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Title:Nothing But The Blood
Disclaimer:I don't own anything,and besides you wouldn't get any money if you sued because I don't have any so,HA,on you*happy*
Summery:Oh the joys of Originized Crime.
Authors Note:
*Liz's last name is Ribisi,and she moved to Roswell NM,after her family was killed.She now lives with her aunt and uncle,the Parkers.
*Micheal and Max are brothers.Their last name is DeMarco.They were raised in New Jersey.
*The song in part 2,is Bon Jovi's/Wanted Dead Or Alive.


The car was one of theirs,deguised with a hurried but precise paint job.

The disguises were custom made,worth at least five hundred,if not more.They would be burned,custom fitted suits and all,along with anything else that could be turned into tangible states evidence,if it were ever found.

The house was their enemy’s summer spot.The perimeter was enclosed in an electrical fence,and guards passed by every few moments.Simply put,their security was tight.But they got through in less than five minuets.

Never let it be said,that no man can be brought.Especialy when you’ve worked for the same man for nearly fourty years and it’s made abundantly clear that you’re only worth minimum wage to him.

The plan was their fathers.In and out.One bullet.Make it quick and clean.In the end everyone would know who’d done it,but no one would say a word.And new loyalty’s and respect would be won.

And the responsibility?

The blood,the death,the memories,everything that would transpire in one short hour,on one not so special night,everything that for tonight would be defined as responsibility was theirs.

All theirs.

Chapter 1

The Ribisi Estate

Another loud pop echoed in the distance and seemed to vibrate against the hard marble floors and walls as the sharp sound made it’s way to his ears,and he started slightly at the sound before taking a deep breath and steadying the icy barrel of his Colt revolver at her temple.

Her hair,a soft brown,hung like a veil covering her face from view,and seemed to ripple in sync with the violent tremble that racked her body.

Their instructions had been clear.No one was supposed to walk away from this coup tonight alive.Everyone had to die.

But for a moment,one single,solitary moment,it occurred to him that maybe he could just walk away,let this stranger live,and no one would be the wiser.But even in this brief moment of doubt he knew someone would eventually discover the truth.It was enevitable,in the kind of life he lead.

Dejectedly,he noticed his hands had begun to shake again.

He’d always been different than the others.They’d allowed the life of organized crime to harden them,until they no longer gagged at the smell of blood or noticed the stain it left on your hands if it dried there.His eyes flickered briefly to his left when he heard another pop and his brothers figure passed just outside the slightly ajar bedroom door in which he stood contemplating this strangers death.

This was their first hit.The first time they’d get their hands dirty for the family,and he could already see it changing his brother.He’d grown quiet in the car when they’d finaly arrived at the large looming house,but just now he could swear it’d been his laughter he’d heard floating down the empty hallway.Maybe this night had already claimed his brothers innocence.

He shivered at the thought.If tonight had already changed his brother,than he was surely next.But he wasn’t a murderer,he couldn’t take the life of some stranger simply because she was the flesh and blood of one of his family’s mortal enemy’s.

That didn’t matter though.Orders where orders,and if they weren’t followed through someone would pay.

“15 minuets!”Max started at the sound of his bodyguard,Kyle,calling the time they had left before they had to go.”Did you finish dat bitch yet?”

Max winced at the sound of Michaels voice and turned for a moment towards the door expecting one of them to enter,then turned back to the girl when neither did.He was only mildly startled when his eyes met hers.

For a few fleeting seconds she seemed to study his face through her tears and for the first time that night he was immensely grateful for the disguises his father had arranged for them to wear.

Fresh tear tracks shined on her cheeks,he noticed as he steadied the gun on her again and cocked it trying to prepare himself to pull the trigger.

“I forgive you”she said quietly,suddenly,causing him to jerk back slightly with shock,”and God will too”

Silently he nodded,grateful that she’d stopped crying,and that she didn’t look so upset anymore,and aimed the gun once more before pulling the trigger.

The gunshot echoed down the corridor.


“It’s about fucking time”Micheal ground out,standing from the cool marble steps on which he sat,his black ski mask rolled up to just above his forehead,exposing his face”did you do it?”.

Slowly Max nodded,pulling off his own mask and tucking it in his back pocket. “dat bitch is dead,I took care of her”Max replied evenly.”Lets go home”


In the silence she sat,her breath caught just beneath the lump that had swelled in her throat,her eyes shut tightly,her body rigid and still with fear as she awaited a bullet that had yet to come.

Only her breathing seemed to echo in the large room,everywhere else it was silent.Everywhere else,everyone else was dead,she knew.

Just outside her open door,she could see her gaurd,sprawled out on the cold marble floor,a puddle of blood spreading quickly beneath his head.

Slowly,she turned her eyes to her trembling hands,studying the open palms and the backsides.

"He let you survived"she said quietly to herself,needing to assure herself of somthing she already knew,"you survived Liz".

One Year Later

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive

Bon Jovi’s brittle voice crooned from the large speakers within the black BMW 328i,with custom interior and leather seats.

Max smiled as he listened leisurely to the tune,his smile faltering briefly when they took turned sharply,and he rocked slightly against the passenger door.Numbly,as they took another sharp turn,he wondered what had possessed him to let his brother drive when less than a week before he’d wrecked his own BMW convertible driving,most likely,like he was now.

Another sharp riff was played,and he turned his attention back to the music trying to ignore his brothers humming,and the fact that they’d be there in less than two hours,and that once they were there,there’d be no turning back.

The Carouso family had gone on the run,after going states evidence against one of his fathers,’associates’.Apparently,Carouso had forgotten the price for going state was your life.

And as a sign of their fathers trust in them,he’d sent them to collect,and they had.Now all that was left to do was to lay low until everything cooled down,and the NJPD was effectively sent down another road of theories.One that didn’t lead straight to them.

Around him Bon Jovi’s voice crooned on.

I walk these streets, a loaded six string on my back
I play for keeps, 'cause I might not make it back

'Ain’t dat right',Max silently agreed.Death wasn’t an uncommon occurrence in their life,and rarely,the funerals they attended,were for someone they didn’t know.

Last week,Micheals whore,Sarah,had been killed in a drive by meant to kill him.The family had buried her quickly,no service,had payed her family to keep quiet about her association with his,and Micheal had moved on to another.In their kind of life there was no time to mourne.You barely had time to move on.So Micheal had paid his respects and then,did just that,with another.

Coutney was her name.

I been everywhere, still I'm standing tall
I've seen a million faces
And I've rocked them all

Max’s thoughts fell silent when they whizzed by a green road sign and though he barely had time to read it,he had.

In big bold white letters it read:Roswell New Mexico 100 Miles

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted dead or alive
I'm a cowboy, I got the night on my side
I'm wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive

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Chapter 2

The thin red needle trembled and inched forward, the boldly printed plain white numbers beneath it now reading his speed as a little over a hundred, but he took no notice of what he considered the trivial fact that he was breaking yet another law. He was in too much of a hurry to make his mark, to impress his father and to gain even more control in the quickly expanding organization to worry about attracting the attention of cops. Not at this point in the game.

Out the corner of his eye a white blur caught his attention and he slammed on brakes. Smirking at the barely controlled look of hostility his brother shot him, obviously not happy about being awaken by a violent jerk first forward then back, changed gears and the car shot back in reverse before coming to an abrupt halt.

A wry smile worked its way across his features, as his eyes worked their way across the signs simply phrase.

Welcome To Roswell

The tires squealed loudly, as he switched gears again and the car went from zero to sixty in six seconds.

Let the games begin he thought wickedly to himself.


“Now Lizzybelle”

A frustrated huff escaped her lips as she stomped over to where her mother sat, ignoring the crunch of freshly fallen snow beneath her boots and the stray tendrils of soft brown hair that each soft but icy breeze whipped into her face.

“Whhhaaaaaattttt?”she whined, catching a strand and tucking it behind her ear. From her spot her mother looked up at her, a slight frown creasing her berry lips before pointing to her left.

“Now” she said firmly, a hint of amusement lacing her voice as she watched her daughters lips curl up slightly as she rolled her eyes.

“I said I’d do it later” Elizabeth replied, crossing her arms defiantly over her chest, and turning, prepared to stomp away.

“No” her mothers voice came loudly but not sharply,” now young lady”

“Fine” she ground out and paused for a moment before offering quietly,” Herbert”.

Her mothers eyes flickered to the left, then back to her and a soft smile graced her features.”Perfect”she replied.

With another roll of her eyes, Elizabeth turned and starting walking away, pausing for a moment to hear her mother say,” I know you think we have all day, forever even, but when you promise yourself that, your lying to yourself sweety, and you and I both know you deserve better than that”.

The snow crunched loudly underneath her feet when she started off again and a soft smile tugged at her lips when she heard, over her shoulder, her mother approach the small snowman they’d built less than an hour before and say lightly,” welcome to the family Herbert”.

Frowning, Liz, blinked as the comforting haziness of distant memories faded away, and was replaced with the sharpness of reality. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and fresh baked cinnamon rolls filled her lungs, and she shook her head slightly before standing, hoping in vain to shake away the painful memories. A wave of despair washed over her when, like usual, the memories remained, and her lips darkened with the strong emotions that were threatening to overwhelm her. The same emotions that had plagued her for months after that day so long ago when her parents died.

Distractedly, she grabbed an empty cup from the cupboard above the sink, and turned on the tap to fill it. The glass shook violently in her hands as she lowered it to the open tap and began banging loudly against the sides of the plain, sterile,metal sink.

With a frustrated sigh, she switched off the tap and carefully sat the thick glass down on the plain black countertop beside her, and leaned forward, her fingers grasping the cool metal tightly as she tried to slow her racing heart.

Pale sunlight flooded in through the break rooms only window shifted and settled on her hand, warming her skin and bringing with it the memory of how her mother’s hair seemed to shimmer in the sunlight.

A quiet sob escaped her at that thought, and she bit down hard on her bottom lip in a futile attempt to hinder the warm tears that flooded her eyes. Another sob escaped her lips when she felt one trail slowly down her cheek and dejectedly she wiped it away before burying her face in her hands, and breathing deeply.

“I’m okay” she told herself quietly, her voice tremulous with the threat of a new wave of despair.” I’m okay”

It was a lie she knew. She wasn’t naive,and she wasn’t a fan of self-delusion or denial, but right now she needed to work and to work she needed to be okay, or at least pretend to be.

The bell above door jingled again and she plastered on a smile before grabbing her pad and heading out to take more orders.” I’m okay” she said once more to herself before putting a faux cheery pep in her step and in her voice and becoming the perfect waitress.

It was a lie she knew, but right now a lie was all she could handle.


Max hummed quietly to himself as he leaned over the passenger seat and his brother, who he’d ousted out the drivers seat almost an hour before for almost hitting a goat, and pulled open the glove compartment, sighing when 50 or 60 white cards tumbled out in response.

“Shit” he mumbled to himself leafing through the phony I.D cards, looking for one that would nearly fit his age and appearance. He’d only been 14 when he started driving, and was only 17 now but that didn’t stop him from drinking now, or driving then.

“How ‘bout dis one” his brother mumbled, plucking one of the cards from his hands, and finding his own, before tossing Max his.”Da Smiths”.

Max eyed the card hesitantly, but relaxed when he found it suited his mission. It read, State Of New York, Maxwell Smith, Date Of Birth 06/12/82,Height 5’10,Weight 150,No Driving Restrictions, Hair Brown, Eyes Hazel/Brown. He knew without looking that Michaels read, Mikeal Smith. They never hid the fact that they were brothers.

