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Hi all,
Heres the first part of the story I can't get out of my head. Still no title so if you guys could pick one I'd like that sooooo much. Im back for a prodding session with the doc in a few days so its a big race to update my fics before that so watch out for that.

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Title: Broken Wings
Author: Anne H
E-mail: naught_e_blonde⊕
Rating: NC17
Category: Max/Liz kinda AU. The aliens are still aliens but Liz is the only really altered one.
Spoilers: None at all.
Disclaimer: The characters aren’t mine! None! Nada! Zip! Sue me if you dare!
Summary: See fanfic discussion for a summary cos it’s too long to put here. viewthread?forum=AMB_AP641015105&id=16643
Authors notes: This one has been kinda running round my head for months and the response I got on the discussion board was pretty good so I decided to write it. Feedback is appreciated but I won’t stop writing if you don’t give it, you can’t stop me that easily! Bwah Hah hah hah!!! (Evil laughter, don’t do this at home cos people will think you’re nuts) Enjoy!


1913. KV7 The tomb of Rameses II, Valley of the Kings, Egypt.

‘Oh my God! Oh my God this is incredible!’

At the shout a young archaeologist comes bolting down the corridor towards the source of the noise, skidding and staggering over debris left by floods in the valley. Winding his way around a rock the size of a car he dashes into an antechamber filled with dust.

‘What what is it? Where…’ His words trail off as he sees what the excitement is all about. In front of him workmen have been clearing away fallen rocks and decaying wood from the room in the hope of finding decoration on the wall that would lead them to the whereabouts of the mummified remains of Egypt’s greatest pharaoh. Instead they had uncovered a door. The large stupid grin on his face said it all as he inched his way across the work site to get a better view of the inscriptions on the rotted wooden door.

‘I can’t read this’ he muttered frowning at the symbols, ‘they’re not in hieroglyphic, it’s not anything I’ve seen before’. Reaching forward he brushed at the wood gently to remove some of the dirt and dust obscuring his view. Without warning the door creaks and falls to his feet in a pile of rotten splinters causing a string of obscenities to burst from his mouth.

Peering into the gloom beyond he mentally prepares his speech to the world when he discovers the mummy of Rameses the Great but instead he sees tables piled high with papyrus, a beautifully decorated wall scene and a statue but no sarcophagus. Grabbing an oil-burning lamp from his slack jawed colleague he steps into the small room.

People flock in behind him and he hears whispers of amazement and shock as the papyrus is unfolded. Glancing up at the wall he feels his own mouth drop open as he takes in the scene before him. Beautiful swirling patterns that looked like a form of language, a carved hieroglyphic inscription, Akkadian cuneiform. Slowly translating the hieroglyphic under his breath he began to read. A story of travelers not of this earth, Rameses rise to power, his fear and the hiding of his first queen Nefertari from public view. But one part caught his eyes and held him spellbound.

And now we depart for home but I leave my peoples greatest heritage and mystery to the ones who have allowed me into their home for nearly 100 years. The prophecy.

From a golden King, the darkness.
From a dark eyed Queen, a light.
They know the other in all lives and forms and worlds.
From hatred comes hope in lives of two lands.
From four into four to save five.
From five the serviles rise to rejoin the two.

‘Oh my God, what have we found?

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Heres part one of my story and I'm almost finished part two. If you lot are nice enough to suggest a title for my wee fic I'll make tonight a double update.
Go on you know you want to...

Part One

Lost am I to the world as I sleep through space and time, dreaming of the memories that are deep in my genes. Memories of every member of my family through blood. The beeps of the navigational computer bearly make it through to me as I slip into a stasis-induced sleep with images of centuries spinning in my head. A surprising feeling of awareness courses down my spine, the sensation that the four are near, before I succumb to the dreams that invade my unconscious mind.

My people are of two worlds, baseless drifting creatures hiding among those who belong. We are hybrids, a blend of Human and Antarian genetics, named Sirians by the Egyptians who took our Antarian ancestors in, because of our similarities to the winged deity Isis present in their religion. My own white wings are wrapped tightly around my slumbering form, encircling me safely. My wings are the result of mating between two species, a long forgotten part of the Antarians awoken in their offspring as are my eyes which are as feline as ancient Antarians but as dark as the Egyptian that runs in my blood.

