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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 35

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC – 17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Hey guys, ok this part is quite a lot longer than I anticipated, but I just couldn’t leave anything out! Hope you enjoy it!


As the warm, hazy morning sun started to stream into the room her eyes gently flickered open. It was a little after 7.30am and already she noted not a single cloud decorated the crystal blue sky that could be seen from her bed.

For a moment disorientation filtered through her brain, confusion as to where she was reigning supreme. But as the door to her room opened and she saw Isabelle and Maria, she quickly remembered this was a very special day.

For she, Elizabeth Parker was about to embark on her biggest adventure yet ………. she was getting married!

She had woken up a single woman, but by the next time her head hit a fluffy white pillow an extra ring would don her finger and an Evans surname to boot. For a moment she couldn’t remember where the previous few months had just gone. It seemed like only yesterday when Max had proposed on the Hawaiian island and now her special day was suddenly upon them.

Light, excitable butterflies scurried around inside her stomach as she tried to eat some of the breakfast her friends had brought in. A few gulps of orange juice, half a grapefruit and a few bites of jam-smothered toast were all she could manage before excitement robbed her appetite.

Her dress was hung on the outside of the wardrobe, covered in a clear plastic sheet to protect it from dirt or dust. As she lay back against the pillow, her mind drifted back to when she had finally found her dream attire.

Isabelle’s excitement level had been hard to contain as the three friends had shopped for the wedding dress. In and out of shops they’d traipsed with Liz trying on every dress imaginable. Long elegant styles, puffy princess types, short baby doll designs or chic evening dress shapes, yet none of them were right. Liz couldn’t put her finger on what the problem was, but in her heart none of them were her dream wedding dress.

That was until they’d stumbled on a small shop off the main Rodeo Drive Street. It was a dark, almost dingy dress shop and at first Isabelle’s snobbishness shone through. Yet her protests had fallen on deaf ears as Liz had still pushed open the door and stepped inside. An elder lady sat behind a table, sewing away by hand some sequin beading on the tunic of a long cream coloured dress.

“Hello dear, may I help you?” She’d asked sounding just like Liz’s grandma Claudia had.
“Yes, I’m getting married in a month’s time and I’m looking for a dress.” Liz had responded, glancing around at the rails of clothing along the walls.
“Well I guess you’ve come to the right place. Please, take a look round and see if you like anything.”

Isabelle had warned in whispers to air on the side of caution, believing the old dear didn’t know what she was doing, but Liz hadn’t listened. Instead the beauty of the dresses on the hangers had taken her back and stolen her breath away. Each dress had been stunning in it’s own way; they were unique and had an old classy beauty about them putting their styles into the classic range.

She’d found her dream dress tucked away at the back of the shop in the middle of some romantic ‘titanic’ style chiffon dresses. Lifting it off the rail, she’d held it across her hands, allowing the soft material to slip through her fingers. In a heartbeat she had known she’d finally found it.

Encouraged by her two friends, Liz had tried the dress on. As the silky material had fallen down her bare skin, ripples of excitement ran down her spine. Stepping out into the dressing room area, the gasps from Isabelle had been indication enough that she looked stunning.

The dress was simplicity itself. A long straight dress fell down to her ankles, nipped in at the waist with a low cut bodice and a plunging back. Tiny crystal style beads decorated the thin straps and along the neck of the dress, with tiny clusters scattered over the skirt that looked like raindrops in the humming florescent light. Over the dress though, she wore an almost gold shimmer chiffon jacket that stretched the length of the dress at the front and tailed off into a short train at the back. The unfussiness of the dress, mixed with the golden colour of the overcoat made the outfit stunning. Her long brown hair shone out, the lightly tanned colour of her skin giving her an even warmer completion.

From that moment, Liz had known her search was over; this was the dress her heart desired. Right then she’d known her wedding would be perfect, for she would look simply stunning to Max.