Max nodded wordlessly, sitting back in his seat and held the I.D up beside his face and studied his reflection in the mirror hanging from his visor for a moment before tucking it into his back pocket with his wallet.

Out of habit he checked the barrel of the plain black glock, a temporary replacement for his personalized magnum45, in his waistband before exiting the car. His eyes swept the entire area in two seconds and he paused, leaning back against the trunk, and waited for his brother, who was, most likely, still fiddling with the twin platinum handled magnum45’s his father had given him for his seventeenth birthday only a few months earlier. His name was inscribed in tiny letters along the barrel of each gun, and he kept them in immaculate condition. Whether because of their worth or because of the fact that they were gifts from his father,Max didn’t know.

The sound of the car door being slammed shut pulled Max from his thoughts, and he glanced over his shoulder, his eyes following his brother questioningly when he strode across the front of the car and pulled the drivers side door open.

“Not comin’ in?” he asked motioning to the small café across the street behind him, the words, Crashdown Café, in big bold green letters atop the small building.

“Nope, gonna check out da rest of dis place first. I’ll get somthin’ to eat later”Micheal replied, leaning against the top of the open door.

Max nodded” I’ll call around; try to find a place for us to hole up for da night. Don’t take all day getting’ back”

“Whatever"Micheal replied shrugging, and watched as his brother started towards the street waiting until he reached the curb to call out teasingly,”Smith.Maxwell Smith”

Smirking Max lazily turned to face him.”What?”

”Welcome to Roswell” he called chuckling,”hometown of all dose’ wayward aliens”.

“Same to you”Max called back over his shoulder, not bother to look back as he stepped out into the street.
”And lose the Jersey accent little brother” he added as an afterthought, swallowing his own accent,”your from New York now”.


The bitter taste of coffee lingered on her lips as she made her way out of the warm, bustling crowded café into the warm morning sunshine, her thoughts trailing distractedly from what she’d tell her mother about why she hadn’t come home the night before, to why she’d spent most of that night letting little Lizzy Parker cry on her shoulder about something she refused to tell her about afterwards.

An inpatient driver honked their horn when she leisurely crossed the street and refused to pick up her pace when the light turned green. The car honked again when she reached the other side and she was sure that if she’d turned to face the irate driver at all she most probably would have been greeted with an angry sneer and his middle finger. Instead she rolled her eyes and kept on walking.

Her cherry smooch slide’s clicked quietly against the warming concrete, and almost unconsciously she reached up to move the rose colored Barbados sunglasses from the crown of her head to her eyes, pausing for a moment to smooth back an arrant soft blond curl before doing so.

Growing idel, her hands began to fiddle with the thin lace tie the sat perched in the center of her chest, decorating the light blue peekaboo cami she wore, as her thoughts wondered to the strange happenings of the night before. A frown creased her full pink lips when she recalled the shock she’d felt when, just moments after ushering out the last customer and locking up the joint, she’d caught sit of the dejected look Liz wore, politely asked her what was wrong, and Liz responded by bursting into tears.

Almost an hour after that she was still trying to comfort her enough so that when she left she wouldn’t be leaving her in tears. Her attempt was in vain. Liz had cried, mumbling incoherently until almost 12:30 that night before asking Maria to stay and making up the cot the Parkers kept in their upstairs closet, for her. And Maria, despite her initial reaction of hesitation had agreed.

The next morning, this morning to be exact, Liz had awaken before her, and hadn’t bothered to say thank you when they’d bumped into each other as Maria made her way to the exit.

And right now, Maria mused, she was probably laughing it up with Pam Troy over some snotty comment made about her cloths.

Despite herself her eyes flickered to the low riding mini she was sporting. It wasn’t the classiest outfit she’d ever worn, but at least it wasn’t bordering on trashy, like the outfit she’d seen Pam in not two nights before.

Bitch,Maria thought, suddenly angry, to herself,Probaly just faked all that crying to get me to stay so she’d have something to dish about to her friends on Monda…

As quickly as the thought occurred it faded, her thoughts and concentration snagged by the black BMW 328i parked in the lot across from her little red jetta.

Maria let out a low whistle as she ran an appreciative hand over the front grille work. She was by no means a tomboy, being the girlie girl she was, but she’d learned from her father before he left, to appreciate a beautiful car. And this car, was by far, the most beautiful she’d seen in Roswell for a while. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t notice the cars occupant slide out the passenger side door and stand looking at her, his right hand on the top of the door and a disgusted look on his face. She also didn’t see him round the car quietly so that he wound up standing a few inches behind her.

Michael watched quietly, for a few more moments, before slamming his open hand down on the hood beside hers, startling her and causing her to jump. A smirk crossed his lips when she whirled around and her eyes grew wide with the realization that she was mere inches from the stranger who’s car she’d been too occupied only moments before, to notice approaching her.

“Nice car” she offered lamly, out of lack for anything else to say.

His dark eyes darted over her face, then her body quickly before locking eyes with her and replying coolly,”are you always in da habit of touching things you don’t own?”

“I…”she began but fell silent when he leaned closer to her, his eyes narrowing as he closed a few more inches between them, and said quietly, his breathing warm against her slightly parted lips,”dis”he paused and swallowed his accent, correcting it like his brother had advised before continuing,” this is private property. You do know what that means don’t you?”.

Maria’s eyes narrowed at the stranger, with a thick accent he was obviously trying to hide, and an equally thick attitude he should’ve been trying to but wasn’t.

“I was complimenting your car” she replied easily, silently finding it odd that she wasn’t as uneasy as she should’ve been about how close he was standing to her.”No need to work yourself into an uproar”.

His eyes flashed darkly before he replied,” no uproar, you’ll know one when you experience it”.

“Your not from here” she observed casualy, trying to get him to let down his guard enough that’d he’d step away and allow her some room to escape.”where’re you from?”

Michael quickly sized her up and snorted derisively.
”Who the hell are you, Marshall Dillon?”

Maria lips pursed angrily and she gave a quiet grunt when she stepped forward and pushed him back.
”Someone who’s way you should stay the fuck out of from now on” she replied.

Michael shrugged, and replied slightly amused,”Or?”

Maria glanced at him angrily and snarled,”belive me, you don’t want to know”.

“Ooohhhh,”Micheal replied teasingly,” you’ve got me shakin’ in my boots babe”.

An angry grunt escaped Maria’s lips as she whirled around on her low heels and began walking away.

“Stupid cunt”she heard him mumble under his breath and replied loudly and caustically over her shoulder,” Stupid prick”, then flipped him the bird.

Michael chuckled quietly, watching as she slid into her car before driving away. The memory of the tight blue halter she wore, the way her hips swayed, the way the mini she wore showed just enough leg and the way she looked leaning up against his brothers car stayed with him as he climbed into his own car, and thought to himself somewhat pleased, I think I’m going to like it here.


Liz looked up wearily from the counter as the ringing of the tiny bell above the door alerted her to the entrance of yet another customer, and her breath caught when their eyes locked for one brief moment before he looked away. Distractedly she pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and began nibbling on it nervously, her early morning despondency quickly fading and being replaced with the almost alien feel of giddy anticipation. Silently she wondered what his name was.

Behind her, another order was finished and called out by the cook and she glanced distractedly over her shoulder to see if it was hers, jumping startled when she turned her eyes back to the bustling dining room, and found her eyes locked with the most entrancing hazel brown eyes she’d ever seen.

Silently she cursed herself when she felt her face flush and her mouth go dry. Mutely her lips moved for a moment before she realized she wasn’t speaking and forced them to stop, her cheeks growing hot when she noticed him studying her face intently, his eyes darkening with something she couldn’t quit place.

“Hi,I’m Liz, I’ll be your waitress for today, how can I help you?” she distantly heard her self say.

His face seemed to fall for a second and something unrecognizable flickered in his eyes before his frown was replaced with a lopsided smile and he stuck out his hand in greeting.”Hi Liz” he said politely,” I’m Maxwell. Maxwell Smith, and I would like a table.”


Across the room Jeff Parker frowned as he watched his niece smile then blush at something uttered to her by this new stranger in town. A stranger he’d already decided he didn’t like. The boy was cocky. It showed in his stride.

Liz’s laughter floated across the room to his ears and he watched as she playfully slapped the stranger on his arm before turning and leading him to an empty table.

A second slipped by as he watched her take his order then hurry to the back, and Jeff’s eyes narrowed suspiciously when almost immediately after she turned away, the strangers smile faded, quickly replaced with a look of worry, as he fiddled with what looked like a flashy signet ring on his finger before slipping it off and tucking it into his pocket.

Well, he thought, his jaw tightening and his eyes narrowing even more with growing suspicion as the boys smile returned when Liz reappeared at his table, here comes trouble

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Oh and just another note:Liz changed her last name to Parker when she moved in with them.

Chapter 3
A Few Days Later

Got she was hot.And tight.He groaned and ground down harder into her body,his face tensing and his body arcing when she arched,thrusting her hips up hard to meet him.

Her nails scroared the tight sweaty skin of his back,and he bit her nipple hard,the pain and pleasure so intense it was almost overwhelming,making him grasp the moist skin of her thighs,so tightly he was sure he’d leave a bruise,and thrust harder,and wilder,more than wanting to come,needing to come.

Her damp skin slid easily beneath his open palm,as he eased his hand away from her thigh,over her tight tummy,and down between their bodies to her swollen clit,pinching it,and smiling when she tossed her head back and growled.

Another groan,another hard thrust,made his balls tighten and he knew he was close.So close.

Tiny,pearls of perspiration dotted his brow.

So close.

“Wake up”

Michaels eyes fluttered then popped open,and a deep frowned creased his lips when Max’s smiling face entered his field of vision.

“It’s time for school”Max explained when he noticed Michaels confused,slightly angry expression.

“School?”Micheal replied his brow creasing further when he glanced to his right and found his bed empty,not a blond in sight,leaving only the view of the tiny room Max had somehow managed to find and rent for them.He hated this room.He hated the two tiny beds that sat in the center of it.He hated the wall paper.

Why couldn’t Max just get a suite at da hotel,like any fucker with money and half a brain would’ve done?,Micheal thought quietly to himself.

“Yup school”Max replied lightly,hovering for a moment before making his way back to the sole dresser and mirror that sat in furthest corner of the room.

Today was Micheal,and he guessed by some degree his,first day of school….ever.Their father had always insisted on them being home schooled to prevent death threats and possible kidnappings.Also to prevent any outside influence,Max had quietly come to believe.The only playmates they’d ever been allowed to have,were carefully selected children,who’s fathers were employees of their father.So he was understandable nervous and wondered if Micheal was as well.

Behind him he heard the bed groan when Michael sat up,and pulled himself to the edge of the bed,his feet slapping quietly against the floor boards before he stood.

The quiet rush of water from the tap in the bathroom,was the only sound in the silence that had fallen between the brothers for a few fleeting moments,before the tap fell silent and Micheal spoke,his voice seeming to echo in the small bathroom where he stood.

“Tell me again,Max,why dis… thing is so necessary”

Max sighed and watched in the reflection of the mirror,as Micheal exited the bathroom and pulled on a pair of jeans he’d lain there the night before.

“School is a normal kid thing to do.And that’s what we’re tryin’ to be here Mike,normal kids”.

Michael made a face and shook his head.”dat’s bullshit,and you know it Maxwell.I’m the only one in dis room dats going to school today and your……where are you goin anyway?”

