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Title: A Season of Firsts and Beyond Sequel to Stumbling out of Darkness
Author: Carenicole
Rated: Mostly PG-13 with occasional strays into NC-17 territory
Category: AU M/L
Summary: Takes up where Stumbling Out of Darkness left off. It’s pretty much everything that I didn’t include in the first story. Lots of M/L Loving promised. Not to mention Lainey and Parker moments. It’s all about feeling good!

This beautiful banner was made by Talena! She did an amazing job!

Part 1 “The First Date”

“Come on....I really want to go,” I plead with Liz. We’re standing in the kitchen. She’s trying t o get the babies’ bottles ready and I’m very much in the way.

“Move,” she orders and pushes me away from the counter top.

“Please? It will be like.....our first date since the babies,” I say, changing tactics.

She stops and looks at me, laughing. And I’m thinking. Yes. I’m winning.


“Try our first date EVER!” she tells me.

“Oh, now come on. We went on dates,” I tell her. Even as I’m trying to remember when these alleged dates were exactly.

“Uhn uh. Nope,” she says shaking her head. She goes back to getting bottles warmed up.

“Well, what about...” She doesn’t even let me finish.

“Max, renting a movie and having sex on the couch doesn’t count as a real date. Neither do the times we went out with Maria and Michael.” This said, she brushes past me, bottles in her hand, heading out to the living room where the babies are in their little seats.

“Fine. So see, it can be our first date then. I’ll even take you
out to dinner first,” I promise.

She picks up a fussy Lainey and starts to feed her. After a moment she looks up at me. I’m looking at her expectantly. Please say yes. Please say yes, my mind begs.

“Okay, but dinner can’t be McDonald’s or Burger King. It has to be a nice, sit down place and I get to dress up.” I start to protest because if she wants to dress up that probably means that she’ll want me to do the same. She stops my protests with a raised eyebrow. I bite back a groan. I am so whipped. The thing is though, I really want to see this movie. I’ve been seeing previews for weeks and it’ll be the first time I’ve been to a theater in over four years. And I want Liz to be the one with me.

“You have to find a babysitter too,” Liz adds.

“Okay, anything you say,” I tell her. I lean over and kiss her forehead. Then I go grab the basketball from the closet, heading outside to shoot hoops for awhile.


“Okay, so, their bottles are in the 'fridge. Just put them in the microwave on medium for a minute. Their diapers are up on the changing table in the nursery. Pacifiers are in the playpen. Pink is Lainey and blue is Parker. Uhm....let’s I forgetting anything?” I turn to Maria who has graciously agreed to babysit while Max and I go on our first date.

“Yeah. Where are the babies?” she asks with a laugh.

“Max is saying goodbye to them upstairs. He’s having a hard time with this all. You know our first time leaving them,” I tell her with a smile.

“Wait a second, shouldn’t that be you? I mean, you're the one that’s with them 24/7 while he’s at school. You aren’t used to being without them.” Maria looks like she’s ready to go tease the hell out of Max for this. I think she should. After all, this whole thing was his idea.

I shrug at her comment. “I need a break. Besides, it’s only a couple of hours and you can always call the cell phone if something happens. I’ll miss the babies, but Max and I need alone time too.”

She nods her understanding.

Five minutes later I’m standing there crying as Max tries to pull me out the front door.

I’m leaving my babies.

“ me if anything happens,” I instruct her. “And make sure you remember the cream for Parker’s rash and.....”

“Lizzie, babe, I got it. Now go. Romeo here looks a little antsy.” Maria gives me a reassuring smile.

Reluctantly I leave the house.

As we’re driving, Max is grumbling under his breathe.

“What’s wrong?” I ask. He just shakes his head. I know what it is though. He feels weird driving the van. He hates it.

“It’s just a van, Max. It doesn’t demasculanize you,” I say to him. The laughter in my voice is evident. He’s so funny about this.

He lets out a big sigh. “ I know. But it makes me feel so old. Like somehow I’ve become what my parents used to be. It’s strange. The van seems to reinforce that.”

I shake my head and try not to laugh out loud.

We pull into Taco Bell and I raise my eyebrows in disbelief. “What happened to our deal?” I ask.

“ I sort of thought that since we didn’t dress up, this would be okay. Plus you took too long saying goodbye to the babies and I don’t want to be late for the movie. Besides that, it’s not McDonald’s or Burger King and we can still go inside and sit down.” Again I bite my lip to keep the smile off my face. I should be mad but I’m rather amused by his reasoning.

Honestly I almost feel like I’m 17 years old again instead of a twenty-four year old mother of two. Max even holds my hand when we walk inside. I hope we never let our lives get in the way of being together like this. I know that it’s silly, this whole date thing. But it is important. Now, granted, Taco Bell isn’t exactly romantic but at least we’re making an attempt to do something. Even if it’s just going to see the latest action flick.

We order and sit tdown and start off talking about Max’s work and basketball. Then we talk about Maria and Michael. Inevitably the conversation drifts to the babies. We’re both wondering what they’re doing right now.

“Should we call Maria?” I ask.

Max starts to shake his head no but he pauses momentarily like he’s rethinking things before saying a final “No. I’m sure she’s fine. They’re all fine.” He’s trying to convince us both I think.

We last until the movie theater before I finally break down and call. I’m standing there on the cell phone when I hear this shriek coming from the other side of the theater lobby. It’s a woman saying Max’s name. I’m automatically on alert.

Tess. Oh God. I roll my eyes and then look at Max who looks confused. That’s when I remember that Max has never actually seen Tess. Oh. This is going to be good. I click off the phone before Maria answers on the other end. I’ll call her again later.

“Max....” Tess’ voice rings out.

“Don’t you know who that is honey?” I ask him, somewhat sarcastically.

He shakes his head . He ought to at least recognize her voice. It is the most annoying sound in the world. “It’s Tess. You know the bitch....I mean woman you were dating before I came along and rescued you.”

He looks at me and then back at Tess, who is barreling towards us, in surprise. “That’s what I was dating before? Oh God! No wonder I was blind,” he tells me. I can’t help but laugh. He’s doing good. Saying exactly what he should, exactly what I want to hear. That just earned him extra brownie points. He’ll need to be rewarded later.

Tess finally makes her way to us.

“Oh, yeah,” Max mumbles to me under his breath. “I’d recognize that smell anywhere. Her perfume is worse than mothballs.”

“Max Evans! I haven’t see you in ages. How are you?” Her voice is surgery sweet. She pauses briefly and Max tells her he’s good before she barrels right on. “ I hear you had some sort of eye surgery. If you can see what do you still need her for?” she asks looking at me. I roll my eyes. She certainly got right to the point there.

Max takes too long to say anything so I jump right in. I’m going to stand up to her. I let her get to me before, but there’s something about being a mother that sort of empowers you. “Well, Tess, you see the reason I’m still around is because Max is my husband,” I grab his hand and practically shove it in her face as I show her his wedding ring and then my own. “And we do happen to have two babies now. Do you want to see pictures?” I ask sweetly. My hands move to my purse to pull them out.

“They’re four months old now. Lainey and Parker. And...”

“You know. I guess I’ll take a reign check on that. My movie is starting and my date’s probably wondering where I’m at.” She rushes off with me glaring after her.

“Bitch,” I mutter under my breath. Max loses it. I could feel him shaking before as he tried to hold his laughter in. I suppose it is kind of funny.

“You know, you could have been a little more helpful,” I tell him accusingly. “You just stood there and you didn’t even try to say anything. “

He stops laughing because he can see that I am no longer amused.

“I’m sorry. I thought you had that pretty well under control.” He gives me a half smile and I almost let it go. Almost.

“Next my husband it is your duty to defend me. Got it?”

I watch him swallow and nod. Then I stand on my tip toes and kiss him. Hard. Kind of like I need to stake my claim just in case Tess didn’t quite get it into her head that he’s mine. And to make sure that he knows it too.

I think Max must know exactly what I’m thinking because when we pull apart he’s grinning.

“I like it when you get possessive,” he says. He grabs my hand then and drags me over to stand in line for popcorn. We stand there silently and hold hands. It feels nice. But the line doesn’t seem to be moving and the movie is going to start soon.

“We just ate. Do you really need something else?” I ask him.

“I’m a growing boy,” he answers.

“Max, I hate to break it you you but the only growing you’re going to be doing is this way,” I say as I pat his stomach. “Sorry baby, but you’re getting chunky.” He opens his mouth, mock hurt on his face.

“ I thought you liked me this way,” he says.

I smile. “You’re still sexy to me.”

“That’s it. I’m too self-conscious now. I’ll never be naked in front of you again,” he says. His voice is teasing. I laugh.

“That’s too bad. I guess I’ll have to be naked all by myself.”

He’s about to say something but it’s our turn in line and I order his popcorn for him and then get myself something to drink.

“You’re gonna have to pee half way through the movie,” he tells me.

“Well it’s either that or have cotton mouth. Besides you have to have something to wash down the popcorn.”

We go into the movie and Max makes us sit way in the back. “Since this is a date, we have to follow date rules,” he tells me. “That means we sit in the back and watch the first fifteen minutes of the movie. Then we make out and I get to feel you up.”

“Oh, you think so huh? Well, that sounds more like the fifth or sixth date rules. This is only our first date. I think you’re restricted to hand holding,” I tease.

“We’ll have to wait and see,” he replies with a grin. I love it when he smiles.

The movie starts and we talk through the previews before this teenage boy and his girlfriend shush us. Not even fifteen minutes into the movie I glance over and they are apparently on their fifth or sixth date. I nudge Max who looks and smile at me suggestively. I giggle and shake my head. I really do feel like a teenager right about now.

When the movie is all finished we make our way back to the lobby and see Tess as she’s leaving. She’s with Kyle Valenti again. Doug Sahn’s money must have run out pretty quickly.

I look at my watch. “It’s only 9:30pm. Do you want to go home?” I ask. Max looks thoughtful for a moment before grinning suggestively.

“I am getting a little tired. Maybe we should go to bed early.”

“Oh. Mr. Evans. Now if you’re implying what I think you are, that would be like say the fifteenth or sixteenth date at the earliest. Definitely not a first date,” I tell him as we walk out to the van.

“See, I don’t think you can say that Liz,” he says. “Because if this is just our first date, we aren’t really following dating rules. We skipped over all that went straight to the uh....lovemaking.” He scratches his head when he says this and he looks so cute.

“Okay,” I say, giving in. “Just this once. But on our next date, your going to have to work really hard to get me into bed.”


“Oh god, yes! Right there.....Oh Max! Yes!” Liz is being particularly vocal tonight on this our second date. We dropped the babies off at Michael and Maria’s and we were supposed to go see this winter exhibit at the planetarium. But we got distracted and now we’re in the van undressing each other instead. It’s kind of funny.

I move my fingers away from Liz’s heat and she groans from the loss. I smile against her skin and then my mouth captures a hardened nipple as my hand tries to work off the rest of our clothing.

“We’re so bad,” Liz says breathily.

“I know,” I tell her before returning my mouth to her breast.

A moment later and we’re completely naked. Liz’s hips are starting to buck against me. I’m glad we got the van now. There’s lots of room in the back. Especially when the seat folds down and....

“Max, Now!”

