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Title: A Paradox of Revenge
Author: Sheri aka kittens

All Eps, but specifics from White Room, EOTW, and Departure.
Category: M/L mostly, CC and some slightly UC, but CC HEA in the end.
Summary: Liz connects with the granolith and learns some interesting things. Then plots revenge. **For Gerbil Haters!!!!!
Silly me forgot-ned the Disclaimer: Don't own Roswell, yada, yada, yoda.

Starts at the end of Departure, after Tess blasts off. (Ding Dong the Bitch is Gone, LOL)
Part 1
Liz's mind was working overtime. If the granolith way a one-way ticket back to Antar then why would Kivar want it so bad??? Why would he need it at all??? It'd be useless to him, he's already on Antar. And why were all the other leaders so pissed that Max didn't hand it over??? Something's not right about the whole thing. That's what the translation said but….. what if it was altered before we found it?? What if Tess changed it to suit her needs??? What if even she didn't understand all of it, and overlooked something big, like the granolith is… something else. I don't' believe that Future Max would have said it was powerful, if it was just a rocket. And how do you turn a simple rocket into a time machine??? What if…

Liz looked back up to the pod chamber and then back to the group.
Maria took note of this and asked.." What's going on in that genius head of yours? I know that look." This caused everyone to turn and look at Liz, but she had turned back to the pod chamber again, and then just as suddenly took off running up the mountain.
Max not willing to let her run away from him again, albeit in the opposite direction this time, starts to go after her, but Maria's hand on him arm stops him, signaling she'll go, and that Liz needs some time. Maria then runs off after her yelling "What are you doing? Liz?? Clue me in here babe."

Liz yelled back" Inventory"

Kyle confused yells " Inventory?? What the hell are you talking about Parker?? "

"I have to fix this."

"Parker will you stop for a minute your rambling is starting to sound like Maria's" Michael not liking Maria running head first into danger, was already on his way up the mountain.

Maria stops and turns around "Hey, watch it SpaceBoy???" Then she starts her way back to Liz, and comments about her last statement. "But Liz we don't have the granolith anymore"

By this time Michael caught up to Maria and grabs her arms, turning her towards his chest. "You know what she's talking about don't you Maria?? Tell me"

"No can do, I promised. Anyways I think she'll be explaining herself once she's done doing whatever inventory means."

Liz reaches the chamber. The door's still open, and she hurries in, not even taking the care for her own safety to see if there's anything still falling. Once she reaches the granolith she runs her hands down the wall where the control panel is. There was a bright flash and the walls started to glow.
She started receiving flashes. The granolith was not only a great source of power, but of information as well. She learned all about the hybrids, their past and their purpose here. She learned about human/hybrid relationships, and was shocked. And because of Future Max's alterations, it also encompassed future knowledge. An idea started forming in her head, she just hoped she could convince everyone else. And maybe even herself a little.

But to everyone else she had vanished, and the room started shaking. The walls started to glow and morphing shape. It expanded in size, and tables and chairs appeared. On the wall a screen appeared, showing the Earth from Orbit.

She reappeared and they tried to reach her but there was an invisible force field up. Once she let go, she collapsed and everything stopped. The others quickly gathered around her and Max gently picked her up and carried her out to the cars. All the while thinking that this wasn't how he planned on holding his angel in his arms again.

When she woke up everyone was awaiting her explanation. With all eyes on her, and in a commanding voice, leaving no room for opposition, "We can fix this, but I'll need all of your help. And I don't want to hear one complaint. For this to work you'll need to do exactly as I say." And then a little softer, " As uncomfortable as that may be for some of us."

Part 2

"ARE YOU INSANE??????" Kyle screamed in frustration, and disbelief of what Liz was asking of them.

"You already asked her that." Michael butted in, only further irking Kyle.

"Shut up Michael, you don't have to do anything, you already completed this mission, ahead of time. All you have to do is sit back, while the rest of us…. UUGGG I can't even say it. Again, Liz are you insane??? Are you sure that thing didn't fry your brains or something??? You've never done anything like this…." He paused and then much softer added "before." Realization dawning on him, he turned and grabbed the doorway. "Oh my god!!! You've been trying to prevent this all along haven't you??? But why is it always me you ask to do these crazy things?? I thought Max was going to kill me the last time, but this….. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD."

"Kyle, calm down. I think I could pull this off without…., but I'll still need you to back Maria and I up, especially the 180 pounds of Roman Wrestler. It would just be more… efficient. And Kyle you also have to remember, Isabel still has to agree."

Isabel was curled up on the couch with her knees folded to her chest. All eyes turned towards her, and she slowly lifted her head up to look back at them. "Hey, I'm not the only one that needs to agree. Liz still hasn't said she'd go through with it either."

"Liz???" Max asked hesitantly, knowing that they weren't on good terms right now, and realizing it was all his fault.

"The way I look at it, none of what we do is going to matter, just ask yourself, How much do you want revenge??? And if that still doesn't sound like it's worth it, then do it for Alex."

"But what if you're wrong Liz.??? How do you know this will work??" Michael was still not liking this plan, especially since it would entail putting Maria in danger.

"I just feel it. You'll just have to trust my intuition." Liz was having a hard time putting all the stuff she just knew to be true into words.

Kyle still looking for a way out of this, "You're not sounding very rational right now. What if your intuition is wrong??"

Defending Liz, Max replies "Liz's intuition has always been right. She was right to include Maria, Alex and the Sheriff. She was right about Topolski and Pierce. She always knew something wasn't right about Nasedo & Tess from day one. She knew Alex was murdered, even with all the proof against her. She's always been right, even if we haven't always listened or agreed. She can just sense things about people, its like she can feel when they're not who they appear to be. It's like…. " he stops searching for the right words, that are dangling on the tip of his tongue.

