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My first ever fanfic. I haven't really written much fiction.

Story: Beyond Renewal

Author: Minanda

Rating: Many parts will be PG/PG13 but some may be NC17

Summary: Takes place after Chant Down Babylon.

Chapter 1: Decisions
Max Evans and Liz Parker have been involved in this on-again, off-again, on-again
relationship since the fall of sophomore year. They have been through so much more than
an average high school couple due to Max’s non-human status. They have been hunted by
the FBI, the town’s sheriff, other alien species and more. They have survived learning
Max’s destiny to be Antar’s king and husband to Tess. She was the most formidable to
survive. Max struggled emotionally after this disclosure. He had not figured out how he
fit into the world or whether he fit into this one at all and how to be a leader to his planet’s
inhabitants. Then Liz broke it off with him completely and Alex died. Liz had suspected
that Alex’s death was alien related. Max could not handle any of it and was desperate for
loyalty, for escape, for affection. He was simply exhausted from being so responsible.
Thus, he did the one irresponsible act he could do. He slept with Tess. Then Max and Liz
discovered that Tess killed Alex and she departed for Antar, carrying his child. Now Max
and Liz were reunited, attempting to figure out how to pick up the pieces of their
shattered relationship.
Liz understood why Max slept with Tess. After all, she had made it look like she
had slept with Kyle. Of course, she was incredibly disappointed that he didn’t wait for her
because she wanted nothing more than to share her first time with the love of her life,
Max. Yet, she had forgiven him and still wanted to be with him, but their relationship still
seemed to be rocky all fall and winter. Max abandoned the comfort of his home because
he could not reveal himself to his father and Liz’s father restricted her from even seeing or
talking to him. Plus, he was clinging to the hope of finding his son. Liz comprehended
that as well. She would be just as obsessed if she had lost a child, but it constantly
reminded her of Tess, of dark times, of betrayal, of pain. Yet, as winter came, Max and
Liz were getting back on track. They had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New
Year’s as Liz’s dad offered Max a second chance. Their love was truly renewed after it
was challenged again. This time it was tested by alien changes in Liz and by greedy,
heartless humans who used Max for his power of healing, which left him dead. Liz
brought him back, however, by her powers and by her love.
It is the last day of spring break and Liz is sitting on her cheap, plastic lawn chair
on her balcony. She is listening to a mix of music that Max put together for her and is
thinking about Future Max and everything that he told her during his fateful visit. He
whispered to her about cementing, about wedding dances, about a love that was never to
be broken. She denied her desire to make love to Max, telling Future Max that she had no
intention of making love to him. That was a lie, of course. She loved Max with all of her
heart and she wanted, no needed, to be as close to him as possible. Then the end of the
world forecast and Tess happened. Now she is debating that serious decision again. As I
Shall Believe came on, she concludes that she wants to make love to Max. She possesses
many reasons but the most important one is that it is a definite way to prove her love and
her renewed trust in Max after everything she said to him that night in the desert when he
endeavored to heal her from her alien changes. Besides, Maria had made love to Michael
and Jesse had with Isabel. She has no concerns about alien complications.
Later that night, Max wakes up with a start. He had another very vivid, very
erotic dream about his girlfriend. He and Liz had come close to having sex a few times
but that was before Tess. Now the topic, the word seems to be off limits, at least in
Max’s mind. That word, that action, destroyed him in many ways. He had betrayed Liz
and created a child with a murderer. Now his son is on Antar probably unknowingly
helping his enemies. Yet, Max has wants and needs, including sexual ones. Those needs
keep being pushed to the back burner because of the tender state of his relationship with
Liz. He knows with all of his heart and soul that she loves him, but he is unsure of
whether or not she really trusts him. Complete trust is a requirement for him to make love
to Liz. She needs to believe that they are making love because they are in love not
because this is the only way to cement her relationship with Max. No, thinks Max, they
would wait until Tess was just a really, really painful memory. Just then, the phone rings,
breaking the silence and Max’s thoughts. Max jumps up off the couch and grabs it on the
first ring, not wanting Michael to wake up. “Hello?”
“Max, did I wake you? I couldn’t sleep until I had talked to you,” says a
breathless and anxious Liz Parker. Max senses the anxiety immediately and is worried.
“What’s wrong?”
Liz speaks in a soft tone like she is talking with a child to reassure Max, “Nothing.
I wanted to ask you out since we can have normal dates now that my father has regained
his brain.” She pauses. She feels silly all of a sudden, fretting that Max would think
asking for dates was so-junior high or something, especially after everything they had been
through in the past few weeks. Yet, she still needs normal as she had told him a few
weeks ago when she left Roswell for Vermont.
Max sighs in relief while stretching slightly, “Of course, I would love to go out
with you, but this couldn’t wait until morning?”
Liz giggles because his question seems like a classic boyfriend thing to say. She
shrugs her shoulders and says, “I suppose it could have, but I was just excited. I miss you,
you know.”
Max smiles and blushes slightly thinking of his earlier dream, “I bet you don’t miss
me half as much as I miss you. So when is the big date?” he asks.
“How about tomorrow night? Around seven?” Liz inquires excitedly.
Max simply beams. He thinks to himself that this is a good sign that maybe Liz
would soon, if not already, completely trust him so they could shift their relationship
forward. Then shakes his head as he reminds himself to answer Liz rather than thinking of
how soon he would be able to make love to the love of his life. “Perfect. I will knock on
your door at seven like a normal date.” With that, they express their good-byes and Liz
phones Maria because she would need the Jetta tomorrow.

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I do have more written but I need to edit. Thanks for your encouragement. I will post Chapter 2 soon, I promise. Kate, it won't be spoilerish. It will just take Max and Liz where I would like them to go!*happy*
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Thanks for all of the feedback. Here's Chapter 2.

Chapter Two: The Old Radio Tower
Liz drops her shiny, black hair clip onto her bathroom floor and swears softly to herself. She would be able to get her hair right, if she wasn’t so nervous, she thinks. She didn’t expect that she would be this high strung about tonight. She is because she wants everything to be perfect. This is going to be the first time she has sex, the first time she makes love. Earlier in the afternoon, she went into the desert, by highway 42 where they
had discovered the orb, and set up. She had placed one blanket on the ground and had two folded ones at the edge of the spread blanket, just in case. On top of the light blue blanket, were various sized and colored candles that she had taken off her balcony. In the very
center were white roses, her favorite, in a smooth oblong glass vase. She purchased a few extra flowers so that she could sprinkle the petals over the entire area. Of course, she even went and bought condoms. Now her hair is set and she is pacing. She wonders if she got
ready too early when the doorbell downstairs rings. She moves towards the door and hears Max and her father exchange pleasantries. She sighs as she walks gingerly down the stairs to calm her nerves and her growing excitement.

Max sees Liz standing in front of him wearing the tight-fitting red dress that she wore when they were in Las Vegas. The sight takes his breath away as he is reminded that Liz is the most beautiful woman in the world, at least to him. Liz smiles shyly as she notices that he is wearing a dark green button down shirt and smooth black pants. She meanders up to him and gives him a hug. Max returns it carefully as to not anger Jeff Parker, Liz’s dad, who is still standing by the door. As Max glances backs at him, Jeff questions, "Max, what time will you have her home?"

Max looks uncertain and slightly anxious, "I’m not sure. I was asked out. Liz, what do you think?"

Liz almost tip-toes over to her dad and speaks so quietly that Max barely hears. "Dad, can we be flexible about this?”

Jeff looks perplexed and inquires, "Why? What are you two up to tonight? You told me that it was just dinner. Is there something more?"

Liz is upset that she was so obvious and wonders if she should have kept her mouth closed and just told him the usual time. Even though her father came to the conclusion that he should give Max a second chance, it still seemed so fragile and she didn’t want to make it
worse by giving him clues they are going to have sex. She decides to just give him a quick answer to stop his line of questioning. "No reason. I will be home at 1?" Liz asks hoping to set this evening back on track.

"Midnight, no later."

Liz nods sheepishly and turns to Max, "Mind if I drive?"

Max laughs slightly, both at the question and in relief that the investigation into tonight’s date concluded. All he would like to do, at this point, is grab Liz’s hand, pull her out of the door and run very, very far away. Instead, he answers, "Be my guest," as he drops his
keys into her outstretched hand. “Where are we going, Liz?”

Liz winks at him as she pulls him out the door, “You’ll see.”

A few minutes later, Liz and Max arrive by the old radio tower, finally feeling relaxed from the earlier confrontation with Liz’s dad. As Liz brings the car to stop, Max looks around wondering why Liz is so dressed up if they were going to eat dinner out here with the stars. Liz practically jumps up out of the car like she had been sitting on a spring, slams the door and runs around to Max’s side to hold the door open for him. He starts
laughing at her giddiness. "What did I do to deserve this?" he jokes.

Liz says in her best corny yet serious voice as she reaches for his hand, "You came into my life."

