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Author: Rach

Summary: They said they would be friends forever. That they would always be there for eachother. But when fate comes between three best friends, one of them will risk everything to come in contact with the lost ally.

Category: It's sort of a little Alex and Liz friendship interaction. But I'm trying to put the other couples in there.

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Cry Your Name to Departure

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

Author's Note: This fic is base on Liz's POV, it's my first at that kind of thing, so sorry if it totally blows. All fb is appreciated. Good, bad, sarcasm, advice...Anything. And also, yes..I know, I'm not even finished with Love and Fame yet, but I had started this story way before LaF, and I'm sorta getting over writer's block with that...And when I'm on writers block for one story, I start another....yeah, I'm stupid that way..

Title: Ouija Board

Part One

Have you ever been able to feel someone? I mean, sense them, even though you know they're not there. You get that cold chill up your spine, that makes you feel really uncomfortable, but yet at peace at the same time. Or atleast it was for me.

I first felt him, a couple of months after he died. I had gone through the longest mourning period that, I've ever experienced. Even longer than when my Grandmother Claudia died. It was different with Alex. I felt like I let him down, I let him down by not keeping guard up. I should have known that Tess couldn't be trusted. And even then, after all those weeks, I still felt guilty. Maybe that's why he came. He wanted to reassure me that it wasn't my fault, that I couldn't have prevented what was meant to happen.

We always said we'd be there for eachother. Our theme song was "I'll Be There for You" by the Rembrants. And we always were. He wanted to let me know that he was there for me. That he always would be. And I wanted to let him know that that justice would be paid for what happened to him. I so badly wanted to talk to him. I wanted to be able to communicate with him in some way. Anyway.

And then that's when the little light bulb turned on. As little kids, Alex, Maria, and I were convinced that the Crashdown was haunted. That's just the way we were. That's when Grandma Claudia, God Bless Her, gave us her antique ouija board.

Bad move.

We planted ourselves in a booth, ouija board opened on the table, candles producing the only light in the closed cafe, and we called. We called to the so called "spirits" of the cafe.

To this day, I still don't know which of us made that little thingy move, each of us denied it, but I was biased on the fact that the ghosts or whatever had actually caused it to move.

After that night, I stored that ouija board up and way in my closet. Never to be used again.....

Until tonight...

Part Two


I had spent hours upon hours going through that blasted closet. Clothes were now strewn across my room. Old pairs of sneakers were found that had been long forgotten. My old 9th grade book report (that I was convinced had grown legs and walked out the window). And a variety of other "lost" things.

You see this always happens. When you look in the place where something is "supposed" to be, it's not there. Do you notice that? Go figure, huh?

Guess where I found my ouija board...

Under my bed.

Later, I found out he put it there, thinking it would be the first place I look. Right...

So now, here I am, sitting indian style on my bed with my grandmother's old...Very old, ouija board in front of me.

Cold feet.

What would happen if I found out that those cold chills, those feelings I have were merely a change in weather. I don't know how disappointed I'd be...

But then again, what if I do get in touch with him. What would he say? What would I say?

Maybe I shouldn't do this.

I feel the wind blowing.

My windows closed.


I nod to myself. It's a sign. Gotta do this. C'mon Parker, you can do this.

Yeah. I close the ouija board's box and stuff back where I found it.

Isn't playing with a ouija board supposed to be satanic or something?

Nope. Don't wanna mess with that.

I hop into bed and turn off my light. I pull the covers all the way to my chin. Dark suddenly seems really scarey.

You know, if you stare into the dark long enough, you'll think you see something moving.

I close my eyes and urge sleep to come...


I'm laughing.


Because something's funny.


Heck if I know.

I'm dreaming. Yup. No doubt.

Wait a minute. I remember this. This was three weeks ago.

The first time I had that "feeling".

All of us. Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle....We're sitting in my room. Discussing what should be done.

Why we're talking about it now. Two months after it happend, I don't know.

We're talking about how we are going to save Max's son.

Notice me cringe.

Max and Tess' son. Tess and Max's son.

Liz doesn't fit anywhere in that scenario. How sucky is that?

"I'll Be There for You" is playing in the background.

See me cringe again?

"Why are we talking about this now?" Maria asks. "After it happened. Shouldn't we have discussed it two months ago?"

Maria and I were always in sync with eachother.

No body answers. Cause you see, that was a good question. Good questions rarely have good answers.

Is it cold in here or is just me?


See that was the feeling. The sudden chill. Burr. Makes you shudder.

I wrap the blanket tighter around my shoulders. It helps. It gets me a little bit warmer. Feels like I'm being watched.