Isabel, quiet up until now butts in "She can sense the evil within." That sends a shock wave through the group.

"We should trust her judgment. If she says this is what needs to be done to fix this mess, then this is what we do. Like Liz said, not one complaint." Max again taking command.

"Easy for you to say. You have no reason to complain. al feura." You can always rely on Kyle's sarcasm when it comes to Max giving orders.

"I'll always have your back babe, but I'm gonna need some time to process."


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New Part 3
AUTHORS NOTE: Here's the new parts 3 and 4, since Transparent Clear commented that they were too short. They're still short but now there is 2!! They're short because each completes a train of thought, or the day I worked on it, otherwise they'd seem to jump topics too much.

The Gerbil-Hating Battalion should go on stand-by, awaiting deployment.
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rostar1313 - Assume that everyone was informed about all the F-Max events, etc. that it's now water under the bridge, and the gang is back to being a unit.

AvengingAngelIQ - The magic number was not 3. Although I still haven't reached it, I'm posting anyways.

Transparent Clear - I see right through you, so you want Alex to come back from the dead.... Sorry but I'm not resurrecting any carcasses.

Part 3

Everyone had decided to go along with the plan, all preparations had been made and the day had finally come to put it into action.

"We're ready whenever you are."
"Liz I still think we should come along, what if you need us."
"You're already there. And the answer is still no. The risk for you 3 is too great. Us not being there is actually going to be to our advantage, regardless of the reason we weren't in the first place." Liz and Max slowly walked over to join the rest of the gang in the granolith chamber.

Kyle saw them approaching, "Let's get this show on the road. I have an encounter with the twilight zone awaiting."

Max Michael and Iz joined their powers together and touched the control panel on the wall of the granolith chamber. The granolith activated and Liz, Maria and Kyle placed their hands on it. They were teleported into the dome. It started glowing, the humming was increasing, the whole cave started to shake, and then after it seemed that it wasn't going to be able to take any more, they vanished.

Max & Michael immediately took off running towards the screen on the wall with the Earth in view.

"How do we change the channel on this thing??"
"How am I supposed to know, Liz just said we'd be able to see it, in case anything went wrong".

"Guys, I think she only meant IF something went wrong that we'd see it. I think she has to send a signal in order for us to receive one."

"You could have mentioned that a bit sooner Iz. I wouldn't have let Maria go if…."

"I think that was the whole point."


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Part 4

There was a bright flash, and a thunderous boom. Liz, Maria, & Kyle looked around. They appeared to be in the right place, but was it the right time?

"Great you placed us in a morgue."

"Kyle keep it down." Maria said while slapping him upside the head.

"This was the only room without video cameras, and not under close guard, and you know it. Now let's get going, we don't have much time." Liz said taking charge.

Mumbling to Kyle as she passed, "Apparently you slept through that little detail, little bro."

They proceeded down the corridor and into the control room. They took note of where everyone was, and then proceeded to immobilize all of them. After they had taken the facility, they could then get down to business.

They opened the door to their final destination. Liz didn't want to go in, but knew she had to.

"What is the meaning of this? Guards!!! "

"You can yell all you want Pierce, nobody is gonna come. None of your men can help you."

"Kyle just go untie Max." Liz walked over and placed her hand on Pierces's shoulder. And looking directly into his eyes said, "Now, you and I have things to discuss. First were just going to talk, then I'm going to propose a deal. That should be mutually beneficial for all parties."

Max was a still a little out of it, because of the meds they had given him, but he always kept Liz in sight. Afraid that she'd disappear. Afraid that he was hallucinating again.

Liz took charge of the discussion. "Ever here the saying, if we are the only intelligent life forms in the entire universe, then its an incredible waste of space."

"Yea but..." Pierce was interrupted by Kyle shoving him down onto the make shift bed.
"Just sit and let the lady talk. She's asking the questions now."

"And you think I'm going to answer them?"

Snickering Kyle walks out of the room.

"Do you believe there are other life forms out there??"
"Do you believe that they have the capability to travel through space? To Earth??"
"Is that speculation or fact, you're basing that on."
"Now here's a bit of a grey area, how many do you think there are?"
"What kinda question is that??"
"Well do you think there is just one race of aliens, or that there are several? A thousand? How many would you hazard to guess??"
"Just one? Still sounds like a lot of space. Again is that speculation or fact. How can you be so certain that if there's one that there aren't more.??"

"Because our records indicate…." He paused not knowing why he was even going along with this, but still not wanting to reveal nation secrets.

"What was that??? Couldn't hear what you said." Kyle butted in from the hallway, where he was obviously eavesdropping.

"Our records indicate that there is only one."

"Your records are wrong" Kyle shut up upon seeing the look Liz was throwing at him for interrupting.

"Moving on. Now about this ONE alien race out there. Why do you think they're here??"
"To take over the planet."
"Couldn't they be, Oh I don't know, peaceful??"
"And nothing could change your mind about that?? I can't change your mind about that??"

"Do you always see everything so black and white?" Maria had just shoved Kyle out the doorway, and had no qualms about interrupting.

"We have all the proof we need."

"Well here's what we're going to do. Kyle pop the tape in please."

"What are you going to show me??" Pierce wasn't able to disguise the tremble in his voice.

"Something that will open up your mind to the possibilities."


Eventhough I'm not too happy with this part, I'm tired of editing it. I tried to make it into an iterrigation, hopefully it comes across that way, and not too confusing about whose speaking.

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So I'll be taking the best 5 suggestions and writing a whole new part into the story to include them. I'm done being nice to the gerbil. Isn't everybody??

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