I stop thinking. Liz doesn't want me to think. She wants action. I push myself between her legs and thrust into her welcoming heat. She feels so good. And there’s just something about getting it on in a vehicle that makes it that much better. Maybe because it’s a little deviant. Who knows?

My mouth finds hers as our bodies move together working toward completion. I’ll never get tired of loving her like this. Never. Our kisses are deep and hard. Another moment goes by and I feel Liz clenching her inner muscles around me and I start to move faster. She rocks her hips against me urging me on. We’re both panting from our rapid pace and Liz arches her neck. I can’t resist and lean in sucking on the pulse there. A loud moan escapes her lips and I feel her come apart in my arms driving my own release.

After we calm down, Liz speaks. “How can it be possible that this just gets better every time?” she asks softly. My head is resting in the crook of her shoulder, my arms wrapped tightly around her.

“I don’t know. But I hope it doesn’t stop any time soon,” I tell her. She laughs.

“Me too. So what are we going to do now? We probably missed the exhibit.”

I shrug. “We could go home and try for a repeat performance,” I suggest.

“It’s only eight thirty Max.”

“I know.”

Liz laughs. “I’m so weak,” she says.

I lift my head and grin at her.

“I wore you out huh?” I ask.

“Well, yeah, but I meant that as in I’m weak and can’t resist you. This is technically only our second date. And all it took was a look from you and I gave it up,” she looks a little sheepish at this.

“That’s a good thing,” I tell her. “I like that I can do that to you. Now what was the look so I know what to do next time.”

She swats my arm. “ Max.”

“Seriously. I don’t know what you mean by the look,” and I suddenly have this urge to know because I can use it as a weapon now.

“You just give me this look and your eyes they’s like your undressing me with them and then you get this little smirk on your face and its just so damn sexy and I get all .........bothered just thinking about it.” I watch her eyes get dark as she tries to explain and I can feel myself getting all bothered again.

I sit up suddenly. “Get dressed. We’re going home.”

“That would be the look right there,” she says sort of breathily. I fight myself not to take her right then and there. We’ve done the van thing. It’s time to go do the bed thing.

I swear that I probably commit every traffic violation in the book as I drive us home. I glance at my watch. We’ve got an hour before we have to go pick up the babies at Michael and Maria’s. An hour. It doesn’t seem like enough time.

Even as we’re walking in the door, we’re taking clothes off, leaving a trail in our wake as we make our way upstairs. We both know that this will be fast and furious. But its what we want.

“Max....” she’s moaning again. The way she says my name makes my arousal even worse. We fall onto the bed a mass of tangled limbs, neither of us wanting to break contact. Without preliminaries I thrust into her tight body. She arches up against me. I pull out and begin to set the pace of my strokes. Liz moves with me. Her cries of pleasure drowning out my own. I can hardly believe this. I’ve never been this out of control before. It’s like a possession. I have to possess her in every way. I’m not aware of the way the bed creaks with our frantic movement. Liz. That’s all I’m thinking about. My mouth finds hers to kiss her deeply and my hands move from their resting place to find her hands. I lace my fingers through hers.

There’s a loud creak and then several loud cracks. The whole bed shifts and the mattress jerks. I don’t stop. We’re so close. There’s another shift in the mattress and it feels like we’re falling. It passes quickly and I feel on the verge of exploding. Her hands have left mine and are now resting on my butt. She grabs it and urges me on. I feel her arch up underneath me and she cries out “Oh God!” even as I’m doing the same.

Moments later we lay there spent, still breathing hard.

“Wow!” Liz’s voice says softly.

“Yeah, Wow!” I say back.

Liz starts to giggle and tries to sit up.

We try to shift around and that’s when we realize that there’s something different about the bed. It’s a lot lower than before. I sit up myself and my eyes get big.

“We broke the bed,” I tell her seriously.

She starts laughing. I end up joining her because it is kind of funny.

“See what happens when you give me the look. It’s a dangerous weapon,” she says through her laughter.

And I’m thinking I better practice the look so I know exactly what to do with it to get her right back in this position again.


“What’s with the tools?” Maria asks. It’s Monday afternoon. Maria’s free period. She came over to pick up the latest set of lyrics we’ve been working. She’s going to use a computer composing program from school to make it look professional.

I’m trying to piece back together Max and my bed. He said he’d do it later. But I have a feeling that we’re going to have to get a new bed.

I feel my face flush at Maria’s question. Do I really want to tell her? It was hard enough trying to explain to Michael and Maria why we were late picking up the twins last night.

“Well uhm I have to go fix something upstairs,” I finally manage to say.

“Where are my favorite little people?” It amazes me how much Maria loves my kids. She says she can’t get enough of them. Sometimes I think, okay Maria you come feed them at two in the morning then.

“They’re upstairs in the playpen in our bedroom.” I put them in there so I could keep an eye on them while I try to assess the bed damage.

Maria doesn’t even wait she just takes off, running up the stairs.

I follow after her and hear “ What the hell?” come from her lips.

She’s standing in the room staring at the bed.

“Uhm, the bed broke last night. I have to try and fix it,” I explain.

Maria turns towards me, her eyes wide, a big smile plastered on her face.

“What were you doing when it broke?”


“Oh, please, like I don’t already know! You guys are like bunny rabbits. The poor bed was probably worn out from all the activity it sees. You should just get a new one. Then you’ll have to have a whole breaking it in session,” she says, wagging her eyebrows suggestively.

I laugh. “I’ll let you suggest that to Max. I’d love to see the
look on his face. “

“Just don’t ask Michael to help you guys move this. He’ll refuse. He just can’t handle it, knowing that you guys are at it all the time.”

“We’re not that bad Maria. We do more than have sex,” I say in our defense.

“Uh huh, sure. How was the planetarium? Was it a good exhibit?”

I blush again because I don’t want to tell her the truth.

She takes my silence as an answer.

“So did you at least make it up there or did you just come straight back here?” she asks gesturing to disheveled bed.

“Well we got up there and we had to wait a little while before it opened because we were early and....”

She stops me. “Okay. That’s enough info. Don’t tell me anymore. I can guess what happened next.”

I go over and pick up Parker and Maria takes Lainey then and we go downstairs. We sit the babies with their toys on a blanket on the floor. Situating ourselves between them.

I sigh loudly and just start talking. I feel like I need to explain. “Maria....I just can’t help it. Max has this look. He doesn’t even know that he’s doing it. He just does it and my insides turn to mush. Sometimes I feel like we’re in high school, the way he makes me feel. I mean, my stomach rumbles every time I see him. I can’t get over it and he’s just so wonderful and he’s so good with the babies and they both just adore him and I love him so much....” and I’m rambling, babbling or what have you. I just need to express these things about Max somehow. Maybe because sometimes I don’t think this kind of happiness can be real. But it is and I live it everyday.


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Part 2 “Parker’s Bow Tie, PMS and a Red Dress”

Max and Maria both got suckered into chaperoning the jr. high winter dance. The students got to vote and they knew that crazy Mrs. Guerin from music class and Coach Evans would probably be more fun than anybody else. When Max found out, he came home and actually asked me to be his date for the evening. He made me laugh with his formalness, saying that this would be an appropriate third date for us. He even gave me permission to go shopping for a new dress. Now who am I to argue with a husband that tells me to go shopping?

So the Saturday of the dance, Maria and I bundle up Lainey and leave Parker with Max. “No sports,” I tell him. “You don’t need to sit in front of the TV all afternoon. There’s a whole list of things that need to be done on the fridge.”

“Yes dear,” he says sarcastically. He looks down at Parker. “Tell mommy that we’ll get everything done. Won’t we pal?” Parker grins and gurgles, making me laugh. I kiss his forehead and then I kiss Max and say goodbye.

As we’re driving I turn to Maria. “What do you want to bet that nothing on the list gets done?” I ask her with a smile.

Maria laughs. “I can’t take that bet because I’m sure that you’re right.”

“So what’s your hubby up to today?” Maria’s driving the van for me so I can keep an eye on Lainey who is currently being very fussy. “ I figured he’d probably be over at our place, watching TV with Max and Parker,” I say.

Maria shakes her head. “Nope. You remember I told you about that old motorcycle of his from High School. Well, he’s suddenly decided that he wants to fix it up and get it running again. I told him there was no way in hell that I’d be caught riding around on that thing with him. He has to let me take it out by myself or he can’t go out at all.” I laugh when I hear this. Only Maria.

When we get to the mall, Lainey is fast asleep. I wonder how long that will actually last. She makes it through the first two stores before she wakes up and needs to be changed. As we keep shopping I start looking for more things for Christmas. Truthfully I’m almost completely done shopping for gifts, but you never know what you might see. I almost go crazy in Baby Gap and I know that Max is going to kill me. But I just couldn’t help it. I bought Lainey and Parker matching Christmas outfits. Maria and I both gushed over them for about twenty minutes. To make up for it I went and bought Max some new shirts and ties. He won’t be particularly thrilled but at least he’ll look good.

By three thirty pm I’m completely exhausted. As is Lainey which is evident by her crying. Maria drives us home and brings in the stuff while I put Lainey to bed. Parker is already up there sleeping. When I get back downstairs Maria is gone and Max is staring at the shopping bags sitting on the couch. He looks up at me.

“I thought you were dress shopping,” he says.

“ I was. But I found things for you and Lainey and Parker,” I explain with a sheepish smile.

“ were supposed to get something for yourself,” he says sternly. He pauses and then grins. “What’d you get me?”

I can’t help but chuckle. I show him his new shirts and ties and he’s moderately pacified. I think he expected more. I remind him that Christmas is coming and he’ll get lots of things then. I swear that he’s worse than Katia some times. I show him Lainey and Parker’s outfits. He doesn’t even blink. “Well, what do you think?” I ask him.

He shakes his head. “Parker is not wearing that,” he tells me.

“What do you mean? Why not?”

“Liz....he’s four months old. He does not need to be wearing a
bow tie,” Max insists.

“But it’s cute! He’ll look adorable.”

“I am still having nightmares about the pictures from when I was a baby, Liz. Pictures where there are bow ties. I just can’t subject Parker to that. My son is not wearing that.”

“ now he’s your son. Are you the one that went through eight months of carrying him? Are you the one that gave birth to him? Are you the one that gets up in the middle of the night to change his dirty diapers? No. That’s all me. And I say that he’s wearing the damn bow tie!” I tell him

“Okay, is this like a PMS thing, because you really need to start warning me....” I throw a pillow at his face at this. Sometimes Max can be such a jerk.

The dance doesn’t start until eight o’clock, but we’re going with Michael and Maria out to dinner first. I dig through my closet and pull out an old dress. It’s from before I met Max. I wore it to perform once. It’s red with a scoop neck and thin straps that crisscross in the back. I try it on to make sure that it still fits. I’m a little curvier than before the twins, but the dress seems to accentuate the curves nicely.

I decide to be mean and tease Max to get him back for the PMS comment. Why is it that men always assume that’s the problem if you get upset with them? Somehow, their ego controlled minds rationalize that it must be hormonal because they’re obviously perfect and can do no wrong.

I get ready in the bathroom, taking extra time. In part to piss Max off and also because this is the first time I’ve actually had a chance to dress myself up since the babies. I want to look good. I want to make Max drool and make him proud to be seen with me.

