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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cd I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

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One Boy, One Girl
(Mark Alan Springer/Shayne Smith)
(Track 6 - Time 4:04)

He finally gave in to his friend's girlfriend
When she said "there's someone you should meet"
At a crowded restaurant way cross town
He waited impatiently
When she walked in their eyes met and they both stared
And right there and then everyone else disappeared, but

One boy, one girl, two hearts beating wildly
To put it mildly it was love at first sight
He smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away
This was the day they'd waited for all their lives
And for a moment the whole world
Revolved around one boy and one girl

In no time at all they were standing there
In the front of a little church
Among their friends and family
Repeating those sacred words
Preacher said, "son kiss your bride",
And he raised her veil
Like they night they met time just stood still
One boy, one girl, two hearts beating wildly
To put it mildly it was love at first sight
He smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away
This was the day they'd waited for all their lives
And for a moment the whole world
Revolved around one boy and one girl

He was holding her hand when the doctor looked up and grinned
"congratulations, twins"

One boy, one girl, two hearts beating wildly
To put it mildly it was love at first sight
He smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away
This was the day they'd waited for all their lives
And for a moment the whole world
Revolved around one boy and one girl

“Oh come on Max, please go for me!”

“No Maria, I do not want to go on another one of your stupid blind dates.”

“Max would you just do me this one favor and I will never ask you for anything ever again, Michael would you please tell your friend that Liz is a nice, smart, beautiful, person.”

“Max, Liz really is a nice person, and you know coming from me, Michael, that is a real compliment.”

“Fine, I’ll go! but only because Michael said something nice about her, and another thing, where did you find this person, Maria?”

“Well, um, you know the university where I just started working?”

“Yah, you mean Middle Tennessee State, what is she a student there are something? great I just knew it, you’re setting me up with some girl that is like 19!”

“No Max would you just listen to me”


“She is the Dean of the Biology dept, and she is teaching one of the micro-biology classes!”

“So that still doesn’t explain how you met her”, max chuckled to himself knowing Maria and biology don’t mix.

“Hey, that’s my girlfriend you’re talking about!” Michael exclaimed

Maria was just about to thank Michael for being so nice when he too started in on her.

“But hey Max you got a point there, we both know Maria and Science are a no-no”

However, Michael quickly shut up when he felt a quick jab in his ribs.

“So, Max does this mean that you will go out with her?”

“I don’t know Maria I mean she isn’t like deformed are anything is she?”

“If she was why would it matter?”

Max just about got up and walked away when Michael started laughing.

“What are you laughing about?”

“Man, Not more than a couple of seconds ago did I just tell you she was hot!”

“You never said she was hot!”

“Oops , well if you don’t believe me Maria has a picture of her, I will never understand women and how they can carry pictures of other women with them.”

“Great well let me see the her pic Maria.”

“Why does what she look like matter?”

“Because….um..errrrrrrr…..well….Oh because I have to know what she looks like when I meet her.”

“So you are going to go write?”

“I don’t know just let me see the pic.”

“Fine, just let me go find it.” Maria then left the room to go find her picture.

“So Michael, do you really think this is a good idea?”

“Max , you know I am just as tired as her set-ups as you are, but this Liz she is really nice, Maria brought her home the other night and she just is someone you can easily talk to and get along with, I really glad Maria found her cause now she can have someone that will just always be there to talk to about the girl stuff that she always wanted to discuss with me.”

“Well, That’s good but I thought Maria and Isabel were tight like that?”

“They are but you should see these together they just click”

Just as Michael finished his statement, Maria walked in to the room with Liz’s picture. She handed it over to Max, and when Max finally looked at it his mouth dropped to the floor.


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Part 2

Max just stared at the picture like something was pulling him in it. The picture before revealed a beauty. She had the darkest brown eyes that seemed to show emotion she was feeling, he wondered if her eyes were like that in person. Then he just looked at her face, it was the perfect shape, and she had long dark brown hair that fell down her shoulders like a waterfall. Her body was so petite, she was just the perfect proportion in every aspect.

“So I take it you agree”

Max was suddenly jerked out of his reverie when Maria screeched in his ear. “Agree about what?”

“You think she is hot don’t you?!”

“Um….errrrr.. uh….I..a….I…yah I guess she is cute.”

“You like her I knew it, oh this is gonna be perfect I have to call Liz, I yes yes yes yes yes”

“Maria calm down!” Michael was glad that Max and Liz were gonna go out but Maria was taking it a little to good.

“Well…uh….can I get her number so I can talk to her and decide where we are gonna meet and stuff like that?”

“Well”, Maria hesitated “Well I actually haven’t run it by her yet, but I promise I will talk to her tomorrow.”

“Gee Maria I really wish I had known that you had just come up with this, I wouldn’t have been tempted to even consider.”
“Shutup Maxwell, Maria just wanted you to agree before she talked to Liz about it.”

“Besides from the looks of it , after I showed you her picture, you didn’t think twice about it.”

“Whatever guys, Maria, will you please just talk to her and let me know what’s going on or if I can have her number or something.”

“Sure Max, ooooooooooo this is going to be so great, eeee, I can’t wait, I have to talk to her first thing, yay , This is so great.”

“Geez, Maria, Liz hasn’t even agreed yet, and you are already obsessing over Max and her.”

“Well guys as lovely as this evening was, I gotta get going.”

“Ok Max, I’ll call you tomorrow and give you the 411.”

“Great well talk to yall tomorrow, oh and Maria do mind if I take her picture with me?”

With a weird expression on her face Maria giggled in respone,”Um sure Max just don’t get anything on it, kay?”

Max rolled his eyes and walked out the door. He knew he wouldn’t get a peaceful night of sleep until he found out if he could meet this brown-eyed beauty and spend the rest of his life with her.

The next morning Maria woke up bright and early hoping to catch her friend before they went to teach their classes.


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Part 3

“Liz! Liz!” Maria called trying to get her attention over all the other noise at the diner.

“Oh hey Maria, what’s going on?” Liz replied as she put her bagel and apple on her tray and walked over to the register to pay.

“Nothing much …um…well…did you have fun on your date with Kyle yesterday?”

“No, geez Maria I really wish you wouldn’t set me up anymore, I can’t trust your ideas of a blind date anymore after that no good jerk, I mean jock Kyle, and that delinquent Sean.”

“OK, I admit it those guys were wrong to even try so apologize, it’s just you seem like you need a guy”

“Maria, something tells me you are trying to set me up again, and I’m glad you think I’m so desperate.”

“It’s not that Liz, I just want you to be happy, and not I am in a good mood, nothing has gone wrong today happy, but giddy happy, like you are on top of clouds, like nothing in the world could happen to you.”

“Maria would you please just let me find my own guy , I know there is some tall, dark, and handsome guy out there just waiting for me.”

“You don’t know how right you are chica.” Maria whipped out Max’s picture when she said this.
Liz just stared at the picture like something was sucking her in, “Omg Maria who is that, please don’t tell me, you just saw him in one of your classes and decided to hook me up with a 19 yr old.”

“What is it with you guys, no he is 24 your age and a personal friend of mine and Michael’s.”

“What’s his name and how come you never thought of him before?”

“His name is Max, we have been friends since like middle school, and I never thought of it before because I just didn’t but since I did you guys are just perfect for each other.”

“Well he is kinda cute.”

“Oh chica, you got it bad you know you think he’s hot.”

“I…um…errr…..well… yah I guess he is!”

“Oh Liz this is soo great, does that mean that you will go out with Max?”

“Yah I guess it is, so are you gonna have him call me, or what?”

“No problem, he wanted me to give him your number yesterday anyway.”

“What you talked to him yesterday about this?, I can’t believe you.”

“Yes, of course, you know guys they are harder to sell on the idea of blind dates.”

“Well knowing you and the dates you set people on, I surprised he even agreed.”

“Well I don’t think he ever would have but then I showed him a picture of you and it was so funny you should have seen him, his jaw just dropped to the floor.”

“What picture was it?”

“The one from this past summer when we went to Florida for that trip that Michael won for his art display.”

“You showed him a picture of me in practically nothing, I can’t believe you did that.”

“Oops well…I…that was the only picture of you I could find.”

“Shutup Maria, I know you have tons of pictures of me.”

“ok ok , I admit it I do, but you looked so good in that picture.”

“Well what did he say when you showed it to him?”

“I told you his chin dropped to the floor.”

“Oh yah that’s right well, I gotta get going, give him my number and I’ll see you later.”

“Aight bye chica.”

As Liz left Maria jumped up and down, she knew this would be perfect. She decided she would call Max after she finished teaching her classes and give him Liz’s number


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Part 4

As soon as Maria got off work she rushed strait home. Maria just jumped out of her car and bust thru her front door. Michael was already to greet her when she practically knocked him over.

“Well gee it’s great to see you too!”

“Can’t talk, must find phone, on a mission.”

“Far be for me to get in the way of a lady on a mission.”

“Shutup Michael, Liz agreed to going on the date with Max so I havta find the phone so I can call him and give him Liz’s number so they can chit-chat then Liz can call me strait back and tell me what’s going on.”

“Oh, my bad, how insensitive of me.”

“Yes I found it, now shutup so I can make this call.”

Max was just walking in the door from a long day in court when he heard the phone ringing. He decided that following in his dad’s footsteps wouldn’t be such a bad job and that meant after school he wouldn’t have to worry about searching for a good job because his dad already had a successful Law Firm.

“Alright geez I’m coming!” Max exclaimed as if the person could hear him. “Hello.”

“Hey , Max, where the hell where you the phone rang like fifty times.”

“No shit Sherlock I could hear that.”

“Well then where were you?”

“If you must know I was just walking in the door.”

“Yes I must, anyway I got good news.”

“Really, what about?” Max asked hoping it was about Liz, he couldn’t stop thinking about her and they hadn’t even met yet.

“What about, what about? Did you forget already about the blind date?”

“No Maria, I was just messing with yah.”

“O Ok well I just wanted to let you know that Liz agreed to go on the blind date and I wanted to give you her number so you could call her and set things up with where to meet what day and when.”

“Maria I already know you’re gonna have her call you and tell you every little detail, so where do you think I should take her.”

“oh yes Max, you are the man, how did you know that?, anyway it doesn’t need to be fancy and yall can just meet at the restaurant since it isn’t really formal and yall will just be meeting.”

“Ok so where do you suggest?”

“Um, how about Applebee’s I know yall both like it there and it isn’t too far away from either of you.”

“Well ok then that settles where I’m meeting her, so I’ll call her and set up everything else, so can you give me her number now?”

“ok it is 555-7588, be sure to remind her to call me the second you hang up with her.”

“Ok Maria I promise I’m gonna call her now so I’m gonna let you go, do you think she will be home?”

“Yah she should be, ok I’ll talk to you later, bye max, good luck”

“Thanks Maria, bye.”

After they both hung up Max was thankful that the number was so easy to remember. He sat down took off his shoes changed in to some comfy shorts and t-shirt laid on his bed


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Part 5

Max waited patiently for Liz to pick up the phone.

It was about 5 o’clock and Liz had been home long enough to take a shower get into some comfortable clothes and lay down on her bed and start to grade some papers when the phone started ringing.

“Maria.. I really need to grade papers ok… so tell the cute hunk of a mystery man you got for me to call me later tonight.”

Max wondered what he should do, he didn’t mean to disturb her, but hey at least she said he was cute, now he was gonna embarrass her, What should he do?


She then decided to check her caller id. Evans, Max 555-4951. Oh great she thought, now he knows I think he is a hunk. What should I do?

“Um..errrr…uh… Max”

“Uh….emmm… did you know it was me?”

“Modern technology invented Caller ID.”
“UH..oh yah sorry.”

“For what?”

“Well..Uh..I.didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“Uh no you didn’t I just didn’t feel like talking to Maria, she has been a little excited about this date thing, kinda too much to handle after a long day of the same ole lecture.”

“Yah I know what you mean , she can be kinda…well…. I guess you could say obnoxious at times.”

“I totally agree.”

They both thought that the conversation started off really well but then there was silence cause neither knew what to say next.

“So Liz I heard you teach micro-biology at the college.”

“Yah I really love science and even though you don’t get much back when you are teaching college students, it is still fun.”

“I can imagine if you are doing something you love.”

“Yah so Max what do you do?”

“Oh I am a lawyer, I work with my dad at his Law Firm in Nashville.”

“Nashville, well do you enjoy a 30 min drive to work every morning?”

“Well sometimes it isn’t so bad and other days it is all backed up with construction so it isn’t as fun, but at least there is more business there.”

“Yah I see what you’re saying.”

Again neither knew what to say so the line again got quiet.

“Max” “Liz” they both stated at the same time.

“Oh I’m sorry go ahead” they said again in unison.

“Well I guess I’ll go first then”, Liz said, “You didn’t happen to catch that comment about the mystery man hunk thing earlier did you?”

“sorry Liz I did, but I was just fixin to tell you I thought you were really beautiful in that picture Maria showed me.”
Liz blushed and didn’t know what to say so she said the first thing that popped in her head, “Great not only is he hot, with a sexy voice but a charmer also.” Then Liz suddenly realized she had just said that out loud. “Oh my god, I didn’t just say that out loud did I?”

“I’m afraid so, but really I am not offended and there should be no reason for you to be embarrassed because we are both nervous and kinda delirious but we are just saying what we feel, which isn’t so bad because I also think you have the sweetest, softest voice and are very very beautiful, when I first saw your picture I thought I had just got a glimpse of heaven.”

“Oh my gosh, it is getting very hot in here.”

“I kinda know what you mean.”

“Well um, now that we have discovered we are physically attracted towards the other let’s see what we have in common.”

“Ok Liz what did you have in mind, To start my favorite color is blue, on a girl it is red, my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, I like brunettes , my favorite book is Among Us, My favorite movie is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, next to Brave heart, and I like having the company of a nice female to talk to on late night walks or drives and having dates under the star.”

“Wow that was a lot to have sink in, umm.. well lets see, my favorite color happens to be red, and on guys blue, My favorite ice cream flavor is also vanilla, but I like putting sprinkles on it, I like brunettes as well, clean-shaven, brown eye, and short hair-cuts, but I think hair in the eyes is a major turn on, or gel, I don’t have a favorite book but I like to keep a journal, I guess it is the scientist in me, My favorite movie is Pearl Harbor, I also like late night walks and drives and dates under the stars with and interesting male partner.” “Wow that was a lot to say”

“Yes it was but I just learned a lot about you that I really like in a matter of minutes.”

“Max you’re making me blush again.”

“Hey it’s what I do best.” “Anyway have you thought of where you want to meet, do, when, and what time?”

“Wow, Max you sound like Maria?”

“I know I am sorry I am just really anxious to meet the girl that is stealing my heart over the phone.”

“Ok, now I am speechless, well uh how about we meet tomorrow around 6:30 I have to teach classes plus I will need to teach labs tomorrow too.”
“Tomorrow, 6:30 is great for me if it is for you, how about we meet at the Applebee’s on Memorial? Do you like it there? Will that be ok with you, Maria told me it shouldn’t be too fancy.”

“No.. I love Applebee’s , It’s perfect, so you know what I look like right we won’t have trouble finding each other correct?”

“I could find you anywhere, because you can’t find angels everywhere!”

“I shouldn’t have any trouble finding my Hercules either.”

“Ok great well then I guess I will let you get to your grading, I really enjoyed talking to you tonight.”

“Oh me too, it was great, I can’t wait to meet you.”

“Me neither , I will be waiting with baited breath till’ I meet you in person.”

“Me too , bye Max, see you tomorrow.”

“Ok , bye Liz”


They both hung the phone up at the same time knowing that they wouldn’t be able to sleep and neither could wait until tomorrow.


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Part 6
After both Max and Liz were finished with work, they went home and started doing they’re daily ritual checking their messages, Liz had one from Max saying he couldn’t wait for there date, Max had one from Michael say good luck. Then they would go change clothes and head to the computer to check their mail. Next they would go to the couch and see what was on TV. It was funny they both did the same thing but neither knew it.

When Liz saw it was already 5 she started to take a shower and get dressed. Jason decided to wait till 5:30 to get dressed, at about 6:00 both decided to leave their houses however when Liz was about to walk out the door, one of her students decided to call and ask her a question. After about 10 minutes of trying to answer her student’s question as nicely as possible without him know that she was trying to meet her date.

Liz finally left her house about 6:15 and headed towards Applebee’s. Of Course Max was already there when Liz arrived. She walked thru the front doors, and when the hostess said “Yes, how can I help you?”

“Um.. I am supposed to be meeting a date her.”

“Ah.. the tall, dark, and handsome with the sexy body?”

“Yup…that would be him.”

“Ooo, lucky lady, right this way ma’am.”

Max was waiting patiently waiting for the brown-eyed beauty to walk into the restaurant when he saw her talking to the hostess, and she was smiling and he was awestruck. He then noticed the hostess showing Liz the way. When Liz saw Max there eyes immediately met, and it was like they were the only two in the room and Liz was walking strait into her future. Liz thought Max looked so cute the way he was looking at her. She was sure Max could totally see how much she was watching him. It was like they were burning holes into each other’s eyes. When Liz finally got to the table Max stood up and reached to pull her seat out for her. She was about to thank him when she noticed that he was holding two roses for her.

“Um.. here these are for you.”

“Thank you Max, I am sorry I am so late, one of my students called and asked me a question about his paper when I was walking out the door.”

“Oh hey it’s no problem in fact it is only 6:35 now.”

“Yah , I know but I wanted to get here early.”

“Like I said it was no problem, anyways I wanted to tell you what the roses where for, I know that the tradition number was 1,3, or 12 but I decided I’d get 2 one for the date, and one for possibly the future.”

“Wow, that is so sweet of you, I was hoping for a future too, I don’t know what it is but the moment I looked into your eyes I felt that I had found my future, I know that sounds corny but , I mean wow.”

“Yah I know what you mean, I felt the same way.”

Just then their waitress came up. “ Hi , I’m Erin, and I’ll be your waitress, what can a get for yall?”

Both pointed to the other and said “Go ahead.”

Liz decided she would let Max be the gentleman and said, “Um, can I get a Dr. Pepper.”

“Is Mr. Pibb okay?”

“Yah it’s fine.”

“And for you sir?”

“Can I get a Cherry coke.”

“Ok I will be right back with your drinks.”

“Man don’t you hate it when they always ask if Mr. Pibb is fine, it happens all the time, they are both the same.”

“Yah I know”, Max said with a huge smile.

“Okay can I just let you know that your smile is really sexy.”

“Thank you, your smile is very nice too.”

They were both in an uncomfortable silence once again when the waitress came back with their drinks. “So do you guys know what you would like to order yet.”

“Um, yah I think we are ready, Liz would you like an appetizer?”

“No, I am good.”

“Ok well I am gonna get the mozzarella sticks, and you can share if you would like Liz.”

“Ok and what to eat?”

“Can I get the monetary jack chicken please just the chicken and cheese?”

“Great choice, and for you sir?”

“Can I just Chicken finger Club with some Honey Mustard on the side double fries.”

“Okay guys I will get that ready for you is there anything else?”

“Um no we’re good thanks.”

The waitress walked away and Max and Liz once again just stared at each other. Max finally broke the silence.

“So Liz are you used to these blind dates?”

“Well no Maria set me up with these two other guys, Sean and Kyle, but they were real jerks.”

“Yah Maria has tried her fair share with me too, but there was nothing worse than this one time when Isabel, my sister, and Maria found the chick named Tess , god it was awful, after words they finally told me is was a prank for April Fool’s I didn’t even realize what day it was until after they told me.”

“Wow that must have been horrible.”

“Well it was until I looked back at it and it was just too funny to be mad at.”

“Well I like a guy with a sense of humor.”

“Well then you should like me.”

“I already do.”

Again there was an uncomfortable silence, so this time Liz decided to talk again.

“So you have a sister?”

“Yah her name is Isabel like I said earlier, we are actually twins.”

“Wow, twins I bet that is nice.”

“Yah it is, we get along really well, we have always been able to talk to each other, especially when we were adopted.”

“Really, I bet that was a nice thing.”

“Yah it was great, we hated it in the orphanage and all the families kept trying to split us up until our mom and dad adopted us.”

“That is so sweet, how old were you when you were adopted?”

“Six, so do you have any siblings?”

“No, I was never as fortunate, I only had neighborhood kids to play with.”

“Well they are just as fun, That is how I met Michael and Maria, and I practically consider them siblings.”

“Yah they are really nice, I also have this friend named Alex he was like my brother.”

“Yah it’s really nice to have them around.”

“Yup do you have any interesting stories of your childhood that I should know about.”

“Um.. depends on what you mean by interesting.”

“Anything I will think is funny, and make me think you are even cuter.”

“Ok ok let’s see.”


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Part 7

Just as Max was about to start speaking the waitress brought out the appetizer for them asked if they needed anything else and then left.

“Well when me and Isabel were younger I used to hang out with Michael and Is used to hang out with Maria.”

“Ok Go on I’m listening.”

“Ok , so this one day when we were little my mom told us we could have them over for a sleep over when we were like in the fourth grade, anyway we decided to play truth or dare.”

“Ooo.. this sounds good.”

“Hey I’m not finished.” Max said jokingly.

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“I was just kidding around.”

“Oh ok, yah I knew that, anyway continue with your story.”

“So we did the normal stuff, just like I dare you to hop on one foot, rub your hand in a circle in a stomach, and pat you head, and the stuff like making a food concoction and eating it. And the truth stuff like what do you think of your teacher, who’s your crush, who do you hate, what do you think of so and so, type thing.”

Liz was just watching Max, she could see him reliving the experience and could tell something was good was coming and decided to let him finish his story.

“So this one time when I asked Michael truth or dare, he said dare, so instead of something usual I said he had to take a lick of Maria’s ring sucker.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe that, I loved those things, I almost forgot about them, We used to make my mom get them for me and Alex all the time,” she then saw Max just giving her this crooked grin and suddenly realized she had interrupted him again, “I’m so sorry you must think I am so rude, please continue with the story.”

“Hey, it’s ok , I was enjoying your little story too, so anyway Michael was so mad at me, so he said double dare and I said ok you can either do the first or lick mine, and I knew he wasn’t gonna do that, so we all just started laughing, anyway he decided to lick Maria’s and Maria was taking her ring off for him to lick it, and I told them she had to leave the ring on, you should have seen the look on their faces, it was priceless, cause back then they hated each other, It was like they were a fungus to each other.”

Max was so happy to see Liz laughing, her laugh was like music to his ears, and her smile it lit up the whole room. Liz stopped laughing when she saw Max starring at her.

“What’s wrong did I interrupt again?”

“No, I was just admiring your laugh and your smile, they are perfect.”

Liz couldn’t help but blush, she had already fallen for this guy, and he just kept making her fell even more perfect. “Thank you. So is there anything else that happened that nite?”

Their waitress interrupted them again by bringing out their food, again asked if they needed anything, and left.

“Yah after I dared Michael to lick Maria’s ring, he dared me to moon everyone, I didn’t really care though, but Isabel did and she through a fit.”

“Max, it already sounds like you had a wonderful childhood, this sounds so great please continue.”

“I had to take a bit of my fry first , excuse me,” they both smiled at each other and Max continued, “So anyway, she wouldn’t stand to stay and see her brother’s butt, so Michael told her she didn’t have to stay and watch.” Max started laughing at the memory, “But , the nite wasn’t over, I was dared to kiss Maria for ten seconds, ON THE LIPS.”

“Oh no, I bet that was horrible?”

“O believe me it was, we were still at that stage where we were all friends but the opposite sex was still gross to touch, and Maria got so mad, and said why do all these stupid dares have to involve me. It was so funny.”

“So did yall end up including other people in the dares?”

“Yah next Maria dared Isabel to kiss Michael, both Maria and Michael were saying that me and Isabel kept getting off easy because we had a sibling involved, and we were, so we kept rubbing it in.”

Max and Liz were just enjoying each other’s company so much, they found themselves both in a deep trance and Liz decided to continue the conversation, “Wow I wish I had a sibling to be able to get out of a situation like that.”

“Yah it was nice, so what about you Liz how was your childhood.”

“Well, I spent all of it with my best friend and neighbor Alex.”

“Yah you mentioned him earlier, so what did yall have sleepovers and stuff and stay at each other’s houses all the time?”

“Yah his parents were like my second parents, and the same with my parents towards him, we both knew where everything was at both houses and they were both like our own.”

“Wow so you guys had two houses really, so I guess you never got bored.”

“Nope. we always had something to do.”

“Did you use to play with a bunch of other kids?”