I hold the mental capabilities of all Antarians, the connection, the ability to manipulate molecular structure and dream walking. I also hold some of the rarer abilities, I can shapeshift to conceal myself, I can form a shield around myself and others to protect against onslaught but rarest of all, I am a healer. People in my culture who are given these powers go into service of the temples as I would have when I came of age. Our religion is something inherited from our Egyptian side, all consuming at times. We worship the goddess Isis whose image is most alike to our own and represents all we hold sacred, life, sexuality and spirituality. My soul holds the secrets of the Egyptians, the whispers of sand still echo through our ears.

My Antarian ancestors experimented with space travel thousands of years ago and when the first mission went wrong they crash landed in the deserts of Egypt on the planet Earth. I remember the shock and fear, mourning those who died in the crash, but the Egyptians accepted them into their society. They taught them language and religion, they fed and clothed them and even encouraged pairings between the two species. The Antarian powers intrigued them and there were many marriages between our people. When the first hybrid was born the physical differences shocked and startled the Antarian population but they were rejoiced among the Human counterparts. The child was to be a living god, a reincarnation of the god Horus, he was named Rameses and after many years became Pharaoh of Egypt. His first wife Nefertari was also Sirian and together they produced many Sirian children who were the first in the line of my own family. Nefertari was also a healer and though she was Sirian she held many Egyptian features. Her hair was a deep brown, her eyes were dark and her skin was a creamy tan, which is unusual Sirians who are mostly pale skinned, blue or green eyed with white hair or occasionally red hair. That is why I was given the name Nefertari for I am one of the children in my race with these features. Together the royal couple ruled Egypt for many joyful years until Nefertari was in a hunting accident and was almost killed. Rameses despaired as Nefertari could not heal herself and her life began to fade. As a last resort he hid her in one of the old recovered stasis pods from the wreck of the Antarian ship and prayed one day another healer would be born to save her. Though Rameses continued to rule he never forgot her, even after nearly 100 years on this planet and the Antarians returned to take the survivors home. They had been searching for so long they believed the ship lost forever until a routine survey ship passing through the system picked up their engine signature.

After years of living on Earth it had become home to my people, but the Antarians were forceful, kidnapping and threatening violence until the colonists relented. They weren’t supposed to interact with lifeforms on other worlds. Rameses left too and took Nefertari’s sleeping form with him but Nefertari’s stasis pod fell apart before they could leave the atmosphere, it was old and hadn’t been moved in a long time. Rameses was destroyed by her death, her refused to go into stasis with the others, refused to speak to anyone or even sleep and eat. He passed through the western gate on the long journey home and was buried on Antar. It has always caused a great heartache to me and my clan that are descended from Nefertari as we received every memory she had in her DNA. We could never tell Rameses that it was he who was in her thoughts before she died.

Somewhere outside of my conscious mind the sound of the navigational computer in my pod crackling wildly and belching smoke should have alerted me to something going wrong, the feeling of the pod drastically changing course and being dragged along in the wake of a larger Antarian ship should have woken me but I am lost in dreams of a queen who once had my name.

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Thankyou for the feed back. Im gonna post the next part now or it will eat me alive waiting to do the next bit.

Part Two.

Antar was to be home for my people but there were problems from the start. The Antarian crew of the ship that retrieved them were disgusted that the original survivors had mated outside of their own species, repelled by their strange appearance, the religion and language confused them. The same welcome awaited the arrival on Antar. They were shunned in fear, hated and abused by the pure blood Antarians. They ran.

Deep in the forests of Antar they hid away from prying eyes, building small shelters as homes and living off fruits and berries that grew around them. As time passed they became more adept at using the resources around them, shaping wood and creating metal from the ore that washed down in the river running from the mountains nearby. Miles from any Antarian civilization they flourished, building temples and homes.

Can you imagine how beautiful our world became? Picture the vibrant green skies overhead turning a dark velvet color as night falls and the two moons rise. Our temples reach towards those skies but never as high as the red trees that surround us. The sound of song flows through the air as every being embraces life and worships the force that graces us with it. A mass of soft glowing lights begin to pulse in time with hundreds of heartbeats, winding among the trees. Beings are perched high in branches with arms and eyes raised. Some glow the purest white, some flaming red, others have a deep blue aura and a sense of tranquility encompasses the whole area. Some Antarians that came to join us walk peacefully on the ground, some are carried by their Sirian life mates to the high branches where they can sit with their family and friends. We became legend, forgotten by the people that hated us over thousands more years. Antarians that searched for us were accepted into our culture, we hid from those who sought us out in violence. We use the powers of mind warp to prevent people seeing us until we knew their intentions. It was a beautiful place to be but always edged with the sense that if discovered we would be destroyed by hatred.