The babies wake up and want to be fed while I’m trying to exfoliate. I leave the bathroom and run into Max who immediately starts laughing.

“What is that crap on your face?” he manages to get out between spurts of laughter. I’m sure I’m a sight with a towel wrapped turban
style around my head and green stuff all over my face.

“It’s a face mask. To make my skin softer,” I tell him. I move past him to go check on the babies. He stops me.

“Don’t. You’ll probably scare them,” he tells me, still laughing.

I’m not sure whether to hit him or call him awful names. He’s being such a jackass today. It’s definitely one of those days where I don’t like him very much. We have those sometimes. Where we just don’t like each other. Of course those days usually end up in some of the furniture getting defiled. Last time it was the dining room table. Instead of responding, I shrug and leave him to take care of them. I go back to the bathroom and wash off the mask and go about finishing my makeup. I dry my hair quickly before slipping into the bedroom to finish. I put all of Max’s stuff for tonight outside the door. I don’t want to see him again until I’m all ready. He can get himself ready in the bathroom while I finish up in the bedroom. I pull my hair up, letting a few random strands hang loosely from the pins. It’s the whole thing where you try to make it look like you didn’t just spend two hours trying to get each little strand in place.

I examine myself in the mirror after I’m dressed. Pleased with what I see, my stomach flutters a little when I think about Max’s reaction.

Peeking out the bedroom door to make sure Max isn’t around. I hear the shower running. Good. I go check on the babies. They’re playing quietly in their cribs. How Max got that to happen, I’ll never know.

Lainey is growing frustrated quickly as she tries to keep hold of her foot unsuccessfully. Parker is talking to himself. It’s actually more of a cooing, gurgle thing. I pick Lainey up and take her downstairs and put her in the walker because it’s not like she’ll get very far. She fusses a little when I leave. I go get Parker and he has a special smile for me. Not to mention a dirty diaper. Damn Max. Couldn’t he have changed him before his shower? I take Parker downstairs and I can’t help but laugh at the situation. Here I am all dressed up, ready to go out and bending over my son on the floor as I wipe his tush. Guess it’s true when they say a mother’s work is never done.

I get out of the shower and start to get ready. I shave and comb my damp hair. Even after all this time, I sometimes marvel at being able to get ready like this. To actually see what I’m doing. Although I can’t understand how it’s possible for me to knick myself shaving now more than I ever did when I couldn’t see. One of the great mysteries of the universe I suppose.

I start to get dressed. I get my pants on and then remember that my belt is downstairs on the couch still. I smirk at the thought. I’d gotten home from work yesterday and Liz had practically jumped me right there on the couch. Needless to say not all of our clothes were retrieved. That was on Liz’s list ‘Find all discarded clothing’. Her panties are still missing. I’m not sure where those ended up. She should just quit wearing them and we could avoid this problem altogether.

I head downstairs with thoughts of a pantyless Liz in my head. As I reach the other room, my mouth opens to ask if my belt is there. I stop dead in my tracks and stare. My God....she’s beautiful. Her hair is a mass of curls sitting precariously on top of her head. Her lips are glossy and full. Her eyes are large and bright. She’s perfect. My stomach starts to flutter at the sight of her.

Parker is laying on the floor laughing as Liz blows kisses on his stomach. Her own laughter fills the room and my heart. She places kisses all over Parker’s face. “Momma love you...” she tells him in that tone. The one that everyone uses when they’re talking to babies. Hell, I even use it. Only it’s not silly hearing Liz. It makes me smile. She picks up Parker and I hold my breath as she stands. She still hasn’t noticed me standing here and turns away, taking Parker over to the playpen and putting him down with his toys.

My pulse has just sped up at an alarming rate. Holy God! She looks....WOW! I watch in fascination as her hips swaying gently as she walks, her cute little behind accentuated with each step. I’m suddenly overcome with the urge to rip that amazing red dress from her body. To make it worse....she’s bending over now.

I can’t stop myself. I move quickly, coming up behind her and wrapping my arms around her waist, pulling her body flush against my own. “I think we should skip dinner,” I whisper in her ear after she’s straightened up against me. I can almost feel her smile.

“ know we can’t do that,” she says as she turns around. I know the look in her eyes as her gaze rakes over me. It’s the same as my own. I pull her closer and lean into kiss her.

“Wait....” she says softly. “I need you to do something for me first.”

“Anything,” I tell her. She smiles, pulling back from me. She thrusts something into my hand. “Go put Parker’s dirty diaper in the trash,” she says.

I groan as she laughs at me and goes over to pick up Lainey.

“Tease!” I call her as I make my way to the waste basket. She did that on purpose. She’s probably still pissed about that bow tie thing from earlier. Women. I’ll never understand them, getting all bent out of shape over the littlest things.

It took every ounce of strength I possess to pull my little stunt on Max. I should have given into him. Because I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything sexier than Max, standing there in his black And those pants....the way they sit low on his hips.......I only wish we didn’t have to go anywhere.

Sometimes I think that I could just stare at him forever. Because he’s just so amazing to look at. Of course the other part of me doesn’t just want to look. This is the part that is practically screaming ‘take me now, you big hunk of man.’

I chuckle to myself and watch Max grumble as he takes the diaper to throw away. I watch with extreme pleasure the way those pants mold the muscles of his thighs with each step. When his back is to me I have to close my eyes because looking at his butt is making my temperature skyrocket. Damn. He is going to get so lucky tonight.

The doorbell rings and Max goes to answer it. “Max go finish getting dressed first,” I yell at him. He of course doesn’t listen. I hear him talking to someone and go to investigate.

I spy a very flustered seventeen year old babysitter in front of Max. He is oblivious. Kara is not so oblivious. She lives across the street. Her parents are really nice and Max has known them for a long time. Poor Kara. Max is teasing her about not having a date tonight and being stuck babysitting. I’d be flustered too if I were her.

“Max...leave Kara alone and go finish getting ready,” I order. “Michael and Maria will be here any minute.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he says. I watch him, appreciation apparent in my eyes as he takes the stairs three at a time. I finally turn to Kara. Her blush has calmed to a pink instead of bright red.

“Mrs. Evans, you look really great!” Kara tells me. Have I mentioned that I like this girl?

“How many times have I said to call me Liz?” I ask her, teasing.

I tell her everything I can think of. “We’re going out for dinner and then over to the jr. high dance. It’s done by eleven pm so we’ll be back shortly after that. If not we’ll call first. I have my cell phone and that number is on the fridge if you need anything. There’s lots of food. Help yourself. Uhm....I think that’s it. Oh, don’t let Parker have his pacifier until he goes to bed, if you can help it. I just changed his diaper and Max should have fed them, but that could mean about anything.”

Max finally comes down, fully dressed, looking for his belt. That reminds me. I wonder if he found my underwear. I’d hate for Kara to
accidentally come across those.

Dinner is good. Although I hardly pay much attention to what I’m actually eating. I keep staring at Liz. We’re all sitting here though, laughing and talking. Having a good time. Michael and Maria bicker and banter, entertaining us. It feels good to be able to do this.

I watch Liz in fascination and adoration. The way her eyes seem to dance in the glow of the restaurant lights. And how she gives herself over to enjoyment so completely, throwing her head back with her throaty laugh echoing and filling my ears. It’s just magic, sitting here, looking at her, knowing that I have to be the luckiest guy in the Universe for her to be mine. I can’t seem to stop touching her either. When she smiles at me and squeezes my hand, my heart stops at the sparks that fly.

I don’t doubt that this dance will be torture for me. Having her pressed against me and not being able to do anything about it because a hundred nosy adolescents will be looking everywhere does not seem particularly appealing. So I conspire to get her alone for a least a few minutes.

We tell Maria and Michael we’ll meet them at the dance in half an hour. Maria raises her eyebrows at this. Thank God Liz doesn’t seem to notice. I get her out to the van and head over in the direction of the school. Once we’re parked I look over at Liz.

“Are we gonna go in?” she asks.

I shake my head. “In a minute. I want you all to myself first.”

She smiles.

“Well, I’m here......with you.....and we’re alone. Now what are you going to do with me?” Her mouth tilts upward and she smiles.

“Kiss you,” I say. I lean in and capture her lips with my own. I urge her to open up to me and my tongue mates with her own as the kiss grows deeper. I’ve wanted to do that all night.

“Are you still mad at me?” I ask as I pull away.

She shrugs. “ I’m not sure,” is her answer. I lean in for another kiss but she pulls away and opens the van door, getting out. I sit there, wanting to bang my head on the steering wheel. That woman is going to drive me crazy.

“Max are you coming?” she asks.

Coming? Nope. I’d say that probably won’t be happening tonight if Liz keeps this up.

I follow her into the dance and when we get inside I make her stand in front of me for awhile until the tightness in my pants is a little less noticeable. Liz thinks this is funny. I’m going to get her back for this. But geez, who knew a bow tie could cause this much trouble?

The dance is somewhat typical. The boys are on one side, pointing and laughing at the girls on the other side who are whispering and pointing at each other about the things everyone else is wearing. I remember my own jr. high dance. That’s dance, not dances. I only went to one. Mostly because I didn’t like having to dress up. The kids don’t do that now. They come in jeans and a t-shirt. Although some of the clothes these jr. high girls are wearing should be off limits. I’d never let Lainey out of the house dressed like that.

After about an hour, the kids decide to try dancing out. They’re having a pretty good time and when a slow song comes on I convince Liz to dance. As we dance Liz looks up at me. “Did you request this?” she asks.

I might have.

I look down at her and she falls into my arms her head resting against my chest as we dance.

It still feels like our first night together
Feels like the first kiss and it's gettin' better baby
No one can better this
I'm still holdin' on and you're still the one
The first time our eyes met - it's the same feelin' I get
Only feels much stronger - I wanna love ya longer
You still turn the fire on...

So if you're feelin' lonely ... don't
You're the only one I'd ever want
I only wanna make it good
So if I love ya a little more than I should...

Please forgive me - I know not what I do
Please forgive me - I can't stop lovin' you
don't deny me - this pain I'm going through
Please forgive me - if I need ya like I do
Please believe me - every word I say is true
Please forgive me - I can't stop lovin' you

Still feels like our best times are together
Feels like the first touch
We're still gettin' closer baby
Can't get close enough
I'm still holdin' on - you're still number one
I remember the smell of your skin
I remember everything
I remember all your moves - I remember you
I remember the nights - ya know I still do

One thing I'm sure of - is the way we make love
And the one thing I depend on
Is for us to stay strong
With every word and every breath I'm prayin'
That's why I'm sayin'...

Please forgive me - I know not what I do
Please forgive me - I can't stop lovin' you
Don't deny me - this pain I'm going through
Please forgive me - if I need ya like I do
Never leave me - I don't know what I'd do
Please forgive me - I can't stop lovin' you

As the song play I whisper in her ear. “I’m sorry about the bow tie,” I say. Her laugh vibrates against my chest.

“I love you, Max,” she says pulling away to look at me.

I lean in to kiss her and this time she doesn’t pull away. We just stand there, in the middle of the dance floor like that. I forget about everything but Liz in my arms. I’m so lost in her that I don’t even notice when the song ends until I hear all of this clapping going on. There a bunch of whoops and hollers throughout the gym.

