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Title: Purity
Rating: NC17
Category: M/L
Summary: Takes place after the Departure eppy, but the remainder of S3 hasn't happened.
Max knows the truth about Liz's virtue still being in tact and he wants to be her first.
Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me, they belong to the dream killer himself.
I'm just borrowing them for a short time period.

Part 1

It had been two weeks since Tess had taken flight in the granolith up to the great unknown
of space. Two weeks since the gang tried to return their lives to normal once again and
two eternal long weeks since Max had been able to hold Liz in his arms. Not by his choice
of course as he had made several attempts to get Liz to talk to him. One way or another
she had been successful at being able to avoid him. Either she wouldn't answer her phone or
when she did, she was polite, but made excuses that she wasn't able to talk right then for
one reason or another. Even when Max would go to the Crashdown, she was polite, but kept
her distance, making up more excuses. After two weeks Max knew that she was just avoiding
talking to him. He knew he didn't have the right to expect her to jump right back into a
serious relationship with him, but he at least thought they could still take it slow and
find their way back to each other. After two weeks Max had decided enough was enough and
was determined to get Liz to talk to him. He arrived approximately twenty minutes until the
end of her shift, getting that information from Michael and intended on waiting so he could
force the issue with her.

Sitting in his normal booth, his eyes focused on her movements as she glided from customer
to customer. She had brought him a cherry coke and some space fries without even asking
his order. She had said hello and was as pleasant to him as she had been in the last two
weeks, but she never made the attempt to make conversation except the usual hum drum of
small talk. Finally with only five minutes left of her shift, Max knew he was running out
of time so he made is move. Signaling her over to his booth, he finally asked if they could
talk after her shift. Keeping the pleasant mannerism that she had for the last two weeks
she smiled, apologized and stated she already had plans, but maybe they could talk another
time. It was at that precise moment that Sean DeLuca walked into the cafe. "Hey Parker,
is your shift about over?"

Liz didn't even look at Max, she simply turned to Sean. "Yeah, I was just about to get off.
Let me get changed then we can go, Okay?"

"Sounds good." Sean stated and then sat at the counter, while Liz brought him over a drink
to sip on while she went to get ready.

Liz walked quickly to the back and almost ran up the stairs to her apartment. She hadn't
even looked at Max, knowing that she would never be able to go through with this so called
date of hers if she took one look at his face. Her heart broke a little each and every time
she talked to him. Not that she had really talked to him that much in the last two weeks,
but avoided him as much as she possible could. Maria stated she deserved an oscar for her
performances when she was around to see how well Liz kept a pleasant distance between herself
and Max. Liz knew she had to stay strong or she would simply melt into his arms all over
again and be sucked into the alien abyss once again. But, tonight was the first time that
she had had to actually face him and of all nights. Sean had consistently asked her to go
out with him over the last two weeks, but for the last two weeks all Liz had done was cry.
She cried over the fact that Max had slept with Tess, that Tess was carrying Max's child,
that Alex was gone forever because of Tess and for the fact that she still loved Max. When
she finally stopped crying Maria had talked her into going out with Sean just as friends and
to just have some fun again.

Maria knew all to well what had gone down between Liz, Max and Tess and she felt as Liz's
best friend it was her duty to make sure Liz wasn't hurt by Mr. Alien King himself again.
She knew Liz wasn't ready to date anyone else and she had been very specific to Sean that
Liz wasn't looking for anyone special, but just needed to get out and have fun. So after
many quarts of ice cream and long nights of letting Liz cry on her shoulder, Maria was finally
able to convince Liz that she needed to just go and have some fun. She assured her best
friend that Sean understood the score and that she had warned him that it wasn't truly a date
date, but just two friends going out and having some fun. It was a good plan and Maria was
proud of herself on how she had set the entire thing up, but as best laid plans goes, no one
expected Max to show up at the Crashdown on this very night. Finding Liz curled up on her
bed upstairs crying, Maria did the only thing she could think to do. She sat down next to
her friend and gave her a shoulder to cry on. "Liz, do you want me to go tell Sean, you'll
make it another night?"

Shaking her head no, Liz pulled away from Maria. "No, I've got to do this." She lifted her
chin high, wiped the tears away from her face and stood up to get ready for her so called
date. "Max moved on and I need to move on with my life too. It's just so hard trying to be
just friends with him. God help me, I still love him with every fiber of my being." She
then took a deep breath and headed into her bathroom to get ready, right before she went in
she turned back to her best friend. "Thanks, Maria. Your the best friend in the world."

"Right back at you, babe." Maria replied with a small smile. She knew how much this was
killing Liz, but she also knew why her friend had to do this.

"I know I've asked a lot of you lately, but could you do me one more favor?"

"Liz, you know I'd do anything for you, whatcha need?"

"Can you make sure he's okay after I leave?" Maria simply nodded her response and then
headed back down to the cafe to finish out her shift.

Max sat there stunned to say the least. Liz was going out on a date, Liz was going out on a
date, Liz was actually going out on a date and it wasn't with him. What the hell? Liz was
going out on a date! Max's mind kept repeating those words over and over. She hadn't acted
like she was mad at him, in fact she had been extremely pleasant to him. Why, why the hell
would she be going out with Sean DeLuca and not even act like anything was wrong? Max
wanted to leave, but he couldn't believe it was actually happening so his body refused to
move. He continued to sit in his booth and watched as his beautiful Liz strolled back into
the cafe looking like the angel she was in her jeans and short crop top that showed off her
all too trim stomach. She called out her good byes to Michael and Maria, she even turned to
him and told him she would see him later and then she left with her arm looped through Sean's
arm as if it was nothing that she was going out on a date with someone that was someone else
and not him. Max still sat there stunned and felt his heart beginning to break as the
reality of the situation finally came to his stubborn head. Liz had moved on.

Maria watched as the pain on Max's face began to appear as he watched Liz walk through the
door with Sean. She felt a pang of guilt because she was the one that had set the whole
thing up, but at the same time she felt that Max deserved a little taste of his own medicine.
As soon as Sean and Liz were gone, Maria made her way over to Max's booth. "You okay Max?"

"Has she been dating him long?" Max asked without even turning his head away from he door
where his eyes were still trying to accept the fact that Liz had left with Sean.

"Max, I'm not going to answer that, because frankly it's none of your business." Maria
stated defiantly only the instant those words left her mouth she slightly regretted saying
them as Max's head finally turned to face her and she saw how his eyes were ready to explode
with tears. Then she saw the hurt in his eyes turn to anger, she knew she was about to go
into a battle, but a battle she was more than ready for. She was only glad to see that there
wasn't any other customers in the cafe at the moment.

"None of my Business! NONE OF MY BUSINESS? You of all people know what Liz means to me.
How can you say it's None Of My Business?" Max's voice grew more and more upset with each

"Excuse me? You really are a piece of work aren't you. You know it wasn't Liz that put her
tongue down some other guys throat in front of YOU at Prom! It wasn't Liz that slept with
the enemy and got herself pregnant with your worst nightmare! That was all you buddy boy
and you alone. Now you listen and you listen good. For some reason only known to God, after
everything you have done to her and all the pain you have caused her, she still loves you.
But, she knows that you moved on and that's why she knows she has to move on too. As much
as this is killing her, she needs to have a life. A life that doesn't breath and live Max
Evans so you just better back off and give Liz as much space as she needs."

With the sadness back in his eyes, Max hung his head and sadly stated. "I can't Maria, I
love her. I...I just need to talk to her and hopefully make her understand that. I need
her Maria. God knows I don't deserve her, but I need her."

With the sadness of his confession, Maria's tone also took a softer edge. "Max, you have a friend. Don't push to fast, just give her some time and someday you two may get
another chance. If it makes you feel any better, Liz and Sean are just going bowling as
friends tonight, nothing more, nothing less. Besides it's not like she's going to go out
and have sex with him or any other Tom, Dick or Harry." Maria stated, trying to joke around
and pull him out of his slump with that last sentence. Little did Maria know just how much
the thought of Liz being with another guy in any form of an intimate way made Max's blood
boil. Liz was his angel, she was pure and that was exactly the way Max intended her to stay
until the two of them found a way to get past all the hurt and pain. Until she was his, he
was determined that she wouldn't be anyone else's. With a simply nod of acceptance Max
placed a twenty dollar bill down on the table, got up and left without saying another word.

End Pt1

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Wow! I can't even begin to thank everyone for all the FB. You all are the best. Without further a do here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer and Summary see Pt 1

Part 2

It was almost eleven o'clock as Max checked his watch one more time and knew that Liz would
be returning home any minute. He stood in the shadows waiting for Sean to bring Liz home,
determined to make sure that was all Sean did when they got there. He knew what he was
doing was wrong and knew he looked like some kind of stalker, he just couldn't help himself.
Liz was pure and she was going to remain pure and that was that. Only another minute went
by when Sean's Volkswagen pulled up in front of the Crashdown. He watched and waited as the
two of them sat inside the bug of a car. It felt like his heart had stopped beating while
he waited to see if Liz would kiss him good night or if this truly was just a friendship
type date.

Liz sat stiffly in her seat as soon as they pulled in front of the restaurant that she lived
above. She admitted for a short time tonight, she had actually had fun. She had even smiled
and laughed for most of the night, but now it was the end of this so called date and she had
no idea what Sean was expecting of her. Sean had done everything Maria had promised he
would so far and treated her with kindness and simply just reminded her of how to have a
good time. It had taken a short time period to relax and have fun after they had left the
Crashdown with Max still sitting there, but in the end the evening was a success. Now she
wasn't sure what she should say or do, so she ended up sitting stiffly in the seat across
from Sean unsure of what she should let happen or if he would even expect anything to happen.

It didn't take a genius to figure out why Liz's entire personality did a complete turn around
once he pulled the vehicle to a stop in front of the cafe. Her body language said it all.
Maria had told him she wasn't ready for any kind of relationship and he agreed until the two
of them had had so much fun during their evening together, then he stupidly began to think
there was some kind of chance after all. But, now that they were at the end of their night
out, where a kiss good night was the usual way to end a date he could see Maria was right.
As much as he was hoping for more than just friends with Liz, that was all he would ever be
to her. "Hey Parker, I had fun tonight." He tried to keep his voice up beat as possible
not to let on that he was hoping for more than friendship from her.

Nodding her head, she relaxed slightly, but only slightly. "Uh..I did too Sean. Thanks for
well..Thanks." She gave him a small smile before turning back in her seat and sitting
stiffly once again.

"Well, as much fun as I had I think you better get inside before your parents get upset with
me for you missing your curfew."

Liz's smile grew wide and she once again relaxed knowing that Sean wasn't expecting anything
more than a mere thank you for the night he had given her. "Thanks again Sean." Was all
she said and then leaned over and kissed his cheek quickly before hopping out of the vehicle.
Once she got to the door she turned, waved one last time and then quickly went inside.

Sean waved back then began to pull out. As he began to drive past the building he noticed
Max Evans standing in the shadows. He was about to pull over and give him a piece of his
mind for stalking Liz like he was, but as he saw the look of sadness upon his face he just
didn't have the heart. Man, those two are just plain stupid. He thought as he continued to
drive home. Max stepped back into the shadows as he watched Sean pull away. For a moment
he was sure Sean had seen him, but when he didn't stop Max let out the breath he was holding.
Besides he had more important things to deal with right now and they had nothing to do with
Sean DeLuca. Walking back behind the building Max began climbing up to the ever familiar
balcony. He needed to talk to Liz and he needed to talk to her tonight. He was through
playing this game with her and he needed her to know that he loved her with all his heart
and would wait for her for as long as she needed him to wait.

Once up on Liz's balcony, he debated for a few seconds. Should he wait out here and request
for her to talk to him and should he just go inside and wait for her in her bedroom? Both
had there bad points, if he waited out here, she might just close the window on him and
refuse to talk. But, if he waited inside her Mom or worst yet her Dad might follow her into
her room and then how would he explain himself. Fear over her shutting him out before he
even had a chance to talk to her over the fear her parents might catch him in her room won
out in the end. So using his powers he unlocked her bedroom window and slipped inside as
quietly as possible. As he stood in the middle of her room becoming paranoid that her
parents would catch him and throw him out before he had a chance to talk to Liz, he made a
quick decision to hide in her bathroom until he was sure her parents didn't follow her into
her room. He moved the door to her bathroom so it wasn't wide open, but still wasn't closed
all the way so he could hear when she was alone. As he feared he heard Liz talking to her
mother as she came inside her room and for once was glad of his decision to come into the

"I had fun Mom, it just that..."

"Sean isn't the right one." Her mother finished her sentence for her. "Honey, I know you
don't want to hear this right now, but your still young and there are going to be many many
guys in your life before you meet the right one."


"I know, I know you have a hard time talking about this. I just wanted to let you know that
your father and I are both glad to see you start to get out again. We just want you to be

"I know Mom and I'm sorry. It's just kind of complicated right now that's all." She removed
her jeans and top leaving her only in her bra and panties as she grabbed her robe. "I think
I'm going to take a bath and relax a little before I hit the hay for the night." Liz stated
as she got out her tank top and pajama bottoms for bed and then headed for her bathroom.
With her robe still in her hand she pushed open the bathroom door and got the surprise of
her life. Standing on the other side of the door was none other than Max Evans staring
straight at her, with her in nothing but her bra and panties. She stood there motionless,
unable to do or say anything with her mother still in her room. She composed herself as
quickly as could and turned to her Mom. "Well, good night. I'll see you in the morning."

"Good night Liz. Have sweet dreams, honey." She stated as she watched Liz step into her
bathroom and shut the door behind her and then left her daughter's bedroom, closing the door
behind her.

Liz didn't even bother to cover herself up as she closed the bathroom door. She was steaming
with the thought that Max had the nerve to even be in her bathroom that she was determined
not to be the one sweating this one out, but rather him be the one who should be embarrassed
by his actions. She waited until she was sure her mother had left her room, all the while
watching Max take in his view of her body. "Had a good enough look Max, or would you prefer
to watch me take my bath as well?" She finally asked with sarcasm once she was sure they
were alone.

Needless to say Max was stunned by the beauty that stood before him when she opened the door
and stood before him in nothing but her undergarments, not leaving much to his imagination.
He was sure she was going to scream, bust him in front of her mother, but as she stood in
front of him and kept her composure he couldn't help but take in the sight of every inch of
skin that was revealed to him and let his eyes linger on the spots of her body that were
still barely covered with material. As she spoke, he could tell that she wasn't embarrassed
that he had seen her in so little and couldn't help himself when he replied. "Hey, if you
feel the need to take a bath, who am I to stop you."

"Are you going to stay and watch or don't you feel it's pass your bed time?"

"I thought it was time for us to talk, but if you would prefer to take a bath while we talk
then I don't have any problems with that, do you?" He knew he was bating her, he had no
idea what was possessing him to act the way he was, but he wasn't going to leave until she
talked to him. No matter how hard he was getting at the sight of her still standing in front
of him in hardly anything and yet she still hadn't covered herself up with the rope that she
held in her hand.

"Max, I've had a long day and I really just need to relax right now. You've waited for two
weeks to talk to me, I think you can wait one more night. Now if you don't mind, I am going
to take a bath." She leaned over the tub to turn on the water. She was more than aware of
his eyes on her ass and leaned over a little further than necessary and tilted one of her
hips to make sure he had a full view before she stood back up. She walked over to the door
and hung her robe up, then went into her bathroom drawer to pull out some bath oils and some
bubble bath. Ignoring Max completely she continued to prepare her bath as if he wasn't even
in the room. Once she was pleased with the water temperature, she finally turned back to
Max only to catch his eyes on her behind once again. "Last chance Max, I'm getting into
this bath rather you leave or not."

Seeing the stubborn look upon her face Max made a quick decision and sat down on her toilet
seat, stretching out his legs and pulling his hands above his head to lean back on, he
stated. "And I told you I'm not leaving until we talk, so if you need to take a bath then
take a bath." He was sure she would back down and talk to him before she would strip down
to her birthday suit in front of him.

There was no way she was going to back down, she was more determined than ever to make Max
squirm for bating her like he was. In fact he was right on one note, if it had been anyone
other than Max, she would have screamed her head off and threw him out of her room so fast
they wouldn't have had a chance to blink. But, there was no way she could do that to him so
instead she just rolled her eyes, turned her back to him, bit her bottom lip and began to
undo her bra. "Well, if your determined to stay then the least you could do would be to
close your eyes until I get in the damn tub."

"I could, except I have to admit I'm liking the view far to much to miss the best part."
He couldn't help the smirk that came over his face as his eyes continued to take in the sight
before him. All the while knowing that Liz wouldn't be able to go through with her threat.

Liz was steaming inside, the nerve of him. How dare he think he can win this battle of
wills? Just who did he think he was anyway? Besides the man I am madly in love with and
the only man I would ever let see me naked, but still the nerve of him. Taking a deep
breath she turned back to face him. "Fine, then let's just make sure you get the full view
if you insist on being a pervert. Next thing I know with my luck, every pervert in Roswell
will end up in my bathroom."

She unhooked her bra in the front and that was all the farther she got before Max was on his
feet grabbing her by the arms. Pulling her close to his body. "NO! This view is for my
eyes only Liz. No matter what else happens, you're body is mine to view and no one else's."
He stated fiercely. Then leaned down and gave her a long hungry kiss that left no room
between them to make sure she understood his words were serious.

At first his words and actions startled Liz and she felt herself being pulled into the alien
abyss as he continued his assault upon her lips. It didn't take Liz long for his words to
sink in and she pushed him away abruptly. "Max, we are Not together and my body is MY BODY!
Not yours and I'll do what I damn well want to do with it and there is nothing you can say
or do about that fact. Do YOU understand?"

Breathing heavy and trying to call on his control. He shook his head. "Your wrong Liz. I
know I made some major mistakes, but so have you. We are both responsible for what happened
to our relationship, but if you think for one minute it's over your wrong. You can say
anything you'd like, but the way you just kissed me says more than words ever could. You
may not want to admit it, but I know you still love me. Just like I love you and we are far
from over. Your in my soul and even if your not ready to admit that I'm still in yours, you
can't lie to yourself forever. You are mine, you'll always be mine and I'll always be yours."
He pulled her back flush against his body and sought her lips once again with his. Before
she had a chance to push him away he broke off the kiss. "Now, have a nice bath and I'll be
back to finish our talk at another time." He leaned down and place a hand in the bath water
using his powers to warm it back up to the perfect temperature once again. Then abruptly
left her standing shocked, angry and completely head over heels in love with him all over
again. She remembered the last time Max had become so determined to be more than friends
with her, it was right before they found the orb. God she loved it when he became so
physical, but as much as she loved it. Right now it angered her for him of all people demand
that her body was his and his alone, when he was the one that had sought out another woman
to comfort him. More determined then ever, Liz decided right there and then it was time to
make Max Evans pay big time for his actions. If she had to, she would date every male in
the city of Roswell to prove her point.

End Pt2
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I'm glad everyone seems to enjoy the fic, but for those of you have never read any of my stories. This is a M/L story - so a Dreamer Guarentee comes with it. As much as the show killed the dreamer heart in me, it's in fanfics that keeps it burning bright. Anyway here is the next part, hope you like it - let me know.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 3

First thing in the morning Liz called in the Calvary and relayed the story of what took
place in her bathroom the previous evening. Maria was at her house in a matter of minutes
agreeing to help Liz in her plan of actions. Between the two of them, they agreed to be
subtle with their plan and Liz would continue to be as friendly and pleasant to Max as
possible, but not allow him to get any wrong ideas. They both had witnessed how easily it
would be for Max to lose his control and that wouldn't solve any of their problems as it
wouldn't take much for Liz to cave. She could still taste him on her lips from the night
before and if she didn't tread lightly she could easily be sucked back into the alien abyss
without hardly any effort on Max's part.

Later that day when both Maria and Liz were working, the light bulbs went off in both their
heads when Kyle came into the Crashdown with a couple of his jock friends. Neither Tommy,
nor Jack had ever caught Liz's eye, but then again she had never really been looking. She
was first dating Kyle and then Max came into her life and her eyes had only one guy she
wanted to look at. Now however, she thought it was time to begin to expand her horizon
just a little bit more. Even though the three guys sat in Maria's section, it was silently
agreed between friends that Liz would take their table. She approached them with confidence
and politely took their order, while she kept sneaking glances at Jack and making sure he
was fully aware of the fact that she was giving him certain looks. Letting her hips swing
a little more than necessary when she walked away to retrieve their drinks. She felt a bit
guilty that she was openingly flirting with another guy, a guy that she had no intention of
getting into any kind of a relationship with, but she thought that as long as she was up
front with each and every guy from the beginning that she was just looking to have a night
of fun as friends what harm could it cause.

Kyle saw the looks Liz was giving his friend, he also noticed the way Jack was looking back
and knew nothing good was going to come out of this. From experience, Kyle knew exactly
how Liz and Max felt about each other, but then he also knew what had transpired between Max
and Tess so he assumed Liz was trying to move on. With a quick pep talk from Maria, Liz was
confident enough to do something she had never done before. As she served Kyle, Tommy and
Jack their food she stated. "So Jack, do you like putt putt golf?"

Jack was shocked at first, unsure if Liz was asking him out of not. "Uh..Yeah, it's okay."

"Well, I've been in the mood to play lately and I was just wondering if you would be interested
in going with me tonight as friends and just have a night of fun?" She couldn't help the
fact that she started to nervously bite on her bottom lip while she waited for his reply.
She had never asked a guy out before, but then again she had never wanted to prove a point
to a certain alien king before either.

A night of fun with Liz Parker, oh yea, this could diffidently be interesting, Jack thought.
"Sure, I didn't have any plans. It sounds like fun. What time do you want to go?"

"Why don't you pick me up at seven." She stated trying to keep her voice from sounding to
excited that her plan was working.

"Sounds good, Parker." With that Liz went back to serving her other customers and Kyle just
shook his head. "What Valenti? Don't tell me your upset that I've got a date with your ex?"

Kyle let out a small laugh. "No Jack, I just don't think you have any idea what your getting
yourself into. Just take some advice from one that knows. Play putt putt, have fun, keep
it as friends and don't expect anything more than that when it comes to the end of this date."

"I think I can read woman pretty good Valenti. If she gives me the go, I'll go for it."

"It's not woman you need to learn to read my friend, just trust me on this one and look at
this evening as purely a platonic night of friends having some fun and nothing else. I can't
express that point any more."

Just then the bells over the door of the Crashdown rang and one certain alien king walked
into the unexpected. Liz wasn't sure how she was supposed to respond to Max so she put on
her friendship smile, poured a cherry coke and then headed to is both. "Hi Max."

"Hey, how was your bath?" He asked with a smirk.

"It was great, the temperature was just right. I might have to hire you to heat my water
more often. You could diffidently save my Dad some money on the hot water expenses." She
teased back.

"I aim to serve. So do we get to have that talk tonight?"

"Uh..Max, about tonight."

Before Liz had a chance to tell Max her plans Jack approached her. "I'll see you at seven
Parker, okay?"

Liz reverted her eyes from Max and turned back to Jack. "I'll see you then and thanks."

"No thank you Parker, it sounds like fun. I haven't played putt putt in a long time." Jack
replied and then with a see a later he left the cafe with Tommy. Kyle thought it would be
a good idea to stay and make sure his alien highness didn't go all alien on his friend. He
quickly took a seat opposite Max in the both and by the looks on Max's face, Kyle knew he
made the right choice by staying.

"Jack Stevens asked you out?" Max asked calmly as he watched Liz face to see her reaction.

Trying to act as normal and calmly as she could muster with her inside nerves dancing the
jig inside her body, she turned back to Max. "I was in the mood to go play some putt putt
and asked if Jack would like to go with me. We're just going as friends Max, nothing more."
She tried to make sure her voice was sincere when she confirmed what she had planned for the

"So you asked him out?" Max couldn't keep the smallest tad of angry out of his voice, but
was surprised when only a small amount of it slipped considering the fact that his blood was
boiling with angry.

"Max, man, it was a simple invitation of friends. I was right there when she asked him."
Kyle confirmed quickly, hoping to defuse what he thought could become a very ugly scene very

Liz gave Kyle a quick thank you glance and then went on as if nothing out of the ordinary
occurred. "So are you ready to order Max or did you just want a drink?"

Max stood quickly and grabbed Liz by the wrist. "I need to talk to you. In private." Then
proceeded to lead her into the back and then into the employees restroom, closing the door
behind them and then turned to face her. "What's going on Liz? Are you doing this to make
me jealous or something?"

"Max, I'm not doing anything? I'm going out with a friend tonight as friends. Besides you
and I are Not Together. We haven't been together in almost a year, so if your jealous that's
your problem. Now if you don't mind, I need to get back to work."

"Well, I do mind." He stated firmly as he brought her body once again flush up against his
like the previous evening. He pressed his lips firmly to hers and began to kiss her
passionately. Liz became lost in the feel of his lips as they devoured hers. She couldn't
surpress the moan that escaped from deep within her throat as Max's hand ran down her back,
over her firm butt and then back up her bare thigh until it came in contact with her panties.
"Mine." He growled into her mouth as he rubbed her softly on her most private of all parts
on her body and before Liz could even respond Max pulled back. "I'll be here at ten, make
sure your FRIEND has you home by then." With that he released her completely and walked
back out into the cafe. He took one more drink of his soda, said his good byes to Kyle and
then left the cafe.

Maria was the first one to check to make sure Liz was okay as soon as she saw Max leave.
"What happened? Was he jealous, pissed or what?"

Still choked up by the state of pleasure Max had left her in, she stuttered out only one
word. "M..Mi..Mine." Maria shook Liz's shoulders and snapped her fingers in front of her
face to get her to join the real world once again. "Oh God, Maria. What is wrong with me?
I swear he kisses me once and I'm like putty in his hands." She then went on to tell her
friend what Max had done and how he had commanded her to be home by ten.

"So what are you going to do?" Maria asked wondering if their plan was such a good plan or

"What do you think I'm going to do? I'm going to go play putt putt at seven and make sure
I'm home by ten thirty. If he wants to wait for me, fine. But, if not...his lost."

Both girls giggled at that and Maria added. "You are soooo bad girlfriend." Causing both
girls to giggle all over again.

At six forty-five neither Maria, nor Liz were surprised when Max stepped inside the cafe and
took his seat at his regular booth. What did surprise the two girls was the way Max looked
Liz up and down as if judging her entire for the evening. She was wearing a pair of khaki
shorts, a white tank top and a sheer blouse over it. Finally he motioned for her to join
him for a minute. "If you are truly going with Jack as friends, you won't mind changing
your outfit. You don't want to send the wrong impression to him now do you?"

"What is with you? And why are you here?" Liz questioned a little bit set back by his
comment of her outfit.

"The shirt is a little revealing Liz. Jesus, I can see your perfect nipples from across the
room. How do you think it makes me feel to know they're just screaming for me to touch them,
caress them and suck on them until your whole body screams in pleasure. Now unless you're
willing to cancel this game and let me take you to that height of pleasure myself, I suggest
you change into a more conservative shirt and do it quickly before I lose all my self

Liz's eyes widen with disbelieve at what Max had just said to her. He had never spoken so
openly about what he wished to do to her, but to her dismay she felt her body responding to
his words. She quickly stood and walked to through the back of the cafe trying to get
her body under control from the husky way Max's voice had made her body respond. Just a
minute or two before seven she returned wearing a dark khaki blouse that buttoned up the
front and she felt her anger boil over when she saw the approval nod from Max. When Maria
began to question, she simple held up her hand and stated. "Don't ask Maria, just don't ask."

Jack arrived right on time and just as the two of them were about to leave the cafe, Max
brushed by Liz whispering in her ear in that husky deep voice as he went. "Ten sharp."

Jack was surprised when Liz stated she would pay for her own game. She didn't want him to
get any wrong signals. When they had first left her parent's cafe, Jack could tell she was
a little apprehensive, but as they begun to play Liz soon found herself having fun and just
having a good time. They joked, they laughed and before they knew it it was already almost
ten o'clock. "Man, I can't believe we've been playing putt putt for three hours." Jack
simply stated.

"Oh God, is it already ten?" Liz inquired now realizing that it wasn't her parents she was
worried about getting home late.

"Almost, why is your curfew set for ten? I thought you said it was eleven." Jack was slightly
perplexed by what brought on the sudden change in personality.

"Oh I'm so sorry Jack, but I do need to get home. I can't thank you enough for coming with
me. I really had a lot of fun." Liz apologized, but knew it was time to get home.

"Okay, if the lady needs to get home then let's get her home." The two drove home laughing
over each other's failures on the putt putt course. As soon as they pulled up to the cafe
Jack noticed how Liz became quiet and sat stiffly in her seat. He had no idea what happened
in the last minute, but their night had actually been full of fun and he didn't want it to
end on a bad note. "Hey Liz, I had a great time. Whenever you get in the mood to go play
some more putt putt, don't forget your putt putt partner okay."

That comment made her smile, she looked at her watch and noticed that it was ten twenty-five.
"I had a fun tonight too. We just might have to do this again sometime this summer." She
added truthfully. She had had a good time with Jack and even though she had no romantic
feelings for him didn't mean the two of them couldn't go out and have fun together as friends.

Jack held out his hand to her. "That's a deal Parker."

Liz took his hand, shook it firmly and then reached for the door knob of the car. "Thanks
again, good night Jack."

"Night Parker, I'll see you around." With that Liz walked over to her apartment door, waved
one more time to him and then walked inside. Since she was already late for her meeting
with Max, she didn't really say too much to her parents.

She quickly made her excuses that she was tired from her long day, said her good nights and
made her way quickly into her room. Closing the door behind her she looked quickly around
her room as if expecting Max to be in her room waiting for her. It didn't take her long to
see him out on her balcony. She didn't hesitate in making her way out her window. As soon
as she was out she felt herself being lifted into Max's arms. "Your late." He stated

"Only twenty-five minutes, it's not like I could leave in the middle of a game." She retorted.

"Do you know what a guy can do to a girl in twenty-five minutes or do you need a demonstration
to show you?" With that Liz found herself pressed between Max's body and the brick wall on
her balcony.

End Pt3
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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 4

Max wasn't sure what was coming over him lately, but just the thought of Liz being with any
other guy was playing havoc on his body. He wanted her in the worst way, but he wanted her
pure for him and him only. He knew he was being a hypocrite, especially since he had been
with another already and to this day he still can't see how he had done what he had done.
It was the utmost biggest mistake of his life, one that he would regret for the rest of his
life. But, as he held Liz's body pinned between his and the brick wall on the balcony all
logical sense seemed to leave his mind. Using his body to keep her pinned tightly he cupped
her face with his hands and kissed her soundly.

Even as Liz attempted to escape, the ecstasy Max's mouth was causing within her stirred her
soul completely. She was held captivated by his lips the same as she was
held firmly in place by his body. When Max released her mouth only to begin a slow journey
down her jawline to her neck was Liz finally allowed to use her vocal cords. "Max, please.
You have to stop." Her hands pushing against his shoulders.

Instead of stopping though, Max's fingers went straight down the front of her shirt popping
the buttons as he went. Then he grabbed one leg up into the crook of his arm. Finally he
lifted his mouth away from her invitingly tasty skin and stated. "In less than five
minutes look at the position you've found yourself in Liz. Now tell me you understand the
importance of being home on time." He had meant to prove only a point to her, but as he had
begun to taste the sweetness of her mouth he was finding it very hard to stop.

Liz understood the point Max was trying to make, but the feel of his hard length pressed so
intimately against her was driving her crazy. How can he infuriate me so much and make me
love and want him so much at the same time? Liz questioned herself. Then she had a quick
mental picture of Max kissing Tess at Prom, not a flash but just a mental note of her own
memory and the anger inside of her gave her enough strength to fight Max off with one quick
shove. "Stop it Max. I told you before you and I are not together, we haven't been together
for over a year so just stop with this whole possessive attitude. And just for the record,
I wasn't exactly fighting you a moment ago and that's why you were able to get me in that
position. But, as you can see I can take care of myself when I want, so just stop
all right. Now I've had a long day and I just can't talk to you right now so if you don't
mind I'm going to go to bed. I'm off work tomorrow so if you want to talk, we'll TALK then.
Good Night, Max."

Without waiting for his response she walked swiftly back to her bedroom window, crawled
through it and slammed it shut, locking it in the process to make sure he got her message
loud and clear. She knew that if Max wanted he could unlock her window and follow her. She
wasn't sure if she wanted him to leave or if she was secretly hoping he would climb through
her window after her. But, as she heard the sound of metal rattling as he climbed down her
fire escape she sighed heavily knowing that she had indeed wanted him to follow her, fight
for her. But, as usual he didn't, he never did. She slowly climbed into bed not even
bothering to change into pajamas and once again found herself crying herself to sleep.

Max wanted to punch his own lights out at how he had acted toward Liz. God, I am such an
ass. He thought to himself, he knew he should have listened to Maria and gave her the space
she needed, but he just couldn't help himself. He didn't know why, but he had to make sure
Liz stayed pure. No matter what the cost and how much she would hate him, he knew for some
reason it was important and not just because of how he felt about her, but there was some
other reason behind it, that he just couldn't put his finger on. He then realized why seeing
Liz in bed with Kyle all those months ago had affected him so much then. Yes, his heart had
been broken into a million pieces, but it was so much more than that. Something inside that
had told him he could never be with Liz in the happily ever after terms. He didn't truly
understand how he knew, he just knew and a part of him had died that night. But, now
he knew it had been a complete set up, a fraud and even though if he admitted it to anyone
they would only think of him as a male chauvinistic pig, but that wasn't it really. It was
the fact that he knew he could still have his happily ever after with her, but she had to
remain pure for that to happen. He had no idea how he knew that, he just simply knew. He
drove home trying to come to terms with what he knew and why he knew it to be true, but he
didn't have any more answers now than he had had that fateful night back in October. Once home
he said his good nights to his parents, went to his room and dropped on his bed as if the
wait of the world was on his shoulders. Ironically he thought to himself, at least one
planet's fate is supposed to be in my hands. Giving off a muffled laugh to himself, he let
sleep take him over as he allowed his dreams to take him back to happy times. Before Tess,
before he had heard the word destiny. Dreams of just him and his dream girl happy and in

Early the next morning Max woke up feeling the same anxiety as the night before. Why did it
matter to him so much that Liz stayed pure? Hell, as much as he wanted to take her and make
her his forever he knew he wouldn't until they were committed to each other forever. Not
just committed, bonded was the right word he was searching for, or better yet cemented for
all times. These thoughts were driving him insane, why was he thinking like this? Liz had
made it more than clear last night that the two of them were not together. So why was it
such a big deal? He jumped out of bed, did his morning work out ritual, took a shower, got
dressed and went down stairs for breakfast. The entire time trying to come with terms of
why he was acting the way he was or feeling the way he was feeling. Max knew he needed to
talk to someone about this and quickly left to talk to the one person that may understand
what he was feeling. He had to get some answers and he needed them fast before his thoughts
made him go completely insane.

He didn't even bother to knock when he arrived at Michael's apartment, he was a man on a
mission and he needed help now. "Michael, Michael are you up?" He yelled through the

Stepping out of his bedroom looking like he had just woke up from the dead, Michael opened
his mouth to yell back at his long time friend for waking him up so early in the morning,
but one look at Max and Michael knew something was up. "What's wrong, what happened?"

"I need your help. I'm having these thoughts Michael and there driving me insane and I don't
know why! Please you've got to help me." Max sighed heavily and dropped down on Michael's

"You mean you woke me up on a Saturday morning because your having strange thoughts! What
the hell is the matter with you Maxwell?" Michael stumbled around his kitchen pulling out a
box of cereal and a bowl. Now that he knew there wasn't any kind of alien enemy or FBI
threat that had brought his friend here so early in the morning he was more than angry, he
was pissed.

Frustrated already, Michael snapping at him was the last thing he needed right now. "Michael!
Listen to me, I need your help! I'm sorry I woke you up from your beauty sleep, but I have
to ask you something and it's important!"

Sitting down at his kitchen counter and taking a bite of his cereal, Michael began to calm
down just a bit. "Okay, I'm awake. So what's this question he had to ask me, that couldn't
wait for another couple of hours?"

"It's about you and Maria. Well, actually it's about Liz and I, but I need to know...Uh..
You know, when you and know, were together." Max was blushing something
fierce not sure completely how to explain what or how he was going to ask his friend.

"What? You want to know if everything went normal?" Michael snickered at the look on Max's
face of embarrassment and tried to help his friend out.

"Well, not exactly. God this is so frustrating! Damn it, okay in a nut shell. Did you
ever feel like you couldn't be BE with Maria because she needed to remain pure until the two
of you were committed completely to each other?" Max let out a deep breath when he finally
finished asking his question.

"Apparently not, Maxwell." Michael laughed out. "I mean we've already been together and
it's not like we're married. What's all this about Max?"

"God I don't even know how to explain it. Yes, I want to be with Liz. But, at the same
time I know for some reason I can't be with her intimately until...God I don't know..Married
or something. But, I also know that she CAN NOT be with anyone else either or I won't be
able to...I don't KNOW! That's what's driving me crazy. Liz and I aren't even together as
in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but just the thought of her being with any one else
is driving me crazy and making me go completely insane. I know I slept with Tess and I know
what it sounds like, but it doesn't matter. I can't explain it, but for some reason I know
it's important I just don't know why?" Max let out another sigh of frustration while he
held his head in his hands.

Michael was set back by his friends admission, but he could tell it was really bothering
him. "Okay let me get this straight. You slept with Tess and that's okay, but you can't
sleep with Liz because she needs to stay pure or you can't be with her in a permanent kind
of way."


"And Liz can't be with anyone else, but what about you. You said it was okay that you had
slept with Tess, what about other women? Do you think that would be a problem?"

"Michael, that's not the point at all. I don't want to be with anyone other than Liz."

"I know, I get that. I do, I'm just trying to make sense of what your trying to say."

Very quietly Max mumbled. "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I don't think it would be a problem if I choose to be with someone else, okay? I mean
at least not in a permanent kind of way. And yes, I know how that sounds, but trust me it's
not what it sounds like. I just know that's the way things are."

"I guess it's good to be the king after all then, uh?" Michael joked to his best friend.

"Michael, your not helping me here. This is really bugging me and I need to figure out why
I'm having these thoughts. This is not me. I've never been big on the male chauvinist
view points like these. I've only ever been interested in being with one woman and one only,
that being Liz. I knew back in third grade that I wanted her. Maybe not sexual back then,
but I still knew she was the only female I would ever want. I regretted being with Tess the
moment I woke up the next morning and saw her laying there. I don't want to be with any
other women. I just know in my heart that for some reason if I ever was with another women
that it would be okay. But, at the same time as much as I want to be with Liz, I know I
can't be with her. Or at least I can't be with her until..."

"Your married and living happily ever after, okay, okay I get that point. It's just sounds
a lot like you want to have your cake and eat your ice cream to me. I mean talk about your
double standards." Max stood up to protest, but Michael held up his hand to silence him,
then continued. "You want to know what I think, I think your feeling guilty about the
night you spent with Tess and your afraid Liz is never going to forgive you and she's going
to find someone else and that scares the shit out of you."

"But, that's just it Michael. Liz has been out on a couple dates already and as much as it
hurts, I know I don't have any right to tell her she can't go out with other guys. I can
almost deal with it, but it's the thought of her actually BEING with any guy in an intimate
way that I won't allow."

"Won't Allow, Jesus Maxwell, do you know what that sounds like?"

"Yes, Michael. I know exactly what it sounds like and believe me if I didn't know for certain
for some reason how important it was that Liz isn't with any one than I wouldn't have even
said anything to anyone and that includes you. Why do you think I'm so frustrated? I need
your help. As your friend, Michael please."

"Okay, what do you need me to do?" Michael knew he was going to regret that question, but
he knew he had to help his friend out however he possibly could.

"Just be there for Liz if she won't allow me to be there for her. I can't explain it any
better, but it's important. I know it is. Will you do that for me, protect Liz even from
herself if need be if for some reason I'm unable to be there to do it myself?"

"You know I'll never hear the end of this from Maria if she finds out."

"This is between me and you Michael. No one else needs to know." Max stated firmly, until
he had further answers as to why he was having these thoughts. He wasn't about to broadcast
how much of a male hypocrite he felt like.

"I guess since I'm your second in command and your my king. That would make Liz my future
queen if the two of you ever do get married, so what choice do I have but to say sure I'll
watch over Liz whenever your not there."

Max gave Michael a quizzical look at his statement, his words going over and over in his
mind. If I married Liz, she would be considered my queen if I truly am considered a king.
A queen needs to be loyal, honest and pure. "Oh my God, Michael your a genius! I've got
to go, there's something I need to look into. I'll talk to you later Michael." Just as he
started to run out the door, he turned back to his stunned friend. "Thanks Michael, I owe
you big time." With that he was out the door with a new mission in mind.

End Pt4

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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer or Summary see Pt1

Part 5

It only took Maria a few seconds to hear Liz's sobs when she answered her phone and a few
minutes later she was in her best friends room listening to the story of the previous night.
"Damn him, what is wrong with Max? I thought I made it perfectly clear to give you some
space. Does he listen? No, he goes off like he is the king of the world. Well, he is so
not getting away with this. What's the next plan? Whatever you want to do Liz, just let
me know. You know I've got your back, right?"

Just hearing Maria ramble made Liz feel better. She wiped her eyes, got up and stated.
"Well, I'm done crying. I've cried over Max Evans so many times in the past two years I
don't think I've got any tears left in my body. What do you say about a girls night out?"

"Sounds great. Michael has to work tonight any way, so why not. OH, I know. Let's go to
that new dance club. I've been dying to go somewhere I can wear my new outfit and God only
knows it will only sit and collect dust in my closet if I wait for Michael to take me some
where I can wear it. What do you say? Want go shake your booty tonight!"

"It's a date. But, you have to help me find something to wear too." Liz's mood had already
started to change for the better just being with her friend. The two girls decided to take
on the mall in hopes to find the perfect outfit for Liz to wear for their evening out. Just
before they left Liz's Mom poked her head into Liz's room.

"Knock, Knock. Liz honey, I just wanted to let you know that your father and I decided to
take a drive over to Alberqurque this afternoon to look at that new restaurant supply store.
I'm not sure when we'll be back, but if I can talk your father into going to that new
restaurant it will probably be late."

"That's okay Mom. Maria and I were just planning on having a girl's night out, if that's
okay." Liz replied.

"That's fine, I'll give you a call later and let you know if our plans change at all. Have
a good day." With that she was gone and the girl's soon followed on their way to the mall.

Max had spent a good portion of the day in his room doing some research. When he was almost
positive that he had found what he was looking for he decided to head to the Crashdown for
his talk with Liz. Just as he was heading down the stairs he ran into his sister and his
Mom as they were heading out the door. "Where are you two headed? He asked politely, not
that he really cared but just trying to make polite conversation.

"We're heading over to the mall, why care to join us?" Isabelle teased, knowing full well
her brother would never be caught dead with her and their my Mom at the mall.

"Uh, that's okay. I'm heading over to the Crash to talk to Michael before he starts his

"Michael uh..Right." Isabelle joked, she knew exactly who Max was going over to the cafe to
see and Michael diffidently wasn't it.

"See you later Iz. Have fun Mom." With that he was out the door, leaving his sister laughing
and his mother watching with a questionable look upon her face.

"What's so funny?" Diane inquired.

"Nothing Mom, it's an inside joke. No big deal, come on there is so many stores to see and
so little time to see them in." Isabelle stated as she pulled her mother out their front

It was several hours later and with their arms full of packages that Maria and Liz finally
stopped to grab a soda and rest for a few minutes. Neither seen Isabelle sitting at one of
the tables at the pizza palace they had decided to stop for their drink, nor did either one
notice the lady in front of them in line was none other than Diane Evans, aka Max's Mom.
Just as Diane placed her order and turned to go place her and her daughter's drinks on the
table did Liz notice who she was. "Hello Mrs. Evans." She said as politely as she could.

"Why hello Liz, it's nice to see you again." Diane smiled, then added. "Isabelle's here,
why don't you come by and say hello."

"Uh..sure. Let me just get a soda."

"Well, don't order anything to eat. I've got a large pizza coming and God knows Isabelle
and I can't eat the whole thing by ourselves. Why don't you two just join us for lunch?"
Diane offered. She had always liked Liz and she knew at one point in her son's life Liz
Parker had meant something to him. But, Max was always so closed off and quiet, he very
rarely shared anything of his personal life with her. So Diane figured if she couldn't get
anything out of her son, she just might be able to get some information out of the pretty
young lady that stood before her.

"Well, we wouldn't want to intrude...." Liz began but was interrupted by Maria quickly.

"That'd be great. Why don't you give me your bags Liz and I'll get us settled in with
Isabelle while you get the drinks?" She was grabbing Liz's packages before Liz could even
utter a protest and walking over to their friend who had witnessed the entire exchange.
Maria was more than curious if she had any kind of notion what was going on with her idiot
brother and when Maria saw the opportunity, she thought it was best to take it.

"Hey Isabelle, how's everything going?" Maria smiled sweetly as she took her seat directly
across from Max's sister and began to arrange places for her and Liz's packages.

"Great. Sorry for my Mom cutting into her day like that." Isabelle started to apologize.

"No problem, besides free pizza, what can I say."

"Well, I think Mom has alliterative motives in mind. You do realize she's going to try to get
Liz to open up about Max don't you?"

"That's okay, Liz can handle your Mom. Now, what I want to know is what is up with your
brother?" Maria inquired.

"Max, why what's he doing now?" Isabelle asked right back.

"Well, for starters the first word that comes to mind is Stalker!"

"Who's stalking who?" Diane asked as she placed her and Isabelle's drinks on the table.

At the same time, Liz exclaimed. "MARIA!" Warning her best friend she better behave.

Both Isabelle and Maria had guilty looks on their faces and it didn't pass Diane that both
their mouths seemed to go tightly shut at the same time. Finally Isabelle did what she does
best and covered. "No one Mom. It's nothing. Hi Liz, how are you doing?"

Liz smiled shyly back to Isabelle. "Fine, I'm good, great actually. You?" Her voice gave
way how nervous she was.

"Good, been pretty boring summer so far, not that I'm complaining about that one." Both
Liz and Maria nodded understanding her double meaning.

"So do you girl's have any exciting plans for the summer? Diane asked.

"Not really, mainly work and trying to take it easy is my plans. We were talking about
checking out that new dance club that just opened up tonight since if Liz can get away from
Ma..." Maria stopped her rambling in mid sentence catching herself before she said Max's
name. "I mean since Michael's working and I'm off and I'm just going to shut up now. So
what kind of pizza did you order?" She finished lamely.

Liz tried to hide the blush on her face by bury it in her hands, while Isabelle had to turn
her head to keep from laughing at Maria's antics. "Well, that sounds like fun. Why don't
you join them Isabelle? It would beat being stuck at home with your father and I."

"Mom!" Isabelle was mortified that her mother was making plans for her with her friends.

