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Disclamer: I do not own Roswell, and do not know any of the cast, or directors to this amazing show. This idea is mearly from my hectic imagination.

Summary: Life in Roswell is going great. Liz parker and Max Evans are soon to be married, but can a visit change their futur forever.........

Note from the Author: I hope you enjoy my fic, its my very first one and I hope you all enjoy it.


The stars where out and Max was do home from work at any moment.

Today was a special night for max and Liz Parker; today they would finalize their wedding vows.

"Liz im home. Man it was a long day; there was this crabby old lady who kept coming into the restaurant asking for milk to feed her cat."

Max laughed as he sat down next to Liz on the couch.

"It sounds like you had a rough day; looks like my poor Max needs a massage!"

Liz grinned as she moved into possition to give one of her world class relaxers.

"You know what today is don't you", Liz waited with an eager look on her face.

Max decided to play dumb, "No What?"

With that, Liz gripped one of Max's muscles and pulled.

"Ahh, ok ok, man you are fiesty. Today is THE day"

Liz perked up and sat in front of him with a look of exitment. "The day, thats all, thats all your calling it".

Liz moved away from Max and scooted her way over to the other end of the couch.

Max new he had to make a come back if he where ever to see the likes of their bed again. He hated sleeping on the couch.

"Today is the day we entwine our love into words, expressing the deepest promises we are giving to each other".

Max sat back and gave a little sigh, he new that he was out of the clear.

"Oh Max I knew you felt the same way, I love you and I couldn't be more happy that im getting married to the one and only man who stole my heart".

"Have you been watching those old marriage videos again, because you sound like someone from the fifties".

Max laughed as he ran away from Liz, hoping not to get wacked with a pillow.

It all ended with Liz on the ground being tickled.

"Hah who's the master, who's the king of the world".

Max laughed as he helped Liz up from the ground.

"Yeah yeah, Mr. Evans, unfair advantage".

Liz nodded as she slowly moved away.

"Yeah right, im not the only one with powers Mrs. I can do an electrical thingy on my body."

The night went on with laughter, and exitment.

"Maria, where are my keys, im gonna be late for work".

Yelled micheal as he searched and tried to pull his pants on at the same time.

"Are you looking for these", Laughed Maria as she dangled them in front of her.

"Oh good you found them" Micheal sighed in relief as he reached for them.

"Ahh Ahh Ahh, you gotta pay the toll".

"Omg woman do you ever get tired", said a sighing Micheal as he bent down to give Maria a goodbye kiss.

"Be good" was the last thing micheal said as he went out the door, shortly followed by his re -entrance
and an "I love you".

Maria quickly got dressed and headed over to Liz's house.

"MMMMM.... Don't go yet, stay here and keep me warm" sighed a tired and groaning Max.

"Sorry sweetie but I gotta go meet Maria, were finalizing the wedding invitations".

Max rolled over and asked liz if she could bring him back a coffee.

"Oh no you don't, you're going to the TUX place with Micheal. Oh your Max alright, don't worry it shouldn't take you longer than a couple hours".

After all your just trying them on".

Max rolled back over with a worried look on his face," A couple of HOURS".

"Common, don't you want to get all handsome for me, besides, you've got the best job"

Max looked up at Liz with a horrofied look on his face, "Liz, my darling wife to be, What job?"

Liz looked at Max with a huge smile on her face, "you get the honors of telling Micheal that he's going too".

"O no, thats like an instant no, he'll never do it, he'd rather stick his head in a fishtank full of sharks than wear a penguin suit".

Liz grinned with reassurance, "Thats why your gonna tell him, your convincing, and after all he is your best man".

Max pulled the covers over his head.

"Don't worry, Maria was with him ALL last night, he should be in a good mood".

Liz laughed and left the room to go and take a shower.


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sorry guys this is my first time posting and I got mixed up. I hope you all like my fic let me know cuz I don't wanna write for nothing . so now to my faithful readers, here is chapter two, so hang on here we go......

Chapter 2

"Max there is no way in the world, or at least Roswell that im going to wear this awfull suit."

Micheal growled as he turned from side to side.

"I think your right Micheal, blue isn't the best color for a tux..... how about green?"

Max said as he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his toned chest.

"Max are you feeling ok, did you walk into a rainbow or something?"

Micheal laughed as he too indid his shirt.

"Common Micheal, give me a brake, ive never done this before, I want my wedding day to be special and different then all the other puffy dressed, penguin suit affairs in Roswell.

Just then a very exited person came in the room with a purple tux with frills.