I turn and glare at all those who dared interrupt my moment with Liz. She laughs and blushes, burying her head in my chest again. My hands rub her bare arms. Just another hour, I think, and then we can go home. To our bed. Which by the way....we’re still wearing in. We need to go work on that some more tonight I think.

We leave the dance floor to the teenagers and go stand on the side next to Maria and Michael who are laughing at us. We choose to ignore them.

Liz excuses herself to go to the bathroom. When she comes back moments later, she's laughing.

“What’s funny?” I ask.

“There was this little girl in the restroom. And she didn’t know I was in there and was talking and she said.... ‘ Did you see Mrs. Guerin’s husband. He looks as wacky as she does. Do you think he combs his hair?’ Oh my god, should have heard the things they were talking about. It was just too funny.” Her smile is infectious.

“They didn’t say anything about me did they?” I ask.

“Just the usual, sweetheart. How cute you are, how nice and reaaaally sexy too,” she says as she wraps her arms around me.

“Sexy?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“I may have added that in myself,” she admits. I kiss her when I hear that.

“What else did they say?”

“They were gossiping. I think the one girl must be a niece of Tess’ or something. She kept talking about how I stole you from her aunt and that she couldn’t understand what you saw in me. Then the girl said something about how I was probably better for you than Tess because you’re just a teacher and don’t have any money,” Liz laughs at this. I only roll my eyes. I don’t think I’d ever want to go back to being the same age as these kids.

At eleven o’clock, the dance ends and as soon as the last kid is out the door, so are Liz and I. I try to drive the speed limit on the way home. I really do, but it’s nearly impossible with the way Liz keeps licking her lips and how she’s got her hand on my thigh, rubbing it. Thank god we’ve got this van. For goes pretty fast and two....cops in this town don’t pull over vans for some reason. We make it home quickly. I pay Kara. I’m not even paying attention. I tell her thanks and practically shove her out the door. She looks a little surprised. Liz tells me to watch and make sure she makes it home okay while she checks on the babies. As soon as the porch light across the street goes off I take the stairs three at a time.

I reach the bedroom before Liz does. When she comes in she starts undressing. She slips out of her shoes and starts to take off her jewelry.

“Did you pay Kara?” she asks.

“Uh huh,” I say.

“How much did you give her?”

“I don’t know,” I tell her truthfully.

“You don’t know? How can you not know? Did you give her enough?” Liz is standing there staring at me like I’m an idiot. I don’t really care. I just want her to take off the rest of her clothes.

To appease her I pull out my wallet and check the contents. No wonder she looked surprised.

“I must have been distracted,” I finally say to Liz.

She looks at me curiously.

“I had two twenties in here after dinner and now there’s.....nothing.”

Liz starts laughing and pulls me up to me feet. She starts unbuttoning my shirt for me. “Let’s not talk about money, or babysitters or.....jr high kids any more tonight,” she says. “Let’s just.....”

“Completely ravish each other?” I finish hopefully.

She nods and smiles.

I move to help her take off the rest of her clothes. “So where’d you find this dress?” I ask as I pull one strap down and off her smooth shoulder. “ Cause I have to tell you that I’m definitely a fan of this dress. I like you in red.......I like you better naked, but red is good.” My lips start to kiss a trail down her neck to her shoulder where the strap had previously been sitting. More of the dress comes off and as it slides down to the floor, my mouth drops with it. My little wish for a pantyless Liz.....yeah, that just came true.

I want her so badly. I can barely get my own clothing off to join her where she’s laying on the bed now. I can tell she’s trying not to laugh as I fumble around trying to take everything off all at once. I eventually manage and climb onto the bed next to her. I pull her to me and just hold her for a second, enjoying the way if feels to have her skin against mine.

“I’m sorry about the way I treated you today,” she tells me softly. “ I shouldn’t have been so mean about everything. It was just one of those days when I couldn’t like you, ya know?” I actually laugh when I hear this. I’m surprised she doesn’t have more of these days.

“But just because.....I get cranky, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. Because I really do. She pulls back and looks at me. I watch in fascination as her eyes flare with desire. “When you came downstairs tonight, and you just had your pants on after your shower.......I wanted to tell you to just take me right then and there,” she tells me. I feel myself harden even more at her words. Her breath catches a little. “ I still want you to.....just take me,” she says.

I nod and then kiss her, once again, giving thanks that this amazing woman even loves me.

As we come together, our movement is natural. I know exactly where to kiss her to drive her crazy. Where to touch her to make her moan. She does the same for me. I can’t seem to stop touching her tonight. I want to touch her everywhere all at once. I finally enter her and feel like I’ve come home again. We work together, moving in a familiar rhythm that never ceases to bring pleasure. I gasp out her name as I find my release in her, her own body contracting around me. As our bodies cool, I keep touching her, not wanting to be away from her.

“I love you,” I tell her. “ I don’t ever want to be without you.”

“Me either,” she says, kissing my forehead. I’m still laying on top of her. She’s got her arms wrapped around me. I feel so comfortable here, in her arms.

We’re quiet for awhile as our breathing returns to normal.

“I guess it’s okay for Parker to wear the bow tie,” I tell her . She laughs and pulls me in for another kiss.

Her voice is sort of husky as she talks. “Did I mention that you were going to get really lucky tonight? Really, really lucky,” she says.

Oh....this is gonna be a good night.

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Part 3

I remember a time awhile back where I was out shopping with a friend of mine and we went into this deli to grab a sandwich for lunch. There was this family in there, a husband, wife and their two kids. Both probably under four years old. Well the husband took something away from the littlest boy and he started crying. This made the older boy cry too and disrupted the entire place. All I could remember thinking was that the poor mother had to be so embarrassed and how if I ever had children I would never take them to places like that until they were old enough to behave themselves.

Which is why I don’t understand how I ever got to this point. I’m standing in line at this bakery with two screaming babies in their stroller and a splitting headache. I mistakenly thought that I could take the day to run errands because the babies were being good. And after the errands I would still have time to make Max a nice romantic dinner because tonight is the anniversary of the first time we made love. A year ago today we gave into all of the sexual tension and frustration.

It’s odd to think how much things have changed in that one year. Max got his sight back, we got married, had the babies. It’s been a busy year. I think it’s only right that we celebrate the event that set it all into motion. I’ve had this all planned out for weeks. I even enlisted Michael’s help. Max is supposed to help him with something and Michael is not to let him leave until after six o’clock. By then Maria will have picked up the twins. Max will come home to a big surprise. I even bought a brand new nightie. The man won’t know what hit him.

Except right now....I don’t know what hit me. Probably the stupid stick because only an idiot would bring their five month old twins along with them to shop. And that’s me. Liz Evans. I’ve become that poor lady whose crying babies annoy everyone else. Parker is crying because he’s hungry I’m sure. He wouldn’t eat lunch very well. Lainey probably needs her diaper changed. I decided to just forget whatever it was I was going to get here. Quite honestly I don’t even remember. I head off in the direction of the bathroom only to encounter about a twenty foot line. All I want is to change Lainey’s diaper. But do you think any of the evil women standing in line will let me? NO. I pull out the babies’ pacifiers and decide to make the twenty minute drive home.

By the time I pull into the driveway, my headache has increased in intensity and I can’t even bring myself to look for their pacifiers. I get my screaming babies inside and change both their diapers. I put Lainey down for a nap and after feeding him, I do the same with Parker. They cry themselves to sleep and I briefly contemplate joining them. If I knew that life was going to be this complicated ....I never would have signed up.

Somehow or other I fall asleep on the couch only to wake up to Maria’s poking me. “Lizzie...babe wake up. It’s like five thirty. Isn’t Max going to be home soon?” she asks.

“Oh my God!” I exclaim, sitting up quickly. I can’t believe I let myself fall asleep. This is whole night is ruined. “Maria...what am I going to do?”

“Well what do you have left to do?” she asks.

She’s calm. I am not.

“Everything. I haven’t started dinner...I needed to take a shower and shave and I was going to change the sheets on the bed and...”

“Okay...first things first. Go take your shower. I’ll start dinner for you and change the sheets on your bed. I’ll call Michael and tell him to keep Max a little longer okay? It’ll all work out. It might not be exactly what you had planned but it’ll work.”

I tell her thank you and after checking on the babies quickly I rush off to shower. I race through it and go and put my bathrobe on. I go downstairs and Maria is putting something in the oven.

“What is it?” I ask.

“ A pizza. It’s all I could find. Everything else will take at least fifteen minutes to unthaw and about an hour to cook. Trust me...Max won’t care,” she assures me. She’s probably right.

She’s out the door and I’m up the stairs changing into the nightie. I run back downstairs to the kitchen. I get out the glasses and silverware. Then I reach up into the cupboard to grab two plates. I hear Max come in the front door and I almost drop them.

He’s here.

He’s too soon.

I put the plates down quickly and pull the pizza out of the oven. It’s hot. I rush to go put it down as curses escape my lips.

When I turn around Max is standing there, his mouth hanging open as he takes in the sight of me standing there. “Hi honey,” I manage to say. “Uhm....surprise?” It isn’t much of a surprise anymore. I had this whole big seduction planned out and it’s been reduced to frozen pizza and not even a proper welcome.


I don’t say anything when I see Liz because my heart is in my throat. Dear god, I’ve never seen anything more sexy and beautiful than her. I let my eyes rake over her form, taking the sight of her in whatever that lacy thing is she’s wearing. Is it new? It must be. I notice that there are a few candles lit and she made us dinner. So she planned this.

I should say that Liz on a regular day is seductive as hell, but right now.....I’m completely aroused and all I’ve done is look at her. Of course the way she said ‘Hi honey,’ all sweet and innocent, completely contrasting the dark navy silk and lace that is caressing her skin. I really wish I was that damn nightgown right now. I should be touching her skin.

I decide not to think anymore.

I move toward her quickly and as soon as she’s in my arms my mouth is seeking out hers. She returns my kiss with equal fervor, her hands moving to the zipper of my coats, pulling it down as she continued the kiss. My coat falls to the floor, with my shirt close on its tail. Her tiny hand touches me. I suck in a breath as she traces patterns on my chest and begins to move down. Her fingers move quickly and undo the button on my pants, pulling the zipper down just at fast.

My own hands move, sliding up underneath the hem of her short nightgown only to encounter bare skin. I’m painfully hard at this point. It’s definitely time to rechristen the kitchen. We haven’t done that for awhile.

We move ourselves down onto the floor. I can’t stop kissing Liz. The nightgown is really turning me on. I like the way it feels against my hands when I reach out to touch her. My lips trail heated kisses from her ear lobe down her neck to her lace covered breast. I move my mouth over one peak, taking her nipple into my mouth, wetting the material that covers it as my hand cups and kneads her other breast. Her moans drive me on as I switch places to give equal attention to each part of her body. I kiss down her stomach and marvel that even with the silk, I still feel her skin. Maybe because her skin has always reminded me of silk. As I reach her core I can smell her arousal. I love the way she smells. I move my mouth to taste her and she arches into my mouth, moaning loudly.

When I’m sure that she’s ready for her release I move my body up the length of hers. My pants are pooled on the ground somewhere near our feet. My boxers on top of them. I know that this will be over quickly. As I thrust into her familiar heat I relish the gasp she makes at our joining. It’s the same every time. Almost. Sometimes there’s a moan attached. Sometimes a little catch in her throat. Sometimes a sigh. But always a gasp. Like she’ll never get enough of the way we come together.

