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Title: Answers
Author: PGILLUM486(or c. mccoy{my fanforum name})
Rating: PG(like kids listen or give a damn)
Disclaimer: I don't own Jack
Distribution: Only if it increases my fame
Summary: Now that they have the key to interpret the Destiny Book, what will they learn about themselves? Will they ever know all the answers? Liz needs answers too. What else will she discover about the family she'd always thought of as being just a normal american family?

This is Book Two of the Roswell Chronicles - my own continuation of the Roswell story. To understand what's going on, you need to read my first story 'What Could Have Been'. Feedback is good.

Chapter One

Max looked up from the pages Alex had printed out for him that morning. There were only four of them but there was a lot to read.

He had never imagined there could be so much. The metal book hadn't been that big - only about ten pages - but those few had been crammed packed with information and Alex had only made it through two of them. Even though he emphasized he couldn't be sure, Alex had said it appeared the last page contained maps and directions. To what, he didn't know yet.

Max had thought Alex would be finished with it already but, evidently, it wasn't as easy as he had thought. It didn't help that the guy had been afflicted with severe headaches recently. Probably all that time staring at the computer screen Max thought as lay back on his bed.

He was still getting used to the fact that they were free. No need to leave Earth, no need to save a star system they were no longer a part of, no need to leave the people they cared about. Nothing. As a matter of fact, the book had made it clear they were not to attempt to go home at all.

Neither he nor Isabel could shake the message from their mother out of their thoughts though. She had made it sound as if she expected them to come home. Max wasn't too sure the message hadn't been tampered with after everything Tic-Tac had said about Naesado.

Tess had said he had been against her showing them the pod chamber and he himself had warned them against setting the communicator off for fear of drawing unwanted attention to them. However, the best way to get teenagers to do what you don't want them to is to tell them not to. Had he used that bit of psychology to lure them into a trap? It was possible but it still didn't explain why the Skins had killed him if he was on their side.

Still so many questions. He couldn't worry about them now. There would always be questions. He wanted to find out what the rest of the book said and get back to a somewhat normal life now he could relax a little. He no longer had to worry about being a king or saving the universe.

He could concentrate on his life. Part of that life was coming over the next afternoon. Their parents had been ready to ground them both for life after their recent disappearing act. Liz had saved them both - again. She had apologized for leaving without a word about where she had gone and for pulling Max along. She had explained that she had been in the mood to research her family's history and had gotten so involved they had lost track of time.

He wasn't sure they believed her completely but they had let them off the hook. To add more credibility to her story, she was going to spend the morning with her father and listen to him ramble about their relatives. She didn't expect to learn anything along the lines of what she needed to know but it would ease Jeff's doubts about the validity of her story.

He pitied her for what he was sure she was going to be put through.

* * * * * *

Anyone who saw Liz's face would see one of pure boredom. She had been listening to her father give a long history of their family for almost an hour now. Having her teeth pulled was looking better and better by the minute.

Jeff Parker couldn't see her face but he had watched as his daughter gradually slouched farther and farther in the booth she sat in. He didn't believed she had lied to them - he almost didn't think she knew how - but he didn't think she was telling them everything either.

As long as Max Evans was involved, he didn't expect her to be completely honest. He still couldn't decide if Max was a good influence on her or not. During the time she'd been close to him, he and Nancy had seen her almost overflowing with excitement and than they'd seen her so miserable it broke their hearts - sometimes both in the span of twenty-four hours.

All relationships were like that but this one was more extreme than any he'd ever seen before. It wasn't a comforting feeling. He often wondered what she kept from them - and there was a lot.

"Your great-aunt used to fly around on a broomstick, Lizzie."

He watched her nod. "Mmmmm, is that right, dad?" After a second, he saw her sit up straight and turn to face him. "What did you say?"

"You haven't heard a word I've said in the past thirty minutes, have you?", he asked. "Did you lie to us, Liz?"

Liz got up and walked over to take a seat by her father at the counter. "No, dad, I didn't lie. I'm just not really interested in much you've had to say. It's all been very informative.", she added hurriedly. "I'm just looking for certain details; details that may go back farther than you might be familiar with."


"I don't know.", she said. "Like...weird stuff - of the unexplainable variety."

"Well, your great-great-grandmother had a pet raccoon that could say the alphabet.", he joked.

Liz smiled. "Forget it. Forget it."

"Look,", Jeff said. "The only thing I can tell you is the women in our family all share a lot of the same traits."

