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Title: Good Riddance (formerly titled Fall from Grace)
Author: Jasper711
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my ideas and imagination. (Sadly, something I think JK has neither of. )
Category: M/L maybe a little of the others thrown in for good measure.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Everything up to the Season/Series finale. Anything after that is just my wild imagination.
Summary: Just my take on what I would like have happen if there was a chance of a season 4. Doubtful that it’ll happen after JK and his writing staff drove the series into the ground, but this is Roswell, my way.
Author’s Note: I know, another fic. But this one has been getting under my skin ever since I’ve read the spoilers. Don’t know how long this will be, but hopefully it won’t be as long as my others.



Climbing into the beat up old VW van, the six young adults drove off, destination unknown. Calling themselves teenagers no longer seemed fitting. What was that old adage? Age was nothing but a number. No words could hold truer for the group of six that jostled along with the jagged road, everything seeming unreal. In the three years that they had gotten to know it each other, each and every member of their group, had to grow up faster than humanly possible. But then again, human standards never applied to them. Humanity had left each of them at one point in their lives.

The question was, were they ever really going to regain it?

Their lives had always been held to a do or die situation. It had been proven to them when one of their own perished. And not even the one with healing hands could bring him back from the dead.

And this time was no different. They were on the run. There was no going back. They didn’t have a home anymore.

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Part 1


Wiping his brow with the back of his hand, Kyle blinked back the sting of his sweat, seeping into his eyes. He returned his hand to the steering wheel, keeping both hands on alert, just in case. The close call with the FBI snipers had him a little on edge. Being a little careful wouldn’t hurt.

At least if he was careful now, Liz would be able to have her wedding night. That is, if they even stopped for the night. His eyes were drawn to her reflection in the rearview mirror, his heart doing a little flip flop. She was still wearing her wedding dress - if you could even call it that - but she was still beautiful. He wasn’t in love with her, but he had come to love her.

Unconsciously, his hand flexed against the wheel, his knuckles cracking as his gaze fell on Max. He couldn’t help but vow that Max would pay a huge price if he ever went back on what he had promised Liz in the tiny church they were in no more than a few hours ago. Because despite the smiles and congratulations he had offered, he still didn’t hold Max in the highest regard. If anything, Max still managed to get under his skin even though he had learned to control his game face. Max was no longer his competition, but he still had Liz’s best interest at heart.

His mind returned to the present as he heard Isabel’s troubled whimpering beside him. She had fallen asleep sometime during the long drive. He felt a pang in his heart that she was hurting. In the time since Alex’s death, he had stepped up and become her friend. It was glaringly obvious that out of the group, she was the one that had no real friends. Other than Max and Michael, she had no one. She had given up Jesse and her parents, just when they had found out the truth about her. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what that must feel like, finally letting the ones you loved see the real you, only to leave them behind because the revelation of who you are put them in danger.

His hand shook against the steering wheel as he felt the urge to place a hand on her shoulder to give her comfort. But he held steady, opting to keep his hands to himself. Their lives were complicated enough without him developing his feelings for her. He did not want to go down that road.

“You holding up, Valenti?” Michael’s gruff voice came from the middle seat, as he let Maria’s head lie on his shoulder. He met Kyle’s eyes, any resentment in his voice, a mere facade. He supposed that he should get rid of the his stonewall, but it was simpler said than done. It was the only tangible thing he could hold onto. Because everything else seemed to teeter on the edge, almost like a carrot being dangled in his face. He didn’t dare plan, or make assumptions, because that sure as hell had never worked for him before.

Kyle nodded, his lip quirking up at the side. As strange as it sounded, Michael’s brusque voice was comforting. At least some things stayed true to form, and for that, he was thankful. “I’m good. But maybe we should stop soon?” He looked at everyone’s sprawled forms, noting the utter exhaustion they all possessed. “Everyone looks pretty beat.”

For the first time since the wedding, Max’s voice echoed in the van. “We’ll stop at the next city. Find a place to rest and get some food.” His arm stretched over Liz’s shoulder, bringing her body closer to his. He tucked her sleeping head under his chin, his hand running up and down the smooth skin of her arm. “There’s no use to keep going all night.”

Waving his hand in agreement, Kyle returned to his driving, keeping his eyes open for a place to stay. He didn’t have the strength to spout of a smart remark at Max, even though his tongue was burning to do so. Once again, the King had managed to make his skin crawl. It irritated him to no end that everything Max said was taken for law. What he wouldn’t give to see the King down and out on his ass for once.


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Part 2


After stopping at a halfway decent motel, the boys left the girls in the van to get some rooms. Max had looked back at Liz, refusing to vacate his seat, not wanting to leave her alone if even for just a few minutes. But ever the rationalist, Liz had placed a gentle hand on his cheek, smiling at up him as she urged him to go with the rest of the guys, promising that a few minutes alone wouldn’t kill him. He shook his head vehemently, his grip on her top tightening as he leaned his forehead against hers. Tears welled up in his eyes as his voice croaked out.

“Don’t joke like that. It’s not funny.” His thumb stroked her cheekbone as he inhaled her scent deeply. He didn’t know what he would do if he ever lost her now.

Speaking softly, she whispered in his ear so that only he would hear. “I’m sorry. I know joking about death isn’t funny. But you should go with the guys. It’ll only be for a minute.” She smiled at him, her big brown eyes sparkling in the setting sun. “Besides, you’ll start getting sick of me before you know it.”

His nostrils flared as he claimed her lips in a soul searing kiss to prove to her that what she was saying had no ounce of truth in it. There would never be a time in his life where he would get sick of her. He had wasted the past year devoted to a goal that not only tore at his heart strings, but had ripped out her heart every time he had mentioned it. But now was neither the time or the place to be thinking about those things. He and Liz had just pledged their lives together, to honor, and to cherish each other till their dying day. He had already died in this lifetime without being able to show how her how much she meant to him. He wasn’t going to waste the gift that he had been given. He had been foolish before, taking her love for granted. He was neither worthy or deserving of her, but he couldn’t live without her.

Angling her head back, his tongue entered her mouth slowly, reacquainting himself with the feel of her velvety tongue. He cupped her face between his hands as he opened up his soul, the flashes that had been absent for close to two years invading their minds and their hearts as they lost themselves in the kiss.


Max and Liz making love for the first time after he had proposed to her on her balcony.

Getting married in the small church just outside of their hometown without the presence of their loved ones.

Piling into the old van as they said they bid farewell to their home. To the place they had all grown up in.

Max slowly taking off Liz’s wedding dress as he made love to her for the first time as husband and wife.

End Flash

Heaving a lung full of air, Max managed a tiny smile for his wife. “That last one hasn’t happened yet,” he said with a little chuckle.

Liz nuzzled her nose against his. “I think that my newly developed ability is rearing it’s ugly head.” She joined his laughter as she pushed him out of the van. “Now if you don’t get out there, it’ll never happen.”

That had been five minutes ago. Since then Liz had moved from the back seat, cuddling close to Maria as the two of them whispered quietly to one another. They talked about everything and nothing at all. They were careful not to mention anything about Roswell, both knowing that it would take awhile before they could ever talk about the place where it all began. All of their wounds were still fresh, that talking about it would only rub salt in them, reminding them that what they were doing was a bad idea.

Because no matter how everything pointed to the fact, the two of them weren’t stupid. They were both very aware that the plan that the six of them hatched up was half assed. There was definitely no mistaking that. But they had already reached the bottom. There was nowhere else to go now. Maybe it was time for them to throw caution to the wind, and pretend that what they had gone through didn’t really happen, if only to keep their sanities intact. After all, feigning ignorance held a certain attracting quality of bliss.

Touching her finger to Liz’s halo of baby’s breath, Maria shook her head, wide eyed. “I still can’t believe you did it, chica.” She breathed a sigh as tears glistened in her eyes. “You and Max finally tied the knot.”

Liz was quiet as she processed the idea of her and Max being married. In a perfect world, it would sound like a dream come true. But they didn’t live in a perfect world. She wiped at her own teary eyes. “I know.” Her lip trembled as she wished that her mother had been their to see her in her wedding dress. Her eyes watered as she regretted that her father had not been there to walk her down the aisle. And lastly, her heart ached that her grandmother had not been alive to witness her exchange of vows to the young man whose relationship with her would always be complicated. But maybe it was just as well that her grandmother had passed on before she exchanged nuptials with Max. Because the current circumstances in which they had vowed their lives to each other left a lot to be desired.

She gave Maria a tired smile, not bothering to say anything else. Because what she really wanted to say, she couldn’t. Instead, she leaned her head against Maria’s as the two of them held hands, much the same way they used to when they were younger. The only difference now was that Alex wasn’t there to complete their circle, and that was the most difficult thing to come to terms with. Alex had died almost a year ago, but his memory was still fresh. His presence was what she had missed most at her wedding.

Isabel’s eyes flickered opened at the sound Liz and Maria’s soft whispers. She looked at them in the mirror, and her heart felt even emptier than it had. Seeing the two of them together reinforced the fact that she was all alone in the world. Looking down at her own hand, she noticed the lack of rings adorning her finger, bringing back memories of how her marriage had ended. Who she was had not killed Jesse, but it did come close. She had been selfish in getting involved with him. But that wasn’t even the saddest part. The sad part was, had she been given the chance to do it over, she would’ve done the same thing. The fact that Liz Parker had just married her brother and would be spending the rest of her life with him was leaving a bitter taste in her mouth.

She chose to keep her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep still. She didn’t want to deal with the two women in the back right now. She honestly did not have it in her to put on a fake smile and act like she was happy for Liz that she and Max had finally gotten together, or be joyous of the fact that Maria had gotten Michael’s devotion. All in all, feelings of jealousy and anger flowed through her veins. This was supposed to be her year. She was supposed to be the one to live in the spotlight and live the happily ever after. But that was never going to happen for her now.

With a loud knock, Max pulled the sliding door open, smiling as he dangled a room key in his hand. “Ready?”

Liz slipped out of the van, finding a place in Max’s arms as he steered her towards their room.

Maria followed suit, her hand wrapping tightly around Michael’s.

Lastly, Isabel stepped out of the van, forcing a smile on her lips as she looked at Kyle. “I guess that leaves you and me then?”

Kyle nodded, pulling a second key out of his pocket. “You’re room 217.” He picked up his bag, slinging it over his shoulder. “I’ll be right next door.”

Frowning, Isabel held the key in her hand. She had expected to spend the night in the same room with Kyle, knowing that he would offer her a shoulder to cry on, just as he usually did. But instead, he walked off to his own room, slamming the door behind him. She watched as Michael ushered Maria into their room, their attention focused on only each other. Finally, she glanced over to the far right where she saw Max pick up Liz in his arms as he kicked the door open. She heard their giggles filter all the way down to where she was standing and it just irritated her to know that in the midst of the hell she was in, everyone was having a gay old time, without so much as genuine concern about her.


Closing the door behind them, Michael squinted as his eyes adjusted to the dark around him. Once focused, his eyes landed on Maria’s slumped form as she climbed sleepily onto the worn mattress in the middle of the room.

“Are you coming in?” Maria stared up at Michael, patting the space beside her. Seeing his long strides, she scooted over, letting him lie beside her. She snuggled next to him, her head resting onto his chest as she willed sleep to come. She had no desire to be intimate with him tonight, and she had a pretty good clue that he wasn’t interested in that either.

The silence waned as their breaths took on a slower pace as they readied themselves for sleep. But try as they might, the dreaded thing just wouldn’t come. Just as you always wished for something, the opposite was bound to happen.

Filling the quiet around him, Michael spoke quietly, surprising himself that he could speak at such a low pitch. “This is a bad idea, isn’t it?”

Maria sat up, staring at him in the dark. She didn’t want to turn on the light if they were going to have this discussion. Turning on the light would have to force her to look at what was right in her face, and frankly she wasn’t up to that. The lies that she had been feeding herself wouldn’t hold up in the light and she didn’t want to give them up. Because all of their lies had become her security blanket. She didn’t even know who she would be without them. “What’s a bad idea?” She tried to skirt around the issue.

Michael clenched his fist at her obvious lie. She knew exactly what he was talking about. She just didn’t want to face truth. Something all of them seemed to be doing. Swallowing, he decided to say nothing. If Maria didn’t want to talk about it, then he wouldn’t say anything. He had only sort of gotten her back. Losing another familiarity in his life would kill any life left inside him. Folding his arms under his head, he stared up at the ceiling. “Nothing. Just go to sleep.”

He stayed quiet for a few minutes until Maria lay her head back down on his side, both of them wide awake.

With a hushed whisper, she kissed him on the cheek before she turned the other way. “Night.” The tears were coming now, and she didn’t want to have to explain why she was crying. It was enough that he respected her decision not to talk tonight. She’d said and thought all of different things about Michael Guerin, but this past year, he had proved to be the only thing constant in her life. He wasn’t saying one thing and then doing another. For the first time since they had developed alien and human relations, she was beginning to think that maybe Liz wasn’t the one that lucked out in that department. As much she loved her best friend and Max, she couldn’t help but wonder if marriage was strong enough to keep them together this time around.

But all her thoughts were fleeting as she felt sleep knocking on her door, wishing to claim her.


Just wanted to thank everyone for the fb. It’s much appreciated. *big*

Transparent Clear - sorry that I sucked you into my spoiler fic. Hopefully I won’t disappoint.

SciFiNut111 - the fic will not be Kyle centered. In the first few parts, I’m sort of getting in everyone’s head a little. This is still M/L centered although it may not seem like it yet. As for Kyle thinking Max’s word taken as law, that has only happened recently. Hope to get into that a little more as the fic continues.

Michelle - apparently, M/L do get married in the finale. They did film M/L running out of the church with the gang, although I don’t know if we’ll get to see that onscreen.

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Part 3

Rating: NC-17


"Max, stop!" Liz tried to admonish Max as carried her swiftly into the room. "You’re going to drop me."

Bumping his hip against the door, Max shifted Liz in his arms. He took in their surroundings, his hold on her, tightening just a little more as he realized how disappointing their wedding night was going to be. They weren’t in some lavish hotel after having had a grand reception with all of the people they loved. They weren’t going to begin their lives with a bright future ahead of them.

Liz slid down his body, her hand lightly touching his chest as she eyed the worry creasing his brow. She had felt it the moment his playful mood had changed, suddenly turning somber as his deep amber eyes looked around the room. Truth be told, she was still trying to adjust to being able to sense him again. Any connection she had with him, dormant until the night that he had died. It was going to take awhile for her to get used to being this intimate with him again.

Chuckling to hide her own anxiety, she fingered the rock that rested on her ring finger. "Changed your mind about this whole marriage thing?"

Max felt a stab to his heart at the words that spilled from her lips. Because as much as she tried to play it of like she was joking, he knew that she worried that her words held a little truth to them. She had obviously forgotten that the connection went both ways. Just like she was feeling his emotions, he was feeling hers at the exact same moment.

Holding a hand to her cheek, he brought her ringed finger to his lips for a kiss, not knowing how he was ever going to erase the doubt lying in the back of her mind. He knew that she didn’t want to second guess him, and that she wanted to put all of her trust and faith in him. But he could understand where she was coming from. He had failed her so many times before that if he did it again, it probably wouldn’t surprise her. There was nothing that could be done to swipe the slate clean. He had messed up his life and those around him to monstrous proportions. Any promises he could make, no doubt turning fruitless in the end.

But looking into her big brown eyes, unsuccessfully trying to hide her fears, he knew that there was one promise that he would fulfill without question. The moment that she had said, "I do," to him in the chapel, made him realize that his days of wasting time were over. It was time for him to shower her with the love that she deserved. The love that he had so callously taken for granted before. He had no idea how she still found in her heart to love him after every horrible thing he had done in the past two years. But he was thankful that she was still the same amazing person he had fallen in love with, the moment he stepped off that big yellow school bus, when he was nothing but a lost little boy.

Sure, they weren’t the young, innocent kids they once were. They were older, not necessarily wiser, but definitely weathered. Their relationship had faced every known obstacle known to man, and maybe alien too. And they still managed to end up together in the end, with no thanks to him of course. But it was different this time. Maybe because the flashes were back, or maybe because the other worldly connection that they shared seemed to be back in full force, but it was without a doubt that he couldn’t love her anymore than he did at this precise moment. Maybe even more so than a few minutes ago.

"I’m sorry that I’ve screwed up so bad, that you can’t trust what I say, or do completely..."

Liz shook her head, not wanting to have this discussion. It didn’t fit into her plan of make believe. Talking about this would wreak havoc on the cocoon that she had built for herself. "Max, don’t." She placed a finger to his lip, silencing his words. She forced a smile on her lips as she urged him to join the web she was slowly spinning. "It’s our wedding night. I don’t...." Her voice dropped a notch softer, her eyes dropping down to the open button of his crisp white shirt.

Bringing her hands to his broad shoulders, she pushed his tuxedo jacket off his shoulders, letting it pool at his feet. She heard the beginning murmurs of words coming out of his lips, so she stood on her tip toes, kissing the breath out of him.

As much as his heart and his soul was telling him to talk to her, to make her understand, his body could only comply to her demands. All of them had evaded death with a narrow window of escape only a few days ago. It was common knowledge between them that every action, every word, every breath might be their last. He didn’t want to spend what precious few moments they did have together bringing up his sordid mistakes and break her heart in the process, again. He had vowed to love her, to honor her, and to cherish her till his last dying breath. He wasn’t about to go back on his word. People always say that there’s a time and a place for everything. It was obvious now was not the time to make her cry.

Kissing her back, his hands danced lightly over her bare shoulders, drifting upwards to tangle in her thick wavy hair as he immersed himself in the love that she was surrounding him with. His heart filled to the brim as he lost himself in her emotions, making his knees knock together. He had forgotten that her kisses alone could make him this weak. She was the only that made him forget that anything else existed, without every having to use any alien voodoo. He couldn’t believe that he had almost ruined any chances with her for good. But his thoughts fell to second tier as he focused on her.

Liz smiled against his lips as she felt him respond to her. She was grateful that he had given up on trying to hash up painful memories and was giving her the wedding night that she had always dreamed of. It didn’t matter that they were in a motel on the side of the highway or that the possibility of tomorrow might not be likely. None of that mattered. All that did matter was that they were together. They were married and even though that was only a legality, it had finally happened. It hadn’t been the fairy tale wedding that she had dreamed about when she was a sophomore in high school, but she’d learned that things didn’t always turn out the way you expected them to. You made do with what you were given. And she was thankful that she had at least gotten this.

With nimble fingers, she tore at his shirt buttons, not bothering to slip it off his shoulders before she explored the expanse of his naked chest. The sound of his hiss vibrating against her lips only urged her on as she fumbled with his belt buckle, tugging insistently on his zipper until his pants too, fell in a heap around his ankles.

Pulling away from her heated kisses, Max gave her a flushed smile, putting a little distance between them to get a few stolen breaths to his burning lungs. As much as he enjoyed her eager hands, he was in no rush to consummate their marriage. He wanted to take his time in loving her. Because although they had had a quickie ceremony, this marriage was one he intended to honor through lifetimes to come.

He reached out to touch her silken skin, smiling as she nuzzled her cheek against his hand. He cupped her cheek, his thumb brushing over her full bottom lip as he leaned his forehead against hers. Panting against her lips, his hands trembled as he eased her dress off slowly.

With eyes closed, he took a deep breath as he prepared himself to see her bared to him. It didn’t matter that they had already made love for the first time last night. He had a feeling that every single time with her would always feel like the first.

Opening his eyes, his breath hitched in his throat, his heart stopping it’s steady beats as he took in the sight of his gorgeous wife; his life. He didn’t think that anything had sounded so right before, and it made him give her a shy, goofy grin.

Liz had began to feel a little self conscious with Max staring at her with mouth slightly agape and not uttering a word. Making love to him the night before had not ebbed away any of her insecurities. She still worried that he might find her lacking.

He took her lips between his, his large hands resting on her hips as he brought her flush against his body. He wanted her to feel exactly what she did to him.

"Don’t ever think that you’re enough for me Liz." His voice was thick with tears as his eyes told the story of his soul. "What we’s not just about the physical." He brought her open palm to his cheek, his fingers tightening over hers. "I can’t even find the words to tell how I’m feeling," he whispered honestly.

So he did the only thing he knew that would show her how much he loved her. Taking her hands in his, he led her to the bed, his body following hers closely. He lay on top of her, his lips worshiping her with kisses.

As her legs parted to accommodate him, he rid them of their last vestiges of clothing that kept them separated. Looking into her eyes, he asked permission to make love to her. Athough they were married and had already crossed the point of no return, he wanted her to be sure. He wanted her to know that she felt was important.

