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Rating: R maybe Nc-17.
Disclaimer: Are you kidding??? What I would doing here id I can publish it worldwide and I'm a latina, Mexican
Summary: Max and Mike are players and have been friends all their lives, Liz is Mike little sister, they have 27 and Liz 15, oh, and Isabel, Alex, Kyle are Mike and Liz siblings too...
Category: Max/Liz
Authors Note:So Liz has been in love with Max all her life, and one day Mike can't go to the concert with Max, so Liz goes with Max, and Max make the first move
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Day March 20 of 2002

I'm Liz Parker, and I have two big soblings, mi brother Mike and my sister Izzy, and then I have 2 little brother Kyle or Lyle, I love to call him Lyle he gets so angry...hahahahaha and then is Alex the little one, even when I am one of the little ones my mother is more protective of Kyle and Izzy, she always says to me Elizabeth you are more mature than Izzy, you are smarter and thiner (yeah and I have bigger breasts so what?) and I don't have to worry about you, So my dear brother Mike has been my compannion all my life, he protects, with him I can talk of everything, and Max the man that I love, the man that my mother say that is like one of his children, is the best friend of Mike, but I can't blame him if he doesn't look at me he is 12 years older than me, Could you imagine that??? 12 years...even if he looks at me it would be impossible because it would be ilegal and my brother would never forgive Max, and I know that they are like dust and nail...MMMMM, and also Max and Mike are famous players, my brother even have a fuck apartment, but he lives in the house still, Max too, but he has not a fuck apartment he has, her mom building, Max's family is rich, so he takes his conquests to the Evans empire...Max my love...
Ps. Stupid Max I even am a 36 c cup, and he doesn't look at me, stupid stupid.*bounce*

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The concert

"Come on Mike, you have to come"

Max was begging Mike in Michael's room, while Mike was siting in his bed.

"No. Max I told you I don't want to, I don't like Creed"
"If you like it or don't like it doesn't matter, what matter are the babes, imagine that, it will be a good fuck and.."

the door opening didn't let Max finish his sentence, when the door was wide open it appear Liz

"Hi guys, I couldn't stop myself of hearing"
"You couldn't or wouldn't"
"I swear Mike I was just passing by. Max if you want I can go with you"
"Max you can't take her is just a little girl"
"Mike I'm not, I'm 15"
"Yeah Mike, she is older now, ok Lizzi let's go"
"No Max, you can't"

Max smirked

"Why Mike? Why are you so worried?"
"If I know that you did something to Lizzi, I kill you Max I swear it"
"What I would do? you say it yourself, she is just a little girl growing up" (I hate it when he calls me little girl, liz thought)
"Well bye Mike, are you coming Lizzi??"
"w..wait Max, I'm still in the uniform"

a very tight uniform that Liz has been use it since she hadn't breasts, and Max didn't waste his time for checking her out.

"Your fine Lizzi, let's go"

It only took Max 30 minutes for they to arrive to the concert.

"Ready Liz"
"What...Oh yeah"
"Well get down of the car then...First the orders"

he smiled in the way Liz like it and winking to her, Liz felt daze

"Okay...First, you will never be apart of my side, ok, then you will let me do all the talking, and don't drink anything without my permission, remember I promise your brother that I would return you very sane, and I will"
"ok Max, whatever you say" (Why always he treat her like that like a sister, she didn't want to be his sister)
"Let's go"

they were going hand in hand, Max like always was confident, secure, being popular with the girls, and the few times he introduce her the stupid girls treat her like a baby

"Well that's it"
"What??? Max but the haven't even began"
"Yeah I know Liz, but I don't like Creed, they are to artificial for me"

this was the first time tha Max call her Liz, always Lizzi or little one

"Let's go to that bar"

they enter to the Crashdown bar 'like Leydi, Liz best friend, always said 'cause we like to crash there, Max ask two Tequilas and only let Liz ask 2 Margaritas

"Ok let's take off"
"already??? but we just got here"
"Yes already, come on"

they went to the car, a tracker it was...*big*

"So why you don't do anything, I thought you were going to take me home"

"Do you want me returning you home?"

his voice was hoarse, husky,

"No, I don't think so"

and suddenly he estar to kissing her, Liz felt like in heaven, he take her her blouse and then get down her bra and star licking and biting her big breasts,

"Oh Max"

she start to caress the hair of his neck but Max stoped her, and put his hand on his soft and hard cock, Liz had already caress a cock, but he was big, she has been practicing with her former boyfriend Bill, with that husky voice og his, Max suddenly ask

"Why so fast, you are going to make me come"

Liz now was intrigued, she thought that was the guys want, what he wanted, but Max put his hand above her, and taught her the rythm, while she was doing this Max sit down in the driver sit

"You know how many years I've been wanting this"

Now Liz was suprise

"Hey Liz have you...
do you...have you ever suck a guy's dick????"


Liz stop her movements for awhile

"is a little disgusting"
"ok I understand"
"well I... is wouldn't pee on me are you?"
"No...If you don't want to"
"I don't want to"
"I know that silly...It was a joke"
So Liz got close to his penis and started licking the head

"Ufff...Keep going don't stop, swall it all"

then she started licking the inferior part until the head, and in a brave moment she start sucking, then Liz didn't know but she felt that they star moving at first she tought that it was her but then she get up and notice that they were actually moving

"Hey why do you stop???" Max yelled,
"Why are we moving??"
"Why did you stop? I was enjoying it"
"Now, why did you stop, and why you start moving the car without letting me know"

She had never see him behave like a wean teenage.

"Forget it, I am sorry for yelled at you, I'm just drunk, I am going to take you home, forgive lizzi"

NO...This was not happening Max was not treating her like a little girl again, no this can't be, she wanted to be with him, no, and Liz start to cry


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Thanks very much for the feedback:
mermaidgirl: Be patient...I'm trying to give Max and Liz, like a strange personality. hehehehe

tabasco sauce: I hope get to your expectations

abbs007: I just love, that you have leave me feedback, you know, UNDERCOVER is one of my favorites

iwantuboy:This would be different than any other relationship

CRAZY 4 MAX: Is a guy-hehehehe

PSW2001:No. Max is not drunk

dane122: I thought that nobody were reading my spanish fic, but thanks

ILYMEFOREVER:Hola paisana...Gracias por el feedback.