Liz leads Max over to the blankets and neither one says anything for a minute as they are both lost in their own thoughts. Liz’s stomach is doing flips and she is trying to reassure herself that it will be perfect. Max is remembering when they found the orb and about
trying to heal Liz in the desert from her alien changes. He wonders what this evening will mean for their relationship. Finally, Max turns to Liz and asks, "What is this for?"

Liz looks down at the ground shyly as her palms start to sweat, "Hmmm...I, I want know..."

Finally, it dawns on Max that she has set this up. She wants to take that next step, that step that he has forced himself from thinking about. "Have sex?" he blurts. Liz nods without looking at him. Max lets go of her hand and starts walking towards the radio tower, thinking of how to respond. Liz stands frozen for a few minutes, wondering what is going on with Max and then follows.

"Don’t you want to?" Liz questions in a small, uncertain voice, as she is trying to catch up with him.

Max stops moving, sighs sadly and says with all honesty, "No." Liz mouth falls open in disbelief and hurt. She cannot believe that things have gone so badly. She wonders what she has done and why he doesn’t want her, as tears form in her eyes. Max turns to face her, glances up at her shyly and shakes his head in utter grief. Liz sees this and is simply confused. Then she gets angry.

"What? You don’t want to? I don’t understand. I know that you wanted to before the Gomez concert. You wanted to the night we found the orb. You wanted to with Tess," she spews in contempt.

Max lowers himself so he is practically sitting on the ground while balancing on his toes and puts his head in his hands. "I didn’t want to with Tess. She was just there. Geez, I don’t...this is exactly why I don’t."

Liz is more confused. "Huh?"

Max stands up and focuses on the love of his life. "I really, really want to make love to you. I want nothing more but I want it to be right. More than right...perfect. I just think we need more time to get back on track, get back to normal as you would say. More time to more time to forgive my mistake."

Liz breaks down in tears and whispers, "I do forgive you. I trust you and love you with all of my heart."

Max closes the distance between them and puts his arms around her waist with tears threatening to flow for him as well. "I love you, too. I just don’t want you thinking you need to do this because you think that is what I expect or that this will keep me with you. I wouldn’t leave you for anything or anyone even if we don’t make love forever."

Liz smiles and states, "I might leave you, though, if we don’t make love soon."

Max says as he continues to hold her, "Just give it more time, my love. We will make love and it will be perfect.”
Liz nods as she decides not to push it more. “Let’s walk back to the blankets," Max suggests.

The couple walks slowly back hand-in-hand, staring at the stars and replaying everything that was said in their minds. When they reach the blanket, Max lights the candles with a snap of his fingers. He watches Liz out of the corner of her eye as she takes out the food from the picnic basket that she brought.

Max takes the plates from Liz and states with conviction, "I think we should talk about this more, Liz."

"Talk about what, dinner?" Liz asks hoping that he means this because she is feeling so humiliated she almost can’t stand to sit still.

"Making love. Maybe if we talk about it, then we will be ready faster. It is just a big decision, that’s all, for anyone then add the fact that I’m an alien..." Max trails off.

Liz interrupts before he can continue. "I don’t think that I have to worry about your alien status. It didn’t effect Maria or Jesse." She then sets out the wine glass and hands Max the bottle of sparkling grape juice to open. Again, she wishes that the conversation would just change to something more mundane and safe like school.

Max nods and agrees, "True, there were no complications with Maria or Jesse, but I worry that things won’t be that way with you. You do have powers after all. Plus, there are other issues, such as protection. The pill did not work with Tess."

“She told you that she was on the pill! Are you kidding me? What a line of crap! How could you fall for that? How would she get on the pill anyway? Go to a doctor? I don’t think so!” Liz screams. She calms down after taking a few deep breaths and resumes,
“Besides, I came prepared," she said with emotion as she shows him the box of condoms she retrieved from her small, sequenced purse.

Max is surprised both by the tirade and by the condoms. "I guess you did come prepared. You are right about Tess. I was a fool, a fool blinded by grief, for you and for Alex, but a fool, nonetheless. I can’t believe that after everything I put you through you want to
make love to me.” After a minute of silence, he continues, “Liz, do you realize that once we make love, we will never be the same?"

Liz answers with confidence, "When Future Max told me that we had slept together the night of the Gomez concert, he said that it cemented our relationship. That we were never to be separated again. I feel like I might be ready to make that commitment. No, I AM ready for that commitment."

Max wants to believe her but needs more reassurance. “Are you sure you are just not scared that I am going to leave you? I mean, I have come close to leaving and I am still looking for my son."

"I don’t think so. Things seem to be different since Vermont. I feel that you are here and you aren’t planning on leaving."

Max responds reassuringly, "You’re right. I’m staying. The only reason I would ever leave is for my son but I would like to think that you would come with me. I couldn’t bear to be separated from you again."

Liz reaches for his hand and gets teary-eyed for the second time this evening. "I would love to come with you."

Max leans over and slowly brushes his lips against hers. She puts her arm around his neck and scoots closer to him on the blanket. Their kiss turns more passionate as Max pulls her closer. Liz begins to run her fingers through Max’s hair while she is trying to pull him down to a laying position on the blanket. Soon Max is laying on top of her in the same position they were in when Liz heard the sound of the orb. He is making love to her mouth and neck with his swollen tongue as Liz inches the bottom of Max’s shirt up so she can feel his skin. As her hand brushes his back lightly, Max jumps slightly but doesn’t stop his assault on her neck. He even begins to move his hand up from her waist and closer to her breasts. He shifts his hands to her shoulders and begins moving her straps lower and lower on her arms so he can have more access to her silky skin. Liz’s hands are moving as
well because she isn’t satisfied just touching his back. Her hands work her way forward and begin to unbutton his dark green shirt slowly. Max’s kisses go lower and lower until his mouth reaches the top of her breasts. He suddenly realizes how far they have progressed and rolls off Liz quickly. Liz is stunned as she shivers both from cold and from the loss of Max.

Liz sits up quickly and asks, "What? What is it? What did I do?"

Max reaches for her and says, "I was totally enjoying myself but we needed to stop before we went too far because I am not ready. I don’t think we are ready. I’m sorry."

Liz hugs him tightly both to comfort him and to disguise the devastated look on her face. "It’s okay, Max. I understand."

Max lets go slightly in order to button up his shirt. "I would still like to hold you. Would that be okay? Then maybe we can enjoy that dinner of yours."

Liz nods as Max wraps his arms around her once more.

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Chapter 3: Discussions

There is a soft yet insistent buzzing waking Liz from her quiet slumber. She stretches inside her toasty bed and smiles as the previous evening out in the desert with
Max invades her thoughts. Then she remembers the rejection as she throws the covers off of her, leaving both her heart and body cold. She frowns as she drifts over to the bathroom to shower. She bends over, turns on the water and undresses. Max’s idea to wait surfaces again as she washes her body quickly. The fact that he wants it to be special only creates a greater desire in her. She understands his argument about trust because she had fought that battle recently and had won. As the shampoo rinses out of her hair, she is convinced that the wait will be unbearable. This is the right time to make love. She feels it in her gut just like she felt she could trust Max, when he confided in her about his non-human status. With that realization, Liz began to dress quicker, hoping that she
would have time to stop at Maria’s before work.
Liz arrives at Maria’s in less than ten minutes and knock on the white, wooden door to the tiny home. She hears a muted “come in” and enters the house slowly, not sure
who was home. The kitchen and living room are empty and silent. Liz pushes the hanging beads out of the way and enters Maria’s bedroom where she finds her brushing her hair while sitting in front of the vanity mirror. Maria glances up quickly at Liz before continuing the long strokes to her hair and asks, “Hey! What brings you to my lovely abode this early Saturday morning?”

Liz is unsure where to begin and decides to start at the most critical point. She slowly takes a deep breath and says shyly, “I tried to seduce Max last night and he rejected me. He said that we need more time to get back to normal and establish trust.”

Maria stops brushing her hair in mid-stroke, raises her eyebrows slightly and then shouts in tone that is mixed with disbelief and anger, “You did what? Max did what? I can’t believe it. First, I didn’t know that you were in any rush to have sex and second, Max turned you down. What the hell! I mean Mr. Horny was compliant when Tess seduced him last year.”

Liz sits down gingerly on the unmade bed and interrupts Maria, “Let’s not put Max down here, okay? He wasn’t rejecting me for life, just for the time being. He just..uh..doesn’t think we are ready because Tess is too close, emotionally.” Maria nods as Liz goes on, “Maria, I really want to, though. I am hurt that he didn’t want to last night especially after I set up that ridiculous romantic dinner out in the desert where we found the orb. Maybe Max is right. I don’t know. I’m so confused. How did you and Michael know it was right?”

“I’m not sure we did know it was right. We slept together for the first time the night before they were to leave for Antar. It was a highly charged emotional evening for both of us as Michael shared himself with me for the first time. You know I got my first flashes and everything. We didn’t even think whether it was the right time or not. We just did it.” Maria turns all the way around to face Liz who looked like she was on verge of tears and declares, “Now I am not sure that it was a good idea. It changed things. Made the whole relationship more serious.”