Liz felt tears sting her eyes at the honesty displayed in his glowing orbs. His eyes had been void for so long that seeing the depth of emotion in them now, floored her. It used to be that she could tell what he was thinking just by looking into his eyes. She had thought that she would never be privy to that anymore. But he was beginning to prove her wrong.

With a swift nod, she moaned against his neck as she felt him slide into her, making them one. Having him inside her like this made her wonder where she ended and where he began. They fit each other like two pieces of a puzzle. Completing each other in a way that no one else could come close to doing. Like Max said, it wasn’t just about the physical with them. They transcended into another realm. Another reality where nothing else existed, where nothing else mattered but the love they had for each other.

Rocking against her, Max muffled his moans against her lips, his soul opening up a portal to his every thought, his every feeling.

Liz’s hips moved in time to his thrusts, her fingers digging into his hips as she urged him on. She whimpered in the dark as she neared her pinnacle, the sensations his body was causing in her, making her drift higher and higher into oblivion. Just as she fell of the edge, her soul burst into a million different colors, different thoughts, different emotions. All of which did not belong to her.


She felt Max fist his hand in her hair as he too fell over the edge. With tears spilling from her eyes, she trembled against him as she tried to regain some semblance of reality. She just seen the unabridged version of Max’s soul and it tore her heart in two.


So, you guys might have noticed that I changed the title. I’ve been toying with the title for awhile now, and I’ve finally decided on this one. It’s a little more fitting to the story, I think. Sorry if I’ve confused some of you.

Also, I know this last part is a tad confusing. I will clear it up in upcoming parts.

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Part 4



His hands were whisper soft as he brushed away her tears, his heart being wrenched in two as her feelings washed over him, along with his own. He didn’t know what it was that he had done, but he knew that it was definitely something of his doing. He had come to realize that only he could make her cry like that, and he hated himself for it. He was supposed to make her dreams come true, but all he seemed to be able to do was shatter each and every one of them, until there was nothing left.

“What did I....what did I do?” His voice cracked under the tears as she continued to bury her face in his chest, her small hands clutching at his biceps like a lifeline. He rolled onto his back, bringing her body to lie over his as he cradled her petite form carefully on his chest. He didn’t dare breath too deeply for fear of breaking her like she were a porcelain doll, too delicate for the likes of his heavy hands.

The shudders that wracked her body dissipated as he stroked her hair soothingly, his strong arms, bringing her comfort, offering her safety like only he could. She didn’t know how she would explain to him what she had just experienced. So she sat up and cupped his face between her palms, her tears falling onto his silken lashes. “I me make a connection....I want to....I want to show you.”

Max sat up to allow her some room, assuming that she had wanted to vacate his arms. But she surprised him when she snuggled closer to the warmth of his skin. His imagination was working overtime as he tried to figure out what terrible thing he had done to her, and he had a pretty good idea that it was bad because she couldn’t even seem to speak anything other than broken sentences. Add to the fact that she had decided to show him, through her eyes, scared the crap out of him.

Usually, his inner coward would choose this moment to try and escape. To try and fight back to protect his fragile ego. But it was her that was asking. This time around, he could deny her nothing.

Placing his hands over hers, he stared deeply into her eyes, concentrating on opening the door to their connection a little wider. He needn’t have to work so hard, because their connection was always just below the surface, humming strongly. Waiting to be released into each other.

With his head cocking back, he was struck with the feeling of weightlessness. It almost like he was falling through space with nothing to anchor him to the ground. His eyes felt heavy, but he fought the urge to close them, not wanting to end the connection. Just like she needed to show him, he needed to know.

A low moan was torn from his lips as the images that sailed past him became a little clearer, finally making sense. It was like a mini-movie was playing inside his head, and he was the only audience.


Liz hiding behind a mask of laughter as she asked him whether he had changed his mind about the wedding. Meanwhile, her own heart slowly falling apart inside her chest as she awaited his answer.

Liz feeling inadequate under his hungry gaze, wondering in the back of her mind if he were comparing her to Tess. Wondering if he was taking mental inventory of what she lacked compared to Tess’ blonde, buxom, body. Would she ever hold a candle to his first bride? To the bride he had given his first born to?

Liz losing herself in the physical sensations as he finally made them one. Completing them physically, mentally, and emotionally. But yet, she still put up a buffer, not wanting him to see the complete inner workings of her mind, her heart, her soul. Because although they were joined in the most intimate way, physically, she wasn’t quite ready to allow him full access to what he had hurt so easily before. She guarded her soul carefully now, unable to take the heartbreak he might cause, willing or unwilling.

Liz’s mind being invaded with thoughts that are not her own. Liz’s heart being invaded with feelings that are not her own. Liz’s soul being invaded with a soul not her own. All things invading her, belong to him. Heart, mind, and soul.

Liz living through his devastation as he sees her seemingly naked in bed with Kyle, the Gomez tickets, falling forgotten out of his hands. Liz feeling what it was like for him to be rebuffed by her, each and every time he tried to pry answers from her. Liz seeing how surprised he was to see himself manhandling her, not knowing how it was that he had began gripping her arm so tightly that he was leaving an imprint of his fingers on her soft skin. Liz seeing him have sex with Tess, images of her flying through his mind under closed lashes as he pretended that it wasn’t curly hair that he was running his fingers through. Liz feeling her name tumbling from his soundless voice as he reached the point of culmination, feeling the physical high, yet his heart feeling dead inside his chest as he realizes what he had just done.

Liz living through his zombie-like days as he searched for the son he had fathered. The son that he had a responsibility to. As much as he wishes that he could wave his hand over this mess to make it like it used to be, before Tess ever showed up in Roswell, he can’t. Liz feeling his selfishness as he continued to string her along for the ride, not bothering to see how it was affecting her, just so long as he cleansed his own soul.

Liz seeing the confusion cloud over his heart as she finally speaks her heart to him. Finally making him see that what he was doing to her was not only hurting her physically, but killing her soul in the process, ever so slowly.

Liz living through what it was like for him to die. Feeling the euphoria, feeling the love that flowed through his veins as she brought him back to the land of the living.

Liz seeing his split feelings over Tess’ return with his child. After searching for so long, he’s finally got what he’s wanted, and he realizes fairly quickly that this is not how he had imagined it to be.

Liz feeling his remorseless attitude to Tess’ death. Liz living through his conflicted emotions as he lets his son go. Liz seeing the pain as he realizes that all of their time wasted, just so that it ended like this.

Liz living through his sweaty palms, his thumping heart as he gets down on bended knee, asking her to marry him, despite his many faults. Liz feeling his nervousness as they make love for the first time. Not sex. Liz feeling the sense of completion she brings him. The way she calms his soul like no one else.

Liz feeling his heart burst into a million pieces as he slips the ring over her finger, sealing their lives together, forever. Liz seeing his conviction as he vows to make her life what she dreamed it to be when they were younger.

Liz seeing, feeling everything through him as he makes them one again, inadvertently showing her his life in the process.

End Flash

Gasping for breath, Max looks at Liz through tear stained eyes. His heart palpitating as he tries to come to terms with the strength of their connection.

Leaning his forehead against hers, he holds her face between cupped hands.

“I’m sorry you saw all of that. I didn’t mean to-

Liz tipped her chin up, connecting their lips together. She smiles against him, as she rubs away the tension in his jaw, her eyes sparkling as she lets her guard down, letting him see all of her. Something she had been keeping from him.

“Don’t. I’m glad that you showed me. I......Max, I saw you.” Her head shook in wonder. “I thought I lost you, but....inside,” She touched her hand to his chest, right above where his heart was beating wildly. “The Max I fell in love with is still in there.”

Max sat, stunned that she had managed to get under all of his layers to find the real him. It saddened him that she had had to endure all of the shit he put her through. But at the same time, he was blown away that she had stuck around to find him, when no one else seemed to care whether the real him was lost forever.

Holding her in his arms, feeling her love surround him, fill him, he realized that maybe that they were starting to heal. Together.


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Part 5


With hand poised and ready over door number 216, Isabel bit her lip in an internal struggle. She had tried to sleep, but she received no respite in her dreams. Everything was a mess, and she didn’t know where it was that she was going to begin to pick up the pieces. The only thing she did know, was that she had one ally. One person that would be there for her regardless.


He was the best friend a girl could ask for. In many ways, he reminded her of Alex. He was her go to guy. He was there whenever she needed a pick-me-up. And right now, that’s what she needed before all of her misgivings about her brother’s marriage ate her up inside.

Not giving it a second thought, she rapped her knuckles against the door, a slight smile on her face as she waited for Kyle to greet her with open arms as she had come to expect. But as the door pulled back, her smile turned into a frown at Kyle’s non-welcoming expression.

Rubbing his hands over his sleepy eyes, Kyle squinted against the light from the overhead lamp.

“Isabel?” He yawned, not bothering to hide his fatigue or his sloppy sight. He glanced at the red flashing lights of the alarm clocking sitting on the bedside table of his room. “What’s wrong? It’s like 2 o’clock in the morning.”

Isabel gave him her patented princess smile, the one that made all of the boys swoon. But sadly, it had no affect on Kyle as he stayed rooted to the spot, not even asking if she would like to come inside. She forced a laugh from her lips. “You’re not even going to invite me in?”

He eyed her warily, wondering why it was that she was knocking on his door at this hour. “Sure.” He stepped aside, letting her in.

Slipping past him, she made herself comfortable on his bed. She noticed his raised eyebrows as she shrugged off her sweater, revealing her pajamas. “What?”

Crossing his arms over his chest, he leaned against the cheap vanity. “I don’t know. You tell me.”

She pulled her knees up to her chest, batting her eyelashes. This usually worked on Max and Michael. “I just didn’t feel like being alone tonight.” She looked down at her painted toenails, her chest heavy as she breathed out. “I mean, it’s Max and Liz’s wedding night, and Michael and Maria have each other.” She looked up at him with teary eyes. “I don’t have anyone.”

Kyle resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Frankly, he wasn’t in the mood for an Isabel pity party. All he wanted was a decent night’s sleep. But apparently, he wasn’t going to get that.

Don’t get him wrong, he did care for Isabel. So much so, that he scared himself sometimes. But a person could only listen to same cry for so long.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Isabel.” He looked at her, and wondered why she was really there. “I don’t know what you want me to say.”

She smiled at him brightly, any traces of her tears, long gone. “Let me sleep here tonight?”

“Here?” He barely kept from shouting the word out loud as he looked at her incredulously.

She nodded, pulling the covers down and slipping between them. “I don’t want to be alone.”

Grinding his teeth, he closed his eyes tightly. He didn’t want to upset her by telling her that he didn’t think it was a good idea that she spend the night in his room, but it was kind of late to say anything as she had already made herself comfortable in his bed.

Grabbing the spare blanket from the drawer, he rolled it onto the cheesy shag carpet, his body landing with a thud.

“Kyle?” Isabel peered over the bed, curious as to why he had slept on the floor. It wasn’t like they hadn’t slept together before.

His gruff voice hissed into the darkness, leaving no room for argument.

“Goodnight, Isabel.”


Maria slipped from the bed as quickly as she could without waking Michael. She ran into the bathroom, locking the door hastily as she upchucked a good dose of nothing into the toilet boil.

When it felt like she had thrown up twice her body weight, she leaned her head against the cool porcelain, praying against hope that what she was suspecting wouldn’t be true.

Michael sat outside of the closed bathroom door, his hand laying flat against the door as he listened to Maria retching just on the other side. He had debated whether or not to unlock the door with his powers and rush in there like a knight in shining armor. But that wasn’t his style. It was more of Max thing to do. Besides, he didn’t really know how much help he would be.

His mind was a whirlwind of jumbled thoughts and worries as he tried to figure out a plausible explanation for Maria’s upset stomach. But even though it seemed glaringly obvious what the problem was, he couldn’t bring himself to even consider it. Because if he even thought about it, it would reinforce the truth of the fact that they could never really escape their mistakes. They only seemed to compound them.


“So I was thinking, we could still head up to Chicago. That way, you could go to school and start over.” Max stroked Liz’s arm in lazy circles, his arm bringing her body closer to his. He sighed delightedly at the thought of being able to do this without any lies hanging over their heads.

Sitting up, Liz leaned her chin on his chest. “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Max. The FBI is still looking for us. That’s probably the first place they’ll look.” She had to smile at his words because they brought her a sense of contentment. It was the first time in a really long time that he had put her first. But they had to be realistic. As wonderful as it sounded, going to Chicago was out of the question now. They had to begin their lives elsewhere.

Frowning, Max stroked her cheek sadly, his eyes holding regret that her life was stifled by who he was.

“I thought we were past that?” She teased as she looked into his eyes. She leaned up to kiss his lips, willing him to see that it didn’t matter where they went. They were together at long last, with nothing standing between them. Everything else was irrelevant. They were finally at place where they could say that all that mattered was that they were together, that their love would see them through. Although they had spoken those words to each other before, they hadn’t been true. Now, they were.

“It doesn’t matter where we begin our lives together. All that matters is that we’re safe, and that we love each other.” She twined their hands together. “We can worry about everything else tomorrow,” she whispered.

Rolling over his body, she slowly eased herself over his hard body, her eyes closing as the onslaught of his love invaded her senses, filling her till she thought she was going to burst. She started a slow rhythm over his body, her bottom lip held captive by her incisors.

“Let’s forget.....for just a little while.”

Max needed no further convincing as he eased her hips over his, his groans sounding throughout the room as they made love again.


Holding the picture in front of the old man in coveralls, agent Burns stood unmoving. “Are you sure that this is the young man that bought the old van?”

Taking his hat off and scratching his balding head with his greasy hands, the old man nodded. “Yeah. The boy came in here, asking to buy the van. I told him that it wasn’t for sale. That all we sold here was gas, but he was pretty persuasive.”

Burns pulled his sunglasses to the brim of his nose. “How persuasive?”

The old man just laughed, rubbing his pot belly. “Let’s just say for the money the kid gave me, I was all to happy to part with the stinkin’ van without all of the legal mumbo jumbo.”

Nodding, Burns slipped the picture back in his breast pocket as he went through the swinging door of the Blast Off Gas station. Retrieving his cell phone, he dialed the number to his superior as he swerved onto the road.

“It’s me. The old man confirmed it. Evans was the one who bought the van.”

The voice on the other end was clipped and to the point.

“Good. Make sure this mess is cleaned up, Agent Burns.”


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Part 6


Four weary young people piled into the recently married couple’s room for an impromptu meeting. All of which showing no chagrin to the attitude they were giving the happy couple.

Isabel ran her hands through her short brown hair, frowning at her brother before laying the evil eye at Liz when she thought Max wasn’t looking. “What’s this about, Max?” She hugged her arms around her body as she moved to sit beside Kyle.

Max hugged Liz to his side protectively, disapproving of the daggers that Isabel was giving his other half. He would have to talk to her about that later, but for right now, they had more pressing matters at hand. “Liz and I thought that we should have a meeting about what we’re going to do next.”

Isabel rolled her eyes, making it plain and clear that she was unimpressed to hear that it was Liz’s idea that they were all in the same room together. “A meeting? What do we need to have a meeting for? We’re running. End of story.”

Liz spoke up then, straightening her shoulders. She had no idea why Isabel was suddenly so cold to her, when only 24 hours ago, she had been the first to smile and congratulate the wedding. But then again, she wasn’t really surprised. Isabel had never ever showed her any compassion. She was sort of used to it now. But she wasn’t going to let Isabel walk all over her. Isabel may have every guy at her mercy, but she wasn’t going to bow down to the princess. She didn’t do it for Max and there was no way in hell that she was going to do it for his sister.

“Actually, it’s not the end of the story.” She met Isabel’s gaze, not wavering when the larger girl tried to intimidate her with a raised eyebrow. “We can’t be stupid and pretend that just because we left Roswell, that we’re safe from the FBI. If anything, they’re going to be on our asses even more. They’re going to stop at nothing to get what they want. Especially since they have Isabel on tape using her powers. They have proof now.”

Standing up, Isabel threw her hands in the air, glaring at Liz for all that she was worth. “That tape proves nothing.” She pointed a finger at Liz accusingly. “If Max hadn’t healed you that day, non of this would have even started. The FBI would have never even suspected us!”

Max stood up, his voice roaring. “THAT’S ENOUGH!” His amber eyes flared with a fiery anger directed towards Isabel. “I won’t have you talking to Liz that way. You have no right to blame her.” He pushed his finger to his chest. “If you want to blame someone for the mess we’re in, you can start with me.”

Michael joined into the foray, his voice coming out in a controlled whisper. “Would you two keep your voices down?” He gave his fellow hybrids a pointed stare. “Unless of course you want to lead the FBI to us with the sound of your voices? I’m sure they can hear you all the way inside the white house.”

When brother and sister sat down dejectedly, he looked towards Liz, offering her an encouraging smile. No matter how much he mouthed off about her, he trusted her. She had proved to be a true friend from the beginning, even though he had had to steal her journal to prove it to himself. Liz was an enigma. She was brought into their lives for a reason and he wasn’t about to question her. He believed in her, and that was enough to make him listen to what she had to say.

“You were saying, Liz?”

Liz was shocked into silence for a second. She didn’t know how to respond to what Michael had just done. Although he may not know it, what he just did for her meant more to her than he could ever know. It made her feel accepted by him. While she was not looking for anyone’s acceptance, it felt good to have Michael willing to listen to her ideas without shooting her down before she even getting a word out. She glanced at a pale Maria and smiled a little. Maria was lucky to have Michael. While he was no prince charming he was growing to become a wonderful man. He was rough around the edges, but he was becoming a man in his own right.

Smiling her gratitude, she spoke softly, but surely. She wanted everyone to see where she was coming from and to understand the seriousness of their situation. They weren’t kids anymore who could hide behind the Sheriff’s badge or the protection of their parents. They were on their own and that’s how it was going to be for the rest of their lives. All they had was each other, and sometimes it seemed as if that wasn’t even true.

“Max and I were talking last night and we realized that we all have to have some sort of game plan. We can just keep going on blindly.” She swallowed, gripping Max’s hand tightly in hers, her heart puttering inside her chest as she felt his love reach out to support her.

Michael rubbed his chin, nodding thoughtfully. “You’re right.” He tipped his head, a gesture to keep her going.

“And well, while we both think that this is a decision we all have to make,” she swallowed past the lump in her throat, finding it difficult to finish her thought as she looked at a forlorn Maria and a tired Kyle.

Max spoke, looking at each of his friends in turn. “We thought that maybe we should split up.”

The room was silent as everyone stared at Max as if he had just lost his mind.

“It won’t be permanent. Just a few months,” Liz was quick to add.

“The FBI is still looking for us. If we stick together, we’re making ourselves an easy bull's-eye. They’ll be looking for six people.”

Liz continued on after Max, not missing a beat. “If we split up for a little while, we’ll make it harder for them to track us down. They’re looking for one group of six.”

“If we split up into twos, we’ll be making them work for their money.” Max draped his arm over Liz’s shoulder.

“But we’ll meet every couple of months to see how we’re all doing.” Liz tried to smile despite the tears settling in her eyes as she thought about being without her friends.

Kyle spoke for the first time since they had begun the meeting. “We’re going to have to get rid of the van.” He looked at Liz, smiling. Then he looked towards Max, nodding his approval of their idea. Finally, Max was thinking straight. It was about damn time.

Isabel spoke up, her eyes wide as she looked at Kyle. “You don’t honestly think that this could be a good idea?” She kicked her boot covered foot against the nightstand. “This idea will just get all of us killed.”

Maria stood up, her voice scratchy as she gave in her two cents. “I’m with you guys.” Her hand drifted to her stomach unconsciously, thinking about protecting her future. “I don’t want all of this to be for nothing.” She felt Michael move to stand behind her, his hand resting on her shoulder. “If splitting up will keep us all alive, I’m all for it.”

Michael’s hand gripped Maria’s, both of their hands resting against her womb. “I think this is the smartest thing we’ve cooked up in a long time.” His hand squeezed Maria’s as he warmed up to the plan a little more. If indeed they were expecting, meeting up with everyone every few months would help. Especially if they ever needed Max’s healing abilities.

“Have all of you lost your minds?” Isabel couldn’t believe that this was happening. Max and Michael were leaving her. Liz Parker had finally succeeded in stealing her brother even though she had said that she wouldn’t. Her walls were finally down as she tried to grasp onto something.

“You can’t do this to me, Liz!”

Liz looked at her perplexed. “Do what to you? I’m not doing anything.”

“YOU!” Isabel looked maniacal as she towered over Liz. “You’re making Max and Michael leave me!” She pushed Liz, as she continued to walk forward, making ridiculous accusations.

Max grabbed Isabel’s arm, propelling her to the side as he attended to Liz. “Are you alright?”

Liz nodded, her face flushed as she tried to understand what had just happened.

Max turned to Isabel, his voice sounding deathly angry. “Stay away from Liz!”