I'm virgen

No, this was not happening Max behaving with her like somebody, SHE WAS NOT A BABY, and she was going to prove it to him.
In a very fast way...she went to his pants, she had to taken off him, she had to, she will show to him, that she wasn't a coward, in the desperation for taken the belt she hit herself for it, but when she get to the penis, she found that it was already flacid, she would had to put it hard again, so you suck it, suck it like never in her life would suck it, she would show him, that she was NOT a baby... then later of so much sucking, she got it, she had put it hard, she wanted to jump of happines, then she stoped, What is happening this is not the way to her home, this is this is...

"are you not taking me home?"
"No" Max smirked

And after that she got back to work on his cock.

"Liz? We have arrived"

It was Evans empire the Max's fuck place, thats what Mike told her

"Let's go"

Max took her to a part of the building that it was like a little apartment... there was a room in the right side, very empty, it only was a bed, and for the else in the little house there was a couch in the corner and table where it was the phone, the kitchen was in a the backroom and all the room was surrounded by mirros, Liz could't help but stare at herself, at Max seeing this couldn't help but smirk, lately he was smirking a lot in presence of the beautiful Liz, he would take her, he has promised that to himself, before, Michael and him had got out of jail.

"Liz, do you want a drink"
"What, mmmm, no...thanks"
"Ok, I'm going to the kitchen"

She couldn't stop repeating to herserlf that Max had puted her very very HOT she was really wet, even when she was caressing herself, she wasn't that wet.

"Max had puted me hot" she sang, and dance.
"What did you say??"
"Max, I didn't heare you enter"
"Yeah, I know that"
"Mmmm I have never sleep with a guy, before"
"We are not going to sleep" Max lafted "We are going to fuck"
"Well...I have never fuck...with a guy before"
"I know"


Tonight the 2b
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So, again thanks for the feedback, and if you don't like it tell me, and I stop writing...ok??? If you like it, tell me PLEASE, and if you want you can tell me advices, and everything, hehehehe.

The call

"Take you blouse off"

That was what he said to her, but the thing that impressed her, is that is was like an order, that she would love to obey so she did it.
Max sat down on the couch, and with the palm of his hand he hit his leg...

"Now that you had taken off that, take that horrible shoes"

Liz felt very much embarassed

"This...this are the reglamental shoes"

"Ok, take them off, and come to sit in my STRONG legs, hehehehe...and my dick" but the last part he said it in a whisper, so Liz didn't heare him and Liz did was told, she went to him, lift her skirt and sat down between his legs, leavin her ass pressing his penis, she had always sat down like that since she was a little girl, it was like a second nature to her.

"Where did you learn to do that girl?" Max was very surprised, too young to know the pleasures of the opposite sex.


"The skirt thing?"


"Forget it dumb ass"

Max lift the auricular and started pressing the buttons.

"Who are you calling"

"Shh, don't talk, don't laft, don't do anything"



and with that he puted her head in his chest and started, caressing her hair

"Hey Michael"
"Yeah it was good"

Liz start to open her skirt but he sttoped her, and signaled her to close it again

"Liz??, oh yeah she had fun then in the ride to home she was singing like crazy, that one, what was, the name"
"yeah...thats it...My sacrifice"
"Liz??? Well she got drunk"
"Well Mike don't blame me, I'm not her mommy, or nanny, you heard what she said, she is a grown up now"

Then he started to take off the panti and thats when Liz realize that he wanted to 'fucked' her with the skirt on, some deprived fantasy of makin love to a student he had, well maybe

"So, she drank a little of Mis tequilas, you know how I love them, with lemon and salt, and she took sips of the other drinks"
"Who where there???? oh you know everyone since Little Charlie to Miss one breast"

While Mike was talkin he whisper to her hear while he signaled her gramma's bra
"Is this so kind of your mom's strategy to keep you virgin until the marriage"
and Liz couldn't help but shiver and Max took it off, showin her big breasts "They are really big, did you know that?"
and Liz only nodded

"Why I hadn't broug her back??? she is drunk, and sleeping in the other room, and I have a girl here man"
"Yes, you know her, but now she is making me signs, she doesn't want you to know"
"What??? Why I'm calling her Liz now, when before a used to call her Lizzi, she asked me bro, you know how are the children"

Max started to kiss first her mouth and then biting and lickin, and blowing her brown breasts, measure 93

"Yes I know that she is in love with me, so what? one day she would get over me"
"Liz in older enough to know that I don't care about girlfriends"
"She will not tell Tess, and Tess knows that I don't belong to her, she likes to cheated me too, you said yourself, you bed her, remember, and remember that night when..."
"Yeah I know that she has classes, and books, and school, I will take her, don't worried with all this I will think that you want her for you"
"What???? Your kidding right? She-told-you-that-she-stick-a-flaut-in-her"
"I can't believe it man"
"and Kyle found her, oh my god thats awesome"
"Of course you were hard, I am now too"
"And you fucked her???"
"you are such a coward, I will have fucked her"
"Ok bye"

and Max hung up,

"So tell me about this flute"


Remember feedback...I love you
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THANKS AGAIN FOR THE FEEDBACK TO YOU ALL. I know that Max is behaving like a very bad boy, hehehehehe, but he has a different thinking...don't worry he is in love too
Fallin' Angel: He went to jail with Mike, when Liz was 11

ILYMEFOREVER: Soy de Mexico, pero soy tambien Yucateca, soy de Marida. Vas a ver Control hoy????

dane122:I lost my programm to upload, so I can't continue with the spanish ones, but maybe I will post them here in english 'cause I really like COMPARTIENDO A LIZ EVANS and EL AMANTE INDOMABLE and I know all you like AMOR REAL, so maybe a I will post them here

The lost

Max got up from the couch an exit the apartment, Liz didn't even have chance to asked him where did he go??? oh well, he said that they were going to make love, so he woud be back.

"ok Liz, open your legs"

Max came back, with a blade, with a plate of cream and grease, and sat down in the floor in front of Liz, who was still in the couch.

"What are you going to do with that?"

Liz didn't wanna to open her legs, she was scared of blades close to her clit.

"Open you legs, come on Liz, you don't wanna get me angry at you don't you??? So open your legs, and let daddy do his work, trust me"

Liz didn't know why, but him call himself daddy gat her excited, She was So dirty, she can not believe it. So Liz open her legs, and Max started to apply the cream, that it was so delicious cold, and did thing to her clit, that she...

"It feels goods doesn't it???"


