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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 36

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC – 17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Ok, I’m not sure about this part, to me it’s lacking something but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is! So, I’ll let you guys be the judge ……. Just be gentle! Hope you enjoy it, just a little insight into the honeymoon. *big*


Stepping across the gangway, Liz glanced around the new surroundings that were to be their home for the next week. It had been her wedding surprise from Max, his choice of honeymoon for them. And he had chosen well, she thought silently as they headed along the narrow corridor towards their cabin.

The vessel was a huge floating island, or at least that’s what the brochure had said, and Max couldn’t disagree. Two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, miniature golf, two-screen cinema and gym. Not to mention the various rooms and activity areas to keep young or indeed older children occupied.

The magnitude of what was contained on the cruise ship, however, would go largely unnoticed by the happy newlyweds, that was if Max had his way. This was their honeymoon, and he was determined to make the most of it. Spending as much time as possible getting to know his wife inside and out, straying not far from the bed, was his plan.

After settling in to their cabin and unpacking the suitcases, Max and Liz took a stroll around the deck, taking in the surroundings as the cruise ship set sail around the Caribbean. The sun was hot and people were already littered around the swimming pool on sun beds or under parasols. In general the whole mood was one of relaxation and tranquillity as the ship cut through the deep blue ocean like a knife through warm butter.

That evening, as they set about dressing for dinner, Liz considered what to wear. She had several new outfits due to a successful shopping trip with Isabelle before the wedding, but only one she was dying to wear. The outfit was more risqué than she would normally choose, but she hoped would drive Max wild.

The long, tailored black silk trousers ended just by her ankles, with slits up to her calves on either side. Five eyehooks held the waist together as the trousers sat low on her hips to expose much midriff. A simple black silk bra was all she wore before slipping on a smart blazer jacket that matched the silk material of the trousers. The jacket was tailored also to cut in sharply at her tiny waist and flare slightly over rounded hips. One button finished the jacket off to button up over the front of her bust. Tailoring outwards, the jacket fell open below the button to expose the flesh her trousers did not cover.

Pulling her hair half up in a diamond clip, Liz allowed strands to fall around her face to frame it. Applying some cream eye shadow, a little mascara, blush and some chocolate coloured lipstick, she sat down on the edge of the bath for a moment. Reaching to the floor, Liz slipped her feet into strappy sandals before standing up to admire the work in the mirror. She certainly didn’t look like the Liz Evans who commanded board meetings and take over coos. This Liz Evans had some sexy class not normally associated with her.

“Liz honey, are you ready?” Max queried, tapping gently on the bathroom door.
“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute. Go ahead, I’ll meet you up on deck in a few moments.” Liz replied, teasing out a few more strands of hair around her face.
“Ok, don’t be long.” Max added before leaving the cabin.

Spraying a little Liz Clayborne perfume over her neck and wrists, Liz placed her lipstick and compact into her small black clutch purse before pausing to check her reflection once more. Yes, she thought, Max will approve.

Climbing up the steps to the deck was no mean feat in two inch heals, but Liz hoped she’d accomplished the task with pose and style. At least she had managed to not fall flat on her face or break any bones, that in itself was an achievement. Normally she wore flat pumps, classy heals were a rarity and the deck of the ship wasn’t as flat as she’d anticipated.

Spotting him down the deck slightly leaning on the rail and staring out into the dark swell of the ocean, Liz paused for a moment and watched her husband. Max was dressed in black trousers and blazer, a silvery grey shirt could be seen by collar only, and she knew he’d be wearing the matching grey tie. My how she loved the sight of Max in a suit. He certainly knew how to portray strength and power with shoulder pads and a tailored suit.

His eyes glistened under the moonlight, his brow furrowed slightly as if he was deep in thought. Oh how she wished she could run her fingers through his mass of dark brown hair, knowing how silky and soft it would be.

