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Title: Entrance of the Past
Author: lorastar
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing; music is “In the End” by No Doubt, “Movies” by Alien Ant Farm, “Now I Can Die” by Nina Gordon, “By Myself”, “Runaway”, “Paper Cut” by Linkin Park,
Category: Other, M/L
Author’s Note: I messed up the characters and added new ones, sorry, can you ever forgive me? Feedback requested!

Aura lifted her head to the sky. She smiled at the sun whose warmth she was basking in. ‘I’ve gotta admit,’ she thought to herself, ‘I like this place. Roswell New Mexico. It’s interesting.’ Aura slowly brought her head back down and took in her surroundings. Her gaze rested on the UFO museum. ‘Good as any spot to start,’ Aura thought as she walked towards the building.

As she entered the dimly lit building she searched for a friendly face. She found one and quickly sauntered towards him. He looked a little scatterbrained, but nice. Aura stopped and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, startled, to look at Aura. She stood tall and straight at 5 foot 10. Milton quickly took in her appearance. She had light brown shoulder length hair, a pale complexion, hazel eyes that sparkled, a curvaceous body and gorgeous clothes. She wore a pair of black stretchy pants, a green v-neck tank top, a leather jacket, high-heeled boots, and a necklace with a symbol he had seen in one of his numerous alien books.

“Yes?” Milton asked, starring at her pendant.

“Hi,” Aura responded warmly. “Do you know where I could find Liz Parker or Max Evans?” She watched Milton carefully; oblivious to the fact someone was standing behind her.

“What do you want with them?” a voice asked her. Aura turned around quickly to face a 21-year-old female. “I asked what you wanted with them?” The ice princess asked again coldly.

“Ummm, I’m an old friend. My name’s Aura Zanrith. I haven’t seen either of them in many years. I found out they both live here. Thought it was time to stop by.” Aura leaned in and whispered. “I know the secret and I have more information for them.” She figured that if this person was so protective, she had to be in on the secret. Aura paused and then added, “Don’t worry, it’s not a trap. Trust me, please.”

The ice princess stood straighter and addressed Milton. “Milton, I’ll take her. They’re expecting me anyway. Come on Aura.” She stuck her hand out and said, “I’m Isabel Ramirez, Max’s sister.” They shook hands, and Isabelle led her to her car. “Max and Liz live together in an apartment across town. And it’s Liz Evans now.” As soon as the doors were closed and the car was moving she continued. “So, cut the crap. Who the hell are you really? What are you doing here and why? We’re here.” She smiled pleasantly.

Aura gave her a weak grin. “This’ll be fun,” she mumbled to herself and followed Isabel into the apartment building.
Isabel pushed the button on the intercom marked ‘Evans’. “Max, Liz, it’s me. I’m coming up. Be decent, I’m bringing company. She’s someone we need on our side on the never ending war.” Isabel looked at Aura, walked to the stairs and climbed to the third level. Aura followed her closely. Isabel walked into the long hallway and stopped at 3L. She knocked on the blue door and breezed into the apartment.

Aura looked around the room they had just entered. The walls were bright yellow; there was a pale beige couch in the middle of the room and an entertainment center against the closest wall. At the far end of the room there were doors leading outside, covered by long curtains. Outside the doors was a balcony with lawn furniture scattered on the small ledge. A hall went from the right side of the room to the other rooms. Out of this hallway, Max came walking into the room, buttoning his shirt. Aura looked away quickly.

Max walked into the room buttoning his shirt. “Liz, Izzy’s here.”

“Okay, Max, Liz,” Iz nodded to the Liz, who had just walked into the room. “This is Aura Zanrith. She says she has information about our home planet for you.”

Max narrowed his eyes at the girl standing next to his sister. Why when they had realized Earth was their home had she shown up? As Max looked at her, he realized she seemed familiar. He knew her from somewhere, but where?

Aura felt his gaze on her. She lifted her head until her eyes were steady with his. She watched his until he shook his head, and then quickly looked away.

Max sat on the couch and pulled Liz down to sit on his lap. She giggled. Aura was startled by the giggle and looked at the two of them. She automatically got a flash.

A man with a strong face in royal robes tickling a woman in simple dress. Both with looks of love as they leaned in for a quick kiss before looking with admiration and love at the baby in their arms.

“Aura?!” A gentle whisper of a voice shook Aura out of her revelation. Aura looked at the young woman who had spoken, Liz. “Can I get you a drink or something? You seemed kind of out of it there.” She looked concerned at this girl, who couldn’t have been more than 17 years old. Why did she feel like she was responsible for her?
“No thank you. I’m fine. I think you all want to know what I can tell you. Well, Tess is dead. I killed her. I’m not here to kill the rest of the royal 4. I’m here to tell you the truth-“

Max interrupted her gently, saying that Michael, Maria, Jesse, Valenti, and Kyle should be here to hear everything. Liz nodded and went to call everyone from the kitchen.

Michael arrived first. “Okay, Maxemillien. What was so important that couldn’t wait until tomorrow?” His gaze landed on Aura. “Hey, who the hell is she?”

When everyone had finally arrived and settled into the room, Max nodded for Aura to tell them everything. “Okay. Tess is dead. I killed her. I’m not here to kill the rest of the royal 4. I’m just here to tell you all the truth. Tess arrived back at Antar 3 Earth years ago. She was pregnant with the former king reincarnated’s son. Kivar married Tess, much to my disappointment, so he could raise the child and have no rebellion. I was very close to Kivar, I heard and saw everything that was important. I killed her the day after they were married, Kivar didn’t deserve to be close to anyone.” Aura paused and raised her head slightly, trying to look impassive. She continued. “I killed her the day after they returned from their honeymoon” Everyone made a disgusted face at the words honeymoon, Tess, and Kivar in the same sentence. Aura smiled slightly at the disgust on their face. She bit her lip and continued once again. “I took the child to the family I had grown up with, for safekeeping, like my mother did to me. I contacted my friends who are leaders of the rebellion. They used they new developments of travel and got me here.” Aura shifted uncomfortably in her chair. Everyone was staring at her.

Max spoke first. “What is Kivar up to now? Isn’t he going to be mad you’re gone? If you were close to him, what are you doing here, helping his enemies?”

Aura sighed and began speaking. “Kivar is still trying to rule with no opposition. He wants the rest of the Royal 4 dead. He was disappointed when he realized he had lost his Vilondra forever, his hatred spread to include her. I was proud she could resist him. I am the biggest asset either side of the battle could have. I am Zan’s daughter. The princess Aura, that’s why he had me around, for power.” Aura stopped talking and looked at Max.

Max was grasping Liz’s hand extremely tightly. “I’m your father? Who is your mother?” Max gulped hard. He hoped Ava wasn’t her mother.
“You’re not my father. Zan is. I’m not your mistake. My mother is dead. She killed herself. She wasn’t Ava, her name was Mirana. My parents fell in love before Ava was ever introduced into the family. She was a prophet and advisor to Zan. When he died my mother was heartbroken. She took me to a family she knew. Mirana left me this necklace. She went to try and be sent to Earth with her love, but no one would let her go. Rather than wait for him to return to her some day, she killed herself in hope her soul would one day find his again. They’re soul mates. I think she found him, Liz, I think my parents found each other. May I connect with you and find out?” Aura was now watching Liz intently.

Max whispered in Liz’s ear, “I told you we were meant to be together. We’re soul mates, Lizzey, you and me. Together forever and a day.” Liz smiled slightly. Her eyes were shining with unshed tears. Could this be why she felt responsible for this girl?

Liz stood, swaying slightly, and walked to where Aura was sitting. “Connect with me. I want to know the whole truth.” Aura smiled and grabbed Liz’s hand. She led her to a spot on the floor. They sat holding hands and looked into each other’s minds.

In their connection, music reverberated, seeming stuck on one song. It played over and over again.
‘You see in the past I had a dream,
A fantasy,
I though we would last,
Become a little family,
Then one, two, three, four,
The years went flying bye they soared,
And its my gut feeling its not happening for me.’