Later on he started to use the blade on her

"Why are you taking off the hairs???? it scratch"

"'Cause you have a lot of hair for a girl that is 15 years old, and I'm going to fuke a teenager and I want to feel it"

Yeah I knew it, though Liz, I knew that he was excited to have his way with a teen girl, well it's strange but this makes me feel giddy (The two of them are crazy see, so Max isn't the only one), in a way this should disgusted her, but it didn't she can't wait to have her way with Max, maybe she liked Max 'cause he was old, no, it can't be just only because of that 'cause I'm in love of him, and it has to be 'cause every time I see him, I just think perfection

"Liz??, Liz, hey dumb ass??"

"What dick????"

Max was surprised, he had always insulted her but she always had respected him.

He was amused now

"hahahahaha, go for it Liz"

He stoped what he was doing and kissed her very tender in the lips, like she was the most precious treasure in the world, I don't need to say that the surprised one this time was Liz now

"I was asking you about the flute thing, tell me about it"

"Well, well, I...have a....friend...her name is Maria, and"

"Come on Liz, it's nothing, tell me, you told Mike, now tell me"

"Well Maria, is one of my friends"

"She is the one with small breasts?????"

"No. that one is Lady, this friend Maria well she has this....thing...of stick everything into her, so one day after school she told us that she had sticked a flute, this was not new to us, she has sticked everything since the velocitie's stick to the remote control, so she told us that it really felt good, so Lady and me promess to each other that, that night, we were going to do it, but like always Lady didn't do it, she is such a coward, but I did it"

"Where did you get the flute??"

"It was...was Izzy's flute form school"

"Wow you have always hate Izzy...good revenge"

"Yes she is always using my dresses, and even when I have a bigger breasts, I am thin, but she is plain and fat"

"Well we finish"

Liz was impressed, it really had very calm efect to talk

"You are beautiful now"

"It scratch"

"Yeah I know, it's going to scratch you till the end of the week"

"Let's put you the grease, and continue with the story"

"Well I was doing it and...Kyle surprise me so I went crying to Michael and he promessed me that he was going to talk to him, so he wouldn't tell mom but first he lafted of mem then he told me that it was normal, self-discovering and that stuff"

"Now we are really finish, start touching yourself ok, and yeah Liz is a normal thing all the girls do it but don't tell anybody, you know I like honest girls, not fake innocents girls"


Then Liz started masturbating

"So did Mike touch you?"

"No why he would that he is my brother"

"But he likes you even your father likes you Liz but neither of them would acept it, well maybe Mike but with a lot of convicement, some day I would like to do a three some with you, him and I, it would be faboulous, you are beautiful, my precious girl"

Max kissed her in the front

"Do you want to touch your sister Max?"


he lafted

"Then why??"

"'cause Mike likes you and I don't like my sister, she is not ugly but she's not my type"

"And you like me?"

"Of course Liz, who wouldn't?"

This make Liz smile


"Yeah, keep doing that and tell me when you are going to come"


Max began to undress, and he had already took off his socks, pants and boxers, and when he was about to take off his shirt Liz yelled.

"Max, I'm about to come"

With that he got close to her and entered her, slowly but with force, and persistence

"Max, it hurts"

Liz had always know that it was going to hurt, but not like this, and she was afraid of the pain, so she started to yelled

"Max get it out please"

"Max, I'm think that.... I'm going to... faint..., get it... out..., stop entering"

But Max didn't listen

"Liz I want you to keep touching yourself 'cause I'm going to start moving and is going to hurt more"

And Liz did what it was told
and one of the thousands penetrations she started to feel pleasure, and have an very strong orgasm, so this was to make love, after that Max huged her and took her to the room, he putted her in the bed and with the Sheet he covered her and then he lay down with her and hugged her to him again.

"I love you Liz"


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Authors note: Hey, how are you? So I’m not going to be able to write tomorrow, I will be able to write the 5 chapter until next week or so…’cause I’m going on vacations to Carmen city, but for my come back while I’m vacations I’m going to try to write part 5, 6, 7 and maybe 8.

Ps. Remember, feedback, please, Y no conosco paginas de fanfics en español, lo siento…

Sex and love are very different things

Max and Liz were happy, restful, and with a face of satisfaction hugging, Liz head was on Max chest smelling his unique smell, and Max was doing the same but his chin was on Liz head smelling her soft hair and with the right hand caressing it and with the left hand he was caressing her ass, how he love her ass, he love all of her, it wasn’t enough, he had to wait 2 years to do this, to long years and now she was his, and he had been the first.

“So do you wanna smoke…you smoke don’t you?”

“Y…yes, bu…but don’t tell mom, ok”

Max lafted…again

“Hahahaha, ok dear”

Max went down the bed and took a pocket of cigarettes and a lighter, put two cigars in his mouth and light them, the he passed one to Liz and Liz gave it a “Take”.
Max watch her with fascination.

“French style”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Haven’t you watch a French movie, when after the fuck they smoke???”

“Why do you always say fuck in stead of sleep or make love?”

“Because what”

Liz giggled

“Because sleep is going to bed and closing your eyes not have wild sex with a lady…and Make love is just something that Hollywood invented to give romanticism to the movies, it just pure crap, Liz…”


Liz could felt that something serious was coming close.

“ You have to understand that love and sex are two different things, hot kisses and penetrations and blow jobs is not an act of pleasure not of love but sometimes when we want to express love we want that our other half experience pleasure with us, is a way for the couple to feel connect, but you can do a lot of things with out sex to show your love one your affection like cook something for he or she or I don’t know invite him or her to dinner, and sex you just use it to pass the time, have fun, have the ultimate pleasure, you know I have a hierarchy of pleasure things:
6.-Learn new things
You know is just a question of opinion but that my hierarchy.”


“I know that you don’t understand it, but someday”

And then he kissed her, and with only that kiss he was hard already, he took her cigarette and his and leaved them in the floor almost finish
This time they were “making love,” Liz knew it, he was so tender with her this time, careful, the sex was almost marital, almost ‘cause he wanted her to open her eyes and every time that she closed them he will leave al his weight upon her, so she open the eyes, he smelled all of her, he licked all of her, he kissed all of her, and almost in the end he let her have her eyes closed, she came and he when was going to come he got close to her face and said like and order

“Drink it all of it, Now”

And like always she did it, but it was a lot, that she couldn’t drank it all, so some of the liquid was left on the pillow, on her eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth and his penis.
When Max finish to ejaculate he got up a brought a can of coke.