I look at everyone else. Michael's pacing. Isabel's perched on the desk. (That's right perched, you know where lean your butt on something. I think pretty soon she's gonna have a desk print on her tush.) Kyle leaning against the wall beside my window. Maria's sitting next to me on the bed. And Max, well, he's sitting in my bean bag chair next to the door.

Quick exit.

Yes, you see, he is always looking for exits now that I give him the death glare each time he enters the room.

Hey, what can I say?

Tess is having his man-child...



Anyway, I got over it after a while....Give me a few more weeks.

"I'll Be There For You" is still playing...

It hurts you know. That feeling. Sometimes it hurts really badly.

I wrap my arms around my stomach. It hurts there. Deep down. Way deep.

I'm cold again. I still hurt.

My cheeks feel wet. Am I crying?


"Liz?" Maria.

"Liz?" Max.

It's colder. It's more painful. I'm crying harder.

What's wrong with me?

He loved Calvin Klein cologne...

I smell him.



It's a dream. Just a dream, where I'm reliving something that has already happened.

This is where I pass out...

From the pain.

From the cold.

From the tears.


That was weird. Ya think that has a some significance later on?

Eh. Probably not.

I'm completely awake now, more confident than ever, I should try an contact Alex.

That sounded kind of weird. Saying his name after so long. Do you guys ever do that? Purposely stop saying something. A name, a phrase, something? And then it just suddenly slips out. How weird does it sound then? Like some foreign language.


His name used to make me smile. He was an awesome person. AWESOME! He was crazy and loveable. He was a great listener and an excellent person to talk to. He was my other half. I loved him. He was my back-up you know. For when I didn't get married by the time I was 35, he'd marry me.

See, Maria and I fought over him. She wanted him for her back-up, I wanted him as mine.

Eventually I won when we drew names from a hat...

You wanna know a secret?

I cheated.


See, when I was writing down names, I really put my name on both sheets.

I used to be very evil.

Anyway, I won him. Maybe no so fair, but I did. And we were going to get married. Adopt kids..Cause you know the whole sleeping with him thing was....It wasn't for us.

Later on we agreed that it would be a little difficult to explain to our kids why mommy and daddy don't sleep in the same bed.

We said that we'd manage.

Not anymore...

I miss it. Making plans, though more often being spontaneous.

"Let's go camping." he would say.

"It's Wednesday." Maria would answer.

"So?" Alex and I would say.

We'd sleep in the same tent. It was okay then, because we each had our own sleeping bag. He would always sleep in the middle.

"A thorn between to roses." he'd say.

That made me smile. Me, a rose? Sweet Alex.

Told ya he was awesome.

A true friend was someone who would bail you out of jail when you call them at 3 in the morning. Alex was the type of friend who would sit in the next cell and say: "That was so cool, we should do it again sometime..."

Not that we ever did that or anything....We knew our boundaries...

I'm smelling him again. He was one of the best smelling guys. Not that I went around sniffing men on a daily basis or anything. But he just had the distinct scent. I knew when he was coming or going, even when he had been someplace. And he was never the kind of guy who wore too much. Not like the Doug Shellow guy. Alex put just enough on.

I pulled the ouija board back out and flip on my light. I need to know.

I grab the little thingy - see, I don't know what it's really called - put it on the board.

Am I supposed to touch it? Or are my fingers supposed to hover over it.

Let's hover.

Yes or No questions only, please.

Let's be blunt.

"Alex, are you here?"


I wonder how long I'm going to have to sit here.

Maybe I should concentrate more.

I close my eyes. "Alex, are you here?" I ask again.


I open one eye. Nope, it's still in the same place.

"Stupid ouija board." I mutter. I placed it on my dresser on the other side of the room.

Then I lie back down, turn of my light, and stare at the ceiling. I twiddle my thumbs. Glancing at my clock I realize that the sun doesn't come up until another three hours.

I can't leave my room until the sun's up.

Just a habit.

What was that? That scratching noise?

I sit up ever so slowly, resting my weight on my forearms, and stare into the darkness. My eyes haven't adjusted yet, I can't see anything.

There it was again.

Okay, now I'm freaked out. I quickly flip on my light and look around my room.

You'd think that once the light was on, the scratching would stop...It didn't.

So, now I am on my feet, making my way towards the scratching sound, which seems to be coming from my dresser.

My first thought.


He was my gerbil. But, he got out of his cage years ago...Could he still be alive?

I picture a horrifically huge gerbil hidding in my dresser. It is Roswell after all.

I slowly start opening drawer, my mind set on finding the creator of the scratching noise. I rummage through my clothes.