As if he had a sixth sense to say she was watching him, Max turned to glance at his wife. His breath however was instantly sucked away as he took in her attire. The suit was classy and sexy; he loved the way the bottom of the trousers swayed as she walked towards him. The trousers seemed to fit her body like a glove, ridding low to expose far too much skin for his liking. The jacket oozed style, and as she drew closer he wondered what she had on beneath it.

“Wow!” He exclaimed as she stopped beside him.
“You approve?” She queried somewhat tentatively.
“Oh yeah I approve.” He responded breathlessly, raking his eyes over her once more to take in the sight once more. “Where did you get that outfit from?”
“Oh just something I stumbled upon while shopping with Isabelle.” She responded casually, as if it didn’t really matter.
“Well I think I should send you two out shopping together more often.” Max responded, twisting his body to face her and resting his hands on her hips, part on the silky material and part on her bare flesh. “And what have you got underneath that jacket?” He added, not completely sure his heart would take her response.
“Oh … not much.” She blushed slightly. Perhaps it would have been safer to wear a black body or something, she thought silently.
“And not much quantifies as how much?” He queried again needing confirmation for his suspicions.
“Only this.” Liz added, pulling the jacket lapel to expose a hint of the black silk bra underneath.
“Jeez!” He swore silently under his breath, his wife was trying to give him a heart attack!

Dipping his head, he captured her lips in a passionate kiss, wanting to devour her all at that moment. Twisting her body, he pulled her close, slamming her lower body into his with gentle force. There would be no mistake as to his reaction to her outfit, Max thought. The hard lump of arousal nestled around her flat stomach would tell her he approved.

Slipping his fingers under the jacket he caressed her back as his lips took her mouth. Sweet, warm and inviting, he probed gently before she parted her lips to accept his onslaught. Stroking, plundering and duelling, their tongues battled as their heads spun with the images and emotions slamming through their bodies.

Eventually parting to catch breath, Max rested his forehead against hers, his chest heaving with emotion and arousal. He always thought of Liz as sexy no matter what she was wearing, but this was almost too much. A voice loud and clear screamed out to drag her back to the cabin caveman style and set about having his wicked way with his gorgeous wife. His emotions were mixed, hell for sure she was sexy. But should he be pleased as punch at her sexiness, or want to cover her bare skin with a long cardigan or turtleneck? The thought of other men on the ship ogling at Liz both pleased and panicked him.

“Let’s go back to the cabin and make mad passionate love together.” He whispered hoarsely, his eyes at half-mast and wildly black with passion.
“We can’t Max, we’re having dinner with the captain tonight.” Liz reminded him reluctantly. She’d wanted the outfit to have an effect on him, but so soon and so visually was beyond her wildest dreams.

“Damn.” He groaned, sounding physically in pain.
“I’m sorry Max.” She responded, feeling genuinely remorseful for him.
“Ahh Liz you’re gonna kill me.” He finally said, taking a deep breath to regain control of his body. “Dressing to kill is one thing, but coming out in a jacket with no shirt and expecting me to be able to sit through dinner without carrying you back to the cabin is too much.” He grimaced, smiling through his pain.

Kissing her forehead as he sucked in another breath, Max slipped his hand in hers. Liz’s doe brown eyes stared up at him, innocence filling the deep brown pools. At that moment he wondered if perhaps she knew exactly how close he was to sweeping her into his arms and walking swiftly towards their cabin. But no matter the velocity of the emotions slamming through his body, Liz was right. They were having dinner with the captain, something expressly requested by the man himself. Captain Andrew Longford was a big admirer of Max’s, and was keen to talk business with him. Despite Max’s reluctance and strong protests it was his honeymoon, Andrew had persisted. In the end Liz had agreed, knowing the business was important and it was only one night. They had many more to come on the luxury liner, and Liz could cope with a little socialising.

“Ok, let’s go … before I change my mind.” Max conceded, leading them down the deck towards the large doors of the inner cabin that held the two large ballrooms.

Inside, the ballroom was decked out in shimmering gold draped material, chandlers hung from the ceiling and many round tables with shiny silver cutlery and crystal glasses decorated the floor. Giving their name to the concierge, they were quickly escorted to the largest round table in the middle of the room.