Aura opened the floodgates of Liz’s mind allowing them both to see the memories of the past Liz, Mirana. Tears poured down both girls’ faces as they realized their true connection and truth. They experienced the love for Zan that would never die. The admiration and joy she had from her and Zan’s creation. They felt the pain and knowledge that her soul mate was dead. How much she had hurt when she had left her daughter to be raised by another family, she felt desperate to be there for Zan forever. And lastly she felt her past end as she killed herself in front of Kivar, knowing she would fins her life and loves ones again.
Then Liz was sucked into Aura’s memories. She saw Mirana and Zan together smiling at their little daughter. She felt her confusion at the emptiness in her heart, and then at being put into a pod for 40 years until 1986. She was terrified when uniformed soldiers who would become her best friends, ripped into her pod, grabbed her and took her, still a baby to the palace. She saw a rapid procession of childhood memories. Aura had always been kept where Kivar could keep an eye on her. She felt Aura’s hatred for Kivar, but how she still wanted him to love her like a father loves a daughter. She felt Aura’s contempt for Tess, and Kivar’s ex-lover Vilondra. She felt her fear, anger, and terror when Tess came to her room in the middle of the night to kill her. She felt Aura’s emotions as she killed Tess and took Max’s child. She knew Aura was emotionless as she put the child in safekeeping and left the planet as fast as she could. Aura glanced back at the palace one last time and could see soldiers streaming out of the palace, probably to find her and bring her back. Liz saw Aura going through Tess’ memories she had stolen and was caught on the names Liz Parker and Max Evans. Liz felt Aura’s happiness at being free and finding her family.

Aura broke the connection and looked at Liz before breaking into tears and hugging Liz like she would never left her go. Soon they had both cried themselves out. Liz was stroking Aura’s hair and murmuring, “I’m so sorry,” “I didn’t know,” and “I never should have left you.”

They all waited patiently for the girls to stop crying and gain control again. When they did, Max was the first to speak. He asked gently, “Did you see anything from your past life? Or just anything important?” He looked at the two girls who now appeared inseparable.

Liz looked at Aura and answered. “We saw everything from my past life. You were right. You are Max’s and my daughter. I feel so horrible at leaving you with some other family. Can you accept my apologies?”

“Mirana had to die. While I wish my parents had never died, they did and they had to. Everything that happened was their destinies, together, and yours. When my mother died, her powers and gifts were given to me. If Kivar wasn’t the rule of Antar, I, like my mother, would be an advisor to the king.” Aura touched her pendant, seemingly drawing strength before she continued.

“Don’t blame yourselves for my messed up life. It was all in the stars, and has been for a very long time. What is meant to happen will happen, there’s no changing it. I know destiny supposedly ruined your lives, but that wasn’t destiny. That was a prefabricated destiny made by rulers and scientists, not people who knew the truth or even what the stars said. Destiny is wonderful. Your souls,” Aura looked back and forth between Liz and Max. “were destined to be together.” She smiled as she looked at the happy couple.

Max looked at Liz and Aura. “I’m glad you found us.” Michael interrupted.

“Not to put a damper on this little reunion or anything, but what about Kivar? He’s bound to know where little miss follow the stars is bound to be. Plus after that stint of trying to get Isabel back-“

“-What? Isabel, what is he talking about?” Jesse interrupted, sending Isabel a confused look.

“Nothing sweetie. Ok, it was something, but I’ll tell you later.” Isabel reached over and patted her husband’s hand reassuringly.

“As I was saying,” Michael continued, glaring at Jesse, “is that he knows who we are. What’s to say he won’t come after her,” he gestured to Aura, “or us?”

Aura sighed. “I had already planned on going back, so that I wouldn’t put any of you in danger again, or at least any more than you already are. As much as I want to stay, I know I don’t belong. For someone who can read the stars, I don’t follow the set plans very well. If I don’t go back,” she sighed, “Kivar will come after me. If he had Tess’ child he could afford to let me go, but he cannot afford to not have a rightful heir for another 40 years.”

Max curiously asked, “What will happen when you get back to Antar and Kivar.

“I will follow destiny. Like my mother, I shall kill myself in front of Kivar.” Aura was trying to appear strong in front of her new family but her eyes were already glistening with unshed tears. “With Kivar ruling Antar, you’re only safe when you are dead. If I didn’t do the job, Kivar would himself.” Her face twisted into a smile of disbelief. “Only…he would take my memories, and ruin all my dreams. I know too many things about the Resistance Movement for him to find out. Everything, all hopes of freedom, would be over, he would have complete control if he knew what I know.”

Aura slowly ran her hand through her shoulder length hair, trying to calm herself and take control of her thoughts.

“No. My daughter will not go back and kill herself like her cowardly and selfish mother,” Liz surprised everyone. “We will fight for you. You are one of us and we will not let you go without a fight. You can help us and we can help you. Deal?” All the other friends chimed in, voicing their support. Aura couldn’t hold the tears back as her father wrapped his arms around her tightly.

Isabel voiced the next problem. “She needs to fit in here.”

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Aura stood on the balcony, watching the vivid waves crash and sparkle as they crashed on the rocks below. A hand stroked her chin and caressed her cheek and neck. She turned face away so she couldn’t see the other person. Her robe billowed around in the cool night breeze.
‘Graffiti decorations,
Under the sky of dust,
A constant wave of tension
On top of broken trust.
The lessons that you taught me,
I learned were never true.
I wanna run away,
Never say goodbye,
I wanna know the truth
Instead of wondering why.
I wanna know the answers,
No more lies.
Paper bags and angry voices,
Under a sky of dust.
Another wave of tension,
Has more than filled me up.
All my talk of taking action,
These words were never true.
I’m gonna run away and never say goodbye.’

She walked away, his hand left caressing the empty spot she had filled. “I know you Aura. You can’t escape me. I won’t be used.” The speaker slipped into the emptiness of night.

Aura whispered into the dark void. “You can’t win. I’m stronger now.”

Aura woke in a cold sweat. She looked around the room she was living in now. The room was dark, an alarm clock on the bedside table. The walls were a pueblo color, the comforter dark green. The wall space was filled with a dresser and bookshelf. The dresser was slowly becoming filled with new clothes; products of her numerous shopping trips with Isabel Ramirez and her new friends. The bookshelf was empty except for her new schoolbooks and a few other books.
Aura had slipped into her new life easily. She was a senior at West Roswell High, working at the Crashdown, and living with the Parkers. Her first day at school was hard, but the students accepted the new girl readily. The Parkers had been resistant to allowing this 17-year-old girl to move in with them, but Liz broke them down. The Parkers had quickly fallen in love with Aura and wouldn’t hear of her living somewhere else.

Aura reminded the Parkers of Liz when she had been 17. Sometimes, when Mrs. Parker would check on Aura, she would find her asleep on the balcony, a journal held in a death-clutch. Aura never let anyone see where she held the journal, just another way she was like Liz.

Tonight Aura had gone to the movies with her boyfriend, Jason. Shouldn’t she have been dreaming about him? Who had she been dreaming about? It had been a month since she had arrived in Roswell, would Kivar start trying to get her back now? Aura thought about how different her life was now. She worked now, and to her surprise, she enjoyed it. When Aura was a princess, everyone had waited on her; she learned to act the spoiled brat part well. Now Aura could be herself.

She loved spending time with Liz and Max. Sometimes when Max had a final and was spending the whole night cramming, Aura and Liz would go to the movies or a club in the neighboring town. They were like sisters, only closer. Theirs wasn’t a normal mother-daughter relationship, but what was normal about the circumstances? Max took her to lunch or dinner every Saturday and asked questions about her life. They weren’t that close, but both were trying hard.

Aura thought back to her dream. Who was it? It wasn’t the first time Aura had had dreams about somebody she didn’t know who it was. In every dream, she would say that she couldn’t be broken, that she was stronger now. Even though she tried to be strong, she couldn’t help be afraid of the man in her dreams. Maybe it was one of her friends in high places, but why would she be afraid of them? Aura shook her head and lay back down to sleep.

In the morning, Aura woke quickly. She bustled around her room and got her outfit together. She picked a pair of dark blue jeans, a white turtleneck, her leather jacket, and high heeled boots. When she was done showering she ran her hand through her hair, drying it instantaneously and ran her hand over her face, applying make-up in one hand motion. Aura checked her reflection, grabbed her bag and ran out of the room. The Parkers were at the table waiting for her.

“Good morning Mr. And Mrs. Parker. I wish I could sit with you, but I have to leave and go to the library. I’ll be back after school in time for my shift. Bye!” Aura rambled as she grabbed a glass of orange juice and a doughnut.

“Aura, dear, what did we tell you?” Mrs. Parker asked. “You don’t have to call us Mr. and Mrs. Parker. I think we can handle to be a little less formal. Okay, dear. Have a good day, see you later.” Mr. and Mrs. Parker nodded at Aura before returning to their newspaper.

Aura smiled at the Parkers. “Sorry, Mom, Dad. How about that? Is that okay? You guys really are like the first parents I’ve ever had.” She looked a little nervous about how they would react. They smiled behind their papers.

