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Living A Nightmare

Author: Michelle
Couple: Max and Liz...Always!
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, you wanna sue? Try me.
Summary: A painful past leaves Liz Parker, to find her life and her love.
Authors Note: Please give me feedback for this fic, I don't really like to post without knowing hows the stories doing so feedback please. This is a serious fic that I wrote based on a book I read about a year ago. This is discriptive, if you don't like tragic unwanted sex, then don't read this fic!

Liz Parker glanced out at the moving distance. She could see her reflection in the mirror. Staring out to the unknown in wonder. Her hand traveled up and touched the cool pane of the glass window. Liz inhaled. "Memories . . . to many memories" Her inner voice said. She let her hand fall from its place against the window when she felt someone squeeze her arm reassuringly. "Everything will be better here Lizzie, I promise." Nancy Parker smiled sadly at Liz.
Liz smiled back despite herself. She hoped things would be better, for herself and for her mother.
They traveled like that in silence, until the train stopped in a small town called Roswell, New Mexico. Liz grabbed her bags as her mom grabbed her own and they walked out with their arms loaded high with luggage. Liz walked quietly, behind her mother following her steps and her movements, she didn't want to screw up, not this time, she ruined her mothers life before but she vowed not to do it again, this was her second chance and she wasn't going to ruin it.
They arrived at a small house, I neat small house that her mother had already decorated while she stayed at her gradparents house until the whole 'situation' was cleared up.
Nancy Parker looked around the house and admired her work. "Liz your room is the attic, its an actual room don't worry but there is only one room down here that I have, will that attic be okay sweetie?"
Liz knew she should talk but instead of speaking she just nodded.
Nancy smiled, "Okay honey how about you go unpack your things and get some rest its late and I know you have missed some of your beauty sleep." She tried to joke.
Again Liz nodded but included a smile.
Nancy walked over to her daughter and kissed her on her forehead, "If you need me I have my cell phone okay?"
Again Liz nodded, Nancy a little uneasy walked out of the house while waving goodbye to her daughter. Liz looked around the house for a tour and when satisfied she finally made her way up to her room it was neat and ready for decorating. Liz unpacked all her belongings in her room and was extremely tired afterwards she changed into a long shirt and crawled under the sheets of her comfortable bed.


Liz felt him he was doing it again he was doing
"This" to her again he rocked his hips to meet
hers and Liz could only moan. His hands cupped
her breasts hard making her cry out. He pinched
her nipples taking one in his mouth, lowering on
her body faster and faster.....

Liz inhaled sharply and sat straight up in bed, breathing heavy. No matter how hard she tried, she knew she wasn't going to get any sleep tonight...
TBC...? Should I continue??

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Part 1

Liz dressed and admired her appearance in the mirror. She had her backpack all packed with two note books and a three ring binder. She took a deep breathe and sighed. She felt nervous and uneasy. She bit her bottom lip and glanced at her appearance, then walked out of her room.
Liz picked up an apple and some money her mom left on the table and she walked out the door. She passed a red stop sign and walked for about three blocks, then the school came into view, it was a nice school, not like the one she attended in Malibu. The students looked calm and collected, she envied that about them. The truth was she was on edge and worried she was early it was 7:50 she had ten minutes to go. She sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear. She waited by her first class. She then noticed she wasn't alone a perky blonde was approaching her.
Liz wanted to avoid her but knew she couldn't. She waited for the girl to approach her.
"Hi, I don't believe I've seen you around here. You must be new. My name is Maria Deluca. And you are?" Maria asked walking up to the quiet brunette.
"Liz, Liz Parker. Nice to meet you." Liz smiled slowly as she said this.
"Well, nice to meet ya too. Where are you from Liz?"
"LA, California." Liz answered smiling fully now.
"LA? You mean where hot guys are located and waves? Oh My God why would you ever move here to boring Roswell, New Mexico?" Maria asked raising her eye brow.
Liz laughing lightly. "Well yes that is where the waves are located only not all the guys are hot though. I moved here because of complications back at home. Um, my mom got transferred too."
"Oh well lucky you." Maria stated. Maria put her arm around Liz, "Well Liz, you could be my new best friend. I am also giving you a chance to start out on the right foot here at West Roswell High, you have a chance to hang out with me." Liz smiled playfully as she said that.
Liz smiled and said in a voice full of sarcasim, "Well, then I should consider myself lucky." Liz smiled.
A tall skinny charmer walked up behind Maria, "I'm Alex. Alex Whitman."
"It's nice to meet you. I'm Liz Parker." Liz smiled as she welcomed herself to her two new best friends. For a weird reason Liz was starting to feel at home, in this little town called Roswell, New Mexico.
Liz and Maria glanced up at the bell and frowned, "I hate that noise." Maria thought aloud, "It would sound so much better if it was music played instead." Liz nodded in agreement to the childish comment.
"You got Biology 111 Parker?" Alex asked raising an eye brow. Liz smiled at the nickname, she nodded.
"Great! So do we. I feel a great friendship blooming." Alex smiled as he said this.
The teacher opened the door to the class room and Liz, Maria, and Alex walked in with a group of student who had crowded around with them. Liz walked over to the teacher. "Um excuse me?" Liz asked unsure how to approach her new teacher. Her teacher a male with old grey hair looked at her raising an eye brow. "Yes? How can I help you?" He asked.
"I'm new here, my name is Liz Parker." She said adding a smile.
"Ah, Ms. Parker, how nice. My name is Mr. Graves." He outstretched his hand and shook Liz's. "You can take a seat over there next to Mr. Evans." Mr. Graves said pointing to the most amazing eyes which locked with hers....