Our movements are practiced and quick, both of us knowing exactly what will give the other the greatest pleasure, the best release. The feel of the silk, sliding between our bodies is an added dimension. You could even say it was erotic. Liz’s hips move up to meet my thrusts. Her head is moving, tossed back as she gets closer. I stop my movements, wanting to watch her. Her eyes open and with a dazed and confused expression she looks at me. I smile and kiss her as I resume our pace, quickly rebuilding the tension in our bodies. As she explodes in my arms, I explode in her warmth, shuddering with the force of the electric explosion.

We lay there on the hard kitchen floor for awhile as our bodies cool off. Liz laughs. “This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for tonight,” she says. She smiles up at me and I kiss her.

“You should have realized this would happen the minute you put this...thing on,” I tell her as I trace the silk of her nightgown.

“You like?”

“Very much.”

I kiss her again and then pull her up and off the floor. I put my boxers back on. The neighbors are nosy. They don’t need to see me walking around the house naked.

“So what did you have planned?” I ask her as I pick her up and carry her into the living room. I put her down on the couch and then lay down next to her.

“Well, I was going to make a big dinner and then I was going to sit on your lap and feed you and then I was going to seduce you. I would have been merciless,” she tells me. I laugh.

“You wouldn’t have had to work very hard at the seducing thing, obviously.” I drop a kiss on her forehead and then rest my head on her breast as her fingers run through my hair. “So how was your day?” I ask.

“Truthfully? It sucked,” she says with a big sigh.

“Tell me,” I urge her. I want to hear everything. I always feel like I’m missing so much when I’m at work. My biggest fear is that I’ll miss the babies’ first words or when they crawl for the first time. Liz swears that she’ll video tape the whole thing.

“Parker and Lainey were awful and all my plans for tonight were ruined,” she starts. She goes on and tells me about shopping and her headache and then falling asleep only to realize that she hadn’t even started dinner. I laugh when she tells me about Maria stalling for her. I love that she tried so hard.

After awhile we get up and have cold pizza while we watch a movie on TV, wrapped up together in an old blanket. After the movie we go take a bath together. We talk about Christmas for awhile and I smile when I think about Liz’s gift this year. All she wants is a picture of the babies. So that’s what I went and had done. It was hard considering I’ve rarely ever had the babies all to myself before. I guess I shouldn’t say I had them by myself because Michael was with me....but he wasn’t exactly a whole lot of help. But the pictures turned out. I think Liz will like them.

We wash each other off as we continue to talk. We stop talking about Christmas. We stop talking all together and spend the rest of the night making love. It’s a good night. No interruptions. Pretty perfect.

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This is the new add on to part 3.
Sorry it's taken me so long to post. I'm spending the rest of today posting on the board, trying to catch up all my stories on the new board. So's the rest of chapter 3 ENJOY!*big*


School’s out now until the new year. I’m glad that Max is going to be around the house during the day for awhile. Most of the time I miss him. The days get sort of lonely when all you have are two four month old babies to contend with. I love Lainey and Parker dearly but their little gurgling noises hardly count as stimulating conversation. Most of the time I’m so starved for adult company that I practically attack Max when he comes home. He likes that. So I suppose it’s okay. But I am going to enjoy the time that he has off now.

We head to Isabel and Alex’s the day after classes end. We’re only staying for Christmas this year. We’re going to spend the New Year together in our own home.

Our flight goes about as well as can be expected. It made for an interesting situation with the babies. We ended up buying three tickets. One was just so that we could put one of the babies in their seat if we couldn’t hold them. Lainey was good and she fell asleep right after the plane took off. Parker however wanted to look around at everything. I made Max hold him. One good thing about the babies is that the flight attendants were very attentive. One of them even held Parker. She said she just couldn’t resist because he was so cute. Max seemed to take that as a personal compliment. Like he deserved all the credit because Parker’s cute. I’ll be surprised if he can even get off the plane with his ego inflated like that.

When we land in Chicago I am more than relieved. It was probably the longest flight of my life. Parker is finally sleeping now and Lainey is wide awake. We get off the plane. It takes us about ten minutes just to get all of our stuff together. And it’s not even really our stuff. It’s all baby stuff. Alex and Izzy are waiting with Katia when we leave the terminal. Katia looks excited to see us. She runs over and without saying a word to either Max or I starts to talk to the babies. Parker is still sleeping, but Lainey is all smiles as she looks at her very excited cousin.

“I guess we’re not important anymore huh?” I ask Max with a smile. He shrugs and then Isabel and Alex approach, giving hugs and offering to help with our things. It’s still fairly early in the day so we head off to the house to drop our things off and then Max and Alex are going to watch Katia, Lainey and Parker while Isabel and I finish up our Christmas shopping. I still have to get Max something. I mean I bought him some shirts and ties but that’s not any fun. I’m thinking he might get a kick out of some power tools. He doesn’t have any right now because he wasn’t able to use them before. I should really stop being so practical. I should get him something fun.

Isabel and I have a good time at the mall. I find Max a pair of boxers. Not just any boxers. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer boxers. I think that we’re going to have some fun with these. Over lunch Isabel tells me a little secret. I squeal and hug her and almost make a scene. Then she swears me to secrecy.

“I swear, Isabel I won’t tell anyone,” I hold my hand up in a solemn promise.

“I know you’ll tell Max,” she says.

I shake my head and try to deny it but I know she’s right. I can’t keep secrets from him. I tell him everything now. We learned that if we were going to maintain our sanity as a married couple that communication is key. We got trapped in the keeping secrets thing before and it only caused trouble for us. Neither of us want to go back there.

We spend the next couple of days wrapping mountains of presents and eating tons of food. I know that I’m going to put on all the weight I lost. With each bite I take I can feel the fat settling in some new place. But does that stop me? No.

We set up Lainey and Parker in two separate cribs in Katia’s room. I suppose it’s not really fair to her, but they’re really pretty good about sleeping through the night now. I had thought we would just put them in the room with Max and I but he insisted that we needed a little bit of privacy. Now I’m wondering if he doesn’t have something up his sleeve. I keep waiting for him to act on it.

On Christmas Eve, Diane and Phillip show up with their own bag of presents to add to the already overloaded pile by the tree. Then after they get settled in we get ourselves ready for the Christmas Eve service. We didn’t go last year. Isabel didn’t want to bring it up because she and Max weren’t really talking then. And he didn’t bring it up because he was uncomfortable going. But this year....a new tradition is born. I think the last time I was in a church was the day of my parents funeral. The thought sort of makes me sad.

Max helps me get the babies ready and he even puts on Parker’s bow tie for him. Have I mentioned that I love this man? And before we leave for the service we get lined up in front of the tree for family pictures. Phillip becomes completely serious and tries to pose us perfectly. It’s a little hard with two squirming babies. We finally get situated. Max is holding Lainey and I’ve got Parker. And while we stand there, holding a smile for what seems like ever.....Diane is standing behind Phillip making noises at the babies trying to get them to look at her and smile. This makes me laugh. And pretty soon, I see Max crack an honest to goodness grin. Snap. The picture gets taken. Then another. Then they just want to get the babies. Then they just want me and Max. It’s an exhausting experience. And Max and I both laugh when it’s Isabel, Alex and Katia’s turn.

We finally make it to the service. It’s really very beautiful. Peaceful. There are candles everywhere and everyone is singing. Except me. I don’t sing. I just listen to the voices all around me. Max’s beautiful tenor.....his parents harmonizing. Isabel’s singing voice is a little.....terrible. I think that she might be tone deaf. Alex is trying really hard not to laugh as he listens to his wife. And Katia is singing but she doesn’t quite know the words. And I’m happy. This is my family. My wonderful, amazing family. It’s just a huge blessing to be here together like this. Max has got his arm around me and he squeezes my shoulder. I look up at him and smile. Then I kiss Parker’s head and go back to listening. Before long I can’t hold back any longer and I have to join in. I can’t not sing. That’s almost like not breathing.

I look over at Max during the middle of O Little Town of Bethlehem. He just took a fussy Lainey back from his mother. She’s being good now and he’s got this big grin on his face. I scoot closer to him and he wraps one arm around me again, holding Lainey with the other. Now this would have been a good picture.


I’m normally not a boasting kind of guy, but I have to admit that tonight, while we sat there in church....I was really proud to be there. I mean, I’ve got a beautiful, extremely talented and loving wife as well as two beautiful children. What more could a guy ask for? Just sitting here, around all the other families that have been brought together by the holiday season, I just can’t help but be proud of my own. Because there was a time when I wouldn’t have thought that any of this was possible. But I’m sitting here now and it’s my life. And it’s amazing.

Liz looks so happy tonight too. She looks at peace, with everything around her. And the way she holds Parker.....or Lainey.....I’ll never get tired of watching that. Of seeing the lives that we created together in her arms. It just seems so right. Like it was always meant to be just this way.

So while we’re sitting here in the church, I send up a prayer. A thank you. Because the big guy in the sky must like me a lot to have blessed me so tremendously.

The service gets out a little after eight o’clock and by the time we get back to the house we’re all pretty tired. Katia runs off to bed eagerly so that she can wake up to find out what Santa brought her. We put the babies in bed as well. They’re pretty tired too and drift off to sleep right away.

Downstairs, Alex and Isabel, along with my parents are getting out the presents from Santa. They’ve even got stuff for Lainey and Parker. Liz and I didn’t do that this year though. We sort of figured they wouldn’t know the difference anyway. It would be better to wait until they were a little older. Maybe next year.

Liz and I both beg off of helping, claiming exhaustion. I’m not really tired. I wonder if Liz is. My question is answered moments later when we’re getting ready for bed.

“ you want your Christmas present now...or later?” Liz asks with a seductive little smile. My eagerness is probably written all over my face.

“Oh....I’m gonna go with the now option,” I tell her.

“Okay. Just relax for a minute then. I’m gonna go get ready for bed and then I’ll get it for you.” She walks off to the bathroom that’s connected to the room. I’m sure my mouth is hanging open. I was almost certain that we were going to a little more than actual gifts. I guess not.

I decide to just get ready for bed. I strip off my clothes down to my boxers and sit on the edge of the bed waiting for Liz to finish. The door to the bathroom opens and the light goes off behind Liz as she emerges.

My mouth really does drop open. She’s standing there. Wearing a pair of these ridiculously big boxer shorts that have Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on them. I shouldn’t forget to mention that the only other thing she seems to be wearing is this red Santa hat.

She walks over to me slowly. “You like?” she asks, gesturing to the boxers. She’s got the thumb of her left hand hooked underneath the elastic, trying to keep them held up.

All I can do is nod.

She leans down really close to me. “Well....if you want’re going to have to take them from me.”

That’s not going to be a problem.

I reach out and wrapping my arms around her, pull her down on top of me on the bed. She squeals a little. I quickly try and shush her. “ You have to be quiet or everyone will hear,” I tell her. She nods then and smiles. I think that we’re both feeling a little bit playful tonight.

Liz sits up and straddles me. Her cute behind resting on my stomach. The sight of her naked breasts is making me anxious. I want to reach out and touch her, to taste those perfect rosebud nipples.