"Yeah,", Liz said, leaning forward, intrigued. This was what she'd been looking for. "Like what?"

"They share an uncanny sense of intuition, mom especially, that has served them well. They trust what their hearts tell them. They're also very intelligent. The men in the family have always made the comment that they married way over their heads. There are some traits that aren't so good too."

"What are they?"

"They've all lost their husbands early. Deep depression is something else they share too. I mean, it hasn't been the suicidal type but it's been pretty bad."

"Even grandma?", Liz asked. Her father nodded. "But she always seemed so happy."

"Well, she didn't have it as bad as others did.", Jeff explained. "She did have it though. I hope it's something our family's growing out of. Why do you ask?"

She shook her head. "No reason. I always felt close to Grandma Claudia, like we shared something special - something besides the grandmother-granddaughter thing. I just wondered if there was something specific we all shared."

Jeff smiled and turned to finish restocking the shelves. "I just wished some of it had rubbed off on the men."

Be careful what you wish for Liz thought as she walked up the stairs to her room. She was still sore from her experience in the cave. She could still feel Lilith's sorrow over losing the man who she had loved and the man who had loved her.

She remembered her own experiences with Max too. Each time she had lost him, it had hurt worse than the time before. If she lost him again, would it be the catalyst that brought about her own depression?

Losing him was still a possibility. Max expected them to get back together now that they knew the connection between them was more powerful than anybody would have guessed. There was still the matter of Tess. Future Max had made it clear Tess was not to go too far. They needed her to make a complete unit.

They had to make sure that happened.

*Sorry Tess-haters. She had to stay. TEOTW meant a great deal to me and, unlike JK, I'm not going to turn her evil just to get rid of her when we had proof(ARCC & VLV)that she wasn't. I'm just not sticking her with Max.

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Chapter Two

The noon sun filled Max's room as he sat in his desk chair. Isabel stood beside him, her eyes on Micheal, studying his reaction.

Michael sighed, sat up on the bed and set the sheets of paper down on Max's desk. "Wow." He was still somewhat stunned by what he'd just read. "After all this time trying to get home and here we are."

Max nodded, understanding his friend’s shock. It hadn't quite sunk in for him either. "I know."

"So,", Michael said, putting a voice to the facts he'd just read on paper. "The other set of pods - Zan, Rath, Lonnie and Ava - are duplicates, made to fool Khivar's goons in order to give us a normal life."

"That was the plan.", Max said. "That would help explain why they were so....loud."

"And alien.", Isabel reminded them. "I mean, that's what they were. Every alien we've been introduced as been so cold, so heartless. According to the book - and Naesado - aliens are just humans who have evolved a few thousand years ahead of schedule. I wonder how they became so cold?"

Michael shook his head. "That doesn't make sense though. How can they be human? Their body structure is hardly anything like ours. You saw Naesado's form when we healed him. It was the form always talked about on TV shows and in alien books."

"I thought about that too.", Max said. "But remember, humans are supposed to have evolved from monkeys and, while there are a lot of similarities between the two, there are vast differences too. Who knows what the human race could evolve into given a few thousand years. I guess everything really does have a price, including evolution. In that case, it cost us our humanity."

"Unless something went wrong.", Isabel pointed out.

Max leaned forward in his chair. "What do you mean?"

"What if a natural step of evolution was skipped, Max. There was an author who wrote a book about a group of humans who discovered the secret to Utopia or something like that. Anyway, they messed up because they skipped an important step in the natural order of evolution. That could've happened in real life."

Max nodded. "Makes sense."

"The part about the duplicates makes sense.", Michael said. "Send them to New York to allow them to grow into loud mouth little twits and draw all the attention away from us. You two can debate all that other stuff."

"I imagine my healing Liz threw a wrench into that plan.", Max said. "Speaking of which, she'll be here in a few minutes so...."

He saw Michael and Isabel glance at each other. He'd seen that look at least a dozen times in the past few days when Liz or Tess's name was brought up. He hadn't even seen the latter but once since he and Liz had returned. Tess was avoiding him and his sister and best friend were hiding something from him.

It appeared he and Liz weren't the only ones to have an eventful evening that night. Michael rose and headed for the door, Isabel close behind him. "Yeah,", he said, avoiding Max's eyes. "You and Liz should have some time alone. It's been a long time since you two have had that."

"Yeah,", Isabel agreed. "I'll go see Alex and see if he's got anything else for us. Mom and dad won't be back for a few more hours. You and Liz can have the whole house."