"No really Isabelle you should. It's just going to be a girl's night out anyway. Come on
it will be a lot of fun." Maria insisted giving Isabelle her best pleading face.

"Okay, why not." Caving in, Isabelle now understood why Michael always said he had trouble
saying no to Maria.

"So Liz I guess my son likes the food at your parent's restaurant. He seems to always be on
his way there." Diane stated watching for any reaction from Liz when she mentioned her son.
She got more than she bargained for when Liz had to cover her mouth from spitting the contents
of the drink she had just taken.

Recovering quickly Liz said. "Uh..yeah. I guess you could say he's a regular customer."

"Yeah, too paid he doesn't have to pay for all those cherry cokes. Mr. & Mrs. Parker might
be able to retire early...Oouch! Okay, shutting up now." Maria stated as she rubbed her
chin at the spot where it had just been kicked by a certain one time best friend.

There was no hiding Liz's blush this time, nor Isabelle's laughter. Diane just smiled and
went to go pick up their pizza that had just been called. "I can't believe you just said
that to Max's mother. Jesus Maria, your supposed to be my friend so just do me a favor and
for the remainder of this so called lunch, don't say another word." Liz reprimanded her

When Diane returned with the pizza, she noted how Liz also sprinkled her pizza with some hot
sauce just like both her kids. "You like that stuff too? I'm always having to buy it at
the store, Max and Izzy can't seem to get enough of that stuff."

"I guess it's just an acquired taste." Liz replied shyly, knowing that she like it now on
certain foods because it always gave her a taste of Max and reminder her of how he tasted
whenever he kissed her.

"Yeah, some of us acquired the taste on food, while other's acquired it from other sources."
Isabelle joked, not able to let that one slip by.

Once again Liz found herself blushing, while Maria was the one who cracked up laughing. Liz
wondered if there was going to be any escape from this nightmare when her cell phone rang
loud and clear. "Excuse me." She stated as she turned to answer her phone. "Hello....Oh
Hi..Uh..Can I call you back...No, I can't tonight. Let me call back, I'll explain later...
Maria!" Liz screamed at her friend when her cell phone was unexpectedly grabbed out of her

"Hey Moondoggy...Tell Michael I'll talk to him when we get back from the mall...Thanks, here's
Gidget." Maria handed the phone back to Liz.

Liz gave Maria a look to kill before she took her phone back. "Yeah...Maria and I decided
to do some shopping...I know, in fact we're all sitting here together having a pizza so I'll
call you back later...Bye." Liz closed her phone and nothing in the world could keep the
dreamy look off of her face at that moment. That is until Isabelle spoke up.

"So what my idiot brother want this time?"

"Max? That was Max on the phone?" It hadn't passed Diane's attention that Maria had called
her son Moondoggy and referred to Liz as Gidget. Liz could only close her eyes as she
blushed once again in embarrassment and nodded her head. "So you and Max are...."

"Were friends, good friends." Liz replied quickly and then just as quickly stood up.
"Thank you so much for the pizza Mrs. Evans. But, Maria and I really need to get going.
Isabelle why don't you meet us over at the Crashdown, say about seven."

Before Isabelle had a chance to reply Diane replied for her. "Why don't you two just come
on over to the house and pick Isabelle up since our house is on the way. In fact, why don't
you two pack a bag and just plan on staying over tonight. I'm sure after you get back you
three will have a million and one things to gossip about so why not just make it an all

"Now that sounds like a plan. We accept." Maria agreed quickly, but knew she was going to
get an ear full from Liz once they left Diane's company. But, Maria figured this way she
could keep an eye on both Max and Liz tonight and make sure Max couldn't do anything else
stupid to hurt her friend. Especially since she knew Liz's parents weren't going to be home
until really late, she didn't exactly want to leave Liz alone tonight with her parent's gone.

Knowing there was no way to get out of this now, Liz concurred. "Yeah, sounds like fun."
Once they were out in the car Liz turned to her best friend. "You are soooo dead."

"What? This way you don't have to worry about Cave man Max coming out with all of us there.
Besides it's not like he is going to try anything with his parents right down the hallway.
Now come on, let's just make the best of it."

"The only problem with this so called best laid plan, is now you've put me in Max's house,
with Max there, not to mention Max's bed where he sleeps right across the hall all night."
Inside Liz's entire body was tingling with excitement over those facts she had just laid
out. And wondered what the possibilities were of Max going all cave man on her again with
his parents home.

End Pt5
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Thanks for the FB, here is the new part. Let me know how what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 6

Max had come home after talking to Michael about what he had discovered in his research. He
was sitting in the living room having a glass of juice when his sister and mother walked in
the door with their hands full of packages. He immediately got up and helped his Mom with
her packages. "Man, did you guys leave anything at the mall for any one else to buy?" He
joked as he took several bags out of his mother's hands.

"Ha ha very funny brother dear. Just for that we might not show you what we got for you."
Isabelle teased back.

"Yes, Max. I wouldn't forget to buy you something. Besides I thought you might want a new
shirt to wear tonight." His mother told him.

"Tonight? Why do I need a new shirt for tonight?" Max inquired, warning bells were going
off in his head already.

"After our very interesting lunch today, Mom figured you would want a new shirt just in case."
Isabelle offered.

"Well, we ran into Liz Parker and her friend Maria when we stopped for lunch and they invited
your sister to go with them tonight. And since they are all going to that new dance club,
I thought it would be best if you drove them. Besides I'd feel better if three young
beautiful woman had a male escort with them tonight and made sure they made it back here
safely for their sleep over. So I had Isabelle help pick out a new shirt for you so you
could take them."

"Wait, back up a minute. Did you say Liz was going to a club tonight and then coming back
here to spend the night?" His nervousness in his voice didn't pass by either of the Evan's
women. Isabelle looked at her mother and then winked. Their entire conversation after
lunch was all in regard to Max and Liz's relationship. Isabelle half filled her mother in
on a few things, mainly how Max has been obsessing over Liz for years, but didn't really go
into too many details. Just that they had started dating, then Max did something stupid,
but now he wants Liz back, but Liz is playing hard to get even though it's obvious that she
wants to be with Max just as much as he wants her.

"Liz and Maria, Max. God, you hear Liz's name and I swear your brain shuts down." Isabelle
stated completely annoyed at her brother.

"And Liz agreed that I could drive you guy?"

"Well, we didn't exactly go into detail about that just yet. But, I don't think they will
have a problem with a handsome man such as yourself escorting them. Just leave that to me."
Diane winked at her daughter once again.

"Mom, I don't think Isabelle wants her brother following her around on her girl's night out."
Max looked to his sister for a little help already trying to come with terms that Liz was
going to be spending the night in the same house as he did. Knowing full well there was no
possible way he was going to get any sleep tonight with Liz just a few feet away.

"Really Max, it's okay with me. Oh stop whining, it's not like you won't have a good time
watching Liz dance. Who knows brother dear, you might just get lucky and she may allow you
to dance with her."

"Yeah, like I'd allow her to dance with any other guy." Max said under his breath, but both
his sister and Mom heard him all the same.

At that moment Philip Evans came in the house. "Diane, I'm glad your home. How would you
feel about driving into Clovis this evening, Mark Connelly called and wanted to know if I
would be interested in being their fourth man for a golf tournament tomorrow? I thought
maybe you and I could make a weekend out of it. Go up tonight for a little dinner, a little
dancing." He grabbed his wife and twirled her around. "Then tomorrow you could hit the
stores or relax by the pool while I play in the golf tournament. Janice is going with Mark,
so it should be a lot of fun. What do you say?"

"Philip it sounds wonderful, but I just told Isabelle she could have a couple friends over
and I'm not sure if it would be wise to leave a house full of kids..."

"Nonsense, I trust Isabelle and Max you'll be home to make sure the girls don't get into to
much trouble won't you son?"

"Oh yeah, Dad. You and Mom go on and have a good time." Max intervened quickly.

"Go on Mom, I'll make sure Max doesn't get into any trouble. I mean how many times do you
get invited out for a weekend of fun with your husband. Besides this gives you an excuse
to wear that new dress you got today." Isabelle added.

"Okay, if you guys are sure, but I want to hear all about your night the minute I get back."
With the decision made she hurried up to her bedroom carrying her new bags with her.

Max couldn't believe how all this was working out. It was his dream and his nightmare all
rolled into one. The girl of his dreams here in his house all night, but now knowing he
couldn't really do anything about it. His parents said their good byes and Diane made a
point when she looked Max right in the eyes and told him especially to be good. Like I have
any choice in that matter, he thought to himself and just like that Max and Isabelle were
left alone for the evening.

It was just after about seven when Maria and Liz arrived at the Evan's house completely
unaware of several things that had taken place. But, when Max was the one to open the door
dressed in a brand new shirt that even Maria had to admit made him look hot, both girls knew
something was up. "Hey Maria, Liz." He stated as he held the door open for the two of them
to come into their house. "Isabelle's almost ready and then we can go."

"Wait, we?" Liz questioned.

"Uh..Yeah..See..My Mom...Uh..."

"What my brother is trying so horribly to say is that Dad came home and literally swept my
Mom off her feet. Their gone for the night, but Mom made Max promise to drive us and keep
us young unable to protect ourselves females from any unsuspecting goons that might try to
take advantage of us poor innocent sweet girls. Since Max is a big strong muscular man he
gets to play body guard and chauffeur for the night." Isabelle stated with sarcasm. "The
only problem with that being is of course, I could probably take out any guy including Max
here if anything came up with a flick of my wrist. Not that I could tell Mom that, so
instead we're stuck with my brother." Isabelle finished up her explanation, and was happy
to see both Liz and Maria giggling at truth of her statement and Max blushing.

Maria wrapped her arm around Isabelle's shoulder and said. "Isabelle, have I told you lately
how happy I am that we're on the same side?"

Isabelle just laughed. "Come on, I'll show you guys where you can put your stuff down."

The girls followed Isabelle up toward her room, but just before Liz went inside Max grabbed
her arm. "I'm just going to steal Liz for one moment. It won't take more than a few seconds
and then you two may have her back, Scouts Honor." He held up a couple of fingers and then
pulled Liz into his bedroom. "I'm sorry, I didn't know about any of this until just a few
hours ago." He immediately started to apologize for the awkward arrangement. "Look if your
uncomfortable about me going tonight, Isabelle's right. She's more than capable to take
care of herself and both you and Maria. So if you'd rather I stay home, I can. I don't
want to ruin your evening."

Liz smiled shyly up at him. "Max, were friends. We can go out and have a good time dancing
the night away, just do me a favor."

Max stepped closer to her, removing her overnight bag from her shoulder. "Anything." He
stated as he dropped the bag on the floor of his bedroom.

"Could you make sure caveman Max stays home for the night and just be my friend. I want us
to be able to be friends Max and to be able to go out and fun for a night without worrying
about caveman Max making his appearance known." She then moved closer to him, raised her
hand and gentle caressed it across his cheek. "I'd be lying if I stated that I don't like
it when he does come out Sometimes, but not tonight Max. Tonight we're friends. Deal?"

"Deal." With that she turned to leave his room, completely forgetting about her overnight
bag being in Max's room with Max following closely behind her.

When they got back down stairs both Isabelle and Maria were waiting on them. Maria walked
up to Max and he could tell she was about to give him a good talking too. "Don't worry Maria
Liz already gave me the caveman speech upstairs and I promise to behave and just have fun as
friends tonight."

"Good, now that that is settled. Let's go have some fun!" Maria exclaimed as she grabbed
Isabelle's arm and headed out the front door.

"Shall we?" Max asked offering Liz his arm.

"Let's go." Liz replied as she took Max's arm and the two of them followed Maria and Isabelle.

At first Isabelle started to climb into the drivers seat when Max quickly reminder her that
he was to play chauffeur for the night. Before an argument could even get started, Maria
quickly suggested Max drive them there and then Isabelle could drive them home. "Okay, but
I'm not sitting in the back with this skirt on." Both Maria and Liz giggled at that
considering all three of them had on short mini skirts so that statement made absolutely no
sense. But, neither Maria nor Liz had a problem with Isabelle sitting in the front so they
both graciously climbed in the back.

On the way over to the club Maria leaned over and whispered to her friend. "Are you okay
with Max coming tonight?"

"I'm fine. Besides we have an agreement."

"What's that?"

"That he'd leave caveman Max back at his house and I wouldn't give him any reason to bring
him out. Besides I want to see if Max and I can really just go out and have some fun as

"You do realize your playing with fire don't you?" Maria stated more than questioned.

"I know what I'm doing Maria." Liz defended and Maria just gave her the okay signal and sat
back to enjoy the ride.

When they arrived at the club no one was really surprised when Max paid their way into the
club. "Max, you didn't have to for all of ours." Liz reprimanded him.

"Actually, it was Mom's treat. She gave me enough money so all three of you would have a
good time without worrying about having enough money." Max quickly informed her to let her
know he hadn't stepped over the friends only boundary already that night. Once inside he
suggested they find a table while he went to go get everyone a drink. The music was already
filling the entire club and people were dancing the night away. It didn't take Maria very
long to get into the vibes of the music and she pulled both Isabelle and Liz out to the
dance floor to get their night started. One dance led to another, then another, then another.
The entire time Max sat at the table and was more than content to watch Liz dancing. Watching
Liz had been something that Max had made an art of for years, but before he had to watch in
secret. Now he could openly watch her and not worry if she saw him or not. After about
six or seven songs all three girls returned to the table that Max was sitting to get a much
needed drink.

They were only at the table for a quick gulp of their drinks, before another one of Maria's
favorite songs came blaring over the speakers. She grabbed Liz's hand and the two of them
were back on the dance floor swinging their hips and having the time of their lives. Isabelle
had stayed back at the table to rest for a few more minutes before heading back out. "Why
don't you just go out and dance with her?" She finally asked her brother who had yet to
take his eyes off of Liz the entire night. "I mean come on Max, we both know you want you
and don't even try to say you don't know how to dance. This is me your talking to here, so
go dance."

"Isabelle, I'm fine. Liz is having a good time dancing and I'm having a good time watching.
So don't push, okay?" Max answered still not taking his eyes off of Liz as she moved to the
music so gracefully.

"Okay, but just remember the night is young and if you don't make your move soon, someone
else will." With that Max snapped his head at his sister, taking his eyes off of Liz for
the first time the entire evening. Isabelle laughed at the look of panic on her brother's
face. Then she looked over at where her two friends were dancing and noticed a rather good
looking guy starting to dance within their dance space knowing he was about to make a move
for at least one or the other. She nodded her head in the direction of her friends for her
brother's benefit. "Like I said you better make your move soon brother dear."

Max turned his head swiftly back to the dance floor and sure enough some guy was starting to
dance a little too close to His Liz. That's all it took and Max was out of his seat in a
matter of seconds. Just before Max got to where they were dancing the loud speaker changed
songs and a soft melody made it's way across the dance floor. The gentleman that had been
trying to dance with Liz and Maria finally saw his opportunity and asked Liz if she would
dance with him. Liz looked over at the table where Max had been sitting all night. Maria
had made more than one comment during their various dances about Max watching her dance, but
now when she wanted more than anything to feel Max's arms around her, he wasn't there. She
was just about to tell the guy who had asked her to dance no thank you and head to the ladies
room with Maria when Max approached. "I think this is my dance." Max answered for Liz to
the other guy as he held out his hand for her.

Liz looked over to Max and without any further words being said she placed her hand in his
and let him take her into his arms. Liz didn't fight or hesitate because at that moment
their eyes locked and Liz knew there wasn't anywhere else in the world that she would rather
be or for that matter be with. It finally felt like they were at home again as they
swayed to the music. Liz laid her head on his chest, closing her eyes she took in a big
breathe to fill her mind of Max's scent. She never remembered feeling so safe and warm as
she did whenever she was in Max's arms. As Max held Liz in his arms he never wanted the
song to end. He would have been completely happy if he could hold Liz in his arms for the
rest of his life. When the song finally ended neither party was ready to part ways, in fact
they hadn't pulled a part when the next song began even though the music had a much faster
beat. It wasn't until Maria and Isabelle danced over to the two of them and told them it
was time to let go. Both blushing, Max finally released his arms around Liz and started to
move back to his place at their table. "Oh come on Max, lets see those moves of yours."
Maria stated as she started shaky her hips in sync to the music. "Besides your never going
to have any fun just sitting at that stupid table. Your not afraid are you Max?" Maria
continued her goading as she danced around him.

"You know I can dance Maria when I want to, I'm not Michael." Max finally relented.

"Well, then lets see it." Maria goaded once more. That was all the further Maria got before
Max grabbed her arm, swung her around and began dancing circles around Maria keeping perfect
beat with the music. Isabelle simply laughed at the shocked looks that Maria and Liz had on
their faces. For she of all people knew exactly how good of a dancer her brother was. It
was just something that he never did in public because he had always kept himself so closed
off and was always way to shy of a person to let go and show that he could bogie with the
best of them. It didn't take Liz or Maria long to get over their shock and before they knew
it the four of them were tearing up the dance floor together. When the next slow song came
over the over head speakers of the club Max immediately pulled Liz back into his arms not
wanting to miss the opportunity to hold Liz once again. Maria and Isabelle both decided it
was time for another girl bathroom break. "I never would have guessed that Max could move
like that." Maria spoke honestly.

"I guess there's a lot of things about Max that not a lot of people know, I'm just impressed
that you actually got him to lose enough of that control for him to let go finally. Besides
we both know how much Liz enjoys to dance. Do you really think Max didn't know that. I
mean he's only been obsessing over Liz ever since..Well ever since I can remember any way.
I remember him watching American Bandstand and practicing in his room when he was only ten
just in case the opportunity ever came up to dance with Liz, he was determined to make the
perfect impression."

Back on the dance floor Max held Liz a little closer to him this time as they danced. "How
come you never showed me how good of a dancer you are?" Liz questioned as they continued
swaying their bodies to the music.

"Let's just say that I've always known how good a dancer you were and what was important to
you is important to me. So I made a point of learning." He stated sincerely while pulling
Liz even closer to his body. The two seemed to glide together in perfect motion and perfect
rhythm together and Max knew when they did finally make love that it would be exactly like
this perfect in every way. The next song had a Latin beat to it and Max had no intention of
letting Liz out of his arms just yet. His body immediately started moving to the new beat,
the beat that just oozed sex. Their hips grivated together once again in sync while Max held
tightly to Liz's waist. Moving in sync, hips grinding together neither could avoid the way
Max's body was responding to Liz's. There was no way to hide the bulge in his pants as his
hips moved against Liz's. Maria and Isabelle had found their way back to the table by this
time and were shocked beyond belief at the sight of Max and Liz on the dance floor. The way
their lower bodies moved together if they hadn't had their clothes on, Maria would have
sworn they were actually having sex out in the middle of the dance floor. Both felt like
voyeurs the way they were watching, but neither could look away because the way they moved
together was simply breathtaking to watch. Both came to the same conclusion, Max and Liz
were meant to be together.

By this time it was almost twelve and the final dance of the evening came on. It wasn't
exactly a slow song, but it wasn't an up beat tune either so Max continued to keep his arms
around Liz and kept her close to his body while changing their moving rhythm once again to
the new beat of the music. When the song finished the lights in the club turned bright
signaling it was closing time and the four friends made their way out to Max's car. Handing
the keys over to his sister Max climbed into the back while still holding on to Liz without
hesitation. What surprised him the most was the way Liz stayed in his arms, never once
making any kind of move to move away from him and he wasn't about to argue. Their night was
far from over. The only thing that worried Max was himself. Could he really control himself
when it came to Liz? Holding Liz in his arms, their bodies dancing so close together,
knowing that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, but all the time knowing they couldn't.
Not yet, not until she was his forever. Now he just had to make sure he kept himself in
check for the rest of the night, even if it killed him to do so. Liz on the other hand had
no intention of letting their night go to waist. She wanted to be with Max so bad she could
almost taste it. The way he had held her in his arms and the way their bodies had moved so
perfectly in sync during the last few dances. His bodies reaction to hers hadn't gone
unnoticed and now all she had to do was make sure he lost that control of his once they
got back to his house once again. She was ready to see caveman Max make his appearance once

End Pt6

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Hey all, I have to say there is a lot of conflicting FB so far. Half seem to want Caveman Max, the other doesn't think he has any rights to Liz after the Tex. Well, if I'm writing this story the way it S/B then before it is through I hope that everyone will want them to be together, but not make love, because - well you'll see that soon enough. Anyway, here is the next part. I hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 7

The car ride back to the Evan's residence was filled with laughter, jokes and everyone
including Max was having good time. Max's good mood was caused by the fact that he still had
his arm around Liz and she didn't seem to mind in the least bit. To Max it seemed like old
times, before Tess, before destiny. Maria had tried to persuade Michael to come to the club
after he got off work, but he told her to just have a good time with the others. It had
nothing to do with the fact that he had recorded the latest hockey game earlier and wanted
to watch it of course. Maria understood all too well, but decided she was going to have a
good time with or without Michael and she had. Even Isabelle who had spent a good portion
just sitting around her house for the past few weeks had finally let go and had some fun.
Her good mood had nothing to do with the fact that she had ran into a young lawyer that was
currently working for her father. His name was Jesse and when he had asked her to slow
dance during the first slow song, she couldn't help the way he made her feel when he held
her in his arms. No all and all the night had been a success. As they pulled into the
driveway, Maria blurted out. "Man, I haven't danced that much since I can't remember when.
I must reek. Isabelle do you think it would be okay if I used your shower?"

"Sure, I think a shower sounds heavenly. Max do you think you could keep Liz company, so I
could use Mom and Dad's shower while Maria uses mine?" Isabelle asked although she already
knew the answer to that question.

Walking into their house, Max turned to Liz who was still by his side. "Think you could
handle being stuck with me for a few more minutes?" He asked as he squeezed her arm that he
held a little tighter.

Liz rolled her eyes, flicked her hair over her shoulder and stated. "If I must, I must."
Then smiled at Max to let him know she was joking with him. Max smiled right back and the
two of them became lost in each other's eyes. In fact, they were so into each other neither
heard Maria nor Isabelle tell them they were heading for the showers. Max reached his free
hand up and slid a strand piece of Liz's hair behind her ear and slowly let his hand caress
down her cheek. "Max, I..."

"Sshhh..It's okay Liz." He bent down and place a gentle kiss on her forehead. Then pulled
back slightly to gauge her reaction. Her eyes were closed and the dreamy look upon her face
told Max she was okay with his action. He pulled her body a little closer, leaned back down
again slowly kissing her closed eye lids, one then the other, her nose, then one cheek down
to just the corner of her mouth before he moved to the other side. His movements were
agonizingly slow, giving her time to pull away any time she wanted. The amazing thing to
Max was she hadn't pulled away, in fact her body language said the exact opposite. As she
moved just a tad bit closer and leaned her face upward just a tad more, her body was letting
him know she had no intention of pulling away. So, Max did exactly what both of them were
wanting, he brought his lips down to hers and took her breath away with a mind blowing kiss.
He took her lips like he wanted to take her body. Sucking her bottom lip into his mouth
only to release it and then pull it back in again. His tongue teasing her lips gently apart
asking permission for entrance. Without hesitation his request was granted. Their tongues
dueled as Max tilted her head for even greater access and to hold her in place with one hand
while his other hand pulled her as close to his body as humanly possible. Their they stood
in the foyer of his home, kissing for all eternity and neither was wishing to end it any
time soon. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his head down to hers even more so.
And when she sucked his tongue into her sweet wet mouth, Max was sure he had died and gone
to heaven. She couldn't help but notice how Max's lower body was reacting to their kiss as
she moved her hips slightly and brushed against his noticeable erection. Her moans drove Max
to deepen his kiss if that was at all possible. If it hadn't been the need to inhale a deep
breath due to the lack of oxygen from their kiss, neither would have broken their kiss.

Slowly they pulled back and once again locked eyes with each other. It was a turning point
in their relationship and both understood what the other was saying without any words being
passed between them. I want more. I want you. I love you. It was Max that finally pulled
back realizing how much of his control had slipped and knowing it was time to rain it back
in before he did something he would regret. He wanted so much more from Liz than just a one
night stand, she was his future and no matter how much it killed him. He had no intention
of taking away their chance to have that future for one night of pleasure, no matter how
much he wanted her. Both of them were breathing heavy, their chests rising and lowering in
a quick pace. "We need to talk Liz." Max finally got out and was only answered with a nod
from her head as she was still too filled with lust from his kiss to form any words. He
reached his hand down to her hand and led her up to his bedroom to try to explain
what he knew in his heart to be true.

Once inside his room, he closed his bedroom door quickly, but didn't even hardly have a
chance to turn around let alone say two words before Liz's lips were crashed into his once
again. Her kiss was one full of hunger and desire. The passion, the love she had for him
washed over him in an instant and Max was lost in the spell of that passion and love. He
wouldn't have been able to control himself if his life depended on it. He didn't even know
Liz had unbuttoned the front of his shirt until her hands were on his bare chest. Softly
caressing, stroking the heat from inside his body until it was at a boiling point and
screamed for release. Without thinking, just feeling Max swooped Liz into his arms and
walked the three steps over to his bed where he laid her down gently almost as if she were a
piece of fine china. Moving his body so he was half on top of her and half on her side,
slowly letting his hands roam up and down the side of her that was still uncovered with his
own body. God he wanted her so much, he could almost taste how sweet it would be to finally
become one with her. Removing his lips from her mouth, he trailed kisses down her neck.
When he was rewarded with a loud moan he knew he had hit an extreme sensitive spot on her
neck and took full advantage of it. Licking, then sucking, then nipping only to lick and
begin the torture all over again. Her skin tasted so sweet to him, just like he had remembered
it did only now it tasted all that much more better to him for some reason.

Liz ran one hand over his chest, while her other hand played havoc on the nape of neck holding
him to her body. He moved one hand just to the curve of her breast before lifted his head
from her neck and looked deeply into her eyes as his thumb brushed over her nipple
causing it to stiffen immediately in response to his slight touch. Her face showed her
desire and she had the look that said she was being ravished and loving every second of it.
It took his breath away to see her with such passion filled eyes. It was more than he could
stand and quickly sought out her mouth for another taste of what he could only describe as
just Liz, while his hand covered her entire breast for a complete fulfillment of pleasure.
Only to be rewarded with another soft moan. The vibration stroking his need for her to such
a new height and all he had done so far was kiss her and barely touched one breast. She was
stirring such passion inside his body he had no idea how he would possibly be able to stop.
Releasing her mouth and traveling down the neckline of her shirt, it only took a second to
move her shirt over just enough for her one breast covered only by a lacy red bra to be
exposed. He didn't even bother to move her bra out of his way, he couldn't wait. He simply
latched his mouth onto her breast in one quick swoop. "Oh Max..Yes!" She moaned out as she
began to rock her hips seductively on his leg that laid in-between hers.

In all their times together they had heavily made out with just simple petting, but this was
by far the farthest they had ever progressed their physical relationship to so far. Feeling
her hips move in that circular motion, Max couldn't take it any more he just simply had to
feel her core against his erection. He didn't even care if they were still mostly dressed,
he just had to get a small taste of what was to come in the future. Moving his body more
directly over hers while his hand pulled the lace of her bra downward to expose her one
breast fully for his mouth he waited until she opened her legs just enough to let him know
she was okay with what he was requesting and then he thrusted his hips downward to meet her
core with a rock hard bulge and held himself there in check for a few moments reveling in
the simple feel of their two bodies pressed together in an innocent, but yet such an intimate
way. Lifting his mouth away from her peaked nipple only to replace it with his large hand.
It was at that moment his erection pressed on just the right spot between Liz's legs and she
screamed out his name as her orgasm shook her entire body to it's core.

He removed his hand from her breast and softly stroked her face. The looked that had come
over her face as her orgasm had taken hold took his breath away. "God Liz, your amazing.
Was that your first?" He asked needing to know desperately that he was the first person to
make her lose herself completely like she had just done.

Shaking her head, she smiled shyly up at him. Seeing the look of despair that flashed upon
his face she was quick to add. "My first..The first time I ever...It was at school. Remember
when you touched my hand in biology right before we found the orb. That simple amazing touch
sent ripples throughout my body. Remember, we got detention after school. God, it was worth
it though." Her face looked distant as the memory of that day flooded her senses.

He had never known that piece of information and seeing her face and how it lit up as she
remembered how he had made her feel that day only drove his passion for her to a brand new
urgency. "I want you so much. Can you feel what you do to me?" He pressed his lower body
into hers even more sternly to emphasize what his words were saying.

Liz's breath caught in her throat at the feel of his arousal pressed more firmly against her
middle core. "I'm not fighting you Max. I want you too." She breathed out.

Max pulled away from her and recovered her breast with both her bra and shirt. "You have no
idea how hard you are making this on me." He looked down at his stiff bulge. "I mean that
literally, but as much as I want to make love to you Liz Parker, I won't."

"I don't..." Liz started to protest, only to quickly be cut off by a quick kiss.

"I want you forever Liz. Not just for one night or a few weeks or a couple of months. I
mean forever. I want to marry you and cement you to me forever on that same day. Until
that day comes, we can't make love."

"You want us to wait until we're married?" She asked unsure if she had heard him correctly.

"Yes," He stated firmly leaving no room for argument.

"But, what if..." Once again cut off by another quick kiss.

"No, what if's. Someday I will marry you Liz Parker and the day you become Liz Evans is the
day that I will take you to my bed forever."

"Max Evans, I know you love me and I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about you and as much
of a romantic gesture it is to wait to make love until the day we are married, I just think
with everything that has happened maybe we should just seize the moment when we have the
ability to take advantage of it." She tried to reason with him, after all two years ago if
Max had said those words to her she would have believed him. Thought nothing could have
ever came between them, but that was before Tess, before destiny, before he had been with
her in the most intimate way a man could be with a woman. As soon as that thought entered
her mind it kept nagging her. Max made love to Tess, but he won't make love to me. Over
and over she had that same thought.

"No, Liz, I want our wedding night to be special and what could be more special than knowing
we will make love for the first time together on that night." Max stated honestly, even
though he knew in his heart it was more than just him wanting to wait. They had to wait or
they could never ever bond forever, but how could he explain that to her when he really
didn't have any proof or really didn't understand it himself just yet. He just simply knew.

With the thought of Max being with Tess and refusing to be with her running through her mind
Liz began to become angry at the situation. How could he not want to be with her yet, but
he was more than willing to be with Tess so easily? Before Max knew what was happening Liz
pushed him away from her and was on her feet. "You know what Max, I thought tonight was
finally the night that we could put the past behind us, start our future, begin again. But,
you don't want me really DO YOU? You were more than happy to fuck Tess, with her big boobs
and her big blue eyes! Alex was barely in his grave when you grabbed hold of the first
opportunity to be with her. But, when it comes to meek little science nerd Lizzy your in
no hurry what so ever! Hell, there's no guarantee that we'll even be around tomorrow!"

Her words shocked him at first, did she really believe that bullshit. He stood immediately
grabbing her by her arms and swinging her around so she was facing her. "Yes, I spent one
night with that murdering bitch, but that's all it was a fuck, a release from myself and I
have regretted it every second since!" He shouted back, then calming down just a tad and
lowering his voice he continued. "She meant nothing to me Liz, I remembered images, some
feelings from my former life that I shared with her, but that's not who I am in this life.
She's not who I want. She never was and that night we spent together, meant absolutely
nothing to me. Do you understand that, NOTHING! I want our first time to mean something,
to cherish forever. Not because of opportunity, but because we've committed ourselves to
each other forever. It has nothing to do with the fact that I don't want you. I want you
so much it's killing me just thinking of waiting one more second until I can be with you.
Don't you see Liz, can't you understand. I Love You! I've always been in love with you,
only you. Your the most brilliant, beautiful, amazing person I have ever known in my life.
Please tell me you understand, tell me you believe in us to give us that one special night
so we can share a lifetime of those special nights forever."

"I'm sorry Max, I just don't know what to believe any more. I've been hurt so many times,
I just don't know what to believe any more. Say I believe you now, then six months from
now another blonde bimbo turns your head or say Tess returns with your son. How can I be
sure that you won't leave me again? What's to keep you from breaking my heart again?"
Tears streamed down her face as she confessed her greatest fears to him.

Max swiped the tears away from her face, lifted her chin so your eyes met his. "Marry me

Choking a sob down, she took a deep breath and whispered out. "What?"

Max sat her back down on his bed, reached into his night table and then bent down on one
knee in front of her. "Liz Parker, I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you back in
the third grade. I have been in love with you since the day your life laid in my hands and
your soul was burned into my soul. I want to be the one to make all your dreams and all
your fantasies come to life. Your beautiful, honest, loyal and pure and I couldn't ask for
a more perfect wife, perfect queen. Elizabeth Ann Parker will you do me the honor of
becoming my wife?" He asked as he brought a small black velvet box up to her, snapping his
fingers to make the lid pop open for her to view the contents. It was the most amazing
engagement ring she had ever seen in her life. The middle stone was a pure diamond that had
a swirling symbol like the pendant etched in the middle of the stone, it was set in the
middle of five smaller diamonds that made the shape of the five planets of his home solar
system. The entire setting was place on the most magnificent sparkling gold that almost
looked like liquid it was so pure.


End Pt7

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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 8

Max held his breath awaiting Liz's answer to his marriage proposal while she stuttered trying
to comprehend what had just transpired. First the were making out like there was no tomorrow,
then Max had pulled away saying he wanted to wait until they were married before actually
having sex. Then they were in an argument over Tess, again. Now Max had just asked her to
marry him with a beautiful ring and all. Not able to take the wait any longer, he asked.

At first Liz was too shocked to even try to form words, but once she heard his voice it
brought her out of her shock. Instead of answering him with words she flung herself toward
Max, wrapping her arms around his neck and knocking him off balance where they both ended up
on his bedroom floor. Liz placed tiny kisses all over his entire face, not caring where she
kissed him, just needing to have her lips on him. "Can I take that as a yes?" Max asked
making sure he wasn't misinterpreting her actions, since she still hadn't actually given
him an answer.

"Yes..kiss" Her entire body was
gleaming for joy. This was what she had dreamed of for so long and now her dreams were
finally coming true.

When she finally gave him his answer, Max's heart soared with delight at the knowledge that
Liz Parker was going to be his wife. He cupped her face within his hands, looked her deeply
into her eyes and then pulled her lips down to meet his in another mind blowing kiss that
seemed to last another entire life time. When they broke apart for air he couldn't stop
telling her how much he loved her. He couldn't stop touching her. She was like the air to
breath for him. Suddenly she was gone, pulling away from him. He had no idea why or what
had happened to have her pull away so abruptly like she had all he knew was she wasn't in
his arms any longer. "Liz?"

"Up here." She called and Max was quick to make his way off the floor in his room only to
have his breath taking away at the sight of her. There on his bed laid Liz with her shirt
having already been promptly removed.

A lump the size of Texas caught in his throat and the only movement his body would allow was
for his eyes to roam up and down and back up her half naked body that laid before him. He
couldn't take his eyes of her she looked every bit like the goddess he knew she would be to
his eyes. His own body responding painfully to her, growing harder than he had ever known
possible. His control was crumbling right before his eyes, here she was the woman of all of
his desires, the woman he loved with his heart and soul, the woman he had just asked to
marry him laying before him with open arms. Asking with only her eyes and her body to join
her. God is she trying to kill me, he thought to himself. "Liz, my God your beautiful."
He finally whispered out. He knelt on the bed directly beside her, leaning on his arms just
over the top of her upper body. "I cannot not touch you right now." He stated huskily in a
low shallow voice.

"Then touch me Max." She whispered seductively back at him as she leaned forward and pulled
his shirt over his head. "Just as long as I can touch you too." Her voice thick with desire
as her hands roamed down his chest, along his stomach and then to the top of his slacks.
Halting her fingers on the button to wait for him to give her the okay.

Max brought her hands both up to his mouth, turning them so her palms faced his lips and
pressed his lips in the center of both palms for a sweet kiss on each. "Liz, we can touch
each other in any way you like, but I am serious about not making love to you until our
wedding night. If you can handle that, than please yes, touch me too." He brought her
hands back down to the button on his pants and waited for her to make her own decision as
he bent his head and began to slowly and gently explore her lucious sweet mouth all over.

Liz knew Max was serious about his statement about wanting to wait until they were married.
In fact she felt honored that he wanted them to save that one special moment of it being
their first time together, her first time ever until their wedding night, but it was only
the summer before their senior year. How long did Max expect them to wait? She knew Max
could give her physical pleasure without actually making love to her. After all, she had
already experienced it twice from him barely touching her. But, she couldn't help and wonder
how wonderful of an experience it would be for the two of them to join their bodies in the
ultimate intimate way that a male and female were meant to be joined. She unbuttoned his
slacks, slid down his zipper and then looked up into his eyes that had darkened with desire
by her actions. "Touch me Max. Make me feel the way only you can make me feel." Her voice
thick with desire as she waited for his next move.

Her wait wasn't long as his mouth crashed hungry against hers. His tongue demanded as he
kissed her deeply, his hand already moving into position on her breast to resume his previous
position as he slid his body back over hers and once again found his stiff erection pressed
against her heavenly core. His hips thrusted down to meet her lower body in a seductive
motion over and over and each time swiveled his hips ever so slightly when their bodies
met. Liz moans were growing louder and louder as her hips moved in motion with his. With
their movements continuing and with his slacks undone, his erection slowly making its way
out of it's prior confinements. Max could actually feel the moisture on her panties with the
tip of his erection every time their bodies merged. The sensation was more than he could
take and he found himself needing his own release desperately. He removed his mouth from
hers and latched onto her neck once again, but increased the tempo that he had set earlier.
Feeling Liz's entire body stiffen underneath him as her orgasm crashed through her. He
wrapped his arms around her waist and plunged forward one last time and held himself tightly
against her core and felt his own release getting ready to explode. "AH..AH...OH LIZZZZ!!"
He groaned out deeply as his seed streamed out of his penis. Continuing to hold her close,
unable to move as the sensation continued to course through his body. Breathing heavily he
finally lifted just slightly off of her fearing his body weight would be too much. "Wow, I
can't believe that just happened." He spoke honestly, she hadn't even touched him, they
weren't even completely naked and he had lost all his control. He knew he grew hard
constantly around her, but to actually cum like that he never thought he would be one to
lose control as quickly as he had when just trying to please her.

Liz felt the warm sticky liquid between her legs and was also amazed at how Max had let
himself go like he had. He was always in so much control and for him to lose it like he had
made her feel excited all over again. Suddenly just knowing it was her that had caused him
to go over the edge, made her want to touch him and make it happen all over again. She had
been in the middle of her own release and his face had been buried in her neck so she didn't
get the opportunity to witness what his face looked like when he lost his control and for
some reason at that moment it seemed very important to her. Her eyes must have shown her
disappointment at missing his expression when he had cummed, because Max lifted her chin and
she saw the worry in his eyes. "I'm sor..." He started to apologize thinking he had taken
it too far too fast.

Cutting off the apology before he could even finish the words with a shake of her head and
one finger pressed against his mouth. "I didn't get to see." She stated trying to explain
why she seemed upset to him.

"See? See what?" He asked completely confused by her statement.

"Your face. You've seen me. I mean when I've...when you've made know. But, I
didn't get to see yours." She finished lamely with a pout upon her lips.

Max couldn't help the smile that consumed his entire face. Pulling her tightly against his
body as he rolled on his side. "I can only hope, if you allow me the chance, we might get
to remedy that in the very near future."

"But, it won't be the same. That was the first time you've...I mean that I was present
when...I mean, oh hell I don't know what I mean." She felt so frustrated, here she was with
the man she loved, the man that had just given her pleasure of the most incredible kind and
she was sounding like a small child because she didn't get to see his face when he had cum.
The worst part being is she could think the word in her mind, but she couldn't even bring
herself to speak the word cum out loud, making her sound like a complete idiot.

God could she make me love her any more, she's so adorable, from a tigress to an innocent in
a matter of seconds, Max thought to himself. "Well, technically I didn't get to see your
first time either. I mean, my face was under our biology table if you remember correctly."
He joked hoping to make her feel somewhat better.

Blushing when she realized how true his statement was, then feeling the sticky substance in
between her legs. She made a move to move out of his embrace. "I think I better go clean
up, I'll be right back."

But, before she even got one foot off the bed Max pulled her back around. "It's my mess, I
think I should have to clean it up." With one quick swipe of his hand, Liz could feel all
the stickiness gone and even her panties felt clean and dry from her own juices that had
collected on the cotton portion of her silky panties. "There all better?" He asked and
then looked up to see her eyes wide on her face and staring downward. His eyes followed the
trail of where her eyes were locked on and noticed for the first time how the head of his
manhood was still poking out of his undone pants. Just knowing she was looking at him, at
it to be more precise stirred his desires once again. Instantly feeling himself growing
hard under her eyeful. Completely taking him by surprise after the release he had just had.

"Take your pants off Max." She stated. It wasn't a request or asking, her voice was

Max looked at her questioning if she was serious, but the look on her face was quick to
squelch any doubt he may have thought. He stood on the side of his bed and lowered his slacks
only, leaving him standing there in his boxers only. Then began to return to his bed, but
Liz was quicker and before he had a chance to even begin to move she was kneeling before
him. She tentatively reached out and ever so gently barely touched the very tip of his now
very apparent erection. Max could see the curiosity on her face and tried to keep himself
under some semblance of control as she slowly began her exploration of the most private part
of his body. But, to his dismay his own body betrayed him as his penis jerked at the
slightest of her touches. Causing her to pull her hand back momentarily. "Sorry." He
hadn't meant to scare her, it simply felt so good just to have her touch him even if
only for that one-second.

Now that Liz had seen and touched him, if only just the tip of him, her curiosity was peaked
and she wanted to see and touch all of him. Slowly she reached her hands on the side of
his boxers, looked up into his eyes and lowered them slowly down until they dropped in a
pool around his ankles. "I love you." She whispered before she returned her attention back
to what had previously peeked her interest. Releasing a small gasp when she saw him fully
erected and standing straight out in front of her. The size of him was much larger than she
had expected, not that she had anything to compare to, but still he looked very well endowed
to her. Once again tentatively she reached out and touched him once again. First just
around his head and then becoming braver in her actions she ran one finger down the length
of him. Hearing his in take of breath, she knew he was reacting to her touch and it gave
her the reinsurance that he liked the way she was touching him. She noticed how his skin
felt silky smooth and how it felt hard as steel almost to her at the same time. After she
had explored him enough to satisfy her curiosity side, she wanted to know what excited him
the most. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around the hardened flesh in front of her, which
granted her a throaty moan from Max. Even though she had never been with a man in this way,
let alone seen a male's penis up close and personal like Max was allowing her. She knew
what she was supposed to do, it's just she wasn't quite sure what Max liked the best and that's
what she wanted to discover. She stroked the length of him once, then looked up to his face.
His eyes were closed in concentration and she knew he was trying to keep himself under his
normal self control. "What do you like Max? I mean what excites you the most?"

Max opened his eyes and looked down into hers. "You." He answered honesty. He didn't care
how or what way she touched him, because just the simplest of the touches was enough to drive
him over the edge and at the moment he was trying in vain to keep his control long enough
for her to finish her exploration of his body before he exploded again. In all actuality
he was finding it difficult to continue standing as his knees were growing weaker by the

Seeing him begin to waver Liz said, "I think you better lay down." As she stroked his
length once more. Max only nodded in response as he tried desperately not to release yet.
Damn she's barely touched me and I'm ready to explode, he thought to himself as he obeyed
her and climbed back on the bed, but instead of laying down he leaned over her, bent his
head down to her level and kissed her deeply. He would have continued kissing her if she
hadn't begun her stroking of him, instead he broke off the kiss to let out a moan. Liz
looked from his face that was fashioned in pleasure, back down to his erection. There she
saw a pearl like substance forming on the tip of his head. Pushing him onto his back she
leaned down to examine what she knew could only be precum and stroked him at a slightly
quicker pace to see if more would escape from him. Unable to stop herself she experimentally
ran her fingers over the substance to feel it's texture. When her curiosity continued she
continued to lean down and placed a feather like kiss on the very tip of his head and that
was all that it took for Max to know he wasn't going to be able to hold out any longer.

He reached down and ran his fingers gently down her face until he was able to turn her chin
toward his face. Once he knew he had her attention. "Liz...I...I'm going to..." His eyes
closed as his released crashed through his body for the second time that night moaning out
her name as he did. "Liiizzzzzz!!!"

Liz watched as the love of her life came a part literally in her hands. She felt his warm
seed covering her hand as she watched memorized by the look of total satisfaction washed
over his face. She saw how his entire body seemed to feel the sensation from the tightening
of his stomach muscles, the swift beating of his heart and the way his neck muscles seemed
to pop outward, his jawline stood at attention, his mouth opening ever so slightly and his
beautiful eyes shining deeply into hers. Then as his release took every part of his body
relaxed to a point that he looked completely satisfied. She had never felt so humble to be
able to witness the beauty of his reaction and wondered if he felt the same way when he had
laid witness to her when she had been given that same kind of pleasure by him.

As his body came back down from the heavens, Max slowly opened his eyes to see Liz watching
him contentedly. "Now you know." Was all he said and she understood that he was referring
to the exact same thing she had just been wondering. "Thank you, Liz. That was amazing."

"Yeah, it was actually." She smiled shyly as she finally removed her hand from his sex.
Max was quicker this time to clean up his mess. "Thank you."

"Your welcome." He stated seriously before he grabbed Liz, pulled her down on top of him and
then flipped them both over so now she laid underneath. "Now, it's my turn."

End Pt8

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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 9

"Now it's my turn." That's all that Max had said before he leaned down for one more sweet
kiss. His hands cupping her face, then threaded through her hair before roaming their way
down the sides of her body. She had given him such complete pleasure that he wanted to
return the favor. With his body still in a state of satisfaction, he knew he could take his
time and there was no rush. Sliding his mouth away from hers, he began to place delicate
kisses along her cheeks, chin, neck and then continued downward from there. He licked and
kissed her collarbone, then let his tongue slide between the valley of her breast. "So
beautiful, just so beautiful." He repeated over and over to her as his hands slid up and
cupped both of her breast. They squeezed, pulled and twiddled her pink nipples until they
stood erect and aching for more as his tongue swiped around each of her breast in a slow
circular motions before finally lapping out to taste just one of her nipples.

Liz couldn't stop the moan that escaped her lips at just the simplest of touches from Max's
tongue, she arched her back toward his mouth desiring more and more. Her hand's weaved
through his hair and gently pushed his head down showing him she wanted him to go further.
His movements were slow and so gentle Liz couldn't help but feel like he was worshipping her
body. It made her love him so much, but it was also driving her crazy with need.