Greeting the gentlemen who were already seated, Max turned as Andrew Longford appeared.
“Mr Evans it’s wonderful to finally meet you.” Andrew said, shaking Max’s hand with assurance. “And this must be your beautiful young bride.” He added, sweeping Liz’s hand up and kissing the back like a perfect gentleman.
“That’s right, this is Liz, and please call me Max.”
“Well Max, I think you must be one lucky man. Liz, may I say you look Simply stunning.” Andrew said, smiling warmly at her.
“Thank you.” Liz responded dutifully.
“And thank you for allowing me this opportunity and intrusion into your honeymoon.” Andrew said, sitting down as the waiter stepped over to fill glasses with water.

Glancing around as their starter was served, Liz could tell this would be a very long, laborious dinner engagement. There were six other occupants, all members of the captain’s crew, and all male. This on it’s own wouldn’t normally have unnerved her, she was used to a male dominated career and more often than not she was out numbered in board rooms. But this was different. This time she couldn’t pull on her knowledge and experience, since she knew very little about the topics that were being bantered around.

So instead she ate her starter and drunk the wine, commenting only went someone directly spoke to her. It wasn’t something she was used to doing, being the silent wife, but it did give her a chance to sit back and watch Max in action. The way he could hold innovative conversations with near strangers and inject humour into the dinner was a wonder.

“You ok?” He queried as the main course plates were cleared away.
“Yeah.” She replied softly.
“Sure? I know this isn’t exactly riveting conversation for you.”
”It’s fine really Max.” She assured him. “Besides, you’re quite a sight in mid-flow.”
“Yeah …. Kinda sexy.” She blushed.
“Really huh?” He grinned, slipping his hand down her back to cup her perfect behind. The silky black material hugged the natural curves of her body, leaving little to his imagination. As he ran his hand eagerly across the material, another thought jumped willingly into his brain.

“What?” Liz queried, looking at the expression on her husband’s face.
“What exactly do you have on underneath these beautiful trousers?” He asked, looking into her eyes.
“Erm, not much.” She responded, biting her bottom lip subconsciously.
“Quantify not much.”
“Ok …… well I guess nothing.” Liz replied coyly.

“Nothing?” He choked quietly, eyes practically bulging out of their sockets.
“Yeah …. Is there a problem with that?”
“Hell no!” He rasped. “Although you may need to restart my heart by the end of this meal.” Max added, racking his fingers over her stomach and trailing down slightly as Liz squirmed. Hell if she was going to make his heart race the least he could do was repay the favour.

“Max!” Liz gasped, glaring at him through her chocolate eyes.
“What?” He queried softly in mock innocence.
“You know exactly what.” She cautioned, placing a hand over his to still his fingers.
“Liz you can’t serious tell me you’re wearing no underwear and then expect me to eat desert as if it didn’t bother me!” He responded, his eyes burning brightly with passion.
“Well yes, I do. You’re conducting business Max, be professional.” She responded, her eyes nonchalant as if she believed he possessed superhuman strength when it came to refusing her. In truth, the thought of teasing him a little was a pleasing one.
“You are one wicked woman Liz Evans!” He said, eyes brimming with sexual tension.

For Max, the desert, coffee and regulatory glass of cognac seemed to take an eternity. He did his best to listen to the conversations and interact when necessary, but somehow something was missing. The will to conduct business was lost, the wanting to scoop his wife up and continue their honeymoon in private reigning supreme inside.

Taking a large gulp of the refined coffee, Max felt his eyes sting in response to the scalding in his throat. He didn’t care though; it was more than acceptable pain to get their dinner engagement over with as quickly as possible. Besides, the smarting of his burning throat helped to take his mind off the persistent ache in his groin.