“Come on Liz, get up, we’ve got to get you ready for your big day!” Isabelle squealed, pulling Liz from her reminiscing.
“Ok, I’m moving.” Liz replied, a smile decorating her face as she headed towards the ensuite bathroom.

By the time she had showered, washed her hair and slipped into a comfortable pair of blue jeans and a white button down shirt, the house was awash with activity.

From the moment she had started to plan her wedding, she knew there was only one place she wanted to hold the ceremony. Some of her most happiest memories had been tied up in the Valenti Estate home, her and Kyle dreaming often of their own wedding there. Although she was now marrying a different person, but someone just as special if not more so, getting married in the grounds of Jim’s house had been her first and only choice.

Jim had felt humble when Liz had approached him, and at first she had thought he was going to say no. Instead though, he had just been astonished and amazingly happy she had asked to use the grounds to his house. She was like a daughter to him, and although he wasn’t actually going to give Liz away, it felt good to be a part of her big day.

Caterers filled the kitchen, boxes of all various kinds of canapés, nuts and other nibbles for the guests. Crates of the finest champagne and white table wine stood proud in another corner. Boxes of freshly sprayed flowers decorated the large dining table, all ready to be placed on the sides of the isle end chairs. The colour scheme was simple, pure white roses mixed with soft yellow ones, taking the same colours from Liz’s dress.

From her vantage point upstairs, she could see the men hard at work, some laying the golden carpet for her to walk down, others placing out the chairs for the guests to sit on. The white gazebo was already in place having been put up the previous afternoon. Instead the flower lady was gently winding strung yellow roses around the posts giving it colour and warmth.

More butterflies gathered in her stomach, nervous excitement spreading like wildfire throughout her body. For a moment she thought about Max, wondering what he would be doing at that moment. She could picture him sitting down to a hearty breakfast cooked by Michael, a huge grin spread across his face as he thought about her.

“Liz! Come on the hairdresser is here to do your hair and make-up.” Maria said, putting her head around the door to chivvy her friend up.
“I’m coming.” Liz replied, tearing herself from the window and heading out the room.

The hairdresser took nearly two hours to complete Liz’s hair, and then a further thirty minutes to fix her make up. But the end result was well worth it. Spinning the chair around, Maria and Isabelle looked on with joy, cameras poised to snap away to capture the moment.

Her hair had been pulled half up into a twist, the remainder fell loosely down her back the ends curled lightly, and strands of curled ringlets fell across her face framing it to perfection. A tiny golden tiara, decorated with delicate pearl beads was embedded in her brunette hair completing her outfit. Soft make up, light cream brown shadow, a smudge of chocolate eyeliner, a sweep of blush and a slick of rich chocolate lipstick. The hairdresser had done wonders, and Liz looked every bit the glowing bride.

It seemed as if the morning flew past and before Liz had a chance to catch her breath it was time to slip into her wedding dress. The same tingles she’d experienced the first time of trying it on returned, only this time they were intensified to infinite levels. The silkiness of the material slipped down her skin crackling with static. After slipping her feet into cream strapped sandals, Liz lifted the chiffon coat from the hanger and slowly pushed her arms inside.

Maria, Isabelle and Calistia were waiting for her when she finally opened the door to her bathroom. Sighs and ahhs were omitted from them as they cast their eyes from her toes to her head. They too looked every bit the perfect bridesmaids. Their dresses were similar to Liz’s in the straightness and thin straps. The soft lilac colour perfectly complemented them all, and the crystallised beads on Liz’s dress had been reproduced on theirs.

Maria’s dress had been the only one requiring alterations. Her growing bump was now very evident, only a couple of months left before the birth. For a moment, Liz glanced towards her secretary and friend. Maria was happy now, she and Michael had moved in together two months previously and both were eager to hold their baby. A smile danced across Liz’s lips, Maria was happy, Isabelle was head over heals in love with Alex, and she would very soon have Max for her wonderful husband. Life was definitely perfect at that moment … all that was left was to find an eligible bachelor for Cali to reap the rewards of romance from.