No gerbil poop.

Well, that's a plus.

I finished searching through my drawers. Nada. But it's still scratching.

I slowly stand up from my crouching position and look at the ouija board.

I don't think it was on "y" before...

I shrug. Maybe it was.

I shake my head at myself and turn around to head back to bed.

Guess what?

It scratched again.

This time I turn around swiftly.

"E" I said out loud. "It was on 'y' before."

Now, I'm REALLY freaked.

I hate ouija boards.

This time I see it move. It keeps gliding, all the way to...

"S." I whisper.

This is where I faint...


Part Three

My head is throbbing like a mofo. I can feel the warm sunshine on my face, which normally I wouldn't mind so much, if it weren't for the fact that I am laying on my hardwood floor. Not very comfty.

I slowly open one eye and stare at my ceiling.


Water spots.

Must've had a leak.

I groan. There's my head again.

I slowly start to sit up. Resting my weight on my elbows for just a moment as I try to recall what happened last. I look up at my dresser and stare. I see the corner of the ouija board.

Ohhh yeah...

I grope for the sides of my dresser and start to pull myself up. I slowly peak over the top and stare at ouija board.

"S." I say out loud. I think back to the other night, remembering my little scare.

Last night was entirely too vivid for it to have bee a dream.

"Oh my gosh." I whispered. I quickly grab the board and plop down onto the floor. I shake my arms and hands out as I breathe deeply...


and Exhale...

And report, one more time...

Alright, I think I'm ready.

Once again I let my fingers hover ever so slightly over the pointer-thing. Closing my eyes, I whisper, "Alex?"

Please, don't let it have been a dream.

It feels like static electricity underneath my fingers. Slowly opening my eyes watch as it glides ever so slowly over the board.

"Oh my gosh.." I say again. To make sure my eyes aren't playing tricks on me, I scoot back away from the board, my hands clasped tightly together on my lap.

"It's still moving." This is amazing! "Y-E.."

Of course "S" is going to come afterwards..!





I can't help but grin.

Suddenly I wanna sing "I'm a Believer" as I jump up from my sitting position.

"This is friggin unbelieveable!" I yell. "Un-freakin-believeable!"

I'm shaking and cold with excitment. I have the funny feeling in my stomach, as I clutch myself and crouch down to stare at the ouija board.


"Liz, hunny, are you alright?"

My head snaps towards the door, to see my disgruntled mother. She's twisting her fist in her eye, wiping away sleep.

"What are you doing?" she asks.

"Oh, um." I'm at a loss of words. How do I tell my mother that I've contacted my dead best friend? "Umm.."

Think, think, think.

"Liz, is that Grandma Claudia's ouija board?"

No, it's MY ouija board. But I didn't say that.

I look from the board to my mother. "No..?" I offer.

She shakes her head in disappointment and walks towards me. I stand up as she crouches down and picks it up.

"Elizabeth, this is an antique." she lectured. "You shouldn't be playing with it."

"I'm not, mom, I-" before I can finish she's leaving the room.

"I want you to get showered and dressed for breakfast and then be ready for work." she said as she stops under the threshold. "You need to fill in for Margery."

"Mom-" I start. "Wait...The - ouija board.." I finish with no one there to hear.

Great. Just great.

I look around my empty room, the excitment offically gone. How am I going to talk to him now?

"Alex," I say suddenly. "Don't go anywhere!"

And I'm running to my closet. Clothes are flying out left and right. Out came the shoes, the 9th grade book report...Hey! That's my there's last years Halloween candy!

Hehe, see, Alex, Maria, and I went trick-or-treating (who says you're too old to trick-or-treat) as members of the Wizard of Oz.

I was Dorthy, Maria the Cowardly Lion, and Alex was the Scarecrow.

Sigh....Great times.

Right. Right, I've got to find it.


Magna Doodle!!


"Whew, just a little dusty." I rub my nose and jump from the floor.

"Alex, I've got it!" I say as I run to the bed. I push off some of the clothes from the closet. "Here, now I want you to use this little pen thing...." I try desperately to get the pen untangled from one of my shoes.

"To write..Ugh!" I pull it free, breaking the string. "Gosh Dern it! On this magna doodle."

I stare at the pen, wondering if a ghost can pick something up. I tilt my head a little...

Hey, if Patrick Swayze can do it, so can my Alex.

"C'mon, Al, think 'Ghost'." I said setting down the pen. "Write something..."


I stand there. Staring desperately at the magna doodle, wringing my hands together.

Please. Please...

I glance at the clock. I've been standing there for 10 mintues.

