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C-C-Changes take two
I’ve got an idea for a new story and was wondering how many people would like to read it
the fic will be written the way I would of liked c-c-changes to go
liz wouldn’t go to Vermont
issues bought up on this episode and episodes before this are sorted out
I don’t want to give too much away, but this is sort of the outline of the story I guess, please tell me what you think and if you have any ideas I’m open for suggestions.

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AN: hey here’s part one, it took me a long time to find a scene where I wanted to start from and last night it clicked so I hope it’s ok...and also liz doesn’t get the electric currents when she’s near max in this fic............

Liz watches as max stops at the top of the ladder and looks at her and after a while descends down her ladder.

* Promise me something honey bear, always follow your heart*

liz opens her window “max wait”

Max's face reappears at the top of her ladder, Liz jumps out of her window and lands on her balcony, they embrace as max meets her half way with tears running down both their faces.

“ Let me help you Liz ,please don’t turn me away not now when I don’t know what’s happening to you” max says as he tightens his hold on her.

“I'm so sorry, I wasn’t thinking all these changes have pissed me off and I was taking it out on you, I'm going to stop running away from my problems” Liz pulls back and looks at max “our problems.”

“Langley will know what to do Liz we can go to L.A to go find him” max said as he tries to reassure Liz

Liz nods her head” ok I'll tell my parents something and let you know if I can”

“ Even if you can’t go Liz I'll go find him and bring him here” max said trying anything to know what’s wrong with Liz

“No max, we can’t let your dad get suspicious about you again” Liz said while shaking her head

“ Screw my dad Liz, there’s something happening to you and nothing will stop me form finding out what, but Liz we need to talk about what happened at the desert like you said we can‘t keep running away form our problems” max stated

“ I know, I'm sorry I said all those things to you but that’s how I feel” Liz averted her eyes away from Max's

“ Liz I understand, and don’t be sorry about how you feel, we've never talked about it and we buried it until it could build up and explode like it did tonight ” max said as he lead Liz to her lawn chairs “ are you sure we should talk today, your dad could come in”

“It’s ok my dad’s downstairs anyway” Liz answered

They fell silent for a while until Liz broke it “max why did you sleep with her”

Sorry for the short part and it also suxed (so much for gaining readers) but I didn’t want to write a log part for a story that might not be read, tell me what you think, feedback helps me post my parts faster, next part will be out soon.

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“Max why did you sleep with her” Liz asked doe brown eyes meeting deep amber pools.

Max started at the ground, contemplating over what Liz had just asked him, he had no idea himself, so he answered honestly knowing it was the best he could do “ I don’t really know myself, I've always asked myself that same question but haven't been able to come up with an answer, I know that can’t excuse for what I did but I think after having come back from the desert where you choose to find Alex’s killer I went to the observatory to have some time to myself and that’s where tess came she said that she’ll always be there for me and I guess I took the only thing that I thought I had left and I slept with her, I don’t think I was myself when I did, because the next day I woke up and found her next to me al I felt was guilt ad I regretted had I had done, that I had given myself to someone I didn’t love, I never loved her Liz not like I loved you or like I love Isabel and Michael she was just there as someone who could be there for me when no one else was.”

“You slept with her, I can get over that knowing it was a mistake, but the way you treated me after Alex’s death that's what hurt me max and still does, I needed you than more than I had ever did then but you acted like you didn’t care, you made me choose between your friendship or finding Alex’s killer, you believed that Alex committed suicide, my max wouldn’t have done that, I want the max I fell in love with a year ago back” Liz finished her confession.

“ That max died when he saw you in bed with Kyle” he looks up at Liz “every single day after that I was dead inside, I had nothing to live for, I had lost you, but that’s when I realised I wasn’t human that’s I couldn’t keep pushing my alien heritage away, so I welcomed my alien side and that alien side hurt you in ways my human side could not think were possible, how could I have asked you to help me find my son, it’s the one thought that can kill a person inside knowing that the person you love has a son with someone else, but because you love me, you helped me and in return all I did was hurt you, Langley was right, embracing my alien side hurts the people I love” max now feeling as if a whole load of weight was off his shoulder after confessing his feelings to Liz.

“Your human too max, and you must listen to both your sides, listening to one will always endanger you one way or another, just like a everyone else you deserve a second chance as well” Liz said sympathetically.

Max nods “what’s going to happen with us now Liz” max asked

“Were both different now form what we were a year ago when we first fell in love, I still love you max but lets take it slow, lets try and get to know each other better and be honest with each other I think that because he didn’t trust one another we lost ourselves on the way because going back to the way things were will only allow us to hurt each other again I trust you max but I don’t trust you with my heart just yet and it'll take time but I know that I will trust you with it someday but it’s going to take time” Liz answered

“I understand Liz, it’s ok, I think this is for the best your right we do need to know each other better again and I will get you to trust me with you heart I will do what it is within my power to, Liz parker I will wait for you for as long as I have to” max looked at her eyes as he said it and Liz had knew that he was telling the truth.

“Thank you” Liz said as her eyes held Max's in understanding

Jeff Parker walks into Liz's room” Liz it's a school night what are you.... Max” startled to see that Liz was not alone on her balcony as he looked out her window.

“ Hey Mr. Parker, sorry for keeping Liz up but I needed to talk to her” max answered nervously

“You can finish your talk tomorrow max; it’s 10:30 so hurry home”

“Yes Mr. Parker” max replied

Jeff left Liz's room to go to his

“ I should go now before you r dad comes back to see me still here we’ll finish this tomorrow” max said as he got up to leave.

“I'll call you in the morning to tell you if I can come, I'll ask my dad before going to bed “Liz said as she also got up to walk max to the end of her balcony, max jumps over the rails and onto the ladder.

Liz leans down and kisses him, they pull apart a few seconds later “ I didn't know if I should’ve or not” max admitted

“Well I decided for you, were taking it slow not becoming ‘just friends’ again” Liz smiles


“Night max”

Max descends down the ladder and walks to his car and drives to Michaels.

Liz walked into the kitchen to find her mom and dad sitting at the table drinking coffee.

“Mom, dad can I talk to you” Liz asked as she sat down.

“What is it honey” Nancy asked

“Maria, got a chance to record in New York and she asked me to come with her for moral support” Liz said to her parents.

“Liz is you planning on going with Maria or max” Jeff asked

“Dad, I'm going with Maria you can ask her yourself” Liz answered

“New York, honey it’s really far away it's going to interfere with your schoolwork” Nancy said worried.

“I know, but I'm ahead in all my subjects and am just getting extra work now a few days isn’t going to be much” Liz tried to reassure her mom.

“When do you have to leave” Nancy asked


Nancy sighed “I guess, and give my luck to Maria”

“Thank you mom, thank you dad” Liz got up and embraced her parents
“Mom” mara asked as she stepped into her mom’s room

“Yeah” Amy asked as she put down her astrology book

“A music manager asked me to come down to New York with her to record a music demo and I'm going” Maria told her mom.

“What Maria your 17” Amy said as she finally realized what Maria just said

“Turning 18 in 6 months, mom this is big for me, aren’t you happy” Maria asked

“I knew this day would come, but it’s just too soon, I can’t lose you “ Amy mumbled getting frantic

“Mom you’re not going to lose me, I'm only going to New York for a record deal I'm coming back” Maria tried to re-assure her mom

“Be careful Maria, New York's a bad city and good luck on your demo” Amy gave into her daughter’s request

Maria embraced her mom ”thank you mom, thank you so much this means so much to me”

“I love you Maria, just come back safe” Amy said
Max gets to Michael's to see him watching I dream of Jennie on tape “what’s wrong now Michael, didn’t you cure yourself form this” max asked as he switched the TV off

Michael sat up on the couch “Maria came over before” Michael looks at max “I think it’s finally over between me and her” he said regretfully

“Michael, she just needs time she didn’t ask to be included in all this alien chaos and she wants to try and be a normal teenager Michael” max said to Michael

“I hope so max I really hope so” Michael sighed

Silence filled the air

“what wrong with us max, your an alien king and I'm your second-in command, but yet we would give it all up for them, I stayed for Maria while my only other family was planning on leaving for Antar I don’t regret that I stayed I love Maria more than I can imagine but if Liz hadn’t have come that day you could of been dead on Antar” Michael said remorsefully.

“Michael, we need to move on and put the past behind us what’s done is done and we can’t go back and change that we've all made mistakes mine far worst than everyone else’s which I will regret for the rest of my life but we need to move forward, you have to move forward she will come back Michael she loves you too much not to” ax sat down next to his long time friend.

“Thanks Maxwell, it means a lot especially coming from you” Michael said thankfully.

“Lets go to sleep Michael it’s 10 to 11 we have to get up early tomorrow” max said as he got ready for yet another night on the couch.

“ You never told me how it went with Liz” Michael asked

“How’d you know I was with Liz” max asked surprised

“Max where else do you go at this time of the night” Michael answered

“Point taken, it went well I think were finally going to be able to move forward we decided to take it slow and to get to know each other again” max said contently

“That’s great to hear max, you deserve some happiness” Michael said as he swept the empty packets of food in the bin.

“Michael thanks of r being there for ma and Liz” max said

“No problem max, I am your second- in command, I have to look after my king and future queen” Michael smirks

“Good night Michael” max smiles

“Good night max”

I hope their talk was ok, I'm a DREAMER and being a dreamer I wanted them to be together and also I think max does deserve and other chance (do not kill yet) I have my reasons too well I hope you like it tell me what you think thanks for the feedback.


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Liz was getting ready for be when the phone rang. Liz picked it up


“Hey chicha guess what I'm going to New York” Maria said ecstatically.

Liz smiled” I knew you would”
“I leave tomorrow”

Liz went outside her balcony and closed her window so she could be out of earshot from her parents.

“Maria, max wants to go and find Langley in L.A tomorrow so we can find out what happening to me, so I told my parents that I was going to New York with you can you cover for me and come to the Crash tomorrow morning and, Michael can come and pick us up and then we can head to Michael's ad pick up max and then we can drop you off at the airport while me and max head to L.A” Liz said to Maria.

“Chicha, chill it’s fine with me, I ’d do anything so you can find out what’s going on with you” Maria said

“Thanks Maria” Liz said

“I'm sorry, I can't come with you” Maria said

“It’s ok, I need to call max, I'll see you I the morning” Liz said

“Bye, seeya then” Maria said

Liz hung up and dialled Max's cellphone number

“Hello” said a sleepy voice

“Hey max it’s me Liz” Liz said

“Hey Liz” max said now fully awake

“I'm sorry I woke you, but I thought it’d be better if I told you tonight instead of tomorrow morning” Liz said as she sat on her lawn chair.

“It’s ok Liz; I'm awake now” max said

“My parents said I can go, I told then that I was going to go to New York with Maria, the plan is for Michael to meet us at the Crashdown and pick me and Maria up well come and pick you up leave Maria's Jetta so he can give it to Amy and then we’ll go in your car and then we’ll drop Maria off at Albuquerque airport and we can head to L.A after” Liz told max

“ That’s songs good, I'll tell Michael it’s the safest plan” max said

“I'll seeya in the morning then” Liz said

“K bye” max said

And the line went dead, Liz opened her window, she packed a duffle bag and went to bed.

The next morning it was 7:30 and Michael and Maria were at the Crash down, Liz's parents had come down to farewell their daughter and wish Maria the best of luck, they said there goodbyes and wished Maria good luck and now they were headed to Michael's to pick max up. Max was sitting in his car when the red Jetta pulled up next to him Maria, Liz and Michel got out of the car, Maria and Liz got into Max's car and sat at the back while Michael came around to Max's side “max you better come back soon, before the whole town tuns against you” Michael said

“ Yeah Michael I know, me and Liz will be back in 5 days”

“ Max drive carefully, we want you back home”

“Will do Michael, look after the others while I’m gone” max said

“ You know I will” Michael said and max started the car,

Upon hearing the engine start Maria sat up and looked at Michael “bye Michael” Maria said

“Bye” Michael replied with a blank expression on his face and she knew he had put his stone wall back up, she looked into his eyes and was blown away with the emotions it held in it and she sat back down silently.

“Max and Liz waved to Michael and drove off. The car ride out of Roswell was silent but peaceful with the soft humming of the music form Max's car stereo surrounding them.