Isabel’s eyes clouded in confusion, not used to seeing Max rush to Liz’s aid instead of hers. “But..”

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but it stops NOW!” He held Liz close, his eyes black with rage. “Liz doesn’t deserve any of the crap you give her, and I won’t let you treat her that way anymore, you understand?”

Stuttering, Isabel tried to make sense of how the tables quickly turned on her. “Don’t you see what she’s doing? She’s trying to tear us apart. Ever since she came into the picture, we’ve been divided.”

Max shook his head. “We were divided long before then. We were just better at lying to ourselves before we realized what it was to be honest.” His mind quickly flashed to when Liz had given him an ultimatum to tell her truth. He remembered how cute he thought it was when she had pulled out that piece of paper with her questions. It was such a Liz thing to do, and he loved her for it. But that was neither here or there. He gave Isabel a look that told her he meant what he was saying. He wasn’t going to let his sister mistreat his wife. He had been foolish to let it slide when they were only boyfriend/girlfriend. “Don’t make me choose between the two of you, Isabel.”

His amber eyes glowed with conviction before his words danced from his lips with a certainty he had never shown before. “Because if you do, I can guarantee you that I will choose Liz every single time.”


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Part 7


Max’s words reverberated in the small motel room, filling it with an awkward silence that seemed to span for hours. No one said anything, merely just existed in the discommodious atmosphere.

Don’t make me choose between the two of you, Isabel. Because if you do, I can guarantee you that I will choose Liz every single time.

Isabel’s eyes watered as she fought for a last ditch effort on her part. In all of the years that Max had mooned over Liz, she had always known in the back of her mind that Max would always be on her side. That despite the attraction and the so-called love he had for the mousy Liz Parker, it was nothing compared to the same blood running through their veins.

“So you’re choosing her?” Her words came out more like a statement, rather than a question. She stuck out her trembling lower lip as she left the room. “I should’ve known you would side with her. You always pick her.”

Running his hand down his face resignedly, Kyle inched towards the door. “I’ll go after her.”

Michael kissed the top of Maria’s head, offering her a small smile. He stepped up to Kyle, placing a hand on the smaller man’s shoulder. “Let me. I’ll see if I can talk some sense into her.”

Max watched as Michael went after his sister. He would’ve offered to talk to her, since he was the reason that she was crying, but he didn’t think it would be a good idea to be face to face with her right now. The blood in his veins was still pounding angrily as he remembered how Isabel had treated Liz so callously, laying false blame on the one person who was not deserving of it. He couldn’t believe what he had witnessed. It was like he was seeing things with a new set of eyes.

He looked down at Liz who shaking a little. He wrapped his arms around her, his eyes searching hers for the truth. “You’re sure that you’re okay?” He had a hard time swallowing as he spoke. “If she hurt you-

Liz silenced him with a touch, her eyes smiling despite the bleak circumstances. “Max, I’m fine. Just a little shaken up, but I’m okay.”

Max ran his hands down the side of her arms, still unable to keep himself from double checking just to be sure. He was at a loss as to how Isabel could’ve have said and done those horrible things to Liz. He knew that Isabel had her reservations about Liz, but he never imagined that those reservations stemmed deeper than simply letting anyone into their little circle.

He bent his head, whispering against her hair as he cuddled her closer, not willing to let her out of his arms just yet. “I’m sorry that happened. I promise that I won’t let anyone hurt you......Not anymore.”

Kyle took Maria by the elbow, leading her outside to their respective rooms. After all, the meeting was definitely over and it was obvious that Max and Liz needed time alone together. They would get their stories straight later, but for right now, everyone needed their space.

Liz bit her lip, as she listened to Max’s words play over and over again in her head. She was elated to hear Max tell Isabel that he would choose her over his sister, but there was a part of her that felt guilty. While she and Isabel had never really been friends, she never wanted Max to turn on his sister. She didn’t want to be the reason that they weren’t on speaking terms.

“Max, maybe you should talk to Isabel.”

Max pulled away from her abruptly, his nostrils flaring as he listened to Liz’s suggestion. “I have nothing to say to her. Everything I need to say, I’ve already said.”

She continued to chew on her bottom lip as she tried to get Max to listen. “But she’s your sister Max.”

He cupped her cheek, his thumb slowly stroking her cheekbone. “And you’re my wife. She needs to know that you’re my priority.” He sighed, feeling a wave of regret crash through his body. Regret that he even had to explain to Liz that she was the most important thing in his life. But there was no use to dwell on the past, because his future was what was important. And that future was Liz.

“Don’t you think that maybe, you should at least give her a chance to talk?” She toyed with the button on his shirt, as she tried not to meet his penetrating gaze. “You don’t want to leave things like this and regret it later.”

Max tipped her chin up with his fingers, his head slowly shaking from side to side. “What I said to Isabel.....I don’t regret a word I said because it’s all true.” He bent his knees so that their foreheads touched. “I was stupid before. She treated you like crap from the moment she found out about how I felt about you. And I never did a damn thing about it.” His eyes clouded with a thin sheen of tears. “I’m so sorry for that Liz.”

Liz’s eyes pricked with tears as well as she listened to Max’s words. She was still getting used to the fact that Max was being so honest with her. The fact that he admitted his own faults and didn’t to make up excuses for them touched her. She knew it took a lot to stand up and take credit for the mistakes you made. She was slowly tearing away the layers that covered up the Max she loved, just the same way he was breaking down her own barriers.

She stood on her tiptoes, catching his lips a quick peck that reaffirmed their love for one another. Every little step was a step in the right direction to healing their damaged hearts.


Out of breath and panting, Michael grabbed Isabel’s arm and pulled her into a corner.

“Let me go!”

He felt her kick and push at him, making him flinch back in surprise. “Hey!” He ducked under her flailing arms, shooting her a glare. He dusted off his shirt, as he spoke. “What the hell is the matter with you?”

“If you’re here to lecture me, then you can forget about it.” She crossed her arms over her chest defiantly, tossing her nose in the air.

Michael shook his head. “Well someone’s got to knock some sense into you.”

Isabel’s jaw dropped to the ground as she listened to Michael’s gruff respsonse. In the years that they had known each other, he had never directed a tone like to her. He had always saved that for people he didn’t trust.

“You have to apologize to Liz.” He made his statement clear, making sure he used the right words to make Isabel understand that it had to be done.

She sobbed in her chest, turning a teary gaze on him. “So you’re on her side now too?”

Michael threw his arms up in the air in frustration. “This isn’t about sides Isabel, and you need to stop making it that way!” He looked at her, the anger in his eyes unrelenting. “What you did to Liz was wrong. It’s as simple as that.” He stood his ground, not falling for her teary act. They were getting a little too old to be playing this game.

“There is no way in hell I’m apologizing to her. Max saving her life is what started all of this. That’s why our lives are in danger.”

“Then why don’t you blame Max?” He asked simply. When she didn’t respond, he knew that he had hit on something. “If you believe that, then why aren’t angry at Max? He’s the one that healed her. Liz didn’t ask for any of this. We brought her into this crazy mess and she’s done nothing but help us even though we kick and spit on her.” He continued on, letting it all out. Listening to Isabel say horrible things about Liz and lay unrequited anger on the one person that was there with them through everything made him see things differently. He was quickly realizing that even though he had known Isabel forever, she was showing a side of herself that he didn’t like.

Isabel decided to change tactics as Michael hit a little too close to home. “You’re so quick to defend her, but do you even know what I’m going through?” She let the tears fall, hoping to soften him up a little. “I just left my husband behind. How do you think it makes me feel when I see Liz with Max or you with Maria?”

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?” He had to blink a couple of times to see if this really was Isabel he was talking to. He couldn’t believe he was hearing her sound so selfish. “You’re not the only one with problems, Isabel. We’ve all got our own baggage.” He watched the different emotions run across her face and he wondered if she had always been so self-centered, but he just refused to see it before. “If you hadn’t noticed, Max died twice. Regardless of all the shit he put Liz through, she loves him so much that she’s given him another chance when she should have just kicked them to the curb. She doesn’t deserve the grief you give her.”

“She doesn’t deserve Max. He died both times because of her.”

Michael almost choked on his own breath as he continued to listen to her words. He could understand if she were just upset that she lost her husband, but this was getting ridiculous. Isabel was blaming Liz for things she didn’t even do. He shook his head in wonder that Isabel was finally showing her true feelings towards Liz.

“I’m not even sure I know who you are.” He stepped backwards, walking away from her. “Grow the hell up, Isabel!”

He continued to walk on, leaving Isabel behind. After that conversation, he was probably angrier at Isabel than Max was. He was glad for the separation of the group. At least that way, he didn’t have to see her face and feel disgust everytime. He just felt sorry for Kyle. The poor guy was another Alex in the making. He just hoped that Kyle had learned from Alex’s mistakes and didn’t let Isabel’s feminine wiles sway him.


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Part 8


Liz pulled Maria into a bear hug, afraid to let her go even though she knew she had to. Although it would only be a few months, it was already beginning to feel like an eternity.

“I don’t want to say goodbye.”

Maria pulled Liz tighter against her, closing her eyes as she tried to leave an imprint of this moment in her heart. “It won’t be so bad, chica. We’ll be in each other’s hair again before you know it.” She smoothed her hand down Liz’s hair, both of them unwilling to let the other go.


Looking down at her friend’s dark head, Maria nodded her head in affirmation. While their futures were unclear, she couldn’t help but feel as if the dark cloud that had been looming over them had passed momentarily, giving them all a little breathing room.

She smiled a small smile as she thought back to Michael kissing her forehead, his hands holding her reassuringly. Even though they had not discussed the very real prospect of her pregnancy, she wasn’t as scared as she had been last night. Michael had not said a word to her yet, just as she hadn’t to him, but she had a feeling that he knew. The fact that he knew and hadn’t run away from her, told her that she wasn’t alone in this. His actions were speaking louder than any words he could ever say, and he was definitely telling her that he was with her for the long run. She didn’t have the luxury of a marriage license telling her that Michael would stay by her side, but she had learned long ago that a marriage license was no symbol of love. All she needed to do was look into his eyes, and she knew that he was promising her things that the Michael Guerin from three years ago would only scoff at.

Liz’s eyes squinted in slight playfulness as she eyed her best friend. “Maria.....”

Maria laughed at Liz’s leading tone, knowing that she was caught. She never could hide anything from Liz.

“Liz...” she answered just as playfully.

Pushing her to sit, Liz pulled the chair from the table, her elbows leaning on her knees as she looked at Maria in close scrutiny. “Don’t Liz me. There’s something you’re not telling me.”

Maria breathed deeply, sobering up as she debated whether or not to tell Liz about her current situation. As much as she wanted to share the news with Liz and unburden her shoulders a little, she couldn’t tell Liz without telling Michael first. Even though Michael already seemed clued in, she knew that it wouldn’t be fair to divulge any of this to anyone but him just yet. So she smiled at Liz, taking the other girl’s hand in hers.

“I can’t say anything right now, but I promise I’ll tell you everything soon.”

Liz looked at Maria skeptically, but just nodded. She understood the need to keep things a secret and she respected that. She smirked then, tickling Maria. “Yeah, well you better.” She giggled when Maria tried to get her back.

Both of them lay back on the mattress, staring at the ceiling as they held hands.

“So Liz, you think you can use some of your alien voodoo and tell me what the future has in store for us?”

Liz’s eyes glanced at Maria before she resumed her gazing at the textured ceiling above them. “You know it doesn’t work that way, Maria.”

Maria just nodded, moving her head to bump against Liz’s. She breathed a heavy sigh, trying to soak up the last few hours they had together.

“I know. I was just hoping that you could tell me that everything would be okay in the end as long as we all have each other.”

They stayed silent for a second, each wallowing in their own thoughts before Liz spoke up. “Do you really believe that?”

Maria’s voice took on a far away tone as she spoke. “All I know is, if all of us had stuck together back then, Alex would still be here with us.”

The air whooshed out of Liz’s lungs as she listened to Maria’s words, her heart and mind agreeing to everything that had been spoken. Because Maria was right. Had they been there for each other and not lied to each other constantly, Alex’s life would have been spared. The three musketeers would still be three instead of two. But Liz could be glad about one thing. At least Alex didn’t have to live the past year in the rut they were all in. He was in a better place now, and his murderer had gotten their comeuppance. She only hoped that she and Maria would one day make him proud wherever he was.


Kyle watched silently as Michael and Max used their alien powers to obliterate the old van into a pile of dust. He looked down at his own hands, wondering if he would be capable of causing such destruction just by holding out his palms.

Max wiped his sweaty brow, his eyes turning to Kyle. Looking at Kyle, there was so much he wanted to say, but he didn’t even know where to begin. As much as he hated to admit it, Kyle was the answer to question number 12; Who do you envy?

Kyle was everything he wanted to be on this earth. Kyle had Liz, and he could be whoever he wanted to be and never have to apologize for his every decision. Not like him. Ever since he, Michael, and Isabel had hatched out of the pods, he had had to answer to the two of them. Everything he did was questioned. They looked to him to make the decisions, but at the same time, they fought him every step of the way. He could never win.

All he ever wanted to be was normal. To be able to blend in with the others kids. To be with Liz. He had gone through hell and high water to get where he was, the path he had taken undesirable. He just hoped that the people around him now could understand that.

Kyle smirked as he kicked at a stone. “You know if keep giving me those moony looks, Liz may start to get jealous.”

Michael fell to the ground with an unceremonious thud, laughing so hard that he started snorting.

Kyle joined in the laughter, returning Michael’s thumbs up.

Max was dumbfounded for a second as he looked at the two guys, laughing so hard that tears were pooling at their eyes. He had never seen Michael laugh like this before, nor had he seen Kyle laugh like this in their presence. It made his lips quirk up that despite the current mess they were in, they were all moving towards a better place.

He sat down on the ground, shaking his head as he felt a bout of laughter bubbling forth under the surface. When he couldn’t hold it in anymore, he let out a howling laugh that left the other boys crawling with their own chuckles at Max’s reaction.

When they had all calm down, Michael rubbed his stomach. “That was a good one Valenti.” He punched the jock in the arm. “Might not be so bad having you around after all.” He started to walk forward, leaving Kyle with Max.

As Kyle made a move forward, Max cleared his throat, figuring that this would be his only opportunity before they went their separate ways.

Kyle stopped walking, raising an eyebrow at Max. He crossed his arms when Max didn’t say anything. “You usually take this long to get to the point?”

Max’s head jerked awkwardly as he stepped forward. “No..I wanted to talk to you before we all left tonight.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Kyle spoke. “So talk.”

“I....” Max frowned for a moment as he tried to find the right words to say. He squeezed his hands together before looking up to meet Kyle’s gaze. “I guess I wanted to say thank you.”

Kyle was silent as he was thrown for a loop. Of all the things he had expected Max to say, those two words had not been included. “What the hell for?” His words were blunt, but Max knew it was just Kyle being Kyle. “I haven’t done anything.”

Max nodded. “But you have. You‘ve helped all of us even though you didn‘t have to.”

Holding up his hand, Kyle tried to make Max understand a few things. “And you have to know that any help I’ve given you guys has nothing to do with you.”

“I know.” Max dug his hands into his pockets as he remembered the day the skins had wiped out all of the humans in Roswell. He remembered all too clearly how he had tried to order Kyle around, but Kyle was having none of it. While it irked him to know that Kyle made it impossibly clear what he thought of him, he respected Kyle. Honesty was what he needed, and not many people were honest with him.

“I’m thanking you for being there for Liz when I was too busy being an ass to her. I’m thanking you for being there for my sister when I can’t stand to look at her in the face right now.”

Kyle swallowed past his aching throat as he listened to Max humble himself. He had no idea what had transpired between Max and Liz last night, but he was finding himself less pissed at Max. There was nothing that could ever excuse or erase Max’s mistakes, but the guy was certainly turning over a new leaf. And it sure couldn’t have come at a better time.

Holding out his hand, Kyle looked Max in the eyes; man to man. “Just make sure you keep Liz happy. She deserves that.”

Max smiled, gripping Kyle’s hand in his. “I will. Just make sure that you don’t take any of Isabel’s crap. If she walks over you once, she thinks she’ll be able to do it all of the time.”

The two of them nodded at each other, smiling before they let go of each other’s hands. They might not have hashed everything out, but they were making progress.


Jeff Parker sat on the dirt floor just outside pod chamber, trying to make sense of what he had just read. He flipped through the leather bound journal again, hoping to find something that would tell him that this was a terrible joke. But something in the pit of his stomach was telling him otherwise.

In some odd logic, events from the past three years seemed to click in his head, matching the weird occurrences in Liz’s journal. In some weird sense, it all seemed to finally make sense.

Grabbing his cell phone, he dialed with shaky fingers. “I think you should get everybody down here, Jim.”

Jim didn’t bother arguing, knowing exactly where Jeff Parker was and who it was he wanted down there. He grabbed his keys, running out the door to round up the aforementioned people. It was finally time to let the cat out of the bag about what the hell has been going with certain kids of the community.


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Part 9


Standing in a rigid stance, Jeff Parker held his wife securely in his arms, afraid that she might disappear into thin air if he wasn’t paying close enough attention. He swallowed past his rapidly constricting throat, his eyes brimming with tears.


Jim nodded, knowing what it was that Jeff was asking him just by the sound of his name. His own heart was tight in his chest as he tried to find a way to explain to everyone what had been going on between their children for the past three years.

Before he could get a word out, Amy stepped forward, hugging her arms to herself as she spoke. “I don’t mean to put a damper on the little pow wow that we have going here, but would someone please tell me what the hell this is all about?” She threw her arms up in the air, looking at the barren land around them. “And why the hell did we all have to go into the middle of the desert to do it?” She was sobbing now, as she looked at each parent in turn. “I should be home right now, waiting for Maria.” She chewed on her fingernails as panic washed over her. “I shouldn’t be here. I have to go.”

Feeling tears well up in his own eyes, Jim held out his hand to stop her. He hated seeing tears in her eyes or see her in any sort of pain. Because although he was foolish not to admit it out loud, Amy was the one person he cared for. She was the only one he trusted after Michelle had left.

“You don’t have to worry Amy. Maria’s okay.”

As soon as the words had left his mouth, Amy quieted down, her attention focused on Jim. Her hands gripped his shirt lapels as she shook him with the power of a disgruntled mother. “Where is she Jim? Tell me!”

He wrapped his arms around her, his hands running through her hair as he tried to calm her down. “’ll be okay. It’ll be okay.”

Breaking her silence, Diane shook her head, looking numb and devoid of any emotion. “No it’s not. It won’t ever be again.” She continued mumbling as if she were in her own world. “They’re gone.”

Jeff’s face sobered with understanding. “You know too, don’t you?”

Philip’s mouth opened and closed, but for the first time since he had become a lawyer, he couldn’t find any words to say that would make this okay for any of them.

Amy pulled out of Jim’s arms, her tear stained face staring at Jeff and Philip.

“Know what?”

Turning her so that she was facing him, Jim swallowed thickly as he prepared himself to tell the story of his membership to the I-Know-An-Alien-Club.

“I’ll tell you everything.”



Max turned his head to look at Liz quickly before returning his attention back to the road

Liz shrugged back into her seat, embarrassed that he had caught her staring. She hadn’t meant to do it, but she couldn’t help but sit and watch him when he wasn’t aware of it. It was silly really, but she wondered if he looked any different after a day of marriage.


His lips quirked up at the sides as he made a right turn. “That’s not a nothing look.”

She sat up straighter in her seat when she saw the first hint of a smile on his lips. “Oh really? What makes you so sure?”

He rubbed his bottom lip as a full fledged smile overtook his face. “I’ve spent thirteen years watching you.” He turned to look at her, his amber eyes glowing with happiness. “I know your every expression, and that look you had was definitely not a nothing look.”

Liz felt her jaw drop at his concession.

Max reached over the middle console, his hand folding hers in his. “Are you okay?” He frowned at her expression, feeling instantly guilty for anything he might have said or done wrong. “Did I say something wrong?”

She shook her head, smiling. She felt tears prick the back of her eyes but she held them back, not wanting him to get the wrong idea. She kissed the back his hand. “Nothing’s wrong.” She gave him a shy smile as she tucked her hair behind her ear. “It’s just....I never....I didn’t know that.” She blushed when he looked at her, his smile making her knees weak. She was glad that she was already sitting down.

He nodded. “I thought...” he paused. “You’ve never seen that in a flash?”

Liz smiled her head bobbing slowly as she remembered the night when Max had reversed the connection and let her see inside of him. That was the night that she knew she loved him. Seeing through his eyes, she could see the way he looked at her. But never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that Max had spent the majority of his time quietly watching her as he stayed in the background.

“I did but....I didn’t know that...”

“That I was an alien stalker?” He joked, hoping to lighten the mood.