"Ok, I know its a little bit colorful, and bright, but it just screams max don't you think".

It was the sales clerk, trying to get rid of Max and Micheal, they had been there for four hours just trying on every single tux in the place.

"Well, I think im gonna have to say it, Maria was right. Men do take a longer time shopping then women".

Max turned to Micheal with a frown. "I give up, there is no tux that will please me, Liz is going to come down that runway looking stunning, and im gonna be the little penguin waiting.

Max was tapped from behind.

"Hey, Alex, I thought you couldn't make it."

"Hey now my best friend is getting married, do you really think I was going to let the groom show up in a tux that resembles lucky charms?"

Alex laughed as he took off his glasses.

"Now, when me, Liz, and Maria were little we all coordinated each others weddings. I remember the exact tux that took Liz;s breath away."

Max smiled as all his problems where about to be solved.

Alex pulled three tux;s from behind his back.

They were black with a white trim around the collar.

The ties were black silk and matched the tux color to a tee.

"Alex, you saved my butt, thanks".

"Oh no problem I just want to see Liz happy".

"Lix you've got to see this".

"O Maria there beutiful, do you think those flowers would match my dress better than the roses?"

"Hah Chica, your talking to the flower Queen".

Maria and Liz where at a cafe, they had just finished the invitations.

"Ok, so forget the roses, im going to have white lilies instead, there so much prettier and they smell sooo good."

Liz said as she turned to add milk to her coffee.

"I wonder how my futur husband and Micheal are doing", added Liz grinning from cheek to cheek.

"Oh I wouldn't worry about it, I had a bad feeling on what damage Micheal could do so I asked Micheal to tag along."

Now Maria was grinning.

"Maria ive got to hand it to you, you are good!"

The phone was ringing, and Isabelle had just gotten home from the store, she was picking up the shoes for the wedding.

"Hello, oh hi Alex, how did the tux shopping go?"

"Well I did walk in on a kind of colorful situation, Max was so close to getting a blue tux".

Isabelle sat down and got comfortable, she always loved talking to Alex, she knew she could tell him everything.

"So your still my date for the wedding right, some other guy hasn't swept you away"?

Laughed Alex in a playful tone

"You know your the only one I want to be with don't you"

Isabelle assured Alex while flicking on the TV.

"Yes you heard it here folks, somthing has crashed and by the looks of it, is here to stay".

Isabelle looked on in shock, the news was reporting a crash, not a normal plane crash but what looked to be an alien crash.

"O my god Alex turn to channel 20, you wont believe it".

"I have to call Micheal and tell him, ill talk to you later ok, I love you bye".

By that time Alex was already dialing Liz's number

"Max this isn't good, what if something happens, our wedding"!

Liz was lying in Max's arms

"I won't let anything or anyone ruin our wedding, NO ONE!"

Max had a little fear in the back of his mind but not enough to break through hi exitment to be the husband of Liz Parker.

"Besides, the crash was all the way in Hawaii, we've got to keep our heads up and forget about all this, it's nothing."

Liz wanted to believe him but she just couldn't get past the feeling that danger was near.

. *happy*

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Hey here is chapter three.... man im on a role t-day, I guess it's because im really bored!

"Isabelle Evens you get out here this very moment and show us that dress".

Pleaded Liz as she pounded on the door.

"It's just not me, don't you want something a little less dark."

Isabelle was Liz's model for the brides maides gowns.

"Well if I could see what the red one looks like on you maybe ill change my mind, common, you'll look good."

Isabelle was in the changing rooms figitting with one of the straps.

"Ok, here I come, but I get to choose the next dress"

Isabelle came prancing out with a long red silky dress, it had woven flowers going down the side.

"Oh my god, Isabelle you look like a princess"

Added Maria as she turned to play with Isabelles hair.

"You know, with the perfect hair clips and the right makup, we'll have Alex falling to his knees".

Liz and Isabelle both laughed at Maria's whity remark.

"Did I hear my name being ca...... O great heavens, she in a dress".

Alex was starring at the sight of Isabelles beauty.

"Is this Isabell Evans, THE Isabelle Evans, my date for the wedding. Wait let me say that again MY date for the wedding"

Isabelle turned a bright red and stepped behind Liz.

"Alex.....What are you doing here"?

Isabelle was happy to see him but she was so shy at the same time.

"Oh I was just browsing, and it seems that ive found what I was looking for."

Isabelle looked at Alex "What were you looking for"?

"Luminesant beauty my dear and it looks like ive walked into a room with three women of the sort."

Maria started laughing non stop, quickly followed by Liz.