“Alex has called to say Max is on his way. I’ve checked everything downstairs and there are no problems. The flowers have been laid out along the isle, place mats in the marquee are just as the table plan and the champagne is on ice as we speak.” Isabelle reeled out, trying to levitate any fears Liz might have.
“Thanks Is.” Liz responded, as the door to her room opened tentatively.
“Hi honey, oh Liz you look amazing.” Nancy said, her eyes widening at her eldest daughter. Despite the animosity between Liz and her mother, this day was special and nothing would spoil it.
“Hi mum, come in.” Liz encouraged, seeing her mother was reluctant to enter.
“Ok, well I won’t stay long, I don’t want to get in the way.” Nancy started. “I just came to give you this, just in case you wanted to wear it.” She added, thrusting a small black leather box in Liz’s hand.

Looking inquisitively at her mother, Liz felt the box with her fingers before slowly opening it. The object inside instantly took her breath away. It was a beautiful round sapphire necklace with white diamonds on the outside. It matched her engagement ring perfectly only the sapphire and diamonds were reversed.

“Mum, it’s beautiful.” Liz started.
“I hoped you’d like it. It was your Grandma Claudia’s, she left it for you and asked me to give it to you on your wedding day. She would have been so proud to see how beautiful you look today Liz.” Nancy said warmly, kissing Liz’s cheek softly.
“Thanks mum, I’d love to wear it.” Liz said, throwing her arms around her mother’s neck.

“Ok, we’ll I’ll leave you to it I need to get my seat before Max gets here.” Nancy said, before leaving the room.
“Yeah, we’ll go downstairs too, give you a few moments to yourself.” Isabelle added, signalling to Maria to leave also.

Once Maria and Isabelle had left, Liz was alone in the room with her sister. For a moment silence descended, neither really sure what to say. They weren’t amazingly close, but despite that they were still sisters and a certain amount of love still flowed between them.

“They’re right you know Liz, you really do look amazing.” Cali finally said.
“Thanks Cali, you do too.”
“Look, I know we kind of left on not the best of terms when you and Max came down to San Francisco, but I want you to know I’m pleased you’re happy. I do like Max and he clearly makes you happy so that’s the most important thing to me.”
“Thanks Cali. I promise there is someone out there for you. Your dream man is just waiting for your paths to cross, but you’ll know it when you find him. Besides you’ve got plenty of time for some fun until then.” Liz replied.
“And maybe I can visit you here in LA during the summer?” Cali asked hopefully.
“Sure, of course you can. You know you’re always welcome.” Liz replied, putting her arms gently around her sister and pulling her into a warming hug.

A brief knock at the door signalled it was finally time, her wedding day was finally going to start. The thought of seeing Max again drove her onwards; it felt like an eternity since she’d been in his arms the previous morning.

Letting Cali go down first, Liz took a deep breath before taking tentative steps down the grand staircase. Her eyes shone with pricked tears as she saw her father and Jim standing at the foot of the stairs looking up at her. They looked very handsome standing there in jet-black tuxedos, white shirts and black bow ties; in Jeff’s hand he also held her teardrop bouquet of white and yellow roses.

“I just wanted to see you before everyone else, to wish you all the happiness in the world. You deserve it Liz, Max is an amazing person who will make you very happy.” Jim said, kissing her cheek softly before heading out towards the garden, wiping an escaped tear as he went.
“He’s right Lizzie, you look breathtaking.” Jeff said, tears stinging his eyes as he looked at his beautiful little girl.
“Thank you daddy.” Liz replied, doing her best to hold on to her emotions that were threatening to run away with her. Heck why did everyone she glanced at look like they were about to burst into tears? Didn’t they know she was having a hard enough time containing her own emotions as it was?
“Well I guess we’d better get going, don’t want to keep all your guests waiting do we.” Jeff said, handing Liz her bouquet before offering his arm for her to take.