Liz’s head fell back against the head rest as she let a belly laugh erupt from her lips. It felt good to be laughing again, to have Max teasing her. It reminded her of their earlier days of friendship. She hit his shoulder. “You’re such a jerk.”

Max laughed, an image of the two of them in the eraser room flashing in his mind. It was when they had spied on Topolsky together, working as a team. He smiled wider as he thought about how well the two of them complimented each other. It almost felt like they were getting back a little of what they used to have.

“You do realize that that’s not the first time you’ve said that?”

She squeezed her fingers over his as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Eraser room, sophomore year.”

His heart skipped a beat as she recited the exact time and place. He couldn’t believe that she remembered something as ridiculous as that. He thought that she would have forgotten by now.

Her angelic voice permeated through his mind as she ran her fingers soothingly over his arm.

“I would never forget Max. I remember every single detail, just like you do.”


Agent Burns walked briskly down the motel doors, humming under his breath as he went in search for the room that Max Evans was occupying. Some sources had pointed him to this location and he was only too happy to clean up the mess.

He kicked the door open, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. When he realized that there were no occupants, he took off his mirrored sunglasses. His eyes shone with fury as he held up his hand, a blue light radiating from beneath his palm as he blasted a hole in the wall.

“Don’t think you’ve won Max. I’m going to make you pay for what you did to me.”

He ran his hand along the dresser, his eyes narrowing as a sinister smile crossed his lips. “And I’ll make sure that I enjoy every second of it......King of Antar.”


Sorry that it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. But I’ve had a really awful past couple of weeks. I was in a hit and run and there was a death in my family. Hopefully after I catch up with school, I can get more new parts out to my other stories.

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Part 10


“You’ve been awful quiet.” Maria looked at Michael as he maneuvered the wheel of their vehicle.

He peered down at her, his eyebrows knitted in concern for her. “I’ve never been much for words.” He turned his gaze back to the road as he gripped the steering wheel a little tighter than normal. “And besides, everything that comes out of my mouth always lands me in hot water anyway.”

Maria’s mouth gaped open in shock. Michael never ceased to amaze her. She guessed that he was the type of person that would always keep you guessing. Although he pretended to be the gruff, uncaring guy, he had a lot more layers than he was willing to show anyone. And surprisingly enough, he had opened up to her and showed a part of himself that she doubted he had ever shared with anyone. Including Max and Isabel. She felt a little guilty that she had basically thrown it back in his face when he decided stay on earth for her, but she needed to find out her own identity without the presence of Michael Guerin. She wanted to be what Liz wasn’t.

She hated to think like that, considering Liz was her best friend. But she had seen what Liz’s life had been like, being constantly pulled back into the alien abyss. She hated that their whole lives revolved around their alien cohorts. But she was beginning to realize that their lives would always be entwined in a way that would be forever.

Ever since that day in the Crashdown on a lazy fall afternoon when Max Evans had brought back her best friend to life, they had all gravitated together like a moth to a flame. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. She believed things happened for a reason, and there was a bigger purpose to why she and Michael always managed to lead back towards each other.

“We have to talk, Michael.”

Michael’s shoulders stiffened as he caught Maria’s gaze in the mirror. As much as he knew that it was imperative that they have this discussion, he couldn’t help but chicken out. “Now that’s a phrase a guy never wants to hear.” He forced a laugh from his lips, but it fell flat, lacking any conviction.

“I’m being serious here, Michael.”

He coughed against his hand, nodding his head as he pulled up to one of the many inconspicuous motels just outside the highway. He cut the engine, turning his body so that he was facing her. He hoped that his stance was somewhat welcoming so that she would a little more at ease with him. Because after they had this conversation, there was no going back with them. He was going to face up to his responsibilities, something he was not known for. He would change his ways, for her.

“Sorry.” He scratched the side of his eyebrow, a nervous trait that he had never outgrown since he had been a child. He wished that he gotten some of Max’s sensitivity when he had been engineered, but it wasn’t the first time that he had been given the short end of the stick. He had never really good at this talking thing, and he didn’t want to screw it up.

Maria swallowed hard, closing her eyes as she delivered her bomb. “I think I’m pregnant,” she blurted out.

Michael exhaled loudly. Somehow, he wasn’t feeling at all like he had imagined. He had so many different scenarios running in his head about how he would react once Maria finally voiced his suspicion. In all of the million and one scenes he had envisioned, he never thought that a sense of calm would ever wash over him.

With a tentative hand, he reached for hers, trying to offer her some comfort. His voice was so soft that he barely recognized it as his own as he began speaking. “We’ll get through this together.” He turned his head to look at the cargo space of their minivan, glad that he had opted for a child friendly vehicle if in fact they were expecting. “Whatever you need me to be-

He was cut off when Maria looked up, tears streaming down her face, her head swaying from side to side as she looked at him in disbelief. “What have you done to Michael Guerin, second in command?”

Michael shook his head, scooting a little bit closer to Maria as he gripped her hand tightly. “He died back on Antar.” His eyebrow quirked playfully as he managed a small smile. “I’m just Michael Guerin, the foster kid from the wrong sides of the track, who happens to have some unexplainable abilities.”

Maria hauled herself against Michael as she wrapped her arms around him. “You’re wrong.” She buried her face against his long hair, breathing deeply. “You’ve never been more wrong.”


Isabel flipped through a map of California, with an air of disinterest. Max and Michael had short-changed her, and now she was out roughing it with Kyle.

“Hand me that map?” Kyle reached out his hand as he tried to read the signs as they sped past them.

Isabel crossed her arms, watching Kyle closely. “I need a bathroom break.”

Kyle lifted his eyes from the road as he looked at her incredelously. “Tell me you’re kidding?” He made a sharp turn, his voice sounding agitated. “We made a pit stop not more than twenty minutes ago.” He gave her a glare. “I asked you if had to go and you said you didn’t.”

Isabel rolled her eyes. “Yeah, well I didn’t need to go then. I have to go NOW!” She was spoiling to throw one of her temper tantrums if Kyle kept up with the attitude he was giving her.

Handing her an empty bottle of water, Kyle spoke through clenched teeth. “Pee in here.”

With her mouth dropping to the floor of the car, Isabel’s eyes widened like saucers. “You’re not serious?”

Kyle continued driving, not even bothering to look at her anymore. “I don’t care if you pee in your pants, or if you pee in that bottle. I’m not making another stop.”

Isabel’s voice was loud and overbearing as she yelled at Kyle. “How dare you speak to me that way!”

Pressing his foot against the gas pedal a little harder, Kyle snorted. “Don’t play that princess act on me. It may work for Michael and Max, but I for one still have my balls firmly intact.” He finished, leaving a baffled Isabel beside him.


Jeff’s voice boomed against his chest as he spoke, looking directly at each parent.

“So how do we go about finding them?”

Jim shook his head as he vacated one of his arms from around Amy’s shoulders. “Max said that it would be best if we left them all alone.” He looked down at Amy, thinking about how he would protect her with all of his power.

“I don’t care what Max says.” Jeff paced, his eyes locking with Philip’s as they both reached a silent agreement. “They’re still our kids, and they’re in danger.” He looked to Jim, knowing that the guy was torn between keeping his word, and wanting to keep their kids from harm.

Jim sighed heavily as he ran a weary hand down his face. “But they’re adults now, Jeff. We really have no right to meddle.”

He held Nancy’s hand tightly in his as he spoke what every parent there was thinking, but had no courage to voice. “Even if they are seen as adults in the eyes of the law, it doesn’t make them any less our children.” His eyes pricked with tears as he continued. “I don’t care if they end up hating me for everlasting eternity. They’re in danger and I’m not going to sit around and pretend that everything is okay.” His voice cracked as his shoulders sagged with the enormity of the situation. “I don’t know about any of you, but I can’t just walk away from my daughter like this.”

All of the parents stood around in silence as they felt Jeff’s words. What he said was everything they were feeling in a nutshell.

Diane held out her hand as she looked at the circle they all formed. “I’m with Jeff. I can’t sit back and let this happen to any of them.” She let out a small smile when Philip placed his warm hand over hers, showing his support for the idea.

Amy swallowed past the lump in her throat as she nodded decidedly, holding her hand against the Evanses and the Parker’s. “I’m in.”

All eyes turned to Jim as he took off his deputy’s hat. His head bobbed in affirmation. “I guess that leaves me.”


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Author’s Note: I started writing this fic before the finale aired, so there may be some discrepancies in the story, regarding what happened on the show. For the purpose of this story, any fact contradicting what happened on the show does not exist anymore.

Part 11


Kyle’s eyes followed Isabel move around the tiny motel room, unpacking her bags into the musty old drawers. She hadn’t spoken a word since he had yelled at her in the car hours ago. Since then, she hadn’t tried to pull the pity act on him. While he was glad that it seemed to have made it through her stubborn mind, he was a little worried that maybe he had gone too far. He considered her a friend, although he thought she had some growing up to do. He figured they all did. Just because they had gone through extraordinary circumstances, they were still acting like adolescents; sometimes even like children who had their candy taken from them abruptly.

“You may want to keep everything in your bag for now.” He pointed to the three bags she had insisted on taking while everyone made do with one duffel bag each. “We’re leaving early tomorrow morning.”

Isabel didn’t look at him, but began putting her things back into her bags. “So you’re taking Max’s place? You’re the one who’s going to tell me what to do now?”

Kyle studied her closely, wondering what he had seen in her. Back on the first of the year, he had imagined what it would be like if he were with her. In the back of his mind, he was curious about what his life would be like if he wasn’t alone. But in truth, it wasn’t so much because he had fallen head over heels in love with Isabel. Far from it actually. After doing some soul searching, he realized that he was lonely. Out of the group, he was the only one that didn’t have anyone. Discounting Tess, every respective couple managed to end up together one way or the other. It brought his mind to things he knew he shouldn’t be thinking about. Things like, speculating about how his life would be like if he and Liz had never broken up in tenth grade. He assumed that they might still be together. That maybe, Liz would still be on the Harvard path, and that he might have garnered a college scholarship because of his athleticism. He always envisioned himself getting out of Roswell, but definitely not like this.

He shook his head, knowing that thinking about what he and Liz could have been was wishful thinking. He didn’t love Liz like that, and he knew she never had those feelings for him. If they had stayed together, it would have been for convenience. But he would never regret that on his part. Liz was someone who held his standard. Every girl was held up to her stature, and he was afraid that no one had come near her pedestal. Especially not Isabel. Their relationship as of now didn’t really even seem like friendship. They were together out of convenience. He wasn’t that stupid to believe otherwise.

“Haven’t you got that the other way around? I always thought that even though Max was king, you and Michael had more say in everything he could and couldn’t do.”

Refusing to meet his eyes, she let her voice out in a controlled whisper. “You know, you seem to have a lot to say for not knowing a lot.” She looked up at him them, her eyes empty and cold. “You have no business judging me. You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

Kyle nodded his head in understanding. “Oh, that’s right. I can never understand what you aliens go through. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been at the frontlines for everything, I’m still just someone who knows about the I-know-an-alien-club, but I’ll never really be a member of it.”

Silence greeted Kyle, while Isabel locked herself in the bathroom. He hated that he came of as evil and uncaring, but someone needed Isabel to see that the whole world did not revolve around her. The sun didn’t shine depending on her mood. Michael and Max had spoiled her, letting her get away with too much over the years. But things change, and they were definitely not in Roswell anymore.

Kicking off his shoes, he leaned back against the bed and closed his eyes. People on the run needed their sleep too.


“I hope this okay.” Stuffing his hand into his pocket, Max opened up the cartons of take-out boxes, letting the steam out. His eyes danced uncomfortably as he waited for Liz’s approval.

“Would you please stop doing that?” Liz tucked her hair behind her ears nervously. Max still managed to make her squirm just with one of his intense gazes. It made her wonder if it was something that would stay with them throughout eternity.

“Stop what?” He continued to look at her, memorizing how she looked at this moment. It was something he would keep in his Liz file. “I’m not doing anything.”

Liz pushed the little table aside so that there was nothing between them. She cupped his jaw as a smile played on her lips. “Yes you are. You’re waiting on me hand and foot, and you keep waiting for my approval as if I should have the last say on everything.” She closed the distance between them, as she sat in his lap. “We’re in this together, remember? No one has the upper hand in this relationship. We’re equals, and what matters to the other isn’t any less important.” She nuzzled his nose as she ran her fingers through his growing locks. She thumped her pointer against his temple, laughing as she spoke. “When are you going to get it through your thick head that marriage is a two-sided deal?”

He smiled along with her, the tension in his shoulder sagging with relief. He had thought that he done something to upset her again. He had been so consistent in doing that the last couple of years that he had begun second guessing himself, even though Liz still had faith in him. He brushed her long hair out of her face, suddenly more interested in his beautiful wife rather than the take-out he had been so worried about. “Sorry. I guess I‘m not real good with-”

Silencing him with a kiss, Liz spoke so that her lips brushed his with every word that she uttered. “This is something new to bo-” She abruptly changed her words, realizing that they were entirely true. While this was her first marriage, Max had been married before. But that was the past, and Tess was dead. “This is a big step in our relationship.” She laughed, realizing how ridiculous that sounded. “I guess this is the biggest step of any relationship.”

“But we’re in this together. There is no more you, or I. It’s just us.” Max finished slowly as he caressed her shoulder tenderly. He had sensed her slip up. He knew that she trusted him. Of that he was sure. But he knew that while they were healing together, Liz still thought about Tess. Although she didn’t say anything, the thought of his child out there somewhere lingered in her mind. He knew it pained her to think about those things, because they were a reminder of how awful he had been to her. He was a menace to society and he did nothing but cause heartache along the way. But today was a new day. Just like everyday he would spend his life married to Liz. Forever. For Eternity.

“I know that I was married to Tess in my previous life,” he felt her stiffen against him at the mention of her name, but he forged on, his arms holding her tighter. “But you’ll be the only wife I’ll have. The only one I’ll recognize. The only one I’ll love.”

They stayed quiet for a few minutes, basking in the realization that they were in it till the end. They weren’t in some disposable relationship that would break at the drop of a hat. They were each other’s destiny now, and no damned alien book or prophecy would get in the way of that again. Never again.

“Where do we go from here Max?” Her voice was whisper soft that Max had to strain his ears just to hear her. But his heart was in tune with her every emotion, her every thought that he needn’t think to hard. All he had to do was listen to his heart, and he knew.

She buried her face in his neck, her words mumbled against the softness of his skin. “Do we keep running, or do we get to start our lives over?” She paused, this time pulling back so that she could look into his eyes, and ask her question in honesty. “Is there ever a time that we can just be us?”

He swallowed thickly, hoping that he could reassure her. But he knew that his words were worth squat. But she needed a reassurance. Her heart was screaming to him for it. “We start our lives now. It’s just you and me, and I promise that nothing can come between us ever again. I promise that I won’t put you in a position to get hurt physically and emotionally.”

Liz laughed without mirth. She realized now that Max was a dreamer. He had never been a realist, but maybe that’s part of the reason she had been drawn to him. She closed her eyes, leaning her forehead against his. “You can’t promise me that Max. There is no guarantee that you won’t hurt me again, because you yourself are half human. But we love each other, and I think that’ll be enough this time.”

At least she hoped. Because she had a sneaking suspicion that their lives would never get that happy ever after. But like Max had said, it didn’t matter if they died today, or they died fifty years from now. It would be worth it in the end, because they were together, because they loved each other.


Sneaking up to Kyle’s sleeping body, Isabel held her hand to his forehead. Her face contorted in concentration as her hand glowed with a strong blue light. She fell backwards, panting heavily. With her job done, she picked up her jacket and made her way out of the motel room, looking to drown her sorrows. Hopefully, with something intoxicating.


Agent Burns sat in his black sedan, waiting to make his move. As much as he wanted to barge in and make his presence known, he always liked to play just as much. Seeing what he had been waiting for, he held up his hand in front of him until his being was emitted in blue light, his figure distorting into someone else.

Gasping for breath as he successfully shifted, he smiled at his handsome new face. He looked like a cover boy in his early twenties. Holding out his arms, he flexed his bicep, grinning like a madman at his newly acquired muscles. “I always wanted muscles.” Looking to the rearview mirror once again, he rubbed his stubbly chin. “I was getting tired of playing Burns anyway.”

With his eyes shifting into the darkness, he got out of the car and followed the figure into the darkness. It was time to collect on the dumbest royal family that the universe had ever been witness to.


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Part 12


Looking at the scattered maps on the table, all of the adults tried to come up with a plan that would save all of their children. After they had all agreed to help their kids, Jim had used all of the Roswell P.D.’s resources to go on any leads that might take them a step closer on their search. The Crashdown was closed indefinitely, the dining room serving as the command station for their efforts.

Phillip rubbed a hand over his weary face as he sat at the table amongst everyone. They were searching every lead, but things looked pretty bleak. There was only six of them, but it was proving very difficult to find any concrete information.

With a loud bang, the double doors broke open, revealing a disheveled looking Jesse. He was out of breath as he looked at all of the parents. “I think I know where to find them.”


Pacing outside of the small bathroom, Michael spoke loudly so that Maria could hear him. He had been agonizing over how they would deal with a pregnancy, especially when they had no one to turn to. The two of them were on their own now. He bit his lip thinking how it could be three instead of two.

“Should I……I mean, I don’t know. Should I like buy one of those home tests?” He stopped his flurry of movement to lean his head against the door, his voice growing a notch softer. “There’s a drug store right around the corner. You could even come with me if you like.”

Inside the bathroom, Maria splashed her face with cold water. Maybe it would sober her up a little. She turned her head to face the door, feeling her heart sinking. She knew that it was ridiculous to feel a loss for something she didn’t even really have in the first place, and even more so to want what she knew she shouldn’t have. At least not now, anyway. What was it her mother was always telling her? There was a time and place for everything, and it was glaringly obvious that this was not their time.

Sucking up her bravado, she opened the door, forcing a smile on her lips. But looking into Michael’s eyes, she knew she had failed with the façade that she was trying so desperately to put on. He knew just by looking at her that something wasn’t right, and it only upset her more. Michael was turning out to be the boyfriend she had always wanted, but it was a little overwhelming. Falling to her knees, she sobbed uncontrollably.

“Maria?!?” Michael fell to his knees in an instant, his hands latching onto her arms to hold her up. “What’s wrong?” His face paled as she continued to cry, her frail form shaking in his arms. Feeling his stomach drop, he asked the one question he feared the answer to. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he cupped her cheek. “Is it…..Is it the baby?”

Maria looked up at him with tear stained cheeks, her chin trembling as she bore the news that was troubling her. “Michael, there is no baby.”

Falling back on his haunches, Michael felt as if he had received a physical blow to his chest. He couldn’t understand what Maria was saying. It was as if she were speaking a foreign language, and he had no means of communication. With his brow frowned, he looked at her with so much pain in his eyes that it tore right through Maria’s gut.

“I’m so sorry, Michael.”


Walking through the dimly lit town, Isabel looked for the most appealing beer joint in the place. While she knew that alcohol had a disastrous affect on hybrids, she was willing to give it a try. She wanted to be intoxicated enough so that she couldn’t even walk straight. Her ego had been bruised by everyone she had expected to stand by her side regardless. It was time that she let her hair down and do something for herself. She owed it to herself to do so. Besides, she needn’t worry about Kyle coming after her. She had fixed it so that she could let loose for a little while.

Coming to a stop, she stared at the sorry excuse of a bar. She was sure that it was crawling with clean establishment violations. She couldn’t believe that she was going to lower herself to take her first drink in the seediest bar in the whole galaxy, when she had so much more class, but it was either this or suffer more verbal abuse from Kyle. She wouldn’t do that again.

Just as she was about to step into the bar, someone knocked into her, effectively pushing her forward. Tripping over her own feet, she turned around to give the stupid bozo a piece of her mind, only to find herself staring at a Paul Walker incarnation. Her foul words died on her lips as she fought with herself inwardly for not changing into something else. She was embarrassed to be in the company of this handsome man, when she hadn’t had the time to refresh her makeup.

Trying to appear sincere, the gentleman held out his hand, flashing her his pearly whites. “Please forgive me for my clumsiness. I’m practically blind without my contacts.”

Isabel smiled widely, tossing her head back as she laughed loudly. With the way she was laughing so hard, she was acting as if Bill Cosby himself was standing in front of her telling her a joke. She batted her eyelashes, touching her hand to his arm. “Don’t worry about it.” She tried to smile demurely, but it came of a little too eager. “I could say that it’s a pleasure to run into someone like you.”

He grinned as the wheels in his head turned rapidly. “I could say the same about you. Even without my contacts, I know you have a beauty that’s too good for the likes of this lousy bar.” He listened to her chuckle more to please him, and he knew then that he had made the right decision by following her instead of Max or Michael. She was so much easier to conquer. She had been the cause of King Zan’s demise in their previous life, and he was sure that she would be again in this one.

