a response. His gaze turned from Nyla to the tapping leg beside her, that was attached to one ticked off Maria Deluca. She was shooting him ‘Watch it!’ daggers out of her eyes.

Alex cleared his throat and changed the subject. “Hey Nyla now that your parents are here, maybe we can finally dig into the cake!” With the promise of cake, Nyla seemed to forget her question hadn’t been answered.

The group made their way to the rise at the front of the room while the crowd burst out in polite applause at the entrance of the Royal Couple. Nyla ran over to her parents and they scooped her into their arms for a shared embrace. “Ready Nyla?” Her father questioned with a smile.


Selka arrived as Nyla was finishing her birthday cake. Around the table she saw Neith, or Elizabeth for tonight; Zan’s Earth parents, Neith’s Earth parents, Vilandra, her intended Alex, and Neith’s best friend Maria. Across the room she got a glance of Zan and Rath. They appeared to be in some political discussion, but Zan’s attention wasn’t on the men in the group. His gaze kept drifting over to her sister. Nyla saw her first.

“Aunt Selka!” Nyla hugged her.

Selka lifted the little girl up, “Happy Birthday again, Nyla. Are you having a good time?”

“I wanna go play outside, but Mommy says No.” Nyla pouted. And in a mocking tone, she added. “I have to tay here cause everyone came to see me.”

Liz had to chuckle at her imitator. “Nyla they are all here for YOUR birthday.”

“Tell you what, how about Nancy and I take you for a walk.” Diane looked over at Liz. “Then afterwards we’ll bring her back to our rooms with us. We won’t mind keeping her for the night.”

“I don’t want be to here anymore than she does. This isn’t a party it’s another boring state function.” Liz’s face showed how uncomfortable she was with the whole idea. “I always being I am being judged. Some of them are still upset that Zan married ME, and not someone from Anatar or one of their planets. I hate tonight even more because they are placing my daughter under their microscope too.”

Selka let out a quick laugh at the thought. How ANYONE in this room could think of her sister as not good enough for their King, was beyond her infinite grasp. They didn’t know who her sister really was, but did they not have eyes? Selka had promised her sister to blend in tonight, so she decided to just hold her tongue.

“So let me take her through the gardens.” Diane reasoned. “Then after she can tell me all about Anatar and I can tell her stories about when her daddy was a little boy.”

“There is always dancing at these thing it might get kinda of late. You sure you don’t mind?”

“Not at all!” Diane and Phillip stood up and she took Nyla from Selka. As the three were leaving the table Liz heard Diane say, “You ready to be spoiled some more?”


Dancing had commenced in the ballroom. Liz had yet to get Zan to herself at all this evening. Across the room she saw Selka. There was about 10 gentlemen vying for her attention, and she had them eating out of the palm of her hand. Maria was dancing with Alex, because well Rath didn’t dance and Vilandra had walked Nori back to her room when she complained of being tired. But where was Zan?

Zan was stuck in some stupid conversation between, two neighboring provinces. They had been fighting about a boundary line and were both asking Zan to make a ruling, this instant. Did they not know they were supposed to be at his daughter’s birthday party?

Zan’s eyes were scanning the room looking for Liz. He wanted to give her the ‘I am officially in Hell look.’ Instead he saw something that made his temper flare.

Senator Drell had cornered Liz when she was on her way to find Zan. The man was slobbering drunk, and during the entire conversation he kept putting his hand on Liz’s arm. Getting rather annoyed, she was about ready to say something, when she felt his hand on her butt and pull her flush against him.


OK HE DOES NOT HAVE HIS HAND ON MY WIFE’S ASS! Zan turned to go so quickly he knocked two of the men standing beside him to the ground.

Anger flickered in her eyes, but before she could slap him, Liz heard Larek’s voice.

“Drell!” Larek saw the grateful look in Liz’s eyes as she took the opportunity to take a step away from the Senator. Making sure Liz was alright and behind him, Larek turned his gaze back to Drell and whispered in the calmest voice her could muster, “Touch the Queen like that again and I’ll break whatever part of you touched her with.” Larek was trying not to make a scene and embarrass Liz further.

People had whispered about Larek and this girl, but Drell always just dismissed the rumors. Larek would surely not be as foolish as their boy King, and let himself feel anything for this human. He could not believe that Larek would dare threaten him! He was a member of the Senate! “So what do you care if I touch the King’s human whore! Oh wait, she pleasures you now too? She must be one amazing piece of ass to have the King and YOU so protective of her! What’s the matter?” He raised his eyebrows at Larek, and gave him a fuck you grin. “I just wanted to try her for myself.”

Larek clenched his teeth, and was about to beat the man’s head into the floor when he saw Zan.

Rath saw Zan at about the same time, “Oh shit this is gonna be bad.” Rath had to get to Zan before he killed the stupid Son of a Bitch.


Selka heard what that fool had said to her sister, she had also saw the devastated look on Neith’s face, at the way the man referred to her. HOW DARE THAT MORTAL! At least she had that other man, sticking up for her. That guy looked ready to kill for her sister too, she would have to thank him later.

She was about to smite the blasphemer, when two things held her back. One was the fact that Zan had just about made it through the crowd and was surely to beat him senseless, and two was the fact that she hadn’t promised her sister anything about tomorrow…….


Zan couldn’t see straight. The only two things in his universe right now was devastation in the emotional state he was getting from Liz right now, and how many more feet until his fist could make contact with Drell. He had been livid when that man dared to touch HIS wife, but the rage inside Zan at hearing those words made his pulse beat in his ears.

Finally! He bastard is in grabbing distance. Not saying a word Zan’s fist flew out and made contact with the man’s head. Sending the drunken Senator flying backwards 5 feet and crashing into the wall and leaving Drell stunned. Zan picked the man off the floor by his shirt and threw him up against the wall again, holding him with his feet off the ground, banging the now barely conscious man’s head and body into the wall to highlight every word. “What. Did. You. Say. About. My. Wife!” Zan pulled back his fist for another punch when Rath grabbed Zan from behind and pulled him back. When Zan let go of Drell’s shirt and he crumpled into a heap on the floor.

“Get up you bastard!” Zan was spitting he was so pissed off. This guy insults Liz, HIS Liz like that and then has the audacity to pass out before Zan is finished beating him! He was kicking at Rath to let him go

“Zan, chill!” Rath was losing his grip on his normally subdued friend. Larek has to rein in his own temper and help him hold Zan back.

Zan was still struggling when he heard the one voice that would cut though his haze. “Zan, please.” Oh shit he had forgotten Liz was standing there, and her voice was think with tears. He stopped struggling and his friend let him go. Not taking his eyes off Liz’s tear stained face. His voice meant business, “Rath, Larek get everyone out of here now.”
In two steps he was pulling her into his protective embrace. “I’m so sorry, Liz. So sorry.” The two of them just stood there in their own little world as Rath and Larek cleared the ballroom


Some of the guests were interested in the outcome for more reasons than gossip fodder.

“You see! This is what we get for accepting him with that human for a Queen, and he has diluted the Royal Blood by reproducing with her. I will not let MY grandson be considered for a marriage with that HALF BREED of a Princess. He lets his emotions rule him when it comes to his Elizabeth.”

“You are right. But how did you know to watch her with Drell?”

He old man chuckled, “Oh I told the drunken fool that I caught her giving him one of those looks she gives Zan, and sent him over to her.”

“It was an ingenious idea, doing this tonight at the birthday celebration. Everyone we need was witness to this emotional display.”

“Maybe we even turned a few others to our side too.” He couldn’t wait to report to night to his master Seth.


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Part 5

Zan continued to cradle Liz against his chest. She hadn’t said anything since stopping him from committing murder. Zan raised his head out of the crook of her neck and placed his chin on the top of her head. Looking around the room he saw that Rath and Larek had in fact cleared the room out as he had asked.

Maria was clearly distraught as to what to do. She had figured that after these past three years they had eased the fears of having a human for a queen. The fact that Liz wasn’t technically a human didn’t really matter to Maria, she was rambling that if Liz wasn’t the perfect Queen, she had no idea who would be. Certainly not Tess, cause that was their OTHER choice. Zan smiled to himself about how true that was, and thanked the universe THAT didn’t happen.

Rath and Larek were guarding the exits making sure they had some privacy. They were both fuming for similar reasons, only Larek had taken this much more personally. While Rath was upset as it hurt two of his inner circle, one of which was his best friend, not to mention his King and Queen. Larek worshipped Elizabeth, albeit from afar, and he would never admit this to another living soul. That the drunken idiot had even put thoughts in these people’s head that he would stain her with an affair…..well it incensed him. Zan could tell the two men were angry that they hadn’t been able to put a stop the whole situation before it became so public, but what could they have done? They were mad but the energy coming off of Selka was frightening.

Her eyes had gone back to their normal green fire, they burned with an intensity Zan had never seen before and she was angrily pacing. “How DARE he speak to her like that.” Her eyes were darting across the floor as she walked; Zan suspected she was planning her revenge. They could hear things like ‘never be able to try ANYONE out again’ being mumbled. Zan had been thinking about punishing the fool for his actions tonight but watching Selka scowl at the ground made him think that the divine intervention this guy would be receiving would be a hell of a lot worse than anything Zan would have come up with.

Where were Alex and Vilandra? They had been here, he thought so anyway. Oh wait she had gone up with Nori, but Alex had been here. “Did Alex go get Vilandra?” Figuring someone would have been sent for her.

“Yeah,” Maria stopped her why do they hate humans so much rant long enough to answer him.

This was a time to circle the wagons, because as justified as he had been, this wasn’t exactly the kindest bunch of royals and politicians could find. There were probably stories fling about right now about Nyla being Larek’s daughter. They needed to get someone where more private, but Liz was still clutching him for dear life and he didn’t want to subject her to the people who were still probably waiting to get of glimpse of her distraught when she left the room. Kissing the stop of Liz’s head she softly spoke out to Selka, he had to call her a few times before she had heard him. “Selka,” “Selka.”

Her thoughts were racing to a proper punishment for all those involved. She had a feeling this was more to this than face value, just something……..”What!?”

“Would you mind getting us out of here and back to our rooms upstairs? I don’t want the vultures….”


……..the satisfaction of seeing her upset” was finished on the couch in their living area. “Thanks.” Their small band of friends was now with them too. Liz adjusted herself to sit on Zan’s lap her cheek still buried against his chest.

“Well Zan, what evil Kingly punishment are you gonna get him with? Do you guys boil people in oil?” Maria was expecting nothing short of slow and painful.

“I think I’ll let Selka handle it.” Zan shot a glance over towards the again pacing goddess.

“Oh leave it to me I’ve been in the justice business for quite a long time.” Her blazing eyes narrowed into slits. “And not just him either.”

“Huh?” was Maria’s response.

“I don’t know, something about that whole thing seemed……off.” Selka couldn’t put her finger on it. She wished she could take to Neith. *Sigh* her sister really had to work though all this, identity nonsense. There were just many parts of her; she needed to find a way to get them all working as one being. Hell, she’d even make all the other keepers call Liz or Elizabeth if it’d help. No, she just needed time, and obviously him. “Zan you take care of her. I’m gonna take care of that guy AFTER he heals from the punishment you gave him today. I’ll check in with her soon.” Selka blinked out of the room, and Larek for the first time realized that they had been teleported by that woman’s powers.

He had seen that woman at just a few occasions over the past few years, but he had never really asked much about her. However that was all about to change. “Ok who was that and how did we get here?”

Larek hadn’t really been informed about Liz’s whole immortal status. He knew Liz had a connection to the granolith and that she used it to bring him back after Kivar had killed him, but Zan figured it was about time to fill him too. He knew Liz hadn’t wished to tell anymore people than necessary, but Larek deserved some answers, but he wanted to get Liz alone. “Maria, Rath would you mind filling him in, I want to put Liz to bed.”

“No problem,” Maria smiled at Zan even being protective in the little group. She turned to Larek, “Get comfortable cause this is gonna be a LONG story.”


“You’re kidding!” Larek couldn’t believe want he was hearing. “She doesn’t just have a connection to the Granolith she GAVE him the Granolith! HIM in there, in THAT bedroom is a reincarnation if the ORIGIONAL Zan?!?! And Elizabeth, is Neith. THE NEITH. Who’s ruins of a temple, in her honor, being excavated on my planet, as I speak!” No, no he was sleeping. The party had been fine and her went to bed and was dreaming. “Elizabeth, is REALLY a goddess??” To himself, ‘I know you have always worshiped her but god man! Well no goddess actually.’ Maria interrupted the conversation in his head.

“Actually its more like the Keeper of Wisdom and Warfare.” Maria’s thought turned to when Alex had heard the news. “And it’s not really a goddess per se. Have you ever seen Star Trek? The one with Q?”

What is she talking about? “Star Trek??? Huh?”

Where’s Alex when you need him? “Rath,” Maria looked behind her, “Little help here?”

“Hey you’re the one that stared quoting Gene Roddenberry. You’re on your own babe.”

After a few more comparisons, Larek though he finally got it. “So, Wow, I gotta go lie down.”

“Yeah it’s getting pretty late.” Rath looked at the clock on the wall. “We can talk to them in the morning.”


Zan took one hand and pulled back the covers and laid them both down together on the cool sheets. Liz still hadn’t talked yet, if her breathing wasn’t so uneven he would have thought her to be asleep. She was still in her formal gown from this evening but he wasn’t going to lose contact with her long enough to pull it off of her, she was holding on for dear life. SO with his feet he helped her push her shoes off and he kicked them to the floor. Pulling the covers up over the two of them he snuggled up against her back and started to stroke her hair. “I love you” was the only thing he said to her until she fell asleep.


Liz fell into a fitful sleep. She kept having these confusing, morphing dreams. Every time she could never figure out what she did or who she was. It almost rivaled the identity crisis she was having in the real world.

Liz felt like she was still Liz Evans, but being Liz Evans didn’t begin to describe what she being her entailed. There were just so many things that made up her life so many parts of her, that SHE didn’t even know where they all fit.

That was one of the reasons she didn’t want to really tell anyone, what is she supposed to tell them if she didn’t understand. The only thing she knew with every fiber of her being was Zan, and through him Nyla. Stick with the ONE thing you have figured out. So that was the only comfort she found right now, having Zan’s warm body spooned up against her, running his fingers through her hair, and whispering I love yous in his sleep.


There was a knock at their bedroom door, Zan peaked on eye open and noticed just the beginnings of dawn out the window. “What?” He mumbled to whomever was intently pounding on the door. Nyla was with his Mom and Dad, so it couldn’t be her, if it wasn’t Nyla they could go to hell. “Go away!” He said only half awake snuggling back down into the warmth of Liz.

“Zan! Zan! Open the door now!!!!” His eyes bolted open with the thought that something happened TO Nyla. Vilandra would not be pounding on his door at this hour unless something was majorly wrong! He jumped out of bed and flung open the door.

“What? What is it? It is Nyla?” Zan heart stopped. If anything happened to his little girl……. His sister was crying this was not good.

“No, No Nyla’s Ok. It’s mom.” Vilandra couldn’t get it out coherent words; sobs racking her body.

Terror plunged itself into Zan’s heart, “What about mom?” Did his voice just crack?

She took a deep breath, “She’s dead.”


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Part 6

Liz had woken up when Vilandra had called out from behind the door and two steps behind him when he opened the door. She placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. By instinct Zan’s arm reached across his chest and placed his hand on top of hers.

Vilandra was hyperventilating to hard to talk. Alex had walked with her to go get Zan, and he pulled her tightly against his chest will the sobs racking her body to cease. Looking past her shoulder at the couple still half asleep. “Before you ask, and in light of tonight, there didn’t appear to be any unnatural causes. She found her about half an hour ago. Vilandra was worried all night, so I said we would go and check on her, and she was just lying there. ”

His mother was dead. Pulling on Liz’s hand until her feet moved and brought her to his side, Zan slipped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close for comfort. He had to get to his dad. “How’s dad taking all this?”

Alex realized Zan hadn’t been told WHICH mother. “No, not Diane, Nori.”

Zan exhaled in relief and felt immediately guilty, he had felt a little better when it wasn’t Diane Evens. What kind of a man was he? He felt hands pull his face down and to the left.

Liz’s intense eyes were burning into him. “Stop it.” She forcefully held his gaze with her hands and eyes, until she saw the change in him. Then her look softened into one of sympathy, “I love you.” Dropping her hands from his cheeks, she threaded them around his waist. “Alex, go take her back to your room. Let us get dressed, get Nyla from Diane, and well meet you ok?”

Zan hadn’t gotten as close to Nori as Vilandra had. Zan felt the loss in his own way. A link to his past life was gone. Without her love for his past self, he would have never finally have Liz, and they would never have experienced the joy Nyla brought into their life.


A large but silent crowd stood on the shoreline watching as the ship taking The Elder Queen Nori’s body on it’s final journey. As was tradition, the body was displayed for finally goodbyes from her subjects for one week. Then at sunset, her body was placed on a vessel and as it was sent out to sea it was lit on fire. As the flames rose into the evening sky they committed her to the air, to the sea, to Anatar. It really was quite beautiful.

The Royal family watched in silence. Everyone just was staring at the orange and yellow flames floating further and further away. Zan felt a chill run through his body and reached out his hand for Liz’s waist, pulling her close to keep the cold out.

Zan had understood why Liz couldn’t do anything, and he was a little upset at his sister for her outburst. Nori had died because it was her time. Liz just couldn’t go around saving everyone. “What if war broke out again?, he had countered “Should she bring back everyone? On both sides?” He knew Vilandra was upset, but Liz was having a hard enough time explaining things to Nyla.

Nyla kept asking her mother about her Grandma Nori, and why was everyone sad about her dying? Liz didn’t know what to say she tried explaining as best she could, but Nyla didn’t really get whole concept of death. Not because she was only three, but because of who her OTHER Grandma was. Liz finally settled on the shortest and to the point answers she could give, and hope more questions did not come up.

It had brought Liz to some scary thought that hadn’t occurred to her before. She had regained her powers, but where did that leave Zan? Would she be standing here one day watching his body’s ashes fly up in the breeze? What good was eternal life if you were missing half of yourself? What about Nyla? These thoughts were beginning to scare her, but she forced herself to trample them down, to think rationally. Nothing she could do about that now, and she had people and responsibilities to deal with presently, and Zan looked pretty healthy to her.

“I don’t have my mother’s council to turn to anymore.” Zan mumbled barely out loud.

“What Zan?” Liz looked up at him.

“I am just thinking how much easier she made things for me. I know she ran quite a bit of interference on my behalf. I hope I can keep making her proud.” Diane put her hand on he son’s shoulder. “You made us very proud, honey. Very proud.”

“You have me?” Nyla wrapped her leg around Zan’s leg. His hand went down and patted her head. “I know I do baby.”

They watched a few more moments in silence, and Zan looked from Vilandra and Alex to Maria and Rath. “I guess this is an end of an era. It’s our turn now.” He just hoped he could live up the standard left to him by Nori.

When they turned to go, the crowd took their cue to disperse. A crowd that had many of the same people present at the birthday party just 8 days ago.


“We can’t do anything now! Support for Nori’s son is higher than I’ve ever seen it.”

“That’s will pass. This is only a temporary set back. The support for the grieving King will only last so far. You forget she was always ahead of him, smoothing things over for him. He’ll have to do it himself from now on.”

“I hope your right.” Not so sure anymore.

The second man thought that if his earlier conversation with Seth. Their plans were put on hold for a little while anyway.


Liz’s nimble fingers tore though the buttons of his shirt and as he sat up a little, she stripped it from his body. She needed him inside her, to her whole. Since she had thoughts of him dying only to leave her here alone one day, she had been terrified.

It only took seconds for them to shed their clothing, and Zan rolled her over in the bed, pressing her into the mattress.

The feel of him was over whelming, her senses sight, sound, touch, they only registered Zan. She felt his knees spreading her thighs apart, and she held her breath. They had both needed this since this afternoon on the shore.

Zan could fell Liz rising up to meet his body, and he thrust himself into her. He buried the length of himself deep inside her hot wet body, and in that perfect moment they were one.

But, the urge to feel her flesh cling to him as he pumped in and out took over, and they began to move against one another, slowly at first, but it quickly turned into a mind numbing pace that pushed them to the brink and sent waves of pleasure crashing over them.

Two glistening bodies clung to each other for a long time still joined, neither wanted to give up the solace their soul mate provided.


“Is there such a thing as fate, Selka?” Iset was holding her head high at the level gaze of her oldest daughter. “She accepted what had to happen. She understood it was for the greater good.” Nori had come to her distraught so many years ago, and Iset had asked of her one favor. Nori took the vow willingly.

“Does Father know?” Selka understood why this had to be done but she just didn’t like having to lie to even more people than just her sister.

“No and I plan on us keeping it this way.” Iset had a peace about her and the whole situation.

“How can you be so calm?” Her arms flailed out at her sides. Selka knew what was at stake, EVERYTHING!

“I have complete trust in my children, and Nyla. We just need a few more things to fall into place.”
“What about Seth? He has been too quiet. Neith get her powers back and he vanishes.” Oh shit. “Seth.”

“Yes Seth. Who else?” Iset knew it wouldn’t do anyone any good by telling anyone, mortal OR immortal. Sometimes things just had to happen for themselves.


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Part 7

The morning after the funeral Max was the first to wake up, as usual. He had a dream last night and had this strange feeling to go talk to Iset about it. His hand brush absent mindedly up and down her arm and he was deciding whether or not to wake her up to talk about it. She was beginning to stir, when he heard a soft knock at the door. “Come on in Nyla.”

“Is mommy still sleeping?” The girl peeked over the side of the bed to see if her Mom’s eyes were open.

“Not anymore.” Was the sleepy reply from Liz’s side of the bed.

“Good Morning.” Zan kissed her shoulder and then reached down to pull Nyla into bed with them.

“When are we gonna go? Can we do it now?” Nyla has hopping up and down with excitement.
Both Max and Liz shared the same look, but Liz spoke first. “Do you want to go to see Iset and maybe Selka today?”

“Liz? I woke up with the same feeling.” Not sure whether to take this as a good or bad thing, they decided to go as soon as they had finished breakfast.

Liz took a shower while Zan have Nyla her bath and washed her hair. Then they switched and Liz dressed Nyla as Zan took his shower. In twenty minutes they were eating. Not that anyone could stand food right now.

Nyla was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. “Did I eat enough now?”

“Please try to eat HALF the eggs?” Liz wasn’t sure why she was telling Nyla to eat, not like she herself was. She could feel Zan’s eyes burning into her from across the table. Liz looked over at him, and she was a look of concentration. “What?”

“Nothing, just a weird feeling. I dunno.”

“Dunno, what?”

“If I knew that, I’d tell ya.” Something about everyone in his family being told to skip continuums, didn’t really sit well with him at the moment. “I have a feeling today would be a good day to get some answers.” He studied for her reaction, “But do you want to ask the questions?”

He knew what was bothering her, “Zan I…” When her voice trailed off, Zan stood up and pulled her into his arms. “What good is living forever, if I have to say goodbye to you?” She spoke into his chest.

“I would die a happy man tomorrow just know I’ve had you in my life. Whatever we may learn, I want to find some answers.”

Taking a deep breath, she pulled back slightly from his embrace. “Ok let’s go.”


Selka knew her sister and Zan would be here any minute. “What are you going to tell them?”

“The things that are important for them to know now. I need to explain what I can about Nori’s passing tell her son of his mother’s sacrifice.” Iset could sense what her daughter feared most.

So could Selka, “You’re going to tell her about Zan, aren’t you?”

“Tell me what about Zan?” Liz had just brought her family into the great hall.
“Hell-o Grandma! Aunt Selka! We dreameded about you.” Nyla called out and then bounded over to them.

“Hello Nyla! I guess you got our message then.” Selka swooped the girl into her arms.

“I know you need answers.” Iset motioned the center of the room and a comfortable couch and a chair appeared. She gestured towards them. “Sit. Please.”

Zan sat on the end of the couch and Liz sat plastered against him. They leaned on each other, and the uncomfortable looks on their faces told Selka this was her cue. “Why don’t you come spend a little just you and me, and then we can come back here later and you can play with Grandma.”

Grateful not to have this discussion in front of Nyla, Liz took a deep breath and smiled in thanks to her sister. Her eyes followed their exit, while she prayed her heart didn’t explode in her chest. “Tell me what about Zan?” She repeated.

“Know you must have questions but I’d like to tell you why I called you here today, and then if you have questions you can ask me, alright?” Iset searched for signs of protest, seeing none she started with her story. Iset held the palm of her hand out and a yellow ball of light grew. The two on the couch watched intently as images of a much younger Nori appeared. And Iset started the tale.

Her mother had kept the ancient practices alive, still performed the rituals of Cutal. They were the custodians of spells, incantations that could help her. She hadn’t been in here since she was a child and her mother passed. Where was it! She tore through the shelves, throwing the rejected object onto the floor, books, bottles, scrolls were flying, as she was looking for the hand print on one of these walls. Why hadn’t she paid better attention when she was little? Raking her fingers through her hair, she had the disheveled appearance of the past month.

In frustration she shouted into the empty room, “Mother, where did you hide it?” Kivar’s forces were going to be here soon. They had cloned the bodies, but what good where they? Zan and Elizabeth were soul mates, their souls were what bound them together. His mother suspected if Elizabeth had two noses her son wouldn’t notice. No the bodies were just the vessel to recognize each other again.

“WHERE THE HELL…” Her fury screeched to a halt when. “THE HAND PRINT!” Coded to her families DNA, it recognized her.

The wall opened and Nori quickly slipped in as the wall slammed closed behind her. As she entered further into the room, the lights raised in response to her walking in the small temple. Nori ran to the alter. “It’s still here!” Tears of relief streamed down her face, as she hugged the book to her chest. It was said to be written by Iset herself, from the blood of the first High Priestess.

Placing the volume back on the alter, Nori tried to clear her mind as she as watched her mother do so many times. “Concentrate on the needed spell, it will find you.” Her mother words echoed from across the decades. Wind swirled around the windowless room, as it blew open the book and began quickly flipping the pages. Finally stopping on the very last page of the book.

Nori knew what saying these word would require of her, but she didn’t care she owed to her children. She had been a fool and it cost her young family their lives, and Zan half of his soul. Poor Elizabeth and her grandson Zan, they had died too all because SHE had trusted Kivar.

SHE had not kept up the family practices, Nori was upset at herself at not sharing all this with Vilandra, she missed the part of her heritage that would be hopefully bring her back.

Nori couldn’t change any of that now, but she could give them another chance. Nori only hoped she would appear to someone who had shrugged her teachings for the past 30 years. Taking one step closer to look at the page, the words burned themselves into her eyes, she could still see them as her eyes close to begin the ritual. Nori lifted her palms towards the heavens. She turned to the North, and began chanting the words calling upon the Goddess herself.
“You are Iset who is found perfect before the Gods and the Universe. I hath said: These are the elements of my Body perfected through suffering, glorified through trial. The scent of the dying Rose is as the repressed sigh of my Suffering.” Turning to the East.
“And the flame-red Fire as the energy of mine undaunted Will. And the Cup of Wine is the pouring out of the blood of my heart, and sacrificed unto you. And the bread and salt are as the foundations of my body, which I destroy in order that you grant my prayer.” She turned to the South
“For you are Iset, Queen and Ruler. You are she who is clothed with the body of flesh yet in whom flames the spirit of the eternal Gods. You are the Goddess of Life and can triumph over Death, and whosoever partaketh with you shall with me arise.” Facing West.
“I am the manifester in matter of these words. Whose abode is offered to you. I am the purified. I stand upon the Universe. I am calling to you, it's Reconciler with the eternal Gods. I ask that you please hear my voice and listen.” Nori turned back facing the North and the alter and dropped to her knees and bowed her head, holding her breath to see if it would work.

Zan and Liz sat silently watching, feeling the sorrow and loss that emanated off the Queen even now just in the vision. What had she done to give them the second chance they now enjoyed together? Their eye met quickly asking that in a silent question, but then the images began to change.


Where was she? Nori had thought she would call to Goddess Iset TO her, but instead when she looked around, she wasn’t in her mother's small temple anymore. A woman with long dark hair and burning yellow eyes, stepped into her field of vision. “Iset!” Nori dropped to her knees again in a deep bow of respect.


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Part 8

“Nori, I see you DO remember who you mother was and who I am.” Iset had to make this like any other request; she had to make this come from one of her Priestesses. “How dare you come before me after not honoring me for these many years, and ask a favor.”

Nori kept her attention to the floor, she wasn’t worthy of this, but she would plead her case anyway. The genetic coding thrust into the nuclei of the cells, would give these doppelgangers the appearance that they were her children and friends, but were worthless without the souls that pulled them together. “My Goddess, It is for the lives of my children I ask of this.”

“You are prepared to give you life for them?” Iset kept her words curt, but inside she tried to hide the hope now burning into her chest. “Unacceptable. You ask for 5 lives in exchange for your one.”

“Please!” Nori’s head snapped up pleadingly searching out to Iset. “I cannot fail them again.” Her eyes glimmered with unshed tears.

Neither can I, was her silent reply. Iset could not help but feel a kinship to his mortal woman. “I will do this for you how ever I require more then just your life.”

For the first time in a month a gleam of hope, dared to enter her mind. “Ask anything of me.”

“Your grandson. You cannot duplicate him. IN his place you must put Ava.” That will help cover my true intentions.

The unshed tears slowly wept down her cheeks as she closed her eyes, not believing the pain she felt at her answer. Nori had to agree. What choice did she have? “Done.” She silently asked both Zan and Elizabeth for her forgiveness.

