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Title: Until the End Of Time
Background: Future fic, sequel to Everything…you'll want to read that first. Everything can be found here: f=repost-fan-fiction&t=629
Category: M/L…what else is there?
Rating: PG-13-NC-17
Author: Anne
E-mail: dreambehr⊕
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, the WB, Jason Katims, and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this wonderful story. I’m just borrowing them! Everything is by Lifehouse…not me.
This is for Jez…'cause I KNOW how much you're dying to see it! Thanks for all the fun chats…and here's to many fun days in Covina in the near future!

Find me here, speak to me
I want to feel you, I need to hear you
You are the light that's leading me
To the place, where I find peace again
You are the strength that keeps me walking
You are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose
You're everything

You calm the storms, and you give me rest.
You hold me in your hands you won't let me fall
You still my heart when you take my breath away.
Would you take me in take me deeper, now

And how can I stand here with you,
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be,
Any better than this?

Cause you're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything,

Part 1

"Okay honey, take a step back and let me look at you." Nancy Parker murmured after securing the clasp on the back of the dress above the zipper.

Liz nodded, slightly lifting the gown's long, flowing skirts to avoid stepping on them, and stepped back, waiting while her mother scrutinized her for a moment.

Suddenly, Nancy's eyes filled with tears.

"Oh Lizzie!" She cried, using Liz's childhood nickname, which had remained unspoken for years now. "You look beautiful." Nancy paused, the emotion evident on her face as she tried to find words to describe exactly what she was thinking.

"I guess you're not my little girl anymore, are you?" Nancy finally sighed, sitting back in a chair behind her.

"Mom…I haven't been your little girl for a long time." Liz reminded her mother carefully, taking a few steps towards her.

"I know." Nancy replied lovingly, meeting her daughter's eyes and gesturing towards the mirror beside them. "Only in that dress, you really look it."

Liz thought that her mom had finally let go of her childhood in the ten years that Liz had lived in San Francisco, completely cut off from her past in Roswell, New Mexico. Apparently there were some things that parents never forgot…a lesson that Liz was sure she would learn over the next few years of her life.

Liz turned to look in the mirror, and gasped at the sight of herself in the beautiful, white wedding gown. The tight, lacy bodice clung to her torso in all the right places, with a low scooping neck line, accentuated by the fact that her long, flowing dark hair was presently piled on top of her head as it would be on the actual wedding day. The long skirt, loose enough to hide her round stomach, fell to the ground, just the perfect length, hiding her presently bare feet from view.

Liz marveled at how she looked every inch the beautiful bride that you see in movies or bridal magazines. It took Liz's breath away, as reality hit her right in the fact, and she realized that one of her lifelong dreams was finally coming true.

Liz Parker was finally marrying Max Evans.

"This is definitely the one." Liz breathed in amazement. "It's absolutely perfect."

"Max is going to die." Nancy agreed. "I've seen the way that boy looks at you on a normal day…I can only imagine how he's going to react to seeing you in that dress."

Liz giggled as she stepped back into the dressing room of the local bridal shop, knowing just how true her mother's observations where…and how completely she would feel the consequences of the dress on her wedding night.

Stepping out of the dress, and hanging it beside her, Liz paused, and turned back to the mirror once more, letting her hands slide over her stomach and rest there for a few moments. She was slowly showing more and more everyday…it wouldn't be long now before everyone in Roswell knew her and Max's present status.

A soft smile on her face, Liz couldn't help wishing that Max was there beside her at that moment…he would tell her that she was glowing with happiness again, and pull her close to him, kissing her softly on the lips, before sliding his lips lower, and showering her belly with love. Max was still 5 months away from being a father…yet he already showered both her and their child with love and affection. Liz knew, without a doubt, that he was going to be an incredible parent.

Grinning as she slid her sweater back over her head, Liz nodded to herself in affirmation of her mother's comments.

Yes…it was definitely the right dress.

---- ----- ----- ---- ----

On the other side of town, almost a mirror situation as his bride-to-be, Max Evans found himself standing proudly in front of a mirror, his mother straightening his tie, grinning openly at the image of himself as the perfect groom.

The wedding was coming closer and closer, and as he continued in his day to day routine of preparations, Max could barely believe that all of this was really happening…it had all happened so fast.

They had decided to get married pretty quickly, before Liz's pregnancy was too far along.

Liz's pregnancy…a fact that in and of itself made Max grin even wider. Not only was he marrying his dreamgirl, but he, Max Evans, was going to be the father of a beautiful brown-haired, brown-eyed boy or girl. The mere thought of his and Liz's child made Max feel as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Only a week until the wedding, every move Max made was electrified with energy and excitement. His greatest dream was coming true…and all that he could think was that it couldn't come fast enough.

Much to both Max and Liz's dismay, Liz's parents had insisted that they live separately until the wedding. The couple had argued bitterly about it…they had been living together in Liz's little apartment in San Francisco for months prior to their return to Roswell…but Liz's parent's wouldn't budge. They claimed that after ten years alone together it was about time they took a break from each other.

Max's parents understood what Liz and Max were going through, because they knew the true nature of Max's departure after high school. They did what they could to sneak the couple five minutes here, five minutes there…but these occurrences were few and far between.

For Max and Liz it was pure torture. After being separated for ten years, and then being inseparable for months…to be apart again was lonely and painful.

Now it was a week until the wedding. Soon guests would start arriving. It was a small ceremony, but still, some family was coming to town, some friends from San Francisco…and the biggest event…some of Max's family from Antar was coming through the granolith for the event.

Liz was tied up in a nervous knot over having to meet Max's birth parents. She was terrified that the king and queen of a whole planet might not deem her worthy of their son. Max sensed her nervousness, and tried desperately…when he could…to ease her worries, but he knew it wasn't helping.

One week…7 days…168 hours…10080 minutes…604800 seconds…

It seemed so soon…but still so far away.

Max was certain he was going to go nuts before the wedding.

"Destiny is a two-way street. On one hand, there is a destiny that chooses you. But on the other…well, you also have to be willing to choose that destiny back. Take love, for instance. You can't choose it. Who you love. Why you love them. Or even when. But doing something about it…well, that's a choice. You can either reach out and embrace it...or you can let it go..." -Where We Were Before by Ashton

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ACK! Angela! I'm sorry...I'll have to check out the links and stuff....that's MY site. Here's the repost. f=repost-fan-fiction&t=629

"Destiny is a two-way street. On one hand, there is a destiny that chooses you. But on the other…well, you also have to be willing to choose that destiny back. Take love, for instance. You can't choose it. Who you love. Why you love them. Or even when. But doing something about it…well, that's a choice. You can either reach out and embrace it...or you can let it go..." -Where We Were Before by Ashton
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Hey everyone!
Thanks for the awesome feedback!
Just to clarify, since so many of you were surprised to see this...I was NOT happy with where I ended Everything. I always wanted it to go longer, deal with the wedding and the baby and more...but I ended it where I did more out of necessity because I was leaving for the summer, and in my previous experience, it's almost impossible to pick up a fic after not touching it for 3 months. So when I left I decided I wanted to write a sequel later....except that I didn't have a plot line and no idea where to go...until I finally got some ideas a few weeks ago...and lo and behold, Until The End of Time was born.
So I really hope you enjoy this! It's all in good fun for me...Everything is one of my favorite fics of mine...I really enjoy writing just good M/L loving...
Keep reading and I'll keep writing!!!

"Destiny is a two-way street. On one hand, there is a destiny that chooses you. But on the other…well, you also have to be willing to choose that destiny back. Take love, for instance. You can't choose it. Who you love. Why you love them. Or even when. But doing something about it…well, that's a choice. You can either reach out and embrace it...or you can let it go..." -Where We Were Before by Ashton
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Thanks for all the awesome feedback y''s really touching!! Hope you enjoy part 2 as well *grin*

Part 2

"Hey." Max murmured huskily into the telephone, as he picked it up on the first ring. It was a nightly routine. Liz would wait until her parents went to bed, then immediately pick up the phone and call Max. Meanwhile at the Evans' house, Philip and Diane would pretend they didn't hear the phone ring. After weeks of this, they had it all down to a fine art.

"Hi." Liz greeted him back softly.

"Are your parents in bed?" Max asked.

"Yeah…they turned out the light about ten minutes ago…I don't think they'll catch us talking."

"I wish I could see you right now." Max sighed in frustration. "I really hate having to sneak around to even talk like this…it's driving me nuts, Liz."

"I know…me too." Liz agreed. "Can you believe my dad had the fire escape removed from my balcony?"

"Yeah…I don't know Liz…I think he's full of it when he says it's a greater hazard than help. I mean…it's always been a benefit to us."

"Yeah, it definitely ruins all of our fun" Liz giggled. "But seriously, Max. I keep telling myself, it is only another few days now. We can do this…and once it's over we'll have the rest of our lives, and they can just deal with it."

Max smiled softly, knowing her words were true. This week was the last bridge before their life forever together…and he planned to spend every moment of the rest of their lives making sure that all of Liz's dreams came true. She deserved everything he could give her and more.

"I know." Max agreed softly. "It's just…I miss you, Liz. But it'll be worth it in the end. Our wedding night will be all the more special, because it'll have been so long since we've been able to be together…I'm dreaming about it already."

"Me too." Liz murmured.

"So what's up?" Max asked, falling back against the bed with the phone tucked beneath his chin, crossing his arms behind his head.

"Oh…just busy with preparations and all that. Megan's flying in tomorrow." Liz casually reminded him.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah…Maria's driving me to the airport to pick her up tomorrow. Actually…I'm a little nervous about it, Max. I wish you could take me instead."

"What's there to be worried about?" Max asked…ignoring the urge to jump up and offer to take her…he knew no one would be happy with him if he did…plus he had his own plans for the next afternoon.

"Well…they're my two best friends in the world…and they're my bridesmaids. I really hope they get along okay. I would die if they met and they didn't like each other or something!"

"They'll love each other." Max pressed in a calm, almost relaxing voice.

"But…they're just so different, Max." Liz protested.

"Liz…honey. Everything will be fine." Max comforted. "I promise. They'll get along fine…for you if nothing else. They're both here to support you…neither of them will be willing to allow anything to go wrong."

"I know, I know." Liz sighed. "I'm sorry Max. I'm acting ridiculously. It must be my hormones acting up. You probably think I'm crazy."

"No, I think you're amazing." Max soothed. "I love you, Liz Parker. I only wish I could be there holding you right now…ease all your worries."

"Me too." Liz lamented. "I keep telling myself that it's just another week…but still. It's torture, Max."

Max sighed and nodded in agreement, as the couple fell silent with longing, just lying there listening to each other's breathing. It was a comforting sound…just knowing that each other was there…that even though they couldn't be together in person, they still had this connection…they could still talk, they could still hear each other, and most of all, they could still feel each other.

"It's late Liz." Max finally murmured, his protective nature taking command of his desire to talk to Liz all night. "You need to get some sleep…you have a big day tomorrow."

"I know." Liz agreed sadly. "I guess I'll talk to you later. Goodnight Max."

"'Night Liz…I love you."

"I love you too, Max."

After sliding the receiver into place, Liz slid beneath her blankets. Shivering, she pulled the covers tighter around her body, staring longingly at the window and wishing that Max would come rushing through to keep her warm at night. Liz has forgotten how much colder the night could be without Max there beside her…and she missed it desperately.

It was only a few more days…she could make it.

----- ------ ------- ----

"So who is this chick we're picking up?" Maria asked as she pulled her car onto 285 South towards the airport.

"Megan Knize." Liz reminded Maria, sighing nervously. How was this going to work if Maria couldn't even remember Megan's name? Liz knew that Maria had no idea how nervous she was about the two of them meeting…she didn't know how important this was to Liz.

"Okay…and who is Megan Knize again?"

"She was my college roommate." Liz explained Maria with a nostalgic smile. "She's one of the other bridesmaids…my best friend from California."

"I was that easy to replace?" Maria exclaimed.

"No Maria!" Liz protested quickly…that was the last thing she wanted Maria to think.

Megan and Maria had two totally different friendships with Liz. Maria had been there for her for as long as Liz could remember…and Liz knew she would be able to count on her until the day she died, with anything…particularly since Maria knew everything about Max. Liz knew she could count on Megan too…but it was totally different. They had lived together, shared almost everything, with the exception of Max and Liz's past, for years. It was a period of her life that Liz knew she would always treasure.

"Don't worry, babe. I'm just playing with you." Maria laughed. "Seriously, Liz. I'm really excited to meet her. I'm sure I'll love her."

"I hope so." Liz prayed.

They continued the drive silently for a while, Liz's thoughts drifting off to the upcoming wedding, and all the preparations still waiting for them. As a side thought, Liz suddenly wondered what Max was up to that day…it occurred to her that she never asked, and he never offered. It was rare when she didn't know exactly where he was and exactly what he was doing. She knew his family wasn't arriving for another two days…

"Oh my God, Maria!" Liz suddenly exploded, dragging Maria back from her own distractions…singing along with the radio. "There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about. I'm so sorry…with everything going on I completely forgot."

"It's okay Liz…" Maria tried to calm her friend, but Liz kept talking on, in a fast, breathless voice that was so un-Liz like.

"There's someone else that's coming to the wedding, and I thought I'd better tell you so that you could be prepared…because it could be kind of awkward, so I don't want it to take you by surprise when you have to see him or something…we could avoid it all right now, I hope, and…"

"Liz…you're rambling." Maria interrupted. "Just tell me who it is."

"I'm…oh." Liz stopped suddenly, realizing how ridiculously she was acting. Taking a deep breath, Liz turned serious eyes on Maria. "It's Michael, Maria. Michael is coming to the wedding."

"Michael? What?" Maria screamed, the car swerving, as she twisted to stare at Liz in astonishment.

"Don't freak out, Maria." Liz exclaimed. "Keep your eyes on the road."

Maria twisted back to face the road, straightening the path of the car on the thankfully empty road. She was silent for a whole five minutes, which blew Liz's mind away, since Maria was usually the talkative rambler…but Liz could tell Maria was really freaked out by the way she was gripping the steering wheel so tightly that her knuckles were turning white.

"How is it possible, Liz." Maria finally asked in a strained voice.

"The granolith." Liz explained gently. "The same way they left, Maria. The same way that Max came back. Max's entire family from home is coming…including Michael and Isabel. I just thought you might want to know."

"Care? Why would I care?" Maria replied…a little too lightly, which was enough for Liz to tell that Maria cared a little too much.

"I don't know…maybe there's still things that need to be said between the two of you." Liz suggested.

"Michael said enough when he left without saying goodbye." Maria laughed bitterly. "And if there was anything left to say after that, he said it when Max came back and he stayed out there, wherever the bastard is. Whatever was going on between me and Spaceboy back in high school is long over, Liz."


"Destiny is a two-way street. On one hand, there is a destiny that chooses you. But on the other…well, you also have to be willing to choose that destiny back. Take love, for instance. You can't choose it. Who you love. Why you love them. Or even when. But doing something about it…well, that's a choice. You can either reach out and embrace it...or you can let it go..." -Where We Were Before by Ashton
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To answer all your questions Jenn....
Max's parents DO know...Liz's parents DON'T know. No one from California knows...Megan, Adam, Leslie, Robyn.
So...yup...I agree. This will be a VERY interesting wedding.