“Sometimes we did but then that person would drift away because Alex and I just enjoyed being around each other so we never really included the other person, plus we are both nerds and always were always reading and trading books and stuff.”

“You aren’t a nerd, I always read, and liked science, it was my favorite subject in school.”

“Yah, I’m sure you already figured it was mine too?”

“Sure did.”

“So how old were you when you first started helping your dad at his office?”

“Oh he made me start helping him as soon as I got out of school after kindergarten, I actually enjoyed helping him until the summer after my second grade year when I had better stuff to do.”

“Max, you are so funny.”

“Why thank you miss.”

“Your welcome.”

“So what do you like to do in your free time, Liz?”

“Well I really enjoy writing in my journal, I also like to surf the web when I am bored, I like movies a lot, more than television, but with teaching, and the stuff behind teaching , like lesson plans, grading papers, and making tests, it is difficult to find time for really anything, and one day I want to find a place where I can buy a horse or something, or keep it somewhere, Alex’s uncle had them when we were little, and we used to ride them all the time, what about you?”

“Umm.. not much, I surf the web too when I am bored, I like working out and running, I also like movies, and television of course, being a lawyer also keeps me pretty busy, there is also a lot of outside work involved in it as well, I like watching sports as well, I don’t really like basketball, but I love watching football and baseball.”

“Yah I can stand a little bit of sports, I hate basketball, it is so boring, football is okay, and there is just something about baseball that kinda just sucks me in.”

“Yah that’s so true, it is good to know there is women out there that like some sports.”

“Hey, I try.”

“Well you are doing good, Are you full?”

“What, well I noticed that you pushed your plate away with half of the food still on it.”

“Oh yah, they just put so much on it, you look like you made a happy plate.”

“Yah too bad I can’t use the excuse I am a growing boy any more.”

“Well you are still a guy.”

They both started laughing when the waitress came back and asked if they wanted desserts, after both said no a little too quickly she took their plates and went to get their check.

“So, Liz it is only 8:00 did you want to maybe hang out some more, um maybe go to a movie.”

“Would you mind if maybe we rented one, I wanted to see that movie What Women Want, and I still haven’t seen it yet.”

“Oh yah sure that would be great, did you want to go to your place or mine, we can do what ever?”

“Um, I guess we could go to your place.”

“Ok, so how about I just take you there, and then I will bring you back here to get your car, so you don’t have to follow me everywhere.”

“Sounds good.”

As soon as they finished with their plans the waitress came back with the check and Max immediately grabbed the check.

“Max, you don’t have to pay for me this is only our first date, or meeting rather since it was a Blind Date, I mean we even brought our own cars.”

“Nonsense, it is a date and you are my date so I am paying for you.”

“No you don’t have to, really it is ok.”

“Yes I do, besides it would make me feel bad if you didn’t let me pay.” Max said reaching for his wallet.

“Ok fine, but will you at least let me pay the tip and pay to rent the movie.”

“Well seeing is how you probably won’t take no for an answer I guess we have a deal.”

“Great, I knew you would see it my way.”

They both got out of their seats, Max got up and held Liz’s hand as they walked out to his car to continue their nice evening.


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please have patience it is taking forever to put all the parts in and most the time it won't work but I am trying.



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Part 8

Max led Liz out to his car. He had a forest green 2001 Chevy Blazer. When they reached his car, Max hit the unlock button from the key chain controller, he walked Liz to the passenger side and opened her door and helped her in then went around to his side.

“Wow Max this is really a nice car.”

“Yah, I just got it back in March, before I had a really old jeep that was always breaking down, and now being at my dad’s Law Firm I can finally afford it.”

“So where do you live?”

“Carrington Park Apartments.”

“Wow those are so nice.”

“Again being at my dad’s Firm has many perks.”

“So do you live on top are what?”

“But of course, I know probably make a lot of noise on the top floor, and so do a lot of other people so I rather be on top instead of hearing stomping all the time.”

“Good idea.”

“Thanks, so do you want to go to the Block Buster, or Hollywood Video?”

“How about Hollywood, they always let you have new releases for 5 days instead of 1and a half.”

“I was thinking the same thing so I’m glad we agree.”

Once they pulled up in the parking lot of the video store, Max ran around to help Liz out her side of the car. Liz loved that he was being such a gentleman, and didn’t even question whether or not he would still do it after they officially become a couple. Max then held her hand as they walked into the store.

“So did you want to see anything other than What Women Want?”

“No, Max I think that movie is enough chick flick for our first date, what would you like?”

“I don’t think What Women Want will be a chick flick if anything I will probably think it is funnier than you do.”

“Will just see about that.”

“Okay, so how does Vertical Limit sound?”

“That movie looked so good in the previews and Chris O’Donnell is supposed to be in it to, so I think that will be a very good choice.”

“Ok so do you want DVD or VHS?”

“You have a DVD player?, oh wait I forgot you a rich man.”

“Yup, that’s correct, I take it you want the DVD’s?”

“How did you guess.”

“Man’s intuition.”

“Oh ok.”

They were both smiling at each other thinking that they finally met the person they wanted to be with the rest of their lives. Walking, out to Max’s car he opened her door for her again and helped her in, then went to his side, then drove them to his apartment.

Max helped her out of the car and were walking to his apartment number 1332, “Well this is it, would you like a tour before we begin with the movies?”


“Ok well to the left we have the living room, and to the right that is the dining room, and the kitchen is connected to that.”

“Wow this place is huge so far, you have a huge TV too, let me guess it has surround sound?”

“Yup, but we will only use that for Vertical Limit.”

“Ok sounds good, I can’t believe how nice you keep this place.”

“Hey, not all guys are messy.”

“Yah, yah, yah but as soon as I start coming around all the time, the place will just start getting that way, huh?”

“Now why would you suggest that I would use you as a maid, Could you grab me a beer out of the fridge hunny?”

“Shut up,” Liz said giggling as she pushed his arm.

Max just smiled, “So do you want to see the rest of my place, the BEDROOM,” he said with raised eyebrows.

“Sure, but don’t get any ideas.”

“I was just kidding.”

“I know, so let me guess the laundry room?”

“That’s correct.”

“This can’t be your bathroom , It is only a toilet an sink?”

“No, Liz this is a bigger one bedroom, so it has one and a half bath.”

“Oh I see.”

“So as you can see my bedroom is right in there.”

“Yes I can see, wow a king size bed, do you kick a lot?”

“No, but hey it gives you more room.”

“Why do you need more room, if you are supposed to be cuddling?”

“Because,” he said as he ran and attacked her with tickling, “I am a wild man.”

“Ok, stop, stop, stop , please stop.”

“Ok I am sorry,”

“Hey it’s ok, just I didn’t want that to get out of hand.”

“What do you mean ‘out of hand’, oh wait let me guess tickling turns you on?”

Liz just blushed so Max figured that was true, “Ok well then that settles that, I will have to remember that for later.”

“Oh my god Max, this closet is huge, you have enough room to put another bed in here.”

“Well that’s why I put the computer and desk in here.”

“Wow that is just to cool.”

“Do you want to see the bathroom?”


“Right this way madam.”

“No way, you have a Jacuzzi bathtub, and you could have like 4 grown people in there.”

“Yah it is nice and relaxing after a long day.”

“You just have to let me use that.”

“Ok strip.” Max loved teasing her already.

“Not now silly, we have a movie to watch.” Liz teased back.

They both headed towards the Living room and got comfy on his huge couch, they started out on opposite ends of the couch, and decided to watch Vertical Limit first in his surround sound so that afterwards they could cuddle and laugh while watching What Women Want and they did just that. By the end of the second movie they were both laying on his couch cuddled in each other’s arms fast asleep.

Max woke up first at about 4 in the morning, and realized he and Liz must have fallen asleep; he just looked at her sleeping figure and was awestruck with her once again.
Liz’s eyes suddenly flickered open. At first she was a little disoriented, but the she realized that she was in Max’s arms at that they must have fallen asleep watching the movies.

“Good Morning, Max.”

“Hey beautiful.”

“How long have you been up?”

“Not too much longer than you were, I was watching you sleep, you are so beautiful.”

“And you are very cute, handsome, a real gentleman, kind, considerate, funny, there are just so many words to describe what I feel for you, but the only way I think I can express them is like this.” As Liz finished her statement she leaned in and kissed him slow at first, just a little peck, which grew in to a little longer peck, then Liz slowly slid her tongue between Max’s lips as they slowly let there tongues become familiar to the other’s, as they did this there kiss became hungrier and faster trying to show how much the other meant to them. The only reason they pulled apart was because they both needed air, because not only was the kiss taking their breath, but both were becoming very hot. The kiss ended with a nice little peck to close the deal.

“Wow, if that’s the way you want to express yourself then I think it is only fair for me to express myself the same way.” Max then leaned in and showed Liz how much she meant to him in the same manner, except this time it didn’t start out slow they both attacked the other’s mouth wanting to taste the other.

“I agree wow.”

“So, I would like to practice more, but this is still our first date, and I didn’t mean for us to fall asleep.”

“It’s ok Max, thank you, what time is it?”

“About a quarter after 4, do you want me to take you home or I can make you breakfast, or we could go back to sleep, I will sleep on the couch and you can have my bed if you like.”

“Well what do you want to do?”

“I am still a little tired.”

“Me too, but I don’t just want to take your bed.”

“No, really it is no problem.”

“No, if it is ok with you, maybe you could sleep there with me, and just hold me.”

“Sure, if it is ok with you.”

“It is more than fine with me, I just didn’t want to seem to forward.”

“Oh no, of course not.”

“Good, it is just that I am still tired but I feel so good around you, and I know we just met and all but it just feels so good to be around you.”

“I feel the same way Liz, the moment I saw your picture, I was just drawn to you, and then we talked on the phone, your voice, it was magic to my ears, and then when are eyes met at the restaurant , that moment I knew that was the day I had waited for all my life.”

“Max, you just took the words, right out of my mouth, I knew that the moment I saw you, that you would be my everything for the rest of my life.”

“I am so glad you feel that way, because I was thinking that I was just letting my.. my.. ya know…think, instead of my heart and brain.”

“Max you are so funny.”

“Thanks, so do you want something to sleep in, instead of your jeans, and that nice shirt.”

“Um…sure I guess so.”

“Ok I have either boxers and a t-shirt or sweat pants and a t-shirt.”

“Ok, boxers will be fine.”

“Alright, here or some clothes for you and you can change in here and I will go to the bathroom and change.”

“Ok.” They both hurried and changed, and then Max knocked on the door to make sure Liz was finished changing.

“Hey, Liz are you finished?”

“Yah, waiting on you.”

“Ok which side do you want?”


“Left it is.”

They both got into bed and snuggled up next to each other.

“Goodnite Liz.”

“Goodnite Max, oh and max, I love you.”

“I love you too, Liz.”

And with that both fell into a nice peaceful sleep dreaming of the other.


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Part 9

Max and Liz slept until about 11. They both woke up around the same time, and were glad to wake up next to each other again.

“Morning, Liz.”

“And a good one to you too, Max.”

“So what are you doing today?”

“I don’t know what are you doing?”

“Well, first I am going to make breakfast for my girlfriend, and then I am going to take a shower, and take her to her car so she can go home, and I will follow her, there she will clean up, and the we will go play some pool.”

“Oh I am your girlfriend now, am I?”

“I sure hope so.”

Liz just couldn’t resist that smile of Max’s and caved, “Ok, I am, but I just wanna worn you, I am a pool shark.”

“Well you can’t be a pool shark if you just told me you were one.”

“I was kidding I can’t play pool worth shit.”

“That’s ok , I will teach you.”

“Yay, not go make me some food man, I’m hungry.”

“Yes ma’am, so what do you want, French toast, pancakes, waffles, bacon toast and eggs?” Max asked walking towards the kitchen with Liz in tow.

“Wow, well I like French toast, what is your favorite?”

“What a coincidence, mine too.”

“Nuh uh.”

“I promise it is, I love it, plus it is so easy to make.”

“Ok so get to it then.”

“Feisty one aren’t we, how many would you like?”

“4 please.”

“Your wish is my command.”

“That is good to know.”

Max made breakfast and Liz watched. She was falling more and more in love with him.

“So what do you like on your French toast, I like powdered sugar and syrup.”

“Me too.”

“Okay, what to drink?”

“Orange juice, please.”

“Okay breakfast is served, please take a seat right this way.”

Liz followed Max and they both ate breakfast while smiling at each other and playing footsie.

“Wow, Max you are an excellent cook.”

“Thanks, now you can clean my mess.”

“I would be offended if you weren’t so damn cute.”

“Hey , My charm wins them all.”

Liz started cleaning the kitchen, and Max just watched her in awe.

“Wow, you did a great job, I didn’t think you were actually going to clean the kitchen.”

“You told me to clean the kitchen, so I did.”

“Yah but I didn’t mean for you to wash all the dishes, turn on the dishwasher, put Lysol on the stove and counter tops, and sterilize the sink, you are great.”

“Thank you, but don’t expect it all the time, know you know how my apartment is going to look.”

“I sure do, just let me get a shower, and get dressed and I will drive you to your car.”

“Are you still going to follow me to my place?”

“Yah, and then you will get a shower and get dressed while I watch some T.V.”

“Ok, I am going to watch some of the movie that we fell asleep watching.”

“Ok, make yourself at home.”

After Max finished getting ready, Liz changed into her clothes. Then the two of them headed out to get her car, so she could get ready.

“Right this way sir.”

“These are nice apartments.”

“Nottingham Apartments, I don’t think so, everyone that doesn’t live here calls them Rotting ham.”

“Like I said, they don’t look that bad.”

“Well, management just put these vinyl sides up and they painted the yellow stucco gray so it wouldn’t look as bad, plus they also put in new vinyl roofs with fluorescent lights in the hallways.”

“That was nice of them.”

“Yah, I think they did it for the business though.”


“Well I am upstairs to the right.”

“Nice location.”

“Shut up.” Liz just pushed him in the arm again and raced up the stairs to unlock her apartment.

Max thought Liz smelled better than anything he had ever smelled before but when he walked into her apartment he was filled with nothing but Liz’s smell, and for the umpteenth time during their date, he thought he was in heaven.


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Part 9B

“Wow your place smells great.”

“Really, I didn’t spray anything or light any candles.”

“Oh right.”

“Well I am just going to go get dressed, you can sit on the couch and watch T.V. or I can give you a tour first.”

“Yah, a tour will be good.”

“Ok well this is the living room, to the right is the dining room and kitchen. Strait thru the living room is a hallway to the bedroom, and in the bedroom is the bathroom.”

“Nice place.”

“How can you say that after living where you live?”

“Because you live here.”

“You are so sweet, thank you, I am going to go get a bath now.” Liz kissed Max and then walked off to her bedroom. Max sat down on the couch and turned the T.V. on. After Liz’s bath, Liz walked out fully dressed to see Max flipping thru the channels.

“Hey, Max.”

“Hey, sexy.”

“So did you find anything interesting on T.V.?”

“No, how could I find anything interesting on T.V. when you were just in the other room, naked.”

“You are so silly, you ready to go to the pool hall?”

“Yup, all ready.”

“Ok you’re driving.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

They headed to the pool hall and walked inside to find a desk with pool sticks behind it.

“I guess this is where we ask for a table.”

The lady behind the counter answered, “Yup, this is the place, just give me a license and I will give you the balls and how every many pool sticks you need.”

“Ok, can we have two sticks?”

“Sure. Here you go.”

“Thanks, do we pay now or later?”

“When you are finished just come back up here; we charge a dollar for each stick and eight dollars an hour.”

“Thanks again.”

“Max let’s take that table over there.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Ok, so tell me how to put the balls in the triangle thingy.”

“First of all it is called racking the balls, second of all do you want anything to drink?”

“No, I’ll just share whatever you are getting.”

“How did you know that I was going to get anything.”

“I just know.”

“Ok well then I will be right back.”

Max came back with a Bud Light, and he showed Liz the proper way to rack the balls.

“Ok, so do you know how to hold the stick.”

“No, I can’t even do that.”

“Ok, well you just hold your left hand down here like this with the edge resting between your pointer finger and thumb, and you put your right hand around the middle or end of the stick.”

“Like this?” she said with her hands in the right position.


“Ok now on to hitting the balls.”

“Wait, first we have to rack the balls, then we have to break them.”

“Ok so teach away master.”

Max taught Liz the art of racking and breaking the balls, and then he moved on to teaching her getting the balls in the pockets. At least he was trying to teach her.

“There are many techniques to getting the ball in the pocket, strait shots, angle shots, bank shots, and combo shots.”

“Yes I am listening.”

“Ok see the number 9 ball?”

“Yah, try and get it in the pocket.”

Liz tried to hit the ball, which was a centimeter away from the whole, and even though it was a very easy strait shot, and when Liz tried to hit the 9 ball with the cue ball the cue ball missed the 9 ball by 4 inches.

“I suck, I wasn’t even close.”

“Calm down, this is your first time, all you need to do is line your shot up.”

“How do you do that?”

“Ok see the 4 ball?”


“Now see the cue ball.”

“Ok, now what.”

“Look to see how to get the 4 ball into the pocket, then look to see how to shoot the cue ball to where it will hit the 4 ball in that same spot so you can get the 4 in the pocket.”


“Now just line up your stick and concentrate on where you want your ball to go.”

“You are a very good instructor.”

“Thank you, now hit the ball.”

Liz lined up her shot and softly hit the cue ball, which rolled to the 4 ball, which went into the corner pocket.

“I did it, I did it, did you see it, it went in, oh I am so good.”

“Yes you did it, yay.”

Max and Liz continued to play for another 2 hours. Liz got surprisingly better; however, she never beat Max. Max and Liz decided to get some lunch at Chili’s and after lunch, they decided to call there first date to a close. Max dropped Liz off at her place, and promised to call her at 7. As soon as Liz got home she dialed Maria’s number.


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Part 10

Maria was just about to call Liz to see why she hadn’t called her back yet, when she heard the phone ringing she went to answer it. “Hello?”

“Hey, Maria.”

“Liz, where have you been I’ve called like thirty times, did you not come home last night?”

Liz didn’t know what to say so she just didn’t say anything.

“Hello, Liz? Oh my gosh, you stayed at his house didn’t you?”

“Yes, but I can explain, we were watching movies and fell asleep on his couch.”

“Sure, so do you like his apartment?”

“Yah, it’s awesome, you didn’t tell me he was rich.”

“I would have thought you figured that out with him being a lawyer and all.”

“No, but oh my god Maria, I think I am in love.”

“No way Liz, you just met , I mean I know he is hot and all, but what’s going on, wait a minute you guys didn’t…I mean you didn’t have sex did you?”

“No Maria, it’s just he is perfect for me, the moment our eyes met we just knew that we were going to be together for life.”

“Oh that’s so sweet, I can’t believe it I actually made a match made in heaven.”

“What can I say but you’re right.”

“Oh yes, yes, yes, this is awesome, so did you guys kiss?”

“Actually we did, but we didn’t even kiss until this morning, we woke up on the couch, and then it just sort of happened.”



“Geez, Parker, sometimes you can be clueless, was he a good kisser?”

“You wouldn’t believe how good a kisser he was, Maria he was like one of those people that knew exactly how you wanted to be kissed with the right pace and rhythm, I mean it was perfect, and even though we kissed in the morning, he didn’t even have bad breath.”

“Wow, I wish I could find someone that could kiss me like that.”

“What about Michael?”

“Please, you know how much he like hockey, it seem that every time we get into that heavy kisses he tries to shoot a puck thru my tonsils.”

“Maria you’re hilarious.”

“Thanks, but enough about me, what happened?”

“Ok, well I was a little late because one of my students called, but he didn’t care and he gave me two roses when I got there.”

“Two roses?”

“Yah, he is so sweet, One for the date, and the second for the future he hoped we would have.”

“Awe, I knew you two would be perfect for each other.”

“Yah you actually did good for once.”

“Thank you, I try, so what else happened that kept you from calling me until now?”

“Well we woke up about 4 on the couch and were both still sleepy so we went to his room and slept till 11, before I continue and you get any ideas, NO, nothing happened.”

“Good, that is a relief, I know you hit it off, but I was still hoping maybe the third or fourth date.”

“Shut up Maria, anyway when we woke up he made French toast but I had to clean the kitchen.”


“Hey it wasn’t that bad, plus I thought it was only fair plus I told him not to start expecting it, after that he got dressed drove me to my car, followed me to my place, where I then showered and changed, and then he taught me how to play pool, then he brought me back here.”

“Awe that sounds like the perfect first date.”

“It was Maria, it really was, Thank you so much.”

“Your welcome Girl, your happiness is my gift.”

“Thanks again, I think I am going to grade some more papers though, I never really got to it because I was busy thinking about Max.”

“Alright, take care Liz.”

“Ok, bye Maria.”

“Bye, oh and tell lover boy I said hi.”

“Will do, bye.”

Liz hung up the phone and headed to her room so she could finish grading papers.


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ish grading papers.

Part 10B

Max sat down on his couch and reached for his phone, he just had to call his sister.

When Isabel heard her phone ringing she dropped all the stuff she was holding. She had just gotten home from a long day at work. Although, her dad would have liked her to join his law firm with him and Max, she decided to take another route, and that route was architecture. “Hello.”

“Hey, Is”

“Oh Max, it’s you.”

“Well, gee , that makes me feel real special.”

“Max, you know I didn’t mean it like that, it is just that I was walking in the door, and I dropped all my blue prints thinking it was my supervisor or something.”

“O ok, well I was just calling to tell you that Maria actually did a good job with her little match-making schemes.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I met the love of my life last night.”

“Whoa there buckaroo, slow down, what do you mean you met the love of you life last night, and just how do you explain Maria having something to do with it? I just talked to you Wednesday.”

“Last night, and today until just up to a couple of minutes ago, I had the best date ever.”

“Hello, Max listen to me, start from the beginning.”

“Ok, geez, sorry, don’t get so anal.”

“Max, I am not being anal, quit being a jerk, you just weren’t making any sense.”

“Sorry, ok well Wednesday after I got off the phone with you, I headed over to Michael and Maria’s place because Michael wanted to watch the hockey game.”

“Ok, still I don’t see this going anywhere.”

“Chill Is, I am just trying to tell you a story, listen to me.”

“Ok, Max, I am, calm down.”

“Ok, anyway Maria walked in and told me that there was someone she wanted me to meet, I wanted to say no, and I did, but then Michael told me she really was a nice person, plus she was hot, so Michael had Maria show me a picture, and Oh my god, she was just… I mean…”

“Well thanks for that explanation, you are telling me that you just went out with her for her looks?”

“No, Is, she is also smart, she is the dean of Microbiology at the college, plus I talked to her first, I called her Thursday night, and her voice it was just angelic.”

“Right, now move on to this overnight date.”

“Ok, well we decided to meet at Applebee’s then after that we rented What Women Want and Vertical Limit.”

“Let me guess her choices, Chris O’Donnell looks SO good in that movie, and Mel Gibson, trying on pantyhose, don’t get me started.”

“I wasn’t planning on it, plus Vertical Limit was my idea.”

“Good choice.”

“Anyway, we ended up falling asleep on the couch.”

“Oh sure I am sure, so did yah kiss her.”

“Isabel is that all you care about.”


“Thanks, yes we did, and let me tell you something, it was amazing.. I mean..”

“Stop right there, no more details please.”

“You asked.”

“Shut up”

“So anyway when we woke up, I made her breakfast, then showered changed and took her to her place to shower and change.”

“So then where did you go oh romantic one?”

“We went to the pool hall, I taught her to play.”

“That was your idea I know for sure, was she any good?”

“Not at first but I am a good teacher.”

“You are so full of yourself, but was she really that special that now you are in love with her?”

“Yes she is, I have to call her at 7.”

“Man, you are already whipped, so when am I going to meet her.”

“I don’t know that will be a big step.”

“What’s the big problem, you already slept with her.”

“Shut up Is, I thought you would be happy for me?”

“I am, you know I am, I was just kidding, but seriously, I want to meet her.”

“Ok well I will bring it up with her when we talk.”

“Ok, well I guess I will let you call your girlfriend now.”

“Ok Is, talk to you later.”

“Ok, Oh and Max, I really am happy for you, congratulations.”

“Thanks Is.”

“Your welcome, I just wish I could meet someone like that for me, you know and instant attraction.”

“You will Is, believe me, you will.”

“Thanks again Max, bye.”


Max hung up the phone and continued the dialing marathon to Liz’s house.


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Part 11

When Liz heard the phone ringing she ran towards the phone and answered it, “Hey Baby.”

“Hello?, Liz?”

“Hello, who is this?”