This is the world into which I was born. We had long ago discovered our effect on Antarian sex drives when new members had discovered them and had been astounded by the sensations just being around their species. I had my own close encounter with these overactive pheromones not long after.

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Here's new part three with a warning for those who are sensitive, this involves death rape and other nasty stuff so if you are offended or easily upset by any of this then don't read this or the following parts.
xxx Anne

Part Three.

A laugh rang out as Ankhesenpaaten swung down from the trees towards her closest friend, Nefertari, leaping from a high branch then spreading her red wings to come speeding over her friend’s head. Shrieking, Nefertari ducked to the ground to avoid being knocked flat by the excitable young Sirian then leaping up she took after her on their way to their meeting place with the third of their group, Kiya. Elders chuckled as the two younger women playfully chased each other throughout the woodland settlement towards the river.

Nefertari sighed enjoying the feeling of the cool air rushing over her skin, one hundred and fifty three years she had lived in this place. Dropping slightly she danced across the surface of the water, dipping her toes into the cold water and splashing Ankhesenpaaten as she dodged around trying not to get wet. It was wonderful to have day away from training at the temple. The priests and priestess’ were always so strict with her because of her rare healing skills and sometimes it was overpowering. But life was good, the voices of her people faded into the distance as she and her friend drew closer to the clearing where they usually met with Kiya. Flying ahead Ankhesenpaaten disappeared beneath the shield of trees leaving Nefertari gliding leisurely along behind her, just enjoying the sensation of stretching her wings.

Suddenly a high pitched cry of distress broke her distraction, cutting her to her heart. Turning quickly Nefertari sped in the direction of the noise, covering her ears with her hands as more screams of terror penetrated the thicket of forest. The old fear of hatred rose in her throat like bile as she tore through the trees to her find a scene that would end the centuries of peace.

Kiya’s body lay lifeless on the floor of the clearing, her wings broken, her clothing torn from her body, blood stains upon her thighs, her cobalt blue eyes dead. Ankhesenpaaten was captured, the Antarians holding her arms back even as she knocked one of them over with a powerful wing to try and scramble to her fallen friends body. Uncaring the Antarians dragged her downward, pulling at her coverings and breaking her left arm. Again her mouth opened and a sound full of pain and fear ripped Nefertari out of her frozen stance.


Leaping forward Nefertari pulled Ankhesenpaaten from the grasp of the three Antarian males, shuddering as her arm fell helplessly at her side. Stumbling towards Kiya she scooped her up and took flight to join Ankhesenpaaten who was already in the sky, holding her damaged arm close and sobbing in pain.

‘There’s more of them, we’re gonna need help’ one of the Antarians below told his cohorts as they ran back towards the Antarian civilization.

Ankhesenpaaten’s cry of fear at those words bearly went noticed by Nefertari; she was concentrating on trying to heal the body that lay unmoving in her arms. Her hands began to glow even as Kiya’s blood dripped across them, staining her creamy skin and Kiya’s blue battered wings. Trying desperately to find a connection Nefertari let the world fade out, leaving only the pounding of her heart in time with the pounding of her wings keeping her aloft. Ankhesenpaaten watched intently as Nefertari fell into her healing trance, but her heart broke when Nefertari’s eyes opened clouded with tears.

‘She’s too far gone, if I bring her back now it will only be to die again’

Mourning hung heavy over the pair as they sped back along the path they had traveled back to their people, Nefertari holding the body of Kiya tightly under her chin. Feeling the tears streaming down her cheeks she heard the cries of panic begin.

‘We’ve been found! They’re coming!’

The death of Kiya has never really left me; my inability to heal her has left a black mark upon my heart that I fear will tip the scales in the next world. Even now light years from my home I can’t get the memory of the blank blue eyes out of my mind or the way her body lolled uselessly in my arms. I can still see her blood on my hands. It shamed me that she had gone through the terror of being caught without me to aid her but I did not know that I was to be hunted before long.

