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In case any of you actually remember...I started this fanfic the longest time ago. I let it sit at a pivitol point in the story, then just got busy (and writers block). Recently I've been getting lots of emails about this story, and decided to attempt to finish it (and my other ones). So this is the next installment of ASWMA. Its short, its not nearly as good as I would like. But hopefully you will enjoy. I need you encouragement, because frankly, otherwise I won't finish.

Title: And So We Meet Again
Author: Liz (aka CanadianRoswellian)
Rating: R (sexual content and language)
Summery: You need to read the rest, its on the repost board. But basically the day when Liz was shot in the CD didn't happen, and they're in University now.
Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Part 27

Liz stumbled into the elevator, and balanced herself against the wall inside the little cube. She poked at the ‘close’ button violently, needing to get away then and there. As the doors closed, probably as slowly as they possibly could, she shut her eyes, letting her body sink to the floor.

Running her hands through her hair, she took a shallow breath. Now, she needed to evaluate this situation. There had to be some reasonable explanation, something that could prove what she had seen in front of her eyes was wrong. But what? How? Her brain was barely functioning, it was overworked with the bombardment of unanswered questions and technical theories. It couldn’t be…could it? And if it was…Then what? Max Evans—an alien?

It was like a movie in her mind, except it was in repeat. Over and over again she saw his hand wave over the picture, and the way it morphed, like magic. Which was completely impossible for any regular human being to do. Also, its not like someone healed a stab wound everyday either. A wound which mysteriously no one seemed to notice except for her and Max. A wound which had disappeared without a trace.

She blew out a ragged stream of air, and looked up, blinking the tears from her eyes. He had looked so…vulnerable and insecure. There he was, spilling this extraordinary secret to her and she went and made him feel like a freak. Something he no doubt had avoided all his life.

And in that instant it all became clear to her. The way he hung to the shadows silently, while all along he could have been one of the most popular guys in the school. Any girl would date him. He was good at sports, academics, an all-around great guy. But oddly Michael seemed to be his only friend, besides his sister. Once or twice Liz could recall the three sitting in the cafeteria talking in hushed voices, panicked expressions upon their faces. And she had seen them disappear into the Eraser room on a few occasions. It had never really occurred to her to think more of it. it wasn’t common, but nothing to be alarmed about. She had had her own troubles.

But now Liz realized how difficult Max’s life must have been. She’d always been sympathetic towards him, even though she’d known the Evans’ were loving parents. She, like everyone else knew the story of how the Evans’ had found their adopted children. Liz had just assumed that Max and Isabel must have come from a terrible place, and that they had been nurtured and loved. But Max had been brought up his whole life in a town, that well, portrayed aliens negatively. He had been taught by their society to cower and hide who he truly was. And to keep it for 18 years—it must have been haunting him.

Amazingly though, Max had opened up to her. Her. Liz Parker, everyday Roswellian. And she had basically confirmed all his fears. It couldn’t have been worse if she’d yelled at him that he was a scary freak and she never wanted to see him again. Because, well, it was far from the truth. But this did…change everything.

Liz ignored the stop of the elevator’s movements, deciding to remain on the floor. She felt silly for crying on the elevator, but it didn’t matter. Not after what she had done. Max had put his life at risk, for her. The doors opened, and someone stepped in. Liz stared down at the shoes. They were feminine, black leather and familiar. She studied the jean-clad legs, then brought her eyes up to the face. The shoes were familiar because Laura had borrowed them—and Laura was on the elevator.

"Liz!" Laura smiled, her eyes sparkling happily. But then she studied her friend with a worried expression. "What’s wrong sweetie?" She brought herself down beside Liz, sitting in cross-legged fashion. Her brows were drawn together in a wrinkle of concern. "You’re crying!" She cried. She grabbed onto Liz’s hands, and pulled her up to normal height with her.

Liz shook her head, unable to come up with the words to explain just what she was feeling and why. She knew she could trust Laura, but Max didn’t even know Laura. He didn’t need another person knowing about him. She know had one of the biggest secrets in the world on her shoulder’s and she couldn’t share it with anyone. Not Maria, not Alex…Anyone. Because if she did, she would only be hurting Max. And she could never do that. Not again. Not like this. He trusted her.

Liz let herself fall into Laura’s arms, sobbing the one word which would sum up why she was so miserable. "Max."

Serena stroked Liz’s hair soothingly in their dorm room. Serena was sitting with Liz’s head in her lap, and she lay on her bed. Serena genuinely felt sorry for the girl. Her and Derrick had been listening in a car outside on the street. They had bugged both Max’s dorm room, and Liz’s. Of course, considering Serena had already established herself as ‘Laura’ it wasn’t necessary to moniter their room half as much. But now that Liz knew the truth, and was keeping it from ‘Laura’, it seems that she had decided to at least stay in limbo with the idea of Max.

Liz hadn’t even asked for an explanation to why Serena was getting into an elevator at Adams while she obviously didn’t have any reason to be. All Liz has said was that she was glad that she had been there, because she didn’t know how she would have gotten home.

Serena hadn’t been able to get Liz to say much. All that she had managed to explain was that she had said something she hadn’t meant to say to Max, and that she wasn’t sure how he felt about her anymore. Serena wanted to tell the girl that she was being trivial in worrying about such silly things, and that if Max had risked his life for her—obviously he would forgive the almost-certain fear or at least awkwardness which would come with this newly revealed information. Its not as if this had floored him completely.

Its too bad she couldn’t tell Liz everything about her and Derrick. Perhaps then they could be real friends. She had taken a liking to the human girl. She was kind, fun and sweet-natured. And she had this kind of aura which just made you want to get to know her. Serena felt amazingly guilty lying to her all the time. But how was Liz going to react? First of all, she hears this. Then is she going to be excited that Derrick and Serena are from Max’s planet, protectors of the planet’s King—being Max? That might just scare her. It would scare any normal 18 year old girl, whether they knew their boyfriend was from that planet or not. And what was going to scare her most of all was the fact that she was the destined one to produce an heir.


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