“I got a job at the school as a teachers aid.Math,since I mastered in it”.

A lopsided grin worked it’s way quickly across Micheals features before he burst out laughing,”So….so,what’s it now,Mr.DeMarco…..I mean Smith?”

Another round of laughter escaped his lips,and Max sighed,turning and leaning against the dresser in time to see Michael pull his shirt on over his head.”Funny Micheal”

Micheal shook his head and sighed disgustedly,eyeing himself quietly in the mirror for a moment before replying,”Why in da hell did I let you talk me into dis again?”

“Into what?” Max asked frowned.

“Into dis”Micheal replied,motioning to the jeans and t-shirt he wore with exasperated repugnance.”I hate dese teeny bopper cloths”.

“Come on Micheal,what would people think if you showed up for your first day of school at Roswell high,in a tailored Italian suit?”.

“Dey would’ve thought I had some great fuckin taste”Micheal replied smirking,then sighed,”atleast,if I have to wear dis shit,I got to pick it out my self,and I won’t have to grace Roswell high looking like…well…” Micheal turned his stare to Max’s amused face and finished teasingly,”you”.


Maria took her time,cutting her waffle with the side of her fork,and sighed when she saw her mother glance at the clock and frown.

“You better get a move on”Amy warned,”you don’t want to be late”.

Maria replied with silence,shifting in her chair before continuing to eat,slowly and deliberately.No what I’d really like,is not to be at all,but you would'nt know that because you wouldn't ask,she thought quietly to herself.

Ten minuets,tick-tocked by before Amy tossed down her paper and stood.”Damnit Maria,I’m leaving and if you not in that car by the time I pull out you’ll have to walk”.Her low heels clicked against the linolium,and Maria pulled a sour face when she heard the front door creek open and slam shut behind her angry mother,and sat for a moment,frozen in the silence before shrugging her shoulders,rolling her eyes,and returning her attention back to her soggy waffles.


“Remind me again why I’m doing this”

“Because other wise you’d be forced to listen to lecture upon lecture about why school is so important and why it would be such a monumental mistake for you to choose not to go,by your overprotective,overbaring,overreacting parents”Alex replied with a smirk,glancing over in time to see his best friend,Liz,sigh and smile in reply,in the passenger seat of his mustang.

The sound of uneasy shifting against the leather interior was the only sound in the lull that developed between them,before Alex offered calmly,”Unless you have a very good,undesputible reason for no longer wishing to attend Roswell High”

Liz sighed heavily and turned her eyes towards him before poking out her bottom lip and replying,”How bout,cause I don’t wanna”.

Alex grimaced and shook his head,”sorry but,nope not good enough,sorry”.

“Oh,fine,you win,but only for today”Liz huffed,jumping slightly startled when the bell sounded,and climbed from the car,”I guarantee I’ll have a better excuse for tommorow”.

Alex chuckled,then frowned when she slammed the door shut,and watched for a moment,as she plastered on a bright smile and pranced in through the double wide doors into Roswell high,before pushing his own door open,sliding out,and hurrying towards the schools front door,his step’s faltering a bit when he noticed a boy,about his age,standing by a chic black BMW and noted he’d never.Their eyes met for a moment in an intense stare before Alex hurried through the doors and turned his attention to the upcoming events of the day.


Micheal sniffed,and eyed the jerk with the leather letterman jacket and fire red mustang for a moment before turning his attention back to the car when he heard the passenger side door shut.

“Jerk”he mumbled under his breath,his opinion untempered by the fact that he didn’t even know the guy,and let his eyes flicker from his brother for a moment to watch the flood of kids pouring from school bus’s,cars,and the ones walking,jog up the concrete walkway and disappear into the building.

“Are you sure I look like a normal kid?”he asked,glancing from a passing boys cloths,to Max who had come to stand beside him.”Do you think anyone can tell I’m not?”

“You look reasonable”Max replied dusting off Micheals shoulder and walking around him slowly to further inspect his appearance,pausing abruptly when he noticed as sizable lump on Micheals side.

A heavy sigh escaped his lips when he lifted the him of Micheals shirt.”Micheal,you can’t take this in with you”,Max stated calmly and quietly,as he eyes the heavy magnum Micheal had tucked in the waistband of his jeans.

“Why the hell not?”Micheal asked slapping his hand away and fixing his shirt back to conceal the weapon.”It’s not like I brought both of em’.I only got one”

“One is enough Micheal,”Max sighed and ran his hand through his hair,glancing around them to make sure no one was around to hear,”if they find that on you,it’ll be all over the news here,then it’ll be all over the new somewhere else,and then,then,there will be no way to keep dad from finding out….”Max caught himself.Micheal didn’t know why he’d chosen this place,and if things went the way Max wanted he never would.

“There’ll be no way to keep dad from finding out”

“And he’ll be pissed”Micheal finished quietly,his eyes softening as something flickered through them that Max couldn’t quit define,and wasn’t sure he wanted to.

“Fine”he added gruffly a moment later and popped the trunk,and Max visible relaxed when he tossed the heavy weapon into it.”There are you happy now”.

“Very”Max sighed,and glanced at the school open front door when the late bell rang,and chuckled before saying over his shoulder to his brother,”Now hurry to school”.

One step,two step,three step,four…….

Didn’t there use to be a rhyme like that?,Maria thought quietly to herself,her own voice cutting into the partial nursery rhyme she’d been playing over and over again in her mind as she walked to school.Sighing,she forced herself to look up when she reached her classroom and dejectedly took a seat,jumping startled when the sound of quiet chuckling behind her stopped abruptly and was replaced with a familiar voice.

“Morning”came the snide,condescending voice and her jaw tightened painfully before she turned around to face him.

Micheal eyed her slightly amused.She looked really different then she had in his dream this morning,granted she’d been naked,and wrapped around him,in more ways then one.But different is different and she looked different in a good way.

A sly smile worked his way across his features as he watched her unease,annoyence and anger grow,and with a full fledged wicked grin he replied,”You look real different not pressed against my…………”


The idel,chatter that seemed to spew non-stop from her friends lips seemed to fade almost as soon as she saw him walk in.Pressed chino’s had never looked so good.A warm blush crept across her cheek when she realized she was staring at his crotch,and was startled to find he was staring at her when she looked up.

Standing slowly,she smoothed out her skirt,inhaled deeply,and started towards him,grimacing inwardly when she heard herself offer lamely,”hey”.

“Hey”he replied,setting his books down on the nearest desk.

“So ummmm,don’t you hate this class”she replied,alternating between kicking herself and cursing herself when he replied,”I’m…..not sure.It’s my first day”.

Liz,nodded and glanced down at her feet for a moment,to collect her thoughts,before looking up to meet his eyes again.

“So uh,I wonder where Mrs.Redrick is?”she sighed,at a loss for anything else to say,and felt her face flush when Max smiled dimpling his cheeks.

“Mrs.Redrick is out sick”he replied.

“Oh,”Liz replied,glancing quickly around the room,”I wonder when they’ll send the sub,sometimes they can be such plebes”.

“Well,I’ve considered myself a lot of things,but never a plebe”she heard Max say and turned her attention back to him slightly startled,her jaw dropping when he picked his books up and rounded the teachers desk before dropping them again with a thud.

“Morning everyone”he spoke again,with an air of authority this time,”I’m Mrs.Redricks new teacher aid,but today she is out and I’ll be subbing for her”.

And if possible,Liz’s jaw dropped lower when he turned to her,smiled and said,”Take a seat Ms.Parker,it’s time for class”


Oh and check out my new story(theone I'm about to post),titled Bedtime Stories

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roswellluver originally wrote:
This should be interesting, having everying interacting in school this way! Poor Michael, having to leave his gun outside! Thanks for writing!

Yeah,I had to have a place where they could all be and tada!!! School it was.

And I know,Poor Micheal,LOL.

Anway,yourwelcom and I'l try to get back w/more soon*happy*

marteloise originally wrote:
the school idea and max as a teacher ... good ideas ! ! !
come back soon with a new part! ! !
thanks for writing*bounce**bounce**bounce*

Thanks,since they all had to be at school,and maxs fake age was 20,I had to make him somthing other than a student.

Anyhoo,glad you liked.

And more soon.Promise*happy*
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Eraser Room originally wrote:
Oh you naughty naughty girl! Max is her teacher!

I loved her staring at is crotch. LOL I wonder if she recognized him form the cafe? She didn't seem too, but she must get a lot of patrons each day, especially from tourists. He certainly rememebered her though. LMAO when he tells her to sit down! Maybe she'll need a little extra tutoring...

Hahahahahahaha,now your talking.Extra tutoring? Of coarse she'll need extra tutoring

I love Michael trying to bring a gun in to school. Ya, no one would notice that. Nice dream. *happy* Poor Maria, I wonder what her situation is. She is obviously an outcast. Because of her financial standing? Perhaps her mom? Whatever it is, I have a feeling Michael is going to change all of that!

Hmmmmmmm,we'll see*happy*

Can't wait for the next update!

Oh, and you other fic is fantastic!!!! I hope you'll be able to keep up with both...I can be pretty demanding! *wink*

I'll update soon,for both of them.Glad you liked.Thanks for replying*happy*

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LiLEvEe originally wrote:
Max is her teacher?!? How old are they?? If you don't mind me asking of course. *wink* Thanks for writing!! Come back and update soon please??

Oh,Max isn'ther teahcer,he's her teahcers aid,and his fake age,the one on his fake ID,is 20.

Thanks for replying.Sorry for the confussion,and I'll try to post again soom.*happy*
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This chapter is dedicated to Eraser Room,who single handedly beat me into submission and made me write this chapter.I hope you enjoy*tongue**big*

Chapter 4

Principles Office

Micheal sat silent, jiggling his knee nervously, as he awaited the arrival of the principle.They’d called him out of his first period class for this and the principle wasn’t even here. The thick, irritating scent of furniture polish filled his lungs with every breath he took so he breathed as slowly ,and shallowly as possible.

The quiet tick tock of the grandfather clock that stood in the corner of the tiny crowded office, chimed quietly, alerting him to that fact that it was nine o’clock and he was now officially late for his second period class.

Pursing his lips he let out a hiss of breath, glanced at the office door then began fingering the folder that held the forged documents that outlined his school history. His record graded were high, but not too high, as he didn’t want to stand out. He’d given himself a 3.2GPA.

Sighing he eyed the papers momentarily before snapping the folder back closed. The forgeries were good and Micheals wasn’t worried, even though he was sure the school would check the records through the computer. His computer hacking skills were no match for anyone’s legitimate computer methods.

“Mikeal………Smith?” a female guidance said pocking her head into the office and studying him briefly before entering and taking the principles seat.

“I’m Mrs.Topolsky, Roswell Highs guidance councilor” she said offering her hand, only to pull it back after Micheal sniffed and ignored it, turning his attention to the offices lone window instead, and clearing her throat before continuing, ”Principle Jones, was unable to make it this morning so I’ll be sitting in for him”.

Pausing she sighed, glanced down at the files Micheal had dutifully handed over, only a second after she’d arrived. ”I see here your legal guardian is you brother, Maxwell Smith. He’s a teacher aid here isn’t he?”

Micheal nodded, not bothering to speak to reply.

“It also says your fathers incarcerated, and you mother's deceased?”

Micheal nodded again, looking away when his face warmed and turned slightly red. His and Max’s mother had died, years ago, accidentally, all the police reports had said, but he knew differently.