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Brand new part! Before we get down to things I just want to say thankyou to eveyone who left me feedback but especially abbs007, Rapunzel, Latahart and the others who write me nice FB on like every part of all three stories. You guys keep me going. Xxx Anne

Part Four

Curled up in the highest branches of her favorite tree Nefertari shivered and prayed to Isis to allow her life for one more day. Her family was gone, dead or captured as slaves and the same fate awaited her if she left her sanctuary. After the Antarians had decimated her city many who survived had fled deep into the mountains while she had been unable to tear herself away from the bodies of her loved ones until a second wave of Antarians had arrived, forcing her upwards into the trees. That had been seven days ago. Nefertari was starved, cold and terrified, trying to keep silent and unmoving as people moved below her reminding her that she was in constant danger. Weakly, she clung to the trunk of the tree and waited. Either for them to leave so she could escape and find food and water or to die. Tears ran quietly down her skin as she stifled the sounds of her grief with her hands.

Without warning a sensation of awareness engulfed her, making the hair on the back of her neck stand on end with shock. Confused she unwound herself from her feathers to see what could possibly have caused such a reaction in her. Stunned she stared down at the dark haired figure circling the bottom of the tree cautiously and fear curled with a vengeance in the base of her stomach mixed with something she didn’t quite recognize. He knew she was there and the thought brought a sob from her throat that she couldn’t prevent.

At the sound his head snapped up in Nefertari’s direction and he saw her. Frozen like a deer in his gaze she felt her insides begin to heat with something very unlike fear at his intense stare. His eyes were liquid gold as they captured her own and held her steady, inspecting the bruises on her face and the defiant way in which she held herself, an unspoken declaration was passed between them. His skin shone with perspiration and his eyes shone with lust. She found her own eyes drawn to his beautifully molded lips as they formed the word ‘Mine’.

Fury sparked at the base of her spine at that whispered word and the hunter saw the change, lifting his hand to prevent her escape. Summoning the last of her strength Nefertari sprang as high as she could, opening her wings wide to catch the wind and carry her away.

Below her, Zan’s gasp of surprise rang out in the quiet forest. She wasn’t defeated yet. Though broken and weak the creature still defied him. But she couldn’t get far on determination alone, the forest was crawling with Antarians and she would be caught in the end but no one but he would touch her. There was something between them, something in her gaze that was not there in the other Sirians he had hunted and it only drove his desire higher. Lifting his hand he pressed his fingers to where her eyes had grazed.


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That title struck exactly the right chord I was hoping for! Thankyou Eraser Room.
xxx Anne
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I'm back and I'm armed with broadband!!!! I missed you guys and I'm glad you havent forgotten my ics while I've been away. Expect new parts very soon!!
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Ahh Rapunzel, you muttered one of my favorite words and so Ive put a little time aside and wrote a teeny chapter for you as a teaser of the larger chapter to come. Enjoy.
xxx Anne

Part Five.

The soundless melody of sadness mixed with the scent of spilt blood hovered over the quiet Antarian camp like an angel of death, waiting to strike unsuspecting victims. People wandered skittishly about, unnerved by the atmosphere and their close proximity to what had been the Sirian City yet completely unaware of a small figure crouched in nearby bushes watching them with dark eyes. In the nighttime tendrils of darkness crept about her tired face and melded with her raven hair making her seem a shadow. Her wings were hidden by illusion, her eyes no longer feline as she carefully reproduced the Antarians clothing to complete the image. Hunger had driven her here, beckoned her like a moth to a flame into the heart of danger. Her civilization had been ripped open to expose the ruins of the city which lay before her. That sense of awareness that she had come to associate with her amber eyed hunter was prickling around the edge of her consciousness but she forced it away, unwilling to believe what she knew that sense was.


Her heart beating franticly she crept forward and into the enemy’s center. Following her nose she made her way towards the smell of food, nervously winding her way around the tents and keeping her eyes averted from any others who glanced her way. Slipping herself surreptitiously between a row of tents she stopped as her heart contracted. He was here, a matter of steps away from her and every hair on her body rose in fear. She waited, eyes squeezed shut for the blow to come but after a few seconds when it did not she turned slowly in the direction of his presence.

Nothing. Just another identical tent.

Her head was screaming to her to run, get away from there for surely he was inside just waiting for her but her feet were taking her towards him. Holding her breath she listened for sounds of movement within the tent. Hesitantly she lifted the flap on the doorway and peered inside.

He was sprawled across the bed breathing deeply, the sheets twisted at his waist, sleeping. His skin glistened gold as his chest rose and fell rhythmically entrancing her and calling her to him. Against her own will she found herself in front of him her hand outstretched above his sleep-softened face about to betray her presence and confirm something she never wanted to acknowledge.