Max walked them to the door. "You don't have to do this, Iz."

"It's no problem.", she said, rushing out the door. "Really."

Alex wrapped the blankets around his thin frame tighter. He wasn't cold - or was he? He didn't feel cold but he couldn't stop shaking. Sweat cast a shiny glean over his face. He was no longer in control of his body. It trembled violently, his muscles twitched uncontrollably.

This was the second time this had happened. It would pass. The last one had. He wished he knew what it was. was. He had had colds before and this was no cold. He had a feeling those headaches he'd been having were also part of this.

He was having strange flashes too. They were almost like memories but they couldn't be. He had no recollection of any of them. He didn't remember Tess meeting him when he stepped off the plane from Sweden, going to UNM or searching ancient languages. None of these things had happened to him.

A knock at the door brought him out of his reverie. "In-in a minute.", he said through chattering teeth.

Isabel waited at the door of Alex's house.

She had heard him answer. He had sounded weird. She hoped he was all right. Liz was the smart one among them but Alex was the brain when it came to the computer-type stuff. She had told Max that she thought they would be better off including him and she'd been right.

He was the only one who could interpret the book that held all the answers to their destiny. That wasn't all though. Since he had returned from his trip, she'd noticed a change in him - one that had drawn her attention.

She had treated him bad before, taken him for granted too many times. She'd made a point not to do that anymore. If he had been around more when the whole Vilondra situation came up, maybe things wouldn't have gotten so out of control.

She probably would’ve pushed him away then too.

The door opened.

"Isabel.", Alex said, obviously surprised to see her. "What are you doing here?"

She shrugged. "I figured Max and Liz could use some time alone so here I am."

Alex swung the door open wider. "Come on in."

Isabel walked by him, brushing up against him as she did. When he turned toward her, she noticed he looked a little pale. His legs didn't seem too sturdy either. "You okay? You don't look too good."

He waved her concern away. "I just didn't get much sleep."

"Alex,", she admonished him. "We want to know what the book says but we don't want you killing yourself over it."

"Hey, you guys aren't the only ones who want it decoded.", he said. "I'm pretty interested in it too. There's no telling what kind of secrets are in there."

Isabel followed as he motioned her to come to his room. "You think so?"

He nodded. "Sure. I mean, the book said aliens are just humans advanced thousands of years. We might learn how they came to be that way. Liz even thinks they may have originally been from Earth. Who knows what kind of things we'll learn about ourselves."

"I guess you're right."

Alex took a seat at his computer desk and brought up the file that had the decoded alien book on it. "I'll show you how this works. Maybe you can help me and we'll get this done faster."

"Okay." Isabel quickly became fascinated with the difficult procedure required to break the alien code.

If she had looked at Alex's fingers as they flew across the keyboard, she would've noticed them tremble when a spasm streaked through them, causing his lips to twitch in a grimace of pain.

Remember guys, check back every other day or so. Unless I get writer's block or something, I'll update regularly.
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It may be Wed. before I have another part up. I'm not quite sure yet.

I don't know when your thread is closed & disappears from the board so I went ahead and created my own author board where all these inter-connecting stories will go after I finish. 'What Could Have Been' is up now.

I had a thought: Has anybody wrote a fanfic about what happened in The End Of The World? I mean, about what happened before Liz changed the future? I may write something like that, something that has nothing to do with the Roswell Chronicles.

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Chapter Three

"Hey, Max?", Liz asked as he walked into the living room, a glass of coke in each hand. "Why is part of this blacked out?"

He set the glasses down on the coffee table. "Well,", he said, blushing. "They're...kind of...personal."

"I thought all of this was-" Looking up, she noticed his embarrassment. Understanding dawned on her, causing her to blush too. "Oh." She quickly changed the subject. "So, is this basically telling you you're not a king."

Max sat down on the couch beside Liz. "Well, not exactly. You might say I have a double identity. On one hand, I'm just a teenage boy with alien powers. On the other, I'm the reincarnation of a great king who many want dead out of fear I'll find my way home and claim what's rightfully mine."

Liz sighed. "So nothing's really changed."

Max took her hand in one of his and, gently, turned her face toward his with the other, forcing her to look him in the eyes. "Everything has changed. If I showed up on Antar tomorrow morning, they would have to give me the throne. But I'm not going to. Even this book says it would be suicide and it couldn't have been written less than a year after Khivar took control. If the leaders at the Summit were willing to deal that was a good indication his hold hasn't slipped much - if any. I'm not forced to leave or even marry a certain person."