“The Granolith. It must be sent to Earth and remain with them at all times.” Neith might need it to get her powers back.

It could prove useful to Zan. “Done.” Not sure HOW she would get it out of the palace, but she would stop at nothing.

“Elizabeth and Zan MUST find each other on their own. They must find out for themselves about their relationship to each other.” No problem there, Iset suspected the moment they laid eyes on each other their strong bond would pull them towards one another.

Nori didn’t doubt that if she sent them to opposite corners of that blue planet they would have found each other anyway. “Done.”

Iset walked behind the woman still kneeling on her floor, and put her hand on Nori’s shoulder. “Your life belongs to me now.” Iset removed her hand and in its place was a tattoo marking Nori as her follower. Iset could act upon repayment at anytime she saw fit. “I must warn you their souls have been passed for longer than any I have resurrected before. They will not remember anything but the most basic of memories and even those will be seen though a fog.”

Nori was confident of her choice. “It doesn’t matter. Zan will recognize her.”

With a flip of her hand Iset returned Nori, and stood alone in the room. Smiling to herself in satisfaction. “I have no doubt.”


Zan and Liz were motionless, their breathing had even slowed. The sat with their sides plastered to one another, fingers and hands clasped and laying on Zan’s thigh, but their minds raced at the origins of their second life together. Their mothers believed in their love so much that they risked their lives to keep them together. It was obvious to everyone they were soul mates, and that it was something special. Something that needed protected at all costs.

With his free hand Zan tilted her chin and placed a soft kiss in her lips. “I would find you in a thousand lifetimes”

“I never had any doubt about that.” She kissed him sweetly back.


Iset had asked them to wait with their questions until the end, and she should probably continue before Selka and Nyla came back. “I showed you those images so you could understand that your mother had come to terms with her death. She knew the importance of your connection.”

They wondered why Nori had lived for so many years, they couldn’t help but wonder if Iset, being able to choose when to collect her payment had waited until only now. They both had an idea it was to help them on their return to Anatar.

If Iset was worried they would not understand, she saw the opposite, gratefulness for allowing Nori the joy of seeing her children alive and happy again. They hadn’t even questioned her timing, making that one less side step she would have to make. Now was the time to ease their fears about Zan.

“Zan will never have to leave you, Neith. Both of you, it was your recompense for the test set before you. For passing it, Zan is as immortal as the bond you share.” Iset needed to make this part clear to them both. Her tone told the couple this was very important. “Zan is immortal, but not a God. He has is powers from the Anatarian DNA, and the strength you give him, but he is not invincible.” He could spend that eternity in pieces if one of Neith’s own wished it so. Seth’s upcoming plot creeped it’s way into her brain for a second, but Iset shook her head to push it back out.

The young couple visibly relaxed at the news they would be together forever. “What about Nyla?” Liz finally broke the couple’s silence.

Damn. She decided to go with the vague truth. “Nyla is special. Her fate remains to be seen.”

Sensing her cue, Selka released Nyla out of her arms and the little girl ran over to her parents. Alright let’s get that subject changed. “Neith, I have no clue how you chase around after her all day. I could barely keep up without teleporting myself in front of her.”


Seth had been sending his minions to watch for signs that Nyla was the chosen one. The child of Neith that Edjo had predicted would replace Atum and Iset, as the new ruler of the immortals.

Seth had been determined that HE would be the father of that offspring, but then she had been tricked into love for that pathetic mortal. That was unacceptable choice. They had convinced Atum to test this so called love, and somehow Zan had passed.

But so far the child could do a few simple things, most likely inherited from her father the King. But, Nyla hadn’t displayed any sign of the abilities her mother possessed. After much self deliberation Seth had concluded that this was because Neith still had not completely regained her power when the girl was conceived. Nyla was a product of Elizabeth Parker, Human and Max Evans, Anatarian. No, Nyla was not he chosen one, and that had allowed her to escape Seth’s wrath for this long. He would have destroyed her, and the blasphemer Neith called a husband, at the first sign of true power.

Instead of just killing Zan, Seth had decided to use him, or rather his image. Seth would appear to her as Zan, her love, and impregnate Neith with his own seed, so the next time a baby grew inside her it would be of the proper lineage. While the happy couple would be running their hands contentedly over Neith’s hard round stomach, and sickeningly staring into each other’s eyes, Seth would be sitting back at laughing at them.

Until the baby was born, that is, when he took Neith and his child back to the keeper’s dimension and overthrew that fool Atum. And, his bitch of a wife Iset too. Seth would never forget her altering his test of Zan’s worthiness, but he would have the last word. Neith would be his, and their child would ensure their proper rule.

Only when the heavens were in proper alignment could the chosen one be born. The alignment was happening again in six months. What was six months to an immortal?


Nyla was spending the night with Diane and Phillip it was their last night on Anatar before they had to get home. They had stayed an extra week because they were so worried about their daughter and how she was handling it. Liz had informed them the night they came back from talking with Iset that if the Evans’ wanted to stay the extra week, she would be happy to user her powers to send them home.

Zan felt reassured and saw the meaning of that gesture, Liz was becoming more comfortable with herself. He wasn’t sure she was to complete acceptance, but it was a start.

Upon their return from Iset, a week ago, Max and Liz had shared their knowledge of Nori, and the story of their reincarnation on Earth. The Royal couple kept Zan’s new status to themselves. They had never really dwelled on the pods being created, their attention was always on whom they were, not how they were reborn. They had always assumed it would read more like a science report. Truth was truly stranger than fiction, for who could have guessed what is had required Nori’s sacrifice and some divine intervention.

Tonight though was for fun, and after the past 2 weeks they could use it. The former Earth residents were going to remember what actual ages were, and kick back with a one day excursion. They were all going enjoy the hot springs and orange sky of Anatar’s third moon. Zan had arranged for them to stay in a private resort with four conjoining condos. The security team had been sent already. They would sweep the area and then set up a safe perimeter. So the royal family could be safe yet have their privacy. It was about as close to normal as Zan could make it for them.

Zan was anxious to go and get some alone time with Liz. He hadn’t had time lately to thoroughly the pleasures of her body, and he wanted to take full advantage of this time alone. He could feel his jeans grow more uncomfortable as the thought of Liz naked and in the hot springs with him, alone…….. “Come on! Let’s Go!”

“Geeze Zan, in a hurry for anything in particular?” Rath shot him an ‘I know what you’re thinking Romeo’ look. Which made Zan blush, and the rest of the friends chuckle.

<img src=""><img src="">

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Part 9

When shuttle landed on the small pad provided off the secluded retreat that was to be their oasis for the next 38 hours, they group was already in uplifted spirits. In the past three years they really had had a chance to just be the friends that had gone to Roswell High together.

Zan had arranged this at the urging of Diane she could see the stress evident on the faces of her children, and it worried her. Regardless of who he was in his past life or to the people of Anatar, he would always be Max Evans, the son Philip and Diane found in he desert and raised as their own. She was his mother, and he could say he was fine all he wanted but she knew better, and stayed the extra time so he could get a chance to be away. So at his mother’s urging he arranged this early morning flight they were now on.

Zan pulled his arms around Liz, and inhaled her scent. Two whole days to just be what he wanted most in his life, her husband. No King, no Queen, no keeper of the Universe to worry about. Contentment warmed through his veins. He whispered in her ear, “For this whole trip it’s just Max and Liz Evans.”

“Well good thing you told me,” she whispered back, and a slight smile formed on her lips, “so who I should credit for making me scream out in passion tonight.” She pulled back and her eyes sparkled devilishly up at him.

The contentment flowing through him just a minute ago quickly turned into lust and desire. “I don’t think they’ll be much question as to who is doing the pleasuring,” and he pulled her in for a brief kiss.

“Two days and one night in paradise.” Maria melted into Rath’s arms. Sometimes she felt, in the eyes of the Anatarians, reduced to either the consort of Rath or the lady in waiting to the Queen. But these people right here knew her better than anyone else, and she wouldn’t have to feel awkward for the next two days.

“It will be nice to hang out, and not have guards standing around and listening to every word.” Rath said over the top of Maria’s head. They had been getting closer over ever since the night Rath had pulled her into his room, but Rath still wasn’t sure if he should take the step that Alex and Vilandra were about to do. There was still a part of him, the soldier, which was afraid of not coming home and breaking her heart.

Alex and Vilandra shook their heads in agreement, and Alex added. “Yeah, I hate the fact of when I leave her room is open for discussion.” In six months they would be taking the step Alex thought he could only dare dream about. Vilandra had actually accepted his offer of marriage, and no one was more surprised than him. She had been getting offers of marriage from many of the Royal houses and Political Officials, and he didn’t think he would be able to compete with that. He knew she loved him as much as he loved her, but he kept asking himself why, and no answer was forthcoming. Alex had been on cloud nine ever since she had accepted. Now he would have her all to himself, and it felt wonderful.

Vilandra was excited to be getting away from the prying eyes of the palace too. On one hand she loved being a Princess, it was a role she born to play, but with that there was no privacy and very little me time. She constantly had some protocol duty or diplomatic function she was running late for, and it was beginning to wear her down. Not to mention the endless parade of men who vied for her attention at those functions. Most of them didn’t pay attention to a single word she said, they were seeing her as a political match for themselves, sons, or grandsons. She was in love with Alex, and now that their engagement, everyone knew she belonged to him, and hopefully that would be a little less added stress for the both of them. She knew all the suitors worried Alex, but she had a chance to prove to him he shouldn’t worry, and she hoped to do so more than a few times on this little trip.

To the outside eye Kyle would seem like a 5th wheel, but he didn’t feel uncomfortable around all these couples. In fact it was kind of nice to be able to get away from the attention of the women wanting to experience the handsome young Earthling, he would never opening admit this but he was reveling in the feminine attention, but this weekend would be a nice change of pace, he could just be one of the guys.

When gang piled out of the outer door and gazed upon a strange but beautiful landscape. The sky was 4 hues of orange and what few clouds could be seen were a pale lavender color. “Have you ever seen anything like this?” Maria wondered out loud. It was definitely different, and is gave the whole outing a surreal feeling. As if they were in an alternate reality, and in a small way they were.

“Alright chicas, lets go check out the view while the guys get the stuff settled.” Maria led the way down the garden path following the hot spring sign. Smiling the two other girls thrusted their luggage at their significant other and followed her.

Shrugging at the actions of the girls, Zan turned to his fellow bell boys. “Well guys, I guess we better get settled in then.” They then headed towards the four little houses they had rented out for their stay.


“I told him specifically NOT to look in my suitcase, which of course made him. So by the time we get back his mind will have fantasized so many scenarios that he’ll have to hide behind something, and be ready to pounce on me the second I get back.” The fact that Zan still lusted after her, still could not stand to be near her without touching an exposed patch of skin, made her insides melt.

“Oh like he needs anything but a stiff breeze to want you.” Anyone that looked at them knew what they had just done, they both glowed whenever they arrived arm and arm into a room, like it took a rocket scientist. “Geeze Liz, do you use those powers on him of what? Hey wait a second! Think you could do a little ZAP on Rath? Just once I want him to carry me off over his shoulder and ravish me in the nearest closet, ya know?” Both girls flew into a giggle fit at the mental image.

Liz and Maria were two steps ahead of Vilandra heading down toward the springs and giggling with their heads leaned into each other, talking about bringing their significant other to their knees with desire. “So,” Maria turned her head over her shoulder to look back at Vilandra, “did you bring anything to knock Alex’s socks off. I mean, not like you need to the man had not stopped grinning since you said yes, but did you?”

Vilandra enjoyed being one of the girls now. While they were on Earth, she had always felt that they included her because she was attached to Max and Michael. After the came to Anatar however she learned that they included her because they truly were good friends, and they wanted to get to know her because she was special to the men in their lives and they wanted her to be special to them too. They were her only confidants on this planet, no scratch that ever. Her two stupid brothers, through blind luck, had chosen well, and she couldn’t forget that this was how Alex was brought into her life. HE made her deal with her actual feelings not let her throw up her defenses because he could see right through them. She was marrying him and hoping to find a quarter of the happiness Zan and Liz seemed to enjoy, but as for this weekend, “Well let’s just say I had my seamstress make a bikini she was afraid letting anyone find out she made for a Princess. I had to reassure her that it wasn’t an act of treason, and I actually WANTED to show that much skin.” The three girls laughed.

“Well she must really be worried because I had her so the same thing!” Maria said between laughing fits. “I can ONLY imagine what the gossip about this trip of ours is evolving into by now.”

Liz got this mental picture she had to share. She punctuated each word by drawing an imaginary headline in the air. “Royal family on sex bender.”

Still sniggering they came around large thing that could only be described as a bush of some kind, they saw the dark blue water that was one of the hot springs this moon was famous for.

“How beautiful.” All three girls said at the pool with was surrounded by the unusual vegetation this planet had to offer. Pink ferns, trees with dark yellow leaves and green trunks, and velvety red moss hid this oasis from outside prying eyes and dipped into the edge of the water.
“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Liz said in awe.

“I have, but it was on a Flintstones’ cartoon.” Maria observed.

They took in the scenery for a few more second and Vilandra, turned back up the path, “Let’s go see what the guys are up to.”

After depositing their bags, they all met up in the living room in the one that would be occupied by Zan and Liz. Rath and Zan were leaning over the breakfast bar and across the counter on the other side Alex and Kyle sat on the two stools provided. They were talking about the attraction and entertainment they could take advantage of while on their stay, but Zan’s mind kept wandering to what Liz had said to him when she handed him the suitcases to take up.

She had told him she packed something special for tonight, and he wasn’t to look. Well his curiosity got the better of him and he had peaked. The thought of Liz in that made his head spin and his erection to swell. He was leaning behind the bar in hopes of hiding his true state to the friends he was desperately trying to hold a conversation with.

Kyle’s voice was cutting through his daydream. “Zan. Zan.”

“What!” He was rather irked at getting caught.

“Have you heard one word we said?” Rath leveled his gaze at Zan.

“Yes.” Zan stated flatly. “You were talking about what we’re doing tonight.”

“Ok, well just to catch you up, Kyle asked you what we were doing for dinner.” Rath had to smirk because he could tell just what his friend was thinking about.

Kyle and Alex were chuckling, and Kyle couldn’t help but asking. “If I start and end each sentence with “Liz,” would that help any?”

Zan was slightly embarrassed. “Oh well, I had the refrigerators stocked so I thought we could cook for the girls. Maybe have one big group dinner? Here if you want.”

Liz, Maria, and Vilandra came in the door as he was mentioned this evening.

“You guys have to see these hot springs. If you thought the sky was weird…….It looks like someone turned up the Technicolor to full power.” Maria wasn’t sure if anything she would ever see could compare.

Zan clapped his hands together, go get everyone’s attention. “Well let’s get changed, and we’ll all meet down there and see them for ourselves.” Everyone agreed and headed out to their respective condo to get changed.


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Part 10

Zan was right behind Liz and she went into the only bedroom of the small house. He wrapped his hands around her waist from behind and pulled her flush against him. His erection became even more strained when it came into contact whit the heat from her body. His lips brushed against the base of her neck and trailed kisses up to her ear lobe, Zan sucked it into his mouth and quickly released it. With his hot breath sending shivers up her spine he whispered, “I looked.” His hands moved under the hem on her shirt and felt the warm skin of her stomach, and he moved them up her rib cage and pushed the cups of her bra up and over her hardening nipples so he could roll them between his fingers.

Liz arched back, pushing her breast harder into his hand which also served to give his mouth better access to bare skin of her neck and shoulder. Her hands reached up behind her and embedded themselves in his hair. Needing his lips on hers she turned her head and pulled him down on her. Their tongues swirled around in each other’s mouths, making them groan with the knowledge of what was to come. She felt Zan’s feet in between her own as they opened her stance wider. She could feel her self readying for him, the wetness he was causing was seeping into the top of her thigh. She felt the loss of his hand on one of her breasts and then noticed her skirt being bunched up above her right hip. She knew her ache would be satisfied as soon as he noticed.

Damn! No underwear. She always knew what would turn him on and make him lose control, and the thought of her walking around all day without panties on….It did nothing to tame his desire that had been raging through his body all day. Wrapping one hand around her waist, Zan took his other and pulled her shirt off and then bent her over so her hands were resting on the bed. In another split second he had his shirt pulled over his head, he was careful not to loose the contact of their lower bodies.

She hadn’t worn them, just so he could have easier access to her body, and he didn’t disappoint. Her fingers curled through the cover at the anticipation of what was to come. She could feel him bunching her skirt at her waist, so she was fully exposed to him. His warm hand caressed her outer hip, down across her ass and made contact with the spot on her body that craved his touch the most.

Zan moved his fingers through the slickness he found on her outer folds. He enjoyed the arousal he had caused. When he heard her whimper in frustration, he satisfied her ache by ramming two fingers deep inside of her. He could feel her pressing back against his hand greedily asking him to stop teasing and complete their union. Zan pulled his fingers out of her and worked at the button and zipper of his pants; he quickly slid them down off his hips and kicked his feet out of them.

Liz felt empty at the loss of his fingers pleasuring her, but gasped at the much larger invasion a few seconds later. She could feel his hands of either side of her hips, as he gripped her tightly. In one swift stroke he was buried fully inside her, filling the void that had just been.

Pausing just for a second to enjoy the sensation of her wet, hot flesh encompassing his length, Zan began to pull back out until just the tip of his erection was still inside of her and pulling back on her hips he plunged back fully into her, making them both scream out. They set a frantic pace for each other, not wanting a second to lapse without the feeling they were currently stirring in each other.

The angle of assault he currently entered her with was causing her orgasm to hit fast and hard. She could feel her arms start to give out, at the same time her insides started to quiver. Liz let her head fall unto the bed but Zan never stopped his pounding of her from behind, in fact her climax only made him go faster.

The tingles from the first one had just begun to drift away, when Zan snaked his hand off her hip, across the soft skin of her belly and down over her curls. He found her bundle of nerves and started to massage it in quick hard circles. His reward was her screaming out. “Oh God, Zan!” He knew she had barely come down from the last time but Liz’s excitement was building again.

When he when he felt the tremors and her flesh cling harder to him as he moved in her, he let himself explode.

Feeling his legs about to give out, he knew he had to pull out of Liz. He took a step back ward, breaking their contact and pushed the suitcase off the bed. He crawled up to the pillows on the bed and pulled her up with him. He laid Liz on top of him, cradling her head to his chest. They were still heaving from the sexual workout their bodies had just been through, but in between pants he kissed the top of her head and whispered. “I love you.”

Liz smiled and turned her body so she could look into his eyes, “I love you too,” and planted a kiss on his lips.


Zan and Liz walked down the path hand in hand, as they turned the final corner the hot spring came into view. Alex was the first to look up at the rustling sound of them walking through the ferns.

“Rath looks like you and Maria are on dinner duty tonight.” He shot a knowing look over at Vilandra and the two smiled.

Rath groaned outwardly and shook his head. “Couldn’t you keep yourselves under control for the 5 minutes we left you alone?”

“What?!” Zan questioned and shifted his gaze between the guys of the group who were openly laughing.

Kyle explained what had been going on since the three of them had met at the top of the trail. “We had a little bet going to decide who was going to make dinner. We all said when we thought you two would actually make it down here, and Rath here lost.”

Alex added his two cents. “Rath said Liz would make you hold out until at least after dinner, but I, having had the advantage of being your friend for so long knew that wasn’t going to happen, and said you’d be at least a half hour.”

“Do you two have ANY self control? I know you have it somewhere cause I’ve seen in when you’re dealing with the council. I should have realized that didn’t apply to Liz.” Rath stopped as Maria slapped him in the arm.

“Maybe you should take a few lessons about romance.” She shot him a displeased look and grinned up at Liz. “My money would have been with Kyle.”

“What did Kyle say?” Liz cocked her head, waiting for the answer.

“I said you two would still be there when we went back up for dinner, and we should probably start playing rock paper scissors again.” Kyle grinned at the blush that spread over the Royal couple, and he looked at the rest of them sitting in the water barely containing the snickering in his voice. “You guys forget I am one of Liz’s personal guards, I have to clear rooms for them all the time.”

Zan cleared his throat and took the last few steps into the water pulling Liz in with him. “Can’t you teleport them out into space or something?” He said as the continued, but the laughing was contagious, and soon both Zan and Liz found themselves laughing too. “Well at least we’re consistent.”

“I’m going to start telling you that all functions start an hour earlier, maybe you guys could actually show up on time.” Vilandra was only half joking.


It had felt good to spend the day without anything to worry about, no meetings to rush to. They were getting showered and changed and then Rath was going to cook everyone dinner after they met back up at Zan’s house.

Liz and Zan forced themselves to take separate showers, knowing the guests would be arriving in a few minutes. Maria was in the door by the time Liz was pulling her shirt over her head. Liz closed the bedroom door because Zan would be getting out of the shower soon, and she was sure Maria didn’t want the free show.

“Rath sent me over to stop anything before is starts. He wanted to be able to make dinner without any background noises.” Maria rolled her eyes as she mocked his tone. “I swear, I am going to find his romantic side if it kills me.”

The dinner was wonderful and the conversation was lively. Rath, Alex and Kyle wanted to get in a little guy time this evening, and when Kyle suggested they play cards, they were quick to agree. Zan took a little convincing, remembering what was in that suitcase Liz brought, but when the girls also said they would like some time just them, he agreed. Liz should spend some time with her friends, he could share, Couldn’t he?

“You guys head on over to our place.” Vilandra offered. “We’ll stay here and have some girl time.” When the guys left after kissing them goodbye, she shot a glance at Maria, who nodded and went running out the door.

“Where’s she going?” Liz asked. Vilandra answered by smiling at her.

When Maria returned a few minutes later with a travel bag and a bottle in hand, Liz had her answer. “Guys!”

“What? Oh relax Lizzie. We are here to have some fun.” Maria put down the Anatarian liquor down on the coffee table in front of them. “Let’s crack this sucker open!” And she peeled off the wrapper.

This weekend is to have fun, Liz thought to herself. “What could it hurt, right?”

“Right!” Vilandra nodded her head once in agreement and got up to grab glasses from the kitchen.


Kyle came back with a bottle of glowing green liquor.

“Alright Anatarian Whiskey!” Alex clapped his hand together and rubbed them to get vigorously.

The two non humans in the room shook their heads in disapproval.

Alex looked at Rath and played the Maria/Larek card. “You know is might help you loosen up a little. Maria told me before we came here that she wished you could loosen up and just have fun just like Larek always does.”

He knew he shouldn’t be jealous of their old friend but he was always dancing and listening to her rambling and stuff, Well hell if she wanted someone loose he’d give her someone loose, what could it hurt? He wasn’t the commander tonight. Pounding the bottom of the glass on the table, “Set em up! And Zan,” he pointed at his friend, “your having some too.” When Zan started to protest, “You already ravished Liz once today. I’d say you earned a drink.”


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Part 11

The girls had fallen off of the furniture and were rolling around on the floor in laughter, their actions were getting quickly out of hand. “Alright, it’s alright I’m okay.” Liz tried to calm herself down with just her thoughts, but the giggles being emitted by Maria and Vilandra were contagious.

Maria got up and went the bag and pulled out some CDs. “Here are some latest tunes from planet Earth. Mom sent them with Mr. and Mrs. Evans.”

“Go Mom!” Liz trust both fists in the air cheering for Amy Deluca.

“Could one of you with the magic powers please do the honors.” Maria laid out the newest Blink 182 and motioned for one of the other girls to get it going.

Vilandra walked up and waved her hand making the music burst through the room. Immediately the girls started jumping up and down to the beat.

They were getting sweaty from grinding to the fast beat of the music, and getting drunker as they finished the last drop out of the bottle.

Maria stopped dancing and picked up her glass, “What I wouldn’t give for a dance club?” She panted after chugging the last half of her glass, and slamming it down on the counter.

“Well there’s one about 2 miles from here on the other side of the resort.” Vilandra’s eyebrows knitted together, she was thinking really hard about the dilemma. “Not really sure how that helps us considering Zan and Rath have guards stationed just out of sight. They never let us have any fun!” She too chugged the remaining drink in her glass before setting it down on the end table. Then she flopped down on the couch crossing her arms.

Liz was feeling that way too for just a second, then she remembered something. “Guys!” She screamed so loud the two other people in the room jumped. “I can teleport! I’ll just zap us into that club and zap us back before Rath or Zan even notice.” Oh yeah it was a plan.

“Yes Chica! It soooo pays to have a living Goddess as you best friend.” Maria ran up and hugged her.

“Alright go Liz! I knew you had it in ya. I thought you’d be all, we need to be careful.” Vilandra put her hand on Liz’s shoulder.

“Careful? We have you, me and Maria, three very capable women. If we stick together what could happen? Zan and Rath worry to much.” She waved her hand and they were standing out in front of the resort’s night club.

“There’s a line.” Maria pouted.

“Please, you got a Royal Princess and THE Queen here. Who waits in line?” Vilandra pushed her bra cups up adding to her cleavage, and headed to the entrance, with the other two girls trying not to look as intoxicated as the felt, walking right behind.


“You have to be the worst card player I’ve ever seen.” Kyle laughed as Rath lost even more of his money.

“Ha. Ha. Kyle.” Rath was in too good of spirits to take much offense. “Just you wait until we get back and I change your assignment to night guard duty outside the Royal suite.”

“Oh god anything but that!” Kyle laughed at the thought. The nocturnal activities of those two were infamous.

“Hey! Watch it!” Zan tried to glower but the inebriation had plastered a permanent smile on his face. “You’re talking about my wife, and the Queen. I could have your head for that.”

Alex snorted at his thought, “Like you have to remind anyone who’s wife she is. I think it has been established.” Alex almost added that kicking the shit out of Drell cemented the doubt of even the largest nay sayers in the kingdom, but he wasn’t to drunk to realize that would have killed the mood so he stopped himself.

“Well don’t any of you forget it.” Zan wagged a flopping finger in their direction.

“I’m sick of giving all my money to Valenti over here. What do you say we do something else?” Rath pushed back from the table and tried to stand up, which only made him fall on his butt to the floor. He quickly popped up, “I’m okay!” and raised one hand in the air. “Let’s go see what the girls are doing. They’ve been alone long enough.”

“Okay let’s just finish this bottle off first, guys. What do ya say?” Kyle filled equal portions of the green liquid in everyone’s glass, emptying the bottle. He raised his glass up and proposed a toast. “To old friends.”

“To old friends.” The other three intoned back. Swallowing the entire contents of the glass the four men put the empty glasses back on the table and tried walking out the door.

“I think I need some help.” Zan was trying to open the door. “It won’t turn.”

Alex started to laugh so hard he snorted. “Zan! That’s the window! Over here buddy.” Alex opened the real door and ushered Zan outside.

Immediately Zan wrapped an arm around Alex’s shoulder. “I used to envy you. You could always touch her when ever you wanted. You could always make her laugh. I used to dream about it being me she was so comfortable around. Then one time in 9th grade I saw you in her room at one in the morning, you were sleeping over. I almost climbed up the ladder to kick your ass!” He got serious for a minute. “You guys didn’t do anything did you?”

The look Zan shot Alex almost scared him. “How much of that stuff did you drink? Zan don’t be stupid. Ok! Hello! One, I’ve been in love with your sister since I dunno 8th grade, and two this is LIZ we are talking about you know that whole destined soul mate thing, I don’t think she has EVER see me that way.”

“But did you ever see her that way? And why wouldn’t you? Is she not good enough for you or something?” Zan looked back at him.

Alex turned around and called to Kyle who was helping Rath walk just behind them. “ A little help here!”

Kyle was trying not to show his complete humor at this situation. “Hey buddy you’re on your own. I’m dealing with my own problems.”

“Kyle,” Rath asked, “So what do you think I should do?”

Back in his own Alien sitcom, “About what?”

“Maria, she wanted me to be more romantic. Help me be more romantic!” Rath had a hand on each of Kyle’s shoulders and shook him for emphasis.

“How should I know? For gods sake we are talking Maria here. Who the hell knows what goes on in her head? I think you should talk to Liz or Alex about what she wants, she talks to them. You want to know all about the kind of women I’ve been dating I’ll be happy to help. But Maria, she’s one of a kind.”

“I have to tell her how I feel.” Rath straightened up his spine and pushed Kyle back. “Maria!” He took off running towards the place they had left the girls almost knock Zan and Alex over in his haste.

“Maria! I love you!” He flung open the door to Zan’s bungalow. He didn’t see them in the main room so he shouted once more, “Can you hear me? I love you!” as he stumbled drunkenly into the bedroom.

Zan had stumbled into the doorway as Rath came out of the empty bedroom. “Where’d they go?” It didn’t make sense they had left them here. Maybe they were under the couch? He got down on his knees, put his head to the floor and looked.

“What are you doing, Zan?” Alex wondered.

“Maybe they are hiding? I’m seeking.” Zan dead panned back at him.

“Ah Zan,” Kyle pulled him up by grabbing under his arm. “I don’t think they’d fit under the couch.”

“You’re right. Maybe under the bed?” And he started under into the bedroom Rath had just come out of, but came quickly out. “Nope not under there either. Maybe they are hiding under the sink!” And he headed into the kitchenette.

“She left me.” Rath sat on the couch with his face in his hands. “I waited too long and she left me.”

“What?!” Alex and Kyle were trying to make sense of his rambling.

“Note to self never get these guys drunk for anything.” Alex concluded.

“Hey the guys in the guard drink this stuff all the time, it never makes them like this.” Kyle was starting to wonder if his plan to loosen his friend up was such a good thing.