It didn't take much for Max to understand her request and in one swift motion he sucked her
entire nipple into his mouth, nipping over so slightly as his tongue flicked around her
nipple sending Liz's body thrashing underneath his. "Oh God, Max. Yes!" She moaned out as
he continued his sweet torture on one nipple. When and only when he was completely sure he
had explored and tasted the one breast so completely did he move to the next one, only to
begin all over again. One hand releasing the breast that his mouth had taken over giving
pleasure to and roamed down her stomach, over her hip to her thigh. Having a short mini
skirt on from their night of dancing didn't give much in the way of protection from his
assault as his hand easily moved upward inching her skirt up as he went until he was just at
the edge of where her panties and her inner thigh came together. Lazily his fingers drew
circles on her thigh each time moving closer to the heat that laid between her legs.

Liz could feel her body responding to Max's slow touches. She had never been actually touched
by any man where his fingers were so close to touching now. Yes, he had cupped her once
there technically, but he had never actually touched her let alone explored that area before.
No one had and Liz was more than ready to experience what it would feel like. Spreading her
legs just slightly to give Max permission to do as he pleased to her, she waited to feel the
rush of pleasure she knew him touching her so intimately would stir within her.

Once again Max got her message loud and clear. It amazed him how easily he understood her
body's communication of her wants and needs. Slowing sliding his fingers over the crotch
of her panties until his entire hand was cupping her sweetness. He lifted his head from her
breast and looked up at her face while his hand pressed ever so softly into her mound with
just the right amount of pressure on the spot he knew she liked from their previous act.
That was all it took, when Liz's body stiffened. Max knew she was going to explode and was
awed to know just the simplest of his touches was enough to make her cum like she was about
to. In that one moment in time everything happened at once, the knocking at Max's bedroom
door, Max shouting just a minute to his sister and friend that he knew was on the other side
of that door praying Isabelle wouldn't use her powers to unlock it and barge right in as
Liz's orgasm ripped through her body as if she her crashing upon the ocean as wave after
wave of pleasure coursed through her. Screaming out "I'm cumming." As her body shook with

Isabelle and Maria looked at each other, but it was Maria who finally voiced both their
thoughts. "Did Liz just say she was coming or cumming?" Once again the two girls looked at
each other, then the door.

"You don't think..." Isabelle couldn't even get the words out.

Maria scrounged her eye brows together. "No. I'm sure we just misunderstood. No, Liz
wouldn't." She stated trying to convince herself as she said it.

"Then again you saw the way they were dancing with each other tonight. Maybe it wasn't such
a good idea to take those long showers and leave the two of them alone as long as we did. I
just hope Max was smart enough to at least use some sort of protection this time." With
that said Maria's eyes popped out at the thought of her friend ending up in the same condition
that Tess had.

Maria was quick to pound on Max's bedroom door once again. "Liz, I need to talk to you!"
She shouted through the door.

Max wanted to hold Liz until her body calmed naturally, but he knew his sister and Maria
wouldn't just go away. Running his hand down her cheek, he spoke softly. "Liz, babe we
need to get dress. I think Maria and Isabelle want to continue their girl's night and I
really don't think it would be a good idea for them to walk in on us right now." He knew
how it would look to them, after all he was completely naked and Liz was half nude and the
two of them were in a very compromising position as it was. The only problem being he was
having trouble pulling himself away from Liz. He had only just started to explore the
temple of her body and he had all the desire to continue doing just that. It was the sound
of urgency of Maria's voice that got Max moving.

Pulling away from Liz to retrieve his own clothing and her shirt, when he was pulled back
down by Liz's grasp on him. "Don't, not yet." She pleaded needing him to hold her just for
a few more minutes while her body tried to calm down to a point where she could at least
breath normally.

He leaned down and wrapped his arms around her body unable to deny her request and gave her
body a tight squeeze. He brought her hand up to his face and placed a small kiss upon her
ring finger, then slid the engagement ring that he had made himself onto her finger. "I
will always love you Liz, always." He whispered in her ear before pulling his body away
from hers one more time. Liz let out a small whimper still not ready to feel the lost of his
embrace from around her. "I'm just going to grab our clothes, I'll be right back." He
reassured her as he quickly grabbed a pair of sweat pants off his chair that he usually wore
to bed in lieu of going back for his entire that he wore earlier. Not even bothering with
underwear he slid the sweats on quickly, then went to his dresser to grab a T-shirt to throw
on just as easily.

His dressing was halted though when Liz wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. "I
think I like you better without the shirt." She stated as she ran her hands up his stomach
muscles to his chest.

Without any hesitation Max released his hold on his T-shirt and spun around to grab a hold
of Liz when he noticed that she was now wearing his new shirt in lieu of her own. "And I
can't remember that shirt ever looking better." He joked back at her, but in all honesty
just seeing her in nothing but his shirt was a major turn on to him. He had always heard
that seeing a woman in her man's clothing was sexy, but sexy couldn't even describe what
seeing Liz in his shirt was doing to him. Let alone how his body was already beginning to
react. But as sexy as she looked to him in his shirt realty came back to why they were
dressing to begin with when he heard another knock upon his bedroom door. Not wanting to
hide their relationship, but not wanting to reveal the intimacy details of it either, he
whispered. "You do realize Maria wants to talk to you?"

Very confidently she stated. "I'm wearing your ring Max, I think I have the right to wear
your shirt. Besides we didn't do anything I regret and we certainly didn't go as far as
Maria's been with Michael. So if she has a problem dealing with us, then she's just going
to have to deal with me." With that she leaned up on her tip toes, placed a soft kiss on
his cheek and then spun on her heels toward his bedroom door. Basically glowing on the
insides she opened the door with a wide smile upon her face. "Hi guys, did you both have a
nice shower?"

Both Maria and Isabelle took in the sight of Liz standing in Max's doorway in Max's shirt
and looked further into Max's room seeing him standing there only in his sweat pants noticing
how he was trying hard to surpress a laugh that was dying to explode. One thing for sure
Max noted was that Liz certainly wasn't one to back down. "Girlfriend, I think we need to
talk." Maria stated as she reached for Liz's hand only to feel the ring that Max had placed
there only a few short moments ago. "What's this? Oh My GOD! Liz, is this what I think it
is? Are you serious? I can't believe it, it is isn't it. Oh My GOD!" Maria babbled out
as she brought Liz's hand up closer to her face.

"Maria breath and yes, it is exactly what you think it is and yes, I said yes." Liz
answered quickly before Maria even had a chance to ask.

Isabelle looked at the ring on Liz's finger that Maria was still holding and then to her
brother. "Max? Really, you and Liz are engaged?"

Max didn't hesitate he walked quickly over to stand behind Liz, placing his hands on her
shoulders. "Yeah. I asked and she accepted." He said proudly as he leaned over and placed
a loving kiss on the top of her head.

Isabelle then took another look at the ring itself. "It's beautiful, where did you find it
a...You made it didn't you?" She then revealed as she looked more closely at the etching
inside the middle diamond.

Liz turned around and all eyes were on Max, who was blushing becoming his usual shy self once
again. Their only answer was a simple nod from Max as he continued to blush. "It's the
most beautiful ring I've ever seen." Liz commented as she brought her free hand that Maria
wasn't holding up and placed it on top of Max's that was still resting on her shoulder.

"I'll second that one Max. Do you by any chance give lessons in ring making 101?" When all
eyes turned to Maria, she added. "You know, for possible FUTURE references." Then wanting
to redirect the subject back to Max and Liz. "So are we setting a date yet, telling the
parents, keeping this between us, what?"

Before Liz could even say they hadn't even discussed any of those things, Max answered for
her. "I'd marry Liz today if possible, but since she won't turn eighteen until next May,
we'll wait until then and since that ring doesn't come off her finger I think trying to hide
it from our parents isn't an option."

"Is that so, Max Evans. What if I want a June wedding?" Liz stated defiantly.

"Then we'll be married June 1st." He rencountered just as firmly.

"You know my father is going to go ballistic." Liz countered back, just thinking what her
father was going to say made her wonder if it was a good idea to tell them right away or
wait until later.

"I planned to talk to your father any way Liz. I think it only proper that I ask for your
hand in marriage, don't you?"

"Since when have you done things in the way of normalcy?"

"Since I plan to make you my queen, it's seems only fitting to do things in the traditional
sense for my future queen." He stated back.

Hearing Max talk about her being his Queen, made her realize the reality of what it would
mean to actually marry Max. He wasn't just her high school boyfriend or wasn't even just
an alien hybrid. He was a reborn king of an entire planet and if she were to marry him she
herself would be considered his Queen in a weird round a bout way. "Qu..queen? Max, I don't

Max silenced her with one finger pressed gently to her lips. "Hey, I've had to take the
'Your Highness' jokes for over a year now, it's only fair that my soon to be wife have to
deal with being called a Queen." He joked to her, but in reality he knew it was no joke.
She would someday really be his Queen, just like he knew he would have to take on the roll
of King. But, he didn't want to frighten her this very minute about that fact. He would
play it off as a joke and when the time was right, he would explain things to her.

"A year from now is not so soon to be." She ribbed him.

"That's if I make it that long." Max whispered under his breath, but all three of the girl's
heard him just the same.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Isabelle spoke up fearing that her brother knew about some
danger he was in and wasn't telling her.

Realizing his mistake, Max was quick to calm his sister and his fiance's worries. "Iz, it's
nothing really. Just something Liz and I agreed to tonight about our wedding." Giving a
look to Liz in hopes she understood exactly what he was talking about. By the crimson blush
that took over her face, he knew she understood. Max then noticed her trying to surpress a
yawn. "Look it's late, we've had a big night so why don't we all call it a night." He
motioned for the two other girl's to leave.

"Max is right, I for one could use some sleep from all that dancing." Isabelle stated taking
the hint from her brother and started to back out of his doorway. Maria on the other hand
still wanted to talk to Liz. "Come on Maria, we'll talk in the morning." Isabelle tried
to pull Maria with her, but Maria stood firm waiting for the okay from Liz that she was all
right staying with Max alone for the night.

"I'll talk to you in the morning." Liz confirmed and hugged her best friend to thank her
silently for being there for her and to let her know everything would be okay. Once Maria
and Isabelle were out of the room, Max reached out and shut the door quietly before turning
back to face Liz. With a sheepish look upon her face she asked. "Now where were we?"

Approaching her slowly he reached down and swept her up into his arms. Laying her down as
gently as possible on his bed, but then he simply kissed the top of her head, knowing if he
took her lips for another kiss he wouldn't be able to stop at just a kiss. "We have the
rest of our lives ahead of us, but for now I'm just going to enjoy the thought of holding
you in my arms for the rest of the night." Kissing her forehead he pulled the covers over
the two of them as he pulled Liz tightly against his body.

Liz sighed heavenly at the comfort she felt being in Max's strong arms. As much as she
wanted to continue their fun, she could already feel sleep taking over her body as she laid
her head comfortably upon Max's chest and listened to the steady beating of his heart. Her
last thought was of how she was going to do everything in her power as often as she could to
get Max Evans to lose his control. She loved Max and he loved her and as sweet as he was
trying to be to have them wait until marriage to consummate their relationship, Liz was more
determined than ever to have Max make love to her soon and as often as possible. Tonight
she had had a small taste of what was in store for her and even as sleep began to invade her
body she knew she already craved more of his loving touches.

End Pt9
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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 10

The next morning Liz stretched languidly until she felt the hardness of a body that she was
basically laying on top of. She lifted her head only to see the smile on Max's face that
was most diffidently reaching his eyes. "Morning." He stated huskily.

Liz looked down at her finger that the ring Max had placed on it laid, then looked back up
at Max. "Tell me it wasn't a dream, tell me this is all real."

"How about if I show you how real it is?" Max asked rhetorically as he leaned down and
placed a soft, sweet kiss upon her lips before pulling back. "Does it feel like a dream

"Well, to tell you the truth. I've had several dreams in the past that were very similar to
this moment. Maybe you should kiss me again just so I'm positive I'm awake." She encouraged
Max as she leaned upward to meet his lips, but instead of Max taking her lips at that moment
he instead flipped them over until his body laid almost directly over hers and his arms were
wrapped around her back and cupping the back of her head.

"Then I guess it's my job to make sure your fully awake before I give you a proper good
morning kiss." He leaned over her and gently kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks
and finally he placed his lips upon hers and kissed her passionately for several minutes
before he leaned his forehead to hers. "Are you awake now?"

Liz didn't answer verbally right away instead she raised her hips to meet his, feeling the
hardness in-between her legs and receiving a growl from deep inside Max. "Now, I know I'm
awake." She joked, but her laughter left her as she looked up and seen Max's eyes. They
were deep, dark with lust that said exactly what he was wanting. Before she could react to
what she seen in his eyes, he took her mouth hungry for more. Demanding she open for him as
his tongue plunged inside her wetness, craving the taste of her mouth completely. The entire
time his body begun to respond to her's more and more. He wasn't really pumping his hips up
and down, but was more swirling his hips so his now very apparent erection rubbed her middle
causing Liz to be the one to moan this time.

It wasn't until Max heard Liz's moan that he realized how far gone he had already gotten.
Knowing he needed to stop in his mind, but his body becoming unwilling to cooperate. "God,
Liz, your driving me crazy." He stated heatedly as he continued pressing his lower body to
hers. "I can just imagine what it would feel like to make love to you. To feel your body
surround mine. To be buried inside of you so deep that our souls join as one. God, I want
you so badly." He breathed out into her ear as he licked and nibbled his way down to her
ear lope only to sucked it into his mouth once there.

"I love you Max, I want to feel all that and more. Please Max, make love to me." She
whispered into his ear as she spread her legs even further apart, raising her hips to give
him better access of her body. With her wearing only his shirt from the night before and a
pair of panties and Max in only his old sweats with no underwear on. There wasn't much of
a barrier between their two bodies as they pressed against each other with need and want.
In fact Max could feel her wetness begin to soak through on his sweats and he was very close
to losing what little control he had left. Forgotten momentarily was the importance of Liz's
virtue and just feeling the need to become one with her. His hands moved down her body
seductively until they found the edge of his shirt that had already ridden up her body to
the edge of her pantyline. Pulling it up just enough so that he could hook his thumps onto
her panties. He started to pull them downward and let his fingers roam over her hips as he
did. Still kissing and sucking on her neck now, his lust had completely taken over his body
with need and even though that little voice in the back of his mind kept telling him he
should stop, he couldn't. Not now, not when he was so close and in so much need for her.
Continuing his journey down her legs until he was able to pull her delicate panties free from
her body completely. Then his hands journeyed their way upward taking his shirt as they went
this time until he pulled it off her body, throwing it to the ground and linking his hands
with hers as he recaptured her mouth once again.

All Liz could think in her mind was that Max was finally actually going to make love to her.
Her body responding to his, moving against his, moaning from the pure pleasure she was
already feeling in simple anticipation of what was to come. Max's hands roamed down her
body to her breast and taunted her nipples until they were hard peaks poking his palms,
only to scream for more of his touch. Not willing to have Max's hands leave her breast, it
was her hands that roamed down his back side until they reached the top of his sweat pants.
She yanked them over his butt, continuing to explore what his back side of his body felt

As Max felt his sweats being pushed down, he leaned his head down just enough to take one of
her peppled hard nipples into his mouth. But in doing so his lower body lifted just enough
for his sweats to be pulled past his erection until it sprung free from the constraints of
the old sweats. Without any further barriers between their bodies, they both knew what was
to come. Both reveling in just the thought, every ounce of Max was screaming to give in and
plunge deeply inside of her. "Liz, please. I can't fight this any more. I need you so
much." His voice deep with desire as he pulled away from her breast to bring his head back
up level with hers. He was so close he could almost taste the feel of her body's slick
wetness covering his.

"Max! Max! Mom and Dad Are Home!" Isabelle knocked softly, while she yelled/whispered
into his door. "Max! Can you hear me?" Isabelle was just coming out of her bathroom after
waking up a few moments ago when she heard her parents voices coming into the house. She
knew Liz had slept with Max in his room and she didn't want to see the two of them get into
any trouble today, especially since they had just gotten engaged the night before or was it
actually that same morning. She quickly made her way over to Max's bedroom door and started
knocking softly. Not getting any response except to hear a few stifled moans coming from
inside, she sighed heavily and swore Max was going to pay for this later. Right now she was
more concerned with her brother and Liz being caught in a very embarrassing moment with her
parents. So she closed her eyes, unlocked her brother's door and stepped inside his room.
"Max, Liz, I'm so sorry and I promise I'm not looking and I don't see anything, but Mom and
Dad just walked in the door. So whatever you two are doing or not doing or whatever, it's
time to stop. Now before this gets any more embarrassing Liz you need to get up and get to
my room before they come looking for us."

As soon as his sister stepped into his bedroom, all movement ceased immediately from the
almost two lovers. Max closed his eyes to get his body under control as he listened to his
sister apologize, then explain her reasoning for interrupting the two of them. Since Max
still basically had his sweats on, except for the fact that they were now pooled around his
knees he quickly pulled them up covering his private parts even though it was impossible to
hide his enlarged erection at that moment. He looked down to Liz who was pulling his covers
up to shield her naked body and mouthed the words "I'm sorry." Then got off the bed and
grabbed the T-shirt he started to put on from the night before Liz had stopped him and threw
it to her quickly.

Liz gladly accepted any piece of clothing at that point and slipped it over her head as
quick as lightning. Then jumping out of Max's bed she said to his sister as she grabbed
her hand. "Okay, let's go."

Without so much as a glance back toward Max, knowing it would be too hard to walk away from
him if she looked into his eyes. Isabelle picked up Liz's bag that she noticed by Max's
door and the two girl's were quick to make their escape. Isabelle did a quick check to
make sure her parents weren't around and then the two of them ran into Isabelle's room and
quietly shut the door. Once safe Isabelle turned around to Liz, but before she could say
anything Liz spoke up. "Thank you, Isabelle."

Isabelle smiled softly at Liz. "Hey, what are sisters for anyway?" Liz smiled shyly and
then looked over to see Maria was still sound asleep on Isabelle's bed. She looked to her
best friend, then back to Isabelle and nodded in Maria's direction. Pressing her finger to
her lips to make sure Isabelle stayed quiet. Then she pounced.

Jumping on top of her best friend and tickling her sides until Maria was laughing hysterically
and screaming for her to stop. It was at that very moment that Diane Evans decided to peak
her head into Isabelle's room to see what all the screaming was all about. "MOM!" Isabelle
screamed trying to act all surprised by her mother's presence.

Liz immediately climbed off of Maria and pulled Max's T-shirt down to make sure she was
covered and Maria sat up in the bed. "So I take it, you girl's had fun last night?" Diane
asked taking in the sight of the three girls.

"Uh..yeah. I thought you and Dad wouldn't be home until late today?" Isabelle asked still
wondering why they had showed up so early.

"With the rain and all, your father's golf tournament got canceled so we decided to come on
home. And besides it's not that early Isabelle, it's almost noon." By the shock on all
three girl's faces Diane could tell they had no idea what time it was. "See, I always said
if I wasn't here to get you up, you'd sleep until noon. I guess this proves that mother's are
always right." She joked with her daughter and her friends. "Why don't you girl's get
dressed and come on down, I'll fix you all something to eat" With that Diane stepped out of
the room, but not before taking one more look at the T-shirt that Liz was wearing as a night
shirt. She couldn't help but notice how Max had a T-shirt that looked exactly like that one
but shrugged her shoulders and went across the hall to check on her son. When she opened
her son's door she wasn't at all surprise to see Michael sitting at Max's desk. "Hi Michael."
She greeted, but when she didn't notice Max anywhere in his room, asked. "Where's Max?"

"Oh he's taking a quick shower." Michael responded.

"Well, I'm getting ready to fix everyone a bite to eat. Why don't you come on down stairs
and join us?" Max's mother invited him and left the room without giving Michael a chance to
accept or decline.

After a very quick, very cold shower Max and Michael joined the girl's in the kitchen. The
temperature in the room seemed to spike at just the look Max gave to Liz upon entering the
room. Liz knew Max was staring openly at her, but she couldn't look at him. She just knew
one look and Max's mother would know exactly what they had been doing or more precise, what
they almost had been doing. While Max continued to stare at Liz, Michael made his way over
to Maria, kissing her forehead and asked. "So, did you guys have a fun girl's night out?"

Excitedly Maria answered. "Oh yeah! I can't remember the last time I danced that much in
my life. I think we danced to just about every song!" She gleamed as she spoke.

"Every song?" He questioned and Maria knew exactly what he was asking without him having to
elaborate the question.

"Well, just about. Of course, since my guy was working I took my bathroom breaks during the
slow songs." She teased letting him know that he had nothing to be concern with in their

Diane placed a plate full of pancakes down on the table in front of the five teenagers as
she inquired. "What about the rest of you? Any special slow dances any of you care to
elaborate on? She asked as she raised her eye brows up and down, then laughed as she saw
the blush that came across her son's and Liz Parker's faces.

"MOM! Please, Maria and Liz will never come over to our house again if you keep giving them
the third degree." Isabelle stated acting defensive for her friends, but in realty trying
to help Liz out. Her brother on the other hand, she had every intention of embarrassing
later after Liz and Maria had left.

After eating their "breakfast" both Liz and Maria stated they had to get going. They were
both scheduled to work in a few hours and needed to check in with their parents before their
shifts. They said their good byes to Isabelle and her mother, but it was Liz who pulled
Isabelle into a quick hug. "Thanks once again." She whispered in the taller girl's ear
before pulling away.

"I guess that was just my way of saying welcome to the family." Isabelle returned.

Both Max and Michael walked the two girl's out to Maria's car. "You do realize how
hard it is going to be to keep my hands off you now, don't you?" Max asked as he pinned
Liz between the Jetta and his body by placing his hands on both sides of her head.

"I'm counting on it." Liz retorted before she kissed him quickly and slid down into the
vehicle, not allowing him to deepen the kiss in any way. Maria had also given Michael a
proper kiss hello and another one good bye before she also climbed inside her car. With one
last wave the two girl's were gone.

Max looked over at his friend. "We need to talk." He stated quietly before the two of them
headed toward Max's jeep to take off for Michael's apartment so they could talk in private.
It didn't take long for Max to confess to Michael that he had popped "the question" to Liz.

"You mean you two are actually going to get married?" Michael knew how much Max had always
obsessed over Liz Parker, but to actually ask her to marry him with her not even eighteen
and both had another entire year to go of high school before they would graduate. "Max,
were you thinking with your head or your energy source?"

Max shook his head at his friends question. Yes, last night and this morning even had been
one of the most enjoyable memories of his life. But, right now he was highly concerned about
the fact that how much of his control he had lost this morning. More precisely if Isabelle
hadn't interrupted them when she had, chances were good that he and Liz would have made love.
"Michael, I did some research and you are not going to believe what I've found out? But,
right not the most important thing I have to ask is, will you help me stay away from Liz?"
Even as he said the words he knew they were just wrong. "I mean..what I've found out. It's
important Michael, I can't let what almost happened this morning ever transpire again until
Liz is my wife and you are going to help me make sure that happens."

"Okay, back up here. You want me to help you stay away from the woman you just asked to
marry you? Max, have you lost your mind?"

"I didn't mean that I wanted to stay away from Liz, I just can't be alone with her. Michael,
I have no control over what I do when we are together and we can't be together, together
until we're married. What I'm asking more precisely, is that I need you to help protect
Liz's virtue from...uh...from..."

"You." Michael quickly filled in the blank for his long time friend. With the slight nod
from Max, Michael laughed. "You know this has got to be the first time in the history books
that a groom to be has ever asked his best man to keep him from getting laid with his future
bride before the wedding."

"Actually it's not. Let me show you what all I've found." Max stated pulling out a large
folder that held computer print outs, news paper clippings and copies from various books.

Meanwhile in the Jetta:


"So what?" Liz asked innocently, even though she knew darn good and well what Maria was
wanting her to say.

"Come on Liz, I want details and I want them now!"

"Well, I'm still probably the only virgin in the senior class at West Roswell High. Is that
enough details for you?" Liz answered sarcastically.

"You have got to be kidding me. You mean to tell me, you spent the night with Max, in Max's
bed and the two of you didn't...."

"Exactly, but I for one can diffidently say I have no complaints about the foreplay." This
earned a laugh from both girl's. Then Liz went on to explain how Max wants to wait until
they are married before they make love, but then confided how they had come all so close
this morning before Isabelle saved them from being caught by her mother. "All I know is
that I have never wanted that guy so much as I did this morning. And I don't plan to
graduate a virgin, so unless Max has the control of a saint which by what happened this
morning I can in deed confirm he doesn't. I plan to seduce that man every chance I get until
he loses it completely. I may not like caveman Max in public, but in private I can't wait
to bring caveman Max out."

End Pt 10
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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 11

Michael sat on his living room couch surrounded by papers, files, printouts and books. All
of them stating basically the same thing. But, what got to Michael was that even though the
information read the same, it expanded across a time span from just recently back throughout
the centuries. "So, you think this applies to you and Liz?"

"Michael, don't you see. It's the only explanation for the way I feel. The only thing that
explains why I know in my heart I can't make love to Liz before we're married. Liz has to
be pure for me to take her as my wife. The last wedding in our time where a future king was
going to take wife was Prince Charles and Lady Diane. Before they were allowed to be husband
and wife, Diane had to be confirmed a virgin, before the marriage was allowed."

"You do realize your last example ended in divorce, not the best basis for your theory here
Maxwell. Besides it's not like we're on our planet and the royal doctors of Antar will be
around to verify Liz's purity status before the two of you are married. So why are you so
concerned about it?" Michael asked, he understood what Max was saying. Heck, he had been
shown enough evidence to actually believe in what Max was saying, but the entire idea just
didn't seem plausible in their situation. Like he already stated it wasn't like they were
back on their home planet or better yet, it wasn't like Max was a king here on Earth or
even a future king here so why be so worried about something that wasn't going to even effect

Max sighed in frustration, he knew Michael was right about the fact that they weren't who
they used to be. He wasn't King Zan from Antar, he was Max Evans. Home town boy from
Roswell, NM in the good old USA. So why did it really matter? "I don't know Michael, like
I said, I can't explain it. I just know it is important and I'm not going to take the chance
that for some unexplained reason if Liz and I do make love prior to getting married and then
to find out that we can't because I couldn't control my human hormones I could never live
with myself." Max sat down heavily on one of the bar stools at Michael's counter. "I know
it sounds crazy Michael, believe me I know. But, I also know my gut feeling is right about
this and I have to follow my heart on this subject. Do you understand and can I count on
you to help me control myself around her?"

"I have no idea why, but I do understand. So what's the plan?" Michael asked and then the
two of them sat down together coming up with various plans to make sure Liz's virtue stayed
in tact until the I Do's were said.

It wasn't until later that day when the two guys left Michael's apartment. Both heading to
the Crashdown, Michael to work his shift, Max to see his future wife. Michael grunted at
his best friend when Max made one quick stop before they got there. Refusing to walk in the
front of the cafe carrying the small bouquet of flowers he had purchased, Michael let himself
in the back door as Max went through the front door not at all embarrassed by the beautiful
bouquet of white roses he had gotten for the girl of his dreams. The disappointment in his
eyes didn't go unnoticed by Maria who saw it in his eyes as he scanned the cafe knowing who
he was looking forward to seeing. It also didn't escape Maria, what Max was holding behind
his back when he had first walked in, shaking her head thinking how lucky Liz was that she
ended up with the romantic alien.

When Max didn't see Liz he took his normal seat at his usual booth awaiting for Liz to make
an entrance and placing the roses on the booth beside him so he could surprise Liz when she
arrived. His wait wasn't long when she came out of from the doorway that led to the back.
He watched as she hurried over to her best friend with a large smile upon her face and
whispered something into her ear. He then witnessed how Maria started jumping up and down
with excitement and heard her yell out, "Really!" Before she took off toward the back of the
cafe she leaned over to Liz, pointed directly at him and then she was gone in seconds.

Liz turned toward Max and her smile spread over her face until it literally reached her eyes.
Max returned her smile, not taking his eyes off of her while she made her way across the
cafe to him. Max rose out of the booth and pulled the bouquet of roses along with him just
before Liz reached him. "For the woman of my dreams." He whispered to her as he held out
the bouquet to her.

"Oh Max, their beautiful. Thank you." She stated as she leaned over and kissed his cheek

Max took her hand that held his ring securely on her finger and kissed it. "No, thank you
for making me the luckiest man alive."

His tender words made her blush. She blinked trying to recompose herself realizing that she
had gotten lost in his amber eyes. "Uh..So, I take it Michael got a ride from you for his
shift." She stated knowing now why Michael had come in the back door carrying a small
bouquet of flowers for Maria.

"Yeah, but I didn't tell him to buy Maria anything. That was all his own doing." Even
though it was Max's idea to stop by the florist before they came to the cafe, he didn't want
Liz and especially Maria to think that he forced Michael to purchase his flowers he was more
than likely giving to Maria at that very moment in the back. "Can you take a break? I have
to be at work in thirty minutes and I can't think of a better way to spend the next half an

"Just let me tell my Dad I'm taking my break, then I'm all yours." She stated playfully as
she ran her hand across Max's chest.

Max felt every single nerve ending in his chest that she touch begin to tingle with excitement.
Then her words about her father sank into his Liz induced mind. His head whipped around
the cafe and sure enough Jeff Parker as standing in the kitchen area watching the two of
them. Max wondered briefly how it was possible that he hadn't even noticed him at all when
he had walked into the cafe, because your mind wasn't on Liz's father. You were to busy
looking for his daughter. Max thought to himself as he nodded for Liz to go let her Dad
know she was going on break. Even knowing that her father was watching him, Max couldn't
help his own eyes as they drifted to Liz's swaying behind as she walked back toward the
kitchen to speak with her father. Max could already feel himself becoming aroused and he
once again cursed himself for having no control when it involved Liz.

"Hey Dad, I'm going to take my break now." She stated as she placed the bouquet of roses
under her nose to take a quick sniff of their aroma.

"Didn't see that coming." Jeff replied jokingly to his daughter. He had watched the entire
exchange between her and Max. Max had never given him a reason not to like him, it was just
that when he witnessed the two of them together, they just seemed so serious about each
other and Jeff wasn't sure if he liked the idea of his only daughter getting so serious at
the age of seventeen.


"Okay, Okay, go. Have a nice break, just remember breaks are only fifteen minutes long."
He reminded her quickly.

"I know, I know. Breaks are only thirty minutes long." She smiled mischievously at her
father and quickly waved Max to come to the back. The two of them quickly walked past a lip
locked Michael and Maria and ran up the stairs to her families dwelling.

Shaking his head, Jeff stated. "Kids, I swear...Wait thirty minutes. LIZ, Fifteen!" He
yelled from the kitchen. Then noticed how Maria and Michael were a little to slow pulling
away from each other at the sound of his voice. "Maria, Liz is taking her break so I'm going
to need you back out front and Michael, isn't it about time for you to clock in?" He asked
with a smirk on his face, knowing exactly what had been going on between the two of them.
He then couldn't help the laugh when he saw how embarrassed the two of them were at being

Max followed Liz into her kitchen as she grabbed a vase to put her fresh flowers in and then
when he noticed Liz walking toward her bedroom, he stumbled over his words. "Uh..Liz..."

"Don't worry, Mom's shopping and Dad's downstairs running the cafe. We've got the place to
ourselves. Besides, I want to properly thank you for the beautiful flowers." Liz almost
purred that last sentence out as she ran her hand over Max's chest once again, causing Max
to swallow hard, but unable to control himself he let Liz lead the way down the hallway to
her bedroom. Once they were both inside her room, Liz shut the door behind them and then
turned to Max. "Now let me see, how does a girl properly thank her fiance for bringing her
such a beautiful bouquet." She thought out loud as she walked around Max, her hand caressing
his chest, arms and back as she went. Liz loved the way Max's body felt when she glided her
hands over it, the way she could feel his muscles contract at just her simple touch only
encourage her more. She made her way back around to Max's front, slowly letting her hand
slide down around his butt to give it a quick squeeze only to bring it around to the front
of his pants.

Just the simplest of touches from Liz was setting Max's entire body on fire with desire. As
she moved past his behind, he was losing what little control he had to start with around her.
But, as her hand moved toward the front of his pants where he couldn't hide the fact of how
she made his body react he was quick to reach down and gently stopped her movement by
grabbing her wrist. "Liz you do realize your going to kill me here? I mean how is it going
to look if I show up at work looking like this." He nodded down to the area just right of
their hands.

"Then don't." She whispered seductively as she tilted her head upward to place a small kiss
on his lips. Not being able to fight her in any way, he released her hand and ran his hands
up her arms until they were cupping her face and began to deepen the kiss. When her delicate
hand moved over the bulge of his pants, Max did the only thing he could. He moaned into her
mouth as he thrusted his tongue inside. The kiss went from slow and gentle to hungry and
passionate in a matter of moments. One hand inched down her neck until it reached the top
of her uniform where the first snap came open quickly then the next one, then the next until
it was opened past her breast. He was so wrapped up in their kiss and the feel of Liz's
skin as he worked her uniform open that he hadn't even noticed that his own pants had been
unbuttoned and unzipped until Liz's hand moved inside of his boxer and was wrapped around
his stiffen erection.

Finally breaking their kiss only to moan out her name and began to kiss his way down her
neck as she began to lightly stroke his manhood. "Liz, babe...We can't..." His words cut
off when she squeezed him a little with one hand as her other hand began to work his jeans
down around his hips.

Pushing him slowly as she walked over toward her bed, keeping up her movements on his erect
penis as they went. "Feel Max, don't think." She whispered as she brought his hands to lay
over her breast just inside her uniform, then pulled his jeans and boxers down over his hips
and sat him down on her bed. She leaned over him, sucking on his lips as she started to
kneel in between his legs. Max returned her kiss and was easily able to release the catch
on the front of her bra and both hands made their way to cup both her breasts at the same
time. Earning a vibrating moan from Liz as her nipples hardened immediately at his touch.
"Yes, Max! Feel, Yes!" She moaned, then demanded. "Don't stop feeling Max. Just don't
stop." As she moved her hands back to his erection and began to stroke him all over. She
kissed her way down his chest as Max continued to massage her breast and stroke her nipples
with his thumbs. He closed his eyes and did as she asked and continue to feel the
enjoyment of having her hands on his body as his were on hers.

"Oh Liz, this feels incredi.....blllle, OH! OH GODDDD!" He breathed out as he tried to
keep from cumming on the spot as he felt Liz's wet mouth slide over his enlarged cock. Her
tongue encircled his head and licked down the large vein all the way to it's base only to
lick her way back up and encircle his head again before taking his cock back into her mouth
again. She slid down his erection as far as she could take him letting her tongue glide
along the vein and relaxing her throat muscles as she went. Then took a firm hold upon his
sex, creating a suction with her mouth and sucked her way back up to the tip of his head.
Only to let her tongue encircle around his head once more before sliding back down again.
She continued to do exactly what the sex book that Maria had gotten once had instructed to
do. When her best friend had bought the book and they first began to read about the how's
and to do's Liz had been extremely embarrassed, but now she was extremely glad she paid
attention to what she had read. She then expertly wrapped her hand around his base and
began to stroke him in the rhythm of which her mouth moved over him.

All movements stopped on Max's end as he was truly shocked at what Liz was doing, not to
mention he was trying desperately not to lose his control and cum immediately. "Feel Max,
don't stop feeling." Liz moaned as her tongue circled around his head once more before
taking him back into her mouth.

Immediately Max's hands began their massage of her breasts and nipples as he complied with
her demands and let the feel of what she was doing to him take over and enjoyed the pleasure
of her sweet, wonderful mouth. As her rhythm grew faster, Max's hands squeezed her breast
more firmly letting her know he was feeling and enjoying the feeling. It wasn't very long
before Max knew he couldn't hold out. He tugged at her breast for her to release him. "Liz
Liz..I'm going..." He never got his warning out as Liz clamped her mouth firmly around his
erection and sucked harder. "OHHHH!! GOD....I'm CUMMING!! LIZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!" He yelled
out not being able to hold back anything as his body released it's hot seed down Liz's
throat. He had tried to keep himself from thrusting up into her mouth as his orgasm seared
through his body, but he was completely defenseless against how his body responded and his
hips moved up and down. Even with his movements Liz didn't release the suction she had
created and continued to drink his essence as he continued to spill himself into her mouth
until he was completely empty.

When she was sure he was completely drained then and only then did she finally release his
cock from her mouth, licking the last drop of his release from the tip of his head before
she sat back on the heels of her feet and looked up at Max. "You look satisfied with my
way of saying thanks." She joked.

Max immediately pulled her body up against his and locked his lips over hers for a kiss that
took her breath away. When the need to release her mouth for air was too great, Max took a
deep breath. "Liz...That was...God, where did you learn to do...I mean it was amazing."

"You'll have to thank Maria for teaching me that one." Liz joked and began to laugh when
she saw the questioning look on Max's face. "She bought a book." She replied as she stood
up and began to button the top of her uniform and bra. "I'm pretty sure my breaks over by
now and you've got to get to work...So..."

Max watched her dress, still unable to believe what Liz had just done. His only thought was
how he wanted to reciprocate the pleasure she had just given him. He stood up and pulled
his jeans back up, zipped and buttoned them, but before Liz had a chance to reach for the
door knob Max twisted her around into his arms once again and whispered in her ear. "Leave
your window open tonight. I believe I'm in your debt and I always pay my debts." He stated
firmly before kissing her one last time. "I love you Liz Parker and I can't wait to marry
you." Then turned and stepped through her bedroom window to climb down the fire escape.

"Max, you know my Dad knows your up here. You can use the front door." Liz yelled out to
him as he made his way over her balcony ledge.

"After what just happened, there is no way I'm going to face your father right now. But, it
will be soon." He assured her, knowing there was no way he was going to last an entire year
before he married her. In fact if he made it to next week, he would be highly surprised.
With that last thought he climbed down the ladder and with a smile upon his face that wouldn't
be going anywhere for quite a while, he made his way over to the UFO center.

End Pt 11
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No baby yet, so guess what? You got it, another part.
Thanks for the FB and just so those of you that are also reading Escape, I'll probably be posting another part of that fic also later tonight. Hope you like the new part, let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary See Pt1

Part 12

It was well past eleven o'clock when Liz made her way up to her bedroom. The night seemed
to drag on for hours on end just thinking about what was to come after she got off work.
Not wanting to waist any time, knowing that Max would more than likely be showing up soon.
She made a point to peek into her parents room just to make sure they were already asleep so
she wouldn't need to worry about them interrupting her night with Max. Now knowing they were
both sleeping soundly she made her way to her room. Quickly stripping her uniform and ran
to her bathroom. She showered, shaved and dried off her body in record time. Wrapping her
still wet hair in a towel she slipped on her satin robe that only came down to her mid thigh.
Stepping out of her bathroom she wanted to quickly find the perfect sleeping attire to make
sure she enticed Max enough to lose that control of his, but found she was a few minutes too
late for her plan. There sitting on the ledge of her window sill was none other than her
future husband, Max Evans. "Max! I wasn't expecting you until later." She stated knowing
that he normally didn't even get out of work until at least eleven thirty.

"Well, when you have an incentive, it's amazing how quickly you can get things done." He
stated seductively as his eyes took in the sight of Liz standing there in her robe. They
traveled up and down her body taking in every inch of her body. "Your beautiful, Liz." His
voice turning a notch deeper as he finally stepped away from her window and moved in her
direction. He lifted her ring finger to his mouth and placed a soft kiss on it, before his
hands cupped her face and gently began stroking her cheeks. "I love you, I always have and
I always will." He whispered just against her lips before he slowly placed a soft, loving
kiss on them. He pulled back only slightly before he added. "I love everything about you,
even your knew hair style." He joked as he tugged slightly at the towel that was wrapped
securely around her head.

Liz had gotten so lost in his seduction of her, she had literally forgotten about the towel
on her head and what she must look like to him. Quickly she raised one hand to the towel,
while her other hand flew up to her mouth in embarrassment. "Oh NO!" She started to turn
away from Max to get rid of the towel and make herself look halfway presentable when Max
gripped her arms to prevent her from moving away from him.

"Liz stop. I wouldn't care if you were covered in mud, you'd still be the most beautiful
woman in the world to me." He reassured her quickly. "May I?" He questioned as he moved
his hand up to the towel. With a nod from Liz, he removed the towel letting it drop to the
floor behind them. Then began to run his fingers through her hair, using his powers to dry
it as he did so. "I've always loved your hair, it's so shining, so soft." He continued to
run his fingers through it long after it was completely dry. Not being able to control
himself any longer he placed one arm around her waist and pulled her flush against his body.
Lowering his head at the same time he tilted her head back with his other hand that was still
in her hair as his lips captured hers in a passionate kiss.

Completely lost to the sensations he was stirring within her body, all Liz was able to do
was moan in satisfaction at the feel of his mouth on hers. All thoughts of how she was going
to try to seduce him were gone from her mind as he had successfully turned the seducer into
being the one who was seduce.

The arm that held her waist slipped down to cup her rear and it didn't take a genius to
figure out that she had absolutely nothing on underneath the satiny robe. Max could feel
his own body responding to that simple knowledge, but was more determined than ever to make
this night for Liz and Liz alone as she had done for him earlier. With expert ease he lifted
her body and began to walk the two of them over to her desk. Unwilling to lay her down on
the bed knowing it would be way too difficult to pull away when he would have to. He sat
her down gently on her desk and removed his mouth from hers, but began a slow journey down
her throat as his hands moved around the front of her robe and began to undo the slash.
Liz was confused as to why he had carried her over to her desk versus her bed, so with heavy
desire in her voice she said. "Max...Bed.."

"Ssshhh, just feel and enjoy my love." He whispered into her ear as he pulled her robe open
and allowed his hands to travel slowly up from her waist until they made their way to her
perfectly shaped breasts. Kissing his way down to her chest as his hands teased around the
beautiful mounds, moving slowly but expertly to make sure she got maximum pleasure from his
touch before they finally made their way to cup them completely and began to gently squeeze
them. His lips moved down the valley between her breast, kissing the sides of them. "Your
breast are perfect just like you." He breathed out as his tongue licked around one of the
perfect pink nipples before he sucked it into his mouth. Her other breast being sweetly
tortured with his hand as his other hand moved down over her stomach and further down until
it reached the patch of triangular curls that laid just before his ultimate goal.

Liz could feel the beginning of an orgasm to already take hold and he had yet to touch her
center. When his fingers barely made their way past her lower lips and barely touched her
protruding nub was all it took for her body to respond completely. "Oh YESSSS!" She began
to scream out when Max's mouth was capturing hers again.

Max could feel the wetness escaping her and was once again amazed how her body responded so
effectively to his touch. Even though he knew she had just had another orgasm, Max wasn't
about to stop giving her pleasure so when she began to scream out he quickly placed his
mouth over hers to supress the sound of her ecstasy. He held her with his mouth and one
arm, but kept his other hand still on her most private of all parts. Not moving his fingers
any further until she showed him she was okay with him continuing. Once her body calmed
from the pleasure she had just experienced and Max was sure she was under some sense of
control did he release her mouth from his. His eyes deep with desire he starred deeply
into her own eyes as he moved his fingers further down to her core, watching for any signs
that she was uncomfortable with what he was going to do. Teasing just around her opening
he asked for permission to continue. Without being able to speak just yet, Liz nodded her
head ever so slightly and spread her legs a little wider to give him the okay to continue.
With that slight movement Max let his fingers go where no one had ever ventured before.
Slowly he pushed one into her sweet, wet and very tight passage. They both let out a moan
of pleasure with just that one simple act.

Liz's eyes closed trying to keep from screaming out again as she felt Max's finger to enter
inside of her body. Whispering softly. "Max! Oh Max!" Then lifted her hips slightly to
get even closer to his hand. That was all it took for Max to know she was ready, willing and
able for him to continue. He backed his finger almost completely out of her and then
plunged it back in, in and out, in and out, he established a rhythm as he listened and watched
her responses. Taking time to figure out what gave her the most pleasure. His own body
beginning to have it's own demands, as the desire to make love to her was beginning to take
it's toll. Determined to keep himself in check as he explored and pleasured her body, he
fought back his own urges with every ounce of control he had in him.

When he felt Liz reach down to his aching bulge he thought he would lose it completely.
"Liz, please this is your night love." He stated huskily but made no movement to back away
from her touch.

Liz didn't heed his statement and continued to caress the hard throbbing bulge in the front
of his pants. Knowing he wouldn't be able to continue this much longer before he lost the
little control he still had he increased his tempo as he moved his thumb over her nub and
began to rub against it as his fingers continued their stroking. When he felt her muscles
begin to tighten he knew she was about to explode and was quick to captured her mouth with
his once again before she was able to let out the scream of pleasure that was already
starting to escape. He continued stroking in and out of her body as her juices began to
rain onto his fingers. Her hand squeezed the bulge in his pants as her orgasm crashed over
her body in such intensity that she couldn't control her own bodies actions. That final
squeeze was all it took on Max's part as he was too far gone already to control his own
bodies release. He plunged his tongue deep inside her mouth trying to keep his own scream
of pleasure from waking her parents up. With one final shutter he finally released Liz's
mouth. "Max..That was.." She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. "Thank
you." She finally got out, not even knowing how to explain how wonderful he made her feel.
How much she loved him for being so gentle with her this time and taking time to make sure
she felt loved, special and how he made this first experience total satisfying for her so

Max held her tight. "I love you so much Liz. You mean everything to me and I can't wait to
make you my wife, to make love to you." He hugged her tightly one last time and then began
to pull away. "I better get home before my parents begin to wonder why I'm so late. I'll
call you in the morning." He stated with a hint of sadness at having to leave her. He
wanted nothing more than to stay with her all night and continue to give her pleasure, but
he also knew if he didn't leave now he would never be able to resist the urge to make love
to her.

"All right." Was all she said, but it was obvious in her voice she felt the same way that
he felt and didn't want him to leave either.

Max slowly pulled her robe back together and retied the sash. He then picked her up and
carried her over to her bed. Pulling back the covers before placing her on her bed. He
leaned over and gave her one last kiss. "Sweet dreams my love." He stated before he stood
back up and walked over to the window. Before he went through it, he turned to face her one
final time. "Just so you know, I plan on talking to your father tomorrow." Without waiting
for her response he was through the window and already heading down her fire escape. He
didn't even bother to clean the front of his jeans off until he was down on the street below.

It didn't take long before Liz was sleeping contentedly as she dreamed of her future wedding
with Max and their perfect wedding night.

End Pt 12
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I had a hard time trying to come up with the right words that took place between Jeff and Max in the next part. I'm not sure if I captured the characters correctly, so let me know. Hope you like it. Anyway on with the next part.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary See Pt1

Part 13

It was early the following morning. Jeff Parker went about his daily routine to get his
cafe opened. While the morning coffee brewed, he sat going over the daily receipts from the
previous day. A slight tap on the glass doors brought his attention around to the front
doors of the Crashdown. There on the other side of the doors stood none other than Max Evans.
His daughter's ex-boyfriend or was he her current boyfriend, Jeff wasn't sure. Opening the
doors, he stated. "Max. What can I do for you?"