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Part 2

She tucked her hair behind her ear, smiled and walked over to him. "You must be Mr. Evans?" Liz asked walking up to him, she watched a smile play on his lips, the most beautiful smile she had ever seen.
"Well, yeah, actually I prefer to be known as Max. You must be new here, I'm Max Evans." Max smiled appreciatively looking over the body of his new partner.
"I'm Liz Parker, yeah I'm new." She smiled as their gazes locked, she found herself sucked into his eyes and then, something happened, something happened that made her shudder, images ran though her brain, back from when she was a child, in her bed alone, nearly dying, a hand was placed upon her chest and the next day the doctor announced she was cured...she then saw images of a little boy with dark hair and brown eyes. She gasped and her eyes averted from his, Max's smile faded, something was different here. Something had changed something had happened. HE had seen her images of her with a male. Max tried to push the images out of his head, "So where are you from Liz?" Max asked trying to break the silence.
"Caliofornia." Liz answered smiling slightly.
"Really? I have always wanted to go to Los Angeles. Where in California?" Max asked, he found her easy to talk to.
"Malibu. Nice area, but nothing compared to Roswell. Its like a different world outside of this town, but I love it. This town is great." Liz commented.
"Oh I don't know, Roswell can be pretty boring, only thing that was ever exciting was some aliens crashed here." Max added.
Liz laughed nervously, "Imagine what little green men? I thought they only existed in movies." Liz smiled as she slowly cut open the frog careful not to slice any organs in the process. Max watched her face.
They continued like that in silence. Max and Liz both felt at peace. Max's smiled faded when the bell rang.
"Would you like to hang out tonight Liz, you know, a tour around the wonderful city of Roswell?" Max asked rasing an eye brow.
"I'd really like that." Liz answered smiling. "Here is my number, call me and I'll give you directions to my house later." Liz smiled as she finished.
"Yeah, Okay. It was an honor to meet you meet you Ms. Parker." Max said as he was tugged away by one of his friends with blonde spikey hair.
Maria walked over to Liz, "The first day of school and you already got it bad for a boy, Liz, I am impressed."
Liz blushed a light pink color rising in her cheeks, "Well, uh, he just said you know, that he would, well show me around town..." Liz trailed off.
"AROUND TOWN?" Maria whispered Loudly.
"Well, uh, yeah."
"Wooo, go Lizzie, go Lizzie, go Lizzie, go, go!" Maria began to do a score dance.
Liz gabbed Maria in the ribs making her squeel. "Okay! Okay! I'll stop!" Maria said in between giggles.
"So what should I do Ria?" Liz asked giving her the first known nickname to mind. Maria smiled at the nickname.
"Well first you gotta win his heart and then you work your way up from there."
"You make it sound so easy." Liz commented.
"Its very easy. I happen to have connections for you Lizzie."Maria commented walking out of class.
Liz followed Maria, "Connections? What kind of connections?"
"You see that boy over there with the blonde spikey hair?" Maria asked, Liz nodded, "That is Max Evans best friend. His name is Michael Guerin, I date him on and off whenever there runs this special current between us. Anyway, Michael is a connection to make things between you and Max progress. After all, Michael is my space boy."
"Space boy?" Liz asked not able to stop the laughter out of her voice.
"Lets just say, Michael is out of this world. And all I know is he rocks my world. Hes adapted the nickname because of his strange behavior."
Liz nodded trying to act like she understood. "So how is he going to help me?"
"Well, maybe not yet he won't but in a while he will, we'll use him when he is necessary."
"You make him sound like an object."
"He is an object, Michael Guerin is a man who tends to be pig headed and is also snobby, plus I am nothing more then a piece of ass he gets every once in awhile."
"You must not be seeing eye to eye." Liz commented.
"Clearly not." Maria agreed. They continued walking and decided to meet up at lunch time and they headed off to their seperate second class.

Liz flopped on her bed at home she could not believe how great life was, she felt like herself again. Her cell phone rang and that smile continued to take form on her lips, "Hello." Liz asked in a sweet voice.
"Liz, I've missed you...."

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Part 3

A look of horror spread over her face replacing the happy care free look like her face had possessed before. "Chris?" Liz asked above a whisper.
"Its me Liz. I've missed you."
Liz paused hearing the words.
"Liz the police have finally gone about their normal business. I was thinking maybe I could swing by and see you."
Liz remained quiet, Tears fell down Liz's cheeks. "Chris." she tried but her voice flew out of her throat.
"I want you Liz. I have missed you so much, I love you Liz." Chris whispered back. "Where are you Liz?"
Liz thought about it, "Roswell, Roswell New Mexico."
"Roswell huh?" Chris asked.
"Yes." Liz answered.
"Have you missed me baby?"
Liz had more tears roll down her cheeks, she was so confused, "Yes" Liz whimpered half moaned.
"I'll call you tomorrow so we can meet up."
"Okay." Liz answered.
"I love you." The words rang and she heard the click on the other end of the line. Liz burried herself into her bed, this wasn't supposed to happen, she knew it. Thing were happening the wrong way and Liz could do nothing about it, she hated her life and she hated him but all she could do was continue this, he controlled her, he was a part of her. Liz still remembers how it had all begun how that very day started that changed her life....