"It sounded like your mother expected you to come back and save them in that message.", Liz reminded him.

"Isabel and I don't know whether or not we trust that message or not.", Max said. "Naesado could've tampered with it or completely made it up. Besides, we don't know if she's still alive and it's not worth getting killed over to find out."

He leaned closer to her. Liz could feel every fiber in her body awaken as he came near her. She knew this feeling. She had felt it when they were together with every look, embrace and kiss.

It was different this time though - stronger. His touch burned her skin with a white-hot intensity. They had been through so much. They deserved happiness. "Max..."

"Liz," Max swallowed hard. "When I was in that cave, away from you for so long, I thought...I thought I was going to lose my sanity. I could feel it slipping through my fingers, Liz. That wasn't even real. If I was ever truly separated from you, I...I don't know what would happen to me. I don't think I would make it. I need you."

Tears dimmed Liz's vision. "What are we going to do, Max?"

He shook his head. "I don't know where we go from here." He wiped away a tear as it slid down her face. "But I know wherever it is, it's supposed to be with you."

She shook her head. "But Tess--"

"I don't love, Tess. We've grown closer since--" He stopped and swallowed again, unable to finish the sentence. "But not like that. I told you. She can never be you, Liz."

She pulled away as he leaned closer - but only a little. She was tired of feeling this way. Their time apart had been hard on both of them. Her experience in the cave, her heart, everything told her to surrender to this all-encompassing love once again. The Future Max situation she had examined so hard just four days ago still bothered her. Maybe it would always bother her.

Max pressed his lips to her's. Liz hesitated only a moment before allowing his mouth to claim hers, his tongue drawing hers into the dance they had danced dozens of times before.

Visions instantly flooded Max's mind: the crystal ball, the romance between Dhelmanex and Lilith and the awful pain and sorrow she had witnessed toward the end. The last vision caused tears to well up in his own eyes. The pain almost caused him to break the kiss they had waited so long to share - almost.

More visions flashed through his mind. These weren't from the cave. These were older memories and yet....some seemed too impossible to have happened at all.

Flashes of a broken planet - Earth - whirled by, millions of dead people laying everywhere, he and Liz - an older version - in the Granolith chamber, him warping through time and space to land outside Liz's window, asking for help. Flashes of Liz's attempt to severe the tie between them in order to save the world sent a painful jolt of guilt through his heart over the way he'd treated her before he went to New York.

"Oh, Liz!", he whispered, finally breaking the kiss. "I'm so sorry."

Knowing what he'd just seen, Liz leaned forward, sobbing into his shoulder. "Me too, Max. Me too."

Michael stood at the entrance to Maria's room, staring at the mess covering most of the floor. He had seen disasters like this on television. His own apartment had looked similar when Topolsky had ransacked it looking for the orb.


Her head popped up from the other side of the bed, her long, honey-blond hair covering most of her face. "Yeah?" She sounded like she'd just run a marathon.

"What are doing?"

She took a deep breath. "Well, after our little trip with Laurie, mom bought an answering machine so I could check in if anything like that happens again - which she made clear better not. Anyway, dad called this morning when no one was here. I was going to call him back and I deleted the damn message. I have his number here somewhere. I just can't find it."

Michael waded through the mess, stepping only where he was sure he wouldn't break anything. Gingerly, he sat down on the bed. "Your dad? I didn't know you communicated with him anymore."

"We don't much.", she admitted. That was an understatement. She had only talked to him about ten times in the last ten years. She still blamed him for breaking up their family and leaving her and her mom to rot in Roswell. "He said it was important. I'd like to know what he was talking about."

"You think he's coming back to Roswell?"

"I don't know, Michael. I'd like to find out though."

Michael reached down on the floor, picked up a pair of jeans that looked to be two sizes smaller than the others and reached into the back pocket. Pulling out a piece of notebook paper, he handed it to her.

Maria unfolded it and, finding what she'd been searching for, started making her way through the mess she'd made. "Aliens.", she muttered as she left Michael sitting on the bed.

Sighing, Michael followed reluctantly. He didn't feel as happy as he should for Maria. After all, her dad might be coming home to be more involved in his daughter's life or maybe he was taking a job close by. Michael would believe it when he saw it and not a moment before. People sucked. He'd said before and he'd continue until it became the exception rather than the rule.