Gratefully slipping her hand through his arm, Jeff kissed the top of his daughter’s head before they walked through the lounge towards the large French doors that were open towards the garden.

As they stepped out the quartet started the wedding march, filling the garden with the joyful music. All the guests stood up, a few turning their heads to catch their first glimpses of the bride.

She could see Max in the distance, his broad back and squared shoulders accentuated by the tuxedo. His hair looked perfectly groomed with bangs gently caressing his tanned forehead. His hands clasped across his back and shoulders stood square as he waited patiently for her. Beside him stood Michael, looking equally handsome in his own perfectly fitted suit.

Gliding down the isle a huge smile of contentment spread across her face. She felt the luckiest woman alive at that very moment, as if everything she touched would turn to gold right then.

Finally drawing up beside him, Jeff relinquished his hold on her, allowing Liz to finally turn towards her husband to be. Their eyes met over her bouquet of flowers, hot, warm stares that seemed to have no beginning or end only a middle of searing passion.

His hand slipped over hers, caressing it softly as he smiled a well practiced confident smile. However behind that mask she could tell he was as nervous as she, the twinkle in his eyes giving his true feelings away. They’d come so far to finally get to their wedding day, yet at that moment all the pain and heartache inflicted seemed to pale into insignificance.

The ceremony itself was a blur to Liz; the only thing grounding her was Max’s strong hand holding her steady. Tears pricked her eyes as she murmured her vows to Max and the congregation. As he placed the small, engraved wedding ring on her finger he saw a single tear slip down her face. Wiping it away with his finger, he gently stroked her cheek for a moment, raising a smile from her to reassure him.

The words from the registrar ‘you may now kiss the bride’ were like sweet music to his ears. Gently pushing a strand of hair away, he slipped his fingers behind her head before slowly leaning in allowing their lips to finally connect. A soft sensual embrace ensued, his lips gently and sweepingly caressing hers, neither caring about the guests watching them.

Finally breaking away, they turned to their congregation, before linking arms and floating back down the isle. Cameras flashed and smiles were aplenty as the formality part of the day was finally over. Now it was time for fun and laughter surrounded by all the people they held dear.

After more pictures, canapé’s and much champagne drinking, the wedding party headed to the marquee and the wedding dinner. It gave Liz a moment to catch her breath, a few moments space between herself and her guests.

“You ok?” Max queried softly as their starter was served.
“Yeah, all this is just kinda taking my breath away, you know, makes me feel a little giddy.” She replied honestly.
“I know what you mean, it’s all mind-blowing.” Max agreed glancing around at the mass of people crammed into the marquee.

After all the food had finally been consumed, and the speeches given, the first dance was called by the band.

Taking his new wife’s hand in his, Max gently lead them towards the centre of the polished wooden dance floor. Sweeping her around, he wrapped his arms around her middle, pulling her close to his body.

“Have I told you yet that you look amazing tonight Mrs Evans?”
“Nope, not yet, but keep going!” Liz countered mischievously.
“Well you do Liz. You look a million dollars, that dress is simply breathtaking.” He replied, sweeping down to kiss her sweet lips.

Eyes like sunrise, like a rainfall
Down my soul, and I wonder, I wonder why you look at me like that
What you’re thinking, what’s behind
Don’t tell me, but it feels like love

Keeping one arm around her waist, the other moved to capture her hand in his, pulling it close to his chest. Staring down into her chocolate brown eyes, he felt the wave of emotion she was experiencing at that moment.

I’m gonna take this moment, and make it last forever
I’m gonna give my heart away, and pray we’ll stay together
‘Cause you’re the one good reason, You’re the only girl that I need
‘Cause you’re more beautiful that I have ever seen
I’m gonna take this night and make it Evergreen

Feeling the warmth of his body against hers, Liz relaxed into his embrace, forgetting all about the people flashing camera bulbs her way. There was something about Max; his ability to put her at ease was amazing. His soft, sensual touch, even when just caressing her hand, sent her head spinning. As they glided around the dance floor, she was grateful he was holding her so tightly. For sure, she knew she’d melt into a pile of scorching wax if he didn’t have a strong arm around her waist.

