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The new and the old

disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Jason katims and UPN
summary: set after A tale of two parties
couples: CC/UC max/liz, micheal/maria, isabel/jesse, serena/kyle, josh/ava
rating: PG-13-NC-17 will be warned when nc-17 comes up
Authors note: this is my first fic and lots of FEEDBACK.

part 1
max, liz, maria, kyle, isabel, jeese and micheal had just finished having their breakfast and were chatting liz, maria and micheal had the day off of work the door jingled and two teenagers walked in and sat at a booth .
waitress: hi I’ll be your waitress for today what would you like?
girl: is liz here
waitress yeah she is she’s off work but she's hanging out with her friends
she goes and gets liz
liz: hi I’m liz
girl: hi I’m Serena and this is josh do you know where max, Isabel and micheal are?
liz: umm yeah there over there hang on
liz walks over to the gang
maria: who are they
liz: Serena and josh
the whole table was confused except for maria and liz
maria: oh my god
liz: yeah and there looking for max, isabel and micheal
micheal: and what did you say
liz: that you guys are here, look please trust my judgment and go over there you can trust her
max: I trust you liz and is you say so then well’l go
micheal : Maxwell if we can’t trust her
liz: she’s not just give her a chance
micheal: how do you know
marai: don’t push her she just does
the rest of the group didn’t push for more information
max: go tell them to come here
jesse: can I ask why wouldn’t you be able to trust them what are you talking about and isabel who are these people
isabel: don’t worry honey there friends but micheal doesn't seem to think so
jeese: k well I’m heading back home you coming iz
isabel: no I want to meet serena and josh old elementary kids so I'll see you tonight
jeese leaves teh crashdown
liz comes back with the two teens
Serena: this may all be confusing for you all but can we go somewhere more private to talk.
max: yeah Michael can we use your apartment
micheal mumbles a yeah sure use my living area as a alien meeting
max: do u have a car
josh: yeah
max: you can follow my car to micheal’s and then we can talk
kyle: do I need to be there cause I gotta go to work
isabel: it’s ok I’ll fill you in on what happens
kyle: thanxs iz and leaves
maria: well I guess it’s just us then
they walk out and head to micheal’s

micheal and max’s apartment
the gang is seated and are waiting for Serena and josh to start
josh: first of all me and serena are not skins, we are max and isabel’s siblings I’m 6 months older than you max and serena is 16 we were in pods just like you but got separated by nesado because he knew that serena and I knew about our past lives and can keep in contact with people back home so I was put in a foster home in Wyoming and serena was in florida 2 years ago I started looking for the 5 of you and I found serena first since then we started looking for you guys and tess and now weve found you .
the group was in silence
isabel and max got up and went to embrace there siblings
serena: we've missed you so much cause we were the only one’s who knew about you
max: were glad your here
micheal (cuts into the family moment )so you can contact people back home huh
josh: yeah we contacted mom last week and she told us to tell max and iz tht she loves you and micheal you mom said she loves you too
micheal: my parent's are alive
josh: yeah there was a war on Antar but it ended 15 years ago everyone’s ok
isabel: (whispers) max our real parents are alive and ..and they love us
max: I know
josh: we have a lot to talk about so make yourselves comfy

I thnk tht kinda suxed I’m not really good on beginnings FEEDBACK good or bad *bounce*

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srry pressed post by accident