Leaning against the kitchen counter, he watched as Maria dialed the number and then hung up a few seconds later. "Your call not be connected at this time. Please try again.".", she said, mimicking the prissy operator's voice.

"Don't worry.", Michael said. "He'll probably call back."

She sighed. "Yeah. Probably. Hey, you talked to Liz today?"

"No,", he said. "Me and Isabel left before she got to Max's. Even though they're dealing with stuff important to all of us, we felt they needed some time alone, especially after what you told us."

Covering her face with her hands, she groaned. "I can't believe I said that. That was like super secret and I spilled it."

Michael hugged her, running his hands up and down her back, trying to soothe her worries. "No one's going to say anything.", he assured her.

"God, I hope not."
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Chapter Four

Isabel and Alex sat on the porch steps of his house. The day had lived up to its billing as the warmest day of the young spring season - at least it did for Isabel.

A deep chill had set into Alex’s bones for the third time that day. She had noticed him shivering an hour ago and it had gotten worse as time had passed. Now sweat was starting to run down his face. His lips trembled and she thought his eyes were starting to become unfocused.

She tried to pay attention to what he was talking about. "--Believe I interpreted four pages in the last two hours. It's like I've been staring at that book for so long I've learned your people's language."

She had to agree with that. They had been working on the book for almost thirty minutes when he had started to mumble incessantly. His fingers had flown across the keyboard at a blistering pace. She had expected to see numerous mistakes in the document. She had been amazed to see every word had been spelled perfectly.

It still disturbed her to think about it. There was something about it that creeped her out. "Alex, maybe we should take you to see a doctor.", she suggested for the fourth time that afternoon.

"I'm fine, Isabel!", he snapped, causing her to jump. Seeing her eyes open wide, he quickly apologized. "I'm sorry. It's just a cold, Isabel. I'll be fine with a little rest." He handed her the copy of the pages he'd finished. "Take these to Max and tell him there's only two more pages left. If I'm lucky, he'll have them by Sunday."

Isabel nodded. "Okay. Just promise me you'll go see a doctor if you don't get any better. I feel bad enough leaving you here alone."

"Yes, mom.", he said, smiling.

She returned the smile and, still having second thoughts, got up and started down the driveway to Max's jeep.

As Alex rose to go back inside, he was forced to grab hold of guardrail to keep from falling down. He picked up his foot only to find it had suddenly grown too heavy to lift.

Isabel noticed his struggles and ran back up the driveway to assist him. Wrapping his arm around her neck, she supported him the best she could. "When I get you inside, I'm calling the doctor."

Struggling for breath, he managed to make it onto the porch. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea."

With that, he slid limply to the ground, dragging Isabel with him. "Alex! Alex!" There was no answer. Convulsions started to send shockwaves through his body. She turned him over on his back to find his eyes had rolled back in his head, his eyelids fluttering rapidly. Sweat seemed to roll off him in tiny rivers.

Shaking him by the shoulders, she called to him again. "Alex! Alex!" He didn't answer. Isabel reached up and ripped the screen door open, almost tearing it off its hinges. Using her powers, she bust through the door. Wasting no time, she rushed in past the splintered mess and, frantically, searched the living room for the phone.

Please, let Max still be at home she thought as her trembling fingers dialed their number.

Max and Liz hadn't moved from the couch. They were afraid any motion, no matter how small, would disrupt this small taste of the way things used to be; not exactly peaceful but as close to it as they dared dream to get.

Max shook his head. The story he'd just heard was the toughest tale he'd ever had to sit through. "I can't believe I asked you to do that. Things must have gotten bad in that future."

Deep down, Max knew he did believe he had done exactly what his future self had: trust Liz with the fate of the world.

Liz nodded. "It did Max. You looked pretty beat up. You - the future you - told me you buried Michael and Isabel just before you came."

Max shivered at the thought of losing his sister and - related or not - his brother. "I think I can believe that.", he said. "One of the flashes I had was one of complete devastation. I wonder what happened?"

Liz shrugged. "You said you couldn't tell me too much."

"Of course,", he said, mentally kicking himself. "That would've been too simple. And why change our relationship? Why have me fall in love with Tess?"

Again, Liz shrugged. Max sighed. "I definitely need to work on my communication skills."

"I keep coming back to a few things you said.", Liz said. "It's been bugging me for about three weeks now." She stopped a moment to make sure he was paying close attention to what she was saying. When he nodded, signaling her to go on, she continued.

