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Jessica Parker

Author: Michelle
CatagoryL M/T, *M/L*, M/M, I/A
Summary: Just read the story and find out, after M/L cross forbidden territory they both creathe something that becomes famous!
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Authors Note: The may be some words spelled wrong please ignore them. I NEED FEEDBACK TO CONTINUE! Thanks!

Liz Parker looked at her life, "Where did the time go?" she asked herself. She remembered how it had come to this, how every event that had occured in the past had led to this, had led to her. That Her happened to be her daughter, Jessica Parker. She was now six years old. She looked just like her and a mix of Max put together. Her daughter was a singer, and performed at talent shows winning almost every single one of them every time! They lived together in a small two story house in Roswell New Mexico. Liz suddenly became absorbed in the past and its events....

It all started in high school where Liz met HIM, Max Evans. He was shy, quiet, and almost isolated from many of the other students, but he didn't seem to mind. Other then those few things he was the most gorgous man Liz had ever seen! He was just perfect. Anyhow, Liz actually asked him if he wanted to do something and he said yes. So they started dating. The funny thing was that they had to be together it was one of those relationships not by choice, it was one you just kinda got sucked into, not that she minded. When she was sixteen they had ended up having sex it was an experiment that they had done, even though everyone else had warned them to wait until they were older they didn't listen. Liz remebered that day quite well....

"Hey." Max said coming up to Liz.
"Hey." Liz came up to Max.
"Liz I've been thinking. I mean do you think we're ready?" Max asked.
"Max please." Liz asked.

Max slowly undid Liz's shirt and slid her pants so all she was wearing was a bra and a thong. Liz slowly undressed Max leaving him in boxers. Max began to kiss Liz softly sweetly, she was he whole world. Liz pulled Max's boxers down and took him in her mouth until he begged her to stop. Max had returned her the pleasure and then some. After they showed their love to each other Max had entered Liz.

The day After Max and Liz had made love, Max came to Liz telling her it was over that it had to be because he had to keep his balance. Liz had agreed only to stay up crying all night to herself about how unfair life really was. Two weeks later Liz found out that she was pregnant, and that the outcome of Liz and Max making love had created a new life, that new life was Jessica Parker. Liz decided to not tell Max. She figured if she did Max would have no future and he would blame her for the rest of his life.

Their high school graduation was the last time Liz had seen Max. After that Liz raised Jessica by herself along with lots of help from her two best friends Maria and Alex. They all lived on the same old block in the same old town. Jessica went to Roswell Elementry which was only five blocks away. Liz worked as a reporter and was usually very busy. Maria, Liz's best friend also ended up getting pregnant really close to the same time Liz did, she got knocked up by Michael Guerin. One of Max's friends. How convenient right? Maria also had a daughter by the name of Alicia De Luca. She to had decided not to tell Michael so Alex was the only guy who took care of the two. Alicia also went to Roswell Elementry.


Liz walked out of her daughters bedroom to her own, she was definitley the best thing that happened to Liz's Life.


Liz woke up to the sound of her alarm clock. She hurried and dressed, she already heard Maria down stairs cooking breakfast and talking to little Jessica. She quickly ran down the stairs and got her purse.
"Mommy!" Jessica ran up to her mom and gave her a good morning hug.
"Hey sweetie mommy needs to leave for work because mommy slept late, I'll see you later." She kissed her daughter on the forehead. Waved bye to Maria and walked out the door to her car. Thats when she saw the moving truck pull into the driveway next to hers....