“Oh my god Alex, I am so sorry, I was just expecting a call.”

At that moment, Liz heard her phone beep.”

“Oh hey Alex, that’s my other line, hang on a second.”


Liz switched the lines. “Hey baby.”

“Hey sexy, how are you?”

“Hey Max, I hate to do this to you, but can I call you back, My friend Alex that I told you about is on the other line?”

“Sure no problem, Can’t wait sweetie.”

“Ok talk to you later, bye.”


Liz switched back to Alex, “Alex?”

“Hey Liz, what’s going on?”

“That was my boyfriend, sorry.”

“Since when do you have a boyfriend?”

Liz told him the whole story, and Alex was enjoyed listening to her tell him.

“So when do I get to meet this tall, dark, and handsome.”

“I don’t know Alex it will be a big step.”

“What’s the big deal, you already slept together.”

“Shut up.”

“I was just kidding, but seriously I want to meet him, okay?”

“Ok, I will talk to him about when I call him.”

“Man you are hooked already.”

“I know, Ok well I am going to call him, talk to you later Alex.”

“Sheesh, rush me to get off the phone why don’t you.”

“Ok, I will, bye Alex.”

“Bye Liz.”

Liz called Max back.

“Hey baby.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Modern technology called a caller ID.”

“You’re so silly.”

“Hey you said it when we first talked remember?”

“Yah I remember, that’s why I said you were silly.”

“Ok, so what have you done since I seen you last.”

“Well mostly been on the phone, but I also watched some T.V. and check my email.”

“What do yah know, I did the exact same thing.”

“Who did you talk to?”

“My sister, you?”

“Well, Maria, which you know took forever, and then Alex who called me when I thought it was you, then you called.”

“Oh, so what did Maria have to say about our date?”

“She said she couldn’t believe we slept together on our first date, along with Alex who said the same thing.”

“My sister agrees.”

“Well at least now we know that 3 people will always be in our love life.”

“Yah something I am not looking forward to.”

“Yah speaking of which, Alex wants to meet you.”

“Is wants to meet you too.”

“Great this will be fun.”

“How about next week sometime we go on a double date type thing.”

“Ok, Alex will agree I guess because he is wallowing in the self pity of being without.”

“My sister too, so maybe we can do some blind date magic.”

“That will be great, oh I can’t wait, Oh my god, did I just say that, I am turning in to Maria.”

“Eek maybe we shouldn’t go out.”


“Don’t worry I was joking.”

“Good, otherwise, you wouldn’t have liked the consequences.”

“Oh really, what would you have done?”

“Hmm.. let me think… well I would tie you to the bed posts.”


“And then strip you, well I guess I would strip first, tie later.”

“I don’t think I like where this is going.”

“And then give you a full body massage, while kissing, licking, and biting.”

“Ouch, please tell me no biting.”

“Oh yes biting, but no I wouldn’t stay around and help you unwind.”

“Ok, you aren’t Maria, you aren’t Maria, you aren’t Maria, but can we still play.”

“Max, I have only known you for a day.”

“Yes, but you have loved me longer.”

“You’re right, does that mean we both play?”

“You dang tootin’.”

“Ok, well then get off the phone, and come over.”

“On my way, bye.”



Hi everyone, so do you think I should let them play or not because they have only known each other for a day, and I don’t want to rush things. So please let me know.


P.S. I know it was short, but I was having a little writer’s block.


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Part 12

Max was at Liz’s apartment in no time. Liz ran to the door. “Hey”


“So how are you doing?”

“Good, you?”


“Ok, so can we play now?”

“Max, you are so silly.”

“I know.”

Max flashed Liz his crooked smile and in no time she had jumped him. They made their way to her bedroom, when Liz pushed Max on the bed. Liz jumped on top of him. “Hey”, she breathed though kisses.

“Hi.” Max kissed back and in one swift moment, he was now straddling her with her on her back and him on his knees above her waist. Max leaned down and continues kissing her from her mouth down to her chin, and then continued down her neck and back up to her ear, while doing this he started unbuttoning her blouse. Liz reached up and helped him with his shirt as well, after a couple of seconds both were naked.



“Um, would you mind if we didn’t have sex, and just fooled around?”

“Sure why would I care?”

“I don’t know, I guess I just don’t want to go too fast, and I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“You could never disappoint me Liz, and don’t ever be afraid to express your feelings to me, I will always listen.”

“Thank you,” Liz said staring at his naked form, “You are so.. so..”

“I feel the same way, you are a beauty, I have never laid eyes on something as beautiful as you.”

“And you are HOT!!!!!”

“Thanks, now I feel like a piece of meat.”

“You know I was kidding.” Liz said as she captured his lips with hers and their tongues began a wrestling match.

Max slid his hands up around her breast and kneaded them in a circular motion, he then brought his mouth down to her nipples and slow sucked and nipped stirring an emotion in Liz.

Liz rolled on top of Max and started kisses her way down from his neck, to his nipples like he had done hers, and down to his happy trail. Once she reached his waistline she looked up at him as if asking for his permission. After Liz saw Max nod, she wrapped her hand around Max’s erection and started a back and forth motion.

Max thought he was going to loose control as soon as he felt Liz’s hands on his member. He quickly thought he would help Liz, to try and control himself more. As Max felt his climax coming he tried to pull away but Liz held on and let him release as she heard him call his name.

Max rolled Liz on to her back and started kissing his way up from her feet to her thigh. Liz could feel herself wanting him to taste her and suddenly she felt his tongue working magic. Max thought he was in heaven. He had never tasted anything as good as Liz. Max continued his tongue and Liz felt herself falling over the edge as she called Max’s name.

Both were so happy that they had please the other, they forgot about their sticky situation.

“I think we need a shower.” Max giggled.

“Oh yah maybe we should, would you care to join me?”

Max and Liz entered the shower and continued with fun until the water got cold. They climbed into bed together after drying off and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning Max and Liz were still sleeping. Liz had totally forgotten the Maria would be there at 10 o’clock to go shopping.

“Great the door’s locked, Oh well I guess I will just get the spare key from under the mat, maybe she is still asleep.” Maria said to herself.

As Maria rounded the corner to Liz’s room, the sight she saw was startling. There was Max and Liz lying together in her bed NAKED.

“What is going on?”

Both Max and Liz jumped awake at the sound of a loud screech. When they finally focused on what was going on they both looked like ghosts.

“Maria it isn’t what it looks like I swear.”

“Liz, there can no be no other explanation of what I saw, you and Max were sleeping NAKED in your bed.”

“Ok we were but we didn’t have sex.”

“Sure, Ok you put a robe on, Max stay under the covers, I DO NOT want to see you naked, Stay.”

“Yes Maria,” Max answered.

“You come.”

“Yes Maria.” Liz answered following Maria to the kitchen in her robe. As soon as he saw the girls the room, Max quickly searched the room for his clothes and got dressed.

“Just what were you thinking, I know you like Max, and you are in love, but SEX you just met each other.”

“You and Michael had sex the first night you got together.”

“That’s different, we knew each other, and I am not talking about Michael and me, I am talking about you and lover boy back there.”

“Maria, breathe, calm down, that’s right, in and out.”

“Don’t make fun of me.”

“I’m not, I just want you to listen.”

“Fine I’m listening.”

“Ok after I got off the phone with you Max called, we were both lonely so he came over, one thing lead to another and we started messing around, when we were finished we both needed a shower, so we took one then just fell asleep.”

“Oh my god Liz, I am so sorry for thinking otherwise, so did you have fun?”

“Oh yah, it was a blast.”

Just then Max entered the kitchen fully dressed. “I thought I told you to stay.”

“Well I am dressed so it doesn’t matter, Liz I am going to head home, call me later sweaty.”

“Ok Max, I am sorry about Maria, but I guess I will need to re hide my house key.”

“Ok we will do that later.”

“Max, I totally forgot me and Maria are shopping later, so I will call you later this afternoon.”

“Ok, that will be great.”

“Ok, talk to you later honey.”

“Bye Liz Bye Maria.” Max said as he kissed Liz and then left.

“Great now look what you did, Maria, you scared him.”

“Oh he isn’t afraid of me.”

“I know, I was just kidding.”

“Ok, now go get dressed so we can talk more, and we can shop.”


After Liz, finished dressing she and Maria left for a long day of shopping.


Sorry it took so long guys. I can’t write NC-17 at all, and I was just having trouble on what to write in general so, I hope you guys liked it, please let me know.



posted on 23-Sep-2001 3:27:30 PM by shorty828

Part 13

“So Liz spill.”

“Spill what?”

“What did you and Max do?”

“What do you think we did.”?

“Well I thought you had sex, so you tell me.”

“Fine, well we didn’t do much, we just messed around.”

“So explain, how in the world did yall end up naked?”

“Well Maria, in messing around, you do get naked, at least in my definition of it, but to answer your question we got messy messing around, so we took a shower, messed around some more, then fell asleep.”

“Ok, so basically you were one Maria shy of having sex.”

“Yes if you didn’t come in then we would have made love this morning, Thank you very much.”

“Your welcome chica, I did it for your own good.”

“What good was that, I’m in pain at the moment.”

“Think about him.”

“I am.”

“I didn’t really mean that, come on let’s watch a movie.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Well, I am sorry we are going to watch Evolution, I watched with Michael last week, it is hilarious.”

“Well then I will see it with Max.”

“God, you just met the guy and already it is Max, Max, Max, Max, oh yah and did I forget to mention, Max.”

“Shut up, don’t even get me started on you and Michael, I would have hated being around you two when you first hooked up, all you do is bicker now.”

“That’s the magic between me and Michael.”

“Ok so anyway, I really want to see the movie with Max, we both work tomorrow, so we will only be able to chat on the phone until next weekend.”

“Awe, too bad, no nookie for Liz tonight, awwwwwwwwwe, I guess I won’t walk in on anything when I pick you up tomorrow morning then.”

“Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.”

“So I guess it is I won’t.”

“Maria, shut up, I don’t want to hear it, besides, and you set us up.”

“I know chica, I am so excited for you, I was waiting for this moment the second I thought of you two.”

“Good, well now, take me home, we have been shopping non-stop for like 5 hours, and I have the perfect outfit for my movie date with Max tonight.”

“Fine, Fine, I’ll take you home, but after this whole, I just hooked up with the perfect man, and we and me will spend a weekend night hanging out.”

“I promise we will.”

Maria dropped Liz off at her apartment, and as soon as Liz got home she ran to her room and called Max.

“Hello?” Max answered.

“Hey sexy, what are you doing tonight.”

“I don’t know what are we doing, Liz?”

“Well Maria suggested the movie Evolution.”

“Oh yah, how did that go, you know with this morning thing?”

“It is ok now, she is cool with it, she even gave me her permission to sleep with you now.”

“Thank the heavens, now that we have Maria’s permission we can do it.”

“Shut up Max, you are so funny, so how does the movie sound?”

“Sounds great babe, I will be at your place in 30 min, cool?”

“Yah, sounds good to me.”

“Great, see yah in 30, bye sweetie.”

“Bye Max.”

Liz ran to answer her door. She marveled how Max meant everything he said, if he said 30, it wouldn’t be 29 or 31, he was a very punctual person.

“Hey baby, I admire your punctual ness, and it is very good, even though you are a guy.”

“Yes, I know.” Max leaned in for a sweet gentle kiss on the lips, “So, do you want to go to dinner first?”

“No, I am actually still kind of full from lunch with Maria this afternoon, but we can have some candy and cokes at the movie.”

“Ok, well I am starving, so do you mind if I stop at McDonald’s real quick?”

“No not at all.”

After Max got he delicious and healthy meal, Max and Liz watched the movie with even healthier snacks. “So, how did you like the movie, Liz?”

“Oh my god, do you even have to ask?” Liz giggled still laughing.

“Yah, I can tell what you thought of it, you are still laughing, and I don’t even want to mention that little hiss you went into.”

“I know I was laughing so hard, I was crying, I couldn’t even breathe.”

“Yah, you are still pretty red.”

“So where are we going now?”

“Well it is 9:00, and we can’t really stay out too late, so what do you want to do?”

“We can go back to my place, and watch The Skulls, I own it and it isn’t very long.”

“Okay, that sounds great, I really like that movie.”

“Good, then next weekend we can play some many golf.”

“Well, then that settle Friday night, but let’s go back to your place now.” Max said raising his eyebrows.

“Don’t get any ideas mister.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Once back at Liz’s they cuddled up on the couch and enjoyed another movie. Except during this movie, they didn’t really watch it, they knew the whole movie verbatim anyway, so they spent the time getting to know the insides of the other’s mouth, and the shape of their bodies.

“Well, I guess I should get going, I have a lot of work to do for an upcoming case.”

“I guess your right, I still haven’t finished grading my students’ papers.”

“Ok, well do you want me to call you when I get home?”

“Yah that would be great.”

Max gave Liz a long kiss goodbye and then waited for his phone call. They ended up falling asleep talking on the phone, and had against them the whole night until they woke up and realized what that they had fallen asleep. It was really weird when they woke up that morning and were able to tell that to the other a long with a couple, “I love you” ‘s and some “I miss you” ‘s .

ok I know the ending was dull but I didn’t know how else to end it, sorry these parts have been so far apart, but I have been working my a** off at work because I am going back to my mom’s for 3 weeks, then Florida for 1 week, and California for another 10 days. So I have been really busy. Don’t worry I will have a computer while I am at my mom’s for the 3 weeks, but after that, no story for almost 3 weeks, but that won’t be until July 22.

Well, thanks for all the Feedback,


AN: I decided to make this start in the summer so, Liz and Maria are teaching summer courses.


posted on 23-Sep-2001 3:34:11 PM by shorty828
Part 14

3 weeks later.

“Liz, I told you this day was for you.”

“And I told you that I didn’t care what we did, as long as there are fireworks.”

“I know but this is the 4th of July, we have the whole day off and to ourselves.”

“No, I was talking about other fireworks.”

“We can definitely take care of that tonight.”

“Ok then, that’s what I want to hear.”

“Ok, well then, what I want to hear is, what are we going to do today?”

“Let’s got to the park, and then go buy some fireworks.”

“Ok, then it is settled. Do you want to go ahead and go down to Riverfront Park, that is where they are shooting the Fireworks in Nashville?”

“Yah, that sounds good, Let’s go ahead and get a shower here, I can also grab my roller blades if you want to do that?”

“Roller blading sounds great, but what makes you think a shower with you?”

“Ok, if you don’t want to take a shower with me, then I will go by myself.” Liz said striping while going to the shower.

“Oh-no you don’t,” Max ran after her also stripping, “You can’t get away from me that easily.”

“What makes you think I will just let you in here?”

“Because you know you want me.”

“Ok get in here, you know I can’t resist a naked smelly Max who just wants a shower.”

“I knew you would see it my way.”

After their shower, Max and Liz headed over to Max’s place. Max really wanted to talk to Liz about moving in together but he didn’t want to chase Liz away. He knew that Liz and he had only known each other for 3 weeks, but it seemed so much more than that. They still hadn’t consummated their relationship, but one was always at the other’s house, even if they both had a ton of work to do. They would just bring their work with them. He still didn’t know how to bring the subject up, so once again, he let it slide.

Liz suddenly brought Max out of his reverie. “Max, can we get some ice cream before we get to the park?”

“Of course we can, that sounds like a great idea”, Max couldn’t resist looking at Liz, when she asked about the ice cream she looked like a sad puppy dog, but then when he agreed she looked like a little child opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning. “Just let me grab my roller blades.”

“Okay, hey max, do you want to sit on chairs or a blanket?”

“What do you want?”

Why do we always have to go through this, Liz thought. “A blanket.”

“Well come on up to the apartment with me.”

“Okay, so do you want to pack a picnic or eat there, wait I already know what you are going to say, and I want to spend all your money and eat the food from the concession stands.”

“Ice cream and concession food, maybe we should do more than roller blade out there, fatty.”

“Shut up, why are you so mean.”

“Liz, I was only joking.”

“I know you were, I just wanted to see you choke.”

“Oh you did, did you? Come here.” Max grabbed her and started tickling until surrender.

“Okay, Okay, I give up, you win.”

“Now, that is what I like to hear.”

“Well, you won’t hear it often, so get used to it buddy.”

“You are so funny.”

“I know I try, hey, do you want to play Frisbee, while we are there?”

“Yah, that is a great idea. Let me go grab it.”

“Okay are we all set to go?” Liz asked seeing max with an arm full.

“Yup, I believe so, will you just open the door for me, or let me know if I am about to trip?”

“No, I want to see you do it.” Liz said laughing hysterically.

“He he, so funny aren’t you.”

“Yes I am.” Liz said opening the door.

They both got to the car safely and were heading toward the fireworks station, looking forward for a long and wonderful day.


Yah I know guys, I make you wait forever, and then I go and give you a short part. Well, I will try and get more out by at least Saturday. I promise.

Please let me know how you are liking this story, I just want to make sure I will have enough readers to continue. I really enjoy writing it. And again I am sorry for the wait. It took forever to move all my stuff to storage, and then when I got to my mom’s, she put us to work.



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Part 16

Once the couples met at the park they found a nice place to sit that wouldn’t be too far from the concession stands, that would have a nice view, and be close to a trail so Max and Liz could roller blade.

“Are you sure you guys don’t want us to stick around. Liz and I could go roller blading anytime?” Max asked Michael and Maria.

Michael quickly answered, “ No, really it is ok. Maria and I wanted some alone time anyway.”


“Max and Liz didn’t get very far on their journey before Max pushed Liz to the side.

“Hey what was the for?” Liz yelled while sitting down by a near by tree.

“So I could do this.” Max answered as he smothered Liz with kisses.

About an hour went by when it started getting dark.

“Max, I think we should get back plus I am hungry.”

“Yah, me too.”

Michael and Maria were busy with there own tongue wrestling match when they were interrupt by a loud coughing guys.

“You guys, I don’t think it is very proper to be groping each other in public.”

“Well, buddy you don’t look like you have much room to talk.” Michael replied pulling his hand out from Maria’s shirt.

Liz laughed when she noticed what Michael was talking about. Her shirt was on backwards and Max’s shirt was untucked and his hair was a mess. Max also gave a laugh when he finally noticed what all the fuss was about.

“A little slow aren’t we dear?” Liz asked while laughing at Max.

“So are you girls hungry?” Max asked tucking in his shirt, trying to change the subject.

He was answered by a harmony of “YES!” including Michael’s voice.

“Since when are you a girl?” Max asked Michael

Michael’s reply was, “Since I didn’t want to have to wait in the line of the concession stand and spend all my money.”

“Well then I guess you have always been a girl, now quit being a girl and help me bring these girls some fair food.”

“Yah do as the man says.” Maria and Liz giggled.

Max and Michael came back with arm fulls of food and were just finishes eating when the fireworks started. Liz was sitting Indian style with Max’s head on her lap, while Maria was sitting in between Michael’s legs getting a back massage.

After the fireworks the couples laid under the stars talking for a while longer to try and avoid the traffic jams that were now occurring. Liz and Maria made their girl’s day for the following weekend. While Max said he would entertain himself bar hoping with Michael. Maria and Liz thought that was hilarious because the both knew the guys would be sulking around probably watching TV all day.

After the couples said their goodbyes they headed home for their own firework displays.


I know that part was too short but I was board tonight and thought I would write some more. The only problem is I am having a little writer’s block in that I know want to happen I just don’t know how to write it exactly but I promise there will be nookie in the next part with M/L I just can’t promise how well it will be written.


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Part 15

“What about ice cream you said we could get that first?”

“I know I did, but first I wanted to pick up the fireworks, and then we can eat the ice cream while driving so it won’t be as hot.”

“Ok.” Liz said in a pouty voice.

Max just giggled at her as he drove to the firework stand. He and Liz spent about an hour there trying to decide on what type of fireworks to get. After a while they settled with 2 boxes of sparklers (Liz just had to have those), a bunch of little toy jeeps, flower boxes, and B-52 that spun on the ground then shot up in the air, as well as 5 rocket missiles, 5 big bottle rockets, about 100 little bottle rockets, 3 volcanoes, 200 firecrackers, and 2 big finale type fireworks (all of which totaled to around $75 worth). Just as they were about to leave Liz saw a box of snapping pops.

“Max, look snap pops, c’mon please we have to get those.”

“Liz we already have three hours worth of entertainment, and that is if Michael and Maria shoot these with me.”

“C’mon, you know you want to buy those for me.”

“Fine, I know they will be gone in less then a minute though, but we will get them.”

“Thank you so much, you know I will pay you back for the fun we are going to have.”

“Ok, well then I will hold you to that promise.”

“Good but don’t forget payback is a bitch.”

“I thought that was revenge payback.”

“It goes for thankful payback as well.”

“Alright, well then let’s go back to my place.”

“We have to eat ice cream at watch fireworks first.”

“Damn, ok, I guess I can wait.”

“You better, but it will be worth it.” “Hey call Michael and Maria and see what they are doing.”

“Ok.” Max grabbed his cell phone from the middle compartment and dialed Michael’s cell phone.

“Hello?” Michael answered.

“Hey, it’s Max, what are you and Maria doing tonight.”

“Well we were going to head to Riverfront, and after that shoot some fireworks.”

“You haven’t bought the fireworks yet have you?”

“No, Maria and I were headed to the store now.”

“Don’t go, Liz and me already got some, we were going to see if you wanted to join us at the park, and then shoot fireworks.”

“Well then I guess you know what our answer is.”

“Great just call us when you get to the park and we will meet you there.”

“Ok, we’ll see you then.”

“Alright bye.”


Michael hung up the phone and glanced over at Maria, who had a completely confused look on her face. “That was Max, he and Liz had the same idea as us, so we are just going to head down to the park and meet them there. Is that ok?”

“Perfectly fine, I am so glad those two are getting along so well.” “Me and Liz were suppose to have a girls day of fun pretty soon.”

“Really, have you planned it yet?”

“No, but Liz promised we could have one as soon as she and Max were over there new relationship high.”

“I doubt that will be over anytime soon.” Michael replied laughing.

“Hey it is sweet that they are head over heels for each other.” “Our new relationship high ended after the first minute we were together.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault you were mad at me, I didn’t want to go to that stupid movie.”

“It wasn’t stupid.”

“Ok, it wasn’t stupid but can we please not argue about and argument we had forever ago.”

“Ok, I can’t wait to see Liz, ever since Romeo has been in the picture, I only see her at lunch.”

“Hey don’t forget, you were the one that put them together.”

“I know, I know, just hurry up and get there.”

“I am going as fast as the speed limit will allow.” **************

“So where do you want to go for ice cream?” Max asked Liz.

“Um how about TCBY?”

“Sounds good to me babe.”

Max drove to the nearest TCBY. They decided it would be best to eat as the drove to the park so Michael and Maria wouldn’t be waiting long. Once they got to the park, Max dialed Michael’s phone again.


Hope you enjoyed guys. Sorry if I sounded mean before, but I was just upset about not getting a lot of FB. But you guys are right, if I enjoy writing it, then who cares about the FB. Thank you guys who have left some. But I do not want to force you and make you feel it is necessary so I promise I will continue.


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sorry the parts were out of order here is 17

Warning * NC-17*

Part 17

After all the fireworks were shot, Max and Liz retired to Max’s apartment.

“Liz there is something I really need to talk to you about, and I am not sure how you will feel about it but I will understand either way.”

“Ok, well what is it?”

“Umm…ergh..well you see I been thinking about it, and I was wondering how you would feel about moving in with me.”

“Max…I don’t know I mean we have only known each other for 3 weeks, and although I am confident we will be together until the end of time, it is still really soon.”

“Ok, well I figured , that is how you would feel.”

“Hey don’t be mad, please.”

“Oh Liz, I would never be mad, I totally respect your decision, It was just a thought, I knew that it was a long shot.”

“Ok, I mean, I do want to live with you, but we really don’t know the others habits completely and I just don’t want to ruin a good thing with something so stupid.”

“You are totally right, just please don’t think that I would ever be mad at you for expressing your opinion.” Max stated as he kissed her gently on the forehead. “I will always love that you for your ability to stand up for what you believe is right * kiss * and no one should ever make you feel bad for something you don’t agree with *kiss *” .

“Max that was beautiful *kiss * I am so glad that I found you * kiss * Thank you for understanding where I was coming from.” Liz said as she straddled him and slowly pushed him backwards on the bed.

She reached across to his nightstand and pulled out one of the condoms she had seen in there when she stayed before.

“I guess this means you know I have done this before?”

“It is ok Max, I have too, remember we both went through college, but we will talk about his later, ok?”