"Liz," mom calls. "Are you about ready yet?"

A single tear falls down my face. It couldn't have been...Not a dream.

I hasitly wipe at my face as more tears fall. "Yeah mom," I call back. "Just about..."

I walk into my bathroom, and turn on the shower. I turn the heat to as warm as I could possibly stand. In the mean time I start brushing my teeth. My mirror starts getting fogged from the steam. As I wipe the steam off, I notice I'm crying.

God, I miss him so much.

Throwing down my toothbrush I strip down to my birthday suit and stand under the burning shower. Bracing my arms up against the wall, I let my head drop. The hot water falling down my neck and back. I can taste my salty tears as the first round of hiccups start.

I hate the hiccups.

I try and hold my breath as my body continues to be rocked by the hiccups and sniffles.

Pull yourself together...

I open my eyes. I hadn't realized they had been closed.

I finish my shower...


I stayed there until the hot water ran out, and slowly stepped from the shower. I once again, I have to wipe the steam from the mirror. I'm not crying anymore.

"Good." I say. "Keep a hold of yourself."

I wrap my white robe around my body and walk out of my bathroom.

"Gosh," I said looking at my room. "What did I do?"

I walk towards my bed and start shoving off the rest of the closet regurgitation. I grab the magna doodle and set it on the floor...

I look back.

"Oh my gosh." I say for the hundreth time that morning.

I could never forget that chicken scratch.

The magna doodle read: "Something."


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This fic didn't get much of an impact like I thought it would be. But I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and try again. To those who like and support this fic, thank you, I greatly appreciate it.

Here's part four

Part 4

I'm laughing like freaking maniac right now. My sides are hurting and my vision is blurry from the tears. I'm not crazy, really I'm not! Crazy is sitting in your room all day waiting for some figment of your imagination to right something on a magna doodle...

Alex is no figment of my imagination. He wrote "something".

"Alex," I say between laughs. "This is awesome! How did you do it?"

I'm feeling him. Really feeling. I know for sure that it is Alex. But it's not as strong as it has been. Sort of like a cooling sensation. It's the best way I could possibly explain it.

"Alex?" I ask sofly. I can feel him drifting away. "What's happening?"

I feel coolness on my face. Around my eye lashes. Closing them I smile.

Butterfly kisses.

Something tells me that it's going to be okay. It won't be the last time I'll feel him. Finding comfort in that, I walk to my door and grab my uniform hanging from it. I'm about it get dressed, then I change my mind.

Alex and I were close, but not close enough to be strutting around each other in our invisible clothes.

I go to the bathroom and change...


I rush out into the kitchen and grab a piece of toast my mother had already prepared for me. She turns around with a glass of OJ in her hands. I take that too.

"I thought you were almost ready." she says as I alternate bites of toast with gulps of orange juice.

"I got a little.." I start as I continue to chew. "Distracted...?"

She looked at me uncertainly before nodding and grabbing a plate with eggs and bacon. "Do you want the rest of your breakfast?"

I smile at her after I chug the rest of the juice. "No thanks, I've got to hurry." I place my glass in the sink before kissing my mom on the cheek and rushing out of the apartment.

"Bye mom!" I call.

I'm skipping two steps at a time as I go down the steps. I hope Maria is working today. Rushing to my locker, I throw it open and grab my antenna headband and apron.

I pause, just like I always do, and gaze at the picture of Alex and I at his 16th birthday party. I'm wearing one of those long t-shirts with the body of a hot babe in a bikini on it.

I grin. He had said that he wanted some chick jumping out of a big wooden cake on this birthday. So, I did.

I kiss my finger tips and touch the photograph. This time, I'm not overwhelmed with the unbareable pain I've always felt before. But now, I feel happy and excited. I feel amazing.

I slip my neon green hair tie from my wrist and pull my hair back into a simple pony tail. Just as I'm about to put on my head band, Maria walks in.

She looks at me, holds up one slender finger, preventing me from asking any questions.

She looks like crap.

"What happened?" I ask anyway.

She falls down onto the couch and kicks off her shoes. "Let's just say I had a very, rough night." she mumbles.

I tie on my apron and watch as she sits up and starts to take off her shirt. My holding best friend status, I take the liberty to grab her uniform from her locker and toss it to her.

"Want to talk about it?" I ask.

She rolls her eyes and slips into the uniform. "I'd imagine it to be so predictable by now, that you wouldn't need to ask." she looks at me with her tired green eyes. "It's Michael."

I feign a shocked expression. "Michael?" I ask with a exaggerated gasp. "Are you two in a tiff?"

"When aren't we?" came her response.