“Drink it, it will erase the taste of semen”


When she finished it, she gave it to him

“Now, go to the kitchen and wash your face”

“Yes sir”

Max smirked and shake his head, but he tried to hid his face

When Liz came back and laid down, Max did the same and circled her waist

“Sleep now”



“Good morning beautiful”


“Do you want some, I made hot cakes”

Said Max offering Liz some
“Yeah, I love hot cakes”

“I know that why I make them”

“Wait, what time is it”

“2:00 pm”

“Damn, today it was school day, but now it’s 2:00 pm and the school is almost finish…”

“Yeah. ‘cause you behave too well tonight I decide to let you sleep all you want”

“Thanks I think, Lady must have covered me, but I have to see her to make sure”

“ok then, dress, take breaksfast and let’s go”

“really, you will take me”

“of course stupid”

“Go the hell jack ass”


When they were going to school all was silence, and when Max stoped, and Liz was almost aut of the car he told her.

“Hey Liz, Sex and love are two differents things…”

“I know you told me”

“Well yesterday it was an act of love, remember that forever and do me a favor don’t ever grow up”

“ok, but Max I don’t understand, I…”
“Later Liz, goodbye”

And with that he was gone


“oh Lady”

“guess what??”


So what do you think????

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I'm back
Again thanks to:

abbs007:thanks for keep reading

m15:Well I'm back, thanks for feedback

Fallin' Angel: Sometimes we have a inmature behavior, sometimes for to be relaxed we behave like little children and our ideals are inocent thats what Max mean.

mermaidgirl: The 2 things 'cause he is a man and the 1rst one 'cause he is in love with her and love her for be innocent and inmature

RoswelliansAngel: Thanks for feedback me

The present and the reality

Liz's POV

So it had been a week since the night that Max and I made love, and is still hurting but only when I want to sit down, hehehe, when I told Lady she was very mad at me, she said that how can be so irresponsable, that I should have use protection, crazy girl, I told her that I wasn't ovulating and I was very excited to be thinking in minorities, since that Max and I haven't talk and he haven't come to the house, but he still chit chat on the phone with Mike, the first time that he called I was very scared but I think that he didn't tell Mike that was good, but what I know is that he is still dating Tess and fucking other girls, but you know what, the suprising thing is that I'm not mad, I believe him when he said I LOVE YOU the word that all the girls are dying to hear, but I still don't understand what he said about sex and love being different


"telepohone ringing"




"Of course, where you expecting somebody else"

"mmm, Mike is not here he..."

"I know, I'm calling you, do you want to go to the movies'"


"Perfect in 10 min I'm there"


"Yeah Liz"

"did you tell Mike about us?"

"Of stupid Liz of course not, he will be very jelous 'cause he couldn't do it first"

"umm...Max...Is this means...what are we now??"

"What do you mean??" but of course Max knew what Liz was talking about

"You know...are we friends or something else"

"Hehehehe, Let's just say that we are soulmates, well I have to go, bye"

"bye see you" now Liz was more confuse


When Max arrived he started to horn the claxon, he didn't enter of anything so Liz hurry up, she had make up, and a very sexy clothe, a very tight pants and a short shirt with lace but when she arrived to the car she noted that Tess was in the front sit in a very loving way Max was kissing her in the neck Tess was licking his face and touching in an insistent way his dick trought the pants, Liz in stead of being jealous was very horny, she started to thing that she would like to do the same thing to Max, she couldn't stop looking at them, sudenly Max stoped, and pushed Tess and direct his smut look and smirk to her.

"Liz don't stay there, enter to the car"

"k Max"

Liz entered and Tess turned around

"Hi, I'm Tess, I'm Max's girlfriend"

"Hi" said Liz in a shy way

"I'm Liz, Mike's sister"

"Yes I know, Max told me about you, isn't Max cute of taking you to the movies on a favor to your brother"

"Oh...yes" Liz started to wondered about Max world, who was he?

"Ok, let's get going"

Max turned on the radio and the car after 20 minutes, they arrived to Tess's house but when she was going to get out Max stoped her.

"Tess suck my dick"

"What Max??? but Lizzi is here Max and"

"Come on Liz won't mind, and she is older now, she is 15, would you mind Liz"

"No Max, of course not"

"you see, so suck it"


And Tess started to suck it while Max was pressing her head, Liz was facinated, Tess was doing it like a pro, well she thoght, then out of the nowhere, Max took Liz's face and kiss her mouth, in a very possesive maner after that he whisper in her ear,

"I love you, forever"

After a while Max came...

"Well thanks Tess"

"Whenever you want Max"

"I know"

"goodbye Lizzi"

"Bye Tess"

When Tess entered to her home...

"Come Liz, to the front with me, I need a copilot"

So Liz pased on the front

"That was your girlfriend???"

"Yes she was"

"She looks like a model"

"Yes but you are prietter, but...why did you make up??" Max took a kleanex and start to erase the make up

"I thought that I would look beautiful"

"Liz your beautiful without make up, you are not Tess you don't need a thousand of perfume and make up to be beautiful, oh what I'm going to do with you my Liz"
He kissed her in a tender maner
"Let's go"


Max and Liz went to see ROLLER BALL, but in all the movie they were making out.
When he was taking her home Max asked

"Do you liked the movie Liz?"

"oh yeah is was fabulous" Liz smirked, knowing what he was talking about

When Max helped to get out of the car he kissed her again in a tender and a deep way.

"Thanks for the afternoon Liz"

"ah I'm"

"hehehe, dont be shy, oh I almost forgot, I got a present for you" he went to the car a get out a eveloped box down his sit

"Watch it when nobody is in home, ok, you will liked it, I know"

"ok, thanks"

Max kissed her again and took a strand of her hair and puted it behind her hair, she was so beutiful and sexy, and innocent Max thought, She will be mine, someday and we will enjoy of our sex life

"Bye Liz"

"Bye Max, and thanks"




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AUTHOR'S NOTE: One of you who read ROYAL LOVE, show her disagreement about my story, I know that MUCH OLDER is a little out of the normal, ROYAL LOVE is more, you know the classic story, first of all I want to tell you that I'm going to study sexology, and that I had read a lot of essays and information about this theme, what I want to show in my stories is that Max is a normal sexual been as Liz also...MUCH OLDER is more sexual than ROYAL LOVE, and if it disturbs you so much, then, tell me that you don't like it, and I'm stop writing them, I'm really sorry...Thanks

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So this is the second time that I write part six and is frustration well thanks to all for supporting me, it really means a lot to me....
This chapter will change everything

Watching porn and touching yourself

When Liz entered her home, she heard a sob, but she didn't care, she was happy, her eyes were radiating with happines, she entered the she knew why she was hearing sobings, it was Isabel, the fat sister, who was crying in their mother's lap, while her mother was looking at her with a face of pity and understanment, well it was not her problem, so Liz grab an orane juice carton, and serve herself a glass of it, then went to her room, turned on the tv and puted the cassete, she layed down on the bed and started to watch...