"Uh...Sir, if it would be all right with you, I would like to speak with you privately for
a moment."

Jeff pushed the door opened a little wider and took a step to the side allowing Max to enter
the cafe. The cafe itself didn't open for at least another half an hour so Jeff wasn't
quite sure what to make of Max's entrance. "Would you like some coffee?"

"Uh..Sure." Max took a seat at the counter while Jeff went behind it and poured two cups of
freshly brewed coffee. What took Max by surprise though was how Liz's father placed not only
a sugar bowl in front of him, but a bottle of the hot sauce he enjoys.

By the look of confusion on Max's face, Jeff quickly stated. "Max, I own the cafe. What
kind of owner would I be if I didn't know what my regular customer's liked in their coffee?
Now why don't you tell me what it is that brought you here so early this morning?"

Taking a sip of his coffee, then setting his cup back on the counter. He looked Liz's father
straight in the eye and with complete confidence spoke. "Mr. Parker, I want to ask your
permission to court your daughter properly and when the time is right, I would like your
blessing to marry her." Max stated seriously and confidently.

Jeff broke out in laughter for a second thinking there was no way the young man in front of
him was serious. But, one look at Max's face told the elder gentleman he was more than
serious. "Max, tell me your joking. Liz is only seventeen years old, you both have another
year of high school to go, not to mention college, careers to establish. Now if Liz chooses
to date you, that's up to my daughter. But, to ask me if you can marry my daughter now, my
answer is going to be no." Jeff ended, his voice just as serious as Max's had been.

Max stood up. "I can respect and understand your answer this time Mr. Parker, but just so
you know. I am serious about wanting to marry your daughter and if I have to ask for your
blessing every month for the next five years, I plan to do just that. Thank you for your
time and for the coffee." With that Max strolled back out of the cafe without even taking
a look back.

Jeff stood stunned looking at the doorway that Max had just walked through. Shaking his
head, he waited for approximately five seconds before storming up the stairs of his home to
find his daughter and have a few quick words with her. He knocked once on her bedroom door
before entering it, he stood watching his baby girl sleeping peacefully for a moment before
shaking her slightly. "Max." She whispered still mainly asleep.

"Liz, wake up sweetie." Jeff spoke softly as he shook his daughter once again.

"Max?" She asked still in a sleepy fog.

"No, Liz, it's your father." Jeff stated a little more firmly, now wondering how many times
had Max been in his daughter's bedroom waking her up.

"DAD! What are you doing in my room?" She questioned now fully awake as she pulled her
quilt up her body to cover herself more securely.

"I'm sorry honey, but I really need to talk to you for a moment. I just had a visit from

"Max! Is something wrong? Does he need to see me?" Her voice full of concern as she was
kicking off her covers and making her way to her closet to get dress.

"Honey, slow down. Max is fine, but I think the two of us need to discuss your relationship
with him."

At that Liz stopped in mid step as she had just finished pulling up a pair of jeans under her
robe that she had worn to bed. She turned around and faced her father. "What about my
relationship with Max?"

"Liz, Max just asked me for my blessing to marry you." He watched as his daughter's entire
face lit up, until he quickly added. "I told him no. Your too young Liz, you have your
whole life in front of you...."

"DAD, Max is my whole life. I can't believe you said that without even talking to me about
it first!" Her anger was highly apparent and her words were even more surprising to her

Trying to keep himself from getting angry himself, he stated calmly. "Your only seventeen
Liz, did you honestly expect me to say it was okay for my baby girl to marry at seventeen
years of age. Besides I didn't even know you and Max were back together again."

Liz closed her eyes trying to stay strong and fight back the tears that were threatening to
fall, especially since she knew her father was right. She was young and the fact did remain
that her and Max had just gotten back together, but that didn't change the fact that she
knew without a doubt what her heart wanted and it wanted Max. "Your right Papa, I am still
young and Max and I have had our share of problems. But, through everything we've been
through, I love him. Oh Daddy, I love him so much it hurts sometimes." Her tears finally
winning and falling freely down her cheeks.

"Lizzie, believe it or not, I was young and in love too. But, if you and Max truly do love
each other like you both claim then neither of you will have a problem waiting until you are
both old enough to handle the responsibilities of being married. If it helps at all, Max
told me he would wait for you and planned on asking me for my blessing every month for the
next five years if thats what it would take and you know what. I truly believe he was
serious." Jeff laughed a little trying to break the tension.

"Really? Well, you'll be happy to know that I'll probably be the only virgin to graduate
from not only high school, but college too if you don't agree to give your blessing for
another five years." Liz joked back before she realized what she had said. "Oh Dad, I'm
sorry, I didn't mean that the way it sounded, it's just..Never mind."

Jeff sat speechless for the second time in little under an hour that morning by his daughter's
confession. Recomposing himself, he could see his daughter was even more embarrassed than
he was, but he also knew Liz would never open up to her mother and so if she needed someone
to talk to it was going to have to be him and as embarrassing as it was for him. He would
be there for his daughter. "Honey, you want to talk about it. I maybe your father, but I
love you and I hope you know you can talk to me about anything."

The color of rose rushed over her cheeks as she sat there with her father in an uncomfortable
silence for a few minutes, debating if she could or even if she should say anything about
what was bugging her. Jeff sat right beside her, quietly watching knowing that she was
wanting to say something, but being reserved for the time being. Finally Liz brushed the
final tears away from her eyes, taking a deep breath she begun. "Dad, I love Max and I know
he loves me without any doubt in either of our minds, but the fact is, he wants to wait until
we're married."

"Wait for?"

"Us..You know, being together."

"Ooohhh! Well, that's good Lizzie, it shows he respects you. I know it makes me respect
him." A smile broke out on Jeff's face as he spoke honestly, as this new knowledge increased
his respect for Max a hundred times more just knowing he respected his daughter in such a

"Dad! It's not funny. What if I don't want to wait?" She demanded, then bit her bottom
lip once again forgetting that she was speaking with her own father.

Now Jeff understood and had no idea what to say to his daughter. Every fiber of his body
was giddy with the knowledge that one, his daughter was still his little girl and two, the
boy she was dating didn't believe in premarital sex. This was a father's dream come true,
but then to find out that it was his daughter was the one that wanted to become a woman was
almost too much. "Liz, if Max is who you chose to be with, you have to respect his beliefs
on waiting prior to marriage...."

"Dad, that's kind of the problem. Max isn't a virgin, it's just me that he refuses to have
premarital sex with. That's one of the reasons we've had problems in the past and before
you start thinking the worst of Max, we weren't together when he did, you know...That with
someone else. I know this must be hard for you to hear, but Dad I'm not a little girl
any more and yes, in a way it makes me feel special that he cares enough about me to make
our wedding night that special once in a life time moment for me. But, at the sametime it
makes me feel...Well, it makes me feel unwanted. I know I'm not making any sense here and
your probably the last person that would understand what I'm trying to say, but I love Max
and it's getting very hard to not want to be with him." The frustrated feelings she was
having just started coming out and once she started she couldn't seem to stop.

Now it was Jeff Parker's turn to blush in embarrassment. "Lizzie, I honestly don't know what
you want me to say to that. While as your father I'm extremely happy to hear that Max
would prefer to wait until the two of you are married. Even after your married, old and
have blessed me with grandchildren, I still won't be able to accept that your old enough to
have sex." He tried to joke with his daughter, but as he saw the look of sadness on her
face Jeff told her. "Honey, don't be to quick to rush things. If you and Max truly love
each other, then there really isn't any reason you need to rush into a physical relationship.
Especially since you've admitted that the two of you have had problems in the past. I know
you are a strong, individual person, but if you ask my opinion and want my advice. I feel
you should take it slow and just enjoy being with each other for a time period before you
rush into pushing your relationship to that next level. Then in about ten or twenty years
from now if you...."

"Dad!" Liz laughed at her father's last words, then through her arms around his neck. "I
know this conversation wasn't the easiest for you to hear, but thanks Dad."

"Any time sweetie, any time. Now I better get back downstairs, Agnus and Jose are opening
today and I think we both know that Agnus needs a little help every now and then." With
that he went out his daughter's bedroom, closed his eyes and swallowed deeply trying to
recompose himself again. As a father, that was probably the hardest conversation he had
ever had to deal with, but he felt proud nonetheless that he was there for his daughter
when she obviously needed him. The worst part was as hard as that conversation was for him
to go through, he knew it was only going to get harder now that she truly was growing into a
fine young lady. He swore to himself right there and then that he would always try to make
it easy for his Lizzie to come to him when she needed him, even if it killed him in the

As soon as her father was out her door, Liz quickly finished dressing and then dialed the
number that was forever memorized in her brain. Within just a few short rings, one very
sleepy hello was spoken into the phone. "Hey, it's me. I need to talk, think you could
meet me at that one place."

"Give me twenty minutes and I'll see ya there." Being best friends for years was a blessing
in disguise for Liz at that moment. The two girls met in exactly twenty minutes and talked.
Liz filled Maria in on everything that had been going down between her and Max, between Max
and her father and then of course the conversation that she had just finished having with
her father. "You know I'll back you up no matter whatever you decide, but I have to admit
the advice your Dad gave you was pretty cool. Actually I'm kind of shocked he stayed so
calm about the whole thing are you sure he was Your Dad and not some alien shape shifter
impersonating your father."

"Very funny, I still don't know what I'm going to do yet. A part of me knows my Dad's right
and I should take things slow with Max. But, God, when he kisses me just once, I'm jello
I tell you nothing but jello. I mean I practically end up throwing myself at him and begging
for him to take me now. I just don't know what I'm going to do, because I cannot be with
him and not be with him, but I can't be without him either. Why does he have to have all
this proper behavior now? With me? Why couldn't he have this kind of restraint when he was
with that murdering good for nothing alien bitch in heat?"

"Maybe because Max loves and respects you, but he didn't...What are we calling her this week,
skank, ho, gerbil?"

"Alien bitch in heat is the name of the week, thank you very much."

"Okay, he didn't respect or love the alien bitch in heat and that's why it didn't make any
difference to him. You on the other hand, that boy has it so bad for you any one with eyes
can see it. So don't even try to tell herself, it isn't because your not beautiful, sweet,
kind, considerate..."

"Okay. Okay, I get the picture. Thanks! You know I love you."

"Right back at you babe." Now let's go find the guys, it's summer, it's hot and I'm dying
to see Michael's mouth drool when I strut in front of his butt in my new bikini. What a say,
up for a little fun in the sun?" Maria raised her eye brows up and down a few times to make
sure Liz got her meaning.

Liz couldn't help the giggle that escaped her and soon the two girl's were on their way to
make sure their guys got extremely hot today and not just by the sun's heat.

End Pt13
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You are all incredible with your FB, I can't tell you how much it means to me. Well, without further a do here is yet another part. Let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 14

Maria had left a message for Michael and Liz had done the same for Max that they would be at
the old swimming hole and for the guys to meet them their for a private picnic. Much to
both girl's dismay when they arrived at the place their had left messages for the guys to
meet them, they discovered they wouldn't have the place to themselves. Their were several
other teens, who must have had the exact same thought process who were already there and more
seemed to still be coming. The girl's shrugged their shoulders and decided to just make the
best of it and have fun any way. In fact within a few minutes of their arrival several of
their school friends approached and the girls were having the time of their lives, laughing,
joking and just being normal teenagers once again.

When a bunch of guys arrived with a keg of beer the small get together soon turned into a
full fledge party with Liz and Maria right in the middle of it. Both the girl's wondered
where their guys were, neither realizing that they were both stuck at work. But, they
figured they had left a message for both of them and they would eventually turn up so they
agreed not to worry. They laid in the sun, swam a little when they got too hot and continued
to just joke around with their other friends. Some people had brought frisbees, others set
up a volleyball net, while others had brought portable CD players and were dancing away under
the sun. When Tommy and Jack approached Maria and Liz with a glass of beer for each of them
the two girls politely declined, only to be goaded by the guys. Maria was the first to cave
and stated. "What the hell, you only live once?" She took the glass offered by Tommy and
then quickly nudge Liz into taking the other one offered by Jack. Liz was still a little
hesitate, but Maria insisted they would only have one and rationalized that the guys would
be there soon to drive them home. She also whispered to Liz jokingly that it wasn't like
they were aliens and would become drunk on one glass of beer. Finally accepting the beer
from Jack, mainly because she was getting hot from the sun and her throat was dry, she thanked
him and took a large drink.

One glass turned into another, then another and soon the fun Maria and Liz were having felt
that much funnier. They were giggling and laughing until their sides hurt at the most stupidest
things. In fact, there weren't too many individuals who weren't feeling pretty good by the
time they had gotten through the third keg of beer. All thoughts of Michael and Max had long
been forgotten in their drunken condition. Someone had started a big bond fire and the party
was still going strong long into the late afternoon and with no signs of breaking up any time
soon. The old swimming hole was out in the middle of the desert, not really by any main
roads so no one was concerned about the sheriff's department finding them and breaking it up.

By the time Max got home from work it was well after four in the afternoon. He immediately
called Liz's house only to learn from her mother that she had left with Maria earlier and
hadn't come back home as of yet. He then dialed Michael's house to find out if he had heard
from Maria. Michael, of course, had come home from work and passed out on his couch without
even checking his messages. Still practically asleep he answered groggily. "Hello."

"Michael, it's Max. Have you heard from Maria?"

"Max? What time is it?"

"It's going on five. Have you been sleeping all day?"

"Uh..Yeah. Hold on, my machines blinking." Michael stated as he saw he in deed have a

"Hey Michael, it's me. Liz and I are in the mood for some fun in the sun. We're heading
for the old swimming hole outside of town. If you care to join us, I can promise you some
personal fun in the sun. I'll see ya later." BEEP BEEP "Spaceboyyy, wherd are you guyzzz?
Lizzie is sooooo drunth. She caanth hold her liqqqdrinths, hurry up. I luvvv youuuu."

"Maxwell, we've got a problem. A Big Problem!" Michael replayed the messages for Max.
"Maria's diffidently drunk and I'm betting my last dollar Liz is right there with her, so
get your ass over here NOW!"

It took Max all of two seconds to grab his keys and in his car heading over to Michael's.
Michael was already standing in his parking lot waiting on Max to arrive. They drove like
mad men out to the desert to make sure their girl's were okay. When they got there both
were shocked by the scene that was taking place. Just about half of the senior and junior
class from their high school was at the swimming hole by this time as the word had spread.
By now there were people passed out in the sun, some were dancing around a huge bond fire,
some were still playing volleyball while many were down in the water. Neither of them had
bothered to take time to dress in any kind of swimming attire as both were to worried at the
time. Max began to head directly toward the water knowing instinctually that was where Liz was.
Michael followed close behind him and was glad he did when they finally laid eyes on their

Liz was on that Jack's guys shoulders and Maria was on Tommy's. They were in the middle of
an all out chicken fight with two other couples. Max's blood was boiling with rage at the
thought of Liz being on another guys shoulders and immediately started to run into the water
without thinking twice about still wearing his jeans and shirt he had worn to work. Michael
who was also fully dressed, didn't hesitate to follow his friend. Liz turned her head just
in time to see Max step into the water fully clothed and immediately started laughing. This
caused her to lose her balance and she found herself falling into the water. Maria's
laughter filled the air at the sight of her best friend falling, which of course, caused her
to also loose her balance and fall. Jack and Tommy who were also feeling the effects of the
beer they had consumed also fell into the water. The four were still in the water laughing
when Michael and Max had finally reached them. "Spaceboyyy, you're heretth." Maria slurred
as she tried to stand up to greet him, only to fall back into Tommy's arms. Which caused
another entire round of laughter from all four of them.

"Mawxx." Liz finally got out and following Maria's first instinct, she too tried to go to
him only to find herself also falling back into the water.

But, Max was more than ready for her and before she had the chance to fall into that other
guys arms he was there to lift her into his. "Come on Liz. I've got you." He stated in a
calm soothing voice, even to his own surprise considering how his insides were exploring
with anger. He picked her up out of the water holding her in his arms close to his body and
began to walk back to his jeep.

Jack tried to stand and protest as another guy started to take the girl he knew wanted to be
with him away from him. "Now hold onnn there." Max didn't even give Jack a look of disgust,
he simply waved his arm backwards slightly and Jack found himself being flung back into the
water and wasn't even close to getting back his footing until Max had Liz already back on
shore and was heading back up the road.

At almost the same time Michael stepped forward and grabbed Maria out of Tommy's arms. In
her drunken state she couldn't hardly stand, let alone walk. "Michael, my legggs aren'th
workin." She stated, laughed and almost fell again.

Michael was angry and wanted to scream at her for letting herself get so drunk, but she was
being so absolutely, incredible cute he didn't have the heart. He also figured it wouldn't
do any good to yell at her in her current condition, so instead he tried a new tactic. "Hey
Maria, you want Michael to give you a piggy back ride?" He spoke to her as if she were a
small child. Grinning and nodding like she was a small child, he lifted, then twisted her
until she was on his back. Tommy, like Jack attempted to halt Michael's steps to keep Maria
for himself. But, like Max, Michael was not going to let him get within another foot of his
girl. He turned his body toward Tommy. "If I ever catch you near Maria again, your dead."
He stated as he glared at the other boy with death black eyes. Turning his head back to
Maria who was still giggling from getting her piggy back ride, he stated in the same voice
he had spoken to her earlier with. "You ready for that piggy back ride?" When she nodded
extra hard, he added. "Well, you better hold on tight then." And he began walking back up
to shore toward Max's car.

Max had already placed Liz in the front seat, waiting for Michael and Maria to join them.
Liz was laughing and giggling the entire time and Max had no idea besides the fact that she
was completely intoxicated, why she was laughing. When Michael finished getting Maria in
the back seat and she began laughing along with Liz, the two guys rolled their rolls knowing
this was going to be one long night. "Your place?" Max questioned, knowing they couldn't
take the girl's home at the moment and since his parents were home, his house wasn't an
option either. Michael nodded and they both hopped in the vehicle to get their girls some
place safe until they could get them sobered up.

Not taking any chances that Michael's neighbors might see how waisted the two girls were
when they got to Michael's apartment they both carried them in quickly, so they wouldn't
stumble around or worst fall down in front of anyone. Once inside they placed them on the
couch, while Max went to go grab a trash can just in case one of them got sick, while Michael
put on a pot of coffee. Unfortunately for the two guys, the girls had no intention of sitting
on the couch, they were still too waisted to sit still. Maria immediately stumbled her way
over to Michael's stere, blasted some tunes and began dancing. Liz followed her friends
actions and began dancing right along side of her. Michael quickly turned his stereo down
to a normal volume, then turned to Max. "So what's the plan oh fearless leader?"

"First we get some strong coffee into their system and then we watch them carefully until
the alcohol runs it course. If it gets too late, we'll have Isabelle call their Mom's and
ask if they could spend the night with her so that the parents will be covered. I can
take care of their hangovers in the morning and then we scream our heads off at them." Max's
eyes never leaving Liz's body as she twirled drunkenly around with Maria. Oh yeah, this is
diffidently going to be one very long night.

The girls weren't easy to persuade drinking the coffee, but with the guys gentle urging soon
they had consumed almost the entire pot, in-between dances and fits of laughter. "Max, they
drank almost the entire pot and I'm not seeing too much difference here." Michael stated
as trying to hold on to a very promiscuent Maria who was grinding herself against his body
trying to get him to dance with her.

"I know, I know." Max agreed having the same difficulties with Liz as she continued to let
her hands roam over his body as she danced with him. Of course, unlike Michael who only
stood still, Max started dancing with Liz instead of trying to fight her. Normally Max
would have wanted nothing more than for Liz's hands to be touching his body, but he knew how
drunk she was and there was absolutely no way he was going to take advantage of the situation
he found himself in, well at least not total advantage. He held her close and allowed his
own hands to roam just a tad over her body, making sure not to touch any truly intimate
parts of her body as he did so. He had kissed her several times, but each time took great
control not to let the kiss deepen so he wouldn't be any more tempted than he already was.

Liz was so caught up in the feel of Max's body, hands, and kisses all her thoughts had turned
to wanting Max to make love to her. Her body was feeling no pain what so ever and her
emotions were in over load with wanting to feel what it would be like to make love to Max.
Finally she voiced out loud what she wanted. "Make luvv to me, Mawx." She slurred out
loudly, in fact so loud both Michael and Maria heard her.

"OOOH. I wanth to make luvv tooo. Michael taketh me to bed and ravisth my body." Maria
slurred out almost immediately and then proceeded to grope Michael's crotch with her hands.

The way Maria was stroking him through his jeans was making Michael go insane with lust for
her. But, he couldn't pull her hand away, it simple just felt too damn good to even consider
making her stop. Michael knew he wasn't going to be able to handle it very much longer and
without a second though he swooped Maria up in his arms. "That's it Maria, I'm putting you
to bed." He stated as he started to carry her into his bedroom.

"Michael!" Max exclaimed not wanting to see his friend take advantage of his other friend
in her condition no matter what their relationship currently was.

"Max, come on. I'm going to put her to sleep in my bed." Michael stated a little irate
that his best friend would think so little of him. "I suggest you do the same thing with
your tigress on the couch, while your still thinking clearly." He added, knowing the effects
Liz was having on his friend.

Liz watched Michael carrying her best friend to his bedroom. "See Mawx, Michael's going to
make luvv to Maria. Ith will be okay." She stated as her hand traveled down to the front
of Max's pants, where she began to message his very noticeable erection.

Having Liz's hand on his bulge was truly driving him insane. His body betraying his mind as
he pressed his lower body more firmly against her hand even though he knew he had to stop
her, he couldn't help but enjoy the feeling she was evoking in his body. "Liz, honey, you
need to stop." He pleaded as his tongue snaked out and began licking against her sensitive
spot on her neck.

She pulled slightly back and with a seductive glance at him, she stated. "I'll stop if you
let me see you cum. I like seeing your face when you cum."

Max groaned at just the thought and knew if he stopped her now, he wouldn't be able to stop
her. He quickly picked her up in his arms and placed her down on the couch. "You have no
idea how much I love you, Liz and how badly I want to, but we can't. I'm sorry." With
that he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and then placed his hand on her head, putting
her to sleep almost instantly and making sure to take away any hang over she may wake up
with as he did so.

The next thing he heard was Maria's moans and cries of pleasure coming from Michael's bedroom.
Shaking his head, knowing that Maria had succeeded in getting Michael to give in, he sat
back on the couch and watched Liz sleeping. Thinking to himself how easy it would have been
to make her his this very night, but feeling proud of himself that he didn't. On the other
side of the coin though, he had a boner the size of Cleveland in his pants and knew there
was no way it was going to go away any time soon. Unless he took care of it himself. How
ironic it was, to have the girl of his dreams, the girl he loved more than life itself, the
girl who wanted to give him the release his body was screaming for laying before him with
nothing but her bikini and cover-up on sound asleep. Max knew he had done the right thing,
but now he was completely miserable. He undid the button of his jeans and zipped down his
zipper hoping the extra room would at least make him slightly more comfortable. Unfortunately
it only had the opposite effect, especially with a half naked Liz lying right there before
him. Another round of moans came from Michael's bedroom and Max couldn't take it any longer.
He placed his hand inside of his boxer and stroked himself a few times, then a few more and
before he knew he was caressing Liz's leg with one hand while he continued to stroke his
own erection.

He closed his eyes as his fantasies took over of what he wished was happening versus what
was really happening. He imagined his hand running up Liz's leg and slipping her bikini
bottoms to the side as his fingers made their way inside her tight core. He could literally
feel how wet and tight she felt as his fingers moved in and out of her passage. He continued
to stroke himself as he shifted his body so his head rested in between her thighs and her
sweet aroma filled his nose with her special scent. Opening his eyes, he found himself
looking directly into her most private of all private parts and his fingers moving in and
out of her body. Knowing now this was no fantasy, he tried to stop himself, but found himself
unable to stop. His tongue slipped out and touched just the tip of her nub that jutted out.
At that simple touch her moans swept through his ears even in her sleep and Max's own released
squirted out onto his hand. Realizing what he had allowed to happen he started to pull
himself back into a sitting position only to find his head being held down. "Don't stop,
Max. Please don't stop." Liz moaned out quietly as she pushed his head down toward her
core, spreading her legs for him to have better access and raising her hips to meet his
mouth requesting him to continue with what he had started.

Max lifted his eyes and saw that Liz's were not only opened, but she was laying there with
such desire in her eyes he thought for sure he must be dreaming. "Liz?" He was shocked to
say the least. Here he was taking advantage of her body, when he himself had been the one
to put her to sleep, but instead of her being angry she was requesting him to continue.

Liz let out a slight giggle when she saw the look of shock at seeing her awake cross his own
face. But, what Max hadn't realized yet was that he had not only taken away the possibility
of her having any kind of hang over, but taken away all the effects the alcohol in her system.
The minute his hands had begun to caress her leg, she had stirred awake. In fact she was
the one that had willed his fingers to move up to her core and inside of her by moving her
body lower to meet his. As soon as she seen how Max was relieving himself, she wanted to be
a part of it. So instead of letting on that she was now fully sober and awake she just laid
back and enjoyed his touch until she had felt the tip of his tongue touch her so intimately.
Then she couldn't control the moan that had escaped her lips, essentially bringing Max out of
what he had thought was only a fantasy. Now that she had felt what it was like to feel Max's
mouth on her, she wanted more. She wanted so much more. She knew he probably thought she
was still drunk and he was feeling guilty about what he thought was taken advantage of her
so she stroked his hair with her hands, pushing him back down to her core. "Max, please.
Touch me again, please." She pleaded as she raised her hips just slightly to emphasize her
words were the truth.

"Liz, I can't take advantage of yo...."

"Max, look at me." She waited until his eyes met hers. "I am not drunk on alcohol any more.
You are not taken advantage of me. I want this, I need this. Please, Max. I want to feel
you touch me like that again." She begged with her eyes for him to hear the truth beyond
her words.

Max could see the sparkle of love she held for him in her eyes and knew she meant what she
had just said, but that one simple taste he had got earlier drove him insane for more and he
knew if he started he wouldn't be able to stop. But, then again could he really deny any
thing she asked of him at this point. Tentatively he lowered his down to her ever so delicate
spot and kissed her softly on the nub he had previously tasted. Raising his head again he
looked up into her eyes to verify she showed no signs of doubt against what he wanted to do.
When he saw none, he brought his tongue out and slowly traced a pattern around her nub.
When her moan hit his ears, he knew she in fact wanted this as much as he did. Slowly he
began to explore every part of her most sensitive area, it didn't take long to discover where
she seemed to enjoy his touch more.

Liz was trembling with desire and slowly being driven insane by Max's slow wonderful touches.
When his lips latched on to her nub and sucked lightly she lost it, letting her juices flow
freely into Max's mouth. Max eagerly lapped up all that she offered, but instantly wanted
more. Without hesitation and with an urgent hunger this time he attacked. Licking and
sucking, dipping his tongue inside of her as far as he could get and reveling in the fact
that he was the one making her come apart so easily. Liz's body was now totally out of control
as she egged him onward to continue by pushing his head closer and closer to her, while
raising her hips up and down in rhythm of his tongue when he drove it inside of her. Never
in her life had she experienced such pleasure. Never could she have imagined what this kind
of pleasure felt like as Max continued his sweet torture of her very core. When she let out
a scream of yes's he knew he had satisfied her.

Slowly lifting his mouth from her, he felt how her body was still shimmering with pleasure.
Her eyes were closed, but he could see small tear drops escaping her closed eyes. He slowly
moved up her body, placing soft tender kisses along his way as he went until his face was
even with her. "God, you are so beautiful." He stated softly as he leaned down to kiss her
lips softly. But, as he did so his own body also came flush against hers and that's when he
felt her. His manhood once again hard as a rock and now was touching her ever so wet, sweet
lower lips that with only one easy thrust he would be inside the woman he loved more than
anything else in this world or any other. Her sweet scent surrounded him and his senses
were too far gone to even try to think clearly.

"Maxwell! MAX!"

His name being called from behind him made him look over his shoulder to see Michael trying
not to look in the direction of where he and Liz laid upon the couch. One look at
his friend and his brain was processing again. As quick as he could, he reached in between
his and Liz's body to readjust her bikini bottoms and tried to refix himself back into his
boxers before they both sat back up highly embarrassed at the presence of their friend. He
mouthed the words "Thank You." To his friend and Michael slipped quietly back into his
bedroom. Turning back to Liz, he whispered. "I'm sorry Liz. I didn't mean to lose so much
control like I did, forgive me?"

End Pt14
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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 15

For the next several weeks, Max had made a point not to allow himself to be any where alone
with Liz. It was killing him, just as much as he knew she was becoming frustrated, but Max
knew for a fact that he could not control himself when it came to Liz. Their night together
after her day of fun in the sun had proven that much to him. If Michael hadn't have stopped
him, he knew for a fact he would have made love to Liz right there on Michael's couch. But,
the fact still remained that no matter how much he wanted to be with Liz in the most
intimate way they couldn't until they were married. So he tried to show her how much he
loved her without letting anything physical happen in anyway. Besides a kiss good night and
even that was almost too hard on him sometimes. Since a simple kiss would sometimes be all
that was needed for his desires for her to spike to an all time high. But, he wanted more
from Liz than just a physical relationship, he wanted a permanent bond with her and if he
was to give into temptation, as tempting as it was sometimes, he knew they could never have
the happily ever after future he wanted, no needed with Liz.

Liz on the other hand had tried on several attempts to get Max alone for someone on one
time, but to her dismay it seemed that every attempt she made had been disrupted by either
a lame excuse from Max or by an untimely appearance by Michael. It seemed like the two of
them were in some kind of conspiracy against her and Max being alone. It wasn't like Max
was avoiding her, he lavished her with surprises constantly. A note of his undevoted love
left in her locker at work, a bouquet of flowers arrived at her home on a regular occasion.
He took her out for on dates almost every other night, to dinner, to the movies, even to
play a round of putt putt golf. But, each time they went out it was to a very public place.
Then he would always bring her home, kiss her breathless and leave before either could even
remotely start to lose their control or any type of intimacy could occur. He constantly
told her how much he loved her, how she was his everything, how he couldn't wait until they
could be married and how much he wanted her. On one hand she had never felt more love from
Max toward her then he had showed her in the past few weeks, but on the other hand she was
slowly going insane with the need for more on the physical side.

At exactly one month after Max had asked Liz's father for her hand in marriage, he arrived
at the Crashdown very early in the morning once again. Knowing this was the best time to
catch Mr. Parker alone. As before he requested to speak with Jeff and Jeff stepped aside.
Once again the two men sat down together and enjoyed a cup of coffee and once again Max
asked for Liz's hand in marriage. As before Jeff stated a firm no to Max's request. Max
politely thanked him for his time, stating he would see him next month and left the cafe.
Jeff wasn't as surprised this time around, in fact he had almost expected Max to keep his
word about asking for Liz's hand every month. He liked Max more than he would admit and the
knowledge that Max respected his daughter to want to wait until after they were married
before they engaged in an intimate relationship only made Jeff like him that much more. He
wasn't blind to the fact that Max truly did seem to have strong feelings for his daughter
and it went without saying how much Liz cared for Max. He would have to be blind not to
notice how her eyes would light up the minute Max would come around. He had watched the two
of them interact with each other for the past month more closely than he had in the past two
years. Max diffidently showered Liz with attention and she glowed with happiness, but despite
how much he had to admit the two of them had very strong feelings for each other, he wasn't
about to agree for the two of them to marry at such a young age. He felt if they truly did
love each other than there was no reason why they needed to be in a rush to get married and
they could wait until they were older. As a father the idea of his only daughter being the
only virgin to graduate from both high school and college appealed to him.

After another week, Liz noticed how Max was beginning to pull further and further away from
any kind of physical relationship. He seemed to hardly touch her and even their kisses good
night from a night out started to become more pecks then kisses. Although physically he
seemed to pulling further away, he more than made up for the physical end by his words of
love, the way he seemed to kiss her with just a glance and the way he did the simplest of
things for her that made her feel very special, loved and like she was the most precious
thing in the world to him. As much as Liz loved the way Max treated her like a queen, she
missed his touch, his kisses and she earned to share another physical experience with him
like they had shared the night they had gotten engaged or the night after she had gotten
drunk. So when her father and mother informed her they were going away for the weekend, Liz
knew this was her opportunity. So her and Maria got together and started planning out a
night that would ensure her and Max would be guaranteed some alone time. Liz had already
told Maria about Michael's untimely interruptions at different times and Maria assured her
that no matter what on Saturday night, Michael would be totally preoccupied and would be no
where close to the Crashdown. They both agreed that it would be best not to inform either
Max, nor Michael that Liz's parents were going to be gone so they wouldn't have time to come
up with any lame excuse for Max not being able to make it over to her apartment. Not that
Liz had any intention of lying to Max, she just thought it best not to bring the subject up.

She asked her father to make sure the Michael was scheduled off the entire day Saturday so
he wouldn't be any the wiser to know about the absence of Liz's parents. She made up a story
that Max and Michael were going to take both her and Maria out for a picnic dinner and
Michael needed the day off to cook and prepare the meal for the picnic. She also made sure
that both her and Maria were scheduled the morning shift so they were off in plenty of time
to get ready for their so called picnic. Jeff Parker didn't suspect a thing, especially
with the way Max had been taking Liz out on a regular basis for the past three weeks, so
without any further questions asks, his daughter's request was granted.

Liz had asked an unsuspecting Max if he would like to come over for
an evening at her house, to watch a movie or just play a game of monopoly. She didn't even
hint that they would be alone due to her parents being out of town, but just made it seem
like she just wanted to spend the evening in lieu of going out anywhere. Max, of course,
imagined he would be safe enough being with Liz in her home with her parents there. He had
already made a mental note not to take any chances and be with her alone in her bedroom. He
would instead make sure they stayed in the living room, knowing that neither would even think
to attempt any kind of physical intimacy with her parents either right there with them or
even if they were in the next room. So he agreed and promised himself that he would leave
at an early hour to ensure they wouldn't be even slightly tempted if her parents went to bed
early for some reason that night.

The Friday before the big set up Maria and Liz went shopping for a variety of items for Liz's
seduction for the following night. Even though Liz's outfits were usually on the conservative
side, she allowed Maria to help find her a more tempting type of outfit. An outfit that
would ensure her caveman Max to finally make another appearance. It took most of the day to
come up with the perfect outfit. Once they had the right outfit which consisted of a deep
red mini skirt, a sheer white tank top and a silky buttoned down blouse. The outfit with
the blouse on made Liz appear to still look somewhat conservative, which was the way she
wanted to appear at first when she would greet Max at the door so not to give what she was
planning away too early. But, once she lost the blouse, the outfit turned from conservative
to one that oozed take me. Next they made a stop at Victoria Secrets just in case the first
part of the plan didn't bring out her alien caveman, phase two would ensure his arrival.
After her attire for the entire evening was purchased, their next stop was the candle store.
Last but not least they stopped at the drug store for their final purchase, protection.

That evening Liz found it hard not to laugh at how easily her best friend manipulated Michael
into a date for Saturday night. At first Michael had said something about wanting to watch
the ball game, but he didn't stand a chance when it came to Maria. She goaded, whined and
as soon as he thought he could win she added her own secret touch. A whisper of seduction
in his ear and a promise to fulfill a secret fantasy he had revealed to her in one of their
more intimate moments via flashes. Michael caved almost instantly and cursed for having to
close the Crashdown on Friday so they couldn't have their evening tonight instead of having
to wait until tomorrow.

Maria had agreed to spend the night with Liz on Friday night just so the two of them could
go over the plan of seduction for the following evening. Liz helped Maria with ideas to
pull off Michael's fantasy on their date for Saturday night, while Maria helped Liz get ready
for her chance to finally get Max alone. They had an all out girl's night with facials, leg
waxing, trying different hair styles to find the ones that would make them look more alluring
to their guys. They even went so far as to give themselves a bikini wax just to be sure
their planned evenings were successful.

Liz was determined that by Sunday morning she was not going to be left wanting any longer.
Even if she couldn't get Max to lose complete control, she was determined to get him to lose
enough for both of them to be completely satisfied with their evening alone.

As predicted Michael never took notice that neither of Liz's parents had made an appearance
in the Crashdown on Friday evening, as they usually didn't come down to the cafe during that
time period any way. He was more than glad to have Saturday off for a change and took
advantage of the time he was granted to sleep in as late as he could so he would be more
than ready for his evening with Maria.

Max spent most of the day helping his father out doing yard work. He really didn't mind
that much considering he had already made plans to spend the evening with Liz and her parents
at her home. He had yet to mention to his own parents that he had been asking Jeff Parker
for his daughter's hand in marriage for the last two months. Not to mention that he had in
fact already asked Liz to marry him. So with it just being the two of them Max decided it
was time to start setting his parents up for the news little by little. So as soon as he
finished mowing the lawn and his father offered him a glass of lemonade, Max knew it was the
perfect opportunity. "Uh..Dad, can I ask you something personal?" No matter how sure he
was about his decision to marry Liz, his shyness still took hold of his personality when it
came to opening up his feelings to either of his parents.

Philip Evans didn't hesitate with his answer for his son very rarely came to him for any
kind of personal information. "Sure Max, you can ask me anything. What's on your mind?"

"Well, it's uh...It's just..I wanted to.." Max stammered badly having no idea exactly how
to go about telling his own father that he had fallen in love with the most wonderful woman
in the universe.

"Max. Just ask me, I'm your father and hopefully you know by now that you can come to me
for anything. Now what's got you so flustered?" Philip quickly stated and then asked.

Finally before Max could chicken out he rushed out and said the first word that came to his
mind. "Liz."

"Liz? As in Liz Parker?"

"Yeah, Dad she's beautiful, smart, funny, gorgeous, intelligent, strong, witty, pretty...She's
perfect." To Max there wasn't just one word that described his Liz. So when he started to
try to explain how he felt about her to his father, once he started he couldn't stop.

Philip Evans had a grin on his face the size of a barn as he watched his son talk about Liz
Parker. His entire face lit up like a Christmas tree, but the best part of it was that Max
was actually opening up a little of himself to him and that said more than anything to him.
Max had always been very shy, very quiet and always kept to himself. But, here he was
standing before him with sweat pouring down his face, drinking a glass of lemonade and for
the first time that Philip could remember, Max was sharing a piece of himself with him and
it made him feel great. "So I take it, you like this girl." He chided with his son.

At his father's words, Max's entire face turned as serious as he could, he looked his father
right in the eye and stated sincerely. "I love her Dad."

Philip met his son's eyes and knew without a doubt that Max had never been more serious about
anything before in his life. His first instinct as a father was to say something in the
line that he was too young to know what true love was, but then again this was Max. Max,
who had always been older than his years. Max, that never opened himself up to neither him
nor his wife. "May I ask if she returns your feelings?"

"Yes, she does." Stated with the same seriousness in his tone as before. Then took a deep
breath and laid the bomb shell on his father that he knew would shock him. "I've asked Jeff
Parker for her hand in marriage."

"Max, I..." Philip started to protest at this point. Being wise enough to know when you are
in love at such a young age was one thing, but to think about marriage was an entirely
different aspect.

"You don't have to worry yet, he said no." Max quickly added already knowing his own father
was going to start his own protest. Philip couldn't help but hear the sadness in his
son's voice when he admitted Jeff's refusal. But, as sad as he knew his son was at the
rejection of his request by Jeff, Philip was more than relieved.

"Well, Max. You two are still so young. Your not even out of high school." Now his own
fatherly instincts were taking over and he couldn't help but to express his feelings.

"Dad, I'm not giving up. I just wanted you to know. Be it next month or next year, I will
be marrying Liz." The determination in his voice left no room for argument.

"So, it certainly sounds like you've made up your mind. Do your mother and I have any say
in this?" He asked a little more sternly than he meant to, he was still just a tad shocked
by Max's mannerism.

"Not to sound disrespectful, but this isn't about you or Mom. It's about Liz and I."

"But, Jeff Parker has a say in this?"

Max knew his father took offense to the fact that he thought Liz's father was more important
than him. So instead of lashing back at his Dad, he calmly and quietly stated. "Dad, I
respect you more than I could ever voice. It was you who taught me to be respectful of
others and I am going to marry Jeff Parker's only daughter. I need him to respect me too.
Wouldn't you rather the man that Isabelle fall's in love with someday ask you for her
hand in marriage and be up front with you versus going behind your back and the two of
them running away to get married?"

At Max's last question Philip calmed down considerably. He couldn't argue that point as he
would want that from any man that wanted to take his only daughter away. He didn't answer
Max's question, he simply nodded to acknowledge his agreement. "You realize your mother is
going to have heart failure when you tell her. She still sees you as her little boy, no
matter how old you get."

"Well, then you should have seen Jeff's face the first time I asked to marry Liz." Max
joked back.

Philip couldn't help the laugh that naturally came out while he pictured Jeff's face. Then
scrounged up his eye brows. "How many times have you asked him?"

"Twice so far. But I'm not giving up Dad, I love her. I'll ask him as many times as it

Seeing the determination in his son's face, he knew he was telling him the truth. "I believe
you will." It occurred to him at that moment, he didn't have to worry about Max and Liz
running off. And he was pretty sure Jeff Parker wasn't going to be giving Max permission to
marry his daughter any time in the near future. So in lieu of making an issue and turning
his son away from him, for now he decided he would show his son the same respect he had
shown him today. He stood up and patted his son on the back to let him know he understood,
then stated. "Okay then, now for the real serious question of the day. Would you prefer to
edge or trim?" With that the two male Evan's continued to finish the lawn.

Meanwhile back at the cafe both Maria and Liz were getting more and more anxious as each
minute passed for their day to be over with and to begin their night of romance. They flew
around the cafe using years of experience to carry them, as their minds were any where except
on their jobs the entire day. By the time their shift came to an end, they were literally
glowing with anticipation. Wishing each other luck with a hug, they both took off to get
themselves ready for a night that both were sure they would never forget.

End Pt 15
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I understand how so many of you are looking forward to complete nookie, but remember the name of this story is Purity. Okay, well Liz did set up a good seduction and we all know how much control Max has when it comes to Liz. So without further a do here's the next part. As usual, I hope you all enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 16

By 6:45, Liz was as ready as she could be. Her stomach was doing flip flops anticipating
Max's arrival. One side of her was nervous hoping that this was the night that she finally
got Max to lose his control, while the other side of her was nervous that this was the night
that Max was going to lose his control. Yes, without any doubts she loved Max and wanted
to share with him the most precious gift she could, but this would still be her first time
and no matter how prepared she was, she couldn't help but be a tad nervous about it. As she
waited her anxieties began to surface. Before she had time to really start to dream up all
the possible what if's, her door bell rang. Jumping up from the couch and smoothing out her
skirt, then checking the mirror one final time she slowly opened the door. "Hi." Was all
she said, but the smile on her face said more than any words could say, especially when she
saw the look on his face at seeing her new outfit. 'Yes, diffidently working.' She thought
to herself as she witnessed the way Max's eyes immediately traced over her body.

As soon as Liz opened the door, Max's heart melted and his body immediately reacted to her
presence. He was unable to stop his eyes from roaming over her perfect body. She was
beautiful as usual to him, but tonight she looked more than just her usual gorgeous self,
she looked..alluring, sexy. Max's first instinct was either to ravish her or run like
hell before he did, but then he remembered they would be spending the evening in her parent's
home. He had never been so grateful for her to have parent's then he was at that moment.
If they were going out for the evening, he was sure there was no way he would be able to
control himself around her. Finally meeting her eyes, he returned her smile, handed her the
simple one white rose he had brought for her and returned her greeting. "Hi."

Not wanting to give the game away this early in the evening she quickly stepped aside with
a quick invitation for Max to come inside. He stepped in and as soon as Liz shut the door,
she knew this night was going to be everything she hoped it would be. Max softly traced the
outside of his hand down her cheek. "Your look absolutely breathtaking tonight." He
whispered and then leaned down and kissed her softly on her lips.

Casting her eyes downward in a shy manner she thanked him for his complement. "Thanks, you
look nice this evening also. You want something to drink before we start the movie?"

"Sounds good." He replied as he took a step back, being too close to Liz made it almost
impossible not to want to take her in his arms and carry her to her bedroom and have his way
with her, but instead he remembered where he was and knew he needed to keep himself in check.

"I set us up in the living room if that's okay?" She questioned still not letting on to the
fact that it didn't matter where they watched their movie at tonight, because for tonight it
was only the two of them any way. "Let me put this in water and get our drinks before we
start the movie." She took his hand and ushered him to sit on the couch in her living room
while she walked into the kitchen, making sure she swung her hips just a touch more than
usual knowing full well that Max's eyes were following her. Which of course they were.

'God, is she trying to kill me here?' Max asked himself as he readjusted his pants before
he sat down on the couch. He took a quick look around and noticed how quiet the place was
for the first time that evening. He had been so preoccupied by the woman he loved, he hadn't
even realized he had yet to see either her mother or father. As soon as Liz came back into
the living room with their drinks and her flower in a bud vase on a tray, he asked. "So
where's Mom and Dad?"

"Their not home right now." She replied and immediately noticed how Max seemed to squirm
just a bit at her acknowledgment. Deciding it was fun to see Max squirm just a little more
she asked. "Why? Your not afraid to be alone with me are you?" She leaned down with the
their drinks offering him his soda, making sure the tray was right at her breast level.
Knowing full well when she leaned over the tank top would reveal a bit of her cleavage to
his eyes. As Max looked up to take his drink, she wasn't disappointed.

The minute Liz admitted that her parents weren't home, Max knew he was in trouble. Then when
Liz bent forward for him to take his drink he couldn't help how his eyes locked onto the now
newly exposed area of her chest. He took both their drinks in his hands and watched as she
stood back up as if she was moving in slow motion, his eyes never once leaving her chest.
He thought to himself just how afraid at this moment he truly was to be alone with her, but
thought he should play this off jokingly. "I believe the correct question would be aren't
you afraid to be alone with me, especially since I'm the one from another planet here?"

Liz rolled her eyes at his question, slipped in the movie she had chosen and sat down on the
couch next to Max. The movie her and Maria had decided on was American Pie 2, a sex comedy
that they could both laugh at, but with it also having a sexual overture to make sure Max's
mind was on more than just a comedy. Max placed their drinks on the coffee table and then
slipped his arm around Liz's shoulder and tried to relax as Liz snuggled up close to him,
placing her hand and head on his chest. This was more difficult than he thought, especially
after the first few minutes of the movie Liz's hand began to draw lazy circles on his chest.
After about half way through the movie they were both rolling in laughter and Max found
himself relaxing more and more. Just enjoying their time together instead of worrying about
how his lower anatomy was still reacting to Liz's hand that seemed to never stop it's
ministrations on his chest.