Touch, like an angel, like velvet to my skin
And I wonder, wonder why you wanna stay the night
What you’re dreaming, what’s behind
Don’t tell me, but it feels like love

Looking into her eyes once more he felt the same emotions thrumming through her body. He felt the same awe at their wedding day, the happiness everyone he held dear was right with them, the joy that Liz was encased tightly in his arms.

Dipping his head, he captured her lips in a soft, sensual kiss. His lips grazed over hers, tugging gently at her bottom lip. Running his tongue softly over her lip, he finally delved in, eager to explore the darkness held within. Gentle strokes, caresses and warmth surged through her body, all from his simple touches. Her head was spinning, her pulse racing and blood starting to boil, all from a simple kiss.

I’m gonna take this moment, and make it last forever
I’m gonna give my heart away, and pray we’ll stay together
‘Cause you’re the one good reason, You’re the only girl that I need
‘Cause you’re more beautiful that I have ever seen
I’m gonna take this night and make it Evergreen

Finally the song drifted to a close, signalling it was time for the newlyweds to mingle with their many guests. Reluctantly, Max relinquished his grip on her body, all the while wishing he could whisk her away to their private hotel room.

“Don’t go too far away Mrs Evans, I intend to get a kiss each time we meet circling around this marquee.” He said, his eyes twinkling with desire.
“Really?” She said in mock innocence.
“Yes, really, and I can assure you I’ll be having my wicked way with you tonight!” He said, dropping his hand to cup her bottom for a moment before heading off to mingle.

Her skin tingled at the loss of his touch, her mind awash with the thoughts conjured up by his smouldering words. Her face felt flushed with heat as she thought about his insinuations. For a moment she wished she could let him whisk her away to that special place, all she desired was to be in a quiet room with just Max as company.

“Lizzie sweetie, come and meet your cousin’s new boyfriend.” Her mother said, taking her daughter’s arm and leading her towards the table. A quick glance towards Max noted he was certainly having a better time than she. His warm, infectious smile and roaring laughter signalling he was enjoying himself with Michael and some people she assumed were business colleagues.

It seemed like an eternity before Liz bumped into Max again, every time they almost met around the room someone would intercept and scoot them off in the opposite direction. His words still ringing in her ears were like torture to Liz, her body burning at the mere thought of what would happen once they were alone in their hotel room.

One highlight, Liz noted, was Cali seemed to be getting on well with a young associate from the Amber Inn Group. Gareth, she noted, seemed to have taken a shine to her young sister, and Cali’s innocence seemed lost in her resounding laughter and dancing eyes. A warm glow spread inside her, no matter their differences, Liz still cared dearly for her sister, and seeing Cali happy was important. Knowing Cali had accepted Max was also of vital importance, tension in her family was something Liz wanted to avoid. She’d been distant with them for so long, it felt good to be close once more. It was clear her mother was proud of her daughter, talking to anyone and everyone, introducing herself as ‘mother of the bride’. Her father too seemed to have damp eyes each time Liz glanced towards him and she guessed he too was pleased at the way the day had turned out.

“Ah Liz, don’t suppose you’ve saved a dance for an old man like me have you?” Jim asked.
“Of course.” Liz replied, smiling happily as he led them to the dance floor.
“So, are you enjoying your day?” He queried, as they spun gently around the room.
“Oh yes, it’s been perfect.” She beamed.
“Good.” He replied sincerely. “I’m glad your happy Liz.” He added softly.
“I am James, I’m very happy now.” She told him. “Do you think Kyle would have approved?”