“Maybe this just what these control freaks are really like?” Alex thought it was a funny turn of events, under their stoic exteriors could there really be this much insecurity?

Rath was still mumbling something about Maria leaving him and Zan was sitting next to him on the couch. Zan’s arm was wrapped around his shoulders to comfort him. Ok! The two humans thought, this must stop now!

“Maybe the girls just went back to your place, Rath. Why don’t I go check.” But Kyle had only taken two steps towards the door when his communicator went off. “Yeah?” He wasn’t to be bothered this weekend and he was a little annoyed.

Zan and Rath bolted to their feet they were calling Kyle and the girls were missing dread coursed through their brains. Alex too was getting a little worried.

All the rest of the room could hear of the conversation was, “Oh shit. Put a lid on it and we’ll be right there.” He turned to the three men in the room. “I know where the girls are. Some of the guys were off duty for the night and went to the club at the next resort, apparently the girls are there. Maria’s up on stage belting out tunes, and Liz and Vilandra are dancing it up.” He didn’t add that they had attracted a large crowd of fawning men, they guys would find that out soon enough. Kyle just hoped he could keep this from getting ugly.


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What the heck I've had it done since Sunday night...thought I'd post it!

Part 12

Maria had a great idea, if the band didn’t know any of the earth music they wanted to hear she’d sing it herself, but after a few songs. She wanted to dance too so Liz had zapped the CDs from their little condo. Vilandra took it upon herself to convince the clubs DJ to let her play one of them.

“Whoooo! You go girl!” Liz shouted out loudly over the crowd, Vilandra was up on stage dancing seductively and gyrating her body to the beat. She looked like she was having so much fun Liz decided to go up there and join her. Throwing her hands up in the air she called out to Maria, “Come on! Get up here!”

Maria was finishing the drink she had just ordered from the bar, “One second,” she swallowed the shot in one gulp and scrambled up onto the stage with her two friends.

The three girls were bumping and grinding against each other to the heavy beat, not noticing the crowd of interested men collecting at the bottom of the stage.


“Do you think it’s really them?” One of guys shouted over the loud music to his friend.

The second guy was looking up was he was sure was the Queen of Anatar’s skirt. Surely he could be killed for the thoughts running through his mind, but who could blame him. “I know they are supposed to be here somewhere this weekend, but everyone says the King usually has a line of site tab on her and what she’s doing, and I don’t see him. I doubt he’s let THIS go on.”

A third friend said, “Well the other two are single, and I don’t think hitting on them is a federal offence. What do ya say?” Maybe it was the mass quantities of alcohol, or how horny they were getting watching by watching the normally off limit hotties, but they were going to make their move as soon as the show they were putting on up on the stage ended. Why ruin the view for everyone?

Up on stage the girls were having a great time oblivious to the sea of hormones they were causing to rage at their feet.


Zan, Alex, Rath, and Kyle arrived at the club and Kyle took his position as head of Royal security. He walked up to his men that were positioned at the front door. Kyle had told them to stop any new entry to the club, and asked for an update. The other three men stood just out of ear shot, watching Kyle nod at the report, and waiting to go in.

“I told you guys she left me.” Rath kicked a loose stone with his shoe. “She came here to find some guy that’ll be all romantic. I swear to god I’ll kill Mr. Romance the second I get my hands on him.”

Alex saw the opportunity and took it. “Rath, last time I checked she was free to find Mr. Romance if she wants. You two have been sharing the same quarters for a few years now, have you even once mentioned making it a permanent thing? Have you given her a reason not to think it is temporary?”

“You’re right Alex.” Rath grabbed him by the shoulders. “How could she know? I’m such an ass. I’ve never told her! Well tonight I’m going to ask her to marry me NOW! That'll be romantic!” Roughly he released his friend and took off running towards the door, only to be stopped by Kyle.

“Hold on their cowboy, we go in together.” Kyle leveled his gaze at the two other men; he didn’t need this spiraling out of control. “Come on, let’s go,” leading them into the dark night club.

The crowd was packed and everyone was dancing to music the four guys knew to be from Earth. It was wall to wall swaying bodies. This was going to take forever to find the girls in this.

“Well at least it was easy to spot them.” Alex stared up at the front of the room watching the three beauties not only dancing their hearts out but collecting quite a fan club on the floor.


Liz kept thinking she really wanted to hear One Week, and was a little irked that they didn’t have it on CD. Duh wait a second, I can play what ever the heck I want. She thought about the song and in a second it was blaring through the PA system. “It’s been one week since you looked at me!” She screamed along to the music, and aggressively started swinging her hips and bending her knees unassumingly giving an even better view to the guys in the front row


Rath exhaled loudly and shouted, “Thank god Maria and Isabel have pants on cause you can see right up Liz’s skirt!”

Zan had noticed he could see up her skirt, in fact he couldn’t take his eyes off of her bare thighs, he had gotten hard just thinking about running his hands up….. Until Rath had mentioned it, it hadn’t dawned on him that that meant everyone could see her! . He was going to get his the wife down from there and personally kick the ass of every man in this place that had dared to look at her in such an intimate way. He headed towards the stage with a purpose in his stride

“Real fucking nice, Rath. Are you TRYING to get people killed??? Just real fucking nice!” Kyle swore under his breath trying to figure out how to stop a Zan on the rampage. The other three men followed the through he part Zan left in the crowd.


Zan had almost made it to the stage when something he heard turned his attention from getting Liz the hell down from there. He halted dead in his tracks. He barely registered the other guys bumped into him, unprepared for his sudden stop.

“I hear she is always pleasuring the king, in fact I heard they haven’t been on time for a function since returning from Earth.” A first man obviously drunk man said.

“Well do you blame him? If I was sticking it to that I’d never be on time either. I bet she’s nice and tight that one.” His just as intoxicated friend added.

“But what about the one with the pouty lips, I bet she does a lot more than talk with them.” The first man snickered, as he talked about the rumored consort of Rath.

“How about the Princess up there, she always seems so damn proper, I bet she is a wild cat between the sheets.” He a third man smiled at the images his imagination was causing.

Zan leaned forward and growled into the group of three men from his position directly behind them. “Anything else you’d like to know about my wife?” His teeth clenched together, his anger was very apparent.

The three men heard the voice and prayed to god that it wasn’t who is sounded like. When they turned around it was even worse. Not only was the King behind them looking ready to kick their collective asses but also his second, and two other extremely pissed off looking dudes.

“Or maybe you were going to say something else about my girlfriend’s mouth?” Rath took a step forward.

Alex glared at the one that made the comment about his fiancé. “How dare you talk about MY Princess like that!”

Kyle was angry too but he needed a way to diffuse this fast. He nodded over the guards that had taken up positions to either side of the stage, their purpose up until now had been to keep any of the males in the audience from ascending the stage to do some grinding with the royals. Now he needed them to get these stupid men out of here before some serious ass kicking occurred, they didn’t need another Drell scandal.

The guards were almost there when Zan’s temper snapped and he grabbed the one who so vulgarly referred to the act of making love to his wife as ‘sticking it to that.’ At that moment everyone attention turned to the stage when they heard Liz’s voice calling out to him. “Oh my god! Zan! You’re here!” He immediately dropped his grip on the lucky bastard and stared up at his very own Goddess.


Liz had been getting into her groove, when she could feel him in the room. She looked around to zero in on his location; he was right in front of her! Why was he giving those guys that look? She was so excited to see him, maybe they could dance together! “Oh my God! Zan! You’re here!” His eyes looked up and locked into hers. Desire for each other flared in their eyes, and she stopped dancing and leapt off the stage and into his arms.

Liz’s legs wrapped around his waist and she locked her feet behind him, her arms went around his neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss, as she ran her fingers through his thick hair. She ground her hot center against the erection beneath his jeans, and she opened up her mouth to allow Zan’s tongue access. She broke them lips apart just long enough to whisper against his “I want you now!”

Zan was usually ready at all times to be intimate with his wife, but seeing her up there moving seductively to the beat and the jealousy at having other men think about her in that way, made him once again lose all rational thought. “Where?” he barely got out between kisses.

Liz waved her hand and sent them back to the bedroom of their bungalow.


Noticing one member of their troop leaping down from the stage, the two girls stopped dancing to check it out. Vilandra and Maria looked to see where Liz had hopped off two and saw her wrapped all over Zan. Then they looked over a slightly wider area and came into eye contact with their men as well.

“Alex!” Vilandra sat on the edge of the stage and hopped down to see him. She wasn’t jumping off in these tight pants! Alex crushed her in a tight hug and pulled back just enough to plant a kiss on her lips. “Can I get a private show back at our room?” He said as he broke their lips apart.
For her answer Vilandra crushed her body against his and moved her hand from around his waist to grab his butt and kissed him deeply.

“Maria!” Rath called up her. “Maria get down here I have to talk to you!” Rath reached up and yanked the poor girl off the stage by her wrist. He caught her in his arms as she fell. His one hand supported her back while the other was under her knees. “Maria, don’t ever leave me.” Rath’s eyes were begging her.

Maria was very drunk and still a bit off kilter from being torn down from the stage, “Huh? Start making sense Space Boy. We just went out to a club.” He cut her off by covering her mouth in a desperate and searing kiss.

Kyle wanted to get everyone out of there before people started asking too many questions, like how in the hell did the King and Queen just vanish in thin air? “Sorry to break the moment, but there is a transport outside waiting for us to take this to a more, um, private setting.” When he finally got them all outside and in the vehicle, Kyle heart beat dared to return to a normal tempo.

Selka watched as her sister made herself and Zan disappear. Neith deserved a night out without these mortals passing their feeble judgment. They didn’t need anything else to deal with in the months ahead. She closed her eyes and erased the last hour of the club goers’ memory.


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Thought I'd answer some questions

About Selka I love her too. I like to think of her as my divine hand molding the story. The rest kinda just flows out and I use her to readjust alittle. I dont know how well that explains it, but I write Selka as me.

Iset sort of took care of the Drell situaton by take Nori when she did, but you'll hear about what Selka did to him in a later part.

I hope everyone is enjoying this as much as I am!



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I don't know how many of you follow my baord, but anyway that computer I built. Well I was reformatting to put Windows Xp on it and I am just frazzled, but the last part of the surrealistic vacation (you find out why I call it that later) is almost done I'll have it up tonight!



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Part 13

Liz woke up and everything was white. ‘What the? Oh……sheet’ Groggily she flailed her right arm in an attempt to uncover her eyes, with her left she reached out for Zan. When she hit his warm skin she went to hug him to her. But she hadn’t found his waist, his calves? More feverously she ripped the sheet off of her entire body. She chuckled at the position they had finally passed out in. Liz was completely flipped upside down on the bed. Her one foot on the pillow her other was….Well add contortionist to her list of skills. She tried to slowly untangle her limbs from Zan without waking him up.

Zan was waking up as Liz unknotted their bodies. He waited until she flipped herself around to the normal sleeping position before making his alert status known. “Good Morning, my love.” He couldn’t help but smile when remembering how wild they were together last night.

Liz leaned in to plant a kiss on his lips, “Morning,” and a smile equal to Zan’s plastered itself to her lips.

The couple was enjoying the laid back feeling to the morning. Nyla not knocking at their door, no international emergency to help solve, they could just leisurely enjoy the morning, it was perfect. “How about I make up some breakfast?” Zan said kissing her on the nose before he got up to pull on his boxer shorts.

“Oh I love a man that cooks!” Liz threw back the covers revealing her nakedness, and stood up heading towards the bathroom. “I’m just going to take a shower while you do that.” She looked seductively over her shoulder with a heated look in her eyes.

Zan took 2 deep calming breaths and walked in the opposite direction to start making breakfast. He had this morning planned out in his head and he would try like hell to keep it that way. Not even if Liz was in the shower, naked, with hot water running down her…..’Hey stupid! Get in the shower with your wife!’ his body screamed at him. Zan quickly turned heading back towards the bedroom pulling off and kicking his boxers out of the way as he went.


Everyone met at the bungalow shared by Vilandra and Alex for lunch. They seemed amazingly perky considering the mass quantities of Alcohol that had consumed the night before. Each couple was passing knowing glances back and worth, if Kyle hadn’t been the most sober soul in the group last night. Laying witness to the displays of affection he was subjected to in the transport. He would have known immediately what had gone on the night before.

“Well aren’t you guys just glowing?” He said with a voice dripped with sarcasm. He was happy for his friends but they had to deal with the public spectacle they had made.

Michael looked out from behind Maria, who was sitting on his lap. “What’s up with you Valenti?”

“What’s up with me? Do you remember going to the club last night?” Kyle watched the group nod their heads as if saying , ‘ya so?’ “Well, I was jut wondering if you remember almost getting into a bar fight with 200 people looking on? Or maybe Liz, do you remember the hocus pocus you did which barely got you and Zan here out of site before you mauled him?”

“You’re being a little harsh Kyle.” Zan noticed the looks Kyle was receiving from around the room. He knew they had gotten a little out of control, but had it been as bad as all that? PLEASE let him be exaggerating. There was a gnawing at the pit of Zan’s stomach that told him otherwise. One look to Liz and he knew she was feeling it too.

“We were up on stage dancing weren’t we?” The haze clouding the previous night activities was beginning to lift. “Oh god Kyle, Zan, everyone I can believe I acted like that.”

Kyle’s position started to soften when he realized his friends were being harder on themselves than he would ever be. “Well nothing to major if we were just five 21 year olds, but being who you are its tabloid fodder. The most they could say is we had a wild night off. There are three very hung over gentlemen who we might have to do some talking with, but so far they don’t remember a thing past entering the club and ordering their first round of drinks.”

“Let’s just try to enjoy our lunch before we have to go. Alright? Real life is gonna be back on us the second we get back on Anatar.” Alex then stood up and began moving the food onto the table.

Half contemplating the realities of going back and half still basking in the sensations still tingling their bodies, they group ate in companionable silence for the next few minutes.

Maria looked ready to explode when she jumped up smacked both hands on the table, making everyone jump, and shouted. “MICHAEL AND I ARE GOING TO EARTH AND GET MARRIED!”

Liz was immediately excited for her best friend. She shot out of the chair knocking her chair back, wrung her fingers from Zan’s and ran around the table. “Maria! I’m so happy for you.”

Although the outside world wouldn’t know it to her friends Maria had confided she was getting a little anxious. Before Nyla’s christening Rath had mentioned that he wanted to get married someday, but then he never really talked about it much again. But they were reconstructing from 80 years of war, so she had just taken a step back and waited for him to bring it up, he hadn’t really. Apart from sharing his quarters at the palace, Maria didn’t get a sense of forever from him. He seemed just as distant as ever, but last night, oh last night, she could close her eyes and get tingles down her spine when thinking about last night.

He had carried her into their cottage and laid her down on the couch. He ripped her clothes off and slowly caressed every inch of her bare skin, he making love to her through touch alone, memorizing the feel and shape like right now may be the last time he could ever glimpse upon her again. When Rath made his way up to her neck, with both hands he gently took her the ides of her face and stared deep into her eyes, and said that in fact he did have a heart it just belonged to her. “Lets get married, not sometime in the future, I want to do this, soon.”

Maria licked her lips and inhaled deeply, she was trying not to cry, but her tears betrayed her and fell anyway, “When?” she croaked out.

“Now?” Rath was serious but her eyes told him that wasn’t what she had in mind. Her smiled the most sincere cockeyed grin he had ever mustered, “Ok fine then, you pick, time place, I’ll be there.” Rath slowly brought one knee put on the couch and covered himself over her naked body.

Rath and Maria broke their gaze and the events from last night brought a fresh blush to their cheeks. Their intimate moment was barely noticed by anyone else, as the rest if their friends swooped in to applaud the happy couple. The girls were swarming around Maria, taking turns hugging her making sure Alex and Kyle got hugs too.

IN an act that told of the two men’s friendship perfectly, Zan pulled Rath slightly aside for a more intimate congrats. “So you finally decided to go through with it.” Zan gave his friend a knowing grin; he remembered how the thought of losing Maria had cause such a panic in his drunken friend. “Why on Earth?” He figured it would have something to do with, Maria and her mother.

“Well she wants to have her mother there and I’m not sure Ms. Deluca is ready for space travel.” Rath shoved his hands in his pockets, “Besides, I think Maria deserves at least one thing in her life just liked she dreamed of, you know. I am sure she’s had this planned since she was three, and she deserves it for putting up with me all these years.”
Ending with a shrug, right before Alex came over and smacking him a good one on the back.

“Well you are finally gonna make an honest woman out of her, huh? Maybe you can actually face Ms. Deluca now when you go back.” Alex knew what is meant for a recluse guy like Rath to be able to commit to this level, but he knew from the moment he saw them together that if anyone could handle that man it was the close friend Maria.

“Better you than be buddy.” was Kyle’s banner advice.


Across the table the girls were finally talking notice of other people in the room. Noticing the last exchange Vilandra chuckled, “Oh well at least he didn’t hit him in the butt and say go team.” Kyle was a piece of work, now who could she hook him up with…….

“So do you have a date in mind? We are going to do it on Earth so it shouldn’t interfere with the Alex and Vilandra extravaganza.” Liz could help but poke fun at the spectacle Vilandra was planning when the King and Queen themselves hadn’t even had a reception let alone more than 10 guests. Oh well, she was Vilandra after all.

“Hey watch it!” Isabel face was strict but her eyes glinted with the teasing tone she meant it to be. “When do you want to do it?”

“Well I haven’t worked out the detailed much past who the groom is, but I thought I could record a message for mom and send it with the Evan’s and maybe mom could get the stuff on her end ready? I want to do this soon before Space boy turns into his old self.”

Liz had a sickening thought and her face turned down with frustrated creases. How could Zan and herself get away long enough to enjoy a proper wedding for their two best friends? They had barely been able to get away for the 36 hours to come here. What with Nori just dying and the Senate back in session next week and the minor skirmishes with the insane holds against the restoration of Zan’s rule……

“Stop it! Chica! We’ll figure it out, well get you there, you are gonna zap the Evan’s back right? Rath and I will take a ship and get everything ready and you can just zap in for the day or something, ok? Beside the 10 day trip alone with him will probably be the only honeymoon we are gonna get. We’ll figure something out OK?”

“Ok I’m sorry.” What was the matter with her? She needed another week of this place, but why did she feel like this? She pushed it back out of her mind and was happy Liz again. Embracing her friend into another hard hug, “I’m so happy for you.” Reaching one arm out to the side go capture Vilandra in the circle, “I’m happy for all of us”

“Well make sure your not on that trip six months from now, cause the you have already agreed to be my bridesmaid, and I’m not letting you get out of it THAT easily.” Looking over at Alex her smile got wider, Vilandra was happy they had let these humans into their life.


Liz was closing the lid on her suitcase when Zan spooned up against her back and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Zan, it was as if he wanted to absorb her into his body. Meld their pores and combine their flesh. Liz leaned her head back to his shoulder and inhaled his scent.

Zan looked down at him wrapped around her waist and then turned his elbows out to spread his hands and caress her flat stomach. He suddenly felt an urge, “Liz,” his hot breath whispered in her ear, “Do you ever think about having another baby? Cause I do.”

Liz dropped her chin to watch his hands gliding over her the silk of her skirt. “Yeah sometimes. Why?”

Zan spun her around in his grasp, “I think it’s time we tried to give Nyla a little brother.”

“A brother huh?” Liz playfully smiled at him, be playful avoid the original question.

Zan’s tone turned inflective and reverent, “Well someone promised me the son we lost from last time and I think it’s time we meet him.”

Liz’s eyes shifted back and forth into his soul reaching deep with in him for any of the insecurities she felt about having another child. Nope, not one. Maybe she should just talk to Selka? The truth was she wanted another child too, but what happened if it was like her? Nyla was ok, but that didn’t mean that next time. She would have to talk to Selka. “Let’s get through these weddings first OK? I don’t want take anything away from the other two girls. We can start trying right after Vilandra’s wedding.”

Zan placed a sweet kiss on her lips and held her tight. Smiling with his eyes he whispered, “I love you.” Still holding her against his body he placed his chin on top of her head. Liz was weird about something, and he figured it all had to do with her not coming to terms with whom she really was. Maybe he should try to get a hold of Selka. Finally releasing her, Zan picked the suitcase off the bed. “Come on we have a shuttle to catch, and I know we are both missing Nyla.”


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Part 14

“Mommy! Daddy!” Nyla wrung herself from Grandma Diane’s arms and raced toward the shuttle that had just landed. She was her mother step out of the doorway and rushed into Liz’s arms. “I misseded you!” She said into her Mommy’s neck, as she wrapped her little hands around to hold on tight.

“I missed you to baby.” Liz hugged her daughter back just as hard.

“Hey didn’t you miss me?” Zan playfully made a pouty face at Nyla.

“Of course Daddy.” Nyla pried one hand from around her mommy and pulled Daddy into the hug . She was now securely in a parent sandwich. “Did you bring me back any presents?”

“Presents? It’s having your Mommy and me back present enough?” Zan teased her, and couldn’t hold back laugh at the face his daughter shot him.

”Daddy you are so silly.” She turned to look into her mother’s eyes, “So did you bring me anything?” Nyla nodded her head as if that would sway Liz’s answer.

Liz kissed her little girl on the top of her head and rubbed her hand down her dark hair. “I bet we have something in our bag for you. How about you come with us and we’ll see if there’s anything for you as we unpack.” Liz balanced Nyla on her hip and walked out of the hanger telling Nyla all about the yellow trees and pink ferns.

Mr. Evans went over to help Zan with the bags. “Did you have a nice night away, son?” A crooked smirk and a far away look settled on his son’s face. “I’ll take that as a yes.” No explanation was necessary. Apparently things were still pretty good between the young monarchs. Mr. Evans slapped Zan on the back and led him down the hallway following their wives.


Everybody met back up in Zan and Liz’s quarters to get more time with Mr. and Mrs. Evans before they left for Earth.

“Here.” Maria handed an orb to Diane. “Please give this to Mom. It’s a message I recorded for her.” Maria sniffled a little, she definitely missed her mom. “I wanted to let her know about my, well everything.” She relaxed into Rath who had just slipped an arm around her shoulders.

“Yeah, make sure you tell Amy I didn’t get her pregnant, and she doesn’t have to kill me.” The parting words of Amy Deluca still weighted on Rath’s conscience. But we’ll be married soon, he grinned at the thought. “Tell her were coming home and I plan to make an honest woman out of her soon.”

“Of course, I’m sure Amy will be grilling us for all the details as soon as she can get a hold of us.” Diane had to smile at the similarities between mother and daughter, and then she reached up and touched Rath’s chin. “You be careful now.” She used to worried about her children’s troubled friend but he seemed to be doing much better, she assumed most of the had to do with Maria and finding his home here. Diane then turned her attention to Isabel, and her eyes started to glisten. “I hope we can make it here for your wedding in 6 months. Next time I see you you’ll be a bride.”

“I’ll miss you Mom and Dad, especially now….” The tears in Isabel’s eyes choked the end of her sentence. So she just pulled both of her parents into a hard hug. “I love you both so much.”

“I’ll take good care of her for you.” Alex extended his hand to Mr. Evans.

“We know you will son.” Phillip patted Alex’s shoulder for good measure. Just pretend you don’t know this kid is sleeping with your baby girl. Alex was a good man at least, and he made Vilandra very happy. “I’m just glad you’re going to be part of the family soon.”

Kyle saw the protective dad look that flashed in Phillip’s eyes and stepped in to take the heat off Alex. “Could you just please tell Dad that everything is fine?” Kyle nodded a goodbye towards Mrs. Evans. “Just let him know I’m alive and keeping the family tradition alive even in outer space.” I guess BOTH family traditions.

“Sure son, Jim’s real proud of you. He always has been,” nodding back at the young man. Phillip attention then turned to Zan.

“I’m proud of you too son. I always knew you were something special, but you have exceeded all my expectations.” Phillip embraced his son. “We’ll see you for one of these weddings soon, right?” Was he saying that for Zan or for himself?

“Bye Grandpa.” Nyla moved from behind her Daddy and lifted her arms for Grandpa to pick her up. She sloppily kissed her grandpa good bye.

Diane came over and took Nyla in her own hug. “We’ll miss you honey. You remember your old Grandma ok?”
“I luv you Grandma. I am going to go to your house on Earth!” Nyla has been excited ever since her parents had told her the news. She patted Diane’s cheeks for good measure.

Liz took Nyla from her mother in law, “It was very nice to see you both, thank you again for watching Nyla last night and for everything.” Liz hugged both of them and looked around the room. “It’s time, everyone ready.”

Both Phillip and Diane nodded agreement, “We’ll see you all real soon.”

Liz waved her hand and the older couple disappeared.


The Evans’ in a flash were in their living room on Earth.

“Wow that’s some power she’s got there. I thought Max being able to heal her was something…” Phillip hadn’t seen a demonstration of Liz’s power before.

“Those two are something else. Let’s get upstairs and get unpacked.” Diane felt a little silly worrying about them so much; after all if Liz could send them across the universe in a second what real danger could they be in right? She shook off her concerns and helped Phillip get the bags upstairs.


“She used her powers again.” Selka sat down at the window sill with her mother. It seemed to be Iset favorite spot these days.

Iset waved her hand out the window and the view changed from blue shy and puffy white clouds to the interior of the Antarian royal palace. They could see Neith, Zan, Nyla and their friends saying their goodnights. “I know.” Iset looked longingly at her daughter and her family. “But she still isn’t fully to terms with the true density and position in the universe. She isn’t allowing herself to gain her full memory from before. She needs to be more comfortable with the power she wields for the battle to come.”

Selka agreed whole heartedly. “I want to just pull her aside and say Neith we need you because your daughter is the chosen one and Seth is going to destroy the universe if we are not ready, but then I’d probably freak her out and lose her forever.” Selka waved her hand over the window and the view changed back to the blue sky. “She looks so complete just the way she is now.”

“Ever since she met him they have only found their true happiness in each other.” A heavy sigh tore through Iset’s body. “I guess I am feeling remorse about what is going to happen.”

“Do we just sit here and wait until Seth impregnates Neith? The thought of my sister giving her body over to him.” Selka gave a dramatic shudder. “It there no other way?”

“Things have to happen as they are supposed to. That is why I have only told you of my visions. Not even your father can know about this.” Iset leaned her head back against the stone wall stared out the window for a few minutes, ending the conversation, aking the room fall silent.

Finally Selka jumped up and stamped her foot on the floor. “I refuse to accept this!”

Iset caught her by the wrists and glares into her eyes. “We have to.” Ending the staring contest between the two women, Iset then stood up and walked over to her dresser and picked up a golden box. “Neith simply need to realize, she is still the same person. Even as Liz in her past incarnations she had more of Neith in her than she realizes.”

“I’ll spend some time with her. Maybe make an official visit.” Selka left her mother’s room knowing that to argue would be pointless. She may be a keeper but the universe was still a mysterious place and it only worked on in its own time.
Part 15

Liz was sitting in the gardens surrounding the palace enjoying the sunny day. Nyla was playing on the grass, chasing the Anatarian version of butterflies and picking flowers. Liz herself was stretched out on a blanket, and relishing in warming effect the day was having on her skin. She had felt so cold lately, not sooner had she thought that than a cool breeze blew through the trees and made her wrap her arms around herself, goose bumps covered her exposed skin. “Geesh! What was that?” Liz wondered out loud.

“What did you say Mommy?” Nyla came over with a bouquet of flowers and handed them to her mom. “For you.”

“Thank you baby.” Liz kissed her daughter for the present, and then rubbed her hand up and down the little girl’s arms hoping to cause some friction and heat her daughter up. “It’s getting chilly out, you about ready to go inside.”

Nyla looked at her mommy and then looked up towards the sky another puff of wind blew causing her hair long brown hair to cover her face. She tried in vain to keep it out of her eyes but it was futile. “I’m ready mommy.” Nyla started up the path they had taken to get here.

“You wanna wait for me? You picked me all these nice flowers, and I don’t want to leave them here. Could you hold them for me while I do this.” Liz handed her the bouquet and shook the grass out of the blanket. Liz rolled it up stuffed it under her arm and held out a hand for Nyla to take. As they neared the shelter of the palace the wind picked up even more and dark clouds began to cast a dark and grey tone to the once perfect afternoon. “Where did these clouds come from? It was such a nice day.”

“Let’s go in Mommy, I’m scared.” Nyla seemed skittish.

Lightening cut through the grey sky and thunder cracked the illusion of the once peaceful day. Liz shuddered again, “Me too.” She said very quietly. Looking down at Nyla she decided to pick the girl up and run the last 100 yards into the safety of their home.


Zan excused himself from the room during a break in the morning session and walked into his room that was just off the council floor. He immediately sunk into the couch and leaned his head back. How can people fight for hours about an issue and not actually say anything? Bringing his hands up to his temples and quickly took his head ache away, he didn’t need any distractions today. Behind him the door opened and he didn’t have to ask who it was, Rath and himself were the only two that could open the door. “You wanna step up with the second in command thing? I could abdicate and YOU could deal with all this?” Trying to joke about the tedium going on in the next room.

“Not on your life.” Rath smirked back, “You and Liz gotta get on the ball and produce a male heir so I won’t be called upon to fill in for ya.”

‘I’m working on it, but Liz is holding out on me.’ he thought to himself, but to Rath he said “Thanks,” Zan finally opened his eyes and sat up straight on the couch. “Some second in command you are.” The lightness of the conversation was helping ease his tension, which had not gone unnoticed by his friend.