"Destiny is a two-way street. On one hand, there is a destiny that chooses you. But on the other…well, you also have to be willing to choose that destiny back. Take love, for instance. You can't choose it. Who you love. Why you love them. Or even when. But doing something about it…well, that's a choice. You can either reach out and embrace it...or you can let it go..." -Where We Were Before by Ashton
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I don't blame you for forgetting. It was 3 months ago!! Sometimes I can't even remember the title of a fic I read yesterday! LOL!

Yeah...right after I post fic I typically stalk the thread for a while...I refuse to call it a night until I get to read some feedback...I'm so obsessed! LOL!

"Destiny is a two-way street. On one hand, there is a destiny that chooses you. But on the other…well, you also have to be willing to choose that destiny back. Take love, for instance. You can't choose it. Who you love. Why you love them. Or even when. But doing something about it…well, that's a choice. You can either reach out and embrace it...or you can let it go..." -Where We Were Before by Ashton
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Ohhhh, poor Maria. Michael is an asshole! Grrrr grrrr grrrr.

WAIT! Remember who's writing this fic...oh wait...I would make Michael an asshole.


*evil grin*

AvengingAngel - Yes...Alex is definitely coming soon...he's there...I'm just bad and haven't written him in yet.

Shelly - Ding! ding! ding! ding!

hehehe...more evil grinning!

jayne - man...if you've caught up on everything I give you major props! did you check the repost and work by author boards? LOL! I have a ton of stuff...I Think this is something like my 22nd fic...although not all are here... I have 3 incomplete ones that I'm probably never going to finish...2 I haven't touched since June '00, and one both me and the readers just lost interest in. And then I have one that's a challenge that I'm not allowed to post until it's done...which it's not. LOL! So I guess that leaves 18 readable I'm nuts. LOL! If you ever want the list let me know.

Okay...and TOF...I'll try to work on it today. I honestly haven't been able to start the next part...'cause I really wanted to get this one out. I want to get TOF out next though...hopefully I'll have a boring day at the register today or something so that I can whip out the notebook...

"Destiny is a two-way street. On one hand, there is a destiny that chooses you. But on the other…well, you also have to be willing to choose that destiny back. Take love, for instance. You can't choose it. Who you love. Why you love them. Or even when. But doing something about it…well, that's a choice. You can either reach out and embrace it...or you can let it go..." -Where We Were Before by Ashton
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Thanks AJK...
You know...About those ones I haven't finished...I Really liked them too...and I still do really. I've always wanted to finish them, but I just lost all inspiration on them...I think a huge part of it is that last fall, when I started A Twist of Fate, I went through a major transition as a writer...that was when I Started writing NC-17 after a few months earlier SWEARING that I never would...that was when I started writing longer fics with more complex plotlines...and it was really hard to get back to that mentality from my fics I had started before. And I do REALLY want to finish them... I've actually been thinking about going back and editing and almost rewriting some of my old fics, so that maybe I can finish those up...particularly Safe at Last...that fic holds kind of a special place in my heart. I remember there was this one part, when Max and Liz are returning to Roswell for the first time, driving through town, remembering thier life there...I actually wrote that part while sitting at a coffee shop across the street from the Crashdown in Covina, staring at the Crashdown while I wrote it. It was just a really cool experience for me *grin* I'm reminiscing and feeling all nostalgic! LOL!! Maybe I should go watch the pilot while I'm at it! *grin*

"Destiny is a two-way street. On one hand, there is a destiny that chooses you. But on the other…well, you also have to be willing to choose that destiny back. Take love, for instance. You can't choose it. Who you love. Why you love them. Or even when. But doing something about it…well, that's a choice. You can either reach out and embrace it...or you can let it go..." -Where We Were Before by Ashton
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Ahhhh...Avenging Angel...
I saw your request a few days ago and that's actually what got my mind back on Safe at Last...I just want to say thank you... I honestly don't know if I'm going to write more of it...but I DO want to...I'll try to take a look at it and see what I can come up with...either figure out where I wanted it to go...or figure out a new way to take it! LOL!

"Destiny is a two-way street. On one hand, there is a destiny that chooses you. But on the other…well, you also have to be willing to choose that destiny back. Take love, for instance. You can't choose it. Who you love. Why you love them. Or even when. But doing something about it…well, that's a choice. You can either reach out and embrace it...or you can let it go..." -Where We Were Before by Ashton
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Hey you guys...

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for neglecting this one...I'm going to try to get back to it next...I have a part nearly ready, so keep your eyes open *grin*


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Hey all! I'm sorry this took me so long...brief explanation is that Maria is SOOOOO different in this fic and Tangled Webs, and my mind has been so focused on Tangled Webs and nasty Maria, that it was hard to come here and write fun quirky Maria...but I think I got it! It's kind of short...I'm sorry! But I wanted to get it out for you... I hope you enjoy, and of course I LOVE feedback!

Part 3

"Megan!" Liz greeted with a squeal as she went running at her friend, who was just emerging from the airport terminal, catching her in a warm hug.

"Liz!" Megan cried happily. "It's so good to see you!" Glancing behind Liz, Megan asked, "Where's that fiancee of yours? I want to give him a piece of my mind for whisking you off to New Mexico and never coming back!"

Liz's face dropped sadly. "I'm sorry Megan…It probably hurt you the way we just kind of disappeared…"

"Liz, Liz, Liz…" Megan chuckled. "Don't worry about it girl. I understand if you want to be closer to your families…it just means we'll have to call each other more…no big deal. So where is Max, anyway?"

"I don't know." Liz sighed. "He's probably helping his mom out with wedding preparations. They're not letting us see much of each other right now."

"What?" Megan asked in mock surprise. "How do you two survive?" Rolling her eyes, Megan laughed. "Seriously though, Liz. It's only a few more days. You guys can make it."

"I know, I know." Liz agreed. "Actually, as much as I miss him, it's really okay. I know that it's going to make our wedding night that much more special…since we've been apart for so long, you know?"

Megan laughed aloud. "Okay, Liz…I don't need to be thinking about what you and Max are going to be doing on your wedding night. Let's not go there."

"Sorry." Liz laughed in embarrassment, turning around and glancing at Maria, before realizing that she had been totally ignoring her friend. "Oh my gosh, Megan, there's someone you need to meet."

Liz tugged on Megan's arm, dragging her to where Maria stood waiting a few feet away, watching their interactions curiously.

"Megan, I want you to meet Maria DeLuca, my best friend since we were kids. Maria, this is Megan Knize, my best friend from college.

"Hey." Maria greeted Megan lightly, shaking her hand firmly.

"Hi." Megan responded warmly. "It's really nice to meet you."

"Yeah, same." Maria replied. "So are you ready for the Roswell, New Mexico experience…there are aliens on every corner, you know." Maria rolled her eyes in amusement, of the town that not only she grew up in, but unlike Liz, she never got away from.

"So I've heard." Megan laughed. "I'm sure it will be hilarious…I mean, it's not like any of that stuff is real…the entire town is based on rumor and theory!"

Maria's eyes silently laughed, as she glanced sideways to Liz, knowing full well the truth behind the rumors. Megan already reminded her so much of her and Liz before they knew the truth about Max, Michael, and Isabel…totally naïve and clueless about the world of aliens, powers, and otherworldly revolutions.

"Yup…definitely all fiction." Maria chuckled. "There's no aliens anywhere around here. Come on…let's get your bags to the car."

The drive back to town was filled with lively conversation between the trio about the upcoming wedding, everything that was planned, everything that was left to plan. Maria and Liz did their best to catch Megan up on all that was happening, and made plans with her to head to the Bridal shop later that afternoon to get fitted for her and Maria's bridesmaid dresses. The only one left would be Isabel, and Diane Evans was going to take care of that since Isabel had yet to arrive.

When they finally made the turn off the highway into Roswell, Megan's eyes danced in amusement as she took in all the alien signs and alien themed shops.

"This is insane!" Megan exclaimed. "It's worse than I could have possibly imagined."

"Wait until you see where I grew up." Liz replied dryly, as Maria pulled onto Citrus Street, the main stretch through town, where the Crashdown stood. When she pulled the car into an empty parking place in front of the alien themed restaraunt, Megan's eyes widened in confusion.

"Why are we stopping here?" She asked curiously, staring up at the huge neon spaceship flashing above the door.

"Well Megan…" Liz sighed. "This is where I grew up."

"In a restaurant?" Megan blurted out in shock.

"Well actually above the restaurant." Maria laughed. "Liz's parents own the Crashdown…we both used to work here back in high school. Wait until you see our old uniforms…complete with antennae."

Megan laughed weakly. "I have a feeling I have a lot to learn about your past in Roswell, Liz…the things I didn't know…"

Maria looked at Liz in amazement. "You can't possibly tell me that she knows nothing about your background?"

Liz studied her feet, avoiding their eyes. "It was hard to talk about Roswell before Max came back…it just brought up so many bad memories. I never wanted to go there…and Megan always respected that."

Megan turned to Liz and took her hand, squeezing it tightly. "Yes, Liz…I've always respected that, and I still do. It was your choice. However, I have a feeling I'm going to learn more than enough about you this week."

Liz smiled gratefully at her friend, before opening her car door.

"Come on, let's go in and introduce you to my parents."

----- ------ -----

On the other side of town, Max smiled at the businessman sitting across the table from him, as he gripped the pen tightly, filling out the paperwork before him with an almost silly grin on his face.

"So you said this is your wedding present to your wife?" The man asked him curiously.

"Yeah…" Max nodded, glancing up from the papers, before flipping the page and signing the last one.

"Well, I assure you, Mr. Evans…you aren't going to regret the decision."

"Yeah, I know." Max grinned as he passed the papers back to the man. "She's going to love it."

"I'm sure she will." He smiled back at Max, sliding the papers into his briefcase. "I'll get these processed for you, and it'll be all yours in a few days. I'll be in touch."

"Thank you." Max replied warmly, standing and shaking the man's hand before stepping out of the office, and whistling happily to himself as he headed for the jeep.

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Scottie - To answer your question, yes, Max is wealthy. His planet set up a sum of money for him to live off of when he came back to earth, since he is their ruler and all *grin* Figured he shouldn't have to live in poverty, right?

Thanks for the great feedback you guys...I swear...more will come, and you guys will eventually find out what Max has up his sleeve...not until after the wedding though! It is his present to Liz after all!
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bump for shorty *grin*
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Part 4

"Hey." Liz greeted softly into the phone, picking it up on the first ring.

"Hi." Max sighed happily in return. "God I miss you."

"Me too." Liz murmured. "But I'll see you in a little bit, right?"

"Yeah…I'll be over in about ten minutes…and then we can head to the granolith. You got your mom's car, right?"

"Yeah…we're set."

"How are you feeling about everything?" Max asked curiously.

"I'm a little nervous…but I'm sure it'll be fine. Normally you only have to meet your future in laws once, but with you I have to do it twice, you know? They know nothing about me except that you gave them up for me."

"Liz…they're going to love you. You can't possibly think that they don't know how incredible you are…you were with me the entire time I was gone…in my heart, in my soul, in my thoughts…and they knew it. I told them all about you."

"So now I have to live up to your stories, huh?" Liz joked.

"Liz…it's going to be fine." Max insisted with a laugh. "Trust me."

"I know, I know." Liz turned at the sound of her bedroom door opening and waved for Megan to come in. "So I'll see you in a few, right?"

"I'll be right over." Max murmured

"Okay…I can't wait."

Liz put down the phone with a sigh, turning to greet her friend.

"Hey." She greeted her with a grin.

"Hey…what's going on? Are you going out?"

"Yeah…didn't I tell you?" Liz asked, furrowing her brow, trying to remember her last conversation with her friend.

"Liz…it's okay….you've been busy with all the plans. So where are you going?"

"Oh, Max's birth family is arriving, and they don't all fit into one car, so I'm going with him. I've never met them before, so that was the excuse to free me from my parent's wrath…I have to meet the in laws."

"Good luck." Megan laughed. "Actually…if there's room, why don't I come with?"

Liz's eyes widened in shock, and her jaw dropped. "What?"

"Well, I haven't gotten to see Max yet…I'd like to talk to the guy a bit."

"I don't think it's a very good idea, Megan." Liz protested quickly, her mind racing as she tried to come up with an excuse to keep Megan away. Her coming was just not an option. "You know…it's the first time Max and I have been able to see each other for a while…we'd kind of like the time alone." She explained lamely.

Megan raised an eyebrow at her friend. "Liz…you're taking two cars. You're not going to be spending any time alone with Max. I'm going…and that's final."

Liz stared after her friend in amazement as Megan left the room, heading towards the spare room where she was staying to change and collect her things.

"Oh God…" Liz moaned, slumping against the wall as she buried her face in her hands in frustration. "This is going to be interesting."


The sight of Liz rushing out through the double doors of the Crashdown was like seeing the sun for the first time to Max. It had been days since they had talked for more than just a few minutes, and over a week since they had been face to face. Even though they both knew what it was like to spend significant time apart, a result of Max's time on Antar, it still felt like an eternity to Max. At the first sight of the sun shining down on her beautiful figure, making her seem to glow with a heavenly light to him, Max knew he was never going to be able to allow this to happen again.

He couldn't resist…the first sight of her, and Max rushed at her engulfing her in his arms, and burying his face in her hair, breathing in her sweet scent, as he pressed his lips to her head, suddenly drunk on her. Desperate to feel as much of her as possible, he quickly moved, pressing his lips to her forehead, her cheek, her nose, her jaw, showering her with quick, feather-light kisses.

"Max." Liz gasped breathlessly at the greeting, her heart pounding and her mind suddenly blanking from all of her concerns, Megan completely forgotten, as she totally lost herself in her soon-to-be husband, and the way that he was completely overwhelming all of her senses with his sensual greeting.

"God…it's been too long." Max moaned, before finally closing his lips over hers, desperately drinking her in, as only one thought consumed his mind: how had he allowed this separation to happen? He had sworn with every bone in his body when he returned from Antar that he would never leave Liz's side again…yet somehow that had happened.

"Never again." Max murmured softly into her ear, as his lips slipped from hers, and he nuzzled his face into her neck once again.

"What?" Liz gasped, pulling herself out of her daze.

"I swear…I'll never let them do this to us again." Max swore passionately, cradling Liz's face in his hands, as he gazed deeply into her eyes. "I can't live without you ever again. I don't care that we're only three days from the wedding, I won't be able to survive without seeing you every day."

A loud voice broke the moment, startling Max to the point where he literally jumped.

"Um, excuse me? Are you guys done with your reunion yet, 'cause we should probably get going!"

Max whirled around, his eyes widening in shock at the sight of Megan, comfortably situated in the passenger seat of the jeep, tapping her fingers on the dashboard as she impatiently waited for them.

Liz groaned, burying her face in Max's chest at the sight of her friend.