Holding out the door for her, he placed his hand on the small of her back as they made their way inside. “My name’s Armand.”

Taking his hand, Isabel allowed him to touch her back, not even bothering to think about the consequences of entertaining a suspiciously good looking man in Hicksville. She was accomplishing what she had set out to do, and she wasn’t going to give a damn about the others. She was sure they weren’t giving her a second thought.

“I’m Isabel. Isabel Evans.” She finished, effectively using her maiden name instead of her married one.


Feeling panic wash over him, Kyle’s eyes opened in the darkness. His heart was thumping wildly, and going on his instincts, he knew that something was wrong. Very wrong.

He tried to sit up to find out what the hell was going on, but he realized fairly quickly that he couldn’t move. It was as if some invisible force was keeping him glued to the bed without mobilization of his limbs. He opened his mouth to scream, but nothing came out.

Fear filled his heart as he tried to figure a way out of this. The more he struggled free from the bonds that were holding him there, the more he felt fatigued. With his eyes drifting shut, he called out to the one friend he had.



With clothes strewn haphazardly along the floor, Max and Liz tumbled onto the bed with a passion that couldn’t be contained.

“Oh God!” Max murmured softly as he ran his hands up and down Liz’s naked back. He was still in awe that this was happening. That Liz was his wife, and that he had the right to make love to her. “Liz,” he whispered reverently as he lay on top of her, his hardness nestled between the softness of her thighs. “I love you….so much.”

Liz nodded against his sweaty brow, incapable of speech at the moment. Her emotions were flaring out of control that it was threatening to consume her. She needed Max in the worst way, that it made her body tremble beneath his. Without warning, she reached between their bodies and took hold of his manhood, abruptly leading him to her.

Gasping for breath, Max felt his thighs quake under Liz’s ministrations. He hadn’t been expecting that, and it scared him a little. Through their connection, he could feel Liz’s need for him. It was such a blurring need that he could feel his heart lurch out to hers. Something else was going on between them, more than love and lust from two newlyweds.

Max bent his head as he suckled on her earlobe, his wet lips trailing down her neck. His voice was hoarse as he rasped in her ear. “Liz,” His hips were pistoning out of control as Liz lifted her legs to wrap around his hips for deeper penetration. Grounding his teeth together, he reached for the bars on the headboard, using it as an anchor to keep him from taking this too far. He didn’t want to hurt Liz, but it was out his control, and he had a feeling that Liz wasn’t herself either.

Raising her hips to meet his powerful thrusts, Liz felt her soul falling through a whirlwind of images and emotions. She was in another dimension, her heart beating erratically as her body begged Max for more, demanding that he fill her in the most primal way. She didn’t know what was happening to her, but there was nothing she could do to stop it.

With his control shot to hell, Max grunted as he pumped into Liz’s tiny body, his seed spilling violently out of his body in shuddering spurts. He felt Liz’s walls clamp tightly over his aching shaft, the rhythmic vibrations urging more of his essence to spread through her. Crying out, he buried his face in her neck, his hand fisting in her hair. Just as he was returning to earth, he started placing tiny kisses to her soft skin when her ardor filled voice reached his ears, paralyzing him in an emotion he couldn’t name.

Unable to return from the place that she was in, Liz’s head tossed to the side as she called out in ecstasy.



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Part 13


Max stiffened against Liz as Kyle’s name reverberated in his ears over and over again like a broken record. In the back of his mind, he knew that something beyond Liz calling out her ex-boyfriend’s name after they had just shared the most intense orgasm yet in their relationship was going on. But that was lost on him for a second as his childish side took over to prevent him from getting hurt any further. His chest was stinging from the emotional blow, and he didn’t know how much more he could take before his fragile heart broke down to the point of no repair.

Just as he was about to pull away, he looked down into her face, and instead of anger or upset washing over him, fright overtook his entire being. The blood drained from his veins as he looked down into his wife’s glassy, unseeing eyes. For the first time since she had called out Kyle, did he realize she was shivering to the point where her teeth were chattering so hard that it scared him that she might crack her teeth from the force from which they banged together loudly. Her face was pale, a chill settling over her body despite the sweat forming on her skin.

Cupping her face between his trembling hands, Max felt his heart stop beating as he tried to get some kind of response from her. The tears dripped from his eyes unnoticed as the guilt ate him up. He knew that something was happening to her because of him. Because of something he had done. Sitting up, he cradled her body against his, whispering apologies in her ears as he prayed to the heavens. He had never believed in God, but he was willing to change all of that if he spared her life. If she didn’t get through this, then he had no other purpose on this earth.

“Liz……I’m sorry,” he didn’t care that he was slobbering everywhere because of his tears. He just wanted to turn back the clock to when Liz was fine, and he hadn’t touched her and broken her. “Liz, please…..”

With his eyes closed, he rocked them back and forth when Liz suddenly startled in his arms. Instead of the dead weight her body had been, she was now alive and kicking, her breaths labored as she fought to remain in this world, where she could feel Max’s body keeping her grounded. Where she felt safe in his arms.

Brushing the hair away from her face, Max looked down into her chocolate eyes no longer dilated. Delighted that she was once again coherent, he pulled her against his chest, holding her captive until they both had a hard time breathing. He stroked her hair as he kissed her skin lightly, afraid do anything more than that in case it brought her back to that frightening state.

“Are you alright?”

Feeling light headed, Liz shook her head, tears streaming down her face as she tried to make sense of what she had seen. She hated that she had these visions of horrible things happening to people. It was a cursed gift. But try as she might to hate on her new power, she couldn’t. Before, she and Max would receive flashes from kissing each other. Recently, when she and Max moved a little further into their relationship with heavy petting, and dry simulated sex, she had seen more than just images, but impressions of what was to happen. Now that she and Max had finally made love, it seemed to have heightened her power to where she got clear images that told her what was happening.

Without thinking twice about having screamed Kyle’s name instead of Max’s, Liz extricated herself from Max’s arms and began searching for her clothes and throwing them on. She was determined to help Kyle before anything worse happened to him. She would never forgive herself if she didn’t get there in time. She had made that mistake with Alex, and she wasn’t going to let that happen again with Kyle.

Thrown for a loop, Max watched Liz scurry around the room. She didn’t even glance his way when she ordered him to get dressed. Standing up, he pulled the top sheet over his waist, tying a knot on the side of his hip before he confronted Liz. He grabbed her shoulders, seizing any further movement. His amber eyes danced with confusion. “What has gotten into you?”

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She didn’t want to spend time explaining to Max what was going on when they could be on the road right now on their way to save Kyle. It took every ounce of her patience so she wouldn’t yell at him, but he was making difficult. “Max, we don’t have time. Please let’s just get dressed and get out of here.”

Shaking his head from side to side, he refused as he kept his hold on her tighter. “No. Not until you tell me what the hell that was.” His eyes threatened to brim over with more tears as he spoke. “One minute you’re fine, the next you’re…..” he choked on the rest of his words as he continued. “I thought you were going to die.”

“But I didn’t,” she countered. “I’m fine. I’m not the one who’s in trouble.”

“Trouble?” His hands dropped to his sides as she packed their bags quickly, throwing his shorts in his face.

Not skipping a beat, Liz hauled their things to the door. “Kyle,”

Max blocked out the rest of what she was saying the moment he heard her say his name. It was like reliving the moment in absolute torture that he had to sit down.

Running to his side, Liz squeezed his shoulder, imploring him to do as she asked. “Max please? Kyle’s in trouble, we have to help him.”

His eyes glinted fiercely as his stupidity kicked in, working as his defense mechanism. “Look, I’d really rather not talk about Kyle right now.” He ground his teeth as his hands curled into his fists. “He’s not high on my list of people I want to help.”

Liz fell back away from him as if seeing a different person. Someone she didn’t even recognize. “How could you say that? Kyle’s our friend-

Max cut her off, holding up his hand to silence her. “No, he’s not our friend. He’s your ex-boyfriend.”

Stumbling back while tears fell down from her cheeks, Liz shook her head. “How can you say that when he’s been there helping you throughout everything?”

Not thinking clearly, Max let his jealousy get the better of him, knowing he would regret what he was about to say. But even then, he couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut. “No, what I see is an old boyfriend waiting on the sidelines to make his move.” He looked at her with the anguish he felt. “Do you even care that you called out his name when we were making love?”

Standing there shocked, Liz let her mouth drop to the floor. She had completely forgotten about that. But having a heart to heart with Max right now wasn’t going to solve the fact that Kyle was in danger. “Max please. Can we talk about this later? We really need to help him.”

Max’s anger boiled to the surface. “Why are you so hell bent on helping him?” His fisted hands pounded themselves into his chest. “I’m your husband! You’re supposed to worry about me, not the guy you used to sleep with.”

Liz didn’t think twice about what she did, merely going on instinct. Her hand came up and slapped him on the face, leaving a red hand print on his cheek. “Don’t you ever, ever say that to me again, do you hear me?” Despite thinking that slapping him would do her any good, it only made her feel worse. “If you’re stupid enough to believe that I slept with Kyle…….” She choked on her words as she stepped back from him. “God, didn’t you know I was a virgin when I slept with you?”

Max recoiled at her words. He knew now that he had hurt her worse than he ever had before and the guilt was enough to knock him to his knees, pleading for her forgiveness. “Liz…” He made a move to touch her, but she jumped back as if his hand would burn her.

“Don’t touch me.” She slipped the ring Max had given her off her finger and threw it on the ground. “I’ve had enough of this. I don’t want to do this anymore.” She ran to the door leaving him alone. Max had hurt her for the last time.


After sipping on her second glass of beer, Isabel started to feel woozy. Just the effect she was looking for.

Armand smiled at her, running his hand down her cheek as he traced her lips. His eyes grew wide when she opened her mouth over his finger, sucking it as she moaned exaggeratedly. He had to refuse the urge to barf. What people said about the princess was true. She would spread her legs faster than a person could click their fingers. But as much as he hated having to lower himself to her cheapness, he had to continue. As much fun as it would be to torch her, she wasn’t what he came here to destroy, although he would get the marshmallows ready for when he finally did it.

Grabbing her hand, he whispered into her ear seductively. “Let’s go back to my place.”

Isabel nodded, quickly following him to his motel room. She couldn’t believe her luck. Everything she was hoping would happen was happening. “Have I told you,”

Touching his finger to her lips, he tried to get her to shut up. Listening to her talk was worse than fingernails running across a chalkboard. “All in time, my sweet. All in time.”

He led her inside, closing the door firmly. When she reached around his waist to kiss him finally, he held up his hand as a blast of energy hit Isabel, throwing her across the room like a rag doll. Dusting off his shoulders he came to kneel in front of her.

She sneered at him, but he just chuckled.

He ran his hand through her hair, petting her as if she were a dog. “You got two choices, princess. Either I fry you right now, or you could exchange your life for something I’ve been dying to get my hands on.”

Isabel knew she was in big trouble, but in her inebriated state, she couldn’t muster up enough strength to pick herself up. “Go to hell!”

“I think your mistaken, because that’s where I plan on taking you and your family, sweet cheeks.” His hands glowed as he lifted her body without lifting a finger. He slammed her against the wall, making her stick there as he spoke. “I wouldn’t be so stupid if I were you.” He pulled up a chair and sat in front of her, rubbing her hands together. Holding up his hand again, he sent a bolt of energy to her chest. He opened and closed his palm to simulate squeezing her heart, delighting in her yelps of pain. With his other hand, he ran it over her mouth to keep them shut. When he pulled his hand away, her lips were sealed shut.

Grinning he sat back, all the while, squeezing her heart. He would bargain with her later, because right now, he was having far too much fun giving Antar‘s whore what she deserved.


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Part 14


Michael held his hands to his head, to stop it from pounding. He didn’t know how to respond to what Maria had just told him, and frankly, he didn’t want to face what she was really saying to him. Because if he did, he knew that there was nothing tying him to Maria anymore. They would be back to square one. Nothing would have changed.

Rubbing his hand over his chest, he swallowed painfully past the bile in his throat. How was it possible to be so disappointed to find out that he and Maria weren’t going to have a baby? How was it possible that he wanted this so badly that he felt like he was dying a slow death? He didn’t even realize that he looking forward to this, or that he was feeling more at peace in his heart than he had in the last few years.

The tears came unbidden as he fell back, unaware of his surroundings; unaware of Maria. He guessed that he should be glad they weren’t going to be just another statistic, or that they would have to raise a child on the run. But thinking about those things didn’t lessen the pain any. If anything, it made his heart ache even more so. In some twisted way, he felt as though this was a chance to redeem himself. To prove to everyone that he wasn’t just the messed up kid from the wrong side of the tracks. That maybe, he wasn’t just a loser alien who hurt everyone by his wrong decisions. He always thought that if he ever had a child, he would give it the life he never had. That the child wouldn’t end up as screwed up as him.

His voice sounded distant as it croaked in the silence. “Are you sure?” He looked at her with a trembling chin, hoping that there was someway she would disprove his question. But he knew the chances of Maria not knowing if she were pregnant were slim to none. Her stance seemed decisive, and the torment on her face was genuine.

Maria nodded, moving to sit closer to him. She felt the need to explain although he seemed happy enough with her answer. “I just got my period. I guess I was late, you know because of all of the stress.” Her voice was choppy as she struggled to stay strong, but seeing Michael mirror her own anguish was even worse than finding out that she was without child. “What are we gonna do Michael?”

He bent his head, rocking back and forth as he tried to figure out where to go from here. He thought he had it all figured out, but life really loved throwing him those curve balls. He didn’t even know why he was surprised anymore. Nothing had ever gone right in his life and he didn’t know why this time would be any different.


Phillip stood up immediately as soon as he heard the words escape Jesse’s lips. This was the best news he had heard. “Where?”

Out of breath, Jesse lay down a map on the table, pointing to the circled area of his map. “I called a buddy of mine, and he did a nationwide search of vehicles, and their van was last spotted near Phoenix. He didn’t have anymore info he could give me, but that’s a start, right?”

Jim rubbed his hand over his chin. “They could be anywhere by now. They could have ditched the van and headed in another direction.”

Jeff stepped into the conversation, thinking any lead was better than nothing. “This is the only lead we’ve gotten, Jim. Would it hurt to see where this leads, if it leads us anywhere at all?”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt, but I don’t think all of us should just run down there and start searching. We need to have someone here in case they try and come back to contact us.” Jim looked to the parents, seeing if they agreed with his suggestion. After all, they were all in this together, and not just one opinion mattered.

Phillip nodded. “I could go. Jeff could come with me while you stay in town Jim. We’ll need you to keep us up to date if you find out anything through the police department.”

Jesse looked his father in-law in the eyes. “I’m going too.”

“Jesse, you don’t have to come. Jeff and I can handle this.”

Determined, Jesse shook his head. “I’m going. Isabel’s my wife. It was stupid of me to even let her go in the first place.”

Phillip smiled for the first time in days. Jesse Ramirez was a great addition to the family. Just by looking into the young man’s eyes, he knew without a doubt that Jesse loved his daughter. “I guess that settles it. We leave ASAP.”

Nancy clung to Jeff. “You can’t just leave me here.” When Jeff was about to protest, she shook him to shake some sense into him. “She’s my daughter too Jeff, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me from going.”

Diane stepped up. “I’m going too. I can’t just sit here and twiddle my thumbs knowing that my kids are in danger.”

Jeff looked at his wife then at Diane. “This can be dangerous. Do you think you two can handle that?”

With tears slipping down her cheeks, Nancy nodded. “Our baby girl has been dealing with this for three years and we never even knew about. I’m ready to keep my daughter safe.”

Phillip nodded. “We leave tonight. The sooner we leave, the sooner we can help them.”


Zipping up his pants quickly, Max ran out of the room and ran after Liz half naked. With his long strides, he was able to catch up with her in the parking lot without missing a breath. He held her in his arms despite her best efforts to get away from him.

“Let me go!”

He was trembling as he lowered his head to whisper in her ear. “I can’t. I’ve let you walk away from me so many times before. I’m not going to let you do it again.”

With her anger flaring up, she stared at him with fiery eyes. “Let me? I think you’ve lost your mind because I sure as hell have never needed your permission do anything before, and I don’t need it now.”

His eyes were wild as he tried to make things right, knowing that he was being the biggest asshole in the world. “Liz please. I’m sorry, I never meant to say those things.”

“If you didn’t mean those things, you never would have said them.” She looked at him, wondering how just in a span of a few hours his personality had changed drastically. She thought she was finally getting back the man who she fell in love with, when this possessive, selfish maniac reared his ugly head. She felt her powers spark just below the surface, humming in readiness if Max refused to let her go.

Max opened his mouth to spout of another apology when something snapped inside him. Looking down at his hands, he realized for the first time that he was gripping Liz so tightly that she was struggling against him. He let go of her suddenly, wondering what had spurred on his manhandling. What the hell had possessed him to the that?

Squinting in the darkness, he noticed that they were outside, making a spectacle f themselves, while he was half dressed in the parking lot. Confused as to how they got there, he shivered in the cool night air. His voice sounded like a lost little boy. “Liz?”

Liz felt her mouth drop open in shock. With a blink of an eye, Max’s features morphed into the soft spoken guy she had known back in the tenth grade. Gone was the angry, demanding man that had been squeezing the hell out of her arms. Not afraid anymore, she touched her hands to his face, feeling his teeth chatter against each other. “Max? What just happened?”

“I-I d-don’t know.” He held his arms over his chest, trying to ward off the chill settling over him. “H-how did w-we g-get out h-here?”

Wrapping her arms around him, Liz felt his body convulse in violent tremors. “Max! Max!”


The door flew open, revealing two dark haired men and a small blonde. “Sire, we’ve found the other one.”

Slamming the door shut with his powers, Armand growled. “You sniveling idiots!” He pointed to Isabel still hanging on the wall, now sporting a few cuts and bruises. “Can’t you see that I’m in the middle of something?”

The two men bowed their heads in apology. “Forgive us, sire. We were not thinking.” Looking back up, the other one stepped up, pulling the blonde along carelessly.

“We thought you’d be pleased that we found her Sire.” He pushed the girl forward until she was on her knees in front of Armand.

Armand raised his eyebrow. “Any luck on finding the King?”

The other man shook his head. “Yes Sire. We have men following them right now. They are implementing your request as we speak.”

Nodding, Armand ushered them out of the room with a wave of his hand. “You tell them that the girl is not to be harmed. If I find out that Zan has laid a hand on her, your heads will be served to me on a platter.”

“Yes Sire.”

The two men nodded and exited, not even trying to argue with Armand. The man was stronger than any person who had walked the ground on Antar. Khivar and his minion skins had nothing on Armand, and he was going to prove that by assassinating the royal family in this life. And most importantly, he was going to gain back the most precious gem of the Antarians.

Crouching so that he was eye level with the girl sprawled on the floor, Armand lifted her chin, smiling. “So nice to have you join us, Princess Ava.” He tipped his head in Isabel’s direction. “I’m sure that Princess Vilondra will enjoy seeing a familiar face,” he smiled.


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Part 15


Undoing Ava’s human bonds, Armand smiled down at her affectionately. “It’s been too long my dear.” He held up his hand, hanging her up on the wall beside Isabel. He pulled up his chair to sit in front of her. “Tell me, Princess, where are the rest of the cohorts?”

Ava struggled against her invisible bonds defiantly. She tried desperately not to cry, but she knew she was on the verge. At first, she had thought it was just a rumor. That Armand and his men were on earth. But when they had captured her, she knew that there was no hope for her. There was no doubt that he was going to kill her or anyone else that got in his way. Of that she was sure. But that wasn’t what she was worried about.

Back on Antar, there were stories about Armand. He had a tendency to torture his victims before killing them. And that wasn’t the kicker. Instead of ordering someone to do his dirty work, he took it upon himself to perform the torture. He took some sick sense of pleasure knowing that he administered the pain.

Forcing her chin to look up, Armand pouted handsomely. It was almost unfathomable to think that this man was a murder, when he looked so innocent. “I’m asking you a question, princess. I don’t want to have to do a mindrape.” He laughed, making a funny face. “I mean, it’s so medieval, don’t you think?” His obvious amusement continued as he harped on one of his old nemesis. But it was laughable, really. For Khivar and Nikolas weren’t good enough to be considered rivals.

Bursting into tears, Ava shook. “They’re dead. They’re dead!” She screamed out, hoping that Armand would accept that. But she shrunk away when he stood up and stepped closer to her. She knew then that she had made the biggest mistake she ever could.

“You know, I don’t like liars. Liars,” He turned his head towards Isabel with disgust, “and whores should be punished in the worst way.” He reached out and cupped her jaw. “Your duplicate is already dead.”