“So Maria, how long do you plan of staying in New York for” Liz asked

“ I don’t know yet, I suppose until I finish recording m demo” Maria replied

“Maria it’s great that your perusing your dreams, I'm sorry for having you get sucked into our alien lives, I'm sorry for all you guys, it’s stopping you from being yourself” max said in regret

“Don’t even try to apologise Max Evans, I chose to be included in your alien heritage so don’t and I chose to do this because unlike Liz I don’t know what I want in life” Maria said

Max turns to Liz “after we finish finding Langley why don’t you go to New York to Maria you can take a break form all this” max said

“Max...I'm not going anywhere, I told Maria the other day I know what I want in life and that’s to be every step of the way with you, can I ask you something max when do you get a break” Liz said and asked

“I don’t, it follows me where ever I go because of who I am” max said

“So don’t max, so don't stat apologising ” Liz said

“ But Liz you've already given so much up to know me” max said

“ Stop feeling guilty max, I made that decision and I don’t regret it” Liz said firmly

Max knew there was no point in arguing, so he stopped and sighed in defeat.

2 hours later max pulled up in front of Albuquerque airport, Maria got out of the car and took her things, Liz had gotten out and now the two girls were locked in an embrace.

“Chicha you look after yourself” Maria said

“I'm not the one going to New York” Liz said

Maria turns to max “ Max Evans you find out what is wrong with my chicha and you look after her you hear and if you hurt her I'll come all the way from New York and kick your ass back to Antar” Maria said

“ Don’t worry, I'll kick myself back to Antar if I do” max smirked

Liz turned to Liz “I'll write every week and call at least every day” Maria said

“ok, but you'll have to wait 5 days until I get back” Liz said

“Funny, know” Maria answered

They embrace again “ I'm going to miss a chicha” Maria said

They pulled apart “me to” Liz said

“Thank you Liz for supporting me” Maria said

“ Hey what are best friends for” Liz said

“ I should go my plane is due to leave soon” Maria said

Max and Liz waved to her and Maria turned around and made her way inside the airport, Liz now moved into the front of the ca, max got in the car and started the engine and drove towards the highway which would take them to L.A.

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Max had been driving since they left Roswell they were now in Phoenix and Liz had fallen asleep after having a confrontation with max about how max should take a rest and she’d drive but max wouldn’t let her, he didn’t kid himself he was feeling tired but he’d done this before when he came back to Liz, he had driven no-stop back to Roswell. H looked at Liz's sleeping form *God she’s been through so much, she’s given up so much, she’s so brave how could I even had considered sleeping with tess* max thought as he kicked himself about his mistake.

Liz woke up and opened her eyes and saw that it was morning, she turned to max seeing his sleepy facade “what time is it” Liz asked

Max glanced at his watch “8:30” max answered

“Where are we” Liz asked rubbing her eyes

“Palm Springs” max answered
“Max pull over” Liz said when max didn’t see max pull over she said again “max pull over now you’ve driven since 7:30 yesterday morning now pullover so you can get some sleep” Liz said firmly

Max eventually pulled over, Liz went to the drivers side while max went to the passengers side.
It is 2:30 and max and Liz had made it to L.A and is now heading to Langley’s mansion, max had woken up an hour before they had reached L.A and was now driving again.

“Max, what are you doing” Liz asked as max parked the car in the diners car park

“It’s a diner; thought we could eat” max answered

“Oh” Liz replied

After they finished their breakfast max paid for it and tipped the waitress, they got up and went back to the car.

“Max, what are you going to d about your son” Liz asked as they drove to langleys mansion

“I don’t know, I've tried everything I could possibly think, he’s on Antar and I'm here there’s nothing I can do” max said

“Except go to Antar” Liz said

“I've tried that, but didn’t work” max said with a distant look

“What” Liz asked

Max snapped out of his trance and cursed he didn’t mean to say it out loud

“Max” Liz said

Max signed he knew he couldn’t lie to her “last time I came to find Langley, we found the ship and tried to work it but it didn’t work” max said regretfully

Liz was shocked and pissed “that’s why you didn’t answer the phone” Liz said

“Yeah, I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave you if I had answered it’ max said as he didn’t chance a glance at her

“You were just going to leave without saying goodbye” Liz shouted down really pissed

“Yes, I would’ve but now I regret what I would’ve done, Langley told me that if I had I would of hurt so many people” max said

“Well he was right max, god what were you thinking” Liz said

“My son’s out there Liz, I was desperate at the time and I wasn’t thinking” max said

“You never think when it comes to you son max” Liz said viciously

“I'm sorry Liz, I told you I wasn’t myself” max said

“Max, I know your son’s innocent in all this and that you have a responsibility now but I don't think this relationships going to work, if my feelings for you are just one way” Liz said as she calmed down

“Liz, god no your feelings for me are not one way and never will be I love you so much” max said

“ But I'm not feeling it max, I know you love me but I just don’t feel like there being returned” Liz said

Silence filled the air

“Max I think you should think about where your priorities lie and balance them out, I'm not making you choose between your son or me I'm asking you to think if I can be important enough to be important with your son not second best” Liz said yet again having max make another life altering decision.

The rest of the ride to langleys was filled with silence and tension in the air

They got to langleys and knocked o the door, his butler answered the door “ is Carl there” max asked

“ And you are” the butler asked

“ Max Evans” max answered

“Wait a minute” he said and went to get Langley

Langley came a few seconds later” what are you doing here, didn’t I tell you not to come back Langley seethed.

Next part Liz finds out what’s happening to her...........FB PLZZZZZZZ
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thanks for teh feedback nickeygurl13 it's ok people have their own opinions here's part 6.....

"Whatever you want max forget it" Langley said and was about to shut the door on max but Liz stopped him "I know what max did when he last came here, he knew it was wrong and feels guilty, max healed me two years ago and look what's happening to me now" Liz said as she lifted her sleeves up to show Langley the green currents

"Langley, please am I dying" Liz asked with pleading eyes

Langley saw Liz's pleaded eyes and gave in, he was their only help, he opened the door further and let them in "come in and I'll tell you" Langley said as he lead them to his private office

"Take a seat do you want something to eat, drink" Langley asked

"No thank you" Liz answered

"Max" Langley asked

"No thanks" max said

"Right so I'm guessing your going to want to know what's happening to you' Langley said

Liz nodded her head

"Max healed you two years ago right" Langley asked

"Yes" Liz answered

"Did you two have an intense connection, when you healed her" Langley asked the question directed to max

"Yes" max said

"Ok , since max is an Alien hybrid he changed you, the connection he opened to heal you had become intense so he not only healed you, but in the process changed you, so I think it's safe to say yes your half Alien the second thing max did by opening the intense connection was he chose you, as the king of Antar max chose you so if any member of the Royal square had failed to do their duties or were not alive then therefore Liz could step in and he also chose you as queen but that cannot go any further until you two have consummated" Langley explained

Liz was shocked she just found out she is now half alien, this isn't news that you could jump up in joy for, this was too much for her.

"Then why did it happen now I healed her 2 years ago, and why am the currents there"max asked

"Because Liz's body is human it took a while for her body to alter and the currents show that her bodies in the process of changing it's likely to last another 24 hours" Langley said

Both max and Liz sighed in relief

"Will this happen to everyone I heal or healed" max asked

"No it won't there was only one person you've likely to have had a connection as intense as the one the two of you shared as fir now it can't be done because you've already chosen" Langley answered

Max looked at Liz" I'm sorry Liz" max said, Liz nodded not being able to say anything

"Where are you staying' Langley asked

"We haven't found a place yet we thought we'd see you first and then go find a motel after" max said

"I have a few rooms that are spare; you can stay here if you like" Langley said

"Thank you, but why are you doing this" max asked thinking back to that day that Langley had been unfriendly

"Because she makes you human, and it's what you need"Langley answered simply

"I'll get my butler to get your things and show you to your rooms" Langley said as he got up and left the room

Max got up and sat next to Liz and put his hand on Liz's arm, Liz tensed up the instant Max's hand made contact with her arm and max dropped his hand instantly "are you ok" max asked, hurt but understanding that it's because of what he was that had one this to her

"How do you think I'm suppose to be, I just find out im alien, how am I suppose to be ok with that max" Liz said frantically

Max was silent

"Max I need time, it's not everyday that someone finds out hat they are alien,"Liz said the butler came into the room and led them to their rooms.

Max, Liz and Langley are eating dinner " Langley how many protectors were there" max asked

"4 but the other 3 died after we had hid your pods" Langley said

"So what was Nescedo then max" Liz spoke for the first time fearing they had trusted the wrong person

"Nescedo was to be your original protector but he ended up showing his true colours before the royal four had died he had betrayed his own kind and was working with his enemies" Langley said

"So Tess was bought up by the wrong person" max said

"what did tess do, I'm feeling a lot of hatred towards our queen ava from you two" Langley said wondering why

"she came to Roswell 2 years ago and told me, Michael and Isabel that we had a destiny to be together me and her and Isabel and Michael but I wanted to be with Liz after that everything fell a part Liz left me so I could pursue my destiny she some how made me sleep with her and she had killed Alex, and said that Nescedo had made a deal with Kivhar that tess was to return to Antar with my impregnated son, along with me, Michael and Isabel so he could execute us, but we found out about what Tess had done to Alex and I let her leave with my unborn son cuz the earths atmosphere was killing him" max said as tensed at the mention of tess

"she was bought u badly" this destiny she said it isn't true your mother wanted you to choose your Queen freely without force max she didn't want to repeat history and have war break out again" Langley said

Max and Liz excused themselves and contemplated over what they had been told they had just found out someone they trusted she had lied to them, manipulated them and betrayed them they felt vulnerable.
Liz was lying on her bed when she heard a knock on the door
"come in" Liz said as she sat up at edge of the bed.
max walked in shut the door behind him and started pacing in front of her

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The one and only- post a tale of two parties
Baby Be Mine- m/l are popular baut hate each other seemingly fate brings them together
With You- max, tess, liz and micheal are aliens
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Thanks for all the feedback it's inspired me to write another yet short part

"There’s a lot to talk about, so I'm just going to go through it one at a time" max said "I know that you already have a lot to think about and I'm sorry for having al this pushed to you but I've gone over what you told me this afternoon about sorting out who my priorities are and the truth is I've always known in my heart " max stoped pacing and kneeled down to Liz's level and looked at her he took her hands and laid it against his heart "in my heart you've always been important to me your my life Liz, you are just as important as my son , if he shows up tomorrow or in 50 years you'll always have and always be just as important to me , let me show you Liz" max asked with pleading eyes

Liz had tears in her eyes at the tender words max had said she had miss about him this side of max she hadn't seen for over a year and her he was pouring his heart out to her she couldn't help the tears gather at her eyes, she nodded at Max's request, max took Liz's face into his hands and formed a connection

*Liz feels the love Max feels for her *
*She sees how much he needs her in his life*
*She feels the hurt, rejection and anger when he had found her in bed with Kyle*
*She feels his guilt and regret when he sees Tess's body next to him and remembers what he did*
*Max feeling confused and lost about who he is*
*And the guilt for Liz changing and hurting because of what he is*
*The short glimpse of happiness over the guilt about Liz being half aliens no more different than him*

*Max feels Liz's love and acceptance*
*Hurt and anger when she finds out he gave himself to Tess*
*The hurt every time his son is mentioned*
*Feeling lonely as max pushed her away and shut her out*
*The emptiness and hurt when he told her he was leaving to go to Antar*
*The fear of knowing what she was*
*Flashes of max, but in leather and long grey hair*
*Liz crying*

The connection broke from the loss of energy form both max and Liz, Liz looked at max with tears coursing down her cheeks " it was al true, the way you feel about me, you don't know who you are anymore do you" Liz said

Max didn't answer fearing about what else she could of seen and kickinghimslef for not thinking about it before,

"Liz, I got to see you, I only made the connection go on way, I thin since I changed you you let me see yourself as well" max said

Liz was now scared' what had he seen' she voiced her fears "what did you see"

"I felt your love for me, your anger about Tess, but there's one thing that's confusing me I saw a flash of me but he had long grey hair and was wearing leather" max said confused

"I guess now's the best time as any" Liz said as she told max about future max

"Wow, Liz you’re so brave and selfless, I don't deserve you" max said not being able to form any words

Sorry for the small part I'll make up for it in the next one
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I hated the fact that Liz kept running away from her problems so I decided to have Liz face them in this fic, I don‘t know but the writers are trying to find ways to separate our dreamer couple, I know you want M/M to be together but in this fic they will be together but not for a while you‘ll find out why in the story, I would of had Maria and Michael together but hey the writers choose to break them up and being realistic I'm trying to sort things out for Maria, I'm feeling anit-maria, especially after watching ch-ch-changes again I know I'm suppose to be feeling anti- max like the others but I got over that a long time ago I hate the way Maria treats Michael after all he has done for her well I'm sure you don‘t wanna know, thanks for the awesome feedback this part is Maria although I am anti- Maria I do have to write Maria into this fic so I am trying and it is taking all my will power to do so (I tried to get the transcript of panacea when Maria was in new York but it wasn‘t up on the crashdown site so this continues from the end when Maria said she‘d rather go back to Roswell) now without further ado part 8....