(So this part is going to be the movie, surprise, surprise, the () are going to be what Liz is doing)

Bach music starts to play

There is two guys talking and watching a stock of papers, suddenly other guy enters, with another pile of papers.

"Who are you" asked the first guy named Liam

"I'm the delivery guy, my name is Charles"

"ok, so leave the papers on the desk and leave" said the second guy named David

Charles leave the papers and stay there standing, looking at them

(Wow, they were very handsome, they looked almost like, like Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, and Edward Norton, What was this? was it a porn?)

"What are you waiting for? said Liam with a strong voice

"My tip sir...ple...please" you could look that Charles was dying of fear

"So you want your tip" said in a cocky way David while Liam was smirking

David watch Liam and suddenly he took him, and kissed him, pasionely, Charles was dumbfounded, he was surprise...when they stoped kissing David got close to Charles and Kissed him tenderly

(Liz now had her eyes wide open and she was horny, so she took her pants and panties but only until the half of her legs and puted her hand in her clitoris between her curls, she didn't know that gays could be so hot, Max must know her well)

David was kissing Charles who already was naked, touching his tong, caressing his proud cock, tong between tong, Liam was there watching with his arms crossed and smirking, but it didn't took long for him to get there, and kneel and suck Charles cock, while David was kissing pasionely his neck

"Oh, god and I thought that I was heterosexual, this feels good, so freaking good"

But Charles could not continue like this so with all his strenght he pushed David to the desk not until he threw out all tha papers, Charles ripped David clother, and he threw up himself over David, and starte kissing David salvagely,caressed his penis touchin lightly the head

"Oh god"

Liam appeared again and puted his dick in David's mouth while he was kissing Charles vigoursly, Liam had enough, after a while, so he puted himself behind Charles and penetrate him fast and hard, Charles was so tight, so virgin, David sat down and direct Charles penis to him.

(Liz was close)

But David couldn't be penetrate by Charles because Liam puted Charles, in the floor, thrustin himself, harder, harder, very hard, in a out, out and in, he was coming David got close to them and took Liam's dick and swalloded all, Charles went to David, he layed David in the floor, they bwgan to play touching themselves everywere back, ass, nipples penis caressing ther other dick, but Charles could'nt wait more, so he started to penetrate David slow and soft, Liam got close, he kissed Charles, while he was playing with Charles's tong he started caress David and Charles buttocks, Charles continue penetrating, slowly but with determintation, he was close to the G spot, he knew 'cause of David screames, pure Charles...


there was a knock in the door...

"Liz are you there, why is the door closed"

"Oh mom sorry, I'm coming"

Liz dresses fast but she almost was going to fall, she turned off the tv and went to refresh herself, she got her perfume and started to use it, so you couldn't smell the sex smell


"I'm coming mom"

But her cell started to ring, she went to answer it, and it was...Max



"Do you like your present"

"Yeah it was fantastic"

"When I'm come back I will give you a vibrator"

"Where are you going"

Liz started to hear sound under the phone

"Where are you??"

"In the airport"


Liz was begging to fear the worst

"I love you Liz, I will come back for you"

then line went off


"Liz, what happened why don't you open the door"

"I'm coming mom"

Liz opened the door

"Yes mom"

"Why did you take son long?"

"ummm, Lady call me"


"What do you want mom???"

"Well, ummm" her mother was nervous Liz could see it, but sudenly her mother watch behind her, and there was Isabel making signs to her mom

"Well your sister wants to know, if she could borrow you yellow dress"

"The dress that gramma give me before she died"


"Why does she wants that dress?"

"Well you know, you sister is in love with Max"

"What??, What this have to do with???"

"Michael didn't tell you"


"Max leaving to England to Oxford, you know that he always had wanted to go to do his Phd to"

"I know"

"So...will you lend her the dress"


"But why??" isabel said, almost crying

"Why do you want it?"

"Because I made a pie to Max and I want to said goodbye to him, beautiful"

"You are not, bautiful, your fat, and Max is already gone, he left this morning"

"Thats not are lying"

"Ask Michael"

Isabel went off running and crying

"How do you know this Liz??"

"Because Max called me and said goodbye to me"

"Ok, so I'm going to go"

When Liz's mother got out of the room, Liz lock it up, and went to her bed to cry all over her bed, "Damn it you couldn't even suffer alone, I hate you Max, come back to me"



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In the jail

4 years before the concert....

Max and Michael had been captured by the police in Tower's center (I don't know any part of United States, I went to New Orleans and Disney World when I was 8, I've never gone back, so, sorry) they had been protesting for something politician, but just only for fun to impress their female friends...the goverment gave Michael and Max 6 years of jail, but after the 3 years, they could ask for their freedom...
Max's father who was known for ignore his own son, didn't care about it...Michael's father was burning of rage and forbid all the family to visit them, send letters or money, if they could protest, they would be arraging themselves alone in the jail.
Of course Liz with only 11 years, and girl who love dearly her brother and was beggining to feel stuff about her brother's best friend, didn't listen to her daddy and thats why she would send letters to them, sometimes you couldn't read them, they were wet of tears, sometimes were touching and it would bring Michael and Max a little of happiness and fun. Max love dearly his adopted baby sister, she was so inteligent, so mature for her age.


2 years later after the concert...Liz's classroom

" will bring all the investigation about burocracy"

Said the teacher, and you could hear all the all the students were dying

"Class dismissed"

All the students got up from their seat and left but when Liz was going to got out, the teacher stoped her.

"Oh Liz, I need to talk to you about the last project"

"Of course Mr. Katsuragui"

Lis was standing in front her teacher with a cocky smile, original of the Great Max


"Oh god Mr. Katsuragui, you are so incredible"

Mr. Katsuragui was on top of Liz, grabbing and pressing her breasts, they were having sex in Mr. Katsuragui apartment, he was just about to penetrate her.

"So enter me now, don't you want to?"