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Jessica Parker

Part 2

Jessica watched the truckers move furniture out of the van. Lamps, tables, chairs, sofas, and more! All the stuff belonged to the new neighbors. She hadn't met them but as she played with her best friend catch she kept her eye out for them. Alicia asked. " Jess, what are ya staring at?"
"I'm looking for the new neighbors." She answered not taking her eyes off the van.
"Can't we play catch right now?" Alicia asked.
"Well, OK but when them come we stop OK?" Jessica asked.
"Fine." Alicia said as she threw the ball to Jessica. Jessica threw the ball back.
"Strong arm ya got Parker! But lets see if you can catch!" Alicia threw the ball as hard as she could and it hit Jessica's hands and bounced out of them into the street.
"Oh No!" Jessica cried. She quickly ran after her ball which had gone into the new neighbor's yard. She bent down to get it when someone held their hand out with her ball in it. Jessica looked up into the eyes of a man with dark amber eyes and very tall. He looked like a nice person and he smiled at her. Jessica smiled back.
"I believe this is yours?" He asked.
"Yes, it is, I am so sorry but my friend threw the ball I just came to get it." Jessica explained.
"Its OK. I'm fine with kids." The man looked at her "My name is Max Evans, I'm your new neighbor."
Jessica smiled, "I guess that makes me your new neighbor too," she giggled. "Jessica, Jessica Parker."
"Parker?" Max asked.
"Yeah why?"
"Nothing, I just knew someone in high school with that last name."
Alicia walked over to Max and Jessica. "Hi I'm Alicia you other neighbor I live over there." She said pointing to the other side of the street."
When they all said their hellos the moment was ruined by another. "Max the movers just dropped the couch there is no way in hell I am leaving them a tip. And I swear if I find ANY damage to any of the furniture I'm sueing!"
"Tess, honey." Max said tring to ignore her. "Meet our new neighbors."
"Kids honey, are not neighbors. You know how I feel about kids."
"Tess." Max began.
"Its OK," Jessica said. "We were about to leave anyways. It was nice to meet you Max, Tess." With that both girls head back to Jessica's house.
"He was nice." Alicia commented.
"Yeah, but I didn't like his girlfriend shes a witch."
Alicia laughed, "Yeah like the one on Wizard of Oz!"
"I agree, 'I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog Toedoe too'!"
Both girls began to laugh histerically and went back inside to bake cookies.

Liz came home carrying many papers in hand. The stack of papers was so high she couldn't even see over it. Max happened to be outside washing his car and seeing a woman struggling with a stack of papers about a foot taller than she was! He quickly asked if he could help her she agreed and helped her carry them up and into the house.
"Thank you so much." Liz said still not looking at him.
"Hey no problem, I'm your new neighbor." Max said trying to get the woman to turn around.
"Oh its nice to meet you." Liz said finally turning around, "Max!?!"

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Part 3.

"Liz?!?" Max was stunned.
"I-It's been awhile." Liz said trying to play it cool.
"Yeah it has.' Max said smiling. "You look the same. You havent changed a bit!" Max said shyly.
"Neither have you Max." Liz whispered."Coffee?" Liz asked.
"Sure." Max answered. She made some coffee for the two of them and they sat at the small table in the kitchen.
"I met your daughter. Shes adorable." Max smiled.
"Oh. Jessie is my only child. I love her dearly."
"So where is your husband?"
"I don't have a husband Max." Liz said slowly.
"Oh. Sorry. That was none of my business."
"It's ok." Liz answered.
"So what about you. Wife? Kids?" Liz asked.
"I have a girlfriend I have been dating for two years but no kids."
"Whats your girlfriends name?"
"Tess. You'll meet her sometime soon."
"Ok." Liz said smiling warmly at Max.
"So how old is Jessie?" Max asked.
"She is eight." Liz answered.
"Liz your only twenty-four." Max stated.
"So?" Liz asked 'Whats he getting at?' she wondered.
"Well, that means that you got pregnant in high school Liz, at sixteen." Max said slowly.
Liz's eyes teared up. "So?" she asked trying to sound as if it didn't matter to her.
"Liz. I dated you when we were sixteen. We made love when we were sixteen. I-Is Jessica mine?" Max asked.
"I um....Max it's late you should be heading home to your girlfriend. I need to tuck Jessie in." Liz pushed in her chair and tried to escape but it was no use. Max grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. Firmly but not hard.
"I am not letting you go until you tell me if Jessica's mine." Max's eyes were focused hard on Liz.
Liz swallowed passed the lump in her throat. "Yes." she whispered, "She's yours."
Max felt dizzy, and shocked, he didn't know how to react. 'H-How could you not tell me. How could you keep something like that from me. You kept the fact that I made a child with you all to yourself. How could you not share that with me?"
"Because I didn't want to screw up your life, and have you blame me for it. Last I recall you were the one who needed to find his balance, not me." Liz glared at him.
"Does she know? Does she know I am her father?" Max asked.
"No." Liz answered honest.
"Liz she is my daughter too. I would have been there for the two of you if only you have told me."
"I didn't know how to tell you Max."Liz said and began to cry.
Max enveloped Liz in a tight embrace, at first she tried to fight it. But finally, she gave up and hugged him to her tightly.
"I'm sorry Max. I should have told you." Liz whispered against his ear.
"Shhh. Its okay. Everything is going to be okay." Max whispered back rocking Liz gently back and forth.