Maria and Billy walked out of the studio

"Did you see her face when I told her; I bet no ones chosen the lather to her options“ Maria said laughing as they roamed the streets of Roswell

"Can I ask what made you come here in the first place" Billy asked

"I came here to find myself, and see what I wanted in life" Maria said

"So what do you want to do, where you staying" Billy asked

"I'm staying at this hotel for a while, and for what I'm gonna do now why don't we go celebrate" Maria said

"Yeah sure, who's shout" Billy asked

Maria hit him" mine"

After they had dinner, Billy took Maria to the beach where they sat on the sand and watched the water

"What happened with Michael" Billy asked

"Where not together anymore" Maria said

"Why" Billy asked

'Could we not talk about Michael" Maria said

Billy think Michael had done something to upset Maria let it slide "ok"

They sat silent for a while, Billy leaned down and kissed Maria, Maria pushed him away this time "what are you doing" Maria asked

"Maria you know I've liked you" Billy said

"You‘ve got the wrong person; I still love Michael the only reason I broke up with him as because I wanted to follow my dreams" Maria said

"I'm sorry" Billy said

„We can be friend‘s that‘s all, I‘m sorry if I was giving you false hope“ Maria said

"Yeah friends" Billy said

Soon Maria retired to her hotel room and went to sleep
Max and Liz had been talking now over everything that future max had told Liz, about getting married, making love, the are max was surprised and happy that at least one generation of himself had enjoyed himself had; lived happily even if it was for only 14 years.

"Do you know how great it feels to know I haven't lost that connection to you, I've missed it" Liz said

"Yeah I know, so have I" max said smiling as he caressed Liz's cheek?

"It‘s getting late, I should go I‘d see you in the morning" max said as he got up from the bed

"Max...this is the first time us two have gone out of Roswell together, alone there is no need for you to go and sleep in your separate room" Liz said rolling her eyes

"Max it's just sleep" Liz added

Max smiled"I thought you were still mad at me" max said

"We sorted that out remember" Liz said

"Yeah, I'll go change first and I'll be back" max said as he left her room to go back and change in his room

Max came back in his sweats and an old T-shirt he always wore when he went to sleep he knocked on the door and then opened it to find Liz already changed into a tank top and pyjama bottoms and with the covers pulled aside, Liz was brushing her hair when she heard max come in

"Hey" Liz said as she set her brush aside

"Hey" Max said as he closed the door behind him, they made their way to either side of the bed and looked at each other
while Max murmured to himself *it's just sleep max* and got in after Liz, max spooned up behind Liz after Liz had tuned the lights off

"Night max" Liz said

"Night Liz" max said perfectly happy with just holding Liz all night, a night with no interruptions and they both fell asleep with thoughts of each other

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I know they kinda said they'd go slow but were taking about max and Liz when have they ever gone slow or obeyed the 'rules' hope you liked the part and keep up the helps me post FASTER
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thanks for the feedback I posted this part out as fast as I could here it is part 9 and it‘s the longest part I've written enjoy...........


Maria decided to go and see the sites of New York, she roamed around the streets and shopped

“Next stop Manhattan” Maria said to herself

Maria came back from shopping and exploring around New York and now knew she wanted to stay in New York for a while, it was an exciting place with lots of opportunities and she could always sing at bars and earn money being a waitress, with that she picked up her phone and called Liz
Liz woke up the next morning to feel a hard body behind her; she turned around and smiled at max seeing as he was awake

“Morning beautiful” max said

“Morning” Liz said

“What time is it” Liz asked as she rubbed her sleepy eyes?
“ 9:30” max said glancing at the clock

Liz groaned “I've never slept in on a weekday for so long before”

“Ok, I'm going to go take a shower” Liz said as she got up from their bed

“I'll call Michael” max said

“You do that” Liz said as she walked to the bathroom and shut the door

Max rang Michael's up

“Hello” a groggy voice answered

“Michael, it’s me max” max said

“Hey max” Michael said

“How are things in Roswell” max asked?

“Fine, it’s still the same as you left it, Isabel went to Albuquerque for 3 days with Jesse, besides that it’s all normal” Michael said

“Great, me and Liz want to go site seeing today and well cover some more issues with Langley tomorrow and then we'll be back” max said

“Great, have fun Maxwell, and be safe” Michael said concerned for his long time friend

“Thanks Michael and we will” max said and hung up

Max and Liz had showered and were now headed downstairs to have breakfast

“Good morning’ Liz said smiling to Langley

“Good morning Liz, max” Langley said as he smiled at Liz and nodded at max

‘Were going to go see what L.A has in store for us today, is there any places that are good to start off with” Liz asked as she sat down next to max

“No, never was the adventurous person” Langley said “besides I was to involved in my movies”

“That’s ok, we’ll ask around” Liz said

After looking at brochures max and Liz went places in L.A from Santa Monica to the civic centre the last place max and Liz decided to head to was Disneyland, Liz and max hadn’t gone there since they were 6 or 7 and wanted to see the changes together and relive the fun after going on numerous rides max and Liz went to get lunch they were laughing and talking on a bench

Liz smiled at him

“What” max said looking at Liz

“It’s just great to see you laugh, I don’t think you’ve actually had fun in a long time that smile reaches your eyes” Liz said

“I don’t think I've ever had this much fun” max admitted “ Besides the last time I came here, me and Iz could chase each other always compete at who would spot a Disney character first it was great, I remember one time I bumped into the beast from beauty and the beast from running away form Isabel, I was scared but my parents calmed me down and said he wasn’t harmful, and I understood what it might feel like to be different so he was my favourite Disney character since then, I never got to read a Disney book when I was little” max said going back to memories form his past childhood that he had lived through

Liz was looking at him with love and admiration showing through her eyes “ come on” Liz said as she grabbed his hand and led him to the beasts castle

Max and Liz stood outside the castle, Liz lead him to where the beast was standing signing autographs for little kids and greeting them, they waited in line until it was their turn

“What a nice couple” Belle said

“Who should we make it out to” Belle asked?

“Max” Liz looked at max “he’s the Beasts oldest fan”

The beast looked at max and then wrote out something along with his signature

“You’re never to old” Belle said “have a nice day you two” belle said waving to max and Liz

Max read what he had wrote

I think I find this name familiar do you happen to be the same little boy who bumped into me, I wouldn’t forget that day you looked up at me with so much admiration and respect, your special max, glad to know I still have my oldest fan

Yours Truly
The beast

“He remembers me” max said shocked at the revolution that his long time Disney hero hadn’t forgotten

Liz read the note and was speechless

“Lets go, we've still got lots more to endure” Liz said with a smile on her face

It was 6:30 and max and Liz were heading back to Langley's when her cell rang she saw Maria's name on caller ID and answered

“Hey Maria” Liz said

“Hey Liz, how’s L.A” Maria asked

“It’s great me and max went to explore L.A and went to Disneyland” Liz Answered

“Ohhh, Disneyland I love that place” Maria said

“Yeah, I know, it felt great to be like a normal teenager for a day, it was helped the both of us” Liz said as she looked at max smiled

“That’s great to hear Liz, you both needed it” Maria said

‘Thanks Maria, so how‘s New York” Liz said

“Oh it’s great to, big city, lots of shops, lots of Liz” Maria said

“Yeah” Liz asked

“I want to stay in New York for a while, I said I needed to find myself and I can’t do that in Roswell, I think staying in New York for a while might help me” Maria said
“Hey it’s fine with me Maria, it’s greet you know I'm behind you 100% all except I'll miss you” Liz said

“I'll miss you too petunia” Maria said

“We’ll always write” Liz said

“And call” Maria added

“Ok, well, we’ll talk later k bye” Liz said

“Bye Liz, and enjoy yourself but not too much” Maria said

“Ok Maria I will” Liz said and turned her phone off

“So what’d Maria say” max asked

“She was really happy that we got to be normal for a day and she’s decided to stay in New York for a while to find herself” Liz said

“That’s great, it’ll do her good but Michael will be disappointed even though he’s put his stone wall back up” max said

“I know, I just hope things work out” Liz said as they reached outside Langley’s they paid the cab driver and went inside

Max and Liz had separated and gone to their own rooms then Langley’s butler knocked on Liz's door and handed her a note, Liz closed the door and opened the note, she recognised Max's handwriting and read it.

Be ready by 7:30 I have a surprise for you, dress the best you can with what you bought

Love Max

Liz signed and went to get out the best outfit she had bought with her out of thinking that she might need it and now it was coming to use

At 7:20 Liz was ready she was wearing a black wide neck top with lace along the hem at the bottom and on the short sleeve with that she had a knee length silk skirt that went with black heels Liz had asked Langley if she could some how get make up at such short notice and he said he had a friend across the street that was a make up artist and a very famous one he gave her a cal and she had come down she did Liz's hair up on top of her head with a few strands left hanging, her make up which Liz said she didn’t want a dramatic look Liz was given a Natural look that suited her well, and now she was waiting nervously for max to arrive.
Max had decided to take Liz out to L.A’s finest restaurant, she deserved it after all she had done max had dressed after he showered and was headed to the florists to get a dozen white roses
There was knock on Liz's door and she got up and answered, when she opened the door max stood in front of her in a dark green button down shirt and dark blue jeans his new ones.

“You look amazing” max said as she looked at her

“Thank you, You don’t look so bad yourself” Liz said

“These are for you” max said handing a bunch of white roses to her from behind his back

“Thanks” Liz said as she took then and brought them up to her nose to smell them

“I'll go pit these in water Liz said as she spotted a vase in her room and went to fill it up with water

After she put the roses in water she went back to max and took his hand as she closed her door

“Where are we going’ Liz asked as they descended down the stairs

“It’s a surprise” max said

“ Come one max, give me a clue please” Liz said pouting

“You’ll see when we get there” max said kissing her on the lips

The chauffer held the door open as max and Liz walked out and closed as they got in and began its journey

The limo stopped in front of the restaurant and the chauffer opened the door and max and Liz stepped out

“Oh max, you didn’t have to, it‘s too much” Liz said as she looked at the fancy restaurant

“As my future Queen Liz you should be treated just like one” max said as he took her hand

“Oh max, this is so sweet” Liz said as she got tears in her eyes

“Come on, this is only the beginning” max said

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BrieCrow17-thank you for the feedback I'm so glad you like my fic, I was afraid that it was too mushy or unrealistic but I wanted to repair the damage that the writers did to our dreamer couple.

Shama-thanks for the feedback! I got teary-eyed just writing it,

nickeygurl13-thanks for the feedback!, I'm glad your still reading my fic and

Thanks so much for the feedback as you can tell it’s made my day, it’s great to know I haven't ruined this with my lack of imagination at the moment and still have readers, I'm posting again today cuz you were so great and posted Fb and also I won’t be able to post after this part for at least another 2 weeks cuz I'm moving house so here’s part 10 which will have to last for the long run and next time I post there will be many parts making up for the lost weeks.....

Part 10
“lets go inside” max said taking Liz's hand into his big one and leading her inside the restaurant

They were given a table and the waiter took their orders after much debate from Liz saying the food was too expensive and that she’d just get a salad and had lost after max ordered for her they sat as the table, Liz looked around and smiled at max.