Isabel’s eyes flickered with recognition as she remembered the story Liz had told the others about Tess’ suicide.

Armand’s voice broke through Isabel’s hazy fog as a sinister smile made its way to his lips. “But just for the record, she didn’t die in that fire.” He grinned proudly. “That was all an act and she escaped without so much as a pathetic limp.” His voice lowered menacingly. “But I found her, and I gave her everything she deserved.” He grew serious then. “She spent far too much time damaging my property. I wasn’t about to let her get away with it.”

Ava’s blue eyes glistened as realization dawned on her. Armand wasn’t on earth to just kill the royal family. That was just a bonus. No, he was here for a far more special reason.

Nodding his head as he saw Ava’s understanding, he clasped his hands together. “Your thinking is correct Princess. The sorceress is alive and I’m here to take her back where she belongs.”


With his body weighing down on her, Liz was clueless as to what to do. Two people she cared about were in danger. How the heck was she supposed to choose who to save?

Whimpering, she dragged Max’s body to the car. Seating him in the passenger side, she hauled ass to the other side. As she drove down the highway, she gripped Max’s hand.

“I hope you can forgive me, Max. But I can’t just let him die.”

She turned her attention back to the road, but seeing Kyle held to the bed praying for help kept coming to her mind and it ate her up inside. She would hold herself responsible if anything happened to him. Her eyes flickered to Max, and her heart died just a little bit more. She didn’t know what was happening to him. One minute he was this terrible ogre, and the next he was this confused little boy. The tremors in his body were slowly subsiding. But he was yet to be coherent.

Although she had said those terrible words to Max, she still loved him. She still cared about him. Through their connection, she could tell he wasn’t himself right now. He was in another place, and she didn’t know how she would be able to get him back.


Sitting in the black Sedan, one of Armand’s mean spoke into a cell phone. “They are headed out of the motel.”

Cursing into the device, a deep voice echoed. “But the transformation is not complete. The two of them have not been successfully merged.”

The man in the car bellowed. “Dammit! You work on getting the transformation to finish, I’ll go see if I can capture them.”

Dropping the phone, the man looked at the lab table, sighing. He reached his hand to stroke the raven spikes that adorned the patient’s head. “If this doesn’t work, he will have all of our heads.”


Minutes after Armand had left them in the room, Isabel turned to Ava. Armand had removed the seal on her lips, leaving her free to speak. She couldn’t believe the guy would be so stupid to let her communicate with Ava.

“Ava, use your powers to get us free. I’m too weak to use mine.”

Ava kept her head down as she hissed. “Just shut up!”

Isabel’s voice shook as she spoke, worried that she wasn’t going to get out of here alive. She couldn’t die now. Jesse was waiting for her. “If you don’t do it, then I will.”

“Do you really think that he’s stupid enough to leave us alone to give us a chance to escape?” Ava looked up at Isabel, shaking her head. “He can hear every word you’re saying. He can see what’s going on in this room without having to be here.”

Isabel sagged against the wall, feeling defeated. “What does he want with us?”

“Didn’t you hear? The sorceress is alive. Now that he knows that, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him from getting her.”

“Who the hell is the sorceress, and what is so important about her anyway?”

Ava studied Isabel, wondering how the Roswell set had ever gotten along their lives without knowing their pasts. “She’s the key to everything. If the prophecy is correct, she will restore balance to Antar, but if she falls into the wrong hands, death and destruction will run abounds.”

“I don‘t get it. My mother said that we were sent to earth because of a war with Khivar? I thought he was the problem?”

“Compared to Armand, Khivar was just a petty thug. Before we died in the other life, rumors broke out that Armand was dead. That he had committed suicide after losing the sorceress. Khivar then moved in and took matters in his own hands to get the thrown.”

“How did he lose the sorceress?”

Shrugging, Ava sighed. “I dunno. Word was that Zan had captured her and the two of them fell in love. But that was just a folklore.”

Narrowing her eyes, Isabel stared at Ava closely. “What happened to your accent?”

Ava just snorted. “What happened to your hair?”


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Part 16


Opening his eyes against heavy lids, he struggled to get up, fighting against the restraints that had him bound to a bed. His eyes were unseeing, taking forever to focus, feeling as though they had been closed for an eternity. He opened his mouth to scream, but all he ended up doing was choking, howling like a wounded lion. His veins stood angrily against his skin as he tried kicking his legs, his arms finding the same problem of immobility.

A cold hand touched his forehead, pushing him to lay back down. He could hear voices above his head, the sound of footsteps crashing around him. But he couldn’t make out what was going on. Everything was a blur, and his senses were taking forever to kick in, which left him a little unsettled.

“Relax son. You’ll only be hurting yourself if you keep fighting it.” He gestured to one of his assistants, nodding to give the young man a sedative. He hated to do so, but he had no other choice. The boy needed to be asleep for the process to happen. And as it was, they were losing time. If they were unable to complete Armand’s wishes, death would only be a refuge to them. Armand took no prisoners. He weighed his strength on the carnage he left behind. If they weren’t careful, they would be just another notch on his bloody sword.

Shuddering against the hand that was smoothing the hair off of his forehead, he closed his eyes, concentrating all of his energies. He knew right off that they had pumped him with drugs, in hopes of keeping his powers dormant. But they obviously didn’t know him well enough if they were so stupid to keep him this way.

Feeling the electric current of his powers humming just below his fingertips, he let out a deafening roar that shattered the eardrums of everyone inside the room. Ripping his hands up, the metal cuffs that bound his hands and feet to the table tore open. With cat like graces, he was up in an instant, much to the horror of the men in white. Opening his eyes, the amber color glowed before he held up his hand to destroy the place.


Swerving off the road, Liz listened to the sounds of car horns blasting her from behind. Breathing deeply, she tried to regain her composure, wondering what had made her lose control of the car. She realized that she was shaking, her body dripping with sweat.

She could taste bile in her mouth, leaving a sick feeling in her stomach. She didn’t know what was causing this reaction in her, but she could feel torment, such pain that it made her chest constrict, making it difficult for her to breath. The part that scared her was that the feelings weren’t coming from her, but from someone else. But she couldn’t think about that right now.

Beside her, Max’s eyes shifted under his closed lids. His body convulsed for a millisecond, the cords in his neck straining as he curled his hands into fists. Making a noise in the back of his throat, his right hand shook, a silver electric current emitted from his fingertips as a sense of relief washed through his system.

They were dead now. They couldn’t hurt him anymore.


Sitting in a leather bound chair, Armand scratched under his chin. “Any word from the good doctor?”

“I’m afraid not, Sire. We have been unable to contact them-

Armand slammed his fist into the table, startling the young man in front of him. “I’m working with a bunch of imbeciles.” With his eyes flaring a crimson red, he pointed a finger to the guy. “I don’t have time to be playing these games. You gather up some men and have them go down to the lab.” He bit his lip as he felt his stomach twitch. For a reason unknown to him, he felt as though something was going terribly wrong.

He swallowed thickly, running over the items in his agenda. Tess was dead. Khivar was stuck in a black hole and the skins husks had died out. The deaths of the remaining royals were coming, and the sorceress was almost in his possession that he could practically taste victory. But it was calming him much. He looked up. “Have Rath and Vilondra been located?”

“Yes Sire. We have them in custody and they are being prepared for execution as we speak.”

After hearing those words, he thought that it would make him feel better. Death of his enemies usually had that effect on him. But somehow, it didn’t seem to ease his nerves any.

He stood up, nodding. There was no time like the present to get rid of scum. Rath and Lonnie needed to be dealt with. They were a pair of idiots, who were a waste of space. Looking thoughtful, he squeezed his hands together. “Tell the men that I’m ready for the execution.” He rolled up his sleeves as he spoke. “When I’m done with their elimination, bring in Princess Vilondra. I think it’s time to see how much she values her life.”

The man nodded, speaking softly. “And what of Princess Ava? Shall we prepare her execution also?”

Armand shook his head in the negative. “No. Keep her alive for awhile longer. I may need her as collateral.”

Bowing his head, the man proceeded to exit, leaving Armand alone.


He stumbled into a dark alley, coughing out half a lung as the smoke filled up his chest. The second in command had always been known for his strength in destruction. Seeing the place go up in smoke was a little boost to his ego. He looked down at his body, seeing the raw flesh where they had no doubt poked and prodded him for tests. He ripped out the remaining cords they had put in him. It scared the shit out of him to wonder how long he had been that vulnerable without his knowing about it.

Falling to his knees, he upchucked a good dose of nothing, feeling sick to his core. He had no idea how he gotten here, or how long he had been there. The last thing he remembered was running into the street to pick up the lose ball, only to find himself sprawled out on the asphalt, the bright lights of an oncoming truck, blinding his vision. Everything up to that point was a blank. It was almost as if his memory had been erased. He looked around, taking in the surroundings. He wasn’t in New York anymore, that was for sure.

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, staring disgustedly at the hospital gown hanging over his gaunt body. Ripping it in half, he ran his hand over it, concentrating on changing the molecules into a pair of pants and a t-shirt. The sound of sirens echoed in his ears. causing him to move quickly. He rushed down the street were people had already begun crowding around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the action.

Seeing a man stop his car, to see what was going on, he walked briskly to him and pulled him out by the shoulders, quickly dumping him on the side of the road.

“Hey!” The man bellowed. He watched as the spiky haired teen got into his car, giving him a semi-apologetic look. “Where the hell are you doing?”

He stuck his head out of the window as he drove off with the car. “Sorry, dude.”

The man stood up, holding his hands in the air. “Hey, that’s my car!” He yelled, but all attention was focused on the fire.


Gripping the steering wheel, his nostrils flared, the muscles in his thighs flexing involuntarily. His foot pushed the gas pedal to the floor, the car jerking forward abruptly. He had no idea where he was going, but his hands and feet seemed to. But in his veins, he knew he to get there before it was too late.


Passing the Chevron on the right, Liz mentally calculated the number of street lights she passed. In her vision, she had seen the way to Kyle and Isabel’s motel. It almost seemed as if Kyle had given her visual directions.

The neon lights of the West Side Motel blinked in Liz’s direction, causing her to make a hard right. She parked the car on the curb, running to the side to pull Max out of the car. He was burning up, but still had yet to wake up after his little episode in the parking lot.

Grunting loudly, Liz felt Max’s dead weight sag heavily against her small frame. He was so much bigger than her that it made it difficult to keep upright. But she remembered the story about a woman having the strength of twenty men to lift up a crashed bus if her child were lying under it. It was a do or die situation for her, and she wasn’t about to let either men that she loved die.

Finding the strength to drag Max to Kyle’s room, Liz scanned the place around her to see if there were any people around. Satisfied that there was no one, she held up her right hand to push the door open with her powers. She pulled Max into the room, dumping him softly on the empty mattress. She ran to the other bed where she saw Kyle lying there, unmoving.

“Kyle!” She kneeled at his feet, slamming the door closed behind her. She scooted closer to his side, trying to figure out a way to help. Max was still passed out, so chances of her asking him to help with Kyle was out of the question. Biting her lip, she tried to concentrate as she tried to figure out what to do.

What was it that Max always said when he used his powers? Clear your mind, and take deep breaths.

Doing as Max had told her, she touched her hand to Kyle’s temple, looking for what was causing the damage. Immediately, she felt herself falling through a vortex of colors, her body feeling weightless as she found herself inside of Kyle’s essence. She had to take a deep breath to steady herself, taking her time so not to waste her energy. She floated around in his head, looking at the different thoughts going through his head.

It was all a jumble of words, mostly cries for help that were falling on deaf ears. She felt her heart constrict, making her that more determined to help him. She looked around, seeing that everything was in shades of blue. His happier thoughts were light, the shade of baby blue. His more troubled thoughts were dark, so dark that the blue color almost looked black. She turned her head, seeing a gray patch in his head. Curious, she walked over to it.

Unlike the rest of his mind, there was a big metal door that prevented her from entering. Chewing on her lip, she remembered the many times that locks had been no comparison for any of the other aliens. Holding her hand to the lock, she closed her eyes, concentrating. She imagined seeing the lock moving out of place, clicking to open.

Suddenly, she was flooded with a light blue color around her, her eyes shooting open as she panted for breath. She drew in a shaky breath, realizing that she was back inside the room, her body soaked in sweat. She looked around, wondering if anything happened at all, or if that was just a hallucination.

With a loud gasp for fresh air, Kyle’s eyes flew open as he shot out of bed, leaving an astonished Liz beside him.

Sounding unbelieving and awed, Liz barely whispered his name.



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Part 17


Choking on his own breath, Kyle shuddered against the headboard as his senses slowly came back to him. He would never, ever take anything in his life for granted. Whatever force had held him captive just served to open his eyes to the reality of their situation. There was a force bigger than all of them put together. What the hell did they think they would accomplish by running away? As an athlete, he knew the importance of home court advantage. Losing that to the opponent was a sure way of letting them get the better of you.

Turning his head to the side, he saw Liz’s face. So beautiful, yet at the same time, so innocent. Despite the worry lines creasing just above her brows, she still looked pure, and right. He had to turn his eyes down, scared of the way he felt his heart beat wildly in his chest.

Liz jumped onto the bed, throwing her arms around him as she let the tears fall down her crimson tinted cheeks. “Kyle,” she whispered his name lovingly as she buried her face in the crook of his neck. “It worked,” she pulled back suddenly, assessing his face. “Are you okay?”

He nodded, his throat feeling parched. But he knew how worried she was, so he did his best to swallow, if only to get a few words out to reassure her. “I’m better..” He rubbed his hand over his aching throat, looking around the room. “What did you guys do to Isabel?”

Frowning, Liz followed his gaze, noticing for the first time that Isabel was nowhere to be seen. Feeling her heart catch in her chest, she looked at Kyle, fear encompassing her being. “Kyle, where is she?” She swallowed past the lump in her throat, tears burning her eyes once again. “Did they take her?”

“Did who take her?” Kyle tried his best to sit up, but it was rather difficult with fatigue still plaguing him. He knew it was wrong to take revenge on someone, but his blood was boiling just at the thought of Isabel.

“The people who did this to you.” Liz squeezed his hand, imploring him to think with a clear mind. She had to keep her head on straight if she wanted to help her sister-in-law. No matter how badly Isabel treated her, made her think she was scum who was beneath her, Liz wouldn’t delight in the fact that she was missing. Wishing harm on anyone wasn’t her forte. It hurt to know that one of their own was in danger.

Laughing without mirth, Kyle’s blue eyes shifted in anger. “The people who did this to me?” He pointed a finger to his chest. “The spoiled brat was the one who did this to me.” He ground his teeth together, his frustration simmering just below the surface. “And to think that I even felt bad for her. Shows how stupid I am.”

Liz fell back, confused and more importantly, hurt. She couldn’t fathom the idea of Isabel doing something so malicious and cruel. Especially to Kyle. She understood that Isabel was having a tough time, but it wasn’t as if she were the only one. They were all stuck in a rut, but none of them were causing the others any harm purposely.

On the other bed, Max tossed fitfully, a wounded moan coming from his lips. His body shook as he whispered for the only who could help him. The only who could heal him with her love.



Gritting his teeth, he gripped the steering wheel tightly, until all of his knuckles turned white. Another round of tremors were coursing through his body, but he had to fight. Just as he was fighting the way his eyes closed heavily, wanting to fall asleep. He knew that she was the only one who could help him. The only who could heal him with her love.

He steeled himself against the speed of the car, consoling himself with the thought that she would be with him soon. He had been without her for an eternity. It was time to be with the one he had been waiting for his whole life.


Standing to the side, Amir closed his eyes as Armand administered the death of Rath and Vilondra. He held his hand to his mouth, feeling sick at the sight. He had often told Armand of his repugnance of being present when Armand executed his enemies. But Armand insisted that it was part of the process of growing up. Often times, Armand would say that it was a learning experience, one he had needed to master.

But he couldn’t comprehend the need for death. Or simply put, he couldn’t grasp the idea of killing someone. He knew all too well what it was like to grow up without parents. His own had perished shortly after he and Amira had been born. Armand had stepped in and took it upon himself to make sure that he and Amira had everything their hearts could desire. But as powerful as Armand was, he couldn’t bring back what he or Amira wanted most. Armand wasn’t capable of bringing back their parents.

Not to be mistaken, he was grateful to Armand for taking him under his wings. For loving him and Amira as they were his own flesh and blood. But he didn’t agree with Armand’s methods. Although he was young, he wasn’t that naive. He knew all too well of Armand’s crimes. In fact, Armand thrived on the idea of letting him know about his treacherous ways. Armand wanted him to take after him, but he just didn’t have it in him.

In some twisted way, he loved Armand like a father, but it stopped there. He felt gratitude to the man who had a big enough heart to love him and his sister when they were just babies, but it wasn’t anything more than that. Despite what Armand did to provide for them, he could never take the place of their real father. Nor could he ever overcompensate and be enough for them not having a mother. It just didn’t work that way.

The only person who understood was his twin sister. Amira was on the same boat as he was, the only difference being that Armand never felt the urge to subject her to any violence. It was like Armand wanted to keep her a little girl forever.

Wuv touched his hand to Amir’s shoulder. “I know this isn’t easy. But you have to keep it together for when he comes by. He’ll be expecting you to rejoice with him.”

Amir nodded, grateful to have Wuv at his side. Although Wuv was Armand’s right hand man, he understood the unrealizable goals that Armand had set on Amir’s shoulders. With that thought in mind, he made sure to look out for the little ones. “I know, Wuv, but how can he expect me to be happy? Or to even watch while he kills people without even an ounce of remorse.”

“I understand young one, but Rath and Vilondra deserve everything they’re getting. There would be no justice if we let them live on and wreak havoc on unsuspecting people. It’s just not right.”

Turning his amber eyes on Armand’s long time confidant, Amir spoke quietly, but truthfully. “And who’s Armand to take justice in his own hands? Isn’t he just as bad if he takes matters in his own hands? Doesn’t that just make him a bigger hypocrite and an even bigger criminal?”

Wuv’s breath caught for a second when he saw once again just how much Amir looked like his father. And ever the idealist, Amir took after his father more than he would ever know. But this was over any of their heads. Wuv had stood by Armand’s side believing that their rebel forces with throw out the Royal family on Antar to give power to the right people and get rid of the monarchy. But he realized too late that Armand’s vision had gone astray. Once he had begun using the sorceress to see what the future had in store for them, Armand had fallen in love and forgot all about his cause. When the sorceress had been taken from them abruptly, Armand’s vision got cloudy, and instead of forcing the royal family out, he took out a vendetta against Zan. He would’ve left Armand, but he couldn’t once he found out about Amir and Amira. Seeing the two innocent children in Armand’s possession, he couldn’t leave, knowing full well that Armand had lost his mind.

A blast of energy shook the basement, causing the light overhead to flicker. With a triumphant smile on his face, Armand turned around to smile and wave at his son. He held Vilondra’s bloody head in his hand, waving it around as a sign of victory. He was one step closer to fulfilling his goals. It wouldn’t be long before his sorceress would join his side, giving him all of the information he needed to gain the crown on Antar. Not to mention the fact that she would finally take her place and be Amir and Amira’s mother, and more importantly she would become his wife. And once they became the happy family he knew they would be, he would take a toast to Zan’s death.


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Part 18



In an instant, Liz was by Max’s side, her hand holding his worriedly. Smoothing back his sweaty bangs, she felt her lip tremble, tears brimming over her eyes. She wiped at them angrily, her lips kissing his hand tenderly. Although she had just had a major spout with him, in effect leading to her walking out on him, she couldn’t wish him ill will. She still loved him to the point that her heart ached physically.

“I’m here, Max.”

Leaning over Liz’s shoulder, Kyle rubbed his stiff neck. “What the heck happened to him?”

Liz shook her head side to side. “I don’t know. One minute we were fighting, then the next he was so out of it, and just passed out.” She chose not to look at Kyle at the moment, omitting the reason for their fight. There were too many things going on right now for her to be worried about that.

“Trouble in paradise so soon....I always thought it would hit a little after the seventh year, give or take, but you...” His voice trailed off when Liz gave him a look. He smiled sheepishly, holding up his hands in defeat. “Sorry, guess now’s not the best time to joke?”

Pretending that they didn’t just have that conversation, Liz cupped Max’s face. “I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” She sighed heavily, trying to gain some perspective through their connection, but it wasn’t much help. All she could feel was his pain, but that didn’t help the situation. It didn’t give her any clues as to how to help him. She leaned forward to kiss his forehead.

“Help me out here, Max. I can’t...” She broke out then, angry tears falling down her cheeks. “You can’t keep doing this Max. I can’t keep doing this...” Her tears spilled onto his eyelashes, trickling all the way down to his lips. Thinking back to the night that she had saved him from death, she kissed his lips, hoping that it wasn’t the last time she would do so. “Let me help you...”