“Of course it’s okay, dear. Go, have a nice day.” Mrs. Parker smiled warmly at Aura. Aura hurried to the door, grabbed her purse and keys off the table, and blew them each a kiss. Aura ran down the stairs, out the back entrance of the Crashdown, into the alley, and got into the car she was buying from Isabel, a white civic.

Aura drove carefully to Max and Liz’s apartment. Her dreams were nothing important, but if someone was trying to find her, they deserved to know. She reached their apartment in 10 minutes. Aura hurried into the building and pushed the intercom button.

“Liz, Max, it’s me, Aura. I know it’s early, but I need to speak to you two.” There was no answer, but they hardly ever answered the intercom so Aura raced up the stairs. “God, I wish they would fix the elevator.” She muttered to herself. Aura quickly made her way to their apartment. She knocked, no one came to the door, she rang the bell, and no one came to the door. Aura tried to open the door, it was locked. She checked the hallway to make sure no one was coming. When she was sure it was safe, she used her powers to unlock the door.

Aura ran through the door and looked for her family. There was no one there. A hand grabbed her waist and pulled her quickly into his body. His free hand stroked her hair, and caressed her face, like in her dream. “There’s no one here but us. Disappointed? So was I. I expected the king to be here. Oh well, you’re just as good.” A harsh voice whispered into her ear. “And don’t even think about yelling for help, no one can help.” The owner of the voice laughed slightly, resting his head against her hers.

Suddenly, Aura realized who he was. “Nicky, what are you doing here? Come back for another shot at the king? He’s stronger than you; I thought you would have realized that by now. He knows, he knows that you’re coming. I told him everything. Oh, wow, Kivar gave you a new husk past puberty, huh? Way cool for you.” In her mind, Aura was using her connection to her newfound family to warn them.

Aura? Is something wrong? Liz telepathed to her.
Liz? I’m at your apartment. Stay away from here. Tell Michael and Max to come. I think I might need their help, or at least a little. Nicky, whoops, Nicholas is back. Past puberty this time. Aura telepathed back to Liz.
Okay, babe. Don’t worry, I’m telling Max now. Liz stopped to get help.

“Nicky. As much as I would love to hang around and chat about old times, I have to go to school. People will get curious if I don’t show up.” She turned to watch him as he laughed in her face. Nicholas leaned in and kissed her gently.

Nicholas finally broke the kiss and let her go. “Want to know something? Kivar said I could have you. He won’t kill you. He knows how much I adore the Princess Aura, even if she is too much like Vilondra. I loved her too.”

Aura decided maybe it was time for the old ice princess routine. “Oh, so, you have a thing for princesses then? You know, psychologists could really be able to help you with that problem, Nicky. I don’t know if I like being the second to my aunt. It’s kinda creepy.”

Nicholas laughed. “I can see right through you princess. Your aunt is dead, you’re first now.” Nicky pulled her in for another kiss. “Don’t you remember running to me for comfort when we were on Antar? Or do you not love me anymore, my dear Aura?” Nicky pushed her away and looked at her seriously, his dark green eyes boring into her soft hazel ones. “Here’s the deal. I give you one week. If the king and his beloved family can find my people and me and kill the majority of us, I’ll let you go. If they can’t, you’re mine and they’re dead. Understood?”

Aura’s heart was breaking as she nodded to the terms. She couldn’t stand to be the wife of her father’s enemy. She would have to help them win. They would win if it were the last thing she would do.

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everyone who sent feedback: thank you a million times. I want to get this story up to where it is on the other site I'm posting, I will be posting every day for the next two weeks...I hope. please stick with me. feedback always makes my day better.*wink*enjoy part 3

Part 3

Nicholas disappeared as the sound of feet pounding down the hallway was heard. Aura stood still for a minute before noticing Michael and Max were searching through the apartment looking for something wrong.

When they had searched the whole apartment and found nothing out of the ordinary, they walked to Aura, who still had not moved since they had entered the apartment. Max shook her gently, trying to shake her out of her reverie. She swayed on her feet unblinkingly. Suddenly she screamed and collapsed.

How do you think I’ve lost so much?
I’m so afraid; I’m out of touch.
How do you expect I will know what to do,
When all I know is what you tell me to?
If I turn back I’m defenseless,
And to go blindly seems senseless.
If I hide my pride and let it all go on,
Then they’ll take from me ‘till everything is gone.
If I let them go I’ll be outdone,
But if I try to catch them I’ll be outrun.
If I’m killed by the questions like a cancer,
Then I’ll be buried in the silence of the answer
(By myself)

Max and Michael looked at each other and picked Aura up off the ground. They laid her on the couch and sat on the floor waiting for her to wake up. She did, moaning groggily.

Max spoke to her gently, “Aur, what happened? Why did you need us to come here?”

Aura looked at his concerned face and started crying. The feat seemed impossible. She hadn’t wanted to put them in danger, but now she had. She swallowed, knowing her news wasn’t going to be taken easily. As she was about to speak, Liz walked into the room and rushed to where Aura was now sitting. She hugged her quickly and kept an arm around her waist for comfort.

“Nicky was here.” Aura said quietly, looking at her lap. She didn’t see the looks of confusion the others shared. ‘Nicholas’ Liz mouthed to Max and Michael.

Michael looked annoyed and worried at the same time. He moved and sat on the other side of Aura. He patted her clenched hands and noticed how cold she was. “Aura, look at me.” She slowly lifted her head to look at him in the face. “What happened? Why was Nicholas here? What did he want? Where did he go? We searched the whole apartment and he’s not here anymore.”

Aura licked her lips slowly, putting together all her thoughts. “Nicky was here for me. He wants to take me back. Kivar promised him he could have me if he found me. We made a deal. You guys are the deal. I wish I hadn’t done it, it was bad. I’ll go back with him. I never wanted to put you in any more danger, but I did. Please forgive me.” Aura choked out an apology before bursting into tears.

Michael and Liz wrapped their arms around Aura, trying to comfort and calm her. Max looked at her silently and started pacing. “Max,” Aura looked at him, through her teary vision. “I’ll make it all right, I promise. I can get rid of him.”

Max looked at her and asked one question. “How?”

“I’ve killed before; I can do it again.” She looked straight ahead and all her tears vanished. “I know where he is. If Michael will help me, I can get rid of half his people. Kivar gave him power, and a new husk. He’s not a kid anymore. Nicky and I have a special relationship. He would never hurt me, but he doesn’t know that I would have no problems killing him.”

Max sighed; he hated it when they had to kill. It wasn’t the same as killing an innocent, this was his enemy, but it was killing nonetheless. Michael interrupted his thoughts. “We don’t like to kill. But we can make an exception for Nicholas. How do you know where he is?”

“Nicky and I are connected. I can find him like I can find Michael and Isabel. I can’t explain it. He’s at the old granolith chamber. We’ll deal with him after school. He’ll stay away from you. I scared him off when I told him that you were stronger than him. He laughs, but he knows when he is wrong. I have to go.” Aura explained. She stood waved a hand over her body straightening her appearance and fixing her makeup in one deft swipe. She straightened and walked out of the apartment, giving everyone half hugs. “Thanks for being here for me. I’ll find you after school. I work at 5, I’ll be here at 4.” With that she left the building.

Aura drove to school shakily, leaving her bewildered relatives behind her. She took advantage of the drive to school to settle her shaken nerves.
‘Why does it feel like night today?
Something in here’s not right today.
Why am I so uptight today?
Paranoia’s all I got left.
I don’t know what stressed me first,
Or how the pressure was fed, but
I know just what it feels like
To have a voice in the back of my head
It’s like a face that I hold inside
A face that awakes when I close my eyes
A face that watches every time I fall
So I know that when it’s time to sink or swim
That the face inside is hearing me, right underneath my skin.
It’s like I’m paranoid lookin’ over my back
It’s like a whirlwind inside my head
It’s like I can’t stop what I’m hearing within
It’s like the face inside is right beneath my skin.

Aura quickly pulled into a parking space at school. She took a deep breath and grabbed her belongings. Her ‘Nicky radar’ was saying he was in the school building. She steadied herself and walked into the school. A new couple was making out in the corridor. “Oh get a room.” She said to their oblivious backs. Aura always knew who the newest couples were; her locker was right next to the eraser room.

She grabbed her books, slammed her locker shut and walked to class. As she walked past the shadows, she could feel eyes following her. She peered into the darkness but could find no one standing there. ‘Of course not,’ she thought to herself. ‘In all my dreams, Nicky always melts into the dark.’ She discreetly raised her arm and aimed it at the shadows; they lit up revealing Nicky.