“Fine with me” Max replied as he sat up and started kissing Liz again. He pulled her arms above her head, and then lifted her shirt kissing his way up following the shirt until she was just in her bra. Kissing his way from her lips, down her chin, until he got to her ear Max reached blindly unclasping her bra.

Now that Liz was topless, she finished taking off Max’s shirt while laying butterfly kisses across his chest. As she found her way down to his jeans, she then up buttoned them, and was about to reach down, when Max suddenly flipped them over so that he was now on top. “Not yet, my dear.” Max then took off his pants so that he was on in his boxer as he then pulled Liz on to her knees. Reaching down with one hand, he unbuttoned her shorts and quickly took them off of her.

Liz was getting a little antsy and quickly took off her panties so that Max could see her in all her glory. Backing her way to the bed she put her self in a very inviting position in which Max threw off his boxers and jumped on top of her. Max couldn’t help staring at her. He had now seen her nude a number of times but he just couldn’t help staring at her. Liz leaned in for a hungry kiss. Max broke off the kiss and made his way down to her right breast with his hand massaging her left. As his mouth and hand worked their magic, Liz could feel his erection digging into her thigh. As it was, she could hardly control her self so she reached down so that she could give him some attention as well.

Max stopped his attention to her nipple when he felt a little hand grip his member and start rubbing on it in an arousing manner. Liz took this opportunity to straddle Max again. She could feel is manhood lain against her center and she couldn’t take it anymore. Liz grabbed the foil off the nightstand and quickly rolled the rubber down his erection. She then raised her self and immediately sat back down, with him now inside her. Max couldn’t believe how well they fit together it was a perfect match. Max was quickly brought out of his thoughts when Liz began and up and down motion, he couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted this to last, so he rolled them over so that he was now on top. Liz was in heaven she loved the feeling of him and her together as one. Max lifted himself until he was almost out of her, hearing a slight moan from Liz, he slowly made his way back down and repeated this motion until he felt Liz loose control he held her close and also reached his climax, he held Liz tight and kissed her deeply cuddling once again.

“That was great.” Liz exclaimed, as her breathing was something akin to normal.

“Thank you Liz.”

“For what?”

“For loving me, and allowing us to have such a wonderful experience together.”

“Then I should be thanking you.”

“Giving me your love is thanks enough.” Max whispered as they fell into a peaceful sleep in the others arms.


I hope that was good, like I said, I never wrote NC-17 before, so I am not quite sure how it turned out. Please let me know.



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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first site
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

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AN: I am sorry I haven’t posted in forever, it has been all summer actually, it is just, I think this story isn’t that good and I had a writer’s block, but I am speeding this story up a year. So if you are confused and/or have a question just ask. Also please let me know if this part was good or not because I may or may not write more.

Part 18
Max looked into the mirror at his reflection. Today was the 1st anniversary of their first time together. He and Liz had become so close and he knew tonight was going to be very big. Max picked the little velvet box out of his pants pocket and opened it. ‘Why am I so nervous, I know she will say yes, we fell in love with each other the first time we laid eyes on the other.’ With that thought, Max took one last look at his apperance and left to pick up Liz.

They decided that it would be best to stay in separate apartments since neither knew what would become of the future, although, they both had a pretty good idea, they didn’t want to move too fast. Max drove the familiar route to his lover’s apartment, for what he hoped would be one of the best nights of his life.

“It’s open!” he heard Liz say as he made his way thru the door. “Hey Baby, you ready to go?”

“Yah let me grab my purse.”

Liz watched Max walk out the door and was thinking about what she was going to say to him all day. It had been a year since they were first together and Max asked if she wanted to move in with him. Although, she loved the idea, they both decided to wait, but tonight, she was going to let Max know that she had been wanting this for a long time, and she decided if he wasn’t going to ask then she would.


AN: Yes I know this part was short, but I just started writing again, and I wanted to get everyone’s opinion if I should continue or not, so please let me know.


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first site
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

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Part 19

Max and Liz were waiting for their meal to come so Max decided to dance.

“May I have this dance?” Max asked standing up and giving a hand towards Liz.

“But I thought you hated dancing.” Liz exclaimed taking his hand.

“Well you know tonight, I am going against the grain.”

Liz just chuckled, enjoying the feel of being in Max’s arms. She knew no matter what, that would always be a place away from the world.

“So, um I have something to ask you about, would you like it now, or when we go back to my place?” Max asked with raised eyebrows.

“Well, now that you have my curiosity, I will go with now, but after that it’s my turn.”

“So your saying you have something to tell me, cause in that case you can go first.”

“Oh, no. You go first because you brought it up first.”

“Ok, well if you insist.”

Liz was busy laughing at the exchange while shaking her head, but when she looked back to where Max’s head should be, all she saw was air. Confused she looked down and there was Max on one knee.

“Max, what are you doing.”

“I’m proposing.”

“ok, …wait, you’re what.”

“Proposing, you are the light of my life, my breathe, my heart, you are my best friend and soulmate, I knew I found love the first time I saw your face, the second I heard your voice, I believe there is the perfect match for everyone, and you are mine. Liz, I love you, Will you marry me?”

“Oh, my gosh, Max, I love you”, Liz said pulling Max to his feet crowding his face with kisses, “ Of course I will marry you, You are my soulmate, my perfect match, and the love of my life, there could never be another.”

Max was so happy, he just heard the woman of his dreams to agree to marry him, he was in heaven, if he died now, he would be the happiest man on earth, but there is no way he would die now, his life was now all ahead of him, his life with Liz.


Short yes, I know but I got to get back in the groove, and make sure everyone still wants to read it.


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Part 20

“Max, Max” Liz screamed, as they walked back to their table.

“Oh I’m sorry what were you saying”, Max exclaimed being brought back to reality.

“I said on one condition”

“Oh, and what would that be, cause you know I would do anything to make you mine forever.”

“Do you remember the first time we made love, and you asked if we could move in together.”

“Of course, I do, and I would never pressure you to do anything you didn’t want.”

"I know that Max, and I love you for everything you are, I want to live with you"

"You what"

"I want to move in with you I mean you are now my fiance'"

"So is that the one condition cause that is the other thing I was going to ask you?"

"Yes, that is the once condition, so when can I move in?"

"You move in, what if I wanted to go to you."

"Why would you want that, you have such a beautiful place, and I just have a rinky dink apartment."

"Yes but your place is much more decrative and homey."

"Max, quit playing around, you know I could change OUR place into something beautiful that will no longer be a bachelor pad."

"Actually that is the other thing I wanted to talk about."

Just then the waiter brought their food and left.

"What is it Max?"

"Well since we are getting married, and are going to have a family, do you... I mean.. Would you?"

"What Max, What?"

"Well I was thinking we could look for a house."

"Really Max, something that would be ours together."

"Yes, so this means you agree, right."

"Of course, but I still think I need to move to your place first."

"You never give up do you?"

"Nope", Liz said grinning.

"Ok, well then let's move your stuff tomorrow."

"Yes, yes, yes, I win."

"You win huh, we will see about that."

They both finished their meal, and went back to what would so be theirs for a lovely end of the night.


Tessa was that part better, I am trying to make them longer, so I am slowly working my way up.


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first site
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

Please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

Part 21

It was 5 months since Max proposed to Liz, and they were doing great.

“Hey baby.”

“Max what are you doing?”

“This, he said kissing her, and This he said moving down her neck.”

“O ok then,”

“Well actually I just wanted to wake you up.”

“And why is that?”

“Because I scheduled an appointment at this house, I saw a quick description at the end of a tv show.”

“Maaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxx, I am so tired of looking at houses and especially the ones from television.”

“It isn’t from television it was just on a commercial, and I think we will like it.”

“Ok Max, but only cause I love you and only if you finish what you started.”

“well in that case.”

Max pulled up to the address of the house that him and Liz were looking at that day. When him and Liz actually took in the sight of the house they both fell in love.

“Oh my god, Max, it’s beautiful.”

They were looking at a 3 story home, the first 2 floors were full, and the third was an attic/ game room it appeared.

“Well Come on let’s go inside,”Max agreed as they walked to the front door. It had a small porch attached, not huge, but big enough for either a family swing or 2 rockers. Another door that could be entered through, was the door that came into what looked like the laundry room. This room connected the two story garage, and the house.

“Wow. This place is so perfect.”

“Hi, you must be the Evans’?”

“Well soon to be”, Liz exclaimed while showing her ring.”

The lady showing the house smiled, thinking these two looked the fit to the magnificent house.

“Well where would you like the tour to begin?”

Liz looked at Max with that look in her eye as they said together “Kitchen”

“Great start, ok follow me.”

“Alright, this kitchen is connected to the laundry room, which connects to the garage. The garage has an upstairs apartment, and Iwill show you guys that afterwards. Ok as you can see, this kitchen is spacious with counter that comes out, that creates a bar, and divides the kitchen into an eating area as well, Also there is this island, good for cutting boards or the mail.”

Liz looked to Max and gave him a secret smile, letting him know if they moved there, the island wouldn’t be used for just mail.

“Oh Max, look they have those new stove tops.”

The lady piped up, “Yes easy to clean , and much more child friendly, we also have these double ovens.”

Max liked they way they were sort of built into the beautiful oak wood that also made up the cabinets. And he didn’t know why but the green marble counter tops just seemed to fit in perfectly.

“Ok well on with the tour, right this way, you can see into the family room, which is spacious and allows for many things, continuing thru the hall way there leads to the living room and dining room, where the entry way is.”

“I love the way these pillars open up the living room and dining room, on either side of the entry way don’t you Max.”

“Yes, it is very roomy.”

“I guess we get to see the upstairs now,”Max grinned, motioning to the spiral stair case that led up to a balcony above the living room.


Well how was this part, should I continue.


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first site
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

Please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.


“Ok upstairs there are 4 bedrooms.”

“4 bedrooms wow, so how many baths are there.”

“Well including downstairs and the room above the garage there are a total of 4.5.”

“Wow I guess no one will have a problem finding a toilet.”

“Max, you are such an idiot.”

“Hey that’s your soon to be hubby you’re talking about.” Max grinned.

“Yes, I know and your soon to wife is being serious.”

“HAHA you think you’re soooo funny don’t you.”

“Yes as a matter of fact , I do.”

“I do, too” Max said being funny, knowing the he meant every word of I DO.

“Well let’s start with the master bedroom.” The agent showing the house didn’t want to disturb Max and Liz’s little conversation, but she felt like she was sort of intruding on their privacy. So she decided to change the subject.

“Master bedroom, Ok”

Liz just smacked Max in the stomach and stood on her tippy toes to question him, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say your comments are indicating that you are horny.”

“Well lil’ miss if you must know, whose to say I’m not.”

“Well I thought we took care of that before we came up here.”

“Who’d of thought, the little guy was ready for a second round.”

“Watch Mr. Evans, or I’ll have to break in the master bedroom.”

“Ok. Let’s go.”

“Maaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, Liz said embarrassed.

“Relax sweetie I was just kidding, now let’s listen to what the agent has to say about this room.”

“Well this room, has this huge area that allows a lot of décor, and platy of furniture space.” “One of my favorite things this room has to offer is the huge window, with a bench in it.” “Also this room is over the porch in the back and has a patio above the porch where you can over look the pool”

“This place has a pool, I should have guessed that.” Liz said surprised

“Wow this place is just perfect.”

“Well let me show you the master bath.”

“Ok, this sounds great.” Liz said.

“Ok to the left we have a walk-in closet.”

“Omg, it is as big as a room in here.” Liz screamed.

“Well it is for both of you.”

“I could put a desk in here.”

“Well usually people put clothes in there but if whatever you want.” The agent tried to joke. “Anyway, here in the middle we have the vanity area, with double sinks, and to the right, we have a separate room for the toilet, where on this side, you have a shower, and a Jacuzzi, whirlpool tub.”

“Wow both a shower and a tub.” “Oh max, look at that shower there is room for a whole family in there.”

“Yah baby.”

“Shut up Max.”

“Ok, so the other rooms are this away.”

“Ok two of the rooms are connected with a bathroom, you can walk in to the middle area which is the vanity with again, a double sink, and this door opens to the toilet, and this door opens to the tub.”

“Wow I like the way that it set up.”

“Yah it’s nice.”

“And then over here, down the hall is like a mini-master bedroom.”

“Wow this place is great.”

“Well here is my card, and here is the number.” “Also don’t forget about the next level”

“Well let’s see it.”

“Ok see this door here, it leads to the next level”, the agent said pointing to the door in the middle of the hallway. At the top of the stairs there was a door to the left. “This door is the attic”, she said opening it to the huge empty space. “And then as you can see, this room can be used as a play room.”

“Ok, well thank you for showing us the house today, but we kind of need to run.”

“Yah it took kind of longer than we expected.” Liz agreed catching on to what Max was hinting too.

“Alright, thanks for looking at the house, and don’t forget about the pool and Jacuzzi in the back yard and the extra bedroom above the garage.” The agent said, while shaking their hands, and silently praying this couple would buy the house.

“Ok, well we will defiantly keep this house in mind, and we will discuss it once we get home.”

“Yes thanks again for showing us around, and we will get back to you.” Liz said, while leading Max down to the car, and home for their 2nd round.


Well I know this house sounds expensive, but it kind of like my dream home. Hope you enjoyed that part, and please leave feedback.

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Part 22 NC-17

Max behrly made it out of the car when Liz ran and jumped in his arms.

“Sweetie (kiss) We have to get upstairs first (kiss)”

“I know (kiss) but I cant (kiss) not (kiss) kiss(kiss) you (kiss)”

“Well do (kiss) you (kiss) want me (kiss) to drop (kiss) you, you are( kiss) making me weak in the knee (smiling kiss)”

“Ok I’ll ride piggy back (kiss)”

Max bolted up the stairs with Liz on his back. He almost knocked a little girl running down the stairs if he hadn’t of moved out of the way. As soon as he got to his door, he quickly unlocked it, running inside and quickly throwing Liz on the couch.

“You are mine now.”

“Oh no, you are mine” Liz said while quickly removing his sweater and undershirt.

Max started attacking Liz’s face with kisses moving to her stomach and removing her long sleeve blouse. “No I think I will win this battle.” Max replied in a muffled voice as he used his tongue on Liz’s belly button.
Liz was on fire with the feeling of Max’s tongue in her belly button, he was arousing all of her senses. All of his talk at the house really got her going, plus his teasing in the car. She was now ready for Max to devour her. She didn’t even care who won their stupid little fight, all she needed was Max in her and as soon as possible.
Max was also thinking the same thing. All of his senses were on overload. The taste of Liz was enough to put him over the edge, but he could never do that to Liz. Suddenly he felt Liz pull his head up to hers.
Liz loved the feeling of Max’s mouth roaming her body, and especially when he made love to her belly button, but all she wanted right now was Max’s tongue wrestling with hers. All she needed was to feel the inside of Max’s mouth, and she knew she was home. As their tongues dueled wanting to explore the others mouth, Max gently lifted Liz is his arms wanting to take her to their bed.

“No Max”, Liz said hungrily as she went back to capture his lips.


“I wanna love you here baby.” (kiss) “Right now”

Max pulled back to see the love in her eyes. But what he saw made his skin crawl and his already huge erection jerk. Liz’s eyes were not only full of love, but they were also clouded over with lust. She showed him just how much she needed him, like she would die without the feeling of him inside her.
Liz reached down with a hunger to pull of his jeans and boxers in one swift motion, careful not to get it hung up on his throbbing manhood.
Max did the same with Liz as he pulled her jeans and panties off and throwing them not caring where they landed. When he moved over the top of Liz ready to penetrate her waiting center, he was again met with Liz’s resistance.

“I want to love you.”

Not understanding what she meant, he looked at her to ask, when she climbed on top of him and straddled his muscular body. She slowly lowered herself on his hard erection.
Max looked at Liz with surprise. He never expected this move but it was one of the nicest surprises he could have gotten. There was something about Liz taking control of the love making that turned him on even more then he was, which almost seemed impossible.
Liz moaned in pleasure as she lowered herself onto Max's pulsing shaft. He had to bite back a groan when the look of pure contentment washed over Liz's face. She looked like a Greek Goddess with her hair spilling down her back like a chocolate waterfall. The way her eyes were half closed gave her an exotic look and Max had to close his eyes in order to keep himself from going over the edge.
Liz set the pace for their lovemaking. She kept the stroks long and slow. She wanted to feel ever inch of Max inside of her and she wanted to feel it for as long as possible.
When Max felt Liz swallow his erection whole, he couldn’t hold it any longer. Feeling himself loose control, he reached his fingers up rubbing her nub, so they could loose control together. Both of them loved the feeling of going over the edge together.
Liz collapsed in a sweaty heap on Max’s muscular chest basking in the scent of Max and sex.


Well how did I do, hopefully ok. And A BIG BIG BIG thank you to jenn (luvroswell26) for all her HELP and SUGGESTIONS. This part was dedicated to you jenn. THANKS


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first site
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

Please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

Part 23

Max laid there looking at Liz on the bed with complete adoration. He loved they way she looked when she laid on her stomach one arm under the pillow, one arm around him, and her hair across either his chest or the pillow.

Liz could feel Max’s hot stare. She always knew when Max was looking at her. He just had this presence that she could always feel. Of course she knew that Max could always feel when she was looking at him as well.

“Morning, sleepy head.”

“Me a sleepyhead, you’re the one who was sleeping in.”

“No I wasn’t I woke up earlier but since I wore you out last night, I decided to wait till’ you woke up.”

“O.K. but why do you always have to argue with me?”

“I don’t know, I guess I’m just stubborn like that.”

“Hey, you said it, not me.”

“Maaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxx!” Liz said surprised as she smacked him.

“Ok, ok, I give, I’m sorry.” Just then Max jumped out of the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to make my beautiful fiancé some breakfast, what would you like?”

“Actually, I was wondering if we could maybe go to IHOP or something, and discuss that BEAUTIFUL house.”

“Sure thing, want to take a shower first?” Max asked raising his eyebrows.

“Ok, race you to the shower.”
After Max and Liz took their nice long shower, twice, they got dressed and headed over to the restaurant in record time. Surprisingly enough, for some reason they were both starving.

“So what do you think of the house?” Max asked Liz, already knowing her reaction.

“What do I think of the house, gee let me think, uh…….”Liz paused pretending to be stupid, “I love it… it is like my dream house, the one I pictured living in as a child, when I was planning my grown up life. I mean there is enough room there for plenty of children, and of course a guest room, a place where the children can play. I just love it…but”

Before Max could say anything Liz quickly cut him off to finish what she was saying. “….But…I mean Max it is way to expensive… How can you afford it, and I don’t know how much my parents will pay for the wedding, …or the honeymoon.” Liz smiled after that thinking of what their honeymoon would be like.

“Hey…hey..look at me”, Max said pulling Liz’s face up with his finger on her chin, “I love you, and I will do anything for you, you know that. I want to spend the rest of my life with you in your dream home. Because my dream home is you. I love you so much, words can’t express it. And don’t worry about the cost, we can afford it together. You and me, we will be make it through whatever life throws at us, and you know why?” Max asked looking at her with love shining through his eyes. “Because we belong together we are soul mates.”

“Max you are the sweetest person in the world, I love you so much.” Liz replied and gave him a tender kiss, that slowly escalated to more.

Neither remembered where they were until their waiter came up and interpreted them.

Liz leaned over and whispered in Max’s ear, “Maybe I should have let you cook, those damn waiters, always interrupting.”

Max just chuckled, “Yah, but then it would have been Maria.”

“Oh so true, why can’t we just be left alone.”

“I don’t know maybe we are just lucky that way.”

“How right you are Mr. Evans.”


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

Please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

AN: Hi, Me again, well I just wanted to let you know this part is 2 months after their discussion about the house, and a month till’ the wedding.

Part 24

“Easy, Easy. No just a little more to the left, Ok, Yes there perfect.” Liz directed Michael and Max where to put the bed down, in the master bedroom of their new home.

“This is fine Liz, besides, if you and Max don’t have the bed up against a wall or something, it might fall apart, you know the legs on this bed aren’t as sturdy as they used to be.” Michael loved joking with her about all the sex her and Max had, but he was relieved because she stopped annoying Maria and him, well him, as much so they could have their own free time.

Liz eyes got really wide, “Michael I can’t believe you said that! Max hit him.”

“Awe, c’mon sweetie, he knows its true.”

“Uh, I can’t believe you two!”

Just then, Maria walked in, “What’s going on in here?” Maria could tell because Liz’s face was as red as a cherry and both Michael and Max were snickering. “Seriously, what are yall doing to my poor friend?”

“Nothing.” Both said in unison.

“They are talking about how often we make love.”

“Oh well in that case, Michael we need to get going they haven’t christened the house yet.”

As Michael was walking toward Maria to leave she saw Max looking at Liz, and Liz trying to look anywhere but at Max, “Oh my god, oh my god, Oh I can’t believe this, you two, oh eww, oh jeez I can’t believe this!”

“What Maria, what are you talking about?”

“Umm, gee , let me think look at those two.”

“Oh I gotcha, Guys, do you have to be so obvious. I mean you could have waited until your actual first night here.” “So when did you do it?”

“Hey Man, that’s private.” Max had to do something to get on Liz’s side, he knew if he kept egging Michael on, there would definitely be no nookie what so ever tonight.

“Hey Michael, why don’t you leave them alone, I mean, we still have that too.” Maria started walking towards Michael with a huge grin.

“Oh yah baby, I mean I just can’t stand being away from you, come here.”

Maria jumped in Michael’s arms, and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“What do you think you are doing.” Liz screamed in surprise.

“What do mean Liz, I am just expressing the way I feel about my husband.”

“Not in my bedroom, you’re not.” Max yelled.


“Relax you two, we were just joking with you.” Michael joked clutching his stomach in laughter.

“Very funny, now if you please vacate the area, me and my soon to be wife, would like to start getting the house together.”

“Um, sure you mean making it fall apart.”

“Maria will you please get your husband to leave.”

“Oh ok, I see, just use me for my muscles, and make me leave, with not as much as a kiss.”

“Hey the only one kissing you is me.” Maria exclaimed.

“Or me!” Max replied in a seductive lisp, trying to keep in his laughter.

“Nope, the only one you’re kissing is me.” Liz said grabbing Max and planting a huge breathless kiss all over his face.

“Oh eww… please guys, Maria says I’m not allowed to watch porn.”

“I guess you need to leave then.”

“Max…buddy pal, I can’t leave now, you still owe me dinner, for helping you move.”

“You took me seriously, please.”

“Damn right, when you talk about giving me free food, I’m there.”

“Ok, well I’ll give you some later on. Right now, I’m not kidding, you and Maria, probably should get going. I mean, unless, you want me to give you a strip tease.”

“I think not, Maria c’mon. Let’s go. Wait now. It’s just getting interesting.”

“Maria, you are my best friend, but I can assure you, I am the only one to see Max strip.”

“Chica, chill. I was just kidding.”

“I know, but you know I’m all hot and steamy now, so talking about Max stripping is making me antsy.” Liz could hardly keep from falling on the floor with laughter.

“Alright Michael, time to go, I think Liz is actually getting antsy.”

“You know it girl.”

“Alright guys, we will see you tomorrow. Isabel should be here, tomorrow morning. So we will all meet for breakfast.”

“Alright, that works for us, see ya tomorrow Maxwell.”

“Buy guys.”

“Alright, now that they finally decided to leave, I have a little something for you mister.”

“And, what might that be.”

“Oh well I was thinking maybe. I could give you a lap dance.”

“So them talking about me stripping really did get you horny.”

“Nope, just watching you carrying all the furniture. And getting all sweaty and watching your muscles.” Liz was turning her self on talking about Max.

“um, sweetie, why don’t we go take a shower.”

“Max, I don’t want to wait. Besides, what would you rather have. Me dancing on you, or you rubbing yourself in the shower.”

“Well if you are going to be like that, I was going to bring you as my washcloth.”

“We can take a shower afterwards. This I want to do for you.”

“Well if you insist.”

Liz pulled out a chair for Max to sit on.

Meanwhile outside

Michael and Maria were walking to their car when an airport van pulled up.

“Oh my god Michael, I think that’s Isabel.”

“Isabel what is she doing here.”

“Michael…Maria…Is that you two.”

“Yah Isabel what’s up, girl I haven’t seen you in the longest time.”

“I know Maria, we are going to catch up on so much stuff. What are you guys doing here anyway.”

“I was helping Max move the last of the stuff here. The house isn’t really finished. But the guest room is all set up.”

“Oh it is so good to see the two of you, yall look great.”

“Well, thank you. I try and keep cartoon boy as decent looking as possible. So what are you doing here now, I thought Max said you wouldn’t get here until the morning.”