Distractedly, Micheal wrapped his hand tightly, around the stiff leather of the armrest at his side and stared across the office on the far wall, studying the bulleting board their and the various flyers for up-and-coming plays, and teen hotline numbers for unwanted pregnancies and other tragedies.

Despite his efforts his mind returned to his mother. She was pretty, her wavy blond hair and crystal blue eyes the envy of most of the other mobs wives in the organization. And sometimes, if she was in a good mood, she let him help her clean or bake, taking her apron and wrapping it around and around his tiny waist to insure it wouldn’t fall off. And they’d have fun, his mother mixing her batter and dancing and singing softly in tune with the music, until his father came home and she sent him up to his room, patting him lightly on the bottom, handing him the mixing spoon and telling him quietly that she’d be up with a muffin later just for him. And he’d close the door, waiting quietly for her, and trying in vain not to hear his fathers angry voice, or his mothers crying.

Across from him, the councilor fell silent, the sudden quiet pulling him from his thoughts, and he realized she was waiting for his answer. Glancing up at her face he answer evenly, if not a little distractedly, ”sure, I’ll take P.E over shop”

Outside the bell rang and the hall filled with students.


Room 204

Watching the class empty itself, Max sighed and began stuffing his papers back into his open briefcase. He’d always hated other kids his age, and had forgotten why until today. His frown turned down into a frown as he recalled some of the muffled jabs some of his ‘students’ had shot at him during the class.

“Ma…um Mr.Smith?”

Max looked up her softly spoken question pulling him from his thoughts.”Yes”he replied, setting down the folders in his hands and leaning against the side of the desk.

“I uh, I just wanted to say, you should just ignore Tommy and Jeff, they like to, you know, bother the subs, but they’ll probably be over what ever crawled up their as……what ever’s bothering them tomorrow and probably won’t say a word to you”.

Nodding Max smiled and replied with a quiet thanks before returning to replacing the files back in his briefcase, pausing again when she stopped at the door and stated nervously, studying her fingernails to hide her discomfort, ”I uh, I also wanted to say you’re not a plebe, and I um….”

She hesitated and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and max briefly wondered how soft that hair would feel beneath his fingertips, before her voice once against pulled him from his thoughts.

“I think I’ll really enjoy having you” she continued quietly, a soft smile puckering her lips and Max smirked when her eyes went wide as if she’d just realized what she’d said and she added, her voice high and tight, before bolting out the door, ”as a teacher…I’ll enjoy having you as a teacher”.


Micheal strolled lazily down the hallway, a frown tugging down the corner of his lips, making the fact that he was highly disgruntled, obvious. The stupid school councilor had assigned him a ‘first day friend’, named Brad to show him around, and the first class geek had already begun getting on his nerves. He’d been far to delighted to show Micheal where all the water fountains, boy’s restrooms, and emergency fire exits were, and had laughed a little too loudly and nervously when Micheal replied that that was good to know for when he finally got around to burning the school down. And they still had another half-an-hour to waste before fourth period began. Plus there were other places in the school he wanted to explore on his own.

Sighing, Micheal lay a hand on the dweebs shoulder and directed him roughly down a dark deserted hallway, glancing around discretely before shoving him up against the wall.

“Get lost kid” Micheal directed, purposely letting his thick New Jersey accent slip to frighten the nerd.

“But…but….Mrs.Topolsky said to show you around” Brad sputtered, looking away because he was too frightened to look the new kid in the eye.

“Listen Brad,”Micheal sneered, grabbing Brads chin tightly, and forcing his head up so that they were eye to eye, ”Pay attention”.

Brad visible relaxed when Micheal released his chin, and his eyes followed his movement as Micheal pulled out his wallet, flipped it open, and pulled out a crisp clean hundred dollar bill, then waved it in his face. “You have two choices” he stated calmly. “Take the money, thank me profusely then get the hell outta here or, spend the rest of your life on a feeding tube. Which will it be?” he asked stepping back and cracking his knuckles loudly for effect.

Brad hesitated for a second, then grabbed the bill saying in a high pitched broken frantic voice, ”thank you thank you thank you”, before taking off down the empty corridor and rounding the corner they’d just rounded, at break neck speed.

Micheal held his breath for a moment, listening as the sound of Brads sneakers vanished down the other hallway,before starting in the other direction.

“Now” he said quietly to himself, casually glancing around, “where’s the file room”.


Teachers Lounge/Mens Restroom

Max shivered slightly before splashing his face with the second and last handful of icy water, he’d filled his hands with upon his arrival to the restroom in the teachers lounge.

“You’re a teacher, or a teachers aide for now anyway, and she’s a student.You can’t do this, you can’t, it’s wrong, wrong, wrong” Max spoke quietly to himself as he eyes his reflection of the mirror, before pulling back and grabbing a handful of paper towels to dry his face.

God I bet she smells good, he thought quietly to himself before, his mouth dropped open at the realization of what he’d just thought, and he shook his head trying to vanquish any other thought like that , that might still loom in his mind. ”Wrong” he muttered quietly to himself again, cursing himself quietly when he felt his stomach drop and his groin swell at the thought of how soft her skin felt.

Breathing deeply he concentrated on calming his body and cursed again out loud when he opened his eyes, and saw that the prominent bulge in the front of his pants remained.

Pulling on his tie nervously, he glanced over at the empty stall furthest to the back of the men’s restroom, knowing any relief he found would probably be in there.

“No” he chastised himself, and glanced down at his wrist watch, noting quietly that he only had fifteen minuets before he had to chaperon a cafeteria full of hungry teens, and that there was no way he could or would go in the predicament he was in.

Closing his eyes again, he tried in vain once more to calm his body and sighed exasperatedly when he opened his eyes and found for the second time that it hadn’t worked.

Chewing his lip nervously, he glanced at his pants, then at his watch, then at the stall, growling when he was pushed to finally make a decision.

13 minuets, he thought quietly to himself as he hurried into the stall, Eh,I can go fast when I have too.



Micheal shifted uneasily in front of his locker, watching out the corner of his eyes as students with lockers on both sides of them, came and went, quickly opening their locker, tossing books in or taking them out with ease, before leaving, while he, on the other hand, stood pretending to be deep in thought over something other than opening his locker.

He’d never had a locker, and had never experienced opening a combination lock, and couldn’t figure out how to open it. He’d kept twirling the numbers around and around and around until he’d given up to no avail, until he’d given up and began wishing he’d brought his gun, cause then he could just shoot the damn lock off. But he hadn’t, thanks to Max and now he was stuck here, scowling angrily at a lock that refused to open.

Sighing frustrated, he dropped his new books, with a thud at his feet, and began banning on his locker, stopping almost immediately when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

The gawky, rail thin teen with dark hair, didn’t flinch when Micheal spun around, his face a mask of frustrated rage. Distractedly Micheal noted,that he’d seen him earlier that day but almost didn’t recognize him without his letterman jacket on.

“They don’t usually respond the violence” he chimed, chuckling, then pointed to the locker, ”Can I give it a try?”

Micheal eyed the boy with irritation, but held his tongue, and nodded, reciting his combination ands watching closely as the boy turned the lock back and forth.

“There” he smiled triumphantly, taking a step back and watching as Micheal tossed his books inside before asking a moment later, ”are you new here?”

“Yeah” Micheal admitted quietly.

“Well why don’t you join me and my friends for lunch? We can show you what’s edible and what’s not?” the teen replied lightly.

“Sure” he replied gruffly after a few moments, stuffing his hands into his jean pockets, and following when the boy began to walk away.

“So what’s your name?” the boy asked as they rounded a corner, walking into the hall that led to the cafeteria.

“Mikeal Smith” he replied then asked before they stepped into the cafeteria through it’s wide double doors, ”what’s yours?”

“Alex” he replied, lightly, ”Alex Whitman”.


Okay question.I realized a few weeks ago that I never said wether or not max and the rest of them were aliens,but I also realized that a major part of the story relys on thembeing alines.So should I just go ahead and make them aliens or should I just change that part of the story even though it means having to change the everything from the middle of the story to the end?

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Thanks for writing!!

Youe welcome.And thank you for replying,both this time and last time.I forgot to put that at the top sorry.Anywhoo I'm glad you liked,and I'll be sure to post moreagain soon*big*
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OMG,I promiseI'll update soon.

I'm realy trying bu my mom did somthing to my disk and I lost the freaking chapter and w/ my midterms, which happen to be today,I just havn't had the time, but today is my last day,sinice I don't think I'll be taking summer classes so I'll have time starting today to re-write the chap.

Sorry again.*sad*
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Hmmmmmmmm, I was sooooooo tempted to dedicate this to Eraser Room again, but as she said last time dedicating this to her would just renfource her bad behavior so...

Nah,I'm just kidding.

This chapter is dedicated to Eraser Room and LiLEvEe, because they took their precious time to beat the hell out of me to get this chapter, and it feels so good to know someone still cares.*tongue*

Anyway,onto the story*happy*

Chapter 5

Room 107/ Modern Literature

“Look at me bitch! Look at me!”

Quietly the handcrafted grandfather clock that stood just inside the entryway chimed, announcing that it was now ten after seven.

Dinner at the DeMarco household was a lavish, strictly appointed affair, the first coarse always being served at 7 sharp, but the DeMarcos argued on, to consumed with their fight to notice the time.

The harsh sound of a slap crept through the thick cherry wood swinging kitchen door and echoed down the short hallway to the DeMarco estate dining room, causing one of the two boys who sat alone waiting at the table, to jump startled and turn a worried stare on the silently swinging door.

A palpable tension radiated throughout the house, having arrived when she did and lingering long after she’d retired to her quarters, and it’d be a lie to say that he hadn’t been relieved when she did. But his father had barely seemed to noticed, and it had seemed that during the approaching evening her absence had angered him even more.

Nervously, one of his hands snuck up, from where they were folded on his lap, to fiddle with one of the sterling silver dining utensils that one of the maids had placed there before his or his brother’s arrival at the table.

His brother sat across from him, in his usual place at his mothers left, his head bowed and his eyes seemingly focused on the lavish center piece the florist had brought by earlier in the evening. The vibrant green apples reflecting ever so slightly in his light blue gray eyes.

He’d been angry when his mother had arrived home but he hadn’t been able to tell exactly what his brother had been. He certainly hadn’t acted angry when she’d pulled him into a hesitant hug.

A sudden cry from the kitchen shattered the slice and caught his attention his eyes flying directly in it’s direction.

Quietly he nibbled his bottom lip as he awaited the sound of his mothers weeping, which had become a normal part of his parents ‘discussions’ a few months before she’d been sent away.

Reflexively his hand tightened around the edge of the fine bone china they’d inevitable be served dinner on, and felt his face flush with anger when he felt warm tears brim his eyes.

He admittedly disliked his mother, to the point that in some circumstances it could be considered hate, and he couldn’t understand why her tears brought his own.

Like his father had told him once, she definitely wasn’t worth crying over.

The sound of distant hurried footsteps echoed down the hallway into his now empty classroom and Max blinked, pulled from his thoughts by the noise and paused, studying his open upturned palms for a moment before returning his attention to packing his briefcase.


Crashdown Cafe

“You know you’re my last customer for the day.”

“Mind if I sit. My feet are kicking my ass right now” Liz added lightly a few minuets later when her first remarked failed to get any response from the young man who now sat across from her.

He looked her age, maybe a year or a few months younger than her, and something about him striked her as familiar, though she’d never seen him before.