Aura smiled to herself. Finding his hiding spot was going to be no problem. She had no intention of letting Michael help kill him; it was her job. As Aura walked down the crowded hallway, her ‘Nicky Radar’ clicked off, saying that he left the school grounds.

As soon as Aura got through the door to her homeroom her friend Claire ambushed her. Claire was one of the most popular seniors at West Roswell High. People said that she and Aura were like twins. Claire was the same height as Aura, and had the same complexion and eye color. She had strawberry blond mermaid-hair. Even though Claire was so popular, she wasn’t a snob; she was the first person Aura had met at the school, and totally her favorite at the school.

“Aura!! Oh my God! Guess what just happened! No wait; don’t guess that takes too long! Brandon asked me out!!” Aura smiled as her friend rambled about how perfect Brandon was. She took this time and thought about her date last night, as if her friend could read her mind she interrupted Aura’s thoughts…”Oh, I forgot. How did your date with Jason go last night? Any plans for tonight?” Claire tried to wink, but failed miserably. Aura looked at her for a second and burst out laughing.

“Well…as a matter of fact….” Aura started as Jason walked into the room. He walked up to her and put his arm around her waist.

“Hey, baby, I just wanted to tell you I had a great time last night.” Jason whispered in her ear. She blushed and turned around so she was facing him. She leaned up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. She had dated a couple of other guys since she had arrived, but she thought she might actually be in love with Jason.

Jason and Aura walked to their seats to wait for role call. They chatted carefree about how much fun they had had last night. They managed to make plans to see a movie Friday night and to go to the new club outside of the Roswell city limits. It was the grand opening of the club Spirit; it should be fun, everyone was talking about it. When the bell rang to go to first period, Jason and Aura walked out of the classroom in the direction of her classroom.

When they got to Aura’s room, she pulled her hand from his and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He pulled her back to him and kissed her gently on the mouth. She pulled away. “Bye, Jace. I’ll call you later.” She said quietly, smiling. She walked into the classroom and stopped quickly. Sitting in the room was Nicky.

The bell rang and Aura walked calmly to her seat, next to Nicky. “Class, we have a new student. His name is Nick. Everyone, please make him feel welcome. “ The teacher introduced Nicky to the class. He looked at Aura and smiled. “Ok, class. We are starting a new project today. Everyone pair up with the person to your right.” Nicky was on Aura’s right. She grimaced.

Nicky stood as the teacher said to gather materials for the project. He leaned down and whispered to Aura, “Can you still sense me?” He stood again and walked out the door.

Aura walked to the teacher. “Mr. Williams, I don’t feel very good all of a sudden. May I go to the nurses office, please?” Her teacher nodded his head and wrote a hall pass.

Aura walked calmly out of the door. She had no intent on going to the nurse’s office. She ran down the hallway until she reached the door to Jason’s class. She collected herself and walked in. Aura looked around until she found Jason; he was working on his pre-calculus. He looked up at her, and smiled slightly.

Aura walked to the teacher’s desk and stood waiting for him to acknowledge her. When he did, she bit her lip slightly and began speaking. “Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt your class, but I need to borrow Jason for a few minutes. His mom is in the office, waiting for him.” The teacher nodded, and walked over to Jason.

Jason had a look of confusion on his face when he and Aura were outside of his classroom. “Okay, Aura, I love that you came to get me out of class, but what’s up?” She reached over and took his hand. They stopped walking and stood in the hallway.

“Do you trust me Jason?” Aura asked, a smile of innocence playing on her face. She was hoping he would say yes.

“With my life, Aura. I don’t know why, but I do. Now what’s up? Answer me.” He took both her hand and looked into her eyes. Her face broke into a smile as she let go of one of his hands.

“We have to get out of here. I want to show you something. We’ll be back later, I promise. I just want to get out of here. Please come with me?” Jason nodded, his warm brown eyes twinkling. Aura walked out of the school holding Jason’s hand. She walked to her car and climbed into the drivers seat.

They drove into the desert, something New Mexico had an abundance of. Aura parked the car under a group of trees off the side of the road. She sighed and glanced at Jason. She smiled weakly; he was watching her intently.

“Jason, I want to tell you the truth. I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s something different about me.” She paused to look into his eyes; he nodded. “Okay, this is really hard to admit. I’ve only told Claire’ she was cool with it. All right, here it goes. Jace, I’m an alien.” She blurted out quickly. “I’m not evil. I came to Roswell to find the people who used to be my parents. My parents were killed in a war about 50 years ago. Their essences were sent to Earth so the rulers could come back and save the planet. My mother put me in safekeeping, but the ‘evil alien’ who killed my father raised me as his child. I killed his new wife, and escaped Antar. Antar…that’s where I’m from. Well, that about wraps it all up.” She finished her confession breathlessly.

Aura looked at Jason; he appeared to be in shock. Every few moments he would mutter the word ‘alien’. He quickly shook his head and looked at Aura in a new light. She was an alien. Not just any alien, but a princess. That’s cool. He nodded to himself.

“Are…are, are you scared of me? Jace, please say something. Please Jace, tell me you hate me and never want to see me again,” she pleaded with him. Her eyes teared up and the world around her blurred. She stared at her hand in her lap for a long time; while Jason was still processing the information she had told him.

Aura sighed and put the keys back into the transmission. She was about to start the car when a hand cupped her cheek. She turned her head and saw that Jason was looking at her with bright eyes. He moved in slightly and kissed her gently. Aura pulled away and looked at Jason. “So…you’re okay with this?”

Jason nodded and laughed. “I always knew there was something different about you. Aura, it makes no difference what you are. I love you. Do you love me?”

Aura laughed and answered his question. “I love you more than anything on this planet or on Antar.” Aura told him everything that was happening and all the danger knowing her could put him into. Jason accepted everything he was told. When Aura was extremely uncertain, Jason would calm her with a kiss.

Calm, and extremely happy, Aura turned the car on and headed back to Roswell. She glanced at Jason, and gave him a shy smile when suddenly the car flipped.

5 minutes later

“Aura, Aura, are you okay?” Jason asked. “Aura, Aura, wake up!”

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hi everyone. I just realized I never wrote a part 5...oops. here are parts 4 and 6. I couldn't just post 4 because it's too short. thanks for the feedback....always appreciated! enjoy, and drop me a line, please.

Part 4

‘At slow speed,
You’ll seem bogus
Emotion, we seem wrong,
In summer, we can
Taste the rain
Never knew to be free
Don’t worry about me
And just like the movies
We play out
Our last scene
Two can play this game
We both wonder
About the war
Is winter, we can
Taste the pain
In our short years
We’ve come a long way
To treat it bad and throw it away
In our short years
We’ve come a long way
To treat it bad and throw it away
Never knew to be free
Don’t worry about me
And just like the movies
We played out
Our last scene
You won’t cry,
I won’t scream
In our short film
With love and disgrace
Dream a scene
To brighten face
In our short years
We’ve come a long way
To treat it bad and throw it away
Never knew to be free
Don’t worry about me
And just like the movies
We played out
Our last scene
You won’t cry
I won’t scream
(Movies, Alien Ant Farm)

Max and Liz were sitting on a blanket in the middle of the desert. Neither of them had classes today. The sun was approaching the horizon, lighting the sky and clouds to an awesome shade of pink and purple. Liz sighed, taking in the beauty of the natural world.

“Max, why can’t you accept her? After everything we’ve been through, you won’t believe that this girl is the embodiment of our past love for each other. Why? She’s real. Believe her for me at least.” Liz twisted in Max’s embrace to watch his reaction. Max stood up, pulling Liz with him.

Max carefully thought about his words before he spoke. “Liz, she’s another person that we have to take care of and watch to make sure nothing bad happens to. I do believe in her, but I’m scared. We’ve never been faced with the consequences of our past lives, and now I find out I was responsible for your death and the ruination of her life. How should I feel? I am trying, honestly.

Liz nodded, appeased for now. “Okay, let’s go back to the apartment now. She should be there soon.” Suddenly Liz hunched over in half from a terrible pain.

Max rushed over to her and grabbed her hand. “Lizzey, Lizzey, are you okay?” Liz didn’t answer him, her face distorted in pain. “Max, help me,” Liz whispered before she passed out. Max picked Liz and carried her to the car, as he was putting her in the back, she disappeared.

Max looked at the spot she had been before screaming, “LIZ!! NO! Oh my God, Liz.” He whispered. Max’s legs gave out and he fell to the dusty ground. His face hardened. Max got in the car and speed off to Roswell.

Part 6

Jason reached over to check Aura’s pulse; it was beating steadily. He reached into her bag and pulled out her cell phone. Jason quickly dialed Speed-dial #1.