It wasn't until Liz leaned up and kissed him on his neck, that Max knew he was in trouble,
big trouble. Once Liz knew Max was beginning to relax about the idea of them being alone she
made her move. Her lips and tongue began to play havoc on his entire body by just kissing,
nibbling, licking and sucking on his neck. She smiled against his neck when she heard the
moan escape his lips and knew she without a doubt, she was winning. "I've missed you Max.
I've missed being alone with you. I've missed your lips, your touch. Kiss me Max." She
whispered into his ear as she continued using her mouth and tongue as a weapon of seduction.

Max didn't hesitate to comply with her request. His desire for her ruled over any control
he had. He knew that to be a fact, he could never deny her. That was the reason he had been
so withdrawn from any kind of physical contact in the past few weeks. Because one taste of
her, one simple touch and he would be a goner. She had literally driven his body crazy
with want from her seduction. His hand came up to her face, turning it away from his neck
and brought his lips crashing down on hers. His kiss was full of hunger, full of passion
and full of love as he ravished her mouth completely with his. As they kissed Liz turned
her body more toward him and started to lie back on the couch, pulling him down with her as
she went. They ended in a very compromising position, with his body laying on top of hers
with her legs spread, fulling inviting him. She could feel how his body was reacting to
hers and it only made her want more. "Touch me Max." She half pleaded, half begged as she
withdrew her mouth from his for only a moment to do so.

Slowly Max undid the few buttons of her outer shirt until he could pull it opened all the
while still alternating kissing her lips and neck area. Her soft moans sounding like an
angel singing in his ears as he moved the sheer tank top up and over her breasts. Reveling
the two soft mounds that ached to be touched by his hands again. Slowly circling around
each breast, but deliberately not touching either as of yet. "Please, Max." His slow
ministrations were driving her crazy. Her desire for him to touch her in some intimate
place on her body was almost at a breaking point. She yearned for his touch more than she
had ever thought possible and didn't realize how much she had missed it until his hands
were upon her body. Unable to resist her any longer Max's hands cupped both breast and
squeezed gently at first before allowing his thumbs to rub over her taunt nipples for the
first time in weeks. "Oh YES!" She screamed as she felt her nipples harden immediately to
his touch. Her hands pulled anxiously at his shirt wanting to yank it right off his body so
she could feel his flesh against hers again.

When he felt her trying to remove his shirt, he shifted slightly to her side. "What about
your parents, when will they be home?" The last thing he needed at this point was for Jeff
Parker to come home and catch him in a compromising position with his daughter. The entire
time he continued to massage her breast tentatively, not being able to stop himself from
touching her body now that he had started. As much as he craved more of her body, he didn't
want to take the chance of being caught without his shirt on literally by her father.

Liz was so caught up with the feeling of the way Max was touching her she barely heard his
question. It took a few seconds before her mind could process what Max had asked actually.
Finally her reply was short and to the point. "Tomorrow." With that said she pulled Max's
shirt over his head in one smooth motion. All his motions stopped as her one word answer
brought a reality check back into Max's brain as he realized how much trouble he truly was
in at this moment in time. But, Liz was more than prepared for this reaction from Max and
she knew without a doubt she had control, especially with the obvious hardness pressed
firmly into her thigh. She began to trace circles around his chest once again while leaning
up to press soft kisses on his jawbone. She whispered in the most seductive voice she could.
"Feel Max, just feel."

The bulge in Max's pants tightened instantly at her words as he instantly remembered the way
her mouth had felt upon his manhood a few weeks ago just after she had said those exact same
words to him. Knowing he couldn't resist her completely, but knowing he had to keep some sense
to himself he leaned over her and whispered softly. "I'm going to make you come a part in
my hands and my mouth before I leave here tonight, but I am not going to make love to you
until your mind forever." Then his mouth was upon hers and his hands immediately went back
to work on her breast. But, this time there was no tentative touches, no more innocent
petting. No, this time Liz Parker got exactly what she had been hoping for. Her own personal
caveman was out in full force and he wasn't playing games any longer. He kissed her deeply,
thrusting his tongue into every crevice of her mouth as his hands kneaded her breast with
just a touch of roughness. His fingers pulling and twisting on her nipples until they were
as tight as they could be. Moving his lips from her mouth down to one of her breast he
lavished one pointed nipple with his tongue before taking her entire breast into his mouth
and sucking hard until only her nipple remained and then he bit it slightly before he licked
it one last time before releasing it only to retake her entire breast and repeat the process
all over again. When he heard her scream of pleasure, then and only then did he move to the
other breast only to repeat his actions again.

His hands ripped her tank top in half to allow him full access of her upper chest and breast
area without having to bother to take it off of her. So instead the two halves laid on each
side of her now openingly exposed upper body and Max's hands roamed over every inch of her
skin that was available to him. Taking Liz's breath away as he did. Max had always been
very gentle, very careful with the way he touched her except for the few times that she had
driven him crazy with jealousy before when she had gone out with both Sean and Jack. But,
now she saw just how much control he had lost and she was loving every second of it. Knowing
that his words spoken only moments before were true and knowing that she would diffidently
not be left wanting.

Michael and Maria had just finished having the most amazing sex that they had ever experience.
Now laying wrapped in each other's arms in Michael's bed at his apartment, both happily
contented with total satisfaction. Michael leaned over and gave her another sweet but small
kiss to acknowledge how much he had enjoyed their evening. "God, I am so glad I'm not the
king." He stated without even thinking of what he was saying.

Maria gave him a puzzled look as to why he had made that statement at this time of all times.
"Why?" She asked not understanding what he was talking about.

Shaking his head as he realized his mistake, he replied. "Uh..It's nothing."

Of course, by his response Maria knew immediately that it was something and whatever it was
he was keeping it from her. Well, Maria had dealt with stone wall Guerin enough to know he
wasn't going to get out of it that easily. "Oh no you don't. Tell me why your happy about
not being the king?"

"Maria, please. It's nothing, just let it go." Michael tried once more to make her stop
her questioning mind.

Maria pushed him back on the bed forcefully and quickly straddled him. "Tell me Michael or
I will be forced to hurt you." She half threatened, half joked.

"Maria, it's noth....OW!" He screamed out as she pinched one of his nipples hard.

"Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to hurt you some more?" She questioned, now
knowing for sure that whatever Michael was talking or not talking about was indeed something.
And she for one was not going to let it go until he spilled it one way or another.

"Okay, okay, I give. But, just so it is understood I'm talking under protest." He really
didn't see the harm in telling Maria what Max had discovered. It wasn't like Michael didn't
believe his best friend, but he still thought he was being a little too silly about the whole
idea still. "I said I'm glad I'm not the king because I can make love to you without any
stupid purity issues looming over our heads." There he said it and just as he thought about
the subject before it still sounded stupid.

Now Maria was truly more confused then before. "What purity issues? Michael would speak in
human terms please."

"Look I don't know if it's true or not, but Max believes he wouldn't be allowed to marry Liz
if she wasn't a virgin before they get married." Maria waved her hand around as if to say
'And.' So Michael continued. "He's got this whole weird concept in his head that if he has
sex with Liz or even if Liz has sex with anyone before he can marry her, he won't be able to
marry her because he believes she has to be pure until they are married."

"I knew about Max telling Liz that he wanted to wait until the were married, but I still
don't get why he thinks it's a must?"

"Like I said before, I don't know if I believe it myself, but I know Max believes it. He
did all this research on the subject and the amazing thing is in just about every case where
a king or a future king wants to take a wife, before permission can be granted that they
marry she has to be proven a virgin. It goes back centuries and expands all these different
cultures. There were all kinds of different reasoning behind it, depending on the different
cultures. But, now Max has it in his mind that this applies to him too. And you know how
Max feels about Liz, so he isn't taking any chances on not being able to marry her just
because he couldn't control his hormones."

"Do you have any of his research here?" Maria asked now more than curious herself.

"Yeah, I put it in the drawer out in the living room." Michael stated and before he could
even ask why she wanted it Maria was out of his bed and already pulling open the drawer he
was talking about and had found the folder with all of the information inside. Bringing it
back to the bedroom, she opened the folder and began to look through it.

After going through most of the information that Max had gathered, she slammed the folder
closed. "OH My God! Michael, we've got to stop Liz!" She exclaimed as she hurriedly put
her clothes back on and grabbed her purse. Pulling out her phone she pressed the speed dial
to Liz's hoping she wasn't too late already.

"Maria? What's wrong with you?" Michael yelled out as he watched her frantically dress and
then throw her phone down.

"I told her to turn the damn thing off. I can't believe this. Come on Michael we have got
to go and stop them!"

"Stop who? Maria, slow down for a minute and tell me what's going on?" Now it was Michael's
turn to be a little confused.

"Max and Liz." She stated in annoyance at Michael for asking such idiotic questions at a
time where her best friend's future was at stake. Seeing Michael still wasn't getting it
she explained as quickly as possible. "Liz and I set this whole evening up so Liz could get
Max alone and seduce him."

"Wait, Max and Liz are at her house tonight. Max told me it would be okay, because he
wouldn't be tempted to do anything knowing her parents would be home."

"Don't you get it, Liz's parent's aren't home. They left to go out of town yesterday. We
didn't say anything to either of you two so Liz could have an evening ALONE with Max without
worrying about you interrupting them for like the millionth time. We set up the entire
evening, planned everything so Max would lose that all too cool control of his and Liz would
finally get Max to make love to her!"

"Oh SHIT!" Michael yelled as he also began to dress half hazardly, hoping that he hadn't
let his friend down. Even if he didn't believe the purity issues completely, he knew Max
did and he didn't want to let his friend down, especially if his friend turned out to be

Meanwhile back at Liz's house, all of Max's self control was gone. He had not only ripped
her shirt in half, but had also literally ripped her skirt down the front of it also. Her
panties were torn completely away from her body and Max's pants were undone in the front.
All the times he had tried to avoid getting too physical with her in the last two weeks had
his hormones raging to the point of no return and once he gave in and let his lust for the
woman he loved more than anything take over, he was a goner. His fingers sliding in and out
of her wet passage as he continued to alternate assaulting her sweet mounds and her mouth
with his. Bringing Liz to orgasmic pleasure over and over again. Her own hands yanking his
pants down as far as she could get them in her current position, but as soon as his manhood
was freed her greedy hands grabbed on to it and began stroking him as quickly and as furiously
as she could to give him the same kind of pleasure that he was instilling upon her. At the
rate of speed she was stroking on him, it obviously didn't take long for Max's release to be
granted and his hot seed flowed free from his body into her hands and onto her stomach. Her
own orgasm came at the same time from Max's fingers and mouth.

As soon as she knew he had released all that he was going to for the time being she finally
withdrew her hand and both collapsed into each other arms. The pent up sexual tension they
had been feeling was finally satisfied for the moment, but Liz was far from finished for the
evening. Oh no, she had much more planned and the evening was still very young. When she
was finally able to catch her breath, she whispered seductively. "Let's go to my room."

Now that some of the tension in his body was released he was back in some kind of control,
not complete control but somewhat. After what she had just done for him and allowed him to
do to her, he would have walked on hot coals if she asked him to. Without any thought of
consequences he lifted himself off of the couch, adjusting his pants so he could walk and
then picked her up into his arms leaving a very ripped skirt and panties where they still
laid and began to carry her back into her bedroom. He only got a few steps when his pants
began to slip off his hips. Not wanting to release Liz from his arms, he simple kicked off
his shoes as he went, along with his socks and pants. Leaving a small trail of clothing
going down the hallway of her home leading to her bedroom as they went.

He didn't even bother to close her door, knowing now that they didn't need to worry about her
parents coming home. He gently placed her down on the middle of the bed and began to worship
her body like she deserved. Now that he wasn't in any hurry because she had given him the
release he needed to sustain him, he was determined to take his time and give her every
dream come true. Slowly he let his hands trace over her entire body from her toes all the
way up to her hair. Touching and caressing every part of her body as he went, not wanting
to miss one place left unloved. "You are so beautiful. I love every inch of you." He
stated in a deep husky voice. His eyes growing dark with desire with each inch of her body
that he touched. Leaning over her he began to kiss her slowly, passionately, wanting her to
know exactly how much he adored her, how much she meant to him. His hands holding her head
and stroking her hair and face as he continued to kiss her breathlessly. Her hands roaming
up and down his back as her soft moans were moaned into his mouth only encouraging him to

With no barriers of clothing between them, there was no way either could hide how much their
bodies were reacting to the others. Max's erection was pressed firmly against her thigh as
one of his legs was laying in-between her legs allowing him to feel her body's desires for
him. Slowly, with such gentleness he let his hands roam down her body. This time taking her
breasts and loving them so tenderly, but at the same time so thoroughly. His mouth moving
from hers to follow the path of his hands, he used the same kind of tenderness as he softly
licked and sucked on each one of her breast then nipples. He still felt so in awed that she
would allow him such freedom with her body that as much as he was once again feeling the need
to ravish her, he held himself in check. Making sure that she was completely satisfied,
letting her know she came first before anything else to him.

Moving further south he made love to her naval with his tongue as one of his hands went back
to her breast, while the other made it's way down to her wet core. Softly stroking her hair
around her secret treasure, then slowly tracing along her outer lips until he finally parted
her lips and began to tenderly stroke her inner folds. Not yet touching her sensitive nub
just yet.

Liz was enjoying every single touch, kiss and feel of love that Max was giving her, but he
was also driving her insane with needing more. Knowing that he was as far gone as she was
by the feel of his arousal against her thigh she decided it was time for her to take matters
into her own hands. He was still loving her naval completely with his tongue and has she
watched his tongue working itself around and in and out of her naval, her mouth began to
water. Itching to suck his tongue deep inside her mouth once again. It was at that very
moment Max's fingers moved over her nub and one slipped down inside of her. "Oh Max, kiss
me." It was more of a demand than a request.

Without hesitation and more than willing to comply to any thing she requested at this moment
in time he moved up her body and as his mouth began to cover hers, she did exactly what she
wanted, she sucked his tongue into her mouth and ravished it with her own. This action of
course made Max lose a little more of his own self control and before he even knew what was
happening he was lying directly over Liz's body. He wasn't sure if she had moved her body
to align with his or if he had subconsciously done it himself. Liz's legs were spread open
and with no clothing between them his erection came in direct contact with her center core.
A small voice inside of his head told him they shouldn't do this, but just the feel of her
most intimate part of her body coming into contact with his was more than he could take to
not make love to her. Her hips moved ever so slightly against the tip of his manhood until
it was right at her entrance. Her lips still moving over his, her tongue working it's magic
on his, her hands roaming over his back and butt and her hips moving against his was more
than enough for Max to know he couldn't stop them even if he really wanted to. This was
exactly what he had also dreamed of, what his body craved more than air and he was more than
ready to take that final step. Lifting ever slightly, he looked deeply into her eyes. "Are
you sure?" He asked and watched for any sign she wasn't ready, with a simple nod she reached
up pulling his mouth back down to hers for any breath taking kiss to emphasize exactly how
sure she was. "I love you Liz. I'll always love you." He whispered against her lips as
he started to enter her body ever so slowly.

Holding ever restrain he had in him to keep from thrusting deep inside of her in one quick
motion, knowing this would be her first time and knowing he needed to let her body adjust to
his. Pushing in just the tip of his head only he had to stop and take a deep breath himself
to keep from cumming right at that moment and so far his body was barely inside of her. He
had planned on sheathing himself completely inside of her just to feel her tight, wet walls
surround him for the first time before he pulled out and place a condom on, but now he wasn't
sure if he had enough control to keep himself from cumming before he got that far. He
immediately lifted off of Liz and smiled at her when she groaned in frustration thinking he
was going to stop there. "We need protection." He explained as he looked around for his
pants only to remember they were lying somewhere down the hallway to her home. "Uh..I'll be
right back." He swore as he dashed into the hallway to retrieve the condom from his wallet
that was still in his pants.

He just lifted his pants into his hands when both Michael and Maria stormed into the Parker's
home. Taking in the sight of Max's naked state and the clothes that were lying on the couch,
floor, hallway Maria didn't even hesitate. "How could you?" She screamed as she ran past
Max, that was currently trying hard to cover himself with the pair of pants that were in his
hands. Running into Liz's bedroom and seeing her friend desperately trying to cover her own
naked body with her covers once she heard the commotion coming from the living room. Maria
immediately assumed her and Michael were too late she threw her arms around her best friend
and cried out. "I'm so sorry Liz, I'm so sorry. If I had known, I wouldn't have. Oh God,
I'm so sorry."

End Pt16

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Thanks so much for all the FB. I see most of you feel that Max should be honest with Liz. But, then again that is how I have always seen Max, always keeping his secrets. Anyway, here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 17

Shocked and confused were just an understatement of what Liz was feeling at the moment. It
was her other emotions that were surfacing quicker though, anger and frustration. She had
barely had Max inside her for only a second before the interruption and she was completely
floored that Maria, her supposedly best friend would be the one to ruin her night that was
to be her first time. Pushing Maria back, she demanded. "Maria, what the hell is wrong
with you?"

Tears were streaming down Maria's face, knowing that when Liz heard the truth about what she
had found out this evening, her friend was going to be devastated. She of all people knew
exactly how much Liz loved Max and how she would scarifies anything and everything for him.
But, now knowing that it could be possible that the two of them wouldn't be able to have
their happy ever after all because Max couldn't control his male hormones. The only thing
that seemed capable of coming out of her mouth though was the same thing she had said moments
ago. "I'm so sorry Liz."

Now Liz could see the sadness the was upon her friend and immediately thought the worst.
While she was still quite frustrated that she didn't get her night with Max, her friend's
emotional status was quickly becoming her number one concern. "Maria, what is it? What
happened?" Her tone being soft and soothing this time.

"Michael just told me tonight. I didn't know, I swear I didn't. I never would have helped
if I had known. Why? Why didn't they just tell us? God, I can't believe Max would do
this knowing what the consequences were going to be?" With that Maria got off the bed, she
was going to give Max a piece of her mind once and for all. She walked stiffly back out of
her friend's bedroom, leaving Liz more confused than ever.

As soon as Maria had brushed past him, Max immediately slipped back into his pants. Michael
stood shaking his head at his best friend. "I leave you alone for one night, one night Max."

That's all the further Michael got out when Max interrupted him before he could start ranting
on him. "Michael, we didn't. I mean we started, but we didn't." His control back in full
force and the realization of what he had almost done hit him like a ton of bricks. He sat
down on the couch with his head between his hands, cursing himself silently for losing it
the way he had. He had almost lost the one thing that he had ever wanted in his life for
one night of pleasure because he couldn't control himself around Liz. What was wrong with

But, his troubles were only beginning as Maria stormed back into the living room at that
moment. Not even Michael trying to restrain her and let her know everything was okay was
going to stop Maria. She was still under the impression that they had been to late and she
wasn't listening to Michael. She walked quickly right over to Max and slapped him directly
across the face without thinking or hesitating. "I hope it was worth IT. You SCUM!" She
screamed at him.

"MARIA!" By this time Liz had thrown on a tank top and shorts as quick as she could and
just walked out of her room when she had laid witness to what her best friend had done. It
just seemed like everything was spinning out of control so fast. One minute her and Max were
about to make the most beautiful love any two people could and the next minute her friend
was crying on her shoulder and then slapping Max the next. She ran over to where Maria was
standing over Max and immediately came to his rescue. "What the hell is wrong with you?"
She stood her ground and demanded an answer.

The fury that Maria was still feeling was apparent on her face, pointing at Max she started
to yell once again. "He...!"

That's all the further she got out and Michael was over by her side. "He didn't Maria, I
mean they didn't so calm down."

Maria's expression went from fury, to confusion, to sorrow for the way she had jumped to
conclusions as soon as Michael's words sank into her brain. "Oh God, Max. I'm sorry, I just

Max immediately stood up. Shaking his head, he confessed. "No, Maria. You're right I am
scum. I can't believe I almost ruined everything. Thank You!"

Now Liz was more confused then anything, she looked between Michael, Maria and then Max. The
small snippets of conversation she had picked up on stated that Maria had obviously thought
they had made love, Michael revealed they hadn't and then Max states he is scum for wanting
to make love to her. She looked at the guilty expression on Max's face and the only thing
she could think of was the fact that he was disgusted because they had almost made love.
Before anyone could explain anything she blew up. "GET OUT!"

"Liz, I..." Max started to explain, but didn't get any further.

"I SAID, GET OUT!" She was humiliated, embarrassed and mortified at the hands of Max Evans
for the last time. How could she ever think that he would want to be with her after he had
already experienced what it was like to be with one of his own kind? Even Maria didn't have
a chance to try to explain as she ran to her bedroom and slammed the door shut. Leaving
three very guilty looking people standing in the middle of her living room.

Max hung his head in defeat. He had hurt her once again, because he hadn't told her the
truth. Without wanting to make matters worst, he started to leave. But, was quickly held
in place by Maria. "You can't leave now. She doesn't understand. She thinks your upset
because you didn't really want to make love to her. God, are you guys really that dense?"
Maria, of course, felt guilty for jumping to the conclusion she had and made this
whole bad situation into a worst situation. Without being able to explain the truth, she
knew her best friend was taking this entirely wrong. She had to get Max to tell Liz the
real reason he felt guilty about them almost making love and he had to do it now.

Michael jumped into the conversation with Maria's last statement. "Hey, we weren't the
ones jumping to conclusions and going berserk." He defended.

"Oh, so now you're going to stand there and try to blame me for this whole situation?" She
questioned, even though she knew deep down it was partly her fault, but there was no way she
was going to admit that to Michael. After all, if Michael or Max had told them the truth to
begin with, they wouldn't have been in this kind of situation to begin with.

"Stop it you two. Didn't you see the look on her face? I've got to fix this, I've got to
explain." Max stated now back in control of his own emotions. A moment ago he was ready to
leave with his tale between his legs, guilt consuming him that he had hurt Liz once again.
Now after Maria stated the fact of how Liz could have mis interpreted what had happened,
he knew he had to tell her the truth. Not waiting to see if Michael and Maria were behind
him he stepped over to Liz's closed bedroom door, knocked and spoke as softly as he could.
"Liz, I need to tell you something I should have told you months ago. Please, give me a
chance to explain." He waited for any kind of response from her and when he got none he
continued to talk through her bedroom door, not wanting to evade her privacy by using his
powers to open the door until she opened it for him. "Liz, I am so sorry. I should have
told you the truth and I was wrong to keep it from you. Liz, I love you. Your the only woman
I could ever love. Your the only one I ever even considered being with for the rest of
my life. I had this feeling and did some research. Liz, the research concurred with what I
was feeling. It's not that I don't want to make love to you. I want you more than I could
ever begin to tell you. It's just that, if we make love before we're married, it's possible
that we might not be able to get married. Please Liz, I'm telling you the truth now." He
once again pleaded in hopes that she would understand and let him in so he could take her
and let her see the research that he had done and explain everything more clearly to her.

Maria had listened to Max's heart felt words and tears were forming in her eyes from the
emotions she could hear in Max's voice. She knew without a doubt now how much Max truly
loved Liz. The three of them waited for a few more minutes to see if Liz would except Max's
apology. After a short amount of time passed, Maria slowly approached Max. "Max, why don't
you go ahead and go in. I think you need to tell her face to face, she'll see it in your
eyes that your telling her the truth."

Max looked at Liz's bedroom door, then back to Maria who nodded for him to go far it and
then using his powers he unlocked the bedroom door. He stepped inside only to find her
bedroom completely empty. Swinging the door fully opened he looked from one side of the
room to the other and knew without having to go any further into the room, she was gone.
"Oh God! What have I done?" He said mainly to himself, but his two friends heard him all
the same.

"Where is she?" Maria asked as she side stepped Max and looked inside Liz's bathroom. "LIZ!
LIZ!" She yelled for her friend.

Michael noted how her window was wide open and walked over to look outside to her balcony.
"She's not out there? But, I'm guessing this was her escape route."

"Well, we've got to go find her." Maria stated quickly, knowing that her friend was hurting.
She hoped Liz wouldn't do anything stupid thinking that Max didn't really want her. "Max,
why don't you call Isabelle and see if she can help us. Michael, you call Kyle. We're
turning this town upside down until we find her, explain to her exactly what's going on and
then make sure she is tucked into that bed safe and sound with a smile on her face before
we go home to our own beds and play like nice boys and girls for once."

Neither Max, nor Michael were going to argue with her. So instead both followed directions
and headed out to find one missing, uninformed and very hurt Liz. Max got a hold of Isabelle
and without going into too much detail yet with his sister got her to agree to help look for
Liz. Michael did the same with Kyle.

Liz ran and ran and ran not able to think or stop because the pain she was feeling at the
thought of Max not wanting to be with her just took over her emotionally distressed body.
She ran to the one person that had always been there for her and the one person no matter
what happened in her life she knew would understand. Before long she found herself at the
cemetery entrance and didn't stop running until she arrived at the grave of the one person
she needed the most right now. The headstone read Alexander Charles Whitman and that was
where she finally collapsed in a pool of tears.

Max drove up and down the streets of Roswell, while Isabelle checked the park. Michael and
Maria drove to the school and then by the library, knowing both places were already closed
by this time of night. But, thinking maybe Liz would want to be close to places that she
really enjoyed. All the while Maria was on her cell phone calling mutual friends of both
her and Liz's to see if Liz had shown up at their house. Kyle on the other thought maybe
Liz would go to find some normal teenage fun and the only party he knew about that was more
than likely still going on was over at his friend Tommy's house. Which he would have gone
if he hadn't had to work until the closed shift at the shop that night. When he arrived the
part was in full swing and the majority of the people that were still there were already
either drunk or making out or both. Kyle spotted Jack talking with some other buddies of
his and immediately made his way over to him. "Hey Jack, you haven't by any chance seen Liz
Parker around here anywhere have you?"

Still feeling upset over the watering hole incident and how Max Evans had taken her away from
him just as things were looking really good for him, he snidely remarked. "No, you may want
to try Evan's house. He seems to keep a pretty tight leash on her."

"That's kind of the problem." Kyle mumbled, he wasn't the biggest fan of Max's after what
he had done to Liz, but he knew those two were destined one way or another to be together
so he wasn't going to try to understand their relationship.

Kyle's words peeked Jack's interest. "What's the matter? Trouble in paradise for Evans
again." Jack wasn't stupid, he had taken an interest in Liz a while ago, but since she had
gotten together with Max Evans, he didn't even try to pursuit her. Even when the two of
them had broken up they still gave each other those looks that said they wouldn't be broke
up for long. Even though he wouldn't admit it to any one else, he was envied Evans.

Kyle didn't want to waste time going into the details so he simple commented. "Yeah, you
know same old story. Boy and girl have fight, girl runs off, boy runs after to find her and
apologize. They kiss and make up, end of story. Well, I've gotta get going. I'll talk to
you later man. See ya."

"Yeah, see ya round." Jack stated as he watched Kyle leave the party. This night might
actually turn out interesting indeed. He thought to himself, then he too grabbed his jacket
and left the party in search of Liz Parker.

Liz had no idea how long she had been at Alex's grave sight, but she had awoken by the sound
of people arguing. It didn't take long for her to figure out whose voices they were as they
got closer and Liz had no intention of having any further discussion with either Michael or
Maria for at least tonight. She was still way to embarrassed to face either of them so she
quietly headed in the opposite direction from which they were walking, which was directly
where she currently was. She would face Maria tomorrow and more than likely cry on her
shoulder, but she just couldn't do it tonight. Especially in front of Michael, so as quietly
as she could she made her way out of the grave yard and began to head back to her own home.

She had made it three-fourths the way home when a familiar car pulled up beside her. "Hey."
Jack called out to her.

"Hey Jack." She stated. He could tell right away that she had been crying and she still
seemed upset and normally Jack wouldn't have thought to take advantage of her situation, but
the effects of the alcohol he had drank earlier at the party were severely causing his mind
to think unclearly.

"You want a ride?" He inquired, hoping she would be willing to give him another shot like
she so obviously wanted to at the watering hole a few weeks back. Until Evans had shown up
and ruined everything that is.

"No, I think I'm just going to head home. I wouldn't be much company tonight."

"Come on, Liz. We're friends and what kind of friend would I be if I let you walk home alone
this time of night."

Liz thought it over a second and then hopped into his car. "Thanks, Jack. I appreciate the
ride." She said sincerely, even though her voice gave away just how upset she truly was.

He pulled the car around and started to head toward the Crashdown. "You seem upset, if you
want to talk about it, I'm here."

They were almost to the cafe and Liz was just about to tell him that she really didn't feel
like talking when she saw Max's Cheville pulling up to the cafe. "Um..You know what, maybe
it would do me some good to just get it off my chest. Think we could drive some place else?"
She really had no intention of discussing her and Max's relationship with anyone, but she
wasn't going to face Max just yet. So she thought if she could just drive for a while she
could get herself together before having to face Max. She knew it was wrong to use Jack like
she was, however, she was grateful that he was there at that moment.

Jack once again turned the car around and headed away from the cafe without another word.
He too had seen Evan's car pulling up to the cafe and if Liz didn't want to be with Evans
than who was he to argue. Max had seen the car heading toward the cafe and then do a quick
U-turn. He couldn't really tell who was in the vehicle, but from the car he knew it looked
familiar. The passenger was smaller, more than likely female with long hair. Because of
how dark it was he couldn't tell what color. He tried to rack his brain to figure out who
drove a car like that, but before he could come up with it Kyle pulled up next to him. "Any
luck yet?" Kyle asked.

"Not yet. Have you heard from Isabelle yet?"

"No, actually I tried Tommy's party first, but she wasn't there. I asked Jack Steven's if
he had seen her at all, but he hadn't." Kyle answered.

As soon as Kyle mentioned Jack's name, Max immediately knew who that car had belonged to.
He hadn't really gotten a good look at the passenger in Jack's car, but every fiber of his
being told him Liz was the one in that car. His blood began to boil at just the thought.
"Kyle, you know Jack pretty well." Kyle nodded not getting what Max was saying. "Where do
you think he would go if had a date and wanted to be alone with her?"

"I don't know, his house or maybe Buckley's point. Why? I told you Jack was at Tommy's
party." But, Max was already racing to his car not bothering to answer Kyle's question.

"Do me a favor? Drive over to Jack's house and see if his car is there. If it is I want
you to pound on his door until he answers, if not call me on my cell phone." Max ordered
as he hopped into his car and began to pull away. He trusted Liz completely, but he also
knew what kind of parties Tommy had and if Jack was drunk and with Liz being as upset as she
was, he didn't even want to think of what could go wrong.

End Pt17
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Okay guys here is the next part. I put a warning at the top beginning of this chapter, but once again I will issue a dreamer insurance card. This part is necessary for the purpose of the story, I hope that it doesn't anger too many of you, but I hope you all trust me enough by now to know I am not JK!!! Please remember I'm nine months pregnant and my pregnancy hormones are all over the board at this time so if flamed too badly I'm not sure if I would cry or flame back - so you've been warned!!!!HAHA
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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1
*Warning* This chapter contains some context that some could consider hostile, so if that
upsets anyone, this is your warning. Just remember this is a M/L fic and is about the subject
of Purity, so even though it will get pretty bad - Dreamer insurance will be guaranteed.
Part 18

Jack and Liz drove in silence. Liz was so upset and lost in thought that she didn't even
pay attention to where they were driving to or how fast and erratically Jack was driving.
Buildings blurred by, houses blurred by and the next thing was that Liz noticed was the
trees. Lots and lots of trees. It was when Jack made the final turn off that Liz realized
for the first time where they had actually driven to. Buckley's Point. "Uh..Jack, I don't

Jack was quick to interrupt. "Hey, don't worry. This is your putt putt golf friend here,
remember." He parked the car quickly and hopped out. "I thought maybe you would like to
take a little walk to clear your head. Come on, I know a great place out here that really
helps you think when you have a lot on your mind." He encouraged. Truth be known, Jack
knew that the sheriff's department patrolled Buckley's Point frequently during the course of
a night and he had no intention of being caught parking. So he always made sure to get out
of the car and walk to a very private area he knew about so he never got caught with his
dates. Tonight was one night he had no intention of being caught or interrupted anytime

His words put Liz at ease and she soon found herself following Jack. Taking in the night
air to clear her head was exactly what she needed. Jack led her up a small embankment and
into a small clearing that when you cleared the bushes you could see the lights from Roswell
looking over the desert. Liz had to admit the place was a nice thinking area and only
hesitated briefly before following Jack's lead to sit down on the grassy knoll. "Here, you
look like you could use a stiff drink." Jack handed her a small flask, a small flask that
not only contained alcohol, but a little something extra to help her relax that Jack had
already put in it when he first started his search for her.

"No, I think I learned my lesson the last time I accepted a beer from you." She stated in
a jokingly manner referring to the incident at the watering hole a few weeks back.

"I promise, just one drink to settle those nerves of yours. I won't let you have any more
than that." Jack promised, knowing one simple drink was all she really needed of the lace

A little more hesitive this time, she finally gave in. "Okay, but just one." With that she
took the flask and let the hot liquid slide down her throat in one quick gulp. They sat
there quietly for just another minute and Liz started to feel slightly light headed from
just that one drink. In no time at all her body was feeling much more relaxed and she laid
back on the grass and looked up into the stars. "Can I ask you something personal?"

Laying on his side next to her, he answered. "Yeah, sure. What is it?"

Leaning up on her elbow and faced him, her mind fuzzy with the effects of the drug in her
system, she boldly asked. "Do you think I'm sexy? I mean hypothetically would you want
to make love to me or would I disgust you?" Her mind still upset about Max. Was it just
her or was it that he preferred his own kind.

Not missing a beat Jack leaned over her until she was laying back on her back. "Sexy isn't
even a good enough word to describe you Liz." Then before she could say anything in return
Jack's mouth was on hers. His kisses were wet, sloppy and forceful. She tried to push him
away the moment he started to kiss her, but her mind was so foggy with what was happening
and with him being much, much larger than she was she soon found she was no match. His hands
groped at her breast, tearing her tank top as his hands roughly squeezed them.

"NO!" She finally managed to screamed out, turning her head away from his abusive lips. Her
hands still fighting to pull his hands away from her body and she used her legs to kick at
him in the process.

"Come on baby, you know you want this." He answered to her scream. Jack had never needed
to force himself upon a girl before in his life and in his drunken haze, he was sure when
she was saying no, she was meaning yes, like so many girls had said before they finally gave
into him and let him have his way with them. He pulled her face back so it faced his and
thrusted his tongue into her mouth while he moved his body more firmly on top of hers to
keep her legs from being able to kick him any further. Liz immediately bucked her hips up
to try to throw him off of her, but that movement only encouraged him to think she did indeed
want to have sex.

The drug was now starting to take it's full effect on Liz's senses and even though she knew
she diffidently did not want this to happen she found herself fighting him less and less.
When he tore his mouth away from hers and greedily took one of her breast into his mouth,
biting and sucking on it painfully. Tears were falling freely from Liz's eyes, she couldn't
believe this was actually happening to her. "Please Jack." She pleaded as she once again
tried to push him away from her. But, all Jack heard was her plead for him to continue,
truly thinking she wanted him to pleasure her more, not to stop.

Lifting his mouth off of her breast. "I know baby, I know." He stated as he retook her
mouth once again preventing her from even trying to protest that he misunderstood. His hand
roamed down her stomach to her pajama bottoms that she had ran out of her bedroom wearing
earlier. She desperately grabbed at his hand to prevent him from going where she had no
intention of letting anyone but Max touch. But, once again he was much stronger than she
was and took both of her hands in his one and raised them above her head. "Relax baby, let
me make you feel sexy." He stated as he began to move his other hand down her body once
again. Before he moved his hand inside her bottoms though he quickly undid his own pants.
Wriggling out of them just enough to free himself.

"NO! Don't!" She yelled out once again, then silently she pleaded for the one person she
needed to help her. 'Max, help me.' She cried in her mind as she twisted and turned her
body to try to get herself free.

Max had driven like a bat out of hell to Buckley's Point. The only problem was that this
was a very large area that almost all the teenagers from his school visited to use as a make
out place. The main reason being was of how large and how many secluded spots there were.
In the dark, he had to stop and look hard at just about every car he spotted to make sure it
wasn't Jack Steven's car. After quite a few minutes had passed he finally saw what he thought
for sure was Jack's car parked off to the side in a very secluded area. He barely throw his
own car into park before he was out and at Jack's car. To his dismay though, the car was
empty and having no way of knowing which direction Jack and Liz had possibly walked in he
felt despair wash through his own body. Liz, where are you? He thought to himself and that
was the moment he heard her scream of no and don't. He took off running in the direction of
which he thought the scream had come from, picking up speed as fast as he could. He knew
without a doubt she was in serious trouble and he only prayed that he would get to her in
time. His life, her life, their future all depended on this very moment. Then to his
surprise he could hear her voice inside of his head, pleading with him to help her. "LIZ!"
He screamed out as he continued to seek her out in the darkness of the woods. While still
running he yelled out in his mind. "I'm coming Liz."

Jack had just managed to get himself free and was in the process of pulling Liz's pants down
when he thought he heard someone calling out Liz's name. He had no intention of letting this
opportunity pass without getting some relief so he quickened his pace to remove her pants.
"Tell me you want this Liz." He stated more than asked as he positioned himself once again
in-between her spread legs.

Liz's mind was anywhere but where she was. Even in the state of fuzziness that her mind was
in, she was almost certain she had just heard Max state he was coming for her, he was going
to rescue her, he wouldn't let anything happen to her and that's when she said. "Yes, hurry."
Meaning for Max to hurry and rescue her, but to Jack he heard her say yes and to hurry
thinking she wanted this as much as he did and wanted him to hurry so they could do it before
they got interrupted. He grabbed a hold of himself and stroked his erection just a few quick
times before he ran it against her folds to make sure she was also ready for the experience
of her lifetime or so he thought. He lifted his body just slightly to thrust himself forward
when he found himself being thrown backwards like lightning had struck his body.

The moment she was free from his grasp she pulled her legs up to her chest and the next
thing she saw was a blur that streaked past her so fast that she had no time to even try to
comprehend what or who it was, but in her heart she knew even though her eyes couldn't adjust
it was Max. As soon as Max was close enough and could make out what was happening he raised
his hand and threw Jack off the top of Liz. Within seconds he was on top of him, pounding
his fist into his face with rage and fury. Not until Jack's body was limp, bloodied and
bruised and he heard the soft muffles of Liz's sobs did he stop his attack. Dropping him,
he immediately ran to Liz's side. Pulling her sobbing, shivering body up flush against his
and holding her tightly. "Ssshhh, your okay now. I've got you Liz. No, one's going to hurt
you now." He soothed as he gathered her closer into his arms.

"Take me home Max. I want to go home." She cried into his warm safe chest. Without even
hesitating Max swooped her up into his arms and carried her back to his car. He placed her
gently on the front seat of his car and pulled the blanket out of his trunk and gently
wrapped it around her small fragile body before hopping into the car himself and pulling
away to take her back home. It wasn't long before she was passed out as her body was not only
emotionally drained, but the effects of the drug were still in her system and physically she
wasn't able to keep her eyes open.

Max drove as quickly as possible back to Liz's home, calling Kyle on his cell phone he told
him what he had done, giving him directions as to where to find Jack and asked for him to
get his father to help. He wasn't sure himself if he had left Jack alive or dead, if he was
dead he would deal with the consequences, if he was alive, Max wanted to make sure he paid
for what he had done to his Liz by making sure Jim would have the police arrest him. He
then called Maria's cell phone and told her to get to Liz's place, he didn't go into too much
details of what had happened to Liz, but he told her Liz would more than likely need her.
Before he knew it, he pulled up to the Crashdown. He lifted Liz once again into his arms,
stirring her as little as possible to carry her up to her bedroom. In her sleepy haze and
still not sure what was happening around her, she moaned out in a silent whisper. "Help me,
Max. Max, help me." Her voice so soft, Max barely heard her, but heard her he did and his
heart broke at the thought of her being hurt like she had been.

The guilt he felt was unprecedented, knowing all of this was ultimately his fault. If only
he had told Liz the truth months ago, she would never have been so upset and ran off like
she had. No, this was entirely his doing and he would do every thing in his power to make
it up to her. He laid her down on her bed and saw for the first time the bruises that were
already showing up on her face by her mouth. Without thinking her gently touched the area
and within seconds they were gone. It was at that moment Maria ran into Liz's bedroom. Her
hands went to her mouth to stifle the cry as she took in the sight of her best friend.
Max wanted to check the rest of Liz's body out for any other signs of her attack, but was
hesitate to do anything without her permission. "Maria, could you grab Liz something new to
put on?" He inquired knowing that under the blanket, Liz was completely nude. "Michael,
Jim and Kyle should be coming over shortly could you go keep an eye out for them and give
Isabelle a call and let her know we found her."

Michael nodded and left Maria and Max to tend to Liz, while he did as Max had instructed.
Maria also followed Max's directions. She grabbed a long night shirt out of Liz's drawer
and moved over to her friend. "I'll be right outside." Max stated as he reluctantly got up
to allow Liz her privacy for Maria to help her out and followed out to fill Michael in to
what had gone down.

"Liz, babe. It's me Maria, if you can hear me, I'm going to put on your favorite night shirt."
Maria then lifted Liz up just slightly to try to remove her tank top, but that small movement
sent Liz into a hysterics.

"NO!" She screamed out before she even had a chance to comprehend where she was at. Her
mind was still back at Buckley's Point, she was still lying on the grass and she was still
trying to fight off any unwanted advances.

Max was back inside her room as soon as he heard her scream. "What's wrong?" He asked in
horror thinking something else had happened to Liz again. His heart broke once more as he
saw Liz now holding her legs to her chest and rocking back and forth.

"I tried to take off her tank top to put her night shirt on and she woke up." Maria tried
to explain.

Liz looked to Maria when she heard her friend's voice, her brain processing that Maria was
there and looking around she realized she was no longer up at Buckley's Point, she was back
home. In her own room, safe and as she looked around she saw Max's concern face standing in
the doorway. Her tears formed immediately, knowing what she had allowed to happen. She had
allowed herself to be in a position that made her unfaithful to Max and she knew it was all
her fault. "I'm sorry." She cried out and then she could feel the bile in her stomach
begin to rise. "I'm going to be sick." She informed them as she leaped from her bed and
ran to her bathroom just in time to retch any contains from her stomach and then some.

Maria started toward the bathroom to make sure her friend was okay, when Max stopped her.
"Let me." He stated softly as he walked past Maria, into the bathroom and held Liz's hair
as she continued to retch. He grabbed a washcloth from her sink, rinsed it
in cold water, brought it to her face and held it to her forehead for a second before he
wiped her face clean. When she was finished he pulled Liz back on his lap to hold and
comfort her. He rocked her body back and forth gently as he soothed her with words of love
and letting her know she was safe.

Maria watched at the gentle way Max spoke to Liz and how he comforted. She didn't really
want to interrupt but she could also see grass and dirt in her friends hair and knew she
would want to take a shower and get cleaned up. "Max, why don't you go out with Michael and
I'll get Liz into the shower, let her get cleaned up."

Liz held onto Max's shirt more tightly at the thought of losing the safety of his arms. But,
Max knew Maria was right. "I'll be right outside Liz. I'm not going anywhere." He reassured
her as he began to stand them both up and holding the blanket still around Liz's waist.

Her tears flowing once again. "I'm sorry Max, I didn't want..I didn't mean...I'm so sorry."
Her broken sobs tearing at his own heart. "Please don't leave me." Was her final plead
thinking Max wouldn't want anything to do with her after what she had done. She was completely
emotionally drained at just the thought of losing Max forever. She knew for certain he must
hate her now for sure. She knew he had experienced this kind of pain before when she had
faked sleeping with Kyle, but this time there was no faking that had taken place. She had
been with Jack and she couldn't even be for sure what had taken place between them as her
mind had left her body the minute he had pulled her pants away from her body. She could
only assume Jack had successfully taken her body. She tightened her grip once more on Max
as she continued to cry against his chest.

Isabelle made an appearance at that moment as Michael had told her that Liz might need her
help too as soon as she got to Liz's home. She took one look and had a good understanding
what it looked like had happened to Liz. The two girls looked between Max and Liz then were
quick to work together. "Come on Liz. We're going to get you cleaned up. Max will be right
outside and as soon as we're done he'll be here again to hold you." Isabelle spoke soothing
to her brother's fiance as she removed Liz's grasp on Max. Motioning for Max to go ahead
and let them take care of her for just a few minutes.

Very reluctantly Max stepped out of the bathroom and let his sister and Liz's best friend
take care of Liz. Wanting nothing more than to be the one to take care of her, but knowing
at this time she needed the two girls to help her. He heard Jim's voice as Michael greeted
him in and decided it was time to find out his own fate. Was Jack dead, had he killed
someone with his bare hands? It was time to face the consequences of his own stupidity of
not trusting Liz enough to tell her the truth to begin with.

End Pt18
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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 19

Isabelle quickly turned the shower on and made the temperature perfect, while Maria once
again attempted to help Liz get undressed. Both girl's couldn't help but notice the bruises
on Liz's breast and in-between her legs. Trying to keep themselves from crying out for their
friend at just the thought of what she had gone through this evening. Neither could even
try to pretend to know how she felt. Isabelle didn't even stop to think what she was doing
when she saw the bruises and immediately swiped her hand over both her upper and lower parts
of Liz's body to remove the physical horror of what she had experienced. Hoping to relieve
some of the pain or at least the physical pain. She knew the emotional pain was something
all together different and one that couldn't just be taken away with a single swipe of her
hands. Liz still slightly out of it and slightly numb tried to offer Isabelle a small smile
of thanks for removing the ugly bruises from her body, but in her current state failed
miserable. The girls got Liz into the shower, then Isabelle excused herself to find out from
Max exactly what had happened. While Maria said she would look after Liz, putting the lid
of the toilet down and sitting there waiting for her friend to finish washing off.

Liz scrubbed her body as hard as she could to try to wash off the feel of the unwanted
touches her body had endured. Crying and emotionally spent she finally turned the water off
and allowed Maria to help dry her and dress her. Maria then helped her back to her bed where
she began to black out once again. Her last word before blackness took over her was Max
and then she was out cold.

As soon as Max left Liz in the care of his sister and Maria he went out to see Jim Valenti.
"He's dead, isn't he?" Was the first question out of his mouth.

"No, Max. He looked like he had been beaten pretty good, but he is very much alive." Jim
spoke in a soft, but serious tone. "In fact he wasn't even able to give a description of
who had attacked him to the police when they arrived. You want to tell me what happened

"What happened? I'll tell you what happened. That bastard was in the process of raping Liz
and I beat the shit out of him. I should have killed him. I shouldn't have stopped." Max's
anger was taking over at just the thought of what he had walked in on. He could still hear
Liz cries of no and don't in his head.

"Max, calm down son. If you had killed him, you would have been in more trouble than Jack
is. We should get Liz over to the hospital so they can make sure she's
okay and get a rape kit of evidence together." He knew this was going to be hard for Max to
hear and he really did feel he had every right to do what he had done. Hell, truth be told
if he had walked in on someone raping any girl he wouldn't have thought twice about kicking
the guys ass. And Jim knew without a doubt what Liz meant to Max. In fact, he knew all to
well of what Max was truly capable of and was shocked that he hadn't actually killed the
other boy. "Where's Liz now?"