"Well, you made the comment that I 'wasn't allowing myself to change'. I have changed, Max. Ava even said that I've been changed. She was obviously talking about the result of you healing me but it's a change. What if I never went through those changes before. You said when we...." She blushed. "You said nothing came between us until The End Of The World. What if we became so wrapped up in each other, we lost touch with the world."

Could they have gotten so wrapped up in each other it had distracted them from missing something to cause that? He knew they could. They had gotten in pretty deep in the weeks leading up to Tess's appearance and they had been taken by surprise - more than once. "While I'd hate to think we became so shortsighted, I have to admit it's a possibility."

Liz squeezed his hand. "Max, I couldn't bear knowing I helped bring such pain to the world. We might've had blood on our hands."

"Maybe that's why I came back.", he suggested. "Maybe I didn't even know why I came back. Maybe I came to give us a wake-up call."

The ringing of the phone delayed any more discussion. "Hello.", Max answered as he picked up the phone. Liz saw an alarmed expression cross his face. “Slow down, Iz. I can't....sick? What do you mean?" Max's look of anxiety only increased as the conversation continued. "I'll tell Valenti to get over there right away."

Max turned to Liz who's own concern showed plainly on her face. "What's wrong?"

"Alex is sick."

Liz was the first one through the Valentis' door.

The rest of the group was already there. Jim, who stood watching Alex from behind the couch like a concerned parent, was the only one to look her in the eyes. The circle they had formed around the couch where the trembling, mummering form of Alex lay opened to allow her to reach her friend.

Placing her hand on his damp forehead, she quickly jerked it away. He was burning up! She tucked the quilts they had already wrapped him in tighter around him. "How long has he been like this?", she asked as calmly as possible. She didn't want to add more stress to the situation by freaking out. Maria would take care of that. "What happened? Isabel!?"

Hearing her name being called, Isabel shook herself out of the trance she'd been in since Valenti had arrived at Alex's house. "I don't know. Twenty minutes? As for what happened..." She shrugged. "He started sweating and having cold chills about an hour and a half ago. Just when I got ready to leave, he collapsed and started rambling incoherently."

Numbly, she took a seat on the floor in front of the couch and grasped his hand in her's, not even feeling his burning skin pressing against her‘s. She looked up at the others, her eyes wide with fear. "We have to find out what's wrong with him."

Liz grabbed her by the shoulders and made her focus on her. "Has anything else strange happened today? We need to know anything that will help us."

Isabel nodded. "Yeah, when we were decoding the book it was like he was possessed or something. He went through four pages in two hours; it was almost like he suddenly understood how to read our language."

All of them glanced at each other uneasily. While four pages didn't sound like a lot, they knew from days of experience, contrary to appearance, each page of the alien book held insane amounts of information. It had taken days for Alex to interpret two pages; four in a couple of hours was incredible - and terrifying.

Liz turned to Max. “You didn‘t read anything in the book saying it would cause harm to anyone translating it not of alien blood, did you?”

Max shook his head. “No. That doesn‘t mean it couldn‘t though.”

Hoping she could learn something from his rambling, Liz leaned over the arm of the couch to listen carefully. It didn’t take long to learn he no longer spoke any language she’d ever heard before.

“Liz,” It was the first time Maria had spoken since arriving at the Valenti’s. “I...I don‘t think we can afford to stand around doing nothing much longer. It sounds like he’s just getting steadily worse by the hour. We need to find someone who can help.”

“Like who?”, Kyle asked. “We can‘t exactly go ask a doctor his medical advice.”

“We know someone.”, Max said, looking at Liz.

No one noticed Tess sitting in the corner, biting her lower lip in nervous anticipation.

Tic-Tac closed the suitcase he’d just finished packing and latched it shut. He had stayed in the same place long enough. He was a cleric of the house Aurora; he had great patience but enough was enough. He had to get out of here.

The world had great beauty waiting to be seen. He had fulfilled his purpose in Roswell. He now knew he’d been right about the girl all this time. She was the key to everything. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell her what they would facing in the years to come. They would learn the secrets of the universe in time. If they discovered them before they were ready, it would put them and everyone else in danger.

Knowledge was slowly learned for a reason. The alien book would overload their brains as it was. Those last two pages especially were doozies.

He was surprised they hadn’t come looking for help already. Before they had left him in the cave, he had told them where he was staying. He guessed he’d got his point across when he’d told them he couldn’t help with much else.