Max heard Liz’s cell phone ringing. He reached into Liz’s bag and answered the phone. “Hello?”

Jason was confused; Aura had told him this was Liz Evan’s cell phone number. Oh well, maybe it was Max. “Oh, uhmmm, is this Max Evans?”

“Yes, who is this?” Max answered; he knew that voice from somewhere.

“This is Jason, Aura’s boyfriend. We were in a car accident, the car flipped-“

Max quickly interrupted Jason, “Jason? Is she okay? Don’t take her to a hospital; I’ll be there in a minute. Where are you?” Max was flipping out. Liz and Aura were both in danger.

Jason looked at Aura again. She disappeared right before his eyes. “Max, we’ve got a problem here. She was unconscious and then she just…she just disappeared….”

“What? D*mn it. Liz just disappeared too.” Max waved his hand over his eyes. “Where are you? I’ll come pick you up.”

“That’s okay. The car’s okay. Should I meet you at the Parker’s? Oh, by the way, Aura told me the truth about her heritage and where she’s from. That’s why I didn’t call an ambulance.”

“Yeah, umm, meet me at the Parker’s. I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Max hung up the phone and called Michael. “Michael, pick up the phone,” he muttered into his phone.

“Hello? Max is that you?” Michael answered his phone.

“Yeah, it’s me. We have an alien related situation. Liz and Aura have both disappeared. Are Maria and Isabel okay? I have to go the Parker’s and pick up Jason, Aura’s boyfriend, he knows the truth.”

Michael was taking in the details. Fortunately he knew Maria was safe, she was in the kitchen of his apartment. “Max, Maria’s safe. Talk to her while I go find Isabel. They’re both gone? Okay, bring the boyfriend here. Bye, Max, here’s Maria.” He handed the phone to his girlfriend.

“Hey Max, what’s up?” Maria dropped the phone when Max was through telling her that her best friend and her best friend’s daughter from another life had both disappeared into thin air. As Maria and Max talked about what could have happened, Michael ran down to his car and drove away.

Michael drove to Isabel and Jesse’s apartment. Isabel answered the door. “Michael? What are you doing here? Is there something wrong? This better be good, I was just about to leave for Psych class. Michael, say something.” Michael looked at her, annoyed.
“Liz and Aura disappeared. Max doesn’t know why. Aura’s boyfriend was there when Aura disappeared so Max is going to pick him up and bring him to my apartment. We’re having a meeting to figure out a plan.” Isabel looked at him, and then she grabbed her jacket, purse, and keys before shutting the door and locking it.

“I’m driving my car. Come on, let’s go.” Isabel speed walked to her car and drove away, Michael following her closely. They got to his apartment in record time. Max and Jason were soon there, as well.

Everyone settled in quickly. “All right, Jason, tell us what happened when Aura disappeared,” Max instructed in his leader voice. Jason nodded and told his story quickly, nervously. Everyone nodded, as they understood. When his story was finished, Max began his. “So that’s what happened. Now why?”

Maria was the first to speak, “Well, obviously it’s Nicholas. He knows that Aura can sense where he is. If we have her on our side, we can easily kill him. But why would he take Lizzey?” Maria was worried about the two girls.

Max sighed and briefly looked at his hands. “Well, I guess I should tell you all this. Liz and I both planned on telling you tonight, anyway. Liz is pregnant. I guess that’s a reason why Nicholas would take her. But how did he take them? I figure they disappeared about the same time….” The pod squad threw around theories before developing their plan.

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here's the next two parts. they weren't long enough to be posted by themselves, so they're together. roswellluver nicholas has these special powers now that he can teleport people, kinda weird, but I needed it to happen. limegreenli yeah, max and liz having a baby. huh, I forgot about that. it doesn't become something big for a while...I think I need to put that in the next part I write. thanks for pointing that out to me again. so here's the next parts, they're a little, little bit funny feedback always appreciated and loved.

Part 7

Liz’s POV

My head hurts. I just woke up. It hurts to think, I don’t think I will. Well…I can’t just lay here. I struggle through the pain to look around the room. Is that moan from me? I don’t think so. There’s another cot, identical to the one I’m laying on, with a hunched form laying on it. I drag myself off the bed, biting my tongue when the room starts to spin.

Five steps…three steps…one more step…I’m there. I look at the cot…of course it’s Aura. I see they got her too. Who are they? Obviously evil aliens, but which ones? My life didn’t used to seem like such a cheesy sci-fi flick…back when I dated Kyle. I guess I can’t really call those the good ol’ days…I wasn’t with Max.
As I think of Max suddenly something clicks in my brain. Light floods in and I feel the soothing comfort of Max. I always feel at peace when he’s near.

“Liz?” He asks, his mind connected with mine.

“Yeah? I’m here. You know where we are? My head hurts. Can you fix it from where you are?”

Warmth floods my brain, the pulsing ache diminishing. I sigh with relief and look back at Aura. She’s still asleep. The only word I can understand of her mutterings is ‘Jason.’ She says it over and over again. I shake her gently…no response.

Max isn’t talking to me anymore but I can sense that he is still connected with me…trying to find out any useful information I have. It’s a waste of time…I just woke up. As I feel Max gently sifting through my mind, I hear footsteps walking down the hallway. A voice starts singing.

“I’m the real shady. Yes I’m the real shady…all you other slim shady’s are just imitating. So won’t the real slim shady please stand up, please stand. Won’t one of those figures on E! stand up…and be proud to be out of your mind. One more time, how does it go?” I snort. Who would have ever expected an evil alien to sing Eminem’s Slim Shady? I wouldn’t, that’s for sure.

The door opens creaking noisily. Well…whoever this guy is, he gets an A for his creepy expectation. The weird thing is…the door opens and no more light enters the room. I lift my eyes off of my daughter to look at our visitor. Hmm, he doesn’t look like I would have expected an evil alien king to look like.

He wears a nametag. An evil alien king wearing a nametag. Go figure. Well, his nametag says ‘Kivar, the great one.’ And I quote on that. I guess this guy has an insecurity problem. I hear Max laugh as he reads my thoughts, guess he didn’t expect his archenemy to wear a nametag either. Guess we can’t make jokes about him wearing one anymore. I think that news just cut down the number of jokes Michael makes…by about one half.

Kivar is tall. He looks like a human. Is h e in someone else’s body or is this really him? I’m not impressed either way. I don’t know. I thought he would ooze evil…he has blond hair and blue eyes. Actually…he reminds me a little of the alien whore Tess. Except he’s taller and has muscles…and the whole nametag thing.

He’s probably a little taller than Michael. He’s got short blond hair with highlights, penetrating blue eyes…ahh, there’s the evil. His eyes are dark, dark blue. His eyes have hardly any white, just dark blue. The pupils are huge…he looks like he could such someone in. He’s a mind raper isn’t he? Well, he looks capable of it.

He’s wearing slacks and a tight dark blue shirt. His shirt shows the guy has muscles. He looks at me and stops singing. I guess he feels he needs to explain…so he does,

“This body was listening to that song in the car. Eminem. Do you like him? His lyrics are very…truthful.” Kivar looks at me. Max tenses even in my mind. I’m glad he’s there.

“I highly doubt you brought me here to discuss early 21st century music. Why am I… why are WE here?” My voice sounds braver than I really feel.

Kivar looks me over and laughs. His laugh is abrasive, I shiver. “Still the observant one…my little queen. I’m observant too. I brought you because…well, I’m not going to tell you. Yet. Ahh, the young princess is still sleeping. I thought she might be.”

I look at him. There are only three beings in the universe I hate. Tess, Nicholas, and Kivar. No I better make that four beings…I hate Pam Troy too. I shake my head to make myself stay at the subject at hand. Wait…why does he think she’d still be asleep?

“What do you mean? Did you do something to her? Why is she still asleep? Answer me damn you!” I don’t like cussing, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Kivar looks at Aura and then back to me. He laughs again. God, I wish I could wipe that stupid smirk off his face.

I’m surprised Kivar doesn’t know what I’m thinking. Or maybe he does, maybe he’s amused by it. “I put her to sleep for a little bit. I don’t know why I didn’t just kill her. That seems fit for a traitor. But don’t worry, Mirana, she’ll wake up when she can’t be a threat anymore.”

Hold on…Mirana. I’m not Mirana, well, not anymore. I hate being called that. Max calls me Mirana, but only to tease me. Whatever, why can’t these beings ever get our names right? “Hold it right there Buster. You wake her up right now. And, my name is not Mirana, it is Liz. You remember that now.” I grimace internally when I hear my voice. My voice has betrayed the fear I tried so hard to cover. Max tries to comfort me.
Kivar laughs again; I wish he would knock that off. “Mirana, you’re still the same. A little headstrong and very protective. This is my game now. I know you’re just bluffing. I know these things.” He taps his head and smiles at me. He turns around and I can still hear him laughing. At me, an evil alien is laughing at me. I would mock him or pull a Maria, but I like being able to decide when to be awake or asleep. I think I’ll keep quite…for now.

