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Title: Taking Risks
Author: Jennifer
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Roswell, and all that jazz. Please don't sue me, because I have no money!
Shipper: Max/Liz
Summary and Notes: This takes place right after Sexual Healing, when Max and Liz enter the Crashdown. Their parents have forbid them from seeing each other but that doesn't stop them and they decide to run away together. Little do they know what trouble awaits them once they do...
Rating: PG-PG13
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Liz Parker could feal her heart pounding rapidly within her chest as she entered The Crashdown; the local fast food restraunt in which her family owned. Her left hand was entwined with Max Evan's, and she felt him give her a reassuring squeeze as she adjusted her gaze to the people in front of her.

Her Mother, Nancy Parker jerked her head around instantly at the sight of her daughter standing before her; her face beginning to pale as the rage took over. She was with him, probably had been for the entire night, doing God knows what. That very thought sent tiny prickles of fear shooting up and down her spine. This was not a reality she wanted to deal with.

"Mom," Liz began timidly, a look of guilt tracing her face as she saw the red circles under her mother's eyes. She had probably been awake the whole night. And it was all because of her. "What are you and Dad still doing here?" she questioned as she finally noticed the pressence of her Father.

"You know very well what we're doing here, so don't play dumb, young lady," Phillip snapped from across the booth, setting his eyes firmly on Liz.

Liz gulped, before nervously running a hand through her dark brown hair. The look on her Father's face scared her stiff. He had always been the calm one, the one to think things through. Now...she wasn't sure who he was anymore.

"Mrs. Parker, nothing happened, you have to believe me," Max said; a quiet desperation in his voice. "We just lost track of time, and ended up falling asleep, but NOTHING HAPPENED."

"And where exactly were you all this time, Max?" Diane asked, raising her eyebrow at her son curiously. She took a nervous sip of her coffee before shakily putting the cup down and exhaling loudly.

"The desert," Max admitted sheepishly, shrugging as he averted his eyes to the ground. He didn't really have an explanation for them; at least not one that they would like to hear.

"Mom, I know what you're probably thinking, and it couldn't be further from the truth!" Liz exclaimed in a high pitched voice.

"Then please enlighten me," Nancy spat; barely able to choke out the words as her imagination began to take over, leaving very disturbing mental pictures behind. This was her daughter. Her baby girl. She wouldn't do this. No, there had to be some explanation.

"We just decided to go for a drive last night, that's all," Liz assured her mother, although in her heart she knew it was all a lie. Although they hadn't gone all the way, what had happened with Max the night before was far from innocent. Guilt ripped at her heart, but she knew she had to swallow it if she was to continue with her story. "You know, just to get away from things for awhile. I never dreamed we would be out this late. I'm so sorry!"

"So am I," Nancy snapped, shaking her head; her light brown curls tumbling about her pale white face. "For ever trusting you. You knew that I didn't want you seeing this boy, yet you purposely disobeyed me by sneaking out in the middle of the night to see him! I don't even know you anymore."

"Nancy, prehaps you are being a bit rash," Phillip gently placed his hand on his wife's shoulder in an attempt to calm her. "We don't even know the whole story yet-"

"No, no, I agree with Nancy," Diane interjected, wiping at her eyes with a hankerchief. "Do you two know what it's like to be a parent?" she sobbed, turning to face Max and Liz who in turn shrank back. "Do you know what it's like worrying about your child every second of the day, wondering if you've done the right things to equip them for life? No, I don't think you do, and you better not for a good long while, if you catch my drift."

"So what exactly are you saying?" Max asked, gulping down a fresh sob. This was one question he didn't wish to know the answer to.

"I think it would be in both of your best interests to put your relationship on hold for awhile. At least until you're old enough to make adult decisions."


It was dark that evening as Liz sat perched on the windowsill of her bedroom, a blank expression on her face as she attempted to pour out her feelings into the leather bound journal which rested on her lap. Nothing was making sense anymore, and she didn't know where to go from there.

In a way, she had felt as if her entire world had been ripped from her in just a few moments. Max had been such a huge part of her life for the past year she wasn't sure how she would cope without him; she already felt as if she were falling apart at the seams and they hadn't even been seperated a full day yet. Was this an unhealthy obsession? Maybe, but it was the only way she knew how to exist at the moment.

Begging did no good, as she soon found out. Her parents had been firm and wouldn't budge an inch, no matter the tears that flowed freely from her face. They said it was for her own good. Hah, now that was a joke if she ever heard one! It was all about control with them, she knew. They couldn't entirely control her anymore now that Max had entered her life and they would do anything possible to get that control back. Even if it meant destroying the one thing that made their daughter happy.

Sighing, she gazed out at the night sky dotted with twinkling stars and thought of him. Was he gazing out at those same stars? Was he thinking of her too? Oh, how she wished she could be sure.


For a second there she thought she heard a distant whisper, but it was probably just her imagination, so she went back to her journal.

A slight tapping noise interuppted her train of thought. This time it couldn't be ignored.

Hopping off the windowsill, she lifted up the windowframe and timidly stuck her head out, wondering who it could be at this time of night.

"Liz, could I get some help here?"

Her heart filled with warmth when she realized who it was, and she quickly looked down to find Max Evans standing ontop a laddar, trying desperately to keep his balance. She quickly grabbed hold of both his arms and pulled him into her room, where he landed on top of her in a confused daze.

Once they had both collected themselves and caught their breaths, Max spoke. "Liz, I'm sorry to drop in on you so unexpected, but I couldn't stay away. I just had to see you tonight."

"That's so sweet," Liz gushed as she moved in for a quick kiss, then her expression changed. "But Max, you could have really gotten hurt. Promise me that you'll never try anything like this again."

"I thought you would be overjoyed to see me," Max said, somewhat insulted.

Liz moved into another kiss, but this time it deepened, and when she pulled away a big smile formed on her face. "I am, I am, I just can't believe whats happened. I'm still in shock."

"I know what you mean," Max said as he went to take a seat on Liz's lilac colored bed. "It seems every time we begin to get close something comes between us. I hate that."

"So do I," Liz nodded in agreement. "But what can we do about it?"

"Well, there is one thing..." Max's voice trailed off.

"What is it?!" Liz cried, her voice desperate. Was there really a solution to their problem? It seemed almost too good to be true.

Max got off the bed and began to pace, his expression serious and thoughtful. "I've been thinking about this for the past few hours, and I really see no other way. I really want us to be together, Liz. I've never felt this way about anyone before."

"Me either," Liz placed both her palms in his hands, savoring the warmth that passed between them. "What's your idea, Max?"

"We need to run away. It's our only choice."
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