“Well that’s when I was suppose to but, the airlines called and said the flight was over booked, so they asked if I would take an earlier flight for cheaper. So I figured why not, I would surprise my twin bro.”

“That’s great well I can’t wait for you to meet Liz you will love her.”

“Yes, I really want to meet the girl that stole my brother’s heart.”

“Oh she is just so sweet, a really fun loving girl, and she is so down to earth.”

“yah, Maria’s right. Liz is a really sweet person. You will love her.”

“Whoa, did I just hear right. Michael Guerin gave someone a compliment?”

“Yah it happens.”

“Well we will see you later, Michael is hungry, and I got some errands to run.”

“Ok see yah later.”

“Yah see yall tomorrow. Just go on up. Max and Liz are still organizing.”
After they gave their hugs and told Isabel about breakfast the next day, Michael and Maria got in their car.

“Oh my god, Michael do you know what we just did.”

“Yah we sent Isabel up to the house so.”

“So, So, Michael do you remember how we left them.”

“Oh you’re right, c’mon let’s go, Isabel is probably going to get a nice first impression. They are probably naked and to the point of satisfaction about now.”

“Yah, we have to catch her.”


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

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Part 25

Liz pulled out a chair for Max to sit in.

She slowly pulled off her shirt in a very seductive manner. Liz then walked up to Max and crawled in his lap. When Max’s hands came up to massage Liz’s breast, he was halted by Liz’s hands.

“Tisk, tisk. No touching is allowed in lap dances.”

Max decided to obey and let Liz have complete control. He loved it when Liz took control especially when she felt like being kinky.

Liz began wiggling in Max’s lap rubbing her clothed heat against Max’s bump in his jeans. While wiggling her hips she removed her bra. Slowly Liz raised herself so that she could rub her breast in Max’s face.

Although, Max knew he wasn’t allowed to touch he couldn’t help but lick at Liz’s nipples and bite.

Liz moaned as she felt Max’s tongue come in contact with her nipples. She knew she should reprimand him for being disobedient, but she couldn’t it felt to good. Finally, she decided she needed to regain control. Liz gently pulled herself from Max’s face while shaking her head and tisking.

Max felt at a loss when Liz pulled away, but from the look in her eyes, he knew he wouldn’t regret it for long.

Liz quickly moved back to earlier task. She loved the feel of Max’s arousal under her. It just drove her crazy that she could make Max loose control. As she was wiggling she noticed that Max’s eyes where closed and his head was laid back just enjoying the moment.

Max opened his eyes when he felt his shirt being lifted above his head. ‘oh yah this is getting good’ he thought to himself. Well he knew what good felt like when he felt Liz’s hot mouth lick at his taut nipples.

Liz knew she need to watch what she was doing because the moans Max was letting escape was causing her to get extremely excited. Liz got lost in Max’s moans and began riding him with their jeans still on.


“Hello. Is anyone home?” Isabel could swear she heard something coming from upstairs, so she figured Liz was telling Max to move something. Just as she reached the second floor she heard the front door fly open.

“Isabel wait.” Michael was screaming knowing Isabel had already made it to the second floor.

Isabel turned around hearing Michael’s voice, “wait um I…Maria and I forgot we had to show you something.”

“What, Well hold on a second let me tell Max I’m here.”

“No you can’t!”

“Why not!” “What’s wrong with you?”


Liz had gotten caught up in the moment, when she realized she was loosing control. She noticed the look of complete satisfaction on Max’s face. “Max we have to slow down. I am sorry I got carried away.”

“Me too, come on, let’s take this to the bed.”

As Max was reaching for the button on Liz’s pants Liz stopped him, “Max do you hear that. It sounds like Michael.”

“Oh sh*t, what did they forget. Oh my god, that’s my sister’s voice. She’s upstairs. Quick, throw your shirt on and go out there.”

“What, No I can’t where’s my bra. Oh god I can’t believe this.” “Are you ok?”Liz asked noticing Max’s painfully obvious erection through his jeans. She felt horrible for him.

“Yes just please go intercept her. Talk to her for a second. I have to get this to go away.”

“I think that is easier said then done, I am so sorry.” Liz said quickly putting on her bra, and putting her shirt on.”

“I will be ok, just let me lay here for a second. Please just talk to her for a little bit, tell her I’m in the bathroom.”

“Okay, sweetie, are you ok?”

“I will be.” Max said with a huge look of anger, frustration, and pain all on his face.

Liz slipped out the door going to intercept Max’s sister. ‘oh jeez what a great first impression that would have made.’


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

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Part 26

“Um…hi, you must be Isabel?”

“Yah…It’s great to meet you…Liz? right? Where is Max?”

“Oh…um he’s in the bathroom actually, he’ll be out in a bit. So um do you want a tour of the house, or do you want to see the guest room?”

“Yah that sound’s great, we can start with the house.”

“Ok great, Is Michael still here, I thought I heard him?”

“No I think he walked back outside, I don’t know he was acting very strange…even for Michael.”

“Ok, well I will show you the kitchen first, yah from what I’ve known of Michael, he is a very strange guy, but he is perfect for Maria.”

“Yah he sure is.”

“… this is the kitchen, Max and I just love the way it’s set up.”

“Oh yah, I love this, its so cute, I can just picture my nieces and nephews eating breakfast and doing homework on this ledge here.”

“Oh yah that’s what I told Max when we first saw this house.”

“You know Liz, I can tell why my brother loves you so much, and I just met you.”

“Well thanks, Isabel. That’s really sweet of you, I can tell we will be good friends.”

An awkward silence sort of descended upon them, as they both thought about becoming friends, and Isabel looked around the kitchen some more.

“I just love the downstairs how it is set up and all, nice and spacious, but very homey.”

“Well if you love it down here, I’ll show you the bedrooms upstairs, I just love the way its set up, very nice for when we have kids.”

“That’s wonderful, because I’m not ready for kids, but I can’t wait to have nieces and nephews.”

“Oh, do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, not as of right now, I’m just to into my job at the moment.”

“Sounds like your brother, except I try and keep him away from the job every once and a while.”

“That’s so good to hear, Max has always been very uptight when it came to working, did you know he started working at 15 at my dad’s office.”

“Really, wow, he didn’t tell me he started that early.”

“Yes I didn’t fall in love with law until our sophmore year in college. I used to want to be a model.”

“A model really. That’s very interesting.”

“Yah, but I realized that it would be I don’t know, just too fake.”

After the tour Liz figured Max would be ‘out of the bathroom’ so as she was going to their room to get Max he came out the door.

“Hey Max, um…feeling okay?”

“Yes, thanks”

“Oh MAX it’s great to see you, I missed you so much.” Isabel shreaked.

“Izzy, I’m right here, you don’t have to go all super sonic.”

“Shut up Max.”

“So have you two become acquainted?”

“Yes we sure have dear brother, while you were in the bathroom, for god knows how long, Liz showed me the house. I am so thankful, I no longer have to share a bathroom with him.”

Liz busted out laughing at Isabel’s comment. When she looked over at Max though, she could tell by the look in his eyes that she would definitely be paying for that later.

“Um… how was your flight, why are you here so early?”

“Well like I told Michael and Maria, my flight was over booked so the bumped it. Oh yah, and they told me we are all meeting for breakfast in the morning.”

“Yah, that’s the plan.”

“So, Izzy how ya been sis. I missed you so much.” Max said hugging her.

“Yah Max I missed you too. I hope you don’t mind me coming in early.”

“No, not at all. So what do you want to do tonight. Do you want to see a movie?”

“Um, whatever you and Liz had planned, I don’t want your plans for tonight to have changed any.”

Max looked at Liz, sharing a look. They already had their plans for tonight changed. “Actually we were going to see a movie, Monsters, Inc. looked really funny.”

“Oh yah, I really want to see that, and seeing as how we don’t have any kids around.”

“Ok, well then we will see a movie.”

“Ok, just let me get freshened up, I hate traveling.”

“Alright, after the movie we can grab some dinner.”


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Hey everyone, I havent written as much because, it still seems as thought not many people are interested, but I am still writing this story, I should be able to post the next part soon, I have written about a pg and a half already but I havent been able to type it yet so its about 4 pages written. Ok So anyway. Just to inform you.

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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

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Part 27 ( a little on the NC-17 side)

When the movie let out, they decided to go to Chili’s and discuss what they liked most about the movie. Everyone agreed Boo was the cutest. Every time she said ‘kitty’ they would all just bust out laughing.

About two hours later, Max and Liz were showing Isabel to her guest apartment above the garage.

Once they were all ready and in their normal spoon position for sleep, they continued on with their routine discussing the others day.

“So was that Alex that called earlier?”

“yah, he wanted to know why he knew about me getting married thru one of his co-workers down in Nashville. Apparently Maria went down to his office to get her computer fixed, cause her friend LIZ PARKER was getting married, and she was going to do the invitations on her computer.”

“Have Alex and Maria not met, I have even met him, he’s a really sweet guy.”

“Yah, Maria was so upset, she didn’t know Alex was the Alex I always talked about. He quit working at MTSU the fall before Maria started. He was only there for 2 semesters.”

“I thought you sent Maria to the computer shop specifically for Alex to fix it.”

“I did, this is MARIA we are talking about though, she didn’t put 2 and 2 together.”

“Well that’s true.” Max chuckled. So did he ask why you were sending invitations out three months before the wedding?”

“Well he didn’t know its in three months, but I told him, I said I was personally inviting everyone because it’s a personal wedding, just family and close friends. Then just to be formal, sending out the invitations Maria is making.”

“So is he still mad?”

“No, he wasn’t ever really mad, he was just playing with me. I invited him to breakfast with us tomorrow too if you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind.”

“I am really glad he is coming, I want him to meet Isabel anyway.”

“Liz, don’t do that to either of them, I mean, just because if worked for us, after MANY horrible experiences doesn’t mean that you can just start doing that, you will turn into Maria. “

“First of all Max, I will never be Maria. This is a one time thing. Besides, I know I just met your sister and all they really seem like it would be perfect for each other.”

“I guess you’re right, and Isabel does need something to keep her mind off the job every once and a while. And if I let anyone date my sister, Alex is a good man, but they are like two extremes in the opposite direction.”

“Yah, but haven’t you heard the term opposites attract. I mean look at Michael and Maria.”

“You make a good argument there.” “I love you, goodnight.” Max said squeezing her and closing his eyes.

“Wait a minute, you can’t go to sleep you are suppose to be getting me back for earlier, remember.”

“Yes, I remember, and I am.”

“No, you’re not getting me back, you’re going to sleep.”

“I know!”


“Are you all hot and bothered and waiting for me to relieve you of your tension, so bad you are squirming?”

“YES!!!, Now are you going to do something about that?”

“Nope, when you left me, I was in much worse state.”

“Of course I did, your sister and Michael were down stairs, and I’m sure Maria, was probably either down stairs with them or coming back up, did you just want them to see us?”

“Yah sure, why not, I mean Maria has interrupted us so many times I am used to it. Besides I was about 2 seconds from exploding.”

“You weren’t that close.”

“ I beg to differ. I was going to let it go down, but it wouldn’t and it hurt way to bad, I just had to finish it. So now I am getting you back.”

“Oh you are, are you? Well then, I guess I won’t disturb you and I will…ergh…satisfy myself.”

Max took awhile and said, “Hey you did it to me!” “And no, it won’t disturb me.”

“Ok then.” Liz replied as she slowly undressed next to Max.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting ready to make myself squirm.”

“No, I don’t think so, and you don’t have to be naked for that.”

“Have you ever seen me masterbate.”

“No, but it’s a little obvious, I mean unless you use a dildo.”

“I sure don’t. Maybe you should just watch.”

“No Liz, I am paying YOU back.”

“Ok, fine. Go downstairs, and watch some t.v. and I will stay up here, and take care of everything, ALL BE MYSELF.” Liz said while laying down and situating herself on the bed next to a sitting Max.

“No Liz, you can’t make me go downstairs, I have never seen this, I gotta watch. This is like one of my wildest dreams.”

“Fine stay if you like, but remember we can’t do anything, YOU are punishing ME.”

“Hey, I know this.” Max said getting excited just think about what Liz was getting ready to do.

Liz laid back on the bed as she slowly reached down to her center while using her middle and pointer finger in and out. She was watching Max staring at her and could see the bulge building in his boxers. So then she stopped.

“What, can’t handle, that not being my fingers?” Max said proud himself in a low seductive whisper. He really wanted that to be his fingers or theirs together, but he wasn’t going to let her win.

“Nope, I am going to finish doing this my way.” Liz got up walking to the bathroom in all her glory.

Perplexed Max had to ask, “I thought you said I could watch.”

“You can, come on in, sit down, make yourself comfortable.”

“What are you planning on doing?”


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Part 28 NC-17

“Just sit down and you will see.”

“C’mon, Liz just tell me what you are doing, why are you naked? And why are we in the bathroom?”

“Well first of all you will just have to watch. But this is kind of embarrassing for me. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE knows I do this. I wasn’t even going to tell you, but this is the only way I can get you.”

“I don’t think so sweetie, there is nothing you can do to make me give in.”

“Ok, we will see, it seems though from that little lump in your boxers, your mine.”

“Hey leave him out of this.”

“Whatever you say!”

Liz then climbed into the tub. “Promise me after I show you this, you won’t want to not marry me.”

“Hey, where is this coming from, There is nothing you could say or do that will keep me from marrying you.”

“Ok.” Liz then turned on the water to a comfortable temperature, not too hot not too cold.

“Liz, no offence but I have seen you take a bath bef………..” Max suddenly stopped mid- sentence as he watch Liz slide up under the faucet.

Max’s thought his eyes were out of socket. He couldn’t breath. And he had a now raging hard on.

Liz had opened her legs and slid underneath where the water came out of the faucet on the wall. She was lifted up with her legs on the side of the tub, and her arms holding her up, with her back arched, watching Max’s reaction.

After about 5 minutes of Liz under the water she finally felt her walls clamp down as an orgasm ripped through her entire body.

Liz climbed out of the tub wrapping herself in a towel and walked over to Max, sitting on his lap. She could feel his erection pressed against her butt.

“Well are you going to say anything?”

He continued to stare at the bathtub, and then all the sudden stood up, and ripped the towel off of Liz. He didn’t think twice, he picked Liz up and placed his shaft in her heat in one swift moment. He loved this woman so much, but to him right now wasn’t about showing his love. He needed to fuck her until he couldn’t stand up. Wrapping Liz’s legs around his waist they were bouncing up and down, they moved from the center of the bathroom to the wall, knocking over there towel rack, out of the bathroom, against the dresser, then by the night stand knocking over the lamp. He couldn’t help it, he had to move around the room, while he moved in and out of his goddess. They bit, nibbled and sucked where ever their mouths landed. Finally they fell back onto the bed in an exhausted sleep as they climaxed together.

They laid there still trying to regain control of their breaths, and bask in the hot sex that they just experienced. Usually it was all about showering the other with there love and making love slowly as to savor every moment. So laying there trying to catch their breaths Liz laughed and exclaimed, “I told you I would win.”

“oh man Liz”, Max said still trying to catch his breath “what you do to me, I can’t believe you did that. There was no way in hell I could keep from touching you after that, I mean after the initial shock of what just occurred sunk in.”

“So what do you think it was like weird or something?”

“Weird, that was like the kinkiest think I have ever witnessed, I almost lost control before you touched me, I think its safe to say I would watch that a million times before I would want to see two girls together. And you know what kind of thing guys have about that.”

“So, I mean that didn’t gross you out, I mean you didn’t do that, just to show me that you would rather have sex with me than see me do that?”

“Liz, where is this insecurity coming from, that was the most amazing and beautiful experience. I mean, it was just creative and beautiful.”

“You definitely have a weird since of what being creative is.”

“Yes I know. But Liz, please that would never turn me off, and I love that you shared that with me, how come with no one else, Although, I am very glad that you didn’t, That’s my special show.”

“I got you, I don’t need that. Before maybe, but not now.” Liz said grinning.

“So how did you discover this…uh…technique?”

“In a pool actually.”

“A pool?”

“Yah, you know how they always have those spickets that the water comes out of by the filter, well one day I was talking to my friend, and it ended up between my legs, and it felt good, so I just sort of went with it.”

“You had an orgasm in a pool, a public one?”

“No, but I discovered the tub works too. And I did there.”

“I love you so much” Max whispered in her ear and nibbled.

“What is this for all the sudden?”

“I do, I love you , it’s not all the sudden.”

“You know what I mean”

“It’s just I learn something new about you everyday, and it just makes my love for you grow if that is even possible.”

“It is, because I love you more each passing moment too. But you have to promise me one thing.”

“And what would that be?”

“Do not in anyway mention what happened tonight to anyone. I know guys like to kiss and tell, but this is our thing ok, I mean you can say we did it all night for all I care, but keep this between us.”

“Gladly” Max then felt himself get hard again while he was still inside Liz “So what was that about all night?”

“You know me, I’m UP for it if you are. Bring it on!”


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

Please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

Part 29

Max rolled over hitting the alarm. He then woke up rubbing his eyes, while nudging Liz.

“C’mon Max, you wore me out last night, just let me sleep.”

Max had to chuckle to himself. That really was one hot night last night.

“Liz, c’mon get up, we have to take Isabel, and meet, Maria, Michael, and Alex.”

“Oh I completely forgot, tell me again, why did we agree to do this so early in the morning?”

“Liz, we have to get up, and believe me, once we are alone again, I will make it worth it.”

“Ok, but I will come collecting if it isn’t offered.”

30 minutes later

Everyone met at the restaurant. They were all hugging and smiling until Alex walked shyly up to Liz and asked who the other woman was besides Maria.

“Oh, I’m sorry Alex, I totally forgot”, walking over to where Isabel was standing, “Isabel, this is Alex, Alex this is Isabel.” “Isabel is Max’s sister.”

“Nice to meet you Isabel, my name is Alex.” He exclaimed nervously.

“Yah, Liz kind of mentioned that already. So are you are friend of hers.”

“Yah, I used to teach at MTSU with her for a year, and then I got another job down in Nashville fixing computers and such.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“So what do you do?”


“Ah, I see, so yours and Max’s dad, must have really instilled you with the lawyer gene.”

“Um, actually, I didn’t want to be a lawyer until later.”

Liz could hear Alex making a complete fool of him while talking to Isabel. She wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but she was beginning to worry about the whole idea of getting the two of them together. Liz still had some faith, but it was practically out of her hands now. Alex was so adorable and sweet that she didn’t know why someone wouldn’t want to date him. Although he was a little too corky at times, he really was a sweet guy, and she could just see him and Isabel together for a long time.

Alex decided maybe he should just shut up before Isabel thought he was anymore of a complete loser. Alex turned towards where everyone was walking toward the table with his head hung low. He couldn’t believe what a beautiful goddess he just met, and once again, Alex Charles Whitman screwed up royally. He just wished he could catch a break.

“Alex? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just, never mind.”

“No, tell me what’s wrong?”

Alex turned around to reply and didn’t even notice the waitress with a tray full of food and drinks. Before Isabel could say anything, the tray was flying thru the air landing all over Alex and the waitress.

Alex couldn’t believe his luck. Did God think this was some sick joke? Isabel said something to him, not just something, she noticed he was upset and wanted to know why. Was she really interested? He slowly got up to see if the waitress was ok apologizing profusely.

The others tried to help clean up the mess, when Isabel ran to Alex to see if he was ok.

“I’m so sorry Alex. I didn’t mean to, gosh, I mean…please don’t be mad.”

“Me mad, why would I be mad at you?”

“Well I was talking to you and made you turn around, this was all my fault. I am so sorry.”

“No, no Isabel, this wasn’t your fault at all. I mean, if you noticed, I kind of get a little idiotic when I’m around beautiful women.”

“Oh yah I noticed, but it really is adorable.”

“Really you think?” Alex blushed at Isabel’s comment.

After all the mess was cleaned up and they were shown to another table everyone took their seats. Alex was grateful Isabel was not only talking to him, but it appeared she was flirting. Not that he minded not one bit at all.

Liz looked over at Max and smiled. She was so happy, it appeared Alex and Isabel were getting along great now. She wasn’t sure Isabel was really in to Alex until he ran into the waitress. She could tell if that is what won Isabel over, the two of them would be happy for life. Max also noticed how Isabel was hanging on to every word Alex said. He knew she would like Alex, but was afraid her ice exterior would get the better of her. She could be very hard to please at times, but she always was attracted to ‘nerds’.

Isabel wasn’t sure why she liked Alex so much. He was a little on the nerdy side. But she loved his sense of humor. Every time Alex got nervous, or didn’t know what to say, he would just crack a joke making everyone laugh, and breaking the ice a little. Isabel hoped that maybe her and Alex could get to know each other a little more. She was really looking forward to it.


Sorry this part took so long to get out guys, And I know it is really short too. I just have a huge writer’s block at the moment, and all my first tests for this semester are coming up. All my teachers are trying to get everyone to drop and said these would be the hardest test of the semester.


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first site
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

Please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

Part 30

One week to go until the wedding, and everything was crazy. Max and Liz spent the week not only trying to get their house together but also preparing it for the wedding. After discussing it over and over again, they finally agreed that they would have there wedding in their backyard. I mean what better way would there be to christen your house with wonderful memories. Everyone agreed this wedding would be beautiful. The house was a beautiful setting not only for the wedding but for the reception as well.

Isabel, Alex, Michael, and Maria all agreed that they would clean the house and lock it up when Max and Liz left for a wonderful honeymoon in California. They knew there was nothing to extravagant to California, like Hawaii or the Bahamas, but who said they were even planning on leaving the hotel room.

Isabel and Alex had grown closer over this week as well. They went out on a couple dates and by the end of their evening they were completely comfortable in the others presence.

Maria spent the week trying to keep Liz calm, and helping her decide just how to use the backyard in the wedding. They finally decided that everyone would walk down the steps of the porch to the end of the yard where they could use the trees as a chapel area.

Michael went with Max to arrange all the honeymoon plans. All Michael did the whole time was complain. He really didn’t want to know what their plans were. He had planned the perfect present for Max and Liz though. He decided that he would draw the two of them as they recited their vows.

“Liz, what do you think if we used your family room for the reception instead of the living room?”

“Isabel, that is actually a great idea. I think we would need to move the couches out though so there is more room.”

“Yah, I think that will work. Do you want to leave the couches in here though?”

“Um… I think so, people will want to sit down.”

“Yes that’s true. Can we also open up these doors to the porch? That way everyone can move about freely though the two room.”

“That will be perfect. Maria do you and Michael have some long tables we can borrow.”

“You got it chica. So were you planning on catering or making your own food?”

“Well, you know how much I love to cook, but with all these other preparations it will just be easier to cater.”

“Have you decided where yet?” Maria added.

“Of course, I’m not as last minute as you might think, besides I had to let them know by last week anyway.”

“So what’s it going to be?”

“Corky’s, you know that barbeque place. They also have spaghetti, potatoes, and rolls.”

“That sound’s delicious. I’m taking care of the cake, so you don’t have to worry about that. How many people are supposed to be coming again?”

“Just around 50, no more than that. We don’t want a big wedding, just something personnel.”

“That must be hard with how nice you and Max are, you probably have more friends than you know what to do with.”

“Business associates. You guys are our only true friends.”

All the girls piled in for a group hug.

“Max, what are we doing now?” Michael complained for the hundredth time.

“Well you said you wanted to paint me and Liz at the alter, so I’m going to the bank and getting cash to give to you.”

“Ah, man, you don’t have to do that. I really want to do this for you and Liz.”

“I know you do, but I wanted to at least supply you with the necessary utensils needed to do this. I know how you need them for your own artwork, and I don’t know what all you need, so I just wanted to give you cash for them.”

“Max seriously, you don’t need to do that.”

“I want to, Liz and I both want to.”

“Alright man, but only since you insisted. But don’t tell Maria, she’ll have my head for taking your money.”

“We won’t. But if she does find out, we’ll just tell her the same thing I told you.”

“Max, has Isabel said anything about me, I mean you know like her true feelings.”

“Alex, shut up already, that’s all you ever talk about.” “Yes Isabel likes you, yes she has said that to our faces. Yes, she wants to do something with you again.” Michael said rudely.

“I don’t think I should take you guys with me any where again. All you have talked about is hating to shop and this being something all the girls should do, and all you have talked about is my sister, which frankly I don’t want to hear.”

“Hey man, I just want to go home and watch some T.V. I didn’t ask to go with you in the first place.” Michael added satisfied.

“Yah I didn’t want to come either for your information. C’mon Michael, let’s leave Max here by himself.”