“I’ve never been to such a fancy restaurant before” Liz still couldn’t get over it

“Liz I told you, you deserve the best” max said reaching over the table and taking her hand

“max...I...Thank you” Liz said choking on her words

“ There’s no need to thank me, I do it because I love you” Max said

Their food had arrived and ate in a comfortable conversation

“I'm so full, I can’t eat anymore” Liz said

“you have to make room for desert” max said

Liz groaned “ I guess, but just a little” Liz said

There dessert came a while later and Liz looked to find fortune cookies in a glass bowl

“Oh My God max you remember, but who‘d you get them” Liz said

how can I not Liz, it was our first date and since were staring over I decided some things shouldn't be left forgotten in the past, and this is a fancy restaurant Liz you pay them and they get anything ” max said

Liz smiled “let’s see what they say” and cracked them open

“what does yours say” max asked

“I will have many nights like these to come” Liz said

“is that what it really says” max asked in a teasing tone

“no , ti sounds better than when a black cat passes you’ll be famous” Liz said

“I like yours better” max said

“what does yours say” Liz asked

“you will meet the girl of your dreams” max said

“seriously” Liz asked

max nodded “and I guess it’s right” max continued

“that’s a first, fortune cookies usually have something unmeaning full” Liz said

“come one we have one more place to go” max said

“max this was enough, I can’t believe there’s more” Liz said

max took her hand and paid for their meal and headed back to the limo, the limo stopped and max and Liz stepped out of the vehicle once the chauffer opened the door.

“it’s so beautiful max” Liz said as she looked at the beach, the waves crashing the long stretch land of sand and the stars shinning brightly above them.

“I always came out here when I felt things falling apart last time I came here, it calmed me” max said
Max and Liz went down to the beach, max bought the blanket form the limo with him and told the chauffer to come back in an hour, they sat on it after max laid it out on the sand and they watched the waves and the tide coming in together. “you’d come out here and wonder where your son was didn’t you” Liz said softly

“yeah” max replied back softly

“he’ll come back to you one day max” Liz said

“thank you Liz, I don’t really know how hard this must be for you and I'm grateful enough that you can still love me” max said

“max, we’ve gone over this we've made mistakes and it’s only fair I give you another chance” Liz said

the sat and listened to the peaceful sounds of the waves “max you know I want to go to Harvard an that’s it’s really far away, what are we going o do max, what about us” Liz asked they were lying down now, max was facing the sky and Liz was facing max in her side with her head on his chest

“ I'll apply to Harvard too, it’s not like my grades at as good, and if I don’t get accepted then I'll go somewhere else and we’ll see each other during Vacation” max said

“But max you said you wanted to stay in Roswell, I can’t let you leave all that behind, besides I might not even get accepted into Harvard with my criminal records” Liz said

“there’s nothing there for me in Roswell, Liz Michael will go to UCLA, you’ll be in Harvard I don’t need to be there for my parents , Liz we’ll deal with this when it comes up ok” max said

“I love you” Liz said and kissed him, they got engaged in a hot passionate kiss which quickly deepened, a connection came to life and flashes whizzed by in max and Liz's mind , the sea wind along with Max's hand fished in her hair tousled it, they broke the kiss to come up for air
max glanced at his watch and saw the time was 12: 15

“we better go” max said as he got up and gave Liz his hand to help her up they walked back to the limo and the chauffer took them back to Langley’s

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Thanks for the feedback, I have access to a computer yay so I can post another part so here’s part 11...also nickeygirl13 Liz's powers are explained in this part, what powers she has, what her role will now be etc will be explained in this part....

Max and Liz stopped outside Liz's room

“I had a great time tonight max” Liz said

‘I did too” max replied smiling

“I'll see you in the morning then” Liz said

“Yeah “ max said and turned around to go back to his room, but Liz grabbed his arm and pulled him inside “I was teasing max, you weren’t really planning on going back to your room were you” Liz asked

“Actually, yes” max said semi-confused

Liz kissed him but pulled away before it deepened “this is our last night max before we head back to Roswell to be separated from our parents, it’s our only night” Liz said leading max over to the bed

“I'll go change in the bathroom; you can change out here k” Liz said

max nodded

They changed and then got into bed, Liz snuggled up next to max before whispering “it’s great to have you back max” Liz said smiling as they fell asleep.
The next morning max and Liz had packed up they decided to leave early since they had already gotten everything solved but still had a few questions before they went

“Langley how will I be able to control my powers, I hadn't used them yet but they just come whenever I get emotional” Liz said

“It’s part of how your powers work, if you get angry or upset your energy levels go up, and since your powers a relayed on your energy the higher your energy level is the stronger the power is and it also come unexpectedly because your energy level go up really fast as soon the powers follow” Langley explained

: So that’s why whenever Michael uses his powers he seems to blow things up because he’s emotional” max said

“No, not quite you all lose and accidentally use your powers when your angry or upset but Michael, can’t control hem you need too use them more in order for you to keep them controlled Liz will need a lot of training as well so she can be prepared” Langley said

“We never got to ask you but Langley what are my powers” Liz asked

“I'm not sure but I'm guessing you have each of everyone’s powers so when they leave you can use them the more you practise the more you'll be able to use them but your main abilities are Max's power to heal and Tess’s power to mind-warp plus one of your own which is the power to break the enemies mind warp you can see what is a mind warp and what is not and you can break it off to whoever the person is being mind-warped” Langley explained

Liz was silent

“So what role does Liz have now’ max asked

“Antar would be told for your chosen max, but when you decide to mate Antar will also know as the 4 moons will line up and they will be told of their queen being chosen, that meaning your enemies will come after you and most importantly Liz” Langley said

“But that will happen if and when we choose to cement our relationship” max said referring to him and Liz

“Yes” Langley said nodding

“Max we'll deal with that when it happens” Liz said “we have to go” she continued glancing at the clock

They got up and went outside, they had put all their stuff into Max's car before and only needed to go when they decided to.

They were outside Langley’s house “Thank you Langley for all you’ve done” Liz said as she embraced him.

“It’s part of who I am your highness “ Langley said to Liz

Liz nodded and left max and Langley to say goodbye

“I think this time was much better than the last one wasn’t it” Langley said

“Yes it was, Langley I'm sorry I never got to tell you how sorry I was I made you do that” max said guiltily

“Be yourself max, don’t let one side of you weigh the other off balance that’s when you could start losing things, you’ve got a second chance now don’t ruin it” Langley said motioning to and also referring to others.

“I won’t max said, will we still be able to keep in contact if something goes wrong in Roswell” max asked

Langley nodded “Liz helps you do what’s right max, don’t push her away” Langley said before max went and sat in the drivers side

“Bye” Liz said waving as max started the car and left

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THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK GLAD YOU LIKED IT (it’s Lunch just go along with it, like I said I really don‘t know how long it takes to get from L.A to Roswell)

Max and Liz had reached Roswell a day later and went to Michael's where Michael would drop Liz off at home Liz had called on her way to Roswell that she was coming home a day earlier cause Maria had decided to stay even though her record deal hadn’t worked out they got to Michaels's and got out of the car and knocked on his door

“Hey “ Michael said

“Hey, thanks Michael for doing this” Liz said

“We wouldn't ant our highness to get in trouble now would we” Michael say smirking

“Michael I go away for 4 days and you still throw jokes about your highness at me” max said pretending to be pissed

“Sorry force of habit” Michael said still smirking

“Ok, guys I gotta go” Liz said

“Ok, I'll call Iz about tonight” max said

“Great” then kissed max and looked at Michael “come on”

“You guys have a lot of explaining to do you know” Michael said as he walked out with Liz

“Yeah we know” max said and closed the apartment door
Michel pulled up in front of the crashdown; Jeff and Nancy came out upon seeing Max's car

“Liz” Nancy said

“Hey mom, dad” Liz said as she got out of the car

“Thank you for picking her up Michael” Jeff said

Michael nodded “it wasn’t any trouble”

Jeff took Liz's stuff inside

“Do you want to stay for breakfast Lunch ” Nancy asked

“no thanks it’s ok, I already did” Michael said

“bye” Liz said

Michael wave backs and went back to his apartment
max had called Isabel she had just come back from Santa Fe 3 hours ago and told her that there was a meeting at Michael's she knew it had to be important cause max and Liz had come back from L.A, Liz had called Kyle and told him and he said he’d be there now Michael, Liz and max were at Michael's waiting for Isabel and Kyle to arrive Kyle came a few minutes later

“hey” Kyle said as he steeped in

“are you ok now” Kyle asked when he that Liz didn't’ look the same as she had left
“yeah, it’s part of tonight to explain it’ Liz said with a smile

Kyle embraced her when she stood up “it’s great to hear your ok, we couldn’t have lost you as well” Kyle said

“thank you, I know” Liz said and sat back down

5 minutes later there was a knock on the door

max opened the door and saw Isabel “hey guys sorry I'm late, I had to explain to Jesse what the emergency was when I had just come back”

“it’s ok, I'm sorry if we caused trouble between you and Jesse” max said as he steeped a side to let his sister in and shut the door

“no I told him I needed to see my family after spending 3 days away from them, so he understood” Isabel said and sat next to Kyle on a chair while max went to it back next to Liz on the couch

“so you going to tell us what you’ve found out’ Michael said

“ok, well there’s a lot to say so I'll start off with what was happening to Liz” Max started off

“Langley said that since I was an Alien Hybrid that I had changed her, when I had opened a connection to her it was more intense because of the feelings I had for her, when I say that I changed her I mean she’s alien now” max said holding his breath

Everyone gasped but max continued on “that’s not all she’s know chosen to be queen if we mate when I opened the connection I chose her to take the place of any one of the Royal square if they had died or deceived us, her body was human and it took a while for it to change that's why she was experiencing the hallucinations and the green currents were showing in her it was showing that Liz was in the process of becoming an Alien and like Langley said they had only lasted a little while” max said

“whoa, max this is a lot to take in I mean, Liz is alien now” Isabel said then turned to Liz “How are you dealing with this” Isabel asked
“better than I should be, I guess I've learnt now that I can’t change what's happened to me” Liz said

“is this going to happen to me max” Kyle asked

“no, it won’t I can only chose once and it’s already happened” Max said

Kyle sighed

“so are you alien now Liz, do you feel different” Kyle asked

“Kyle no I don’t feel green and slimy and I don’t seem to have grown a third eye or antennas” Liz said smirking

“Liz, I'm serious” Kyle said

“no I don’t, I do have cravings for Tabasco though, my powers aren’t in control, Langley said that when we tend to get emotional that are powers get out of control even if they are controlled like Michael” Liz said

“what are your powers Liz” Isabel asked curious, glad that she now had someone she could trust be someone like her as well

“Langley said that I have each of everyone’s powers so when they leave I can use them the more I practise the more I'll be able to use them but my main abilities are Max's power to heal and Tess’s power to mind-warp plus one of my own which is the power to break the enemies mind warp I can see what is a mind warp and what is not and I can break it off to whoever the person is being mind-warped, but Isabel, Michael your powers won’t be as advanced until they die or know that they have gone” Liz said

“so now that Tess's gone you can mid-warp better if you practise” Isabel said

“yeah” Liz said

“wow” Kyle said

“this must be over-whelming for everyone” max said

“max, we juts found out that Liz is now Alien, I'm happy, were happy but it’s a shock” Michael said

Max nodded “it’s getting late you should all go” max said

Isabel nodded and got up we’ll talk about this more tomorrow after we’ve al slept on it’ Isabel said

“yeah” max answered

“I'll see you tomorrow at school” Liz said
“yeah” max said

“bye, Michael, Kyle” Liz said and left

Kyle was about to go out the door “Kyle, wait” max called out and walked to him

“yeah” Kyle said

“I found out about why Liz asked you to look like you two had slept together and I'm sorry about the way I treated you, and thank you for not only taking care of Liz but Isabel as well when I wasn’t myself” Max said

“max, it’s ok you wouldn’t have known and helping Liz and Isabel and Maria is like second nature to me, it’s great to have YOU back max” Kyle said

“I know, I hope we can be friends now” max said putting out his hand for Kyle to shake and Kyle shook it “yeah we can” Kyle said smiling

“I'll seeya around at school” Kyle called back

“yeah” max said

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When Liz had gone home, Maria had called her she then proceeded to tell Maria about what she had told the group.

“Wow chica, wow” Maria said

Liz chuckled “my reaction exactly” Liz said as she twisted the cords of the phone around her finger.

“So how are you taking this” Maria asked

“better than I'm suppose to” Liz answered truthfully.