“Well Andrew it was wonderful meeting you.” Max said, rising to his feet once the last dregs of coffee had been drunk.
“Leaving so soon Max? I was hoping we could adjourn to the gentleman’s lounge for a cigar and more cognac.”
“A lovely idea, but I believe I’ve neglected my beautiful wife for far too long. This is our honeymoon after all, and I do believe she possesses the wrong genes to be granted entry to the gentleman’s lounge.” Max countered politely. The fact that even if Liz could come with him Max wouldn’t be willing didn’t even matter.
“Ahh, I completely understand. I’m sorry if we’ve bored you tonight Mrs Evans.”
“It’s no problem at all, it’s been fun.” Liz lied, a shiver running down her spine at being called Mrs Evans. Would she ever get used to being called that, she wondered silently.
“You’ve got a good one there Max Evans, not all women would sit through a business dinner so quietly.” Andrew observed. “I’d keep hold of her if I were you.”
“Oh don’t worry I intend to.” Max reassured him, before taking Liz’s hand and quickly escorting the two of them out of the grand ballroom.

The saunter back to their cabin was much less walk and much more hurried running. Soft giggles from Liz were matched by his own throaty laughs, both washed with the feeling of being 17-year-old teenagers escaping from parents for a little fun.

“Ok, tell me why I feel like I’ve just done something wrong?” Max queried as they hurried down the corridor to their cabin.
“I know, I feel guilty, but for the life of me I don’t know why. This is our honeymoon, we’re supposed to spend time in bed.” Liz agreed.
“Oh I intend to Mrs Evans!” He responded, reaching for the swipe card in his jacket pocket before opening the door.

By the time the cabin door banged shut, Max had Liz pinned against it. His lips descended upon hers with an urgency she now recognised as her husband. His lips crashed against hers, his teeth gently tugging at her bottom lip in an attempt to gain access. Parting her lips gently she accepted the onslaught, knowing the passion inside him had been building up throughout the long, drawn-out dinner.

“God what you do to me!” He murmured breathlessly, breaking contact with her lips for only the milliseconds it took to utter the words. Loving her lips with practiced ease, he slipped his kisses to caress her jaw line, nibbling and nipping his way to her ear.

Her head fell back languishing against the cabin door, eyes dropped to half mast as his searing hot kisses left imaginary scorch marks along the edge of her face and trailing down her bare neck. Feeling his fingers fumble with the solitary button that held her jacket together, only a brief second passed before his burning fingers touched her exposed midriff. Roughly he palmed across her stomach, all the while his lips loving hers once more. His tongue made sweet love to her mouth as his fingers wrapped around her back, pulling her lower body closer to his.

Her fingers fumbled with the buttons of his grey suit, having already discarded his matching tie. Slipping her hands inside his now gapingly open shirt, she pushed it away, taking his blazer with it and sending them tumbling to the floor.

A rush of cool air hit her body as he pushed her jacket down her arms and allowed it to tumble into the growing pile. He sucked in a breath as his eyes roamed over the silk black bra and trousers, knowing nothing lay beneath them. Dipping his head, he roughly kissed along her shoulder blades, pushing the silk straps down her arms before gently unhooking the bra to free her bust.

Feeling his hot lips on her delicately sensitive breasts sent her head spinning once more, sane thoughts long since a thing of the past. Sinking her fingers into his dark tresses, she allowed purring sighs to omit past her lips. Her body was reaching boiling point, his fingers and lips sending her dangerously close to the edge.

Sinking to his knees, Max stretched out his fingers to unbuckle first one and then the other sandal, before easing her tiny feet out of their confinements. Reaching up from his position, he deftly unhooked the clasps that held her trousers up, before torturously slowly peeling the sides and gently easing them down her shapely legs.

She stood there for a moment, naked in all her glory with only a few locks of hair around her face for slight cover. His eyes shone brightly, burning up with red-hot passion as they roamed invitingly over her perfect shape. Gently rubbing his fingers up the inside of one leg, he held her gaze purposely, before gently dipping his head once more.

On the first touch of his lips on her most sensitive area, Liz couldn’t stop a whimper from being uttered into the silent air. Each stroke of his expert tongue, each circulation motioned touch of the pad of his delicate finger sending her further and further over the edge.

Fingers thrust firmly through his brown hair; she dug her nails in, tugging gently and then unwittingly a little harder at the soft strands as he sent her hurtling top speed towards heaven.