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josh: mom told us that tess had arrived in Antar she’s held as a prisoner in the chambers when she came in telling her and father that she had conceived a child with max but it failed when she went to the healer and found out the child was not max’s but lithias’s ,lithias was Nicholas's second in command like nicholas was kivhar’s sigh in relief lill bother your still a virgin
maria: god what a bitch stupid whore was pregnant with someone else’s child
micheal: can we let josh continue some of us want to know more instead of dancing around happily for max still being a virgin
isabel: josh is all the destiny stuff true
josh: what destiny stuff
liz: we received a message that said “if you see this message
josh: no ava and zan were married before but mother never would force a marriage zan or on anyone she always believed in free choice rath was your second in command but he was never bethored to isabel because we were all tight and thought of each other as siblings but besides that there was never a message for you because me and rena could contact home.
max: wow this is a lot to take in
liz stares at the wall and starts speaking “this past year was all a waste it was all a lie a mind warp by tess” she looks at max “ god I’m sorry I left you at the cave...I did it all for nothing” and starts sobbing
max takes her in his arms and reassures her with caring words
max: shhh liz none of us knew it’s not your fault
serena: liz
liz looks up
serena: I think you should tell max about last year and the other max
liz looks at her wide eyed
max: liz what other max
liz: how do u know I only told maria
serena: my power is to see through mind warps I see the images that tess mindwarped all of them form the time she first came to roswell when she made you see the dreams and the message, then I saw something about a future max making max think they slept together and mindwarping alex.
max: will someone explain what the hell you two are talking about.
liz: omg it was all a mindwarp, that tess mindwarped me
maria: oh petunia
isabel: what are you talking about
liz: max do u remember the night you came to my balcony to surrender me
max (blushes) yeah
isabel: he what
liz: he sang to me and it was beautiful max but that nite there was also someone else on my balcony it was the future version of you well it thought it was cause he knew thngs that only you would know but he said that the world would end if I didn't make you fall out of love with me because of our love it drove tess to the enemies and without her u weren't strong enough to beat kivhar he said that isabel had died 2 weeks and micheal and died in your arms 2hours before you came back in time so that’s why I set up to look like I had slept with kyle
max: you told me that you didn’t but you never said why you lied to me you were so strong
liz: but for what
micheal: you risked your own happiness for me and isabel, I don’t know how I could make that up to you
liz: but it never happened
isabel: but you didn’t know that and you still saved us thank you
isabel gets up and hugs liz “I've never really thought you would deserve my brother’s love but I was wrong liz parker and I thank you for that and I hope we can become better friends now”
liz: that will be great isabel I’d love that
max: josh what’s your power
josh: to sense the evil
maria: oh wow I’m sure that would of gone haywire if tess was here
josh: we will need to find ava she isn’t evil she was just put with them
max: ava why her
josh: cause someone one needs to replace tess like tess’s mindwarp max had said
max: when do you want to go find her
josh: you won’t serena can contact all anatrians so she’ll come here
micheal: ok great
liz: umm guys I think we should think about where serena and josh are gonna stay
isabe: max I can ask mom and dad that we found our other siblings
max: well see if you can I doubt they will with having problem with one Evan's already but if they don’t then I’ll move out and find somewhere else to live and serena and josh can live with me.
micheal: 2nd option sounds better to me
max: same here but let’s see
iasbel: are we finished
max: yeah
isabel: I’l go home and ask mom and dad and then come back here
max: I’ll be here with serena and josh catch up you know
isabel leaves
maria: liz babe I gotta go my mom want’s me to help her at home so I’ll seeya tomorrow
liz: bye maria
maria leaves
micheal: k well I’m gonna go watch my daily dose of I dream of jeannie and you guys can chatter but don’t disturb
max: yeah and it’s pathetic
josh: what’s pathetic
max: micheal and maria used to go out and maria dumped him not long ago and he’s been sulking since by watching I dream of jeannie it’s corrupting him
serena (laughs)I see he’s still the same
josh; I see you and liz are together
max (smiles) yeah we had our ups and down’s but were together now what about you two had anyone
josh: no I’ve only had 3 girlfriends so far but nothing serious
serena: I’ve dated 9 guys but no one special
max and josh frown
liz (laughs) ohhhh how sweet your so over protective
max: she’s 16 liz
liz (raises her eyebrows ) and how old were we when we dated
max” that's different you've only dated twice
liz: max josh dated more than you did
max: there was only one girl I had eye’s for and kisses her
serena: please donot show public display of affection
micheal (walks in) hah u haven’t seen the most of it, it’s sickening
max: micheal just cause your single don’t mock the taken
micheal : the taken huh max it took you 10 years to talk to the girl
serena (doubles over in laughter ):omg for someone as good-looking as you wouldn’t think you’d have a problem with girls but this is just classic
liz: he didn’t have a problem with girls, they worshipped the ground he walked on, but max just didn’t seem to notice
max: liz I think your making that up
liz: max do you know how many times I've over heard girls talk bout my boyfreind’s ass or body let me tell you you’d probably lose count
max (blushes)
josh: ok ok for the sake of my brother lets talk about something else


tell me what you think ,should I continue I hope it wasn’t too long just got bored on a Saturday afternoon with a cold so I was using my time wisely thnxs for the feedback keep it coming

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AN: this story will answer some of my questions about the stuff on the on the show and how some people from season two had just disappeared, I don’t like how they stopped showing liz writing in her journal anyway onto the story.....hope u like it *happy*


few hours later max’s phone rings
max: hello
isabel: hey max it’s me
max: hey iz what’s up
isabel: max I asked mom and dad if serena and josh could stay at their house and mom said she’s love to but dad said that there was too much going on, with you and all and he disagreed for now
max: hey iz can rena and josh live at your place for a few nights until I find a place
iz: yeah that’s fine, I’ll tell jesse that we will have people over but he won’t mind bring them over at 6
max: thnxs iz I’ll seeya then bye
liz: what happened
max: my mom said yes and my dad said no in having josh and serena stay with them so iz said they can stay at her place until I find somewhere else to live
liz: where are you gonna live
max: I’ll start looking for places in the ad
josh: I’ll help me and rena don’t have anything else to do either
max: we need to get a place to stay first before we do other things so well focus on that for now
liz: I’m gonna head home now, my shift starts in and hour (and kisses max)
max: is it ok if I come over at 9
liz: yeah I’ll be finished then