Liz surveys the room, taking note of the pictures of Michael and of the headdress Maria wore at last year’s fateful prom. “I understand that your relationship with Michael is complicated. I get that but your relationship is not my relationship with Max. We love each other deeply.”

Maria pushes Liz gently by saying, “I know. His is the love of your life and vice versa but remember what Future Max said? The whole no separation until the end of the world once you guys do it thing. Are you sure you are ready for that, especially since Max is still out there looking for his kid?”

Liz emphasizes with renewed confidence, “I have thought about all of those things. We are talking about me, remember? Responsible Liz Parker, the person who doesn’t jump into things lightly. I love Max and that love hasn’t gone away in over two years. It didn’t go away when he was so angry with me for investigating Alex’s death or when we discovered his destiny. It didn’t even go away when he told me that he had slept with Tess.”

Maria stands up and puts her fists on her hips in subtle defiance. “Listen. I don’t mean to be bitchy and unsupportive here but are you sure that the love was there when he was having sex with psycho?”

“Yes. I think that is why he had sex with her. He was in so much pain. Pain that started with me and was added onto by Alex. I think he had just decided that he had lost everything and that he thought this would get him to stop caring about fitting in and about me, but it didn’t. It was his way to give up,” Liz comments.

Liz gets up and walks over to the prom picture of Michael and Maria sitting on the corner of the vanity. She sighs and locks eyes with Maria’s, which have gotten slightly teary. Maria cries, “Okay. Okay. You have convinced me that he loves you and this is right.” She shakes off her intense feelings and asks Liz, “So now how are you going to convince Mr. Soulmate?” Liz shrugs her shoulders and Maria offers, “I could talk to him. We have been known to a have a conversation or two.”

Liz looks horrified and screams, “God, no! That’s a terrible idea. I’ll talk to him.” Liz glances at her watch, runs over to Maria, hugs her and says, “Thank you, you’re the best. Gotta go to work now.” Maria is simply speechless as she watches Liz rush towards the door.
Michael walks into his semi-dark, dreary kitchen and finds Max staring at an empty cereal bowl like he is hoping that his powers can magically produce Cheerios. Michael slides around the counter in his dirty white socks towards the sink and asks, “Maxwell, what’s up?”

Max looks up and says, “Liz wanted to make love last night and I said no.”

“What?!? Are you freakin’ crazy?” Michael demands as he almost drops the bowl that he grabbed.

“Yes. No. I don’t know,” Max sighs. “Of course, I want to make love to Liz. I do. That goes without saying but I want it to be right. If we made love now, I think it
would just remind her of Tess and of my son.”

“Remind her or you?” Michael asks gently.

“Both, I guess. I just want it to be perfect. She says that she has forgiven me and that she trusts me, but do I forgive myself?” Max questions with sorrow and defeat as he stares back into the off-white bowl.

Michael sits down next to Max, fills his bowl with Trix and hands the box to Max. “Max, buddy, sometimes you are too hard on yourself. That was truly a crappy time, for all of us but for you especially. I think Liz gets that. Besides, you gotta stop beating yourself up.”

Max snaps the purple cap back onto the gallon of milk and reaches for the small bottle of Tabasco at the edge of the counter. “You’re probably right. Even if I do take
that next step, I am still worried about alien complications.”

“Lame ass excuse. If Liz is prepared and isn’t worried about them, you shouldn’t be either,” Michael says in between bites of cereal that he is shoveling into his mouth like he hasn’t had food in months. “You will take precautions. Besides, this is all about showing someone how much you love them.”

Max looks puzzled and asks Michael, “How long have you been like this? Romantic and intuitive?” Michael begins to answer and Max interrupts, “No, don’t tell me.”
Liz drops another glass on the floor of the Crashdown on this sunny and warm Saturday afternoon. She can keep focus on the job as it floats back to last night. The
memories seem so vivid. She could almost feel Max’s lips on her neck, on her shoulder, on her...She knows that this thinking is not going to get her anywhere. As she sweeps the last pieces of the glass into the dustpan, the door opens and Max marches in as if he is on a mission. Liz pours the glass pieces into the trash and meets him still holding the broom and dustpan. Max leans down to give her a quick kiss on the lips.

Max asks, “Can we talk or is this a bad time?”

Liz looks around as she puts the broom and dustpan behind the counter and replies, “Yeah, I’ll just take my break now. Let’s go in back.” She takes hold of his hand
as they push open the door into the back room.

“Are your parents around?” Max questions as he watches the stairs for signs of any movement.

“No, they ran to the grocery store. What’s up, Max?” Liz wonders as she plops down onto the beaten, soft loveseat.

Max joins her and gives her another kiss, this one deeper and more intimate. “I love you,” Max starts. “I have been thinking all day and I keep coming back to the fact
that I want to do right by you. Geez, I have screwed up so much and I don’t want to do it again.”

Liz touches his arm lightly and asks gently, “Is that what you are worried about? That if we make love, that you are screwing up? That you will be harming me in some

“I guess,” Max admits.

“Oh, Max. The fact that you are worried about doing right by me, by making sure that we have trust, by wanting it to be perfect tells me that this is the right time. I believe that it will be perfect,” Liz declares while rubbing her hand up and down his leather-clad

Max stares into Liz’s eyes, “If we do decide to do this, I just want you to know one thing. This will be my first time, too.”

Liz chuckles, “What? Max, are you forgetting the one time with Tess?”

“No. This will just be the first time I make love because I certainly DID NOT with her,” Max confirms. Liz smiles at him as Max cups her face between his strong hands and their lips meet briefly. They smile at each other and kiss again. Liz’s tongue glides across Max’s lower lip as if asking for permission to come in. Max complies and soon they are kissing passionately with their tongues dancing in their mouths. After a couple of minutes, Liz breaks away with reluctance.

“I have to get back to work, but I’ll will call you tonight,” Liz promises as she gives him another quick kiss. Max nods, watches her enter the restaurant and begins

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Chapter 4: Imperfect Plans

West Roswell High School is buzzing with activity. Everyone is gossiping about the Spring Dance, the last semi-formal dance before Prom. Who is going with whom? What are people wearing? Max assumes that Liz wants to go. She enjoys dances and
usually plans in advance for them. Last year’s prom taught him that. Max has been thinking about how exactly to ask her for the past couple of days. Just ask Liz at lunch, he decides in his history class that is right before lunch, in order to end his agony. The bell rings and he sprints out the door. They usually meet at her locker, which is at the opposite end of the hall. He spots her as she rounds the corner, which is about ten feet in front of him, and heads towards her locker. He picks up the pace nonchalantly and follows in a carefree manner as he is relishes watching her from afar. She is wearing a tight black top with tiny sleeves and blue jeans with the well worn look. Her hair is a french braid to show off the quarter-sized silver hoops and subtle makeup. A minute later, he catches up to her and kisses her lightly on the back of her neck, surprising her.

Liz jumps slightly while barely maintaining control over the three thick textbooks that she is holding. “Max! You scared me!” Liz screams in mock annoyance as she sees it is him.

“I’m sorry,” Max says with a slight smirk while watching Liz arrange her books in her small yellow locker. “You make me lose control.” He bats his eyes at her in obvious flirtation.

Liz slams the locker door and wraps her arms around Max. “I do, huh? Same here, out-of-control boy,” she whispers seductively before pulling Max’s head down for a gentle kiss. As the kiss ends, they instinctively reach for the other’s hand and navigate
their way to the crowded quad. Max and Liz climb up to the statue of their high school mascot where the couple sits everyday for lunch. Max leans against the statue and Liz sits right in front of him, in between his legs.

“So Liz, Spring Dance?” Max asks slowly to create more anticipation as he opens his lunch bag and takes out the small bottle of Tabasco, “You up for it?”

Liz’s eyes widen in excitement as she thinks not only of the dance but about other activities that could occur. Liz decides to gets her hormones under control so she can answer him casually, “Of course. I was beginning to wonder if you even knew about it.”

Max laughs and replies, “Yeah, yeah. I’m not a typical guy, Liz. I remember these things. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t have to work so I had to wait for the schedule to come out.” Liz smiles as she begins to think of the silky deep red dress that she purchased weeks ago for this event. She can practically feel Max’s hand caressing her bare back as he reaches for the small clasp at her neck which holds the front of her dress in
place. Liz gasps out loud and sees Max stare at her, confused.

“I already have a dress, you know.” Liz comments quickly hoping to distract him from her not-so-subtle moans as she tries to focus on her half-eaten sandwich.

Max chuckles, “Liz Parker has a dress already. You mean, she plans in advance? That is so hard to imagine.”

Liz punches Max lightly in his leg as she begins to tickle him lightly, “What a jerk! Well, Mr. Smarty Pants, what time are you going to pick me up?”