“Are you kidding me, he said he was giving me cash money, I’m sticking around.”

“Hey thanks Michael I’ll keep that in mind and do that last. I now have something to keep your attention.”

“Yah, but now I’ll you’ll hear is, ‘When are we going to the bank’”

“Shut up Whitman, I thought you were leaving.”

“Well, you know I don’t have anything better to do.”

“To bad guys, none of you can leave, we have to stop by the tux shop. The girls already have their dresses, and they said we had to get a move on with ordering the tuxes or they will all be out of stock.”

“I can’t wait to see what Isabel looks like in her bridesmaid dress.”

Both Max and Michael added in a sarcastic tone, “Shut up!”


Sorry guys, I know that part was bad and really boring, I just needed to switch over to the wedding plans and stuff, I’m trying to get there. I’m not really good at details so I’m trying to move along to the wedding.

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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first sight
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

Part 31

Max was so happy he was finally done with all his errands. He thought that if he was lucky maybe Liz would be finished with all her stuff too. Looking around the house he smiled when he finally found her. Liz was lying on her stomach stretched across the entire bed fast asleep. He definitely knew how she felt. All he wanted to do was climb into bed with her. So that is exactly what he did.

Max scooted under Liz trying to make as little noise and movement as he possibly could. As soon as he got under her, he pulled Liz close rubbing her back in a soothing matter. He loved when he could feel Liz sleeping on top of him. Rubbing her back was just as calming for him as it was for her. Max stared at Liz’s face, breathing in her scent. It amazed him how much he loved her. And soon, 4 days to be exact, she would become Mrs. Max Evans, well Mrs. Elizabeth Evans. He loved the sound of that. It sounded so sophisticated and proper. Even Liz Evans sounded so playful and motherly.

All the sudden it just popped in his head. Where did that come from? Did I just think that? Liz a mother. That would make him a father, a daddy. And just like that he got and urge to wake up Liz. He didn’t want to, but he wanted to make a baby. He wanted to see Liz’s body full with child. He’d have to talk to her. Since they first taken the intimate step in their relationship, they always used protection. He knew that when he first started making love to Liz, it was just that, he wanted to show Liz just how much she meant to him. And every time the two would come together as one, they would shower the other with love and understanding. But now, he wanted to consummate in every way possible. He wondered, would Liz want to be a mother. Well he knew she wanted to become one, but was she ready, like ready the way he was.

Max continued to think. He wondered if Liz would agree with him about going off the pill. Max knew she needed it to keep her period regular, but if she became pregnant she wouldn’t have to worry about the problem at all. And neither would he.

Waiting for Liz, Max continued to stare at the ceiling just thinking. He slowly drifted into his own slumber with a huge smile on his face thinking about being a daddy, until she woke up.

When Liz woke up she was surprised she wasn’t sleeping on her soft bed. What she was sleeping on had its own softness. She knew that feeling very well, it was the hardness of Max’s wonderful abs. He must have slipped in between her and the bed at some time. She lifted her head to look at his face and noticed his huge smile. He must be having one good dream Liz thought to herself. Liz got up to go wash her face as quietly as possible. Liz had to remember to ask Max what he was dreaming about.

When Liz returned from the bathroom she noticed Max lying on his side watching her.

“Hey sleepy head. How are you?” Liz said crawling into Max’s embrace facing him.

“Me? Sleepyhead? you are the one that was face down missy.”

“Shut up,” she said slightly smacking him on the chest “So what were you dreaming about?”

“What do you mean, I never went to sleep?”

“So what was that huge smile on your face?”

“Well actually that’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What sweetie, what is it?”

“Well, um… I’m not really sure how to bring it up… but um well how do you feel about children?”

“I love them. I can’t wait for the day until we have our own child to raise.”

Max got a huge grin on his face “That’s so great. Oh baby, I love you.”

“Hold there soldier, what brought this on, I didn’t even know you were ready for kids.”

“Well I mean I wasn’t but I was sitting her rubbing your back and I just got to thinking. I love rubbing your back it gives me the most calming feeling, I was wondering what it would be like to have my own son or daughter sitting in my arms while I rub their back.”

“Awe. Max that’s so sweet. I love when you rub my back. You will be the most loving and supporting dad I know.”

“See Liz, that’s just it. I was thinking. And I realized I want to be a daddy. I want to be there for someone. I want to be a daddy.”

“Um…that’s so just adorable Max, you would definitely be a great daddy. I want you to be a daddy too.”

“Oh Liz you know you would be a wonderful Mommy too. I mean you’re a teacher, I know its for college students. But its that step to helping people. But I also wanted to discuss that with you. I mean do …do you…I mean…do you think…should we start trying?”

“You have really thought about this a lot haven’t you?”

“Well I have, but just now I just got to thinking even more, really hard, coming home and seeing you asleep like you were, I just wanted to come and hold you, but I realized. I want to be there for my child too.”

“Oh, so being there for me isn’t enough?” Liz said joking.

“No, no, no, sweetie, you will always be enough! I just I dunno I mean. I feel you know my time has come you know what I mean.”

“Max I was just kidding. Really I was. It’s just I mean I really don’t know what to say.”

“Do you not want a baby?”

“No, I do, I really do want to have a baby with you, and I won’t lie to you, the thought has already crossed my mind a time or two, I just didn’t know you were ready. Now that I know you are, you know, I’m just running this through my mind.”

“Do you need time to think, I mean if you don’t want to have a baby right away I understand. I mean , you know this relationship, our marriage, it’s a two-way thing.”

“Well of course it is, And I don’t really need time to think at all. I been thinking of this since I was old enough to register what really having a baby was all about. The day of our first date, I thought I would want to start a family as soon as we were married. I never really got your take on things though. We never really talked about it, so I already planned on waiting awhile before we actually did start a family.”

“Well, now you know my take on things, what do you think?” All the while Max, really knew what Liz wanted. He loved her more than life itself and he already knew her decision. The whole time during this conversation they were holding and cuddling with each other while discussing this serious matter. He knew in his heart what she was going to say. So now as a smile was worn on his face he listened intently.

“I love you so much. I want to have your baby. The first night we consummate our marriage, I want to consummate things with you in everyway possible. No barriers. No protection. I want to have a family with you.”

Both Max and Liz hugged each other close. They knew in four days it was possible that anytime they could create a life. But, for right now, it was all about the other.


So you guys, seriously, what did you think of this part. I really hope you liked it, please let me know.


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first sight
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

Part 32

Liz woke up unsure of her surrounding. It took her a second to realize where she was. Then it hit her. She was at Michael and Maria’s apartment. Today was her wedding day. She was going to officially become Mrs. Maxwell Evans today. That wasn’t the only thing either. It was possible she could become pregnant tonight too. Ever since that night her and Max talked they made love for the last time with birth control pills. Liz was sure it would take a while to run out of her system. But they hadn’t had sex since she stopped taking them, so it worked for her.

“Maria!” Liz screamed as she threw back her covers. Liz quickly changed and ran up front to find her.

Maria was in the kitchen making breakfast talking to Isabel, she had just gotten back from picking Isabel up from Max and Liz’s house. “Oh Liz girl, we have 45 minutes to eat, then you and me have to pick up your mom from the hotel room. After that we have to pick up Max and Izzy’s mom.”

“Oh yah that’s right, I am so glad she was finally able to catch a flight home. She was afraid that if the convention ran any longer she would miss her own son’s wedding.”

“Have your mom and her met?”

“Yah, when she came out her that week to see me, Max and I took her to dinner and we invited his parent.”

“So, how did they get along?”

“Great actually, Diane and mom were bugging us then about when would we get married.”

“Alright, chica foods ready. We better hurry.”

“Maria the wedding isn’t for 5 more hours.”

“I know that. But after we pick up the moms we have to get ready. You know that Isabel and I are going to make you gorgeous, and that will take a while.”

It felt weird waking up without Liz by his side. But when Max registered that today would be one of the happiest days of his life, he quickly crawled out of bed and went screaming through the house.

“Michael, Alex!” Max yelled running down the stairs. He had no idea where they were but if he knew Michael he was probably cooking breakfast, so the kitchen was the first place Max intended to look.

Max rushed into the kitchen to find Michael and Alex sitting at the counter talking. He smiled at the sight. He never expected Michael and Alex to get along so well. They were two very different people. He just really met Alex at the breakfast, but Max really liked him. Even though, Alex was kind of nutty, and a little corny, he was a really sweet guy, and he was fun in a humorous way. Michael was tough, he didn’t really like getting close to people. The only people Michael had really been close to was him and Isabel, then once Maria came along, Michael was very nice to Liz in a brother/sister kind of way. Max really thought it was funny how Liz and Michael got along. He knew that with Liz being really close to Maria that Michael had no choice but to be close to her, but he seemed to enjoy taking on a big brother roll. Now, here Michael sat talking to Alex, he thought Michael would be rude to him, like he was to everyone else, but low and behold it appeared they were in a good conversation, which made him extremely happy.

Max walked into the kitchen stopping right behind his friends.

"Maybe we should run up there and jump on the bed," Alex said laughing.

"Nah, I say we bring up some ice water and dump it on him." Michael replied.

"Oh, that could be good"

"I think if you do you'll die," Max said quietly from behind them.

"MAX!" they both yelled jumping off their stools.

"Hey guys. What's going on?" Max asked trying to hold in the smile.

"What are you talking about, we weren’t doing anything" Alex said as innocently as possible.

"Right, sure you weren't," Max replied laughing. "I think you were planning on waking me up in a very harsh manner."

"Would we do that to you buddy?" Michael asked.

"Let me think....Yeah you would." Max replies raising an eyebrow.

“ok, ok, you caught us, now let me make it up to you with my wonderful pancakes.”

“Yes Michael’s famous pancakes, Alex you’ll love these. Michael is quite a cook. It comes in very handy when planning romantic evenings too.”

“Hey Man, you’re getting married to Liz today, I don’t think I need to hear about your switch hitting.”

“What did you say?” Michael said lunging towards Alex.

Max quickly stepped in laughing, “Michael, lighten up, he was just kidding around, Right Alex?” he said nudging his ribs.

“Yah dude, sorry.”

“I was just messing with you man, geez you should have seen the look on your face.”

“I knew that, I was just um, yah, I was just playing along.”

“Right!” Max and Michael laughed.

“Ok guys, we got to hurry up, We have exactly…” Max paused looking at his watch “3 hours to get dressed, and transform this place, into the location of the wedding of the century.”

Max was the first one done and he ran outside to the back to start putting the chairs in place. While he was doing that the doorbell rang and Alex, who was just coming down the stairs opened it up.

Standing there were Jeff Parker, and Philip Evans. Alex smiled and greeted them holding the door wide. The two fathers came in holding their tuxes in their hands. They placed them on the back of the couch and the three men headed to the back to help Max.

“You know Max, I am really glad you and Liz decided to have the wedding here. It certainly is more personal.”

“Yes sir Mr. Parker, that’s exactly why Liz and I chose to do it this way.”

“Max, I told you, either call me Jeff, or I will make you call me daddy, like Liz does.”

“Sorry Jeff!”

“Hey Jeff, nice tactic, I will have to try that next time Max disobeys me.” Phillip joked watching Max’s ears turn pink.

Michael suddenly added from across the yard, “I’m sure you like the idea of the wedding here Jeff, it saves some dough in your pocket, Eh?”

“Michael!” Max screamed.

“Hey, I was just joking, so uptight.”

“You’re right Michael.” Jeff smirked.

Michael just glared at Max in an ‘I told you so’ type of look.

“Hey Jeff, come in to the house with me please, there is something I wanted to discuss with you.”

“Sure Phillip.” Walking into the house, Jeff was curious what Phillip needed. “So what’s on your mind?”

“Well Diane and I were talking, and we know it’s tradition for the father of the bride to pay for the wedding. But we really want to help out.”

“Nonsense, Liz is my only baby, I knew this day was coming for a long time. Nancy and I started saving for this when Liz turned 15.”

“Well is there anyway for us to help at all, I feel bad not paying for any of it. I know our Izzy will be expensive, but I would still like to help.”

“Is there not any way to convince you to change your mind?”

“No, sorry, like I said, I am really honored to pay for my daughter’s wedding. She is so special to me, I just really want this to be like a special present from me and her mother.”

“Hey, I totally understand. Do you think the kids would mind if we contributed to their honeymoon fund?”

“Now, That sounds like something they might like. You will have to ask Max.”

Just then Max strolled through the living room, “There you are, Um, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something?”

“Go for it!” The older men replied.

“Um, well you both have been newly weds before, Do you think Liz would enjoy a day at Sea World instead of staying in LA the whole time. I mean I know we planned on staying in California and doing all the stuff around LA, but do you think it would be too much if I planned a trip down to the ocean in San Diego, and then to the theme park there?”

“Well speaking for my daughter, I know she loves stuff like that, Even if it does, interrupt on your honeymoon time, she will love it.”

Hearing Jeff mention something that would happen on their honeymoon again caused Max’s ears to turn colors. “Thanks, I hoped it would be a good idea, Now I just have to work our funds out again and see how much we have.”

Phillip’s ears perked up at this, “Max, I can help you with that. Your mother and I didn’t know what to do for a wedding gift for yall. Would you mind if we helped donate some money to help with the costs of your honeymoon?”

Max didn’t know what to say. All he could do was nod his head.

Alex rushed in the living room, “Hey guys, Max, this is your wedding, don’t make me and Michael do all the work.”

With that, all the guys went to continue their tasks in getting the house ready.


Alright guys, Tell me what you think? How did you like it? Did it turn out ok, let me know please.


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first sight
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

big disclaimer I have never been to a wedding, I have only read about them in fics, and seen them on TV, so please excuse if this part totally sucks. Tell me what you think?

Part 33

There was now only one hour left until the wedding was scheduled. Max looked around the house. Everything seemed to be in order. All the chairs were set up in the back yard, and it looked ready for a bride to walk down the isle. The two rooms attached by a bathroom were set up as a place for changing, one of the rooms for the guys and the other for the females. There were while bows and pink streamers aligning the stairs and porch. The dining room was set up with a table and as many chairs that could fit in the one room. The caterer wasn’t there with the food yet but Max was giving 15 minutes before his mother and Isabel arrived to meet him and set up all the food.

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, both Isabel and his mom came in with the caterer in tow.

“Hey Max, you look like you’re ready to become a husband.” Isabel exclaimed as she noticed a nervous Max greeting them.

“So is everything ready, is everything on schedule, I just can’t screw this up.”

“Everything is fine Max, the priest will be here in 45 minutes, the guest should be here in 50, and then your beautiful bride to be will be walking down that isle in 60 minutes.” Diane revealed as she hugged her son.

“That’s right Max, everything is going perfect. Liz is coming with Maria and her mom. They will be here, don’t worry about it.”

“I know, I know, I just can’t wait to see her, I don’t know why we wanted this wedding to be so late in the day.”

“I do, it’s because you and Liz want to get your wedding over with have your reception and then get the hell out of dodge.”

“Isabel!” Diane yelled, “I’m only letting that slide because it is so true, and about the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.” She laughed.

“Yah yah, laugh it up, haha.” Max blushed.

“Ok Max, why don’t you and the rest of the guys take a break and watch some T.V. Mom and I can finish setting up the dining room and getting everything ready for the reception. You’ve done everything there is to do, and now all you can do is wait.”

“Liz, come out here, are you finished, I need to see what my best friend looks like for her wedding.”

“I’m coming Maria, we still have 10 minutes before we have to leave here.” Suddenly the realization then suddenly hit her. “Oh my god, Mom, Maria, I’m going to become a wife in 30 minutes, what am I going to do?”

“Liz, sweetie, calm down, this is what you want remember, it will be okay, you and Max will do great together.” Liz’s mother tried to soothe her daughter.

“I know it’s just, wow, I am going to be a wife, this is going to be so new. It won’t be me anymore, it will be us, I mean it’s been us for a while, but now it’s just not a Max and me, it’s a one thing, an us. Wow, I need to lie down.”

“No you don’t chica, I spent 2 and a half hours on the hair, and quite a bit of time on that make-up, so no water works till the vows, got it?”

“Maria, you are such a true friend, what would I do with out you?” Liz chuckled

“I dunno, probably have one heck of a bad hairdo. So you ready to get married?”

“Of course I am, but this is just going to be so weird.”

“Honey, marriage life will suit you just fine. I’ve seen you and Max together, you have been an us since the first moment you met.”

“Oh thanks mom, you guys are just so great.”

Nancy yelled, “Group Hug!”

“Ok, let’s get this show on the road!” Everyone filed out of Maria’s apartment on her command, as Liz willed her stomach to just stay settled.

Once everyone arrived at the house, Liz couldn’t even get a chance to look around, she was whisked away into her and Max’s bedroom. Nobody wanted to chance Max or Liz seeing each other until she was walking down that isle.

“Was that Liz, did she make it here okay, can’t I at least see a glimpse of her?”

“Maxwell, chill buddy, it will all happen soon enough.”

“Ok, you got the rings right?”

Michael patted all over his body, “Oh shit, I forgot them.”

“Michael, don’t joke I’m serious man.”

“I am too, I have to run back to the apartment and grab them. I’ll be back in no time, don’t worry.”

“Worry, what do you mean don’t worry, we are suppose to be out there in 10 minutes, it takes at least 15 to get to your house, Oh god, I knew something would go wrong, oh no, I think I am going to be sick.”

“Michael what did you do to him?”

“Nothing Maria, I just sort of forgot to grab the rings, I’ll be right back.”

“Oh well in that case,” Maria exclaimed whipping out the rings, “You owe me big.”

Max grabbed Maria with all his might in the tightest behr hug. “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Maria, you are a lifesaver, what would I do if you didn’t watch out for Michael.”

“Hey dude, it was a mistake, besides, I knew Maria had them.” Michael tried desperately to cover his ass.

“Yah right honey, it is a good thing I got those rings, I think Max would hate you for at least a week, well the week after the honeymoon is over, if you messed this wedding up.”

“Oh man do I know it.”

Just then Phillip cleared his throat. “Okay, the guests are here and the priest is all ready. If the ushers and bridesmaids would please take their places, we can begin. Diane if you could go ahead to the piano. And Max, take your place.”

“Thanks Dad, I am glad you could help me get everything ready.”

“No problem” Phillip replied as he and Nancy walked out to the yard and took his seat.

Diane began playing music as Maria and Michael walked in with Maria next to where Liz would be and Michael standing next to Max. Then Isabel and Alex walked in and took their place in a row next to Michael and Maria. Everyone looked towards the porch as Diane changed the music to ‘Here comes the Bride’. Gasps were all that were heard as Jeff made his way down the isle with his daughter tightly linked in his arm.

Max’s jaw dropped to the floor when he was finally able to see Liz for the first time in her wedding gown. He thought she was beautiful. As Liz made her way down the porch steps, her eyes locked with Max and they stayed that way until she completed her journey towards the priest. Max couldn’t help but mouth ‘I love you’ when Liz finally made it towards the front.

Liz’s eyes began to water when she saw what Max said. She loved this man more than life itself. When the priest began with “We come here now to celebrate the joining of two people in holy matrimony” Liz started to cry even harder. She knew that the water works were going to start, she couldn’t help it, she was getting married. It of course didn’t help when Max’s eyes also began to tear.

And then, before Liz knew what was happening she heard those words, “Do you Elizabeth Parker, take Maxwell Evans to be your lawful wedded husband, in sickness, and in health, to love and to cherish as long as you both shall live?”


“Do you Maxwell Evans take Elizabeth Parker to be your lawful wedded wife, in sickness, and in health, to love and to cherish as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

“And now, by the State of Tennessee, I now pronounce you husband and wife.” “Congratulations Max, you may kiss your bride.”

Liz didn’t have time to think, there was no need to think. She was now married to Max Evans, the love of her life. Max was the person that stole her heart the moment she stared into his eyes. And now those eyes were coming closer to her as she mouthed ‘I love you’ just before he lifted her veil and gave her the mind blowing kiss of the century. They continued to kiss like they were the only to people in the world.


well how was it, terrible? Sorry if it was bad, I tried, and it was really hard to write.


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first sight
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

Guys, this part really sucks bad. It is also short. I am sorry, this is just sort of a transition part or not so much, I just hate it a lot. I am so sorry. The next part should be out by tomorrow night so I hope that makes it better.

Part 34

Max and Liz did not come out of their mind-blowing kiss until two sets of proud parents rushed to their side after waiting a good 5 minutes.

“We are so are so proud of you son, Liz, welcome, officially to the Evans family. I hope you enjoy it, and if there is anything that we can do for you, please let us know.” Phillip looked over to Diane, Nancy and Jeff and then handed over a white envelope with $1000 in cash.

“Woah, baby!” both Max and Liz exclaimed in a loud surprise. “Thank you guys so much, we can’t accept this.”

“Liz, sweetie, Diane and Phillip are doing this because we wouldn’t let them pay any part of the wedding. They already told your father and I that they were upset with us for not letting them pay. Phillip discussed this with us and he said he spoke to Max.”

“Yes, and I asked Max if this would be ok.” Phillip added.

“Dad I didn’t know there would be this much involved we can’t take this.”

“Yah, Phillip and Diane, we can’t take this.”

“Sorry guys, it isn’t up for discussion. Plus there will be more involved later, but we can discuss this at another time. We understand the wedding is way more expensive than what we are giving you here, but after you get back from your honeymoon. So Nancy, Jeff, your mom and will all discuss the rest then.”

Before Liz could say anything the rest of the guest were walking over to also speak to Liz and Max after giving them some alone time with their parents. However, before the crowd got to them, they were all interrupted by Isabel yelling from the top of the stairs.

“Attention everyone!” Isabel screamed. “The food is all set up in the living room, so if everyone could start moving that way, we can all congratulate the bride and groom in there.”

The reception was in full swing. Max and Liz never had a chance to sit down or grab a plate of food. As soon as one group of people stopped talking to them another group would take there turn to speak with them. Max was finding it hard to even give Liz his special smiles. But, they both took it in stride. They knew that this would happen so they were atleast thankful for having their wedding kiss.

After two hours of everyone visiting and enjoying themselves, all had left the Evans’ home, except for the two sets of parents, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex.

Max was so happy he could finally speak to Liz, as soon as the last person left the house he pulled Liz off to the side and ravished her with kisses. Liz was not upset with this at all. The only thing she wanted to do during the whole reception was drag Max upstairs and make love to him until the sun came up.

“Alright you two, enough of that, you can do all of the making out you want as soon as you leave for your honeymoon in 2 hours.” Maria interrupted.

“Well actually, I’m starving, Max and I never had a chance to eat with everyone talking to us.”

“You did, I didn’t” Max corrected. “I seem to remember when It came time to cut the cake, I fed you a piece. But no, you had to show your piece up my nose.”

“And your still hungry?”


Max and Liz finally got a chance to sit down and eat as soon as the finished they barely had time to finish gathering everything together. Maria had rented the two of them a limo to the airport and was decorating with the others while Alex kept Max and Liz occupied in an in depth conversation about computers. He didn’t understand why he had to keep the occupied he knew they could find a perfectly good way to keep themselves busy. But Isabel insisted there was no way they would be at the house while Max and Liz were doing it.

“You ready to get the hell out of dodge?” Max asked Liz as they heard a car horn honk.

“God yes!” Liz ran and jumped in Max’s arms ravishing him with more kisses.

“Oh so I got the bags.” Alex chuckled to himself knowing neither Max nor Liz was paying attention.


Well this part really sucked, but the next part should be out by tomorrow night, this one just had me stumped and took forever to get out so sorry.


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Part 35 NC-17

After a flight that seemed like forever Max and Liz finally made it to California. It was now 9 o’clock there.

“I can’t believe we finally made it.”

“ I know. OMG Max look!!!” standing in front of them was a sign that read EVANS’.

“I can’t believe our friends. Look at this.”

Liz and Max made their way over to the limo driver where Max showed him his ID. After they arrived at the hotel they checked in and had the bellboy follow show them to their honeymoon suite.

Before Max let Liz enter the room he stopped her lifting her into the air.

“Max, what are you doing?”

“I’m carrying my beautiful wife over the threshold.”

Max with Liz still in his arms, he tried to slip the bellboy a twenty but he refused and said it was all taken care of. So Max just let him go shutting the door with his foot.

“You are all mine now!!!” Max exclaimed excited he was finally alone with Liz since yesterday. But now she was officially his wife. He just couldn’t believe it, she was finally his wife. They were alone, and she was in his arms.

“I think I like that.”

“Oh you think you do?”

“Yup, you have to make me sure.”