after liz’s shift maria and liz are having their ice cream sessions
liz: so maria what you gonna do with your life, now that your not with micheal and have no aliens stopping you
maria: I don’t know, I think I might try and find myself you know see how I really am reach for my dreams that I had before all this alien stuff happened
liz: in other words your going to see what it’s like to be normal
maria: I guess if you put it that way
liz: I think you need it, I mean you know how I feel with al this stuff with max and the aliens but I know you haven't sorted it out yet so I’m behind you all the way.
maria: I’ll still be here for you chica but I just don’t want to be sucked in when aliens end up coming to take over roswell
liz: you make it sound like this is an everyday thing
maria: anywayz what about you and max:
liz: what about me and max
maria: liz there’s no son, he never slept with that ho
liz: yeah I know but maria he still hurt me
maria: (nods her head in understanding) you tow need to sort this out or else it’s going to get in the way of your relationship you know cause ever since it happened you two have been ignoring it and it won’t help in the future
liz: I know we did, but if we did talk about it would just hurt too much and max would always push the problem away
maria just talk to him k
liz I will he’s coming over at 9 so I think we’ll try and sort this out
maria: good, you know sean’s coming home next week
liz: he is, he ‘s gonna lecture me about my relationship with max, he’s a good person maria but I only want to be friends
maria: well you’ll need to talk to him too, you know tell hi that you only want friendship and nothing more
liz: I will
liz: how was dinner with your mom
maria: she asked me about my life, she wanted to catch up she feels left out
liz: just exactly how my mom feels
maria: god if our parents only knew the half of what we go through
liz: you know you’ve been a really great person to Michael don’t drift away from being his friend he needs you maria you broke his stone wall and if you pull away now I don't think there will ever be anyone else to break it down take what me and max had for example were not the same without each other even if it is just friendship but with you and micheal, micheal knows why you need your space but max didn’t
maria: I will, I don’t think if you would have told me, I would of actually be his friend and your right thanks liz
liz: I’ve finally gotten know the real micheal I just don’t want that to change.
maria:(looks at the clock) I think I should go lover boy always ends up coming earlier than he says he will
liz: is there sign that says pick on max and liz today
maria: yeah it’s fluorescent pink (and burst out laughing)
liz: arrg maria GO
maria: bye

thank you for all those who are reading this keep the feedback coming I hope this part was ok *happy*

liz’s balcony
liz is on her balcony writing in her journal when she hears someone coming up her ladder and knowing who it was she shut her journal and put it down beside her chair
max: hey
liz: hey your safe , my parents are in the crash cleaning
max goes over to the lawn chair and sits down next to liz
liz: we need to sort things out
max: I know
liz: things could change after we do
max: yeah I know
liz: k
max: why didn’t you come to me about future max , we could of done something together, we could of found out what tess was really like.
liz: don’t you think I know that, I blame my self everyday for alex dieing I used to blame myself for you sleeping with tess before I knew all this, but I couldn’t come to you , he told me I couldn’t it was an illusion all a lie buy the one person I hated and hate even more who not only tried to take you away from me but killed alex too.
max: liz it’s not your fault I just god she really screwed with us didn’t she with our heads with our emotions look at us now but she hasn’t won yet liz not if I still have you by my side and the world hasn’t ended, what she did to alex none of us wil ever forgive her for it but don’t blame yourself liz you thought what you were doing was right your only human.
liz smiles: but it doesn’t make it hurt any less
max pulls liz onto his lap and hugs her
liz: (pulls back) I know that you didn’t sleep with her but max what hurts most is that you looked at me as if I was a plague, you treated me like I was your enemy and you shut me out.
max: (fell silent and stared at the ground as if it was far more interesting then seeing the reaction on liz’s face as she told him) god do you know how many times I kicked my self in my head for doing that to you, I never stoped loving though liz god not even for a second after finding you in bed with kyle because some how I think my heart knew that you would never do that but then when you continued to deny what my heart thought was wrong I lost it the thought of having lost you to someone else brought my alien side out and when you said that alex’s death could of been associated with aliens I thought that there was another meaning behind it , that you were pointing out that I had killed him that me being alien had killed alex all the word in the world wouldn’t be able to make up for what I had done and I know I keep saying sorry but it’s not enough I've learnt now that I always screw up and say sorry and then everything would be fine but reality is it's not I’ve hurt you over and over again and even though I say I won’t I still do.
liz: oh max I never blamed you for alex’s death I told you I believed that it had to do with aliens your a compassionate guy max you would never hurt anyone, there have been rough times in our relationships but we’ll work it out together just like you had once told me we can accomplish anything just as long are together your reason’s behind treating me like that is excusable max your only human as well and like us you have feelings, you felt betrayed by the one person you thought you could trust. I’ve gone through the same feeling and I don’t blame me, but from now on we have to be honest with each other no matter what
max: I dn’t know how I deserve you, but I swear this second chance I’m getting I won’t let you down I will never keep anything from you ever again your my soul mate liz, you’ve always been my destiny.
liz: (smiles) “thank you”
max lies down on the lawn chair and liz lies down beside him with max’s arm around her shoulder , liz starts drawing circles on max’s chest
max: liz I want to ask you something are you sure your okay with being with all this alien stuff I don’t want you having to sacrifice normal living for me maybe you should try and find yourself like maria
liz: I’m fine max maria want’s to find herself because she wants to know what normal is, I love you max and I’m not going to leave you just because it get to alien normal is you max, I know what I want and I want to be with you and if that means being chased by the FBI and evil aliens then I say bring them on
max: liz can you promise me something that no matter what , if I don’t get accepted into Harvard that you will go to Harvard and become a micro biologist that you’ve always wanted to become promise me liz
liz: I can’t promise you that max wherever you go I’m going with you
max: I knew I wouldn’t be able to get through you your way too stubborn
liz: (smirks)and that's why you love me
max: I better go before you dada decides his new year’s resolution was a mistake and micheal starts groaning about his sleep
liz: k I’ll seeya tomorrow at micheal’s
max kisses liz lightly on the lips and makes his way over to the ladder and stops “ I love you “
liz: I love you too
liz stays outside on her balcony until max’s footsteps disappear and goes inside her room shuts the window and falls asleep for the first night since future max had turned up and ruined everything in the process.