"Um…Liz, what does Megan think she's doing?" Max questioned quickly, his eyes flicking wildly back and forth from Liz to Megan and back again.

"She's determined that she's coming with us." Liz explained, rolling her eyes slightly. "I couldn't stop her…she said she wants to talk to you or something."

"Liz…she can't come with us…we're going to the granolith."

"I know!" Liz exclaimed in frustration. "But I couldn't find any excuse…she knows there's room in the car! What was I supposed to say: 'Gee Megan, you can't come 'cause otherwise you'll find out that my fiancé is an alien, and we're going to pick up his family at their alien transport device.' I don't think that would really work!"

Max ran a hand through his hair in irritation. "Okay…I'll talk to her." Max sighed. "I want you to be able to come in with me…this just isn't going to work. Why don't you go inside and come back in five minutes…give me some time alone with Megan to try to explain this all to her."

Liz smiled gratefully. "Thank you, Max. I'll be back in a few minutes."

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I rarely write out of order but for some reason I did on this one scene...couldn't get it out of my head so I just did it!

Hopefully I'll get my butt in gear on that one soon...once my random burst of inspiration on TOF goes away...

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So I would say look for a new part of this in a week or so...wish me luck!
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Part 5

Max ran a hand through his hair in irritation as he turned and headed back to where Megan sat in the jeep. He smiled at her as he leaned against the door closest to her.

“Where’s Liz going?” Megan asked curiously.

“She forgot something inside…she’ll be back in just a minute.” Max explained quickly. “Can we talk for a second Megan?”

“Yeah, of course. What’s up?”

“Listen, about this trip into the desert…it’s going to be Liz’s first time meeting my parents, and we’re getting married in a few days. I really need it to be special. I really appreciate your enthusiasm about joining us, but this needs to be just between me and Liz and my family.”

“Oh.” Megan replied slowly. “Okay…actually I understand that. I was just thinking that I hadn’t really seen you yet, and I’d like to talk to you about a few things before the wedding.”

“Do you want to talk now? We could talk before Liz comes back?” Max suggested.

“Nah, that’s okay.” Megan waved off his idea. “Maybe we could meet for coffee tomorrow morning?”

“That sounds great Megan.”

Max turned at a noise behind him and saw Liz emerging from the restaurant once again, with a sweater over her arm. He turned and met Megan’s eyes as she climbed out of the jeep.

“So I’ll just let you guys go and see you later.” Megan announced cheerfully as she headed towards the Crashdown. Pausing in front of Liz, she quickly hugged her. “Good luck with everything, Liz.”

“Thanks Megan.” Liz replied softly, glancing at Max over her friend’s shoulders and heading towards him. Leaning up close to him she whispered softly in his ear, “I love you.” Before pressing her lips to his one last time, closing her eyes and drinking in the sensation. Sighing, she pulled away and headed towards her parent’s car, sitting beside Max’s own.

“I’ll see you at that pod chamber.” She called back to him before climbing into her car and following him out of down.

~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Liz grinned as she pulled off the dusty, dirt road onto the flat desert beneath the familiar rocks hiding the pod chamber, spying Max standing to the side waiting for her. Turning the wheel, she pulled her car right up beside him, rolling down her window to flash a smile his way.

“Good day, madam.” Max greeted her with a mischievous grin.

“Good day, sir.” She replied playfully.

“Might I join you?” He asked, continuing to toy with her.

“Well, I don’t know.” Liz answered him jokingly. “You see, I’m supposed to meet my fiancee somewhere around here, and I don’t think he’d be too happy to find me with another man. Perhaps next time?”

“What if I don’t want to wait until next time.” Max replied seriously, his eyes smoldering into hers, as he pressed a glowing hand to the car door, unlocking it with his powers, and climbing inside.

“Hmmm.” Liz murmured, as he hungrily pressed his lips to hers and began drinking in the familiar taste of her. She breathed a sigh of contentment against his lips, pulling back just enough to mumble. “I must not have recognized you in that light, but down here you look an awful lot like my fiancee.”

“Good.” Max growled, pressing his lips firmly to hers for another long moment, before pulling back and whispering in her ear. “Because I wouldn’t want to think that you could possibly mistaken me for someone else.”

“Not possible.” Liz sighed, pressing a feather light kiss to his nose, before delving into his lips again for a long moment.

“Really?” Max questioned against her lips.

“There’s no one else but you.” She insisted as his lips fell to her throat, traveling the length of her skin in a series of slow, languid kisses that were slowly setting Liz on fire.

“You’re sure about that?” He murmured between kisses.

“Oh God, yes.” She moaned. “No one else could ever make me feel this way.”

“Just what I wanted to hear.” Max replied with a wicked grin as he quickly pulled back from her, leaving her staring at him, shocked by the sudden disappearance of his lips on her skin.

“You monster!” Liz exclaimed, as she took in the self satisfied glint in his eyes. “Fine then, if that’s how you want to be.”

“Just proving my point.” Max laughed one last time before his eyes softened to her. “Seriously, Liz. As much as I’d love to devour you for every second we have together tonight, I have a feeling we’d both end up embarrassed when they arrive.”

“I know.” Liz agreed. “So what exactly is going to happen.”

“You’ll see when they arrive.” Max replied mysteriously. “There won’t be any doubt about it.”

“I’m sorry about what happened with Megan earlier. She isn’t normally so pushy.” Liz started, trying to change the subject. “She must really want to talk to you about whatever it is.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Max brushed it off easily. “She didn’t know what we were going to be doing out here today…how is she supposed to know how much she’d be intruding? She thought there was room, knew we wouldn’t really be alone together in the car, and figured she’d jump at the chance. It’s not a big deal.”

“Yeah.” Liz replied, her voice drifting off as her mind wandered.

“What is it?” Max asked softly, turning to face her as he searched her face in concern.

“Nothing…it’s just, I’ve missed this.” Liz sighed honestly. “I miss just being able to be with you and touch you and hold you and talk to you. I know we mutually agreed to give our family these last few weeks before the wedding, but I’ve really missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, Liz.” Max cried, his voice hoarse with emotion. “I miss you more than I thought possible. I just keep reminding myself that it’s only three more days…then we’ll have each other forever, and it’s enough to keep me going, just to keep pushing myself forward, because come Saturday I never intend to let you out of my sight again.”

“Good.” Liz smiled softly, as she reached out and took Max’s hand, lacing their fingers together, as she studied his hand for a long moment, before pulling it up to her lips and pressing a soft kiss to it. “Because I never want to be out of your sight again either. I could live contentedly for the rest of my life knowing that you’re always watching.”

“And I will be.” Max replied simply with a soft smile.

Liz gazed happily into his eyes for a long moment, before noticing a bright light in the sky that looked something like a falling star, moving quickly in their direction. It caught Liz’s attention, her curiosity piqued as is rushed faster and faster down from the sky, obviously falling faster, but still looking like nothing more than a tiny, simple falling star. Her eyes followed the tiny light, until suddenly it’s speed increased, and it dropped right into the rocks before them, hitting the jutted tip, and disappearing from sight.

“Max, did you see that?” Liz asked in awe.

Max just smiled knowingly in response. “They’re here.”

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Part 6

“Are you ready?” Max asked softly, smiling down at Liz
with love in his eyes. The way he gazed down at her so
concerned, so gently lovingly made Liz’s heart flutter
with need, rather than the nervousness that had filled
it only a second before. It was amazing how with a
mere look, Max could erase all doubt from her.

“I’m ready.” Liz replied with certainty. She turned
and opened her car door, stepping out into the cool,
desert night air, and turned to face where Max was now
standing across the car from her. Liz turned, walking
around the car’s exterior without breaking Max’s gaze
once, and stood beside him, sliding her hand into his
own, and squeezing it happily. “Let’s go.” She

Side by side, they quickly made their way up the rocky
path to the entrance to the cave, a place Liz hadn’t
been in over ten years.

“So is that how you came back to earth?” Liz asked
curiously. “Down from the sky like a falling star?”

Max smiled down at her, “Well, that’s how we make it
look so that no one down here gets overly paranoid
about UFO sightings and flying saucers. It’s a little
more complex than that…but yes, that was how I came
back to earth.”

“I wish I could have been here to see it.” Liz
breathed in a distant voice. “It’s a silly little
fantasy, I know, but I just have this image in my head
of being in the pod chamber as you fell into the room
like that materializing in a burst of light from the
falling star, and then you’re just there, right in
front of me, and everything is absolutely perfect.”

“It was perfect anyway.” Max insisted. “At least for
me. How we found each other again, it was like the
ideal situation…well, except for that whole
teacher/student thing, but that can be ignored.”

“Yeah…” Liz replied happily. “It was pretty good,
wasn’t it?”

“Liz…it would have been my dream if your face had been
the first thing I saw when I arrived, but it also just
wasn’t possible, just like it wasn’t possible for us
to be waiting in there when they arrived. The amount
of energy the granolith uses in a transport, it’s just
too much to handle. The only safe place to be as it
happens is inside the granolith.”

“Well in that case I’m glad I wasn’t here.” Liz
chuckled. They had stopped walking a few steps
earlier and were now standing facing the entrance to
the pod chamber. “God, it’s so strange how I haven’t
been here in over a decade, yet there was still no
doubt in my mind where the exact location of the cave

“Some things stay with you forever.” Max replied.
“Shall we?”

“Open it up.” Liz agreed.

The entrance had barely opened an inch when Liz found
herself surrounded by a whirlwind of activity. The
rock slid to the side and immediately Liz found
herself face to face with ten sets of curious eyes,
most of which were studying her very closely.

“Max!” The older woman exclaimed happily. “It’s so
good to see you!”

“Mother.” Max replied with an amused smile. “Welcome
to earth.”

“Yes, well your message left us very curious, after
the way that you left in the middle of the night
without even saying goodbye.” She replied dryly. “Did
I misinterpret it or did you ask us to come to earth
for your wedding.”

“Yes, mother. I’m getting married in three days. In
fact, I would very much like you to meet my fiancee,
the love of my life, Liz Parker.”

Liz swallowed nervously, her mind spinning, as she
stepped forward and took the hand of the woman
standing across from her, a tall blonde woman
resembling the form she recognized from the message in
the orbs so many years before. As she smiled at the
woman, Liz found herself comprehending for the first
time the secret that had just come out into the open.
Max had run away from Antar…to come back to her.

“Liz, this is my mother, my birth mother, Adara, and
her husband, my step father, Andrey. And this is my
bratty stepbrother Kelsey.” Max introduced with an
evil grin, as he leaned over and punched Kelsey in the
arm. Moving past his stepbrother, Max approached the
two staying to the back with a wistful look on his
face. “Michael…Isabel.” He greeted them softly.

In an instant Isabel had flung herself into Max’s
arms, hugging him tightly, as she cried in his ear.
“You big, stupid idiot, Max, running off the way you
did without saying goodbye or giving us any word if
you were alive or dead. I’ve been so worried about

“I’m sorry, Is.” Max murmured back. “I couldn’t stand
it there any longer. I needed to get out, and I knew
you both wouldn’t go for it.”

“Well, I hope it was worth it.” Michael gruffly shot
at Max, as he extracted himself from his sister’s arms
and gave his best friend a quick, firm hug, before
returning to Liz’s side.

“Oh, I assure you.” Max replied with a soft smile.
“It was worth it.”

Within minutes Max had become a flurry of activity,
rushing them into the respective cars, their
destination the Tumbleweed Inn, where Max had a suite
reserved for his family, minus Michael and Isabel who
would be returning with him to the Evans’ house.

Max asked Liz to take Isabel and Michael in her car,
to give them a chance to catch up, while Max took his
alien family, so that he could update them on human

And soon, Liz felt like she was back in high school,
cruising along down a desert highway with Michael and
Isabel in the car with her…not that she, Michael, and
Isabel had ever hung out that much, but still, it was
nice to see her high school companions again…even if
they were stuck in this state of awkward silence.

“Um…so Max ran away?” Liz finally broke the silence
asking quietly.

“Yeah.” Michael replied shortly.

“It’s just…he never told me.” Liz explained
hesitantly. “He told me that things were stable
enough there and it was okay for him to leave.”

“Things were stable enough, Michael and I had things
under pretty tight control. But Max was still the
figurehead, the person that the people looked to for
hope. Max would have never been permitted to leave as
he did, if he hadn’t sneaked away in the middle of the
night.” Isabel informed Liz. “Both Michael and I
would have tried to stop him, as would have almost
anyone who might have intercepted him.”

“Why would you do that?” Liz asked harshly, in an
angered tone that was completely out of character for
her. “He was miserable there, didn’t you know that?”

“We knew it.” Isabel explained sadly. “We just didn’t
pay any attention to it. We figured he’d adjust, or
forget about you, or move on, we never thought it
would eat him up inside, to the point where he would
do something so extreme as abandon us there. He was
there for ten years, Liz. We just assumed that he had
finally moved past it, especially since he had stopped
talking about home almost immediately upon our

“I just can’t believe he never told me.” Liz muttered
in disbelief.

“Liz, you know Max.” Michael burst out. “He probably
didn’t tell you to protect you, because he knew you’d
act like this, and feel all guilty about taking him
away from our people.”

“I know.” Liz sighed. “But I can’t help wondering
what else he’s been keeping from me.”

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Part 7

There was an awkward tension filling the jeep as Max pulled the vehicle away from the rocks, heading back towards Roswell with his family. They were upset with him…that much was obvious, and although he didn’t blame them for being hurt by his departure from Antar, Max honestly wasn’t sure what to tell them.

Never once had he regretted leaving Antar.

To see Liz again, to fall in love with her all over again, to make love to her, to be able to start a life with her…it was all worth everything he had been through in the ten years he had spent there. It was worth leaving it all behind. If he were given the chance to go back and do it all differently, Max knew without a doubt that he wouldn’t change a thing.

But that didn’t mean he didn’t regret hurting his family.

Part of the problem was that his mother just didn’t understand love. Her first husband, Max’s father, had been the result of an arranged marriage due to their positions as noble leaders of the planet. It was a political marriage…and from what Max understood they rarely even spoke unless necessary. Adara’s second marriage, to Andrey, was one of pure convenience.

Once Max had tried to talk to his mother about Liz, explain to her the extent of their relationship, why he missed her, why he strove to return to earth one day…and his mother’s only response was that he could easily find a suitable life companion on Antar.

That’s all that Andrey was to her…a suitable life companion. A good man to be the father of the next king of Antar, should Max had been unable to return to Antar and claim his throne.

Kelsey had been born as a result of that union…his entire purpose was to be the back-up king.

Initially, there had been a certain amount of rivalry between the two half-brothers as a result of their positions, more on Kelsey’s side than Max’s. When Max returned to Antar, it secured the fact that Kelsey would never rule, after spending his entire life training to be a good king. Kelsey had been bitter, angry…particularly when he was assigned to be Max’s advisor.

In time though, Max and Kelsey began spending more and more time together while Kelsey taught Max the ways of his people, and it wasn’t long before it became abundantly clear to Kelsey that Max had no desire for his throne.