“My captive queen…I’ll be leaving you now. I’ll be back. Sleep tight.” Is he going to make me sleep? No, he just turns around and walks out the door. The door handle glows a dull red. I sigh…I’m locked in here again.

Part 8

Max’s POV

Liz thinks a lot doesn’t she? It’s part of her charm. I could feel her distaste and distrust of Kivar. Now that he’s gone (from the room) I guess I should try to talk with her.

“Lizzey? Sweetie? I’m still here. Let’s talk.” This whole telepathic communication thing is great. It comes in real handy when someone gets abducted. I’m being sarcastic…but I’m not.

“Max? I hate to admit it, but, umm, I’m scared Max. What’s going to happen? Please tell me you have a plan.” Even though I can’t physically see Liz, I know she’s shaking. I send her a telepathic hug. She calms down a little.

“It’ll be okay. Everyone knows about the situation and we’re working on a plan. As soon as we figure out where you and Aura are we’ll be coming to get you. Liz? You have to listen to what I’m going to tell you. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” I need her to be a spy on the inside. Our lives need a little normal. Sadly this is semi-normal for us. The whole fighting evil aliens part anyway.

“Okay, sweetie. You can’t use your powers while you’re in there. I don’t know if they know if you do or don’t have powers, but I don’t want to take a chance and let them know. Please, just do that for me.” I’m pleading with her. I know it’ll be hard for her to remain passive, but I just want to keep her as safe as I can.

Liz sighs and agrees to what I ask of her. “Max, hun. I have a little problem. Well, make that a few problems. 1) Kivar put Aura to sleep and I can’t wake her up without using my powers. Could you take care of that? 2) I’m being kept hostage by an evil alien king wearing a nametag and 3) I have to pee.”

I laugh, I can’t help it. When Liz has to pee she does this funny little ‘internal potty dance.’ She’s too cool to show the whole world. Still…it makes me crack up even after three years of dating her. She smacks me inside her head. I guess I should be nice and not laugh…but it’s funny.

“Okay. I can try to connect with Aura and wake her up. I don’t know if it will work, but it’s worth a shot. 2) We’re all working on getting you out of there. And…I don’t know how to help you with your third problem.” Liz has a tendency to need a bathroom when she gets nervous. It’s kinda inconvenient.

“I heard that, wise guy. I don’t want to ask a guard to take me to the bathrooms; I don’t want to leave Aura alone for that long. Not that she’s awake, but still.” Good…I didn’t want her to ask a guard to help her out; I don’t trust anyone there not to hurt Liz and Aura, Aura especially.

“So, Maxie, maybe you can help me out a little bit. Maybe you could ummm…” She’s embarrassed about whatever she’s going to ask.

“What? Maybe I can what? Talk about waterfalls?” She smacks me again. “No. Maybe you could somehow take my pee and put it in you so that you can go to the bathroom for me.” She spit that out. I don’t laugh. I want to, but I don’t do it.

I sigh. “Okay, I’ll try. Relax.” I concentrate on taking her need to pee. Suddenly I need a bathroom VERY badly.” I can tell Liz is laughing gleefully.

“Liz. I gotta go! Bye! I’ll wake Aura after I go…” I give her a quick kiss and disconnect. Damn I have to pee. I run into the bathroom and relieve myself. Whew, I feel a lot better now. Everyone is sitting on Michael’s couch when I return. I tell them everything I just learned from Liz, it doesn’t take long.

After our group discussion I go into Michael’s bedroom and lay on the bed again. I reach out in my mind and try to connect with Aura. I find her quickly and she doesn’t fight as I enter her mind. I looked around and was stunned by what I found.

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limegreenli thanks for the feedback...I tried to make that part somewhat funny...internal potty dance...don't you hate it when that happens? I do. here's the next part. next part up tuesday...or if I'm feeling nice...tomorrow.
Part 9

Aura’s POV

It’s peaceful inside my own mind. I want to wake up, really, I do. Whenever I try I hear this voice inside me. It tells me to stay asleep…that as long as I do no one will get hurt. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. So I stay asleep. Plus it’s nice to sleep.

There’s a tickling in the back of my mind. I look up…Max is standing there…watching me. He looks shocked. Why? What did I do wrong? I look around. The only strange thing I see is the memories playing on the wall of my mind.

Memories flash by so that I can hardly register what they all are. I notice that some of them aren’t mine. I realized I had a gift when I was young. I can steal people’s memories. I don’t like to, but I can. That’s how I found out about Max and Liz.

I watch my father as he sits down. He stares at the flashing scenes and then turns to face me.

“What are all those? They aren’t all yours are they?” He asks me quietly, stupefied.

“I’ve accumulated them throughout the years. It’s a special power I have.” I can’t read him. Did Liz send him here?

Max shakes himself out of his reverie. He looks at me and shakes his head. “Liz sent me here. She’s worried about you. She wants me to wake you up. I think she’s lonely too.” He smiles slightly. I knew Liz sent him here. I don’t think he really cares what happens to me. Should he? Aren’t I just a problem from his past that he has to deal with? Maybe to him, but I’m a lot more.

“I can’t wake up Max. I try, but this other voice tells me to stay asleep. Is Liz okay? They haven’t hurt her have they?” I look at him. I want to plead with him to let me stay where I am…to not make me go back into the world where things hurt.

“No. Da*n it Aura. You want to know how people are, you wake up. You can wake up, just try.” He turns around quickly. He’s mad at me. I know he is. I don’t want him to be mad. What kind of a ruler will I be if I can’t deal with other rulers?

“Fine…if you’re so smart, tell me how to wake up.” I challenge him with a long hard stare. Is this a smart thing to do? I know he wouldn’t hurt me…but still. Max walks towards me slowly. I can tell he’s breathing deeply, trying to calm himself. He reaches out and puts his hand on my arm. A jolt of energy tears through my body. I jump and scream…

…I’m awake. He did it. Liz is here. She’s sad. I can tell. I want to comfort her. I sit up, it hurts. Liz is sitting on a cot facing away from me. I stand, ouch. Two steps…one step…I’m here. I reach out and put my hand on her shoulder. She turns around.

Liz has been crying. It makes me mad. Kivar is going to be sorry he made my mother cry. Even if she isn’t my real mother anymore…he’s still going to pay. Rage spreads throughout my body. She stands and hugs me. I’m scared. I cry. Liz holds me as I cry. I’m glad I came…I’m glad I found Liz and Max…now I want to keep them.

Part 10

Maria’s POV

How am I supposed to sit here and plan for my business management class when my best friends, her unborn child, and daughter from a past lifetime are being held against their wills by evil aliens who want them all dead? How am I supposed to remain calm? I guess somehow I believed these life threatening situations would get easier with time…I was wrong.

Calm down Maria, get a hold on yourself. Breathe…in…out. There, good. Maybe some music would be good right now. I rise to get my favorite c.d. and put it in Michael’s c.d. player. It’s already there. Guess he expected me to need it. I press play and sing along.
“Well, I remember, I remember don’t worry,
How could I ever forget?
It was the first time, the last time that we ever met.
But I know the reason why you keep the silence up,
No you don’t fool me.
So the hurt doesn’t show, but the pain still grows.
It’s no stranger to you or me.”

Max chose that moment to walk in. His face shows so much pain. This is hard for us all…but especially Max. His head is downcast as he walks over to Michael’s couch. I walk over to and sit down. He looks at me briefly before sitting next to me. I pull him down so his head is resting on my lap. I try to comfort him…stroke his hair and murmur comforting sounds. He cries. The king cries.

I can’t control the tears that now flood down my face, splashing on Max’s dark hair. We can’t do anything to get them back until we find out where they are. Michael is going over all the information we have accumulated on the bad guys so we can figure out where they are most likely to be. Probably the cheese factory. Ever wonder why most our dangerous showdowns happen at factories and warehouses? I have. It’s kinda weird fighting for your life when mice are eating remnants of moldy cheese.

But I digress. Max seems to be calming down a little. He sits slowly and I hug him to me. Sometimes you just need a hug, you know? I know. He retaliates with a warm hug. Hugs are nice…very comforting…and that’s what we all need now. Liz needs a hug…I hope Aura is hugging her. I’m sad when I think of them…we need to get them out.