"I am so sorry to leave her with you Chris, but I couldn't turn to anyone else." Nancy Parker explained.
"Its not a problem Mrs. Parker, really." Chris smiled a dazzling smile.
"All Liz's friends are out of town for the summer and I didn't want to leave her alone for a week, Liz might have some boys over or something." Nancy continued. Chris nodded.
"Don't worry about it." Chris continued to assure her. "Liz will be fine."
Nancy relaxed, "Chris you are such a good tenant I wish I could luck out with my others to be as good a person as you are." Nancy complimented and Chris mumbled a slight 'thank you'.
Liz was excited to be staying with Chris, he was 26 and he had grown up around her for five years she had always liked to hang out with him, he was now twenty six and here she was seventeen and her mother still would not leave her alone but she didn't mind because she knew she'd have fun, being with Chris. Nancy hugged her daughter and drove off to the air port.
Liz remembered later that night they sat on a couch talking and watching a movie "Final destination" after that, Liz had thanked him again for letting her stay with him. She rememberd asking him about a long mirror which faced the couch that she had never seen before, Liz asked him about it and he said it came in handy, she shrugged it off, she then, got comfortable on the couch and fell asleep.
Liz was awoken by feeling the weight of something sag into her. Liz opened her tired eyes and gazed up to Chris who was above her.... naked. Liz's eyes opened wide and she opened her mouth to scream but Chris silenced her with a hand over her mouth. "You better be quiet Liz, if you want nothing to happen to your mother." Liz choked back her cries for help and he moved his hand away, he got up and removed the blanket from her body Liz tried to struggle and tried to stop this, "Please Chris don't do this." But he smiled at her, "I have wanted to do this for awhile." Liz continued to struggle but Chris easily undressed her. He looked at her and saw fright in her face, "Think Liz, a whole week of good things to cum." He smiled as he said this. Liz realized he was someone else now, not the Chris she knew.
Chris bent down lying on top of her and he kissed her, licking her lips. Liz tried to keep her mouth shut and her legs closed but when he cupped her breasts Liz opened her mouth and moaned, Chris took the opportunity to insert his tounge into her mouth. Liz could do nothing he continued to slightly pinch her nipples and Liz could do nothing but lie there and feel the different sensations running through her body. He moved over to her ear. "I am in love with you Liz. I want you so much" Liz moaned when she felt his hands massage her breasts. He bent down to her neck and sucked lightly. She then remember her legs slightly parting at the sensations. She felt his head go lower down her body to her breasts and he sucked her nipple into his mouth. Liz arched off the couch allowing a strangled cry to escape from her lips.
He continued with the other breast and then continued lower down her body. He spread her legs and Liz threw her head back waiting for the line she knew would be crossed. She felt his hands touch her, stroke her and she felt terrible to think that she was moaning his name because of it. He then continued down her body and began to eat from Liz's core. Liz cried out at the new sensations and when she felt him suck on her clit Liz continued to cry out as her first orgasim washed over her. Liz thought that he would now finally go up her body and enter her but she was surprised when he stayed down her body and entered his tounge into her hot wet pussy again Liz cried out his name and began to ride his face furiously. Chris stayed between her legs until he was sure she orgasimed three times.
Liz felt light headed and thought she was going to die. She then felt him move up her body until he was straddling her face. Liz tried to tell him no but he plunged his hard long cock into her mouth. Liz cried out at his act and he began to ride her mouth. Liz stayed completely still as she heard him groan her name over and over again. Liz closed her eyes tight when she felt his spray of cum shoot down her throat she wanted so despritely to spit it out but he had his cock remain in her mouth until he was sure she swallowed. She figured that he was done but she felt him pull her up to a sitting position so that she sat on his lap. She felt his errect cock in between her ass without actually being inside.
She closed her eyes tight. "Look" Chris ordered, Liz opened her eyes to see them in the mirror the one she had seen eariler. She tried to turn her gaze away but she couldn't. He trailed his fingers down to her clit and began to rub it. Liz bucked her hips furiously against his hand screaming, his name. She saw herself in the mirror and was disgusted by the sight of them. He then smiled and entered her ass. A sharp pain spread throughout Liz's body and she tried dispritely not to scream. She felt him move in and out of her ass. Over and over again. Sharp hard thrusts. She knew he was going to come and she threw her head back as a painful orgasim rose with in her. Liz shut her eyes tight and screamed Chris's name.
She hoped he would be tired, and he was but she had a terrified look spread on her face when she realized he was still hard. She felt him pull her down to the couch and he straddled her hips. He entered her quickly and Liz cried out at the pain. He rode her hard and fast having Liz under him trying to dispose of the shameful orgasim building inside of her. He ran his hand in between them and rubbed her clit. He bent his head and captured her breast in his mouth. Liz cried out Chris's name and rode out her orgasim with Chris following quickly after her...
End Of Flashback

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Part 4
Tears ran down Liz's cheeks at the memory that haunted her day after day, she had been trying to avoid the memory hoping it would go away. Liz turned her head at the sound of the phone ringing for the second time that day. She inhaled a shakey breathe and picked up the phone, "Hello?"
"Hey Liz, its Max."
A sad smile appeared on her face, "Oh, hi Max." She said sniffling.
"Liz are you okay? Have you been crying? What wrong?" Max asked worried.
"Nothing its just I miss my friends from back home." she lied, Max knew she was but he let it slide.
"Are you still okay for me showing you around town?" Max asked.
"Yeah." Liz answered, "I live at 212 Acre Road. Do you know where that it?" Liz asked.
"Its about three blocks from my house." Max answered.
"Alright then, I'll pick you up in 15 minutes." Max finished.
"Okay I'll see you later Max."
"Bye Liz." She heard the line click and hung up the phone. She went to the bathroom to freshen up figuring that she would take a quick shower. But the shower lasted to long and Max ended up waiting at the door. Max began to wonder if she was home. When the front door opened and she steped out, a small apollogetic smile on her lips, "Sorry." Liz managed.
"Its okay. You ready to go?" Max asked.
"Yeah I am." Liz answered the smile grew at the look he gave her. After showing her all of west roswell he continued to walk with her down the streets they walked to Max's car and then drove out of Roswell.
"Where are we going?" Liz asked.
"A place I want to show you." Max answered. He looked at her shyly and Liz relaxed. They talked for a long while.
They came to the middle of the desert and Liz raised her eye borw curiously to Max.
"Come with me." Max asked her, extending a hang for her to accept.
Liz took his hand and they walked over to a large rock He began to climb and when he got his footing he helped her up as well. Liz looked at the space between them, he was still holding her hand.
Liz smiled shyly at their joined hands. "So tell me more about you." Liz asked trying to fill the empty air.
"Well I have grown up here my whole life. I have a sister Isabel and my best friend which you saw dragging me away, he is the one with blonde spikey hair, his name is Michael. I had a pretty boring life until you came into it Liz." Max finished the last part quietly.
"What have I done to make it exciting?" Liz asked.
"You made me realize things. You made me realize to take chances and you made me realize what it means to be able to trust other, to feel for others." Max said gazing deep in her doe eyes.
She soon saw that their heads began to lean closer to each other. Liz felt Max's breath on her face and she braced herself for the kiss. When their lips met it brought an explosion of emotions and images. Liz saw Max as a child she saw him walking in a desert and how he saw her as a human, she felt an emotion she felt his love.
Max in return saw Liz, he saw her with a man. Max felt hatred to the man instantly. But the emotion he picked up from Liz was not one he expected. It was confusion, hatred, sadness. Then images of Max passed through his head from the way she saw him and he instantly picked up the feelings of her love for him.
Max's tounge brushed against Liz's and she shuddered from excitment then the realization of the kiss found its way into Liz's brain and she pulled away.
"Is something wrong?" Max asked.
"I just um..." Liz trailed off.
"Its your boyfriend isn't it." Max asked.
"Boyfriend?" Liz asked.
"The tall blonde guy." Max said and realized he slipped.
"How do you know about Chris?" Liz asked.
"I um, I uh I saw him." Max tried to recover but couldn't.
"You know Chris?" Liz asked fear filling her voice.
"Liz, no."
"Y-You know Chris. S-Stay away from me." Liz got up and climed down the rock quickly. She began to run.
"Liz! Liz wait!" Max called after her following her. Max caught up with Liz and grabbed her around the waiste.
No please don't hurt me! I don't want it to happen again please!" Liz begged crying.
Max realized he scared her, "Max brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes and looked deep in her eyes, "Liz please let me explain. I would never hurt you."
Liz still terrified sat still afraid he would jump her and do just as Chris had done to her.
"Liz I um. I am not exactly from around here." Max began.
Liz looked at him, "You told me you grew up in Roswell." Liz commented.
"I did but I am not from Roswell. Liz I am not human." Max finished....

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From Part 4:
"Liz I um. I am not exactly from around here." Max began.
Liz looked at him, "You told me you grew up in Roswell." Liz commented.
"I did but I am not from Roswell. Liz I am not human." Max finished....