“So.....are you even going to try and wrestle me for these boxers? I mean.....I was kind of hoping that I could put up a fight and then you’d have to teach me a lesson.”

I laugh when she says this. So I guess we’re feeling more than a little playful.

“You want to wrestle?” I ask her, an eyebrow cocked in disbelief.

Her eyes are dancing with mischief as she nods her response. Before she has the chance to say anything I grab a hold of her waist and flip her over so that she’s on her back. I quickly move over top of her, releasing her waist long enough to grab her arms and hold them above her head.

“I think that I won,” I tell her. “So do I get my prize?”



“You haven’t won anything yet,” she informs me.

“Oh, but I will,” is my reply.

She gives me that sexy little smile of hers. The one that makes me want to keep her in bed with me forever and do nothing but make love to her. “I’m counting on it,” she says. And I feel myself harden at her words. I have to kiss her. I can’t not touch her like that, feel her lips on mine.

We roll around on the bed as quietly as possible. While I’m sure everyone must realize what we’re doing, I have no desire to have them hear us. Liz’s giggles though are infectious and I find myself laughing as I try to maneuver her out of those cute little boxers. She’s surprisingly adept at evading my attempts to unclothe her completely. I think this is the most fun we’ve had with foreplay for a long time. As we continue to touch, tickle and tease each other I realize that while I’m strong, Liz is quick. And for some reason she has a definite advantage.

On a whim I decide that it’s time to let her win. So I lay back happily as she settles herself on top of me. Her eyes are sparkling and she looks so amazing. Her skin is flushed and she’s smiling. It makes me happy to see her happy. There’s that glint of mischief in her eyes again. And before I know it, the real assault begins. She starts to kiss and touch me everywhere, using her feminine wiles to make me completely helpless and totally at her mercy.

For awhile I let her have free reign, but I’m not about to go down without a fight. I start to gently touch her back. I run my hands up and down her body, barely touching. Then I whisper into her ear. I tell her how much I love her, how much I want her. How I need to be inside her so badly that I ache. The tables have turned and she’s taking the boxers off herself. As she tosses them over her shoulder onto the floor, I pull her down to me on the bed, kissing her like she’s my oxygen and I haven’t breathed for a long time. It’s intense. Even after all this time together, more than a year of being like’s still incredible to be able to just kiss her. The kissing becomes heavy petting. The heavy petting leads to heavy breathing. I watch in fascination as her body arches beneath me, welcoming every new sensation. When I come inside her, it’s like being home. She is my home.....she is my life. And everything I do is about loving her.

Afterwards, she lays in my arms and I smile at her contented sighs. I want us to always be like this.

TBC....Hope you liked this part. I hope to get more of this story done soon. By the way....I forgot my disclaimer in the first part. But you all know I don't own it.(just Lainey and Parker)
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New Part!

“Another New Year”

Christmas Day seems to come too early in my opinion. Someone jumping wildly on top of our bed disturbs my peaceful slumber. Opening only one eye, I see Katia’s curious face peering at Liz and me. If I weren’t so groggy I’d probably be laughing. Katia’s hair is all askew and her Blue’s Clues pajamas are all rumpled with sleep. The thought occurs to me that in the next couple of years it’s going to be Lainey and Parker jumping on our bed and waking us up for Christmas morning. For the first time since becoming an adult, I’m starting to realize that maybe the early morning thing might have its perks. I can’t wait to see their faces lit up with excitement at the prospect of Santa Claus.

“Uncle Max, wheres your clothes? How come you and aunt Liz is still sleeping? Its Christmas and that means that Santa was here!” she exclaims with all the exuberance of a child in the throes of excitement. Her first question catches the majority of my attention. I realize that I am… naked after all. Thankfully my chest is the only uncovered part of my body. I don’t move though, afraid the covers will shift and reveal that Liz, who is currently burrowed next to me under the covers, is as naked as I am.

“Did you already wake up your mommy and daddy?” She shakes her head yes. I’m going to kill Isabel. She probably sent her in here to get us. “What about Grandma and Grandpa? I bet they’re not awake yet. You should go jump on their bed,” I tell her. She quickly nods and runs off, leaving the door wide open behind her.

Cursing silently, I start to get up, hoping that no one will walk by and see my naked ass as I try to close the bedroom door. As I’m walking to the door, quickly, I might add, I hear Liz start to giggle. I shut the door and turn towards her. She shifts in the bed and I can see her laughing brown eyes looking at me. “Where are your clothes, Max?” she asks teasingly.

I smirk. “Some wicked woman couldn’t wait to have her way with me last night and scattered my things all around the room."

She laughs again and suddenly I’m quite desperate to be back in bed with her. She eyes me as her laughter starts to fade, a smile still playing on her lips. “Max…don’t start anything we can’t finish,” she warns. “We both know that if we don’t get up, Katia will come back here…”

I sigh even as I make my way back over the bed. I find the Rudolph boxers first and pull them on before sitting down next to Liz. “You know…I was thinking, we should really be celebrating.”

“Why is that?”

“Because…the last year at this time…we were making those babies of ours in this same room.” I watch as Liz’s face softens at my words.

“Yeah…that’s a pretty good reason to celebrate.”

I lean down to kiss her then. As it starts to grow deeper, more heated, the baby monitor starts to emit noise. “Speaking of which…” Liz laughs and we both pull on sweats before going to retrieve our little miracles from Katia’s room. Once the babies’ diapers are changed we head down stairs and find the rest of our sleepy-eyed family waiting for us around the Christmas tree.


I love having Christmas with Max’s family. Well, they’re actually my family now too. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe the way things have turned out. These people have become so much a part of me that I can hardly remember my life without them. Especially Max.

The gift exchange is fun, Max and I snuggle together with Lainey and Parker on the couch, watching as Katia goes crazy over all of her new stuff. We open gifts for the twins from Isabel and Alex and then from Max’s parents. As the pile of gifts for Lainey and Parker gets bigger I can hear Max mumbling. “Yeah…like these two need any more crap,” he says. I shake my head. If he thinks that this is bad then he is definitely not going to like next Christmas…or the one after that.

“You’re just pouting because you have gotten anything yet,” I whisper to him.

He smirks. “That’s not true. I thought last night was terrific present.”

I feel myself blushing in response to his words. He laughs and leans over to kiss me on the cheek.

As the gift exchange goes on, Max is looking anxiously underneath the tree. Katia is handing out the gifts, and getting them mixed up as she goes. Finally, Max pulls her over to him and whispers something in her ear. She nods at him and then goes digging underneath the tree.
She finds a box and even though it must be heavy she sort half carries, half drags it over to me. “Aunt Liz…this is for you from baby Lane and baby Parker,” she tells me.

I’m so surprised that I don’t know what to say. I look up at Max who merely smiles and shrugs. “Open it,” he finally urges when I don’t move to do so immediately. Phillip takes Lainey from me so that I can get a better handle on the beautifully wrapped box.

It takes a minute, but when I finally get it opened, I’m even more surprised. Inside, nestled in tissue paper, is beautiful trifold picture frame. I can feel tears welling up in my eyes. On the left is a picture of Lainey, her eyes twinkling brightly, and her little ears sticking out ever so slightly. There is a bow place haphazardly in the dark hair that barely covers her head. On the Right, Parker is grinning toothlessly. His own ears sticking out much like Lainey’s. He’s wearing the outfit with the bow tie. There is a picture of them together in the center, with both of them laying on their backs, smiling up into the camera. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful is my whole life.

I hadn’t meant to make Liz cry with those pictures. I just wanted her to have some good pictures of the babies. I went through a lot just to make those pictures happen. Of course, I gained a new respect for everything that Liz does at the same time. I didn’t realize how much work it would be to get two babies dressed up and smiling for some pictures. When I saw the proofs, there were at least two crying pictures for every smiling picture that got taken. I had the mother of all headaches after that day.

But now…Liz is crying and that isn’t what I’d intended.

“Don’t cry,” I whisper, trying to pull her closer to me. “I thought you’d like it.”

She sniffles a little. “I do, you big dork. I’m crying because I like it so much. This is the best gift you’ve given me,” she tells me.

I’m greatly relieved.

The whole family wants to see the pictures then and so they get passed around. There are a bunch of oooh’s and aaah’s. My mother wants to know if she can have copies. I tell her that maybe she and dad got a present from Lainey and Parker too.

Liz leans up and whispers in my ear. “I love you. You never cease to amaze and surprise me.” I can’t help but lean in to kiss her then. We get interrupted by Parker who doesn’t seem to like that we aren’t paying attention to him.

During Christmas dinner, Isabel and Alex make an announcement, telling us all about the baby that they are expecting in July. We’re all very excited for them. Katia seems a little bit pouty and tells us all in no uncertain terms that she’s not sharing her toys with the new baby.

I’m very glad that I’m not the one that has to deal with that situation.

After dinner when we’re cleaning everything up, Phillip pulls me aside.

“I need to ask you a favor Liz,” He says softly.

“Of course, what is it?”

“Well…Diane and I are going to be celebrating our thirtieth anniversary on February 23rd. I’m going to surprise her with a big party. There’s going to be a nice dinner, some dancing and a live band. I was wondering if maybe you could write a song for us. I know it’s a lot to ask but…”

“I’d be honored. Thank you for asking,” I tell him immediately. Impulsively I move to hug him, which he eagerly returns and then drops a kiss on my forehead. It’s amazing how his request has made me feel even more like I belong to this family.

“I’m so glad that Max has you,” he tells me, giving my arm a squeeze before heading out of the room to go watch football.

We get back from Isabel and Alex’s place in time to celebrate New Year’s Eve quietly on the couch. The babies go to sleep early, leaving Max and I to ourselves. The funny thing is that we end up missing the New Year because we fall asleep right in front of the TV. I guess we really are turning into an old married couple.

The rest of winter break is spent doing things around the house. It’s good to have Max home because he can help out with the babies and give me a little bit of a break. It’s good for him to see what it’s like to take care of them all day long. Of course, Max hardly notices and it’s actually fun to watch him play with them. They giggle their baby giggles and he smiles that heartbreaking smile of his because loves being responsible for their glee.

Of course, we do have a couple of random fights over some very silly things. I have a strong suspicion that Max only starts these fights so that he can make it up to me later. At least, that’s my motivation for fighting with him.

Maria and I have a catch up day as well. Max and Michael are only watching football of course and I figure it won’t hurt them to have to get up and take care of Lainey and Parker. That frees Maria and I to go shop and gab to our hearts content. Sometimes you just need that…you need moments to get away from it all.

Of course, the problem with that is that I come home to a complete and total mess. There’s food and empty soda cans strewn all over the living room. Max and Michael are nowhere to be found. I know that they have to be hiding somewhere.

It turns out that Michael is asleep on the floor, hidden from view. Leaving him to Maria, I make my way upstairs and find Max in the babies’ room. Parker is sleeping soundly in his crib while Lainey sleeps in Max’s arms. Max is sleeping too, the rocking chair, barely moving. I sigh. He must have had a rough day. I go over and wake him. His neck is lying at a crooked angle and I know it’s going to be stiff. Taking Lainey from his arms, I put her down and wake him up with a kiss.

“Come on…its time to make dinner,” I tell him.

He sighs, his eyes still clouded over with sleep. “What are we having?”