“If we ever go into battle I’ll be right there with ya but this political crap bores to me tears. I almost fell asleep yesterday.” Rath flopped down on the opposite end of the couch Zan was witting on.

“How could you possibly fall asleep with all the arguing going on?” Zan eyes widening in mock disgust of Rath’s casual attitude towards the inner workings of their government. “Remind me why I keep you around again?”

“Just because I’m so damned personable, I guess.” Rath deadpanned and slapped his friend on the shoulder. “Speaking of persons, did you get a load of Senator Drell, who finally made it to council today?” Rath was snickering at the site the poor man had made.

“Yeah, remind me NEVER to piss Selka off. When she said she’d handle it I know letting her do it would be better than anything I could have come up with.” Zan bit his lip at picture Drell with huge breasts. “I wonder is she made him all woman?” Zan snickered.

Rath crossed his legs protectively at that thought, “Remind me never to piss her off either, OK?” He supposed it was a fitting punishment, treating women like things only to be turned into one yourself. He made a mental check in the growing plus column of have goddesses on your side. Checking his watch, “it’s about time for the recess to be over, let’s get back in there and call this sucker back to order, I need a nap.” Rath stood up and stretched. “After you your highness.” He mock bowed at Zan as they walked towards the door.

Zan hesitated just before putting his hand on the ID plate. “You hear that?” But is was too late he had already, out of habit, touched the sensor.

Rath nodded voices were getting heated on the other side of the door, and what was that, WEAPONS FIRE? “Behind me NOW!” In a nanosecond he darted in front of Zan and pushed them both behind the door frame. Rath raised his hand in preparation for a counter attack.


Liz and Nyla made it back to their room as the rain began to pound against the windows of their rooms. “Looks like we left just in time.” She smiled and put Nyla down on the couch.

“Yes you did I just got here.” Selka was perched on top of Zan’s desk in the sitting area swinging her feet and smiling. “Hey Nyla did you miss me?”

“Aunt Selka!” Nyla launched out of the seat and ran towards her Aunt who and jumped down off the desk and kneeled onto the floor with her arms open for a hug.

Selka hugged Nyla and stood up with the girl still in her arms, and then turned attention to her sister. “I thought you could use a visit. We haven’t really seen each other since Nyla’s birthday.”

“Sorry we’ve just been busy with Nori’s death and a new session in the Senate and just everything.” Liz flopped down on the couch with an exhale of breath.

“So how is Zan and everyone? I mean since your night of drunken debauchery.” Selka couldn’t help but tease.

A look of surprise flew to Liz’s face and her mouth gaped, “How did you find out about that? Wait never mind I don’t wanna know.” Liz smiled and raised up her hand in am attempt to end the conversation.

“Didn’t you think it was a little odd that you didn’t hear one word about getting your groove on?” Selka raised her eyebrows in a mock gesture.

“You did something to all those people didn’t you.” Liz swatted her sister’s arm playfully. “I suppose I should thank you, we were kinda out of control.”

“Out of control? Please! You deserve to have some fun and stop acting like old geezers. Our souls maybe old, but we’re not dead! You think I sit around and look out at the clouds all day like Mother? No!” Maybe if Neith just understood what is really meant to be a keeper. Sure there was a responsibility but Selka still knew how to have a good time.

Liz wrapped the blanket she had out in the grass around her for warmth, what was WITH her being so cold? “Has she seemed weird to you? Mother I mean? She seemed I dunno off last time I talk to her.”

Never could get one past Neith, but here goes. “No she seemed alright to me and I see her every day, maybe she is still worried you are upset about her calling in Nori’s debt when she did?” Ok stop and let her dwell on that. In their own way Ha!

“No we understood, huh?” Liz thoughts drifted for a second and another shiver went through her. What is it about grey rainy days that makes you wanna hide under the covers? “Are you cold?” Liz asked to both Selka and Nyla who had climbed down and was playing with her doll house. She looked back at Selka, “Do you get cold?”

Selka eyed her sister carefully, cold? “You feel cold?”

“Al day I’ve been shivering, then this storm hit when we were coming inside and I just assumed that it had something to do with the weather, but I can’t shake it.”

“Neith, Liz, does it feel like tingles running up your back?” Cold, ha!

“Yeah…..” Did Selka not get cold?

“I want you to try something for me. Take my hand.” Liz did as she was told. “Ok breathe deep and close your eyes and reach out to touch the tingles.” Selka was willing to bet her sister’s intuition was resurfacing……..God she hoped so.

Liz sat quietly breathing in and out while reaching for the feeling racking her body….Her head snapped up and her eyes grew wide in fear. “Zan!”

“What?” OK intuition good, involving Zan bad.

“There in trouble fighting broke out in the Senate Chambers. There pinned in Zan’s annex and they can’t get the door closed because the control was damaged in the fire fight.” Liz stood up and concentrated on Maria in the next apartment over. At once her best friend was in the room with them.

“Ok, Ok, I’m in YOUR room. A little freaked here. Could you warn a person…”Maria was getting warmed up into her rant.

“Rath and Zan are in trouble across town. Watch Nyla, please.” Liz flashed out of the room, but Selka knew where she went.

‘What now? We don’t have time to deal with petty planet differences.” Selka was a little annoyed at the prospect of a planetary squabble when they had the UNIVERSE to worry about. “Wait a second, at least she used her power again?’ And Selka snapped off to follow Neith.

Part 16

Iset kneeled down beside her granddaughter and whispered in her ear, “Nyla, Nyla could you please take my hand and come with me?”

“Grandma?” Nyla looked up from her play table. “What are you doing here? Mommy and Aunt Selka just left.” She poured her grandmother a cup of imaginary tea and handed the cup to the older woman. “Would you like to play tea set with me?”

Iset looked into those innocent eyes and felt her heart constrict, what you must soon go through. “I’d love to honey, but I need you to come with me for just a second.” She older woman stood up and held out her hand.

Nyla looked over to Maria sitting on the couch. “Can Maria come to?” She tilted her head up to give puppy dog eyes to Iset.

“No not this time, in fact, Grandma’s gonna play a little joke on Maria, and we are going to make her think we never left. OK?” Iset playfully smiled.

“Oh that will be silly, like we’re hiding, right?” Nyla covered her mouth and giggled.

“Yes well be hiding. Let go before she find us!” Iset blinked out of the room and took Nyla with her.


Rath and Zan tried in vain to close the outer doors while deflecting fire. “Two weeks I’ve been running these with out Nori and blaster fire erupts on my watch.” Zan said disgustedly, as he raised and retracted his shield to keep a blast from coming into the room.

“Maybe they were just as bored as I was and needed something to do.” Rath tried to joke because he didn’t really think this was about them. No one had tried to advance on their position; so far it had just been ricochet fire. “It looks like the delegation from….”squinting through the smoke to get an identity, “Henna and….” Who were they shooting at?

“Gilder. I knew they had a trading disagreement over the government grain contract, but to go to start shooting at each other in chambers?” Zan was puzzled and was about to stand up and try to make peace when he felt LIZ BEHIND HIM? Zan twirled around, and immediately locked into a stare with her worried eyes. “Liz what are you doing here?” Zan gripped her arm and returned to his cover behind the wall.

“I was worried about you.” Liz embraced him tightly, closed her eyes and inhaled his scent. “I keep getting these shivers all day, and it turns out it was you.”

OK that made sense, “huh?”

“Nice reunion we got here guys but Liz, think you can help us with the door?” Rath facetiously gestured towards the open doorway.

“I got it.” Selka appeared in the room and nodded towards the opening and the door slammed shut immediately. “What’s going on out there anyway?”

“Henna and Gilder are shooting at each other, why? No clue.” Zan looked briefly at Selka before turning his gaze back into Liz’s eyes. “Ok explain the tingles.”

“Well I thought I was getting a cold of something, I was shivering ever since the storm came up this after noon. Anyway, Selka came to visit me and she told me to try something…long story short…She says my intuition is developing, and here I am. I knew you were in trouble.” She hugged him one last time and released her death grip from around his waist.

“Well we’re all right.” Rath noted, “But we have to stop whatever is going on out there before more people get hurt. Zan and I were about to go out and try when you guys showed up.”

Picking up on his second’s thoughts Zan continued, “You guys are here and now you can help.” Get Liz using her powers, he silently thought.

“Yeah you know warfare it supposed to be right up your alley, although sitting through this for the past few weeks, wisdom might be in short supply.” Rath shook his head in annoyance.

Liz swallowed hard and turned her gaze to the floor, she didn’t want to go out there in the middle of a battle and tell the world about herself, not like this. She lifted her eyes towards her sister, “Selka do you think you can get them to stop?” Yes Selka was a much better choice.

Selka thought for just a second, she had hoped Neith would do it herself but she changed plans mid stride. “No problem. But, you guys come out too. I’ll break it up; you three restore order. Got it?” Informing the others of the plan they bobbed their heads in agreement. Maybe showing Neith a demonstration couldn’t hurt. “Anatar, Anatar….” Selka wondered out loud, “What do they always draw me wearing on Anatar… Oh that’s right!” Selka clothing changed from the fashionable ensemble to what traditionally the gods of Anatar wore.

Liz giggled and covered her smile, “Why are you wearing a bed sheet?”

“Hey ask the Anatarians here, I just copy it.” Selka gestured at the two men in the room who only shrugged in response. “You guys come through the doors. I’m gonna make a grand entrance.” She blinked out of the room.

“Ok Liz, doors.” Rath gestured.

Liz pointed two fingers and flicked her wrist sending the door flinging them open. “After you.”

Zan raised his shield in a wall protecting the three of them, and they went out to meet Selka in the middle.


Nyla let her Grandmother know she understood. Wrapping her little arms around Iset’s legs, she gave her a big hug. “I love you Grandma, and I promise to remember.”

“That’s my girl.” Iset scooped her up and kissed the top of Nyla’s head. “And remember it’s our secret. You’ll know when to tell mommy, just like we talked about, right?” She dipped her chin to end the sentence.

“Right.” Nyla dipped her head in a mimicking gesture.

“All right I’ve gotta go.” Iset set her down on the floor. “Remember Aunt Maria thinks you’ve been here the whole time.”

“I know! Geesh Grandma I am free now!” Nyla small ego was getting push on, she was a big girl now she could remember.

Iset smiled and faded out of the room, leaving Nyla as she had found her playing with her tea set.


An iron veil of blackness clamped down on the council chamber and then a green energy crackled illuminating everyone with its eerie glow, at the same time all the weapons ripped out of the hands of the aggressors and flew to the front of the room landing at the feet of the woman the green glow was emanating from. A hush settled in the room with a moment before was loud with blaster noises and shouting. ‘Ok I’m so I’m having a diva moment.’ Selka almost laughed at herself. ‘I just never get to do this kinda thing much anymore. Let’s not disappoint the mortals.’ Fingers spread, palms up, Selka slowly lifted her hand causing a stiff wind to blow around the room. She flung both arms out, cutting off everything, the wind and the green glow. Her voice echoed through the dark chamber, “Enough!” ‘Good now that I have everyone’s attention….” Selka turned the lights back on and continued, “End this nonsense NOW!”

Two hundred Senators stood in total shock, not daring to breathe less they incur the wrath of whom ever that was standing on the podium. Some of them knew at once who it was and fell to their knees frozen in a deep bow of respect

Selka knew that if Iset was up there she would force anyone who hadn’t bowed to do so in her presence, but she wasn’t her mother. Selka knew that the ancient traditions weren’t practiced and taught much anymore on planets as technologically advanced as this one. No in a room like this they respected power, and she had just demonstrated a smidgen of hers. Lifting her chin into the air Selka scanned the room letting each one still standing know she was superior to them, and they knew it.

She locked eyes with Drell and couldn’t resist a playful wink, and the “man” pulled out of his shock long enough to hit the floor in a bow. Oh yeah he’d remember her forever. She cleared her throat and declared. “There will be no more blood shed today.” She once waved her hand, this time to the guns at her feet and made beautiful jade green butterflies out of the offending weapons. She gestured towards the window, which opened and they flew out into the sunshine.

Selka made a mental check list. Weapons gone, attention gotten, fighting stopped for now. Good mission accomplished, and she looked toward Neith, Zan and Rath, who were smirking at her.

Yup her sister was in full diva mode today, but the awesomeness she inspired, could I ever do that? Liz was pondering the idea of her intuition and locked eyes with her sister. “I want to talk to you before you go snapping off to god knows where.” Liz communicated from across the room, and when Selka nodded in response she turned to Zan. “You guy can handle it from here, right? I’ll see you at home” turning to walk back into Zan’s annex.

Selka met her in there a few minutes later. “Can we talk back in your rooms? I’ve been meaning to ask you a few things I guess now is as good a time as any.”

Selka had been waiting for her sister to want to talk, “Sure, let’s go.” She wrapped her arm around Neith and they popped out of there.

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Part 17


The fighting that started in chambers that day continued to play out in little skirmishes through out the provinces. It was a test of the young monarchy’s political negotiation abilities. But King Zan, with a lot of help from his Queen, Rath, and Larek had managed to settle the dispute and calm the tensions between the two provinces. The first major test they had to face on their own had been tackled.

Zan had noticed a change in his wife after her chat with her sister, Selka. She seemed more at home in her skin and was even talking about visiting the sites of their most recent past life on their visit to Earth for Maria and Michael’s wedding, which unfortunately had not been as soon as the couple hoped.

First it was peace talks then it was trade discussions then finally it was getting to close to Vilandra and Alex’s day. But their plans for a return trip to Earth kept getting pushed back, if Maria was upset she didn’t let it show. She knew Michael had important things to do and he had been showing his appreciation for her much better these days, his close friends knew he felt a little guilty about the whole thing.

On the eve of Alex and Vilandra’s wedding everyone seemed to be in high spirits…………..


Liz sat on the steps that lead up to the alter, her thought were betrayed by the slight dreamy smile on her lips. Her talk with Selka had gone well, and her fears had been put to rest about the baby Zan wanted to have. She had told him they’d talk about it after the wedding, well the wedding was tomorrow. The thought of another one of Zan’s children growing inside of her was the cause of the grin she was sporting. One hand unknowingly went to her stomach and warmth spread from her toes up to the top of her head. Oh yeah, can’t forget how the get that baby in there. Those thoughts were making her blush even harder. Her daughter’s excited rush up the steps towards her snapped her out of her fantasy.

“Mommy! Look it!” Nyla came running into the room with lengths of ribbon and her dress for the wedding flapping behind her. She stopped at the foot of the steps and twirled. “I’m very pretty, Daddy says so.”

Liz sprung to her feet and rushed down and captured the little girl in her arms. “ Your daddy is a very smart man,” planting a kiss in her dark tendrils.

“And her mommy is smart too and very beautiful.” Zan came in the room trailing behind his daughter. “Hey.” He kissed Liz sweetly on the lips. “What were YOU smiling about just now?” He playfully raised an eyebrow at her. He hadn’t really discussed the baby issue lately, but he knew what she had originally said ‘We can start trying right after Vilandra’s wedding.’ Well that was tomorrow, and he was hoping she was as excited as he was. Zan didn’t want to push her, she had been getting more comfortable with who and what she was, and he didn’t want to push her, but Nyla was fine, right? And Zan could help but remember the vision of her in her tomb that said he would see his son someday, and he had this strange pull lately to make that vision a reality.

His eye trailed down her body and back up stopping at her stomach, and he his face twisted into a half grin. When Zan held her eyes, Liz tried to reflect the same wanting back at him. She knew she did when she heard his sharp intake of air. Liz shifted Nyla to her hip and with her free hand she reached out and brushed her thumb cross Zan’s cheek. “I want to see him too.”

Her eyes were sparkling, she was his goddess, in every sense of the word. He practiced his religion in those eyes of hers. For within those eyes, the universe had meaning. His life found it’s purpose, his soul connect was completed. Everything answer to every question could be found there. And right now they were telling him their other child wasn’t really lost and he would be with them soon, fulfilling another dream. “I’d say I love you, but that doesn’t really do justice.” He gently took her hand from his cheek and placed the palm to his lips.

“I know.” Liz slowly pulled her hand back.

Nyla took in the exchange between he parents, they were always touching and it made her feel happy. He knew her mommy and daddy were special and she knew one other thing, not to go in their room with knocking if the door was shut. And the way they were looking at each other she knew tonight she would have to knock. She knew one other thing too. “I’m going to get a baby brother!”

Her voice broke through their heated stare and got their undivided attention. “And how do you know that?” Liz tried to sound nonchalant.

“Grandma told me.” She reached her hand up and pulled both parents into a hug by a hand around their necks. Nyla leaned her forehead against her parent’s and whispered, “She said I had a baby brother and I would be seeing him after Aunt Vilandra’s wedding!” It was supposed to be a secret, so she was quiet. “I can’t wait to be a big sister.”

The royal couple exchanged an inquisitive look and shrugged silently asking ‘HUH?’ Zan thought for a moment not sure how to approach this. “You’ll make a great big sister.” He paused again, “So your Grandma Iset told you this? Did she say anything else?”

“Just that I would have someone to play wit soon.” Nyla smiled sweetly.

“Honey when did she tell you this,” Liz chimed in.
“I dunno at night?”

OK now they had her. “Nyla, sweetie, when did Grandma talk to you.”

“I dunno!” Nyla shook her head, “She talks to me somtimes.”

“Why don’t you go see what Aunt Maria is doing in the ballroom?” Liz set her back down on the floor and patted her behind to send her on her way.

“That was weird.” Zan reached out and threaded their fingers together.

“Yeah,” Liz exhaled sharply blowing her hair out of her face. “Well it’s not like Mother didn’t know about our son, and I was asking Selka about a baby, or maybe she just over heard something?”

“Your not pregnant now are you?” Zan put his hand on her abdomen and concentrated, just as he expected. Nothing, but soon…..his smile returned. “Nope.” Zan wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her close, “Maybe there is something I can do about that.”

“What did you have in mind?” Liz coyly replied, tilting her head up to glimpse the darkening in his eyes. She licked her lips, and pulled their lower bodies closer together.

“ZAN! Zan!” Vilandra’s yell broke them apart. “Here you are!” I heard from the tailor that you haven’t been to his shop to get the final fitting. Zan it’s tomorrow!”

“Lonnie, calm down. I was going down there now. It will be ok. Isn’t this what we have the public relations staff for, worrying about events like this?” Zan calmingly ran his hand up and down her arm. “Everything will be fine.”

She ripped herself away from his touch. Was he patronizing her now? “yes it will because I am on top of everything! Now go.” And she pushed his towards the door. “OK Liz, I we have Nyla taken care of now what about you?”

“I picked up the dress this morning.” Liz was going to offer her help but really didn’t think she’d want to subject herself to such things. Play the parent card, “Let me go get Nyla out of everyone’s hair.” Walking off toward the ballroom, she was happy to get out of the line of fire because behind her she heard, ‘NO! Not over there…over THERE!’


Dinner was eaten, Nyla was put to bed and Liz was trying on the dress in her room, she turned in the full length mirror to get the full effect, one thing she could say for Vilandra, the girl knew fashion, on what ever planet. The main fabric was a gold, not that she had much choice of color in her formal wear, gold was the royal color, but it had dark green accents, she looked wonderful, and she felt beautiful.
She sensed movement in the mirror behind her, and turned to face who ever was there. “Oh Zan you scared me!” She placed her hand on her hips, her heart was still racing.

“You look amazing.” He crossed over to her and pressed his lips against hers. Instead of deepening it he broke free and started a trail of kisses down her neck and over her exposed shoulder.

“Hmmmm. So you like it?” Liz closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of his warm mouth over the skin.

“You look beautiful,” He opened up the first few closures on her dress and was working his way down. “But it’s nothing compared to the way you look now.” He stepped back and it crumpled into a pile on the floor.

Liz had been waiting for this all day, she had stopped by the royal physician earlier that day and had her birth control reversed. When Zan had called and said he was going to be late she had planned an elaborate seduction for him. She didn’t acre about any of those plans now. Zan was dropping to his knees in front of her whispering kisses on her stomach and nuzzling her belly button.

“I love you so much.” He pressed his cheek against her warm skin and pulled her body closer.

Liz put her hand under Zan’s chin and pulled it up so he could look at her. “I saw the doctor today….”

He rose to his feet and smiled, “So, are you sure?”

Her eyes twinkled and she didn’t need to orate her answer.

He lifted her in his arms and carried her off in the direction of their bed.

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Part 18

“Wait, at least let me set the mood” Still in Zan’s arms as he carried her off to bed, she used her powers to turn off the harsh bedroom lighting and open curtains to their huge window. The moonlight was the only illumination and it cast a blue glow over the lovers bodies and he laid her on the bed.

Zan was lifting his shirt over his head when Liz’s hands stopped him. “Let me.” She slowly removed his clothing. The shirt was followed by his pants, followed by his boxers, and she carefully kissed the newly exposed skin.

She crawled and kissed her way back up his body ending by taking his lips with hers. Liz parted her mouth for him as his tongue begged for access, their mouths mimicking what their entire bodies yearned for.

Zan flipped her over, pinning her small body underneath his. He had most of his weight on her but Liz didn’t care. She wanted to be crushed into the bed surrounded by only him and his scent. Their lips broke apart as he made his way down the valley of her breasts, this thumbs brushed up against her nipples, teasing them into stiff peaks.

Liz’s breath grew more shallow and her thighs parted on instinct for the hand that was snaking its way up past her knee. “Oh Zan….”

He stopped his assault on Liz’s body and looked up into her eyes. It was very dark in the moonlit room, but he could still see the passion in them. “Yes?” His tongue sneaked out and swirled around her nipple, and it made him double his efforts when her body gave the expected response, and she arched his body into his touch.

“Please.” was all she could get out between intakes of breath. Liz reached down between their bodies and guided him to her ache.

Zan slowly pushed his way into her body, relishing the feel of her flesh parting for him, allowing him access and to become one with her. They both gasped when he was fully sheathed. The moment was perfect and he almost didn’t want to move. Because moving would mean pulling out of her, ever so little but in doing so they would lose this sensation, and this perfect moment would be broken, but the need became too great and he began to slowly rock his hips, in a sensual assault.

The slow pace did not last long and soon they were thrusting and arching quickly into each other. The closer they came to completion the more desperate and urgent their love making became, ending finally when with them crying out each other’s names and their sweaty bodies collapsed on the damp sheets. They lay together still joined until their breathing and heart rate evened out, only then did he reluctantly pull out of Liz.

She smiled and she felt Zan spoon he from behind and wrap an arm protectively around her. She felt him kiss her temple and whisper “I love you.” Liz was smiling as her heavy eyes lids lost their battle to stay open, she said “I love you too” seconds before drifting off to sleep.

Later when he was sure Liz was asleep, Zan sat up in bed and made his way over to the bathroom. He splashed some water on his face and smiled at his reflection, he had just made a child with her, he was sure of it. He couldn’t keep the smile off his face, and his thoughts warmed him to the core.


The moon was still hung high in the night when Zan closed the door to their bedroom. It had almost been too easy. He found her in there alone, where was her husband? It wasn’t really important because he had been the one to join with her during the alignment and Neith was his now and soon they would have a son. He laughed to himself and his amber eyes, returned to their original orange flame, betraying the disguise. Seth snapped his fingers and sent himself home and off the planet of Anatar.

Back safely in the other dimension, he sat down in and looked out into the stars. They were just now pulling out of the alignment, and he smiled. He had waited an eternity to be with her and he finally had. It had been everything he had imagined, until she cried out the name Zan. His mood turned sour. She had been with her husband. He shook off the feeling and refused to let this small fact get him down. He was going to be a father. He and Neith were going to have a baby together, she would surely grow to love him. And if Neith was agreeable enough he might just let Zan and that half breed live out the rest of their mortal life on Anatar. Having Zan know that Seth was bedding his true love for all eternity ended the melancholia sure enough.

For some time Seth had been plotting his take over from Atum and Iset, once he had this son with Neith he was sure more keepers would come to his side, after all they wouldn’t go against one of Edjo’s prophecies.


Selka was sitting in her mother’s room when she had collapsed. She ran to Iset’s side and carefully placed her in bed. “Mother! Mother!” Selka shook her in hopes of getting some response. Slowly Iset’s eyes opened and her head flopped to the side. All the goddess could do was whisper. “Too weak” before her eyes went closed again.

“Mother are you alright?” Selka took Iset’s head in her hands and turned it so she could look for any response. When the older woman’s eyes opened they held Selka’s and began to pour images into her. Selka wanted to break the connection, end the horrible images that were assaulting her mind, but she couldn’t and they wouldn’t stop.

Neith coming to the great hall after being summoned by father. Being confronted by Atum and Seth demanding her end the affair with the unworthy mortal.

Iset confronting Seth about his hidden agenda to be the father of Neith’s prophesied child. Seth promising to end Iset’s existence for altering the test in the way she did and storming off.

Neith giving birth to Nyla and Iset being in the delivery room and the young couple celebrated their love for each other. Her mother taking Neith’s powers and locking them in the chest, just second before Seth enters the room trying to ascertain if the chosen on had been born.

Seth having sex with her sister in the royal palace on Anatar. Neith think it was Zan in her bed, never knowing the evil she was sharing her bed with.

Selka wrenched her hands from the sides of her mother’s face and slumped to her knees on the floor. She tried to close her eyes to block out the image of her sister having sex with the monster that may someday kill them all. “What did you do, mother? What did you do?”


The sky out the window of their bedroom had a tinge of pink to it, as Liz opened her eyes. It was still very dark but she could feel Zan pressed up against her. She heard a whispered “Hey” and knew he was awake too. She snuggled deeper into his arms and felt his arousal pressing into her back. “Hey yourself,” she responded and turned her head to plant a sweet kiss on his face.

Zan didn’t let her lips go far because he desperately needed to kiss her. They drank of each other’s mouths. Liz turned on her side to face him and let their hands explore each other bodies.

Without any words spoken between them Zan ran a hand between her knees and lifted her top leg over his hip and slid into her waiting heat. Their mutual sign of pleasure broke the silence as they made love in the morning light of dawn.


Selka was reluctant to leave her mother side, but she couldn’t sit still either. Emotions she thought foreign to her racked her body and she began to cry. She didn’t even know her body capable of such a thing, but there she was, Selka keeper of justice through out the universe crying on the floor of her mother’s bedroom.

Laughter broke through her tears at her thoughts of the sight she must be making right now. But she couldn’t help it. Why was this happening? “Why?” She wondered out loud to no one in particular, but she jumped off the floor when a response came.

“Your sister altered so much when she fell in love with Zan.” Iset was awake and sitting up on her elbows. “Things have to change now, and that doesn’t mean for the worse either.”

“No, I mean why do they have to be tested and torn apart. What is this going to do to them?” Selka wiped at her eyes with the back of her sleeve, not wanting her mother to see the evidence of the moment of weakness she experienced. “Poor Zan, he was just thrown into all of this, and Neith, to think Seth now has carnal knowledge.” Selka began to pace. “Oh mother how could you?”

“What would you have me do?” Iset knew her daughter was upset but didn’t need the extra guilt from her. “I do not deserved to be judged by you, Selka. You know why.”

“We should at least tell them.” Selka sat on the edge of the bed as Iset pulled herself completely up.

“They’ll know soon enough. Let them enjoy this time together.” They wrapped their arms in a comforting gesture around each other and Iset felt a tear slide down her cheek as well.

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Part 19

The final bits of pink were fading out of the morning sky as Zan and Liz disentangled their sweaty limbs. Liz pulled the sheet over her naked form as she moved to find a cool spot on the bed. Patting the bed she motioned for Zan to join her.

Zan eagerly moved to be held by her. He placed his head on her chest, and closed his eyes to heighten his sense of touch. He wasn’t the feel of lying naked together to burn it’s memory in his pores. They both signed at the completeness this gesture brought them. After what seemed like an eternity, Zan broke the silence. “Do you feel it?”

Liz could feel a lot of things, his smile against her chest, his hand sliding down over her abdomen, and oh yeah that faint hint of life inside her body. She bit into her bottom lip as the grin swelled on her face. “Yeah.” She shook her head and crinkled her nose.

Zan turned to look up at her. She was that epitome of the cute with that look. “I know this is our second child but it still amazes me that you are the mother of my children. I never thought in a million years, sitting next to you in Biology…” Liz combing her fingers through his hair, stopped this thought.

“I know, but we tried for lifetimes to be together. We deserve this, and have earned this family, Zan. We have a right to have perfect lives.” She was quiet for a second, remembering a bit of the past life of Neith and Zan. He didn’t recall any for that but she was beginning to. Weird things, everything in the room would be a blur but a hand on a table, or she could remember voices of a conversation bit couldn’t recall their faces. But the one thing she did remember was being torn apart and putting their faith in each other. It had all culminated into this, their family and life together. “He’s our reward, we finally get to meet him.” Liz joined her hand with his resting on her stomach. They listen to the sound of each other’s breathing, and considered how lucky they really were.


Nyla sat up when she felt her bed move. “Aunt Selka?” She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, and tried to make her eyes focus.

Selka ran a hand down through the girl’s silky dark hair, and action had a calming effect on both of them. “Hey there, little Nyla.” she whispered to make sure Liz and Zan were not disturbed.

“Did you sleep over?” Nyla yawned out.

“No, no I just wanted to come and see you.” I needed a reminder of why we are doing this, she added to herself. “Your grandma isn’t feeling to well and she said she visited you sometimes, so I thought I’d fill in this morning.” Selka moved Nyla to her lap and held her close. The emotions slammed into her again, Selka tried to fight the tears from streaming down her face, but she couldn’t.