Part 5
"This isn't funny." Liz looked at him angerily.
"Liz I am serious." Max looked her square in the eye. "I am not human."
Max picked up a stick from the desert ground where they sat and waved his hand over it. The stick instantly became a dark red rose. Max handed it to Liz and she looked over it.
"How many people know?" Liz asked.
"Isabel, Michael and now you." Max looked at her now looking as if he was frightened of her. "My life is in your hands. If you tell anyone, there are people. People who will kill me."
Liz looked frightened the thought without Max terrified her. "I won't tell Max. I would never want anyone to hurt you." She cupped his cheek and stroked his face. Max placed his hand over hers which continued to stroke her face.
"Hmm?" Max asked gazing in her eyes.
"That doesn't explain how you know about Chris."
Max looked at Liz, "When I kiss you. I um see things."
"Things? What kind of things. What did you see?
"Just things. I um saw you and that guy you call Chris having sex. Your boyfriend is very lucky." Max commented, a hurt expression crossing his face.
"He's not my boyfriend." Liz replied harshly which made Max almost jump. Liz sighed, "I guess you expect to know about me just as much as I know about you." Max nodded.
"My past is one I do not wish to look back on," Liz hesitated, "I'm sorry Max, but I j-just can't tell you." Liz got up.
"If you're not comfortable talking about it its okay Liz." Max got up along with Liz. "I don't want to make you uncomfortable."
"You don't. You make me feel so calm and being with you is like living a dream."
"You mean that?" Max asked raising an eye brow.
"Well, yeah." Max didn't allow Liz to continue he pulled her to him in a deep soft kiss. Liz didn't move at first she was almost scared because of the fact that Chris would always kiss her. But this kiss was different wasn't forced, wasn't hard, wasn't frightening, it was a kiss a kiss with Max Evans. Liz broke away from Max for air.
"That was--" Liz began.
"Incredible." Max finished. "Kissing you Liz is just undiscribable."
LIz placed a finger to Max's lips and he opened his mouth an sucked her finger in. Liz moaned, "Max."
"Hmmm?" Max asked continuing his movements.
"This is too fast." Liz half begged, half moaned.
Max stopped, "I know, I'm sorry."
Liz pulled Max close to her face and kissed him on the lips, Max instantly returned the kiss. Liz licked Max's bottom lip and Max parted his lips to let a moan escape. Liz took the opportunity to enter her tounge searching for Max's. They pulled apart for oxygen when their lungs began to burn.
"Its late Max." Liz announced.
Max reailized where this was going, "Oh um yeah, I should probably take you home." Liz nodded and together they walked to Max's car.
'I'm in love with him'. Liz realized.
'I have it so bad for Liz Parker, I am in love.' Max mind screamed.
Happy thoughts ran though Liz's head as she went home. She knew that as soon as she got home she would have to call Ria!
Max pulled up to Liz's house. "Goodnight Liz." Max whispered lightly.
Liz leaned over and kissed him, Max groaned, he was addicted to her kisses. Max pulled her closer but Liz pulled her lips from his and leaned over to Max's ear she sucked his lobe in her mouth and felt him shudder. Liz whispered to Max, "I'll see you at school."
With that Liz got a look at Max with his hair messed up and savored the memory. She walked to her front door glanced back and shut the door lightly. Max's heart soared, 'Yup, I am definitley in love!'...

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Part 6
Liz flung herself on her bad with a sigh she turned her head with an amazing smile which shouwed the true person who Liz was. She saw the light blinking on her cell phone signaling she had new voice mail. She looked in her inbox and heard the fimilar electronic voice inform her she had 2 new voice messages a smile spread over her face when she heard Max's voice.... "Liz I had a great time tonight, maybe we can do it again tomorrow night if you are um you know not doing anything. Call me tomorrow, bye Liz." Liz smiled when she heard the click, she would call him back tomorrow. Her next message mad a feeling of dread arise within her. "Hey Liz its Chris. I can't make it to town until friday. When Friday comes I will meet you somewhere, I miss you Liz god I want your body I am aching for it. Call me tonight." She heard a click and looked at her hands they were shaking. She walked to her door shut it lightly locked it.
Her hands shaking, picked up her cell phone and dialed the fimiliar number. "Hello."
Liz sighed, "Hello Chris."
"Liz." He whispered her name. "I have missed you baby."
"You have?" Liz asked unsure.
"God yes Liz. I miss you I miss you body I want you Liz I was tempted to drive out there tonight." He replied.
Liz openly sighed, "On friday where do you want to meet up?"
"How about a hotel?" Chris asked.
"There is one off montelis Rode, right on the outskirts of Roswell." Liz mentioned.
"Perfect." Chris moaned.
"How long are you staying for?" Liz asked.
"Only for about a day." Chris answered. More tears came to Liz's eyes.
"I'll see you Friday." Liz said in between sniffles.
"Its Thursday Liz, just think, one day, and we can be together again." He mentioned seductively.
"I know." Liz moaned.
"I'll talk to you later Liz, I love you." With that Chris clicked and so did Liz. A part of her was afraid of Friday to come and the other part of her was confused and a small part of her was content she didn't know what to make of things but she knew on Friday night she would go to the hotel and see Chris.
Liz went to school without a smile. She was a little worried and preoccupied, especially with Chris she was in love with two men both Max and Chris. A smile didn't take form on her face until she caught Max Evans in sight. She had to find out who it was that she loved more. That was what she planned to find out today she was going to spend today with Max, She went up to Max and leaned in close to his ear, "Hi Max." Max turned around quickly and a small smile played out on his lips.
"Hey." Max replied, his voice was like silk. "How are you?"
"I'm great," Liz lied, "And what about you?"
"I've never been better." Max answered honestly.
A heated look passed through Liz's eyes and Max's reflected it.
"Is there um, some place Max like a closet or something--" Liz couldn't continue her body was so heated that if she continued she might collapse.
Max took her hand in his gentley and they found the eraser room Max pulled her with him and locked the door using his powers.
"Liz I don't want to rush you--" Max was cut off by Liz placing her lips insistingly on Max's. Max could only moan. Liz grabbed Max pulling him close. Max looked round the small room and found only a table He sat Liz on the table and she moaned his name. Max had never been so hard in his life! He pulled her close, "Liz isn't this too fast?" Max asked while kissing his way down her neck, 'he is so different from Chris!' Liz thought.
"Max ever since I saw you I knew you were someone differnert I need this right now," Liz moaned as Max kissed the area above her breasts, "Please M-Max don't deny me."
Max looked at Liz and pulled her close, he knew this was that moment where things change forever....
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Part 7