“6:30?” Max asks while laughing. Liz nods as Max grabs a hold of her waist and begins tickling her unmercifully.
Max is working at Roswell’s cheesy, tourist- friendly UFO museum. He is cleaning half-heartedly while planning Saturday night in his mind. He needs it to be perfect for Liz. Perfect for making love. Neither one has mentioned having sex since their discussion in the Crashdown. Yet, the sexual tension is mounting. Max begins to envision Liz in a long, silky dress moving slowly over to a large bed with red satin sheets. He leans over
her and kisses her deeply. His hands move towards her back to lower the zipper on the dress as Liz is kissing the newly exposed part of his chest as she unbuttons his shirt. He hears her moaning his name softly and seductively, “Oh, Max.” Her name calling is getting louder and louder until he hears, “MAX!!!” Max flinches slightly as he returns to reality and sees that it wasn’t Liz calling his name but Brody, his boss.

“Earth to Max,” Brody states impatiently.

Max feels his cheeks flush from both embarrassment and from arousal. “Sorry. I just...sorta...spaced out,” Max stammers.

“No problem. Listen. Something has come up and I need you to close the place on Saturday,” Brody says while examining the cleaning job Max has done on the medical experimentation exhibit.

“Oh, Brody, can’t we just close early for the day or something? I have a date to the Spring Dance,” Max asks with desperation.

“No, we can’t close early. Saturday is a big money maker for us. You know that. You can still make your date. You’ll just be late. Don’t worry, Liz will understand. Now you missed some spots around the alien patient,” Brody replies before he throws the cleaning rag at Max. Max catches the rag with his right hand and feels disappointed that the evening will not be perfect. Before Max gets too bummed, he concludes that Saturday does not have to be a wasted evening. He would close the UFO Center but he would be free by nine, at the latest. Nine. A lot of things could happen after nine. A lot of things would happen after nine. Max has plans.
As soon as Max walks into the grubby apartment he shares with Michael, he throws off his beaten leather jacket and tosses it over the arm of the brown, soft couch. He isn’t sure what he is going to say to Liz, but he needs to tell her something. He reaches for the phone as he comes to the conclusion that he should tell her the truth. Liz answers on the third ring.

“Hello,” Liz answers in a friendly, light tone.

“Liz, it’s Max. I am not sure how to say this, but I have some bad news. Brody is making me close on Saturday night. I can still go to the dance, love, but I won’t be available until after nine,” Max spews quickly before he chickens out. After a couple of minutes of silence, Max asks quietly, “Liz? Are you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. I’m just bummed. I thought we would have...the..whole...evening together. I understand,” Liz responds while attempting to cover her disappointment and hurt feelings. Perhaps, Max asked
Brody if he could work so that he could avoid making love to me, Liz thinks to herself.

Max hears the disappointment that she tried to conceal and tries to offer comfort by saying, “I thought we would have...the evening, too. Why don’t you go with Michael and Maria until I get there? I’m sure Maria will appreciate the company. It will probably put both of them more as ease since they aren’t dating.”

“Oh, okay. I might. It is just for part of the evening, right? I can do that. I will miss you, though.” Liz sighs as she glances at her dress and fingers the box of condoms sitting in her top drawer of her nightstand. “What time will you be done again?”

“Late. I will probably be at the school around 9:30 or 10, depending on how many people come to the center and whether or not they leave on time. I want you to know that I tried to get out of it. I really did. I’m so sorry,” Max apologizes.

Liz’s theory that he is making this up melts as she says, “Well, I wasn’t with you on New Year’s so I guess we are even now. Just come find me as soon as you are done.” Max promises as he reaches for a clean piece of paper and a pencil. He has some planning
to do.

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I apologize for the lack of updating. I hope now that school is almost over for the year, I can update more frequently. Here is Chapter 5. This chapter gets a little steamy.

Chapter 5: Fulfillment
Liz doesn’t know why she agreed to go with Michael and Maria. She knows that
she will have to witness all of their bickering along with the sexual tension that always
accompanies couples who have broken up but still want each other. This will only cause
her own sexual frustration to grow. She would be happier working or reading or studying
or even going by herself. Yet, she will go because that is the arrangement she agreed to
with Max. Hopefully, he won’t be at work the whole night, she thinks to herself as she
gets ready. Hopefully.
Max still can’t believe that he is working while Liz is out eating before a school
dance without him. He feels like he is missing another one of those normal teenage dating
rituals, but at least this time it isn’t due to some alien crisis. The UFO Center has been
relatively quiet all day with very few customers. Those customers probably did not even
spend enough money to cover Max’s wages. What a horrible joke, Max grumbles to
himself as Brody storms in angrily.
“What a farce! What an unbelievable farce! They told me that there would be
REAL alien artifacts for sale not cheap plastic toys!” Brody exclaims while looking at the
day’s registration sheet. Max is desperate to ask Brody if he could leave a little early, but
he doesn’t want to upset Brody further. Brody continues to pace around the center
yelling about “lunatic freaks” and “rip-offs” while Max’s anxiety increases. Max clutches
his stomach as the butterflies increase to match the beads of sweat that are popping up on
his forehead. Finally, Brody stops and glares at Max.
“You want something. What?” Brody asks in annoyance.
“Nothing. I was just hoping to go a little early since I have that dance to get to,”
Max replies with apprehension.
“Go before I change my mind.”
Max does not need to hear it twice. He bolts out the door to his car. He has many
things to do and if he hurries he might even be able to meet Liz at dinner.
Little does Liz know that as she is suffering through dinner at Senor Chow’s, Max
is out renting a hotel room. As his plans start to come to fruition, Max’s anxiety is
decreasing and his excitement is increasing. In fact, Max is so gleeful as he prepares the
hotel room that he starts whistling because he knows with every fiber of his half-human,
half-alien body that it is going to be a perfect night. The hotel room is lit slightly by the
near full moon while he haphazardly flings rose petals across the bed. He places candles
on every surface. He exits the room and almost starts to run towards the restaurant as the
adrenaline pumps through his system. He reminds himself that sweating and smelling
badly is not really a turn on so he slows himself down by taking many deep breaths.
“I can’t believe that you don’t think you need to pay,” Maria exclaims. Michael
gives her a dirty look by scrunching up his face at her. Liz can’t believe how badly this
evening was going. Michael and Maria are arguing again, for like the fourth time. Now it
is about who was going to pay while the previous ones were about who was going to
drive, the best place to park, and Maria’s choice in shoes. Liz decides that this is what it
would be like to be glued onto a treadmill that won’t stop. Michael claims that Maria
should pay since it was her idea to go and because she invited Liz to go. Maria rejects
that notion based on the fact that he is the guy and guys usually pay.
“Michael, guys pay. It is what they do. They pay. You have even paid before.”
“Maria, you freaking asked me. If you didn’t want this hassle, you shouldn’t have
asked me,” Michael says pathetically as he leans back in his squeaky chair.
“Fine, I’ll pay just to end this conversation. No wonder I broke up with you!”
With the end of the argument, Liz decides to leave. She can’t take it anymore. As she
turns to grab her coat, she spots a white rose out of the corner of her eye.
Liz turns back around quickly and locks eyes with Max. “Max! Thank God!”
She closes the distance between them and hugs him tightly.
“Is everything okay?” Max asks with concern.
“It is now,” Liz states matter-of-factly as she hugs him again.
“Not that I’m not enjoying this hug, Liz, but I thought you wanted to go to a
Liz smiles shyly as she whispers, “Let’s just dance here.”
Noticing the song change in the restaurant, Max takes his cue. “Would you like to
dance, beautiful?” Max holds out his hand for her to take.
Liz doesn’t respond but slides her hand over his and leads him to the dance floor.
They dance for a few songs, not even noticing when one song ends and the next one
begins or that Michael and Maria have left. By the sixth song, Liz looks up into Max’s
gleaming eyes and said, “I am so glad that you came early. I wished for you all night.”
Max rubs her lower back lightly. “Me, too. I felt like I couldn’t breathe until I had
you in my arms.” With that, he leans down and kisses her lightly. She wants to deepen
the kiss but before she could, he breaks away.
Liz feels slightly frustrated. “Max.”
Max decides that their destination awaits before they get out-of-hand in a public
restaurant. “Liz, would you be willing to turn around for me?”
“I guess,” Liz says with confusion as well as trust. As Liz turns around, Max ties a
scarf around her eyes.
“Be patient with me. I want to surprise you.” Liz nods as Max takes her hand and
leads her out the door. They walk hand-in-hand for two blocks until they reach the hotel.
Once inside, Liz hears elevators and voices. “Where are we? Can I look yet?”
Max chuckles slightly. “We are almost there and no, you can’t look yet.”
They reach the door to their hotel room and Max opens it with his powers because
he doesn’t want to bother with a key. He then places one of her arms around his neck and
grabs her legs. He carries a surprised Liz gracefully into the room and lays her on the bed.
“Oh my,” Liz whispers in a raspy voice as she realizes that she has been placed on
a bed. She doesn’t move but feels her heart race. Max takes off his leather jacket, lights
the candles with a flick of his hand and slides her blindfold down.
“Well?” Max asks.
Liz takes off her jacket and the scarf. “Come here.”
Max steps to the bed and lays down next to her. “We don’t have to do it tonight,
if you don’t want. It will still be a perfect evening.”
Liz then leans in and kisses him gently. “Make love to me, Max.”
Max kisses her again more passionately as his arm comes around Liz’s waist,
pulling her closer. Her arms move around his neck and she opens her mouth in response
to his kiss. He rubs his hands up and down her back when his tongue is greeted by hers.
She sits up slightly so she would have better access to take off his shirt. She grabs his
beautiful blue sweater by the hem and throws it up off of Max and onto the floor. Max
pushes her down lightly onto the bed once more and starts to explore her shoulders and
arms with his hands and mouth. Liz caresses his back and slowly makes her way around
to his muscular chest. Max then reaches for the zipper on the back of Liz’s silky gown.
As he starts to lower it, the feel of Liz’s newly exposed, smooth back causes him to gasp
in anticipation. As soon as it is unzipped she begins to pull it down off of her only to be
stopped by Max.
“Let me.”
She does. Max is in awe over her beauty and the meaning of this moment, this
event. Max kisses her again. Their tongues are touching lightly but seductively. Max’s
hand cups one breast while the other tries to free Liz’s hair from its clip. Liz moans when
Max’s mouth finds her neck and her breast. She slowly unfastens his belt as he works to
unclip her bra. They complete their missions at the same time. Max’s hands and mouth
find Liz’s naked breasts, forcing her to arch her back in ecstasy. Her hands unzip his pants
and he wiggles to allow the easy removal of them. Soon both are naked down to their
Max questions Liz, “Are you sure?”
“I have never been more sure of anything in my life.”
With that, Max lowers his body to the floor and begins kissing Liz’s leg from her
ankle to her thigh. When he reaches the top, he takes both sides of her panties and slides
them off. Liz thinks that she should feel nervous, embarrassed, exposed, something
negative, but she isn’t. This feels right to her, to him. Max finds her lips again as one
hand reaches for the center of her womanhood. He is surprised by the warmth and the
wetness. Liz opens her legs more for him to have greater access. He caresses this center,
her most sensitive spot. Liz grabs hold of the blanket below her and moves in ecstasy.
Max continues to work her with one hand while kissing one breast and rubbing the nipple
of the other one.
“Max, please.”
Max smiles and leans towards Liz in order for him to remove his boxers. While he
does that, Liz reaches for her purse, which contains a package of condoms. She hands
him one and watches in fascination as he covers his manhood. Max looks at her longingly
and kisses her. She throws her arms around him and opens her legs more. Max lowers
himself onto her and feels himself enter her. Soon they develop a rhythm despite any
discomfort Liz is feeling. As they release, they stare into each other’s eyes, expressing
everything without needing to say anything.
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Chapter 6: The Afterglow and the Aftermath
Liz wakes up slowly, feeling the strong arms of Max around her as he spoons her
from behind. She smiles as she thinks about last night. That is exactly how it should have
been, perfect, she thinks to herself. Max sits up slightly to kiss Liz on the cheek and Liz
turns her head to kiss him back properly.