Liz giggled

Mr. Katsuragui took one of her breasts in his mouth while he was sucking and biting, and with the other hand he began to stimulate her clit, Liz had a new fetich, she found very stimulating having sex with one his teachers, 30 years older than her, friend of her father, fat, bold and four eyes, she was making this just for fun, she loved dicks, the best meat ever. Mr Katsuragui entered her, with one hard motion, and started to make the old story of in and out, in and out, making his best effort, it was a little more difficult now than when he was 18 years old...Oh but Liz was fabolous with those big breasts, Liz reached between them until she found what she was looking for, his balls, and with one truhst more he came...

"Oh Liz"

After that they began to dress, Liz not caring if she had come or not...

"So, are you going to put me an A+ for my burocracy project" Liz giggled

"Of course baby, you deserve it"

Mr. Katsuragui came to her and kissed her passionaly, taking his hands for all Liz's dirt body, she like to call herself dirty, that always would get her horney, she was waiting for Max, she knew that someday he would get back to her, and she would show him, how hot she was.

"Could you come tomorrow"

"I don't know, what would you give me"

Liz smiled...making space between them

"So, I'm going to leave"

"Already love"

"Yes" Liz lafted "You know I need to go to the beauty spa, hahahaha"

"Come on baby"

Mr. Katsuragui even when he didn't want to let her go, he started to help her with her stuff and caressing her soft ass.

"We could go for a second time"

"Not today, I really have to go, I don't want daddy to be mad at me"

"I would be your daddy"

he was trying to get her skirt up, and stiking his finger but...



"You know I don't like it"

Liz turned around gave a peck on the mouth to Mr. Katsuragui and left.


2 years later in jail, 1 year before the concert...

Liz had made another letter for Max and Mike, and 'cause she thought that her father hadn't given them money, she sended her birthday money to them, Max and Mike couldn't believe it, they were truly move by this act.

"Mike let's spend in the dedication of Liz"

"on what???"

"You know in the gay guy who sells himself"

"You want to fuck a man??"

"Come on it would be fun, it would be like a good experience, you know like a experiment"

"Well ok, I'm in, so let's go"

The name of the gay guy was Alonzo, he was in jail 'cause he attack his partner...but his partner had forgiven him and was waiting for his out...Alonzo in compensasion of the forgivness was collecting money selling himself so he could save for an appatament for the two of them.

"Alonzo" said Max

Alonzo was sitting in the corner alone throwing little rocks, until he saw Max get close to him

"What do you want rich boy"

"We want to fuck"

"Oh really, well ok, do you have the money"

Max show him, after that Alonzo look to the space, and nodded, then he stood up.

"Let's go"

With carefulness they enter the nursery room...where anyone could saw them, when they arrive Mike didn't lost his time and took his pants and boxer, Alonzo didn't doubt to swallow it.

"You are tasty, you are delicious"


"I know"

After a while Mike came, then it was Max turn, took his pants off and said to Alonzo"

"I want to penetrate you"

"really, well ok"

It was a little different that a girl cheese but it was faboulous, to much time without sex, when he was almost coming it was the first time that Liz come up in one of his fantasies of course in his fantasy she was 16, not eleven.


4 days later the gay thing

Mike's mom had come to see his son, against the order of his father, Max was alone in the cell, it only had passed 5 min. when Mike entered laughing.

"What's up man"

"You have to hear this"

Mike took a sit"

"My mother came to see me 'cause she is worried about Liz, she wants me to talk to Liz"

"Why man??"

"Well let's just say, that the other day, she found Liz smelling her pillow and when mother asked to her what she was doing, Liz answered that her smell had change and gave mom the pillow to smell it, and after that she had been smelling mom's bed, Isabel's bed, even Kyle's bed, jeez, Mom is worried that she would become a ninfomaniac"

"Wow, thats hilarious man" the two of them began to laft uncontrobaly
When they have calm down Max asked

"Are you going to talk to Liz?"

"Of course not"

Later that night when Max was awake and Mike sleeping soundely, Max grabbed himself and started jacking off, thinking about Liz smelling everything because her smell had change and with that he came...That was the night that Max didn't see her anymore like a baby girl or sister, that was the night that he promise himself to take Liz's virginity when he got out.



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So sorry...My boyfriend wanted to talk with me and I couldn't post, but now all part 8 is finish
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This man & this woman

4 years after the concert

Liz was walking in a misteriouly way among the hallways, with Sunglasses, hat, and all cover in a brown gabardine...where was the damn auditorium


Oh damn, Mr. Guevara, his history teacher had

discovered her, well she admitted that it wasn't one of her best outfits...

"Hi, Mr. Guevara"

"What you are doing with that costume, where did you get it..." Mr. Guevara grabed her by the arm while he conducted her to the opposite side.

"Let's go to my apartment, then let's go to dinner"

"Well as much as I will like that, I have to refuse the invitation" Liz got apart from him in a roughly way

"Why??" the teacher almost wined

"I've to see my boyfriend"

The teacher was suprised

"You have a boyfriend??"

"Yes...Well bye"

Liz almost runaway from there, she kept looking and looking, then she saw a lot of people entering a classroom...

"This must be it"

Before entering Liz read the presentation

D.H Lawrence, life and books
Maxwell Evans

Charlotte College

10 am



--This was it--


2 days before the conference

"Lady, you have to see this"

Liz entered, Lady's room, you could see the exciment in Liz' eyes...

"What Liz?? Calm down, deep breaths"

Lady read the panflet

"It looks like the man that you've been crying about is coming back"


Liz was almost in tears

"Thats why, I need something to ask you"

"Go ahead, well I know, what you are going to ask, no, I don't think that you should see him, he is bad for you and"

"Thats not what I was going to ask, and I'm defenely going to see him"

"Ok, is your problem, so what was you were about to ask"

"I need you to shave my pubica area"

"What, no way"

"Please, I'll teach you"

Present day

Liz entered and sat down in the chairs of the back, after 15 min, of being waiting...Max entered, he was talking with some beard man, who looked like 60, but in Max's eyes you could see the afection that he had for this man, he was just as handsome like she remembered...she will show him that, she was all woman now.

"Ok, let's begin" said the man on the micro "Mr. Evans"

"D.H. Lawrence, he was son of a miner, bisexual, femenist and love and adored by his mother, his mother was the person who help him through the years to...

Max kept talking and talking until their eyes found each other, Liz smiled to him, he had look at her, Max seem like to have forgotten what he was supposed to say, hahahahaha, well, it was time to go...she had acomplish it her mision...