Max gazed deep into Liz's lust filled eyes, he formed a connection with her seeping all his feelings into her: his lust his love everything for her. Liz recieved the connection with open eyes she was so in awe she had never felt such feelings with Chris ever. She pushed her emotions through the connection wanting Max to recieve the same.
Max's widened his eyes a look of longing washing over his face and Liz whispered the words through her head. 'I love you.' Max heard them. Max looked at Liz and kissed her softly. The conection grew and the images flew through their heads Max felt everything Liz's past her emotions her confusion. With Max on the recieving end, Liz knew he was feeling she poured her whole heart into the connection. Liz wanted Max to know everything.
Images of Max in the desert came to her mind, then images of Liz's childhood. She remembered, she remembered Max...
Max placed his hand over the girl in the hospital bed, he was drawn to her. He placed his hand over her stomach and healed her, he wanted her to live!
*End of Flash*
Liz mind realized Max was the boy who saved her!
"Y-you are that boy!"
Max nodded. Amazed that he had found the one girl he had ever been drawn to. "I knew I would find you again." Emotion was thick in his voice.
Liz looked at Max with amazement, "You saved my life, twice."
"Twice?" Max asked.
"Yeah I found love. You saved me from a life of loneliness." Liz moaned out as Max cupped her breasts and began to massage them. Liz threw her head back, "Max please!"
"Liz I want our first time together to be special. I can't make love to you here."
"Max please I-I have never felt this way before Max please, I-I please Max I-I need you." Liz tried.
Liz's eyes nearly teared up But Max lifted her skirt and removed her panties. Liz was confused but the world was set right when She felt Max's tounge brush against her clit.
Liz cried out his name and Max had to stop he looked at her face. "Liz you have to keep quiet otherwise I can't do this."
Liz nodded understanding that they were at school with people passing this door every minute, she bit her bottom lip and moaned low in her throat. Max continued to drive his tounge against Liz's clit, wanting her to experience the high intensities of pleasure he was offering her. He moved his hand to her hot tight enterance and entered two fingers inside. Liz cried out and thrust her hips to meet Max's fingers.
Liz's legs began to shake and Max spread them wider to gain better access. "Liz..." Max moaned experiencing the feeling of having her juices all around him. "Cum for me Liz..."
"Oh my god--Max!" Liz cried covering her mouth. As the most pleasurable orgasim washed over her. Max withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his tounge wanting to get every single drop of her sweet juices. He had never wanted this moment to end. He continued to thrust his tounge into her and was rewarded with more of her sweet juices.
Liz breathed heavily. When she calmed down she reached out for Max. Max went to her and hugged her to him. 'This is it, he's the one, I can't believe I didn't see it sooner he is so perfect and I love him, I want nothing more then to be with him forever!' Liz thought.
Max craddled Liz's limp body in his arms wanting nothing more then to continue this experience, "Max that was amazing....I-I--" Liz tried.
"Liz I love you." Max finished.
Liz was unsure how to reply but the words slipped out with ease, "I love you too."
Max smiled and heard the bell outside in the hall ring, signaling that the first period of the day had ended.
Max held Liz's hand in his. "Do you want to get together later?" Max asked.
"I-I can't I already have plans." Liz answered thinking about Chris.
"Alright then how about tomorrow." Max asked.
"Okay Max tomorrow." She leaned forward and kissed him. Tonight was friday night and she had plans, she planned to see Chris.
Max kissed Liz, "I don't know what I would do without you Liz Parker. All I knew was that I was destined to be with you." Max placed his lips against Liz's and slowly left for his next class. Liz went to her second class and the whole day took forever to end. Liz wanted nothing more then to see Chris. She knew what she had to do now she had to tell Chris that she was in love.....with Max. And that she couldn't be with him anymore.
TBC... How will Chris react?

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Thank you all so much for the feedback. I love reading it all! You guys are so caring and I am so thankful that I picked the right board to post on! Hehe well heres part 8! Please keep the feedback comin'! *big**angel*
Part 8

As the bell finally rang signaling the end of sixth period Liz almost bolted out of her seat and went to the bus stop and waited so it could take her to the outskirts of Roswell there she knew at the hotel she would find Chris. As she was on the bus she dialed his number on her cell phone.
"What room are you in?" Liz asked.
"18. Where are you?"
"On the bus. I'll be there in 5 minutes." With that for the first time Liz hung up first. This didn't go unnoticed by Chris. Liz waited patiently on the bus, she felt like everything was going to be okay. When the bus stopped at her stop Liz got off and walked to the hotel.
She began to grow a little nervous but did her best not to show it she went straight to room 18, and she knocked. The door flung open and there stood Chris smiling at her. She didn't kow how to approach him. He grabbed her arm and pulled her in and shut the door. The room was dark the curtains drawn Liz could barely make out Chris's body he pushed her against the door and began to strip her, "No." Liz told him. Chris backed away slightly.
"What do you mean no." He said teasingly and pushed her against the door again, he kissed her. Liz tried to break her mouth away from his and he thrust his tounge into her mouth Chris bit her bottom lip and one hand held her hands above her head while the other worked its way down her body. His right hand cupped her breast and Liz cried out. "No! Chris I can't be with you anymore I don't love you I love someone else." She pushed Chris away and Chris began to get agitated. He pushed her harshly on the door, "Don't you go telling me no!" He threw Liz on the bed.
"Chris stop!" She screamed. She Screamed! Chris covered her mouth with his and began to undress Liz. Liz struggled but Chris undid her shirt. "You better shut up Liz. I own you. You are mine no one else owns you no one else can have you." And bent his head and sucked roughly on her breasts Liz was moaning and felt her center began to dampen. Liz continued to struggle and she screamed again; thats when Chris's hand flew across her face, "Stop screaming bitch!" Chris replied harshly. Liz's cheek burned and she listened.
Chris undressed her and undressed himself. He went down her body and entered his tounge into her. Liz arched up and moaned as old feeling returned old feeling of how it used to feel, "Chriiiiiiis."
"Thats better." he replied against her flesh.
Liz began to rock her hips and felt her orgasim buliding, she wanted release. He bit her clit and Liz cried out as a minor pain washed over her. She orgasimed. and she screamed, "Maaaaaaaaaxxxxxx." Chris stopped his movements and looked down at her, "What did you say??"
Liz was breathing hard, fear crept under her skin as he looked at her. The next five minutes were painful as he beat her. Liz threw on her clothes and she was shoved out of the hotel but not before being slapped again. Liz felt digusting. She had to find Max she knew he would make everything alright. She turned on her cell phone and called him....
"Hello?" Max asked.
"M-M-Max it's L-Liz I-I N-need you t-to pick me up."
"Where are you?" Max asked.
"T-the hotel off montelis Rode."
"I'll be right there." Max finished and hung up the phone, he knew something was wrong he got in his car and ran every red light and every stop sign going 60 mph to get to Liz...
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Hey everyone!
I just want to let you all know that a new part will be out soon! Give me another day and it will be out soon! Thank You all for the great feedback I will be back to please (I hope) you guys with a new part! I will be back soon... but for the mean time I would like to show you this e-mail I recieved from a friend of mine!