“Oh God.” She uttered breathlessly barely moments before his exquisite touch sent her spiralling over the edge. Throwing her head back against the cabin door, Liz allowed wave after wave of spine tingling, toe curling feelings drown her body sending her to fulfilment and back again.

When the feelings finally started to subside, realisation started to sink in. Her shaky legs were no longer as stable as she wanted them to be. Slowly, like melting candle wax, she slipped to the floor pooling into Max’s waiting embrace. Her eyes sparkled brightly as he cradled her in his arms, a smile of satisfaction dancing across his lips at the rose tinted completion decorating her cheeks. That was his doing, the afterglow of fulfilment, a look he loved on his Lizzy.

“God I love you.” She whispered, lifting her head to capture his lips, pushing him backwards gently so he lay out along the floor of the cabin. His hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to his body as their tongues dulled once more.

Twisting her body slightly, she unbuttoned his trousers, pushing them down his legs along with his boxers. His desire was obvious, heat radiating enough to set the room on fire. Wrapping her fingers around him, she slowly moved her hand up, watching his reaction to her touch. His head rolled backwards, eyes closed and a deep, self-controlling breath was sucked in, all this and she’d barely touched him.

Scooting down he kissed her way along his rib cage, past his belly button before dipping her head down further. Licking her lips, she paused for the briefest moment before eagerly taking him in her mouth. His eyes opened to half lid, watching her give him pleasure as he had done to her. But this would be short if she kept up her perfect touch.

Slipping his hands under her arms, he pulled her up into another searing kiss; all the while secretly grateful she’d come with little protest. My, her touch was exquisite. He was on a short fuse, her outfit had seen to that. He had little time for taunting or teasing; the edge was far too close to play.

Rising up over his body, she paused for a moment, teasing him with the knowledge of what was to come next. Eye to eye, she gently lowered her body, taking him in inch by wonderful inch until he was buried deep in her warmth and loving.

Leaning down she captured his lips in another enticing kiss, stilling her movements to give him time to regain a little control. Languid, lazy kisses danced along his bottom lip and chin, before she allowed him to kiss her back once more.

Slowly she eased up, before accepting him inside once more, each time noticing the breath he took in was shallower. Slipping her hands over his, she moved them to her waist giving him indication to set the pace for them. He had been in physical pain too long to play, time to give him what his body was screaming for. Lifting her body up, he slammed her back down taking him a step closer to the goal in each practiced stroke. His hips rose to meet her body with each movement, taking them nearer to fulfilment with each touch.

Blindly he crashed over the edge, his release coming fast and hard draining his body with the powerful emotions. Barely coherent he felt her freefall with him into oblivion as her climax took hold for a second time. Collapsing over his muscular chest, ragged breaths were dragged in by Liz, as Max wrapped his strong arms around her back.

“Jeez, only a couple of feet and we might just have made it to the bed!” He whipped breathlessly, a light laugh decorating his voice.
“Yeah, but right now those feet feel like fifty miles away.” She responded dreamily.
“I know exactly how you feel.”

Finally they made it to the bed, crawling under the crisp white sheets to cuddle close for a sound night’s sleep. The next day they spent most of it in the cabin, making love, sleeping or just generally sharing hopes and thoughts for the future.

A perfect honeymoon as the cruise ship cut effortlessly through the clear blue water. Yet the destination held no appeal to the young couple, this was their honeymoon and venturing out of their cabin was only to be done in extreme circumstances, that and food of course.

Instead they spent time getting to know each other, inside and out, immersing themselves in the love that flowed freely between husband and wife.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 24th March 2002
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Kittens You're right, Liz can normally talk business, when it's her job under discussion. Here, the men were talking about Max, his job and various 'men topics', all alien to Liz. Maybe I should have harboured on this a little more to explain why she couldn't join in very much.

Maybe you've hit the nail on what the problem was with this part ..... Liz. Instead of being the fiery businesswoman she was the quiet new wife, a transition for her character in my story.

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