“Are you hurt?” Worry flashed in her amber eyes.

They are so expressive, just like Zan’s. “Anyone ever tell you that you have your Daddy’s eyes?” She got a nod and a smile in response. “The very first time your Mommy looked into those eyes’s she was in love with him. She always said you could see his soul right through his eyes.” Was she talking to Nyla or herself.

Nyla knew her parents loved looking at each other. If they were in the same room they were staring, and she loved hearing stories about them, “When she saw my eyes too?”

“Oh especially when she saw your eyes too.” Selka rocked back and forth with the girl in her arms.

Nyla was thought full for a moment. “Will my baby brother have daddy’s eyes too?”

Selka smiled and her eyes filled with tears once again, she had almost seen the boy so many times over the millennia, but unfortunately he had never lived to be born. But this time Selka was determined for this boy to come into this plane with wide open amber eyes that matched his sister’s and his daddy’s. “Why yes he does honey, yes he does.”


Nyla padded across the sitting room and over to her parent’s door, as she had thought it was shut, she giggled. She knew that meant mommy and daddy were kissing, and she thought it was silly. Why they spent all that time kissing she would never know. Still giggling she raised up her hand to knock, but she heard her mommy tell her “Come in
Nyla,” so instead she just turned the knob.

“We heard you giggling out there.” Zan said as she closed the distance between himself and his pride and joy. “What’s so funny?” She scooped her up and tickled her.

“Nuttin’” She got out between laughs. “You and mommy were kissing.”

Zan stopped for a second and looked over to his wife and they both blushed. Ok the kids was old enough to know there was a reason for the closed door, and they exchanged an embarrassed look. Deciding in the millisecond that it wasn’t a big deal, Zan continued his tickle assault. “Well how about I kiss you now!” and he placed sloppy smacking kissed all over her face.

“Stop it daddy!” Nyla was finally in full hysterics.

“Zan, Zan stop that. You’re going to get her all wound up.” Liz swung her legs over the side of the bed throwing on her robe.

He leaned in close and made a Mister Yuck face, mocking Liz. “Mommy says we have to stop.”

“It ok I haven’t said morning to mommy yet anyway.” Nyla slid out of Zan’s arms and crawled up on the bed and into her mommy’s lap. Planting a quick kiss on Liz’s cheek, Nyla smiled a “Good morning, mommy.”

Nyla sat in her lap swinging her legs and looking up and down her body. “What is it honey?” How could she know already?

“My baby brother has eyes just like mine and Daddy’s.” Nyla proudly stated.

“Oh and who told you that? Maybe he has eyes like Mommy’s” Liz raised and eyebrow at her.

“Nope Aunt Selka said he has eyes like mine.” Nyla kept staring at her mother studying her body. “How does a baby fit in there?”

Too early for this conversation, so Zan chose what he thought was the safest thing to answer. Sitting down beside them on the bed. “So you Aunt Selka told ya huh? I thought Grandma Iset told you about the baby.”

“No silly Aunt Selka just told me this morning.” Then Nyla remembered the message. “Oh, um, she told to me tell you she was outside on the couch.” A shared fear swept over Zan and Liz. They told Nyla to go out and tell Selka they’d be right there.

“OK why is your sister here at” Zan’s eyes moved around the room until he remembered where the hell the clock was, “6 am?” He pulled a pair of pants on and his yanked on the shirt from the day before.

“You got me.” They both paled. “Do you think it has anything to do with…?” Her eyes and hands fell down to the hours old life she held inside of her.

Zan’s sick feeling quadrupled, and he pulled his wife into his arms. “Well we aren’t going to find out standing in here.” Hand in hand they walked out into the sitting room.


“Selka? Is everything alright?” Zan had to ask because he knew Liz was too afraid to speak, but their hand clenched tighter.

They are so bonded. It will take more than this to tear them apart. A sigh escaped her lips. I hope? “No and Yes.” Go with the truth. “Mother isn’t well and you two are absolutely glowing.” She got up and touched her sisters arm, reaching in her mind checking for herself. “Well congratulations. You’re pregnant again, I can feel it.”

They wanted a few weeks to keep it to themselves this time, but Selka seemed to already know. Liz smiled and held heir joined hand over the lower stomach. “Yes, but I think you know more about him than we do.” Liz couldn’t stop the happiness from seeping through, “Nyla here says you already know he has Zan’s eyes. Anything else you wanna tell us?”

Selka felt like throwing up or crying again, but she couldn’t breathe enough to do either.

“Like maybe whose ears or something?” Liz teased her.

Selka’s body unfroze and the universe began to move again. She tries hard to sound jovial. “Now I can’t tell you everything, what would be the fun in that?” A half smile was forced from her lips.

“Well don’t tell me anymore.” Zan stated. “I like being surprised.” He kissed Liz quickly and headed over to the intercom to get breakfast ordered. “Will you be joining us Selka.”

She wanted to move in. “Sure, I am probably gonna stick around for the wedding, if that’s ok with you. I could watch Nyla for you follow her around for a while?”

“Great, but just remember to hide from Vilandra today, she might be on Anatar but she still the event Nazi. She’ll have you changing all the flower, green or something.”

Light conversation filled the time until the food was brought up. They had just at down and began eating when Liz remembered about her mother. “You said Mother isn’t well. How could she be sick?”

Selka wasn’t sure how much to say, “She isn’t sick really. It’s kind of hard to explain. She more like really tired drained actually. She should be better in a few days. I’ve seen her like this a few times before.” And it always involved Zan and Neith. “The universe will have to limp along without her for a few days I guess.” The conversation awkwardly paused. “So Nyla, are you going to wear a pretty dress today?”

“Oh yes! A gold one!” Nyla began to rattle on about all the things she got to do in Aunt Vilandra’s wedding, and Selka silently thanked goodness that they hadn’t really asked her anything else.


Liz took Nyla in for a bath and Zan took a quick shower and ran to the briefing room for his morning report. Selka quietly roamed the halls of the place. She noticed where she was and remembered the last time she ran down this hallway; she had been following Neith and ready to destroy Seth. Why hadn’t they done it that day?

It would have stopped all this from happening, but she knew they never would have gotten away with it then, and things had to play out in their own time. She contemplated tell her sister what had happened last night, but all that would do is make her not want to tell Zan, which would make Zan worry, which would cause them trouble right now. No her mother was right. They didn’t need let in on Seth’s plan, not yet anyway. They had almost had this boy so many times, they deserved this damn it! Her mother understood that, her mother was dying for that, and Selka would too.

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Edited a few time cause I never know how much to let the story say and how much to tell ya. I always wonder hwo good of a story teller ya are if you need to leave clues....I dunno I'm hard on myself.

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I know I NEVER put songs in my fic, in fact I've made kind of a rule about it. Well too bad, stupid rule! I listened to this sogn the entire time I wrote this part, thought it might help you guys with your fears and concerns.


Part 20

Storybook Love
by Willy DeVille

Come my love, I'll tell you a tale
of a boy and girl, and their love story,
and how he loved her oh, so much,
and all the charms she did possess.

Now this did happen once upon a time
When things were not so complex,
And how he worshipped the ground she walked.
When he looked in her eyes, he became obsessed.

My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel.
My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel;
it's as real as the feelings I feel.

This love was stronger than the powers so dark,
A prince could have within his keeping;
His spells to weave and steal a heart
Within her breast, but only sleeping.

My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel.
My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel;
it's as real as the feelings I feel.

He said, "Don't you know I love you oh, so much,
And lay my heart at the foot of your dress?"
She said, "Don't you know that storybook loves
Always have a happy ending?"

Then he swooped her up, just like in the books,
And on his stallion they rode away.

My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel.
My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel;
it's as real as the feelings I feel.


Liz was standing in the little girls room debating on whether to put on the formal gown now. Nyla wanted to, so Liz just shrugged and figured she’d use her power and fix the darn thing if I got ripped or stained. She pulled the dress over the girls head and fastened it in the back and finished it off by tying a bow with the ribbon around the waist. “Here you go.” Giving her a squeeze for good measure. “Why don’t you run off and go find your Aunt Selka. I think she heading down the outside hallway now.”

“I know mommy, I can feel her too.” Nyla hopped off the dressing table she was standing on and ran down to find her aunt.

Huh, she didn’t know Nyla could do that? Oh well not like she didn’t sense Zan and even the others, even BEFORE she had her powers back.

She walked down through their rooms, pondering what that exactly meant. She had her powers back, but she wasn’t really doing anything with them, was she? Oh they were there sometimes her skinned hummed with them. Liz was feeling more like they were a part of her, instead of the invasion she first saw it as.

She decided to forgo the shower and run herself a bath. Hmmmmm, she inhaled the lavender scent, a bubble one. Zan would be gone for a while and she wanted to pamper herself in the precious hour alone. Pulling off her pajamas and robe she had been wearing since learning Selka was there first thing in the morning, and stood naked in front of the mirror, examining herself. Her body had changed a little after Nyla, and she was wondering what new things this little one had in store for her. She smiled and ran her hands over her flat stomach and laughed, “well soon it won’t be so flat anymore.”

“No because my baby is on there” Zan had cut his morning meeting short, is was his sister’s wedding day, after all. That was the excuse he made anyway. He really wanted to get upstairs, because he knew his daughter was running around with Selka. Nyla had drug her into his office and said they were playing. So, Zan knew she was up here alone, and it made him even more antsy to get up here. The naked part was just an added bonus.

Liz jumped, and turned around at his voice. “Geesh Zan you scared me.” She watched his eyes grow dark, as he stalked his way over to her.

“This remind you of anything?” His hand slid over the exposed skin of her shoulders and down her bare arms.

Her heart was already racing, and a sigh escaped her lips, “Last night.”

His mind and body pulled itself into the pleasure and happiness they had created last night. He knew that they had produced this new life as soon as he had released his warm seed deep in her belly. They could both feel when it happened. Like a tiny spark grew between feeding off both energies. “This time I don’t have to get that dress off you first.” He dropped to his knees and whispered kisses on her stomach. “Do you have any idea how much I worship you?”

Running her fingers through his hair she lifted his face up. “I think I have an idea.” Her smile was seductive, as she gently lifted him to his feet and led Zan by the wrist to the bath tub. Liz slowly stripped his clothes off and then climbed into the lavender scented bubbles beckoning him to join her.

Zan crawled in and snuggled up in the warm water between her legs. He rested his head back until it hit her chest. Liz wrapped her arms around him and they laid that way until the water turned to cold to stand anymore.


Nyla was keeping Selka on her toes. The girl was laughing and giggling as she darted amongst the set-up workers. Selka was chasing her around a corner, when she bumped into someone. “Larek?”

Larek was staring. You idiot, why are you staring, because she looks a lot like someone…Liz? “Hello, have we met?” He knew he had, but his mind wouldn’t work.

Selka quickly blinked and made sure her eyes where the mortal façade, they were. “I’m Selka, Liz’s sister? I think we met at Nyla here’s birthday party.”

Liz’s sister, maybe that was why his heart started to pound? “Oh right….” He remembered Liz only had one sister, and who that was, “RIIIGHT. So are you here for the wedding?” He was surprised that came out intelligent, he couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch her. What are you saying? You never act like this unless it’s with …..

“That and other things. I’ve got to go get Nyla down off the throne . I think that aide over there is going to have an aneurism.” She hurried off to catch the young princess. “That’s not your seat yet Nyla, get down.”

Larek shook his head to clear his thoughts and he kept walking down the hall to go back to his apartment.

Selka watched him walk off. The way he was staring at her, it made her stomach flip. ‘What’s wrong with you!” She scolded herself, first crying and now, what ever THAT was. Geesh! “Come on Nyla your parents have had enough alone time.”


Liz and Zan were almost ready when their daughter ran into the room. She wathed her Mommy sitting in at her vanity, sweeping up the sides of her hair, “Oh Mommy, you look pretty.” Her eyes were big as she stood in awe, she had the most beautiful mommy ever.

“Why thank you baby.” Liz got up from her chair and walked to Nyla, she gold dress swishing as she stepped. “We need to fix you up next.” Being late for most things, was fine. They were the King and Queen after all. However, if they dared to delay the start of Vilandra’s wedding, well she didn’t really want to even think about what that would do. “We have ten minutes, before we have to meet Vilandra and Alex downstairs.”

Zan didn’t need the reminder, actually he was pretty punctual unless otherwise distracted by his wife. “I’m ready. I’ll go keep Selka company so you to can finish.”


When Zan came out of the bedroom, Selka was out on one of the balconies. He went out to join her. “They’ll be out in a minute, their just doing some hair thing.” Zan leaned over and surveyed the gardens, he wondered when was the last time he was even out here.

Selka looked at him and was torn, should he know that Seth thought Zan’s son was his or that as far as the evil bastard was concerned he had slept with Zan’s soul mate? What good would it do? Zan couldn’t protect her 24 hours a day, and actually he was no match for Seth anyway. Neith could stand up to him, sort of. And anyway, Iset had assured her that Seth would leave them alone until after the son was born. Why not let them be happy. But she couldn’t say anything. Firstly she had promised her mother, the Queen of the Universe. And secondly, there was nothing the Neith and Zan could do but worry, and what good ever came out of empty worrying? Everything will be alright in the end, sort of. So instead she made small talk, “Well she should just use her powers, see?” Selka touched her finger to her head and instantly her attire was a formal gown and her hair was perfect. I wonder if Larek would like this. Damn it woman, are YOU becoming mortal. Why was Larek getting to you? You have the universe to worry about.

Nyla and Liz came out of the bedroom and made their way outside too. “Is everyone ready?” Liz questioned. She looked out at the gardens and felt a bit nostalgic. She wouldn’t be the only married woman anymore. Would she be the only mother soon? Vilandra’s wedding was going to be such a big affair, but she couldn’t help think about their wedding in Vegas. It was perfect for them small, just their close friends, and then they were off to fight a counter revolution.

Yeah that about sums it up! Zan thoughts were on their own wedding also. He thought it had been perfect, the official start of their life together, but Vilandra’s wedding was such a grand affair a small part of him wondered if Liz missed not having the same. They could have remarried on Larek’s planet, but she said that Vegas was perfect. He looked over at her, the sun illuminating her body and it glowed. He had to touch her, his hand moved over and clasped her, and he pulled her against him.

“Huhhum!” Selka and Nyla both cleared their throats and rolled their eyes. “Wedding remember, lest turn head this time by NOT being late, ok?” The two walked over to the outer door and held it open waiting for the Royal couple to follow.

“We’re coming, we’re coming.” Zan pulled their bodies apart but didn’t release her hand. “We will be causing a few heads to turn being on time like this.”

“At least is will be for a good thing for once.” Liz teased and they closed the door behind them.

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But tonihgt , if I can get on I have a part or two comming. SORRY! I am NEVER this long in posting, and I feel bad.
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Part 21

In the vestibule three sets of eyes turned to the royal family’s entrance, mouths gaped, and everyone fell silent. Zan and Liz had to smirk at the reaction. “What?” Liz tried to get out with a straight face, but giggles betrayed her. “We were told to be here at two right?”

Rath smirked and thought about Vilandra’s plan. “Yeah but we figured you are always late to the Fuhrer told you the wrong time, your actually a half hour early!”

The door across the hall opened and as if hearing her name Vilandra entered the room. “Good everyone is here,” Looking at the Royal couple, “early in fact.” She had everyone’s attention when she reached into her ivory clutch and pulled out, NOTECARDS?

“Uh, sis?” Zan shot her a look out of the corner of his eye, “What are those for?”

“Your assignments and responsibilities.” Vilandra walked around the room handing them out. When she got to Kyle, she handed him two, “Could you please take this in there to Alex?” She gestured to the doorway.

“S-Sure Vilandra.” Kyle was afraid, he had been in a few battles in his time, but seeing Lonnie like this….he was just glad HIS assignment took him out of this room. “See ya guys.” He gave them all a better you than me look and exited to find Alex.

“Alright” the bride clapped her hands together and took a deep breath. “Any questions?” She was referring to the duties she had passed out on the cards a moment ago.

Rath screwed up his face in a smirk and shot a death stare at the stupid card in his hand. “Yeah, what the fu…OUCH!”

Maria pulled her elbow out of his ribcage and whispered, “Just nod at the insane woman, so we can get out of here.”

“Nope, no questions at all.” Rath rubbed his side slightly.

“Ok then…Move!” With a flick of her wrist Vilandra cleared the room and everyone scattered.


Liz and Nyla knocked lightly on the door, and pushed it open when they heard Alex’s voice tell them to “Come in.”

Nyla rushed over to her Uncle Alex and hugged him around the legs. “You are getting married today!”

Alex lifted her up by the waist and planted a quick kiss on her fore head, “Yup, I am...”

Kyle peeked behind a corner, “Liz! Thank god it’s only you. Hurry up and get in here, I think this is the only safe room in the palace. Shut the door, shut the door!” He locked it just to be safe. Turning to Alex, “It’s not to late you know, we can have Liz here teleport us back down to Earth, maybe somewhere warm.” Wiggling his eyebrows, “Women in bikinis, think about it.”

“If I didn’t show up today I don’t think there would be a place even Liz could hide me, Kyle, but thanks for the encouragement.” Alex cast a ‘help me’ look in Liz’s direction.

Until Alex’s plea she has been unsuccessfully holding back a laugh, but the look on both the men’s faces made her burst into hysterics. “Oh Alex,” she wipes the tear that were forming of her eyes and took a deep breath to try to calm herself down. “If anyone can handle her, I know you can.” She patted his shoulder.

‘Thanks” Alex straightened his collar in the mirror, “I think?”

Then someone knocked at the door again and everyone but Nyla went over and unlocked the door ready to let whoever in. “No!” but it was too late and the trio held their breaths.

And audible exhale could be heard when Maria came running in and jumped into Alex’s arms. “I can’t believe you are getting hitched before me. Congratulations!”

‘Thanks ‘Ria.” Alex patted her back and released the hug. Eyeing her up, “You came in here to hide to huh?”

“Ok ya got me, but the congratulations stands.” Maria pulled the card from a hidden pocket in her gown. “See this card?” She taped it mockingly. “It says you should have been out of here and standing outside the temple doors...” looking at her watch, “Two minutes ago.”

The three oldest best friends looked at each other and giggled. Alex called out, “Group hug.” His former two best girls rushed him and almost knocked him over. “Watch the threads now, plenty of me to go around.”

Watching them from the side, almost feeling like intruders, Kyle pickled up Nyla, and hugged her tightly. “Uncle Kyle?”

“What sweetheart?” Kyle looked into her eyes.

“Will you hug me when I get married too?” Nyla was a little jealous in her tone.

“It’s a promise.” He kissed her cheek. “I’ll even hug you now just in case.” Giving her a squeeze.

“You’ll be there, but thanks anyway.” Nyla wiggled to be let down and got to the door and opened it. In a perfect impression she repeated, “Aunt Vilandra does not like to be kept waiting.”

“Well I guess its show time” and they filed out of the room.


Vilandra paced in the small antechamber she was given to wait in. The only thing that was keeping her from going insane all week was going into her planning mode, and now she didn’t have anything to do but wait. It felt like her skin was trying to jump off her body. “Calm down, you can do this.” She needed a pep talk and she had sent everyone on errands. “I didn’t think to schedule someone for this.”

“Schedule someone for what?” The voice behind her made Vilandra jump.

“MOM!” She ran over into Diane’s arms. “How?” She didn’t really care how, her mother was here.

“Hey don’t forget me!” Phillip came in the room, and earned himself an equally huge hug.

“How did you guys get here? I didn’t think you could make it.” Kissing both parent’s on the cheek.

Zan came in the room next, “Well I just happen to know this King, and he has a ship or two he’s not using right now.”

“It’s your wedding Isabel.” Diane grabbed her daughter by the wrists. “We GOT here.”

“I love the surprise, but I wish I would have known.” Vilandra was trying not to cry, her parents had made her wedding day.

“You haven’t asked anyone else to walk you down the isle have you?” Phillip teased.

“Well Zan has to sit up front, so I was going to do it by myself…” Hugging her father again, “Oh daddy, I am so glad you are here.”

Zan loved having his family altogether, and he felt good he felt a little out of place, but he supposed that was because his family included Liz and Nyla, now. Oh and a soon to be son. He smiled even wider. “I hate to break this up, but you all know how I hate being late.”

“Uh huh,” Vilandra was too happy with her brother to call him on this obvious joke, “Can’t keep the king waiting now can we?” She laid her hand on her fathers arm and they walked out of the room.


Zan and Liz sat behind the altar in the great room. Everyone was quiet as they awaited Princess Vilandra’s entrance. Nyla had a smaller throne up there too, but she didn’t feel like sitting up there, “too many people looking at me” she said. So her parents let her go in the crowd with Selka and Larek.

Liz saw her daughter and gave her a little wave. Then she looked higher and saw her sister staring at Larek, who was trying hard not to look back. “Zan,” Liz whispered, “Look over at Larek and Selka.”

Zan had always known that Larek had been in love with his wife, and he also knew that Larek respected both of them too much to ever act on it. In fact Larek still had kept a picture of Elizabeth on a shelf in his personal study back in palace. He had seen Larek kiss Elizabeth in their last life, and in this one Zan had heard his quiet response when Liz asked why he wasn’t married. Nothing had ever felt as good to him as the silent flirtation going on between Larek and Selka. “Well, Larek has finally looked at another woman besides you.” Zan picked up the hand Liz had twined with his fingers and placed a kiss on it.

“Stop it.” She playfully pulled her hand down from his lips. “I am going to talk to Selka about those side glances she keeps stealing.” She met Selka eyes, was that a blush from her sister? Liz waved again and turned her attention out over the crowd.

The priest looked and Zan for confirmation to start the ceremony, and The King obliged with a nod of his head. In turn made the page boys open the outer doors and the assembled mass turned to watch the Princess Vilandra make her grand entrance.

Alex sucked in his breath at the vision coming down the center isle. “How did I ever get her?” He didn’t mean to say that out loud.

“I think she’s lucky she got you.” Liz whispered back to him. Both friends exchanged smiles. Liz got that nostalgic feeling again. One second they were having sleepovers on her balcony the next they where grown up, ruling star systems and getting married. She was trying not to cry in front of all these people, but it was a battle she was quickly losing.

Zan felt her getting upset, and reached over with his free hand and stroked her arm. “I love you.” He didn’t bother to whisper, he didn’t care who heard.

She knew he meant more than just those three words, it was encouragement to say what was wrong. “Just missing being 16 I guess.” Liz was looking down at her lap smoothing the skirt of her dress.

Zan took her hand back and then grabbed her chin and made her look at him. “I don’t, because I didn’t have you…..or Nyla…” He looked down at her lap, “Or our son.”

She couldn’t stop the tear that had been fighting her for so long, “I love you too.”

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Belevn sorry I keep upsetting you, I don;t know whether to feel bad or be happy it's having the desired effect.

Ursa, Belevn and anyone else who noticed the convo between Nyla and Kyle good catch


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Ok I am at work and it is WAY shorter that what I normally post but I lost my groove and want to get what I have out.

Part 22

Alex and Vilandra pledged eternal love for each other, and when they kissed a great applause rose up from the crowd. Zan and Liz stood up and where the first to congratulate them. "Welcome to the family Alex." Zan pulled him from a handshake into a manly hug.

"Thanks man." He put his arm around Vilandra's waist and pulled her close. " I just want to make her as happy as I am right now."

Vilandra was staring at him and when he made eye contact she started to cry. "You already have." And their lips met again.

Zan cleared his throat and they ignored him. Liz was smiling at the two of them they seemed to happy, Zan bent down to say in her ear. "I don't think I want to watch him maul my sister."

Vilandra heard that and pulled out of her lip lock with Alex, "After watching and hearing you and Liz for the past 4 years I think you should just shut up." She might have just gotten married but she still was his sister.

Liz and Alex both chuckled at the sibling squabble, and they pulled their respective mates around to face the masses and Alex and Vilandra slowly walked back through the crowd as husband and wife


Selka was mental chastising herself. She pretended to be interested in the grounds outside the window. 'I can't believe you are sacred to talk to a man, a mortal man. This is stupid, just walk up and say hello.'

Larek saw Selka from across the room and the conversation he was involved in faded from his ears. He couldn't remember who he was standing beside anyway. This feeling wasn't new to him, but the ability to act upon it was. His feet had a mind of their own and he found himself beside Elizabeth's sister. Was that weird? 'Oh stop it!'

Selka had made up her mind to go over to him and say hello, but when she turned around she was looking straight into his chest. "Larek?"

"" Smooth, buddy, real smooth.

'I'm making him nervous.' "Would you like to take a walk around the gardens with me?"

"I'd love to." Oh god, she's interested. Larek offered his arm, and when Selka took it a shared shudder went through them.


The royal family met in the room Alex had been sequestered in for a much needed break, before their presence was required for the reception. Zan, Liz, Nyla, Rath, Maria, the two newly weds, the Evans', and even Kyle crowded into that room for a moment's peace.

Rath and Kyle were sitting next to each other on the couch. "Do you think they'd notice if we skipped out and hit the local pub?"

"Well I dunno...” Kyle patted his pocket. "Did you finish everything on your card?" The two exchanged a look and bit their bottom lips to hold back the laughter.

Maria slipped on Rath's lap, "Think again Mister. Someone owes me a dance, and I intend to collect.

Rath turned his head back towards Kyle, "I guess that drink will have to wait."

Across the room, Nyla was looking out the window. She wanted to get her mother's attention, and was pulling on the skirt of Liz's dress. "Mamma, look it."

"I'm talking to Grandma Diane right now honey." Liz held up a finger to tell the girl to hold on.

Nyla usually tried to be patient for her parents, but she really wanted her mommy to look out the window. "But mommy, Aunt Selka's kissing Larek, now. Come see."

Kyle and Rath jumped off the couch, they had noticed the tension between Selka and their friend Larek. "Who's doing what now?" The entire party excluding the elder Evan's ran to the window.

"GO Larek! Get some!" Rath and Kyle's high five was cut short by the dagger looks from Maria and Liz. They both clasped their hands behind their backs and pretended to whistle.

"We saw that." Maria stated.

"And no giving them a hard time when they get back. I mean it." Liz chastised.

Zan smiled at the sight, and was happy for his fiend, but he wasn't sure how Selka was interpreting the situation. He wrapped his hands around Liz's waist from behind, and pulled her close. "Just make sure Selka isn't planning on breaking his heart. I don't think he could take it."

"I think they'll be fine." Liz leaned back in to him. "But I don't think they'll be making the party."

"Neither will we if you all don't quit gawking. We have to be at the reception now." Vilandra was going back into planner mode. "Alex..." She commanded holding her arm out.

"Not to late for the women in bikinis.." Kyle whisper in his ear, and the two men exchanged a private laugh.

"Um, yeah I think it is." Alex smiled.

"Better you than me man." Kyle slapped his back and held the door open for the newlyweds.


People were lined up 10 deep to with the new couple well, and everyone else was busy getting the festivities under way. No one noticed the young man standing off to the right behind Vilandra, until it was too late.


"Congratulations Princess." A young man's voice ran in her ear.

All of a sudden she couldn't catch her breath. She was trying, but her lungs just couldn't fill up with air. What happened? Her hands were curling around her stomach, instinctively hugging herself tightly. "Al...ex" He was still talking to the well wishers. "Al...ex." She forced her one hand to leave the protective cocoon it had made over her abdomen, and she reached up to grab him by the arm. Why was there blood on her hand? "Al...ex"

"OH MY GOD!" Alex caught her as she fell in his arms. "HELP!" She was bleeding to death, his wife was dying, in his arms, on their wedding day. He was applying pressure on the wound, but the blood kept gushing out, and seeping into the white fabric. "No, no, no, no, no!" Calm down, and get help. "ZAN! NOW!"

The crowd was beginning to form around Alex as he screamed for help. Kyle was the first to part the crowd, "Alex what is......" Springing into action he parted the crowd and yelled to the nearest imperial guard, "Get a doctor now!" Zan was already running from across the room, but Kyle gave a heads up. "Vilandra's hurt," looking back down to access the situation. "Bad!"

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Part 23

It had been a beautiful reception……

Liz couldn’t help herself she wished just for a moment that she was having her wedding day with Zan again. There was just something so extraordinary about the moment when you pledge your lives to each other. Ok maybe her and Zan had already done that, after all their souls were bound for all eternity. Liz looked over at Zan who was introducing his father and mother to the groups of party goers. Their eyes met and they both smiled at each other from across the room.

Zan couldn’t believe Liz was his. He knew it was a silly thought but it still amazed him. When she was smiling at him her eyes danced and his constitution wavered. Their daughter was running through the crowd around her, and his son was growing in her belly. She could make a man forget anything else in the universe existed.

“My lord? My Lord, how did you like your Earth childhood. I don’t think we’ve been privileged to hear much about that.” The nobleman from Gilder seemed genuinely interested.

Zan was glad everyone was treating his family so well. He didn’t want his parents exposed to the nuisance attitude he knew some still harbored about humans in general. He was half human but that fact never seemed to get through to these people. He caught sight of Liz again and wondered if some would dare to think so lowly of her if they knew who she truly was. He must have been in thought for too long because his father stepped in.

“Son…” Phillip followed his son gaze and moved slightly to the right blocking the view between Zan and Liz. “It wasn’t that bad was it?” Trying to make a quick recovery in the conversation, and cover for his son whom he noticed was staring at his Queen.