"A Roswellians Last Plea"

"Your not an, an Alien, are you?"
"It was you."
"Knowing you has made me, human."
"I did that to calm you down."
"Not if you were the last alien on Earth."

Do you recall each of these phrases? If you are a Roswellian than
most likely you do. They are quotes from Season one. A season that
hooked each and every one of us. A season that took us far off to
Roswell, NM, and introduced us to three aliens and three humans, who's
lives soon intertwined. Amazingly we all became intertwined as well
after only a few episodes. We each found ourselves wanting more and
counting the days until the next episode.

Then devastation...... The WB network was not as interested in
Roswell as we are. What do we do? We set out a full fledged assault
on the WB and come out victorious.

"They're among you now."
"Don't you know what you are to me, what you are always going to be,
You're the love of my life."
"Will you dance with me? I want to have my wedding dance."
"If you kill me you kill our son."

Then the day came..... Season 2. I, as well as many other fans were
ecstatic. Each of us sat anxiously in front of our sets. Then by mid
season many of us were wondering what Roswell are we watching? Did we
somehow get sucked into a different alien abyss? Needless to say
Season 2 was not what most fans expected. It had it great memorable
moments, but sadly fell short of many expectations.

Then tragedy strikes again! The WB cancels Roswell. What do we do? We
rally together again. Once again we are victorious! UPN picks up
Roswell. Melinda Metz is on board now. Expectations are high again
for those fans who stuck around after Season 2.

Then there is Season 3 which is still in Progress. I have heard great
reviews and absolutely loved most of the episodes. Of course some
folks are still not pleased and some folks are bitter.

Now we are at the threshold again.... UPN is wiping it's hands clean
of Roswell. What are we doing about it? To be real honest, not a
great deal, not to belittle the current efforts by any means. When I
say WE are not doing a whole lot about it, it is because WE are not
in the droves that we once were. Many of those "WE" refuse to vote in
polls, write to any network and or sponsors any longer. They refuse
to give Roswell another chance. "WE" Refuse to Rally again. What they
do continue to do is post here on the boards and other fan areas.

This I cannot understand..... Why not give Roswell another chance? If
you are interested enough to post daily (whether it is good or bad)
then truly what could it hurt? 10-15 min a day to write a snail mail
letter, email, vote on a poll, encourage a friend to come back and
fight for Roswell one last time.

If you want to write ANYONE, anyone associated with Roswell, Do it.
Sci-Fi, UPN, FOX, Sponsors, Futon Critic, Writers, production company, or Tell them you have been unhappy
with the past seasons. Tell them you want more continuity, tell them
anything you want, be honest, (not rude and cruel) tell them anything
you want but tell them you want to keep ROSWELL.

Honestly, what is the worst that could happen? Katims and Co. could
keep the show the same and show they have learned nothing from 3

But think..... what if they have? What if by some chance they have
figured out what the fans want and could give it to us? They did
once, why not take that chance? What can it hurt? I would personally
rather take the chance than not know.

If you are or ever have been a Roswellian Please, this is the final
stand. The enemy is circling and are troops have been depleted. We
need reinforcements. Come back, fight one last time. Enlist any
friends and family you can. Participate in any way possible on
Fan Forum and other sites. Write and vote anyone you can.

Thank you

A Roswellian ( below are several routes you could take to help out!)

7950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22108-0605 ( Please writte them and tell them that Roswell should be back on the air, that Sci Fi or another channel should pick it up. They have not supplied a space for us to vote for Roswell this year, so tell them in a SNAIL mail what you want.) PLEASE SNAIL MAIL THEM !


President, Programming & Marketing
Sci-Fi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
Vote for your favorite Roswell actor/actress
Vote here for all your favorite Roswell actors!

Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy
PO Box 196
Libertyville, IL 60048-0196

Credit card donations can be made online at:
Please be sure to write "Roswell Campaign" in the designation box.

Credit card donations can also be faxed using directions here:

2) Please send postcards to the targets listed below. If possible, please try to find postcards from where you live to send. We would like to show them the diversity of our geography. If that is too hard, send whatever kind of card or letter you can. On the postcard, please state that you have made a donation to FSMA and request that the recipient make a matching donation to the organization and/or help get the word out about this charity. Don't forget to mention Roswell.

Sample note:

"I am a Roswell fan. I could have sent Tabasco but instead I'm sending $____ to Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy to show my compassion as a Roswell fan. Please do what you can to help with this campaign (match my donation if you can), promote it through your media connections, and help me make the compassion of the Roswell fans known to those deciding the show's fate. Even if you don't hear me, one day a child will. I only hope that you listen."

Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff
President, Entertainment
United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Mr. Leslie Moonves
President and CEO, CBS Television
CBS Television City
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Sandy Grushow
Chairman, Fox Television Entertainment Group
Twentieth Century Fox Television
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

3) Please show your support by signing our online campaign registry: so we can keep track of how many people are standing with us.

4) We will also be asking Snapple and Tabasco to help us in this
campaign - of course we are just asking them now, and it's not a sure thing that they will listen. Those two companies have benefited greatly by our passion as fans, and we are asking them to return that same level of passion towards us now in helping us with this campaign. The campaign crew will be sending letters to the following people asking for their support. The press releases about the things we do are few and far between. They could help us with that if they choose not to turn a deaf ear. (Which may not be the wisest thing to do to a passionate Roswell fan). If you want to send letters directly to them now, do so at:

Paul McIlhenny
McIlhenny Co.
1 Main Rd.
Avery Island, LA 70513

Jack Belsito
Snapple Beverage Group, Inc.
709 Westchester Ave.
White Plains, NY 10604