I shrug. “That depends. What are you making?” The surprised look on his face is enough to make me burst into laughter. For a second, he even looks a little scared. He should know better. I’d never let him cook a whole meal. It’s just too much fun to watch him squirm.


Liz has been in the basement all morning. I know that she’s working on some new music, but that’s all she’ll tell me. So that’s why I’m up in the kitchen trying to contend with two crying babies early on a Saturday morning. This wasn’t exactly what I’d intended. I’ve been at school, teaching all week and all I wanted this morning was to sleep in and wake up to Liz’s smiling face.

The sleeping part, however, was a bust because Liz decided to get up early. And I always wake up when she leaves the bed. I’m not sure why but I can’t seem to sleep unless she’s there. It’s sort of annoying when she gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. She thinks it’s great, though, when the babies wake up. Her motto seems to be that if she has to suffer, than I have to suffer. Of course, she’s usually pretty good about making it up to me later.

This morning, though, she got up and said she was going to be working on music all day and she asked if I wouldn’t mind taking care of the kids. I agreed but told her she owed me big time. That obviously wasn’t what I should have said because her immediate response was “They’re your kids too, Max. You can watch them for a little while. They’ll sleep until nine or so anyway.”

Sure, they can sleep until nine, but let’s discuss how I wasn’t able to.

I got the babies up a little after nine am and changed their very dirty diapers. I even gave them both their cereal without Lainey spitting it out at me. I was really proud of myself after that.

At eleven thirty the babies go back to sleep and I settle myself down to watch some basketball. The first quarter of the game is almost over when Liz comes up from the basement to get some water.

“Max, do you think you could keep the laundry going?” she asks.

I manage to grunt a response even though I’m less than thrilled about doing it. It’s not just the laundry though. Somehow my relaxing Saturday has turned into Max’s day of work. Meanwhile Liz is doing whatever she wants.

Deciding to be nice, I make us lunch during half time of the game. But Liz still hasn’t come up from the basement by one o’clock and now the babies are awake and crying. I go get them up and change their diapers…again, but they still don’t stop. They’re probably hungry so I try and find the baby food. Sadly, I realize that I don’t know where Liz keeps it. It’s not in the cupboard with the rest of their stuff. Even if I do find, I don’t know how to make it. I guess that I’ve never really thought about it. Liz always just takes care of it. This reminds me that I take a lot of things for granted. I start to feel more like I’m helping out and less like I’m being made to work during my day of rest. If I can contribute a little, than this will have been worth it.

I make the decision that it would be better to just admit my failure as a father to Liz than to let Lainey and Parker cry. I go down the steps and holler for her.

“Max…I’m busy,” is her annoyed reply.

“Fine, but I need help. I’m not sure what to feed the kids. I can’t find any of their food in the cupboard.” I can just imagine her sitting down there, rolling her eyes at me.

She comes up the stairs quickly and then, giving me an almost whither look, moves past me into the kitchen. She picks up Parker and holds him while she quickly moves around. The only things she says are to Parker as she tries to get him to quiet down. I pick up Lainey and shush her while watching Liz, hoping I can figure out what she’s doing. Before I can even really see, though, she’s putting Parker in the high chair and lining up jars of baby food. “They each get a jar of the vegetable beef stuff and then the fruit. You can give them milk to drink.”

She walks past me without saying anything else and goes back down stairs. What the hell is her problem? She’s acting like I’ve done something wrong and I have no idea what the hell it is.

At first I’m upset, maybe even angry. Ok…so she’s pissing me off. I’ve never seen her act like this. I give up trying to figure out what’s going on and focus on taking care of Lainey and Parker. Once we’ve all calmed down we even have fun eating lunch. Parker seems to be a fan of the airplane and Lainey prefers the choochoo train as their dinnertime entertainment. I’d do anything to make them smile. After they eat, we play some more and then they go down for their afternoon nap. “That sounds like a good idea for daddy, too,” I tell Parker as I pull the blanket up over his sleeping form.

I fall asleep on the couch. I’ve just drifted off when the clothes dryer buzzes to let me know that the clothes are finished. I’m too into my nap to get up though. It can wait an hour.

Liz has other ideas. “Max, you can iron your own shirts if you don’t take them out of the dryer right away,” she yells up at me.

She’s being a bitch today and we’re going to have a big discussion later, because this is ridiculous. If she’s going to act this way than she better have a good reason.

The rest of the day is spent ignoring Liz.

She finally comes up from the basement around dinnertime and ends up eating leftovers from lunch. I order a pizza and eat it after I’ve fed the babies again. This time I don’t ask for help and things work out just fine.

She comes and sits next to me on the couch while I’m eating. I don’t say a word, but I can tell that she wants me to. Tough. It’s not going to happen. I keep watching TV, pretending that I don’t notice she’s looking at me.

“So what did you do today?” she asks.

I almost laugh at her question because it sounds like she isn’t even aware of the way she was treating me earlier.

“Stuff,” is my response before I take another bite of pizza.

Her dejected “oh,” is almost enough to make me rethink being angry with her. Stubbornness wins out. For once, I think that Liz needs to apologize to me.

Before I even realize what’s happening, my pizza falls to the floor and Liz is flinging herself into my lap. She’s crying and trying to talk all at once and I can’t understand a single word she’s saying.

“Max…p-please don’t be mad at me. I’m sorry I acted the way I did all day.” I’m finally able to make out her words.

I run my fingers through her hair and hold her against me as guild over my reaction sinks in. I’ve made her cry and I never want to do that. “Shsh, sweetheart, I’m sorry too,” I tell her. She sniffles a little and her crying subsides. Liz pulls away to look up at me and I brush her hair behind her ears off her tear stained cheeks.

“Maybe since we’re both sorry, we should talk about what happened,” she says softly.

I nod my agreement and decide to start. “Look, I realize that I’m not the most help around her. And part of that is from the way things were before. Old habits die hard, you know? I got pretty used to having you take care of everything and when I am home to help…you usually still take charge. I didn’t mind taking care of Lainey and Parker today. They were great. What I didn’t like was you getting upset with me when I asked for help,” I tell her. She looks a little surprised.

“I guess I didn’t realize. I was upset because I couldn’t understand why you couldn’t just take care of things yourself. And honestly I don’t think that I was really mad at you. I’ve just been really frustrated and …I’m working on this thing for your dad and it’s not going well,” she admits.

I hug her too me and kiss her forehead. “See, it was all just a matter of getting our wires crossed,” I pause. “What are you working on for my dad?” I ask, curiosity taking over.

“It’s a surprise for your mom. For their anniversary. It isn’t that I don’t want to do this it’s just that I keep thinking of my own parents as I work and I get upset…”

“I’m sorry,” I tell her sincerely, knowing that she still hasn’t gotten over her parents’ deaths.

She shakes her head as if to say ‘don’t be.’ “Maybe you could help me. Tell me about your parents. It might inspire me.”

I agree, still curious about what she’s doing. I know she’ll tell me when she’s ready. So I shut the TV off and pull the blanket of the back of the couch, getting us both situated with each other.


As Max tells me about his parents, I ask questions to help get a better idea about their relationship. The stories are funny and make me laugh sometimes. Then he tells me about the time his father had an affair and how his mother refused to give up on him, instead, convincing him that he belonged with her and their family.

“That must have been hard for you,” I say softly. My fingers rub soothingly over his arm. I can hear in his voice that this is still a painful subject. His arms tighten their hold on me, pulling me closer to him.

“It was,” he admits. “ I was fifteen, a freshman in high school. Things were strange enough as it was without having to deal with all the anxiety. But I survived. For a while I was very angry with my dad for putting us through that. Isabel took it the hardest though. She had idolized dad up to that point and then he shattered her illusions. It took her a long time to trust him again. It happened eventually because, despite everything, he was still our dad and we loved him and wanted to be a family.”

I bring my head up from where it rests on his shoulder. “I’d fight for you too, you know,” I tell him. “I don’t ever want to be without you and I’d do anything, everything to convince you to stay.”

Max looks at me, his amber eyes dark and penetrating, almost like he’s trying to read me. He tilts my chin up. “You’ll never have to fight to keep me because I’ll never leave you. Never. I wouldn’t know how to breathe if you weren’t with me.” With that he leans down to kiss me. Its full of promises that we’re making to each other…to always be faithful. Forever.

The kiss escalates, as our kisses tend to do. But the sounds of crying babies interrupt before things can go too far.

“Sometimes those two have the worst timing, “ I say, slightly breathlessly as we try to untangle ourselves from each other.

“I think that means they’ve been spending too much time with Maria,” he tells me with a smirk.

The rest of our evening revolves around Lainey and Parker and we spend it just enjoying being a family.

Later on in bed, Max tells me he knows it’s hard, but if I ever want to talk about my parents, he’d love to listen. I tell him thank you. I’m not ready to talk about them yet. It still seems too painful. It reminds me too easily of how quickly your life can change.

Despite that, I lay there think about them, about how much my parents loved each other right up to the end. I think about them and Max’s parents and even Max and I, how love and commitment are a big part of our happiness.

I watch Max sleep for a while, treasuring everything about him, even the slight snore that he’s developed. My heart is just so full of love that it makes it hard to breathe sometimes. I can hardly stand it and so I do something a little uncharacteristic. I wake him from his peaceful slumber and ask him to make love to me because I need to feel his love. I need to feel it in the way his hands touch me and the way he kisses me and just fills me so completely that I know that he is what makes me whole. I fall asleep in his arms then, secure in the knowledge of our love.

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Author's Note!

I want to apologize to everyone that reads my stories. I know that I'm not very good at posting in a timely manner. I really do wish that I could devote all of my time to writing. I have lots of ideas for stories just not enough time to get it all written. I know that I've upset some of you and I just want to say that I'm very sorry. I've never intended for these stories to go without updates for so long. I won't make any excuses because real life happens. But I will say that this next year is going to be very hectic for me because it's my last year of college and I have to start making decisions on what to do next. It's been very mentally exhausting trying to make plans. I'm asking for patience from everyone. I want to continue posting as time allows. But if it bothers people that it's so sporadic, I might just stop all together. I like to keep everyone happy but I won't be able to. And I can't write when people make me feel bad about the frequency of my posts. Anyway, I've rambled enough.

I do want to thank everyone that got Stumbling Out of Darkness nominated for a fanfic award. I know that it probably doesn't measure up to some of the other great stories on this board but it's near and dear to my heart because of all the time and effort I put into it. Its an honor to just be included. Thanks again.

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Special Thanks to Talena for making this Wonderful Banner!

“An Unforgettable Anniversary”

It’s the end of February now. Phillip and Diane’s anniversary party is upon us. Diane doesn’t know anything about it though. Everyone was able to keep it a secret and she thinks that Phillip is just taking her to dinner. That leaves us waiting in the banquet hall Phillip reserved for this special occasion. Max is holding Lainey and Maria took Parker off somewhere. I think she likes to make Michael squirm with thoughts of babies. Although I’ve noticed that he’s gotten more comfortable with the babies. He’s actually pretty good with them.

Isabel is here, showing off her ever-burgeoning belly with pride. Katia has been running around asking everyone if they thought her new dress was pretty. Alex has been busy trying to keep Isabel happy and Katia from wandering off too far.