Her lips touched his gently, so softly that it was like a brush of air tickling his lips. She continued to cup his face, unaware of the soft green light tinting his face where she was touching him.

Kyle turned his head the other way when Liz kissed Max, not wanting to intrude on the moment. If he wasn’t a guy, he would be feeling pretty choked up at the moment. However sensitive he had gotten in the past year, he wasn’t that sappy.

Just like out of a fairytale book, Max’s eyes fluttered open when Liz continued to kiss him. He had to blink a few times to get his eyes to focus, but when they finally did, all he could do was smile. This was a sight he would never get tired of. Touching his hand to brush away the hair from her face, he smiled. “Liz..”

Jumping back, Liz had about the millionth surprise she could have in the same night. “Max?”

Hearing the sound of their voices, Kyle laughed. “You guys sure that they didn’t descend from cats?”


Ridding himself of his blood drenched clothes, Armand smiled down at Amir. “Now that’s not a face of someone who just had the last laugh.” He sat down beside the young man, ruffling his hair affectionately. When Amir didn’t share the same sentiment, he frowned. “What’s troubling you, son?”

Amir shrugged. “Nothing Armand.”

Armand crossed his arms over his chest, feeling more concerned about his young charge. “How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t like you calling me by name. I’m your father and I would like you to refer to me as that.”

Not wanting to have to say it, Amir changed the subject. “Wuv tells me that you have located the Roswell set.” He swallowed hard when Armand pinned him with a hard look at the mention of Wuv. Through the years, their relationship had struggled, wearing thin to the point that they didn’t know each other any more.

“I have, but that isn’t something you should concern yourself with Amir. They are far more dangerous than the defects that Lonnie and Rath were.” His eyes took on a dangerous silver glint, causing Amir to shudder inwardly. “I don’t like Wuv filling your head with stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with you,” he lied. “He shouldn’t be filling your head with such nonsense.”

“Don’t take it out on Wuv,” Amir amended. There was no way he was going to let Armand do any harm to the one person who looked out for he and his sister. “I was just curious.” He gave a fake smile, continuing to weave a web to deceive Armand. He hated lying, but it wasn’t like Armand hadn’t lied to him and Amira countless times in their lives. “I mean, you’re the one always saying that I should learn more about what’s going on around me.”

Narrowing his eyes, Armand stood up, not at all convinced of Amir’s story. Wuv would hear from him about feeding his son stories that he had no right telling. The man just seemed to meddle too much in his family’s lives. “I don’t want to hear you talking about the Roswell set, or even spend a second thinking about them. I forbid you to do so, do you understand?”

Amir bit down on his tongue. He didn’t want to get into a verbal spat with Armand. He knew exactly what would happen to him and Amira if he did. He still had the inner black eye and bruises from their last encounter, ones he couldn’t heal with the wave of his hand. Instead, he nodded. “Yes sir. It won’t happen again.”

Armand bobbed his head, making a mental note to keep a closer eye on Wuv and Amir. If the two of them continued to have these talks, then he’d have to teach them a lesson about minding their own business.


The door opened impossibly slow, blinding Isabel and Ava from the light outside. One of Armand’s men drifted into the room, carrying a cattle rod that Armand demanded all the men use instead of their powers. He held up his hand to wave off Isabel’s bonds.

Once she was free, Isabel held out her hand to blast the guy, but he just used the rod on her, giving her a shock till she was on the ground convulsing.

Back on the wall, Ava shook from hysterical fits of laughter. “This is comedy.” She yelled out to Isabel who was bleeding from the mouth. “I don’t know how much dumber you can get sweetheart, but it sure made for a good laugh.”

The man looked at Ava sharply, holding up his rod. “Keep it quiet unless you want a taste of this as well.”

Ava tried to shrug her shoulders, but it just wasn’t possible with the way she was being held against the wall. “Sorry, but she just makes it too easy.”

“That’s enough,” the guy yelled. He shook his head as he put Isabel in restraints. “You talk too damn much.” He dragged Isabel towards the door, leaving Ava behind.

“Hey, where the hell are you goin’?”

Smiling the guy pulled Isabel up by the hair. “There are plans for you Princess, but you’ll just have to stick around to find out what they are.” He closed his eyes for a second to manipulate the outside world with a mindwarp. Armand would kill him if anyone found them on earth. Armand had spent too much quality on detail for someone like him to screw it up.

Silenced into fear, Ava shrunk against the wall, feeling even more scared than when she was first brought here. With Isabel gone, Armand’s fucked up mind would no doubt come up with new ways to torture her, making sure she was alive enough to feel all of the pain. He was the biggest sadist in the universe, and he would enjoy every minute of her torture.

Closing her eyes, she took deep breaths in hopes of warding off the pain. But even then she knew that nothing would ever save her from the wrath of Armand. In the mean time, she would drive herself insane with waiting.


Not bothering to pull the parking brake up, he jumped out of the car to run as fast as he could in her direction. He was so close he could almost smell her, taste her on his lips.

His feet were heavy as he ran, but he continued, knowing that bliss was only a few breaths away. Once he was with her, all of the pain in his chest would go away. And that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that he would finally be able to have her in his arms were she belonged.

He burst through the door like a rhino, his heart pounding a mile a minute. His eyes zeroed in on her, and he could only choke on his breath as he was struck by her beauty. It had been too long without her. “Amira.”

Three pairs of eyes looked up at the intruder, all of them surprised to see who it was.

Kyle looked at Max, then at his duplicate standing at the door. “No fucking way!”


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Part 19


“No fucking way!”

Zan surged forward as though he hadn’t seen their surprised looks. He walked past Kyle, shoving him out of the way. All he was interested in was getting to her. All of it was coming back to him, reminding him of the wonderful times that he and Amira had been together. She had given him refuge in her arms, and most importantly, she loved him like no other would. And he loved her the same, if not more.

“Amira,” he stepped closer to her, his hand reaching out to touch her delicate skin when someone stepped in his way. Growling, his amber eyes shone with fury at the person who was standing in the way of his impending reunion with the love of his life. She was the one he had been waiting for his whole life, and it was a shame that he only realized it now. He held his hand up to ward off his enemy, only to stumble back to see his mirror image standing in front of him.

Despite the clothes, the tattoos, the piercings, and their hair, they were one in the same. Same body structure, same height, and definitely the same eyes. The freaky thing was, when they looked into each other’s eyes, it was as if they were looking in on their souls.

Max was physically exhausted, but he sobered up the minute he had seen his dupe. He rushed to get up, pushing Liz behind him to place a physical barrier between her and Zan. He didn’t like the way he was looking at Liz, and there was no way in hell he would let his dupe lay his hands on her. He held up his hand to create his shield, but all that came out were sputters of green light, eventually dying out into nothing.

Zan smirked, making a move forward. He had heard that there was a duplicate set of the royal family, but he never realized until just how faulty they were. Growing up, he had figured themselves the defects after being dumped in the sewer, but come to think of it, he may have been wrong.

“Step off.” His words were curt, making his dupe know who was in charge.

Even though he didn’t have the strength to do any fighting, Max would die trying. Liz was the most important person in his life, and there was no way he would just step aside to let her get hurt. He had been the cause of her pain so many times before. It was about damn time that he did something, rather than continue hurting her.

“Not a chance in hell.” He gritted his teeth, his voice laced with so much animosity that his energy began to crackle beneath his fingertips. “It’ll have to be over my dead body.”

“Not a problem.”

The two men lunged at each other, causing Liz to fall back against the end table, her back hitting the sharp edge. Wincing, she yelped in pain, her small body crumpling to the floor.

Both dark heads stopped their sparring, both amber eyes glistening with tears of concern as they fell to the ground, both of them reaching for her. They turned their heads at each other, barking and snarling as if they were dogs fighting for the last piece of meat. They were about to go at it again when they heard a thunderous noise behind them.

Standing there was Kyle illuminated in a blue light, his hand crackling with blue electricity. He was a surprised as any of them, but he had to admit it was pretty cool. He always thought his powers were latent, and would show up maybe a few years from now, that is if they ever showed up at all. He guessed that it had to with their emotions. Liz had been in overwhelming pain and anguish when hers had shown up. She was angry inside even though she tried desperately to hide it with her bubbly personality. Right now, he was furious at Max and his dupe. The two morons were too busy trying to mark their territory to even notice that Liz had been hurt. His anger flared out of control, and the next thing he knew, he blew up the dresser up along with mirror, and he was glowing in blue.

Max and Zan tried to get up, but Kyle’s powers crackled loudly. He wagged his index finger from side to side, the blue lightning bolts shimmering around his finger. His blue eyes glowed to the point of blinding them and he just smiled to reveal his white teeth.

“Don’t even think about it.”


After crying themselves to sleep, Michael and Maria snuggled together, hoping to scare off any nightmares. They didn’t realize how truly alone they were, and it only added to the magnitude of their pain.

Time continued to tick by slowly, only to have Michael wake up in a cold sweat.

“AAAHHH!” He clutched at his chest as if he were struggling for breath, his heart threatening to jump through his ribs at any sudden movement.

Maria jerked up, her hands immediately flanking the side of Michael’s face as she tried to get the glassy look out of his eyes. She shook him hard until his eyes rolled back from the inside of his head. He shivered uncontrollably as he continued to drip from sweat. With her worry spiking high, Maria searched his face. “Michael, what’s wrong?”

He wrapped his arms around his trembling body, his teeth chattering violently. “They’re in trouble.”

As if an invisible hand tickled her spine, Maria felt the hairs on her neck stand up. She needn’t ask him who they were, because she already knew. She swallowed thickly, praying that this was just a terrible dream and she would wake up. “How do you know?”

Michael held up his hand, revealing to her a mass of little electrical lightning bolts of yellow running across his palm. He heard Maria gasp, but he continued. “Someone’s using their powers, and it’s out of control.” He gulped, finally meeting Maria’s frightened face. “They’re in trouble.”


Behind the wheel, Jesse looked beside him to his father in-law. He had finally fallen asleep after days of insomnia. But seeing his eyes flutter under his closed lids, and his hand fisting rhythmically, he knew that Phillip wasn’t getting any peace even in his sleep. His eyes drifted to the rearview mirror to his mother-in-law in the back, and he realized just how much she had aged in a span of weeks.

He could feel the pain in his chest building up again as he continued to think about all of the things that had happened. But he had to stop that train of thought before his emotions spiraled out of control. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to have another panic attack and would end up getting them all hurt instead of helping Isabel.

Ever since she had left, he had slept or eaten. He had begun his panic attacks soon after, his nose bleeding uncontrollably as he got tunnel vision. He felt so guilty for letting her go without him. He hated that he driven her away instead of accepting her right away when he found out about her. If he could go back and erase the past and start anew, he would. He would never forgive himself if something bad happened to her.

He squeezed the steering wheel a little harder as he thought about how they had left things. He should have gone after her. He shouldn’t have let her go.


In the car behind Jesse, Jeff tailed behind closely. His eyes shifted to his wife, his gut wrenching when he saw her distraught expression. He kept his voice soft so as not to frighten her.

“Get some sleep. We still have a pretty long drive.”

Nancy shook her head, her hand wiping at her tears. She looked up at him, her eyes bearing so much guilt that he almost broke down. “I can’t sleep.”

“Please try, for me?”

She shook her head, biting her bottom lip much the same way Liz did when she was thinking seriously. “Jeff?”

“Hmm?” He had turned his eyes back to the road to watch where he was going.

“I...If I told you something, would you promise not to get mad?”

His eyes were riveted to her, and suddenly, she looked like a little girl. So timid and afraid. Before he could respond, she spoke, her words coming out quickly.

“I’m not human.”

Jeff lost control of the wheel, his jaw dropping to the ground. After reading Liz’s journal, he never thought that anything would surprise him anymore. But apparently, things were about to get a hell of a lot more complicated.


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Part 20


Kyle continued to glow in an iridescent blue as he sidestepped the idiot kings. Kneeling down, he picked up Liz carefully, sitting her on the nearest bed.

“Are you alright?”

Liz nodded, pushing the hair out of her eyes. She was feeling a little disoriented, and her back was aching with a sharp, stabbing pain. It hurt so much that she felt as though she might black out at any second, but she didn’t care about herself. She was more worried about how Max was. If he had gotten hurt fighting with Zan, she would never forgive herself for how she had acted before they got here. She had basically thrown his love for her in his face and had the gall to walk out on their marriage only after two days. What kind of person was she?

“I’m fine.” She moved to stand up, only to wince at the pain that shot through her lower back.

“You’re not fine.” He pushed her to sit back down, his hands firmly seating her on the mattress. He took a deep breath to calm himself. His anger at Max and Zan was still burning in his soul, making him want to destroy something. But thinking like that wouldn’t do him any good. Liz was hurt, and he had sworn to himself that he would look out for her. She had protected him from harm all the way from the beginning, and now it was time to repay the favor.

Scratching behind his ear, he looked down to where Max and Zan where sprawled on the floor, both of their golden gazes locked on Liz. “Which one of you wants the honor of healing Liz’s back?”

Both of them looked up at Kyle, and he had to bite back a shiver. It was kind of freaky how they both did the same thing at the same exact time. And it didn’t help one bit that they looked identical.

Kyle frowned at them. “Would you guys quit that?”

As if on queue, they both answered at the same time. “Stop doing what?”

“That!” He threw up his hand, pointing at them. “Is the twin thing really necessary?”

Before they could answer in unison, Kyle spoke up. “Never mind.” He gestured to Max. “Max, get over here and help Liz before she passes out.” He stared at Zan. “And you, you stay were I can see you.”

Max kneeled beside Liz, his hands reaching for the point of pressure. He cupped her cheek with one hand. “Liz, you’re going to have to look at me.”

She nodded. She bit her lip in anticipation, knowing that the connection would be mind blowing.

Concentrating all of his energy to tend to the strained muscles and minor cut to her soft skin, Max stared deeply into her eyes. He gasped at how quickly the connection opened. He guessed that he shouldn’t be surprised anymore. After they bonded in the ultimate way, they had stayed in each other’s consciousness, lingering inside each other’s souls. He had no idea what was turning him into this ogre that continued to hurt her. It was like he was trapped on the inside seeing all of this happen, but all of his screams fell on deaf ears. Whatever it was that made him into this unrecognizable person, it was bigger than him.

The flashes were quick, almost blinding in their intensity.


Zan watching someone from a distance who appeared to be Liz.

But that wasn’t her name.

Her name was Amira.

She was Armand’s sorceress, the one who was able to see the future.

Zan planning on capturing the young girl to prevent Armand from overthrowing the royal family.

Although Zan himself despised the monarchy, allowing Armand to kill innocent people just to get rid of the royal family wasn’t something he agreed with.


Zan sneaking up on the rebel camp.

Zan finding the tent where Armand held his sorceress locked in a cage.

Zan stealing her away into the night much to her protestations.


Zan keeping Amira’s whereabouts a secret.

Even his second in command was unaware of his late night raid.

Zan asking Amira to reveal Armand’s plans.

Amira telling Zan the truth that she did not know of his plans, only telling him what battles he would win.

Zan not believing her, instead, shaking her until she is in tears,

Stopping, Zan realizes that she is telling the truth.

Amira was being held against her own will.

Zan vowing to keep her safe from Armand and anyone else who wants to do her harm.


Zan watching Amira when he thinks she isn’t looking.

Amira afraid of the feelings that Zan stirs inside her.

Zan visiting Amira more frequently.

Zan and Amira realizing that there is nothing they can do to stop what is happening between them.


Zan and Amira, sitting on the blue grass, underneath the green sky.

A stolen kiss between them before Zan goes off into battle.

Their bodies tangled in a naked heap as they mate, creating two new lives in the process.

Zan stroking Amira’s stomach tenderly as he sings softly to their babies, waiting eagerly for their arrival.

Amira giving birth in seclusion to a handsome baby boy, and the most beautiful baby girl that Antar has ever seen.

Zan smiling down at his wife‘s beautiful face before kissing the baby in his arms, in turn kissing the baby in her arms.

Amira and Zan anointing their babies with names.

Amir and Amira.

Prince and Princess.

The air rushed out of her lungs as she came back to earth. What she had seen wasn’t the future, but the past. The implications of it all frightened her, and at the same time, her logical mind wouldn’t believe it. Timelines aside, it was still a ridiculous notion, right? It was just impossible.

Max began panting, his mind opening in recognition to the flashes that he had shared with Liz. It had all felt right, like the pieces of the puzzle coming together. It was nothing like his memory retrieval with Tess. All of that was so contrived, so convoluted. What he had seen was something that his heart accepted easily. It was something that his soul knew, like an old friend hanging on the sidelines. Somehow, he knew all of this before, but something had blocked the way of his realization.

Looking down, he touched Liz’s knee. “Liz?”

She shook her head. “No. I mean, that wasn’ can’t be real, that was-

“That was real.” Zan’s deep voice rumbled in the quiet. His eyes glowed, no doubt seeing exactly what Max and Liz had seen. His voice held such certainty that it frightened the two people he was connected with. But he couldn’t lie. Not to his Amira, his wife, the mother of his children. She was the part missing in his soul, and he would stop at nothing to have her in his arms again where she belonged. Fifty three years without her had been far too long.


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Part 21


With his palms clasped, the sleeves on his cloak covered his hands as he meditated. He needed to clear his mind for what was to come. He knew that life as they knew it wouldn’t be quite the same once Armand got his grubby hands on the sorceress. He hadn’t spent all of these years trying to keep the peace only to have it all fall apart now.

One of the guards ran down the hall to alarm the Sire about King Zan’s escape. He hated to be the bearer of bad news, but he was a soldier. He did what he had to do, followed whatever order he had to. Grunting, he quickly apologized when he saw who it was that he had pummeled. He lowered his head in apology.

“Forgive me Master Wuv, but it is imminent that I get to the Sire.”

Wuv touched his hand to the young man’s shoulder and he realized that the he was trembling. “Are you alright?”

It frightened Wuv to look down into this young person’s eyes. He wasn’t a day older than fifteen, and he was living a lie, under Armand’s law. He was still a boy, yet he was living amongst the chaos.

The boy leaned in close to Wuv, scared that word would get out amongst the others. “King Zan has escaped the laboratory.” He gulped. “He slaughtered every living soul in sight before the merge was completed.” With wild eyes, his voice shook. “Master Wuv, they say that he is headed for the sorceress.”

Wuv touched his finger to his lower lip, his brows knitted in concentration. “Has Armand caught wind of this yet?”

“No Master.” He swallowed hard. “I have been elected to tell him, Master.”

Wuv shook his head. “That is not necessary.”

The boy’s head shot up in surprise, but Wuv’s voice assured him.

“I will take care of everything.” He rolled up his sleeves, the back of his cloak dragging on the floor as he walked away. “Call off the men following the sorceress. I will go myself to get this done correctly.”

Before Wuv could make the turn, the boy’s voice called out to him. “And what about the Sire?”

“No one is to say a word to him.” Wuv kept his head down, stopping his movement for a second to speak to the young man. “I will fix this mess, and I will deal with Armand.”


Knocking softly on the door, Amir waited for an answer.

“It is open.”

He peeked his head in, coming all the way when he saw his sister sitting on the bed. “Hey.”

Amira sat up with a flourish, excited to see her brother. Ever since they had arrived on earth, Armand had kept her locked up in this room. He treated her like an eternal child, wanting to preserve her innocence. But people can’t stay young forever. It just wasn’t in the cards. Other than Wuv paying her a visit, her brother was the only other one she was allowed to speak to. Armand was convinced that she would be corrupted by the people that surrounded him. She felt as though it were a double standard. Armand spent the majority of his time trying to keep her a little girl while he taught her brother the tricks of the trade. It just wasn’t fair.

“Thank the two moons you are here.” She got up and began pacing. “I thought I was about to go mad.”

Amir sat on the edge of the bed, feeling sympathy for his sister. He could only imagine what it would be like being caged in a room with no one to talk to. But at the same time, he didn’t enjoy his position either. He was seeing things that no living thing should ever have to experience. He cringed at the image of Lonnie’s head rolling around on the basement floor like a ball for Armand’s vicious game.

“I’m sorry, but Armand said that he came by a little while ago with a present for you.” He offered weakly.

Picking up a doll, Amira shook it in front of her brother’s face. “I do not know what he would like me to do with this. I have not played with toys in years.” She ran her hand through her hair, sinking to the ground. “He believes that he can lock me up forever, but it is not so.”

“Ami,” he whispered, feeling her distraught. Her emotions were swirling like crazy that it didn’t take much for him to pick up on it. “You know I’m doing the best that I can to get us out of here. But you know that it’s just not that easy.”

She nodded, hot tears trickling down her olive skin. “I understand, but I cannot go on this way. I will die here alone.”