One night Max and Kelsey formed an alliance of sorts. Should things eventually settle down politically, Max would leave Antar, abandoning the throne to Kelsey, and returning home to Liz as he constantly longed to. It was a result of the oath between the brothers that late one night, Kelsey helped Max to escape the planet without a word to the rest of their family.

Regardless of the secretive way that Max escaped the planet though, he still loved his family dearly, and couldn’t imagine having such a climatic event in his life as his marriage to Liz without them present. It meant everything to him to have them attend his wedding, so Max sent the message through the granolith asking them to come.

Now that they were here though, the fireworks would surely begin.

From the moment the car started moving, Adara was shooting little irksome comments Max’s way.

“What a primitive transportation vehicle!”

“Can’t you steer this thing any smoother?”

“You know, Antar is so much more comfortable than this!”

Max stayed calm through it all though, taking each one of her comments with a grain of salt, until finally she said the only one that could possibly break his control.

“You should have never left home, Max! It’s time for you to forget this silly human girl and return home where you belong!”

It was the final straw for Max. The anger boiled up instantly in him, and he reacted without a second thought, slamming on the breaks so hard that the jeep screeched to a halt, throwing them all forward with a violent force that took everyone in the car completely by surprise.

His eyes flashing with a fire that took them all by surprised, Max turned his anger onto his mother.

“No Antar is not where I belong!” Max exploded fiercely, his voice seething. “Earth is my home, not Antar. Antar has never been my home. I was miserable there, or were you so caught up in your own life that you didn’t notice? This is my home. Here. In Roswell, with Liz. Nothing in my life is right when I don’t have her.”

The fire began to fade from Max’s voice as he spoke Liz’s name like a prayer, the mere thought of her easing his anger away, replacing it with a passion that filled his whole being.

“She’s my everything.” He breathed lovingly.

Max sighed, pausing for a long moment and letting the silence fill the car before continuing in a firm voice.

“I invited you here today because the day that Liz and I officially bind and celebrate our love is going to be one of the most important days of my entire life. You are my family, and I love you, so I wanted you to be a part of it, but if you can’t accept what is going to happen…if you can’t accept Liz as a permanent fixture in my life, then I’m going to turn this car around right now and take you back to the granolith.”

Max turned and searched the faces of everyone in the car, one by one as he spoke, watching them for any hesitation, any reason why he should leave them, wondering if they knew that if they denied him this day, that he would turn his back on them and never look back again. Their faces remained unreadable, so Max continued.

“It’s your choice, but we need to be clear on this here and now. Nothing that you do or say while you’re here will convince me to go back to Antar with you. Earth is my home, now and forever. This is where I belong.” Taking a deep breath, Max turned his probing eyes back on his mother before asking, “So what are you going to do?”

Everyone was shocked to silence by the passion of Max’s speech, and he waited patiently for a response. It was Andrey that finally gave it.

“We’re going to be here for you.” He replied simply. “We’re your family…what else could we do besides support you?”

“Thank you.” Max sighed with relief. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”

The air grew hushed in the car after Max’s outburst. There were no more complaints, no more side commentary. Nothing except the heavy silence, as Max pulled the jeep back onto the highway and headed towards town.

“We need to talk about the humans.” Max finally stated, breaking the silence.

“What about them?” Kelsey asked curiously.

“Mostly how we need to act around them.” Max answered glancing quickly at his brother through the rearview mirror. “The humans haven’t really accepted the idea of life on other planet. Aliens are like a myth to them, a fairy tale of sorts. They haven’t made enough advantages in space exploration yet to actually encounter other planets like this one. Some have theories of other forms of life, but for the most part humans in general are afraid of the idea.”

“There are only a few people here who know the truth about where we are from.” Max emphasized carefully. “As a general rule, you just can’t offer any information about Antar…and whatever you do, do not use your powers in public. I’m asking you this to keep you safe. Earth can be a very dangerous place for us should anyone find out the truth about us…and I’m telling you this from experience. But it can also be home if we stay inconspicuous. Do you understand?”

Everyone murmured their agreement, and Max breathed a sigh of relief. “Good…thank you.” He smiled, finally feeling comfortable and confident with them for the first time. “I’m so glad that you came!” He exclaimed happily, the giddiness of the upcoming ceremony evident in his voice.

Max sighed happily, glancing quickly at the clock, before focusing on the road once more while a thought passed through his mind…one that had been a familiar one for the past few weeks.

2 days, 22 hours, 45 minutes, 36 seconds…and counting.

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Araxie - You're right...I AM planning on just knocking out the rest of Behind the Lies...I'm becoming predictable aren't I? LOL! And actually while I was sitting in class today I got an idea for how to end it...although I'm not sure how climatic it will be...anyway...if I decide to do it that way it may only have one or two more chapters...we'll see. I'm going to work on that tonight I believe.

To be honest, the next few chapters of this might be a little difficult for me to write, because it's going to be a lot of everyone other than Max and Liz...and that's just HARD for me! LOL! But I'm dying to get to the wedding, so I'll try to make it as quick as possible...I know you guys are dying for the wedding too, so we'll work with it ;)

I had so much fun writing this chapter ;) That whole part where Max slams on the break and loads into his mother I wrote while sitting in the waiting room of Sarah's modeling agency wasting time while she was having a meeting...on Hollywood Blvd, a block down from the chinese theater...just a random note. Most of this chapter was written on the trip, which is WHY it probably took you by was just lurking around in my notebook waiting to come out ;)

Woodwinds - LOL! Hi!! Yup..this is me *happy* I'm glad to know that you've been loving it since the beginning...that is awesome! I was pretty sure that you had read SOMETHING of mine before...I knew your name from SOMEWHERE...I just wasn't sure which one ;) Of course it's this one! hee hee!

Thanks for the great feedback y'all *happy* *happy*
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Part 8

Max blinked in surprise as he pulled the jeep to a halt in the driveway of his parent’s house to see Philip and Diane in the middle of a tearful reunion with Michael and Isabel on the front porch.

But Liz was nowhere in sight.

He had expected her to be waiting to see him when he pulled up. He wanted her to linger around just to talk to him, anything to increase their time together.


After the intense emotions that had filled the drive back to town for him and his family, Max had longed to just get five minutes alone with Liz, just to reaffirm everything he had always known to be the greatest gift in his life…but instead there was nothing.

Sighing in disappointment, Max climbed out of the jeep and led his family up to where his loved ones waited on the front porch.

“Hello.” Diane greeted them warmly as they approached.

“Mom.” Max smiled at her. “Dad…I want you to meet my birth family: My mother, Adara, my stepfather, Andrey, and my stepbrother, Kelsey, this is my family from earth, Philip and Diane Evans.”

“Welcome.” Diane smiled. “We are so glad that you were able to come.”

“Yes, well when we received Max’s message we had to see what he was up to.” Adara replied dryly. “It had been so long since we had heard anything from him.”

“Well, come in, please.” Philip exclaimed, ushering everyone into the Evans’ home. “Can I get you something to drink?”

Max let his parents take over in the entertaining and let his mind drift back to Liz, wondering curiously why she had left the way she did. He supposed that her parents could need her help…the were throwing a huge dinner at the Crashdown that evening to celebrate the arrival of all the final guests. Still though…her disappearance felt off, and it worried Max, leaving him with a lingering desire to run off and find her.

“Maxwell.” Michael’s voice rumbled gruffly from beside Max, pulling him away from his thoughts. “I gotta talk to you.”

Max sighed. “Yeah Michael, what’s up?”

“Listen Max.” Michael stated firmly. “I’m not going to lie to you here. I would love to kick your ass for leaving home the way you did. But I know you and I know why you did it. I know how much you love Liz, and I know you guys are going to be happy together…so I guess you could say I support your marriage.”

“Thank you Michael.” Max replied genuinely. “But I’m sensing a but here.”

“But…you’ve really screwed up, Max.” Michael stated bluntly. “Liz is confused as hell because you didn’t tell her the truth about why you left home. That’s why she ran home so quickly. We tried to get her to come in, but she said she needed to think. You have a lot of explaining to do, otherwise this marriage is not going to be the dream come true that I’m sure you’ve always wanted it to be.”

“Oh God…I’m an idiot.” Max mumbled, understanding hitting him. “I didn’t even think about it today…I forgot what I told her. It’s been so long already…”

“Why weren’t you honest with her up front?” Michael asked curiously.

“I just knew how Liz would react.” Max explained honestly. “I knew if I told her that I ran away from my responsibilities for her, that she would feel incredibly guilty and blame herself for me leaving home. I didn’t want to put her through that, especially since there really wasn’t anything wrong about the time I chose to leave. Everything was under control. You guys didn’t really need me.”

“Well you’d better think fast, Maxwell.” Michael recommended. “Because now you not only have to deal with Liz’s guilt trip, but also an angry as hell fiancee.”