I’m getting increasingly nervous. You would think that I’d be used to performing by now, but I’m not. It’s still butterfly inducing, not to mention the fact that this will be the first time anyone but Maria has heard the song. I wouldn’t even let Max hear it. He’s actually unaware that it was a song I was working on in the first place; he just knew that it was a favor for his dad.

Trying to calm myself down, I go off in search of Parker and extract him from Michael’s arms. He says that Maria came over and made him hold Parker while she went to take care of something. I try not to laugh at loud at the expression on his face. He looked a little bit nervous. I leave Michael and go back to Max and Lainey while we wait for Phillip to show up with Diane. When they finally arrive, the tears in Diane’s eyes and the smile on her face are evidence of her surprise and appreciation of the celebration. After a few moments, everyone is ushered to his or her seats and dinner is served. It’s close to dessert time when Phillip gets up to give a little bit of a speech.

“Thirty years…for some it may seem like an unimaginable amount of time for a couple to be together. Some may even marvel that a couple in today’s times could last that long. The truth is…I look at my beautiful wife and it seems like only yesterday that I was standing in front of an altar with her, pledging to love and honor her. And we’ve lasted…through some pretty rough times…times where even if we may have given up on ourselves, we didn’t give up on each other,” Phillip pauses, emotion is evident in his voice. He looks at Diane lovingly and goes on. “ I once heard someone say that a successful marriage is one where you never fall out of love at the same time. I think that it’s true, because here we are…thirty years into our marriage and we’re still going strong. There have been bumps and bruises but we’re still holding on to each other. So to my beautiful wife…thank you…for loving me…for having my children…for putting up with and for never giving up on me. I love you more than I can express with mere words.”

There couldn’t have been a dry female eye in the whole place after that speech. Sniffles could be heard everywhere. Max hands me his handkerchief and I blow my nose and give it back. He puts his arm around my shoulders and kisses my forehead. I imagine us, thirty years from now, still in love and happy and watching our children with their own families. Somehow I just know without a doubt that Max and I will weather any storm that comes our way. I know I’ll never question his faithfulness or his love. We’re going to be inseparable through eternity.

Some other people get up and say some nice things about Phillip and Diane then. More toasts are made and stories are shared. Isabel surprises both Max and I, not to mention everyone else, when she gets up to speak. Her eyes are bright with tears as she begins.

“When I was fifteen I wasn’t so sure that I would ever see this day. In fact, I was certain that my family was falling apart.” I feel Max tense beside me and know that Isabel is opening old wounds that haven’t quite healed. I see Phillip flinch, but Diane grabs his arm giving him an assuring squeeze. “But I was wrong. Things got better because my parents decided to stick it out and work through their problems. We were a family again. As I got older though, it stayed with me and in the back of my mind I told myself to be careful, that I didn’t want a marriage like the one my parents had. I was wrong about that too. Now I’ve got my own family and I realize that it’s hard to make a marriage last and I admire my mom and dad for working as hard as they have to keep their relationship strong. Mom, Dad, I love you both so much… and…” she had to stop then because she was too emotional. Alex was at her side immediately.

For a moment everyone is silent. Maria motions for me, whispering that it’s time for me to sing. As I get up I hand Parker back to Michael. “You look like you could use a little more practice,” I tell him with a wink. There’s that look again.

Someone else gets up to toast while I’m making my way forward. Maria is next to me and when the toast is finished, she announces the song. “We have a very special present for Diane now. Phillip requested this and his daughter-in-law, Liz, has written a song just for them. So, without further ado, Liz Evans.”

There’s clapping and then the music starts up. I smile at Phillip and Diane, then over at Max, who looks surprised

So many 25ths of December
Just as many 4th of July’s
And we’re still holding it together
It only comes down to you and I

I know you can still remember
Things we said right from the start
When we said that this would be special
I’m keeping those words deep down in my heart

Another year has gone by
And I’m still the one by your side
After everything that’s gone by
There’s still no one saying goodbye
Though another year has gone by

I’ve never been much for occasions
You never let a birthday go by
Without announcing how much you love me
But the truth is always there-
Right there in your eyes

And we’re still holding hands when we’re walking
Acting like we’ve only just met
But how could that be-when there’s so much history
Guess that’s how true lovers can get

Another year has gone by

When I’m finished singing, everyone in the room is clapping and I can see the appreciation in both Phillip and Diane’s eyes. I glance towards Max, hoping to see his reaction, but he’s not there. Instead, Michael is sitting there; looking scared out of his mind as he holds Lainey in one arm and Parker in the other.

I wonder where Max went?

When I reach Michael, he tells me that Max went to get some air. I can’t help but be concerned. Hopefully nothing is wrong. So I sit there absently watching as Michael entertains a smiling Parker and Maria tries to distract Lainey from pulling on her jewelry.

After ten minutes of sitting there worrying while all the other guests are entertained by random hired performances, Max comes back.

“Are you okay?” I ask him immediately.

“I’m fine,” he tells me quickly, giving me a reassuring half smile. When he sees my disbelief he smiles more broadly. “Really,” he emphasizes and then leans in to give me a kiss. I decide to let it go because whatever it is, I’d rather talk in private that a hall full of people I don’t know very well.

“Where are the babies?” he asks when he notices that I’m all alone.

“They were kidnapped while you were gone,” I reply.

“You mean, we have some time to ourselves?” he asks with a raised eyebrow/

Our minds seem to be headed in the same direction. Five minutes later we’re in a coat closet on the other side of the building.

I can’t believe how exciting it is to be doing this.

Max has me backed against the wall while he completely ravishes me. Ever so slowly, between heated kisses, we’re able to undo another button or get down a zipper. My dress is hiked up to my hips and Max’s hands are moving to get underneath the fabric.


I love it when Liz ‘forgets’ to wear underwear. It’s such a turn on that I can barely control myself.

Frantic fumbling aside, we both get what we want when I slide into her. She’s so wet and her body grips me like a glove. I can’t get enough of the way it feels to be inside her. My thrusts are hard and fast. I try to hold out until I know she’s going to cum too. As soon as her muscles start to clench around my shaft, I let out a deep groan as I spill myself into her. Both of us are sweating when we pull apart.

Honest to god, I can’t believe we just did that. Anybody could have walked in on us.

“That…was …incredible,” Liz manages to say as she tries to breathe normally again. Her hands are shaking a little as she tries to adjust her dress to make herself presentable.

There’s a mirror in the cloakroom that we put to good use trying to make it look like we didn’t just have sex in the coat closet. I notice the glow of satisfaction on Liz’s face though and her relaxed demeanor. Everyone is going to know what we’ve been doing the minutes they see us. Of course, I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t feel my ego inflating at the thought of Liz’s satisfied smile. Who the hell even cares if people guess what we’ve been up to? If having a quickie like that, in a public place no less, can put a beautiful smile on Liz’s face…then I say we need to do it all the time.

Later that night though, the moans of pleasure coming from our bedroom demonstrate that the bedroom is just as good as a closet when it comes to making love.


Max has a wicked tongue. Was he was a cat in another life or something. The way he’s been licking and nipping every part of my naked body makes me wonder. I can barely think as the weight of his lower body presses against me and he brings his hot mouth back up to my breasts. They’ve gotten smaller again since I stopped breast-feeding, but Max doesn’t seem to mind.

“Do you know why I love your breasts so much?” he asks as his nose nuzzles against an already tight and aching nipple. “Because I can fit it into my mouth,” he says, his warm breath heating my skin before his mouth engulfs my breast, sucking until I arch my back and moan loudly.

He’s so good at this…at loving me.

He nearly brings me to orgasm with his suckling, but stops before it happens. I protest weakly but he merely smirks as his mouth leaves a warm trail down my stomach. His lips linger briefly and I open my eyes and watch as he reverently kisses the scar on my abdomen. As if he can sense my eyes on him, he looks up at me. “I love you,” he says, his voice hoarse.

Our eyes lock for a moment and I whisper the words back.

Max’s assault begins anew. His mouth explores places I’ve never let any man but him explore. His tongue darts into my dripping core, and the intimate kiss makes me cry out at the sensations it causes. He sets a steady rhythm and has me writhing on the sheets, begging for him to make me cum.

When he enters me fully, his flesh throbbing inside my own flesh, I feel complete. I don’t know how this sensation always manages to move me in such an emotional way, but it does and it makes me feel closer to Max than I’ve ever felt to anyone.

I know he’s getting closer because his hops being to thrust faster, deeper. His breath is warm against the side of my neck and my eyes close at the deep, burning that builds inside my body.

Through my own haze I hear Max groan loudly and my whole world seems to contract at the same time as my orgasm washes over me. My inner muscles clamp down, pulsing around Max’s cock, making him cum. The warm rush of fluid he releases inside me heightens my own pleasure.

In the aftermath, we lay there panting and sweating, limp with exhaustion. When we’re finally able to move again, we only shift so that we’re lying together more comfortable, my back to his front, his arms wrapped securely around me. He tells me he loves me and whispers goodnight as I do the same.


It’s the middle of a Friday afternoon at school when I get a frantic phone call from Liz. She’s barely able to talk, let alone stream any coherent sentences together. There’s just an hour left to the school day but I’m not sure I can wait that long to find out what’s going on.

I talk to the principal and she agrees that Maria can watch my class the rest of the day. With some last minute homework instructions and the hint at an extended recess break, I take off for home.

As soon as I get there I run inside and holler for Liz.

“We’re in the living room,” she hollers back, sounding much better than when she was on the phone.

“Liz, what’s going on?” I ask, walking into the room to join them. Before she answers though I see with my own eyes the reason for the phone call.

Lainey is propped up, standing against the couch. As I watch, she falls onto her behind and starts to crawl towards Liz. Liz looks at me all smiles. “ I was making some lunch and they both just started crawling. I grabbed the video camera and started taping so you could see but then I was too excited so I called you because I wanted you to see.”

As I watch Lainey, she veers off from Liz and starts to crawl towards me instead. “What about Parker?” I ask planting myself on the floor so I can pick Lainey up as she reaches me. As if he heard his name, Parker looks up from the toys he’s been smacking around and smiles. He gets his little body all foisted up and starts to crawl in my direction then too.

“Of course, you know how competitive he is, Max. If Lainey does it…he does it,” Liz says. Her brown eyes are sparkling with her delight of this.

I finally pick up Lainey as she comes to me, reaching her arms for me. I kiss her forehead and she lays her head down on my shoulder. “I think we need to celebrate,” I tell Liz. “Let’s have Michael and Maria over for Pizza and ice cream.”

“Anything you want,” she tells me happily.

We sit on the floor and play with Lainey and Parker for a while then, trying to get them to crawl back and forth to us. There are a few minor collisions but it’s fun to watch them. The novelty of their new skill hasn’t started to wear off yet. Liz says it will when they start to get into things. Even so, when Maria and Michael show up later, we have to show for them too. Maria squeals when she sees this latest development and Michael tries, and fails, not to smile.

I’m really glad Liz called. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.


Author's Note: I didn't send this to my beta because I just felt like posting right away. I've been reading too many sad M/L stories on the board lately and I wanted to post this happy Max and Liz. Hope that you all enjoyed this! As a side note, the song is actually by Bryan Adams and Eliot Kennedy and you can hear it on Celine Dion's Christmas Album. Anyway, I better get back to studying.

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