After they separate, Liz turns over to be face-to-face with a slightly dishelved Max
and exclaims, “Max, I didn’t know you were up!”

“I have been watching you sleep. You are so beautiful,” Max states in a sultry

“Watching me sleep? Beautiful? This isn’t really happening. Did we fly to Antar
or enter the twilight zone or something?” She thinks that both would be more believable.
Yet, even though Liz is slightly embarrassed by the conversation, she can’t resist touching
Max as she begins to run her hands slowly and softly down his well-toned chest.

Max starts to breathe a little heavy. “I don’t think so. It might be heaven,
though.” He smushes Liz to him and she can feel his breath on her neck and shoulder. He
kisses behind her ear and begins to kiss his way downward as Liz wraps her arms around
his neck and runs her hands through his hair. Liz wants nothing more than to repeat last
night’s events as reality hits.

“Max, we can’t stay. My parents are expecting me home at 10 and I have to work
at noon.” Max stops his movement instantly and Liz feels his breath on her breast. Why
did I have to stop him now when he was right there, she questions herself. This is pure
torture to stop. Max lifts his head to glance at the alarm clock with a sigh of frustration.

Max’s eyes expand. “Liz, uh, it’s 10:35.”

Liz bolts up to a sitting position, pushing Max and the sheets aside. “What? Are
you kidding? They are going to know I didn’t stay with Maria! Oh my God! What the
hell am I going to do?”

“Liz, relax,” Max offers some comfort by sitting up and wrapping his arm around
her shoulders all the while trying to avert his eyes from her exposed flesh, “Just tell them
that you slept in. They will understand. You did, after all, go to a school dance. It was a
long night. No big deal. It will be okay. You’ll see.”

“I hope so,” Liz says as she gets out of bed without remembering to be modest or
cover herself up. “I am just so bummed that we have to leave.” She turns and locks eyes
with Max. The slight glimmer of moisture in his eyes matches her own. They feel a
stronger connection than ever before and they simply never want to be away from each
other ever again. Future Max was right. They are now cemented together.

Before tears can fall, Max hops out of bed and circles it quickly to reach Liz.
When he reaches her, he hugs her to him. Desperately, trying to keep her with him, but
knowing that they must leave.

Max tries to avoid the negative feeling that is creeping up his body and says with
sincerity, “Thank you for giving me the best night of my life.”

Liz looks into his eyes with tears threatening again, “No thank you.” Their lips
slowly meet. This kiss expresses all of the love that they have for each other. When they
separate, they silently and rather slowly get dressed and get ready to go. They finish at the
same time. Max heads towards the door with his jacket in one hand and the keys to the
room in the other. He realizes that Liz isn’t following him. He takes two steps back away
from the door to go to Liz, who is standing in the middle of the room staring at the bed
with tears in her eyes. Max again squeezes Liz to him and they hold onto each other like
this is the last time that they will ever be together. Again, in silence, Liz takes Max’s hand
as they leave this magical room.

The check-out is completely uneventful despite Max and Liz’s complete
obliviousness to the stares that the hotel clerk is giving them. They decide to walk home
rather than take Max’s car, which he parked there the evening before. The sun is shining
brightly to match the love that both Max and Liz are feeling in their hearts. They do not
need to talk; they just want to be together. All too quickly, the Crashdown comes into
view. They stop and face each other, dreading this moment that they knew was coming.

Liz begins to cry, “Max, I don’t even know what to say...”

Max puts a finger up to her lips. “You don’t have to say anything. Just know that
I love you with all of my heart and that I be always be with you.”

Liz hugs Max to her. “I love you so much, Max.”

Liz breaks away from Max reluctantly and Max watches her go into the greasy
spoon diner. He misses her already. Liz spots her father as soon as she reaches the
counter in the restaurant.

Liz decides that the best defense is a good offense as she puts on a fake smile,
“Morning, Dad. I am just going to go upstairs and shower so I am ready for my shift.”

Jeff follows her into the back. “Your mother and I are well aware that you did not
stay with Maria. She called at about 10:10.”

Liz stops dead in her tracks and notices that her mother is walking down the stairs.
Should she lie? Does she even care what they think? Liz confesses, “You’re right. I
won’t lie to you. I was with Max.”

“Liz, how could you stay out all night with him after your father gave you and him
a second chance? What in the world were you thinking, if you were even thinking at all?”
Nancy shouts as she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

Liz suddenly feels slightly dizzy and notices that the room has gotten brighter. She
has to end this conversation this instant before her powers return with a vengeance. “I
guess I was thinking that we love each other.”

Liz runs past her mother and up the stairs without even turning around to see their
expressions. She slams the door to her room and flops down on her bed. She silently
begs for control of her powers as she becomes more determined to not let them ruin the
most special moment of her life. She simply refuses. She flips onto her back and can
hear them talking.

Nancy says with dismay, “You know what that means, they spent the night

“Okay, maybe that’s all they did. Liz swore to us last time that they just slept in
the desert. Maybe that’s it,” Jeff offers even though he doesn’t believe it himself.

“Jeff, don’t be naive. That was over two years ago. Besides, she was practically
glowing.” Liz could tell that her mother is pacing, which she often does when nervous, by
the subtle squeak of the floor.

Jeff yells, “I knew that I couldn’t trust him or even her, for that matter. It has been
a long time since she has been really honest with either one of us. What the hell do we do

“Keeping them away from each other didn’t work. I will try talking to Liz. One
thing is for sure.”

“What’s that?” Jeff asks in confusion.

“She’s got to go to the doctor.”

Liz gasps. She is stunned that she could hear their conversation so clearly from
downstairs and with the door closed. She is also stunned that her mother wants her to see
a doctor. There was no way Liz is going to go to the doctor. Maybe the doctor could tell
that she had sex with...with...someone different. Liz couldn’t, wouldn’t take that chance.
No way. She also didn’t want to talk with her mother. She always feels so uncomfortable
in those conversations. Besides, what took place between them was way too special for
Liz to talk to anyone about it, but especially her mother. Liz’s mind races as she begins to
think of solutions. Maybe she should move out, she decides, or maybe she and Max could
find a place together. That way they would always be together and she wouldn’t have to
deal with the disappointed glares and statements from her parents. Yet, she has more
pressing matters like the doctor visit and she knows exactly what she has to do. She has
to call Maria.