He felt her presence permeate him and electrically charge the air around them. Even in his dreams the defiant eyes of his prey haunted him, tinged with his guilt, but he was drawn irrevocably into her. He endlessly chased her in his mind but she always slipped through his fingers before he could tighten his grip. He twisted towards her in his imagination, reaching out to enclose her arm in his hand and gasping when he felt her skin contact and heat under his own. And then her soul poured forth

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Thank you again for all your feedback, heres a new part.

Part 6

His eyes flashed open and rivited themselves on her rapidly retreating form but his body was frozen in place as images stolen from her and implanted in his conciousness ran a crazed path through his mind. He saw memories of thousands of years, generations of Sirians, the fear and pain stunned him. A memory of a desert, beliefs so strong they were tangible, sadness at being torn from that place, a man cradling the body of his raven haired queen and swearing he would find her again. He felt their sting of rejection upon arrival, the fear of discovery but the joy felt as they cherished life.

Then there she was in his vision, his intended mate. Her emotions washed over him in waves making him choke for breath with their intensity. He felt her fear of unnacceptance not only from his species but also from her own. She knew she was different, she knew she stood out in a crowd and she prayed every day to be able to blend the way her friends did. She hid her differences as much as she could, her abilities made her feel like a freak, uncomfortable in her own skin. Mirrors made her cry as a child because she did not understand why she was made as she was.

His heart clenched tightly at the sight of his own men and women swarming into her home below her like insects. They destroyed her world - gutting it like a fish and leaving the remains to rot. He saw the blood of her friend run across her hands and her family dragged away in chains. But behind her pain he saw her indominatable spirit, her refusal to give in to him, her grief would not conquer her. And he wanted her more than ever.


She broke out of his tent at a run expecting to feel his breath on her neck as he gave chase. Tearing around the camp she aimed directly towards to smell of food hoping to snach some and make a quick escape before he found her and made her a slave like the others. Ducking quickly into the right tent this time she cursed herself at her unstealthy movements but did not really want to examine her reasons for it too closely right now. Her heart was pounding and her breath coming in short pants, adrenaline running high in her bloodstream as she grabbed as much of the bread nearest to her as she could. As soon as he had touched her the knowledge had came in a burst and had left her utterly confused. Unbalanced was the only way she could think to describe it.

Running quickly out of the tent she decided to make a dash out of the camp and to the relative safety of the woods but as she saw the way out her heart lurched umcomfortably in her chest. He stood waiting for her.

Helplessly she looked around for another way out but unable to see one, was drawn back to the figure infront of her. He was shivering all over as if cold on the warm night but his eyes gave away his emotions. Wide and confused they showed her all the sadness he had experienced through her own eyes. He waited as she stood like a deer in headlights, figeting nervously as she anticipated his next move. Slowly he began to circle her.

'You are meant for me, little one', his voice told of a calmness that his body denied as he stalked her, trying to understand his internal conflict.

Mutely she shook her head, refusing to belive such a man was her intended.

'You can feel this current between us too', when she began to shake her head again he simply laughed.

Finding her tongue she pleaded with him. 'Please let me go!'.

His heart sped up a little at the first sound of her voice touched his ears and softened at the small frown creasing her forehead as he whispered 'Why?'

She did not reply but simply continued to stare at him as the air around them charged with a supernatural anticipation. He saw her lower her head a little and a strange unidentifiable look crossed her face as if she knew what was coming. It was not until the sweet sound filled the air that he realized he'd been holding his breath and expelled it in a whoosh.

Across the camp, the cages that held the normally quiet Sirian capitves began to glow with incandescent life as their voices raised in the age old tribute to Isis but with a note of sadness. We are captured but we still live, thankyou.

He watched the tears well up in her eyes as her heart broke openly in front of him and knew that this would be a sour victory if he took it. He could almost read he thoughts through her chocolate eyes.

Please, not like this.

With a sigh he conceded temporary defeat and stood aside gesturing for her to pass but he could not help himself from inhaling as she sped past him, memorising the scent of her hair and her tears and the arousal she could not deny him. He caught himself from chasing after her but contented himself with staring after her running into the woods with the bread clutched to her chest, wings now spread and the wind carrying the quiet sound of her own melody in the prayer of her people to his ears only.