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Okay folks....I realize it's been a long time coming and I'm sorry that this part is short. There will be more when I've got more time. In fact there would have been more but I spent a long time trying to repost stuff. I've got Jungle Love completely reposted(minus this part) on the repost board.
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Now, here's the new part.

Chapter 16

“Why are we here again?” Max asked Liz as he pulled their car into a parking space at Super Target.

“Because I need to run inside and get something. You can wait here, I’ll only be a minute,” Liz told him as she unstrapped her seat belt.

“Okay, but hurry. We’re supposed to pick up Michael and Maria for the movie in fifteen minutes.”

Liz nodded, kissed him quickly on the lips and took off for inside the store. Once inside she made a beeline straight for the pharmacy section. She was a woman on a mission.

In the meantime, Max sat outside in the car,idly tapping his fingers to the music on the radio. He was curious about what was so important that they couldn’t wait to get it later. The song on the radio switched, changing the direction of Max’s thoughts along with it. It was now the first weekend of May. Graduation was the following weekend. They had all decided that a night out was necessary before the stress of finals took over their lives. Max thought back on the last two months. A lot had happened that had dramatically changed his life. And it all revolved around Liz. He couldn’t deny that he was the happiest that he had ever been. Married life and really agreed with them for the most part. They still had their little fights but Max had a strong suspicion that Liz started them just so that they’d have to make up afterwards. Make up sex had proved to be far better than Max had anticipated. Especially when Liz was the one doing the apologizing. Oddly enough....they’d been having a lot of make up sex lately. Liz seemed to get upset over every little thing.

That reminded Max of something. He didn’t want her getting mad later and not be prepared for the apology.

As soon as Liz got back to the car, Max asked her what he’d been thinking. “Did you buy condoms? ‘Cause the box we had is almost out.”

Liz shook her head no.

“Well, do you want me to go get some more while we’re here?” he was already starting to get out of the car to go inside. He wasn’t worried about being late anymore. This was infinitely more important.

Liz stopped him with a word though. “No,” she said.

“No? You don’t want me to go buy any?” Max was confused. Did he do something to make her mad again? To make her not want to have sex anymore?

“Let’s just go Max,” Liz finally said. “We’re late as it is.” The word late seemed to catch in Liz’s throat. Max didn’t notice though, he was too busy worrying about why Liz didn't want to have sex with him anymore.

They picked up Michael and Maria and drove to the movie theater. Both Michael and Maria exchanged questioning glances at the other couple’s silence. It was sort of strange. Max and Liz weren’t even communicating non-verbally. Nothing was mentioned though and they all stood in line for their tickets. They were all chatting about random things when both Liz and Maria shivered.

“Are you cold?” Max asked, immediately aware of Liz’s discomfort.

“I forgot how cold they keep the theaters. I left my jacket in the car though,” Liz told him.

“I’ll go get it,” Max quickly offered. Anything to keep her happy and maybe put him back in her good graces. It wasn’t even about the sex anymore. He just wanted to be sure that nothing was wrong between them.

Maria looked pointedly at Michael.

“You didn’t bring a jacket,” he replied with a shrug.

Maria rolled her eyes. “You still could have asked.”

Liz laughed. “Maria you can wear my jacket. I’ll just use Max to keep me warm,” she said sending a teasing smile in Max’s direction. Max was even more confused by the suggestiveness of Liz’s comment. He couldn’t figure out was Liz was thinking.

“Here,” he said giving her some money. “Get the tickets and I’ll go get the jacket,” he told her. He kissed her on the cheek and went back to the car.

As he walked back he tried to figure out what was going on with Liz. Maybe the reason she hadn’t wanted to get condoms was because she had some other surprise for him. Or maybe it was her period. She hadn’t gotten it yet so maybe....

As he was getting Liz’s jacket from the floor of the front seat, the bag that had been wrapped up inside it, fell out and its contents spilled out. He picked up the box to shove it back in the bag and then stopped, his eyes widening. His line of thinking went something like this. First....he was relieved because he’s assumed it was a box of tampons and it wasn’t so he didn’t have to be embarrassed about it. Second....disappointment because it wasn’t a surprise for later. Finally....shock because the contents of the bag were actually a really big surprise. The kind of surprise he hadn’t been expecting for at least a couple of years yet.

Okay. So now he understood why Liz didn’t want him to buy condoms. Why buy them if it’s already too late?

Max put the pregnancy test back in the bag and put the bag on the floor. For a second he was just so stunned that he couldn’t move. But his faculties returned and he managed to make his was, somewhat determinedly, to Liz.

She was waiting outside with his ticket. “I thought maybe you got lost,” she said with a smile. She quickly came up to him and wrapped her arm around him. And when she looked up at him with those big doe eyes of hers and that smile....he almost forgot that he was upset with her.