TBC I would of written this better but I kinda ran out of an idea for this anyway hope it was still ok, I not that happy with it though


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Next day everyone was gathered a Michael's apartment except for maria and jesse
micheal: where’s maria
liz: she’s helping her mom out in her store
josh: I found two places, one’s on the third floor in this building and the other one’s on street next to your parents house max
max: k me and liz will go check out the apartment on the third floor I think that’s a better option than the other one
you guys can catch up with each other until we get back
josh: yeah ok
max and liz make their way to the land lady’s apartment and knock on her door, the door opens to see a lady in her 50’s
lady: how can I help you kids
max: we came to look at the apartment that’s vacant on the third floor
lady: ah yes, just wait a second
she comes back later with a key and heads upstairs they get to a green door and she puts the key in and opens the door to reveal a big apartment that looked quite new
lady: this is one of the two apartments in this building that is the biggest and the newest it’s got three bedroom, kitchen, lounge and one bathroom it’s $350
max and liz go in and look around
max (turns to liz) it’s only got one bathroom but the rest looks good for living
liz; you’ll work something out with the bathroom I’m sure
max and liz head back to the lady
max: I’l come back later after I’ve talked with the other two who are going o be living with me
lady: yeah it’s fine just come knock on my door I hope to see more of you around
max: I hope so too
max and liz go back to micheal’s apartment
micheal: so how’d it go
max: it’s a great place, it’s $350 and there's 3 bedrooms
josh” I’ll get a job somewhere to pay it off
serena: yeah I’ll get one as well
max: k I’ll go and tell the lady that well take the place, what did you guys do
is: we were catching up with each other’s lives, max did you know that josh has dated more than you
max rolls his eyes “I'm not even going to bother defending my self, I’m leaving liz you can stay here and help serena find a job and micheal you do the same for josh I’ll be back later”
max comes back and hour later
max: ok were all set josh, serena you can move your stuff in 2morrow I’ve signed all the papers and paid the money
josh: great
max: you guys sort out the jobs
josh: yeah , micheal said that I should try where you work the UFO center and see if there’s anything
serena: and liz said that since angst quit her job last week that I can take the waitress job in the crashdown and I can try and contact ava now
max: ok is there anything you want us to do
serena: no it’s just like what isabel does when she dream-walks but talk to the person through the mind, I have these...panels in my mind that can tap into the royal family members minds or people I’ve meet like liz and kyle
kyle spoke up or the first time “will you be able to contact her even if she’s really far away”
serena: yeah, but the further away she is teh more energy it will take for em to contact her and I won’t be able to talk to her for long
kyle: ok
micheal: you can use my room to be comfortable and to be able to concentrate
serena smiles at michael “thanks”

serena’s in Michael's room concentrating, she reaches Ava and tries to open a connection after a few seconds she gets in
serena:*ava can you hear me*
Ava: *who are you*
serena: *I’m serena, I know you know who I am*
ava*serena, yous found em*
serena:*yeah, ava can you come to roswell it’s important*
ava:*sure I’m in LA I’ll be there in 3 days*
serena:*be careful*
ava:*I’m always careful*
serena: *k I’l seeya in 3 days*
and she comes out of the connection, opens her eyes and sits up on the bed after a while she walks into the lounge area where everyone is
micheal: how’d it go
serena: I contacted her, she’s in LA she’ll be here in 3 days
josh: great, I think that will be enough for today the rest of you can go home well see you tomorrow morning
liz: k serena you can start your shift at the crashdown tomorrow I’ll seeya guys later
serena: thanks again liz
liz: don’t worry about it
kyle: I’ll come tomorrow as well move stuff
max; thanks kyle
kyle: hey the help offer is not for you, you lift your on stuff, I’m here to help serena
max and josh frown
liz: kyle, lets go before you start a war
and drags him out
josh: should we be worried about him
max: yeah a little
serena: hey I can look after myself you should be glad it’s kyle and not someone else and storms out of the apartment
josh: I gotta catch up with her before I lose her I’ll seeya tomorrow
and runs out the door
max: bye (as he watches josh’s retreating form)

TBC sorry for the short part I’m making them short cause I don’t think there’s many people out there actually reading this but I’m relaying on my instincts to keep this fic going.