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Chapter 7: Discontinued Anxieties

Liz is swimming in emotions, including her all encompassing love for Max,
confusion about her powers which are now being manifested as extra-aware senses as
opposed to the previous sensory outages as well as anxiety over her parents and their
demand for her to go to the doctor. Liz can’t sit still and is hoping that Maria will be able
to help, at least in her own unique way. With that thought, she grabs her white, cordless
phone and presses the speed dial number for Maria’s house as she begins to pace back and
forth in front of her set of windows.

Liz hears the audible sound of the phone being answered before the first ring is
complete as Maria says, “Hello.”

“Maria, it’s me. Can you talk?”

Maria plops down on the well-worn couch to get comfortable as a way of
preparing herself for this long, intense conversation with her best friend. “Hmm...what’s
up, chica? You two finally do the dirty deed?”

Liz is startled by the volume of Maria’s voice as it sounds like she is shouting
through a megaphone. “ parents might hear,” she says without thinking.

“Uh? Hear? Did I hear you right or am I the one with the hearing problem? You
think they will hear what I say on the phone and they are where? Downstairs? It must
have been really good or you’re losing it,” Maria spouts with some confusion and

Liz realizes that it is her powers on overload again. “I’m sorry. It’s just my
powers are slightly out of whack.”

“Slightly? You think your parents can hear a simple phone conversation,” Maria
states while shaking her head. Secretly, Maria is glad that it is Liz that has to deal with
having alien powers. She can barely stand that she has been pulled into the everlasting
alien chaos.

Liz’s voice breaks through Maria’s thoughts, “Maria, stay with me here. I need to
talk. There is a ton going on and...and...I’m just...I don’t know. I’m sooooo...confused.”

“Confused? What are you confused about? Most people know if they had sex or
not so did you or didn’t you?”

Liz chuckles at Maria’s fixation on the intimate topic. “Yes, we did, not that it is
any of your business and before you ask it was....wonderful.” Liz takes a deep breath
before continuing, “But there are problems, which is where my confusion comes in, Ms.
Smarty Pants.”

Maria sits up slightly from her prone position in order to respond to Liz’s biting
statement as well as to listen more carefully. “Ms. Smarty Pants? Someone must be
stressed. So you have problems? Everyone does but then again you are talking to me,
O’Cynical One,” Maria spews. “Then again I dated Michael Guerin. It’s no wonder I’m
cynical. Anyways, what kind of problems?” she finishes trying to refocus on Liz.

“I’m not sure where to start. There’s my parents. They know. Thanks to you.”

Maria responds innocently, “Me? I wasn’t the one to come home late. I’m sorry I
called but I couldn’t help it. I had to find out what happened. Okay, so the parents know.
What was their reaction? Did your dad throw a big fit or did he just get all silent? Did
they forbid you to see Max again?”

Liz is now alternately between pacing and sitting on the bed with her legs drawn
up against her in futile attempts to ease her anxiety. “Their reaction was as you would
expect. How could you do this after we gave him another chance? Blah, blah. Did they
forbid me? No. My mom knows that it won’t work because it didn’t last time. Of
course, she wasn’t really for it then either. Anyways, the bigger problem, besides their
attitude, is that my mom is insisting that I go to the doctor. You know, because that is
what one does when one becomes sexually active,” Liz states in a mocking voice. “But
Maria, I can’t, you know that. I can’t let the world find out about Max, especially in that
way. Besides, I refuse to let them turn a beautiful thing into something...wrong or dirty.”

Maria’s mind wanders off to more interesting questions after hearing that last
statement. “Beautiful, huh? I need some details.”

Liz scolds as the pacing resumes, “Stay focused, Maria. What am I going to do?
How do I get my mother to back down?”

“I don’t know. Your mom is pretty strong when she wants to be.”

“Do you want to hear the most ridiculous part? I just keep thinking that Max and
I should just get a place together. Then my mother wouldn’t be the boss of me and we
could be together. Isn’t that totally ridiculous?”

Maria turns serious, “I don’t know about ridiculous but it is sweet. However,
reality check here. Do you think that your parents would go for it? That you could
convince them?”

Liz sits back down on the bed in defeat. “I don’t know. The real question is
whether I would be able to convince Max.”

“Good luck with that,” Maria says through small laughter, knowing how stubborn
Max can be.

“Great. So I still don’t know what to do about the doctor. I guess I will just try
and avoid the appointment as long as I can. Maybe it will be less risky for Max in a few
weeks.” Liz’s body goes rigid in thinking that they couldn’t be together for awhile. “Oh
my God, Maria, we couldn’t have sex for weeks or even months. I don’t think I could live
like that!”

Maria starts laughing uncontrollably. “I knew it! You are just as horny as the rest
of us!”

Liz laughs, too. “I guess. Now, what am I going to do about my powers? They
are freaking me out. The room seems brighter, voices and sounds seem louder. Like my
senses are in overdrive. Do you think that this will happen every time we are together?”

“Lizzie, relax. Your emotions are heightened right now and that’s probably what
is causing them to surface. Think of them as a way of showing how close you are to Max
and that you’re happy, at least about what happened with you and Max.”

Liz smiles shyly and glances at the clock on her small nightstand. “Maria, I want
to take a nap before my shift starts so I better let you go.”

“He wore you out, huh?” Maria jokes.

“Maria! Get your head out of the gutter! I got to go. I will talk to you later,”
Liz forcefully tells Maria.

“Pleasant dreams, Liz. Bye,” Maria responds and hangs up the phone. On the
other end, Liz is smiling and blushing despite herself.

After Liz gets off the phone, she decides to take a shower despite her irrational
concern that it will somehow wipe off the memories from the previous evening. Besides,
she concludes, it will help her think. Liz steps into the small bathroom, flicks on the plain
light switch and bends to turn on the water. She discovers that she has a difficult time
adjusting the water to the right temperature; either it seems too hot or too cold. Finally,
she finds the right temperature and slips out of her dress. Instantly, her eyes travel down
to her stomach and she sees it. The handprint that was left on her stomach after Max had
healed her years ago has returned and it is now glowing. Liz gasps. She tries to shake the
shock of seeing it and tries to remind herself that she is different now. She reassures
herself that it is okay and that all of these changes are a part of not only being healed by
Max but also being loved by Max. She ends her shower after a full twenty minutes, dries
off, and dresses quickly. She puts on a warm, slightly baggy red sweater and her favorite
pair of jeans. Once dressed, she curls up on her bed in a fetal position to take a nap,
promising herself that she would write in her journal when she woke up, if she had time
before her shift started.

Max cannot bare the thought of returning home so soon after watching Liz walk
into her family owned restaurant. Instead, he decides to take a walk. As he strolls
leisurely down the town’s quiet main street, he replays the last fourteen or so hours in his
mind. He is hoping that the more he thinks about them, the more likely they are to
becoming burned into his memory. As Max turns the corner towards the hotel where his
car is parked, he glances at a jewelry store window. He feels that he should do something
to commemorate this moment; the deepening, the cementing of their relationship. He
opens the door to the store and is immediately greeted by a petite, middle-aged woman.

“Good morning. Can I help you find something?” asks the store clerk.

Max blushes involuntarily as he wonders how to explain to the woman what he is
looking to buy, “ would like to buy something for my girlfriend.”

The woman smiles and questions, “Is this for her birthday or some other special

Max stares at his feet, trying to come up with some occasion as to not embarrass
himself more. “We made a stronger...commitment, recently and I want her to
know how much it means to me,” Max stammers.

With a wink, the woman says, “I think I know just the thing.”

After making his purchase, Max marches back to the Crashdown, determined to
see Liz and give her the present. As he reaches her window, he notices that she is
sleeping. He stops to watch her, the most beautiful person in the world to him. After a
few minutes, he opens the window far enough so that he could get in and enters the room
quietly so not to wake her. He placed the box containing his gift as well as the letter he
wrote on the bed, next to where she was sleeping. He leans down and kisses her forehead
lightly before reluctantly leaving the way he came in.

*Buzz, buzz, buzz.* Liz hears the annoying, piercing sound of her alarm. She
turns over to hit that wondrous snooze button when she rolls over something. She quickly
rolls back around to see a small silver box with a single white ribbon tied loosely around it
and a folded white piece of paper. Max. She grabs the note while sitting up.