Just then Isabelle walked into the living room. "She's in the shower Jim. I'm sorry, but
they won't find any evidence of her being raped. I wasn't thinking, I saw the bruises and
I..." She saw the distraint look on her brother's face at the mention of bruises on Liz
and stopped speaking instantly.

Jim hung his head, knowing rape was a hard thing to prove as it was, not to mention it was
almost impossible to prove in the case of a date rape. And until he knew more facts, there
was very little he could do for any of them. "Why don't we start at the beginning? I'm
going to need to talk to Liz and find out exactly what happened."

"She was raped Jim. I heard her scream no and don't and when I got there, he was on top of
her and....God, I wasn't fast enough. I heard her, she pleaded for me to help her." Max
cried as he sat down and the fact that he wasn't there to prevent the worst possible night
mare from happening to her fast enough tore through his body. Guilt consumed him and not
even his sister's arms of comfort could take away the guilt he felt.

Kyle walked in the Parker's residence at that time accompanied with Sheriff Hansen. "Jim,
how's the Parker girl? Was she attacked also?"

Max, Michael and Isabelle all wanted to scream at the top of their lungs that she most
diffidently indeed was attacked, but they kept quiet and waiting for Jim to talk to the new
sheriff. Jim ushered his old deputy into the kitchen away from the other kids to find out
what the Steven's kid had told him. He then informed the new town sheriff of the news on
how Jack was in the middle of raping the Parker girl, when her boyfriend Max found them and
how he was the one that had hit Jack to save Liz. He also told him how Liz had just finished
showering and without having to go into details both men understood how hard it was going to
be to prove the rape had indeed occurred. It was Liz's word against Jack's. Even with Max
there to witness it a good defense attorney could switch Max's entire story around to make
it sound like he was simple a jealous boyfriend. "I'm going to need a statement from the
Parker girl before we go any further." Sheriff Hansen finally stated. He walked back into
the living room and saw the anguish that was on Max's face and knew without a doubt, what
Jim had informed him was more than likely the truth. But, he still had a job that needed to
be done and that meant going by the book. Without any physical evidence of the rape, he was
afraid all that he could do at the moment would be to arrest Max for assault on Jack Steven.

Kyle showed Sheriff Hansen the way to Liz's bedroom, while Jim stayed in the living room to
let the other three know what was more than likely going to go down. "The statement Jack
gave to the police was that he had offered Liz a drive home when he saw her walking by herself.
She then told him that she didn't want to go home just as they were pulling up to the cafe.
So they went for a drive and ended up at Buckley Point. They shared a couple of drinks,
then he states Liz came on to him. They began to get intimate and the next thing he knew
Max was on top of him, punching his face in. I have to be honest with all of you, at this
point the law is going to be on his side, without any kind of proof that he attacked her,
there isn't a lot to go on. Max, I'm going to suggest you call your father and let him know
what's going on, because chances are your going to need him tonight before this is all over

Isabelle was on her feet instantly and grabbing for her cell phone to call her Dad. While
Max was on his feet instantly to defend Liz's honor. At this point he couldn't care less
what happened to him, but there was no way he was going to let that scumball claim that Liz
willing gave herself to him when he knew damn well that she had said no. "Liz didn't come
on to that asshole, she said NO! I heard her, I saw her. He had her hands held above her

"Besides Liz doesn't drink. We all knew his lying just by that statement alone." Isabelle
jumped in to defend her brother and Liz. But, neither Max nor Michael could say that was
true since they had been the one to get a very drunk Liz and a very drunk Maria away from
Jack and Tommy only a few weeks ago.

"I'm not defending Jack, I'm just telling you what the law is going to say and at this point
I believe Max is going to need an attorney. Do any of you know where Jeff and Nancy are?
They need to be contacted also and informed of what went down tonight."

Just then Sheriff Hansen, Kyle, Maria and a very fragile looking Liz came out of the bedroom.
"Jim, would you mind giving Liz a lift to the hospital and once they release her, bring her
over to the station so we can get her statement?"

Jim nodded immediately, wrapping his arm around Liz's shoulder while Maria held her tightly
around her waist. The three of them began to walk out to Jim's car. Max immediately began
to follow them when Sheriff Hansen held him back. "Max, I'm going to need you to come down
to the station with me right now." He stated, he truly believed what he had been told about
the rape and Max coming to the rescue so he wasn't actually going to arrest Max unless he
was forced into it by Jack or his parent's pressing charges against Max. But, he still needed
to get a statement from the boy. Another officer carried the torn tank top that Liz had
been wearing out in a plastic bag and Kyle handed him the small flask he had found close to
the spot where they had found Jack. Kyle knew Jack, he knew that he had never actually
raped any girls he had had, but he also knew Jack was one that pressured girl's relentlessly
until they finally gave in. In fact, he had bragged about his conquests of several of the
girls at school and how easy it was to turn a no into a yes in the locker room after practices.

Philip and Diane Evans arrived at the sheriff's station only moments after Max had. Isabelle
was there waiting for them to arrive and she filled her parents in on as much as the story
as she could. Statements were given at the station, while tests were performed at the
hospital. Nancy and Jeff Parker showed up at the station a few hours later. And just as
all had feared, Max was charged with assault, then released to his parent's custody. The
one good news that came of the first round of tests, showed no actually penetration had
occurred. But, that meant without any physical evidence to prove otherwise no charges of
rape were held against Jack. Upon hearing the news though no one understood the smile of
pure joy that was captured on Max's face. For the first time in hours, relief swept over
him knowing that he had in fact been in time to safe Liz. Not from having to experience
all the horror, but at least he knew that he had prevented her from actually being raped.

With the encouragement of his daughter, Jeff offered everyone to come back to the Crashdown
for some breakfast on the house. It only took on look of his son's face for Philip to agree
for his family, even though Diane wasn't quite sure why her husband agreed so easily. Both
mother's were still in the dark as to how strong their children's feelings for one another
ran. Neither doubted that they both had strong feelings for each other, they just didn't
know yet about Max's request and their desire to marry each other. So the entire group along
with the parents this time went back to the cafe. Maria had called her mother to let her
know what had gone down and to explain why she hadn't come home the night before. As soon
as Amy DeLuca heard the news she was at the cafe within minutes, wanting to show her support.
There was no doubt on any of the parents that Max had done the right thing. Both Jeff and
Nancy were grateful, Philip and Diane were proud and no matter what punishment the law
offered they were going to stand behind their son. To Jeff Parker though, to know that Max
had saved his little girl from a fate some considered worst than death. He knew how Max
felt for his daughter, he also knew for a fact how the young man respected his daughter, but
to now know how much he was willing for his daughter's safety was more than any father could
ask of from a future son in law.

Michael had volunteered to help fix breakfast for everyone so Maria could have a chance to
catch up with her Mom. Max and Liz were huddled together in a booth, holding on to each
other as if their lives depended on it, in fact if Liz could have been, she would have
preferred to actually be sitting on his lap and curled up in the safety of his arms. The
closeness the two shared didn't go unnoticed by anyone, not even the mothers. Jeff fixed
everyone some coffee, while Nancy began serving the food Michael was preparing. They sat
around and simply tried to remove the previous nights activities from their memories. When
Jim's cell phone rang at the same time Philip's did everyone basically held their breaths
trying to figure out what was going to happen next. Jim was the first to hang up and he
waited for Philip to finish his call before revealing any information. As soon as he hung
up he turned to face the group with a grin upon his face. "The charges against Max have been
dropped." He stated.

"What happened?" Diane asked and Philip motioned to Jim for him to explain.

"It appears the flask that contained the alcohol Jack had offered Liz to drink didn't just
have whiskey in it. There was a large dosage of the drug Ecstasy found inside mixed along
with the whiskey. Proving that Jack had indeed planned to take advantage of Liz, so when
questioned Jack tried to deny it at first, but Sheriff Hansen finally got him to confess he
had slipped the drug to Liz just to loosen her up a bit. After that his parent's dropped
all charges against Max. Even though there was no official rape and he more than likely
won't be punished by the law except for the situation with a minor having alcohol and drug
charges. I still have a feeling that Jack isn't going to be having any further fun this
summer. His parents are talking about shipping him off to military school to obtain the
kind of discipline they feel he currently needs." Jim finished up, then walked over to his
own son and gave him a hearty slap on the back. "Nice pick up Kyle." Explaining that Kyle
had been the one that found the flask out at Buckley Point and made sure to turn it in to
one of the officer's in charge. Jim felt proud of his own son.

Everyone was so relieve, but no one more than Liz herself. She had been carrying the guilt
of knowing that Max could have faced criminal charges for attacking Jack like he had.
Especially considering he was considered an adult at the age of eighteen and Jack was still
a minor at seventeen. After finishing their breakfasts Liz needed some much required sleep.
Max, started to follow her to make sure she got in bed safely, still not willing to let her
out of his sight quite yet, when Nancy got up to offer to go instead. But, to both of their
surprise it was Jeff that held Nancy back and allowed Max to take Liz to her room. As soon
as Max and Liz left, the others started to head to their own homes for sleep while Max's
parents sent Isabelle on and said they would wait and drive Max home after he put Liz to

Once it was only just the four parents left, Philip spoke up. "So, I hear you and my son
have been having some interesting conversations." He stated to Jeff.

"Yeah, you've raised one hell of a son there. How long have you known?"

"He just told me yesterday morning. I have to admit I was more than shocked when he told me,
but after what I witnessed today, I can't say I'm surprised."

"What conversations?" This from Nancy.

"What happened yesterday morning?" This from Diane, both questions asked almost simutaneously.

Jeff started and revealed to his wife and Max's mother how Max has been asking for Liz's hand
in marriage. Philip then told his wife and Liz's parents about his conversation he had with
Max while doing the yard work. "Well, as strongly as they feel about each other, you have
to agree their way too young to marry at this point in time." Nancy argued, while Diane
realized just how much Liz meant to her son and made a point privately to make sure she got
to know Liz Parker as much as she could.

"Nancy, I didn't say yes. But, as much as we all know their too young right now, I doubt
that we'll be able to put them off from marrying each other after graduation. Both Max and
Liz will have the legal right to marry according to the law, so I think we should just
accept that someday soon we will be related to each other by marriage. I think you all
will be relieved to hear about the conversation I had with Liz a little over a month ago."
Jeff then went on to tell them how they could rest easier at night knowing that their
children had decided to wait until their wedding night to consummate their relationship.

It had been well over a half an hour since Max went upstairs with Liz and the Evans' knew it
was time for them to get Max and get home. All four parents ventured up to the Parker's
residence and Nancy was the one to go tell Max it was time to leave. Liz's bedroom door was
wide open and when she looked inside the sight of the two of them curled up, wrapped in each
other's arms and sound asleep made her heart feel full. She quickly motioned for the others
to come see what she had, but motioned for them to be quiet. One by one the other parents
walked down and looked in to see their son and daughter sleeping so peacefully, so contented
in each other's arms it took their breath away. Diane actually had tears form in her eyes
from the amount of love she could feel coming off the two of them. Jeff motioned for them
all to return to the living room. "What do you say, we let them sleep? They've both been
through a pretty rough night. Nancy and I will keep a watch on them and when they wake up
we'll take Max home."

"I'll tell you what, since you both were so gracious to feed us breakfast, why don't you
three plan on coming over to our house for dinner tonight? Say around six?"

"Sounds wonderful Diane." Nancy accepted as she gave her a small hug.

Jeff and Philip shook hands and then Diane and Philip left to head back to their own home.
Philip in hopes of getting a few more hours sleep and Diane, who was already planning every
thing she was going to have to do to prepare for her dinner guest. Now that she understood
without any doubt how important Liz was to her son, she wanted everything to be just perfect.
She briefly thought about a new recipe she could try, but Philip already beat her to it when
he thought enough ahead to save the Parker's from his wife's culinary skills. "Why don't
we stop at the butcher on the way home and pick up some steaks for everyone. I'm in the
mood to celebrate." He stated quickly.

End Pt19
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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 20

Max and Liz had slept peacefully in each other's arms for hours that day. Max was the first
to wake, but didn't move a muscle as he watched his angel sleep in his arms. He was torn in
two, half grateful beyond words that he had been able to stop Jack from completing his
horrifying act and the other half drowning in guilt. Knowing without any doubts that Liz
had been in that situation to begin with because he simply hadn't been honest with her from
the start. He vowed to himself the moment Liz was awake he would explain everything to her
and could only hope that she understand and still love him.

Liz slowly began to come awake. She felt safe, warm and had a sense of completion as her
mind went from the dream world to the real world. As she snuggled into the warmth of the
security that she was holding onto, reality returned. Her eyes popped awake and she stared
into the warm amber eyes that stolen her soul everytime she looked into them. Eyes that
stated without words all the emotions that his own soul held. Guilt, relief, worry, and
most of all love. "How are you?" He asked softly as he traced her face with his hands,
placing a stray strand of hair behind her ear as he went.

Liz sat up in her bed quickly, looking around her room. Trying to process if it had all
been just a bad nightmare, but the more her body woke the more she knew it had happened.
Max had sat up with her, his concern for her was very apparent. "Liz, your safe." He tried
to softly reassure her as he saw her mind processing where she was, what had happened and so

Before Max could say another word or she had the chance to say anything Nancy Parker came
into the room. She had been checking up on the two of them periodically ever since they had
fallen asleep. She knew her daughter had gone through a major ordeal and she was going to
be there for her every step of the way to make sure she recovered, not only physically but
also mentally. Trying to sound up beat as possible, she stated. "Honey, I'm glad to see
your awake. How are you feeling?" She came in and sat next to Liz on the bed.

Max feeling a little self conscious at the thought of being caught sleeping in Liz's bed with
Liz by her mother tried to slowly retract himself from the bed. But, the moment he moved
away from Liz she instantly grabbed him back to her. She wasn't ready to be released from
the safety she felt from his arms just yet. She pleaded with her eyes hoping he would
understand that she needed him right now, her mother be damned.

Not being able to refuse her, nor wanting to leave her he nodded and once again placed his
arm around her waist to reassure her he would always be there for her. He then looked over
at Liz's mother in hopes that she too would understand and not kick him out of her daughter's
bed. But, much to Max's surprise she simply smiled at Max, then stated. "Max, your parents
went home several hours ago. You both looked so exhausted we all agreed to let you two
sleep for a while. Jeff and I assured them we would see you got home safely when you woke up."
She then looked over at her daughter. "Philip and Diane have invited us over for dinner
tonight if you feel up to it?"

Both her mother and Max looked to Liz, leaving the decision totally in her hands. "I..I'm
not sure..."

Nancy quickly patted Liz's hand. "It's okay dear, we can do it another night. I'm sure
Philip and Diane will understand. I'll just have your father take Max home and he can explain
that your not up for an evening out tonight." Nancy said in the most understanding voice
she could muster, not wanting to upset her daughter after her ordeal.

"NO!" Liz screamed out, just the thought of Max leaving her alone scared her to death. She
felt safe and warm in his arms, without his strength to keep her sane she would surely begin
to relive the nightmare of the previous evening over and over again. She buried her head in
Max's warm strong chest and sobbed. "Don't go, please don't leave me."

Nancy was shocked to see how upset her daughter seemed at the thought of Max leaving, not to
mention a bit hurt that Liz only seemed to want Max's comfort. Max saw the look of hurt in
Nancy's eyes and not wanting to hurt her feelings, but also not willing to leave Liz if she
wanted him to stay he tried to compromise with the two women. "Mrs. Parker, do you think I
could speak to Liz for just a moment in private before Jeff takes me home?" Liz immediately
lifted her head in question, wondering if Max was seriously going to leave her.

He gave her a reassuring smile that stated all would be okay as Nancy nodded and left the
two of them alone for a minute. "Max?" Liz began to question before her mother was even
half way out the door.

As soon as they were alone Max pulled her into a tight embrace. "I love you Liz. I'll never
stop loving you. Even if I have to leave to go home, it will only be for a little while. I
promise, I'll be back before you even realize I'm gone." He assured her in a soothing tone.

"I don't want to be alone." Liz pleaded.

"You won't be. Your Mom and Dad are here...."

"No, I need you Max." She spoke honestly from her heart. Yes, she loved her parents, but
right now she needed the safety she felt in Max's arms. She needed to know he truly forgave
her for running away from him and going with Jack.

"I'm here love, I'm here." He stroked her hair and back gently wanting to reassure her he
didn't want to leave her either.

Jeff Parker stood outside his daughter's door. He didn't mean to ease drop of the two of
them, he was simply going to tell Max that he would take him home whenever he was ready. He
saw and felt the love that the two of them held for each other. It amazed him how gentle
Max was with his daughter, like he worshipped her. If he ever had any doubts about the way
Max felt about his daughter, there were absolutely none now. "Ahmmmn." Jeff cleared his
throat loud enough for the two of them to hear. Max pulled away from Liz slightly, but he
didn't release her completely from his arms. "Your mother informed me that you would rather
wait on that invitation to the Evan's for dinner, but I have a feeling you'd rather go with
Max than stay at home. So what do you say, shall Max and I wait for you and your mother to
get ready and we can all go over there together or do you want to stay home with boring old
me to keep you company?" He joked hoping to see a smile return to his daughter's face.

Liz smiled at her father and nodded that she would prefer to go with Max, while Max simply
mouthed the words thank you to him. "Okay, then." He turned to the hallway and yelled out.
"Nancy!" Within seconds Liz's mother came into the doorway. "I believe we're all going to
be going to the Evan's for dinner after all. Why don't you two girls get ready? Max, would
you mind letting your parents know we will be there shortly, while I go grab a pie from the
cafe to take for some desert." Jeff directed before anyone could object, knowing in his
heart that Liz wasn't ready to be separated from Max just yet.

Max stood with Liz still in his arms. He gave her a reassuring smile, then whispered in her
ear. "I'll be right here as soon as your ready to go." Slowly he released her from his
arms making sure she was okay with him leaving her even if it was only for a few minutes. If
she wasn't ready, then he wasn't about to leave her.

Liz was ready in record time, the four drove to Max's home in silence. It didn't go unnoticed
by either of Liz's parents how protectively Max held their daughter in his arms during the
drive. How he helped her out of the car, how they walked in perfect sync with each other to
the front door or how they looked at each other like they were the only two people alive in
the world. The way they felt for each other was out in the open and neither were concern
with showing their parents exactly the way they truly felt any longer. Once inside Diane
greeted all four of them and when she informed them that Philip was out back putting on the
steaks for dinner Max had a grateful smile on his face that the Parker's didn't quite
understand. Isabelle came down to greet them also as soon as she heard her mother greeting
them and it didn't take Isabelle long to make an excuse for the three of them to leave the
company of their parents and head up to their rooms. Once upstairs Isabelle didn't even
think twice about leaving her brother and Liz alone, knowing they would more than likely
prefer to be left alone. She did however, let Max know that the folder he wanted her to get
from Michael's was on his desk before she left. Max knew he needed to take the opportunity
to tell Liz the truth now that they were alone. He only prayed that she would once again
forgive him for his stupidity in not telling her sooner and preventing everything that she
had experienced because of him not trusting her with the truth to begin with.

Sitting her gently down on his bed, he walked over to his desk and pulled out the folder that
contained all the research that he had acquired. "Liz, I should have shown you this a while
ago. I hope this can explain why I've been acting like an idiot for the last few months and
why I want to wait to make love to you until we're married." He stated quietly as he held
the folder out for her to take and read.

Liz took the folder from him and slowly opened it. She flipped through the articles and
print outs quickly, scanning the information as she did and then went back through them more
slowly, reading all of it carefully like she was studying it for a final exam. Max sat at
his desk watching her going through it, knowing that she was in deed using the logical side
of her brain to process the research in had acquired. Not until she was completely finished
did she look over at him. He quickly knelt down in front of her with tears welled up in his
eyes. "It was never a question of me wanting you Liz. Your the only one I have ever wanted.
God knows how much I desire to be with you, but in my heart I knew that I couldn't make love
to you until we are married. All this information I gathered only confirmed what my heart
was telling me. Please Liz, tell me you understand, tell me you can forgive me for not
telling you the truth from the beginning. I'm so sorry Liz, I'm so sorry. Please forgive
me." His tears now ran down his face as he begged her to understand and forgive him yet
again for his own stupidity.

Liz couldn't believe what she had just read. In the folder contained information on royal
weddings or bonding ceremonies of future kings. In every case where there was a king or an
individual that would someday hold the position of king in a monarch society, the person that
had been chosen to be his wife or mate had to be verified a virgin prior to the wedding or
bonding ceremony taking place. The research Max had given her to read went back centuries
and was from all different types of culture. The few cases where a king had chosen to marry
someone who was no longer considered pure, the king had to choose between keeping his throne
or his bride. The most recent in history was when the king of England, King Edward was
forced to give up the throne, becoming the Duke of Windsor when he choose to marry a divorcee
and his brother Prince George became the king. King George who was the current queen of
England, Queen Elizabeth's father. Knowing that Max was the king or at least the rightful
King of Antar she couldn't help but wonder if this information pertained to him. When he
knelt in front of her asking her for forgiveness, she didn't know what to say. It wasn't
him that made her get in the car with Jack, he wasn't the one that willing let Jack take her
to Buckley's Point. She was the one that did all that and found herself in the predicament
she had gotten into and here Max was the one apologizing to her. When in fact he had been
the one who had actually been there to save her from a fate that some considered worst than
death. He had done everything he had to ensure that the two of them could someday be
married, now she felt like a complete idiot for not trusting Max. "Why didn't you tell me?"
Was the only thing she could think to ask?

"I don't know. I meant to tell you, I's just..I don't know. I guess I thought you
would think I was crazy like Michael did when I showed him the information. Hell, I thought
I was crazy at first. I know I'm not on my planet and I know it doesn't make any sense that
this would pertain to me now, but even knowing logically it doesn't. I know for some reason
it does matter." He raised himself and sat on the bed beside her, taking her hands in his.
"Liz, I have no proof that it would make any difference between us, but in my heart I know
it does. I can't explain it why I know it does, but I'm asking for your trust to understand
that it does. I know I haven't exactly earned your trust in the past and I'm only going by
a gut instinct here. But, can you understand, will you trust what I know my heart is telling
me to be true, even with no proof?"

Liz leaned her head on his shoulder and whispered softly. "I trust you Max, but can you
forgive me?"

Max lifted her chin with one hand gently. "There's nothing to forgive Liz. You did nothing
wrong. Do you understand? What happened to you wasn't anything that you asked for?" He
leaned over to kiss her, but she quickly turned away from him and stood up.

"No, Max." Her own tears running down her cheeks, knowing she had to take some blame for
what happened. "Jack didn't force me in his car. Yes, I was upset and I should have noticed
he had been drinking, but I didn't. He was going to drive me home, do you know that? We
were almost to the Crashdown when I saw your car and I...I asked him to take me somewhere
else, because I was still so upset with you. I thought you didn't want me, that you found
me undesirable, because I'm not like you. Because, I'm not...I'm not Tess."

"Liz, NO!" He stood up, grabbed her to stop her from pacing and then quickly hugged her to
his body. "Tess could never be you. Don't you get it? She could never measure up to you,
not the other way around. And when you got in that car with Jack, you were upset and he took
advantage of you. He drugged you and forced himself upon you, in fact he's lucky he is still
alive. I could have killed him, I thought I had actually killed him and I wouldn't have a regret
in my body if I had."

She wrapped her arms around his waist and the two stood there holding each other, forgiving
each other and letting the other know that they loved each other completely without any
words needing to be spoken. They shared a wonderful dinner with their parents and although
neither really wanted to be separated they reluctantly said their good byes.

The next few weeks seemed to fly by quickly. Max and Liz spent more and more time alone,
but since Liz's experience and her new found knowledge Liz no longer pressed Max about being
more physical. In fact besides a quick, but tender good night kiss and hand holding that
was about all they ever did. Even though they both still had desires, neither acted on them.
Max afraid he wouldn't be able to control his desires if he even let go his control just a
little, remembering all too well how easy it was for him to lose it when it came to being
with Liz. Liz always made the excuse that she understood about the purity issue, when the
truth was that ever since her experience with Jack she was still mentally not ready for any
other type of physical relationship. She kept her feelings on the subject well guarded
though, not wanting Max to know how she truly felt.

On the same date as the previous two months, Max once again showed up at the Crashdown early
prior to it opening. Jeff looked at the clock of the wall, even the exact time as before
he noticed before going over and opening the door to the cafe for Max. He didn't even give
Max a chance to ask his question this month however, as he was fully prepared for Max this
month. "My answers still no, but would you like a cup of coffee since your here?"

"I guess." Max replied with a little sadness to his voice, but understanding Jeff all the
same. The two men had gotten to know each other more and more over the last few months.
Both held respect for the other and both knowing without a doubt that someday they would be
family. Max who had always been very shy, quiet and kept his feelings to himself, found it
easy to talk to Liz's father and slowly he had began to open up to him. Especially since
the episode Liz had experienced, they grew closer and closer. Max helped Jeff set up for the
breakfast rush while they shared a cup of coffee and as he got ready to leave he stated.
"I'll be back next month."

"I'm sure you will." Jeff joked back as he watched Max walk back through the cafe doors.
He truly felt a kinship toward Max, he knew how much his daughter loved him and he knew
without any doubt that Max loved Liz. If it wasn't for their age and the fact they still
had another year of high school to go, Jeff would have easily said yes to Max. But, he knew
Max well enough to know that there was no hurry. He knew Max well enough to know that he
would wait for his daughter for as long as it took and that knowledge allowed him to be
secure in the fact that he was doing right by his daughter for the time being.

End Pt 20
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Kyle is worth any pain a hundred times more that I had to bare, believe me. Did I mention how adorable he is yet. Anyway, here is the next part to Purity. I'll get the next part of Escape out tomorrow hopefully. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 21

Another week past and school was going to start the following week. But, since the incident
their relationship had changed. Max no longer found himself needing to try to keep any
distance from Liz for fear of her making him lose his control. Because since her attack,
she had literally closed herself off from him. She acted like everything was fine, but Max
knew she was hiding her true feelings from him. He could hold her hand easily, but the
moment he attempted to touch her in any other way, even to just wrap his arm around her
shoulder or place his hand on her back she would flinch away from his touch. She always
tried to say she didn't want to take any chances and get carried away, but Max knew it was
much more than that. Even after they went out on dates, their good night kisses had reduced
from kisses to the good night pecks, then a brush of her lips on his cheeks and finally some
nights she would only touch his cheek with her hand or give his own hand a squeeze before
getting out of his car. Max wanted to help her, but he had no idea how to even try so he
thought she just needed time and he was more than willing to give her as much time as she
needed. The only problem was Max found himself missing his Liz and knew if she didn't open
up to somebody soon, he stood a good chance of losing her altogether.

He took a chance to talk to both his sister and Maria hoping maybe they could help her or at
least maybe she would open up to both of them. Thinking Liz needed to talk to someone that
was of the female gender. But, Liz played her part perfectly and neither could see anything
wrong or that anything was really bothering her. She even convinced Maria that she was okay
and while she did admit that she had been keeping herself at bay from any kind of physical
relationship with Max, she stated it was simply because she didn't trust herself not to get
carried away and didn't want to lose the possibility of being able to be with Max forever
for one night of passion. Outwardly Liz seemed fine to everyone, but Max knew all to well
that everything was not fine.

With only one weekend left prior to school starting, both Michael and Maria were feeling the
need to get away and have a normal weekend of fun. Maria suggested they head to Albuquerque
wanting to get some new clothes for the new year, but Michael was thinking more in the lines
of a back to nature trip. That included a cabin in the woods near a lake, maybe some fishing
by day with a little snuggling time at night with Maria. In the end they found some fishing
cabins just outside of Albuquerque that would fit both there needs. Michael could fish and
relax during the day while Maria shopped and they could still have their nights together.
Both wanted Max and Liz to join them so Max could fish with Michael and Liz could shop with

Michael approached Max with the idea and although Max thought it would be a good idea for
Liz to get away and have time to relax, he wasn't sure if she would be willing to go away
with him. He also thought about how tempting the situation could get, alone with Liz, in a
secluded cabin in the woods. He then realized that Liz now knew the truth and he didn't
really have to worry about losing his control as Liz had pretty much kept her distance. But,
he was more than willing to at least due some heavy making out. He truly missed Liz, the
way she felt in his arms, the taste of her lips, the feel of her body. Maybe a few days
away was exactly what Liz needed. He truly hoped so, because the more he thought about it,
the more he realized how much he needed to be able to at least hold Liz close to him again.
Truth be told, Max was horny as hell. Not in the sense that he was willing to jeopardize
Liz's virtue, but just the need to be physically close to her once again.

While Michael had approached Max, Maria approached Liz. Liz was very apprehensive about the
idea at first, but Maria pleaded using the best friend card and finally Liz agreed. She
was still nervous about being alone with Max at night. She tried to tell herself it was
because of the purity issue, but she knew deep down it was more than that. Fact be known
she was scared. Scared that the minute Max would touch her, the incident she had lived
through at Buckley's Point would resurface and she just wanted to bury those memories as far
away in her mind as possible. Up until this point she had done a good job keeping those
memories hidden away. Of course, up until this point she had basically ending any type of
physical relationship between herself and Max. She knew she needed to face her fears and
she did miss the way Max made her feel when he touched and kissed her. Truth be told, Liz
was horny as hell. She wished with every fiber of her body that the purity issue was just
their imagination, but she wasn't about to jeopardize a future with Max just in case it
wasn't. But, on the other hand she wanted to be physically close to Max once again. She
just prayed she could get past the memory that still haunted her from her incident and have
that kind of closeness with Max again.

They all pretty much stuck to the truth as much as possible to get their parents to allow
them to go. Liz and Maria both stating they were going on a shopping trip to Albuquerque
for new clothes for the new school year. While Max stated he was going on a fishing trip
with Michael. Michael had booked a two bedroom cabin, thinking it would be best just in
case he had to once again remind his two friends of what they could and couldn't do while
they were away. Not that he had to remind them or distract them in any way lately, especially
since Liz and Maria had found out the truth behind his untimely interruptions. The plan was
simple Maria would pick Liz up early Friday morning, they would head out to just outside of
Roswell where the guys would be waiting and then Liz and Michael would switch cars. Then
the two couples would follow each other to the cabins. That way they would have two cars
with them, so when the girl's went out shopping for the day, the guys would still have a
vehicle just in case they decided they needed to go anywhere while the girl's were out.

Max and Liz had driven in silence for a long time in Max's Cheville. Both had stolen glances
at each other regularly, but neither could even begin to think how to start up any type of
conversation. Especially since both seemed to have the same thought in mind. The thought
of spending the night with each other, in the same bed. Not only excited them both, but
scared both of them to death. How could they possibly survive this weekend? It was Max
that finally broke the deadly silence. "Liz?"

Turning her head in his direction, she replied. "Yeah?"

"Are you sure your okay with this weekend trip? I know Michael and Maria can push sometimes
and you seem really quiet." Max questioned soothingly, he didn't want to force her into a
situation that made her uncomfortable no matter how much his hormones were jumping of out his
skin to be close to her again.

As soon as Max finished speaking, Liz realized for the first time how quiet she had actually
been. "I'm sorry, I hadn't realized how quiet I've been. I guess I am a little nervous, I
mean we really haven't been alone, together since..." Her voice trailed off, not wanting to
mention the fact that the last time they had actually been together in any type of intimate
way was the night of the incident.

Max reached over and placed his hand on top of hers in her lap. "It's okay, I understand.
Let's just concentrate on having a nice relaxing weekend. Well, at least I'll have a relaxing
weekend. I'm not sure if I could call going shopping with Maria relaxing." He tried to
lighten her mood with a joke.

"And who says Maria's the wild one when we go shopping together?" Liz joked back and at the
tension that seemed to have taken it's toll on the two of them was eased away. After that
the two of them talked easily again with each other. They bantered back and forth about
anything and everything. It was amazing how easy they could talk to each other, except for
only two subjects that they silently agreed to not bring up. One the incident at Buckley's
Point, the other was the sleeping arrangements for the next two nights and what that may

It wasn't long before they arrived at their lodging for the weekend. Max and Michael went
into the office to register together, it didn't take long for them to find their cabin.
While the guys began to get their bags from the car, Maria and Liz went inside to inspect
where they would be staying for the next few days. Even though it wasn't the Ritz, it was
clean. There was a living room, a kitchenette and two bedrooms that each had their own
bathroom. The atmosphere of the cabin was what one would expect at a fishing lodge. The
interior had been designed with a rustic edge to it. The kitchen only had a stove,
refrigerator and sink. No microwave, no dishwasher, nothing really modern, but it was
supplied with dishes and cooking utensils. The living room had a cozy looking couch, that
actually had fish pillows on it. This of course, made Maria laugh because she knew without
a doubt, Michael probably love it. It did have a television set and to their surprise there
was also a VCR and one lounge chair. The floors were all wood and had throw rugs strategy
placed throughout the cabin. The bedrooms basically contain a queen size bed, a night stand
and one dresser in each of them. Both were on the back side on the cabin, so both had a nice
view of the lake. Maria noted that both bathrooms had only shower stalls, no tubs so there
would be no baths for two. It was nothing fancy, but even the girl's admitted it was kind
of cozy and for two nights they decided to make the best of it. After all they had let
Michael pick the place out and they had to admit it wasn't any where near as bad as they
had imagined it was going to be. Setting the bags down in the middle of the living room,
Michael stated enthusiastically. "This place is great!" The girl's shared a knowing look
and neither could help the giggles that came from their mouths.

Max took a quick glance around the place. "I can honestly say, it's everything I thought it
would be." He stated seriously, as he also knew what to expect with Michael picking out the
arrangements for the weekend. He did make a mental note that the next time they planned a
weekend get away to make sure he did the arrangement making in the future. "The man at the
office gave us directions to the nearest store for some supplies and I got directions for
an outlet mall not too far away if you would rather not have to drive all the way into
Albuquerque, but that's up to the two of you. He did say it was a pretty large outlet mall
though." He liked the idea of the two of them not having to drive all the way into the city
if at all possible by themselves. "Why don't we make a run for some supplies, before we get
settled in first?"

No one seemed to have a problem with that idea and as soon as the guys took their bags into
the bedrooms, they were off again. This time they all rode in Max's car together. Once back
at the cabin and the food supplies were put away, the four of them decided to take a walk
down to the lake. Much to the girl's surprise there was a nice man made beach area, sand
and all. The lake area right by the beach was roped off as a designated swimming area,
so at least they could have some fun laying out. "Well, I say we put our suits on and go
for a dip in the lake." Maria suggested quickly, not wanting to waste any more of the sunny

The four of them walked the short distance back to the cabin and split into their separate
bedrooms to get ready. "Why don't you take the bathroom to get ready and I'll get dressed
out here?" Max suggested once they were behind close doors of their bedroom. Liz agreed
and quickly grabbed her suit and went inside the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She
dressed rather quickly into her suit, but Max on the other hand was having a difficult time
remembering the last time Liz had her suit on and what had happened on Michael's couch at
his apartment. His mind was so busy fantasizing about that night, he lost complete track of
time. He had stripped completely naked and was just stepping into his own bathing suit when
Liz opened the bathroom door. His back was to her, so all she got a good look at was his
back side, but it was more than enough to make her own mind to start to have all kinds of
thoughts regarding Max and his very well toned body. She knew she should look away, but the
sight of his muscular back, his well defined behind and toned legs captivated her.

Just as he was finishing pulling his suit up, he turned his head toward the bathroom and was
shocked to see Liz standing in the doorway. Their eyes met and Liz knew she had been caught
watching him dress. She quickly turned her head. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you weren't
finished dressing." She stated shyly hoping he hadn't realized how long she had actually
been watching him.

Max's eyes roamed over Liz's body. He wanted to reassure her, it was okay. In fact, it was
more than okay with Max. For the past several weeks, she hadn't looked at him like that at
all, let alone touch him and for that brief eye contact he saw something there that he hadn't
seen in a while. Lust, most diffidently lust. But, as soon as he looked into her eyes, she
turned her head, embarrassed at being caught. Now he was the one staring at her barely
covered body, he could not look away. He was mesmerized with her, it had been so long since
he had seen this much of her that he just stood there frozen in his fantasy world. A world
where he walked over to her, pulled her body close to his and began to kiss on every exposed
inch of skin he could see and then some. He could practically feel the softness of her skin
under his touch, the taste of her lips upon his mouth. All the while his body stood transfixed
in the same place, unable to pull himself away from the fantasy world his mind had gone to.

When Max didn't say anything to her, Liz finally turned her head back around. She noted how
his eyes slowly roamed over her body with desire. It felt as if every place his eyes roamed
they were touching her. She had missed his touch so much, but she was still quite hesitant
to act on her desires. But, as he continued to stare at her with such passion filled eyes
it made her knees go weak. She quickly stepped over to the bed to sit down, before she fell
down on the ground. "Max." She whispered his name so softly, she wasn't sure herself if she
said it out loud.

Hearing her say his name and watching her sit on the bed brought Max out of his fantasy
world. Within seconds he was by her side. "Liz." He whispered back her name just as softly,
and reached his hand up too pull the few strands of hair that laid against her face behind
her ear before he cupped her face with his palms. Liz flinched slightly at his touch, but
did not pull away. Not being able to stop himself, he leaned in closer to her. They could
feel each other's breath on their lips when they heard a knock on their door.

"Are you guys ready yet?" Maria asked through the door.

Liz pulled away from Max almost immediately, the moment lost. Max closed his eyes letting
out a sigh of frustration. They were so close to actually having some kind of physical
contact that Max could taste it and then to have it taken away so quickly was almost painful.
Taking a deep breath, Liz stood up herself. "Uh...Yeah, Maria. We're ready." She bit her
lip and started to move toward the door, when Max reached out and gently touched her arm.

He desperately wanted to grab her and at least kiss her once, but he didn't want to scare
her. When he had cupped her face with his hand, he could feel her fear. Not of him, but of
allowing anyone to physically touch her in any intimate way. "Liz, I'm sorry. I didn't

Lowering her eyes, knowing he knew what she had tried desperately to hide from everyone for
the past several weeks. But, she also knew she needed to get past the incident she had
experienced and the only person that could help her was Max. She heard him begin to apologize
for his actions and it broke her heart. He hadn't harmed her in any physical way, but here
he was the one that was paying for her mistake. So she immediately placed a finger to his
mouth to cut off the rest of his apology. "No, Max. I'm the one that's sorry. It's just..
I can't..."

Taking her finger away from his mouth, he stood in front of her, lifting her chin so she was
forced to see into his eyes. Hoping that she could see that he loved her completely and
unconditionally. "It's okay Liz. We'll get through this together, we'll take it as slow as
we need to. Just remember, I love you. I'll always love you." He spoke honestly from his
heart as he leaned over and placed his lips gently on her forehead. Then quickly pulled
back not wanting to make her upset. "What do you say, we go for that swim now?" He questioned
reaching out his hand for her to take. His mind and body screaming for the cold lake water.

Taking his hand, the two of them grabbed their towels and headed down to the beach area where
Michael and Maria were already at. Once Max had dropped his towel, he was on his way down
to the lake for a much needed cooling off period. Michael quickly followed Max and soon the
two guys were splashing and dunking each other right and left. They girl's watched and were
amazed at how relaxed both guys seem to be, without any alien stuff hanging over their heads
at the moment. They were acting like normal every day teenage boys and it thrilled both Liz
and Maria to see them so care free. It wasn't long before the girl's joined them and before
long the four of them were playing like children without a care in the world. It was Maria
that finally stopped the child's play as a devious plan came to mind. She whispered her plan
to Liz and even though Liz wasn't sure if she could go through with it, she knew she needed
to at least try. Maybe this is what she needed to start her healing process she thought to
herself and after a few minutes of internal debate, she finally agreed.

The girls both approached their guy seductively. The guys were still having fun and
didn't notice something was up until Maria struck first. She wrapped her arms around Michael's
waist and began to play with the waist band of his swim trunks. Liz was a little slower to
make her move, but she also placed her hands on Max's waist. Together the two girls gave
each other a nod and before the guys even had time to react, the girl's shoved the guys
throwing them off balance and pulled their swim trunks off in one quick swipe. Laughter
filled the air as both girl's triumphantly raised the guys trunks into the air and quickly
swam toward the shore line. "Maria!" "Liz!" Both Michael and Max shouted out in surprise
when they got their balance back. The stunned look on both of the guy's faces was more than
worth the effort and neither Maria and Liz could keep their laughter under control. "Maria,
I swear if you don't bring me back my clothes, I'm coming out and taking mine along with
yours back!" Michael threatened, he couldn't believe Maria had actually done that. But,
there was no way he was going to let her get away with it.

Max was too stunned to try to think straight. Liz had actually not only touched him, but had
actually removed his swim trunks. That was something he would never ever had thought she
would do, even before the incident. Seeing her laughter over the situation, made his own
smile break out over his face. Max looked over at a very distraint looking Michael. Even
after his threat, Maria had made no move to return his swimwear, but continued to parade
around the beach dancing with them over her head in victory. Liz was laughing so hard at
Maria's antics she couldn't stand up straight any longer. Michael looked back at Max. "Okay
how do you want to play this one out of fearless leader?"

Max glanced at the girl's having the time of their life's on the sandy beach, then back to
Michael. "Screw it, if they want us to swim in our birthday suits, then why not give them
what they want." He stated matter of factly, then turned around and dove back into the
lake, letting his bare bottom come out of the water as he did so. Michael shrugged his
shoulders, then followed suit.

As soon as they heard the guy's splashing once again, the girl's looked at each as if to ask
what now to each other. "Hey Maxwell, I bet I can do a hand stand longer than you!" Michael
shouted loud enough for the girl's to hear.

Maria's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "MICHAEL GUERIN, You Wouldn't Dare!" She
yelled out to him. With that Michael threw her a devilish smile, then quickly dove under
water and raised his legs. Liz immediately turned her head in embarrassment and it was
becoming clear that their plan to embarrass the guys was quickly backfiring. "Oh My God!
He did it, he actually did it!" Maria exclaimed, but was unable to take her eyes off a certain
body part, that was anything but alien looking.

When Liz heard the splashing sound that he had fallen over, she turned her head back toward
the lake. "A minute, twenty seconds. Not bad, but I think I can beat it." Max stated.
The last thing he saw before diving under the water was the surprised look upon Liz's face.

"Not bad, Liz. Not bad at all." Maria commented when Max's lower half of his body came out
of the water.

"MARIA! You could at least close your eyes." Liz demanded of her friend, but she herself
kept her eyes glued to the part of Max's body that Maria had commented on.

"And miss this show, are you kidding me. I mean I knew how huge Michael was, but God Liz,
I'm not sure if you are going to survive your wedding night. I mean look at him!"

Liz wanted to scold her friend, but her comment was more than accurate as Liz had seen Max
up close and personal on several occasions. The sight of him was stirring all her desires
into a full flame of need. She had no idea how she was going to survive this night. God,
how she had missed him. But, the show was over as soon as she had only begun to start to
fantasize. "I'm getting a little water logged here Max, what do you say we head in?"

Both girl's watched as Max nodded his head and as the guys began to swim toward the beach
area where they were currently sitting. "They're coming out, aren't they?" Liz asked with
a little fear in her voice. Her body was more than already reacting to the sight of Max's
body to begin with and she wasn't sure if she was really ready for what she herself had
started. "What now?"

"What do you think? RUN!" Maria shouted as she stood up quickly and began to run back
toward the safety of the cabin.

But, Liz was too shocked to react quickly enough and by the time she got to her knees, Michael
was running past her in all his glory. "Uh..Sorry Liz." He apologized as he ran past her
to catch up with his own personal fire cracker. "MARIA! You are so going to get it!" He
yelled as he continued to chase after her.

Liz had turned her body away from Michael to divert her eyes, but as she did so, she only
ended up staring at a certain body part that had already driven her crazy with desire. For
standing right before her was Max, in all his glory. "So, do I get my bathing suit back or
do I take yours?" Was his only question as he stood proud and tall directly in front of her

End Pt21
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I'm so sorry my updates are slowing down, but as life with the new baby gets more regulated. Yes, he has his nights and days mixed up, I'll be able to post more regularly then. Anyway, here is the next part. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 22

Max stood there for a moment to see how Liz would respond to his question. He had no
intention of putting any kind of pressure on her to do anything that she physically or
mentally wasn't ready for, but as he stood there and looked down at her face as she took in
his naked form he became very aware of what part of his body her eyes were locked on and his
body responded automatically. Play time was apparently over by the look in her eyes as she
continued to simply stare at his now growing erection. He tried to say something, anything,
but his tongue seemed to be tied in knots as he tried to regain control of himself. He
couldn't even move as his feet seemed rooted to the sandy beach he stood upon. He knew he
should at least turn around so his erection wouldn't be so promptly in the direction of
her face, but he couldn't and for a moment time seemed to stand still as he became harder
and harder right before her eyes.

Liz was totally mesmerized by Max's front organ. She knew she should at least look away,
but she couldn't take her eyes from him as she stared in amazement of his body's response
to her stare. The way his manhood began to grow in size right before her very eyes was
breathtaking. Her entire body was screaming to reach out and touch it, to taste it, but she
couldn't move. She was totally paralyzed in fascination and all she could do was continue
to watch it grow more erect with each passing second. Without even realizing or thinking
about it, Liz's tongue slowly snaked out of her mouth and began to lick her lips.

That motion sent Max into a tail spin, he was already beginning to die a slow sweet death
with just her eyes staring at him. But, to see her pink tongue licking her lips like she
was preparing to attack, he knew he was going to lose it if one of them didn't stop this.
He was already physically aching for her touch long before this game had even started, but
now he knew he was going to explode if he didn't tear himself away from her stare and from
those now glistening wet lips of hers. His mind remembering all too well what it felt like
for those lucious lips to touch his body so intimately and as that memory came to mind his
body once again reacted. A small droplet of precum began to escape from the tip of his head.
He attempted to close his eyes to gain some semblance of control and at least move his body
before he reached out and pulled her closer to him, but he couldn't even do that as his eyes
refused to leave Liz's face while she continued to lick her lips.

When the single drop of moisture appeared at the opening on the tip of his head, it literally
drew her to him. Her face was already right in line of his erection, but that didn't stop
her from leaning even closer. Her mouth was so close she knew she could reach her tongue
out and taste that special drop of substance she desired. Unable to stop herself her tongue
reached out and as if in slow motion tenderly lick the pearly clear liquid off of his penis.
"OOH! Liz." Max moaned out immediately at the simplest of her touch. His hands now
unable to stop, reached out to cup her head and pull her even closer to him. Up until this
point, Max had no idea how much he had missed her physical touch.