After getting out from the collegue she felt a pair of hands in her waist, an erection in her ass, and a full torso in her back, and she listened a whisper, close to her ear

"I missed you"


Feedback please

I know that is shorter but school has began

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This man & this woman

4 years after the concert

Liz was walking in a misteriouly way among the hallways, with Sunglasses, hat, and all cover in a brown gabardine...where was the damn auditorium


Oh damn, Mr. Guevara, his history teacher had

discovered her, well she admitted that it wasn't one of her best outfits...

"Hi, Mr. Guevara"

"What you are doing with that costume, where did you get it..." Mr. Guevara grabed her by the arm while he conducted her to the opposite side.

"Let's go to my apartment, then let's go to dinner"

"Well as much as I will like that, I have to refuse the invitation" Liz got apart from him in a roughly way

"Why??" the teacher almost wined

"I've to see my boyfriend"

The teacher was suprised

"You have a boyfriend??"

"Yes...Well bye"

Liz almost runaway from there, she kept looking and looking, then she saw a lot of people entering a classroom...

"This must be it"

Before entering Liz read the presentation

D.H Lawrence, life and books
Maxwell Evans

Charlotte College

10 am



--This was it--


2 days before the conference

"Lady, you have to see this"

Liz entered, Lady's room, you could see the exciment in Liz' eyes...

"What Liz?? Calm down, deep breaths"

Lady read the panflet

"It looks like the man that you've been crying about is coming back"


Liz was almost in tears

"Thats why, I need something to ask you"

"Go ahead, well I know, what you are going to ask, no, I don't think that you should see him, he is bad for you and"

"Thats not what I was going to ask, and I'm defenely going to see him"

"Ok, is your problem, so what was you were about to ask"

"I need you to shave my pubica area"

"What, no way"

"Please, I'll teach you"

Present day

Liz entered and sat down in the chairs of the back, after 15 min, of being waiting...Max entered, he was talking with some beard man, who looked like 60, but in Max's eyes you could see the afection that he had for this man, he was just as handsome like she remembered...she will show him that, she was all woman now.

"Ok, let's begin" said the man on the micro "Mr. Evans"

"D.H. Lawrence, he was son of a miner, bisexual, femenist and love and adored by his mother, his mother was the person who help him through the years to...

Max kept talking and talking until their eyes found each other, Liz smiled to him, he had look at her, Max seem like to have forgotten what he was supposed to say, hahahahaha, well, it was time to go...she had acomplish it her mision...

After getting out from the collegue she felt a pair of hands in her waist, an erection in her ass, and a full torso in her back, and she listened a whisper, close to her ear

"I missed you"


Feedback please

I know that is shorter but school has began

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I'm back, I haven't give up (giggling)
3 or 2 more chapters and this story is over, I thinking to do a slash with Kyle/Mike and Max/Alex, I'm not sure yet

This man & this women


It was Max who was behind me, I will recognize his dick everywhere

"Hi" I said

Max turned me around and gave me a passionate kiss, he taste a tabaco and his personal taste, the taste of sex, every time when I have sex, I remember the time when he made me drank all of him

"Let's go"

Max took my hand, and took me almost dragging me, to his car, I was really surprise of his car, it was a Covert, I have never imagine him with a corvert, he opened the passenger door and push me to the sit, and then he went to the driver sit, wow he drove very fast, it was almost scaring but fun, hey a girl needs the danger.

We didn't really talk, Max looked to concetrated for that.

Suddenly he stoped, but it was in front of one of the major apartments, just the multimillionare people could afford it, I always knew that his family was rich, but not that rich.

"Here we are"

"You live here???"

"Yes, why????, you don't like it, we could go somewhere else, if you want"

"No, it's ok, you just surprise me"

"Then I congratulate myself, lets go, get off the car"

He still had that voice of leader, that no matter what he does you have to obey him

His apartment was the number 7 on the floor five

The apartment was really big, like a house or more like a mansion

"Ma femme do you like it"

"Yes of course, but..."


"It smells a perfume and...Sex"

"Oh yes, I've been here for a week and I miss american women, so I've been practicing the old ritual, does it bother you"

"no...just offende me that you havent look for me"

"oh, don't be, ma chere, 'cause, you know I been thinking at you and planning our meet"

"Is that so"

I said with a sexy voice

"Sit down"

Well, I thought, that was all what Max whats going to say, never mind, soon I would find out.

So I sat down in one of the couchs, a black couch very big, that it was in front of the tv

"I have a surprise for you"


"Yes, just wait for me"

I was so excited, like a little girl, in only 5 minutes Max came back holding a box, then he puted in my lap, and then he took a chair and sat down in front of me

I open the box, with careful, and for my surprise it was one 4 vibrators.

"This is wonderful Max"

"I knew you will like it, do you want to try it out"

"Of course"



So next chapter, you will need a open mind and one part is going to be a dream

So I won't give up

And thank you for all to stay with me
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I'm back, At last I finished school, and NOW COLLEGE!!!!!

3 or 2 more chapters and this story is over, I thinking to do a slash with Kyle/Mike and Max/Alex, I'm not sure yet and 2 another of Max/Liz, I just love that couple


This man & this women


Max was starring me, like with wonder, I couldn't believe that he was here with me, the men of mi life, my virginity thief.This was my change to show him, that I wasn't the little girl anymorem that I was a WOMAN now.

I took one of the vibrators, the larger one, I got laid, took my panties, turned on, and penetrate me...


"You like it" he said with a "insecure voice"??

"Well, yeah...Ugh...But you know I prefer the real one, 'cause you don't know, how fast, how large, and in what time, he is going to take the strokes"

Max smirked at me, with his shining eyes, full of lust

"You right about that one...have you been with many men...Liiiiizzzzzz?"

"Have you been with many women"

"I asked first"

"Do you want me to tell you a dream of you and me"

I took off the vibrator off my folds, and took a shorther one but with sticks all around it

"Does this hurt"

"I don't know, why you don't triy it I see it by yourself"


So I puted the vibrator between my folds and...

"No, it does not hurt, is the opposite I feel more pleasure"

"So did you miss me??"

"Oh yeah"

"Do you want me to tell you about my dream, yes or not"

I almost was whining at this point, because this dream, was like a test to show him, that I could be the same as him, that I wasn't scared.