A knock at his door brought a stop to his wishful thinking. He knew it was them before he even opened the door. A pair of worried faces awaited him.

“We need your help.”, Max said before Tic-Tac could even ask what was wrong.

I apologize for this taking so long. I don't really have much of an excuse. Time just kind of slipped by these last few days. I changed my plan for this book a little. This part was supposed to happen in the next book and vice versa but I saw that it would work better in reverse.

I'm going to give you guys a little tour of the inner workings of my brain. You can sort of consider some of this as spoilers but I'm not really going into great detail about any of it.

I'm a 24 year old aspiring writer who is learning from the best sources available on how it's done. I've cut my teeth on the truly great films, tv shows and books out there such as Star Wars, Buffy, Roswell(S1 & a half) and the Drangonlance novels(especially the Weis & Hickman novels).

That's just a small sampling of my influences. I don't like hardcore sci-fi; it's so...impersonal. So these stories will never turn into that sort of stuff.

I started writing fanfiction because I needed to work on something I didn't need to make so perfect and because I, along with many fans, felt JK screwed up a golden opportunity with this show. It's nice to write your own version of reality sometimes.

Anyways, here's some of the ideas that you'll be seeing in future stories: I'm not sure where I'm going with Maria's father yet but he will be making an appearance.

You'll definately be learning more about what's in the Destiny Book, especially those last two pages(it has to do with the Granolith!) The gang is going have more run-ins with the government but it won't be for the obvious reasons(I got a killer idea from the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark and from the show Alias that I just started watching recently. Think scavenger hunters!)

Of course, we'll be meeting the Dupes & Nickolas again some time and I will be introducing the Serena character down the line too.
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I am soooooo sorry this took so long guys. Over the past week or so, I've been using a program called Kazaa to down music & have been burning CD's all week. So, without further ado:

Chapter Five

“How long has he been murmuring like this?”

“He started before he fell unconscious.”, Isabel said. “Do you know what he‘s saying?”

The shapeshifter nodded. “He‘s speaking a rather old language but I understand it. You don‘t want to know what he’s saying, believe me. It would only give you nightmares.”

A bluish-white light radiated from Tic-Tac’s hands as they slowly passed over the shivering form of Alex Whitman. Pulling them back, he shook his head, frowning. “It‘s not physical whatever it is.”

Placing his hands on both sides of Alex’s head, he closed his eyes, concentrating. “You can breathe.”, he told them after a few moments, noticing the complete silence around him. “My mental focus isn‘t easily broken.”

Liz smiled. She wondered if all shapeshifters were so calm. Unlike Naesado, his deliberating attitude was soothing, not at all suspicious or unsettling. She noticed she wasn’t the only who thought so. Everyone seemed to relax at his request.

She saw Tic-Tac’s eyes squinted tightly together. The glow, once again radiating from his hands, flared brightly and began to pulse as if having a life of it’s own. The shapeshifter brought his hands away and moved back.

“Well?”, Michael asked impatiently.

Tic-Tac shook his head, trying to clear the horrible noises still echoing in his brain. “No wonder the kid’s sick. His brain waves are scrambled. It‘s like trying to listen to a bad reception on a radio station in there.”

“What caused it?”, Max asked.

“He‘s been mindwarped - repeatedly.”

Still seated in the corner, her eyes on the floor, Tess felt it as all eyes turned upon her. Looking up, her face locked into a mask of indifference, she faced them.

“Yes,”, she admitted. “It was me.”

“Why?”, Max demanded. “Why would you do this to someone who has done nothing but help make you feel welcome.”

“Welcome?”, Tess asked, a look of disbelief on her face. “None of you out of your way to make me feel welcome - besides the Valentis‘. The rest of you don‘t want me around. You don‘t trust me.”

“Can you blame us?”, Maria asked.

“For not trusting me?” Tess shook her head. “No. I
can blame you for not spending the time to get to know me better - find out what I‘m all about.”

“We did.”, Michael said, growing tired of her incessant whining. “But all you wanted to do is talk about going home or getting Max to fall in love with you. That‘s all we heard all summer.”

“Like you’re any better Aren‘t you the one who fought with Max for so long, wanting to find a way home.” Michael relapsed back into silence. “How was I supposed to know the truth? That‘s why I used Alex. I thought he could find the secret to decoding the book so I windwarped him and sent him to UNM to the ancient indian language Naesado had been looking for. How was I supposed to know Liz had it all along?” She looked at Isabel. “I figured Alex would be good for something besides being Isabel‘s lapdog.”