“why’s that” Maria asked

“I don’t know I mean I'm grateful for max saving me, because I would be 6 feet under the ground otherwise it doesn’t bother me that I may have this gift to help others because unlike tess I know I'll use them for good” Liz explained

“that’s so cool you can beat that good for nothing hussy and kick her ass” Maria said

“Maria” Liz sighed

“sorry I know but I can’t help be happy that you can over power her” Maria said

“so your not freaked out that I'm Alien” Liz asked waiting anxiously

“no, I figured this was coming anyway, I mean how else could all that’s been happening for 2 weeks be because it’s normal, our lives are not normal” Maria explained

“and you’re sure your ok with me bringing up alien issues” Liz asked

“Liz, chica don’t you found out your alien who else but better to tell the new then her best friend me” Maria said

“I miss you Maria” Liz said

“I know so do I petunia” Maria said sighing

“you know what I wished these powers would have come earlier so I could have saved Alex from Tess's mind warp I could’ve stopped everything that’s happened last year but they come now” Liz said remorsefully

“Liz, it’s not your fault like your not god Liz just like how max isn’t god he couldn’t save Alex and he has the power to heal how do think he feels, we’ve al made mistakes along the way but we all need to move forward together” Maria said

“I know but it still doesn’t make me feel guilty any less I have the power to break people’s mind warps that means Tess's she........killed Alex because of her gift and now I get the one thing that can stop her but its too late” Liz sighed

“just give it time Liz ok” Maria said


“so how’s your relationship with max any better” Maria asked

“oh yeah a lot better when we were in L.A he took me out on a date first he took me to the finest restaurant there and he remembered fortune cookies and everything, and then we went to the beach it was so romantic Maria, we even connected in L.A I feel like my max is back again” Liz said feeling giddy

“yeah it sounds like the lover boy we know all right, I really happy for you Liz” Maria said

Thanks Maria, so what’d you do in New York” Liz asked

“oh nothing much went to look for a job and went apartment hunting” Maria said

“it sounds like you really are staying” Liz said sadly
“yeah I love it here, the place has a different feeling to Roswell” Maria gushed

“yeah well don’t get to comfy” Liz said

“I won’t how can I if your over in Roswell” Maria said “how’s Michael” Maria asked sighing

“he doesn’t know that you’re staying yet, though I know he misses you” Liz said

“ohh” Maria answered

“Maria don’t worry about Michael this is Maria time ok” Liz said

“yeah I know, sorry chica but I gotta go I am so tired” Maria said

“yeah I have school tomorrow so have a good night Ria” Liz said

“you too, love you” Maria said

“you too bye” and both girls hung up and went to sleep.

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Isabel is in her room, Jesse was away on a case back at the office so it gave her the chance to use her powers for the first time in a month she was going to Dream walk Liz, she knew that Liz wouldn’t mind now since she’d probably able to sense her she only wanted to tell Liz how much she meant to everyone through her dreams as usual Liz took out 2001 West Roswell High year book and opened it to find the picture of Liz, she closed her eyes and focused on her energy she touched Liz's picture and was pulled into her dream world
Isabel looked around and found the surroundings similar it looked like Tess's room then she looked at Alex and Tess’s figures
Tess is mind warping Alex as he starts asking her what she was doing to him when Liz rushed into the room and cried out

“ NO! Alex, Alex wake up” Liz rushed to Alex’s slumped body Liz looked up at Tess with hatred in her eyes

“You killed him” Liz shouted, as she stood rotted in the ground

“How do you even know it’s me, I'm mind warping you” Tess shouted

“What you don’t know will hurt you Tess, I can beat you, I can mind warp and I can break your mind warps, you won’t get away for what you did to Alex” Liz shouted

“NO” tess shouted then tried to shot her power at Liz but wasn’t fast enough as Liz did the same thing, the green ball hit tess and she fell to the ground screaming and after a while turned to dust, Liz knelt down next to Alex and started sobbing.

“Alex, I'm so sorry I didn’t save you” Liz cried

Isabel watched with tears in her eyes, Liz felt guilty, but then the scene changed to Alex's grave and she watched Liz

“YOU KILLED ME LIZ, YOU HAVE THIS POWER AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN SAVE ME!” A voice that sounded like Alex shouted

Liz backed away shaking her head “No Alex, I'm sorry my powers came to late, If I knew I would've” Liz cried out.

“But that’s it Liz you knew it was coming, Ava had already told you, you knew something like this was going to happen and you just stood by letting me die” the voice shouted again but this time Alex's figure appeared.

“No, Alex I didn’t know, I'm so sorry” Liz sunk to the ground, the rain pouring hard and her teras mixing with the rain drops.

“You will pay for hat you did Liz” Alex said before disappearing into the thick fog, once again the scene changed to the day of Alex’s funeral

“You killed him Liz, not us you did your blaming the Aliens but your now one too, you could've helped him you had the power too!” Max shouted at Liz

“How could you Liz, he was our Best Friend, what did you want from him for him to see what it is to die like you nearly did” Maria half shouted half cried

“Max should’ve just let you die Liz, you don’t deserve this second chance” dream Isabel shouted at her

Liz shook her head “NO”
Isabel was pushed out of Liz's dream and sat up in bed sweating, she had to get to Liz before this made her think wrong, Isabel got out of bed ran to the closet and got her jacket out of it grabbed the keys to the car since Jesse had gotten a ride with her Dad the car was still outside she rushed out the door and headed to The Crashdown.

Liz had come out of her night mare and had now gotten a glass of water to drink, she knew no one hated her but she felt guilty she could've saved Alex’s life she headed back to her room knowing she wouldn’t be able to get any sleep.

Across town max had woken up feeling the waves of fear and guilt wash over him, he knew they were from Liz as their connection seemed to have grown since the last time they had connected back in L.A, he got up off the couch changed and grabbed the keys where he headed to Liz's knowing he wouldn’t be able to go to sleep until he knew Liz was ok.

Max parked the car and ran to the ended of the ladder and climbed up, Liz heard footsteps coming up the ladder and waited to see who could be coming up to her balcony at 1 in the morning, when she saw it was max she got up and opened the window

“Max what’s wrong” Liz whispered worried although she had her own termors she could push them aside if something bad had happened?

When max had gotten inside her room he grabbed Liz and embraced her knowing she was still there

“Are you ok” max rushed to see if she was emotionally okay.

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be” Liz lied giving him a reassuring smile

“Liz” max said in a tone that said he knew she wasn’t being honest and that he could see through her smile.

Liz sighed “fine, I umm...had a nightmare” Liz said biting her lip and waited to see if max would let it go.

“Want o talk about it, because by the looks of it, it really freaked you out, cause I could feel the feelings of fear and guilt wash over me and knew they were coming form you because of the connection” Max said as he led Liz to her bed and they sat down.

Liz was about to explain when they saw Isabel run up and jump over the ledge “Izzy what are you doing here” Max asked

“I'd ask you the same thing” Liz asked back

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Isabel is in her room, Jesse was away on a case back at the office so it gave her the chance to use her powers for the first time in a month she was going to Dream walk Liz, she knew that Liz wouldn’t mind now since she’d probably able to sense her she only wanted to tell Liz how much she meant to everyone through her dreams as usual Liz took out 2001 West Roswell High year book and opened it to find the picture of Liz, she closed her eyes and focused on her energy she touched Liz's picture and was pulled into her dream world
Isabel looked around and found the surroundings similar it looked like Tess's room then she looked at Alex and Tess’s figures
Tess is mind warping Alex as he starts asking her what she was doing to him when Liz rushed into the room and cried out

“ NO! Alex, Alex wake up” Liz rushed to Alex’s slumped body Liz looked up at Tess with hatred in her eyes

“You killed him” Liz shouted, as she stood rotted in the ground

“How do you even know it’s me, I'm mind warping you” Tess shouted

“What you don’t know will hurt you Tess, I can beat you, I can mind warp and I can break your mind warps, you won’t get away for what you did to Alex” Liz shouted

“NO” tess shouted then tried to shot her power at Liz but wasn’t fast enough as Liz did the same thing, the green ball hit tess and she fell to the ground screaming and after a while turned to dust, Liz knelt down next to Alex and started sobbing.

“Alex, I'm so sorry I didn’t save you” Liz cried

Isabel watched with tears in her eyes, Liz felt guilty, but then the scene changed to Alex's grave and she watched Liz

“YOU KILLED ME LIZ, YOU HAVE THIS POWER AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN SAVE ME!” A voice that sounded like Alex shouted

Liz backed away shaking her head “No Alex, I'm sorry my powers came to late, If I knew I would've” Liz cried out.

“But that’s it Liz you knew it was coming, Ava had already told you, you knew something like this was going to happen and you just stood by letting me die” the voice shouted again but this time Alex's figure appeared.

“No, Alex I didn’t know, I'm so sorry” Liz sunk to the ground, the rain pouring hard and her teras mixing with the rain drops.

“You will pay for hat you did Liz” Alex said before disappearing into the thick fog, once again the scene changed to the day of Alex’s funeral

“You killed him Liz, not us you did your blaming the Aliens but your now one too, you could've helped him you had the power too!” Max shouted at Liz

“How could you Liz, he was our Best Friend, what did you want from him for him to see what it is to die like you nearly did” Maria half shouted half cried

“Max should’ve just let you die Liz, you don’t deserve this second chance” dream Isabel shouted at her

Liz shook her head “NO”
Isabel was pushed out of Liz's dream and sat up in bed sweating, she had to get to Liz before this made her think wrong, Isabel got out of bed ran to the closet and got her jacket out of it grabbed the keys to the car since Jesse had gotten a ride with her Dad the car was still outside she rushed out the door and headed to The Crashdown.

Liz had come out of her night mare and had now gotten a glass of water to drink, she knew no one hated her but she felt guilty she could've saved Alex’s life she headed back to her room knowing she wouldn’t be able to get any sleep.

Across town max had woken up feeling the waves of fear and guilt wash over him, he knew they were from Liz as their connection seemed to have grown since the last time they had connected back in L.A, he got up off the couch changed and grabbed the keys where he headed to Liz's knowing he wouldn’t be able to go to sleep until he knew Liz was ok.

Max parked the car and ran to the ended of the ladder and climbed up, Liz heard footsteps coming up the ladder and waited to see who could be coming up to her balcony at 1 in the morning, when she saw it was max she got up and opened the window

“Max what’s wrong” Liz whispered worried although she had her own termors she could push them aside if something bad had happened?

When max had gotten inside her room he grabbed Liz and embraced her knowing she was still there

“Are you ok” max rushed to see if she was emotionally okay.

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be” Liz lied giving him a reassuring smile

“Liz” max said in a tone that said he knew she wasn’t being honest and that he could see through her smile.

Liz sighed “fine, I umm...had a nightmare” Liz said biting her lip and waited to see if max would let it go.

“Want o talk about it, because by the looks of it, it really freaked you out, cause I could feel the feelings of fear and guilt wash over me and knew they were coming form you because of the connection” Max said as he led Liz to her bed and they sat down.

Liz was about to explain when they saw Isabel run up and jump over the ledge “Izzy what are you doing here” Max asked

“I'd ask you the same thing” Liz asked back

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated here’s Part 14 for you sorry for not posting
though I’m not happy with this part I’ve written it out 5 times and still don't seem to like it it’ll have to do though
Part 14

“I got worried about Liz” Max explained

“I'm here for the same reason” Isabel answered

“but how’d you know” Max asked

but Isabel ignored him and turned to Liz “Liz I'm so sorry but I dream walked you tonight that’s why I'm here” Isabel said

“izzy I told you not to ever dream walk Liz” Max said raged

“it’s ok Max” Liz said placing her hand on his arm

“look Max, we have more important things to deal with” Isabel said

“Like” Max asked

“saving Liz” Isabel answered simply

“what, Liz what’s wrong” Max took Liz's hand in his and looked into her face

“she feels guilty about Alex dying Max she blames herself” Isabel explained

“Liz it wasn’t you it was tess who killed him” Max said

“I have the power to stop her Max, I can break her mind warps but what happens I get them now, I could’ve saved Alex” Liz said a lone tear escaping her eye.

“I could’ve saved Alex too if I had gone earlier to save him he wouldn’t have died, I blamed myself until Izzy convinced me that I'm not god and I can’t save everyone, and we aren’t Liz our powers are a gift but we can’t save everyone and I’m going to help you realise that” Max said caressing liz’s hand and wiping her tear away.

“I know I can’t save everyone and that I'm not god but I can’t help think that way” Liz said

“Liz you know we don’t blame you, the only person to blame is tess, we’d never turn against you” Isabel said

“Yeah I know” Liz whispered

“Are you going to be okay Liz” Isabel asked knowing Max was here so she wasn’t needed anymore

“I don’t know, I'm going to need time” Liz said

Isabel; nodded and got up “Liz” Isabel said as she turned around

“yeah” Liz asked still in the comfort of Max's arms

“I’m glad it’s you that Max saved I may not know what it feels like to suddenly be Alien but you have us if you ever need anything, I know me and Michael gave you and Max a hard time when he saved you and when he started dating you but you know I realise that not only did Max do the best thing for him he did the best for everyone by telling you” Isabel said, Max smiled and whispered a thank you knowing that not only did he need to hear that but so did Liz.