Jessica watched them from the stairs. He's her daddy! She has a daddy! She was happy. She smiled and wanted to go to them but knew they needed time alone. Jessica went to her room and crawled in to bed. She looked up to the stars through her window. "Please let Momy, Daddy and me be a family." She whispered to the stars. "Please..." with that Jessica's eye lids grew heavy and sleep enveloped her.

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Part 4

Liz fell asleep in Max's arms. Max looked down at her she hadn't changed at all. She was still the same Liz Parker. Only difference was she was the mother of his child, who is eight and he didn't even know about his child until tonight. Liz grabbed Max tighter. He saw a small smile placed on her lips. Those lips. Max groaned, yes the same Liz Parker, the same Liz Parker who has those same effects on him.

Max slowly got up carrying Liz with him he went up the stairs and looked for which room was Liz's. He finally found it and set her on her bed. Max pulled the comforter over her. "Goodnight Liz." He whispered and ever so lightly kissed her on the forehead. Max quietly closed the door and crept down the hall. As he was about to leave for his own house. He saw a door opened a crack. The room was light pink. He looked in and saw it was Jessie's room. Max didn't want to disturb her but he had to look at her. Max walked in quietly and saw her asleep in her bed. One of her arms hung off the bed and one of her legs was sticking out of the covers revealing her teddy bear pajamas. Max smiled and knelt down by the bed. He got comfortable on the floor and picked up her arm that hung off the bed to place it under the covers. He stopped himself and looked at her hand compared to his. 'Shes so tiny' his mind whispered. He tucked her arm under the covers. he then recovered her so her leg was now under the covers as well. "Goodnight Jessie." Max whispered.
Jessica opened her eyes.
"Shh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you."
"It's ok." Jessie said sitting up in bed.
"No you should lay down. I am about to go home to sleep myself."
Jessica frowned, "But this is your home."
"Jessie, my home is next door to yours."
"No daddy its here!"
Max's eyes opened wide. "How did you...?"
"I heard you and mommy. Daddy stay!" She pouted her lips like Liz's did when she was a teenager and she wanted Max to do something.
"I shouldn't..." Max began.
"Where should I sleep?" Max asked, "Do you have a guest room?"
"No! You sleep with Mommy. Mommy's and Daddy's sleep in the same bed. Auntie Ria says its because grown ups need stuffed animals too just like kids; and mommy's and daddy's are each other stuffed animals. Mommy missed her stuffed animal daddy."
Max smiled, she was sweet, cute and innocent. He was getting attached, but he didn't mind.
"Well when stuffed animals haven't seen each other in awhile stuffed animals can't sleep together because they need to get used to each other again." Max tried to explain.
"No! Daddy's sleep with Mommy's." Jessica pouted again and frowned. "Go be Mommy's stuffed animal!" Jessica said. She grabbed his finger and led him to her moms room. She opened the door. "GO!" she whispered loudly. Jessica then quietly shut the door behind him. Max was about to leave but he figured 'what the hell' he was tired and he had a long day. Max removed his shoes and climbed in next to Liz. When he got comfortable he felt Liz turn to him still asleep and he felt her pull him closer. Max gulped, while his old feelings were returning. She wrapped one of her leg around his waste pulling him even closer. 'There is no way I am getting any sleep tonight'. Max thought.

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