Isabel instantly jumped to her feet and attempted to throttle her alien kin. Max and Michael quickly grabbed her. “How dare you!”

“What‘s wrong, Vilondra?”, Tess asked, adding more fuel to the fire. “We all know it‘s true.” She turned her attention to Liz. “I‘m surprised Little Miss Save The World hasn‘t got on to you about it.”

The color drained from Maria’s face. Michael and Isabel’s eyes shifted nervously from Max to Liz. Maria hoped Liz had missed the remark. Her hopes were immediately dashed.

“What did you say?”, Liz asked.

Tess didn’t answer.

She didn’t have to. Liz saw Maria’s face and knew what Tess had referred to. “You told them.”

Maria swallowed hard and nodded, her eyes silently begged her friend not to be mad at her.

Michael looked at Tess with disgust. “Nice work.”

Tic-Tac watched silently as all this transpired before him, mentally taking notes. It appeared he should have put all of them through the Xum Tomeri-ki. There was way too much tension in their ranks. That would need to be fixed but not now.

Liz too knew they had more pressing matters. “Can you help him?”, she asked the shapeshifter.

“Yes.”, he said. “I‘ll need everyone‘s help though. Repairing damage done to the brain is difficult under the best circumstances but my power has been drained quite a bit after so many years in this foreign world.”

“What do we have to do?”, Isabel asked. She continued to stare daggers at Tess.

“Form a circle around your friend.” They did as he asked, each couple making sure their partner‘s hand was in one of their own.

Isabel noticed this and suddenly felt very alone. She was reminded of the time Max had been taken to The White Room and how alone Liz had been afterwards. She was forced to take one of Max’s and one of Tess’s. She started to protest touching Tess in any manner but changed her mind. All she cared about making Alex better. If she needed Tess’s help then so be it.

Tic-Tac took only one person’s hand - Liz’s - and left the other free to minister to Alex. “I need you to close your eyes and concentrate. Clear your mind. Think only of helping your friend.” He placed his hand on the boy’s forehead and closed his eyes. He immediately felt the pull of Alex’s mind, trying to draw them into its madness.

He felt Liz’s grip tighten. She felt it too. He imagined they all did. He hadn’t told them the dangers involved in what they were doing. They had enough to worry about. They had dealt with surprises before and had come out whole. They could again.

Even being connected in such a simple manner, allowing him to draw on their life source, could have side effects. Most were mild; barely more than an inconvenience. Some were not, however.

He looked at Isabel. She seemed to be the most emotionally involved in helping the boy. He found this odd. From what Liz had said the way over, she and Maria were the ones with the most to lose if they couldn’t help him. He wondered what had happened to cause this.

As he returned his attention to Alex, he heard the sound of a body hit the floor.

Isabel’s eyes flew open. She was no longer in the Valentis’ house. Was she? She couldn’t really say for sure where she was. She couldn’t really say she was anywhere.

It was dark wherever she was and yet she could see fine - not that there was anything to see. The landscape was completely empty as far as the eye could see. Picking a direction - north she guessed - she started walking.

She walked for a long time, her mind wandering, contemplating everything she had been through. Finally, she stopped, suddenly realizing the length she must have walked. An hour must have passed already in this bleak place but she wasn’t tired.

As a matter of fact, she felt surprisingly fresh. She felt comfortable here but that didn’t matter. The shapeshifter needed her help to heal Alex. That was what mattered.

“Where am I?”, she yelled, cringing as her voice echoed around her. She had thought many times since she started walking that this place reminded her of the many times she’d dream-walked someone.


Isabel whirled around at the sound of a voice behind her, her hand coming up reflexively, prepared to blast whatever it was with her power.

“Hey, hey! Easy.”

A woman stood before Isabel where, she was almost certain, one hadn’t been only a second ago. The woman was older than she was. By how much she could tell; she had to be thirty at the least.

Her long hair was dark red. She was tall too, taller than Isabel even and she towered over almost all the girls in school. The woman was beautiful too. There didn’t appear to be a flaw anywhere.

“I take it you’re new here.”, she said, her thin lips curling into a smile.

“Am I in another world or something?”, Isabel asked, still weary of this stranger. This whole scenario had alien written all over it.

“Something like that.”, the redhead said, nodding. “”You’re in a place called Grea De Fallus: The World Of Dreams.