Remember the good questions rarely have good answers quote I gave you? This is one of them.

"Well," I say, sitting next to her as she puts her shoes back on. "I have some news that just might cheer you up."

Maria is my buddy, my pal, my home girl, if anyone would understand, she would.

She looks at me expectantly. "Yeah?"

I take a deep breath. "Well, you know, as kids, when we would play with Grandma's old ouija board..."

She nods.

"Well, I spent hours looking for it the other night..." I continue.

"It's in your closet." she says.


"No, actually it was under my bed."

She gives me this confused look.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, weird." I said, wanting to hurry up and tell her the AWESOME news. "Anyway, after I finally found it, I decided that I was going to contact..."

I pause, hoping she'd catch my drift.

"Contact...." she said.

Or not.

"Alex." I say, watching her every expression.

"You didn't." she said. She didn't sound too excited like I had expected her to. More disappointed. Tired.

"Yes, but Maria, listen. It-"

She shook her head and stood up. "You shouldn't have done that."

"Why not?" I ask, following suit. She was walking away.

Nuh uh.

I step in front of her. "Maria, it worked." I said excitedly, placing my hands on her shoulders. "He spoke to me."

She continued to shake her head. "Liz, you can't keep doing this."

What the hell does she mean by that?

"Keep doing what?" I ask crossing my arms.

This time she put her hands on my shoulders. "Liz, you have to learn to let go. Ever since he died, you've been different..."

"I lost my friggin best friend, Maria." I said cooly. "You would be changed to."

I turn away.

"Hey now." she said, raising her voice. "Are you implying that Alex wasn't important to me? That he wasn't MY best friend?"

"They were your words, not mine." I regretted saying them immediately.

I watch as she goes from being really pissed off to sympathetic Maria.

"Hun," she said calmly. "Alex is gone, and he's not coming back. You need to learn to except that."

I stare at her until she leaves the back room.

He's not gone. He's here and he's trying to tell me something...


The lunch rush is just starting, and I'm darting around this pathetic cafe, in my stupid little uniform, serving disrespectful, arrogant, they all can shove it up their anal area for all I care, customers....

I'm always like this during the lunch rush. What would make this time of day SOOOO much better is if Maria and I hadn't parted on such bad terms.

Let me tell you a little something about Maria and I...

Neither of us know how to apologize. Infact, I don't think the phrase "I'm sorry" is even in our vocabulary. If we get into a little tiff, we'll go from minutes to hours not speaking to each other. And then, one of us will start warming up. Some will start by making up little chit-chat, telling a funny story....Just to get the other to talk, and then we're okay...

So, I guess in a way, that is our apology. After wards we just go on as if it never happened.

We've gone a total of one hour, 45 minutes, and 23 seconds with out talking...

But who's counting?

It's all good though, we're at the warming up stage right now.

Yup, that's right, by the end of our shift or sooner, we will be talking like there's no tomorrow.

"Miss," some one yells.

I turn. As a waitress I have to answer to the names Miss, Lady, and Excuse me.

"I've been waiting here for over 10 minutes to be waited on." a short and stout woman says from a booth. She kind of reminds me of a tea pot.

I raise an eyebrow at her, thinking that she hasn't even been her for 10 minutes. "Yes ma'am, right away." I say, grabbing my order pad and rushing to her table.

"I apologize for your wait, have you decided?" I ask with my less than 40 watt smile.

The lady gives her order and turn away.

"I'm a little tea pot, short and stout..." I sing as I walk away. I glance back at her to see her staring at me with angry eyes.

"Hun, if looks could kill, you'd be dead." Maria says as she passes me. She grins at me before rushing towards another table.

See, what I say?

I'm giving my order to Michael when the bell over the door chimes.

That has got to be the most annoying sound in the world.

I turn slowly and start to glare at the person who decides to come in here to satisfy their hunger....How dare they.

Well, well, well, if it isn't the last two members of the pod squad...

It is. Really.

Guess whose section they sit in.


Hehe! I'm just giddy with joy!

I roll my eyes and walk towards them muttering profanity under my breath.

Heh, no, not really. I'm a good little Christian girl.

"What the hell do you want?"

Wups. Must've forgotten to put on my halo this morning. Aww poo.

Max isn't taken back by this, neither is Isabel. I imagine they are used to it by now.

"The usual," Isabel said. "And I'd like a bottle of water instead of a soda."

I give them a firm smile and grab the menus. I turn and start to walk away when I hear his voice.


I freeze. I get butterflies when I hear the way he says my name. No one says it like he does.

But it still hurts.