When Mr. Evans’ head broke the gaze between her and Zan, she instantly was brought back to reality. A Senator from Hernin was bending her ear about grandson, and what a wonderful match it would make for Nyla. So what if his grandson was 12. Liz kept nodding and acknowledging the man talking but all she could formulate that this insane was trying to marry off her daughter. She wondered what Zan would think about Nyla getting married at 3?

“…and so you see my lineage has quite a bit of royal blood, his mother’s family….”

Liz’s entire body shivered, was there a draft in here? She stepped away from the window, and Senator Brazel followed. “I’m sure your grand son would make a wonderful husband on his merits alone, but I don’t know if the King and I were discussing suitors just yet.” They had been told families would start trying this shortly after Nyla turned three. But, why in the world would they expect a King and Queen who were together by completely disregarding an arranged marriage to do so for their own children. It was absurd, but it made no sense to bring that up now. Nodding was doing the trick well enough.

“ I ask you consider my family as a good political match. I hope to talk to your husband about this as well.”

Oh yes, please go talk to Zan. I’d love to hear all about it later. She chuckled to herself. “Why thank you Senator. I think I will mention it him now.” Good an excuse to end this whole thing.

He slightly bowed as she walked past, “My Queen” She certainly seemed quick to discuss Rell with the King. He was rather pleased at himself, and he went off to find his own wife and tell her the good news.


Liz shivered again, this time in the middle of the crowd on her way to Zan. Oh damn, it’s not a draft. She picked up Nyla and quickly made her way over to Zan and his parents. Quickly acknowledging the group she pulled Zan down to whisper in his ear. “I’m having another premonition. I don’t know about what, it doesn’t feel good get Nyla and the others out of this room, now. I’m going to figure out what it is.” She locked her eyes with his, silently telling him to be careful, and walked out onto a small balcony and shut the door behind her, leaving Nyla in her husband’s arms.

Zan quickly glanced around the room, getting visuals on everyone, and politely excuse himself and his parents from the conversation. Quietly to his parents, he commanded. “Take Nyla and get yourselves out of here now. Go into my apartments and don’t open the door for anyone, now.” His voice resonated with the seriousness of acting swiftly.

His parents made no hesitation, and were gone in seconds. He pointed to four royal guards to follow them. When they were safely out of the room, he made his way over to Rath and Maria who were dancing.

He motioned for them to leave the dance floor, and he calmly briefed his second in command.


Liz took a deep breath and closed her eyes, after she sat down on the bench. The bright sunshine should have felt warm on her skin but she couldn’t shake the cold feeling passing through her body. As Selka had instructed before, she looked in her mind and reached for the source.

She knew that great powers were locked inside of her; that in her spirit she was the Goddess Neith, keeper of Wisdom and Warfare. It frightened her sometimes to think that forces of the universe could be at her command. But the last time she had felt like this Zan and Rath were in imminent danger, so she pushed her self doubt aside and allowed her body to take more of that power she had been fighting against.

It really was easier this time and the cold feeling stopped almost immediately and then she just knew. They were all in trouble. Liz sprung up and flung open the shutter doors and rushed into the great room, just in time to hear Alex and Kyle screaming for Zan. “Damn it I’m too late.”


The Princess going down was their cue. The Princess had everyone in such a snit with the affair, and with all the outside help they had brought in it was almost too easy for them to build up a presence around the and inside the place. “Alright men we just got the signal from inside on my command we start firing.”


Zan had directed Rath and some of the men on guard to take defensive positions around the room but be subtle about it, until they knew more. When he went to tell Kyle he saw a crowd swarming around his sister and Alex calling out to him with Kyle quickly on his way. “Vilandra’s hurt…bad.” Was all Zan had to hear and he was parting the crowd at a dead run.

When he got to his sister he stopped dead in his tracks at Alex’s devastated appearance. He was holding his sister head close to his chest and trying futilely to keep her life force from sweeping down her ivory wedding dress. The scene surreal and Zan had to shake his head clear before kneeling down beside her and replacing Alex’s palm with his own. Closing his eyes he concentrated on mending the torn veins, arteries and organs. He had only healed the deepest damage when the sound of broken glass and a percussion of an explosion threw him back for his sister and across the room. He could feel warm liquid covering his closed eyelid, as soon as his brain recognized it as blood, the urge to go to sleep overtook him.


Kyle and Rath both looked at each other, nodded, and let instinct take over. They immediately began shouting orders to take of defensive positions to the guards that had been positioned about for the ceremony. However, they had only a small guard on hand because of the atmosphere of the day.

Rath tried to get a look out one of the imploded windows to see what they were up against, hell he didn’t even know exactly WHO he was up against. Getting a quick glace out the window before a blast singed the sill where his head had just been, he could only see a small band of rebels from the looks of them. “Kyle we need to figure out who and what we are up against.”

“Already on it.” Kyle wrenched the young man that had stabbed Vilandra from the guard detaining him. “Ok buddy, now here is how this goes.” Pushing the bastard down onto the floor and stepping on the side of his head, pinning him to the floor. “You tell me who’s out there and how many, and I won’t give the groom over there a filet knife and ten minutes alone in a room with you.” Gesturing to the now gone from devastated to pissed off Alex.

Not bothering to dodge the phaser fire coming through the shattered windows Alex was making his way over to Kyle and his prisoner. He wasn’t sure of exactly what had just happened but he knew that the guy in the floor had caused his wedding day to turn into a blood bath. A sick laugh came out when he thought about how upset Vilandra would be if she found all her planning was ruined. Well he had some payment to extract from this son of a bitch, and he was walking over to collect.

Summoning strength he didn’t know he had Alex shoved Kyle hard knocking him to the floor. He scooped down and gripped his wife’s killer by the neck and lifted him off the ground shaking him violently. “Why?! Huh, why the fuck did you do that?!”

Action all around them Kyle, Rath and Maria stood watching their normally calm friend flip out. Not that they blamed him, he was with in his rights to take revenge, but they needed this guy for information. Maria walked over to her best friend and gently laid her hand on his arm. “Alex,” she called to him. “Alex, look at me.” Getting his attention, she guided his arms down and he let the guy drop to a heap on the floor.

Tears came from his eyes and Maria wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her back, and let his emotions flow to her. “She’s dead Maria, she was dying before Max even got to her.”

“I know honey, but they are still trying, look.” She moved him so he could see the physicians carrying her off to the medical center in the palace. She just prayed they got her there in time. Another blast rocked them off their feet, and they both realized that Vilandra might not be the only one losing her life today.

One of Kyle officers came running into the room. “Sir,” He offered a hasty salute, “the palace is under attack. From both inside and out, some of them breached the defenses.”

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Ursa originally wrote:
Will this be like Bewitched where the daughter, born first, had powers and the son, born second, does not? Sorry, I couldn't help but mention it. At least Max is nothing like that bastard Darren who kept his wife in the closet and resented her being a Witch.

I just reread some feed back ...LMAO...I always hated Darren for doing that too

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Just for Ursa

Part 24

Selka and Larek were walking around the pond when they heard the explosion, and they began to run back towards the palace. In mid stride Selka moved them 1,000 yards closer to the palace. They saw smoke and dust rising off the north tower, and the glowing streaks of phaser fired being exchanged in both direction.

Larek was awe evening the days of Kivar’s fight to over throw the monarchy the palace had never been directly attacked in this manner. He knew there had been some fighting in the past six months but an agreement had been reached, and neither side would dare such a direct attack as this. “What in the hell is going on here?”

Selka’s eyes narrowed and she spit out, “What in the hell indeed.”

“What did you say?” Larek looked over at her and saw an aura of green surrounding her body, and it was pulsating like a heart beat. He wasn’t sure if he should be scared or mystified. Just when he thought he was going to see a Goddess’s powers in action she appeared to be calming down. “You ok?”

“Yeah.” She looked at the advancing soldiers again. “I gotta go talk to some one.” She waved her hand and they both disappeared.

Larek reappeared and he was back in the palace, in his apartments, but where was Selka?


The wedding guests were in a state of chaos. Different regents and Senators had assumed the role of creating order. They were hoarding guests in the safest spots they could find. Telling them to calm down and wait for palace guards to usher them to safety. Kyle was grateful for the help with the crowd, and took note of the men and women that had taken control of the crowd. Kyle motioned to the woman who seemed to be directing them.

“Yes?” She walked over to him.

Rath’s eyes swept the room and he nodded once to her, “Good job and thanks.”

“No problem.” She gestured behind her, “It actually feels good telling some of these old crones to sit down and shut up.” She smirked.

Kyle couldn’t help but smile back. Now here is a woman, I can relate to. “I know what you mean. We need to get all these people out of here, when it’s safe I’ll let you know.”

“I’m going to go tell Senator big and tuff over there to stop whimpering.” She shot a glare over to the older man. “Let me know if I can help you guys out.” She ducked back down and scurried back to her position.

“Hey!” Kyle called in a hoarse whisper, “What’s your name?”

“Kali” She called over her shoulder.

“Kali.” He repeated the name and it seemed to roll off his tongue, Kali with the violet eyes. If they lived through this he might just have to find out more about her.


Zan was just coming to when he heard the soldier report the rebels were inside the palace. Snapping to his feet and quickly healed the gash over his right eye, and took control of the situation. “Vilandra?”

“She was taking to surgery, don’t know if she’ll make it.” Rath offered.

He wanted to run down there and heal her at once, but he couldn’t. He only hoped she would live and Alex would forgive him. He looked to Alex who gave a nod of understanding.

“Alex get to the control center you installed this stuff, time to put it to use.” To Kyle he added “Send four men with him and make sure he gets there.”

Rath bent down and took a phaser off a fallen man. “Here,” he tossed it to Alex, “Be careful.”

Alex caught the phaser and pushed his wife out of his mind for now. If he would have quite a few more people to mourn over. “On my way,” he started to jog out of the room, and paused in the door way. “Be careful yourselves.” And he and the four men disappeared behind the wall.

Zan moved to the next in his field of vision, “Kyle, you get reinforcements now. We are gonna use this as center of operations for now, cause we know we have possession if the room. So Kyle, I want you to get on the communicator and let updates and have men get here ASAP.”

“Right!” Kyle immediately started to carry out the orders, he contacted some of the officers to get reports.

“Rath,” Zan continued. “I want you to take the men here and get into defensive positions.” Pausing for Rath to nod understanding, “NOTHING gets in or out.”

“Got it.” Rath began pointing to men and issuing them about the rooms.

Zan strode into a sitting room just off the dance floor and he motioned for one of the men to pick up the other end of a table dragging it in with him, he was making a make shift war room.

Rath came in after putting men on all the exits. “I confiscated any communication device from the guests, figured we could use them.”

Maria came in behind him carrying an armload of metallic orbs. She was almost loosing control of them when she dumped them on the table. “Ok one command post, taken from the wonderfully helpful snobs outside.” She rolled her eyes.

“Thanks.” Zan, Rath, and Maria began sorting through the pile for what they could use.

Kyle came in to give an update, and noticed something missing, “Uh guys, where’s Liz?”

The three exchanged looks, hoping someone would speak up and know her whereabouts. Noting similar looks on the faces of his friends Zan swallowed the lump in his throat. “When was the last time anyone saw her?”

“Right before Vilandra was stabbed. She was standing out by the one balcony.” Maria offered.

Zan ran out into the other room and did a quick survey around the room. She wasn’t out there. He started to worry, about what he had no idea, she was probably better equipped to handle herself than anyone them, right? And then he turned even paler, their son. Liz might be alright, but would their son be? “Kyle! Rath! We need to find her, now!” Zan walked back into the makeshift operations room, and shut the door. He didn’t want to let anyone else see him if he broke down.

“Zan she’ll be fine. Liz is immortal remember.” Maria tried to reassure him and put her hand in his shoulder.

“But our son isn’t.” Zan leaned over and held on to the table to keep his knees from giving out.

“Son?” Three voices echoed his earlier words.

“She’s pregnant, with our son. I don’t know……” Zan trailed off, and stood up right wiping his eyes with the back of his hand, trying to push his fears to the back of his mind. He had a palace full of people, no a solar system relying on him, and he had to be their leader.

“Liz will protect him, you know that.” Maria sat on the table and met Zan’s eyes. “I am sure she’s just checking on Nyla or something.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” He tried to fool himself that the ill feeling deep in his guts was wrong.

Just then Alex’s voice came over Zan’s communicator. “I made it to the control center.” And he began a briefing to the king and his commanders.

Authors Note: I know I am laying on the agnst pretty thick. But I can't just make everything easy on em, now can I?

A question, has anyone noticed where I keep getting the names of all the "keepers"/Gods? I have been doing research on this stuff and I am hoping to keep them true...there REALLY was a Goddess Neith and Selka...and Iset is an ancient name for Isis. (Sorry just felt like sharing)

How many people are gonna kill me if Vilandra dies?

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Ursa originally wrote:
If Vilandra lives, she can restore the old ways to the royal family by carrying on the traditon her mother just never got around to teaching her... *big*
okay, back again:
you said:
there REALLY was a Goddess Neith and Selka...

What do you mean was??!!!

LOL.. I ALMOST put was/is....I see you caught me on it.

And...WERE YOUREADING MY MIND????? on the Vilandra thing...LOL

I'll email ya...

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Oh yes groove is BACK ON!

Part 25

“How nice of you to visit me, Selka. I wasn’t expecting you; so sorry if I don’t get up.” Seth’s eyes never turned from the table he was staring down at. He just flipped the huge parchment over. When she didn’t say anything in response, he let out a heavy sigh, “What?” sounding awfully annoyed.

Selka second guessed why she had come here, she wanted to blast him in a thousand pieces, she wanted to shake him until his head fell off, and she wanted him to leave her and her family alone. “Seth, I want you leave Neith alone.” Her voice ran with a tone that scared even her.

Seth decided that instant that he should stand for this and slowly rose out of the chair and walked over to her. “Excuse me.”

She could feel his vile presence in her aura, she had to take a step back before it made her shudder. “Leave her alone, call back your cronies. I mean it.”

Seth was confused, but he wasn’t about to let her know that. “Who are you to order ME to do anything.” He would take great pleasure in ending her existence when the time came. Selka had always been the thorn in his side, and a smile graced his lips at the satisfaction killing her would bring.

“What the HELL are you smiling about? I swear if you hurt her…” Green energy was crackling between her fingers. This damn rapist was inches from her, and it made her sick. This bastard deserved to die, but she couldn’t take him out herself and she knew it. So instead she decided to vaporize his table. Childish she knew, but is made her feel a little better.

“Don’t push me Selka” Her name left a bad taste in his mouth.

Selka’s glared at him through the slits her eyes had become. “I think it is you who should not push me. Leave my family alone.”

Ahhh but soon it will be mine as well. Seth was getting sick of this and decided to get the stupid girl out of his hair. “What are you talking about?”

“The attack on the Neith’s palace, it has you written all over it.” Selka noted the lack of reaction in his face.

“Sorry, Princess, but I don’t know what you are talking about.” The shock in her eyes delighted him. Take that.

Then something dawned on her, she had in fact sensed one of her own involved in the attack and immediately suspected Seth, but if not him…..damn it! She snapped herself out of there.

After she left Seth took a second to register what had just happened, he had been keeping a low profile for years now, waiting. Why would she suspect him, unless….did Selka know about him and Neith? How could she? He would have to find out. He would look at this battle for himself.


The last remain troops that had remained loyal to Kivar had chosen the wedding if Vilandra to make their final stand. All the right people were in one small place, giving them the best chance of killing the people that mattered. They had gained access to the palace through a couple on entrances and they had most of the wedding party still trapped in the Great room, and now they had their Queen.

“Alright men,” he said into the communicator, so the officers could hear him. “We are going to storm that reception hall, and there will be no prisoners, repeat no prisoners.” He had their queen that was all that was asked in the deal he made, the God hadn’t said anything about the rest of the royals.


“Ok Alex, listen to me carefully, Nyla and my parents and in my rooms. I want you to deactivate the doors in the sector. They don’t open for ANYONE, understood?” Zan wanted his daughter safe, even if he couldn’t protect his wife or son.

“You got it Zan.” Alex came back through the speaker.

Outside the room Zan heard an exchange of fire. “Rath report!” Zan yelled as he ran into the larger room. He saw pulses flying into the room. “Maria catch!” He threw his phaser to her. Zan at least had his shield for defense; Maria needed it more than him.

She caught it and immediately felt like Annie Oakley. Shouting to the group of guests she had been talking to she yelled , “Get behind me and down.”

Rath finally had the breath to answer Zan, “There is at least 20 coming down these two hallways and the report from the men in the side windows is that there is at least 50 more out by the road and 50 more in the gardens.”

“Get one legion of guard to the gardens NOW!” Kyle shouted into his communicator. “Were taking our heaviest hits from down there, and get more men into the west passage maybe we can box them in and at least prevent a retreat.”

“All right everyone,” Zan shouted to the soldiers and his friends. “We protect these people at all costs. They killed my sister, and we can’t find my wife. Remember that if you need any motivation here.” Zan raised his shield up and took a look out the window to the gardens; he realized that was where the sick feeling was coming from. “They have Liz. I can feel it.”

Kyle walked up behind Zan and promised, “Well get her back. I don’t know what they did to her that she isn’t getting out of there, but we’ll get her back.”


Vilandra jerked awake and quickly shifted her eyes from side to side. “Where am I?” She sat up and quickly regretted it. “Where’s Alex?” she groaned as she fell back unto the soft mattress.

Nori sat down on the edge of her bed. “Sorry my precious one, you were almost dead. So she brought you here.” She gently stroked her daughter’s hair off her fore head.

“Mom! Oh my god HOW?!” Vilandra was upright again clutching Nori for dear life.

Iset walked over to them and made a chair for herself next to the bed. She still wasn’t feeling well and the power expended tonight was wearing on her. She had just started to recover from the power drain fooling Seth had taken, and then this. Back to the task at hand, “Your mother has some things to tell you Vilandra, and you need to listen. I saved your life tonight, but there is a price.”

Vilandra couldn’t take her eyes off the woman sitting beside her. Slowly it dawned on her, “Iset? As in Liz’s true mother Iset?” Vilandra dropped her gaze in respect. “It is an honor.”

Iset smiled, ‘good.’ She knows a little of her family’s history. A yellow ball of light collected in her outstretched hand and a collection of Vilandra’s female ancestors began to flash before them. “These were your grandmother’s through out the ages. They have been my high priestesses since the Granolith was created. It was before Anatar was a united planet, and before your family ruled the galaxy.”

Nori took her cue. “I have a lot to tell you and not much time before you need to be returned to your body, so please listen closely.”


Liz’s head ached. She hadn’t had one in years, why did her head ache so much now? She became aware of her surroundings and she wasn’t in the palace anymore she was, ‘no idea.’

“I didn’t expect you to come to so quickly your highness.” He was lowering himself to talk to her.

Liz rose to her feet and looked the man dead in the eye. “Lord Kelvin.” Liz instantly recognized the man from all the functions she had been with him at. So he was responsible for this.

“At your service.” He faked a bow.

“What is this?” She demanded

“You and you family will pay for over throwing by brother. I have 150 men attacking as we speak. Your husband will be dead in a few minutes if he’s not already. Next I’ll kill that stupid half breed of a daughter. But first, I am going to start by taking payment out of your body.” With his right hand he roughly grabbed the back of her neck and crushed her to his body in a rough kiss.

Liz pushed him off of her and started laughing.


“There getting through.” Rath ran into the room. “We had to pull back, get ready.” He looked over at Maria, and forced a smile. Damn him for getting her into this alien crap. If they got out of this they were taking the next shuttle back to Earth!

Maria smiled back ready to defend her position. She couldn’t help but feel a rush from the adrenaline flowing through her body. She scooted over to Rath placed a bruising kiss on his lips and ran back to her position. “For luck space boy.’

“Oh screw it!” Kyle rushed over to Kali, who had taken a position beside Maria. He planted a rough one on her as well. “Thought I could use some too.” He joked as he scuttled back.

“Sure earthboy.” She rolled her eyes. Oh she would definitely have to get to know this one.

“If you guys are done….” Zan was not amused, as he normally would have been. “Here they come!” The defenses in the one hallway had finally broken and they braced for the fight.

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I dunno if I like this part, but I've reworked it for 2 days now..please be gentile and feed back on this part would be appreciated. Liked it? Hated it?

Part 26

The small group of armed Royals had an advantage over their attackers. The hallway was narrow and as soon as one or two would fight their way in they would be picked off in seconds. Rath ordered them to rotate coverage on the doorway, and they were holding their ground. Finally Kyle crawled over with some good news.

“Our troops have them pinned down on the other side of the hall way, and Alex has another large group of them trapped between security doors. There might be a few stragglers somewhere in the palace but our men are sweeping for them now.” The phaser fire started to cease from the inside of the palace.

Zan motioned to Rath and Kyle to follow him; they didn’t need to ask where they were going, down into the gardens to get Liz. Maria and Kali stood up too, intending to follow. For a second Rath thought to open his mouth, but the look from Maria. Her eyes were daring him to say a single word. Motioning with their heads to the direction they were heading, the two girls covered the rear.

As soon as the royals made their way out of the room they party guests started talking amongst themselves.

“Did you see those humans in action?” whispered one gentleman.

“That female, with Rath…Maria? She will provide him with wonderful sons. Her fire almost matched his own.” Another concluded.

A woman leaned in and added from behind, “And I think I had a niece that is about the Captain Valenti’s age.”


Kelvin had expected a lot of responses from Queen Elizabeth but laughter, he had not. It dumb struck him for a second and then he got angry. This lowly human thought she was better than HIM? “I would not laugh if I were you highness.”

Liz stopped her laughing when his glare on her turned menacing. “Oh, it’s either think you are a joke or get angry, and I don’t really think you want that.” She felt a tremor deep in her soul. Zan! Damn it! Something just happened to Zan, and was Nyla safe? She had enough of this.


They went through the basement of the palace and went around to a door they had hoped would not be covered. A slicing pain trough Zan’s left shoulder told then different. He fell back to the inside wall. “We need a plan.” and he summoned up enough strength to just stop the bleeding, the rest would have to wait.


“Where do you think you are going?” Kelvin grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving.

“Let go of me.” She commanded through clenched teeth. She could feel that force she tried to keep tamped down bubbling up to the surface.

“I don’t think you are in a position to tell me to do anything.” He was amused at her spirit; he had to give her that. He pulled out his weapon and leveled it at her chest.

“Get out of my way.” She flicked her finger and set him flying to the back wall of the transport. Liz didn’t bother to find the door handle, she blasted the doors open, climbed out and began walking towards the palace.

“Stop her!” Kelvin crawled down from the back of the vehicle, cradling his side.

The troops attacking the palace from the court yard paused for a moment as they noticed the Queen walking amongst them. The dust and smoke from the battle was hanging thick in the air, so some of the men rubbed their eyes to be sure. Queen Elizabeth was glowing, with blue electricity. It crackled and swirled in a tight orbit around her body.


Liz’s felt like she was in trance. She didn’t know whether to be scared or not. The sense of power was threatening to over whelm her. She was trying to concentrate, and found her one thing….she wanted to get back inside and make sure Zan and Nyla were alright. With the forces now at her command she knew these men were no longer a threat to her. She could deal with them after the made sure her family was safe, and Vilandra she wanted to check on Vilandra.


Kelvin wasn’t sure what was happening, but he wasn’t going to let her just walk back into the palace. If he couldn’t use her for bargaining he would kill her just to pain Zan, and his wretched court. He wrenched a weapon from on of the men’s’ hands and leveled it at the back of Elizabeth’s head.


Zan had just finished healing his shoulder when the weapons fire stopped. Not sure how to take the sign. They all held their breaths a second later they could here, familiar voice call out. “Stop her!” Zan’s eyes grew wide with fear, and the anger behind them was evident as he threw his gaze to Rath. “Liz!

“Shit!” Rath muttered. They had to go now.

“On three we go out firing.” Zan instructed. He looked each one in their face, making sure they understood. For the second time in his life he promised her, ‘I’m coming for you Liz.’ “Three!” he whispered

Zan and Rath leapt through the air, weapons drawn. Their bodies hit the ground and they rolled, making themselves moving targets and harder to hit. Maria and Kali came out next and Kyle was low in the doorway, ready to provide cover fire. After a confusing few seconds, however they realized that no one was even looking at them anymore, and with good reason.

The air all around them was thick and hazy, but he could clearly make out Liz walking slowly through the crowd. “Blue light special on warrior Goddesses.” Kyle couldn’t help himself. He had heard Zan once tell of what happened when she used her powers on Kivar, but nothing had prepared him for this.

Zan’s was so relieved to see her unharmed he exhaled sharply. That was a mistake. In the cryptic silence it might as well have been a signal alarm. The soldier’s already jumpy and confused saw the King out in the open and immediately began to open fire.

“Oh shit.” Before the first round could be shot off, Rath pulled Zan behind a low stone wall that ran through the flower beds. Maria and Kali dove for cover behind a large statue, and Kyle leveled his weapon ready to hit the first man that flinched. Phaser fire erupted all around them sending sparks of light raining down.

The explosions snapped Liz out of her coma and she didn’t care anymore about what these people thought, anymore. She had the power to end all of this “ENOUGH!” her arms flew out to her sides, sending a blue wave of energy out in both directions. It leveled through the crowd knocking the men to their backs. Turning her palms upward she clapped her hands high above her head, sending their weapons through the air and crashing them together above her head, only to blink out in a flash of light.

Liz spun around to Kelvin, and with a finger lifted him into the air. “I am sick of this!” She spun around leaving the man still hanging in the air. “I am Queen Elizabeth of Anatar, but I am also Neith, Keeper of Wisdom and Warfare.” She turned to the windows of the Great room where the wedding guest had now crowded. “I have earned this lifetime with King Zan, and I will not have anymore of it taken up by these petty mortal squabbles!” She pushed her hand through he air and sent Kelvin flying backward with such force that when he hit the transport it too turned over. Sweeping a gaze across the awestruck rebels, “Are we clear?” Her answer was in their silence.


“Liz!” Zan was running across the grass and wrapping his comforting arms around her. “Are you alright?” He was wondering more about her emotional state, than physical. When she relaxed against him, he could feel her energy being reabsorbed into her body. Wanting her to know he was fine with her decision, “I love you.”

“Just hold me, for a second.” Liz was beginning to recognize her body again, and she knew Zan had everything to do with that. He loved her for who she was, and they had each other for eternity.

Not wanting to move, Zan spoke through her hair. “Uh Liz, you wanna let them up? The guards can’t arrest them if they are stuck to the ground.”


Selka appeared behind her father observing the scene playing out below them. “Father, was this necessary?! To ruined the day for Neith’s family…….” She lightly chastised.

“Oh am and I not her family?” He raised an eyebrow at her. “Yes, I gave Kelvin that potion.” In a rare moment he decided to explain himself. “I did it because she refuses to accept her past.” Atum watched his youngest daughter and her husband embrace and he wondered if he shouldn’t be feeling happiness.

“She just needed some more time.” Selka echoed the words of her mother.

Atum interrupted, “I have given her three years, and she doesn’t have any more.” Atum finally turned from one daughter to another. “Seth has said discretely that Neith is pregnant with his child.” Grasping her shoulders, forcing her to look at him. “Is this true?”

Why don’t my parent’s ever talk? “No. However, she is going to have the son promised to them long ago.” Choosing her words carefully, “This baby is no more the chosen one than I am.”

“Good,” Dropping his hands to his side and turning back to Neith and Zan. “I will need her for the fight that is to come. Seth had been planning to take over rule from me, and I will need each of my children at their full potential.” It sounded logical, but why did he feel that he was being a bastard?

“We will stand beside you father, you know that.” Selka slipped her arm around his wais in assurance, and gave him a squeeze. “I have to go talk to her. Do you want to tell her about today?”

“No and I don’t want you saying anything either.” He gave a slight smile.

“Alright.” Selka walked down the hill and slowly faded into the mortal realm.

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Thanks woodwinds and Belevn. You guys are Ursa are like my feedback, queens.

I love the Imp thing....I've already started the next part!

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A couple of you asked about why Atum, was behind the attacks. Or course there is more to it..Geesh it's me we are talking about here. I LOVE subtext and foreshadowing.

So thanks for the awesome feedback. I thought maybe I was cramming too much action in one part. But the humans have earned their stripes and I wanted to show them in action.

Thanks for reading, and I should have the next part up tonight or tomorrow. I am working on it now.

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Part 27

Vilandra was transfixed as her mother and Iset told her of her heritage. The women in her family were very important, and Vilandra was feeling a little cheated that she was only learning about this now, when her mother, and she herself, apparently, had passed on. Her mother had taken her to recover the Granolith when they left it behind on Earth, and Nori had made sure she was present when they placed it back in it’s hiding spot deep within the palace. Vilandra even knew her mother its keeper, and she and Nori had made sure it arrived safely, but Vilandra was upset her mother had hidden so much of what that entailed from her. The Princess had though her mother more of it’s caretaker in Zan’s absence than a High Priestess. “Why did you not tell me?” The hurt could be heard in her voice. “It’s a piece of who I am.” Vilandra chose her next words carefully, her eyes darting around the floor, as if she was looking for her feelings to be written on the stone. “Some where in my soul, its like a part of me just woke up.” She could feel her mother’s mothers speaking to her across the ages.

“You now know your palace.” Iset leaned in and gentle stroke the young woman’s face. “I have saved you for a purpose; I have faith in you to serve both me and those around you well.” Resting her hand on Vilandra’s shoulder, Iset made her mark. “You will be sent back in a few minutes.” Standing up slowly and walking over to the door, Iset gave them a thoughtful look and left the two women alone.