Liz noticed the way Max’s demeanor had changed and grew worried. “What’s wrong?”

Max decided against saying anything right then. It wasn’t the time or the place to be having a serious discussion the likes of which they need to have. “Nothing’s wrong. Let’s go watch the movie. We can talk later.”

Max barely paid attention to the movie. How could he? He was too busy rethinking all of their carefully made plans, trying to factor a baby into the equation. Liz was also trying to focus on the screen in front of her. She found it to be virtually impossible. She was worried, very worried. She wasn’t sure how Max was going to react to her pregnancy concerns. If she did turn out to be pregnant than all their plans for the next year would have to change considerably.

After the movie they were supposed to head over to a small coffee shop close to campus, but Maria changed her mind. “I think we should go over to that dance club on 56th and vine. They’ve got some great drink specials in honor of finals week,” Maria suggested excitedly.

“No!” came the simultaneous response from Max and Liz. Whey they realized how odd their reactions seemed, both tried to come up with excuses. “I’m really tired,” Liz said as Max was saying, “I think I left the stove on at the apartment.”

Maria raised an eyebrow and laughed. “Okay horn dogs. Whatever. I get it. You wanna ditch us for some nookie. That’s find. Just take us back to my place. Michael and I will go ourselves.”

Michael groaned out loud. “Maybe I’d rather have a little nookie that go to some club. Did you ever think of that?”

“Oh...hush, Michael. You’ll have to get the nookie from yourself if you don’t come with me.”

After dropping off a still bickering Michael and Maria, Max drove he and Liz back to the apartment. He opened his mouth to talk several times but he couldn’t seem to find the words to say.

Liz went off to the bathroom right away when they got home. Max decided that he was going to wait for her to say something to him. Maybe there was a perfectly good explanation for everything. That test might not even be for her, which could be why she hadn’t said anything to him.

But Max knew better. All the signs had been staring him in the face. First.... her mood swings and the fact that she hadn’t been feeling well lately. She’s even missed a couple of her morning classes. And of course she hadn’t had her period since they’d been married. He should have noticed this sooner.

When Liz came out of the bathroom he followed her into their bedroom and watched as she got herself ready for bed. His eyes roamed over her body, noticing some very subtle changes. Liz could feel his eyes on her and stopped what she was doing. She turned her attention to Max. “Why are you just sitting there, staring at me?” she asked.

Max shrugged and looked down at his fidgeting hands. “No reason. there something that maybe you want to talk to me about? Anything you might want to mention?”

Liz stared at him and then promptly burst into tears. “Max....” she cried as she made her way over to him and crawled onto his lap and into his arms. “I.....I...t-think I might be pregnant.”

Max held Liz, gently rubbing her back as she cried into his chest. “It’s going to be okay, sweetheart,” he told her. “We’ll work things out. Don’t worry.”

Liz pulled back and looked up at him with tears still in her eyes. “’re not mad?”

“Why would I be mad?” he asked.

“Because I didn’t tell you sooner?”

“Well, aside from I’m not mad,” he said gently.

Liz laid her head on his chest and he sat there stroking her hair as she calmed down. “I’m a little scared,” she admitted.

Max nodded. “Me too. But whatever the result, we’ll deal with it together,” he assured her. He kissed her tenderly on the mouth and hugged her protectively to him. “Come on. Let’s go to bed.”

Both were hard pressed to fall asleep and they clung to each other in the darkness. Liz broke the silence first.

“What if it’s positive?”

“I was thinking about this earlier and while having this baby does change things, it’s definitely workable. We should be okay financially because my salary from teaching should cover our expenses if we can find a small house to rent or don’t mind living in another apartment. And the University is giving you stipend to get your PhD. So I don’t think we’ll have to worry about those things. What do you think the University will say if you’re pregnant?”

“I’m not sure. I doubt they’ll revoke their offer. I don’t think they can. But if they try then your dad can represent me when I sue
them for discrimination.”

Max laughed at Liz and then groaned.

“What?” Liz asked, turning in his arms to try and look at his face in the dark.

“Our parents. They’re going to be so pissed. I mean...I’m still having nightmares from the responsibility lecture our dads gave me. What are they going to do when they find out it’s too late?” Max sounded almost scared.

Liz rubbed his arm comfortingly. “We’re both tire and starting to think outrageous things. Let’s try to get some sleep. We can worry about all these things when we know for sure.” They shifted positions of the bed. Max was laying on his side, his head resting next to Liz’s on the pillow, his arm draped around her waist to keep her close. They were silent for a little while. Liz’s hand took Max’s in her own and moved it so it rested over her womb.

“Max?” she whispered. “ I really want this baby,” she admitted.

Max’s fingers gently touched Liz’s abdomen and he smiled. “Me too, Liz, me too.”

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