Max nodded in agreement. “I’ll try and explain everything tonight.”

~~~~~~ ~~~~~

The afternoon continued in a whirlwind of activity. After a brief lunch at his parent’s house, Max helped his Antarian family get settled in at the Tumbleweed Inn, leaving Michael and Isabel at his parents’ where they would be staying.

It seemed like no time at all had passed before he found himself pulling the jeep up in front of the Crashdown, staring nervously at the light streaming down from the apartment above, before leading everyone inside.

The café was a whirlwind of activity, the party already in motion. His parents had already arrived with Michael and Isabel, and Megan and Alex were helping the Parkers set trays of food on various tables around the room. The jukebox was loudly booming, and of course Liz was nowhere in sight.

Max sighed in relief as Michael crossed the room to greet Adara and Andrey, and took advantage of the moment to swoop away from them, before instantly being stopped by a tap on his shoulder.

Turning to greet the new face, Max grinned widely at the sight of his lab partners from the semester before.

“Adam, Robin, Leslie!” He exclaimed happily. “I’m so glad you guys made it!”

“Well it was the least we could do.” Leslie bubbled. “We’ve been missing you guys this semester.”

“When did you arrive?” He asked curiously.

“Oh, just this morning. It’s a long drive from San Francisco, but we were determined to have a classic road trip.” Leslie giggled.

“We left three days ago.” Robyn explained in her soft, shy voice. “We stopped in Los Angeles, and Phoenix on the way down.”

“It sounds like a great trip.” Max commented, but his mind was already back on getting to Liz, talking to her, explaining himself to her. “I am so glad that you guys are here…but I really need to talk to Liz about the wedding. Can we catch up in a few minutes? I’ll bring her down, I know she’s dying to see you too.”

“Yeah, go get the girl, Max.” Adam chuckled, after Max as he hurried towards the back room of the café.

Max nodded back to him before disappearing behind the doors. He didn’t make it any further though, because Megan was standing there waiting for him with her hands on her hips, an accusing look in her eyes.

“What did you do to Liz?” Megan demanded.

“What do you mean?” Max asked nervously.

“She got back from meeting your parents and immediately ran upstairs and hid in her bedroom. She won’t even talk to me about it! Maria’s up there right now trying to calm her down and get her to join us, but she’s been up there for a half hour already. God help me, Max, if you did anything to hurt her…”

“It would kill me too.” Max argued before Megan could finish. “Which is why I’m going up there right now to talk to her, okay?”

“You’d better hurry.” Megan threatened, to Max’s retreating back, as he ran upstairs taking the steps two at a time, before rushing into the Parker’s apartment.

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Part 9

Max’s movements were frantic as he ran up the stairs and down the hallway towards Liz’s room. It wasn’t until he found himself standing before her closed door that he stopped, taking a deep breath before placing his hand on the door knob and trying to turn it. The door wouldn’t budge. Liz had locked herself in her bedroom.

Reaching a hesitant hand up to the door, Max gently rapped his knuckles against the hard wood.

“Liz?” He softly pleaded. “Can I come in, love? Please?”

“Go away, Max.” Her muffled response called back to him, and Max felt his heart crack a little at the pain that was apparent in her voice.

“I can’t do that.” Max explained softly. “You see, I’m getting married in two days to the love of my life, but I’m an idiot and I hurt her with this really stupid thing that I did a few months ago. I need to fix things with her, to make things right again, because, you see, she’s my everything. I’m nothing without her.”

Max couldn’t hear any reply, so he sagged defeatedly against the door, his shoulders heavy while he continued his groveling.

“Listen, Liz…you know this door doesn’t do much good against me when I’m determined to get to you, and right now I really, really want to come in there and explain myself face to face. So I’m going to give you about thirty seconds to let me in, or I’m going to let myself in, just to warn you. Okay?”

He waited, counting silently in his head, until finally lowering one glowing hand over the door knob, unlocking it and gently pushing the door open and taking in the sight before him.

Liz lay on the bed facing away from him, while Maria sat beside her, gently stroking Liz’s hair as she stared at Max with a sharp gaze that clearly read, “I want to kick your ass.”

“So, I’ll just go down and join the party. Alex probably needs my help or something.” Maria announced, standing and brushing past Max on her way out the door.

Max was frozen in his spot for a long moment after Maria’s haste departure, before slowly crossing the distance between himself and Liz’s form on the bed. The bed quietly creaked beneath him as he took Maria’s spot on the bed, leaning over to gently stroke Liz’s hair.

“Liz…sweetie. I am so sorry.” He breathed out painfully.

Liz stiffened at his touch, before finally pushing herself to sit up and look Max directly in the eyes. Max was surprised to find her face void of tears. She hadn’t been crying. Her gaze was pained, slightly angry, but not sad. Mostly she just seemed to be hurt.

“How could you lie to me like that, Max?” Liz cried out, her tone angry.

“I was an idiot.” Max replied simply.

“Do you know what I’ve been thinking ever since I found out the truth in the car?” Liz demanded, rushing forward before he could answer. “I’ve been trying to figure out if I’ve ever known you at all these past few months, Max. If you could lie to me so easily about this one tiny detail, then what else have you been lying to me about? Who is this person that I’m supposed to be marrying?”

Liz hesitated a long moment before revealing her last remaining doubt.

“And I’m beginning to question our love, Max. Do you know how much that hurts? Our love has been the one stability I’ve always been able to count on. Even when we were apart all of those years, I never doubted that you love me and I love you. But now I’m starting to doubt that love, and it is tearing me up inside.”

“God Liz…” Max gasped, the blood rushing from his face as he stared at her in shock. “I am so, so sorry. Lying to you was stupid, and I swear to you I will do anything in my power to make it up to you, but I never, ever wanted you to doubt our love. That is the one thing that you should never have to question.”

“But I am, Max.” Liz shot back shortly. Her outburst took him by surprise, and he sat frozen for a long moment before raking a hand through his hair in frustration.

“Liz, I left my home, my family, my planet without a word to anyone except Kelsey, because I knew if I told them that I was leaving they would never let me go. They didn’t need me; I didn’t lie to you about that. The government was secure, and hell, Kelsey knew more than I did about running the planet. He taught me everything I know about it.”

Max stared deep into her eyes, trying to make his point.

“I didn’t abandon anyone for you. I ran away from them because I needed you. I left there to be with you, because I love you more than anything in the world. I love you more than the power and luxury that I had in the palace on Antar. I love you more than the fame I had there. None of that matters to me. All that matters to me is you. Please, know that to be the truth.”

Liz’s skeptical gaze pierced into Max’s soul for a long moment, before she hesitantly nodded. “I know that in my soul, Max. I know you love me…it’s just with the arrival of your family, I’m feeling really uncertain about a lot of things. You never talk about what happened to you back there, Max. I know absolutely nothing about your world…I didn’t even know that Kelsey exists! And the way your mother was looking at me…she blames me for taking you away from her, Max.”

“I don’t give a damn what she thinks.” Max insisted stubbornly. “She doesn’t have a say in our marriage, Liz…it’s between you and me, and she can either accept it or go back to Antar.” Max struggled over his words, trying to find the right way to handle the next issue. “As for my life on Antar…it wasn’t pleasant, Liz. You know that. It’s why I’ve always avoided talking about it. I never realized how much it hurts you to not know. I will tell you one of these days, Liz. I’ll tell you everything…just give me some time.”

Liz nodded. “I’ll let you talk to me on your terms, Max.” Liz agreed, “But you have to eventually. I need to know everything.” She searched his haunted eyes for a long moment before continuing. “It isn’t okay that you lied to me, Max. Before we take any more steps forward together I need to know if you lied to me about anything else.”

“No.” Max replied quickly, shaking his head emphatically. “I know for a fact that I never lied to you about anything else. It was my one moment of weakness, Liz, the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, except maybe leaving you in the first place.”

Liz giggled, slapping at Max’s shoulder playfully. “Now you’re kissing up!” She exclaimed.

“Well, you know, I’ve got to grovel!” Max replied in mock certainty. “You’re the only person this king will ever grovel to, but I do it without hesitation because I love you.”

“Oh!” Liz shot back. “Now you’re sweet talking me, huh?”

“No, only speaking the truth.” Max replied seriously. “I love you always, Liz. You’re my everything.”

“I love you too Max.” Liz sighed, leaning over and kissing him gently.

“I guess that means I’m forgiven?” Max questioned, pulling back slightly from her lips.

“You’re forgiven, this time. Although you’re always welcome to grovel more.” Liz joked.

“Anytime you want me to grovel I’m there.” Max agreed, closing the distance between their lips and hungrily claiming her lips in a passionate kiss, as his tongue gently probed her mouth, and his hands tangled in her silky hair.

Liz was breathless from his assault when he finally pulled his lips away, standing and pulling her up with him.

“Come on, let’s go join the party.”

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Araxie HRH originally wrote:
Anne~ GIRLFRIEND!!! You had me seriously worried!!!!!!!! Last we talked you said that you've been really getting into the angst fics lately! And half way thru their talk I was worried that you we're going to go down that road!!!! Heaven forbid!!!! Your usual LACK of angst is what makes you one of my favorites girl!!!!!! Dont forget that !!!!!!!!!

LOL! I'm sorry Araxie!! I didn't mean to scare you!!

To answer your question, YES I'm majorly into angst right now, BUT I *think* I'm channeling it pretty well between Cross-Wired and my other major angsty fic that I'm starting right now...which I'm keeping secret and not posting for a while ;) I'm enjoying angstifying those a lot so that I can try to keep this and TOF as dreamy as possible...I hope that's okay *grin*
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Hey guys *happy*

Thanks for the fantastic feedback *happy* I really, really appreciate it! Here's the next chapter...hope you enjoy!

Part 10

Maria wandered down the stairs towards the Crashdown, an amused smirk on her face at the mental image of the look on Max’s face as he entered Liz’s room. It was one of pure terror, like he’d rather tear his right arm off then allow Liz to stay mad.

Max and Liz were absolutely the perfect couple…that look had confirmed it for Maria, as if she needed any convincing at any time over the twelve years that she has been friends with them. The fact that Max would be so distraught over hurting Liz…Maria was certain by both their reactions that it was the first time they had fought since Max had returned from Antar.

And to fight over something so ridiculous…Liz’s hormones must be acting up.

Maria chuckled out loud at that thought. She and Liz had been so wrapped up with planning the wedding that they had barely stopped to talk about the baby. As a result, Maria realized that she didn’t even know how the pregnancy was going…was it normal? Or was there some weird alien stuff going on that she didn’t know about?

Quickly Maria shook the thought away. She would have to bug Liz about that later.

Taking a deep breath, Maria reached the bottom of the stairs, crossing the back room and pushing her way into the Crashdown.

The only took a single step before stopping dead in her path.

He was there.

With all of Max and Liz’s drama she had forgotten to prepare herself for the sight of the big idiot, home at last after ten years, and totally against his own will.

Unable to control herself, Maria raked her eyes up and down his familiar form, examining him closely for some kind of flaw, something to prove to her that he was as big of a piece of crap as she had spent years trying to convince herself he was.

It wasn’t working. He looked…good. Too good. He stood in the middle of the room with some guy that Maria didn’t recognize smiling and talking. For once in his life he actually looked at ease…like he wasn’t totally on his guard. He was clean cut and handsome…everything that Michael Guerin wasn’t. It was like he was a totally new person…maybe even a better person.

Maybe Antar had done Spaceboy some good.

Maria sucked in her breath in shock, when he suddenly turned his head and his eyes met hers. For about a second it was as if the whole world faded away as their eyes met, and it scared the hell out of Maria. Quickly she summoned up her strength and turned away, searching out Alex with her eyes.

Damn…he had caught her staring at him. She couldn’t give him the satisfaction of thinking that she would come crawling back to him.

Taking a deep breath for courage, Maria quickly turned and crossed the room to where Alex stood behind the bar, filling a pitcher of soda.

“Hey Alex…need help?” Maria asked, hinting with her tone that she needed a distraction.

Alex turned to her and smirked. “Can’t take the pressure of having him back?”

“Don’t even start with me, girlfriend!” Maria warned. “Michael Guerin has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. The guy is a bastard, and I fully intend to remind him of that fact should he ever get the pleasure of talking to me this week.”

“Maria.” His voice startled her, even though it was a quiet, warm greeting, and she gasped, quickly whirling around to face him, her eyes instantly locking with his.

“Michael!” She exclaimed loudly. “Hi!”

“Hi yourself.” He answered, raking a hand through his hair. “It’s been a long time…how have you been.”

“I’ve been fine.” She replied quickly. “Just fine…wonderful in fact. Fantastic.” Maria stopped, taking a deep breath when she realized she was already starting to ramble. “How about you?”

“I’m good.” Michael sighed. “Listen…I was hoping maybe we could talk later in private. Would that be okay?”

“In private?” Maria repeated back to him. “Talk in private.” She was absolutely blown away by his forwardness. “What makes you think I have any desire to go anywhere alone with you?”

“I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.” He agreed in a gruff voice that was so reminiscent of the Michael she had known ten years before. “But I owe you an explanation, and an apology. I would rather not do it here in front of everyone. So will you talk to me later?”

“I’ll think about it.” Maria responded distantly. “I’ve been really busy helping my best friend plan her wedding…maybe too busy. We’ll see if it fits into my schedule.”

“Right.” Michael nodded, accepting her flippant response. “I understand completely. I hope it does. I’m not ready to give up on you yet.”

Without another word, Michael turned and crossed the room, heading towards Isabel without looking back. Maria stared after him in absolute disbelief.

“Give up on me?” Maria muttered angrily under her breath. “What about you buddy…I’m not the one who left the planet without so much as a goodbye. I gave up on you a long time ago.”

~~~~~ ~~~~

Kelsey watched as Michael crossed the room towards the blonde who he had just caught watching him, and smiled in amusement as their gestures hinted loudly at their already comfortable bantering.

They had only been at the party for a short time, but already Kelsey was able to tell how being back on Earth effected his friends and family. It wasn’t just Max and his obvious obsession with Liz…it was in Michael and Isabel too. The way they smiled a little brighter, and seemed so much more at ease here.

Even if the others hadn’t admitted it to themselves yet the way that Max had, Kelsey could already tell by watching them…Earth was their home too. Earth would always be more of a home to them by Antar. They only needed time to realize and accept it.

Even if they didn’t know it yet, Kelsey was already certain of it. Michael and Isabel would never be returning to Antar.

What would be fun is watching them realize it themselves.

Chuckling to himself, Kelsey searched out Isabel, who was standing on the other side of the room from him, chatting away with her human mother, and two other women who he didn’t recognize. The older woman he assumed was Liz’s mother, and then there was the tall blonde who had his back to him.

Suddenly the young woman turned, glancing towards Maria, and Kelsey was able to make out her profile. Instantly he gasped aloud. She was beautiful! Her short blonde hair curled around her chin in just the perfect way to frame her round face, and her eyes shined a brilliant blue that reminded him of the color of the Antarian Sky in the rare days when the warfare didn’t corrupt the atmosphere.

Subconciously he took a step towards her, before freezing again, as she quickly paced across the room. Kelsey followed her with his eyes and found her approaching the back door where Max and Liz had just entered. He couldn’t help chuckling in amusement at the glare she gave Max before pulling Liz away quickly, their heads turned towards each other as they softly talked.

This was a woman who knew what she wanted, and didn’t fear anyone. There were very few women on Antar who had the guts to stand up to the king the way that she just did. She was beautiful, brave, determined…and he had only known of her for a few moments. How much more could he learn about her before the wedding.

Kelsey blinked suddenly as a hand waved in front of his face, distracting him from his study of Liz’s friend.

“Hello…you awake in there?”

Shaking his head in irritation, Kelsey turned to meet Max’s amused eyes.

“What?” Kelsey protested at the knowing look in Max’s eyes.

“Don’t try to hide it!” Max teased. “I saw that look in your eyes, and unlike you, I know exactly what it means.”

“It means nothing…I just noticed her and was curious.”

“Curious my ass.” Max argued playfully. “You were already beginning to obsess. I’m in shock here, Kelsey. I never knew my baby brother could possibly fall in love…particularly with a human.”

“I’m not in love.” Kelsey insisted. “I’ve never even met her! I don’t even know her name!”

Max laughed loudly. “Well that’s easy to fix…look.” Max pointed across the room to where Megan and Liz now stood with Maria and Alex at the bar. “They’re done talking…I’ll introduce you.”

Max pushed Kelsey gently to get him to start moving in the direction of the bar, honing in on his own love for Liz as they approached, and Max gently slipped his hand into Liz’s.

“Hey.” He greeted them easily. “Megan, there’s someone I want you to meet. This is my brother, Kelsey. Kelsey, Liz’s friend Megan Knize.”

Max grinned as he watched them shake hands, each of them lingering a little longer than they intended, their eyes locked for a long moment. Turning to Liz, he shot her a look of pride as Liz shook her head in amusement.

It was going to be an interesting wedding, to say the least.

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Hey guys!

Just wanted to say thanks for the great feedback, and thanks for your patience! I haven't had much time to write for the past week or so due to real life craziness and damned obligations, but I'm hoping as of tonight I'll be getting back into it. Unfortunately it's going to be a few days on this one...ah, the pains of not being able to write everything at once! I'm halfway through the next chapter of TOF so I'm going to finish that first, and then Cross Wired is next 'cause it's my turn *happy* And then I'll be right on the next chapter of this! My goal? Hopefully by Friday...

Thanks for being awesome *happy*

PS...any of y'all going to the May 7th Fanforum gathering??
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Chapter 11

Isabel stood alone in the corner after her mother excused herself to the bathroom, surveying the room around her, and the smiling, happy people filling it.

Diane Evans disappeared into the bathroom, and she sighed happily. As much as she loved her birth family, nothing compared to the bond she had always shared with her human mother. This was the woman who had raised her, taken care of her, and Isabel had missed her painfully. While she was home, she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her mother.

But now that she was alone, it gave her a chance to study everyone else.

Her eyes rested first on the reason that they were all there today, Max and Liz, sitting together in a booth, their hands entwined as they stared deep into each other’s gaze. Isabel couldn’t help snorting in amusement. They were the most sickeningly lovesick couple, two days away from being together forever, and they still couldn’t get away from each other.

Somehow her gaze flew from them to the other side of the room, where Alex stood chatting with the Parkers. Isabel couldn’t help sighing at the sight of him. He hadn’t changed at all over the years, with his goofy grin, and his playful mannerisms. She hadn’t even talked to him yet, and she was still convinced that he was the best guy she knew. And to her, Alex would always be the guy that she let slip away.

A few feet away from Alex and the Parkers, Michael stood with her birth parents. Since he was the most obsessed with their alien heritage, he had bonded quickly with them, while she and Max had remained a bit more distant. Max had because he was clinging to Liz, while for Isabel her birth family could never quite replace the family she had left behind. She tried endlessly to fit in with them, but she never quite felt the loving nourishment that Diane Evans had always supplied her with.

Isabel couldn’t help chuckling under her breath though at Michael’s blatantly awful attempts at pretending to listen to Adara, when his attention was obviously focused more on where Maria was wrestling with the soda machine across the room.

Michael’s reaction to Maria was very curious to Isabel. Unlike Max who spent his entire time on Antar pining away for Liz, Michael never mentioned Maria once. Whenever they brought up the subject of her, he dismissed it like it was ancient history. Never once, would Isabel have guessed that he was still in love with her, but now, as his eyes burned into the back of Maria’s head, she was sure that Michael’s reaction was all an act. The question of course was what he was going to do about it, now that he had a chance.

And then there was Kelsey…

Isabel couldn’t help smiling wryly at her half brother’s stance at the counter. He was talking emphatically with a blonde girl that Isabel hadn’t met yet, obviously human, and more than likely a friend of Liz’s. He had been for an hour as a matter of fact, and he didn’t look like he was about to walk away anytime soon. The girl was smiling broadly at him, leaning towards him and eating up every word he said, obviously intrigued by Isabel’s younger brother…and Isabel wasn’t sure what to make of it.

She always wished the best for her family, and if Kelsey was interested in this girl, then not only would it be new for him, but it could be wonderful for his life…except that she was human. Which means that by the end of the wedding, he would either have to tell her the truth, or he would have to leave her behind, neither of which were positive options for the future. Isabel just hoped that he was being careful.

A tap on her shoulder quickly startled Isabel out of her thoughts, and she turned quickly and gasped at Alex’s smiling face’s sudden appearance beside her.

“Alex! Hi!” Isabel exclaimed, her voice blatantly showing how much he took her by surprise.

“Hey Isabel.” Alex smiled warmly at her. “Welcome back to the planet!” He joked.

Isabel chuckled under her breath. “You haven’t changed at all.” She murmured to him in a contented voice. “I’ve missed you, Alex.”

“I’ve missed you too.” Alex replied truthfully. “Nothing was the same with you guys gone. Liz disappeared without a word to anyone, and Maria was so angry at the world with the way Michael left without saying goodbye. Your absence was definitely noticed by us all.”

“I’m so sorry.” Isabel gasped, barely believing how bad things had been. “I wish I had been here for you.”

“I was okay.” Alex admitted. “I missed you, but we weren’t even together when you left or anything.”

“That didn’t change how important we were to each other though.” Isabel argued.