“Whatever”, his gruff reply pulled her from her thought and she plopped down, trying to not show an of the unease at how hard he was staring at her. “Take a seat, if dats’ what you want”

“You’ve got an accent. Sounds like New York or maybe…..Jersey? You from there?”

Mikey the chronic fuck-up.

Micheal froze, a French fry hovering near his mouth. Fuck. I’ve gotta be more careful. Can’t relax for a second or I might slip up.

“Nah…um….I just failed my speech class” he offered lamely and sighed grateful when she nodded and changed the subject.

“New here?” she questioned, her body relaxing slightly when he turned his eyes away from her back to his plate.

“Yeah” he answered, frowning deeply for a second before his face returned to neutral, like it’d been when she’d first spoken to him.

“So” she sighed, stretching her legs out under the table and propping her feet up beside his legs, ”how’d you like R.H?”

“Roswell High” she explained a few moments later at his questioning gaze.

“Hated it” he replied then muttered quietly under his breath, “piece of shit school”.

Amused, Liz arched her eyebrows and smirked. ”For a piece of shit it can be pretty fun if you let it be”, she replied, and chuckled lightly when she a momentary flicker of panic flit across his face, and offered her hand. “ Elizabeth Parker, but you can call me Liz”.

Oh, Whitman’s MIA friend, Micheal thought studying her more closely for a moment. He hadn’t gotten to meet her at lunch cause she’d been….wherever she’d been, but he was glad he was now.

Something about her seems so…….familiar.

“Mikeal Smith” he replied taking it, and sitting back when she did.

“So your Ma…um Mr.Smiths son?” she asked after a few quiet moments and was utterly surprised when he tossed his head back and laughed, his laughter echoing through the deserted café.


“His son? Uh…yeah, he had me when he was like…….two. How old do you think he is?” Micheal replied and held his stomach when another round of laughter erupted from his throat.

“Nah….”he finally forced out, his boisterous laughter dying down to a quiet chuckle, “I’m his brother..”

“Oh” Liz blushed feeling almost embarrassed at her own assumption. But the feeling was fleeting, as it was quickly replaced with something that almost bordered on hope.

“So you guys um…your staying here right?”

“Yeah” Micheal replied distractedly, his voice quiet as if at some point during their second long conversation lull his mind had become distracted and was now focused entirely on something else.

“Thanks for the fries” he added, standing abruptly a moment later and reaching in his pocket to pull out a couple of bills and toss them on the table.

“Bye” he called over his shoulder as he hurried up the steps, but Liz barely noticed. A soft smile playing over her lips as it occurred to her how close she’d be to Max, and how easy it’d be for her to accidentally slip in, with a problem from school or whatever else she could come up with, while he was in the shower.


DeLuca Household

“Fuck you then. Stupid bitch”

Maria’s keys jingled quietly in her hand for a moment, as she stood motionless in her front door, silent, having caught and held her breath so she could hear if she’d actual heard what she thought she did or if her mind was playing tricks on her.


Finally, she stepped inside and closed the door, as quietly as she could, then pulled off her jacket, laid it across on one of the kitchen chairs and tossed her keys onto the counter top.

Pulling open the refrigerator door she leaned in for a moment, before groaning and standing back up, a half a carton of spoiled milk in her hand.

Grimacing she tossed it in the trash set out on a search for a coupon to order out.

Her mom had neglected to go grocery shopping again.

Pulling a stack of coupons out the tiny drawer just beside the stove she picked up the phone and paused before dialing to make her mother wanted pizza as well.

Her lips were still parted, the word mom right on the edge of her tongue when she heard the unmistakable sound of work boots thudding down the hallway.

Pushing away from the counter she hesitantly exited the kitchen rounded the corner and started down the hall, stopping when her mothers bedroom door flew open, slamming into the wall behind it and a stranger just another man her mother had managed to pick up someone came barreling out.

“Fine! Go! Who needs you anyway!” her mother, clad only in an oversized t-shirt shouted behind him and Maria stumbled back, until her back touched the wall, when he whirled around, and told her mother in so many words, to go fuck herself. Caustically her mother replied, cursing him back loudly, neither seeming to take any notice to the teenage girl who virtually stood between them, her back pressed to the wall, and her green eyes wide and watching.

And neither of them noticed her body relax when the stranger finally turned and headed angrily towards the front door, and angry scowl on his face.

It wasn’t until Maria heard the front door slam behind him that she realized she hadn’t been breathing. That she’d been holding her breath, waiting for something bad to happen. Because something bad always happened.

Filling her lungs with a shuddering breath she stared at the door for amoment before turning to look at her mother who still stood in her bedroom door watching her, somewhat crossly.

“What do you want?” she asked harshly, her top lip curling up slightly nd maria winced at her tone.

“I just wanted to know if you wanted…”

The sound of the bedroom door slamming shut before her mother echoed down the now quiet hallway.

“….pizza or not”.

Maria stood staring at the closed door for a moment, distantly wondering why she didn’t feel sadder about how obviously it had become for her mother to ignore her, before turning and heading back for the kitchen.

She was more hungry than sad anyway.


Crashdown Café/Residential Apartment 1

His hands where shaking by the time he’d closed and locked the door behind himself and he took a deep breath before tossing himself in bed, trying in vain to slow his racing heart.

A frown tugged as his lips as he shifted his face against the pillow, grunting angrily when the sole thought that had taken up residence in his mind refused to stop it’s incessant whispered chanting.

Punching his pillow then smashing it to his chest he closed his eyes and after a few minuets forced himself to sleep, his fathers disgusted voice still ringing clearly in his mind.

My little Mikey. The common street hood. Who’d ever believe you were mine?
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LiLEvEe originally wrote:
Thanks for the update and thanks for writing!!!

Your welcome.Sorry it took so long.I'll try to update sooner next time.

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A/N:Okay, I know, I know, this took FOREVER but honestly,I had a problem. I wanted to get into Max and Lizs story but not to quickly,but that proved impossible.

You see the story was like a huge bolder on the very top of a hill and I couldn't write cause I was to busy trying to figure out a way to get it down slowly. But alas, I realized, the only way to do it, WAS TO JUST DO IT. So I pushed it(the metaphorical bolder) fully aware of the speed the story would now be going and this chapter is the result.

Hope you like*happy*

Chapter 6

August 29. Journal entry number 12. I’m Liz Parker and I’ve got a plan.


Low whistles and leers followed down the narrow hallway, and puckering her lips, she gave a group of boys a teasing smirk, and continued down the hall, neither basking or ignoring the catcalls her tight black low rider jeans and tantalizingly short cold shoulder shirt she wore got for her. Cat calls were cat calls, nothing more, and she didn’t have a second to spare on something so trivial, her mind was on something else. Still smirking she trailed the very tip of her tongue across her pouty pink lips, as her thoughts wondered to the more naughty thoughts that seemed to occupy her mind these days. Something else? No, her eyebrow quirked, as she turned to eye room 107, Someone else to be exact.


One devised purely out of need to solve my dilemma. You see I’ve got a problem.

A 5ft 9, brunette, browned eyed, dimpled, body like a god, problem. And I intended to solve it.


The bell rang and she waited a second, poised just outside the door, waiting until every chair had filled, before sashaying, her hips swaying lazily, inside. She was last to enter, she knew, so he’d have to look up, to glance up from that damn teachers manual that he had those intoxicating brown eyes steadied on, to see who dared to enter his class last.

Starting towards her seat, she smiled when she felt his warm gaze settled on her, as she took her seat.

You got em’ hooked, she thought quietly to himself, her smile broadening when she saw his eyed widen and flicker over the tight shirt she wore and linger on her flat abdomen and the tiny diamond navel ring, for a moment, before he swallowed hard and redirected his gaze to hers. All that’s left, is to reel him in.


My problems got a great smile, and an addictive laugh, and it quirks it’s eyebrow in the cutest way just before it laughs. My problem is the kind of problem that’s leaves your body humming with just a touch.

My problems available, I get to see it every day, and it’s not to discrete with it’s stares.

Whats a girl to do?

The bell rang, cutting him off mid-sentence and the class began to clear quickly. “Remember you assignments are due next Tuesday and it’s worth a grade”.

Sighing Max watched as the last student scurried out the door, and slumped back into the desk chair, rubbing his throbbing temples slowly before a quiet cough caught his attention.

Jumping, slightly startled, he jumped and sat up, his body warming when he was greeted with a smirking Elizabeth Parker perched atop her desk, her legs swinging freely over the floor as she stared at him intently, in a way that made him think that maybe he should be blushing right now.

But he didn’t. Blushing was not expectable for teachers especially when said blush was brought on by an intense stare from a student and/or good friend of your brothers.

Max felt a momentary rush of jealously as he recalled the many nights he’d gone home, to the crash down, only to find Micheal and Liz stretched across his bed, books tossed everywhere, the music blaring, in a fit of laugher that left their faces red. Alec was there sometimes, rarely, but he’d come to the conclusion yesterday when he’d found her and Micheal fast asleep on the apartment floor that it wasn’t Alex he was jealous got to spend so much time with Liz, got to laugh with her, it was his very own brother.

But then, there was also guilt to keep him in line. Her face from that night was still burned onto his brain and into his eyelids so that he saw it every time he closed his eyes.

Clearing his throat he stood, and rounded his desk. ”Liz? Can I help you?”

Chuckling softly she jumped down from the desk and sauntered towards him, ”Actually there is something you can help me with. I finished my paper early and I was wondering if maybe I could run it by you”.

“Sure” Max replied.

“Good. I decided to do a short thermo on the relationship between Lancelot and Guenevere”.


“My theory is that it wasn’t love that brought the two together at all”.


“No. It was lust. Guenevere was the property of the most powerful man in Camelot. She belonged to the king. She was off limits to everyone, even King Authors most trusted knight. She was, put simply, forbidden fruit”

Max nodded his mouth suddenly going dry.

“That’s what I believe drew Lancelot to her. The allure of the forbidden. She was what he couldn’t have. Until he did. And he became intoxicated by it. Addicted”.

Max’s breath caught in his throat when he realized that she had moved from her stance by the front row desks, and now stood only inches from him. Close enough that he could smell the berry lip gloss she wore.

Briefly he wondered if it tasted as sweet as it smelled.

Blinking he forced his eyes back to hers.

“Do you agree?”


She smiled, as smiled that thrilled his heart and made his face flush. ”Do you agree with my theory?”

Max nodded mutely not trusting himself to speak and distantly wondered if maybe taking a step back away from the warmth that radiated off her body would be the right thing to do.

“Except” he spoke suddenly, surprised by how quiet his voice sounded how thick, and how his fingers almost itched to reach out and touch her. ”Except, question is, was Lancelot’s ‘addiction’ really worth everything he lost because of it?”

“Absolutely” she answered, and Max realized she spoke in a breathy whisper when he felt her warm breath flutter across his lips, “especially if it’s a damn good one”.

Before he knew his lips were pressed against hers, crushed against her soft pink lips, bruising, begging silently for something he wasn’t sure she wanted.

The distantly sound of footfalls snapped him back into reality and he jerked back, away from those lips he already wanted to taste again.

“We cant…….this isn’t…..this is wrong and it can’t happen again. Ever again”.

His eyes found hers as he awaited her reply, noting that she didn’t look the least bit upset.

In fact a smile played across her lips when she opened her mouth to speak but a sharp knock came at the door silencing her instead.