"What, that book said it was a sure fire plan to pick up girls!, man im bringing it back."

Alex sighed and and started towards the door.

"Don't be so sure it didn't work"

Isabelle said as she ducked into another change room, ready to try on another dress.


It was late at night and Max was sleeping huddles closely to Liz.

Tommorow would be the day before their wedding.

"You are king Max, there is no fighting that, it's in your blood, your different."

"No you can't be here your gone, I saw you leave on the ship".

Max kept tossing and turning

"Oh your nieve, im your queen, I will never go away, in due time my love.... in due time".

Tess slowly disapeared and Max settled down.

He was awoken by the sunlight seaping through the blinds.

Liz awakened to find Max sweating from head to toe.

"Max what happened did you go for a jog or something, your not having second thoughts about the wedding are you?"

Liz got all panicked

"No No I am more sure about this wedding than I am about anything else".

Max made sure not to worry her any furthur by telling her of the nightmare.

Max was worried, was the crash something to worry about could Tess be sending him mind warps?

All Max could do know was hope.


"O Liz it's not like it's a week, calm down your even making me nervous."

Liz was hanging out with the girls all day while Max was with the guys.

"What if they have strippers there, what if he changes his mind, what if he falls in love with one of the strippers".

Liz was getting herself all worked up.

"Liz, Hunny, everything is going to go perfectly"

"I guess your right, I mean ive heard of wedding day jitters but this is nuts".


"Tommorow will be the least of their worries, im back and they won't know what hit em. Snap at me Max Evans hah your weddingwill be the worst day of your life mark my words!!!

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Note from the author... Id like to thank you all for your feedback, it gives me the enthusiasm to keep om writing.
Thanks alot.*bounce*
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Hi every one, im soooo sorry, I was away for a couple of days and I couldn't write. Im back and ready to dazzle you all.

"Omg Alex, What if my dress isn't right, what if I trip going down the runway!"

Liz was sooooo nervous, it was the night before her wedding and she haddn't seen Max in 6 hours.

"Liz look at me...... you are the most beautiful bride in the whole world. Your going to glide down that runway and dazle every one of your guest, because the Liz Parker I know, is a priceless time piece.

Alex hugged her and comforted her. Maria was going around double checking everything, she wanted everything to be perfect for Liz and Max.

"Well, I guess in a couple minutes imm going to be Mrs Max Evans".

Alex turned to Liz, "You know that has a nice ring to it".

The two friends laughed as they put the finishing touches of baby's breath in her hair.

"Oh, my baby girl is getting married".

Mrs. Parker came balling into the room.

"Mom, please don't cry"

"Oh your right, I'll smear my makup!", I'll go wait with your dad, I just wanted to see my beautiful baby before her entrance".

Mrs, Parker left.


"Well, Mazwell, you've made it, I never thought I'd be saying this but, im truly proud of you and I wish you the best of luck".

Micheal was trying to hold back a tear of joy.

"Omg, this must be the end of the world, is Micheal Guerin actually crying, Thanks, Micheal, I have and always will consider you a brother".

Maria walked in

"Micheal, are you crazy, your sopposed to be at the front, and Max you don't want to be late for your bride to be do you".

Maria was huffing and puffing, she had been running around all day.

Max and Micheal laughed

"Well I guess this is it, Liz, I have been so proud of you, you have givin me the best days of my life. Promise that you wont forget you old dad".

Mr. Parker had a glowing smile on his face.

"I could never ever forget about you daddy"

The brides maides started down the aisle

then the little flower girl

"Here we go"

Liz had so many butterflies in her stomach, but she new she would relax when she first laid eyes on Max.

The music was beautiful, and the cenery was perfect.
It was a lovely out door wedding.

Suddenly Liz felt a sharp pain from behind her, Liz fell to the ground.

All the guests froze,....literally

Max saw Liz go down, he ran to help her, but he was cut off half way down the run way.


Max looked in shock

"Now is that anyway to great you true and only wife!"

Max felt a rage burning inside of him

"you didn't think id miss THIS did you?"

"Tess im warning you leave right now"

Micheal pelted out as he stood behind Max.

Isabelle was still at the front, she was listening to every word, and trying to get into Liz's subconcious to see if she was alright.

"Ive come with news max, you will never get rid of me, no matter how hard you try, you will be king again!"

"No, Tess, I will not have anything to do with the likes of you. Not now not ever, What did you do to Liz?"

Just then a little boy came from behing Tess, he didn't look any younger that three.

Max looked in puzzlement

"What rong Max, im surprised, I thought YOU of all people would be able to recognize your own son!!!!"