“That’s true. You’ve always been a good friend, Isabel.”

“And you’ve been a better friend.” Isabel insisted. “I never realized how much I relied on you until you weren’t there with me anymore.” Isabel hesitated before continuing in a shy voice. “I was hoping, at least while I’m here, that we could spend some time together Alex.”

“I’d like that.” Alex agreed. “Whenever possible. Unfortunately I’ve been working a lot on the wedding.”

“Well, I could help!” Isabel offered. “Admittedly I’ve never planned a wedding before, but I excel at my organizational skills. I could be an asset.”

“And the Wedding Nazi comes to life!” Alex laughed loudly. “Of course I’d love to work with you. Thank you Isabel.”

~~~~~ ~~~~

“Liz can we talk?” Liz wrenched her eyes away from Max’s deep gaze, to see Megan standing over the couple, an impatient look on her face. She glanced at Max quickly. “Just for a minute, then she’s all yours again, lover boy!”

“I’ll be right back.” Liz murmured to Max, leaning forward and placing a slight, lingering kiss on his lips.

Megan tapped her foot impatiently beside them, before Liz finally released Max’s embrace and allowed her friend to literally tug her into the back room of the restaurant.

“What’s up?” Liz asked her friend curiously.

“Liz, why didn’t you tell me that Max’s brother was so fascinating!” Megan exclaimed in excitement.

“What?” Liz shook her head in disbelief.

“I’ve been talking to him for, like, twenty minutes, debating all sorts of government issues with him. He’s so interesting…smart, funny, and he’s cute too! So why didn’t you warn me? You know I’m on the lookout!”

“I didn’t know!” Liz replied honestly, shaking her head in disbelief at the rediculousness of the situation. Megan knew nothing about this guy…he wasn’t even human, and would be leaving the planet permanently in a matter of days, and she was already fascinated by him.

“He and I are going out for coffee tomorrow morning, Liz! I’m so thrilled…I can’t wait to spend more time with him!”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea, Megan?” Liz pursued her concerns in a gentle tone. “I mean, you’re not from around here, and he’s definitely not from around here. In a few days you’re both going home.” Liz’s eyes dug deeply into her friends as she admitted the truth. “I don’t want you to get hurt, Megan.”

“Well, how far away does he live that he can’t e-mail me or call me every once in a while!” Megan continued enthusiastically. “Seriously, Liz. You know I hate long distance relationships, but if this guy is already feeling what I’m already feeling, he may just be worth the risk!”

“I hope so.” Liz admitted, watching as her friend turned and stormed determinedly back into the party.

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Part 12

The evening was dragging on into nighttime, and the music in the café was starting to grow softer. Eyes were growing heavy, and finally people started to leave the café for the night.

It wasn’t long before the eight young friends were left alone.

Megan and Kelsey were still chatting at the bar counter, Isabel and Alex at a table in the front of the café near the windows, while Max and Liz cuddled in a back booth.

Maria was rushing around the room, clearing left over dishes and scrubbing down tables. Michael had taken her by surprise by offering to wash the dishes, and Maria couldn’t say no to his offer. Meanwhile though, she could stay as far from the kitchen as possible, by quickly depositing the dirty dishes on the counter, and rushing out of the room at top speed.

She knew she was avoiding him, as much as it may seem to anyone else that she was playing hard to get, but the fact of the matter was that Maria was afraid to give Michael Guerin a second chance. He had already crushed her fragile heart once, and she wasn’t ready to put herself through the same kind of emotional torture again. He was only on the planet for a few days. Then he would be disappearing again off to some planet on the other side of the universe, and she could go back to pretending that she was long over the large, surly alien.

Leaning over her latest conquest, Maria scrubbed wildly at the table, releasing all of her frustration into her furious movements, until a hand on her shoulder shocked her. Gasping, she dropped the rag, whirling around to stare at Michael.

Don’t do that!” Maria demanded insistently, while he just stared down at her with those serious eyes.

“Don’t do what?” He asked innocently, frustrating Maria even further.

“Don’t sneak up on me when I’m working.”

“I didn’t!” Michael protested!

“Yes you did! Don’t even try to deny it!” Maria glowered at him.

“Fine, then. I sneaked up on you on purpose. Whatever.”

“Stop humoring me. It’s not working.” Maria argued, while Michael just smirked down at her, laughter dancing in his eyes.

“I’ve missed this.” Michael admitted softly. “Fighting with you.”

“Well, it was your choice to leave. Not mine.” Maria countered him, her voice flat as she tried to hide the pain she felt at his decision.

“I know…and it was the biggest mistake of my life.”

Maria turned to stare at him in disbelief. “What?”

Michael shook his head in frustration, not wanting to say more with the others in the room.

“Can I walk you home? Please? I just want to talk to you.” He begged her softly.

“Well, it’s a little silly for you to walk me home when my roommate is right here in the room. I can just walk home with Alex.”

“Maria!” Alex called out from across the room, pulling her attention away from Michael. He was standing, pulling Isabel up behind him, and slipping into his jacket. “I’m going to walk Isabel home. I’ll see you later.”

Maria screamed in frustration at Alex’s departing back before throwing her damp towel at Michael. “Fine!” She cried in annoyance. “You can walk me home!”

~~~~~~ ~~~~~

“So, you and Megan, huh?” Max grinned mischievously at his brother, his smile broadening as Kelsey’s cheeks blushed to a deep crimson color.

“Isn’t she great?” Kelsey sighed happily as he and Max walked down Main Street towards the Tumbleweed Inn.

“She’s always been a good friend to Liz.” Max agreed. “She was there for Liz all of the years that I couldn’t be. I will always be thankful to her for that, but seriously. I’ve never seen you act like this before. Are you serious about her?”

“I don’t know, Max.” Kelsey replied honestly. “I mean, I only met her tonight, but I’m counting the hours until the next time I get to see her. I don’t know if I can wait until morning. She’s absolutely amazing, Max. She’s a political journalist, did you know that?”

Max chuckled at his brother’s excitement. “Yes, I did know that. Do you even know what a political journalist is?”

“Well, no! I’m not exactly from this planet, Max, and we don’t have political journalists on Antar. But I know it means she’s got a lot of fascinating opinions on politics, which is a subject I know well.”

“Yeah, it’s the king in you.” Max agreed flippantly, before explaining. “A political journalist writes stories for newspapers about the happenings in politics around the company. They kind of get information about the government out for all of the people to hear.”

“Wow.” Kelsey murmured in amazement. “That must be an important job. She’s amazing!”

“Yeah, I guess.” Max groaned mockingly. “Seriously, though. You do realize she doesn’t know about us, right? Who we are, where we’re from?”

“I know, I know.” Kelsey agreed indignantly.

“Which means that she doesn’t understand that you’re going to disappear without a trace in a few days.” Max pointed out. “You can’t hurt her like that.”

“So what are you saying, Max? That I shouldn’t get involved with her?” Kelsey questioned.

“No, I’m not saying that.” Max countered. “I’ve never seen you act like this before, and if you really are serious about her, I think you should pursue it.”

“But…” Kelsey pressed his brother on.

“But I think you need to be really careful, Kelsey.” Max warned him. “And not just with your own heart. You need to be careful with hers too.”

~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Maria walked swiftly down the street, her arms wrapped around herself in a protective gesture, as Michael followed her from a pace behind her, breathlessly calling after her.

“Maria, please! Will you just slow down so that I can talk to you? This is important!”

“So talk already!” Maria insisted, keeping her pace without a second thought.

“Not until you stop and listen!” Michael insisted. “I’m not leaving this damn planet until you give me a chance, so the sooner the better!”

Maria froze in her path at his words, and whirled around to face him, her eyes flashing angrily, as she shoved at her chest.

“So what? You just want to apologize to me to ease your little conscience so that you can take off and leave again guilt free and never think twice about me again? Well, think twice, buddy, because if I have anything to say about it, you will never forget the way you left me.”

“Good.” Michael softly replied, taking Maria surprise. “I don’t want to ever forget how I hurt you, because if I forgot that, then I would also forget what an idiot I was to go.”

“What are you talking about?” Maria demanded. “You weren’t an idiot to go! It was what you wanted for your entire life! You wanted to go home, meet your family, find others like you. You’ve done that, and now you’ve forgotten all about me, because you’re so happy in your real home.”

“Maria, that’s bull shit.” Michael stated firmly. “I could never forget about you. I’ve missed you so much it hurt. That’s why I was so pissed at Max for going home without telling me. Because he was the only one with the guts to do what all of us wanted to do.”

“Really?” Maria gasped in shock.

“Yes, Maria. I was dying to see you again.”

“And now you’re here.” Maria finished for him.

“Yeah, I’m here. And I’m willing to stay…if you want me to.”

Maria’s head was spinning at his admission. She couldn’t think clearly. His words were echoing in her mind as he said what she had been dreaming of hearing for ten years, and now that her dreams were coming true, she didn’t think she could take it.

“Michael…I…I don’t know what to say.” Maria stammered. “You hurt me a lot. You left me for ten years, and you didn’t even say goodbye, and it killed me. I can’t just jump back into your arms. I don’t trust you anymore, Michael. You’ve given me no reason to.”

“I know that.” Michael protested. “But if you just give me a chance…”

“We’ll see how it goes.” Maria determined. “But I’m not making any promises.”

Michael nodded in understanding. “I can deal with that. I won’t pressure you, Maria, but I’ll ask you again at the wedding, and if you say no then, I’ll go without another word. But if by some miracle you want me, I swear to you Maria, I will spend the next decade making up for my mistakes in the last one.”

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Part 13

Two Days…

Liz blinked the sleep away from her blurry eyes as she awoke early to the sound of chipper singing in the shower. Groaning, she rolled over, pulling her pillow over her ears to shut out the sound of Megan singing “Oh, Gee How Happy I Feel” at the top of her lungs. It took a rare good mood for Megan to sing camp songs in the shower, and although Liz was happy that her friend was in such good spirits, she just wanted to shut the world away.

“Liz…are you up yet?” Megan’s chipper voice called out.

“No.” Liz groaned in agony, as she rolled her face out from under the pillow and squinted at her overly cheerful friend. Megan was peeking out of Liz’s bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body, as she eagerly stuck her toothbrush into her mouth and started brushing.

“Well, get up already!” Megan insisted, her voice muddled through the brushing. “Max is bringing Kelsey to the Crashdown for coffee this morning, remember? I need you to be down there with me when they arrive, so that you can distract Max.”

Liz couldn’t help chuckling at her friend’s silly plot. “What, are you trying to do? Steal Max’s brother away from him under his watchful gaze?”

“Yes!” Megan insisted with a loud laugh. “I want to get to know him without any outside interference.”

Liz sighed, pushing herself upright and kicking her feet over the edge of the bed. “Okay, okay.” She finally agreed. “I’m up. Distracting Max isn’t exactly torture for me. I have some stuff I need to talk to him about anyway.”

“Wedding stuff?” Megan questioned, as she wrapped a second towel around her hair, before stepping out of the bathroom and into Liz’s bedroom.

“No…not wedding stuff. Our parents are all over that…they don’t even need us right now. Just other stuff…personal stuff.”

“Ahhh….I see!” Megan grinned, wiggling her eyebrows in amusement at her friend. Liz only laughed at Megan’s reaction, as she padded past her friend into the bathroom and took her own turn in the shower.

~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

The Crashdown had already been open for an hour before the bell on the door ringed, signaling Max and Kelsey’s entrance. Liz and Megan were sitting at the counter chatting, and both turned and grinned at the sight of the entering brothers. Max gravitated directly towards Liz, circling behind the barstool that she sat at and wrapping his arms around her from behind.

“Hey you.” He greeted her softly, as he bent to press a gently kiss to the side of her neck.

“Hi.” Liz breathed happily, turning her head to intercept his second kiss with her own lips, capturing his in a sweet embrace. They pulled away after a moment, to the relief of their friends who were watching them awkwardly. Liz glanced at Megan quickly before turning to Max. “Do you want to disappear for a while?” Liz suggested.

Max glanced quickly to where his brother and Megan stood a few feet away. He had wanted to hang around to make sure his brother didn’t say anything stupid, but the idea of getting some private time with Liz was extremely tempting.

“We still have a lot to talk about.” She reminded him.

“Yeah.” Max agreed, knowing that what she said was true. “Let’s go before any of our parents show up to try to stop us.”

Liz rolled her eyes at Max’s comment, knowing full well that he was speaking the truth. Deciding not to delay it anymore, Liz pushed herself to stand. “Have fun, you guys.” She tossed back to Megan and Kelsey, as hand in hand she disappeared out of the café with Max.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~

It wasn’t a long drive to the quarry, and Max and Liz passed the time with comfortable silence, as they nodded their heads along with the radio. There was no tension between the couple. The hurt feelings from the night before had been erased, thanks to their talk, and now Liz only desired to hear the full truth. She wanted there to be no more secrets between her and her soon-to-be husband.

They arrived at the quarry, the site of so many secretive group meetings years before when they were much younger. It had been equally as long since Liz had been there, and as she stepped out of the car, she breathed in the desert air deeply, studying their surroundings with a nostalgic eye.

“It looks exactly the same as it did all of those years ago.” Liz commented with a wistful sigh.

“Yeah.” Max agreed softly. He followed her up the rocky ridge to where she finally paused, looking out over the ravine below.

“Sit with me, Max.” Liz pleaded. Her voice was hushed as she voiced her voiced her request. She sat without turning to look at Max, letting her legs hang over the sharp cliff before them.

Max stood still for a moment, watching her silently stare off into the distance, the beautiful backdrop of the desert cliffs framing her beautiful figure. Mentally, he took a picture, knowing that he’d remember that image for years to come. She looked beautiful, amazing, and she was soon to be all his, forever.

Smiling softly to himself, Max finally joined her. He sat close beside her, and she instantly leaned into him. His arm fell across her shoulder, and he held her close, tucking his face into her hair and breathing in the scent of her.

“Tell me the truth, Max.”

Liz’s next request took Max by surprise. It was a vague request, and Max wasn’t quite sure what she meant by it.

“The truth about what?” Max wondered aloud.

Everything.” Liz answered. “I want to hear the truth about everything. Tell me about Antar. Tell me what happened to you there. Tell me the truth about why and how you left. Tell me about what you did when you came back.”

Liz took a deep breath, pausing as she turned to look up into Max’s eyes. “I want to get it all out into the open, Max. I don’t want there to be any more secrets between us from now until the day we die. You can ask me anything you want to. Just promise me that you’ll tell me the truth. And I’ll do the same to you.”

“I promise.” Max agreed, before gently pressing his lips to Liz. It was a soft, short kiss, but it sealed the promise between them, and Liz knew it to be the truth. Max’s true promise to never lie to her again.

Then he began to tell her his story.

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Oh Jane! There's one question I CAN answer for you. Silly as it may be...for the life of me I can't remember WHY I even wrote it that way at the start, the Evans and the Parkers are trying to keep them apart, because of the fact that they WILL be together for the rest of their it's the parental way of clinging to their kids for a while longer. Also remember that both of them haven't been in Roswell until recently for about 10 years, so their parents also just got them back, only to lose them again to each other.