Dearest Liz,
I wanted to let you know that last night was the best night of my life and if I died
today, I would die happy and fulfilled. That is what you do-you fulfill me. Complete me.
Thank you for coming into my life and for loving me. I will always love you!
With all of the love in my heart,
Your Max

Liz smiles as she turns her attention to the box. She slowly unties the ribbon and
lifts the cover. Inside is a beautiful, shiny, silver, heart-shaped locket. She pulls it out of
its box by the delicate chain and opens it. On the left hand side, there is a small picture of
Max. The right side is empty. She squints in order to read the small handwritten piece of
paper lodged on the bottom of the right side. “I hope that someday the other side can be
filled with a picture of our children.” All of the stress of the previous hours washes away
as Liz begins to cry tears of incredible joy. None of the problems matter as long as she
has Max. Her Max.
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Chapter 8: Parental Confrontations

Finally, Liz can punch out, marking the end of her shift. She is exhausted from her
grueling eight hour shift and from the stress surrounding her love life. Now all she wants
to do is write in her journal, call Max, and go to sleep. Unfortunately, her parents have
other ideas. As soon as Liz reaches the final stair, her mother calls to her from the hallway

“Liz, make yourself comfortable because we are going to sit down and have a little
heart-to-heart,” came the serious, female voice of her worried mother.

Liz doesn’t verbally respond but frowns, as she enters her room. Why can’t they
just let this rest for one day, she wonders to herself as she changes out of her alien green
waitressing uniform. Before Liz can locate the loose brick to take out her journal, there is
a knock and her mother slowly opens the door, in case Liz wasn’t finished getting
dressed. Liz immediately changes directions and heads to her desk that faces the wall and
sits down roughly in the tiny, handmade chair. Liz hopes that she can avoid as much eye
contact as possible, in order to survive this painful and all-too-personal conversation.
Nancy enters the room and sits at the edge of the bed, facing Liz. Nancy sighs loudly to
gather her courage and begins the conversation.

“Sex is a big step, honey. Are you sure it was right? At this time? I mean he
broke her heart not even a year ago,” Nancy states protectively yet unsure how to get
everything across to her naive daughter.

Liz flushes and reminds herself to think through her response carefully. She
cannot afford to be an impulsive teenager; Max’s life could be at stake. Hers, too, for that
matter. “Mom, you know I hate having these conversations with you,” she attempts to
deflect the conversation entirely.

Nancy nods but continues, “I know you do. I am just worried about you. First, he
hurts you by dating whats-her-face. Then, he convinces you to break the law and disobey
your parents. You were always such a good girl until you got involved with him. Plus,
you are so young. My God, you are still in high school!”

“Mom, if there is one thing I know with every fiber of my being, I know that Max
and I love each other. We always have even when we were apart. Besides, I was taught
to follow my heart wherever it may lead and that is what I did. Are you saying that
Grandma Claudia was wrong?” Liz questions defensively.

Nancy is shocked that Liz would bring up Grandma Claudia and try to force her
into criticizing what she taught Liz. She doesn’t want to do that but feels the need to say
more. “Well, if he ever hurts you again, I swear I will....”

Liz cuts her off, “He won’t and yes, I understand that sex is a big step. It was for
us, too, but not for the reasons you think. It indicates that we have made a commitment
to each other.”

“Wow, that sounds so final. You are so young to be making that kind of
commitment. You never know who you might meet down the road,” Nancy says sadly
fearing that her daughter’s childhood is over and that they have lost a part of Liz to Max.

Liz shakes her head. “You don’t understand. He is the love of my life. I won’t
meet anyone else. Period. Now can you just trust me? Please.”

“I guess I have no choice but to trust your feelings and his, I guess. However, I
am worried about more than just your feelings,” Nancy responds softly. She feels slightly
defeated as her eyes lower to the ground and fill with tears. Her mind keeps producing
terrible images of Liz’s future, including being married too young, waitressing her whole
life, multiple kids under the age of five, and being completely unhappy as Max continues
his cheating ways.

Liz notices her mother’s change in affect immediately. She can tell that she is
upset and even though she doesn’t want to say more, she thinks it will reassure her
mother. “Mom, we were safe. I promise. Now can I go to sleep. It has been a long day
and I have school tomorrow.”

Nancy looks up into her daughter’s eyes and wonders when everything changed
with her. She isn’t happy with how this conversation went but simply cannot continue to
fight the strong-willed Liz. “I am glad that you were safe but you are still going to see a
doctor, young lady. That is important for all women once they become sexually active. If
I am going to trust you, then I need to see that you are being responsible. Got it?”

Liz cannot argue with that and so she simply nods.

Nancy stares at Liz for a minute longer and exits the room as quietly as she entered
it. Liz then races to the side of her well-made bed, grabs the phone and quickly hits the
speed dial number for Michael and Max’s. Max answers on the second ring.


“Hey, it’s me,” Liz responds while opening her window to step onto her balcony.

“How are you?” Max questions as he smiles to himself imagining Liz on the other
end of the line.

Liz breathlessly admits as she finishes climbing out her window, “Well, I’ve been
better. We have problems.”

Max sits up quickly from his lounging position on the brown couch, “Why?
What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay. I’m just not sure where to start.” Liz pauses. “Okay. First, there is
my parents. They know because dumbass Maria called at 10:10 giving me away. Then
there is the fact that my senses are working way too well and the silver handprint
returned,” Liz states without taking a breath.

Max’s mouth opens slightly and he is stunned. “Oh my God, Liz. I’m coming

Ten minutes later Max climbs up to Liz’s balcony and finds her sitting on her lawn
chair looking at the stars. Liz stands up and greets Max with a short but sweet kiss as
their hands reach for each other. They both sit down but continue holding hands.

“Liz, start from the beginning,” Max says quietly.

“Shh...don’t talk so loudly. My parents might hear. I don’t want to have anymore
embarrassing conversations,” Liz whispers while squeezing his hand slightly to let him
know that she isn’t angry with him.

Max looks around for signs of her parents and finds none. “Liz, I’m not talking
loudly. Is it your powers?”

Liz nods. “I think so. Why are they back now and in this form?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with us making love. I mean look at
all the weird stuff that happened when we finally got together,” Max speculates and
continues, “I am sure that it will go away like the glowing hickey did.”

“I hope so. I don’t particularly like having everything so loud. I guess we will
panic if it doesn’t go away,” Liz concludes.

“That sounds like a good plan. Now what did your parents say?”

“Well, they weren’t happy but they didn’t tell me that we can’t see each other.
Thank God. My mother told me that sex is a serious thing and she worries that I’m going
to regret it later. You know because of all of the other guys I will met,” Liz says as she
looks into Max’s eyes. She notices that his eyes went dark at the idea of Liz being with
anyone else. “Max, she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand that I won’t ever be
with anyone else.”

Max kisses her to show her that he feels the same way. “So, what exactly is the
problem with your parents, Liz?”

“My mom insists on me going to the doctor,” Liz answers quickly while moving
closer to Max.

“That could be a problem. Did Maria go to the doctor after Michael?”

“I don’t know. I’ll ask,” Liz offers. “What do I do in the meantime?”

Max slides his arm around Liz’s waist to offer more comfort and says, “Well, I
don’t think it would be a bad idea to find out if there is any evidence, you know. I just
think it would be better if Maria goes to the doctor, though. It has been awhile and she
doesn’t have any powers.”

Liz jokes, “I suppose you expect me to ask her to go to the doctor, don’t you?
Wow, I get all the fun jobs.”

Max laughs then gets serious, “I think it makes sense.” Neither one says anything
for a minute as they are reflecting on the discussion while staring at the stars. Finally Max
questions shyly, “How do you feel about last night?”

Liz turns to Max and hugs him. “I feel wonderful about it. I just wish that my
parents didn’t have to ruin it.”

Max raises her chin to look into her eyes. “They didn’t ruin anything. It was the
best night of our lives.”

Liz nods as his lips met hers. They kiss gently, showing each other the love in
their hearts. After a few minutes, they separate and Max puts his arms around her as he
moves to sit behind her, with her in-between his legs, on the lawn chair. Then they lean
back, content to hold each other. Soon both of them are lost in the feeling of being
together and neither one hear Liz’s father coming.

“Liz, don’t you think it is time for bed. Tomorrow is a school day,” Jeff suggests
as he climbs out onto the balcony. Quickly Jeff spots the two lovers holding each other.

“What the hell? Max, get out of here! Liz!” Jeff yells.

Max and Liz open their eyes instantly and jump up.

“Dad, we weren’t doing anything!”

“That’s not the point. I didn’t even know he was here. You need to ask
permission before you have people over. Plus, it is 11:30,” Jeff spews, standing in front of
them with his arms crossed.

“He’s right, Liz. It is late,” Max states quietly so only Liz can hear.

“I know. I just don’t want you to leave.” Liz feels an incredible sadness fill her as
if she is forced to say goodbye to him for eternity.

Max takes her hand and walks over to the ladder, trying to ignore her father
staring at them. “I don’t want to leave either, but I will see you tomorrow in school.”
Max leans down and gives her a small, respectable kiss on her cheek. As Max descends to
the street, Liz turns to her father.

“Are you happy now?” She questions angrily.

“You are still living in my house. There are certain rules. I couldn’t stop you from
being with him last night but I will make damn sure that it doesn’t happen in my house.”