I turn on my heels. "What Max?" I ask, trying to sound annoyed.

Ugh, he's so cute!

"Could I maybe talk to you?" he asks. "Later. Like after your shift?"

My parents are going to be out by then. Alone with Max Evans is bad. Lots of naughty things can happen then.

'I'm a good little Christian Girl, I'm a good little Christian Girl, I'm a good little Christian Girl.' I chant to myself.

But then the little devil has to appear on my shoulder.

"Hey babe, you're not wearing you're halo." He says twirling his tiny pitch fork in his hand.

"It doesn't matter, she is pure with in." my good little Christian Girl angel says.

"Shut up lady before I pluck your wings."

"Oh you can stick that pitch fork so far up your as-"

Hey now!

I give myself a little shake, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb disappearing. Gosh, they can be SO annoying.

"Oh, um, yeah, sure Max." I finally say. "My shifts over in another 15 minutes. We can go upstairs."

He nods. "Thank you, Liz."

Yeah, yeah.

I start back towards the kitchen window.

"Gonna get you a little something, something?" Maria whispers as she walks by me.

I roll my eyes.

Yup, we're back.

Should I still Continue?
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Okay, so it's obvious some people don't find this fic interesting...But on behalf of the people who do, and I myself...I'm going to continue...I really want to see where I can go with this....

Part 5

For the last fifteen minutes of my shift, I couldn't help but wonder what Max wanted to talk to me about.

He's probably going to apologize for ripping my heart from my chest and throwing it in front of a stampede of elephants. He's most likely going to ask to "put it all behind us".

I open the door to the apartment and follow him inside. He looks around a bit uncomfortably.

"Where are you're parents?" he asks.

"They had to run a few errands." I answer throwing off my apron. "They'll be back in an hour or two."

He nodds and continues to look around the empty apartment.

I sigh. We could always have this conversation later. No skin off my nose.

"Listen, Max, if you're uncomfortable about my parents not being here we can always talk later." I say.

"No," he answers quicky. "Its alright, I'm sorry."

I stare at him a moment. He's lying. I can tell. Shrugging, I walk past him and towards my room.

What a mess.

I really need to clean this place up.

"Geez." I hear from behind me.

I turn swiftly and glare at Max. He blushes. "Sorry."

"I lost something." was all I said as I started picking up garments of clothing.

"Did you find it?" he asks leaning down and grabbing the magna doodle.

I watch him as he stared at the writing. "I guess you could say that." I say softly.

I wonder if he recognizes Alex's writing. I watch as his eyebrows furrow in concentration.

"Max?" I ask, getting his attention. "Is there something wrong?"

He looks at me a moment before answering. "Oh, no, I just kind of spaced out there."

I walk towards him and gently take the magna doodle from his hands. I look at his writing and smile. I couldn't bring myself to erase it. Walking past Max, I put it on my dresser.

"So, there was something you wanted to talk to me about..." I say. I just want to get this over with.

"Yeah." He's nervous. "Um..."




I stare at him. "Yeah?"

"Can't we just put it behind us?"

Oh, how good am I?

I play dumb. "Put what behind is?"

"Tess." he said.

How I hate the name. Tess is the name of a demon spawn.

"And the baby." he continues.

I have ABSOLUTELY nothing against the child. Except for the fact that it's mother is an evil, best friend killing, boyfriend stealing, this is our destiny, whore.

'I'm a good little Christian Girl, I'm a good little Christian Girl, I'm a good little Christian Girl,'

I look into Max's pleading eyes. He's hurting just as much as I am. I can't put Tess behind me so easily. I can for the baby, but not her....Let's just say I have a soft spot for little people.

"Liz," he said. "Please."

I need to stay busy, so I start picking up more clothes. I need to think of something to say.

"I love you, Liz."


I drop my clothes to the floor and turn around to look at him. "I can't handle this right now, Max." I whisper. I'm afraid that if I talk any louder my voice'll crack.

"When can you handle this?" he retorts. "You haven't spoken to me since that day at the Pod Chamber."

"I'm talking to you now."

"Only because I'm talking to you." he mumbles. I watch as he sits down on my bed. "You won't speak to me on your own accord. I have to start the conversation."

I hate myself.

"Well, I'm sorry Max, but sometimes I don't know what to say to you." I tell him bending down to pick up the clothes again.

"You can tell me what's on your mind."

I'm getting really upset now. There is so much I want to say, so much that I've thought about, but I don't know how to voice it all, and it is slowly driving me up the friggin wall.