Maybe the reason I wrote it is because I can sort of relate to parents clinging to their kids' childhood. My parents had that bad all through high school for mother REFUSED to allow me to make my own lunches in high school, because it was her way of clinging even though I was more than capable. The Evans and Parkers may be a bit more extreme than it's just their way of doing it!
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This one's for you *happy* I wasn't even THINKING about this chapter, and I saw your bump right when you posted it today, and suddenly out of the blue the wheels started turning...I sat down, started to write, and BOOM! Update! So thanks for that was the catalyst for this chapter!

Part 14

“I’ve told you a hundred times that leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but you still probably don’t understand just what our separation did to me.” Max started slowly. “From the moment I arrived on Antar I just fell apart completely. I couldn’t even feel you anymore, and it was tearing me apart from the inside out. I was depressed…a complete wreck.”

Liz’s heart grew chilled as he began his story, and tears filled her eyes at the thought of what Max must have been going through. She understood his withdrawal more than he knew, seeing as she went through exactly the same thing when she arrived at Stanford.

“My mother was there to greet me, and she wanted me to lead the people from the moment I arrived, but I didn’t know how to lead. I didn’t know anything about my people. Plain and simple, I didn’t know anything except that I didn’t belong there. I felt like an alien among my own people. Pretty much, I didn’t even try at first.”

“Kelsey hated me when I first arrived. He saw me as competition…as the one person standing between himself and the throne that he had been trained for. He knew everything that I didn’t know, and he and I both knew that he was perfect for the role, whereas I was a complete failure. We quarreled a lot at first. He would come to my quarters where I had basically holed myself up like an animal in a cage, and yell at me, criticize me, basically tell me everything that I already knew. I pretended like he was wrong for a while, but in reality I agreed with everything he said.”

Max smiled wryly at Liz, and she shook her head in amazement at Max’s description of his initial relationship with his half-brother. She could already see that somewhere down the line they had grown to be as close as he and Isabel, so it was an incredible contrast to know that it hadn’t started out that way.

“It was like that for the first year that I was gone. I just couldn’t adjust to my new life, and I missed you like crazy. War was raging all around us, and my people were dying, yet at the same time I wasn’t permitted to engage in the conflict. It took me a while to realize exactly why they brought me back if they didn’t want me to directly lead my people…they wanted a figurehead to inspire the people. So occasionally I popped my head out and waved my hand while the people cheered, and then I would hide away from the world again until the next time they needed me. I was completely useless.”

“And out of control.” Liz added in softly. She and Max were both classic control freaks…they both couldn’t deal with not being in control of their own lives. Everything Max said told Liz that it was another problem in that first year for him…he had no control over what he was to do…and to make matters worse, he wasn’t trying to gain control over his own life, which made it all the more harder.

“Yes.” Max nodded in agreement. “And I was out of control as well. It was one year to the day that I left you when everything changed. The day itself was wearing on me…I was missing you ten times worse than normal, and I refused to face anyone else. Michael and Isabel were busy with their new lives, and no one seemed to notice what I was doing. So I disappeared into the palace gardens. It was quiet there…peaceful. You would have liked it there. I felt closer to you there…I don’t know why. Anyway, I just lost it completely. I just broke down, crying for you…I wanted to be with you so much. I’ve never fallen apart that completely in my life…”

“Oh God, Max…” Liz breathed, tears piercing her own eyes as he admitted the truth to her. “What did you do?”

“I was just sitting there in ruins when Kelsey found me. I don’t think he realized until he saw me there just how lonely I was, and that was when we formed our truce. He agreed to return me to Earth as soon as possible, if I helped him to end the war. I agreed. It was the first glimmer of hope for me that I may actually get back to you…see you someday. Kelsey and I talked for hours that day. It wasn’t until then that he realized that I had no aspirations for the throne. All I wanted was you.”

Liz blushed at Max’s simple statement, and squeezed his hand warmly. “All I want is you too, Max.”

“Thank God for that.” Max murmured, as he closed the distance between them, kissing her lightly. “I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found you again. I think it would have been worse to be on the same planet as you and not know where you are, rather than being across the galaxy from you. Just having you that close, but not close enough…it would be absolute torture.”

“For you and me both.” Liz grinned.

“Well, it was after that day that I started to turn my life on Antar back around. Kelsey and I plotted together behind the scenes on how to handle everything. Together, we made a great team. While I could still be a figurehead, I was no longer a puppet. And for the knowledge that I lacked about politics and our people, Kelsey was an expert. We took control together, helped rebuild our people’s moral, and formed new battle plans, some of which I historically pulled out of human wars. Thankfully, aliens don’t usually think like humans, so I was able to take them by surprise with some new ideas.”

“Good for you.” Liz agreed softly. “You have to use what you know to your advantage.”

“I know, and I did. By the end of the fourth year, Kelsey and I were in the heart of the battle, weakening Khivar’s forces. We spent three years leading the royal armies from the field before we finally defeated them.”

“Three years? On the battlefield?”

“Yeah.” Max admitted. His eyes were clouded over with memory as he continued. “We never saw the palace in those years. Michael came to the field to fight with us, but Isabel only visited twice in that time. She kept the people together from home with my mother.”

Max’s gaze sharpened as he pierced Liz’s own eyes. “Liz…you’ve never seen war with your own eyes. And I’d gladly keep it that way. War isn’t pretty. It’s harsh, and intense, and it changes you. I killed people those years, Liz…a lot of people. I gave myself over to the fight like any other soldier, and I’d prefer to spare you those details. You don’t need to hear about it.”

Liz nodded slowly, knowing that it wasn’t just her…Max didn’t want to relive those years. It was the cause of the darkness that sometimes filled his eyes as he remembered his time on Antar. And if she could help him forget what he experienced, she would do that.

“I killed Khivar.” Max whispered so softly that Liz almost thought she didn’t hear him. He cleared his throat and spoke a little louder. “I just wanted you to know that, Liz. I killed him with my own hands. It’s what ended the war. I was just standing there in front of him, and I had to do it, otherwise I’d never be able to come home. He cursed me with his last breath. He said that I’d never have the power I wanted to lead our people. The irony is that he never understood that I didn’t want to lead my people. I just wanted to live my life here on Earth.”

“It’s like he couldn’t comprehend that there was more to life than power.” Liz mused.

“Yeah…exactly.” Max agreed.

“You did the right thing, Max.” Liz assured him. “Khivar was evil, power hungry. He was ripping Antar apart with his war. It was the only way to end it.”

“I know.” Max admitted in a hushed tone. “But more than anyone else I killed, he struck home to me, because he wasn’t a nameless face to me. Evil as he was, I knew his name and he knew mine. I knew who I was killing, and he knew who murdered him.”

“What happened after the war ended?” Liz pressed him on gently as she tried to take his mind off of the event that was obviously haunting him. Max smiled thankfully at her before continuing.

“After the war we had to set up the new government. Both Kelsey and I agreed that a monarchy wasn’t the best idea. I explained to him the concept of democracy, and he actually became a huge advocate of it…this from the man who spent his entire life training to be king. So we slowly started making changed. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to change a whole government overnight. While the people supported the democracy, there were plenty of loyalists to the throne with a lot of power. We had to convince them first. Some saw our side easily…others didn’t.”

“That’s to be expected.” Liz noted in a logical tone. “No one takes change easily.”

“Very true.” Max agreed. “No one does take change easily, and it took us a long time to make the changes we wanted. It wasn’t until two years after the war ended that Kelsey got elected as the first president of Antar. He’s still in term right now, as a matter of fact. You’ve got the actual leader of another planet sitting in your restaurant drinking coffee right now.” Max chuckled at the image, and Liz couldn’t help laughing along with him.

“Yeah, well, I’m engaged to a one-time alien king who overthrew himself from his own throne in an attempt to instate democracy on his world, so I hope you don’t mind if I’m not surprised to hear that.” Liz giggled.

“Well, what can I say?” Max shrugged innocently. “I knew my own inferiority.”

“Okay Mr. Big, Bad Monarchy Destroyer, so tell me, how did you finally come back to me?”

Max grinned in amusement. “Well, you know I ran away…with Kelsey’s help. Things were settling down, he had the government under control. I wasn’t needed anymore. So he and I planned it together in secret. He knocked out the guards, we jumped into the granolith together, and as easily as that we were back in Roswell. He had a few resources I wasn’t counting on, though. The lovable bastard set me up with that nice banking account that I mentioned before. In his words ‘no brother of his was going to be struggling to live no matter what planet he was on’. I tried to refuse, but he insisted. Once he had my finances secure, he hopped back into the granolith, and reappeared onto Antar before the guards had even woken up. The sneaky guy healed them and then scolded them for being careless. In the morning, I was discovered missing, and it was believed that I knocked them out as I ran home.”

“Hmmm…so you were that desperate to get back to me that you injured your own men?” Liz asked in dry amusement.

“If my mother asks, then yes.” Max confirmed. “She doesn’t need to ever know Kelsey’s involvement.”

“His secret is safe with me.” Liz laughed. “So after that I think I know the story. You went to see your parents, spent a day or two with them, and then caught the first plane to San Francisco, where you used your powers to get yourself on the enrollment list at San Francisco State, and unknowingly enrolled yourself in my class, while trying to decide where to start hunting for you.”

“And in the end, walking into that classroom was the best fluke mistake that has ever happened to me in my life.” Max honestly told her. “I found my way back to you, and it led us to where we’re going to be the day after tomorrow…standing across the altar from you and swearing my life to you until the end of time.”

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Chapter 15

Michael opened the front door of the Crashdown and stepped inside as the bell dinged softly, announcing his entrance. He had slept in that morning, a luxury which hadn’t been a possibility back on Antar. Max was long gone when he awoke, and he had languishly gotten his day going, before finally stepping out into the warm desert air of the late morning and headed by foot across town to the familiar hang out spot. Now that he had arrived, Michael stood still inside the door for a moment, studying the room before him, and couldn’t help smiling broadly at the sight before him.

Isabel and Alex sat beside each other in a corner booth, the table before them spread with various papers. Alex was gesturing to various details in front of them, while Isabel had a cell phone plastered to her ear, talking animatedly into whoever was on the other line.

Across the room from them at a table for two, Kelsey sat with Liz’s new friend, grinning widely at her as she talked in a very factual manner. Michael actually had to do a double take at that sight. He wasn’t sure if he had ever actually seen Kelsey grin like that before. The guy had been trained from birth to be a serious leader. Apparently, Liz’s friend had him completely breaking down all of his barriers.

Neither of the couples were what truly captured Michael’s attention though. The sight that had him frozen in place was the pixie running around behind the counter, eyeing one of the waitresses in irritation as she ordered the cook around. Maria was single handedly running the Crashdown herself, and Michael’s heart couldn’t help soaring in pride of the girl he had fallen in love with years before.

In that moment he understood for the first time what that odd feeling tinkling in the back of his mind was. The one that warmed his heart and left him feeling so content and happy. He was back on earth, back in the Crashdown, and back within a two mile radius of Maria Deluca twenty-four hours a day. In other words…he had finally come home. And it felt amazing.

Crossing the room towards her, he sat himself down at the bar, never taking his eyes off of her. She hadn't noticed him yet…was still busy yelling at the cook, an act which made Michael cringe as he remembered his days behind the order window.

“Okay…fine! Whatever!” Maria finally shouted in finality, turning from the window and stomping away. Or, at least, meaning to stomp away, until she froze in her path at the sight of Michael sitting behind her watching her.

“Maria.” Michael greeted her softly.

“How long have you been sitting there?” She demanded, her voice raising even further in irritation.

“Not long.” Michael shrugged. “I just sat down. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.” She gestured flippantly to the order window. “He just screwed up some guy’s order. The guy was pissed, yelled at me, so I’m yelling at him.”

“I see.” Michael commented, raising an eyebrow at her.

“So what do you want?” Maria asked, as she began to rinse a bucket of dirty glasses.

“Well, a cup of coffee would be nice…” Michael murmured indecisively. “And maybe a Heavenly Hash Special…you do still have the Heavenly Hash Special, right?”

He glanced at her in question, and Maria only glared at him in response.

“Do I look like a waitress?” She argued. “I’m the manager. Jessica will take your order.”

“Well, you asked what I wanted!” Michael protested.

“I meant with me, Michael. Why are you just sitting there staring at me?”

“Do I have to have a reason?” Michael questioned curiously. “I’m in town, I wanted to be around the people I care about…is that okay with you?”

“Not if you keep staring at me!” Maria insisted. “It’s giving me the creeps!”

“Is it?” Michael murmured in amusement. “Well would you rather I leave?”

“It’s a free country.” Maria mocked. “If you remember that seeing as you haven’t lived here in ten years.”

“I remember.” Michael confirmed with a roll of his eyes. “But you didn’t answer my question, Maria. Do. You. Want. Me. To. Leave.”

Yes!” Maria shrieked, before suddenly pausing and crinkling her brow at her own explosion. “I mean, no! I mean…I don’t know, Michael. Do what you want.”

“Okay then.” Michael agreed. “How about some coffee, then?”

“You’re going to stay?” Maria asked, her voice raising with frustration.

“Well, if I don’t hang around you, then how am I supposed to prove to you that I want you? Plus, if you tell me to leave at the wedding, then I want to have some good memories of you to take with me.”

“You do?” Maria wondered. Her voice had lowered meekly this time, to that tone that said that he had just taken her by surprise and touched her.

“Yeah, I do.” Michael confirmed, smiling gently at her. “So how about that coffee?”

“Okay.” Maria agreed.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

When Max and Liz walked into the Crashdown around noon, fully refreshed from their talk, and ready to be with their family and friends, the sight that greeted them touched their hearts too. All of their friends were paired off around the room, completely absorbed in each other, Michael and Maria chatting wildly at the counter, Isabel and Alex discussing something in their booth, and Megan and Kelsey completely absorbed in each other at their table. Max and Liz weren’t quite sure who to approach first.

Isabel and Alex were quickly ruled out as Isabel suddenly flew to her feet, dragging Alex up with her, and pulling him towards the door. Their work was left spread across the table as they rushed to the door. Max and Liz stepped to the side, watching them curiously.

“Where are you going?” Max called to his sister as she reached the door.

“Alex is taking me to the florist to check out the flower arrangements.” She called back as she hit the sidewalk, and continued down the block towards the florist a few blocks away.

Max glanced at Liz, and they exchanged a look of amusement. “Yeah, I don’t think Alex is doing the ‘taking’.” Max commented.

“Isabel’s getting pretty into the wedding plans, isn’t she?” Liz laughed.

“Yeah, it’s right up her alley.” Max agreed. “Come on…let’s see how the first date is going over there.” He suggested, gesturing towards Megan and Kelsey.

They made their way towards the pair, and Max found himself cringing as they reached hearing range and caught part of their discussion.

“Oh come on!” Megan argued. “You can’t possibly tell me that a monarchy could ever be superior to any other form of government. It’s like the same thing as a dictatorship…one person with all the power, and then it just gets passed on depending on your blood, no matter of whether or not the ruler is competent or not!”