“Liz you ready?” Micheal asked poking his head inside. ”Max”

“Micheal” Max mumbled in reply to his brothers greeting.

“So. Liz?”

“Coming” she sighed lightly, playfully rolling her eyes as she gathered her books and jogged to the door. “God Micheal have you no patience?”.

“Nope” came his reply as the door closed behind the two.

Distantly he heard their laughter, no doubt from some joke shared just between the two, his brother and his own twisted version of forbidden fruit, Liz.

Wrong, he quietly reminded himself as he set about getting ready fro his next class. Licking his lips, he noted quietly at how good off limits Liz Parker tasted, and couldn’t help but want more.


The only thing she can. Offer him what he thinks he can’t have, and give it to him if he wants it.

Sounds horrible I know but it’s the truth.

I’ve only just offered Max the apple, it’s up to him to take a bite.


Closing her journal Liz smiled, and glanced at the door when she heard approaching footsteps just into to see Max pause outside her open door for just a moment, his eyes locking with her before he turned to walk away, his fingertips touching his lips every so gently as he did.

Smiling brightly she laid back on her bed.

At this point, it wouldn’t be long before they both got a taste.

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OMG,I am SOOOOOO STUPID. I totaly forgot to put at the begining of the chapter that they, Micheal and Max just rent a room from the Parkers above The Crashdown.

The way the rooms work is that they're one room apartments, except for Liz's aunt and uncles apartment which is a Full apartment, meaning it has a kitchen a guest room and all.

Liz has her own room right next door to her aunts and uncles apartment, and Max's and Micheals room is on the other side of her aunts and uncles apartment.

Max and Micheal also have a one room apartment, meaning no stove no nothing except two beds and a bathroom. They eat out.

I also forgot to say that I'd changed Max's class from Math to Lit because I don't detest lit as much as I do math.

Plus I can have much more fun with it than math, I mean when has a mathelmatical equation ever been hot and/or steamy.LOL

I'm so sorry for the confusion, and the relationship between everyone will be explained next chapter.

Sorry again.


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A/N:Isabel is introduced next chapter and Jim andKyle Valenti are in this story, they'll just be introduced a little later in it.

Chapter 7/


Her head throbbed, her heart raced, she was now thirty minuets late. Rolling unto her side, she burrowed down deeper into the confines of her soft down blanket.

Momentarily, her stomach rolled and clenched and she thought she might vomit, until she shut her eyes and held her breath until it passed. Damn hangover……no, damn Mikeal, she thought quietly to herself. It was after all his fault she was in this position. His fault for being so damn persuasive and that liquors fault for being so damn appealing.

Licking her lips, she let her eyes flutter back open and she settled her gaze on her bedroom door.

She read the red blaring numbers to herself, when she heard the sound of footsteps approaching her door, and for a moment, thought it might open, though her mother might poke her head in, worried about her only daughter, until she heard the footsteps pass the door and disappear into the bathroom.

It was now 9:55 and just like she’d assumed, her mother had yet to notice her presence at all.


“You know Parker…..uh……um, Elizabeth Parker right?”

“Yeah…what about her?”

“…..nothing, really. I just……I noticed you guys hang out. A lot”


“So, is there….are you…is there something going on between the two of you”.


“Like….like are you…….do you love her?”

He’d walked off laughing at that point. Just walked away, his head thrown back, his face bordering on turning red. Just walked away, leaving his question unanswered.

Granted there were other things, more important things he could’ve asked him first thing this morning, like, where the hell he was the night before that kept him out till two in the morning, or if he’d made sure to call and check in with their father, but no, those words were the very first ones out of his mouth. No good morning, no nothing, just that.

Lost in thought, a deep frown creasing the corners of his mouth and wrinkling his forehead, he jumped startled when the bell rang and blinked slowly, ran his hands over his face and pulled a deep breath into his lungs before standing and finding his place in front of the class.

“Morning class, find your books and turn……..”

His voice trailed off, replaced with the admiring whistles of the few boys bold enough to do so in his class, and let his eyes drift to the door, where they were staring wide eyed and grinning like fools, and felt his jaw drop.

A deep blue jean skirt that stopped mid-calf hugged her hips, with a slit just high enough to make his mind wander to what was underneath that had stopped it where it had.

But it was the shirt, that made his eyes widen, darken and linger for a just a moment to long.

Lacy and light pink, like her lips, it was cut low, her cleavage swelling just above the lacy hem just enough to make him wonder just how soft her skin there was, and his crotch swell just enough to embarrass himself had he not linked his hands and dropped them in front his zipper. One thin strap slipped from her shoulder and she glanced at him, licking her lips before lazily pushing it back up.

A breath shuddered from his lungs and he cleared his throat, hurrying around his desk to take a seat.

“Turn…turn to um…page fif” he stammered suddenly unable to remember the page number he’d made his lesson plan around.

“Forty-five” a girl in the front row offered quietly, and he nodded gratefully, flipping his book to that page.

“Page forty-five”

Despite his best efforts his eyes drifted back to her, to the hand she had trailing lazily along her collar bone, to the soft strands of hair that brushed her cheek before she reached up and tucked it behind her ear.

Her eyes met his and he looked away, the straining bulge behind his zipper almost painful now.

Biting down hard on his lip and forced himself to start the lesson, quietly aware, of the long, hard, day ahead of him.


Across the gym, Coach bitch-myster aka Coach Haynes blew her whistle and Micheal grabbed his head and groaned. That fact that he had school, let alone gym the next day, had completely slipped his mind the night before during his trip down Heineken Lane with Maria Deluca. Well, honestly, six Heinekens, three jello shots, three plain shiver shots and what he was pretty sure was a bottle of rum, lane.

And not once had the thought of school crossed his mind. He’d been too busy drowning out his fathers voice.

The bastards more than 2000 miles away and he’s still fucking with my head, Micheal thought bitterly to himself, swiftly averting his thoughts to the stupid conversation his brother had tried to engage him in first thing that morning.

“Are you in love with her?”

After a moment his laughter faded to a groan, when his throbbing head-ache made itself known.

“Are you okay man? You look like hell?”

Laughter followed, and his lip curled up and he shot a disgusted look at the boy who stood catching his breath beside him. ”I’m fine Alex, but you……..”.

The bitchmyster blew her whistle again cutting him off and he sighed before jogging slowly over to his team.

He and Alex shared this period of gym and where on opposing teams today, much to his dismay.

He’d never played basketball before and had been counting on just following Alex’s lead, until their coach split them up, leaving him with no alternative but mimic his teammates moves. Which he soon found, he was also no good at, along with his hot shot teammates who decided to torture him by passing the ball to him constantly and laughing when he missed a basket.

After a moment, of running back and forth he grew winded and stumbled, landing solidly on all fours as the ball bounced and rolled off towards the bleachers. And just to prove his foray into liquor had landed him in hell, his stomach clenched and he promptly threw up his meager breakfast all over the floor.

“Man, are you okay?” Alex called, dropping the ball and running to his side. “Are you okay?” he asked again quietly, once he had, and placed a comforting hand on his back, while the other basketball players sniggered and made vomiting noises and jokes.

“No” Micheal groaned, staggering to his feet with his hand on his head. Fucking hangover, he thought.

“What’s going on here?” the Gym teacher called the smell of vomit and sound of laughing finally pulling her from an intense affair between her and a brownie.

“He’s not feeling well” Alex explained.

“Then go with him to the locker room, help him change and walk him to the nurses office” she instructed. “And you” she whirled around to point a fat finger at the other boys, “forty laps around the gym, that’ll teach you to laugh at somebody”.

Their groans echoed over their shoulder until they reached the locker room and let the door slide closed behind themselves.

Groaning again, Micheal shuffled to his locker, and pulled out a change of cloths. ”Are you sure your okay? Do you need to go home? I could go get you brother”.

“No” Micheal replied, with a low gravely voice, as he shook his head, “I’m gonna clean up and get outta here”. Sighing again, heavily, he pulled off his shirt and Alex gasped inwardly when he saw the dull, angry, scars on Micheals back and chest. To stunned to say anything he was silent as Micheal brushed past him to hit the showers.

Still silent, he took a seat, his mind wandering to the scars that littered his friends body as he began untying his shoes. Some of them were round, angry, red raised marks that resembled bullet wounds. Not that he’d ever really seen any in real life, just on TV. And the other, was a long jagged scar, that started at his collarbone and disappeared into his gym shorts.

Frowning Alex wondered where he’d got these scars, what had happened to him, and why they didn’t seem to bother him at all.

While he was thinking, Micheal returned and tapped him on the shoulder, jarring him from his thoughts after he’d dressed.

“Okay?” he questioned, looking down at him with a frown. Blinking blankly Alex nodded, and motioned to the street cloths he’d changed back into. “Going somewhere?”

Hoisting his backpack unto his shoulder Micheal nodded and started for the door, pausing when he reached threshold.

“You know what Alex” he stated simply, turning back to face him,”get dressed. We’re getting outta here”.

Thirty Minuets Later / Outside The Palace Theaters

“I dunno about you, but I need to work off some aggression” advised Micheal as he and Alex stood in line waiting to purchase tickets for a movie. “Two For Death Rebels” he chimed, when they did, his smile fading when the ticket seller eyes him hesitantly, no doubt trying to decide whether she should give him the tickets to this NC-17 movie or call the cops as both the boys were obviously underage and cutting school.

“I’m not……..sure” the ticket seller sighed.

“I know it’s NC-17, here’s our I.D’s” Micheal snarled slapping a hundred dollar bill on the counter, “just gimme the damn tickets”.

Decision made the ticket seller quickly handed him to tickets.

”Here”, he smirked he turning to Alex and handing him his, “My treat”.

“I don’t know” Alec replied, hesitantly taking the ticket, “One more suspension and the principle’ll have enough to kick my as out of Roswell High”.

“You worry to much” Micheal sniffed as he headed for concessions, “I got it under control. The teachers can report you till they cum but if there’s no proof they got nothing”.

“And?” Alex sighed.

“And they got nothing” Micheal replied, buying two cokes and two popcorns and handing one of each to him, “Trust me. I got it all under control”.

Unzipping Max turned his eyes to the pale green tiles above the urinal and hummed quietly trying to relax himself enough to take a piss and leave. The bell had rung,it was lunch and he was hungry.

Still humming quietly to himself, he heard the door creak open behind him and fell silent when he heard the tale tell click of heels instead of loafers like most of the male teachers wore.

‘Um hel…..”he began but was silenced by the feel of fingers wrapping around his cock. In an instant he recognized her perfume and was so hard it almost hurt.


“Shhhhhhhhh” she whispered against his ear, her hand beginning to work him slowly.

“But..” he began again and cursed himself when his words faded into a deep groan.

This is wrong. W-R-O-N-G wrong. Say something. Make her stop. You could lose your job………fuck that, you could loose your cover.

But by the time he opened his mouth to speak, he was already coming, hard, into the urinal before him, and she was pulling away.

His body trembled, shook with aftershocks of what she’d done and he knew if he turned she be smiling, no smirking at him triumphantly, because she’d just one-uped him again in this little game.

“Liz” he sighed finally, “we CANT do this again. I could loose my job and…AND get in a lot of trouble. You’re a nice girl, but I CAN’T let this happen ever again”.

He finished quietly and turned to face her, not surprised at all to find her still smiling.

“ Hmmmmmmm” she sighed thoughtfully, her hand lazily stroking her chin as she studied his face, her eyelashes fluttering against her cheek as she took a step towards him.