"Do you want to know what's on my mind, Max?" I ask whirling around to meet his gaze. "I'm wondering how you ever could've slept with Tess. I'm wondering how you could've trusted some one was evil and manipulative as her. I'm wondering what in the hell I have ever done deserve all the heart ache and tears you've caused me. And I'm wondering why someone as loving and caring as Alex, could have been murdered, leaving me all alone. Can you answer those questions for me Max? Because I would really, REALLY, like to know."

I feel absolutely terrible. He didn't deserve that.

"Max," I start.

I need to apologize.

He gets up, his eyes never leaving mine, and he walks out the door.

"I'm sorry." I whisper to no one.


I feel a breeze on my face. It's all around me. I open my eyes and stare at my ceiling, before glancing at the clock. I have been asleep for an hour.

I feel the breeze again and momentarily wondered who the hell opened my window.

I hear a loud thud and sit up, looking for the cause of my disturbance. The magna doodle is on the floor.

The breeze flows around my neck giving me goose bumps.

How could I have forgotten?

"Alright, Alex," I mumble as I get out of bed. "I hear you."

I feel so drained right now. I shouldn't have said what I did to Max.

Guilt Sucks.

I walk to the magna doodle that lays upside down on the floor. Bending down, I take it in my hands and stare at the front.

"Rise n Shine," I read out loud. I grin widely and look around my room. "I miss you, Alex."

The fleather light touch on my cheek let me know he misses me too.

I'm still a bit confused. Why is he here?

"Why are you here, Alex?" I say.

I feel that static electricity feeling again and I watch in wonder as the pen drifts from my hand.

I'm momentarily frightened to see a magna doodle pen hovering in mid air. I swallow my fear and watch as it touches the plastic toy.


"2?" I ask out loud.

2. What a significant number. Yes.



"You sunk my battle ship!" I yell. The breeze flowing rapidly around the room tells me that is incorrect.

You are the weakest link, goodbye.


No use to start repeating the letters out loud.



Ohhh, boy, if there is another "L" in there, you'll have to excuse me for being a bit frightened. That's like saying..I'm going to hell.

Nuh uh.





"2-H-E-L-P-U" I say outloud. That doesn't sound right.


See, this is what it looks like on the magna doodle. 2 (space) HELP (space) U.

Heh, heh, I should've been a blonde.

Wait, what? To help me?

"Uh, Alex?" I say, my voice is shaking. "To help me with what?"

His prescence is weaker. He's always like that when he gives me a message. It must take a lot out of him.

"Alex?" I say again. "Am I in trouble?"

I feel the breeze engulf me...

A hug. He's giving me a hug.

I'm scared now. "Alex, what's wrong?"

I swear I heard the slightest bit of crackling in the air, and then nothing.

I heard nothing, and I felt nothing.

Alex was gone.
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Part 6

I drop my magna doodle with a loud thud and run out of my bedroom. As I pass through the hall I grab my jacket that is hanging from the coat rack, nearly colliding with my parents as they enter the apartment.

"Liz?" I hear my father say.

I'm back to skipping two steps at a time as I go down the stairs. Reaching the bottom I slow my pace to a quick walk as I storm through the cafe.

People are staring.

"Liz?" Maria asks from her seat at a booth. Michael and Isabel are there too.

I glance at them only to notice there concerned faces before I leave the cafe.

I'm going to Max's. He's the only one who can help me.

Call me selfish if you want but he's the only one I feel safe around.

Plus, this is one heck of a reason to apologize.

I'm back to running now. Down the sidewalk.


I'm breathing just a bit heavily.

Note to self: Join the Spa.

I stop infront of his window and lean my weight on my knees. Phew. Breathe in and out...

Standing up, I peer through his window, I can't see him. Or anything for that manner.

Oh geez, what to do now?

Open the window?

Sure! Why not?

Haven't been charged for breaking and entering yet, what the hey, let's try now.

Opening the window I notice that his bed room is pitch black. Aww geez, I was kind of hoping that the windows were tinted...

Then BOOM! The lights come on.


The sudden brightness hurts my eyes, I'm teetering on the edge of the window sill as I try to block the light from my eyes..

....And, I'm falling....

Some one grabs my wrists and pulls me through the window. Slowly opening my eyes I stare into the face of my hero.

Ladies and Gentelmen, Max Evans.

And he stares right back.

Hey, you would too if some chic in Pilsbury Dough Boy pajamas and matching muddy PDB slippers is standing in the middle of your room.

Awww no. My slippers...

Not saying a word, I sit down on his floor and peel the slippers from my feet. I feel like crying.

Alex got them for me...

I watch as Max kneels down and grabs the slippers in his hands. It always amazes me when he uses his powers.