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The next morning max, Michael, josh and Kyle were moving max, josh and Serena's stuff into their new apartment.
max: hey josh, why’d you bring this stuff, I mean you weren’t sure that you would find us.
josh: we always travel with it, it’s not much just normal stuff like clothes etc.
kyle: do you guys want a tv, cause you can have my old one
max: thanks kyle you if it’s ok
kyle: yeah it is
liz and serena walk in, liz heads to the refrigerator
liz: you guys need food, you are not going to live on pizza all your lives, I’m gonna get some food
serena: hey I’ll come with
liz: great, well be back in an hour
max: don’t forget the Tabasco sauce
liz: max I’m dating you there’s no way I can forget such a essential thing
max: (smiles) oh and cherry cola
liz: got it
20 mins later kyle had gone and bought the tv over and now the 4 guys were sitting on the couch watching tv and drinking Snapple that micheal provided much to his dismay. Liz and serena come through the door with bags of food, max and josh get up to help them with it.
liz: we bought 20 bottles of Tabasco sauce and you should of seen the checkout lady’s face when she saw them and serena said that it’s best to buy microwavable foods since none of you can cook.
max: (sarcastically) thanks serena,
liz: that's why your always eating at the crash down
max: yes and also when my mom cooked something form that magazine izzy subscribed for her, anywayz were eating at the crash down today.
kyle: and the days after
serena: speaking of the crash down I start my shift in 2 hours
max: that's great, josh still needs to ask brody if works available
josh: rena your rooms down the hall on the right, mines next to yours and max yours is down the other end of the hallway.
serena: how come he gets it all the way down there
josh: cause he’s paid for the house, so he got to choose ,I also have house rules
max: house rules
serena; yup this is his protective side kicking in
max groans
josh: anyways rule #1 your only allowed an hour in the bathroom unless it is absolutely life or death otherwise wake up early.
#2 we will all have turns at chores every week, #3 serena your curfews 11:00
serena: 11:00 you have got to be kidding me, how come max has no curfew
josh: max’s 17 and I can’t stop him
serena: this is so unfair, it’s worst than living with my parents
max: you guys start school tomorrow, Jim will enrol you in tomorrow
serena and josh: who’d jim
max: jim is Kyle's dad he’s the only adult how know what were are
kyle: guys I gotta run, before my dad gets home, here ’s a house warming gift
max takes it
max: what is it
kyle: it’s a book called Buddha's way of life
everyone groans
max: thanks kyle... think
kyle grabs his jacket
kyle: bye
everyone: bye

at the crash down today.
kyle: and the days after
serena: speaking of the crash down I start my shift in 2 hours
max: that's great, josh still needs to ask brody if works available
josh: rena your rooms down the hall on the right, mines next to yours and max yours is down the other end of the hallway.
serena: how come he gets it all the way down there
josh: cause he’s paid for the house, so he got to choose ,I also have house rules
max: house rules
serena; yup this is his protective side kicking in
max groans
josh: anyways rule #1 your only allowed an hour in the bathroom unless it is absolutely life or death otherwise wake up early.
#2 we will all have turns at chores every week, #3 serena your curfews 11:00
serena: 11:00 you have got to be kidding me, how come max has no curfew
josh: max’s 17 and I can’t stop him
serena: this is so unfair, it’s worst than living with my parents
max: you guys start school tomorrow, Jim will enrol you in tomorrow
serena and josh: who’d jim
max: jim is Kyle's dad he’s the only adult how know what were are
kyle: guys I gotta run, before my dad gets home, here ’s a house warming gift
max takes it
max: what is it
kyle: it’s a book called Buddha's way of life
everyone groans
max: thanks kyle... think
kyle grabs his jacket
kyle: bye
everyone: bye

liz, serena, max, micheal, and josh all went to the crashdown liz and serena and micheal to work and the other guys went to eat
the guys sat in their booths talking until serena came
serena: hey what do you guys want
max: isn’t this liz’s section
serena: max I’m glad you enjoy my presence
max: it’s not that serena, liz has always taken my order
serena: I’m only doing it for today, liz said that I should start with you so your my first customers , big tips
max: ok, I'll have the sirogany(sp) weaver and a cherry cola
serena: josh
josh: umm max this is real food right
max laughs :welcome to roswell josh, where the food is also alien
josh: k I'll have the space fires and a soda
serena: k I'll be back with your drinks

after the 2 guys had finished their food they waited for Serena, micheal and Liz to finish it’s 8:30 and the crashdown had finally slowed down.
liz goes and sits next to max while Serena gets a chair and sits next to Michael
serena: I’m so tired, Liz how can you do this
liz: you get used to it, hey do you know that serena made $20 from tips she made 5 dollars more than me when I first started.
micheal: did you realise that $10 was form max
liz looks at max with a questioning gaze: is that true
max shots micheal a glare
max smiles at liz: hey you earned it, I enjoyed your presence more than the food
liz blushes
serena: anyway josh, max I'll just help liz close up and we can go
liz; it’s ok serena I can do it
max: wait I’m not tierd yet it’s 8:30
micheal : geez max make it any obvious
liz: I suppose you guys can stay

The last customer left at 8:50 ,liz went to turn some music on and the room was filled with Stereophonics Have A Nice Day serena and liz started cleaning up
max: hey I'll help
and then soon after everyone joined in to help and by 9:30 they had finished, they all sat at the both wiped out
Liz: guys we have school tomorrow and I don’t ant to be late
max curses :I forgot
everyone get up to go max turns to Liz: I'll pick you up at 8 tomorrow morning
Liz: k and kisses him goodnight
max: seeya
liz: bye and good luck in your new room
max: I’ll be dreaming of you, I don't need it
micheal: max I never knew you could be so sappy
max: shut up micheal, I never said anything when you started being sappy with maria
mcheal: that’s cause you were to busy sulking over liz
josh and serena both say in unison :some things never change
and they head home