“I’m not saying it’s superior!” Kelsey insisted. “I’m just saying that depending on the situation it can work.”

“Maybe for the monarch! But what about the little people?” Megan fought back. “They’re the ones who get ignored while the monarch just worries about his own wealth and power. Look at half of England’s history! It’s always the case! Impoverished people while the monarch is spoiled.”

“Not everywhere is like that though!” Kelsey reminded her. “Some monarchs do care about the people!”

“Oh yeah? Name one!”

“Hey guys!” Max burst in, knowing that he needed to interrupt them before Kelsey started using Antar as an example. “How has your morning been?”

“Great!” Kelsey grinned.

“Yeah, a blast.” Megan huffed, still obviously miffed by Kelsey’s opinions. “How about you?” She asked, focusing on the couple. “Did you have a good talk?”

“Great.” Liz confirmed, smiling up into Max’s eyes.

“Yeah, it was just what we needed.” Max agreed. “Kelsey, can I talk to you in back for a second?”

Kelsey nodded his affirmation, and Max pulled his half-brother away, giving Liz some time alone with Megan. He knew that he needed to check on his friend’s ongoing progression with Megan, and figured that Liz would want to do the same. Thankfully, he was right.

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Just a quick note *happy*

On the monarchy thing...YES he did just set up a democracy, but he's lived his whole life training to be a monarch and therefore DOES think it can work...he's not trying to say it's "superior"...that's just how Megan interpreted it. He's just saying that it's NOT all evil and that it can work, since he's lived that way. Maybe they'll continue the discussion later...we'll see ;)

Lizwell - DON'T worry! It's NOT over yet!

Mary - The sequel is called "I Love You Always"...and you'll know when to look for it ;) When I finish this one *happy*

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Part 16

“So?” Liz asked curiously as she sat down across the booth from Megan. “Spill! How’s the first date!”

“How’s the first date?” Megan asked, pondering the question for a long moment as Liz waited for an answer. “Liz, the guy is absolutely infuriating me. He has all these opinions that he’s so sure on, and they’re all completely wrong. It’s like he’s totally clueless! We spent half the morning arguing our differences in opinion instead of getting to know each other.”

“And…” Liz prodded.

“And I think I’m falling in love with him.” Megan sighed, hiding her smile shamefully. “I know what you said, Liz, and I haven’t forgotten! It’s a really bad idea for me to get emotionally involved with him…but I just can’t help it! He’s just so irritatingly adorable!”

“Megan…” Liz sighed, shaking her head at her friend. “Are you sure what you’re feeling is love? You just admitted that you barely know the guy. What if there’s something about him that you don’t like?”

“What could possibly be wrong about him?” Megan wondered, sharpening her gaze on Liz. “He’s Max’s brother. You’re marrying Max.”

“I know…but I’ve known Max a lot longer than you’ve known Kelsey, and Max and I know everything about each other. Kelsey…well…he’s not like other guys, Megan. I don’t want to see you get hurt later on by all of this. You saw how devastated I was all of those years without Max. I don’t want you to end up like that.”

“I did see how alone you were.” Megan confirmed, her eyes softening as she studied her best friend. “But I can also see how happy you are now. Waiting for Max was hell for you, but it was worth it when you got him back. You can’t deny that, Liz.”

Liz froze. She was caught on that one. She may have been hurt, miserable, alone, and depressed, but if she could turn back the hands of time and do it all again, she wouldn’t change a thing. All of what she went through, all of the years apart…all of it had led up to this moment, 36 hours prior to their wedding, and to Liz, it was worth another decade of misery to get to be with Max again for the rest of her life.

“You’re right.” Liz murmured.

“So don’t try to talk me out of this, Liz.” Megan pushed her friend again. “I’ve never felt like this before for any guy. Kelsey may be my Max. And even if he isn’t, I at least need a chance to figure that out for myself.”

~~~~~ ~~~~~~

“Don’t try to talk me out of this, Max.” Kelsey warned his brother with an eyebrow raised. “I know what you’re thinking. It’s dangerous for me to get involved with a human. I’m going to hurt her when I leave. She doesn’t even know the truth about me…but none of that matters to me right now.”

“Well it should matter!” Max cut in, but Kelsey just shot him an irritated look and continued.

“What matters to me is that she’s intriguing, and beautiful, and an absolute ball of energy. She’s determined and strong and fun…and I can’t get enough of that and a hundred other traits about her, Max. What matters to me is that I want to know her. And I’m going to take what I can for now.”

“But what about after now?” Max pushed. “What happens in three days when you have to go back to Antar and go back to work. Its not like you can just abandon your position and stay here for her. You’re the president. You’re needed by our people.”

“And I know that.” Kelsey stated firmly. “I’m not going to abandon them. I’ll figure things out as I go. Who knows? Maybe she’ll want to go back with me?”

“She doesn’t even know you’re an alien, Kelsey. How is she supposed to make that decision in less than 3 days?”

“Well, then maybe I’ll have to tell her.”

Max stared at his brother in shock. “Tell her?” He repeated. “You just met the girl, Kelsey! How do you know that you can trust her? How do you know she won’t hate you for what you are?”

“Liz didn’t.” Kelsey pointed out.

“Yeah, but with Liz it was life or death. If I didn’t heal her, she would have died. And by the time I was able to explain to her how I was able to heal her, she already had a pretty good idea that I wasn’t a normal guy. She was prepared for something odd. Megan has no idea that anything is unusual about any of us.”

Kelsey sighed in defeat, raking a hand through his dark hair as he let Max’s words sink in. “So what am I supposed to do? Just pretend that I’m not feeling all of these things? I’m falling in love with her, Max. It’s not that easy to ignore. And I don’t want to.”

Max froze, a stricken expression on his face as he realized what he was saying to his brother. Suddenly his mind flashed back to twelve years before, when he had been falling in love with Liz. She was his everything, and he wanted nothing more than to take her into his arms and kiss her senseless every time he saw her, but everyone was telling him that it was wrong, that he shouldn’t get involved. He had listened to them, broken her heart that night after the incident with Michael in the cave, and they had spent months watching each other from afar as a result, when all they wanted was to be together.

He would never wish that feeling on anyone else, wanting to be with the one person you loved, but having everything working against you both. It just made things harder in the long run.

“No.” Max finally agreed. “I don’t want you to pretend you don’t have feelings for her. That’s not fair to either of you. Just…be careful, okay?”

“I will.”

The two brothers headed back to the table where Megan and Liz sat talking softly, and their conversation halted as the men approached. Liz smiled at her fiancee, sliding out of the booth to give Kelsey his spot back, and the two of them headed off hand in hand to give the new couple some more time together.

“So, how did it go?” Liz asked Max softly as they got out of earshot of their friends.

“Kelsey wants to tell Megan the truth.” Max told her with a sigh. “What do you think? Can she handle it?”

Liz pondered the possibility for a minute. “I don’t know…probably. She’s a lot like I was before the shooting…focus on logic instead of the impossible. But I took it okay, and look at me now!” She grinned at him, leaning up to plant a soft kiss on his lips. “I’m marrying the born leader of another planet, and there isn’t an ounce of hesitation in my body about it.”

“Mmmm.” Max murmured, as he kissed her again. “That’s what I like to hear. And little do you know that my first plan of action after the wedding is to mate with you and bite your head off. I couldn’t do it until the wedding…now that we’ll be official though, it’s about darn time.” He grinned at the small giggle that Liz erupted through her lips, and Max jokingly bit at her nose.

“Very funny, Max.” Liz laughed. “But I know the truth.”

“And what’s that?” He asked playfully.

“You won’t bite my head off.” Liz whispered mysteriously. “Because the truth is that you can’t live without me.”

“You’ve got me there.” Max agreed with a wide smile. “I can’t live without you. And in less than two days, I won’t have to!”


The couple jumped apart at the sound of Nancy Parker’s voice calling down from the stairs above them.

“Yeah mom?” Liz called back.

“Can you come up here and help me with a few things! Diane is on the phone and she has a question about the pairings at the rehearsal.”

Liz rolled her eyes and sighed. “So much for our fun morning. I’ll see you tonight at the rehearsal, Max.”

“I can’t wait.” Max replied, giving her one last kiss before she disappeared up the stairs. Max watched her go and sighed, before heading out the back door to walk back across town to his parent’s house. He imagined if Liz’s mom needed her help, then his own parents probably wouldn’t waist much time in searching him out.

He just couldn’t wait until Saturday hit, and Liz would finally be at his side forever.

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Part 17

Max shut the front door of his parents house softly, and froze at the sound of voices coming from the kitchen. Two female voices, and by the sound of it they came from his two mothers. Max narrowed his eyes at the thought, and strained his ears to listen in on the conversation. He knew it was only a matter of time before his birth mother and his adoptive mother clashed, and he had a feeling that moment had finally arrived.

The words were still muddled from the distance, so Max took a few soft steps closer to the kitchen. Thankfully they didn’t hear his footsteps, and he was able to lurk in the hallway and hear the conversation. Max knew he should probably break the debate up, but when he heard Liz’s name fall from his birth mother’s lips, he held himself back. He had assumed that they would be clashing over him…so why the sudden mention of his love?

“Of course I support their marriage.” Diane Evans responded loudly in aghast to whatever Adara had previously said. “Why wouldn’t I? They’ve been in love since they were sixteen! Liz is a wonderful girl! She’s the kind of girl that any mother would dream that her son would marry. There was a time that I was afraid this wedding would never happen. It’s more than past time for them to make this permanent.”

“Zan is an Antarian king.” Adara insisted, and Max cringed at both the sound of his Antarian name, and his one-time title. His mother’s resistance to letting go of his past was starting to wear on him. He knew that he’d have to confront her about it at some point in the very near future.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Diane answered. Her voice was blunt and held a trace of annoyance. Max couldn’t help grinning at her reaction. God, how he adored his mother. Who he was supposed to be had never once mattered to her. It was a blessing that Max would always cherish.

“He’s royalty.” Adara stated simply. “He should marry a woman of nobility. Liz Parker is beneath him.”

The fury built in Max’s chest at the sound of his mother’s words. He clenched his fists, aching to step out from his hiding place and confront his mother head on about her wrongful words about his fiancee, but still he held himself back. He needed to know everything before he could confront his mother.

“We have different ideas here about what gives a person high or low status.” Diane responded, her warning hovering in the air beneath the two women. Max could feel the tension crackling through the air, even from his short distance away from them. “Liz Parker is more than worthy of Max’s love.”

“She is a mere human. Nothing more. Soon my son will realize the truth and come home where he belongs. His chosen bride is still waiting for him in our palace. She will more than suit his needs when the time comes.”

Max heard his adoptive mother snort under her breath at Adara’s words, and he couldn’t help agreeing with her reaction. Nearly ten years of watching them interact, and Adara still believed that he and Tess would someday marry? She obviously hadn’t been watching them very closely. Tess had been secretly involved with an Antarian soldier for over six years. And Liz was the only bride that Max had ever wanted.

“What about the baby?” Diane finally asked Adara in a curious voice. “Do you even care about the well being of Max’s son or daughter? I thought that the heir to the throne was important to people like you. That child is growing inside of Liz right now. It deserves to live a happy life with both of its parents. I know that’s something that Max wants to give his child.”

“The child is a half breed. It will never be accepted on the Antarian throne.” Adara answered in a flippant voice.

Max’s anger doubled at her ignorant response. He couldn’t stand there for a minute longer, letting his mother insult his family. In a burst of anger he flew through the doorway and into the kitchen, glaring angrily at his birth mother.



Both women gasped in shock as he entered the room, but his attention locked only on one as he exploded before her.

“Where in the world do you get off saying things like that, mother. Ten years, and you don’t know me in the slightest, do you?”

Adara’s mouth opened in shock, and she started to reply, but Max didn’t even want to hear it. There were no excuses to make up for the insults that she had spewed out about his family, and she needed to finally understand it.

“Do you even care about my well being? Or my happiness? Do you even notice anything other than your damn throne? In case you didn’t notice, Antar isn’t ruled by a monarchy anymore, and Kelsey’s doing a damn fine job of running it without me. Hell, even when I was there I didn’t do a damn thing. It was all him!”

“Zan…” She protested, but Max surged on, unwilling to listen to anything she had to say.

“Did you not once notice how miserable I was there? Or how happy I am here? Have you even looked to see the differences in me? Because they’re there, if you take the time to look for them. And everything that’s different about me here is thanks to Liz. She is everything to me, and I will not be without her again. I’m not returning to Antar, mother. I’m never returning to Antar. And I will be marrying Liz on Saturday. She will be having my child, and it will be the most loved, cherished child in the universe.”

“Zan!” She tried again, but it only made Max angrier.

“I don’t want to hear it, mother!” Max exploded. “I’m marrying Liz Parker on Saturday. We’ll be settling here on earth permanently. And you need to accept it. Otherwise you can get into my car and I’ll drive you straight back to the granolith chamber right now. If you can’t support my marriage then I don’t want you here for a minute longer.”

The air fell silent after Max’s ultimatum. He and Adara stared at each other for a long time, his words hanging out there between them. Max’s gaze was relentless as he watched his mother, and he couldn’t read her expression. He wondered what her decision would be and he found that he honestly didn’t know. Her throne, her kingdom…it had been her whole world for so long. Max knew that was why she was unable to let go of her line continuing through her eldest son. It was the only world she had ever known.

As he stared at the woman across from her, he suddenly found himself understanding her in a way that he never had before, even as he was destroying the world that she consumed herself in. This was a woman who had loved her planet with such a passion that when war had torn them apart, killing her heir and beloved son, she found a way to ensure that her line would be protected. She had found a way to prove that not even death could destroy the life that she held so dear.

But little did she know that the desire to keep her line alive would also be her line’s undoing. He had thrived as she intended. He had grown up away from the chaos that had consumed her world, and when the time came he had returned to do his duty to save them. But he had also found that there was more to life than what she had intended for him. And so he had torn her world to pieces. Her own obsessive love for him had eventually destroyed her.

As all of these realizations crashed over Max, he found himself pitying the woman before him. For the first time he saw the loss shining in her eyes, and he realized that in her eyes, he was a total failure, even if he had everything he had ever wanted in life. It was odd, to feel like a complete disappointment at the same moment as he felt the happiest he had ever felt before.

And so he waited for her decision. Yet she still remained silent.

“I’m sorry, mother.” He told her softly. “But this is the life I’ve chosen.” His words broke the silence, and Adara broke their locked gaze. She turned to look out the kitchen window, and finally spoke with a heaviness in her voice that made Max’s heart sink.

“Take me to the hotel. I need to think.”

Max nodded his agreement, and gestured towards the hallway. Neither one of them spoke as they left the house, nor for the entire drive out to the Tumbleweed Inn. Max wanted to say something to his mother, but he knew that he had spoken her piece. The weight of their problems now rested on his mother’s shoulders. Max could only hope that she made the right decision. Otherwise he knew he would never see his mother again.

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