Max leaned in for a loving, gentle kiss on Liz’s sweet lips, which she gladly accepted. The kiss quickly grew hungry as Max placed Liz in the middle of the bed climbing on top of her.

Liz felt like she was in heaven. She knew she had to be to be laying her with Max on top of her stimulating all sorts of feelings, and he was now her husband. ‘Husband’ I finally did it, he is mine forever. She knew that Max was hers from the moment they laid eyes on each other. But now, wow, she just couldn’t believe it.

Max brought Liz out of her thoughts with his hands roaming all over her body to come back to her stomach where he lifted her shirt above her head.

“You know, I’m really glad we got into more comfortable clothes, but I would have liked to take your wedding dress off of you.”

“I’m sorry Max, but there was no way I was going to sit in a plane for 4 hours with it on, but I promise, you will have a chance to take it off when we get home.”

“Yay, I guess I can wait that long to take it off you. So um, where were we?”

“I think we were right about here,” Liz said reaching down to the button on Max’s jeans.

“Ah, ah, ah, patience my love.” Max returned his lips to Liz’s mouth, moving down her jaw line to her neck, shoulders, and stomach. Reaching behind her blindly her removed her bra with one hand and threw it across the room. “You are so beautiful.”

“So are you, so why do you still have your clothes on?” Liz wrapped her legs around Max’s waist flipping them over with her now on top. She pulled Max’s sweater and t-shirt off in one swoop and attacked his mouth with a hunger only Max could satisfy.

Max was on cloud nine he loved when Liz took control, but he didn’t want her to take control, at least not right now, not this time, he had to love her, there was no way this would be one of there hot mind blowing sexcapades. He halted Liz once again as she tried to unbutton his pants. “Patience baby.”

“Max, I need you!!”

“I know sweetie, but I want to love you, I want to show you what you mean to me, I want this to be like our first time.”

“This is our first time, as husband and wife. So I will let you take control, but don’t think I will give in so easily next time.”

Liz waited for Max to reply but instead she just felt him lift up and flip them once again. Liz’s mind was clouded she couldn’t think straight, all she could feel was Max’s tongue licking all around her nipple slowly sucking and biting as if she were a scientific experiment and he was testing the results. She arched her back pushing her breast further in his mouth. Just as she thought she would orgasm from his attention to her breast he moved down her stomach and licked her belly button and unbuttoned her pants.

Max had to take a deep breath as his senses filled with the smell of Liz all around him. He pulled her jeans off and soon where they joined her shirt and bra. Max continued his exploration of Liz’s body with his mouth down her legs massaging her calves until he reached her toes. “You have the cutest feet.” He kissed her feet and then sucked her big toe.

Liz never knew someone sucking your toe was just as stimulating as sucking her breasts. She whimpered once again as Max stopped just before she lost control. When she didn’t feel Max’s mouth on her at all she opened her eyes to see him taking off his jeans. She felt almost sorry for Max; he looked like he was in just as much pain as her. He needed release but wouldn’t allow them the pleasure until they came one.

Max removed Liz’s panties and returned to her mouth for another gentle kiss. He took off his boxers and leaned down to kiss her once more. His tongue danced along the inside of her mouth trying to become familiar with every crevice “I love you so much. I thank god everyday he brought you into my life. Thank you for becoming my wife; I don’t care what my life brings me now that I have you. You are my soul, my heart, my reason for breathing, I love you.” with that Max slowly slid his member into her waiting heat.

“I love you too Max, so much I don’t know what I did to deserve you. You make me complete.” Liz kissed Max until they had no more air. She kept her eyes glued to Max’s the entire time as he slowly pumped in and out.

Max felt Liz’s walls tightened as he increased his pace just a little so they would come together. When he felt they were both ready their mouths joined once more as they released themselves. Max’s seed spilled into Liz’s core.

“I love you baby!” They held each other tight and both succumbed to sleep.


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Author: Lisa
Title: Love at first sight
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I mean nothing so don’t sue
Summary: AU Max and Liz meet and fall in love at first sight
Author’s note: This story just popped into my head when listening to my little cod I made for myself, It is based on Collin Raye’s song One Boy, One Girl

please leave feedback, good, bad whatever.

Part 36 NC-17

Liz awoke in Max’s tight embrace. She loved the way it felt to wake up in his arms after a night of lovemaking. They had woken up somewhere in the middle of the night and made love once again, only this time, Max let Liz take control. He knew she needed to have her way with him too. It was a mutual understanding.


Liz jumped when Max said hey, she didn’t even realize he was awake yet. “Max, you scared me.”

“Why would I scare you, who else would be waking up next to you saying hi”

“No one, I just didn’t know you were awake.”

“And what were you thinking about?”

“Nothing, just last night.”

“Just last night, you mean the best night of my life, the night all my dreams were granted.”

“That would be the one.” Liz agreed leaning in for a good morning kiss. “Yuck you need to brush your teeth.”

“Uh, I’m hurt.”

“Awe, baby, you know I was just kidding. I’m sure my breath is just as bad.”

“As a matter of fact, you taste delicious.” Max leaned in for a quick taste but stopped.

“Hey, why did you stop?”

“Cause you said my breath smells.” Max got up from the bed in all his naked glory and walked towards the bathroom. “And you got me all sweaty last night, I need a shower.”

“Whew, its hot in here” Liz got up from bed and followed Max into the bathroom. “Can I join you?” Liz questioned batting her eyelashes and sticking out her lip.

“I’d say yes, but my wife might get jealous. She doesn’t like when other women see my body.”

About an hour later after all the hot water was used, Max and Liz finally emerged from the bathroom. Max had his arms wrapped around Liz’s waist from behind as the waddled to the bed.

Liz was enjoying the feel of Max’s lips on her neck. “Hey Max,” she said turning around to face him.


Grabbing his hand and placing it on her stomach she continued with her statement, “Whether or not we make a baby, we sure could have a lot of fun trying.”

Max just chuckled to himself, “how in the world did you just state the exact thing I was thinking?”

“Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack, I promise, while I was nuzzling your neck I was thinking of how much fun we would have trying for a baby. You read my mind sweat heart.”

“Well you’re a boy, of course you were think of sex.”

“Hey, that’s not all we think about.”

“Oh, of course, sex and food, Aren’t all men’s fantasies to cover their women in chocolate of whip cream.”

“I’m not sure about other men, but I think I will have to give that a try.”

“Maaaaaxxx! we just got a shower.”

“So what by the time we are done the water will be hot again, and we can take a bath in that whirlpool of a tub.” Max kissed her lightly on the lips, before he reached for the phone. He had to get room service to bring them some, whip cream, syrup, and strawberries. Of course, Max being modest ordered some ice cream too. It was more than likely Room Service would know what was going on, hell, this was the honeymoon suite but he didn’t want the whole world to know.

“Mmm, I love the way you think.”

Hanging up the phone, Max pulled Liz into a tight embrace and removed her towel, “And I love the way you look.”

“Max, we can’t room service will be her any minute.”

“It will only take a second” motioning to his already hard member.

Just as he reached to kiss Liz again there was a knock on the door.

“Geez, I thought since Maria was over 3000 miles away this wouldn’t happen.”

“Shut up Max.” Liz tossed Max a pillow to hind his excitement while Liz grabbed a robe and answered the door. “Thank you. Have a good day.”

The bellhop just nodded and left the room.

“Now where were we. I think right about here.” Liz removed the tray and popped a strawberry into her mouth. “Um, sweet.”

“Yes you are. C’mere.”

After a lovely honeymoon in California, in which Max and Liz spent ¾’s in their hotel room, they headed back home.

“Thank you Max for a wonderful honeymoon, I wish we could have been here longer, I would have liked to have seen at least some of the city.”

“Liz, you and I both know the longer we were there, the more time we would have spent in the room.”

“I guess your right. What are we suppose to do when everyone asks for pictures?”

“We will just tell them the camera fell in the ocean.”

“Good excuse, I bet you thought of that already.”

“Yes, I’m just good like that.”

“Yah you are.”

Squeezing Liz’s leg lightly Max wanted to make sure Liz was okay. “You ready?”

“I guess, I don’t think I want this honeymoon to ever end. I don’t want to work, I don’t want you to work, I just want to spend the rest of my life making love to you 24/7.”

“I agree. But real life must go on.”

“Making love to my husband is real life.”

“What am I going to do with you?”

“I don’t know but make it quick the plane is pulling into the gate in a minute.”

Max just rolled his eyes and gathered his nerve ready to start is marriage with Liz. He didn’t think he would be about to spend time away from her. They were joined at the hip, almost literally the whole trip, he didn’t want to spend time away from her.


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Part 37

Six months had gone by since the wedding and Max and Liz were settling to married life wonderfully. At first things were a little rocky because they both wanted to stop the world from continuing as they just laid in bed. After about a month of being late to work or missing meetings they finally straightened their schedules so that they had time to do all the things they wanted without being irresponsible. Michael and Maria would laugh at them constantly about being jack rabbits. They thought it was funny because Max and Liz had been together over a year, even before they were married and the novelty just never wore off.

Liz still wasn’t pregnant as of yet. She had mixed feelings about the whole situation. In one aspect she was a little happy they hadn’t conceived yet because, they already had enough on their plates to keep them busy. Liz was also upset at the fact they hadn’t made a baby. For six months they hadn’t used any protection and she still wasn’t pregnant; she was beginning to think maybe something was wrong with her.

Max also had mixed emotions about the baby thing. He felt the same way Liz did. He figured the next time they had a chance he would talk to her. Feeling guilty that he was happy a baby hadn’t been conceived, he was really beginning to get that itch for a child once again.

It was now March and Spring Break was coming for Liz’s school. She and Max decided that he would take the week off too. Even though they weren’t going on vacation, Max and Liz planned on spending the week in a useful manner.

Max just walked in the door and was wondering where Liz was. She usually got home before him. He figured maybe she was at Maria’s so he gave her a call. After failing at Maria’s he figured he just watch some TV, and hoped everything was all right.

Thirty minutes later Liz came busting through the door with her arms full of groceries.

“Liz, what are you doing, you had me worried sick. Here let me help you with those.”

“sorry, I got hungry, but nothing here looked really appetizing. I’ve been feeling a little weird the past couple days. I just thought I’d see if I could find something that wouldn’t make me want to puke.”

“Yum” Max said with a disgusted face.

“Shut up Max.” Liz said holding her stomach.

“Are you ok? You look really pale.” Max asked concerned.

“Yah, I’m fine, just that trip to the grocery store really made things worse.”

“Awe, baby, I’ll take care of you. You just come sit over here on the couch. What can I do for you?”

“Actually I wanted to talk about this whole baby thing.”

“What, are you not ready, I mean we can wait, but I actually wanted to talk to you about that. I’m really ready now.”

Liz started crying when she heard Max say he was ready for a baby. She was really hoping that she was able to give him a baby. “that’s the problem Max, I am really starting to worry that something is wrong.”

“Awe, Liz, I am sure there is nothing wrong, everything will be fine. Don’t cry.”

Liz sniffed, “I … know… I set up an appointment with Dr. Tigner today. She said that I could come in tomorrow and she would check things out.”

“Ok, good, I was going to suggest that. Let’s just wait and see what she says, ok.” Noting that Liz was still teary eyed, he wiped her tears away with his thumb and gave each eyelid a kiss. “Don’t cry, everything will be fine, and we will get through whatever happens ok?”

“o…kay…I…just…sorry…I…just can’t stop…crying.”

“I understand, that time of the month.” Max cracked the joke trying to make her smile. He knew she always got a little emotional right before her period, and it was just about time for it to come, so he was bracing himself.

“Shut up.” Liz smacked Max with the pillow.

“you know you say that a lot to me.”

“That’s cause you are always being stupid.”

Max pretended to be hurt. “you hurt my feelings. I’m going upstairs.”

“No, no, Max I’m sorry I was just kidding. Do you want me to make it up to you?”

Max raised his eyebrows, “And how are you planning you planning to do that?”

“I have my ways.” Liz leaned in for a kiss.

“Are you sure, is your stomach feeling better?”

“yup” Liz simply replied as she threw her and Max on the couch, tummy ache forgotten.

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Sorry its been so long since I posted, but lightning struck my apartment building so my cable service was down for the comp, then I went home for spring break. Half of the next part is written. Hopefully Fri morning I can post the new part *happy*

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Sorry guys I was called in to work this morning and still work tonight, It's going to be a horrible hectic month till the end of the semester. Here is the first part to what I wrote for part 38. Hopefully, I will write and get the next half out tomorrow night. But that all depends on how greedy my job gets and if they actually let me have off. Anyways, here is 38A

Part 38A

Liz woke up the next morning and started her daily routine. When she was in the shower, she felt Max come up behind her and wrap his arms around her.

“How’s my beautiful wife this morning?”

“Just dandy, and how’s my magnificent husband?” Liz replied turning in Max’s arms.

“I’m wonderful. How’s your stomach, are you still feeling bad?”

“No, I feel fine, It was just last week, I haven’t felt any problems since then.”

“Ok, but you will let me know if you are feeling bad right.”

“Yes, don’t worry, I am going to Dr. Tigner’s in a couple hours, she will tell me if anything is wrong.”

“I really wish I could go with you.” Max began to lather the soap in his hands so that he could give Liz a full body massage. “What if something’s wrong, you won’t want to get any bad news with me not there.”

When Max saw the look in Liz’s eyes, he realized he shouldn’t have said that. He knew she was really sensitive to the baby issue, and would be crushed if she couldn’t conceive. “But, I’m sure there is nothing wrong, maybe this is just God’s way of giving us time to get settled before having a baby.”

“I hope so, I really want this, I just want to be able to give you a child, what kind of woman would I be if I couldn’t give you a baby?” Liz said in almost a whisper loving the feel of Max’s hands roaming her body.

“Liz, you know that you are the most wonderful woman in the world, and whether or not you can carry a baby is nothing that reflects what kind of person you are. You are beautiful, caring, loving, sweet, adorable, supportive, and most of all the only person I could ever want.”

Max’s speech did Liz’s in completely. She could no longer stand on her feet. Leaning into Max, he picked her up so that she could wrap her legs around his waist.

“I love you Max, with all my heart, how was I so lucky to find you?” Liz slowly sunk her heat onto Max’s waiting erection.

“I ask myself that everyday. You are too perfect for words.”

Max and Liz continued their slow loving pace. Kisses, nibbles, and licks were exchanged as they moved together. As Max felt Liz’s walls clamp onto his cock , he quickened his pace and reached down to rub her nub, spilling his seed throughout her body.

“Well, that shower was really useful.” Liz laughed as she took the soap into her hands lathering them to clean the sweat off Max’s body.

“Maybe we should watch ourselves.” Max motioned to his member showing how it was beginning to harden once again.

“I think maybe you are right, you will never get to work. At least I can admire you as you wash your masterpiece of a body.”

“You really aren’t helping.”

“Me talking about your body turns you on? Aren’t we full of ourselves.”

“Haha, you are so funny. I was getting turned on by you getting all hot and bothered by my body.”

“ok, I’ll leave, tell me when your finished.”

Before Liz could make it out of the shower he grabbed her by the arm kissing her on the lips, “please stay, I’ll be good.”

“Ok.” Liz kissed him again and washed her body as Max washed her hair.

They finished getting ready and Max left for work when Liz left for the Dr’s office.

“I’ll see you in 3 hours ok, I’ll come home on my lunch break. Do you think you will be back by then?”

“I hope so, see you then, call me if I’m not back when you get home.”

Max knew Liz was nervous, she had every right to be. He kissed her one more time before they parted ways to their different destinations.

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Part 38B

Liz walked in the door of her and Max’s home still in a daze. She couldn’t believe the news. She was just shocked beyond relief when the doctor had told her the was nothing to worry about. The reason she wasn’t getting pregnant was because she was already pregnant. Liz was two and a half months pregnant from their calculations. She told the doctor that she wasn’t having any signs, well atleast she thought she wasn’t, Liz felt like an idiot when Dr. Tigner said she was having all the signs she just never realized it.

The most obvious reason was a little understandable. Liz knew it was normal that when some women stop taking birth control their periods can sometimes stop for a short period of time, or get irregular. From what she was told birth control makes the body think its already pregnant. So Liz couldn’t tell if her period was just being irregular. Then when asked if she was tired or overly emotional, she just put if off to the stress of trying to conceive. And she thought her new appetite was just a sign of her period fixing to start.

Liz sat her self on the couch to try and come up with a way to tell Max the good news. Just as Liz was getting ready to call Maria the phone rang. ‘that girl really does have esp’ Liz thought to herself.

“Hey Maria I was just fixing to call you. You know me so well.”

“Sorry, I don’t think she knows you that well.”

The voice put a even bigger smile on her face. “Max, I’m sorry, I just walked in the door, and had to talk to Maria. Are you coming home soon?”

“Well I can’t get home for lunch cause I’m pretty backed up here at the office and if I don’t take a break I can probably get home a little sooner.”

“Ok, I guess, I will see if Maria wants to go to lunch, like I said I wanted to talk to her anyway.”

“Oh I see how it is, I’m not there so you just go running off to find your friend.”

“Max, you know no one would ever replace you.”

“Yes, I know, so what’s the news you have to share with your friend. By the way how did your dr. appt go?”

“um… well…They… have to …uh…um they said I would need to call them tomorrow to find out the results of the tests that ran. But, she said everything looked fine.”

Confused as to why Liz was having trouble deciding what to say he continued his questioning. “Well if everything’s ok, then why did they run tests?”

“They…uh…they said it was just to make sure.”

“Oh…ok then…so you’re alright…I mean are you ok with that…I know how upset you’ve been lately?”

“I’m fine sweetie, I’ll talk to you when you get home, I know you have to get back to work.”

“Well work can wait, And I am a multi-task person.”

“Yes, I know sweetie, but I really need to talk to Maria. Just trust me, everything’s wonderful, I’ll talk to you when you get home.”

“You’re sure, you seem a little nervous?”

“I’m fine Max, believe me, I love you. See you tonight.”

“I love you too. You know I want some answers as soon as I walk in the door.”

“Yes, and you will get them. Love you. Bye.”


Max hung up the phone confused on what was going on with his beautiful bride. She seemed really weird, and he couldn’t figure out what was so important that she rather speak to Maria instead of him. He figured the best thing he could do was just let it slide until he got home so he could focus on work. The sooner he finished the sooner he could find out what Liz was hiding. He just hoped it was nothing bad. But Max did trust Liz, so he didn’t worry too much.

Liz hung up with Max, happy she didn’t spill the beans. It was quite a feat to talk to him for that long and not just blurt out “Max, We are going to have a baby.” Quickly she dialed Maria’s number so she could tell someone.
Michael ignoring the phone ringing continued to ravish his wife.

“Michael, as much as I would love to continue this, would you get the phone.”

“No, the machine can get it.”

“Fine, I’ll get it.”

Michael grabbed Maria before she could answer the phone. “No, let the machine get it. It can’t be that important.”

Just then the machine turned on revealing Liz’s voice. “MARIA, MARIA, oh please be there, I know someone’s there. Wait, I know you are both there, Michael get off Maria and let her answer the phone…Please, please, please, I need to talk to her.” Liz said in a whiny voice continuing her plea.

Michael knew that as soon as Liz’s voice played on the machine it was over. Maria ran over to the phone just before Liz hung up.

“Liz, chica, what’s up.”

“I knew it, tell Michael, thanks for getting off you.”

“He says your welcome. The machine is still playing.”

“Oh turn it off, I have to tell you something.”

“He said to tell you he can still hear you. I’m shutting it off now.”

“Ok, look have you eaten yet, I have to talk to you.”

“Um…no, Michael wouldn’t let me get to the kitchen before he attacked me.”

“Great. Meet me at McAlister’s Deli in 15 minutes. We got to talk.”

“Really, this must be juicy. I’ll see you there.”

“Don’t bring Michael.”

“Ok, any reasons why.”

“Yes, hurry up, I’ll meet you there.”

Maria got off the phone with Liz confused as to what was going on. She didn’t let it worry her too much though. She lived for juice.

Rushing out the door, she yelled for Michael that she had to go, and left him there very horny and very mad at Liz.

He hoped what ever was wrong with Liz, it would be worth it, or she and Max would be mad that Liz ever interrupted them.

TBC?????? So was it worth the horrible wait, I loved writing this part. Let me know.


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Part 39

Maria saw Liz waiting on a bench inside the deli. She quickly ran in to meet her friend.

“Hey there. Did you order yet?”

“Not yet, I was waiting for you.”

“So are you gonna tell me now what you couldn’t just say over the phone.”

“Yes, just wait till we sit down ok. “

Maria and Liz placed their order and went outside to the patio to sit down. It was a pretty day outside, and Liz thought it would be more private out there.

“Geez, Liz when was the last time you ate, I have never known you to eat that much.”

“I just ordered a whole sandwich and a cup of soup.”

“Are you kidding me, the Liz I know only eats a cup of soup and gets full, it’s like your….”

Before Maria could even finish her sentence she realized what the big news was.

“Oh my…Wow…Lizzie this is great…when did you go to the doctor…what did she say…what did Max say…Why wasn’t Michael allowed to come…Yay Lizzie, I am so happy for you.”

Liz laughed at her friend. She knew Maria was going to react this way; she prepared herself on the way over. “Well if you would let me speak I would be able to answer you.”

“Ok, I’m shutting up. Tell me.”

“Ok, to start, I just got back from the doctor’s a little while ago. I was going to see why I wasn’t conceiving.”

“Well apparently you did.”

“Hey I thought you were shutting up. Anyways, it turns out I’m a little over two and a half months along. I didn’t realize all the symptoms were actually symptoms.”

“Wow, you are almost in the second trimester and you didn’t even know you were pregnant. I guess you haven’t had any morning sickness.”

“Well I have a little, but its been more in the after noon and night. It hasn’t been too terribly bad though. It’s still there but not very bad. My only problem is that over this past week I have been so hungry, its like I can’t get full.”

“Well that tends to happen when you are pregnant.”

“I know I just didn’t know it happened this early, I guess my morning sickness stage is wearing off though.”

Once their food was brought to them, Maria was shocked again. Liz practically shoved the whole sandwich in her mouth before it was even sat on the table.

“I am really going to have to get use to this. I am so use to you playing and picking at your food more than actually eating it. I bet Max is getting a kick out of this. So what did he say when you told him.”

Liz sheepishly put her sandwich down and held a napkin to her face waiting to swallow her food. Maria just laughed waiting patiently for Liz to finish chewing her big bite of food.

“Well I haven’t really had the appetite for that long, but he is glad to see me eating well again, since before I was really queasy. But he doesn’t know the news yet. That’s kinda why I had to talk to you. How do you think I should tell him?”

Maria squealed her infamous Maria squeal, “Oh, chica, I love you, you are the best friend a girl could have. This is going to be so much fun.”

For the next two hours they just sat on the patio of McAlister’s coming up with a plan.

“Well I guess, I better get going, I wouldn’t want to keep Michael waiting. He is probably on the couch watching hockey sulking because I left him.”

“Tell him I am really sorry and I hope he understands.”

“He better or I will purposely withhold sex from him for a month.”

“You are so bad girl, I will call you tomorrow and let you know how it went.”

“You better or I will be very mad.”

“Don’t worry you know I wouldn’t do that to you. Thanks again. Love you.”

“Love you to chica, now go knock that husband of yours off his feet.”

Liz got home about an hour later after her detour to Walmart. She took out all the supplies she needed and placed them strategically on the table. After Liz thought everything was in place she looked at the clock and realized Max would probably be home any minute. She was starting to get hungry again, but she was still feeling a little nauseated and didn’t really want to cook anything. She figured after she told Max the news he would be waiting on her hand and foot anyway so she would just let him make dinner.

Max walked in the door about 5 seconds later and noticed Liz looking at something on the kitchen table.

“Hey sweetie.” Max kissed on the cheek and sat down next to her. “What is all this?” Max said pointing to all the paint samples and big book of wallpaper strewn about the kitchen table.

“It’s nothing really, I was just looking to see which color we should paint the room next to ours.”

“Why do you want to paint the room, we just painted it when we moved in, I thought you liked that color?”

“Well I do, for the office.”

“Well it is the office, unless you were wanting to move the office downstairs.”

“Yes, I do, now help me pick out a border and a color for the room.”

“Ok, but you still didn’t answer my question about why you want to move the office.”

“Because we need the room for the baby.”


Liz looked at Max waiting for him to realize what she just said. She was actually a little upset that he wasn’t paying enough attention to her to even comprehend. Max did a double take and looked her in the eye.

“Ba…Baby…Did you say baby…as in you’re…I mean…we’re…wow…We are going to have a baby!!!!”