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AN: I’m here and bored so I posted before tuesday here's the next part......enjoy

max wakes up the next morning to the buzzing of his alarm clock he turned around and saw the numbers 7:05 flashing in red max groans and gets up, he walks down the hallway and sees that no one else had woken yet so he went to the bathroom before the other two woke up. Max came out 20 mins later freshly showered to see that neither Serena nor josh had woken up yet so he walked back to his room and come out fully clothed and decide to go and wake josh he knocked on his door when he got no answer he opened the door and went inside he shakes josh until he
opens his eyes
josh:(rubbing his eyes) what time is it
max: 7:35
josh cursed
max: yeah, go shower and then you can wake Serena up

all three of them where now ready they grabbed a breakfast bar and headed out the door, max pulled up in front of the
Crashdown and saw liz waiting outside for them
max: hey sorry were late but these two forgot we had school and woke up late
josh: it’s not out fault it’s been weeks since we last went
liz: it’s ok you were only 10 mins late
they soon pulled u into the school car park, they got out and max and Liz saw Jim waiting outside the office they walk up to him.
max: thanks Mr Valenti for doing this
jim: it’s no problem, so where are these long lost sibling s of yours
max stepped out of the way
max: Mr Valenti this is josh and serena , josh, serena this is Mr Valenti
serena and josh: hi
Jim: lets go we’ll go see the principal
max: I’ll see you guys later at lunch, meet us here
josh: yeah k
max and liz go inside the school and towards max’s locker then to liz’s where they see maria waiting
maria: hey, you guys are late what happened
liz: serena and josh slept in and we had to go to the principals office.
the bell rings and they go there separate ways to home room

TBC sorry for the small part, next part will be longer....


Principal: hello josh, Serena what were your previous schools
Josh: Glasgow high in Wyoming
Serena: St Albert High in Florida
Principal: great -he paused a button on the phone machine and called in his sectary
The secutary stepped in
Principal: can you call Glasgow High and have them send josh Riley’s file here and then call St Albert High and have them send Serena winters file
He turned to Serena and josh
Principal: I have an arranged our top student to guide you around school and in her classes until your files are transferred and you schedule is done
Liz is in the middle of her history class when someone comes to the classroom and gives a note to the teacher
Teacher: Miss Parker, pack your things the principal wants to see you
Liz got up and cleared her things and went to the principals office
The secutary came into the principal's office “ sorry to interrupt but Miss Parker's here” she moved away and let Liz come through
Principal” Miss Parker have a seat
Liz sat down next to Serena
Principal: as Valedictorian, I want you to show josh Riley and Serena Winters around school and to be in your classes until there files are transferred and their schedules are made, is that ok with you miss parker
Liz: yes Principal Davis, it’s fine
Liz, Serena and josh got up and walked out of the principals office
Liz: looks like you guys are stuck with me

Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Serena and josh had all met up at lunch; they are sitting at the table talking
Max: so how do you find the school
Josh: it’s different, this place must be really boring for some because I have never heard such rumours about new students
Serena: yeah, there was one about me running away with josh I mean gross no offence brother but you’re like family
Maria: I heard you guys are spies and are looking for Aliens
Everyone laughs
Maria: oh here’s my favourite one, we kidnapped Serena and josh and brain washed them so they could join or cult
Liz laughs: oh I gotta say that’s the best
Serena: ok so what’s far worse than the school gossip
Maria: the one who starts the rumours
Serena: and who’s that
Maria: Pam Troy the one and only
Kyle: oh look speak of the devil
They see her walk toward the jocks
Serena: oh right
The rest of the lunch hour was spent talking, at the end of school max dropped Liz and Serena off at the crashdown for work and he and josh went back to their apartments to change so max could go to work and josh went with him to ask for a vacant position
Ava walked into the back room, form behind the crashdown , where she saw Serena
Ava: Rena is that you’s
Serena turned around: hey she said and embraced her: I'm glad you made it
Ava: so wat’s so 'mportant
Serena: I can’t tell you here but ‘ll tell you with the rest of the group
Ava: ok’s that fine
Serena: you can stay here until me, Michael and Liz finish our shifts
Liz had rung up Kyle and Isabel at home and Isabel said she couldn't come because she had to go to Jesse's parent’s house for dinner and that she'd have Kyle tell her about it.
Kyle had arrived 5 mins later and Liz had called ma on his cell
Max and josh come through the door, max went and sat next to Liz and josh sat next to Michael
Max: hey Ava
Ava: hey, wow it’s weird to see ya max, ya look so much lik Zan except more clean cut, so yous going to tell me wat’s so important
Serena: max you can tell her about Tess and I'll tell her the rest
Max nodded: tess wasn’t who she appeared to be she was working with our enemies all along she left earth to go to Antar with my unborn son an now we need you to replace her n the four square
Ava: wow, you impregnated y dupe
Serena: and we need you now, your important you always was
Ava: how come yous trust me that I'm different
Liz: your gong to have to pretend that your Tess, you don’t need to change your hair but you’ll need to lose the piercing and the accent
Ava: yeah I guess it’s ok, where am I staying
Liz: with me, my parents won’t mind
Ava: cool if ya sure