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“I know my son would have. He’s still watching you Liz, he’s still checking his angel is safe and well. He would have loved to have married you Liz, I know he dreamt of it. But your happiness was paramount to him, and it’s clear to everyone that Max makes you very happy.”
“Thank you.”
“And I’m pleased you’ve finally laid Kyle to rest in your heart and mind. Grieving is one thing, but stopping yourself from experiencing and living life isn’t healthy. I think Kyle’s smiling wherever he is now, happy that you’ve finally moved on and found love once again.”
“I have James. Kyle will always hold a special part of my heart, but I love Max with every fibre of my being, it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before.”
“Good.” Jim responded, his heart happy that she was finally moving on with her life and had found herself a wonderful man in Max to take care of her.

He knew while she was still working at Amber Inns that Liz would always be a part of his life, but as he relinquished his grip on her, Jim felt like he was loosing her. She’d helped him so much without ever knowing to get over the death of his son. She’d shut herself away from her family, and spent more and more time with him and the business, he’d come to regard her as a surrogate daughter. Watching her disappear with a hop in her step, he vowed never to let her drift away from the company. He still needed her in his life, he still needed someone to fill the void Kyle and his son’s mother had created deep inside his heart.

“Hi James, have you met my mother?” Maria queried, as a slightly older version of Liz’s bubbly secretary grinned back at him.
“No, I don’t believe I have. I’m James Valenti.” He said, holding out his hand with a beaming smile.
“Amy DeLuca.” She replied coyly. “Beautiful wedding isn’t it.” She added, starting an inroad into a conversation with the rugged but cute looking man.

“There you are.” Max breathed against her lips, wrapping a welcoming arm around her waist.
“Thought we’d never meet.” Liz replied, her lips crashing against his in kiss fuelled with urgency.
“How long do you think we need to leave it before we can slip out without looking bad? Max queried.
“What time is it now?”
“A little after 10.00pm?”
“Ok, I say give it another half an hour and then we make our escape.” She said, allowing the hand that was resting on his chest to slip downwards and finally cup him through the material of his tuxedo. She felt him jump, as if surprised by her actions, and the power she yielded over him felt good. For a moment she continued, his breath quickening at her recklessness as she caressed him.

“See you in half an hour.” She finally reminded, swiftly pulling away her hand before heading off.
“Witch!” He whipped raggedly, trying to adjust his trousers so as to make his obvious arousal less noticeable. She’d played him, just like he’d done to her after their first dance, only her affect was more obvious on him, she clearly knew what to do to get his attention.

More mingling ensued, plus three dances for Liz, one with her father and the other with her new father in law, then a special dance just before the end with her oldest and dearest friend in Alex.

“So, I guess we’re not as hopeless cases as we thought we were.” He said ruefully.
“Yeah, we just needed to open our eyes and look in the right places I guess.” Liz responded.
“Isn’t it funny though, after everything we’ve been through we might actually be related, albeit in marriage, one day.”
“Yeah, but I never needed to be related to you Alex, you’re like the brother I never had.”
“And you’re the sister who filled the void when I lost my own one. You’re special to me Liz, and it’s nice to know we’re both finally happy.”
“Yeah, and don’t leave it too long with Isabelle before proposing. The way she organised my wedding I’d say she’s itching to have a go at planning her own in the not too distant future.” She cautioned him.
“Don’t worry Liz, I have no intention of letting Isabelle slip through my fingers. Just trust me when I say my plans of proposing to Isabelle and making a day like this for us are well underway.”

Keeping their promise, Max and Liz stayed until just after 10.30pm before finally leaving their wedding. There was a tinge of sadness on Liz’s part, the thought that her wedding day was finally over, but a swift kiss from Max quickly put her thoughts back on the right road.

Saying goodbye to important family and friends, the happy newlyweds slipped out the back and into a waiting limousine. They were whisked away, speeding off towards the hotel they would spend their first night together as a married couple before flying away for their honeymoon the following morning.

“So Max, where are you taking me then?” Liz queried, running a hand along her husband’s cheek.