Liz just shook her head, glad he was paying attention. Men they can be so ignorant at times. Max picked her up and twirled her around in a circle. Putting her back on the ground he was about to kiss her when she suddenly bolted out of the room.

“Liz!” Max called wondering why she ran off. As soon as he heard her in the bathroom he felt like and idiot. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t even think.”

“It’s ok Max, Really, my nausea is actually dissipating.” Liz moved into the family room where she sat in Max’s lap.

“Already. I thought women had morning sickness for almost 3 months. You said you’ve only been feeling bad these last two weeks.” The awe evident in his voice.

“Well some women don’t have morning sickness that bad and I guess I am one of them, plus I am almost 3 months pregnant.”

“What? Are you serious, you have been pregnant this whole time and we didn’t even know. I guess we really have been busy.”

“Yes, I guess we have. I would have known sooner or later because this little one will probably start making an appearance within the next month the doctor said. She also said if you feel right her you can actually feel it.” Liz said placing Max’s hand on her abdomen.

Max lightly brushed his hand across where Liz had placed it. “I don’t feel anything.”

“Well you actually have to press a little.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Max, you worry too much. You won’t hurt me or the baby, here feel right here.”

He pressed his hand down where she instructed and was over whelm with a since of pride.

“Do you feel it?”

“Yah, wow… I can’t believe this… We are going to have a baby Liz. Thank you…You have once again made me the happiest man in the world.”

Liz felt her self starting to cry with Max’s beautiful words. But she didn’t want to cry, not right now. She leaned in kissing Max slowly on the lips showing her love for him.

He returned the kiss and they made sweet passionate love on the couch just surrounded by the love for each other and their already enormous love of the child they created out of love.


How was that part? did it sound ok, Please let me know.


Narly I hope this was soon enought, *happy* Sorry she told maria first.

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I've started the new part, but between writer's block and not enough time it hasnt been finished, But I promise I will try to work on it more this week.

Thanks again

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Part 40 NC-17

The month and a half had been very busy for Max and Liz. Liz was now 16 weeks pregnant. Max was busy, as ever at work, he wanted his dad to load him down with business because he figured if he was extremely busy now that it would leave some extra time for him when Liz got closer to having the baby. Also he could spend the first week at home with her too.

Philip was very understanding and considerate in helping figure out a way to help Max with time when he found out he was going to be a granddaddy. That’s what he told Max and Liz he wanted his grandchildren to call him. And Diane said that she had dibs on grammy.

Jeff and Nancy were also thrilled to hear of their first grandchild. They wanted pictures of Liz every month until she had the baby. Liz said she didn’t know if she would do that or not considering she already felt like she was a sea cow. She agreed to try her best to not think about it and just take the picture for their sake. Jeff and Nancy figured their grand kids would just call them Grandma and Grandpa. Liz and Max thought it was funny the grandparents were already trying to figure out how their kids were going to call them.

It was now April; Liz was finishing up her semester at school and then taking the next semester off. They decided to wait and see if she would take a full year off. They calculated that Liz would be having the baby in September. And she would have until at least the following January to decide if she wanted to go back to work.

Max walked into the kitchen after just getting off work. Seeing Liz, he ran behind her encasing her in his arms.

“How’s my beautiful wife …” Max stopped his sentence when he saw tears in her eyes. “What’s the matter?”

Liz chuckled; turning around she playfully swatted his chest. “Nothing sweetie, its those stupid onions for the veggie soup I’m making.”

“Oh, oops. I knew that.”

“You’re so funny.” Liz walked back over to the pot that was stewing and began to stir.

Max was concerned when he saw Liz stirring, she had moved on of her hands to the small of her back. Walking over to her, he replaced her hand with his giving her a gentle massage.

“You ok?”

“Yah, I’m fine, it just, I mean I am only four months along and my back is already killing me, not to mention the baby seems to be really big at this stage.” Now Liz really was crying, she didn’t mean to get emotional, but her back was bothering her and she was already starting to loose site of her feet.

“Honey, you aren’t big at all, everything’s perfect, besides, you can see for yourself when we go to the Doctor’s office tomorrow.”

“I know I’m just being silly, but I just didn’t think I would be this fat already.”

“I told you baby, you aren’t fat, and you look radiant.”

“You certainly know how to sweet talk a woman, don’t you?”

“I know, I’m the best. Why don’t you go sit down, and I will finish this up for you.” Leading her to the couch in the living room, he sat her down and handed her the remote. “How much longer does this need to sit?”

“Only about five more minutes. Try it, see if you like it.”

“Its good. Is this all we are having?” Max knew Liz’s appetite had almost doubled he was surprised that was all that was made.

“Yah, well, I have kind of been munching on crackers all day. I figured I just get a head start. Did you want me to start something else?” Liz was already standing up and headed for the kitchen.

Max quickly stopped her and made her sit back down. “No, this is fine, I was just wondering.”

After dinner Max and Liz were seated on the couch watching television just enjoying the others company. Liz had her head on Max’s shoulder with her feet stretched to the other side of the couch.



“I was wondering, um, well when do you want to start working on the nursery. We haven’t talked about it since you told me about the baby.”

“Well, we do still have those wallpaper samples. But don’t you want to know what were having before we start decorating?”

“yah, I guess that would be a good idea.”

“You do want to know what we are having, right?”

“Of course I do, I don’t think I can wait much longer to find out.”

“Well, we won’t know for another month. Tomorrow we just hear the heart beat.”

Liz watched the smile spread across Max’s face. “I know, I’m so happy. To think, there is something growing in there that we created. Something that was made, out of the love we feel for each other.”

Max was rubbing Liz’s small swell. She loved lying in Max’s arm, and everything he said just made her love him more. She was amazed at all the loving words that came out of her mouth. She would never tire hearing Max’s adoration of her and the baby they were expecting. “I love you so much.” Liz turned her head to capture hers and Max’s lips in a slow-seductive kiss.

This kiss quickly became urgent and full of need. Max moved his hands down to Liz’s breast in instinctive manner, but stopped abruptly when her heard Liz gasp.

“What baby, what’s wrong?, did I hurt you?”

“No, You didn’t hurt me, That feels, wonderful, It’s just they are a little sore.”

“I’m sorry, I won’t do that.”

“No, no Max, that’s find, in fact it is turning me on beyond belief because they are so sensitive. Just be gentle, Don’t squeeze to hard.”

Max chuckled and kissed Liz before removing her shirt. Looking down he saw the beginning changes in her body. Her breasts were becoming larger and more round. Her stomach had a cute little bump to it also. Leaning down, he captured her breast in his mouth licking and nibbling on her nipple while barely running his finger along side her other breast down her side and back up.

Liz loved being tickled my Max’s roaming hands. She let out a moan to let Max know she was enjoying his caresses. Liz brought her mouth to Max’s neck licking and nibbling her way to the spot right behind his ear where she knew it drove him wild. She moved her mouth long enough to bring Max’s shirt above his head and through it across the room.

Max decided since he was abruptly taking away from Liz’s body he would go ahead and make them naked so that there would be no more interruptions. Shedding their pants and undergarments, he returned to his task of massaging her breasts.

Liz reached down to grab Max’s already hard member and began stoking him and a steady rate.

“I need you.” Liz began to lower herself onto Max’s shaft, but before she could finish Max flipped them over.

“We won’t be able to do this position much longer. I will miss it.”

Liz just ignored his statement, because if she thought about it she would cry. She knew she was getting big, but she was sure he didn’t mean it that way. Liz let out a moan when she felt Max enter her.

They both came together in a climatic high. Max flipped Liz over to lie on top of him as his member became soft.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.” They both fell asleep in each others arms on the couch.


Well this part was really hard to write, It just wouldn’t come out, so I know it sucks.


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Thanks everyone for all the feedback, I love it.

dancepixie Nikki, hey sorry I don't update that often, but I really try. I wish this summer would mean more chance for me to write, but I am starting summer session on monday, and on top of that I am still working a full time job. So I will honestly try to update as often as possible, but I don't think I am that good of a writer, so it takes me forever to get a part written, then I rewrite it and am never satisfied. But I will try harder.

On with the new part.....

Part 41

“Max, quit bouncing your leg, you are shaking the whole bench and it’s making me sick.”

“Sorry sweetie, I’m just really excited and nervous at the same time.”

“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it, everything will be fine, and I am excited too. I just don’t think my stomach could handle the bouncing.” Liz also knew how overwhelming the feeling of hearing their first child was going to be.

“Sorry.” Max gave Liz a sheepish grin and rubbed his hand across her beginning bump.

“Liz Parker.” The nurse called holding the door open.

Max jumped up grabbing Liz’s hand, practically pulling her arm out of socket to get to the door.

The nurse showed Max and Liz to their room and handed Liz her gown to put on. “You know the drill, Dr. Tigner will be with you shortly.”

Max watched with complete awe as the doctor went through her normal routine of a pelvic exam, and then all the ministrations of pressing on Liz’s stomach.

“Everything looks good and normal. I am going to get the machine ready for the sonogram and you will be hearing the heartbeat in just a minute. I’ll be right back.”

Liz noticed the smile on Max’s face; she knew he was in awe over something. “What?”

“Nothing, its just that, I didn’t know women had to go through that. You are brave.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I wouldn’t want anyone going near me except for my husband. Isn’t that embarrassing?”

“Yah, of course it is, you have no idea. I have just had to do this since I was sixteen so I am kind of use to it. I’m sure much more embarrassing things will happen to me while I’m pregnant.”

“You are probably right, but don’t worry, I will be here with you every step of the way.”

Liz was almost in tears talking with Max. He had to be the most loving and caring person in the world. She leaned in for a kiss and gentle kiss showing Max her love for him. Before the kiss could go any further the doctor reappeared.

The doctor set up her equipment so that Max and Liz could hear what she was hearing. Dr. Tigner moved the stethoscope around Liz’s stomach searching for a sound. She could see Liz starting to tense when they didn’t find it right away.

“Liz, don’t worry, I’m just going to keep moving it around. Sometimes the baby likes to hide, but don’t worry it’s there and healthy.”

Just as the doctor finished her statement they picked up on the sound. Max’s whole face turned into one big smile. He leaned down to kisses Liz’s lips but was surprised when the kiss wasn’t returned. Giving her a questing look, Liz told Max to look at the doctor. Instead of a smile that they were expecting on the doctor’s face it was a deep concentrated look.

Holding Liz’s hand, Max asked Dr. Tigner if something was wrong. His worries were soon washed away when they got the smile they were hoping for.

“Everything is great. And I’m sure you will be even more thrilled.” She continued when she saw the look of confusion of the happy couples face.

“Congratulations, Twins.”

The look of shock on Max and Liz’s face was priceless. Every time she told a couple that there was either two or more babies she waited for their reaction. Most couples were thrilled beyond belief, but others took it a lot harder. She could tell as soon as the Evans’ shock wore off they would be bouncing off the walls.

Liz spoke first, “Twins, Oh my Max, I can’t believe it.” She finally returned the kiss Max had given her earlier.

“Wow, I mean, wow, this is just wonderful. Do we get to see them?”

“Not yet Max, You still have to wait another month before the sex can be determined. But this explains your feeling more tired and heavy.”

“Wow, this is so great, I just can’t believe it. Will Liz be able to handle it ok, I mean she is so tiny.”

Liz laughed at Max’s concern for her. He never stopped worrying.

“Yes, Max she should be fine. Women’s bodies adapt well. It is how they are made. But, if there are some complications you will not know for at least 3 or 4 months, and then if there is trouble we will prescribe bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy.”

“So you are saying, she should be ok?”

“Yes, Max, she will be fine.”

Max’s smile returned and he kissed Liz one more time. Their kiss started to grow but quickly stopped when the doctor cleared her throat. “I am just going to let you get dressed. Liz I’m going to have you come back in one month, we should be able to tell the babies’ sex.”

After they left returned home, Max quickly grabbed Liz in his arms. “Baby, I can’t believe it, we are having twins.”

When Liz looked into Max’s eyes, she saw all the love he felt for her and her heart exploded. Max saw Liz start to cry and wasn’t sure what to do. “What’s wrong sweetie? This is great news, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Max of course it is.” She brought Max’s hand down to her stomach and covered it with her own. “I mean, I can’t believe it, we have to lives growing in there that we created. I feel like the luckiest person in the world. We have two babies on the way, and I have the most wonderful, loving, caring husband in the world, who I know loves me more than life itself.”

Max, too, started tearing at Liz’s words. “Man, I can’t believe it, you have me balling like a baby, and I’m not even pregnant, I can’t blame it on stupid hormones.” His comment received a playful slap from Liz.

“What, I was only kidding.”

“I know, but it’s a good thing, I’m in one of the best moods I could ever be in or that comment could have hurt my feelings.”

“Awe, baby, you know I was just messing with you.”

“Yes, I know.”

Max laid Liz back on the couch and lifted her shirt to expose her slightly swollen tummy. He leaned down and gave it a nice wet kiss. Looking up into her eyes again he blushed. He knew most men didn’t show much emotion, but he just couldn’t help it, he loved his babies so much already and loved Liz more than he thought it was possible to love someone. “So who are we going to tell first, or do you want to keep it a surprise?” Max asked rubbing her belly.

“Well, I don’t think we can keep it a surprise much longer, I am getting huge. I need to buy some maternity clothes soon. I don’t want anyone to think I am just getting really big.”

“We can go tomorrow. You don’t mind me going with you do you?”

“Of course not, I’d love for you to join me.”

“Why don’t we call Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex and all go out to dinner tonight. Then we can call your parents and my parents on three way and let them know.”

“Perfect, now let’s call them because I am starving.”

Max chuckled to himself as he thought, ‘and so it begins’.


So how was that part every one? I am glad you are enjoying the story. I’m having fun writing it when I do get the free time.


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I promise I haven't stopped thinking about this story. I started summer classes june 3 and they end july 5th, I will definitely have time after july 5. I am still working full time too, so that leaves only time for reading. But I have been thinking about this story a bunch and started the new chapter, but it is coming very slow do to writers block. but I promise by july 10 there will be a new part

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*AN* Again, sorry, it took so long. Here is the new part, I hope you enjoy.

Part 42

The next two months flew by for Max and Liz. Liz just finished teaching her classes earlier in the month. She was glad it was summer too because she didn’t think she could handle the long hours of teaching plus helping students. But the end of June and beginning of July also had its disadvantages, mostly the heat. Also it was becoming harder for her to get around campus. Another thing Liz quickly discovered was a constant need for new clothes. In order for her to be able to have something fit for a week she had to buy clothes that said she was two months further along. She really hated it, but Max reassured her that she was beautiful as ever. He had never seen her glow so much and she was absolutely breathtaking. That earned him some brownie points.

Max and Liz were on the couch watching a movie enjoying there day away from all the chaos. Max was gently moving his hands up and down Liz’s sides and across her expanding belly. “Do you want to work on our tans and play in the pool?”

“I don’t know Max, I am too big. I doubt my bathing suit even fits me anymore.”

“Awe, sweetie, I know it does. You don’t even have to where it if you don’t want to, you can be naked for all I care. It’s our own back yard.”

“Max, anyone can see me over the fence.”

“Yah, sure, people just stand around and wait for us to go swimming so they can laugh and make fun of you.”

Max suddenly found himself being slapped in the chest. “I didn’t mean it that way, jerk. I meant, it just isn’t that private.”

“I know, I was only kidding, but if you feel more comfortable, you can just wear your shorts and t-shirt in the pool its only me. But just for the record, I think you look sexy as hell in your bathing suit carrying our babies.”

“Really, you don’t think I look like a whale swimming around in the water?”

“Of course not, you don’t have a blow hole.”

Max once again found himself with the breath knocked out of him. “You really like doing that don’t you?”

“It helps relieve my stress.”

Helping Liz to her feet and standing behind her, he lead their way to their room. “C’mon, let’s change and head outside. I will rub some lotion on you.”

“I love you.” Liz said turning around and planting a huge dreamy kiss on her husband’s lips.

“I love you too. May I ask what that was for?”

“Just because you are the best guy in the world. Thanks for getting me out of the house.”

“Thank you for carrying my children. I feel bad that you are tired all of the time. And I know it will only get worse for you. But just know I will always be here for you ok.”

“I’m telling you, you are just the best guy a woman could ask for.”

“Well, you are the best woman a guy could ask for.”

Reaching into her dresser Liz pulled out two bathing suits her and Maria got. “Which one, the black one piece with the little skirt, or the two piece that will have my stomach hanging out.”

“Do you have to ask?, I didn’t think you would be that daring.”

“Well, you made me feel special, and I thought I would make it up to you. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time that I will feel self conscious and go with the one piece.”

Max through on his swim trunks and helps Liz tie her top on, after a little playing around.

“If you don’t get this on we will never make it outside.”

“Do you always have to be so difficult?”

“Of course I do, besides, we can finish this outside. You haven’t taken me in the pool in quite some time, Mr. Evans, and frankly I just want to do it with you in the pool today, or perhaps the hot tub.”

“Well, I certainly did make you feel good didn’t I, you are feeling all kinds of generous toward your dear husband.”

Liz walked outside to the pool, while max retrieved the lotion, and towels. Max sat on one of their lawn chairs and had Liz sit between his legs. While rubbing the lotion on Liz’s stomach the babies began to kick.

“I love when they do that, it feels so good to have them move beneath my hands.”

“It still feels weird to me. Do you remember when we first felt them.?”

“Of course I do.”

Max and Liz both let their minds drift back to the month prior.

They once again found themselves waiting for the Doctor. Today was the day they found out what the sexes were of the babies. Dr. Tigner called them in and did her normal checkup before getting her ultrasound equipment.

“You ready?”

Max grabbed Liz’s hand and they shared a special smile, before turning their faces and giving a nod. Liz laughed as the doctor spread the jelly on her stomach.

“Wow, that’s cold.”

“Yes, it doesn’t smell to good either.” Dr. Tigner said with a smile. “Let’s see what we have here.”

Max and Liz faces showed complete awe over what they were seeing. The heads, fingers, toes, arms, and heart were all pointed out once again.

“I will never get tired off seeing that. To know that’s what is growing inside you. Something we created.” Max had is attention completely on Liz, he leaned in for a gentle kiss, but before it could go any further, the doctor interrupted them.

“As much as I love seeing two people so madly in love, I think yall might want to hear this next part.”

“Well, what are we having?” Liz said uninhibited excitement.

“Max, Liz, you better get ready to run your tails off in 4 months, because it appears you are having two identical boys.”

Liz was so excited, her smile spread from ear to ear, but it quickly disappeared when she saw the look of disappointment on Max’s face.

“What’s wrong honey, Aren’t you happy?”

“Of course I am sweetie. I couldn’t be happier, but I thought maybe we would have a little girl.”

“Awe, you are too precious. We will have our little girl, just not this time, and now you won’t have such a hard time, she will have two big brothers that will probably be more protective of her than you are.”

“You two crack me up, most couples are still shocked that they are having twins at this point, trying to figure out how they will be able to make it, and here yall are already planning on having more. I think you two are going to be great parents, but I do have to disagree on one thing.”

“What’s that?” Max asked with interest.

“I don’t think there will be anyone more protective of someone, than this man right here.” She said nudging Max.

Liz laughed agreeing with her.

“So, have you felt any movement yet Liz?” Dr. Tigner said reentering her doctor mode.

“No, I don’t think so, not yet. Is that bad?”

“No, no, it is normal, so people feel movement earlier, some later. Have you felt any bubble sensation, or little flutters maybe?”

“I don’t know maybe, but I also might have thought it was gas.”

“Yes, that is normal, some people do confuse the two, but probably within the next week or two you will start to feel that sensation and it will progressively get stronger.”

“Thank you, this is great. We should probably start thinking of names. It will be twice as hard.”

“Well, Liz, I will let you get dressed. Schedule another appointment for next month.”

Before Liz walked out to the station to sign the papers and schedule her next appointment, Max stopped her.

“I just wanted to say something to the boys real quick.” “Boys, Mommy and Daddy love you so much, and we can’t wait for you to get here, just promise us one thing. Please don’t trick us. Ok, don’t trick me or hold it against me if I have trouble telling you two apart at first.” “Go easy on me please.” Max was rubbing his hands along her belly when he felt a flutter against his hand. He looked up at Liz to see if what he felt was his imagination and was answered by the huge smile on her face.

The boys gave Liz another hard kick bringing Max and Liz out of their reverie.

“Boys you be good to mommy, she you don’t want to bruise her insides to bad.”

“We need to start thinking for some names for these two. I don’t think boys will work.”

“I know, time really does fly, we should probably start working on the nursery too.”

“Well let’s get in the pool its too hot.”


Sorry, I know yall waited forever and that part probably could have been loads better, but I don’t really have time to proof read and change a bunch of stuff, cause I will probably end of changing the whole part. Anyways, I know I have been mean with out the updating, but like I said, hopefully after the 5th of July, I will have more time to write. Also, my brother just left for field training in Texas, so I will have the apartment to myself until the end of July, so I won’t have to share the computer. J

Well let me know what yall thought.


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Part 43

Max and Liz found themselves in the quiet pool.

“Can you imagine what this pool will look like in a couple years?” Max asked Liz while kissing her neck.

“Yah, there will be thousands of toys all over the yard. Floats, pool games, a dog.”

“A dog? you think a dog will be here. Of course, I am sure once the boys learn how to talk their first words will be doggie.”

“You are probably right, I have always wanted a dog, and I just never had a chance to think about it.”

“Well, how about we think about it. I have always wanted a golden lab, those puppies are so cute.”

“Yes, they are very well-behaved dogs. But are you talking about getting one in the near future. I thought we would wait until the boys were older.”

“Well, why wait, I mean when the boys are older we will most likely be starting on a little sister for them, so we can’t very well use that as excuse.”

“You know, ever since you have been pregnant, all we keep doing is planning on this and planning on that, before too long we won’t be able to do much, so let’s get started on some of these plans shall we.”

“Ok, except we can always think of names. That doesn’t take any physical exertion.”

“Nope, you are right, but I already started thinking of some, so what do you think of Jacob?”

“Oh I love that name, what made you think of it.”

“My mom said she almost named me that when I was a baby, and I have always like it, but I am glad she went with Max.”

“Me too. So now we got one down, three to go.”


“Middle names silly.”

“I have always like the name Joseph, what do you think?”

“I like that, we could call him Joey for short, how does that sound.”

“Perfect, because Joseph really is formal, and when you say Joey you have to smile.”

Max started saying Joey over and over with out smiling, but he just couldn’t. “Well, I think I will always smile when I say either of the boys names.”

“Oh you say that now, but I can assure you, their full names will probably be used a lot.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, I know I will love my babies, but to think they will never get in trouble, well that’s just crazy.”

“My boys will be very well behaved.”

“I am sure they will, but they will get in trouble, they are boys.”

“Hey, I resent that.”

“Awe baby, its ok, I still love you.”

“How about Parker?”


“Parker, for a middle name. It’s your middle name.”

“It’s my maiden name.”

“Let’s get technical why don’t we?”

“Only if you really want me to.”

“No, I don’t, so do you like Jacob Parker Evans, or Joseph Parker Evans?”

“I think I like Joseph Parker Evans better, and how about Jacob Matthew Evans?”

“That’s nice I really like that.”

“Well, that is settled.”

“Yup, so Jacob and Joey, do you like your names?”

As soon Max finished his statements, they received two hard kicks to from Liz’s stomach.

“I think they like it.”

“I do to, but boys, what did I tell yall, about kicking your mommy?” Max turned Liz around in his arms and kissed her blossoming belly.

“See, I told you they won’t always listen to us. I think we have a couple soccer players in there.”

“That can’t be they don’t have a ball.”

“Yes they do it’s called my bladder, will you help me up I have to pee.”

Max chuckled and helped Liz out of the pool, watching as she walked into the house. While he was waiting for her to return he decided to swim a couple laps.

Liz came from the house to see Max swimming, and she became really hot watching his body as it moved through the water. She screamed out to him to get his attention. “Whew damn you are sexy!”

Max turned his face out of the water to see his beautiful pregnant wife. “You aren’t to bad yourself there little lady.”

Liz looked down at her belly sticking out, “I wouldn’t say little anymore.”

“Yes you are, you aren’t very big, especially since you are carrying twins.”

Liz walked into the pool again so she could grab Max and kiss them until they had no more breath.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.”

“I guess you aren’t expecting this either?” Liz grabbed Max and sat him down on the steps looking at him like he was her next meal.

“No, I sure wasn’t, but that does mean that I am disappointed.”


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Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I actually have a lot more time on my hands now, I just don't know where to go with the story. If yall have any suggestions let me know.