I sigh and pull away…I’m not ready to…but we need to plan. “Max…what are we going to do? How are we going to get them?”

I feel bad for pushing Max, but he is the leader and we need to be lead right now. We need a lot of things, but we still need to get them out. Max looks at me and sighs. He bows his head again. I want to comfort him more, but we need (there’s that word again) to figure out our plan. Plans are good. Liz would, sorry, will be proud of me to know I wanted a plan.

“Rescuing Liz and Aura is our first priority. Second, we have to kill Kivar and Nicholas. I think Aura can take Nicholas out with little or no problem. She was trained on how to use her powers, but the rest of us will need to work together to take out Kivar. We can’t just barge in there; we have to have an element of surprise. I don’t want anyone to be used as bait…but we may have no other choice. We’ll have to send someone in to see what we’re going up against…and work from there.” Max says slowly…I guess he’s been thinking about this for a while.

I pat him on the back and say, “Good boy. That’s a start. So Liz and Aura will be our best bet for espionage. I’m thinking Aura because Liz is a little demure. But then…no,” I shake my head to clear it. D*mn thoughts are cluttering my head all up.

He looks at me, a little amused grin showing on his face. “You think about how you want to work this plan, and I’ll go see how Michael is doing on finding a location.” Max tells me. No…I want to come and see his progress too. Max rises and walks out the door into the kitchen; I follow him, surprising him. I know he’s surprised because stops, looks at me, and has a surprised expression on his face. Haha…comedic relief. No? Okay, no.

Michael has maps sprawled out on all the counters. Little red dots float on top of them all. I guess their all places they could be being kept? There are sure a lot of them. Michael opens his mouth to speak. He hasn’t looked at either of us. Whoops there went his head.

“Liz and I were going over all the deserted places in the county where aliens could be kept. You know, old government stations, warehouses with secret labs built underneath, we even checked out a couple convenience stores.” He has a slight teasing smirk on his face as he looks at Max. Max is standing stoically, leaning against the wall staring at the maps. His face shows no emotion at the jest. Michael sighs and continues. “We found a few places we should go check out, like now.”

Max nods. I sneak a peak at the list of places to check out. Yes, my suspicions were right…the cheese factory is the second on the list. Look out mice and moldy cheese…here we come.

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Part 11

Jason’s POV

Okay, this is what I’m thinking. This is some crazy shit. First I find out my girlfriend who I love with all my heart is really some alien princess from a planet God knows where it is, and know I find out some freaky evil aliens have kidnapped her and her earth mother. So…am I the only one whole finds that whole spiel a little disturbing? I didn’t think so.

So here I am, preparing to work with a group of people I used to see around high school. I was a sophomore when they all graduated. I used to think they were all part of some weird freaky cult…or something. I think I kinda even envied them…they were so tight and everything. Sooo…the group? Yeah, Kyle Valenti. I used to look up to him and admire him so much. Then he started hanging out with the group and his reputation went, well, phthh. Rumor had it he fell in love with some whore Tess, she left and stole his heart, hasn’t been the same sense. What a pity, he was a great ball player. Isabel… man did I have a crush on her. Sure she was a you-know-what, but I always asked God what that Alex Whitman kid had that I didn’t. Probably two years. Man isn’t life cruel? Max…well, he just scares me shi*less. The dude practically bit my head off; I guess he’s just a little overprotective. I guess I’m least surprised to know Geurin is an alien. Everyone knew that guy was a little off. But, jeez, all our guesses were off…an alien second in command.

This whole thing is a little overwhelming. Nevertheless, I want to help rescue Liz and Aura. I really do love Aura with all my heart. It’s a lot to comprehend, but I would go through the depths of hell for her…I love her that much, and I will never let her go. I love her. I’ve never told anybody I love him or her, except for my parents and sister…but not my girlfriend. Aura just makes me melt, and become a different person. It’s just like that poem “I love you for not only who you are, but what you make of me.” I always liked that poem. Can’t for the life of me recall what it’s called. I love you? Is that it? I don’t know.

Anyway, we’re in our cars right now, trying to find the place they could be being held. I’m on route to the cheese factory. I laughed when I heard where I had to go. Michael’s with me. I guess they thought I needed some protection. Kyle’s in the car with us too. Is he protection too? He’s kinda rash sometimes, isn’t he? I don’t know. Maybe I should take this time to get to know these guys. Or maybe not. Oh, look, there’s the cheese factory. I park the car. They look at me. Umm, I parked about a mile away.

“Ohh, I thought you would want to like umm, sneak up, or something?” Great going Jason, sound like a blubbering idiot. I’m not, honestly, I swear I’m not. These guys intimidate me just a little. Okay, that was a lie, they intimidate me a lot. They’re still watching me. I sigh and pull the car up until we’re right outside of the factory. They get out of the car.

I take a deep breath and get out of the car myself. Michael and Kyle are walking towards the factory. They peer through the dust-encrusted windows trying to detect any activity inside. This whole thing seems a little creepy to me, but I advance towards the building. I open my mouth to call out to the guys when suddenly a slight hand clamps over my mouth with a strange strength. I’m gonna assume that this isn’t one of the guys…especially since they’re still looking through the damn windows.

I try to move, but I can’t. This must be one of those damn evil aliens. Maybe I can try and bit her. Nope, frozen there too. I scream with my mind. Ooh, interesting. Michael finally turns around. He pats Kyle to get his attention and they slowly turn around to face me and my mysterious captor. Michael raises his hand to point it straight at us.



Well, here we are. Peeking through the windows of the cheese factory. How many years have I been involved with this group? 3 years? Must be. Actually…this trip to the factory wasn’t so crazy after all. There are people moving around in there. Humans? Nah, why would a human be at the decrepit cheese factory? Wait…don’t answer that. I can tell these figures aren’t humans by looking at them. Well, more like their eye. Hardly any white, just all the colored part. I learned what it was in class, but I forgot. Oh, well, screw it.

So here I am watching the people with funny eyes when all of a sudden Michael is telling me to turn around…slowly. So I do…slowly. And what do I see? The newest member of the group being held motionless by what I can supposedly say is an alien. Yeah…why is it the newest member of the group is always the dumbest? No…wait…don’t answer that one either.

Anyway. A girl is holding Jason with a hand over his mouth. Well, a young lady, sorry, always got to be politically correct. Uh-huh. She’s got her hand over his mouth and the other on the back of his neck. She’s tall. A little shorter than Aura I would suppose, about 4 inches shorter than Jason…and yet…he’s like a little baby incapable of moving. Huh, go figure.

Michael is reaching his hand out…not to help, to blast the alien I’m supposing. Jason is replaceable huh? Nah, don’t think the princess would like that much. Hopefully this mystery woman will speak before Mikey does something rash. Rash…Rath…Hahaha, the similarities…go figure.

The woman opens her mouth to speak. Observant aren’t I? I thought you would see things my way. “Where is the princess Aura?” Okay, either we’re dealing with two sets of aliens, or this one is very uninformed. Michael has a quizzical look on his face. I think I’ll let him deal with this little situation.

“We thought you had her. Who are you? Let him go. He’s just a human.” Huh, I thought we had all gotten over this whole ‘just a human’ thing. Oh well, if it helps save my life, I’m just a human. Somehow I doubt that would work. Please, Kivar, don’t kill me. I’m only a wittle, pathetic, human. Please, sob, sob, sob. Yeah, uh-huh…no.

The woman looks upset. I wish I knew her name so I could stop calling her ‘the woman.’ She looks at me. Is she melting? Oh, yeah baby, you want me. You know it.’ Huh, what did I do? Why is she laughing? Oh shit, she can read my mind. Pretty sure I’m blushing right about now.

“My name is Serena. I’m the princess’s protector. Well…at least her underground resistance protector. I don’t know how she got away from us. And…no one is ‘just a human.’” She stopped laughing at me. Ooh, a wink…score. She releases Jason. Does he faint? No…I guess he’s a little stronger than what I gave him credit for. He just stands there. Loser.

Okay…there he goes…walking towards us. Maybe my judgment was a little harsh…he’s not a loser…just inexperienced to the worldly ways of dealing with aliens. He faces Serena. I think he’s a little mad.

“You let my girlfriend escape a planet and you don’t know how she did it? If you’re her protector, why didn’t you protect her when she got kidnapped by these Nicholas and Kivar characters?” Told you I thought he was mad.

Serena looks at him, embarrassed. I guess the whole subject is still a little sore for her. She takes a deep breathe and looks at Michael. I guess it’s not hard to tell who the leader alien of our group is. “You’re Rath…Michael, whatever. I have come to help kill Kivar and to get our princess back. I can explain everything…and I will. I would prefer to only explain once so…take me to your leader.” I am dumbfounded. Why did she say that? It’s just too funny. I think she knows that…she bursts out laughing.