Liz unlocked herself from the comfort of Max's arms and embraced Isabel “Thank you, you don’t know how much that means to me” Liz said as the flood gates were about to open

Isabel pulled away “I’ll seeya around” Isabel said knowing Jesse was coming back tomorrow and she wouldn’t have time to see both of them.

“bye, Izzy” Max and Liz replied back
Liz looked at Max” sorry for waking you up” Liz apologized sheepishly

“it’s ok, I wasn’t getting any sleep any way” Max answered “you should go back to sleep” Max said

“will you stay” Liz whispered

“yeah, I'll stay until you fall asleep” Max replied as he followed Liz to the side of the bed, Liz pulled the covers and got in as Max sat on her bed

“thank you” Liz whispered and cuddled into Max, Max started stroking her hair and he too soon fell asleep after Liz

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It had been a month since Liz had her nightmare, a month since Max and Liz got back together and now they were sitting in the Crashdown at 10 with Kyle, Jesse, Isabel and Michael just hanging out like normal people, Liz’s parents had gone to Albuquerque for a convention so they had teh place to themselves.

“Buddha says it’s good to laugh” Kyle said as he saw the smiles on everyone’s faces.

“Kyle please let the Buddhist wisdom go” Michael said.

“Hey, you’ll thank me and Buddha on day when my advice comes in handy” Kyle said

“Okay Kyle” Liz said “have you decided what your going to do after graduation” Liz asked

“Liz it’s six and a half months away do you think I think that far ahead” Kyle said

“I guess not” Liz said

The door opened “I locked that door” Liz said and looked up to see 3 men in suits she was pretty sure they were the FBI with her everyone else had looked up too, Max stepped in front of Liz, Jesse in front of Isabel and Kyle sat there.

“Max Evans, it’s nice to see you again remember me” Agent Burns said

“what do you want” Max paled at the sight of Agent burns, Liz saw his expression and laid her hand on his arm to show him she was there.

“You already know what we want” Agent burns said “Come willingly or be forced to come you choose Mr Evans if you come willingly no one will get hurt” Agent Burns said.

Max started to walk towards hem “NO” Liz shouted and grabbed his arm pulling him back, “They are not going to take you again” Liz said

“Isabel what’s going on” Jesse asked

“Not now” Isabel said.

“What is it Mr Evans” Agent Burns said

Max looked at Liz and pleaded with her to let him go “I love you” max said pulling away, Liz was shaking her head “NO, Max NO don’t do this” Liz shouted.

Max had reached the middle and the other agents grabbed his arms “good choice Max” Agent Burns said.

Liz was about to run to him when she was pulled back by Kyle “No Kyle let me go, Max NO, Let him go” Liz screamed struggling to get free.

The agents started to move out, but Liz escaped from Kyle hold and held her hand out and shot a power of energy which hit each of the agents in the chest, and back, al the pent up anger from Liz had made the power of energy stronger, the agents fel to the ground Liz ran to Max, Max caught her and hugged him to her

“Liz” max said.

Liz shut her eyes and concentrated on her energy and thought about the three agents, she began her mind warp aiming them think there just The criminal case FBI not the alien hunters, she broke out when she started felling weak when she opened her eyes her legs gave out , Max caught her before she hit the ground and lead her to the booth.

Jesse had stood frozen “What....what just happened” Jesse shuttered out.

Isabel paled “Isabel what the hell just happened” Jesses asked.

“I can mind warp him if you want but I don’t want to screw with peoples heads I know what it’s like” Liz said still in Max's embrace.

“no, I... we have to tell him” Isabel said

“Tell me what” Jesse asked

“Sit down Jesse” Isabel said, Jesse did as he was told.

Isabel took a deep breath and started.

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Spicy trini1, jeremiah, brittez18, shama, clueless, BrieCrow17, roswelllostcause, Asabetha and kell thanks for all the FB and Welcome to my new readers spicy trini1and jeremiah hope you continue to enjoy this fic along with everyone else if it starts to sux tell me, I've posted a new part faster thanks to to the FB, it’s a boost of confidence to know ppl are still reading this fic I have a new part out for you here’s part 17

kell- I came back before it was a century......

Title: Ch-Ch-Changes Take two
Author: roswelllover
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, it belongs to Jason Katims and UPN
Rating: PG-13-NC-17 (will be labelled)
Category: M/L, M/M, I/J mostly Max and Liz with some other couples
Summary: takes place from where Liz shuts her window on Max in ch-ch-changes that’s all I'm saying for now

Part 17

“There’s no other way for me to tell you.......but...what I’m about to tell you it’ll change your life Jesse” Isabel started.

“Isabel your starting to scare me hat.......what was it that I just saw.” Jesse asked

“me, Max and Michael and Now Liz are Liens , Me ,Max and Michael were in the 1947 Crash we were put in pods until we were 6, we’ve always looked like this” Isabel explained.

Jesse had grown pale by the minute and shock his head in denial “No Aliens don’t exists it was a weather balloon that crashed in 1947 not some spaceship, I'm your husband Isabel I deserve the damn truth” Jesse shouted.

Max and Liz stayed quite holding each other in the booth further away from Isabel and Jesse while Kyle sat and waited.

“I am telling you the truth Jesse please, look I can prove it to you” Isabel said, she grabbed the glass salt dispenser from the table and waved her hand over it and changed it to a wooden one, Jesse gasped

“ that again” Jesse asked making sure he wasn’t losing it, Isabel did as she was asked and changed it back.

“How’’d you do that” Jesse shuttered out.

“Me Max and Michael can change the molecular structure, I can dream-walk, Michael has a defensive power which he can’t control and Max has the power to heal” Isabel explained.

“what about Liz” Jesse asked remembering his wife had mentioned Liz.

“She doesn’t have her powers yet, she’s only just developing them” Isabel answered.

“What do you mean just learning” Jesse asked his lawyer instincts kicking in.

“I healed her 2 and a half years ago from a gum shot wound and no three years later she has developed powers, our protector said that since I had chosen her to be my queen, I had changed her” Max spoke for the first time.

“Queen” Jesse asked confused.

“Max, Michael and I were recarinated in our previous lives on Antar Max was king, Michael his second in command and I was the princess” Isabel explained

“this is a lot to take in I need some time” Jesse said getting up.

“There not out to get us Jesse” Kyle offered “It'll take time but she’s still the same Isabel you fell in love with only now you know the truth” Kyle continued, he’d found out later last month that he had fallen in love with Isabel which he could do nothing about she was a happily married woman and he didn’t want to jeopardize it, Isabel smiled her gratitude to him.

“Where are you going” Isabel asked.

“Somewhere to think” Jesse answered and left the Crashdown.

“I’m sorry Isabel” Liz spoke for the first time

“It’ s not your fault I should’ve told him a long time ago, Kyle can you take me home” Isabel asked.

“Sure” Kyle said getting up and following Isabel out and they bid goodbye to Max and Liz.

After Isabel, Kyle and Jesse had gone Max and Liz still sat in the booth holding each other.

“Well it’s just you and Me now huh” Max said looking up.

“Max their gone you can stop pretending now” Liz said and laid her hand on his jaw.

“I’m fine Liz, it’s just when they stormed in here all the memories from the white room all rushed back” Max answered.

“It’s okay to feel Max” Liz whispered.

“Are you sure they wont’ remember anything” Max asked making sure.

“yeah I'm sure and if they do remember no one will believe them they’ll probably end up in the loony bin” Liz answered as she lead them to the apartment above.

“What made you use your powers” Max asked.

“I don’t know , I guess standing there feeling useless and watching them take you away bought up the last time they had taken you and all the anger suppressed from me and did the rest” Liz answered.

“The thought of losing you........” Liz trailed off as they sat on the couch next to each other.

Max stroked her hair “Don't think about things that won’t happen” Max said softly.

“don’t ever do that again do you hear” Liz said grabbing his hands “ And don’t feed me bullshit about keeping me safe we will never BE safe Max not even if the FBI had taken you” Liz said.

“I’m sorry, it’s just the image that pierce showed me 2 years ago of you is burnt in my mind and instincts kicked in” Max said

“Don't start feeling guilty max cause I don’t, you have to learn not to make decisions for me someone once told me we make our own destinies” Liz said “Now lets not talk about this we have a night to ourselves we may as well take advantage of them” Liz grinned.

“And what ever could we do with that time” Max asked sarcastically.

“Oh I don’t know” Liz said inching her way closer to Max.

“Well we should just let fate do the work then” Max said.

“I like to be in control with my life” Liz said and planted her lips on his and locked her self in a passionate embrace , their kiss was long overdue and it was heated, Liz straddled Max's lap and pushed his back against the soft couch, the flashes started as they opened their minds for each other.

Max in the white room , pierce torturing him, showing him what he’d do to his loved ones if he didn’t talk.

an image of her calming him as he was tortured.

Max feeling guilty for all the pain he’d caused Liz.

thoughts of trying to let her go to live a better life.
Max felt Liz’s love, anger at the FBI, the though of losing him again as the pain reached her heart.

Liz watching Max get taken away in the mirror maze.

Liz seeing Max in bad shape after they rescued him.

thoughts of what could happen to him.

Liz pulled away and rested her arms on Max's shoulder they were breathing heavily, Liz looked at Max.

You were thinking about leaving me just so I can live a better life” Liz asked unshed teras threatening to fall.

“I’ve done so much to you, caused you so much pain, I've been unfaithful to you, you deserve some one better some one who’s more of a man, it was wrong for me to come and ask for your forgiveness” Max said.

Liz’s tears fell “Didn’t I tell you not to make decisions for others Max, the fact that you admit to your wrong doing apologize for it and feel guilty makes you more of a man Max, to know that you’ve done wrong is better than someone who keeps doing it, it‘s not your choice to make it was mine and I don‘t regret it” Liz said as she cupped his face.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have a reason to love you more each day” Max whispered.

“Just like there's not a day that goes by that I don’t have a reason to love you more each passing day Max Evans” Liz said placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I’m going to help you heal Max, I'm going to help you erase those painful memories with new ones, I'm not losing you again to pierce or anyone else” Liz whispered nibbling on his earlobe.

“You have been confused, who you were is not who you are now” Liz said kissing him along his jaw line.

“you’ve been Betrayed” Liz continued and kissed him on the side of his neck.

“and I'm going to show you how to be loved” Liz said kissing him on the lips.

“Liz I should be the one making things up to you” Max said taking her hands in his.

“Then we can both heal each other ” Liz said taking his lips in a searing kiss, tugging sucking bitting on his bottom lip she bought her arms to link around his neck and Max buried his hands in her hair while they were engaged in their passionate kiss the phone rang “ignore it” Liz groaned and after a while the answering machine picked up.

“Chica it’s me Maria I know your there so take your tongue out of Max’s mouth and answer the phone” Maria said, Liz pulled away and picked up the phone.

“Maria” Liz answered still breathing heavily.

“Yes Maria I take time out of my busy life to call my best friend and she’s home making out with her boyfriend am I not important” Maria teased.

Liz chuckled and laid her back against the couch arm rest still sitting on Max’s lap, Max stroked her hair as she talked to Maria “You haven't changed at all Your timing still sucks you know” Liz said

“Well you should be glad” Maria answered.

“So what is Romeo doing at your house so late” Maria asked.

“My parents are in Albuquerque for a convention” Liz answered, Max started kissing her and Liz giggled when his mouth brushed against her ticklish spot and tried to pull away from him, but he stopped her and kissed her mouth causing her to moan.

“Give the phone to Max Liz” Maria said, Liz handed him the phone hitting him on the chest.

“OW, hey Maria” Max chuckled.

“Don't hey Maria me mister, could you not maul Liz while I'm talking to her....ok with that I ask how’s Michael” Maria asked all sense of humour gone out of her voice.

“How do you think he is Maria, he’s torn he doesn't show it but he started watching reruns of I dream of Jeannie” Max answered “ It’s really unhealthy Maria he’s in pretty bad shape” Max answered not knowing what else to say, Liz started drawing circles on his chest.