"Ok, babe tell me"

"Well there are two dreams"

"Ok, tell me one first and then the other"

"Well we were in a shop together, like a shoes store, but it wasn't one, then the salesman appeared and direct to you, what did you want, you told him that you were going to travel and that you wanted to have me well care, so the guy, who was old and creepy, brought like a vibrator, and sticked to me, but it didn't work well, so you ask for another, but it was the same it didn't work out, until you saw one made in gold, it was really big, and told the salesman to stick it to me, so he did, and it fit perfectly, then we went out, with the artefact bought and when we were there, do you know how I called you"


"YES...How did you know???"

"It isn't to difficult my dear Liz, so tell me the other one"


IF you don't liked it, tell me

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Authors note:
Ok guys...
Today I was going to post the next part, but I saw solittle feedback, thet I decided ti pospone it.

So more feedback, if you want the DREAM
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Thanks to:

Fallin' Angel

m14 Special thanks, for being so insistent, so I'm posting this merely for you. So enjoy it


This man & this women

-This is just the dream-


"So what are you telling me, Mr. Yorkshire"

"I'm telling that your daughter was fucking the Spanish teacher"

"Really?" Max gave a look of amusemet to me, his daughter Liz of 15 years old "But what I know is that you played with her as well"

"Well, I..."

"Don't worry Mr. Yorkshire, I know that my daughter clit is always aching when I'm gone for many days, but what I don't understand is for what you are acussing her"

"Wll, I..."

"Can we leave now?" I Asked with shynessa and innocence that I don't have

Max smirked to me

"I think that we can Liz, don't you think Mr. Yorkshire"

"Yes...I...Think...But Liz...I don't want this repeating again"

"But Principal, you said that you love it, when I suck your dick hard"

"Liz!!!! You can go now"


"Lis gave her hand to his father, and exit the Pricipal office"


In the limosine

"So Lizzi, your clit is aching"

"Yes daddy, I couldn't contain myselff much longer, so Mr. Fernández was there and I have to take him"

"Don't worry my child, when we get home, I'm going to make you enjoy, but this time with me"

"Really daddy, oh thank you daddy, I love you"

And I kissed him, a big passionate kiss, while grabbing his crotch

My dad was always like these...we love each other too much, but he is not jelous.

When his friends come to the house, our mansion he always do the same.

"Good evening gentleman"

Sometimes while he is talking with them, he take my panties off, and take me right there, with all his friends watching me with interest

And then, he invite them to try me he leaves, in the table, then he uncover my pussy, and choose one of them to start pumping me.

But what I hate, is that...his punishments are horrible, when I disobey him, he is gone for days and when he is home, he doesn't touch me, but when he forgives me, he give me a big present like the other day...

"So Liz have you been a good girl"

"Yes daddy of course, of course, I'm sorry daddy" I pout

"Don't worry dear, I have a present for you"

We enter to our room and there is a boy, the son of the gardener, all naked

"Is for you Liz"

"Really, thanks daddy"

And faster as I can, I undress myself, while my dad takes a sit

The boy didn't waste time, for he took me and penetrate me, at first it felt good, but then not, it was obvious that this was his first time.

"Daddy his hurting"

And with that my hero took him off me, and I was in the arms of my lover again, being pamper with kisses.




Finishing this I going to write

It is going to be about...Max is married to Tess, but when, he goes shopping he crashes a car, and bump with his true love Liz

Max and Tess have been friends all their lives and Tess is in love with him, but Max is in love, with Liz Parker, so what Tess is going to do?

Max Evans and Zan Evans share their adopt sister Liz Evans

Max and Liz had been separated for 5 year since they married, Max wants her back

Kyle and the gang is gay, and Kyle wants Max as a boyfriend

So what do you think????
Should I write them or not???

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Ok...This is the goodbye...So bye, jijijiji, Thanks for the people who support me, and special thanks to Michaela...
well lets get moving...

A open mind again, this scene would be a little be rough

This man & this women


"A delicious dream Liz, I always knew that you were a little dirty girl" Max lafted

"So my you like my present" Oh how I hate that name, but I wouldn't show him that it upset me...

"Yes, very much, but I prefer the real one, you know, you never know how fast or deep, or in what rate are going to be the strokes"

"I see" Max was smirking, and I couldn't help but smile, he looked like a bad man, you know, one of the comic's villians....

"Max, can I suck your dick"

"Of course Liz"

I stopped using the vibrators...and went to Max very slowly, while he was zipping off his pants, later he took off his Shaft...and I couldn't help myself of licking muy beautiful and temptress mouth, I have such and ego, as you see.
I got in to my knees and I started sucking at him, and I said to myself that I will show him, that I was a woman now, I will show him, all the things that I have learn, after he went to college, that I wasn't a coward, like long ago, that I will do everything....that I was an adventures, in the sex playground...Oh yes!!

"Liz I want to sodomize you"



I couldn't help, to stared at him, and be a little scared...

But with out I realize it, we were laid down on the floor, and he was kissing, I of course didn't have panties, so without he letting me know, he penetrate me by the ass, oh it hurt too much

"Max, stop"

"Want moment Liz"

I felt like they were ripping me all my being

"Fuck you Max, Let me go"

"Don't fight Liz"

With his body, he stopped me from strugle.

"Oh god Liz"

"You, damn you"

I felt like I was dying

"Oh shit, I'm coming, ohh,, aahAhu,ssss....That was great"

I have tears in my eyes, 'cause of the pain
But he kissed them away, then he put his hand in my clit, and started massaging me, trying like to take away the pain, he kissed me so tenederly...And I understood, I have gave him a great pleasure, and now he was giving the pleasure to me, it was like a trade, and I understood the meaning of the true love, and the sacrifice.
After I had the best orgasm of my life, he...

"Liz...I love you"

"Marry me"

I didn't answer

But after a week we were married...Oh!!! and I'm so happy with my husband...we are happy, and free...we have an open marriage, you know...I would introduce him to a friend, and he will sleep with her, and he would introduce me to a friend and I will sleep to him, and sometimes we will have orgies...and I know that you would say, how disgusting...but it isn't because sex and Love are two different things, and we trust each other, and love each other so much, that we know the difference between one and another....Oh, I almost forgot, we had a Daughter name, Aime, and a son name Miguel...
I'm so happy...

Ok, this story was based, in a Spanish book name, the ages of Lulu
"Las edades de Lulu"

So goodbye, and goodnight, I hope you liked it


posted on 22-Jul-2002 3:56:15 PM by Gaby7tvm
Congratulateme...(insert giggle) because my english Teacher told me, that he is sure that I can pass the TOEFL...YAY

Well second, if I write a sequel, I would have to put an is really your choice

I'm going to try to post ROYAL LOVE today...