“Don’t say that, Ami. I think I’m getting close. It won’t be long now before we get out of here. I can feel it.”

Her voice was so quiet that he had to strain his ears to hear her.

“Do you ever think about how our lives would have been had our parents been alive?” Her big doe eyes could not hide the pain she was feeling. “Do you wonder who they might have been?”

He nodded. “Amira, thinking like that won’t get us anywhere. They’re dead, and there’s nothing we can do to bring them back. All we have is each other and Wuv. He’s the only one who cares about us.”

Amira wiped away at her tears. “I know,” her voice caught in her throat as she spoke. “But I cannot help but wonder.”

Amir touched her shoulder. “I’ll get us out of here. I promise.”


“What do you mean that you’re not human?” Jeff’s blue eyes were understanding, not at all criticizing like Nancy thought they would be.

Her breath was shaky. “Just that. I don’t come from this planet. I come from the place where Max is from.” Her eyes shot to her feet as she continued. “I am a full blooded Antarian, not engineered like Max or the others.”

Jeff continued to follow Jesse’s lead as he tried to comprehend what he was hearing. “I don’t.....” he paused as he tried to put into words what he was thinking. “If Max’s ship crashed in 1947 then how is it that you’re only forty two? The same age as me?” He shook his head, trying to make sense of it. “When they hatched out of those pods in 1989 we were already married for six years. We dated for a year before that. We had Liz.”

Nancy spoke quietly and calmly. She felt awful for deceiving her husband and her daughter for all of these years, but she had done it for their own protection. But she knew now that it had been a mistake. Reading Liz’s journal, she felt partly to blame that Liz was going through everything alone. “I was sent here in 1980. My master had heard of what happened to the royal family and how their technology had basically backfired.”

She took a deep breath. “He waited until he had the perfect plan. I was just-

Jeff’s cell phone began to ring incessantly. He stared at it helplessly, then decided and reached for it to turn it off.

“Maybe you should get that. It might be important.”

“Nan, I don’t think there’s anything as important as what you’re about to tell me.”

Nancy’s eyes took on a far away look. “It might be about Liz.”

Her voice held so much guilt that Jeff had to hold a hand to his aching chest, afraid it would crumble behind his ribs. He hated seeing her this way. Her being Antarian didn’t change the way he felt about her. She was still his wife, the mother of his daughter. And despite what she would tell him, it wouldn’t really matter. They were a family and he was just going to let them go lying down.

He sighed resignedly and picked up the phone. “Hello?”


Maria sat in the driver’s seat. “So you don’t have any idea where they might be?”

“I don’t see things like Liz alright! All I got was an impression.” He looked at Maria and felt awful. He touched her shoulder, his voice softer and apologetic. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

She nodded. “It’s okay.” She bit her lip. “Can’t you, I mean....try to contact them?” She continued to speak before he could argue and shoot down her idea. “If you know something’s happening to them, and you’re getting weird electricity on your hand, then it means you’re obviously connected to them.” She touched his cheek. “Would it hurt to try?”

He mulled over what she said. In answer to her question, he closed his eyes, concentrating as tried to reach someone.


Kyle sat back and tried to figure out what was going on between the three. Obviously they had all seen something together, and he didn’t like the way Liz looked so frightened.


“Yeah?” He looked to the other three, wondering who spoke.

The others looked at him like he had two heads. He held up his hands. “Who spoke?”

‘It’s me, Michael.’

Kyle looked around, then scurried to the window to see if Michael was there or if he was just hearing things.

“Kyle? What’s wrong?” Liz stepped up to his side.

He looked at her with shifty eyes. “I think all of this weird alien crap has finally gotten to me.” He laughed out loud like he was crazy. “I’m actually hearing Michael’s voice in my head.”

‘Hey numb nuts, I’m real. Maria and I are on our way. Give us directions.’


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Part 22


As he continued to glare at his dupe, Max ran a hand down his face. “I don’t think running away is such a good idea right now.”

Kyle looked up from where he was talking to Liz quietly. “Hey, no one’s asking for your suggestion. The last time we did that, we got separated and your physco sister put her alien voodoo on me.” He stared up at the ceiling, releasing a breath. “Aye, Buddha.” He held up his hands and shook them. “Is this a woman thing?” he muttered under his breath.

Max scowled, crossing his arms. He hated that Kyle was telling him what to do. He felt like a child sitting in a time out. He had no right to treat him this way. “Are you sure it was Isabel?” He swallowed, hating to think the worst of anyone. “I mean, maybe it was-

Zan spoke up, his voice cocky. “If she’s anything like Lonnie then you bet your ass she did it.”

“Shut up! You don’t know my sister.” Although he had a sick feeling in his stomach, he couldn’t help but defend his sister even if it was to serve his own purpose. He didn’t like the idea of Zan upping him one better. After all, the only people he could count was his family. Isabel had never done anything remotely malicious and dangerous before that he had to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Liz’s soft voice echoed in the small room, all three of the males inside looking at her. “I....I think it might have been her.” She kept her eyes low, not wanting to have to speak to any of them right now, but knowing she had to speak up to stop their bickering if only for a little while. “I don’t think Kyle would make up such a hurtful story unless it was true.”

She turned away from them. They were all expecting something from her, and she just couldn’t put on a happy face and put herself on the backburner. For the first time, she was worried about herself, not just those around her. Everything that had just transpired in the past couple of weeks was catching up to her and she didn’t know if she had the strength to continue putting up a front. It was all consuming, drowning her in a sea of confusing emotions.

Max felt his jaw drop at Liz’s admission. It hurt that she was obviously taking Kyle’s side. He looked at Zan, feeling as though he had been kicked in the stomach when Zan smiled triumphantly, thinking he had one that round.

Kyle draped his arm over Liz’s shoulder, choosing to ignore the ongoing battle between the two. “Come, we need to get out of here before this place starts crawling with cops.” He smiled down at her, kissing her temple.

Behind him, both Max and Zan’s jealousy flared to gigantic proportions, making both of them wish they had death ray eyes.

“Yo, I ain’t going.” He thumbed his nose, trying to put on his macho act.

“Nobody’s dying for you to come anyway.” Max grit out.

Zan stepped up to Max till they were chest to chest, both of their nostrils flaring in the same bravado. “Oh yeah? Well I don’t think that’s your decision to make.” He poked Max in the chest. “I think that’s Amira’s.”

Max pushed Zan back. “Her name isn’t Amira, it’s Liz. And you’ve got to be stupid to think she’ll want you to be anywhere near her.”

“I think your pretty boy looks are messing up your head.” He slapped the side of Max’s head. “She’s my wife!” he roared with finality.

“She may have been your wife in another life, but she’s married to me.” He pointed to himself. “I’m her husband now, not you!”

Liz turned around, raising her voice for the first time since being in the presence of Max and Zan. “I am not anyone’s property, so I’d appreciate if you stop referring to me as if I’m something someone can own.” Her heavy tears spilled down her cheeks, dripping down the tip of her chin till it rained at her feet. “Is it too impossible for you guys to stop for just one second and realize that there are more life threatening....” her voice cut off then, her body breaking down into sobs.

Kyle put his arms around her and led her to the car, making sure she was secure. When he was sure that she would be okay for a few seconds, he stormed back to Max and Zan. His blue eyes were glowing fiercely, alerting both men that he wasn’t kidding.

“I don’t care if you guys kick each other’s asses in your own time, because frankly, I think you guys need somebody to knock some sense into your thick skulls. You could kill each other for all I care, but Liz needs you. As much as I’d like to get rid of the two of you and make sure you never bother her again, I know that it would kill her.” He pinned them with a stare. “Cut this shit out before you really piss me off.”



The man on the other line paused. He pursed his lips before speaking. “Ah, may I speak to Nancy? Nancy Parker?”

Jeff stared at the phone in his hand before handing it over to his wife. “It’s for you.”

Nancy took the phone, slowly bringing it to her ear. Without having to ask who it was, she knew who was on the other end. “Master,”

“It’s nice to hear your voice again, it’s been far too long.”

Bowing her head, Nancy lowered her voice. “Master, forgive me. My daugh-” she paused catching herself. It wasn’t right for her to refer to Liz as such to her Master. She was sent to earth to ensure the safety of the most important soul on Antar. But she couldn’t even do that.

“It’s alright. She’s safe, for now.”

Her ears perked up to the sound of his voice. Liz was safe, but then her stomach churned to the last part of what he said. “What do you mean for now?”

He swallowed hard, feeling terrible for being the one to give her the news. He knew that she had created a special bond with the sorceress, much the same way he had with the King’s offspring. His heart broke for her and those that he cared about. “I don’t have much time, but I’m seeing to it that he doesn’t even get the chance to breathe the same air as her.”

Nancy clutched her hand over her mouth, feeling the urge to purge. “Help us all. He’s found her.”


Dropping the princess at Armand’s feet, the man bowed his head in respect before leaving.

Armand smiled down at the heap on the floor. He pulled up a chair and sat down, not wanting to crinkle his pants to get down to her level. “So nice of you to join me, princess. We have a lot to talk about.”

She sat up, gathering her body into a protective ball. “Fuck you!”

He laughed. “No thanks. I’m into doing the planet whore.” He reached down to smooth a ratty piece of hair away from her face. “If I were you, I’d keep my mouth shut when someone is nice enough to offer me a deal for my life.” He ran his thumb across the cut on her cheek, his eyes lighting up when she winced.

His blue eyes took on a far away look. “I’m willing to save your life in exchange for something.” He buffed his nail against his shirt tail. “I know most people would like to see your head on my mantel next to all of my other head pieces of victories, but you can get me something that I need.”

Isabel trembled with fear, resisting the urge to cry. She didn’t want him to know that he had the upper hand. “I will never do anything to help you.”

“Don’t do the martyr act.” He waved his hand in the air. “It’s not your style.” He leaned his elbows on his knees. “I only want one thing, and I’m sure that your pretty little head will agree to it.” He winked at her before standing up.

“In exchange for your pathetic life, I want Liz Parker.”

Armand was about to give her the benefits of the taking the deal when she pulled her head up.

“I’ll do it.”

He had to do a double take when he heard the words come out of her mouth. She really was a spoiled brat only thinking about herself. But it didn’t matter. Once he had the sorceress in his possession, he was still going to make sure that the princess got her comeuppance. He might even be able to coax Amir to perform the assassination.

He rubbed his palms together. “I’m so glad you see it my way.”


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Part 23


Kyle rubbed his thumb over his bottom lip, his eyes squinting in the desert night. His back stiffened as he felt her presence. He turned abruptly, his blue eyes concerned. “Hey, you okay?”

Liz nodded, stopping to sit down on the porch steps. She wrapped her arms around herself as though to conserve all of her body heat.

“Liz?” His eyes darted back inside the small cabin where both versions of the Neanderthal King paced, the floor boards creaking in protest. “They didn’t do anything to you again, did they?”

She shook her head, a rueful smile on her lips. She couldn’t believe that a day ago, she had actually believed that she and Max would have a bright future together. A future that meant they would finally be together without having alien enemies or destinies getting in the way. But she should have known that her life would never have a happy ending.

Fate had brought her Max Evans, and destiny was determined to taunt her with what she could never really have. She had no idea who she thought she was fooling thinking that everything was behind them. Nothing would ever be normal for them. Not even if Max renounced his title, and disowned his family. Nothing would ever be just about them.

Looking over her shoulder, she saw Zan’s pacing figure, his penetrating amber gaze darting death glares at his duplicate. Every now and then, he would look up at her, his eyes suddenly turning gentle, his eyes glowing with pure love. Her breath hitched in her throat when she saw a small smile cross his lips, his cheeks tinting in the most adorable shade of red as he ducked his head. For all the tough man act he had been trying to pull, she could almost see the innocence she had seen in Max when they were merely lab partners in biology, nothing more than acquaintances. She had thought she found that Max again, but she wasn’t so sure. Something had changed drastically between them when they had - she hesitated to say make love, knowing what had transpired between them was something else entirely.

Kyle reached out a hand to her shoulder. “Hey Liz, you okay?”

Startled, Liz turned to face Kyle, a tear pooling in her eye. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to space out.”

He gave her an empathic smile, wishing there was something more he could do for his once love. “It’s okay. I only wish there was something more I could do for you.”

Liz let out a shaky breath, forcing a smile on her lips as she clasped his hand in her cold hands. “You’ve gone far and beyond the call of duty.” Her voice shook as she continued. “I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”

Kyle looked down, not used to having someone thank them for his help. Sure, he had plenty of compliments for being Roswell High’s top athlete, but people were sure quick to forget when he had to drop out of his extracurricular activities to help out around the house. Taking a page out of Alex Whitman’s best friend code, he tried to lighten his friend’s heavy load. “I’m only returning the favor.” He shrugged. “If it hadn’t been for you, I would’ve been alien chow right about now.”

Despite the morbid picture that appeared in Liz’s head, she couldn’t help but smile. She bit her lip, feeling the weight of the situation bear on her shoulders. “I just wish we knew what the heck is going on.”

Lighting up a cigarette, Zan stepped into the dim light. “I can tell you that.”

Kyle stood up, instinctively ready to protect Liz.

Standing up, Liz swallowed past the lump in her throat. “Kyle, it’s okay. I want to hear what he has to say.”

Ready to protest, Kyle shook his head. “Nah uh. There’s no way I’m leaving you in here with this wannabe bad ass. He’s nothing but a candy ass looking to sweet talk to his way out of this mess.”

Zan scowled, his fingertips buzzing with energy as he felt the urge to blast Kyle. “Yo, jock strap. This ain’t got nuthin’ to do with you.”

Liz’s eyes grew dark. “Shut up.” Both men turned to look at her, the surprise on their faces, priceless. She looked at Kyle. “I’ll be fine.”

Kyle nodded, knowing not to mess with Liz when she was in this kind of mood. She meant business, and he wasn’t about to be the dumbass to step in her way.

When he was out of earshot, Liz looked at Zan sharply. “Cut the crap.” She looked at him sternly as if she were scolding a child. “Kyle’s my friend, and I’d appreciate it if you’d be civil to him.”

Zan’s hard demeanor faded away, giving his face a boyish nature. Whatever she asked, he did. Not because he was a lapdog, but because he respected her. She was his only reason for existing. He wasn’t about to fuck it up now. He rubbed his hand over his weary face, his finger touching his lip stud nervously.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered sincerely.

Liz watched as he transformed right before her eyes. Gone was the thick New York accent and the steely eyes. If he wasn’t covered in tattoos and piercings, he would look exactly like Max. She felt her heart flutter, something deep inside of her awakening. She knew it was ridiculous to feel at ease with someone she didn’t know, and especially someone who had hurt her physically and emotionally. But she felt like it was all coming back to her. Something was telling her not to be afraid of Zan.

Appreciating his cooperation, she stepped aside to let him sit down. “Thank you.”

Zan smiled shyly.

Maybe it wasn’t too late for them after all.


Wuv burst through the door just as Armand stood up. “Armand?”

Armand had one of his henchmen pick up the princess and dispose of her until he saw fit to follow through on his plan. He stared at his right hand man, his mind running wildly with a way to get rid of him. Wuv was a thorn in his side, and it was about time to get rid of him. “I don’t recall requesting your presence, Wuv.” He walked a circle around his longtime friend, soon to be foe. “Sticking your nose where it isn’t wanted could cause some trouble if you’re not careful.”

Straightening his shoulders, Wuv felt a sense of dread wash over him. Something was going down, and it was happening soon. “There shouldn’t be secrets between us.” He looked Armand in the eyes. “We are the leaders of the rebel force.”

Armand sneered, his body morphing into his natural state before shifting into an image of Agent Burns. “That’s right, brother. Forgive me, for I have sinned.”

“What are you up to, Armand?”

“I’m going to tie up some loose ends and have a little fun while I’m at it.” He walked past Wuv, his cynical smile lighting up his emotionless face. “Hold down the fort while I’m gone,” he laughed. He hoped that Wuv would take the bait. It was only a matter of time before every one of his dreams became a reality.


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Part 24


Letting her hair fall over her face, Liz felt her cheeks warm from Zan’s penetrating stare. She felt like she was sixteen again, embarrassed to have someone staring at her so intently. She stiffened a little when he reached out to tuck her hair behind her ears. The look of hurt on his handsome face didn’t go unnoticed by her, and she wondered why it affected her so much. She felt guilty for feeling something for Zan when she was married to Max. But then again, she had been married to Zan in a previous life. Which marriage should hold ground? Which man was she supposed to love?

He pulled away quickly, his palms rubbing up and down his jean clad thighs. He gave her a sheepish smile. “Sorry, I guess old habits die hard.”

Liz opened her mouth, but promptly shut it. She didn’t know how to respond to that. She hated not knowing the truth, not knowing what the future held for them. She had thought that after she and Max had exchanged their vows, their lives would lead to something different. A life with less chaos. But life loved to throw her those curveballs. Grandma Claudia had said that if it wasn’t complicated, that he wasn’t a soulmate. Well, she definitely had complicated. She was beginning to wonder if she should have stayed on the safe path, rather than taking the plunge. But she wasn’t kidding anyone. Regardless of what had happened in her life, she didn’t know if she could give up Max. They had been through more rough times than good, but you couldn’t just turn your back on the love they shared.

She looked at Zan, seeing the same soulful stare that Max possessed. “Speaking of,” she began chewing her bottom lip in a nervous gesture. “How is that possible?” She stood up, starting a slow pace of the dirt ground. “How can I see things that happened in the past?”

Zan followed her lead, getting on his feet. “You know the answers.” He tapped his black painted fingernail against his temple. “It’s all up here, but it’s been hidden away for too long.” When she still wouldn’t believe him, he placed a heavy hand against his heart. “If only you’d open up to me here, you’d open your mind too.”

Despite her anger and confusion towards Max, he was still her husband. As much as she wished she could just stop loving him, she couldn’t. Life wasn’t that simple. Especially not hers. “Max is my husband, Zan.”

He didn’t miss a beat when he answered her. “And you’re my wife. We were married long before Max Evans ever existed.” He reached out to touch her, but his hand hung in midair when she shied away. “We have children together.”

At his words, Liz felt her knees weaken, and she slid to the ground. “Oh God.” For a second, she had forgotten that part. She felt his warmth beside her, and she turned tear filled eyes at him. “Zan, I’m not who you think I am.” She wrung her hands together, praying for the strength to tell him lies despite what her heart was telling her. “I’m not your wife. We don’t have any children together.” She paused, her throat aching at her last words. “I’m not Amira.”

Zan’s anger flared out of control as he stood up, a cloud of dust billowing around him. He pointed an accusatory finger at Liz, his voice coming out in a controlled whisper. “Liar!” His front was back. Gone was the innocent young man, hidden behind an angry person. He walked up to her, seizing her by the arms. “Keep telling yourself that if it’ll help you sleep at night.” He let go of her, his tone defeated. “But that’s not going to make me stop loving you.” He shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked away. “I know I don’t deserve you. I never have and I never will. But it doesn’t change how much...” He choked on his words. “Do what you want, Mrs. Evans.” He said with thick disdain. “But remember that the past always has a way of biting you in the ass.”


Max stepped into the light as he watched his duplicate walk away. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but hearing their voices, he couldn’t help but listen. His heart fluttered in his chest when he heard Liz declare that she was with him. That they were married, but any hope he had, died when he saw the look on her face. She was looking at Zan the way she used to look at him.


Liz quickly wiped away her tears at the sound of Max’s voice. She turned to look at him, her voice shaky as she spoke. “How long have you been standing there?”

He walked down the steps. “Long enough to know that Zan still thinks you’re married to him.”

“You were eavesdropping?”

Her question caught him off guard. He nodded, holding up his hands. “I’m sorry. I promise, I wasn’t doing it on purpose.”

She just nodded, hugging her arms around her body. She wasn’t in the mood to hear any excuses. She was too emotionally drained to deal with that kind of petty thing.

Max swallowed hard as he really looked at Liz. She looked even smaller than she usually did, and all he wanted to do was sweep her up in his arms and make her hurt go away, but he couldn’t. It was hard to do that when he was the root of all of her pain.

“I....Tell me how to help you,” he blurted out.

Her tone was gravely, sending shivers down his spine. “You can’t help me, Max.” She looked up at him, her doe eyes full of emotion. “You don’t know how much I wish I could forget everything that’s happened and just let you take me in your arms. But I can’t forget, Max.”

His laughter was mirthless. “Well if you can’t forget, then maybe you can help me remember?”

She raised her eyebrow at him, more with worry than annoyance at his statement.

“I still don’t remember anything that happened before we got to the motel where Kyle was. Everything is.....” He paused trying to find the right words. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair. “It’s like I lost time or something.” He shivered as he fell to sit down on the porch steps.

Almost as if in a trance, his eyes took on a faraway look as his fingers idly strummed against the side rail.

“Oh my God!”