The location of their first night together was a guarded secret from Liz. It had been Max’s wish to surprise her, wanting to choose the perfect venue for their wedding night. It hadn’t been too difficult a decision; the idea had pretty much presented itself to him.

As the limousine pulled up, Liz glanced out the window, and a gasp slipped past her lips. Raising her hands to her mouth, Liz turned to stare back at Max, her eyes aglow with astonishment.

“The Oreanna?” She queried, but really she already knew the answer to her question, she’d know that hotel with her eyes closed.
“Yes, The Oreanna.” He clarified.
“Why? Do you really need to ask?” He queried, but clearly she did. Maybe its significance had been lost on her. “This is where everything changed Liz, this hotel. It was this one that inspired you to suggest the take over to Jim, this hotel that brought us to work together, and then this one where you finally changed your mind and stopped pushing me away. This place holds more significance to us than any film or ‘our’ song, it’s this place that has brought us to where we are now.” He told her.

“Of course.” She said simply, finally understanding.
“Plus it’s the one hotel you’ve dreamed of, which must make it pretty perfect for our wedding night in my eyes.”
“And the honeymoon suite is breathtaking.” She added, smiling warmly.
“Then what are we waiting for?” He queried, opening the door before helping her out.

Retrieving their room key from reception, they took the glass elevator to the top floor, the penthouse suite. Opening the door, Max turned to Liz before sweeping her up into his strong arms and carrying her inside, her warm giggles filling his ears and making his heart swell.

The large suite was tastefully decorated in pastel cream and light blue. A large, inviting sofa cuddled around a roaring open fire, a table and other attire enclosed in the lounge area. The bedroom was something else. The large four-poster bed stood large and inviting, light blue chiffon draped over the posters. A large double French door opened out on a balcony with two chairs and a table, but it was the view that was noticeable. Being so high up you could see all across Los Angeles and further on a clear day. The darkness of the sky and the flickering lights of distant houses made it a wonderful site to see.

“This is perfect Max.” She said as they stood outside briefly glancing across the vastness that was LA.
“Yeah, today was perfect Liz, marrying you was everything I hoped it would me and more.” He told her.
“Me too Max.” She responded, wrapping her arms around his neck for an embrace. “And thank you for making this day possible. Thank you for always coming back for more each time I pushed you away and crushed your heart. Thank you for always having faith in me and believing in our love.”
“Always Liz, always.” He said, before dipping in for a kiss.

His hands wrapped around her back, loving the feeling of skin on skin due to the low cut of her dress. Smoothing his hands across her back he moved up to her neck and nestled his fingers in lengths of hair that were down. Sighing into the kiss, he allowed her a free reign, letting Liz set the pace and explore his mouth with her tongue like he had done to her on countless times.

Her hands pulled out his crisp white shirt from the confinements of his tuxedo trousers, before slipping her fingers underneath to find his bare flesh. Dragging fingernails as far up as possible, she enjoyed the deep throaty growl that slipped past his lips. It felt good to have such power on him, she thought to herself. Nimbly she slipped open the buttons to his shirt, before pushing the material off his lean and broad shoulders.

The sound of her zip being pulled down seemed to be intensified, her senses heightened as the material was peeled away exposing her skin to the warm evening air. Letting go of the material, he allowed it to pool at her feet, before placing hands on her hips and lifting her effortlessly into his arms.

Carrying her inside, he headed straight for the bedroom, laying her out on the soft warm blankets. Her hair fanned out across the pale pillows, her body shimmering against the cream covers. His eyes roamed appreciatively across her body, taking in her high shoes, silk stockings and lacy cream teddy. She looked like a goddess at that moment, and his heart quickened at the thought that she was his and only his from now on.

Reaching out his hands, Max deftly removed her sandals, before running his fingers up her silk legs. Rubbing a soft pad over her hot centre, he noted her gasp of breath before he moved to unhook her stockings. Lifting one leg up at a time, he slowly peeled away the silk, taking a moment to feel the sculpting of her thighs and the firmness of her calves.