“It’s been a month I'd think he’d get over it by now” Maria whispered.

“He cant because he loves you Maria” Max said

Maria nodded but realised she was on the phone “Yeah I know” Maria answered. “So no trouble in paradise for you two by the looks of it” Maria started again.

“were healing” Max said looking at Liz.

“Great talking to you Max and it’s good to hear your not screwing things u again can I talk to Liz” Maria said.

‘Thanks Maria sure” Max handed Liz the phone.

“Hey, how are things in New York” Liz asked.

“Good, I got a job a s Part time waitress and singer” Maria said.

“That’s great” Liz said.

“What about you everything great” Maria asked.

Liz waited and pondered over whether or not to tell Maria about what happened that night.

“Liz” Maria asked when she didn’t hear a response

“sorry, do you want know it’s alien related” Liz said getting off Max’s lap as he got off the couch.
“yeah I do if it involves you chica I want to know” Maria said.

“I’m going to head back to Michael's I'll Seeya tomorrow” Max whispered.

Liz grabbed his arm and stopped him “Can you hang on Maria” Liz said over the phone and covered the mouth peace.

“stay please I won’t be long you can keep yourself busy some how” Liz pleaded, Max gave in sighing he sat down again and grabbed the remote from the table and turned the TV.

“Umm the FBI appeared again” Liz blurted out.

“WHAT” was Maria’s response from the other side.

“They came to get Max and I used my powers and kinda mind warped them now they think their the cops” Liz answered simply.

“Seriously” Maria asked.

“Yeah, and....Jesse knows” Liz said

‘how’d he take it” Maria asked.

“Not good but I think he took it better tan you” Liz teased.

“I’m sorry if I ran out screaming the day I found out it’s not exactly something people can accept” Maria huffed.

“It’s up to Jesses now what he does” Liz said. Max laid his head on her lap and watched the late night movie showing.

“Whoa I'm missing out on so such” Maria said.

“Believe me your lucky your not here” Liz said running her hands through Max’s hair when Max heard Liz’s answer he looked up at her but only saw Love and acceptance Liz shook her head to tell him she didn’t mean it the way he thinks she did and he laid his head back on her lap.

“Well I guess I should leave you to it then you’ve had a pretty rough night” Maria said.

“yeah it has been” Liz answered.

“Is Max still there” Maria asked.

“Yeah” Liz answered.

“I’ll talk to you next week then I think you know what’s right and wrong” Maria hinted.

Liz chuckled at Maria's obvious hints “Yes Maria bye” Liz said

“Bye” and they both hung up, Liz put the cordless phone on the table next to the couch.

“What are you watching” Liz asked.

“Something” Max's muffled voice answered.

“thanks for staying” Liz said

“No problem” Max sat up.

“Any news” Max asked sounding tired.

“No, she’s got a job” Liz answered.

Max nodded, Liz laid down on the couch and Max laid down next to her and the two fell asleep shortly after an exhausted night, the TV left on.

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here’s what you’ve asked for Max and Liz nookie.........I’ve found time and have decided to post this part

Part 18 (NC-17)

Liz woke up realising the TV was still on and that they’d fallen asleep on the couch.

“Max” Liz whispered and got no answer she moved so she could see over his body to look at his face.

Liz placed a gentle kiss on his lips, Max stirred his sleep and his eyes fluttered open when he saw Liz hovering above him he smiled “what a way to wake up” Max grinned.

Liz grinned “I knew I'd find something to wake you up” Liz answered getting up from the couch.

“What time is it” Max asked.
“9” Liz answered walking into her room to retrieve her toothbrush and walked into the bathroom.

“Shit, I've never slept that long” Max said stretching his limbs.

“We’ll we did end up falling asleep late” Liz answered from the bathroom.

“What time did you say your parent's would be back” Max asked.

“Relax Max they said they’d be back 10pm” Liz answered walking out of the bathroom and into the lounge room.

“can I use your toothbrush” Max asked getting up.

“Make yourself at home” Liz answered her voice floating into the bathroom, after brushing his teeth Max walked back to find Liz sitting on the couch.

“Liz, I....thank you for last night” Max said.

“there’s no need to thank me” Liz said.

“Yes their is....your my life line Liz, without you I already know what would happen the world is a better place if I'm with you” Max said.

“Max” Liz said.

“Liz I told you before and I'll say it again, you are my destiny” Max said sitting down onto he couch next to her

“So should we be thanking fate then” Liz teased kneeling on the couch.

“I thought you liked being in control” Max said

“Something's are out of my control” Liz answered and leaned down and kissed him, this kiss was just as intense as the one last night’s their connection had opened but to only feel the others emotions, Max and Liz felt each other’s lust, desire and love, Liz felt Max’s uneasiness while Max felt Liz’s absolute reassurance of what might happen, they read what they both wanted.

Liz tugged and sucked on Max's lips “You know what I want now don’t you” Liz asked against lips, she felt Max nod his head, it was all he could do as he could feel the heat of her aching centre through the denim of his jeans against his swollen flesh.

“Now what are you going to do about it” Liz said and pulled his lips in another searing kiss and shifted in his lap she could feel his lower anatomy growing hard.

Max groaned and stilled her hips “Liz” Max warned still engaged in a kiss.

“No buts Max, just touch and feel “ Liz whispered as she kissed her way down his neck and nibbled on his sweet spot , her hands unwrapped themselves around his neck Liz grabbed the hem on his shirt pulling it up and over his head and threw it behind her and kissed every contour and bit of skin that was now exposed to her, her hands running up and down the hard ridges of his chest feeling the soft yet taunt texture of his skin cherishing him.

Liz’s long hair fanned along her face and brushed against his chest every once in a while as he explored him, he would let her be in control.

“Are you sure “ Max asked breathing heavily as he pulled her back u to his face.

“Yes more than anything in my life” Liz answered truthfully looking into his amber eyes.

Max pulled the hem of her top over her head and threw it wherever he could and stood transfixed at the sight before him, Liz could feel the heat everywhere Max looked, they’d never gone this far before and she’d never been this exposed near a guy before, but she knew that Max wasn’t just any guy he was her soul mate, her lover.

Max ‘s gave wondered over her upper body, Liz blushed under the intense gaze Max was in and in no doubt felt that Max would be disappointed about how little her assets are.

Max and kissed along side the material of her red bra tasting her sweet skin, he reached around and found the clasp of her bra and unhooked it letting the straps fall loosely against her shoulders he pulled them away from her shoulders and over her arms and dumped it on the floor where the rest of their clothes were scattered.

“Absolutely Perfect” Max said as her perfect breast were revealed right before his eyes., Liz let Max’s hungry eyes feast upon her newly exposed breast, with a small smile she took his hands and bought them up to curve around her breasts, letting out a moan as his large hands came in contact with her hot flesh.

Max smiled as he saw her fit against his hands, made just for him, he brushed his thumb against her rosy pink nipple making it a stiff peak, Liz moved her hips forward, trying to ease the ache between her legs only without knowing it she was shifting against Max’s straining erection.

“Max please touch me” Liz panted out her eyes closed as the feelings took over her making her dizzy.

Max leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth, granting Liz’s request,

“Oh yessss” Liz moaned out while he sucked harder, she held his head in place fearing he’d pull away if she didn't.

Max repeated what he had done giving her other breast the same treatment, he didn’t know where the huge boost of confidence came from but if Liz was enjoying what he was doing then he was glad it had.

Liz pulled him up taking his lips in a searing kiss as her taunt nipples brushed against his hard chest, Max pulled away and pressed gentle kisses along her sweet skin moving down her neck, shoulders, the valley between her breasts, her flat stomach appreciating her body, Liz smiled at the gentleness he was showing her.

“Wait I don’t want your first time on the couch” Max said looking up at Liz.

“It doesn’t matter as long as my first time’s with you” Liz whispered.

“I couldn’t do that knowing I'm taking your virginity away is bad enough but here Max said.

Liz sighed and wrapped her legs around his waist “Then what are you waiting for” Liz whispered, Max got up from the couch taking Liz with him holding onto her ass and walked to her bedroom in long strides before entering the room he waved his hand to make it more romantic, he entered and placed Liz in the middle of the bed.

.Liz gasped when she saw what Max had done candles were lite to lighten the room, the ceiling was a sheet of stars, soft music playing in the background and she was surrounded with white rose petals n the white silk sheets underneath her “Max” Liz said, she felt the bed shift under her and looked up to see Max hover above her “Thank you” Liz said as the unshed teas fell down her cheek.

“You deserves the best” Max whispered kissing the tears away.

Liz kissed Max softly before running her hands down his chest and to the button of his jeans, she undid the button and lowered the zip slowly as the sound echoed in the empty room, she pushed then over his hips and down his legs with her toes, leaving him in his boxer, she was about to pull them down when Max’s large hand stopped her.

“If you remove these there’s no way I'll be able to finish this” Max breathed out and pleading for her to understand.

Liz grinned and bought her hands back out, Max breathed out in relief and looked at her jean covered lower body “I think you’ll last more they I would” Max said reaching the waistband of her jeans.

“Be my guest” Liz grinned and with that Max lowered her zipper and pushed her jeans down her hips they cascaded over with his pair of jeans.

“I can’t believe I missed out on seeing you like this last summer” Max said remembering that time he had fell unconscious on their date when they were going to go skinny dipping.

“Well now you get to see more” Liz teased, Max traced his finger against the line of her panties causing Liz to shudder “Your so fragile I'm afraid I might do something” Max said as he looked at her petite frame. “But I know that even though you may look small you are the strongest woman I know” Max continued, he traced her lips through the thin material Liz let out a moan as he didn’t relieve the ace between her legs but made it worse. he felt how wet she was and groaned at the thought of how slick she would be.

“Max.....please don’t tease” Liz whimpered looking vulnerable.

“I won’t” Max said placing a chaste kiss on her forehead, he moved down and he slowly pulled her panties down her slender legs and discarded them.

He watched her with desire filled eyes as he looked at his beauty beared before him, where no man had touched, or seen except him.

“Max please” Liz bucked asking him to touch her, Max looked at her face then down at her aching core and let his instincts lead him to give her pleasure, al he'd done with Tess was have sex nothing more, he stroked his finger down her swollen lips.

“Oh god” Liz moaned out.

Max placed gentle kisses along her thigh inching higher he could smell her sex, his mouth watered at what she might taste like his hot breath hit against her aching arousal, he blew on her swollen lips making Liz grip the sheets in pleasure, he opened her swollen lips with his finger and her juices oozed out covering his finger.

“God your so wet” Max panted out.

“Only for you” were Liz’s only coherent words

without the patience to wait he slid his finger inside her tight, slick centre and bought a rhythm that he found Liz enjoyed wanting Liz’s moans to increase he added a second finger plunging them in and out of her slick core. “I want to taste you Liz” Max whispered against her lips causing butterflies in her stomach, he moved his mouth and his tongue poked out to taste her essence as it dropped from her aroused lips, once he got the taste of her he needed more it was an instant drug that affected him fully he plunged his tongue into her wet centre and lapped up the juices that continued to flow out of her,, he swirled his tongue around searching for the spot that would make her whimper, when he found it he plunged in and out the tip of his tongue hitting against her spot throwing Liz into a frenzy, he sucked on her clit and Liz’s orgasm hit full force as she screamed Max's name over and over like a mantra as more of her juices oozed out into his awaiting watering mouth taking in every drop that she gave him.

“Oh my god, oh god that.......was amazing” Liz panted out, opening her eyes to look up at Max's lust filled eyes.

“Well .my. lover. it’s my turn” Liz whispered and after gaining some semi balance she got up on her knees and faced Max and pushed his boxers down finally releasing him form the confines of his boxers to her eyes.

She gasped , he was Big she didn’t know someone could ever be so...big but then again what did she know about that part of the body, she took a hold of him and studied it, the wheels of her brain starting to work as the scientific side of her appeared he felt like velvet but was hard as steel she started to stroke him doing what she had read in one of the magazines Maria had bought over once, still unsure she looked up at Max “I....don't....what do you like” Liz asked sheepishly

Max groaned at how innocently she was looking at him, and what a tigress she was just before he took her hands and showed her the rhythm he liked and then let her do the rest, Liz quickened her pace proud that she knew some things, a drop of pre cum appeared at the tip of his penis, Liz moved her hand and touched it.

“Liz please” Max said.

Liz moved back onto the bed and Max hovered above her and in between her legs, Liz spread her legs wide so she could accommodate him.