I promised you a longer part so I've posted 2 parts sorry t cut the conversation but it'll be continued in the next part
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Part 12

liz could feel the tension in the room, Maria was glaring at Ava openly and max was tense beside her
liz sighed : guys please Ava is not tess and she's not evil if she was josh would of been able to sense it by now
maria: chich were sorry but we can’t help feel this way, tess screwed with our lives big time
ava: I promise yous I wil not lose ya trust, I haven’t used my powers in a long time
li: ava it’s ok, you’ll have to go to school tomorrow and if anyone asks where you’ve been you can tell them that you went on a long vacation to New York and decided to come back
ava: oks, I guess that can explain the hair and the piercings
liz: yeah
Micheal: is this all, cuz I need my sleep
liz: yeah if there’s anything else we need to cover than well do that tomorrow
everyone left, liz and ava went upstairs
Nancy: hi liz, tess
Ava: hi Mrs Parker
Mrs Parker: when did you get back
Ava: just yesterday
Mrs Parker: oh great, when did you and liz become friends, I’ve always seen you hang around liz and max and teh others but never together
liz bit her lip*I wonder why we never were friends, she tried to steal my boyfriend* liz thought bitterly
Ava: we found out that we had a lot in common
Ava smiled at liz
liz: yeah
Mrs Parker: well tess, I’m glad your back you girls have fun and it’s a school night so do’t stay up late
Liz: we won’t mom
liz and ava left teh room and went to liz’s room where they sat on her bed
Ava: so much has changed since I was last here
liz: yeah it has, dramatically
Ava turned to liz: when did you and max get back together

sorry for the really short part but I am really busy but thought I'd post for you guys anyway hope you like
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here’s a new part it’s longer than part 12........

Liz: he called me one day and asked me out on a date, we talked and decided to take things slow and here we are

ava: what about the others , what’s been happening

Liz: ok Isabel got married to Jesse Ramirez end of last year, me and max were arrested for armed robbery , I had gun held up a shop clerk while max went to go find the ship downstairs and we got arrested I spent a night in Jail in Utah
my parents threatened to send me to Vermont if I didn't stop seeing max, Kivhar had come to Isabel’s wedding, Max's dad has hired a spy to spy on max, Max moved out of his house and now lives with Michael that about sums it up

Ava: whoa you people have changed a lot since I was last here

Liz: yup

The next day liz and Ava got ready for school and waited for max to pick them up outside, when they got to school everyone pointed and whispered as liz, ava, max, josh and Serena went inside
“when did you get back tess” some one yelled
by the end of the day the whole school knew about ‘tess’s’ arrival and along came with the rumours

It was Sunday night and Liz was cleaning the tables in the crashdown, it was a quiet night and so she had closed it she heard a knock on the door and smiled thinking it was max and looked up to see Sean, liz walked to the door and unlocked it

liz: hi Sean

Sean: hi liz

sean moved into the crashdown and sat down at a booth

Liz; when did you get back

Sean: yesterday
max walked into the back room form the back when he saw liz wasn’t there he looked through the window of the door to see Sean and Liz talking he opened the door a little so he could hear what Sean had to stay , he trusted Liz he just didn’t trust Sean around her
Sean leaned over and kissed her before being pushed away by liz

liz shook her head :sean no

Sean: your back with Evans now aren’t you

Liz: yes Sean I'm with max
Sean: liz he hurt you, can’t you see that

liz: no Sean all I can see is that we both hurt each other, I broke up with him, I pushed him away and I’m amking it right now

Sean: did he feed you that bullshit

Liz: no Sean , all I said to you about him it was a misunderstanding

Sean: that tess girl’s back you know, it’s a matter of time before he goes back to her if you don't sleep with him

Liz: he didn’t sleep with her Sean you don’t know him don't make accusations about people you don't know

Sean was now angry: he’s got some sort of hold on you

liz Sean I love him, please we can only be friends

Sean: it’s not enough, I’m coming for you liz,

Liz: he already tried that and he’s got me

Sean: Evan’s doesn't scare me, I'll make you see that liz , I'll make you see what max is really like

Sean walked out of the crashdown

“please just leave us alone” Liz whispered

she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist she turned and saw max she then turned fully into his embrace and laid her head on his chest

“max,,,,I,,,,he” liz tried to say

“shhh, liz I know, it’s ok you don’t need to explain” max said as he placed his finger on her lips to stop her from saying anything further

Liz: I love you max, why does everyone ruin what we have

max: I love you too liz, I won’t let anyone come between us this time, no one

I t had been 3 days and there was no sign to Sean, Liz and max had been tense and anxious just waiting for Sean to appear but decided that today they’d go out and relax figuring Sean had backed down now, they had decided to go to go to the movies it is 7:00 and liz was ready waiting for max, she was wearing jeans and a blue sweater over her top she was in the backroom where she told max she’d be
Max was going out the door when he saw Michael outside his door

max: hey

micheal: hey

max: micheal what are you doing out here

micheal: waiting for you, my shift starts in a while so I though I’d might as well get a ride with you

max: ok

they reached the crashdown and parked outside the crashdown and went around to the alley way to go to the back room.
Malcom: your highness we have followed Zan and Rath and are at the crashdown where I may assume all the others

Lennox: great, you know hat to do get onto it quick

Malcom yes your highness (and ended the call)
As soon as max and Michael stepped into the darkened alleyway, they were injected with a needle and fell unconscious in a heap, Malcolm and the others picked them up and put them in the boot of their car and left to go to Lennox
Maria: where’s micheal his shift started 5 minutes ago

liz: I don’t know

Maria: what’s wrong liz how come your still here

Liz: it’s been 10 minutes and max hasn’t come I'm sensing something bad has happened to him