“Ever Liz” he reiterated stepping back until his back bumped into the urinal, “This can’t ever happen again”.

“Really” she sighed, her eyebrow arching amused before she quickly stepped forward grabbed his zipper and zipped him up. ”We’ll see” came her breathy whisper against his lips before she turned and sashayed away.

For a moment he stood frozen, his eyes on the door before he blinked, looked down and cursed himself for being so weak. He was hard again.


Outside, Liz sighed, checked her watched and headed for the cafateria, a bright smile lighting up her face.

Soon he won’t be able to hold back much longer, she though silently to herself with a self satisfied smirk, Not if I can help it.


The two boys squinted in the bright sunlight after their excursion to the movies. “Man that was great” Alex stated almost awed beside him, ”did you see those graphics”.

“Graphics?” Micheal sniffed, pulling off his shirt, leaving only a plain white 'T' behind, “did you see da tits on those chicks?”

His eyes widening slightly Alex nodded and chuckled along with Micheal, loudly as they headed for his car.

“Man and dey looked real too…..” Micheal continued brightly, “The last time I saw a pair of tits like that I was…….”

“Well if it isn’t some inbred Roswell High pussy”

Both Micheal and Alex stopped and whirled around to face the direction the sneer came from, and found themselves facing a group of five boys. Roswell East Football players, Micheal realized from the letterman jackets they wore, Current enemies of Roswell High.

Good thing Alex decided to wear his letterman jacket, he added sarcastically a moment later.

Sniffing again, Micheal tossed down his drink and tensed his body, as he sensed a fight was about to ensue and he and Alex were severely outnumbered.

“Nothing to say pussy?” one of them asked, stepping up and shoving Alex back.

“I wouldn’t do dat again if I was you” Micheal stated calmly, his voice low and heavy with his Jersey accent. Sauntering to his car he laid down his keys and leaned back on the hood.

Confusion flickered momentarily between the boys, even Alex, before the other group grew angry at Micheals nonchalance.

“Yeah?” one of the boys asked, “well, tell you what, when we’re finished kicking his ass, we’re gonna kick yours”.

“Think so?” Micheal replied casually turning around. The 'T' he wore was thin, not much cover for his body, and by now the boys had seen the scars that littered it and had begun to get spooked. To save face one boy stepped forward and threw Alex into a choke hold.

“Yeah” he sneered, tightening his hold on Alex and grinning when he began to wheeze and fight for air,“I think so”.

Sighing Micheal nodded, them moved so quickly the boy who stood closest to him, never saw him coming. Never even noticed Micheal grab his own shirt from the hood, until he leaped onto the car, wrapped it tightly around his neck and placed his foot in the small of his back, smashing his face into the side of the car but not letting up enough to let him fall, so that he was left in an awkward semi-kneeling position that left him struggling to breath.

Baring his teeth, Micheal gritted out, “One twist is all it takes for him to spend da rest of his fucking life, pissing in a bag. Wanna watch?”, pausing he jerked his hands back violently until the boy began making gurgling sounds, then reached forward and grabbed a fistful of the boys hair, his eyes darting to Alex’s before he continued. “Let him go, or I’ll kill dis one. It’s up to you”.

For a moment, the boys just stared at Micheal, his battered and scared body, the dark circles underneath his bloodshot eyes and the wild look in them, before the one holding Alex stepped back, releasing him and laughed. “Man we were just joking. Okay?”

Nodding Micheal, stepped back and released the boy, kicking him viciously in the side when he jumped down from the car hood. “Never again” he stated simply, his waning clear.

The other boys stood for a moment, shocked silent and still before quickly dispersing just as Micheal turned to the car and gathered his things of the hood, slowly, leaning on it slightly as if he were in shock about his own actions.

After a moment he turned back and looked at Alex who stood, still watching him wide eyed, pasted on a smile and said lightly, “Now, about dose tits. I haven’t seen a pair like that since…….”

“Mmm Hmmm Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya Da Da . Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya here. Mocca chocolata Ya Ya. Creole Lady Marmalade”.

She sang loudly, swiveling her hips at the right juncture. The towel she’d thrown on after her after-school-shower jostling slightly with her movements.

On the stairs she heard footsteps and stumbled for a moment, her eyes darting to her open door, before her “O” of shock faded to a devious smile.

Still smiling she waited for him to pass the door to sang the last part, which she knew meant come and go to bed with me, as it expressed exactly what she wanted to tell him.

A lusty smirked creased her lips when he paused by her door, obviously entranced by what he was seeing.

And tracing her lips with her tongue she turned and started back toward the bathroom, ripping off her towel before disappearing inside and singing loudly over her shoulder for him to hear.

“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”


Oh God, a heavy sigh escaped Max’s lips as he slammed his door shut behind him and collapsed on his bed, What am I going to do?

Another groan escaped his lips when he found he had to shift, so as not to press on his painful throbbing erection. The third she’d given him today.

She’s the devil, only the devil can be that tempting, he thought decisively, shifting again when he inadvertently pressed on his crotch and had to moan from the pressure, Thank God it’s Friday.


He said you could call, so call.

Restlessly she paced, pausing in her stride every few steps to glance at the phone. Nibbling her lip, she started pacing again.


The number, chicken scratch on a wrinkled napkin he handed her the night before, before they parted ways, her stumbling home and him…she wasn’t sure where he’d gone, rustling in her hand with every step she took.

She wanted to call. To give him a chance to offer her, some escape from a room she despised and a house she couldn’t hate more if she tried.

Distantly, she could hear the muffled, tell tale signs of her mother fucking some stranger she’d heard her come in with from the store hours earlier, and wondered if she’d even bothered to ask for a name this time.

Frowning she went back to pacing. She and Mikeal weren't really friends but they were more than strangers, and she knew school was over so he should be home, but could she call?

Call him call him call him call him. Anything is better than this, anywhere is better than here.

Forcing herself to come to a stop, she took a deep breath, picked up the phone and dialed. Her breath still held, she listened to it ring.


Nervously she bit down on her bottom lip. Did she really want Mikeal to come here, to see where she came from., what kind of life she led. Even worse, did she really want to risk him laughing and hanging up in her face? Could she handle that?

“Hello?” came his voice again.

Her lips trembled as she opened her mouth to speak, then at the last minuet she changed her mind, and hung up instead.

Her life was a secret better kept to herself.


Alex eye him wearily out the corner of his eyes, wanting so badly to ask about those scars and those moves he pulled on those boys but hesitant, as he didn’t want to alienate Micheal. So he remained silent, the bell above the door tingling when they entered. Instead of stopping at a table they simply headed upstairs.

Stopping at Liz’s door to see if she was home.

“Man” Alex sighed, nonchalantly, leaning against the doorframe as they waited for Liz to answer, “where did you learn those….”

He stumbled back when Liz pulled open her door.


“What moves?” Liz asked looking between them and stepping back so that they could enter. “And were did you two go today. I missed you guys at Lunch”.

“We cut” Micheal replied simply.

“Mikeals moves” Alex began a moment later, “these East Roswell jerks tried to jump us today and he totally saved my ass”.

“Really” Liz replied, arching her eyebrow in Micheals direction.

“Really” Alex replied, turning to steady his gaze on Micheals like Liz’s now was.

“You saved one of my best friends Micheal” she stated walking over to him. “Besides you” she added a moment later, before pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. “Thank you” she whispered quietly, smiling when he blushed deeply, and averted his eyes to the ground.

“Look” He spoke a moment later, shuffling his feet restlessly against the carpet before heading for the door, “I gotta go. Your welcome Liz. See you guys tomorrow”.

“Bye” he heard them call over his shoulder before the door closed behind them and he hurried to his and Max’s room, slamming the door behind himself, despite seeing Max’s sleeping form on his bed, and tossing himself as quietly as he could, on his own.

“Fuck” he cursed into his pillow, to muffle his words. His mind still raced, shocked by what he’d done to that boy earlier, and how easily he’d done it, and how easily he would’ve killed him had he needed to.

But now…….now his heart raced right along with his mind. Fluttering, every time his thoughts flickered to the soft kiss Liz had given him. It made him feel something he’d never felt before. Something, the complete opposite of what he’d felt with his whores, even Sarah.

Something innocent and good. Something that didn’t leave him feeling uneasy and unclean every time he thought about it.

Do you love her?

Max’s question rang at the back of his mind, so insistent he had to answer.

“Maybe” he mumbled quietly into his pillow.

“What?” Max mumbled from his bed, obviously just having awaken from sleep.

“Nothing” Micheal sighed heavily.

“What? Whats wrong Micheal?”

“Nothing” Micheal sighed again, rolling unto his back to stare at the ceiling, “it’s………it’s just been”.

“A really long day” Max cut in heavily, remaining on his stomach, as he had no desire to hear Micheal tease him about what a walking hard on he was now-a-days.

“Yeah” Micheal sighed in reply, before the short conversation came to an end, both brothers lost in thought, and for once, thankful for the silence.

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A/N:This chap. is dedicated to LIL EveE cause she was so understanding about my little *cough* freak session *cough* earlier this week, and to Eraser Room.

Chapter 8

12:00am/ New Jersey/ DeMarco Estate




He sighed and sat back in his chair. ”Now tell me why this call is four fucking days late”.

There was a pause on the other end of the line before he began.

“It’s been real……….busy here…..we got distracted”

His lips pursed, anger coursing through his veins.


“Uh-huh. It wasn’t my fault though, or…….or his…….it won’t happen again”.

“Good. You know what I say about distractions”

“Distractions mean lost time and lost time…..”

He smiled when he heard him trail off, and finished calmly, “means lost lives”.

“And we don’t want more blood on our hands….”

“….my hands”, he cut in quietly.

“… we son?”

“No….uh, no, this won’t happen again”

Smiling brightly, Joseph DeMarco lit his cigar and took a long drag.

“Good. Night Maxwell, I don’t want you to become a liability, I don’t want to have to kill you, but I will if I have to. It’s just business you know” he sighed then added a few minuets later, “……..I love you son”.

“I know…..”

Taking another pull he nodded.

“……….I’ll tell Michael”.

“Whatever” he replied and hung up, not willing to waste anymore time.

There was other, more important business to take care of.

3:05am / Parkway Dr.

She rode him hard, her hands grasping the pillow beneath his head, her soft blond hair creating a veil around them, ruffling slightly when she moaned.

He smirked, and thrust harder, watching in the darkness as he soft breast bounced.

“I wonder…..” he whispered in her ear, pausing when she began to lean back, “how loud I can get you to scream”

The smile that creased his features faded when she sat back, her hair darkening, her short nails digging into the tight skin of his chest, his voice catching when she rolled her hips again but clear enough that her name wasn’t distorted by his moan.


Stumbling sharply to the side he blinked and shook his head, trying to shake away the visage, and frowning when he felt his groin began to swell in reaction to it.

Stupid dream

“Stupid dream” he mumbled quietly, his voice slightly slurred.

Another image flickered in his mind, reminding him of the dream that’d awaken him hours earlier and making him painfully aware of the hard-on he was now sporting, and left him in dire need of air and space and apparently the half empty bottle of Jack Daniels he carried carelessly as he made his way to her house.

“Stupid fucking bottle” he murmured angrily to himself when the dark brown liquid sloshed violently when he stumbled again and spilt unto his shirt.

Looking up, he sighed in relief when he found he’d finally made it too her block, distantly wondering if she’d be angry at being awaken at 1:30 in the morning than quickly dismissed that, as in his drunken state he was sure she had the hots for him.