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Chapter 9: Movement from Both Sides
Liz’s ability to be still is worse than a Mexican jumping bean. She is anxiously
waiting for Maria at her locker. She still can’t believe that she has to ask, beg,
plead, bribe Maria to go to the doctor and she has no clue on how to bring up the subject.
This sucks, Liz thinks to herself. Why couldn’t she and Max just enjoy their new found
intimacy like a normal couple? With only four minutes before the first class, Maria
casually arrives at her locker. She is surprised to find her usually calm best friend waiting
for her. Part of her is pleased that Liz is coming to her for advice since it is usually the
other way around. The other part of her wishes that the whole issue would go away
because all it is doing is make her miss Michael and that aspect of their relationship.

Maria begins to speak before she even reaches her locker, “Liz, babe. What’s up?
Did you get confused and think that you were waiting at Max’s locker?” Maria is hoping
that there is a simple explanation for Liz’s visit.

“Very funny, Maria. I need you to do a huge favor for me.” Liz takes a deep
breath while she waits for Maria’s answer. Maria just seems to be ignoring her as she
drops her books into her locker.

Maria decides to be helpful even if she doesn’t really want to ask what the favor
could be. “Anything, Liz. Shoot.” She is desperately hoping that it isn’t alien related or
something to do with Liz’s sex life.

Liz pleads, “I need you to go to the doctor, the female kind of doctor.”

Maria stops organizing her locker and turns to face Liz with her jaw hanging open,
“Huh? You’re kidding, right?”

Liz gives her a small smile in hopes to reassure her. “I wish. My mom is insisting
that I go to the doctor because that it is the responsible thing to do. You know for
someone who is sexually active and Max thought it would be a good idea if you get
checked out first.”

Maria turns back to her locker and grabs her first and second hour books. “He
wants me to go? Why? Michael and I haven’t had sex in months.”

“Exactly. Max thinks it would be safer as it would be less likely that they can tell
you slept with a Czechoslovakian,” Liz replies, glancing at her watch and worrying that
she will be late for class. She is thankful that she went to her locker first and could just go
straight ahead to her class.

Maria nods with understanding. She quickly concludes that if she has to do this,
she will get something out of it. “How much money do I get?”

Liz frowns. “Maria, can’t you just do me a favor?”

“Not for this. Sorry.” Maria slams her locker and begins to stroll towards class.

Liz steps into stride and offers an amount that she doubts Maria will refuse in
order to get this over with, as she switches her books from one arm to the other, “Okay,
fifty dollars.”


“Make an appointment soon. My mom is probably dialing the doctor’s number as
we speak,” Liz says nervously as she turns the corner, separating herself from Maria.

Liz is relieved that Maria has agreed to go. She is still edgy, however. She is
worried that Max and Michael will be discovered and that things with her parents are
going to go back to where they were just after Utah. Most of all, she is concerned that
her powers are causing her to feel out-of-whack and unbalanced. Despite these concerns,
all she wants to do is see Max. Okay, she wants to do more than that but it would be a
good start, anyway. She decides that she will drop him a note in his locker before her
second class as they wouldn’t see each other until lunch.

Max, being the creature of habit that he is, always goes to his locker before third
hour and today is no exception. His routines usually provide him with comfort but
something is off today. He knows that he should be on cloud nine after his weekend with
Liz. Yet, there are issues surrounding the aftermath. He is jealous of Michael and how
easy he had it. How come when he had sex there were no problems, Max thinks to
himself as he turns the corner to his locker. These issues still don’t provide enough reason
for Max to be off. Something else is going on, he determines. Maybe it is because the day
has seemed to drag on forever and now it is only ten. When Max opens his canary yellow
locker, a small, folded piece of notebook paper falls to the floor. Max bends down to pick
it up and quickly unfolds it.

Good news. Maria agreed. I just hope she gets an appointment soon. I
can’t wait to see you at lunch.

Max feels himself stir just from reading Liz’s handwriting and he finds himself
wishing that they had made arrangements to meet in the eraser room this morning. He
reminds himself that it is probably for the best that they don’t risk getting caught. They
have enough trouble as it is. Nonetheless, the two hours before lunch will be like
watching grass grow.

As soon as the lunch bell rings, Liz practically hops up out of her chair and does a
fast walk to her locker to grab her lunch. She is desperate to see Max. As she enters the
hall with her locker, she spots Maria waiting for her. She silently prays that she has
positive news.

“Maria?” Liz questions with worry as she quickly spins the lock to the right

“I wanted to let you know that I got an appointment for 4 today and that you owe
me big!” Maria emphasizing the word big. Liz looks instantly relieved like someone
whose foot has been released from a shoe that is two sizes too small.

Liz quickly kisses Maria on the cheek. “You’re the best, Maria.”

Before Maria can respond, Liz runs off to the quad as Maria is left shaking her
head in disbelief.

As soon as Liz steps out into the quad, she sees him. He turns his head slowly
towards her like he knows that she is there and instantly locks eyes with her. Liz is frozen
in place from some hypnotic trance. Then she hears Max’s voice.

“Could she be anymore beautiful?”

Liz whips her head around to see if anyone else had heard that.

“Is she okay? Why is she looking at everyone else? Is something wrong?”
Liz hears him again and can now tell how concerned he is. She shakes her head and
assures herself that it is her highly sensitive hearing. With that assurance, Liz strides over
to him and he rises to greet her properly. He kisses her lightly and they sit down together.

“Max, did you say anything a minute ago when I was standing by the door?” Liz
questions as she relaxes into his arms.

Now Max is even more worried. “No. I was just waiting for you. Is something
wrong?” he asks as he frames her soft cheek with his hand.

Liz shifts her eyes to her waiting basic brown bag and opens it, feeling stupid that
she asked the question. She responds, hoping to satisfy Max, “No. Everything’s fine. In
fact, they are better. Maria got an appointment for this afternoon.”

Max removes his hand to open his sandwich bag and then separates the pieces of
bread in order to pour fresh Tabasco sauce in his sandwich. “I’m glad she did. I think
that will help ease some anxiety.”

“Yeah. I’m glad, too,” Liz smiles as her mind turns towards more pleasing things.
“Let’s talk about something more...” Liz suggests seductively as she leans towards him.

Max closes the distance between his face and hers so that he can whisper,
“, remember we are in a public place.”

Before Max can say anything more, Liz kisses him quickly. “I know. I just can’t
wait until I have you alone again.”

Max chuckles as he blushes slightly. He decides to play along. “Yeah, well, when
we are alone again, I am going to have my way with you.”

Now it is Liz’s turn to blush as her eyes get wide, showing Max that she
understands his meaning. “You are, are you?”

Max nods while taking a bite out of his sandwich.

Liz asks, “Well, how about tonight, Romeo?”

“I can’t. I promised my parents that I would eat dinner with them and I don’t
think I should cancel as much as I would want to. Tuesday?” Max responds with a subtle

“I can’t. I have to work. Wednesday, too.”

“Geez, I would say Thursday but I have to work, too. Friday?” Max inquires
hoping for a positive answer to terminate his growing feeling of desperation.

Liz agrees excitedly, “It’s a date. Now to the big question.”

“What’s that?”

“Can we have the apartment all to ourselves?” Liz whispers seductively into Max’s

Max whispers back, “Whatever it takes,” before bringing his lips to hers in a
passionate kiss.

Nancy Parker has phone calls to make, calls that she has avoided making all day.
She has to call Liz’s doctor. What exactly is she going to say? Her daughter is having
sex? Then, if that isn’t enough, she is also going to call Diane Evans. She knows that
Max isn’t living there anymore, but she hopes that Diane still has some influence over him.
Liz might feel betrayed but she has to ensure that their sex life is going to end right then
and there.

A half hour later after Nancy made the appointment for Liz to see the doctor, she
calls Diane.

Diane answers the phone pleasantly, “Hello.”

Nancy hopes that her voice sounds strong as she introduces herself, “Diane, hi.
This is Nancy Parker. Liz’s mom.”

“Hi Nancy. How are you?” Diane is hoping that something isn’t wrong and that
this is just a social call.

“I could be better, actually. I am worried about Max and Liz,” she responds
hoping that diving into the conversation will make it go faster, smoother, better.

Diane sits up straighter in her tall dark kitchen chair. “Did something specific

Nancy sighs loudly. Here it is. “I’m not sure how to say this without just coming
out and saying it. They have become sexually active.”

Diane’s mind instantly flashes to a conversation earlier in the year with Isabel
where she told them about Tess and the pregnancy. “You are kidding!” Diane shouts

“I wish I wasn’t,” Nancy says slowly, lowering herself onto the couch directly
above the Crashdown’s kitchen.

“You and me both. What are you doing about it and how can I help?” Diane asks
with conviction.

“I was hoping that you can talk to Max. I know that they care about each other
but it seems so soon after they just got back together.”

Diane shakes her head but is already starting to plan a certain conversation at
dinner this evening. “You have no idea. I will talk to him. He is even coming for dinner