Nori pulled her daughter into another tight hug, and then released her just enough to see in her eyes. “Need to do something before you go.” Putting her hands on Vilandra’s temples, she opened a connection and passed on a basic knowledge of the book, that Vilandra was show to take possession of. “Do you understand?”

Tears welled up in her eyes, because she knew her time with the mother was at an end. “Yes…” The room started to go out of focus. “Mom! I love you!”

She felt a heavy jerking motion and then the bottom dropped out. With a heavy THUMP, she landed into something warm. Gasping for air Vilandra sat up with a sharp inhale of breath.

“Oh my god!” Alex jumped up sending the chair flying and he raced over to his wife holding her, and whispering promises he’d never let her go again.


Zan and Liz finally broke their embrace , and pulled apart allowing the other have their turn hugging and telling Liz how happy they were she was alright.

“Liz!” Maria launched into am embrace with her best friend. Whispering his her ear, “We made it, Liz. I can’t believe we made it through this one. I don’t know about Vilandra though..” Maria’s voice broke off, and she began to worry about Alex.

“She’s fine. She just woke up and Alex is with her.” Liz said matter of factly. She could feel so much more now, she wasn’t sure whether she should try to tamp it back down in to her subconscious again, but it as too powerful to hide completely. This heightened awareness and energy was a part of her now, she couldn’t deny it anymore. Would her friends think differently about her now? How would her life be changed? Zan would always love her, she looked into Maria’s eyes and hoped to see and equal understanding.

Maria was going to ask her how she knew that , but then. “Oh,” understanding hit her. Liz could probably tell a lot of things now. So could Maria, she knew from the look on her friend’s face that Liz was worried she would see her differently. SO in the finest Maria fashion she said. “Boy having a best chica with this absolute power could come in handy, maybe you can zap Spaceboy a new sense of style. I still can get him into anything from THIS century.”

“Hey what’s WRONG, with my clothes?” Rath wildly gestured at his shirt.

“Oh nothing...” Turning back to her best friend, “Do you see what I mean? Help me I’m begging you.” Maria dramatically shook Liz by the shoulders and they all laughed.

Inside Liz was feeling more and more confident, and it was giving her the courage she so disparately needed right now. “Thanks Maria.” She pulled her friend in to another hug.

Zan wanted to give her time to feel the acceptance she needed from her friends right now, but he was worried about Nyla and his parents, and also he wanted to get Liz lying down. She was pregnant after all, and he wanted to make sure mother and son were taken care of too. He was debating on which urge would win, when Liz released her grip on Maria, and went over to him.

“Let’s go check on Nyla.” Liz slipped her fingers through his.

“Rath, Kyle, could you please take care of this out here?” motioning to the prisoners.

“No problem.” Rath nodded.

Kyle saw Zan about to open his mouth and he headed him off, “Yes, if we need you we’ll come and get you OK?”

“Yeah,” Rath continued. “Go spend some time with your family. We can handle things until tomorrow.”

“Thanks everyone.” Liz waved a hand above her head and they blinked out of sight.

“I don’t know if I will ever get used to her blinking out like that.” Maria shook her head. She knew Liz needed her support right now, but in the end was she going to loose her best friend over this?

“Yeah you will.” Rath hugged an arm around her shoulders. He knew what she really meant.

Kyle walked over to Kali, and in a nervous gesture rubbed the back of his neck with. “So can I call you sometime?”

“You better or a girl would think you just want her for her excellent aim.” She poked a finger into his chest and walked back towards the palace, not looking back.

Kyle watched her hips sway and she walked up the slight incline, towards the doorway they had come out of earlier. He snapped out it when he realized he didn’t know HOW to get her. “Hey! How do I call you?” He yelled after her.

She turned to face him but never stopped walking towards the palace. “I guess you’ll have to find out.” She turned back around and slipped into the doorway and out of sight.

“Oh this one’s going to be the death of me.” Kyle muttered.

Rath steered Kyle by the shoulder back towards the waiting men. “Come on Earthboy, we need to get this mess out here taken care of before control freak Zan comes back and then we’ll NEVER get rid of him.”


“Nyla!” The second she blinked into the room Liz zeroed in on her daughter and ran to her. “I am so glad you’re alright!” She planted kisses all over her daughter’s face.

“We were fine mommy. Did you see grandpa?” She pointed out the window.

Liz immediately knew she didn’t mean Phillip Evans and she looked desperately to Zan and took Nyla in another room.

Zan started to explain what happened after his parent’s left. He wasn’t going to enjoy this. “Mom, Dad, um Vilandra, that is Isabel…”

“Spit it out son.” Phillip encouraged, but he was on the edge of his seat for his son to find his tongue.

“She was stabbed.” Zan choked out, and watched his mother’s face turn to dread and his father lock a death grip to his wife’s knee. He quickly added, “But she’s alright. In fact you can go see her if you want. She’s downstairs in the infirmary.”

With shaky legs Diane stood up and crossed over to her son. “This place, your life here, is it always this dangerous?”

Zan thought carefully about his answer. “Mom I don’t want to lie to you. Yes, it can be, but this is what we were meant to do. It’s who we are.”

“I…I understand.” Diane stroked her hand up and down his forearm. “Let’s go visit your sister.”


Selka knocked on the door to Larek’s apartment. She would usually just pop in the room unannounced, but for some reason she didn’t want to invade his privacy like that. She was about to leave and go smack herself for acting like an idiot, when the door opened and Larek pulled her from her self doubts.

“Hello.” Larek took in the vision before him. “I guess we should talk a little about this afternoon.” Larek wanted to kick himself for being so forward this afternoon, in the garden. He was just talking with Selka when she started to laugh an she just looked so beautiful he couldn’t help himself, he HAD to kiss her. Before he could explain himself, fighting had broken out, and now he felt like and ass.

“Oh yeah about this afternoon…..” Selka didn’t know what had come over her. ‘Silly girl!’ she chastised herself. One minute Larek had been making her laugh and then he got this smoky look in his eyes, and it captivated her. She couldn’t resist, she HAD to kiss him. Their lips parted and they walked in silence for a few minutes, the whole time she was thinking about how to explain herself to him. Then she had to go. Her stupid family! Sometimes she thought Neith being turned into a mortal didn’t seem so bad.

“I’m sorry.” Both Larek and Selka chimed in together, and they exchanged a tense giggle.

“Well I should be a gentleman and ask you to come inside.” Larek gestured behind him.

Selka stepped through the door frame, “Yeah, thanks.” And Larek shut the door behind her.


Vilandra was feeling much better, physically she felt a little weak but that was to be expected the doctors said, but mentally she was awash in questions. She had been told just enough about the book to begin her teachings, and she couldn’t wait to find her mother’s private temple and investigate this for herself. She had just finished telling her whole story to Alex, when Zan followed by her parents knocked on the door. “Zan!” She sat up straighter to accept his embrace. Then her mom and dad followed in the family greeting. “Did you ever wonder what happens when you die?” Vilandra asked.

“Huh?” was the confused reply from the new visitors.

“I saw Mother, and oh there’s so much to tell you…” and she began to tell her them about her other family’s history and all she had learned.

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OK guys I know I crapped out on you and I'm sorry..I got really busy the past couple of days, and tonight I have a migrane. I took medicine and feel no pain, but I can barely accomplish a coherent thought.

I have half a part done and I will be posting it tomorrow. Thanks for reading, and I am sorry.

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Part 28

Returning from that wretched planet, Seth tried to calm himself down. So Atum knew what he was doing. He had even heard about Neith’s pregnancy. Of course Selka had been quick to reassure her father other wise. Now why did she do that? He began to pace each footstep causing a thought to turn in his head. Maybe she hadn’t known yet or maybe it was time to start worrying.


Vilandra had just finished telling Zan all she had learned, about herself, Zan and her family, and she was feeling tired again. Zan figured being resurrected from the dead would have that effect on a person, so he took his parents and left Alex alone in the room with his sister.

Walking down the hallway, Phillip quirked out loud. “I’m sure this is not how they pictured their wedding night.”

“Phillip!” Diane playfully swatted his arm.

“Diane, my son is an alien king, my daughter was killed and resurrected, and oh yeah my son, that king I mentioned, is married to a goddess. I either find the humor in these things, or I might need to be resurrected myself.” There was both trust and humor in his tone.

“Well that’s what you get for rescuing two naked kids from the desert.” Zan joined his father’s line of thinking. The attempts at humor had been lame but they all had their fill of the paranormal for the day, and the fact they could joke about it, said a lot for the dynamic between his parents and himself.

When they arrived at his parents door, Zan said goodnight and told them to stop by for breakfast. Then he continued down the halls to his own room, he was anxious to hear what had happened when Liz talked to Nyla.


“Nyla, where was grandpa?” Liz sat Nyla on her lap in the rocking chair. She laid her head down on her mommy’s chest, and started to pet the brown tresses, it had always calmed her. Ever since Liz could remember Nyla was always grabbing at or touching her hair. This action said a few things to Liz. One was that whatever Nyla was going to say she was upset about, and two Nyla was afraid of upsetting Liz too. “Just tell me honey.” And Liz began returning the gesture running her hand down Nyla’s silky hair.

“I saw Aunt Selka and Grandpa, outside when you were using your powers.” Still leaving her head on Liz, Nyla slid her gaze up into her mother’s eyes. “Mommy, don’t get mad but I was looking out the window.”

She would tackle the disobeying a little later, but she wanted to get the information from Nyla on her father while it was fresh in the little girl mind. “I am upset that you looked, you could have been hurt.” Planting a soft kiss on Nyla’s nose she continued. “I just couldn’t stand if anything happened to you, but honey I want to ask you some more about Aunt Selka and Grandpa.” Taking a moment to contemplate her next question, Liz rocked Nyla in silence.

“They were up in the air, just floating. Grandpa seemed a little mad, and mean. Aunt Selka, looked like she wanted to cry or something.” Nyla had concern in her voice.

Knowing it was a long shot Liz asked anyway, “Did you hear anything they were talking about? Why was Selka sad?”

Nyla shook her head no, she hadn’t heard anything, “but mommy…..” She slid her hand down and protectively held her mommy’s tummy. “I think it had something to do with my brother.”

Liz could feel her chest clench. “What makes you say that? She forced the words to leave her body.

“I dunno? I could feel it, I guess?” Nyla’s eyes began to droop, as sleep over took her. It had been a rough day, and she as worn out.

“I’ll never let anything happen to you or your brother. I promise.” Liz could feel the evening out of Nyla breathing, and she gently continued to rock Nyla, enjoying the silence this moment held. It had been so long since she could just think, and if ever Liz needed to sort out her life, it was now. Things were getting weird. How could Nyla see Selka and Atum? How could her father know about the baby already? What the hell was she missing?

The gentle rocking of the chair was staring to put her to sleep too. Liz didn’t have time to sleep now, so being careful not to wake Nyla she lifted the little girl out of the chair and tucked her into bed. As she pulled the covers up, Liz brushed the hair from Nyla’s eyes and places a kiss on her fore head. As she was about to pull the door shut, Liz felt energy and shuddered. Goosebumps covered her flesh, it wasn’t a premonition, or was it?


“Zan?” Liz was pulling on her pajamas when she heard the door shut. She padded out of the bedroom and into his open arms.

“Hey..” Zan pulled her close to him and placed little kisses on top of her head. “How are you holding up?”

“I don’t really want to talk about it right now, could you just hold me please?” Liz relaxed into his chest.

“That I can definitely do.” Zan slowly rubbed his hand up and down her back trying to give the comfort she needed right now. His questions could wait.

Finally finding the peace she had been searching for, her body began to relax. Liz could feel her knees go weak, and for a moment she treated to fall asleep standing up in the doorway. “I didn’t realize I was this tired.” Herr voice was soft and trailing.

Zan smiled sweetly at her, and then swooped her up in his arms. “Well then let’s get you to bed.”

Liz squirmed and then decided against protesting, there was something special about what he was doing. Here she was this all powerful thing, and Zan was treating her like she was his sleepy wife. Zan always knew just what she needed, do hear or feel. Suddenly she didn’t feel all that sleepy anymore. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck as he gently placed her on the bed. “Come here.”

Zan felt her pull him down on the bed with her, and he offered no resistance. As soon as their lips touched he could feel her love and desire crashing through him. Breaking the kiss he searched her face and studied every curve. “I love you.” He affirmed before lowering himself down to kiss her again. Gingerly he crawled completely on top of her, surrounding her body in the comfort that he knew she needed.

Liz was relishing the feel of his lips on her skin. He was gently biting his way down her neck and across her shoulder. His hands slipped under her shirt, rubbing the skin of her back and stomach. Liz began to squirm under the sensual touches, but Zan’s hands on her waist stopped her.

Finally lifting his mouth off her body, he panted for breath and finally formed a coherent thought, “Sit up a little.” Liz raised her back off the bed and Zan pulled her tank over her head, and tossed it to the floor. “Lay back.” Zan softly whispered and began placing kisses over the soft skin of her stomach. He brushed against her belly murmuring words of love to both Liz and his son. He looked up and met her soft brown eyes. A look of love crashed between them for a moment before Zan broke the gaze to continue his explorations.

Liz put her hands on his shoulder and pushed up slightly. Grabbing the hem of his shirt she pulled it over his head and it joined hers on the floor of their room. She pulled him up for a kiss and their naked torsos brushed together and they gasped, “Oh….” This kiss she had intended to be slow and sensual turned out to be, hot and erotic. “Zan..” She arched against him.

“I know,” was his muffled reply. He couldn’t hold out much longer and started to inch down her pajama bottoms. At the same time he could feel Liz’s hands working the clasp of his pants. They were completely naked and once more Zan pulled her body close, and paused in the moment. Could anything ever be as perfect as this?

Liz knew why he had stopped, she was feeling the same way. “No, nothing.” Her hands were running up and down the length of his back, each time going a little lower. Liz pulled her knees up and brought their lower bodies into contact.

“Oh god Liz.” Zan groaned as her warmth pressed against him. He couldn’t hold out any longer, Zan slipped inside her and began to rock his hips. He wanted to take this slowly but immediately Liz began to arch her back and taking him deeper inside her body.

Passion moved through them like a slow burn, each lover taking the time to feel each new touch and movement. Nothing else existed except for the emotions and feeling that swirled through their bodies.


Liz woke up and she could still feel Zan inside of her, and she smiled as her insides turned gooey. She loved this time of night, and usually she would wake Zan back up and they would make love again bathed in the moon light, but Liz had woken up for another reason, and she didn’t want Zan to know where she was going. Liz herself didn’t exactly know what she hoped to accomplish, but she had to try getting answers from someone. Pulling on her clothes, Liz tried to rationalized not waking Zan up. She would tell Zan anything important she would learn, but she wanted to do this now before she lost her nerve.

Concentrating on Selka, Liz closed her eyes. “Liz?” Zan’s voice broke that concentration. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry I woke you, but I wanted to ask Selka some questions about this afternoon, and maybe even question my father.” Liz tried to quickly explain and pop off, but Zan had other plans.

“I’m going with you.” He threw back the covers and started to pull on his clothes as well.

Liz protested, “What about Nyla? Whose going to watch her?” IT wasn’t that she didn’t want Zan to come along with her, it was more that she was afraid of what Nyla had said earlier, “I think it had something to do with my brother.” That thought terrified Liz, and she knew it would Zan too. They had been waiting for so long.

Zan picked up the communicator and called into Rath’s room, Zan wasn’t giving her an easy out. Zan held out the receiver when heard. “We’d better be under another attack…..”

“Rath? I’m sorry I know it late…” Zan was cut off.

“No actually it’s early…WHAT?!”

“I need you guys to come over and make sure Nyla is OK. Liz has something to deal with and I am going with her.”

Rath knew the tone Zan was using and he was fully awake now. “Alright we’ll be over in 5 minutes.”

Zan closed the device and looked up at Liz. “They are coming to watch her. He said five minutes.”

In two, Zan and Liz rose to open the door and a very sleepy Maria stepped through the entryway. “Couch” she mumbled and then shuffled her way into the living room. Rath was right behind her, only more awake. “OK we’ve got Nyla, but you guys be careful.”

“Thanks man.” Zan dipped his chin slightly. Then turned to Liz and grasped her hand, “Ready?”

“Thank you, you don’t have to come with me.” Liz giving him one more chance to back out if her wanted to. Only a ‘yeah right’ look came from Zan, so once again Liz closed her eyes and concentrated on Selka.

I alway feel kinda funny with the sex parts....but such as it is I hope you like it. Some answers, maybe not the whole truth, should be comming your way tomorrow.


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Part 29

Liz and Zan rematerialized and immediately start twisting around to get their bearings. “Ah Larek?” Zan barely choked out and they both snickered. They had expected to reappear on the other plane, but they had gone about 300 yards down the hall.

“Um..” Liz was trying hard not to laugh. “Well just wait for you …out….yeah” She bolted for the door leading out into the sitting area, dragging a quite embarrassed Zan by their still connected hands.

“Well that was more of Larek than I ever hoped to see.” Zan flopped down on the couch beside Liz and they both broke out in laughter.

“How do you think I feel, that was my sister in there!” Liz held her head in her hands, trying to shake out the image from her brain. Nope it was stuck there permanently.

“Well I guess, uh dexterity, runs in the family.” Zan burst out laughing again. It was either laugh or never look Larek in the eye again.

Liz swatted his shoulder, “Shut up! I think I am scarred for life!” The laughter dulling down to a slight chuckle.

“Well we could always thank them for the new idea they just gave us?” Zan rested his fore head against hers, as they both recovered from their laughing fit.

Selka came out first, looking as perfect as always. She held her chin up, so they had caught them. It wasn’t anything she hadn’t blinked into before, right? Why did she feel so self conscious? Get over yourself, like they haven’t ever done that before! You are getting embarrassed over THOSE TWO. “Did you want to see about something?”

Oh we saw you alright, fluttered through Zan’s head only to be smacked anyway by Liz’s death glare. “Um yeah,” Deep breath and get that mental image outta there, “Nyla said she saw you and your father today during the battle, and we wanted to ask you about it.”

Liz continued for him, “She said it had something to do with our son.” Her hands dropped down into her lap.

Selka has been averting her gaze to the floor, almost too embarrassed to look her sister and Zan in the face, but her head snapped up and her eyes shone with surprise. How the hell did Nyla see us? Clam down, you promised mother, time to play stupid. “What do you mean?”


Larek sat on the edge of the bed and held his head in his hands. It had been so long since he had felt that way about a woman and of all the people in the galaxy that could catch him it had to be Liz. Zan and him, well lets just say they had to come up with a system at university to keep that from happening too often, but Liz how should he feel about that? He was glad Selka had asked him to let her go out first, because he needed time to digest this.

He still had feelings for Liz, but what good could ever come of it? Loving another man’s wife for almost a century was a lonely existence. But for the past few months when he had seen Selka, another woman caused those feeling to flow through his body.

Larek slid off the bed, wrapped the sheet around his waist and walked over to the mirror. He took in his reflection, “What am I doing?”

They had just been talking on the couch, where Liz and Zan now sat, and then she made him laugh. Larek realized it had been so long since he had laughed this hard, and he hadn’t tried to compare her to Elizabeth since she came in the door. His mood grew serious. “Selka?”

Still calming down from their merriment, she laughed out, “Yeah?” But quickly matched his mood, the look in his eyes…..she was transfixed.

Larek leaned in and whispered “I’m going to kiss you again.” against her lips.

“Yeah….” Selka closed the centimeter between them.

Larek still could not believe they had progressed into his bedroom. Studying his reflection once more, he took in the silly grin that was so unlike him. “You must really like this woman. But what do you do? Take her to bed. You better not have ruined this.” He scolded himself, and then went to put on his pants and see if he would be needed in the other room. If he wasn’t, he thought maybe he’d get some rest and wait for her in here.


“I mean Nyla and I had a little chat after I got back to the room tonight, and she says she saw you and our father.” Liz was slightly annoyed, she could recognize the hum of other immortals in her presence, she had assumed it had something to do with the rebel forces. Her father, had been the patron of the battle against her! That was tough to take, and the more she thought about it the more sense it made.

OK, stupid is not going to cut it, and she really didn’t want to call Nyla a liar, and taking this route she would have to. “Alright, he was the one that gave Kelvin that potion, that’s how the rebels were able to take you hostage.” Selka got worried when Neith sprung to her feet, and open her mouth to reply. Cutting off her sister’s rant, “And before you start in on me, NO I didn’t know he was going to do it.”

“Ok then.” Liz sat back down although the energy created by her anger was making her leg hop up and down. “But you talked to him, why would he DO THAT?!?” The annoyance was clearly heard in her voice.

“Before you get to upset at him….I’m not saying you shouldn’t….but I think I need to tell you a few things.” Selka sat down in the chair across from the couple, “And then I think we need to go talk to our parents.”

“Alright,” Zan nodded and in affirmation, “but I really have to know, is my son in danger?”

Selka couldn’t help but notice the way their fingers were laced together and their knuckles were turning white. “There will always be danger…” She started then decided on a different course, “Seth is on the move again. Everyone is at risk. He is planning on killing father and taking his place as king.”

Zan and Liz knew that Seth was the God that had tried to tear them apart. He was responsible from the heinous test they had to pass to be together. And Zan especially remembered that the man had wanted to take have Elizabeth, Neith, HIS wife. His heart started to pound in his chest and soon he couldn’t stand to sit down anymore, and Zan began to pace.

“I see you remember him, well good. I wasn’t sure since you only have met him that once in THIS lifetime.” Selka’s was turning her head back and forth with her eyes trined on the nervous king.

“He was helping Kivar.” Zan seethed, “and he tried to stop Liz and me from being together.”

“But we are together now.” Liz’s soft voice called to him, and Zan turned to look at her. “We passed. Nyla, our son Zan, they are proof of that.” Reaching up to grab her husband’s wrist. “We are together, for eternity.” She stood up to give her next words the emphasis they deserved. Putting her hands on the side of his face she forced his eyes to look into her own, “No one will take that away from me, for us.” Releasing Zan’s cheeks, Liz again returned to the question of Selka. “But what does this have to do with father causing the attack on the wedding this afternoon?”

“I think we should go talk to father now. Just give me a minute to say goodbye to Larek.” Selka left them holding each other, and she went back into the bedroom.


“I heard.” Larek was sitting on the bed, his pants were back on.

“I’m sorry, I…” Selka started to explain.

“I think you know where to find me.” Larek stood up and pulled her to him, and gave her a crushing hug.

“Neith, I mean Liz, she really needs me right now. I do want to talk to you about tonight…”

He stopped her with a sweet kiss goodbye. “You are talking about two of the most important people in my life, I’d be doing the same thing.”

“Alright. Thank you, for being so understanding about this.” Selka let her hands slide down his arms as they released their embrace.

“Please take care of yourself……” Larek watched her walk towards the door, and then added “And her.”

‘and her?’ Something in his tone, made her take pause. “I will.” Selka gave a little wave and shut the bedroom door behind her.

“Ready?” Liz tried to make sense of the look on her sister’s face.

“Ready” Selka weakly smiled at Neith. Then the three blinked out of the mortal plane and into the Goddess’ home realm.


Atum was not surprised at his daughters’ sudden appearance in his war room. In fact the old Neith would have been their about 3 hours ago by his calculations, but then again, she was a mother now, to a moral who needed her. Not bothering to look up from the table, “I have been expecting you.” He turned over the huge map he was studying.

Liz let go of Zan’s hand and walked over to the table, and rest both hand directly over the section he was now reading. “Why did you help them attack, and on my sister in law’s wedding day, of all days?”

Not even slightly annoyed he looked her in the eye, this was what he had wanted to do, he needed her like this. “Well I would hope you could see the advantage on attacking during a celebration, but that’s not really what you meant was it.”

“No! Why did you help them take me prisoner?” Liz had not changed her dominant stance over the table.

“You were taking to long, denying who you are. I will assume that Selka has filled you in on the situation with Seth….” Looking for the understanding on her face he continued. “I need you for the battle that is to come, and you needed your powers at full strength.”

Selka looked between father and daughter, she was going to get her mother in here and they would all have it out. She hated all of this. Slowly dissolving out of the room, she focused on finding her mother’s whereabouts.

“How soon is this battle?” Liz knew that Seth could not be allowed access to the power Atum and Iset commanded. She did not agree with the methods Atum had used, but she could feel his uncertainty at the whole situation.

“I am afraid it will happen sooner than you will be ready. In fact, Edjo has proclaimed you to be the key to this entire battle.” Atum motioned for Zan to join them at the table. “Do you remember why Seth was so upset about the joining of you both?”

“He didn’t think I was worthy of her.” Zan placed his arm around Liz’s shoulders.

“Well that is partly true, but he thought you weren’t worthy to father the chosen one Edjo had prophesied about. You see the child of Neith is to take over for me one day, and Seth hoped to be the father of that child. Seth wants to impregnate Neith, and once the child is born, he’ll use its power to take over.”

“He’s not fathering a damn thing, as far as I’m concerned.” Liz was defiant in her tone. That bastard was insane if he thought she would let him touch her.

“Is Liz in danger? Will he…he try to…to.” Zan didn’t know where to be ill or blow something up.

“According to my sources, he thinks he already has.” Atum looked at the horror evident in the young lover’s faces.

“No.” Liz violently shook her head. “No” She shrunk against Zan side.”

“What are you saying?” Was that squeaky voice coming from me? Zan wondered.

“Neith, he claims you are pregnant now, with his son.” Atum walked over to his distraught daughter, and gently slid his hand up and down her arm. “Are you? Pregnant, I mean.”

“Y-yes.” Liz tried to block out everything but the warmth of Zan’s body against her.

“It’s my son. Our son. I-I felt him the moment we created him.” Zan tried to sound confident, as if saying it out loud would make it so.

“Well, would you know why he would claim to have been with you, intimately.” Atum gingerly questioned.

“Because he was.” Iset appeared in the room, and with all the compassion of a mother, she pulled a crying Neith in to her arms.

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Part 30

Zan ripped his wife out of the insane woman’s hands. “Explain!” One word was all he could get out, but it was enough.

“Seth is correct he was with Neith on the night of the alignment, and he is knows she is pregnant with his child.” Iset was going to explain a bit further but was cut off by Neith.

“I was with Zan, we made this baby together.” Nothing these people were saying to her made any sense. She not been with anyone in her life but Max/Zan, not in ANY of them.

“He came your room night before last. Seth took the form of your husband and…”

“Stop! Just stop this now!” Selka could see the situation spiraling out of hand. “Damn it!” She was just going to cut to the chase before these two freaked out even more. “Neith, Zan, Seth came to your room and took the form of Zan, but he never touched you. The baby is Zan’s. Do not think for a moment that the son you carry is anything but the gift he is.” Fastening a gaze on Iset. “Now mother, please continue.” I thought they were going to have a heart attack!

“Yes well he came into your room, and I, I took Neith’s place.” An audible gasp was heard form both Neith and Atum.

Atum studied his wife, and he understood why she did what she did. It had to be another immortal, and someone powerful enough to fool him. They had too keep Seth away from Neith at all costs, and apparently they weren’t going to get away cheaply. “Are you alright?”

“I will survive. My power was drained fro quite some time, but I will recover.” She knew her daughters couldn’t understand, why she took Neith’s place. But the concept of sex to her was not the association of love her two children seemed to have. In fact before Neith had met Zan it hadn’t been much of a thought to any of them.

“But giving yourself, to Seth…I don’t know what to say.” Liz bit her bottom lip, and her fore head creased with worry.

“Well it was either that or you would have, by trick or by force.” Iset wasn’t trying to scare her but the effect was the same. “I am just happy that your son will be making his entrance soon, and that the two of you are safe, for now.”

“Is he…..the chosen one?” Zan wrapped his arms around Liz’s waist, and folded his hands over her abdomen.

“No, he is not, but I am happy to tell you he will be the next Zan, and he is the product of your love.” Iset smiled when the couple visibly relaxed.

Selka stole a sideways glance to her mother. Was the woman going to say anything about Nyla? When her mother said she needed to go rest, Selka considered the answer to be, no. Well they had probably had enough to deal with at the moment.

“So Seth thinks, this baby is his?” Liz still couldn’t believe that creep thought he had been intimate with her. In fact if they ever met, as far as Seth was concerned he had. Oh gawd, “We have to let him go on thinking our son is his, don’t we?”

“Yes, he would probably kill the baby, if he knew.” Atum was happy she was thinking logically.

“Geesh, Father. Are we trying to make them run away and never come back? Remember we need Neith’s assistance.” Selka could not believe her parent’s lack on compassion. “It would probably be a good idea. It will be much safer for all involved.”

“Also, it would be a good idea to practice your powers, so you will be able to not only protect yourself, but your family.” Atum tried to offer a practical solution.

Liz nodded, “Yeah.”

“When ever your ready, but please don’t put it off too much longer.” Selka looked at her sister, and wondered how much more they could take?

Liz had about all she could take on this little sleep. Her activities from the past few days made her exhausted. “We are going to go, and get some sleep.” Closing her eyes, she leaned back into Zan. “If we have any more questions…”

“I understand. So home, get some rest.” Atum, returned to his table and maps.

“If you need me….” Selka smiled at them both.

“Thanks.” Liz said right before she and Zan faded out and into the mortal plane.

Time to talk some more with mother, Selka thought, and she walked down the hallway to find Iset.


“Nyla woke up early. She was worried about you guys. We took her to our apartment. Get some sleep, and come and get her when you’re ready. Don’t worry I’ll feed her breakfast. Love, Maria.” Zan finished reading, and put the note back down on the table. “Let try to take a nap before our meetings today. I don’t have anything until 10, so that gives us….”Looking at the clock, “Three hours.”