Once he had removed her stocking garments, he ran his fingers back up her now bare legs, brushing his pads tantalisingly over her centre once more before continuing up to cup her breast through the teddy. Leaning in he caressed her jaw with his lips, nibbling and nipping at her neck as she wriggled underneath his expert touch.

Her hands were on a mission, eager to strip him of the confinements of his tuxedo trousers. Slipping her hands between them she sought out the button and zip holding the trousers around his slender hips. A soft sigh was omitted when she found them, quickly popping open the button and easing the zip down before delving her fingers inside.

Needing to remove the confinements of the teddy, Max gently slipped off one strap, before easing the other down and pooling the lacy material around her stomach. Sighing with glee like the cat that had all the cream, he descended down on her pert breast with his mouth, using the other hand to caress her other inviting mound. More groans were uttered past her lips as his hands cast magic spells over her body.

Pushing his trousers and silk boxers over his buttocks, she allowed them to drop to the floor, leaving Max with nothing to cover his body. Reaching down once more, she took him in her hands passing gentle strokes across his aching heat.

Stripping the teddy from her body, he paused for a moment to gaze at her naked body. Her fingers were working magic on his own body, sending hot searing pangs of passion straight to his groin, testing his resolve to the brink of sanity. Running his hands the length of her upper body, he stopped just before her nest of curls started. Feeling her body arching up towards his touch, he pushed on further before finding her moist centre.

Instinctively she arched into his touch, needing the hunger raging in her stomach to be fed. The soft circles he drew over her sensitive area sent her head spiralling rapidly out of control. Washes of heat flushed over her body, pooling just below her stomach as he stoked her passion to higher levels before slowing the pace and then teasing her some more.

Her own hands weren’t idle either, as she continued to stroke and caress him on towards what his body desired with his whole being. Raged breaths were fast becoming regulatory as their ability to drag in deep lungfuls of air became a thing of the past.

Feeling the last of his resolve and steely strength slipping away by the expertise of her well-rehearsed hands, he pushed them away. Rolling them both over, she sat straddled across his hips his heat pushing insistently against her own warmth.

Using his hands to lift her hips, she sunk down to kiss him as he lowered her body over himself. Inch by inch he filled her, the hunger in her body satisfying for a brief moment before raging even stronger.

Easing her up gently he paused for the briefest moment before her body came slamming back down over his. The torturous pace was killing them both, but they continued to tease, igniting the passion between them to boiling levels.

Leaning up straight, she continued to rise and fall, upping the pace before slowing it once more. Knowing they both needed fulfilment, he swiftly spun her over on her back, allowing him to loom high over her tiny frame.

“Always mine, forever.” He murmured against her lips before driving into her with all the strength the passion in his body allowed. Her head spun, her body ached, his touch driving her wild.

Moments later she bucked against him, passion consuming her entire being. Colours of all description, red, orange, yellow, blue splintered through her mind as she blindly allowed her emotions a free reign, drowning her in perfect ecstasy.

One more push and he threw his head back before joining her in that pictureless wonder, emptying his seed deep inside her warm surroundings while wave after wave of indescribable joy spread through his body at a thunderous rate.

Eventually they both fell back down to earth and Max found a little strength to roll over on his side, bringing Liz with him. As he started to pull out of her velvet confinements she stopped him.

“No, don’t.” She started, his quizzical look staring back. “It feels good, I like having you there, being one on our wedding night.” She clarified.
“You can have whatever you want babe, whatever you want.” He breathed sleepily, also liking the idea of their connection.

Finally giving up the fight, exhaustion cloaked the young lovers. It had been a long, beautiful day but it had finally got the better of them. Encased in his arms, their bodies connected in the most intimate way, they drifted off to sleep on their first glorified night as Mr and Mrs Evans.

TBC ………………..?


Just for info, the song used above is Evergreen by Westlife and/or Will Young of UK PopStars.

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