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Part 9
When Max pulled into the hotel parking lot the sight before him made his heart stop beating. Max looked at Liz and felt his heart break at the sight of her. She was sitting on the curb crying into her hands her clothing looked as if it had be ripped.
Max turned the car off quickly and ran to her, "LIZ!" Mac screamed he cupped her face and made her eyes look but at his. Thats when Max noticed her face was covered with cuts and bruises. A rage spread throughout Max's body. "Liz what happened? Who did this to you!?" Max asked.
Liz burst into tears, "M-Max--" Liz began and broke into sobs.
"Liz I know this is hard for you but please tell me who did this to you." Max stroked her cheek softly tracing the bruise there.
"C-Chris." Liz looked into Max's eyes, "Max d-don't just leave him. Get me out of here."
Anger spread throughout Max's limbs, "I'll get you out of here as soon as I handle that bastard." Max helped Liz up and helped her into his car. "What room?"
"Max please--" Liz tried.
"What room Liz!" Max began anger seeping out of his pours.
"18.' Liz said looking down at her hands. Max leaned over to her face.
"Everything will be okay." He pressed his lips softly to hers and went to find room 18.
When he got to the room he banged on the door. It swung open by a older blonde man. Max reconized him instantly.
"Can I help you?" Chris asked. Max pushed Chris backwards into the room and the door slammed. Max picked the guy by the front of the shirt.
"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to raise your hand to a lady?" Max asked his voice deep his eyes darkened and his face turned cold.
Chris chuckled, "A man needs to do what a man needs to do."
Max lifted one fist and swung it to Chris's jaw.
Chris was doubtful that he was hit but his head began to spin.
"If you ever come near my Liz again I will kill you and you may not take me seriously but I mean it if I ever hear her say that she heard from you I will hunt you down and kill you."
'Is that a threat?" Chris asked his head still spinning.
"Your damn right its a threat." Max shook him until Chris's teeth rattled. 'Do you understand Me?" Max asked.
"I could kill you right now" Max continued.
"I-I am sorry please just let me go." Chris tried.
'I'll walk away...this time" Max threw Chris against the wall instantly knocking him unconcious.
Max then ran out of the room to his car and drove away with Liz by his side....
Liz sat quietly. Max looked at her, "Is it okay if I take you to my house?"
Liz nodded, "I don't want to go home."
"Liz, I am sorry if only I had gotten there sooner nothing would have happened to you." Max began.
"Max, I don't blame you...I just thought I should tell Chris that I wanted nothing to do with him...I wanted to tell him that I found love someone to love."
"Liz, I-I know its none of my business but what did he do to you?"
"Max, I think its time I tell you the truth." Liz told Max her whole story about how Chris raped only a year ago. Max was shocked that the same guy in that room who Max had nearly killed raped Liz. Liz then began to tell Max the rest of her past. "He took advantage of me time after time, he had brainwashed me into thinking that we were in love. I believed him. I was so unhappy that Liz ended up turning to Alcohol and Pot. Max couldn't believe it , but her mom had put her in a clinic to become clean again. Liz broke down to the shrink about Chris and felt that she had betrayed him. Her mother reported it to the police and Chris was arrested, she had to be moved to a different area and thats how she ended up here, with Max, in Roswell New Mexico. Max looked straight at the rode as she told her story glancing sideways at her at times. Liz finshed and looked at Max, he was grabbing the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles turned white.
"Max?" Liz asked.
"Yeah." Max said through clenched teeth.
"Are you okay?" Liz asked.
"No I am not okay. I can't believe that bastard touched you. He is a lifeless bastard with no heart. I am so sorry you had to go through such a tough life Liz. You above everyone did not deserve something like that. I wish I could take away the hurt from you--" Max began tears forming in his eyes.
"Maybe you can." Liz commented looking at him.
Max turned to her, "How?"
"Take me to your house Max."
Max did just as she had directed...
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Part 10!
I am so sorry I haven't been posting often I was having many tests here is the long awaited part 10, sorry for the delay!

When they arrived to Max's house Liz realized no one was home. She looked questionally at Max who shurgged.
He helped her out of the car and they walked to the front door together.
When they entered the house it was so dark that Liz could barely see. Afraid she reached out to Max and their fingers laced together.
Max found the light switch and flipped it on the room flooded with light.
"Um a-are you hungry or thirsty?" Max asked.
"No." Liz answered. "Can we just go up to your room." She asked.
Max nodded and together they walked up the stairs fingers still laced.
Max showed her his room and she looked around the neat placed room. "Nice room." She tried and managed a smile though it hurt with her cut lip she winced at the sting the rose to her lips.
"Liz I, I mean, Can I heal you?" Max asked.
Max held Liz's hand in his large ones and He lightly held her close. "Liz theres just one problem, I uh in uh in order for me to heal you I need to be exposed to where it hurts...I um you uh you need to be fully." Max tried.
Liz looked at him and understanding, "Max I trust you, I just it hurts...I need you to heal me." Max looked at her.
"Alright, I'll be in the other room well you u-undress." Max was so completely lost for words.
"No Max!" Liz begged, "Please, don't leave me." Tears filled her eyes.
"Liz if I stay, I-I can't control myself around you." Max began.
"Please Max. I need you to be here." Lis finished her argument with a kiss. Max groaned and brought her body closer to his. Liz shuddered in his arms and then pulled back. Slowly Max sat down on the chair next to his desk.
Liz faced him and began to strip she stripped down to nothing right before Max's eyes. He couldn't stop starring he was eating her up with his eyes. Liz had the most beautiful body and this was just the outside. His hands began to tremble wanting nothing more then to storke every inch of her body. Liz blushed at the way Max was looking at her.
Max looked at the bruises all over her body. "Lay on my bed Liz."Liz looked at the bed and walked to it. She lay down and sighed. Max walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. "Liz I-I need to touch you."
Liz moaned, "Max touch me."
Max placed his hands on her beautiful face and consintrated on her, on his Liz. He formed a connection to her and instantly images came to his mind. Images of him and his angel. Max saw the way she saw Max. Max also felt every feeling she had since she met him the first day of school. Max's hands continued downward removing the hickey's that Chris had left on her he continued to her breasts wanting to remove all the pain. He continued his journey down her body to her stomach. He heard her sigh out his name as he healed her whole body. Max looked in between her legs he couln't heal there. "Max I want you to heal me, I want you to make me a virgin again, I want you to be my frist." Liz looked into Max's eyes and took his hand and guided him to her center. Max consintrated on healing her. He did just as she asked healing her center making it so that to everyone around her she was an untouched angel. Liz noticed that her nightmare's of Chris began to fade as if that was all they had been a long terrible nightmare. Max then continued down her legs until he was sure there was not one part of her body that was injured or even sore. Liz could not remember the last time she felt that great. She looked at Max, he had sheet of sweat covering his body. She pulled him to her kissing him on the lips, this was the moment, their moment....
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Authors Note: I am sorry to all of you for not posting sooner but I just finished my California 2 week long finals. Here is part 11 thank you for your patience and a BIG thank you to: 2CRZY4ROSWELL, thanks for all the bumps hehe *big*