“Sorry…I always wanted to say that. Now…seriously. I need to tell everyone the same information at the same time as soon as possible. The sooner everyone knows what I know…the sooner we can get rid of the evil ones. Okay, I sound too much like a bad sci-fi flick…so can we get this show on the road?” I like her.

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Okay, so here I am…searching for the princess I let slip through my fingers to a whole other planet. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? It wasn’t my fault. I let the new guy protect her while I was at a board meeting. We were working on our next project to get Kivar out of power. See we all work together to overthrow Kivar so that Aura can be the new ruler. She might not be the best candidate…but she knows how things work and she’s strong willed and cares for the best for each and every citizen of Antar.

At the beginning all the underground people wanted to find Zan and bring him back…but we worked on their resolve so that now they can see that Aura would be a better candidate. Now…we need a stronger power than what even she can produce. We need Max, Michael, Isabel, Aura, and Liz. Altogether they will be invincible. But first Kivar and Nicholas need to ‘fall of the screen.’ (A euphemism for death)

I figure the powers of Max, Michael, Isabel, Liz, and me can work together to kill Kivar…but Aura has to take out Nicky all herself. Not so much because she is the only one who can…she isn’t. But…she needs closure. Nicky and her were pretty close for the past year on Antar. But that wasn’t really her; that was who she was pretending to be. I’m glad that facade has crumbled.

Let me explain how I know about Earth and their sci-fi flicks. Aura used to gain access of them and watch everything about the customs they had. She had a friend who was sent to live on Earth with his parents. About three years ago he stopped contacting us. We think he’s dead. His name was Alex.

Well, now it’s time to share the plan and get rolling.

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I’m bored. It gets lonely sometimes, being the evil tyrant no one wants to just hang out with you. Honestly, I’m a pretty decent guy, keepin’ it real and all. I’m trying. I want to be liked, it’s just so damned hard sometimes, like when I’m declaring that the royal leaders must be killed. Wonder if I can get Liz to like me.

I’m still bored. Let’s go see what the prisoners are doing in their spare time. I sigh…and rise off my lazy bum. Come on Kivy…put on your happy face…and nametag. I think I have a problem with insecurity…and Cheerios™ I love those things. Yum. Three bowls a morning.

I open the door…I step out of the door…I close the door. Such awe-inspiring activities I do. Maybe I should have a servant whose job is just to open and close my doors. Maybe that would make me feel better about myself…maybe…but doubtfully. I put my hand in my pocket and pull out…cheerios. I’ve been walking as I’ve been thinking so I’m at the chamber where Aura and Liz are being held. Ooh, goody…they’re both awake. Yeah! Fun time! I think I have that multiple personalities syndrome.

I open the door…step through the door…and close the door behind me. They cower when they see me. Darn it…more people afraid of me. They it up straight and I smile…they make disgusted faces. What? Do they think I’m here to hurt them or something? I’m not. I want to play. I’ve been watching whose line is it anyway.

“Do you two want to play a game? It’s not dangerous. No odds you have to beat for your life. Just an old fashioned whose line is it anyways game.” They look at me curiously, as if to see what the catch is. No catch I swear. No catches when I’m bored. They’re still looking at me.

Aura is the first to speak. “What game are you talking about?” I chuckle…do I sound like an evil tyrant? Not in this personality anyhow.

That game where one person has to guess what the other people’s occupation is from the actions and answers they give. Okay? I swear…there is no catch.” They look at each other…I think they’re a little bored too…they nod at me.

“Okay…” hey world…this is me. “Liz can guess what you and I are, Aura. Come here and let’s figure out what we are going to be.” She nods imperceptibly and walks towards me with little hesitation.

I want to be Eminem…and I tell her so. She looks at me and shakes her head disapprovingly. Why? What’s wrong with Eminem? Did I mention I left the guy whose body is stole in here with me? I did. I thought I wouldn’t get as lonely that way. I think he’s a little afraid of me. But now he speaks up.

‘Dude…calm down with the Eminem thing. Not everyone likes him…not a very good way to score with the ladies if you know what I mean. Be a little more, umm, down to earth. Play an obsessive orthodontist. That’s a little hard…and Aura can be a…a janitor who is aspiring to be a ballet dancer.

That’s good. Really it is. “Okay, Aura, I changed my mind. You are an aspiring ballet dancer…who works as a janitor. And I am an obsessive orthodontist. I like this game…it’s fun. Okay let’s go play. We walk over to where Liz is sitting; I pretend not to see the worried looks Aura is giving me.

Liz looks at us and sighs. Okay we’re ready to start. “Bachelor number one…” (that’s me hehehe) anyhow… “If it was our first anniversary…what would you buy me?” Liz asks as her first question. Easy one… but I stare at her mouth as I pretend to think.

“As I answer I continue to stare. “Such straight teeth you have, my dear. As for the answer to your question…I think I would buy you the newest toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and healthy foods that won’t damage those beautiful teeth. Teeth have to remain perfect…that’s my whole goal in life.” I move around and look obsessed. Aura laughs.

Liz looks at me again. “Okay…I’m gonna go with my gut assumption and say you are an obsessed dentist.” Close enough. “Bachelorette number two…same question.” Aura is a good actress…I guess she found her passion in life. I tune her out though…I hear laughing…but it’s more fun when I am in the spotlight.

I stand…assuming my hard, evil tyrant face again. Have to make them fear me…even if I am a teddy bear. NO I AM NOT!! I AM EVIL!! I AM MAN!! HEAR ME ROAR!! RRROOOOAAAARRRR!!! Time to go. I stand… walk to the door…I open the door…I walk out the door…I close the door…I lock the door. I walk to my room and repeat the steps…time to work on an evil plan.

Part 14


Okay…that was a little odd. Kivar really hasn’t turned out to be what I thought he would be. True…I can tell he is evil…but I can also tell he has a lot of issues. Liz and I have been silent, just staring at the wall since Kivar left. I look at her and she looks at me, and we…burst out laughing. True the laugh is mostly nervous, but it’s good to laugh. I would say it’s all good, but come on, I’m being held captive by an evil alien with a ton of insecurity issues. Plus this alien hates me for joining my parents after he raised me. Hmm…go figure.

Okay…this really blows, you know? I really wish we had a way to communicate with someone else, or a computer or something. I think I’ll tell Liz about my friend Alex. He was really special. I would’ve married him when we got older if he hadn’t of died. Don’t get me wrong…we didn’t really like or love each other like that…but it was better than our having some other arranged marriage to people we couldn’t stand.

“Liz? Can we talk? I’ll tell you a story about one of best friends? I just need to talk about something.” Liz looks at nods and me. We both sit down on the cot so we can lean against the wall. She looks at me expectantly. I take a deep breath.

“I had this friend on Antar. He was really my only true friend. His name was Xander…well, actually I called him Zan, it made him feel like a king. He was your age…pretty cute but kind of awkward. He was tall and gangly, he loved music, and he loved finding information about my family even though it was forbidden to do so. He loved the danger…even though he was only nine years old.” I smile…a wistful smile.

Liz looks at me, and speaks “What happened to him?”

I sniff, it hurts to think about him too much, but I need to. “He and his family were sent to Earth. They were supposed to find out about what happened to the Royal Four, and Xander was supposed to help me learn about Earth culture and such. He did so for a long time, until about 2001. His parents contacted me and told me he died. I didn’t believe them…I still don’t. I don’t know what happened but I’m going to find out, if it’s the second to last thing I do.”

“Second to last?” I already have a last thing to do…kill Nicky. “I had a friend that died in 2001 also. His name was Alexander Whitman. Tess killed him. I was obsessed about finding out what happened. Tess mindwarped him when his brain was too weak and made it look like he had been in a car accident. You know what I think?” I look at her. “I think Xander and my Alex were the same person. DO you still think that he is alive?” I can tell she thinks he is alive…but I would be able to tell if he was dead or not. I can tell he’s not dead.

I nod, “I know it sounds crazy…but he’s still alive. We formed an unbreakable connection before he left for Earth, so that we could tell when something was wrong with each other. I would know if it broke…or if he died. I WOULD KNOW. And I know he’s not dead…he’s still alive. I can feel it.” This is a delicate subject. Liz frowns at me, why? Didn’t she do the same thing? I’m not crazy. Honestly I’m not. I swear. Stop looking at me like that, Just kidding…sort of.

Liz and I sigh at the same time…it’s silent again. I’m going to take a nap.



‘Help me’