His thoughts came to an abrupt end when he suddenly pistoned forward, and his body connected violently with the ground, and his bottle when rolling before it shattered on the concrete.


Frowning he rolled unto his back and sat up, frowning deeper when he saw the object to blame for his fall.

“Stupid fucking curve” he shouted angrily and righted himself, standing in place for a moment before his legs were steady, and started on his way again.

Nothing was ever easy for him, and probably never would be.

Especially if dad has anything to do with it, he thought bitterly to himself, his rage at the curve immediately being replaced with a hint of sadness.

For a moment, when he reached her house, he though of turning back, but didn’t.

After all, misery loved company, and tonight, much like the night before, he was sure Maria would make great company.


3:35am / Crashdown Café / Apt 3

“I didn’t…..”

“Didn’t know it could feel like this?”

Her lips parted. Her tongue slowly circled the tip, tempered the tiny opening, made him tremble.

“Or didn’t want it too?”

Her lips hadn’t moved.

His brow furrowed, and his lips parted to speak but he could only manage a moan as she sealed the tip tightly between her lips.

Her hand stroked his thigh, and though he wanted to, he couldn’t find it in himself to push her away.

Something about this was wrong, made his stomach clench in fear.

Her lips slid lower.

His hips bucked.

This was wrong.

Inside the wet warmth of her mouth, her felt her lazily trace deliberate circles with her tongue as she slowly eased back, smiling slightly before blowing softly on the tip.

He bucked again, and his balls tightened painfully at the slowly torture she worked as she eased him back in.

‘So close’

His mind swam, slightly dizzy at the guilt and fear and almost euphoric tension that gripped his body with his impending orgasm.

She sucked harder.

He bucked again, and tears gathered at the corner of his eyes.

‘So close’.

“I didn’t know”

His voice was soft, pleading……….

“It could feel like this?”

…….and he couldn't hold back his whimper, distorted by a moan, when he felt himself come hard, and a gunshot echoed in the sudden loss of silence.

And everything stilled, her eyes still staring up at him, his eyes now focused on the tiny red dots that covered the wall behind her and his skin, her lips still tight around the smooth hard silver tip of his magnum forty-five, everything had frozen, like the air had in his lungs, capturing his scream.

Max jerked, a strangled breath filling his lungs, his sheets damp with sweat, sticky with cum, clinging to his trembling body, as his eyes fluttered and snapped open.

For a moment he lay still, before pulling his rigid body upright, untangling himself from the sheets and stumbling towards the tiny half-bath he and his brother shared.

His hands trembling, he turned on the tap and let the cool water fill his hands and splashed his face, distantly wishing it was enough to wash away the lingering images of his dream/nightmare.

But as usual, it wasn’t.

Nothing in his life ever was.

4:10am / DeLuca Home

The sound of shattering glass had startled her awake, her eyes wide and frightened before being replaced with anger and something that felt, oddly enough, like happiness when she saw him huddled over the shards of glass, trying to clean the mess he’d made up, and cursing the ill placed lamp all the while.

“Stupid fucking lamp”, she heard him mutter.


His head snapped up and he stood, swaying slightly on his feet.

He’s drunk

“Your drunk” she stated matter-of-factly, and found herself smiling, when he offered her a sheepish smile and shushed the lamp when he stepped on a larger shard and it splintered loudly.

“Sorry ‘bout your…….um …….”he stammered and pointed to the remains of the small pink lamp that’d once sat upon her desk,” …………thing”.

“No big deal” she whispered quietly, swinging her feet over the edge of the bed. “What’re you doing here Michael?”

There was no reply, as his attention seemed to have been swallowed whole by the shimmering shards of glass that remained on the floor.

“Lamp!……..sorry about your lamp” he stated suddenly, loudly but she didn’t bother to quiet him, as her mother had passed out hours ago and nothing usually awoke her from her deep liquor induced sleep. ”What?”

“Why are you here?” she asked again, slowly, already standing and pulling cloths from her drawer, as she already knew why he’d come.

“I wanted company…..and you make the best” he slurred, coming to stand a few inches behind her, and she shivered when she felt him trace a slow circle on the nape of her neck.

“You’re my best-test friend” he paused, hiccupped loudly, and plopped down onto her unmade bed, “besides Whitman, but he doesn’t have da boobies”.

Pulling a shirt over her head she rolled her eyes. Her breast always seemed to be his favorite subject when he was drunk.

Behind her she heard him hiccup and sigh, and wondered quietly how she’d managed to hook-up with him anyhow.

They had by no means been best friends when they first met, and hadn’t made the best first impression on each other, and when they spoke, in their shared classes, it was usually to taunt each other or rile the other-up.

But it had been him, to help her out that night she’d had one too many, and that strange guy she met in the seven-eleven had pinched her ass.

Infact she’d never seen him so pissed, and had to stop him from beating the guy to death on the corner.

And after that?

Well, after that, they hadn’t so much taunted each other in class as they had teased, and when she did get him worked up she often found herself, to her horror, thinking how sexy he was.

He hadn’t turned her away, the first time she felt like using him for a sounding board to bitch about her mother, and she hadn’t the first time he showed up at her window.

And though she’d never say it, or question it for that matter, she felt something between them, a kinship, an understanding, that no one else shared.

“…….and boobies” he voice cut into her thoughts and pulled her back to the present, “always make a friend that…” she watched, as she pulled on a pair of jeans, out the corner of her eye, as he tried, unsuccessfully to place his fingers inches apart, then gave up and finished quietly, “….much more likable”.

Chuckling quietly, she pulled on a thin jacket and zipped it up mid-way, before grabbing his hand, pulling him up, and heading for the window. ”Come-on, time to paint the town red”, their joined laughter echoing in the silence they left behind.

There was something between them, that made the others smile, just that much brighter, that much more real. Something, that they shared, so deep, that only they noticed, how the others laughter always echoed with sadness.


4:30am / Crashdown Cafe / Kitchen

The stairs creaked beneath his bare feet as he made his way down, to the empty café, his heart still thrumming slightly uneven in his chest.

He’d taken care of his hard-on up stairs before coming down, but felt it return almost immediately when he saw her there, bathed in the pale yellow glow of the stove light, her legs curled beneath her on the counter top, a pint of rocky road between her palms, smiling as she dug herself out another spoon.

She looked up sharply, startled when she heard him.


“Hey” he whispered in reply, shifting nervously in the doorway, trying to decide whether or not to turn back.

Until seemingly of their own accorder, he felt his legs begin to move and he made his way the counter, which she sat atop.

“Hey” she whispered in reply, then added a moment later, “Want some?” and offered him a spoon.

Distantly he felt himself nod and reached out and took the spoon.

“Don’t just stand there” he voice cut into, his inner ramblings.

“Take a seat” she finished nodding at the empty counter space beside her.

He felt himself nod again and pulled himself up beside her.

What the hell is wrong with me, he wondered silently.

“Couldn’t sleep”.

He nodded silently, and scooped himself a spoon, watching almost enthralled as she ate her own and licked the spoon clean, to eat his own.

“Me neither” she replied, then added quietly, a few moments later, “needed something to cool me down”.

They fell silent, her to intent with eating her ice cream, or teasing him, he wasn’t sure which she was doing, and his to busy with, trying to convince his legs to carry him away, back up to the safe confines of his room.

They denied. Bastard, traitors.

“Don’t want yours? Let me”

Before he could protest she’d leaned over, eaten his scoop, and began to lick his spoon clean.

Watching her, he sighed/moaned quietly, and felt his groin swell, for the second time that night, before he forced himself off the cabinet beside her and a few feet away.

“What?” she asked innocently.

“What?!” he asked loudly in reply, “What?!”

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. ”What do you want from me? Do you want me to lose my job, because I will if you keep this up”.

She hopped off the counter and started in his direction, stopping when he stepped back.

“I don’t want you to lose your job Max”.

“Mr. Smith” he cut in angrily.

“Mr. Smith” she replied, “I just……..I want you”.

He blinked startled, unexpectent of her confession.

“I want you to have what we both know you want” she continued quietly, finding herself slightly relived when she stepped forward and he didn’t step back.

“What I want?”

“Me” she answered quietly, her lips inches away from his when he jerked back.

“No you want what you want. No matter if I lose my job, or fuck up my cove…….”, caught himself, paused for a minuet before beginning again, “You want what you know you can’t have, and you don’t care what it costs……….your selfish Liz”.

He fell silent when her face fell, and she ran a shaky hand through her hair, before turning away. He hadn’t missed the tears clouding her eyes, or the fact that he hadn’t walked away, despite the obvious out he’d just given himself.

“Liz….” He began hesitantly, but fell silent again when she turned around, waved dismissively and smiled sadly.

“No….no, your right Max. I wanted……want you, and I didn’t care what it cost” she sighed, and ran her hand through her hair again, “ I haven’t been happy in a long time and the first time I met you…… made me smile…….I want you because you make me want to be happy, and I ………I thought that maybe, maybe you wanted me too, that I was good enough…..”

“….You are…” Max cut in, “…..any boy would be lucky”.

“But I don’t want a boy…….I want you and I know you want me”

“I do” he admitted quietly, “but I can’t have you”.

“Only cause you won’t let yourself”.

“And cause it’s against the law” he chuckled, quietly reminding itself that it wasn’t, not really according to his real age.

The small smile that had begun to crease the corner of her lips faded, and he startled himself by moving forward and catching her chin.

“I can’t have you, and you can’t have me, but we can have this” he whispered quietly before capturing her lips, ignoring the distant sigh in the back of his mind, that just one kiss, would never be enough.


Michael slumped back with a heavy sigh against the front bumper of her car, his buzz beginning to wear off despite the bottle he and Maria passed between them.

“Bad night?”


“Why else would you get piss drunk and stagger all the way to my house”.

Michael nodded and sat back.

“Bad life” he quietly replied.

Nodding, Maria sighed beside him and sat back.

Over the thin gold line of the horizon the sun was just beginning to rise.

“Do you think it ever gets any better?”



Michael took another pull of the bottle and passed it back before replying somewhat sadly, “No”.

“What about all those people who say it does”.

“Easy”, he sighed, “their delusional, in denial liars”.

Who probably knew better than to fall in love with one of their best-friends, and had better luck than to get satans prick as a father.

“Liars” Maria sighed and nodded in agreement.

Distantly Michael wondered, what Liz was doing.


5:40am Crashdown Cafe / Kitchen

Their ragged breathing echoed in the silence of the kitchen, both unaware of the pale sunlight that’d begun creeping into the large kitchen.

Max hissed when her fingernails pierced his skin and if possible pulled her body closer to his, silencing her quiet moan with a kiss before she pulled away, locked her ankles around his waist and whispered roughly, her voice slightly pleading, “harder”.

His sweats in a puddle around his ankles and her panties long discarded and forgotten, he complied.


6:00am / New Jersey / DeMarco Estate

Placing his coffee cup down with a low clink he studied the girl across from him thoroughly. Her long, slender legs, cross at the knee. Her unscathed features, and frigid appearance. And her cold stare.

She’d requested they’d met this early as she had other more pressing issues to take care of.

Distantly he wondered what those matters were, but didn’t ask, instead opting to take care of the business at hand.

“You said there was something you needed taken care of” she prodded, shifting in her seat.

Taking another gulp of his lukewarm coffee, he sat back, crossed his arms and smiled before nodding and replying, “My son”.

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