Maria: don’t be paranoid Liz, he’s probably just late

Liz: yeah late

Maria: I better go before your dad comes to hound me down

Maria went back out into the restaraunt when Serena walked up

Serena: liz must be gone now huh

Maria: no Serena why would you say that

Serena’s face fell: cause his car pulled up outside the crashdown 10 minutes ago

Maria: shit ok Serena cover for me I need to go back to liz

Maria walks back to Liz

Maria picks up the phone and dials Max's mobile number

Liz: what are you doing

Maria: calling max

she hung up after she reached Max's voicemail, she cursed and then called Michael which she got the same response

Liz: maria (she asked dreadfully)

Maria: liz Max's car has been parked outside 10 minutes ago and I'm guessing Michael was with him and if I'm right then this involves Czechs

Liz: we have to do something
Maria: I'll go call Isabel and then we’ll figure everything out after we close the crashdown ok

Liz just nodded

Maria went and called Isabel

Isabel: hello

Maria: hey is it’s me Maria you have to come down to the carshdown I think max and Michael may be in trouble

Isabel: ok I'll be there in 10

Maria: bring josh with you

Isabel: yeah ok

Maria hung up and sat next to liz: chica we’ll find them ok
Max woke up and looked around, the walls were black and it was dark , then he saw Michael still asleep next to him

max shook max: come on micheal wake up

Micheal woke up groggily: what, where are we

Lennox: ah Zan, rath you have awaken

Max: who are you

Lennox: me, I am the leader of the 6th planet Lennox

Max: what do you want with us

Lennox: no it's just you Zan that I want rath was just there unfortunately

Max: what do you want with me then

Lennox: dead, you see King Zan, if you continue to liz than you are legible to be King again, I thought Kivhar had gotten rid of you but we were wrong, you being king lets us the leaders of the other 6 planets look bad and besides with you gone I get half share along with kivhar to rule Antar

Micheal: isn’t being the king of what-ever planet it is enough for you (Michael spat out)

Lennox: Rath it’s zygion and no not when you get to be King of a race that’s much superior than us being king for zygion is not enough

Max: are you working for Kivhar

Lennox: oh no, no Kivhar doesn’t even know I've captured the king of Antar, I’m doing this for myself, Zan may I say you should be much cautious in future

Max: what will you do with Michael

Lennox: I'll kill him but playing cat and mouse will be so much more fun wouldn’t it

Max: your sick

Lennox: that I could be, you can live that happy ever after with you future queen , liz is it in heaven

Max stood up : leave her out of this Lennox I swear I don’t care how but I will kill you

Lennox: how will that happen if your already dead, actually I have a better idea I'll torture them about having you dead they’ll all be vulnerable and then we’ll go and kill them they’d never know what hit them, though I might keep your lady for future play and then I can give Vilandra to kivhar for future play (said smirking)

Max: you are sick, stay away from her Lennox stay away from all of them

Lennox: I'd be back soon Zan , enjoy the time you have left ,by the way you won’t be able to use your powers we injected you with a liquid that defects you r powers so you can’t use them

Lennox left max and Michael in their cell

Michael: we have to get out of here

Max: Michael you just heard him our only way out was to use our powers which we can’t now

Michael: max I am not letting you die or anyone else

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Liz, Serena, Ava, Isabel, Josh, Kyle and Maria are sitting in a booth, after rhe Crashdown had closed they had all gotten together Liz and Maria telling the others of what has happened

Josh: Is you could try dream walking them

Isabel: I’ll try

Isabel go up

Kyle” I’ll come with you

Isabel and Kyle go to the back room leaving the others in the restaurant
After numerous failed attempts at trying to dream walk both max and Michael, Isabel and Kyle walked back into the Restaurant and by the expression on Isabel’s Face, Josh, Liz, Serena and Maria knew that Isabel couldn’t dream walk them.

Isabel: “I’ll try again Later, it's either they were sedated which can stop alien powers or they aren’t asleep” she stated determinedly

Liz: their probably not asleep you know how max and Michael get

Maria: I agree with Liz

Josh: let’s just hope, I don’t think we can do anything else tonight how about we just head home
In Albuquerque max woke up his head throbbing he sat up when he saw Michael was missing

Lennox: had a good sleep king Zan

Max: where is her Lennox

Lennox: who on earth are you talking about


Lennox: oh you mean you second in command he's’ in Roswell

Max: “what did you do to him” max asked knowing he didn’t do it for the good

Lennox: that Zan is for me to know only

Max: I mean it Lennox leave them alone

Lennox: I don’t take orders from anyone Zan especially from you

With that said Lennox left leaving a raged and frustrated max.
After waking up from the side of the road Michael looked around too it was night had walked to the Crashdown and knocked on the glass door, Isabel hearing the knock looked up and ran to open the door and embraced him, The others looked around to see no Max.

Liz: Where’s Max, Michael

Michael looked at Liz with sorrow in his eyes: He’s Dead

Liz shakes her head: no
Michael: I was there I saw him die

Isabel whimpered and covered her mouth with her hand to stop her sobs, Liz ran out of the Crashdown and went up to her room, Maria got up to follow he but Serena stopped her within her tracks

Serena: she needs to be alone Maria

Maria nodded and sat back down

Josh: How did it happen Michael

Michael: we were coming to the Crashdown through the alley and then we were sedated when we woke up there was this guy who don’t remember his name, he said something about wanting to kill max because with him still alive no one could take-over Antar, he had come back some time later and then shot a power blast at Max because they injected us we couldn’t use our powers and then I saw max turn to dust right before my eyes the next thing I remember is I'm in Roswell.

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