Hearing his moan from her small action, only made her body react with the need for more. Her
tongue swiped out again and this time encircled it's way around his entire head. That's when
she felt his hands on her head, instantly bringing her mind back to realty of what was
happening. She opened her mouth to say she was sorry, but as soon as she did Max moved his
body inside of her mouth thinking she was inviting him in and at the same time moved her
head with his hands even closer. "YES...Oh Yes!" He moaned out and tried to keep himself
from thrusting any further into her mouth, even though his entire body was screaming to do
just that.

For a second Liz was taken by surprise by Max's action. For a fleeting second she felt like
she had no control and her mind once again found itself back at Buckley's Point. But, when
she heard Max's voice the fear her mind had started to take was quickly pushed back and all
that remained was the feel of Max's most intimate part of his body inside her mouth. This
time it was Liz's turn to moan as she began to slide her mouth back and forth against him.
The more she felt Max inside of her mouth and tasted him, the more any bad memories from the
past faded away and were being replaced with memories of Max. This knowledge alone made her
pace quicken, wanting the bad memories erased with good ones faster. Without even realizing
how much of a frenzy she had worked herself into by licking, sucking and nippling on Max that
she didn't even notice how hard he had cummed inside of her mouth even as she swallowed it
down greedily. She hadn't heard his words of warning or his moans of pleasure when his
release took hold. She didn't take note of how his legs were wobbling, trying to keep from
falling over after he had released. She was on a mission and her mission was simply to get
rid of all the bad memories and replace them with good ones of her and Max together. Nor
did she notice how her own tears were falling freely down her face.

But, Max did. He immediately removed himself from her mouth and pulled her into his warm
embrace. He couldn't believe he had done that to her, when just a few hours before he told
her they would take it slow and with just a simple look she made him forget everything, but
his desire to be with her again. Her tears made him believe he had pushed her to do something
she obviously wasn't ready to do. Liz wrapped her arms around his waist as he pulled her
closer into his body. He wanted to apologize for being so inconsiderate of her feelings,
but before he could even get the words out she shocked him with her own words. "Thank you
Max. Thank you for helping me heal." She was crying against his chest now and her words
were coming out in sobs, but she continued. "I've been so afraid and I didn't know how to
make the fear stop. I was afraid to touch you or let you touch me because I thought it
would bring back everything and I tried to fight it. I tried to forget it, but I couldn't.
Until now. Thank you for giving yourself to me." By the time she finished her tears began
to subside and Max had no idea exactly what she meant by him healing her by letting her do
exactly what he had dreamed of her doing to him, but he would get his answers another time.
Now was the time for Liz and as long as she needed him, he would be there for her.

As her cries began to stop, he slowly moved his hands to her shoulders so he could push her
back and lift her chin to look into her beautiful eyes. "I love you so much Liz. You have
the most passionately filled heart than anyone could ever have. I'll always love you."

"Oh Max, I love you too." She returned right before his lips took hers in a kiss full of
love. But, as their bodies moved closer, Liz could feel the effects of their kisses on
another body part of Max's. She broke the kiss off and her eyes began to travel down to the
part of his body that had so enraptured her earlier.

This time though Max was more prepared and quickly lifted her head back up before she could
even get a good look at him. "I think you better give me my suit back now." He joked at

"What if I prefer you like this?" She bantered back with a touch of seduction in her voice.

"Then you have to explain to my mother why I got a sun burn on my ass when I was away fishing
with Michael supposedly." Was his reply and they both fell into a fit of laughter. After
a few moments of laughter, Max added. "Which by the way, I can't believe you did that?"

"Me, you were the one doing hand stands in the water. At least I turned my head when Michael
did his, but you don't even want to know what Maria had to say about you." With that said
Liz pulled away from his embrace, picked up his swim trunks, handed them to him and then
added. "From the way she talked though, I think you better put these back on. I don't my
best friend getting any ideas about MY fiance." She gave him a wink and than began to run
back to the fishing cabin leaving a wide eyed Max behind.

By the time he had gotten over his embarrassment of now knowing that Maria had not only seen
him, but had made comments about his body, Liz was well out of sight. Which meant he had to
walk into the cabin by himself and the possibility of running into Maria. Gathering up the
towels that everyone had graciously left for him, he let his mind recall how Liz had made
him feel only moments ago when she held him captive in her mouth. That thought alone got
him moving a little more quicker than before. He followed the path back up to the cabin and
was more than happy when he noticed Maria's and Michael's bedroom door closed tightly. He
went straight to the room he was sharing with Liz, he opened the door slowly. "Liz." He
called out, but when no reply came he opened the door wider. He noticed the bathroom door
was only slightly closed and he could hear the shower running. After spending most of the
day in the lake he also felt the desperate need for a shower. He wasn't quite sure where
the boundaries of the weekend were any more. Not since what had happened down on the beach
area earlier. Had she left the door opened as an invitation to him or what? He thought to
himself. He just didn't know anymore what to do. She hadn't exactly invited him to shower
with her, but she had to know that he would be following her into the cabin and she had left
the bathroom door opened, but what if she didn't mean for him to join her? He stood there
debating the issue for what seemed like an eternity, in fact he would have stood there even
longer if he hadn't heard the shower turn off. Walking over to the bathroom door he knocked
softly. "Liz." Her name coming out in almost a soft whisper.

"In here." She replied having just gotten out of the shower and in the process of drying off
with a towel, she hadn't heard his knock, but had heard him call out her name even though it
had been only whispered. She had just finished wrapping the towel around her body when she
let him know where she was.

Tentatively Max pushed the door open and once again found himself standing frozen in one place
at the sight of her. She looked absolutely breathtaking as she stepped out of the shower
stall wrapped in a towel. "I wasn't sure if you wanted to take a shower or not, so I left
the door opened for you." She informed him casually, like it was something they did every
day together. Then she walked over to the sink area and began to rub some lotion on her arms
and legs. All the while completely unaware apparently of the trance she had put Max in.
Max continued to watch her motions as she glided the lotion over her legs. Finally she
looked over at him. "Well, did you want to take a shower?" She asked once again casually,
but made no move like she was going to leave the bathroom area.

"Uh..Yeah." Max replied still a little awe struck at her presence in the bathroom. Seeing
her standing there at the sink apply lotion in nothing but a towel was making his entire
body quiver with desire all over again. He knew without a doubt he was already extremely
hard and he wasn't sure if he should just go ahead and get undress and hop in the shower or
wait for her to finish up in the bathroom. He was still so unsure what to expect next out
of her. He didn't even think she had any idea the effect she causing once again on his body
as she continued to run the lotion over her body.

"Max? Are you okay?" She asked with a touch of concern after a few more minutes of him not

"Uh..Yeah." He replied again, then realized that those were the only words that had come out
of his mouth in the past few minutes he shook his head to try to clear his thoughts. "I..I
mean..I wasn't sure..."

Cutting him off, she gave him a quick smile. Then walked over and started playing with the
waist band of his swim trunks once again. "You're not seriously going to start acting shy
now, are you? I mean after the hand stand and know. I thought.." Then stopped
herself in midsentence thinking that maybe Max didn't feel comfortable enough around her to
take a shower in front of her. Now with that thought in mind, she began to blush in
embarrassment having assumed their relationship had moved past the point of not being able
to be around each other in their natural state. "Uh..Never mind, I'll just go..." She
nodded toward the bedroom area, now truly embarrassed by her assumption.

She started to move around him, when he grabbed her back into his arms. He cupped her head
in his hands and gave her a sweet, tender kiss. "No, Liz. Please stay." He requested when
he pulled away from her lips. He felt like an idiot for making her have any doubts about
where their relationship should be, when it hadn't been her at all, but himself. He turned
her in the direction of the sink, picked up her lotion and handed it to her. "You finish up
and I'm going to hop in the shower." He stated then quickly walked over to the shower and
turned it on. He glanced back over in her direction to see if she had once again started
her lotioning ritual, but instead of starting back up her task she was looking over at him
in shock disbelief. They held each other's eyes for a moment longer, then he gave her a
small half smile. "Shy my ass." He stated just before he removed his swim trunks in one
swift motion. He turned his back to her and shook his behind to emphasize his unshy like
status around her and finally stepped into the shower when he heard her giggle from his
little dance.

Liz's giggle turned into a full fledge laugh when Max literally began to sing in the shower.
She finished up lotioning her body and then began to blow dry her hair as Max continued to
sing happily in the shower. Max finished his shower and felt a renewed fiber come over him.
He swore he had never felt more freer in his life than he had during that simple shower. By
the time he was dried off, Liz had finished blow drying her hair. The two of them were both
wrapped in towels. "Now that my serenades over, I guess I'll get dress. You coming?" She
asked as she began to step out of the bathroom.

"I will be if I watch you dress." He stated under his breath. "Actually, I need to shave
first." He said out loud, knowing full well if they took the only piece of cloth that was
currently covering both their bodies off in front of each other, he would have no choice but
to make love to her. His body would accept no less at this point and he wasn't willing to
take that chance.

Stopping in mid stride, she turned back toward him. "Need any help?"

"Elizabeth Parker, as grateful as I am for the offer, I don't think that's such a good idea."
He stated sincerely.

"Why?" She asked not sure of why he didn't want her to help him out.

Taking a deep breath, he spoke as honestly to her as he could. "Because, there isn't enough
cold water in that shower over there to make me not want you. And if I sit you up here on
this counter and step in between your legs so I was close enough to you for you to shave me
I wouldn't be able to stop myself from taking that towel off that perfect body of yours and
have my way with you right here in the bathroom. Now before I lose what little control I
have left in my body and the cold shower loses all of it's effect. I begging you here,
please just go get dressed."

Biting her bottom lip, she nodded reluctantly understanding exactly what he was saying. She
grabbed the bathroom door handle and begun to close the door, but before she shut it completely
she stated. "Shaving you sounds exciting, I'm going to hold you to that after we're married."

She could hear Max's heavy sigh even as she shut the door. "Don't worry Max, I have ever
intention of making sure you're taken well care of this weekend." She stated to herself as
she began to get dressed as quickly as possibly. After all there was no rush, the evening
was only beginning.

End Pt22
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Thanks for all the bumps everyone. Baby Kyle still has his days and nights mixed up and isn't allowing alot of extra time for Mom to sleep, let alone post stories. But,
hubby took pity on me for a few moments to allow me to post another part for you all. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 23

Liz quickly got dressed and left the bedroom prior to Max exiting the bathroom. She hadn't
felt so free in such a long time and now that she was finally able to put the past behind
her she couldn't wait to be close to Max again. She knew they wouldn't be making love, but
she had every intention of making their weekend away together at least as memorable as
possible. She noticed that neither Maria nor Michael had made their way out of the bedroom
that they were sharing since they had come back from the beach area down by the lake. She
was truly happy for her friends, they had come so far in their relationship. But, at the
same time she felt a tad envy that they were free to express their love to each other in
every way possible where she and Max weren't due to the purity issue. What was the most
frustrating thing about it, was the fact that there was no way to know if it would actually
apply to Max or not? No matter what though, she agreed with Max on one point. One night of
passion was not worth the risk so they wouldn't take the chance just in case. Glancing over
at the bedroom she was sharing with Max for the next few nights, she sighed heavily once more
before heading to the kitchen to start the dinner for the four of them. If nothing else, it
may keep her mind off of what she and Max couldn't be doing.

Max slowly made his way out of the bathroom once he had gotten his body in some kind of
control. He had no idea how he was going to be able to share the bed with Liz and not make
love to her. Especially with the way she seemed to want to be with him just as much as he
wanted to be with her once again. His mind drifted back to the way her mouth had felt on
him down at the lake and his body began to react all over again to just the thought. Taking
another deep breath he tried once again to get his control back before he dressed and left
the bedroom. Two things he noted immediately leaving his bedroom, one was that the bedroom
door to where Michael and Maria were going to sleep for the next couple nights was still
closed and two, the smell of something wonderful was coming from the tiny kitchenette in the
cabin. Trying not to feel too envious of his two friends that were free to do as they pleased
he passed by their door quickly and went in search of the smell that was making his stomach
grumble over and over.

He turned the corner of the hallway and found himself once again in a trance like state at
the sight before him. Liz was standing in front of the small stove stirring the contents of
whatever it was that he could still smell in nothing but the new shirt his mother and sister
had purchased for him to wear the night he had proposed to Liz. Since that night he hadn't
been able to find the shirt, even though he had looked for it on several occasions. As she
raised up on her tip toes to retrieve the pepper from the shelf above the stove, the shirt
rode up her thighs just enough so his eyes got a glimpse of the bottom edge of her panties.
She was a vision of beauty to him and he couldn't take his eyes off of her. His own body
already beginning to respond to the view, he knew he was going to be in some serious trouble.
Shaking his head slightly to get himself under some control he stated. "Nice shirt. You
know I used to have one that looked almost exactly like that one."

She turned around and gave him a small smile. "I have to agree, it is a nice shirt isn't
it?" She joked back to him, then continued. "I hope you don't mind that I borrowed it?"

"Actually I was just thinking how much better it looks on you." He answered honestly. "So
what smells so good?"

"Just a little chicken stir fry, Roswell style."

"Roswell style?" Max inquired, not sure what that comment meant.

"You know, something edible for both human and alien taste buds." She replied with a small
laugh while she continued to stir the contents in the pan. "Why don't you grab those plates
over there and be my ginny pig."

Max tried to keep his face from showing his fear at her words, especially considering the
latest things he had been forced to try that his mother had concocted lately. He hesitated
only briefly before compiling with her request and retrieved two of the four plates that were
sitting out on the small table. He had to admit the contents of the pan looked more than
edible and the smell was making his mouth water with anticipation. Liz took a small spoonful
and offered it to Max to taste before she filled their plates. Accepting the food into his
mouth, his eyes closed savoring the taste that had just invaded his taste buds. "MMmmHmmm,
That's fantastic Liz, what's in it?"

"Oh, just a little of this and a little of that. My mother always told me that a way to a
man's heart was through his stomach. Of course, my man's taste buds aren't quite the same
so I had to reinvent some recipes. So do you really like it or are you just being nice so
I'll still give you a good night kiss later?"

Putting on as serious face as he could, he looked her deeply in her eyes. "Liz, I love you
and I would eat just about anything if you cooked it for me. But, this I REALLY, really like
a LOT! So dish me a plate of that wonderful concoction because it tastes great and I'm
starving." Liz couldn't keep the huge smile that reached her eyes off her face if she tried
at his words and quickly dished out two plates worth of food for the two of them. It seemed
to be only a matter of minutes that Max had literally wolfed his plateful down and had
already returned with a second plateful. "You do realize your mother's correct and if I
didn't already love you so completely, you would have won my heart with your cooking abilities.
Besides a blue moon burger, space fries or an alien blast here and there, I believe this is
the first time you ever cooked for me."

"I believe you are right. But, my mother wasn't completely correct with her advice. I just
happen to know that there are other motives that are just as accurate when used correctly to
win a man's heart." She stated seductively as she slid out from her chair and onto Max's
lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Would you like me to demonstrate those motives?"

Taking her lead and following it, his hands wove through her hair and cupped her face. "I
like demonstrations." The food now completely forgotten as they became lost in each other's

Liz continued taking the lead in their exchange. "Well, to begin with as much as I consider
the sense of taste to be a major part of any persons intrigue. I believe the sense of touch
can be just as important, if not more." She moved her body so that she was now straddling
Max's lap, while placing small kisses upon his forehead, eyes, nose, each cheek and then
finally she moved her lips over his and began to kissing him lightly. At the same time her
hands roamed through his hair, down his back, up his arms and then over his well sculptured
chest. Her hips moved forward until her center was met with Max's obvious bulge. In a
seductive rhythm she continued to move her hips back and forth against Max until she had
built herself into such a state of desire she knew she needed more. "Touch me Max, I need
you to touch me." She whispered against his lips.

Without hesitation Max stood up from the chair, taking Liz with him as he did so. He then
began to walk back toward their bedroom while he began to deepen the kiss she had begun. He
shut the bedroom door with a swift kick of his foot, laid Liz down on the bed and huskily
whispered back to her. "I need to touch you too." It was true, so far, it had been only
Liz that had given him some relief and as grateful and as wonderful as it was to have felt
the pleasure she had given him, he needed desperately to return that same pleasure upon her.
Using his powers he quickly unbuttoned the front of his old new shirt that she currently
wore by running one finger slowly down the front of it, but didn't remove the clothing
completely. Placing his body on top of hers, he continued to kiss her with all the raw
passion that he felt for her. His hands roamed down the front of the shirt and slowly
pulled it a part and let the flaps of the shirt fall open. Giving him complete access to her
upper body. Continuing their journey his hands quickly made their way to her breast, loving
both mounds completely. "I've missed touching you, your so beautiful." He whispered against
her lips.

"MmmHmm...Yes." She moaned back against his and then proceeded to retake his lips with hers.
Her entire body was responding to the feel of his hands on her breast and the taste of his
mouth. Her hips began to move of their own accord while her own hands wandered down from
his shoulders, over his back and ended squeezing his butt softly, pushing his lower body more
effectively closer to hers.

Max was so lost in the feel of her body and the taste of her lips again that he hadn't even
realized he was cooperating with her request to move his erection closer to her heat until
he was subconsciously dry humping against her in a magical rhythm. His tongue began to mate
with hers in the same rhythm his body was moving against hers, all the while his hands
continued their assault upon her chest. Her nipples stood tight against his palms, begging
him for more. Finally leaving her mouth, he nipped his way down her jaw to her neck where
he began to alternate between licking, kissing and sucking. "Oh God, Liz...I want to make
love to you so bad right now." His voice thick with desire as he marked her body as his by
way of the now large hickey she was sprouting on her neck. He could feel himself growing
harder by the second as they continued to move their bodies in sync with each other. His
mouth moved down to her chest and he stroked his tongue along her chest bone, then proceeded
to place soft wet kisses on the sides of each one of her breasts. Not being able to stop
himself he finally took her right breast into his mouth and sucked hard until only her nipple
remained inside the warmth of his mouth. Then he taunted her further by licking, sucking
and kissing her right nipple until it was so stiff and hard that her bodies reaction amazed
even him. All the while his now free hand slipped down the length of her body and made it's
way under the only clothing still blocking her body, her panties.

"YES! Oh..YES!" Liz moaned out loudly as Max slid one finger deep inside of her. Unable
to not be touching him as intimately as he was touching her, Liz almost immediately began to
unbutton his pants and had his zipper lowered before Max even realized what she was doing.
In fact it wasn't until her small hand reached inside his boxers and began to rub him ever
so softly that Max's mind began to register just how far they had let themselves get in such
a short time period. Max was just about to pull away and let them get control of themselves
again when Liz's hand wrapped around his erection and began stroking him in the rhythm she
knew he liked. Liz felt Max's hesitation and there was no way she was ready for them to stop
their make out session as of yet, so she began stroking him and seductively whispered.
"Don't stop Max, I want you to take me to the stars first."

That simple request was all Max needed to get him moving all over again. He moved another
finger inside of her, while applying pressure with his thumb to her sensitive nub. His
fingers moved in and out of her in the same rhythm that she continued to stroke him with and
as they got closer and closer to completing their journey of sexual ecstasy their strokes
and thrusts got faster and faster. Liz couldn't keep her body still if she tried, she was
now so close to the edge that she desperately wanted to fall off, she began stroking him at
an insanely quick pace. At that pace Max knew he wouldn't last but a few more minutes if
that and there was no way he was going over again without her with him this time. He could
tell she was close, but needed just that one final push before she too would let go. He
released her nipple and kissed his way back up toward her mouth. Kissing her deeply one
last time before he lifted his head enough to see her now closed eyes. "Open your eyes my
love, I want to watch you see those stars." He whispered softly and as soon as she complied
with his request he thrusted his fingers deep inside of her one last time and stated at the
same time. "Now, Liz. Cum for me, NOW!"

That was all it took as she let herself go as did Max with one final stroke of his erection.
The two of them screamed out each other's names, but held their eye contact. Max removed
his hands from her sensitive parts of her body and wrapped them around her. Holding her
tightly against him as they both tried to catch their breaths as they came back down from
their current high. They stayed in that same position until Max felt the wetness against
the crook of his neck, where Liz had buried her face. Fearing he had pushed her too far too
fast he quickly lifted himself away from her. "Liz, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push..."

Realizing he had taken her tears the wrong way, Liz quickly squelched his fears. "No, Max,
that was wonderful. It's just that..I don't know how much longer I can wait. I want to be
able to feel you inside of me, Max. I want us to be able to make love. I no we can't until
we're married, but I want you so much Max it hurts sometimes." She finished with a small
sob and another stream of tears found their way down her cheeks.

Wiping her tears away he softly replied. "I know Liz. I know, believe me I know exactly
what your saying. But, we will be married and I will be making love to you one of these days.
That's the one thing that keeps me going for now. Liz, I love you and I'd wait for you as
long as I had to, because your more than worth the wait. But, until that day arrives, I
swear to you, I'll do everything in my power to make you happy."

"Like you just did?" She inquired.

Blushing slightly he replied. "Yeah that and then there are other ways too."

"What if I told you I have a tend to get greedy when there's something that I really like?"
She half joked.

"Then I guess I'll just have to be at your beacon call, mi lady." He stated as he raised his
eye brows up and down to emphasize his meaning.

"But, I must warn you. My needs may come at anytime, day or night. Are you up for the
challenge?" She requested with a coy smirk.

"My love, I'm always up for the challenge where you are concerned. Day, night, breakfast,
lunch, dinner. I'm at your disposal all you have to do is ask and your request will be met."
He stated confidently.

"You promise."

"I swear on my love for you." He crossed his heart for a symbol to her of the truth of his

"Okay, Max Evans. I'm going to hold you to that promise." She smiled deviously already
forming plans in her mind when she could put his promise to the ultimate test.

Her wicked smile didn't go unnoticed by Max and he knew he was going to be in big trouble by
his recent promise. Though if it kept Liz happy, that was all that was important to him and
no matter what that mind of hers was planning he was more than confidant he could keep his

End Pt23
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So some of you want some nookie, well I guess it was my duty to give in a little. But, just remember the name of this fic is Purity so my job is to make sure they don't actually make love. This task isn't easy, when I myself want them to just go for it, but I am trying. Any way here is the next part. Hope you all like it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 24

Max and Liz laid in each other's arms just holding each other for quite some time in a
complete state of blissfulness. Coming up with an idea Liz sat up. "Max, what you said
earlier made me come up with an idea, want to hear it?"

"Since I love not only your body, but your mind too I would love to hear your idea." Max joked around with her, even though in reality he spoke the truth. He simply loved everything about her.

"Well, it has to do with our physical relationship." Liz watched Max's reaction to her words wondering if they would affect him at all. She wasn't disappointed by the initial shocked look that crossed his face and had to stifle a giggle.

This statement had Max's full attention now, he wasn't sure where if he should be worried or
not. Even though he was worried, and after the initial shock, his interest was more than peaked. "Okay, go on."

Liz took a moment to try to phrase her words carefully. "It has to do with those other ways
that you said we could enjoy each other."

At these words, Max's body began to stir to life immediately and with the two of them being
as close in proximately to each other, there was no way Max could hide his newly aroused
state from her eyes. "Y..Yes." He stuttered out his words, not sure what she was going to
say next, but more than willing to listen to anything she said at this point.

Liz smiled at Max when she felt his lower part of his body start to come to life. She made
a point to trace her eyes down to his erection that was beginning to form and held them on
it for a few moments while she continued. "Well, I thought that since we can't actually
make love just yet, but it's obvious we both enjoy the way we make each other feel physically. That we should maybe explore all those other ways. Kind of like an experiment to see how many different ways there are available to us?" Her eyes then drifted up his body until she met his eyes.

Max saw the twinkle in her eyes when they met his. "So you want to do some experimenting on
my body?" He teased lightly, but his body betrayed his teasing voice as his erection came
more and more apparent.

"Not just on your body mister. I'm thinking that we could experiment on each other's bodies." She half joked, half stated seriously. With Max's arousal becoming more then noticeable, her own body was beginning to feel it's own desires coming to life. She ran one finger down his chest. "I don't know about you, but I think it would be fun to see how many ways we can pleasure each other's bodies. We could even make it a contest of sorts to see who can come up with the most ways or we could go with the most original idea."

"Are you serious?" Max couldn't believe what Liz was suggesting. It was any guys wet dream
come true, but it was more than that to Max. Diffidently more than that considering it was
his Liz that was making the suggestion. Even though he had heard her words, he couldn't
believe she was actually serious about it.

Drawing her finger along his now very erect penis that was still slightly hidden in his jeans and boxers. "Oh, I'm more than serious. So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge?" She gave him a seductive smile before she reached inside his pants and wrapped her fore finger and thumb lightly around his erection so that she was barely touching him
and stroked him a few times to emphasize her serious nature in deed.

Taking a deep breath to try to control himself as just the simplest of touches from Liz was
stirring his desires deeply. He knew she was playing him now and if he wanted to survive
this weekend, let alone the time until they could marry he needed to turn the tables and
turn them quickly. Without answering her he turned her body so that her feet were hanging on the edge of the bed and in one swift movement his head was in between her legs and he let
his tongue dart out and run from her sensitive nub down to her opening and back up to her
nub before he sucked it into his hot wet mouth.

Surprise wasn't even the word that could describe Liz's reaction to Max's quick assault. As
he continued to pleasure her orally, Liz couldn't contain the moans that escaped from deep
with in her throat. Even though he had surprised and shocked her to her core she put up no
protest and easily succumbed to his will, opening her legs more to give him better access.
While at the same time her hips of their own accord began to lift to meet the thrusts of his
tongue. Her hands weaved themselves through his hair, pushing his head down closer to her
body, urging him to continue. Once Max knew she was on the edge he didn't hesitate to suck
her nub into his mouth once more and waited until her entire body went completely still with
the moment of completion just upon her. He then released her nub and plunged his tongue
deep inside her wetness and enjoyed the taste of her orgasm as she let herself go into his
mouth. Keeping his mouth upon her until he was sure he got the very last drop of her juices
that she was going to offer, then made his way up to her mouth where he kissed her deeply
and as passionately as he could. Only when air became an issue did he pull his lips away.
"I'd say I'm up for the challenge, what do you think?" He asked with a half smirk of a
smile upon his face knowing without a doubt he had given her complete pleasure only minutes

Unable to form words just yet, Liz answered the only way she could, with a nod of her head.
Taking a few deep breaths to recompose herself, she then replied. "Max...That was..amazing."

Still keeping his half smirk on his face, he replied. "Like I said before, your pleasure is
my command.

In their current position Liz could feel the bulge of his erection close to her now very wet core and she wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had just given her. "If that's true good sir, then I have a request for pleasure."

Raising his eye brows in question, surprised that she already wanted more as he was pretty
sure he had satisfied her completely. But, if she wanted more, he was more than willing to
comply with any request she had no matter how hard he was, her pleasure came first in his
mind. "Just ask and you shall receive my love." He then begun to kiss along her neck, down
to her breast more than willing to give her another pleasurable experience.

Liz pushed his body away from hers so she could move her body so she was now laying with her
head on the pillow. Max was confused by her actions for only a moment until she lifted her finger, crooked it and signaled him to join her, which Max easily complied with once again and once more kissed her passionately. It was Liz though that broke away from his kiss this time. "I want another taste of you." She stated against his lips. That had not been what Max had been expecting at all. He had assumed she wanted him to give her more pleasure, but
now it was her who was wanted to give him pleasure. Now that he had an understanding he started to move his body off of her, but Liz was quick to stop him and tugged on his pants. "Take these off first." Her request was granted easily and then Max began to move to her side. Instead of allowing him to move to her side she pulled his body to move back on top of hers. Max was about to protest as the desire to be inside of her would be way to great if he laid on top of her with their intimate body parts up close and personal, but Liz didn't even allow time for him to protest. Instead she tugged his body up hers until he straddled her chest and his erection was directly in front on her mouth. She licked her lips before she ran her own tongue down the length of his erection. "We might not be
able to make love in the traditional way, but their are many other ways that you can make
love to my body." She said, then once again ran her tongue up and down the length of him.
"Max, I want you to make love to my mouth."

This time it was Max that was shocked, for he knew it was one thing for her to take him into
her mouth and pleasure him orally. But, it was a completely ball game for him to thrust
himself into her open mouth. For one thing, he was so enlarged at this point, he was sure
he would either hurt or choke her and there was no way he could allow himself to take
advantage of her in that way. No matter how much he wanted to. "Liz..I don't..."

"You proved you were up for the challenge. Are you going to deny me my chance to prove
myself worthy of the challenge?" She took the tip of his arousal into her mouth and teasingly sucked on him, egging him to do as she request.

"Liizzz...Please." Max was so ready, so in need to be able to relief himself. But, he
still held back, afraid he would loose too much control and cause harm to his Liz.

Her tongue licked around his aroused head one more time as she used her hands to push his
body closer to her. When he still didn't move, Liz did it for him. Placing her hands on
his hips she literally began to pump his body back and forth for him as she relaxed her
throat muscles as much as possible allowing his erection to glide in and out of her mouth.
Slowly Max started to pump on his own accord without even realizing that he was doing it.
Within a few moments Liz realized that Max was now doing as she requested him to do, so she
concentrated on keeping her mouth and throat muscles relaxed to allow him to continue his
movements until he released himself down her throat.

Max's eyes were closed as his arms held onto the bed's head board. His body was moving in
the same rhythm with which Liz had begun moving him. He hadn't even realized that she had
removed her hands on his hips due to the fact that the pleasure he was feeling from moving
in and out of her mouth was to wonderful. He automatically picked up his pace, totally lost
in the feel of her that his logical mind was no longer thinking in any logical terms. It
wasn't until he felt her hands squeezing and fondling his balls that he realized what he was
actually doing, but by then it was too late. For the minute she began to play with his
sensitive sacs that was all it took for Max to lose his control and his release of pleasure
followed almost immediately. With one final thrust his hot seed shot down her throat making
Max moan out her name. He held completely still and waited for Liz to release his now very
satisfied member of his body. Once she did he rolled over to her side and pulled her flush
against his body. "God Liz, that was unbelievable." He still couldn't believe she had
gotten him to lose that much control like he had. Never in a million years would he had
even considered doing what he had just done to his Liz. His concern for her came flooding
back to him almost instantly. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Shaking her head, she gave him a huge smile before answering his question. "No, Max, you
were wonderful. But, now I'm not sure how much longer I can actually wait for you to make
love to me in the traditional sense now that I know how your body moves. It makes me want
you that much more." She confessed honestly.

Max sighed heavily knowing that she had just spoken the truth and in their current position
he knew he was just a little to close to losing all his control and taking her right there and then. He hated the thought of pulling away from her, especially right after she had just given him such complete pleasure, but he also knew he had to remove the temptation her body was giving him or he would have no choice but to give in. Reluctantly he pulled himself out of her arms. "I think we better put some clothing on before you lose that virginity of yours."

"MmmHmm, now who's tempting who?" She stated more than asked in a seductive tone.

Closing his eyes, trying to regain some control. No matter how satisfied his body felt at the moment, he knew it wouldn't take much to need her again. "Liz, please." He pleaded with her, in hopes she would understand and take pity on him.

Knowing how much she was effecting him, made her smile. Finally deciding to give in and be good for the moment she too got off the bed and begun to hunt for her panties also. Just as Max had found his boxers he turned toward Liz to say thanks for her understanding when
he found himself losing it all over again at the sight before him. Liz was bent over looking for her panties on the floor of their room and her beautiful behind was sticking up
prominently right in Max's line of sight. In that position he had a complete view of not only her wonderful ass, but also he could see the glistening wetness coming from her lower lips. His boxers were all but forgotten as he dropped them back to the floor and stepped
directly behind Liz. He grabbed her hips with his hands and rubbed his once again hard erection against her behind.

"Oh yes!" Liz panted out the moment she felt his manhood come in contact with her aching wetness. She pushed her hips back into him to feel more of him against her.

"God Liz, do you have any idea how hard you are making this on me?" Max asked in a low husky voice. She was such a temptress that he knew they were in big trouble, because at the moment all of Max's control was gone and all he could think about was the feel of her wetness upon his manhood that only was making matters worst with his desire. His body automatically began to move against hers. His penis coming closer and closer to her core every time his hips moved forward.

"Max." His name but a whisper on her lips as she felt him coming so much closer to being inside of her. At that moment that was all she could think of and that was all she wanted.
Was to feel Max inside of her. She felt one of Max's hands run down one of her legs and felt him lifting it at the crook of her knee to allow him even better access to her body.
Immediately feeling how their new position gave him the access he needed to complete both of their desires. Knowing that Max must have lost his control, she knew it was up to her to stop them from making love. The only problem was that she had no desire to stop him herself. She wanted Max, no needed Max to make love to her as much as he apparently wanted to make love to her. As Max continued to rock his hips into hers, she was completely lost in the sensation he was stirring in her body. The next thing she felt was the tip of his erection pressing just at the opening of her entrance and Liz knew that she either needed to stop them now or there would be no stopping this time. The feel of his head beginning to penetrate her was the reality check she needed. As much as she needed this, she needed to have a life time of this after they were married more. "Max stop. We can't."

Max was so far gone he would have made love to her body so easily, but the instant he heard
her say stop he knew he had lost all control. Quickly releasing her leg and stepping back
away from her body. He grunted loudly at the lost of feel of her body next to his then began to literally stomp in the direction of the bathroom.

Liz knew in that moment that he was frustrated beyond belief, but she also thought he was angry with her for stopping them. "Max? Where are you going?"

In a strangled voice, he mumbled out only two words. "Cold Shower." With that he slammed the door to the bathroom shut leaving a very naked Liz still standing in the middle of their bedroom.

End Part 24
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First off thank you all so much for the FB and the bumps. I only wish I could post more often and I'll try not to leave you hanging too long for the next part and when you read the way I left it you'll know why. Any hoots here is the next part, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know wTitle: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Part1

Part 25

When he had stormed into the bathroom to take yet another cold shower Max was beyond frustrated. Pulling away from Liz like he had was one of the hardest things he had ever had to do in his life. He wanted to make love to Liz so badly and he had just about given in, when he had pulled away. Once he had gotten his body to calm down enough for him to think with the logical side of his brain again he began to feel guilty. Guilty about the fact that he had left Liz standing there alone in their bedroom and guilt about the fact that he couldn't make love to Liz because of who he really was. All his life Max had only wanted to be normal and be free to love Liz like a normal boy. Now that he had Liz in his life he couldn't even love her freely and it wasn't because he was an alien and she wouldn't love him back. But, because he was some stupid alien king. A king that was forbidden to take a wife that wasn't pure. Which made no sense to him, since he wasn't even really a king. He lived on Earth and on Earth he was nothing but a simple teenage boy. He began to question why the purity issue would even apply to him and Liz. Was it just his imagination that Liz needed to be pure? Was he torturing both himself and Liz for no reason at all? The more he thought about it, the more he began to deny his own gut feelings. But, as much as he wanted to deny it, he knew deep down in his soul that it did make a difference. Knowing he needed to apologize to Liz for how he had left her standing there so abruptly he quickly dried himself off, wrapped the towel around his waist and the stepped into the bedroom.

After Max had left, Liz began to feel absolutely horrible about how she had teased Max. She knew exactly what she had done. She had bent over in front of him on purpose when looking for her clothing and she had wanted to entice him. Her plan had worked, but it had worked a little too well and as soon as Max had stated he was going for a cold shower and had practically ran into the bathroom Liz immediately felt guilty. Nothing ever seemed easy for the two of them, their relationship always seemed like it was being tested. Even now when they both were finally agreeing that they wanted to be with each other, they still couldn't be together intimately. She knew Max was frustrated, hell she was frustrated and her little act earlier did nothing but intensify their frustration. The longer Max stayed in the bathroom the more guiltier she began to feel, until she finally curled herself up into a fetal position on top of their bed and let the tears flow freely.

That was how Max found her when he finally emerged from the bathroom, asleep curled up like a small child. He saw the tear tracks that lined her cheeks and he wanted to punch himself for hurting her yet again by his own actions. He knelt down on the side of the bed and slowly traced the tear tracks on her face with his thumb. That simple touched woke Liz. Opening her eyes, she looked into the sad amber pools that mirrored her own feelings. "Max,
I'm so sor..." Liz began to apologize for her actions, but was stopped when one of Max's fingers were placed on her soft lips.

"Don't Liz, you have nothing to apologize for. I'm the one who's sor..." His words of apology also cut off by one of Liz's fingers on his lips this time.

"If I can't, then you can't. I take it, that you are also feeling guilty?" Max nodded unable to admit out loud how guilty he really felt. "Frustrated?" Liz continued her questioning, once again Max nodded. She sat up and let Max take her in his arms. They stayed in a tight embrace for a few minutes, both having the same feelings. Finally Liz pulled back. "Why do you think this is affecting us so much?"

Max raised one of his eye brows at her as if to ask how she could ask that question. "Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Your beautiful, sexy, smart, witty..."

Blushing deeply Liz put up her hand to protest and stop his line of compliments. "Max, I'm trying to be serious here."

Giving her his most serious look, he stated honestly. "So was I."

"Okay, let me rephrase my question then. Why do you think we feel frustrated? I mean it isn't like we haven't already been satisfied. Uh..What I mean is..We've both had..Uh.."

"Orgasms beyond our expectations." Max finished her line of thinking for her, then tried to answer her first question. "I'm not sure why Liz, but as much pleasure as you have already given to me only makes me want you that much more. And before you start wondering if what we've done already wasn't enjoyable for me, don't even start. You've more than pleased me, as I hope I've pleased you."

"You know you have. I guess it's like eating the cake batter, but not the cake."

"Uh?" Now it was Max's turn to be utterly confused by what Liz had just said.

"When you were little, didn't your Mom let you lick the bowl of the cake batter after she put the cake in the oven?" Max nodded to confirm, in fact he recalled many times where he and Isabelle would fight over the bowl. "Well, getting to lick the cake batter off the bowl was awesome, but it still didn't compare to eating the cake once it was finished baking. So, all this foreplay is like getting to eat the cake batter, but you don't get to have the cake at the end to fulfill that final craving. For us it's not being able to make love yet isn't allowing us to have our final craving fulfilled."

"I think your analogy is pretty much on target. But, the true question is how do we get to eat our finished cake?" Max was having fun with Liz's metaphor of their sex life now that he understood her meaning.

Liz wrinkled up her forehead as if she were thinking hard, then replied. "The way I see it, we have two choices. One, we stop licking the cake batter in order to keep our desire to eat the finished cake to a minimum or two, we get married."

Max looked into her eyes to see if she was serious, when he saw that she was he choked out.
"Married? Are you serious?" He asked needing to hear from her own lips that she was.

"Max, you've already proposed to me and I've already said yes, so why not just go ahead and do it?" Liz's brain was trying to think logical, but having Max so close in proximately to her was playing havoc on her senses. She was dying to remove the little distance there was between and kiss him breathless.

"What about getting your father's permission. He didn't even let me ask him this month, what makes you think he would change his mind now?" There was no doubt in Max's mind that he would marry Liz today if she would have him, but he also knew that her family meant a lot to her and he didn't want to come between her and her family.

"He won't, but who says that we have to tell him." She sat straight up in bed as her mind was already forming the plan. "I say we get married, but we keep it between us."

"Liz, as much as I want to marry you and make love to you today, I wouldn't want to hide our marriage like it was some dirty secret. The day we marry, I want to shout to the world that you are my wife." He looked directly in the eye to let her see that he meant what he said.
The day he took her as his wife, would be the happiest day of his life and he wanted to say proudly that she was his wife and not hide that fact.

Liz was disappointed in a way, but she understood exactly what Max was saying as she wasn't sure herself if she would be able to keep their marriage a secret or not. That's when her mind came up with a brilliant plan. "Okay, what if we just pretend like we are going to get married."

"What?" Now Max was totally confused.

"Right now we can't make love, because your gut is telling you that I need to be a virgin prior to getting married correct?" Max confirms her statement with a nod. "But, we're not positive that is the case, because of the fact that you aren't, you know, up there." She lifts one finger in the direction of the sky, then continues. "Instead you live here on Earth, so the purity issue might not even come to play." Max nods once again in agreement.
"Well, what if we test your theory to see what happens?"

"Test how?" Liz has his attention as he knows all to well how her brain thinks and knows that she obviously has come up with some way to figure their dilemma.

"Let's say we are going to get married tonight. Then according to what your gut is telling you is that before we can say our I Do's, I would need to be verified a virgin. So, I say we go for it. We begin the ceremony, you'll take the vows first though. Once you've say you'll take me for your wife by saying 'I Do' it will make the intent of the marriage legal.
If nothing happens prior to me being asked if I'll take you as my husband than we'll know the purity issue doesn't apply since your on Earth and we walk away before I can respond.
That way we'll know that we don't really need to get married before we can make love." She
responds, quite pleased with herself on the plan she had just came up with and how it is a win, win situation. Because as it stands right now between them, the not knowing is the worst part of it.

Max smiles a true rare smile that reaches up to his eyes and Liz knows immediately that he agrees with her deduction. He leans over and gives her a quick kiss before standing up and saying. "Come on, get dressed. We have a wedding to attend." He quickly pulls on a pair of shorts, then opens their bedroom door, walks over to the bedroom door that Michael and Maria are still in and bangs on their door. "Hey you two, get up. Liz and I need our best man and matron of honor to stand with us for our wedding."

Both of them can hear Michael's voice shouting. "What the fuck?" While at the same time they hear Maria screaming. "Oh My God!" Max begins to walk back to his room when the other bedroom door opens with Michael standing in the doorway in only his boxers on. "Maxwell, did we just hear right?"

"You heard me, now get dressed and be ready in thirty minutes because we have a lot to do and not a lot of time to complete it if Liz and I are going to be married before midnight."
Giving the two of them a huge smile he stepped inside his bedroom door, shut it and left his two friends with shocked beyond belief looks upon their faces.

Liz was having a hard time keeping her laughter in at the look of shock that were on both Maria and Michael's faces. "You are so bad." She tells Max.

Max just shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, well, I'm a man with a mission so don't doddle woman and get dressed." He joked at her while giving her a soft swat on her behind.

Within thirty minutes all four were in the car and driving with one location in mind, Las Vegas. They arrived at the Albuquerque airport within another thirty minutes. Max used his powers to make some extra cash and within the hour they were flying to Vegas in first class.
They went to the first casino and within five minutes Max had won the grand prize jack pot of five thousand dollars on the big slot machine with a little alien power help. He gave Liz half and gave her and Maria instructions that they had exactly two hours to buy Liz's dress, a bouquet and whatever else they thought they would need before meeting him and Michael at the Elvis wedding chapel. Maria wanted to protest that wasn't enough time, but Max stood his ground. "Two hours and the clock is ticking."

Knowing Max was serious, Maria didn't hesitate she grabbed Liz's arm and didn't even give her time to kiss Max good bye as they went to the wedding shop that was conveniently located their at the casino. Max had informed the two of them in the car to the airport what the plan was and even if he and Liz weren't actually going to be married today, they still needed to go through everything as if they were. As soon as the girl's were gone, Max and Michael went to get their tuxedos, schedule the ceremony and pick up the wedding bands. The two hours seemed to fly by and the next thing Max knew he was standing outside the wedding chapel waiting on Liz and Maria to show up. At 11:30 PM on the dot, a cab pulled up right next to where Max and Michael stood. Michael's mouth dropped open when Maria got out of the cab in a gorgeous teal blue dress that fit her body like a glove. She was carrying a small bouquet of flowers and looked radiant with her hair swept up on one side decorated with baby breath.

It was Max though that was left speechless when Liz emerged from the cab. She was the vision of perfection and she was wearing the exact same dress he had seen in his vision when they had come to Vegas before. His heart literally stopped beating for a moment and he had to remind himself to breathe. He reached his hand out for her to take and pulled her close to his side. "You take my breathe away." He whispered in her ear and kissed her softly on her lips before pulling back and asking. "So, you ready to marry an alien king?"

"You ready to make me your queen?" She responded.

"More ready then you could imagine." He mumbled and with that he led her inside the chapel with Michael and Maria following close behind. He had already registered their names and filled out his paperwork, so they only needed Liz to complete hers and they would be ready to take their vows or at least he was ready since technically he was the only one who would be saying the I Do's at this wedding. But, he knew he would mean them all the same no matter what else happened this evening, he would pledge himself to the love of his life.
Liz sat down in the chapel hallway and completed the form that was needed prior to their supposed wedding, while Max made a quick change of her ID so she was magically eighteen.
Once her paper work was done, the four of them made themselves comfortable waiting for Max and Liz's name to be called.

Their wait wasn't long and before they knew it Max stood at the alter with Michael at his side and the two of them watched Maria walk down the isle until she reached the alter and took her place on the other side of the *Elvis* minister. Liz kept waiting to see if anything strange was going to happen, trying to envisions how her virtue would be tested, if it was in deed tested at all. The sound of the wedding march song came over the sound system in the chapel and Liz took a deep breathe before she stepped into the doorway. She was still a bit anxious with wonder at the question in hand, but all her anxieties went out the window when she saw Max standing at the end of the isle at the alter. He looked more handsome then she remembered he looked only a few minutes before when they were all in the hallway waiting for their names to be called and when she met his eyes she knew in that instant that Max wasn't playing or pretending. Her breathe caught in her throat and as she took her first step down the isle, she realized that she wasn't playing or pretending any longer either. Their little so called test had gone from playing a part of a pretend wedding to the real thing.

Walking in time to the music, Liz made her way slowly down the isle and when she reached Max's side she saw him mouth the words 'I Love You' to her before he took her hand in his and the two of them turned toward the minister. Neither of their eyes left the other as the minister began the ceremony. Liz barely heard the *Elvis* minister's words as she was completely lost in Max's eyes. It was Max that broke her out of her Max induced world when he spoke loud and clear the words "I Do." The minister than turned to Liz and with one look in Max's eyes she knew what he wanted. No matter what they had agreed to before they got to this place, Max was willing her with his eyes for her to return his pledge of always and forever and in that passing second Liz knew what she had to do.

End Part 25

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I am so sorry, I had thought I had posted this part already. I guess my children have sucked too many of my brain cells. I truly am sorry, but I do want to thank everyone for the BUMPS. I promise the next part won't take as long to post. Anyway here is the next part.

Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 26

He had done it, he had pledged himself to Liz legally with just two simple words. Max had agreed with Liz's plan to just pretend they were going to go through with a marriage at first because like Liz he wanted to know for sure if the purity issue really did apply to him or not. But, the moment he had seen Liz step through the door in her wedding dress and begin her journey down the isle, he knew he wasn't pretending any more. He wanted nothing more than to marry Liz for real at that moment and without even realizing he was doing it, he pleaded to her with his eyes for her to want the same thing.

Now the moment of truth was upon them. He had already made his commitment to her and his intent to marry her was out in the open. Max continued to look deeply into Liz's eyes, encouraging her to also make that same commitment to him as he had to her. The minister had turned his attention to Liz now and begun to speaking the vows to her. "Do you, Liz Parker,
take Max Evans to be your husband? In sickness and in health. For richer or poorer. Until death do you part."