"Liz no." Max pulled away. He sat up his body turned from her.
"Max please... I-I wan't you to be my first." Liz pulled him closer but Max pulled away.
"Liz no." Max got up from the bed starring out the window. Tears sprang to Liz's eyes.
Liz followed and pressed her body against his. Max groaned, "Max why?"
"Because if we do... you'll regret it."
"Max I would never regret anything with you." Her hands caressed his firm stomach absent mindedly.
Max's hands covered her own and stilled her movements. He turned his head to see her face and she looked sad.
"Liz... I don't want this to be sex I want there to be an us before we go having a sexual relationship." He tried.
"Max we have a relationship." Liz looked confused.
"I want a relationship were I know I will be your first maybe your last."
"Max?" Liz didn't understand.
"I want to know you'll be mine forever Liz, because I want to love you and know what we have here isn't just puppy love. I want it to be with you Liz, but a relationship where I know you, the real Liz." He finished that last part turning around and stroking her cheek with his hand. He then replaced his hand with his lips lightly kissing her on the cheek.
Max got up and went into his bathroom. "I am gonna take a shower." He called over his shoulder.
Liz sat on the bed stunned. Max wanted to be her only lover... those words finally made sense in Liz's head. She felt Max's presence even though he was not in the room. She had a feeling it was the connection from when he had healed her. Liz lay back on his bed completely naked.
"Maaax" Liz moaned and her eyes felt heavy, she slowly drifted asleep.

When Max returned from his *cold* shower he came back to find Liz still naked asleep on his bed. He smiled and walked over to his nightstand. When He removed the towel and replaced his lower region with boxers he looked back at the bed. 'Maybe I shouldn't' he thought but his heart was telling him to lie down with her. So Max followed his heart straight to bed... with Liz.


*Liz's dream*
Max continued to kiss her while they were in the desert the chills of the air were replaced by the heat his body was giving her own. She grinded her hips against his hardness only to hear him moan. He stopped her and
looked deep in her eyes, "I love you". The words rang
in her ears. It was then at that moment where she
unzipped his pants, reached through his boxers and for
the first time stroked his cock...
*end of dream*
Liz reached out and began to stroke Max in her sleep be began to moan and thrust his cock into the palm of her hand, both not realizing what was going on. Max leaned forward searching out to Liz, for her lips, they shared a heated kiss, even in their sleep... that was the moment where Max reached down in between Liz's thighs.

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Just like I promised... Part 13! Enjoy, please leave feedback. I really, really, really, really appreciate it *angel*

Part 13

Max caressed Liz's face with his hand. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked.
"I am sure Max, for the first time in a long time I am sure about my decision." LIz smiled as she said this. Max kissed her fully on the lips. The kiss was soft gentle. He lick her lips with his tounge asking for permission, which was granted. Liz opened her mouth and experienced the pleasures that only Max could cause her mouth. Max's tounge searched for Liz's and mimicked a mating dance which he knew their l,ower bodies would soon be experiencing.
Max's tounge mated with Liz's stroking the sweetness of her mouth. They both pulled apart of the much needs oxygen. Max looked around his room, this was going to be her frist time, and he wanted it to be special. With a wave of his hand and much consintration. Max turned his room into the most amazing most beautiful room Liz could ask to experience her first time in. There were rose petals on the floor and on the bed. The ceiling had some how dissappeared and was replaced with only a view of blue sky and stars. A soft glow of light luminated off the walls and LIz's favorite song "I shall Believe" played lightly in the back of her mind. Liz took in her surroundings and gasped at the reality of it, Max did this, he did it for her.
"I love you Max, so much" Liz pulled his mouth down to hers. She pressed her hips against his seductively. Max groaned into the kiss causing vibrations to spread throughout Liz's body. Max broke away from her lips and continued to explor her body his hands reached down and cupped her breasts. Liz moaned and bit her bottom lip to keep out from screaming. Max thrust his hips against her trying despritely to ease what they both wanted so despritely but Max wanted Liz to expereince the best, and he was going to give it to her. He continued down her already naked body and had to marvel at her perfect curves.
"You are all the beauty in the world Liz Parker." Max moaned the words against her skin. Tears sprang to Liz's eyes at the comment he had said so naturally. He looked up and their eyes locked. Liz ground her hips up against his, wanting him to make her his own. He kissed her lips but did not deepen the kiss; instead, he continued downward taking her nipple in his mouth.
"Maaaax." She moaned creating a rythm with her hips. Max had to get more control he was about to lose it and he wanted to make sure this was perfect for her. He stilled her hip movements giving her a pleading look. Liz stopped her hip movements and bit her bottom lip as a reminder. Max returned his attention to her breasts. He continued his pleasure with her other breasts nipping lightly and sucking.
Liz couldn't take it anymore she had to touch him. Her hands ran down his back and squeezed both his ass cheeks letting him know what he was doing to her. When Max felt her hands grab his ass he nearly lost all control. He knew he would lose it soon so he coutinued his journey down her body to the temple for which he was dying to worship again.
Max came in contact with her most seret o places. He was so wet and so wet because of him. He could actually see her sweet juices dampening her thighs. He spread her legs and looked and the most beautiful place he could worship. He ran his tounge up her thighs tasting her addicting flavor. He couldn't get enough of her. He crawled up her body and saw her eyes shut tightly. "Liz," Max tried. Liz's eyes remained shut. "Liz look at me." Her eyes instantly opened and they contected together. Max reached to her heat and entered a finger into her tight wet enterance. Liz gasped and thrust her hips up, begging for more.
"Liz, please watch me." Max asked. Liz was unsure if she could handle the thought of watching Max pleasure her, but she couldn't refuse the love of her life.
When her eyes opened again Max continued to stoke her inner walls with his fingers, creating a rythm he knew she liked. When he felt his fingers covered in her juices with removed his fingers and brought them up to his mouth, the whole time with Liz watching him. Max sucked all her juices off his finger leaving it dry. Liz's opened her eyes wide never experiencing such a high turn on in her life. Max smiled a lust filled smile and came face to face with her core. He spread her folds and licked her clit.
"OH MY GOD MAX!" She cried. A smiled formed on Max's face. He continued down until he was face to face with her enterance. He entered his tounge into Liz. She moaned in please and began to rock her hips against his face. He had a 'Lizard tounge' one that moved so fast that she was quick to go over the edge screaming the words, "I'm coming!"
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