I can't help but smile at the sweet gesture.

"Thank you, Max," I whisper staring down at my new looking slippers. Putting them back on my feet and wiggling my toes, I grin. "Much better."

He gives me a half smile before standing up. It's then I realize he's shirtless. Great.

"What is it that you need, Liz?"

Okay, so he's a bit upset still. I don't blame him. I was a jerk....

"I'm sorry." I say getting right to the point. He stares at me. "...I was a jerk..." I try.

He crosses his arms. "...I love you...?"

I can't believe I just said that.

I see a corner of his mouth twitch. That's a good sign. Next thing I know, it'll be in a full blown grin.

I smile at him. "I'm sorry, these couple of days have been a little hectic." I tell him. I know I'm going to have to tell him the whole story...Cause he'll ask...And cause I'll tell him.

"What's wrong?" He asked, just as I had expected. He sits next to me on his bed, and I stare at my Pilsbury Dough Boy slippers. Their big heads move when I wiggle my toes. I love the little dough boy. He makes the best cookies....

"Liz," he whispers.

I look at him. I know he's going to think I'm crazy, but the way I see it, if aliens exist, then why can't ghosts? Hey, I've got this whole theory on things that aren't supposed to exist but just might. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, how am I supposed to know that she isn't real? That there really isn't a hell mouth? For all I know Roswell could be the enterance to hell, and I am the next Buffy....

Okay, so maybe that's a bit far-fetched. Really far-fetched.

It's ludicris really.


Notice I'm stalling again.

I shift my gaze to his. He's staring at me with those deep, amber eyes of his. This is really corny, but I really do think they are the windows to his soul. And he's staring into mine.

"talk to me," he whispers. I feel his strong hand cup my face. The hand that healed me so long ago.

"It's about Alex," I say softly.

Pain flashes in his eyes. He feels so guilty, and my blaming him didn't help.

How it blows feeling guilty for making someone else feel guilty. Ergh.

"Liz, I'm sorry.." he starts, just like he always does. But I stop him.

"I communicated with him."

He stares at me as if I'm crazy. This has been a reoccuring thing.

That's right, people, I'm crazy. There's this nice place about 30 miles North of Roswell, called Chestnut Ridge. It's where are the "special" people go. You know, the ones who believe that they're Buffy. And that they must protect the world from blood-sucking Vampires.

"Pardon me?" he said after a moment.

When I get nervous, I pace.

I'm nervous. So I'm pacing.

"I've been sensing him, Max. I feel him, like he's in the room with me." I tell him.

He's watching me. Trying to make sense of the words coming from my mouth.

"So finally, I just decided, hey, what the hell, let's play with the ouija board -"

"Aren't they satanic?"

I ignore that comment and continue. "And he answered, Max. I saw the little pointy thing move..."

"The little pointy thing.." he parrots.

I roll my eyes. "I don't know what it's called," I mumble.

"A planchette.." he offers.

"Yeah okay, but that's not the point."

"What's the point?"

It's my turn to look at him as if he's crazy. Don't these people listen to me?

"Why don't you people listen to me?" I half scream out of exasperation.

"Okay, okay, Liz, shhh," he shushes, standing infront of me. "You're going to wake my parents."

I bit my fist. This is retarded. I look at him.

"So, you spoke with Alex. Like his spirit..?" he asks as he rubs my arms soothingly. "Are you still taking those anti-depressants?"

Ergh! I was never on that damn medication anyway!

"I'm out of here," I mumble as I head towards the window.

"Okay, Liz, wait a minute."

But I'm already out the window.

I'm gone.

No turning back.

As I stalk down the sidewalk, I hear his uneven steps after me. I glance over my shoulder to see him with his shirt halfway over his head, jumping on one foot trying to get his sneaker on. I would have laughed at the site if I weren't so pissed off.

"Liz," he calls.

I feel him grab my arm and I'm being whirled around to face him. I don't look at his face, but instead at the little hollow at the base of his neck.

"I'm sorry, okay," he whispers.

I watch as his adam's apple bob. What a funny name.

Adam's apple.

"You're a jerk," I say weakly.

I can't help it. I find that little hollow and his bobbing adam's apple erotically sexy.

I'm such a freak.

He chuckles. "Yeah," he's rubbing my arms again. He knows that it makes me feel better.

I hate it.

"Maybe we should talk more about this." he suggests.

"Maybe." I say giving a little yawn.



He kisses my forehead and I close my eyes. "I'll walk you home." he says softly.

His warm arms engulf me, and the next thing I remember, I'm snuggled tightly into my warm bed falling into a peaceful slumber.