“Are you sure” Max asked once more

“I swear Max if you don’t stop asking me this I'll scream” Liz said frustrated.

the tip of his erection was about to slip in between his folds when he stopped.

“Why’d you stop” Liz whimpered.

“I don’t have any protection, I don’t carry any around since there's been no reason to” Max said looking at her guiltily.

‘It’s ok I have a pack in my bottom drawer” Liz said, Max looked a her and reached for the bottom drawer.

“My mom bought them for me, just in case” Liz explained.

Max nodded and opened the box and ripped one out and ripped the package open

“Can I” Liz asked

Max gave her the latex and she rolled the condom on, she’d read the instructions one day when she had gotten bored so she knew what to do , she moved back to lie underneath him.

Max slipped inside her and reached her barrier ,she knew max would protest so she bet him to it “ It’s normal to hurt the first time Max, just please don’t stop now” Liz pleaded.

Max pushed past her hymen and laid his hand against her pelvic and a soft glow eliminated form his hand healing any displeasure “Thank you” Liz said after she only felt a glimpse of pain she knew Max must’ve healed her.

“Your inside me Max” Liz said in awe.

“I know and if I die tomorrow I'll die the happiest man” Max said as he stilted his movements letting Liz get used to him, “ Max” Liz whispered out, Max started his movements slow, he kissed her shoulder, her face her lips as he increased his rhythm, Liz lifted her hips against him his name rolling off the tip of her tongue, Max would pull all the way out until just the tip of him was inside before he plunged back in deeply.

“Faster Max.........Oh god...... please........ harder........deeper” Liz pleaded

Max answered her request as best as he could, Liz wrapped her legs around his waist urging him to go faster.

They exploded together seeing the forth of July behind their closed eyes, Max fell against her chest as he tried to gain control over his weak slick body, after taking several breaths Max pulled pout of Liz and discarded the condom and walked back to Liz he picked Liz up and pulled the covers and laid her down and got in after her, Liz turned to him and Max stroked the hair away from her face

“I love you’ Max whispered giving Liz a soft kiss.

“I love you to , thank you for tonight as amazing” Liz said offering a small smile.

“NO Thank you , tonight was amazing and you have made me the happiest man in the universe” Max said softly.

Liz nuzzled Max's neck and cuddled against his chest throwing her right leg over his “Night” Liz said the night of passion taking a toll on her.

“Goodnight love” Max whispered before they both fell asleep caressing each other.


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end of part 18 (edited)

“I love you to, thank you for It as amazing” Liz said offering a small smile.

“NO Thank you, it was amazing and you have made me the happiest man in the universe” Max said softly.

Liz nuzzled Max's neck and cuddled against his chest throwing her right leg over his “I‘m so tired” Liz mumbled the night of passion taking a toll on her.

Max stroked her hair and they both fell asleep soon after.


Max stirred as he could hear the sound of humming around him, opening his eyes he gasped when he saw blue light emanating off them.

As Max had moved, Liz soon stirred and awoke slowly registering the humming and the blue light around them “What’s happening” Liz asked sitting up her voice croaky and sleep evident.

“I don’t know” Max whispered looking around them.

Liz looked down to see blue light emanating form her hand, raising it she gasped, there in the centre of her palm lay the royal Seal.

“Max” Liz whispered.

Max saw it as well, it finally registered what he’d done, he’d now put Liz in danger.

“Liz” Max strained out “I'm so sorry” Max whispered taking her hand in his.

Liz looked at him “why” Liz asked.

“I didn't even realize what I was going to put you through” Max answered “Do you know what this means Liz” Max asked tracing her hand in awe “Your the Queen, were cemented, but as much as I love the thought and I know I can’t change anything I'm sorry for what your going to have to endure” Max said.

“Max...please don’t start this I told you to stop making decisions for others, you don’t know how I feel about this the truth is yes max I am scared but my love for you and the overwhelming joy of finally being yours over runs it, together we can do anything: Liz said entwining her hand with Max’s.

//I don’t deserve her//

“Max” Liz sighed “Fate has made its choice and it’s for us to be together,

“I didn't say anything” Max said as he laid back down.

“What” Liz asked.

//I love you//

Liz’s eyes widened //I just...//

Max chuckled //yeah you just heard me in your head//

“What’s going to happen now” Liz asked as she rested her head on his arm.

“We take one day as it comes” Max said.

“Nice plan King Max” Liz remarked sarcastically.

“Do you have something better Queen Elizabeth ” Max teased.

“Oh I have something in mind” Liz smirked knowing he could hear exactly what she was thinking.

Max mock gasped “whatever has happened to innocent Liz” Max asked.

Liz removed the sheet form his lower body and straddled him “ Innocent Liz died when I became queen, now apologise for calling me Elizabeth ” Liz pouted.

“Hey I have no problem with that, I'm not the one with the X-rated thoughts” Max answered receiving a slap on the chest.

“Ow! Forgive a man trying to voice his opinions” Max said.

“Max” Liz whined

“Okay, okay, I'm sorry now where were we” Max said caressing her hip.

“Nowhere but I think we should start, don’t you” Liz said leaning forward and kissing his chest.

“How do you do that” Max groaned out.

“Do what” Liz asked innocently.

“That” Max said “act all innocent one moment and become a dominatrix the other” Max strained out.

“It just happens naturally when I'm with you” Liz said before sucking his bottom lip into her mouth and rubbing her heat against his very apparent arousal, Max laid his hand on her hip while Liz sucked on his lip harder and ranked her nails across his nipples.

Max groaned, he was loving the seductress side of his sexy girlfriend, it would be every guys fantasy and now that fantasy was coming true, Max held her hip and turned them around leaving him on top and Liz squirming underneath.

“Hey no fair” Liz pouted.

“I love it when you pout Miss Parker” Max said taking her bottom lip into his mouth, Liz bought her hands out form under Max's hard body and linking them around his neck pulling him closer to her.

“Looks like someone’s back” Liz grinned as she felt his erection against her thigh and shifted stifling a groan out of Max, Max kissed his way down her neck leaving his mark on her marking her as his, kissing his way down the valley of her breasts and her flat stomach, he could smell her scent as he neared her heat and his mouth watered as the thought of what she tasted last night rushed back, he moved down to the inside of her thigh and kissed her tenderly moving closer to her awaiting core.

“Max...please” Liz said as she withered under him as she felt Max’s cool breath hit her exposed lips, Max couldn’t disobey Liz so he plunged his tongue into her pending centre as Liz bucked in pleasure
Max drank greedily at the juices that flowed out of Liz, the taste of Liz he would never get tired of. He wraps his lips around the pearl -like sized clit and sucked on her overly sensitive bundle of nerves, his mission to make Liz cum.

His mission was accomplished as Liz came fast and hard as he sucked on her like a hungry beast

//Max...please ...I need you// Liz spoke out in her mind no longer able to speak still on her high form her intense orgasm.

after lapping up all her juices he pulled away his hair dishevelled form Liz’s ministrations, his heart soared as he looked down at Liz to see her devilish look and eyes black with desire, Max positioned himself over her slick opening.

“Anything for my Queen” Max said before kissing her and thrusting deep within her tight walls they both groaned as both their sexes contacted Liz’s eyes closed as the sensations enveloped her.

“Open your eye’s Liz” Max whispered, Liz slightly opened her eyes enough to see Max, Max slowly began to move their eyes never leaving each others, Liz instinctively wrapped her legs around Max’s waist trying to take him in deeper.

He felt what she felt, she felt what he felt their connection was stronger than the first time they’d made love.
//Max...please.....faster// Liz shouted in his mind, Max obliged as his speed increased, Liz meet his thrusts with her own, her walls clamped around his as she soon found he self close.

//Max.... close.... Max// Liz’s voice ran through his mind as he felt her orgasm near so he reached between them and rubbed his thumb on her clit.

They both came, each others names rolling off their tongues, Liz milked him to completion and Max’s hot cum shot through her filling her in ways only he could, the universe flying behind their closed eye lids it was better than the forth of July.
The moons had aligned and Antar now knew King Zan had chosen his Queen, their Queen.
Their body’s covered in sweat Max laid on her as he fell long ago exhausted form their love making in less than 24 hours, soon realising he was crushing Liz he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back to lay beside her for them to come down form their high.

After catching her breath Liz turned around to face Max “that was more amazing than the first time” Liz whispered.

“It’s always amazing with you’ Max answered kissing her softly, Liz moved closer to him and laid her head on his chest her ear against his heartbeat.

“It was amazing Max could feel what you were feeling it was like we were one, I guess this is what Future Max meant when he said that he and his Liz had cemented” Liz said listening to his slow heart beat, then looked around "It's gone" Liz said.

"What's gone" Max asked
"The blue glow around us, it's not there anymore" Liz said.

"were going to have to contact Langley again" Max said caressing her cheek

Liz nodded against his
Max had been thinking when he shot up in bed having Liz fall of his chest. “Max” Liz asked confused as she got up clenching the sheet to her.

Max looked at Liz his eyes showing fear, their connection still open Liz heard what he was thinking.

“Max calm down we don’t know for sure” Liz said trying to re-assure Max.

“Liz how many people do you know of that don't get pregnant form not using protection” Max asked.

“10 out of 100 chance” Liz answered.

"I don't think that possibly answers for me as being alien it could be different” Max said.

“Max but we don't know that” Liz answered.

“God how could I be so stupid, I can’t ruin your life I've already done that, I can’t make it worse” Max said shaking his head the guilt rushing to him.

“Max please stop” Liz asked her hand resting on his arm. “Max Maria told me that Michael had checked to make sure she wasn’t pregnant by using his powers, you could try that Max I think all of you can do it” Liz said calmly recalling a conversation between herself and her best friend.

Max nodded calming himself down he cupped her face and formed a connection not finding anything different with her, breath rushed out if his lungs u relief.

“I take it all went well” Liz smiled.

Max nodded “I’m glad it’s you who’s always calm” Max smiled “I’m sorry you know” Max said.

“I know you are but you don’t need to be it was both our fault, I'll make an appointment with the doctor today to go on the pill” Liz answered.

“Are you sure it’ll work” Max asked lying back down on the bed.

“I’ll go on it anyway just I case” Liz said laying her head back on his chest as Max wrapped his arm around her and started stroking her hair.

“I'm going to like this connection we have with each other, we won’t ever be misunderstood” Liz said tracing circles on his chest.

Max smiled “You know with us being alien our sex life will never be boring” Liz ‘I’ve just experienced the most incredible orgasms in a day” Liz grinded.

“You and me both” Max answered kissing her forehead, they lay on the bed silently just taking in the feelings of being together when the doorbell rang.

“You know I wished my dad bought that thing” Liz groaned as it rang through the house “I’m going to have to go get that sorry” Liz looked at Max apologising with her eyes.

“It’s okay” Max said as Liz got out of bed and started getting dressed Max smirked as he watched his girlfriend jump around the room trying to out her clothes on.

“You know if it’s not Maria it's something else” Liz muttered as she slipped her jeans on, Max chuckled.

“What are you laughing at” Liz asked taking a top out of her wardrobe and putting it on.

“My frustrated girlfriend” Max answered.

“I’ll be back as soon as I see who it is” Liz answered.

Walking to the door she opened it to see Kyle who looked like he hadn’t slept all night.

“Kyle” Liz said.

“Hey Liz I'm sorry for interrupting anything but I really need to talk to you” Kyle said.

“It’s okay Kyle; come in” Liz ushered him in.

Kyle looked around to see discarded clothes on the lounge floor. “Uh sorry about this” lei said picking them up “Could you wait I’ll go l make sure the balcony’s free” Liz said.

Kyle nodded, Liz walked back into her room “its Kyle, he needs to talk to me” Liz said.

Max sighed and warped the sheet around his middle “I’ll go take a shower and get breakfast ready why don’t you and Kyle go talk outside the balcony” Max answered.

“Thank you” Liz said kissing him passionately.

Max walked into her bathroom and shut the door behind him, while Liz walked back to the lounge.

“So I guess Max is still here” Kyle asked when he heard the shower running and the dishevelled bed “Well Liz Parker your finally getting some” Kyle said making is way to the balcony Liz blushed.

“Hey I'm just teasing besides it’s none of my business what you do I only needed someone to talk to” Kyle said as sat down on the lawn chair

Liz nodded “So what’s wrong” Liz asked sitting on the second lawn chair

“Its Isabel” Kyle said.

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