“I think I need to sleep for three years.” Liz closed her eyes and shuffled off to the bedroom. “Ow!” She had misjudged the entrance and bumped her knuckles against the door’s frame.

Zan was behind her and quickly steered her towards the bed. “Let’s get you to bed.” He undressed her and when she was down to her panties and bra Zan pulled back the covers and slipped Liz between the sheets.

Liz stretched her legs and basked in the feeling of the clean sheet on her skin, and the warm cover above her. “Oh this is great, I didn’t realize how tried I was, but you know what would make it even better?” Liz smiled suggestively.

Zan kicked off his shoes, and quickly discarded his shirt and pants. “I think I might have an idea.” When he was down to his own boxers he slipped in behind Liz, spooning his body against her.

She snuggled back against him, “Much better.” She yawned and closed her eyes, as sleep started to over take her, “This …is…. making me…..tired.” It was only a second later she fell asleep.

Zan stayed awake, holding her for dear life. Who was he kidding? He’d never be able to sleep again. Not when some insane all powerful nutcase was stalking about taking his form and thinking he was the father of Zan’s son. Who the hell could sleep?! Well, Liz could and that was good, because she needed her rest. He remembered how hard on her being pregnant with Nyla was, and they only had Kivar over their heads then. But that was the problem.

Kivar, he could at least fool himself into thinking he could protect her from him, but what could he possibly do against Seth? How could he shield her from something so powerful, the King of the Gods was worried about? Zan had never felt so helpless in his life. He could do nothing to protect his family, but he could hold Liz right now and make her feel safe, even if his common sense was screaming DANGER! DANGER! Like that robot from that stupid sci-fi show his mother watched on TV sometime when she couldn’t sleep at three in the morning. No Zan could only hold her for now, but he had to find something to feel useful.

A plan started to come together in his mind, there must be something that can kill them. If Atum could be scared about Seth’s attack they must have a weakness, right? Maybe he could talk to Selka? No he wanted to go higher than her, and if Zan had to pick a parent, he’d have to go to Iset. How to contact her………

“Zan,” Liz’s graveling half conscious voice, broke through his thought, “you’re thinking to hard.” That brief moment of consciousness, came and went, and Liz was back amongst her dreams.

Zan kissed her temple and tried to relax his body. He concentrated on her breathing and slowly it’s rhythm brought him the calm he needed. Kissing her temple before he slipped under, “I love you, don’t ever leave me….” Zan closed his eyes and let himself go.


Liz’s dreams were scary, Zan was trying to find her, and he couldn’t. She could see him but some stupid invisible wall was between them. She was pounding on it, “Zan! Zan! Get Nyla out of here!” She was screaming at the top of her lungs, but Zan could only continue to look for her.

Then everything thing swirled and she was back on Earth married to Kyle? And Max and Tess were making about. Pulling his lips off of her, “She’s having my son, isn’t it wonderful?”

Kyle pulled on her arm, “Come on Liz its better this way. We can be happy together, just give me a chance.”

Tess sneered at her and Liz stood in horror watching her husband kissing her bitches neck, “You’ll get them all killed! You know that! That’s why he wants me, you’re a FREAK and everywhere you go people get hurt!”

“No…” Liz put her hands over her ears and looked down at her feet, to block out the high pitched voice, “We love each other…Leave me alone…”

Tess suddenly had Nyla in her hands, she snapped the little girls neck. “See? I told you.” Tess morphed into Seth, “They’ve all been taken care of. You belong to me.”

“STAY AWAY FROM ME!” Liz shrieked and ran towards Nyla, dead on the ground. She was trying to resurrect her daughter when Seth pulled her off kicking and screaming, “I have to save her!”

“You have to be with me now,” Seth placed his hand over her abdomen and it began to glow. “My son is in there, mine. He knows me.” Gesturing down to the glow behind his hand.

Liz twisted out of his arms and ran back to Nyla, “I’m here baby.”

“Mommy?” Nyla reached up and felt her mother’s face, “I love you mommy.”

“I know, baby. I’ll be right back.” Nyla was alive, and Liz pushed her daughter behind her. Liz shot energy out at Seth and he just laughed at her.

“What do you think you can do to me? Leave the girl here, and I’ll let her and your husband live…..” Seth forced himself to be so civil, but he didn’t want her too upset it wasn’t good for his son.

Liz stood in horror, making her decision, she turned her back on Zan was had just rushed over to pick Nyla up off the floor, “Alright, you win.” She placed her hand in Seth and a shock went through her body.

“Zan!” Liz’s eyes took a moment to readjust to where she was. “Just a dream.” She was gulping air into her lungs, forcing herself to take deep breaths.

“What!” Zan has jumped awake the second he had felt her move, he was worried Seth had come to drag her off. Then she said it was just a dream, “It’s ok I’m here.” He stroked her hair, and placed kisses on top of her head. “Wanna talk about it?”

“No, not right now.” Liz just wanted to feel him and have everything stay real for a minute. “But….”

“What, anything Liz?” If there saw something in this damn universe that would make her feel better he’d send half the army to get it.

“Could you go get Nyla? I really want to see her.” Liz laying back feel sleeping once again.

Ok, nix the army, he could go down the hall himself. “I’ll be right back.” Zan pulled on a fresh pair of pants and pulled a shirt over his head. Not bothering with shoes, he closed the door to their room and went to get Nyla. “Hopefully you can make mommy a little happy, my princess.”

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I know everyone has mentioned Iset's sacrifice, and I just wanted to add some back ground to that.

Iset and Atum...I was using the thinking of the ancient Romans and their gods. Sex was just something they did, kinda like eating. The reason Selka no longer thinks that way is because she was effected by the relationship between Neith and Zan.

So while it was noble for her to step in, the thought giving her body to Seth, didn't really take on the same meaning for her and it would for her two daughters.

I kinda set this up earlier because Atum and Iset don;t really occupy the same space very often. In fact, it is mainly in title ONLY that they are married. Love as I am writitng it didn't really exhist, for the immortals, until Neith found Zan.


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I am so angry at Max right now, I can't write. Sorry I'm trying.

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Part 31

Zan raised his hand to knock on the door to Rath’s chambers when it opened.

“Daddy!” Nyla rushed up into his arms. She had been worried about her parents. That was in fact what had woken her up so early.

“Hey princess!” Zan wrapped his arms around his daughter and inhaled deeply, trying keep his emotions in check. “Are you having fun with Rath and Maria?” He smiled a hello to the couple that had been watching his daughter for them.

“She’s been having a great time, haven’t ya Nyla?” Rath walked towards them. “We’ve been up since 6 am playing.” The Rath’s tone of voice expressed how happy he was about it. “And then we ate pancakes for breakfast.”

“I like pancakes!” Nyla’s smile beamed. “Did you know they have pancakes on Earth?”

“Why yes I did, but aren’t you a smart girl.” Zan dropped her carefully until her feet touched the ground.

“I am gonna go there REAL soon.” Turning her attention to the soon be to couple. “Uncle Rath says you weren’t the King there.” Nyla thought it was interesting that there was a place where EVERYONE didn’t know who her father was.

“That’s right honey, and everyone called me Max because we have to keep who we were a secret.” Zan was wondering if she would understand that when they traveled to Earth for their friends wedding.

“Mommy knew though right?” Nyla wondered.

“Of course, I could never keep anything from her.” Zan’s thought traveled back the first time he did tell Liz and the events that followed. It was almost another lifetime, but it made a sweet grin spread across his face.

Rath broke through his day dream. “Is everything alright?” Rath had been worried about his friends since Zan woke him up in the middle of the night asking them to watch Nyla.

Zan didn’t want to go into ANY of this with his daughter in the room. “Well I’m a little worried about what we have to cover in that meeting this afternoon, could you get there a little early say 1:30?”

Rath caught on immediately. “Sure. I’ll see you then.”

Before leaving Zan added, “Thanks for taking her at short notice, we appreciate it.” He closed the door behind them and took Nyla’s hand in his and walked down to their apartment.

“Is Mommy alright? She’s really upset isn’t she?” Nyla’s little brow was scrunched up.

Zan knew the girl was sensitive to other people’s feelings, and there was no use hiding the obvious. She just didn’t need to know all of it. “She’s a little sad right now…”

“Because of yesterday? You went to see Grandpa and Selka. ” Nyla sounded almost grown up.

“Yes and she is upset that her Father did something like that and she needs us both right now, very much.” Zan dropped down to one knee outside their apartment door to be on her level for this conversation.

Nyla’s face looked a little sad, “He let those men take Mommy didn’t he?”

She was almost four but sometimes when she talked Zan could swear she was going on 40. “Yes, he did. Even if his reasons were, in his own mind, noble, she is very upset by all of this.”

“Daddy…” Nyla looked deeply into her father’s eyes, and when ever he nodded at her she continued, “Mommy doesn’t like being different. She is afraid we won’t like her.”

Zan swallowed hard. He wondered if Nyla had over heard something, and gently asked her to continue. “Why do you think that baby?”

“I can tell. Sometimes when she gets really upset I can feel her, and I knew she was scared because she is so different.” Nyla continued. “If she is my Mommy, shouldn’t I be different too?”

Oh. Son. Of. A. Bitch.
Zan’s mind flashed to everything they had learned last night. Connections started clicking. He DEFINITELY had to talk to Iset…NOW! But first he had to take care of Liz.

“Well remember when we were talking about Earth?” He waited for Nyla to acknowledge him. “Well Uncle Rath, Aunt Vilandra, and your Daddy were the ONLY three people on the planet like us, but your Mommy saw past that. We just need to let her know it doesn’t matter to us either. So how about, we go inside and let her know how much we love her.” Zan opened the door and they went straight into the bedroom.

“Mommy!” Nyla took a running jump up onto the parent’s bed and hugged her mother.

Liz wrapped her arms tightly around her daughter and instantly felt better. “Did you have breakfast with Rath and Maria?” Liz turned her daughter so that Nyla was sitting on her lap, absently running her fingers through the little girl’s soft hair.

“Uh huh, I had pancakes.” Nyla leaned her head against her mother’s chest and got very serious. “Are you gonna be alright?” Nyla’s hand drifted down to Liz’s tummy. She couldn’t help but wonder how the baby got in there or was going to get out for that matter.

Liz sighed and looked over to Zan, and then rested her chin on the top of Nyla’s head. “Yes baby everything will be fine.”

Zan sat down on the edge of the bed and touched Liz’s cheek. “I’m sorry but I have a meeting in 10 minutes, you going to be OK?” When she weakly smiles up at him, he softly kissed her lips. “Why don’t you come down around 12 and we can have some lunch?”

“We’d like that. Wouldn’t we Nyla?” The little girl nodded enthusiastically. Which made both of her parent’s smile.

Zan’s eyes peered into Liz’s, “I love you.” He left the room, and he dared to let himself think about what Nyla had said earlier. He was going to ask Iset all about this, he just had to figure out how in the hell to get her attention. He was almost to his office when it hit him. His mother! She had to have a temple somewhere in the palace. Now where could it be? Vilandra said she had been told some things, he wondered if she would know. Then he remembered, she was off early this morning on her honeymoon with Alex. He couldn’t wait the week until they got back. He’d just have to find it himself.


Zan had rushed everyone and got through his 10:00 am meeting in less than twenty minutes. He glanced at his watch. An hour and a half and he would have to be back here to meet Liz. Zan ran down the hall to his Mother’s rooms. No one had been in there, except to clean since she had passed. Letting himself in he closed his eyes and tried to get some sort of feeling as to where she had hidden the temple. IN the vision Iset had shown them, Nori had found the hand print behind….his eyes darted around the room….THAT picture!

Zan moved the picture off the shelf, and waved his hand in the air over the wall, and sure enough a familiar hand print appeared. He took a deep breath and held it. When he touched the wall, a grinding noise shattered the silence of the dead Queen’s room.

Zan stepped back to allow the wall to swing out. When the doorway was completely opened he started to walk into the dark room he jumped and clutched his chest when he heard a voice call out to him…”You wanted to see me, Zan?”

“Oh God! You scared me!” Zan waived his hand and the lights in the room flickered on. He saw Iset sitting calmly upon the small alter at the front of the room.

“It’s Goddess actually.” Iset smiled warmly, trying to calm him down. She looked across the room at this young man, and she knew he wasn’t going to be fooled any longer. Iset floated down until her feet touched the floor. “You want to ask me about Nyla.” She made the door behind Zan close tightly shut, Seth nor his accomplices could gain access to one of her temples and they could talk freely.

Zan noticed it wasn’t a question. “You said my son wasn’t the chosen one, its Nyla isn’t it.” His reply wasn’t a question either as soon as the thought came to him; so much made sense. It had to be true.

Iset looked him directly in the eyes. “Yes.” She wasn’t going to lie to him, even if this hadn’t been her original plan. If Zan had figured it out, so could others. Maybe the time had come to tell him the truth.

“Oh.” Zan wasn’t really sure what to say next because a thousand thoughts were swirling around in his head. As soon as something would come to him another more important question would push it out of his brain.

Iset could see Zan’s struggle and decided to just lay everything out for him as best she could. Iset made a comfortable set of table and chairs appear in the room and invited Zan over. “Why don’t we sit down?” She waited for Zan to sit and then chose the chair opposite him. “We knew Nyla was the chosen one when you were back on Earth. She was conceived during the alignment….”

“Of the five planets, I know.” Zan hadn’t meant to interrupt is was just he had finally found his voice.

“No, I don’t think you do. That is an alignment for YOUR people, but there was a much grander, a UNIVERSAL one. It was time for the chosen one to be born. I, myself, altered your planetary system’s movements. I knew you two didn’t; stand a chance against Seth. I had to make it appear to be your Anatarian hormones.” Iset paused until she saw recognition in his eyes. “You mother knew. I came to her in this very room and told her to go to Earth to protect you. Neith was already showing signs that her power was returning. We couldn’t risk Seth finding out.”

“So you it covered up, and told my mother to come and get me.” Zan repeated. “That explains a little, I guess. But what about Nyla, everything has seemed normal, actually we were a bit concerned that she HADN’T seemed more powerful…..” Zan trailed off. “You did something else didn’t you.”

Ok, here goes. “Zan…when Nyla was born, there were more people in the room than just you, Liz, Nyla, and the doctor. Seth was there too.”

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Sorry it took so long to update. Season Three has just been a buzz kill for the create flow, ya know? I have to give snaps to ANYONE still able to write Dreamer fic. I rewatched Season One today and it helped me rememeber why I started to watch Roswell in the first place.


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Ursa, Woodwinds, Crazy

Working on part 32 right now. I hope I am back for good, and thanks for the speedy feed back.

Alex and Vilandra - she was really tired and slept for a while but she wanted to go on their honeymoon as planned ( That's what happened even if you didint get to see it.)

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Part 32

Zan was very glad that he was now immortal because if he wasn’t….with all he was learning today, Zan was positive he would have had a heart attack. He choked out “Excuse me?” The thought that evil demon in the room during one of his sweetest memories made the bile rise in this throat. He had to swallow to keep from throwing up.

Iset quickly continued. “I was there, also. I invoked some very ancient magic and I concealed Nyla’s powers.” Iset’s hand reached into the air and a carved box floated down on the table between them.

“So you hid who she really was from Seth, because we wouldn’t have been able to stop him.” Liz didn’t even know who she was yet. Zan cringed at how close they were to being killed, all three of them. Zan absently mindedly fingered the carvings on the box. “So they are in there? All of Nyla’s powers.” Zan couldn’t talk above a whisper.

“Well yes, but some of it leaked out when I was weak from the night I tricked Seth. Zan what I am about to tell you I’d appreciate you not tell anyone, not right now anyway……I’m dying.”


Maria didn’t bother knocking on Liz’s door, she knew that Zan was in chambers and it was safe. She called out “Liz?” as Maria closed the door behind her.

“In here Maria!” Liz called from her dressing room. She had taken a shower and had Nyla helping her pick out clothes for the day.

“Hey Liz. Hey Nyla.” Maria hopped up on the counter next to her god-daughter. “So what are the plans for today? You have to pick out new curtains form the formal dinning hall, or do we have some stupid ribbon cutting?” Maria was trying to keep the mod light hopefully her friend would feel like talking about yesterday.

“We were going to meet Zan for lunch but he checked in a few minutes ago and said he was held up and to eat without him.” Liz was a little disappointed, but she understood. The palace had been attacked only yesterday, although it felt like longer to her. “Maria…”

She knew that tone of voice, and was glad to hear it. “Yeah babe?”

Liz was posing at different angles in the mirror. “Do I look different to you? When you see me, do not see Liz anymore.?”

Maria had tried to reassure Liz before, but she knew her best friend would still be worried. Maria scooted down off the counter and took Liz into a fierce hug. “You are my best friend since….well….forever, and if you haven’t figured it out by now. It takes a little more than being a Goddess to phase me.” Maria released Liz and spun the queen around by the shoulders and forced her to look at the reflection in the mirror. “It’s still you.”

Liz took a good look in the mirror, and started to smile. “Your right. It is.”

Nyla crawled down the counter and touched her mother’s reflection on the glass. “Daddy said you loved him when he was different. He said when you were on Earth. He was different but you saw his insides.”

Liz let go of Maria’s hands and pulled her daughter into an embrace. “That’s right. Did anyone ever tell you how grown up you sound sometimes?”

Nyla started giggling. “If we go anywhere today can you zap us there? I like scaring the people we pop up beside.”

The two women started laughing too. “Sure baby, anywhere you wanna go.”


Zan tried to take in what Iset had just told him. “How am I supposed to protect them from all this?”

“Zan there is something else. I need you to think about this and I want you and Neith to come back to me with your answer….” Iset paused to think about the best way to approach the subject.

“What now?” Zan couldn’t stand one more thing.

“I have told you that you are immortal, but that still doesn’t give you the power to defend your family against Seth.” Iset leaned across the table and “Zan, I can give you that power.”

Zan’s heart skipped a beat and for a brief moment he felt better. Then he looked closer that the Goddess’ face. “But…”

“You’re right there’s a price to everything Zan.” She just hoped her daughter’s faith in this former mortal was not misplaced.


Kyle was walking across the courtyard talking with one of the other officers, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. His reflexes kicked in and within an instant he had thrown them down on the ground and was restraining their arms above her? head.

“Well Captain Valenti…” came a sex voice through his confusion. “Are you this forward with every girl you go to battle with?”

“Kali?” Kyle hoped off of her. “I’m sorry. I’m just a bit…”

“Jumpy? Yeah I noticed.” Kali held her hand up and Kyle lifted her off the ground.

“I’ll catch up with you later. K, Femel?” Kyle waived off the man and began walking with Kali towards the gardens. “I didn’t really get a chance to talk to you yesterday. I was asking around about you all morning. I even had the guest list out and went over it, but your name didn’t show up.”

“Well it wouldn’t have. I wasn’t invited.” Kali shot him a sexy wicked grin.

Kyle hadn’t felt his body get that hot that quick, EVER. A ragged breath exhaled from his body. What the hell were they talking about again?

Kali liked knowing she was getting to him, but she need to cut the mood before she lost sight of her mission. “Race ya to the pond!” She started laughing and ran down the path.

Kyle froze for a few seconds appreciating the view of her firm tush moving in those tight pants. “Valenti,” he said to himself, “you’re letting her get away.” And he took off after her.


Larek was sitting on his study looking at the pictures on his walls. He wondered what had happened with Selka last night, and why he felt like he was cheating on Elizabeth? Logically he knew he wasn’t because he never HAD Elizabeth as his own.

At the same time, everything with Selka felt so wonderful. It made his face blush at the thought of them in bed together last night. He hadn’t done something that kinky since he was earth with Zan, before he knew Elizabeth. So it comes back to her again. Damn it.

Was it fair to Selka to hold feelings for her sister and have a physical relationship? He would just have to talk to her and tell her about his feelings for Elizabeth. Lay everything out on the table. Larek felt he couldn’t move on until he explained where he was coming from.

He stood up and walked over to his favorite picture of his life’s obsession. Taking it down from the wall he went over to the window to view it in the sunlight. Running his finger across her images’ cheek. “Oh Elizabeth, it’s not fair to compare everyone to you, but how can I help it?”

Selka had materialized in the doorway as watched in silence as Larek stared at her sister’s photograph and looked sad. Selka had been watching her sister’s life though the centuries and she knew about Larek’s love for her. Selka understood. Her sister was an amazing person, and Larek had been in love with her for so long…..Jealousy wasn’t an emotion she was capable of, if that was what he was worried about. “Larek….”

That sweet voice snapped him out of his trance, and a broad smile graced his features that were a second ago so sad. “Selka!” He jumped off of the window seat, dropped the picture on his desk and planted a sweet kiss on her lips. “ I was just thinking about you.”

Selka couldn’t help but smile. “You weren’t over there pinning away for my sister again were you?”

Larek expression turned to one of shock. “How, well, I…”

“Larek let’s just sit down and talk.” Selka gently grasped his arm and walked back over to the window seat so they could chat in the sunshine.

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Whosaid Zan was getting Nyla's powers, she needs them. And the price kinda scares me too.

I am half way through part 33. It will be up either tonight or this afternoon.

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Ursa originally wrote:
I can only hope in the end, this Set will have done to him what was done to the Egyptian Set. *tongue*

Now don't spoil anything for the rest of the class.


Okay, I'm really wondering about Kali now! She wasn't invited? Just what does that mean and what is her mission with Kyle? *big*

I just love Kyle don't you? We shall see very shortly *happy*

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Part 33

They fell on the grass by the water gasping for breath. Kyle turned his head to look at her. “So,” gasp, “you got me,” gasp, “here. Now what?”

Kali rolled over onto her stomach, and locked ankles together and started to swing her legs. “Why Captain Valenti, a lady would think you consider her less than honorable. Talking like that.” She grinned at him again, and couldn’t keep a straight face, so she burst into giggles. “You’d probably be right.” She wondered if she could keep up her flirtation without just taking him now.

“Excuse me?” Kyle eyes grew wide and he couldn’t resist smiling along with her. The sun shinning on her blue-black hair begged for him to touch it.

“Nothing.” She pursed her lips together to keep herself calm. “You handled yourself pretty well there yesterday.”

Those eyes, they were beautiful, violet. Damn her wanted to kiss her. “I could say the same thing for you.” You only live once…..Kyle did a quick rolling maneuver and once again had his body pressing down on her.

Kali one upped him and with a swift move of her own. She was straddling him, and had his hands securely restrained above his head. I can’t believe I am doing this. Before Kyle knew what was hitting him, Kali was all over him. Pressing hard kisses against his lips, biting her way down his throat and she had released his hands and was using her own to explore his body.

Kyle quickly stripped her shirt off up over her head, and she was naked underneath. No bra. “I think I’m in love.”

“Excuse me?” Kali had to stifle a laugh, and rolled off onto the ground beside him

Oh god I said that out loud. “Um nothing.” Kyle sat up quickly and ran a hand through his hair.

Kali was glad for the distraction. She was here on an official capacity. Atum had come and asked to train and separately Iset sent her to protect Neith. Not that Neith really needed it, but this was her duty and she did it without question. Selka was supposed to meet here in about two hours, and well she couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than rolling around in the grass with the mortal. He was handsome, and after all they had similar duties, stations to fulfill. “It’s ok, you wouldn’t be the first guy to fall in love with me at first sight.” Kyle thought she was kidding, and that made her laugh even more. “I guess it’s time to introduce myself, Kali Goddess and all around protector.” She extended her hand for him to take.

“uh huh”


Liz and Maria had decided to go to Earth for lunch. Nyla had said she wanted to pop somewhere and Liz decided she would start embracing her heritage.

They were sitting down for their lunch of Chinese Food, actually IN China when Maria got another grand idea. “Liz how about we stop by and talk to mom this afternoon. Tell her about the wedding, get the whole ball rolling.”

Liz considered it for a second. She hadn’t been back to Roswell in so long. Amy and Jim ran the Crashdown now. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. As long as they didn’t run into anyone from high school, Liz didn’t feel like answering why had had slipped away before graduation. “All right, so when we finish lunch we can say hello. I sent the Evan’s home earlier this morning so maybe we should say hello to Diane and make sure they got back alright.”

“And you thought we’d think LESS for you for being all powerful. I’m having lunch in Shanghi!” Maria’s excite was noticeable to everyone in the room.

Liz leaned in and whispered, “Quite about the all powerful bit. People are gonna think we’re nuts.”

Nyla was sitting on the chair swinging her legs, and didn’t; miss a beat. “It’s OK mommy they only know Chinese. They don’t know what we’re saying.”

“What do you mean, Nyla?” Liz was impressed she put a name to the language.

“Well cause that guy just said he wondered what the crazy blonde lady was yelling about.” Nyla was still swinging her feet but now pointed to a couple two tables over. Then she began SPEAKING in fluent Chinese.

Maria and Liz were silent as the little girl talked to the elderly diners. Liz concentrated on the conversation and immediately understood. OH MY GOD! She had been worried about Nyla not even showing many Anatarian capabilities, and now she is doing things her father would have trouble with. Maria watched with interest, “Liz? Um you realize Nyla learned Chinese by hearing it for like 15 minutes, right?”

“Actually, Maria I think there’s more going on then that. I think Nyla got a little more from me than just her hair color.” Liz swallowed hard hoping that her second suspicion wasn’t true. “I think after lunch we might have to skip going to Amy’s. I think I need to talk to Zan.”


Larek had to get this out. “But aren’t you jealous? I mean you and Elizabeth, you look so much alike. You aren’t worried that I am trying to……” Her lips on his stopped him. All thoughts except how much he wanted to sweep her up and carry her into his bedchamber left Larek’s head.

Selka pulled back and studied his face for a reaction. “Did you think of Elizabeth just then?”

Larek couldn’t help but smile. “No..”

“Exactly.” Selka started to move towards Larek’s lips again.

“Actually I was thinking about this!” Larek stood up and swept Selka up in his arms and walked out of the study.


Zan wandered towards his office in a daze. He didn’t even notice bumping into Rath.

“Zan?” Rath knew they had to talk but he didn’t think Zan acting like a Zombie was boding well. “Zan you ok?” He had to reach out and give him a little shake.

“Rath! Oh sorry. My minds…” Zan slumped his shoulders and fell backwards against the wall.

Rath had a feeling this wasn’t a conversation to have out in the corridor. He put a hand on Zan’s shoulder and pushed him off in the direction of the war room. It was closer than Zan’s office. Rath steered his friend into a padded chair and took the one beside him. “Ok spill it.”

“I don’t even know where to begin.” Zan slumped forward onto the table resting his head on his forearm.

Zan was scaring him. He had never seen him act like this unless it was …Liz. Damn it. “What happened to Liz?”

Zan mumbled the first thing on his mind. “She pregnant. With my Son.”

“Your Son? Last time you said that we got Nyla. So don’t be to upset if I don’t take your word this time.” Nothing. Rath didn’t see one reaction. He didn’t understand. He would have thought Zan would be shouting it from the roof tops. “What’s the matter? Not sure if it’s yours.” Rath decided they could use a little joke.

Zan’s head snapped up.

“Oh shit Zan! Liz? What happened?” Rath felt the walls closing in around th two of them.

“No she didn’t do anything. You remember that guys, Seth?” Zan leaned back into the chair.

“You mean the guy that helps Kivar KILL me. Yeah might remember that.” Rath rolled his eyes. “Of course I do! He – He’s not the father?”

“No, it’s my son.” Zan pinched the bridge of his nose willing the migraine to go away. “He problem is he thinks the baby is his.”

“WHAT!?! WHY?!?” Rath began to understand why Zan had such a headache.

“Well he thinks, I said thinks now, he was with Liz two days ago. The night before the wedding. Him being misled is the only thing keeping Nyla, Liz and my son alive right now.” Zan couldn’t open his eyes the light made them hurt too much.

“He wants Liz like before? I thought you guys passed the test they have to leave you alone now.” Rath didn’t know how he was supposed to defend his queen against something like that. He guessed Liz would be the only one able to it. Oh. Realization hit him. That’s why Zan is so worried. He isn’t the protector. He’s…..helpless. “I see why your not doing so well. What are you gonna do Zan?”

He finally willed his eyes open. “You haven’t even heard the worst of it yet. He wants to father Liz’s child so bad because of some prophecy and guess what he’s too late because, guess what? The chosen one has already been born.” Zan smirked.

“You don’t mean…” Oh god this is just getting worse.

“Nyla is the chosen one. How long have you known?” Liz, Maria and Nyla had just appeared in the room.

Zan slowly rose to his feet. “Since this morning, Nyla said something and it just clicked.” Know Liz didn’t know herself last time they spoke he added, “You?”

“Well we went down to Earth for some Chinese food, and guess what our daughter started speaking in fluent Cantonese.” Liz rubbed the top of Nyla’s head.

The little girl bopped over to her father and crawled up into the chair he had just vacated. “Guess what Uncle Rath?” Nyla started to laugh.

“What honey?” Rath leaned down to get eye level.

“They kept calling Aunt Maria, ‘crazy blonde woman’” Nyla put her hand up to her mouth trying to suppress the giggle.

Rath opened his mouth to say something and Maria cut him off. “If you ever want to sleep in our bed again I suggest you hold it right there”

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true love[ thanks for the feed back glad to know people actually read it.

Ursa why do I always think you have a heads up on these Your right something MAJOR bad is brewing. I have to set up all the players, now don't I? ;)
But don't worry, just yet. I think I owe it to Maria to get her married first.