That was it and for a brief moment it seemed like Liz was hesitate to answer to everyone in the room. Both Michael and Maria knew what the plan was, they knew that Liz was to walk away from their *pretend* marriage at this moment. So both held their breathes as they waited for what was supposed to happen. They figured Liz's hesitation was simply her way to make the show look all that more real. The minister also waited for another moment to pass before he spoke her name in question as if to let her know it was time for her to reply to the vows he had just asked if she was willing to take. During the hesitation Max watched Liz carefully. They're eyes were still locked onto each other's and during that brief hesitation Max noticed how her eyes seemed to change. As if one minute he was looking deep into her soul, the next moment she was gone and then suddenly her face lit up in a smile as she looked Max directly in eye once again and answered the minister in a soft delicate voice. "I Do."

Both Michael and Maria's eyes popped wide open at Liz's answer. Both wanted to shout out the word "What?" Too shocked to even speak they continued to stand up for their best friends and witnessed Max and Liz exchange wedding rings next. It was almost like they were all stuck in a very real romantic dream, but this was no dream. It was real and when the minister stated. "I now pronounce you man and wife." The realty of the situation came into play as the next words they heard were. "Max, you may kiss your bride."

Max tenderly cupped Liz's face in the palms of his hands and pressed his lips to hers for a sweet loving kiss. His heart soaring with happiness that Liz had said 'I Do' and as he continued to kiss her he poured his heart and soul into that kiss. Opening up himself completely to her and her to him as she returned his kiss with the same passion. That's when he got the flash and understood exactly without any doubts how much she loved him completely and unconditionally. When they finally pulled apart for air, the minister went on saying the cheesy line they both knew was coming. "Congratulations, kids!" With that said Max took Liz's hand in his and the two began to walk down the isle together as the newly married Max and Liz Evans.

Maria hooked her arm with Michael's and the two of them obediently followed the newlyweds down the isle, through the hallway and out the front door of the Elvis chapel. When they were out on the sidewalk that's all the farther they got before Michael could hold his tongue any longer. "What the hell just happened back there? I thought you two weren't actually supposed to get hitch? I mean you two did just get hitched, didn't you?"

Max smiled from ear to ear as he pulled Liz flush against his body and lifted her slightly off her feet. "That we did Michael, that we did." Was Max's reply before he swung Liz around in a circle as he held her around her waist and Liz's giggles were music to his ears.

"Oh My God! You guys did it! You really honest to God did IT!" Maria exclaimed and went to hug her best friend when Max finally put her back down to the ground, but still kept one arm around her waist as the two friends embraced.

Michael finally gave up asking for any explanation and held out his hand to Max. "Congratulations, I know how long you've waited for this day." He stated honestly, not speaking of just the past few months since Max had asked Liz to marry him. But, for as many years as Michael had known Max, he had known how Max had felt about Liz.

Max took his hand easily accepting and agreeing with Michael's words. Nothing could wipe the smile off of Max's face as it wasn't just his body and heart that was soaring with happiness it was his soul also. "So what happens now?" Maria asked, not sure what Max had planned, but by the look on his face she knew he had something in mind.

"Now we celebrate." Was Max's reply while at the same time Liz stated.

"Something happened."

"WHAT?" Her other three companions looked to her with questioning looks, wondering what she was talking about.

Liz looked around and noticed how crowded the sidewalk area was with tourist. She knew what she needed to tell them wasn't something she could tell them out in the open. "Not here."
She explained hoping they would understand what she had to say was not something that should be over heard be anyone other then them.

Max and Michael both nodded their heads understanding completely what Liz was saying, but Maria wasn't thinking clearly and blurted out. "Was it about the purity issue?"

With Liz's nod of her head, Max quickly hailed a cab. The four of them climb in and told the cab driver to head to the Flamingo casino. When the other three gave him a look asking him if he was crazy, all knowing the casino was probably more crowded then where they had been. Max smiled and then held up a hotel key. Liz raised her eye brows. "A little bit confident there were we?" Obvious teasing him, but Max didn't miss the seductive look in her eye, his pants tightened at just that single look.

He didn't hesitate once the cab pulled up front to the hotel/casino, he jumped out and helped Liz out, then swooped her up into his arms carrying her into the hotel. Michael and Maria sheepishly followed, feeling a little like they were intruding on Max and Liz's special moment, but both wanting to hear what Liz had to say. Max held Liz in his arms throughout the elevator ride to their room floor and continued to carry her to their room.
Once their in placed a sweet kiss upon her lips as they crossed into their room, then and only then he let her feet touch the ground again. "I love you."

"And I you." She returned then kissed him all over again.

"Okay, Okay enough of the honeymoon stuff. You two can have the rest of the night for that.
Liz, why don't you tell us what happened back at the Elvis chapel so Maria and I can leave you two love birds and you can get on with your honeymoon." Michael had never been one to show patience, especially when it came to anything in the alien knowledge department.

Both Max and Liz blushed knowing how they had all but forgotten their two friends were still with them. Liz pulled out of Max's arms and begun to tell her tale. She explained how right before she said her vows she was taken to some other place. The place was completely surrounded by darkness except for one light that streamed down from no where and surrounded only her. She explained how a presence that she couldn't see approached her and how she could feel as if that presence invaded her mind somehow. The presence didn't speak, but she could hear in her mind that she had been verified. Then before she knew what was happening or could really comprehend what happened she was back in the chapel and she was once again looking into Max's eyes. "It was at that moment when I looked into your eyes I knew. It was then that I knew we were meant to marry each other tonight." She was looking directly at Max. "I knew I wasn't supposed to say yes, that it was all just supposed to be a set up to see if there really was a purity issue or not. But, the minute I looked into your eyes, I don't know. Something just made me know it was okay to go through with it. Are you angry?" She finally asked for the first time questioning her own actions, wondering if Max was angry that she hadn't followed the plan.

"Angry? Liz, I have a lot of emotions running through my body right now, but anger is not one of them I can guarantee you that. Liz, I am so in love with you. I have loved you for so long and tonight. You've made every dream I ever had come true when you said those two simple words. You made me the happiest man alive in any world." He could still see some doubt in her eyes so he added. "Liz, I love you. I asked you to marry me because of how much I love you. I would have married you months ago if you would have wanted to marry me.
When I saw you walk down that isle, I prayed that you wouldn't go through with the plan. I prayed you wanted to marry me for real, just as much as I wanted to marry you. I have no regrets, none. What about you?"

"Oh Max." She cried as she threw her arms around his neck. "I love you so much, how could I ever regret marrying you.

"Okay, now that we established that you two love each other, can we please get back to this presence you felt." Michael stated to Liz. As happy as he was for his friends, he still had more questions about what Liz had told them. "You said you couldn't see anyone, but you felt a presence and that you didn't hear anything, but you heard something in your mind."

"Yes, the presence spoke very clearly in my mind. It said I had been verified."

"Was it human?" This from Maria who had been so caught up in everything that Liz had said and then her two friends confessions of love that she hadn't spoken one word until now.

"I didn't see anyone, but I can't be for sure. When I first found out about the purity issue I always assumed if I ever had to verify my virginity it would be like a trip to the gyno's office. But, the presence didn't verify my body. It felt like I was verified through my mine."

"I guess other people on your planet may have Tess's ability and can warp their way into making the individual that would verify the purity of the future queen into believing their body was still pure, so instead of verifying the body, they verify the persons mind." Maria attempted a guess.

Since none of them knew for sure, Maria's guess was the most pausible one they could come up with. "Sounds reasonable." Max stated, then his eyes glanced over at the bed in the room, then over to Liz. "I think we can discuss this more tomorrow, but for right now I have a date with my wife, so..." He left the rest of his sentence trail off as he motioned toward the door to Michael and Maria.

This of course made Liz blush and both Michael and Maria to stammer out their good byes a little more quicker then normal. Once the two of them were alone in the hotel, Max let his eyes roam over Liz's entire body as she stood in the middle of their hotel room in her wedding dress. "So."

"So." She replied suddenly feeling a tad nervous as she realized for the first time that this was her wedding night and as of tomorrow she would no longer ever be a pure virgin again.

End Part 26
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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 27

The two of them stared deeply into each other's eyes. Both feeling both nervous and anxious over what was to come. Here they were married, on their Wedding night and could finally make love, but neither seemed to be able to make the first move. This was the moment they had waited for, longed for, but they both stood like statues as the realization that what they had wanted for so long was now finally going to happen. Max took a tentative step toward Liz, his need to make love to her growing with every second that passed. Even though his movement was slow, it broke Liz out of her Max induced haze. "Max...I..I.." She wanted to tell him how much she loved him. How much she wanted him to make love to her. But, as intimate as the two of them have been in the past, this was still going to be her first time and no matter how much she loved him and wanted him she was still nervous.

Max could feel her apprehension about what they were supposed to do grow within her. He desired her more than life itself, but there was no way he would pressure her into doing something she wasn't ready to do. Even though they had just been married and she apparently had already been verified by some kind of presence that approved the marriage to take place. He still wouldn't even think of taking advantage of her. "Liz, we don't..."

"Max..I" Liz wanted to reassure him that she did want to make love, but once again her tongue suddenly seemed tied in knots so the few words she mentioned to actually speak came out stuttering. Her tongue wasn't the only thing that felt knotted, she could have sworn her stomach was doing flip flops. After all this time of fore play they could finally make love and her she was acting like they had never even kissed.

Her mannerism spoke volumes to Max, he wanted to take her in his arms and reassure her he wouldn't push her into making love if she wasn't completely sure she was ready. The only problem was that he wasn't sure if he could reframe himself if he did take her in his arms.
He knew how much he loved and desired her on any normal given day, but as soon as she had said those two simply words that committed herself to him for ever his hormones began to run rapid. While he understood her being nervous due to this being her first time to make love, he was nervous that he wouldn't be able to control himself once they started. Max wanted to make her first time special, he wanted to shower her with love. To let her know just how special she really was to him, but the way his body was driving him to make love to her truly scared him. Knowing that the minute he took her in his arms that would be all it would take to lose what little control he had left in him. He took another deep breath and tried once again to not only reassure her, but himself that everything would be fine, then took another step in her direction. "Liz, talk to me. If your not ready....."

His words were cut off when Liz literally threw herself into his arms. "I love you, Max. I want you to make love to me, I do. I'm just..."


Nodding her head against his chest, she admitted. "Yes, I'm sor..."

Max lifted her chin up so her eyes met his, silencing her apology. "Liz, you have nothing to apologize for. I love you more than life. Why don't we just take it one step at a time and not worry about what we are supposed to do tonight?" He reached down and took one of her small delicate hand in his, kissing it softly. "Will you dance with me?" He waved his other hand over the stereo and moved the tuner until he found the melody he was looking for.

At the first note of "I Shall Believe" came across the speakers a single tear slipped out of Liz's eye.

"I thought you should have her wedding dance after all." Max spoke from his heart as he wrapped his arm around her waist and began to glide with her back and forth in their hotel room. Silently the two of them danced to their wedding song and as they moved slowly in each other's arms the nervous tension they both were feeling drifted away. One dance turned into another, then another. Max held Liz in his arms embracing the feeling of just holding her. He began to place soft, tender kisses on the top of her head, her forehead, her cheeks, nose and eventually he allowed his lips to brush slowly across hers. His movements were slow and sensuous. As they continued to dance, he no longer felt nervous about losing his control knowing he was content to just feel her in his arms.

Liz was the one that actually became the aggressor of the two, entwining her fingers through his hair she pulled his head closer to hers and deepened their kiss. All of her fears of her not being able to satisfy him or her not being able to stand up to what he had gotten from Tess faded away with each touch, each kiss he placed upon her. When Max held her and kissed her, she could feel all his love for her and because of that love she knew she didn't need to worry. So instead she kissed him, deep and hard. Willing the love she felt for him to be transferred in that kiss. The music kept playing, but as they continued to kiss feverently neither heard it for now all they could hear was the beating of each other's hearts.

It only took Max a second of shock to return her kiss just as passionately. His tongue sought out hers and they allowed each other the time to thoroughly explore the other's mouth. He weaved one hand around the back of her neck while tightened his hold around her waist with the other one, broke off their kiss and dipped her back. "Elizabeth Evans, you take my breath away." He whispered softly against her lips, then started kissing her tenderly as he brought her back to a standing position.

Hearing him say her name, her new married name made the reality of what they had done seem even more real. Until that very moment, the entire evening seemed more like a dream than real. "We're married, we're really married!" She exclaimed happily. "I like the way you said my name, Elizabeth Evans. God, Max. We really did it!"

"Yeah, we did." Max smiled at her delighted in the knowledge that her words were spoken with happiness and not regret before he began kissing her again. His body had already been ready, willing and able, but now he hardened even more. Still holding her tightly in his arms, he was unable to keep his body's reaction from her. Not wanting to make her nervous again he began to pull back just slightly, but Liz wasn't going to have him pull away from her in the least. She could feel the swell in his tux grow more and she knew he didn't want to scare her so once again she became the aggressor. Moving her hands down his back side until the landed on his butt, she pulled his lower body even more closer to hers. Not able to stop his moan from escaping deep within his throat, Max did the only thing he could think to do. He let his own hands roam down the sides of her body down to her hips and then he moved her lower body up close and personal until their two bodies were fitted together perfectly. Feeling her like this, made some of Max's control start to slip away. "Liz, I need to see you."

Completely lost in the sensations that Max was causing by having his body pressed so closely to hers, that she didn't even allow her mind to process what he had said. Instead she simply nodded her head agreeing to anything he had said at that moment. When she nodded, Max took it to mean she was ready to commit herself to him in every way possible. Carefully
he moved his hands back around to the small of her back and slowly began to caress up her back releasing the tiny pearl buttons one at a time as he did so. His lips moved down her chin to her neck and as the last button was undone his lips sucked lightly on the specific spot that he knew gave her pleasure. Liz's mind had completely turned to jello as she tilted her head back to give him even better access to her neck. She didn't even feel her dress being peeled slowly off her shoulders, nor down her arms. In fact until she felt her wedding dress pooling around her ankles did it register in her brain that Max had in fact removed it from her body. She was torn in two, part of her wanted him to sweep her off her feet, carry her over to the bed and bury himself deep inside of her. The other part of her suddenly became nervous again and felt very exposed standing in front of Max in her silky lace bra, slip, stockings and panties. For a mere second she contemplated removing her hands from his body to cover her own body up, but a moment later she was swept into Max's arms and he was kissing her passionately all over again.

When Liz's wedding dress had fallen to the floor and she stood in his arms wearing only a bra and slip Max's heart skipped a beat in anticipation of what was to come next. Needing to hold her and kiss her, he didn't hesitate in doing just that. Kissing Liz while she laid in his arms made his pulse race with excitement. He knew his control was slipping, he knew he needed to make sure this night was as special for Liz. She deserved nothing else.
"I going to make all your dreams come true Liz." He whispered in her ear, then turned them in the direction where Maria had placed her bouquet of white roses. Using his powers he made the bouquet start to spin in the air above them. As Liz watched with amazement, he flicked his wrist and the bouquet broke apart into only rose pedals. The pure white rose pedals floated in the air surrounding them, it seemed to Liz as though she was in a shower of rose pedals and her heart melted remembering a certain dream she had had not to long ago. Next he pointed only a single finger in the direction of the overhead light in the room. The light changed immediately into what looked like a million twinkling stars against the newly darkened hotel room's ceiling. Carrying her over to the bed, he then touched the cover of the bed turning it from the usual hotel bed covering and basic white sheets, to a sea of silk before he laid her gently down on top of it.

Max rarely used his powers unless he needed to, but everytime he did, Liz was completely swept away by them. The fact that he had powers never ever frightened Liz, even when she had witnessed him using them in extreme circumstances. Powers that some people would shy away from, if they seen him use them. But, not Liz. Whenever he used his powers, especially like how he was using them now totally took her breath away. "It's wonderful Max, thank you." She spoke softly as she laid back completely on the sea of silk he had created for her and reveled in the feel of the silky softness against her skin. "Come here." She seductively said as she crooked her finger motioning him to join her on the bed.

Max slid onto the bed slightly beside her, slightly hovering over her. Their lips crashed together in a breathtaking kiss as Max held her face cupped in his hands. His love for her poured into her soul as he continued kissing her passionately and without even realizing it, he opened his soul to her. Flashes of their times together passed between them, from their first kiss to their wedding. Each one that passed allowed the other to feel what both had been feeling at the time. The one true emotion that stood out more than any other feeling was the amount of love they held in their heart and soul for the other. When they finally had to break away for a lungful of air, they stared deeply into the other's eyes totally out of breath, but both feeling completely loved beyond their wildest dreams. This wasn't the first time they had shared flashes, but everytime they opened their souls to the other it still amazed both of them. "I love you so much." Max swore as he began to rain kissing down her body. From her neck, between her breast, to her stomach. He gentle pulled the slip down her legs until it to fell to the floor. Looking at her flushed face from his actions and her beautiful body that was now only covered by a bra, panties and stockings. Max thought he had never seen anything as beautiful, nor more sexy before and once again thanked the stars for allowing him the pleasure of knowing such a beautiful creature. "Your beautiful." He had no choice but to let her know exactly what his mind had been thinking out loud.

"And your over dressed." She teased, but when Max began to swiftly pull his tux jacket off in a haste Liz stopped his movements. "Wait Max. I kind of..wanted to...may I?" She stood up on her knees and began what would be one of the most sweetest tortures Max would ever endure in his life. Ever so slowly she undid his bow tie, giving his neck a thorough tonguing as she did so. Then came the jacket as her hands roamed around his back as she pulled it slowly down his arms. Next came his shirt, she purposely removed it as slowly as possible. Making sure she kissed or licked every inch of newly exposed skin from his neck, to shoulders, over his chest and down his stomach. She took her time lapping away at each one of his nipples until they were tight with desire. When she got to his navel she mimicked the art of love making using her tongue, then slowly dragged her tongue down further on his body just to the edge of his pants. Max thought for sure his legs would give out the way she was seducing his body. She could feel the way Max sucked in his breath as her mouth approached the top of his pants in anticipation of what was to come. She ran her tongue just under the top layer of fabric and couldn't help the smile that came across her face when she heard him let out a throaty groan. Not quite ready for her seduction to end she pulled back just slightly and urged him to turn his body around to expose his back to her. His shirt was now completely open allowing her to run her hands around his waist back to chest while she used her teeth to pull the shirt down his back.

Max was taking deep breaths to keep himself in check as he allowed her to explore his front and back. He knew what she was trying to do, but he was determined to keep himself in control just long enough to live through her explorations, then it would be his turn and he had no doubts how much fun he would have with her then.

Once she had tasted all of his back, she once again brought her hands back to his front. Only this time she allowed them to roam lower, caressing his hard length in the front of his pants until Max let lose a deep throated moan. With the way she was touching him now, it wouldn't take much longer before he would be exploding and he had no intention of losing it with his pants still on. In one quick turn he took her lips with his for a kiss full of hunger. He poured his love, need and desire for her into that one kiss, leaving no question of his intent.

Their passion was quickly turning from slow and gentle to urgent and demanding. Liz's hands begun to tear at Max's pants to release him. Up until this point they had kept themselves pretty much in check, wanting to show the other just how much they loved and cherished them. But, now that they had been successful in worshipping each other, it was time to finally become one. No words were spoken as none was needed. They both knew the other felt the same way. As high as Max's desires were to make love to Liz as soon as possible and even with Liz frantically stripping away both his tuxedo pants and boxers, Max still wanted to make sure this night would be forever remembered by both of them and he had no intention of rushing things. Gently he glided her onto the bed, following her with his mouth still making sweet love to hers. She had showered him in her love for him when she had removed just his shirt that Max had every intention of returning the wonderful torture. Letting his fingers run through her soft, brown locks until they landed on her bra strap. With a simple flick of his finger the snap was undone. Max pulled his body away from hers, pulling her white lacy bra away from her as he went. With the twinkling stars on the ceiling, illuminating her breast Max was sure he had never seen anything quite as exquisite as the sight of Liz laying before him at that moment. Her beautiful hair fanned out over the pillow, her breast creamy white contrasting with her rosy red and very stiff nipples. Her skin glowing with anticipation and her lips full and puffy from his kisses. "You take my breath away your so beautiful." He whispered, speaking honestly from his heart and soul.

"You make me beautiful. Your eyes make me beautiful." To Liz that was the truth, she had never considered herself a beautiful woman. She always just thought of herself as decent looking, small, mousy, brainiac Liz Parker. But, the way Max's eyes looked into her soul, he made her feel not just beautiful, but cherished beyond words. "I love you so much Max."

End Pt27a

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Part 27 Cont.

"There isn't enough words to tell you how much I adore and love you." Max answered back while he letting one finger trace down her body, along her slender neck, down her chest, in between her perky breast, lingering around each nipple before heading southward. His lips began to follow in pursuit the same direction his finger had just traced, of course he allowed his tongue the pleasure of savoring the taste of each nipple before it too moved southward. When both hands and mouth had made it to the edge of her silky white slip, he slowly crept it down with his hands as his mouth kissed, licked and sucked each inch of skin exposed to him from her naval to the edge of her panties. He gave them a gentle tug expressing his desire to remove them also. Liz lifted her hips ever so lightly, just enough to give Max her permission to do as he requested. Soon the only piece of clothing adorned by either of them was the white stockings that ran up Liz's smooth legs, ending at her thighs. Max had to take another deep breath to keep himself in check once again. Before she had looked simply beautiful, now she looked like a sex goddess. His sex goddess to be exact and his body hardened to the point of pain with need to be with her. Max moved to begin slowly rolling the stockings off her legs knowing he was going to die of anticipation, but still determined to make Liz's first time as special as possible. He was almost fearful that the moment of penetration he would lose it completely and would cum with only one simply thrust. His hands reach the top of her stockings when Liz stopped him.

"Leave them, I can't wait. I need you Max, make love to me." It was the absolute truth, she couldn't wait another second to have Max inside of her. The entire time he had been touching her, kissing her, was driving her crazy with desire and need. She could feel how wet her pussy was screaming for Max and they hadn't really done anything as of yet. She was almost to the point of orgasm already, but she wanted to feel Max inside of her before she would allow herself the release her body wanted.

Understanding exactly what she was saying, Max didn't hesitate. He moved his body directly on top of hers, holding his weight off of her by his strong arms. They were positioned perfectly to each other and knew this was the moment they had waited so long for. Both their body's screaming for him to plunge inside of her, but Max called on the last of his resolve and ever so slowly began to inch his way inside of her. He could feel her lower lips quivering wet with desire and he had to suck in his breath to keep from losing it right then and there. With each inch it almost felt as if her lower lips were sucking him into her tight passage, urging him to go further, to make them one. He continued to penetrate her body with his very large manhood until he made his way to her maidenhood. "Are you sure?" He had to ask one final time, not knowing if he would be able to stop if she said no, but unable not to give her that final choice. As he knew, once they joined completely, there would be no going back. They would be husband and wife, king and queen, now and forever cemented.

Liz was so ready for him to continued she hadn't really heard him ask his question. But, as soon as he had stopped moving into her, her brain processed what her mind had heard. Unable to form words to answer him, she moved her hips upward to meet Max's as she grabbed his ass and pushed him down to meet her's. "Oh GOD!" Liz screamed out the moment Max had penetrated her body completely with his.

Immediately thinking he had hurt her, he began to pull back out of her. He had ever intention of healing her pain as soon as he had broken through her thin barrier, but Liz held him tightly in place. When he looked upon her face, her eyes were closed and a single tear escaped down the side of her cheek. He had no idea what to do, he wanted to take the pain away, but with her keeping him held so tightly against her he wasn't able to reach between them to heal her. As he continued to watch another tear ran out of the opposite eye. "Liz?" The nervousness he felt apparent in his voice.

Slowly Liz opened her eyes and the moment their eyes locked their connection opened completely and Max finally understood what had just happened. The tears weren't tears of pain or regret, they were tears of joy and pleasure. Joy in the fact that he was finally inside of her, they were finally complete. Pleasure in the fact the moment he had broken her maidenhood she had felt a slight sting and then when he was completely embedded inside of her the release her body had been waiting for came and came hard. He held her tightly as he rode out the pleasure of her orgasm, amazed at how wonderful it felt inside of his body.
That's when it hit him, he actually felt Liz's orgasm. They were so completely connected at the moment, not only by their physical bodies, but with their souls that he could feel everything she was feeling, her every thought was his to hear that it was almost too much for him. Never in all of his fantasy's, all of his daydreams, all the times he had imagined what it would be like to finally be one with Liz had even come close to the feeling he was feeling at this very minute.

Liz couldn't believe what she was experiencing, she knew being with Max meant the possibility of making love not being completely normal, but this was fucking amazing. His body, his mind, his soul was completely hers and hers was his. No words could possible describe the feeling the two of them were sharing at this precise moment in time. She knew Max wanted to heal the sting she had felt when he had made her his wife in every way, but now she knew that he understood how much she actually was reveling in wanting to keep that feeling. To memorize what it had felt like the first time they shared themselves completely with each other. Especially now that he knew without any doubt how the little amount of pain she had endured had been replaced a second later with total pleasure.

They embraced one another for a few moments longer, letting Liz's first joined orgasm they shared linger in their bodies before Liz finally released the tight grasp she had on Max's behind and that was all Max was waiting for before he began to move. Slowly and gently he moved his hips up and down, allowing his erection to enter and withdrawal and enter again. Taking the time to learn her body, how she reacted to different movements, different depths, different positions. Gracefully their bodies moved together, completely in tuned with each other's needs, wants and emotions. They had waited so long to become one with each other, that now that they were finally one in every way, mind, body and soul they reveled in the feeling. Max's movements began to quicken, he pumped in and out of her body building them up for maxim release, only to slow his pace back down to make their love making last for as long as possible when they became too close to release. His release to be exact, not hers. He thought of his release as theirs because the fact was it was. Just like everytime she experienced another mind blowing orgasm he experienced it himself as if it was his own. Everytime Liz would scream out his name or the word yes, or Oh God, he would scream it out right along with her.

Trying to keep himself from cumming to stretch out their first time for as long as possible was becoming almost impossible. He was so ready to release, but he held back. He was waiting for that one final release from Liz, the one that every male dreams of having the woman they love experience. The multiple orgasm. Not to mention the fact he was probably going to be the first male in the history of this planet to get to experience what THE ONE actually did feel like himself. Just thinking about it made him pump faster and faster, thrusting in and out, in and out. Driving harder and further inside of her as far as he could until the two of them were moving at top speed. Max could feel Liz's body getting ready to explode into a river of orgasms as it was his body too. Increasing his tempo with the last of his strength, he drove into her thrust after thrust making sure to hit her sweet spot each time.

Liz was screaming in pleasure, her entire body quivering with delight. With each pump she felt wave after wave or sheer pleasure course through her body. Then it happened, Max's release crashed over her at the same moment. Just like men have always wondered how a woman's orgasm felt to them, women have also wondered. For Liz though, there was no wondering. She could actually feel everything that Max was feeling. The tightening of his balls, the shivers that ran up his spine, the way his body became completely tense with anticipation just seconds before and then the only word Liz could think to describe the pleasure that she felt that was Max's pleasure was heaven.



They both screamed out before the blackness enveloped them. Their bodies sated completely in pure, unadultry pleasure. Unable to keep conscious from their joined orgasms Max collapsed on top of Liz, their bodies still joined, the two slept a calm, peaceful sleep.

End Part 27b

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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 28

When Max came to he had never felt so alive in all his life. In the past several hours he
and Liz had become man and wife, then they had made the most beautiful love. In fact Max had yet to remove himself from within her body. Their love making had become so intense in their pleasure that it literally caused Liz's human body to pass out and since he himself could feel everything Liz was experiencing as if it was him experiencing it, he too had passed out from the pleasure that coursed throughout their bodies. Max couldn't help starring at his wife, she was everything he had ever wanted. Beautiful, smart, thoughtful, sexy, the list just went on and on. And now they were committed to each other, he still couldn't believe she had actually said yes when he had asked her to marry him, let alone said "I Do" when they were married. Taking his eyes from her face for a mere moment to try and see what time it was, but instead of the clock his eyes darted automatically toward the window. He could see the sun just beginning to rise from the crack in the curtain and wondered how long he had been passed out. Before he had time to start to think about it, Liz began to stir. Not able to control himself he bent over and placed a soft delicate kiss upon her lips. "Good morning Mrs. Evans."

Without opening her eyes, she asked. "Say it again."

"What? Good morning or your new name?" Max joked at her.

"Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Max Evans." A smile formed on her face and she still had yet to open her eyes. "You better kiss me again, I want to make sure I'm not dreaming."

With pleasure Max once again leaned over and kissed her. This time the kiss wasn't soft, but deep with passion. "Still think it's a dream Mrs. Evans."

Slowly opening her eyes, her smile grew until it reached her eyes completely. "I know it's not a dream, but I still can't believe we're married!" Her excitement was quickly taken away when she saw the serious look come over Max's face. "What? What's wrong?"

Liz's well being and safety was always a top priority to Max and once he had time to process how she had literally passed out. He wasn't sure if it was because it had been her first time or because of their differences. He couldn't help the concern for her well being to take over. "Are you okay? I mean.."

Liz stopped his line of questioning immediately wanting to stop him from thinking what she knew he was thinking. "Max, I'm fine."

"Still sore?" He had felt the sting she had felt when he had taken her virginity, but the pleasure they both were feeling at the time seemed to override the initial sting. Now however, Max needed verification from Liz that she was truly okay.

Liz didn't want to lie, she knew he was concerned for her so she answered as honestly as possible. "A little." Immediately Max began to remove his body from hers, but Liz had already anticipated that he would do that so she held him tightly in place. "Don't, please.
I'm not ready to give you up just yet." She snuggled against him, moving her hips slightly
against his to emphasize her meaning.

That single simple movement was all it took for Max to become completely hard inside of her.
He needed no further encouragement as his hips pumped against hers in return. The first time they had made love Max had formed a connection with Liz in order to make sure she was completely okay. This time Max didn't need to form that connection because it was already there. Max wasn't sure if it was because they were still joined together or if it was a permanent situation between them. His ability to think though was soon gone as he continued to slide in and out of Liz's body. The feel of her body, mind and soul surrounded him, just as his surrounded Liz once again.

Their bodies moved in sync with each other, their minds became one and their souls blended together in complete unison. Their early morning love making was just as satisfying as their first union, but this time both were more prepared with their shared feelings and when their shared orgasms hit they didn't lose conscious. "Oh God, Max. That was..." Liz started to say when Max finished her thoughts for her.

"Amazing. I love you so much Liz."

"I love you, Max."

Max leaned down and kissed her softly one final time before he withdrew himself from her body for the first time since they had joined together. Immediately feeling the lose of the joining of their souls, but were amazed that they still could feel the connection roaring strong between them. "Max?"

"I know, I feel it too. I thought it was because we were joined physically." Max stated honestly. Wanting to test out their connection Max began to pull totally away from Liz. When their bodies were no longer touching the connection simmered, but still didn't disappear.

"I guess this is what you meant by us cementing our relationship when you came back from the future?" Knowing what it felt like to be a part of Max and to have Max a part of herself, she was finding it very difficult to see how their future self's ever parted ways. End of the world or not, she just couldn't fathom how they did it.

Scooting back to Liz and taking her back in his arms, he asked. "Does it make you uncomfortable?" The minute they touched the connection between roared strongly again and Max didn't need to wait for her response, for he knew exactly how she felt and it took his breath away. He could feel the amount of love she held in her heart for him and it just really amazed him.

"Do you really need me to answer that question or do you just like to hear my voice?" Liz questioned in a joking manner as she also knew Max knew exactly how she felt, not just with their newly discovered connection, but with him himself. The way she could feel the way Max was feeling was just amazing. "Although I have to admit this could get a little embarrassing at times."

Max scooted up to lean against the headboard of the bed, bringing Liz up with him. "I don't have anything to hide and I know you don't have any secrets from me, so why do you think this could get embarrassing?" He stated as he caressed her back softly and stroked his fingers through her hair.

"Well, I guess it's all in the way you take things."

"Like?" He inquired urging her to continue her thoughts out loud.

Sitting up a little and running her hand over his chest as she spoke. "If you want an example how about right now for instance?" Looking up into Max's eyes she could not only feel his confusion, but could see it in his face. "Normally you try to keep your emotions to yourself and not wear your heart on your sleeve sort a speak. But, now you can't do that. Even though we can't read each other minds, we can feel each others emotions and I bet you would not normally want me to know just how horny your getting just running your fingers through my hair." She stated with a straight face trying to keep the giggle that wanted to escape from his shocked face at her statement.

"Okay, I can see your point. But, the fact that I can also tell that you knowing how much your turning me on is turning you on is a plus as far as I can see it." He retorted right back at her.

Stopping her hand movements and turning bright red as she realized the truth to his words. "Alright I admit it, my husband turns me on." She admitted trying to keep herself from becoming flustered with her own admission.

His body sprang to attention instantly as he pulled his wife up to kiss her soundly upon her awaiting mouth. Liz easily accepted his offer and slid up his body, positioning herself on top of him to join their bodies all over again. Taking the initiative she placed his stiff erection and pressed her lower lips downward to take him inside deeply. "Oh YES!" Max groaned out, loving the feeling of how her soul immediately wrapped around his the minute their bodies joined together. Even though it hadn't been that long since they had separated, it now felt like it had been an eternity. Liz moved her hips up and down in a rhythmic pace not wanting to rush their union so she could continue to feel Max's soul entwined with hers. But, as her first orgasm peaked so did their desire and Liz's movements began to escalate until she was pumping up and down on Max as fast as her body would allow and it still wasn't enough for her.

"Max..." Liz wanted to scream out for him to help her, but she was moving so fast already she had no breath to even talk except to moan his name out.

Due to their connection though Max needed no further words from her to state what she wanted from him. His hands grasped her hips. "I've got you babe." He whispered out as he thrusted his own hips up to meet hers while pulling her hips down to meet his. Soon the two of them were at a frantic pace wanting the satisfying pleasure they knew was soon to come, but yet not wanting for there joining to end. Their feelings, their emotions were in total sync just the same as their bodies were.

Unable to stop themselves or postpone their releases, they both cried out each other's names
as they were swept under the waves of pleasure they were feeling from not only their own release but the other's as well. Collapsing on top of Max, Liz had never felt so satisfied in her entire life. Making love to Max was more amazing than words could ever try to describe. The first time had been so pure, so full of unconditional love and awe inspiring they had literally passed out from the pleasure. The second time Max made love to her so soft, so tenderly that he made her feel like the most precious being that had ever lived. But, now their love making had taken a whole new aspect, losing total control and how he had driven up into her in such a wanton fashion simple took her breath away. Each and every time they had made love was different, but yet still amazing beyond words. She couldn't even try to image what the next time would be like or the time after that or after that.

Max held her tight against him as he continued to stroke her hair in a soothing manner. He loved her so completely and now that he knew what it was like to make love to her, he knew he would never be able to live without her. He knew they would need to return home, back to Roswell too soon and he knew their parents would never understand why they had married at such a young age. They would be angry, upset, hurt and he could bet money Liz's father would probably want to kill him, but the fact remained. It didn't matter if they were 17 years old or 50, the love he felt for Liz and the love he knew she returned for him would never change. They were bonded in a way that no one could separate them. He looked at the clock and noticed it was getting close to the time they would need to check out of the hotel. He also knew Maria and Michael would more than likely come knocking on their door before too long so reluctantly he withdrew himself from Liz's body. "Honey, we need to start getting ready to head back."

"Then what?" She wasn't in any hurry to return home, to return to reality where they would have to face their parents and she had no idea what was going to happen when they did. She knew both her and Max were committed to their marriage, but the fact remained she was still a minor in the eyes of the law. Her parents could try to keep them a part, but push come to shove there was no question in her mind what would happen. She would be with Max, but she didn't want to lose her parents or their respect either. The two of them hadn't actually planned on getting married so they hadn't really talk about the consequences as of yet.

"Then we start our lives..Together." Max emphasized the word together letting her know in no certain terms he would be willing to live without her. They were married, she was his wife and he had ever intention of being with his wife from this day forward.

He spoke so confidently that for a moment her fears were gone with regard to her parents or Max's for that matter. But, realty had a way of creeping back into their blissfulness. "Max, we need to discuss this."

"I know, but Liz I promise no matter what happens we will be together. Nothing nor no one will keep us a part now. Our parents might be disappointed that we married so young or without their permission, but we'll just have to make them understand we are married now. We will be together." He stated once again firmly. "Now, first things first, do you want to shower first or do you want me to?" He asked hoping to get her worrying emotions under control.

"Well, since we are married and we both obviously need a shower. I think we should just take one together." She stated boldly as she began to hop off the bed only to stop her actions once she felt the sting between her legs. The soreness of becoming a woman hadn't registered in her mind as she had laid in bed, but the moment she tried to stand was when she first realized how truly sore she was and was forced to sit back down on the edge of the bed.

"LIZ! What is it?" When Liz had gotten off of him and climbed out of the bed the moment the lost physical contact the connection between them had once again simmered to where he couldn't really feel her emotions that much, but new she was sore. He just didn't know how much until he reached out to her when she had sat back down on the edge of the bed. "Oh God, Liz, let me at least take the soreness away." He felt awful, for causing her pain and letting her talk him out of not taking her pain away. Then to realize that they had made love two more times after that only made her soreness more so, his guilt began to eat away at him.

"Max, stop it. I wanted this remember, I want to remember everything about our first time and don't even try to think that our making love again made it worst. You made my body feel wonderful, so wonderful in fact that my mind had forgotten all about any pain it had endured. Besides I'm just a little sore, my body just needs to adjust to the ways of being a married woman. Now why don't you help your wife to the bathroom so we can take that shower." She gave him a reassuring smile, even though she knew he could feel her own emotions strongly now that they were touching again, she felt she needed to make sure he understood exactly what her emotions were saying.

Max pulled back the covers to stand and help his wife as she had requested, that's when he saw the condition of the sheets. Their where they had made love for the first time was a stain, a blood stain, a stain of Liz's blood. He reached out to wave his hand over the stain not wanting Liz to see it and make her uncomfortable, but the knock at their hotel room door caused both of them to freeze their actions. Max looked back at the clock and noticed they still had at least forty-five minutes before they were supposed to meet up with Michael and Maria. Grabbing the bed cover off the bed he held it out for Liz to wrap herself in. He went threw the top sheet back over the fitted sheet that contained the stain and quickly grabbed his pants before heading to the door to give Michael a piece of his mind for interrupting the last forty-five minutes he had left of his already too short of a honeymoon with Liz. Opening the door while already yelling. "Michael, I said we'd meet at..." Max stopped the moment his eyes took in the individual that stood on the other side of the hotel room door. His eyes wide with shock as he asked. "What are you doing here?"

End Part 28
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Title: Purity
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 29

Cal Langley pushed the door opened widely the moment Max answered and asked what he was doing there. He literally shoved Max to the side using his powers as he stepped inside the hotel room and closed the door behind himself. "I've been selected to verify her." Was his only statement as he pointed directly toward Liz. The ill contempt he felt toward Max still very apparent in his voice when he spoke.

Liz stood shell shocked at seeing the other protector shove his way into her and Max's honeymoon room. She immediately tightened the grip she had on the bed cover Max had just moments before wrapped around her.

At first Max had been taken by surprise at the appearance of Langley at the hotel room door when he had opened it and that was how Cal was able to use his powers so easily against him to obtain entrance into the room, but his surprise only lasted for a split second when he heard the shape shifter's words and watched him point at his wife. His actions were quick and without hesitation as he moved quickly in between his so called protector and his wife.
Determined to defend her with his life if it became necessary. Then his memory of the genetic code the shape shifter had instilled inside of him to obey Max's every command came to him. "She is never to be harmed in any way, do you understand me?" Max had to admit he was a little shaken by this character the last time they had met and tried to make his voice sound as authoritatively as possible. Keeping his head held high he stared down the man before him and waited for him to acknowledge he understood his command. The two squared off for another moment before Max commanded. "Answer me. Do you understand, my wife, my queen, Elizabeth Parker Evans is never to be harmed in any way?"

Lowering his eyes from Max's piercing stare he acknowledge. "I understand." The shape shifter spat back at Max. It was apparent since their last meeting that Langley still had ill feelings toward Max. Now being reminded all over again how he had to follow Max's every command made his blood boil. He had never thought much of King Zan when he was on Antar, but had always been loyal to him. That was the main reason he had been selected to come to Earth as a protector by the Queen Mother. At the time he was honored to have been selected and thrilled at the opportunity to leave the planet that was at war. Originally he had such high hopes of the mission. Now he couldn't care less about his home planet, nor did he care for the young King that stood before him. Cal had watched Max from a safe distance since he had been born. He knew more about the boy in front of him then Max himself did. After Max had come to LA and used the king card and destroyed his life, Cal loathed him. The only thing he would acknowledge that Max ever did that was even remotely intelligent was his final choice in their future queen. That is of course the reason they sent an emissary to him in the first place. To verify the girl who stood in the room.

Once Langley had admitted that he would follow his command and not harm Liz, Max seemed to relax slightly. He had no doubt how his so called protector felt about him, so he still needed to be prepared for whatever the reason he was here now. "What are doing here?" He now repeated his originally question to Langley.

"I have been chosen to verify she has in fact become the queen and isn't just some impostor trying to take what's not legally hers to take." He knew all about the Ava or as they called her in this life, the Tess situation. How she had gone back to Antar trying to reclaim her status on the royal court by using a bastard of a child that she carried in her womb. A child that was rejected the moment it had been born.

Liz immediately misunderstood what he meant and her eyes widen as she assumed the alien who stood before them wanted to verify her virtue that she no longer held since last night and she couldn't help but tremble at the thought of losing Max because she had been wrong about the presence she had felt in her mind during their wedding ceremony. "Oh God." She tentatively took a step back not wanting to face the fact that the most wonderful, beautiful night of her life was about to blow up in her face and become the reason she would lose Max all over again.

Max could feel her emotions of worry coarse throughout his entire body, but he wasn't about to allow anyone or anything, especially this sad excuse for a protector tell him he had made a mistake by making love to Liz after they had been married. "I don't think so Langley. She has already been verified prior to us being married." Max stated firmly as he reached back to grasp Liz's hand in his to pull her close behind him, not willing to allow her to even attempt to pull away from him again. After their time together he would never be able to live without her and he had no desire to even try to see if he could.

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head at his unbelievably stupid king. "I'm not here to verify her virtue, you idiot. You did marry her, didn't you?"

Both Max and Liz had a puzzled look upon their face at his question, but it was Max that spoke. "Yes, I married Liz last night."

"Tell me something I don't already know. Geez, you sure are slow for someone in your position." Still seeing the questionable look on the young King's face, he took a deep breath then continued. "I don't need to verify your young bride's virtue, because if she hadn't been pure prior to the marriage the marriage would never have been allowed to happen.
I'm here to verify she has become your mate, giving her the status of Queen."

"I don't think so." Liz stated firmly this time. It was one thing to have some kind of alien presence invade her mind to verify that she was a virgin in order to marry Max, but it was an entirely different ball game to let some alien shape shifter verify she had lost her virginity to her husband. "No, uh..No way!" Once again attempting to step back to put another inch of distance between herself and Cal Langley.

Max also had no intention of letting anyone near his wife to verify her status or not. He too spoke up to protest. "You try touching her in anyway and you'll be dust before one finger brushes over her skin." He threatened quickly and once again pulled Liz back into his protect arms. He felt her fear at Langley's statement and he needed her to know that no matter what, he would protect her.

"Oh Brother, would you stop. I can't believe you are supposed to be the salvation of our planet. Thank God I'll never be living there again." He took a step forward and ignored the fact that Max was already raising his hand to follow through with his threat.
Reaching the bed he pulled back the sheet. Turning back to Max and Liz, he bowed his head ever so slightly toward Liz. "Your majesty, you have been verified and can now expect my protection when it is needed." With that said he turned and walked back toward the door, but before he opened it he turned back to Max and added. "I will follow your orders because I am programed to and have to obey them, but I will obey her orders because she has earned the respect of her new title." Then he was gone, as if he had never been there to begin with.

Liz looked over at the bed and saw the small stain of her blood there on the sheets where Max had taken her virginity just a few short hours ago. It suddenly all made perfect sense to her. Max was a King and like many Kings even here on Earth, their prospective brides were verified pure prior to any marriage or similar ceremonies took place. In some of the research she had read that Max had done, she had read about the tradition where they actually did a showing of the sheets to the people after the wedding night or other various ways to show the marriage had been consummated on the wedding night. Up until this very moment Liz still hadn't registered what marrying Max actually meant. She wasn't just marrying the love of her life, her soulmate, but a King. Which indeed in fact made her the Queen. Suddenly the fate of an entire planet felt like it was upon her shoulders. Unable to speak as the realty of the situation and what her destiny now was took hold, she stood in complete silence taking it all in. Her body trembled slightly as she let this new develop sink in even further.

Feeling all her emotions run through his body as it did hers, Max quickly pulled her into a tight embrace. "It will be okay Liz, I promise. It will be okay." He whispered softly in her ear wanting to soothe her fears. He knew exactly what she was feeling, not only because he could feel her emotions, but he remembered all too well how he had felt when he had learned who he was. He had always felt like the he was the one that needed to make the decisions when it came to Michael and Isabelle. In fact, they had always pushed him to do so. But, when he found out he was actually the leader, the King it had hit him hard. It might have had to do with the fact that Liz had walked away from him thinking she couldn't be a part of his life when they had discovered their destiny. More than that though, he had suddenly felt the weight of his role upon his shoulders. It had consumed him completely at first. Wanting to ease the tension he could feel building inside of Liz, he spoke quickly. "Besides you heard Langley, you are going to make a much pretty Queen than I ever made King."

Hearing his last sentence Liz immediately shook her head feeling the self doubt Max held about what kind of King he would make. She could feel exactly what he felt and knew he still didn't feel he could ever be what his planet had hoped he could be. Wanting to make him understand what she already knew, she spoke softly, but firmly at the same time. "Oh Max, you have a heart of gold. I have no doubt you will make a wonderful King. A King that will be fair and just, a king that will always put his people before his own needs and a king that will rule with love and honor, not hate and power." She looked him directly into his eyes as she spoke so he could see she spoke the truth that she believed in her heart to be true.

At that moment, at her words, for the very first time since he had learned of who he was, did he truly believe he could fulfill his destiny. He could become the king his people needed him to become and knew understood now more than ever how that was possible. It was because of her, his wife, his friend, his lover, his soulmate and now his queen. With Liz by his side he would be able to accomplish anything. "I believe you. I always knew you were the one Liz. The one I needed by my side to help me to become who I was meant to become. I love you, Mrs. Evans." He hugged her tightly to his body letting his love for her flow freely through their connection.

"And I love you, Mr. Evans."

The End

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